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What is hive social app? Share content and connect to people you love on Hive.

- Express yourself with our customizable Music Section
- Full app color themes and zodiac signs
- Explore trending and new content on our Discover page with tons of communities
- New Asks feature where you can get to know creators better
- Repost, share, and reply to posts or upload Gifs with our Gif feature
- Easily grow your account with an algorithm that boosts your organic reach

We make it easy for you to discover content you enjoy, whether it's photos, videos, or statuses. Our music feature allows you to express yourself, our Asks feature makes it even more fun to interact with other users, and with our chronological home feed, you'll never miss a post from your family and friends either.

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Hive Social Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hive Social Version 1.2512 November 2022

- Updated Discover page - Share profile pages and posts directly with your friends - Customizable features (zodiac signs, more color themes etc) - Asks - Updated Music Feature (remember, each song play counts as a stream for your fave!).

Hive Social Comments & Reviews 2022

- Promising Platform Ahead!

I’ve enjoyed Twitter, I’ve enjoyed Instagram, and after seeing Hive advertised as possible new challenger to the social media landscape, I decided to join. Currently the experience is a bit of a mixed bag, but I see the vision for the future. I love the idea of scrolling through a feed of both images and text, and can see immense potential to build community around specific topics (I use Instagram for the bookstagram community, and see BookHive as a promising, even more multi-use tool). I’ve enjoyed customizing my page and could see that getting even better over time. Lots of user experience kinks to work out (and I’d love to see more accessibility features like image/video descriptions), but I think with more investment and time this app will rival long-standing social media institutions. Excited to see where it goes!

- Almost perfect

I just joined not too long ago and I’m a very picky person. I really nitpick whatever I do. I know that this is a small developed app, so I had gentle enthusiasm. I love most of it so far. It’s a combination of my most used apps, so I feel familiar yet with the app. I love the pronouns on your profile, I hope they add more! I love that you can choose whether you want your zodiac sign displayed. The color options, banner, post organizing, being able to like, comment, and repost, etc. Community seems lovely so far. I am having some issues with slow loading and regular crashing that I don’t experience with any other apps I have. I’m hopeful it’s something that will get fixed so I’m only removing a star. I still highly recommend otherwise!

- Great app, just really buggy

Really enjoy this app. There are a lot of bugs. For example, on your profile it shows how many posts there are but if you add and delete a post, the number won’t change. So it would say I have 8 posts when in reality I have 2 posts. The music feature on our profiles don’t work, I thought if you click on it a preview of the song would play but it doesn’t. Posting is kind of hard bc of the layout. Wish we got notifications. Also there’s a lot of creeps on the app so it’s really disappointing, esp when I have to put my profile in private bc of them and when this app is supposed to cater to a more socially friendly environment. There’s more bugs but these were the main ones for me. Can’t wait to see this app develop even more, it has a lot of potential.

- A lot of fun!!!

In my 7 months of using this app, I never thought I would meet people and end up being friends with them. I appreciate every single one of them and I am so grateful for Hive. Sometimes there’s problems on the app, but I never gave up on it. Developers on this app are amazing too!! Literally everything they’ve done so far is just wow plus they really do make Hive a safe space and they act on it fast, I love them for that!!! Every update makes the app more exciting, so I’m looking forward to the future updates & features soon! Hive is just so fun and you can express yourself without feeling judged by anyone. You end up meeting the kindest and sweetest people in there too.

- My thoughts on HIVE

It’s a great social media app, somewhat of a start up but it’s getting traction. I remember when I first installed it and immediately messed around with the profile song, reminds me of the old MySpace and also Twitter. There’s are a few tweaks I’d do but they are my opinion, mainly regarding user interface and visuals but I trust the HIVE team knows what they’re doing. Can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves regarding app updates. I’ve definitely recommended this app to friends.

- Fantastic.

For only being managed by two people, this platform is *incredible*! I love the simplicity of it, and the customizable options for the profile. The social feeds flow exactly like Tw*tter’s, which means I can just post what I want without having to find stupid servers or groups to join. You can see posts from other people you’re not following, which allows you to find and connect with more people, and you can interact with them the same way you can on the Bird app. If people stick to using this platform, it’s going to be MASSIVE. Well done!

- Love it

When I first downloaded this a few months ago there were a lot of bugs. Things didn’t load or save correctly. But I absolutely loved the concept and could see the vision. Since I started using it there have been major updates. Bugs were fixed and it just keeps getting better. So much improvement in such a short amount of time! I honestly think this platform has so much potential.

- great app for yrtwt

After the twt fiasco, all of yrtwt ran to this app. We immediately started spaming and doing our fandom activities. This app is so cute and I love the feature of no character limit. No threads needed. Its like you could type the bee movie script in there without a problem. Idk who would be dumb enough to do that tho... def not me... The two people running the app and everything are very nice and attentive of what needs to be fixed. Def room for growth but I love it and its community.

- Goodbye Twitter

Hive is the true replacement for Twitter. All the features you want from Twitter, plus features you never knew you wanted are on Hive. Besides that, Hive is a safe space for all to gather and socialize (unless you’re a white supremacist, then you will be rightfully kicked off). I have watched Hive grow over the last two years and I’m happy to see far they have come in that period. I’m excited to see what the future holds for them. Join to be a part of it.


Love this app! Posts are chronological! You can post gifs, statuses, photos, etc. and you can even have a song on your profile page! Absolutely love the new comments page as well!! Not even going to compare it to Instagram or any other app because HIVE is truly unique and superior!! I can’t wait to see what else this app comes up! HIVE is the future and is way more interesting than IG or Twitter! Sorry not sorry, I said what I said :X

- I don’t know how to report bugs…

Amazing concept. I’m sure it’ll be much more fun when it starts gaining more traction. There is a bug though where I can’t search anything. I can type in the search bar, hit search, the keyboard disappears and it does everything like I should be seeing my search results, but it’s all the same stuff that I saw before. I can’t search for people, hashtags, topics, anything. Z

- I think it will be a big app it’s just got a lot of issues

I definitely think the concept of this app will be great once they figure out all the problems that It’s got. For instance when you go to search for a category or a hashtag or a person The search bar will pull up but as soon as you click search it goes away and nothing pulls up. There is no way to connect with friends via your contacts, The entire app is really slow so I do hope that gets fixed

- Good concept but has some major flaws

It seems like a good concept. But there are some flaws. 1. You can’t see everyone who like your pictures/posts. You get notifications but you can’t actually click on the likes of a post to see who all liked it. (Which is, imo, the biggest flaw) 2. The music portion of your profile doesn’t seem to work (atleast for me anyway). I added the music but it doesn’t play. 3. When scrolling through your page it gets a little wonky (glitchy).

- Lots of bugs, but great concept. Needs improvement.

This app is so cool and I love it. My main issue is that there are so many bugs to the point where it makes me not want to use it anymore. My favorite feature is how it plays music when you are on a profile including your own. I have it turned on to play music automatically but it doesn’t even work at all. It’s extremely frustrating and it’s making me want to delete the app. Other than that it’s a great app and I’m sure it will improve over time :)

- Great App Need Fixes

I actually love the concept of this app because I love sharing photos without the worry of being criticized by my following (like on insta) There are just a few annoying bugs that I am hoping will be fixed soon. My followers and following count is way off and never changes and I cannot open up my messages. Other than that I love how easy it is to post and connect with others and having a song attached to your profile!

- I actually really like this app

It’s like MySpace, tumblr, Twitter, Instagram in one which i love. There’s just minor problems like the music playing every single time you click back on the profile and the fact that when someone dm’s you, you can click their name or avi to go directly to their page. You have to search their name which is annoying.

- Too many spam bots. Blocked for no reason. Don’t waste your time

It was decent at first . I was doing nothing wrong. Reported a lot of spam bots. They even let spam bots moderate the app. I was blocked from an admin about 15 mins ago for violating terms and conditions, which I never did. The app is supposed to be for sharing etc. Then I tried to file an appeal through the email it said I should email and it came back as blocked and failed. They blocked me from that. How am I supposed to appeal if you block people from emailing. I recommend sticking to Instagram etc the main ones.

- Strong potential

I truly can see this app replacing Instagram as instagram desperately tries to follow a video format and leave behind what was their selling point, photo sharing. The addition of themes and profile songs is so nostalgic to myspace and it gives the app a real uniqueness to it. I hope to see more and more users as the app develops!

- Love it!

This app is literally easy to use and great for socializing with friends and or family. It’s great for showing and sharing your artsy side using pictures and of course for down statuses or captions as Hive puts it. I’m happy for the new update but I can’t seem to find the color themes just incase I would like to change up my color on my profile.

- Evolving

As time passes this app only gets better and consumes my attention more than all of the algorithm based apps. A community of beautiful and funny people all wrapped in a chronological app where even the creators show that they’re human. The lack of want to be the most popular and most alluring account isn’t present, I love it here.

- New(er) and Improved

Hive’s new update is beautiful. UI looking nice and simple to use. If you’re coming from IG, Twitter, or even Tumblr, it has something to offer you. You can even set music to play on your profile (hello MySpace vets!) for a little razzle dazzle! If they ever get trending words/hashtags up and running, I don’t think I’ll every leave 😂

- My Only Social Media App At This Point!!!

I love this app so much, I almost completely stopped opening insta, Twitter, tiktok and Snapchat LOL , this is my go to! I love the features and it’s constantly being updated to work out glitches or disliked features. The staff listens to feedback and is super responsive. The community is my favorite too.

- Needs Group chat

As someone who is on the edge of migrating from Twitter, I feel that group chats are a MUST! Everything else from the profile creation, being able to add music to your profile, and the Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram UI is just *chefs kiss* Please, add group chats in your next update! It will give you a MAJOR boost

- The Developer and App are phenomenal

The bugs and stuff make it fun because it adds to the nostalgia of the whole shabang you know? the way there’s no algorithm or any weird stuff that that you don’t want there is awesome. The developer is a hard worker and responds like a friend and not some corporal jerk that eats money for breakfast

- Slow as Molasses & Laggy

I would give this app 5 stars because of how feature rich it is and how nice the UI is but I can’t because the app somehow manages to make my entire phone slow to a screeching crawl. It takes dozens of seconds to load anything, including my home feed which only has one post from me. It even somehow makes the iOS image cropping UI to slow to a halt.

- Future Instagram/Twitter Killer?

I seeing this app having lots of potential, just as long as they don’t follow in big techs footsteps of censoring voices they don’t agree with. It’s like instagram and Twitter combined which is really cool. Adding a feature like reels/story’s would definitely add value to the app. Keep up the good work 🙌🏼

- No post filter

There is literally no filter or guidelines for what can be posted. There is literally porn being uploaded to my the feed Instagram at least filters that. I’m also starting to get weird like creepy followers from here on to my other platforms I don’t know how much longer I’ll be staying on here. It’s not a bad idea this platform but I think that stuff should be fixed if they wanna keep growing the community.

- Great app but better Developers!

These guys are so helpful and truly care about what people think of their app. You can tell love goes into every update. 💕 Take the time to check it out and share it with others. This app needs to replace others.

- Love Hive Social

I love this app! It has a look and feel like Twitter, so it’s familiar and easy to use, but it takes it a step beyond by offering features like extended text posts, scrolling images, and a robust discovery page. This is my new go-to social time killer!

- Good start, has potential

I think it needs to be easier to search specifically tags, ppl, or smth else. I’d like to see trending tags, too. But I like the layout. And there are a good bunch of people there. It doesn’t feel dead or boring.

- It’s good, still has some kinks

The app is fine, mostly. There are a few bugs and no way to delete your account yet. I’m going to chalk that up to a one or two person team that wasn’t expecting the app to get so much attention so soon. I like the app a lot so far and I’m willing to wait out all the small buggy issues.

- Good App

It’s a great alternative to Instagram if you’re tired of that evil Zuckerberg. It’s cool because it feels like you’re on Instagram and has a cool blogging aspect. Lots of new users joining but you probably won’t run into anyone you know without inviting them to the app yourself.

- Fantastic new beta update

Have always loved this app but the new beta update is so incredible, I could spend 24/7 on Hive alone. I really love all the new features and I can’t wait to see where this app goes in the future. I’m a Hiver for life!

- Hive slayed

When i first heard of hive i thought it was pretty cool so I downloaded it and it was fun and now that I downloaded it again recently im happy the community is so nice and the app is so fun and so many people are downloading the app with intrests that could be the same as yours🙌 EVERYONE SAY THANK YOU HIVE

- Has potential

This app has potential, I hope you guys don’t give up on it, but there seems to be a ton of dupe accounts, when I searched up “god” like 20 showed it up. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a feature or not but it’s weird.

- Great potential 😍✨

I’m really excited for the new updates in March. I think the ideas behind this platform are brilliant. The music feature doesn’t currently work for me, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this take off! 🚀✨

- Overall like it

1. Love that you can post just word posts instead of needing to have a photo to post like Instagram- I like that it’s technically a twitter alternative 2. It is a little buggy so that’s why I’ve rated it 3 stars… if the bugs get stamped out and it runs a little better and faster I’d definitely rate it a 5!

- Hive is going to be the next twitter.

Hive is such a cool social media site it really feels like the next twitter I hope they take twitter a run for it money. I can’t wait to see them glow up! I’ve tried Mastodon but it’s so confusing. Anyway I wish Hive all the success in the world.

- App deleted my photos

I haven’t used this app in a hot minute and because of the whole twitter fiasco I decided to install it again. When I logged in I noticed the app had deleted the majority of my photos but still tells me that I have 11 posts despite there only being 5. They weren’t anything bad it was just pictures of me in cosplay. I wanna like this app but an app that randomly deletes your stuff without warning is not the vibe :(

- Great app!!

I love this app so much. Very refreshing to see a social media app that has nothing to do with buying products. Love the layout and color themes, can’t wait to see this app blow up!!! Also met amazing people on this app :,)

- I love this app

This app has a TON of potential! I’ve tried out a lot of new social media apps and I never stick around but this one is good! People are active and it’s easy to find accounts similar to mine (:

- Please add ability to put multiple photos in one post

Nice app. I love that I feel absolutely no pressure and can post anything. The one thing that I need is the ability to post multiple photos/videos in one post.

- Bugs.

There’s some bugs with the notification tab. I have to press follow back a few times for it actually to register. Hope they fix this. A lot of people are probably going to switch from twitter if their bugs are fixed.

- Cute still in beginning stages

It’s format is not as cute as insta but since insta announced it’s no longer a photo sharing app, I predict this app will one day replace Insta. I like the app a lot and I love the text post feature it has

- So far so good

It’s a very cute app that’s well designed. There’s lots of pretty cool people on here. The music feature is my fav. A few bugs and glitches but that’s expected with any app. I think it’ll expand a lot these upcoming years. xoxo

- Love it!

I found hive a while ago and kept my account up in the background and have watched it grow to what it is now. I love how much it’s grown and changed and how the developer is super interactive.

- A complete godsend!

Exactly the social media network I was hoping to see. Very excited to jump in. The tabletop gaming community on another site made the switch, and everyone is loving it so far!

- Can’t update songs on profile

whenever I try to search for a song to replace my old one nothing comes up no matter what I search, otherwise I like this app

- New Photo app

so I recently heard that Instagram is taking away its photo function soon so I’ll be using this app a lot more. I like the recent updates they made it makes it feel more like a community!

- Post-College Groupchat

This app is really just the home for mentally ill and radical gen z. All of the people over 20 converted to gen z to self diagnose with “PTSD”, “Autism”, “Bipolar”, “ADHD”. In reality this is an unhinged app for women and lgbt to express themselves freely with the white knights sprinkled in as well. And with a just as biased and challenged admin/developer reign. The app is truly fitting to those effected parties. Overall a 5/5 safe space for the challenged. 0/5 App for even slightly degenerate up to great people.

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- Rather good!

I quite like this social media platform. It is very clean, and doesn’t have any gimmicks. My one suggestion to improve it is make the main feed a little more cohesive. The pull down to refresh doesn’t always work, and it has a ‘slow’ feeling about it.

- please add an NSFW "off" feature

i know im 17 and i should deal with this but theres an overwhelming amount of sexual content (like i saw this guy rubbing his ding ding threw his underwear 😰) and i was wondering if you guys could add like an NSFW content warning feature or a feature to "block" certain tags so that the posts under those tags are like "invisible" ig? sorry if it would be too hard to manage but thanks anyways

- Ew

I hate this app it’s disgusting my daughter lenora saw ttl on here at that’s not safe at all now I wonder why kids these days do drugs GOODBYE KYLE

- Good but could be great

I think it’s a great app and has some cool features like repost, typed post(like tweets) and adding songs you like on your profile but it keeps crashing a lot and often it won’t let me log back in. In some areas it’s ahead of platforms like inst@gr@m (using insta as an example bc often is compared to hive) in the ways that hive has taken influence from other socials like Twitter but I feel it’s still lacking and overall would prefer another social like Twitter or insta. I think with a few fixes and added elements it could be ahead of many socials, these tweaks being: - being able to stay logged in instead of having to log in every time you open the app. - having the option to have multiple accounts attached so it’s easy to switch between accounts. - have stories or being able to go live. - have the option to make a slide or collage when you post photos/videos.

- Good but could be great

I loved the app way better than the instagram. BUT for some reason I can’t see the pictures that i edited on Lightroom on the gallery to be posted, also the song for the home page keeps bugging for some reason.

- so buggy

I just downloaded it last night and it keeps making me login/ logout when I get out of the app, it won’t let me update my profile dp, header or bio etc..) and today it won’t let me login at all :( it’s a cool app tho, probably just hella buggy cause it’s new

- Tons of potential

Pros - intuitive design that’s easy to navigate - Very few bugs (I haven’t noticed anything myself) - Lots of fun Con - FAR too much Inappropriate/k*nky content that I think need some serious cutting back if the developers actually want this thing to do well. This is the only reason HIVE won’t be replacing my other social media’s anytime soon. But, if that gets fixed, this app would be fantastic. X

- Good alternative to Instagram

I’m really liking the app despite a few bugs and crashes. But I’m sure it’ll be amazing once the technical issues are smoothed out.

- App not working :/

This app looks like it has a lot of potential with where it’s heading but it still needs a few things fixed. I’m not able to change my profile picture, name, bio and I cannot see any posts on the app not my own. Please fix this and then I’m sure this app will be amazing :)

- Good app, needs an update

Has the potential to be better than the gram! Great algorithm, although it’s very glitchy, won’t seem to let me edit my profile at all. Without a bio or profile picture it feels incomplete.

- The app we have been waiting for !!!

Instagram who? This app is going to take over with its algorithm, music adding profiles and easy to use functions💕

- Cute

Super cute app and am excited to use it. But it’s glitchy and whenever I log out I can’t log back in. Plus the adding song search feature doesn’t work too well

- Mmm...

It seems like it could be okay if you get the hang of it, but don’t like that there’s no option to access privacy settings, and there’s no way to delete your account???? And if you go to app support, the server isn’t active?

- Glitchy AF

Literally will not keep a profile or cover photo up. When I edit profile the save button doesn’t work 🤷‍♀️ I can’t edit it because nothing saves. I was super excited now I’m just disappointed

- A lot of technical issues

Really cute app and layout, but it’s super glitchy. Unable to update photos/cover photo, unable to change name and just constant error pop ups. Please fix the issues!

- lots of potential!

it’s a really cool app- no ads- it’s clean and simple it goes have a lot of issues with lagging/glitching, i’m stuck on a black loading screen rn, but in a few updates it’ll be perfect!!!

- .

Really cool app, I love it but has issues with letting me post or edit my posts, also won’t load timeline

- so much better

just installed it for the first time and it’s so much better, once it has a few more updates it’s legit gonna be better than insta

- iPhone 7 problems.

Hello, my rating is only low because the only thing I can do is change my username. I can’t change my profile picture or update my name or search anything nothing is working, I understand this app is new so no one let this review change your mind the app seems amazing

- Can’t change my pic

I cannot change my pic or update a bio. I’ve been trying for two weeks in a row. Not happy

- so many bugs

just had a bug fix update but still can’t change any part of my profile at all :/ i’ve been refreshing every single day because i’m so keen to use this app but it’s simply not working right now

- Won’t let me edit profile

It doesn’t let me edit my profile and it constantly logs me out

- Gaining followers

This app has potential but when people follow me it does appear on my profile and still comes up as 0 followers, same thing when I follow someone it doesn’t show

- glitch- not working.

username keeps changing back to a blank. nothing is loading. i search- it’s blank. my posts aren’t showing. everything is blank.

- No scroll-to-top gesture??

Decent beginning for the app, it seems to check most things off; very well done! The dark mode can be quite difficult to read somehow? Maybe it’s contrast, idk. The big annoyance so far is that the scroll-to-top gesture isn’t implemented (scrollsToTop).

- Issues with usernames

So far you can’t use spaces or . _ in your username. Added to the fact that you can’t seem to have a very long username it’s super unfortunate. I wanted to change to this but not being able to take my username from other platforms makes this difficult. Hope this gets changed as I was excited to try it

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- Cute app

Cool app I just wish it wasn’t as glitchy. There are a few bugs such as; me not being able to scroll through my posts because it randomly gets cut off, sometimes it shows that someone is typing even when they aren’t, not being able to see comments sometimes, when trying to search something and I press the search button it takes me back to the “explore page”. but other than that it’s a good app. I love it but I wish it had a stories feature. Cool app and it’s a better alternative to Instagram. There’s also cooler people on this app lol

- Can’t make an account

I can’t even create the account

- Great app, Still needs work.

I enjoy what this app has to offer but in its current state it has a few bugs. Found myself on frozen black pages when trying to edit my profile had to fully close the app to get it to work again and needed a few attempts to be able to upload a profile picture. I am searching some hashtags and nothing is coming up at all just a plain white page with nothing there even though I have seen the hashtag used and used it myself. When using search and it does find nothing it will say it has no results which it doesn’t when searching some hashtags. Performance is slow and sluggish when navigating the app especially when scrolling media content in the grid view on search. I like the experience and what you can do with your profile, profile music is great to see again since the MySpace days. The ability to write your own pronouns is very inclusive and isn’t required if you don’t want to even put any. I like that you can reply and comment with gifs and images. So far having fun with all the issues and seeing friends come over from Twitter and other areas of the web. Excited to see if the developers can fix these issues and scale properly and what the future has in store for this app.

- Anything to save me from Twitter/Instagram

I’m tired of musky smells and zuckerboogers. This seems ok

- Loving the Hive 🐝

I’ve been on the app for a couple days now and there’s a clear difference in navigating social spaces. Everything is more user friendly, their tagging system makes finding new creators easier, engaging with others is a simple matter of like, share or quote. Love the customizability of the layout beyond just light or dark mode. Excited to see where the Hive team takes it.

- No one

The app is not allowing me to make an account.

- Looking forward to it:)

Still waiting to get in due to the overwhelming onslaught of demand lol, but I’m so grateful for all the hard work they’re doing. Borahae, Hive besties 💜 see you soon 💜

- cool in theory

this app looks super cool but when i tried to log in it said every single user name was already taken… i even tried using random key smashes and things that nobody would ever use… it wouldn’t let me make an account :((


The app as so much potential to be great and better then instagram, but it needs A LOT of work. It’s extremely laggy and inconsistent, like I can refresh my activity feed and then I can’t 2 minutes later. They need to work on letting people be able to share multiple pictures at once and being able to reply to comments directly

- I love this social app!

Been using this app for some time now, I love it! Love it so much, I forget to post on other socials 🙈 Hive is it!m & the creators are amazing!!! 🤍👏🏼

- Love it + suggestion

This app used to have many lags and crashes but now it works amazing! It needs more people and more attention so I recommend you guys make some ads for it! + you guys should also add stories, that way if I wanna share something quick and simple, I can add it to my story! Overall! Amazing app Much love! :)💕

- Nice

This app reminds me of early Instagram with some cool extras, but it crashes a lot and not enough people use it.

- Hive needs to remove themselves off the market!!

You've heard of Hive when Instagram probs wasn't doing good right? Well wrong. This garbage app called Hive is disgusting, broken, and lacks support. The colour scheme of this app is gross and kinda makes you wanna vomit from all this like yellow and warm brutal colours. If you're wanting to delete your account, you can't. I suggest signing up with an alternative email since they probably do invade into your personal information. I would never upload pics or give sensitive info to this app at all. The app in general is no where close to an Instagram. You cannot see who liked what, searching is absolutely lousy, and there isn't anything that it can do that Instagram already does. It us fact that Instagram does more than Hive at its capacity. If anything, it's a knock-off version of it. Hive is more so Tumblr than Instagram, but even Tumblr still is better than this app. Hive also has gross content. There's a lot of nudity, a lot of peoplr asking for nudes, and unfortunately, this app is marketed to minorities too, so you get where am I going with this. Potentially a lot of bots too, so be aware who you are talking to. Also be aware that you may be talking to others that could groom you and may we'll take advantage of you. There is no Hive Inc or Hive Social website, so reporting others or deleting your account is impossible. You have to send an email to do so, which feels very limited considering that this app is suppose to rival Instagram. Instagram support feels more safer than Hive Inc. Hive is not perfect and it does not have the potential nor capacity to rival Instagram or any other apps—not even MySpace or Facebook. Hive is a knock-off app that probably is stealing your information or someone can easily access it. There is no security on content for those who are minors that can easily view nudity and explicit content. Hive just needs to remove itself off the market. Period.

- My favourite app

This app is seriously the best social media app out there. I love the formatting and the developers really do listen to and care about their users. Kinda want it to be my little secret because I don’t wanna see it blow up, but it really does deserve it!!

- fun app, cant see follow count tho

i’ve had the app for months now and i keep updating it and haven’t been able to see how many followers i have and it still says i follow zero people which is kinda annoying but other than that i love the app it’s super fun (:

- good concept

i still can’t hear music when i go on someone else’s profile tho

- literally doesnt work LOL

i downloaded and signed up but its absolutely non functional 😭 it wouldnt let me change my photo or my header or anything on my profile, i tried to make a post and it didnt show up anywhere. every page i tap on is just blank. why’d they release an app that doesnt even work bro

- Doesn’t work

Unable to update my profile. Can’t save any information.

- Next instagram competitor?

This could be what bring instagram downn. Im curious to see

- Close account?

Cant delete my account

- new app

For a new app it’s really good I love seeing actual people instead of just popular accounts. I’ve met a few new friends and meet small creators!

- Pretty good!

I like how it is so far but there are some things that need fixing and that’s okay since it’s quite new! My recommendations would be to fix how liking works because every time I leave the app, it removes all the likes I’ve given to others. It also doesn’t allow me to reply to comments. The app doesn’t actually send you notifications unless you’re using it so it would be nice to be notified. I also think adding a group chat feature would be cool! It would also be good if you could listen to the music on people’s profile pictures without using Apple Music but I’m not sure if that would be possible. Anyways I think this app has a lot of potential and I hope to see it grow soon!

- lol

If you can’t afford a mirror then just download this app because you will just be staring at a black screen, great for looking at reflections! If u honestly use this app u are either down bad or there’s actually something wrong with you

- bugs

so many bugs i can’t display my profile picture, my followers keep going down and i can’t see my username. waste of space.

- buggy

Could be better. Unfortunately the app is filled with nudity and bugs. For some reason i cant type anything at all when creating/logging in a account, as a bug example. I’d say about an eighth of the posts are of porn, which isn’t good as the app is advertised as ages 12+. Hopefully these issues get solved, because the app has great potential.

- @Handle

Good app but has a lot of bugs. Right now I’ve noticed that when you have your profile for a week or more or get a certain following your @ handle disappers. Now friends can’t find me or tag me since all it says for me is “@“ there should be an option to update your @handle or fix it back to how it was before!


honeslty I supported this app through my business that is based in USA and Canada and the threats and messages I got from my customers because this app is literally advertised for teens and it has porn all over it! DEFINITELY NOT CHILD FRIENDLY. The owner ignores every email but once you post a complaint publicly then she gets upset and messages you off her personal account to make empty threats and tells you to send her the profiles. I reported atleast 23 so just goes to show you how it’s covered with old men jerking off and porn. Don’t download if you want your business to suffer

- needs a lot of work

that’s an optimistic title, right now it sucks not gonna lie. it doesn’t let you change your profile or post anything. there’s unsolicited content all over the app. i would delete my account but it doesn’t let you.

- Nothing works

Downloaded app a month ago. Still unable to update my profile and any information.

- Glitch

Follower and following count are wrong

- Soo many bugs

Good concept for the app and it’s really peaceful, but there’s so many bugs! My follower and following numbers never update unless I chose and reopen the app. No option to block followers. When viewing some people’s profile, when you scroll through their field, the header gets fixed and prevents you from scrolling to the bottom. Seems like pretty rudamentary fixes that developers should be able to fix. Needs a lot more polish to become popular.

- Let’s be real.

So. The app? it’s cool. But the checkout tab never works. My shopping cart literallyyyyy doesn’t update, what’s up with that?! Love the app though. The user experience sucks but like, what can you do. Checkout is easy and the order processing is soooo fast. TBH though, way too many ads. It’s like I can’t even swipe for 10 seconds without a tailored ad towards my interests. #SCARY. Are you listening to me? A 5 star app for sure though, told all my peers to download it. Yea!

- Interest for future improvements

Definitely peaked my interest as a new platform, but it has a lot of glitches and I wish there was a inclusive algorithm like TikTok that rewarded users.

- has not worked since downloaded

I see everyone else using it now and no matter what I do, it won’t work. I got it two weeks ago and it is just a black screen still. i can’t save anything i do

- Major Bug Issues

I can’t seem to change/update my profile in any sort of way? There is an issue with uploading images.

- So so

I like it but it needs many improvements

- So far so good.

After a few updates, the app has improved quite a bit but leaves a bit to be desired like the more fleshed out apps that are its competitors. I believe this app can become one of the big contenders. Excited to see what is next to come.

- Work on it

if yall work on this app more and make the interface smoother, id leave instagram any day. instagram sucks lol

- Editing my profile

It won’t let me edit anything on my profile like pfp, bio, name etc. All I can edit is my username. Please fix this.

- Can’t save my bio

Hi, can you please fix this? I’ve been trying to change my username and my bio for hours, and it’s still not saving it.

- It could be good

It’s decent, but definitely needs more personality. If you want to be the next Instagram, you need to add a bit better function & some more personality Hive. You have potential!

- Glitchy

This could be a great app and a major competitor with Instagram but for now it’s very glitchy

- 😭😭

I tried to log in to my account and they I had to start all over again

- Has so much potential

people can have the same usernames it makes it harder to find ppl. Other than that there’s just glitches. Love this app as a potential Instagram replacement

- still glitchy

my followers/who i follow disappears every few days

- Potential but lots of bugs

I recently joined the app and started updating my profile but can’t save anything. Lots of potential just needs time.

- Excited!

Love it! Totally brand new so there’s definitely needs to be a few changes here and there but honestly I love it!

- Useless

Giving me cancer trying to do BASIC things

- Doesn’t work well

The app lags all the time and I have not been able to modify any information on my profile such as changing profile pictures and all. This app is so hyped up on TikTok but it’s not as good as others are saying unfortunately

- No way to delete account?

There isn’t a way in the app to delete account if you want to.. I also can’t find a website connected to the app where I can get help in deleting account...

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Hive Social 1.25 Screenshots & Images

Hive Social iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
Hive Social iphone images
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Hive Social (Version 1.25) Install & Download

The applications Hive Social was published in the category Social Networking on 2019-10-18 and was developed by Hive Social, Inc. (Apps) [Developer ID: 1602627309]. This application file size is 99.46 MB. Hive Social - Social Networking app posted on 2022-11-12 current version is 1.25 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: org.hiveinc.TheHive