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Download your favorite Music and Play anywhere! Listen OFFLINE, No LIMITS!


● Easiest way to play offline music
● Download music for offline access
● Play offline–no internet or WiFi needed
● Almost all the popular format supported
● .Mp3,.Flac,.wav, .caf, .wav, .aac etc
● Add music to your favorite playlist
● Beautiful design
● Headphone control
● Create & manage playlists
● Powerful music player
● Display album artwork
● Playlist shuffle and repeat modes
● Background music playback
● Lockscreen control support

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Offline Music Player App Description & Overview

The applications Offline Music Player was published in the category Music on 2017-07-29 and was developed by Md Zakir Hossain. The file size is 29.22 MB. The current version is 2.2.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Small issue fixed.

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Offline Music Player Reviews


Great app  sqavoo  4 star

Great does what is promised

joseph 👨🏻‍⚖️

Nyima  joseph 👨🏻‍⚖️  5 star

Hey y’all but I need help


Scam  ffreedf  2 star

This app is a scam. Makes you pay and if you do not, the app will not function.


Great  Jesus_is_Savior  5 star

Most times when apps say offline there actually not and I was very happy to see that this one did work offline!!!

Elijah joseph burke

Too many ads but it’s a good app  Elijah joseph burke  5 star

But too many ads

gnida kid

best ever  gnida kid  5 star

this is very cool app for music


Too many ads  jfkdhfjjd  1 star

Don’t choose something that has ads every five seconds!


Daysha  angel19432  5 star

I just want to say I love this app because of the way that it works


Amazing  Supreme_21  5 star

This is the best mp3 I have ever used.

Maren westin

Question  Maren westin  3 star

Can you download songs from YouTube onto this app?


Love it soooooo much  Mirandafuzzball😉😉🤪  4 star

I love this app because I can listen to music when I’m in the car or plane without internet! It would be good if you could download music from Spotify too. Love app though really good! 😄😍😜


Junk ad machine  nayfanuel  1 star

Waste of time


It’s great  smudge146  5 star

It’s great I can get my songs on and not use data and it’s so easy to use. But it would be good to like rearrang songs in the play list by clicking on edit and then drag the selected song to where you want it in the order you want the song to be in and same with the playlist like I have one with all my favourite songs on it but it’s at the bottom of my playlist pile so if we can have a way to more it up the list that would be great. Again love this app thanks soooooooooooo much. Peace out ✌️✌️

Awesome Gril 21

I haven’t used it much....  Awesome Gril 21  1 star

When I got the app on my IPAD, I was so excited. I got the app, very quickly :), and I opened it up constantly, a bunch of adds kept coming up, and you have to import song, I am still very confused, I really want to tell you an app that is better... but it is really rude so..... BYE!! :)


Love it thank you so much for this app  MrsDamn  5 star

I love it now I can listen to song as many as I want in offline


Great app  ANONYMOUS1804  4 star

Great app but you should add a search bar to search you favorite songs. Other then that it’s a great app


Lovely app  PanjtaniHaq  5 star

It’s a classic app. Better than Apple Music. Try once and then you never need other music app.


Good, until now  CreativePulse  2 star

This app was perfect, until the most recent update. Now i can’t sync any music from my computer to the app, and i can only get music from my google drive, which doesnt recognise half the songs i put on it. pls fix!!

dromgo owiwuiwoi24

Drongo123497662354  dromgo owiwuiwoi24  5 star

Good Hah


Best  Tasiwabag  5 star



great  Kargka  5 star

very good

fortnite for idiots

Best Offline MP3 music player ever!  fortnite for idiots  5 star

You’re amazing


Great!  YourAverageRobot  5 star

I love this app, man.

Kinzang G.

Life saver  Kinzang G.  5 star

Hey, anyone trying to get music transferred from their laptop to your phone, this is it, this app is so easy to use and so fast, I love this app, literally a life saver🙏🏼


AWESOME APP!!  Evman829  5 star

Very impressed and easy to use as long as u have a computer or a laptop or tablet available. I love it and it definitely works perfectly. Great job developers!!


Cool App  Archbacker  5 star

Does what it says. Amazing.


Ok, it was ok  floofballs24  3 star

Well it’s good, if you want to download the music that you own, but they should have a section of like, a search engine for songs you can add to your playlists.


Can’t upload from google ☹️  Rezvawn  5 star

How can i upload a music from internet to this app?


Finally found a great offline music app  Travlnania  5 star

I love u guys for creating this


To many ads.  Izzy💘💦  1 star

There is an add that pops up every 2 seconds. 🙄

wolfi calm

Good  wolfi calm  5 star

Good but one issue can you remove ads pls

Cool as a duck333

Worst app  Cool as a duck333  1 star

Every single time you press a button a ad pops up, very disappointing

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