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What is downcast app? A powerful, complete, and easy to use podcast player that will help you manage and listen to podcasts the way you want to.

Now with CarPlay support!

"Downcast: Probably The Best Podcast Downloader for iPad and iPhone" - Wired Gadget Lab

Subscription Features
• Search, subscribe to and download audio and video podcasts of any size
• Manually subscribe to podcasts via URL
• Download podcasts automatically
• Continue podcast downloads in the background*
• Browse and download older podcast episodes
• Auto-refresh podcast feeds
• Settings for auto-download and episode retention
• Import and export podcast feeds via OPML
• Import supported audio/video media files
• Support for password-protected podcasts
• Create and edit "smart" playlists
• View podcast details and episode show notes
• Rename podcast titles

iCloud Syncing with other iOS devices or Macs**
• Podcast subscriptions
• Playlists
• Settings
• Episode information

Playback Features
• Video and audio AirPlay support
• .5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.25x, 2.5x and 3x speed playback
• Chapters support for enhanced podcasts
• Stream episodes without downloading
• Playback control from external devices
• Bluetooth devices
• Headphone remote controls
• Devices connected via Lightning/dock connector
• View embedded images in podcast episodes
• Gesture support
• Sleep timer
• Google Cast™ Ready

For support, please search our support site at or email us at!

For the latest information about Downcast, please follow @downcastapp on Twitter!

* Per iOS restrictions

** iCloud syncing with Macs requires Downcast for Mac, which is a separate purchase from the Mac App Store

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How to contact Downcast (Jamawkinaw Enterprises LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of Downcast. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Downcast Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Downcast Version 2.11.1919 November 2022

• For playlists that have "Include All Podcasts" disabled, there is a new setting available: "Refreshes Unsubscribed". When enabled, manually refreshing the playlist will also refresh any unsubscribed (Auto-Refresh disabled) podcasts that you've included in the playlist..

Downcast Comments & Reviews 2022

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- Been using for years. Love it - couple of improvements.

iPhone. Scrubbing bar red and small. Difficult to see. Ux can be improved by analyzing workflow and placing buttons more logically. Have problems with continuous play. Sometimes if activated in a playlist, regular podcasts also play continuously. Don’t want that. Be good if continuous play can be activated solely in a podcast group and not flow into other groups.

- Should have been Apple's podcast app

I just love it- it's the only podcasting app I use (and have used for many many mths).

- Downcast and I are best friends.

We spend hours together. My favourite is that you can set global options like 1.25 speed, and save 2 unplayed episodes, but override that per podcast, so you can listen to your music podcasts at normal speed, or grab all podcasts for the title you are binging on, and reset it later. Love it.

- Perfect

Feature rich. It’s as if someone who really listens to podcasts put all the tools and needs into one program. Many podcasts have an ad tacked on at the end, but at a high volume. You can auto trim he playback start and stop per podcast. No more being woken up at the end of a podcast by someone shouting at you to get something delivered via their new app.

- Terrible

Lots of customizations but not intuitive and a terrible user interface! Trying to add a single episode to a playlist is unnecessarily complicated and verging on impossible. Just give me an add to playlist option

- Great

Exactly what I want in a podcast app.

- Used to be awesome...

Downcast used to be awesome until about 6 month ago when it became unstable, crashing 3 to 4 times in the first 10 minutes of play and then multiple times through the night. Totally unreliable since then. I've complained to Downcast support and I haven't heard back from them. Shame on you Downcast!!

- Please update to iOS 10 or fix the app! It became a huge battery drainer!

Please, please, I beg you, update your app to to iOS 10 or do something to fix it! Downcast used to be my favorite podcast app and I still love it for the functions, UX and customizability but after I updated my iPhone 6s plus to iOS 10 it became pretty much unusable because it just sucks my battery dry in 3.5-4 hours with normal use and also uses up almost all of 2GB of my phone's memory which is not normal. And while playing my phone all the time stays burning hot, I probably couldn't hold it without the case on. That's how hot it is. I checked many times, it's absolutely Downcast's doing. Other apps, including native Podcasts app don't do anything even close like this. Thank you.

- Still the one for me

A solid, feature-rich app that has served me well for many years through many iOS versions. I’d like to be able to delete episodes from the player screen, and navigate to the episodes list from the player screen but these are minor wants.

- A superior podcast app

I have used this app for years, downloading from 200+ podcasts daily and maintaining a library of 5000 episodes. It is has never failed me. 30 second skip is easy (double click on the headphones), or controls show on the Lock Screen. Playlists are customizable and intuitive to create, and manage (auto delete or keep). Best of all you can export the audio files from phone to Mac via Airdrop for later listening. Playback speed can be adjusted faster and slower for time pressed listening or language learning. Use a built-in podcast search or add streams manually. The range of options leave me in control of how I use podcasts.

- Great podcast app

I love this app for listening to my podcasts. It’s very powerful and customizable. You can create multiple dynamic playlists, with lots of different ways to sort the podcasts. I particularly like that the playback speeds are customizable for each podcast, as is the number of episodes you keep for each podcast. I’ve been using it for 7+ years and it has always worked super well!

- I’ve tried them all, this is the best

I’ve tried them all and this is the best podcast app for me. It has all the granularity of features I need. Obeying global settings or applying custom settings on a per podcast basis is excellent. Thanks.

- My go-to “filing cabinet” for podcasts

I love the way I can change the speed of the podcast, speeding it up for lectures and slowing it down for podcasts in other languages.

- Best podcast app

Great app and even better support.

- I’ve been using it for 5 years+

This is THE best podcast player. Period. End is story. Look no further.

- No Manual playlist support

I’m disappointed because of the lie. You say you support playlists, which is a LIE! You don't! You propose some ridiculous work around until the next “major version 3”. Ok that would have been fine if that promise was not made 2 years ago!!! I’ll contact Apple to have my money back! This is scam level!

- Love the playlist priority

The Priority setting allow each new episodes to be sorted by preferred podcast so that news show are always on top of your playlist. Great feature!

- The Best Podcast App

September 30 update: - Watch volume control from the app is so awesome! I was definitely excited to see this. July 15, 2020 update: Latest release fixes a lot of previous issues! - downloads are working again - podcast icons display properly - larger text - so far, no crashes Still the best podcast app! Original review I try new podcast apps when they’re released but none ever compare to Downcast. It’s just so well organized and allows for such granular configuration of your feeds and playlists! I recommend it to everyone I know who likes podcasts.

- Great for me (had been using iPod nano)

I used to download podcasts on iTunes and transfer them to an iPod nano. Thought it would always be like that, because Apple’s podcast app isn’t intuitive. Downcast is a godsend, love it for downloading podcasts. I have about half my storage free on my 256GB iPhone, so it’s easy to keep all my podcasts downloaded and up to date. They aren’t out of date like they were on iPod, a lot of my favourite podcasts are current events (business, news). The immediacy is great. Can also control playback with the Apple Watch app, but in case the developer reads this, I would love to be able to control volume from the Apple Watch app too, and not have to switch to the Watch app “Now Playing”. 5 stars!

- Best podcast player

And much underrated when sites review podcast apps. I have been a user of Downcast for, it must be 7-8 years and though I have tried others (Castro, Overcast, Apple’s Podcast app, for example), I come quickly back. Downcast may not be as visually appealing and work as other ones do; but if you want a powerful podcast player that allows both readily known podcasts as well as manually entered URL ones to be handled, in a clear, well thought out way, DC is it. I am also glad that Downcast is reasonably priced and hasn’t gone the subscription model.

- Great app that is packed with useful features

This is an excellent application for podcast management. You can synchronize your playlists between your Mac and your iPhone and it supports a lot of useful features the more you poke around the more things useful you will find. It is definitely good for intermediate to advanced users. Plus I really like the support a back catalogue: you can import your files from your computer that are no longer hosted on podcast servers if you have previously downloaded them.

- It’s good folks

I like how you can side load eps to it and the simplicity of using it. Great app.

- Crashes today please fix!

The update says it prevents a possible crash but the update broke my app. Please fix this is my favorite podcast app! I will try reinstalling.

- Thank you

I just want to thank you. This is the only podcast app I use. It is a feature complete, to me, it is perfect. I cannot see, but when I use this app, it feels like coming home. it is a tremendous comfort to me and it brings me many, many hours of joy. It helps me to reach out to others, so that I may experience the things they do. Thank you so much for making this app. It is a real blessing to me. Thank you. Thank you so much for another update...

- Better way to listen

Much easier to use than Apples standard podcast app. I can listen to many episodes of one podcast in a row, sorting them by recent or oldest; or I can create a playlist with all my podcasts and listen to a mix sorted by date. I love the 30 sec go forward/back - always accessible quickly. Works well on Car Play. The search function isn’t as good as Podcast’s as it doesn’t seem to search in episode details, just in podcast titles. So if I’m looking for interviews with a certain guest on any podcast, I have ended up searching elsewhere. But great for actually listening.

- Best podcast app. Highly recommend it.

Canceled satellite radio and only listen to podcasts with this app.

- Recommended

It works and works well. Good search, great file handling.

- Detestable Recommendations

I paid for a premium version, which to me means no ads, only to have my podcasts continuously interrupted by by “recommendations.”

- Best Podcast ever

This is the only podcast app you need.

- Good!

Downcast is by far my favourite podcast app. Lots of handy features and it usually runs smoothly. The only negative I’ve seen is the battery drainage. I have to constantly charge my iPod when I’m listening and it can become inconvenient.

- Fixed for iOS 13

Latest update seems to have fixed the crashing that came with iOS 13!!! Would be nice to be able to dynamically reorder episodes in a playlist but otherwise I’ve been using it for years without issue.

- The best

This is the best podcast app ever. The video interface is better than any video player. So many options to customize. Apple should buy this and make it the Apple Podcast native app

- Consistently the best podcast app

This has consistently been my podcast go-to app on the iPhone and iPad since it came out. It has great functionality and seems to keep ahead of the various iOS upgrades. Great app.

- Auto unsubscribes for no reason

This is my fav podcast app. But for some reason various podcasts (Planet Money, NPR Politics) automatically unsubscribe randomly for me, Even if I am in the middle of listening to it! It will delete and unsubscribe from it. I can’t be the only person this is happening to. There needs to be a fix or update put out addressing this, or I will be forced to find another Podcast app.

- Outstanding...! Can’t praise highly enough!

- The best

What Apple's Podcast app should have been. Absolutely cannot live without it! It would be great if it allowed editing of podcast metadata - in iTunes you can add notes to the description field of a podcast in case you want to find it later.

- Really Good

I got this app years ago. It gets updated and works... works really well 👍

- Used to swear by it....

What happened to my downcast!? It’s soooooo slow! Used to be miles ahead of the apple podcast app but now I need to wait forever for my podcasts to start.... so what do I do? I just use the apple app:/ Get back in the game guys!!!

- Excellent app - worth the investment

This is a very, very good podcatcher - far superior to iOS’s built-in one, which I found constantly downloaded podcasts that I had already listened to and deleted. Downcast does everything right. It is clearly being updated regularly and I have found the service to be extremely responsive. Late 2018 addendum: unfortunately getting a lot of crashes over the past couple of months. Yesterday it crashes 3 or 4 times in as many minutes. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

- Works great for iPhone but need a better Watch app

It’s a great app with a lot of features and settings that can be synced over cloud. However with the recent update on WatchOS 5, Apple’s Podcast app now lets you sync music to the watch. A feature I’ve always wanted from Downcast. I’m hopeful it will come one day. Thanks for all the great work on this app!

- Great App

I’ve been using this app for years and it is wonderful! The best feature is being able to swipe to skip forward and back. No need to find the small buttons.

- Crashes and no reply from support

Been using for years. But the last few months it’s been crashing multiple times a day. Emailed support, no reply. It’s been a few days. Deleted it and had to pay for another app.

- Recent updates made app super glitchy

Was a great app, but now the podcasts skip and stop uncontrollably without even touching any buttons. Please fix!

- Keeps Crashing!!

Have been using this app for years. Loved it, relied on it, had zero complaints. For the past week or so a podcast that is playing will stop every few minutes. It’s so incredibly annoying! I have checked often to see if there is an update to no avail. Please fix this!!!

- Dont use on ios 12

Been using downcast for 3-4 years and have loved it, but it’s completely unstable since the ios 12 update

- Not perfect but better than others

More glitchy than it used to be and the customer support is pretty much nonexistent to my knowledge, but it’s still better designed than all other podcast apps I’ve tried. Simple and intuitive and easy to use.

- My go to Podcast App

I have been using Downcast for years. Works great. Currently running in an iPhone 7 Plus with latest version of iOS 11. No issues at all. No crashes or burps. If you looking for a great podcast app give Downcast a chance. I have tried several other podcast apps and keeping coming back. All the features I ever needed. Very good user interface. No subscription fees. (I notice there are a lot of negative reviews based on issues with iOS 10. It may be time to move past these reviews that are 1 or 2 years out of date)

- Oh oh

This used to work well, but recently my battery drained in a few hours. This stopped happening as soon as I deleted Downcast.

- Crashes

Time to look for a replacement. I have used downcast for years but now it is unusable. It crashes constantly.

- Great podcast app!

I have used Downcast for all my podcasts for many years and don’t even remember the reason for choosing it over other apps. While it doesn’t have the most flashy interface, it has many very useful features and is easy to use. I especially like the rewind and fast forward a set time buttons, which can be used to go back 30s to play something over again, or fast forward through some less interesting parts. Podcast management is also great, from searching for episodes (listened episodes are paler on the list) and the download cue while on cellular data to listening to the podcast and the options with what to do while listening and after. I haven’t tried other podcast apps and have never felt the need to so I can’t compare, but not much could make this app better and I highly recommend it!

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The applications Downcast was published in the category News on 2010-10-01 and was developed by Jamawkinaw Enterprises LLC [Developer ID: 393858569]. This application file size is 42.38 MB. Downcast - News app posted on 2022-11-19 current version is 2.11.19 and works well on IOS 14.7 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.jamawkinaw.downcast