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Musi - Simple Music Streaming [Music] App Description & Overview

"Best free music player app and I’ve tried all of them" - FaisalBeanzi

"Best music experience I have used on the App Store to date!" - Lupini66444

Musi lets you stream and organize music directly from YouTube, build playlists, share music with friends, and more. Musi can also stream onto any AirPlay enabled device. Best of all? IT'S FREE!

Here's a brief overview of Musi's features:

- Stream any song from YouTube
- Stream music to any AirPlay enabled device
- Create infinite playlists and organize your music
- Control Musi through your car, stereo, and more

With over 1 million daily users, it's clear that Musi is the best music experience on the App Store. Download it now!

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Musi - Simple Music Streaming Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fix a bug where haptic feedback was disabled - Various bug fixes and stability improvements Previous Update (6.2.8): - Add the ability to delete search history by tapping an "X" beside each search history term - Fix a bug where the lyrics appeared zoomed out - Fix a bug where the scroll indicators would not be aligned in the search suggestions and search history - Various other bug fixes and stability improvements

Musi - Simple Music Streaming Comments & Reviews

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- Best app ever, one small problem

I love this app and don’t consider using another music app. Great job developers👏🏻. My “one small problem” is that when I select a song and it opens I usually swipe back down so I can add more songs to my queue, or just avoid watching an add when I don’t want to watch a music video. When you do this too fast after first selecting a song the screen will get stuck with your library on the very top of the screen and the screen you were just on covering the majority. When this happens you lose control over all features of the app and are forced to restart it or just exit the app and listen to songs on shuffle play or wherever you chose the song you were on out of. The only other issue I’ve had has only occurred a few times and only when I’ve been using the app for a long time. What happens is I will select a song and instead of taking me into the video screen for that song it will just start playing the song and not even show the bottom bar with what song I’m playing so I can’t enter the video screen that way either. That is a rare problem and not really a big deal. But overall great app I recommend this to everyone I know.👍🏻

- Best music platform available; needs improvement

I would like to start by saying I love the apple iPhone I received one as a gift and it has been a game changer as far as personal and professional time management. Music is the best free music streaming service on the market, period. I’ll say if the old adage “you get what you pay for” is true then I must say for free I am thoroughly impressed. They have the best version of any song I could ever want to look up, they have comedy, self help videos the sky is the limit really. Some constructive advice I’d like to offer is that in the older version of the app, I could close the app and use other applications on my phone at the same time (super cool why I use musi over YT) but after the new “update” I can no longer close out And do other things. And I would also like to say that the data amount taken while using this application seems excessive, when using WiFi you can “download” a song until it’s loaded then shut off the WiFi and you can repeat the song as long as it does not cycle all the way to the end to repeat it, you have to rewind the time on the video yourself, maybe it’s my carrier on the data issue so I won’t toss that on musi all in all a decent app would like to see a few changes but would recommend for sure

- It was great...

This app was the best, I used it all the time and it really my only source for listening to music. Everything worked perfectly fine until new effects were added to the app. With the latest update it his app has now been acting very stupid, and to be honest I’m not interested in the the new effects, I’m more interested in listening to my music, I mean that is the whole purpose of this app. When I listen to music the app crashes, but not all the time. When I press on a song, the song will play but there would be no sound and I order for me to hear the song I would have to replay it from the beginning in order for me to hear it, which doesn’t make any sense due to the fact that the song would still be playing. And there would be moments when I play the song and the volume would be put on low, no matter what I would do it would remain low unless I restart the song once more. There is also. A problem when I play the song and I turn off my phone the song utterly stops and then proceeds to play, I’ve been with this app since 2015 and I’ve watched it grow and change, but I don’t care about how it looks, I care more on my music and the quality.

- Best App Ever

I love this app and don’t consider using another music app. Great job developers👏🏻. My “one small problem” is that when I select a song and it opens I usually swipe back down so I can add more songs to my queue, or just avoid watching an add when I don’t want to watch a music video. When you do this too fast after first selecting a song the screen will get stuck with your library on the very top of the screen and the screen you were just on covering the majority. When this happens you lose control over all features of the app and are forced to restart it or just exit the app and listen to songs on shuffle play or wherever you chose the song you were on out of. The only other issue I’ve had has only occurred a few times and only when I’ve been using the app for a long time. What happens is I will select a song and instead of taking me into the video screen for that song it will just start playing the song and not even show the bottom bar with what song I’m playing so I can’t enter the video screen that way either. That is a rare problem and not really a big deal. But overall great app I recommend this to everyone I know.👍🏻


This app is awesome! It gives you music you would like to hear and it’s free! Everyone likes a free music app! Musi is the best music app you can find out there! Btw whoever hasn’t downloaded musi you should! Musi is a awesome and free music app! Thank ,the gods that this game exists!! Whoever is reading this review you are a lucky ducky person right now! I know I am being a little to much with this review right now but, really MUSI is that good like for real peeps! Y’all should really download this app if you want free music with out paying for nothing!! Hope y’all are being safe and healthy out in the virus! If you are bored in the house you should download this app for free music to listen to while in quarantine! I promise there is no paying in MUSI! Hope you enjoyed this review! Before You go you should listen to the other stuff I’m about to say about musi. Musi is a great app just you have to be older than 12 cause there is drugs,nudity and mild content. Basically you should be at least older than 12 years old. There could be some things you would not like your kids to see or watch parents! Make sure you accept the apps first before your kids download apps they don’t know parents!

- Use for all my music

I’m not usually a review person but this app is so good I’ve personally recommended it to many people I know in real life. Not only is is amazing to have a free app that allows you to play music while not in it with repeat functions and playlist options but the equalizer and ability to search lyrics directly from songs is pretty amazing. Also the small things like having words automatically capitalize the first letter when changing song titles really shows that a lot of work and thought went into this app. And with the crazy low cost to remove ads forever, not even that becomes a nuisance. Now if we could be more specific I would honestly give this app a 4.75 stars now that it’s been updated so that you can no longer listen to music offline after loading it while still on WiFi. However I do realize that having an app where you can always listen to music offline by downloading it would just take up space on my phone that I don’t have so I don’t think that would necessarily make the app better. But overall extremely solid, I recommend to anyone who likes listening to music and respects themselves.

- Real Musi is finally back

Around 6 months ago I got a new phone only to find Musi was gone from the App Store and my playlist I spent over a year on was gone. The official twitter page said not to worry as it would all be saved as soon as they got it reinstated. Meanwhile a ton of fake apps took the front pages of the store and some people even started claiming some of them were the real Musi. The official page said they would start posting once the real one came back which I just found out they did when I wanted to check every few days before my upcoming cruise so I wouldn’t get bored while out at sea. I downloaded the app again to find out my list was gone, AT FIRST! I checked the backups for codes previously saved and some were blank some were older versions I eventually found the correct one which seems to have 100% 99 if not of my missing playlist just in time for Christmas. I have it on in background as I write this review. Hopefully everyone else who was waiting to get their songs back were also able to find their saved backup codes and restore their playlist as well :)

- Ads have become too intrusive

My favorite thing about this app when I got it was the non intrusive ads coupled with a good service. They were usually a still image you could close to be able to interact with the song. For once, I didn’t mind them because I knew they supported the app and it was enjoyable. Then they started becoming longer. They wouldn’t close even if you exited out of the app. At least they didn’t get in the way of the music playing. Now, there’s one in particular (some fps war game) I have to shut down the app to get rid of because it goes on forever and it’s impossible to find the X button, I save time just shutting down the app and reopening. You click X and it opens literally another screen with the game and you have to click done and X again which sometimes doesn’t appear. Worse yet at some point it pauses my music? Even though the ad doesn’t play sound? The X button hasn’t been clear in many, and if you don’t click for the fast forward button, which didn’t appear until I tapped the screen trying to exit the ad, you’ll be waiting like 30 seconds to finally interact with the song/video playing. It’s finally getting to the point where it gets in the way of the experience of the app.

- Amazing! A few problems tho

I love the app! It’s great and I use it everyday. But there is two problems. After all the songs that I add to “play next” finish it plays a random song the. Repeats it , and repeats it countless times. It has been doing that for 4 days. I even reinstalled Musi, and it is still doing that. It even does that when their are still songs that I added to “ play next”. I’m currently listening to a song and did not put a play next and it repeated it again. Even when I keep pressing the skip button it just repeats the song. I don’t know why it is doing this. I hope this gets fixed📍. ———📍Also sometimes I enter the app and I pick a song but out of nowhere the song continues playing but the app exits itself on its own but the song still plays. —-📍also sometimes I pick a song then the screen goes blank and then it self picks another song. It also sometimes shows the songs but then won’t let me press on the bottom to see the song video and stuff that option just randomly disappears. But besides those it’s a great app. I hope this gets fixed!!

- The greatest music app in the AppStore, but only one major issue...

Overall, this music app is the best one of all. No payments needed, just a couple adds to go through, nothing less nothing more. You can download and play any songs you’d want as many as you want. It also has all types of great genres. But despite the good, there’s only one problem that I’ve encountered. For some reason, I’m guessing due to the maximum downloaded songs, I can’t play ANY of my music, including random ones in the search tab. Whenever I try to, it says ‘resource unavailable’ or error. I’ve tried backing up all of my songs multiple times with multiple codes, but the same thing happens. I’ve also tried redownloading the app, same results. This is NOT the first time this has happened, over the past years. Hopefully y’all can fix this error. I’d like to enjoy my music without such interferences. I really do trust this app with holding all of my songs, but if I can’t listen to ANY of them due to some unknown ‘resource unavailability’, then what’s the point of keeping this app.

- An amazing app just one problem :(

I don’t usually write a review because I have used this app for a very long time and I have never had a problem, I love this app so much but there is one thing that has been bothering me and I have seen other people write reviews about it too. The problem is that when I’m playing music the player on the lock screen just randomly disappears. The music still plays perfectly but now if I want to change the song or skip a part of the song or any of that, I have to open the app to do so. It’s kind of annoying and frustrating. I hope they fix this soon. One other small think is that if I have a song added to my library for a while it acts up. It’s great at first but then the song stops working and I have to find a different version of the song if I want to continue listening to it. It doesn’t seem like a big deal at first but once it happens to like 20 of your songs and you have to switch out all of them, it gets annoying. I hope they fix these two problems soon because it’s really starting to bother me :( Other than this Musi is a great app and works perfectly for me. :)

- Great app but one major bug

So I got Musi a couple months ago, and it has worked smoothly. I’m glad I got his app. There is, however, one problem that I’m starting to see. Yesterday, I had turned on some music and all of a sudden my Siri was activated. I thought nothing of it and just thought it was my phone acting up. Then it happened again. And again. And again. I didn’t think it had anything to do with the app so I just held down the power button and reset the phone. When it turned back on, I played around on some apps for about 30 minutes and the phone worked fine. Siri wasn’t activated unless I said so. Then I turned on musi again and Siri popped up again without me saying or doing anything. I then went to my settings and turned off Siri. Then when I went back on musi again, it started skipping and pausing songs without me pressing anything. And then instead of activating Siri (because it was turned off) it now activated voice control. I don’t know if this is just happening to me or other people too, but I just wanted to present this to the creators so it can be fixed before it becomes too big of a problem. Thank you.

- The best free music streaming app!

After trying so many apps even the so called “free” ones there’s still always a catch or a monthly subscription, but not with Musi! I’ve been using Musi for a while now since a friend recommended it to me, and I love it! The ads they put on the app are banners that don’t interrupt music which is SO APPRECIATED meaning even if you use the app free there is no add interruptions to your music. Also that brings up another amazing point about them Musi’s premium no ad service is a ONE TIME PAYMENT which is something I’ve never seen anywhere else. I bought it for 7$ and I recommend it if you want a cleaner UI never having to bother with an ad. Musi has every feature a premium music app would have for free which is something I really respect about them. PS: I have an idea for a feature that would make this app perfect which is being able to make offline playlists this would literally make the app perfect, but if the devs can’t do this still thank you so much for providing us with such a quality app that delivers on all it promises.

- Problem?

This app is great for listening to music at anytime. I use it now more than my other music apps since the function to search online for music makes it much more reliable to find my favorite songs and genres (My tastes are a bit obscure when it comes to music). It has the ability to make and customize playlists, and it also lets you save songs to your library so you have quick access. My only problem right now is this weird glitch I keep experiencing. At first I thought it was just my out-of-date phone, but other people have commented with the same issue in their reviews. When I’m playing a song with the phone off, it stops playing for a brief second before playing back at the spot where the song was cut off, but in lower quality audio. Then it stops playing all together, and apparently Musi has shut itself down. Reopening the app from the lock screen crashes it, and then it has the same issue when I try playing music again. Also for some reason my phone heats up along with the glitch.

- Pretty good! But a couple bugs.

Overall, this app is amazing! It’s much better then getting a iTunes card and buying music. Although recently I have been experiencing some bugs. First bug is whenever I double tap the “ pause, play “ button on my headphones, it will usually fade and play the next song, but now it’s just continues playing for three seconds then stops and plays the next song. I have no clue if that’s the new update or what, but I think it’s a bug. Second bug is whenever i play a song without opening my phone, ( then again, I double tap the pause, play button on my headphones.) and when the song plays it is very quiet, although the volume is nearly halfway to max. So I have to turn on my phone, go to the app, and then pause and play, then it would usually be back to normal. If these bugs get fixed, I’ll change the rating to five stars. Thanks! <3 Edit: It’s fixed. Thank you! I’m not sure if it was a glitch, bug, or what but, whatever.

- 1 major issue but one of the best free music apps

This app is better than most paid music apps in the AppStore and works very well, it also includes a great selection of music to choose from with great quality, that is until you lose connection to a source of WiFi. In the latest update and bug fix you can no longer listen to music offline unless you are connected to the internet which renders the app useless. Before you could load the buffer bar and the song would continue to play on repeat with or without internet connection until the song was changed and now it reloads every time the song ends making it non usable for car rides or for people who have spotty internet connections. The feature of offline play should definitely make a return to the app even if it requires a few more bug fixes every now and then. For this app to be qualified five stars it would have to add the feature back while retaining all the new features recently add until then it gets three stars. Other than this one issue the app is amazing and does what it sets out to do which is let people listen to there favorite music

- Very good app

This app has been very good to me, working extremely good for the past year that I’ve had it, but these past couple weeks I’ve had some manure problems. That app itself if working but when I go to play a song off my playlist it comes up with the same response: “musi can’t play this song because it has been restricted. Try signing into a google apps account” I have emailed the musi company who has been very nice and as helpful as possible to find a solution but we can’t seem to fix it. I’ve tried signing into google, re-downloading the app completely, and even deleting all my music and starting over but it continues to say the same thing. I have no idea what to do, I’ve tried everything. This app is absolutely amazing and is the main place I go to to save and listen to music but these past couple weeks I haven’t been able to listen to anything at all. For the most part I haven’t seen anyone els have this issue but if you have and have found a solution of maybe have an idea of what to do please let me know!!

- MTV!

Seriously awesome music app for so many reasons!!! It’s all through You Tube so that’s basically everything that’s good! It’s totally Free! Another awesome reason! You can make up as many of your own playlists as you want! When your library has over 1,000 songs like me and your upgrading to new phone, no big deal it all transfers instantly, plus with more than one device you can update from one to the other when you add more music! As you listen to your music “Musi” keeps track so if you want to play back that random music you can! Maybe some music that you recently added but can’t remember what some of it was “Musi” keeps track of that also so you can easily play them again! While playing from any of those lists you can through together a quick temporary playlist off any of those lists and even jump into your library and pick songs from there as well to add to your temporary playlist! It really doesn’t get any better than “MUSI”!!!

- Great app already but I have some ideas to make Musi the best music app on the App Store

This app is a great app for listening to music. It’s better than most music apps that you have to pay for and you pretty much can listen to music freely. But here are some ideas that can make Musi the best music app on the App Store: 1. Make a section where you can search lyrics and titles of songs. This would be perfect for when you want to search that one song that you wouldn’t remember the name of but only remember it because of the lyrics. Like if you didn’t know the name of the song Rockstar by Post Malone but knew one of the lyrics, then you could type in the lyric and the song would pop up. 2. Make a section where you pick your favorite genre of music and favorite artists and show the release date of their next song or album. This would be very convenient for people who don’t expect a new album from an artist they like. 3. Get rid of the non-music related videos off of the app. It gets very annoying when you search up something like the an artists name and then an interview shows up. 4. Make a section where you can find music based on artists you listen to. This would be cool for people who want to listen to a new artist or two. These are some ideas you could use to make Musi better. I hope you will take one of these into consideration and maybe use one of them someday. Sincerely, Content Musi user.

- Startin & Stoppin, even Restartin

I love Musi. I really do! The fact that it’s free and the fact that you guys don’t charge any kind of premium service is amazing! I commend you for all that you do to deal something like Musi out to the public. Now personally, any glitches such as the Search bar one that’s been going around or any others I probably didn’t mention or find, haven’t happened to me or at least they haven’t yet but there is this one problem where the music will either randomly pause prompting me to manually force it to continue or it will just continue to repeat the song I have selected. (I always have most of my songs on repeat but I’m saying is that it just randomly restarts the song. but the pausing is the really the main problem) I really don’t know if this is a problem with the App or with my phone but I have reinstalled Musi twice and this has happened. Honestly all I want for this beautiful music app is to work as in tended and I hope you guys can not only fix my problem but other peoples as well

- 4 stars only bc

4 stars instead of 5 because everything on this app is great, however I absolutely hate the fact that you can’t listen to the music offline:( I would totally give this app 5 stars if you could listen anywhere/anytime with and without WiFi would be totally amazing, and for free. If you change this app to where you can listen to music without WiFi anytime/anywhere and for of course free(like it is now, but I don’t want to see: listen to your music offline for only $$) ... no I just want it to be how it is now, but I want to be able to listen to music anytime/anywhere/with and without WiFi. Please!? It’s the whole reason why I’ve been on this App Store for a whole hour, just to find an app that lets you listen to music for free/anywhere/anytime/without WiFi.. if you fix this I will change my rating and review, and get as many people as possible to download this app, I’ll share it everywhere just let us be able to listen to music offline please!!?-we’re really not asking for much tbh. :)


I don't usually write reviews but I am really enjoying this app. I like that u can listen to music within the app n when u exit from it. I also like that u can select multiple playlists to add a song to. Also love that u can watch the video while it plays music. I only wish u cud full screen the video when u search it up. It allows u to full screen any video u have added onto ur playlist but not the ones u search up. U also can't pause the video either unless it's on ur playlist. Other than's bomb!!!! 😍 Edit: i just updated Musi to the 6.0.3 version and I am disappointed...I really liked and stayed for this app because it allowed you to play the music in the background or when your phone is locked. This newly updated version doesn’t allow that anymore. :(((( Edit: all is good! I just discovered the function of the sleep timer! It’s really neat! The music automatically shuts off for the time that u set it at

- Best free app you’ll find

There are a few issues that crop up every now and then that can usually be corrected with a quick shut down of the app, and with the latest update, I’m not sure how things have changed, but fingers crossed! My one issue I have that is immediate cause for concern is the fact that with the new update, it reload the songs each time the song ends. So if I lose my signal or WiFi and am not careful, it’ll be useless. Before it kept the buffed song loaded up till you switched, which was amazing for long car trips down the highway and I would absolutely love to have that feature back, even if it means a few bugs to work around. I listen to a lot of songs on repeat, sometimes for hours, and signals are spotty where I frequently am. Apart from this issue, this app is amazing and I’ve been using it for years... just never reviewed, cause I’m a terrible person. ^.^’

- Amazing except a couple things

I have been using this app for years now everything worked great until I started to use it frequently, more than I used too. I listen to music every second of my life without 5 minutes of music I can’t stand it. I was listening to music and all of a sudden it stops, it wasn’t loading it kept playing but it just stopped so I tried going back a little more to see if it worked but it didn’t so I had to restart which I didn’t really care for that one time but now it is happening all the time. Another thing that is happening is I play music but it’s 30 secs through and nothing is playing. I keep getting mad at this and I tried fixing it but nothing is working. The last thing that is happening is the volume I have it has isn’t working I have it as normal volume but it’s a quiet pitch so I have to restart it until I get the correct volume. I loved this app, but now it’s bad but it’s good I don’t dislike it but then again I do y’know?

- Wow

I never write reviews unless it's absolutely necessary, it is for this one. I Love this app so much and am upset not many of people I know have this app, I recommend it to everyone I possibly can. It's a wonderful app, you can't listen to music without wifi but for me that's fine cus I'm always at home, it's a great battery saver cus you can have your phone off while listening to music. It has so many features that you don't have to pay for and even though sometimes the lyric generator doesn't work I love it with all my heart. I would never delete this app even if I needed more space on my device. The ads if you're wondering aren't that bothersome there's only like one ad each time you start listening to something, that's not one ad per song, it's one ad per listening session from what I've seen. It's wonderful and I hope it gets more attention and people downloading it. Never change Musi! <3 :)

- A Delightful App, But One Major Issue...

This is a great music app and all, easy to use and finding new music to listen is very simple as well. I am a new user, and had been pleased with this app so far. Personally, I think this is a great app and I would recommend this app to the others who are trying to find a app where they can play their favorite music. The only problem, however, is not the ads but the fact that you can’t play music if you are not connected to a source of WiFi or to the internet. This then is a major disadvantage, since I can’t play music if I am outside and not connected to WiFi. But of course, I understand why they can’t add this function and why they won’t either in the future. Moreover, unless you are willing to use your Cellular Data, there’s really no other way to play music if not connected to WiFi (unfortunately you can’t download music as well).

- Amazing! except for one teensy weensy issue

This app is my favorite ever and super helpful for listening to music for free and creating a bunch of playlists and whatnot! However, in my recent acquisition of the new iphone 12, I have come across an issue: I can no longer play music with my phone off. I mean, technically, like I kinda still can. Whenever I have a song up and then turn off my phone, the music stops andI have to run my phone on again to unpause it and after that it works time. The issue only ever occurs the first time I open the app that day, but it is getting very annoying to have to turn my phone back on again after I specifically turned it off. Anyways, it’s not a huge deal, just more of an annoyance I would like to have fixed pretty please with a cherry on top except that i don’t even like cherries so maybe instead pretty please with a strawberry on top.

- Almost Perfect

I truly love absolutely everything about this app. The reason I’m only giving it a 3 though, is this. For the last few months, (I’m assuming there was an update that started causing this issue, because I had no problems before.) you have to turn your device off and then back on in between uses of the app, or the music won’t load. For example: if I use the app in the morning on the way to work, then try to use it again a few hours later when leaving, the song will not load (the ad loads just fine of course). Once you turn the device off and then back on, it works perfectly... until you put it down for a little bit and then try to use it again. I usually don’t post s review unless it’s wonderful, but I’m hoping this will bring attention to it, so it will be resolved. p.s. I know it’s not my phone, because it happens to everyone in my house (3 people), all using both iPhones and iPads. If they fix this issue, I will happily update my review to be a 5!

- Love it! 😔😍🤘🏾🤘🏾✨💖💖 but one thing.

I really love this app, it’s great to use for peace and drawing. It’s better than Pandora considering the fact you can’t really repeat certain songs you wish to rewind. This consists excellent service for users to play music when off the app(if you know what I mean). But there’s one error that recently occurs while playing music off the app, and it’s when sometimes the music will stop for 1 second and pitch the music to sound blurry and then pitch back to high quality sound and it just repeats continuously. It annoys me somehow because I’m trying to listen to music while I draw and it just occurs often. Or it’ll reduce the level of sound I set it up on like it’ll sound sorta quiet. I hope this mistake gets fixed up and I apologize for sounding rude. This app is very terrific and well recommended. I adore this app so much I can’t explain how much I love this app.

- Amazing app

I use this app all the time. I usually don’t do reviews on apps but this one is so good and I’ve recommended it to so many of my friends. I love listening to music. I can’t do anything without my headphones or speaker next to me on. It’s an amazing app because it’s free, easy to use, and you can put things into your own personal playlists and things like that. I love that it’s free because I couldn’t find a music app that was good and was free. Until I found this app. I use it everyday. It’s also amazing that an ad will only come up after you turn on your music, but the ad is muted, so unless your watching the music video along with listening, you won’t have any issues with your music being stopped. I love this app and I think it’s amazing and super easy to use. Thank you for making this app. Definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about getting the app.

- I like this app but...

I like this app and I have only had it for a day now and there is one glitch THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED for some reason when ever I go on an app like Roblox the music still plays until I join a game on Roblox but that’s not the problem. I’m an artist so like other artists I look at pictures for inspiration and sometimes I edit the photo in the photo app before drawing on it if I really like the photo but when I’m listening to music on this app when I go to a photo and select edit I will be on the app for about 1 second before it kicks me off and it’s not just that app it’s all most all the apps I have that will do this and when I’m not listening to music on the app they work perfectly fine!! And I can’t use any other app that lets me listen to music and play games on my iPad because this is the only one that FrEe So YeA I’m MaD aNd ThIs NeEdS To Be FiXeD!!!!!! aLsO I’m NoT aSkInG yOu To FiX iT iM deleting tHiS aPp If It DoEs NoT gEt FiXeD sO fix it pls!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Great App But...

I've got to say, this app is hands down really awesome! I love the fact that you can turn off your screen and still stream your favorite songs. However, there seems to be a bug with it. For some reason, when I try to click my search now, the app just crashes. I don't understand why it's doing that, but the same thing seemed to happen with a previous app I had called Trending. Maybe it's just my phone? I don't know, but my phone IS brand new and I doubt that it is my phones fault, but rather the app. ((EDIT!!)) I FOUND OUT HOW TO FIX IT!! All you have to do is go to settings, advanced, clear the cache data and then, at the very top is a click that says "Reinitialize Streaming Settings." click it, and it should pop up saying done, then close the app. Go back into the app and it worked! Hopefully it works for others! Great app 😄

- This is by far my favorite app for music

Update: I LOVE LOVE THIS APP!! When I lost my phone the first thing I missed was this app. It’s dependable, usually easy to find the songs. I would recommend this if you love having your own playlists also listening to music that is similar to songs you like. They have a feature like soundcloud to search for a specific song and then it plays all the songs that are similar in genre or the time it was released. It is very cool because it introduces you to songs that you haven’t heard before or even forgotten about. Cons: It overplays some songs when using the search and listen feature, doesn’t play all the songs, sometimes it plays the song with no sound and you have to press rewind for the sound to play, and sure does KILLS your battery fast. But i love it and I continue to use it for music.

- Why did this start happening

Ok this is my favorite app when it comes to music but then it stop working and I don’t know why I had over 1,000 songs on my my playlists and all of them stop working it keep saying an unknown error occurred (leg-1). So I thought it was just my phone acting dumb so I shut my phone off and turned it back on and still it didn’t work then I thought maybe if I deleted the app and download it back everything would go back to normal. When I went back on the app all of my music gone and I mean all of it so I tried putting all my music back on my library and it still saying it’s an error and it’s not working this is very aggravating that this keeps happening and this is my favorite app I will hate to say that another music app just went down the drain for me 🤦🏽‍♀️. Can anyone help me I really want to listen to my music and add everything back on my playlist

- Best Free Music App

This is hands down the best app for music that is 100 PERCENT FREE. There are no hidden charges or subscriptions, and it plays when the app is closed just like other, paid apps. You can listen to any song that was ever made, even obscure ones. The volume is great and you can create an unlimited number of playlists and name them. You can search songs, add them to your music library and/or as many other playlists as you want. The only thing is that you can’t remove songs from your music library, and that’s not a big deal at all. You can still edit the songs and names of playlists. There are also very few adds, and they only appear on screen in the app, which means that the music is entirely uninterrupted. It’s a wonderful app, and I’m so glad I get to use it! Thank you for keeping it free and with few crashes!

- Really...

When I first got this app it was perfect. I got to listen to any song without any ads or having to pay. Now for some reason I get bombarded with ads, like for instance a war ad. I get the same call of duty ad every time and it gets stuck on my screen and it freezes my phone. So now I have to close the app and then open it again to play my music. That’s not the biggest issue. My main issue now is that when I try to play music and I turn off my phone and listen to it it pauses my music. Then when I go back into the app to press play it doesn’t work my music will not play at all. I try to reset the app turn on and off my Wi-Fi and it still doesn’t work so right now I cannot play music at all. I also noticed that if I try to select a song like without clicking shuffle, it doesn’t let me play that song I have to click shuffle and then skip through the songs to find the song that I want to play. Please fix this.


This app. I’ve used it for 2 years, and I’ve loved using it every day. I’ve only ever had one issue with it (sometimes the audio would get really quiet switching between songs), but it seems to have been fixed. The ads never interrupt my music, the equalizer is fun to tamper with to get the full experience out of my music, and the app is super easy to use. This app is perfect in every conceivable way. I would donate to the developers if there was a feature for that. The one suggestion that I have for the app as a potential add-on, is the ability to download songs to listen offline. I’ve tried a couple apps with that feature, and they work, but Musi is just better in terms of music selection/ease of use. I love this app, I’ve used it every day for 2 years and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you.

- Read 👇👇

Love this app. Free music and not confusing at all. Haven’t had many issues at all. If you are a person without cellular data then this app will not work offline. But otherwise it’s great. Recently though when I click shuffle on a playlist it will say sorry cannot play ___. And skip through all the song on my playlist until it just stops. I can’t play any playlist and usually this only happens if I am connected to weak WiFi like at school. But I am at home and the WiFi is fine. I have refreshed and may power off my phone. Now usually when this happens at school I turn off my WiFi and use cellular data but even that didn’t work, and I’m at home so it’s should be working. This is the only issue I’ve had so far, and it’s never happened before. Overall great app! Just a little confused at what’s going on

- Best Music App Around Wish It Had One More Thing Though

This is app is amazing the ability to listen to music with no audible ads is something I never knew I needed. It really ups the amount I enjoy my music. Its also amazing as you can create and customize playlists easily. The only annoying bit is that when it comes to adding whole albums into a playlist instead of being able to just find a playlist with all the songs and then adding them all at once you have to do each, one by one, which is a much slower process then it really needs to be. It makes me not want to make more playlists if I have to add 100 songs into one playlist one by one when I could just be adding them in big groups which speeds up the process. I really hope a feature like this is added in the future.

- It’s Great! But....

I personally love the Musi App because it’s an easy access music app that’s FREE! However, some downsides to the app is that playing offline is kind of hard. Also, It doesn’t introduce you to new artists and songs like many other apps offer. There should be an option to create a station based off the music I listen to that could introduce me to new artists. Another thing is there are a lot of skips on the app or tracks being “dismissed” because the song won’t load even though I’m in an area with a connection that’s perfectly fine. It’s pretty hard to play music offline and while my phone is locked I can’t change my song from the home screen like other apps which is really inconvenient. Another thing is that songs will stop playing and won’t start back up where I left off if I decide to watch a video on social media. Overall it’s a great app. Minor adjustments could be made to make it even better!

- Use daily for music in the background [request included]

This app is awesome, and I appreciate the pitch black dark mode. I've been using the app (free version) for a couple of years now and upgraded to the ad-free premium version a few months back. If you use the app as much I do, I highly recommend paying the $5.99 one-time fee to remove ads forever. I do have one request for the developers, though. Since upgrading to iOS 14, playback now pauses when the phone is manually locked. On previous versions of iOS, it would continue playing through after locking the phone... but now it pauses and requires tapping the play button from the lock-screen in order to continue playback. Is it possible to fix this on your end, or is it an issue that Apple needs to resolve in a future iOS update?

- This is amazing!!!! I love this app so much!

Ok can I start by saying I’ve never written a review ever. I just have to say this. It’s too important. I was looking for an app that could play music off screen and on when I’m on other apps. This works. All other apps I downloaded were either trash or they didn’t do what I was looking for without making me pay or scamming me. This app is an honest, amazing app. I’m so happy and satisfied. If I could rate this more I would rate the maximum. I can’t see anything wrong with it. The adds aren’t really too annoying and don’t bother me. I’m not sure how this app exists and I feel almost like I’m scamming someone else because it’s too perfect. I love it way more than I should, but it’s just amazing! Don’t let me tell you though. Try it and try to tell me I’m wrong. You can’t say it isn’t amazing.

- Only 1 flaw

This is hands-down, The best app to stream music, because you can turn off the device and still be able to listen to the music. So the one flaw is sometimes if you are listening with earbuds if you double click on the volume button thing it won’t always skip, and if you click it three times it won’t always go back and if you click it once it won’t always pause because that’s just one of the flaws that I highly dislike, I think that happened because if you turn on your device it will usually show a box with the song you’re playing and pause skip and go back buttons, But if that box is not there you have to sometimes clear your device of apps by double clicking on Home button and clear the app Musi and then re go into the app and play the song again, I highly dislike this flaw

- Pretty Good!

I’m an artist and I got an iPad so I could draw with a better surface and use programs I couldn’t before. An obstacle I faced was listening to music, which is quite difficult since you have to pay for everything on iTunes! But my friend recommend this app, and when I opened it, everything was set up for me! I love the simple surface, everything was easy to manage and control! I could find all my favorite songs, create playlists, and play my music while I draw on another app, or animate! Please give this app a chance, it’s sleek, easy, and extremely fun to use, honestly a huge time saver from having to hunt down another app that can’t do this job as well as Musi! So far, no flaws! Great interface, and again, Musi is pretty worth it! (Yes, there are adds, but they are short, sweet and aren’t much of a hassle ^^)

- This is a great app!!

This is a great music app and I’ve literally recommended it to ALL of my friends and family members because of how great this app is! Even though I love this app, there’s some sort of glitch that happens to me. This might be on my part for this glitch, but when I want to change the song by using the thing above the Notification Center, my music doesn’t show up. To make it work, sometimes I have to take Musi off my tabs and then go back into the app and play my music again. It’s really inconvenient when this happens to me and I’m playing some sort of multiplayer game and want to change the music, but it might be my fault on my part! Even though I’ve experienced this bug, I don’t mind it much! I still love this app and plan to use it for everything music related!! ❤️💗💗💕

- Confused as to what’s going on

I’ve had this app for a really long time and I really love it. However, within the past 2 months there has been some problems. When I choose a song, it’ll just switch to a different one. Every single time. My songs also keep pausing which is very frustrating because I wanted to save battery and have my phone turned off while I workout. I thought maybe it was my internet connection, but it isn’t. I also thought that maybe my headphones were old and glitching so I bought new ones, but the pausing problem has continued. It’s extremely annoying to be working out and have my music stop every 5 seconds. Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem or if it’s something on my end.

- ...

So i got this app and it was delightful! You can even save videos! I even have a playlist thats not even music! Just videos. But there is a big problem! Sometimes the app won’t let me turn on my phone! I press home and the on button over and over! But it doesn’t let me turn on my phone! It only does this with this app. And when an ad pops up! The video stops! And the screen for the video goes black! The music still plays. But sometimes i like to watch my music videos or read the lyrics! But I cannot do that any more! And every once in a while! It’ll rearrange all of my songs! I had my songs in a nice oder of which I enjoyed that oder! But now it’s all screwed up! I love this app! And use it everyday! But I’m getting annoyed by these problems! Please fix these bugs! And if these problems are only happening on my phone. Which is an iphone 6 or 7 then i will have to find a new app!

- My back bone

I am so grateful this app exist in the first place. With me being to cheap to buy Apple Music I could really depend and rely on this app. Though it has changed a bit in appearance sense the first time I got it; the app remains affective. There are add walls but that’s absolutely fine because it doesn’t prohibit your music experience. You can use this app without staying on the app. This feature is really handy because it gives the user freedom. All the freedom we get from this app makes us want to promote it to out friends. I can assure you that’s why I told my friends to download. To wrap this all up, this is a really good app. The app is high functioning as well as a great way to stream all sorts of Music that wouldn’t have been available on other streaming services.

- Why??

This app game me many troubles. I had Musi on my iPhone 7. This has to do with the app, because after I deleted it, it stopped. But one day I was listening to American Money by BØRNS through my headphones, and all of the sudden I hear a beeping noise, like a smoke alarm. I unplugged my headphones and heard it then too. My mother was with me. It stopped after about a minute. But again, when I was at home, the same thing happened four more times and I deleted it after that, Incase it would expose my device to hacking systems and hackers. I have had Musi for a while, and I was very glad I did. It had worked well for the first year, but now, this week on Friday January 19th, I have changed my mind. Until this app gets better reviews, I will be sure to never use this app again. Ever.

- Its a good app but..

I have this app for a couple of years now and the first time I bought this app everything was working well for these past years..but when weeks went past I then wanted to listen to a song and when I went on the app everything was alright..when I played my music it was working..-. And when I pressed my home button I expected that the music would keep playing just like those couple years ago..but it didn't..? I was so confused so I played the music again and closed my phone cause I thought it would work..but apparently it didn't ?! So can you please fix this problem I don't know if it's because of my phone or something..but can u do ur best cause this app is incredible cause it's a shame a little glitch can make the app bad ..thanks for reading my review❤️🌹

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- Mr Mr

Being able to play music in the background is the best feature, I don’t expect it to work offline either. The Banner ads don’t really bother me and neither do the Native ads, I’m yet to come across any other ads like Interstitial etc, so at this stage I can’t really fault this music app. Edit: Not sure why the other ads didn’t show after listening to so many songs over a couple of days but now there are too many ads all of a sudden?!?!?!?!

- High Data Usage

This app is good. Ads don’t interrupt the listening experience, which is great. Data using when not on wifi seems very high and, from what I can tell, the app seems to load the whole song as soon as it is selected. This means that if I’m skipping through songs in a playlist, it still uses around 10~20 megabytes per song I skip. Even without that issue, data use is still quite high, so I think an audio only mode would be a great feature, if it is possible.

- My favourite app to use now!!

This app is way better than the last app that I used to listen to music, I don’t mind if it doesn’t play offline but the only thing I do mind is you have to keep playing the music everyday without it being cached which kinds of annoys me but I’m use to it. Overall I think this app is amazing because it has all the types of genres and artists that I enjoy listening too.

- Absolutely amazing but...

This app has basically saved my life. I can listen to all my favourite songs and covers of songs. I love how it lets you make playlists and what song is up next. The only thing I dislike about it is that you have to be online to play the music. Overall this app is incredible and I strongly recommend it!

- Hi

Hello, this really, really, really needs to become an offline app too! So far it’s been awesome, I can play millions of songs and it makes me so happy but my family always goes out camping and whenever I want to play my music out in the outback, I can’t because there’s NO reception whatsoever! So please let us download and listen offline too, please! I’m begging you! I absolutely hate listening to CDs replay over and over again!

- Update suggestion

I love this app. It allows me to play free music for as long as I want. But I have a suggestion that would take this app to the next level. It would be better if you could play music offline. I am constantly going out and I need an app that will work offline and without data. But overall this app is amazing! 👍

- So Good! But needs 1 thing...

This app is a miracle! But I want to do a update by making it play when your object has ran out of charge. If you can’t do that it’s fine but I’ll be very pleased if you do. I don’t even know if it’s possible. Lol. But without that message it’s great! I haven’t seen any bugs lately. I’m listening to my fav song while writing this.

- Musi

After searching & trying EVERYTHING on the App Store to attempt to replace playtube, I FINALLY come across this fantastic app, have not stopped listening to my favourite songs, since I’ve downloaded it- never thought I’d say it, but it’s actually better than anything else out there. Love it!! Please don’t change anything!! Highly recommend.

- Amazing, but...

I love how you can download any type of music/videos your interested in, you can still play your music while on a different app or phones off. Sad part of it is you can't play your music offline. Needs to upgrade into a offline music app and heaps of people will download it in seconds as apple devices are in need of a music app because who wants to pay for music?

- Amazing!!!!

I’ve had this app for a year now and I use it constantly. I was having trouble finding an app where you can turn your phone off and still have music playing. With this app I don’t need to worry about that. I really recommend it!!!

- Cant play offline

Would’ve given this a 5 star app because it plays in the background, it doesn’t glitch it had zero problems and then I saw that you couldn’t play music offline, it’s something obvious that people want music to be played offline, what’s the point of doing a lusic app if you don’t do that? You don’t seem to be responding to reviews anyway so I’ll give a three star for your lack of listening to feedbacks

- Musi

A very useful app that I finding myself using a lot, but come the most recent update I can’t play videos from it in the background of other things, which is part of the reason why I got it. Can this be fixed?

- Great app but....

I love this app, it’s basically like Apple Music or ITunes but free! You can play when your phone is off or your doing something else on you phone, but the problem is that you can’t play it while your offline, I hope this app will update so the app can become offline as well, but others wise all good

- Best online music listening app..

Beat app ever to listen to the online music and the best of all is it doesn’t play any ads in the middle of the video even though sometimes it plays ad the ad is silent so I live this app than others there are.....

- The BEST music app

This is probably my favourite and most-used app. It’s excellent and very glitch-free, and the ads are never intrusive to the point of being annoying. Hands down one of the best and most useful apps for listening to music out there.

- Musi

This app is heaven because as a student I like to listen to music while studying and keep concentrated only thing maybe offer online service as well. But other than that this app is legendary.

- Amazing!

This app is my favourite to listen to music but I just want one thing. It would be awesome if it played music offline as I am constantly worried about using too much data when listening. This would take the app to the next level! Anyways, this app is amazing!

- Explicit Adverts?

So I was boppin off to some Juice WRLD and Tee Grizzley, when I decided to make a playlist of those two artists. Seconds later I scrolled across to the playlist section, only to find an advert for prostitution? Come on man. I’m no parent or anything but that’s unacceptable

- One Issue

Love this app, however recently the control panel has started to disappear when I lock my phone. It never used to do that and now I have to unlock my phone and enter the app in order to change the song. Please fix! Otherwise it’s a great app.

- Don’t need to pay

This app is so amazing because you don’t need to pay anything it is just like all of the high priced music apps but for free I highly recommend this amazing app to others 10/10

- errors

The app is overall good but sometimes the music just stops playing, and some times it says there is an SSL error, so then I always have to resort back to reintialize the settings.

- Offline Mode??

The app works perfectly and I like how the music selection isn’t limited like other apps My only issue is that I downloaded the app in the hopes to use it offline, however that is not possible. If an offline feature could be added it would be very much appreciated Thankyou

- It works great

This app works great, but it would be great if you could update this app for us to able to listen to music without internet because I’m always out and I can’t keep using my data. Could please at least update this app were the songs could be cached so all the users can play music with out wifi or data usage, thanks a million ☺️👌🏼

- Update needed ASAP

Hey, so I have had this app for a couple of months now and I have really enjoyed how easy and accessible it is to use. However, as of recently every time I try to open the app, it crashes. It would be of great appreciation if this problem would be fixed as I really don’t want to go to the trouble of finding another decent music app. Thanks 😀

- Not good !!

It was good at the start but after a few days it was rlly bad. Like the song plays for bout a minute then stops and will skip to another song. U also need data or wifi. The songs ALWAYS pause and then when u try to play it again it will skip the song and do the same for the next song!!! Personally I don’t think it’s a good app!

- Latest update problem

The latest update keeps crashing after being on the app for about 5 seconds and Im kinda mad, still love this app tho

- Only one flaw

This is an amazing app definitely would and have recommended but the only thing that would make it perfect is to have an option to only stream mp3 so it does use much data

- Musi

It is an amazing app if you don’t want to pay for music, But after the latest update, it will not play unless the app is open. Does anyone know how to fix this?

- Offline

I just wish there was a offline bit where I could still listen to the songs without data or wifi, other than that I really like this app.

- Music always stopping

The app keeps stopping my music mid way or just after one song which is annoying especially when I’m trying to sleep (I’m the type of guy who likes to sleep with music on) i just hate that silence after the app stops working properly

- It is amazing

It is amazing and it has all the songs that anyone can be looking for but sometimes It can lag on certain songs

- New bug - ad audio

In the latest version(s) the ad music plays audio with no way to turn it off. I just had to force quit the app because the audio wouldn't stop even once the ad was no longer on the screen. Wifi connection, iPhone 7. Latest iOS. Otherwise, this is a 4-5 star app!

- A Small Issue but overall, Great!

Excellent app! but there's a small issue, whenever I exit the app the music stops and when I swipe up to see my menu it says no music is playing. Any tips or advice to fix this?

- XD

I love this app, however I think it’ll be perfect if we get to change the cover of each playlist picture or the songs

- This app is amazing

I’d always wanted to Listen to music out of the app but all the things I found you’d have to pay for but then I found this

- Crashing

I’ve been using this app for over a year now and it has been working perfectly, and I love it. I’ve used it on both iPhone 4 and successfully transferred it to my new iPhone 6 But just recently after staying on the app for more the 30 seconds (whether it was on a song or just in a playlist) it would crash and kick me out of the app. I’ve tried restarting my phone (which didn’t work) and also deleting the app and reinstalling it which still didn’t work. Please fix this

- Lachlan Wykes

You should make an offline feature on your app so that u can listen to Music while your driving through remote areas like central west nsw and the Northern Territory

- Great Quality and Free

Look no more, you have found it. Endless choice high quality free music. Easy to use. Needs a casting option.

- Need wifi or data

Please please please I am begging you make it so we can listen to songs offline this app is already so good please.

- Only missing one thing please add this!

The only thing it’s missing for me is the overall time of all my songs put together when looking at my playlists

- Error

I loved this app. But for some reason everytime i try to play a song it says "an unknown error occured musi isnt able to play this song it doesnt looks like this song is avilable" please fix this

- Actually works

Out of five others this one actually works

- Pretty good

Not quite as polished as it could be. However I bought the premium version because I reckon it was worth the $6.

- Music

It would be good if there was no internet you could still listen to it

- So happy I downloaded this app

This is an awesome app, love it. Only wish I could play my music offline but over all I’m really happy it has all the old school sounds I love.

- Crashing after update

I just updated the app and now I can’t stay in without it crashing on me. It will only stay open for 10-25 seconds before crashing. NEVER happened until it updated, and literally the ONLY problem I’ve ever had with it.

- Brilliant

An awesomely designed, awesomely functional free music app which does everything I need. Responsive and extremely helpful dev too. Thanks!

- Awesome app! But...

I loved using this app. But I’m quite sad I couldn’t listen to the music offline. If this update could be added I’d happily give cash for the app

- Why is didn’t give a 5 star..

So Yes u might be wondering why.. You must be thinking why well this used to be MY best app but now their is a glitch when I try to change my music probably like in 1 minute on the pad where u can stop the music or change it the music is gone I can’t change it I really want to be fixed :( Please My favourite music app has a glitch To Musi Owner

- Beautiful But

I love this app But can you make it able to play offline? I’d be really happy Giving it a 5 star rating tho

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- Amazing App

I never write app reviews... ever. This app deserves one. I've been using this app since I saw the boys on Dragons Den. It just gets better and better. The ads can be annoying but it's still less ads than YouTube itself and don't forget, the app is free!


Bro... I’m not one to write reviews like every but this app deserves 100000 stars.DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD. Trust, when this app went down It uninstalled from my phone because of StOraGe so now that it’s back, woah. I’m so fucgen Happy, as I said.. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

- Eh

Can't even listen to music when I am not using wifi or data.

- Great

Great app. Works every time and I can create my playlist quite easily. Luv it !

- Too many ads

Shame on the app creators. Ads when you search for a video is an obvious attempt to make more money. I get ads before you play a clip but even when just searching for a video produces ads, it’s gone too far. Musi deserve negative stars

- MP3

Hate it, it doesn't work without internet

- It’s good.

It’s a good app. I’ve had it for a long time now . Works good, but now there is a bug since the update that when I close the app the controls don’t show up on the lock screen and it won’t let me skip songs unless I open the app. Please fix this. I use this everyday.

- It’s the best

This is the best music app ever❤️❤️❤️

- Trash.

I loved the app, it was working the other days and this morning but now every time that I try to listen to one of the music I put in my playlist it says ; "Error with track "/x\". Musi wasn't able to play this track : An unknown error occurred. It doesn't look like this track is available." It says this to! Even if I put it on shuffle. I used to really like this app, even if we can't listen to the songs offline. The most important for me was to play them in the background or when my screen's close. Fix this.

- What happened?

Used to be able to switch apps and lock iPhone. Now the music stops when I try either?

- disappointed

i loved this app but all of a sudden it doesn’t work. When i click on a song an error pops up. it won’t let me listen to anything and i’m disappointed

- I would like to use this app without wifi

Try to make this usable without wifi

- It’s a great app

I love this app but the only thing that I wish could change is that I need to have internet or data to listen to music.

- 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The best. I use it everyday. Thank you so much for this wonderful app. Blessing~

- It Used To Be Great

Used to be great !! Since the last UPGRADE IT SUCKS !!! Ads jumping out at you all over !! Can’t even access the playlist I’m listening to anymore. Thanks for totally wrecking a once great app developers 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Great app

I’d recommend this over SoundCloud for sure yo

- New!

No problems so far I love it! Only downside for me is I cant like songs and I have to make the playlist manually other than that its AWESOME! Definitely recommend :)

- YouTube login fail

I logged in with YouTube to have my playlist but they don’t appear at all

- Please Help

It keeps telling me it wasn’t able to play because of my wifi network and it’s says I can do 2 things to fix it 1. Login to YouTube and 2 change my network I did them both but it says the same thing please help.

- Won’t let me play music

I’ve been using this app for years now and this is the first time it’s done this. It keeps saying error every time I try to play a song in my playlist or in general. I already tried logging in to my YouTube and my wifi works perfectly fine so I don’t know what’s going on. I delete and downloaded the app again and it still doesn’t work. I’m assuming this must be a bug so can you guys please fix this, thanks!

- People complaining for no reason

these kids don’t know what they’re talking about like what are they talking about “sO bAd So mAnY aDs” like I never get ads and the app is great

- The Best.

Yall complains about the ads, but they dont complain how hard they published this app. Please don't complain. I really love this app. You can even equalizer the music, better than spotify!

- epic

i love this app i just wish i could see my top listened to artists & songs at the end of the year

- Trash

This app used to be so good, now it just keeps crashing. Please fix it!

- Too many bugs

The music stops most of the times... please fix this issue asap

- Perfect

I love that you can listen to youtube videos without needing to be on the app, just like a podcast! Great for reducing screen time. Please never get rid of this lol

- I love this app

Thanks for being a great app

- Great!

Great resource to stream music for free and unlike YouTube the music keeps playing when you’re on another tab.


great 10/10. would recommend to my friends.

- New patch

Nothing is working anymore

- Ads

Effin ads

- Limited songs

not adding more songs from youtube after 96 songs pls fix

- Fix please

When I want to add more songs and I past my link from YouTube it doesn’t put the whole playlist

- Too many ads

I used to love this app but now I get one ad between every song when I tap I new song and the ads are too long. It makes it slow glitchy and decreases the quality. I also wish this would allow for music downloads in a future update.

- Annoying

Fix the issue when you turn off ur phone the music pauses and you have to click play again

- Awesome app!

I use this program all the time. It’s so convenient

- It should be of line

U should be able to listen of line

- Trust me, if you need to listen to anything on YouTube, use this app!

This is the best app I’ve ever used, (honestly, I only ever downloaded one app) it’s so smooth and professional. The more of us that use the app, the longer the app can provide it’s services. That’s why I’m writing this review.

- Great App

Easy to use, allows for playlists, sleep timers, ads aren’t annoying...

- This is the only free app that is for real ...

great app highly recommended able to download my favorite music. only free app no catch at all .

- It kills my battery

I play music for when i want to asleep but when I wake up in the morning my phone battery is either dead or my phone is really hot otherwise the app it really good



- Music app

Wide variety of music than any other app I’ve used.

- Amazing app!

This is absolutely fantastic if you have unlimited data. There is no pesky shuffle play that other apps may have and you need premium to disable it and play any song you’d like, yeah I’m staring at you Spotify.

- Love it

Love it but the ads tho but it doesn’t matter still love it

- Good

It’s good but please add offline music too

- Sucks

Do not download, you can’t even listen to your music without having to NEED wifi/internet connection. 🙄

- It’s amazing

Omg it even has the most underrated songs 😭😭😭 I love it so muchhhhhh it’s even better than the world famous Spotify! Thank you so much

- Best app ever

Like they have everything!! It’s amazing

- Very useful

Useful when it’s not glitching ha. But very simple and efficient, the search engine is simple so make sure to search very specifically for your videos you want to listen to in the background.

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- My #1 most-used app by a landslide (and that count includes internet browsers and social media)

I very often need to listen to music and other audio for anxiety management. When MusicTube, the app I used to use, went kaput, I thought my workflow would collapse. I'd tried every other player I could find, but Musi was the only one that fit my needs, and it does a fantastic job at it. Straightforward, practical, versatile... If I had ANY complaints at all, it would be the battery drain it causes. But really, that's a minor nitpick. There is one feature I would like to see in Musi that it doesn't currently have—access to YT's speed changer, as some songs have a completely different feel when played at other speeds. That would be an extra, though.

- Great for music

I don’t usually do reviews but I am this time. This is perfect for playing music while in my shop. The ads don’t interfere at all. They play in the background with no sound. The fact that I don’t have to stop to hit play again is great. Customization of playlists are great. The only room for improvement that I could see is that if someone is using it to watch videos, have an option on how you want the ads to run. How it is currently, is perfect for me. I’m not sure why someone would use this app for videos but I’m sure there is. Realistically this is a 5 star review. The only reason why it’s 4 is because the only room for improvement is an option on the ads. Hell, I even click the ads sometimes. It doesn’t pertain to me but for a good app that doesn’t interrupt, I’ll click.

- No one can top Musi

Musi is such a great music app.👏👏 I’ve been using it for a few years now and I absolutely love it.❤️You get all the music you want without the ads being annoying and interrupting your music for free. The ads only play when you watch song videos. What more can you ask for? OH! maybe a full blown equalizer adjuster that the developers added just because fans asked for it.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ These people that developed this app are phenomenal.👍👍They truly deserve more recognition. The one thing that I would ask for is for the developers to add more playlists on the app and more diverse genres on the front page rather than Hip Hop. Other than that I this is a great app. I recommend this app to people all the time. 10/10 best music app ever.

- Best music streaming app out there

This app is by far the best streaming app out there. It allows you to make playlists with any songs available, the method of transferring songs to another device is flawless, and you can turn off the phone or leave the app with the music still playing. For a free app, this is incredible. I’m seriously considering the in-app purchase of $3.99, just the for sake of donating (plus it takes away ads that very-rarely show up). Additionally, the creators of this app are 100% aware of app feedback and suggestions sent their way. When feedback is sent, they are quick to respond (from experience). This app totally deserves 5 stars. Consider getting it. It will be worth your time (and money) if you so choose.

- A long journey...

Early of last year, I began using my brothers old iPhone 6. Obviously I needed a music app. I downloaded this was happy with it. It had all the songs I wanted to listen to completely free. September of 2019, I got my own iPhone 7 plus... I was downloading apps but couldn’t find Musi.. I was pretty sad knowing that this was the app for me and I settled for Trending... Trending made me mad on several occasions. I couldn’t listen to music without it pausing in the middle for some unknown reason... Last night, I decided to test my luck... I came on the app store looking for Musi one last time... And I found it... I was so quick to download it and list all of my favorites in the app so I could listen asap... This all really made me happy. I mean I am so grateful for this app.

- Really Annoyed With These Updates

Seriously I love this App but every freaking time an update comes around it just ruins it. I’ll try and play a video that I’ve added to my library and I’ll get an error message. I search for the same video, find it and now it magically works. Even through it’s the same exact video, same uploader, SAME VIDEO!Now with this latest update it did something wonky to the dark mode. If I leave the app and come back my dark mode is cut off. If I do it again it cuts back on and it’s been doing it every single time. Also I can’t even find the dark mode in my settings now. This is annoying and I’m not understanding what bugs are being fixed. These updates are causing the problems.

- Great app one flaw

This app works perfectly. Not really any glitches up until recently. I started making new playlists and finally added alot of music to one. I started playing music in my car and all of sudden certain songs wont play. It will show that its loading but wont play. When i skip to the next song it starts playing and fades for a quick second to start loading the next song. I checked to make sure the video was still available elsewhere. And they all were. Now i have some songs working but they wont play unless i leave the app and return. Kind of a weird thing to have to do. But not sure if it works 100% with other songs or every time. Other than that the functions worked great. Going to keep trying in hopes to not losing my playlist.

- One of the greatest apps out there

I love this app so much! It is perfect for music listeners like me who need a good, solid app to listen to any music any day. It has worked just fine for me for months, but up until a couple weeks ago things started to get weird. Whenever I would try to hit the play button on my earbuds, instead of playing the music I have on Musi, it would instead play the music I have purchased on iTunes. Not the biggest deal, but it happens very often. Whenever I go to the control center, it rarely shows what’s playing on Musi and just looks like nothing is playing at all. If there is some solution to this, I would love to know. Otherwise, this app is amazing and I have recommended it to dozens of friends and they have all had the same good experience as I have.

- 2nd Review

This is my second time giving a review. Before it was 5STARS but now it has dropped down to TWO! I lovED this app so much before that I recommend it to other people but... it’s been few months now that it doesn’t work quiet well. I CANNOT listen to the songs WITHOUT WIFI now so basically it’s come to being useless... (before it would let me play the songs without wifi and I enjoyed it so much!). I WISH I CAN LISTEN TO IT WITHOUT WIFI!!! Stuck on if I should delete the app or not— I mean, it still works with GOOD connection but I want to play it while I drive... which has become impossible now. And also some of the musics I’ve added to my library cant be played (idk the reason) it shows up in the screen after the last song is played but quickly jumps to other song. I tried deleting and resaving them couple of times for it to work. But it hasn’t been solved properly yet. It’s annoying—

- Been using Musi for 5 Years

I have been using this app for many years as my only music option, so I have seen Musi before it was a near perfect 5 stars. There once were many bugs that annoyed me, but it has come so far. The Musi team has done so much to perfect their app. I have recommended it to my friends and family because of this. Best app on my phone! Edit: FIXED! Perfect app now However, there are still a few bugs. One is when I leave the app for a while after pressing pause on song, it will automatically close the whole app. This ruins my shuffle I’m currently on, and when I reopen the app I will have to reshuffle my playlist. This makes me listen to songs I I’ve already heard in the previous shuffle.

- Pretty Good

I just started using the app and I hate to be making a somewhat negative review, but there is a glitch or something I’ve been having with the app. I can listen to a few songs then the app just stops, I’ll be halfway through a song then it’ll just stop and when I open my phone the app has been closed. I thought it would be a one time thing but it happened over and over again within ten minutes. I came to the review section to see if anyone else was having this problem but I haven’t seen anyone else saying that they’re experiencing this. Although this is a minor problem it needs to be fixed because there might be a lot of people having this problem that haven’t said anything. Fixing this would make the app even better.

- I’m glad that this app is back but it’s a bit different.

Don’t get me wrong this app is still my favorite but I won’t be able to do stuff like I did with the older version. In the old version of the I was able to add entire playlists with over 4000 songs to the library in one go. When I found of the app was back I was exciting about rebuilding my old library but the problem is that the app can’t scroll past more than 100 songs to on a playlist or add more than 100 songs from a playlist to the library. I hoping that this is some kind of bug that could be fix if not than I don’t mind doing the tedious work of adding my favorite songs one at time but I don’t have that much free time.

- Great But Please Fix This Bug

Ever since the updates, Musi hasn’t been the same. Now my music stops out of nowhere. When I try to resume it, the music plays for a few seconds then stops again. And also, there is just too much glitching going on with the equalizer. It will switch back to default then back to my settings. This continues everyday with the app. Now I’m looking for an alternate app because Musi is starting to break down in an annoying way. I would give this app 5 stars but whatever you guys did is making it go down to 3 stars at this point. Please fix your apps bugs. Meanwhile, I’m likely to uninstall this app until the glitching and stuff is fixed. I’ve already tried reinstalling several times, that does not work. And it’s surely not my phone either because this phone is new. So yeah, might wanna check on that.

- Great app! Having trouble with switching dogs from lock screen

While an amazing app, I am having some problems. To save battery, I usually have the app playing in the background with the phone on sleep mode, and if I want to skip or pause a song, I can usually just do so from the lock screen. However, and this has been happening since the last update, after a minute or so of listening, the option to do so disappears, and when I look at my lock screen, there is no indication of any music playing, and if I hit pause or play from the menu section, it stops the app and instead plays my music from the music application instead. Not sure why it is doing this, hopefully the next update can fix this! Still, great app, just a bit of an inconvenience.

- Great app, no problems

I love this app so much. I’ve been using it for about 4 years now. And I’ve tried other music apps and no app comes close to this one. Other apps 9/10 want you to pay a subscription. This one is completely free unless you want to remove ads. And it is a one time pay and that’s it. I’ve had numerous phones that I had to transfer 500+ songs and Musi makes this so easy. I love the user friendly software in the app also. And if there ever is an issue 10/10 times there’s already an update out that fixes it and it doesn’t take much storage or long to download. You’ll be back listening to uninterrupted music in a minute or less. Great app and would recommend it to anyone!!

- 1 major issue, 1 inconvenience

1) The sound for me is not working. I try to turn it up or down, and it doesn't get any louder or quieter until I turn it all the way down, then it's silent. Then I try and turn it back up again and still nothing comes out. So obviously it's not the video, and I've tried different videos too. I had to mess with the settings to make it louder but even then it was messed up. Please fix that. The thing I am watching is soft spoken already and I'm in school trying to listen to it. 2) The ads. It's ridiculous. I understand maybe once ever hour or two but not as soon as I get on the app, especially if I'm trying to change songs or trying to get it to connect and I can't because the ads pop up. Please change it. It used to not be as bad, now it's plain annoying and makes me aggravated.

- Love it, just one bug I've noticed

This app is exactly what I need since it allows me to import playlists from YT and listen to them without having the app be the only thing opened. The only issue is that recently (Literally today actually) Musi suddenly decided it didn't want to let me import playlists from YT. The limit is now 100 for some reason, even though I have a playlist with over 127 songs from YT still in Musi with the number it's supposed to have and had previously been able to import one with over 500 songs. Hopefully I just need to give it a day or five to sort itself out. Edit: The issue got worse. I can now only add playlists with up to 71 songs. Any more than that and the extras don't show up. This is horrible for me since that means I can't even listen to most OSTs I like. I've deleted and reinstalled the app and the problem's still there. Please fix this.

- Good but can be better

I really love this app one of the best Music apps out there. Yes there are ads but they don’t disturb the music and you only have to pay $0.99 to get rid of ads which is not that bad considering how good this app actually is and how amazingly it works. But one thing that they should add is definitely saving music for later so that you can listen to them offline kinda like downloading it inside the app that would make the app really 👌🏻. Other than that everything in the app is amazing but sometimes you just have poor connection or you are on a trip where there is no internet and you really wanna listen to music offline and if this app had that feature it would be a 5 stars

- Ssss

That app works very good! HOWEVER i have been using this app for almost a year and they recently started using video ads instead instead of the regular pop up ads. Now one very inconvenient thing about these ads is it can be a challenge trying to search or change a song etc when the ad pops up and this is because the ads are kinda long and after the additional ad it takes you to the download page to try to get you to download their game but its very frustrating when you have to wait another minute before you can click out of it. Another issue and what should probably be a bug fix to them is when you go to turn off your phone it pause the song. Now this is another issue because i do know for a fact it used to not do that. So for a rating i am giving 3 stars.

- Amazing app for the most part!

I love this app. I really love the layout and the options you get within it. It’s the second best music app I’ve downloaded. I see some people complaining a bit about the ads but you can just pay $2 to get rid of them for good which is what I did. My only complaint is I wish you could download the music so when you’re offline it would still be able to let you listen to it. Whenever I go on car rides I love to listen to music and a lot of the times the song won’t even start because of the connection even if I change the streaming service to the lowest option. Other than that it is an amazing app and anyone who loves music should get it!

- Very good.

This is one of my favorite apps right now. I am pretty much using this more than my Soundcloud, but... Good things come with some flaws. Whenever you close out of the app, and you’re playing a song, it will stop. Maybe for just 2 seconds but longest I had to wait was literally 20 seconds it felt like for my song to play again. It isn’t that bad but it would be great if it didn’t happen. Me and my friends use this to get songs that we love and play them whenever we hangout. It is a great app, but please fix that. We would give this 5 stars if it didn’t happen every time. Also, if you guys could make it to where, if you play songs, they will stay there and play with or without WiFi. That would make my experience even better with this.

- This app is great but...

This app is really good compared to all the other apps and I love it!! But every time I go in this app it just loads and then exits out the app it doesn’t even go inside the app first like I was just listing to the song and it started doing that’s so can y’all plzzzz fix it!I was so excited to see that this app came back because I got a new phone and musi wasn’t there but now I’m stuck trying to find a new app because of this problem it’s very irritating so can you plz fix it. I really need this app fixed because it’s a great app overall and I love it and I’m glad I had this app with songs on it cause I recently lost my 400 something song playlist and I can’t afford to loose this one😭!

- Please help chief

Idk why this started or how but when I have my music playing and my phone turned off and I want to change the song so I just hit the power button and not unlock my phone it won’t show my the song or even the app it’s just the iTunes thing it has the skip and pause but it’s not musi and I can’t use it it’s also like this when I swipe down from the top of the screen when my phone is unlocked to change the song but it’s wierd because this happens a lot but not all the time occasionally this won’t happen but it’s rare even if ur not the devs litterly anyone I will accept ur help like dear lord please it’s not that big of a deal but after a whiles it’s very agrivating

- Great app

It’s my favorite free music app, and I’ve been using it for a while now. Love all the features, but one of the reasons I loved this app is that you could go to home screen, different apps, or close your screen and have the music continue playing. However, recently this has changed! I’m no longer able to exit or close my screen without the music fading out. It will show up on my lock screen like it’s paused, but when I hit play, it’s silent. I have to open the app again to get any sound. Overall, it’s a great app that I will continue to use, but I hope that I will be able to go to different apps or close my screen in the future, because having the screen open 24/7 while a video is playing really kills my battery.

- Honestly really good: just a suggestion

Honestly I am so grateful for this app! It works amazing and is so much easier then having to buy songs with Apple Music. The only suggestion I have is relating to organization of songs. The only way it suggests to organize the playlist is by suing it alphabetically; I did that once and it definitely confused me with the songs I don’t listen to as much and the ones I do. My suggestion is that their is a organizational button that makes all the newest songs go to the top. Doing that will make it easier then having to scroll through the hundreds of songs I have saved! Thank you for reading and I sincerely hope that you take this into concatenation!

- One of the greats!

Out of all the free music/video apps, this has to be one of the better ones. I’ve used this for at least a couple of years, and when I got a new phone I was SUPER disappointed I couldn’t get it because it was out of date. I just recently redownloaded it and just.... there’s so many things to love about this app. People who complain about the ads can always pay the one time $4 to remove them if it’s such an issue. The ads aren’t even bothersome like that to begin with (although I will probably buy the ad removal part to calm my conscious). This really gives us so much more than we deserve/are paying for, and we don’t even have to pay for it. Long live Musi ✊🏾😔

- Glitches

I love the app I used to listen to it literally everyday but a few days ago it started glitching and I could only listen to 2 or 3 of my favorite songs it kept on saying that there is an error and I need WiFi even tho I am on WiFi it’s been getting really annoying even when I try to look things up it won’t let me listen to it. It basically tells you that there is an error then it goes to another song then another then another sometimes it won’t even let me listen to ANY song. So creators of the app can you possibly fix this glitch or respond back to me if you can fix something or if I need to do something because I really love this app

- Dev’s please read

I think Apple is trying to sabotage your app. Prior to updating to apples latest software 12.2 last week. When I would get in my car and connect to Bluetooth, I was always able to skip to the next song with the buttons in the car. Now I have to do it from the app it’s self. The skip buttons in the car only work for the Apple Music app. It defaults to Apple Music app even though the app isn’t open and the Musi app is open and playing music. My LCD screen doesn’t even read the musi app music but instead displays the songs in my Apple library. If you guys can please update this then this app will once again be the superior go to music app !!!

- Love it but one problem...

This is literally one of the best music apps I have found you can find like every song and basically anything you want ! My itty bitty problem is that it takes up a lot of data and if you’re looking for an app that doesn’t too much of your data or any wifi at all , this isn’t your app . I only use this app when I’m connected to a wifi source or my own wifi at home because that’s how much data it uses . I love , love , love , this app but if it had a feature where you could download the song and listen to it offline I would give it a five star but , sadly it doesn’t so , I won’t give it a full five . This is a solemn recommendation and I hope the company takes it ! I would have a much better time .

- 6.0.16

Thanks very much for fixing the app glitch, Musi finally works now :) I see you've made some improvements to the ad system in the latest update so, while you're at it can you please make ads easier to click "x" on? Almost every time I try to close an ad, it opens its webpage as though I didn't click the x at all. This is really frustrating because just now I was taken to the app store twice against my will, even though I clicked x to close the ad. The x button needs to be bigger (larger hitbox) and more reliable. Besides that, thanks for all the great features you've put in the app. Excellent work! I hope my 5 stars will get your app to the #5 music spot on the app store

- Very nice, easy to use app ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I really love this app a lot. It has a minimal crash rate and very seldom ever gives me issues. And, when there are issues, the developers update the app immediately so that they're fixed as soon as possible! It's one of the very few apps I decided to spend money on rather than stay on the free version, though even the free version was nice because ads didn't come frequently! The interface is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing which is a plus. I also love there's a backup feature so you can restore all your songs had you changed phones or deleted the app, which is a feature not many applications have but should ! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ💕

- Just great for all users

I totally recommend this app and you should use it right away. It’s add free.. like doesn’t everyone want that without paying money? Yeah that feels great. What’s also great about this app is that they organize the songs A-Z which was a mind blow for me when I started using it and also you can skip or just click it anytime you want. Also another thing I like is that you can listen to music using other apps and also when you turn your phone off you can use it! I’m greatful for this app made and its one of the greatest music app. (Heh.. I totally didn’t saw the friend use the app and tried to find it..) One last thing is a bug but I haven’t got it.. eh .-.

- Please fix this!

I love Musi because it’s much better than any other music app but recently there has been a major problem with it. Normally when you turn off your phone so you can continue the song it doesn’t appear on the lock screen anymore so I can’t skip,rewind,or adjust volume. I have to unlock my phone and go into the app to change the song or replay it. At first I was fine with it because I thought I had used the app so much that it started to lag. I had no problem at first just as long as the song was playing and running smoothly I didn’t mind, but now I’m a bit upset because it was so much easier when it appeared on the lock screen and now it doesn’t work. Please fix this!! Thank you

- Reliable for YEARS

I’ve been using this app for probably 4 years now as my ONLY music app. Absolutely amazing. When the app was temporarily taken off the App Store by Apple I PMed Musi on their Instagram and asked them about it and wished them good luck and they replied (more than once!) and were very friendly. They don’t exactly promote the kind of music I listen to (as in their suggested and trending music tab thing) but that doesn’t really matter to me and they are the most honest and dedicated team out there! Use this if you want to enjoy listening to music lol. I’ve never been disappointed by this app and it’s only improved over the years. I tell everyone I know about this.

- It’s a fantastic app...but

I’m honestly using this app day and night non-stop. But, there are two problems. One problem I’ve had is a random song that I didn’t even add to my playlist started playing out of nowhere, it was come as you are by nirvana and honestly I thought it was FBI dude in my phone telling me to listen to something that isn’t dethklok. Problem two is my music is just randomly pausing out of nowhere. At first I thought it was my earbuds with there intergrated mics and pause buttons but then I took them out and started listening with my phone mic and it still happened. I’m still very impressed by how good this app is besides those two little hiccups, good job Musi.

- 👌

I’ve had this app for a while now and I think this is the best music app. Not only because it has the newest music and different tabs for the different genres, but also because it is free. You are also able to see the music videos with a little bit of ads here and there but they don’t interrupt the music. Although, when I downloaded the newest update, I clicked on the music that I wanted to play. Then I scrolled down and the whole app went down with it as well. The only thing I could see was the top of the app. It happened every time I played a song and immediately scrolled down. Pls fix this problem, would appreciate if you did.


This works really well because I don’t want to spend money money on music that takes a lot of space anyways and I have unlimited internet so it’s just free music. At first I didn’t even noticed it was off the App Store but I only noticed after my phone got reset and I couldn’t download it again but now it’s back I deleted the copy of this app I got and I’m happy seeing all my new music. One thing that the other app had was a feature where you would clone a song and basically have two of them in playlists so you could have a better chance of the song playing in shuffle mode so please add this! Otherwise best music app ever.

- Make it an online and offline app

Please make this an offline and online app.I asked my friend do you have any music apps that’s offline and she said this app but one day I turned off my WiFi on here and picked a random song but it didn’t play. So I could take it with me when I go on car ride and visit a store that’s far way. I also like listening to my own music in the car and not the radio because the radio music station has a bunch of ads after each song and when I play my offline it will just play through it with out no interruptions. I need a music app that plays offline and online so I can take it school and if its a work day or something I can just listen to my music and stay focused.

- Accidentally found it, absolutely love it!

I recently got a new phone and it’s a lot different than my others, so I’ve been trying to find a good app for music. I looked online for good options and I found I thought would be good, sadly it was not this one. I saw this app while I was downloading the other app just in case the one I found sucked. The one I found sucked but luckily I had Musi there to save me. I deleted the other app and started using this one. I think Musi is the best music app I have used so far. I could not ask for anything better than this, I absolutely love it, and I have no regrets about downloading it. Honestly, 10/10 rating from me.

- It's good-ish

The app works great I can find any song but it would of been better if it could run offline. It also would cut out at random times and I don't know if it's my data but it would cut out even if my data is perfect. The ads also get in the way. The Apple Music ads are fine they are short but the toon blast ads pop up way too much and interrupts what song video you want to see. And for the toon blast one the exit button is so small that it's impossible to hit it and will bring you to the App Store every time you try to click the exit button. This means that I have to fully close that app stopping my music load it up turn on my music and then have the ad pop up 3 seconds later

- I use this for my 9.5h anime soundtrack playlist(no ost's😳)

I never write reviews... Low battery use(when locked at least), Many useful features. Only thing that could make it significantly better is listening offline. And if you email for some support they are real nice. Even if it's a long shot the last little thing I'll try to ask for is, adjusting the equalizer for each song(not the same for all) and having like a little bar that can adjust the volume(slide all the 32 to 16K up or down at the same time) for each song (some of my songs are kinda loud and some are kinda quiet and id like them all to be the same volume). THANK YOU!!!

- This is just perfect

This app is amazing, it’s free and i can look up any song i want. I usually listen to songs made by youtubers so this great. I can also do whatever i want on my phone and the songs will still play without interruptions. I just wish there was an apple watch version though, and i think it would benefit the app a lot. Also just a little glitch whenever i quit and re enter the app and it says “error *a song* could not be played due to removal” or something like that. The song doesn’t go or anything but it’s annoying whenever i enter and i get greeted by this. Overall great app, would definitely recommend.

- Really good, but...

Whenever I leave Musi to go to the home screen and open another app from there, the music fades and I have to leave whatever app I left Musi to go to and re-enter Musi. Then, it doesn't work, so I have to go back to the home screen again and then into Musi again and then the music resumes. This is guaranteed for the first time I enter Musi for the day (and I use Musi basically every night, and this always happens), and it works after that, but on some occasions it does what was previously mentioned (pause the music). I don't know if this is just my phone or an app bug, but whatever it is, I hope it is fixed! Otherwise, this is a 5 star app, but until this is fixed, I rate Musi a solid 4 stars.

- It was not until the end of the year in a way that is not

I think 🤔 to the point of the world 🌎 to be a part of it was a great way to start the day and night and the second half and the other hand, I have a lot more to the point, but it was the best thing that is a very good 🌟 to be a part of it was a great way to start with a lot more than I could have been better if you have the right to use a different story about a year and I am not a big fan of the world is a good idea to get to know the difference between the first and second in a way ↕️ to be a part of it was a great way to start to get a good 👍 to be a part of it was

- Amazing

This app is wonderful not only can you listen to music you can watch videos on there and it’s awesome you can create playlist or if you don’t want to make you can serve your music and then playlist and it will give you a playlist and if the is songs you don’t want in there you delete it off of the playlist and you can also add music to the playlist you can add music or videos for free you pay for nothing I’m using this from now on you do have ads but it DOSEN’T cause a problem because you don’t hear the ad playing you only see it best app ever now you don’t have to waste your money on Apple Music best app ever😁.

- Really good but needs to fix something

Ok 1 please add this in its where you can shuffle your playlists because you don’t know what to listen to. So when you are in the playlist you can shuffle the song. 2 fix the adds and/or just when you leave the app for a while. This my only happens on the tablet but if I leave and a add plays while I leave and come back a X out of it but then it says “add playing in 3 2 1” or when you go in full screen mode then exit it it says the same thing. When you leave the app sometimes it goes black or white. It’s a really good app but maybe fix those things I say and maybe add what suggested but you don’t have to. Have a good day/night

- Huge song selection! But music isn't audible

I love how almost every song I want to listen to is on this app. But I wish that you could at least listen to some of the music offline. Another issue for me is that my music isn't playing any noise. My phone will say that my music IS playing, but I can't hear it. Please fix this problem so that I can listen to my music! Once this is fixed I'll update my review. Update: The developers of Musi have came through for me yet again. After not having to be able to listen to my music in I'm not in the comfort of my own home. I've finally been able to listen to my music almost anywhere now! This is now my most favorite music app 💕☺️.

- Great app

I just don’t understand what people see about his app that is so bad. For one thing there is only 1 add when you first watch a video, and you don’t even have to watch it. You can just go out of the app and keep listening to whatever you are listening to because you can mute the add, or you could just go into full screen mode and the add doesn’t play. As for the issue about it not opening and crashing for the 3 years have had this app, it has never crashes and the reason it won’t open sometimes is that it needs to update but if not that it will be fixed by just restarting your phone

- Great App!

I have read a few of the reviews, and it said some people were upset because you couldn’t listen to music outside the app. Well, you might wanna check your phone! I have an iPhone and it works perfectly! The music streams freely wherever I go, with a little buffering when I have very little bars. But overrall, you expect it. I mean, it MAY annoy people, but what can you do? You got the app. And it’s free! & the great thing is that the ads are silent, so when you are playing music, it keeps going on. And, you get to have full screen! And there is recommedations for songs! Also, they set up a banner for any rapper or singer or anyone involved in the music career died! For example, XXXTENTACTION & Mac Miller died. It was a really sad loss, but Musi has sympathy and they create banners for them and post it for the world to see! Overrall, Musi is an amazing app & I have reccommended it to lots of my friends! And they all loved it. So, I reccommend it to everybody who is reading this, and is just checking out the reviews for if they should get it! And you should!! Bye! ❤️


If I take the time to write a review, it means I’m mad. Now hear me out, by far Musi is a great app because I’m artist and play instrumentals from musi in the background while I write my lyrics but as of the last few weeks the musi app constantly force closes while I’m using it on my iPhone 6. And i would like for you’ll to fix that. Another minor issue I have is that when I exit out of the app while the music is still playin, your suppose to be able to pull the screen down from the top of your phone and see the amount of time left on the song but sometimes it says 0:00 and the song really be on 2 minutes

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Musi - Simple Music Streaming 6.2.9 Screenshots & Images

Musi - Simple Music Streaming iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Musi - Simple Music Streaming iphone images
Musi - Simple Music Streaming iphone images
Musi - Simple Music Streaming iphone images
Musi - Simple Music Streaming iphone images
Musi - Simple Music Streaming iphone images
Musi - Simple Music Streaming iphone images

Musi - Simple Music Streaming (Version 6.2.9) Install & Download

The applications Musi - Simple Music Streaming was published in the category Music on 2013-01-11 and was developed by Musi Inc. [Developer ID: 591560127]. This application file size is 29.9 MB. Musi - Simple Music Streaming - Music app posted on 2020-04-25 current version is 6.2.9 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.feelthemusi.musi

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