Pinterest [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest.

Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, or plan your next vacation with Pinterest.

3 Reasons to start finding and saving ideas on Pinterest:

1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics.
2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project.
3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make, or do it!

Discover new possibilities and save what you find. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet.

Get ideas for the topics you care about most:
- Travel and fitness tips
- Fashion and style
- Home design and architecture
- Food and cooking
- Wedding inspiration

Download Pinterest now to start exploring possibilities for your next project.

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Pinterest Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Every week, we polish up the Pinterest app. This update includes: - Bug fixes - Performance improvements Tell us if you like this latest version at

Pinterest Comments & Reviews

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- G

The loading is terribly slow but love it

- Pinterest

This app is very cool, u can find whatever craft u want to do on this app. It helps me get ideas for my room and my birthdays, thank your for making this app so good.

- Too many pop ups.

So many pop ups and things I don’t care about.

- This app is great

Has such a diverse line of pictures of everything & anything you can think of. From automotive to architecture.

- For Pintrest

Thanks Because you Uploaded A best app

- Pintérest

J aime trop cette application, utile dans tous les domaines . D où les 5 étoiles que je lui attribue !!! Toi qui cherche des idées de modes vestimentaires, coiffures , beautés , et autres . C est ton appli !! 👌🥰

- Love pint rest

Love this app. So many interesting stuff. love making boards for people to see it and private ones just for my self.

- Glitchy

The app will often just randomly take me back to my home screen while on the app and the when I tap a picture the choice icons won’t appear sometimes.

- Tired of the algorithms

I love Pinterest, but that love is waning. I was originally drawn to Pinterest because it was a way to find NEW ideas. Now Pinterest only shows me things similar or identical to what I pinned or even clicked on! I looked up almond cake recipe once and suddenly I’m inundated with almond cake recipes! Stop! I click on a pin, then like 10-15 identical pins appear. I want NEW ideas. I want to see something I may not have thought of!! Please please please, Pinterest, stop it! Bring back the search categories. Something. I’m bored of seeing the saaaame things I’ve already looked at.

- My opinion on pintrest

Pinterest is a awesome thing to get baking ideas on when I am bored! 😂😂😂 10 out of 5 stars!!!!! Make a account I’m begging you! - Starreveiwer19

- Great app

Quality is fine, but I miss the like feature. Now you can only save pins

- Spammed pins

I am wondering why I try to visit some sites like embroidery and it’s been blocked as it may lead to spam. Yet there are pictures of vaginas and penises and they are not blocked. It’s not even remotely logical.

- Amazing

I love everything about this app! It has helped me make delicious healthy foods and drinks and I love looking at those silly animal memes.😀😀

- I love Pinterest so much but it has some problems

I like the Constant updates but there is yet to be a ‘Leave Group Chat’ option!! Or a ‘Leave Chat’ option!! I tried to hide the group chats and chats but they keep coming back because people keep messaging on them!!! Please make this a option in the future!!! Thanks!!

- It’s so nice to see Pinterest!

This app really inspires me by searching up stuff and then anything you search up it does not say “cannot find this page” you should download Pinterest today!

- Children personal messaging bad messages

Pinterest don’t have any restrictions on children messaging sex talk to others on the personal messaging. Our daughter has gotten caught doing it.

- Freezing

I can’t be on it for very long before it starts freezing up and then it won’t let me scroll anymore or click anything then I have get out and reload it...very annoying

- Lo tiene

It got tons of good quality pictures.

- Wow

My friend just had a miscarriage. She has hit the “stop showing me a baby stuff” button over and over, and they just send more. There is no way to contact them. So painful for her.

- Great but big problem

I love Pinterest but sometimes I’ll follow someone and then it will unfollow and I’ll have to wait a while before it lets me follow them. Please fix and thanks!

- Too much clickbait

This used to be a great app but it seems as though it is as much “click-bait” garbage as it is actual content. Hopefully this can be fixed

- App failure

The app is constantly failing as I try to flip through images going black and not allowing me to move forward in app. I have to close app and restart. Super frustrating.

- Love This App

Keep it up Pinterest

- Amelia’s thoughts

When I am looking at a picture I have trouble trying to get out of the picture and sometimes it takes a while to load.

- Ridiculous

I get email notifications with pics that interest me. Great. When I tap the pics I am asked to log in to Pinterest. Cumbersome, but ok. When I log in, I am showed a page with unrelated info leaving me with no intuitive way to view the pic. For that reason, I’m out.

- Categories

Bring back the categories! I used to use this app everyday when there were categories.

- I hate that the app

Refreshes on its own, it is so unbelievably annoying


Can there be some sort of setting that prevents me from seeing comments on all pins? When I got the app i couldn’t see them but now I can and it’s annoying me seriously. I don’t want to make a new account just to not see comments so can there be an update to change it???

- Do not change.

Pinterest is the best application that any human being could have created, this application has helped me a lot in my self-esteem, it has helped me to get methods to have my body and my skin healthy and beautiful, it helps me to reflect and I have learned a bit of English with this application. In short, this application is the best in the world, do not change.


I love spending time on pintrest but dear Saint michael it’s so difficult to do. For a year now, through multiple phones, the app will constant black screen which forces me to restart the application. It’s happened times just this evening. Please fix.

- Great, but ads?

Love, except the ads make it very difficult when using the recipes.

- Pinterest raised me.

I’m absolutely obsessed with Pinterest and I don’t trust people who aren’t honestly. I have one single complaint that I would LOVE fixed. When I am on Pinterest and I go to text my friend then I go back on the app it seems to reload wayyy to fast. for example I will be into a deep hole then when I close my phone for like five seconds and get back in it resets back to the home screen of Pinterest. I don’t think it’s my phone because it happened on my old one and right now I have a lot of free storage and the most upgraded iPhone. Pinterest if you are reading this rn PLEASE fix this issue it’s draining the happiness from my soul and it’s making me not want to use the app.

- Useless on iPad

Can't even open on iPad, it crashes immediately. Big disappointment.

- Feature suggestion

Hey, the app is great and I like it, but I’m writing this to just say that it would be great if you guys could consider adding chrome cast support. Best of luck 🙏.

- Love Pinterest, but the update...

I’ve been on Pinterest for so long I can’t remember when I joined. And I loved being able to add sections to your board but since the last update I haven’t been able to add new sections. It’s upsetting because I like to have my boards organized, especially when I’m collaborating with other people so our things are all jumbled together.

- Pinterest


- Update

Just did the new update and now I can’t get my app to open it goes white and boots out never see anything!!! Sick of the updating and stuff not working.

- 5 stars

I love it, it’s like it knows what you want and poof...there it is.

- Oh my!

What can I say it’s like making a collage without all the cut and paste! I try to stay away but I can’t there’s just an endless amount of inspiration! Thanks for the best app ever!!

- Freezing

Any time I zoom in on a picture it gets stuck in one spot and wont move, it wont even let me go back to the homepage its just frozen and I end up having to close the app but I loose the image I was looking at its super annoying

- The updated version makes the app almost pointless

Too many ads. Can’t find my pins through the mess. This update is a disaster.

- 5 ⭐️

I love this app so so much I can’t get off of it and stay up all day and night looking through it I am so in to my brith day and zodiac signs and I would rate this app infinite ♾ if I could I jest love 💕 it so much

- Photography

It’s perfect 💚

- So many bugs! No more stupid updates!

This app is good but SO MANY MISTAKES AND BUGS! You can't try or add a photo to ANY PIN. Nor on the computer! It drove me crazy! And no more stupid updates!

- Crashes

Loved but now Everytime Im on I get like 15 minutes and then the app will freeze or go completely white. I do updates, Ive also deleted and reinstalled

- Useless

The pins in many occasions don’t lead to a useful ending

- Amazing Pinterest

Pinterest is amazing. I had to look at so many cool Crafts and jokes!

- Location

Every time I open the app, even if i’ve only switched to something else for a second, it pops up “we want to make sure we find the best ideas for you” and i have to select my country, it makes me lose my place every time and i’m not sure how i can fix this or if it’s a bug. still love the app

- Thanks

Been really interesting by finding cool ideas and creations, though I have had some of my minor accounts temporarily deleted, other than that it’s been nothing but enjoyable.

- Amazing

This is the best app for inspiration and I needed some for my bedroom and now bedroom looks great. So happy that this app exists.

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- Always Crashing

I love Pinterest but it almost always crashes after scrolling through around 20 pins....have to close and restart the app. Annoying, please fix.

- Ink


- “Tries”

Make it easier to ‘try’ a pin

- Possible Glitch

Hello I would like to report when I stretch a picture to see something close up it jams and won’t return to normal. I have to leave the app. Thanks!

- Boards

When you I want to save a pin on the board on my Pinterest app it doesn’t show all my boards.

- Pinterest

They have a company the back called Narachic. They are crooks. So many of us complain about our experience and nothing’s done. Most complaints we poor quality and fit of clothes. I have yet to even receive my order. 6 weeks. They have my money. I have nothings. P Mclaren. Please do something.

- Search in my boards

Am I able to do a search of my own boards?

- So aesthetic!

Omg it’s awesome! I’m in love it has so many aesthetics and I can find or search anything I want! ❤️

- Good and Bad

Good: I love the community and the the content on Pinterest. I’ve been using the app for over four years now and have always been very fond of it. Bad: In the past year or so the algorithm has been set way to strong. It’s very annoying to pin one photo then that’s all you can see on your curated feed for the rest of the day. Also the advertisement platform has gotten out’ve control. Every third post is an advertisement. I understand that Pinterest is a free platform and they want to make money but I hate using the app and being bombarded every 30 seconds with an advertisement it’s honestly worse than TV commercials. The algorithm strength and advertisement increase has led me to use the app less and less.

- So good

It’s such a good app u can have group chats on it to with friends a

- Favourite

Th is is my most used app. I absolutely love it.

- 1000 Stars periodt😽

I love love love this app I’ve been using it for like 2 years now and I just keep getting more addicted, it’s helped me from everything from room designing to picking my nails or what pair of shoes I should get. The inspiration is amazing and I love knowing that others have the same taste as me, I could scroll forever on this app🥰

- Unnecessarily pushy to download the app.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great place to find ideas, inspiration, art, etc., and most of the things that I find just sitting online are from Pinterest. However, The amount of things that require the app to do, such as open an image on the same tab, or open another image from one image without getting blasted by sign in requests, is a bit too much. This may be google’s fault, it may be your fault, maybe it’s nobody’s fault and the system just doesn’t know any better, but you are still quite pushy about getting the app, to the point where it gets annoying when I’m just trying to find an image to use for a character I’m making.

- Your update bites

I can no longer see my own pins, or know if they ever see the light of day! If this app isn’t for “sharing” what the hell is it for? Advertising and whatever zuck wants us to see? Not worth it, anymore, imho. Just another platform for zuck’s pals to exploit us.

- 😝


- Love

I love Pinterest!! There are so many great ideas!! I enjoy it for hours!!❤️

- Great information

I like Pinterest very much. It is so useful for every aspect.

- Worst thing ever!

I was logging in as normal and it kept saying that I had an account and I did not I had never used this app before. And every time I would press continue with email I would put my email and it bring me to Log in it looks like u have an account.

- When? Why??

Hi, to who can help. I really love Pinterest and have loved looking at things but, when will you expand information to include details as to where to purchase items or for patterns where to get them

- The comment sections?

UGHHHHHH!!!!! Whyyy do you keep making changes? The worst change is the comment section being mixed with the try’s!! They should be separate!! 😑😑😑Please fix this!!!

- Pinterest Ruined!

Increasingly useless as opening in Safari has been broken for months.

- Update has bugs

Just updated and now the app kicks me out every time I try and use it...

- Best

Love it, I can save any pin of my choosing.

- j'aime pas les qualiter d'image

j'aime pas la qualiter dimage sont pas en HD grrr

- Love the note right now with pins for stuff to do

I LOVED the note I got when I opened Pinterest today, I’m just bummed now.. I accidentally pressed back & now all those curated boards are gone. Could you please make a way to get back to them?

- Pinterest

I love Pinterest, such amazing recipes and so much more!!! Thankyou Pinterest

- Everything

I am on Pinterest all the time it’s the best app for me I absolutely love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Awesome


- Nice

I’m a sketcher and I love to use this for outfit choices I recommend it to anyone

- Screen went BLACK, can’t access the app

Please get the bugs out of your app

- Crashes

I use Pinterest daily, and I love everything about except that the app crashes at least every 10 minutes... I always update it but it never fixes it...

- Love it

All these amazing ideas are great to promote design and especially practical waste of space that can be utilized. Totally love it absolutely genius. Congratulations to all who have come up with them.

- Save my spot!

Not sure if it’s just me or everyone, but every time I am mid scrolling in the app and then go to a text message or any other screen and then come back to the app it takes me to the VERY top of the page and I lose where I was. Seems small but it’s really annoying

- Dina$$&

Good in free time to learn and watch...

- Pinterest

Pinterest is not to bad but it has amazing ideas for cooking as an example

- Pinterest

Pinterest is fun!

- Poor

I will continue to delete this email notification because it is impossible to find the recipe advertised on the front page

- Perfect

Pinterest is getting better😊❤️teebonetremblay

- Best app on the planet😀😃

I love the game I always have new inspiration from this and I love the doggy’s 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐯🐨🐼🐻🦊🦁🐮🐷🐽🐸🐒🙊🙉🙈🐵🐔🐥🐺🐛🦟🦗🕷🕸🦂🐜🐞🐌🦋🦋🐗🐴🦄🐝🦇🦉🦆🦅🐧🐦🐤🐣

- love the app !!

pinterest is one of my favourite apps ! one thing that i would like to see is having sub categories in your sections

- Unacceptable performance

On logging in to Pinterest, I get a message saying my account is suspended for violating community rules, and that I have been issued a statement from Pinterest. I have received no such notification from Pinterest. It also states that if I want to resume using Pinterest I should contact them, but with no indication on how to do that. This has been going on for over a year, and I have had it. Show me correspondence and who to contact!!!

- Good sitesite

Alright dude cut out dam PIN numbers etc just get on the site and enjoy it

- emails

it spams a lot even when i unsubscribe

- The New Update

Removing the function of being able to search boards and access them through pins was an awful idea. The entire function of Pinterest is to share ideas through customizable boards. The removal of that function makes Pinterest practically useless, as most search terms do not yield all of the images. Why on would you do that...

- Clarity

Pictures are good as it is. When we click a photo, resolution is not that much good.

- Design has gone downhill.

I have used Pinterest for several years, and absolutely loved it. What’s happened? Annoying, repetitive, noisy, and often downright disturbing adverts on every view; images of abused animals; can’t seem to view a decent image; changes in saving to boards. I have deleted the app for now.

- Add this please

I love Pinterest don’t get me wrong but can you maybe add where you can save what you search? I would appreciate it<3

- Love except

Love Pinterest, except sometimes I need to use your program on a device different than my own and I DO NOT want to log in. It would be helpful if you could address this issue and allow people to “use as guest” in these circumstances. Thank you so much for your time.

- Children’s menus, vegetarian, soups

Love the variation of recipes and quick methods

- Thanks

I got so many cool ideas

- App freezes as soon as you zoom in

Fix it ASAP please. Freezes way too often. Shouldn’t happen to a popular app like this.

- Pinterest

I love the pictures the old throw back advertisements! Really anything your interested in

- Notifications

Nags for notification permissions. App asks repeatedly and doesn’t provide a Never Allow button, only a Not Now button. I can’t stand this sort of behaviour.

- The best app ever

I love this app because I can never find the right wallpapers on google and then t come to Pinterest and I can’t choose what wallpaper because I love them all and when I’m having a stressful day I look at the funny animals and I feel so much better and that is why this is the best app ever.

- Awesome me

Good app I would recommend this for people who want to do diys and craft this app is amazing

- Stop

Can I not get 6 ads in a row please? It’s getting out of hand. Thanks.

- Saved pins

I can’t see any of my saved pins as it is stuck on the last picture I looked at. Everything else is working though!

- Good but not amazing

This’s app is ok i guess sure I love all the pics and videos but annoyingly i always have the same add popping up on my screen I also find it hard to scroll through the images which is pretty annoying also but anyway other than those things it a great app for photograph lovers

- charlot is cool

i don t know how to use my internet

- fix the fonts

this is a great app I find pics better here than google or safari, but the thing is I want to make my boards look nice so I copy fonts and paste them as a title but when I refresh it literally disappears and it makes me so frustrated. Please answer or fix this soon

- 10000000000/10

It helps me get Inso for my life, room, food

- Pinterest

Best app ever

- Amazing website!

It has everything on here, from recipes, different cocktails, quotes, hairstyles, activities for Childcare. Keep up the great work, Pinterest. 👍👍👍

- Pinterest is aammaazziinngg!!!

Pinterest is my favourite app of all time! It is excellent for people who aren’t allowed social media. It is not to addictive either. 5/5

- Great ideas app

Amazing App, great ideas for my landscaping and building business. Love it👍

- Reorder bug fix please

Every time I attempt to reorder the pins on a board it errors says something went wrong. Please fix 🙏🏽

- Why I gave 5/5.

I gave Pinterest 5/5 because it is so handy for whatever you need, workouts, journaling, plant hacks and DIYS. >A very happy person 🙃

- Buggy.

Constantly shutting the app down. Every minute to two minutes it will shut down and lose where you were in the search.

- Doesn’t open

Since the upgrade my app won’t open and it’s unusable. It’s been buggy for a while. Very frustrating.

- Mr

Great Stuff!

- Full of advertising and false leads to things for sale

Too many adverts can’t get to what I want I just get taken to shops. Also can’t expand on an image easily I just get lost in a tunnel I didn’t ask to go down I have turned off notifications

- I love 💖 Pinterest because when I need ideas 💡 for art or I am just bored I go on Pinterest


- So addicting but just a few suggestions

Absolutely obsessed with Pinterest but I just want to say..... if it was possible to make sections within sections..... that would be SO perfect. Have talked with friends about this and they all agree so take this as a suggestion :) Also the app refreshes so much when I don’t want it to (e.g I open the app, my phone suggests WiFi to connect to, then Pinterest refreshes). Not sure if there’s any way to fix this but it would be helpful. Other than that though it’s amazing! So much stuff on there

- Love printrest

Had Pinterest since I was 12 and still love it at 16

- Thank You

Thank You for the times You have helped me reveal what I am looking for and the quality

- Great but one thing that would make it better

The one thing to make it better would be to like posts because I think that’s what most people are use to. By the way this is a great app but this is just a suggestion so don’t come at me... 😁

- Stupid

This app is so stupid right now. Way to many adds that I don’t wanna see and there are always pictures there that I really didn’t tag or want to look at and then there is the full on problem that really irritates me. I look at a picture and don’t even get one second to look at it because the damn app fully shuts down on me

- Best App

Pinterest is a really good app for looking at inspiration for your house, cooking, art ideas and many more too. It’s so easy to save the pins you like and it is really easy to access the pin when you want to see ideas you’ve saved :D you can also search for so many things like: quotes, recipes, bedroom inspo, anything you’re interested in!

- Buggy as hell

Pinterest is great on premise and functionality, if only the app would work correctly. I constantly get frozen screens, shut downs and the “send to” link in iOS doesn’t work. This app is the faultiest I’ve ever encountered in over 10 years of iPhone ownership. Desktop on chrome is also dodgy at times.

- Love Pinterest, but needs a little work

i love pinterest! You can glean so many different ideas from a vast array of categories; from writing prompts and tips to home decor and fashion! Since the recent update, the app has been crashing which is why I’ve given it a low rating. It crashes every thirty or so seconds which jars my productivity and leaves me frustrated. I will change my rating when this is fixed!

- Please fix

I LOVE Pinterest. But lately whenever I’m scrolling through the app just shuts down. I don’t click on any links. I’ve tested leaving it to sit down and it does the same thing. Very annoying. Please fix 😊

- Suggested pins no longer open on apple devices

Suggested pins no longer open on my apple devices. All as I see is the spinning button and that’s it

- Recipes??

All I find are ads and pictures. It is very difficult to locate an actual recipe. Almost time to give up on this app

- Crashing when I click on a link

I’m experiencing random crashes when i click on links. This is only happening recently.

- Please help!!!

I love Pinterest so much! It’s amazing and I have found beautiful tattoo ideas on this app. But I have run into one frequent problem it crashes please fix and I’ll change to 5 stars because you guys deserve it❤️

- Great way to learn

Been using the app for about a week now and must say I have learned a lot about various ideas and enhanced my knowledge. It’s pretty cool how u can save each post and reference it. Prob the best part about the app. Will defs continue to expand my saved posts and learn more. 4/5 stars due to not learning the whole app yet.

- Why remove good functions.😩

I love the concept of Pinterest and use it all the time for crafting inspiration, however, it is so frustrating when perfectly good function are removed. For example, once upon a time multiple pins could be selected within a board and then moved on mass to section of the board. I used to do this when a theme within a section got large enough to warrant creating an individual section to accommodate it. Suddenly that has disappeared and I now need to move them one Pin at a time. Also CROCHET AND KNITTING ARE NOT THE SAME THING!!!!

- good

very good

- Learning/sharing who you are

In many ways Pinterest is an artistic way of learning about yourself while sharing your personal sentiments with others. WARNING THOUGH: it can be highly addictive.

- 🤔

Am confused. How old to you have to be to get it? 12 or 13? App age is 12, but you have to be 13 to get an account! I don't even know

- Cha cha changessss

For the love of goddddddd! Stop with the changes every damn week! I love your app, and use it alllll the time, however, I only have one or two things that are an annoying feature for me... one is the that I see something that is a pin link from someone and when I click on it I get taken to the app upload from the App Store, and then lose the thing I wanted to see! Second, why oh why is everything changing every week? I can’t keep up with the changes... maybe every second week or a forum that you can announce changes on and people can comment so you know if it’s working or not?! Anyway, thanks for all your hard work, great job people 🙌😃

- Beautiful...

... Amazing design. • Incredible mood boarding. - A great space for inspiration ♾

- Great

Pinterest is a great way to find crafty things

- Great

Pinterest is great but the reason I give it 4 starts is because you can get easily distracted by it because of all the diys and crafts and memes on it so you end up procrastinating other than that I think it’s really good and has a lot of good stuff and content 💕

- Love using this app, but

Love getting heaps of ideas, free patterns for crafts, holiday information, recipes and heaps of other stuff. My complaint is, when I go to my boards to look for a pin I want to use or print from, I then get bombarded on the regular search page with other ideas like the one I just looked at. Particularly pins I have already pinned or don’t need. What is the point of pinning ideas for future use on my boards, if I can’t look at what I have without getting bombarded with so many of the same pins or ideas constantly after doing this.

- Unable to pin from browser or other apps

I've never had problems pinning from YouTube before but suddenly I can't. I've tried pinning from Facebook and that doesn't work it a bug?

- Great App but a new problem has just arisen with it

New problem with App! Just in the last couple of days I haven’t been able to upload anything on to Pinterest. This includes photos, YouTube clips and various other things I can normally pin. Could this be due to a bug that need fixing?

- Not working

Since the latest update, I’m unable to pin anything using the app. Trying to upload pictures to my boards doesn’t work.

- Can’t Pin Directly From Websites

Since today’s update I can no longer pin links to the app directly from websites using the ‘share to’ options on iPhone! Why would you remove this ability?! A complete waste my time and not to mention inefficient to have to copy the link, leave the website and then I have to physically open the app choose the + sign to add a pin. Extremely inefficient and careless on your behalf!! My rating for Pinterest used to be 5 ☆

- Update

I hate the new update, it was unnecessary. Other than that, Pinterest is a great app.

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- The new bubble look for iPads needs to go!

Pictures are too small now with this new bubble format. The images are basically the same size on my phone. Go back to full screen format! Please!!

- Pinterest

I love this app so much that I recommend it to some of my friends. Love the way it helps me feed my baby, it helps me how produced breast milk etc etc i have no issues problems. Thanks Pinterest

- Love this App

I gave this App 5 stars easily because every time I have a idea in my head no matter what it is I can always find it. And even find things I don’t know I wanted!!! Now for me that is Amazing

- I like this app realy amazing.

Like some one Compress the World and make one app all things there.

- Pintrest

Graet app wouldnt recomend this for little kids to see

- Dress


- Update

This latest update is terrible.

- Worse and worse

Locks up repeatedly, I uninstalled the app for awhile. Maybe time to drop it.

- Shop Similar Covers Information

Please remove Shop Similar from the images. When I click on a picture I want to see it in more detail but the “Shop Similar” button covers that detail. Otherwise this is a great app for a little bit of everything.

- I can't even get INTO it

I can't even get into the app itself. Whenever I tap it, it just doesn't open. I suggest seeing what's wrong or if there's a bug. I really do want to see the content on there. I've been a user for a few months now, and the stuff on there and is fun and cool to look at. But, it's really annoying especially since I've tried resetting my device, turning it on and off, deleting and reinstalling, waiting to see if anything different happens, and so on. Please make and update to try and fix this, [I checked, no updates available for that type of issue] umm.. So that's that. Also, I'm seeing the most recent reviews and one of them is experiencing something similar. Please fix this, I'm very annoyed and angry with this.

- Pinterest

I love this app and I’m totally addicted. It has everything, memes, DIY stuff, everything artsy, sports tips and memes, literally everything and I love it!!!!!

- Fantastic!!!🔥🔥🔥

Love this page it’s Absolutely Awesome!!!!❤️

- Other people’s boards

I love this app but I’m staring to love it less since I can no longer see other people’s boards. If that we’re to some how be fixed then that would be perfect.

- Pinterest 🦋

Well I think that Pinterest is 8/ 10 because honestly the updates are pointless.

- Lack of info

When I click on a photo I like, there is no information about what brands I am seeing. They give options of similar items below, but I want to know EXACTLY what brands are being displayed on a photo, not its “look alikes.” Also, a lot of photos don’t even have all of its look alikes offered. In a photo that displays shoes, earrings, blazer, jeans, purse, they focus on 1-2 items only, not an the entire set. Just give a list of things you are actually showing. It’s annoying to see what you like and have no idea where to buy it.

- Photos are too small

Come on Pinterest, it’s almost unbelievable that you would think the new bubble format is pleasing. The photos are all so small now.

- I love this app, best thing made!

Love it!!!

- Content Pinterest user

Five stars love it I use it for art references and everything I’m addicted and I’m on it to much but I love it one minor flaw I have found so far you have to download a image to send it to someone yes you can copy and paste a link but that’s kinda dumb many of my friends don’t have Pinterest and you should make it possible just to copy and paste a image because i don’t want download images and waste my space and time on the website you can copy and paste but not on the app I love the rest and please consider this comment thank you for Pinterest I 100% recommend for anyone

- Can’t Open!

I am SICK! of trying to open up Pinterest and can’t!! I don’t want to i open on FACEBOOK/ don’t use! nor Google! don’t want to share MY INFO!!!

- Wow

It is my favorite app because whenever I run out of ideas the app gives me recommended things to look at so I never get bored. Also, my mom loves it because she can look at my history to see what I have been looking at. Overall I think Pinterest is great and always entertaining app.😁

- I love it

Pinterest is amazing and I am so happy that I have it. There is no downside to having this app and I highly recommend this app.

- Pinterest

Best app for everything 💯💯💯

- More quizzes

I think it’s good, but it should have more quizzes on what you like

- A little confusing.

Have actually learn how to navigate it but eventually I’ll get it.

- Yes

Good memes

- Pinterest

I love Pinterest it's the best app ever. Me and my sister wanted to make a choice for all electronics should have no password to anything. We can go to Tik Tok. Com I just love it thank you Sm whoever made this game

- Too many ads

I love Pinterest, but it is literally impossible now to scroll without seeing an ad. Why? Are you trying to cram in as many as possible while ruining the experience? It’s ugly and horrendous.

- Pinterest

Pinterest en una buena aplicación para que busquemos cosas que no hay en otras aplicasiones

- It keeps saying pick 5 or more

I love the app so much but when I go to go on it it keeps saying pick 5 or more and it won’t let me on the app

- 10/10 literally download it rn

i love this app so much, there’s so much inspo and so many helpful pins here !!!! it’s also really relaxing scrolling thru photos n saving them :)) highly recommend

- The best app

This is the best app ever because it works great and is free

- Good... and glitchy

Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is a great way to find new recipes and get ideas for projects but, it is so glitchy! All of the videos always skip. At lease once an hour the app freezes ( usually right when I found something to save) and after 10 minutes of loading crashes. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!!

- Reseña

Está excelente App está mucho mejor de lo esperado.

- I love this app

I love this app I can find pictures and videos of my favorite stars and cute animals and more if you like funny videos and memes + cool pretty and fun pictures you should 💯% download this app

- Good app

I love it

- Baked corned beef

Easy quick and delicious-moist and easy to slice easier and better than the on the stove boiling method

- Love it but if it’s not broken stop fixing it

Please bring back the thing where you can see how many pins you’ve saved total and also organizing your boards in alphabetical order isn’t exactly working

- Awsome Pins

So easy to use. Awsome ideas. Can message people. Get this app one of the best apps out there

- App and website just doesn’t work

Plain and simple, app doesn’t work anymore, website doesn’t work, can’t send developers a note that it’s not working. Used it for years, I guess Pinterest shut themselves down. Too bad, really liked it.

- Awesome

I enjoy been able to find what I need. So amazing how I look something up it is on here.

- Pintrust

I love being creative and this is the app that helps u with everything creative

- 👎🏻

I love the content of this app, but it crashes every 5 minutes. That’s the reason I don’t really use it anymore. It might not be compatible with iOS after all.

- Great stuff

Simply the Very best Better than All of the Rest

- Annoying

Pinterest has become annoying. Each update is worse than than the previous. Recommendations are always irrelevant. What’s the point of having the hide feature when it pops up again 2 days later. I spent an entire month having the almost perfect Pinterest and and now all the recommendations are affirmations and DIYs. I use to use it daily, but now I use the app maybe once a month.

- Best app ever 🤩😍😃

Gives me the best ideas.its a great app because you can look up whatever you want.Plus you can save things too.I started looking at this app when my mom had it and I got on her phone a lot. So then she said maybe you should download it on your phone you can use mine so I wrote this because I just now downloaded it. So you should download it too🤩🥳😇.


I like the app! BUT PLEASE TAKE THE SUGGESTED PINS/BOARDS OFF OF MY HOME PAGE!!! *I just want to say I like the search engine and I would love it if you kept it the same * 1) F O L L O W E R S: I would like to know how many followers I have for EACH board. 2) S E C R E T B O A R D S If I originally make a board and I make it a secret board I can make it visible. I want to be able to MAKE A VISIBLE BOARD A SECRET BOARD again. It's sad that I have to ask for this because it should be a given. If I want it to be a secret board, why I can't make it a secret board again? -_- 3) FOLLOWING TAB WHY DID YOU ALL CHANGE THE NEWS FEED ONCE AGAIN!! Under the ‘Following’ tab I see boards that im following. I liked how less organized the old pinterest was when it came to seeing content from people I follow. I dont want it grouped by each board I follow. I would like to be able to click the ‘Following’ tab and see what all of the people I follow pin by the order they pinned it. Like scrolling through and just pinning what I see to what board I need to. But instead when I click on it, I see the full board I follow. No no no too much organization makes it not fun to pin. Because instead of seeing random content, I have to go from board to board and pin things. BORING Other than these things, the app is great! - Thanks :)

- Annoyed

So annoyed with all the dumb “updates”. They are useless and make the app more difficult to use instead of easier. I can’t figure out how to get to my boards now with the most recent update. It’s frustrating. It also freezes constantly.

- Love it !

I love Pinterest, I’ve been using it for years! Best app, has everything you ever need !

- Good but annoying

Love this app just way to many adds

- Update login

Tried and tried to log in without success. no place to call and speak to someone to help me with the problem, so not able to see your wonderful site. Not happy with your help system, no help at all. Extremely frustrating!!!

- Inconvenient

Every time I tap on something I’m interested in, I get redirected to a login in page.( or an update!,) Is there a way that I don’t have to do this everyday, 3 times a day?

- Whoa... heavy on the advertising

I took a break from Pinterest and when I try it again I’m so disappointed. Literally every 1 in 4 pins on my feed is an advertisement. Not inspiring at all. 😞

- Problème depuis la dernière mises à jour

L’application se ferme dès l’ouverture

- Pinterest

I love Pinterest. I have noticed more and more often that when I click on a pin to read about it, it often takes me to a totally different website or no website can be found. Why is this happening so much?

- Meh

I loved using it to make aesthetically pleasing boards but now I can’t get rid of the text under certain pins and it ruins the look of my boards

- Pinterest Review

Pinterest is my life🤗. Pinterest is the🐥. Download pinterest👧

- Too Much Advertising

I used to really like Pinterest and still do go to the app to look for ideas on certain things.... BUT there is waaaay to many advertising pins now. And of stuff that I would never buy or use/do. I understand needing advertising to keep things going but when does it become too much. I could just go used Google, which I have started to more often. Edit.... now who had the great idea to make the pins smaller on the iPad? Why do you 5ink I want SMALLER pics. Use the whole screen! That’s why I have a larger iPad!

- used to be better :/

I really like Pinterest but I feel like the removal of certain features and other issues is ruining it. Please bring back the ability to see who pinned an image, and the ability to see similar boards to a specific one of yours with the “more ideas” section. Bring back the ability to edit descriptions on all pins as some pins seem to have a permanent description which is really annoying, because I want to be able to scroll through my boards without seeing weird text right underneath the pins unless it’s something I added. Also there seems to be a few bugs. Sometimes when I expand the image of a pin, it freezes and the app crashes. Crashes also seem to come about after spending a while on the app, mostly when scrolling through a board or messages. Sometimes the more ideas section doesn’t appear for some of my boards. I’m not too big of a fan of my feed refreshing if I leave for even a second. It’d be nice if you could filter out spam comments on posts, especially all the self promotion ones. The weird community/ activity layout that some users have when you visit their profile is annoying, the normal boards/pins one is a lot better.

- Frustrated

Lots of great recipes. Listed ingredients. But no directions to go with ingredients

- App can be frustrating

I love Pinterest but every time I go out of the app, even briefly for a second then go back into it, the app refreshes and asks what country I’m in, even though I have that information in my profile, and it loses what I was doing and goes back to a refreshed home page. It is so frustrating. Don’t know how many other people have this issue, I have tried updating the app (multiple times, this has been happening for a while), reinputting my country, changing location preferences, all sorts of stuff and nothing has fixed it

- Deleted...

As a long time user of this app I have found a drastic increase in the ads. It is to the point of unusable. If I follow the same link in Safari ZERO ADS and you can actually read and use the information. This tells me it’s Printrest that’s doing this and not the site you want to view. I’ll have to find a better storage app...bye bye!

- Awesome When It Works

I've always enjoyed Pinterest and even before its creation I used to keep files of images for numerous reasons . . . this is so much better. However, whose idea was it to reduce the size of all images on the iPad? Rather than the usual full screen image I now get a framed image with a ton of external information and half the screen is vertical black sidebars. I also preferred the ability of editing information as I saved a pin but now I have to locate my saved pin and then edit the information. This is annoying. This could easily be a five star app but it needs some reverse engineering.

- 'Like' button

Give us back the like button, you heathens. I love the app but, really, the like button was a great and easy way to save things and pin them afterward. Also, easy access to the delete button would be great too!! These two additions would make the app so user friendly !

- No so great anymore 😢

Pinterest used to be my all time favourite app. It was like having thousands of magazine pages at your finger tips. So much fun. It seems to be too overloaded now. It is glitchy and there’s way too many ads and pop ups and difficulty with navigating your way through. Pics won’t enlarge, or they get stuck, they slide away on you and it crashes or you just have to close out. I live by the motto LESS IS MORE. I wish you’d clean it up and tone it down again.

- Fun

Everything is amazing

- Pinterest

Ratings go down every time I get blocked from creating boards.

- So far, so good

So far so good

- ILP...🤍🤍🤍

I love Pinterest you can use for any mood or day and even any inspiration

- Steady downhill

Started off on such a high, best app easily. But the latest updates have really missed the mark, and it’s only getting worse :/


Have had my site for some time now. Have just realized how many Boards I have, tried to add more but was not allowed to!! So I turned to Pinterest How To Do sites... So I started, moving boards that made sense together...Wish, I had thought it out a little better before hand, it’s not really that easy😳. Wanted to fix spelling mistakes??!...iPads are something else, you have to double check everything 🙈👀🎶... I’d have given them(Pinterest) a 5 star rating BUT as you just read..boards, pins not that easy to move around. The other thing I really don’t appreciate is the. “FOR YOU” setting. I loved the OLD WAY, of doing was an easy learning experience, new pins I hadn’t thought of, to observe, use, and add to my site, or just read I’m relegated to only see “like” pins (only things that I’ve been looking at) so have been doing a lot of searching..ugggh! I’d just like an easier way of doing things. Changes are not always for the better!! But that’s life...guess I’m just getting old😘🎶😎....

- Crashes all the time

App crashes constantly

- Best app ever.

If you ever have no idea what app to just scroll on because you are bored, go on Pinterest. It is one the best apps that I have experienced. Honestly, my favourite app.

- Dislike newest format update

They were doing so well! Nice the newest updated format seems so redundant to displaying good photos and presenting unnecessary information

- Best relations specialist!!!

Long story short...I accidentally created a new account after which only the new account would register on the Pinterest app. After many tries on my own I contacted Pinterest. Joseph was amazing at trying to help me solve my issues!!! He was most helpful and patient as well. THANK YOU JOSEPH!!!

- omg

i need this app🥰🥰🥰🥰

- Pinterest

I love Pinterest to get daily inspiration also inspire others and mostly to share the wonderful things I find but I wish sometimes the page won’t reload and scroll back to the top. They should have button that will bring you back to the pin you were looking at. Other than this one little thing I love Pinterest!!!!!

- Terrible

I almost got virus’s on my phone because of this app 😡🤬

- Love it

I don’t think I will ever look back. Pinterest has changed my life, my style and design. My obsession is with house organization ideas that people share. I love it. It brings me joy☺️🤗

- Problem

When I logged into Pinterest, a banner popped up saying that they’ve “protected my account”. Then they said they reseted my password and logged everyone out ( including me ), and the only way to get my account back is to reset my password or login with google or Facebook. They should’t of done that, because it’s a huge hassle and I don’t want to change my password

- Horrid Update (2020 Feb)

The recent update (2020 Feb) is horrible. When you tap on a selection the picture is now smaller/narrower. Why would you narrow the photo, compared to the screen size, when the app is about visual appeal? Half the page is blank space. For Pete’s sake, the whole appeal of the app is about the photos. How hard is it to focus on that idea and make it the most prominent view?

- What’s up with new version (again)

When I click on a pin to get a better look, the screen goes blank then black and the the pin shows up. Not to be paranoid, but it feels like a photo is being taken. And most of the pins are now of low resolution. Plus, holy heck, if I look at a picture of a frog, I don’t want to see frogs to infinity. Algorithms take the joy out of life.

- Not happy with the new updated version :(

Pinterest is one of my favourite apps but I simply don’t enjoy using it as much as I have for years since the update. I was able to quickly and effortlessly scroll & save pins with one hand before and now I feel like it takes longer to use and I’m constantly annoyed with having to swipe the saved-post-notification-bubble away from the top of the screen. It was a perfect app before, I want the old Pinterest!!! 😫

- Best thing ever

Pinterest gives so many ideas!

- Amazing

Amazing app!!cant wait to try some of the crafts!

- Hate the new look

I hate the new update, looks horrible when browsing on my iPad. Change it back to how it was and stop trying to change something that isn’t broken.

- Do not update

Great app Pinterest but I updated it a month ago and it’s still not updated

- Can't remove more than 50 Pins

I do enjoy this app. Unfortunately when I was trying to clear out ine of my boards I discovered that I'm unable to delete more than 50 pins at once. This is extremely unfortunate and something should be done about the large amounts of adds. I'd be fine with them there if I can swipe past them. A disappointing 3 stars. Do make these improvements, will you?

- Hate the new update

I love Pinterest, but this new update SUCKS! I hate it! Change it back!

- It’s great but has a few issues..

I love Pinterest and all but now I can’t see how many pins an image has and it blacks out for a second whenever I try to select a pin. Also, it’s really annoying how you can only posts videos if you have a business account.

- Algorithmes

Avant, on ne voyait presque que ce que l’on avait choisi de voir (les comptes que l’on suivait). Maintenant, ce sont des algorithmes qui décide pour nous. Ainsi, quand je fais de la recherche (pour mon travail ou des projets), je suis prise avec QUE des trucs en lien avec ce que j’ai recherché -et probablement trouvé, donc dossier clos-. Je suis maintenant prise avec un feed qui me déplaît et qui ne me ressemble pas. La publicité ne fait donc aucun effet car elle ne s’adresse pas à moi.

- Woah!


- 𝙼𝚢 𝚑𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚠

𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚜𝚘 𝚛𝚎𝚕𝚊𝚡𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚒𝚝 𝚐𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚜 𝚖𝚎 𝚕𝚘𝚝𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚊𝚜 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚖𝚢 𝚍𝚛𝚊𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚜𝚘 𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚕 𝚊𝚗𝚜 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚐 𝚒 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚌𝚗 𝚒𝚝

- Crash

always crashes when I get the update

- Moo

Pints the awesome in me. Soooo inspired by it so pooooo

- Completely commercialized

This app is impossible to navigate because anything you click on is coated in ads. Most annoying are the video ads which scroll in front of the web content. This sucks my data and i avoid using Pinterest when I can avoid it.

- Boards and now topics gone?

I used to exclusively use Pinterest for browsing subject boards and a few months ago that whole feature disappeared. Then I found that I could follow topics which worked but was limited. NOW that is gone too. What the hell pinterest? I don’t want everything on here to be algorithm based. Bring back the Pinterest from 2012. Somehow it has gotten WORSE over time. Basically just another platform for advertising. 🙄

- Love it but keeps crashing

I’ve been using this app for years and I absolutely love it BUT the app keeps crashing. Hopefully the app team can fix this soon! Still crashes after the newest update too. Otherwise Pinterest deserves 5 stars!

- Annoying feature

I’d just like to mention that although I adore Pinterest, it bugs me that when the black bar rolls from the top to mention where I saved the pin, it blocks the back arrow to go back to the main board. Can this be fixed?

- New iPhone

Its not the same app with my new iPhoneX why?

- Used to love..but it’s going downhill

I used to use Pinterest for everything, and still want to. But I desperately miss the catagoeries option, as well at least half the links I clock on are misleading. Please fix.

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- Zoom

If you zoom in on a pic the app crashes or freezes, every time, without fail

- Excellent images that match search words

So much choice and inspiration 👍

- Please fix

For some reason I can’t select pins from my secret board or move them to another board. For example: 1) I save a pin and accidentally press on the sever board 2) I go to the secret board and there’s no ‘select’ option even though my other secret board has it 3) And I went to the ‘...’ button but there was nothing. Which really annoys me because then it results in me deleting the pin and having to save it to the right board Please fix this. And also can you make it so we/I can see how many followers I have on each board? Because I missed being able to see who follows what board. But overall a great app and would recommend to a friend.


I have one word for this and that word is CRAP because it wants you address and password like and also it is bad because it shows weird stuff on that are not for 12 year olds also why would it need you address

- Great but too many adverts

I love the app as it’s what I needed as a child to store and find ideas for my active mind, sadly over the last year and a half 2019 onwards the adverts are becoming very intrusive

- Pinterest

Pinterest is great! I love it. There is so much to do on it and so many great ideas for me to try out, the only problem I have with it well it’s not really a problem but here we go I don’t really know my way round yet and it’s abit complicated. Anyway keep up the good ideas ❤️

- Deceitful advertising

Who’s smart idea was it to make the ads look exactly like pins? I think it’s extremely deceptive and it made me delete the app. Be more honest with your users.

- Thank you

Very good for ideas

- 😀

Love it

- Following the pins

I find navigating Pinterest very hard. I click something I am interested in and a whole page of things come up. I don’t understand how it works I think. Help

- JukinVideo

Transfer mine loan MR ledner indvestit

- Love It !!

I’m in love with Pinterest but I do wish that you could upload multiple things at the same time instead one picture at a time ! Please fix

- Please do this update

Don’t get me wrong, amazing app, but please please please can you do an update to make a “leave group” feature. My friends have made about 50 groups now with some being multiples and it’s driving me mad and i cant even mute it, just please let me leave them


I absolutely love Pinterest. I have it on nearly all my devices and I spend hours everyday on it. I use it for homework, for writing and for silly things. My friends all use it, because of me, and I would highly recommend!

- Daily ritual

Love Pinterest , like the quotes and the clothing trends , love this app one of my favourites x while chilling with a coffee ❤️

- Love to ALL using Pinterest

Love getting ideas from you all . I LOVE PINTEREST 🤗🥰

- Promoted Pins have ruined this.

Used to be good but now it’s rubbish. Can only be greed that makes them fill my feed with promoted adds. Sick of being told what I like instead of getting to discover things myself. I DONT NEED A COMPUTER TO TELL ME I MIGHT LIKE SOMETHINGN BECAUSE I LIKED SOMETHING ELSE.


It’s a great app to use for inspiration for anything..... for example ,designing you bedroom,art,football,guitar and anything you can think off

- I really want visual search back

Dear developers of Pinterest I really loved visual search when suddenly I don’t know how to find it. It was such a remarkable feature, it helped me a lot. If you could get the spectacular feature back I will be so happy but then again you don’t have to thank you

- Not as good anymore

I don’t enjoy Pinterest or use it as much as I used to since I can’t see what my actual family & friends are pinning. My family & friends & I enjoyed inspiring one another & sharing our joint interests & ideas. After all that’s what Pinterest is for isn’t it? I cannot share my life with strangers. It’s not as personal anymore. Please reinstate the original way of us directly seeing our own direct family & friends pins Pinterest?

- Great but...

Normally it works well, but when i zoom into a picture it freezes and I have to restart the app. Other than that it is such a useful tool when it comes to inspiration for my work

- Bugs?

I downloaded this app last week and i loved it! Unfortunately i have had to delete it. Ever since I got this app my phone has been completely messed up. It went completely out of control- sometimes it would be fine but other times it would move around on its own accord. Then it wouldn’t be able detect my finger. I completely reset my phone and it was working fine until i opened pintrest. Really annoyed but good app in intself

- Pinterest

Pinterest is very helpful towards finding new things that you Like

- Crashes out of nowhere after the last update


- It freezes, bad vibes 🙃

I love Pinterest! As an artist it really helps me collect ideas and get inspiration for character design, writing, aesthetics, etc HOWEVER I’m on IPhone it’s all updated yet the app constantly freezes after about 5 minutes and it’s so frustrating because I’m sure I’d use the app much more than I already do if I could actually go on it knowing I wouldn’t lose a thread I was on!!! Pls fix this I am d e s p e r a t e. Thank u

- No longer works

Doesn’t seem to work on iPad 7

- Rubbish...

New version will not download - complete and utter rubbish please fix.

- but..

it’s a great app for finding inspiration and ideas but can we finally zoom out the picture though? PINTEREST!!!!!!

- Tattoos

It has may designs to help you make the right choices

- No title

I love Pinterest BUT I cannot open it anymore every time I click on something that I like I get a page just like this one asking me to “Star Rate or leave a review please change it back to how it used to be 😬, I’m only doing this review because I clicked on a jacket and it disappeared!!

- I now have a nice cute room

I love Pinterest so much! It made my dream room become a dream room! And I also have really cool phone back grounds, phone accessories, outfits, hairstyles and I always wanna stay up all night looking at cute baby animal pictures! I rate Pinterest 100,000,000/10!!! I recommend you download Pinterest if you are struggling on ideas for anything or you just wanna look at cute animals!

- Um

It constantly glitches. I have organised everything and then it all gets ruined bc the app glitches and wont let me delete boards

- Everything you need


- Really good

Pinterest is a great way to find anything not just home where I have going so much I love it. Everyone is being way to greedy there has to be adverts. Everyone know that because it is a free app it has to have adds if you bought it for money it would have known adds but wouldn’t you rather have a free app and a few adds or bye it for a stupid amount any way it is a very good app

- What went wrong?I

I loved they're old format of Pinterest... Now when I open a pin on my iPad it looks like an undersized iPhone or Instagram post. Wyatt happened to the nice clear larger pictures that you could enjoy on your iPad or big screen?. This just looks like a clone of Instagram which I don't really care for...

- Love it but....

Not very often I write a review but Pinterest is a really nice idea, could do with a bit of a makeover though. I’m using this app on an iPhone 11 Pro Max but for some reason the app always crashes on me. I’ve tried resetting the cache etc... but still always crashes on me! Please fix!

- What’s the point

I don’t really see the point of Pinterest other than looking at pretty pictures. It actually doesn’t lead one any nearer to acquiring the item one is looking for. Frustratingly useless!

- Caitlin

I love Pinterest and it is probably my most used app but ... they do keep on changing buttons and features whenever you just got used to them so it’s really annoying . Also , it takes up a lot of storage space to update it every week !



- No more useless updates

I’ve used this app for years and at first it was great lots features I enjoyed using all of which have now been removed by updates. The explore tab being the one I miss the most, I also hate that I can’t just see my follower count when I click on my profile at a glance It’s now hidden behind an extra tab and also I’ve no idea how many pins I’ve saved because the numbers have just disappeared entirely. The floating menu bar just annoys me and it looks ugly as does most of the new layout and I don’t like not being able to see how many times a pin had been saved by other people the first time I come across it or what board it was saved to, it makes everything feel disconnected and I’m really not enjoying it like I used to. Please fix it.

- Not good...

The new layout UI might look great on iPhone, but on iPad, it looks horrid. One size does not fit all. Very lazy decision to create a universal layout rather than a bespoke one for iPad. Not impressed. Such a shame there isn’t an alternative to Pinterest. Otherwise I’d switch asap.

- Oshea

Fab. Really enjoying

- Hi

I love Pinterest but I hate only being able to add one pin at a time from my camera roll, I wish there was a feature that allowed you to select multiple pictures at a time it would save sooo much time honestly.

- Great update?

Really nice black border on everything. But why are all bloody pictures sooooo small.

- Amazing

This is the best app ever. I never stop playing

- *inhales*

Their. Is. MEMES

- Fantastic usually, but.......

The latest update has spoilt things somewhat. The pictures are getting so small! I don’t need all the other stuff, unless I want to look it up, which I could before..... Now it just obscures the view of the picture which is after all, why we are here in the first place. What a shame. Please turn it back!! This is my favourite ever app. It's like a dream thing I could have imagined when I was a child....but it is real. Love it!

- Error

I have used Pinterest for a while but for some reason I can’t make new boards anymore. When I try it just says error. Also when you save pins to boards it sometimes deletes the description. They keep making updates but none of them fix anything. I use Pinterest to research and gain inspiration for my university projects. It is really good for this but I wish it was more reliable. Please fix the bugs rather than changing the look of the app!

- Pinterest review

I find this app useful in many ways and one of the ways that I find the app useful is because it helps me with drawing ideas.also it helped me with my homework a week ago when I did a dress design and all the sketches of dresses just gave me amazing ideas.

- Soooooo goooood

I love this app I’m on it everyday u should download it if u r 13 or more because that’s what u have to be to be able to sign in 🥰🥰 love it

- Bug with most recent update

After the most recent update I can no longer save from the internet or my photos into Pinterest. Please fix. There doesn’t seem to be a way to report issues from within the app.

- Fantastic

so many amazing recipes, quotes, even beautiful scenery. i totally recommend this app!

- Can’t upload from my iPhone

All of a sudden tonight I can’t share or upload any photos from my iPhone onto my Pinterest app!?! Very frustrated as I do this every night 🤬🤬🤬 why is this happening I have deleted and reinstalled the app and restarted my phone several times and even updated my phone in settings! Still not working can’t share a thing can someone please help me or fix this Thanks urgently

- Ads

This has been an app I have used for a while but over the years there’s been more and more ads just invading the app it would be great to see some of them go, since most of them are irrelevant and annoying, please fix this problem otherwise you’ll see me delete this app

- Excellent information

A personal development is here for everyone to focus on change Each update if you read before sleep

- Old days

Brilliant photos of lives gone past, the fun , the sadness, the cheerfulness, the unusual, the extremes of life during wars and sadness of poverty. People in our western society are absolutely totally unaware that they are living. Your displays show from one side to the other. We should be grateful for what we have and what others have gone through. Their is much more to Pinterest than this but at the moment looking at my parents time. It’s a record of life and also crafts hair dos dresses the elegance the 60s and much much more. I have looked before but did not recognise the scope it contains. Thank you

- Love pinterest hate the app

The app has been glitchy and overwhelmed by video ads for about 6 months. I love Pinterest for organising creative inspiration and projects but it is intolerably clunky on the iPhone 11 Pro

- Love Pinterest but it’s crashing

I love Pinterest but the latest update it keeps crashing. I tried reinstalling and it’s still crashing. It’s making my wedding planning a little tougher

- Basically perfection.


- Things that you need to see in life 🤩

I just live every bit about Pinterest and stay up to day with the trends and seeing beautiful pictures and awesome backgrounds for your phone iPad and laptop I recommend this app for sure ✌️😁✌️

- Awesome

I love Pinterest!, it’s so creative and has things for everybody,I’ve had Pinterest for a while but o decided to write a review anyway, 11/10

- Constant crashing

Perfect app, although, it crashes multiple times a day. Would be appreciated if this could be fixed!

- I 💚 Pinterest

It’s great

- Way too many freaking ads

Out of each 5 posts at least 2 are ads. Disgusting.

- Love what I can see on pin interest and if busy just save and watch with the family

Would recommend this to anyone for kids to great grandparents like us So many things to do draw like a professional find what bearded dragons like LOVE. IT. Thanks 🙏

- Messaging

this app is great for looking at meals, diets, clothing etc. Although this app is supposed to let you send messages and send pins to friends and followers, it is not letting me do that. Pinterest is fully updated on my device but is frustrating when wanting to send something to a friend.

- Pinterest

Just love Pinterest love orchids flowers beautiful cactus cooking crochet patchwork I just love Pinterest GLORIAJEANBROWN Merybrown

- I love it

It is like a social media I’m allowed haha 💖💖


Omg this is such a good app I love it so much it has everything I need in life I don’t even know where to start I honestly recommend this app to anyone of all ages it’s got everything you can even shop on Pinterest for unique assets you need for life just love this app ✝️❣️❣️❣️❣️💯🔐

- It’s great

Hello this Dom and I would like to say that Pinterest is a great app and it has helped me in finding things and connecting with people

- Dedicated Pinterest user!!!

Love the app!! Love the content! However I must say the recent last two updates are NOT my favourite, they make the app harder to use, as someone who’s building it up for a big audience with a lot of content I need to be able to upload my own pins easily and quickly. This means I need to be able to select multiple or keep adding from camera role without having to reopen and scroll all the way through my photos for every upload :( You had an update which did it perfectly but then you changed it :( otherwise a great app for expression and inspiration as a creative !

- love it

hi everyone, i love this app its my favourite besides snapchat and instagram but this app is super good why, well because you can do everything on their and i love that you can do everything on their. this app is well made, it has everything. you sre looking for.😁

- Mostly good

But the rightmost of the four buttons at the bottom has had no icon for MONTHS.

- What has happened

Haven’t used the app for a while.. Team, you have way too many adds, it’s impossible to use the app, all ads are very spammy and affect greatly the experience overall.

- Good

The updates have been improving Pinterest, thanks

- My inspiration bible

Simply said , I’d be creatively lost with out you Pinterest ‼️So thank you for being by my side team Pinterest , hope one day I’m blessed to work with you on some capacity

- Pinterest

Was easy to use and facilitate, been off it for awhile... too complicated now... It’s a browsing and selection site, great content... Remember the old maxim “keep it simple St****”.

- Very good app

I love Pinterest it is a very good if you’re having an celebration and lots of ideas

- Love it but...

Love it! It’s awesome! So in love! The only problem is I would post my opinion on something, like someone being hurtful on a stereotype and everyone would start fighting. In one Incident someone said hurtful things and when I reported it nothing happened they just continued. I said stop they didn’t and it turned pretty nasty. It’s amazing but the language needs to be somehow contained or armrest kick someone off for a day if they get reported 💕

- Where has the sections function gone?

Was previously a 5, but recently Pinterest have removed the ability to create sections under new Boards. This is a disappointing move!!!

- Can be difficult to navigate

Can be difficult to navigate

- Great Cars, Beautiful Girls...

The Cars and Girls are Hot.....

- A Query?

I enjoy Pinterest but can never get the free patterns? What am I doing wrong?Peggy

- Pinterest used to be cool

Ads! Ads! And more ads! Pinterest is just full of ads now. I’m just continually blocking ads, and then five more show up in its place. Really ruining the experience of one of my (previously) most loved apps. Sad. Pinterest has lost its soul.

- Please revert back to the old Pinterest

I have been an avid user of Pinterest for many years now and I’m not a big fan of the new update with the black background at all.

- •Pinterest•

I absolutely love Pinterest, it has the all the answers google can’t provide. In future I would love if Pinterest boards could be made available offline. This app is absolutely amazing.

- App is broken - use through browser

Can’t even log in.

- Pinterest sold out and lost its mojo

When Pinterest first started it was great, I got to follow many inspiring creatives and see their own inspirations. Now all I see is adds and what Pinterest is pushing me to see so most of my feed is full of rubbish and has become a waste of time.

- Bad

My Pinterest for the past few months has been messing up so bad. Suddenly new borders that I didn’t create pop up, things won’t save or will somehow transfer to other boards, boards suddenly disappear and reappear empty and a whole load of other problems no matter how many times I update it

- Great but add a dark mode setting

I’ve found Pinterest is a great app for finding art references and wallpapers. It becomes extremely personalised over time which is great, one thing however. Please add a setting for dark mode on the app like how it’s available on browser. If there was a dark mode setting the app would probably be 5 stars.

- Begginer

Hey, I just got this app and looking at most of the reviews it’s really good! It has most keto cooking recipes for such a healthy diet. Download it now!

- Continual data errors when trying to save

I’ve updated & even reloaded & get the same data error when trying to save websites, pins or even following. Disappointed!

- Depth

This is a platform you can use for long term growth. No flash in the pan.

- Perfect

I think Pinterest is really great. It’s been so helpful to me in finding ideas for my passions, such as writing, mythology and learning languages—there is so much on there, and you can upload your own images and videos. It’s super easy to organise boards and you can find just about anything that piques your interest. It’s also nice how you can collaborate with people on boards and make your boards secret and visible only to you. Plus the community is usually pretty friendly. Overall, it’s my favourite social media app (not that I use many). Highly recommended!

- Too many adverts

I’ve had Pinterest for quite a number of years now & love it but the recent updates have spoiled it. It’s not visually enjoyable and the amount of ads has increased dramatically. It can also be harder sometimes to work what’s an ad and what isn’t. I would rather it went back to how it was & pay yo use as free. It’s a fantastic app and such a great idea and way to share ideas but it’s been ruined and I rarely use it now because of this.

- Do NOT like update

I have loved Pinterest so much for many years but recently with the new update of the layout of my personal board I have not used it. The new layout doesn’t let me see all my latest pins that I have saved. Please change back ASAP

- In heaven

I love it. Been a member for many years and so many ideas have changed my life. An endless source of inspiration.

- Why?

EDIT: Ive now had enough of these so called updates.... its just an adfest now. You’s have destroyed a good app in favor of advertisments. I will be deleting my Pinterest and finding another app! Last update seem to get rid of all notifications at the top of the screen when saving pins...awesome! Now the last update brought them back again??? Definately impacts the anount of pins i save..

- Good app but at 1-1-2020 it’s bugging

Lots of random bugs happening current update... * New pin from photo, added a link, then couldn’t change the title, backspace literally wouldn’t work * new boards not allowing me to name them, and then magically appearing with the name anyway * some random edits will just be met with an Unable to complete error


Really do not like the latest update and layout. Also way too many ads and supposed suggestions. DO NOT UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION

starting a quarantine Pinterest board was the best idea I’ve had in months

@GprSami19 @BloggersTribe @kvburton657 I followed you here, on pinterest and insta. I also subscribed to your blo…

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vou baixar o pinterest pra ficar mal, foda-se

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Look at this... 👀 like these he bajado insta... pinterest, el convertidor de PDF, y hoy sticker, que más me hace falta? No sé...

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Pinterest 8.10 Screenshots & Images

Pinterest iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest iphone images
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Pinterest ipad images
Pinterest ipad images
Pinterest ipad images
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Pinterest (Version 8.10) Install & Download

The applications Pinterest was published in the category Lifestyle on 2011-04-28 and was developed by Pinterest [Developer ID: 328135727]. This application file size is 185.89 MB. Pinterest - Lifestyle posted on 2020-03-23 current version is 8.10 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Pinterest Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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