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A powerful, complete, and easy to use podcast player that will help you manage and listen to podcasts the way you want to.

Now with CarPlay support!

"Downcast: Probably The Best Podcast Downloader for iPad and iPhone" - Wired Gadget Lab

Subscription Features
• Search, subscribe to and download audio and video podcasts of any size
• Manually subscribe to podcasts via URL
• Download podcasts automatically
• Continue podcast downloads in the background*
• Browse and download older podcast episodes
• Auto-refresh podcast feeds
• Settings for auto-download and episode retention
• Import and export podcast feeds via OPML
• Import supported audio/video media files
• Support for password-protected podcasts
• Create and edit "smart" playlists
• View podcast details and episode show notes
• Rename podcast titles

iCloud Syncing with other iOS devices or Macs**
• Podcast subscriptions
• Playlists
• Settings
• Episode information

Playback Features
• Video and audio AirPlay support
• .5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.25x, 2.5x and 3x speed playback
• Chapters support for enhanced podcasts
• Stream episodes without downloading
• Playback control from external devices
• Bluetooth devices
• Headphone remote controls
• Devices connected via Lightning/dock connector
• View embedded images in podcast episodes
• Gesture support
• Sleep timer
• Google Cast™ Ready

For support, please search our support site at or email us at [email protected]!

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* Per iOS restrictions

** iCloud syncing with Macs requires Downcast for Mac, which is a separate purchase from the Mac App Store

Downcast App Description & Overview

The applications Downcast was published in the category News on 2010-10-01 and was developed by Jamawkinaw Enterprises LLC. The file size is 32.95 MB. The current version is 2.9.20 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Fixes issue causing some episodes to end early
• Fixes several minor UI layout issues introduced with iPhone X support
• Fixes alignment of quick skip buttons on player for small iPhone models
• Fixes skip back by 30s & 15s buttons on iPad
• Fixes issue preventing refreshing a feed directly after subscription under some circumstances
• Fixes calculation of storage usage
• Fixes player episode details top offset for those not yet on iOS 11
• Adds dynamic row height support for episode & podcast search result rows

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Downcast Reviews


Sequential ORDER  rod.musselman  3 star

FIFO: First In First Out Within each subscription series, keep the episodes in sequence! Allow CONTINUOUS PLAY for all podcasts without user intervention! LOOPING within a single podcast subscription series - as now occurs - is worthless! Play ALL of my podcasts sequentially FIFO with each series until ALL are played from every podcast subscription!


Best Podcast App That Fits Most of My Needs  srornat  4 star

Update to my update: I downgraded to 4 stars because of Downcast’s clunky interface. I tried Overcast again and found the newest version to be a better fit for my workflow with its dark interface and better control over podcast priorities. Downcast was taking too long to check my 60 to 70 feeds and it took too many clicks to go between the now playing screen and my playlist. Update: A few weeks ago I gave this app a low rating because it couldn’t read my iTunes playlists. After struggling with the hot mess that Apple made of the stock app and trying nearly every other third party podcast app, I find the Downcast meets most of my needs. Downcast in conjunction with the Mac app pretty much means I don't have to mess with iTunes anymore and after proper setup I can have my daily playlist automatically sorted and ready for me with minimal manual adjustment. I finally can wrap my head around the concept of direct downloads completely untethered to my Mac which means I can update my playlist away from home if needed. A few of my favorite features: O The ability to stay on while plugged in O Gestures to control pausing,and skipping O a volume slider on the player interface O podcast priority levels


A must have!  Dnlhrd  5 star

I’ve tried all the others and this has got to be the best. The only thing I wish we could get is a dark theme option. I like to listen while sleeping. While the iPhone built in color shift and smart invert is a little better, a native dark option would be amazing.


Garbage  Iceboater  1 star

They block conservative political podcasts. How do i get a refund?

Monkey Wrangler III

Wonderful podcasting app  Monkey Wrangler III  5 star

Downcast is my favorite podcast app on my iPhone


Almost perfect  SingedEyebrow  4 star

This is my favorite podcast app and has been my go-to for years. I have two suggestions that would push it to five stars. First, dark mode. Overcast has you beat here. Second, the ability to organize podcasts into folders. I’m subscribed to about 40 right now and it would be much more convenient than scrolling through trying to find the one I’m looking for. Overall, excellent podcast app, thanks devs.


The best  lolajapan  5 star

Great improvement over Apple's native app, and better than any others I’ve seen. Lots of customization possible while still being intuitive and simple to use.


Good features a little buggy  Mehhem  3 star

Downcast has all the features you would want in a podcast app. I would agree that the text is tiny and impossible to read if you're driving, which is mainly when I listen. Setting up locations to refresh the feed currently crashes the app.


The best podcast manager and player, BUT...  MaxAgHammer  4 star

No podcast discovery, management and playback app is better than Downcast. This app has every feature an avid podcast listener could want. BUT there are still some issues with the revamped UI and its look and feel need to get fixed to restore the usability from previous versions of the app. First, the new font used for show notes makes each episode occupy much more vertical space in playlist views, so it takes more swiping around to scan a list of episodes. Second, and much more serious, is the "fidgety" feel of the interface. Podcasts and episodes seem to appear and squirm around randomly while a new view is loading, which looks bad and makes for a frustrating interactive experience as the elements sometimes "jump" into existence and grab a tap meant for another element. This happens when scrolling to the end of a playlist, so that the last episode can't be tapped before the display jumps downward onscreen, obscuring the last playlist element. This happens when that last episode is either bing played or being downloaded. Along with the "fidgety-ness" is a frequent freezing of the UI. Overall, the most recent version of the app is beset with poor responsiveness and a squirrelly appearance, making for a less usable and less enjoyable experience. Combined with the "fatter" look of show notes within playlists, this is an uglier and slower iteration, but the developers are usually good about fixing things quickly, so I have high hopes things will improve.


NOT Intuitive  Xxxxxpppppooooo  2 star

This app is un-Applelike. I get that MS feeling that the app is using me instead of the other way around. There has to be an easy way to get podcasts loaded, but no easy path is laid out. About to delete.

fan from sydney

Best podcast app ever!! But needs an update  fan from sydney  3 star

When will the next update be available?


Sound quality has gone weird  Be-bok  2 star

Have been using for years and loved downcast, but lately the sound has been distorted in headphones. Have tried listening to the same podcast file through downcast, apple podcast app and overcast and downcast is the only one with poor sound quality. Shame this has happened but thanks though for making the process of switching to overcast so easy with the export option.

T0m W

Great app  T0m W  4 star

Clean, simple, elegant.


Great app  Zegog  5 star

Great options. Does everything I want in a podcast app

Steve Marinakis

Just Brilliant!  Steve Marinakis  5 star

Excellent featured and functionality.


Solid reliable app  Minikuz  4 star

A few bugs but the team are always patching them as soon as they can! This app does everything you need it too and has a ton of options to customise how you download and listen to podcasts.


Go to app  churchynet  5 star

Does everything a podcast app should. Love it.


Best podcast app  Malibu91  5 star

Love it. The swipe to shuffle is awesome. Great interface. Very easy to use.


Fab Podcasting App  Tandah  5 star

Have loved using this app for over 12-months- I listen to about 20 hours of podcasts a week and like flexibility, ease and functionality of Downcast. Just tried ITunes version, which I used for many years pre Downcast and there's no comparison - Downcast better in every possible way.


Best app for podcast organisation, but no support  halloleo  3 star

App has best tools for podcast organisation of all apps tested, but still lacks core things like sync of favourited episodes etc. App is 4 stars, but support is non-existent (neither via email nor via twitter - I tried multiple times!), so that takes a star.


Excellent but for one flaw...  Iamnotamonster  4 star

Hands down better than the Apple Podcasts app. However, when I’m using the GPS on my iPhone and Siri speaks a direction, about 20% of the time it pauses Downcast. I then have to open the app (while driving) and hit the “play” button to restart my podcast. An annoying bug I wish they would fix. Otherwise, it’s perfect!

Shane B

App Abandoned for over a year with SUPER buggy code  Shane B  1 star

UPDATE: Seeing as this app seems to have been abandoned for over a year, all the while people are downloading this SUPER buggy crapp. Nothing works well, and there are loads of better alternatives now. I have to agree with almost all of the other recent reviews, something happened to make the app almost unuseable. I update the app about a week ago, hadn't used it much in the last 2 months since I was reading an audio book, but now it runs super poorly: It freezes or lags often; it causes my phone to run extremely hot; causes other apps to crash along with it. I used to be able to listen to a podcast and play some Candy Crush to pass the time when needed, now I can no longer play if Downcast is playing in the background, as it will eventually (about 3 to 5 minutes) error out so that it stops playing the podcast and kicks me out of the game to the home screen. The game runs fine with iBooks and Pandora. I tried disabling the scheduled check for new podcast episodes, along with "Background App Refresh" to limit the number of processes it's running in the background, none of the fix attempts worked. Simply put, Downcast recently pushed some poorly implemented code to production, hopefully they'll figure it out and fix it.


Desperately Needs iOS 11 Update  michaelbraun  3 star

Starting to feel outdated and too buggy to use. Looking for other options of it isn’t updated soon.


Terrible  PaulBasketball  1 star

Stick with the free Apple podcast app. Downcast is so unintuitive and frustrating. Why is it so complicated to listen to a simple podcast? Feeds are never refreshed, it’s just an all around awful app. Save your money and patience.


I want this to be my most used app, but.....  phishhman  2 star

This app is awesome. It is the perfect podcast app. You can customize settings so that with each refresh, it downloads and reorders podcast in the order you want them, streams the ones you want, and deletes them as you wish. It does it all, EXCEPT it DESTROYS your battery. It pegs the cpu at close to 100% whereas other podcast apps do not. This even happens when playing audio at 1x speed. I have deleted and reinstalled to no avail. And their tech-support is unresponsive. Like I said, this would be the perfect podcast app just fixes this you but it seems like this issue is no issue to them.


Simply the best podcasting app  7209361298  5 star

I have used 6-7 podcasting apps in search of the most full featured and easy to use app. I always come back to Downcast. The developer has done an outstanding job in evolving the app over time taking advantage of new iOS features as well as simply adding incremental improvements. Highly recommend!


Still my go-to pod catcher  cchubbuck  5 star

I try others including the built in app and keep coming back to downcast. I love that I actually understand exactly what the app is doing at any given time, downloading, updating..whatever. In other not to be named apps, I feel like I hit subscribe and I’m not sure what it’s doing. Downcast merely does what it’s told, grabs the latest and then moves on, and gives great feedback. Love the standard full screen app feel and not the ‘windowed’ look that other apps have, like a certain built in music app. Clean, simple and easy. Great app. Please keep it that way.


My Favorite  Demingfan1  5 star

Excellent App. This is where I go to listen to all of my podcasts. I've had it for years and it has always worked seamlessly.


Good app  Carlangas23  4 star

This app would be perfect if they add more gestures like icatcher and a complication for the Apple watch. Other than that it is perfect!


Nice, but very slow updates  R7AL  3 star

It has been over a year since the last update. I read the blog last May and you said it's coming soon. 2017 is in the last quarter now and yet we got nothing.

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