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What is lemon8 - lifestyle community app? Lemon8 is THE destination for sharing and exploring. On Lemon8, photo and video content are refreshing, diverse and informative. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, beauty lover or looking for a food recipe, travel itinerary, there's something for everyone on Lemon8. All you have to do is browse, record and engage with what you like, and you'll find personalized content just for you. From a shopping haul experience or a book recommendation, Lemon8 has the contents that are guaranteed to make your time worthwhile.

[Find Your Community]
- Lemon8's customized content is specifically made for you. Our "For You" section recommends a personalized feed to you based on your interests.
-Lemon8 is also a great place for you to express and engage in a free space with other like-minded creatives within the community.

[Create with Ease]
- Fed up of the faff of creating on one app, editing on another, posting on yet one more? With Lemon8, our in-app suite allows you to compose texts, edit photos and videos with ease.
- You'll find a whole library of intuitive templates, stickers, filters and fonts for your photos and videos.
- Say 'goodbye' to jumping between apps to make a single post and, say 'hello' to Lemon8!

[Explore and Discover]
- Use hashtags! Our hashtags not only help your posts get discovered, but also help you easily discover content you like.
- Our campaign features and intuitive search helps you find trending content, top-performing creators and whatever answer you're browsing for.

[Contact Us]
- We want to build Lemon8 into the app you need and desire. Your suggestions make Lemon8 better.
- If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, contact us at any time using the following email: contact@lemon8-app.com

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App Name Lemon8 - Lifestyle Community
Category Lifestyle
Updated 05 April 2024, Friday
File Size 180.35 MB

Lemon8 - Lifestyle Community Comments & Reviews 2024

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PLEASE READ THIS. So as you can see on the app it say 12+ correct? Well I put in my age and it says that I am not eligible for this app and I assure you I am 12 and plus I put in my birthday and it said not eligible for this app but thank you for checking us out I have deleted all data and re-downloaded it again and it still says I’m not eligible for the app. I even tried putting it above my age and making it so I am 18 years old, but it still says I am not eligible for the app so I do not recommend for because it will not let you do anything if you put in 2011 because I am 12 and that’s what I did when I put in my age so I do not see why it’s not working so I am very mad at this because I want to get my life together and this app seems like it can help with that so I wanted to try it out but it will not let me do it because I am 12 years old even though the app says 12+ can use so I have not been able to access anything on the app. It won’t even let me do the personalization thing because it won’t let me pass the birthday part because I put 2011 so now when I try to change it, it remembers what I put there before but I’m mostly mad because it says 12 and plus, but it will not let me

In love. okay, to anyone reading reviews right now to see if they should download this app. Download it right now. I fell in love with this app. It refreshes my mind, gives me so many helpful tips and ideas. It was a wake up into adult life. I’m 18 and it’s really helpful to me I wouldn’t say if you are younger because I’m going to be 19 soon so I’m entering my 20s but it is definitely centered around my generation. This app is a must have. Have you ever watched TikTok and saw those girls who have there life together and you wanted to be her? Yet you don’t know how? LEMON8 had you COVERED. Best thing I have ever downloaded I find myself on it 24/7

Refreshing! And thoroughly enjoying it so far!. This app has been a breath of fresh air to say the least! I really enjoy the layout and posting format of Lemon8. I also really really like that we can add links to our profiles without a minimum follower requirement - THAT is awesome and helps us all connect even more. **Literally my 1 flaw I’ve found is they don’t have a ‘toggle’ option (As of this review on 4/9/23). I thought maybe the recent update would fix that but it wasn’t in that bug fix. Being able to be logged into multiple accounts and toggle back and forth is really beneficial to a lot of us with personal accounts, business or esthetic accounts and I’d love for that toggle to be added ASAP 🤞🏼 Right now you have to fully log out, and log back in each time to switch accounts.

Should you get this app at a young age?. Yes, and no. Yes because it gives tips, book ideas, and more. It's really fun because you can connect with new people and their posts, it's just like Tiktok and Instagram. Really fun overall No because it takes atleast one day to actually get it, because age restriction, and if you put your real age you get kicked out of it when It says 12+ but it's not really. I put in my bio I was 16 and I got banned. So y'all need to fix that. And y'all also need to fix the age restriction in the Biggining. Over all great app, nothing bad about it really recommend for y'all♡ hope this review makes you want to try it out.

Review :D. Y’all. It says that’s it’s 12+ on the bio of the app but does it really let you go in if your 12?? Nope! I’m literally 12 years old and it didn’t work. Until y’all get y’all’s age thingy in control I’ll actually rate it but until then, y’all gotta make it accurate. I will update if it starts working. *UPDATE* Ok it’s working now!!! I’m really excited to use this app! I’ll let you guys know how it is when I use it. *LAST UPDATE* Ok this app is so great. I love how you can look at pictures and everything is just so good. I just wish that you can access the videos more easily instead of searching up videos, and also i wish that going to the next video was a little bit more easier than exiting out of it and clicking the next vid. But other than that I love it.

it’s ok… but just like every other social media app. Well this definitely has potential but there is nothing special to it. it’s just like instagram or Pinterest. i have post a couple of times and i have use the #teenager on a couple of my post but then a warning pops up, saying that this might result in harm. that doesn’t make sense to me… how does being a teenager cause harm. Like if i’m sorry that i’m a teenager and just because i’m a teenager that is harmful. Well this app can be be fun there are some minor glitches that make that app not as fun and it keep showing me many of the same posts over and over again. i’m not trying to hate on this app but i’m just trying to share my experience because I know this app could be such a big hit in the future!

Good app but security issues. ⚠️⚠️‼️There was a woman named Alyssa and I asked why she randomly followed me , she texted me randomly “ Can I cash app you” and I said why to her. Then she texted at 3:00AM “for blessing” and I said i wasn’t going to give personal info out even if it’s just a cash app and reported her. Lemon8 said she wouldn’t get in any trouble for it and I could simply block her and it’s not a big deal , basically telling me I’m being sensitive . I don’t feel comfortable with a random stranger asking me questions and then the app telling me I’m being sensitive. It’s my info and my life, I would not like the person to text me again, so I blocked her. But not doing anything and not caring is where I draw the line. You should at least do something about the person who texted me randomly , Lemon8, explain!!!!⚠️⚠️‼️

It’s a Cute Lil App…. … but there should be a feature where I can get rid of the content I don't wanna see. For example, I keep getting religious content as well as other content I don't want on my timeline. I don't have a problem with these kinda posts, I'm just simply not interested. Currently, the only options at my disposal are to block or report. There should be something like a "not interested in this topic" or a "don't show me this again" sort of feature just like on any other app. Of course it's easier said than done (or else I would've done it myself) I just think the app would benefit from having these options.

Hugeee LOVEE for team who created this app but... I love using this app since downloading it. I deleted most of my social media apps but keeping this one all time. What I love about this app is that you ALWAYS find so new so creative ideas and you ACTUALLY learn new things A LOT. This app has really good positive posts and creators which makes me so happy. There is almost no negative! Which is super cool in our days! But there is some things I would change or add. 1. Please do more filtering and blocking on aggressive or provocative posts and creators which I see much often then before. Of course I block or report them most of the time… 2. I would love if you guys can add dark theme to interface. Hope you guys notice this comment but again MUCH MUCH LOVE for you all and thanks♥️

this app is so frustrating. So, i got this app and i have been loving it so far. UNTIL this app decides to ban my account two times in a row. Apparently its because im not following age guidelines, but the thing is i am over 12 like the app says! and then it bans me! honestly this app is just avoiding all problems with age restrictions. ive seen too many videos on tiktok/youtube talking about their problems with lemon8 and the company never fixes them. would give a zero but i cant do that. FIX YOUR APP. edit: i have gone now and looked into the reviews and turns out there are so many more one to two star reviews and this company still hasn't fixed it. maybe this company should realize since theres so many bad reviews and experiences, people will stop using the app. maybe their just stupid or something..? but this is gonna be their downfall if they dont do anything about it. another edit: THIS APP IS SO STUPID AND FRUSTRATING. I went into the app and i literally cannot access anything no matter what age i put in. this company should realize that this app is more geared towards teens, and they completely disregard the fact and continue to disappoint users. i was really starting to like this app until today.

Very promising but could use some more improvement. Absolutely love the vibe and the clean interface, however it does feel a little limited right now (April 2023). Not that many categories for the for you page, and the ability to switch the way you view posts would be a huge plus. Switching to a more Instagram style scrolling, or a more Pinterest style (it’s currently mostly like that) where you can click on a picture or video but then continue swiping to see more posts without going back to that zoomed out view. Super promising app, and I’m hoping it’ll make me delete Instagram :)

This is not a good app!!!!. 1 STAR!!! I thought this app was gonna be good, because I saw so many people use it and I saw it a lot on TikTok. So I thought why not download it. So I downloaded it, and it wouldn’t let me go into the app. I was putting in my birthday and it says I’m not eligible or something like that. So I tried other birthdays that are older then me, and they didn’t work. I don’t know why, but it started to make me angry, cause i really could use this app for Christmas. But it won’t let me in to the app, I tried almost every single birthday out there that I know and it won’t let me into the app. So if you could try to figure out why that is happening that would be great. Also if y’all are looking at reviews guys I would suggest don’t get the app because it won’t let you in, but If it does please tell me what birthday you used that let you in cause it wouldn’t let me in. But the creator of this app, please try to figure out why it won’t let me in.

Love this app!!. Lemon8 has become one of my favorite apps, despite some things. The only I would say I dislike is how I can't "not recommend" something but have to block them instead and every other acc I don't like when they pop up. But in all honesty I don't mind having to block people that much bc there's so many other great things about the app! I find good recommendations for things, I've never seen any creepy/predator type of comments or posts so they seem to be pretty monitored! They have challenges sometimes to win prizes and it's a safe space to post almost anything! I feel like it's a better safer version of Pinterest but that's just my opinion, all love to Pinterest still! ❤️

App was really fun until I got banned for no reason.. Don’t download this app if your under 25. I downloaded this app yesterday, and I was obsessed with it, it was so much fun. I posted perfume recs and a get to know me but as soon as I posted the get to know me I got my account banned. I don’t know why, all it said was some of my hobbies and what I would be posting, there was nothing mean. I would appreciate if the “community guidelines” where more clear because as far as I’m concerned I did nothing wrong. Update I just got a notification that I was banned due to age restriction but on the App Store it CLEARLY states this app is 12+ I don’t feel comfortable uploading a picture of my ID, passport or driver’s license. This is really annoying because I was enjoying this app.

Lemon8 off with an impressive start 🍋. I downloaded the app as soon the released it just to see how similar or different it was from the other social media app and i was very impressed about how organized and how everything was structured. I’ve been active on the app for 3-4 weeks now and loving it, I really hope that lemon8 don’t minimize the black and queer creators like the other apps do. I hope lemon8 really display our queer community and boost the positive and joy we try yo bring to every social platform. My page is all about my black queer lifestyle and i want to see more if that. Justme_Diane is all about the community ✨✨.

Best social media app I’ve used in years. This app is filled with people that just like to create content as well as to support others doing the same. Been trying to surround myself with more positive people recently, and the other apps just don’t do it. There’s no real talk of politics in any way really, definitely no real hate comments or just people going on about how much they don’t like something. No real hateful debates, and best part of all is that everyone accepts one another for who they are as people. If I could give another 5 stars, I would. Great job Lemon8!

4 star. I know I know before yall go through all the one star reviews about the app not letting u put ur age! Hold up bc I had the same problem. I was so excited that u download the app bc if the reviews I have seen “SUCH A GOOD APP!” but when I opened it I put my age as 15 bc the age limit is 12+…. It didn’t work! So about for 15 minutes I looked through the web yt TikTok, Pinterest, and the reviews that have 1 star ! Everyone had the same problem so I found this one and only on review that said u need to wait a couple of days to be able to login. I am super impatient but I waited about 2-3 days and I was like ok let’s try it again and well the conclusion is WAIT A COUPLE DAYS BEFORE YOU TRY LOGGING IN DELETE AND REDOWNLOAD THE APP AND IT WORKS!!!!🩷🩷🩷

Fresh platform for all my interests. This app has taken the best of Pinterest, Instagram and blogging into one place. The editing and filters are better than most paid apps, I was blown away. I’m having SO much fun posting and not caring if it’s getting 1,000 views like on Instagram. The communities already forming on Lemon8 are really encouraging. So far, it’s mostly women I’m seeing and connecting with. Everyone has been supportive and honest, which is refreshing. They just want to share their life story and that’s what social should be about. There’s almost a plea from most everyone on the app to “keep it this way”. It won’t. But, instead of trying to force it to be something, get in early/now and be part of the growth to take it in the direction you/we want to see.

So much fun and I've inspired by a lot of these women. This app has been an absolute joy. I'm still not sure I'm using it right but I'm learning as I go and I don't really care if it gets large or not. I'm enjoying it just as it is it's got his own flair. It's got its own camera it's guys on system and I'm really enjoying it, it's also good to learn something new keeps your mind fresh, so yes, I love it very very very very very much. Thank you lemonade.8 and by the way, if you're reading this, it's not just for young people it's for everybody cause I don't dress my age I never have and never have and I really. Enjoy being creative and it's gotten me to think a little bit more about how I'm dressing every day and I have more fun with it because that's what it supposed to be is an expression of how you're feeling or at this time in her life or whatever it is and I'm just really having the most fun with it. Thank you.

Impressed but have some suggestions. I haven’t used the app long I just downloaded it but I really like it so far. A couple suggestions that I would have would be to be able to choose if I just want to see videos or still posts and make them easy to switch to and from the videos and posts. Also, to be able to scroll through either the search results or creators content without having to switch back to the rest of the results. In other words being able to continuously scroll through whatever content there is until the end. I can’t wait to explore more of the app and so far I’m very impressed.

So far so good!. When I saw a new app was rolling out and gaining momentum, I honestly thought “Do we really need another platform to consume all our time?” However, I can honestly say that I would gladly ditch IG to keep creating on this platform. No exaggeration. Here’s why.. IG has been overrun with ads, product pushing, and the algorithm pushes content inconsistently and out of order. Lemon8 has been amazing so far by simply inspiring creativity, building community, exposing you to followers you probably haven’t been able to come across on other apps, and the editing features are SO MUCH FUN!! I can’t wait to see how it plays out long term.

I loved it but experiencing issues. I loved you app and found some really good recipes but your app shows it is 12+ and I’m 14, I put in my date of birth and it keeps saying I’m eligible to be on the app? If it is 12+ then make it 12+ idk if I’m the only one experiencing this but I’m really upset. And I tried seeing if it maybe was just my age and it still won’t work for anything. I even reinstalled the app to see if it was broken and it’s still not working. I’m very disappointed in this because I really like this app and it’s a great way for me to look at ideas for dinner or decor. Please fix this I really want to just be able to use. Update: I read the terms and if it’s supposed to be 18 and over then fix your app and make it visible that it supposed to be for over 18. Let’s be real, NO ONE READS THE GUIDELINES! Put it somewhere visible.

lemon8 aesthetic. i downloaded this wanting to find a way to still be able to find things that are inspiring without having to feel like i was in “competition” with everyone else as instagram does. it gives very much Pinterest vibes, which i am a HUGE fan of because it actually gives you the ability to interact with one another as well. i am not super huge on social media but, love the concept of this app. it gives me/us an opportunity to be ourselves without judgment & is really just a way to help express ourselves freely. the aesthetic of it is so pleasing & gives me even more joy on why i joined! so far i have no negative comments about it.

Great platform. So I think this is a great platform the only thing I will say is that there are too many creeps on here messaging me asking for my cash app and stuff like that which it already happened like three times and I hope people would stop messaging me about those it’s kinda annoying. I hope lemon8 will change their messaging system where they can’t ask you for your personal info like cash app and what not :) even though I don’t use cash app I still don’t want people to ask that is about it and thanks for reading :) if only we get paid by having a cool picture that exceeds a lot of attention that we get paid or whatever that would be cool :)

Goin good, until…. So I was on Pinterest and I saw this app and I was like oooOoO ima get this, so I did. I upload my first video of and edit of dance moms, right. Everything goes well I start uploading more edits and one of them got a lot of views and likes. I gain followers. I search around the app, finding interesting and cool people! I find this one woman who is so full of energy, confidence, love and more. So obviously I would be looking forward to seeing more of her content, right. I find more fun people. Do some commenting( people are actually so nice there, depending on what the post is). So I go take a shower. Once I get out the shower I go back into the app trying to see if that one edit I posted got more likes. I can’t get to the inbox area because... IT SAYS I DON’T MEET THE AGE REQUIREMENT!!😡😤🤬!! IM SO MAD AND ANNOYED BECAUSE THE AGE REQUIREMENT DOR THE APP SAYS 12+!! DOES IT NOT?!?!!?! So I try to find out why I’m not meeting the stupid age requirement. And now it wants me to send a picture of “my drivers license”, “national identity card”, or “passport”?!!?!??!😤😤😤 Aren’t you not supposed to like “expose” yours personal info? Or nah? So at this point I’m really mad and annoyed. And not to mention AGIAN that THE APP says the age requirement is 12+! Now I can’t get back into the app. I can’t post my edits anymore, can’t have fun, can’t look at other edits, cant do ANYTHING. See now at first I was in love with this app! NOW NOT SO MUCH🤬😡😤✋🏼.

Bad…I’m very disappointed. So I was really excited about this app and I decided to download it and when I was creating an account it asked for my birthday so I put it in and it said I wasn’t eligible even though I’m over 12. So I thought it was a glitch or something so I uninstalled it then downloaded it again and it still didn’t work. So I put a birthday that was 18 and it still didn’t work! And what is really making me mad is that the developers don’t even reply and try to help the people who are struggling to sign up or the people who are having problems with the app. They only respond to the people telling them how good the app is and giving advice and it isn’t right. If you’re gonna make an app do it right and actually respond to the people in need of assistance.

VERY ANNOYING. So just like most of the other reviews, there's a problem with the age requirement question. I downloaded the app and i put my birthday. and btw there's no reason for me to lie when i say I AM OLDER THAN 12. once i put my birthday it says that i'm too young. naturally, i thought it was some sort of mistake and i deleted it, as well as redownload it to try again. this time i put it at 18. IT STILL SAID THAT ITS TOO YOUNG??? so then i tried on my other device AND IT SAID THE SAME THING. so i did the same process that i did on my phone, but on my other device too (delete it, redownload, try it again) AND IT STILL WASNT WORKING. so just like any other person with a lack of patience and self control, i write this review. and to someone that is able to fix the app: please please please fix it or debug it or recode it or something, because this isn't just a problem for me, but it's a recurring problem with several people. i would absolutely love to use this app, but it just simple wont let me, even though i meet all the requirements. please and thank you.

Not eligible?. If the developer sees this please try and fix this bug. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about Lemon8 and I’m really exited to try it, I’ve heard other people saying it has down the same thing it’s doing to me to them. I just want the developer if possible to look into this and try and fix it. Whenever you first get the app, it asks for your age, and the app says 12+ so I put 13 since that’s my real age, then it said, “sorry looks like you’re not eligible for Lemon8, but thanks for checking us out” I saw someone saying to wait a few days, and I can if that will fix it, but it would really be nice if I wouldn’t have to, the whole thing is pretty frustrating, I hope this gets fixed soon. Besides that I’m exited to try the app out, and I hope it’s worth the wait!

Carousel posts not showing up to anyone but me?. To start off, I think this app is adorable and I love the community feel and the types of content creators are sharing! It feels like a combination of Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram - which is amazing! However, when I try to post a carousel post (multiple pictures per post) - it is not visible to anyone but me. Yes, I did check the privacy settings and they are set to public. I have posted single pictures to my feed and they have worked and have been shown to my followers. Not sure if I am missing something or if there is an extra approval step? Would love to have access to all the features so I can continue to use this app! Thank you!

!! READ THIS !!. I have just downloaded this soo because I was really happy and excited to have an app that gives me advice and is a new Pinterest but when I opened the app and put my birthday in it says “ Sorry, looks like your not eligible for lemon8… But thanks for checking us out!”. Which does not make sense because it says age 12+ and I am 14 years old but born 2010 so I was thinking that they thought I was too young but even if I was I would be right on the age limit 12/13 years old. This caught me off guard and I tried doing a different date and it still did not work I am hoping you guys have not had this problem and if you do I hope they fix these bugs because I have not even started the app and it doesn’t allow me to use it before I even got started with it.

TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. i am writing to express my concern regarding the security of your app. as a user of your service, i believe it is essential to highlight the need for a two-factor authentication process in the application. in this digital age, security threats are increasing day by day, and bad people are becoming smarter in their ways of accessing sensitive information. a single password is no longer enough to secure our data, and we need an extra layer of protection. two-factor authentication is a proven security measure that adds an additional layer of security to user accounts. it ensures that only authorised users can access sensitive information and helps prevent unauthorised access. i urge you to consider implementing two-factor authentication in your application to provide a secure and safe user experience. by doing so, you will not only protect your users’ sensitive data but also gain their trust and loyalty. thank you for taking the time for consider my request. i look forward to your prompt action in this matter. sincerely,

Love the app but. Love the app it’s like a mixture of Pinterest and instagram with sprinkle of twitter lol all the cool features are nice. Needs an update like … Need In the editing section more fonts lol yes I know talk already spoiled us with so many fonts but more would be nice More templates for different things like social media post or filters etc Settings Need a better setup for settings with more accessible controlled for the individuals account ( also else add dark theme my eyes girl my eyes ) Please add Stories like Snapchat / instagram but make it lemon8 Likes/saves The stuff I like is so much I feel it needs to be organized like in sections example the month of December 2023 all the post I liked should be there and then it’s 2024 so the next folder should be 2024 in in sections should be January and continue from there until next year where it’s all in another folder something for saves if the saved post isn’t section by the user intended it to like the app feature already provides Dark theme Other cool features different from all the other apps or if y’all do add features like the other apps just make it more lemon8

I like it but….algorithm could use some tuning?. I think the app has a lot of potential. It seems to want to highlight non-aesthetic content but the content posted definitely is aesthetic centered but that is more reflective of my generation (gen-z) than anything else. That said every social media platform has its negative corners, which is also fine, However, there doesn’t seem to be a “Not Interested” option on posts with content you dislike. Yes I can block an entire account but if my feed is meant to be curated to my interests I’d think similar content with tags similar to the accounts I’ve blocked would still pop up. I’ve seen other people complain (on the app, in their own posts) about not seeing content that resonates with who they are and I feel like that is in the same realm of issues I’ve discussed. Aside from that I can see myself spending time on the app, it reminds me of a more refined instagram with some qualities of Pinterest. The UI is very clean to me and the content I’ve seen has been simplistic and fun for the most part.

Great app!. Lemon8 is a small, but amazing social media platform where people of any age can share their mind and way of thinking! I downloaded this app a few weeks ago, and have been loving it since! I love how easy it is to access your followers, liked videos and pictures, and the content you love the most. There are a few things that might be a drawback: Lemon8's users are mostly females, and of course females and males mostly have different content preferences. Also, it can be a bit difficult when you try and post photos without the Live Photo option. Either you take the picture with no Live Photo, or you have to edit the picture. Other than that, I'm very happy with this app. Wonderful job!

I love this app. I never review I have been on this app for 15 minutes and I feel inspired. Looking at new recipes, new workouts and makeup styles that I want to try already! Once again I never review no app! But I had to review, I really like this app and I hope nothing changes from it. We need something different we already have TikTok. We already have instagram and reels. We need this, a feed if pictures and not videos that we get lost in. I’m going to be visiting the app way more. It’s very enjoyable and I really hope it stays this way. I know people want to see what we already have which is videos of people but hey let’s be more original and Lemon8 is original! Great job guys.

Idk….. It feels very OG IG meets instagram stories and a bit of Pinterest. I love that. But what it’s lacking is the tiktok feel of “Real People.” They are on the app it’s just they are currently getting washed out by all the big makeup & fashion influencers you can find on any other app. I can’t tell if their goal was just to get as many people on the app as soon as possible, spread the word fast, and that’s why it’s not very inclusive right now or if this is the direction they want this app to go. That has not been made clear. Unless the clarity is in the lack of having a pet category. No photography (being a photo first app). Art. Music. Motherhood section/community is lacking as well & so many others. I get that those can & probably will develop over time, but there’s already so many amazing influential people in these industries / categories that they could have brought in to help pilot this app yet chose purely beauty & fashion influencers & their content is all the algorithm picks up regardless of who you interact with. I get enough of that on other platforms. Because of that I am already feeling drained seeing the same makeup & morning routine 1000 times. Not sure there is much more to gain from this app at the moment but the same fashion advice repeated to you 1000 times. I do hope it evolves though, because it has potential!

Good but needs some serious additions. This app needs a few things like an art tab for one, but also a way to draft and schedule your posts. I also think you should be able to add videos in the same post as a photo. As an artist, I like to post the art and then a speed painting video of the art in the same post. I also think limiting this app to certain things like beauty, fashion, home, and health is stunting on what this app could be in the future. Like all major platforms have an array of things you can create content on. If it limit’s itself only to those things I listed I don’t think this app could compete with instagram, Pinterest, or even tumblr if that is this apps goal. I would personally be less likely to stick with this app if it doesn’t expand the array of content it promotes on it’s platform.

good but there’s problems... it’s a good app and people are so nice!! amazing content is posted and positivity is spread through out. my problem is there is kids on this app. there’s this user named Jinx something who it posting obviously sexual content. many people including myself have reported her videos as well as her profile. immediately (way too soon for them to be able to check the problem) it’s said that the video doesn’t violate community guidelines. 3 seconds isn’t enough to check and you should have actual employees investigating the content to ensure it is safe for the 12 YEAR OLDS that are allowed on this app. it’s a really good app, but don’t let your children on this app. they don’t do anything to protect the safety and innocence of your child, they will blatantly ignore your concerns of adult content, and your child will be exposed to it.

If you want it you can have it. app in general is okayy i mean its nothing better than pinterest or anyother social media platform. But I will say for a while it would not let me into the app. I would keep pressing my birthday my correct birthday mind you I am older than 12 and it kept saying I wasn't eligible for the app I tried deleting it and re-downloading it again multiple times and never could figure out the problem. today I tried to delete it and re-download there I decided maybe it's my notifications so I press yes to receiving notifications after that I punched in my birthday again and it finally let me in like what the heck Lemon8 if we don't want any notifications, then just let us be why do we need to have our notifications on just to have the app?

so much potential. they really need to hire some new tech people or developers or something. they are a lot of little bugs or things this app just doesn’t have like an algorithm or the ability to not be interested in certain content. Along with not being able to see who you blocked or any past interactions other than likes and favorites. My main issue is that I signed out of the app on my iphone and when I went to log back in it’s PERMANENTLY stuck on the “what’s your age” section and then anything I put says I’m not “eligible” for a lemon8 even though I already have an account. I just finished the merchandise diary give away and so that may be why, so they can scam people out of it 🤷‍♀️i’m not sure. oh well. in a year it will be a christian only app because that’s most of the content on there anyhow. Definitely should have waited on the launch of this app or at least try to fix it with more incoming volume

Needs Improvment. This is just your average yellow colored instagram meets Pinterest. First and foremost: there is not option to filter out content you don’t want to see, and there’s a lot of Christian content being pushed to the algorithm by people who absolutely have no interest and don’t stop to read or like these posts. Makes us wonder if this is by design or Christian owned. Otherwise, every post is curated / modern fantasy. It’s no better for mental health and it seems largely geared toward promoting a material lifestyle or influencing. On top of that, there's a lot of troll posts "why I eat these rocks every day" and just the most unhinged content. If you know you know. I think they should take community violation reports seriously and moderate this app better. There's a lot of violence and hate going on, reporting doesn't even help. An Islamophobic comment was reported and it did not go against community guidelines, and then all this Christian content is promoted. I’m not religious but, Hmmmm. Makes you wonder. Lemon8 team: to improve this app, allow users to select an option to say “I don’t like this” or “not interested”. Maybe we can block hashtags. Make more user friendly community guidelines that encompass all beliefs and take the reports seriously.

Its like pinterest and instagram had a baby!. Amazing app, the inspo i get from pinterest but way better! So simple and easy to use with amazing tips! I loveee that there are no ads! I just hope it remains like that even after this app gets more love! I haven’t found an app like this for a while, I’ve been a fan of weheart it and once they started getting annoying with the ads I’ve tried finding something similar to switch to! This is it, only way better! Also like it better than instagram, because the creators have all of the info u need in the post, no annoying “check out the link in my bio for more info” and such! I reaaaally hope it stays so pure!

Comments too big. I would love your site so much if you would let either the comments be bigger or let the comment continue in a different comment or let you keep writing even if it was too big and then you could delete it from where you wanted to delete like twitter. But as of right now if you try to speech to text on Lemon8 and it’s too big it will just delete everything that you just put down. Whenever you go past the character limit a box pops up and you can’t get rid of this box you just have to wait until it goes away and if you touch your screen at all it stays there longer. This design choice is maddening and I think I’m going to stop using lemonade if it doesn’t get fixed. Please remove the box that appears when a comment is too long just give us the word count in the corner or something this design choice is insane and awful.

Loved the app… until.. So basically I have an account and posts and followers. I must have deleted the app one day by accident, so like anyone would do I redownloaded it. As I was putting my birthday which is above the 18+ requirement (and by the way why does it say 12+ but yet user above 12 yet younger then 18 can’t create an account. I don’t like it, like chose one) anyways I put my birthday in, the same birthday I used for my account and it said it doesn’t reach the age requirement blah blah blah… or whatever it says. I tired deleting the app and downloading it to see if it would work, BUT NOTHING. I can’t log into my account that is already made with many posts and followers. I don’t like this. I was just trying to log in again because the app accidentally deleted and now it won’t let me log in. Unbelievable. 🙄

A yellow aesthetic TikTok + Instagram + Pinterest combo. I have seven suggestions: When we click on a post, 1) shrink the comment section to just the creator’s subtitle with a “view comments” link under it. 2) add related posts after the comment section. 3) give us the ability to swipe left and right between posts so we don’t have to swipe out of the whole post to look at the next one and do it again. 4) tap on and image or be able to zoom in without the image snapping back to its original position. 5) quiz/poll feature for both posts and videos to make it interactive between creators and their audience. ‼️6) allow a refresh button while scrolling so we have he option to refresh our feed without losing our place like Instagram does so annoyingly The lemon8 bit already told me you all are workin on optimizing dark mode feature. I’m glad to hear that because that means you all are most likely have projects and features rolling out soon which brings me to 7) suggestion—allow users to vote on features that you’re rolling out like xTiles allows.

Hopefully someone feels my struggle. I saw this app on tik tok and I wanted try it because it seemed cute. I downloaded it and put in my age, mind you im 12, the app description clearly states that it is for 12+. So I try it again changing my birthday like 5 years back, still cant go in. Now I re-download the app and change my birthday to like 23 years old, still can’t go in. I don’t understand why its sill not letting me go in and use the app. Do I also need to say that I’m not blind nor hallucinating. I remember my brain registering that it is for 12+. So whats the problem?! Why can’t I go in. I see nothing wrong with being 12 and getting an app with a great community to get tips from. I like who everyone hypes this app up on my fyp, but I can’t get it. I genuinely thought that this is a great app seeing that everyone enjoys it and looks like they got very helpful advice. So I’ll ask this again why can’t I access this app and use it?! Anyways for anyone using it please STOP RUBBING IT IN MY FACE. Please stop ranting about how it changed ur life, skin, style. PLEASE STOPPPPPPPPP. Its not fair because I can’t access this app. So thanks for anyone hearing me out and feeling how I feel.

Hope it gets bigger!. I figured as soon as I saw the ads for it that it's basically just an American version of the Chinese app "Red"/"Little Red Book." No hate, I love that app and it's great for aesthetic inspo but of course the only downside is that all of the posts and a lot of the UI is in Chinese. The only drawback of Lemon8 as opposed to Red is that the community and thus the pool of posts is much smaller, but I love the format and hope it grows so that there's more content. I'm sick of Instagram and how it's basically become "advertise your existence" over actual content creation and fun connection. Apps like this and Red are providing what the younger generations like Gen Z and Alpha want from their social media; sharing the things you like without all the visibility.

Lemon 8 doing me dirty. So first off I want to say. I have been using lemon 8 for probably a year or more now and I LOVED it. I was posting, interacting and I made big favorite lists. But now it randomly logged me out, and when I went to log in I clicked the wrong email. Now of course I know that’s my fault but what I don’t like beer stand is once you pick your email, there is no cancel button. You have to sign in. I picked my school email I just wanted to log back into my normal email. So I went to go quick make an account and once I got to the age page I didn’t change to my date of birth I just clicked okay. So now it says I’m to young and I can’t have the app. I downloaded and re download and it won’t let me sign in. So now I can’t use lemon 8, the app I used daily for over a year. If lemon 8 sees this and reads it through. Please!! Help me sign back in a am old enough!! I simply messed up. 😭😭

No thanks. I downloaded this app for inspiration on different things, home decor mostly but also productivity etc. This app is honestly no different than tiktok in my opinion. I deleted tiktok years ago because if you comment on one thing it changes your entire algorithm and you can never get it back right. which causes you to see things that are unproductive, depressing etc. This app is the same, the posts are mostly tiktoks reposted. I thought this app would be different but no. I created an account it started an algorithm, all I seen were black people (i am black myself) but what makes this app show me 95% black peoples posts? I deleted my account and as soon as I did it reset the algorithm im like okay perfect, then eventually it started showing me the same stuff even without an account. We do not need another tiktok. APP DELETED

I didn’t meet age requirement?. Okay so I downloaded the app once and it let me in when I put my actual birthday and age. Which meets the age requirement of 12+ it worked. Then I tried getting this same app on a different electronic but I didn’t meet the age requirement And I couldn’t use the app, mind you I used the same exact birthday as before, MEETING the age requirements of once again 12+. So I decided maybe it was just a little glitch and deleted and reinstalled the app. Still not working, so I just gave it maybe a week or so to see if I can just try again. I tried and it didn’t work so I got fed up and deleted the app on both of my devices. Just now I tried to get the app again with the SAME birthday ONCE again but it won’t let me in I’ve even tried making myself around 20 and it wouldn’t let me in and I do definitely meet the age requirements I’m almost 14 and the requirement is 12+ once again. Idk if this is just a glitch but I hope it gets fixed because this is a really good app in my opinion this was just my only concern, but it’s a big problem because I can’t even use the app.

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I gave it a one star because thats the least I can give.. Lemon 8 censors people they dont agree with. If it is not a platform I which people can share they’re political views, great! But they’re is a huge double standard. I keep randomly seeing post about certain left leaning topics or if they’re is a right leaning topic it either gets deleted or all positive encouraging comments get deleted. Its fine if you dont want political conversations on the app, but its bull crap if you have one sided politics and people cant actually express themselves and they’re diverse opinions. Seriously messed up. This app should be fixed because its just nit what it says it is; they’re is no diverse aspect what so ever. Its all the one way of thinking the creators want others to think and live by.

Community Standards. I loved the app at first but i do have one pet peeve about this app. My profile picture got taken down because it violated community standards. It was just a picture of me, I was in a sweat shirt just taking a selfie but for some reason it violated community standards. They Gave me no reason why it violated community standards. I am 4’11 and have always looked young for my age so I don’t know if they took it down because I look to young or what. It was just a picture of me. I don’t understand why this was taken down and if Lemon8 could please give me an explanation as to why it was taken down that would be appreciated.

I never leave reviews…. But felt compelled to do so for this app! It has honestly been SO refreshing creating content on this app as opposed to the draining, rat race feeling of Instagram (or TT, etc.). Not to mention there’s no ads, growth incentives to spend your money, and I’m seeing NEW faces and NEW content. I’m so into it. Def having a glitch or two here and there re some carousel posts not showing up for others, though. Figure it’s still early on in development. Excited to create and grow here!

OG instagram is back with a mix of pinterest??!!. I downloaded this app for another platform in case tiktok gets removed. I love this app and check it more than instagram. The community has been amazing nothing to complain about. It seem very organic with how we receive the post and how post get viewed. I honestly feel like it’s perfect maybe a few updates but hope it doesn’t go crazy with the features as we’ve seen other apps do. I hope more join the app and have fun using it like the rest of us are.

WONT LET ME GET THE APP!?. I am twelve years old just turned twelve May 21st 2011 LOOK IT UP! And this app has the audacity to say “looks like you’re too young for the app but thanks for checking this out!” like OK look at the App Store it says 12+ I am 12+! This app is messed up because I am 12+ I even tried doing a year ahead of me May 21, 2010. It said I was 13 years old. The math is mathing and then I press submit my age and it says the same exact thing that it said before, so I’m so confused because even if I do an age ahead of what the age restriction is, I still can’t get the app so this had me deleting the app, and never downloading it again unless you guys update it to where you can actually get the app for your age.

it’s good just one thing. I like this app a lot it’s really cool but i can’t get it on my phone because i accidentally put the wrong year and now it won’t let me get it at all. using it on my laptop is harder to do and i really would like it on my phone. i tried deleting it and getting it again but it just won’t work. i even tried powering my phone off but nope nothing. I don’t think it’s a big problem but i hope it can get fixed. Also i’m confused the app says 12+ but i tried my actual year and it said im not eligible.

Couldn’t even enjoy the app.. I’ve been on TikTok scrolling through advertisements for this app, after one advertisement, a recipe for French toast, I decided to download it, however, it keeps asking me my age, I am above 12, when downloaded it said this app is for people of ages 12 and above, yet, it kept giving me an error message saying I was too young to get into the app, and I tried this with other years and pressed continue and it still gave me the same error message, I didn’t even get into the app before it started giving me problems, I would say don’t waste your time downloading this but I’ve seen it work for other people, I really wanted to find some recipes.

I would love to give a review on in app experience if it would even let me join. i’ve been seeing a bunch of ads about this and I’ve been a little reluctant to downloaded it but I decided to download it in early November and when I went to put my birthdate it said that I wasn’t eligible I figured that you might’ve had to been 18 years old to join the app even though in the App Store it’s at 12+ so I waited and today’s my 18 birthday and nothing. After looking through the reviews I see 30-year-olds and 16-year-olds and all age groups struggling to get in the app because they’re not even eligible and it does not get any reason for ineligibility other than you put in your birthday and it says you’re in eligible, which is really unfortunate.

Let me find my people. Lemon8, I’m trying your app, and it’s ok - except that I NEED to have a quicker way to control what I see on my feed. As it is I have to go through and block the creator if I don’t like what they post. That would be unnecessary if there was a quick “dislike” or “see less of this” button. No shade to people posting what they wanna post. I want them to have their platform. But some things trigger me or bother me, and not being able to opt out of seeing content like that makes the app really unpleasant to use. I worry that by clicking through to the block option, the algorithm sees me “engaging“ with that content and just gives me more of it. YIKES!

PLS READ ITS NOT LONG. It’s rare that I give reviews on apps but I felt as though I had to for this one. I couldn’t even get through the birthday verification, on the App Store it says that is is eligible to 12+, no matter what age I put in it said I was ineligible. I was VERY annoyed and upset because the app has a lot of good reviews so I thought it would be easy to install and set up. AGAIN I wasn’t even able to experience the app because I couldn’t through the birthday verification.

Age requirements. I was seeing lemon8 all over my TikTok for you page and I thought that today would be the day that I would get it, so I downloaded the app and mind you I was SOO EXCITED to try it out. And it says age requirement and so I put in my birthdate and it says 12+ and I am over 12 and it says “sorry you don’t fit our age requirement” so I delete the app and redownload the app and I re put in my age and it’s still saying I don’t meet the age requirement so I tried my moms brithdate still NO! What the heck lemon8! I was really hopeful abt this app and was looking forward to it

Great App but…. I loved the app, but my post aren’t showing up. It’s like they vanished. When I tried logging out and back in, it won’t let me, it’s like I never created an account. However when I look at my account from a friends phone it’s there with no posts, all though each posted post has downloaded to my phones camera roll. Now I can’t get back into my account. Please work on this and maybe security/authentication of account.

If I were to rate it a 0 I would. Doesn’t even let me make an account. In the App Store it says Lemon8 is 12+ but when I try putting my birthday in it says I’m not eligible for the app. I was confused because I put my parents birthdays and everything and it still wouldn’t let me make the account. So I searched it up and it said to delete it and re download it, it also said you need to be 18+ to use the app. So I deleted it and re downloaded it and I put my parents birthday and it still didn’t even work. I don’t understand how other people have been able to make an account but I will never try to get this app again. I also even put that I was born in 1950 and it still didn’t work, so I don’t understand and you need to fix this if you want people to download this app.

Account issues. I’ve tried to create a account many times but it kept telling me I wasn’t eligible to use the app due to my age. On the AppStore it states you have to be 12+ for the app. I am a teen well over 12 yet when I put in my date of birth I’m not old enough. So I put an older age and got an account and it got banned and I hadn’t even had the account for a day. If there’s an older age limit putting 12+ on the download application is misleading and confusing. I use Pinterest and saw an add for Lemon8 and was really interested in the app and was extremely disappointed when I was mislead on the app age restriction. So if someone could please clear this up for me I would gladly try again with the app cause it looks and seems like a joy to have.

I like this app but I’m very disappointed in it right now.. My comments keep getting deleted for “breaking community guidelines”. I was having a civil debate about synthetic vs real hair. I learned that the person I was debating with was a collage graduate and had actually done hair labs. My last deleted comment said this. “Oh it kinda looked like it to me. But I do admit that I’m wrong since I’m only 16 and I haven’t ever done a lab on hair.” Like.. how on earth does that violate community guidelines? I was owning up to my actions of being wrong? And there isn’t even an appeal option. It makes no sense. And it’s very frustrating.(update I’m literally being harassed on this app and apparently none of the comments break community guidelines.)

If old Instagram and Pinterest had a baby🥰. Firstly, I’m from the days of Instagram being a beta app that was exclusive to iOS and loooong before Meta bought it and turned it into the influencer machine that it is now. Back in the day, Instagram was about creation, art, and making connections with other people. It was photo based and video support didn’t exist for a long time. So it was a chronological flood of art, creation, fun writing, and everything in between. Lemon 8 has returned that to us in this app. You can absolutely post video in Lemon8 but the app really seems to favor images and creator based content. Not the sell sell sell aspect you get from Instagram and I hope this app really keeps to this format because humanity needs it. Think Pinterest and old Instagram had a baby and you get Lemon8. It’s refreshing.

So fun & easy to use!. I feel like this app has restarted my interest in social media. It allows me to create the content I would want to make for TikTok, if it weren’t for needing to do video. I prefer photos and this is the perfect outlet! Kind of a mix between Pinterest & Instagram. It’s extremely user friendly! Only downside is that there are minimal topic categories and doesn’t seem to hit the male audience. This app seems to be primarily for females. It’s also another app for majority to post their “highlights” of their life, unlike TikTok, which comes off as more realistic content.

I LOVE LEMON 8!!. i am seriously obsessed with this app…the overly aesthetic posts i am just in love with. it makes it so easy to learn and romanticize life and i just love it so much. one complaint i have is that even if you just view a few of the same kinds of posts, not even liking them or anything, your entire feed becomes curated to that type of content! just because i view it, does not need i want to see it constantly. i wish it only showed you the kind of content that you like or comment on

5 stars. I just love this app. I give it 5 stars because it gives me a way to post or search for people I can connect with that share the same kinda interests I have. I love how easy it is to use and I just love using my creative side to create posts that will connect me to other people. I honestly cant pinpoint how similar yet different this app feels to others. I just have a good vibe about it. Hope I am able to connect with others that share similar interests/experiences as me.

In love. Is like Instagram and Pinterest made a baby 🍋. Absolutely love it. They don’t have ads yet and I love that. The app is easy to use, has a lot of different filters, templates, texts you can use to make your photos or videos stand out. P.S. Lemon8 team please check the hashtags. Whenever I try to use some of them, my videos don’t basically appear into any hashtags I’m using and is such a bummer. Is on and off. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t work at all. Thank you!

Social media. I hate social media so much but this doesn’t really feel like what it should to me and I love it. Maybe it’s because of the way I’ve chosen my algorithm but I see things I want to see and don’t feel the pressure I would on other social media sites. The review I see behind mine is someone saying it’s a bad app. I personally love it but reading their reasoning I can see why they wouldn’t like it. It all comes down to personal opinion. I’d say give it a try. It’s find of a mix between Pinterest and instagram!

Sadly. Hey, so I have a problem with some ppl who are offering to cash app me it’s happened twice so I responded and told them no and said I had seen a review and that lemon 8 responded and said they would try and fix it or something then a bit later I got banned it might be because I was rude but I did not mean for it to come across rude I’m sorry if that was what it was and I did not know it violated the rules but I don’t really know why someone would just give money away pls respond lemon 8 I really love the app but there are WAY to many scammers asking for information that is private Ty pls respond and if it’s okay I was wondering if I could have my account back the user is Kinley😘 Ty lemon 8 and I hope ur app grows but full of good ppl not scammer olds respond to this

ED / ABUSIVE CONTENT RAMPANT. I’m so concerned about the policies regarding scams on your platform. I opened today to see “Lose 5 pounds a a week signing up for my program!” — needless to say but to be clear THIS IS SO DANGEROUS. Upon reporting I received notification this information was not misleading. I’ve reported 2 other scams at least looking to take desperate peoples money and received no help. I’m so concerned about your policies regarding safety for your users. Please let me know what will be done. Furthermore. I’ve seen countless hate speech and pyramid scheme posts / comments and when reported, it’s stated not against guidelines either. I’m confused - is anything against guidelines? Lastly, getting a reply is far fetched and took nearly 2 weeks of commenting on all of lemon8s posts to get a generic lackluster and unpromising response.

Super cute, LOTS of scammers. This is a super cute social media alternative with a lovely concept of garnering a user base dedicated to authenticity. I joined shortly after it started up so I’ve watched it grow and morph and have overall been happy with it except that bots and scammers have recently overrun the app. This is a problem on pretty much every app of this nature, except at Lemon8 there is NO WAY to report a profile for scamming or bot behavior. At all. It’s not an option and there’s no fill in the blank option. Lemon8 must expand their report options to combat this.

Frustrating. I love this app it has a lot of racial encouragement and helps me out as a girl. But as you can see the AppStore says 12+ but the app says 18+…? Now as a young lady I was having a great time communicating and connecting with women who had my problem and it really help me grow and navigate through life especially as a minority but I was banned. So now what? Please work on this because young people have the right to be informed just as much as the people over 18 I’m not writing this to complain it’s an amazing app so could yall just keep an open mind?

Fun app needs improvements. Love the app and concept of the app. It’s very fun and aesthetically pleasing. You can find everything you’re looking for . The only cons are really in regards to the boards. It gets very glitchy and crashes every time you make a new board so you have to exit the app and then go back which is super frustrating . Other than the glitches which I would hope would be resolved soon, I have no complaints ! It’s basically like Instagram and Pinterest combined ! With a mix of LTK(like to know it ) .

I got banned for liking post. So I downloaded the app and was really excited to check it out. I created an account and was just scrolling on my explore page and I went to like a post and a notification popped up on my screen saying my account was banned due to violating community guidelines. All I did was like a post! So then I created yet another account and tried to just look at my explore page again and when I went to like another post… the same notification popped up saying I violated community guidelines and am now banned. I am really disappointed because I really was looking forward to using the app, but now I can’t even create a profile. It’s ridiculous because no one else had this problem and there is no way for me to fix it.

Fresh new social media. I am really enjoying this app. For the most part, it is very relaxing and I see lots of content I’m interested in such as books, video games, and makeup. It feels like a safe space. The reason I didn’t rate 5 stars is we NEED a “not interested” option for content that we don’t like. As a plus size feminist, I don’t want to see fatphobic and anti-abortion posts. I don’t want to have to click the posts to block the creator, I just want to be able to hold down and choose not interested so I will see less of it. Thanks!!

Best app. Love this app so much it’s got so much to look at so much to look forward to helps me with ideas on stuff and I could literally spend hours just scrolling down looking at different videos/picture definitely recommend this to anyone who wants an app that has everything the best part is it’s free. Also it’s cool cause you can totally pick what your interest in and they will only show you that. So anyone who’s thinking about downloading this app it’s 100% worth it.

Lemon8 App Review. My review of this app is: if Instagram and Pinterest had a baby, this app would be it! I am obsessed with this app and have found it to be helpful! My feed is mostly about books because I am a writer that is working on content. I love anything organization. To be honest, I wouldn’t have known about the book Atomic Habits if it weren’t for my interests and this app! Love this app so much and I constantly refer it to friends to check out! I also will be doing more book reviews too and including them on my website on my blog page.

Neurodivergent Content Creator Friendly. I love this app because it deletes the idea of being a niche only or niched down content creator. I especially love this app because of the neurodivergent person there’s so many different aspects from the show many different other apps that make me feel at home. He lets me know that my concert is going to be taken seriously one way or another because those who download this app are looking for something more. Something with Dev, something real, something authentic, and not in the it feels authentic kind of way.

😾🤬😡😡🤬. I saw this app all over my fyp and was so intrigued so I got it but mind you my mom has this thing were she needs to approve my apps for safety reasons. So when I saw that it was 12+ I was so happy because apps like this are usually not and kind you I’m 13 so I was happy 😃 then I get it approved and everything is fine till I open it and it says put in your 🎂 birthday so I d that and it says “Sorry, looks like your not eligible for lemon8, but thanks for checking us out” so then me being interested I go to my moms birthday to see if it will work and my mom is 45 so surely it will work and it says the same thing so now I’m really confused because the age requirement is 12+ I’m 13 and my mom is 45! So don’t get this app it is waste of time!!!!!!!

Awesome…just needs a few bug fixes. I love this app. It provides so much inspiration, ideas, information, etc. I truly enjoy it. It’s such a great mix between pinterest and instagram I think it is well on its way to being the next mega app. There are a few bugs I’ve noticed where if you use the app for a while it stops working. For instance, it won’t let you save or like posts anymore so the information you want to save and look back on gets lost. Anyway I think with a few minor bug fixes to improve user experience this app is sure to blow up.

Not eligible?. i bet the app is amazing.. if it would let me get in it. i’m 15 and it keeps saying that i’m not eligible? even though it says 12+ really weird and upsetting because i was really looking forward to using this app and seeing what it’s all about especially with holidays coming up i felt like it would be like “the next pinterest” or tik tok. is anyone else is having this problem or is it just me ? i’ve deleted it then redownloaded it and everything and it still says “sorry, looks like you’re not eligible for Lemon8…But thanks for checking us out!”

Really liking the vibe of the app but…. Pros: like a 2nd tik tok but with photos and video Like the editing Like how it has a lot of beauty influence Cons: The algorithm needs a little bit of work 😬 like a little more up to date and new and fresh posts A little more genre on the page Would like essentially the same “for you” page like tik tok has where it’s a combination of your favorite genres where you don’t have to click individually(sorry I just now noticed it does) but you can continuously scroll and not have to click to view 🥺. So farrrrrr though, but I love it keep it up!!!

Bad…I’m very disappointed. So I was really excited about this app and I decided to download it and when I was creating an account it asked for my birthday so I put it in and it said I wasn’t eligible even though I’m over 12. So I thought it was a glitch or something so I uninstalled it then downloaded it again and it still didn’t work. So I put a birthday that was 18 and it still didn’t work! And what is really making me mad is that the developers don’t even reply and try to help the people who are struggling to sign up or the people who are having problems with the app. They only respond to the people telling them how good the app is and giving advice and it isn’t right. If you’re gonna make an app do it right and actually respond to the people in need of assistance.

such a refreshing social media experience!. after the downfall of twitter and general deterioration of most social media apps, i’ve been on the hunt for social media that A) inspires me and B) doesn’t use psychological tricks to make me want to scroll infinitely. lemon8 fills both of these! i’m having so much fun hanging out on the app for a healthy amount of time each day, never feeling like i’m doomscrolling, and leaving the app feeling better than i did when i opened it, unlike other apps. in addition to this, the community on lemon8 is so friendly and positive! i love it!

All about starbucks?. This app feels like starbucks paid a lot of money to be every other post on here. I’ve never seen so many starbucks related posts, it even has its oven category when initially signing up and picking interests. Starbucks is being boycotted so I did not hit that as one of my interests and I still see a ridiculous amount of posts on it. A little annoying but could be worse I guess, wish my for you page was more curated to the categories I did pick. I’m not interested in starbucks whatsoever.

Devs please read. I Said a 5 star to get somewhere close to the slides, but anyways, I got lemon8 off of TikTok when I was looking at ads and deciding to download it and when I entered my age it said I wasn’t eligible? And when I looked at the age recommendation it was only for 12+ and I’m older than 12 and I put the right birthday so I tried to put it higher to see if it would work and it still didn’t?? I don't know if this is suppose to be a bug or not but please fix it bc it’s not letting me get In😭

Bullying. I loved Lemon8 when I first downloaded it, it was a very loving and open community at first but then all of a sudden there was a lot of hate on Christian straight girls on the app. And when you go to report said abuse it’s not considered harassment. You can’t defend yourself because your words get twisted. Its very sad that you can’t use an app for its purpose - expressing yourself without someone commenting hate. I know all social media has trolls no matter what but lemon8 isn’t that type of app it’s more like Pinterest so it’s sad I had to delete it.

Great app but account keeps getting banned. I want to start off my saying I absolutely LOVE lemon8! It’s an amazing app that I can scroll on for hours without being flooded with the negativity and toxicity that other social media apps provide and neatly organize posts I favorite into different groups. I love how easy and user friendly the posting experience is and how easy it is to make cute aesthetic content. The only problem I have is that it keeps banning my account for seemingly no reason I made a new post and 30 seconds later my account was banned and I wasn’t told why.

I’m BEING BULLIED AND HARASSED. At first, I loved this app. But now, not so much. I’m literally getting bullied on this app by a grown man because of comment that wasn’t even mean. I’ve reported several times, but it does not remove the post. I’ve tried to chat with the help center and it’s only a bot so far. And there isn’t an option for people to not be able to tag you in their post. So there’s a grown man who’s playing dress up and literally looks like a predator… if you know what I mean. And it’s creepy. And lemon8 just does nothing about it. This man has bullied several women just because they have a different opinion. I want the post about me taken down. What he said it very untrue and harassing. Also, every other post on my feed is about sex, even though I didn’t search for that, or put that as an interest. 🙄 And there’s people giving “medical advice” when it’s obvious that they’re not doctors. So yourself a favor and stick with Pinterest. I didn’t want to have to leave a bad review. But since lemon8 doesn’t want to do anything about the post, here we are. 😭

Looks cute!! But I can’t use it…. I have seen so many ads for lemon8 and I have wanted to get it for the longest time, but when ever I put ANY birth year, it says I’m not eligible. I’m not sure if they can see the birth year on your phone when you first get it and are setting it up or anything but it made me really disappointed. Even if I do it in the 19 hundreds (which I’m not born in, I was just testing it) it doesn’t let me. I have seen so many amazing reviews and videos which makes me really disappointed that I can’t get it:(

Lemon8 the new Instagram. If this application can keep the advertisers and the bots off, then this may be a new place where people can share their lifestyles ideas and artwork because now the other social media applications have been saturated this will be a new ground for people to show their artwork before the opportunity to come and try to flood the algorithm to where we’re not able to see each other anymore. So far more people are seen my artwork on this app than any other.

Feels cluttered. I just downloaded this app because i saw people saying that it was kinda like a smush of pintrest, instagram, and tiktok. I think it really is similar to all of those things, but it feels really cluttered. It is like pintrest in the basic interface, but you cannot scroll from one post to another, which makes it a little frustrating. As I was setting up my profile, I was a little confused because it was showing at only 90% complete. I clicked through a little more and it wanted to know information about exactly where I lived. It just felt a little uncomfy giving them that much info The last thing that I have found frustrating is that on the app store, the age is listed as 12+ but when I signed up for the app, it would not let me join unless I put my birthday to put me over 18 Overall complaints: Cluttered Interface Wants a lot of location information On the app store it says 12+ but on the app it wants (I assume) 18+

So many honest review and aesthetic pleasing content!. I’ve been using this app these days, and I have to say I LOVE this 🍋They don’t have ads on it! You won’t be bothered by the random ads like on other platforms!!! The creation tool is very user friendly, I don’t need another editing app to post content. And everyone in this community is so supportive, I feel very welcomed. You can feel that they paid efforts on creating these honest review content, the caption is authentic, and pictures are aesthetic pleasing at the same time. I’m so sure it will be the next popular app!

Don’t log out because you can log back in. I was excited to try this app and use it for my business and personal life. I started my account for my business and put a lot of time and effort into it and I logged out. That was a mistake. I am not able to log back in. I used my email and even tried to reset it but I cannot go back. I had emailed and sent dms on Instagram several times and nobody is responding. I’m not sure if this app has been thrown out by the developers but it’d a shame because I would of loved to grow on this app but there’s no way for me to get a hold of anyone. If the developers read this, can you please check your email and respond? I’d love to get the account back. I can still see it without logging in.

The best app. Love this app compared to all the other apps everyone is so positive it's a peaceful app not with all the drama. Let me tell y'all how people come to gather on this app I posted a picture in a lot of people commented was so mean then people started writing me to let me know that they were sorry for all the hate I was getting about my picture it made me feel good you know I wasn't stressing it but to know you have people who you don't know you will come to your defense is awesome.

The Best New Place to Grow Your Audience. Personally I was having such a hard time getting seen on other social media platforms and my engagement was in the crapper. The discoverability and rate of engagement on Lemon8 has been phenomenal. If you’re trying to create a presence online and having trouble on oversaturated social media platforms, I highly suggest trying out Lemon8. I’m a holistic health specialist and upon viewing Lemon8, it seemed like the right place to share my knowledge and the response has been phenomenal!

I can’t work it. I’m sure this is an awesome app from the reviews and videos I have seen but it won’t let me on. It says I’m not eligible even though I’m 14 and it’s 12 plus. I even re-downloaded it multiple times but it still didn’t work. If you have any idea how to get it to work please let me know because it seems awesome. It’s a good app so I don’t want to give it a terrible review but because I can’t get it to work I’m going to give it a 3. I do recommend this app because it works for a lot of others and I know people that have it. So it’s a good app just doesn’t really work for me.

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Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Lemon8 - Lifestyle Community was published in the category Lifestyle on 12 March 2020, Thursday and was developed by Heliophilia Pte. Ltd. [Developer ID: 1645997904]. This program file size is 180.35 MB. This app has been rated by 40,758 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Lemon8 - Lifestyle Community - Lifestyle app posted on 05 April 2024, Friday current version is 6.0.5 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.bd.nproject. Languages supported by the app:

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