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What is hive social app? Share content and connect to people you love on Hive.

- Express yourself with our customizable Music Section
- Full app color themes and zodiac signs
- Explore trending and new content on our Discover page with tons of communities
- New Asks feature where you can get to know creators better
- Repost, share, and reply to posts or upload Gifs with our Gif feature
- Easily grow your account with an algorithm that boosts your organic reach

We make it easy for you to discover content you enjoy, whether it's photos, videos, or statuses. Our music feature allows you to express yourself, our Asks feature makes it even more fun to interact with other users, and with our chronological home feed, you'll never miss a post from your family and friends either.

Explore your favorite content on Hive.

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App Name Hive Social
Category Social Networking
Updated 30 August 2023, Wednesday
File Size 105.25 MB

Hive Social Comments & Reviews 2024

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Has potential. I love the app if it would work I completely understand it’s new but it has so many flaws in it the app kicks me off anytime I try to upload anything or write a status was told to delete the app and reinstall it after that it locked me outta my account for a whole day saying I have to verify my email cuz of location issues tried multiple times did work til the day after then after getting back onto my account the next day it deleted all my post including written videos and pictures I love what it can be but I’m really hoping they fix the bugs cuz the app is amazing but worthless if it don’t work and deletes everything very sad hope it works soon cuz I want it to take out twitter

Great alternative to that OTHER app. There’s a social media exodus occurring right now, and if you’re a regular Twitter user who just wants a version of that without the lunatic owner and fringe userbase, then Hive is the thing you’re looking for. Yeah, you could try Cohost, but as of right now, there’s no mobile support, and — I mean — c’mon. You could try Mastodon if you’re *really* into research, ‘cause you’re gonna have to do a lot of it before joining: researching which app is best, and then researching which server to join (a mandatory bar to entry), and then hoping your moderators aren’t closeted bigots who will happily get your whole community un-federated if it means sticking to their own stupid opinions. Tumblr’s always an option, too. No complaints there — if they can survive a take-over by Yahoo, at least they’re more resilient than Twitter after its take-over by *a* yahoo. But let’s be honest. You don’t understand half the stuff the crazy fanbase on Tumblr is even talking about (god bless ‘em). So just give Hive a shot. It’s the scruffy underdog app run by — like — two kids in a basement, and somehow manages to compete with major, multi-billion dollar platforms. You’ll like it.

Almost perfect. I just joined not too long ago and I’m a very picky person. I really nitpick whatever I do. I know that this is a small developed app, so I had gentle enthusiasm. I love most of it so far. It’s a combination of my most used apps, so I feel familiar yet with the app. I love the pronouns on your profile, I hope they add more! I love that you can choose whether you want your zodiac sign displayed. The color options, banner, post organizing, being able to like, comment, and repost, etc. Community seems lovely so far. I am having some issues with slow loading and regular crashing that I don’t experience with any other apps I have. I’m hopeful it’s something that will get fixed so I’m only removing a star. I still highly recommend otherwise!

NSFW not working. Porn everywhere (also buggy). I understand that this may not bother some. But as someone who actively tries to avoid looking at NSFW and other more pornographic images, it’s clear to me that this option is not functioning well on the app. It doesn’t matter whether this option is toggled or not, there are still many NSFW images that are appearing in my search/feed. I don’t feel secure using the app so long as this privacy setting doesn’t function correctly. Also, app is slow and buggy. Making things load slowly and sometimes the app starts rapidly flashing on the screen. I’d love an app not under the Meta company that I can use to share my work on. This app seems like it could potentially be that if they fix these major issues.

Don’t Waste Your Time. I throughly enjoyed this app until about 5 days ago when the entire app glitched and wouldn’t load my feed. My notifications wouldn’t load and once they did they wouldn’t take me to the corresponding post when I clicked the notification. I attempted to sign out and sign back in, but when I did that it takes me to a page to create an entirely new account. I’ve reached out to support three times for help with this and no one will get back to me on how to access my original account despite sending three emails to support. I’m bummed because I really liked this app and where it was going, but having to start over from scratch after being established on the app for a few weeks is so frustrating with no help in sight.

Nice but Needs Adjustments. The layout is way better than Tumblr, Facebook, and Mastodon. It’s very similar to Instagram and Twitter. But there are flaws in security like blocking people. The discovery tab is fine but needs a bit more work to be a broader in interests. Also you can’t delete your app which is odd. Sometimes it’s slow and some features doesn’t work all the time. I have high hopes for this app and I see the potential. Maybe hire ex Twitter and old IG employees to make what those apps to help with technical & security issues. I’m putting this app on hold until I know they have more ppl in their team to improve its fixable flaws.

A pretty good platform, yet it’s serve engine and loading speed are god awful. So far my experience with this platform are pretty good, it’s a rather promising one at that, and hopefully will grow up to be as big if not bigger than Twitter. Non the less I have some issues with it. Firstly, the loading speed, it horrendously slow, and it takes almost hours for someone to load up entirely, regardless of what it is. And secondly the search engine, it only looks up users. Nothing more, I was thinking that there would be more you could look up, like other posts and hashtags. So could you guys take my constructive criticism to heart and use it to help improve this platform, please?

A work in progress, but VERY promising. Hive is still relatively new as far as social media platforms goes, but already it shows a lot of promise. A lot of new social media platforms try to find some gimmick or attempt to reinvent the wheel. Hive looks to be taking a lot of “best-of” features from other popular social media platforms in the last 2 decades and refining and mixing them into something very solid. Currently my only feedback is: * App performance can be a bit slow at times, but I’m willing to chalk that up to a rapid influx of new users. * Accessibility features such as alt text on images are still in development as of posting this review. * No 2-factor authentication yet. Hopefully we get this soon, as 2FA is pretty important for the modern web. * No desktop/browser interface yet. Overall, I’m leaving my review of 5 stars based on an understanding that this is still a new platform. Hive deserves some attention and could easily become one of the next major platforms if it keeps momentum.

High Potential. This app melds together the best of Instagram and Twitter into one- plus MySpace and more! It’s both refreshing and nostalgic at the same time. My rating is based on the design and ideas, however, people must understand that this app suddenly is gaining a ton of users and has only been managed by two people. So there’s a lot of room for growth and development needed due to the recent high demand. This definitely has the building blocks set to be a better social media than Twitter, and maybe even Facebook and Instagram.

Inoperable. Best of luck in the future but right now this app is completely inoperable. From infinite loading to flashing screens to the app randomly closing, I can barely post one picture and certainly can’t browse. I understand that there are only a couple of developers on this app but that is what a Beta period is for, all these things should have been ironed out long before a public launch. And it’s sad because these problems are going to make people who have joined abandon the app, because frankly none of us want an indefinite wait for an app that is developed properly. I hope this mistake hasn’t dug a grave for this app because “done” is not a strong enough word for what I am with the MetaMusk regime, but I for one am uninstalling because as of right now this app is so clunky it can’t be considered a competitor.

Promising Platform Ahead!. I’ve enjoyed Twitter, I’ve enjoyed Instagram, and after seeing Hive advertised as possible new challenger to the social media landscape, I decided to join. Currently the experience is a bit of a mixed bag, but I see the vision for the future. I love the idea of scrolling through a feed of both images and text, and can see immense potential to build community around specific topics (I use Instagram for the bookstagram community, and see BookHive as a promising, even more multi-use tool). I’ve enjoyed customizing my page and could see that getting even better over time. Lots of user experience kinks to work out (and I’d love to see more accessibility features like image/video descriptions), but I think with more investment and time this app will rival long-standing social media institutions. Excited to see where it goes!

super buggy. the app has an option to enter your birthday so you can opt in to display your zodiac sign. it says you cannot change it once it is set. the prompt said DD/MM/YYYY. i was hesitant but i followed the prompt and entered the day first then month then year. then i go to check it after it’s already been set in stone and it’s showing a different zodiac sign than what i am. not a big deal, right? i then went to the help center to try to get in contact with someone and let them know about this ‘bug’ but when you open the page it’s like blank. no email. no form to fill out. nada. i’ll have to check my popup settings just in case but something like that shouldn’t be made into a popup lol it is a super cool app besides these things i’ve experienced and i’m not going to delete the app or anything like that. this is just the only way i can tell someone that there’s an issue lamo

Very Promising!. Simply put, this platform is very impressive. I recently quit Twitter and have been going through the alternatives to see what I find the most intriguing and unique. Initially, I tried Mastodon but it took over a week to receive a verification email and by that point, I had lost the little interest I had in their server-focused platform. As for Hive, however, my verification went straight to my email (spam folder) and I was able to instantly access the platform. So far, I really love what it has to offer, especially with the music option. As a musician myself, I will find that very useful and I’m sure many others would as well. I also like that can you can clearly display your pronouns and your zodiac sign to express yourself beyond what you could’ve on Twitter. I’ve heard this app is developed by 2 people, and if that is still true, that is beyond impressive. I’ve experienced a few glitches but nothing too crazy, with exception of one. About 20 minutes ago, whenever I was trying to type a comment on a post in my search feed, my screen violently flashes black and white for seemingly no reason until I quickly submitted my comment. It was very jarring and quite frustrating but I’m able to look past that. Overall, I’d consider this to be a great platform worth checking out, especially if you’re familiar with navigating Twitter.

I’m in LOVE 💕✨ and I’ve never been this attached to a new app!. THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST LOVE CHILD SOCIAL APP OF BOTH TWITTER & INSTAGRAM PERIOD. This app has literally EVERYTHING the two Titan apps currently don’t have and then more! Non-Cropped Images, Supports Long Videos + Videos in general, change colors on profiles, 🔥INTRO MUSIC TO YOUR PAGE🔥. This is definitely an app you must get if you never had MySpace as a kid(me) Of course there is some bugs like some posts loading longer than usual and add ons suggestions that should be on the app like shuffled music, add stories (quick 24 hour posts) etc but I’m not asking for much since there’s literally only a handful of people working on this app alone. Anyways LOVE THE APP, definitely a better alternative from Elon Run Twitter ✨ 🙏🏾🙏🏾PLEASE DONT BE BOUGHT OFF BY ANOTHER BILLIONARE THATS ALL I ASK THANK YOU🙏🏾🙏🏾

A lot of fun!!!. In my 7 months of using this app, I never thought I would meet people and end up being friends with them. I appreciate every single one of them and I am so grateful for Hive. Sometimes there’s problems on the app, but I never gave up on it. Developers on this app are amazing too!! Literally everything they’ve done so far is just wow plus they really do make Hive a safe space and they act on it fast, I love them for that!!! Every update makes the app more exciting, so I’m looking forward to the future updates & features soon! Hive is just so fun and you can express yourself without feeling judged by anyone. You end up meeting the kindest and sweetest people in there too.

I see the effort and it has potential. There’s clearly bugs to be worked out, changes to be made, and all the other stuff that comes with running a brand new social media especially as a small team. On the other hand I downloaded it to be early expected the bugs and everything that comes with it because I tend to download beta games, the trick is to look into how the app itself will stick out and function long term not on how it functions now. I love the interface and ideology behind the media keep up the patches and I’ll keep staying here much love.

Great Premise, But Needs Some Improvement. I downloaded the app after seeing someone mention it on Twitter. It's a great app, I like how it incorporates the square display of IG and the text posts of Twitter. It kind of reminds me of MySpace with the music incorporation. It's easy to navigate and quite straightforward which I really appreciate. There just needs to be a bit more work on the app's stability. If I want to post a picture I always have to exit and refresh the app before being able to find it. When I visit my account screen, my posts don't show up and I have to keep refreshing it. This could be said the same for both the "Square" display and the "Slide" display. It might be okay for me because I'm not a content creator but it might be a hassle for actual content creators. All in all, great app and exciting. If it wasn't for the laggy features I would give it 5 stars.

It has potential, if it wasn’t so buggy.. I absolutely love the layout for HIVE, how it’s basically instagram+Twitter with a hint of myspace decorative options to it with the music feature and color profile themes. It’s such a neat app to showcase artwork or pictures, separating different categories of text you post and images you share. There are different genre albums you can look at daily depending what you like (beauty, anime, art, etc). However the HUGEST thing for me is IT IS ALWAYS CRASHING!!! It is SO slow and buggy. I can’t even upload images, because of how buggy it is. I can’t even properly utilize the app ): I wish it had a desktop version available just to see if it was the app, my phone, or the servers. I don’t have this problem with any other app. Which is a bummer as I was really excited to use this app, it’s lovely just so buggy..

Disappointing. They kept hyping themselves up signed up when everyone thought Twitter was going to explode, when I tried signing up it forced me to use my phone number to sign up instead of my email and for months I could not change it now I have a new phone number, cannot log into my account since it was linked to my old number unable to change it cuz "it's not feeling well" tried to make a new account with my email and apparently it already exist but I can't change the password even tho I only signed up with my (old)phone number and there is no "forget password" to send me a email to reset my password Honestly this app reminds me of threads half baked coming out too early before it was all ironed out for release

Pretty good but needs work. I found this app really good so far. I deleted Twitter and the only thing I had was Instagram, but the problem was my art would be very low quality. On Hive, it’s keeps the same exact quality and resolution the image was originally so that’s always great. My problem with it so far is performance. I don’t know if it’s a connection issue, but I have been finding my experience to be very laggy whenever I switch from my profile to the search bar. Even when I look for a specific hashtag it takes a bit for it to load and it’s pretty slow. Again I don’t know if this is an internet issue, but I hope this gets fixed cuz I do think this app has potential.

Ideas?. I see a lot of potential in this app. Its full of all of the most helpful and wanted features from different platforms and its all put together so nicely. Easy to navigate. Using gifs as profile pictures and banners would be awesome. Maybe more than just one song on profile too? It would also be awesome to add an addition to the users zodiac information, maybe clicking on their sun sign could show the rest of their signs in each planet? Id love to see my moon and rising on my display page. An addition to fullscreen short form video viewing like the other social media outlets would definitely help compete too.

I like it but. I like the app but I’m getting really tired with how long it’s taking to get the app back up to speed. Part of the blame I’m sure lies with the weekly update schedule. Don’t wait a week to fix major things, push updates out as their done. It’s also pretty annoying to hear things are getting fixed like DMs and they haven’t yet. They said it was gonna be last night but still nothin. And everybody I’ve encountered can’t even post videos or gifs bc they don’t work. If they focused on this things and just pushed the update out when it was finished, it wouldn’t be taking a month just to iron out bugs.

App has a lot of potential. As it currently stands, the foundation of this app are pretty cool. With a mix of twitter, MySpace, instagram, and Facebook all into one, this app (IMO) should surpass platforms like twitter and instagram. However, due to the nature of the development team (2 people), the app has its downsides. It’s currently super slow (probably due to server infrastructure and influx of new users) and some features (profile music) seem to not be working for some (it won’t play the music on ANYONES profile for me). I would give it a 5 star if these issues were to be fixed. Please for the love of god give this app some breathing room! Small dev teams like this one already struggle to keep up with rising feature demand, and it’s causing the foundations of this app to seemingly fall behind. Please support these devs! Best of luck to all of you!

Lacks Polish but not Promise. If you need a new twitter like social media platform this is the place to be. Profiles are similar to that of twitter but with a bunch of quality of life features. Profiles can be split into Main, Just text post, and just images. You can also edit posts, take advantage of far more characters per post, and set pronouns in your profile. I personally made myself a Battle toaster The point is this app is a great Twitter alternative for those looking for one, but this app does have its detractors. There is no auto created feed, You will see the post and retweets of who you follow but nothing else. If you want to see more stuff you need to seek out artist, influencers, game devs, etc yourself and follow them to see what they say. A lot of people are still trying to figure this app out so even the man stream celebrity’s only crack 4k likes but thanks to the low traffic this app has a more positive environment as opposed to the toxic cest pool that is twitter. Great app. Needs some tweaks to be one of the greats, but as it stands there is nothing else Better than it.

Unsafe and poorly designed. There are a few rudimentary safety features that are completely missing from this app. If you are being harassed you can’t block anyone (feature simply doesn’t work). You can’t remove followers in anyway. You can’t even look at the list of posts you have liked if you want to return to content you enjoy. If you become frustrated with the complete lack of safety and support and want to deactivate your account, guess what… you can’t. The app doesn’t even have 2FA of any kind. After this latest update the only difference I have experienced is that they now make you agree to a new terms and conditions before you can even log in. Having my information held hostage in this manner is just another stressor I don’t need, especially during the holidays.

The Bee’s Knees. Hive is its own social media platform. The mods are a small team who work tirelessly on bringing users a safe, fun, & exciting experience. If you experience any bugs or have suggestions for a more inclusive experience, they make sure to bring that to everyone. Each week they do an update based on suggestions & other aspects of app building. Verification is also free & easy so it’s not based on popularity or a charge but on users being real people. This app is one of my favorite social platforms. Truly, the bees knees.

While I mostly enjoy it…. Hive is a great alternative since Twitter started crumbling and with the rise of NFTs and AIs, things have been harder for artists such as myself to find a safe place to post art. This definitely feels much safer as far as I can tell and I hope Hive finds ways to protect artists on here! My only complaint is the NSFW function is pretty broken. Even as I posted one piece of art that was completely innocent, it still got marked for NSFW and I can’t toggle it off at all. And even if you hide NSFW, there’s still some NSFW content that’s shown that are possibly not marked shown in the discovery section. I would complain about the scrolling and unable to see my followers (that one just gives me an error) but in comparison, those are very minor. Otherwise, I’m grateful that this app exists and hope it gets improved upon. One suggestion also is to find an easier way for artists to post art from their pcs in the future but I know that’s a much longer road ahead. But I digress. Thank you and keep up the great work!!

It’s promising, BUT-. After seeing 90% of my twitter friends migrate over here I just knew I needed to follow them. They’re the only people who interact with my art. It’s a beautifully designed platform, and I love all of the customization features. HOWEVER, I picked a bad time to move over, as it seems the entire app is going through a rough patch of bugs. I can’t sign up, and most of my friends can’t log in. I’m holding out hope that hive can get it all sorted and bounce back. Most people don’t realize with it being such a new platform, taking on a flood of people from other socials may not be something it is equipped to handle (yet). With a little patience, I’m almost certain it’ll turn out great. For now though, it definitely needs some help.

Dangerous bug causes flashing screen. It started when I tried to make an account. When I tried to send the verification email, I never got the email (yes I checked my spam) so I hit resend email. Then it said “we have blocked all requests from this device due to unusual activity”. So I tried again the next day and got the same result. I used my phone number instead and I was able to make an account. So then I tried making a post with one photo, and everything went ok besides some clunky UI. But when I tried to make a post with many photos, it went very wrong. I posted 6 photos in the carousel post, and only 2 of them actually showed up. Four of the slides were just blank. It gets worse. When I scrolled through the photos again, the 5th and 6th slides started flashing INTENSELY. Like flashing from black to white to black VERY QUICKLY. This is a potentially dangerous bug to those who are sensitive to flashing lights. I’m not sensitive to it but it made my eyes hurt a bit. I’ve used this app for 10 minutes and the bugs are driving me nuts. The concept is really great, and the design is sleek, but the UI is clunky in some areas and the app just doesn’t work that well so far. I’m sure Hive will be a great app in the future, but as of now, it needs a lot of work. If you are sensitive to flashing lights, don’t download this app.

Great App, but one thing….. So far I’ve loved the app. It’s everything you’d want out of a social media minus the bugs, but that’s to be expected when a place blows up overnight. So A+ as far as the actual app, service, and community. It’s stellar. However, I do have a few major concerns that I feel the developers need to address: the TOS, privacy, & investor situation are all, at best, very unclear. It’s reasonable for people to expect to know what they’re getting into & how their data and privacy will be handled. Hive Social does a not-so-great job at explaining any of it. Eventually, left unchecked, this will get the app into MAJOR trouble. Please address these concerns so we can all continue to enjoy your space!

The future is exciting. I don’t leave reviews. I think they’re pointless 99% of the time. But I had to leave one for you guys. I feel like this app has MASSIVE potential. I love the community surrounding it and the devs seem to really love their app and love what they’re doing. I know to handle the workload, the team will grow but I hope the philosophy stays the same. I just wish I could help you two some how but I’m no app developer. If there’s a role I can play, let me know. You two have something special. Can’t wait to see the Hive grow

NSFW app. Not even 5 minutes into my first time using this app, I ran into NSFW content while browsing one of the trending categories. It was tagged as nsfw, and also wasn’t “artistic” which I guess according to the app’s FAQ is allowed. this was just video of a person touching their male reproductive organ. The settings say you have to opt in to displaying nsfw posts from your settings menu, but mine was turned off and this still showed up. Super off putting. I guess I can understand wanting to allow NSFW content but it doesn’t seem like this app moderates it or handles well and could be an unsafe place for anyone that doesn’t want to see that stuff. Besides that, the app feels buggy and laggy. Pages won’t load, and within the first couple of minutes in the app I had to quit and relaunch a few times just to see content or find the help menu.

Great App | Terrible Customer Service. Don’t get me wrong, the social media side of this app is great. They make sure people follow their guidelines and keep them to it. But that brings me to keeping people to uphold their guidelines… I had to make another account because my first one was immediately banned without warning. Not a notification in app or email in sight. And when I reached out to find a solution - no one was there to respond to my situation. It’s been very frustrating to deal with. I would’ve rated lower, but like I’ve mentioned before, the social media aspect is great. Plenty of respect within each community on here. So I’ll remain on Hive for that reason alone.

Great app, just really buggy. Really enjoy this app. There are a lot of bugs. For example, on your profile it shows how many posts there are but if you add and delete a post, the number won’t change. So it would say I have 8 posts when in reality I have 2 posts. The music feature on our profiles don’t work, I thought if you click on it a preview of the song would play but it doesn’t. Posting is kind of hard bc of the layout. Wish we got notifications. Also there’s a lot of creeps on the app so it’s really disappointing, esp when I have to put my profile in private bc of them and when this app is supposed to cater to a more socially friendly environment. There’s more bugs but these were the main ones for me. Can’t wait to see this app develop even more, it has a lot of potential.

Not worth the hype. I was one of many who recently downloaded this app and created a profile in the wave of moving away from Twitter. Initially, the app was very promising, but it has a lot of bugs and never ending processing times. And now it won’t even work! I open the app and nothing loads, on top of that it says I don’t have any posts which I have posted at least 7 times now and it won’t show any of my notifications. I have tried turning my phone off and on as well as closing the app and reloading it. Doesn’t help. I tried to post a new picture and it wouldn’t post it saying there was an error. So finally, I decided to delete the app and reinstall it only to have it not let me login. Every time I try to login, it sends me a verification email but when I confirmed the verification, it sends me to create a new account and not log into my current account. It is absolutely frustrating! I finally tried to just login without the verification, and it says there was an error. It has a lot of potential, but they really need to work out all of these bugs and issues before I even try to get back into it.

Solid Foundation. Looks very promising, recently left Twitter and while Instagram has been an okay replacement, this seems much less “commercialized”, more so a social app for people, not a company trying to maximize how to advertise products. Missed Myspace for the profile customization, which this has in it’s own way. I’m a new user, but I can confidently say I would rather support a platform like this versus a major social media site these days. Glad a major platform failing is bringing outlets like this to light for everyone to see and create communities around.

Has potential - some issues tho. I’m really enjoying this app. And think it has great potential in being a big social media platform however I do wish it was a bit more user friendly. It seems to be pretty glitchy (it is newer so it is expected, just hopefully this is fixed). Like when you are scrolling on your profile it tends to be glitchy when scrolling. And sometimes doesn’t let you see a full post. When I go to click on who liked my posts, it doesn’t work. The screen just stays blank. And the music feature isn’t working as well. Hopefully they work on these issues

A good effort for a small team, but nothing more. I decided to give Hive a chance since a large number of my friends moved over. The signup process was really fun and seemed like a welcoming home. However, after signup things started to fall apart quickly; errors while posting, multi-second latency on scrolling, and now a full service shutdown to address fundamental security flaws such as allowing edits of other people’s posts. Not to mention the security breach allowing attackers to read all of a users personal records and DMs. I really wanted to like Hive, but I’m just not sure I can ever trust them with my data again. It’s clear they mean well, but… that’s not enough. You also have to turn those intentions into actions.

Fantastic.. For only being managed by two people, this platform is *incredible*! I love the simplicity of it, and the customizable options for the profile. The social feeds flow exactly like Tw*tter’s, which means I can just post what I want without having to find stupid servers or groups to join. You can see posts from other people you’re not following, which allows you to find and connect with more people, and you can interact with them the same way you can on the Bird app. If people stick to using this platform, it’s going to be MASSIVE. Well done!

A good start, but still needs some work. I like the overall feel and the IG/twitter hybrid style of posting, and profile songs are killer (hello myspace!), but there’s still some work to be done on the back end before it’s “everyday useable” for social networking. Example: when setting up the account it prompts what topics interest me (I think I chose things like music, sports, tech, gaming, etc.) but if I click on the discover tab, I’m getting posts of half naked bros and OnlyFans thirst traps showing up on NEW and TRENDING sections. I think this is due to the flock of THOSE accounts who are like “ooo a new place to post my epic crotch shot for money!” is skewing the content right now, BUT I think if there was some sort of—I don’t know, dare I say algorithm—to filter out some of the junk (no pun intended) i’d have an easier time posting my own content and recommending it to others. ALSO… I think there should be a “Discover Accounts” section. So, for example, if a tech reviewer, or game developer, or athlete joins, it would be nice to see that the account is on Hive so I could follow it. Obviously this would change based on the individual’s choices when setting up the account, but that would be very helpful instead of the seemingly random pictures that are spewed up on the discover page.

Barely functions. I wanted to like Hive so badly. It's UI is so clean and sleek, but I'm getting so turned off by the constant infinite loading bug. Infinite loading when signing up for Hive, infinite loading when trying to set a profile pic, infinite loading when trying to make a post, infinite loading when trying to edit a post. This is definitely more of a visual issue because I just close the app and reopen and all the changes I made during the infinite loading were applied. It's just gross programming. Not to mention the constant fetish porn advertised on the "Explore" page is a MASSIVE turn off from the app. Is this app 18+ only? What if some 13 year old downloaded this app thinking it was like a new Twitter and all they got is a faceful of really niche fetish porn?? I am in no way complaining about the people posting it. But why is Hive blasting it to the front of their Explore page for random newcomers to see?? Overall I am massively disappointed in the developers and their app. If the app ever gets better as a platform or an app, I'll be happy to return and leave a better review. Until then, adios!

Glitch/Bug. Fascinating app! I started to enjoy it within the first 5mins of downloading Hive. I’m having difficulties w the app backing out after a few scrolls or whenever I tap on a pic/gif/vid. When that’s not happening the entire app and visuals is slow to load images. I’d like to suggest, if possible, it’d be dope if we were able to slide the screen right to return to previous screen (ex: if you were on your profile page instead of pressing the top left top corner of the page to return to the discovery page you could just slide right.) This would be useful for people such as myself who have big phones where it is inconvenient to reach the top.

Love the app so far, but there are a few issues. Since it’s overloaded with people the app frequently won’t load. I also saw a lot of people complaining they couldn’t get past the “Sign Up” screen because the “Next” button was greyed out. This happened to me as well, except I learned that you just need to add a special character to your password, they just forgot to prompt it:) hope that helps a few people. I’m hoping things will load better once it’s not as overloaded and they have some time to make improvements

Good app. I do like the app very much. I know right now the servers are are down so the security issues can be fixed which I think is a great idea cause no other app takes the time to shut down to make sure nobodies info is compromised while they’re fixing the problem. I know the app has gotten a lot of low reviews from people who can’t sign up rn or have their stuff not showing but that’s not a glitch. They have announced they shut their servers down while they were dealing with the security issues. It’s literally all over the internet if you just google hive social. I will change my review later about why I like the app when the servers are back up. But so far loving the app and loving that the hive team is taking care of the servers while trying to make sure nobodies info gets stolen.

Promising, but needs work. Just as many of the newcomers, I came to Hive trying to escape the putrid Twitter swamp. Joining was pretty straightforward. I selected art, astronomy, gaming, science, pets and horror as a few areas of interest. I was surprised that the “For you” selection that the app chose for me included a lot of women in sexy underwear, some topless men selfies and quite a few men in banana hammock. I thought it was pretty funny, so I’ll skip them. But the area that needs more work is the search algorithm. I’ve been trying to fin many of the artists that I love and that have also migrated to this platform, but neither a search for their names nor their handle been effective. I’ll stick for a little while, but I really hope searches become more accurate.

Promising but not quite there yet. I hadn’t heard of this app until yesterday and so far I’m loving it. It seems like the best features of various social media combined into one. However, it is quite slow. I get a lot of blank screens while things load, which takes longer than I would expect, despite using a wifi connection or 5G. Also - I have NSFW content turned off, yet when I go to explore I see a LOT of explicit content. Some is just suggestive, but others are straight up NSFW, sexual content. That doesn’t make it easy to use when I’m anywhere except at home. I’d be more likely to use it more if this were fixed.

excited for the future. i’ve just downloaded hive, and i looks like a really awesome social media platform. it has all of the features of picture posting and twitter like updates rolled into one, but there are also many cool features that make it unique, such as connecting music and choosing a color for the profile. it definitely could use some improvement, but so far it looks promising. i would like to personally suggest a way for creators to copy their own page linked url so that they can add it to a carrd or linktree. i’ve found i can do this for other profiles, but not for my own. additionally, i love that give allows for nsfw content to be distributed, but it would be nice if a blurred screen appeared on posts with the nsfw tag before viewing the actual post. this is just a precaution if anyone were to select “show nsfw” but they don’t want those things to pop up with they are just scrolling through their feed. i haven’t gotten to experiment with hives algorithm yet, but so far it looks great!

Platform has great potential but there are urgent issues.. This platform seems to work fine; I haven’t had enough time to crash it, but it hasn’t crashed yet. Good job so far! There are 2 immediate, urgent issues that the developers need to address, mostly for themselves, but also for users. 1) You need a DMCA Agent, and that information needs to be visible and established. It’s how a service protects itself from being liable for copyright and other violations. You should be able to get this established quickly just by searching for a DMCA Agent service. This needs to be visible and easily accessible from the web, not only from inside the app. 2) your password system refuses to accept dashes (-) as valid characters. The Apple password generation system uses several 5 character blocks separated by dashes, so your system refuses to use the password system of the platform for which it was developed. There are also some intermediate issues that will become an annoyance. Backspace is one character at a time — a long press does not remove several characters. Same with selecting text to copy or delete. That might be a bug. I would have sent this to you privately, but there is no contact information, and you are not accepting bug reports. These are both problems you need to address. I want this platform to succeed; these are new company issues that can be managed well and expeditiously, but they do need to be addressed.

Has potential but that’s it for now!. Hive definitely has potential but nothing more right now. The search function is next to useless. The Discover tab shows mostly porn & sex workers which seem to make up the bulk of the people using this platform. The layout & color palette are great but the owners need to understand a serious social media platform requires a large group of skilled workers to scale up. So far I’ve seen nothing that indicates they understand this. Only one owner is out in the open while the other is hidden. Not sure how long that’ll work while still allowing people to have faith in the platform. I’ll keep an eye on Hive but I’m moving on in my search for a Twitter replacement.

Enjoyed this app at first. It was fun and welcoming initially but I notice my loading times are still very poor and as someone with bad internet I don’t have 3 minutes in between every click to spare. When Hive shut down and came back I noticed how difficult it was to navigate the app more so than it first was. My loading times got somewhat better but every once and a while the app freezes, crashes, sometimes I scroll down and it won’t let me scroll back up for a second or two?? I’m not sure what all the developers have going on as I have heard there’s a total of three people building this app from the ground up. I’ve been trying for about 2-3 weeks now to delete my account and I am unable to do so. I went to check what email I attached so I could be sure to block Hive from sending me spam emails and that page is down too! If I can’t delete my account, my friends can’t delete their accounts, and I can’t even change my email or phone number I put in to make sure my dead account isn’t hacked one day. 2/5 contact me when I’m able to delete my account I’ll reinstall just to do that

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Gaining followers. This app has potential but when people follow me it does appear on my profile and still comes up as 0 followers, same thing when I follow someone it doesn’t show

Good alternative to Instagram. I’m really liking the app despite a few bugs and crashes. But I’m sure it’ll be amazing once the technical issues are smoothed out.

Ui Needs touches and has poor security.. No 2fa option, please implement totp or security key support (sms 2fa should be ignored). Nice ui but the back button doesn’t work half the time and swipe gestures are really finicky.

iPhone 7 problems.. Hello, my rating is only low because the only thing I can do is change my username. I can’t change my profile picture or update my name or search anything nothing is working, I understand this app is new so no one let this review change your mind the app seems amazing

Buggy unable to login at all. Lol the verification email doesn’t send and immediately shows up as max number exceeded or something. Also typos everywhere in the process. Tried to sign up again and says an account exists but of course won’t let me login. Totally broken.

Terrible. Where do I start? 1. I made an account as another place to put my art and to find other artists. But I can’t. It’s filled with influencers mislabeling their only fans content and forgetting to turn the nsfw toggle on so I can’t see it. 2. It’s super buggy. It’s so slow. It will tell me I have a like but I don’t. It crashes. It’s barely functioning. 3. I tried to post a video I made but I couldn’t. So I tried to post a picture but I couldn’t. I’ve been able to do it previously but now for some reason I can’t. 4. This morning when I went to check my notifications, despite saying I had 3 posts on the top, everything had been removed. It’s said no posts yet. 5. When I tried to deactivate my account I followed all the steps but it wouldn’t let me. I can’t use it, I can’t delete it. It’s completely useless 100% don’t recommend

Team are dedicated to fixes and security. Team at Hive are dedicated to their security and servers and have made it known that this app is a safe place

Great App! Although…. I noticed that app has gotten my zodiac sign wrong, I set my birthday to the 24th of September which is a Libra and it set me with Sagittarius?

Username character limit. Username setup appears to have a character limit of 15 characters. This makes it impossible for me to reuse my Twitter handle. Handle consistency is one of those precious things on the web. It’s important to allow that.

Not quite there. Seems to have a number of issues that make the app not function correctly with the security features of ios. Am unable to report bugs through apple idmsa, links to the developer contact website but displays no ability to submit a message

Tons of potential. Pros - intuitive design that’s easy to navigate - Very few bugs (I haven’t noticed anything myself) - Lots of fun Con - FAR too much Inappropriate/k*nky content that I think need some serious cutting back if the developers actually want this thing to do well. This is the only reason HIVE won’t be replacing my other social media’s anytime soon. But, if that gets fixed, this app would be fantastic. X

Issues with usernames. So far you can’t use spaces or . _ in your username. Added to the fact that you can’t seem to have a very long username it’s super unfortunate. I wanted to change to this but not being able to take my username from other platforms makes this difficult. Hope this gets changed as I was excited to try it

great alternative. !!!

Cute. Super cute app and am excited to use it. But it’s glitchy and whenever I log out I can’t log back in. Plus the adding song search feature doesn’t work too well

so buggy. I just downloaded it last night and it keeps making me login/ logout when I get out of the app, it won’t let me update my profile dp, header or bio etc..) and today it won’t let me login at all :( it’s a cool app tho, probably just hella buggy cause it’s new

Not happy.. So I tried to sign up and I never got sent a confirmation code, so I tried again and my device was blocked from the app for my efforts, because of so-called suspicious activity. Fix your app.

Good app, needs an update. Has the potential to be better than the gram! Great algorithm, although it’s very glitchy, won’t seem to let me edit my profile at all. Without a bio or profile picture it feels incomplete.

No scroll-to-top gesture??. Decent beginning for the app, it seems to check most things off; very well done! The dark mode can be quite difficult to read somehow? Maybe it’s contrast, idk. The big annoyance so far is that the scroll-to-top gesture isn’t implemented (scrollsToTop).

.. Really cool app, I love it but has issues with letting me post or edit my posts, also won’t load timeline

Ew. I hate this app it’s disgusting my daughter lenora saw ttl on here at that’s not safe at all now I wonder why kids these days do drugs GOODBYE KYLE

so much better. just installed it for the first time and it’s so much better, once it has a few more updates it’s legit gonna be better than insta

Bad app. Email verification doesn’t work, app seems like a Twitter rip off. Good try though.

please add an NSFW "off" feature. i know im 17 and i should deal with this but theres an overwhelming amount of sexual content (like i saw this guy rubbing his ding ding threw his underwear 😰) and i was wondering if you guys could add like an NSFW content warning feature or a feature to "block" certain tags so that the posts under those tags are like "invisible" ig? sorry if it would be too hard to manage but thanks anyways

A good start. I know this is a new app, and therefore a work in progress, and I’m willing to forgive that. But there are some areas which REALLY need improvements before others. 1. There is explicit content **everywhere**. Your development team should have addressed this before launch; I’m well over the age of consent but have no desire to see this. There should at the very least be a safe-explore toggle to turn off “adult” content but ideally, some better filtering as well. The fact that I can search completely innocent terms and get immediate results for straight up porn is so wrong. 2. Still a lot of display bugs, including one on the home page which causes constant repeated flashing on iOS. Not great for any epileptics out there, or anyone who suffers visual-related migraines. 3. An option to turn off notifications from hive, PLEASE? I don’t want to mute all notifications, I care about messages from people I follow. I don’t want the app notifications that have started popping up every day, they’re just more noise in an already noisy world.

Glitchy AF. Literally will not keep a profile or cover photo up. When I edit profile the save button doesn’t work 🤷‍♀️ I can’t edit it because nothing saves. I was super excited now I’m just disappointed

A lot of technical issues. Really cute app and layout, but it’s super glitchy. Unable to update photos/cover photo, unable to change name and just constant error pop ups. Please fix the issues!

so many bugs. just had a bug fix update but still can’t change any part of my profile at all :/ i’ve been refreshing every single day because i’m so keen to use this app but it’s simply not working right now

Couldn’t even create an account. Create an account via email simply stopped with no explanation. Had to go to a separate social media to discover only 100000 per day can sign up with email. Sorry that I’m too old school and refuse to give access to other accounts.

App not working :/. This app looks like it has a lot of potential with where it’s heading but it still needs a few things fixed. I’m not able to change my profile picture, name, bio and I cannot see any posts on the app not my own. Please fix this and then I’m sure this app will be amazing :)

The app we have been waiting for !!!. Instagram who? This app is going to take over with its algorithm, music adding profiles and easy to use functions💕

lots of potential!. it’s a really cool app- no ads- it’s clean and simple it goes have a lot of issues with lagging/glitching, i’m stuck on a black loading screen rn, but in a few updates it’ll be perfect!!!

Doesn’t work. App is just a grey screen forever. I originally logged in and got it working but haven’t been able to get in for over a month, even after uninstalling and reinstalling.

Good, could be better Social Space. Love fhe sign up process simple and easy to do. Timeline is chronological which is awesome. Just needs in app reporting instead of using email to submit. However the feed is extremely slow to load. Font size is way too small.

Can’t change my pic. I cannot change my pic or update a bio. I’ve been trying for two weeks in a row. Not happy

Hard pass. Couldn’t see or edit any of my own posts, constant lagging and glitching, randomly deleted my account one day then when I went to sign back in it told me the username was taken, so my account still existed but I no longer had access to any of my NSFW posts.

Username issue. Currently trying to create an account & up to the section where you pick your username. No matter what I input it states sure the username is taken. It could be a jumble of words, or even non-sequential letter and numbers, but it still claims the username is taken. Can this please be addressed?

Mmm.... It seems like it could be okay if you get the hang of it, but don’t like that there’s no option to access privacy settings, and there’s no way to delete your account???? And if you go to app support, the server isn’t active?

Broken. I’ve tried to deactivate and delete my account over several weeks and the deactivation delete button does not work. I just want to delete and not have my personal information on this account

Can't even use it. I was planning to transition over to Hive to get away from the craziness on twitter but I can't even use Hive. I uploaded a profile pic and background image and it wouldn't upload I then updated and all I get is a grey screen. I can't even use the app now.

Porn. literally porn all over the home page not hidden or anything really unsafe for minors and pretty sure illegal to expose under 18’s to this?? isn’t this also against apples own rules for apps?

Won’t let me edit profile. It doesn’t let me edit my profile and it constantly logs me out

Rather good!. I quite like this social media platform. It is very clean, and doesn’t have any gimmicks. My one suggestion to improve it is make the main feed a little more cohesive. The pull down to refresh doesn’t always work, and it has a ‘slow’ feeling about it.

glitch- not working.. username keeps changing back to a blank. nothing is loading. i search- it’s blank. my posts aren’t showing. everything is blank.

Good but could be great. I think it’s a great app and has some cool features like repost, typed post(like tweets) and adding songs you like on your profile but it keeps crashing a lot and often it won’t let me log back in. In some areas it’s ahead of platforms like inst@gr@m (using insta as an example bc often is compared to hive) in the ways that hive has taken influence from other socials like Twitter but I feel it’s still lacking and overall would prefer another social like Twitter or insta. I think with a few fixes and added elements it could be ahead of many socials, these tweaks being: - being able to stay logged in instead of having to log in every time you open the app. - having the option to have multiple accounts attached so it’s easy to switch between accounts. - have stories or being able to go live. - have the option to make a slide or collage when you post photos/videos.

Good but could be great. I loved the app way better than the instagram. BUT for some reason I can’t see the pictures that i edited on Lightroom on the gallery to be posted, also the song for the home page keeps bugging for some reason.

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Impossible de créer un compte. Impossible de créer un compte quelque soit la méthode utilisée. Tourne en boucle et ne charge jamais …

Has potential, but way too broken atm. I liked it for the first few days it worked for me, and I’d like to support it as it updates and gets better (hopefully) but as it is right now, it’s REALLY broken, even after the mass twitter panic probably making this app break its still not functioning at all now that’s settled down. Posts haven’t updated on my feed or explore for over a week, posts never load on someone’s own page, just tried deleting to see if it’d refresh my feed but now it won’t log me back in at all (saying it’s an issue on Hive’s end). I only address this because I really do wanna see more alternatives to Twitter, more platforms and opportunities for artists to share their work. I’ll check on it again soon and hopefully it logs me back in, but until then I’m locked out, and wanna still try this app out once it’s working more functionally.

Loving the Hive 🐝. I’ve been on the app for a couple days now and there’s a clear difference in navigating social spaces. Everything is more user friendly, their tagging system makes finding new creators easier, engaging with others is a simple matter of like, share or quote. Love the customizability of the layout beyond just light or dark mode. Excited to see where the Hive team takes it.

I love this social app!. Been using this app for some time now, I love it! Love it so much, I forget to post on other socials 🙈 Hive is it!m & the creators are amazing!!! 🤍👏🏼

Needs Work. Looked promising but after yesterday’s ios update things no longer worked so i logged out and tried to log back in and can not.

Poostore. So far so good.

Meh. Trying to create an account in Hive is a painstaking and arduous task that seems to go on and on forever, and just when you think things are going your way, nothing happens…

Flubbed. This had steam but not execution. Oh well

Broken app. I’ve had this app for weeks and it’s just a white screen

Slow. Such a cool app and twitter replacement with pretty colored themes! I like it, but understandably, it’s slow to load things. It does not load any new posts other than my own now. No new posts from followers or in trending/for you pages.

Missed opportunity. Use at own risk.. The app’s attempt to rush in and capitalize on an opportunity that it was grossly unequipped and unprepared for has been more than evident. It took way too long to repair and patch the damage or address the issues surfaced with privacy, security, nsfw content. It’s still largely a problem. Twitter replacement, it is not. There’s potential for it being a design/photo sharing app if it wasn’t consistently overrun with unsolicited NSFW posts front and center. Most of the base seeking a Twitter alt has moved on or passed by. Make an account at your own risk.

App not responding. App is somehow not responding or working at all…

Can’t access account and Spotify. I seem to have lost all my posts and can’t view any of the followers I have and I can’t set up my Spotify. It’s a sick app, I love it but I am really sad it’s doing this. Help?

I really want to use the app but. The app doesn’t work. It won’t even let me post anything. It’s just all bugs and glitches. Guess I’ll have to stick to Instagram. 😩 So frustrating

🤣💀. lol app sucks people think they are too good to follow back

It’s so good now!. I’m so thoroughly impressed by this app at this point. The app harkens back to a more fun time in social media. It’s really really a great app, the owners seem to kind and there’s been lots of user support today. I don’t recognize nearly any of the past complaints from a couple years ago. Also, love being on an app that’s not owned by a billionaire (as of yet, anyway). I would love to see many more people join Hive🫶

My hive review from DevilSlayerr. As a streamer, I’m kind of liking this. I feel like being new to this and being early on the app will help me grow. This app is kind of slow but with a some updates and fixes it should be fine. It has the potential to overtake Facebook and Twitter. Just needs a work and effort. I’ll keep on posting on the app so get to know me🫡

Won’t allow me to make an account. Will not proceed to next step after entering email and password to create account. Wants me to use ‘phone number instead’ …will try again later

Excited about where this could go. I’m a pretty new member on Hive, but as someone who’s left social media for more than a year, I have to say that this has been a great alternative for good community and authenticity. It’s not a perfect app, but the CEO herself and her team actually reply to users and improve experience based on feedback (I can attest to this personally). It’s refreshing and great to see. Not paid to say any of this; it’s actually a fun app that’s going places. I’m sure there will be bugs and UI issues, but it’s overall super functional and easy to use.

Glitchy. Logged me out after I updated and now it wont let me log in because “something went wrong”.

Zero Customer Service. They advertise to email them if you have a problem but good luck bring anyone to respond. The app is still a glitchy mess & it’s just as toxic as all other social media. Been trying to delete my account but the delete link in the app doesn’t work & of course emailing them to delete it gets no response. Overall a terrible user experience and social network.

Deactivate does not work.. Option to deactivate exists but doesn’t work. I’ve tried over ten times and it still won’t let me.

Unusable. Downloaded the app, unable to create an account using any of the methods to sign up. Keeps saying to switch to phone # then to switch to email.

People. Theres lots of sluts on the app w there tits out ew

Media upload fails. App was working great and then began getting messages that the servers were down for upgrades. My posts disappeared, then came back a few days later. Now I can’t upload pics or video.

I enjoy this app. I really do enjoy it. It’s social media that feels fun

🤷‍♂️. Not sure what’s happening, but I’ve been unable to even open the app without seeing a blank, honey-coloured screen. Nothing loads. Can’t do anything, even after the multiple updates. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and I’m still experiencing the issue. I can’t even delete my account. Don’t waste your time.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I love this space, easy to navigate and friendly- good job!

Absolutely full of bugs and glitches. It's got good intentions but it's completely full, I mean full, of bugs and glitches. After repairing them, now DM doesn't work, can't receive follow request, can't see anyone who liked your posts. It goes on and on. It's a frustrating experience.

most features broken. spam notifications. bad/no support. there's no way to disable marketing notifications. zero support visibility. not sure why Apple allows an app where half the buttons don't work into the app store

Looking forward to it:). Still waiting to get in due to the overwhelming onslaught of demand lol, but I’m so grateful for all the hard work they’re doing. Borahae, Hive besties 💜 see you soon 💜

I like the app. I like the app it’s cool and unique but I wish you could add Amazon music as that’s the music service I have because I have an Alexa.

Really enjoying this app. I joined in the great migration of July 2023 and so far, awesome. Feels like a real person runs it instead of invisible employees who have no say.

Disappointing. It is incredibly slow. Likes appear and disappear. If you have nsfw turned off there are just so many genitals in inappropriate places. I’ve tried to deactivate my account numerous times and nothing happens. Emailed support 3 times (first time was 3 months ago) and have had 0 response. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone, especially since they won’t let you leave.

Please. Please update the app on iOS 14 ☹️

I expect great things.... This app has great potential, currently it's very slow to load anything, I hope that is fixed right away cause it does hinder usage...

Utter junk. They update the app and you can’t login. Instead being forced to make new account. :/

Won’t work at all. Wanted to try this to see if it’s a viable alternative to Twitter. Sadly, when I open the app, all I get is a grey screen and nothing else. Tried updating the app and deleting then reinstalling, but that still didn’t fix anything. Too bad there’s no web client as an alternative.

Not stable. After running my profile fit a couple of weeks I went to post one morning and everything was gone? All my older posts everything? Contacted the help but nothing

Was great at first. Was pretty good at first but now I can’t see posts from other people and when I logged out to see if that would help I can’t log back in either

So far very good no pressure engagement. Good clean social media app. I like it for its no nonsense approach.

Account deleted?. I’ve had the account for a week, couple days ago the servers were undergoing maintenance. Go to log in, account was deleted and phone app doesn’t recognize my log in info. Deleting app off phone- was giving the slow servers a chance but yea

Everything I’ve ever wanted 🐝. I love everything about this app. There’s only a small team working behind it, but they are LISTENING and working on the right things! This is a fairly new app, don’t expect it to be running like a 10+ years app developped by thousands of employees and you’ll have a blast! 💜

Slow, frustrating. White screens for days. No new post, no new accounts to discover. Bogged down by everyone‘a exit from Twitter. No communication to explain what’s going on. Frustrating.

Moved over from the bird app. It’s a little rough but I can tell there’s so much potential!

Can’t login after app update. When I open the app it asks me to create a new account, it won’t let me login into my existing account. If I try to open a new account it says my username is already taken. If I tap on “Cancel” the screen just goes completely black.

My favourite app. This app is seriously the best social media app out there. I love the formatting and the developers really do listen to and care about their users. Kinda want it to be my little secret because I don’t wanna see it blow up, but it really does deserve it!!

Love it + suggestion. This app used to have many lags and crashes but now it works amazing! It needs more people and more attention so I recommend you guys make some ads for it! + you guys should also add stories, that way if I wanna share something quick and simple, I can add it to my story! Overall! Amazing app Much love! :)💕

App is broken. App is broken. Posts deleted. Loads weird half the time. Half baked.

Can’t even get past the policy. So yeah, Hive looked promising but I clicked on Signing up, and I have this big grey page about the policy and terms and there is not button nothing to click to get to the next step, it’s just bug and I didn’t event had time to create an account. Great job !

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Promising But Flawed. This could be great, and hopefully will be! The inability to find contacts from other social media platforms (like twitter, aka why people are going to places like hive) is a massive roadblock. If we can’t find anyone unless they personally share their handle with us, it renders the social aspect almost completely moot. Additionally, case sensitivity and exact matching will definitely prove to be an issue in getting things trending and sparking communal conversation. It’s a nice, sleek looking app and I’m looking forward to seeing how it adapts in the face of a pretty substantial user migration.

Potential, but…... I enjoyed the app while using it. It was very welcoming and looked to be on a good start. There are some bugs with it such as long loads, incorrect notification count and a major one: my account was deleted without my doing. I logged out to log back in and it wanted me to create a new profile. The app needs some work but the structure and idea is sound. I would like there to be a web version for Hive Social too. I feel every social media platform should have mobile and web versions.

Lots of bugs, but great concept. Needs improvement.. This app is so cool and I love it. My main issue is that there are so many bugs to the point where it makes me not want to use it anymore. My favorite feature is how it plays music when you are on a profile including your own. I have it turned on to play music automatically but it doesn’t even work at all. It’s extremely frustrating and it’s making me want to delete the app. Other than that it’s a great app and I’m sure it will improve over time :)

OK, still needs cleanup. As much as I like Hive for the dual image and text post abilities, I don’t use it often because of how slowly bugs get fixed. My old photos have been stuck at low-quality since they did a major overhaul, to the point that I’m convinced it’s permanent, but there’s been no notice about whether this is fixable or not. Scrolling frames get stuck as well. This app could be so good and attract crowds from multiple social media spheres with a thorough cleanup…

Promising Platform. With this being a new social platform, I can see why it is super laggy/buggy. I love the mixture of Twitter and Instagram that I’m seeing. I like the ability to customize the profile. I did notice that pasting information to the post is a little laggy at times which I’m sure with time will get better. I mainly use instagram for book related post and I can see Hive (BookHive) successfully overtaking that in the future. I can’t wait to see what this app will have to offer in the future.

Love it but... It needs aloooot of work. Especially with the surge of new people, there are definitely bugs that need fixing and a few general things that should be added like allowing people to see who shared your post. Im excited to see if theres any updates im sure it could be alot better, or making sure the nsfw filter works. I already love it i love how clean it is but again it definitely needs some work to fix it up a bit more.

Great Potential!!. This app, while having been developed by just two people, has everything a social media platform needs, including good moderation policies and starting functionality! It’s like a nice blend of Twitter with text posts, Instagram with photo and video, Tumblr with asks and color themes, and MySpace with profile music. It even has a For You page! Haven’t gotten closely accustomed with the algorithm yet, but there’s still time! It feels very cozy and refreshing, and very easy to adapt to if you are coming from a bird app of certain infamy. I will have to give the devs time to scale up and squash some bugs to give it a full honest review, but so far I very much like the direction of the platform, and its already existing functionality quite a bit! Keep up the good work, busy bees 🐝

Has potential. Has some rough edges but give credit for being a small outfit and not owned by Musk or Zuckerberg. Discovery is the biggest problem I see, hard to find people of interest by search and you can’t get to search without seeing the Discover screen which has that trashy tabloid look of all the social media feeds I’m trying to stay away from especially since that screen is all images.

Great potential when it works. I’m enjoying the app a lot, and catching up with friends and other people I know. Unfortunately I am unable to even login today, and I don’t know if it’s a problem on my end or theirs. But other than technical problems I am enjoying the app. I know they said they’re working on the nsfw aspect and accessibility, so I am patiently waiting for those improvements. I think it can be a great app and good alternative to twitter in the future.

I see the potential. There is so much potential for this app and I’m really rootin for it, but my main thing is how slow everything loads and how I can’t even see my notifications when I do get any. I tried to contact support for an issue I was having but the contact button or number or email isn’t present. I gave 4 stars just because it takes forever to load and my notifications are gone lol I’ll change it as updates come up but this is all I have to say for it! Im so looking forward to new things!

So underrated and FUN! Better than Twitter by MILES!. I discovered this app after the CEO of Twitter decided to be a loser and limit the tweets we can view, forcing many people to get a subscription. I wasn’t about to spend my hard earned money just to get special treatment. I discovered HIVE through a friend, and instantly fell in love. It’s so easy and fun to make friends and I love interacting with everyone! Don’t wait anymore, get HIVE today!🍯

Let’s get this place popping!. This platform has a great foundation to become a viable social media network! It is very aesthetically pleasing and has some great features. As they continue to program the app, I’m sure that the app will only become even more functional. People are too used to the decades old, completely developed sites. I’m willing to give Hive a chance, and I hope you will too! I can’t wait for their team to grow and the site to benefit from that!

NSFW Content. I think it’s a super cute app and I believe it has a lot of potential, it is a bit confusing to navigate as it seems like there is a lot going on at once especially when scrolling, which I can get used to. I do think there should be a way to block out the NSFW content for adults who don’t want to see that every other post or even in the categories where it makes no sense to be in. Otherwise it’s cute and I’m giving it a chance and maybe my algorithm will change.

I think it will be a big app it’s just got a lot of issues. I definitely think the concept of this app will be great once they figure out all the problems that It’s got. For instance when you go to search for a category or a hashtag or a person The search bar will pull up but as soon as you click search it goes away and nothing pulls up. There is no way to connect with friends via your contacts, The entire app is really slow so I do hope that gets fixed

Nostalgic and comfortable. It makes me excited about social media again— and it also feels less in-your-face than popular apps. The ability to write in your interests, rather than being stuck choosing from lacking default options, while signing up told me everything I needed to know. Love the customization options, the relaxed pace, and overall feel of the app. Excited to use it more, and hopeful that it won’t turn out like alternatives

Good, but needs improvement. I like it in the way that it’s a decent replacement for Twitter, but it doesn’t have all the features I loved about Twitter. I want to be able to explore new things easier, like the search or for you page in TikTok. I’d also like to be able to add # so people can find me. It’s really hard to find new people on this app. I liked being able to add polls and photos in the same tweet before Twitter took it away. I also like the idea of shorts, small videos that can be added. I’d appreciate if these things were added.

Very buggy but see potential. I’ve been using this app for Art mainly. I’m really liking the layout of everything (though I wish there was a news section). It’s like Instagram and Twitter had a baby, but in a good way! It’s nice to have text posts and image posts in one. I also wish there was an easier way to connect with users other than searching or going through hashtag after hashtag. I’m sure if the developers were to see what everyone is looking for and use that to change the site it would improve drastically!

LOVE THE COMMENTS UPDATE!!. Love this app! Posts are chronological! You can post gifs, statuses, photos, etc. and you can even have a song on your profile page! Absolutely love the new comments page as well!! Not even going to compare it to Instagram or any other app because HIVE is truly unique and superior!! I can’t wait to see what else this app comes up! HIVE is the future and is way more interesting than IG or Twitter! Sorry not sorry, I said what I said :X

So sorry I added Hive. The only way that would work to start an account was to log in through Apple or Google. Funny how the simple email address + password option was nonfunctional… Hive wants our data. When I got on the platform there wasn’t anything or anyone of interest, so I went into the settings to see how to deactivate… Would you believe the only way to do so was to send an email to the developers?? After 3 business days of hearing nothing back from my email request, I reported Hive to the Apple Store. Now I have found a deactivation process in the app’s settings but I tried it twice today and it just spins.

Great for a LGBTQA space to explore. I got a few time crashed the apps a few days ago. I did enjoying to explore and find many good LGBTQA content on Hive. I got a few scam or fake profiles to follow my page. I want to let everyone know to awareness of those scam or fake profile to liked or follow the page. Hope there have a option avoid for future incidents or issues again.

Great Alternative to the bird app. I’ve been fascinated by what the Hive Social team has been able to accomplish. Yes, there have been road blocks, speed bumps, and frustrations, but this small team is working tirelessly to improve the app. Further improvements can only happen if people continue to support the app, use it, and spread word about it. I’m rating it 5 stars, despite its current shortcomings. The latest improvements make me excited for the future of Hive Social, and I’m so thrilled to be on this journey as a user, and pioneer!

Goodbye Twitter. Hive is the true replacement for Twitter. All the features you want from Twitter, plus features you never knew you wanted are on Hive. Besides that, Hive is a safe space for all to gather and socialize (unless you’re a white supremacist, then you will be rightfully kicked off). I have watched Hive grow over the last two years and I’m happy to see far they have come in that period. I’m excited to see what the future holds for them. Join to be a part of it.

Useless. Don’t bother to sign up.. Sadly to say, this app and it’s network is garbage. There’s almost no one on there. Mostly profiles without a pictures. I can’t download a profile picture without giving the app full access to my photo library. That’s a No go! After I’ve set a profile pictures I can’t delete it, I can just upload a new new one. The app/ network is extremely slow. Pages and pictures are extremely slow in downloading. And last but not least, I can’t delete my profile. I probably have to send an email to someone from support to delete my account. Pathetic. Thank god I signed up with Apple, because I can just delete the permission and bye Account. What a shame. Deleted.

Looks promising but already having issues. I just downloaded this app to use to post art but so far I’m already running into issues, the app not properly loading, won’t let me edit my profile without it turning into just a blank screen and having to close the app by force just to have it start normally but still glitch out when I try to edit my profile. I looked to see if maybe the app needed an update but nothing has popped up. I’d really like to give this app a try but it just needs some more maintenance

Remember the Golden Age of The Internet?. This is the first review I’ve ever written on the App Store but it’s because what I’m about to say is 100% my true feelings. Hive reminds me of the golden age of social media, in so many good ways. When everyone was nice to each other, algorithms were user friendly, your feed wasn’t full of trash you weren’t subscribed to, AND every person has an EQUAL opportunity to create a community of their own. I can only hope to whatever god is listening that someone doesn’t come along and buy them out and ruin it. My advice to whoever made this app, hold onto it like gold. You will be heavily competing with Twitter and Instagram very soon and someone WILL try and take advantage of your great ideas. Quality of life updates and better moderation/content being filtered into the correct places is needed, but other than that this is a FANTASTIC start to something wonderful. Keep it up!

Potential but not quite one of the giants. I decided to try out hive because quite a few friends said it was a pretty good app. for what it is, I’m not disappointed but the means of engagement are also quite odd. On other apps, it’s very easy to engage in random engagement. Here, you have to hunt for it. Likewise, loading times feels a bit slow. On other social media apps, everything loads quite quickly. Currently on HIVE, things tend to take time or even time out even when on Wi-Fi. Hope these issues get resolved. Again, I see a lot of potential.

Off to a good start but didn’t last long, plus lots of issues still. I understand that this app is sorta new, but it honestly was a bit of a let down. It has massive potential but lost my interest quickly. Not to mention, I went there to start a gaming account, and I just got spammed with so much p*rn—not what I wanted to see considering my account is Pokémon based. And after a few days there came the problem of not being able to see anything. Like anything at all, not my posts, not other people’s posts, I wasn’t even able to search anything. I had perfect service and all of my other apps worked and loaded fine, so I’m not sure what happened.

Needs improvement. It’s a great app overall but it’s a bit slow and laggy at times. It doesn’t show all posts from the people i follow and the discover page is a bit hard to navigate. I would also like a ‘not interested’ button so it’s easier to tune the discover page to your interests. I tried to save a topic so i can go back to it later, but the app crashed. I redownloaded the app multiple times and i still can’t get past the loading screen.

I want to love this. I want to love hive so much. It’s just not letting me. It’s really pretty UI. But it can be laggy. Also there’s a lot of sexual stuff on there for some reason, it’s weird. I can’t update my profile picture either, it hangs with a rotating loading icon that never stops. All in all, this would be an amazing twitter competitor, I just hope that window hasn’t closed by now. They need to figure out the quality of life improvements that allow users to operate without running into too many issues.

Disappointing non-starter. I was really excited to try this platform out as a replacement for another platform that has recently become too toxic to be on any longer. I also really was looking forward to seeing an app that did something very simple-actually allow you to sort posts chronologically, instead of whatever the algorithm pushes on you. And a fresh start. And now I can’t actually sign up for it in my preferred way. I cannot make an account using email because I think the app is broken. I enter my email, I enter my password (once only though; there was only one space for it, which is odd—don’t most things make you enter it twice???). But it won’t let me proceed. The “next” button is inactive, even though I met the requirements for the password. Maybe I’m being stubborn since there’s other ways to sign up, but I don’t want to use them—and this whole debacle has made a very bad first impression. Unless they can fix this, I guess the search for those greener pastures will continue……..

This will be the next major social media!. It has the structure to be better than insta, tumblr, and twitter all at once. The only thing it needs is to clean up its servers, lag, and implement some good solid security. Devs, I look forward to you guys making everything official. hire a great, diverse, and well paid team, and lets all make this the best most accepting social media ever created!

A social media platform that (currently) feels dead.. The user onboarding is buggy and weird. When I finally get into the experience it doesn’t feel alive. I’m all for a new social platform but it is a huge uphill battle for the developer to bring people into a platform that doesn’t do more than serve NFT-like images. To me it is unclear what the platform aims to be (and what not). It is also incredibly slow - it feels like it’s not setup to scale properly just yet. I wish the developer well and hope they can break through. I’ll uninstall for now and check back in a year.

Maybe…. I was excited to see a new social app, especially one that was upfront in how it could be used, and the efforts to protect boundaries. However, as of today, my content has disappeared, my profile shows that I have 4 posts, none of which is visible, and although I have several followers and am following several, I can not access any of them. I am hopeful that glitches are responsible, and that they will be fixed in the very near future. I have sent them an email, via their “contact us”, and hope that they will resolve the issue.

Love it. When I first downloaded this a few months ago there were a lot of bugs. Things didn’t load or save correctly. But I absolutely loved the concept and could see the vision. Since I started using it there have been major updates. Bugs were fixed and it just keeps getting better. So much improvement in such a short amount of time! I honestly think this platform has so much potential.

The Foundation is set and the future is promising!. I’m excited for what the future holds for Hive. In its current state it has its hiccups and missing features, found in most other social media platforms, but what is here is a good start. I grew up with my first social media platform being MySpace so the Profile Music has me nostalgic for years past but even today it still holds up as a great feature when visiting profiles. Best of luck to the developer going forward and building out the platform!

i really hope this becomes the next big social app.. honestly aesthetic wise this is my favorite social media app. you can customize your themes to whatever color you want for FREE, you get verified for FREE. and it’s such a simple and cuter way of doing a social media app. it’s buggy but that can always be improved. HIVE seems to listen to its users too, so that’s definitely a bonus!

a welcome alternative. i only just started, but i'm very impressed. hive's tools are very user-friendly, the whole app is aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing function for form. it's also obviously welcoming to those of us on the lgbt spectrum without being too overt, which i like. so far it seems to be a twitter for the modern era, what with the better aesthetics and removal of character limits. my only recommendation: on most social medias i have multiple accounts (a personal, and then often one or more for art, hobbies, etc.). twitter made this easy by letting us switch very quickly back and forth between accounts without having to sign in and out frequently. if hive does that then this app will be legit perfect in my opinion.

Promising platform, in progress. A humble reminder to myself that this is a small platform run by a handful of people (literally). The ideas they have, the way they’re handling things, I think there’s a ton of potential but the time will take longer. We’re so used to large corporations, it’s a good lesson in patience and maybe the less urgency need. I’m looking forward to where it goes.

HOW TO DEACTIVATE. Sent an email and tried hundreds of times to deactivate my account. What’s the point of an app when 80%+ of the features do NOT function? At the very least, you could “fix” the one feature that people need the most and it’s to be able to deactivate their accounts and not be held hostage. I have a feeling the “fix” won’t be coming anytime soon because these people are trying to maximize and pump the numbers while looking for investments. Wouldn’t be surprised. Even, if the function wasn’t actually working and needed an actual fix. You could’ve gone ahead and deactivated accounts upon requests just like the web instructions explained. That’s not being done either. Hmmm, I wonder why.

App/Platform is Beta at best. This isn’t a viable Twitter replacement in its current form. I made a post and it was automatically deleted within 48 hours with no notification or explanation. I can’t even see who my followers are or who I follow. I tap on those pages and they’re just blank (despite having “followers” and people I “follow”). On the plus side, it’s a pretty clean interface and profile management is very simple… including deactivation. Time will tell if this proves to be useful platform, and for a team of two developers it’s not bad, but it is NOT ready for a mass amount of users.

STILL BROKEN months later. The app went down in November or December for security concerns and came back after a few weeks but when it returned all the features were broken. They asked for patience given that they are a small team and I understand that completely. However I don’t understand why every time an update is coming, the team lies to the users about which features will be returning. The music feature to this day is STILL broken, for instance, and they’ve promised its return with nearly every update. The CEO of Hive who goes by Ralucca on there even posted a news article that praised the music feature as one of the things that sets Hive apart… HELLO? You don’t even HAVE that feature anymore!! What are you even DOING?

Interesting platform, a bit buggy. Wanted to try out the new platform but it seems to be awfully buggy. Things seem to not be loading properly on my feed, the banner on my profile is totally cut off and I can’t see the full picture when I click on it, and I can’t seem to find a way to undo/delete a repost on my profile. Seems like a cool mix between Instagram and Twitter. Could be good with a bit more work. Any help here about deleting reposts would be great!

great app for yrtwt. After the twt fiasco, all of yrtwt ran to this app. We immediately started spaming and doing our fandom activities. This app is so cute and I love the feature of no character limit. No threads needed. Its like you could type the bee movie script in there without a problem. Idk who would be dumb enough to do that tho... def not me... The two people running the app and everything are very nice and attentive of what needs to be fixed. Def room for growth but I love it and its community.

Good, but there are bugs to fix. Hive is good, but there are few bugs to fix: e-mail and phone number verification are not working, there is a problem with viewing your likes, and there are glitches (not being able to change pfp and banner, occasional crushes). Overall rating it 5, cuz I understand that most of the problems are coming from the unexpected rise of users.

Promising But Needs Work. When I first heard of Hive Social I thought it was just another app in a wave trying to be the next Twitter, but I was totally wrong. The app takes features from IG, Twitter, and even (OG) MySpace with music on your profile. The community has been very positive and have found no depressing or hate-filled posts *knock on wood*. My only hang ups are with feeds loading and I am unable to post videos. This dev team has been working very hard since the app blew up, but not being able to upload videos is a bummer. *Version 2.1.2*

Great Concept, Hit or Miss Execution. Choosing to join here, and restart my social media experience, has been therapeutic. The app is mostly intuitive and it wasn’t hard to find my friends that migrated over. Using the app on an IPhone X is… taxing. My phone slows to an absolute crawl when trying to do anything at all. It reminds me of the days of dial-up internet, when I was younger. Assuming the issues are mostly due to the swarm of new users the last week, and happy to give things time to level out.

Has a lot of potential. This is a great start, and has a lot of potential. But some functions of the app/functionality needs to be tweaked. Also change the format of the explore page sometime more akin to Instagram so there’s more consistency in the scrolling, making me want to stay on more. Also it would be cool if you could make dedicated communities kinda like subreddits rather than just following hashtags, and you display your communities on your profile. Just some suggestions but optimistic about your future

My thoughts on HIVE. It’s a great social media app, somewhat of a start up but it’s getting traction. I remember when I first installed it and immediately messed around with the profile song, reminds me of the old MySpace and also Twitter. There’s are a few tweaks I’d do but they are my opinion, mainly regarding user interface and visuals but I trust the HIVE team knows what they’re doing. Can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves regarding app updates. I’ve definitely recommended this app to friends.

Didn’t want to leave a review but have no choice. I’ve been trying to set up a new account with my email for over a week. I know the team is getting slammed by the influx of people, so I understand there being glitches as they scramble to figure things out, BUT I can’t even use the contact us page on their website. Did they disable it? This seems to be the only way I can say anything. I very much would like to try Hive. I’ve heard good things about it, but I can’t, and I hope this gets addressed soon.

It has potential. I was looking for a Twitter alternative and this could be it. There are some issues, like the fact that the retweet function takes you to another screen when it shouldn’t, when you look at a profile you can’t see the top when you scroll, and the search button only lets you see profiles and not items you want to look for. I am hopeful that these will be fixed.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 2.9.1
Play Store org.hiveinc.TheHive
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Hive Social was published in the category Social Networking on 18 October 2019, Friday and was developed by Hive Social, Inc. (Apps) [Developer ID: 1602627309]. This program file size is 105.25 MB. This app has been rated by 2,083 users and has a rating of 3.3 out of 5. Hive Social - Social Networking app posted on 30 August 2023, Wednesday current version is 2.9.1 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: org.hiveinc.TheHive. Languages supported by the app:

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Users can select music to feature on their profile Users can connect their Apple Music account to play profile music Fix text overflow issue when the like or comment count is too high Fix bug where replying to a comment causes it to temporarily get duplicated in the UI

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