Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Spotify: Music and Podcasts [Music] App Description & Overview

Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on mobile or tablet.

Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection.

Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything.

Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else.

Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts from your wrist.

Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium.

Free on mobile
• Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode.

Free on tablet
• Play any song, any time.

Premium features
• Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.
• Enjoy ad-free music.
• Listen offline.
• Get better sound quality.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. Bug fixes and improvements in this version include: - Fixed stability issues

Spotify: Music and Podcasts Comments & Reviews

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- This is awsome

Because I have all of my favrot songs here!!! download it know it’s cool 😎 And it blew my mind 🤯 at the same time the awesome part is that you can get free🤑 song if you sine up know

- Simply love it!

I love this app. The desktop app is just amazing. ♥️

- Spoofy

Is spoofy

- Best

Why the best because it has the BEST MUSIC

- New updates have been extremely buggy

I can’t view my queue since the update. Nothing happens when I press the queue button. Plz fix

- App Problems

I’ve been using Spotify for 7 years now without any issues. Best app to have, but I’ve been having trouble with the queue button. I press it and it will not show the next songs. Is there anyway that this problem can be solved?

- Pretty fire

Pretty fire

- Idk

I really think it cool

- This app is a nightmare

Yeah just so many ads someone please make an actually good music service

- Great App, need HI-Fi to keep up

Great app and music, but with amazon and tidal going all in on hifi streaming, they need to get on that game or change the codec to get better quality. Tons of people have unlimited data plans so it shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

- Ads

The advertisements are annoying and i cant even pick what songs i want to listen to now

- This needs to be fixed ASAP

I love spotify and I’ve been using it for many years but for the past week its been very frustrating. No matter how many times I press the “go to queue” button it stays on the same screen and does not view my queue. I use that button a lot so I will leave a 5 star when the issue is fixed. Thank you.



- Dont fix whats not broken

Okay spotify team ive been using you guys for years since i was 16. Im 23 now and i swear every time an update comes out you guys make super inconvenient and its as if your doing it on purpose. Why all of a sudden the artists i listen to now dont show up as recent artist played under recommended artists? Seriously everytime you release a patch something negative comes with it. I understand you have to make innovations and what not but these little things seem to ruin the app and its not convenient. Literally have a list of recently played artists under a section and thats it. Its not hard. Like the title says dont fix whats not broken.

- It’s ok

Not very user friendly. Also $10 a month is not worth paying for. Very comparable to pandora.

- ._Alyssa_.

I love this because you can listen to all of your fav songs on here and the app it self is free so I would recommend to get this.

- Options

On Mac and other laptop devices you can edit your albums with your own pictures and description, but not on phones and chrome books, which is ridiculous imo. Being able to personalize a playlist truly to how you like, and to have it featureless on certain devices still is, like I said, ridiculous

- s

can’t open queue

- Zoey

I love the app a lot and I use it a lot!!! But please when it say enjoy the next 30 minutes of ad free listening please make sure that’s it’s 30 minutes cause it will be our 2mins and I’m getting ads! So please fix that and please let us gain control over our playlist like go back and choose a song replay and a bunch of over stuff cause it’s really annoying that I can’t control my liked songs playlist and ever since that problem I’ve been using SoundCloud more often !!

- Review

Love this app. Some much better than Pandora.

- Fix queue

Doesn’t work

- Whoever gives this all less than 2 stars is a PAID REVIEWER

They changed their layout last year and after thousands and thousands of complaints they still won’t fix the issues. We cannot find out saved artists or songs. Horrible horrible horrible app. 4 years of using this stupid all. I have 3000 songs on my phone I can’t find one!!!!!

- Amazing!!!

The songs are awesome! It finds music for you! Not as many adds I thought there would be, which is great! Totally recommended! :)

- 5 stat

Very good

- constant crashing (vers. 8.5.51)

The latest update (8.5.51) keeps crashing

- Spotify earns me tips !

I’m an Uber driver and this app has made me a lot of $. I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed any other app more than this one !! Thank you for offering the best recorded music experience that I’ve ever had !

- Amazing

This app is great

- Almost good.

I used to love Spotify but now I can hardly stand using the app for more then fifteen minutes. I understand the adds and I get the reasoning behind it but really? Do you really need to play five in a row ever two songs? But the thing that really gets me is that I can have a playlist of 100+ songs and after about three songs it will start playing songs that aren’t in my playlist. I’m guessing their supposed to be “recommended” but when I’m listening to relaxing guitar I’m really not in the mood for heavy metal. In fact I’ve never been in the mood for heavy metal, so why are you making me listen to it?!

- Music

It’s the best thing around lol can’t get enough of it wonderful..

- Premium

If you guys keep targeting me to get premium I WILL SUE YOU

- Hearing to many other ppl with artist


- Issue Downloading Songs & Podcasts

I’ve had Spotify premium for years. However, I now I have an issue where my downloads stall and never finish. I’ve rebooted my phone; tried wifi vs. cellular; deleted and reinstalled the app. It still stalls at certain points. Super annoying.

- Thank you for Spotify

Thank you for this app whenever I’m stressed out I will just get on Spotify and in minutes I’m fine so thank you again this app really help with my stress these past few years so thank you

- New to Spotify

I love it so much!!!

- It’s a GREAT app!

You can play almost any song! Literally even songs that are based off of games! 5 star VERY GREAT app! Plus you can play it with your device off. One more time A GREAT APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- I’m grateful to have found a decent app

Sound quality is always crucial in my opinion towards music apps. But Spotify has done excellent work at the clarity of course. Its a user friendly app

- Awful

Buffers every three seconds for a minute, while youtube and Apple Music don’t buffer at all with the same amount of service

- Shuffle play

Why do you have to shuffle play the songs

- Queue

This is by far my most used app. I have premium and boy is it my best purchase. The only this is the queue isn’t working currently. Other than that this app is phenomenal

- Ingenious

5STARS wish I could use without Facebook. What happened to the ‘QUEUE’??

- Saving my bum during covid lockdown

Been a member for years, but it wasn’t until I was in lockdown with my love and Spotify has kept us happy. No fights, no conflicts, just good music and sparking good memories. Thank you Spotify!

- Hi

I don’t have to buy songs I just get them from here

- New update kinda bad

You can no longer click any song you want. You just have to click the play button and it can only shuffle. You used to be able to see a long list of your saved songs and click whatever one you wanted at the moment but not anymore. Also it only give you 6 time to skip within the hour.

- Where’s my queue?

The app is amazing! I live it! But with the new update, I’m unable to visit or see my queue. Please help!

- Music

cant even start them over lowkey soundcloud is better😪

- Queue will not show.

I have premium and the button for seeing my queue simply does nothing.

- Good


- No shuffle all saved songs option

You can’t shuffle all the songs you like. Huge flaw

- New Update

The new update is great for the podcasts and the home screen but i would like to be able to access artists profile with the music I saved so I don’t have to go through my “liked songs”to find it. It’s easier to search the artists name in find artists and the saved songs pop up🤦🏽‍♀️

- Sound

Clearest sound I’ve heard online.

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- Paddle

Only on to it Recently looks like it works ok

- Spotify

Published On Wednesday 1st March 2020 April Fools Day I think that Spotify is cool because you can get premium or free.

- I love the songs

Your are the best music app

- Not my favourite

I love that I can access so much music but certain features annoy me very much and the app is always doing weird things. I can’t skip back songs or skip through certain bits of the song. Very uncooperative. Not cool.

- THIs is good

Hdhdune bdiebgshkwoqnvjsud jdvirbehensvievj. Jdiebb

- The not so good Spotify

Amazing but the price jeez and you only have in choice or you uninstall it. I would highly recommended you not get Spotify. Just a big fat no. Sorry Spotify team😿👽💀👎🏽

- Yeet😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑


- 80s girl

LOVE my premium Spotify more than ever working from home

- Best

You Just inspired me with The best songs ever

- Spotify

It’s good 👌

- Amazing 🤩

This app is amazing. I love the songs on here

- Don’t update it

I updated my Spotify and now I can’t put songs on

- Annoying

Release radar & discover weekly does not update!!

- I love spotify sm 🌸

spotify is just such a good music app. It’s easy to access, and has the biggest variety of music. I love how you can customise the pfp, and I wish you could customise everything, similar to Apple Music where you can make your display pink. I also wish you could change the pfp by using your phone and not having to go on desktop! the collaboration option is so fun, cause not only can you listen to your favourite music, but you and your friends can share different types of music, and rhythmically learn more about each other. I recommend Spotify as reliable source for your favourite music ☺️

- I rate it a four

It has great songs and it’s free but it’s not like a fun game it’s just music and is free

- Love it

I love Spotify so much it’s so handy I love the personalised playlist and you can find all the music in the world here

- Spotify

If you get family premium it is cheap and you can put many devices on it. This app is better than Apple Music because you don’t have to pay. This is an amazing app.

- Spotify is the best!

You are good because if you go off the app you can still hear it.

- 5 star

Love it

- Uninterrupted service

Better and uninterrupted music

- Great tunes

Love it!

- Glitched

This was great, but now when I play my music, other playlists that I haven’t created cut in. Not happy!!! Especially when the invading playlist looks like something Spotify created. Sort this out!!&

- Disco


- Good but..

No lyrics

- Annoying ads

You obviously try and make it so annoying to listen to constant advertisements of Spotify Premium that people will be forced to upgrade. Well Played.

- Great app ❤️

So far so good, premium is awesome! Totally recommend this app to anyone, music is the best way to shift a mood! Thank you Spotify. 👍🏼

- What I Like

Love Spotfly as I can play what I want when I want.


I love this app everytime i do something i always use this app itd my FAVVVVV APPP YASSS😇😇😇😇😇😇😇💖💖💖💖💖💖🎤🎧🎼🎤🎧🎼🎤🎧🎼🎹🥁🎷🎺🎸🎻

- Perfect

Has everything you need

- Spotify

To difficult to play songs and only 6 skips an hour

- Spotify

It is so fun to go camping with🥳

- Eclectic vibes

It doesn’t matter what music genre rattles your chains, Spotify has you covered. Spotify is the ideal travelling companion. It’s all you need flowing through your vehicles sound system. The music is crystal clear all the time unaffected by poor reception or radio interference. So do yourself a favour join the Spotify stampede and listen to what you want to hear. Rock On Dennis

- MoMA Art Tunes

Who would have imagined this journey: with galleries Corona Closed, listening to art on Spotify. To my heart’s desire.

- Perfect until I found this out... 🤦🏽‍♂️

Why is there a download limit on the premium? You telling me I’m paying premium and still getting restrictions????? I really feel close to changing over to Apple Music unless youse make this unlimited. If I gave a review before I found out I would’ve given a five. Disappointed.

- I love it

I listen to it every day

- It’s Great but......

I love Spotify! You can listen to your favourite songs and Artists!! But It definitely has some annoying things about it. Recently, I’ve only been getting the same ad when ever I need to watch an ad and I would like it if they could have more than just one ad! But overall, I think this app is really good! 😇😇 By: Unicorn Princess 🦄

- Access Library

App has frequent issues connecting and accessing my library and downloaded albums both when online or offline. Seems to be more prevalent in poor wifi or phone reception. This is frustrating given this is why I downloaded - to listen to offline

- Love Spotify, needs lyrics

I need them lyrics so bad, Ive considered moving to apple music for that reason alone, although I prefer Spotify.. everyone wants lyrics and it's an important feature that really should be on Spotify already. Spotify has been "working on" a lyrics feature for too long now. It’s been at least a year since this review, still no word on lyrics...

- I love music

I love music and now I can listen to music while home work

- Improvements

There should be an option to see the lyrics

- Gah

It doesn’t work:(

- Amazing app

Allows me to listen to music whilst working

- Enjoy

We listen almost every day

- Good

Spotify is ausome even without premium

- Used to be better

For the past two years, I’ve been using Spotify premium. Excellent service, and great music. However (for personal reasons) I am now unable to use Premium, and have switched back to free mode. A lot has changed. Now, I am unable to freely choose the music I want, loop a playlist, edit said playlist. I don’t care about the ads. I just want to have more freedom with my music. Please consider loosening restrictions on free users.

- About Music Recommendation

Recommendation are pretty bad most of the time

- arianas

l love you and l sing all the songs

- Fantastic.

Honestly, I’ve tried to find a fault for this app. And in the many years I’ve had it, I’ve found it difficult to find one. The app runs smoothly, it has a great and frequently updated music library, and I love it. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy to use and well designed music streaming app.

- Needs work

This is a very good app, but lately the songs I play are continuously pausing for no reason. I don’t press the pause/play button, it just pauses by itself. It’s been really annoying. Please fix this

- Great

Hi I’m just going to say yes

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- Adds, Adds

Great selection and far too many adds. Putting my money in Apple Music with no adds.

- LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Always keeps me dancing n having fun makes going out long rides fun!!!


I LOVE SPOTIFY, it’s amazing so much better than Apple Music, no$ wasted here!

- Great music selection

Love all the choices

- No more queues

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Spotify isn’t letting me see my queues or play anything that I put on queues. It also won’t let me replay a song I just listened to. I don’t know if it’s a new update or not, but please fix this!



- Thank you

Love yoy

- Bring back the old Spotify

What’s with the new update? Spotify was so convenient to use before. I have no idea how to use this app and listen to all the music I’d saved in my library before. Bring back the old Spotify!


I love it but why is there not new music

- Good! but-

it’s not letting me play my songs??? they’re downloaded, have been for a while, and it’s not even the most recent ones i downloaded. it’s completely at random the music will just stop and i’ll check and the music isn’t pauses but it’s at 0:00 and it’s not changing?? this came with the recent update. i hope it gets fixed soon, but other than that, great app

- Awesome

It’s an amazing experience using Spotify.

- Remove these features ASAP

Can y’all remove the feature to swipe to unlike a song, and the heart beside the song near the 3 dots bcuz soo many times I unintentionally unliked songs and it’s getting really frustrating 😤many times I didn’t get to see what was the song unliked

- Playlists

I can’t believe how you just add songs to our own playlists that we created that you can’t even get rid of

- Premium

I love the app but it’s hard to get premium

- Spotify has been good however...

I absolutely love Spotify. Except now for some reason songs sound really messed up and grainy except for a few that I downloaded recently, also I can’t load anything even though it’s all downloaded when I’m not on data. It’s like all my music files went corrupt and It’s really pissing me off. Please fix this or at least help me out so I can keep bumpin the way I’m used to!

- Love it

Really nice app Lots of songs to choose from even if you don’t pay But premium is best 🤘🏻😉

- Good music, annoying playlist feature

I don't like how it keeps adding songs to my playlists. If I wanted the recommended songs added, I'd do it myself, but there's no choice. Maybe remove that feature, it's kind of annoying.



- Glitchy

App glitches out regularly

- I’m Old

I’m a fossil and I initially ignored Spotify, huge mistake which I have since rectified.

- Spotify

I used to love Spotify, but now it’s stupid trash. The update is the stupidest thing I have ever seen and I hate it. You can’t skip songs anymore and they add the most random songs to your playlists. Spotify sucks like hell now. I wish it wasn’t even a app anymore.

- My opinion

I love Spotify but it would be nice to be able to go back to a certain part in the song.

- It ok

If you search up a song it will say a bunch of song and you can only shuffle and you can’t skip through the songs

- Download

I can’t download my music. I paid for 3 months can you help me, thanks.

- Thumbs Up

I’m in my 50s and resisted iTunes and Spotify ... I’m glad my daughter made me cave. It really is great.

- Fix it

You keep adding music that I don’t like too my playlist so stop and fix it please, and you only play half a song for me so fix it please.

- Spotify

U got some juicy music

- Enjoyable

This free app is a great way to listen music while cleaning up and doing other chores. The only problem is that it adds songs to my list that I would not like I wish Spotify could put it in a playlist instead of adding it to mine.

- Great but...

Personnaly I love this app. I can listen to my favorite songs for free but only in random mode and it demotives me

- Can’t create another account

I can’t create another account because it says would you like to log in to my old account

- All the ads are for Spotify premium

The ads are all to get ad free Spotify premium but all the ads are for premium in the first place

- It’s good but not when you leave an internet zone

Love Spotify only thing that I don’t like is you can’t use it with out the internet ...! Other then that you can get every and any song u want but like I said once you leave An internet spot it’s gone

- This app sucks

I wish I just had kept the music app and not have gotten Spotify.yoi can only skip a few songs and takes forever to get the one song that you want. I AM WARNING YOU DO NOT GET THIS APP IT IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Pretty good

Just missing a couple songs here and there but, overall a pretty song database and playlist maker.

- Every update it gets worse

Why on earth would you get rid of the repeat button on the iPad app? No more repeat playlist or repeat one song??? Maybe it’s time to move to Apple Music. Stop changing your app because you clearly don’t know how to improve your product.

- The app is non accessible on multiple devices

I don’t like that I can’t download Spotify on my iPhone 4. Please change this so that I can have the app on my iPhone .

- Es lo mejor de lo mejor

Es lo mejor, es lo mejor, es lo mejor, es lo mejor

- Best Music App

This app is the best music app I’ve ever used!! I love premium!! Stay Awesome!! 😎

- Let’s keep the positivity rolling!

Such a relief to be able to listen to happy tunes without being interrupted by constant covid-19 updates. Thank you for helping us stay focused on the positive and fun moments in our days💗

- Love it!

Having to play and listen to my favourite songs while doing other stuff on my phone is super cool. Where have I been all years and missing out on the coolest music app ever!

- Premium

The problem is that I’m not premium so if I want to listen to music offline I have to go to a different app and like its just that u should make it so that everyone can listen to music offline! U should really consider this thank you I hope I change this soon!

- Awesome

I love the app❤️

- Awesome

Best app I’ve ever used totally with the $10/month

- App needs big fixes

Everytime I open the app it takes ages to load my “liked tracks” Also, they really need to clean up their app. Playlists are all over the place and it makes it hard to discover new artists. Make it simple! Seriously considering changing to Apple music these days!


It keeps crashing after the recent update! iPhone 8 Plus

- Can’t see the lyrics on iphone

From my second phone which is galaxy i can see the lyrics,(not genius) but on iphone i cant see both of them(lyrics and genius lyrics too)

- downloaded song issues

downloaded songs only play intermittently when offline.

- Ruined

I use Apple Music and I downloaded Spotify again to see my old playlists and it’s completely ruined. Change it back. This is why I use Apple Music.

- Eww


- Love it


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- I haven’t hap any problems

Seems brilliant they only put in as meany adds as they need to and has a very wide Range of music to choose from, great!

- Best app out there.

...just what I said in the title.

- Changeable cover photos for playlists

I love Spotify, and I have a premium account which I use daily. But a problem I have continuously faced is that you cannot change the cover photo on a playlist unless you are on a desktop, which I do not have. I have had this issue for years, since I started using Spotify. So it would be great if we could have the option to change the playlist cover photo on iPhones or laptops. Other than this I think this is an amazing app.

- Update and Shuffle Play ruined Spotify for me

The new update is utter shit. When I try to play music from an album on Spotify, it would often play another song on random or a song from a different artist altogether. And it’s all because Spotify has included Shuffle Play intentionally on premium free accounts and it’s impossible to change. I downloaded Spotify last week and was actually liking it because I was able to listen to my favourite artists even on my consoles but because of the new update, I can’t listen to music like I usually do and that’s why I really hate Spotify right now.

- Can’t see my queue

I’m not able to see me queue and I’ve tried to resit my device and my phone but nothing has worked

- Spotify

Too many ads plus very high cost and its just a shit app. THERE IS TOO MANY ADS

- things wrong

two people can’t listen on different devices can’t pout shuffle on while listening to a song

- Fail

I try and press play on a track and it plays something else

- What I think

I think the music is fab

- Code lazar

In the fortnite, minecraft and spotify item shop

- Bad

You can't listen to what you want because it's on shuffle unless you get premium and it adds random songs to your playlists.

- Keeps chucking me out...

I understand the need for ads in the free version (although I’d prefer not to have them obviously!) but this latest update has started to chuck me out at random times, sometimes halfway through a song... please can you fix

- Transformation

Spotify transformed my listening of music.


This app is totally brillant! So easy to use and loads and loads of great songs. I really recommend this app as it’s got loads of different songs with so many genres. Definitely worth 5 stars! 🌟

- What’s going on?!?!

Not sure what’s happened since the recent update. Some albums play fine, some stop after one track and completely stop if you try to skip tracks?! Driving me insane.

- Life changing

Kinda late to the download party - as an ex record retailer employee I’ve held on to the vinyl and CDs for as long as possible. Finding the Coronavirus lockdown difficult I’ve turned to music, downloaded the app and only 24 hours in I’m loving it. My mood has lifted, I’m not bored and I’m recommending it to as many as I can. Thank you Spotify - better late than never as they say!

- Doesn’t work since update

The new update is rubbish. Also it no longer works when you click to go to the queue... please fix it 🤦🏼‍♀️

- free with adds on mobile no its not

mobile thing is odd you can't listen to songs even with the adds money spoof

- Range of music

The range of music is amazing even with free. Preferably premium is better but possibly could have a special offer on events and holidays

- Very good

Although I don’t have a premium account, Spotify has basically all the music you could want and although premium may be better for some, it really doesn’t bother me having to listen to a few adverts and I think it’s really useful and good

- Can’t see queue on new update

The new update won’t allow me to view and edit the songs placed in queue

- Spotilicious

Everything at your fingertips. Great range of genre and musical wizardry. So user friendly.


I can’t play my songs that I want it just plays from the one I had from my last update plz make improvements it was better before the update therefore I had to rate it 4stars rather than 5

- My review

You have to pay to skip songs and you can’t listen to the songs you love without having to buy premium.

- Where's the Dislike or Hide button??

The app keeps recommending me the same songs over and over again and there's no way for me to tell it I don't like them! Spotify has become useless to me unless I listen to music I liked before because I can't find new music the way I could when I first got it. PLEASE bring the Dislike or Hide button back!

- Play mode

Shuffle play is pants

- Amazing

You can get loads of perfect music in it even TIKTOK

- Offline search broken

The offline search is completely broken, loads no results whatsoever. £10 a month for broken offline search should not be an issue I’m having, and I’m Apple Music does not have this problem.

- I got kicked

It’s good but it kicked me out meaning doesn’t let me add music or search any I have to listen to the ones that I’ve already downloaded it didn’t let me choose it said ur 7 day trial has ended

- Love it

Just love this app. It’s worth paying for to get continuous brilliant music

- 😭

I haven’t payed for premium yet and it won’t let me press the button to go to a different song ani I HATE the we added bit so I give a 1 star please sort this out

- Spotify

Good app super good selection of songs easy to work too

- Stupid

It don’t let me buy premium

- Great

You can’t skip without premium but other than that it’s great

- Been hacked three times

The app doesn’t allow you to beef up security against hacking. Had to get creative with password strength.

- Best music service

Excellent app, great quality music streaming. Never had an issue even when poor network speed. Has been my only music go to app for many years and there’s no looking back.

- Good

Really good but for some reason pauses by itself every few minutes

- it’s good

it’s alright only if you have premium

- Upgrading is impossible why is it so hard

I don’t have access to the email address that I set the account up with and I don’t remember the password . I have Spotify logged in on my iPhone and iPad but you can’t upgrade to premium from here so now I am stuck Why is it like this it’s unacceptable to make this so hard and make it impossible to access your account if you don’t have access to the original email address and you can’t remember the password

- Amazing but sometimes turns off but it works;)

It’s very good as you can do it on games and it will turn on

- Downloaded songs don’t play

No matter how many times I re-download them, switch on/off to offline mode and try to trouble shoot from what I can read online. I’m paying for premium to be able to listen to tunes on the go for which I haven’t been able to for a couple of months. It’s like throwing £20 in the wind. Really poor service, especially now when we need music to keep us upbeat more than ever! Please sort it out, I know I’m not the only one with this issue.

- Really good

5 stars let’s me listen to all the songs I want to listen to

- Awsooooooooome


- Beilliant

Best thing EVER

- Spotify

This app is really good as I don’t need to buy songs from iTunes Store I would rate this 10/10 download this app instead of buying songs from the iTunes Store

- Great App! But one current issue

This app is the best music platform there is out there, great value for money! However there is one slight problem at the moment and that is song that are meant to be next in order being skipped for no apparent reason. For example, on an album (that you’d preferably want to hear in order) the music plays in order and then will randomly skip a song. It’s not a huge issue but can be a slight inconvenience when listening to a dynamic album such as ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’. Many Thanks.

- Corona Comfort

Spotify is an app to keep you company while this terrible situation everyone is in unfolds. Stay Safe.

- Can’t view my queue

App lets me add songs to the queue but won’t actually let me look at it

- Jordy

Think Apple Music in ten years time... that’s Spotify. Way ahead of it’s time. Impressive graphics and visuals that go along with the music

- Naden’s

Excellent tunage app! 😊👍🏻👌🏻

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Spotify: Music and Podcasts 8.5.51 Screenshots & Images

Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts Music application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Spotify: Music and Podcasts Music application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Spotify: Music and Podcasts (Version 8.5.51) Install & Download

The applications Spotify: Music and Podcasts was published in the category Music on 2011-07-14 and was developed by Spotify Ltd. [Developer ID: 324684583]. This application file size is 117.13 MB. Spotify: Music and Podcasts - Music posted on 2020-03-26 current version is 8.5.51 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

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