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Solitaire Cash Game Description & Overview

What is solitaire cash app? Solitaire Cash™ is where a true classic and real cash prizes meet. Jump into a world of brain-teasing fun, and leave with your heart filled with nostalgia and pockets filled with rewards.

After downloading the game for FREE, you can start playing regular or cash tournaments and win real money.

We've carefully designed the game to have a smooth and modern feel to it and threw in some classic, Klondike Solitaire game elements we all love.
If you like Spider/Freecell/Patience/Pyramid/Blackout/Big Run or 21 Blitz Solitaire – you'll LOVE Solitaire Cash™!

You'll be matched with other players within the same skill level, and you all will get the same deck – so the game is totally fair and skill-based.
Those who finish among the top 3 – WIN!

How to Play:
- Drag cards in the tableau (seven piles that make up the main table) to build sequences in descending order and alternating color.
- If you uncover an ace, place it first in one of the foundation piles (four piles at the top of the board).
- Start building sequences of the same suit in each foundation pile, chronologically, from ace to king.
- If you can no longer move any of the face-up cards, you can always tap the stockpile to see if it has any good cards for you to play.
- Keep moving cards from the tableau to the foundation piles, and stacking them up until you reach the highest possible card in each pile.
- Got no more cards to play? Submit your score and enjoy a bonus for finishing early.
- The faster you clear the board, or get as close to it as possible – the higher your ranking will be on the Leaderboard, and the bigger the prize!

Enjoy Some of These Thrilling Features:
- Win real money tournaments
- Secure deposit using PayPal & Apple Pay
- Cash-out securely using PayPal
- Play with no distracting ads
- Enjoy awesome daily gifts & bonuses
- Undo moves
- Take part in multiplayer tournaments with trophies & big prizes
- Enjoy nice & smooth gameplay that'll keep you coming for more
- Enjoy special challenges & surprises
- And many more!

Solitaire Cash™ is FREE to download and play. Note that Cash tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, IN, IA, LA, ME, SC & MT

So, get ready to…


Download NOW to let the fun begin!

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App Name Solitaire Cash
Category Games
Updated 23 July 2023, Sunday
File Size 295.79 MB

Solitaire Cash Comments & Reviews 2023

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Good but glitchy…. I actually enjoy the weekly challenges and the ability to accumulate gems and cash. Only rarely do I ever play the cash games. I discovered a glitch in the game that is a little perplexing. I tend to not collect my winnings immediately. Rather, I wait until they’ve built up (I just like seeing a huge jump in my total gems as opposed to incremental increases). I started to notice however that my total games won was decreasing by small amounts. E.g. a few months back, I had accumulated over 500 wins. One day, it dropped below 500. I thought I was imagining things. So, the next time I exceeded 500 wins, I took a screen shot. Sure enough, one day my wins dropped down to 460-ish. Customer service was quick to respond and asked for proof of my prior wins so I sent them a screenshot. They were gracious in crediting me 600 gems to resolve the issue and I’m grateful for that. One thing however is that they weren’t able to explain why about 50 wins were mysteriously taken away. Instead, they just told me to “refrain from hoarding so many winnings in the future.” Thought that was a little off putting, labeling me as a hoarder when they could’ve instead assumed some ownership for a glitch in their program and commited to looking into the matter and ensuring that it doesn’t happen again (happened to me twice this far within the past month). Again, overall happy with the game and the responsiveness, just felt funny about the tone of the response I got.

Fun but ridiculously long wait times. I have been playing for a few days with my own money and the bonus and gem games. The game is really fun, but you have to wait ridiculous amounts of time to wait and see if you have won. I could understand this if there weren’t enough players, but I am currently sitting at over 20 pending games and have to wait hours to see if I won. Each game has nearly all players but one or two. You are able to start a new match with new players, but your previous matches dont get completed and I am playing all on the same level. It is incredibly infuriating to wait and see if you lost all the money you invested, or won. I am now bored with playing with nearly 30 matches pending, I have waited hours for the results. I’m assuming it is done this way to get you to pay out more before you even know if you’ve won or lost, and I will not be investing anymore of my time or money. There are plenty other gambling games out there that will give you results without having to wait hours. It was fun while it lasted though, and if you don’t have a problem waiting hours to see if you have won or not, then this is definitely the game for you.

SCAM!! LIARS AND THIEVES!!!!. If you want to win money then don’t play for money. If you deposit money you will not win it back. This is a gambling game run by computers that are programmed to make the developers the most money, It is not a fair game, it is definitely rigged, which anyone who deposits money will soon find out. Played this game for a few months, spent a lot of money. I usually only play the gems, the dollar and sometimes the $3-$7, occasionally I’ve spent up to $10 a game. But in all my experience of hundreds and hundreds of games I’ve never been able to get a deposit of actual money. Ive played this game so much I am an expert. I should win more times than not. THE ONLY WINNERS ARE THE DEVELPOERS! These guys take your money, impossible to win any actual money. I want to know one person who has ever made any money off this app other than $5 or $10 The app is rigged to not let you win any actual money. Please don’t waste your money it’s an unfair game and you will never win any money even if you are the best solitaire player ever. They have used some good psychological tactics to make you think you can win and to make you deposit more money. If you don’t believe me then go ahead and deposit $25, spend the $25 and see if you actually made money. Even the best players are quickly depleted of their money. May as well go to the casino and play the slots, you have a better chance there at winning money.

Fun if you play for free, not so much with real money. The scam is pretty easy to figure out after a couple of plays. After winning for a bit, every game thereafter will have you as the only player and the results will continually show that it’s searching for other opponents. It seems no matter how high or low your score is at that point, every player afterwards will score higher than you. It struck me when I scored over 11,000 points in one game, but all 7 other “players” scored higher than me. If you’ve played this game enough, you would know that 11,000 is extremely difficult to score. Waiting for these “players” to finish can take hours, meaning you’re stuck waiting or spending what’s left of your money, only to have to again, wait for “players” to finish. That being said, it’s a fun game if you’re not using real money. I read another review here about how the developer never uses the word “player” because there are computers or bots playing. Keep that in mind because I’ve never seen “player” anywhere in the app or in the disclaimer. Beware because these computers/bots will take you for all you’re worth!

Fun but kind of broken. I would consider myself above average at solitaire. I finish most games between 1-2 minutes and score highly. For the first few weeks I would spend about an hour or 2 and rack up the 120 gems to play in the free roll, usually score somewhere between 2nd and 7th and if I won any “cash” I would play the $ rounds and usually lose those. Sometimes I won a couple, but then I would lose. I still found it very fun and since I win 1st and 2nd in almost every gem game, I was able to earn enough to play free roll a lot. However, I have never made a deposit in this game and unfortunately it seems that after a month or so it became IMPOSSIBLE to win a free roll tournament. I have videos in my phone showing 1st place gem tourneys 7-10 games in a row, a very high win rate and then you just see 9th, 8th, 7th in free roll tourneys again and again. If it’s fair skill based matchups, you would expect that from time to time I could still pull a top 3 finish when I win almost all the gem rounds. It has become impossible. I will have over 10k points and get 9th in a free roll tourney twice in 1 day. Absurd. I just got a losing score for the last time and I’m uninstalling. Side note- they don’t tell you this, but your sign up link only pays if the player who joins makes a deposit. It’s false advertising to state you get a dollar for every sign up if it doesn’t state they must make a purchase.

Scam through and through. I started like most players by only using their given gems to free play solitaire, without putting any of my own money in. I won a lot and went from the starting 16 gems or so go over 200 very quickly. I understand you can’t win any game and there’s surely some algorithm to keep you from winning too much (like the unspoken ones at casinos), so I would play a few gem games and lose until I was ready to bet real money. I put $15 in initially and won some games, but didn’t have any issues yet. After reading other reviews, I can say with 100% certainty that this app is rigged and that you are playing computers who will surely outplay you when real money is on the line. I have no issues winning when I gamble for diamonds (their free play option), always taking first no matter how big the ante, but every single time I play for money, the cards all start out as the same color, leaving many of their underneath parts unable to be uncovered. I really wanted to give this app the benefit of the doubt and keep trying to win my money back, but I have no doubt in my mind that this company and this app developer makes it impossible to win whenever money is involved. It is a scam through and through, and as a poor college student I am severely embarrassed that I fell for the trap and trickery of this company. DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR OWN MONEY. YOU WILL NOT WIN.

DON’T be FOOLED you CANNOT WIN it’s a SCAM. From my experience over the past several months playing Solitaire cash and papaya games other apps. These games are constantly changing and not in a good way. They have made it pretty much impossible to win and if you do win, the payouts are ridiculously low! The games are 100% rigged and they have gone through different ways of rigging their games and it’s obvious. They have taken away the higher payout games and they are no longer available unless you get to the higher levels. They also keep reducing the number of friends you can invite and now it’s only 2. There is really no chance to get bonus cash in this game anymore they have taken that away. So now if you want to get to the higher payout games you have to dump in a lot of money into this game and YOU WILL NOT WIN IT BACK!!!! They have rigged and made this game literally impossible to win anything more that a couple of $$$. Papaya games has sucked the fun out of playing this game. PLEASE Do NOT deposit a dime into this app, you will not win and you are only making the developers richer!!!! So many solitaire games on the App Store. Deleting Solitaire Cash and going back to Solitaire King, they have 10 different games and multiple payouts high and low and you can invite 15 friends and Solitaire King actually pays you when you win!!!

Great game: poor ethics. To start, don’t get me wrong, this is one of the best solitaire platforms I’ve ever used and is a great FREE game. DO NOT spend a single dollar on it however, due to it being incredibly rigged. The game seemingly decides whether you win or lose. I’ve been playing for a while and have actually been able to make like $5 without spending a dime. However, despite how well I do now, the game always finds someone better. Things along this line have happened multiple times, but this was the most blatant one. One of their tournaments is a two person, win or lose type deal. I played one round, which I understandably lost, but had been matched immediately. The next game, I scored my highscore, beating it in 40 seconds, but did not get an opponent for 15 minutes. After that 15 minutes, they had gotten a higher score than me. This could be me just being a conspirast, but to me it seems like it was waiting until someone who spent money beat me in this tournament to match me with that person. This isn’t the first example I found. I’ve been playing for multiple months now, continually getting higher and higher scores, but have never been able to win a single cash tournament since a winning streak a month ago.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR DELETE/RIGGED. IF this game was legit, IF this was a fun to play, IF this game was NOT rigged, IF this app had decent payouts I would be leaving a positive review, however, this game is absolutely horrible and it deserves negative stars! Papaya games continues to tighten up their apps to the point they’re not fun to play! They give you virtually no chance to win! You used to be able to win playing their games and of course lose some too and the game WAS fun. BUT, they have manipulated and controlled the game beyond belief that now majority of the games I lose. I’m an intermediate player been playing for years and I get creamed now! Im lucky to clear a deck and my scores are sometimes so ridiculously low it seems impossible, while the winners score is 3 times what my score is. That’s because it’s fixed, we play against bots and papaya games does NOT want us to win, they want to keep our $$$. NOBODY wants to lose almost every game! When I started it there were unlimited friend requests, then they cut it down to 5 friend requests and now they cut it down to 2! What’s next NO friend requests? Why because they don’t want you playing with bonus money anymore???? Papaya games also took away the higher payout games and left us with 6 games to choose from and the payouts are seriously pathetic! There is ZERO motivation to play Solitaire Cash, but there is a HIGH DESIRE to delete this feeble, deceptive, fraudulent app!

One of the best game developers Ever!. What I love most is not being harassed by ads for other games incessantly, it’s so refreshing. I play Solitaire for stress relief, not b/c of the cash and my goal is amassing Gems so I can keep playing the free games. I accidentally was going too fast, having great fun, and lost a good bulk of my Gems by selecting a tournament game :(. I reached out to the service team b/c I didn’t realize what I had done until way after the fact. Not only was my plight responded to quickly, I had the best customer service in that my lost Gems were pleasantly restored with an explanation how I had made a mistake. The loss wasn’t even their fault yet they were gracious and generous to give them back (I worked hard to get my Gems :) ) Thank You for great service-I know it may seem like “it’s just a game” but it’s the fact that outstanding service has become such a lost art so when it’s experienced, it certainly brightens the day. 10/10-love the Solitaire format, love the service!

Unfair gaming practices. Good morning to all, the game at first appears to be on the up and up. After playing for a while I started noticing so inconsistencies in the playing field so to speak so I started videoing my playing and found something extremely troubling. I’m suppose to be playing against other people but I realized I’m playing against a computer. Which makes it impossible to win consistently. Writing a poor review does nothing. I have emailed, written, and called the gaming commission at both the state and federal level. So I received a response from the people at solitaire cash. They used words like opponents or others but never said people or human beings because using that verbiage would incriminate them. So if anyone thinks they can make real money playing against other human beings on this game you are unfortunately mistaken. I suggest before you deposit any money send them an email and ask them to specify if your playing solely against other human beings or are computer or any other artificial intelligence used. It’s not enough that they take a percentage of each game played. No they need it all because obviously when the there computer wins then they win. That is the legal loop hole that they use by saying they put with equal skill level. I’m not a fan of being Jedi mind tricked.

What I once loved, I know can’t stand. When I first started playing this game, I absolutely loved. I won’t a decent amount of money within the first few months, so I always made large deposits because, I would generally make my money back including winnings. However over the last month or so, the game has been very glitchy. There have been many times when I go to drag a card out and the deck flips or if I am dragging a card already on the board the deck flips. It’s just the start of the issues I’ve been having lately. I know it’s not my phone because I play other solitaire games and these things do not happen. I sent an support email and never received a response. I tried deleting the app and reinstalled it and, it worked decently for a day and back to the same thing, and it seems to be getting worse. We all don’t like losing, but when you lose because you just lost it’s one thing, but when you lose because of glitches or lagging it’s another. Can’t blame the internet here either because I have the gig with fios, and again this doesn’t happen with other games. Sad that I will have to delete this game because it was my go to and favorite game. Best of luck to anyone that plays and if you start seeing glitches stop playing before they steal your money!!

Matchmaking rigged. Cash players beware, this isn’t just random matchmaking and I’m not even sure if the decks aren’t shuffled to make certain games harder. You can play for free with diamonds. If you get 120 diamonds you can play a free roll cash game for a chance to win 4 of their fake dollars which can be used to play for real cash. 0-100 diamonds you will be winning left and right against supposedly real players. Once you hit that 100 threshold though it will take you 6-7 hours to get the last 20. Deposit some real money to play with and it’s like pulling your own teeth to solve a game, at least for you anyway. Supposedly everyone has the same deck and same shuffle but it doesn’t feel that way. If you manage to get lucky and solve quickly with a high score then you might be waiting hours to get enough people to join the match and finish the tournament so you can cash out. Odd considering I can play any other tournament and be losing and have it finish almost immediately. It’s like they lessen the odds of someone playing in your tournament to keep you waiting for it to end in hopes that you will keep playing other tournaments and just lose all the money you were about to win. Just be careful because I don’t think it’s legit.

Solitaire Cash. This game is awesome. I totally recommend this game to everyone. Everything that they say about this game is true. But don’t be fooled. The people who play this game are no pushovers. They are here to win. And I am one of them. I’ve played this game for at least 6 months before I ever deposited a nickel. I learned things about Solitaire that I had no idea about. I studied how the winners played. When I finally started investing some cash in this game it was because I was ready to play. And I did play. After about a month I started winning too. And then I withdrew the cash I won. And the people who own this game are true to their word. The cash arrived in my PayPal account the next day and the cash arrived in my bank account the day after that. And here I am writing a game review for the first time in my life. I love this game. If you are serious about winning, then you have found the right game. And the right people to play it with. Good luck, because you’re gonna need it. But you are really going to have a good time.

This is obviously a scam. Do not trust the 5 star reviews. I downloaded this app just so I could write a review. The 5 star reviews are bots. The 1 star reviews are from actual people who have been scammed out of their money. When you’re playing for their gems, of course the game gives you decks where you can easily win to make you feel confident where you can play for money. After giving your card details, they take out money unauthorized including some hidden fees that you were never warned of. They have the time to answer to every review. I believe this is a scam company out of the Middle East. Do not download this app. Do not give them your money. Listen to the 1 star reviews. The tick was in one of the reviews where the person was looking for the company to reply stating that they were playing against “human opponents” and the company just responded with one of their copy-paste responses. It’s obviously fake. No mobile app will just give you a ton of money to play solitaire lol. It’s rigged. I did not lose any money. I just know a scam when I see one. Do not download this app. Let’s all work together to end these scam apps. Developers, don’t even bother responding to this review.

Fun, but one suspicious hiccup. Having played this game for a few months, I still pick it up from time to time if I want to see if I can win a couple extra bucks. Like most players I started out playing for free gems and then I was able to enter dollar games, where I was able to make my first cashout! A great deal of fun. Here’s where things get a little funky for me. I’ve noticed that none of the games appear to be rigged (no unplayable decks for instance), EXCEPT for when you deposit your own dollars to play for dollars. If I spend an entire day collecting gems, and use those gems to play dollar games, I win a little more than 75% of the games I play for all amounts and players. But that’s only a few dollars in one day or so. If you deposit your own pocket money to expedite your won games per day, I get ZERO wins. It seems a little preposterous that I’d win zero games using my own money- it’s the same game, right? I’m fairly certain other players (or possibly computers) would get the same deck and hands dealt as per the rules of the game. Either way, pretty fun, but you may want to address this component of the game publicly and fix it. Many other reviewers seem to be frustrated that they can’t win real dollars for their skill level and experience with the game, and it seems there’s a pattern when it comes to deposits. I’ll do a little deconstruction of the dealing function code-wise and get back to you guys- may want to fix this soon before other techies catch on.

Sure, I’ll trust Jenny McCarthy… (I’m kidding, anything she advertises is a joke.). I downloaded this game just to be able to write this, which makes sense—don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, which is fair: I was playing another game and this popped up as an ad, and Jenny McCarthy of anti-vax fame was raving about how great it is. Firstly, if you have a gambling addiction, this probably isn’t the best game for you, since, and I’m just being real with you here: you LOSE more than you actually MAKE, which is where the developers PROFIT, so unless you have the money to spare and you’re genuinely just having fun, delete this game immediately for your own good. Secondly, I’ve seen your ads and I’ve dealt with it despite knowing what an absolute SCAM it is; I mean, the terrible acting chops for starters is entertaining enough, but having JENNY FREAKING MCCARTHY as a spokesperson? I don’t trust her judgment at ALL, so asking for her to act like this game would benefit us is the exact OPPOSITE effect you want, isn’t it? Besides, she’s not even a good actor, so if your other, lesser-known, actors have trouble convincing me, what makes you think she will? This entire app is a joke, and you don’t even have to play to realize that. I’ll waste my money elsewhere thanks.

Issues…VERY DISAPPOINTED. I know that I can’t withdraw my bonus cash, but I can withdraw my winnings from using bonus cash. So why do I not have my full winnings available to withdraw? I just won money, and then when I got to withdraw it, it is not counted in my withdrawal balance. What is with that??? Also, it’s been very frustrating now that the splash pages include entering a game by clicking “Play” while they are other splash pages that say “Let’s Play” which you are not automatically charged for. I find this new change to be very deceptive, there is no warning that says “Are you sure you want to play?” to avoid being charged for a game that you didn’t want to play. Also, there is no way to cancel once you’ve clicked just one button to enter a game. Given the fact that they force you to use your out of pocket cash balance first without taking from your winnings or bonus, it’s not fair that you don’t warn people or allow them to cancel, and have now added the splash page to play a game immediately so you inadvertently click on it instead of the red “X”. I am not putting anymore of my own money into this app, they’ve gotten more greedy and deceptive…

WONT PAYOUT/RiGGED/DONT GIVE THEM YOUR $. I am leaving this review from my experience with the illegitimate, scamming, thieving app. I’ve played this app off and on for a long time probably about a year now. This game has gone through a lot of changes. It seems like every time you win it goes to another change. Trying make it more difficult or impossible for us to win. I don’t mean by leveling you up, I mean by changing the algorithm so that it’s impossible for us to win. The app has rigged the cards by creating a lag or you get mostly red cards are black. You know you’re playing bots when the winner consistently gets scores over 10,000 or 11,000 points while you’re getting less than 1000. I’m a seasoned player so getting score that low is beyond frustrating especially when you know you’re playing against a bot, we don’t have a chance, bots don’t have a strategy they have the developers algorithm backing ‘em! The developers also go through faze’s where they just WON’T pay you when you request a withdraw and this has happened to me! This app does everything they can cheat us, and not pay us but they have no problem taking our money! So please do not deposit your money into this game because it is a huge giant scam a money pit! They are the only winners. When I requested payouts they just don’t pay! I have emailed them a bazillion times zero responses absolutely none and no payout.

SCAM/DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR $$$ You WILL NOT WIN. DO NOT DEPOSIT MONEY INTO THIS APP! I have played this game for about a year now. The app is continuously changing to make it harder and harder to win. If you deposit your money DO NO EXPECT to win it back, you will not! This game is a scam, this game is not legit, this game should be taken OFF the App Store! Read the developers responses to the negative reviews it’s the same a cookie cutter response. Claiming they’re legit, if this app was legit and if this app was not a scam I would not be leaving a negative review. They keep TAKING AWAY the friend requests, it was unlimited and then they reduced them to 5 and now you can only invite 2 people. That means they’re only allowing you to play with $2 of bonus cash. The games they offer are absolutely horrible now. They took away the games with the bigger pots like winter cash, you can’t play it until you get to level 20. Don’t think you’re getting to level 20 using gems, it will take you a year! So, if you want to get to level 20 you need to continuously put in your own money and you will lose it because the game’s algorithm is set for us to lose. You will not make your $ back and you will not make enough to cash out! The developers have changed this app and made it impossible to win and they’re keeping your hard earned $$$…Please be smart and do not download!!!!

Undercover con. The game doesn’t use your bonus cash first. It uses you actual money that you won from the game until it runs out. Then it will use the bonus. I’ve “won” over $150 in the game. But only got $15. Although the account said $47 in the account. That was after my account went from $71 to $51. So they took $20 from me for some unknown reason. Unknown what reason. And all the bonus money that I’ve acquired was never used on the games. I deposit $15 get $5 of bonus. It uses the $15 when I play cash games. Leaves the $5 in the account. So I start off in my account with the $15 I put in +the $5 bonus. I play a game for $5 and I win a game (let’s say $29 Cz that’s the most I’ve one from a single game) and now account is at $44 But it didn’t use the $5 from the bonus cash. It took from actual money so if I tried to withdraw my winnings I wouldn’t be withdrawing $29. I’d only get $24. Well minus the fees so I’d get like $23. And I would lose the bonus money because you forfeit it once you cash out. But you can’t use the bonus cash until all the other money is gone. Idk what happens to the money I deposit. Not sure if it’s used or if it’s also added to what I “forfeit”. I’m still working on the numbers.

Do not play!. I have been playing for awhile. At first I did not have any problems other than I noticed I would win a streak of games and then a streak of losing. This would keep my balance close to the amount I had paid for. As time has gone on and I have become quicker, each game I play now the keys start sticking during the game so it slows down playing. I tried wifi, deleting and downloading game, logging off the phone and game, nothing works to stop the “sticking”. So I have to tap twice to get cards to flip but then if you click twice sometimes it will skip twice in the deck and you have to back up a play to play cards. Also, to slide cards at times you are not able to grab them to drag them. You have to try several times. All of these problems during the game slows the game and keeps you from winning many games. Also there are gifts that pop up or goals to reach and rarely will you ever win the money they say you have a chance to win no matter how much money you play. I sent an email about these issues and they wanted me to record while playing and send in. I screen recorded but when playing back there is no way to tell I am double clicking or the deck issues. Also, the videos are too long to attach making reporting issues a problem. When cashing out there is so much taken out that you end up with little of your winnings. I suggest do not play because it is rigged so you cannot consistently win anything worth the fees it costs to cash out.

PLEASE DO NOT deposit ANY $$$ into this app. PLEASE DO NOT deposit ANY $$$ into this app! I have played this app and their other games for a while now. Recently, they have changed SO much and have made it impossible to win any money. Well, except for a couple $$$ here and there but NOT enough to cash out. They have locked/taken away the higher payout games, taken away most of the invites now you can only invite 2 people which means you ONLY get $2 worth of bonus cash and that is it!!! No other opportunities to get bonus cash. So, they have taken all of this away so you/me will deposit money into their game because we can no longer use bonus cash. The game is so rigged you will not win and get our ahead. I am a fairly good player and I have tried and tried but they have made this game impossible to make any money…Please I am telling you DO NOT give them your money. If you can’t win playing with the with their $2 measly bonus dollars don’t think you’re going to win depositing your own money! There are MULTIPLE apps that give you unlimited invites and some give you 15 at $3 each invite of bonus cash, un-rigged games and they actually pay you out when you win unlike this app. This app does not pay, games are rigged and look at the developers responses to reviews. It’s cut and paste. I have deleted this app since it is a complete waste of time…

Honest Review, Details on Bonus Cash & Withdrawals. It’s a great game honestly. You don’t have to pay to play. There is a lot of events so if you’re trying to make money there is the opportunity to do so even if you didn’t actually deposit into the game. It does get harder as you level up (it says so in the game) because you are matched against people of your skill level. The game ads for the events only pop up when you first open the game so it’s not too bad. Things to keep in mind if you’re trying to win money.. Bonus Cash is cool because it’s supposed to allow you to enter tournaments where you can win real cash, but you can’t cash out bonus cash. However, if you have bonus cash and actual cash, the game will default you to using your own cash for the game. You can’t cash out your actual winnings and continue to play with the bonus cash because once you cash out winnings you forfeit the bonus cash. From the rounds that you win in cash, the game will always keep 0.20. So if the prize for a round is $2.9, you only keep/ can withdraw $2.7 from that.

Thieves. Ill run some numbers and let you make your decision. These people take at least 25% our money and they could easily choose not to. In a 5 dollar game with 8 people they pocket 10 out of the 40 dollars. Might not sound so bad but here’s the payouts. 1st place: $15. Second place 9.10 Third place. $5.90. Why not just 15, 10 and 5? Still. This is pretty fishy. First place gets to triple their money n second place doesn’t even get to double it? Alot of times you barely lose or win. These games are usually very close. There are other ways they could split the money, they just choose not to. First of all first place should only get 10 dollars. This is solitaire. Doubling your money on a solitaire game is still pretty crazy, agree? Second place gets $9. Third place gets $8. Fourth place gets $7. I’m sure people would enjoy this game A LOT more if they payouts were like this. One more person gets to enjoy everygame n you don’t ever feel like you lost out just because you didn’t get first place by a couple points. You still pocket 6 dollars a game. More people might play if payouts were better. More people means more money right? I for one will never put a dime into this game if this doesn’t change. It’s crazy to me that people don’t think about what they are doing. If I’m not mistaken you already profit about a million dollars. How much is enough?

Fun and a bit addictive. This is the first solitaire game I've tried where I'm spending money to play. I enjoy it! Great game, but nothing else to compare it with, besides another free app I've played . Took awhile to start winning after losing a few frustrated times obviously when money is on the line but my first win was a small amount but my second or third was 40 dollars! Since then I've won 40 dollars two games in a row and 20 dollars and less many times. It does seem like when I win a bunch then withdrawal my winnings I lose quite a bit after thinking it's rigged but the longer I've played this app I really don't think so. One more thing, I withdrew 120$ in winnings once and I received it in like 4 payments. Little bizarre but was paid full amount . Who doesn't like winning 20,40 or even 60 dollars a few times a week or so. I do! Start free to practice. 5 minutes goes fast . All in all I love this game!( except my losing streaks) lol... Play responsibly. It's fun but addicting.

Good game but ad lies. It’s a good solitaire game, something to beat the boredom, but it doesn’t pay out like the ad indicates. You have to put money in to get anything back and you get pennies on each dollar. As always the odds are in favor of the game not you. Plus when you try to take your money out it takes a “fee” and you have to wait. So go into it as a game, not with the thought of getting rich, because it’s just not gonna happen. I promise you, anyone who is shown to have won a big amount, won it over time. Example: it says I won $325 and I have never been able to take it out, because it was ‘bonus’ money (and a total over 2 years of game play, not a one time lump sum), I did win a $1something, but that’s not enough to take it out or waste my time trying, because, after figuring it out, (if I was able to take it out) I would only be able to take out is about .75 cents. Any play/win when using ‘bonus’ money is not your money and you will not be able to take it. Sorry hun, but facts are facts. So if you are struggling to pay bills, pay your bills, don’t put it here. If they tell you otherwise, shame on them, they are just being scammy. Luv ya, have a great day!

Fun to play but don’t expect to win much. I’ve been playing this game for quite a while. I enjoy it and mostly play free play for entertainment. In the beginning, I won a few bucks here and there. I am assuming algorithms are in place to eventually adapt to your playing style and stop this from happening, though. Currently, I win 80-90% of the free play games which gives me the satisfying fun winning feelings. When I collect bonus cash and use it to play for real money, however, I am always paired with higher-level players. 98% of the time these days, the game waits to pair me with other players until AFTER I score (this RARELY happened in the first 3 months) and then once paired, I inevitably do not place in the top 3. When I submitted a complaint and called them out on it, I miraculously didn’t have this happen for a day or 2. But then it went right back. So if you’re looking for a way to win cash or make money, this isn’t it (except maybe in the first few weeks.) If you’re looking for entertainment, the format is fun and winning the free games gives you the winning “high” that we all enjoy, hence the only reason I still play these days.

SCAM, Play for Free BUT DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR $. This app is a scam, it’s not legit! This review is from my experience and I want to help save anyone I can from losing your hard earned $ thinking you actually have a chance of winning something from this app, you DO NOT, you will NOT win $, please DO NOT deposit!!!! Play for free… It’s a scam and you’re not going to win your $ back. I have played this game for over a year and papaya games has recently changed their algorithm and you can NO LONGER WIN $! You may be able to win a couple of $’s but not enough to cash out. The bots are scoring crazy high scores (OVER 10,000) and now most of the time I can’t clear the deck and I’m left with a score of 700 or maybe 1000. It’s not because I’m not a good player, I’m definitely not a beginner, I’ve been playing this game for years and again this app for over a year but I can’t compete with their algorithm. I used to be able to clear the board but not since they changed their game. So, it’s pretty frustrating to get beat over and over and over again against bots! It’s not strategy it’s not that I’m a horrible player it’s that you cannot compete against papaya game’s algorithm. You’re a fool if you deposit any $ into this app, if you do you’re literally just GIVING papaya games you’re $, they will not let you win, papaya games is the ONLY winner!!!

Just like Skillz (another P2P gaming platform). Just like Skillz, Papaya gaming lures your in thinking you can actually win money that you are able to withdraw. Unless you’re willing to withdraw 10-15$ per transaction, which take up to a week where it’s difficult to play, then you’ll never take out money. Unless you’re one of their “coolers”, like in a casino, it’s not really worth putting money in. Just play the free gem games and enjoy. If you do decide to play with real money just remember, you’ll win more in the beginning but then you’ll start losing by less that 50 or so points game after game. Occasionally there will be a player you’re matched against that will finish the board in less than 45 seconds scoring over 11,000 points. My understanding is that you’re only allowed to play on a mobile device but it’s impossible to score that high doing so. Also there is not a replay option where you can see if your opponent actually beat you or not. At least with Skillz they allow you to see both players play the same board. Here you have to trust that every player is playing the same board of cards. Please be careful if you do play with real money and if you experience any of this then stop.

Problematic Game Mechanics. The game is intriguing as it is the first totally free solitaire game that allows you the possibility of winning cash. This is good, but upon further playing and deeper inspection I am noticing some odd things. The competition in this game, is certainly skill based, but I have played hundred upon hundreds of games and have yet to see any proof that I am actually playing against another human being. I suspect that I am playing against bots, which would mean the vast majority of the time the money going into the game/system is going to be staying there, and because bots can produce inhuman game times very consistently the odds are stacked heavily against the player. I am a fairly skilled player, and have played competitively for years, but currently my opposition requires me to complete my games in under 40 seconds virtually every game to win even on the free levels, which is extremely suspicious. Human opponents have a much higher variation in their games. This is certainly fun to play, but I would caution against investing your actual money until the company can provide evidence of a level playing field as most other games in the genre do by allowing player communication, video replays, and the ability to check the profiles of your opponents.

Overall good, but has 2 crippling issues. Overall, this could be a fun game. However, I will warn you that there is no pausing the time in this game (until the developer rectifies this). Someone tries to get your attention or you press a notification in iOS or you hit the power button by mistake? The timer keeps going and there is a high chance your game is doomed at that point. The developer seems to be taking its sweet time in getting back to me about a score bug I found that has ruined my score on most games I have played. If the developer could fix all that (and also isolate all the elite players into their own category for games), I would be much happier with this game. Update (7-2-21): Even with 2 updates, you still have not fixed the scoring mechanism I reported to you both in a support ticket and in the review above. Further, it seems your promise to get back to me within 3 business days for a support query is a sham (except for withdrawal queries..those seem to be the only ones you are consistent on). Also, the game skews things by offering “experience” towards a level up when a deposit is made. Experience towards level up should only be gained with (paid) gameplay. If you want. Past level 300, it becomes nearly impossible to win anymore.

DO NOT PAYOUT/DO NOT DEPOSIT INTO THIS SCAM. I am telling you, save yourself the frustration and delete this app ASAP! I’ve been playing this app for close to a year now. I have seen the different ways they have rigged the games by playing for so long. It seems like papaya games main goal is to rig their games so we cannot win. If you win anything significant they rig it more or take something away or change something. Papaya games wants us to deposit our money into their game but will NOT, cannot win it back! I have won $13 and I withdrew that $13 and guess what Papaya games WILL NOT PAY ME OUT!!!!So, not only is this game almost impossible to win any $$$, if you do scrap a few dollars out of them THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU OUT!!!! I have emailed over and over again, and nothing! They will respond to this review like they do other negative reviews acting they’re concerned and they want their customers to have a good experience and I should email them to get this resolved! It’s a boat full of lies! They want to look good for potential future customers! If they cared they would have paid me my $13 and responded to my multiple emails and they wouldn’t not continuously be changing their game to rig it so we can’t win!!! I have seen it, I have been through it and I am telling you DELETE THIS APP, DO NOT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY $ into this app!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite solitaire game. I’ve been playing this game for a couple months now, mainly just on the free play, but eventually started playing paid rounds with my own money and bonus money won from playing! I’ve loved the game for a long time now, but wanted to wait to write a review until I received my first payout to make sure everything went smoothly. One thing I will say is the payout was a little confusing to me. I requested a withdrawal from my winnings and the next day got a refund for $5. Knowing I didn’t request a refund, I was left quite confused and sent in a support request to figure out why I received a refund when I should have received a payout of a higher amount. A few hours after sending my request I got the rest of the fund sent to my PayPal and an email explaining that the payments would come as 2. 1 $5 refund and 1 amount of the rest of your total. Now I feel a little silly having sent in a request not knowing how it worked, wish it would have been clarified in the original email that was sent to confirm withdrawal request. But other than that bit of confusion, I got my winnings and am so happy with this game! Also, I don’t know why other reviews are saying that this game seems rigged...I’ve literally never had a problem with never winning. I am able to win quite a fair amount, and have never felt like the game was rigged. I always feel like I have a fair game! There haven’t been a ton of ads or anything like that! Overall a fantastic game!

Do not recommend gambling your own money. If you are doing a free to play, you’re fine… but don’t play any games that requires money. Mostly if you’re playing a game online. There’s always a pattern to online money games and you will see it the more you play it. If you are to gamble, gamble in real life. I would score low in a money game and even if I won, it is weird for everyone else to score as low or lower when i lost a couple games to really high scores. Then after one win, you will lose majority of your games. Plus, the payouts do not make any sense. If 7 people are betting $5, then the payout should be at least $32 split, but it is not. I understand there should be a fee to play it, but it shouldn’t take so much from the pot. That should be split with the other winners. Another note… they say they match players to make a fair game… not once and ever I will score over 9,500 score or even get close to 10,000, but somehow the other matched players reach 10,000 many times and one time had 11,000. Is 11,000 naturally possible? You would have to do the whole thing under 1 min or less to even reach that! They basically consider me a professional solitaire player… I average 3 mins at most! 2 star because the game is still enjoyable.

Honestly pretty happy about this app. So at first i was a little skeptical about this app, I’ve tried so many different reward apps and usually they make it very difficult or even impossible to make money or withdraw but I’ve been playing this game for about a month now and i won my first money game for $2.80 and i was pretty happy with it since I’ve been playing for free and just collecting bonus cash to play paid games. I was a little sad when i went to withdraw that the minimum withdraw was $5. So i then proceeded to play more paid games and won another game for $5.80. So then i went to withdraw and everything actually went very smooth. I actually even got an email from them saying we got your request and said it would take up to 14 days to process, which i thought was kind of ridiculous but then they actually payed me the very next day. So overall very happy with this app, only thing I’m not too happy about is how i can’t withdraw change such as if i have $7.80 that it says i can withdraw but when i withdraw, the top amount i can withdraw is $7. I think it would be more fair to the players to withdraw the full amount they earned including the change. Thanks

Fun & an Opportunity to Win Money. I downloaded this version of solitaire because I play solitaire every day anyways. Figured if I win money then that’s cool, if not then oh well, solitaire is solitaire 🤷🏼‍♀️ You can play Gem games and when you get 120 gems you can enter into a cash game, so there’s really no need to deposit your own money. I do think the biggest thing that people need to understand is that some serious people play the cash games - I used to have a different solitaire app where players could chat and they would talk about finishing games in literally seconds, they were crazy good at it. So definitely keep in mind that you won’t win every cash game, there are too many really good players, but if you keep practicing the gem games you can definitely get better and win cash games. I won $11 and decided to withdraw funds to see how that worked. They take a $1 processing fee (which is normal) and said it could take 14 days to be deposited into my PayPal account. I did this on Sunday, the $10 was on my PayPal account by Tuesday. It’s definitely legit, you just need to understand you’re going up against real, good players when you play cash games and you need to be pretty good as well to win.

Fun game but few dollar winnings. Like a few others have observed, this game starts out great and I even reached something like $14 in one day until the algorithms upped the level of all other players I was against. This is great and all but here is the problem: I mostly play the 20 Diamond games until I have over 1200 diamonds and then I try that for a chance to win a dollar amount. I have noticed after that miraculous day of winning a ton, ever since, any time I play a game with dollar winnings, the players are far better than the ones I play against in the more free 20 diamonds games. Typically I am almost always in the top three in the free games and am hardly ever barely third in any other games (usually 6,7,8th…). It could be that I play way less of those but it was hard to ignore after a while and the discrepancy is a bit annoying now. There were players with scores in the paid games that don’t even exist as scores in the free games so it doesn’t seem quite consistent throughout. It has taken the fun out of it a bit for me but overall this is still a great app and I haven’t had any technical issues.

Be careful. Started playing had fun the i added money and used to get free money for adding, when trying to collect they took some money away cause it was from the bonus money ok it was fine it was my mistake then i added money got bonus and made sure to use all my money and bonus before collecting wins then same thing happened they took away money supposedly cause i had bonus which i was sure to use it and even have tons of pictures to prove this, then collecting money its crazy, they send you the money in parts and im still waiting for it to show all the money, and finally today i realized and started checking the records and trying to match it with all my funds in the game and the history and every time i was adding money they were withdrawing twice from my bank, today i contacted the bank finally cause its almost 100 dollars worth of money they took without me consenting. It is a fun game and yes you can win money but its hard on free games i get 1st place most of the time and on the paid ones i dont, even when i take less than 2 minutes and get good points. As for free games its all i recommend using, and dont add money since they take your money and when you collect they never send you the right amounts

Fun game, pop ups almost ruin it. The game is solitaire, hard to mess solitaire up it’s pretty fun. And you can theoretically win money without spending any (though it’s really hard to do that haha). The only problem is the dozens of pop ups you get every. Time. You open the game, advertising the gambling options and offers to deposit money. And I get it, this is how the game gets profits, they want you to add money. A pop up for it every once in a while is totally fair. But it’s so many back to back that it really doesn’t feel like they’re separate offers rather than a barrage of “GIVE US MONEY NOW!!”. The worst part is that the gambling portion isn’t available in every state. And there’s no acknowledgement by the app if you can’t partake until you try to deposit. So sometimes even if I’m willing to give into one of these spammy ads, I get to the payment page and it says I can’t continue. But I’m still stuck being harassed by the pop ups about something I can’t do. If I didn’t live in a state where the depositing is allowed I probably would have deleted the app by now. With the option available it’s tolerable. Once you get rid of the initial bombard of them it’s just a fun game of gambling solitaire that I enjoy.

☺️. So I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now. I downloaded to see if this was real or not cause I’m always skeptical about games like this lol. I played for about three weeks before I actually saw any money, BUT ITS LEGIT. I do not play these types of games, or even bother to leave reviews. But for this game i HAD TO cause i just got 14 bucks in my paypal lol. I have not put a penny of my own into this game. You get money by playing their free games that offer like .60 of winnings and you build up to a dollar or two and thats when you’re able to play the dollar games. Now, they sometimes have these games you can play for a dollar that offer from 5-8 bucks. So this money grows! The most ive won is $14 in one game. I had 18 in my cash, asked to withdraw 15, they have a dollar processing fee then i saw it the next day in my paypal. Its quick and easy i promise. And if you dont have money you can play the games with the diamonds you earn so either way you can always play.

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!. If you know how to play solitaire omg the extra incentive is MONEY for playing it that gives that extra excitement I tell all my family & friends!!!! I swear it’s REAL YA’ll !!!! But when you about to play a tournament look at how many people your playing against the less people the better your chances for WINNING the top MONEY!!! & the quicker you are the time you still have left over adds MORE POINTS so that makes your points more greater. I GET EXCITED WHEN IM ABOUT TO PLAY SOLITAIRE CASH I LOVE IT Y’ALL SHOULD JUST DOWNLOAD IT AND GIVE IT A TRY! I swear if you know how to play solitaire WATCH YOU GONNA PLAY IT!!!!! LOve it!!!!! THEN BE HAPPY AT THE END OF THE DAY WHEN YOUR CASH!!!!! You can withdrawal your money at any time. It says it can take up to 2 to 14 days but I have been getting mines like 3 to 4 days it’s okay this is just my side money & I just love this game actually I have gotten so good the more I play. Oh and the bonus money is their money BUT i like the bonus money cause off of the alone you can earn your own money I have won hundred. Yes sometimes you might not win every tournament because it’s competition. But get your skills up like I have start off playing like the $3 tournament but think fast watch your gonna get BETTER & BETTER. THANKS WHO ALL READS MY REVIEW. BELIEVE ME THIS CAME IS REAL AND THA BOMB!!!!!!

Be careful. Who doesn’t like solitaire? It’s a great game to pass the time, but be careful because it gets tricky when money is involved. Make no mistake, there ARE algorithms put in place no matter how much these developers deny it. When you’re playing just for gems, the games are way easier and you’re able to rack up the gems and your confidence. Once that’s up, you start putting in a couple of bucks, but somehow the games get harder now…and don’t even think about doing those $20, $30, $40, etc ones. I’ve been playing this for over a year and there are patterns, even times of day when it’s way harder, they’ll give you streaks of winning so, again, you can gain that confidence to put in more money. Again, this is a great game, but just don’t pour any money into it, it’s deceiving and it’ll get you in trouble. And to the developer, don’t come at me with the whole “we are a legitimate business” stuff, I’m not questioning the legitimacy of your business…I’m just cautioning players on the imminent loss of their money. I’ve worked in tech, it’s ALL algorithms, no matter what you play.

Upset. The game is pretty good I love the competitive nature of the game itself and the tournaments I’m still kind of new but I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 weeks now and finally got up to 1200 gems so decided to play a real money match. In the real money match I cleared the board in less then two minutes and still lost the real money tournament for seven dollars I understand and get win some lose some but what I don’t like is you waste all this time play in the game and working up to having enough to play real money match and then one you lose it when you should’ve won exactly what happened with me I should’ve won that game solitary is a very hard game and it’s almost impossible to win in less than a minute again I cleared the board in less than two minutes but still lost. It took me two weeks playing every day to get enough gems and I will not be playing another two weeks just to get enough gems again to lose there should be matches or tournaments to give you more gems so you’re not playing weeks upon weeks to get enough to play One real money match that being said I will be deleting this game because I feel I should’ve won the seven dollar tournament,

Fine ad-free game with some issues. I’ve been playing for about 2 months. I played for free for about 6 weeks and then used a deal to deposit cash and get bonus cash. The game works fine but I feel it’s a bit tough to win a lot of money or gems. It seems like certain times of day are tougher to win. There are 6 tournaments/games that you can play (2 gem “free” games and 4 $ games), and then “limited time” tournaments that change frequently. Each game (“tournament”) you get a time limit of 5 minutes, and you get extra points the less time you use. All games are draw 3 (which I used to dislike but now I enjoy them) except for the occasional limited time tournament that’s draw one. The number of players in each tournament depends on which one you play and all have different $ or gem requirements to play. The last week I’ve had a lot of issues with the app and I think it’s because of an update (iPhone or app). The trading cards tab hasn’t been working and the tournaments are unable to be played unless restarting the app (except tonight I can’t play at all even after restarting app and phone). I hope they can fix this soon so that their paying customers can get back to playing and competing. I’d recommend this game to play for free (no ads!!) or if you want to pay, only if you’re willing to spend a bit of money for fun.

Solitaire Cash. In the beginning, I loved playing. I got better or so I thought.. Now, I can’t win anything. I use to win over a hundred and sometimes I believe close to $200 but now, I’m not winning anything. Do y’all watch people playing and when they r winning, you make it really hard to win? I would hope u don’t do that but not looking so good. I use to always make a solitaire but not now. Is this feel that way to anyone else. I have recommended to my friends how much fun this game is and they should play. I know u aren’t putting me against other players that play in the same range because they wouldn’t keep playing when they r losing also. I just bought more money on here to play and 2 of the games I played no win so when I use up my money, someone else can take my place and lose their money. Sorry, just needed to say how I feel. Good luck to new players. Hope u win money and then quit, like I should have. Well it’s Feb. 9 and writing because after my last review, u opened me up to win some but that never last. I keep trying to play but I am just throwing my money away to u to make u even richer. I will try once more but I will completely delete u forever and my friends who play because of me, said they also was ready to call it quits. Thanks so much for nothing.

Ungodly Amounts Of Adds. Guys, I’m giving you four stars without having ever cashed out or ever making a penny. The players you go up against on the cheapest real cash games are on another level but I’m assuming there’s nothing fishy there hopefully. I’m giving you the benifit of the doubt with your payouts. That being said, I enjoy the app, it’s fun, a little to hard when playing for real world cash so I’d like to recommend a more relevant ranking or skill based match ups but my main reason for commenting is the start up adds. Its great that you promoting yourself and doing your thing but it’s so much more then it needs to be. I literally dread it every time I open up the app cause all of the self promoting deals fishing for cash buy ins and whatever deals your pushing. Again I understand it’s business but you gotta do something. Make them optional to see or something cause me personally will never make a deposit as long as I can’t hit 10,000 points in a game and it’s just an aggravation for me. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to improve my gameplay. Like I never commit or ranks apps. It takes a lot to get me to close a game, open the App Store find your app just to fuss so it’s bads and I know I’m not alone on this. It’s just near hounding people at a certain point.

Relaxation, Challenges and Fun in One. I just downloaded this app a few days ago and immediately enjoyed it !! There are no time limits on each puzzle (at least none that I have found so far) which makes it very relaxing. Each piece of art is “quirky” in its own right but fun to see as you add pieces and complete the artwork . These are fairly simple challenges but they get more difficult as you progress. There are hints available with the usual short ad viewing per hint if you need help. This app is heavily “ad driven” compared to others that I’m familiar with but I have not encountered any “options” to invest my money in order to continue playing so I clearly understand the need for ad sponsorships. I did not find the ads so intrusive or annoying that I quit so others should certainly try it and see what they think! I completed about 6 puzzles before I hopped over to the 3 games that I have played regularly for the past 3-4 years. Within a short amount of time I found myself bored with the 3 “old standbys” and returned to Puzzle Art to complete some more puzzles. I am now on this app daily and my old games are only opened long enough for me to build points and return to Puzzle Art. It would be nice if the programmers gave a “reward hint” here and there to eliminate some of the need to watch another ad for another hint but I will still be trying to complete puzzles whether that’s an option or not. Thank you app creators!

Good if you don’t care about winning $. I would consider myself above average at solitaire. I finish most games between 1-2 minutes and score highly. For the first few weeks I would spend about an hour or 2 and rack up the 120 gems to play in the free roll, usually score somewhere between 2nd and 7th and if I won any “cash” I would play the $ rounds and usually lose those. Sometimes I won a couple, but then I would lose. I still found it very fun and since I win 1st and 2nd in almost every gem game, I was able to earn enough to play free roll a lot. However, I have never made a deposit in this game and unfortunately it seems that after a month or so it became IMPOSSIBLE to win a free roll tournament. I have videos in my phone showing 1st place gem tourneys 7-10 games in a row, a very high win rate and then you just see 9th, 8th, 7th in free roll tourneys again and again. If it’s fair skill based matchups, you would expect that from time to time I could still pull a top 3 finish when I win almost all the gem rounds. It has become impossible. I will have over 10k points and get 9th in a free roll tourney twice in 1 day. Absurd. I just got a losing score for the last time and I’m uninstalling. Side note- they don’t tell you this, but your sign up link only pays if the player who joins makes a deposit. It’s false advertising to state you get a dollar for every sign up if it doesn’t state they must make a purchase.

Why are you wasting your time with this app! You cannot win and it’s a scam. I have no idea why anyone is playing this app! I am deleting it after this review. I’ve payed this game for several months now and I have seen how they manipulate their game so we cannot win. When I first started playing it was a completely different game. It was actually fun and you could win money but the more you played the harder it became. You had unlimited friends request so you could use bonus cash. None of that is true any longer. The games are so rigged you can win a couple of $$$ and that is all!!!! They have taken away the high payouts and left 6 games 2 of them gem games and the other 4 are seriously hardly worth your time. What is the motivation to play this app? NONE!!! It’s rigged (no matter how high your score the bots will beat you) payout are SUPER low not even worth your time, and you can invite 2 friends now. So, there’s no chance to get bonus cash. 2 friends equals $2 in bonus cash. This game used to be fun, but now it is completely worthless, zero motivation to play solitaire cash! Deleting this app and continuing to play Solitaire King 10 games to choose from, great payout options high and lower payouts. 15 fiend invites at $3 bonus cash each. Why would anyone waste their time and heaven forbid put a single penny into this scam!!! You will NOT win they have it so rigged they ruined everything about this app.

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Love this game. From Australia and absolutely love it I find the deposit and withdrawing pretty easy going just like sports bet really have won over $100 and withdrawed. Most people don’t know this but one wrong love could mess up a game it’s definitely fair and not every game can be statistically won, even google says so , I would suggest practicing many times before using real money as it’s about luck more than strategy most times, but may the odds be ever in your favour :)

Solitaire Cash. Fun game that pits your mind (and how fast it works) against yourself and other players. Accumulating gems is fun but takes a lot of time (compared with Bubble Cash). Would be good if occasionally you could get more gems faster

Walk... no run away. Hi, No matter how good you are this app is geared mathematically to take your money and will very quickly. There will be the 1% who can make a short term profit. The more you play the more they take as a rake. It uses all sorts of flashy features and deals to rope you in. Remember, that you can’t withdraw any “bonus” money and there's is a withdrawal fee. Don’t say you weren’t warned. The game also glitches on a regular basis and you have to reset it every 5-10 mins.

Love it. 5 stars best game ever even if you want to win money or not Only thing is when you go onto it there’s special offers every time which is kinds annoying but other than that so fun and love the little competition

Thiefs!. I have played this game for so long just to make it up to $100. Any time i won it was literally ALWAYS only .01c. This took me ages to finally reach $100 because not every game wins of course. I finally reach $100 and it will not let me cash out as promised in the terms and conditions. I have emailed complaints at least five times now and no one ever responds. The gift card option to cash out on is conveniently ALWAYS sold out and unavailable for me to use either. I can’t begin to describe jut how many hours it has taken to finally reach the $100 amount for withdrawal, only to discover it won’t ever pay out to me. I have tried EVERYTHING. Don’t waste your time or effort or money. These kind of apps need to be shut down.

It hasn't charged me any of my own money. It has offered.. I don't mind being prompted to buy once I'm in the app and enjoying the game. What I dislike are subscription games where you pay or hand over card or details prior to a 'free' trial month, if you forget to cancel, you are locked in, that's unfair you may not even use it in that month's grace period.

Game is rigged. Fun and addictive game. Best solitaire! However as I live in Australia I can’t withdraw winnings. That’s ok cause it’s fun. However, I cannot ever win using the 1.2k coins. Never. I fly through the puzzles and come first most of the time, but then I put all the coin in and lose and end up somehow in bottom 2 spots. Every time. It’s fun playing with “cash” but I only end with cash on the games ones that last 3 days. So don’t play, cause it’s addictive and you won’t ever win.

Fun but lots of ads. Lots of fun. Lots of ads tho! Ignore them tho and just play the FREE gem games. Good for mindless fun. The timer makes it more challenging as well. I would give 4 stars but it’s gambling and SO many ads to purchase. So no thanks. I’ll enjoy the free stuff :) if you got rid of the ads I’d be just happy to pay for the app. :)

Meh. Might as well just play a gamble free solitaire. When you play under gems you win 70% of the time, when you play under cash you win 5% of the time. You save up your gems to finally play a cash game and low & behold you’re lost for moves before the first deck hand has been re-run. Funny how that hardly happens during gem games but seems to be a quite frequent issue during cash games 🤫🤨🤔 When I first started playing I won more, I think they realise your pattern so if your a user who hasn’t dropped in cash they stop you winning cash. So as you can guess, I don’t win cash games anymore. ”You’re put in the same game as like-level pl...” blah blah As close to stealing money as legally possible.

Confused. Hi I am from Brisnbane and I downloaded the game after reading the comments from a fellow Australian.I am a bit puzzled because when I wanted to buy into a game a notification came up and said the I was not able because of where I lived.I would like to know how Australians are playing it and is the money changed into Aussie dollars from USA dollars

Worst support simple game house always wins. Matchmaking was questioned then I was banned and not allowed to deposit or make attempt to make money ignorant support three weeks with no reply messaged each day they change the matchmaking depending on your score how much you deposit and win and loss ratio don’t get me wrong the throw out winners when they need to but other then that the company itself is a joke I have reached out multiple time to be exact I think it’s 13 emails without a reply over the space of three weeks

Not happy. I am not happy that the real money games aren’t available in my country, we shouldn’t be able to download it if you can only play the one game on it, it made me really mad when I clicked onto one of the real money games and it told me that i was not able to play it because of the country that I live in, it’s very sad to be let down like that when I have been playing for weeks to get enough gems so I could play the real money games

Can’t access the app and I’m winning!. I love this game, it’s become quite the addiction. But now it’s locked me out and I can’t get it to open on my phone, despite doing all the tricks. Is that because I’m ranked No. 1 on the Stars Tournament currently?!? Please help 🙏🏼

Fun but don’t pay into it😡. It’s fun- competing for gems you can win/ place multiple times- I tried a few cash games ( $20 in account- money I had as refund from PayPal) and the higher the stakes the more difficult the hand you are dealt. Just play the gem game. Also a friend said don’t redeem cash as with conversion and ‘fee’ you get less.

Good game but doesn’t work in my location. The game is great, it’s fun and I’ve never had an issues with the game crashing or glitching. However, I’m constantly being harassed to put down a deposit to play in the real money games but then it won’t let me because this feature “isn’t supported in my location”. I live in Australia not the middle of the Arctic. Also if you don’t support real money play in my area why do you constantly shove ads in my face telling me to play the real money version

hard game lol. this game is awesome i cant stop playing👌🏼 but the only thing i dont like is the fact that when you play for gems its alot easier to get a full game completed whereas with the money games they give you pretty much the smae colour right across the board with only one odd colour which i feel the odds are already stacked up against you without even turning the first flop out of the deck given🤷🏽‍♂️ i know its not meant to be easy to win but as it is, the chances if you being able to get alot of points is about 20% if that😅 i will still comtinue to play this game but if you could just mix it up a bit better i would love this game even more😂😂😂 5/5 for me👌🏼

Great game !. I am loving this game have been playing non stop for about a month, I would love to give five stars but real money tournaments aren’t available in my state and that’s why it’s only 4 star. I can only play in one tournament, and that’s only for gems. Make it available everywhere in Australia and it would be 5 stars! 🥳🥳

Enjoyable game. Enjoyable, clean interface A little over the top in encouraging users to deposit funds for game credits with 4-5 pop up screens but it is what it is.

Too hard once you win a few games. Bracing myself for the obligatory cut & paste response from the developer already… Once you start winning real money from only playing for gems/bonus cash it seems they place you in a higher difficulty group so you can no longer do this. I haven’t been able to win a game since I was seemingly moved to a higher difficulty group after my last cash out. Absolutely zero chance of me spending real money on this game now. There is also no fun in playing a game you can never win, so thanks for the fun at the start but this is me done unless you can remove me from this group where it’s impossible to win. Cheers.

Fun. Going well so far. You don’t need to win games to be in contention and they seem to be against 4 others so there is always a chance to win.

Enjoying but…. I really enjoy this one because I play solitaire to switch off my mind but because I’m from Australia I can’t use the real money option (which is fine) but I wish there was a way to switch off those games and to stop getting the pop ups for the tournaments & the pop ups to add money to my account…. Also more gem only tournaments would be great as there’s only 1 available….

Fix the bugs!. I’ve been playing this app for a while now. Doing really well except lately when I do come on, it’s been very glitchy and slow. However tonight I got a notification of VIP tournaments, I placed $100 AUD in it, to enter and the app glitched completely closed when the cards were showing on my screen. Went back into the app and could not believe that it deducted the amount and didn’t reimburse it back. Did I get my money back to try and enter again? No. So there goes $79 USD for nothing. Just gave away free money for someone else to win.

Quite pleased and surprised!. I am quite happy with the game and their developers, most games you don’t get a response when asking a question. It’s great to see that they replied with detail and within much less time then they anticipated. Will recommend!

Solitaire Cash. Just started this game 30 minutes ago. Very enjoyable as long as I don’t involve playing for cash which is against my principles. 2/5/22: Why can’t I access my Gem winnings under RESULTS. This segment is mostly always CLOSED. I won $100 worth of Gems, but cannot add this amount to my total today. I have also missed out on other occasions - why?

A money pit. I love solitaire. I love the goal as a whole. But if you throw your money into it, well good luck. Everytime I have bought a special, all my scores seem to drop. Everytime I play, it seems to get harder. It’s fun, but it seems buying their specials means you do worse after it’s done. Otherwise the game is great.

Dynamic1. Solitaire Cash is well and truly an awesome game! So much so that ever since I started playing it, no matter what I do or try to do, I just can’t seem to stop playing it! It’s well and truly that awesome of a game! I just love it! ❤️😊

Best game. Solitaire cash is the best game ever I have been playing it for 2 days I bought only 500 diamonds for 2 dollars went into a tournament and won 20 dollars!!!! Easiest way to get cash ever and so much fun!!!!😀😀😀

Your playing against bots. There is a mechanic of emotion designed to make you believe you can win money, play for gems then real money, you will win and loose but will never win more than your fair share as bots will pull you back. A great money making scheme for the company. Try it yourself, prey used to playing for gems and you will win 70% of the time, for real money you will win 20% of the time even if you are able to achieve the quickest return, there is always someone better like a routine bot to even the score regardless of how good you are.

Can we win or not????. I am in Australia and have put a fair bit of real money into this game but am yet to attempt a withdrawal. Now I am seeing in the reviews that we can’t win real money on this game in Australia, is this true? I don’t understand how you can charge us money & make us think we can win legal tender in return if that’s simply not he case!? I would never have purchased anything if I’d known there was no chance to win real money from the cash tournaments!! Please confirm whether or not countries outside the US, specifically Australia, are able to win real cash from this game. If the comments are wrong I’ll happily change my rating.

Good game but it’s set up so you can’t take out your money easily. Ok game to play. But here is the strategic part that stops you pulling out your winnings. 1. You can’t pull out part of a $ 2. When you play for money, they use your withdrawable money before you can use your earned money. 3. You can’t pull out less than $5, hence it’s hard to pull out winnings because you have to use it to play as per point 2. 4. Dodgy!!!

Fun game , but don’t spend any money.. I enjoy the game when playing with gems. Now and then the daily rewards add up over weeks and I have a dollar to spend on a game , but I’ve learned not to put money in. I see how people get addicted. Sometimes you win and it’s a high ! But over all you lose , just looking statistically the game wins / the players lose. Why would they make a game that loses money ? It’s just like a casino the house always wins. Sometimes a person gets lucky , but majority of people put more in than they ever see back. Still a fun game. Very annoying though every time you open up and try start a game it flashed up at least four different notices about the Current challenges and asking if I want to deposit money. I have to close them all down before I can start a game. It’s really frustrating! It’s same messages every time , it’s really not needed. Would give it another star if not for those notifications on repeat.

Feedback.. I love this game because you can get real cash out of the game. It is addictive but there are specials too which allows to get more money. But be reminded also that you will spend more .

Not for Australia. I saw Solitaire Cash promoted within a different game. The ad promoted “win real money” and “get paid via PayPal”. After downloading Solitaire Cash, it asks you to turn on Location Services to enable payouts. After playing the game for a week, I earned a one cent reward. The game prompted me to register to get paid via PayPal. It checked my location again and told me that payouts were not available in my country. So this game has been earning itself money by serving up adverts and collecting my data and location, then not paying out on prizes to anyone in Australia. :: Apart from that, the game looks pretty and is fun to play (if you like Solitaire).

Can get better. I find the game absolutely enjoyable however the only reason I started playing it is because there was an ad that promised me a $750 PayPal card once I reach level 12. Well this was an absolute why the ad that youse have out is an absolute lie and it needs to be corrected or you need to pay the $750 PayPal gift card that is promised

Solitaire cash!!!. Really good and awesome game to play and enjoy the free time at the same time players can win real money too. This game allows people to play without depositing money and players can participate in real money challenges as well. I enjoyed a lot and recommend to everyone to play this game.

The devs are lying. So either these reviews are fake or this game can’t detect cheating, I have proof of a game that went for maybe 20 seconds with no possible moves my maxed score was 68 and the other bloke who manages to finish in 20 seconds also had 11,000? Last I checked we all have the same deck so how was it possible for everyone to fail except him with that score? I’ll put money into a game when I believe it’s actually fair and isn’t a scam haha terrible game creators act more like leeches than leeches do and it’s sad

Love the game, can lose money. I really love this app and the game, I keep playing as it’s so fun. And even though I’ve had a few wins, I’ve now only lost money and not been able to withdraw. If I had withdrawn at $40 then I would have made my money back but I kept using my $40 to play and lost it all. Lol So yeah since then haven’t won anything big again. I think the free gems game is great but the ability to win at 120 gems is a bit steep and unfair, especially if you are someone who has deposited. But in general if you love to play it is not impossible to win games. Just Depends on if you beat the others whether you win anything. Lol. But yeah I’m pretty quick now and agree with the last lady, one wrong move can mess you up for good lol 😂

Cash games are 96% harder than gem games. I have been playing for a few months and have detected a pattern where I win 1st or 2nd place most of the time in free games and lose all or most cash games with the same number of players. For example, today I came first or second for 12 out of 20 games and 3rd place for 6 games with 6 players when playing with gems, and then came 6th out of 6 players for 10 cash games in a row. I don’t understand this at all and won’t be depositing again. I will just play with gems and run down the cash I have left as I know it won’t increase. If you have just joined or haven’t played cash games you inexplicably have incredible luck and will win several games in a row before it returns to being impossible to win cash games. I really feel most reviews on the app store are from new players experiencing that ‘beginners luck’ because they start asking you to review the app from day one and forums like reddit are full of other players who have experienced the same pattern I have described. Papaya - please confirm in cash games all players are genuine other players, no staff and no bots. I can provide screen shots of this pattern also.

Great game. I thought it was a scam but it actually pays out real money quickly. Too bad I am not as fast as others to win more. Will definitely continue playing

Unfare. I also enjoy the game, however I will not buy any credit again, or use my gems for money games. It amazes me how anyone can get over 1100 you can’t go through the pack in that time let alone solve the game: so often one person gets in the 1000 s while the rest can’t solve the game. You should not be allowed to cheat the people that play your game: anyway as I said it is fun, just not fare.

Cash games US only. I love solitaire so was looking forward to playing this one but was disappointed when I found out that games with cash are limited to the US, I’m in Australia so can only play the gem games which there are a very limited number of so it gets a bit boring playing the same game over and over again for very few gems in return. Either have more gem games for those of us or stipulate cash is US ONLY so people overseas won’t waste their time.

Really Awesome Game to Play. I have been playing this game for more than 7months now and won a lot of money by participated in many tournaments and on top of that enjoyed a lot and I always feel that this game is awesome and challenging game for every players to play. I hope everyone is feeling the same.

Played for 3 years and still can’t stop. Like the others, I have questions. I sent an email with the question of how is the score calculated? I would like a breakdown of what moves give how many points? etc. so maybe i can develop my skills somehow, as I can’t figure out how so many people (with the same skill level as me) can get scores that I can only dream of. Bots? I don’t know, obviously they wouldn’t tell you that. Would they? I love the game. I only really play gems factory though because if I play for cash I almost always lose, but for gems I almost always come second. People think I’m weird because I’m always playing solitaire instead of watching tik tok. But I am addicted to the idea of building up my cash, even if it’s not real money. I understand the house always wins, you can figure that out by looking at the entry fees and the prizes. But I wonder if the people who actually win are using both hands with an iPad or something. Perhaps they should have separate apps for phones and tablets. I think that would make it more interesting and less sus.

5⭐️. Hey, better install a сasino app called: "Zeus Bravery", great dеsign and a lot of slots, i've been playing for a mоnth and withdrew €999.. I have evaluated the Solitaire Cash app and I can say that it is really exciting and addictive. The variety of tournaments and bonuses make the game even more interesting. I especially liked the tournaments with daily challenges that provide opportunities to win extra points. However, there are some downsides. For example, the app can sometimes freeze or interrupt suddenly. This can be annoying, especially if you are in the middle of a game. Overall, I would recommend Solitaire Card for card game lovers. It provides enough variety in tournаments and bonuses to keep you interested and engaged for a long time. My favоrite tournament is the daily challenges becаuse they provide extra opportunities to win.

Developers Don’t refund when the system glitches. I put money onto this game it was taken from me when the game glitched. I sent an email about it but never heard back from the developers. They seem to just want your money and not care about customer service or honest transactions. They seem to rely to people here because we get to read these things and come up with a fake reason within their reply. I have contacted you via the account as you suggested twice which is why I have resulted to contacting you here. There would be two emails from me already.

All real!. I just deposited $5 into my PayPal! It’s such a fun way to play solitaire. I didn’t even need to put money into the game, I just needed the gems they provided to play. Eventually had enough gems to play the money game. Love it!! Would definitely recommend

Ads !!. I was enjoying this game very much, even though the ads occurred after every level. Unfortunately when the ads cut in half way through the level, before I had even finished the game, I was extremely disappointed. I am now deleting this game. Tooooooo many ads.

Don’t play expecting to get cash. You have to invest money to get anything back, but with enough time can play the cash based levels. If you enjoy playing solitaire this game gives a little extra to the game with some rewards.

Probably bots.... Been playing for a while, both cash and gem games. I’ve won quite a few tournaments but ive noticed a definite pattern in the ability to win. I’ve noticed players get over 11,000 points on games where it’s not even possible to make it through the level in a short enough time or without going at least once through the stack to get those kinds of points, I’ve finished a level in 40 seconds and didn’t get a score that high, so I am really suss now. I’ve won a few $40 prizes, but then you just get levels that are more and more difficult, which I don’t mind too much, except you get to the point of losing every game because the others playing are getting huge scores that are inconceivable for the level difficulty.. weird.

Love the game BUT. I love the game BUT I don’t play for cash which is really limiting. The games you can play should be specific for ‘gems’ only, not cash. Wish there was this option. Also the adds you have to click out of every time… repetitive!

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F (ad) u (ad) n (ad) (Also: Bots). Update: Since writing the review below, I have come to the conslusion that the game is also full of bots and/or AI players, given how quickly some of these players are able to complete a game. I also believe that 90% of the positive comments here in the app store are either bots or Reputation Management Firms flooding the reviews with positive comments to dilute the real reviews from people who have actually played the game. Original review below: Here's how (ad) the game works. (ad). When you launch the (ad) game, you are first treated to 5 ads. (ad). Then, between every (ad) screen change, (ad) you get another ad. Once you have (ad) closed all the ads, you get a (ad) chance to play the game, which (ad) is basically a time-limited version Klondike Solitaire. Winners are (ad) the top people who got the highest score (ad) in the shortest amount of time. After the game is done, you get a few more ads, return to the main screen, where, after some ads (ad), you can collect any winnings you have (ad), then get s few more ads. After closing the ads, (ad), you get some ads, return to the main screen, and can start a new game, after, of course, closing the next round of ads. (ad) If it (ad) wasn't for (ad) all the (ad) ads, (ad), this (ad) game (ad) would (ad) be (ad ad ad ad) far( ad ad ad ad ad ad ad) less (ad) annoying (ad). (ad)

Scams. This is totally a scam. I was told that $400 was in my PayPal account and it’s not. SCAM. All of the money making apps are scams

Don’t fall for it. Scam!!!! They take $$ out of your bank account without authorization.

Lovely game. This is a really well developed game with great user interface and innovative way of playing

Fun. A very good solitaire game. Lots of different cash games to enter. Would have been a 5 star rating but I live in Canada and I’m not eligible for any contests. If your Canadian don’t waste your money.

Biggest Scam Around!. This app is programmed in such a way that you win initially to get hooked and then you only get losing games where the makers and their buddies win mostly!

Scam. As you should know by now, this game is indeed a scam. You play long hours for very small amounts of payments (less than $1 USD), they charge your account. You lose more money than you spend. You practically never win the games either. It’s set up so you lose. Please don’t make the same mistake I did, and move on.

Do not play wit real money. The free game is fun, but DO NOT spend any money on here. From my observations, there are clearly algorithms that they use. I’ve been analyzing their game for a few months now. In the beginning, you WILL win a little money (And this is what will get you hooked). But then it will quickly become increasingly harder to win. It is the EXACT SAME PATTERN each time you deposit money. When I tried to call them out on it, they say that they do not use bots and they only match you up against other real players who are on your skill level. However, on numerous occasions there were games I played that were mathematically impossible to finish and I could only go so far. But yet, there were like 3-4 “real people” who achieved scores higher than me that are were par with solving a match in its entirety. How can real people get a score of over 10,000 when a match is mathematically impossible to finish? Also, their ads are ridiculous. You will get about 6 pop up ads in the beginning when you open up the app (which is fine), but then you’ll get 2-4 pop up ads after every 2-3 games you play. Its obnoxious and unnecessary. All in all, this app needs to be investigated for foul play/fraud. Currently looking into this.

Ghhh. Vbnn

Questionable Game. I have registered but it still won’t let me collect the Day 3 bonus. So I have to wait til the next day to start playing again. Please look into this.

Too many ads. Their are too many ads. Too many pop ups. I can’t afford to pay to play, so if someone clicks the X, it should stop popping up for the rest of the time playing until you exit and return to the game.

SCAM. Unapproved withdrawals. In contact with Apple. They deleted my account to try and erase deposit history.

Don’t get it. Definitely rigged and misleadingly advertised! Also if the developer is continuously having to reassure people in the comments that they’re a legitimate business with the same copy and pasted response, then there’s a problem. Guilty as charged.

Making money. If you win money on this app they will ask you to provide ID the card you use to deposit money in this game will also have to state your full name you will have to provide a bill in your name such as gas or hydro I used my bank card it does not state my name I have an all inclusive apartment so I don’t have a bill In my name This means they do not have to pay me the 200 American money I won scam app They claim I been detected to have multiple accounts witch is not true at all both me and my wife play separate accounts as they do state in there terms that you can only have one account beware that means you can’t know anyone else who plays the app or Your flagged as cheating

Solitaire Cash. Haven’t won any cash.

Don’t bother. I downloaded this app on 07/26/21. It’s an interesting game to play and passes time but it doesn’t send out money. It asks for your info/credit card and deposits-money-From-Your-Card On To The Game. Not the other way around…. Dumb mistake but thanks to this app, I’m a few bucks short. Please Do No Download This App. But gotta admit that’s a pre smart scam to pull.

Ahsome. This is a great game.

too many bad reviews. and so many othet Solitaire games in the app store! nothing is free!If it seems too good to be true it is!!And I think that’s the issue with this app!

Joke!!. This app is crazy they make a TON of each tourney they run, and when you win money, you can’t cash it out anyways. Complete joke. Don’t waste your money. I put in $20 got $8 bonus so $28 to use….. or $20 to withdrawl. Played a $4 tourney and won $9 it gave me the option to cash out $16 dollars absolute joke.

Not Sure What I Expected. I came into this knowing i would get scammed, but I stupidly downloaded it anyways. Not only are you playing against bots, there is no way to cash out even if you do win money. It’s another pay to play game, except it prays on people without credit cards and gambling addictions, and uses false advertising to get its claws in you. Do NOT download this or any other ‘cash’ game in their lying company. Don’t know why they haven’t been hit with thousands of false advertising lawsuits yet.

You do not play the game, the game plays you.. This game is a trap set by sociopathic parasites who will con you out of your money, smile, and ask for more. The real game is the company behind this seeing how much they can rob from you before you finally quit. Trust me, it is designed very carefully to not only make you lose, but to trick your brain into thinking that you can win, and to coax you into spending money repeatedly. They know how your mind works, and they will take advantage of you. It IS gambling, whether they want to weasel their way out of saying that or not. The “tournaments” are always set up so that only one or two people can actually get their money back from it, so that only people who perform well above average can win. Makes sense right? But then there’s their skill-based matchmaking which they claim is to make it “fun and fair”. Know what that really does? It ensures that you will always lose. Maybe not every game, but most of them. Because you can’t consistently beat at least half a dozen people who are just as good as you. It’s senseless. If you improve, they’ll only put you up against harder opponents. The worst players will win just as often as those who have been grinding for weeks. Very few will win more money than they put in, and only a savant could actually make a worthwhile profit. But even then you aren’t actually supposed to cash out anyways, you’re supposed to keep playing until you run out again and have to deposit more to try and win it back. With that in mind, you can clearly see how this truly is gambling. While there is a skill component, you are only facing against people as skilled as you are. Meaning if you all play to your own average, whether you win a tournament is typically determined by the luck of the draw while playing. This is a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen. If you know what’s good for you, stay away. Oh, and there’s a free tournament with gems too, right? Yeah, but it’s made to look much less rewarding and fun than the paid tournaments. They will shove all sorts of offers in your face to get you to spend even just a few bucks to try it, and then you’re just a fish on the line. There are much better options if you want to play solitaire for free. The house always wins.

False advertising. I’ve been playing this for months. To win actual cash. Made $37 and go to withdrawal it, says I can only take out .80 (that’s 80 cents) never playing this again!

No contact. I am having an issue with gameplay and support are ghosting me. Bad game

SCAM. complete scam. Has you believe you are winning and doing great. Then works it so that you lose everything so you have to buy again. You are definitely playing against bots. You will also notice if you do win that a lot of the times you don’t get full amount that you won. You can actually see your money decrease a few dollars prior to winning. Completely rigged. Didn’t want to even give one star but I had to to be able to leave a review

Solitaire. I would like to win sometimes I would like to deliver all my cards to the aces.

Game is fun but no $$. Game is fun to play, but you can not get the money or place in tournaments as paypal and credit card options are not working.

Love it. Help to flex my brain muscle and fun to do

I don’t like deceptive advertising. I hate how this app’s constant advertisements start with the tag line “need extra cash?” This app is just a gambling platform. It is (obviously) guaranteed to siphon money from your wallet in the long run. It is not (and should not be dishonestly promoted as) a legitimate way to earn money.

Free cash. Code 3516VK for free money, the game is fun, possibly rigged. Although I did win almost 20$ once so maybe not. Add my code

doesnt even work. app literally does not even load, i could not play

Bonus cash disappeared???!?. I was playing the game and I had $3.5 bonus cash to withdraw and it suddenly disappeared and I’m back at $0 of bonus cash????

Keeps crashing. Just downloaded for my first time and the app won’t even open. I click the app and it opens for one second and closes itself. What the heck? I have an iPhone 12 max pro.

Addicting. Love this game. Can’t put it down.

Meh. The game is good and it’s fun to play against others. I don’t think I’ll ever spend money on it though. I question if it’s rigged when you play for money prizes. My scores are consistently over 9000 and sometimes over 10000. Which is good for first or second place in gems hands. Anytime I play a hand where I can win money almost every time I finish close to last with the same scores as above. Bottom line fun to play and win gems and hands against others. But don’t spend money cuz I feel those hands are rigged

Do not play for real cash. It’s fun to play for fun , but rarely ever do you win when playing for real cash , I spent $400 last week and nothing

Misleading scam. When you play it will say you can deposit but instead they charge you. Absolute trash and the solitaire game itself isn’t a good version

False advertising. You DON’T make money off this game they are NOT a legitimate business (SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM) + y’all’s garbage ads are making their way into my other games so if you could do us all a favour and delete this game off the App Store

Warning! Attention!. Mon compte Paypal a été hackée en jouant à ce jeu! My PayPal account was hacked while playing this game!

Scam. I’ve read your reviews. I thought I’d try the game. Sure enough I earned $15 USD. I tried to redeem and sure enough you took out of my account C$22. Prove to me , like you’ve responded to every SCAM accusation. REFUND MY C$22 PLUS THE $15USD YOU OWE ME

So so funn. Let’s play

Code for $1. Feel I win less when for money, but sometimes you can find a code for a free $1 to try your luck before committing to a deposit. Sharing my code for anyone who’s like a free dollar ~ 1O09PM

Fun to play but pop ups on start up are annoying. I don’t want to be closing 6 pop ups every single time I start the game. I understand you want me to make a deposit but I’ve been playing for a month and frankly, I haven’t even broke even with gems so why am I throwing money at a losing venture? Have more places win and lower 1st place prize and I’ll consider playing for keeps.

Too many popups. Way too many pop up ads, I can handle a few but when I’m having to close out upwards of 7 everytime I open the app it’s too much

Big scam. “they took 15.99 from my account I don’t know how and why” I download the app and when I first open it says I won (but I didn’t even play yet) and find out later they took 15.99 from my credit card

scammy. kind of feels like a scam been playing this game for a year and it wont let u actually withdraw the money you won from cash tournaments. If you have 5$ you can take out 1$ and im not talking about the free cash thing u can use to enter the tournaments.

It’s ok. I love this game I just wished they had the PayPal option available!

Fun. Nice way to spend my evenings. Bet small now and use jewels to play and sharpen my skills. Love the lay out of app (simple). Practicing to get all my scores over 7000-10,000 to play for bigger 😉

Scam. This app is a total scam. I have lost 25$ to bots. Don’t download it. It will take your money and make it seem like you can win by letting you win once in a while but will ultimately make you lose so you don’t make any significant amount of money. The support team responds the same to every review. It’s just a bunch of a hole developers making money off of people who genuinely need money. DONT DOWNLOAD. REPORT THIS APP

This is a scam. I was able to prove it.. They use bots to fill spots and I have been able to prove it when i hacked their algorithm. To prove this I started to play a few cards then let the timer run out. For some reason with a very low score I placed first. Every other player had a lower score than me even though the hand was easily able to be beat. This is how they take your money. You are sometimes matched with real people yes. But other times it’s bots to make you feel like you have a chance. Other times it’s to force you to lose. Mostly it’s a loss when playing cash games and wins for gem games. Don’t fall for this app. Took me months to figure out this was a scam. Good thing it only cost me their money.

This is a scam. This is a total scam. In order to play, you have to used fake money, but in order to have this fake money, you have to make a deposit of real money in the app. What they don’t tell is that : 1) they charge fees to withdraw your real money in order to get it back 2) the price they propose is divided between the 3 first places (so you can’t win the amount they suggest) 3) whether you win of loose, once the game is over, they take in your real money the amount you paid in fake money to participate (if you win, they take it and transform it in fake money, if you loose, you just had paid the amount twice, once in fake money, once in real money). So in fact, the fake money is only there to make you believe you don’t pay to play each games… but in fact, you do. Every damn game. And they don’t say that anywhere in the app. This process is dishonest and illegal. This is a real scam.

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Enjoyable BUT….. While I like this game I would approach this game with hesitancy. I put hours and hours into playing the past few weeks. I was winning a lot of games and once I won a $40 prize and cashed out it’s almost as if the “players” have gotten Impossible. You can get a good idea of which “players” are bots/computer players by their names with numbers at the end a good percentage of the time. While I don’t doubt that you actually play real people in games there is no doubt that there are computer players to balance out your winnings over time. Since I noticed this trend I have basically no gems left and am starting to quickly lose interest in the game. The only way back in is spending $ which of course is to their benefit. I feel like I was roped in and now to keep my “fix” need to start spending more $. Not happening. If you are a casual player who plays infrequently you will most likely love the game as you may not be playing it as much as others to notice trends like I and others have seen.

Good App To Lose Money On. I have played this relentlessly while unwell. I love solitaire and am fairly good at it. Unfortunately, there’s not enough incentive to keep playing this game. You soon learn that it’s a money pit, even for good players. Yes, you may win a £31 first prize but it will cost you £50+ to get there. When you have 20 players playing for some jackpot prizes, the app producers would have been better off giving some nominal prizes to those coming in 4th or 5th. They’d still make money off of you but at least you’d have some money left to continue paying. As it is, you’re forever adding money (£5.40 to get £5 so they make money off of you that way too!), and, like me, will eventually delete the app. Either that, or you’ll carry on playing and realise at some point you’ve lost a gross amount of money but be magnetically pulled to play because you just won 50p even though you used £5.40 to get it! It’s also weird how you’ll win a bunch in a row then lose a bunch in a row. Frequently. There’s a pattern. This game WILL lose you money. I’d leave well alone.

Positive Reviews are bogus App is RIGGED DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. App is totally rigged and completely scamming us out of our money! PLEASE Do not deposit any of your money into this app. You will never win enough to come ahead much less recover the money you deposit. The app is rigged against us, we’re playing bots. I’ve played this game for a long time and it didn’t used to be this bad! They have gone through didn’t ways of rigging but this is the worse. If the cards are the same for all players according to the developers then it’s impossible for a veteran player to get scores as low at 600 while the winner is consistently getting scores of over 10,000. I’ve read review responses from the developers saying they play fair and everyone get a the same cards and it’s just different strategies. That is a complete lie! It’s not different strategies you can only do so much with the cards that are dealt. The developers are cheating us by their tight algorithms with their bots winning and their customers losing there by lining their pockets with our money. So PLEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY MONEY INTO THIS RIGGED APP! It used to be a fun game until the developers became greedy and sucked the fun out the game!!!!

Fun. I downloaded this app about a month ago. I don’t typically play games on my phone but if I do it’s solitaire. There are two other solitaire apps I have on my phone that are just for fun. When I saw this app I figured might as well give it a shot since I was playing the game anyway and make a little money. Well I soon figured out that it’s not the best for making money. At first I was determined not to put any money into this. Canes can either be played with diamonds or money. Once you have earned 120 diamonds you can enter a money tournament. This is the route I chose and wasn’t getting very far. I was winning $.70 here and $1.40 there. I even had a good streak of $2.90 wins but if I lost a few tournaments I was back to $0 and playing for diamonds. One night I decided I would put $15 in. I lost it all in the same night. Pretty crazy seeing as I almost always place when I’m playing for diamonds and most often in 1st place. Anyway, still a great game and I love solitaire but I’m going to stick to playing for diamonds.

Fun and entertaining app with one downside. I enjoy this app and it’s great for playing anytime you want to, especially to burn some time when you have some down time. The fact that you can win real cash is even better incentive to download and play on this app. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars and only 4 is because the one downside is you can’t continuously purchase $1 or $2 or $3 if you would like to. The lowest amount to purchase is $5 which in my opinion is not very business wise if your goal is to make a profit. If I owned this app I would allow $1 purchases all day long for any customer. My guess is and even with myself. I would definitely be purchasing $1 transactions over and over again just because the option to do so is there and for the frugal folk out there this is appealing to us all. Anyway other than that this is a great app and you’ll enjoy playing it.

The negative reviews are the real ones.. First off don’t play this if you have addictive tendencies. Secondly only play if you wanna lose your money. You’re scored based off of how many cards you put away and your timing, and it changes, you can really get an awesome time and score and still lose all your money because they pair it you mainly with people who are better than you. I actually have started to question whether the scores they show for other people are fictitious, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the creators all go to jail for illegal gambling practices. Yes this is a gambling game yet there are no warnings before you play that it’s addictive and there’s no limit to how much money you can use. On top of that, when you withdraw they remove your bonus cash unless you have it in your unclaimed wins. Also they charge you an additional $1 for withdrawing your funds, and you can only make one withdraw and have to wait until the withdraw clears before making another one, plenty of time to spend and lose more money. I vote this app is banned from the App Store it’s that bad.

A little daily fun. I’m living in location where our house was affected by back to back hurricanes. We can’t travel because we actively monitor any rainfall until our home will be repaired, EG roof, rain gutters, doors, etc. This wasn’t our idea of retired life. I find that playing a few hands of Solitaire Cash gives me a little fun competition in fairly isolated location. I am competitive by nature so competing with others on same hand gives me a little pickup while living at the end of a barrier island and facing rather droll administrative hurdle existence. I haven’t spent my money yet. However, having some competitive fun without leaving home or gambling while we are spending our disposable income on home repairs has brought a little thrill to my rather bleak current situation. Thank you for letting me have my daily minutes playing with others.

Solitaire Cash is Fun and challenging. I enjoy playing Solitaire Cash but I would like more transparency in how scores are determined. How fast you finish compared to the score you got with the cards but there is no information stating the max score you can get with how you play the cards and how the time is weighed to determine time score that is then added to the card score. There times I feel like I couldn’t have gotten a better score and yet some how someone has beat me by hundreds of not thousands. So having transparency may help to know how to improve my game. Also I think the game maker should encourage uploaded photos so you know you are playing really people instead of AI as a way to make sure someone doesn’t achieve first. I have played Solitaire Cash for a few years and have won over $100. This is winnings not money obtained from daily bonuses. But still sometimes I wonder how I didn’t get first with how well I felt I did.

Wanna Win $$$$. Just started playing this game. This game is like the other games I played. Where you have to deposit real cash to play for real money tournaments. I wish this game didn’t have that feature. If you are playing to win for real money. Why do you have to Deposite money to play some. Doesn’t make no sense. Get diamonds for free when you play. But you have to spend some to enter to play. A few turns I was in first place. Haven’t got $ yet. You get rewards for watching a video and getting on each day. You run out of moves all of the time. I haven’t won a single card game yet cause I had to exit. Ran out of moves! You still get diamonds only if you are 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. I can’t play for cash yet to deposit in till I get some. I need money in my wallet too. I hope I win real money like a lot of people on here. I had no luck playing the other ones. Legit😎 Let’s see❤️

DOES NOT PAYOUT WINNINGS. COMPLETE scam, solitaire cash DOES NOT PAYOUT, I REPEAT THEY DO NOT PAYOUT WHEN YOU REQUEST A WITHDRAWAL! I won playing their game I requested a withdrawal and I have not heard a single thing from solitaire cash/papaya games ever since! I have emailed them many times and they have completely 100% ingnored every single attempt I have made to collect the money I won playing their solitaire game! Maybe that’s why solitaire king has. 4.8 rating (because solitaire king does pay you) and solitaire cash only has 4.6 because solitaire cash DOES NOT PAY YOU WHEN YOU WIN AND REQUEST A WITHDRWAL! This game is a complete scam, not legitimate game! NOT only does Solitaire Cash NOT pay you out, they keep changing their games and they keep taking away the higher pay out games like no more Winter Cash and the rest of the games are locked! This app is pure garbage! The games are horrible now, they don’t pay out and they keep rigging their games! If you do happen to win they don’t pay you and and then they either take away the games you won on OR they rig the games form their bots to win. They have been doing this for a long time…..

Don’t play this game!. I should have listened to the reviews. The first couple of weeks, you win a lot of matches. You can even come out a few bucks ahead. But once you play for a few weeks, they allegedly match you up to players with your skill level. So you go from winning regularly, to hardly ever sinking anything at all. No matter how great you play, they seem to find a player with higher scores. Also, once you have advanced, you will notice it takes the app much longer to find players for each game. So you play the hand, get your score…and they magically find 4 other players with higher scores 20 minutes later. Lol If you email them, you will receive the same canned response that they will provide to this post. That they match up with the same skill level as you. And that each player is given the same cards. But perhaps their choices such as where to play the king, results in higher scores. They will likely offer you some bonus money to lure you back in. Stay away!!

This game is a great time killer. I love playing solitaire, has it been one of my favorite games of my whole life and trying to win real money who is not going for it? Well, with me everything was going very well winning diamonds like crazy... but when it came to betting real money at the beginning everything was going good. I got to win $30 dollars. But guess what? There comes a time that you get stuck and even if you play and play they don't let you win anymore until they take everything away from you. I do not deny that the game is good because it is, it challenges you to think and it is good when you seek to entertain your time in something but it would be good that as well as they make us lose they will let us replace both diamonds and some money. Another point in their favor is that when you have a problem and you need to contact someone, personally, their response has been quick and effective. Otherwise it’s okay to keep playing hoping to win anytime sooner. Good luck everyone!

Definitely try this game. Let me just start with this, I’m coming from solitaire cube (I used to play the free games to pass time) that game also lets you win money if you like spending 5 dollars to play a game where you win 8. This game on the other hand actually makes it kind of easy to get bonus cash which you can use to play actual cash games. Also the rewards on this game are a lot better in my opinion for example, you spend 4 dollars to play a game where you could possibly win up to 30 dollars. As for the 4 star rating it’s really just a few minor things like the actual game when I’m moving the cards it feels like they stagger or lag behind (which could slow you down and wreck a win) and another thing, maybe don’t start the timer until you touch the first card because I get mega anxiety on cash games and get ahead of myself. Anyways keep it up devs! You guys are doing great.

LOVE but noticed something sketchy. I’ve been playing this game for months now and safe to say I’m addicted. Started off playing with gems then decided to bite the bullet and deposit some money. This game is legit, I’ve withdrawn about $200 in a couple of weeks and hours of play. However; I’ve noticed recently as soon as I win big and have $40-$100 in winnings, the game makes me the “first player” and is “searching” for players after I finish. Conveniently, when this happens, I place last every. single. time. for 10-15 games in a row no matter how high my score is… which leads me to believe that it’s not chosen at random and the app is rigged to make you lose once you win too much. I really enjoy this game and I’m really sad to see the developers doing this to players. Hope they’ll fix it soon :( but in the meantime realised that if you just wait an hour or two the game will play fair again.

Game is a money pit; trust me, avoid putting cash into it. Game feels very scammy. One, matches are not random; in the faqs, the developer admits it controls the level of players you face. Well, the problem with this is that it allows the game place you against players that are often above your highest score threshold. For instance, if you consistently score 8,000- 9,000, you can bet that when you start playing cash, even though you win a few tournaments, you will generally be pitted against players scoring in the 10,000 range. They drain your funds this way, and convinced your luck will change, you feel compelled to put more money into the game. Second, bonus cash is virtually worthless. I experimented with playing only with bonus cash, and despite winning tournaments ended up with basically nothing withdrawable. The rep explained if you enter with bonus cash, you get bonus cash back 🤦‍♂️. Third, the payouts are structured so that even though you may win, the amount of payoff never comes close to the depletions from losses. It seems rigged to make you lose one way or the other.

Great fun!. I love the game. However, I don’t pay to play therefore, I don’t win money. The few dollars that I d received as a bonus, Ive never been able to win a game. So unless you want to risk spending a lot of money to try and make a few dollars, there’s pretty much no chance of winning anything. You have to apt to win. Which makes no sense to me. I enjoy just playing against the clock. There is obviously tricks and ways to gain more points other Than just playing solitaire normally. There are people who have over 10,000 points at the end of the game and I know I’m not an expert but I just don’t see how they can score 10k on a game that all other players score less than 2k due to the fact that the game can’t be solved. So with that said, another reason I’d never spend money trying to win a game that other people have ways to win against people who play fairly. It’s a fun game…… but seems a little crooked.

LOVE This Game!. One of my all time FAVORITE games, to be honest!!! I am so happy this game is real & 100% legit.I have played the $4 game before and when I won first place I got $40, which was way worth it and definitely more than I expected even but not complaining one bit! Only thing I will complain about is that I wish you got more on your daily prize. Also just for a fair warning remember whatever payment you use when you cash out that’s when it will come back on. Therefore, when you use your debit card if you cash out it will be back on your debit card and if you use PayPal to fund your account when you cash out it will come back on your PayPal card. In my opinion PayPal is the way to go because you seem to get your money back quicker when you cash out if you use your debit card expect to wait 2 to 5 days.

Best cash wining game. I love this app and I am playing for few months now. I win some and loss some. This game has no adds at all like other games and the use of bonus cash is also better than other games. I never had any issue with this app before but lately I got a massage from my PayPal that I was charged for $5 and that money got deducted from my account but I didn’t get that in my game and also I didn’t deposit that amount. I send a request about that but I didn’t get any reply. But because it’s only $5 and I got more than that from this game so I ignored that. But today when I wake up I check my account and same thing happens again but this time the amount is little big. I don’t want to mention the amount because it is a nice game. I send a request today for answer. I also have a proof of this. So, I really want someone to answer from a support group.

Fun and a bit addictive. This is the first solitaire game I've tried where I'm spending money to play. I enjoy it! Great game, but nothing else to compare it with, besides another free app I've played . Took awhile to start winning after losing a few frustrated times obviously when money is on the line but my first win was a small amount but my second or third was 40 dollars! Since then I've won 40 dollars two games in a row and 20 dollars and less many times. It does seem like when I win a bunch then withdrawal my winnings I lose quite a bit after thinking it's rigged but the longer I've played this app I really don't think so. One more thing, I withdrew 120$ in winnings once and I received it in like 4 payments. Little bizarre but was paid full amount . Who doesn't like winning 20,40 or even 60 dollars a few times a week or so. I do! Start free to practice. 5 minutes goes fast . All in all I love this game!( except my losing streaks) lol... Play responsibly. It's fun but addicting.

One of my favorites!. Solitaire cash has quickly become one of my favorite games. Don’t expect to get rich quick, but there is a real opportunity to win a few extra bucks if you stick with it. I started out playing the free level until I collected 1200 gems which I spent to enter a cash tournament and won $4! Then I played a $3 tournament and won and now have $8! This is all without ever putting any of my money into the game, not a single dollar. I’m pretty good at solitaire but I’m not very quick. I seem to win more during the day than in the evenings, I guess the more skilled players get on later at night lol. What I’m saying is you don’t have to be an expert to win. I have a lot of down time at work and between this game and a couple survey sites I’m on, it’s pretty easy to make an extra $10 or so a day which is definitely needed right now! Give this game a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Issues…VERY DISAPPOINTED. I know that I can’t withdraw my bonus cash, but I can withdraw my winnings from using bonus cash. So why do I not have my full winnings available to withdraw? I just won money, and then when I got to withdraw it, it is not counted in my withdrawal balance. What is with that??? Also, it’s been very frustrating now that the splash pages include entering a game by clicking “Play” while they are other splash pages that say “Let’s Play” which you are not automatically charged for. I find this new change to be very deceptive, there is no warning that says “Are you sure you want to play?” to avoid being charged for a game that you didn’t want to play. Also, there is no way to cancel once you’ve clicked just one button to enter a game. Given the fact that they force you to use your out of pocket cash balance first without taking from your winnings or bonus, it’s not fair that you don’t warn people or allow them to cancel, and have now added the splash page to play a game immediately so you inadvertently click on it instead of the red “X”. I am not putting anymore of my own money into this app, they’ve gotten more greedy and deceptive…

Where to begin. Update Nov 5: dropped to 2 stars because the developer response to this review was to report the issue of games not being credited in the app. Great, but there’s nowhere to report. Now it’s consistently 1 out of every 3 games gets credit if I pause long enough before hitting close on the final pop up box after a game. Nice. And if you attempt to cash out & you’ve earned any bonus, you can’t cash out bonus $. You can only use it towards paid games. I loved this app when I first downloaded but through the successive “user experience “ upgraded/changes, I’m finding it increasingly disappointing. I recently noticed I don’t even get credit for every game I play, it seeming like it’s only counting every 3rd game, sometimes it’s every 4th or 5th game. What a way to stack the deck-pun intended. And how about being forced to go through all the offers every time I log in just to be able to play a distracting hand. I think this game may be adding to my stress tbh!

Great game but some feedback.. I enjoy this game a lot, I love that while you can spend your own money, sometimes you don’t always have to. It takes time to rack up gems if you aren’t entering cash tournaments but you can still require 1.2k gems and play to win real money! They also give great daily bonuses/sign on bonuses as an extra perk. I do feel that winning is pretty fair, as you level up you can totally see you play against stronger players, sometimes you win sometimes ya don’t. My only feedback and I really really really hope they listen because it drives me up a wall, is that when you open the game you have so many gosh darn pop ups before you can even play. Even though you can still click on all the offers in the top right hand corner, why do that? Maybe we can have one pop up that let’s you slide left or right for daily deals?

Relaxation, Challenges and Fun in One. I just downloaded this app a few days ago and immediately enjoyed it !! There are no time limits on each puzzle (at least none that I have found so far) which makes it very relaxing. Each piece of art is “quirky” in its own right but fun to see as you add pieces and complete the artwork . These are fairly simple challenges but they get more difficult as you progress. There are hints available with the usual short ad viewing per hint if you need help. This app is heavily “ad driven” compared to others that I’m familiar with but I have not encountered any “options” to invest my money in order to continue playing so I clearly understand the need for ad sponsorships. I did not find the ads so intrusive or annoying that I quit so others should certainly try it and see what they think! I completed about 6 puzzles before I hopped over to the 3 games that I have played regularly for the past 3-4 years. Within a short amount of time I found myself bored with the 3 “old standbys” and returned to Puzzle Art to complete some more puzzles. I am now on this app daily and my old games are only opened long enough for me to build points and return to Puzzle Art. It would be nice if the programmers gave a “reward hint” here and there to eliminate some of the need to watch another ad for another hint but I will still be trying to complete puzzles whether that’s an option or not. Thank you app creators!

LIARS CHEATERS SCAMMERS DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. Seriously, delete this app and DO NOT DEPOSIT any money! You will literally just be giving away your hard earned $ to a completely 100% scam! Not only is this app rigged, if you’re lucky and you can squeeze out a dollar here and there DO NOT expect to actually get paid out! I am leaving this review from my experience dealing with and playing this game. I have played the game for over a year and every time you win they rig the game ever more so you and I cannot win! When I squeezed out $13, I know WOW, I requested a withdrawal and guess what I still don’t have my payout even after sending them a ton of emails asking where it is. I didn’t get a single response from the shady developers. But, that’s how this app work! Read other reviewers having the same issues and the devs responding to their reviews but not their emails. Guess they want people reading reviews to actually think they care and that they are legit! However, this app is far from legit, they scam us and steal from us and then leave cut and paste responses to negative reviews. If they cared they wouldn’t be cheating f us!

Use your head. Theyre not going to lose money or they wouldn’t have the game. Ot os a sxam of course. Rigged through a computer. The difference between this and a casino is the casino is regulated. Unfortunatel, they can claim all day its mot a scam but, of course it is. They keep you hanging on lbg enough to dump your money in it but you will not come out ahead. And then there’s the withdrawals. They manage to keep left over change by manipulating how much you can draw out at a time. May not seem like much for one person. 50 cents here and 80 there adds up after a while. If something seems to good to be true it usually is and this bull crap game is no exception. The girls pointing ads are nauseating. As long as you know going in that you will lose the 5 bucks you deposited, its solitaire. Just unregulated and they do take your money. May not be immediate bit you wont come out ahead. Its like walking into a casino with $20 thinking you will turn it into millions and break the casino. Your 20 bucks is going up against millions. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

JstAsuggestion. This is one of thee best cash games that I have ever played and it’s just an amazing way that the design was properly introduced to Apple play so thanks to the developers for this enjoyable game. Five stars to This all the way but I have just one suggestion If I may? When players are actually winning games like in tournaments they should be able to Win cash without depositing you know? Or like when we watch the ads for Gems or collect our daily Gem rewards that’s pretty awesome but I think that there should be like cash give aways for the players who faithfully play everyday and have won a certain amount of games against other players but overall I really like this game and whatever else it is that you bring I can hope that it can continue to get better and continue to be more fun Thanks!!!

Fun to play! Feels rigged against winning cash. You will lose your money. I have been playing this game for about a week and it’s a lot of fun and addictive! I have played a lot of solitaire before so no learning curve here. When I play just with gems, I am in the first 3 in almost 95+% of times with score ranging 2k to 8k but as soon as it’s a cash game the cards are stacked for me to barely reach 1000 and lose the game. If this was once or twice, I’d blame it on luck but this seems to be how it works. Any money I added ended up being zero and every free roll game is a loss. It’s not that other players score better that’s why I lose, I score super sub par in majority of cash games. It’s can’t be a coincidence that my score on average in just gems game is like 4K and cash games is like 900 This is a software and has algorithms rather than truly being random like in a real life card game so complete fairness would be an anomaly. A bit disappointed at the cash part but if you just want a good and addictive solitaire game on your phone, this is great

♦️♠️SolitaireCash Is. Awesome Game ♥️♣️. It’s a great game as I’ve been playing it for a while. I don’t played every day, so I miss a lot of the free gifts. However, I like to play solitary 🃏since I was a child. My mother 👵🏾 taught me how to play solitary at a very young age. 👦🏾 However, I have came in first and second place in a lot of the games I’ve had played, I have not played for real money yet and I do not want to deposit any cash on this app as I don’t believe in the gimmicks and scams of today’s society however, I still haven’t heard of anybody winning any real big 🤑 bucks or big money 💰 (Best of luck to us all) 🙏🏾 I Just continue to play solitary to keep my mind sharp and also find quick ways to beat the game. As I was reading some comments, I see there are people that can beat this game in seconds, I would love to know how to do that. A Great Mind 🧠 Is A Terrible Thing To Waste. ~GW

listen. Promises of winning big money usually come with putting some money down. I’ve won a decent amount (under $20) without putting anything down and it’s like being in a casino and floating around with that cash. I am an avid Solitaire player so this game is perfect for me. It keeps it fast, interesting, and has an incentive. I’m also fairly decent at it so I am on the edge of depositing $5 and trying my hand at a bigger pool but I know once I start, I’ll keep spending. Which isn’t something I want to do, yet. My only downsides to this app are the amount of pop up deposit now ads from the app in the beginning (WAYYY better than an actual video ad though) and how there aren’t more gem arenas, just the standard 20 gem pool. I also haven’t withdrawn from this app ever so can’t speak to it but all in all, it’s a nice app for people who love solitaire and have always wanted to play it competitively.

Real but you will lose more than gain. There is a free tournament, 20 diamons (tokens), and you can earn those by logging in. The fun is in the real money, but it also a risk. You enter tournaments of 5-6 people or more, and you have the same deck of cards. You’re supposed to be matched based on skill level. The thing is, you almost always have to win 1st in order to gain more than what you put in. The second and third place finishers get way less than what you pay to enter. So if you aren’t consistently winning first, you’ll lose out on money. The “rookie” tournament has the best chances to gain money. Even if you were to come out third out if 6 people or so, you would only lose 10cents. Still a loss since it’s a dollar to enter. It also costs money to withdraw. I got charged a $1 to withdraw and you can only withdraw cash you put in, not any bonus cash. Additionally, you have to be quite good win. If you finish within 1min 20seconds-ish, you’ll get around 10,000 points. 1min 45 seconds-ish, around 9,000 points. Unless the stack is a dud, which is rare, then you need at least 9500 points or so to win. I’ve had a few tournaments where top 5 people score in the 10,000s… Consistently placing first is difficult, so there goes your money because AGAIN second and third place earn less than what you put in to enter. It is fun, and the element of playing for real cash adds to the fun, but you’ll lose a lot more than you gain.

So far so good. Just recently downloaded and so far so good, the games have been fairly easy especially considering that I haven’t played solitaire in years, probably last time I played was back when it and Minecraft were the only games that came on the old PC’s so late 90s early 2000s LoL… I have noticed that it’s going to take a LOT of free games to win any money, which considering that the app is free that’s not really a viable complaint. The game itself is fun enough and I mean even if it takes forever to make $10 free at least you wasted time in this game instead of another that doesn’t give you any money for the time you’re spending on it! I’ll add to my review once I’ve earned any money and lyk how that goes, hopefully I’ll have no issues with getting paid with this app like is what usually happens when it comes to apps like these, but that’s tbd and I’ll update when I know more.

😡😡😡😡APP DOES NOT PAYOUT WINNINGS 😡😡😡😡. Solitaire cash DOES NOT PAYOUT WHEN YOU REQUEST A WITHDRAWAL! This app is not legitimate NO MATTER what their generic cut and paste responses are to negative reviews! PAPYA GAMES DOES NOT PAYOUT WHEN YOU WIN and they do NOT return emails inquiries regarding withdrawals! This has happened to multiple people if you read the reviews. The respond to negative reviews pretending to care and acting like they want to fix the issue, however, they don’t and papaya games REFUSES TO PAYOUT WINNINGS! Why in the world would anyone play an app that doesn’t pay you when you win? Why in the world would anyone give this app a dime of their money when reviewers are telling you this app DOES NOT PAYOUT!!!! On top of not paying out, the app is crazy rigged! This used to be a fun app but they have recently changed their algorithms and now they just cheat their their customers with their rigged games! Thanks papaya games for sucking every ounce of fun out of this game! You lost another customer and hopefully you will lose more! You’re not legitimate NO MATTER what you say, legitimate companies to steal and cheat from their customers and you guys do! Not paying is stealing, rigging your app is cheating!!!!!!!!

Lies. Do not believe any of these reviews these people are full of it. In order to earn any money you have to put up your own money it’s just basically gambling but it’s already set up for you to lose. I’m pretty good at solitaire and I can say that they have manipulated the game to lower your chances of winning. First of all they give you 5 minutes to complete the game as if that isn’t hard enough, they also shuffle the deck every time you run out of cards to pull from which is not how solitaire works they legit made their own rules. Still I was able to complete a few games within that time limit but ran out of time because there is no option to quick complete after you’ve gathered all your cards. So basically I ran out of time while placing my completed lines at the top deck. What they don’t tell you is that you can LOSE money playing this. I haven’t seen a single reviewer mention this and that tells me that they are fake either by the developer or their friends. Your better off gambling at a casino your chances of winning are better

Great, but….. Great game, definitely fun! My only thing is when with the events where you collect something and get rewarded. The one going on right now is called Magic Kingdom (where you collect hats and get rewards), and I love these events, but I was so close to completing that last reward (grand price of $150 bonus cash) before the time ran out. So my request is make the amount of hats needed to be collected for the final grand prize a little more realistic than, in this case 45,000 (the highest amount of hats needed to be collected for the other rewards was 7,000 and to me 15,000 or 20,000 makes more sense for the grand prize), or make there be less rewards to complete before getting to the grand price, OR make the events last a little longer.. because someone would have to play this game nonstop and constantly win in order to get that grand prize, and that’s just not realistic… I made it to 28,350 of the 45,000….

Don’t waste your time. Algorithms algorithms algorithms that’s all your playing against. When I first started paying this game 6-8months ago I thought it was ok deposited some money and was gone fairly quickly. Played the gem game for awhile and would always win sometimes even real money until just recently. Now they have switched that switch off and I’m not winning money or gems. I like playing on this platform however if you have no gems and no money you can’t play at all. I have all pretty good winning average so for me not to win anything isn’t adding up. Also if you look at the users you are playing against 9/10times I bet your playing against a computer written with an algorithm. The developer has written this game to draw you in then eventually take everything you have. Do not recommend depositing money but do recommend playing the game. Good quick time passer. Do not spend your hard earned money here they will take it. Hopefully it goes back to the way it was originally.

Good game, could use some tweaks. The game is fun, just straight solitaire with some additional promotional stuff thrown in for good measure. The gameplay is generally smooth with occasional lags, but that could be from connection issues so I can’t really speak to that. I do wish they would add some sort of audit feature. Other games, such as Solitaire Cube, allows you to go in and watch a competitors game after the match is over. I’m a pretty decent player with about a 1 minute and 5 second average to finish a completable deck. It would be nice to watch and learn how some players are able to score an extra 6000 points. Aside from the learning benefit, this is essentially gambling (I’m depositing and wagering real USD) and seeing results is how every gambling activity on earth is performed. If I bet on a football game, I can see stats and the result to confirm a good faith bet. In poker, one MUST show his/her hand to win a pot. I’ll keep playing Clash with the free bets, but probably won’t be depositing much more without the feature.

Yeah definitely rigged in house favor. Deposited bait money to determine whatever or not the one-star reviews are speaking truth about developers using bots to turn solitaire table in favor of the house, all you have to do is quit the game within few seconds and you notice the “players” already had 9k score. My question to developer is that is it possible that your matchmaking system does not drop players in pending matches but rather in matches that are already running? Because if that is not the case, then you’d be confirming that you have AI operating in matchmaking system to mislead your customers into money scheme. Also please do not reply in same message you did to other one-star review, otherwise, your fellow customers will also realize even your bulk team may also be made up of AI to serve the app developer’s gains. I suppose this does not matter from “developer team” perspective because you’re just going ti reply the same “I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling to win” based on mere $5 test. That would be miserable but at the same time hilarious. 😆

Issues need resolved. I’ve been playing the game for about a month now and I have been enjoying the game itself; However, I have noticed that all of the special offers and special game prizes are being removed prior to when it is actually supposed to end. For instance, right now you have up a special offer called sleigh of gifts. Yesterday it was a different game and it said that there were seven days left on that particular game. I had risen two levels and then noticed there was a new game that was started prior to that seven day period ending. Maybe that is what people are talking about when they say it is rigged. It is not the first time this has happened and it is very disappointing. When you play to try to reach higher levels and then the special offer/perks is removed before the end date it does not look good for your business. I would like a reply on this message in order to understand why this keeps happening.

This is a scam.. The game is awesome as long as YOU DO NOT PAY FOR CASH CREDITS! As soon as one pays for the “Credits” one can no longer win, they’ll let you win for one or two games but after that, they take your money, any time one wins it is not able to be withdrawn bc it goes in the “bonus cash” section! DO NOT PAY FOR CREDITS THEY ACT LIKE YOU CAN WIN BUT ITS RIGGED TO PAY THEM ALWAYS. I have repeatedly complained and got no response! I have already contacted the gaming commission in my state and have five hundred of my followers to record how quickly the game takes your money and changes the game as soon as you pay into it. We will be running a full scan on their algorithms and making sure to release out findings to my friend who works for MSNBC and my local news outlets. I am warning you this is a scam game and the good reviews are done by their employees. They have their employees playing against you also, we have proof of that recorded also in their coding, it’s all in the games coding and messaging to their networks! Buyer beware you WILL NOT WIN REAL MONEY AND WHEN YOU DO YOU CANNOT WITHDRAW!

Good for passing time, not for making money. I never write reviews, but I feel like I needed to for this game. I like solitaire and was just looking for a game to play to pass time. I got this thinking it would be nice to get some extra money while doing that. I had about $10 saved up just from logins, tournaments, etc. I looked to see how much I could withdraw and it said $6 so I was like ok cool I have $4 of bonus cash which can only be used to enter tournaments. So I enter a $4 tournament. Afterwards, I check my earnings and how much I can withdraw before earning/accepting any other money. It now says I can only withdraw $2. So the tournament fee took money from my earnings that I can actually withdraw and not the bonus cash I can only use to enter tournaments. Basically you’re never gonna make decent earnings. I haven’t and never will spend money on this either and I’m glad. Bonus cash is the biggest scam of this game so don’t look forward to earning it. I lost all interest in playing this game, even to pass time after I realized this.

Great, But…. Solitaire Cash is probably my FAVORITE solitaire game. There are always tournaments happening, there are always ways to win. Like most games, it IS pay to play. But this one really sets you up well to win a good amount of money. You can also play gem games to save up gems & obtain cash to play the cash games so that is pretty great. I enjoy playing this game quite a bit. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five stars is because what I think is NOT fair is any bonus cash you win… that amount is deducted from your winnings when you cash out. So say you win $30, but $15 of it is bonus cash. You would only receive $15. The bonus cash amount is deducted once you cash out. That is such a terrible tactic, in my opinion. A way to weasel players out of their funds. Very give & take, i is unfortunate to see. Hopefully the devs fix this going forward because it really takes away from the fun of the game & the excitement of winning.

Difficult. I love playing solitaire and play this app frequently. However, I will not add money to this game. I can win gem games pretty frequently, but the second I play any money games (with the bonus cash, if I get it) I lose every time. I could have a score of 10,000+ and still lose. I’ve given up on winning any money with this app. I mainly play with gems, bet the 1.2k gems to try to win money, lose and build up again to do it all over. I also love when they have the three day challenge events where you can win gems, xp, or bonus cash. But again, I will never put my own money on this app because it would all be gone within the first five minute of it being on here. When you first begin you win almost every game and then it begins to get more difficult (as to be expected) but people will have a score of 10,500+ and you’ll wonder how the heck they did it. Makes you wonder if there’s cheating going on.

Seems fair and fun. I’ve played since the 23rd I believe and I thought it was a simple game. It’s not, losers think it’s simple. I played nothing but the 2 gem games, and lost a lot and started winning. 4 days later playing I cleared my first board, now it’s not uncommon for me to do it. Play daily and you get tiny bits of cash sometimes for the daily bonus (sometimes gems or xp bonus which helps in those times event to reach goals for rewards). Today, I had 120 gems again, just playing 100% free, and came in 3rd and won my first $1. I was excited. I’m free to play, and I’m still getting better. Just know, ppl who play for cash are WAYYYY better than the 2 gem games so make sure you can clear boards before trying or you WILL lose. Also, don’t get nervous when you do get good, I did and lost the 120 gem games that pay real money. But practice and warm up before any money games. Good luck

Real, but time consuming. I like that you can actually win money. You could win money the first week playing this game. Although at times when you are really fast at finishing the cards somehow there is always someone a little bit faster and you lose your money. It does take a while to win money, but when you do it feels pretty good. I would only recommend this game to people who love playing solitaire. Also once you are high level you start losing a lot, even in the 2 gems matches. Yes this is a real person and not some bot. Update: Well I played this game a bit more and now I can’t even win or place third in a single match. After reaching level 50 you are placed with people of higher skill level, when this game claims that “you won’t be placed with people of higher or lower skill level”. You can’t win a single match after reaching level 50. Hopefully this isn’t a bug because I genuinely enjoy playing this game.

This is obviously a scam. Do not trust the 5 star reviews. I downloaded this app just so I could write a review. The 5 star reviews are bots. The 1 star reviews are from actual people who have been scammed out of their money. When you’re playing for their gems, of course the game gives you decks where you can easily win to make you feel confident where you can play for money. After giving your card details, they take out money unauthorized including some hidden fees that you were never warned of. They have the time to answer to every review. I believe this is a scam company out of the Middle East. Do not download this app. Do not give them your money. Listen to the 1 star reviews. The tick was in one of the reviews where the person was looking for the company to reply stating that they were playing against “human opponents” and the company just responded with one of their copy-paste responses. It’s obviously fake. No mobile app will just give you a ton of money to play solitaire lol. It’s rigged. I did not lose any money. I just know a scam when I see one. Do not download this app. Let’s all work together to end these scam apps. Developers, don’t even bother responding to this review.

Frustrated. I downloaded the app onto my iPhone picked out my avatar nickname and then decided I really like the game and was playing and I had gotten quite a few. I was up to 790 cool diamonds, and I had just gotten up to a dollar in cash reward and I decided to download it onto my tablet so I download it onto my tablet and pick my avatar name which would be the same one that I had on my iPhone and it said that name was in use so I thought OK I’ll uninstall it from my iPhone and use it on my tablet so that’s what I did now I am totally out of luck because it will not let me use my original avatar name and I don’t get any thing that I had originally back so please help me figure this out. I’ve tried to login I’ve tried my phone number and I don’t know if I when I put my phone number and if I may be mixed up a number two I don’t not recognizing the phone number please help and thank you in advance for your help with this issue

Addictive but…. UPDATE: This game asks for WAY TOO MUCH tracking information— that is very suspicious! I play for fun and never play the “cash” entry games only the diamond entry game for more diamonds. Even for those that play the cash entry games there is no reason why any game should be requesting precise locations. The Words with friends game doesn’t even do that—it doesn’t matter where your opponents lives. Pro: Very addictive game with visually appealing graphics and effects. Cons: The pop ups (tournaments/challenges notifications) are super annoying, they are worse than ads! Most buttons and the way cards drag during each game are glitchy which is unfortunate because speed is how you win. Be prepared to lose a few seconds off your time because the cards always stall out or completely disappear from your screen whenever you try to place them and when you try to click the button to submit your time. But still…it’s addictive and fun.

Best solitaire game for cash. I’ve tried a few games that let you win money for playing, this is by far the best one out there. Very easy layout, plenty of opportunities to get free bonus cash, and a single dollar of bonus cash on here can get you on your way to a big win. Recently, I was out of state, and I won some bonus cash from a challenge, but I didn’t know the state i was visiting, doesn’t allow cash games. I reached out to customer service explaining my situation and in a very quick amount of time they added the bonus cash to my account so that when I got home I could use it! That’s amazing to me, if I wasn’t already addicted to playing this game, they just made me make sure to never delete this app and use it always. If you enjoy solitaire, and want to test your skills and compete to earn REAL money, this is definitely the app to do it.

Fun but….. I’ve been playing for more than 8 months. Games are fun and I do win money and have no problems with cashing out. The only issue I have is whenever the game has those little “GIFTS COLLECTED “ games where you can play and earn gifts for prizes. The prizes consist of gems, experience points and even cash. The issue I’m having and have noticed over the last 8 months is that you start the “gifts collected “ with 3 days but once you close the game and go back on an hour or two later it will have gone down to 2 days left. Same thing happens over and over again. If I close the game more than 3 times in a day I will lose all the “gifts collected” and the game will disappear. It’s a little disappointing to get all the gifts and need one or two more for the main prize and closing the game because phone dies or I get a call then you lose it all and are never able to collect on the main prize. Other than that the game is fun and very addictive.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 6.7.1
Play Store com.papaya.solitairecash
Compatibility iOS 12.2 or later

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The application Solitaire Cash was published in the category Games on 29 December 2018, Saturday and was developed by Papaya Gaming [Developer ID: 1168414219]. This program file size is 295.79 MB. This app has been rated by 239,541 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Solitaire Cash - Games app posted on 23 July 2023, Sunday current version is 6.7.1 and works well on iOS 12.2 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.papaya.solitairecash. Languages supported by the app:

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Solitaire Cash Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for Playing Solitaire Cash! In this version we’ve - - Improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes. Invite your friends to play Solitaire Cash & get $1 Bonus Cash for each friend that joins! We also recommend joining our community on Facebook for more exciting activities and Freebies. Be sure your game is up to date so you can truly experience all there is to offer. Enjoying Solitaire Cash? Leave a review

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