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Solocator is a GPS camera for fieldwork. Overlay and stamp photos with GPS location, compass direction, altitude, date & time taken. Plus, with the Industry Pack (In-App Purchase) capture editable notes such as project name and photo description, street address and UTM/MGRS coordinate formats as well as customised exporting to Dropbox & Google Drive including KML, KMZ and CSV files. It can auto save two photos at once - stamped photo and original high res photo with back or front facing camera. You can also view photo direction and location in map view and navigate there. So now you will always know where and when a photo was taken and how to get back there.

Select the information you want to overlay on your photos:

● GPS Location (Latitude & Longitude in various formats) ± Accuracy
● Compass direction – bearing
● Altitude (Metric & Imperial units)
● Local date & time based on your GPS location
● Local time zone
● UTC time
● Show compass 
● Show cardinal direction in Building mode; e.g. North elevation of a building face.
● Option to use abbreviations or unicode characters for direction, position and altitude.

Take and autosave two photos at once; one with stamped info and the other as an original high res photo.

● Photos are sorted by time, location, distance from current location and by project name (if Industry Pack purchased).
● View photo direction and location in map view and navigate there
● Share photos individually or as a zip file.

● Email photos from within the app including:
● Exif metadata
- Compass direction
- GPS position ± accuracy
- Altitude
- Date & time taken
- Street address (Industry Pack)
- Elevation of building face viewed (if selected)
- Links to maps so receiver can navigate there easily

INDUSTRY PACK (In-App Purchase)

Stamp your photos with "Project name", "Description" & “Watermark”. The Project name field could be used as job or ticket/policy number. Watermark field is typically used for company or user name. You can also go back and edit Project name, Description or Watermark fields later.

Define your photo export filename by selecting from the following fields and what order to be used; Project Name, Description, Watermark, Date and Time.

Select multiple photos from library and edit Project Name, Description & Watermark fields in one go.

Selecting street mode overlays photos with street address. You can select at what distance interval to check and update street address when on the go.

Autosave original and stamped photos to Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also save photos in date or project name subfolders - automatically.

Export multiple photos with captured project file names to shared team folders.

Export or email multiple photos and photo info in KML, KMZ or CSV formats. Attach maps of photo locations along with your photos when exporting or emailing.
Select your combination of photos, maps and captured info in the file formats to suit your needs. Export/email photos individually or as a zip file.

View multiple photos by direction, distance between photos, area of photos taken and distance to your added markers via imported KML files or dropped pins.

Ideal for those working in and around buildings; to improve your GPS location. You can also use it to lock the position of the asset or subject you’re photographing as opposed to where you’re standing.

Switch Compass, Building and Street modes off and just show GPS info bar on top of photos. Gives you more flexibility on what and how you overlay info and show more of the photo.

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Solocator - GPS Field Camera Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Enhancements to camera zoom. - Updated date & time format in email body to match format stamped on photos. - Fixed date/time stamp when autosaving to camera roll using the standard app. - Fixed crash when exporting KMZ files. - Updated Dropbox SDK for customised exporting of photos/files.

Solocator - GPS Field Camera Comments & Reviews

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- SamWork13

I tried the developer web site to ask this, but safari won’t open the page. My newest update has a bug that drains the battery on my phone after one or two pictures. I love the app, and use it frequently, but I cannot use this any more. I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 13.3.1

- App support link broken

I am just leaving this to say the latest update has messed up the screen on the iPhone 8plus and the app support link takes you to a website with a broken link. That being said I use this app daily for work and it’s great it’s really five stars this is the first problem I have had in two-three years using this app. And I need you to fix it before I start my next project I can’t access settings at all to change the text overlay. It’s like the latest update shifted the buttons down so they are hidden behind the margin and home key. Once again great app please fix it.

- Almost perfect

I’m an ecologist and this app is great for keeping record of things I find in the field. Well worth the full purchase and is cheaper than competitive apps with a better final picture design. The one flaw I found is that the landscape lock doesn’t actually lock the photo based on the gyroscope of the phone (like when trying to take landscape but the phone is barely tilted into portrait mode). Overall, I would highly recommend purchasing it!

- Exported photos missing date/time stamp

I’m using an iPhone 8 with the latest iOS update. I noticed the date/time stamps missing after uploading photos to my computer. All the other info is still stamped. Looks like the date/time stamps are omitted when the app saves them to the iPhone’s Camera Roll, while the stamp is not missing when viewing photos from the gallery of the app itself. This issue is affecting many of my colleagues as well. This is a critical issue disallowing us further use of Solocator, and would be a huge bummer to have to move away from this app entirely.

- Great App

I have been using this app to document various aspects of my field work for a couple of years now. I show it to other folks that I think may benefit from using it as well; contractors, sub- contractors, utility locators, etc. Some one asked me if I received a commission if they purchase this App. I replied that the hours that this App saves me on a daily basis for my work is all the “commission” that I need. Thank you Solocator!

- Exceptionally responsive developer!

Great app, very helpful for my business! Discovered a glitch in the app this morning, and emailed the developer for a resolution. I received an email back 4 MINUTES LATER! Mind you, I’m in the US, and he’s in Australia. He’s foregoing sleep to resolve this issue ASAP, I can’t thank him enough! He’s kept me updated the whole way, and is getting it resolved very quickly. Stellar! Keep up the great work!

- Good App - Bad Updates

I’ve used this app daily for 2 years for my job and the first year it was great. This past year though there have been multiple, buggy updates that have rendered the app useless! John will provide a TestFlight app to help you, but the real question is why are all these buggy app updates even being released? I’m tired of opening an app I paid for; upgraded to pro; and worked for a year to find it no longer works or I have to install test software. John, get your act together and please implement proper device testing before releasing to Apple. Shame on you sir!!!

- Does the job

When I can't get my digital camera to connect this is a great back up. Sometimes I have to log GPS position inspections. This works every time where my camera works 80 to 90%. Glad I found this app. If someone did not want to spend the extra money for the GPS camera, this is a great substitute.

- Solocator Bug stops you dry

Until the developer can address the issue of not being able to take photos, don’t download program. Until recently this app worked perfectly. Then today, I opened up program and the button was too far down on the bottom of the screen which wouldn’t allow you to take a photo. I tried to delete and reinstall; I asked another person to download the app and it wouldn’t work on their iPhone either.

- Latest update screwed it up (iPhone 7S)

I’ve used the industry pack for Solocator for a few years now and have been extremely pleased with it...until now. I get to work this morning and open the app only to find that the latest update (2.6, yesterday) has screwed it up and I cannot take any photos. Tried deleting and reinstalling, to no avail. I hope they correct this quickly as I need it for my job.

- Ideal App for Field Inspector

As a contractor I work for various Municipalities, Counties and the State. This app has served its purpose time and time again. It is the best app out there. The details you can add to the photos just makes reporting a breeze! LOVE THE APP. Throwing it out there. Can you make an iPad version now that the iPad Pro offers flash with its camera?!?!

- Great App

Great app. Use it for taking construction photos. Would be nice if one could use Dropbox rather than sending the pictures to Apple photos. It would allow for separation of work photos from personal photos and I could have access to them right on my computer.

- Reinstall charge you again

It has been fixed and corrected———-I had paid for the full version and had to reinstall do to a glitch in the software and now its wanting me to pay for it again

- Shutter button

Was better when the app consistently allowed use of the volume button to take photos. I take many, as I’m walking, in a short span of time. I prefer using the volume button opposed to the on screen button since I always seem to hit the flip camera button and switch it to the front facing without even noticing.

- Should be better

I've been using the app for a few months and it sometimes behaves in a buggy fashion. It will crash suddenly or fail to delete photos when I ask it to. This last item in not good if you need to save space.

- Works well for real estate inspections

The app works as intended. I like the way I can get two pictures with each shot, one with info and one without. I wish I could make the font larger and/or darker and remove the data at the top of one of the pictures.

- Agreed - Near perfect

This app is awesome. After working through the settings it’s so easy to export or share. Easy to describe each photo on the fly. So many great choices for how you want to stamp these photos and send them off! Thanks!

- Good but could be better

The GPS sometimes does not change going from site to site. Even with the GPS lock off. You end up with picture from several sites with the same street name and GPS Coordinates. It would be helpful to be able to edit those in the Project and Description editor. And to be able to change the text color in the editor. It is the best Camera app I have tried. Those are my only gripes. The GPS issue is a big one. IPhone 6

- Easy photopoint monitoring!!

I’m a project coordinator for a watershed council and this app has made our project photopoint monitoring so much easier. The data imprint on the photo allows us to keep a record of direction and angle which means an easily reproducible view.

- Needs one thing

Love this app, has all the info I need right in the pictures,the only thing is, it makes the photos so big with my iPhone and iPad, my daily reports are huge, other Timestamp apps aren’t nearly as bad as this one... changing the photos to low quality doesn’t help either..

- Good App

App is great for Forestry work, Gives me coordinates on every picture. would like to be able to place multiple photos on a single map though, just a thought.

- Fantastic App

Love that it takes two pictures one with the subject and all of the information and one with just the subject of the picture.

- Screen

After updating to the newest version my buttons for the app are partially hidden and will not respond to touch.

- Fantastic!

I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time. Sadly, too many are either too simple or far to complicated and have terrible photo overlay graphics. That is, until Solocator! What a great app, everything you need and nothing you don’t. So easy to use as well, and they even thought of things that I didn’t know I needed. Oh and the price, even with the Industry Pack, total steal! Very well done, thank you!!

- New update screw up

I literally just downloaded this app and also bought the “Industry Pack” and today I went to use this camera and now all of the picture or settings keys are so low or OFF the bottom of my screen I can’t even use them. FIX this NOW PLEASE!!!!!!

- Memory issue

Stores memory in app even after you delete photos. Other than that it’s good!

- When updated buttons at bottom out of view

Need to know how to fix

- Excellent GPS Field Camera

Great app! Very well thought-out and responsive updates. Fantastic customer service! I highly recommend Civi Corp apps


I used this app to record waypoints for an extensive GPS watch test completed in Linville Gorge Wilderness. It was spot on, combining visual data and location data, what a great capability to have.

- Great field app

I use this extensively to record geology in the field. I paid extra for the UTM option, well worth it.

- Pete

Are use it every day at work. Walk tons of jobs great app. It would be nice if you could add red to the option of text

- The iPad app of this program's settings does not work

The iPad of this program settings does not work

- Handy app

This is a handy app. good for documentation. I like having the two pics - one clean and one with the data. Good for evidence documentation.

- Perfect

This app is a pipeliners dream. I can't wait until the Google earth functionality comes out. THANKS

- Bug with new update

I can no longer hit the take picture button or the settings to change watermark. Always has worked great in past but now is useless

- Awesome tool for Inspection

Saves a ton of time on inspection reports all the information needed is already on the photo👍👍

- Can we embed the direction azimuth?

I’d love to see a bearing added to exif. It would be useful in many applications. Thank you.

- Very nice little app. I highly recommend it.

The app is great. For inspection and construction purposes it really helps.

- Solocator

Great bang for the buck; clean, simple and accurate. Buy the next level up.

- Civil Engineer/Construction Manager

I use Solocator to document construction site visits. It is the most used apps on my phone.

- Great app

I use this for my work in the utility industry and it’s amazing. Well worth the price.

- Great app

Just what I was looking for. Perfect for documenting site visits. Thanks for making this app!

- Love it!

Works great! I only wish there was a way to export to Google Earth.

- 2.6 update

When I installed the 2.6 update the image became larger and I can no longer used the camera. This is on a iPhone

- Date

For some reason the date is January. This is October and it is still wrong

- Terrible update

After the update, the screen is too low- I can’t access the settings, or touch the button to take a picture. Who thought this was a good idea??? I paid for this app!

- App updated

Can only see half of the shutter button and everything else on the bottom of the screen and nothing works

- Setting active

Can't update project name , description Only thing I can customize is watermark

- Don’t update

I use this app for work, but since the update cannot use on my iPhone. Unable to hit buttons, or change settings. Probably easy fix

- The 99 cents price is just a hook up.

I paid .99 cents for what I thought was a full feature app. But If you want all the features you have to pay extra for it. Very deceiving!

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- Need little improvement

Can’t able to add full address because of 34 character limit. Freezes apps after certain photos. Need to increase at least 50 character limit.

- Where did I take that photo? 🤔

You'll never have to ask that question again with this app. I brought Solocator and the Industry Pack back in August 2016 and it become a daily app for me. Recently contacted the developer with a technical query and received a phone call within 24 hours which resolved my issue. Top marks, A+ Keep up the good work developers 👌

- Greatest App for field work

Enviro’s, Geologists, Prospectors and Fieldies gather here! I stumbled upon this app when a colleague was using it about 4 years ago. It’s worth every cent. Love it!! If you need photos to be stamped with GPS coords, direction, altitude, time and labels for reports etc this is fabulous. Gone are the days of downloading field photos and then labelling them. 😫🙄 Hoorah.

- Direction doubtful

The app is a great idea and works well, including getting pictures into Dropbox, but when using it inside a building gets completely confused as to which way the camera is pointing. The iPhone compass shows the correct direction, but the app doesn’t!!

- Excellent

Tried so many of these apps. Many apps have too many processes to save a photo or don’t have the GPS co-ordinates & still charge a price . For under $10 the best so far. (With the industry upgrade). The $1.49 for the basic app is excellent also. Saves directly to your camera roll. No stuffing around wasting time trying to save a photo. Many options. GPS coordinates Compass direction Altitude Date Time. No useless place name or temperature. If you work for a Telco that demands the above info on a photo & not embedded in the background then this is the app.

- Terrific app.

This app deserves 5 stars but the only reason I am giving it 4 is there is no quick way to transfer photos from the apps album to Dropbox or ftp etc. I love the fact I can save pictures to its own album and not to my camera roll - so work and personal photos are kept well apart (it's what I have been looking for) but if I want to bulk save a load of photos to my PC other than emailing 5 at a time I would have save to my camera roll and then transfer - I guess not a big deal as I could delete them after but it's just another step that could maybe be avoided. Overall everything else is fantastic, date and stamp and description options are terrific. I highly recommend this if you want to keep work photos from personal photos separate and be able to date stamp and add description GPS etc. terrific app. Nice icon too.

- Screen not

On iPhone 8 Plus the 2.6v does not match the screen. Buttons are misplaced and app is unusable anymore. Please fix it.

- Amazing

With new update it automatically uploads to Google drive and Dropbox and makes folders by project name or date amazing

- Was great until they messed with it.

Since the last update this app has become clumsy to use. Constantly saying I’ve moved from my position and not automatically saving pictures to the camera roll is frustrating and wastes time. Gone back to using evidence cam.

- Mr

Awesome app - great for visiting multiple sites and automatic recording of data on the actual photo.

- Hasn’t been updated in ages

No updates in ages. GPS gets stuck and displays wrong address. No iPad app. Get ContextCamera instead, does all this and more and has iPad app.

- App

Excellent App. Use everyday on site

- No location

This app doesn’t show locations, waste of money

- Works great

This app works well and can export to camera roll too. It gives you a photo with direction, gps coordinates, and date and time. I use it all the time for work. Don't know why others say it doesn't work in Southern hemisphere as I'm in Melbourne Australia and it works great.

- Nice and easy to use

I found this utility intuitive and easy to use. It was very easy to find how far off north was in relation to a houses aspect. I like the fact that you can take photos to capture this info for review at a more continent time. Very useful.

- Good early indications

This app is an ideal solution to my problem of identifying location of aerial photography. The only suggested improvement I can make at this stage would be to have the ability to choose alternate mapping units eg: AMG 6 or 8 figure grid reference

- Nice

Fantastic little app that actually works and the compass is spot on , all at the simple touch of a button .

- Nearly good

So close but they stamp their own name on every photo, I asked them how to remove it and got no reply. There should also be an option to remove the compass heading or at least make it much smaller, in landscape mode it takes about 20% of the image.

- Solocator

Great app for my work in the field. Made a suggestion that was promptly acted on. Potential for further development.

- Fantastic App

Fantastic App, does everything as described. Easy to use and I live in the Southern Hemisphere.

- No good for southern hemisphere

I would rate this much higher if the compass worked properly. It currently displays the opposite direction(ie. North when South, South when North). Disappointing.

- Compass needs better technology

I mainly got this app for compass direction printed on the photo and it constantly recalibrates and still has the wrong direction although with some patience and convincing it does work correctly.

- Didn't save photos

The app didn't save the photos I had taken. They were to be used for work inspection results. What a waste of an entire day's worth of work!!!!

- Ripp off

Keeps charging $2.49 in app industry purchase to click anything I think this is fraud ? Or scam ?

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- Good app!

Would be great if the volume shutter button worked with this app. It's always awkward to hold when using on screen button. Other than that it's excellent!

- Not that amazing for industry use, really

Anyone that uses a photo app in an industry, knows no one wants an overlayed photo on a report. Overlayed photos are for identification, and for proper debrief from the field. This app is great, if you manage to get the right description on the photo. If you have the take a bunch of snap photos and don’t have time to change the description, god help you. At this point if you go back and change the description, the photo is “saved” at the end of the photo album. It is no longer next to the untouched photo upon download, and is an absolute NIGHTMARE to place correctly. Until you can save a photo with a changed description, paired, with the untouched photo, this app is useless for my purposes.

- Works Great!!

I use the app and have recommended it to many people. Customer support is outstanding! This is a great tool!!

- Rating

My only complaint is when trying to take a photo, I have to press the button several times, before it actually takes a picture?? Quite often the scenario has changed.

- Camera

What a rip-off the screen doesn't even show the picture before and after I take it.

- Nice app for work

Nice app. Price of app is a bit misleading. To get all features it will cost you a few $. Very helpful being able to label photos with description and legal land info when doing oilfield or construction projects.

- Thumbs down major glitches

I payed for the industrial pack both my boss and I when we go through the steps it says purchase failed then charges you. You go to restore what you purchased it still fails you owe us 10$ u rats finks

- Awesome

I find this app to be the perfect tool for shooting a bearing along a long lot line then using the gps overlay to stay on that bearing. Plus the legal aspect of photos showing any encumbrances. Exactly what I needed. To top it all off the gps maps show where to find a cup of java in town. Lol

- User

Putting an elevation label on a pic works great, but the compass heading mode isn't accurate at the edges of the pictures.

- Theresa

I work for a solar company and this app works great for taking a pic of the roof where the solar array is to be installed and them to send in to the office and they can immediately see which way it is facing.

- Overall great app for location scouts

Love using this for detailed info esp. Recording location/direction...excellent app for location scouts. Couple suggestions to improve: batch export to iPhoto or other geotag enabled programs; option to record address book info to each image for easier filing...

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- So far so good

Works well with my job in the construction industry

- Why not full resolution photo?

This app is exactly what I was looking for site visits, but the stamped photo is not full resolution. Why not?


A great tool

- Overlay

I can not change my Water Mark, Overlay! Will not let me input information now? Was working wonderful.

- Missing photos not saved

It’s a great app use for work... missing half of the photos I took yesterday. WTH

- Update

The update is horrible

- Latest update is crap

None of the buttons are available to use What used to operate perfect is now useless crap

- Update...

New update pushed the photo button partially off screen on my iPhone 8... worthless

- iPad

Cannot get into settings to use watermark or any settings for that matter. Please Fix

- Newest Update

The latest update made the camera unusable

- Bait and switch

Pay .99c to get the app and realize it won’t do what you want it to do without paying another 3.99 once you download. ‘Hey, order a sandwich kit for 1$’ ‘Here’s a dollar!’ ‘Here’s a couple slices of bread’ ‘Where’s the meat?’ ‘Oh, that’s an extra 3.99’ ‘What am I going to do with this bread?!’ ‘Bread is edible’ ‘But I ordered a sandwich!’ -Irritated

- Great App

I love this app.

- Not good and nothing special on it

Not good

- Two Thumbs Up

Outstanding app. When the photo is sent via email, it is embedded with 4 or 5 functional links the email recipient can instantly click, ie. click straight to coordinate display on Google Earth. Fantastic. And so easy. My one wish is the app had the option to switch the lat&long to degress/minutes/seconds. Otherwise, A+.

- Fantastic app for environmental consulting industry

(First off, the app rarely ever crashes for me. I think other users need to try either reinstalling or recovering from backup. This usually fixes 95% of problems.) This app got a decent overhaul a few months ago and the developer did NOT disappoint. The strength of this app lies in its ability to overlay key information about a photo on top of the image itself. This app lets you do this easily. I use it for the environmental consulting/remediation/engineering industry. This has easily saved me hours of time and effort. I typically use this for excavations, general job site photos, and soil samples/borings, just to name a few. Adding compass orientation, date/time, and site name, etc. on the photos allows a person who was not at the site a chance to understand where they are facing in x,y space - by providing a quick reference point. This basically takes a confusing photo and makes sense of it. Plus not having to rename files back at your computer saves an enormous amount of time. Other great benefits within the app include mass uploading to Dropbox (save to camera roll, then open Dropbox - simple - now you have your photos on your computer), edit the text or units on the photo at anytime, and line up your photo using a crosshair overlay. Overall, this app is solid and I use it on every job site.

- Great app for comment and geotagging photos

I go out for several hours a week to survey exterior retail displays. As there are located outside, they typically become graffiti magnets. This used to require a lot of note taking, included trying to organize the photos that I had taken in the field. Enter: Solocator. Now I can take photos, have them stamped with the address/time (and much more), plus two lines for comments that are added as text over the image itself. It's my self-contained photo archive and organization system. OK, there may be room for improvment around the edges, but nothing that is a dealbreaker, and the author is phenominally responsive to requests and questions.

- Great app

I have to submit to the county pictures of all the underground fittings we've installed for water and sewer. The pictures must include latitude and longitude. This app does the job and it saved me from having to buy another camera and carrying it around. Update: I've been using this app now for over a year and it has become an essential to for our company. All of our superintendents have it in their phones. Any change on the fields are easily documented. The photo shows location, northing, date and hour. You can google map the location by using the coordinates. Highly recommend it.

- When all trees start looking alike..

I am an environmental consultant. One of my jobs is doing habitat suitability studies that certain endangered bats use for maternity roosts. Most of these maternity roosts are specific trees and I have to photograph and GPS each tree within the project site . Once i have the coordinates and photos, i submit them on maps and in Report format. The location of each tree is critical for my clients in determining when they can begin the project, or change the route. This app is awesome! I no longer have to worry with keeping my photos lined up with waypoints taken at every tree! Tina Burgess, DEPA, LLC

- Exactly What I Was Looking For

This app is exactly what I was looking for to document naturalist field observations, as well as for scouting for photo expeditions. It’s very easy to use and outputs excellent text data by email which I send to my Evernote email address for automated uploading of the data and annotated photos into Evernote. The renaming of photo files to the project name, date, and time is a great feature (part of the Industry Pack upgrade). The in-app satellite view of the photo location coupled with a computed field of view of the photo is very useful.

- Love this app

I use this app (with industry pack) on my construction sites. I am able to put in a description and location of the photos and then I'm not wondering why I took that photo hours later when I get back to my computer. The only problem I have is that when I try to transfer a large number >7 photos to my camera roll, it does not always transfer all of them and I have to go back and forth a couple of times to make sure I got them all transferred.

- Highly Recommend for all Real Estate Pros

As a commercial development Project Manager, I highly recommend this app. Buy the app and its in-app purchase ($5 total if I recall), take a few minutes to review the excellent in app documentation, and set up your options. The basic function is to put data on your image, including location, direction facing, and building elevation ("North Elevation"). Also project number and notes if you like. It will save both the annotated and clean photos. In the app, you can also see your photo location, and direction faced, on a map. Anyone who's ever had to photo-document site conditions or a construction progress will LOVE this app. FYI I use it on a 6s.

- Only 2 Issues

There are 2 issues I found using this great app. 1) The app will not save more than a few pictures to the camera roll and 2) The high resolution setting is still not good enough to take advantage of the resolution of the phone's camera. Otherwise this is a very useful app for environmental work.

- Very handy for a crop adjuster!

It is made very simplistic but that's a great advantage! I like that it allows what you want to put on the photo and not just everything. Adding 10 more characters to the title box would be nice. As well as the option of military time OR regular time. It is absolutely a time saver for a crop adjuster at a great price! Nice work!

- Impressive

Impressed with this program as it labels each photo with the date and time plus the GPS and Compass coordinates. A wish is that the location coordinates would be hot linked to a map program for easy location of subject matter. Still learning all that can be done. Great, I like it.

- Powerful and almost perfect

Very useful tool for surveying, construction site documentation, and GIS data collection. Would get 5 stars if developer would make following improvements: 1. Email subject was auto-filled with the entered photo name instead of "Photo taken with Solocator". 2. Email text included elevation (improperly labeled as "alt" in the app). 3. Could send short MMS text with just lat/long, elev, brg, Google map link and photo direct to another smart phone. In other words need more efficiency and utility and less fluff and advertising in the communication part which makes this app so powerful.

- Solocator is great

One of the best apps of its kind! Very accurate and reliable, allows you to pin point your picture location so easy, with space for documenting and records on screen, easy to use. I work in the oil and gas field and all my co-workers use it. Phill.

- Great App

This app is great for field work. The only thing I'd like to see is a batch function to move or delete photos at once. Maybe Dropbox functionality too.

- Awesome App for work

I needed a camera app for jobs and bids. This is perfect, I've already got about everyone I work with using it. It's a small app, doesn't use up much space. I'm only using the free version and I get excellent results!!!

- Great App for Land Managers

I use this map to track land management activities. Being able to show my crew a picture and the location is extremely helpful. It has increased productivity.

- Not what I expected

Okay, I guess I was expecting the KML to actually work. This app would be great if you can export all the photos at once into a KML file and then turn the KML into a shapefile with the photo comments. It was partly useful by letting me know what direction I was looking at without a field notebook a compass. Other than that, it's okay.

- Best ever tool

This app is awesome, it exceeds my expectations. I now use it often and it has become an indispensable tool in my work. Customer support is totally responsive and always available for questions and help.

- Does a basic job, but not quite happy with it

The GPS overlay is taking too much space in the picture when I view into the computer into portrait mode. It would be nicer if the picture were saved in higher resolution. I paid for this app, still why 'solocator' watermark comes in the picture. Fix all these I will give 5 star.

- In app purchase doesn't work.

Wanted to upgrade to get street mode but that doesn't work. Also there is no way to turn on camera flash. Also there is no way of accessing menu options. Please fix these issues in the next update.

- Great back up for my work

This app is perfect for my job. Once in a great while my photos are challenged. This app gives me the backup I need to prove I haven't submitted fraudulent photos.

- Needs work

With iPhone unable to load more then 4 photos to camera roll without missing a few. Also cannot take over 20 photos without a few not showing up. They just disappear. Great idea. Needs a lot work to make it an efficient app.

- Excellent "photo with Lat/lon & beg app"

The easiest to use app to stamp your photo with the compass direction you were looking ( and GPS coordinates). It has great sharing options, too.

- Great for field pics

Found this to work perfectly for field pics. Emailing pics from the app tho strips geotag from exif metadata. Save to your camera roll first...(please fix this)

- Great App

I am a photographer and use the app to capture GPS coordinates of the landscape area that I'm in. Works very well.

- Fantastic App for line locators

Heard about this App from Chuck W. This App is fantastic for our job and makes everything so easy! Thank you!

- Very buggy

This app is great, in theory and in paper, however it is filled with so many bugs. I have downloaded on two separate devices and they both do the same thing. It repeatedly ask to purchase the "Industry" pack. I finally bought it so it would stop and now it keeps displaying "faled" (yes spelled incorrect."

- Crash worthy

Was a great app for the first 4 months worked seamlessly. Now I have to reinstall every day to keep it from crashing every time I take a photo. please fix bugs!!!!!

- Excellant app

Works better then the iphone camera after 8.3 update

- Love it

I absolutely love this app I would recommend it to anybody doing field work

- Would've been one of the best apps if it weren't crashing

Seriously, it crashes more than I can take pictures! Please fix this and it would be great if the pictures can be automatically saved into camera roll.

- Works Great

I love the options and it's certainly what I need . Thank you

- Note taking integration

Would be nice if you could send file to note taking apps like Onenote or Evernote. Our even Apples own iCloud.

- It shuts down every time u want to take a picture.

Fix the problem of it closing every time u take a picture and I'll change the rating. Poor rating for a poor app.

- Perfect For Weather Spotters

Handy little app for photo submissions of severe weather reports

- No good

I already paid twice for this app and still don't work, every time that I tried to take a picture the app crashes, this needs to be fix

- Crash

Crashed on first try. Asks me to pay more in order to edit the photo. Piece of crap. I pay the additional 2.99 like an idiot in hopes this app would work. But it crashed again. I want my money back.

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Solocator - GPS Field Camera 2.12 Screenshots & Images

Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images
Solocator - GPS Field Camera iphone images

Solocator - GPS Field Camera (Version 2.12) Install & Download

The applications Solocator - GPS Field Camera was published in the category Navigation on 2012-12-09 and was developed by Civi Corp [Developer ID: 505154738]. This application file size is 44.08 MB. Solocator - GPS Field Camera - Navigation app posted on 2020-04-28 current version is 2.12 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: .com.solocator.solocator

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