Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc. [Games] App Description & Overview

Can you stop the Insurgency? From the creator of Plague Inc. comes a unique and deeply engaging political/military strategic simulation.

The war is ‘over’ - but we all know that doesn’t mean anything. To stabilise the country, you need to balance military and civilian priorities to win the hearts and minds of the people, whilst also stopping insurgents from seizing power!

Rebel Inc. is the brand new game from the creator of ‘Plague Inc.’ - one of the most popular paid games ever with over 130 million players. Brilliantly executed with beautiful graphics and critically acclaimed gameplay - Rebel Inc. offers a deeply engaging, strategic challenge inspired by the complexities and consequences of modern counter insurgency.

◈◈◈ #1 top paid game globally ◈◈◈

▶ “Rebel Inc. lets everyone wrestle with the messy challenges of post-conflict recovery and better understand the complex realities of building peace.” - World Bank Global Lead for Stability, Peace and Security
▶ "Highly rewarding spiritual sequel to one of the App Store's biggest hits." - Pocket Tactics
▶ "Surprisingly sophisticated... even better than some of the stabilization training software I have seen in government use" - PAXsims
▶ "Rebel Inc. is fascinating and fun" -
▶ "Another great game and a worthy successor to Plague Inc" - App Store review
▶ "If you love strategy games then this is the game for you" - App Store review
▶ "Brilliant game, the gameplay is interesting and the strategy is intuitive!" - App Store review
▶ "Unlike anything I’ve played on here before" - App Store review


● Stabilise 7 richly modeled regions
● Innovative representation of counter insurgency tactics
● Fund realistic initiatives to empower the local government
● Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world based on extensive research
● Intelligent strategic and tactical AI
● Sophisticated narrative algorithms shaped by your decisions
● 8 unique governors with radically different abilities
● Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system
● Full Save/Load functionality
● Internet connectivity not required

An important note:
Although a fictional game, Rebel Inc. looks at important real world issues and we have made every effort to deal with them sensitively. The game has been extensively researched and has been developed in cooperation with leading regional politicians, business people and journalists as well as international charities, experts and governments.

Rebel Inc. is now fully localised in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Russian.

Special sale price to celebrate the launch of the game!


I’ve got lots of plans for updates! Get in touch and let me know what you want to see.
James (the designer)

Contact me here:

Follow me on Twitter:

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Rebel Inc. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Rebel Inc. Update 4 - The Azure Dam expansion New map: Azure Dam - Rebuild a vast dam to prevent catastrophic floods and ensure stability in this arid region. Protect vulnerable supply convoys en route to the dam site, but beware - Insurgents forces will launch aggressive raids to destroy them! New Governor: Development Director - This skilled micromanager deploys civilian experts to prioritise zones for development and rapidly stabilise key parts of the region. High performance. Delivered... All new civilian ‘concerns’ mechanic - Wondering how to best win hearts and minds? Now you can gather intel on zones to discover if civilians need specific initiatives. Strategise and stabilise on a whole new level! Numerous balance tweaks, fixes and improvements including further AI enhancements. As for the future, we’ve got a whole bunch more ideas for new maps, governors and more still to come. Let us know what you would most like to see! James 1.4.1 - New content automatically unlocks if previously bought 1.4.2 - Fixed region zoom issue 1.4.3 - Tweaks to game balance on lower difficulties 1.4.5 - Fixed Warlord unlock bug, fixed Insurgent fleeing bug, improved Garrison placement AI 1.4.6 - Added Turkish language support 1.4.7 - Added Pashto and Dari language support

Rebel Inc. Comments & Reviews

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- Confusing at first but fun

Really enjoyable once you get over the learning curve

- Very good but could be better

Needs: •More opportunities for economic building of indícela sites •larger country wide or nation wide •More than one insurgent or groups of insurgents or factions but I think so far I’m enjoying the game a lot.

- Rebel inc

Huge fan of the developer. Only downside is having to buy the game

- Amazing game

I’ve always loved strategy games and this one is perfect! It keeps you engaged and thinking while still being simple! It’s a great way to spend time!

- Noice


- Good but not great

Game is fun to play but even in casual mode it is still difficult to win. If the developer can tone it down a little bit to help beginners enjoy more it would be a 5 star game.

- Best pick up and go game

Awesome game to just pick up at any time. Good partner to Plague inc. I know it’s in its infancy but awesome all around game. Worth the money. I wish they would add more options and features for free and not have to buy them

- Big ol slapped

This johns right her is off the top rope. 😎😎

- Great game

Great game

- Awesome!

Great! Worth the money

- Pleasantly Challenging

Solid animations, and very nice mechanics. Took me a few times to win on Casual 🙄

- Love the surprises!

Always something to keep you on your toes! Love playing it!

- Slaps


- Silly

So silly , even on Normal game is difficult. Can trap insurgents in a corner and magically they escape even when bombing runs are active and fully intel on map.

- Really enjoying it.

Been a fan for a long time. This game is casual or hardcore if that’s what you like. Smooth controls and gameplay. It’s easy to understand and get involved with. Sucked up almost two hours of my life right after I bought it. It’s well worth it. Give it a try

- Love it. Just getting started.

So far I am still learning how all of the pieces work. Loved Plague.

- Good, But I feel it’s missing something

Can’t put my finger on it, maybe like one more variable in the game

- Fun game, lots of choices to make

Fun game, lots of choices to


This is game is hands down a must have for every mobile CARRIER. That’s right, not just gamers, anyone who has a phone. The tutorials are easy, the game is incredibly engaging, and most importantly; you get what you paid for! I am so happy I bought this game, recommend to others; pshhh! I’m demanding they get this game!

- *Edit*

Spent some good money on this. Really worked at different techniques. Honestly, and I’ve played a fair bit of games on hard to impossible levels, this game is too hard. Not nearly enough boosts to help you, watch for yourself as you try 10 different methods to keep your reputation up. All will fail. Don’t take my word for it. Buy this game and be disappointed. Sincerely believe the initial play you have is heavily weighted to make it easy. This game stops being fun immediately. Seeking a refund.

- Review

So far I Love it it would be nice to see a little better updates to what is doable and how what you do affects the regions and the military but hey be proud of what you’ve made it’s very enjoyable!! Ik I couldn’t do this 😂

- Great strategy game!

Been playing it for about two weeks and can’t stop. Highly addictive and can’t wait to see what other updates come out

- Fantastic game

This is a great game to play if you are in strategy games, has great quality and great gameplay, and more I do have a suggestion to make add mega brutal difficulty to mobile. Also, need to add more special bundles. But either way this is a great game.

- Interesting and fun

It will keep your attention and make you think

- Fun

Cool game and educational! Understand the workings of nation building .

- Very fun but it can be difficult to get to the hang of

I enjoyed this game so much but the first couple of games were frustrating to say the least

- Pretty awesome game

Awesome game to pass the time!

- Both games 5 stars

These 2 game might not seem the most graphics enhanced games but for people that like challenges and basically puzzles these two gams plague in and rebel inc Ive had plague inc for years now and its always a game that gets talked about but I recently downloaded this one and its amazing everything that you thought was good in the other game just gets wiped and you realize how two games that are basically completely different and have different plots to the are so similar in mechanics props to the developers from a 17 yr old collage student

- Great game!

It’s a lot like Plague Inc but with more working factors.

- Love the game,but noticed a small issue

I love Rebel Inc, but I noticed a small issue, the initiatives tab button would disappear at random so I’m unable to buy initiatives. Other than that I think the game is amazing.

- Liked playing it

Really fascinating. Similar model as the first game, but enjoyable to play and helps you think about the actions governments take that they think are good.

- Fun

Enjoyed playing the game.

- Fun and easy to learn but still complex

I am a huge fan of Plague Inc and this game, Rebels Inc, is also a ton of fun. I appreciate the simplicity of it and the complexity at the same time

- Great game!

Really amazing game! The only reason it’s not 5/5 is because the tutorial doesn’t explain enough stuff in my opinion. Which might make it hard for new players like myself to try harder modes. Otherwise really great game!

- Great game!

Worth the 2 bux!

- Great

Awesome game and has good simulations

- Great game.

Worth every penny😂

- Great Game (worth the cost of admission)

I LOVE this game but I’m sooo bad at it

- Great game

Lots of fun

- Awesome

Heat game

- Amazing game

I downloaded the game thinking it would be a slightly different version of Plague Inc., but I was very wrong. This game is it’s own amazing thing and I cannot stop playing it.

- Amazing!

This game is the best thing to go for if you want a realistic political/military simulation! It really helps me pass the time during quarantine!

- TitanTheStrong

Great game!

- Addictive!

Can’t wait for more!

- Great game but updates pay to play

Really disappointing when you buy an app and then after finishing it receive multiple updates that are all pay to play maps. Doesn’t add anything to the game for other player that already bought the app

- Bon jeu

Bon jeu de stratégie et de gestion Peu être il manque un peu de difficulté mais bon dans l’ensemble

- Cool Game

Ha wasn’t at all surprised that this game was great. Well done.

- Love This AND Plague Inc!

This is such an amazing game! I had an amazing time with this! I look forward to loving this and playing it for years as I’m playing Plague Inc since it came out! Can we maybe get a Gang Land style game in this style? Mafioso like or Biker club like?

- Rebel inc.

I loved playing it. It’s something new I haven’t played yet.

- Cool concept, excellent execution.

The game has a very interesting concept similar to but at the same time very different to Plague Inc. just like that game this is executed almost flawlessly. Fun game great way to pass the time.

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- Worth!


- Excellent and refreshing

I have been playing Ndemic’s other game Plague for several years now, and have loved the it. This game is a nice refreshing take on the same idea. It’s faster paced, and requires more attention.

- Great game


- Pretty fun game

Don’t be scared off by the challenge. Winning feels rewarding. :)

- Great game, if a tad too similar to Plague Inc.

I love the way things are structured, but it's hard to escape the fact that this game and its predecessor are fairly similar, mechanically speaking.

- Super fun

It’s incredibly fun if you liked Plague Inc. it is much harder, but worth the time

- Game

It's amazing plus add in Tanks in the game an make colation soldiers stay a little long like 3 year when buying an can you put this game on PC

- It’s ok

It’s ok but can you nerf the bad guys (I forgot the name) because they just run away all the time and they take too much zones and plus the national soldiers take too long and the other one just a waste because they leave too early

- Much excellence

Very well done, very worth the price tag, keep it up

- Addictive gameplay!

This game is worth the money. I can spend hours playing!

- Rebel Inc.

Fun game to play! Cool concepts.

- Rebel Inc. User

Great strategy game and very exciting! Loving it!

- good game

It is very good game

- Very fun, very strategic

The game takes a few a tries to grasp, but the overall game is very fun. Love the military aspect of it! Two suggestions 1. A war mode with the military aspect more prioritized. 2. An insurgents mode where you play as insurgent.

- New upgrades

Be nice if you added vehicles, tanks etc. As military upgrades

- It’s addicting and awesome

Get the same addiction fix plague gives you without the murder of billions!

- deep and thoughtful game design

It’s fun and rewarding if you are able to beat a level. It is definitely challenging.

- Awesome game!

This has been the game I’ve been waiting for. It really well combines complexity with simplicity, and makes it worth while! My only complain is that “dlc’s” can be bought for more levels of complexity. I’d rather pay the price for the full game once instead of buying multiple packs to get the full experience. That being said, still awesome! I’d recommend to everyone who likes game like chess

- Good game

Good job!

- Awesome

Epic game! I highly recommend 👍👍👍

- Great game to kill time and strategize

One of the best games I’ve played on a phone in years (since plague)

- It’s a good game

Our first I didn’t like it because I didn’t understand it but once I started to get use to it was the best game ever like they did everything right

- Different

So far it’s challenging but really fun!

- Wow. Just wow.

Plague inc was a fairly simple, fun, straightforward game with a fair amount of depth and replayability. This game has absolutely blown my mind. Simple on the surface, but incredibly deep to a level that challenges even hardcore PC RTS series - you’ve got a reasonable level of tactical decision-making but the support and insurgency mechanics are so well-developed as to present an absolute dilemma where you have to balance winning hearts and minds with inflicting tactical defeats on insurgents in the field. One thing I particularly love about this game is how downright unbiased it is - even though your goal is to defeat the insurgency, the insurgents are not necessarily painted as outright antagonists as much as just another party in a complex dilemma that needs to be solved - they don’t just exist to exterminate and kill, victory as a matter of fact will often hinge not in killing all the insurgents so much as containing them long enough to reach a compromise with them. Absolutely fantastic, totally blew my mind and my expectations out of the water.

- Fun


- Highly Recommend

Really cool game! Not much like it. Really fun.

- Excellent Game!

This is the best game I ever played on 2020

- My thoughts

Only down side , not able to train military right off the bat to have them ready if needed.

- If you loved plague inc you’ll love this

Stellar game with some great mechanics, well done

- Rebel

Awesome game!! Nice to have a game to play for the joy of playing and not paying to win!

- Very interesting gameplay!

Just finished my first play-through, already hooked

- Awesome game

Highly recommended.

- Great Game

This is a great game and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes strategy games! It is difficult and rewarding when you pass the level. One tip I have is to focus on your stability.

- Like Plague Inc. with Politics

Great game, well designed and feels like you are a real head if state making difficult but important decisions as you fight off insurgents and secure a better land for your people. Some of the biases in what policies arbitrarily give benefits and disadvantages shows a bit of a debatable partisanship in games design. (Ie. encouraging international involvement in government affairs gives only benefits, whereas restoring national autonomy once region is under control is seen as unpopular and decreases reputation... etc.) Nevertheless, very enjoyable and well thought out game with a tonne of potential. Highly recommend!

- Ok

It’s fun

- Surprisingly fun

Bit more complex than plague inc with more things to keep track of.

- good game

i like rebel inc it has a lot of interesting stuff there is no “end” of the game and lots to do! That was an automated message but it’s true so I’m leaving it

- Multiplayer plz?

Can we please have multiplayer, since I have many friends that can play with me.

- Fun

I’ve played far worse games.

- Great Game

I loved Pandemic, and I love this game too

- A great idea with promise for better

Amazing game idea. Needs some more work in making the UI easier for a better gaming experience. Has a small learning curve. Overall would rate it between 4 and 5.

- Awesome game


- Kinda dope

I thought it was pretty fun but it can be difficult at times other than that an amazing game

- Great

It’s great

- Fun game

It’s a fun game to play when you are bored and has great potential to be at the top of paid games.

- Great game

The game is amazing and has good strategy five stars

- Hungry for more

Very strategic coin game. I thought brutal was impossible to beat without cheats until I mastered a more strategic approach. Keep it coming. Most negative review are from people who haven’t spent time to understand how the game works.

- Fun Game!!!

So far so good!

- I like this

Very fun and engaging

- Fun.

You can play and not spend money. Well done¡

- Multiplayer

Love this game surly make multiplayer with your friends. I would so love to be stuck at home trying to beat my friend in this!!!

- Fun Game

Haven’t cracked it a lot, but seems like a good strategy game

- Great game

Great detail. Problem solving. Worth the money. Do your self a favour, download today.

- Great new game

Easy to learn and difficult to master. An excellent & addictive addition to Plague inc.

- Rival for Civ IV

This game is a fantastic turns based game! Juggling so many elements at a time makes the game entertaining and enthralling. However, the controls are so simple and really intuitive. I actually forgot about coronavirus for a moment while playing. I’m hooked!

- My thoughts on the game

First thing I noticed is that there were many similar features to Plauge Inc, the developers other game, which I much enjoyed considers the ease of understanding the controls of Plauge Inc. The newer features such as the Insurgent control and Reputation are interesting and not too hard to understand once you’ve gotten through the tutorial or read the manual. Overall I really enjoyed my first few games and will continue to play in the future. Brilliant job

- Very fun

Easy to learn and play

- Interesting

A great way to lose track of time, has a way of drawing you in

- Plague Inc Doubled

I LOVED Plague Inc. I’ve played the hell out of it. Imagine a much more complicated Plague. A lot more dynamic. You have it Give the man your $. Well worth it.

- Good fun

Keeps you on your toes. Really fun strategic game

- Great iOS Strategy Game

This is what iOS strategy games should be like! No “energy’s” or other pay to win systems. Plus all the extra content can be unlocked by beating the game which is super satisfying!

- Skskdnekd


- Pretty decent so far. We will see if it has longevity


- Wow

I had plague inc loved it this is just as good if not better

- Great game

Very interesting I think it was made by one person as we’ll so overall the strategic plays is really cool I really love when I the opposition has one remaining army and you sorting them will all forces.

- Great game!

Loved the game. Easy to start and addictive!

- Pretty solid but...

Hi there, just recently purchased this game as I have enjoyed This new game is pretty fun but it’s also extremely difficult. I have played numerous times on ‘normal difficulty’ but this seems like brutal difficulty or even harder. My advice is to make the games a bit easier and more enjoyable rather than tiresome and stressful. The main thing which is making it hard is the insurgents’ very fast movements and the severely leaking reputation meter. Please if this is fixed it would without a doubt improve sales of this otherwise amazing game. I love this instalment but it is just way too difficult at times. Thanks.

- Rebel Inc.

Great game, when I first picked it up I was hooked immediately and now I can’t put it back down. Basically a well designed political version of Plague inc. . 10/10, Would recommend.

- Great Game: I Recommend

This game is really great to play offline when you don’t know what to do, really fun and worth the price!

- If you like Plague Inc you’ll like this

Similar gameplay loop scratches the Plague Inc loop. More depth to this game.

- Great game!

Very challenging in a good way with great game design, extremely addictive. I 100% recommend this game to everyone.

- Heyyy that’s pretty gooood

It’s great. It’s got a complexity that isn’t too difficult but presents a good challenge

- Good game

I really enjoyed the game and the fact that I can now enact all my region stabilising dreams!

- Very addictive!

I love it. Very clever how it operates. A great challenge.

- Great Game!!!

Fun and challenging

- Better than plague inc!

Was a longtime fan of plague inc, so this one just amazed me :)

- I love this game but it is frustratingly difficult

I loved plague inc. so I gave this one a go. I can so much thought and effort has gone in to the game mechanic and how you are meant to play. I cannot for the life of me get past the second stage on normal. I am not new to gaming nor do I give up easily. But even after spending $4 on a couple extra advisors, I can’t win. I have read tips and advice to win on many different sites and I am sure I understand it now. Don’t just chase insurgents, build up your support so the locals help stop the insurgents in their tracks. But be buggered if I can do it. Just when I think I’m am making making ground, I need to send troops home or lose rep. It’s a lose lose in the middle of the fight. Next thing I know is more insurgents just pop up anywhere. I realise this is a take on real life, but it is still a game and meant to at least give the player enjoyment, not high blood pressure. I am most likely missing some key gameplay ingredient that would make it possible for me to go past the second stage, but after trying for days now, I may have to just cut my losses with my $4 and delete the game and go back to Plague Inc. I will try a few more times I reckon as I don’t want to be beaten, but I barely get more than 50mins a day to play a game due to hectic lifestyle, I don’t want to waste it on a game that frustrates me much longer. I will definitely revisit the game from time to time and hopefully I can come back and change this to 5 stars.

- Interesting and challenging

A good solid game much like Plague Inc. Challenging game with many dimensions. Very frustrating trying to pin down the rebels!

- Great game new fav

New favourite

- Love it

Just like the plague easy to play and understand

- Great game

Played for hours on end and it’s nice and easy to learn

- Great game!

Love this. It is hard at first but pretty quickly you'll get the hang of it. Also some things to add. •No ads •Literally no bugs •Made by the same people who made Plague Inc. so if you like that game get this! 😀

- Fantastic military strategy game!

Tip: deploy military around insurgents

- Nice, simple and educational

Honestly consider it a better game than Plague Inc

- God is real bro

Very God is real and good hagme god lbless you

- Review

Really fun great game once you learn how to play

- Must download

This game is the funniest strategy game I’ve every play . The game is realistic like WW3

- Great game with great graphics

Really enjoyed this game!

- Similar to plague

Very similar but enough at beginning to make a difference.

- So much potential

This game is epic and you will be hooked. You can’t look away for a second because something will require your attention.... miss it and it’s a domino effect of chaos.. My one major criticism is the training times for the national armies, what a crock, it completely hamstrings the game and this entire side of the game needs to be looked at. Apart from that component, a thoroughly enjoyable game.

- Great Game

I played Plague Inc. back when it was a flash game and all the way through it’s days on iOS. Rebel Inc. is similar enough that I could pick it up immediately but different enough that it was fresh and exciting. Very well done.

- Solid game

Just downloaded and having heaps of fun

- good


- Great execution

Interesting concept and fun game for strategists! Would definitely recommend for people 13+


I love this game, it is so entertaining and fun! No complaints

- Great game

Really fun and exciting game

- Impressive

Very strategical game that feels rewarding to play.

- Great game

I think u should add bigger maps. It would be so fun to have longer games. Thanks for making such a great game

- Doesn’t Disappoint!

Played one game and found it to be a great follow up game from Plague. I’m very hopeful that this game will grow more much like Plague did and feel like there with be some awesome content to play around with.

- Very difficult but very rewarding

Overall, awesome game.

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- Brutal is a waste of time

Game engine makes no sense on Brutal. Extremely random things happen and the game is more about luck than anything.

- Fun

Read title

- Better than Pandemic

This is like Pandemic but Military, phenomenal game would recommend 10/10 It would be cool if there were more options to invest in and perhaps different ways to win!

- New to This...

But I’m HOOKED. This game takes multiple, real-world considerations into establishing and then providing a stabile environment for people, wherein the dynamic, if properly handled, goes from conflict, to contention, to mistrust, to grudging cooperation, to ultimately, peaceable existence. The key is to minimize the foreign footprint and engage well-meaning indigenous people, thereby stripping insurgents of their potential power base. Of course this means defeating the insurgents militarily at first, but never missing a chance to provide material improvements in the quality of life for the locals, afterwards. And as much as we hate it, never forgetting the political aspects of population management, which is really what this game (and government in the actual world) is all about. Whether it’s the military, economic development, access to schools and healthcare, legal protections, etc- they’re all equally valuable and necessary components of a healthy society. This game drives home all those points, in a way in which I wish more world leaders actually understood and put into practice. Solid game design, sir!


it’s not often I review a game but this has been captivating. Can be difficult but in a great way

- Clevis

Good game.

- Excellent game!

I have been a big fan of Plague Inc. and I think I love this just as much, if not more! Some of the mechanics are similar, but at the same time it feels like a completely different experience. The only thing I’d say is add more content in the future. Still, hats off to the devs!

- Great Game!

I’m just getting into this game but so far so good honestly, I tend to skip over writing reviews but this is a very good game with good scenarios. I could play this game for hours an hours tbh. But I’m literally at work right now and this has made my day go by quickly after just sitting here for about 6 hours. So keep up the great work!

- Oooo

Ok that was more fun than I thought it was going to be lol

- Love it

Great game

- Super Fun!

If you like Plague Inc. you’ll love this. Similar concept, but with real world scenarios (ish) involving military and civilian expansion to maintain a region. Very cool.

- Awesome

Great game, similar to plague inc. but more complex!

- Good Game

Great Game!!! Really engaging!

- Game is awesome!

Super challenging but very entertaining game!

- Cool idea

Cool spin on plague.

- Pretty darn fun

Yeah, it’s fun. So fun in fact that I don’t ever write reviews but with this game? Oh I had to.

- It’s fun... but

It’s incredibly fun but also has incredibly challenging moments if you don’t do the tutorial. Between fighting rebels and trying to keep corruption down and trying not to destroy your own reputation it’s definitely an in depth strategy game.

- Great game

This is an excellent strategy game and I love to playing it. This game could be comparable to plague inc. the concept is realistic and I like that alot

- Awesome Game

I love it

- First game

I love the game it is challenging but lots of fun and a good way to kill time.

- Very Good Game

I enjoy the concept and the different aspects of the game

- Fun and addicting

Great game and fun.

- Great and amazing

It’s was good and it took me a few tries to beat it for the first time. It is a little hard but I wish I was able to start a revolution not deal with the post war of one. But overall really great 10/10 would recommend for strategic people!

- Very fun game.

Very strategic and I love it. Great game!

- Interesting game

I started playing this game a couple of weeks ago, so far it has been great. I like the way you have to win. I haven’t had any problems so far. All I wish is if you would make a new special map. And I had a good idea, you should make it to where you have a disease that you have to worry about while still trying to have control of the map.

- My favorite game.

Title. Love this game .

- You’re welcome James!

Cool Game!

- Very fun, just got it, recommend to download, worth the money

I just got the game, and on the first mission I had a lot of fun, I established peace and almost close to losing, it’s a very strategic game, I recommend to anyone who thinks of downloading it, worth the money.

- Love it.

We all just want to be a terrorist with some good marketing. Great game

- Lots of fun

Well thought out. If. You like plague inc. you'll like this.

- Good Game

The game is complex enough to not be boring and simple enough to start playing quickly. Very enjoyable!

- Great Game

Great game! Very interactive.

- They did it again

Spectacular game, very entertaining.

- This is a good game

This game can be frustrating, but at the same time... it’s super fun. When the insurgents show up, it just brings a whole new dimension to your operation

- Coolio

Just awesome

- Fun

This is a good spin on how things might work In The real world.

- Great game

Everything they offer is awesome!

- Great game

Makes the quarantine of the virus a lot more bearable

- Excellent game!!!

Couldn’t have gotten a better game it’s absolutely fantastic!!!

- Great game!

I love this game, it’s always fun to crush the weak commies in every way

- Genius

Really enjoyed this game! Makes you think of how to work through some of these situations. Keep up the great work!

- Hard

Good game very hard

- Loving it

I still play and enjoy Plague Inc and then I found this game. This game had my interest with the main idea. Then all of the features and choices you make made me realize I really like this game.

- Great Game

Been looking for a game like this my whole life.

- Clever and Engaging

This game follows the familiar game mechanics of plague INC. but adds extra depth and cause and effects that seem more complex than plague INC. I love this engaging game.

- Great game

Great game

- Great game! But not like plague inc

This game isn’t really similar to plague inc but that’s not a bad thing. This game is very challenging and confusing at first but it’s very fun

- Counterinsurgency simulator


- Omg great game

This game is a great step for strategy games. It is very difficult at first but learning the steps takes time the third level is the first real step. Takes time but I was able to beat it. 10/10 would play again

- Rebel Inc.

Fun game! Hard to figure out at first. But enjoyable. Interesting take on the Plague Inc game and much more interactive.

- Great

It’s like plague inc but better, if that’s even possible

- Good

This is a good game

- Fun strategy game

Fun strategy game, lots of things to consider and pretty well balanced

- Like it!

Like plague inc but less depressing:)

- A true game

A really fun game that maximizes the capabilities of the iPhone. This game is both really fun and challenging, without a large pricetag.

- Fun


- Simplicity

Been a gamer for decades now. The more i seek simple but well made games. This is one of those. Bang for your bucks 👍🏻👍🏻

- Great game 👍👍👍

This is a perfect game to play if you have a small amount of time

- I like the game

It is fun to play

- Very Involving !

I was and still am a huge fan of Plague Inc, so this game is a natural fit for me ! It is far more involving and deep than I expected and has a bit of a learning curve for what to expect and how to properly manage everything going on, but after a couple games, it gets REALLY good! Tonnes of challenge and I look forward to getting deeper into this strategy game !

- Great game but few tweaks

The game is very enjoyable but the second level is ridiculously difficult and you need more ways to boost your reputation

- Good strategy game - do not judge based on graphics

Very good game similar to Plague inc. The graphics could be better, but that is not the point of the game. It is a good mix of a development sim and military strategy sim with a quick pace. It’s a smart game that makes you think. Good job James!

- Amazing

I love the many different decisions you have to make and the reputation and the peace just makes it and enjoyable game 5 stars

- Good but impossible.

The game came quickly impossible and you need to buy option to go further. Don’t buy.

- Absolutely great

Just love this new game topic! Keep on!

- Fun game but needs help

After playing the game for a week, the banker mission seems to be impossible for some reason, aswell the insurgents are way to hard to control with no money and with soldiers that take for ever to train up, the civilians seem to never happy even when I do what they want, game needs some tweaking for sure but I can see it potential

- It’s really good

It’s really good

- Too hard and too expensive

Will rate 5 stars only if cheats become available from the start for FREE

- Entertaining

It is a game well made. Very entertaining.


WOW! This is plague inc. On steroids!!! So many factors considered in developing this game. I love it!

- Awesome!!

Very exciting gameplay! Money well spent. Looking forward to someday increasing the difficulty level 🤞🏾🤞🏾

- Cool

Invested lots of time into Rebel Inc., and I enjoy how you’re able to unlock the extras through gameplay, and they’re not only locked behind paywalls. Very well worth the 1.99$ price tag.

- Great concept

Fun game with an interesting concept

- Great Game!

Pretty impressed. Easy on Easy; brutal on Brutal!

- Rebel Inc

Wow. Very difficult but so satisfying when you win. Much more complex that plague inc. worth the 3$ for sure. Excellent job. Keep up the amazing developing

- Slow build

Like Plague, this game takes some time to get into the groove of. It’s worth the playthrough though. It’s challenging, varied and requires a lot of strategy. Great gameplay for your money.

- Love it

Fun game

- Great game to follow plague inc

I liked taking over as rebels and oppressing civilians as the insurgency

- Hard but fun

I have plague inc and I love that and I also love this is you liked plague inc you’ll like this but it can be pretty hard definitely harder than plague inc definitely a strategy game for a reason 10/10

- Good


- More engaging than Plague

Love how you can control everything military wise.

- Very fun

It’s very fun to play this game I found it really entertaining

- Bagel rat

Bagel rat

- Impossible without In-Game purchases

Can’t beat brutal with out paying for cheats.

- Very fun

Love this game even better than its predecessors!

- Fantastic game

Really entertaining and fun. It is however difficult at the beginning to get a good understanding of how everything works. Otherwise everything about this game is fantastic.

- Fun

Super fun

- Smart people

If you like games for smart people get it

- Good game

Good game fun to play... just wish they would add some new content or something

- Mad fun

I’ve never had this much fun in a long time thank you for this game deadass

- 蛮好玩的


- Gentle patience

Bombed the crap out of the insurgence with the operation code name “Gentle Patience” while bringing my regions into stability. 10/10 would recommend.

- Really good game!

One of the best strategic games on Appel store!

- I love it

This is exactly the kind of game plague inc needed to take its place. It’s a well rounded strategy game and I can’t stop playing.

- Nice play


- Very good game

Its so fun!!

- Really interesting and surprisingly fast paced

Once you start the game it’s hard putting it down. There’s always something happening. It’s definitely not the type of game where you click and wait. Worth the money.

- Solid game but not for no brainer

This is not a simple simulation game, you need to find the balance while stabilizing the zone, it is more like a governing game. If possible, adding some events to boost or damage your reputation will make it way harder. Great job guys!

- One of the best games I’ve ever played

Just read the title

- This is fun!

After spending countless hours destroying the world in plague inc it’s nice to help stabilize it lol

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- An Enjoyable Game

Having played pandemic I am not new to this developers games. Once again I was not disappointed. A great little game with some interesting insights.

- Top strategy game

Love it!

- Great game

Easy to understand, kills time in quarantine nicely!

- Very fun

Only played for a day and really enjoying it, the changes in game keep it entertaining

- Addictive

If you have ever played plague then you will like this a little harder but still lots of fun

- Rebel

I love plague and this is a great game. Good pace and plenty to consider. Try it and you to will love it.

- Addictive and challenging

I love this game because it makes me think. No one game is the same, and there are lots of different game play options. It keeps me coming back over and over

- A masterpiece

This game has a bit of everything... politics, strategy and battling against insurgency in real-time.

- This could be so good

But it’s way too difficult and random. I don’t mind hard games or losing. But I do wish it felt like I lost because of my decisions and strategy, not because insurgents just randomly pop up for no logical reason and never seem to actually lose their strength. And there is no reason why it should take so long for soldiers to get to zones when you send them. So much potential but just really frustrating and annoying.

- Great strategy game

Great game

- Great

Subtle and interesting

- Just great

Just the right level of difficulty. Obviously a lot of thought gone into making this game. Trying to balance your tactics to suit your commanders and the map is key. It’s taken a lot of playing but I’ve finally managed to complete every map and commander on brutal, not so easy with the tank commander, now I’m keen for the next challange...

- Great!

Loving the game

- Good

Worth the buy!

- Way To Hard

The insurgents get really op really fast and are extremely hard to control with even 5 solider deployments

- Great Game

Great game

- Good game

Great fun

- A good concept, poorly executed

This game takes the mechanics from Plague Inc. and attempts to twist them into a game about winning an asymmetrical war (which is no simple task) This involves you attempting to raise stability, while balancing out several things; Support, Inflation and corruption. All the while moving units around the map to fight off insurgents. Having too little stability at any one time makes you fall into a downward spiral and lose before you are able to do anything about it. Having too much corruption makes you fall into a downward spiral and make you lose before you are able to do anything about it. Inflation is just to prevent you from buying too many things at once, completely pointless gameplay-wise from what I’ve seen, serving only to make the game seem more complicated. The Insurgents that show up around the map will also ruin your stability. If more than two states end up being taken by insurgents at any one time, you’re basically completely helpless and unable to stop them, and will quickly lose the game, thanks to the game mechanic that allows them to almost endlessly run from one state to another as soon as you beat them, unless they’re surrounded when first engaged. This means that, if an insurgent is in a tile that is surrounded by 6 other tiles, you would need 7 units to actually beat them (which is almost the limit of units you can possibly own at once, and far more than you’re ever feasibly going to have ready at one time). The majority of the game and how it turns out completely relies on randomness, and just hoping that the insurgents show up in a good place where they can be surrounded easier, and the rest of the game just relies on you balancing out two other systems perfectly or you can say bye bye to winning. This isn’t a slow paced strategy game that you can use smarts and skill to win. If something doesn’t go well there’s rarely anything you can do about it. You just have to make sure you can kill them fast enough from the start of the game for you to start peace talks, which in turn makes you go from ~10% stability to winning almost instantly. I hope that the developers change around the systems in this game, as it does have potential. But until then it’s just a mess that requires little more than luck to get through its repetitive gameplay.

- Very fun but sometimes confusing

I really enjoy this game but I feel at some times it can be confusing on where to kill the insurgents and what corruption risk is and how much corruption it actually brings but overall very fun

- Distant Steppe on Brutal virtually impossible to beat

The speed of insurgent spawning is simply not possible to deal with. I have tried just about every strategy I can think of. Annoying

- nice game

nice game always let people learn

- Incredible!

Loveeeee it

- Literally Plague Inc. but deeper

It takes the aspect of building your own disease in plague but there are more options in how you do it.

- Great

Has a lot of potential

- So fun


- Great strategy game

Brilliant strategy game combining combat and industrial elements as well as a teeny tiny bit of corruption! What more could you want!?

- Lit

Love it great game

- Very disappointing

They make each map way to difficult, and the only way really you can unlock all the leaders and maps is by purchasing them. Game is a big disappointment

- I love it

Good game

- Crashes on iPad Pro

Cannot open the game.

- Great Game

Great game highly addictive

- Hard at the start

Hard to get the hang of but overall a really good game!

- Very good

Quite complicated to start off with but extremely addictive and fun

- Perfect game

I really really like this game. It is really fun, and really pressures you to make tough choices, however for some people it could be a bit of a UI overload. So that’s my only criticism, maybe a bit less on the screen, but otherwise perfect.

- Good

Great game and lots of fun if you ever want to pass time you u recommend you play this game

- Fabulous game

A well considered strategic game that is close to the bone in many respects. Thanks.

- Just great

Although a bit complex such a good game when you start

- Great game

Fun to play and lots of ways to win or lose!

- Best app I have had in years

Love this game! Tactical, in-depth and beautifully designed in such a way as to be complicated but simple enough to pick up quickly!

- 1 try

Great game

- Fun game

It’s worth the money have fun

- Great game

Enjoyed plague inc for years - great to have another game that looks just as good

- Hugely Flawed

Imagine if Grand Theft Auto showed a 'Game Over' screen and started you back at the beginning every time you broke the speed limit. Still a great game underneath, for sure. But that one thing, that shutdown as soon as something interesting started to happen, it would make the game a lot more boring, wouldn't it? Welcome to Rebel Inc. Where as soon as this occupation starts to get interesting or dramatic, it's game over. The 'Reputation' mechanic essentially means that you get a 'Game Over' screen as soon as things start to go wrong - at all. It starts at 80 (or 100 on Easy mode) and drops based on the country not being in a good state yet, plus random events that can harm reputation. When it hits 0, you lose. Instantly. And everything makes it go down. "Spend too much money?" "Not spend enough on reparations?" "Spend too much too quickly?" "Not spend enough on rooting out corruption?" "Ah, what about military? Didn't spend enough there." Any of these will cause Reputation to drop through the floor, hit 0, game over, start again. To be clear, I'm up to the last 'level' after owning this for four days - this isn't a complaint from someone that can't learn or succeed at the game. It's that as soon as the insurgents start to strike back, as soon as you let some corruption or inflation get too high - game over. In Grand Theft Auto, some of the most interesting moments are when you get into trouble but, somehow, make it out. Or when you get into trouble but fight to the very desperate end, valiantly trying to fight the inevitable. But in Rebel Inc, my 'Reputation' drops through the floor, I lose at '0' and it's back to the boring beginning. If Grand Theft Auto still had all its cool gameplay mechanics, its clever satire, its fun graphics and creative ideas - but it kicked you out of the game as soon as you made your first mistake. Would it still be a great game? No. And while 'Reputation' works like it does, I have to give this game a bad rating. Here are my two suggestions: 1. Keep everything as is, but you don't lose at '0' Reputation, instead you get a 'Rank' or 'Grade' like in some games, from A to F. If by the end your reputation is 90 to 99, it's an A grade. If it's 0 to 20, maybe that's D - less than 0 (it can go negative) is E, less than 50 is F. The game doesn't *stop* but a perfectionist will want to come back for more to get that A rank. (Or 'S' rank above A-F, like in some cool games). 2. Alternatively, you still don't 'lose' at 0 reputation, but it spawns bad events and harder insurgents - it's not possible to initiate peace talks at -0 Reputation and so on. I don't like this as much (since it still creates a negative feedback loop where a bit of bad luck is almost a guarantee you'll lose). But, it's an option that means you can continue to play the game, enjoy its mechanics, try to dig your way out of the hole instead of starting over. Until you see an update saying 0 Reputation no longer causes you to lose, I have to recommend you don't buy this game. And it's a shame, because (the few times you are actually able to play it) it's a really fun game.

- Brilliant!

Really well thought out and engaging.

- Pretty fun for a mobile game

Keep em coming and thank you.

- Fun Little Game

After playing Plague Inc. I thought, I’d give this a go. I wasn’t disappointed. Great little game to kill some time. Highly addictive too!!

- Amazing

Great game truly fun and well worth the money another great game by this company this and plague inc rock my socks to try them is to love them

- Hard but decent

Read the title

- Good


- Fun

Great to pass the time

- Voj73


- Good game.

I will keep it.

- ComicalConfusion

First things first, great game. Takes the great components from Plague Inc and implements them in a fresh new format. But. It is very confusing for the first few games. By confusing I mean borderline unplayable. I fortunately had a familiarised friend who walked me through it and I still struggled. I recommend you have a full scenario walkthrough, the short tutorials allow you to understand the “controls” of the game but the don’t give you any idea how to implement strategy and connect the two components. But then again idk I’m just a wee kiddie

- Great strategy game

Really great sequel to their previous game. Great for players of strategy games.

- Great fun

Do you like plague? Then you’ll like rebel inc

- Really good challenging game!

This is a really great game I loved every minute of it. Super exciting and keeps you on your toes

- Rebel Inc Review

This game is really fun! It’s a little hard to adjust at the beginning, but after that, I definitely got my $2 worth!

- Fun and addictive

Just like Plague Inc

- Just in time for 2020

I must say James has covered pretty much all the basics of how to run a country. 5/7

- Another great game

Just when I thought nothing could beat plague inc, here’s rebel inc to prove me wrong. Worth every cent!

- Good


- Tibah

Is great!

- Outstanding

Absolutely love it

- Really good

It’s more complex than plague inc, but it still works kinda the same way. Really fun.


I love the peace option (even though I love the war)

- Not plague inc but fun!

Same principal. Balancing decisions.

- Suggestions for future expansion pack

I hope it would possible to play as rebel with intention to overthrow existing government in a region. A true “ Rebel.Inc” If this happens.

- Casual fun - really enjoyable

Easy to learn but with plenty of options to try. Good fun.

- Amazing

This game is awesome

- Amazing Game

I can’t say enough about this game. It’s so immersive and so many opportunities are presented when you click play. From choosing your Map, Governor, Difficulty, Advisor and even what area you’d like to deploy in, it’s just so mind-blowing. This game has so many options and is one of the best mobile games in my opinion. A quick thank you to the developers of this awesome game, it has kept me entertained and amazed for hours on end so great job. RECOMMEND THIS 100%

- Fun to play

A good game similar to plague inc. but with a different approach

- Amazing

Game was written with great thought and graphics are amazing for a mobile game

- I like it more than plague inc

Its more in depth and there is so much you can do with this game and plague inc is still such a good game

- Great game! Hard but not impossible.....

This game does not disappoint you, it is a little bit hectic and when you win you feel like playing some more, but be warned, it may make you a little bit frustrated. Apart from that tho there is not much to sin the game for................ 🎩 🐢

- Awesome

What an incredible well thought out game, it was difficult at the beginning to establish a win, but as I went on it became an awesome game, with heaps of things to keep you busy, I love all the game from these guys, highly recommend if you want a game to take up most of your attention.

- Great game overall

I can’t really think of what to write here but this game does not have many if not no flaws to it, I support the devs a lot and hope to see more from this game in the future.

- Great!!

Amazing game, very addictive and plenty of possibilities to both win and thrive when playing

- Amazing

I love this game it’s so fun

- Surprisingly boring

I forgot that plague inc was actually a pretty boring game too. Oh well.

- I loved the game You are great

But the game is very difficult when you play Southern desert

- A great game

With most strategy games on mobile devices they feel pay to win or just down right unfun to play. Rebel inc however has proven to be quite fun and good to play when I am bored. Plus I feel that a lot of effort went into this so I intend to purchase some dlc or other things.

- Great game

Its a very cool game.. love it

- Omg so hard

Really hard on casual not


It’s very good


Title says it all

- Lots of fun

Always looked like fun if not a bit easy. Turns out it’s harder then expected but still just as fun.

- Intense and fun!

Really fun and cool gameplay and concept. Worth the money and I hate paying for games but when I do I’m very satisfied

- Great engaging game

Easily just as good as plague, if not better!

- It’s good

It works well and is really fun

- Meh

Despite what I read in other reviews this game seems pretty simplistic in comparison to plague inc, maybe I’m missing something but after an hour or two I feel like I’ve seen it all. If you like plague inc and territory control like civ games... Buy plague inc and civ games I’d give it two stars but I really think I must be playing it wrong

- Amazing game

If you like strategic war games I highly recommend downloading this now best strategy game on the App Store. Would be nice if some of the in app purchases were cheaper other than that great game.👍🏼

- Fun and informative... Great game!!!

This is a good game... The game system is complex, and it really hooks you in while considering some of the myriad problems facing unstable regions! Disappointing to see in app purchases... But also the difficulty levels are really unbalanced.

- Great Game

Loved Plague Inc, this game is equally addictive and fun.

- Awesome

Fricken great

- Long Awaited

I’ve been waiting for one of these types of games to come back to the App Store, not one bit disappointed. Please do more!

- Good game and it’s not that hard

I’m 13 years old and it takes me 4 to 7 times to finish it on normal and it’s still fun every time and it can get pretty frustrating sometimes but it makes it so satisfied when you get past a level

- Good game


- Very well done

I’ve played Rebel Inc. before, and i’d say I was kinda average at it. I had fun then, I had fun now, and i’m not sure why I didn’t review it already. For starters, it’s easy to begin. The tutorial goes over the basics well, and getting into it is smooth. As easy as it is to start, it’s pretty hard to master. This makes it all the more fulfilling when you manage to finally stabilise after all those challenges. Would definitely recommend.

- Nice

It the best game

- Great game

It's an amazing game, easy to get used to and lots of fun.

@SlooperX @ToddyGod @Enjoy_TFT @inc_mplete1 @ego_illusions aproveita q se ja ta jogando na smurf msm e tenta aprend…

Rebel Inc 最有趣的設計之一大概就是國際援助。 玩家在得到國際援助的金錢之後會全面投入民生嗎?當然不會,錢就是錢而已,玩家當然會投入能使自己存續的方向上去。 玩家在得到國際援助的民生 initiative 之後會怎麼樣…


Mon opération '«Grand Minaret»' a vaincu l'insurrection et stabilisé la région. Quelqu'un écrit un livre sur moi !…

@efsaneflood fleet battle cluedo the room 1-2-3 rebel inc plague inc

My operation, 'Special Blade' defeated the Insurgency and stabilised the region. Next step - I'm running for Presid…

My operation, 'Powerful Trust' defeated the Insurgency and stabilised the region. Now someone is writing a book abo…

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Rebel Inc. 1.4.7 Screenshots & Images

Rebel Inc. iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rebel Inc. iphone images
Rebel Inc. iphone images
Rebel Inc. iphone images
Rebel Inc. iphone images
Rebel Inc. iphone images
Rebel Inc. iphone images
Rebel Inc. ipad images
Rebel Inc. ipad images
Rebel Inc. ipad images
Rebel Inc. ipad images
Rebel Inc. ipad images
Rebel Inc. ipad images
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Rebel Inc. (Version 1.4.7) Install & Download

The applications Rebel Inc. was published in the category Games on 2018-12-05 and was developed by Ndemic Creations [Developer ID: 525818842]. This application file size is 231.61 MB. Rebel Inc. - Games posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 1.4.7 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Rebel Inc. Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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