MilGPS [Navigation] App Description & Overview

MilGPS is an MGRS/USNG focused premium navigation tool trusted by soldiers, search and rescue personnel and other professional navigators around the world. View your current location and navigate to a waypoint in seconds. Or plan and organize your navigation using the powerful and intuitive mapping and overlay capabilities.

Display your current location in real time
- Cell phone signal not required but will make location fixes faster (maps require a data connection)
- Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) & United States National Grid (USNG) (4, 6 8 10 figure grid references supported)
- Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
- Latitude/Longitude (degrees, degrees and minutes, degrees minutes seconds supported)
- Ordnance Survey National Grid (grid and easting/northing in metres)
- Military date time groups for local/zulu time
- All info is displayed in large, clear text for easy viewing at all times
- Location and navigate screens are fully customisable - choose what info you want to see
- Wide variety of datums supported including WGS84, NAD27, OSGB36, AGD66, ED50
- Define up to 3 combinations of datum and location format for location display and waypoint entry

Create and navigate to waypoints
- Unlimited waypoints (upper limit dependent on device storage and memory)
- Enter waypoints from current location, map or using any of the above supported location formats.
- Live update of distance/bearing as you enter coordinates (sanity check your grids)
- Waypoints are fully editable, and can be sorted by distance or name
- "Quick goto" feature for quickly entering grids and navigating to them - accepts shortened MGRS grids.
- Receive an arrival indication as you approach your waypoint
- Import and export waypoints via the standard GPX file format (routes and tracks not currently supported)

- View current location and waypoints on map, complete with custom smooth scrolling grid overlay (MGRS/USNG/OSNG/UTM)
- Choice of Apple or Google maps.
- Use the crosshairs to position new waypoints and measure distances/bearings
- Choose from standard/satellite/hybrid/blank map type
- Grid overlay with labels for grid zones, 100km, 10km, 1km, 100m squares
- Map can be set to follow your current location and/or heading.

Other features
- Simple, intuitive interface that can be operated easily with one hand.
- Convert between location formats easily using the add waypoint screen
- Supports degrees/mils for angle, with choice of true, magnetic or grid north reference.
- Supports feet/metres for altitude
- Supports imperial/metric/nautical units for distance

Why choose MilGPS over other apps?
- MilGPS is under active development and testing (since 2010)
- MilGPS is painstakingly crafted by an independent developer
- MilGPS emphasises accuracy, simplicity, ease of use and stability

Things that aren't in the app (yet):
- track recording
- offline maps
- ability to create routes of multiple waypoints
- mapping sources other than Apple and Google maps

NOTE: Mapping function requires a data connection. Using GPS will shorten battery life.

MilGPS is an aid to navigation only and is intended to be used in conjunction with other navigation methods and tools.
MilGPS must not be used where relying on MilGPS could result in death, injury or financial loss. This includes use on military operations, live-firing activities, aviation and surveying use.
MilGPS is not tested to military specifications and is not endorsed by the military of any nation. MilGPS is not a substitute for military issue equipment.
Your use of MilGPS is governed by the standard App Store Licensed Application End User License Agreement.

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MilGPS Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Updated for iOS 14. - Bug fixes and performance improvements.

MilGPS Comments & Reviews

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- Initial Impressions: Excellent

Compared to the two GPS apps that I have used often (LandNav and Spyglass), MilGPS immidietly seems superior and best suited for my military training purposes. Readout is HUGE and responsive and I will probably stick with the default look. Maps come up quickly and it was easy to customize (Apple/Google are adequete, but more map choices would be great). Design layout could be slightly improved by having more intuitive button placements (e.g., Edit Screen is hiding in the Share menu, and cancel button was hard to find on one screen), and maybe a bug: Navigate → Share → Choose Destination Waypoint took me to Overlays (I'm probably missing something). Ideally, I would like a mini-app to quickly send an 8-digit grid to the clipboard and close, since I share locations often—every step out in the field counts. For my purposes, MilGPS makes sharing an 8-step process (i.e., Open → Share → Share Current Location → Message → Tap x2 in message field → Select All → Isolate MGRS grid → Tap ⌫). MilGPSs is more intuitive than LandNav, but it would be nice to simply 3D touch a readout and send custom data to the clipboard. Future updates perhaps? Not sure why it took me so long to find this in the App Store. Downloaded USNG first, and then found MilGPS via 'Also by This Developer' in the sidebar. Kudos to all those who helped develop this app, good job!

- On MFing point

I bought this app a few years ago, when I was still in the Army, back then I paid $10. I used it as secondary/backup/check-location-accuracy. Since it was on my phone, it couldn’t be my primary source. My primary source was a wrist Garmin GPS, I would (discreetly) open this app and check my position, both, my Garmin GPS and this app were always on point, may be 1-2 meters off but that’s nothing since we used a 10 meter margin of error. I’ve always loved the satellite image because it allowed us to plan better when picking routes of travel. For a one time payment, the accuracy it has and all the things you can do, $10 is a steal. Highly recommend this app, I have and keep doing it when the subject comes up.

- A solid App!

I downloaded this and got going really fast. The active overlay and visible overlay took a bit to figure out but not a big hurdle. I used this to map location of items during a field test. Worked great. The challenge is using the files upon export. The icons used all translate to the basic point name. For example, I used green crosses for one position and orange triangles for a subsequent position. Google earth makes them all a single color pushpin once kml exported. GPX export rendered boxes. Luckily I named the point distinctly. Giving instructions on how to retain map attributes in the user guide would help tremendously. Otherwise note that all points will visually look the same upon export. This a a great app though. Excellent for on the ground recording and the accuracy is good enough! I’d definitely download and continue to use.

- Outstanding GPS in multiple coordinate system

This is an outstanding GPS with huge Military Grid Reference System or Latitude/Longitude or Decimal Degrees formats. The other screens allow you to mark places. Although it takes months to get a response the developer will actually communicate with you! With Wifi the maps are great. Without Wifi there are no maps. Outstanding App with 2 hopeful updates.....1. Download maps for use when not on-line and 2. Have a conversion button for converting MGRS to others and back. I have used this in several countries and it is outstanding!

- Overall, okay

It’s a good app and has a lot of features. I love being able to customize the navigation screen especially when working with two gps formats simultaneously. Also, location sharing via text is outstanding and relays all the necessary information. I don’t feel the UI is very user friendly or intuitive. For example, I am unable to enter coordinates from the map screen. I can place coordinates at my current location and at the crosshairs on the map, but I can’t simply enter coordinates from the map screen. I have to back out to another screen completely. And to copy coordinates from a website and paste into the app is terribly awkward. In fact, having to enter coordinates quickly is very difficult because of how buried in the UI that feature is. If you’re geocaching and have all day to fiddle with the app to enter coordinates, then you won’t have any problems. If you have to quickly plug in coordinates from your hunting party, a mayday or dispatcher, use another app or gps. Also, downloadable maps for app use independent of cell service would be helpful in poor coverage areas. Just a thought.

- Ranger

This app is amazing. I use it for almost everything i do. I use for doing reconnaissance work such as taking a screen shot and then drawing in the sea wire, Vic, guard positions. I also use it for almost all of my route planning. The only improvement i would like to see is if i could actually draw on the terrain in app then having to use another app to do it. Other than that the maps are always up to day and have absolute precision on grids. The arrow can be shaky at time. But that’s why you always use a compass. Other than that highly recommended this app and will continue to use it. RLTW

- Works like a charm for amateur land management.

I use this app to help me locate and manage the corners on various pieces of remote property. The exact locations were/are gathered by our surveyor but MilGPS gets me within feet of our flags, stone monuments, or iron pipes that mark the various corners of our property. Has never crashed on me and always gets me within feet of the corner. Also very easy to store different points and organize them by parcel instead of one long list. Very customizable and reliable. Has absolutely been worth the price.

- Best GPS in App Store

This app has so many good features it is hard to summarize. The location and navigation screens are completely customizable display of the fields, location/size and units. (10 stars). The map screen allows you to choose the type of map to display (street / hybrid / satellite). (5 stars) The overlay screen allows you to organize waypoints however the waypoints are difficult to choose to navigate and you must be careful not to accidentally edit/delete the waypoint when selecting to navigate to the point. (3 stars). The settings screen should allow for a default for waypoint navigation screen (e.g. map or navigate screen). (4.9 stars). I have used many of the GPS apps in the App Store. This is the best. A few minor enhancements would make the app perfect. This is a must have app for hikers or navigating in an unfamiliar city.

- Suggestion for the creators

I love this app and I use it all the time. Definitely money well spent. It’s the most helpful and efficient land nav app I’ve ever used. Simply incredible. My suggestion for the creators is: You should come out with an Apple Watch app to accompany your main app. Even if it was something as simply and just seeing your current grid or checking your azimuth arrow while using the navigation mode. I think that would be awesome!

- May Need More Development in Compatibility

I work in field artillery for the Army. This app is super helpful when you don’t have a map on you and degraded from digital. I wish that this app was compatible with iWatch. It doesn’t need to be complex on the watch. As long as the app can simply give my grid location with altitude. Perhaps, it could allow me to mark my location for quick hip shoots or on-calls. Other than that, this app is definitely beneficial for our field of work and use of maps.

- Really useful and very detailed

Once you get used to this app it does everything I can imagine you would need for land Nav and plotting points. I’m Army SF cadre and I use this all the time. The only small thing I would like to be able to do is edit the names of the locations when you drop a point on your crosshairs from the map screen instead of having to go into the overlays. That’s a small thing. Overall I’d say it’s worth the $$

- Absolutely love it.

Thank you. Thank you to everyone that invested time, energy, and effort into the creation of this app, making it one of, if not the most used app on my phone. Please keep up with either the updates, or making sure it is compatible with future versions of iOS, I was not joking when I said one of the most used apps, I use it for everything from business to personal life. I love it. Thank you.

- Flawless

I have been using this app since around March of 2016 (it’s now January 2020) and I have never had a single problem with it. If you’re in the military this is a MUST-HAVE because it will do everything you need a gps to do plus more. And the different active layers is also helpful so you don’t have to much clutter in one area. Definitely worth the couple bucks I spent on it years ago.

- Info dense, no fluff app

This app does everything I need it to, except keep maps when offline and plan routes, which are both in the works. It’s a great way to get all the information you need at a glance, and has a lot of functions with the customization options to match. Updates come regularly and bugs are prettymuch all worked out. Well worth the price.

- This app is better than a Garmin!

I’m in the army and work as a Forward Observer, 80% of my job has to do with accurate grids, distances, altitudes, or anything that deals with location accuracy! This app has hands down worked better than any equipment the army has given me. I use it every time I go on deployment or just practicing in the field! Couldn’t ask for a better app lol ITS PERFECT THE WAY IT IS PLEASE DONT UPDATE IT!!!! Lol

- Great app

This app is great. The different types of maps is my favorite part of it. They help when planning routes or just trying to see what type of terrain you’ll really be looking at. The only thing I wish it had was an Apple Watch app. That would be a lot easier to use while using the navigation portion of the app to get places

- Best Nav/Map App ever

Been a loyal customer for more than 5 years and I’ve been selling it ever since. The disclaimer you have to acknowledge when starting the app aside; I can’t count the number of times I’ve used this app to keep myself or others out of harms way. Too easy to use- I’d like to see this app get officially approved by the military.

- Distance between points NOT available

I would give 5 stars if only for one thing... I think it was a waste of money since I can’t plan ahead of time by pulling distance between two points. That’s the one thing I need to be able to plan ahead. This app is great to navigate from your current location, but if you need to know anticipated waypoint to waypoint info then you are out of luck. If this feature is added it will be a great product.

- Upgrade Overlay Capabilities

Love this app! I use it from planning to execution. I just wish the overlays had more of an actual military feel. It needs to have the ability to add lines and objects such as enemy icons, and friendly icons. Other than the lack of graphics, it’s an amazing app for getting from point A to B. It also needs the ability to download maps so you can use it offline. Thanks

- Amazing!!

For the $10 I paid for this app... it does everything I need and more! The accuracy, available imagery, multiple overlay capability, and the sharing overlays via text/email features are all EXCELLENT!!! I have definitely recommended this app multiple times and will continue to recommend in the future.

- Poor UI workflows

The work flows to input a grid coordinate and pull it up on the map by typing the coordinates in, are difficult to find and require too many steps to pull off. Seeing as how that’s one of the primary tasks when operating a GPS, I suggest the developers rethink the UX/UI of the workflows for that particular function. Other than that, it shows where you’re at accurately and clearly. Good for use in immediate surrounding area assessments, but aside from that, I couldn’t recommend it to anyone as it currently stands.

- The greatest tool I’ve used

I have been an army field artillery (HiMARS) For 18 years when you’re constantly moving this is your best friend especially with the satellite imaging and ability to mark points anywhere without having to download Maps and all that this is definitely well worth the money

- 13F- JFO to civilian life

This has been one of the best apps I’ve found, just make sure you don’t close out the app and go to the location before you lose service. Only down fall is you need service to use map images. Honestly you can’t go wrong and all of my guess had this app

- Best app I’ve never needed.

Until I joined the military I didn’t need anything like this but wow this has made my life easier. Quick grids when needed, reference points for locations, easy sharing to any other app; this app has it all. But now I use it to go off the trail exploring as well, and it’s effortless.

- Efficient!!!

So I have had this app since it first came out. I am a JTAC and I use it primarily for CAS training. So I like how I can manage my points and save them based on my training scenarios I run. The only gripe I would have about this app is elevation. I would like to actually have elevation added to the points I drop! That would make it a 5 star in my book. Thanks overall though.

- Great app for training

Great app, very intuitive, flexible, and good documentation. Would love to see ability to display course, distance, time, and speed between to points. Mark time when each point is dropped to determine the speed you traveled between each point.

- Best Phone GPS App

I use MilGPS monthly to plan and practice land navigation. A great feature is the datum conversions all listed out under the waypoint. It cuts down on mistakes and makes it easier to communicate position to others who may be operating off other map sets or GPS systems. I would like to see an option to make 1:24,000 topos the map base. 5 stars if that happens.

- Love this app!

This app is indispensable when navigating areas with no cell coverage. Just have to open the app and zoom in on area to be navigated prior to entering dead cell zone, then zoom out and leave the app open. Gives accurate 10 digit grid map coordinates via gps signals.

- Good

Great for what it does: point overlays, sharing with others, navigation, changing between units (datum, distance, etc.), coverage across continents Make it better: enable shapes or graphics in overlays, navigate to point after selection from map screen rather than having to go through the overlay screen, update imagery periodically

- Awesome!

Everything you can ever need for landnav or hunting. I would think about adding a couple things to make it even better though. 1 It would be cool if you could draw on the map 2 if MilGPS could be on your applewatch, like your heading and current position.

- Great app for just hence the name

Great app it really helps me with my work. The only thing I would like to ask is I would like to be able to draw. Maybe in the future that could be an option. Also can someone teach me how to upload this data to ARCGIS

- What a Great App

I love it, easy to use and customizable for how you use it. Some features are not super untuitive but I love the features and power of this app. I would like to see multiple navigation screens so I could have different setups for foot travel vs car vs etc...

- Never tells me it can’t load

Always works toward getting my location and map imagery, it never stops and tells me it can’t do it based on low signal, which is extremely helpful in the field.

- Could be much better

I wish someone would combine TacNav and MilGPS they’re both ok/good but neither is great. MilGPS you can’t draw on your map, drop waypoints using crosshairs, have different symbols for waypoints,get azimuth or distance from point to point. Neither has contour lines. TacNav needs option to add grid lines, different/better map options. Feel like I wasted my money on both of these. But if I had to pick one, for my uses it’d be TacNav

- Needs a low light option

The app needs a low light option. Probably all red light and limit access to imagery in such a mode. Also, it would be great if it could cash maps/imagery for offline use. Other then those two suggestions this is a solid app!

- Gene

This is an excellent program. Has everything needed to use in conjunction with my GPS! I was able to set it up to utilize UTM’s for land navigation, which makes it much simpler to use. I would recommend this program to anyone for hunting and fishing!

- Great app

IMO a little complicated to use. A lot of great features once you figure out how to use them. The app is only as good as your phone’s GPS bare that in mind. In land nav, generally, it will get you to about 5-10m of where you’re going. I would recommend this app.

- Best 8 bucks I’ve ever spent!

This is amazing. It’s better than tacnav and is the best app/software I’ve ever seen in the us military or civilian world for navigation or planning. It’s intuitive, ergonomic, good looking, and just flat out easy to use. I highly recommend this app.

- Great App

I have used this app for a couple years now and love it. Very accurate for current position and great mapping. I still always have map and compass in areas I am not familiar with but as long as I can run this app I haven’t ever had an issue.

- Add just one more feature

Being able to sting multiple waypoints together would be useful, especially in the backcountry. This would also be useful in determining total distance you will travel on given route. Otherwise, this app is great!

- Great App

I’m in the military and this has been a very helpful app with what I’m doing now. It would be five stars if I could make more in depth graphic overlays such as phase lines, objectives and all military essential symbols. But as I said it works great and I’ve even stopped using my wrist gps most the time and started using this.

- Fantastic and easy to use!!!

Creating overlays is incredibly user friendly and the navigation with maps is simple. Absolutely fantastic product!!! Highly recommend.

- Excellent

I’m in the us army I’ve been to three different training areas in the country in the last 90 days. This APP is superior to any other app I’ve used. Sitting here fir five min trying to pick a dam nick name to submit is really annoying.

- Perfect

Amazing app, lets you create overlays and check point, one thing that can improve is doing drawing a route from check point to check point that will be even better

- Highly Recommended

Great app, does what it says it does, and I’m pretty sure it works without cell signal, which has saved my life a couple times. Simple controls, and easy to use

- Great for CA desert Jeep trails

I used this app last year with my iPhone. It was difficult because of the screen size. Now that it is on my iPad it is simply fantastic. I've already identified several Jeep trails I never knew about. Can't beat the price.

- I appreciate the app

It's new updates make this application pretty much incredible! NAD 27 and WGS84 for utm data has just made this so much more practical for all applications with usgs maps as well as with plotting cards etc Super grateful and awesome

- This app is my go-to

I would pay good money for this app to have Apple Watch support. Even if it was just the current MGRS position, it would still beat a several hundred dollar Garmin watch or GPS unit.

- Worth the money

I’ve used other cheaper alternatives which cannot compare to this app. Shell out the extra cash and you won’t regret it. Very accurate and easy to use.

- Great app, needs more

Great app. Use it all the time. Could use the ability to put in lines between points or even create boxes. Otherwise love this app above all other navigation apps.

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- Legit

Look, it’s not ATAK but for real world use collecting data points for work in the field and working in coordinate formats that are actually useful MilGPS is pretty hard to beat. Data exports work well, the UI is slick, the HUD style display is certainly going to be a familiar and welcome sight if you’re used to using professional GPS units. Really not a whole lot I can find to fault with this app.

- Great App

Great App for any outdoor use, it’s my first preference and I love wasted a lot of money on apps for this purpose and do a lot of work outdoors. Just wish there was an offline map option as you can quickly run out of reception in the areas I move around in.

- Fantastic app

With extreme success in the use of this app, it is exactly what is needed if your navigation is being used over diverse locations when paper and compass isn’t best used

- Good to go

Perfect for a cross reference when preparing for a navigational course by checking that you are at the grid that you’ve got on your map.

- Magic

Absolutely brilliant app that saved me from being hopelessly lost on a moonless night. Can’t rate it highly enough.

- I

Excellent app, simple to use, accurate and updates often

- Excellent product

This works really well. I have used this for army activities.

- I bought an iPad just for this app

Hands down, the best mil navigation app on the market

- MilGPS great app

Provides me with the confidence to know where I am and where I’m going

- Mil gps

Excellent... needs an offline capability too

- Sweet app

Great app. Use it all the time in the field

- Very good App

Very good app

- Awesome

Great app! Spot on guys!

- If you want to read an ord survey map buy this app

Works in Australia with maps based on the GDA94 map datum. This is hundreds of metres different from older map datums like GDA66 used on many older maps. Be sure to check the map datum used on your maps as this app is based on WGS84 which is practically identical to GDA94. Also note that by definition of the MRGS a 10m (typical error for the iPhone GPS under real world conditions) translates EXACTLY to an error of +/-1 in the 4th significant digit of the numerical values for each of the easting an northing figures below. Taping on the screen repeatedly reduces the number of digits displayed. Reducing the display to a total of 8 digits stops the time dependent fluctuations in the last digit due to the inherent error of the measurements. Overall an excellent app. It would be even more useful if you could enter different map datums - so you could use the app with older maps in different countries.

- Never need another Garmin or Magellan again

This app makes the purchase of an expensive standalone GPS unit redundant. After extensive use of every version of this app, I have ditched my Garmin unit and rely on this for all gps needs. The obvious caveat is that nothing beats map to ground understanding, a quality compass and paces/odo readings for true accuracy and reference. The addition of tap waypoint marking, compass assisted direction finding at low speed and apple map overlays is reliable but unobtrusive. The value for money is outstanding. This developer gets what info is important up front, and reliability is second to none. Plug your phone into your vehicle 12v supply for the quickest locstats in history, all ex, no crashes. Surprise your boss and get inside the enemy ooda loop! 5 stars. Simple.

- Reliable and simple to use

An accurate application that works reliably in the field. My team now prefers using this application. The simple user interface does exactly what is required and nothing more, a refreshing change compared to the cluttered applications that normally feature in this space.


Gives a good 10 figure grid reference and even provides Z time. All on the one screen, you don't need to move between multiple pages or options it's all there on the main screen.

- Simple but useful.

This app does what it claims to do and does it well. It is great for finding out where you are. It would be even more useful of it could store waypoints and calculate distances and directions to them

- What can I say ,

about it that someone has already said I can not fault it yet , but it would be nice to have waypoints and other features that will make it unbeaten for sure

- Perfect grid map nav app

Does everything you need to successfully navigate waypoints using grid reference. Works better than expensive gps nav units

- Very good

Does what it says simply and quickly. I'm a bush firefighter looking for a gps app with mgrs and this is great. ...... Still a great app Love the big print. Easy to grab 8 fig grid refs. Nice new features too on way points.

- Just an idea

Pretty sweet app as an adf member it definitely comes in handy, would be the all in one ultimate if it had a swinging compass to point you to a desired grid reference

- Essential basic tool

This is the app you need for a quick fix, a lot quicker than a resection or resection by overlay. Quick simple plotting, with EPE displayed for accuracy.

- Gps

Gold, accurate system that gives you confidence to know where you are. Struggles in thicker vegetation.

- Not bad

Pretty good. My only gripe is that it doesn't round out the number when changing from a 10-figure grid reference to an 8 or 6-figure grid reference. This adds inaccuracy.

- Great app

Handy app that works when needed, plotting points on the map makes it easy to track and navigate to legs 5/5

- Highly rated

Perfect for serious users who need custom datums, grids and to navigate precisely. It does what it says. The export feature is great too. Seamlessly exports fox to Google Earth.

- Extremely useful

Doves a lot of navigation issues.

- watchdog05

Great... for anyone into map reading, this is the App to use... 10 out of 10. Also a must for serious hunters

- G2G

I'm an ADF member and this mil spec gps is a cracker with map reference numbers and accuracy gauge u cant go wrong plus multi data display methods I highly rate this app

- Great App. For army use.

Just what I've been looking for to make life easier.

- Simple and effective

Does exactly what it says. Solid!

- Great

Love it. Especially the map overlay with grid lines.

- Gps

Works well & very handy.

- Useful for Scout Leaders

Useful GPS app for scouting - good support for grid reference topographic map & compass instruction.

- Good map

New MGRS map grid works well, recommended

- Very simple effective app



It's the goods, pointing compass would complete it to perfect!!

- V

Awesome app. Simple and accurate!

- MilGPS

Brilliant App

- Gps


- Millgps

Handy App👍👍👍

- Easy to use! A must buy!

I have used this app on military training exercises and on hunting trips with friends. It has proven to be accurate and very useful. I would definitely recommend this simple application for all navigation based activities and events. A must buy.

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- Great for use with a topographical map

Very customizable. It can do many things but I use it mostly to occasionally verify my location on a map or record exactly where I am future reference.

- Great GPS app

Great app. Suggest considering an option to back up data.

- So awesome.

Only wish you could download offline maps, but otherwise it’s perfect.

- Complex interface

However it is very reliable offline. Accurate to .5-10m depending on the number of sats available.

- Solid app

Deadly app for navigation and reconnaissance or hunting. The ability to switch over lays and still navigate to waypoints while on airplane mode is unreal. One of the best navigation apps in my opinion

- Best Coordinate System

I do ground search and rescue and when I’m away from the command post this app is the best thing I’ve found to help match the coordinate system We use to a map. It helps convert coordinates to work with different agencies using different map systems. You can get this kind of information from google.

- Nice

Its a work in progress . But the best out there .

- Best GPS app!!

After downloading 3 other GPS apps I found this one. I used it while assessing soldiers conducting navigation. Works perfectly and I found it way more customizable than even a $300 brand name GPS!!

- Great gps app

This thing is awesome, after a bit of playing around and customizing, I got the screens displaying what I want and where. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first but man was I happy I made the purchase. The only reason I am giving 4 stars and not 5 is because when setting a waypoint I can only choose one point instead of creating a route with more points. Not that big of a deal to set the next one manually. Bang up job boys.

- Great app for military use!

Still works great without signal if you use it with paper map. Very accurate. Great for Pl or Coy sightings.

- Good job overall. Error with maps.

Please fix error with hybrid maps from Google and Apple. The road name labels are way off the actual roads.

- Best gps phone software

Helped me pass a course by providing greater detail and information that I could get by actually being on ground and measuring everything.

- The best military tool ever!

Any military combat arms will love this app. Great as a back up or for a quick grid.

- Awesome App

Love the map integration. Also great for calling in an air strike.

- Best app in category

I've used a bunch of apps that combine MGRS/UTM grid system with map/navigation. Out of all the apps, this is by far the best one. The UI, both functionally and aesthetically, is fantastic - it is beautiful, and every option is laid out logically and easily accessible. There are no gimmicky or superfluous functions that clutter the app. The developer is open to suggestions and replies to email promptly. Highly recommended.


Bang on! Thanks for all the hard work.

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- Been using for years

I have been using for years and have tried quiet a few others and always go back to this. Used in Georgia wisconsin alaska Afghanistan and minnesota.

- Wow

So far I’m impressed with the amount of detail and data this app can help you with. Haven’t used for advanced marking or waypointing yet but when it comes to positioning yourself ANYWHERE on Earth this is the app to get.

- Nicely done

This is a very well done navigation tool. It help me train troop. they get a better understanding of navigation and the differences between the types of reads and even etc

- Lacks a simple function

All I want is an app that will let me plug in an MGRS grid and have it navigate me there. Apparently you can’t do that in this app and I feel like I just wasted 10 dollars. This app has potential but I can’t recommend it to anyone because you simply can’t plug in a grid coordinate

- Great App

I don’t rate apps. Mainly because the majority of ratings are bloated to bluster sales, but I have used this app quite a bit and would recommend that anyone familiar with the MGRS should get this application.

- No longer working on my iPad

Great app. I use it on my iPhone often as I’m a tactical and survival instructor. Recently I get notified of updates for my iPad app but then the update stops and gives me a pop up that this app no longer works with iPad.

- Best GPS APP TO DATE! Worth every cent!

This is by far the best app I have ever paid for. If you have service and your navigating the same terrain often-buy this app immediately. This App needs to be compatible with APPLE WATCH SERIES 3!

- Excellent for marking your location

A keeper. Getting better with each revision. You should have this app if you want to know where you are!

- Best mil app

I’ve used this for many years, best ever, better than falconview on the fly, honestly if it could have a better overlay like hawgview, you could charge 20$ for the app

- Fast and accurate

Works well. Sometimes even without service. Given that you loaded the map with service. Tracks locations well.

- Love the App

Switched to iPhone just for this app. As an OPS NCOIC in an IBCT, maps and graphics are used constantly. This is a quick way to to plot mgrs points and share or prints maps . Need topo option

- Great but need something

It would be great to be able to have offline maps. So when I don’t have service.

- Excellent tool

Excellent tool to have as a backup. Wish they made a companion app for the Apple Watch. Or even just a complication to show current grid on watch or a steer-to.

- Excellent

Bought this app a few years ago and still use it daily.

- The app you need to find your way

Definitely on point. I don’t care what anybody says this app will help you find grids and in worst case scenarios, can help save your life!

- MilGPS

MiL GPS is an excellent tool to help navigate in compliment with a military map. The issue I have is the lost of a supporting map in the areas with not cellphone connectivity. I will give them five stars if I can download the maps on my phone.

- Great so far

I haven’t had any issues with the app so far. The UI is very simple once you play around with it for a little bit. Overall all it’s a great navigational app for conducting any type of land navigation.

- Awesome no Apple Watch interface 🥴

Well worth the price. Worked perfectly overseas, NTC, JRTC, Bragg and plenty of other random training sites. Only issues is no app for the Apple Watch.

- Very handy, easy-to-use app

Really nice feature set. Everything I need to record locations during my field work. Would love to see a photo feature introduced,

- Used to support command and staff during land nav

We used this to use the over lays and screen shot the areas for a make up land nav course. It worked amazingly as a tool.

- A few suggestions:

Make it transferable to the Apple Watch, and give the ability to draw phase lines, and military graphics. If you could incorporate those, this app would be untouchable.

- Louis

It needs to allow the ability to highlight a pathway or road and turn it into a navigation option

- It’s legit the

Comes in handy when trying to get a quick grid , especially for my military folks!!

- Worth It!

I’ve been using the app on various ranges in CONUS for various uses not just navigation for 10 years now. No regret’s , more than worth what I paid.

- Love it!!!!!

Great app, easy to use and accurate. I am definitely telling my buddies about it. It made everything so easy, minimum time to plan a route or do terrain analysis, I love it.

- Almost perfect

The only thing this app is missing is the ability to draw a simple line and list Julian date. If I could do that this would be a 5 star app! Never fails me.

- Excellent

Downloaded while serving in the military and have been using it for a few years. All I can say is it’s an excellent app.

- Very good and useful

Strong app that does exactly what’s asked of it, can be hard to change plotted points or revolve them but that’s my only gripe

- Great App, Needs iWatch Support

Fantastic app. Easy to use, shows grids and overlays well. Would like the option to sync with iWatch to project current location.

- Great!

This app has gotten me out of some sticky situations during training when my DAGR and JCR took a crap on me! Make a Apple Watch app to at least show a 10 digit and compass on the Watch!

- Great App

This app is extremely helpful for multiple subjects. From finding your parking spot to hiking in the mountains, the app has been useful throughout.

- Great app

Would like ability to create routes between multiple points and add additional shapes (lines, circles, etc)

- Does it have offline capabilities

Love this app. Used it for over a year now In the military. I would give it a 5 star if it had offline maps.

- Need to update imagery

I know there has been quite a bit of updates with construction in my area within the last two years and imagery in app is not up to date

- Best Nav and orienteering app

I use this app for all my Course to help maintain command, Control, as well as Search and Rescue functions. User friendly. Johnny Wright Disaster and Tactical Communications, LLC A veteran owned small business.

- Best GNSS app around

I use this app all the time to navigate in the forest. It has the greatest ease of use combined with its versatility. It is very well thought out and developed. Great job!

- Great app always improving

The app started out great. Keeps getting better and better with every update.

- Good alternative for ATAK

Smooth working app. Would like a little more instruction built in for using features. The main thing I would like to see is a MFF feature including glide ratio and above ground altitude

- Best GPS ever

Not too many words are needed. I will never use another GPS as long as I have MilGPS... nothing is easier, or more efficient

- Best GPS App

I use this app a lot at my job and must say it’s very accurate. I would definitely recommend.

- Yoyolo1234

I have everyone in my unit jealous of the power of this app. I would gladly purchase it again if I had to.

- Never seen better!!!

I do A LOT of surface operation and map work! (US Military) I have used this for screen shot in briefs to real world operations and it hasn’t failed me yet!!! DONT TRY ANOTHER APP!!! THIS IS WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME!!!

- Operations NCO

I use the app for planning for training events couldn't be more impressed. You can save all your locations. 5 stars.

- I use as a PSG

Use on my iPad for planning and during training AAR not taking. Best mgrs AP I’ve found. Strongly recommend. Can make trps, check points, ect.

- Best gps app

Worth the money if you don’t want to spend $200 on a garmin. Highly recommend for military or hikers.

- Needs JTAC function!

Help create Game Plan/9 Lines and give the option to save them for later reference. So much more could be done with this app but it is useful.

- Amazing for 10 bucks

This app is an absolute steal for the price. If it ever comes out for Apple Watch you’ve got a more capable GPS at 1/20th of the price.

- Off line maps needed

Should be updated for off line maps option as soon as possible. Otherwise a good and initiative navigation app

- Awesome

Takes time to use, but has saved my squad and I more than once when our DAGR crapped out.

- Great Program

Use in the field as a secondary reference. You can plot points, get grids, and reference terrain within the area.

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MilGPS 6.9.0 Screenshots & Images

MilGPS iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MilGPS iphone images
MilGPS iphone images
MilGPS iphone images
MilGPS iphone images
MilGPS iphone images

MilGPS (Version 6.9.0) Install & Download

The applications MilGPS was published in the category Navigation on 2010-12-01 and was developed by Cascode Labs Pty Ltd [Developer ID: 895755095]. This application file size is 19.41 MB. MilGPS - Navigation app posted on 2020-09-23 current version is 6.9.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kvurd.milgps

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