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From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first. See all sides of the story. Join the conversation. Watch live streaming events. Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now.

More highlights:

- Watch premium and exclusive live streams directly from your mobile device. No account required.
- Go Live with a tap or sit back and watch events unfold from around the world.

- Discover what your favorite sports, news, politics, and entertainment thought leaders are talking about
- Experience dynamic media — like photos, videos, and GIFs
- Retweet, share, like, or reply to Tweets in your timeline
- Write a Tweet to let the world know what’s happening with you

- See what topics and hashtags are trending now
- Discover Moments, curated stories showcasing the very best of today’s biggest events
- Get caught up on news headlines and videos
- Relive the latest sports highlights
- Be in the know about pop culture and entertainment
- See what fun stories are going viral

- Find out who started following you
- Discover which of your Tweets were liked or Retweeted
- Respond to replies or be alerted to Tweets you were mentioned in

- Chat privately with friends and followers
- Share Tweets and other media
- Create a group conversation with anyone who follows you

- Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo
- Look back at your Tweets, Retweets, replies, media, and likes

- Get suggestions on influential people to follow
- Sync your contacts to find friends currently on Twitter or invite more

Twitter App Description & Overview

The applications Twitter was published in the category News on 2009-10-09 and was developed by Twitter, Inc.. The file size is 174.88 MB. The current version is 7.37.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Sometimes, a polish is all you need. No big changes, just a shine.

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Twitter Reviews

Wolf Makara

Get Customer Service  Wolf Makara  1 star

Customer service is god awful. You never get in touch with a real person, it’s all chat bots and forms. The app itself is fine, although the layout is a little weird. But the customer service is so bad it knocked it to one star.

Mr Pepe A

Media  Mr Pepe A  1 star

The new way to look media/pictures of people you follow is horrible!!! I rather use instagram. Sometimes upgrades are for the worst or you hired an old stupid person to be in charge of the application upgrades!!!


Safety Media setting is OFF but still can’t see  skmvxx  1 star

The safety thing is OFF on my twitter account and I’m still getting that it’s sensitive and change my settings But it’s OFF completely twitter you gotta fix this..This is ridiculous.


Leave my time line alone  Tcox8213  1 star

I want my tweets to stay in chronological order. Quit trying to force “best tweets” on us.


iPad update  Ssjkevin80  2 star

I hate how you guys update this app on the iPad. What happened is that the when I view my pictures and video in media it is shown one by one instead of showing it all at the same time like a grid. Can you please bring it back on the iPad. Everything else is good except for the media part. Just put it as a setting.


Edit button  PAP HT  4 star

We need an edit button


Unbiased policing  DJake78  1 star

Twitter is not for free speech that it doesn’t agree with. It takes down conservative viewpoints but leaves hate speech from Louis “douche” Farrakhan for example. Keep trying to quell free speech and see how that’ll work for you in the end. You should keep all speech up minus threats. #yousuck haha.


Please return to the previous update  King194  1 star

The feed settings are horrible. The latest feed option still doesn’t show latest tweets. It worked fine before, and it functions worse now.


Twitter Hates conservatives  KellySherr  1 star

Twitter is not a conservative friendly platform. My account was shut down for defending myself. It was literally shut down for using the word hag.


The app  Mechoshock  5 star



No Neutrality  BP3009  1 star

Twitter claims it supports free speech but the reality is otherwise.


CEO himself spreads hate  Support2Arnab  1 star

CEO himself spreads hate


I’m confused  Janelliii  4 star

I’ve had my account for a long time and every time I go into it it says I’ve done suspicious behavior it tells me to do the robot thing today when I did it the screen was just all white and said options in the corner :/


One of the great apps now spoiled by censorship  Tosser2  4 star

Got rid of all MSM & rely on Twitter + some writer's websites instead. But the app is spoiled by an increasing sense that suspensions, banning & algorithm manipulation are being used to suit a misguided & biased supposedly 'progressive' agenda. Suspending honest journalists, however distasteful, while allowing & enabling vile jihadis, their Western backers & assorted war-mongers to promote violence & war is utterly unacceptable. Those I follow & myself are keeping an eye on non-US alternatives and may jump ship if this censorship continues.


I hate this update.  BigBlueButtonFail  1 star

The big blue button keeps getting in the way: scrolling, screenshots, constantly drawing one’s eye in. Put it back up top where it was please.

Harry potter lover😀😁😀

Very disappointing  Harry potter lover😀😁😀  2 star

I had Twitter a while ago but I deleted it. Now, I wanted to get it back but I’m not old enough so I had to get parental consent. I’m fine with that, but It made my dad put a copy of his driver’s license and my birth certificate, witch is rubbish. Very disappointing.😡😡😡😡


Edit it to rate  gerorda  4 star

Love the discussion, hate that sometimes I strangle syntax and spell like a five year old. GIVES US AN EDIT BUTTON JACK


Meh  LauranAntoinette  1 star

App is meh kicked me out of my account for no reason refuse to delete and ban abusive accounts what if someone takes their life because they are fed up of the abuse twitter sees nothing wrong Twitters report abuse option is bollox all you get are bots if someone reports abuse listen to them and do a proper investigation accept screenshots of proof sort yourself twitter

phanic trash #1

Fix this  phanic trash #1  1 star

Every time I go into the twitter app, my account loads up and it crashes I don’t like this, and Twitter is one of my favorite apps so please fix this!! Or I will delete this app 😪


Potato Quality  Kobi48  4 star

I love twitter. I really do. What I don't love is that every video I watch is almost always in the lowest quality possible.There's no quality adjustments to my knowledge, so that's why Twitter only has 4 stars. #qualityisquantity

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