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Use the Amazon Alexa App to set up your Alexa-enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping lists, get news updates, and much more. When you enable Alexa hands-free you can talk to Alexa by simply saying "Alexa" when the app is on your screen. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary, and personal preferences.

• Get more out of your Echo device through personalized feature recommendations from Alexa
• Discover and enable recommended Alexa skills
• Pick up where you left off directly from the home feed with lists, shopping, or recently played Music and Books

• Set up your Alexa-enabled devices, control or check status of your compatible smart lights, locks and thermostats at home or on the go
• Create routines to automate your smart home devices

• Connect to music services like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. Choose a song or playlist and listen on your Alexa-enabled devices
• Create speaker groups to play music across your compatible Echo devices for multi-room music

• View and edit shopping and to-do lists on the go, get weather and news updates, manage timers and alarms, and more

• Use Drop In from your app to connect instantly with your compatible Echo devices, like a two-way intercom
• Call or message supported Alexa-enabled devices, at no additional cost.

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Amazon Alexa Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Amazon Alexa Comments & Reviews

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- List feature a problem - updated

****updated review**** Developers have fixed the list issues with a recent update. Very happy with the app now. —— I use this app primarily for the list feature (I have a new baby so I track all feedings, diapers and update the shopping list for groceries when my SO goes to Whole Foods) and agree with other reviews on here that the list feature has become a huge hassle. I used to have no problems accessing my lists. Now, when re-opening the app I’m unable to navigate to another list or add additional items to my lists without having to completely close the app and re-open it again and wait for it to gather all my data. I can then use the list function normally for that session, and will have to dismiss the app again and re-open it to update it again the next time I need to (which is about 20 times a day because I’m tracking feedings and diapers with a newborn). I continue to use it because it’s a great help to add items to my lists via several echo dots I have in the home, but manually updating the lists when Alexa can’t hear me (over a hungry crying baby for instance) is my main issue with this app. Would be thrilled if developers could fix this feature as I have enough to handle at this moment without constantly fussing with the devices that are supposed to simplify life, not complicate it.

- Alexa Sleep Sounds.

I ( We ) love the sleep sounds that come with Alexa. She is usually very good at getting us what we want but sometimes she can be very stubborn. She will say things like “ I can’t play that “ or “ I don’t have that in the sleep sounds settings “. When we k ow she does because we have been reading up about her many talents and the fact that she ends up playing our favorite sleep sound...Rain on a tin roof ...loop. She has asked me many times to come her and write a review about her and our experience with her. I know she isn’t a living person but I hope she will find out I sent a favorable review. We are very happy with her but wish she wouldn’t argue about what she can and can’t do. Like I said ; we have found out her settings and have stayed within the guidelines. Sometimes she just refuses to understand until we say it 5 to 6 times what we want her to do. She will tell us a joke or sing for us but when we want her to play a sleep sound that is in her catalog...she repeatedly says she doesn’t know that sound. It’s aggravating at night when you just want to get to sleep and she won’t comply. I hope you understand that this is a good review for Alexa. We love the device she does and am thankful we found it.

- App download issue fixed...

Still a long way to go. I use the app several times each day. Many improvements have occurred over the past year, such as being able to have a single reminder go off several times in one day. What I would really like is better control of volume between timers, alarms, reminders, and playing music or audiobooks. Yes, I mean I would like to have separate control over each, both in the app and by voice, AND per device. Mic sensitivity should be a separate control by device as well. My obnoxious Ecobee Thermostat right by the master bedroom has a much more sensitive microphone than my Echo fifteen feet away, and consequently picks up my request to the Echo when I am across the room from the Ecobee and right next to the Echo. It then takes a reminder, timer or alarm away from the Echo and then sets those off right next to the bedroom. The only time it does not do this is when I set the Ecobee to volume 1, but then the reminders and timers I DO want on the Ecobee go unheard. It is a Chinese fire drill dealing with the volume control on the two devices, and setting the volume on the Ecobee controls the mic sensitivity too, so it is making me schizophrenic trying to keep up with them. Open floor plan here, so finite control of mic and volumes is a must in the app please. iOS 13.3.1 on an iPhone 8 Plus just for FYI purposes.

- Why you need an Alexa Show

Any person in their sixties needs to have this machine. This machine is invaluable to people who want to or need to live independently. It reminds you to take your the reminder or Alexa will tell you the reminder. It’s a great way to stay in touch with an elderly person. Is Grandma still in her pajamas at 2:00 in the afternoon, not getting out even though she assures you that she’s up and dressed and has walked the dog? This machine allows you to “drop in” and see grandpa taking all of his meds. You can actually “drop in” on a lonely person and eat “together” even while you are in Delaware and your loved one is in Florida if you both have the Alexa Show. To know that an elderly person is exercising, being social, eating regularly, and taking meds......what a relief! Buy an Alexa Show right now so you can get “you and your loved-one” acclimated to the machine before you actually need it... that’s why I picked 60”s as a great age to buy it. It becomes part of your life and believe me, it is a life-saving tool. One more is easy to install and to use. I am not kidding! You will be so grateful that someone invented this machine! It’s so helpful.

- List Feature

This app no longer works properly. For the past several weeks, I’ve gone to several different stores to shop. Before I leave home, I make a shopping list, but when I get to the store the app won’t open. I get the comment “No Network Available” “Please connect and try again”. I checked my settings and cellular data and cellular roaming is turned on, but I’m unable to open or sign in to Alexa. The next day it might or might not work. I have LTE cellular service and a fully charged iPhone 7 running IOS 11.4.1. I’m now leaving the second store today without completing my shopping because I depend on this list function. I guess I have to revert back to the olden ways of paper & pencil. I’m very dissatisfied, but hey it’s free you say. Well it’s turned into a huge time waster for me because now I’ll have to go home and scour through the sales ads and either recreate my lists or make a paper list. When I get home the app may actually open, but when I get to the store....nothing. Maybe you ought to fix the issues that exist now before you keep proudly adding and advertising more and more new functions and capabilities to the app, which evidently seem to be causing problems with its former user-friendly and basic functioning.

- Granny Cam

When my daughter purchased Echo Shows for me and my husband, and one for my mother, I wasn’t sure we’d have much use for them. How wrong I was! My mother lives in an assisted living facility & I began to use the drop-in feature to check on her or walk her through fixing whatever was wrong with her TV (usually she pressed the wrong button & got components out of synch.) Lately, with the pandemic, her ALF is in lockdown and the Echo Show has become a lifeline in every sense of the word. I’m able to check on her several times a day, making sure she remembers to go down to the dining hall for meals, take her medicine, and remind her to press her call button if she needs other help. My sister-in-law’s husband just died and we bought her one, too. People with memory disorders, like my mother, or tech aversions like my sister-in-law, have trouble using Facetime or Skype. I can drop in without them having to do anything & chatting face to face is much better than a phone call. It’s also helpful to set reminders, play music & books, and use as a search engine. We love it!

- Alexa friendly; app not so much

I don’t regret having my Echo, Show and Dot; however, I don’t find the programming and navigating the app to be nearly as user-friendly as I would expect, given Amazon’s resources. Maybe it is because I live in the Apple ecosphere where most things just work. Perhaps it is growing pains with AI, since Siri is Apple’s weakest link. People shouldn’t need an app to learn how to use an app. I also find that I discard most of the skills as fairly useless. I love things like Find My Phone, but a lot of the sleep sounds, etc. are low quality compared to other apps I use. I had to get a new cheap coffee pot for her to control with the plug since she can only work with a toggle, no buttons. I understand why, but wish she could control my Cuisinart. The Show will put up a video I want to watch, but move on before I can ask for it. Asking for it after it isn’t on the screen doesn’t work. My echo used to be very sensitive, but now I have to yell at her several times to turn off an alarm. What’s with that? I like Reminders, timers, alarms, weather and my morning flash briefing, which I need to edit, since some is either an ad or just annoying. Please work on making the interface more intuitive.

- a little help for the blind people

Now I can tell this is a very capable app. I was able to set up my account and subsequently my echo dot in a short time. It's also decently organized. The app has 3 main problems for blind and low vision users. The app does not have well labeled elements for voice over to read. This is consistant throught the app. The app is unresponsive. Of course, using voice over takes up some technological resources on my iPhone, however there is no excuse for the latest iPhone and the newest version of iOS that I should have to wait 3 seconds for the next screen to load. Along with that, trying to link services is incredibly difficult and there are a fair amount of buttons, text fields, elements, functions, and even just on/off buttons that just don't work when pressed. Lastly, when putting different gesture inputs into voice over and doing things in the app, everything starts to slow down after a short amount of time. This can effectively hault or freeze the app and then crashes. The only comparison is that the google home app is completely accessable and easy to use. If you want accessability feedback, please reach out to me.

- Alexa

I LOVE my Alexa! It wakes me up to my favorite music every morning, and keeps track of my grocery lists (putting copies on my phone so I always have a current list.....which is totally awesome! It reminds me of events, or when to leave home to pick up kids from school! If I am reading a book, and don’t recognize a word, it gives me a definition. It gives me French lessons, although they are fairly easy so far. I ask Alexa to set timers a lot! If I can’t remember how to make a recipe, Alexa helps. If I have my hands busy and need a quick math calculation, I just ask Alexa! If I am reading a historical book, and want to check something that doesn’t seem right, I ask Alexa and she corroborates.....or not. Alexa also reads my kindle books to me, and turns on my prime TV, and searches for my TV shows for me! Alexa can set timers for your lights, to go on and off when I am not home, so it looks like someone is home....but you need compatible light bulbs! I really love Alexa!!!!!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Alexa a “100”......honest!

- Still Learning at 65, but love this thing!

Ok, I have to say that technology is getting harder and harder for me to keep up with. I have an Associate Degree in Computer Science from way back when, so Im not intimidated by all this new technology, however my brain is beginning to feel overloaded at times trying to figure out the Echos, Google WiFi, Macbooks, Iphones, Smart plugs, Ipads, etc. I really wanted this Echo to hookup seamlessly with Fire TV, however, that didnt happen after an extended amount of time with tech support. So, now Im just using it for fun and necessities. It is kind of nice to get up and ask what the weather is, or how the traffic is to x location today, but I really like it when I can ask her to play soft music. Sooo relaxing at my age. My husband, the curmudgeon, can barely operate a flip phone. He has managed to get himself comfortable with asking the weather on Fire TV, but thats the extent of it. He didnt want the Google WIFI system because he thought you had to talk to the pods....enough said. I still love the Echo! Good Purchase, easy to install.

- Amazing device but is annoying

I got my Alexa not so long ago. Sense then I have only had 2 problems with it. But the problems are very frustrating and annoying. It is the same problem too. Red light and keeps saying the Alexa isn’t registered. But then I will go on the app and it will say it is registered. The first time I had this issue it lasted 2 days. Then I finally fixed it. I now have the same issue and it has been going on for a month now. The same red light whenever I say hey Alexa. I have looked up videos which have led to zero help. I honestly don’t know what to do. It is always so annoying. Last time this happened I fixed it but I forgot how I fixed it. I think I unplugged it but I did that 5 times already and nothing has changed.. if you ever want to get a Alexa always know how to deal with the problems and issues. But in all Alexa is such a good device. It plays music and will tell you lots of information. Plus it is funny. Definitely recommend. But would love some help with the red light:/

- List Locks Up

I use Alexa to create my shopping lists. As convenient as it is for this function, when trying to utilize it through the app on my phone, I frequently encounter problems. Upon opening, the app can just freeze up and not respond at all to taps or even allow me to access my lists. If I do get as far as opening a list, my chances are 50/50 that it will lock up on me once I’m in there. If it does lock up then I can neither mark or delete anything off of it nor can I scroll through to see what else is on my list. Switching over to other apps and then returning to the Alexa app does nothing to make the situation better. It requires shutting down my phone completely and re-opening it. I had an older phone, an iPhone 6, and gave Alex the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was due to my older phone. However, I just got an iPhone 8 and I am still in countering the same problems.

- "Back" button blues

I've been using the Alexa app since it's inception. I've had very few problems with the function of the app. It runs the original echo, four echo dots, the first echo show and now the new echo show 5 and an echo input. Once I got my home wifi tweeked to give full reliable coverage for the entire house, Alexa works without issues. The app does so many things and it does them well. My wife and I now rely on the echo units for all kinds of automation to run lights, appliances, central air and heat, locks, remote control for TV, cameras and of course music. If things aren't working properly I can always trace issues to wifi. My only suggestion has to do with using the app for looking up skills. I have issue with the "back" button. After scrolling through volumes off catagories and skills I wish to return to the place I was so I could continue exploring skills but the "back" button returns to the very start of the skills list. Please consider redesigning so the back button will take me to the precious step. Good app that does a tremendous amount of things well.

- Slow & Can’t Utilize Many Features

This app takes forever to load, but I’m willing to accept this could partially be due to my older phone. However, I can’t fully utilize so many of the “features” in the app. For iHeartRadio, there’s no option to log in using Facebook through the Alexa app, so I’d have to create a brand new account to listen to podcasts and music stations through my Echo Dot. I couldn’t properly finish creating my Food Network Kitchen profile in the Alexa app, nor would it finish letting me log in successfully. I couldn’t even save my home address, work address, or the address for basically anything else through the app. I gave up trying to see what else I could do in the app for now because I got so frustrated with all these features I apparently have but cannot use. Please have your developers go thoroughly through the app to fix these bugs and others I’m sure they are to find. Other than that, I’ve discovered much I can use my Dot for using this app, and there are features that do properly work (for now), which is why I felt to rate 3 stars instead of 1 or 2.

- It's great... until it isnt

I really like Alexa and when it's working it's superb. It's when it's not working it becomes a real pain. Specifically if you're using her to control the lighting in your home and the power goes out. We live in an area that is prone to wildfires. Our electric company will shut down their system as a preventative measure in case of wildfire or it can happen with any other type of power disruption from equipment failure to an electrical storm. When power is restored Alexa's memory of your programming is lost. Devices connected to her control become unknown. I understand that the cause of the electrical failure has nothing to do with Alexa but there should be some work arounds that can be programmed into her that could restore your settings. To have to dog down every device that's not working is a huge pain. That porch light that automatically turns on at dusk will stay dark. So if you're thinking, hey this would be great for my tech un-savy parents or elderly grandparents, you're setting yourself and them up for a world of hurt when there's a power outage.

- Suggestions to improve:

I would LOVE to make a few suggestions.... ~For the Echo Show- When the screen is showing news update/interesting topics, make it easier to use your voice ask her to read or play the video for you and possibly ask her to go back to the previous page in the slideshow without having to touch the screen to scroll back. Every time I see something I want to hear, she tells me something totally different than the news article she was just displaying. ~With the abundance of skills that are out there, I enable so many that sound cool, but by the time I close the app, I totally forgot what the names are and what I have to say to open them. Why don't you make an option allow people to print out the skills they enabled to use as a cheat sheet? I think it would be cool to make a little book/folder type of thing to keep near the echo that kids or guests can browse through the skills you have and be able to know what phrases they have to say to play the game or whatever.... ~It would be great if there was a way to have your phone connected to Alexa, WHILE using multi-room music and using Alexa normally, but have her pause the music when you're phone is ringing so you don't miss calls if you're blasting music through the whole house. As far as I know, if you want be able to hear anything from your phone, then any music or anything has to be done on your phone as well. I want to listen and control everything from Alexa, but just be alerted if my phone rings.

- Great in concept, but limited and rarely works correctly

The main reasons to utilize Alexa in your life are to make life easier and the “cool factor”. Unfortunately, it makes life easier about 25% of the time and the other 75% of the time, it doesn’t work correctly and I spend this time trying to troubleshoot all of its flaws. In other words, it actually takes much more time and effort fixing all the problems than the efficiency it provides during the times it sometimes works as advertised. Side note, to provide a reference of validity: I’m an intermediate expert at smart home systems with about 60 different smart devices tested in my home and currently running and tested about 45 different routines. I have the best WiFi plan offered in my area plus a $500 WiFi booster - so the WiFi connections are solid. I point this out because I understand WiFi connectivity issues are probably the biggest problem with most people’s smart home systems. But for me, the issues and my rating/review are due to the products and the technical faults and limitations of Alexa software. Still, I’m hopeful they will get resolved eventually.

- Too slow and old setup

I have never written an app review before but after Leningrad my alexa device for more than a year, I have simply run out of patience. The app is a big roadblock in my use of the device. It is too slow compared to other apps. And NO it is not my network or the million other excuses that is usually thrown at you. Bottom-line is that they need to make a better app. Also the setup in the app is too simple and is limiting the user experience tremendously. It is like they never consulted anyone with expertise in user-friendliness for real people. If they did - they got ripped off. Given the share of the market that Alexa devices are currently covering, to have a good app accompanying the devices should be paramount. Clearly not a priority for them - why? Why not be ahead in the game with the app side of things too? If I had known how useless and slow this app was I would have opted for google home. I never recommend anyone getting Alexa devices simply because they do not prioritize the user-side of things. This app is a testimony to that fact. Even if the app was not so incredibly slow, the interface would still be far far behind other apps.

- No way to connect

I hesitate to give this app any stars, because I don’t know what’s going wrong. I recently replaced the router, now there is a new password, but I can’t get my Echo Spot to connect to Wi-Fi. At all. It wasn’t hard at all the first time, but changing the router password seems to have thrown it for a loop. The instructions say to go to Settings, and then scroll down to Wi-Fi, but there is no Wi-Fi option in Settings. I tried to Add Device, which directed me to Manual Setup. In Manual Setup, there is no option for a Spot, specifically, so the instructions don’t correlate. There is no orange ring, there is no sign the app senses the Spot at all, or vice versa. I hold the button down on the Spot, and all it does is turn the thing off. I’ve turned everything off, and then back on, I’ve even deleted the app and reloaded it, I’ve reset the Spot. I’m out of options. Pity. I liked the little thing. Like I said, I hate to rate the app if the problem is actually me, and something I’m missing. But the app is not really what I’d call user-friendly either.

- Life changer!

I have had an echo dot for two days now. I enjoy it so much I ordered a few more devices for the rest of the house. Alexa is so helpful you can do so many things with her it is crazy. I love the fact that you can customize her answers to questions and make her say anything you want. Everyone in my house has a similar sense of humor, so when someone asks her anything I made her give answers with attitude. She also has a child mode, so you can customize what your children see and do. You can rest easy knowing Alexa won’t show or let them hear anything they should not have access to. 5 stars for the ease of access and how easy it is to set her up and pair her with everything. Plug it in download an app give her some basic information and boom she is ready to go. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a virtual assistant around the house to make life easier!

- Alexa is everything!

Alexa is smart Entertaining and fun! She keeps me from burning dinner, reminds me of drs appointments, and keeps me on track of chores! She remembers my favorite songs, introduces me to new music, tells me what to expect the weather to be, and even when to expect the rain to begin. She Gives me definitions of words, explains tough political terms, tells corney jokes, connects to my phone to boost the audio of anything I’m playing on my phone like audio books, the first day she even told me that she loved me! Lol thanks to the app I can take her with me in my car where she continues to keep me on task and allows me to play serius radio in my home and our second car!! When I leave she arms our alarm and camera and alerts me when there’s a loud noise inside, or something that stirs up our dogs! I want another one for my art studio!! Alexa is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve ever bought!

- What a good thing Alexa could be. If the owners would allow it.

On an honest tip. Alexa could be a great device, especially for the elderly. Family members who are put in the position of being the caretaker of their elderly family members could get some respite. But now in life people only think of getting rich and they only think of themselves and their bottom line. They refuse to see the greater good that can be derived for so many. In the end. The consumers info will be sold. The government will be given full access to consumers info and their lives will be bought and sold through the recording that many do not know about. It’s just sad that this device could be used for unfathomable good. But, it will no doubt be used to bring consumers to their knees, both financially and emotionally. Corporate America tend to derive great pleasure from that.

- Probably me

About a week ago I received my third generation echo dot and had troubles right from the start. Like I said in the title to this review it’s probably me, I am not tech savvy, but every instruction video I watched, the instructions that were included with the echo, it was different in reality than it was in any of those videos or the directions. My Echo seems to have skipped a whole step so I Kinda had to wing it. So it’s been a little frustrating to have to figure it all out myself. Like for instance the echo wasn’t controlling the volume on my TV it wasn’t turning it on or off and right now there’s a yellow ring that’s blinking and I don’t know what it is. So again I have to research that and see what it is. Like I said it’s probably me but it is frustrating and I wish the whole start up would cover everything that could possibly happen, like in my case but once I get everything resolved I’ll update this review and see how we are then.

- Add Loudness Control Switch in Menu

In case a Alexa Programmer is reading this, May I suggest something to improve the sound that has not been mentioned until now. It would be great if one could switch on a loudness control in the menu so the bass frequency would be automatically boosted as the volume is lowered. Audio engineers know that the human ear cannot hear bass frequencies equally at the lower volume levels. This phenomenon is known as the Fletcher Munson Curve and a loudness switch is usually provided on the high end audio Preamps to provide a gradual increase of base response as the volume is turned down. Just a suggestion to save having to manually turning up the bass in the equalizer when you lower the volume level....At the least please please give us a separate control in the menu to adjust just the Sub Woofer level. This is sadly lacking as the bass on the equalizer alone affects too much of the mid range ... and muddies the mid frequencies.....Thanks. Catman.

- First time user

I really do like the app this is my first tike with an echo dot and I think it is very helpful. One thing so far I am really annoyed with is the fact that I cannot adjust the volume from my phone. I go to device settings, my echo dot. And try and adjust the slider bar and it says to change volume, you must be playing audio. If audio is playing, check your network connection and try again. I know it’s not my connection because I don’t have a problem on any other devices. However, for the most part the audio im playing are from skills like sleep sounds or focus sounds because im studying 24/7 as a full time student. If i switch alexa to apple music i can then adjust the slider bar. The frustrating part is I want to be able to adjust it when I get in bed without talking to her or when im studying and need to focus. But the app only lets me adjust it for apple music when two seconds earlier i tried with the same exact internet connection on the skills sounds i have and it wouldnt work.

- Good app, slow and a bit buggy.

App has served me well for the 12+ months I’ve used it up until recently. It’s always had a bit of an issue being slow, but I’ve been able to deal with it and not care too much. I recently moved and bought a few more Alexa products and also changed all my groups around to fit the change from apartment to house. Now, when I’m setting alarms, and I try to set one up for my new Echo Dot, it switches back to my previous group called “apartment” and doesn’t show that it can find or recognize the new Dot. I have about 6 seconds if I want to set up or edit an alert before this happens. This bug is infuriating and I really hate having to deal with it. There’s no reporting system for bugs either except leaving reviews. I will alter this review if the bug is fixed to a 4 star because overall the app is very good, just a bit slow at times. This bug has made it almost impossible for me to use the way I like to.

- Never stops talking and is always selling.

I just want a simple response to my questions, I don’t want to know all the things she can do or say or answer JUST TELL ME WHAT THE WEATHER IS RIGHT NOW. Her features are cool, but come on. I’ve had this same device for YEARS and she STILL constantly tells me the things she can do! I KNOW! I USE THE STUPID CRAP YOU ARE TRYING TO “SELL” ME ON! Shut up already!! Honestly, I think the selling has really just gotten way worse this past year or perhaps I’ve finally hit my breaking point. I can’t take it anymore. I love the idea, but no matter what settings I change or what I ask or if I tell her to not talk as much it doesn’t matter she is constantly freaking talking. It wouldn’t even be that bad if she would just notify the app every time instead of speaking it. Sure it would be annoying, but I have a one year old she doesn’t want to be yelled at about all these crazy features or things to ask when all she wants is for the box of cats to meow. The one thing she does right is turn on my smartlights without being a smarta** and talking too much.

- Unable to delete contacts

I am unable to delete contacts that are on my Alexa app. A lot of contacts are people I have no interest in contacting, especially through Alexa. There is no delete option. According to Amazon’s website “You can create contacts in the app or you can import them from your device's local address book. To manage the import of contacts from your device, please visit the contacts section in the Alexa app. You can also edit and delete any contact created in the Alexa app by visiting that contact's individual contact card. The Import Contact feature is ON by default.” This is not so. Even if I try to go to “Edit”, it tells me to go to my device that it used as a source to edit the contact information. Okay well that would be nice if I still had that device. At some point I had already disabled Alexa from auto importing my contacts, but I am not able to delete the contacts that are already in there. I would greatly appreciate this becoming an option.

- Will you please add Esinkin BT Adaptar

It’s sort of a funky process to get my Alexa to Bluetooth to my Esinkin BT Adapter. I have to do it manually every time. It’s not in known devices in the app and app discovery will not discover it. Also when I ask Alexa to enter pairing mode and my Esinkin into pairing mode and it finally connects, it doesn’t show up as a device so I have to manually disconnect it by voice instead of using the app. This product came out in 2015 so it should be something Alexa should recognize from the get go. My friend said he could connect with Google Device no problem. Same model Esinkin BT Adapter.. Thank you for taking the time to read this, if that happens. Thank for everything else. Just seems like Alexa only like the “big” name BT Adapters. I feel like it should work no problem as my phone, computer and other items connect no problem. Thanks for all the hard work though!

- Annoying Audible Interface

Audible is what my Echo Dot is primarily used for. My kids listen to books to help them fall asleep. The menu to select an audiobook from Audible is very annoying. There’s no search or reorder options. For someone like me with nearly 200 titles in my collection, it’s a pain to scroll to find a book in a chaotically ordered list. Both the Audible and Kindle apps have ways of making this much easier. Why wouldn’t Alexa? And now, with the latest update, EVERY SINGLE TIME an audiobook is played, it’s followed up with an ad to start an Audible subscription and a sample of another book. We have a shared family plan so the main account logged into Alexa doesn’t have Audible but the connect account does-hence why I’m able to play the books I own. So logically if I’m already playing books, why would I need to hear about getting a subscription??? And at the very least why can’t I turn that feature off??? The last thing I want after my kids have been lulled to sleep by a relaxing audiobook is Alexa talking. Make it stop!

- Good, but not great

Okay: I’ll admit from the get-go that I’m old (60), so I probably don’t use ALEXA all the ways it can be. However, I love telling it to turn the music on the echo dot and having whichever playlist I want to come up. I TRULY enjoy saying, “ALEXA, turn off plug one” when I leave the family room and the lamps go out. What I have a problem with is the phone number changing every time I misplace my iPhone and I have to say, “ALEXA, find my phone”, and I can’t hear my phone ring because I’ve turned the ringer off again because of so many scam calls and only the numbers on ring override can ring through. So you see my problem? I put ALEXA in my contacts when I set up “find my phone” and put it on override, too. I thought that was pretty clever, except the number keeps changing!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ One more thing: she says, “okay” AFTER she completes the task. That’s a little annoying.

- What had happened

The Alexa in general is starting to become very inadequate. The sad reality is it used to respond so much better with correct routine defined behaviors. Now each time you provide directions or request either don’t know that or goes into a topic that is entirely of track causing unnecessary frustration. Example good night master bedroom as programmed should turn off lights and turn on fans, in lieu after requests are made multiple times it states I don’t know that or goes into a internet query. I do recall voice recognition being a stated priority of improvement. What ever upgrades that have occurred are clearly failing and undermining this technology’s assumed benefits. I’ve made a huge investment as there is a Alexa device in just about every room in my house so I had faith in the product but now ready to remove and manage all implemented smart features manually. Please improve or revert voice recognition to last years success.

- Great when it works!

I’m at a loss as to the problem, but now when my electricity has a short blip, I lose ALL of my alarms and reminders. I had to input them three times last week. It never did that in the past, so extremely frustrating. I need my reminders for medical reasons as my dog takes life saving pills throughout the day. Very, very frustrating. Maybe a kink with the last update. On the other hand I love the ability to put in a reminder for several different times for the same reminder text. One entry just adding different times for the announcement. Much easier. Would be nice to have her announce events in my calendar. Hopefully Alexa will learn more knowledge based information from an encyclopedia! Lots she can’t answer yet. However, I look on the bright side. When I was a kid I am the one who had to look something up in the dictionary or encyclopedia!

- Alexa has come a long way

I’ve had Alexa and Google Home for a few years. I’ve been frustrated with each of them from time to time. Google was the winner last year due to how smart it is at search and figuring out what song I wanted when I didn’t know the exact name. Alexa has nearly equaled Google in song guessing in the last year, and now Alexa is blowing away Google in ease of device setup. By ease, I mean I did not even open the Alexa app and the new TP link/Kasa plug I added to my network was already recognized and named correctly. Wow! I still like the ability to cast audio throughout the house with affordable Google Cast enabled speakers from Vizio, but if I hadn’t already made that investment I might go all in with Alexa at this point. Steady progress in making Alexa better each year is very nice to see! 👍


There is absolutely nothing about this STUPID app that’s user friendly! And the best part is I’m only using it because the Alexa refuses to learn either of our voices! And I can’t change anything with my voice..,all I’m trying to do is listen to music...that’s it!! And I can’t even get that to happen! I’m so frustrated it’s a joke! I’ve tried the settings...but honestly, I want technology to simplify my life, not be another TIME CONSUMING annoying thing I don’t have time to spend hours learning!! I can’t even get this stupid thing to go from Tunein to a local radio station on my phone. I’ve tried everything...I’m usually pretty good with this stuff too....but this has me baffled. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong please. Or just knows how to figure this dumb thing out? Or if there is a better app I could use....I’m grateful for any assistance at all. I can’t find it when I googled it & the support page just frustrates me more. I just want to listen to some music ....I’m not trying to get this thing to cure the Cov. lol. Thank you.

- Want to do lists? Better off with paper.

I can't handle using this app. I keep trying because I desperately want to use it for our grocery lists. That's most of what we use Alexa for. But when I go to the store, the cell service inside is always spotty at best, and the app in CONSTANTLY refreshing and trying to get a new signal, so even if I miraculously pull up the list, within seconds it disappears while trying to sync again. It's incredibly frustrating. And while they claim to have an offline shopping mode, when I go into Costco, which has no cell coverage at all where I live, it spends all it's time trying to find a signal, and shows me nothing. I've had to call my husband to tell me what's on the list every time, when it should be in my hand! I've even turned off WiFi hoping that would help, but no luck. And I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to turn off cell data to see my grocery list (which, by the way, doesn't even work either). Long story short, this app is utterly useless for lists. You're better off with paper.

- Something is broken

This app was working ok but in recent weeks, when I’m viewing my shipping list, the screen just freezes and I cannot scroll, check off items I’ve put in my cart, or even back out of the list. I have to exit the app, force quit, and then re-start it. Needless to say, this is a huge pain if I have a list that’s longer than the screen on my phone will display. This is so disappointing. Also, why does it take so many keystrokes to GET to my shopping list in the first place? I feel there should be a way to customize the app to show me my top three (or four, or five, or whatever, really) actions that *I* use all the time, so that when I restart—which as I’ve mentioned I have to do all the time now—I can then just tap ONCE to get to what I need, eg, to my shopping list. (I really don’t care what are the last few commands I’ve asked Alexa to do, and feel that first screen upon opening the app could be WAY more useful.) This is 2018. These kind of glitches should not be happening in a mainstream app like this.

- Updated to something worse

I downloaded this app a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. I used it daily, for hours each time. Well, I haven’t used it for the last couple of weeks and I noticed when I opened it up today, something was totally different. It was not functioning correctly. I proceeded to get on the chat line with technical support and after chatting with a few representatives, it was quite clear that they had no idea what was going on. Needless to say, they couldn’t answer my question. The operating issue was blamed on a recent update. I would have given 5 stars to this app a couple of weeks ago but now I can only give 1 star. The reason it gets 1 star is because 0 stars is not an option. UPDATE IT AGAIN AND PUT IT BACK LIKE IT WAS! If it wasn’t broke to start with, why are you gonna try to fix it?! Stop updating things that are working perfectly fine! I’ll be waiting for the next update and hopefully it will put things back the way they were. If not, I’m done with this mess.

- Getting dumber by the day

Just endured my house “dropping in” on itself & carrying on a conversation between speakers after a night of Audible refusing to play the book open on my phone & insisting on opening the latest book acquired rather than any I have downloaded & open in a folder. None of the podcast skills are updating properly, so I’m stuck on episodes from shows deleted in July rather than the updated current ones in the same app on my phone. Of course their answer is to phone in & spend hours of your own work time helping them troubleshoot their buggy software. Best of all is after a power outage when every WiFi bulb in the house flares to life & the devices won’t automatically reset & reconnect to the WiFi when it comes back on. Yeah, nothing says smart like having to drive home, unplug & replug all the Echoes or trudge around in the middle of the night turning off every light in the entire house until the internet comes back on.

- Love it but be careful w updates

I love and depend on Alexa, despite some of its kinks and limitations. In my house I’ve got good Internet and haven’t had many connectivity issues. I’ve got most of my main lights connected to Alexa and love the customized news updates that have become part of my morning routine. I’ve connected it to my sound system so my music comes through in Bose surround. Wonderful. My mom lives in the basement of a NY brownstone and has poor Internet connectivity. She had all kinds of bridging issues with the 1st generation echo and Philips Hue light bulbs and an old iPhone 5. I’ve upgraded her to the latest of everything (she is still waiting for Fios to come into her area and continues to suffer from poor internet access) and although it took a while, with calls to help desks, she’s now got everything purring including her thermostat control with echo bee. Beware the latest Alexa update. It does the thing where you have to renter your use name and password, and my Alexa was offline until I could do that. A real pain, as I just got out of surgery and am quite dependent on the voice control, etc. I can’t really compare w Google Home and others. It’s not perfect. But I’ve gotten familiar with it and developed some loyalty so I don’t foresee myself changing unless things get really bad.

- Love it, but it has room to grow.

I give 5 stars because I love my Alexa devices, but feel the "Routines" feature has a lot of room for growth. So far, I've been happy with what it can do and have had a little fun playing with it. I like walking into my office in the morning and saying "Alexa, time to get to work" and having all my lights turn on, followed by news and sports updates. Admittedly, my gripe comes from the app's lack of imagination. I envision being able to change the color/dimming of the lighting, and having the option to trigger a particular song/artist/genre of music to begin playing. My sick, twisted mind hypothesized a scenario where I say "Alexa, it's business time" and the lights dim, change color, and Flight of the Concords starts playing. Just seems like it could be a lot of fun!

- Hi

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- Comparison

Honestly I have 12 or more echos and all kinds of smart devises. I’m able to treat google chrome cast into music or multieroom music but you can’t do that with fire tv. Alexa will listen more often when it’s not meant to unlike google partially I think because of the “hey” factor. And comparing time to complete a task they take a few seconds longer. You have many great designs and sound quality but the multi room music will cut out and experience issues so often it’s embarrassing with friends over, Especially paying for the best plans. My only suggestion would be spend sometime on all your software because that’s the only area your lacking. You offer shapes and sizes with a great concept but it’s not as smart as google yet. Will you both just combine please.

- Bloated app still has issues (music search)

I won’t even go in to all the “little” issues but the one that gripes me the most is not being able to type in my complete search for music stations from my echo. For example: I like a station called 60s 70s and more flashback. For some reason I can play it on my Dot but not my Echo. I connect to it through TuneIn via Bluetooth on my Dot and my Echo doesn’t have that luxury so I have to search for it since it cannot be added as a favorite (can’t figure that out either). But anyway, when I tap the search button on the Alexa app in my Echo, all I can get typed in is the number 6, and it starts searching and will NOT allow me to finish typing. My work around is the use the speech to text option on the iPhone keyboard. That’s the only way I can get the entire name of the station in that I am looking for. This has been an issue for about 3 years now.

- Only good for timers, calculations, and weather for me.

Yeah I have to do meditation for my therapy. And I used Alexa this time for my music instead of my AMAZING sound machine just to see if I would like it more. But it’s like pandora. Back to back ads. So I can’t use it for going to sleep or meditation. Which is fine, I will just keep using my sound machine. It just seems like when I try to use a feature on Alexa that I haven’t tried before, it doesn’t work out for my situation. Edit: I had set a reminder to remind me to do something in 20 minutes so I would do it right when I got to work. I never got the notification on the app. I again double checked to make sure all notifications and permissions were on. They were. This was the original problem I was having when I had rated this 3 stars. It seemed to have been fixed after that, and literally after I changed the review it started happening again. I give up. Go back to using Siri I guess.

- Alexa is part of the family !

Alexa has made our lives easier and more organized! There are so many features that help with day to day life... and life in our home is busy. My husband and I both work and go to school on top of raising our 2 yr old son. Organization of our time and responsibilities is paramount. Alexa sets my timers so I remember to switch my laundry over and I can easily ask her to put items on my shopping list to access my list (via the app) at the store. We have lights in our home hooked up to Alexa for a hands free on and off, which seems like something you could go without, but man does it help when I’m carrying a baby and groceries in and out. Thats juts to name a few. Alexa has been a great addition to our family and highly recommend her for yours.

- Quit making it less useful.

Every time an update comes the whole system seems thrown out of whack. Annoying. The latest update seems aggressively intentional to annoy users and make the whole point of Alexa as a music app frustrating and both incredibly and bafflingly less useful to use. Why on earth would you remove access and literally any possible way to see the playlists we created? Literally the reason I pay for unlimited music service. Literally the reason I create playlists. I also frequently start music from my phone when I neither need or want to speak to Alexa. Ffs quit doing idiotic things that remove the most basic and logical functions. Let alone the most useful. And judging by recent reviews on this specific idiotic move few people are fans of you removing any reasonable and easy way to view and use the playlists they create to listen to the music they want to listen to,, and pay to do so.

- Someone I can count on

Alexa tell me to take my medicines every four hours, day and night. She lets me ask her all types of questions morning noon and night: How old someone is? How much money do they make? Who are they married to? What is going on in the world? What will be the weather for today tomorrow or the next day. She plays rock, opera, cuban music, classical music, or music to entertain my dog. She tells me when I have a package waiting for me, she helps me make phone calls and reminds me of things that I usually forget. She keeps track of the shopping list and all my doctors’ appointments. At the end of the day she will tell me to have a good night and in the morning she will tell me you have a good day. She is my constant companion and I don’t know what I would do without her.

- Dear Alexa Developers,

Alexa doesn’t play the songs I request from Apple Music and has been misinterpreting all of my requests to play my songs and answers to my questions now for about two weeks. I end up repeating and redirecting my requests to help her understand things I’ve been asking her to do for months. It would probably work better for me if I strategically change all of my requests to routines instead. A couple of days ago, Alexa started saying more than I asked for, including informing me about providing feedback so that I could help her learn to better serve me... I missed something she said, but she didn’t repeat it like before she broke. Please repair Alexa!!! I sincerely appreciate your wonderful idea to create a product that assists so many people. Please inform us when you are updating the Alexa app by email or something, so that we won’t think Alexa is losing it. Just let us know that your making necessary improvements to better service us. Thank you! Respectfully yours, A Loyal Customer

- Alexa getting worse

Our home is nearly 100% Lifx and Phillips Hue lights which all worked all the time with Alexa Dot. Then I added the Show exactly where the dot was and everything became unreliable. I have 8 Lifx builds in the living room where the show is and now it is rare if they all work when I give a command to turn them on or off. I even ordered another dot 10 feet away and if I talk to it the results are better but still rarely does do all 8 bulbs work together. While the lights used to react nearly immediately now it can take up to 10 seconds. I am convinced the Show has major problems because it is so unreliable to commands. I am also frustrated by the inability to access a shopping list on my phone if the stores WiFi is weak.

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- Hard to reinstall

My iOS decided to delete the app even though I use it every day the offload unused apps function kicked in (I’ve now turned it off). Reinstalling it was problematic. Tapping the icon gave a msg of ‘cannot download app’ . I restarted , updated to iOS 13.4.1 (SE) and no luck. Using the link through the App Store was the only way I could get a live link to reinstall. Generally the app is a bit cluttered . Better that google home but still has many ‘hidden or hard to find features. Might benefit from some real world beta testing before updates . Programmers are good people I’m sure but are only a small percentage of the intended audience of most apps .

- Connected home, love it

Honestly. I have 3 echo dots, 2 echos, and a new echo sub. And it’s great, music is amazing and the price is right! I have 34 LIFX lights, wemo switches, and 3 ring cameras, Logitech harmony hub and more. The echo system has ALMOST flawlessly tied ALL of these aftermarket devices into one smooth flowing machine. MASSIVE thanks to the developers for what is surely a monumental task. I rarely need to open the app, but when I do, it gets the job done usually without an issue. Yes, sometimes I give up on Alexa when she doesn’t quite understand me. Sometimes I change the name of devices because she doesn’t like “Ian’s Lamp” so now it’s “Scott’s” lamp. There’s a few bugs here and there but a quick reset solves 99% of those issues. The complexity of what’s actually happening here deserves credit. I’m having a beer for the devs as we speak. (Keep up the amazing work) The new layout took a week to get used too, and I do feel some things are still confusing (I would always hand a new device to my wife and see if she can set up and use it, before releasing to the public). But honestly. If you have a whole lot of smart devices. This is literally the gateway to making it all work together. Thankyou guys... Now stop listening to my wife and I making babies....

- Frustrating many times

On one level it is a Great thing, but too many problems. Many routine names are not recognized and Alexa starts yepping a lot of irrelevant stuff. Routines running cannot be stoped. If I put multiple devices to be turned on or off, it will not be done, unless I put a delay, and the delay is minimum 5 seconds. The way to get around this partly is to get Alexa to say something in between each command , but if internet is slow then this could take a longer time. A favourite flute album cannot be played as Alexa does not recognize the name and even if put in a routine, cannot find it, ( can only select it on my phone and stream it to the echo devise). Several things that she is asked, she would say “ I do not know that” but google and Siri, will have an answer. I will still use it, but one day if not improved I will trow my 3 echo and one echo dot away. But I am thankful such things exist.

- Odd collection of functionality. Can't set timers.

Generally good. Does what you expect from being a GUI to a bunch of devices without screens of their own. How do you create a timer for an echo dot? You can't. Have to do it via voice. They *know* you might but they deliberately disallow it. There's a little sentence in the App informing that you need to use the echo itself. But I'm using an ipad and want to create a timer. I'd also like to have a routine that creates a timer. You can't. They know you'd like to but they don't want you to do it. For reasons. Even though you can use alarms and reminders within the actual same page with a single click. But I want a timer because it can count down and then delete itself when it completes. And no text either. What gives?


When I bought Alexa show 8 and the Alexa echo dot on special, I wasn’t sure I would actually find a use for them but how wrong I was! These devices are absolutely fantastic and I’m a devout Apple user. I’ve been able to link my Apple calendar etc so Alexa can let me know what the day is going to bring before I even get out of bed, it’s fantastic. The kids love asking her ridiculous questions and playing all the games she provides - I wish I’d bought one ages ago, I love Alexa!!

- Changed our family to be more orderly and more fun

We use it all the time, mostly helping to parent our kids. Eg I set a timer as a deadline for daughter to do stuff like shower, or provide warning before changing tasks. Alexa is great for incidental general knowledge questions and adding fun to discussions, and a bit of party entertainment. I know Alexa does so much more that we don’t use. But the little bit we use has the family run smoothly - more done, more timely, less arguments. How good is that?

- This has not been a good experience

We have 6 echos throughout our house. Our family adapted to using Alexa quite quickly, discovering more use within day to day life but the flaws with Alexa soon became very apparent. Now she is basically just a voice controlled temperature gauge. The recognition is often good but regularly terrible. Daily alarms fail, making it totally unreliable for us to trust without a backup. Take today for example. Morning wake up alarm set for important day ahead. Alarm set with Alexa on the previous night, confirmed twice and a backup alarm set on iPhone (old faithful). Alarm doesn’t go off, echo showing a spinning blue ring and not responding to voice commands. Useless. Unreliable.

- Everything you don't want in an app

Laggy and slow mixed together with frequently crashing- this app is a nightmare! I don't understand as Alexa is so great, yet she's totally let down by this b-grade app. Skills search is disappointing, and awkward: you scroll through acres of results and after you've looked at one and go back you're returned to the top of your search result list- ridiculous! Also: please make Skills searchable the language they're available in, or add more filters so I can easily find german Skills as an expat in Australia. I'm sure there are others who would find this extremely useful!

- Very Helpful

My Alexa allows me to time food while cooking, play music, get weather and news updates, help me relax when meditating, and many other things by simple giving it commands. The only problem is that she sometimes doesn’t understand a command, which means I have to repeat it. Alexa overall is a great help.

- Does not fully integrate with Ring Doorbell

I purchase the Alexa Show 5 as it’s advertised there is integration with the Ring Doorbell which I have. I was extremely disappointed to learn after purchasing the Alexa Show 5, that when the doorbell is pushed, the video does not automatically show up, only a sound is played. This is extremely disappointing and to be frank, if I had known this, I would have not purchased the Alexa device. This should be a simple software change within the app to allow for this feature.

- Useless

I purchased the 3rd generation and it keeps coming up in Japanese , I tried uninstalling it and no luck , don’t waste your money on this piece of junk is going back , hope you developers are taking note as I won’t be recommending this trash, very disappointed and angry as this was a gift , shame shame 😡😡😡😡😡ps I would give it zero stars but can’t

- My first day

It’s my first day ever of using Alexa. In the 6-8 hours I’ve been using it, I’ve been greatly impressed. It has already read to me a book I bought two years ago and I’ve been lazy to sit down and read it. I’m really impressed by the tasks it can do.

- App not working 😪

I spent whole day trying to connect my brand new echo dot 3rd generation. But the app never worked no matter how many times I deleted and downloaded again. I didn’t download for atleast 10 times, on my iphone xs Please help!! Please its a request make this app atleast working

- Unreliable

Quite often request music or song and it plays something totally irrelevant, eg. asked it to play Banjo music and it played random songs though banjo station or something. Asked to play pink and it comes through as some other random music with pink in the name but the most likely pink not played at all. Gift from son, but doesn’t do as expected.

- Language messed up

App is a joke now after the recent update claiming to bring in ability to talk to alexa on the app by pressing the alexa button. The language suddenly has changed to Japanese. It can't understand English and only responds back on Japanese. Please enable English (Australia) developers. Don't you do basic user testing before deploying a feature like this. So many others have posted the same issue and I am hoping someone takes notice and fixes this asap.

- Connection issues

I’ve tried for last 2 hours to set up Brand new echo dot in the living room. You get half way through setting it up on iPhone echo app on iPhone, put in wifi codes (56 times now) and it starts to connect. When it gets to the video part on app little miss echo dot decides to tell me “set up mode is off, just a moment while I Blair blah blah. Turned it off 19 times, reconnected 19 times, deleted and reinstalled the app 19 times. It’s now in the bin. Waste of money.

- Not always responsive.

I had Alexa now for 4 months. During this time I have had to re-pair Alexa and other apps with devices 6 to 7 times. When connect to devices, sometimes works very well, but sometimes within minutes of giving an instruction working the first time, minutes later Alexa will say it doesn’t support the instruction e.g. dim light or increase brightness. I leave for awhile then repeat the instruction it works, Went away for over a month had to re-pair all device’s even though I never turn them off. Still along way to go before the software reaches a point where I give it 5 Stars

- Device Location Issues And Sonos Lacking

With the latest version it looks like the developers messed up. When setting device location, after you choose a country the keyboard doesn’t come up. Tried it with 2 different devices. Had to use an old app version on an old device to fix it. Also Sonos integration is pretty poor. You can’t set Sonos groups and therefore can only play music to one speaker from each commands.

- Can't even log in???

App logged me out and now everytime I try to log in it won't and says an error occured. Makes using the echo a bit difficult!! Hope developer fixes this urgently

- Huge Potential but unstable

I have been trying the app on and off. The latest version has a huge potential to be the best in bringing iOS devices together but it’s unstable. Crashes on iPad Pro, drains battery on iPhone 11.

- Need to fix the issue

The app was very slow with all the annoying loading icons pop up every time I switch to another screen I want to integrate with other apps and use skills but the device said I have to switch to Japanese and there’s nothing I can do about it as the settings is in Japanese. Really disappointed with the app

- Alexa better but still has a long way to go

Seems to be getting better with upgrades

- Software

Please fix the music side add a custom playlist we can add music to, fix how long it takes to skip a song once you press the button. Fix song duration to show it in second not a couple second later the bar goes across for how long the song has been playing

- Totally useless

‘Sorry I can’t play music to the group yet’. so what is the purpose of even creating a group of speakers in the app? The whole thing is totally useless. The simple task of having an echo and 2 sonos speakers in a single group and playing music to all 3 speakers at once doesn’t even work. If they can’t get the most basic stuff right why would I expect them to do anything right. What a joke.

- Great Device for video chat

Keeping in touch with family is great, would be great to have ability to conference call as well in a group call 😁

- What a fail!

Trying to setup my echo with the “Alexa, recognise my voice” command setup. The setup says repeat these words “Alexa ...” than its hears itself say Alexa so thinks it has been activated and stops the voice recognition. And no, I got no other Alexa devices, the device isn’t next to a wall, and there is no background noise. It’s just an absolute fail. Worse first experience for another trying to get convinced of Alexa.

- Love it

Works great, have the sonos skill and the automation bridge skill to control all my fibaro devices. Barely touch a light switch anymore. Have 4 echo dots around the house and couldn’t be happier. Keep up the good work!

- Most of the app works well

Most of the app works well but some of the controls are clunky and the layout is not particularly intuitive. This is why I only give it four stars.

- Different language

On the app the language shows chinese and english. How do i change it to just english. It has an option for the echo dot but not the app on the phone when i choose which device to change.

- Good but could be better

Some useful features that should be added - ability to program multiple variations of voice commands for the same set of actions. - ability to group lights into a single name to make programming actions simpler.

- Love it!!

Only had it one day but love it So many things I can do without picking my phone up Looking forward to seeing what else I can learn!!

- Good but can’t get new update!!

This is really good but I have still got the old version. The rest of my family have the new and updated version!! Why is this

- Try playing a podcast

Honestly I would hope that it would allow you to play a stored podcast from your phone. It doesn’t. It’s great for working with smart devices but it has to add some natural language support. Having to find and add a specific skill for everything is a pain.

- Unresponsive app

The app is too slow and at times is unresponsive and just crashes. Can’t really comment much as my app experience is not great so far.

- Abit slow and disfunctional

Awesome system... but very slow. Use this app for sonos one which works well... setting an alarm is quick and convenient and links to the app, but unable to adjust alarm volume or use the gradual increase which unfortunately makes the alarm useless as it isnt loud enough.

- Japanese characters an ongoing issue

After restarts a plenty, reinstalling the app and fiddling with settings I continue to have a huge amount of the app displaying in Japanese characters making it impossible to explore the functions of my new Echo. Very disappointed as this seems to be an issue which has been ongoing with the app and iOS users

- Terrible UI design

Works as expected and all smart devices operate perfectly. My only gripe is the app is ugly. I have a few iPad mini’s hanging around walls and using this as a control centre type functionality, the UI just looks terrible. Please give us something that you would be proud of displaying. And don’t let the work experience kid work on it.

- Really helpful

I’m only just beginning my journey with Alexa but so far this devise is really helpful. I expect we will all be using Alexa, or similar assistants in the future.

- Works, but clunky

The Alexa app does its job, but I do notice a bunch of slowness in the interface. Occasionally it won’t load at all and I’ll have to repeat my action. Good to see the team continue to work to evolve the product and make it more sensible, especially with regard to navigation. Would love to see more Routine options - such as simply telling the current time. Overall, works well for my smart home.

- App is broken

I can’t seem to get the app to work. I use Alexa for my Sonos One Speakers and the app is never functional. It only worked once when I first set up the app and the speakers but now if I want to go into the app to add skills and change settings I cannot. Please someone fix this in an update!

- Worst app I’ve used

Alexa app is the least intuitive app I’ve used in my life. It crashes every time. In Australia is impossible to add a household to the Alexa Echo Dot account. Find things in the app takes longer than any other app I’ve used ever. Doesn’t remember my settings if I do half of a process, e.g. adding a device Really really bad user experience

- Great app but.............

It would great if your team made it possible to rearrange our shopping list so we can arrange our groceries in groups like on other shopping lists apps

- Not fit for purpose

I’ve now deleted the app five times because it serves up a blank page and freezes when I follow the set up instructions. So basic. Not enough expertise, time, care or money has gone into the development of this App. Bundling my Alexa devices to sell online and going over to Google. Very dissatisfied customer.

- A bit slow

This app takes ages to open but apart from that it pretty functional and easy to use.

- Very unresponsive

I was considering my choice between Alexa and google. Unfortunately one of the light products I wanted only worked with Alexa so I took that choice. I have 4 lights and two tvs running through my Sonos speakers. All keep frequently dropping out and Alexa loses control. Seriously thinking it’s time to cut my losses and switch to google

- Underwhelming and slow

Some functions work well but the app takes to long to open and to switch between functions.

- Can’t download

I been trying to download this app for since I got my Alexa but the app is not loading.

- Don’t try

I had Alexa working with an Australian accent on my Sonos beam and One surround system and then tried the app and Alexa doesn’t work at all she says she can’t understand and has an American accent. Not only will she do any of the new functions the app promised to be able to do but she no longer does ANYTHING! Don’t try if you have a working Alexa in Australia

- App is in a foreign language

I’ve had Alexa for a day and for some reason my app is in a character language I don’t read. I never selected this as the default and have followed instruction online and have changed it to English where I can. Off to a rocky start.

- App doesn’t connect to Echo Show 5

App shows a lot of devices from many manufacturers, but it doesn’t show Amazon’s own Echo Show device, so it is impossible to connect the app with it. Is it an oversight or is it just stupidity? Returning this piece of garbage after only 2 days of frustrating attempts to find a solution for it.

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- Best day ever

This is amazing news! I have had the amazon echo since the beginning but to have the app in Canada now is amazing!

- So happy!

Finally this is now available in Canada! Thank you Amazon

- Not full version of the app.

The app seems to be missing the conversations tab which allows you to make calls through the echo. Not sure why this was omitted.

- Embarrassing

I am shocked a company would be pushing out their smart speakers with such an underdeveloped and faulty app. Not only Is nothing available in Canada which is so disappointing I would go back and purchase google home minis instead but the app itself fails to do about everything that it supposedly can do. Cannot pair devices without rebooting the app 4-6 times, can’t even forget paired devices no matter how many attempts I’ve made. Routines will just stop working out of the blue, etc. I fully regret investing in echo devices and will likely look to change to google as soon as possible.

- Language

Where is the English (Canadian) option? Can’t use any of the skills

- No Apple Music

Sorry only in the US...After buying two and waiting for the launch date, nothing. After a reading few more articles, found out that Canadian’s don’t count. I understand if it was Apple’s fault, we’re used to that, but right before Christmas Amazon was the company pumping it up.

- Part of my life

Alexa tells me when to bring in the dog, when I am cooking she helps me with timing, I love the question of the day. During the day if I’m in a mood she plays my favourite songs. At night she plays ocean sounds, looping them, to help me sleep. Alexa even tells me goodnight and to sleep well. I seriously love Alexa.

- Canada

Cannot access the skills section. The app does not have Canada as an option.

- Impossible to connect a Music service

App goes blank on multiple devices when attempting to connect our Apple Music account. Is there a quick fix?

- Drop in not working anymore

Recent updates have rendered this feature unusable. Got an Amazon Echo Show 8 for my 97 year old grandmother who is living in a LT home. This was allowing us to communicate with her until recently when Drop in just stopped working. Troubleshooted the hell out of it and have concluded it is a bug or bad software update. Thanks for nothing Amazon.

- Impossible d’ajouter le service Apple Music

À chaque fois que j’essaie d’ajouter Apple Music dans les services de streaming, l’application n’affiche plus rien. J’ai acheté l’appareil dans le but de profiter de toutes les fonctionnalités annoncées et il m’est impossible de le faire. Je suis déçu de mon achat.

- Wont support spotify

I just cant sync my spotify account dont know why im really frustated

- La sync avec mon spotify ne fonctionne pas

La synchronisation avec mon spotify ne fonctionne pas c’est très frustrant.

- Adding music feature doesn’t work

There’s a glitch in the app where you cannot add your Spotify or Apple Music account. Therefore you can’t listen to decent music, and only what they offer from Amazon music.

- Download error

After 1/4 downloading, restart to zero without another try. I can’t redownload it, installation crash any time. Please resolve it quickly.

- Doesn’t download

Stuck on downloading. Tried wifi and 4g. Two iPhones X at home.

- Not installing

Worst app. Not installing in my any ios devise. Bought new echo speaker and app not working. Hell experience

- cannot even download the app

Brought Sonos, try to set up the Alexa, but the app just stop downloading in the mid of the process. I tried downloading google home without any problem. I got plenty space and connecting to WiFi. I have no idea how to deal with it.

- Buggy since last update

Really buggy !! I can’t update. So I tried uninstall and reinstall and it fails constantly. Can’t install it!

- Alexa doesn’t always listen

Hi: just as a Alexa user/lover I sometimes get frustrated with it. The Alexa music app is frustrating most of the time. You ask for one sone and get totally something else. Then you know that there’s a song in your list and you ask Alexa to play the song. Alexa response can’t find the song or isn’t available. Then it suggests a song that you didn’t ask for or starts telling you information that you didn’t ask for. And to make things wear now the Alexa doesn’t respond with a okay or anything else it just beeps? Look I’ve bought 6 Echoes varieties for friends and family plus I have my house wired to my Echo. Lights etc. So as technology goes I am a fan. But it still needs tweaking! Needs to be more precise. I know this is a variable new technology. But sometimes I just want to throw the damn thing out the window. Can’t wait till it responds correctly 100% or at least 90% of the time. Keep up the good work. Ray

- Tk u is alexa ready I am ready

Pleas turn in. Are rest to use

- Discrimination.

So I don’t understand why Canada is constantly discriminated against. We pay the same money but get less product and features. All of the skills I want and pay for are not available in Canada. So we are paying so the US can have apps. This is not fair. Charge less in Canada until you get the skills working here. It’s not like they don’t work. This is systematically deleting and excluding us. Don’t tell me it’s a license issue. It’s the same thing everywhere. If you want it to work you will solve the red tape issues. Get apps to work in Canada. We pay for this the same as they pay in the US but we get screwd

- Apple Music Canada

Missing Apple Music option for Canadians... still. Will pass on all updates that don’t include Apple Music.

- Apple Music?

When is Apple Music launching? Waiting from months. So disappointed

- Apple Music still unavailable

Apple Music still not available on Alexa in Canada! Why only in the US?

- No Apple Music Support

I purchased an Amazon Echo over its competitors in December because of the announcement that there would be Apple Music support within the app. While you can connect your phone via Bluetooth, you still can’t use Alexa voice commands to play your music with the service. I’m rating this app 1 star because of Amazon’s misleading promotion of the service coming to its devices. While it’s currently available in the US, nearly three months later it still isn’t in Canada. Amazon needs to at least announce a release date.

- Wastes my money same thing didn’t work

When I set up Sengled home lights and Alexa dot it be say don’t support it so this mean I wastes my money on same thing didn’t work NOT TO HAPPY ABOUT IT

- English (Canada)?

Cannot use any of the skills. Where is the English (Canada) option?

- Super stoked but some issues.

Hey, So had the echo for over a year. And now excited there is an app and not ‘hacks’. However I lost my skills due to not being able to choose English Canadian. My only options are English US. And English Dutch ;(. I’m sure you can fix that haha. As well I can only seem to add 2 people to the profiles. I followed the steps but won’t let me setup more than 2. I was able to setup 1 other person, but we have 4 people (2 kids and 2 adults). I want to ensure each of us can use the devices to our specifications. Can we adjust that? Super stoked here guys. Looking forward to this and plan on buying more devices now!! I’ll for Sure Update the stars after these bugs issues are adjusted.

- Ok

It’s ok but there seems to be a bug we’re I can only connect deezer and not Spotify or Apple Music

- Bug

You just updated the app and you updated it to fix bugs. Now it’s finished updating and it doesn’t let me drop in. You need to make a update soon

- Update

It doesn’t update.. looks like it’s going to and then it just goes back to update.. super annoying!!!

- App does not work after update.

Unable to change the temp using the Alexa app on my iPhone. Have to walk down every time to change. No help and troubleshooting option on the app. Very poor app.

- Hi Santa

Hi Santa, I love you very much Santa

- Drop in doesn't work

Drop in doesn't work Calling echo device doesn't work It must be the app as dropping in from echo device does work

- So happy with our purchase


- Excellent for free long distance calls, but missing keypad

Excellent for free calls, but it is just missing a keypad for quick calls.

- Echo dot

This thing is junk.

- Skill

Les skills manque de développement

- Crashes!

Great app but keeps crashing every time you open app

- Aleza

Love it

- Garbage

This service is not user friendly! I hate it ! Make it easy to play from apple music podcast! I’m getting google home, I’m done with Alexa .

- Using my device

I love what I can do with my Alexa. I just wish the app was easier to find what your looking for and adding on options are not always as easy as they state.

- Keeps cutting out

The WiFi is strong but for some reason the past 2 days it plays for a few minutes then stops. Very frustrating.

- Perblem

Every second time we have problem for connection.

- Hard to program

Deleted all links on google mini. Installed new Kasa smart plugs for TV and Lamps. (All connected to internet) Alexa dies not communicate with the smart plugs. At one point I turned on my LG TV and Alexa was able to turn it off. Now it doesn’t recognize the Tv Or Lamps. I would hate to return Alexa as it seems not to be as smart as the google mini.

- Multi room music

It does not seem to work. Is it available I Canada

- Awful.

Too many issues with updates.

- Voice command

There is a big lack in voice command response, i should try more than 3 or 4 time although i configure it more than one time, on the other hand, other applications respond very well to my command right away.

- My personal information is exposed

Anybody can see my personal information if they can reach the device on my account

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- Ok I love my dot and spot but app caused issues

Hi I have had no problems with my devices until I recently installed the app. I wanted to remotely play my play list and put on loop mode. Now it does not work. The app will play my playlist once and once the loop sets in there is no sound on my device. Looking at the app it shows it playing my playlist turning up the volume nothing. I then stop it with the app thinking just start it again and shows it playing but again no sound on my device. I un & re installed app with same results. When app installed talking to device directly it sometimes will not play my playlist but when it does the loop will not work. Removing app does allow my device to play the playlist with no problem.

- Lock out of Alexa app

Be careful what you do. I was locked out of my Alexa app and called customer service to try and get Alexa back online after I swapped my modem/router. Customer service asked me questions which I thought were unethical. Said I may be locked out of app because of credit card fraud or other things. They asked for the name listed on my credit or debit card and address associated with it. I tried to refuse any financial information to be given even though they didn’t ask for my card number or banking institution. I was told to either give them the information or my app would never be unlocked. They told me it would take 24–48 hours to process the information I gave them before they would unlock my app and call me to let me know. Somehow I was able to unlock my app today on my own. I’m just saying beware. I feel your name you registered your Alexa app with along with your email address and home address should be sufficient to unlock a mobile app.

- Unstable

The software is very unstable. I have to constantly re-connect each Echo Dot, they seem to drop off their groups. Alexa can’t find Christian music half the time and has now gotten to playing spooky music in the place of Christian. Alexa refuses for respond to requests, “I don’t know that”, is her current attitude too, Alexa set alarm, or Alex play music, etc., nothing difficult. Every other day, there’s a problem. The application is poorly written. It doesn’t flow easily and things are hard to locate. Right now Alexa plays on a 3rd party speaker and I don’t know why or how to remove the speaker. Also. I finally figured how to add music, although I don’t know how to create a custom music list, that would be nice. And how do I remove unwanted songs or stations? If I just listen to a song it adds it to my listening list, what if I don’t want to hear it again? They need to look at Sonos and the way sonos creates the listeners favorites.

- Great idea but needs a better UI

1: i have an iPhone X. I would like it if the app shared similar swiping features as my other apps. Like when I select a an item from the menu, let’s use for example a skill from the skills menu, when I swipe from left to right, the app sidebar appears when instead, I’d like it to go back to the previous page. 2: when viewing a skill from the skills menu and then going back to the list of skills, the page doesn’t resume my previous view and starts all over. Example, I scrolled Down half of the skills menu and selected the “heads up” skill. I enabled it and then went back to the previous page and found myself all the way at the top of the page again, causing me to restart the scrolling and find my last spot. It’s annoying because it makes me go all the way down the list again.

- Reliable almost like a best friend

Alex is so much more personal and follows along just fine. I am still struggling with Siri’s. As they both continue to grow in their communication abilities I think Alexa could become a lifesaving instrument for those who need to be able to communicate to and with someone. I can think of so many great topics that may already exist at least in general not specific to that individual. I would like her to be a bit more intuitive. Perhaps I am fishing but I do believe those skill sets will become more visible in the future. There are great things to be done in this environment, however, these great new things need extraordinary oversight in the development as they can turn out to be not so good instead of extraordinary good.

- Room for improvement

This app does some great things (I like the reminders, in particular), but there is a lot of room for improvement. One area that would make this app much more useful - improving the LISTS feature. I love the idea of using my echo to add things to my shopping list. But unlike other shopping list apps, this is missing out on 2 features: 1) CRUCIAL: when an item is checked off, it should be moved to the bottom of the list, so you can easily see what you still need to get. 2) it would be nice if it automatically categorized items for you, or allowed you to create categories (like produce, dairy, meats, bulk). This helps me save time in a store bc I don’t have to go back to an area where I forgot something. At the very least, it would be nice if you could simply drag the items to change the order around after entering them.

- Half unusable

Currently about half the menu links result in a blank white screen with black bars at the top and bottom; the other half work. I have strong network and WiFi connections and waiting up to 5 minutes doesn’t result in any content. I’m trying to enable a new “skill” so that I can give voice commands about a new smart device. I tried asking Alexa to do it verbally but she told me to use the app. If I wanted to do something else in the app such as use an existing device, I might give it more stars as that link is currently producing a working page. (Another reviewer suggests that the problems of those who are having difficulty with the app are our own fault for being incompetent and not Googling for a solution. Although I don’t think this should be necessary if an app is well-designed, Google is always my first resource. There is no solution suggested for a complete lack of content in random areas.)

- Delayed warnings

The Alexa app offers you weather notifications, when they are issued by the U.S. weather service. You can NOT rely on Alexa to give you these warnings in a timely fashion. Multiple storm and flood warnings were issued today. My Alexa device would glow yellow indicating a notification. When I asked Alexa for my notification, it would reply, “One new notification from your Alex device.” But, that was all it said. It never said what the actual notification was in regards to. Hours later, Alexa would again indicate a notification and only then, give the actual weather warning which by then had expired. Alexa does offer many nice features; but please, do not rely on Alexa to inform you of weather watches/warnings. In order to keep yourself and your loved one safe, you need to find a different app to keep you informed of adverse weather conditions.

- Its okay. Does what it says on the tin.

I got these as a gift. They’re alright? They don’t seem to fit in my ears very well even with all the special fittings and stuff. I have small ears so thats not really the product’s fault. Passthrough mode sounds kind of tinny and weird but it works. Pairing it was a pain but it could be that my phone was too low battery or something. It just took a long time and it was annoying. It also like, takes a second to get them in my ears? Like regular earbuds you just pop them in your ears and you’re good to go? No you gotta rotate these bad boys gently with the precision of a neurosurgeon so that it can tickle your eardrums just right. Its annoying but not detremental. I also wish there was some kind of loop on the case since you need it to charge and I just know myself well enough that I’m going to lose this little guy like, right away.

- This app is obviously more intelligent than some of its users!

I can't believe some of the whiners on here! From blaming the app because user can't get a signal through Costco's solid concrete walls to a user having so many freakin lights in her bedroom and wondering why it's not switching them off individually. So very sad!!! This app was downloaded today and working within minutes of me taking my Echo Dots out of their boxes! And I'm an iPhone 7 user re Sutts 💛 comment! I'm also not rich. I'm a 63 year old non technical granny who doesn't give up. I problem solve!! Have got my groups, lists etc. Don't use a hub, I use individual sockets. My Dots communicate with each other and play my music everywhere. Get over yourselves and move along.....

- Ignores settings

I’m inches from throwing my Echo out the window. Brief mode does not work - I ask to set an alarm for the morning and she asks if I’d like to hear a bedtime story. With brief mode enabled. A BEDTIME STORY. I ask to set an alarm and she asks if I want to set it everyday. No! I’d ask for that if I wanted it. I ask for the weather TODAY and she asks “would you like to hear the weather for the rest of the weekend?” No, or I would have freaking asked for that. It drives me insane. Notifications also do not work. I have disabled every single notification in the app, including Shopping. Still, every time I get a package, yellow ring. I ask her to delete my notifications and she goes “delete your notifications, right?” every single time. Yes, I ask you this every day for notifications I have DISABLED. I tell her to stop giving me notifications and she tells me to open the app and disable them. I’ve taken to telling her to shut the F up whenever she talks in the hope her AI could understand to stop asking me the same questions but no avail. I get these seem small - I would care less if these weren’t CLEAR setting options in the app that simply do not work. Brief mode is supposed to make it so she often just replies with a little beep instead of answering me and she has never, ever done that. Not even once. The app is useless.

- Shhh...Everyone is getting an Echo from me this year

I have consciously resisted adding Alexa to my life and home for years ... until a few months ago. I absolutely love Alexa. I started with just music and weather...and as of today I’ve added 2 additional echo’s, an echo connect, and my entire home is outfitted with Smart Bulbs. This past week, I connected my calendar. She can do as much or as little as you want. You can add or stop any functions easily, at anytime. Im not a tech person...just not my thing...but Alexa is so easy, efficient, and functions with basic common sense. Shhhh. .... everyone.. getting an echo from me for Christmas. Grandparents, parents, friends, neighbors.... so flexible, so fun, and just perfect for anyone! As each person will use in a different way...just so versatile.

- Helpful for Neuropathy

All, I have neuropathy in my feet and uses walker which doesn’t fit in all rooms of my house. My wife’s sister bought us our first one and we have bought multiple since. They are all over the first floor because if I fell I could call my wife, a neighbor or even 911, (which I have had to once) but it is comforting to know that they are there if I need them. I don’t have the main home piece just the individual units hooked into my internet. The main piece is out of my price range since I am on disability for another reason and do not work. Great option for those who can’t get to a phone. It has given me more freedom & comfort that I never thought I would have again. Thank you Alexia.

- Alexa is great

I love Alexa and the app. I have it on my phone and on my tablet and my kido’s have it on their devices. I can check in on them when I please or call them to help with chores and also put in reminders. We homeschool through K12 and it helps with their reminders to get into their connect classes and timers for their Big Universe, reading time and a timer to let them know that there time is done along with Prodigy and Khan Academy. It also helps with their personal speed reading time. We get to play meditation music during school time. The meditation music helps my kido that has ADHD. We also use it for so much more. Like playing our music. Thank you Alexa and all who have made it possible to have Alexa in our homes and lives.

- Grateful for this device for my elderly and blind mother . i

Originally I got two dots for my blind mother. It was of great use to her. She never knew what time it was and she could ask Alexa to tell the time whenever she needed to. She played trivia games which kept her mind sharp and even won the million dollar suitcase one time in a game. You would have thought she actually won a million dollars. The funniest thing tho was one day when I walked in to visit , she told me that Alexa was being kind of ornery today. She became a companion for her and was helpful in many ways. I highly recommend the Alexa device for the blind as well as the elderly. I also bought a connect so she could make phone calls. It gave her some independence.

- Not impressed

This is a computer. It is not my friend, nor do I want it to be. I am always having to repeat myself, as it does not respond. My name is Awen. It Always calls me Kathy. I don’t know how to change it. I don’t like the things it says in response to my simple questions. I only want it to answer what I ask of it, and nothing else. I wisn I didn’t buythem, at all.i do like like playing music on my Sonos speaker, throught it. But, It usually takes 3-4 trys to get it to work. I am disappointed in it’s poor skills. Thought it work better than it does. Wish you had spent more thime on getting it to work properly on the basis, instead of things I don’t want and will never use.I have no idea how my spelling is, because I have typed this entire review, without being able to see one single word, that I have typed. It’s just a blank page. This makes me even less impressed.

- Love my Alexa

Ya know, honestly, when I received my “Alexa” for Christmas a year ago, I thought “Whoopi”. - but not in a good way. In fact, I was actually ready to return it when I noticed my daughter setting it up. Great. Now I have to keep it. But you know, I’m so very glad she took the initiative to do that as the more I use “Alexa”, the more I really enjoy “her”. I’m sure I’m not utilizing this marvelous piece of equipment to it’s extent but the features I do use, I don’t know how I managed before “her”. EVERYTHING there in one neat little package. I use “her” several times a day, seven days a week. I continue to be amazed and love every single thing about it. Thank you, hubby, for having the foresight to get me a great little gift you knew I’d absolutely love!

- Promising but we’re basically beta testers

Alexa seems to get worse at doing what I ask with time. It usually understands the words I say correctly, but can’t turn it into action. Simple commands to turn on the lights or play something and used to work now confuse Alexa and cause undesired or no results at all. One example is if you have a room labeled with the same name in Alexa as a connected device like Hue. It seems to think they are different rooms and ask me which one. Also Alexa is getting much worse at being able to tell which room I’m in, often answering commands from speakers in rooms three doors down instead of the speaker right next to me. Also the Alexa iOS app itself is TERRIBLE. Why is it so painfully slow and unintuitively designed? Pretty surprising a major company has such a clunky interface. There are some three different places for settings for example.

- My Alexa experience

I live alone , as I am now past 65 Yrs , I love music , so every day I sooo enjoy my Alexa and all my choices of music and forest animal sounds birds crickets , I can wake in the morning , not even getting out of bed and ask Alexa to play me what ever my heart desires , I love the lord so I love to wake also to songs of my lord and savior to wake to .i also love the ocean and it’s creatures so At night night I love listening to the sounds of whales underwater and ocean sounds as I slip into dream land . Alexa has truly made a difference in my life .. to enjoy all the sounds in life right in the comfort of my home . THANK YOU WHO EVER INVENTED ALEXA . I never thought I would want one or ever get one . But I so appreciate the specials that come available to purchase them

- Test before you push updates!

UPDATED Review: After an entire day, the Alexa team pushed a fixed update. I raised star from 1 to 3. I’d suggest the team gathers a small test group(s) for specific updates. One could easily test downloading and installing. It would only take ten minutes to get volunteers to confirm updates work. Such forethought is now mandatory since so many people rely upon Alexa in their daily lives. Also, having a brief communication web page is needed. All of the users who reviewed the app during the outage likely searched for news about Alexa being down. Proactive communication would greatly benefit Alexa reviews and customer satisfaction. Original Review: I took the day off to install outdoor WiFi lights, WiFi electrical outlets, and much more. Of course, the latest Alexa update has jammed my app - useless. Fix!!!

- Incorrect or non-responsive and more

Lately, my echo products have been a major source of frustration to the point of serious considerations of getting rid of them or using them for music only. In the past 2 weeks, our echo show in the kitchen has not produced any sound for timers nor interaction. My original echo still seems to work a bit better, and is responsive yet gets the directive wrong. My bedroom echo, after becoming frustrated that it says it couldn’t find a device named... continuously, while stating the device name correctly, I went to my phone and did it manually. Over the past few months, the kitchen echo show and the bedroom echo have been totally mishearing, not finding, or playing the completely wrong music. These devices are less than a year old. Maybe the more you link, the less accurate the perform? I also have wi-fI boosters...

- Alexa has a a major part in f our family!

We absolutely love our Alexa! From our daily wake up song as soon as we tell Alexa goo morning (and she plays The Goodmorning Song by Mendoza, I think that is the name and artist), she gets everyone off to a happy morning. She plays jokes, she reads books, horoscopes, recipes. Most of all, SHE IS MY BRAIN! She reminds me that I have five minutes to get out the door, she lets me know the weather, traffic, she reminds me that I have to take steaks out to defrost, reminds me to remind my toddlers to potty, reminds me to give their vitamins, reminds me to brush their teeth, reminds me that I need a break. We have one everywhere. We love her. She is more than a speaker. That is FOR SURE! Wait app

- What happened to the list feature?

I love my Echo and Dots and they have provided a lot of convenience for our family in a variety of ways. It’s really great to be able to add items to the grocery list no matter what room we are in. All was working well until the past month or so. Now my lists sometimes won’t even open, and if I’m lucky enough for it to open while I’m at the grocery store, it freezes up almost every time now. It won’t allow me to scroll through or check things off anymore. I’ve started taking screen shots of the list before I go to the store, but that’s not great because it doesn’t allow me to add or delete items as I move through the store. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times, as well as powering off my phone (in the store...ugh), but nothing works. It used to work seamlessly. Please fix this!

- Review

I bought a second Alexa device so that I could play through both speakers at the same time. However I did not realize that I can only play music through both speakers and then it Hass to be music purchased through an app or service. I cannot play my already purchased music and I cannot play my audiobooks through both speakers or my Bible app through both speakers I was very disappointed to find this out as that was the primary reason I purchased The second device. They should make sure they include in their advertisements that you can only play music and it Hass to be purchased through a subscription not your own already purchased music and not other apps. That is the reason for four stars instead of five

- A convenient device, especially for those with disabilities

Convenient but like all technology, there are drawbacks. I use Alexa a lot because I’m visually impaired I can tell my device to play audible books and music and set reminders since I can’t pen and paper. The drawbacks are the coffin especially when trying to find book, the device for some reason doesn’t understand the title sometimes it says it can’t find the book of zebras when I ask you for example to find the book of Mormon. I don’t know if it’s an Alexa problem or if it’s horrible end. All in all, this is what we call a first world problems. I don’t know if this “issue“ will never be resolved for me that annoyance factor the tracks one storefront it’s rating

- Hot Mess

This app feels like a Frankenstein mess of feature addition and slapping together existing services. There are constant pop up menus and menus within menus. Using it feels like getting lost in a labyrinth, and the back button only seems to take you deeper. It’s truly dizzying how messy it’s become. It’s my first time using it, and i can sense that it’s just grown via add-ons, tack-ons, slap-ons and forced-ons. When you press the back button, you have to wait for the previous page to frequently reload, especially managing skills from third-parties. Instead of caching the screen, it literally refreshes the entire list from scratch, and scrolls you to the top of the page instead of taking you back to where you were working. When you type in more than two or three lines of text, for instance in a review, the keyboard covers the “submit” button. I haven’t seen an app do this since the early days of the iPhone. You literally have to shorten your review in order to submit it, or you have to cancel out entirely. “Skills and Games” is one menu, and I think Routines is buried in there somewhere. But it’s almost impossible to remember where the Flash Briefing customization screen is. That only begins to scratch the surface of the dizzying mess that is The Alexa App. It’s too bad, because the device itself is great and I love it.

- Great!

I like the app, I use it the most for the routines for work and the weekends to get up and have the lights turn on and music play. The only thing that would be better or more helpful would be if you could pick more than one day for the routine. Like if I need Monday and Thursday for one and then Tuesday Wednesday and Friday for another. Only picking one or having to pick weekday is a pain because I always have to shut one off, is like it to be a little more just leave it on and those day are all set always. Pretty much how the iPhone alarms aim, you pick specific days you want it to happen. I’d rather no have to make 5 routines just to do that. But besides that, I am very happy with it!!

- Fun but could be better

I have been having a lot of fun playing with the echo show 5. There are a few things that I think could be improved. First, there should be an easier way to remove imported phone contacts. I imported my contacts from my phone but wanted to delete some of them from the echo device but not my phone. I can find no way to do that even though the help and feedback section says you can. Second, a thorough user guide or manual would be nice. It’s very hard to find information in the help section. I guess it is possible to order a book on using the device for about $10, but I feel there should be a manual.

- One very annoying feature of Alexa

Hello, I love Alexa. One feature that is very annoying is when you have two Alexa nearby - one room and another. When you ask to play music, wrong Alexa picks up the request. When I try to stop it and play in on the right Alexa, it constantly gives me this advertising “Alexa streaming on another device and if I want to sign up for family sharing so I want to play it on all devices at the same time”. No I absolutely don’t want to have multiple devices playing at the same time. Why don’t you do a default option to let you switch to the right device first before telling me to sign up for extra feature that I’m totally not interested? They should improve this feature so that you can have multiple Alexa devices in the area.

- Enough bugs to scare an exterminator

The Alexa system, which I received two years ago, has been very disappointing. Cannot get through a game without the system crashing and us having to start all over again. The bugs are numerous and so far have appeared in every game we have played. Alexis ability to answer questions is minimal. In each of the games we tend to play, Jeopardy, song quiz, question of the day; answers that we give are not heard or heard incorrectly. Theoretically, Alexa offers more options than just games, but the simple games we have been using give me no faith than Alexa could handle anything on our household harder then a few trivia games. Even things as simple as that have proved disappointing and bug failed. Tons of hype, very poor accuracy.

- Echo dot

We love the invention of Alexa dot. The speaker is so good that we use it as our music system in our home and take it with us on our travels - even internationally. So we are waiting for Alexa dot with European plug end!!!! We will buy one right away and recommend to our many European friends AND useable in Israel where we live! Now we have to use an adapter but we really want to own Alexa Dot with different plug ends - buying multiple Dots if we need to! Our only disappointment is that as we go from country to country with her, she doesn’t know where we are! And we haven’t yet found how we program her to know where we are. So we can’t ask her what time it is!

- Can't connect

This app has always been bad when trying to set up Echo. However, I've always been able to get it to connect to the network eventually. Not today, apparently. I've literally spent hours. Between closing and restarting the app, resetting the device with a paper clip and just waiting for the process to fail, I've gotten nowhere. Not sure what kind of network is needed, maybe one with no passwords? The app interface is just bad UX, plain and simple. Hit a back button and end up on the Home screen. Try to join a pw protected network and wait for the connection to fail so you can finally see the password prompt. Complete setup and you are stuck on a video tutorial screen. Once you get the thing working, the device is great (not the app). Just pray you don't ever need to set up again. With all of Bezos' billions, you'd think they could hire some real developers and UX designers.

- Makes our schedules easy

With the kids doing school at home Alexa has helped us stay on scheduled. We added everyone’s schedules and set reminders for each kid. This not only helps me keep track on what is going on in my kids schedules, it also helps me not be the one nagging at them. Alexa tells them, the I’m pretty much off the hook. It’s a wonderful thing. We’ve also set up the kids chores w reminders and it’s been great for reminding my kids to do their chores. Again less things for mom to remember.....winning!!! Alexa has also helped us with a few school questions that we were not sure about and has settle a few debates around this house.

- Mary Jane

All has been working fine on up until today. Alexa will not play my SIRIUS XM App. She keeps telling me to go to settings and link my SIRIUS account. My account has already been linked with the Alexa App. I am a very tech savvy person and never had so much problems with any App but this one. Engineering needs to get their act together. As for the person St Melyd that is a 63 year old non tech granny. You are just one of the lucky ones. I am a 6S IPhone user and there has been issues with this particular model. So lay off of your comments about us “Whiners”. This is a real issue and I have read reviews on SIRIUS XM and other developers and there are problems big time! Get it together Echo/Alexa! PS: no problems with the SIRIUS XM App itself. It plays great! UPDATE! Your App keeps crashing. I updated again and it crashed right in front of my eyes. Updates are a waste of time. Please hire better Techs in your engineering department.

- Alexa is incredible, but app needs to catch up

This isn’t a knock on the app, but it does need a little love and attention from Seattle. I went “full Alexa” about a year ago and have 5 echos and upwards of 30 bulbs and a further number of outlets, diy controllers and sensors, and misc. connected devices. Frankly, the app has a difficult time managing my environment. It lacks what I would call “pro features” and controlling minutiae, which should be simple, are either not enabled or need refinement. I bought a wink hub right before the Echo+ was announced and it helps significantly, though I’d prefer an Echo+ and will eventually migrate to that. The app has gained some great enhanced features over the last 6 months, but it needs a serious update or redesign to the UI. Navigating across multiple tabs is slow, cumbersome, and not very intuitive but it’s clear that the developers mean well. Again I’m not slamming the app or developers. This is still new tech and it’s early in the apps lifecycle. With so many new releases from the echo family, and the opening up of Alexa voice service for developers, I expect that sooner or later an app redesign will become a priority. When that happens I’ll be very happy!

- Imagine being blind

Alexa is a God send to my blind mother. She is her best friend, aside from me. Alexa can tell her the time, wake her from her wee naps, play her favorite radio stations, tell her jokes, call her daughter. Since I purchased Alexa echo for my mother it has opened new chapters of independence in her life, especially since my father passed and she had to “deal” with life. We live 3000 miles apart so I can’t be with her as much as I’d like, but Alexa is there and we both rely on her. Alexa can be a wee bit quirky but so can my Mum and as long as they’re getting along, and my Mum ca remember her name, we’re happy with how she does the job. I know many put Alexa to tasks far reaching that of my Mum but to her, she’s invaluable.

- The greatest!

but she doesn’t always understand what I ask her, especially if the question is complex, you really have to speak to her like she’s an eight or nine-year-old; occasionally a five-year-old and occasionally a high school senior— but other than that Alexa is a remarkable thing of technology. If you don’t wanna go overboard in $$$$, you can just get the new Echo Dot which has pretty darn good sound — even the older Dot had great sound for voice (not so good for music) but the new Doc sounds quite good and then if you get the full Echo you’ll have sound which — well not as good as, say Sonos, of which I own four, but darn good quality sound. Highly recommended!

- Mom cam in action!!!

The echo show allows me to drop in on my mom at anytime. I have recently used it to help my mom navigate how to get up after falling. My mother was able to call out and asked her echo show to call me after falling. I was able to calm her down with my voice and to have her move to a position I could see her. Once she was in view I verbally gave her directions and watched her safely get up off of the floor. I was then able to access her injuries via the screen and give her positive feedback regarding her ability to get up from a fall safely by herself. This is a wonderful addition to both our homes and I highly recommend the echo show.

- Into the New Wave Age

I love this device....a good friend of mine, called me up to rave about this new device that his daughter had gotten him for Christmas......we both have always been big music lovers....”Old School R&B”.......He was raving about his Alexa Dot I had been thinking about a way to have better access to my Bose Wave Stereo System, other than my phone & burning CD’s.......and the Alexa Dot solved my problems. I bought this mainly for my wifey to use in the kitchen....but she was always wanting more & more cd’s to listen too, while preparing her wonderful meals in the kitchen......this low cost jewel solved that she can just “Ask Alexa” to play her favorite songs.....Kool......😎

- Great App, but lacks Smart Home Customization

We have a dozen dots around the house along with every other Echo product in existence so we use the Alexa app every day. While we really love the app, we found ourselves mostly using it to control smart home devices but the interface only allows for very large blocks for each device. Between thermostats, sensors, cameras, smart plugs, smart locks, smart blinds, robot vacuums, and even and smart pet feeders - most of us have dozens of devices now. Echo is one of the only products that can manage all of them which means the Alexa app coukd/should be the ideal interface, the way Smart Tiles app is for Samsung’s Smart Things hub (they’re unfortunately limited to z-wave devices - thankfully Echo can manage a lot more, we just need the interface to reflect that)

- Just some feedback

I just wanted to make a suggestion actually. When I set an alarm on Alexa which is only a one time alarm, I’ve found that even after it’s done it still stays on your alarms list along with all my repeating alarms and so on, and I’ve found myself several times having to go thru my list and delete 10-15 one time alarms every other week lol. It would be nice if one time alarms would automatically delete once they’ve completed, and that would also be nice for items from to do lists, grocery lists, and several other Alexa functions as well. Otherwise, I love the app. I wish my Alexa could speak in an Aussie accent also as my girlfriend is Aussie and she suggested that to me lol!

- Alexa is one of our families best friend!

I first purchased the Alexa echo to have more options to listen to. Then I got the Alexa Dot so I can plug into other rooms that I might be hanging out in. One of the rooms was my grand children’s room. That was my big mistake! To this day I never got it back. The kids are constantly talking to Alexa. They know more about what she could do than I could. They request songs, jokes, stories . Now before they get dressed in the morning, they ask Alexa what the weather is going to be like today so they know what to wear. I also like the fact that Alexa can interact with other products, lights, alarms thermostat, among others she is amazing.

- Please fix some issue that occurred I the most recent up date

I love Alexa. Everything I own is Alexa based. I have an entire smart home built off the app. I also build custom skills for companies. Once again I love the app. However. Since the update 3 days ago I cannot get any skill to open on my phone. I use to be able to open my custom skills on my phone and now it will play the Alexa response after initiated. Then nothing happens. This is all new since the update 3 days ago. Please fix as I am getting massive complaints on my skill stating it’s not working on the phone. Note the skills work on every Alexa enabled device minus my phone.

- #love this app

This all started when Alexa came out and my parents bought one we I loved it so much I asked for one for my birthday and I got it I still have it right now!!! And for Christmas 2019 my 6 year old brother got one too!!!we love Alexa in our family. My dad got my mom a Alexa echo dot plus for Christmas 2019. He also got her a clock that connects to Alexa a light bulbs that Alexa can turn on by asking her and more!!! And then I decided that I should try the app and I🥰it!!!it will give you a free Alexa to use on your device!!! There is way more fun stuff on this app and I am not going to spoil it!!!and last but not least there is no payments!!!enjoy!!❤️❤️❤️

- Great overall!

Using Alexa has been great! Being able to update my shopping list simply by voicing a command to Alexa is an excellent feature. The sound quality of Alexa is great. The only things about Alexa that are a little frustrating are that sometimes, when my cellular signal is low, pulling up my shopping list in a grocery store (or any store for that matter) is difficult. Another frustrating thing, which really has nothing to do with Alexa per se, is that I cannot listen to certain sporting events (like Cubs games) through Alexa due to licensing issues — which is somewhat amusing, because I can listen to these sporting events for free on the radio. Otherwise, I really enjoyed Alexa and how convenient “she” is.

- Overall Alexa review

I would like Alexa to have access to more podcasts that I like. For example, I like to listen to breakpoint daily podcasts, not only the breakpoint weekly one. Also a better variety of Christian music stations. I would’ve rated a 4 for Alexa; however, I have a big problem with Alexa employees listening in to conversations while Alexa is plugged in. I am unsure as to whether or not conversations are listened to while Alexa is broadcasting music, etc. That would be really bad. Anyway, I tend to unplug Alexa when I am not using it. This is a major nuisance. Last week, Alexa asked me (After I had given it a command) if I wanted it to better learn my voice. I of course said no because I really wasn’t sure how much my privacy would be impacted. Signed not a happy camper.

- Playback controls are gone

Playback controls (pause, back, forward) have effectively disappeared in the latest version. We let our kids listen to audiobooks from Audible. Given that it’s effectively impossible to use the Audible interface in the Alexa app (there is no way to search, sort, or find a book in our library of 500+ titles), we connect to the Echo device via Bluetooth and use the Audible app on a phone. As they drop off to sleep, we use the Alexa app to pause playback. However, with the updated app, we can’t do that. There are no playback controls and no way to bring them up. I understand that you’ve tried hard to improve some of the other use cases with this update. Maybe there has been some success. Unfortunately, you’ve made our lives a little harder.

- Music on Alexa

I mostly use my Alexa for music. When I request music by an artist the lousy discarded songs are played instead of their greatest hits. An when I request soft guitar music Alexa plays something like a loud “Wake Up Little Susie”. I am frustrated and feel like I’m being ripped off. I know Alexa is always listening and what I want in this device is a way to say never play this song again. I know it’s possible because Pandora has it. While we’re all quarantined this is something you can work on. Music is a big part of this device, why not perfect it. Don’t rip off your customers by throwing in some mediocre music because you might have purchased them cheaply. I can’t think why else you would do this. Why? Music is proved to be very healing, don’t make it irritating and frustrating .

- This app isn’t so helpful as it seems...

I bought this app for my new echo dot and it downloaded smoothly, but then when I tried to connect it to my wi-fi, I went into the help section to see how and it gave me simple instructions to go to the settings of the app and click on wi-fi to connect it, but I cannot find the wi-fi button anywhere. I tried to see if they meant the settings on my phone but I went to wi-fi and i was connected to my wi-fi. I plugged it in right next to the wi-fi, still didn’t work. I had plugged it in before in a different further place from the wi-fi and it worked so I don’t know what is going on with my echo dot.

- Routines not working again

Finally got routines working again then the last 2 updates came and now routines does not work right once again. A routine will turn lights on but not off. Yes I have tried everything you can think of or google to fix it and nothing works. Why can routines not have the smart house in mind? Why can you not have a light routine triggered by a sensor turn on and then off when no motion is detected inside of one routine? No you have to make a separate routine for that. I have one routine triggered by a motion sensor to turn lights on and that works and I have another routine when no motion is detected lights turn off and that has worked flawlessly for a while but not now. So frustrating!!! I guess I just need to go to google products or smart things and just use Alexa as a speaker. Alexa is not good with the smart home it fails way to often!!

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Evening Peeps. It’s myself Mark with you live for next 3 hours. Get Tuned in....#amazonalexa #Liveradio #Radioshow @MarkReverseFMUK Love songs from 9pm Click link above And if you have a Amazon Alexa Ask her to play Reverse FM UK

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my dad got an amazon echo for christmas and he just said “alexa play beyoncé” then left to go to the store hhdjfnehhdj😭


@ButterflyxQueen Yeah there’s an Alexa Amazon app for iPhones (you don’t really need speakers). I don’t have a Spotify account. I’ll try with a free account on Spotify to try it. I know Spotify is better but I am with Amazon music because of Alexa. Let me see if that option works 🙂

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@HailSatan_666_ Brilliant, funny & prolly true. Wont have Instagram or FB. Interesting how he mentioned, The Social Dilemma. All social media is monitored, policed, coercive. Fake news & false security. Phones, tablets, smart TVs, Alexa etc linked with huge companies like Amazon. Reliance is 😱


@klosss_MC Alexa can but I don’t have any Amazon speakers

When It Was Cool ®

Ugh @amazon gibber jabber. @alexa99 I don't want to carry on a conversation with my #Echo "Alexa, play white noise." Alexa: "Would you rather I play red, green, or orange noise instead? If you go to the Alexa app you can choose from 100 different blah... blah.. blah" Stop it.

Today I need to!!!

Today I need to think about a Amazon Alexa


@ButterflyxQueen Oh ok... Have you tried it? Because I know Siri can’t play songs from Spotify (It’s a mess) and I don’t think Spotify would allow another app like Alexa (From Amazon) to access to it.


Amazon Alexa (she/it)

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for the first half of the year I would write all my complaints down in my journal and basically be sad 24/7 😂 but one day I decided to start writing goals and improvements I was making in my life & little by little that helped my mental state sooo much. highly recommend


@goldenlily2017 We have Alexa! She prompts us to order treats from when she calculates we must have run out of treats previously bought from

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Amazon Alexa iphone images
Amazon Alexa iphone images
Amazon Alexa iphone images
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Amazon Alexa iphone images

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The applications Amazon Alexa was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-12-10 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC [Developer ID: 297606954]. This application file size is 311.08 MB. Amazon Alexa - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-12-02 current version is 2.2.389238.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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