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Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest.

Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, or plan your next vacation with Pinterest.

3 Reasons to start finding and saving ideas on Pinterest:

1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics.
2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project.
3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make, or do it!

Discover new possibilities and save what you find. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet.

Get ideas for the topics you care about most:
- Travel and fitness tips
- Fashion and style
- Home design and architecture
- Food and cooking
- Wedding inspiration

Download Pinterest now to start exploring possibilities for your next project.

Pinterest App Description & Overview

The applications Pinterest was published in the category Social Networking on 2011-04-28 and was developed by Pinterest. The file size is 124.33 MB. The current version is 7.18 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Every week, we polish up the Pinterest app. This update includes:
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

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Amazing but some bugs  Awesomegurl64  4 star

I love this app. It’s inspiring, creative and makes you think in different ways! However I would be looking at something sometimes and I would swipe right to see some more. It wont move. Then I would tap the back button. A keyboard then comes up. I have to restart the app every time this happens. Please fix this lil bug. Thanks for listening Crazy4Koalas


Suggestions...  .JACQ  4 star

Hi Pinterest! I have been using our app for many years now and have came across updates and changes that I personally liked about Pinterest itself that is no longer available to my knowledge. The “double-tap” feature that added a picture to the “saved” board is no longer a thing but can that be a feature added to “settings” because I personally liked that feature! Also, as easy as this app is to use, I find myself deleting ALOT. As accessible as it is to add a picture to a board of choice, could the “delete” or “trash can” option be an added aspect to when user hold down a post with the five “bubbled” options to choose from? Thanks 💜

Princess Peach🐱🐱🐱

Some bugs  Princess Peach🐱🐱🐱  4 star

1. I’ve been scrolling through and found some bad things. Just wondering how to get rid of it. 2. When I am watching a video it will kick me out of the video I am watching and it made me so mad. It’s still a great app though!! 😻😻😻 cat lover

go frazy ahh go stupid

love this app but  go frazy ahh go stupid  4 star

the app definitely has some small errors that need to be fixed, it is especially annoying when i try to rearrange my folder and when i’m all done it says there was an error which can get really annoying other than that this is a great app and i love it

Nightfighter 6000

Great app  Nightfighter 6000  5 star

I love this app so much it’s amazing



I understand that ads are a necessary evil for apps like Pinterest and Instagram. But there are simply too many promoted/suggest pins. It’s actually setup to show a promoted pin every 3 pins. The algorithm designed to suggest or include new groups of pins based on my search or viewing history is way too aggressive. Save one pin about a savings plan and now every few pins is about savings plans. To summarize: There’s too many ads and the ‘suggested pin’ system is way too aggressive. Give me a way to control what sort of pins are in my personal feed and dramatically decrease the number of ads presented.


Can’t Login  haileyroselm  2 star

I love this app, I’ve used it before, but I haven’t been able to login or signup since downloading it. It says “Server not found” each time I try anything. Please fix this so I can update my review.


Love it but....  Jdidvdochdodnxnx  4 star

I love pintrest. I’m basically addicted to it but recently they changed the position of the save button and put the ignore or hide button there so everything I wanna save/download it I always hit the hide button and have to redo it. Other than that pintrest is amazing!!!


Annoying pollution  Smackwise7  2 star

Fun app but lately they’re going overboard polluting my feed with either product to buy or random crap some algorithm told them I’d be interested in. I’m getting tired of “hiding” 25% of my feed, then to see the same junk show up next time I login..


Why can’t I see what I like?  Ryan122387  1 star

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show me stuff I actually like!!!! Basically I learned that if you accidentally click a pin it will be all you see on your feed. I don’t care about god I don’t care about the weird sweaters it keeps showing. Because you have pushed Etsy and eBay so much I will never buy anything from them. Please show me what I like not what you think I like


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love😘😘😘😘  lol😛😛😛😛😛  5 star

Pintrist is an AMAZING app that's all I have to say byeeeeee


I do it to scam and get money  shooooooooser  1 star

Love it I get money


I love Pinterest  Annie😽  4 star

But I really think you need to add it so you can upload more than 1 pin at a time


Increase in ads  JessMc85  3 star

I love Pinterest - but have noticed the amount of ads is increasing! If I’m looking for something specific in decor I don’t expect to see clothing ads pop up... these need to be toned down... this app is not really all that enjoyable anymore


Keeps crashing and freezing on iOS 12.2  andrebrook  3 star

Naturally, I find the crashes annoying. When U tap an image to see it “Full Screen” the “x” to close it goes away and the App freezes.😡 And..... No feature to see an image Landscape when I rotate my phone?...on a App dedicated to images?


Something’s changed.  KCSyd  3 star

Been on Pinterest for years. Loved it. It used to show me new pins that were actually like things I’d pinned before and was interested in. It really was like my personal pin board. Now, I’m being shown random things in the feed, often the opposite of what I’ve previously liked, and many more ads also unrelated to things I’ve previously pinned. I liked Pinterest because it seemed tailored to me because it was based off of previous pins. Now, it may as well be a magazine:Full of ads and people I don’t know.

Amelia. Smih

Pinterest  Amelia. Smih  5 star

I love Pinterest! I use it for entertainment and work!

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Blast OFF

OMG - VERY POOR ACCESS to Amazing Information  5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Blast OFF  2 star

Great great concept! POOR access to the information you want!!! It is so hard to access a specific item of interest without being directed off to some other random site & topic. I know of a lot of people who avoid all Pinterest email sites when doing Google searches, for this very reason. It is such a shame to waste an amazing resource. An experienced IT person maybe of help.


Great app little suggestion  Hear-Me-Out-  4 star

Everyone who has this app can agree it’s a pain when you accidentally add a pin to the wrong board, so my suggestion is making it easier to delete a pin from a page, even adding a multi pin delete button. So when cleaning out boards we don’t have to individually delete a pin we could just select pins and delete. Other than that, this is an absolutely amazing app!!!


Log In issue anyone?  McDeliveryAppSucks  3 star

When I try to log in with Facebook, it’s says there is a problem. When I try with email, it says there’s no internet connection but there definitely is an internet connection. Please do fix this as I have loved using Pinterest for the last five years and I’ve got so much stored up


Instant purchase  bettya002  4 star

Should be able to purchase right away if you see what you like.




Harry the forgetter

Best info  Harry the forgetter  5 star

Great information at your finger tips. Excellent


I love this app so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Taybug11093  5 star



Love Printerest  seemeyah  5 star

Great app, it has everything for everyone


Love it!!!!  AcevedoIsabel  5 star

Everything is here!

Word Cookies Lover🍪🍪

How do you try a pin?  Word Cookies Lover🍪🍪  3 star

I loved Pinterest so much and used it every day but ever since an update I don’t know how to try a pin or read comments. I don’t know if that’s something that Pinterest removed (in that case I really hope they bring it back because I loved that feature) or if it’s my phone (iPhone XS) or if I’m not looking in the right place for them. Can someone please tell me? I can’t find it in the help section

Kayla Editz

w0ooow  Kayla Editz  5 star

this app is amazing!! you can get so many ideas from this app! room ideas, drawing ideas, hairstyles, and much more of course. you should definitely download this app, its totally worth it. 🌻


Update  Roxanne60  1 star

When did this become a site for the same pins over & over, weird wig ads, & health ads? Every update is awful. Ruined Pinterest.


P  gvgbhxj  5 star

Hey it looks great but you need it for your birthday


Excellent  Prusaczka  5 star

Such a good place for research of information and I like that you can find short information on the information and then read more in articles


Pinterest  Jenn-Dublin  3 star

It’s a good app with a good deal of information but it’s a little hard to find what exactly you need


Pinterest  airyfairycelt  1 star

Gone right off Pinterest with this latest change. Loved it previously. It's a mess so PLEASE change it back. I want to comment, everything was so easy and now I'm chasing around to find how to do things. It was all in front of me and now I can't find things, very disappointed


Fantastic  @cookiemonster  5 star

Great app, totally addictive!!!😂

Spoopy Hanna

Absolutely awesome.  Spoopy Hanna  5 star

Top quality meme content, lads


Any you want to know about use Pinterest  Janneys  5 star

You either love it or love it


Wow  skkbbydg64€!;  5 star

Really good but sometimes slow loading but good


Pinterest ideas  Finbarros  5 star

Brilliant what did we do without it I am a teacher I use it for school and I use it for home decor cooking and for my crafts and gardening it is fab I love it thank you 😊💕


Obhin118  Obhin118  5 star

You are fantastic I love your work thank you

briana libby

I can dind it  briana libby  4 star

So I downloaded it but its not on any of my screen but it says I have it

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