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The Game of Life 2 [Games] App Description & Overview

For 60 years THE GAME OF LIFE board game has shown us how to win at growing up. Now, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 digital board game brings new choices and crossroads to the mix! Will you be a Video Blogger or an Engineer? What roads will your friends and family take? Play to find out on mobile and tablet!

Customise your peg, hop in your eco car and race your friends and family through THE GAME OF LIFE 2 game, a contemporary sequel to THE GAME OF LIFE. With a thousand new ways to live, and money no longer the only path to success, what will you choose? Find your happiness, whether that means money and fame, or academic fulfilment and a dozen cats! Become a Pop Star with 5 dogs and a pool house, or a Brain Surgeon with multiple PhDs, a spouse and 3 kids. You choose!

- A CONTEMPORARY SEQUEL TO HASBRO’S CLASSIC BOARD GAME - THE GAME OF LIFE 2 drives the original from yesterday to today
- A FULL, AD-FREE GAME - Don’t worry about flashy adverts, in-game currency or pay-to-win limits! You can enjoy the complete game in a safe environment for kids and adults both online and offline
- OPTIONAL SEASON PASS - Seek out additional boards, including ‘Fairytale Kingdom’, with the optional GAME OF LIFE 2 Season Pass to unlock new additional themes and outfit choices!
- SINGLE PLAYER - There’s no such thing as playing alone when you take on our challenging AI
- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Distance doesn’t interrupt play when you connect with fans around the world or invite friends and family to a private multiplayer game
- PASS & PLAY - No internet? No problem! Simply pass a single device between up to 4 players for an offline wifi-free experience

How to play

CHOOSE and CUSTOMISE your character!
A life journey calls for one jaw-dropping outfit! Customise your pink, blue or newly available purple peg with a style all of their own.

START at the beginning!
Teen life on the board might seem daunting, but there’s no pressure! THE GAME OF LIFE 2 game starts when big decisions really begin, and the choices just keep coming!

Choose your LIFE PATH!
Your life is in your hands! Get married, earn qualifications, become a star and adopt pets. In THE GAME OF LIFE 2 game the road has many twists and turns, and crossroads can now grant second chances - so it’s never too late to get married or earn that degree!

Money vs Happiness, RETIRE your way!
Are you in it for the millions or the good times? THE GAME OF LIFE 2 game is about so much more than money. Gain attributes for happiness, wealth and knowledge, and the final score will sum up your achievements!

Earn REWARDS to UNLOCK new items!
Unlock new pegs, outfits and vehicles by playing the game and earning rewards! Collect 60 happiness points, travel 100 spaces, collect 5,000k; each accomplishment unlocks a puzzle piece. When you collect 6 puzzle pieces you can unlock a bonus item, and there are eight to unlock in each world!

EXPLORE marvellous worlds with THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Season Pass!
When you’re done finding success in the eco green cityscapes, there are more worlds to explore as part of the Season Pass! Take an enchanted quest through the ‘Fairytale Kingdom’, become a Monster Herder in the Haunted Hills, or discover the magic of Frozen Lands! THE GAME OF LIFE 2 Season Pass includes 3 additional worlds…

...with additional worlds coming soon!

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The Game of Life 2 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Join your friends and family for an adventure through NEW Frozen Lands world! Set out on an expedition and discover the mysteries of a wintery world. Get in your sleigh and qualify as an Arctic Scientist, or hit the slopes as a professional Sled Rider! Journey through the ski resort, ice village and magical forest, all the way to the mysterious frozen North! Take a detour past the Penguin Bank and retire to a grand Ice Castle! The choices are yours and a sparkling snowy landscape awaits!

The Game of Life 2 Comments & Reviews

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- Great! Except I can’t figure out how to pay back loans.

I really like this game and think it’s an improvement over the first life game because it doesn’t tell you to do real life things like tell another player your favorite book (which, when you’re playing by yourself, was irrelevant and impossible). I also find the transgender option interesting (even though I’m not). The only problem I have is that the game tells you that you have to pay back loans before the end of the game or you will get points taken away (and you do)...but I can’t find any way to actually pay them back, even if I do have the money. I would think that they would have put in a button (like the mortgage button in monopoly) where you can take or pay back loans at will. If anyone can tell me how, I would be grateful!

- I’m actually surprised .....

I really enjoy the original game Life 1, and based off the reviews for this new Life 2, I was a bit apprehensive . I have to say that the earning of puzzle pieces, gives an incentive and feel of accomplishment when the game ends, rather then in the original game, if I won, there was no real feel of victory and felt anticlimactic. There is still non stop action in this new version , just like the original , however, the one MAJOR flaw and disappointment I have is they did away with ALL the “player vs player “ competitive games that were such a big and more importantly , FUN component in the original version. How and why they would take out those mini player on player games, I’ll never understand. Those were a major part of the game. Now it’s just spinning the spinner. Really shot themselves In the foot making what could have been a Awesome new game into a decent game. Although, I can’t say I like it more or less, it’s just a coin toss at this point. If they added the competition games to version 2, then that game would have everything I wanted from day 1 in the first game. I always said they should keep score on players to add incentive to want to keep playing, and the puzzle pieces do it. Hope they add the side games to the second version, and I’m a 40 year old female saying this and I love playing. Just sayin.

- Good game, but prefer original

I bought the original The Game of Life from Marmalade Studios and really enjoyed that. It was pretty close to the classic board game experience, but with the convenience of being digital. Was looking for the option to play Online with Friends, but the only option was to be matched with other players via Facebook. I wanted to play with my family on the other side of the country, we currently do that with Marmalade’s Monopoly app. When I saw that this game offered that functionality, I was excited... until I downloaded and started to play it. It is advertised as a sequel to The Game of Life. I know that I shouldn’t have expected the same experience but I didn’t enjoy the new gamification of the action cards with the different attributes. The graphics also were a turn off for me as they seemed overly simplified and geared towards children. I recognize this is a game and therefore should appeal to children, but I liked the graphics from the original version better. Still bright and colorful but not in an elementary school way. I really wish that they would just add the Online with Friends (in a custom private room) function to the first game.

- Developers PLZ read

Hi I love your guys games. I am like the king of monopoly. I love this game as well but I have a few suggestions about how to make the game better. I wish you can trade with people like money for hearts. Also you guys should make like crews where you can create and join on. And like each week is like a separate challenge. One week can see what crew can get the most hearts. The cap for the amount of crew members should be either 10 or 15. All your friends can join your crew. The last suggestion is that I wish you could add the computer in online with friends mode. You can do it in monopoly but not in this game. Also add more houses cars outfits and action cards. Thanks for considering my thoughts. I really a appreciate it. You guys are the best. Keep up the good work on making game of life 2 better.

- Life lessons

I absolutely love this game although I do still really love the classic game of life and life vacations but life 2 is much better the game teaches you about real life like taxes and jobs and other things but I do have a problem when I was playing the game I have noticed that the game board is long but for some reason the game goes by fast yes I do know that it’s something you can’t fix but I do recommend making the game board longer and adding more cars,outfits for the game ,and more maps I know that the game just came out but I still do recommend that but overall the game Quality is really good and the physics are to and overall overall I really do like it

- Some microtransaction money grabs...

The game is fine as it faithfully recreates a version of Life. Keep in mind that this version is fairly simplistic and lacks the elements of the older, more classic gameplay. That may or may not be a good thing. So, keep in mind that this is a $3.99 game, so lower your expectations... Graphics are nice enough, albeit repetitive. The music and sound effects are mediocre at best. Multiplayer didn’t connect well for me. Other games I have played generally connect quickly. Therefore, I’m blaming this game. Gameplay, as mentioned, is a simplified (but faithful) version of Life. It moves SLOWLY, however, even when placing it at 5X speed. The reason for this is the many transitions between play, which cannot be fast forward. There’s a surprising number of microtransactions for this game. Of course, they are for cosmetic items; however, the cost of $30 for a “season” is a bit steep. Other games that use a season framework generally charge $10 or less and give you much more. You can, of course, buy bundles for $5.99 which give you limited cosmetics. Worth the money? If you REALLY like these type of board games, sure. Otherwise you’ll likely unlock the achievements and not play it again.

- Far too many game breaking bugs lately

I bought this game about a month ago to play with my family and while we had a ton of fun with it initially, lately it’s been impossible to finish a match. We’ve had errors where one player will buy a house and the options overlay on another players screen making it impossible to continue. We had another situation occur multiple times where one player will wind up with multiple marriage marriage partners bugging the vehicle and causing the game to freeze for everyone. Honestly I’m not sure why these started. It worked fine for a few weeks and then, all of this. I’m not sure how possible it’d be to implement but allowing someone to rejoin after dropping out or reconnecting could potentially fix the overlay issues.

- Love this game

This game is fun and I think it is the best of the game of life games. All though I do recommend getting the other game of life games too! But if you can only get one I suggest getting this one it is the best one you can control your character way more. And this is also a good gift to give to someone or just buy it for yourself. You can give it to a loved one and they will Enjoy it very much like a virtual stocking to put little gifts in. Plus this is a great game to stay close without putting your safety to risk. If you like games like Monopoly online or clue you will probably like this game.

- Not Fun At All. Slow. And limited choices!

I love playing Life. It was my favorite board game growing up and I even like the Life app that they came out with. Similar to the board game but had a few cool things added. So I see the advertisement for Life 2 and I’m excited thinking its like the new board game. So I thought. No it’s just a hyped up 3D bore fest! It was a waste of $4 and I’d like a refund. The game is boring. The choices are limited when picking a career or house, etc. And it’s always the same options. Which was always a really exciting part of playing life was choosing from the cool different jobs and houses, etc. Also it is really short game time and so dramatic and extra for no reason. And I know it seems weird for a game to dramatic but if you’ve played it you would understand. I dont recommend anyone whom enjoys the board game or orignal app to buy this cause it was defiantly a waste of time and money.

- Love the updates!!!

Ok so Life has always been my fav board but the game of life 2 beats them all I just love it lol in their virtual game you could always be a girl or boy and marry either as well ( even the wedding videos change according to ur choice) but u had to get married and almost always had kids. Now they’ve have really created the game of life lol it lets you be pink purple or blue also let’s u choose pets or kids and u can stay single the whole game if u want lol like most of all the computers randomize too with all the options and names. Anyways I like the game and u should play it too lol

- Perfect for Game Night

The Game of Life 2, Monopoly, and many other Hasbro game apps have helped connect me and my college friends during quarantine. With us not being in college, and the pause of friend game nights in person, these apps have given us a great outlet to continue the tradition online and connect during these rough times. The Game of Life 2 has put a refreshing new spin on an old game we used to play in our dorm rooms and is modern to today’s times. Thank you for a great experience and a fun time. My friends and I are always pleased with the work put into these apps.

- Even better than the 1st!

Honestly, I have no complaints at all. Like the 1st game, it’s a quick but enjoyable summary of life. There’s more choices in this game, which makes it all the more realistic but both versions manage to keep it cartoony as well. As somebody who started playing the Game of Life 1 not even less than a week ago, I have to say I’m hooked to both games. I would definitely recommend this game and the 1st version to those looking for a cheap but fun game to play while social distancing!

- Amazing! More Kids Please!

100% ❤️ love this game and totally 💁‍♀️ recommend it! So ☑️ easy to 🎮 play and 🎨 graphically splendid! The small cost is definitely worth it 😍! Developers: There’s only ☝️ one thing that would make this 🎮 game 👌 perfect; More Children Chances! I’m probably not the first to ask, but please please please add more options to have kids/pets! I usually go about 4 whole GAMES before I get even one! So please consider adding more of this! <3

- Fun game

I like the improvements. The selling your home options is great. The designs of the vehicles and school options are fun. The game almost reminds me of the PlayStation version that was create years ago. If possible can you put more in more options to pick my job or home. My biggest complaint is all the boards are the same just the design is different. Can you make some of the boards longer or have different paths? Maybe create cards for that board like you save the princess (increase happiness) or you disgrace a witch....lose next turn. What happen to losing a turn because you got sick or your car/house being destroy due to some disaster. Nothing like the rush of saving money to purchase insurance so you can be cover. Minor complaint but I was curious....who id ordering take out for 100k??? What on Earth did they buy.......or who were they feeding....the community????

- Not as interactive

The map design is an improvement in addition to the new mechanics implimented.... but unfortunately because the mini-games was removed, simply spinning the wheel doesn’t really cut it for me. I was so excited playing the first time thinking for the bowling card that they added new mini-games but much to my dissapointment it wasn’t. Honestly if there were to be more minigames, cards and etc I would’ve bought the season pass in a heart beat. Guess I’ll wait and hopefully the money spent towards this version wasn’t as much of a waste, thx dev team for making the game though, best wishes.

- Lacking Many Features

The board is too short. In many of the options where you can choose which way you want to go (for example the family route), there are only about 7 or 8 spaces, so if you roll a 9 or 10, it makes the path obsolete. Additionally, more custom options and more job options! In the original, there were many more job options as well as home options. Additionally, unless you choose the investment path instead of the family path, you most likely won’t get a home, which doesn’t make sense. Overall disappointing, but there is lots of potential.

- Pretty Amazing

This game is great! I love life! I like how they added pets and customizable pegs. Online is super fun! I just wish they had a longer version of life and more chances to get babies and pets. And more pay days. It would be nice if everything wasn’t so hard to unlock and you didn’t have to buy the fairy tale board and the haunted board. So yeah I have some suggestions but over all a great game! I really hope they keep updating the game! P.S Thanks for taking the time to read this!

- Unsupported

The game is a lot of fun but the game doesn’t evolve and every new update asks for more money. I’d be more willing to spend additional money if every single thing wasn’t an additional charge. They game is also way to short. As soon as it gets going you’re done. If you roll a couple 10s you really feel like you didn’t do much all game. Also each action or everything about the game feels like minimal effort was put in so that makes me feel like buying additional maps or whatever will also be very 1 dimensional.

- Dear to whom it may concern

I really enjoyed this app along with my girlfriend and her little brother. However, I’m a bit skeptical if other kids will like this app because my GF’s little brother got bored 3 minutes in and decided to play fortnite instead. It made me upset that a kid didn’t want to play a kids game since you would think they would Enjoy it the most. Oh well.... I guess I just don’t know what kids like anymore

- Life

I always enjoyed playing the game of life games. But I do have two problems with it, one the cost of having expansion packs (fairytale) is kinda ridiculous considering we bought the game from the start. If there was a way we could earn points from wining games to unlock these things that would be great. Second it would be cool if there was a timer when your playing online. Some players take there sweet time if there was a countdown we can avoid making the game longer then it has to be.

- Great game but could us some....

New LONGER Maps!! I wish there were more maps as well as making them longer. The games go by to fast. More jobs to choose from as well. Life has been my all time favorite game growing up. I love love love playing. I’ve collected everything already now I am getting bored form the same three maps. Please please please add more content.

- I love the game, but

It’s bothersome that I paid for this game and then cool new updates some out like this one for the Halloween layout and you have to pay for it! That’s kind of bs. I mean we paid for the app, we play the game and win all the collectibles then nothing. Just keep playing the game over and over. It’s quite boring. I was hoping we could do more with character customization and we could have access to the other board layouts without having to pay so much! Such a bummer!

- Please add a classic version!

I love this game and it was worth the money! I just have one suggestion to make: I think it would be great to have older versions of the game on the App Store. Hasbro used to have this version on the App Store. I also have it on my very old iPad. I am sure a lot of people would love to see that come back! Thank you so much if you read this!

- Options

I know it’s a silly game but I think it’s lacking in the inclusivity of it. For example, when you choose the first option marriage wise, a husband, as your mate it automatically shows a segment with a husband and wife. If you choose a woman as the person you’d marry it automatically shows you a husband and wife. But if you pick the third, *apparently* unacceptable option it automatically shows two men getting married. So why don’t we get two women getting married if you have us choose a gender?

- Play with friends

I tried playing this again with my husband but we are unable to play together and have the other 2 players as computer. If you pick play with friends you cannot have 2 computers and my husband and myself in a game. If you pick multiplayer online you just get 3 random other players. I am pretty sure that my husband and I played together with 2 other computer players. Did you take that feature out?

- Turns take too long

I wish there were a skip turn option for single player mode. Since I can’t control how many players, the computer’s turn takes 300% more time than my turn. I don’t care what choices the computer makes. Even the 5x faster option means I spend twice the amount of time watching as actually playing. It’s not really enjoyable to watch a game I’ve paid to play. Can skip turns be enabled?

- Love Life 2

I love this game. You did such a great job. There are no problems and I am enjoying playing it. The only thing we would change is the ability to name the other players when you are playing pass and play. But we are enjoying it a lot.

- Not enough jobs.

I really like this game, its fun and keeps me entertained with all the new things to do, plus the purple peg option is really cool! But, there are NOT enough jobs whatsoever. I’m always stuck between the same two for both going to college once and then getting the masters degree. Wheres the job diversity of the original? It makes it feel very repetitive when you can only pick between the same two jobs every single game.

- Fun but unfair

Game is fun, could use some more options with careers. This would have been 5 stars if they did not always made the "computer" win almost every time I play a new game. I understand to make the game more challenging but not to a point where I am losing a lot, even when I actually try hard to win or get more points, and including the "computer" getting better chances and options every game.

- Feels entirely arbitrary

As in the title, first six turns I spun a 1 or a 2. During the “everybody spin” cards, the Ai rolled a 10 so often it had to keep doing a tie breaker on itself. Got none of the optional things (houses, children) despite constantly choosing those paths which is just ludicrous odds. The spinner feels worse than the other games, because it doesn’t register a single spin, which means you can’t even try to land in certain spots which was pretty much the only strategy you had for any of the other games. Just get an older version.

- Love, but want more

I wish the course was longer or that there were more boards to play on. The prices for the upgrades are absolutely insane! I feel like for $2.99 you should get more options of boards or length of game. Additionally, I wish the avatars were more customizable. I really wanna see my block head kicking booty around the board.

- Possible glitch

Although I love the game I have noticed that the pay may have a glitch when playing the single user against the cpu. For example: when selecting a career, the other choice is indeed chosen. When selecting college the second time the cpu will select a lower salary, and then given 200K salary. But overall, I enjoy playing.

- I love this game

I love this game and I just got it yesterday and bought the 2nd map but sometimes I have this bug that happens with the bots and they won’t do anything and at the bottom it says "waiting for" and then the name and the only way to fix it is to restart the game Please fix it I love this game

- Level design

Level design would be a cool feature while choosing types of spaces the path the grass and water texture and even the buildings and each pack you buy it will add the lava or spooky buildings and stuff I know this would take a lot of work but it would be great!

- The game board is hard to follow and not that easy to look at

I think it’s hard to get kids or animals then it was in the first game and they game board it’s it easy to follow and they game is short cause the only I only gotten one kid or one pet in each game.

- I like the game But

The game is good, however my issues are more cosmetic to the developers. When the player gets married, the spouse clothes does not change as they continue on with “Life”, instead they stay in their married attire. Change the clothes please. Also add more Life events , it’s 2020 things are different

- Good purchase

I bought this game for my family and I to play, and I would recommend it! The only thing I don’t like about it is you can only buy a house if you land on the house squares. I like in the real game how you have to purchase a home every time. Just my personal preference tho, go ahead and buy the game!

- Very short!!

Too short!!! It’s like you blink and the game is done! It doesn’t give you much time or options to get a baby and a pet, I didn’t see houses on there or maybe I skipped them all because it was sooo short!!!! I mean come on... 5 spots then you’re done with college??? I wouldn’t buy any DLC for sure considering how short the boards are. Boring fast. Part of life is the fact that it takes time and you have all sorts of options!

- Fun. Wish for privacy

So, the game is fun with an update on the original game. My kids love that we can play a game online with multiple devices. My issue is that immediately my email was sold by the game (the user name gave it away). Suddenly i was flooded with emails I didn’t want or ask for about sales.

- Not worth it

I saw the reviews and thought it would be fun! I even bought the fairytale theme pack as an in-app purchase thinking it would be all fairy tale themed and I’m very disappointed. It’s basically the same as the original game nothing oh so special but it cost you money. I wish I could get my money back for purchasing this app because this was a waste on $5. Unless you love the game of life than I would just stick to the original one you can get for like $3.

- Super Fun & Entertaining

This game is super fun to play as you get to choose more paths & have more things that can happen. This game can keep you, your kids/parents/family entertained for hours. Keep up the good work Marmalade Game Studio Limited!

- The new life lol

This a good game , very different than the other game. I do like the some of the jobs and that there no little games like in the first the games where replace my the fate i like the fate but there should more of a of like bad stuff. I like the game tho.


I played this game with my friend and had so much time if your looking for a fun game family game this is it. It cost money but it’s so worth it I’m not a bot I actually played this and had so much fun so hope you do to if you want to and if you can bye.

- Missing one thing

I love the game of life 2, but I think it can be better. I think you should be able to pay taxes whenever. Like I lose games because I didn’t repay my taxes. We should be able to pay taxes whenever. But overall pretty good game.

- Few Things

I love the game. However, we need more careers to choose. I don’t think it is right that we have to purchase the next boards. We should be able to earn them like the puzzle pieces. Also, I think boards should a longer.

- Game glitches and does not seem finished

Game freezes. Especially frustrating when you play a whole game and it freezes when starting to do the final scoring...and you don’t get to see the results at all. Not even enough icons to have a unique icon for every hard is that. Game could be really good but fails to deliver and easy things.

- Nice game

I love the game but it makes it hard to get a family ,and you can pick the family route but it is difficult to get a baby vs the the game of life one when you have. Better chances of get a baby.

- Not Free to Play

They take a lot of pride saying “no micro transactions.” Then right off their main menu is a shop option with tons of “collectables” to buy. Their not collectables if u have to spend real money to obtain them. Things such as a outfits, vehicles, and avatar skins, board skins, and even a $35 season pass. I enjoyed the original because its simplicity evoked imagination and awe. This feels lifeless and gimmicky..

- Slow and Buggy

After the latest update, I lost all of my progress and now it freezes after other players’ turns. Super annoying because I have to force quit and restart the game. Suggestions: 1) When I’m playing single player I don’t want to watch the computer play. There should be a way to skip their turns. 2) It would be nice to be able to zoom in and out of the map. Right now you can’t change the focus and pan around. 3) Have an index of all of the jobs / actions 4) Let us choose our pet and make the babies purple, blue, and pink.

- Fun

The game is fun and relaxing, much needed during these stressful times. A couple of notes: the game does freeze up forcing a game close and reopen. The good news is, the game loads right up (unlike Life Vacation, where it does not). In keeping with tradition, more than one player should not have the same job; once a job card is taken, that card should be out of play, same with the houses. The attributes are really fun and add a different level to the game, which is great! Thank you

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- Awesome and fun!

This game is a massively improved version of the original game of life this adds things to spice up the game and make it more challenging and fun and I love all the customisation you can do now this game is definitely a must-buy overall 9/10 keep up the good work!

- Great game, but glitchy!

I really enjoy this game, it’s so easy to get into the same game with friends if you select online multiplayer at the same time! My brother and I can play together for hours ☺️ Although, sometimes it completely glitches out and you can be like half an hour into a game and have no choice, but to leave it. It will freeze on someone’s turn and just stay like that, or it will completely take over your turn and change a choice that you literally just made which can be really frustrating. If bugs are fixed, it will improve the game immensely!

- Review

Love game of life 2, the only thing I would like to improve is that there is not enough chances for babies. I like how in game of life 1 if you choose family path they have spin 3 or higher to get a baby on the last square. My 8 year old daughter is always disappointed if she doesn’t get at least one baby 😂 maybe even if you make the baby slot bigger in the fate spins for more of a chance there. Love the addition of pets though and being able to choose your action card from 2.

- Much better then the first one!!! Love it!

The new version is much better then the first one. No crashes no connection interruptions. All perfect. But it feels a bit less. So I mean the mini games are missing which I really loved and the game is really fast over. I could take a bit more time to finish a game. So I would love to see the mini games back in a next update or something else that the player has bit more interaction with the game. But I still love the new version. Great game.

- Very fun!

This app is a very fun game to play with your family and friends! This app is a great game to play for the pass and play! I’ve already played the game a few times with friends and i’m still liking it! Great game keep the updates going!

- love it

Great game 10/10 recommend great to play with a friend on pass and play but also fun playing against the computers. Exactly like the real board game maybe even better, $5 is good price

- Great Game

Good Game

- In app purchases

What is the point of paying for a game then having to pay the same price for a different map don’t waist your money also game is quite boring and unentertaining please take off the in app purchases or make the game free with in app purchases cheers

- In app purchases

I rarely spend money on games and I chose to for this one only to find that they still want you to pay money even thought they have a free counter part on the App Store that offers all the same features as this one. Don’t waste your money.

- Not good at all

Paid full price for it and it doesn’t seem to work with my data or my internet on it just glitches and gets frozen not happy not worth the money

- Needs an update

Needs to be updated

- Hmmm

Wasn’t what I expected and is quite boring. I feel like my money was wasted!

- Not working properly

Play with code not working for me of my friends. This is the only reason I paid for the app.

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- Best one yet

Love it

- Good

It’s pretty good except for the fact that the game is super short. Also, it says you have a second chance at getting married but you don’t you only have one chance and that’s it! These are some suggestions of things that you could add... 1. create more family spaces. 2. A divorce space. 3. A vacation space 4. An adopt child space 5. A lose your job space. 6. A go to jail?? Maybe? But otherwise it’s pretty good!😊

- Great game, love the inclusiveness

First impressions were great, love how inclusive it is for all of us. Enjoy earning collections and the gameplay.

- Great idea, poor execution

The idea of this game is good, but in practice, it sucks. The game board is so short, Ive gone through the whole thing multiple times without even getting the option for a house or kids, and very few opportunities for the “bonus” life squares that factor into the final game score. Definitely not worth the $5 i paid.

- Games pretty good

I found this game really fun to play but if the game discounts maps that would be a little better because I found it really expensive just to get maps and also if there were more unique cards that would be really cool and it would be awesome if you could make the map a little longer. But otherwise I love playing the game great job and graphics I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them.

- Buying a house

Love the new LIFE 2. Graphics are amazing, and an overall great and classic game. I have a question though... why can’t you buy a house whenever you want to instead of landing on a certain space? I would love it if that were an option.

- I love the game


- Excellent game!

This game is so cute! The level of detail is amazing. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Vacations, but the game of life 2 is a perfect upgrade from the original. I bought the full pack, so every level that comes out I get. The Halloween board is so much fun! Worth every penny! Please keep making these adorable boards! If I could ask one thing, please make the zoom feature moveable. I would love to scroll through each board more closely to see all of your details!

- Game of life 2

This game is the best you should try to

- So long games but really fun buy it now!!!!!!

Really really fun no ads yay

- Great Game

Love this version, different options and game play. Very addictive!

- Wow


- Love the progressive updates, but super glitchy

I’ve had to restart the app mid-game several times because it’s glitched out. Otherwise, great new version of the game

- Worth it!!

I usually don’t like “2.0” versions of games, but this is just as fun or better than playing the board game!

- Too short

I think they were on the right track with this game however the board is way to short, I feel like the original game was twice as long, I’m abit disappointed in what could have other wise been an awesome game and and fantastic sequel.

- Needs more careers

The game seems to offer very few career choices. There should be at least 20 at every education level (high school, college, and master)

- Love and add

I love it but can you add 1 or 2 more iPod this thing A have a chose who is going and also have more babies pods and maybe add this bundle 10$ for 20 things 4 random puzzle pieces and three new clothes and a world and a a mr. world which is one when there is a spinner and whatever one it lands on that is the one you get.

- Games are too short

The games are so short that it limits the amount of life experiences a player has. I wish a longer mode could be offered through a update. Right now this game seems like a bit of a waste of money, but if it was triple the length that would be great and well worth it. I also don’t mean to be rude at all, I know you guys put in a lot of effort. I just wished it was longer, since I do enjoy this game.

- It’s good

Who doesn’t love the game of life?! The game is fun but way too short and it’s awful that you have to pay $6.99 to unlock a different board when you’ve already purchased the game. Either way, I enjoy the classic board

- Awesome

The game of life 2 is awesome! I have all of the other life games on my iPad and I think I like this one the best!

- Refund please

Please give me a refund the first one is better

- Life

Graphics could improve a lot but game is similar to original, could use more mini games in game.





- Yay


- Fun

I was looking for something online fun to play with family far away. This is nice light easy fun. Perfect for holidays

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- Wow I’m the first to congratulate!

Omg I’m so pumped about this game because I LOVED the original, but it didn’t have any pets. But then I was looking at the App Store and saw this and I’ve now played it and I LOVE it! So pls keep making your great games!

- App keeps freezing...

App keeps freezing right in the middle of the game and I my loses all my progress, it so frustrating. I wish I could keep playing whole game in fast forward with out having to reset the fast forward each time the game requires a decision. So it drags on and on and then freezes. Definitely has bugs that need to be worked out.

- Great game! BUT!!!!

Great game enjoyed playing with the kiddos. I even purchased the Fairytale Kingdom Bundle yesterday paid the $5.99 and we all loved it sadly we did not know that the $5.99 was going to be for a one time use. We only got to play one game in the Fairytale Kingdom. We were excited to play again but I will not be paying the $5.99 every time we want to play.

- Great game

Really liking this game, but had for a few hours and has already froze twice while playing single player. Add a save game option maybe would be nice. Then I wouldn’t loose my progress.

- I love this game

I love this game because there is so many different game modes like on line offline and play and pass this is just a all around fun game worth the money

- It’s good

I really love this game it’s super fun the graphics are fantastic but I think that maybe you should give us a good look at the map when I got in the game I was a little confused on how the map worked and everything goes super fast other then’s awesome! 😊

- It’s life but it’s not Life

I’ve played all the life games over the years and this one is terrible. It’s nothing like the Original Life Game. Bring back the EA Games Life the board game back. If you were going to make a the game of life 2 At least make it less boring this one really got boring reallt fast. I guess the only good thing I liked about it was the option not to marry. But overall this game needs work.

- Fun but not worth it

My friend and I both bought the game to play together, however, I accidentally left the game and was not able to get back in. This happened several times and is quite frustrating and I also could not find any information on how to get back into an unfinished game.

- Needs updates!

It tends to be a little laggy and definitely not as fun as the first one only thing different is you can customize your vehicles and person clothes and there are two maps (one you have to buy) if I were to suggest out of 1 and 2 I suggest getting the first game of life on mobile.

- Very good game but what is the season bundle?

I love this game, it’s very good. My only problem is that it doesn’t say what the VIP season pass is. It says that it gives you more worlds, cars, and avatars but for $35 I would like to know exactly what they are.

- Great game but has its flaws

It’s a great game, but the biggest flaw is there is no timer for the spinner. People can wait and wait and wait and you just have to sit and wait for them to spin. A timer is for sure needed. Also like in monopoly, add comments I think that would be fun

- Family fun!

We love air playing this from a handheld device so the entire family can see as we play together!! So much fun!!

- Fun but needs improvements

Fun game but is crashing during start up lately. Also it needs more towns/lands, cars and characters added to keep it from getting boring.

- I love it but...

It goes too quickly so I would LOVE IT if it was longer! You need more chances to get children as well! To make it longer you have as an option for long or short game.

- This game is awesome

This game is super awesome even though there are some app purchases you should totally buy it. You can finish puzzles and 79 purchases are really cool like new skins like this super cool princess outfits!

- Fun but short

This game is fun but the one board included with purchase is too short. For what I paid for this game I done expect to only get one board and have to pay the same price for another short board. Should include more with initial purchase price.

- Game is fun, but freezes and crashes too much

Great game, but over half the games I’ve played froze during the points totaling so I couldn’t finish it. Hopefully the glitches get fixed because it’s getting frustrating.

- My thoughts

I like the game but, it consistently freezes and then I have to exit the game. I enjoy playing it with my sibling especially in this time with quarantine/lock down being very prevalent.

- Fun game

Love this game. I really hope they come up with more worlds and things to win because I'm getting a little bored with it now

- App needs an update !

I like the app but it keeps freezing in the middle of the games I start to play. Need to please fix this problem. I would understand if it was a free game but I paid money and this game shouldn’t be doing this everytime I play it.

- Better

I like this one better than the other two, but the game itself is so short. You barely have time to do anything before the game is over

- Better than original

This game is awesome it has so many new things You need this if you a fan board games

- Freezes up

Wish there was a timer for how long a player can take. I don’t know if that’s the issue or if it’s frozen for everyone playing. Would also like a chat option to be able to chat with the other players.

- Horrible!

I wanted to like this game...I really was looking forward to it, but so far my experience has been limited to game freezing. I cannot even enter a game because all I get is the clouds in the sky opening with no buttons or options. I’ve tried to delete and reload, but it doesn’t help either. I want my money back!

- Love it!

I love the game but one time a paid for something and the next time I played it my payment was GONE!!!! Please fix the problem!

- Help

I like the game but at the end when you sell your house it says you can pick a different offer if you don’t like the first one but it did not give me an option to change!!!

- Great fun

This game has it all! The music is awesome and with new jobs, it’s like you’re living a brand life! Happiness, wealth, knowledge, it is up to you! Great fun for everyone, just like the first!

- The game is fine but why do you have to pay more for an app you already paid for

I like the game of life but I don’t like how I already spent money to buy the game but now I have to spend more if I want to unlock more maps and vehicles and pegs not a big fan of that.

- Great game, but when is each update?

This game has amazing animation. The choices are expanded. It is perfect! 😁👍🏻. But when is each update? I need to know. Thanks

- Great

Very cool can wait to unlock more levels Only thing ... please can we have a chat or emoji reaction area like life vacations. (Life vacations by the way is so slow) Please

- New version

This version of the game of life did not fail to improve in every aspect of the original!!!

- needs changes

I think the game needs a game chat. I would also like to see a time limit on a persons turn. it’s annoying when you have to wait over 5 minutes for someone to go. & a new board would be nice to see as well

- Great game

What a great game use to play the old version back in the days I wish you can have twins or Triplett be fun

- We need more options.

I love this game. It’s really fun, just like the original, but I’d like to see customizable options like different cars, colors, and appearances. And please... no microtransactions. Do all that and you’ll get five stars from me.

- Overall Ok

Board seems like it should be longer and the various paths should be longer than 10 spaces. Should be more opportunities to add to your family as I rarely land on a baby space.


It Is the best game ever!!! I would recommend it to everybody it’s so fun I have game one and two and vacation and they are the best games ever I recommend, totally five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Fun but needs improvement.

We need emojis! And more lands. Already done collecting everything so it has become a bit boring

- So much fun!!!!

My boyfriend and I enjoy this game very much, we play almost every evening since I bought the bundle app.

- You will get addicted

Buy all of the lands. All of them are fun! Play again and again!!!

- How do I get Grandnasters?

The game is so great, I already had the first one and was so exited to hear that a second was coming. I especially love that there are more than two colors for the people. Question though.. Is there an actual way to get GrandMasters? I've been trying for a while but I always get Masters.

- Great game besides this....

So I love the game but some times when I’m in the middle of a game or on the app it will exit me out for no reason. Thankfully I am able to continue the game tho.

- A Winter Wonderland?

When can we expect this? Would like to see more job choices and chances to have kids and pets!

- Wow! Great game! BRAVO!!

I played the game and love it. I am a fan so ofc I had big exceptions and they have all been met! :D This is a new improvement and it’s the best yet!

- Fun with friends

The app is fun especially with virtual friends.... one flaw is that multiple people can get the same job

- Board is too short

The graphics are more improved than the first game, but the game board is too short. There isn’t enough playtime before the game is over.

- Love it

Good game but I want a lot of more options for people like for hats and scarfs and special lands should have special life card in my opinion could be better can’t wait for game of life 3

- Good times...

I enjoy playing this game it’s fun. Online playing is fun. Takes some time so be prepared.

- In app purchases to expensive

Game is cool but you only get the original board, if you want a season pack is like 35$ or 5$ for each board lol

- Buy the original

In my opinion this one is just more complicated and the original one is way better wish u bought the other one

- Meh

It’s ok. The online features are not well done, but the graphics are nice. The game play is smooth. Not worth $4 IMO. Also somewhat irritated that additional maps cost an extra $5 . It’s a lot like the original game just more of a money grab

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DRW|FIX SOCIETY #FreeMelee&Splatoon|🐝

@ByGeorgeGMU March 16th, 2012: 15 seed Norfolk State upsets 2 seed Missouri in final minutes of Second Round of the Dance. December 26th, 2020: Underdog Norfolk State upsets George Mason in final minutes of last non-con home game. I clearly cheer my heart out only to suffer. Life is pain.


@ArtHousePtx There's this huge image with like, all of the lore that was only clarified in the logs of some obscure game and I'm most amused how entirely it doesn't matter in the face of all themes about life and mental health, specially by the last 2 episodes


Choices (The Game Of Life 2) #TheGameOfLife

ExoParadigmGamer (#BlackLivesMatter)

Half-Life 2 so far has the gameplay of the first beat thanks to some much needed polish. Jumping has more reach, ladders aren't as arduous, and the act of aiming and shooting is smoother. The game just feels better to play.


The Game Of Life 2 With BatPack


LIVE STREAM ANNOUNCMENT:"THE GAME OF LIFE 2" w/Batpack #batpack @TH3EMPIRE #stringnetwork #livestreaming #twitch #streaming


@RELLGames Rell obviously this is your game but hate the fact that you changed the tyn tails scroll spawn to 1/2 instead just leaving it its insane people might like it but I don't and I know others don't either I've been playing since about start of Shinobi life 2 and never ever got a item

lesley bryan

@BrynWLucas @GlobexBoss But our whole ethos is NOT to engage in the physical side of the game, we want to weave intricate passing passages of play - it just doesn’t work at league 2 level where the opposition just press the life out of our passing game

JackieGerstein Ed.D.

when you think you’ve finally reached the end of the game, suddenly you find yourself standing at the start of a whole new level that you’ve never seen before-the only thing you can do is keep right on playing. Because the game that is your life still isn’t over yetReady Player 2

Gábor Urbán

I finished Half-Life: Alyx today! 🥳 This game always had something new to offer, even in the last two chapters. I want more of this! 🤩 Part 1, beginning ch. 10: Part 2: Part 3, including the last chapter:

Hater Radio

@_PatrickSimpson Finishing undergrad at USF. The 07-08 school year, which was my first not taking classes since I was 2, was easily one of the best years of my life. Went to Aub-USF, FLA-GA, Tebows Heisman opener and a Bucs-Phins preseason game in Miami. And went on a snowboarding trip as well.

Tyler Gilliland

@iP4rtner Thank you so much. I honestly Can't wait to be done with some of the more technical parts of the game so I can hopefully have a demo out for it. I've been working on this game solo for about 2 and a half months. and it's finally getting some life brought to it.


@waptaru Portal, A Hat in Time, Enter the Gungeon, SYNTHETIK, Monster Hunter World, Dragon's Dogma, Space Engineers, Doom 2016, Cities: Skylines, Half Life 2, and most Star Wars games are all really good if any of them seem like your kind of game


@noddinggoth Worst one I had was Half Life 2, and I felt sick for a couple of hours, and it was when I first worked out it was the game doing it. It only seems to be tight FOVs for me, and of course VR stuff other than very comfortable level!


Mention of panic attack - - - I’m having a panic attack while opening the last of us 2 because I got a ps and the last of us for Christmas and the game literally saved my life. I’m also so tried pls

The Game of Life 2 0.1.25 - SP Sale Screenshots & Images

The Game of Life 2 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images
The Game of Life 2 iphone images

The Game of Life 2 (Version 0.1.25 - SP Sale) Install & Download

The applications The Game of Life 2 was published in the category Games on 2020-07-15 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio [Developer ID: 988365603]. This application file size is 532.94 MB. The Game of Life 2 - Games app posted on 2020-12-17 current version is 0.1.25 - SP Sale and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.marmalade.gol2

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