Target [Shopping] App Description & Overview

Now the Target app can help you have a more rewarding Target run! Introducing Target Circle, which gives you access to hundreds of deals, a birthday gift and the chance to support your community.

Plan your next Target run by checking out Target Circle offers, the Weekly Ad and item availability all in one place. Then streamline your run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews and available deals.

Wallet is the fastest, easiest way to pay and save in store. With one scan, you can pay with your credit or debit RedCard and redeem Target Circle offers, gift cards and Target Circle earnings.

With improved iPad support, the app makes it easy to shop from anywhere, allowing you to search our entire selection, complete with online promotions and flexible ordering options. Order quickly and securely every time, then choose to pick it up at your local store or have it delivered to your home.

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Target Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Several small improvements and bug fixes.

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- Love this App!

I am a target shopper fanatic. They have everything I need, and the app makes it easy and efficient to online order, or online order pickup. I absolutely love it! It also has a great feature to see where items are depending on the store you are in. It tells you exactly what aisles to find an item in. In the time of covid, I find that targets app implemented online order pickup very well. You order and in about 4 hours or less your item is ready. You just put in the app that you’re on the way and they have a little chart to select what kind of vehicle you have so they can find your car! Contactless and efficient. The app also offers a variety of savings/coupons. If you sign up (for free) you can save with every purchase and earn money towards other purchases. Target also offers a variety of brands, but has an amazing store brand of all natural affordable products. They also have an amazing customer service team. There have been rare occasions where I’ve order items that have came damaged but they were quick to alleviate the issue. They have a happy customer in me for sure!

- Please fix app ASAP!

I used to love this app! I even loved that you merged the cartwheel into the app. I always thought it was stupid that I needed 2 apps. I even loved that you added the wallet. As a woman who changes purses, wallets etc I have forgotten my target card before so that’s great. HOWEVER what the hell have you done to this app! Now it crashes all the time in the store. Also more importantly I CAN NO LONGER ACCESS MY LIST!!! I live by that list when I shop! You released an update & didn’t fix a thing. I was in the store today & saw the dot indicating the app was updated. So foolishly I go in thinking the app is fixed try to access the list, nothing. So I restart the phone try again, nothing. Then I try to scan an item it crashes. It’s infuriating! How did we go 2 steps forward with the app & go 20 steps back! Is this the end of the world, no! But as someone who loved that I could do my list & therefore shop more efficiently since I knew where each item was to now lose that function & have to spend 3xs more time scanning my items for cartwheel it’s extremely annoying. First world problems, yes. But somebody is getting paid to develop & maintain this app for the customers therefore it should actually work!

- App is not user friendly

I love Target but the app is SO CONFUSING. I am tech savvy. I can figure out all my apps. However, for some reason, the Target app is so confusing and I always need to get help on it. I’m sorry but that’s why I rate the app only one star. I’m sure others feel the same way. The main reasons are because there is a “list”, a “wallet”, and a “cart”. There is a scanner to scan product but it’s not big and visible on all screens so it’s hard to find. When I go to the store, I want all the discounts I can get. I scan an item I want. Sometimes it tells me to add to list, sometimes it doesn’t and it just gives me an option on the quantity and when I select one for the quantity it still doesn’t add it anywhere! When I go to pay, they scan my barcode but then nothing shows! even though I scanned everything. Seriously, it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing but the app truly is difficult and confusing. Your need to make it more simple. I want to scan an item and say how many I want and automatically get the discount if there is one. I don’t want to have a wallet, a list, a cart, and a discount list. Walmart’s app is simple, JCPenney’s app is simple, even Family Dollar’s app is simple. Please make it more user friendly so I don’t have to hold up your cashier having to figure out where my items are on the app. It happens every time. Thank you!

- If you’re not using the Target app, you’re wasting money

This is one of the best shopping apps out there. It provides transparency to the consumer so you get the best available prices whether you’re shopping online or in store. If you’re shopping in store, just use the app to scan everything you put in your cart. The scanned (online) price is almost always less than the price shown at the store. For those items, you can request a price adjustment at the cashier when you’re checking out. I regularly save 10-20% every time I go to target by doing this. If you don’t want to shop in store, the in-app shopping experience is great. It tells you every offer and coupon available to you, and you can select in store pickup or drive up (if your location offers it) or shipping. The wallet feature is seamlessly integrated with your target debit or credit card. [If you don't have a target debit card but you do have a bank account, sign up for the debit card. They don’t check your credit and you get an automatic 5% off every purchase.]

- Even now many features are missing....why?😑

The rating is for the app only. Love this store and when they added pick-up & drive-up, I was so happy. When I saw the app was missing features that would make filling my cart fast & easy, I figured they’d fix it in time...but they haven’t. I’m taking about simple things even our grocery store has on their low-tech website. Such as a list you can build (of items you buy frequently) in a column format with a link at the bottom that says “add to cart”. Empty boxes by each item for you to check, (whether 5 or 25) then click “add to cart”...done. The list doesn’t disappear (like target’s list), it’s always there for you to return to. Now Target does have your “favorites”; however they’re big pictures you have to click on one at a time to add to cart, and no “view all” option, so you may have 5-10 pages you have to keep loading. Lastly when you finally have your cart filled, there is no link to easily switch the whole order between pick-up and drive up if you change your mind. You have to tediously go though one item at a time...yet there’s plenty of space at the top for this link! Sigh. Target please please add these simple features! Thx so much for listening ~

- App has shown items in stock in store that aren’t

App most recently showed me an item was in store, showed a buy online, pick up in store option and gave me trouble when I tried to use a prepaid gift card. Spoke with two reps in customer service on the phone, store employees, and I’m still frustrated about my experience. 1st phone rep helped me place order after app didn’t work for me because of difficulty I had placing my order with a gift card. Order was confirmed, then I received an email saying the item couldn’t be picked up. That’s when I called the store and they told me they had the item. I went down to the store, they told me that my card would actually get charged in the store when the item was picked up. I guess the moral of the story is don’t expect to be able to use any gift card other than a Target one if picking up in store. They handled it awfully and put me on the phone with the second rep I spoke to. Left the store looking at the item I wanted sitting in customer service and the employee telling me the charge on the gift card would likely come off in a few days because it was just a temporary hold.

- Mama’s best friend

I have a toddler and with the drive up service I no longer have to block out an hour and a half of my day in order to make a Target run. This service is a godsend for mamas with babies that don’t like to sit still in the cart. I pick out my items on the app, check out, then a short time later (within a couple hours, if not much sooner) I get a notification saying that my order is ready for pickup. I push the “I’m on my way” button when I’m in the car and heading to the store. I park in one of the designated pickup spots, hit the “im here” button, and boom my goodies are delivered to my car in just a matter of a minute or two. All while my toddler sits in his car seat eating a snack or playing happily with a toy. The only way this could be better is if I could pick up perishable grocery items this way too. I understand the storage of items that need to be refrigerated has to be carefully planned so I get why I can’t do that. Hopefully Target figures out a way to make it happen though because that would be amazing!

- Target double sell gift card.

I got $250 Target gift card from my friend for my newborn baby's baby shower. I m not rich, I had been to avoid use it because I wanted to use it for diapers. ( Target’s grocery are much expensive than Walmart, but diapers are the same price in any big store ). I redeemed this gift card on Target mobile App on the same day I got it. So this month I still have over $180 in my account. But couple days ago, I was trying to buy diaper on on the Target mobile App as usual since I m a single mom with full time work ( I don't have time to shop inside store), but it ask me to put another payment which was first time had this situation. So I went to ” my wallet ” to check out. There was no gift card anymore. It's so wierd. So I called Target customer service, the lady answering my call said the gift card was used 2 days ago with lots of items ( I can see the last 4 digits of my gift card in the app since I always use it through my phone at home. I never carry it with me. And it was used in another state. This lady insisted that I lost my gift card and someone got it and use it in another state. So she said ” lost is lost, we couldn't do anything for you about this” It did make sense at all. I never carry the physical gift card with me, how can I lose it?

- Very nice but could be even better....

The new app is very nice, with Cartwheel right there. I love that I can make a shopping list and it tells me where the items are in the store and whether there is a cartwheel coupon to go with it. However a few suggestions to make it even better/easier: -make the shopping list editable so I can add to something already there or move them around -when browsing cartwheel, I'd love to be able to have the capability to not only add those items to cartwheel, but add to my shopping list from there. Seems that you can only add cartwheel items to the shopping list once you've added an item to your list, it shows you there's a cartwheel coupon, you click the little cart to see it, and there you can add to both cartwheel and the list, but then I have my generically listed item that I have to remove and the one added by cartwheel. So in essence, I want to be able to start building my shopping list from cartwheel browsing first. Aside from the above, it is overall a definite improvement and much easier to use. I love the wallet, as well!!!!

- Recent Update = UX Nightmare

Like many others, I was a long time user of the stand-alone Cartwheel app, which I considered to have a superior UX and feature set over the brand’s flagship app — this is also why, I regrettably began using this app when it replaced the stand-alone Cartwheel app several months ago. With that said, I’ve handled that this app is focused more on online than in-store shopping, I’ve dealt with the fact that it’s UX pales in comparison to the original and tasks that once took 1-2 taps now take 3-4(or more), and I even looked past several weeks of sign-in issues during the transition period. However, with the latest update, for some reason the development team decided to add sound effects to Cartwheel user actions. This would not have been a problem if the team had been conscientious enough to allow users to disable these sound effects, however after searching within the app and the phone settings I have been unable to find a quick and easy way to do this, which quite simply is bad UX. With the variety of other options available for providing feedback after a user performs an action, I see no excuse for the development team to not allow users to disable in-app sound effects.

- Comments

I love that I’m able to get most items while I’m shopping online but through this pandemic, I haven’t been able to get groceries with my other items. I have only been in 1 grocery store & 1 pharmacy since March 1. By not being able to get groceries when I pick up my other items, it has forced me to shop elsewhere. Furthermore, when it comes to toilet paper, disinfecting spray and wipes, let me put it in my cart & pick it up. Limiting the quantities is fine. If the product is out when your employee is picking my order, then send me a text or email asking about a substitution. If I don’t like the substitution, be able to remove that item from my order when they bring it to my vehicle. If an item is out when they’re picking, just communicate that via email or text so that I’m aware that it wasn’t available when picking. It would be nice to have the capability of choosing to pick up the next day & have the opportunity to modify my order up to a designated time. I know I don’t have to pick up my order the same day, but it would be convenient to be able to alter orders that aren’t being picked up within the same day.

- It’s TARGET, people!

When I need something for myself, my kids, or my home, I check with Target first! I do love going into the store to shop, but the app and online store is amazing and has many deals not found in house. If I need a different quantity/color/option/size of something I found in the store, I can supplement with items found online with my app to get what I want. It’s very intuitive and saves searches, with product updates! Nowadays there are serious options to shop—in store, online, and pick up! The app is comprehensive, the new Circle program still saves you money—scan everything so you don’t miss a deal! Target is my “Go to” for most things I need or want. The app helps you get there. If there is ever a power failure—the customer service on the phone or in the store is always excellent. TARGET has surpassed all other big box stores because of its policies, stock quality, progressive and trendy but accessible/affordable environment, and of course, the smart shoppers it attracts. Can anyone say STARBUCKS? 🤩

- Target App is THE BEST way to Shop!!

I have been using the Target Shopping App for about 2-3 years now & I got into it right away, however, recently the experience has become so amazing that I rarely shop anywhere else for a variety of products from Essentials-Home! The order & “Pick Up” option is always a breeze, it’s actually cheaper to buy certain products this way & it gets rid of waiting for a specific item to be tracked down on the floor. Cartwheel makes this even better with price options & most recently I have really started to use the “Buy 2”, “Buy 3”, “Buy 4” & receive a Target Gift Card $5-20 for next purchase. I love this feature because it’s often paired with Household Items, Laundry Detergents & Bath & Body Essentials! You usually run out of everything at once so it’s easy to take advantage of & then you get that extra Target $$ to make a purchase you just really want but it wasn’t in the budget! The Target Shopping App is My Go-2 Personal Shopper & Savings Assistant!!

- Horrible experience with an app I once loved...

I attempted to place an order for items I had been eyeing in my cart. I clearly picked a popular time. I attempted to order items that were shown as still in stock for close to 45 min. I attempted to refresh, still no luck. Closed out and left out items intentionally to see if stock was an issue. Now, the error is it can’t be delivered to my zip, my work zip or my parents zip. By the time I called customer service, I was beyond frustrated. Not to mention after over an hour trying to place what I thought was a simple app order, my kids are done with it. I called customer service and was disconnected once, then called again and could not hear at all (and I was calling on a land line, so it was not on my end). After another 20 minutes, I was told the items shown as available were in fact out of stock. And when I ask if I can get the item at this price when it’s back in stock - “if it’s in our 14 day window.” Like that will happen! BEYOND frustrated. Be set-up to handle the demand when you put an offer for 30% off.

- App became worthless with shipt

I LOVED The Target app up until recently. They now offer almost every item ONLY for shipt and not for regular shipping. I don't want a personal shopper, I would rather pay shipping, but that's not an option. And you need to tip your personal shopper which I think they should have a standard price you pay for the service so everyone is happy. Customers can know how much they will be charged that is fair and consistent and shipt employees will know they are getting paid fairly as well. I HATE the ambiguity of tipping! I fully believe workers of every kind in every profession should be paid fairly, but tipping is inherently ambiguous! It leaves so many options available that may be very unfair across the board. Like one person may tip $50 and one tip nothing, and the customer who wants to pay fairly may have no idea what a fair tip is. And if some don't tip then those that do feel more burden to make up for those who don't. The whole system is a mess! I won't use it at all. And I was doing most of my shopping at Target, but I will not support ambiguous business practices. If target changes it to where there are set prices that don't involve the mess that tipping is, then I'll use this app again. But for now I'm shopping elsewhere.

- Target App & 3rd Party Sellers

I use the Target app frequently, and overall I find it easy to use. My frustration usually results with the 3rd party sellers. Sometimes I just want to see the products sold by Target and the filer doesn’t always allow me to do this. In addition, I have noticed some 3rd party sellers also have a significant markup on items which is frustrating. One item in particular was a Red Ryder wagon that a 3rd party was selling on the Target app for over $100 more than it could be purchased on the Red Ryder website. A less savvy consumer may purchase this based on Targets reputation, not the 3rd seller. Although I do understand responsibility is on the buyer, I also believe some responsibility is on Target to ensure there isn’t price gouging by 3rd party sellers on their app. I would love to see better filters to remove the 3rd parties in searches as well. It would be helpful if I just set one filter I could toggle off & on if I wanted to see 3rd parties. It’s frustrating to set the filter with each search. And sometimes it isn’t an option to filter out 3rd parties.

- Five stars

I’m rating this app five stars because even though it has its glitches I work at Target and have to struggle with people in store who believe that everything should happen perfectly. Like the second something is bought it should *poof* reflect in our store devices and the online availability. And that we should somehow be able to see the percents that come off of each item when we hit total (Just a heads up, it doesn’t tell us until you know too.) And while I know you guests won’t understand this, I’d rather they stuck with the developers they have instead of spending more money here, and put more money into our brick and mortar stores. For me, I feel like that should be top priority. But hey, you want to mock the company more for putting more money into other things, then go for it. But understand that that effects hours, training and your service in store. This app is awesome if you take the time to work through a few glitches and use a little patience.

- So Convenient

Target has really stepped up their game by adding Drive Up. Today, we were getting our shopping done - when we got home I realized I forgot to get coffee grounds. Tragic! How can anyone survive Monday morning without coffee? We had to meet my parents for dinner so I didn’t have time to run back out to grab coffee. I used the app to purchase coffee and pick up using Drive Up. It was so seamless. After our dinner, I clicked that we were on the way, right when we pulled up the employee was there waiting with my order. So perfect! I’ve tried other stores that offer the park/pickup option (Walmart, Kroger, etc.) and I have to say Target is definitely the best. Each time I’ve used their app the employee has been there waiting for me right when I pull in and they are always so friendly. It’s literally like a drive thru. The only somewhat negative thing is that you cannot get cold/refrigerated/frozen items using Drive Up, which is something other stores do offer.

- Target Drive Up is awesome!

Target is providing an excellent Drive up service. I am someone who uses Walmart grocery pickup, Sams club drive up pick up and Harris teeter. Target service is the best. Sams awful service no signature required, messes up order, before they even bring the order email comes that your order has been picked up and how was your experience, also can not cancel the order. Harris teeter is good but expensive, I also like how they provide actual paper receipt. Walmart is hit and miss but my main complain is it takes them a long time to bring order, and they use those not so practical baskets, carts are more efficient and functional. Target service is fast, I can add items to my order, I can cancel my order and there is no minimum purchase requirement. I don’t mind $10 or $15 minimum purchase but more than that hinders me from ordering. I do not always have $35 or $40 items to order when I don’t have time to go to store. I do wish target will add basic cold items like milk, egg and yogurt to their service. Also maybe bread.

- Overall it’s a good App

We’ve used this app for several months now. So far it’s been very helpful, and we like the ability of the drive-up feature. One thing I would love to see is the ability to manually choose which Target Drive-up you want to stop at first. Here in the Eastern part of Virginia, we have many Target store to choose from. What I don’t like is if you have multiple drive-up order at different stores. You have to go in order of the purchases. For example: my wife had (2) orders for Drive-Up. Order #1 was at the Military Hwy store, and Order #2 was at the Pembroke Store. The second order is further away from my house so I checked into the Target app, and the info for order#1 showed up. I went to Pembroke store thinking that GOs would notify this store. No! So I called the guest services and told them I’m picking up order . The store reply, “Sir, the app doesn’t show us you’re on the way here.” I said, “ I’m outside in waiting “ Just wish Target would allow users to pick which drive-up order they wanted to get first.

- Super handy but not always accurate

I use this app all the time. To see if something is in stock before heading to my local store. To order something for pickup. To check sales and clip coupons. Amazingly handy to quickly figure out what aisle something is in while shopping at my local store. Super useful especially for moms! However, there are some flaws that are annoying. The app often says something is in stock at the local store, so I head there to find it and it’s actually out of stock. Or I order something “in stock” for same-day local pickup and they end up having to ship it to my house days later because it’s not actually in stock. Also, I can’t stand how there are online-only sales accessible through the app. So for example you might look up a product you want to buy in the app, see the price while you are at your local store, but it is not on sale in the actual store so you have to either pay full price or order it online and wait for it to ship. First world problems, obviously, but fixing these issues would really streamline the user experience.

- All order ahead options are being taking away for a lot of products

This app has bugs. Not just breaking down at times, it’ll also tell me something is available for pick up and then when I click to add to cart it will say “oops check ...” basically that’s it’s not available for pickup even though it lets me select it. It will tell you an item is out of stock when you’re checking if something is available at a different store or if it’s available for pickup at a list of different stores and it’s 90% not true, its there if you actually go to the store- what it means is the item is not available for pick up/drive up. Pick up and drive up are meant to help people who really need it to save time and can’t/aren’t available to run in the store, whether it’s a disability/health issue or some other personal reason. At the start of COVID there were way more things available for pickup/drive up now the list is quickly dwindling. And there’s no rhyme or reason to it. I get you wanna have stuff for the people who visit the location but surely target is a big enough corporation to figure out a way to satisfy all their guests.

- Pantsless Purchasing

Probably the easiest shopping app ever, I enjoy buying my clothes from Target, it’s probably the EASIEST way to shop ever, you can order and cancel(if need be) incredibly easily. They also make couponing a breeze by just automatically applying the coupons at check out. They even give you 3 ways to shop. Delivery, Pick up, & Drive Up which is basically they take it out to your car if you don’t feel like putting on pants but still need something like today this is a great option. When you cancel an order which I’ve had to do earlier today the cancelation is immediate as long as the item hasn’t shipped. And the money is back in your account. Amazing. I ended up reordering the items after I found the right size which I had mixed up earlier. Easy Peasy. I’m actually astonished at how easy ordering with Target is vs. it’s competitors. I’ll be doing my clothing shopping with target first from now on that’s for sure!

- Terrible customer service !!

I recently was sent a baby shower gift of the delta white Jordan changing table which the first order that was received was damaged, so I went to the Cross Keys Sicklerville location and had a “manager” re order me another changing table same exact one and when it was received it was color “gray” and the totally wrong one. So I had to move again go back to the target location in Sicklerville and order yet another one. As of this week another one was delivered Oct 7th and today as I am trying to assemble it, the entire white wood was discolored and so yellow and dingy looking! Once again I returned to the target Sicklerville location to return my damaged order and no apology nothing just handed me another gift-card ! So for a fourth time here I am re ordering another Delta Jordan WHITE changing table! And I am BEYOND furious being my due date is only a few short weeks away and I still have no changing table not to mention the 4 times back and fourth returning to the store to take back and re order this item !! I am so disappointed in target online and they’re customer service!!!! I am a frequent target shopper and as these last couple times I dread even going back into there!!!!!!

- Don’t bother buying online to pick up in 2 hours!

I bought an item online to pick up in 2 hours. I thought it would be easy and convenient. I did it before at Walmart and I was in and out in under 5 min. I ordered my item online and received a conformation e-mail that they were processing my order. 30 min later I received an e-mail that the item was out of stock. I looked online and it still said in stock. I chose pick up at another target store, that said the item was it stock. 30 min later I received another e-mail that my order was canceled because the item is not available at either store. Going on to the app both store still say the item is in stock and ready for 2 hour pick up! I went to the store and decided to look for the item because maybe it was an error. I asked a man in toys for the item and showed him on my phone that the item was listed as being in stock. He looked at the empty shelf and said “Nope, it’s not here” then he turned and walked away! The staff was as helpful as the app!

- Avid Targeter

I love target. The features are great. Drive up is an amazing tool to have. I’ve used this for years and had no problems. I felt really secure to use this for most of my shopping until this past week. One of my target packages got intercepted and UPS couldn’t figure out why. So I figured either system glitch or someone had access to my target account to manipulate the package. But I had two target packages and only one of them got intercepted by the “receiver.” I changed my account password and even removed my target card and monitored for about 5 days. All good. No fraudulent charges. So I went and shopped for a pickup. Got my pickup. Later that day I saw a huge uptick in my nonprofit votes, which I wouldn’t have minded but you only get one per purchase and this was 10 more votes than I’d had originally I swear!! I’ve been eyeing my target app receipt purchases (online/in store), my REDcard account and my personal bank account for the past 24 hours. Nothing so far but it’s just weird right now with target. I’m thinking about canceling my card. I can’t risk this especially right now. Target do better security!! A major overhaul please!

- Two things to Fix

I really enjoy using the app, except when it comes to check out. First, there should be an option to apply a pick up location to all items in your cart instead of having to select a location for each item, if that’s not what you’re trying to do. It’s really time consuming when you have a bunch of stuff in your shopping cart. Second, the wallet doesn’t allow you to use hard coupons or gift cards. Every time I’ve tried the associate says they apply cartwheel first, then coupons or gift cards, but if your red card is linked to the wallet, it’s making the purchase immediately after applying the cartwheel & going back to apply gift cards not linked to your wallet is a pain. I unlinked my red card from the wallet to get around this, but it would be nice to be able to use the wallet as intended and not have to produce the actual card. All in all, I love the app and the ease of use - just fix those two things & I’d be happy to give five stars!

- Love!!!!

I absolutely love the Target app and the Drive-Up feature they’re now offering where I live. I’m a mother of two toddlers so making a trip to Target can be overwhelming, but now I’m able to do all my shopping online while they’re asleep and pick up (most item) through their Drive-Up service. The ONLY issue I have is that not all items are available for Drive-Up, which to me makes no sense. I mean certain items that may require an adult to show an ID, I totally get, but for example, dish washing soap... there’s a specific dish washing soap that is not available for the Drive-Up service, but every other dish washing soap is available. If a Drive-Up service to a store is going to be available, then it needs to be for the WHOLE store and every last single item that’s inside of it. When I go to McDonald’s drive-thru, they don’t make me get my burger and fries at the window and then require me to come inside to get my drink! I mean that makes no sense. Once every item, or least the items I’m needing become available for Drive-Up, then I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.

- Do not add your Redcard to the wallet!

If you add the red card to your wallet, it ruins the entire checkout process if you have coupons or target gift cards. It automatically processes your redcard payment when you scan the barcode at checkout, even if you were just trying to scan it to apply the cartwheel discounts. If they scan the cartwheel app prior to processing your coupons, it pays with your redcard and you are out of luck with using the coupons. The same goes for the gift cards. I even provided my gift card prior to letting them scan my cartwheel app. They scanned the cartwheel app after “processing” my gift card and the cashier informed me that the gift card did not go through once she scanned the cartwheel app and it applied the full payment to my red card!! She informed me that the only way you can use a gift card and the cartwheel app (if you have your red card in the wallet) is to add your gift card electronically to the Wallet within the cart wheel app prior to checkout. It just seems to ruin the entire checkout process if you have your red card applied to your wallet in the cart wheel app.

- Very bad store pickup experience

When I arrived at my local Target to get my “pickup in store” order, I found out that only two of my nine items from my order were available for pickup. Turns out, the other items were being shipped to me. I was confused because I thought I specifically marked those items for pickup, even searching using the app’s filters for items only in my store. The app failed to communicate to me that the items were going to be shipped instead of picked up. So I promptly cancelled the other items in the order right in the store from the app. I even double checked they were cancelled by viewing the details of my order again the seeing a cancelled “x” symbol next to the items. Many hours later today, I get an email from Target that “my order is on the way”, and my card has been charged and the items are being shipped to me. This is really lame; I didn’t want groceries shipped to me, my apartment doesn’t even accept packages so I guess I get to wait in line in the post office in a week to pick up groceries I wanted today. Really lame experience. Turned me off from Target’s app; it’s too bad because I was excited to try out pick up, too 😕.

- Online price matching

Yesterday I went to Target to get new bedding for my daughter’s new bed. She got a bigger mattress so I had to buy a few items for it. I have Target Circle so I always scan items in app as I put them in my cart. Every bedding item was on sale online but not in store. I got up to the register and let the cashier know that I had a few things that needed price matched, but she informed me that Target policy only allows one item to be price matched per customer per day. (By the way, zero complaints about my Target store. Every employee there is so friendly and helpful...I love my store!) So, I went back and put all of the items back on the shelves and then ordered them all online for 2-hour pickup so that I could get the online price. All of this to say that I understand that there must be situations that this policy was created for. But when you have the option to order items online for same day pickup in store this policy doesn’t make sense. I wasted my time shopping in store, taking everything up to the register, then turning around to put it all back on the shelves and then order it all online. Then I had to come back to the store 30 minutes later to pick them all up. The employees wasted their time pulling all of my items off of the shelves again and fulfilling my order. Please consider changing and updating this policy. Thank you.

- Mobile Payment Mis-fire

I’m extremely disappointed with the Wallet feature in this app. It is limited in use because currently only works with Target Red cards. I forgot my wallet one evening and couldn’t go back to my home to get it because the store was closing. I thought maybe I could use the wallet feature but an employee stated only for Target Red cards. Also, I thought I could use Apple Pay because it’s available in the Target app but fortunately not possible as I came to learn. The decision to use mobile payment feature is great but to limit it to curtain cards and not provide other options is frustrating for the consumer. I’m unlikely to shop at Target because of this negative shopping experience. I understand not wanting to use Apple Pay in-store to avoid licensing fees or other aspects that could hurt Target’s bottom line but at what cost to your consumer. I’d prefer going to a competitor, Walmart, that has a simpler mobile payment system that is open to different types of debit/credit cards. I hope this issue will be fixed or other mobile payment options made available in the future.

- Great service

I’ve been using this app much more often with everything going on I’ve ordered all of my Easter items and even household items that I really needed but didn’t want to go into the store since it was raining so I ordered drive up and it was so convenient I didn’t even have to roll my window down I just put my phone up to the window and they made sure it was me with my order number and put my items in the trunk I felt so relieved knowing that I didn’t have to come in contact with a lot of people shopping but I still got what I needed I will for sure be using the target app much more often now knowing how easy it was and let me just say that the prices are actually the same as other stores and something even cheaper I always compare prices to make sure I’m not overpaying and you would be surprised to know that somethings are even cheaper here than other known store

- The scanner in the app no longer works!

Absolutely terrible Target news!! After several bad experiences in the store this weekend I called corporate to find out why the Target app wasn’t working. Turns out they updated the app and the in-app scanner will now only show online prices making the scanner in the app basically useless! We now have to go back in time to several years ago where you have to bring stuff to the in-store scanners to check a price. The reasoning I was told on the call this weekend was that it would make the shopping experience easier by providing the online price to match to... EVERYTHING in my cart that I scanned was significantly higher online than in store. 😡😡I am so disappointed. The Walmart app allows you to easily switch from the online to in-store price so I don’t understand why Target is taking a step backwards. I am hoping Target will change this back or at least give the option to see both in the app. It’s often times hard to find a working scanner in the store and some remodeled stores don’t even have scanners. Target- please reconsider as this change has made shopping way more difficult!

- Not great

My last few online orders were a nightmare. Part of my order showed up for pick up and part of it was shipped. This I found out when I got to the store to pick up. I told clerk I specifically ordered pick up because I didn’t want my product to freeze. He told me I could return if I wanted. It never did ship. My next order I received an email that my order was ready to pick up, when I went in a few days later, the clerk said my order was cancelled. A crazy thing happened though, she asked what it was and I told her and there just happened to be one of my items sitting there at the courtesy counter. I guess someone else didn’t want. My last order I put on my red card for free two day shipping and all of my items shipped except a pair of boots. It said in my cart the boots could not be shipped to the address given?!? Now I have to make a special trip to the store for one item, which may or may not be there in possibly 4-7 days if it’s not cancelled, while the rest is coming to my door. What I thought was to be a convenience, has turned out to be anything but.

- Easy to shop, but very hard to verify pickup location

It is really hard to find the address of the pick up location. And I’m not sure why, but it didn’t save my location. Maybe there was an update between uses. I made a small purchase and when I went to get it discovered it was at the target 20 minutes away instead of the one right by my house. I live in a big city, so they all have the same associated city name, which is ALL that displays through the whole purchase process. In fact if you want to verify which address is currently selected you have to dig to figure it out in a rather unintuitive place. The app should really show you the whole store address at some point in the check out process. That being said shopping is super easy, and I love those features. In fact I would rate the app a 5 if it weren’t for the address issue. That bumped it down so much because online shopping is the easy part. The pick up is the hassle. And now I have gone to 2 targets to pick up one small order. My efforts to save time ended up costing me a whole lot more.

- Needs to work out some kinks

I have been a long time Red Card holder & Target customer! That said I’ve been very very sick & have used your online shopping & pick up app! Both times I used this service the store was out of two problems that I needed most. It was two things I didn’t want my son to search for these items. The first time they gave him something comparable, wasn’t what I needed but I said ok I can deal. Second time I needed enema’s & you didn’t have the one I wanted so my son never even knew to get them. You should have a way to communicate with your guests that the product is out of stock & allow the guest to go in & choose something comparable of their choosing. Becuz I’ve been very sick this has been a really hard time for me. The way you are doing this now is not acceptable & has made my life hell in those moments !! Please look into a better method to this problem please!

- Inaccurate availability for items

My trips to Target have gone from 1-2 times a month to 2-3 times a year. Three years ago product availability displayed accurately 99% of the time. That’s all changed; multiple trips I couldn’t find items that showed available. An employee couldn’t even find an item when I asked -I walked away from the items in my cart and out the door. Two months ago after seeing disinfecting wipes show available for three days I finally called and was told “no that’s wrong we don’t have any”. I watched for a few more days and the availability never changed. Today, three different cleaning products show available; I called and the recording said if you’re checking on stock level sorry we can’t help you. I wasted my time driving to the store since none of the 3 items were on the shelf and when I asked the customer service desk she tells me I can call in and to ignore the recording. She also tells me that it shows available for items because they don’t know when they’re getting their delivery. Huh? I didn’t buy anything today and I’m not coming back to Target.

- Needs a payment wizard when setting up

The initial of attaching a payment method to the Wallet is confusing, and the process is not clearly stated. After transferring to a new phone, I found it difficult to understand if my payment method (Red Card) was properly attached to the Wallet and working. I suggest a “payment wizard” or helper be added. This should be automatically launched when a customer logs into an existing account that has a payment method attached. (Put up a “Attach Now / Later / Never” dialog). There should also be a radio button in the Wallet screen to add a payment method if none is attached. Finally, the workflow is unclear when using the Scanner function on an iPhone 7. The product info window covers up part of the Scan box. This User’s inclination is to close the product info page, and that exits the scanner (which always frustrates me!) The Scan box should be moved higher on the screen to make it clear the user can just scan another item. Fix your screen layout on classic iPhones!

- Great app, needs some improvements

Love that I can order online and have items shipped from my cart. - I don’t like that not everything can be obtained either through drive up or Shipt and it’s not clear why. For example, I had to go to the store to buy a jar of mayonnaise (not perishable), but could have had frozen food delivered (very perishable). - It’s also clunky to have to deal with that information one item at a time. It’s nice to be able to select same day delivery from my list, would be nice to do that for drive up. - I had to cancel a Shipt order because after I clicked Shipt from my list, several items couldn’t be hand delivered, so it wasn’t enough to place the order. No way to move forward. Had to log into Shipt to do that. - The search function doesn’t really work. Sometimes I have to search with google to find items at Target, or scan the barcode, rather than the app. Note that the barcode only works for that particular size/config. So, if I want one item instead of a 2 pack, the one item won’t often show up. - Went to add a couple of items after I placed my Shipt order. Wouldn’t work, just kept spinning. (Same behavior on website.) I love the Target tech, but with these shortcomings, I’ve been unable to get what I need. Ended up going to the store so I could do all of my shopping. Still works well for small orders and certain items, but not as a regular tool.

- One of my favorite apps

The Target app has been a big part of my switch to Target as my go-to store for everyday items. For the most part, I enjoy using it to prepare for shopping trips or to price check in store. I also love Cartwheel and appreciate being able to use it to search for deals on the go. The good definitely outweighs the bad but I do have a few suggestions for making the app/shopping experience better: 1. Restore Apple Pay option. Until this weekend, mine worked flawlessly. Without it, I’m more reluctant to buy things through the app. 2. I understand why it happens but the sheer number of plastic bags involved in pick-up orders is sometimes mind boggling. This isn’t a critique of the associates, more of the process. If there was a way to build sustainability into the process, I’d feel so much better about placing orders for pick up. 3. Make it clearer from the shopping list view whether an item is in stock. I’ve made trips all the way to my Target store for an item that was out of stock because I forgot to click on it to see if it was available. Graying unavailable items out or showing the red “out of stock” next to items in list view would simplify the process. That might seem like a lot to improve, but the app is honestly really solid. I recommend it if, for some reason, you haven’t yet checked it out.

- Shipping options

When you’re choosing the “order pick up” or “shipping” option you have to go to each item individually to choose how you want to recieve your items. Its inconvenient!! Why not just put one button that says “pick up entire order” and another button that says “ship entire order” and still have the option to individually go in and have things picked up or shipped separately(as they do it now)if thats what you want to do. I think that would make more sense and it would be more convenient. I feel sorry for the people who have 20 or so items. When i first ordered i chose order pick up Thinking it would cover my entire order but I was wrong, about an hour later I went to check on the order just to make sure it processed and noticed one item was being picked up and the other six were being shipped. I had to cancel my whole order and do it again so that all my items were abled to be picked up!!! Target please improve your online experience:)

- First time male over 70 engineer tries to shop on line

I found several things difficult about attempting to use this website to order groceries. First it was not apparent how to select the item once I have found it. I tried pressing the little heart button and watched as my wife laughed at me no that’s not what you’re supposed to choose she said well then what do I use. Oh you use the button that’s way down below that says deliver it. But it doesn’t say how many to deliver.?. No you enter how many to deliver after you get all done we just have to remember later what the number was you wanted! Uh huh. Then there’s actually finding the category of items that you want for instance there are no main categories for canned goods you have to know about the little? That lets you enter a free form where he only that permits you to find things such as canned beans canned pineapple and other such common commodities. Well I even had trouble the very first time after I successfully requested delivery of my very first item I was going to go back and search for a second item..? Honey she said it’s just visit don’t worry, Uh huh...? In reality you have to go all the way back up to the top so look like coming in the front door after you pick up one item in your cart to pick up the next item. I don’t get me wrong I am a faithful target shopper and I will someday figure this all out unfortunately my training as a computer engineer has not prepared me for this brave new world.

- Bug

Please fix the app. It keeps sending me notifications that items are back in stock (app notifications and emails). I click the notifications right away and the items are not actually back in stock. I received about 10 notifications for the same item today. It’s frustrating. A previous representative on the phone confirm that this was a bug and then numerous people were calling in. This has been going on for a few months now and not just with high demand items. I do understand the other people have items saved to notify them when they’re back in stock. My husband is an engineer so I understand how things work online. But this is not just for big items. It’s for pillows, books, candles etc. it’s not happening with every item I have save to notify me but most of the time it is not working. I called again today to be given the runaround and the woman did not understand and kept saying will someone else probably bought it. Like I said I was already notified that this was a bug and needs to be fixed.

- Here’s the one problem...make that 2 problems

Being able to do everything without so much as a wallet is the dream. Keeping a running list of things I need to get that even tells me where items are located is fantastic. Problem #1: for some reason you can’t use your phone for cartwheel and for a gift card and to pay simultaneously with the wallet feature or a combination of any 2 of these. Just doesn’t work. Problem #2: any time you’re in a somewhat subterranean Target or way back in the store, cartwheel goes poof. The reception cuts out and you can’t access anything much less add or search for new deals. Personally I have my app open and the list feature available before I enter the store. And I don’t believe it’s a matter of my phone provider or my cell phone. My sister runs into the same issue and we have different phones and providers.

- Card was declined

Don’t understand why my RedCard was declined has taken me over 1 1/2 hr dealing with an order I put in. Customer service tried and started doing something in the system and finally went through BUT had to use another card to put my order through, unfortunately could not get the 5% RedCard gives you. My RedCard is connected to my checking so don’t know why it was declined. Can you please tell me what is missing or what am I doing wrong to avoid submitting this order today? All I can say the system kept sending me to my profile and I put in all information at least I think I did and it kept getting stuck would not let me go any further Well called customer service and the nice gentleman tried to help but wasn’t able Hope to hear from you because I plan to continue ordering things and do not want to have these issues

- Great App ONE FLAW!

I’ve been using the Target app for a few years. I’ve always love the usability that the app brings. It seems that you develop the app based on people’s opinions of it which I love. This app has really come along way from being a separate target and cart wheel app and I love that you now have a map of every aisle in your current store and anytime I scan something I’m able to find what aisle it is in, what the current price is and if there’s a cart wheel coupon to match. I absolutely love the Drive up feature it is saved me not only time but money as well! I also really love the list function. And I love that you have also put the isles where the items can be found on my item in my list. However, is there a way that the app can alert you once you step into a target to let you know that you have items on your list? This would be really helpful because often times I make a list during the week and when I go to target I’d like to be notified that there are items on my list. I use the list function quite often but I often forget that I have one made once I actually make it into the store. I will forever use the Target app I’m just hoping that my opinion gets heard and hopefully something can be done about enabling the app user to choose to be notified once stepping into a target store to look at the list that has previously been made. Thank you.

- Bring back the ability to shop “my store” by default

I love the Target app and use it all the time. However, In one of the recent updates the app now defaults to shopping the closest store to your current location. Typically I like to add items to my cart as I think of them, or realize we are out of something and that way when I’m ready to do a drive up is already in my cart. These things may pop into my head while I’m at work or running other errands, but I still prefer to get my drive up orders from the Target right by my house. With it defaulting to using my current location I can’t always select my store in the “change store” option when adding to my cart because there may be several other store that are closer. It used to allow you to shop any store of your choosing right on the home screen of the app, but when I try to change it to the Target by my house it doesn’t allow me to select it. It acts like it’s already selected because I have it set as “My Store” in the app, but then it still searches the inventory of the nearest target when I search for products instead of searching the location I preselected as “My Store”. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Shouldn’t it default to shopping my preferred Target store first and then allow me to change location if needed? I swear that’s how it used to work and it works really well. Maybe I’ll have to turn off location services for the Target App to get around this.

- Harder to use with latest update

I have to agree with others who have pointed out that the most recent update has made the Circle offers aspect of this app much more difficult and cumbersome to use. It now takes at least one if not two extra taps and/or clicks to a different screen to see all of the Circle offers in a category. Prior to the most recent update, you could click on the category and see all the offers in that category or have the choice to fine-tune your search. Now you have to click on every sub-category to see all of the offers, and I still am not convinced that I am seeing them all so will have to scan every item individually once I’m at the store just to make sure I don’t miss an offer. Not helpful, Target! I really liked the opportunity to browse the offers, and as a result, often ended up purchasing things I hadn’t even been shopping for — much like browsing in-store. If you are trying to make it more difficult for your customers to use this app, especially for finding the additional Circle discounts, congratulations, you have succeeded!

- Shame on Target

Using cartwheel, in the Fishers, Indiana location, which is an entirely inconvenient process, while you want to shop for everything throughout the store, and for the two categories that I came to the store for, the pricing was less online(cartwheel) than in the store. This has happened to me before, but your personnel has always accommodated the pricing at the register. But not today, however, the cashier managers as well as your customer service manager proceeded to inform me that they could not price adjust until tomorrow following corporate direction! They allowed me to order the merchandise online for pickup in store, that I had in my hand, pay for it, and didn’t let me take the merchandise with me. They told me that they would fill the order and notify me by email when ready. I hope you read this out loud and realize how outrageous and discourteous this is. How can consumers, especially loyal ones like myself, not search for better service from other retailers. Please re-evaluate your corporate decisions keeping your integrity and your customers perception in mind. Jeanette Lupinacci

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- App Wallet

It is not easy to check out in store using the app wallet. If you have Cartwheel, Target card, And gift cards, it gets too complicated for the Target cashier to ring you up. I never carry my card and tried to pay at the cashier today. When the cashier scanned my barcode, only my Cartwheel was applied (no savings today), and she was not able to apply my Target card or my gift card. I had to use another form of payment, which means I did not get my 5% discount. In several different occasions, some cashiers don’t know how to ring me up using my Target gift card in the app and then the Target card for the remaining balance. I think I may need to start carrying my Target card again, because using it in the app is too complicated with no clear directions. I hope that the app improves or the store cashiers get more training.

- The Saved list is broken

Something has been wrong with the ‘Saved for later’ list in the cart section for the past month or so. Now when I move items into the Saved for Later list, the list also suddenly gets filled up with a bunch of $5 gift cards. Where are these coming from, why are there so many, and why are they in Saved for Later? Not only are they cluttering up my Saved list, but they are automatically kicking out older items from my Saved list in order to keep the number of items at 50. Please fix this bug. And while you’re at it, please allow more than 50 items to be Saved for Later. It would be helpful if you added a function in the app that allowed you to look up the in-store prices of items as well as the online prices. That would be a huge help in figuring out whether it’s cheaper to buy an item in-store with a store-only cartwheel offer, versus buying it online with the online price.

- Great App but Online order/pickup needs work

The app is very convenient and easy to navigate. The reason I gave 3 stars instead of 5 is because of my in store and online order/pickup experiences. On more than one occasion my order was cancelled after weeks and weeks of waiting causing me to have to run to another store last minute to get what I needed. On another occasion 2 items were ordered together and only one was shipped. I was informed the other was coming from another location and would arrive separately. After waiting 2 months I just called to cancel. With my in-store experience, the employees said my items ordered online could not be located and I had to wait for an hour for them to find it. Although I had these issues they were resolved in a professional manner. Overall Target has their flaws but I love Target products.

- App works but target needs to fix settings

I love using the app, especially to order groceries for pickup. I recently had a pinched nerve which made it very hard to walk. Pick up was a godsend for the few items I could actually get. It quickly became frustrating because so many items are “not available for pickup” even though it says they’re in stock. So I’d have to limp painfully all the way to the back of the store to get the items I needed. Today I am trying to order and again- it says my pasta sauce is in stock but not available for pickup. One flavor of vitamin water is available but another is not. Both are in stock! It has reached a level of frustrating that is making me abandon the idea of shopping at target while I’m unable to walk. I can order from my local grocery store and get every single item as long as it’s in stock. Target needs to fix this glitch in the system. It makes no sense!

- Wonky promo and not no restock button

I like the convenience of ordering and delivery. I don’t even mind the promos of needing to PICK UP. But i really hate that the RESTOCK option (which is normally needed since it seems can’t order so much and i have 2 toddlers) isn’t always available and it makes me go SHIP IT which means I won’t be able to earn the promo gift cards. make a button for it or something because when there is insufficient stock available (like only 3 and i want 4 or 5 to get the promo credit) it says not enough stock then won’t let me proceed to ordering. I believe before when not enough stock in store, i was asked and could order choose to wait for restock to pick up in 1-2 weeks (which i’ve done) I budget my children’s monthly expenses and at times bulk order during promos, but only for their month or till next use. so it’s not as if i’m ordering tons for it to be impossible to see restock.

- Great App

Have been using this app for a few years now, and it just keeps getting better. Love that you can do one order, and have the items shipped or picked up. And for the most part everything that says it available on the app is pretty much at the store. Other than some of the odd items that no one really needs for an everyday use. I love that you can do a drive up order, put the order in and in a short time it is ready to be picked up. And if you have our setting on, as soon as you get to the parking lot, it lets the associates know that your there, so they can walk out and give you the order and you not there for long at all! With having younger kids and sometimes putting them in the car they fall asleep, so it makes it that much easier! I’ll be excited when they ever do grocery drive up!

- Meh; missing needed features

It's not bad, but the pandemic has highlighted how much Target prioritizes marketing over customer safety & convenience. The good: easy to see what's in stock, order things if possible, and the way Target (at least here) does drive up pickup is far simpler than how other stores do it. The not-so-good: 1. Want to change your pickup method for an order you placed, even before it's ready? Sorry - you have to cancel the first order & then re-order it all again - which makes zero sense and almost certainly leads to people in the store being frustrated (they may be in the middle of fulfilling it and - BAM! it's cancelled. And then re-ordered - when they were *right there to get the product(s)!). 2. Target still requires us to pull out our phones to scan things in the store to get Circle discounts - when they could easily make it faster/provide less exposure for everyone by simply adding all Circle deals to all Circle accounts (or at least letting us add all deals without this silly max # of deals). 3. At self-checkout, to use the Target Wallet, we still have to use the (probably not sanitary) hand scanner - while every other wallet/rewards program has long since figured out how to keep it contactless. #2 was at least kinda fun pre-COVID (you got to discover deals); now it just shows how Target is still not taking safety seriously (the other two have always been annoying).

- Great in most areas

I use the target app all the time. My only complaints are that they frequently show a product and then once you click on the product to add to cart, it shows out of stock. I wish they wouldn’t show things, especially sale items, if they are out of stock. Plenty of apps remove them from display/show “out of stock” on the sale page. The other issue is that that also often show a product on a certain display-landing page, say, a rug for example, and then when you click it expecting to see details/specific info on the item (as they are advertising a specific product), it doesn’t take you to the product they depicted. So they entice you with something that they don’t actually link to. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been intrigued by a chair, etc etc, only to click it to not actually be linked to the specific product.

- Target + Technology = JOKE

For 20+ years I’ve been a loyal target shopper. But after today’s experience, both online and in store, that will change. Last two times I was at Target, they were out of three items I wanted. Earlier this week I found those three items on the Target app and they were showing in stock. I decided to go to target on a Saturday morning to pick them up, however, to my dismay, they were not in stock. According to a Target employee, the app isn’t always right or up to date. Well, for technology, that’s a big miss. Why in the world have a technology that is blatantly wrong? It’s misleading and frustrating for customers. Then, to top it off, i was overcharged for an item when I went to check out at Target. I didn’t notice it until I looked at my receipt, and the most frustrating part is that the app even shows the price as the sticker/shelving price. I guess this is Target’s was of misleading yet again and skimming off the top. I’m so aggravated with Target, I question how I was ever to begin with.

- Step it up, Target!

I’ll preface by stating I absolutely love shopping at Target, and I use pretty much all the features on the Circle app. I create lists, I favorite items, I scan items in store for Circle discounts, etc. Love all the features. A few areas for improvement: The search is not the best. I search an item by specifics (brand, color, size, item name, etc), and it still won’t come up in results... and it will give me men’s, women’s, and kids’ shirts when I specifically search for women’s. The search is almost as bad as Walmart’s app, and that one is awful. Second, I wished they didn’t remove the social media photos from the product photos. It’s helpful to see what clothes look like on people (especially now that newer items aren’t shown on models). Last, please keep your stock updated on the app! Several times the app showed particular items in stock when they were actually not.

- Bring back features

I have been an avid user of cartwheel for over 3 years now normally have really good things to say about it, but this holiday season they changed up the deals they normally offer. In the years past I could count on opening up my cartwheel every morning to see what the 50% off deal was to see if it was a toy one of my 4 children wanted or a good one to donate to a toy drive through the holidays. This year I do not have that excitement each morning. There was a very short lived teaser of it in November, but even then, most of the time the offers were less than 50% off. In the beginning I did not use cartwheel too much because I would forget, but what got me in the habit of using it now every time I go was the 50% off deal up until Christmas. Bring it back, please. Thank you A seriously loyal customer

- It's Target, sooo....A++++

An easier way to access the best store ever. Especially while you are bored at work, sick at home or at the kids dance/football activities. Or when you're just feeling too lazy to go in to touch everything because you were there yesterday anyways. You are still able to spend a ton of money using this app-no worries there! We know how quickly Target changes its' inventory and we must have it all! Only came on the app for one thing? Nope! Just like when you go to the store you'll load up your cart on here! Another positive is that the husband can't complain about having to physically go into Target anymore since we have it at our fingertips! So ladies, grab hubby's wallet and let the shopping adventure begin! Or your own wallet if you are an independent, strong male or female who don't need no one! Happy hunting!

- Just One Issue

I absolutely love shopping at Target and using this app is extremely efficient. The only downside is the most recent “update.” It seems as though the only thing you can do is search through the app but can’t do much else. It’s nice to have an option to create a shopping list and having it readily accessible right on your phone to make shopping trips easier. What’s beyond frustrating is not being able to access the list because the app constantly freezes and closes out involuntarily. Because this happens frequently, you’re also no longer able to access your cartwheel. What’s the point in putting products in your cartwheel and not be able to save any money due to the app crashing? I’d say this is the only issue that needs to be fixed. I’m not going to let a minor technical difficulty keep me from shopping at a great store!

- addictive!

This app is very easy to navigate and user friendly in my opinion. I love Target, but often don’t have time to drive there and spend hours combing the aisles for that ONE item I’m looking for. This app really streamlines the shopping experience and the search feature helps me narrow my options for whatever I’m shopping for. It is so nice that it tells you what is in stock in the Target store near you and it even tells you what aisle the item is on! It can send you notifications when the item you want comes back in stock which is amazing. There are several options for how to receive your item: pick up, shipping, or you can simply click to add it to your “list” and go to the store and find the item on the shelf. The only downside is it also fuels my shopping addiction, so I am currently crying into my wallet.

- Works great - slight tweak needed??

Very convenient service to use when the stuff I need is in stock plus my orders are usually filled under the 2 hours- overall it saves me so much time and money since I don’t browse the store this way. My only complaint/suggestion would be the final step for pick up is a little off in my opinion. The person verifying the order checks my id, has me sign for items but I can’t leave with items until they have wrote down each item on their spreadsheet in a tiny space provided. If I’m only picking up a couple of things, fine but I’m usually using the service because I’m in a hurry and feel me signing off on the order should be good enough. If this step is for their records, I recommend filling it out as the person picks the order before the customer arrives.

- Craptastic

This app has changed so much! I went to review a few items got “See Low Price In Cart” only to find the app can’t even tell me the prices on items I am looking for. Add it to ship now and it gives me a split second option to remove from the cart before I have to go to the cart to delete it and it flashes back to the original search screen. After perusing for a few more items I have to say it is not user friendly, it is impulse buyer friendly and absolutely useless otherwise. I was shown suggestions left and right without recognizing that certain criteria in the search were prerogatives. In other words, I want a WIRELESS headset for and Xbox One, not every available headset for any console or PC. I guess I could turn on every available filter and end up with 1 item that isn’t what I asked for, but the only one they have listed with the criteria I listed. It seems they have basically just kept adding features no one asked for and made it harder to get what you want to find. Thanks, I think I will delete this app again now. 😒

- Can’t trust the promotion offers

Sadly I will not be using Target for my pick up orders any longer, as they were unwilling to resolve my issue. I used a promo online of spend $50 same day orders receive $15 gift card. I added on an extra item so I could get this offer. Upon checkout the app indicated the promo was complete and I qualified for the gift card (the offer will not appear until you’ve put enough in your cart). I’ve always received my ecards within a day so I contacted target via the chat and phone call- they said I did not qualify after all. I will be using other stores from now on who honor their promotions. If it were me I would have just given the customer the gc to save their loyalty to my company but hey, Target is perfectly willing to let someone go that easily, to each his own.

- 1st time doing pick up

Of course shopping online and picking up when it’s ready is extremely convenient and I am thankful it is offered. However, I do not understand why only some products are available and others are not, especially if it is in stock. For example, a lot of clearance/sale items said products were in stock at my preferred store and even the aisle location, but “not available” for me to pick up. Bagels and granola bars were another. I could maybe understand if it was a refrigerated item but bagels and granola bars are not. It’s so silly to even complain about something like this, but I can tell you that my bagels and granola bars are on giant eagles pick up list now, not Targets. OMG and now trying to submit my review it keeps saying “nickname is taken”. Just give me an option with numbers behind it like everyone else and I’m good! I don’t need to waste my time finding a nickname that’s available!! And yet I am:(

- Shuts down

I really like target diapers. We live in a city so jumping on a train isn’t always an option. In comes the target app. It is much faster than most big store apps UNTIL sometimes you just can’t check out and those diapers you desperately need! Say there’s some deal and everyone is buying diapers to get that gift card - too bad, you might have to wait 3 days before the site/app is active again. It’s very annoying so that’s why I’m giving 1 star! Target is a huge corporation, a person MIGHT think their interface might be able to handle 1 million mothers trying to buy diapers at the site. Not to mention my bank occasionally blocks target because of all the fraud and people breaking in and stealing peoples info. If I didn’t like the diapers I would literally never bee to shop target online. FIX THIS TARGET!

- Often annoying...

I don’t know if the faults lie more with the app or Target itself, but after more than a year of using it for the drive up service, annoying aspects haven’t gone away, but instead new ones appear. As with so many other apps, the developer can’t seem to stop tinkering in ways that are not helpful or an improvement. Every other use or so, I have to readjust, spending frustrating time searching for functions that should be very logical and intuitive. Add this to Target’s odd and equally illogical inclusion of items available for pick up (often items right next to each other on the shelf), and the experience never seems to improve. Also the search function is rather frustrating, knowing full well what the store actually carries. I consistently feel that I’m being steered to items and packing THEY select, rather than ones I prefer. With the increasing availability of online shopping, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be using this service.

- Horrible order

Tried ordering this Friday night into Saturday morning. Dealt with the worst customer service from Chat with Henry to three representatives that left a poor taste in my mouth for the on line side of Target. They tell you to hold and conveniently get disconnected. When I got the same girl, she said she didn’t hang up, yet never heard her and after a long wait, was disconnected. Then when transferred to someone who would help me, all she could do was the canned, non sincere apology. Today I go to order the Loring Desk and I can order, but because it’s not on sale. How did it go from last one, which I screen shot my order to show I had it in my cart, which kept kicking me out, which caused me to chat with Henry who gave me the number to deal with basically another country (we all know it’s the Philippines) who seemed not thrilled with their job. To be cheated out of 25% discount after all that seems like poor customer service. I will be sharing with all my friends, but this particular desk has been out of stock forever, so that’s why I jumped on it.

- My Go-To for everything

So I always saw the parking spaces for the Target pickup and thought, I bet that’s more expensive and not as convenient as it looks....turns out I was so wrong! I downloaded the app and signed in with my online target account, circle is in there too. There are extra savings offers all the time. I do order pickup bc I have two little kids both under the age of 3 and it is seriously the most amazing, convenient thing to do my shopping on the app and pick it up at my convenience! I never have to get them out of the car seat and haul them inside. Its free and easy. Especially since Covid started it is now my go-to for everything. Can’t wait till they allow you to get cold groceries too! Thank you so much target for making my errands easier in a world that is not....easy.

- Could be better

I still like to order using Target Website than apps. Target app is good when I just want to buy few items but not for many items because it’s hard to check which items are available to drive up or pickup at my store. Only reason I’m using Target app to order because I cannot select “drive up” if I don’t order using the app. It’s so annoying. I live in California & according to the Governor’s executive order, stores are allowed to provide plastic bags for free because of Covid-19 pandemic. However, Target charge $1 for one plastic bag (up to 5 bags) when I pick “drive up”. It’s Covid-19 pandemic so I’m paying $1 for a bag. I don’t think it costs that much in my opinion. If I get 5 bags every time I shop, it’s fair but usually I get only one bag even though I purchase expensive items. I hope we have options to choose regarding shopping bag fee.

- Love but please add back sorting...

I think it would be amazing if the list would sort by aisle when connecting to the store WiFi. I believe it did this once upon a time and it was incredibly helpful. I find myself having to either do a paper list to try to get organized before putting in the app or I just throw it in there and then hope I can visually organize on the fly. This enhancement would make the shopping experience so much easier and less stressful and free up my mind to maybe enjoy myself and throw more stuff in the cart since I’m not “so” focused on making sure I didn’t forget anything. Also I’m seeing several instances where the search says something is on my list but it’s in the completed items and I have to go dig for it and reactivate it. Annoying and confusing.

- Disappointed in online experience

So, today, I attempted to purchase a new coffeemaker to replace my laboring, elderly Keurig (RIP, my dear friend) and had to leave this since Target makes it nearly impossible to contact them via email unless you are inquiring about employment or are part of the media. Because we weren’t sure which model we wanted, I was browsing the app on my iPad while my husband was on his laptop. Imagine my surprise when he was offered the extended warranty while I never was, even in the checkout process. I checked my filters, etc, and there is no reason I should not have been offered this additional protection. I’m certainly disinclined to purchase any appliance or electronics through the app in future. If your company is trying to compete in the digital age, please allow your consumers to give you feedback. I also think Apple should be aware that IOS users may be getting the shaft, so to speak.

- Waste of time! Loved it until updates!:(

I lose what I mark & it continues to freeze in the store as kick me out as if I don’t have service.🤷🏻‍♀️As a busy mother 5, shopping for a family of 7, it takes quite some time to scan everything i put into my cart to see if there is even a sale price only to have things disappear when it is time to scan out ...and then to find out after I’m checked out that not everything that had a “special” was even honored-it is QUITE FRUSTRATING! And I’ve had it happen many times back to back to the point where I don’t even honestly bOther with the app at all any more. I noticed another one of the “many “ updates-target I will ‘try’ update ...AGAIN... I sincerely hope you get it right. I loved it when it was just cartwheel and I got a huge savings but now it’s like it’s just a scanner telling me a price and personally I’m looking for cartwheel for my coupons not a scanner. Prices are usually on items or listed near where items are stocked.🤔 Thank you. Hope you fix things!

- Like the App, a few hiccups using in store

Overall I enjoy using this app. I shop Target a lot. Really a lot. It is useful for finding items I am trying to locate when on the hunt, but sometimes when in different stores will say “item location unavailable” even though it shows available in store. I do like that I can toggle between online and in-store, and if there is something I really want I can just put it in my basket online and checkout later. I usually do this for home decor items or kids clothes, not for household staple items. I also like the “pick up in store” feature of this app. The one drawback to this app is store WiFi - terrible - no matter what target I am in so the app will lag and then it is a big battery drain. That is the one big drawback of using this app in store.

- Favorite Curbside App User Experience

Covid has introduced my household to a variety of brand specific apps and websites. This is by far the smoothest user experience of any we use, I love it! Easy to find your products, fairly up to the minute stock info, easy to order, easy to tell them you’re on your way, and quick/friendly delivery to your trunk once you’re at the store. Have zero complaints about this app and the related end experience at my local Target location. I’ve of course always liked Target, but they’re a bit out of the way for me... this app had made them our primary household goods retailer, probably even if there ever is a post-covid world. Very grateful they have kept my family safe through the end of pregnancy (and now curbside shopping with a newborn) during this pandemic.

- Review.

Love Target!!! Some clothes I bought at Target the other day rival by far some clothes I bought at Bloomies style wise. Re: the new Target designed stores, I go to Farmingdale, NY and Huntington stores etc. the lighting in the new dressing rooms are not good. Too dark and the lighting around the mirrors are terrible for people with migraines like me. The lights are blinding.(even though they don’t light up the room) I can’t even look in those mirrors. Every time I try something on I have to walk out of the dressing room to go to a mirror outside. Also why no mirrors in the shoe department? I want to see how shoes look on me. I like the open bright feeling of the Target in Huntington on Jericho Turnpike off of Route 110. I miss that bright open feeling of the newly designed target in Farmingdale, NY. But I’m addicted to Target so I guess I will get used to it. 😊

- Really friendly user app, wish they had redcard services.

I love using drive up instead of wasting time at the store looking and lining up for my stuff. Definitely a huge fan of that. The app is friendly and the necessities is laid out for you, you can even scan/save deals while you shop in store/drive up. The only thing that bums me out is that I wish it also provided you with redcard services where you can log in and pay your redcard through the app itself. Instead I’m redirected to their redcard website on my browser and the mobile site is more outdated than this one with texts floating in the middle of my browser. The target app uses touch-ID to authenticate any redcard services, so I think it’s time to implement being able to actually pay it on here now. Because I honestly trust the app more than I do being redirected out of nowhere.

- Almost perfect

I love this app! I’ve been using it for years BUT it seems to have more bugs now then when it first came out. Lately when I scan my wallet it on my takes my money and nothing on my cartwheel list. So, I went old school, took my card off and started scanning it just for the cartwheel and the registers still don’t get anything on the list. It’s shows up on the register that cartwheel has been scanned, yet no discount applies. And yes, I know these items are on my list for sure because I always tuck myself off to the side and scan each item individually before I go through the line. Please figure it out soon. It’s getting embarrassing having to go to customer service each time, sometimes getting $10 back or a measly $.68 (That time, I hadn’t bothered to do the math in my head first, otherwise I would’ve let it slide. )😂😬

- Awsome Especially when there isn't In my Home Town!!

You don't know what it's like when you have a life changing Experience and when you are use to having it near well you don't think about it but when you have to move back to your home town due to having a Car Wreck! And I am fortunate to have a family such as my parents that I am able to move back to you but there are those things that you just miss in that target the things in life we take for granted and that's not having a Target So during those times you want to shop at a Target well you are always there in my pocket or purce or you are near if I want to window shop or real shop knowing that I don't all get here soon by ordering and hait shipped it's always nice to have a package at your door Thank You Target

- Almost perfect

Great app but I hate that it logs me out automatically if I don’t log in within a couple of days. It’s a process to log back in when I’m trying to search something up quickly bc it asks for location, notification settings, etc. Also, it would be great if we could slide through zoomed in pictures of products. Each time I want to view a different picture of the product I have to exit them press the other picture instead of just sliding. When I request to be notified when an item is back in stock, I sometimes don’t get those notifications. Why is there a limit on saved shopping cart items? It’s annoying to delete old items to make room for new ones. I wish Lists were a little easier to use. Like with subcategories.

- Great app overall!!

I already like shopping at Target, but the app really helps make my Target experience (both online and in-store) even more enjoyable and builds brand loyalty. I especially love the drive-up ability and that I can opt for a notification when an out-of-stock item is back in stock. Things that could make the app even better? Ability to sort items saved in the list feature by department, having integration to add items to existing registries, the option for an alert when designated items hit a sale, being able to see store receipts for in-store purchases made with Redcard via the app, and most importantly making it possible for cashiers to scan in the app for store credit on sales (get a $10 gift card with 2 diaper purchases, for example) rather than getting separate physical gift cards each time.

- LOVE ❤️ My Target 🎯 App but...

I absolutely adore 🥰 my Target 🎯 app..especially since they combined cartwheel/Target into 1 app. It’s easy to use, my acct & information is easily accessible, coupons & codes are readily available, help is easy to locate, you name it. Everything about this app is just easy & fun to use...almost too fun! Lol. The only issue I have had, and the reason I’m giving it 4 stars, is that during sales events I’ve issues with glitching that causes cart issues that made it impossible for me for to check out for various periods of time. Twice my cart “processed” 2-4 minutes after these sales ended & I lost the sale prices. I didn’t even realize it until I got my orders in because I checked out before the sales ended. This is actually a pretty big glitch & I considered giving 3 starts but I truly do love the app & feel it deserves more.

- 2020 changes are GREAT

I am physically handicapped and I have an anxiety disorder so going in public places is very hard for me and 2020 of course made it even worse because of the pandemic and because I got diagnosed with cancer after my apartment and my car got totaled by the tornado so I was not very positive about 2020 I was tired of it I’m ready for it to be over and then stores started doing this curbside or you can shop online pick it up the same day and all you do is pull in and I’ll bring it out to you I wish this service had been around years ago because it is the best thing that could’ve happened for shoppers especially people with mental illness or handicaps or anything of that nature or moms with sleeping babies elderly this is the perfect solution and I hope and pray they keep it forever

- Last Minute Order for Easter

I have to say during these hard times happening currently in our country I tried to place an order through the target app and through the Shipt app AND THE INSTACART app and wasn’t getting through...very frustrating....But I didn’t lose hope because I tried again the next morning and checked out my order to be delivered to my nieces for Easter just in time 😅...I live in CT ...and they are all the way down in my best option was to have a delivery made instead of a shipment which was going to take even longer! Thanks to my shopper!😇 I appreciate this effort and ways to shop in this kind of situation! Still going to be a loyal shopper because this was done! Satisfied and happy! Be safe and healthy everyone and Happy Easter even though we are quarantined! 🙃

- Glitchy price tracker, but I still love it

So, I’ll preference this by saying I’m basically obsessed with Target. If target were a person and I were not married I would marry it. With that being said, the discount offers under target circle(formally cartwheel) have never been and are still not accurate. So, let’s say you pre-load all of your offers before you shop(the best way to do this is to make a list of items and ensure an offer pops up to everything you add to your list *the list feature is the best feature on this app), the actual sum total never matches at check out. If you still love target you don’t care, but if you’re not fully convinced you’re in love... then it’s super annoying. It’s definitely a glitch and the sweet cashiers can’t assist you with it.

- Mostly excellent

This app is almost perfect. I use it to scan items for Cartwheel offers when shopping in-store and also to browse items to order. You can also put your payment info in the app and then just scan your phone when checking out to pay and get your cartwheel discounts in one easy step. It also lets you see if an item is available in local stores. The reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it has never allowed me to place an order from the app for in-store pick up. It always gives me an error message. I’ve tried updating the app, deleting and reinstalling - multiple times. It allows me to place orders for delivery; just not in-store pick up. Very frustrating that I can’t do that, but the app is still very useful.

- Need EBT Payment Option

Target has always been my go-to for everything at an affordable cost and picking it up from store is so easy! Picking my items up from store feels like I’m in control and there’s never an issue with when or how I’ll get it—the process of placing a pick-up is something I look forward to when coming to Target. Besides all the good things, I wish there’s a payment option for EBT card holders—I like to save time! I wanted to order things off of my phone in between classes and pick up my food from Target in a few minutes so I’ll have more time to REST and STUDY at home! I’m trying to buy food with my EBT first before using my debit/credit card. If Target has this option, the app will definitely draw in more students who are time-savvy.

- This version is bad!

Normally I love the target app. I love that you can find aisle numbers for items and check stock in stores. However, this version doesn’t work. I can barely get the app to search for things and can’t get the wallet to work usually. Sometimes I can scan for cartwheel but then can’t pull up my cartwheel barcode to scan for discounts at the register. This is very annoying. As when I shop I’m planning on receiving those discounts at the register and I get there and sometimes can’t even use them bc the barcode won’t come up after multiple tries. I tried removing my red card and that didn’t help. I tried deleting and reinstalling, no help. I also contacted them through the app to let them know. Please fix this ASAP so I can use my app again. My phone is not the problem as I have a newer phone with a ton of open space. Update- new update, and still not working. Can’t search things, can’t look things up. Still broken 😳.

- Not A Bad App, But Could Always Be Better

The Target App is great to use for online shopping or getting in-store deals with the Cartwheel feature, saving on lots of different items for the holidays! However, with the latest app update, I’ve noticed that they added a really loud bell “ding” playing each time you add a new Cartwheel offer to your wallet. The sound becomes annoying pretty quickly and there needs to be a settings option to either turn off this sound or set it to vibrate. Second with Cartwheel, I miss being able to view a list of the items I saved with Cartwheel deals. It’s nice to keep track of exactly how much money I saved on each shopping trip on one app instead of looking through several paper receipts. Third, the app could undergo a slight makeover using bolder /larger fonts to make it easier for users to read and access all content. Thank you Target! 😃🛒❤️

- Waaaay better

Although sometimes Walmart may be cheaper in prices they are also cheaper and quality. I have completely stopped using my Walmart app because half of the time it does not function correctly and I am unable to complete my order after spending an hour filling my shopping cart. I don’t run into this problem with Target’s app plus, you can’t beat the automatic 5% savings for using my red card, not to mention, that they provide you with discounts from the wheel. None of that stuff is available from Walmart! When Target decided to be on the correct side of political events a few years back, I realized that this was the place I wanted to shop at. Cleaner, friendlier, better quality, and great prices with many options to shop. AAA+++ Target for the winnnnn!!

- Love! Love! Love!

I absolutely love this app. It offers many deals by purchasing online. Then if I don’t feel like going into the store to shop I have the option of picking up inside or outside the store so I can have my items that day while enjoying the discounts for shopping online. There is also the option of having things shipped to your home for convenience also. If something isn’t available in the store you can have it shipped and picked up or to home. They also match many other online stores prices. I recently found a printer at Walmart and instead of driving to the nearest town to get it Walmart matched the price and I was able to get the printer I wanted that Walmart had cheaper but only at a nearby town the same day but at my local target. Very happy shopper!!

- Cartwheel is a phone battery drainer!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the cartwheel app more when it was Separate from the main target app. Number one reason is it didn’t deplete my phone battery. It happens now every time. I know I will leave target with either a dead phone or 1% battery after scanning things in the store with the app. It is very annoying. And the cashiers don’t know what is in chartwheel to manually put it in the computer for checkout. Sometimes my phone will die and then I don’t even get to use the stuff I scanned. This morning. Had 75% battery on my iPhone. After scanning about 10 things and cartwheel app freezing up MULTIPLE times I had 1% at check out. So beware if you use the app in the store. You will have a dead phone or almost dead when you leave!

- Ms Jody Ferguson

This has been so frustrating shopping your store. Your personal are not trained. I spent 2 hours Xmas shopping at the Cascadian Station store in Portland. I had never used my credit card in the store and didn’t know I needed a pin. The checker didn’t know if I needed a pin and just wanted to suspend my transaction and wait on the next person and leave me standing there. Finally she sent me to customer service who none of the 3 of them knew either or how to retrieve my pin. So all my shopping was a waste of time. I also asked them to do a price adjustment on my credit card for an item I brought a week ago that went on sale that Day but they totally screwed that up too cause I didn’t have a pin. Went I got in the car and was riding I went to the site and there is a place to change your pin quite easy but now I have to start all over because your employees are not trained to tell customers that. I could of done it at customer service and been very happy instead I’m very mad at your service!!!!!!!

- No even exchanges?

I made a purchase while there was a promo for kids clothing, if you spend $40 you get $10 off. So I while I needed pjs for my son there was a twin pack I had in my cart that suddenly became sold out when I was trying to check out. So with that said, I added a different pair to reach the $40 mark. After one day the original twin pack I wanted became available in his size so I waited for the shipment to come in and tried to exchange it but the man at customer service stated they no longer do even exchanges that I’d have to return the item and purchase whatever I wanted. So that is what I did, and looking at the receipt i didn’t actually get a full refund because it took away the original discount that I received when I spent the $40. I purchased the twin pack of PJs on the app because I wanted them for my son but I purchased them with the listed price without the discount. Very annoying.

- Multi task like a boss with one app

People have said I am not the most patient person, not sure if I’d agree. I am a woman that likes to get as much done as possible in the fewest steps. The Target app allows me to do just that. My REDcard, gift cards, and shopping lists are housed on my phone in one app - making it super easy to shop and pay. If I’m on the go and leave something behind, no worries, my phone has it all. It tells me what aisle to go to in each Target location - saving me the hassle of having to wander, find a red shirt and ask for help. When I’m ready to checkout, I show the cashier my phone and transaction complete. My preference is purchasing online and doing in store pickup, which is usually ready that same day within a couple hours - all you need is your ID.

- Target

I’m not the type of shopper that spends hours in stores. I know what I want when I enter a store, I get whatever it is and I’m done till next time. When it comes to shopping at Target, it’s different. The Target Stores are clean, the associates are caring, helpful and knowledgeable. The Target app is the best of its kind with everything at your fingertips. It even tells me the isle where I can find what I’m looking for and the price, if it’s on sale and if there are any special discounts. When I get to the checkout I can personally scan my items, scan my cartwheel and scan my Target Red Card from my phone to pay. This feature came in handy when I left my wallet at home recently. No other store makes it easier. What else can I say? It’s a Bull’s Eye Shoping at Target! Charles Padin / Chaska MN

- Online ordering

What a pain in the hind end!!!! I order stuff online all of the time and NEVER have so many difficulties! Enter a gift card and can’t use it because for the millionth time today the app is having technical difficulties! Tried to change my Red card due to a different bank account and guess what!!???!!! That couldn’t be processed either due to technical difficulties and they will let me know in two weeks! So thanks Target! Are you going to reimburse the 5% difference to me for the next two weeks expenditures??? On top of that, could you just make it clear that there is only ONE way we can get things that we add to our cart! My mind is boggled as to why a corporation as large as Target can’t figure out a pickup, back order, and shipping on the same ticket!!!! It amazes me that I can order things at other places and they simply ship it when the product comes in and I can pick up what is in. But hey! At least I still have a $300 gift card since your app won’t let me use it!

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Target iphone images
Target iphone images
Target iphone images
Target iphone images
Target iphone images
Target iphone images
Target iphone images
Target iphone images
Target iphone images
Target iphone images

Target (Version 2020.24.1) Install & Download

The applications Target was published in the category Shopping on 2008-11-25 and was developed by Target [Developer ID: 297430073]. This application file size is 95.51 MB. Target - Shopping app posted on 2020-12-15 current version is 2020.24.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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