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Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on mobile or tablet.

Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection.

Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything.

Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else.

Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts from your wrist.

Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium.

Free on mobile
• Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode.

Free on tablet
• Play any song, any time.

Premium features
• Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.
• Enjoy ad-free music.
• Listen offline.
• Get better sound quality.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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Spotify: Music and Podcasts Comments & Reviews

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- Wi fi

I hate how it has to have wi-Fi

- All Lives Matter

This is just because you changed the background to say black lives matter when they all do. Trump2020

- It’s okay

I love the Music but sometimes it doesn’t have all of the songs and it plays ads even after I watch the video to keep ads away for 30 minutes and sometimes it plays like 10 ads in a row

- Annoying and not useful

App closes on its own during songs. The app just closed as I’m writing this review 🤦‍♂️I am not impressed

- yes

this really good

- Love... love

My playlist is awesome!!!!!

- To many ads

To many ads

- Was great until the BLM virtue signaling.

Horrible UI, now polluted with forced stupid rap music. I won’t be subscribing after the free trial. This company has shown its hand, Joe Rogan is going to get screwed over.

- No thank you!

Thanks for making your political views so overt. I’ve paid for my subscription for years and will now be canceling that. Your support for the destruction of cities is disgusting. A shame you don’t have an ANTIFA playlist too. You companies need to learn that we don’t want your opinions shoved down our throats. But you’re too busy virtue signaling and pandering to the masses to care. Truly hope it’s worth it in the end.

- Ad Volume significantly higher then music volume

Why the hell does the volume for the advertisements increase 10 fold over the music volume? It’s one of the reasons I haven’t paid for premium yet.... I don’t want or need Harry’s shave club ad blowing out my eardrum when I can’t reach my volume control. KMA WITH YOUR BLACK LIVES MATTER PLAYLIST AND ADS... I LISTEN TO MUSIC TO ESCAPE FROM RIDICULOUS POLITICAL ADS AND POINT OF VIEWS... GLAD I NEVER SPENT MONEY ON THIS CAUSE IT JUST GOT DELETED. IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED 70% OF VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST BLACKS WOULDN'T BE COMMITTED BY BLACKS.

- Spotify


- Song listing

Searching an artist should list all songs with ability to filter by album not just a few popular ones

- Greek songs

I like Spotify because I can find all the Greek songs I like

- Propaganda

Remove your political propaganda from the app and keep it off. Until then, I’ll be cancelling and going to a neutral platform. I want to listen to music and take my mind off things. Not to be constantly reminded about what’s going on in the world and your joke of a blank track for tribute. Get off your butts and show action, just keep it out of my app I pay for.

- Very good

I had this app for a week and it had no flaws!

- Nonexistent customer service after deleting my account

I signed up for 6 months free of premium with my chase credit card. I wasn’t supposed to receive any charges. So when I got one after the first month, I disputed it. The next day, Spotify completely deleted my account and erased everything I had saved and downloaded. Tried to call a few times but they don’t have a number. They still haven’t gotten back to my email. Just trying to relax and listen to music. Switching to Apple Music now, I don’t have patience for a lack of customer support. I enjoyed the service a lot but this process is so unnecessary

- U CB ni hub.usns. Sub


- Songs

Good songs

- Loves music

Spotify enables me to choose and play my favorite songs according to my mood. “Bridge over Troubled Waters” is my all time favorite, but growing up in the Sixty’s enabled me to appreciate soul music also!

- Music


- Having a good Day 😻

I’m one of younger type of people and I love. Herring my favorite songs it’s clear music no glitches is it gives you a library of different song thank you

- trash

I don’t want y’all putting random songs on my playlist at least make it optional

- Ok

It does everything I'd expect a music service to do, and more. Edit* This used to be a 5 star review, until they started shoving the Black Lives Matter movement into my face. Why? Why do they have to do this? They’re a music streaming service, why should their opinion on political matters be valid? Sorry, but their opinion shouldn’t be expressed through their services. I literally pay $10 a month to avoid ads, and yet they decide to place black lives matter propaganda over the entire top of my home page.

- Greatest

The best .......

- I’m love

I can listen my Ukraine music any country I’m going

- Sooo many ads

I literally don’t listen to music anymore I listen to ads, and when it says 30 minutes of ad free music I’ll get maybe 3 songs before another series of 3 to 4 ads play that’s not 30 minutes

- Review of Spotify

Spotify is an awesome app, it’s easy to use and it’s quality is outstanding. They have a broad variety of available to listen too. Thank you Spotify for providing me and the the world with a superior quality and variety. Sincerely submitted, Linda Rafanan

- I love it but..

When every my phone shuts off the music shuts off as well and when I keep it on which is very annoying to handle I stays on. So now I have to use YouTube music to even listen to a full song and dance to it. I love Spotify but this is just annoying and can you guys please fix it. Thanks!

- Great app

Great app !just need to learn how to pick stations and music

- Repeating Ads

I love this app, but it keeps constantly repeating the same ads about vaping. It repeats vaping so much it makes me want to go and try it just to see what the hype is about.

- It was perfect until...

So for a couple of days it was great, until I had to pay for skips. And I don’t know about you, but it was pretty annoying to me. But otherwise, It was pretty ok.

- Black Tuesday

Take it down

- O+O

Wow I find ALL of my favorite songs on here AND MORE... FOR FREE. I love this app and I recommend it for anyone who likes to listen to music

- Way too many ads

I like the app, but I get way too many ads. My brother only gets like 1 ad every 30 minutes. I get up to 3-5 ads in between every 3-4 songs. It’s annoying, I end up just turning it off and listen to the radio, which somehow has less ads.

- Great but missing one thing

Please roll out Follow Feed feature asap. There’s no reason not to have it. For now, I’ll use the crabhands app but please roll this out already.

- Review

I do not believe you should be playing your ads about black lives matter. I believe all lives matter including black, Hispanic, Asian etc. why do black lives matter more than others. Considering the riots and destruction these groups are doing right now, this is in poor taste to support them. I agree we need to fight racism but the way they are doing it is wrong!!!!

- Politics

I pay $10 a month for MUSIC. I don’t need to open the app, and see your political views, no matter what your view.

- It’s amazing

🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳It’s amazing 😻😻😻😻😻

- My app won’t show the new home screen

My app won’t show the new home screen with the greeting despite being updated in the App Store. My phone is also completely up to date so there is no reason my Spotify shouldn’t work properly and show the new interface with the greeting at the top.

- As a Premium User in college, it’s good

I like the app a lot. The music is easy to find and the playlists are easy to make. I also enjoy the feature of being able to get rid of songs out of a specific playlist just by finding the song in the playlist - although that could be easier by being able to remove the song as it’s playing. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A LYRICS OPTION. Y’all already have some options on certain songs with Genius, why not do lyrics for as many songs as possible with Genius???

- It’s just amazing

This app is just straight up amazing.

- Love this!!!!

Like you know me!! Wish you could just know me even more!!!

- Still getting to know this

I still prefer Pandora so far because of how easily I can see the lyrics on that app. Spotify does make it easy to share playlists with friends, so that is a nice feature!

- Spotify

I live this app but I wish you can add lyrics to the songs in the future like Apple Music.

- Mala

Al principio muy buena app, podias seleccionar de cancion por cancion, ahora buscas una rola y salen puros playlist eso le quito lo bueno a la app!!

- 6 songs

I hate that they only let us skip 6 songs 🤦🏽‍♀️

- Loves it but...

Spotify is my favorite app and I’m constantly using it and it’s so easy and fun however, there’s a lot of things I wish you could do that you can’t. First would be having the ability to change album covers on your phone. You’re only able to do this if you have a computer and for a lot of people like me, they probably don’t. Also being able to change the captions in your playlists. Honestly I don’t understand why you can just do this on your phone. Please spotify change this.

- Too many adds

I really don’t like the adds because it said after commercials there would be like 30 minutes of nonstop music BUT NO YHERE IS WAY TOO MANY ADS AND I HATE IT PERWIOT

- Spotify apps crashes

Your app crashes a lot I find it to be the worst music app I’ve seen plus when I do not like music you make me listen anyway the biggest issue is the crashing I just tried listen to music only for it to crash on me between pandora an Spotify I’m not sure what one is worst

- Free at Last

This is such an amazing song by John PRETORIUS , Nelson Mandela and Jermaine Jackson... We remember fondly how Nelson Mandela was released from proson after he fought against racism and white oppression . Today we see the senseless killings continuing of black people in USA, what a disgrace for a country that has made the world believe that they have rational harmony. It was the biggest lie, BLACK PEOPLE ARW ALWAYS BEEN CALLED THE SKUNK OF THE WORLD!!! The laws favor whites and is clear to see that this song addressed all of our fears as both black and white so we can say one day we are indeed free at last. Long live the spirit of NELSON MANDELA LONG LIVE!!!!!

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- Love it

Amazing songs I can find all of the songs I want

- Good


- What are the point of your ads

I do not drive so all the auto ads are pointless. Do not own my house or have enough money to choose a bank. I am definitely not traveling anywhere. But the French ones are the best. Cause I don’t have a clue what they are about. Just because I live in Canada does not mean I speak French.

- Thank you

I really like Spotify because you can play disiny songs and more so thank you

- 😇

I love Spotify music is great it has everything great for party’s (I asked for Spotify prime for my birthday this year) 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- This is a great app !!!!

But I wish it could be WiFi free

- I love it

Spotify helps me forget the covid-19. It’s such a good source of music. I personally love it. I encourage people to get Spotify.

- Opinion

I love that there is songs from games like star stable online and songs from shows like victorious.

- Amazing

I love this so much, once u get premium it’s literally the best music app ever!❤️❤️

- Garbage

On my phone I can’t even switch 3 songs. Like bruh why would I wanna use an app that won’t let me Listen to the music I wanna listen to. And I have even press a song in my playlist because it will start the playlist from the top. Like bruh I can’t believe this app have a amount of skips. What a garbage app. And it literally adds songs to my album that I don’t even like. It defeats the pet Purpose of listening to music I want to listen to. I might as well use an app that doesn’t make me listen to music I don’t wanna listen to.

- Change it back!!!!

Can you go back to we’re you can click on any song you want on the playlist? Also why cant I go back to a song I skipped? It sucks

- Started crashing

Was working perfectly fine on my iphone SE (2016) a week ago but now when i get back in the app to change the song or something like that, the app freezes for a while or it just simply crash it’s kinda annoying kinda starting thinking about using Apple Music

- They add music in perfect playlist

I had two perfect playlist and they added music in without my approval and if I remove them they put new in, why can’t we deactivate this thing?

- STOP it

please move your “hide song” button to the bottom of the list!!!! you put it where the button for “add to playlist” used to be, so now EVERYTIME i’m listening to a dope song and try to put it in a playlist, I click the HIDE button AND IT SKIPS THE SONG!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS???? LIKE WHY WOULD YOU PUT THAT BUTTON THERE WTF WERE YOU THINKING

- A Mess

The app is a mess. Don't want to get podcasts through Spotify tough we'll recommend them anyway over three or four rows of the home screen. Not sure where there AI came from but it recommends all sorts of stuff I have no interest in. Songs I've listened to one are songs I have on repeat. Artists I've listened to once they recommend others artists I might like from. Basically the whole home screen is a dogs breakfast. Finally the new play button. Not particularly intuitive, all of seems to do is shuffle. Want to play the album click the first song.

- Why did u guys remove the lyrics?!

Why did u guys remove the lyrics?! That is what made Spotify better than Apple Music

- premium

why cant i purchase premium with my apple ID like literally any other app. guess ill stick with apple music

- I need lyrics

Bring back the lyrics

- Meh

It’s kinda overrated premium well I tried it and paid it was nothing special prefer Apple Music

- Lyrics...

So I guess we’ll just never have them😐

- Choosing a song.

I can’t choose a specific song and I don’t want to listen to a whole playlist to get to the song

- turns itself off

spotify turns itself off when playing in car audio.,


Where the lyrics went? I’m so disappointed I should never have updated. Spotify is like a girlfriend you knew she cheat on you and yet go back with her even if you know she will disappoint you again in a near future until you leave for good for another girl who will fulfill your needs. I’m right there! Bye Spotify!

- YES!! The best app every made!!!

Hey guys! I’m glad your reading this but this app is the best it’s great for if you have homework or your at work and bored! Or even at school (hopefully not during class) but I highly recommend this app! It’s great and there is all kinds of different types of songs and types of music on there! I use this app a lot everyday and you can also make your own playlist list with all types of peoples Music and you can follow people , or even if your a new artist and planning or trying to become famous or big you can make a acc and produce music, and just enjoy music with this app! Have a great day who ever is reading this and I hope you like this app <3



- 🤬

I hate how I can’t pick my song and we can’t go back on are songs

- Please be the Free speech platform

Plz don’t be like the rest and hold your platform up as one who respects freedom of expression

- App

Great app

- Love it

I enjoy the sound , the equalizer is very handy to arrange the sound for your particular speakers , the offline download is very useful , very simple to find the music you prefer and listen to . I’m extremely satisfied with Spotify 😁👌

- I love this app

I listen to all my favourite songs all day

- Wont let me pay for membership

Tried about 20 times. Entered all my info correctly, just wont let me have Premium.

- Good

It’s good and all except that it adds songs that It thinks you’ll like

- update sucks

where are the lyrics? I used to listening music in foreign languages and the lyrics are very helpful for me, with new update is not possible anymore

- Spotify

It has good music with good setup and service I love it it’s amassing

- Spotify is great

Immaculate vibes😌✨ WAY better than Apple Music

- You can listen to music but without much choice of what you get.

The algorithms they use to select music “similar to” the music you “like” are so completely off base it is annoying. I have a list of liked songs and the recommendations are nothing like my”liked” list. I wish they wouldn’t keep adding other completely off base songs to my listening list. I spent a lot of time refining that selection of songs and the time is wasted if they keep injecting other songs into it. I wonder if they get kickbacks for pushing certain new music on listeners. There are few actual ads. Mostly there are deliberate disruptions in your listening to try to annoy you enough to spring for the paid subscription. However their performance in recommending songs “similar to” songs I like are so terrible that I’m sure the paid subscription would be just as annoying.

- Good if you have Premium

Premium is way more expensive than it should be but the adds are sooo annoying after awhile.

- So good

I love Spotify

- Lyrics back please!

why is there no more lyrics? I liked it being on spotify and seeing the lyrics 🥺

- good but


- Epic

I listen to Spotify every day and I feel awesome during lockdown 🤩🥳😋😛😝😜

- Spotify👍🖕💩🤢😑

Spotify is so bad I don’t like that

- Lyrics??? Paroles ?

Après la Dernière actualisation je ne peux plus lire les paroles des chansons . Too bad !

- Idk

When I was listening to my music always alleys pauses and then when I unpause it it goes right to the beginning over and over again and sometimes it just turns off fully which is very annoying but other than that I love it it’s great

- So good

I would love started using it long ago but it sounded too good to be free

- what is going on

Every time I get signed out of my account, when I go to sign back in it tells me my email or password is wrong, when it literally isn’t. I have to keep creating brand new accounts & it is so stupid. The same thing happens to my sister as well. Fix this please, or we will have to delete the app all together and you will lose customers.

- deleting downloaded songs

If you guys delete my downloaded song’s one more time I’m deleting you and switching to tidal I swear to god

- Spotify is life


- Awesome

I loveeee this app

- Great

It’s great ! But could be free

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- Ads

I do not like the ads it’s really annoying when you went to listen to your favourite sick

- This is awesome

Best music app!!

- Crashes

I like this app a lot but it keeps on crashing for me

- Commercial garbage

Horrible country commercial constant music interruptions annoying as hell cant sign up without a credit card that’s just retarded also not everyone has CC so eat a chode

- History

So many artists and songs rediscovered. It’s like a history of my musical past as well a discovery my musical future

- 𝓱𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸

𝓾𝓶 𝓼𝓸 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓶𝓾𝓼𝓲𝓬 𝓬𝓸𝓹𝔂𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽?

- Why?!

Why!? Did Spotify move the delete from playlist on top of the add to another playlist?! I removed sooo many songs by accident because of this. Big sad face. :c

- Très bonne application

J’adore le fait de pouvoir écouter des musique gratuitement mais le premium est un peux trop cher à mon goût

- Find exactly what i need to listen

Lovely music.i am enjoying it.its a great app.i have so many options.

- We have to pay

Why do we have to pay Money

- Thank you son for telling me about Spotify

I have a list listened for 5 years. I can’t believe how much better Spotify is !

- Song Order

Good, but there should be an option to move songs in order, because I accidentally deleted a song and now it’s at the end, so it’s ruined my order of the soundtrack

- So good

I can’t even tell you how dope this music app is... bc yk when something is so good and you just can’t put it into words, that’s how I feel about Spotify. You should buy it. Right now!

- App crashes immediately after opening since update

I can’t use the app at all anymore

- Unable to hear music well using a different app or when the phone is in sleep?

I have been using this app for Probably six years another having this problem this makes it hard to enjoy the app

- Great app

Great songs the only problem is I have so many other songs that aren’t on here

- Spotify

I love you Spotify

- Lyrics?

Bring the lyrics back! There was no reason whatsoever to get rid of them.

- Kidzup (Jesus in the morning)

My favourite song ever.❤️❤️💜💜

- Mon avis c’est que les chansons reviennent souvent et beaucoup trop de latinos merci

Pouvez-vous faire jouer plus de chansons moins de répétitions.

- Love their playlists!

Great songs put together just for you!

- Spotify

Amazing app

- Too many ads

There is way too many ads and when you do the 30 minute ad free listening it isn’t even 30 minutes

- ☝️

Very good selection

- big yes

I finally feel myself listening to all these songs

- All good

Love this app...

- Free so good music

Get it

- As an artist and a listener I love it! But the LYRICS?!

I use Spotify as a creator and as a listener and my favourite new feature was the LYRICS feature by MusixMatch or whatever and now it’s all disappeared?!

- Perfect (with premium)

I have Spotify Premium, and it's great. One issue I've been having, however, is that there used to be lyrics that went along with the videos. They disappeared all of a sudden one day! Help!

- Ronnie Hawkins

Great. Downloading for the cottage in Northern Ontario where we have no wifi.

- eh

pre good overall but ion wanna pay i’m broke so just like make it free

- I’m considering to switch to YouTube music

The app no doubt is good but it has so many tracks missing that are not available on spotify but available elsewhere. Another issue I would say is the random shuffle and radio these two don’t work as good as they should. I am using spotify premium but now I think I should switch to YouTube and YouTube music. Really sad!! I even have to recreate my playlists maybe. :-(

- Review

It's trash

- Yes. Yes I agree.

Good app, very great songs.

- I can’t skip

I want to listen to freak show by dirty palm

- No.1

International app for music

- Apple Watch Fail

The lack of offline playback, LTE support, or even just being able to play anything from an Apple Watch directly is a hugely overlooked feature. I like to run without my phone so I don’t lose or damage it while working out, however this is impossible to do with an Apple Watch as it will not allow playback from the device. I cannot download any of my playlists, or listen to them without my phone. The watch app is a glorified remote for any “other” device your account is connected to. Hard fail on that one

- Pretty good, but...

There are a few songs from albums that they don’t have on there??? The one I’m specifically thinking of is the song “The Family Jewels” by MARINA. The album is there, but the song isn’t???

- omg-


- Alright


- Love the playlists they make!

I create a bi-monthly playlist and the discover weekly playlist that Spotify makes every week is awesome for finding new songs and artists to add to my playlists. The discover weekly playlist’s are definitely hit or miss most of the time but there’s always at least one really good new song in every playlist. On the good weeks every new song is a banger, definitely worth it just for that

- So good

I love the adio I can’t even thank you guys

- The update

Since the new update happened, when I click on a artist, I can’t see there songs. It’s there but, it won’t open

- Stupid updates

They literally ruin the interface new music it is

- Premium

Give another 3 free months of premium

- Legendary app

Self explanatory

- Watch out

It’ll say something like “watch this video for 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening” sure seems ligit, but sometimes it plays an add right after you listen to one, ONE song! This is ridiculous

- Spotify

It is so good it is the best music app I have and it’s also my favourite music app it is like a dream music app

- weird things are happening

I’ve had Spotify for a really long time and have (mostly) been happy with their service. but recently, one random song I have never heard or seen before keeps getting added to all my playlists including my favourites. The artist is Mindfurk, Internal. Also, very often, about 3 times a week Spotify will log me out of my account and when I put in my email and password it doesn’t work leading me to make a new account. I don’t know what’s happening please help.

- 18th Attempt at my 1st day of sobriety

MB8207-37years, 2020,05 Here we go again Definition of insanity: to repeat the same mistake over again without different results "Einstein" I think

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- Ok..

Well it is the best music app but there is this one slng that wont play and its soo annoying ( happy feet under pressure,rhythm nation) and it wont add to playlists either pls tell me why bc i reallt wanna listen to jt if not a coop update would be to add songs to your playlist that you have made or you can download it from youtube

- Complex for beginners

Complex for beginners,

- I think there is something wrong

It is a really good app but when I press on a song another song is put on automatically but overall it is an amazing app .

- Absolutely terrible.

The new update made the app extremely horrible, as you literally can’t play the song you want, there’s only shuffle, there’s only limited skips, and it’s just- annoying so much.

- Dww


- Adverts

So many adverts

- The amount of adds is sickening

I think many can agree that in these times we all are kinda stressed so you put on chilled or relax playlist and all all a sudden there is an add for corona and it gets you a little better annoyed and then finally it ends and there’s an add back to back what do you know it the same flipping add and it not just corona adds it is all sorts of adds and there is a lot of them and when you make a playlist and then later on you don’t like a song so you delete it but in stead it just hides it some where in the playlist which is very annoying cause some songs have bad language in them.I understand that is how they make profit but there is a lot of them just take away a few of them please

- Stop bouncing and let me click play

When ever you open the app an annoying bouncing animation appears where you would want to click play. The home screen was poor anyway with unrelated content to what I wanted. Now it’s filled with political movements from half way around the world. Would be nice to turn off the home screen or make it more relevant to users who don’t have a main stream taste or who don’t want to get involved in a political topic

- Good

I love this app but the only downside is that it uses data when ur out and about so if u r on a train ,bus etc... u can’t listen to anything without data

- Amazing

It is amazing

- Absolutely love this app

Completely free and no adds! I can also use other apps whilst this is playing in the background.

- No longer able to Download songs

Can no longer download songs for offline playback since latest update was done and all previously downloaded songs are not downloaded and get them downloaded. Currently paying premium account but with no premium perks until sorted!

- Edit: Chromecast now premium only

I’ve had my suspicions for a while now that Spotify play so many ads in the hope that it will encourage people to pay for premium. The latest app update has removed the option to play to a speaker using chromecast. This now states Premium only. Why when we’re all living in this terrible COVID-19 world would you decide to take away one of the few pleasures we have. It’s just mean. Edit Chromecast is now available without the need for premium 😊👍

- Ur awesome 💫

I looove !! 💝 Ur the best

- Songs

I can’t even get the songs I want

- Spotify.

Brilliant!! Everything from children’s songs to classical and a bit of Ed Sheeran. More or less everything you want to listen to. I love being able to listen to all types of music. I have a very eclectic taste in music.

- Can’t go for a run without my phone

I wish Spotify was compatible with Apple watches without your phone. It really is annoying that even premium users can have music offline on their Apple watches.

- Rubbish / awful

It is annoying that you can not skip songs and now you cannot see your songs in your playlist and sometimes i would like to see my it is so pathetic that you have to pay to skip a song like it’s so annoying

- Decent

It’s good for everyday listening. Remembers your last track but if u ain’t got premium then prepare yourself for shuffle play and six skips an hour and continuous ads🙃

- Bad

It’s awful

- New user surprised

I'm new to Spotify Premium, and have been surprised by a few things. LOVE: 1. The ease of pairing with external speakers e.g. Sonos - no need to open another app, it simply plays from Spotify - great! Apple Music, surprisingly, doesn't have this function, hence the reason I chose Spotify. 2. Excellent quality sound. Whilst some may say that other streaming services provide better quality, I couldn't tell the difference when comparing. Perhaps headphones may be different, but speakers sound well balanced. 3. Huge library full of mixes I didn't think I'd find on a commercial platform. I like the short videos that play behind the 'now playing' song - much more interesting than over streaming services. DON'T LOVE: 1. I'm surprised that there are very few ways in which to sort/view your Spotify library. You cannot sort /view your library by artist or song, you'd have to (laboriously!) create new playlists in which to do this. The 'Artist' feature is simply a list of artists that you've selected to help Spotify find relevant recommendations. 2. It's a fiddle to download one song. Downloading a complete album is easy, but one single is much more clumsy. It appears that if you search for a song, it does not display the 'download' button, but if you search for the artist and then select the song from their discography, the download button appears?! 3. A little buggy when using Apple's iPhone music controls in the control centre. Spotify sometimes freezes the control in it's own app and prevents me from pausing/skipping tracks. Overall, I've enjoyed my experience, but wish these simply issues could be fixed. Hope this helps! :-)

- Great!


- Love it 😍!!!!! !


- Memories

Loads of songs loads of memories come flooding back mostly good sometimes sad but all unforgettable. Ginna1

- Amazing

Solpotify is the best music app I have been on there is so many different choices depending on which mood you are in! Thank you so much for letting me voice my own music and it’s so helpful


i love this app so much but i think what would top it off is like a “sound hound/ Shazam” type feature so if you hear a song on the radio or at a party or a club etc you can play it into your spotify and the song comes up and you can immediately favourite it, add it to playlists etc. i always think about this and i think it would be so so helpful and people would use it all the time i really hope you see this hahaha thankyou :)

- ❤️

Best app ever. Good for music and plays when phone/ device Is off. Dosent waste battery percentange!

- Install

Good app

- Skip song

I would like to be able to skip my songs whenever I like not skip a couple and then have to pay to have unlimited skips they should be free to skip a song

- Ooh it’s good it is.

What can I say. Does what it says on the tin 😄 Would be good to have a set of turntables too, for effect, and to try out tunes and how they’d sound together

- Spotify is the best

Love Spotify xx my husband always listened to Spotify. Now I’m hooked 😜😜😜😜😜😜

- Ok...but a big problem

Why do we have to listen to a whole bunch of songs and then finally listen to the one we picked? Can’t we just pick a song and listen to it OR you could have it play then have that other music play after it. Just saying it’s best if we just pick a song, listen to it, and it’s over.

- Great App

So glad I found this app just love ‘my’ choice of music. It never fails to lift my spirits.

- Congratulations

Can’t wait for the video platform Looking forward to watching joe rogue

- Handy key

Relaxation to a level above Time is what we take on the music love Rhyme and mixes of various artists Ranging from decade to decade across the charts One is never equal to ones beating risk Listening to music on Spotify is bliss

- Music

Super cool

- Add books

I think that Spotify could add books to their collection like Harry Potter and actually show the video instead of just listening but it has every song I can think of and more

- Poor UI/UX design

Im glad they added a prompt for when you accidentally press the heart button when browsing or scrolling your library. I have lost many saved songs by pressing that button - just badly designed UI. Cant be arsed to run through all the other issues with the app that could be fixed easily.

- It is awful unless u pay

This app is a complete rip off, the only way you can listen to the music u want is if you pay for premium if you don’t pay then you only get six skips an hour and you can’t listen to the songs you want. I decided to pay for premium it took my money and hasn't given me the upgrade.

- Brilliant app

Your app is just brilliant. All the music I could ever find, under one app. So cool. Thanks.

- Spotify

It’s so good one of the best apps in the world🙂

- A

Spotify is a good app I love a lot of the songs.🙂🙂🙂

- Spotify’s choices.

Excellent service. Such a wide choice of music.

- Music

Great music site, select a track and it plays it, brilliant

- Cool

Cool cool oolcooolcooclcoichdndhsjsnds

- Good music but ...

The ads I understand that’s on any app But not being able to skip more than 3 songs in a Half hour! Without paying like 4 quid for premium and putting 4 rubbish songs in a row so I can’t just skip the ones I don’t like without it! Also adding songs to my playlist come on! I put my favourites on there don’t put anything on it it’s mine And I searched for the Beatles once for music homework and now my entire recommended is just really old songs I hate

- Love it

Grand theft auto is fun

- Help

The emailing me a link to log in without a password isn’t working ,tried about 10 times

- Would you like some music with your adverts sir?

SO. MANY. ADVERTS. Especially when compared with the desktop version. Don’t bother. Use another service.

- Sun

It’s lovely listening to Spotify in sun and pool

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Spotify: Music and Podcasts 8.5.60 Screenshots & Images

Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts Music application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Spotify: Music and Podcasts Music application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Spotify: Music and Podcasts (Version 8.5.60) Install & Download

The applications Spotify: Music and Podcasts was published in the category Music on 2011-07-14 and was developed by Spotify Ltd. [Developer ID: 324684583]. This application file size is 123.21 MB. Spotify: Music and Podcasts - Music posted on 2020-06-01 current version is 8.5.60 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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