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Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest.

Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, or plan your next vacation with Pinterest.

3 Reasons to start finding and saving ideas on Pinterest:

1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics.
2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project.
3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make, or do it!

Discover new possibilities and save what you find. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet.

Get ideas for the topics you care about most:
- Travel and fitness tips
- Fashion and style
- Home design and architecture
- Food and cooking
- Wedding inspiration

Download Pinterest now to start exploring possibilities for your next project.

Pinterest App Description & Overview

The applications Pinterest was published in the category Social Networking on 2011-04-28 and was developed by Pinterest. The file size is 119.39 MB. The current version is 7.1 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Every week, we polish up the Pinterest app. This update includes:
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

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Angry  dina_s18  1 star

Seriously? These updates only make the app worse! Can you guys just go back to the original Pinterest!! goodness you guys are gonna make me delete this app and all my friends too. Bring back the categories please

cucuti 46

Divine  cucuti 46  5 star

Iam very happy with Pinterest. I am a little creative and with Pinterest I have learned other task. From weddings to plants to decorate. My yard and so many things. There is nothing that you cannot find in here..Love Pinterest, my source.

Karen Rigatti

Love Pinterest  Karen Rigatti  5 star

I am a Pinterest addict. I love finding new pins for my boards, especially my dog board and politics board. Actually, the pins picked for me are awesome. I have collected so many recipes, make up for my beauty board, and animal pins. I have lost count how many different boards I have. The important thing is that I cannot think of a more fun place to be.


Super fun!!  ♥️🦄Kelsey🦄♥️  4 star

I love this app so much and go on it every day. Just one thing, I wish you could still like others pins. Can you plz add that update back?


Bad algorithm  1-2-3!!  2 star

I’m just scrolling through my feed and I decide to pin a goat, just because I like that specific photograph. But then Pinterest shows me only goats because they think all I wanna see is goats, but I would like to see things other than goats Pinterest.


Three ••• at the top  shopelsewhere  2 star

The three dots at the top left page needs moved. You CANNOT push the back arrow without hitting it because it is so close to it. EXTREMELY aggravating to take several extra steps just to exit the screen you are on! Move the ••• PLEASE!!!!


Can’t Disable Videos  crystaltehgreat  1 star

I don’t want to see videos, regardless of whether I’m on wifi or cellular data. I don’t like any videos and they ruin the entire experience for me. If I could disable all videos I’d give more stars. Regarding the rest of Pinterest: I used to enjoy being on Pinterest for hours. Adding some advertising was fine but at this point there is so much advertising that it’s not really enjoyable anymore. Half the time the ads aren’t related to what I’m looking for at all. All Pinterest seems to care about is making money.

AG Wells

Love It!!  AG Wells  5 star

You guys rock!!! #PinItUp


Blanking out  LIVETILITHURTSlol  1 star

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but sometimes when I’m on pinterest for literally less than 5 minutes, it either freezes, blanks out (I can’t see any pins), the search bar disappears, or gets stuck on one pin and doesn’t let me swipe. It’s extremely annoying bc I have to continuously close and restart the app and I lose good pins I wanted to save because it has to refresh all the time. Super annoying and I want it fixed.


Good app  珍宝屮  5 star

Good app for finding your interests


Hate the latest format!!!  Jannabell655  1 star

When I signed up to Pinterest I loved the fact that new and exciting things came up in my feed. I learned so many different that I didn't even know existed. Now I just get the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER😬 You have taken the discovery out of Pinterest and just made it a Google search.


one of my tops ten app  Willy668  5 star

good quick and easy to use with possibility to find anything u are interested if I have one reproach there is more and more fake picture so peoples my recommendation to do double research be4 u pin them on ur board always do so when not sure ;-) 5 Stars

Chungi Fungi

Good but one thing..  Chungi Fungi  4 star

I’m trying to feature boards but it doesn’t work, whenever I go to settings when I scroll lower I still can’t find the “edit” button. I’m an iPad user so I suppose it wouldn’t work on iPads, I need a little bit of help! Other then that, this app is amazing at finding pictures, and making blogs! 😊

Akways Helful

Crocheting & card making  Akways Helful  5 star

I really enjoying all the tutorials that is being on Pinterest I’ve learnt a lot Thank You So Much

Pix etch

Great app, but  Pix etch  4 star

Sometimes when attempting to scroll through a board after rearranging it, the scrolling is oddly difficult—significantly slower and more limited than usual, and when I stop touching the screen it scrolls up of its own accord. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for this. The process to reorder and personalise pins in their boards is cumbersome. To move a single pin I need to click it, click reorder, and then wait for the board to load, and then I have to scroll to find the pin, and only *then* can I move it—and after all that, the preview doesn’t show the end result of the change in the actual board itself, so you don’t know how it looks until you save it. This process used to be so simple; just a tap and hold to drag it into place. Why was it changed?


Good work  powerstevo  5 star

Love everything so far , as I get into it more Iam sure there is some interesting things to check out , cheers and thanks

Jack Highes

Love Pinterest  Jack Highes  5 star

Just about my favourite app - they don’t make it hard for you to use and you never feel the way you use it opens you up to looking dumb, unlike most social media empires.


So good  MolzyPOP77  5 star

Pinterest is so amazing and you get to look at all your fanfiction and if you’re a fan girl like me you’ll go crazy for it it is so good like I love Percy Jackson and Harry Potter and all that kinda stuff and I can find so many head cannons on all of them and all that it’s so good I promise you it’s amazing I recommend five star


Glitches Galore  lobri65  3 star

This latest version has a lot of glitches attached to it. I will search something and be scrolling for a little bit and then suddenly it will glitches and the screen will go white and stay like it unless I exit the app, and then I have to search the same thing g all over again and find where I was up to just for it to do it again. Another glitch I’ve found is I used to be able to search something quickly jump over to another app and back again and my searched pictures would still be there, now I do it and it goes back to home screen. Which is annoying especially when I’m looking at a specific photo.


Love IT  hdhehdifjeificis  5 star

It’s on my top 5 favourite apps list!!!

papa coco pelon

Decoración  papa coco pelon  5 star

Excelentes ideas es fantástica la aplicación


I FREAKING LOVE IT  Tati#1💖😝  5 star

You can save recipes here, look at memes, get diy inspiration, and so much more. There is everything u could ever be interested in. Furthermore, you can organize everything u like under a board and put pins in it. I personally like feeling organized so this is really helpful. Pinterest is the best.


Change of Pinterest  shirlschman  1 star

I wish you would have NOT changed Pinterest. If it were better that would be great.. but it is not!

I give it a four

Four  I give it a four  4 star

I like Pinterest it is very fun. I also like the fact that you can have followers. The one thing that I don’t like is all the bad words.

Benson llc

Love the fresh ideas!  Benson llc  4 star



Dirty pictures  Kleellllyy  1 star

You should not allow dirty pictures ❗️❗️ Think about the younger people or kids who are on your app. Shame on you 😡😡


Sad so sad  Hoffmanhouse  3 star

I’m not a big computer user, but when I found Pinterest years ago I fell in love. Please tell me why when something is great and fun to use, you had to change it? Years ago I and my friends would spend 4 hours plus a day looking and sharing ideas in our church basement for new and interesting activities not only for the children but also the seniors in the community to do. Like sewing, paper cutting, and cooking recipes fun things for our local communities to try out. More and more we are using old, really old magazines. We are very sad that Pinterest has changed so much. I understand that you may need the money from advertisers to keep going, but why inundate us with the same adds over and over again. Why all the apps ? Do you want to turn everyone against Pinterest all together, If so your doing a very good job of it. I have an idea, why not let us pay a ( SMALL ) yearly fee to use Pinterest. And I really mean small for us that don’t have much money. We are a family of 6 most of our friends have 6 to 13 children One income families that home school. Please that this letter to heart, we really don’t appreciate all the changes you have introduced to Pinterest. Blessing from our Community.


Too busy...  SeaCzar  3 star

I enjoy finding recipes, but there is so much other stuff in the way, sometimes it’s hard to find the actual recipe...actually, many times. It would be so nice to click on a searched item and the recipe appears without the hunt.


Invasion of my privacy  MobiAmy  1 star

I’m extremely disappointed with Pinterest as I love the app, but I find the company’s business practice incredibly unethical. They keep sending me emails despite the fact that I’ve unsubscribed from the list many times. I have also changed the settings to my account multiple times to request privacy, but my settings was also disregarded. Every time, I return to the app, the settings change back to their default settings. Out of frustration, I tried deleting my account but it is impossible to do on my phone. I sure hope this is just a bug in their software, otherwise the company’s ethical practice has lots of room for improvement.

Milad Fatahi

Hi  Milad Fatahi  5 star

this is the Best Application for me that help to How to be a Gentleman. Thank you 🌹


Great app  sherrilene  5 star

I absolutely love this app


???  AmandaOak  4 star

Eh it’s fine


New search function  DNM100  1 star

The new search function is not as useful as the old function. In the past where you had predetermined general topics (eg food, women's fashion) and then further breakdown if you wished (dinner recipes) was so much better to gather ideas. Bring back this version please!


Interesting projects  AaahMeLad  4 star

Great for sharing ideas and plans. Can't get away from Pinterest and projects. Clearing out all my curiosity too. The people who share are so interesting.


Pinterest  KKW111689  5 star

I Love Pinterest it is so helpful and nice to look at and great viewing for all ages ☺️☺️😊😊

maggie i think

Please delete me from pine rest as I’ll be away  maggie i think  4 star

Cancel my account Tks


It moves on its own  aishatlol  5 star

The screen moves upwards slowly and then I can't click on any of the pins?


Ireland hand knitting for baby  Istillvlyn2  5 star



Emails  twinkleellie  2 star

Pinterest is great, but only when your using it. I have it so it doesn’t send any emails in setting (except for “important” ones) Yet every day I get an email from Pinterest like: “20 new white cat pins you’ll love” and I don’t think that falls in the “important” category. I even deleted the app and it still send me emails every single day. I love Pinterest but not when I have a million emails from It when I don’t even use it anymore.


Love it!  Vaniur  5 star

It’s really nice and it has a bunch of aesthetic pictures!💗👌😤

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