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Cachly is a simple and powerful Geocaching app for iOS that includes many advanced features that include the following:

- Official Geocaching HQ Partner App
Cachly is an official partner app of Geocaching HQ and uses the official API. Login with your normal Geocaching HQ login.

- TB Scanner
Quickly and easily scan trackable codes!

- Proximity Alert
Get notifications when caches or the target are within a radius of your location.

- Friends
View your geocaching friends and add new ones right in Cachly!

- Apple Watch App
Use Cachly on your watch!

- FTF!
Show available FTFs on the map so you can be the first to grab the find!**

- Find Caches
Current location, coordinates, search for a location, or GC code. *Basic member restrictions apply. Some features only show for Premium users.

See all your blue frowns and turn those into smilies!

- Offline Vector Maps
Maps can be saved for offline use using powerful offline capabilities using OpenStreet vector maps.

- Offline caches
Save caches to offline lists for use anywhere!

- Offline filtering
Filter lists of caches by attributes and other cache data

- Bulk log upload
Upload all your pending logs at once!

- Translate
Translate cache descriptions, hints, and logs from any language to any language.

- Map Options
Choose from Apple Maps, Google Maps, Ordnance Survey and OpenStreet Map online or offline vector maps

- Import & Export GPX
Import GPX files from Dropbox, iTunes, email and other apps or export and share a GPX of any caches.

- Advanced Search
Search for user finds, hides, exclude your finds and hides and so much more.

- Advanced Sorting
Sort the found caches by type, container, size, trackables and many other sort types.

- Navigate to Cache
Find the directions and route to the cache using Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Sygic, Navigon, Tom Tom, Gaia and Pocket Earth.

- Log Caches/Trackables now or later
Log them now or save them and send later.

- Log Keywords
Set default text for logs as well as use keyword replacements for common text such as cache code, date, etc.

- Souvenirs
See your user Souvenirs as well as other users.

- Trackables
Drop multiple trackables into a cache

- Multiple Image Upload
Upload multiple photos to logs

- Pocket Queries
Download and view Pocket Queries offline.

- Bookmark Lists
View your bookmark lists and add caches to them. View other users bookmarks as well!

- Waypoints
Create user waypoints as well as set a corrected coordinates.

- More features
Cachly includes loads of other feature that make it the best Geocaching app out there!

*Basic members of geocaching are limited to returning only Traditional geocaches, Pocket Queries are not available, and Custom Search is limited. Basic members are also limited to loading 3 full caches per 24 hour period. This is not a restriction of Cachly, but of the Geocaching platform.

**Premium feature

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Cachly - Geocaching Customer Service, Editor Notes:

If you love Cachly please make sure to leave us a review on the App Store, it really helps! This update brings the following: - Live Filtering re-ordering of options - Bug Fixes If you have questions or comments please email, we are happy to help!

Cachly - Geocaching Comments & Reviews

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- So Much Better Than Any other Geocaching app

I love this app. I even enjoyed the latest update, version 6.0 A couple years back, I resisted using Cachly but was forced to learn it after Geosphere was no longer supported. My husband trying to get me to use Cachly but I kept both applications until I could learn to use Cachly. There are so many features that it took me a bit of time to learn to use the new app. I loved that when I asked a question of support they answered immediately. I also like that there are searchable answers online. I also like that they have a Facebook group that posts questions and get answers from the developer, Nik Hubbard, as well as other people assign to help cachers get the most from the app. I thought I was an expert at Cachly but still discover new features every day. This Geocache app is intuitive, stores information when we have a bad signal, has amazing sorting capacity so I can look for Geocaches by favorites, or distance or 100 other things. We use Cachly to plan our trips. We just came back in February from a 10 state geocaching trip and the trip would not have been half as much fun had we not had this app. I wrote a review a year ago when I first started using Cachly. This is my third revision of that review and if I could give it six stars I would.

- Splendid app with developer who cares

Cachly 6 update to review: State restore is awesome! Everything else continues to be excellent. Cachly is THE iOS geocaching app. Cachly is my go-to app for geocaching. It just works. More importantly, the developer listens to users and does what he can to make the app even easier to use. In the most recent version, he added premium offline maps that are even more detailed and quicker to load. They provide maps in low and no service areas and don’t require data access. I’ve been using the previous offline maps even when not geocaching (Dinosaur National Park) to identify terrain features. Offline lists help us organize our caching trips. Log templates allow you to customize your logs based on log type. And in the latest version, nearby caches are shown while navigating to a cache. That means you don’t walk past a cache on the way to another. And those are just some of the features. It’s a wonderfully well-featured app. Every iPhone geocacher should use it.

- Visually fresh and feature-rich

I saw the one-star review from the admitted "newbie" and I had to wonder. Why is someone new to geocaching paying for an app when there are several free ones you can download to try out and see if you even like caching. It sounds like they thought the app would give them premium access. An unfortunate misunderstanding, but not Cachly's fault. I got the app years ago because it shows a red circle around existing caches, so that when I am looking to place a cache I can see as I walk around, in real time, where it's legit to place one. Since then many features have been added, many that are way more advanced than I need, but that I know are very valuable to advanced cachers. I like the style, the use of color. To me, it's worth the one-time cost, especially if you've cached enough that you know you'll be into it for a long time.

- Poor instructions, hard to use

I’m a newbie, and this thing seems to assume that you’re an expert geocacher. Instructions are poor and very confusing. Plus I paid for it in good faith, and now it turns out that I’m not actually a premium member. Paying for the app gets you the app and 3 searches every 24 hours. If you want more searches, you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. No one told me that up front! Stinking thieves! The excuse they give is that the limit is a “third party restriction,” but they do not make this restriction clear up front, which is highly misleading. I repeat, stinking thieves! To make matters worse, most of the caches aren’t even there anymore yet they keep them on the map for seemingly forever. So you decide to hunt for a cache on the map, you select it as one of your three free ones, and then you have access to see all the details about the cache that tell you, guess what, the previous eight people all couldn’t find the cache so it’s almost certainly a waste of your time to hunt for it. Now you’re down to just the two free hunts, and there’s a large chance that the same issue will occur with them as well. Save your money. Really. I wish I had. I feel completely cheated.

- Somehow, it keeps getting better!

Cachly was already the best iOS Geocaching app out there, but it keeps getting better! The 6.0 release brought some great new features, in app travel bug scanning, quick map switching, and state restore which is the best feature a new user won’t ever notice. We all know how iOS frequently shuts down apps to divert memory to other apps when you switch, making you start over when you switch back to that app. Well now Cachly saves where you are in the app so after you cycle through the camera, the Adventures app, and then come back to Cachly, it’s in the state you left it. It may not sound exciting but it is a huge time and frustration saver. I really don’t know how the app developer has the time to make all these great app enhancements, but I am so very glad he does.

- Big upgrade from geocaching app

I love this app a lot! It’s a lot more accurate than the free geocaching app. If you’re looking to get into the game more but you don’t have 300 dollars to get a good gps this is definitely the next best thing. Offline maps, waypoints for mulicaches, and being able to log my cache and trackable at the same time is amazing! I want just one thing.. when you click on a cache that’s on the map and that preview bubble pops up saying the name and all that, can you add the 5 color dots for the last 5 logs so I don’t have to click into the cache to see if someone has found it or if the cache hasn’t been found in a long time. That would be really helpful because sometimes I forget to check get all the way out there and geocache is about to archive that cache. Ty!

- Everything I have Ever Needed in a Geocaching app!

This app has everything the "official" app has, but fortunately a lot more! I love: 1) the integration of Google, Waze, or iPhone maps to give driving directions to the cache, 2) the responsive and smooth loading maps, over one DOZEN map sets available, including OFfLINE maps for most countries, all US states and Canadian provinces. The new premium maps have good topo and a lot more trails included! #cachlypremiummaps are a great investment of a few extra dollars! 3) a quick view of recent cacher success with green/red and date stamp, FTF indicators and a custom lonely cache feature, 4) and even the ability to load and share and create on Cachly and text to others custom .gpx files. 5) clicks COs linked name then hit hides to see a map of all caches by that owner that are currently active! 6) full cache data can be loaded for offline use. 7) highlighter tool has over 20 colors and each color can be custom named. For example the red highlighter I have titled “Y2K caches” and highlighted all Y2K caches globally. That way if I do a search of an area and one is within map view I can immediately see that it is nearby since it is highlighted! This is a TOTAL replacement for the "standard" app. I Love it!

- Great app

After using the app for several years, my opinion remains the same. It is an excellent app, providing many advanced features. I am fortunate to travel abroad and the “translate” capability has been invaluable. In addition, the developers continue to add features that polish the app and make it easier to use. Thanks .. Initial review: I've been using the Groundspeak app for many years but it's going away so it was time for a change. This app is so much better than their new offering that the replacement app choice was easy. While navigating to the first cache using Cachly, I found that it integrates seamlessly with my preferred nav app, Waze .. an unexpected bonus. This app has everything I want and more.

- The Only App I Use for Geocaching

This app does everything I want a geocaching app to do. Even some extras thrown in. I like the import from Dropbox option. Also like the option to find caches based on a bookmark list. Not a bad price for an app that does everything I want. Edit to add that the developer has added many many new functions to the app, some I didn't even think I needed. A feature to easily see on the map which caches haven't been found yet, ability to upload many logs at once, advanced filtering of offline lists, and so many more. The developer is great at listening to his users and quickly resolved problems.

- Only App to use on iOS

Version 6. Nic has done it again! More fabulous capabilities making caching easier except perhaps actually finding the cache, certainly making it easier to get to GZ. With all the search abilities, picking a cache to chase down is better and easier. Cachly has now replaced my GPSr in 95% of the time. Thank You Nic for all you do to develop and support Cachly. Cache On With Cachly! 4cycle I’ve been caching for 7 years and have used at one time or another every app available for iOS devices. Geosphere was the top app until the developer stopped updating the app. Then came Cachly. So many features and a developer who is responsive and continues to add features. It takes awhile to figure out how to use all the features, but well worth the time. I still sit down now and then and play in the app and usually learn some new feature. I just can’t say enough how great this app is. Cache On with Cachly!

- Seems to work fine

I have been a premium geocacher for a very long time, but this is my first venture into caching with a smartphone. It has taken quite a bit of trial and error to get comfortable with this app. I have not found the user forums to be very helpful. Cachly will never replace my old-fashioned handheld gps unit, especially when caching in remote areas with a poor cell signal. But it is good when I just want to find one or two caches in an area. GPS burns too much battery life on the phone to use this for a full day of geocaching. Though this is supposed to be a paid app, I haven’t figured out where to pay for it. That basic information would be useful since I do support apps that are reasonably well designed.

- Great App!

100 times better than the official app! Joshua the geocaching vlogger is the reason for my switch to this app. I thought I was perfectly content using a free app, until I finally gave in and paid the measly five dollars. My writing would be five stars if it wasn’t for the fact the app stops uploading geocaches after you’ve uploaded 1000 geocaches in a day. As a truck driver I spend my downtime scouring the maps looking for trucker friendly hides. Went through my thousands of loads in a short time last night, and now I can’t use the application to find any new caches until this evening. Other than that, thank you for a wonderful application!

- Great app and support

I was a bit intimidated by this app in the beginning. I kept using it because I liked the format better than the official app. I slowly started to learn some of its features. Then I discovered they have a user Facebook group. The developer is very interactive and all of the members are incredibly helpful and supportive. I’ve been using this app exclusively for about 2 years now, and I don’t even touch the official app except for messaging. Thank you Cachly team for your amazing support and the low cost is amazing! I cannot wait for v5!!! 😁

- What can I say, it's FANTASTIC!

I have been using this app for a couple of months now and this is now my go-to app. I was using my old one for years but then we could no longer use google maps. This app gives us a variety of choices as to which one you want to use. This is a perfect app and it sounds like support is great. I haven't found anything his app needs! Update. I contacted support while caching and received a reply within the hour. Fantastic!! (It was a case of the idiot Update: this newer version is fantastic!!

- Really impressed

I was a long time user of the geocaching App. I had played with Cachly a few times but just didn’t appreciate it. A month ago I decided to give it another try. That was it. I’m hooked. It does almost everything the other app did but more. The last thing for me to find is the map with trail like to original app otherwise I never use anything but Cachly. Beat money spent on an app ever. A very happy customer. Thanks and keep up the great work.

- Love the features Cachly has.

I have been using Cachly now for three months. At first I only used it for placing hides because of the cache radius feature. But I love the filters it has and searching for caches by months published or by owner. I’m using the geocaching app right along side Cachly but finding I’m opening Cachly more and more. I would love to see them make a texting feature when new caches are published we get a text alert from the app! That would be awesome!!!

- By far the best Geocaching App for iOS

I have been using this app for a while now since Geosphere stopped updating their app. The features far outweigh the cost of this app. The best part of this app is that the developers listen to our needs and include requests into new releases where possible. The community is strong and support each other with technical issues. The developer always responds to issues that the community can’t solve. Great work!

- Best geocaching app - hands down!

Cachly continues to impress and enhance my geocaching experience. It is so much better than the official application that you can't even compare them. The developer continues to deliver well thought out and we'll executed features into his application. I can't imagine having to go back to caching without Cachly. I even pick up my phone and use that instead of the Geocaching website on my laptop. Excellent, excellent geocaching app!

- Makes everything better

Only app I have paid for. I am glad I did, there is a setting for a red ring around a cache the indicates how far you need to be to place another cache. I believe basic users can see all traditional caches regardless of the D/T rating. The official app only shows up to 2/2. Get this app you wont regret it. The first few caches will be strange while you adjust to new app but you wont go back to the old app.

- 5.0 is great

I have been a beta tester of 5.0 and it is great to see it released. There are many more improvements and features but since I've seen them for some time in the betas, I'm hard pressed to recall them all now. Development team is very responsive to issues and very open to feature suggestions. You won't go wrong with this one. It is great to have a well supported superior alternative to the standard app for Geocaching.

- The Best Geocaching App by Far!

This is the best Geocaching App by far. It is fast and easy to use Caching offline where there is no cell service. It is very fast to download Lists and Pocket Queries for off line use. I have tried all the Apps for the iPhone over the years and this is easily the best App, and the developer keeps making it better all the time. If you Geocache, this is the App to get ‼

- Alright I suppose

Didn’t get to try it out yet but I am already upset a little about it haha. You have to pay for the app, then to fully unlock and enjoy extra features that are free on other free geocaching apps; you have to pay for a 3 month or one year premium membership fee to unlock those extra features. Pay to pay again, maybe it’s worth it? Kind of suckered into it now, I paid for the app so of course I’ll end up paying for a stinkin one year membership to see if it is worth it.

- Great App

We have been caching for a few years now and have gone through lots of caching apps and worked through all the editions of GroundSpeaks version. We have to say that this app is our go to app and has so many features that it really makes caching easy, especially when caching in areas other than your own. Thanks

- Love this app!

In all seriousness, this app keeps me involved in this crazy and awesome hobby of ours. It works, it works well, and when it doesn’t the developers are right on it. Love, love, love the “cache perimeter” circles on the map! As someone who lives in a cache heavy area, it’s really helpful to see where the possible spots for a new one is. Very helpful feature. Also nice: offline caches for those mountain treks. Given the work that must have gone into this, the cost is a steal. I spend more on coffee and gas in a single geocaching outing than I did on this app. Some may think think this is a canned review. I promise you that I have nothing to do with the app other than being a grateful user.

- Basic

While I love cachly, the only thing I would want added is the ability to see all information under basic instead of having to do the limited 3 per 24hrs unless you upgrade to premium. I can see everything on the main app except premium caches, but it’s the little things I like about using cachly and this is keeping me from fully enjoying the app.

- Issues

I would give more stars as this app has a lot of good things about it, however I haven't been able to use it in weeks. I keep getting an error message, attempted to uninstall and reinstall app which did not fix the error message. Can not log out as I get an error message on this as well

- There’s a reason I purchased for $5

So this app is worth the five stars and five dollars. Personally I can’t afford the premium membership, but I love that this app is way less buggy then the original app and it has some perks when owning premium that the original app doesn’t have. Love it! I suggest buying rather then the original app for sure

- Best geocaching app

I love the clean simplicity and ease of use of Cachly over the official app. The info I want to know about a hide is displayed when I’m choosing between caches without having to open up the page for each hide. Cachly will also let me filter a pocket query list on my phone which is a big plus for me. Its a free app but good enough to pay for.

- The Best’

I’m so glad I found Cachly immediately after I started Caching. It is so much easier to navigate than the official app. I can access most information more quickly than my friends using other apps. Thanks Nicholas for being so responsive to the community and making this an app for all levels of cachers.

- Hands down best caching app😃

I was a fan of the paid caching app but when that went away, Cachly was the only place to turn to. It has so many useful features. I especially love the integration with GSAK for writing logs. Another huge plus is the developer is constantly adding features to the app. I highly recommend Cachly as your only caching app.

- Great geocaching app

Very satisfied user. Any issues I may have had with this app in the past have been addressed through updates before I ever took the time to bring them up. Map support is excellent, which I definitely appreciate for all of the backcountry caching I do. Highly recommended for any iOS device user.

- 5.1 is amazing!

This is the iOS geocache app that just works. Great features and it’s constantly improving. Love the map integration. Offline maps are amazing and now super fast. Great sorting tools. If you haven't tried offline in the app yet you're missing out. My favorite way to organize caches now. This is THE app to use if you’re on iOS.

- Brilliant

Just started geocaching (treasure hunting) with my kid. Great fun. Cachly is a gem. Took a few tries to figure out how to use it but it’s not difficult. Very good design with discoverable features. Now rocking offline maps & lists, and switched to using map tiles with local paths & contour lines - as geocaching was meant to be when we used good paper maps.

- Premium replacement for Geocaching

I took me a while to get used to a different app, but now this is my go to app. The only thing missing is the messaging feature. If they included that I wouldn’t need or use the official app. The link to their own wiki is pretty good. Love the ability to import and export GPX. I save to dropbox and import to GASK.

- Best Geocaching App for iOS

I’ve been using Cachly for about 18 months. I’m still learning and finding useful features. My favorite is the optional premium maps, especially of US states that show county borders. The FTF-available icon, text templates, and highlighting are also great features. Well done and happy caching!!

- Love this app.

I have been caching for several years and was very happy when this app came out. It is my go to app for caching. I have tried others and they don’t have the features this one does. Thank you for putting this great app together. Now to go out and find more caches.

- Loving this app

Cachly gives you so many options to customize your logs that it makes it super easy and fast to log on the go. Especially like that you can adjust date/time stamp, add name, total caches found to logs, easily pick up and drop off trackables. Overall Love it.

- The BEST geocaching app!

This is by far the best IOS geocaching app in the store. Use it every time I go caching alone or with friends. The features are top notch and Nick is very active in our community. Check out his podcasts for detailed features too. Quick to add new details and love the maps.

- Perfect! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

This is the only caching app that I use. Numerous awesome features, time-saving tools, offline capabilities, and advanced maps make it the BEST Geocaching app available.😊 Thanks so much for all of the time and hard work that went into creating such a user-friendly and powerful tool! 😎

- First choice

I have been using this app for quite a while now. I would not leave home without it. There is very little this app won’t do. Well thought out and easy to use. Has every thing anybody would want. And getting better every day.

- Love it!

This is the only app I use anymore for Geocaching. Twice over the years I have emailed the owner with a minor question on where a function is located and received an answer very quickly (and he didn’t even say “duh” :). I wish all app developers were as responsive. Cache on!

- Greatest Geocaching app!

I’ve been using Cachly for over 3 years and find it easy to use as well as feature-rich. I originally switched because it offered several features the official app did not have at the time, and I am still happy I made the switch. Additionally, the support is amazing and extremely fast. Several times I’ve had questions on how to perform a specific task and always received quick, accurate and helpful responses from the developer. I have and will continue to recommend this app to other geocachers. Geoboater, Washington State, USA

- Love this Cachly app!

This Cachly app is all I need to have a great geocaching experience! Maps are awesome and one of my favorite things is being able to see my previous logs. Another great feature is posting photos when I log a cache. It’s so easy! The app is well worth the price.

- The best geocaching app there is.

Cachly does it all. Every so often I'll try a different geocaching app, including the official app, but none of them compete. Cachly has just about everything you'd need from a smartphone caching app and its layout is the most intuitive of them all.

- Love it

I use it constantly, it has become my preferred app to geocache. Update. I remove my negative comment, since it was answered by Cachly, the issues I had were easily solved. The app has so many features, you can cache how you want, recommended.

- A little hard to manage

App is not as user-friendly as I would like. It is very hard to figure out how to place a geocache and I still have not figured out how. I paid for this app and still it does not allow me to place geocaches. If you could help me with this problem I would be very grateful.

- It just keeps getting better

I have used Cachly since shortly after it came out. Nick works so hard and is great at communicating and making updates. If you have an iPhone this is the app to use!

- Almost 5 stars

This app is essentially the exact same as the geocache app. It does a few things better, but I’m not sure it’s worth $5 for casual cachers. I would give this 5 stars if you could set a radius around current location, would make it easier to hide caches. Be nice to set a 20ft or 528ft radius.

- The best!

I’m SO grateful for this piece of software. It’s megameters beyond the official app, and allowed me to do some caching while I was in Europe last year. It’s absolutely trouble free, all the gestures make sense, and there’s almost nothing I can’t do with it for logs and my Geocaching account. Thank you!

- Great app, better than geosphere even

Love the offline maps, the cache radius display, the offline lists, the highlighting of unfound caches, the filtering, the easy access to navigation... developer is very responses to issues on the web site.

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- Great geocaching tool

We have been geocaching for 6 years and tried a number of apps as well as different GPSrs. Cachly is without doubt the best option out there. It is user friendly which importantly means you can get started very quickly at a basic level. However as you want to do more and more the capability is there for you to learn. It was our goto on our recent 6 week European trip where the filter system combined with quickly created and updated offline lists meant we could manage well despite not using constant mobile data. In addition the off line high quality maps were brilliant giving us not only the most up to date and most accurate mapping option for us for geocaching, but also it was the best for general navigation both by road and on foot. Very happy customers.

- Must Get for every Geocacher!

I have been using Cachly for many years now, and found in excess of 6,000 caches solely with this app! I wouldn’t be able to geocache without it! There’s too many amazing features I love to remember and list them all, but there’s not much it can’t do, and heaps of things it does that I still haven’t used yet, which says to me that there’s filters and options for every occasion! Well done to Nick for developing this app, and a huge thanks for keeping it updated and fresh! If I ever see an Apple user without this app in field, I always ask them, Why not?!

- Great replacement for geosphere

I was looking for a geocaching app which would please me as much as geosphere has. Geosphere will die with the release of iOS 11, sadly. But Cachly is great! It almost does all I want it to, and is even better than geosphere in some ways. It is certainly easier to use! Possible additions I would like to see are: - quick emojis, eg [:)] or [:I] etc can be inserted at the touch of a button - availability of custom text templates, eg 'I am out caching today with CookieMonster3 and GhostRider today' can be set up and added like a keyword

- So

Love this app so much. When I find myself in an area with some time to spare I can open it up and check for any nearby caches. Tap one and read description, hint, logs then tap Navigate To Cache and off I go. I can even log it straight away from app or create a draft to upload later. I also love navigating over a satellite view of the terrain. Makes it so easy and the GPS is as accurate as my old Garmin.

- A "favourite point" worthy app

Having had to say goodbye to my previous caching app I was pleased to find this one has many similar features and is easy to navigate. The app developer is very proactive in making sure this app runs as smoothly as possible and provides features users really want. Best app on the market!

- Bug

This app is great. Better than the official Geocache app BUT there’s one thing that needs to be fixed and that’s an issue with the Premium member function. I’ve created a geocache that I set to Premium Members Only (only those with a premium membership can see it on the map). Since then my premium membership has expired and because of that, I can no longer see my own cache.

- Love this app!

This app is perfect for all my urban Geocaching needs. Worked a charm overseas as well. Navigation options with map or compass work beautifully. In fact the only times I get out my Garmin now is for heavy duty wilderness geocaching where I can't get a signal or don't want to risk my phone.

- Best Geo-App ever!

Used to use Geosphere and was devastated when it was no longer supported. Reluctantly switched to Cachly and began to get used to it. Now I look back and wonder why I hadn’t switched earlier. So easy to use, problems fixed quickly. Developer that listens. Keep up the great work!

- Excellent

Developer who listens to feedback from geocachers and is always improving the app. Excellent functionality and is close to becoming an all in one geocaching tool. User friendly. Well worth the money paid.

- Great Geocaching app.

Has all the features needed to find Geocaches with ease and also is great for placing new caches. This has been my go to app for the past 2 years having used various others in the past. Thanks for updating with new features. Gazkersh.

- Eh

I would of just stuck with geocaching app instead of Cachly if I knew I would be charged the $7.99 THEN for any real access to caches pay extra on top for premium geocaching. Pointless really,

- The best geocaching app!

Awesome features and location services with a great design. Well worth the $$

- Tomboy

I don't find this as user friendly as it could be... But I've paid for it so should persist. I'd love to know if there is a feedback option so those using it can make suggestions.

- Forget groundspeak app- this is the one to get

I love using Cachly. The interface is easy to use, it has the functionality I need, both at home and in the field. The logging is great - add many photos easily, and change the date. The developers seem to be aware of what cachers want and how people actually use their software! Great app. Recommend it any opportunity I get.

- Geocaching- YES!

Three stars is too little. I made a mistake. Should be 5 but that’s life. Oh maybe 4.5 as travel bugs don’t seem to be cated for. But as I don’t seem to do many it’s OK.

- Doesn’t show all geocaches

It’s okay in some suburbs but in others won’t show any geocaches in the area (even though I know there are multiple there)

- Waste

Waste of money. I want s reimbursement’

- H423L

I only purchased this yesterday and already I have found a couple of great features. Logging a cache - wow, I could do everything I needed. Dropped a bug, automatically logged local Australia date and time, everything so intuitive. Saving offline lists and maps is a breeze. I think I'm going to really enjoy using this app.

- Best geocaching app for iphone

This is by far the best geocaching app for the iphone. After the retirement of the geocaching classic app I tried them all. Cachly came out on top for everything I expected a geocaching app todo and more. Caches load fast, time zone support (at last) for those of us down under, offline lists and maps. Worth every cent.

- Great app

Easy to use, has all the features I had and loved in the old official paid app plus ones I had wished for, like showing corrected coordinates on the map and hiding my previous finds. A lovely clean screen and everything well laid out and where you'd expect. Well worth paying for 😃

- Better than the official app

Having used the offical app for a number of years I was upset when they discontinued it and replaced it with the current new groundspeak app. It's rubbish, hard to use and understand and lacks many features. This app was suggested to me and after only two finds using this app I'm VERY happy - this is the way groundspeak should have done their app

- I can see caches with difficulty/terrain above 1.5

I can see caches with difficulty/terrain above 1.5 again (without paying a monthly subscription). If you came here to find a replacement for the classic geocaching app (that isn't totally crippled like the new one), you won't be disappointed.

- Fantastic App

I had been using another geocaching app since starting which I thought was great, but then I found Cachly and now I know what I was missing out on. Best geocaching app on the market, well worth the price tag.

- Fantastic geocaching app

Best geocaching app I have tried. It's fast, works well and have a simple user interface that makes finding the info on recent finds, dnfs etc really fast.

- Search Options Galore

I really enjoy all the ways I can search for and sort caches when I'm out and about.

- Pleasant Surprise - a better geocaching app

The UI was nice and clean, searches were easy and direct access to pocket queries will be a powerful tool in the long run. It's not as intuitive as I'd like but it runs miles over the default app at this point.

- Good alternative

Like many others I'm having to change from the geocaching app I've used for a long time. This looks like a great alternative. Still learning to drive it but I'll get there.

- It's wonderful

It does everything I need it to and it is making caching life so much easier!

- Perfect substitute for the old app

And better handling and content especially without premium membership! Very happy 😃

- Everything I wanted

This app has every feature I've ever wanted. Can't believe it's taken me 860 caches to hear about it.

- Five star ap

As a replacement for geocaching classic this suits me to a T. Loads quickly, and easy to follow, it's a great addition to a cacher's arsenal. Thanks for creating such a useful app 👍👍👍😊

- Could be better

Great app! - at first I thought it didn't allow for other time zones, but a quick response from support explained how to do that. Love it.

- Classic App is gone

With the Geocaching classic app being closed down, I have found my new caching compainion app! Keep up the great work

- Top app.

Very satisfied and better alternative to grondspeaks new app

- Great app

Great replacement for the old geocaching app, easy to use

- Great app!

Third try to get a unique name.... Fantastic app!

- My go to caching app!

I am using this app since a couple of months. Coming from caching with my trusted Garmin, this is so much quicker, easier, and with much more functions. On the GPS It was always a pain to update the pocket queries, also images of other caches were not easy to import. And having real satellite view was also just a dream. All this is possible in this sleek app. At first I didn’t know if I should spend the extra money for the offline maps because it was not clear if this is a one time payment or a payment per map. Turns out that this is a one time payment, which is great. Cachly is now also my go to app for general navigation due to the detailed TOPO maps, and if connection is available the satellite view. This app really boosted my caching and I can really recommend it. Only downside might be large file size of offline maps, but for most countries maps can be downloaded per state. Also that no messenger function can be integrated (the only reason I still have the real geocaching app installed), but that is due to limitations by

- Won't run on an iPhone 4

I got tricked into buying this app thinking it would run on older IOS versions. It doesn't.

- Potential Convert

I have been using another geocaching app for a few years, but with limited support, I have to look at other options to find an app that does what I want it to. Enter cachly. I have been really impressed with the clear and concise interface, ability to save offline caches and maps, ability to view source code, and so many other functions. There are a few things that I would like to see updates on, to get it to something more like what I currently use, although as it is, I rate this a solid 4 stars, with definite room to improve.

Payoneer 💰

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- Great APP

Best app for geocaching with an iPhone

- Just buy it! You won’t regret it.

Whether you are new to geocaching or a seasoned cacher, you NEED this app. For what it costs I recommend you just buy it. So many features you need and want v

- Version 6, more great features

I recently downloaded version 6 of Cachly and am enjoying many of the new features. The new TB scanner works great and the ability to switch maps quickly is a time saver. I love being able to see my friends logs on a cache at a glance. Thanks to the developer for these new features.

- Pas si pire

Quand même pas si pire

- Only good for pros

Don’t buy this app if you don’t already have the full geocache membership or you can only find three a day

- Almost perfect lol

Would be very cool if the green drops on the map would show if there’s TB’s in the cache by turning on a Tb option or something like you can for caches not found for a long time etc. If that was possible this would most definitely be a 5 star.

- Better and better

Every time there's an update, there's always a wonderful addition that makes this app better all the time. I am grateful that I just discovered that I can sort lists within the app! Keep up the amazing work, Nic!

- Best Geocaching App

Does everything my GPSr does, but from the convenience of my phone! EXCELLENT offline capabilities — including pocket query downloading and free offline maps. Links up with your geocaching profile online to post your finds right from the app.

- False Advertising

Once you pay to download you need to pay to get more than 3 caches per day then pay for groundspeak full account I'd rather use groundspeak app at that rate.

- Love this app

I still only know a ‘small’ percentage of the capabilities of this app. Navigating to, storing caches off line it’s all very easy but it also has saved me countless hours in logging some weekends with 300-500 finds. LOVE, love, LOVE!!!! This App. Kudos to the programmer.

- Almost Perfect

This is by far the best caching app I’ve used. It’s missing 1 star in the rating because the Apple Watch “Nearby” function does not work. It returns an error message. I’m a heavy GSAK user, but because its future is uncertain, I started exploring options. This app came up. Although it’s nowhere near a replacement, it’s found a regular use in my cache outings. If you could roll app’s functions into this app it would come close to what I use GSAK for. If that happened Cachly would get a 10 star rating.

- Wow!

We’ve been cachers for years and went through Groundspeak’s new business model transition with their app going through painful growing pains. This app is more than I ever expected. Good Job. We’re planning to use it offline for the first time in the Rocky Mountains this coming week. I love all the map features. This will be very helpful especially in challenging terrain. I like that there is an iPad version. This helps when planning a caching venture, especially when traveling. One thing... I almost did not buy this app because the app description does not clearly say that this will link to my Groudspeak geocaching account. That might encourage others to buy it. I know this app is not free but the features are far superior to anything I’ve been using so far including other geocaching apps. It’s a good buy. Also leave your handheld GPS device at home and use this offline. This is the way to go.

- Nice update but noticed a potential bug

Nice update but wondering why when I want to view where a trackable has travelled the app sends me to the regular geocaching app. In the past, the app would map out the trackable’s route. I liked that feature a lot. Hope this is just a bug.

- Error when loading caches

Ever since a few updates ago this app can not load any geocaches and gives an error. On the verge of deleting as it’s been several weeks and this hasn’t been resolved.

- Can’t figure out how to go premium

I spent a long time just figuring out how to go premium

- Nice app

I use to love this app but since the last update, it’s just not as good. They also charge for the maps we had for free... Very sad.

- Great go to geocaching app

Love it! It just keeps getting better!

- Just gets better and better

Went caching today and used the updated Cachly and maps. So easy to use and everything right there! The Cachly page on FB has been especially helpful. I use Cachly all the time now instead of my GPS. The maps are a true bargain. I highly recommend Cachly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- still the best

the new maps are amazing as well as the new features i’m still exploring them all.

- Best Geocaching App!

It has all the features and simple to use. Best geocaching app out there.

- One of the top Geocashing apps

This is got to be one of the easiest apps to use a navigate. I’d recommend this one to anybody, and my favourite function is the Translate feature. Thanks for all your hard work on this Nick

- Un bon compagnon sur le terrain

Nous utilisions une autre app auparavant mais celle-ci, avec la possibilité d'y importer directement les pockets query, c'est super. De plus, il est plus facile d'enregistrer les logs directement de l'app. C'était un bon achat.

- Great App

I love the cache radius feature. A big help when looking for hiding spots for new caches.

- This is the best app on my phone.

I thought long and hard about leaving the Apple family for the Samsung Note 8 but nothing could replace Cachly so there was no way I would. This app has everything I need in a geocaching app I use it far (98% of the time) more then my Garmin 750. Great support and many wonderful features added every update. Worth every penny this one is for sure.

- Great App!

Just started using Cachly but seems like a great App!

- Great geocaching app

With Geosphere out of updates, I moved to Cachly and have been really impressed. I especially like the downloadable offline maps.

- Search

Great program, be nice to do a search that had trackables

- Cachly

Have only been using this program since the old one was shut down. Didn't like the new program at all. Poor second choice so I downloaded Cachly and like it almost as much as the original geocaching program. Thanks for coming up with a better alternative.

- This App is not out to gouge your wallet

Great app all around, was surprised to find out that my $10 geocaching app was 'retired' in place of a very expensive pay as you play app. I'm happy to support a company that puts out good work, I highly recommend this app over the new GroundSpeak Geocaching app.

- Really Well Done!! Bravo!!!

Like many iPhone users, being forced off the former Geocaching app and finding its replacement woefully inadequate, discovering Cachly was like an finding an oasis in a desert. There's so much functionality it took me a couple of months getting used to it. Just have the confidence that what you want to do is in Cachly. The support is phenomenal!

- The best app for geocaching

As the title says, this is indeed the best app for geocaching, simply because it is so easy to use and it has everything you need!

- Thank You

This app is as close to the old one as you can get! Thanks again for designing 😃

- J'adore

J'ai même découvert que je peut enregistré les coordonnées de ma position pour installé une cache et par la suite vérifier si le pz est bon ! Super pour un gars comme moi hihi

- Superbe

La meilleure appli pour iPhone. Mieux que celle de Groundspeak et celle de L4C. A very good investmemt.

- Looks good

Looking for a replacement for geosphere since the groundspeak app is not cutting it. This looks like a good fit for us. Thanks for making it.

- Easy, with options

A nice, well thought out app. It has the stuff you are use to, with the ability to send logs with additional pictures. Still has the ability to make offline lists or queries. It helps when I cache, as sporadically as I can.

- Love app

Just confused pay $6.99 for app and isn't even full version have to pay $30 a year to open it all up only get three free full details for the log or am I missing something here

- Switched to Cachly from classic Geocaching App

Switched over to Cachly once the classic geocaching app was deleted, and they started charging $40 a year for the new app. So far this app does everything the original geocaching app does and more, love it. Highly recommend to those not wanting to dish out a ridiculous $40 a year. Great app. Please don't change a thing!

- Très bon logiciel pour le geocaching!

Très bon complément et même en remplacement du logiciel Geocaching

- Easier than the real thing!

Was forced to stop using the classic app since they were ditching it and didn't like the new version. I was told about this one and really like it! Much easier to nav and it has some nice features!

- Used the original Geocaching app for 4 years

Everything I loved about the Geocaching Classic app. Works great on my iPhone 7. Thanks!

- Review

Great app so far. Lots of features. Better than the new geocaching app

- Great features!

I just downloaded this app, and it is awesome! Love the DNF blue sad faces to keep track of ones I've looked for already but couldn't find. Also love that mystery caches I've solved new coords for show up in the actual location, instead of the geo art formation! Excited to go find geo art much more easily!! :D

- Great features

The ability to download caches from multiple sources for offline use, save logs for uploading at a later time, and upload multiple photos with a log makes this a superior app! Great features and easy to use. Thanks

- Wonderful app with great support from developer

I have been using Cachly as my main geocaching app on my iPhone and it does everything I need plus more. The biggest thing is ability to download caches and maps offline so I can geocache without using any data. Logging caches and photos is easy and simple. I had one issue with the app and I contact the developer for help. It was quick response and together we got the problem fixed. This is the app I recommend to everyone for geocaching on an iPhone.

- Love cachly

I heard a podcast raving about this app and how much better it was than the Groundspeak app so I figured I would give it a try. Fabulous app. I do a fair amount of travel and love the offline maps feature and the easy translation feature for cache descriptions and hints in a foreign language. Highly recommend.

- Great update! 2.0 is awesome!!!

This app was already amazing, but this recent update has added several quality of life enhancements and I'm really happy. Nice one.

- Best there is.

Since the beginning this app has been getting better leaps and bounds over the official GC app. The creator Nic has been great at taking user feedback and suggestions and actually giving geocachers what they're looking for. Great features and friendly interface. It's always nice to be able to jump on a new app and immediately figure out how it works. For iPhone there is no comparison and this is THE app that you need. It's only getting better and better!

- Awesome app

This is probably the best geocaching app ever! It is totally worth the money!

- awesome app

very happy with this app way better than an official GC app. way more useful features and love the ability to see a cache in a glimpse. one thing i would like to see added is when you log TBs and when you already save it it would show if it is visiting or being dropped off. few times i have accidentally selected to drop a TB off instead of visit and had to reclaim it. it would also be nice to see souvenirs :) over all awesome app. well done !

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- Awesome app

The thing I like most about this app rather that the regular geocaching app is that you can log trackables when you log the cache rather than after you already log the cache. Well worth the money

- Great enhancements

The developers continue to make this app better with every release. Great features being added that I had not even known I needed but now use every day. Keep up the great work!

- Many nice features!

I like to edit my posts and this allows you to do that, upload pictures, search lists, very nice app. I’m not sure if it will do offsite way points I haven’t figured that out yet.

- Better than the official app!

Cachly has way more options for the experienced geocacher. My favorite is the addition of trackable logs when logging geocaches, something the official groundspeak app does not include. Definitely my go to app!

- Great App!!!

I gave up using the official Geoacaching app because I love Cachly!!! I’ve found over 1,000 caches and find this app very intuitive and easy to use with lots of useful functionality. Keep up the great work!!! I’d give you ten stars if I could.

- Good

I like this app especially when trying to plant new caches it gives you the red ring so you know if you’re far enough away. It dose Thaler some time to get use to this app. But once you do it’s a blast.

- Nice

4 stars only because of the unnecessary extra taps I have to do every time I log a cache. It would be a great improvement to have log type and mage on the main logging screen.

- Please add feature to show recent tracks

This app it just missing showing your tracks, a very helpful feature when navigating in the woods!

- Beware - CHEATED OUT OF $$$

I agree with other reviewers. I had to pay to download the app then once in the app you don’t have full access to the list of caches. What’s the point? I feel cheated that I bought an app that then requires you to pay a membership fee to use it. Three caches are not enough when some of them aren’t even still valid. This app is BS. Just use a website to get coordinates and then use your maps on iOS.


i’ve been using Cashlea for a quite a few years now and it by four beats any other geocaching at five ever tried including the geocaching app from ground speak with the constant updates and improvements I love it

- Horselady9

Cachly is the BEST!! User friendly... and I haven’t learned how to utilize everything!!! I was able to use an offline list from a fellow Cacher today when we had no service. Cachly saved the day!!!!

- Love it

Love the app. Have used it for about 2 years and still learning new things it does. Problems quickly fixed by updates.

- The Best!!!

I love Cachly because it is user friendly and has so many options and filters making caching much easier. It's so easy to log caches in the field also!!

- Worldwide treasure hunt!!!

This is the best outdoor activity EVER!! I love to explore the parks and roads and learn about the places ad I look for the next cache. Take your kids and friends away from games and tv and let them play in the real world! 😍😍😍

- So far, so good

Only been using for a few days, but seems to be great. Got it mainly so I could use my Apple Watch, and the app seems to work very well with it. Gotta go now and find some Geocaches!!

- Best iOS caching app

I been using Cachly fo a couple of years and it has become my favorite caching app. It has gone over and about for feature and filters. This is one to get.

- The best there is!!!!

I’ve been using Cachly for years and it just keeps getting better and better!!! For ease of usage, reliability and quick, accurate results, it can’t be beaten.

- Great App for caching

After they redid geocaching app I wanted to find something that is more user-friendly. Cachly is it. My only complaint is I can’t figure out how to go for meters to feet in the app I do the calculations as I go.

- The only one you need

This is by far the best geocaching app on the market. Don’t waste your time trying others this is the one you want.

- Awesme

I was on the fence for a while buying this. I have had it for over a year and love it. I do use the geocaching app every once in a while. But my go-to is Cachly!! Keep up the great work!

- Great app with a developer who is adding more and more!

I love Cachly and Nick is adding so much. Glad he added trackable images in this new 5.1 update. Also the interface is getting super clean and modern! Thank you for making the best geocaching app!!!

- Cachly

I just love the cachly app. It is so similar to the old app and I can work my way through it with ease. I tell everyone about it. Great job at putting it together for us to use

- The Best!

This is the absolute best Geocaching app for the iPhone! Everything on this app is well done and getting better with each update. The official geocaching app dosen't come close to this one!

- Great! Has Many Helpful Features

I use both the Geocaching App and Cachly. Both are great apps but Cachly has many features the other app doesn’t and works great!

- Great app

Better than the Geocaching app and easier to use. I used this in several foreign countries including in the Caribbean with no problems.

- Great app I recommend it😀👍

Better than the original geocaching app for iOS users the 5 dollars 💵 was worth it for what you get

- Great geocaching app.

Easy to use and nice to be able to download caches offline. Also nice to have the images available.

- Best caching app for the iPhone!!

Been using the app for 2+ yrs. it was great before, but the latest update makes it even better. Best caching app, hands down.

- Geocacher.

This is a fun app I’m now leaning its use so far this has worked great, easy to use I think it would be good for any level of geocacher.

- Poor app. Confusing. Not Mobile Optimized

Why would anyone build an app in 2017 that isn't mobile optimized? Why? In addition navigation is confusing and not intuitive. I am in IT for a living and I can't figure it out. Spend 5 bucks and they still want you to upgrade to be a "premium member". Premium garbage. I do not recommend.

- I paid extra for offline maps

I paid extra for offline maps but it kicked and I signed back in and now it says I’m not a premium member when I paid extra for it

- The Best

Used for the first time today and was able to get 5 FTF along with 15 other finds. I love the filters that can be applied to the pocket queries.

- Old Salt

I am very tech literate and I haven’t found anything yet to complain about 😎 Used two weeks.

- Great adventure!!!

We love this app! The $30 upgrade is well worth the memories and experiences you and your family will create.

- Top Notch!

Cachly is my favorite app, not only because it enhances my favorite sport, but because the marvelous developers, beta testers and user community is so responsive and supportive!

- Cachly is fine

I like Cachly better than geocache even though they are the same, but Cachly on iPad is horizontal as well as vertical if you want.

- Wow!

We’ve been geocaching for 6 years. We just discovered this app. I wish we had found it sooner!

- Widget

Great App....only thing missing is a widget for this so I don’t have actually search for the icon on my screen.

- Cachly

I find Cachly must more user friendly than the official app love that it displays attribute I wish it showed loggers numbers of finds so I can judge the credibility of their DNFs

- Superior to the official app!

I love how many features this app has compared to the official app. Definitely worth the price!!

- Use it all the time.

We’ve used Cachly for several years. I prefer it over the official app.

- Fantastic Geocaching App

The best app by far. So glad I switched years ago. Support these amazing developers. They listen to the community.

- Cachly app

This app is the best app I have EVER used for Geocaching There are so many things that this app does that others don't It does everything I need, everything I want and more The creator has thought of just about everything and put it in this app And it's all easy to navigate If you don't use cachly your wasting your time

- Family Fun

Love it! Such a fun and inexpensive way to spend a day, a couple of hours, or grab one here and there. Good, clean family adventures 👍🏼

- The App for and by Geocachers

Ask any geocacher using IOS what they use for geocaching and you will undoubtedly hear Cachly. There is a reason for that....

- Number one

This is the number one best geocaching app for iPhone or iPad. I have tried them all.

- Where are they?

What did you do to my offline lists? That’s just wrong! Getting ready to go ooc and I’m glad I looked before I got on plane. HELP! Well, Nic really tried to help resolve this, but my offline lists are just gone! I’ll have to rebuild them as I have time,,, very frustrating. Thanks for working with me on this one...

- Hard to use

This app is great because there is no hidden fees but only problem is that when you zoom in there is no map detail like roads or buildings or color in that point PLEASE fix other than that great job.

- Bar none the best geocaching, leadership, meh

To tell you how much I believe in this app I paid for its sponsorship in the GPS Maze in Texas after its leadership turned down the exposure to 3000 cachers in the US.

- Great app.

I have been using the Geocaching app for many years and gave this a try. I like this app

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The Caching Bag explains one of Cachly's newest tools while out finding caches. Have you used this feature? ➞ She also discovers an interesting stat of hers while applauding the new cache owner dashboard. ➞ #geocaching #blog

Cachly - Geocaching 6.1.4 Screenshots & Images

Cachly - Geocaching iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cachly - Geocaching iphone images
Cachly - Geocaching iphone images
Cachly - Geocaching iphone images
Cachly - Geocaching iphone images
Cachly - Geocaching iphone images

Cachly - Geocaching (Version 6.1.4) Install & Download

The applications Cachly - Geocaching was published in the category Navigation on 2015-12-11 and was developed by Zed Said Studio LLC [Developer ID: 392666756]. This application file size is 109.2 MB. Cachly - Geocaching - Navigation app posted on 2020-10-14 current version is 6.1.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.zedsaid.geocaching

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