Speedometer Simple

Speedometer Simple [Navigation] App Description & Overview

Speedometer Simple is a simple speedometer that is very easy to use.

This app uses phone's GPS to accurately determine your speed.

Speedometer has large fonts and supports mph, km/h, and knots speed display. Optionally, city name and a compass can be shows on the screen. The app also shows the traveled distance. Average and maximum speed is displayed in an optional screen as well. Interface color can be set one of many pre-selected colors. Speedometer app can record the speed during your trips and provide post-trip statistics like maximum speed, traveled distance etc.

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Speedometer Simple Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and Improvements Added option to select meters or feet for elevation graph

Speedometer Simple Comments & Reviews

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- Perfect amount of features

This app is simple enough that it’s not overwhelming to your eyes especially while you’re driving, but it still has customizable features (including changing the color scheme which I really enjoy). It also can record your trip length and average speed and stuff so you can track gas mileage with ease. I really love this app, the only thing I’m not sure about is if it’s accurate or not lol because my speedometer doesn’t work but it sure seems accurate!

- Super Ap

I’m looking to buy a new car. One that I’m looking at has a horrible analog speedometer that’s impossible to read. I downloaded this app to my iphone and tested it against the digital speedometer in my present car. Speedometer and the cars digital speedometer were in perfect sync. The difference being that the digits on the app are much larger and brighter than my present cars digital speedo. I am pleased because I may buy a new car that I much favor even though the factory does not include a built in digital speedometer. Bravo!

- Wow!!

I am a nasa astronaut on one of my missions to the Space station I opened up this app when I got onto the international space station it tracked my speed at thousands of miles an hour I checked the systems on the consul on the I SS and it was only 1 mile an hour off I was extremely surprised by this at how accurate this app was a very much recommend this app to track your speed while driving biking walking or at the most extreme is flying to space.

- Great app! I would only add one thing

This is such a nice app. My Odometer works fine so I’m only using this app for its sleek UI. But there’s one thing that I would really add that would make it even better. If it had like a notification feature so when you go to another app or if you’re using Apple Maps or Uber- it will show your speed at the top of the screen like a notification that persists. That would be really helpful!

- Just like a dashboard

Everything is great and a ton of easy to use features but the only thing that should change is when you are on the map you should be able to move around and see where the blue line is which is where you have traveled.

- Needs better map options

Relatively good app for free. You should be able to zoom in on the map without it automatically zooming out for whatever reason; there should also be a way to put an address into the map to get directions because.. what else is it for when you can’t see anything without it automatically zooming to the point you can’t see any streets besides the highway? Also, nobody cares about your ads

- Very nice!

After trying a few other speedometer apps, this one outshines them by far. The name of the app is appropriate because it is so simple. But not boring simple. There’s just the right amount of customizations like color scheme(tons of colors), map, digital speed, compass, current city you’re driving in. All easy to adjust to your liking. And it’s free. Thank you! Knocked off a star because of the ads. I know it’s money but that’s how the rating game works.

- Good but could be better

I enjoy the speedometer quite a bit but would prefer to see some customization in the layout. For example I’d like to see an option to put maximum speed and current speed next to each other or go half and half getting rid of the standard speedometer they put on each page. I’d be a much better platform if you could choose what options you wanted to pair together.

- Author does not respond

I purchased this app to remove ads. While it took my money it did remove the ads. That was what I thought at first until I realized that there was two of the apps installed. One had a “75” in the icon and another had a “25” in the icon. Turns out the “25” version was the one registered. The author needs to fix that. One suggestion would be to give the user the ability to change background and foreground colors so that you can match dadhboard colors.

- Try it for you Boat

Going by what BJ in Tampa said, I got this app. I couldn’t be more happy with it. I didn’t want it for the car but for our Boat. It works great and since our boat only has a Tach, I can check our speed. Also has a map so you can see the area you are on and see where you went. Excellent app.

- When you’re speedometer decided it’s doesn’t wanna work

Pulled this app up when taking a road trip down the east coast didn’t know what to expect but it’s simple and easy to use and I’m assuming accurate because we never got pulled over. It’s definitely a handy useful app.

- Amazing!

This is such a good app! It is super accurate and I use it to make sure my daughters are going the speed limit, since they have their permit. It helps to make sure I’m safe, other people in the car are safe, my daughters are safe, and everyone else on the road are safe.

- Works Great on My ATV

Was looking into how to monitor my speed on my ATV. The state and the city now allows riding ATV/UTV's in town and county roads (not highways). Tried the free version - same as paid version with ads, made a prototype mount for the iPhone and it works great. Now just need to just need to make a permanent mount and add a usb charge port on the ATV.

- Works great!

Works really well when your car speedometer doesn’t work! There is a slow response time when you slow down a bit but it’s pretty accurate and would recommend

- It works

If record is on, it’ll save a mapped path and a graph along with top speed and distance traveled all on the free version. All filed in records. Has small ad on bottom. GPS and data capability make any of these speed apps imperfect but this seemed on par and... simple. I like it

- Speedo review

This app is like magic! The speedometer in my old truck stopped working, but this app fixed that problem for zero cost. Just be sure to close it when you’re done to avoid data usage.

- Good but just have a question

I don’t wanna use this for when I’m driving or something. I usually use it to see how fast I can sprint. And I want to know if it is accurate when it comes to sprints. Any one?

- Really wholesome app

Honestly not too much but it’s only a speedo app, y’all keep the adds down to just the bottom of the screen and dot blow up my phone to rate your app. Keep it up guys I’ll be buying your premium for the support 👍👍

- Best Speedometer app out there.

I tried them all and compared them against true measurement. This one is the most accurate. Developer is very responsive to improvements. I never give five stars I’ll give this one a five star

- Pontoon

Found this to accurately show the speed while using my pontoon. Tested in my car and found this app to be accurate but with a little lag. Highly recommend.

- Great app

I downloaded it for my four wheeler because it doesn’t have a speedometer and I tested it while I was in the car and it was showing the same as the car was.

- Clean and simple

Lots of colors to choose from. Only thing I would add is needle position smoothing. It would delay speed read out for one second, but looking at would be more pleasing. Anyhow, good job.

- Works Great

Good app with cool features. I don’t even mind the small, almost unnoticeable add bar at the bottom. If I could add a clock with just the digital speed, it’d be strangely perfect. But, as it is it’s great.

- Boating

It was really helpful when i went on a lake with my family. It helped tell me speed and it also helped me track where we came from and went.

- Doesn’t work

Freezes on a speed and stays there. Couldn’t reset it while driving on a motorcycle so I had to guess the speed for a thirty mile ride home. I was driving with the flow of traffic in a 70mph zone and the app was stuck at 33 mph the entire way. Pulled over and reset it once but it just froze again after about a mile.

- Works great

Straight forward to use and clear accurate speed suggestion: reduce power consumption by pixelating the speed display or dashing

- I love this app

I can see speeds in different sanareos and I can be annoying to my parents. I love the app I know there only5 stars but it needs 100 stars. Thanks for reading

- Nearly perfect

Easy to use. Great visibility with large fonts. Just needs tenths of a mile on the odometer. I like it so much that I bought the ad-free version.

- Good review

its very accurate and really good cause of you need to put it in your pocket you can and just record and see your highest love it

- Must have app

My speedometer hasn’t worked in years having this new app keeps me on track👍

- Awesome app

I have downloaded over 100 of speedometers but this one by far is the most accurate

- Works Fantastic

I use this on bike rides and when I’m testing the speed of my electric scooter and my other electric things

- Most accurate

This is the most accurate speed tracker

- Helpful tool

I have a vintage car that does not have a speedometer. This is a great tool in staying legal when driving.

- Speedometer

I love this app my Jeep has over sized tires and I was able to tell how much my speedometer was off at different speeds it works great thanks.

- Best App Ever

This app allows me to see how fast I am driving and see the time I started! This is my favorite app I have ever downloaded!

- Does not work well on a motorcycle

My speedometer does not work the greatest so I use an app. At times it will switch to a way higher speed than what I am going. Like if I’m going 60 it will say I am doing in the 80’s for a few seconds. Definitely a lag at times even in places will full service.

- Useful app. At first I thought ‘Not working’... but it works smoothly

Useful app. At first I thought ‘Not working’... but it works smoothly

- Amazing

I was on the highway and it read the same as the car 100% of the time

- Not very accurate

On history does not show decimal small detail but annoying.

- Works great

I use this app on my dune buggy to keep me running the speed limit.

- Communications

I am presently awaiting a response from the last message I sent if I get this thing working I will give you a five star review thank you

- Speedometer

This superb out in my boat. Only improvement I would like is an odometer with tenths or better yet hundredths of a mile.


Works very well, its about 2-3 seconds behind real time but it’s very accurate!!

- A great speedometer app.

This is a great speedometer app. The only feature I would love to see added is a resettable odometer that remembers the mileage even when you quit the app.


It’s very simple not like the other apps that has 100 buttons to choose from...

- Please

Would be better with speed limit

- Does Its Job

Used it a few times so far, definitely seems accurate. Matched what my pickup truck’s speedometer said

- Simple

Works well, and straight forward

- Doesn’t work

Worked great when i first got it, but then it just stopped working. It sticks your speed at one number, I have to reset the app to get it to update, then it works for a few min and freezes again. Uninstalled and got a different one.

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So I have a trail bike and I’ve always wanted to see how fast I go and when I downloaded this app I was immediately in love. It accurately shows how fast you’re going and I was able to upload a top speed video of my Dirt Bike onto YouTube. Thank you Devs for this amazing app! I will definitely continue using it. Ps: There aren’t any video ads, just small pop ups underneath your speedometer, if u wanna turn them off just enable AirPlane Mode.

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- ?

I have an iPod touch and it says what city I am in but it doesn’t say how fast or which way is north

- What’s the real speed?

Six hours ago I was going 50 on my scooter

- Mine does not work 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I was on my go cart and Prest record and when I was done it sead 0mph the hole time and I even wached it and stil 0mph

- Kudethedude

Seems like app is off from boats readings about 1 mile an hour. Not sure who’s correct. But all said like the App

- It works

Me speedometer don’t work so this is what I use to drive thank you

- Dirt bike

Wish it had a top speed setting or gps map of where I rode and possibly how many miles... but I get it, speedometer does do its job.. few extra accessories would be nice though.. I ride a dirt bike FYI

- Great Speedometer / Knot Log App

Very happy w/ this app. Likes: Simple / clean analog display with large, easily-read digital numbers. Ability to set the “max” end of the scale. Ability to display in knots as well as miles/Hr and km/Hr Odometer is a nice feature; as is track history. Integration of compass was pretty nicely done as well.

- Perfect app for ebike.

What a great app for my ebike. Attached my iPhone to my ebike handlebars, and wow, instant speedometer, odometer and map! Easy to read. Fantastic!

- App

I really like this app. It is easy to see. But a lot of times it doesn’t work and I have to fiddle with it to get it to start working.

- Major lag time

When trying this app, as I smoothly accelerated to 35mph there was so much lag time the app couldn’t keep up. Even when cruising at steady speeds it would jump around and not show the true speed. Not recommending this.

- It said I was going almost double the speed limit

Funny would not recommend it is accurate

- Doesn’t work right

Tried seeing the top speed of my scooter but the trip recording is so off it said my max speed was 11.5 mph.. just doing a circle in the parking lot showed 10mph so I know my top speed should have been 40mph or higher.

- Just what I needed

Great for biking highly recommended for training

- Ads

Please take away the ads.

- Speedometer app

Great tool! Cannot recommend it any more! A+ for sure!

- Perfect

Plain and simple. Scrolling ads unobtrusive.

- Simple and useful

Speedometer works fine, but what in the heck is the button in the upper left corner for?

- Amazing

It does more then any .99¢ app it’s worth a try

- Awesome!

It's actually surprisingly accurate. I use it on my Motorcycle!

- Great app

I use this daily and it never fails me!!

- Shows ads

Ugh. Shows ads with no ability to turn off that I could see. Deleted it.

- Independent contractor

Simple and easy app for my 1994 Dodge pick up truck

- Lie lie lie lie

Used to check actual speed of my company’s truck 🤬

- Traveler

Awesome any better I couldn’t stand it

- Needs resettable trip meter 🧐!

For now that’s the only update needed, otherwise its perfect!!!

- It doesn’t work

I have a mini bike and I want to use a speedometer but I’ve tried at least five none of them work but this has good reviews so I was really hoping it would work but I simply doesn’t

- Speedometer

Easy to read and user friendly. Love it. Captain Koda

- So useful!!! 👍👍👍

i use this app for my records and it helps a lot!

- One of the best speedometer apps I have used I use it for dirtbike and its great


- Very easy to use

Very easy to use and very useful.

- This goooooood

I like it it is very accurate

- Not accurate

It’s not accurate. I passed a digital speed limit sign that tells your speed and it showed my speedometer was only 3 off and yours shows I’m 13 off

- Best speedometer out there

It’s just good... just try it

- Bad app that is 62mph off

It’s terrible I’m in a car going 65mph and it’s saying I’m king 3mph I would not recommend this app and don’t even think about using this on your bike.

- Freezes all the time

A speedometer app doesn’t do you much good if when used it freezes almost every time you use it

- Not so good

Bought the no ads version. Now no speedometer no compass and in spite of deleting the app and reloading am unable to fix the problems. Unable to recommend.

- Skateboarding

This app helps me on my speed longboarding at 28.3 mph

- Accuracy

Not very accurate. I’ve been roller blading this whole time and the distance is off and so is the picture diagram on my workout

- Almost perfect

I love this app, but it could use calibration on the speedometer !!

- Speedometer

⚓️ Awesome, best investment I ever made, have recommended it to a bunch of friends .....

- Best Speedo

The speedo in my Datsun doesn’t work so I use this

- Love it

Simple, easy to use. Great app.

- 😡....ads are distracting

Loved the app !!!! Till they added adverts. Flashing across the bottom if the screen !!! Im trying ti drive !!!! Drive! Do I need these stupid distractions!

- Hey you

Make the speed more accurate

- Great app for tracking speed on a bike

Great app

- GPS speedometer

Just what I wanted

- Black background is grey

The “black” background is grey instead of black. There is no way to have just simple text on a black background. Totally baffling.

- Sleek and cool

Very simple, sporty and accurate. Perfect for my electric scooter

- Good app but speed shown could be smoother

^ |

- Speedometer

The speedometer on this app does not work. Any ideas? I paid for it without the ads as well. Very disappointed

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@jonworth Measuring speed appears not to be quite as simple as many think. Speeding drivers going faster than they think

INsHA SabiR💕

@hukusbekus1 Simple bcz motorbikes cover distance not displacement that's y speedometer not Velocity meter


@YamHaiiiHum Best butter spread of SSR love.... Yammy. So easy and simple you make.... I was like looking for one to one.... Which would take a decade... You Trender. You Speedometer of SSR Love Spread. 👍

Joe Berger

If you have @Tesla #model3 or #modelY and want to see your speed in front of your eyes, I just released a simple speedometer for #Android phones. Enjoy:

Employee of the month

@Tesmanian_com SO MANY oblivious people. It clearly doesn't allow you to play while driving. You can easily tell by the simple lack of speedometer and other information which you need at all times while driving. It is literally the law. Get a fucking brain people.


@maurinetheuri Speed is speed. The speedometer puts into consideration all those parameters. Therefore the bus was on a higher speed than the car. Plain and simple


@SabaNaWaima I cant find interior pics. Dhey speedometer special dhi cuz rpm dhi edition ke dhi sirf o bya 1.3 ke razi. Sirf screen ye pke ndhi add kare agha simple models ke dhi


@JonFreier @Ford I love the interior tbh! Simple & clean like Tesla but with a properly placed speedometer.

Speedometer Simple 2020.3 Screenshots & Images

Speedometer Simple iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Speedometer Simple iphone images
Speedometer Simple iphone images
Speedometer Simple iphone images
Speedometer Simple iphone images
Speedometer Simple iphone images
Speedometer Simple iphone images

Speedometer Simple (Version 2020.3) Install & Download

The applications Speedometer Simple was published in the category Navigation on 2014-11-18 and was developed by Tevfik Yucek [Developer ID: 566982862]. This application file size is 14.6 MB. Speedometer Simple - Navigation app posted on 2020-10-23 current version is 2020.3 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: mikrasya.Speedometer

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