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Now the Target app can help you have a more rewarding Target run! Introducing Target Circle, which gives you access to hundreds of deals, a birthday gift and the chance to support your community.
Plan your next Target run by checking out Target Circle offers, the Weekly Ad and item availability all in one place. Then streamline your run with store maps and aisle locations, and scan item barcodes for prices, reviews and available deals.
Wallet is the fastest, easiest way to pay and save in store. With one scan, you can pay with your credit or debit RedCard and redeem Target Circle offers, gift cards and Target Circle earnings.
With improved iPad support, the app makes it easy to shop from anywhere, allowing you to search our entire selection, complete with online promotions and flexible ordering options. Order quickly and securely every time, then choose to pick it up at your local store or have it delivered to your home.

Target App Description & Overview

The applications Target was published in the category Shopping on 2008-11-25 and was developed by Target. This application file size is 111.54 MB. Target current version is 9.57.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

• Enhance your Target run with the new Store tab. Simplify trip planning with quick access to Buy It Again items and a brand-new deal-finding experience. Order your list using Same Day Delivery or navigate the store fast with smart sort, which creates an efficient route based on your items and store.
• About that deal-finding experience… We’ve gathered every opportunity to save — from Weekly Ad to Target Circle™ offers — in one, easy-to-search place. Just tap All Deals on the Store tab to quickly unlock all the value Target has to offer. Pun intended.

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Target Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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taytay2710   2 star

App Doesn’t work. Got this app 2 weeks ago to use Target Drive-Up and my app won’t work. It worked for the first week but when I went to do my drive up it kept saying “unknown error- unable to connect to internet” which is strange considering all my apps worked correctly. I had my newborn in the car and had to call the store and provide them my order number from the email. It’s been this way for weeks now and I’m frustrated no app fixes have been released.

italiangirl218   5 star

Target run. I luv that I can stay in the car with my kids and the Taunton employees are always quick and a pleasure to see.

mandik3   5 star

👍🏻👍🏻. Very easy to navigate. Best store app I’ve used.

dulac93   3 star

Feature suggestion & Bug with Target Circle. When trying to confirm my mobile number with Target Circle, it continually rejects it and says to enter a valid mobile number! ARGH!!! It IS my mobile number! And there’s no online help or any help category for Target Circle on!!! Maddening. Any chance we can mark “favorite” stores? I frequently do online shopping for pickup in store for family members around the country (kids in college are a big one). Having to provide zip, city, state isn’t horrible, but it would be more convenient if I can hit my list of favorite stores.

SouthMplsMom   4 star

Unavailable items should be greyed out. I like the Target app except for the fact that it’s difficult to tell when an item is out of stock. Instead of being unable to select an item, you have to try and choose a delivery/shipping method and realize you can’t pick anything.

Steven0619   5 star

Great. Good app

veronica.92243   4 star

Bag charge !. Aren’t bag 10 cents?

B. Galvan   5 star

Target. I absolutely love Target! The app has correct prices they are as stated and do not change during checkout.. And I always love the pick up ready in 2 hours as well! Target will forever be my fav!

Viky99998   5 star

Target the savior. Ithe very day savior. Quick pick up yupe target go ti

5848393847538   1 star

App never seems to work for me?. I open the app, nothing loads. If I go to safari to search for what I am looking for and then click in the link that shows the item at target the app opens and...nothing loads. Not sure what changed, but I can almost never actually use the app to purchase anything.

nanny537   5 star

Easy app. App is easy to use. Easy to maneuver.

Ava and Logan Vacay   5 star

My experience. The management team at the Madison heights store is AWESOME

Tifos   1 star

They are collecting so much data on you. I used to use the target app and it worked nicely, but ever since they launched circle they make you log in to look at prices. No thanks

Supermrcool1   5 star

Was Good, Great Improvements. Check marks for gift card, bag charge explanations, and clearer detail. I love that this app, already good, keeps getting better.

Nalani Powell   5 star

This is a great!. LOVE THIS APP! It shows all of the sales and gives me the best items they have. One thing I think target app should consider is getting a button that helps you budget, so if you have a $500 budget you choose $500 and then go shopping and once you go over the budget the app will let you know. Just a feature I think target and all other shopping apps should.

Samilee83   5 star

Love Target Mobile App!. This has been a lifesaver with a toddler and newborn! I love the Drive up service, especially!

Melly 1958   5 star

Love the app. I love the app and Love shopping target!

jenflora   5 star

Life Altering. This app and Target in general have changed the way we do shopping. It has made quick trips very easy, convenient and simple. Thankful for all the Target has done to improve customer service over the last 10 years.

Xxxxxxxxlisa   5 star

Target app. I love you, Target

Monmouth County Local   5 star

Shopper from Shore Are. Lovely experience buying online

sbnae   5 star

Easy to use!. I love that it is so convenient and saves time.

Newjerzeeg   4 star

Great but Wish it had more features. Can’t pay my target card through the app, I also can’t access my card statements through the site & haven’t been able to in a month. What’s going on???

usdesi   4 star

Getting better but needs to be improved. I’ve finally started using the app regularly. I like the ability to buy products in different ways (drive up, online, etc) but I’d like to be able to toggle between those options. This came up when I wanted a few grocery items but one was not available for drive up. Since I needed to go in anyway, I wanted to switch to pick up (before completing the transaction not after I had paid) but there was no way to do so. Second, I bought an item I really loved and wanted to go back and put in a review for other people but there was no way to rate/review previous purchases through the app.

AldieKrish   3 star

Immune Support Gummies out of stock. I would have given 4 or 5 stars but had to lower the rating because of following issue. It is very frustrating to see that most of stores around us are out of stock Immune Support (Target Brand) gummies and could not take advantage of the special offer for pick up . Instead I had to order these as an online shipping and did not get the promotional offer if $5 off of $25 order or $15 off of $50 order respectively. Thanks for your attention.


Great App by Target. Works great and easy to use. Just as it should be 😃

CoriFR   5 star

Cori. Love my Target store!

4&37684399.$ cofe   5 star

Very convenient. The Target app makes it so convenient to purchase from the amazing selection, especially for the Holidays!!

Mary Jurg8is   5 star

Like new. Very pleasant shopping in The renewed target. Like being able to order for pickup.

frustratedibotta   5 star

Awesome service. The service in Bismarck and Minot has been great! They have always been walking out when I park, I have not waited more than 30 seconds. One pick up, part of my order was missing and the staff was great and went and got the right supplies very quickly! Love this new feature especially with having kids!!

cjs961   5 star

Love the app. Always works !!! Love Target products!!!

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mabelgrsorpano   5 star

Love target!. Is a great shopping experience!

faty😘   5 star

Amazing. I love this store

KayceeAnn1   5 star

Great app!. Great shopping app! And a great way to see specials, circle offers, and coupons!

Myseaotters   5 star

Free shipping!. Not only do you save 5% with the red card, but you get free shipping! What could be better!?!?

its target!   5 star

It’s Target. Just love love target period and this app makes me live it more! I get good deals and instant ordering when using this app! I open this up about once every day!

Halo316   5 star

Easy Peasy!. I love this app!

agualoca   4 star

Me encanta. Amo a target

baby grampa   5 star

What’s wrong with the wheels?. I’m looking at the reviews & see complaints that the wheels don’t rotate. Can this be corrected? I will find replacement wheels as this is a gift, but perhaps in the future, Target’s vendor can improve this product?!

c234fb   1 star

Double check your pick up vs ship at check out or you will lose items. Problems with pick up are aggravating and also costing me money. I’m very disappointed in Target customer service in store and online as they refused to help and actually hung up on me even though I was speaking politely but just did not agree with losing a product that I had gotten in a buy 2 get one free purchase.

IAlwaysShine   1 star

Doesn’t work with VPNs. While VPN is on I just get an access denied error.

Swing and a miss there, Zucks   1 star

Do You Like Getting Signed Out?. If you like pulling up an app only to find you’ve been signed out for no reason, then this is the app for you! Also: Target will tell you, “Get rid of your Red Card! Do EVERYTHING on the app!” Then when you try to pay your bill in person at the store, they say, “We can’t pull up your account using the app; where’s your Red Card?” It isn’t frustrating in the slightest! Huzzah! Exclamation points!

abbfbnnd   1 star

Card. Keeps asking for an updated address, and when I type it in it wants me to confirm my card number. When I type it in, it says it doesn’t match. Even tho, I try it serval times and double check it. I eventually have to retype in the card information again as a new card.

MissQ25   1 star

Worst shopping app I have on my phone!!!. This app never works for me! Every time I open the app and try to shop, I ALWAYS get an error message. Even though it’s up-to-date! Ugh! AND I CAN’T SHOP ON THE COMPUTER EITHER! I CAN’T EVEN LOG IN!!!

Frustratedxswimmom   5 star

Busy life. It’s extreme helpful and time efficient to use the app and quick pick up!

BrAYdOn is Creative   1 star

Hackers. They are still have the same issues of hackers in their website . This was a big issue last year and still continues to be this year. Lots of Christmas shoppers are getting their personal information stolen through the target. I will not shop target online and I don’t recommend anyone else do either. And Target, what exactly are you doing to eliminate this BIG problem???

tatysgb   5 star

Loved. The best store ever!

Lcgrice   5 star

Horrible. I really wish I never downloaded this app, it’s so amazing, I spend way too much money. You got me again, Target.

igiveuponicknames   3 star

Changes. I have enjoyed Target for many years. However, I don’t like the remodeling, I don’t think the “designer” brands makes it better, just more choppy and confusing. I also find there is less merchandise. I can’t find some things I used to pick up at Target. I like the old Target better, but I’m really trying to get used to and appreciate the new Target. I do find that I shop there less though.

LukuanP   1 star

Gift card balance disappeared from the app. I can see my gift card balance on the target website but not in the app.

GomezWifee   5 star

Order pickup and bags. I think it’s ridiculous to charge a dollar for bags for order pickup when they charge 10 cents at the register and there’s no option to opt out of it I gave 5 stars cause the app is great and convenient but that bag fee is ridiculous boy   1 star

Welcome to 1995!!!!. Terrible app!! All the money Target has and they can’t get an app to take an order. Would not recognize my credit card that was ALREADY matter what I did. Then customer service couldn’t process the order either. I lost part of my order in the meantime. It sold out. They then made my credit card the default one after 20 minutes and they processed it. They however can not tell me how they did it or where it’s at. They are. Orient the web site. No knowledge of the app. No way to escalate the IT problem so the order can be taken And this is a company we are supposed to trust AGAIN with our data????? The company that had security problems and released millions of confidential customer information. Then denied and played it down right before Christmas so they could still make their sales. And we all started to NOT shop there. And NOT trust their IT. And now their IT can’t get an app to TAKE a simple order. Can’t get customer service to TAKE the order. Customer loses product. It sells out. Ridiculous!!!!! IT at target and customer security and service is still a CF!!!!!!!! What a joke. No escalation to IT. Nothing!!!!!!! IT isn’t even aware of the problem. Seriously. Terrible management. about we all stop shopping at Target AGAIN until they Learn their lesson again. Terrible. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Greedy incompetent company!! Nothing has changed!!! Watch your data be spread around again. IT is still a CF!!!!!

Txbeachbum101   3 star

Love It But.... Most takes a long time for pictures to load - if they load...I like to see the product I’m planning to buy to make sure it is the item I thought it was. of the Redcart coupons are not usable, which is disappointing. Would be nice if the additional savings were allowed for on-line purchases.

gmg9   2 star

Using a TARGET gift card online. I was unable to use my target MasterCard gift card online because I could not put in two different payment options. If I were purchasing it at the store it would be no problem. Unfortunately, the item I needed is only available online. I called target guest services and they were no help at all.

Bushrahamdani   5 star

Customer service. Awesome customer service with respect and facilitation with customer satisfaction

kajdnd djdm   5 star

Great app. One of my favorites

Claudia Mom   5 star

Very friendly app , love it !!. Love the app !

vald1317   5 star

Love the app. I wish more grocery items were offered for pick up.

AnjaLukas   5 star

Target fan. Luv atarget!!!!

ivetheka   5 star

Me gusta. Me encanta es de muy buena calidad Es de muy buena calidad

lilwyde   5 star

PEEFECT. This app anticipates my every need. Easy to use. Love it.

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