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What is spotify - music and podcasts app? Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on mobile or tablet.

Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection.

Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything.

Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else.

Listen live to real-time conversations between creators, artists and athletes.

Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts from your wrist.

Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium.

Free on mobile
• Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode.

Free on tablet
• Play any song, any time.

Premium features
• Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.
• Enjoy ad-free music.
• Listen offline.
• Get better sound quality.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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Spotify - Music and Podcasts Version 8.7.4221 June 2022

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on..

Spotify - Music and Podcasts Version 8.7.2425 April 2022

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. Bug fixes and improvements in this version include: - Fixed stability issues.

Spotify - Music and Podcasts Version 8.7.823 February 2022

We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. Bug fixes and improvements in this version include: - Fixed stability and performance issues.

Spotify - Music and Podcasts Comments & Reviews 2022

- Love, but...

Yuh so I love the app. I love the algorithm. I love how easy it is to discover new music. No complaints there. But, I don’t like how the home screen triggers my OCD. It feels cluttered and unorganized. Like an episode of tidying up with marie kondo. There’s too much. It’s become tiring. I’m not a fan of the square icons. Maybe a rounded corner icon would look more aesthetically pleasing. I’m just not vibing with the design of the app anymore. I’d like a more minimal, simple aesthetic to it. Also the podcast tab? I have absolutely nothing for that tab. Why is it there lol. And why get rid of the songs tab? Everyone hated that you got rid of it and changed it to liked songs smh. It was fine the way it was. Y’all have been losing my interest lately. And I’m not gonna front... I explored my options. I hung out with Apple Music for a while. And it was exciting and new. It made a good first impression. The design caught my eye. I was intrigued by the simplistic design and aesthetic of the app. It was fun the first few weeks. But it was difficult finding new music that I liked. I disliked that aspect. So here I am again. Giving you another chance. It’s 2020. New year new me right? Let’s switch things up a little. Try new and exciting things. This is our year to shine!

- Almost Amazing

This app is very easy to use and, obviously, the content is fantastic. I would give it 5 stars if not for one significant problem: the app’s inability to effectively control shuffle mode and repeat mode I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this issue, but it’s been a problem for as long as I can remember. If I’m listening to an album and want to listen to it in order, I obviously want to turn off shuffle mode. But if I’ve just been listening to a playlist on shuffle, there’s about a 50/50 chance shuffle mode will actually stay off when I press the button to turn it off. Sometimes I’ll try closing the app and reopening to retry playing the album, but that also often doesn’t work. And the problem exists reciprocally too (if I’m listening to an album in order then want to switch to shuffling a playlist, I’ll hit “Shuffle Play” and the app will start the playlist at a random song but then play it in order, no matter how many times I try to turn shuffle mode on). My opinion of this app started at 5 stars, then the issue became very noticeable and my rating went down to 4 stars. Now, I experience this issue multiple times per week (sometimes multiple times per day), so I can’t give the app more than 3 stars. I still use it religiously and love my playlists and all the other features, but this is a significant part of the listening experience that the app should be doing much better.

- Love it but..

This app is awesome! I love how you can listen to your own music, and share it. But I don’t like how it adds music to your playlist, and won’t let you remove it. I don’t get that I really hope you fix it soon. Also, when I only want to listen to my music it makes me listen to a suggested track that I can’t get out of. What is with that? And, there is too many ads. And only 6 skips per HOUR?! Why? And, when my playlist is making me listen to other songs, I have to go to a different playlist, listen to 1 song in it, come back to my playlist, and there it is. another song I don’t need. I am probably one of those users that will get ignored, but if you are looking at this, congratulations. You get a gold sticker. I wish that the users without premium could get AT LEAST 10 skips and hour. It’s not fair with only 6 per hour. I also want to add, that when I want to listen to my music ONLY and not some stupid suggested track, I can’t get out of it, because I used all of my skips on the DANG SUGGESTED TRACK! Fix that please! I’m sorry if that is all jumbled. But PLEASE fix it. I have seen the other users complaints, and it looks like most of us are having the EXACT same problem. Smh. If you made it this far. FIXX THEMM. My temper is getting lost because of this app, not to be dramatic and all. Have a good day.

- Beat app but...

I personally love this app but the only part I very much do not like about it is that it will not let you skip songs and now for some reason it will not let me start the song over again this is a very nice app but I would like if it improved it says I have to get premium and I am broke right now LOL and I never really see myself getting premium but I think that’s something that they really have to change about this app it’s very much annoying and some songs will have very bad words and then I won’t be able to skip them because I will have my younger brother near me and I will see songs on my Play list and I will try to reading it but it won’t let me and I very much do not like that too and I do not mind all the ads but they are very long and people get annoyed by them and I have nothing to do about it so that something annoying with it too that’s not a big issue but it’s an issue that I very much don’t like about this app but still I definitely would prefer everybody to get this app which is probably needs to be updated but in conclusion I think this is a very nice app but I would definitely keep it has tons of music on here and that’s something that is awesome about it too and you can create playlist and more P.S thanks for reading this.

- great app, but annoying rollback of features in recent update

This is a review about the recent change to "Your Library". Generally these changes are a substantial UI improvement and navigating between various views is far more intuitive now that the notion of a my library home page, with all relevant shortcuts to artists, podcasts,... only available there. the only issues I’ve run into as of yet are 1. the lack of the a-z navigation scroll bar in the Albums section and 2. the lack of a move to front list of recently played albums. re 2. however, I feel this may actually be useful toward encouraging people to diversify their listening, as the design of defaulting to recently played in my experience makes it difficult to spend time finding something I’d like to listen to (either new or archived in my albums section) when my attention is already so contested by everything else. so yeah, I actually like what I said was my second complaint, and thinking back had thought about that before. being able to scroll quickly through the albums seems like a good interaction to keep, however.

- 3 Simple Fixes to Get Back to 5 Stars

1. You need to include an alphabetical quick scroll on the right-hand side of all of your lists, whether it’s your list of playlists, your Artist Library, or inside an actual playlist looking at songs. No one has the time to swipe for 30 seconds to the bottom of their library when they want to listen to The Who. A quick scroll has been a standard on every music app for years now. Get with the times! 2. The artist library page needs a royal update. Or retro-date, rather. I had an older version of the app until yesterday where all artists whose music you had saved into your library displayed on the same library in a neat, clean fashion, regardless of whether or not you Follow them. Now you can only neatly organize those artists whom you Follow, and the rest are left in this awkward, disorganized list of artists with a big “Follow” button next to it. We know what you’re doing guys. If we want to follow an artist, we will. For now, just let us organize our artist library in a straightforward fashion. 3. Another retro-date: put back the option to view your Songs Library. Sometimes you just wanna shuffle your songs. Yeah, the “Liked Songs” playlist is there, and that’s cool and all, but it’s not intuitive when you have “Playlists” and “Artists” listed up top. Put it back.

- Please read this.

This is getting extremely irritating. I have a family share premium, and whatever I do, (before this update it was fine, actually, the new UI screwed it up,) I can’t play the next song in my playlist. I try restarting my phone, PC, anything, and it keeps screwing up. I’ve tried everything. For real, fix your bugs and don’t put the old bugs into a new update, PLEASE. Not to mention, for non premium users, fix the ad problem. There’s definitely great ideas, but they are executed quite poorly. It’s clear that you want people to pay to do anything. And really, you shouldn’t even be plaguing them with ads if premium has just as many. 6 hours for each skip? There are 24 hours in a day. You’re telling me they only get FOUR SKIPS EVERY 24 HOURS? Seriously, that’s just downright disgusting and rude at that point. If you’re going to torment them like that, at least make it so it’s 2 additional skips per every 12 hours they wait, otherwise it’s just repetitive. Anyways, remember that UI says a lot too. And you should also add the shortcuts back. They were quite useful. And once again, fix the bugs before sending out a new update because it’s annoying. That’s all I have to say for now, and I apologize if it’s jumbled. Please at least TRY and take this into consideration.

- Love it but....

Why I like this app: I like it how you guys have made playlists and let us just pick a song and not just shuffle play well... most of them. Also you don’t have too be premium too use this app ( and please keep it like that because some people don’t have enough money or just don’t wanna waste it on something you should be able too use free). Why I don’t like about this app: first is how you can’t just pick a song from a playlist and not have limited skips, I think that’s kinda weird to not be able to play a song you wanna hear from your playlist. Now I wanna talk about the adds, let’s just say it’s irritating like when your listening too a song and just randomly get this add that says. “Watch this short add for 30 mins of add free music” then when I hit “no thanks” a add plays like do y’all do this to make more money or just to be irritating 😐😑🙄 like c’mom can we just get no adds!?!?!? And just buy premium for better quality, limited skips, and just pick songs from playlists and not wait 1 hour for 6 skips? Like really the only thing you should get premium for is better quality and limited skips! Like can we have some freedom?! Look this just my opinion about this app so don’t get mad😅😅😅

- No thanks not worth it

I think the idea of the app was spot on. I think the execution was terrible. The app is up to date and on top of these songs but it is a pain to work with. An app should always be user friendly and easy to understand but this isn’t it. I don’t like too much music and don’t know that many singers so when it made me choose three that’s a big no, it messed up my recommendations and I’m stuck with sicko mode as a recommendation because I was joking around. The app doesn’t allow you to play just one song, you have to make a playlist and if it’s not big enough it plays “recommended” music which is extremely irritating. Skipping songs only 6 times per hour is ridiculous and only there to make you pay money. Also the fact that you can’t restart your playlist after you’re done and it starts playing other music is uncalled for. I tried everything from looking it up and restarting my phone. Nothing worked. Ik there are hard core fans who know all the ins and outs of this app but that’s not the point, anyone (within reason) should be able to use and app, if they can’t then there is no point to download this app. Lastly I forgot to mention but not being able to add whole albums is also irritating, adding song by song is meticulous.

- feedback (updated)

I already scrolled through enough reviews to where I know I'm not the only one, but yo.. what's up with this new update?? I used to like that when if on the "Your Library" tab you could click on a recently played artist or just an artist from the "Artists" tab and it would take you only to the songs you saved from them, but then if you clicked on them from the "Home" tab it would take you to their main profile page. Now it takes you to their main page even if you click on the artist from the library tab. It's extremely inconvenient, I would like to listen to only the songs I have saved from an artist not all of them. Before the update at least we had the choice. And as dramatic as this sound I have to agree with other people, it really IS enough to make me want to delete the app because of how inconvenient it has actually become to listen to my saved songs. Also the layout is just kinda weird. Well not weird but the one before was definitely better. It had your recently played artists or albums or whatever it is you listen to. And now it's not really like that anymore. Now you gotta go to them from the "Home" tab. I won't lie, it doesn't bother me as much as the first thing I mentioned (PLS CHANGE THAT BACK), but it's for sure something I wouldn't mind if y'all brought back.

- Now is unnecessarily complex

The number one thing I hate about this update is the fact that anytime I pick a song, shuffle turns off. It's literally a joke that I have to turn it on every time I pick a new song. What confuses me is the fact that repeat stays on when shuffle turns off. That needs to be fixed. Another thing is the fact that you can't hide the recommended songs that are at the bottom of each playlist. Which tends to always have the same songs on it. Which is quite annoying. Another thing is that when you search for something on a playlist, you cannot slide to the right to add to queue anymore. Which is a major time consumer now. A guy should be able to add to queue in a lot faster time than having to click song options, scroll down, and add to queue, because if there's multiple songs you'd like to add, it should take 10 seconds to add 10 songs. Not 10 seconds to add just one song. One more topic is that I have to go through multiple screens just to go to queue. Whom ever had that idea is considerably unintelligent. It used to be so simple and easy to use. Now it's like you're playing a intelligence and patience game with every user. With this new update, many things became very unnecessarily complex. My patience with this app is going quickly. I hope you fix these format issues.

- It’s great but..

So I started using it because I didn’t need to have a subscription to use it freely unlike Apple Music which I used for awhile then cancelled the subscription I had. It’s kinda confusing like you can’t really save stuff. Also, the 6 skips an hour thing is annoying too! so I understand it’s most likely to keep the app free and all. but when I made my account it said I could listen with infinite skips and ZERO adds for free nothing about the seven day free premium trial! But no no no life isn’t that simple so basically I download it on my phone for the first time (I made my account on a computer so I could listen to music at school also I still had Apple Music at the time of making the account) and then this notification pops up that my seven day free trial has expired. Oh and this is right after I had texted my mom that’s it completely free! But we could have totally avoided this problem if the developers would just flipping fix their stupid app, and not say that with an account you can “listen completely free with no adds and infinite skips” cause that’s a lie. And don’t reply back to me saying “ That’s not true we say something about the trial!” Because then you’ll be lying even more!😡😡😡

- Please fix this

This app was amazing, loved it so so much. There are few problems though,1. it is very difficult to turn shuffle play on and off and it is difficult to know when it is on and when it isn’t. It would be great if there was a way to fix this. 2. The new update totally screwed the app up, it isn’t worth it anymore, I’m more motivated not get the premium but rather to just go to another app. The library layout is terrible, very difficult to find what you are looking for. Hate it with a passion, and you put a limit to how many songs you can skip without premium? Another issue: when looking through songs, you can’t just pick a song to play and start the playlist from there, it only plays part of the song. Maybe I’m doing some gin wrong there, but it’s terrible now. The ads I don’t really mind, annoying, but fine whatever, the layout in the library/playlist is terrible, the shuffle button is broke, and you can only skip so many songs. And I cannot play songs without shuffle. Please please fix the library layout, skipping thing, and how I can only play songs on shuffle. I don’t even want to bother with this app anymore. Before this update, I had no complaints what so ever. Other than the issues listed, amazing app!

- My music suddenly stops playing and ads

I’ve been having this issue for awhile and it’s getting on my nerves. Sometimes when I’m listening to my music, it just suddenly stops playing and when I go back to play it again, it plays from the beginning. It’ll suddenly stop playing half way through the song and when I go back to press play again, the music starts from the beginning. It’s been doing that for about a few months now and at first I thought it was maybe my headphones, but just today I wasn’t using them and the music stopped again. I’m getting really tired of this happening. Also, when it does stop and goes to the beginning, I just skip to the next song on my playlist, but then again, it does the same thing to the next song. I want this to stop! It’s super annoying and I just want to listen to my music without any problems. Also, when ads pop up, it gives you the option to skip them and go straight to your music. I always skip them because, to be honest, your ads are super annoying. I just close out of the app and go back in it again to play music. However, sometimes when I do skip the ads, it still plays an ad. Like, it SUPER ANNOYING and I’m getting sick of it. It gives you the option and you decide to play it anyway. Not cool. Please get back to me ASAP!

- The Music Just...Stops?!

So, I love this app so much. I can’t live without it😅 Everything is great! But there is one thing that I have a problem with. I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this problem but, basically what happens is while I’m listening to a song I like, out of nowhere the music just stops! I don’t close the app at all. Usually this happens when my phone isn’t even on. (Like if the screen timeout goes off.) This problem is so annoying, probably more annoying then the adds not gonna lie. And when the music stops, it start all over again! Once this happened to me while I was done with the song so I had to listen to the whole thing again! This has happened so many times. It even happened more then 4 times while I was writing this review! I know I could just skip the song but I would probably run out of skips because I don’t have premium. I just want this to be fixed because it’s really annoying. I hope the app developers see this and fix it. Other then that, this apps one of the best ones I have and one of the most used too! Thanks for reading!

- Amazing amount of free music; could use some work on "made for you" playlists

It's very easy to use, and has literally every song I've tried to find (including some extremely obscure ones). I only have two complaints. One is that in the playlists that the app creates for you, it tends to only play songs that you have already listened to multiple times (in shuffle lol) or popular, similar ones. If I follow an artist, there should be an option to mix their more obscure music with the popular stuff. If a playlist is "made for me," it should be able to play whatever it is I like, whether it's a superstar's most popular hit songs, or the most obscure songs released by a guy with 500 listeners. It's not a radio station; it only has to cater to the tastes of one specific person. Secondly, there should be a way to add, if not entire artists, then at least full albums to playlists that you're creating from the app. I follow over fifty artists, and if I like all of their music, I don't want to add all 3000+ of their songs individually. It wouldn't be a hard feature to add, and would make me actually likely to create a playlist or two. Thank you for reading my review!

- Save songs for premium

I have a premium account and the new update changed the “saved songs” into “liked songs”. I don’t listen to a certain playlist I listen to my saved songs but now since the update songs that Iv had “saved” or “liked” before show that they have not been like either when you swipe left or actually go on the song and click the green heart. But it still shows up in my “liked music”. This makes me incredibly confused because I’m unsure if I actually have the song saved or not. Also there is no bar on the side of the screen that shows the letters in which you can find the song alphabetically which there was earlier when “liked songs” was “saved songs” this makes it difficult to find certain songs, because I can’t just go down to the letter anymore. Also with the shuffle on my “liked songs”, if my filter is on to sort by title and I click “shuffle play” usually the same four songs play. I really thing the shuffling algorithm needs to be fixed because I’m not enjoying the other songs I want to listen on my “liked songs”. Moral of this is that this new update didn’t fix anything about the app but made it harder to use now that “liked songs” is treated as a regular play list and not songs that I have saved.

- Fine app, but mean to non-premium people.

I like using this but I find it frustrating when I’m playing one of my playlists that has over 500 songs get randomly switched to playlist radio. It would help if playlist radio was something you’d voluntarily go to rather than the app just deciding for you. I also don’t like how there’s a specific folder just for getting premium on the mobile version because heck, you can’t even buy it from there, you have to go online and that just kinda defeats the purpose of putting a whole folder there. If you want to advertise it that bad, just put it somewhere else. Also, the ads are so loud! I get it, you want our attention, but how the heck am I supposed to listen to your “quality music” in premium if I lose my hearing while hearing an ad for it? Seriously, chill. I know that you’re only allowed 6 skips per hour as a non-premium member, but I’ve noticed that you have to be listening to music in that hour in order for that to happen, which is dumb. I use up my skips, get out of the car to work for about 7 hours, get back in to go home and my skips are still all out and I can’t do anything. Please fix!

- New update is frustrating!

Been a loyal premium user for yeaaaaars and never have felt the need to change streaming platforms. However, the new differentiation between saved songs, albums, and artists is incredibly frustrating. If I unsave an album, all the songs are still saved (it just won’t show up in the album section). If I save a new single that is released, I have save the song and the “album” separately to get them to come up on both lists. On top of that, the artist page only shows who you follow, and it’s not like I even keep track of who’s music is saved on my phone (I’m close to 3000 songs). I like to go to my most recent songs or most recent albums to set up playlists or my queue for a drive in the car, or maybe I want to shuffle all the songs I’ve saved by one artist because I’m in that mood. If I don’t want to play one album specifically, I can’t do that... and shuffling the artist page just isn’t the same. Unless there is some streamlining of this new system somehow to make this less obnoxious, I would MUCH rather go back to the old version. I don’t mind aesthetic/menu changes, but this makes using the app how I like much harder. Please help! I don’t want to have to switch to Apple!

- Queued songs don’t work well anymore

I can’t queue songs anymore. I have to individual click them in the order I want them to play after each individual song ends. It doesn’t matter if I click the triple dot and click add to queue, or if I slide the song to the right to add, it doesn’t work consistently. Sometimes it works, but it has been really bad lately. Also, when the queued songs would work and be added to the list of queued songs, I would move them around in a different order because I would want them to play in a different order than when I queued them. While moving a song that was towards the bottom to the top, it would move, but then not stay where I wanted placed it. The app would then crash or need to be quit in order to be functional. Update: As I was writing this I just tried queuing some songs and it worked. I only queued one song at a time. The song doesn’t appear in the queued list though, so it makes me think it doesn’t work when I queue. Please make sure this works. I really love this app! Thanks for all of your hard work!

- Why not higher?

This app used to be the highest of my phone but with every update the layout of the app gets worse and worse. The current layout of just playlist is so inconvenient as opposed to the previous one where it would have your most recently played music laid out. The moving of the settings to the home screen makes changing the EQ and sound quality such a burden in comparison to what it was. Also I used to be able to go under the artist tab and even able to listen to all the songs I have saved from the artist specifically but now if I go I see ALL of the songs instead of the the saved despite being able to do that before. These last few updates have been rather reductive and if they continue to degrade I WILL find another app to use for my music. I highly recommend the company roll back some of its cosmetic changes to the app because they ARENT good changes. And also return some of the practical functions the app used to have like being able to listen and shuffle to specific saved song by artist instead of having to make an entire playlist just to be able to listen To one artist or one album.

- Why!?!?!?

I don’t understand why I can do unlimited skips on my Xbox for free on my playlist and I can also switch to whatever song I want but then I try to listen to some music on my phone I have to listen to the song it is playing the whole way through before I can listen to the next one. And then you try to make me pay ten dollars a month for it when I can just go on my school chrome book and I can change the songs. And I’m not going to bring that thing up every night to listen to music. Anyways, an add came up while I was switching to the next song and it says that if you watch this add, which it was around thirty-five seconds, you get the next half hour free of adds. So I watch it and when that was done another add came up just to tell me that there was thirty minutes of no adds, it was about fifteen seconds long, it talked for literally four seconds and then the add just sat there for another eleven seconds showing me a picture of a product that I don’t even have enough money for. Alright, if you listened this far, I just want to be able to Change and skip the songs on my playlist without having to pay ten dollars a month for premium, But this is just another comment from an upset user so I will probably just get completely ignored.

- no letter scrolling in liked songs

i like pretty much everything about this app except for one thing: no letter scrolling in liked songs. in pages such as your artists and albums there is a scroll bar on the side that allows you to instantly go to a specific letter that the title starts with. however this feature is not in the liked songs. i think this feature is WAY more important in liked songs where you have over 1,000+ things saved whereas in your albums and artists where you'll have MAYBE 100+ things saved. what's weird is that this feature used to exist. it was very useful when you wanted to listen to a song quickly or wanted to add it to your queue. and then in one of the updates it was just removed for absolutely no reason. why do app developers always remove useful features and make apps worse for no reason? do they WANT their app to be worse or something? i feel like this is a very simple feature that they could've just kept in but then they just randomly make the app harder to use. i think many people would greatly appreciate if this small but EXTREMELY useful feature was added back.

- Shuffle play only for people with the free plan... really?!?!!

I really do like this app and it’s cool music but I have one problem with it. People that don’t have a premium membership (have a free plan) are only able to play songs by shuffle playing. You use to be able to choose whatever song you would want to listen to on your playlist and you could shuffle play too but now you are only able to shuffle play if you don’t have the premium membership, and also, when I tap on the list of all of my songs in my playlist and I find a song that I want to play, it only plays a preview of the song. I think the shuffle play is kinda dumb because whenever I shuffle play it and my last song on my playlist stops playing (because the song is over) it moves on to a new song that I haven’t added to my playlist and whenever I hit the button that says “Shuffle Play” it controls if the song is paused or playing. I tried exiting out and reopening the app but the song is still there and acts as if it’s in my playlist. I would give this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the shuffle play only thing. Please change it so that people that don’t have a premium membership can listen to whatever songs they’d like too. Thanks for listen and have a good day.

- Just fix it already!!!!!

Too many adds, and why are the skips limited? Seriously? Why do I have to pay extra to not play something? Also, why can’t i skip back? Sometimes people make mistakes and accidentally press forward instead of pause or whatever and I actually do like that song. Also, why can’t I play songs that aren’t on my playlist or just pick one song to play, I just want to listen to toxic by Britney Spears, and I don’t want to have to wait through an hour of my chemical romance! Shuffle doesn’t really shuffle that well either, i was listening to my playlist and it played like, an entire musical in order! I pressed shuffle for a reason! I used to use the kindle version and even that was better, and do you guys know how terrible the kindle version was? Saying that was better than throw new iPhone updated version is saying a lot! JUST CHANGE IT BACK! Geez! I’ve read other reviews dating back to April saying about the same thing as I have, and you still haven’t changed anything! Just listen to the people already! As Dan and Phil said “ were here to give the people what they want” so why don’t you guys actually pay attention and actually do something to better our experience!

- Truthfully the truth🤔

I think it’s ok. I wouldn’t recommend it though. What the app tells you your getting is that you have the music you want on easy command with minimal adds. Sounds nice huh? Well if this is there idea of music on command and “minimal” adds, I think they need to update their description to the truth. What your getting is a play list made of things with the same genre as you like, things you add, and oh, a billion different songs that have nothing to do with what you like! And the whole “just press the skip button”, you only get 6 per hour. You want to listen to uninterrupted music, well look further because with a 30 second to 1 minute long add every 2 songs you’ll regret it! Now all this can be solved by purchasing the premium option. Or can it? On my friends phone she purchase the premium option and a day later we got an add about grocery outlet bargen market. Now there are some nice things about it. Such as being able to have your phone off and still be able to listen, I love that. And being able to manage your account easily. But that’s it. I got a ratio of 2 goods per 5 bads. Thanks for listening to the whole review. It’s still better than you tube music 🎵😊

- **edit** Update needs to be retconned **edit**

They brought back the alphabet search feature in liked songs. If they bring back the old “artists” filter function where it lets you click on the artist and shows only the songs saved, by album this app will be a 5/5, but the side bar function immediately makes this app fun to use again. This update took away some basic functions that made the app convenient and easier to use. The letter based scroll in “liked songs” was an easy way to find certain songs I was looking for without having to either swipe until I find the song, or type out the song name until I found it. I also can’t go into an artists songs I have saved anymore. So if I want to listen to them I have to again search them and shuffle every song they have made. This just elongates the process while also making it inferior to its predecessor. The changes to the app recently have felt rushed, Ill advised, and with no thought towards consumers. I can’t imagine I’ll be using this app much longer if their goal is to take away basic functions while making the app a complete garbage fire.

- Going to lose a loyal customer

So when I first found this app (when it first came out) I thought it was the best in the world 😍. It had features that no other music app did, primarily the ability to listen to your music while offline. I have given rave reviews to numerous friends over the years. I have 2 accounts, 1 free and 1 premium. I hadn’t used my free one in a while and needed to change some settings on a couple playlists. When I signed into my other account, the layout was completely different!! I cannot see the songs in my playlist (as I could previously), I can’t make any changes to my playlists. IT MAKES NO SENSE TO HAVE A PLAYLIST THAT YOU CANNOT EDIT. Please fix this, the layout is not user friendly, it’s cheesy looking and critical settings I was previously able to change are no longer available. I will be in the process of cancelling my premium account as well as telling my other friends with premium accounts about a better app. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because I can still actually stream music (as do many other FREE music services).

- what’s with the new way of categorizing saved music?

when i save an individual song, i still want that song to be FINDABLE. if i wanted to put it into a playlist with thousands of songs, id do that. but with the previous versions of the app, you could find ANY saved album under the albums category. even if i just have one or two songs saved from an album, i want it to be there! because otherwise it’s just lost in a sea of thousands of individually saved songs. with the previous versions, you could filter out entire albums if you CHOSE to, but now that’s the default. i have no clue why yall keep making updates that antagonize your loyal users. it’s one thing to change up the design or add cool new features or fix existing issues, but it’s another to just remove an entire means of categorizing music??? and, for what reason? out of an assumption that people who save individual songs only want to listen to their music on shuffle, and never would want to actually be able to find their liked songs in a functional way? it’s stupid. please make it so that all liked music is represented under the albums category again, even if the entire album isn’t saved. it’s really annoying to see HUNDREDS of albums disappear from that category just because i only saved some songs from them.

- Here’s the thing...

I LOVE THIS APP. Seriously such an amazing app to use to listen to music of all types. I love how it personalizes playlists for you based on what you’ve been listening to, what’s on your rotation. I love creating playlists and finding songs that are recommended for me. However, the new interface is not great. I really liked how the platform looked before the most recent update. Now my songs are not in alphabetical order (making it hard to look for a song to play without searching the song, which means it won’t continue with my library after that song I searched), I can’t seem to find the specific section for radio listening (which could be my own stupidity but still help please), I also feel like my personalization either disappeared or changed. For whatever reason, it is playing songs in my library that I either rarely listen to or it’s not catching onto the vibe I’m going for. For example, It used to play country songs more than other genres if it noticed I was listening to more country than other stuff. Now it just seems all over the place. Love the app, just not the new update.

- iPhone XR Update is horrible

Last week, the XR received an update that essentially broke the experience for me. All of my saved artists are no longer there, and my “Artists” tab only shows artists I’ve “followed,” and takes me to the artists’ page and not the albums or songs I have saved. The interface is completely different. I chatted on their website with support for over two hours, only to have the person tell me that the feature I have used every day for years never existed . This is a basic function since the inception of the MP3 player. I have been a premium subscriber for more than 5 years, and this has made me seriously consider other streaming services. I have over 10,000 songs that I’ve saved or “liked” over the years, and to only be able to sort by album or song is terrible. Not to mention, BEFORE the update, it was a pain to navigate the Artists page because there is no scroll bar or alphabet to the side to help you navigate - you would have to scroll past hundreds of artists to get to the one you wanted if you wanted to listen to a band that started with “T.” This doesn’t seem to be a problem on any other iPhones, but the latest update affected my desktop app on my work computer, as well. When this is fixed, I’d gladly adjust my review back to 5 stars.


This is awesome I love it this app can play my favorite songs even when I was a kid I have a lot of playlists it’s awesome my friends listen two it and the adds help me not try to dance 🤣🤣🤣🤣 or sing 😅😅😅❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I really hope everyone likes this app I love it SOOOOOOOOO MUCH it’s my dream and I love how you can still listen two it on apps 😊😊😊😊 I do singing battles with my characters in gacha life and I hope you downloaded gacha life oh and I see so much gacha life glitches there so cool so yeah go check that out and I love that it plays all my playlist when one ends it plays the next one instead of keep playing one 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊 so everyone should get safe from the virus and get premium so the creator can make money and stay safe from the virus 🦠 and if one of their family members get sick then they can pay the hospital so they are safe but thx and please pray for my mom cause she’s the one who got me this game cause I’m only a kid but I enjoy this so thanks and my mom is the hero cause I would not be saying this if my mom would not have got me this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ but THANKS FOR MAKING THIS SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

- It’s a great app, but the update is making me angry!

The idea of the app is great, but... I have 3 complaints. The first would be that it’s excruciatingly irritating when I just want to listen to a few specific songs on a little playlist, and then it automatically adds some songs I don’t want to listen to. I mean, seriously?! I had no freaking complaints at all about the app before this. I just want to be able to listen to exactly what I want, exactly when I want to. I understand that maybe some people don’t find this very annoying, but, I do. So, if you made it to where you could turn off the automatically adding songs in settings, then, that would be wonderful. My second complaint is that only having shuffle play vexes me. I just want to listen to whatever I want and not be bothered by anything else (besides ads, I will tolerate those and I know that you need them in order to make money). Anything else as in songs I don’t want to hear. My third and final complaint is that I miss being able to play 1 song over and over again. That’s all I’ve got. And, my rating might seem a little harsh for something so trivial, but, that’s just how annoyed I am about this. So, if you could just please fix all of this in your next update, that would be much appreciated!

- I like it but

I do really like the app, because i can listen to some songs without having to somehow pay them, and I really like that. It was going very well until I decided to press the shuffle play button a few times ,because I was kinda curious, and it just messed up my playlist of liked songs. For example, on of the songs I liked was called “Gone Forever”, and while playing this song with I didn’t have a problem with it, it’s just let’s me play the whole song. But when I pressed the shuffle play button, it’s doesn't let me play the song, it just plays a few seconds of it then goes to the different song. And it’s not just one song, three or more songs are like that. Playing with other songs the app provided me however did work until I was skipping the songs, wanting to know if it can play “gone forever”, but couldn’t get to it because of the premium. So I tried that again but it didn’t work this time. I don’t know how to fix this and I tried looked how to fix this but there wasn’t a clear answer. I hope you see this message and hope that you can somehow help me on this

- Update Tanked User Experience

“Recently played” was a great feature for people who only listen to albums and not playlists. Once you have a hundred or so artists, hundreds of albums, and thousands of songs in your library rooting through them on a daily basis is untenable. Previously I could just see the last 20 or so albums I played in an easy to use screen that was basically the landing pad for “your library”. This was basically what I used to decide what to listen to on a daily basis. Aside from being moved it now uses a large tile format that requires much more scrolling for the same information. Really inconvenient when im driving and trying to change albums. Most importantly though it cant be edited. So now if I listen to 4 or 5 one offs I can’t delete them to keep my most favored albums in tact. I have to wait for them t roll off and can never retrieve the albums they bumped from the list. So what was previously a mostly automated process had now become something I will have to track manually, which makes me want to cancel the service.


I thought I liked the new update until I tried to listen to specific artists in my liked tracks (used to be saved tracks until the update). Now, every time I search an artist in my liked tracks and I try to shuffle, it goes to random artists when I specifically search one particular artists name. I don’t like that it’s treating the liked tracks like a playlist. I always like to listen to specific artists in my liked tracks including their features but now I can’t!! Please fix this. How else am I supposed to listen to specific artists in my liked tracks?? There is no way I’m creating a playlist from my liked tracks for each artist. I used to be able to go to my liked tracks, search in somebody’s name and it would filter to the list of only that person and their features and I could keep shuffling through and it was stay on that artist. Now when I do that and try to shuffle it doesn’t stick and it pulls in the whole library of liked tracks which I don’t want!!!!! I see that if you follow an artist it up pulls all of their songs you have liked into a playlist but It doesn’t include the songs they’re featured on!!!! Please fix this, this is enough to make me switch platforms.

- Amazing App!

All I can say is this app is positively amazing. It is made very nicely, and although it does have an occasional advertisement, that does not possibly amount to the overall amazing quality. Definitely worth getting the premium membership feature (I don’t own it, but have used it before with a close friend of mine.) This app is a must-have if you have a busy lifestyle and love listening to music! One of my favorite features is the playlist option. You can make customized playlists to your music preference. It’s positively amazing! You can also add certain artists you like, and it customizes your daily mixes. Another great feature is the daily mixes! The app gives you daily playlists based on your favorite songs and artists, and makes a personal playlist based on the aforementioned favorite songs and artists. Altogether, it is a spectacular app that has MANY amazing features, and I’m not surprised it is so popular and successful. I hope everyone can notice the amazing quality and effort that was put into the making of this AMAZING app!

- Great app, has one big problem

This a a really great music streaming app. I have a free account and use this app all the time. My one peeve is the "Similar songs" feature (or problem, depending on where you come from). I listen to a very set group of songs, because there is some music out there that I think is a little crude. Yes, I have the "no explicit songs" feature turned on, but I'm pretty strict with what I like. I don't like how when I listen to an album, the app will start to play songs from some totally different band. I look through what songs are in the album, and the one that's playing is not on the list. If I want to find new music I'll go look for it. I don't want to be doing my schoolwork, listening to songs that help me stay focused, and all of a sudden get distracted by wondering what the heck this song is. I have the "Don't play other songs when album is finished" set to 'on', but this is coming smack within the middle of the album. I haven't listened to all the songs yet. If you guys can fix this "playing suggested track" problem, this would be a hands down five-star app. But the suggested tracks are really that much if a problem, so for now its three stars.

- Too many bugs

I’ve been a premium subscriber for the better part of a decade. The most recent mobile app updates are making me want to throw my phone off the roof. I can no longer connect to my ChromeCast devices - I have two and I can’t cast to either, or if I can it’s VERY rarely. And on the off chance I do manage to connect, the connection is dropped frequently and I’m forced to reconnect manually. I also can’t create new playlists on the app. I click “create new playlist” and nothing happens. Both of these features worked flawlessly before, it was only recently that there were issues. Editing to add that the app never seems to stay in “repeat all” mode. I listen to playlists while commuting so the car mode is activated and I can’t change the repeat mode - I literally never turn off repeat all - yet very frequently the repeat is turned off when I restart the app instead of remembering my previous setting. This never used to be a problem and is especially annoying because it happens while I’m in car mode and there’s no option to change the repeat setting. This app used to be much more functional but with each new update I discover a new bug.

- Glitchy

Though I do like this app a lot I have issues with it glitching on a regular basis. The “tap now to watch a short video for 30 mins of ad free music” link doesn’t always work. Or yesterday I watched the ad then proceeded to hear two more ads right after, heard two songs, then three more adds. I get that I have the free version and I’m fine with the adds once in awhile but if you’re going to say do this thing to not hear ads then play them anyway, that’s misleading and makes me not want to use this app. Also, on occasion songs with just stop playing in the middle. The screen says it’s playing, but it isn’t. Only way to fix that is to exit out of the app then reopen. Super inconvenient when listening in the shower.... **edit: this has happened many times now where I listen to the ad that’s supposed to give me 30 mins without ads then proceeds to play multiple ads back to back then a song then 4 more ads. ***edit: it’s also frustrating when the listen to this ad and get 30 mins of ad free comes up and you click the link and it doesn’t let you click it. What’s up with that? It says it’s not supported on this device or something?

- Newer coaching

I’ve coached rec ball for the last three years and I see what I’ve done wrong and right by listening to this podcast. Starting off, I was told by a really respected coach in my area that I only had one great player. He told me work her to death and forget about the rest. I really thought about that moment long and hard. The more I thought about it the more it irritated me. Yes I took a team that no one drafted because it was daughters first year and she didn’t make it on the “real” other teams. It was a rough year with one win but the girls all pulled it together as a team. Now looking back, I never put them down for a mistake but only pushed them harder. When they were down I would do whatever I could to lift them up. The next year I had my most regrets. I picked my own team and we dominated, but like you said I was in it to win it. A couple girls didn’t come back after that year because I left them in the outfield and never gave them a chance. I will definitely keep on listening, thanks for the great words.

- Wowieimwritingareview

I used to love it so much before the update. When you close out the app and come back later, the playlist you were on, you aren't on it anymore, it takes you to your recently played. And that new 30 minutes of ad free music ad is really annoying. I dislike how it says- "Yes really..yadayadayada" that's bugging me. And that ad plays right after the very first song I listen to is over. EDIT: There are WAY too many ads dude. Like seriously. Even when you click on that "No, I want to keep the ads" ITS STILL PLAYS A HECKIN AD. And I feel like you've been deleting A LOT of songs that I enjoy. I'm starting to go to SoundCloud and Musi because you've been deleting my songs. EDIT 2: PLEASE turn down the volume on your ‘get 30 mins ad free’ ads. Like, I have my volume all the way up sometimes and the ad is louder than any of my songs and it hurts my ears. EDIT 3: The only time I can get 30 mins ad free is when I first open the app. I know it used to pop up with that dude saying get your 30 minutes ad free by watching a short ad. And it waits for about 10 seconds for you to click ‘watch video’ but now the woman says it, doesn’t wait, plays 3-4 ads in a row and doesn’t give 30mins. Fix this please!

- Downloaded songs always easily deleted. Lots of data used AGAIN to redownload them

I’m paying $10/month because of the fact you can download the songs and use them offline. But it’s so easy to delete them by touching the “follow/unfollow” button or “download the songs” button. My kids are constantly on the app cause I have their kids songs on them, so they press all kinds of buttons. It pains me that I see all my downloaded songs deleted. I either have to download them at the beginning of the month when I have lots of data; if not, I have to use wi-fi to download them. I had to re-download songs so much times it’s getting to a point where I’m going to find another music app and look for the same offline use feature and get that one if it offers to not have the songs easily deleted. I suggest. Once all the songs you want downloaded is on the phone, have it set-up to where you have to hit a delete button on the song itself to delete it. Or if someone wants to delete the whole playlist, do that on the playlist list. Fix this issue please.

- Latest Mobile UI is very unfriendly

Previous to the most recent update the user interface for the app was great, very easy to navigate with, the buttons were in comforatble positions, and the album art and player were completely out of the way when minimized, now we have a bulky bar on the left side with too much negative space that isn’t being used for anything, which wouldn’t be an issue if you could hide it, which you cant. Now because of this crappy design not only is thumb tapping uncomfortable because you have to reach to the center of the screen instead of just the edge, you straight up can’t thumb tap songs on tablet. I also really miss how easy it was to open the search tab and library when they were just at the bottom of the screen. The service itself is very good, never had issues with streaming quality, downloading songs is awesome, and some of the mixes it suggests are pretty decent given you have listened to enough music for them to determine what you like. UI on mobile should promote a comfortable ui to use from an easy resting position before visual looks, which are more of a desktop luxury.

- Love this, has all my faves but…

Ok first of I absolutely love this app, it as all my favorites for free, but I have a few reasons why I gave it three stars. if you have the free plan I think u should be able to have unlimited skips premium or not. Also I think you should add lyrics to the songs and also a thumbs down or dislike button. And you also should be able to delete your recently played songs and albums from view. But overall it’s a great app and it’s nice how you guys at least let us have a 14 day free trial with how it would be like with premium but I think you guys should make it 30 or 20 days. Thanks again for making this app and P͟L͟E͟A͟S͟E͟ read my suggestions. UPDATE: ok so my 14 day free trial just ended :( and to be honest the app isn’t as good without the premium version, there’s ads like after every song and you can’t pick that one song you wanna hear except u got to wait and listen to all the ads and other songs until u get to that song, and you only have 6 skips, I really think you guys should AT LEAST let us pick that one song we wanna hear, by letting us pick which song to start with instead of a random shuffle.

- Ridiculous but ok

Hello, so I love and hate this app.. So the love part is that I love to listen to music in the car, it’s amazing so I can download the playlists I like and I am VERY obsessed with music, I have over 15 hours of songs together in my regular daily basis playlist. I love to listen to music all the time, like when I’m doin chores, when I’m the car, just relaxing, and when I’m doing homework. And I love to listen to podcasts when I am on the go or before I go to bed. Ok so let’s get to the ridiculous part, whenever I would download a slowed version of a song except as a podcast it would stay in my “downloaded” section of podcasts and I would listen to them fine but a few days later it would be gone!! It wasn’t in my library anymore so I thought that I could search it back up but IT WASn’t there!! It said ERROR every time I would do the picture thing to search a song up☹️😤BUTTTTTT whenever I would go offline when I’m in the car and there is no wifi around THEY COME BACK TO MY DOWLOAD LIBRARY but here is the thing since they never finish downloading again so basically it’s like they are not there....this gets sooooooo annoying.. Please see if you can fix this.. Thank you for reading my review 🙂

- Love it but miss it

The new update is nice. But I really miss the old version. ESPECIALLY having the alphabet on the side. It helped me whenever I was at a red light and can find a song within 5 seconds. That being said, I have only ever been the ‘Driver Mode’ once. And that was by pure luck. When I looked for it again, I didn’t know how to get back to it. It would be beneficial to have that option more easily accessible. Another feature I miss is having the ‘Recently played’ this was at the bottom half of the ‘Your Library’ screen. Fourth. I’m confused by the Artist Screen. I like that I’m being suggested new artist and have my top ‘listened to’ on the upper half. However, I would like the option to maybe view all of my artist, in alphabetical order or narrow the list of my top listened to. Finally. I am Latina. However, when I recently went on the main ‘Latin’ playlist. I was surprised to find only 11 playlists within. At first I thought my app wasn’t fully loaded. After reopening it, I come to find that that was it. Before, there were countless genre playlists and artist playlists within the Latin mood. What happened to the rest???????

- Great but there are some things that could be fixed

I’ve recently transitioned from a many years Pandora listener. 1st here are my issues: 1.) The volume increase on the ads is really irritating and not necessary. 2.) Some more user friendly features could be applied like if you want a song on multiple playlists a checkmark feature for each playlist to apply it to would be helpful instead of having to add it to each playlist individually. 3.) There needs to be a better way to shuffle music by phone. It doesn’t seem to shuffle well currently. 4.) maybe I haven’t figured it out but some of the phone stuff should be optional as I end up looking at my phone and it’s all these animations and videos going on which seems like it would kill the battery. I am usually listening while I’m driving and it can be a distraction. i also can’t find a way to easily dislike a song from my watch or phone while driving. Other than that I love how I can choose my own songs and even listen to whole albums. Just some UX issues need to get revisited.

- Inconvenient

Great music player and I would definitely recommend it, if they didn’t make so difficult to play a single song. If you want to play just one song, chances are, it will play a totally different song that you didn’t want to hear. It has a feature called “extra songs” that add recommended songs to you, which wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t play those songs BEFORE the song you wanted to listen to in the first place. They also add extra songs to your playlists. There is no work around this issue. You can stop all the extra songs one at a time from playing, but it takes forever and if it’s a song from one of your other playlists it’ll delete the song from that playlist as well. You can skip the song, but you only have six skips a day unless you get the premium version, which wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that you can’t get the premium on the app. Which eliminates the entire point of this app...convenience. This problem would be SO easy to fix, but they deliberately try to make the app inconvenient so you’ll buy the premium version that you can’t get on the app! If you’re looking for a good music player, use ITUNES.

- Uh, put the old edit feature back please

Absolutely awesome app, been using it for years and I am a music lover so I will use nothing else. However this latest update that changed the edit feature to put you back at the top of your playlist so you have to scroll down to the song you want to delete (for me that’s 250 deep) and then to tap the minus button and have the song instantly disappear- please don’t do that. My eyes can sometimes play tricks on me and I can select the wrong song to delete. With this new feature it’s all too easy to press the wrong song and WHOOP it’s gone and you have to remember what it was and go and find it again. While I’m writing a review, though, can y’all put an option to turn on or off the music video clips that MOVE THE PAUSE AND PLAY BUTTON because when I’m driving I know where that normal button is without looking but y’all move it for random songs. It’s very distracting too to have those video clips on while doing homework but I enjoy having the app open and my phone not locked so I can pick through music quickly without having to navigate through my phone every time.

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- Perfect for Listening to Music

I love this app, it works well for me and it’s quite user friendly and I enjoy listening to music often! Tho I would think it could help to have the capability to move groups of songs from one playlist to another at a time (together instead of just clicking on each song individually cuz that can get quite annoying sometimes), and it would nice to see some more editing control over the playlist editing functions, I wish I could just drag each songs to without scrolling to the top to press the little buttons to edit each time I wanna change the order of tracks in a playlist! The design It has a nice streamlined feel and feels quite simple so it’s organic to use, and the features are handy as well… (Like the ‘Equalizer’ under the ‘Playback’ Setting on the iPhone IOS version) these tools are really handy and I would like see more like this in the future as well! This app is well designed for any musical lover or audiophile and hardly ever glitches or crashes, I hope to keep seeing new cool updates that surprise fans in the future!

- Great app 😄but needs work

I love the app and everything about it but there are some things that need work. I would like the option to select a song or music and move it to the place you want it in saved songs and playlists, just like what you do with the photos in the photo albums, because I like to listen to my music in a certain order and every now and then I add a new song and I want to put it in a certain place or I accidentally remove a song I saved and I have to save it again and remove all the songs above it and re save them to the right order and it’s just too long and hard because some songs get deleted and some aren’t the same as the ones i have, even if they have the same name and artists, so I have to save the new one and remove the old one. What’s also annoying is that they say there is now 30 minutes ad free, but most of the time it only plays 2-4 songs and then ads come up. So I want it to be a bit more accurate in the next update. I would also like it if you could add the soundtracks to the documentaries Walking With Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Revolution, Disney’s Dinosaur movie, Dot and the Kangaroo (with sequels that follow it) and some classic Australian songs because I would like to listen to them on this app. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE NEXT UPDATE.

- Great content, needs work to make more user friendly

Great app & content. But a few tweaks would make it more user friendly. I reeeeally dislike having to click on the dots & 'add to playlist' 4 times for every playlist I want to add a song to. Surely you should be able to hit add to more than one playlist without having to go back through all the menu options again, click the dots again & add to playlist again. Not very streamlined. Also would love a ‘fast forward’ or ‘rewind’ button like what you have on podcast apps so that you can skip through 15sec at a time instead of trying to scroll to a certain point clumsily with your fingers on a tiny dot. This is particularly hard to do when exercising. It appears not much has changed with the functionality over the years to improve usability

- What happened?

Okay so, what were you guys thinking?! Why did you remove the ability to check out an album with previews like you can a playlist? WHAT IDIOT HAD THAT IDEA?![Pardon my French] Your app is already going down hill, and to “counteract” that, you remove album previews? Now I have to go through this long ordeal of finding the songs on someone’s public playlist to see if they’re actually worth adding to my playlist, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! Don’t get me wrong, I think the app is good and easy to use but, honestly, you’re just screwing yourselves over here guys. Also, I think you tend to be less inclusive of some small bands and songs, there have been multiple instances where I’ve tried to find a song I like but I’ve come up empty handed[Yes I have the right name]. You focus too much on mainstream music, and don’t focus enough on less, in the spotlight bands and songs. Fix it and allow us to listen to album previews again, and add less popular songs and bands, be more inclusive of that kind of stuff and I might begin to favour your app again.

- Great app and all but I have something to say

As I said, the app itself isn’t bad it’s just one thing. I turn off my iPad and the music stops after about a minute. This REALLY gets on my nerves seeing as I like to listen to music while doing other stuff. I’ve tried logging out on all devices. Didn’t work. I tried getting a new account. Didn’t work. Tried listening without headphones. Didn’t work. I know it could be because my iPad is from 2018 and it’s just stuffing up, I even updated my iPad to try to fix it. I didn’t want to get the update bit I thought that could be the problem. I have found that I only have had this problem after the update ,that was a couple weeks ago, and I have a feeling that may be the problem. I would like to know if this is what it could be or if it’s just my iPad ( yes Ik this is a review but I know that sometimes the reviews get read and replied to).

- Music selection

Just connected yesterday, your site was recommended to me by a young 16 year old. I’am in my mid 60’s you’ve collated my likes of the three artists I selected to a T. Enjoy the aap layout and ease of navigating through it. I’am learning. Thank you After 12 months I really enjoy your music selection across multiple genres of music. On the odd occasion whilst listening to my favourites other new or unselected songs play, mainly rap which I dislike. This happens when I’am under the shower and infuriates me as I have to get in and out multiple times to re track my music. I’ll try Premium soon but only use for an hour a day and currently suffices my needs. Thank you. Regards Chris Duncan. Ballarat. Victoria. Australia.

- Daily drive algorithms glitchy

This is a good app, I use it everyday and subscribe to premium. I’d give it 5 stars if only the daily drive worked more effectively but it’s filled with issues. First, there are no options for news choices, yes, the abc is a no brainer, but what happened to the squiz and betoota? They’re both excellent! Love me Betoota news! And why can’t I choose to remove some of the lousy news broadcasts selected for me? And why not allow me to select news sources from overseas? Second, and this has made it hardly worth even bothering with, it chooses the same fifty or so songs everyday. Most of which have been deselected long ago, but they still show up, so what I end up with is a dozen songs I really like but would rather not hear every single day and a bunch of boring headlines I could read in a Murdoch rag with no real presenter charm or depth. What’s the solution here?

- It’s alright but needs a lot of work

It’s got all the songs and it’s a great app, b it some things are just not well thought through at all! For example, you cannot skip songs which is very annoying because I can’t get to the songs that I want to play. It’s also very annoying because there are so many ads, and they are sooo long!! I know that premium is cheap and all to get, but it’s just not worth it! Premium is so complicated to get and is a waste of time because half the time, I still get ads. I think it is so much more worth it to just buy songs on iTunes because then you can do whatever you want with them! I know it’s a good way to earn money, but it would be better to get money by actually making things that people will like. Overall, I think that the app is great, there is a lot of songs and it is very good idea, but there is just so much space for improvement and a lot of work needs to be done to make this app what people actually want.

- Not great..

free version is useless.. there are so many issues 1. Ads are excessive 🙄 it gives me an ad that says “listen to this ad to get 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening but it proceeds to play ads after every song. 2. If I want to listen to a song it never plays it on a random playlist and I end up using all of my skips trying to get to the song I want. 3. It sometimes doesn’t play the song… idk if it’s my phone/iPad but it sometimes doesn’t play songs and it just stays on zero seconds .. then it just glitches and works again.. pls fix this glitch 4 it adds random songs to my playlist.. it adds songs to my playlist that I don’t even like. This is stupid annoying and pointless 5. It always plays the same songs over and over and over. Sick of hearing the same songs over and over again I don’t recommend this app it’s a pain and it’s not worth it

- Suggestions for classical music especially:

I listen to all sorts of music & this app is great for being able to find your way outside the usual “bubble”. But for people who listen to classical works there are a few issues that could probably be easily improved. First is to be able to see who has recorded a particular piece, then choose which soloist/conductor/orchestra/choir etc to download. At the moment there’s little choice, and it’s very difficult to see (at least on my iPhone 6s+ screen) who is featured. Second, when I am listening to something with a lot of movements I want to see quickly which one is playing- but the scrolling info is so slow that the screen goes back to sleep before the movement number goes across - or else it’s something like the Rachmaninov variations on a theme of Paganini, with 24 short sections and the movement is finished before its number reaches the screen. Can I set it to scroll faster? Or touch it to pause & enlarge to see all the info at once? Third thing is lack of important info like recording date & the other things mentioned above, ho was in he band for this recording etc Lastly atm, I haven’t figured out how to just play my playlist and then stop - it goes on to play random stuff and totally spoils the mood. Annoying. But overall a good app, worth the money.

- good but needs some work done!!!

it overall a good app but needs some improvements just to make it that much better, i think you should make it so us people making playlists can change the picture of the playlist cover to say fit something as pleasing instead of only being able to change it on computer but it’s so hard cause you have to have a sit size and way it has to be but that’s one thing that needs something better not only on computer not all of us have one. and lastly i think you should change we can move the songs around in the may list or liked songs !!! would also line if you add a song named “ A little ray of sunshine “ by axiom such a good song but hope you read this and do the changes !!! 👍👍

- Better than Apple

You can really tell the UX has been a key focus for this app over the years. I’ve used it since it was first released and have enjoyed to additional functionalities they added and improved. But I hate... and I mean HATE the fact that the Daily Mix changes genres every. single. day. I love listening to certain genres and being able to jump back into a daily mix I was listening to the day before is so great. But when they change daily, it will finish the song I’m listening to and then jump into a song from a different genre. I’m very much a mood listener. So when I’m listening to metal, I don’t want to listen to indie a pop or folk or country. Or vice versa!

- Amazing but I am kind of annoyed about something

Ok I love this app, I even have premium and have had it downloaded for over a year now, but recently I have noticed that I cannot play music while in other apps like I used to be able to do about a week ago, it’s very annoying for me because my favourite thing to do was to listen to music while scrolling or playing on other app, it was a real anxiety and stress calmer. But now it’s gone and I’m quite upset about that. Could you maybe change it back, please. Anyways love the app 🤗 actually this is an edit, I just updated the app and it has gone back to me being apple to sue it in other app 😅kind of a strange coincidence

- My queue doesn’t work properly..

Not gonna lie this is a solid app and is one I use pretty much daily and premium is cheap and well worth it, however recently I’ve noticed that my music queue doesn’t work as well as it used, by that I mean I can queue songs but sometimes I like to change the order the songs have gone in so I go and move all the songs around but when the next song comes on, it never plays in the order I put it in. So if that could be fixed asap that would be great ^_^ I also agree with other users in terms of making the playlists easier to manipulate on phones like through the use of being able to select multiple songs at once to add and whatnot :))

- AMAZING APP however...

This app is so good! Majorly because I have premium but it’s so worth it and great deals like the family premium. I have never had a problem with this app however recently as soon as I enter the app it immediately exists and takes me back to my home screen. This has only just started to happen today and no matter how many times I have deleted the app one second that I am in it exits and goes to the phone home screen. I have no idea what to do so I really need some help with that as I am not able to use this app at all right now. How we I love this app and I use it daily, a variety of songs. Please help me with this issue. But it’s the best app if this works.

- Amazing app but

Amazing app, premium is definitely worth it and I love using the app The phone version has some flaws that need ironing though. Creating playlists and editing playlists should be easier on the phone. Potentially adding a feature where you can select multiple songs to add to a playlist at once. Also being able to delete a playlist from the 3 dots next to it instead of scrolling to the top. Also the shuffle feature sometimes feels like it’s broken, shuffling, then returning to normal, then pressing shuffle again should provide me with a fresh set of songs. Instead it shows the same 5 every time, with a couple in a different order. Additionally, sometimes these are songs I have just listened to on another device.

- Keeps crashing

I’ve been having this problem for many months now, but my app keeps crashing! Sometimes it will crash 4 times within 2 minutes, which makes listening to music to de-stress even more stressful than not listening to it. Recently it’s been happening on my computer too, please fix this! This morning I’ve listened to the same song 6 times because it can’t even make it to the end of it without crashing. This is still persisting almost a year later!! I’ve tried SIX (6) times to get through the same song this morning, having to close and reopen the app every twenty-ish seconds. Please fix this! Update: I have now tried to get through a song and I have yet to as it has CRASHED EIGHT (8) TIMES. Not helpful at all since I’m trying to relax on the way to my exam, as it is only causing me more stress and frustration.

- Best music platform

I highly recommend the ap premium or not. It's better to me than having to buy each song and not even own it like other platforms, you can still lock your phone and be able to listen to music. The playlist they create for you on premium and the way you can "radio" find like minded music from a song or a playlist is the best way to not have to think what's the next going to be. But I look forward to new songs I'm more confident I'll like and not waist precious listening time to others not my type. Use it every day. And awesome it look up pre made list for events in life like social, meditation, car trips. All made for you super easy !

- Pls get rid of download button

Really good, have had it for almost 3 years but could be better especially on mobile. One question.... why is there a button to delete your whole offline library? And why is it in such a easy to hit spot?! I’ve done this at least twice while out and about and had to redownload +400 songs (was also on holiday with only rare wifi connection)!! This should be in a menu /away/ from the offline library! Would also love a way to clean out old music since the app can end up taking up +10 gigs. Maybe a list of songs I haven’t listened to in awhile so I know what to get rid off. Also would like to see account stats such as what songs I’ve listened to the most and how many songs I have

- Why I rate it one star.

I rate this app one star, because mine is literally different to everyone else’s. All my friends and family who have this, theirs is totally different to mine. The reason it is different, is because if I have a playlist, I can’t choose what songs I want to listen to, but they can. But if I do want to choose a song, I have six chances to choose one, and on that sixth chance, I get an ad. So every six songs, an ad comes. But with my friends and families ones, they only have ads every half an hour. If I do try and choose my own song, it only gives me the preview of the song. Another reason is that when I want to add a song to my playlist, it comes up with the whole album, not just the single. So I then have to add the whole album to my playlist. I’m sorry to say but I’m not very impressed with this app as everyone else is. If anyone else’s app is like this, or you know how to fix it.. please let me know.

- I’m really annoyed

Can the extra songs stop being added to my playlist I don’t like any of them 🙄 also what’s the go with 6 skips per hour and not being able to listen to a song without it being in a playlist on my iPad I have unlimited skips and can play the song as soon as I want and I didn’t even pay for premium, that’s how I want it on my phone, to be honest it’s overly annoying and I don’t really wanna keep using the app if that’s how it’s gonna be, I understand your trying to make money from the app but I think it’s more important to have satisfied customers then that means your getting more from the app and that makes it fair for all.

- Can Be Improved

I’m a free user, so I don’t know what it is like for the Premium users. I do, however, know that if I want to listen to an album, I don’t want to be interrupted by other songs. Periodically, sure, I can listen to a suggested song, but when the suggested songs stop letting me listen to the album itself? That annoys me. I also don’t appreciate having to shuffle everything, and not being able to repeat songs, or backspace. I might find a really good bop in that long list of suggested songs, but even if I add it to an album, I have to shuffle so It may take a couple of songs and ads, or the suggested songs will take over and I won’t get to listen. Overall, I think that, yes it’s good, but the experience for free users can be improved. I’m broke. I can’t afford a monthly or a yearly subscription.

- Yo! Can we get “Limit Song Duration” Option

If possible, in the Playback settings, where you have the crossfade and gapless playback options, maybe there could be a “play the first 2 minutes of every song” option... or maybe some kind of “Limit Song Duration” option where you can just set ALL songs in a playlist for example to 1:30 minute each. I just figured there’s a few songs out there that are relatively long and people might enjoy a few short jabs of different songs in the space of 10 minutes as opposed to only 2 songs in that time. That’d be dope! Just an idea. Love the app guys! Cheers! 🙏

- Nearly there

See I have this problem where I can't get rid of how should I say it. well, I think it's a glitch you know how it shows what song your playing at the bottom of the screen the thing is mine used to now it doesn't it's at the left of the screen and I can't get rid of it. Plz, tell me if you have any advice to get it back to normal position it really takes up a lot of room and my keyboard is all weird. Another thing when the advertisement comes up and it says enjoy the next 30 minutes of uninterrupted listing thanks to the following sponsor. One I set a stopwatch as soon as the speech finished but an ad came up 7 mins later. Plz fix timing

- Very frustrating at times

This app is nice, but I’m getting really sick something that’s happening. I’ll leave my phone alone after getting set to a playlist, and halfway through a song it’ll completely stop! When I tap on my phone again and sign in I find that it’s gone out of the app. When I get back into the app the song has gone back to the start! It really annoys me, and since you can’t go forward in a song I have to listen to the song again:( I have tried multiple things to prevent this, none of them have worked. That is my main complaint, but other things like the limited skips and the fact that you can’t listen to a singular song without paying is also very irritating.

- Suggestion for a feature

For the review: 5/5, does what it needs to, brilliant. Now, for a feature suggestion: now i know that there is shuffle playlist for listening to the playlist but i was thinking, what about a shuffle playlist that shuffles the actual songs around so when you play though the playlist, you have a different order of songs that play once throughout that whole time compared to listening to the same, for example, 50 songs within a shuffle playlist twice compared to the other however many. Would be very cool if this happened.

- Ideas I want

Great but hey can it be changed that if u keep a playlist on for all the songs in the playlist it doesn't repeat songs then miss some bc there's a few I keep repeating but heaps that haven't been played in ages. The shuffle play needs to move to the next unplayed song if there is any and that can change every time you change the playlist that's on. This also happens bc when you're on a playlist then you turn of the app for a bit it doesn't remember the song you were on and just starts from the beginning which I don't like. Great quality and set out etc but it's a little annoying in this part^ Thankyou for making this it's changed my life and made music so much more accessible

- The details make the difference.

For the fifth Star, and have the perfect app, would be better change/add some little things: - “search” in the playlist; When I downloaded the song and I hear them when I’m offline, the space “search” in the home page doesn’t work, and if I wanna hear one song, I can’t every time check a playlist of 500 or more songs to find it; - the “delete a song” from the playlist, I think is most useful then the “add to library”, even cause they are already in the same library. I mean, when you are hearing a song in the playlist, you slide your finger from the right to the left, and “added in the library” appear... but... I’m already on my library. Instead to delete it I have to do 4 steps (like in most of the app, is easier sliding the finger and delete); - when someone can’t find a song, would be nice to send you a feedback about the song that I couldn’t find, maybe also with the version, just to let you know that you miss some song, and maybe add it. Obviously they are just my opinion, the App is amazing anyway. Sorry for my bad english.

- Fantastic!

Now then, the only let down is the whole “no ads after 30 seconds”. Like hey, great! But when I pick No Thanks, that is NOT an invitation to play the ad anyway. Also it used to be one ad then back to music, NOW THERES 3 LOTS OF 30 SECOND ADS THAT YOU CAN’T SKIP, CUZ F### THE POOR RIGHT? I can’t afford Premium, it is far too expensive ($148/year or $12/month? No thanks), so either fix the ad problem, or lower the price of Premium, even if it’s by $5. Yes I get that you have to pay royalties to stream the music, but you’re a tri-billion dollar corporation. Or I suggest a lower version of premium that removes ads, but is still online only or something like that, you know, for those who don’t want to go broke

- My opinion

OK I have been tempted to go premium over the last 3 years. What happened is that I agreed to the free access for 3 months but I did not proceed with the premium offer. Now several years later I want to proceed but it will not accept my email address no matter how much I try. I think it is because I am on a black list due to me not taking up the offer after 3 months. I am quite keen to go premium but I am having no luck. No matter as I am using Stotify in its general form. Enjoying the way I can make up several play lists. I have one for sitting around the fire or one for training. I am a Outrigging paddler. Also I like Cuban music do I have a list for that.

- Recent update issues

Don’t get me wrong, this app is my go-to for music streaming and has been for near on 5 years or something. Premium is also fantastic and 100% worth it in my opinion. The latest update has moved the repeat button and the queue to a menu making it so much more inconvenient... The repeat function and being able to queue music and modify on-the-fly were two of the primary reasons for my constant premium subscription. I don’t understand why it moved? 😔 The addition of the favourite button to the now playing screen seems pointless.. If I want songs I like to be grouped together I’ll make a playlist.

- Great way to guard off the “blues” while hibernating the coved 19 isolation

Today it’s my beloved mother 10th year anniversary of her death. To keep her memories alive I am listening to all of her favourite songs that she used to sing while doing her house work when I was growing up during the fifties and sixties. While listening to these beautiful songs I feel her presence so very close. Thank you so much for this awesome app for making this possible. I rate it 10 stars for both ease of use & for the humongous choice of songs & music from all over the world. A big thank to the team who keep this app ever so interesting & innovative.

- Reasonably good

The app isn’t inherently bad, in fact I like it a lot. The only problem I have is the fact that when you create a playlist, songs are automatically put into it based on what you listened to; which in theory sounds good but it doesn’t work properly. E.g I was looking for a song I thought I found it, but it wasn’t the song I was looking for, the song was an anime style song, I thought nothing of it. But when I looked in my playlist 10 new songs appeared in my playlist that I did not want to listen to at all and it took a while for me to change the recommended songs. I just think there should be an option to have an auto fill of songs for your playlist.

- Really?!

Ok this update has been here for a while and I absolutely hate it!! I turned off Autoplay because I want the music to stop when it’s finished and when I turned autoplay off it still does it!! I am so annoyed by the update I have written a review about this before and you guys have done nothing! So I really feel like you should update it and make your app a little better. Please look at the reviews and make better updates to the app. Instead of wasting everyone’s time. I will say this one more time I don’t want your ‘similar to your songs’ music playing after my music is finished. But anyways thank you. Please recommend my comment as a future update because this update is just stupid and idiotic. Bye. ✌🏼

- Good app but please add the following:

I like this app because their music matching software is far more accurate than other music streaming apps. I also find it far easier to share with friends, an element that convinced me to use this app. However, I am constantly frustrated by the following two issues: there is no “clear queue” button so that you can delete ALL songs queued. The second is that, in creating a playlist, you can’t go create playlist and choose from your whole music library, rather you have to go through your music library and pick each song individually to go into the playlist. I find this time consuming and irritating. Like the app, would love it with these changes.

- Use of the settings

It could be made clearer & easier to use the settings, by putting the online /offline button on the HOME PAGE, next to the shuffle button, keep it there weather on or offline. To make it easier to find, when offline the colour should change from green to orange or maybe blue, to indicate that it is still online & working just NOT using the internet at all, the chance of colour just is to show the status on or offline, it would also be nice to have a red indicator to show if the site is 100% down for maintenance (for example).

- Comment section….?

Y’all app is legit mazing but you guys should add like a place or way to comment on people playlists or smth. It would be a cool and really different way of interacting and connecting with others, especially since a lot of people express themselves through music and I know I for make playlist just to express every little emotion I have. But yeha idk maybe even a dm system sorta thing, but yeha I feel being able to comment on people’s playlists would be amazing or putting an option to add your insta to your profile. Anyways thank for the cool app have a nice day you amazing human

- Two songs does not equate to 30 minutes!

Good app but the advertising is getting ridiculous. I have to hear 3 or 4 ads to listen to 2 songs. So much for the “the next thirty minutes are ad free thanks to the following sponsor”. I’m happy to listen to ads if I’m not paying for a subscription but I’m finding myself turning the app off lately due to the volume of ads. Also, what’s with removing the auto play for ads? It’s annoying enough having to listen to 3 or 4 ads every 10 minutes but having to stop what I’m doing to play them so that I can keep streaming music is a real PITA. If you’re hoping to drive people towards paying for a subscription, you’re going the wrong way about it.

- Great app, but a huge annoyance I have

I love this app so much, I have premium, and I use it basically every day. There is one problem I have with it though. When you save a few songs from an album, then go to the songs in your music, albums, it used to just show the songs you saved, with the option to go to the full album. Now, it just shows the full album, which is really annoying if you’re trying to download a few songs from one album. Now you have to download the whole album, which saves the whole album, then manually unsave each one you don’t want. This is stupid! Why can’t it just revert to the original, or at least have an option?!

- Recent Update

Love the app and the music. Unfortunately would rather the previous version of editing a playlist where you could edit on the current screen of songs as well as the “are you sure” option rather than the new update that takes you to the top of the playlist (try mistakenly adding the wrong song to a 1000 song playlist, not cool). Also noticed the ‘same song in playlist’ pop up has been removed. Try checking out cool playlists and adding them to your own only to notice you’ve already got all the songs and now have to find and delete the double-ups. Love that you guys are trying out new things for the app but sadly it’s a thumbs down for the latest not-so-handy changes.

- Would recommend but ads are infuriatingly often

There are only two reasons why I didn’t rate 5 stars,, 1. If you don’t have premium you experience 2-4ads in between 5-10 songs so it gets really annoying and frustrating I ended up buying premium because I got so annoyed (so I guess the marketing strategy worked) 2. Often it lags a bit and I have to start and stop my music although it usually isn’t that large of a inconvenience. Overall it’s a app that I would recommend for free listening but would also recommend buying premium (there are many options for pricing and amount of users)

- Really like it! But there’s a small issue

I really like the app and I have the premium feature, but for some reason when I’m playing a song from my Liked Songs list, the next song is always automatically the song from the top of the list. It’s the same thing with my other playlists, when I start from a song that’s in the middle of the playlist, the next song starts from the very beginning. It’s really annoying and it’s been happening for a while now, but hopefully it’ll be fixed before the next update!

- Great music app

This app is great for what you get. Me I am a premium user so I have full access but people who can’t pay still get a good music streaming app. The $12 (AUD) it costs me is a good price to be able to download any music I want, not get annoyed at those pesky ads when I’m playing games and having it playing in that background and also being able to skip any songs at any time is also a massive bonus as well as every other feature with premium. The app with a normal account type is still good but with some faults. So overall the app itself is really good but you will have to pay monthly for full access and freedom which is a bummer but worth it.

- Great but really annoying

It’s great we can listen to all the good songs for free, but my app has a glitch and it’s starting to get annoying. When I turn my phone off with the music (or leave it on and exit to another app) it will stop playing around halfway through, then I go back to check what happened and the song restarts. Because I can’t get the free premium because it needs your credit card details, I can’t go back to the part of the song I was at or skip it to the next one so it will stop. Another thing I don’t like is how it’s so frustrating to access the titles of the songs in your own playlists. Could you please look into the glitch?

- Good but don’t fall for it

I love this app, being autistic, listening to music really helps me when I am overwhelmed. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because sometimes it offers 30 minutes of add free listening if you watch one add, but it lies about that. It will interrupt with adds anyway so you might as well just skip the add. There is also a bug that closes the app and restarts the song, but other than that it is a wonderful app and I highly recommended it. Thank you for making this app, and thank YOU, yes you, for taking the time to read this.

- One problem

Ok so the app is not bad, it gives a good listening experience and all that but for the past two days the music has stopped all of a sudden and I am not able to turn it back on from my Lock Screen. I have to go back into the app press play and then it happens again. That bug needs to be fixed. Also, on numerous occasions my screen will freeze as a background but you can still look through albums. It can get very confusing. In future to anyone who is looking at this review, please look at reviews before buying something or downloading an app. It can save you a lot of money.

- Not a so good review I’m sorry

Hi Spotify/people/Spotify Ltd, I just realised this: I could edit my playlists on one of the brand new iPads ( iPad 11 pro I think) and then after a while I checked to see if it still worked and guess what? It didn’t. - sorry if you think I’m being a bit rude it’s okay. I found it quite strange cause I know you can only edit on a desktop/computer and then that’s happens. Can you please tell me why and try and make it available to edit on iPads/phones ect as it dose not work well at all for a computer when I first tried to do it. Thanks

- The new update (as of 10th/11th of July) and the app in its current state

When I updated this app and used it straight afterwards, the UI looked a bit out of place compared to what it was before (it was all still on screen though). Then I had started playing music and realized that the aspect ratio of the UI when viewing the music player (when you can skim through the songs played, see the list of songs and what’s next, etc) was not fitting the screen properly and wasn’t fitting the 4:3 aspect ratio being in a square format. This is issue is occurring with the iPad 7th Gen, and I do not know if it’s happening to other Generations and makes but I just wanted to address the issue. The app in its current state is actually pretty good, despite the loads of ads when not using premium but I’m quite used to it, and seem to enjoy it a lot. I would’ve rated 3/5 stars because of the ads but as said I am used to it and the app is pretty good right as of now. Sorry for an extensive review if it was too much...

- Capability to reorder playlist lost

The capability to re order the playlist whilst the music is playing has been lost in the recent updates (the now playing page) Now if you move a song up the list, it will move but if you click out of the screen and back in it readjusts to its original position. I find if you are moving it in one drag it will move to the new position, but if you are moving something from way down the list and have to keep dragging, releasing to scroll the screen and drag again. It will only move to the first position it was dragged to - not the final. Hard to explain but the function used to work and in the last few months has stopped working

- Please fix this

So today I tried to top up premium since I had it last summer and didn’t survive this month without it. Every time it came up with a pink page that said “404s and heartbreaks” and that it couldn’t find the page. I tried to but it on multiple devices and it still came up with that page. When I tried family and student it came up with the payment methods and stuff but I can’t buy those. So because of this I can’t get premium and I am going on holidays tomorrow and can’t listen to my music. I’m very disappointed 😔 I would really love if this could be fixed

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- Love it

Had Spotify since it came out I love it

- Before and after

Before spotify was so great I love it now its complete trash I can't even listen to my playlist because it would put random sont in it.... change it its trash

- No more hold for preview?!?!?

Can't press and hold song to listen to a short preview of the song anymore?! Wish I can undo update :c And I want the "card" view that properly used up the horizontal space on an iPad by showing multiple columns.

- Lyrics

We should be able to see the lyrics for every song

- Spotify

It's perfect way better than Apple Music

- Most recent update ruined the entire app

Now I can’t listen to all songs I have saved by an artist... or shuffle all the songs I’ve saved... this is a terrible update that has so far ruined Spotify for me. Considering switching to apple music

- Dislike the extra songs

It’s okay and all but I don’t like how it adds extra songs you might like...and I can’t skip or go back to songs I want...

- Terrible now

Last week this worked great; search an artist and have their latest release at the top and an easy to find list of all their albums. Now, nothing useful. No newest release, no list of albums. Just the top songs and bunch of random things the artist appears on. How is any of that helpful? As someone who likes to find and save whole albums from artists I like you’ve now made this app completely useless.

- New update

The new update is terrible. No filters, can’t access library by song title, artist, or album. What were they thinking!

- Hate this app

I hate how you guys throw in random songs into my playlists. I wouldn’t recommend this app to my worst enemy.

- Apple music is better

The app has so many ads and you can only shuffle your songs instead of being able to switch around songs without premium. And you only get 6 skips an hour. It’s like you’re begging for money.

- Why

My music will just randomly stop playing at sometimes, it’s not the pause it just stops

- Great App!


- Glitching out.

The app has been turning off and pausing the music when I don’t have my phone on. Like I’ll be playing music then all of a sudden it stops playing and when I open my phone, the app will be off and I have start again.



- Spotify

Albums go missing, songs are missing from albums. I’d rather stick to cds.

- Commercials

Too many commercials!

- It’s now bs and not worth it.

If you don’t have premium it’s the worst music app there is. You use to be able to pick a song and actually listen to it. Now you have to shuffle the artist and hope you get the right song. You only get 6 skips an hour?? You guys are sell outs like everyone else. I thought the ads were meant to balance out the free subscriptions but now it’s just a joke and there is still ads

- it glitches out

30 seconds into playing my playlist in just glitches out? This has happened many times.

- Music keeps turning off randomly

My music always turns off randomly when i turn off my phone.

- Can’t even listen to one song

I paid for Spotify premium but it keeps shutting down, I can’t even get through one song without it shutting down

- Update ruined the experience

Latest update doesn’t allow for sorting saved songs by artist. Also artists aren’t alphabetical anymore they are by “recommended” super annoying for anyone who listens to songs by artist.

- glitchy

it used to be a good app but now every time i pause my music and turn off my phone the music starts playing again. it takes forever for the app to load up. it says my music is playing on the lock screen when it’s not, or vice versa. just so glitchy in general. also hate how the songs in your library can’t be organized in any way you want, it’s hella cluttered bothers me. the playlists they make are fire and the colour scheme is nice but that’s really it. they also don’t have a lot of music

- Spotify downhill

The free app used to be functional. Now a piece of crap. Can't play what I want to hear. Crappy songs added to playlists. I deleted it. All designed to force me to get the pay version. Nope. Not after this.

- Playlists Default to Shuffle

You update this app every week, yet you can’t fix the playlists defaulting to shuffle. If I’m driving I can't mess around with settings. I want my playlists to play in the order I want.

- Very good

I will give it a 5 stars, if it has the option to see the lyrics of the songs.

- Keeps bugging out

For the past month or so, my Spotify app crashes constantly. Super annoying. Every 30-40 seconds it is crashing and stopping my music. Can’t even get through a full song, it’s embarrassing. Very annoying when I’m driving (can’t go on my phone and go back onto Spotify) and annoying when I’m playing music on the speakers for my friends/family, because it just cuts out every few seconds and it’s super embarrassing and kills the vibe. The updates dont even fix this issue ugh. Also when I’m in the middle of working out, I can’t even get through a set because the music stops and its such a buzzkill. This is killing my gains bro. I’m going to apple music, and y’all should too. What’s the point of PAYING for an app that wont even work?

- Unhappy premium member

I am a premium member and although I do not see ads, I keep getting POP UP suggestions to listen to other songs or albums. This is completely unacceptable as it is a form of advertising. Leave. Me. Alone. Let me choose my music. There is already Discover Weekly!!! PAYING users DO NOT need POP UPS!!! How incredibly annoying. I am specifically talking about the “NEW RELEASE - Brand new music for you! GO TO ALBUM” pop up.

- Spotify sucks!!!

It’s a well known fact that your app drains the battery life at a very rapid pace!! No secret about that!! Total garbage!! Waste of money. & yet this is a well known fact Spotify does nothing to fix the problem!! But you’ll gladly take money from people for this garbage service!! You people should be embarrassed by your total lack of respect for the customers that are paying money & lining your pockets with cash!! Absolute trash!! & I’ll let this be known whenever the debate arises whether to pay for Apple Music or the by far inferior garbage that is Spotify!!

- Kpop got removed

So I was going on my day normally but Spotify decided to messed with my music playlist by removing more than 1071 or my songs ! I was listening to kpop and they got removed. All those groups are artists got removed : wei kim wooseok the boyz d1ce bibi minseo iu victon pink fantasy epik high cherry bullet oneus e'last cravity giriboy june kim sunggyu bae173 moonbyul dpr live wh3n woo!ah! hyolyn code kunst drippin jannabi jukjae lucy stayc cl gfriend jung jinwoo bol4 paul kim dkb maddox twlv moon punch d-crunch sf9 wjsn golden child weki meki weeekly loona (some songs) yongyong onewe h&d hwasa kard s.i.s vixx vinxen dreamcatcher orange caramel punchnello astro lovelyz huh gak jenyer kim sejeong rothy brave girls justhis gwanggil jo hedy han seungwoo enoi groovyroom linda.g kyung jehwan 1team rocket punch 1the9 n.flying cho wonsang yoon dujun soyou oohyo zico pullik jooyoung 415 ong seongwu swan susan baek ayeon bandage lim seulong aweek m1nu dia woodz (some songs) jungkey gidongdae 109 tiger jk ryu sujeong secret number apink moon jongup yelo fanatics iu pristin mcnd mamamoo hyuna dreamnote mcmong onlyoneof yanu boramiyu hynn pentagon gaho song i han kisum peakboy geunsu elris sumin jung ilhoon junny younha after school poetic narrator lee siyeon infinite b2st huta bewhy yoongun ans yerim sohn momoland lim heon il jiyeon biya lim jimin changmo iz dalshabet luri rainbow stella jang hinapia lee youngji taeyeon bss c-clown youngjae ovan kind orly jeong sewoon monsta x ji jinseok jessi villain phantom limesoda ione sam kim grizzly oh hayoung sik-k kim sohee sha sha ibi vromance berrygood (some songs) bestie ailee (some songs) yoon mirae lee gikwang yukika eden junggigo mind u melodyday loco coogie (some songs) cheetah that wooseok and guanlin unit whose name i don't know p1harmony sool j cheetah roh jihoon crucial star tiny g triple h trei kim juna kim donghan flashe fiestar gugudan (some songs) highlight kang xiwon trcng troublemaker history se7en ns yoon-g myname map6 jhnovr jbj honeyst high 4 ft Island favorite big marvel aoa 4minute 24k purplekiss gun clc seventeen (almost all songs) (g)i-dle (some songs) all under nineteen songs sunmi (some songs) toppdogg (some songs) nuest (almost all songs) B.A.P. cnblue suran (old releases) hyuna lee seunggi a couple izone songs kim samuel some exo collabs, mostly osts boyfriend sonamoo (some songs) most collaborations members of day6 have been in, particularly youngk and wonpil btob block b kid milli son gain sechskies (most songs) up10tion since wooseok and u10t and mcnd had their stuff removed, i assume lee jinhyuk, teen top and 100% also had their music removed, someone please confirm in the qrts kwon jinah uniq's korean releases osts by sm artists have also been taken down also i've been notified that bol4's music is not there for other reasons and it should be available soon jung seunghwan lee jinah lucid fall chai the blank shop jung jaehyung romeo m.o.n.t I've been told by someone that vav's music is missing but it shows up for me so you should check by yourself zpzg chungwan some of chungha's osts fin k.l park hyoshin (some songs) park won jvcki wai I've been told that brave girls' music still shows up for some people so please check by yourself drug restaurant bling bling some songs by a.c.e apparently songs by artists sm, jyp, bighit and yg are safe if its their own releases but osts and collabs by them are missing. i've been notified of osts by members of nct and stray kids but it's probably the case for all of them a-jax the ark eddy kim eric nam (still shows up for me) hotshot jeong jinwoon k.will madtown brown eyed soul position yoon jong shin melomance ben yang da il yezi leo heize (some songs) limitless black6ix g.o.d (some songs) imfact voisper big naughty suzy rain j_ust jang beom june ha sungwoon hyeongseop x euiwoong (are they still alive) simon dominic (some albums) no:el park bogum early nine muses releases I've been told that sistar's music is missing as well but they still show up for me so please check yourself dpr cream han yohan all iland songs are missing as well, please notice that enhypen is not affected by the purge ssak3 april (im pretty sure i added them but i may have missed it) busters seo inguk son dambi jay park remember that if a group's music is missing then their members' solos are probably missing as well, it's the case for kei from lovelyz and sejeong from gugudan among several others kim yubin youra gray kim jaejoong xiah junsu i assume jyj's music is missing as well?? they were huge in my country back then i feel old kim dong ryul sung si kyung kwak jin eon monogram moonmoon sg wannabe standing egg ha dong qn john park jung joonil fly to the sky zitten onf dindin yunhway leebada katie kassy bumzu superbee kara o.when jung yup t-ara ss501 jjcc cross gene (korean releases) japanese releases seem to be safe, it's the case for at very least svt, nuest and ft island acourve zelo solar wheein

- Deceiving ..

They’re only thinking in terms of profit, you can’t listen music without having to pay money really sad

- Glitches me out

I love Spotify. I have Spotify premium and use it everyday, but for some reason it started glitching me out of the app. At first, I thought it was because my phone was old or something, but it won’t work on my iPad either, which I only got a few months ago. I’ve tried redownloading, logging back in and clearing my storage but nothing worked. The only way I can use it is on the computer, but I don’t really use my computer to listen to music. Once I go on the app, it works just fine, but after around 30 seconds, it just stops then sends me back to my home page. This started a few months ago, but since it only happened for a day or two then went back to normal, I didn’t think much of it. Now it won’t let me play any songs at all. Please fix this, I really like using Spotify :((

- Stops playing

Randomly stops playing, doesn’t just pause the song, it just shuts down. To resume playing it starts the song again from the start.

- Keeps Crashing

The app keeps crashing for no reason. Was working fine for the past years I’ve had it but it keeps crashing for no reason

- Kpop artists

Spotify has removed a lot of songs from kpop artists that I love from their platform. Gfriend, mamamoo, dreamcatcher, IU, seventeen, Apink, etc. I’m seriously thinking about canceling my premium plan.

- Sucks

Can't even choose what song I wanna listen to and adds extra songs I don't like

- Trash!

Complete trash, what a way to loosen up people’s money! We cant even hear a song of our own choice?! Are you people stupid? I just removed my premium membership because of less hours in job I cant afford spending 10 bucks unnecessarily!

- ya

tbh it sucks now like spotify stop adding random songs to my playlist i hate the song u add just leave my playlist alone thanks

- Won’t let me pick my songs

Spotify used to be awesome and I’d use it all the time but not it won’t let me pick specific songs on my playlist or when I search a song a click on it it will play a different one this is bull

- Uhh

I wish that it didn’t play random songs when I play a song on my playlist this app is kind of trash in my opinion because of this I might delete it

- App crashes all the time

This app has been garbage since November. I can’t get through 2 songs without it stopping and closing. I’ve tried all the “fixes” without success. Getting close to deleting forever.

- Songs crash and songs automatically change

Recently I have had an issue with songs crashing and shutting off, as well as songs being switched without me pressing anything. This has made using Spotify and listening to music impossible. If it’s not cleared up I’ll be canceling my subscription

- Always crash !

Very disappointed, the app crash every 5min

- Spotify non premium

They say you get 30 minutes add-free music, but it’s not true. They hit you with them commercials in less than 30 minutes.

- Add

Please allow you to pick the song you want to listen to and skip

- Stopping and restarting

I’ve had Spotify for about a year and now when I play my playlist after a while it just stops, starts over, then closes the app. Which is honestly just really annoying when I’m doing other stuff.

- Constant crashing

iPad Air 2 on ios14, latest update. This app constantly crashes and stops my music for no reason.

- Really

Every time I turn off my phone 2 minutes later it shuts off I tried everything and it still crashes

- Cutting out

I love the app but it keeps cutting out my music. And it’s not just me. We’ve been using YouTube because our Spotify isn’t working and it’s premium. I don’t understand why I’m paying for something that doesn’t work.

- Sucks

This app sucks you need premium for everything, you can't skip a song because you need premium, you can't choose a song from your playlist this crap sucks.

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I still use spotify though because it has podcasts and I have tons of downloaded music plus my subscription won't end till September or December


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The Sunday Night Army

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Spotify - Music and Podcasts 8.7.42 Screenshots & Images

Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify - Music and Podcasts Music application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Spotify - Music and Podcasts (Version 8.7.42) Install & Download

The applications Spotify - Music and Podcasts was published in the category Music on 2011-07-14 and was developed by Spotify [Developer ID: 324684583]. This application file size is 153.1 MB. Spotify - Music and Podcasts - Music app posted on 2022-06-21 current version is 8.7.42 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.spotify.client