Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. Find and save recipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try!

Just some of the things you can do with Pinterest:

• Find everyday ideas you love—what to make for dinner, what to put on your walls, what to wear and more ideas for every part of your life.

• Save ideas for later—organize ideas you save by topic, so they’re always easy to find.

• Collaborate with friends—save ideas together for your next group trip, party or project.

• Search for an idea even if you don’t know what it’s called—built-in search guides help point your search in the right direction.

• Save ideas you find around the web—just use the Pinterest’s Save button on your mobile browser.

Pinterest App Description & Overview

The applications Pinterest was published in the category Social Networking on 2011-04-28 and was developed by Pinterest. The file size is 71.31 MB. The current version is 6.26 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Every 2 weeks, we polish up the Pinterest app to make it faster and better than ever. Tell us how you like this newest version at

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EPIC FAIL!!  Niecybrown  1 star

Just downloaded the app to try Pinterest since you can't just browse without an account. When I go to sign up, says my e-mail address doesn't look like an e-mail address. Then what is it if not an e-mail address?


I love this app!!!!  nikkie22  5 star

Since discovering Pinterest online I knew I had to get it for my phone. And well it's been a match made in heaven. I have found soooo many recipes and DIY stuff that I will recommend to anyone who listens to me!!!!!


Nothing like it!  22andcounting  5 star

I can gather pictures, photos, and just "stuff" from anywhere and collect it under whatever headings I like. My favorite art, places that interest me, wardrobe ideas, solutions for home storage or decor -- whatever. No limits.


Great Fun!  Ldscrs  5 star

Still losing myself in hours of Pinning!


Enjoy it  Morozco88  5 star

I have enjoyed the app and the concept I have gotten plenty of creative ideas from here and the new updates and features are great. However in my opinion I didn't like that the pin button was changed to save.

Wasilat D.

Reliable  Wasilat D.  5 star

It's an amazing app where you can basically find what you need to know about


Highly addictive  Rvroom67  5 star

Great ideas for anything


Absolutely Fabulous  Trysity  5 star

I love its ease of use, and all the ideas I get from here!


Terrible and getting worse!!!!!!  PinterestFails  1 star

Continues to get worse and worse with each update!! I used to love Pinterest. I was obsessed. I loved my feed when I curated it by following my friends and bloggers who have similar interests to my own. Now I hardly ever see the pins from these users. Instead it's a constant bombardment of ads. Did you think removing who the pin was from would get us to stop caring that you were taking over our feeds with your selected pins and ads?! This is awful. 1 in every 4 pins is an ad. I'm uninstalling your crappy app. Bookmarks worked for me for 20 years...I don't need Pinterest.


This is the worst  [email protected]  1 star

Pinterest. I hate you right now. My feed is filled with your recommendations instead of pins I ACTUALLY follow and care about! It's such a waste.


DanielX danielxsantos77 3 star

Just Pinned to belezas:


Shyami Rashmiki shyamirashmiki 3 star

On cupcakes: Rainbow-Topping auf Cupcakes wirklich genial ;)


DanielX danielxsantos77 3 star

Just Pinned to astronomia: RYAN MAUSKOPF

Lisa's creations

Good idea's from so many talented folks!  Lisa's creations  4 star

There are just so many things to look at. All the picks are clear too. The programming is ideal to work with. It's also very helpful finding similar subjects! Thanks💞!

Maya Simone

Lags  Maya Simone  1 star

Everything lags. Nothing updates in real time. Boards don't update until app developers do. Little to no recommendations. Barren wasteland of a dashboard, must search high and low for things you like or upload them yourself. It's a hassle.

Nooky Kooky

Inspirational  Nooky Kooky  5 star

From recipes to ideas on stimulating learning great way to exchange ideas!


Love it!!  Sewingjulie  5 star

I love finding new things to try!!

Amy Elayne

App is blinking  Amy Elayne  2 star

Need to fix the app it is blinking and saying (authorization failed)!!!!!! Please fix it!!!!!


Updates  DRO5  2 star

What happened to the like button? Please put it back it helped me in my search of liked pins!


Bring back the likes!  Supermom5113  5 star

I love Pinterest and all the updates they do. But they took away the like button which took away all my pins I "liked". It was an easy way to save pins I liked to Repin later. I understand they wanted to not be a social media platform like Facebook but I miss it


Love this app  nelliebelle1158  1 star

Update: Dangit Pinterest. You done goofed. I think you've forgotten why people like you: you're a SOCIAL MEDIA platform to organize and share ideas. Social, as in *with friends.* You got rid of the names of who shared the pin, made it impossible to see who else pinned it so we can follow new boards, and are now filling our feed with what you THINK we want to see rather than what we have CHOSEN to follow. This isn't just about ads. I get it, you gotta pay the bills. This is about your terrible algorithm, which many users feel has turned a personal experience into getting content shoved in our faces. Give us the control back! Don't feed me dozens more pins of the recipe I literally just pinned. I got what I needed, I want to move on. The result has become an endless loop of crap I've already seen all over my feed (interspersed every other pin with some intrusive ad, of course. But the ads wouldn't be so bad if we had more of our friends' content as a buffer). The worst of it is when I open my app completely spammed by some Youtube wannabe celebrity I've never heard of, let alone searched, and canNOT seem to get rid of. I hide every pin, block users, tell your algorithm I'm not into it, but HE'S STILL THERE. it's like a virus. You've got some work to do, Pinterest. I'm not giving up on you yet, but you've definitely got some work to do. Old review: Perfect for organizing recipes, wedding plans, outfit ideas and crafts I'll eventually get to.


IN 😍 LOVE  Daddy'sKitten69  5 star

Tbh I don't know what I'd do without Pinterest. I've found so many great projects, an ideas on here that totally work. Anytime I'm bored, I go straight to Pinterest for inspiration.


BRING BACK THE LIKES  Kdnslksnwosnenxdjdnkdoxnk  1 star

you don't fix something if it ain't broke

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