The Game of Life

The Game of Life [Games] App Description & Overview


Attend college, accept a job and play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for the whole family. Watch as board piece characters come to life and make their way through the various stages of life on this spectacular, 3D animated reworking of the familiar physical board.


The Game of Life features a new, unique and much-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmaking lets you play in a whole new way online. Match and play against other online players as you all spin and race in the direction of the last yellow tile; retirement.


• ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Match with other players and race to the final yellow square
• LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on one device
• FAST MODE - A new, shorter game mode where you will be faced with a different victory condition!
• MINIGAMES - Put your skills to the test and compete head-to-head in a variety of minigames
• CHAT - Send players expressive emoticons during online matches

THE GAME OF LIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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The Game of Life Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello Game of Life players! We have issued some fixes to make your game more stable. Enjoy!

The Game of Life Comments & Reviews

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- Amazing Game I Love ❤️ it

It is amazing I’m so addicted to this game it’s fun and it’s amazing I agave the actual game and I like this game love love playing it more

- Play online with friends

There should be a feature to invite friends through text messages. Or to create private lobbies instead of public lobbies where random people can join and you have no option to kick them out to put your friends in. Not to mention the Facebook login doesn’t work 100% of the time. But otherwise great app



- Epiccc

Great game! I destroyed my 98 year old mother!

- Playing with friends online requires Facebook.

I bought this game to play with my family across country during lockdown. Playing with friends online requires Facebook. Not only are my kids too to young for Facebook, I won’t touch it.

- Great app

I love it I think it is a great app you should totally get it

- Fun

But I hope the computer isn’t cheating. Made almost a million dollars before I made a quarter AND it ended up winning the game after everything was cashed in.

- Multiplayer literally doesn’t work at all with friends.

Requires Facebook - but even that is broken. Worst multiplayer implementation of a game in history. Battleship and monopoly let you share a code. Simple, easy effective. Life requires Facebook and doesn’t keep the integration up to date, so it’s broken. Useless.

- Really fun for family

I enjoyed this game with my family, I suggest it for yours. 😊

- Would Buy Again

Love the deal I got when purchased with Monopoly, Clue, and Battleship. 4 stars because this price only included the basic game play.

- Love the game BUT lost Everything!!!!!

So I have had this game forever I bought all of the maps and enjoyed playing it however I switched to Apple. I go to install and it charges me 2.99 not to include if I want all of my boards, skin’s and everything else back I have to rebuy it.....

- Crash

Would love the game if connection doesn’t always fail. I can have full bars and be connected to WiFi and game won’t connect I still can’t even finish one game so disappointed

- Game keeps crashing

Every time I try to play this game with my girl we keep getting disconnected from the server!!! It’s my my WiFi or hers that is the problem!!!!!! Y’all need to fix ur Multiplayer mode and if you want a tip on how to fix it try the game monopoly their multiplayer mode is flawless !! IM VERY UPSET I PAID FOR A GAME I CANT PLAY!!!!!!

- To much money

It’s to much money

- Ick

I was hoping for an experience similar to the monopoly’s game where I could play the classic game of life I loved. But there are so many random little mini games that hinder the gameplay. I would like the option to play the classic without all the changes. Though I do like the ability to choose the color peg you marry, it’s really the only positive I see in the game.

- No Sound = NO sound

I would give this 5 if they fixed it so you can listen to whatever you want. If you turn off the game music you can’t listen to your own music either.

- I always wanted to play this

I never was able to play these games even in real life I have the type of this but nothing the same and I like it now I like playing the game play The game of Life :) ;):):):)🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆🤩🤩🤩🤩😝😝😝😝😜😜😜😜😜😅😂😃😄🤣😊😆☺️😂🙂😘

- Ehhh it’s ok

It’s ok came but sad that you have to have Facebook to play with friends but over all ok

- 100% 5 Stars

This is one of my favorite games. It really worth the price. It’s a great map, great quality, and for me no glitches if your Wi-Fi’s good. I would suggest to buy this game.

- Good Game

This game is really fun It doesn’t really need and skill only a lot of luck on your rolls. But DON’T play computer because it’s like impossible to win literally they rolled like 10 every turn and won almost every roll off except one. Other then that it’s a fun game totally recommend it!

- Can you make it more like the game for PS1?

The Game of Life for PS1 was phenomenal and would really really enjoy having that on my phone. I’d even pay for it!! The goofy ass graphics and everything. You really got to choose everything and it was fun!

- Awesome! Definitely!

I recommend this game if your bored at home in quarantine! I play with friends even making friends! I played so much I know every card

- SO FUN!!

I’ve played the board game of life well this is way I would suggest downloading this game:)


This game is great! You can even use it with no WiFi. I always play it, and it makes time go faster if you are on a road trip or anything else!

- Good


- So great!

I love this game because it is realistic and fun! I enjoy this game and I would like for the creators to make this even more fun because- ahh who am I kidding? This is AWESOME!

- This is a great app

I would give this app five stars. However, once in a while it will glitch and kick me out of the game. This is a great app for the whole family. Very close to the original game. You can play with random people online, or you can connect with a friend or family member. As many as four players.

- Lazy Programming

The game itself if fun. It has all of the new cards the new board game has which is nice. However, the computer selections are lazy. This may not be a big deal to some, but if I chose a male as my player and I have 3 cpu players, they all choose males every single time. So it’s 4 males every game. If I choose a female as my player, they still chose 3 males. So the CPU always chooses male drivers. Why? When I play against the CPU I want diversity. So it feels like I’m playing with people. Also these male CPUs players always choose to marry a female, which is fine, but once and while change it up. Have more random cpu choices. For the games I played, most CPUs choose a job over college. I only had one cpu choose college. It would be nice if they made more different and random choices.

- Don’t buy this

This app is a waist of money do not buy!!!! There is no reason to it’s rigged laggy and just is boating waist of money

- So Fun

Seriously Fun For A Long Ride Or Boring Situations 😂

- Life

It is a 21st Century update to the board game original. I really like the changes that were made to make the game more interesting and also allows you to play against the computer now. It has a lot of expanded content compared to original; a risky path,a night school, getting fired, & new jobs with new salaries are just a few. This version even has new “boards” available if you want to update. I absolutely love it more than the original. Would highly recommend.

- .-.

it’s fun with friends

- Great Game!

This is a fabulous family game, its definitely worth the price. Its fair, and you cant rig it. I feel like its better than the board game because this way, you can’t cheat, and you don’t need to go through the hassle of setting up.

- Life

It is so good but the computers win a lot.

- No background audio available

I like the game, but for some reason I am unable to mute the game and listen to other content in the background like I prefer to.

- Incredible

Just keep up the good work

- Keeps crashing

Every time me or my friends have tried to play either their game or mine crashes I’ve even tried playing with strangers and it still crashed i wish it worked but it’s just a waste of space in my phone

- Too much spinning!!!

If you want to spin the spinner 100 times a game then this game is right up your alley!!!

- Interesting

First time playing I honestly can’t remember the board game since I was young but I love the virtual version it’s not bad. You’re unable to predicted who will win in the end could be the person who was on top the entire game or could be the person who was losing at the beginning. The careers were interesting choices and much more

- Lagging

Worst App ever, I want my 3$ back. Me and my friends can never finish a game due too connectivity errors. WiFi is 100Percent in the application still times out.Monopoly by the way never timed out on the same Wi-Fi connection please fix this immediately.

- About the other players

Thousand players I love it

- Fun game but......

This game is really fun! I love it so much I play it almost every day! But there is something missing! It needs something that makes it even more addictive! Maybe some more challenges to add. I don’t but I really like this game and you should get it if you are bored or going on a road trip or something because it really takes up your time but in a good way!

- Would be great game

Would be a great game if it didn’t keep crashing after like five rounds I have a iPhone XS Max on WiFi and the game keeps crashing with 3 or more players online after 4 or more of my turns

- The best

This is the best game well not the best but good not to many adds not even sure there is adds so that is good this is so good no glitches for me well two but still really good great for when your bored well sorry to say it costs money. Will your parents pay for this?😐

- Great Game But Could Use More

Love the game and have for a long time, however, I would love to see new and different spaces, jobs, houses, and or mini games. As much as I love the game I feel updates would be much appreciated.

- Can I get the game

I just wanted to let my mom get the game for me but I just got to get the game and I just played it.

- love it!

i love this game, but there is one problem. it was fun for the first few rounds, but then i got kicked out of the game. i could not even open the app anymore, and the issue has not been fixed yet. i have tried restarting my phone, but nothing has changed. usually when i get kicked out of apps, it’s because they need updated soon, so if there is an update or the situation is fixed, i will definitely change to five stars!

- Amazing

This game is the best there is good Quality that you get to play with your friends ,family yeah that is my rating

- Frustrating

Game crashes especially when playing online. Literally got to the very end and couldn’t even see who won because it crashed right at the end. Also when players leave the game does a robot take over?

- I love this game!!!

This game is sooo much fun! I absolutely loveee it!! It’s so addicting has great quality and is extremely fun! I highly recommend

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- Awesome!

The game it’s self is really cool but it’s over priced for the game it’s self or the expansion packs

- Very glitchy

Terrible. Cuts out, loses connection, times out, boots you out in mid game. Plus, it’s not free!

- Ok

It is good but a multiplayer mode would be nice. Awesome game.

- The greatest game ever!

This game is great it’s so fun it’s just like real life

- To much money

It’s fun but the board games are better cause this one is to much money

- loving this game

i originally bought this game for my niece & me to play when she visits. tbh i play more on my own, its so fun. all the nostalgia playing LIFE. awesome graphics btw, the little cut scenes are too cute. a baby dropped by helicopter, like what LOL

- I love it

OML it’s so good I mean it was a fast game but who cares it’s the best game ever

- Unfortunately disappointing

The game will start off fine when your playing on line. Then all of a sudden it glitches and quicksand you out of it saying “you lost connection” but I still have full bars for wifi! YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE GAME AND FIX THE BUGS!

- Life

This game is really fun and amazing

- Fun for first game

After you play your first game you probably won’t play it again. It’s meh. Very basic, and you have to pay for everything.

- How do I get my money back?

I found it super morning and very low quality. How do I get a refund?

- Déception

Nous sommes un trio d’amis dans la trentaine. On a toujours apprécié une bonne game de Destin. Avec la distanciation sociale, on s’est dit qu’on allait prendre la version en ligne. Déception. Oui, de bons graphiques. Nous vous l’accordons. Ok, musique dynamique et sympa, nous l’avons shazamée d’ailleurs. Notre problème : on trouve ça bébé. Nous vous écrivons du Québec et c’est répétitif. Nous avons arrêté de jouer au bout de 5 minutes. Ce jeu ne vaut pas 4,99$. À notre avis, vous auriez pu faire une version gratuite avec achats intégrés. Un remboursement serait de mise. Cordialement, Martin (acheteur), Michaël et Valérie

- So much fun

Great game! I used to have the board game and I miss it so I bought this. It funny when the kids go to the retirement home with you.

- Great game

Love this game, my girlfriend and I play it all the time. My only wish is that there were more levels to play. We bought the whole pack but would be great if there was some new worlds added every now and then ☺️

- The Invite friends to play function doesn’t work at all

Tried to have friends to play in multiplayer mode together but we waited in lobby for hours not being able to proceed, because the invitations never got through successfully. None of us were able to receive the invites from each other. We felt our money are wasted since the whole reason we purchased this game is to play together online.

- Just a tip

Fun game to play but need better cars to drive

- Awesome

Awesome game they should make more board games like that!😆

- Fun

This game is really fun. It is much like the board game. I don’t think it should cost money and you have to buy extra stuff if you want it to be more interesting.

- Crashes

Game is great But playing online with friends we have tried three times and we have not been able to complete one game as it crashes. We all get the waiting screen and four minutes later it is still the same screen. So not able to complete a online game.

- Only playing the Classic game

Bought the Classic game to play in a game pack with my son. No ads, but could spend HUNDREDS getting all the add-ons! It’s great to be able to play this great game without all the clutter from the board itself.

- Help!

My game won’t open :( any fixes??

- Good

It’s a good game, a lot like the board game I played as a kid. It is a little annoying that after paying for the app there’s a load of in app purchases too; the price of the game is enough to pay in my opinion.

- Crap

In order to play with friends you need a Facebook account unless your at the same house I don’t see why you can’t just make your own private session and make an invite code and tell them it so they join easy. Don’t get this unless you have a Facebook account.

- Memories

Loved the board game and I’m loving playing this game online.

- Bugggg!

Often says « connection error » in the game online.. Then you loose your game

- Lifeless

I used to own the older version that was reminiscent of the computer game. There were faces and actual life cards, now they’re pegs. The graphics were more real in the older version. Very disappointed with this new one.

- Pretty good

I enjoy this game. Brings back great memories. I just wish I could look around the board during play or even look at player standings during play. Not many options. Hopefully you expand this game.

- Great game

This game was exactly the board game, but potable and easy!!

- Kaka aka kaka

I love is. Game is so go to play with your friends online or if you don't have friends you can play with online ones its so fun

- Love the game ❤️

So much fun great game to play. Must play!

- Super jeu !

Super jeu ! Très divertissant. Par contre, l’interface aurait besoin d’être rafraîchi, il y’a une bonne différence au niveau des interfaces entre les deux jeux .. mais autrement super ! 🙂

- Stop charging me

Why do I keep getting charged every week how do I stop this!! Was suppose to be one time payment fix this

- Terrible app

This game is honestly horrible. 4 of us paid to buy it only to have to try for an entire hour to just receive invites from each other to actually play. Then once playing, two players got kicked out and replaced with computers. Just tried again playing only two of us and had the exact same issues. While the app is running you are told to wait constantly while it loads. Honestly do not buy this app!

- Crashes a lot

How does this game cost money? The multiplayer is so bad, constantly crashes, and is almost unplayable

- Yes, yes. You have to pay.

I don’t know why everyone’s panties are all up in a wad about paying. That’s how life works. You want something, you pay for it. It’s so much fun and it’s way quicker than the board game. I strongly suggest buying the bundle (the one with the classic and the vacations)

- Fun

More fun with more then 2 people I recommend for kids and adults and if u don’t know how to play it explains it to u it works on iOS11 SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DOWNLOAD

- Cuts out

Would be 5 starts but it cuts out 1/3 of the time and have to restart whole game

- Fun!!

It was fun I think tho that it is a little much money for the game because don’t get me wrong I love the real game but it’s not the same.

- Okay game until it glitches

Ive been playing this game for a few days now during isolation. My first two games I had no issues but the last 3 games I played it will glitch on a page and there’s no way to move forward without exiting the game. There should really be a save and continue button to get around this problem. Overall the game is ok but gets very repetitive quickly.

- Wow

This game is awesome

- Game of life

Fantastic! Love it.

- So cheap!

For what it cost ? ...really ? this game should be 0.99 cents.

- Very good game


- I love it

I love the design and details.The price is worth it.You just have to pay 2.something.Keep up the good work hasbro gaming.🙂🙂🙂🙂😀😀😀

- Money grab

The game is a money grab. There are lots of bonus things, like theme boards and user profiles but it’s all $$$. It’s an okay game, nothing special.

- Déconnexion à la première partie

Je jouais avec un ami sur le même réseau et il a été déconnecté, le jeu en ligne ne semble pas trop fiable.

- Vrm amusant mais bcp de bug

Bcp de bug coter multijoueur

- Décevant

Assez décevant, ça ne ressemble pas vraiment au vrai boardgame, plusieurs éléments manquants. La configuration du jeu est plate et manque de dynamisme.

- Unable to play with friends

Should have trusted my gut on this one. Do not buy! I can’t even play with friends. The invitation doesn’t even get sent! I want a refund!

- Add play with friends

Can only play with facebook friends - seriously make it so you can at least Play with invite friends non facebook

- Ok

It takes soooo long to do everything 😞😞😞

- Why Facebook login??

Great game but why is it only possible to sign in with Facebook? Not everyone has an account for the toilet of the internet!

- This game is amazing

I just played this and I won against a computer this is what I just said that why did I just say this is amazing

- ♥︎

Great game it very fun a awesomely fun time passer it s five buck though witch is a turn off but it is super fun

- Crashes

The game is fun and interactive but crashes at the worst of times. Please fix this.

- Awesome


- Best way to play game of life…

Board games on mobile is the best thing for these types of games cause in real life there is way too much time put into setting up the game this game playing with friends is awesome and a fun experience also I pre-ordered the game of life 2 coming out soon I can’t wait to see what the new game is gonna include…

- It’s cool

So like l loveeee it the game is like sooo fun l love it. It is so fun and the age is perfect!

- Amazing

Best game ever


Plz make more games like this it is amazing 😉 seriously this is amazing if you don’t give this at least a 3 star rating you are weird this game is amazing it costs five dollars but it’s amazing

- Great game but why am I paying for extras when I’ve already paid?

I love this game but why do the developers feel the need to charge for extras when they are already charging an up front fee. This doesn’t sit well with me and I won’t be purchasing any “extras” as they don’t add value to the game or my experience. Not a good move in my books.

- Pretty good

Well it is good in all and it does take a lot of time but that is the purpose of broad games and I enjoyed playing my first round

- It’s ok

I love this game but one thing I don’t understand is why you have to pay more money for different game modes I think that it should be $5 Australian

- Great game

I had awesome fun playing this game by myself and with my family! I strongly recommend others play this game!

- Shouldn’t be worth $5.99

Waste of money. It’s a solid game, but shouldn’t be worth $5.99

- Should cost more for its quality

I think that this could very well be the best game I’ve ever played the graphics are great and almost everything is awesome. The only thing is that risky road needs to be longer because you spin but there’s a good chance you just skip it. It’s a very good game 5 star

- Keeps crashing

Despite playing on new devices, the game crashed FOUR times. So bad that you can’t reconnect!

- In game purchases

This is a good game but you have to pay $5 just to get the game and then that only gets you one board and you have to pay another $6 per board you want. A fun game but definitely not worth that much money.

- Facebook.... No Thanks

This could be a great game and a lot of fun to play with friends online BUT unlike Monopoly or Battleship or Cluedo you have to login with Facebook. This is a big FAIL. Not everyone has Facebook or wants Facebook so why try to make us sign up to Facebook in order to play online with friends. Facebook has a disgusting reputation with regard to privacy and forcing us to use it tarnishes your reputation.

- Needs a lot of improvement!

I have played this game maybe 10 times now and it is impossible to load, drops out during the game and there is a lot of waiting for it to connect again. I don’t have a problem with any other game I play. Also why can you not set up a user profile and keep it and not to have to set all that as you enter a game? Could also do with some big improvements in the crazy games you are expected to play. These are so poorly done. Why are we paying for this game? they certainly don’t spend the money on who they employ to do their graphics.

- Glitch

When playing two player after the cash grab game the game glitches and doesn’t move on. It just freezes and buffers. Has done it to us on multiple occasions and now we won’t waste our time playing

- i just wished this game worked

I always wanted to play the game of the life with my family and friends online but the game just makes that so difficult!!!!! It connects to FB which is great but struggles to connect to other uses. Such a waste of $5 and $5 is too expensive for one game anyway

- My opinion on the game

I like the game a lot but something that would make it better is if you could have usernames and play with your friends, so you don’t have to playing one device and you can play on your own. I only started playing the game today so I don’t know much and to give free skins thanks. <3

- Multiplayer problems

We couldn't get the multiplayer on different devices to work. You can play with random people or on the same device. The only online option is via Facebook and we couldn't get it to work at all. Disappointing considering monopoly and cluedo both work fine and no Facebook required.

- Crashes

Yet to get through a multiplayer game because it crashes every single time. Very disappointing.

- Much better than the zapped edition

This is the best game I ever played in my life no problems everything is just perfect.

- The game of life

This is awesome game. I love it so much.

- Hi by Chloe

Hi by Chloe

- Boss game

Even bosser

- lots of fun

Great fun to play with my daughter.

- Got charged twice and game didn’t download!

My daughter asks me to download this game to play with her friend . I wasn’t partially happy about the price of the game but said ok. We just purchased it and the game didn’t go onto her iPad at all but says purchased ! I just checked my bank and have been charged twice $12.48 !! Will make me think twice now about downloading any game that costs money! I’ll be ringing Apple to get my money back as apple stores are closed at the moment I can’t take in to get them to look at it.

- OMG This Game Is Awesome

I love this game so much I have an Apple TV so I AirPlay my iPad to it and the whole family plays it. I don’t think that it should cost money but other wise this is an awesome game

- Cash

Overall the game is AMAZING I just wanna say that the fact it is $5 is just a bit to over the top for me. Also, after 3 or 4 games, I gets a bit boring. If I knew it would’ve been this way, I wouldn’t have bought it. But on the plus side, it is good, keep up the good work! 🥳

- 10/10 game

10/10 I love this game I’ve always wanted this game it was great there was a offline mode and there’s no ads and u can buy wonderful expansions so I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME 10/10 best game ever it’s a must have

- My favourite game 😀😀😀

Thanks for making this game I love it so much 😀😀😀

- Game of life

This game is sooo good I 100 recommended

- Not worth it

COnsidering you're paying for the app you would expect it to be perfect but other apps that are free are better than this app. It stops by itself midgame with the 'waiting...' screen and you can't do anything but exit the game then you end up not being able to get back in the game. Very glitchy and not worth the $5 I paid for it

- Good game

This game is awesome you can do life 😂it’s fun to play with family and friends

- I loved your game

I loved your game but there were some issues like waiting sooo long but other than that it was amazing

- Fun and questionable

It was a fun game I love the real game but it is a bit disturbing

- Happy 😁

I was soooo happy 😃 when I was allowed to download this game

- Expensive

I can’t believe that the game coasts $5 it’s way to much for a board game online. Everything else is alright but the $5 and how long it takes when the waiting screen comes up when it’s your turn.

- Love it

I love this game I’m in love with this game it’s so fun!❤️❤️❤️❤️😍🥳🤩💖

- Yay fun

This game is really fun . It’s got funny things in it like you win the nicest forehead competition and you waltz all night at a ball spin to see how dizzy you get and then the bank pays you 50-100 thousand dollars from being dizzy. But there is a board game too

- Customer support

How do I get into contact with you guys?

- Great game

This game I defiantly recommend I really like it

- The game of life

It is really good except the bit that you have to buy different boards but overall it is good

- Best

Game ever

- No sound

There’s no sound! Why?? It’s boring without any sound!!

- Love it

It’s amazing

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- Online play unworkable

A nice game and fun against the AI or pass-and-play, but the online play is impossibly buggy and crashes constantly. I have not made it through a single online game to the end.

- Nice

I love it

- Could be fun

Can’t figure out how to change sex and save it or how to play with just the computer. Just so HAPPENED to find it last night for the first time but now can’t figure out how I got there. Also, clicked on the “app support” link and it came up as “page not found”.

- Good game but...

This is a good Game but glitchy

- Game of life

Love it

- Good

Good. Needs some improvement. Glitchy. Fine. Fun. - 8 year old

- PC version from 1998 was more fun

The game has some cool animations and some of the mini games are fun (even if all the mini games are exactly alike). Finding a friend online to play with is complicated and you have to sign up with Facebook. You can’t leave the game and come back or you get disconnected. You have to pay extra for any different game pieces. Randomization of spins feels off. Overall doesn’t feel like the original game.

- Life

I really love this game it’s like the actual board game

- Cool

Great game worth the price!

- Fun Game!

This game is fun and a great way to kill time!

- Life

When I first got it, I thought it was GREAT, but, now I think that it’s pretty boring. And I also hate that whenever you get to the marriage section, it lets you pick the gender on which you marry, instead of it just automatically putting the CORRECT GENDER into it.

- Great game but fix bug

Overall this is a great game - when it works. The multiplayer invites are super buggy! Your other games, which use a game code instead of FB invite, are way better to play with others than this one is.

- Shrek is a snacc

Shrek is real chonk he so chonk that he a thicc snacc like ya but he not as thicc as floor gang

- You meh

Not trying to be mean but i don’t like the meh 😒 and 1 star ⭐️ reviews that you guys made. If you made a bad review I hate it I just think huh 🤔 that you guys should just like it. Just be grateful that the creators of life made an online interactive life game. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤🤯🤯🤯🤯

- Best game ever!

Best game ever.

- Great game!

I love playing this game when a have friends and family around me! The game is so much fun to play on the go. They only major problems I have are one, it costs more money than I think it should, and second of all, I wish it had a feature where you could play with certain people who also have the app on their phone without using Facebook. Without this feature, I can’t enjoy the app like I want to. But moving past those two problems, this game is a very good fun thing to play!

- Best Game ever

I love this game it is just like the board game but shorter and way more fun

- Can’t play with multiplayer

I was so excited to play Life with my friends during quarantine, but you need to log in to Facebook to play. None of us have Facebook accounts so we couldn’t even play. It was really disappointing. There should be another option to play multiplayer so that more people can play that way.


The game is amazing but I had a brain surgeon job which is the most money making and I actually got fired and became a fashion designer. I don’t wanna be no Versace, I wanna save people!

- Not off to a good start

Purchased this just a couple days ago and just tried inviting friends to play with and it isn’t working. They haven’t received the invites.

- Addicting

This is addicting oh fun! I bought the bundle pack and I am enjoying all of them so far!

- This is my favorite game in the world

Awesome game!😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Great game

I think this game is amazing but it needs when your at the retirement part I should take away money

- Zero stars

This game is terrible. It takes forever, you can’t pause it and you still have to pay for in app things! WASTE OF MONEY

- Love the game

I started playing with my cousin and I loved it ever since

- Can’t add family

How can I get a refund? I was not able to get my husband connected with my room. Sent multiple invitations and got nothing.. help


It’s so complicated to play with friends, you have to log in through Facebook. Why couldn’t you just create an in-game account and use the account # to play with other players? Would’ve expected to play with friends to be much simplistic. Needs to be upgraded !

- Super Fun!!!

Me and my sister play this game together all the time, you can play with friends on 1 device, or online! This game is super fun and I definitely recommend it!

- Starting to really make me upset

Almost EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I try online play the game will crash in the middle of the game. I’ve tried to play at least 6 games the past day and was only able to complete ONE game. Ridiculous for a game that I had to pay for.

- I bought it, now I’m prompted to buy more.

I like the game and I don’t regret paying $3 for it. It’s a good price for a short bit of entertainment. I’ll probably enjoy it for at least a week or two. Customization isn’t incredibly important, but when it gives me the option and then says just kidding, you have to pay more, it irritates me. I thought I was getting a full game here. I’ve been partially duped.

- Amazing!

This is a really good game. I have been playing it for a couple days now and my family and I could not have more fun. The only thing I have a slight problem with is that you have to pay for the game and then pay 20$ more dollars to get all the maps, but I appreciate how much vehicles, avatars, and maps there are. If you pay, you can customize your game in many ways. This game is pretty good all together.

- Fun

Great game. I love that I can speed it up to play against the AI. Wish I didn’t have to log into FB in order to play with others. I have family members who would like to play but refuse to have FB accounts.

- Amazing

Wow oh wow, family fun 4 all

- Amazing Game

It is a really fun app and can keep me entertained for hours on end! There is nothing negative about this app...

- Fun but crashes

I’ve never ever played this game and had it make it through a whole game. It always has these things pop up on the screen and it freezes, not pleased I spent money on this game and I can’t even complete a quick mode game.

- Amazing

I love this game and I would like to point out my two FAVORITE things about it. There are NO adds, and if you’re playing with coms you can speed up their turns. I love this game and I can’t ask for anything more!!😊😊

- Good app but....

This is a awesome app very nice. But it does not include players who are not knowing of there gender identity. Also why can’t you be single in the game of life. Also it’s not that challenging I know that some of the game of life College jobs need grad school etc so why can’t you add grad school for does jobs.🧑🏻‍🎓👌 also create more jobs an more paths also why do you need a via Facebook account to play online player choice that is ridiculous Facebook is not s necessary thing to have fun! I need answers developers please write back!

- Locks up

Paid for this game to play against my wife, son, and some of our friends. Waste of money. Have yet to finish a game without it locking up on all of us. Trying to get money back. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS GAME!

- Best game ever

I play this game with my family so much it’s so much fun I play it everyday so much fun I’m going to talk about something else so my cat scratched me on face and ear and hand and rist ouch but pray for me hope no infection it happened in afternoon but this best game ever

- Can only play with FB friends

Their other apps you can invite friends with a code. This one requires a FB account. My children do not have FB and I'd like them to remotely play this with their grandparents during covid lock down. Big disappointment.


This game crashes on iPhone 11

- So many bugs

iPhone 11 screen has a divot for the mic and camera area at the top of the phone. The game does not account for that so images get cut off. When trying to invite friends to play on Facebook, the screen that it takes you to is not resized properly; it causes the send button to appear off screen and players are unable to press the send button. After a while of waiting for Invited friends, random players get added to your room. Not fun. Not safe. It’s also really annoying that you can’t rotate the screen to either orientation on the home page.

- AMAZING!!!!!

It’s REALLY fun, but there is in-app purchases I’m not going to lie, but it lets you play classic version for free. My mom got me “beach party”, and that gives you new cars, profiles (for each game, so it’s not permanent), game cards (houses, action cards etc.). Overall I give Life 5 stars because they really have a great idea of the real game!

- I love this game!

This is the best game I have ever had. I spend time on it and it is very fun



- Well... let’s be honest

The game is good I like playing it but don’t get me wrong after you play it once or twice it gets boring. I wish there was more attention to destabilize for example when you get a baby in the game they are the same size of the parents and I wish it would take you into the hospital and see the baby being delivered that would give the game that extra star.

- Amazing!

This app is completely amazing! Besides the glitches, this is amazing!

- I miss the real game

This game is not fun.

- Doesn’t work properly

I paid for this app and still haven’t even been able to complete an actual full game. This game glitches and keeps popping up that I have a connection error which I have checked multiple times and do not have a connection error. This game isn’t worth your money due to the fact you cannot even play a full game without an error popping up. Don’t recommend this game at all

- Awesome

I love playing game of life but when I got it on my iPad I’m like hey this is so cool and I love it wahoo!

- A big rip off

The game crashes a lot and the graphics are terrible, wish I could get my money back

- Awesome no adds

Even though it has to be paid it’s really fun for the family

- Why so much money but fun

I love the board game so I was supper exited to get this game it is exactly like the real board game but but if the game costs money then everything should be unlocked don’t make a game money and then ask more money. Fun but a lot of money

- Great game!

The game of life is my favourite board game so I was very happy to see that there is an electronic version as well. It is equally as fun as the physical board game and I love the addition of mini game spin to win. It would be nice to be able to scroll around the map and open your career and house cards for reference. Also, perhaps an additional game mode could be included in the price to download the game, to help identify if I want to pay $5.49 for another game mode.

- Ok

Keeps disconnecting online

- Life

Avoid this paid pile of crap. The ai is so biased that after three full games of two human and two ai I’m deleting it cause it cheats so bad, despite PAYING 4$ ends up with 3-4x what human get. Would be nice if even ONE spin ever had been rewarding!

- Boring

Thaïs game is a no brainer. Kind of boring, it’s not worth 4$. Even if it was free I’m not sure I would play.

- So much potential.

The game seems great. But my family have tried 5 times and only finished two. It will drop a player. When that happens they cannot get back in the game.

- Really fun

The game overall is fun but I don’t like how you have to pay for extra features even though you already paid for the game

- Game of life

Bored game is fine but finding players is so hard to do it takes more time to find players then actually play and when you do find players they glitch you out or you don't show up on the game board overall not worth 3.99

- I love this app

This is my favourite game on my iPad I love it!

- So Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best game ever!

- It’s so fun

When I last played this game it was a bard game now I can play on my iPad 👍👍👍👍

- Not was I was expecting

Literally everything on the app cost money please give me a refund

- Good

This game is fun and whenever I am bord I sit down and play I know you have to pay its still really good worth the money

- Best game worth the $3.99!!

I love this game ! Just like the childhood game but digital !! You can even play with friends and family, in the local play; if your all together ☺️! So much fun !! Me and my boyfriend love playing this game to spend some time together !!

- Really easy and fun

I love this game because it is a portable board game it also counts up all your houses, action cards, and loans really easy and quick without all the counting! I love this app!

- So fun

This is a very fun game I can play even if no one wants to play with me

- Not your classic game of Life

Not the game you played as a child, don’t buy!


The game of life is so fun it may cost some money to download it but it is way cheaper then going to the store and buying the actual board game! I love this game you don't have to get every piece out and clean up after you r done the game, unlike the board game style and i still LOVE the board game style! you can play the game of life on free time of when you are board it my favourite game ever!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Krobrtson5316

Great Game!

- Glitch

Anytime I play this game with a friend we both get different results, the mini games screw us up with different results for each person. We get booted out of the game a lot or the game will freeze and keep us waiting.

- Awesome app

This is an awesome twist on the original board game. I am so addicted

- Meh.

Alright it’s fun at some parts but then it gets boring half of the time and does not make sense. And I don’t like how you have to buy different cars and stuff.

- Would be nice if the game didn’t constantly crash

Great game just sucks we can never finish a game because it always crashes. Maybe allow we save a game to reload it when does happens. Until that update I would rather have my money than this app.

- Sort of worth the money

I mean it’s good in all but you shouldn’t have to pay

- Azome

Can u pls make more I love them pls pretty pls make more of them thx u 🦄🦄🦄🦄🐥🐥🐥🐣🐣🐣🐤🐤🦅🦅⚱️⚱️⚱️💰💰💰💵💵💵💸💸💸💴💴💴💶💶💶💎💎💎💳💳💳💰💰💰💷💷💷🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🏅🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏵🏵🏵🎗🎗🎗🎫🎫🎫🎟🎟


This game is so much fun to play with my friends i really enjoy it!

- Such fun!!

this game i have loved since i was little! i think and kid of any age would love this game!

- Awesome

Buy it but it use to be free so I think they need more money it is why it is not a 5 stars

- You need facebook to play online

You need to make another option for people who don’t have Facebook to play online.

- Fun

This game is so fun I saw an ad and had to get it it is the best game ever!!!


you gotta fix your bugs. I have tried to play four games and haven’t finished one because of it randomly constantly loading. I have to close the app since nothing happens.. also you need some more emotes. It’s our only way to communicate with one another and sometime mine just stop showing during the game so I can’t see if they’re even being sent or not. Such huge potential to be an awesome app so I’m sad that I spent money on a glitchy game. Come on hasbro you’re better than this.

- super fun

super fun you can play with your friends or with a stranger, a fun game to play if your bored and they make it so easy to understand, no problems with the game.

- Keeping getting disconnected/kick

I enjoy the game so far but every time I try to play game with other people I keep getting disconnected or getting kick off the game for some reason. I would rated more I wasn’t getting kick of most of the time and also don’t have to spend so much on this game for other versions of the game board and some other stuff. But mostly the disconnections


It is so fun the thing is it’s so slow people are super slow but it’s really good still I would consider it to everyone

- Fun


- Game of life

Great to play with siblings /family while travelling

- How do I play with a friend chosen on another device

It doesn’t state have I can play the game with a selected friend on another device

- Best game ever. So funny.

Best game in the world

- Disappointing

I pay $3.99 for this game and I have been waiting in the lobby for almost an hour! Do not buy this game!!! Is there a way I can my money back😒

- So fun

This my favourite game and the funny part is that you can sue people for stealing you stapler and the other good part is that you can play with robots when you have no one to play with so I give it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Awesome game

This game is suuuuuuuper awesome and fun it is one of my favourite games now

- Amazing

This game is so fun! I love to play the board game and this game is even cooler 5 stars for sure!

- Nothing like the board game

There is no strategy or options in this game. It’s nothing like the original where you can buy insurance, pick your house, change salaries, or literally anything that made the original game what it is. You just spin the wheel and do nothing else. Not fun at all.

- Amazing

I love it

- Fun game

The game is fun but I hope that it is a all included pack so when I pay to play the game it comes with all the extra maps and characters. Overall I think this game is FUN!!!

- Not good not bad

The game was very cool very fun but you have to buy the other modes you only get to play in the mode classic but you guys should go play the game.Also you can play with others too!

- Fun but missing something

I want to be able to invite friends without Facebook pls but the game is still fun.

- Great game but not the spinner

The spinner does not like to move if you spin you have to drag your finger one way and then throw it the other way and it is a handful.😂

Libertex 📈

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- Worst game ever made

If you buy the game then in about 10 seconds of playing you would want to end your life it is so bad not even lying

- What a wonderful life!

Great game! My girlfriend had 6 babies whilst I entered a gay relationship and made bank as a rocket scientist. Up the gays! Would play again.

- Too good

I love it

- Amazing 😉

Beast game I have

- Epic


- Perfect family game

We really enjoyed this game and we range from 3 years to 32 years old!

- The best game really of life

I love this game because it like teaches you of life a bit and it’s quite fun because you can play with your freinds and the game

- Pulled a switcheroo don’t buy there is no support

So me and my girlfriend have both recently purchased this game and not been able to play one game through the invites not being sent though Facebook. Now you announce game of life 2 and offer no free upgrade for owners of your broken app?? Refund please

- Why do I need a Facebook account?

I bought this to play with a friend but I have to have a Facebook account so I tried to make one but it doesn’t work it keeps shutting down my accounts and now I can’t make one because I’ve already used my phone number. Please add a local play so I can play with nearby devices and not just using one

- Good game if could actually finish

Tried so many times to play this game but at least 1 outta 4 of us the don’t make it to the end, the game will randomly freeze or just crash, would not suggest wasting your money on this unplayable game

- gam of lif

i am very liking fis game, it is so muKc funny i am playInG all the dayz. suber good f0r my doorter she like. so much. you will get obsesed innit. the inappropriate story linez R a NoNo tho. like... youuuu knows what i am chatting about innit. not kid frendly at all. unleasheS compitetieev motivates within uR keeds

- Awesome!!!

Best game EVER!!!

- Bad

I was playing with my brother and lost connection so game BAD. Do not get game

- No good for playing on line

This game is great to play with others at home BUT useless in lock down to play with family over the internet. The only way to play remotely is if you have a Facebook account which my relatives don’t. A waste of £12 (4 downloads). We had to go back to playing Monopoly and Ludo which work fine without a Facebook account.

- Online with friends requires forced Facebook login!

The single player game is fine, but this type of game comes alive when played with friends and family. I bought the board games bundle including Game of Life, Monopoly, Cluedo and Battleships. The latter 3 can all be played online with friends without the need for additional accounts etc. They play really well and it’s fun to play online with family and friends, especially during lockdown. Game of Life bucks this simplicity by selling out to Facebook and making it mandatory if you want to play online with friends. As such this is an instant delete. If it weren’t part of a bundle I’d be getting it refunded too. No chance of up selling extra packs etc like I’ve bought with Monopoly and Cluedo. Very disappointing, short sighted and user hostile.


I am so happy this game existed I play It everyday I even spend money on it

- Love it.

Love it.


I love this game and to be honest I would consider getting the game on mobile just because I found it a lot easier and just better!!! If this game keeps growing I’ll call it “my favourite game”! Thank you for reading this!!! <3

- Action Cards

A good game which we play with family. Most enjoyable. My only (strong) suggestion is that the Action Cards stay on the screen longer or have to be touched after completion of the task. I rarely get to finish reading the Card before it’s gone. Thank you.

- Good game is it didn’t kick you out half way through

Good game is it didn’t kick you out or glitch half way through a game. Have yet to finish one fully. With out it saying connection lost. Or the screen going completely black an the app closing!! Not happy as it feel like a missive wasn’t of time!!


If you plan to play this with your family then DON'T buy it!! The game tries to link you up with random strangers CONSTANTLY. You invite your family via the invite friends link but it doesn't work. Reported to the app team but no reply, as expected.

- Lost connection too much

Great game, good fun but a player always loses connection without fail and we have to start again. You should be able to rejoin them but you can’t. The game just starts ‘hanging’ and nothing can revive that one player. It’s been someone different each time so not a WiFi issue, a definitive game issue. Not finished one game yet. Am asking for a refund until they can fix this issue.

- Really good game

Good game

- :D

Best game I ever played however make maps free pls

- Amazing but doesn’t work

I would give 5 stars, it’s so much fun, but it crashes every single time and you can’t complete a game. I want my money back

- Terrible

I had to create a Facebook to create an account with my family. First issue. Made one and the. The game keeps crashing and losing connection. Terrible and waste of money and haven’t been able to finish a game.

- Has potential

This app has potential but is disappointing considering there is an initial outlay. A paid app should work seamlessly however on multiple occasions now my friends and I have had issues with disconnects or crashes where the game just says ‘waiting’ fix that and this game will be worth the 2.99...

- Can’t connect with friends

Very difficult to connect with friends and once I did the game disconnected.

- Really good but...

I thought it was really fun and entertaining but I didn’t like that you already have to pay for it and then too unlock everything you need to spend more money on the game

- Online via Facebook only!

Why would anyone use Facebook, basically online games doesn’t work unless you use that sinister system which waste peoples lives. Game is otherwise ok as single player

- Well designed but unable to add friends even via Facebook

My friends and me paid for and downloaded this app. Sadly, none of us were able to play together. We even tried to invite each other through Facebook but nothing worked. One friend received the link but we were unable to see each other in the list of players, the other friend did not receive the invite at all. It also keeps saying connection lost when waiting to add players.

- Amazing

I have nothing to say but it’s amazing and it functions as it should I really recommend it

- Really wanted to play

BUT it kept losing connection and both WiFi signals were good. Why did we have to login with Facebook?

- I love it!!! But...

The game of life is a super cool game and the animations are amazing! It is like you have been sucked into the game and need to play it to get out.( like jumanj ) I would love to give this more ⭐️ but sadly I can’t.

- Fun and annoying

Is fun to play because you can choose your avatar and the annoying part if is 4 player and 3 people and waiting the 4th is not ready you have to wait

- Great fun



Having played both the board game and the video game personally I think that the video game is definitely worth more than what you pay for it because it is portable and you can play against the computer rather then having to play with someone else. It is the perfect travel game for all ages. Me and my mum love it and so does the dog !

- Cuts out every game

I’ve tried to play the game online with friends 4 times but we’ve never managed to finish a game because it always loses connection in the middle of the game even though everyone’s WiFi is fine.



- Can’t play with Friends if not on Facebook!

I’m really disappointed that I have purchased this but not able to play online with friends unless I am on Facebook, which I’m not. Very unhappy about this and it should state clearly that this is the case when you purchase - I purchased in a bundle and you can play both Battleships and Monolopy online with friends via a code which one of you can create.

- Fun but technical issues

We had an amazing time playing however we started at 4 players and by the end only had one left standing as players would get stuck “waiting” after mini games and would not load causing them to have to quit the game. Rather frustrating.

- Great game

Loved the game was’t very good on the the mini game Will definitely play the online game

- Brilliant

I got the classic and the spring one was thrown in free for Easter. I must admit game of life was always more more sister’s game but I’m addicted!

- Terrible App

Terrible app. Unable to actually complete any online games. All games just malfunction and screen freezes. Poor.

- Only download if you have Facebook

I spent money downloading this so I could play it with my children while we’re all self isolating. However, you all have to have Facebook accounts in order to play. My kids are teenagers and are far too young and with it to use Facebook, thus rendering this a complete waste of money.

- Nice

It’s lovely

- Online with friends needs improvement

I tried to play with my friend but it wouldn’t let us connect and we weren’t even able to send a link through so I was a little disappointed.

- Waste of money

I don’t really write reviews but this game is so bad I had to. I lost connection, pauses, glitches it’s so annoying. No option to play single player against the game like other board game apps. So other players got fed up and left. Shocking how Bad the App is. I’m going to delete it now. So I just wasted my money. Great. :(

- It’s a brilliant game I love it!

Definitely worth the £3 for anyone reading before buying it. I think its also one of the only games that I have played without a single ad.

- Amazing

Last night me and my mum wanted to play game of life but then we realised it was £2.99 we had previously had this game and thought it was a rip off paying £2.99and have to make in app purchases to look cooler

- Cost

Good game, really entertaining , but will be better if doesn’t have to keep paying that much on each new world

- App stopped working

App just stopped working. If you can’t fix, how do you refund money?

- Best game should buy game

It is just so good I can’t tell you how good it really is 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😁😄😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


This game is my all time favourite game it’s is so fun and addictive I cannot stop playing it Although this game is fun it is $$$ it’s 5$ for the game but once you buy its you get 1 free thing the full game is 100$ which I think is outrageous but the game is fun and I would definitely recommend it

- Fantastic

I love game of life it is sooooo much fun and if u r a only child like me and your parents never have time to do anything then u will love this game

- The game about me

Well this game is just so addicting for me even though it took a long time for me to earn my trust with my parents to get this wonderfully addicting life game it’s so fun everyone should get it!

- Not worth it

Sorry just not worth the money

- I had so munch fun play your Games


- Soooo fun!

Thank you Marmalade Games for making this game I love it so much. No one in my house ever wants to play with me so it’s great to just hop on and play with a few AIs. I also love how you can play without wifi. Thank you for making this game. 😄

- It’s amazing

It’s great to play in class with a sleepy teacher and have an exam tomorrow. I recommend it.

- It’s ok...

I really like the game of life alongside the game of life vacations. Now the vacations version basically fixed this but the original is yet to, and that is to make the prices of things CHEAPER! like seriously WHO WILL PAY $31 FOR A FEW MAPS. I rest my case.

- I like it

This game is Fun and all but maybye you should have goals to get other places like if I get 1.0000 coins then I get for legs am pleased a dinosaur version. Apart from that it's a great game and you should really get it. Good work and keep it up.😝😜😆

- It’s a cool game

I think it’s a cool game because it’s child friendly you get to exspreience how life goes exestreme go on and adventures it’s a beautiful game but the cost if $4 and 50 cents whoever is confused

- Game bad

really glitchy it took for ever for the computer place to have their turn and it was just boring

- Awesome game

The game of life is so fun!There’s a board game for it and the game is just like it!I definitely recommend playing the game of life.

- Good

It’s really good and it’s very good because I always win. And I also can’t get a nickname because it’s just says that I am player 1. I want to change my name, people!

- My family loves this awesome game

My family loves this game so much! It’s so fun to play with my mum,dad and my older sister

- Not worth the $

I honestly wish I could get my money back. Had I known how bad this version is, not to mention it crashed in my very first game, I would not have purchased it. Nothing about this motivated me to want to play another round, it’s so extremely, painfully basic. I wonder how many bored housewives have given this game good reviews because it is the most basic game I have downloaded let alone PAID for. The hype is just hype, don’t be fooled by the reviews. It is definitely NOT worth paying for. Totally unimpressed.

- Yassssss

This is so fun I just got this game today and I love it and I’ve played this almost over 25 times now so yeah please keep making games like this I love them 😉

- Amazing

The only bad thing about it is the cost when you see it at first it's like meh but its so much fun!

- Good Game

I love this game a lot and I recommended it! Just one problem, the price, its 5 dollars to get the game and there are in app purchases more expensive than the game. I love the game but just lower the price a bit please. Thank you.

- Fantastic

Great game at a great cost!

- Cool

It’s really good but takes a while


This game is outstanding it makes me want to play it over and over and over again it is so addictive and fun!

- Great!

This game and is really fun just likpe the board game expect you don't have to add up and work out your score at the end. Amazing.

- Micro transactions

This is one of many examples of why I hate micro transactions in games you already paid for, why does almost everything locked behind a pay wall? All the cool content has to be paid for, yet I already paid for the game. Please makes some of the maps and vehicles free for all players, but overall it’s a good game!

- Good but a little glitchy and u have to pay for lots of things.

Good but every thing costs money and when I bought the app I thought I would not have to pay for anything else but I stand corrected. But I really like the set up and at least u can play but do they really expect us to pay for a new skin,setting,car e.c.t. The game has minor glitches and sometimes whatever button I press the whole game crashes and then I cant reload the app or go in.

- Costs

This game is really great! I just find that to purchase the game it has an expense of 4.49. In the app you can purchase different maps and other things. I find that if you have to pay to get the game it shouldn’t come with additional items to purchase. I know that it’s your choice to purchase the maps, but you already paid five dollars to get the game. But the game is super fun overall! The other costs don’t really affect the game too much. 👍

- Fun

The game of life Is the most funniest game ever and I really enjoy playing it But you shouldn’t need to pay for it

- Shouldn’t be money

I like the game but i wasted 5$ to get this game but i play it everyday so its worth it

- Love this app but

This app is awesome but I hate having to pay and I wish that you would make more aviators when you start the game

- Fun app!

No ads, really fun to custom your life and choose paths! Would recommend!

- I love this game

Hi, I love this game so much thank you for making it l think it’s AWESOME!

- Losing

I always lose i am always sooooooooo sad 😥😭😢😥😭😢

- A very good game

3+ is what I would rate the game

- I love it 🥰 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

This game is so nice I do wish everything is free though I got an iTunes card for this and Minecraft! 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜🖤💕💖💗💓💞💘💝❣️

- The money😕

I feel u r being a bit greedy with money the in app purchases are top over the top. But that’s my opinion if other people love the game I don’t mind but I just think the in app purchases not needed If anything U should add fake money in the game that u earn if u win a game I don’t mind though because i don’t have to buy it if i don’t want to.😏

- I love this game

I love this game soooo much it’s worth the price

- But at your own risk

The game is fun, but I am just feeling a lack of graphics and options. The game should be for only $3 max because the in app purchases are over the moon. It’s a good game but needs more entertainment. !!!

- Great family game

Just played this with my 6 year old son we both had a ball. Easy to navigate which made it very easy to enjoy! Would recommend.

- Just one problem

This is a super awesome and fun game but the problem is I can’t join any of my family or friends because I don’t have Facebook. I really do think you should use Game Centre so we can all join together instead of having to use one device.

- My favourite game

These reasons tell people why they should get this game. Firstly when you see it your like meh. But it is the most awesmost game I have ever played . it shows you how hard life is going to be in the future. Secondly why waste your time playing fortnite ,gun games and so much more!!!so play this game instead of those bad, rotten, disgusting other games! Thirdly haven’t you seen the video, rating and reviews! The video had definitely inspired me to do the best thinking and knowledge I’ve done in ages. The rating was 4.4. Cant you believe it . I’ve never seen a game with a rating bigger than that!!! I looked at the reviews and some are awesome reviews and bad bad reviews. But don’t listen or look at there reviews. So there all my reasons why you should DEFINITELY should get roller coaster tycoon touch!!!

- Great Game!

This game is great! You can play online and everything! It’s up to 4 players as well. The only thing I don’t like is the price, but it is definitely worth the price given.

- Amazing game

This is a amazing game I know you have to pay for the other maps even if it’s a game that you have to pay but it lets you have one map and One car Choice

- Why does it cost money?

This game is amazing. I watch YouTube’s playing this game and I really wanted to play it. The only problem is why does it cost money, like it shouldn’t this game is like other games. But not like Minecraft or fornite. Those games should be paid. Anyways back to the point of why I think this game is the best. In this game u can play with other friends if they are in another country are on a vacation. This game is so fun and I definitely recommend people to but this game and play it. IT’S SO MUCH FUN!


This game is absolutely amazing and fun but I hate that you have to pay for some things

- Shouldn’t have to pay

I love the game but you should not have to pay for different worlds. Over all it is a.pretty good game to play when your bored.

- Eva

This was a fun game when it works. 5/10 in does. Do not play. Do not waste your money on this game! They mess up constantly. It constantly crashes. I paid for other maps and it only gave me computer player to verse options. Glitches are constant. You get kicked out for no reason, you will sometimes be halfway through a game. I never leave reviews usually but I’m being completely honest as I don’t want others to waste time like I have.

- Its good

So good



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@kurteichenwald: @chuckwoolery my brother in law died From Covid. My daughter in law works in a Covid unit. You’re a fucking idiot. Th…

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@kurteichenwald: @chuckwoolery my brother in law died From Covid. My daughter in law works in a Covid unit. You’re a fucking idiot. Th…

@kurteichenwald: @chuckwoolery my brother in law died From Covid. My daughter in law works in a Covid unit. You’re a fucking idiot. Th…

@kurteichenwald: @chuckwoolery my brother in law died From Covid. My daughter in law works in a Covid unit. You’re a fucking idiot. Th…

@kurteichenwald: @chuckwoolery my brother in law died From Covid. My daughter in law works in a Covid unit. You’re a fucking idiot. Th…

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The Game of Life 2.2.2 Screenshots & Images

The Game of Life iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The Game of Life iphone images
The Game of Life iphone images
The Game of Life iphone images
The Game of Life iphone images
The Game of Life iphone images
The Game of Life ipad images
The Game of Life ipad images
The Game of Life ipad images
The Game of Life ipad images
The Game of Life ipad images
The Game of Life Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
The Game of Life Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

The Game of Life (Version 2.2.2) Install & Download

The applications The Game of Life was published in the category Games on 2016-07-14 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio [Developer ID: 988365603]. This application file size is 352.72 MB. The Game of Life - Games posted on 2019-03-18 current version is 2.2.2 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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