My Love - Relationship Counter App Reviews


My Love - Relationship Counter App Description & Overview

What is my love - relationship counter app? My Love shows you how long you and your partner have already been together.
Thus it creates new anniversaries like "the 333rd day", "the 50th month", ...

The new version of My Love can be customized with a picture of you and your partner.
Enable push notifications and never miss out on special dates!
With the In-App-Purchase "My Love Pro“ a widget for the iOS Home Screen.

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App Name My Love - Relationship Counter
Category Lifestyle
Updated 08 May 2023, Monday
File Size 4.03 MB

My Love - Relationship Counter Comments & Reviews 2023

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Love it. So I’m actually single and have the app and I have it set to Myself bc I love myself and a suggestion I have for this app is to install a chat so you can put your boyfriend or girlfriends number in and you can chat with them on the app and maybe and other stuff to it like games you can play in the chat.

Great love it. It’s really cool to keep track and helpful and it’s a reminder every day that I have someone in my heart that I truly care about and as weeks turn into months and day in to years it gives you joy about how you kept going and never quit and as the years go bye you Finley get married and it’s an accomplishment

Perfect. Theirs no ads so we get to just see the time we’ve been with our significant other which is perfect also we get to add our own picture so I can add the dumbest pictures of us together without having to pay an absurd amount of money this app clearly is here to help us not to make it seem like they’re helping but in reality just pulling in money like the rest of the apps nowadays thank you developers for making a good app

Love (app). This is such an amazing app, I love it so much, it shows me the months we’ve been together, it shows me the days, and years. I can put a picture of my partner so that every time I open the app, I am able to see him and it makes me happy. Thank you so much and this helps a lot to keep track of our relationship status. 💕

what I think about the app. I think this app is pretty nice for me to remind me what date I knew this person or even more stuff so I don’t forget and can just look up the app and what makes me happy about it it’s because it tells me how many years and days we have knew each other so I don’t have to make it up not thinking that it isn’t correct or not but some people may not like the app which they don’t have too but for me it’s very useful to use in my opinion the bad side of the app for me basically what I don’t like about the app that It doesn’t make more countdowns what if we need more because we can’t just have only one because we know way more people then that and what if it’s about another stuff that we may forget sometimes so that’s what I am trying to say is that they should add more countdowns it will be very useful and the all it already is but it kinda needs that more then it will be way more better for me like they need to let us be able to add how many countdowns I recommend for them to make an update like that I know they may be lazy to have updates sometimes because they barley do any updates for us which it’s crazy. so make sure to remember what I told yall.

🙂. This app is really good it helps me keep track of whenever me and my boyfriend or my best friend have been together for and how long we’ve known each other for etc. I love this app because it shows me that I can keep track of anything like when we start dating or are you became friends and it’s really easy and this is a 10 out of 10 at because I really love it and everyone loves it and my family loves it too so yeah.

Great👍. I actually really like this app because I get to track how long me and my partner have been dating for since I forget a lot and its just fun and it’s really good!! I recommend if you wanna keep track of how long you have been with someone dating or friendship wise

I liked it, I removed it and can’t get it back. So I got the app to see what it was like, then removed it because i didn’t have a girlfriend. now i do but i can’t download it because my phone keeps asking me for verification and to add a billing thing for it, even though it does it for no other app. The point of this review is just asking for help to be honest because I really want it again now.

I love this. I love this app because it tells me how long that me and my boyfriend have been dating. You don’t have to put any personal information about yourself. All you do is put the Month, Day, and Year. It will sign you in and automatically tell you how many Months, Weeks, and days. I love this app so much!!

Super cool. It’s a good app and it’s really cute. I bought the pro version though and the widget on my phone says “moths” instead of “months” and I don’t know if it’s just me or what lol but that’s the only thing I have found weird. Other than that it’s really cool and it updates you with special days. I love it!

This is a good app💗. This is a good app for anyone that forgets the date they’ve been with there partner It tracks how long you’ve been with that person. Now this app can be used to track other things too but mostly to track your relationship. If I could improve this app I would change the app to remind you whenever you hit 2 months or 3 or 4 months in a relationship, I would like the app to notify me to remind me how long I’ve been with my love one.

Love calendar!. I see this app as a love calendar. It keeps track of the most important days. It makes it so easy to celebrate anniversaries and special milestones in any relationship. I open up this app almost every day, and smile so much when I get a notification that I've completed another month with my significant other. This app is just really special and dear to me!

My Love Calendar. I really love this app! It keeps you updated with all your important dates! Also, it makes me so happy getting a notification about your relationship whether its a year and 3 months, or whichever. Its not just a great reminder but it also makes you think about how long you and your lover has been at it. Striving through the bad moments and through the great moments healthy and strong ❤️

Amazing. I love this soo much I recommend it for new relationship and old ones it keeps tracks of how many days, weeks and months you and your partner have been dating!! You should get it or try it out definitely!❤️‍🔥

Additioal content. Need to add the feature here that each year the add tells you what the traditional and non traditional anniversary gifts are. Also be able to take a picture each year on you anniversary as a reminder of what you did that year.

This App Is To Perfect!!! (I don’t know what to put for the title). Having this app is amazing! If you have a love, I recommend you download this! It helps you remember your one month, one week, and so on. Currently using this app is a blessing because I can’t seem to remember anything nowadays, 5 stars all the way!!

.. The dates are way off. Me & my bf been together for 90 days but it said we been together for 80 days. It also said we been together for 11 weeks but truly we been together for 15 weeks. There are honestly too much adds and i thought this was a good app until i realized the dates were off. Please fix this. It’s irritating me and a lot of people.

Love it❤️. I love the app! Completely, it lets me keep track of how long my relationship has been going for,and any special days that are happening with is❤️I would totally recommend this app if you are trying to have a long relationship and you can’t remember every last detail on how long you and your lover have been dating for.

Love it. Now I’m single so I could not put anyone name so I just put me and my crush when we started to actually talk to each other and look at each other with that look (the look is that I need a hug look) and yes it is a boy and he made me meet his friends so yea he knows about so don’t think I’m crazy in love or something like that

It’s amazing. Me and my boyfriend got together two days after we got into 6th grade, And yes I know you might think that we are going and we Shouldn’t be in relationships but we are young and we need to try new things so now we have thought we are dating for 3 months but for right now we have only been together for 2 months and 12 days and if I tell him he’ll be sad cause he though we have been together for a while but for people our age at this school and hey date for like 3 years and break up. They get into serious relationships and 12,13,14 or 15.

You should add a time. This app is awesome I’ve used it for a while but you should be able to add a option for the exact time you got together, I know not everybody knows what time they got together with there partner but some people get together other text or call or in person and just happen to notice the time and for certain things like if you get together later at night it doesn’t show the exact right date for how long you’ve been together, so it would be a cool feature

Very Nice App. I love this app, it’s a great way to keep track of your relationship with your significant other. I showed it to my friend and she downloaded it immediately. I think the whole vibe of the app is cute, and I plan on showing it to all of my other friends as well.

Love this app!. I have it as a widget and it sends me reminders at certain time frames. I can also send as a text to anyone! I don’t know if possible, but I only wish I could track my length of marriage as well as long as we’ve been together. I can’t be without it!

I really love this. I really like this to keep track of my relationship. I personally have like a gag picture and name for the relationship to make it a little less cringe. but I still like the notifications on my screen saying special days and stuff. It’s just something that brightens my day. It does have ads but you really can’t tell unless you are constantly on the app which would kind of defeats the purpose of the notifications 😂. I’m closing in on a year into my relationship and it has told me through out and it has helped me to keep track of how long we’ve been together.

Love this app. It’s a great way just to remind yourself that you have a date to remember for example my anniversary not just because of the date but it’s cute to look at the picture and it tells you how many days months and years within that date.

OMG YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS APP!!! 💕💕. Me and my bf just recently got together and I really wanted to write a review. 😁 I’m going to keep it short and sweet. But pretty much this app will tack the days the months and the years you and you bf or gf have been together!! ❤️ Sadly it does not track seconds or minutes you can always download a different app for that but it still an amazing app!!! 👏🏼❤️

Awesome!. Me and my cousin use this to count our days together because we have been together for a while and wanted something to keep track of how long we have been together every other app I've used doesn't work like this one it's simple clean and is a well put together app my fellow Alabama friends use this app it's great!

Rating My Love app.. I think this app is ready good to keep up with dates and see how long it has been since y’all dated, been besties for, or even how long someone has passed for. I use this wonderful app to keep track of the date that my family and I found out my grandpa passed. I love him so much and it has been long since he passed sadly😢. It’s been 1 year and idk how many months, weeks, or days. It’s almost been 2 years though I know that for sure. That’s my opinion on the lovely app. Thank y’all for making this app for FREE. I really enjoy it and I also really enjoy keeping up with the date that my family and I found out he passed😢😞🪦🙏🏻🕊️🤲🏻🛐🧎🏼‍♀️.

:). This app has honestly been so nice and welcoming, if that made sense. I’ve been really busy and it’s really welcoming to have something inform you of your dates and whenever you reach a certain milestone! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have something cute that’ll remind them of their milestones! <3

PERFECT IF YOUR FORGETFUL. I love this app it's great if your really busy and can remember your anniversary but not every month, the only down side about this app is its cookie cutter and not really customizable aside from names, anniversary date, and personalized picture but I wish it featured like a collage back ground option or "skin" change option anyway great app overall

It’s okay. So it does tell you how many days we have been together and how many months and stuff but for some Reason it it is still telling me that we have been together for 3months when it is supposed to be 4 months because we have been together since February 5th and we had got together before his cousin and my cousin got together but my cousins love Tracker (this one ) said 4 month but I have been with my boyfriend before her.

USE THIS APP.. This app keeps up with your dates perfectly . You don’t have to worry about missing a anniversary with this app. It give you the special days y’all been together from time to time . It’s is amazing and I highly recommend.

Great app!. I am terrible at looking at dates. Though most of the time I remember sometimes I lose track of the dates which then this app comes in handy! Me and my boyfriend both have this app and love it! I looked at it too often lol but it’s great for friendships, relationships and maybe for just keeping track of a day something happened 🤷‍♀️. Overall great app and love how it gives you notifications when important days involving it come up such as 100 days, 5 weeks, 7 months, etc.

My love. It is really helpful so if you need to remember how long you and your bsf/ Bf/ Gf have been dating it’s usually easier for girls to remember like me but if your a dude and you keep forgetting because you don’t remember it or have other stuff on your mind this is definitely the app for you 🙂🙂

I need someone. Lately I’ve been very emotional my goldfish died and he was amazing I took him out for a walk but remembered that he can’t breath air. That’s crazy to me but who cares R.I.P. R Kelly. My grandma also fell down the stairs and somehow died even though she survived through ww1 ww2 Vietnam and Covid, and lived longer than queen Elizibith. I also remembers how my gf who turns out to be my cousin cheated on me with a 16 year old guy. His name is Bobby. This was very sad for me and worse than me finding out that I have a hiv. In fact I’m so sure I’m hiv positive. I just need someone .

My love. The best app on the Apple Store to keep count of how long your relationship has lasted with your loved one/significant other, it’s a grate app, you always get notifications when it’s been a while that you and your special someone have been together for example for the first month secon month and ecz… definitely recommend to get if in a relationship.

GREAT ITS FREE 💕!!. we just hit a month 43 days & 6weeks of dating & i just met him yesterday best thing happened!! this relationship has a highly chance we will last a long time together and this app is completely free get it and set ur starting time when yall were together no subscription no none of that its just free set yalls couple names and done the only thing that cost is the other verion of this app .

Uh, wrong language. Nice, small little app. One problem: the words in the widget display are German, not English. Also, suggestions: it says it can notify you on “special days”, but the only day you can input is how long you’ve been together. Would be nice to add more dates, as how long my wife & I have been together is different than how long we’ve been married. Add custom dates, like First Kiss.

Good app to keep track of time together. Always use to remind my girlfriend of silly days, such as our 123rd day together and our 50th week, etc. Björn responded to me very quickly when I found a small bug (did not affect app usability) and told me it would be fixed by the next update! If you like reminders so you don’t miss an anniversary, get this app & just pay for the full version. Support a good developer

App is great but…. This app is great but the ads keep me from even going on it. I purchased My Love Pro but it never worked. I have tried restoring purchase several times but it never goes through. Super frustrated because it took my money but I still have ads popping up. So annoying.

Cute app overall! 💕. I rlly love this app it doesn’t take any personal info other than ur name and how long u have been together and it helps me know how long me and my love one have been together but something I would add is like maybe like a description about u and ur love one on the bottom of the photo you can add but other than that I love the app and recommend that if ur looking for a app to organize info about ur love one and u u should download this app! it is rlly good in my opinion so u guys should give it a try and see what y’all think about it! 💕

Amazing app for everyone. This app is amazing is Disney have to be for a couple and or partners but it’s can be for friends or how long you’ve liked someone it doesn’t matter and it’s so nice when both you and your partner are able to be share that y’all notice y’all have been together 100 days it’s just amazing 🙈

rating.. personally i think this app is amazing especially for people like me who’s memory isn’t all that great. now i’m not saying i’m not gonna remember when me and my partner get together because i do, i’m saying when you can’t seem to remember how long you’ve been together for some reason and this app tells you the amount of days, weeks, months, and even years. i also love how you can put you an your partners name at the top, that is amazing and you can put a custom picture. i think this app is amazing and i highly recommend for people to get it and so that way if you lose track then this app can tell you. thank you for making an app like this 🫶🏼

Love this app !!!!. This is a great app, being able to know how long you and your partner have been together can be very important to you both. I don’t see myself using it often but its useful and a cool app to have. My only complaint is the ads you get almost every time you press a button, it can get a bit annoying but i get the ads aren’t really a problem if you can still freely use the app, and i am just a impatient person. Overall a great app to have for you and your partner.

Great feedback. It’s a great app to keep track of how long you’ve been together and how long you’ll last I don’t need it but I decided to get it just in case I forget because of school or what not. It helps you keep track of your anniversary’s and things like that. So I love it!!!!!!!

Makes me happy as a joke. I have liked this one kid for like months and I got sad he didn’t like me back so I tried to get over him but I couldn’t so I got this and kinda am like imagining that we are dating just to like joke around and make me a more confident person. Idk how it helps it just does

DENIC. It’s the best app I have ever seen this app help for how long you have been with your boyfriend or girlfriend and I love this app because it tells me when and like how many days months years whatever this app is the best downloads app and you will like it

Its a cute cool app. I love this and how the dark red frames it and u can pick ur own photo to put in and u dont want to put ur own u can pick from a variety of theirs. I like how the app not only tells you how many months but exactly how many weeks and exactly how many days, although I do wish I told you how many minutes and seconds cause that would be cool lol.I like that also when you’re putting your name in you can customize it how you want. Its a cute free app to have and its not to much with the colors or details. I recommend

Needs more than 1 calendar💀. I have been using this calendar app for a while now, and I must say its pretty nice. First and foremost, the app's design is clean and visually appealing. The layout is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and find the information I need. The color-coded categories and customizable themes add a nice touch and help me stay organized. The range of features offered by this app is outstanding. Though I can’t create and manage multiple calendars, for multiple girls you know.

Calculation not right. This app is nice and all but don’t you include the first day u started dating day 1? The app counts the 1st day as the next day so it will make the 100th day anniversary late by 1 day. My bf told me I got the date wrong and so I doubled check and he was right. This app is not accurate to me.

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Suggestion. We should be able to change the background and writing colour and even the font

Best. Has saved me and been a great reference whenever needed. Have never forgotten any type of anniversary (1 year, 100 days, 500 days) since! Thank u. It's a staple app!

That my girlfriend Callum ❤️ Georgia. I loved 🥰

App. Good app

Good days counting but not much function. It would be much better if the reminder for special days happen one day or one week ahead. A bit silly that reminds at 12pm on the day, if I really count for this reminder I may don’t have time to plan an event. So basically I still need to keep tracking the days by myself.

Pretty good. Useful for people like me with a terrible memory but a bit iffy with notifications It didn’t give my notification until I opened the app

5 stars. I love it. Now I can remember when me and my bf started dating and how long we have been dating for. Thank you for making this app!!! It deserves 10 star reviews!!

My love app. Hey this is Layla I love this app so muchhhh

Very good but needs fixing. Very good but you need to fix the widget as the widget states moth instead of month this throws things off i really love the app but the widget does need adjusting for this reason as it states 2 moths instead of 2 months

Download👍. In my opinion it is very good and accurate. I like how you can customise the photo and names and all that. It gives you a multiple answer to how long a certain thing has happened for. In my opinion it’s best if you get it while with a loved one I have it for that purpose and it’s the best🤍👍

Not what I wanted - deleted. Wanted an app that tells you how long you've been together, engaged, married and how old someone is in years. This app would be perfect if you could add multiple events, not just have one. Deleted

my review. i don’t like how you can only have one relationship and not multiple to include deep friendship ect

Love it. This is so cute reminds me Monthly 💞

This is sooo good!. I got this game and it helped me keep track of how long we've been together for. Definetly reccomend getting!

Good. Love the app

... Really great app

It made me ready. To kiss my partner

me and my partner love this. As the title states, I love being able to track my progress in my love life so I’m very happy I downloaded this app. Highly recommended

ads.. why so many ads.

Amazing app. This app is brilliant it keeps track of every day you are with your significant other and you can change the dates again if need be. 5 stars from me! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

.. Mkay so it’s ok but I have some questions 1st I purchased it but like was I paying money cause my family has to pay bills- Btw that’s all

Great app, widget. Thanks for not having a dumb monthly subscription, payed the $3. But please add a widget!

Feedback. Why should I cost so much to find someone to love😗? Seems wrong

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😈. me downloading the app knowing full well no one likes me 😈😈

Simple and good. Great app, love how simple it is. Maybe style the notifications a bit more will make people even happier when we see it :)

PRETTY GOOD. This app is so good and fun to do but there is one thing I’d change! Witch is the picture instead of a square it could be a heart❤️

My love. This app has saved me so much from forgetting the special days with my significant other

can’t change widget to english. widget is in french and there i no way to change it to english if there is help me out

I love my bf. 💕💕

Yuck. Too much damn ads

love love the app. great app, easy to use and helps me remember our friends anniversary. (i forget pretty much everything).

amazing. it’s just such a good app in general and has good features and i love that if you have to you can restart the relationship counter and i love that i get notifications for it on special days:)

Best. I love it! Super cute & helpful when you forget :P

Ads. Too much ads

Good game. K like it

Hi. it is a good program. but if the app have locker options,it would be much better 🙄

It cool addition. Would be able to log and save your old relationships and see your history with other people and how long it lasted yk

Daddy. I like ur dad…


Review. I love it a lot!! Such a great app

My love. Hey,this is a good app

i just love him so much♥️. and his name is jarrison masty

My opinion. I don’t like how it says we have been together for ….. long I think it should be I have likes them for …. long because not everyone who has this app is dating the person they love. Like me.

Love this app. Great app to keep track of your anniversaries, easy to use and never miss important milestones 😍.

👍. I love this!

such a cute app, but i wish it had a widget in english for free. such a cure apple

This dumb app. Here I thought you find other female

Thank you for you're app. Every month, my love and I are reminded of how much we were together🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

Good app. Such an amazing app I hight recommend it

Great App !. BrVrea

🌎. Love it

Add countdown?. Great app, but could use a count down for when the next anniversary is, like ‘x months, x days, until x year anniversary.’

Love this app. This app is good for people like a dick

Not worth paying for but .... Its a great app when free but it is not worth paying for , i bought the pro version for the widget on my iphone , well there is absolutely no widget and paying for it seems to be useless as u gain nothing out of it at all so i recommend just using the free version . Other wise its a great app i would love to see a feature that you can add a list of dates with count down until and count down since ablility . So u can either make it for its been x days / months / years since Or x days till . For setting birthdays & anniversary date for found each other and one for since dating and then since got engaged and then since married and vday etc

I love this app. I have been looking for an app like this I love this app❤️

My love. I really like this app call my love because it tells u when u make a month with ur boyfriend so it's really use for

Love it. Reminds me and my lovely girlfriend how long we have been together for and I think it’s amazing.

The widget. I bought my love pro and the widget is in German and there is no way to fix it

Really good!. Great

This app is amazing. cause you can put memories in it and people you have to remember but I do wish you could put more than one but I love this app so much

Great. Awesome app A+++++

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Love this app. I love this app, but my only issue is that I wish I could set another relationship thingy but for my bsf because what if I forget the day we started being friends?? Like I wish that was an option

My review. I love this app it is the best thing ever I didn’t know how long me and him been dating till I looked at the picture we got together and the. I put in the date and now we been together for 3 weeks now this Papp it the best thing ever

Cool. It has kept up with all of the days me and my girlfriend have been together and had never let me down on a notification

THIS APP RUINS RELATIONSHIPS 🙄. zero stars everytime i start a count down with one of my boyfriends we always break up 2-3 business days later this app is bad luck and has continued to jinx my love life 💔 #llmyrelationshipwithdoodie #llmyrelationshipwithjabril but imma give it one more time with my bae tyran 😋 if it jinx me again i will be suing cause that’s horrible like i just want to be in a happy relationship and this app keep ruining it dude like please just let me be great #imaslut4tyran

It’s amazing. I love that it keeps track of it. I also love that I can change the picture to whatever I want it to be. I do wish we had other options that are included with the apps

My love app. It’s a great app to keep up with your relationship date. Because if u forget and your girlfriend ask you. Well you want be getting know hugs and kisses. So this app helps you remember when y’all got together.

Cute little app. This app is no cute and helpful for people who don’t remember stuff dat great it’s cute for your relationship and shows the love by letting u edit the title and everything and when u show your lover they will be sure to blush they will love This app.

My thoughts on this app. Thanks sooo much for this app as long as it keeps track of how long we’ve dated!!!! Definitely giving this a 5 star!!!! I would definitely recommend this app if your confused on how long you beautiful awesome couples out there!!!!

I love it, but…. I wish that there were more features. This app is truly great and it helps me to remember my anniversary’s in my hectic schedule. I just wish there were more things to see on this app. Other than that it’s perfect!

I love this app❤️❤️❤️ i. It is amazing for people who forget things like me. They let you display your photo of you and your spouse which is so cute. Thank you! This has really helped me and my gf. I reccomend it to all couples!!

Does what it says. Theirs nothing really to review about it . It does what it says it does . It helps me keep up with how long me and my boyfriend Cedric have been together . It updates you on every possible day you may need to know .

Review. Well organized, totally updated, no problems, notifications on important days. You will definitely always be reminded days before your anniversary day. I know exactly the amount of days I have been in my relationship. Totally recommend it!

This App is great!!. I love this app it’s fun to know these sort of things and I love just opening it up and looking at it as a reminder from time to time how much of my life has been spent with the love of my life.

I love this app so much!! ♥️♥️. I love this app so much. It’s probably the best dating calendar app / dating counter app. If you are back and forth on this app, you should 100% consider it because I am always honest on my reviews and this is the best review I have EVER given!!

Review. This is one of the best apps because it’s one of the easiest apps too use and it has no issues it’s really easy and simple I definitely recommend too download

Me & my boyfriend love this app. Me & my boyfriend love this app we have been together for 3 years 10 months and 10 days ❤️ it tells us when the year or months change . We’ve been using this app for 3 years now and we love it I highly recommend this app.

Thank you!😝. Thank you for this app because I’m using it for me and my dog and I’ve had her now for four years in four months and it looks makes me really happy says thank you for this!

Me and my wife. Me and my girlfriend have used this app for a long time and we both agree this is a well round and put together app it’s very good we love it I would highly recommend this app to other users

Cute App. Ive been seeing my friends using this app for awhile, and I could t find it at all, but I finally have! It is Ir is such a cute way of keeping up with the time of our relationship and the notifications make me happy! :)

Loved this but now crashing. This app was awesome and great for sending sweet and super duper corny love notes. Doesn’t work anymore. So sad because I lost the dates when I switched jobs and my calendar is gone now. They were stored here. :(. Praying for a fix!

10/10. Get this app!! It’s so good and it reminds you for you and your lovers special days. It is really worth it. It doesn’t even cost money!! Definitely recommend!

Happy happy. I usually remember our anniversary’s but this makes me feel better and happy seeing it because it shows all the time we had together and I love it and it just makes me happy seeing it.

AWESOME 💕 👏🏼. I like this app so much, I use it on all of my friends ! I like that it can tell you in different words and allows you to add photos and names. I personally just love it and I took many screenshots of the things I made with this app.

Nice app!. I really like this app! I have had no problems with it at all! It works well and is useful because it tells you everything you need to know about the amount of days.

Why I rate this app five stars. It helps me keep track on how long I’ve been in relationships or best friend relationships and it gives me a notification every time there is a anniversary. I just wish I could do multiple on the app

Best thing ever!. This has got to be one of the best app ideas ever!! It is very helpful! If I would suggest something to add though it would be an included note section for writing the names of her extended family, favorite foods etc.

Love this app!. I tell everyone that this is the best app for your marriage! I only wish that in addition to counting the days that it would count the minutes and seconds!!! Other apps do offer that extra feature!

Why not. What’s not to Love about this app? Call it corny if you want but it keeps a record of the simple stats, milestones and level of relationship accomplishments on the rise. And we could all use a rise in our relationships, right? Okay, I apologize. I’ll see myself out...

Simple perfect app. Awesome app. Just wanted to know exactly how long me and my man have been together :) also sends you cool notifications like when you have been together for 1000 days

My experience. This app had helped me in a lot of ways and it has kept track on important day I could have missed because of of how busy I am threw out the years

The app❤️‍🔥. This app helps me keep track so I know when to go shopping and so that I don’t have to keep it in my head I’m so glad that we have this app because now we have it together .😁❤️‍🔥❤️😘😍💋💍♾

Thank you. This app is literally so amazing and I really love it me and my husband both use this app because we forget about but with this app it really helps because we know when to plan our anniversary ❤️

perfect! ❤️. okayy.. so i recently got into a relationship and usually i put the date in my calendar so i won't forget (i never forget tho. lol) but instead on of my friends told me about this app and I'm like "okay, I'll take a look at it" i instantly fell in love with this app! it's simple, but perfect!💯❤️

5️⃣⭐️. It’s the best app I’ve used! I love it and it keeps a good update jsut wish it would send notifications to my actual Lock Screen but maybe that’s just my settings… 🤷 def recommend.

Useful but weird. I’ve been using this app for almost 2 years and am always getting notified for big days like 500 days together, 50 weeks, things like that. But why was I just notified for 666 days together?? Y’all get your demons up out of my phone

Love this app:). Love is an amazing way to connect with your partner especially when you are in a long distance relationship. Me and my partner love to get the notification that’s says “Today is a special day!”

I love it. This is my favorite thing and it’s an actual good app to keep track of how long you and your partner have been together and it’s not fake their are no adds on here it’s my favorite app

:). it’s a cute app and it tracks how long you’ve been dating. As well as notifies you when a special date is there. but we broke up 2 weeks after i downloaded it so idk

I love it. I really love the app. It’s an accurately keeps track and notifies on special days like anniversaries. You can choose from like 10 pre downloaded pictures or you have the option to choose form your gallery.

Good Overall. I did this to see how long me and my girlfriend were together for and I’m glad you don’t have to pay and that it’s super simple and easy to use!

Chloe Calender. I literally always use this app whenever I date someone and I also love how when it’s a special time of how long you have been with that person it sends you a notification about it.

.. I give this a 4 only cause the adds are annoying but besides that everything about this app is good. The only thing I don’t like is that it makes my feel lonely when I don’t have anything to put there

I love it. It’s amazing for busy people or even for people that is so In love that time flys by or just for someone that likes to see exactly how many days and months they have been with the person they love ❤️ highly recommend

My love app. I love this app I been using it for years now I love how it reminds you when your anniversary so you don’t forget I love it because it tells you how kin you been together is that best part of this app I really love this app😁🤍

Friendship. I love this app but can y’all also add something for friendship counter instead of having one when we can have like two or three

Hours. I was hoping it was gonna show the hours and minutes you were together. I think it would be something cool to have added if you don’t have the premium to the app.

Weirdo in love. I love this app because even though I can’t see my girl all the time it reminds me of the good times we have had together and can have again in the upcoming years.

I love this app. This app let me know how long me and my best friend has been together I know that’s not what it’s for but I really like it and it’s almost our five year anniversary so I can keep track and not get in trouble!

.. i love this app cause I kinda get off track of how many months we’ve been together and i just think this app is the best app you could ever have on your phone !!

soo good. I literally love this app. if i ever forget how long me and my boyfriend have been together, i just VERY simply pull this all up and it tells you. All you have to remember is the date you started dating, then it can keep teach. 😆

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