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The Past Within Game Description & Overview

What is the past within app? Note: The Past Within is a co-op only game. Both players need to own a copy of the game on their own device (mobile, tablet or computer), as well as a way to communicate with each other. Play together with a friend or find a partner on our official Discord server!

The past and future cannot be explored alone! Team up with a friend and piece together the mysteries surrounding Albert Vanderboom. Communicate what you see around you to help one another solve various puzzles and explore the worlds from different perspectives!

The Past Within is the first co-op only point-and-click adventure set in the mysterious world of Rusty Lake.


▪ A co-op experience
Play together with a friend, one in The Past, the other in The Future. Work together to solve the puzzles and help Rose set her father’s plan in motion!
▪ Two worlds - Two perspectives
Both players will experience their environments in two different dimensions: 2D as well as in 3D - a first-time experience in the Rusty Lake universe!
▪ Cross-platform
As long as you can communicate with each other, you and your partner of choice can each play The Past Within on your preferred platform: Mac, PC and Nintendo Switch!
▪ Playtime & Replayability
The game contains 2 chapters and has an average play-time of 2 hours. For the full experience, we recommend replaying the game from the other perspective. Plus you can use our replayability feature for a fresh start with new solutions to all puzzles.

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App Name The Past Within
Category Games
Updated 04 July 2023, Tuesday
File Size 374.15 MB

The Past Within Comments & Reviews 2024

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Exceeded my expectations. I have loved all of the games developed by Rusty Lake, but I was wary of this one because I wasn’t terribly interested in a two player game. Finally found someone that was willing to try it with me and we had an absolute blast. It’s challenging but never frustrating. It’s a truly satisfying puzzle game from beginning to end.

Such a cool game!. This is easily the best game I have ever played on an IOS device. And for 2.99 each? It was a very good game and at least two play throughs worth. It was amazing. The story was riveting, creepy, engaging. My fiancé and I absolutely loved it. The only negative is we wish it was longer (which isn’t exactly a bad thing)

Really should have read co-op more closely. I pre-order all of the rusty lake games and did the same with this one excitedly waiting….only to discover I had not closely read the “co-op” note. Please be aware before you pay for this that you CAN NOT PLAY WITHOUT ANOTHER PERSON. Not really something that interests me, but my fault for not carefully reading. Hoping to save others like me from wasting their money on a game they can’t play. ☹️ But five stars because Rusty Lake is a great series. I hope the next release is single player. We aren’t all teenagers.

Really disappointing. Loved the Rusty Lake series up until the last 2 offerings.I have replayed them, & I feel that, in the attempt to be innovative, most of the puzzle difficulty was lost. And am definitely not a fan of having to play this with another person. But on the upside, The Past Within is definitely an improvement on the monotony of The White Door. I realize I am in the minority, but please stop with the gimmicky games and return to the tried-and-true formula of the older RL games.

Well done but a bit short. This is a thrilling adventure which introduced my wife to the developer. I did think the game was shorter than the other RL titles and would have loved extended play time. With that, the game was well worth the money and I highly recommend playing with a friend and someone you may have never met (jump over to Discord!). Thanks for an awesome experience!

Another Wonderful Rusty Lake Game. There aren’t enough stars to properly rate this newest offering from Rusty Lake. The concept is unique, two players with different screens working together to solve puzzles. The timing of the game is great, and even though the two devices are not communicating, the game is very cohesive and well coordinated. The game was less challenging than some other rusty lake games, as well as a little less dark, but all the same I would recommend. Just make sure you know how to communicate well

Me and my friend LOVE THIS GAME!!!!. I don’t usually write review about game but I have to say: this game is AMAZING!!! Me and my best friend tried the demo version first, and after finish it, we decided to buy the full version of this game. We spend about 4 hours to finish and it really worth the money. We LOVE this! Thanks to the creators 🥳 We really hope that you will have more games like this.

Absolutely Brilliant!. The creators of Rusty Lake did it AGAIN! They created a game that has put all others of it’s kind to shame. Honestly, this long awaited game did NOT disappoint. You guys ROCK! I hope that you continue to do what you do BEST! I love the two player feature that puts you and your partner experiencing this one-of-a-kind game together without in order to help solve the puzzles and tell the story. It’s like room Escape but better since you and your partner can literally play on different platforms without being together and have so much fun doing it. Rusty Lake is my game obsession and love replaying the different games over again! Thank you Rusty Lake creators for all your hard work! 🫶🏻

Such a great past time. I love rusty lake games but this has gotta be the best one. I love the concept and me and my girlfriend really looked forward to playing it for three nights straight, it’s not hard to pick up on if you aren’t familiar with their other games as this was my girlfriends first one and she loved it.

Amazing and Dark. I just finished this in a single sitting with my wife and it was incredible! Using blind cooperation to solve puzzles and dive deeper into the story was fantastic. We wish the game didn’t end and just kept going. Hopefully another title like this comes out cause we cannot wait! Thank you very much.

Short co-op game. I was disappointed. It is not challenging and takes about an hour or two aside from the back-and-forth communication time to play with a partner. The puzzles only require good communication, yet I am not interested in playing puzzle games with partners. Communication challenges aside, these are not difficult puzzles. I love Rusty Lake games and wish there more to this game. On a positive note, excellent graphics and ease of gameplay with a typically strange RL storyline—thank you!

Play this game!. My spouse has never played any of these games. However, we just finished the first chapter in about an hour and she had an insane amount of fun as did I! The game mixes both of you figuring out puzzles together with creepy and macabre atmosphere that this series of games is known. For fans of the series, it has a lot of elements progressing Rusty Lake lore, and as a bonus, some of the puzzles are easier if you have played through the other games (especially more than once like me!). I cannot recommend this game enough, even if you haven’t played the rest of the series, it is incredibly accessible while also presenting a challenge!

Best Phone Date W/ My Wife!!!. Easily the best game for $6 we played through in an hour or so and it was the best adventure we had. Usually we stay away from the phones when were together but when she stumbled across this game it was a great time for the both of us! ^ Best 2player fun date idea we need more scary games like this!

Holy Bonkers!. This game was so simple and complex at the same time. This is the first co-op game I throughly enjoyed and so did my friend. This game is definitely worth the purchase and I’d encourage you all to play through it. My friend and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with. Beautiful little story as well! (Btw, there’s some kinda creepy images if you get scared easily but it’s not bad)

(Would) Love it. I absolutely love all of rusty lakes games, and I'm sure that I'll love this one aswell. I've downloaded it, but I don't have anyone to play with. I know there's a discord option, but I'm not allowed to have it. (Mental health and agewise reasons.) I'll probably get it on two devices and play it with my girlfriend, though. I'm sure it's as (or more) amazing than your other games!

Amazing coop game for long distance. My partner and I played this while we both are away from each other. We tried the lite version and fell in love and purchased the full version and it is probably the best game I have played on a phone. Highly highly recommend for any pair of people!!!

The best co-op game I have ever played!. This game was completely worth it. I have never played a better co-op game in my life, and the fact that it’s on mobile makes it just that much better. I never leave reviews on games, but I honestly feel like everyone should play this game. It is honestly just that good, and worth so much more than the money that it cost. The light version I cannot speak for, but the main version is definitely worth your money. I never pay money for mobile games either so that’s a lot.

I’m not usually a gamer, but…. I have been a web designer for 30+ years, so sit in front of screens daily. As such I am not much for staring at one again to play games. The exception is every Rusty Lake production, and this one is no exception, which I played with my daughter. Concept, graphics, humor, skill set, length, story line with common ties; all perfection. I’ve tried others which have tried to imitate Rusty’s style or character, but they all fail miserably and lose me within minutes. I just wish y’all could create them faster!

Best co-op game I’ve played. My little sister and I loved this game! We live in different states and constantly are trying to find games we can play together and we loved this one! How we have to work together to find each others solutions! It was an amazing experience! I hope for more games like this in the future!

Great game!. This game was great, I wasn’t sure how the 3d section or multiplayer would work out, but rusty lake delivered another challenging, story rich game! Today I finally completed getting every achievement and every hidden ending in every rusty lake game! Thanks for continuing to give us great games, I hope you’ll keep up the good work!

Unique co-op experience and perfect addition to the Rusty Lake series. I’ll start by saying I absolutely love every single Rusty Lake game. I’ve played them all at least twice, my favorites even more. Like many of you, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a new game. Also like many of you, I was super bummed when I heard it would be a co-op game. I typically play games when I want alone time. That being said… I kept an open mind and convinced my husband to play it with me. We had SO much fun. I filled him in on a little bit of the back story and it was so fun to hear him audibly gasp at different elements of the game and creeptastic moments that I’ve gotten so accustomed to. I don’t know how it would be playing online with a stranger, but if you have someone in your life who you trust and who is intelligent and can think outside the box do whatever it takes to convince them to play with you. You won’t be disappointed. My only complaint is that I wish we could have many more chapters/installments because I can’t wait to play more! We were able to beat the game in one sitting. Thanks Rusty Lake! I love this unique addition to my favorite series!

Excellent. This was a good time. I don’t mind that I spent a couple bucks on this, as it was worth it. You do need a buddy to play with, but they offer a Discord server if you don’t have someone, which is cool. I have only played it once so far, but I look forward to playing it again, as the puzzles and experience will be different.

Another amazing and beautiful game. I love Rusty Lake everything and this is another victory. It’s not a super long play, but still engrossing. But if you are a Rusty Lake fan, you already know it’s going to be awesome. I played alone using two devices and it was still really fun. Now I have to go back and replay all the other games.

Please make another co-op game. I have loved the rusty lake universe from the beginning, and I absolutely loved playing with another person. I replayed all the games to prepare for this game and 10/10 would recommend. It was amazing bringing another person into the universe that I love. Please please make another co-op game. It really was able to help me bond with a good friend across state lines, especially being sick and bedridden. You have no idea how much it made a difference. It gave us a good reason to spend time together virtually. Talking on the phone alone is great, but having a fun, immersive game with a goal was a whole ‘nother level. No, a Mother level, like mother ship or a mother land. Something so powerful that words cannot describe it.

Made My Wife a Fan. I’ve been playing Rusty Lake games for a very long time. I talked my wife into being my partner for The Past Within. She agreed and is now completely won over. The design is ingenious, and worked flawlessly. It also gave our communication skills with each other a good test…a definite plus! Bravo…

Worth the money!. I was looking for a fun game play with my friend and we stumbled upon this masterpiece. We decided to purchase this game and oh boy were we surprised. The storyline and animation was amazing! It kept my friend and I entertained for hours as we tried to overcome puzzles. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone. I would love to applaud the creators for their amazing game-building abilities!

OMG. So me and my girlfriend were playing the demo and she really wanted me to pay for this game and I though I’m not going to pay any money but as you can tell I did 😂this game has been so stressing and fun we have gone trough this game so many times just because we like it. So take it for me it is worth it and it’s crazy the way that the people created the game you do not need to be online like call of duty you just have to be at the same time and to me That’s crazy

Pretty Amazing as Expected. Though not as challenging as other Rusty Lake games (and maybe a bit shorter), the concept was unique and advancing through the game still felt rewarding as each of us unlocked clues for each other. I was lucky enough to have a family member play along in the same room. I am sure that made it a little easier. Either way, we loved it.

BEST CO-OP PUZZLE GAME. Worth the money!!!! Me and my friend played this in one go and we enjoyed every bit of the game! It was very fun and at the same time quite challenging. The puzzles will make you think but also easy enough to be solved. I like puzzles like this that’s not too hard on the brain but also not too easy and it’s in the middle. I like the thrill too!! Fair share of horror vibes. Please developers, make more co-op puzzle solving games like this, I beg you!! This is too good! I just love the concept and everything about this. A MUST DOWNLOAD GAME if you’re into solving medium level puzzles with a bestie. PLEASE MAKE MORE CO-OP PUZZLE GAMES :)) thank you for this! If you’re reading this to see if it’s with paying for. This is your sign, DOWNLOAD IT NOW—you won’t regret it.

Had fun, love Rusty Lake. I was waiting for a new Rusty Lake game, big fan of the games. So happy when I saw this new one released! Played with my husband on the couch together and we both had a lot of fun. I recommend being in the same room as the other person playing. We tried being both the Bee and the Butterfly but didn’t notice any difference, so not sure what the point of each was? Going to try the Lite version next to see the difference there. Overall happy with this new release and excited to be back in the Rusty Lake realm.

Enjoyed playing with my daughter. I’ve played all the other Rusty Lake games in the past and I loved them but I put off playing this one because you can’t do it alone. I finally played it with my youngest daughter and we had an absolute blast. Great puzzle game that not only makes you think but builds on communication. I wanna play it again… next time in the past.

Amazing co-play. What a delightful and enjoyable ‘escape room’ to play with someone, whether they’re in the room or 1000s of miles away. Everything is delightful (if not at times creepy). The clever co-play is neither too hard nor easy. I’ve recommended it to anyone that will listen who’s looking to break the cycle of social media scrolling and mindless streaming tv shows for some fun interaction.

Amazing experience. A friend of mine got this on a whim because of TikTok and honestly best 3 dollars ever spent. This game was challenging but not impossibly hard, the art designs were a solid and absolutely beautiful, and the replay ability is definitely there. I cannot wait to choose the past in our next play through and explore the game in a whole new way. Thank you guys for such a fun game.

Scary as **** but worth it. Me and my friend played this, some parts were really scaring but laughing it out with a friend made it also really fun. I don’t really like things that are too scary but this was really fun, so if you think about not playing it because it’s scary, reconsider, it’s so much fun!!! And great story. Not only that, but the puzzles in this game are tricky and fun too!

Super fun w/ my daughter. I couldn’t wait to play this game! I grabbed my daughter this afternoon to play this flash masterpiece by Rusty Lake. Given I’ve played all their games, I explained the quirky logic and creepiness to her so she would quickly enjoy the game. She did. I did. What fun! We were able to finish as the Butterfly in 2 hours. I started in the past and she was in the future. At first, i felt bad she wasn’t experiencing the room but then the game switches where the past operates the box and the future is in the room. So clever! We want to try it again as the bee for fun! Thank you Rusty Lake developers for a terrific co-op game! Please make more!

Wow, good game!. My friend and I had an awesome experience playing this game. We got stuck on some of the puzzles and had to google the answer to some of the puzzles, but overall it was a very fun experience trying to find the solution to these things. The storyline was immersive and incredibly easy to follow, it kept me waiting for the next thing to pop up. I always thought there would be a jumpscare around every corner, but there never was and I am incredibly thankful for that. The game was advertised to be 2 hours, yet we spent around 6 hours on it, so atleast we got our money's worth haha. A lot of people are complaining about the co-op being required but it's the base premise of the game. It's executed incredibly and it's so fun to play this game with friends! 10/10, would recommend

Excellent 2player. A very fun game! My husband may now be hooked on Rusty Lake! It helps to stay in step…don’t get ahead of each other or the game will eventually glitch… certainly not immediately, but eventually we got stuck and started repeating steps causing multiple voodoo pins and white gems…had to start over.

Rusty Lake for Two. I'll start by saying I've been obsessed with the entire Rusty Lake library for years. I pretty much only play point & click puzzle adventure games and Rusty Lake is at the very top of my list of must-play games. With that being said, I've tried to convince my husband that even though he's not as into puzzle games as I am, that he would love RL -- from the Twin Peaks vibe to the deep, twisty family lore, it's right up his alley if he'd just give it a try. Well, cue The Past Within. We're constantly looking for co-op/2-player games, from video games to table games, and good ones are harder to find than you'd think. We played The Past Within twice, all in one day. He couldn't stop talking about it and when I woke up the following morning, I found him playing Seasons on the couch, already having downloaded the entire series of games. He puzzled his way all the way through, and now he's just as excited and anxious for the next installment as I am! The Past Within was an ingenious take on multiplayer co-op puzzling, and was just as fun & entertaining for a Rusty Lake & puzzle-obsessed nerd as it was for a newbie to the genre. The communication aspect was always fun, never frustrating, and sharing the unique experiences each of us was having was a blast. Amazing work to the Rusty Lake team, thanks for another beautiful game! Fingers crossed the wait for the next game won't be long 🐦

Well worth the money. I’m surprised this game is only $3. It’s fairly short but has two modes and is very detailed. I played with my sister who’s in another state and it was so fun. We only needed to get a hint for one puzzle. We’re excited to play again in the different mode! I played on my iPad and it was perfect. Kind of creepy but not scary and no jump scares. 10/10 game just wish it was a wee bit longer!

Makes for a fun date night!!. Now, I played this with my sister over the phone, but we both agree that playing it with your significant other as a date night would be fun! We are very familiar with the rusty lake games so we kind of knew what to expect and it took us a good hour and 45 minutes to finish! Definitely worth a download!! It’s got the creepy factor and it’s decently challenging. The art is so good and the the overall lore of the games are just so unsettling, which makes for a great experience!

So well thought out!. I normally don’t leave reviews but this game was seriously amazing I feel like I have to. The game was very complex but at the same time not hard enough to make you quit. The story to the game was very interesting but also had the right amount of scare factor. Each puzzle was very well thought out and something I had never seen before. I was entranced the entire time which is surprising considering i normally can’t focus on one thing for a long period of time, yet i managed to play this game for around 3 hours.

Game changer!. Honestly begged my girlfriend for a few days to try this. We finally had time to, let me tell you it didn’t disappoint! Absolutely beautiful well thought out game. Loved every bit . Tricky , brain challenging, overall 10/10 worth the money and surprised it doesn’t cost more, because it deserves more and hopefully in the future another game like this. Thank you .

The Past Within. This game was amazing! It was somewhat easier than the others before it, but with the co-op communication gameplay it was still fun. I’ve been playing this series with my mom for a good couple years (since I was 10 I believe, I would use my phone and AirPlay it to the TV) and we were both really excited to find that we could now play a game together together. We played the first run through in about 2 hours and the second in about 1 or 1 and a half.

Played with my sister, had a blast!. My sister and I really enjoyed playing this game! The fact that we did not need to connect in anyway really helped us continue to stay engaged without technical issues. We had to communicate and describe our situations, and it made for some really fun moments! I’m so happy with the game, and I will likely share it with friends of mine!

never written a review but WOW. p h e n o m e n a l game. me and my girlfriend stayed up all night together playing. i’ve never written a review for any app or game i’ve ever had but this game is just amazing. the co-op is such a great idea and the execution of it is incredible in this game and you don’t even have to connect devices. genius. love the graphics changing in each chapter. love the fact that i can even say “each chapter” most escape room games i play are short and frustrating but this is done so well everything just flows with the perfect amount of challenge. the only warning that i’ll give about this game is that it makes hours feel like minutes. i looked up at the clock at it was somehow 1:32 am. great. game.

Good but too short. I get what they were going for with playing the game twice but to be honest even then it’s too short. Unlike Rusty Lake Hotel, Paradise, and even the white door this game feels way too short for a new game. I hope it gets updated soon because it was really fun to work with someone to figure out the puzzles instead of looking up a guide. 10/10 game but should be longer.

Having trouble with the download…. Hi there! Love your games so much and was so excited to download the latest, but I’ve been running into a problem. When I try to download the app onto my phone, it stops downloading less then halfway through. I don’t know if it’s on your end, mine, or the App Store’s. I really want to play the game but I can’t even access it :( help!

Escape Room in an App. I have been playing Rusty Lake games for years now, but this co-op game is very close to being in an actual escape room communicating with your partner. My wife and I enjoyed our afternoon working through this game so much we decided to do it a second time swapping sides and picking the other option. Love how it ties to the other Rusty Lake games.

I absolutely love this game!. I have played every single Rusty lake game that there is and this one might be my favorite so far. I absolutely loved the multiplayer factor of it seeing as I always played the games with my sister. This game series is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone over 11 years old. I adore this game series so much. The price is very much worth it even though it is only 4$.

Nobody does it like Rusty Lake. If Escape Rooms needed a definition, that would hands down be Rusty Lake. The graphics, details, the eerie music make the game so difficult to put down. It’s got just the right amount of creepy to make it down right addicting. I’ve paid and played all the Rusty Lake games, and I was so sad when I finished all of them. So when I saw that Rusty Lake finally came out with with a new game, I’ve never double-clicked my lock button so fast. This new co-player game was ingenius. I’m doing long distance with my girlfriend so we’re really limited on how we spend time together, but with The Past Within we had so much fun. I especially was amazed at the new 3D graphics and I LOVED LOVED LOVED that the characters and themes from past games were also in the Past Within as well. Rusty Lake, please don’t stop what ya’ll are doing and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

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Great game definitely the best Apple Store co-op game. Worth checking out the lite version to see if this is for you. Was great to play this with 2 people and the other version. Got us playing for about 60 to 90 minutes. Can’t wait for the sequel! Is there one?

Best puzzle co-op. This is a brilliant game such a good game played a few time with my partner would play more like this

Great game!. My daughter and I played today. I really enjoyed it. It was like an escape room from my lounge. We did butterfly , if we chose the other would the game be the same? We will play again! Thanks for creating.

Can there be a 1 player version please?. I was so excited to see a new Rusty Lake game, having played every single one. Downloaded this without reading the description, because after so many iterations I know the quality is good and don’t need to know the story line until I start to play. Finally had time to sit down today and start playing to find out I have to play with another player, there is no option not to :( Hopefully a single player version might be available in the future. Otherwise I look forward to the next instalment.

Great game! More 2 player games pls!!!. It was very hard but also very interesting and got me surprised many times!

Quality. Rusty Lake never fails to excite, amaze and to bend the players brain into weird, new shapes. TPW gives us the usual quality and challenge of game play, but this time we get to share in the delight. Just, brilliance.

Amazing!. Played it with my bestie and we played for about 2 hours over the phone, truly an awesome experience and well worth the money. Makes you use your imagination, and to learn how to describe things and communicate better. It was amazing. Definitely a fantastic way to bring people together 😊

Please make more co-op games. I played this with my partner and we both loved it! It was really cool how the game worked and I’d definitely play another one. I found it more fun than just the single player

amazing. best game i’ve ever played in my life

Since I was a kid. This game is everything.

FANTASTIC GAME. Mind blowing game play, so imaginative and intricate with incredible coordination between players, and beautiful puzzles. The pacing is perfect, and the story is a fantastic link to the RL lore. As a massive Rusty Lake fan, I have never made an audible “WOAH” so many times playing one of these games! Massive kudos to the team and everyone involved!!

Best game I’ve ever played. Honestly the most well thought out and put together game I have ever played, the puzzles aren’t so easy that the game goes by quick but also challenging enough to stop and make you think, best purchase I’ve ever made

Got scammed.. App price on the app store was $4.99 and i got charged $28.49…wtf

Just brilliant!. Rusty Lake can do no wrong! For those critical of the price, just a reminder of all the Rusty Lake games you played for free ; )

Great time with my husband. It was new and creative

Love it!. Can you do more co-play like this. This worth the money that i paid for. I would love to see part 2 or other stories line🔥🔥🔥

Two player game was SO FUN!. amazing and support Rusty Lake forever

Things better when shared. Absolutely incredible. Love the more 3D game play and using swiping not just tapping to solve puzzles. Loved being able to share it with a friend.

THIS GAME WAS AWESOME. holy moly this game was so cool!! me and my gf played together and we both agree it’s one of the coolest games ever. The illustrations and design were outstanding and the story was impressive too. hats off to the studio for creating such a cool game and can’t wait to see more in the future!

Great Game. It was a really fun and a well made game definitely worth the money and would recommend but the ending was a little anticlimactic.

My favourite game. My partner and I just finished the game and we chose the butterfly. It’s such a well thought out game. Idek what else to say other than you must play it! I love it so much. ^_^ Thank you to everyone who worked on this!

Another Great Game, I’m a happy little Vegemite!. I love all the Rusty Lake games and I am so excited there’s a new one! These are so much fun to play that I didn’t even hesitate, I just purchased it! This new one is a co-op, but if you don’t have anyone to play with, or don’t want to play with anyone, don’t stress…. you can still play on your own. I downloaded the game on my old iPad and also on my new iPad, and am playing “The Future” on one and “The Past” on another. It’s like playing two Rusty Lake games at the same time! Can’t wait to see what you have coming up Rusty Lake. Please don’t ever change, these games are epic! xx

Hate the co-player format. So hard to find someone who speaks the same language and is in the same time zone! Plus I play games to tune out and be alone. I don’t want to have to play with someone. Met a couple of people on Discord who have ghosted me. Can’t find anyone to play with it (and just wish I could play it on my own terms and in my own way)

Absolutely love it. But definitely need more levels. I absolutely love this game. But I’m very disappointed that there’s only two levels. Please look into creating at least another 3 levels of each past and future.

Wish it was longer. Good fun

Really amazing. Pretty cool cooperative game.

Wish for more co-op games like this. The game itself was very fun and enjoyable but what made it amazing for me was the feature of playing with another player it was so fun trying to communicate and solve puzzles with a friend and hope we can get another game like this! Would love to play another game by rusty lake with a friend!

Fantastic Game! Definitely Play!. The puzzles in this game are awesome and very well thought out. Now I can see why you must need a friend to play with. 10/10!

Amazing!. Loved this game so much and about to replay with the bee! I need more 😂

Good game to play together. I wish the game could be longer but this is very interesting for people to cooperate with others. We get better in communication with others

So Addictive!. The only down side is waiting for the next one, especially now that the stories are starting to mesh together. Another great game Rusty Lake team, thank you!

Top-Tier Game. This is the worst game i've never played because i don't have friends.

Too short. Excellent game, but too short for the price. I would expect more than an hour game play for $4.49.

fun. really is a lot of fun i guess the only thing i would want is more chapters besides that had a lot of fun.

Brilliant and I say it again, brilliant. Well done game. Kept us entertained the entire way through and never wanted to put it down. best money spent

Great game. Me and a mate played this game and loved it. Never was a dull moment and kept us wondering what was going to happen. Would recommend.

Success. I am one with the lake now

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Great game. Well worth the 4 dollars. Very fun coop game that last roughly 3 hours. Definitely makes you think critically and required good teamwork.

Fun Coop Game. Played with my husband. Love that the game could be played without internet and independent of each other. Challenging enough to keep us interested. Would recommend entirely

Amazing. This game has wonderful animation and is super fun to play. Takes about 1 hour, totally worth the money. Puzzles are hard to find but once found are easily solvable with lots of communication. Great sound design. Props to the creators. My girlfriend and I had a lot of fun playing.

One of the best games. I’ve played all the episodes of rusty lake games. This was really different and the puzzles were great. Thank you and waiting for the next episode! :)

Too short. I loved the co-op aspect if this game and I hope there will be more like this in the future. It was so good and it left me needing more, I wish it were longer.

Great game!. Finished the first play through with my partner. Was a great and interactive. A lot of mind stimulating puzzles to get us both confused but nothing too hard that we couldn’t solve. Cant wait to try out the other options!

Fun but too short for 4$. It was fun but too short for 4$.

Enjoy with a child. Spent an fun afternoon with my daughter deciphering the puzzles. Thank you…

Ok.. Could be longer. Liked the thrill.

Best $4 ever spent, amazing game. Great puzzles, only thing I would add about the game is more chapters 😂 W game

Best experience. Really nice game

Beeest. Perfect as always, worth every ducking cent

Best game I’ve played worth every peni. Super cool game to play with couples or friends

Une œuvre d’art. Cette expérience bouleversante m’a bouleversé, je me suis épanouis au cour de cette aventure rocambolesque, ce chef-d’œuvre extraordinaire, mérite beaucoup plus de visibilité

SO FUN!. My boyfriend and I played this game as a little date night in, and it was just like a virtual escape room! Totally worth the money, but I wish there were more chapters.

Awesome game. Amazing game. Played it with my girlfriend. Please create more!!

So fun!!!. me and josh both like this game SOOO much! It took us 2.25 hours of problem solving fun! The game made sense once we got the hang of it :) thanks!

Sooo good but. Please make more chapters because me and my brother loved this game until we finished it or make a new game(with more chapters)

Amazing. - puzzle are very good -Really good story -Need constant communication with partner I really recommend it… had alot of fun playing with my girlfriend! ( we almost fight at some point 😂)

Brilliant, lots of fun with a friend!. The effect of the game works great without need for internet connection, we had a lot of fun. Thanks for another great game, I would say this one has puzzles that are definitely beginner friendly as well. Totally recommend, great art and story as always! -A & L

F. Game was fun one part we were stuck with no instructions but otherwise it was supper fun👍👍👍👍

Such a great game!. As an addict to escape rooms, this is an amazing way to play but on your phone. I recommend the whole rusty lake collection!

FANTASTIC. it was a bit confusing on where to go from the beginning but then you get used to it and its awesome! i think it would be better if its connected online and we both sync together so we don't keep on waiting on each other or like accidentally guessing and progressing on our own. but overall it was a great experience and now we are going to switch! i recommend this game! its so cheap too please support

The Past Within couple edition. This game truly is a masterpiece after playing the demo absolutely fell in love with the dynamic and group work that had to be done. I played this with my long-distance boyfriend, and this experience truly made us learn how to bond with each other a lot better. Overall the graphics and the storyline was truly amazing. The developers really put in time and it shows thank you for this experience. I highly recommend this games for couples or even just a duo bond !

A MUST PLAY GAME SERIES. My girlfriend introduced me to the series and I am addicted to the story, the puzzles and everything of the game. One of the best game in iOS and a must play for all mystic game and puzzle games lovers.

Honestly amazing and clever. Fun to do, really well done with the co-op and impressive that there isn’t even a need to sync up devices, as well as an interesting plot that gives you the chills. I hope Rusty Lake makes more co-op games because I seriously loved this. Worth every penny!

Amazing game!!. Absolutely LOVE the gameplay! A must recommend. Steal for $4

Amazing game. Such a fun game, me and my friend really enjoyed this

Best game. Best game I've ever played with my son

Amazing Co-op Game. I never leave reviews but this one was worthy. I really enjoyed playing this with my boyfriend. I’d love to see more games like this come out. Well done! Looking forward to trying it from the other perspective.

Loved it!. Really pushes what a 2 player game can do. No need to be connected online, can even play this on a flight. Really worth the money!

Stressful and fun. The story was fun to fallow. You and your partner must communicat well with each other. It was a short game but definitely we enjoyed it and only took about 1.5 or so hours to complete.

God damn. That game gave me goosebumps

No sound. I love Rusty Lake and have purchased all of the games. Though this one, there is no sound, tried to download this game to my other devices and adjust all settings, still no sound whatsoever…… wrote a message on Rusty Lake webpage a couple of weeks ago, still no reply…… is it just me? Or anyone is having the same issue?

Love it. I told this game over three times and it’s all good I played this game it’s the best

great game but we thought we had more content. my partner and I loved the game, the only disappointing point, there is no difference in game between the butterfly and the bee. we thought we would do 2 different levels but it's the same without difference both times Ma partenaire et moi avons aimé le jeu, le seul point décevant, il n’y avait pas de différence de jeu entre l’abeille et le papillon. Nous pensions faire 2 niveau différent mais il s’agissait du même sans différence

Very Good Experience. Loved the game, it’s so good. Definitely a steal.

Unique and Delightful!. My long-distance partner and I played this and had a great time! It was so nice to get to play something collaborative together from afar. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible, and the story is eerie and original. Highly recommend :) Loved it.

Refreshing!. I love how unique and creative the puzzle is. The idea and slightly eerie aspects are there and it is quite fun and long! Co-op in puzzle games is also an not so often thing to occur with great storyline parts, and this game showcased it perfectly.

♥️. Best game I ever played

Discord doesn’t work for me. I wasn’t aware of the need for two players.

So worth it. The value for a few dollars is honestly so worth it

Awesome. Weird content but awesome game. Hoping for more!

Great game!. Great game, challenging for communication with friend it’s cool. Tho too short, the way they made chapters, going into chapter 2 made me believe there would be more of them. Still would recommend

Great game. I fricking love the games created by these people and this game has got to be the coolest I’ve played in a long time. I was spooked a little bit and ran from my screen but I was brave and finished the game with my partner and we did it! Woohoo

fantastic. kinda short was expecting a twist ending

Amazing game. Way worthy than $4

It was enjoyable, but a little repetitive. I liked this game but once again, I expected a longer game since it was paid when compared to the free versions. Nice tie in with the rusty lake series

Best co op game. Amazing, I jus don’t have the words to describe it!

Fun. Nice design as usual, but a little too easy compared to usual Rusty games. Fun with the co-op twist. Was nice to have a new game at hand, can’t wait for more!

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Fun way to connect!. If you’re a fan of other Rusty Lake games, you’ll love this! It’s a great way to enjoy the gameplay with other people. The story moves quickly and is fun to work through with a friend. Worth the $3 for sure! :)

Can’t open the “Discord” in any browser or app.. Rusty Lake is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE deleopers exsisting. I have completed every one of their titles; until now. After downloading and purchasing ‘The Past Within’, I discover it can ONLY be played co-op, Whitehall is novel and refreshing…..but, whenever I click on the “DISCORD” link, I get a message saying the app required could not be found. Tried it with multiple browsers to no avail. Glad I only paid $2.99 for it.

Fun experience!. This was such a cool and well thought out game. Loved playing with my husband for a little date night. Kind of like a virtual escape game experience. Can’t wait for more like this!!

The past within. The game was AMAZING. The graphics were beautiful and the story was interesting. It was so fun to work together to figure out the puzzles like a true co-op. I hope they come out with more so I can continue to experience this marvelous game with my sister-in-law!

The best escape game ever !!. It is the best game ever !!! I’ve never played any game like this before .. I started to play with cube : seasons game and I started download all the games and I can’t wait to download the other ones !! Thank you so so much whoever created them ..

Great Game!. This was such a fun experience to have shared with my boyfriend! The puzzles were challenging but they weren’t too difficult to the point that we would have quit out of frustration. Can’t wait to play more Rusty Lake games!

More Scenarios. I loved this game but I kinda wished there was more scenarios to choose from and more complicated and complex chapters, me and my friend finished 2 chapters in under 60 minutes and we wished there was more to play.

Amazing!. This was such a fun game, beautiful art & I love the fact you have to play with another person. Highly recommend! Definitely will be purchasing more games from Rusty Lake!

I get a battery instead of the fuse, and my friend got 3 coins…. I played the butterfly mode with my friend. I was playing the future, and she’s playing the past. She got 2 coins by playing chess twice, and 1 in the letter. Meanwhile, I got a battery instead of a fuse. So we stuck there. I suppose we have to start again, since the situation haven’t changed after we both updated the game.

So worth it!. My husband and I played this game and it was so much fun! I wish the game was longer because we could have sat and played it all night! How clever and fun this game and idea is! I hope they develop it more and make different modes and such! Highly recommend!

What an amazing game. At first my girlfriend didn’t wanted to play it with me, but when we started it was a nonstop everynight till we got to the end of it, absolute master piece, gonna give it a try in the bee mode now. 10/10 👍🏻

This game is AWESOME. we did this for an at home date night, but I wish we had known about it while we were in a long distance relationship because it would have been our best LDR date EVERRRR we had so much fun!!!!

Very Interesting. My boyfriend and I both played this game together and worked as a team and it gave us a bond to have fun and play a game together! This was by the best thing invented! Would love to play more types of these games!

nice co-op game. if there’s 10 for the rank of difficulty, this game is the 6 or 6.5. Not too difficult to solve it, the most difficult thing is tryna have a good cooperation between two ppl. we have to discuss the detail of hints for each others. This game is worth 100% your time and your money lol

Very well made!. the puzzles took a little time at first, but i enjoyed how creepy the game felt as we’d progressed through it. i have only played the butterfly mode, but it made for a wonderful experience and will most definitely play again!

Excellent game but super short. I gave this five stars because it’s pretty awesome, easy enough to play with my kiddo but takes good communication. My only complaint is it’s way too short! For the price though ($3) it was awesome :) need way more chapters or maybe a prequel!!!

Amazing Experience!. What a game! Loved everything about it. The music, story, puzzles and the challenge. The ability to play this coop added another challenge to the game and was really fun to figure out with my girlfriend. Thank you for the experience!

this game was fantastic!!!. me and my girlfriend bought this game cause she saw it on tiktok;; it was such a nice way to spend our Saturday evening. Definitely recommend and I hope this gaming company makes more games in the future.🤙🏻

Great game to play with friend!!!!!. I’ve always been a huge fan of rustic lake and this is definitely one of their best work! Me and my friend don’t live in the same country now and it was so nice to play this game together and have some good time👍 highly recommended!!!!!!

Amazing game. This game has surpass my expectations. However, I wish it was more than just 2 chapters. The game challenges both players and maje them work as a team. I hope the developers add more chapters to it.

My favorite game series never disappoints. Rusty Lake games quickly became my favorite series when I found them when searching for good escape type game. This entry has very refreshing new gameplay while honoring the games and storyline I love.

DAYUMMMMMM. I love this so much. I think that it was too easy and short. The co op and 3d 2d experience was great. The way that both players got to experience 2d and 3d makes me really happy. I like the way that the puzzles work and GAH DAM albert is so fine. Thank you for giving us this beautiful masterpiece Rusty Lake devs 🙏

Please make a part 2!!. Me and my roommate loved this, it was a lot of fun. Such good coordination with the player 1 and 2 and not even being connected online with one another on the game. Great work, please make a second!

Incredible. 10/10 would recommend. Played this with my wife on speaker phone while I was across the country. Was fun and challenging. Absolutely worth it.

So much fun!. My girlfriend and I played together and had a blast! It can get challenging at times, but it’s well worth it. I highly recommend this game. I also love the art style and overall vibe. Well worth the 3 bucks.

Co-op madness!!. My girlfriend and i got recommended this game through a friend and mentioned the “no connection” needed, my intreat only grew with this information. The concept behind this game is pretty deep and i am very impressed with how immersive it is. Communication is definitely key with this one!!

Amazing as always. I’m a big fan of the cube escape series, and I love the idea of co-op for this game!!! Had a lot of fun playing with my friend. I’m excited to see the next project they have. I’m sad to see other reviewers complaining about the co-op aspect. If you don’t like that, then you can just not download the game…

Rusty Lake did it again!. They made an excellent two-player game with signature Rusty Lake qualities: complex plot and on-point continuity for long-time fans, but also enough novelty and originality to interest anyone who wants to play it as a stand-alone (although I’d highly recommend all of the series)!

Fun mysterious adventure. This game was such a joy to play with my 10 year old son. We both felt challenged and excited as the story unfolded. I especially love the cooperative emphasis and the story telling. We look forward to playing more games from Rusty Lake!

Absolutely incredible!. Hands down the best co-op puzzle game I’ve ever played. Great little story line and super clever mechanics. Got to play both sides through and they are equally as exciting even if you know what’s happening from the other perspective. Loved every second of this!

One of the best games !. This game is one of the best games to play either with your significant one or a friend it def interesting and just the art and the meaning is such a crazy experience you should definitely buy this game ! It’s worth it !!!! You’ll love it !!!

Great game. Played this with my husband and it was really fun. Tho we did have a few miscommunications lol but it was worth it and gonna try and find others like this.

Obsessed. I love that all the games are connected. Started out with the free ones and ended up pretty much saying,”take my money” I hope you all will continue to release more games.

Rusty Lake is the best!!!. As a longtime fan of Rusty Lake games and lore, I was eager to play this as soon as it came out - and was not disappointed! The graphics, music, and story were all on par with previous installments, and the co-op element added a fun new twist. Recommend to anyone who’s a fan of puzzles or escape rooms.

AMAZING GAME. I never leaver leave reviews because i don’t care enough to but this game deserves one! This kept me occupied for a good three hours and i get bored easily. I would definitely say this is worth the $3 and the time. Get this game!

Rusty Lake Did it Again!. I LOVE Rusty Lakes games. I can’t believe they’ve done it again! And honestly, this is my favorite game so far. The co-op format is so cool. My husband and I had so much fun playing together. Can’t wait to see what is next!

Fun and new game experience!!!. Me and my sister just tried this game and it was fun i think the 2.99 was worth it honestly we tried the lite version first then bought this i hope they come out with more games like this!

AMAZING. I am absolutely in love with this game it’s so creative and beautiful and weird in ways.. definitely recommend this help me and my best friend use team work in love! Just wish there was more!

GREAT game!. Husband and I played this for our date night, and I love that it was good for our communication skills and team work. Also, huge bonus is being able to play in reverse roles or another scenario. Great job on this one, we had a great time and I'm so glad I saw this on TikTok!

Amazing experience. This was absolutely amazing me and my brother played the lite version first and we decided we needed to keep playing 10/10 would recommend to any and everyone my only wish is that there is another game like it

Date away from life. Did this game with my gf during our work breaks and at night to cool down and we loved it. We laughed and we’re confused and got upset but pushed through and it was definitely worth the $3

Great game. One of the best puzzle co op game I ever played and I enjoyed every last bit of it thanks to everyone who worked on it and I hope there be more chapters to play in the future Much love and respect Thank you and have a great day / year to whom read this review 💙

Perfect for long distance. This game is amazing. I love all rusty lake games so when this came out I HAD to play it. My bf and I are long distance rn and we played this in about an hour. You really have to communicate with your partner and it’s a cool story that’s just creepy enough. Highly recommend

Such a fun play!. The Rusty Lake team have really taken it to the next level on this one. The collaborative play worked great for us sitting across a table from each other both on iPads.

Cool game!. This game was truly something different. I played it with my significant other and although it became frustrating at times, we both enjoyed it very much. Impressed!

Another incredible Rusty Lake experience. This is the best co-op experience I’ve had with my wife in gaming. I cannot recommend this enough. The puzzles are great, the atmosphere is unsettling, and the past is not dead. It’s not even the past.

Very intuitive game. This game had me and my friend occupied for hours. The art style is wonderful and gives off A very good vibe. Must play, the price tag might make people a bit hesitant but I can assure you it is worth it.

Had so much fun. I was reluctant to buy a game on the App Store but this game is very much worth it. I sincerely enjoyed solving the puzzles and it gave me a excusable opportunity to yell at my friend. Take it from someone who’s broke and barely spends money buy the game and play it on a weekend when you have nothing else to do. 🙂

My only disappointment came when I beat the game.. This game is so fun. A great way to spend an hour or so (even longer if you explore both roles and modes) with a friend. Easily worth the $2.99. Strongly recommend.

oh my god 😱⭐️! masterpiece.. oh my god. like my title said, it is a MASTERPIECE. The detail, the thought, the design and emotion is the best. The co-op idea is so fun! Me and my mom were doing it together and had the best time. I would really hope soon you guys would make more co-op games because I will 1000% be playing them. Great job 👏

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The Past Within 1.20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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The Past Within 1.20 Games Screenshots & Images

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.20
Play Store com.RustyLake.ThePastWithin
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

The Past Within (Versiyon 1.20) Install & Download

The application The Past Within was published in the category Games on 02 November 2022, Wednesday and was developed by Rusty Lake [Developer ID: 979777164]. This program file size is 374.15 MB. This app has been rated by 5,453 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. The Past Within - Games app posted on 04 July 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.20 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.RustyLake.ThePastWithin. Languages supported by the app:

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The Past Within Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for playing The Past Within, we fixed some bugs in this new version!

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