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What is target app? Enjoy the easiest way to shop and save from anywhere, including on your iPad, when you download the Target app today! Here are a few ways to use the app whether you’re in-store or on-the-go: 

Let the deals find you with Target Circle
Our loyalty program, Target Circle, has you covered with automatic deals, extra savings, exclusive partner perks and so much more. You can even get Same Day Delivery right to your door in as little as one hour with Target Circle 360™.  

We'll bring it all to your car with Drive Up
Drive Up, an exclusive offering only in the Target app, lets you stay in the comfort of your car while we bring your order (and your Starbucks coffee!) right to you. Have returns? No problem! You can process your items from the app and we’ll take grab them for you too.

Shop with ease on your next Target run
Ready to go to your local Target? Organize and plan your next Target Run with a personal list, favorite the items you can’t get enough of, and find it all with store maps and aisle locations. You can even scan barcodes for more item information, and use the Wallet tab for a fast and easy check out.

The app is here to make it easier to experience all that Target has to offer you. Download from your app store today!

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App Name Target
Category Shopping
Updated 16 April 2024, Tuesday
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Target Comments & Reviews 2024

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Mobile Payment Mis-fire. I’m extremely disappointed with the Wallet feature in this app. It is limited in use because currently only works with Target Red cards. I forgot my wallet one evening and couldn’t go back to my home to get it because the store was closing. I thought maybe I could use the wallet feature but an employee stated only for Target Red cards. Also, I thought I could use Apple Pay because it’s available in the Target app but fortunately not possible as I came to learn. The decision to use mobile payment feature is great but to limit it to curtain cards and not provide other options is frustrating for the consumer. I’m unlikely to shop at Target because of this negative shopping experience. I understand not wanting to use Apple Pay in-store to avoid licensing fees or other aspects that could hurt Target’s bottom line but at what cost to your consumer. I’d prefer going to a competitor, Walmart, that has a simpler mobile payment system that is open to different types of debit/credit cards. I hope this issue will be fixed or other mobile payment options made available in the future.

Beware of shipt integration - sketchy and poor service. We usually like Target - but hate the sketchy shipt delivery service integration they have. Shipt Target shoppers have been famously bad in my experience - either they can’t find something I know is there or they produce a ridiculous replacement that you the customer are now on the hook for. Imagine requesting a $20 item, and a shipt shopper replaces it with a $120 item and doesn’t tell you ? And guess what ? You now must just pay for that $120 item. Actually happened - true story. Shipt and Target customer service were both terrible in this scenario. There is a reason why Shipt and Target are being sued by multiple states - they are treating their workers poorly, cheating them of wages and benefits via missclassification, and workers are responding in turn by doing whatever they can to make up the difference in pay (including unapproved and absurd substitutions to complete an order). Don’t use the Target app or Shipt - use Walmart or Instacart. After hundreds of orders (not exaggerating) over a few years, I can confidently say Instacart and Walmart are far better same day delivery services than Target and Shipt. Run for the hills with them - it is getting worse with Target and Shipt.

Small improvements?. I’m on the target app almost daily! It’s a great app but I wish it had the functionality to select all items in my cart (and/or multiple items) and perform quick actions all at once. I’m sure I’m not the first who’s suggested this.. but for example sometimes I’ve added grocery items for Drive-Up, but the fridges are full by the time I’m ready to place the order. I’d love to easily be able to select all those items and instead change them to Shipt Delivery so I can check out ASAP, instead of changing the checkout type for each individual item or waiting for fridge space to open up. It would also be fantastic if you could find a way to check out items selected JUST for ONE particular check-out method... ie place an order for items that are shipping, but keep all your grocery items in your cart to check out via Drive Up another time. Instead of needing to change those drive up items “for later.” I also noticed my (newly updated) app no longer has the bubble selector for “notify me when back in stock.” That’s a great feature when available.

Target App is THE BEST way to Shop!!. I have been using the Target Shopping App for about 2-3 years now & I got into it right away, however, recently the experience has become so amazing that I rarely shop anywhere else for a variety of products from Essentials-Home! The order & “Pick Up” option is always a breeze, it’s actually cheaper to buy certain products this way & it gets rid of waiting for a specific item to be tracked down on the floor. Cartwheel makes this even better with price options & most recently I have really started to use the “Buy 2”, “Buy 3”, “Buy 4” & receive a Target Gift Card $5-20 for next purchase. I love this feature because it’s often paired with Household Items, Laundry Detergents & Bath & Body Essentials! You usually run out of everything at once so it’s easy to take advantage of & then you get that extra Target $$ to make a purchase you just really want but it wasn’t in the budget! The Target Shopping App is My Go-2 Personal Shopper & Savings Assistant!!

Please fix app ASAP!. I used to love this app! I even loved that you merged the cartwheel into the app. I always thought it was stupid that I needed 2 apps. I even loved that you added the wallet. As a woman who changes purses, wallets etc I have forgotten my target card before so that’s great. HOWEVER what the hell have you done to this app! Now it crashes all the time in the store. Also more importantly I CAN NO LONGER ACCESS MY LIST!!! I live by that list when I shop! You released an update & didn’t fix a thing. I was in the store today & saw the dot indicating the app was updated. So foolishly I go in thinking the app is fixed try to access the list, nothing. So I restart the phone try again, nothing. Then I try to scan an item it crashes. It’s infuriating! How did we go 2 steps forward with the app & go 20 steps back! Is this the end of the world, no! But as someone who loved that I could do my list & therefore shop more efficiently since I knew where each item was to now lose that function & have to spend 3xs more time scanning my items for cartwheel it’s extremely annoying. First world problems, yes. But somebody is getting paid to develop & maintain this app for the customers therefore it should actually work!

A-Okay. This app makes Target shopping really easy. You can choose between in-store pickup, curbside pickup or shipping. I love that they integrated RedCard into it so I can manage my credit card from the same app I shop from. The BAD part: There is no option to view an invoice for online orders. You can see what you’ve purchased & access a receipt but it doesn’t reflect the way you’re billed because you aren’t charged until an item ships. An item may ship alone or with any number of other items. This results in a very confusing billing system. It took me 3 hours to sort out my last RedCard statement. (My mum also uses my account. We happened to have a lot of charges in just a few days). SOLUTION: Either offer an invoice option where each individual item is listed with all discounts subtracted & tax added. Or, even better, organize the invoice so it matches the charges. If 2 items are shipped together, let them be listed together on an invoice with all the purchase details (date, item title, total charge including discounts & tax). As it stands, it’s such a mess that I am definitely deterred from making multiple purchases in a billing period. Errors happen all the time. For example; I’ve been charged for items that I never picked up from the store. (Long story. It’s resolved but I had to be able to make sense of my statement in order to find the mistake). Come on, Target app developers. You’re so close to perfect. You can do it. I believe in you.

Over-engineered…. Like so many apps and online experiences, this one is needlessly complicated. What do I want to do with a retail store app? Buy stuff. It takes me at least 3 taps to get to the “barcode” so I can just give them my money. For some reason, the app engineers think you want look at offers and suggestions and other stuff when your ready to check out at the store. Just put the number one thing I want to do with the app on the “home” screen. If I want go spend time fussing around with coupons and add ons and other stuff, ok, but don’t make it get in the way of just paying. And returns? Remember how easy that was with a physical card? They just swipe the card, scan the product, and boom, you get your credit. With the app, I have to dig through my purchase history to find the specific item I want to return, for each item I want to return. If I have 5 items purchased at different times, yep, I gotta do that 5 times! I want the app to replace my physical card, not carry around both! Hey app engineers… K.I.S.S. Look it up if you don’t know what that means.

This app is trying to steal from you. I purchased two separate swimsuit pieces last week at my local target for an upcoming vacation. Was shopping on Target’s app a couple days later for a few more vacation items and saw the same swimsuits pieces I ordered were now BOGO free. I reorder them with a bunch of other items to be shipped to my house. I took the swimsuit pieces I bought at the store in as they were still unworn with tags on. At Guest Services, I pulled up the in store receipt from my Target mobile app. The team member told me I received only half what I had paid back. I asked why that was and he said it removed the discount. I said I didn’t apply a discount to this order. That I had found the item on sale to be shipped and was returning my full price in store item from just last week, within the return policy. He said “yeah, it does that, it chooses to give the lowest return price back.” I was shocked. I said, even if I didn’t utilize that receipt barcode? “Yes.” He was able to refund the rest on a gift card, which was appreciated, but I will be letting everyone know about Target’s unethical practices. Especially when there’s a push to forgo the physical receipt which I’m sure prevents them from screwing their customers in this way. So have your Target loyalty rewarded by letting them try to use your data against you. Buyer beware.

Two things to Fix. I really enjoy using the app, except when it comes to check out. First, there should be an option to apply a pick up location to all items in your cart instead of having to select a location for each item, if that’s not what you’re trying to do. It’s really time consuming when you have a bunch of stuff in your shopping cart. Second, the wallet doesn’t allow you to use hard coupons or gift cards. Every time I’ve tried the associate says they apply cartwheel first, then coupons or gift cards, but if your red card is linked to the wallet, it’s making the purchase immediately after applying the cartwheel & going back to apply gift cards not linked to your wallet is a pain. I unlinked my red card from the wallet to get around this, but it would be nice to be able to use the wallet as intended and not have to produce the actual card. All in all, I love the app and the ease of use - just fix those two things & I’d be happy to give five stars!

Frustrating. I’ve never had issues before the holidays. But the holidays are the most important times. I’ve been dealing with the same issue on my cart for five days in a row. Calling customer service every single day. Every time I tried to place my order it would give me an error message. I couldn’t find any errors in my cart and neither could customer service. I will say that once you get transferred from customer service and get to the gift card specialists they are much better at helping and they do just that. They were wonderful. But the original customer service was very frustrating to deal with. One of the guys I spoke to was just ridiculous. He removed an item from my cart and placed the order without telling me. When I tried to tell him I didn’t want him doing that he canceled the order before I even finished my sentence. In doing that, it took away one of the deals on one item on my cart which made it much more expensive. It was later fixed by a gift card specialist but the whole process has been extremely stressful to deal with. I’ve just decided to try purchasing each item separately which seems to be working. But this has been a very long ridiculous process all together. Hopefully you guys have an easier time with this. I only give two stars because the gift card specialists were wonderful. But the lack of stars is due to this whole process and dealing with the customer service. Not all of the customer service people I spoke to were frustrating. But most were.

The push notifications are terrible. When an item is out of stock. The Target app let’s you switch an alert and notify you when an item comes back in stock. Which is an awesome feature. However for the past few months I keep getting alerts that items are back in stock when they are not actually in stock. However what’s happening is that the alert is showing me items are back in stock in my “area” or stores close to me. However they’re not in stock for shipping. It’s incredibly annoying because the items that I’m being notified that are in stock in my “area“ are ridiculously to far away to drive for pickup. If I live in Houston Area in the suburbs of Houston in Friendswood, TX why would the app let me know that the item I want that’s in stock can be picked up at Woodlands, TX!!! That’s on the other side of Houston and no where near my area. It’s a very long drive with a ton of traffic!!! It’s not worth the drive. Why can’t the Target app only notify when items are in stock for shipping. That feature used to work for items in stock for shipping only but now it continuously notifies for the items that are in stock in store my “area.” However the items are no where near a Target near me unless I want to drive an hour or more away in Houston traffic. Please fix this

New update is terrible. After the most recent update, a brand filter keeps getting put on my searches when I type in something like “Yoplait.” Usually I type that in, and the item I buy every week pops up on the very top as a “buy it again” item. With this obnoxious filter, that’s gone and I have to scroll forever to find it unless I go into the filters to reset, which I shouldn’t have to do for every item I search! Buy it again items should still be at the top even with a brand filter on. Also, when I try to quick add an item to my cart from the search page, it adds it as a regular pick up instead of a drive up pick up even though all everything else I have been putting in my cart has been a drive up pick up. And my final problem is not exclusive to the current update. This has been bothering me about the app for a long time. Adding items to my cart takes too long. When I have to update the number of items, it takes even longer. Many of these complaints sound nitpicky and silly but it really does add a lot of time and frustration to my shopping experience. I use this app at least once a week to do the bulk of my grocery shopping, and I need it to work better.

Target double sell gift card.. I got $250 Target gift card from my friend for my newborn baby's baby shower. I m not rich, I had been to avoid use it because I wanted to use it for diapers. ( Target’s grocery are much expensive than Walmart, but diapers are the same price in any big store ). I redeemed this gift card on Target mobile App on the same day I got it. So this month I still have over $180 in my account. But couple days ago, I was trying to buy diaper on on the Target mobile App as usual since I m a single mom with full time work ( I don't have time to shop inside store), but it ask me to put another payment which was first time had this situation. So I went to ” my wallet ” to check out. There was no gift card anymore. It's so wierd. So I called Target customer service, the lady answering my call said the gift card was used 2 days ago with lots of items ( I can see the last 4 digits of my gift card in the app since I always use it through my phone at home. I never carry it with me. And it was used in another state. This lady insisted that I lost my gift card and someone got it and use it in another state. So she said ” lost is lost, we couldn't do anything for you about this” It did make sense at all. I never carry the physical gift card with me, how can I lose it?

Mama’s best friend. I have a toddler and with the drive up service I no longer have to block out an hour and a half of my day in order to make a Target run. This service is a godsend for mamas with babies that don’t like to sit still in the cart. I pick out my items on the app, check out, then a short time later (within a couple hours, if not much sooner) I get a notification saying that my order is ready for pickup. I push the “I’m on my way” button when I’m in the car and heading to the store. I park in one of the designated pickup spots, hit the “im here” button, and boom my goodies are delivered to my car in just a matter of a minute or two. All while my toddler sits in his car seat eating a snack or playing happily with a toy. The only way this could be better is if I could pick up perishable grocery items this way too. I understand the storage of items that need to be refrigerated has to be carefully planned so I get why I can’t do that. Hopefully Target figures out a way to make it happen though because that would be amazing!

The app is useless!. I have been using Target card and app for like 3.5 years. I ordered hundreds of goods online and paid all with my Target card. Yesterday, I went to to Target store and bought some groceries. Then I opened my app and showed my wallet to cashier. Cashier scanned it to do the purchase but system doesn’t accept. It repeated several times and finally she asked help from a supervisor. The supervisor checked my phone and told me my Target card is not verified!!! I exclaimed how it is possible? I did online shopping yesterday with my Target card through the app! How my card is verified for online shopping but not verified for in store shopping through the same app?! I also did in store shopping with it like 6 months ago before the major upgrade. The supervisor just answered you need to use your card details to verify it. I didn’t have my card with myself so there was no way to verify it. Finally I asked my friend to pay for my groceries with her credit cart. That was a shame! I really don’t know who decided the implement this ridiculous, nonsense, unnecessary feature to the app! How a credit card could be verified for online shopping but not verified for in store shopping? What is the point to get this app when I need need to have my Target card everywhere for shopping?

Third Party Sellers Ruining It. Target itself is great but now but so many items are third party sellers- and target has completely different policies for items bought from them, it’s ruining it. Now I have to make sure every time I like or buy something that it’s really from target not some random other seller because they’ll send you a damaged product and they refuse to replace it, only a return- but then they only give you ups or fedex label- but wont schedule any pick-up. If I do it myself, they charge me a fee. So they offer a useless label, since nobody is going to come get it. Usps comes every day to pick up and drop mail but they won’t give you a usps label. It’s like they want you to be unable to return the damaged trash they send so they can keep your money. They told me there was NO WAY they could bypass this and either send a usps label, schedule a ups or fedex pick up, or refund it since I sent many photos showing the item was no good. They said it was not possible. I told him I want to talk to someone less useless and that he shouldn’t be in customer service if he had no intention of helping customers reach a reasonable resolution. Suddenly he was able to refund it. Amazing… liars.

App has shown items in stock in store that aren’t. App most recently showed me an item was in store, showed a buy online, pick up in store option and gave me trouble when I tried to use a prepaid gift card. Spoke with two reps in customer service on the phone, store employees, and I’m still frustrated about my experience. 1st phone rep helped me place order after app didn’t work for me because of difficulty I had placing my order with a gift card. Order was confirmed, then I received an email saying the item couldn’t be picked up. That’s when I called the store and they told me they had the item. I went down to the store, they told me that my card would actually get charged in the store when the item was picked up. I guess the moral of the story is don’t expect to be able to use any gift card other than a Target one if picking up in store. They handled it awfully and put me on the phone with the second rep I spoke to. Left the store looking at the item I wanted sitting in customer service and the employee telling me the charge on the gift card would likely come off in a few days because it was just a temporary hold.

Disappointed. Wow I truly luv shopping at Target. I get most of my things from there and even their furniture has been pretty decent. Their app however… does not provide the same type of service level apparently. Just learned shopping for same day delivery, though truly grateful for it, isn’t as beneficial as I thought. The app makes me choose a store to shop from, yet apparently when I put order through, the shopper goes to the Target in “my zone”. Never knew that until I had the need to actually cancel an order midway being shopped for bc although on my end it had said items were all in stock, yet when shopper went she wasn’t finding anything. As it turns out she had gone to a different Target than from where I put my order through which is why the items were not available. I have two Target closest to me and it is from where I shop in person and could be a service Shipt provides services from. No wonder the shoppers have had difficult finding some items; but it hasn’t been to point where I had to cancel order midway bc NOTHING was being found, until this last time. Target says Shipt dispatches the shoppers, Shipt says Target has placed a “zone “ on the account. So basically I can only order from one Target even though the other one may have the items I need. That’s not worth me paying $99 a year for if the service will not be provided in full and I am limited to one Target store. I then as the customer am not able to truly shop for items needed.

Don’t bother buying online to pick up in 2 hours!. I bought an item online to pick up in 2 hours. I thought it would be easy and convenient. I did it before at Walmart and I was in and out in under 5 min. I ordered my item online and received a conformation e-mail that they were processing my order. 30 min later I received an e-mail that the item was out of stock. I looked online and it still said in stock. I chose pick up at another target store, that said the item was it stock. 30 min later I received another e-mail that my order was canceled because the item is not available at either store. Going on to the app both store still say the item is in stock and ready for 2 hour pick up! I went to the store and decided to look for the item because maybe it was an error. I asked a man in toys for the item and showed him on my phone that the item was listed as being in stock. He looked at the empty shelf and said “Nope, it’s not here” then he turned and walked away! The staff was as helpful as the app!

It’s TARGET, people!. When I need something for myself, my kids, or my home, I check with Target first! I do love going into the store to shop, but the app and online store is amazing and has many deals not found in house. If I need a different quantity/color/option/size of something I found in the store, I can supplement with items found online with my app to get what I want. It’s very intuitive and saves searches, with product updates! Nowadays there are serious options to shop—in store, online, and pick up! The app is comprehensive, the new Circle program still saves you money—scan everything so you don’t miss a deal! Target is my “Go to” for most things I need or want. The app helps you get there. If there is ever a power failure—the customer service on the phone or in the store is always excellent. TARGET has surpassed all other big box stores because of its policies, stock quality, progressive and trendy but accessible/affordable environment, and of course, the smart shoppers it attracts. Can anyone say STARBUCKS? 🤩

Very nice but could be even better..... The new app is very nice, with Cartwheel right there. I love that I can make a shopping list and it tells me where the items are in the store and whether there is a cartwheel coupon to go with it. However a few suggestions to make it even better/easier: -make the shopping list editable so I can add to something already there or move them around -when browsing cartwheel, I'd love to be able to have the capability to not only add those items to cartwheel, but add to my shopping list from there. Seems that you can only add cartwheel items to the shopping list once you've added an item to your list, it shows you there's a cartwheel coupon, you click the little cart to see it, and there you can add to both cartwheel and the list, but then I have my generically listed item that I have to remove and the one added by cartwheel. So in essence, I want to be able to start building my shopping list from cartwheel browsing first. Aside from the above, it is overall a definite improvement and much easier to use. I love the wallet, as well!!!!

Won’t let me log into my account. The problem with this app (which I had been using without issues for several years) began when about a month ago I tried to use the Wallet function and it asked me to log into my account. When I entered my credentials and tried to log in, it took me to a broken Java page. I then tried to shut down my phone to refresh it, but that didn’t help. I then delete the app and installed it again, tried to log in, only for it to take me directly to a page they said I need to enable cookies. I went to the Target troubleshoot page, went through the directions on clearing the cache and enabling cookies - doesn’t work. I have called customer service several times, to no avail. I even got an email from their customer support, who told me to then disable cookies, which is not what their troubleshooting page says I need to do, so now I am more confused. I used this app all the time, and now, well, I’m shopping a bit less at Target, so that’s a good thing, I guess.

Target App & 3rd Party Sellers. I use the Target app frequently, and overall I find it easy to use. My frustration usually results with the 3rd party sellers. Sometimes I just want to see the products sold by Target and the filer doesn’t always allow me to do this. In addition, I have noticed some 3rd party sellers also have a significant markup on items which is frustrating. One item in particular was a Red Ryder wagon that a 3rd party was selling on the Target app for over $100 more than it could be purchased on the Red Ryder website. A less savvy consumer may purchase this based on Targets reputation, not the 3rd seller. Although I do understand responsibility is on the buyer, I also believe some responsibility is on Target to ensure there isn’t price gouging by 3rd party sellers on their app. I would love to see better filters to remove the 3rd parties in searches as well. It would be helpful if I just set one filter I could toggle off & on if I wanted to see 3rd parties. It’s frustrating to set the filter with each search. And sometimes it isn’t an option to filter out 3rd parties.

Unreliable for In-Stock Items. I’m old-school and still purchase physical CDs. So when release day comes, I like to check the Target app and see which albums I can get ins tires. But I’ve been burned multiple times the last couple of months so I’m finally leaving a review. I never know if the CD will actually be carried in the store so there’s the first problem. Sometimes the app will say “not sold at this store,” so I’ll purchase it online for shipping because Target is the best price or they have an exclusive version. But that will take multiple days for delivery (not sure why when I’m pretty sure using your Red Card used to be free 2-day delivery). Then I check the app the next day and it shows the album in stock at my store. WHY!! Why say “Not sold at this store” if it’s only because the employees are slow and haven’t put it on the shelf yet? I would have waited and went in to get it the next day but now I have to wait until mid-next week for it to be delivered. It’s also been the opposite where the app will show it in stock, so I head over there to grab it, but it’s nowhere to be found on the shelf. So I order it for pickup later in the day, only to have my order cancelled because my store doesn’t carry it at all. I’m better off just going to the store each week and deleting the app from my phone. It’s a waste of time. If it’s not going to be reliable then what’s the point?

Even now many features are missing....why?😑. The rating is for the app only. Love this store and when they added pick-up & drive-up, I was so happy. When I saw the app was missing features that would make filling my cart fast & easy, I figured they’d fix it in time...but they haven’t. I’m taking about simple things even our grocery store has on their low-tech website. Such as a list you can build (of items you buy frequently) in a column format with a link at the bottom that says “add to cart”. Empty boxes by each item for you to check, (whether 5 or 25) then click “add to cart”...done. The list doesn’t disappear (like target’s list), it’s always there for you to return to. Now Target does have your “favorites”; however they’re big pictures you have to click on one at a time to add to cart, and no “view all” option, so you may have 5-10 pages you have to keep loading. Lastly when you finally have your cart filled, there is no link to easily switch the whole order between pick-up and drive up if you change your mind. You have to tediously go though one item at a time...yet there’s plenty of space at the top for this link! Sigh. Target please please add these simple features! Thx so much for listening ~

Recent Update = UX Nightmare. Like many others, I was a long time user of the stand-alone Cartwheel app, which I considered to have a superior UX and feature set over the brand’s flagship app — this is also why, I regrettably began using this app when it replaced the stand-alone Cartwheel app several months ago. With that said, I’ve handled that this app is focused more on online than in-store shopping, I’ve dealt with the fact that it’s UX pales in comparison to the original and tasks that once took 1-2 taps now take 3-4(or more), and I even looked past several weeks of sign-in issues during the transition period. However, with the latest update, for some reason the development team decided to add sound effects to Cartwheel user actions. This would not have been a problem if the team had been conscientious enough to allow users to disable these sound effects, however after searching within the app and the phone settings I have been unable to find a quick and easy way to do this, which quite simply is bad UX. With the variety of other options available for providing feedback after a user performs an action, I see no excuse for the development team to not allow users to disable in-app sound effects.

Target Shipping staff are incompetent. 🤷‍♀️ 3 massive errors now.. I just literally received my 3rd screwed up Target box in the mail. The first error… a framed with glass art piece was mailed in a large box, zero protective wrap… arrived with broken glass that I cut myself on after opening the box. Second error was literally the WRONG items mailed to me… I’m talking someone else’s package, my label on the box. Both times contacting customer service. TODAY… THIRD ERROR, again the WRONG ITEMS MAILED TO ME! I was expecting a $24 framed wall art. Instead I got: Raid, a decorative pillow, children’s allergy med (no kids here 😉), and 4 other random items. I’m guessing it’s $70 worth of products. Guess what, I’m NOT dealing with ANOTHER TARGET SHIPPING FIASCO! If Target isn’t dealing with their incompetent shipping dept, neither am I. I’m going to return these items for a store credit & pocket the difference 😉. Thanks Target! Not really, I’m so over dealing with online errors, you owe it to me now. Shop in store, if you want your actual purchase.

Horrible experience with an app I once loved.... I attempted to place an order for items I had been eyeing in my cart. I clearly picked a popular time. I attempted to order items that were shown as still in stock for close to 45 min. I attempted to refresh, still no luck. Closed out and left out items intentionally to see if stock was an issue. Now, the error is it can’t be delivered to my zip, my work zip or my parents zip. By the time I called customer service, I was beyond frustrated. Not to mention after over an hour trying to place what I thought was a simple app order, my kids are done with it. I called customer service and was disconnected once, then called again and could not hear at all (and I was calling on a land line, so it was not on my end). After another 20 minutes, I was told the items shown as available were in fact out of stock. And when I ask if I can get the item at this price when it’s back in stock - “if it’s in our 14 day window.” Like that will happen! BEYOND frustrated. Be set-up to handle the demand when you put an offer for 30% off.

Trying times. As usual, I put things in my cart that said in stock only to get notified that I needed to change the item. I’m thankful they had alternatives I could choose from. During these times of slow to receive and stock and then keep items on the shelves, I think Target is constantly working to do the best with what they have. We may not get the brand we want. We may have to wait a week or two. Guess what, that’s how things used to be. I think we are learning to slow down and use what is available as our parents did and our children are learning what it means to wait for something. Gone is instant gratification. I see kindness. People offering one of their items if another person needed one. Stopping to help someone get a bulky object in a car. We are looking up more instead of down at the phone. So while we learn to wait, Target is working hard to keep that wait to a minimum. Thank you, Target. P.S. Seriously though, you gotta keep my Belvita cinnamon vanilla cream cookies in stock. Everyone likes those the best. Out of stock everywhere! 🙂

Same Day Delivery limited to 3 stores. Update: thank you Target/Shipt for solving the issue. Same Day Delivery brought “my store” back as an option. Target app + red card is the most convenient and lowest priced groceries & home goods you’ll ever get. ————————————————- I’ve been using the Target app with Shipt membership for 2 years. I would have given it a 5-star rating until April 2022, when the store selection for Same Day Delivery was all of a sudden limited to 3 stores, which no longer includes “my store”, the one I’ve been shopping at all along. And the 3 stores I’m now forced to shop at, have a “limited selection” vs the “standard selection” of my preferred store, and 2 of the stores are much farther away than my preferred store. I shop several times a week for a family of 5. The “limited selection” stores often run out of basic things like milk, eggs and white bread, and they don’t offer the variety of hispanic foods found at the “standard selection” store. After 2 years of a happy Target/Shipt membership, I was left hightly disappointed *and inconveneinced* by the sudden limiting of store options for Same Day Delivery.

App is not user friendly. I love Target but the app is SO CONFUSING. I am tech savvy. I can figure out all my apps. However, for some reason, the Target app is so confusing and I always need to get help on it. I’m sorry but that’s why I rate the app only one star. I’m sure others feel the same way. The main reasons are because there is a “list”, a “wallet”, and a “cart”. There is a scanner to scan product but it’s not big and visible on all screens so it’s hard to find. When I go to the store, I want all the discounts I can get. I scan an item I want. Sometimes it tells me to add to list, sometimes it doesn’t and it just gives me an option on the quantity and when I select one for the quantity it still doesn’t add it anywhere! When I go to pay, they scan my barcode but then nothing shows! even though I scanned everything. Seriously, it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing but the app truly is difficult and confusing. Your need to make it more simple. I want to scan an item and say how many I want and automatically get the discount if there is one. I don’t want to have a wallet, a list, a cart, and a discount list. Walmart’s app is simple, JCPenney’s app is simple, even Family Dollar’s app is simple. Please make it more user friendly so I don’t have to hold up your cashier having to figure out where my items are on the app. It happens every time. Thank you!

So much easier and so convenient!!. Love my target app, keeps me up to date with items I love that I sometimes can’t find in stores. It is kind of annoying when there’s an item that’s in high demand and you turn notifications on and you can NEVER get the item even when you just got the notification and one second into opening the app it’s GONE! But it does have it’s good side too. If you favorite certain items, the app will let you know if there’s a sale on it! I love scanning certain items in the store to see if there’s any offers. A lot of times I find sale items online that the store can match so that’s a big plus on having the app. Also if you do target circle it is really handy when you want to make a return and lost your receipt, it automatically saves on the app so you can return without receipt and still get your money back i whatever form you paid originally. There are SO many good things about this app including how easy is to navigate on it for your favorite lines. Another plus is, if your nearest target doesn’t have an item it lets you know if other targets near you have it. Great app!

10 bag fee. I love the app but the automatic 10-bag fee at check out is so annoying to me. I typically place very small orders 1-3 items & normally don’t need or want your bags but this app auto charges for 10 bags ($1). Why can’t you add a “I’m bringing my own bags” option???? It be very dumb to see a 10 bag fee included in my order on my bank statement and then a refund transaction separately (I am now having to ask every time to remove the bag fee when I pick up my orders). You were charging me for 10 bags until I started paying attention to the transaction & questioning your attendants why they use one bag per item. It wasn’t until I noticed in the transaction that you are auto charging for 10 bags regardless of the amount of items purchased. Unless I ask the attendant at pick up to place all items in one single bag only and charge for that single bag OR to hand me my items with no bag you will charge for the 10 bags. I don’t care that it’s just $1 or a single penny, this is how you rip ppl off and I can not stand having to ask every single time to remove the bags at pick up & then see a refund transaction on my bank statement separately from the original purchase transaction. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

Target Drive Up is awesome!. Target is providing an excellent Drive up service. I am someone who uses Walmart grocery pickup, Sams club drive up pick up and Harris teeter. Target service is the best. Sams awful service no signature required, messes up order, before they even bring the order email comes that your order has been picked up and how was your experience, also can not cancel the order. Harris teeter is good but expensive, I also like how they provide actual paper receipt. Walmart is hit and miss but my main complain is it takes them a long time to bring order, and they use those not so practical baskets, carts are more efficient and functional. Target service is fast, I can add items to my order, I can cancel my order and there is no minimum purchase requirement. I don’t mind $10 or $15 minimum purchase but more than that hinders me from ordering. I do not always have $35 or $40 items to order when I don’t have time to go to store. I do wish target will add basic cold items like milk, egg and yogurt to their service. Also maybe bread.

What happened to pick up order only checkout. I recently noticed that they had added the ability to checkout either your pickup order alone, your shipping order alone, or both together. I thought that was FANTASTIC! Sometimes I need to pick up stuff but I’m not yet ready to order the stuff that I need shipped. It was such a pain to move everything to the “save for later” so I could order JUST the stuff I wanted to pickup and then have to move it back into my cart. So I was absolutely ecstatic when they added the option to choose which section of your cart you wanted to order. Which means I was annoyed and frustrated when they promptly took that option away. I don’t know if they were beta testing it or if they found that people were ordering less and so they made less money… my cynical nature says they took it away because of the almighty $$. Please bring it back!! Sometimes I just need to order groceries or household items like tp or cleaner for pickup while my budget requires that I save other things like clothes or decor, etc for later. Please let me keep those items in my cart! I’m actually more likely to order grocery pickup that way.

Too busy. Hi, A few suggestions to make this app better. Make it terribly easy to filter results to things that are available IN STORE. I don’t like having to individually click each item to see if it’s available. It want my full search results to reflect stores within my 15 mile radius. I guess that’s it for now. I love the store Target, but the app truly drives me crazy. There’s too many do this to get that deal and do that to get this other thing. And then there are these points you can get and save up to use, but that’s buried 4 layers deep too. As I’m writing, I am slowly realizing I sound like a boomer. It’s just too cluttered. Needs to be streamlined bc when I get frustrated I don’t work harder to figure out how to use the app better, I go to a different company’s app if I think it’s easier to navigate. I truly do like Target, but if I’m looking for foam corner protectors for a child’s room, I want to find the local store results in 20 seconds or less. If I can’t do that, then the design of the app has failed. That is all. Good luck adding this feature! Thanks! (Work WITH your brick and mortar stores, not against them to get online sales. You’re the same company….)

Great app, needs some improvements. Love that I can order online and have items shipped from my cart. - I don’t like that not everything can be obtained either through drive up or Shipt and it’s not clear why. For example, I had to go to the store to buy a jar of mayonnaise (not perishable), but could have had frozen food delivered (very perishable). - It’s also clunky to have to deal with that information one item at a time. It’s nice to be able to select same day delivery from my list, would be nice to do that for drive up. - I had to cancel a Shipt order because after I clicked Shipt from my list, several items couldn’t be hand delivered, so it wasn’t enough to place the order. No way to move forward. Had to log into Shipt to do that. - The search function doesn’t really work. Sometimes I have to search with google to find items at Target, or scan the barcode, rather than the app. Note that the barcode only works for that particular size/config. So, if I want one item instead of a 2 pack, the one item won’t often show up. - Went to add a couple of items after I placed my Shipt order. Wouldn’t work, just kept spinning. (Same behavior on website.) I love the Target tech, but with these shortcomings, I’ve been unable to get what I need. Ended up going to the store so I could do all of my shopping. Still works well for small orders and certain items, but not as a regular tool.

Glen Burnie North.. I love the Target app especially with the “drive up/pick up in store” options! I love EVERYTHING about Target!! You guys have definitely stepped up your game! I went the other day to exchange something and I brought the wrong receipt for the items..she told me to use the card I thought I purchased them with and she was able to find my receipt!! How AMAZING is that! Also what an awesome idea with the circle rewards!!!! For example, spend $100 on baby essentials and get a $20 gift card.. AWESOME!! And it’s super simple and easy to redeem your FREE gift card at checkout! Their system makes everything easy breezy! I’m a mother of 6 (talk about the stress and how many times a week I run out of things) Target makes my day to day so much easier! Trips to the store used to cause anxiety and stress for me, my husband works 6 days a week so home life is my job and I just can’t say enough how amazing Target is!!! It’s my go to for EVERYTHING!!!! I’m even loving the remodel in the store..making everything about shopping and checkout flow easy! 😉 I see you Target!!

Super handy but not always accurate. I use this app all the time. To see if something is in stock before heading to my local store. To order something for pickup. To check sales and clip coupons. Amazingly handy to quickly figure out what aisle something is in while shopping at my local store. Super useful especially for moms! However, there are some flaws that are annoying. The app often says something is in stock at the local store, so I head there to find it and it’s actually out of stock. Or I order something “in stock” for same-day local pickup and they end up having to ship it to my house days later because it’s not actually in stock. Also, I can’t stand how there are online-only sales accessible through the app. So for example you might look up a product you want to buy in the app, see the price while you are at your local store, but it is not on sale in the actual store so you have to either pay full price or order it online and wait for it to ship. First world problems, obviously, but fixing these issues would really streamline the user experience.

Not worth the overcharge. I bought some groceries from target and they charged my card $800+. The order was delivered 3 hours later than I paid for and was promised, when I asked questions, asked for supervisor information they said “don’t blame us it’s Shipt.” I spoke to multiple agents and each one told me something different. Half my items were missing because they don’t update the app with accurate information. So I’ve been overcharged for things I didn’t want or get and all they could say was oh don’t blame us. I was never provided with supervisor information, that was all completely avoided while they were placing blame on the company THEY partner with. If you can go shop in person do it. Don’t be like me, trying to stay home with my sick kid in the rain cost me an extra $500+ worth of charges “ mind you there’s 3 separate charges on my card. Orderly through instacart, or dooordash. It’s faster. Cheaper. Easier to do substitutions & to know when and what time drivers are coming. Not with target. If it wasn’t for communication with the driver directly I would’ve been sitting here from 4pm- almost 9 pm WAITING for my groceries. Imagine explaining to a sick 3 year old that target has the food but it’s not their fault it’s shipt 🤦🏽‍♀️🤡🙄😒

Five stars. I’m rating this app five stars because even though it has its glitches I work at Target and have to struggle with people in store who believe that everything should happen perfectly. Like the second something is bought it should *poof* reflect in our store devices and the online availability. And that we should somehow be able to see the percents that come off of each item when we hit total (Just a heads up, it doesn’t tell us until you know too.) And while I know you guests won’t understand this, I’d rather they stuck with the developers they have instead of spending more money here, and put more money into our brick and mortar stores. For me, I feel like that should be top priority. But hey, you want to mock the company more for putting more money into other things, then go for it. But understand that that effects hours, training and your service in store. This app is awesome if you take the time to work through a few glitches and use a little patience.

Could not refund target circle reward to me. Do not use your target circle cash reward to pay for an item to pick up unless you are 100% certain that that item is actually in stock. I ordered an item to pick up in store that was listed as in stock on the app but ended up being out of stock. In lieu of it being out of stock they cancelled my order. I went in to ask what would happen to the target circle reward cash I had used to pay for the item and they told me it would be refunded to me within 24 hours and if not, to come back. I came back 48 hours later when it was still not refunded to me. They told me in the store that they couldn’t do anything to help me and just gave me the customer service phone number. After spending ten minutes on the phone with customer service I was told they couldn’t refund it to me because it’s target circle cash reward. Their only solution was to give me a reference number that I could present to someone if I tried to replace the order OVER THE PHONE and they would discount me that target circle reward amount. Absolutely insane that they have no other way to get my money back to me. They didn’t even offer me a gift card or anything that substituted that reward amount.

Meh; missing needed features. It's not bad, but the pandemic has highlighted how much Target prioritizes marketing over customer safety & convenience. The good: easy to see what's in stock, order things if possible, and the way Target (at least here) does drive up pickup is far simpler than how other stores do it. The not-so-good: 1. Want to change your pickup method for an order you placed, even before it's ready? Sorry - you have to cancel the first order & then re-order it all again - which makes zero sense and almost certainly leads to people in the store being frustrated (they may be in the middle of fulfilling it and - BAM! it's cancelled. And then re-ordered - when they were *right there to get the product(s)!). 2. Target still requires us to pull out our phones to scan things in the store to get Circle discounts - when they could easily make it faster/provide less exposure for everyone by simply adding all Circle deals to all Circle accounts (or at least letting us add all deals without this silly max # of deals). 3. At self-checkout, to use the Target Wallet, we still have to use the (probably not sanitary) hand scanner - while every other wallet/rewards program has long since figured out how to keep it contactless. #2 was at least kinda fun pre-COVID (you got to discover deals); now it just shows how Target is still not taking safety seriously (the other two have always been annoying).

Horrible RedCard and out of era notifications. I am rating a 1 star and if I could it would be no stars on the account of the RedCard debit card. The App itself is okay and might have get some improvements in the navigation department but over all OK. The RedCard though! So, I understand that one is responsible for his finances and should follow up on them but in today’s world Apps and e-mail ARE the notifications method and to send by regular mail a notification about issues with payments with time sensitive response, and the time to act is usually less than the time it takes to get the mail.. IF you get the mail in first place, it is so RIDICULOUS. I had an issue from my bank side it seems, and by the time I was made aware of it my card was permanently closed and I had 90$ of fees on amounts that are not even half the penalties, the app has no notification whatsoever regarding transactions, no e-mails were sent and when I called to clarify, Target said we sent you by mail, obviously, like most mail, I am sure those letters either didn’t arrive or were thrown with the tons of spam received daily.. Again, one should follow up, but come on Target, in this age with hundreds of transaction on any families bank accounts, the least for you is not to waist your time and us not to waist our money on fees rather buy from you guys, get it together!

Overall, okay app. I LOVE Target. I’ve never had a negative shopping experience at any of their stores. However, it isn’t as fun to shop on the app as it is to shop in stores. I wish there were more options to filter/sort out your searches. For example, I wish they had an option to only show IN STOCK items and remove out of stock options. It’s frustrating when I see an item I like only to click on it and find that it’s out of stock. Same with sizes. I wish there were a way to filter women’s sizes and again, remove out of stock items from my search. Also, shipping dates/times aren’t always accurate. I ordered a balloon garland for my graduation and according to the app, I was supposed to receive it on a Wednesday by 5pm and I received it on Thursday at 9pm. The same thing happened when I ordered some bottoms. I was supposed to receive them on a Saturday by 10am, didn’t receive them until Sunday at 7pm. Aside from these issues, I do appreciate being able to order items I need from the app and choose to either pick up or have them delivered to me. Overall, 3 out of 5 stars for the app.

Good but could be better. The target app seems to very convenient for basic common items but absolutely nonfunctional for certain items. I understand that certain products have a limited quantity with a high demand but people shouldn’t have to go into store atm just to pick up one collectible item. If it’s currently now, first come first serve/buy then why would it be any different if people could order online but have a limit as well? Limit number of purchases per email/target account. This also limits target workers from pulling the items before putting items out on the floor, which I have witnessed first hand (arrived at my local target to pick up a chase collectors figpin. Got there as two associates were opening it to put out on the floor and one of them walk away with two. I asked to see the ones he grabbed out of the box but he replied, “oh these aren’t for sale.” When i then looked at the box, the two most wanted figpins had been taken.) I’m not the first person to have this type of experience with target employees. Try to better serve the more serious collectors. Respectfully, Andrew R

Delivery orders/shipt. I prefer instacart but decided to use shipt through the target app tonight. Delivery cost a lot more and I was not able to add to my order after placing it. If I forget something while using instacart I can add to my order. When I was contacted by the shipt shopper Pricilla, she confirmed she would add the cold jello and pedialyte which was for my son with the stomach bug. I haven’t been able to leave the house. I’m not sure what happened to Pricilla but then I was contacted a second time an hour later that my shopping begun and Vivi was my shopper. Once my order delivered I saw that the two crucial items were not added on. That’s when I realized I went from one shopper to the next and my message was not relayed and I was not directly notified that I was given a new shopper so I didn’t catch it. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so now I have to either take my son out with the stomach bug, busiest time of year OR fork over more fees, taxes, delivery cost and tip…just for the two items:/ but ultimately my son does not have the pedialyte and he’s already thrown up 4 times today so I’m going to have to go the extra mile to figure out something tonight to keep him hydrated

Great when items are actually in stock. App is great for ordering in store pick up or drive -up. Easy to navigate and look at Circle deals. However about 85% of the time some of the stock listed in the app is not available after you place order. There sometimes are other options or substitute-but that’s only helpful if getting an alternate product is okay with you. Many times only a some items end up being available, not all, and you are obligated to buy the items that actually were in stock. I often would prefer not to have to pick up a partial order and would rather cancel everything if some items are not available. So may end up wasting a trip for only a few or one item that was in order. Target used to be reliable in stocking items in the store and their stock is completely unreliable-they should do more real time stocking. Also, I have gone to the the Target when items ended up being not “in-stock” and actually were. If the stocking problem was not so huge, this app would be great.

Recent Errors & Lack of Cust. Service. I used to use this app multiple times a week, and it worked great! Cutting down on my time shopping, allowing me to take advantage of great deals, and a really easy checkout experience. However, it’s just gone downhill. With recent updates to the app, I can no longer use my wallet barcode or look at recent purchases without it asking me to login again. But then I start receiving errors and it will not except my login credentials. I’m told that my credentials are invalid, even though I can use the same login details to get on the website just fine. I have attempted to reset my password & did so successfully two times, still didn’t work. Now when I try and do a password reset, I’m told there is no account with my email. To top it all off, there is a big gap in customer service, and no support for the app whatsoever. I am redirected to the website, upon which there are no options regarding assistance for the app or general account information. I have attempted to call, sat on hold, and then was hung up on multiple times. So disappointed! Target is losing a lot of money from me right now.

Target App was better with PayPal checkout. Just tried to place an online order and was surprised to find that the items I had added to my cart were “not available” for PayPal checkout. Not only did this keep me from purchasing my items for more than 48 hours as I did not have the time to take out cards and enter info, but it causes me to input my credit card info directly to the target mobile app instead of safely using a third party with much better security protocols. Seeing as my personal/financial info has been compromised by shopping at Target (in person) in the past- this will cause me to seriously reconsider deciding to purchase in this manner again. Wishing Target would prioritize the financial security of their customers over a few additional cents in profit. Hopefully the items I need in the future don’t need to be purchased this way, I don’t like feeling bullied into transactions & the Only way I was able to purchase my items was online and by manually entering my credit card info.

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Target Shopper. I absolutely love this app, it makes my planning and shopping experience so much easier (especially with a little one in tow). I use it multiple times a week! My only con/s is, when you go to return an item and need to find the barcode (because lets face’s super hard to keep every receipt when you shop as frequently as I do for my large family), there is no “search” button you can click to expedite your search. You literally have to comb through every last receipt, and it is not sectioned out (ex: grocery, clothing, toys, etc). I also wish there was a way that you could share your list (as you see it in the app) with a spouse for example via text message. There is a way to share it, but it shows up super disorganized and busy when you try to text it. If Target could figure out a way to make these two aspects of their app more user friendly, I would love it SO much more.

Be aware. I like the convenience of living near a Target and been able to shop o line and pick up at the store. I don’t like the fact that they seems run out of essential stuff all the time. Also, an item an cost more either online in a store. I paid $25 for an item that costs $20 in store. You maybe paying more than what advertised, is I always double check everything before I leave the store. I dislike very much the fact that if an order is canceled or return you maybe get the money back on a gift card or if you pay it with a gift card you may never see your money again if you are not paying attention. Their customer service seems to be overseas and it’s a joke. Lots of dishonesty they are not willing to help so they will lie in order to avoid extra work. I have added bad reviews on some products and never saw them on here. Don’t always trust the good reviews on here

Poor Category Organization. While I certainly enjoy many aspects of this app, including the availability and in store location feature of products, it is awful to browse categories in the app. Oftentimes I am unable to locate a specific category, or they don’t have one listed. Lighting and Lamps I am still not able to locate in the app without directly searching for it, however musical instruments has its own category? There is one main category for home, and a separate one for furniture, neither listing lamps or lighting separately. One thing that would make finding any category easier is listing the categories in alphabetical order, but the Target App has failed in that aspect as well. It is utter chaos to browse on the Target App, which if you are looking for something and open to possibilities, doesn’t make the Target App the best option. Seems like it should be an easy fix with making them in alphabetical order at the very least, but right now, target isn’t my first app to browse for items in.

Fabulous curbside - Ever Improving App. The app has vastly improved over the years. I used to get REALLY frustrated with it; and now I’m only occasionally frustrated with it. Aldo, it used to be that I couldn’t do product reviews on the app (I had to go to the website. Do you remember websites? Like on browsers on your laptop or desktop computer … ;- ) But they’ve now added the ability to review products through the app. and guess what (not surprisingly) product reviews have improved and increased 100 fold! As for product delivery… I’ve really been enjoying ordering what I really need and getting it at curbside pick up. Target made the whole pandemic experience LIVABLE and I really appreciate them for that. Curbside pick up also makes my very busy life a little bit easier to manage. I can put together a shopping basket in the morning or at lunch and then pick it up on my way home or even after dinner out... Thank You Target!

Taking more money out your account.. If I could give the app zero starts I would. This review has nothing to do with targets products. Just make sure you are checking your bank statements when shopping on the app. I’m not sure if it’s just with Apple Pay when using the app but both times I made big and small purchase using Apple Pay for store curbside pick up they double charged me. The crazy part is if I didn’t check the times of the double charge I would’ve missed it because the double charge isn’t the same exact amount from Your purchase. I contacted target and they said it’s part of the policy to take extra money out your account! Which is completely absurd and doesn’t make sense. I’m thankful I’m not in financial hardship or this situation could’ve been really bad. They said the money would go back to my account in 7-10 days, it’s been 9 days and still nothing. I will never be purchasing anything through the app again. This review is to warn people. I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t catch this & I don’t know if I’ll get the money back.

Easy to shop, but very hard to verify pickup location. It is really hard to find the address of the pick up location. And I’m not sure why, but it didn’t save my location. Maybe there was an update between uses. I made a small purchase and when I went to get it discovered it was at the target 20 minutes away instead of the one right by my house. I live in a big city, so they all have the same associated city name, which is ALL that displays through the whole purchase process. In fact if you want to verify which address is currently selected you have to dig to figure it out in a rather unintuitive place. The app should really show you the whole store address at some point in the check out process. That being said shopping is super easy, and I love those features. In fact I would rate the app a 5 if it weren’t for the address issue. That bumped it down so much because online shopping is the easy part. The pick up is the hassle. And now I have gone to 2 targets to pick up one small order. My efforts to save time ended up costing me a whole lot more.

Slow loading - in-stock alerts TOO LATE. In-stock alerts are very slow to alert then the app takes sooooooooooooo long to load that the item is inevitably out of stock AGAIN by the time the app loads. I’m starting to believe items are never actually in stock. Target has always been terrible with that and don’t blame it on Covid. It happened pre-Covid as well. While I’m at it, Target doesn’t show my critical reviews. They post all of my positive reviews though. However, If you call customer service they are fantastic and so is their in-store customer service. A lot of their products’ quality have improved a lot over the past couple of years. I still love Target but please Target, don’t list something on your website that you never actually sell. Also, please speed up your in-stock alerts. I give up on “favoriting” anything. I only order as I need stuff. I no longer peruse the site for things I hope to order.

First time male over 70 engineer tries to shop on line. I found several things difficult about attempting to use this website to order groceries. First it was not apparent how to select the item once I have found it. I tried pressing the little heart button and watched as my wife laughed at me no that’s not what you’re supposed to choose she said well then what do I use. Oh you use the button that’s way down below that says deliver it. But it doesn’t say how many to deliver.?. No you enter how many to deliver after you get all done we just have to remember later what the number was you wanted! Uh huh. Then there’s actually finding the category of items that you want for instance there are no main categories for canned goods you have to know about the little? That lets you enter a free form where he only that permits you to find things such as canned beans canned pineapple and other such common commodities. Well I even had trouble the very first time after I successfully requested delivery of my very first item I was going to go back and search for a second item..? Honey she said it’s just visit don’t worry, Uh huh...? In reality you have to go all the way back up to the top so look like coming in the front door after you pick up one item in your cart to pick up the next item. I don’t get me wrong I am a faithful target shopper and I will someday figure this all out unfortunately my training as a computer engineer has not prepared me for this brave new world.

Where is that location?. I order off the Target app pretty frequently. I like that it remembers the stores you use most often, however, if you ever need to order from another store, it’s near impossible to find that store’s information again. Calling a store “CityName SE” may be beneficial for Target headquarters, but that tells me nothing when there’s three stores in the southeast part of my city, and I can’t figure out the address of the one I ordered from. It’s 2023, why is there no simple store locator in the app? I had to go into my profile, purchase history, select the purchase (can’t go through the order pickup notification), then it’ll once again tell you the useless name and if you click the tiny three dots here you can finally get store details. There was no other way for me to find this buried information. God forbid I just wanted to look at the Yargets in my area in the Target app rather than on google.

Great service. I’ve been using this app much more often with everything going on I’ve ordered all of my Easter items and even household items that I really needed but didn’t want to go into the store since it was raining so I ordered drive up and it was so convenient I didn’t even have to roll my window down I just put my phone up to the window and they made sure it was me with my order number and put my items in the trunk I felt so relieved knowing that I didn’t have to come in contact with a lot of people shopping but I still got what I needed I will for sure be using the target app much more often now knowing how easy it was and let me just say that the prices are actually the same as other stores and something even cheaper I always compare prices to make sure I’m not overpaying and you would be surprised to know that somethings are even cheaper here than other known store

As if I didn’t already love Target!. Using the app to make purchases and picking them up curbside (so I don’t have to leave my dog home alone right in the car alone) is one of my favorite things! The mobile app is super user friendly and I love that I can switch back and forth between my phone and my lap top and everything updates on both places. I used to be a loyal Walmart shopper because of their prices, but after COVID hit and walking into a store became harder so using the Target app changed me for good. With the Walmart app and website you never quite know who you are actually buying from with third parties fulfilling orders, plus neither the site or the app are as robust as Target’s. I also used to think that Target’s prices were much higher, but they are very competitive. Worth paying a little more for the convenience and peace of mind that comes with Target. PLUS! If you use your red card there is always a 5% discount! I LOVE TARGET and their app!!

Harder to use with latest update. I have to agree with others who have pointed out that the most recent update has made the Circle offers aspect of this app much more difficult and cumbersome to use. It now takes at least one if not two extra taps and/or clicks to a different screen to see all of the Circle offers in a category. Prior to the most recent update, you could click on the category and see all the offers in that category or have the choice to fine-tune your search. Now you have to click on every sub-category to see all of the offers, and I still am not convinced that I am seeing them all so will have to scan every item individually once I’m at the store just to make sure I don’t miss an offer. Not helpful, Target! I really liked the opportunity to browse the offers, and as a result, often ended up purchasing things I hadn’t even been shopping for — much like browsing in-store. If you are trying to make it more difficult for your customers to use this app, especially for finding the additional Circle discounts, congratulations, you have succeeded!

The scanner in the app no longer works!. Absolutely terrible Target news!! After several bad experiences in the store this weekend I called corporate to find out why the Target app wasn’t working. Turns out they updated the app and the in-app scanner will now only show online prices making the scanner in the app basically useless! We now have to go back in time to several years ago where you have to bring stuff to the in-store scanners to check a price. The reasoning I was told on the call this weekend was that it would make the shopping experience easier by providing the online price to match to... EVERYTHING in my cart that I scanned was significantly higher online than in store. 😡😡I am so disappointed. The Walmart app allows you to easily switch from the online to in-store price so I don’t understand why Target is taking a step backwards. I am hoping Target will change this back or at least give the option to see both in the app. It’s often times hard to find a working scanner in the store and some remodeled stores don’t even have scanners. Target- please reconsider as this change has made shopping way more difficult!

Very bad store pickup experience. When I arrived at my local Target to get my “pickup in store” order, I found out that only two of my nine items from my order were available for pickup. Turns out, the other items were being shipped to me. I was confused because I thought I specifically marked those items for pickup, even searching using the app’s filters for items only in my store. The app failed to communicate to me that the items were going to be shipped instead of picked up. So I promptly cancelled the other items in the order right in the store from the app. I even double checked they were cancelled by viewing the details of my order again the seeing a cancelled “x” symbol next to the items. Many hours later today, I get an email from Target that “my order is on the way”, and my card has been charged and the items are being shipped to me. This is really lame; I didn’t want groceries shipped to me, my apartment doesn’t even accept packages so I guess I get to wait in line in the post office in a week to pick up groceries I wanted today. Really lame experience. Turned me off from Target’s app; it’s too bad because I was excited to try out pick up, too 😕.

Excellent customer service!. I recently made an order for barstools and thought that there were two in each order. I ended up only ordering two actual barstools and needed a total of four. I was able to easily call customer service and they reviewed my order. They did confirm I only ordered two.I also needed to make sure that I could still get two more and if there was availability of the type that I wanted. The representative was able to quickly find the items that I needed, actually put them in my cart for me as we were talking. I completed the order through the app right after. Not only was the representative extremely helpful but friendly as well. Made the process easier than I thought it was going to be. We are loyal target customers already but I will continue to order everything from food, clothing and home items with you. Thank you!!!!

Worthless.. I can’t even use this app anymore, because it won’t let me sign in. Target tried to bully me into changing my password. When my password does not need to be changed. I know to some of you are going to say changing the password isn’t that big of a deal. But in my case it is. I am very security conscious, and my passwords are very very difficult. Which means creating a new one is very very difficult, and then memorizing that new one is nearly impossible. Anyway, after arguing with “customer service” for hours. It was pretty well determined that the only way to keep my current password, is to delete my entire account, and make a whole new account. They claim to have deleted my account. But, when I try to create a new one it says an account already exists with my email address… All of this seems to me to be things that should have been easy fixes. Manually override the create new password lock out. Or Manually delete the account. But here I am 7 hours later, and having contacted them 5 different times. And I still have no way get on this app and make purchases.

Step it up, Target!. I’ll preface by stating I absolutely love shopping at Target, and I use pretty much all the features on the Circle app. I create lists, I favorite items, I scan items in store for Circle discounts, etc. Love all the features. A few areas for improvement: The search is not the best. I search an item by specifics (brand, color, size, item name, etc), and it still won’t come up in results... and it will give me men’s, women’s, and kids’ shirts when I specifically search for women’s. The search is almost as bad as Walmart’s app, and that one is awful. Second, I wished they didn’t remove the social media photos from the product photos. It’s helpful to see what clothes look like on people (especially now that newer items aren’t shown on models). Last, please keep your stock updated on the app! Several times the app showed particular items in stock when they were actually not.

You’ve made my life so much easier and more fun!. Especially through the last 2 years during the pandemic, having the ability to connect with the Target website using the pickup option or shipping methods, has provided a connection so much more human than other companies. Because I am an autoimmune challenged woman I’ve also had the ability to have some fun while being alone for the most part. I have been redoing my kitchen in pastel colors and many of the items I have purchased have been from target. You have made it more fun, less challenging and your staff have pillows been so helpful, too. TrLiving in a small town in Wyoming is a challenge in and of itself. Most everyone here would love a Target store! Instead we have Walmart! Lots of times if weather is decent I’ll hop in my car (and weather has to be really decent for me to hop in my car since I have RA and Lupus) and drive to Billings, MT to shop at Target. A good 2 hour drive Getting there. I also redid my bedroom with Casaluna’s knit sheets, a new gorgeous rose colored duvet, white/cream blanket and throw blanket for my bed. Large new Threshold European pillows in cream color. It’s beautiful, but even more important so heavenly to sleep in and on! Hey y’all u need to get on down there to your nearest and dearest Target store and m make some of your dreams come true! GG from Sheridan Wy

HORRIBLE SHIPPING!!!. First, it took from December 21 until January 3 for me to receive my products. Which, I wasn’t too upset about because of the holidays. But, what upset me terribly was the way my products were packaged! I had to bathroom Tumblr‘s and two soap dishes. They were packed in a box with one piece of the inflatable plastic. As my husband carried it in, I could hear the contents of the box were most undoubtably smashed! I opened up the box and one soap dish and one cup were broken beyond repair! I have no idea how the other cup and soap dish survived because of the horrible packing. They might as well have not put any packing in for what protection It offered! Of all of the things I’ve had shipped to me, I have never had this quality or lack there of of packing! The ceramic pieces were not even wrapped in paper. Unfortunately, I had to re-order because the things I want are not available in the store! I just have my fingers crossed that someone more knowledgeable will pack this order! PLEASE!!!!! 😢

Dang Target. I used to be pretty meh about Target. I knew they used to pay their employees nothing and their website was terrible (I think intentionally). My impression of them improved when I saw them starting to offer better wages. Then I had a baby during a pandemic and I do not know how I would have gotten through it without this app. I literally have never waited for more than 2 minutes for curbside pickup. It is so helpful to be able to order through this app and compare inventory between stores. They’ve also started selling more oeko-Tex certified textiles, which is easy to see on the app, and I’m so glad I can filter the search to exclude products with phthalates and other questionable substances. They have really put a lot of effort into making the customer experience as easy as possible. I am not a person who generally likes corporations, but whoever over there is making these changes definitely deserves their ludicrous bonus.

So Convenient. Target has really stepped up their game by adding Drive Up. Today, we were getting our shopping done - when we got home I realized I forgot to get coffee grounds. Tragic! How can anyone survive Monday morning without coffee? We had to meet my parents for dinner so I didn’t have time to run back out to grab coffee. I used the app to purchase coffee and pick up using Drive Up. It was so seamless. After our dinner, I clicked that we were on the way, right when we pulled up the employee was there waiting with my order. So perfect! I’ve tried other stores that offer the park/pickup option (Walmart, Kroger, etc.) and I have to say Target is definitely the best. Each time I’ve used their app the employee has been there waiting for me right when I pull in and they are always so friendly. It’s literally like a drive thru. The only somewhat negative thing is that you cannot get cold/refrigerated/frozen items using Drive Up, which is something other stores do offer.

Needs a payment wizard when setting up. The initial of attaching a payment method to the Wallet is confusing, and the process is not clearly stated. After transferring to a new phone, I found it difficult to understand if my payment method (Red Card) was properly attached to the Wallet and working. I suggest a “payment wizard” or helper be added. This should be automatically launched when a customer logs into an existing account that has a payment method attached. (Put up a “Attach Now / Later / Never” dialog). There should also be a radio button in the Wallet screen to add a payment method if none is attached. Finally, the workflow is unclear when using the Scanner function on an iPhone 7. The product info window covers up part of the Scan box. This User’s inclination is to close the product info page, and that exits the scanner (which always frustrates me!) The Scan box should be moved higher on the screen to make it clear the user can just scan another item. Fix your screen layout on classic iPhones!

Better than the physical store. Unfortunately there is no longer a Target in my city and the nearest is 30 minutes away. This use to bother me and as I cannot drive I’d have to beg my husband to take me to the physical Target store. However I’ve noticed loud music and those annoying car honk notifications for associates, not to mention crowded aisles for what you want to look at and long check out lines. Sure I don’t get the instant gratification of my purchase by ordering online but that’s ok. Target app does offer same day pick up and delivery for those who are near the store and want to use it. The app is well organized and super easy to use. Returns are a breeze using the app as well. The wallet feature makes it easy to keep track of my gift cards, Target circle points and promotions. Browsing Target is fun again using the app and for that I say thank you.

Disappointing experience. Ordered 4 items. Got emails saying everything has shipped only to find out not everything has been shipped. The missing item was canceled by Target yet I am told I can reorder it. That puts now at the end of the line for orders. In my conversations I told customer service I didn’t want to cancel and I would like to receive it when it arrived. Given a lot of misinformation by customer service and in store associates. Overall the most frustrating experience I’ve had in a long time. Lastly customer service didn’t really listen to the issue nor did they really help. They said I could go and pick it up in store. Ok great where, she gave me an address 186 miles away. Really, I’m supposed to drive 4-5 hours one way to get an item that should have been shipped to me 10 days ago. Maybe they should have contacted the store and had it shipped. That would have been service.

Do not add your Redcard to the wallet!. If you add the red card to your wallet, it ruins the entire checkout process if you have coupons or target gift cards. It automatically processes your redcard payment when you scan the barcode at checkout, even if you were just trying to scan it to apply the cartwheel discounts. If they scan the cartwheel app prior to processing your coupons, it pays with your redcard and you are out of luck with using the coupons. The same goes for the gift cards. I even provided my gift card prior to letting them scan my cartwheel app. They scanned the cartwheel app after “processing” my gift card and the cashier informed me that the gift card did not go through once she scanned the cartwheel app and it applied the full payment to my red card!! She informed me that the only way you can use a gift card and the cartwheel app (if you have your red card in the wallet) is to add your gift card electronically to the Wallet within the cart wheel app prior to checkout. It just seems to ruin the entire checkout process if you have your red card applied to your wallet in the cart wheel app.

Improved App on so many levels. It’s easier to use and best of all Target has improved everything that they offer with more products to sell product - in the past product availability was always my pet peeve. Now my choices are endless and the quality is superb I most often than not find everything I am looking for - and my location is the bomb I’m disabled and do not want to go inside the store I order with the app - my orders are packaged and brought to my car the staff are fast very nice and get us packed up and going. I used to split my orders with Walmart because Target at the time didn’t offer groceries for pickup well now they do Whoo hoo ! Now I don’t need to split my orders bye Walmart. Thanks Target for having the best App I order a few times a month and will continue to support the workers and staff who do so much for us during the Pandemic I live in California and really appreciate the level of service that Target offers.

Not great. My last few online orders were a nightmare. Part of my order showed up for pick up and part of it was shipped. This I found out when I got to the store to pick up. I told clerk I specifically ordered pick up because I didn’t want my product to freeze. He told me I could return if I wanted. It never did ship. My next order I received an email that my order was ready to pick up, when I went in a few days later, the clerk said my order was cancelled. A crazy thing happened though, she asked what it was and I told her and there just happened to be one of my items sitting there at the courtesy counter. I guess someone else didn’t want. My last order I put on my red card for free two day shipping and all of my items shipped except a pair of boots. It said in my cart the boots could not be shipped to the address given?!? Now I have to make a special trip to the store for one item, which may or may not be there in possibly 4-7 days if it’s not cancelled, while the rest is coming to my door. What I thought was to be a convenience, has turned out to be anything but.

Terrible customer service !!. I recently was sent a baby shower gift of the delta white Jordan changing table which the first order that was received was damaged, so I went to the Cross Keys Sicklerville location and had a “manager” re order me another changing table same exact one and when it was received it was color “gray” and the totally wrong one. So I had to move again go back to the target location in Sicklerville and order yet another one. As of this week another one was delivered Oct 7th and today as I am trying to assemble it, the entire white wood was discolored and so yellow and dingy looking! Once again I returned to the target Sicklerville location to return my damaged order and no apology nothing just handed me another gift-card ! So for a fourth time here I am re ordering another Delta Jordan WHITE changing table! And I am BEYOND furious being my due date is only a few short weeks away and I still have no changing table not to mention the 4 times back and fourth returning to the store to take back and re order this item !! I am so disappointed in target online and they’re customer service!!!! I am a frequent target shopper and as these last couple times I dread even going back into there!!!!!!

Avid Targeter. I love target. The features are great. Drive up is an amazing tool to have. I’ve used this for years and had no problems. I felt really secure to use this for most of my shopping until this past week. One of my target packages got intercepted and UPS couldn’t figure out why. So I figured either system glitch or someone had access to my target account to manipulate the package. But I had two target packages and only one of them got intercepted by the “receiver.” I changed my account password and even removed my target card and monitored for about 5 days. All good. No fraudulent charges. So I went and shopped for a pickup. Got my pickup. Later that day I saw a huge uptick in my nonprofit votes, which I wouldn’t have minded but you only get one per purchase and this was 10 more votes than I’d had originally I swear!! I’ve been eyeing my target app receipt purchases (online/in store), my REDcard account and my personal bank account for the past 24 hours. Nothing so far but it’s just weird right now with target. I’m thinking about canceling my card. I can’t risk this especially right now. Target do better security!! A major overhaul please!

Needs to work out some kinks. I have been a long time Red Card holder & Target customer! That said I’ve been very very sick & have used your online shopping & pick up app! Both times I used this service the store was out of two problems that I needed most. It was two things I didn’t want my son to search for these items. The first time they gave him something comparable, wasn’t what I needed but I said ok I can deal. Second time I needed enema’s & you didn’t have the one I wanted so my son never even knew to get them. You should have a way to communicate with your guests that the product is out of stock & allow the guest to go in & choose something comparable of their choosing. Becuz I’ve been very sick this has been a really hard time for me. The way you are doing this now is not acceptable & has made my life hell in those moments !! Please look into a better method to this problem please!

Dont order anything. I chose to receive my items through the mail instead of having a person pick it up and deliver it to my doorstep. however somehow I ended up with two different colored pillowcases… all I wanted was two pillowcases of the same type I clicked quantity two. now I have two different pillowcases that one doesn’t match my bed so I don’t even have what I need. you can read on the label the color for confirmation because I understand that there could be a difficult time seeing the difference in color. now I have to drive an hour to target to return a pillowcase and grab a pillowcase that Hopefully is in stock. And waste gas. this app is only good for looking at what is in store before you go or checking prices. I went to the store got the whole bed set didn’t realize it didn’t come with matching pillowcases so I thought I’d be smart and order the pillowcases because I knew the color in which set it came from and didn’t have to waste a trip back. which was a waste of time because the app helped me with nothing still have to make an extra trip.

No even exchanges?. I made a purchase while there was a promo for kids clothing, if you spend $40 you get $10 off. So I while I needed pjs for my son there was a twin pack I had in my cart that suddenly became sold out when I was trying to check out. So with that said, I added a different pair to reach the $40 mark. After one day the original twin pack I wanted became available in his size so I waited for the shipment to come in and tried to exchange it but the man at customer service stated they no longer do even exchanges that I’d have to return the item and purchase whatever I wanted. So that is what I did, and looking at the receipt i didn’t actually get a full refund because it took away the original discount that I received when I spent the $40. I purchased the twin pack of PJs on the app because I wanted them for my son but I purchased them with the listed price without the discount. Very annoying.

Simplifies shopping + saves money, time and stress. This app has been a lifeline during the pandemic - I’ve been able to still shop for my family and get what we need, when we need it. The app is well-designed (easy to go through categories to get right to the “section of the store” you want) and it tracks all of your purchases online and in-store. Returns are a snap. Drive up (within 2 hours and always available! No scheduling pick ups days in advance) is an indispensable service, especially with two small unvaccinated kids I can’t take in store (and I look forward to the convenience following COVID too!). It’s handy to track your spending and stick to your budget - you can easily take advantage of deals and see all of your options in one place before making decisions (way better than impulse buys in store and having to do air math while rushing around the aisles). Bravo target and thanks!!

Check Your Orders, Folks. I placed an order on 11-16 that wasn’t supposed to arrive until 11-28 (which was fine). Well, my order apparently arrived on 11-19 or 11-20 (a week early). I happened to swing-by my Target store on 11-24 and decided to check on my order (just in case). That’s when I learned that my order had been cancelled (by Target) and shipped back. I’m not sure why my text confirmation never came through (and yes, I should have checked my email), BUT it did arrive early and we are talking about Thanksgiving. I have since learned that I can have items mailed directly to me and return them to my store to avoid return charges. Addendum Suggestion— Please set-up an option to allow customers to see if items are available at other Target stores. Just tried to do this while at the Wilmington store and the app would not allow me to check for an item at my New Bern store. I was finally get the information I needed by going through Google.

Overall it’s a good App. We’ve used this app for several months now. So far it’s been very helpful, and we like the ability of the drive-up feature. One thing I would love to see is the ability to manually choose which Target Drive-up you want to stop at first. Here in the Eastern part of Virginia, we have many Target store to choose from. What I don’t like is if you have multiple drive-up order at different stores. You have to go in order of the purchases. For example: my wife had (2) orders for Drive-Up. Order #1 was at the Military Hwy store, and Order #2 was at the Pembroke Store. The second order is further away from my house so I checked into the Target app, and the info for order#1 showed up. I went to Pembroke store thinking that GOs would notify this store. No! So I called the guest services and told them I’m picking up order . The store reply, “Sir, the app doesn’t show us you’re on the way here.” I said, “ I’m outside in waiting “ Just wish Target would allow users to pick which drive-up order they wanted to get first.

Terrible customer experience. I tried to place an order today. It took over an hour to resolve. Every time I hit the submit button, it would say “oops!” And the order would not be placed. I went and made sure all of the information was updated on my red card, and I even changed my pin. Then I decided to call for help, but that access took me quite a while to find within the app. there are so many sub categories that it’s almost impossible to find the information you need. Even the search function could not find it. When I did get a hold of Customer Service, the service technician was very kind and told me that one of my items was no longer available and that is why it wouldn’t go through. There is nothing on the checkout page that tells you that that is the problem. I wasted an hour. Trying to place this order. Additionally, it was anxiety field because the item I wanted was the last one available. I must say this was just the worst app experience I can remember having ever. This, along with the deteriorating quality of the items available, may well keep me from purchasing any other target items.

A Standout. Whoever developed this app should be highly sought after. I love almost everything about this app. I feel like it’s either missing some standard sorting options or I haven’t figured out where they are. And the search options are very narrow. For example if you misspell a word, there’s no forgiveness. But in spite of those very small issues this app is incredibly easy to use and for all types of shopping. If I see something I like in the store but didn’t plan on purchasing, I’ll scan it and add it to the list. Or I’ll use the scanner when I can’t find the price of something. I make lists for trips if I feel like going into the store. If I don’t, I place my order and choose pickup or shipping. Both of which are also great. I’m impressed. And it has increased my shopping at Target because I’m very much a hermit and don’t like being around people. This allows me to get what I need without the stress and anxiety. Well done. ✌🏼

Pantsless Purchasing. Probably the easiest shopping app ever, I enjoy buying my clothes from Target, it’s probably the EASIEST way to shop ever, you can order and cancel(if need be) incredibly easily. They also make couponing a breeze by just automatically applying the coupons at check out. They even give you 3 ways to shop. Delivery, Pick up, & Drive Up which is basically they take it out to your car if you don’t feel like putting on pants but still need something like today this is a great option. When you cancel an order which I’ve had to do earlier today the cancelation is immediate as long as the item hasn’t shipped. And the money is back in your account. Amazing. I ended up reordering the items after I found the right size which I had mixed up earlier. Easy Peasy. I’m actually astonished at how easy ordering with Target is vs. it’s competitors. I’ll be doing my clothing shopping with target first from now on that’s for sure!

Online price matching. Yesterday I went to Target to get new bedding for my daughter’s new bed. She got a bigger mattress so I had to buy a few items for it. I have Target Circle so I always scan items in app as I put them in my cart. Every bedding item was on sale online but not in store. I got up to the register and let the cashier know that I had a few things that needed price matched, but she informed me that Target policy only allows one item to be price matched per customer per day. (By the way, zero complaints about my Target store. Every employee there is so friendly and helpful...I love my store!) So, I went back and put all of the items back on the shelves and then ordered them all online for 2-hour pickup so that I could get the online price. All of this to say that I understand that there must be situations that this policy was created for. But when you have the option to order items online for same day pickup in store this policy doesn’t make sense. I wasted my time shopping in store, taking everything up to the register, then turning around to put it all back on the shelves and then order it all online. Then I had to come back to the store 30 minutes later to pick them all up. The employees wasted their time pulling all of my items off of the shelves again and fulfilling my order. Please consider changing and updating this policy. Thank you.

Best shopping experience ever!. I started using Target online last year when I found that Target had the best prices on artificial Christmas trees, and ornaments in the size and style I was looking for. I was completely blown away, by the prices, availability, and service. So, when it came to shopping for kids toys for Christmas, yet again, I found that several of the toys that my kids wanted, were priced better, and were available at Target. Since then, I can always find the cutest stuff for my kids, and the most stylish items for my home at Target. My orders always come super fast, and it’s always correct. I absolutely love Target drive up as well. Thank you so much, Target for always having exactly what I need. It’s such an incredible convenience being a mom and having Target. The prices, selection, ease of shopping online, and service is unmatched. I love Target.

Can’t change payment method on items not picked up. Target, love your ease and reliability. Today was a first for me. I paid using the wrong credit card, and decided before picking up my items to change payments. Well even though I never purchased the items officially and did not pick them up I was unable to change payment method. None of my items were shipped, it was a 2 hr store pickup. I called 1-800 customer service and they weren’t concerned or helpful other than telling me to cancel and reorder everything. Soo called the store, because I would hate for the poor employees to start shopping all over again for my items and return the canceled ones. It prob made more work for the employees but I was able to notify them of my cancel/reorder. Great store customer service. They had a heads up about it and thankfully I was able to pay with my desired card.

App works but target needs to fix settings. I love using the app, especially to order groceries for pickup. I recently had a pinched nerve which made it very hard to walk. Pick up was a godsend for the few items I could actually get. It quickly became frustrating because so many items are “not available for pickup” even though it says they’re in stock. So I’d have to limp painfully all the way to the back of the store to get the items I needed. Today I am trying to order and again- it says my pasta sauce is in stock but not available for pickup. One flavor of vitamin water is available but another is not. Both are in stock! It has reached a level of frustrating that is making me abandon the idea of shopping at target while I’m unable to walk. I can order from my local grocery store and get every single item as long as it’s in stock. Target needs to fix this glitch in the system. It makes no sense!

Love the app. I love the target app and use it almost daily for curbside. It’s easy to use, and I love that I can easily find and order stock in other stores if my store is out of stock. I also love that if something is out of stock after I’ve placed my order, I am given options; this is the only shopping app I have that gives me this functionality. BUT I do have a suggestion. Until recently, it was possible to change the quantity of a specific item from the listing, but it seems that has gone away. Now the only way to change the quantity is in the cart. It’s frustrating because everything else is so seamless and smooth, but since I frequently order multiples, I’m having to go the cart multiple times to adjust quantity. I would love to see the option to do this in other screens as I am shopping. Thank you for making my life easier, Target!

Love!!!!. I absolutely love the Target app and the Drive-Up feature they’re now offering where I live. I’m a mother of two toddlers so making a trip to Target can be overwhelming, but now I’m able to do all my shopping online while they’re asleep and pick up (most item) through their Drive-Up service. The ONLY issue I have is that not all items are available for Drive-Up, which to me makes no sense. I mean certain items that may require an adult to show an ID, I totally get, but for example, dish washing soap... there’s a specific dish washing soap that is not available for the Drive-Up service, but every other dish washing soap is available. If a Drive-Up service to a store is going to be available, then it needs to be for the WHOLE store and every last single item that’s inside of it. When I go to McDonald’s drive-thru, they don’t make me get my burger and fries at the window and then require me to come inside to get my drink! I mean that makes no sense. Once every item, or least the items I’m needing become available for Drive-Up, then I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.

Useful & user friendly App. The Target App is very useful; I’ve used it for > 5 years. I love not having to open up my laptop. It does take a bit to find things when the App’s done a major update, but once u remember where ur barcodes r, where Circle discounts reside, and where ur payments are, it’s very easy. I can save Circle discounts, I can load gift cards I get back frm say, laundry detergent purchases, check how many gift cards I have outstanding, check on prior orders, and see what’s been delivered. I can purchase things on the fly and within 1/2 an hour can pick them up using Drive up or in store purchase. Was very useful during pandemic not having to go into store. The App’s much more comprehensive & user friendly vs other store apps like Walmart. I also don’t have to bring my physical Target card as I can pay thru the App or Apple Wallet. I really love the store & app.

One of my favorite apps. The Target app has been a big part of my switch to Target as my go-to store for everyday items. For the most part, I enjoy using it to prepare for shopping trips or to price check in store. I also love Cartwheel and appreciate being able to use it to search for deals on the go. The good definitely outweighs the bad but I do have a few suggestions for making the app/shopping experience better: 1. Restore Apple Pay option. Until this weekend, mine worked flawlessly. Without it, I’m more reluctant to buy things through the app. 2. I understand why it happens but the sheer number of plastic bags involved in pick-up orders is sometimes mind boggling. This isn’t a critique of the associates, more of the process. If there was a way to build sustainability into the process, I’d feel so much better about placing orders for pick up. 3. Make it clearer from the shopping list view whether an item is in stock. I’ve made trips all the way to my Target store for an item that was out of stock because I forgot to click on it to see if it was available. Graying unavailable items out or showing the red “out of stock” next to items in list view would simplify the process. That might seem like a lot to improve, but the app is honestly really solid. I recommend it if, for some reason, you haven’t yet checked it out.

“back in stock” notification is useless. i’ve been using this app for a long time, and i thought this problem was a one- or two-time occurrence, but the more i need to use it, it’s becoming apparent that the whole function is unusable. a vital feature of the app is to find items that are out of stock so you can be notified when they’re back… except that feature doesn’t work. at all. i click the button, exit the app, and within only a few minutes i’ll get the push notification that it’s back. if i click the BANNER for it (so, with the phone still in my hand, literally immediately after receiving it) i get back to the page and it says “out of stock.” after looking at similar complaints on reddit, i know it’s not just me and this is a regular occurrence on the target app. i am not sure whether the app is genuinely that glitchy, or if it is so overrun by bots that it’s impossible to purchase a high-demand item at human speeds. either way, this is a serious issue that has not been addressed in over two years since i’ve noticed it. very lame.

Great App ONE FLAW!. I’ve been using the Target app for a few years. I’ve always love the usability that the app brings. It seems that you develop the app based on people’s opinions of it which I love. This app has really come along way from being a separate target and cart wheel app and I love that you now have a map of every aisle in your current store and anytime I scan something I’m able to find what aisle it is in, what the current price is and if there’s a cart wheel coupon to match. I absolutely love the Drive up feature it is saved me not only time but money as well! I also really love the list function. And I love that you have also put the isles where the items can be found on my item in my list. However, is there a way that the app can alert you once you step into a target to let you know that you have items on your list? This would be really helpful because often times I make a list during the week and when I go to target I’d like to be notified that there are items on my list. I use the list function quite often but I often forget that I have one made once I actually make it into the store. I will forever use the Target app I’m just hoping that my opinion gets heard and hopefully something can be done about enabling the app user to choose to be notified once stepping into a target store to look at the list that has previously been made. Thank you.

Great when items are actually in stock. App is great for ordering in store pick up or drive -up. Easy to navigate and look at Circle deals. However about 85% of the time some of the stock listed in the app is not available after you place order. There sometimes are other options or substitute-but that’s only helpful if getting an alternate product is okay with you. Many times only a some items end up being available, not all, and you are obligated to buy the items that actually were in stock. I often would prefer not to have to pick up a partial order and would rather cancel everything if some items are not available. So may end up wasting a trip for only a few or one item that was in order. Target used to be reliable in stocking items in the store and their stock is completely unreliable-they should do more real time stocking. Also, I have gone to the the Target when items ended up being not “in-stock” and actually were. If the stocking problem was not so huge, this app would be great.

Shipping options. When you’re choosing the “order pick up” or “shipping” option you have to go to each item individually to choose how you want to recieve your items. Its inconvenient!! Why not just put one button that says “pick up entire order” and another button that says “ship entire order” and still have the option to individually go in and have things picked up or shipped separately(as they do it now)if thats what you want to do. I think that would make more sense and it would be more convenient. I feel sorry for the people who have 20 or so items. When i first ordered i chose order pick up Thinking it would cover my entire order but I was wrong, about an hour later I went to check on the order just to make sure it processed and noticed one item was being picked up and the other six were being shipped. I had to cancel my whole order and do it again so that all my items were abled to be picked up!!! Target please improve your online experience:)

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