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What is the game of life app? MAKE CHOICES, GET PAID, OR LOSE IT ALL!

Attend college, accept a job and play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for the whole family. Watch as board piece characters come to life and make their way through the various stages of life on this spectacular, 3D animated reworking of the familiar physical board.


The Game of Life features a new, unique and much-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmaking lets you play in a whole new way online. Match and play against other online players as you all spin and race in the direction of the last yellow tile; retirement.


• ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Match with other players and race to the final yellow square
• LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on one device
• FAST MODE - A new, shorter game mode where you will be faced with a different victory condition!
• MINIGAMES - Put your skills to the test and compete head-to-head in a variety of minigames
• CHAT - Send players expressive emoticons during online matches

THE GAME OF LIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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App Name The Game of Life
Category Games
Updated 18 March 2019, Monday
File Size 352.72 MB

The Game of Life Comments & Reviews 2024

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It’s good, but unoriginal.. To be completely honest, I love this game, and I don’t really have anything against it. Issues that can cause unhappy players are obvious. The game costs money, you have to buy skins and vehicles, and much more. Aside of these issues, the overall rating would be a 6/10. Why, you may ask? Well, the issues, and the game originally. This app is nothing like the actual board game. You can design vehicles and pegs, players get much more money which just makes it unfair in a way, etc. I dislike how it’s like this because the original board game itself is much better, and once you look at this app, you’ll see how different it is, in some ways it’s improved, but in most ways it’s just worse. Like I said, I have nothing against the game, and I do encourage to download if you’re bored or just for fun, but do be aware on what you’re spending precious money on, and do remember, there are bugs and it’s not like you think it is.

It’s really fun!. It’s a really good game but I would like to say something. Me and my sister were trying to play this game together online so we don’t need to take turns holding one phone. But it won’t work. Now I know that happens to almost every board game in the App Store but me and My sister really wanted to play online together so that’s a thing I would do if I made Game of life. Also, when I was young like 6 or 7 years old, I used to play it and we had no trouble because.. well I forgot. But All I know is we did not have trouble which was good. There’s something else that I want to change, well sometimes when I want to change my skin, I just wish it had more than free choices. :( but sorry for the weird complains. Except those, I love this game !!

“The game of life”. I played this game for FREE just a couple of years ago on my iPad. And it was great, I loved playing this game. YOU RUINED AN AWESOME GAME! It is hard to control, you have to buy everything. Most importantly it is overpriced. I waisted my money on this game. If I could get a refund I would, really disappointed at what this game became. Don’t buy this game. It doesn’t deserve even one star for this review. WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T WAIST YOU MONEY ON THIS GAME. The original was much better. This “new and improved version” is hard to control, not as fun and overpriced. I may be repeating myself but it’s not worth it. Also if you are playing by yourself against a computer the computer plays the whole time and you just have to sit and watch. Please just restore the game to the original, it was much better. Sorry for complaining, but this app isn’t worth buying.

Nothing Like the Original. Overall, the app works great, and it can definitely be fun to play! The computer players are really nice to have access to, as well. The AI never feels rigged, a weakness so many other games of this genre possess. However, do not buy this game if you expect the nostalgia of the Game of Life that you know (which the description claims to evoke). Almost nothing about this game is anything like the board game it’s supposedly based on. There are completely different careers, no life tiles, no share the wealth cards, a completely revamped board layout, a pervasive mechanic known as “action cards” (which apparently give you money at the end?), no requirement to buy a house, etc. Despite the fact that the app bears no resemblance to the board game, this is a review of the app itself. Overall, the app works great. Buy it if you want some mindless fun to last the occasional hour. If you want the real Game of Life as an app, this isn’t what you’re looking for.

Pay Pay Pay. I was super excited to play this game. Happily paid for the app, which I never do, and downloaded. Only to discover absolutely EVERYTHING is an extra fee once you get into the game. And the fees aren’t cheap. They’re more than you paid for the actual game. Very disappointing to realize you got basically nothing for your money. The game is fun enough, but the features are very limited unless you’re willing to cough up more and more money. There is no way to earn money to buy extra features within the game or level up in any way. It’s just the game, and you pay actual money for any extras you want. Also, there are serious connection issues regardless of how good your internet is. I’ve been kicked out of multiple games where I was winning because the game had connection issues. It’s just disappointing all around.

Life. I just love love love this game. I thought about playing it today. This is really one of my favorite games. One day I went on App Store and saw this game a got it. I am actually really really glad I went on App Store to get this. I play this game on my iPad and glad I got my iPad for Christmas. I really think this is a brilliant game! Who ever made up and thought of this game thank you! I am glad we had games and iPads to play on! I am so thankful and blessed for these kind of stuff! I am really really happy and amazed that someone was smart to make up this game! There is a few things I don’t really get or like but I am still thankful and blessed to have this game and at least a game like this game. I am super glad to play this game and I was so excited for this game! MAN I don’t know how happy I could not say it. Thank you for making this fun fun game!

Wonderful. It is beautiful, this game. I didn’t know how to play at first but once you ice it, it becomes better. I don’t know if I will replay this though, once may be more than enough. Played on my iPhone. Kept spinning the Hashbro but it kept giving me low amount of spaces. That is, the dial doesn’t move far. I don’t know why. In the end, I lost to the computer. Had a gay marriage, 3 daughters (adopted probably), and 3 houses. First I bought a Dream Villa, then a Family House, and finally a retired Country House. One of the interesting thing is I have no idea the number of space moved.

Great game. This is a really and I mean really fun game but the computer people see I don’t don’t know if they are real people but if they aren’t you should be able to play with real people around the whole entire world that would be great but besides that this is a amazing game keep up the great work and I won’t to let you know that you are one of the best games I ever played so keep up the great work and I hope you stay healthy and safe you guys are amazing and one more thing and can you pls try to make the board longer at least try because I feel like the game is pretty short and I would like to do a lot more stuff in the game so bye and thank you for making this game be as fun as possible and this is great you can play offline I believe so if you are in a car with no WiFi you can just play this game with your family stay safe and wear a mask thanks for seeing this wow this feels like a speech or something but thank you for making this game so bye now for real this time

Nothing like the original. First off, the game is expensive for what you get to do. You don’t get to Customize your pegs or even the car that you get without having to pay for it. The game is extremely repetitive, I feel as if the game already programs what you’re going to be landing on because I land on the same things almost every single time which can’t be coincidence. The jobs that you get whether it’s career or college are the same every time which is only 4 options. In the original game you have a lot more options. In this game if you have children you automatically get $50k for each child but in the original game you had expenses for child care, college for the kids, etc. Obviously you’re going to choose to have a child each time to cash in at the end. You have a lot of chances to gain money but not a lot of chances to lose it which I find boring. The whole point is that you have as many equal chances to win as you have to lose. The only thing I like are the mini games which I find amusing when you land on them. Overall, really bad game....

Not the classic game.... I’m disappointed by this game. The previous version was better, but still not great. I don’t have a problem that this version exists, but why not make a version that brings back the game from 1960, which is what many people who play it are looking for? It’s still available in physical form as a re-issue. It could be an in-app purchase, as well as the 1970’s, ’80’s and other editions people remember growing up with. I would certainly buy it, but this version, with absolutely no acknowledgement of what came before, lots of mini-games, and re-skins that don’t change the game at all, is of no interest to me. I understand that the game has changed over time, but why not cater to the interests of more people by providing versions that more people will like?

Love this game needs some fixes & improvements.. Me & family love this mobile game & the price is not bad at all ! But the game does have some glitches such as waiting screen constantly pops up & takes forever to load. Also when playing online a lot of people quit when losing 😢😢 they shouldn’t be able to do so , also adding chat would make things so much better & easier ! Instead of simple little emojis you can put & it should have peoples names instead of “player 1” “player 2” etc. I see you haven’t updated the game in a year ! But with quarantine going on this would be a perfect game to download & play , other then the waiting glitch & improvements this game is fun & awesome to play with family & friends through the phone !

MUST BUY. ITS SO GREAT! unlike the actual game, you can play mini games when u land on mi I game squares, AAAAAANNNNND it’s really cool cuz when u do things like graduate, ur peg goes into the collage thing, and comes out with a graduation gown and a diploma (when ur peg gets back in the car it goes away but it’s still cool) and it also does stuff like that for lots of other things like getting married and having kids. It’s also nice cuz if no one else wants to play, u can play against a computer. It also has other things that the actual in person game (or at least the one I have) don’t have, like the option to go to night school, “risky road”, and more. Overall, it’s worth the money

It is really like the real game. When I first bought this app was very skeptical like extra skeptical I thought it was gonna be nothing like the real deal nothing but it was a bot like the real game because I have the The real game and it was a lot like the real game and I think I really am going to keep this I’m never going to delete it like if I get too much room I’ll probably delete some other game because this game is really fun and I mean like I was too when I bought it and now I’m27It’s really fine like I said are you got so much room and I mean like so much I deleted like all these other apps but I kept it shaking my hand like you know how you shake your hand not like shake out another person like it was like shaking like it was like so I like didn’t do it because it was too stinking I couldn’t so I ate App next to itAnd I really am making this like just now because I was like maybe later maybe later I might dislike this game I might dislike this game so I was like maybe later maybe later every time that it said it I was like not right now not right now not right now not right now and then I just finally I’m doing the. Now that I’m 27 i’m doing the review and figure it out I’m going to love this game forever never gonna not like this game

Love additions! More ideas for enhancements!. I love the new scenes, vehicles, and the fact that you can be gay. I like that the cards for getting others to pay your debt and such have gone away, and the new bonus system is better, but still has nothing whatever to do with the game of life. I wish the spins would give optional selects instead of random bonuses, like buying a house does. That way, it would create more of a story. Also, marriage should be optional, just like kids (but maybe add an "accident" option). Also, there should be a divorce option (maybe a split road, like a midlife crisis). Houses and jobs should match the scene we're playing. All in all, excellent upgrade, and worth spending to get it again!!!

Pretty Good App. I love this app, and I play it with my brother all the time. I just found a couple of little things that could use improvement, and one big thing. First things first, let’s start with the big thing. 1) the biggie is the online playing. Whenever I’m in the lobby, the app crashes. I never got a chance to start an online game because of the glitchy online mode. 2a)little changes are sometimes big. Like buying a house. In the actual game, you had to stop and buy one. Now you have to land on the square. After my brother found out that you get money at the end for your house, he would get upset if he didn’t land on the house square. 2b)life cards. I know instead of life cards, you get action cards. But I still miss that you get the life cards. The life tiles are better than the action cards, and I miss life tiles from the original game I played the other day with my family. 2c) one suggestion I have is being able to skip the CPU’s turn. I tried playing with CPUs, and their turns take forever!

Great design but online play stinks. If anybody thinks this game is nothing like the actual game of life that is because they haven’t played the new version! The board game they sell in store now is different than when we were kids, and this app is exactly like the new version of the board game. I think it’s cute and funny that each character gets a look depending on the career they chose. Please fix online mode!!! It is so annoying that it’s so easy to get kicked off a game. If you leave the app for even a moment it will kick you off and turn your character into a computer. The games obviously last kind of a while, so it’s so infuriating when you’re deep into a game with your buddies and then you get kicked off because you got a phone call and gets get back in the game. Or you get a text message and muscle memory opens it really quick forgetting that will render you unable to rejoin the game. I urged all my friends to pay $3 on an app that is just frustrating to use! Don’t bother buying if you plan on playing online

Many subgames and graphics are great.. I’ve read some of the negative complaints on here and I’m not quite sure what they’re complaining about. In the board game you got one style of car and a little plastic peg. In this game you get a scooter you start out on and it evolves into a station wagon, same concept. As to the children, the little peg people get out of the car and go get their babies in the hospital, in the game if you landed on babies you added a little peg to your plastic car. Yes there are additions you can add to the game, but it doesn’t hamper game play if you don’t add them. There are many subgames that you can play and they don’t cost extra.

Allot of waiting. I think this is a very great game to play but you have to wait a century before you can actually get to play board and play the game so I recommend to play the local play and hit computer cause you can actually get to play the game and not wait for it to load. I really wish it was like the actual life were we got to customize our peg and had it as a character not a peg but where we could name them and made it where the peg or character ages and gets old and looks different and where if you have kids they grow up through time and get there own car and just follows behind you and when you end up at the retirement home that your kids go and get their own house Overall I think it’s a great game just a lot of waiting and that it should be like real life

Great, but.....waiting. I absolutely love this game and the features it has. I think that having different maps and vehicles you can choose to play with is super fun, but one problem. I was playing in an online game where one of the players wasn't collecting their cash, so we couldn't keep playing until they collected it. I waited for at least 5 min and then I left. this was really upsetting though because I was in the lead and had A TON of money. I hope there can be a feature where if you aren't active for so long a computer player takes over, because the waiting sometimes just gets to be too long

BEST. GAME. EVER!. I honestly think this is better than the actual board game! It’s so realistic! I do have a few things that I’d suggest/bring attention to. First, you only have 4 avatars and 1 car to choose from, which is kind of sad. Nobody will pay for just one avatar or car! Second, when my family plays the board game, if we have too many children to fit in one car, we take another car. But in this, the helicopter just drops the kids in on top of each other! Then I can’t tell how many kids I have! Maybe the car could expand? But this game will always be a 5/5 no matter what!!!!

Not the Life you’re comfortable with but passing.. The game comes to a rather abrupt end on the free board. You go from collecting babies to the risky/safe path and then suddenly you’re in retirement within two or three spins. Old board games and online versions used to draw this portion out and from my estimate, your life isn’t over that fast! I’m fond of being able to own more than one house or forgoing a house entirely. Otherwise the mini games give the mobile version a nice twist on the game. It’s a little hard to justify a season pass with so much locked up behind a paywall. I need more to convince me the game is worth it. I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth of what I did pay. If the old fashioned game isn’t the length I remember it to be, then what good is that? It makes me unwilling to pay for more. Needs more content for the free version to make me willing and eager for more. Simply passing and barely so. A mediocre incarnation of your favorite game.

This is a really good game. I wish I could keep it forever, but my dad won’t let me one time my brother played it, and he really liked it. He even win the game. Everyone needs to try it my whole family has it and they say that they like it but I wonder why I can’t win but this is a real game in real life. I have it you guys need to get it if you do thank you so much because I have been waiting until I get this game and I finally have it. It’s just amazing I wish I never have school so I can’t just play all day. Well, I think that’s all of saying how well is game of life if you think that you want it just buy it or ask your dad or mom and say that you need to buy it to bye-bye now.

It’s a convoluted mess. I spent $4.99 on this discombobulated game of nostalgia. I can’t finish one game because I lose track from all of the confusing mini games, small print “action cards”, and trying to pick up bonus money but it must be a glitch because it gives a hard time trying to swipe it. It’s graphically impressive, that is why I gave one star but the gameplay itself is not engaging. My solution: come up with a better way to spin the wheel; ditch the mini games; and have card match games or match 3, ANYTHING besides those weak mini games currently. Also, even though the graphics are stunning, is there a more simplistic 2d version. I was hoping more for thr traditional board game But I’m NOT HAPPY I had to spend 4.99 to realize the game is MEH

Very good but needs one thing. It was I very good game but one thing needs more boards I have and idea for two board game number one a temple any kind is fine with me like maybe a jungle one or any again fine with me number two your tiny I know that’s weird but it maybe be cool is like your in a room or something any I hope maybe there good idea if you have maybe busy it’s fine so yeah also one more thing why can’t you put music? If you hear this plz do it I want to hear all star when I’m winning and some other song I can play so yeah that all the thing that I want so yeah

Preferred the Old Version. I miss having my character look like humans do. The game updated to pegs to “be more like the current board game”, but I would rather personalize a person than a peg. Also, being a female, I noticed that the computers only play as male. It’s alright until you play 100x over and it never changes. The new version has some okay-ish mini games. However, the #1 thing I miss from the old version was feeling like I actually loved the game. I feel like this is almost Mario party with rewards and mini games. I miss the steps of choosing a house and going down a risky road and possibly loosing it. Or having (like another reviewer suggested) the risky road have accidental children instead of always just taking 100k. I miss the album at the end making me feel like my life just ended. I want my character to age, not some peg to drive multiple vehicles and then retire. All in all... I prefer the old version, but will continue to play this because I have nothing better to do.

Monopoly. It’s a nice time waster. It would be more enjoyable if each player could enter a name. My girls kept forgetting which colour they were. Why are all starting players always male. Two of my girls were upset that when they got to the chapel square to fine that they were a male when they thought they started the with a female. It would also be nice if there was a printable sheet to explain the number values for the babies. The girls were confused why some sisters go babies and some didn’t. I know you explained the first time. But after a few games the girlies forgot. And perhaps the designer could use better character icons. Not everyone enjoys the monster style characters

The old version is better. I like this version of life but I liked the old one better it’s just in the old version there weren’t pegs they looked more like humans and I don’t usually like the pegs because if you’re a girl like me wouldn’t you want to be a different color then pink!! I mean I like the color yellow and you need to be the color pink! You know girls can like blue and boys can like pink right?? Well anyway every time I play with computers the computers are always male. why? Can’t you guys switch it up a little!? And my last thing is why is every theme 3$ I mean why isn’t it 1$ this is coming from someone that has a hole bunch a money but still why does it need to be 3 bucks it should definitely be 1$ I mean let me get this straight: I think all the themes aren’t that cool and you just play the game with a theme I mean it’s like not that cool. It doesn’t deserve to be 3 hole bucks!! I guess that’s just my opinion. It’s not a bad game though 👍👍🙂.

Getting Money. This game is amazing and fun. It reminds me of when I use to play this game with my siblings. The only problem I have with it is when you receive money you shouldn’t have to tap it to get the money. I was in an online game and someone sat there not taking there money and I had to sit there for 10 minutes waiting for them to take their money until they had finally left the game. I think there should be a 10 second timer to take money until the game just gives it to you. This would stop the unnecessary wait time of people who are mad because they are losing and don’t take their money.

I’m ADDICTED. Okay, first off… this game is JUST like the in person love action board game! Just digital! I downloaded it about maybe two days ago and I’ve been playing it pretty much almost every day nonstop I’ve also gotten my husband to play with me I’m even if you don’t wanna play with anybody else you can either play with the computer or you can also play online there’s so many options but I honestly love the game because it’s a wholesome it’s just like the board game. It’s fun it’s never gets boring and there’s just so many twists and turns with it that just really makes the game really fun. I’m not too sure why this game wouldn’t get five stars maybe perhaps people were expecting something different like the app the Sims where it’s nothing like the actual computer game, but somehow people like it but no, this game is actually just it’s amazing. I am just have a blast with it.

Best game ever!. This game is not only a blast to play but it’s gorgeous and never has any issues. I had one question that I emailed to Marmalade and I received a response immediately. So I have to add Customer service to all the great things about this game AND another of their games....Clue! Update: I’d like to add a question. My husband and I play this a lot and when it comes to choosing a career after school he chooses whichever job comes with lucky number 5 regardless of the salary. And he wins every single time. 5 pays $130k bonus money each time anyone lands on it. And everyone lands on it ALL THE TIME. It is the most spun number every game. Hopefully fixable?

Very disappointing. This version replaced an absolutely phenomenal version that iPhone no longer supports… given my love of life, clue, and monopoly I bought this several years ago. I disliked that they reverted back to pegs instead of people, but I’ll live with that, it’s purely preference. But all the stupid mini games make this unplayable. I like to play this as I’m going to bed, I don’t want to have to try to figure out or think quickly for a mini game, even if I did, I don’t wanna play the version of hungry hungry hippos or whatever other version it’s popping up… if I wanted to play those I would get those, but I got life. Again, citing how the old version was infinitely better, life (from board game up) relied on luck of the spin and luck of drawing good cards, not stupid mini games. Those are gimmicks to hide how bad this game is. Life doesn’t need gimmicks, it’s a good game and the gimmicks distract from that. There also is no way to turn off the mini games for a more traditional game. I paid money for this, and I can’t bring myself to play it (although I generally try once or twice a year). Honestly, I still have an old phone and charger (iPhone 3 I think), and I use that to play the original iPhone life because this version is so bad. The game got a two star instead of a one because it’s still Life, and it’s got the good bones… it could be salvaged by removing the mini games. But, if you like mini games, it could be awesome for you.

Great but a few things. I love this game but usually when I play and I get really and I mean REALLY far into the game it usually glitches out also sometimes when I start a game the screen just freezes but the part 2 and the vacation ones are great I do recommend the vacation and game of life two but if you want to download this game and try anyway then that’s fine I really don’t care on anyone else’s decision or opinion well I do care but this is still my opinion so if you like this app then thats perfectly fine with me but still go check out the vacation and game of life two I love them and I really think peoples experiences so go share them but if you don’t want to that’s perfectly fine with me and also this game when it doesn’t glitch or freeze it’s so fun so I hope you have a great time on this app but just so you know if you play and it glitches don’t tell me I didn’t tell you that it’s very glitchy but still I hope you have a great time playing “this game glitches and freezes a lot” said by me also I hope you have a great day :)

Wish it was more like the old game. I feel like the game is too short for my taste. Not a fan of the cards it gives. And I wish the game would force you to stop and get a starter home, then stop to get another home later if you want like it use to do. I played 3 rounds and I couldn’t land on a home tile no matter how hard I tried. It would also be nice if you can rerelease the old game of life app you use to have and maybe just “modernize” It a little. It was just like the board game back in 2007 and it was perfect. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but it just had a more “life” feel to it.

Good. Good game, but not worth the money. The game finishes quickly and there isn’t much incentive to win. I just played through two games in a matter of 15 mins and they weren’t really all that engrossing, to say the least. This game isn’t worth more than $1. The create-a-player needs MAJOR work. I couldn’t even figure out how to get the game started initially because I didn’t understand the create-a-player screen. It could be simplified, like the game could just ask a couple of questions in order to build the player profile and begin playing, instead of it all being jumbled little pictures with no words or directions of any kind.

Love this game!. We always play this game. We loved the board game but thought it was so long and at the end you had to count your own money. With this, they count the money for you and it doesn’t take as long as the regular game. All the parts of this game are really fun and kid friendly. we got all of the board settings and loved them all. We also loved that we can all play on one device (my husband and I and my 9 and 6 year old while keeping a close eye on my sleeping 2 month old) Awesome game. Totally recommend to any family who loves the board game (or has never played the board game!)

Boring. I really love the Game of Life, so I decided to gamble on it and pay for the game. I didn’t realize there would be so many features you still have to pay for, like customizing the player. It feels really tacky to have to pay for something as silly as a different kind of Vespa. Anyway, I did the default settings and played but found it kind of boring. You can’t see what any of the game board says until you land on them, so most of the game is just spinning and watching your piece move along a board. I guess I should have expected that, since it’s similar to what the game is like in real life, but I thought I would at least be able to see the game board. Years ago, there was a Game of Life computer game which I loved! When you came to a fork in the road, it showed you the two spaces you could have landed on with your roll before you chose, there was customization, the rolls felt more personalized and interactive, and overall it was a more fun game. I guess I was hoping for that but it isn’t, so I’m giving 3 stars because it does give the exact game, but without much of the personal experience.

Great game, but could use some improvements.. The game is fun, I appreciate that when playing with a computer you can fast forward their turn. It would be nice if when you’re done reading the card etc. that we can click out of it. Along with the little graduation, wedding, baby segment. It drags the game. I absolutely can’t stand that there is no option to turn off the mini games. I’m not interested in mini games, just playing The Game of Life. I’m sure other users find them fun, but to have an option to turn them off and get matched with other players who have turned them off would be excellent. Or, at least when it’s just in local play. Otherwise, great game!

I love this app. When I first got this app I was like okay this is going to be a good app when I first played it I was like wow this is a great app once I finished it I loved it so 1m no infinity stars so you should download this app because well you can play with computers people and even your friends so you should download this app even thou it cost money trust me I is worth it also I do have to say something to the people who made the app I think you should make it free because it is a great app and a lot of people love it so I think you should make it free because some people really want to download this app but they might not have the money for it so plz if you could make it free I hope you liked my review keep staying who you are and never change that unless you are rude Ty y’all byeeee!!!have a awesome day byeeee sorry if I am annoying bye sorry

Could be better. The game is overall enjoyable but already having to pay $2.99 to play the game- we shouldn’t have to pay an additional $4 just to get different cars and appearances. Also I strongly dislike how you have to land on a space in order to buy a house. That should be one of the stops along the journey. I played about 15 games or more and I only landed on the house option twice which is quite annoying. Also I always seem to roll high numbers and end up flying though the board and then having to wait for the computer players to catch up. Not very enjoyable. Also, you seem to earn loads of money for not doing much at all. Have never been in debt, yet. Should be more realistic like the board game.

Addicted to this game.. I don’t play games much on my phone but I play the game of life a lot with my family so I decided to pay for this app. Totally worth it! It’s pretty close to the classic game although I would change a few things. I hate the mini games when you land on a spinner. So hard to play on a cellphone. I also hate that landing on a pay day doesn’t give you a double pay day. It’s a waste of a turn. I also wish the game board was bigger because if you consistently roll high numbers you fly right through and don’t make as much money as you could. Other than that I really do love this game. Especially the button that lets you speed up the computer players. Hopefully one day playing with a friend on another device is possible.

Stupid AI.. Ok, so this a great game and all, BUT… the computer is cheating. I probably sound very stupid saying this, and it may even be just me, but it’s true. I was playing the game last night and decided to play against the computer. ALMOST EVERY TIME THE STUPID THING ROLLED AND 8 OR HIGHER. And on top of that, it wins all of MY competitions and games, AND all the cards it gets are good while I got ‘’you are fired for bringing your cat into work; get a new job’’. SERIOUSLY?! I don’t even have a cat, in game or out of game. I’m pretty sure the AI is mocking me. Anybody else out there who is reading my review and agreeing with me, LET US JOIN FORCES AND KICK THIS THING’S… computer cable? Eh, whatever. Please fix this! Thanks in advance!

Great app but…. This is an amazing game! I recommend if you like board games and any games in general! I rate it five stars because it’s just that good! The only thing I think might be bad about it is that I try to play with my friends a lot but it doesn’t work a lot and when we finally make it on a server together it kicks us off the app or server and sometimes it just won’t load and my WiFi is always has all WiFi bars same thing with my friends. I hope that the creators fix this glitch soon and make it easier to get on servers with friends. Anyway this is a great app so I recommend you get it and thanks for reading my review! Have a nice day! Bye! I hope that this helps!

Awesome game but there are glitches. Awesome game! My husband and I play all the time and we have a blast. However, we’ve noticed that there are quite a few glitches in the game. We play multiplayer and sometimes his or my screen will freeze and the computer takes over to start playing for whoever’s screen is frozen. Also, sometimes after I’ve invited him to the game, it’ll show that he has started playing but it still shows on his end that it’s waiting on me to spin. Hopefully these glitches will be fixed soon because it’s caused us to have to restart the game almost every time we play because it doesn’t work right the first time. Pretty annoying. Please fix this especially since you have to pay for the game.

Like it, but…. First, a rebuttal to Talisha. You want LGBTQMNOP? Go to game of Life 2. You’ll be happy there. For us old folks, boys are still boys and girls are still girls! A couple of changes could be made to make it more interesting. The action cards for each venue could read respective to the venue they are in. If possible, the wheel could be downsized from to to 7 or 8. When you continue to spin 10’s, the game goes rather quickly. It the game of life, not speed. Another aside, I deleted Life 2 because of fulfilling Talisha like requests. If asked honestly, most people don’t care for’fluidity’! Plus, if you got $20 from Talisha; good for you!

Awesome game! But.... It’s a really great app. There are changes, but most of them are neutral or positive changes. The changes to the money for careers are interesting and give a much wider difference between highest and lowest paying jobs. There is no better feeling than pulling brain surgeon and raking in 150k per payday. I also wasn’t expecting being able to play with computers, but it’s nice that you can. Although I do wish that you could online play with friends with separate devices. Maybe you can and I just haven’t noticed. The only thing that I wish was better is customization. There isn’t that many customizable things that affect gameplay. It would be nice if you could alter things like how much money careers are worth, what action cards you could get, house price, and more. I would very much like to be able to choose which quick ending I get as well. I could say more, but this review is getting long. Overall, do I recommend this app? Well I did give 5 stars so that kind of gives it away, but either way, I do. Even as it is, it is a great app and 600 times better than going to Walmart and buying the game for $20 and then needing to set it up and deal with actual cards.

Miss the old version. I got a new phone a while back and lost the game from my phone. It wasn't until a few days ago where I remembered about the game and re-downloaded it only to find its completely different. Change isn't always a bad thing, but in this case, it is... first of all, there's countless different features and additions to this version which is great.. if you didn't have to pay for every single one of them. Second, this version is rid completely of the classic game of life everyone knows and loves unlike the old version which reminded me just of the real game and brought back countless childhood memories. This new version is nowhere near as much fun as the real game like the old one was. I also find the game play kind of "busy" and confusing if that makes sense. I won't pay for different worlds to play in, but I would pay the classic version if I could. Some way to play that game again would be amazing.

Game is fun, but very unstable. Needs work.. I just purchased this game, and while playing over local WiFi with my girlfriend, we were forced to restart the entire game twice, after having downloaded the game only 30 minutes prior. We’re pretty upset, as we spent good money to play the game, and bought it in a pack with two more games from the developer, Clue and Battleship (Clue works well so far). I’m hoping the developer can either keep up with current iOS devices in the form of regular updates, or take the app down as to not lead honest consumers astray with a product that has a major design flaw. Playing a game for twenty minutes, only to have it crash and lose all your progress, is very frustrating. I’ll gladly change my review if the developer can craft up a fix for this, or the ability to save a game.

Super fun!. I read a review entitled “Nothing is good anymore” and had the heartiest laugh . . . Complaints like “players get paid too much,” “the money system is different,” “I can’t choose the vehicle I drive around in” and to sum it up, “I never thought something like this would happen to mobile gaming.” Seriously?!? Ha ha ha!! Oh, first-world problems. 😂😂 Why is it a bad thing that people get paid more? EVERYONE is getting paid more. Who cares if the money system is different, it’s fun and it works, and does it truly matter which vehicle you drive around in?!? That’s the LEAST of my concerns. Wow. ANYWAY, MY REVIEW: It’s a fun game, I don’t own the board version, and figure the board version would be boring in comparison. There’s not a single feature that you NEED that you have to pay for, so zero complaints. It’s just pure fun.

This will enhance your game!. Hello, just speaking on behalf of any mobile user. I enjoy the game but it would be even better if you add a few to a several of these changes: 1. Adding more mini games to the map, having the same 3 games (especially when I land and play the same mini game in a row) can be pretty boring and not as challenging 2. Making it easier to reconnect when disconnecting on accident. Instead of having to start a new game every-time. 3. Switching up the map style (how the map is set up) in a different way so it will be more fun to actually want to cross around the map, instead of different themes (which is great too, but there could be more to it). 4. Since people like to disconnect a lot on here (barely when the game even starts) it would be nice for the bots to be more challenging. Like I’m legitimately facing a human like AI and not act stupid on some occasions( ex. Has a great job but trades it in for a crappier one, like what..?). 5. Have the bots be more gender fluid when it comes to picking who they marry (it’s always a boy-girl or girl-boy situation; lets LGBTQIA up in here more) So far, that’s all i can personally think of, Ive been wanting to write this down for awhile, but never got around to it. I paid 20 bucks for this game and it would be cool if you take my ideas into consideration. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you do ❤️ Talisha

BEST GAME EVER. I only just started the game today and I already like it more than all my other favorite games. If you have never played this game then I recommend that you download this game RIGHT NOW because I promise you that you won’t regret it. I’m literally ADDICTED to this game. When I first started playing I made a few decisions I didn’t want to but later on in the game I started getting used to it though I will admit that the game gets pretty tiring if you don’t take breaks every once in a while( like me for example).With that being said, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT NOW AND I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing way to play. I enjoy playing this game with friends and others all around the world and I think it’s worth the money and the wait it’s really fun and a great way to socialise with family

Great Game!. No need of setting up the board, shuffling cards or counting the money. Now with this cheap alternative, have everything you usually take half an hour doing done in the blink of an eye. What are you waiting for? This game is more than six dollars at the shops when it takes less time, less effort with improvements to make this experience even better then the physical copy for cheaper. Call this a fake review or whatever you want, but I’m legitimately A satisfied customer, who would recommended you download this great game which well represents the authentic physical Game Of Life board game so? What do you say, at least give it a go.

Best game ever. This is the best game to play with friends and family while your on a road trip if I could give it a six I would!

The game about me. Well this game is just so addicting for me even though it took a long time for me to earn my trust with my parents to get this wonderfully addicting life game it’s so fun everyone should get it!

Cash. Overall the game is AMAZING I just wanna say that the fact it is $5 is just a bit to over the top for me. Also, after 3 or 4 games, I gets a bit boring. If I knew it would’ve been this way, I wouldn’t have bought it. But on the plus side, it is good, keep up the good work! 🥳

My favourite game. These reasons tell people why they should get this game. Firstly when you see it your like meh. But it is the most awesmost game I have ever played . it shows you how hard life is going to be in the future. Secondly why waste your time playing fortnite ,gun games and so much more!!!so play this game instead of those bad, rotten, disgusting other games! Thirdly haven’t you seen the video, rating and reviews! The video had definitely inspired me to do the best thinking and knowledge I’ve done in ages. The rating was 4.4. Cant you believe it . I’ve never seen a game with a rating bigger than that!!! I looked at the reviews and some are awesome reviews and bad bad reviews. But don’t listen or look at there reviews. So there all my reasons why you should DEFINITELY should get roller coaster tycoon touch!!!

Multiplayer problems. We couldn't get the multiplayer on different devices to work. You can play with random people or on the same device. The only online option is via Facebook and we couldn't get it to work at all. Disappointing considering monopoly and cluedo both work fine and no Facebook required.

Allow own music to play. Would be good if my own music from my Apple Library could play over the game instead of being forced to listen to the in game music. Also needs to be optimized for an iPhone XR screen. Otherwise good version of the game.

Micro transactions. This is one of many examples of why I hate micro transactions in games you already paid for, why does almost everything locked behind a pay wall? All the cool content has to be paid for, yet I already paid for the game. Please makes some of the maps and vehicles free for all players, but overall it’s a good game!

Smooth. K Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover Gon' pop like trouble breaking into your heart like that (ooh) Cool shade, stunner, yeah, I owe it all to my mother Hot like summer, yeah, I'm making you sweat like that (break it down) Ooh, when I look in the mirror I'll melt your heart into two I got that superstar glow, so Ooh (do the boogie, like) Side step, right-left, to my beat High like the moon, rock with me, baby Know that I got that heat Let me show you 'cause talk is cheap Side step, right-left, to my beat Get it, let it roll Smooth like butter, pull you in like no other Don't need no Usher to remind me you got it bad Ain't no other that can sweep you up like a robber Straight up, I (got ya) Making you fall like that (break it down) Ooh, when I look in the mirror I'll melt your heart into two I got that superstar glow, so Ooh (do the boogie, like)

10/10 game. 10/10 I love this game I’ve always wanted this game it was great there was a offline mode and there’s no ads and u can buy wonderful expansions so I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME 10/10 best game ever it’s a must have

LOVE IT. I love this game it is so easy to play and you don’t have to set up the board and shuffle the cards and you can play with friends and family. It’s really fun to play and enjoy and I love the special maps there really cool. This game is overall AMAZING!! Ugh I love it I play every night UHH it’s to addicting I LOVE IT I CAN’T STOP TALKING AND PLAYING IT!!

Not worth it. COnsidering you're paying for the app you would expect it to be perfect but other apps that are free are better than this app. It stops by itself midgame with the 'waiting...' screen and you can't do anything but exit the game then you end up not being able to get back in the game. Very glitchy and not worth the $5 I paid for it

Amazing game but there could be some improvements.... As I reckon about everyone has said this but it is a little bit expensive, but all in all it was a very fun game to play with my family. If you could give us a few more vehicles or just one more world that would make many more people buy it. 🙃👍👎

Awesome. I love this game. I have the board game of the game of life but there is so much hassle in setting up and packing up. It is also great because you can play with friends online and with the computer offline. Overall I think it is a fantastic game and would recommend it to all ages.

Amazing. I honestly think that this game is amazing. I can play whenever I want and it’s only $5. I shared this game with my family and friends! Thank you for this amazing game

Great game, must have!. I have throughly enjoyed playing this game. It can be played by children and adults alike. It is a favourite with my daughters, their children and myself as their Granddad. We never get tired of it a better alternative than monopoly! Cheers.

My opinion on the game. I like the game a lot but something that would make it better is if you could have usernames and play with your friends, so you don’t have to playing one device and you can play on your own. I only started playing the game today so I don’t know much and to give free skins thanks. <3

Great family fun!. I grew up playing this board game as a kid. It was my favourite. Now this app version is so much fun to play with my young kids. They absolutely love it and it’s provided hours of family fun. The kids can play it on their own too because all the money counting is done for them. Definitely recommend it.

Great game but why am I paying for extras when I’ve already paid?. I love this game but why do the developers feel the need to charge for extras when they are already charging an up front fee. This doesn’t sit well with me and I won’t be purchasing any “extras” as they don’t add value to the game or my experience. Not a good move in my books.

Great game just confused with names. I love this game and play it nearly everyday. But when I’m playing everyone’s name is displayed as “wait!” My friend also has this game and it does not do it on her game. Just wondering if this is a bug

OMG. Plz make more games like this it is amazing 😉 seriously this is amazing if you don’t give this at least a 3 star rating you are weird this game is amazing it costs five dollars but it’s amazing

Wow this game is amazing. Wow I am soooooooooo impressed I love the bored game the game of life and my family is so sick of it and now I have no one to play with but when I found this app I was doing a victory dance well do and turn more games into app So feed back is I would not make for you to play with friends that you will need to have a account on Facebook thank you wonderful game and keep up the great work❤︎

It is really good but.... It is a really fun game I even have the board game in real life but I think the prices are really expensive. You already have to pay a lot to get the game I think it would be fair if you made the prices in the game I bit cheaper. Otherwise the game is really good

LOVE IT. I use to have another game Called “The game of life Zapped” but it stoped working for IOS 11. When I saw this game I looked at the price and I was shocked. But when I downloaded it, I pressed fast game and honestly this game is so good it beats the other game I had by a mile. Please keep updating this game!

I love this game. I love this game so much it really shows how much your decisions impact your life it’s really easy to connect with others and I completely recommend it!!

Great Game!. This game is great! You can play online and everything! It’s up to 4 players as well. The only thing I don’t like is the price, but it is definitely worth the price given.

Why does it cost money?. This game is amazing. I watch YouTube’s playing this game and I really wanted to play it. The only problem is why does it cost money, like it shouldn’t this game is like other games. But not like Minecraft or fornite. Those games should be paid. Anyways back to the point of why I think this game is the best. In this game u can play with other friends if they are in another country are on a vacation. This game is so fun and I definitely recommend people to but this game and play it. IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

Just one problem. This is a super awesome and fun game but the problem is I can’t join any of my family or friends because I don’t have Facebook. I really do think you should use Game Centre so we can all join together instead of having to use one device.

Great! But shouldn’t cost money. In my opinion this game is great! Is very entertaining and addicting, and it is perfect if you don’t have the board game, but I don’t think it should cost money, I mean it’s not like fortnite or roblox which i think should cost money. But overall it’s a pretty fun game! Would recommend!

Ye boi. Chicken chips and mozzarella. Ye boi. Game of life roblox fortuite yummy apex. Good dollar store to store a little more things in a good environment to get the best in food daily and I recommend the Mediterranean cuisine and a great food daily for frost free access and a large amount in my opinion.

Soooo fun!. Thank you Marmalade Games for making this game I love it so much. No one in my house ever wants to play with me so it’s great to just hop on and play with a few AIs. I also love how you can play without wifi. Thank you for making this game. 😄

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I really love the game because you can play with people around you or your family members. It also gives you the option to play a computer when you want to!! It is also just really enjoyable to play. One thing that I would like improved in the game is that if you don’t pay money you have very limited resources like avatars, game modes and your vehicle. Outside of that this app is amazing and I highly recommend playing it!!❤️❤️

AMAZING 🤩 but…. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! This game is amazing and just like the real board game! I have 2 problems tho… could you please not make the in game worlds money. Maybe when you complete a game, if you’re first, you get 5 tokens, second, 4, third, 3 and last, 2. You could use these tokens instead of paying real money. And my second request, could you please add pets. My game of life board game has pets and it’s so much fun with pets. I hope you read this review, and take into account my requests, thank you 🙏

Costs. This game is really great! I just find that to purchase the game it has an expense of 4.49. In the app you can purchase different maps and other things. I find that if you have to pay to get the game it shouldn’t come with additional items to purchase. I know that it’s your choice to purchase the maps, but you already paid five dollars to get the game. But the game is super fun overall! The other costs don’t really affect the game too much. 👍

Facebook.... No Thanks. This could be a great game and a lot of fun to play with friends online BUT unlike Monopoly or Battleship or Cluedo you have to login with Facebook. This is a big FAIL. Not everyone has Facebook or wants Facebook so why try to make us sign up to Facebook in order to play online with friends. Facebook has a disgusting reputation with regard to privacy and forcing us to use it tarnishes your reputation.

To much money. The game costs five dollars so I expected that it would cover everything inside but some emoticons cost money and some cars and even maps so that wasn’t good but the game is still really, really, really fun so I would recommend this game if you want to pay a lot of money

I LIVE THIS GAME. This game is my all time favourite game it’s is so fun and addictive I cannot stop playing it Although this game is fun it is $$$ it’s 5$ for the game but once you buy its you get 1 free thing the full game is 100$ which I think is outrageous but the game is fun and I would definitely recommend it

The Old Version. I think you should have an option to play the new version or the old version because I think that the old version was better! Is it just me or was the old one wayyyy better. Hope you put this into consideration! I know many people who think the same.

Shouldn’t be $5. I do love the game if life but on a phone screen it is a little complicated. There is a lot going on graphically and it can be confusing as to what is happening or what will happen. For the basic features it provides it should not be $5. That is way to much to pay for a game that includes a lot of in app purchases. Overall I did enjoy the game but it was too complicated for phone screens and the enjoyment was limited after it was played once or twice. I would pay $5 for an app which had all the Hasbro games (or a collection) not just one which had limited features. If I had known these things I would have NOT bought the game.

Obviously rigged. This is a fun game but it’s so obvious that it is rigged. It always makes whoever is blue win and get all the good action cards, always spin high numbers, and more. If you are going to rig the game, then it definitely shouldn’t be $5 or everyone would be wasting their money. Otherwise, it’s pretty good and one of my best games that don’t need wifi.

Amazing game. This is a amazing game I know you have to pay for the other maps even if it’s a game that you have to pay but it lets you have one map and One car Choice

I love it. I love this game, overall it has a smooth feel to it. My one and only criticism is all the in app purchases, I personally think that the other versions should be unlocked by winning against cpu and online players, but overall, I love the game!

Good but a little glitchy and u have to pay for lots of things.. Good but every thing costs money and when I bought the app I thought I would not have to pay for anything else but I stand corrected. But I really like the set up and at least u can play but do they really expect us to pay for a new skin,setting,car e.c.t. The game has minor glitches and sometimes whatever button I press the whole game crashes and then I cant reload the app or go in.

It’s great but there is always room for improvement.. I love this game but in the mini games you should make it a bit easier to control.

Not worth the $. I honestly wish I could get my money back. Had I known how bad this version is, not to mention it crashed in my very first game, I would not have purchased it. Nothing about this motivated me to want to play another round, it’s so extremely, painfully basic. I wonder how many bored housewives have given this game good reviews because it is the most basic game I have downloaded let alone PAID for. The hype is just hype, don’t be fooled by the reviews. It is definitely NOT worth paying for. Totally unimpressed.

Needs a lot of improvement!. I have played this game maybe 10 times now and it is impossible to load, drops out during the game and there is a lot of waiting for it to connect again. I don’t have a problem with any other game I play. Also why can you not set up a user profile and keep it and not to have to set all that as you enter a game? Could also do with some big improvements in the crazy games you are expected to play. These are so poorly done. Why are we paying for this game? they certainly don’t spend the money on who they employ to do their graphics.

Best way to play game of life…. Board games on mobile is the best thing for these types of games cause in real life there is way too much time put into setting up the game this game playing with friends is awesome and a fun experience also I pre-ordered the game of life 2 coming out soon I can’t wait to see what the new game is gonna include…

Should cost more for its quality. I think that this could very well be the best game I’ve ever played the graphics are great and almost everything is awesome. The only thing is that risky road needs to be longer because you spin but there’s a good chance you just skip it. It’s a very good game 5 star

One Thing Missing. This Game is Amazing but the only thing missing is that you should be able to write a name so you don’t just be called Player 1, Player 2, Player 3 and Player 4. I would love it if we could use names for ourselves. I hope you put this in soon!

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Sad. Takes way to long to load and it kicks me out of the game. Waste of my money and time, I advise you don’t get it.

Great. Exactly like the board game! Love it

I love this game. My friends and I enjoy playing this game when we can not see eachother irl.

Great. It’s so fun I’m gonna play it every day. I LOVE IT. Unce unce unce. Foxy yeah

Sort of worth the money. I mean it’s good in all but you shouldn’t have to pay

Pretty bad. You can only use the default map and for the other maps you have to pay money! Please change that!🤬

Terrible game. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME. Spent 16$ so my family could all play and first time we try an online match it says server full. Not working at all and we just wasted our money. STAY CLEAR OF THIS SCAM APP!

THIS GAME SUCKS. The computers are rigged and they r racist.

I think that's it's prudy gud. Yeah

3/5. I like this game, sucks that you have to buy different worlds once you already buy the app.

Awesome. Game is perfect however their other boards are a bit expensive

Money. Is there a way to get my money back?

SCAM. bought this app and it keeps saying server full!!! do not waste your money

New update :/. Can’t just play the classic game of life anymore. The players are riding motor cycles and you have to pay for any other vehicle. I just want the option to play the original like when I downloaded it.

Disappointed. Doesn’t work to play with others online, very disappointed after paying for the app, seems like a scam.

Awesome. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s an incredibly fun and addictive game and I play it a lot when I’m bored.

Bug!. Les jeux s’arrête seul et invitez des amis est compliqué. C’est mauvais.

So fun I play with children. In my daycare job at the end of the day I make groups of four and we play together

AWSOME. It's great just like the bored game but I wish that instead of the emojis that there where actual texting with your opponents

Game of life. This game is so fun and relaxing but can you make it free?

Awful. You have to pay cash just to get it....every time I want to play there is no one and I’m stuck in lobby. You can only play one board. Every other board etc you have to pay more! All pay game. Disappointed.

Love it. I love the app. I know to have the other themed boards is more expensive than buying the app itself, but I only bought the ones I really wanted. Not really that expensive anyway. I love the Game of Life and miss the old CD-ROM version, but this is great too.

Yup yup yup. It is so fun you can play with real people and u can play with a computer. You can also play with people on the same device. I think it’s a good game 😄

Grate game. Love it so fun

Time consuming but fun!. This game is better then the board game it’s so fun!

Amazing but college. College you always get like teacher never music or movie from career. Can you have good jobs for collage too. But this game is so fun!

sucks. you need to pay another $30 to get full version.

Good game…but could be better.. Good game but there should be murder and sexual options to make it more exciting.

$$$$$. Pay for the app and one basic game: then pay an extremely high amount for everything else. Waste of money. Not worth it, save your money.

Just loved it!. First online game version I played I got third place, which I don’t mind. Fair play to everyone that wins in games.

Meh. Not like the board game at all

Sooo fun. I love this game it is so fun 🤩 and I have no clue why people are complaining that it costs money because the bored game is way more expensive then this one

Won’t work. Me and my boyfriend are trying to play and it won’t let us play with each-other after spending money on this app I am p***** off and annoyed. It won’t let us connect by playing online or sending the link on Facebook. Do not buy if your looking to play with friends and family.

I like it but... I like it but everything costs money even the game! Other than that I love it so much I can’t stop playing it I even play Roblox less now.please make more (that don’t cost money please) This is super fun I wanted when I saw a youtuber play it and it’s super duper fun!! It’s probably the best game I ever played!

Sad. I got all the words and it was a lot of money. But then my sister deleted the game on my iPad. When I got the app back I didn’t have my packs.

Fun Game With Issues. This is a fun game with pros and cons Pros: - It’s the game of life, like the board game - The game is fun, particularly if played with friends or family - You can play Online - There is DLC which adds lots of variety from the looks of it Cons: - The DLC is unjustifiably expensive (Each DLC map, which also comes with things like new characters etc are $5.49 each) - The game gets repetitive after playing it a few times Conclusion: This is the game of life board game but on mobile! It’s the same fun you’re used to from the board game plus you can play this Online too!! I am just disappointed with the DLC because while it seems to provide a lot of variety which is much needed I don’t think it’s worth the amount they’re asking. Each DLC Costs more than the game itself and I think that’s a huge issue. Right now they have an offer to add all worlds for $28…… I think it should cost more like $18

Unstable as hell. The game is fun when it works but 9/10 games I get a loading screen that never resolves before I can finish playing. I also can’t check my texts between turns without it completely disconnecting me in an irreversible way

Good. Good

Super fun!!!. If you love the board game you’ll love this even more

Stuck. I can’t get off of the “story of life” screen everytime it pops up? How do I get off of that and continue playing

Too much money. You have to pay money to get the game in general but then to play different boards and stuff you have to pay more money. So without paying more money to play different boards it just gets boring over time playing the same thing

Facebook required. They fail to mention that Facebook is required for online. Very disappointing.

Ok. I found the game fun you should try it

So fun!. I have always loved board games, and the game of life has been one of my favourites. This electronic version is no exception. Its loads of fun, and seems to be always changing up a bit. The AI players are less predictable than previous games. The graphics add to the player's experience. Expect to make more purchases than the initial cost if you want different cars, avatars and board games. I've kept it basic and am happy with that. They have a fast game option now, "The first player to ___ wins!" options so you don't have to play a full game. Some of the game squares repeat thru out the game.. Otherwise its great! If you love the board game, this one is close enough that you will love it too. There are enough differences though that you aren't owning the same game twice. Well done.

Fun. Just like the board game

FUN but fast. The game is REALLY fun but very quick, the person who created the game was a genius Because it's exactly like life!

I can connect and play with my friend online. I want to play with my friend but I can connect my Facebook account to play with him……….. I have a error message

It's great but it charged me $12. I consider buying

Had fun. Brings back memories

so good. I love game of life and i couldn’t buy the actual game so i got this! Its fune and the sequal is great! Play it for sure

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A Great Game. Now donʻt get me wrong i do enjoy the old version a bit better but i still love this game! Itʻs still so much fun and is very nice you get to play online and do the collage and its really a good game you get to play well Life! Now the one thing that does bother me is that the game is that in detail as the old game but i give credic to the makers that it makes the game easier for kids but i still really wished the game still had the details it used to. But besides that this is a Great game and is super fun is really do say you shold play.

The Game Of Life. This game is almost exactly like the board game. I have A lot of fun playing with my sister and stepsiblings and also my parents too. This game is for all ages but I suggest for the younger kids and helping them a little bit because the rules can be a little confusing but other than that this is a really fun game and I love to play in my free time like after school or if I just have nothing else to do. I never see any glitches or lags. I have really fun playing this game and I hope you also have a fun time too.

2/5???. I was a little bit hesitant on buying this but I really wanted to play Life so I went ahead and just bought it. I was surprised at how well the game looked and it is just like the board game, besides the mini games, which was nice. However I am rating this game 2/5 stars because of what it’s like playing online. My biggest and only complaint about this game is how long it takes to get into a match with it other players. I have had to wait over 30 minutes to be able to play online successfully and it just really ruins the whole playing experience. If the issue gets fixed I’ll change my rating. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Game of Life. This Game is amazing!!! I love that it’s authentic and so very fun! My only complaint is that I wish it was a little easier to find particular people you want to play with. For example my cousin and I wanted to play together, it took us about 10 trys just to get into the same server. So I just wish they could make that a little easier, and maybe even make an adjustment where you’d be able to play with any of the people who had the game in your contacts. 🙂 Other than that, I find this game very fun and worth the $3 😆

Awesome! Love to win.. I really like to win and and I like that it counts everything at the end for a lot of money. The only thing that I wish was different was the mini games. Some are fun like statues, but the others such as grab the cash and car crash. Otherwise, it’s a really cool game. Although when it first came out it had different music and it was free. Now it had kinda carnival music and it is 2.99! But I was still willing to spend the money because at my dads house I have the board game and I wanted to play the same game at my moms house and on the go.

Awesome game!. I love this game so much, very fun and it summarizes growing up in an enjoyable (and short) way! At the time I’m writing this, I just finished my first game, which was super-duper fun. The only slight complaint I have is the first few times I tried playing, it didn’t load in the game and left me with an internet connection loading screen. I won’t remove a star though, ‘cause it was only temporary anyways. Definitely a smart way to spend a few bucks, totally recommend to those who are bored and are willing to pay a few dollars!

GAME OF LIFE!!!!!!!. This is an amazing game I been playing for 3 days I had the most money every time and this game is so indicting if you don’t have the board game and you want to play The game of life you should just buy this game and you don’t have to pay more like to sign up it’s free you can also buy packs and vehicles there is also online play but if you don’t want to play online you can local play so buy this game its Every 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👁👄👁 👁👅👁

Love this game. See here I was playing this game with my mom you know and I won 2 times and it’s really fun I play red and my mom play yellow and my brother play green I don’t usually play with my brother but we give it a go so back to my mom she brought a life board game we will play it some day but we’re looking forward to playing it and we have monopoly and uno it is fun I play monopoly with my brother and dad I play uno with my brother so this game is so fun I am going to play it right now with my brother see y’all later

Pretty good. I love the Game of Life and this mobile version is pretty good, but I really think that there should be a lot more features of the game open since one has to pay $2.99 for the game. I’ve played tons of other free games that had more customization and environment options available when you play for the first time. I just think it’d be nice to have some more/better options for overall customization when playing the game initially.

Needs Improvement. Had a great time playing the game but I am experiencing an unfortunate glitch problem. For some reason the audio on the game ( both music and sound fx) are non existent no matter how much I adjust the volume bars unless I play with my headphones connected. Headphones on, sound is fine, Headphones off, no dice (no pun intended).Tried restarting my phone and anything else I could think of to see what could help. But nothing would. Finally decided to uninstall and reinstall to see if that worked, well it did not. Furthermore I had just purchased one of the dumb character packs for a dollar before the uninstall and that disappeared upon reinstalling. Talk about adding insult to injury..

Great for family play... but. My family and I love playing the board game and this app is such a great way to play together online. The main problems are: 1. While playing with your friends, if a person gets kicked out or loses connection, there’s no way to invite them back into the game session 2. There should be another option to do a local network multiplayer game option instead of inviting a friend via Facebook. Not every teenager wants a Facebook account these days. We use this for family game night and that would help

The game of life. Before I got this game I barely knew what life was than I played I had like the best time of my life so I bought the board game and I love it as well also right before I bought the game I was like it might not be worth it but it’s the best 2 bucks I’ve spent in my life I really love this game and the different maps and that you can play with your friends I play this game every day and I actually just played one the more you play the more you’ll like it it’s worth it (:

It’s so bad you can’t believe it. It’s an app by hasbro, the people who made the original game and it’s nothing like it. There isn’t even a version that you can play in here that remotely resembles the actual game. Nothing is customizable, ridiculous cutaway animation you can’t opt out of, the whole thing is so incredibly slow and tedious. I can’t say enough bad things about this app. This is a company that should be removed from the store. I don’t understand how this kind of garbage is okay. Asking anyone to pay for something 10 levels below acceptable should have consequences. I wish I had found a review like mine before I paid for this nonsense. DON’T DO IT. YOU’LL REGRET IT.

I want to love this game, but I can’t. I want so badly to love this game. Mostly because it is the only life game on the market but also because I am a life game fanatic. I love all versions of life the game... but this. I loved the old version for about 6 months it was the only game I would play. I would keep saves, constantly look through old games and stay up late for hours to play. The characters in the game would actually have a connection to me and it would be sad when a game ended. Now I can’t even finish a game, I mean if you love the game to each their own but I loved the 1.0 version and it very much feels like it’s trying to be other games and not the original life board game and Hasbro Version.

Best game ever!!!. I love this game so much.I like that they included mini games, the mini games are the best they make me laugh and I have so much fun playing them.I love having kids, getting married, getting a job, choosing the safe or the risky path. If you do not have this game yet get it immediately. Tho I do not care for when I would be happy playing the game it would glitch out. Besides this game is amazing! You should get it immediately if you don’t already have it.

Good game but could be improved. This game is fun, but I’d recommend fixing a few things. One of those things is, when you land on a spot that takes away money, sometimes the money is never taken away. This game has gone to the top of my list because it is so fun. It can also be frustrating when you play a computer, their moves are always the same thing. They always pick life path instead of the family path, and they always pick countryside retirement home. These improvements should be made to make the game better, but over all it’s a great game to play.

Love it!!!. I am a big fan of a real “game of life” (I have about 3 versions in real life), so this game is awesome. If you are going on a trip and can’t take the real game with you, then this app is the best thing ever! I am not sure if you can play it without WiFi but this game is definitely worth $3! You can play with your friends, other players online and even with computers. You can play with up to 4 people (including you) like in real game! The only problem of this game is that you cannot touch the money, or spin the wheel like in real life. TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!

For all you haters and newbies. For all those haters out there, you have obviously never played the Game Of Life before. This game is supper similar and the only real new thing is the mini games and the changing of car size. Too bad if it’s not exactly like the board game. Get over it. It’s a mobile game. I’m literally laughing so hard because of how dramatic and far from truth your reviews are. Newbies, this is a great game and I recommend it to all. You can play with a friend or random people. Or against computers. Test your skill of saving and buying, money managing and smarts!😆🤑

Love it!. I had only played this once when I downloaded this game. It was at my friends house, and ever since, I was in love with it. Unfortunately, my friends never wanted to play when I was over there, making it hard to play, as in I played it once and that was it. I don’t know what it is, but I just love the idea of the game. So, I decided to see if they had it in the App Store. They did and I immediately downloaded it. 3.99 dollars is such a reasonable price for such and amazing game. It is such good quality, and I will NEVER get tired of playing it!

It's what you'd expect but with a few rule changes. To be honest I haven't played the real Game of Life in ages, so when I saw an ad for this I was kind of nostalgic and decided to give it a try. I know for sure a few things were changed, but the basic idea of the game seems essentially the same. Unless you're really a stickler for the old rules, I think if you're looking into this then you'll probably want to buy it. It's certainly cheaper than buying the real game and requires much less setup.

Wish it was more like the old game. I feel like the game is too short for my taste. Not a fan of the cards it gives. And I wish the game would force you to stop and get a starter home, then stop to get another home later if you want like it use to do. I played 3 rounds and I couldn’t land on a home tile no matter how hard I tried. It would also be nice if you can rerelease the old game of life app you use to have and maybe just “modernize” It a little. It was just like the board game back in 2007 and it was perfect. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but it just had a more “life” feel to it.

Playing is painful!. Make a single player option please! Would be completely willing to pay for more boards and spend more time on the app if I could just do a computer generated single player. The way it is set up now you play with 3 other people who are also online which is so frustrating. I’ve yet to complete a GAME. Just this past time I tried to play it took me 5 minutes to start cause 2 people I was “paired” with decided to leave then the app had to search for 2 more players. Then when we finally played people kept leaving and it was obnoxious. SINGLE PLAYER. I just bought this app recently and I’m already regretting it so much. If they don’t do something different soon with it I’m just going to delete it so it doesn’t take up space

I would honestly pay money for the old version of this game. Just the fact that buying a house isn’t a stop space earns this game 1 star. Buying a house and the storybook on your life at the end of the game we’re the 2 best parts of the game. Now, there’s a good chance you won’t even land on the spaces to buy a house and they got the storybook on your life at the end of the game. If they made buying a house a stop space and added the storybook of your life back in, then I would change my review to 5 stars. The least that they could do is let us buy the old version of the game. There’s already a bunch of other versions that you can buy. That would also earn a 5 Star review.

Amazing. This game is amazing I have the board game and trust me I’m not a bot I had a iTunes gift card I used on this and I love it just because they did change the price from iPod it’s sooooooo worth it and I mean those who complain about the price this game should be like 5 bucks and they made it free on iPod I love this game already so much I had to write a review on it if you agree with me rate it 5 stars and make this helpful so we see this instead of oh the price is bad oh I can’t afford it.

This game is so much fun!. This game is so cool. I wanted the real board game but I couldn’t have it, so I was looking on the intranet on mobile versions for the game of life, and I found this game and I thought to myself, this would be a really fun game. Then I started playing it and, it was so much FUN! Whenever i’m bored I play this, so it prevents me from eternal boredom. So I would really recommend this game, to those of you that can’t have the real board game, so then you could just play on the mobile version. Thank you for reading this review, bye!

The game is great!. This game is fun, and even though it is not the same as the original game, it is almost like it’s own little game, based off of the original. I would recommend this game for long car rides, but if you are playing it without taking breaks, dependent on how many players there are, it only takes about 20 minutes to play. I would have liked it if it were longer, but better short than nothing. I don’t think you should have to pay for the game, since you have to pay for a lot of stuff in the game to. I enjoyed the game otherwise though!

Wonderful!. I play with my sisters and it takes much less time than the actual board game. No stress with distributing the money, only passing the device around! I love this game and think it is awesome except for the fact that if you press a single wrong button, it can effect the whole entire game for you. I also wish that this game allowed people from online to play together, but otherwise, I think that this game is awesome!

Fun, but too much money. Its a fun game, but I dont like the fact that, even though I already paid for the game, I still have to use money to get different boards and careers. Its cool to play, but it kind of gets boring when you play on the same game board every single time. I mean, if the game was free, I would understand that you have to pay for different boards; but the game ALREADY cost money, so its kind of a bummer. You can obviously tell that the creators are just trying to make money. I will keep playing, but I really hope that the people make the other game boards free.

This Game is Rigged. I swear that this game is rigged. I ALWAYS spin a one! Sometimes 3-4 times in a row. I get so aggravated that I just quit the game. I don’t know what is going on but the game will tell me to spin to move. I spin and before I move the computer (who I am playing against) will take money from the bank. What’s with that?!?! This always happens to me: I will be a brain surgeon making $150,000 and the computer is a fashion designer making $80,000, but the computer somehow has more than double the amount of money than I do!! I used to love this game. Not any more…

Fun, and great with friends and family!!. I had a lot of fun playing this game. I just downloaded it and it is a very enjoyable game. I played alone so it was a little more on the boring side. But I’m sure if you play with your friends and family, you’ll have a even better time!! The 3d models are awesome, and I love the action cards. In the end, I think you should buy this game. Or, you can buy the REAL board game, you decide. This would have been 5 stars if you made it so you can add usernames, and such. So you can identify each other. Anyway I love this game, and I hope others do as well!!

Online players. This game over all is really fun! But.......the other online players take forever to play the game and sometimes you can’t even get in because they just sit there and don’t hit ready, then even if you do get in the game they never take their turn. I get that the game creators can’t fix this so other players please if you are gonna do online play please actually play and pay attention. I do love this game though because no one will play the actual board game because they think it is boring so this is perfect!

Amazing game!!!. I love the board game so much and I saw that there was an app so I got it. It is just like the board game if you play classic. You can also play in different modes but those cost money, which I understand. You can also add players that you are with on the game, or you can play with a computer if no one else wants to play with you. Or you can got play online and see if anyone is online to play. This is a great game and I definitely recommend this game! 😁

too many in app purchases. While I do enjoy the app, I believe there are way too many in app purchases. You already pay for the game, and then they try to charge you for everything else (like different versions/themes, icons, cars, etc.). I just think it’s a bit ridiculous and annoying. Maybe come up with a way to gain points in game, which you can use towards those extra purchase? And then maybe have an option to pay for more coins? I just find it very annoying when games you have to pay for have a million in app purchases.

Great game but a few things I don’t like. I used to LOVE playing the game (Mabye once a week) but every time I wanna play now it won’t let me like I would wait like I just get in the person who owns it then it would randomly kick me out of the game so i never play cus it won’t EVEN LET ME GET IN. So I think 3 out of 5. So first I would get in and it would say the sponsor ( hasbro) then it would kick me out, then I would go into the App Store to see if it needs a update but their is none, then I would go back and try try try and try to join but it would never let me in the game

Very unhappy. Just played a game. Newer version. I don’t care for the mini games and very hard to play. Then the game already cost money but to get better things you need to spend at least 20 more bucks. So it’s all about making the money. During the game all players when I landed on their number while spinning got so much more money even though my job was the second highest in the game. There are a lot of things that need fixed. In the normal game of life if you land on the persons number you pay a flat fee of 40 or 50k but this game is different and all my players somehow were higher than mine? Also most of the action cards are the same.

I prefer both versions of life. I love this game but I rate it four stars because it sometimes shuts of the volume when I close the game. I played a game and got second place which is not a bad thing but some guy who was in third place feels bad for himself. He only had $3170 and we had even more than him. He also started bad in the beginning but when I had my first unfinished game, I started out bad and catched up. It’s like the same as Monopoly Slots (which I hadn’t downloaded yet) but with no gambling. I hope you all listeners like my story. Bye everyone.

Amazing!. This app is well designed, fun to play and can keep you entertained for hours! One of my favorite game is life and when my family is busy the app is perfect because it’s online. I love the fast and full addition to the game. I think games and apps like this are under hyped and deserve more (good) attention. Please keep it up! This game is so much fun and if you do decide to get the in - game purchases it’s refundable, and worth it. Please download this incredible app!

This game is so much like the original. I really am enjoying this game it really fallows the original board game but just on more of a faster level. I like how you can play multiplayer with friends on local mode or on line. Also I like that you can chose to play a shorter version if you don’t have time for a longer game. The only issue I have with the game is it was a struggle for me to download it but so far, once I got it figured out it was so worth it.

Amazing!... Consumes Battery ):. This app is truly amazing. Whenever I have a substitute teacher, my friends and I get together and play this game on my phone. It truly makes us laugh and enjoy our time and we love to make fun of each other for things we can’t control in the game. My only complaint is that it takes up SO much of my battery. I’ve played apps non stop and the most my battery runs is about 20%. This app seems to consume almost 50-60% in just an hour. I wish you could see if it’s the way the game is built or not because I truly don’t believe it’s my phone since it’s relatively new.

(This is really 4 1/2 stars. It really is an amazing game! My best friends cousin had it and he let my brother play it, and we’ve got even my grandma hooked! It’s so fun! But, it would be nice to add on single player maybe because the computer in annoying. I played 2 games with the computer and it always spun 7 or above. So adding on single player would make a better experience for many people. Thank you! But it you want to download the game, ITS SO FUN!!! and the annoying computer glitch may be just me and my brother. Idrk.

Great with one exception…. This was a great game to purchase with only one problem. I bought it because one of my 10 year old’s favorite YouTuber did a video playing it with his friends. We downloaded it so we could play together and I was very disappointed to realize that we couldn’t. I can’t have her join a room I create. I’m assuming this is some sort of age restriction, but it’s very disappointing as this was the whole reason we downloaded it.

I use to play with a real board back in the day.. I love playing life then and now. This life game, I love the different season and the different job offers it has for each season. Sometime when I have family over, I’ll put it on Apple TV and we play it and every one have fun. The only thing I don’t like is I can’t get to play with others on line, like it just keeps spending around looking, so I don’t know. So I just play with the computer and my family, that’s good enough for me. That’s why I’ll gave it four star. If you play and pay close attention you can learn a lot by playing the game of life.

The Game of Life; a Metaphor Beyond our Expectations. Picture this, a cold dewy Monday Evening, approximately 9:28 pm January 18th 2021, sitting in a beautiful immaculate establishment concerning the coffee affair. There is a bit of chatter surrounding you, and yet the embodiment and re-enactment of the human experience equipped on our handheld devices is just so immersive and engaging, you cannot look away. And once the “game” comes to an end it continues in our real world. There is nothing like it. Again, immaculate, amazing, beautiful, immersive, and just a lesson for us all to grow from. sincerely written by: William Shakespeare himself.

Decent game with technical issues. I’ve always love the game of life and I used to have the old app as well as the board game. Unfortunately this game has so many technical issues. For example, whenever me and the two computers in local mode spin to see who goes first I always go last even when my spins are higher than one or two of the computer players. Also, sometimes, the computers randomly get to spin and move twice without having a stop sign. In addition, I was disappointed to find out that you have to buy so much in app despite paying for the app in the first place.

Super Fun!!. My son and I enjoy playing this game! We just downloaded it today, and we’ve already played 10 times!! You get so many options so it doesn’t get boring! Although I love the different themes, I can’t believe I have to pay for them considering the game wasn’t free. Also, I don’t like that you have to pay to get a different car, or avatar! After playing the game so many times, that should be rewarded! Other than the extra money being spent, we really like this game! It is super fun!

Online play. I love playing “online” with other players but it gets rather frustrating when they aren’t paying attention and get a bonus and don’t collect their money so we are just sitting there waiting for them to tap the screen to collect their cash. I feel like it would go faster/smoother if you didn’t have to tap to receive your money but it just automatically went to your account. But other than that it’s a great game and is entertaining to play

Really good. Not sure about you guys but I just got it for this one day to test out because my friend has it and I want to do test but for my first day of playing it walked me through all the directions and it is great need to make new version so because I’m really looking forward to if you make new versions of this game but other than that the game is really good kind of a lot of waiting but not complaining Game is just really fun and my sister loves it too You guys about done yourself this is what I need to make more versions of the game

Not the same 😞. I loved to play the original game of life app because it was so similar to the actual board game. This app is nowhere near the real board game. You can’t see your own personal details and you play more as a group than as an individual trying to win. Although the digital animation is great and fun to watch, it would be better with the original game. Also, it is all over priced, just to have ANYTHING different you have to pay for it! And I also had the game glitch the first time I played it, and when I went back to the game to continue playing it did not save the game! I wish that this app would keep the same well-loved bored game and then make new ways to play. Don’t spend your money on this game if you expect the same great bored game that we all love!

Life. It is a 21st Century update to the board game original. I really like the changes that were made to make the game more interesting and also allows you to play against the computer now. It has a lot of expanded content compared to original; a risky path,a night school, getting fired, & new jobs with new salaries are just a few. This version even has new “boards” available if you want to update. I absolutely love it more than the original. Would highly recommend.

Some friendly suggestions. I love the game. I have many fond memories of this app from my childhood. As part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I love how you make the game inclusive with choosing who you want to marry, but I feel that it isn’t quite enough. Maybe add a green peg that you can choose from to be or to marry? You could also make marriage an option, because many people don’t want to marry and just want to play the game. Other than that, it is a very great game and I am very happy with my purchase!

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The Game of Life Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello Game of Life players! We have issued some fixes to make your game more stable. Enjoy!

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Find on this site the customer service details of The Game of Life. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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