Vita Mahjong for Seniors Game Reviews


Vita Mahjong for Seniors Game Description & Overview

What is vita mahjong for seniors app? Vita Mahjong is an Exclusive Mahjong Solitaire Game for Senior Citizens. We are thrilled to present the free game that combines innovation with classic gameplay. It offers large tiles and a user-friendly interface compatible with pads and phones. Our goal is to provide a relaxing yet mentally engaging gaming experience, particularly focused on older adults.

At Vita Studio, we have always been dedicated to crafting mobile games designed for seniors that bring back relaxation, fun, and joy. Our repertoire includes popular titles like Vita Solitaire, Vita Color, Vita Jigsaw, Vita Mahjong, Vita Word Search, Vita Block, Vita Sudoku, and more.

How to Play Vita Mahjong:
Playing free Vita Mahjong game is simple. Just aim to clear all the tiles on the board by matching tiles with identical images. Tap or slide two matching tiles, and they will vanish from the board. Your objective is to match tiles that are not concealed or blocked. Once all tiles are eliminated, it signifies successful completion of a majong game!

Exclusive Vita Mahjong Solitaire Game Features:
• Classic Mahjong Solitaire: Staying true to the original gameplay, it presents traditional card tile sets and hundreds of boards.
• Special Innovations: Besides the classic, our game introduces special tiles that add a fresh twist to the classic mahjong.
• Large-Scale Design: Our mahjong games feature large, easily readable text sizes to alleviate the strain caused by small fonts.
• Active Mind Levels: A special mode designed to sharpen your mind and improve memory abilities in the majong games.
• Customizable Scoring: You can enjoy free classic mahjong games without a timer and any score pressure.
• Super Combo: When you consecutively match mahjong tiles during the game, you will unlock special experiences.
• Helpful Hints: Our game provides free useful props, such as hints, undo, and shuffle, to help players overcome challenging puzzles.
• Daily Challenge: Take on daily practice to collect trophies and improve your classic mahjong game skills.
• Offline Mode: Full offline support lets you enjoy Vita Mahjong anytime, anywhere, without needing internet.
• Multi-device: Optimized for pad and phone, ensuring everyone can enjoy the classic mahjong game.

Vita Mahjong offers seniors a game tailored to their unique preferences. Download Vita Mahjong and start your amazing solitaire adventure now!

Privacy Policy:

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App Name Vita Mahjong for Seniors
Category Games
Updated 17 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 193.66 MB

Vita Mahjong for Seniors Comments & Reviews 2024

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Enjoy this game. I like this game I think I’ve been playing it since it came out. I enjoy it and it gives me brain help. I love it.

thank yoou. As a Senior Citizen I fell it is very important to challenge my mind and keep it functioning! Your games truly help in that gosh snd are fun too!!!!!!

First time. Some different I never played it before it seems like it’s fun all right

WHY?. Love this game. One of the better ones. But why oh why did u change the looks of the tiles? Finally got use to the old style now it looks cheap like the tiles were designed for little kids. Please change back

Nice game but not for iPad unless you can play vertically. I only have space on my iPad for this game and even when I filtered for ‘iPad only’ it downloaded the iPhone version and it’s a pain to use my iPad vertically so I can’t play it. I wish they would allow for a horizontal position.

Fun. Enjoy this app so far and I hope it is making me clever

Matching. I didn’t know you have an order in which to match. If I see two matching your program goes waaa that’s not it. You have to follow which ones your saying are next that confuses me. Hmmm

Awesome Game. I love Mahjong!! I have tried so many other Mahjong games, & this one is the keeper. No gimmicks, no begging for reviews just Mahjong. My idea of how a game should be. I love this app. I’d recommend this to anyone.

Great game. Glad I opened this up. Designed well with larger fonts and fresh colors. Recommend it for sure❣️

The most important game mahgong. This is a great game and I never knew about this game but I am really enjoying it and recommend it to new and old friends

No challenge. Being a genuine Mah Jongg player, I find these match-up games so boring, but since there are no challenging games available, I just don’t play these unless I’m extremely bored. 🥱 Why cannot someone create a game more in line with the actual game?? I do enjoy seeing the beautiful tiles, though.🀄️

Big picture. I can see it better

Utterly Awesome Game. This is an utterly awesome game. Hands up. Because never ever am I going to put my hands down. You hear me????

Love this. Thank you for doing this for the older group as myself.

For you. It is fun and makes your mine think thank you,

Great and you time yourself. No rush but you can time yourself and easy to see and work with.

Great Game. I enjoy this being 63 yrs old it is helping me keep my mind you as I age. I wish the helps were easier to achieve like games sharing the same name but much easier to get clues or helps when you run out of moves…..BC Amarillo, Tx. USA.

Quick!!!. Not sure exactly what is happening score-wise, but it is fun, so far….

Can't play enough to see if I like it. Can't play enough to see if I like it. Ad after every game. I was trying to get to 100 games to see if they became harder. If it did, I would purchase no ads. There is a LONG ad after EACH game. Got sick of it and deleted the app.

This is truly relaxing so far just started today!. Seems to be a game I can relax in!

Ads covering tiles at the bottom of the screen. It’s a little difficult to play when the tiles are covered by a persistent ad at the bottom

Fun and challenging!. This has turned out to be a really fun game to play. It has smaller games built into it that challenge your mind.

Frustrated. When I see a match and touch the tile, why won’t you let them move and be considered a match? I quit the game once because of that but I reinstalled it. Now it’s happening again. Why do you keep certain matches from moving???

They lied. This was advertised as just a game with no ads! There were no ads the first night I played, now there is an ad after every other move! What a waste of space on my tablet!

RG color blind.. Very unfriendly for those of us who are red green challenged. I tried, but there were several moves in most games that I simply could not see. A configuration option that removes the RG challenge would open this game up to many male players. Without some change in the game this genetically different group is simple disenfranchised.

Majong. It’s been a long time since I’ve played. Can’t even remember how I used to play. But it showed up as a option while playing solitaire. Wow! I just love the game! Thank you.

Enjoyable. Not into this game too far but so far very interesting

Great game. Times are larger than my usual games and thus easier to differentiate between them.

Best game ever. Never played making before! I was afraid too thinking it’d be too difficult because of my dementia. However, I’m loving it!

Utterly Awesome. I’ve been doing similar games for years. Usually I do one game and move on to the next all day long. THIS GAME TRAPPED ME! I kept playing…I think I played it 5 or 6 games before I stopped to play something else. The ENTIRE time I was playing I kept thinking about this game. I’m back. I wonder if it’s going to hold the same magic. I certainly hope it does!!!

Ads. I think the game itself is good. It could be a bit more challenging, but for the most part it's fine. The only problem I have is the ads. The first day I got it, there were no ads and I played through 15 lvls perfectly fine. But on the second day, there were ads every five seconds! If you want people to stick with your game, be consistent! U don't need ads every five seconds.

I am 72 & diagnosed with early onset dementia so this game may be why I am not completely senile. I play as many games that stimulate my brain as possible. I really enjoy Mahjong.

Relax Tiles. I am old and disabled but I can play this game all day and night. Lots of fun.. This game saves my mind and keeps me calm.

I’m i’m having so fun playing this game. I love it. I’m giving it five stars.. I played this game when I can

Not Challenging. I love the game but I am just wondering if the levels get more challenging by adding more tiles etc. it gets a little boring with the same shape board and number of tiles in every game. Thanks.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP. I just discovered this app 2 or 3 days ago! No sooner that I finally picked up my iPad got it updated. I immersed downloaded this app to my iPad as well! I think I need to stop playing soo I have a bunch I can play through! Love, Love, Love Vita’s 3rd App I have in my collection! You gotta try…you will love!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shirtman. I’m 79 years old it kind of keeps my mind sharp and Keeps me busy anyway it’s very clever lts easy to recognize some tiles look the same but they’re not thanks for the game

Like it. Different from other “games”. Have to be observant and pay attention to details. A challenger

My thoughts…. I do enjoy playing this and enjoy doing it fast. Thanks for providing this for us! Patclown48

LIARS. The ad for this specifically says “No annoying ads”. Why lie? If there were just ads along the bottom that wouldn’t be annoying, but there are ALWAYS ads that play slowwwwly that you have to wait to finish before you can go to the next game. Disgusting tactics.

Relax and win…. Have fun while listening to the bad news,!

Easy to see!. I love this version of mah jong because I don’t have to squint to see which tiles match!

To keep my brain going. I’ve slight dementia. This helps me relax and enjoy playing this Game. Thank you 😀

My review!. I’m a senior citizen, age (78yrs) and this game keeps me alert and keeping my brain busy! This is a fun game! This keeps my eyes, brain, and thinking cap alert besides just watching TV!!!

Way too many ADDS!. Why can’t we just pay to have the ADDS removed? The game is good but it’s frustrating to have to watch an ADD after each game or to be able to shuffle the tiles.

Mahjong tiles. Very relaxing. There’s no doubt we can use to get relaxed and enjoying to do.

THANKS. Finally someone is thinking about the old folks! I play vita solitaire and mahjong! I just want to thank the developers for creating the games! Maybe some of the other game developers will think about the older folks!

Brain Tease. This is a game that sharpens your mind and it’s a challenge to beat your last score. I love it.

No Wonder. I see why they say it helps you to Sleep better and For Longer Because the Music and Ease of the Game go hand in hand and get you into a Extremely Relaxed Mood

When played online it totally consumed my mind and brain. Loved this game!

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Vita mahjong. Beautiful large tiles, love the game, and music 10/10 👍

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Freufy. Quick games, satisfying 👍

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Review. Very enjoyable,easy to get started

Love it!!. Just started playing this game yesterday & I am hooked and Love it!

Enjoying very much. Tiles are large and very relaxing

Great, relaxing and challenging game. I’m enjoying the first ten minutes playin this relaxing and enjoyable game

Great game. I have a great time playing this game easy to follow

Vita Mahjong for Seniors. This game awesome! It seems that when I play, most of the time reshuffle. Very frustrating. But this is a great!

Hate the new tiles. Loved the game. But the new tiles after the last update are distracting. They look childish and cartoonish and I might just have to dump this game for something more adult.

Bits mahjongg. The large tiles make it so much more enjoyable to play this game.

No money but relaxing. I like the music and the large tiles

Disappointed. The system will not recognize my matches. Pushes you to choose their order of match order.

Review of Vita. I found that the tiles smaller than expected. The tiles are not as pleasing to my eyes. I played three daily and three regular games and I going to delete this app

Challenges. I love challenging myself for speed. Thank you Krista Smith

Too easy. The game needs to be more like regular games and not fewer tiles to match. It’s not challenging enough even for a 75 year old player

I see this much better. Relaxing

Annoying and frustrating. Why do I have to make matches in accordance with what you’ve determined? There is no freedom of play. If a match is there I should be able to play it and not follow some arbitrarily predetermined play. Worst mahjong game I’ve ever played.

Later. Thank you

Evaluation. I thoroughly enjoy trying to match (pair) the designs (cards) .

Mrs Collins. I enjoy it brightens my day n brings me peace n it helps me forget all that bothers my well being

Love this game it don’t letting me to send the message😎😉😭😍. Won’t let me send message

Directions to play are confusing. Trying to figure out the directions to play gave me a headache

Relaxing but very engaging. Lets me play and watch my shows on tv!

Great!. It’s about time a game was created that seniors can enjoy. Thanks!!

Review. Oops the gameplay wasn’t hard to follow at all. I really like it.

Use your eyes and mind. Really fun Not as easy as it looks.

Adds. I hate all the adds

BUGS!. Too many ads won’t click away when done.🥵🥵🥵

tiny print. not just the terms and privacy text is super tiny and massiv, the game also has small texts. I dont undrrstand why that would help seniors.

Easy on eyes. I really like this large tile version. There is no more eye strain at all! Thank you.

I like this new version and it’s colorful! Enjoying the challenge.. Vivian

You got be quick! It is fun!. You got to be quick, it a fun game.

Very relaxing. Easy to see

Great game. Addicted to this game can’t stop playing!

Nah jong. Nice on the eyes. Fun to play. Memory game to improve cognitive skills. Lovely colors. Try it, what do you have to lose

Mahjong. Seems easy at first, but I am sure it will get faster and more tiles to match up. Enjoyable now.

Scoring?. Love this game but I cannot figure out the scoring. Is there strategy to the score?

Relaxing at bedtime. Refreshed in the morning.. I like to keep my mind active and this app fills my request. Thank You!!!

Vita. games very good but too much ads.

MCL's Fun and Fantastic Games. Love. 💕 this! Looking forward to putting Some of My idle time to Good Use! Thank You 😊 👋☘️🌈

Mahjong. I just trying the app to see if it is working .

Thumbs up!!. Very relaxing! Enjoy the challenge and the music is very soothing!

new player. Have never played previously

Fast. Fun game clear pics

Grate game. I love this game of mah-jongg match. It keeps my mind moving I recommend it for seniors.

Great I am 83 years old, helps with the movement of the eyes and keeps you very focused. Of the eye!!!

Great graphics and enjoyable. Great graphics and enjoyable to play

Great game for seniors. When I began, I quickly became addicted!

Vita Mahjong. Love this game so much! I really like the way you made the tiles larger. It is easier on my eyes. Thanks!

Calming. I get so involved in this game which helps to calm my anxiety 😊

Review. Very enjoyable love the music and like the challenge

Large Tiles. Love the large easy to read tiles!

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Vita Mahjong for Seniors 1.8.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Vita Mahjong for Seniors app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Vita Studio and other users?

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Vita Mahjong for Seniors 1.8.1 Games Screenshots & Images

Vita Mahjong for Seniors iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.8.1
Play Store com.vitastudio.mahjong
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Vita Mahjong for Seniors (Versiyon 1.8.1) Install & Download

The application Vita Mahjong for Seniors was published in the category Games on 01 December 2023, Friday and was developed by Vita Studio [Developer ID: 1673880893]. This program file size is 193.66 MB. This app has been rated by 95,296 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Vita Mahjong for Seniors - Games app posted on 17 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 1.8.1 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.vitastudio.mahjong. Languages supported by the app:

Other Apps from Vita Studio Developer
Vita Mahjong for Seniors Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Vita Mahjong for Seniors. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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