Target [Shopping] App Description & Overview

Now the Target app can help you have a more rewarding Target run! Introducing Target Circle, which gives you access to hundreds of deals, a birthday gift and the chance to support your community.

Plan your next Target run by checking out Target Circle offers, the Weekly Ad and item availability all in one place. Then streamline your run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews and available deals.

Wallet is the fastest, easiest way to pay and save in store. With one scan, you can pay with your credit or debit RedCard and redeem Target Circle offers, gift cards and Target Circle earnings.

With improved iPad support, the app makes it easy to shop from anywhere, allowing you to search our entire selection, complete with online promotions and flexible ordering options. Order quickly and securely every time, then choose to pick it up at your local store or have it delivered to your home.

Do Not Sell My Info-California Residents

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Target Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Several small improvements and bug fixes.

Target Comments & Reviews

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- to many steps to pay

why is there an extra button to pay now? get rid of the extra step when paying with circle.

- Customer service

Justin the inexperienced toddler manager at Target in Antioch, Ca on Lone tree does not know how to treat customers. Does not know the job of a manager, thinks he is king. Lacks professionalism. He could have helped, but decided to close up his tiny brain and could only say “ you have to go to the other door!” He did not pay any attention to our reason. It was an employee error, but Justin didn’t care.

- new update

got rid of ALL the items I had favorited. who thought that was a good idea?????

- Target online services

I am a 65, and disabled so this is a Great method method for my shopping needs.

- Not your fault

Hey I’m just letting you know that it not your fault dat your store is getting robbed. It’s just we got to do what we got to do... no hard feelings! P.s I know this is just there online website. Love, your customer! ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿😗❤️❤️

- App Keeps Glitching Out

When I log in, both the app and the website glitch out when I try to access my online order info. It won’t show any current or previous order history. So I can’t track or figure out what’s going on with my order that was scheduled to arrive a couple of days ago. On top of that, I can’t send a general email asking for help with this on either the app or the website– there is only predetermined questions set up for you to click on and none of them speak to this problem I’m having. That’s why I’m filing a complaint here. I only want to know what’s going on with my online order.

- Latest update is HORRIBLE

Why make it harder to use your app? I’m trying to find stuff available IN STORE since almost nothing on your site will ship to my zip code and you’ve made it impossible to navigate the app easily. I typed in “Greek seasoning” and up pops everything EXCEPT Greek seasoning. I don’t need garlic powder so why does that show up? If you don’t have it say so! And trying to figure out if it’s in store vs. online takes waaaaaay to many steps. Switch it back so there’s a button to flip for “in your store” please. And now I can’t figure out how to see if something is available at other nearby locations either. Thanks for wasting my time!

- Total Failure

App fails to accept my login credentials, the same ones that the web page accepts! iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 13.5 June 4, 2020

- Please fix this app

Lately the App has been down or freezing. It's very inconvenient to the user when needing to use target cartwheel or to order online. Sometimes carrying around receipts can be a hassle but the app needs major upgrades.

- Target

Love the convenience of placing an order and picking it up!

- Ok

It’s ok.

- Still awful

All the problems from before are still there. 3 different lists with different meanings and no way of changing your mind without rebuilding a list/order from scratch. You are going along making a pickup list and suddenly realize you need something perishable, first of all, have climate controlled spaces available for perishables in pickup orders, second, since that would apparently work just a little too well you now have to add everything on your list to a delivery order. What’s with that? Target circle balance “can’t be applied to ineligible items” well then apply it to the %$&* eligible items. What do you expect me to do, split my shopping by eligible and ineligible items and do two different transactions? 2 deliveries? The app being so bad makes me doubt that things are actually out of stock when I go to place orders and that it’s just further ineptitude if the app developers/committee. Also, please, just use Apple Pay! I’m already frustrated by time I’m processing payment on this app and adding the minor inconvenience of hunting down my actual wallet which I haven’t used in a week and a half to make the payment just compounds it.

- Waste of time

What’s the point? Grocery items can’t be picked up outside or in-store. If I have to shop in-person, then this app is completely worthless. Terrible CX, esp right now.

- Online shopper

I love the pick-up option Target has, there are times I do not have the time to shop around the store so selecting my items and paying for them ahead of time makes things so much easier. I wish all items were available for pickup. I love your store.

- Terrible and gives the impression of more stock

"You want to ONLY see items in stock at your store? TOO BAD, we'll count things we ship to stores slower than Amazon." - This app

- Target App


- Target envíos

Muy buena app me gusta muy fácil de usar

- Update is horrible

The lates app update is just confusing. Trying to check availability in stores has become annoyingly confusing now. Please change it back.

- Love Target

I love my Target not any Target!!!

- Bot a code and did not get my stuff

I want my money back now and I’m not playing with your trash store

- Great app

Must have if you shop at target

- love it

love it sm😫😛😋😖🙁

- Not user friendly

It is always a frustrating experience to go through three steps just to order one item. It is absolutely not an intuitive

- Tower fan

Target had lots of very good tower fans to choose from for our purchase. Ordering on line is a breeze with Target! Love that it will be delivered to my local store and I can pick it up there.

- App works fine for drive-up .

Good customer experience on mobile and also in store communications are good .

- Constant errors

This app CONSTANTLY gets errors and won’t let you search, check out, check online order status, etc. It doesn’t work more than half of the times I go to use it. I would just use the web but Target’s website has the same problem. I’m on an iPhone XS with latest software update, so the problem is not outdated tech/software on my end. I love a lot of things about Target but they seem to not be able to keep up with demand or put resources where necessary.

- App navigation

It is very confusing when placing an order to figure out when an item is on a list vs in the cart for pick up vs in the cart for shipping. I just had 2 items move to shipping (for free) and then it charged me $5.99. I just paid $6 shipping for a $4 item (assuming the other item was free shipping). And it doesn’t tell you until you check out. Very disappointing and times too much time. I could have been at the local store and back by the time I place the order on line.

- Review on app and handheld scanners

The savings should be more or at least rack up more points to use at target or something. Pennies is only what you save after spending so much money. Make it worth using. Also, the handheld scanners the employees use are really slow and they are always having issues with them. Especially at my store on Culebra in San Antonio TX.


I never have to actually “go shopping” now.. Lol.. If I need something or want something I simply jus go on here to see if it’s available before I make a blank trip!!

- Latest Update 6/1

Suddenly pickup and drive up functionality is not working. Says all items out of stock, never had this issue before.

- Poor user experience

We all have different kinks. Target’s kink is having users verify their Red Card every time they use it, rendering storing the card on your phone pointless.

- Need Global shipping

We need global shipping I’m on another country and I want to order

- User unfriendly

Quite possibly the most disjointed retail app I’ve ever used. Separate logins for the app, another for the red card. All I want to know is what I owe on my account. You want us to go paperless, but lock us out of our account. Needs serious retooling. This app is a waste of time.

- Love this app

I use this app to shop for almost everything! Its so easy to use and love how you can add things to your list. Only downside is that it sometimes crashes a bit too much and i have to leave and get back on the app or something wrong with my order because it froze on me.

- Best App For Target

It is a good way to get everything you need from Target without getting it at the store. But it doesn’t give everything it has at the actual store.

- No good route to customer service. Oddities.

Target has tragic customer service. The app offers no email address or clear and easy way to get help. Phone service has a huge wait time and they don’t have an option to be called back. The app shows scads of products that can’t be shipped to my zip code. Why? I live in Indiana, not Puerto Rico. The app is about average.

- Paying with app

Please change it to where I can type my pass code when my face isn’t recognized because I am wearing a mask. I use my app to pay at the register.

- Target is the best

I love the costumer service Target has and the app is awesome

- The Target Brand Discriminates

I wish Target was non controversial. I only shop here out of a need. Making more lists so I don’t have to utilize them in the future.

- I’m broke now

I’m a firm believer in browsing the target app and finding all these things I never knew I needed and finding a way to implement them into my life.

- App pickup does not accept EBT

If you go inside a Target, they’ll take your EBT card. But when you try to do a Pickup or Drive Up through the app, it is not a payment that’s accepted. Why?! It’d be nice to not have to bring my 4 mo old with me in the store to receive the benefits of our EBT card. The payment should be accepted through all of Targets purchasing options.

- Does not work

This app is full of bugs on my iPhone. I am not allowed to utilize any of the features that make this app worth having. I am not able to order, install my red card info or look at items found in the circular. I am also not able to look at the circular. Error message says access denied. This has been doing this for some time now. I am very unhappy and disappointed

- Grateful

I’m pleased every time I go to Target!! Love the atmosphere and cleanliness!!! I know the manager by name and he’s always so friendly and helpful!! Love Target!!!!

- Change email

I cannot figure out how to change my email in my profile.

- Availability

Wish more stuff was available to order through the app for the pick up option.

- Love this app

One of the best designed shopping apps. Online, offline, and Omnichannel shopping mastered!

- Pathetic Selection

95% of what I search for isn’t available for pickup. You’re telling me I can’t order toothpaste and a 12 pack of sodas to pick up later? Obviously you’re doing this to sell me overpriced garbage of your choosing instead of letting me actually shop for what I need. This piece of trash is getting uninstalled and I’m no longer shopping at your store. I used to be a huge fan of target but I’d rather just use Walmart pickup. Almost everything in the store can be picked up. In the days of covid that’s what we’re looking for. Do better, Tarjey.

- Chintzy offers

This app used to be good when it had more offers. Now, you may run across an offer that’s good about twice a year. Isn’t the point of this app is to get some good additional offers? I’m thinking about deleting it. I can’t really think of a reason to have it anymore.


Target is my favorite place to go to get anything for my son!

- No curbside pickup anymore?!

I updated the app to the most current version and now curbside is no longer available anywhere in the DC metro area. What happened?!

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- Target at Takatnu Commons

Target shopping made easy! Online, pick-up or shopping in store is a breeze!

- The best place ever

I just this place, and I love the pull up option.

- Target never fails me!

Whether it’s online or in store, target is ! Thank you!

- I love Target!

Great merchandise and food choices at reasonable prices and very good customer service.

- Better than Walmart & Kroger

For months I had been using Kroger and Walmart apps for same day delivery. I like how Target has a better way of updating they inventory, Kroger would have it on their app as if it’s in stock I wouldn’t find out until AFTER I’ve already paid for it that they don’t have it. I don’t have that issue with Target plus I have the option to even add more items once the shopper has started shopping I have even started shopping in Target stores. Way better

- super easy

during the coronavirus it’s easy to order things and have them shipped, and sometimes it’s same day delivery. i can get everything from coffee beans to a floppy hat for the pool. love the app and love target

- Easy to use

I like being able to sort my searches by multiple categories and the fact that the app displays if a product not only is in stock but also what shipping/p-up options there are as well as time frame of availability. Big plus in my book. All the touch options are clear and easy to use. Much better than Walmart. One thing that Walmart has though is the option to use EBT for online or pick up orders.

- Perishables

If we could have perishables available for pick up it would be amazing. I’m spending so much money using Instacart.

- Drive Up Pick UP

I love Target but o wish EVERYTHING was eligible for curbside-pick up.(except food-I understand that). It isn’t fair that only specific items are eligible for curbside pick up. With the Covid 19 pandemic, I really don’t want to go inside. This means I can only fill HALF of my shipping needs here at Target. AND there aren’t enough payment options available.

- No favorites

Pretty good app. My favorites do not show up though which is frustrating.

- So smooth and easy.

Easy to use and efficient

- Good work!

I wish some things were available for in store pickup that aren’t, like frozen, but that’s not the app’s fault. The app works flawlessly and is easy to navigate

- Efficient

I love the Target Application! I have never been disappointed by its user-friendly features. The application takes much stress & anxiety out shopping and creates an interactive customer experience!

- Well written app

It is easy to use and navigate.

- Doesn’t work

I downloaded this so I could use this for curbside pick up during the pandemic, and it crashes and doesn’t connect and is so frustrating that I am deleting it. Don’t waste your time with this app and since you need it for curbside pick up, and don’t jeopardize your health by going in either. They need to fix this app so that it works. It is very buggy and unstable and crashes while trying to log on.

- Not a good update

The app was fine until y’all did this update is so confusing to use now before you could actually see what was on stock now it seems like the menu options are spread out into too many options

- Terrible update

Target app was working fine, but said update was ‘bug fix’. Now app won’t even open and is in dark mode on phone.

- Amazing

I would like to write a review about my target experience. Flawless amazing and fast is what comes to mind. I’ll continue being a long time customer and think target is a great store.

- Rather use the website

On my iPad I much prefer using the website to the app. Lots of empty space, more difficult to find/read item info, and just generally harder to use. It is an OK phone app but after a few try’s I deleted the app from my iPad.

- Drive Up shopping

The drive up feature is great. My order is always correct and timing is great once you arrive. The wait is very short.

- Who doesn’t love Target

Everything is so easily accessible. Especially with this crazy moment in time.

- App takes forever toLoad

Every time I get ready to check out it takes forever. Always chase some kind of error.

- Pick up order

I love the pick up curbside option! I would have never used this option before the pandemic. I would love to be able to buy paper towel and toilet paper through curbside pickup at this point. It has been over two months and we still can’t order paper products for pickup. I would like to know if this will change at some point? Thank you :)

- Headache to scan each item in order to save $$


- Horrible User Experience

Where’s my list? No homepage, a central store framework? Searches often give an “oops” page. Utterly a mess!

- Latest bug fix 👎🏽

Latest bug fix made the platform worse. Can’t sign in, when searching for items they’re error codes, in wallet they’re more error codes etc etc. can’t use it basically at all.

- Fabulous

Super time saver delivery

- What happened?

Updated the app and suddenly NOTHING is available for pickup. Like it’s now impossible to place a drive-up order? Why?!

- Put DPCI’s back!!

Why would you remove the ability to see the dpci through the app. Do you know how laggy and unreliable the zebras are?!? When a guest ask for me to look up an item, i dont even use the search bar anymore because it ALWAYS makes the zebra unresponsive. That dpci number is the only way i can quickly help the guest find what they’re looking for. I hate you Brian Cornell.

- It’s been failing

Idk what’s going on but my target app has been failing for over a week. It initially happened in-store and I couldn’t access my wallet. I haven’t been able to open the app; I get an error message. I deleted the app, I shut down my phone. Still not working.

- Great App!

So easy to use and navigate. Stay home and shop!

- Get Nintendo Switches

I Love Target but however, you guys never have switch. In Harlingen,TX btw

- Availability

I have made several orders for pickup that stuff shows available and then later it says it is not. Very frustrating, stop letting me order stuff that isn’t there.

- Love the drive up

I find the drive up option to be great especially since my skin and lips get very irritated from the face masks we are required to wear in the store. Thanks target.

- Fast, Easy and Reliable!!!!

Great experience every time!

- Service

I must commend all the employees at target, they are super helpful and always friendly..... in this crazy time nice to have a little sanity.

- Target app

For the most part the target app is perfect BUT every once and awhile the inventory is incorrect. The app will say my store is out of something when in fact when I go in store there will be numerous options. It has actually happened when I’ve purchased an item and I’ll get a note that it is out of stock... but then there it is in the store and there’s a hassle to exchange, etc. But other than that it’s great!

- Would be nice to get grocery or pantry items.

Getting pantry items in pick up would be nice.

- It’s always a pleasure to shop Target

I love my local Target store. Great buys in store or online!

- Y’all got robbed

Start a train below 😂

- Y’all Got Robbed


- App Broke?

Keep getting an error that says Oops, something went wrong. App has been updated..and rebooted phone. No change.

- Terrible App

The app layout is confusing and it doesn’t sync with any of your Target information, not worth your time

- Love my Target!

What more can I say? Circle Deals, easy to use app, great website, fabulous options with a ton of variety, one stop shopping, and quality!

- On time delivery

I am so happy every time i get on time delivery. Thank you Target

- A Great App

This was a pleasant shopping experience and I am very happy the items were available. Using the app was fast, convenient, and much more reasonable (price wise) than driving all over time looking for that item.

- So confusing

This app is extremely confusing and most of my grocery items, they don’t have. If Walmart can get this right, why not Target?

- Gift card issue

There was no option to edit recipient when using Apple Pay and when using checkout no option to enter a message ...

- So simple to use

Such a great, easy app. I even taught a older lady at target how to use it. Great app

- B)

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The applications Target was published in the category Shopping on 2008-11-25 and was developed by Target [Developer ID: 297430073]. This application file size is 109.35 MB. Target - Shopping posted on 2020-06-02 current version is 2020.10 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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