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Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest.

Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, build a DIY dog bed or pack for your next vacation with Pinterest.

3 Reasons to start saving ideas:

1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics.

2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project.

3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy/make/do it!

Share the themes in your life, save what you find and discover new possibilities. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet.

Get ideas for the topics you care about most:
- Travel and fitness tips
- Fashion and style
- Home design and architecture
- Food and cooking
- Wedding inspiration

Download Pinterest now to start exploring possibilities for your next project.

Pinterest: Inspiration & Tips App Description & Overview

The applications Pinterest: Inspiration & Tips was published in the category Social Networking on 2011-04-28 and was developed by Pinterest. The file size is 165.65 MB. The current version is 6.61 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Every week, we polish up the Pinterest app. This update includes:
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

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Pinterest: Inspiration & Tips Reviews


It’s ok but glitchy  😐😑🤨🧐  4 star

I like the app but it’s really glitchy

Drama in art

Great Ideas!!!  Drama in art  5 star

I just started Doing this and found some neat Recipes and Drawing Ideas! This is a great app and it should be recommended to people! Keep some ideas for lists o’ thongs! 😁🤙🏻👍🏻👍🏻👱🏻‍♀️


Terrible.  jbs016  1 star

You are losing a patron. I don’t like that I am redirected and end up in the App Store! I can’t believe you are not listening to the majority. EJRoller

louis S nordoff

Pinterest point of view  louis S nordoff  5 star

Super inspirational I hundred percent love it


Loveeeeee Pinterest  Eldibello  5 star

Loveeeeee Pinterest

Jack the Giant Killer

Fix the freaking zoom bug already.  Jack the Giant Killer  1 star

On either an iPad Pro or my iPhone 7, if I zoom into some images it totally freezes the app. Must be forced quit. Easily repeatable. Please fix already, sheesh.


Notifications  Tennis_Geek  4 star

The only reason I put 4 stars was because to many notifications


Stupid Pinterest  khemetek  5 star

Redirects you to the app even if you’re already in Pinterest… What’s the point I am so sick of this crap that I won’t even use it anymore

Kaydence M.

Great for smut  Kaydence M.  5 star

Great for writing and reading your fantasy’s away


Pinterest the most Fun App to Collect Interesting items from all over the World  Cocorip  5 star

I Love Pinterest because I’m able to collect items from ALL over the World. It’s extremely exciting because along with collecting I’m able to find out information on each and every item that I’m looking at. I thoroughly enjoyed this app and will continue to use it. I hope you use it to as you’ll likely find out things that you never knew. And the best thing that you can share them


Love  tamharris  5 star

Love love love Pinterest! Super motivating, inspirational and crazy interesting!


PinterestLover  1Redrose  3 star

I have had Pinterest for more than three years now, and I love it. In fact, like many millions of others, I am a Pinterest addict. I haven’t been crazy about some of the changes made to the app, but I’m still pinning madly. I do have one comment to make though, about the age group for which Pinterest is recommended. I have seen images and content offensive to adults. Definitely not suitable for children under 15, and some, shouldn’t be viewed by anyone younger then 18. The new order of comment paragraphs is confusing, with the last at the top. Instinct is to read from the top of the page, but now you need to go down to find your first comment.I find it amusing that you inform me you’ve deleted a pic because of copyright, and show me a photo of a bowl of soup. I could see where there would be a complaint. I used someone else’s vegetables?


Window to the world  Annietops  5 star

I love love love Pinterest for all these reasons - I see something every day that makes me feel good - I get to see things that give me lots of ideas and inspiration - I laugh out loud at funny pins - I don’t feel I have to “like” something for fear of upsetting someone - I look at beautiful pins - It takes me to another world Thank you and just keep doing what you’re doing cos me and millions of others love it Annie 🙏


Pinterest is ruined now it only shows thumbnails  gogogrrrl  1 star

The whole point of Pinterest is to find & share images. There’s no point now you only show thumbnails instead of full size images. If we have to download pictures to see them properly, why would we bother to pin them?


Hate it  Harstan  1 star

You’ve updated with some stupid thing called fresh ideas and everything else I had on your site is gone. It took me years to get what I wanted now it’s all gone. You’ve lost me

Sonya Reiki

Not very happy  Sonya Reiki  1 star

Can’t add websites to pictures👎


My review  fgjjasbvegh  1 star

Did not realise I was signing up for mega spam.


Great  hdxhef  5 star


techno dummy 1950

Too difficult for computer dummies  techno dummy 1950  1 star

I don’t know what changes have been made but I used to be able to save pins on my boards now it doesn’t tell you HOW or WHERE to log in. Love Pinterest but pls think of us computer dummies


Too many suggestions  Shyreel  3 star

I love this app but there are A LOT of suggested pins.


Where have you been?  Bevupscalecloset  5 star

Love this app


One of my favorite apps!  p.heider  4 star

I love Pinterest, but I’ve noticed lately that whenever I try to save a pin, it doesn’t always recommend the right boards. Like what I mean is I will scroll down my home feed and save like 5+ pins to my Tom Holland board (lol) but then if I save like one Steven Universe pin I have to scroll all the way down to that board because other random boards are recommended for me and save it there. And then if I try to save another Tom Holland pin, it STILL won’t recognize that I’m saving a pin of him and I have to scroooooll all the way down again. I know I probably sound very high maintenance saying this, but around two months ago, I never had this problem. It just appeared recently. It’s still one of my favorite apps, but this has made it sort of annoying. I used to be able to save anything from Lapel Pins, to Steven Universe, to Drawings, to Funny, and they would be the top suggested boards. It’s not like most of my boards are new, which I was thinking may mess up whatever algorithm they’re using because the app needs to get adjusted to that new board. I just don’t know, but it’s not like he problem prevents me from using the app, so I’m good.


Ideas  carraee  5 star

Espectacular, Awesome and simplest ideas.


Also so sick of it  myomom  3 star

When I try to get a specific page from email to Pinterest, it takes me to the app store. I already have the app. I cannot then find what I was looking for in the email. Frustrating. That’s why I don’t use Pinterest much anymore


Cover photos for boards are zoomed in  Kaylabm21  3 star

Cover photos for boards are zoomed in, and it’s really annoying because you can’t even see the whole picture now. It’s throwing the whole thing off, it doesn’t look right. Please fix this or change it back. Hopefully you take the into consideration.


Dasia  dasi.luvs.u2  5 star

I wasn’t sure why people like this so much. My mom thinks it’s good for some recipes. (She cooks) I installed it and I realize it’s actually a really great inspiration for what I should draw next. (Yes I’m in artist) I love it ⭐️


Zoomed In Board Covers  pineridgegal  3 star

Please fix the board covers! We choose them for a reason.

The Jan Family

Amazing!  The Jan Family  5 star

Everyday I look through this app, and there’s something new waiting for me! Great for ideas and looking at memes! 5 stars for me!


“Promoted” “Picked for you”  worldsapart7  2 star

You know what used to be picked for me? The people I chose to follow. Now I have to scroll for about 8 days to see Pins from people I actually followed. Guess what, when I searched for ‘boy’s nursery’ the other day, that’s when I wanted to see pins about babies. Today though I’m done with that, now I’d like to see pins from people I follow, but I can’t, because you guys buried them beneath ads and terrible “AI” that has no idea what I want. I used to use Pinterest because for a while it was getting me better results than a Google search, not anymore. Thanks for ruining the internet, internet companies.


Best app ever  Littnes  5 star

Best app to be on when you’re bored and when you’re feeling a little creative!!!


Top Notch 👌🏿  cocoyisha  5 star

Pin interest provides every information you need. It is easy and user friendly. I love the app.


Awesome app  Tunji-Olanigan  5 star

If you don’t know how to go about it, Pinterest it! This is the new google!


The Best  badmanbaqo  4 star

Not distracting in the way some other apps are, keeps suggesting quality similars, I've always loved Pinterest, now, I'm back for good.


Awesome  Sokolayam  5 star

I’ve gotten so many ideas from cakes to DIY tips. Best app for creative ideas


IDEAS ALWAYA  Heasyrelbolar  5 star

WIth this app, I have nothing to worry anymore about ideas. Recommended for anyone looking for ideas about anything!


Good job  femioso  5 star

Lovely, Pinterest is a good app to look out for creative ideas as a photographer


Totally and absolutely awesome!  beaufol  5 star

I am impressed


Lovely  Elmukhtaar02  5 star

Oh my it’s so lovely, i am addicted to Pinterestting.🤪

I dey

Great  I dey  5 star

Super innovative, informative and educative.

Rookie enviro

Awesome app!!  Rookie enviro  5 star

I highly recommend this, it is extremely addictive and helpful.


Review  nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmnn  4 star

Sometimes it can be very slow and even in a WiFi area it doesn’t work but otherwise I use it all the time I love it!


Sexy  STEYUV  5 star

So sexy tbh


Great app  gortnacool  5 star

Love looking for items on this app . Brilliant

Aye you have no

ITS ALL GONE  Aye you have no  1 star

Every thing I have ever saved on my page was just wiped I have been on here for years and it is all just gone FIX THIS NOOOOW I am very mad for any one who is reading thing do not get this app do not Listen to the other people fix this or I will be back nooooooooow


Pinterest  crssvtcafvb  3 star

It’s good and I like it but it sometimes crashes when I go onto it

Ruby dance bird

Pinterest  Ruby dance bird  5 star

I like Pinterest because it is filled with memes quotes and style


My hobby  Samsinknight  5 star

I'm loving this app I'm interested in a lot of the ideas and posts thank you pinterest


A.elsayed  asradi  5 star

A wonderful site or app


Useless no longer opens since update!  Hermitquest  1 star

Since the last update on my iPadAir2 this App no longer even opens! Utter disgrace

my interent is so bad ;(

Pretty good but  my interent is so bad ;(  4 star

So I play the sims 3 ALOT and I download custom content from online I use Pinterest quite a bit for looking for stuff.But I’ve noticed now when I search “the sims 3”and for example”the sims 3 clothes” It might come up a few for the sims 3 but mostly for the sims 4.Now I know this like proberly normal because there both sims games , but so just wish when you type in the sims 3 you only get that

Baveena Makan

Pinterest  Baveena Makan  5 star

This is the best sight ever because it has given me so many ideas and information and not to forget facts about myself and my eyes. This is the best sight for ideas and because our world is revolving aroundany things I know that this is the best sight for ideas and getting to know yourself. There is a variety of things to look at from food, memes, celebrities and fashion. This the best sight ever and I hope that you download this app as it is very informative!!!!

Mela de B

Not good  Mela de B  3 star

I am so fedup when I open my email from Pinterest which promises a free pattern and when I open it, it is not free or you cannot reach the pattern after endlessly searching. Sorry but I am considering deleting this app


Best creation by human kind  Khessi  5 star

Love love love

Miss.Unicorn/dancing Queen

Love it!!!😍  Miss.Unicorn/dancing Queen  5 star

Pinterest helps me with projects ,happy birthday quotes everything you can think about !!!!


Things I don’t want in my feed  Carleyandcats  2 star

I HATE seeing pins from people I didn’t follow in my feed. There are too many subtleties in what we want to see for an automated algorithm to be able to do this successfully - I want to see a particular kind of wedding, for example, not just randomly chosen wedding pins.

Erina 1

Home page  Erina 1  5 star

Would like to see a wider variety of pins on the home page but I love Pinterest!


Super Helpful  TheVeganOne  5 star

This app helps me so much when it comes to dinner ideas. I am a vegan and I sometimes struggle with dinner ideas but thanks to Pinterest I can find vegan recipes that are easy. Highly recommended

Gosiame BlackJean

Creativity App  Gosiame BlackJean  5 star

Best ever app, this is future app


The App isn’t loading  ❤️😩🕊  3 star

I’m having a hard time with searching anything. No pictures are popping up as I open the app


Like Button  mrLikeButtonIsUpset  3 star

Whatever happened to the line button 🤧

Kofi Korley

Good  Kofi Korley  5 star

Does what it’s supposed to do .


Canonissime  azazga16  5 star

Je découvre ce site, je suis vraiment éblouie, il y a tout ce que aiment toutes les femmes et les hommes aussi.Merci aux développeurs.


Best App Ever👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽  Seddygold  5 star

Pinterest is the best app that has ever happened to me. Great job guys👍🏽👍🏽 I love you ❤️


Perfect app  ladyafua  5 star

In love with the app congratulations


This app is  [email protected]  5 star



Awesome  kingsleykiddy  5 star

Awesome application and search engine


Perfect  MRS ONYEISI💋  4 star

Just perfect I love this app


Solid 5 star  dot__1  5 star

Great app, love it!!

miss. veronica

Pinterest  miss. veronica  4 star

Pinterest is one great app..


me and her  pipeschaps  5 star

Awesome app with a super cool format

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