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*** App Store Best of 2015 ***
Mobile Game of the Year - 2016 DICE Awards
Winner 2015 Golden Joystick Best Handheld/Mobile Game

"Might just be the best free-to-play game out there" - GamesBeat
“Bethesda's first entry into iOS gaming is awesome. Game of the Week" - TouchArcade
"Probably the best game of E3 2015” – Gizmodo
"Fallout Shelter is simple to play and addictive as hell." - GameZone

Fallout Shelter puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault from Vault-Tec. Build the perfect Vault, keep your Dwellers happy, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.

*** Fallout Shelter requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3, or iPad mini 2. ***

Create a brighter future…underground! Select from a variety of modern-day rooms to turn an excavation beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock into the very picture of Vault Life.

Get to know your Dwellers and lead them to happiness. Find their ideal jobs and watch them flourish. Provide them with outfits, weapons, and training to improve their abilities.

Turn worthless junk into useful items with Crafting! Customize the look of any dweller in the Barbershop.

A well-run Vault requires a variety of Dwellers with a mix of skills. Build a Radio Room to attract new Dwellers. Or, take an active role in their personal lives; play matchmaker and watch the sparks fly!

Send Dwellers above ground to explore the blasted surface left behind and seek adventure, handy survival loot, or unspeakable death. Find new armor and weapons, gain experience, and earn Caps. But don’t let them die!

From time to time, idyllic Vault life may be disrupted by the dangers of post-nuclear life. Prepare your Dwellers to protect against threats from the outside…and within.

Vault-Tec has provided the tools, but the rest is up to you. What are you waiting for? Get started building your Vault today for FREE.

Requires iOS7 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5 or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPad 3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2.

This app offers in-app purchases. Please note that you may disable in-app purchasing directly from your device. For more information, visit http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213.

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- Updates

There is a slim chance any developer will see this but listen.. I’ve played this game for almost 5 years now I’ve re downloaded it quite a few too and I just started it back up not long ago and noticed almost no changes it’s almost sad how many people have got this game and played it and you guys have abandoned it. I grew up to who I am now playing this with so many friends and we would all share crazy ideas of what they would add next and let me tell you they were creative this game just has a special place in my heart and nothing could change it I would kill to become a developer and make some changes that’s how desperate I am but I fully understand you guys have other projects but just to like see some new weapons or outfits and references to other games would be sick! Some things I would add are the exploring feature have more unique encounters or new loot when exploring new dialogue anything like that would be killer, also maybe some like new rooms or just new weapons if that’s too much and when crafting guns maybe have it be more hands on rather than just pressing build and waiting I have no complaints for this game hands down my favorite mobile game ever worthy of 5 stars and probably in my top 3 of the best games I’ve ever played one including Fallout 4, anyways this is me signing off if the developers don’t see this maybe someone else will and decide they will leave a review too about it anyways keep working hard Bethesda 👍🏼

- Fun, but there are things I would love to see in game

I love this game, I love the fact you can spy on your vault dwellers and see what they’re saying. And how now you can find places in the wasteland and explore them. And how there’s quests. But there are things that I would love to see in game, and if by any chance the developers see this review would take into consideration. The setting for one has been the same since day one, well, not exactly the same, but still same. I would love to be a different place the vault is located, like in fallout 4 how vault 111 goes straight down instead inside a mountain, and the outside be in the woods, or near water. And I would love it if u could make your choices in the wasteland, for instance. If your exploring dweller says there are raiders near but they go away, I would like the choice to attack, or if there was an abandoned building you can explore like a quest, or if you find a friendly ghoul you can bring the along with you and receive a quest, and maybe bring them to the vault. But with consequences. Maybe they’re a traitor and have constant attacks, or they’re friends but bring radiation, but can fix that. Finally, armor. With the armored vault suit I think it would be cool to have different levels of it, like level one is leather, level two is raider armor, level 3 meter, level four is synth armor. Again if you see this please take into consideration.

- Great game, BUT...

Why the 4/5 stars? The game is great, but, it doesn’t hit the key points it should’ve. I see many people complaining about the 200 cap and how it crashes because of so much going on. Although annoying, it was expected. It’s a mobile game, it’s not going to be perfect. Something they can add that will be PERFECT, is a rebuild mode where you can rearrange everything that you already have built, like in Clash of Clans, where you can rearrange your base all over again like it’s nothing. This problem is becoming bigger because we might not like how our layout is because of some stupid placement we did when we first started. For the love of god I don’t know if anyone else has this problem or if there is a fix but I don’t know it, but dragging dwellers from outside to the bottom is extremely annoying because it glitches so hard, if I can have the option to just click them from room to room instead of dragging that’d be great. Quests, the only part that keeps me going, add more, that’s it, just add more. Other than that we’ll see where it goes. And hopefully, if ever, some type of multiplayer, maybe to quest, maybe to trade, give limited amounts of supplies or whatever. Multiplayer isn’t fallout it but he got mobile why not or at least be able to do that between your own vaults would be nice too, just like settlements in Fallout. Great game overall, just keep adding things for us to come back too. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

- Halloween! And what I can look forward to

(First of all I love this game and appreciate all the challenges it poses- it truly requires vault management and strategy to strive in this game, and just annoys me when people bash the game for over building and overpopulating only to complain about the over-inflated difficulty they themselves caused) HALLOWEEN, hopefully new things come from this, I’ve had this game for a while but I haven’t really picked it up since this month. I am heading for end game and I’m already feeling the end of things to do, my mission lists are becoming increasingly smaller and I hope this update comes with new missions like the previous years brought, but hopefully there are future updates to retain some freshness to the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue playing no matter what, but maybe new “off-holiday” missions, new wasteland events, and if we are lucky new weapons enemies or dwellers.. (but I most care about the first 2 things I mentioned) Hopefully bathesda can try to revive this game, but with the coming of 76 I can imagine this game only becoming more dead, or even possibly being bombarded with 76 weapons characters, enemies, events, clothes, missions... something I can look forward to if it ever happens. (Most likely after 76 has been out for a couple years) but non the less this game is great and anything that ever is pushed out into fallout shelter is a win in my book.

- Mostly Amazing..some suggestions

This game is great. I love the fallout series and I feel they have done it great justice. I have Dogmeat in my vault and that makes me smile. Micromanaging you’re vault is pretty satisfying generally with some issues maybe if you try to expand too quickly. But a great game overall. I wish there were more/new cosmetic options added for the barbershop and armor/clothing options occasionally or acquired via quest or something, since at a certain point making your dwellers look interesting and acquiring new named characters from the game are mostly what there is left to do once you hit the vault cap. Above all I wish the population cap was higher in general. I’ve run into problems when the line outside the vault gets too long where I must evict dwellers to let my dwellers return to the vault. If you are at max capacity and lose one of your dwellers to a pregnancy she is stuck that way indefinitely until space is made for the child. These conflicts are my biggest complaints at the moment. Some birth control options would be good to deal with the population cap issue. Being able to send dwellers between vaults to trade with other players or something would be a cool addition also I have several vaults for different family members it would be cool to be able to send dwellers to other vaults. Definitely worth playing

- Major Annoyance

The game is a good time crunch; not incredibly involved, not incredibly deep, but a good place to tinker around trying to make every detail perfect. I only have one major annoyance that leads me to turn off the game immediately... I hate bottle and happy. I need a way to throttle them off; they come at the worst times. You just successfully rushed a group to bring up their happiness? Oh wait, whats this?! Nope, no you didn’t... Bottle and Cappy have come to ruin your work, guess you will have to wait three annoying minutes for them to go away. Make them turn off-able PLEASE, we are being punished for playing your game and saving your mascot dudes. Also; the chances are never correct. You have like a 14% chance to have an incident, but you still have an incident. So you wait till next log in, back to 14%, guess what, another incident. I could understand failing 1/3 - 1/2 of the time if I was rushing with a 30-50% incident rate, but I only rush with like a 10-14% incident rate and they fail all the dang time, often several times in a row for one room, making me bring the whole room down to 75% happiness when I wS just trying to top of one of the dwellers by 5%. I don’t think they are correct at all on failure rates, or there is another factor that I have not considered. I have tried making sure they only have a short time left, that each dweller has 7+ on all stats, etc... but none of it works, fail very consistently when rushing.

- Pretty good but...(additions)

I just want to start off by stating that I love this game and I hope that I can continue playing it for much longer but I do have one issue. When rushing rooms even with the incident probability at 27% and all 6 dwellers in the room having formal clothing on an incident will be caused on my game. The reason I bring that up is because when I'm low on resources due to a deathclaw attack or ghoul attack it's hard to recover over time so when I rush a room and a single radscorpion comes out but goes through my whole vault with every dweller armed with weapons that do between 8 and 17 damage and with almost every room other than my hospitals and science centers having 6 dwellers it is a bit annoying due to how much power the scorpion saps from the vault. It's especially annoying when in a mission it takes three dwellers only about three shots(attacks) each to bring one down doing between 12 and 17 damage it doesn't make sense how a room of six armed dwellers with a high level and high health to not only not be able to beat a single radscorpion but also almost everyone in that room nearly dying I think that's a bit overpowered. Highest level dweller is lvl. 33. (Additions) Future updates should allow for more than one vault/settlement per game so that the maximum for dwellers can grow.

- Outstanding game but there isn’t enough variety outside the vault

Needs some new areas to explore I loved the scenery in the fallout games and on fallout shelter. However every quest is either (1) Building or (2) Cave. Now those are fine but more variety would be good I’ve played it until I got bored a year ago and I’m playing it again because it’s such a good game. I just feel like it loses something after a while, new scenery and fight mechanics maybe would help save the game. Have some open areas, explore towns, meet more characters. And Definately new villains, mutants, bloatflys and ants, perhaps brotherhood outcasts. And I know this is a lot but what I enjoyed most about the fallout games was finding different areas most of which were open. This game the only thing that really changes is the rewards on missions and with the exception of the horsemen quest which was well done by the way are basically the same. All in all it’s an outstanding game but it needs more to keep me playing. Also a story missions, they leave much to be desired I like the goofy take on fallout it is different from the main games but please Bethesda has made my favorite games and this one could use more updates and new content. Also change up the dwellers grind, more conversations and maybe different movements and interactions.

- I Love This Game, But..

I’ve been playing this game for about half a year, and I adore it. It’s something that I keep coming back to when I have nothing better to do, and the Quests are great. I have a few suggestions for it: First, could we get some kind of Online mode? A few of my friends play this game, and it’d be great to be able to send food and water when they’re running low, as well as weapons or armor, or maybe even caps. Plus, you could add Quests where several Vaults send dwellers to get a lot of loot. It’d be a great addition to the game. Another thing I’d love, and I mean LOVE, would be some New Vegas items added to the game. Most of my favorite characters and items come from it, and it would add a ton of new content. You could have Quests going to Vault 22, add some of my favorites like Arcade Gannon and Ulysses as Legendary Dwellers, and even bring in some new Room Themes. Finally, and this is the one I want most, PLEASE add a layout editor. I’ve got a bit over a hundred Dwellers, and I want to move a few rooms around, but it costs THOUSANDS of caps to move the elevators and rooms, and it takes forever to move all the Dwellers around to get to the new place. We need a layout mode to fix these little issues that turn into massive problems. Anyway, thanks for listening to my thoughts, bye

- Really enjoyable game

Perfect game to play whenever whether it be just to check up on your vault, or send your dwellers on some quest. Very enjoyable! But, I would like to offer a suggestion to improve the game if Bethesda would like to take this into consideration. What if you were to have a variety of different conflicts or disputes within the vault that could be solved and each one could pop up when you reach a certain amount of dwellers (for example every ten or so) and will say something like, “Jimmy wanted a comic that Brian had, Grognak Issue 14, but didn’t want to trade anything and instead stole it from Brian. What should you do to reprimand Jimmy?” And will have options like “Blame Brian for not giving it to him, Do nothing, limit his rations, or Exile him from the vault”. And certain actions will have consequences like for example if you exile him a diner might refuse to work in protest of his unfair treatment and you would need to pass a speech check which would be kind of like rushing a room or, wait 24 hours for them to start working again. I know this is a lot and would be a lot of work, I just thought it might add another dimension to the game and make it even more enjoyable than the already enjoyable game it is. Thank you!!

- Great edition to the Fallout series

This game is awesome. In my opinion, getting five stars is great, and it means that more could be added to something to make it better, and there are few changes that need being made. That is the case with this game especially. Fallout shelter was a great idea but has a couple of problems. At least with my iPhone, when I am looking around in my vault I accidentally pick dwellers up. I have IPhone X and everything seems to work well, and the enemies need no changing at all. Although I would like a mode where you can rearrange your vault, it is not needed. I think all around a genius idea, and I do not feel like I need to purchase anything at all, (although I have,) definitely a fantastic game. Truly the Culver’s of the IPhone edition games. Disclaimer: this game is more enjoyable when you buy in app purchases!Anyone who says that you do need to pay to get far on this game, I will say, instead of just complaining, be a little more specific and helpful. If you really thought that, you could say, this game should be pay to get but you start off with more stuff. That is what I think of Fallout shelter, I hope anyone planning on getting should definitely get it.

- A good game but can use some variation

I have played the game back in 2017 and have seen this game progress in development. It is a pretty decent management game that requires some future planning and understanding of how to manage people. It has added some exploration to it along with a good amount of quests. The game throws some challenges at you with random events happening such as raiders, fires or creature invasions to keep you on your toes. While the game itself is good and the concept is fun, I believe the game needs some variation in the designs for the rooms. Each room looks the same and seeing the same design for every room can get a bit stale. The room may change designs as you add more room tiles to each room and as you upgrade them but they all end up the same when you max them out. Some randomization in how they look can add some flavor into the game graphical wise just like how the dwellers all have different models and customizations for their clothing through outfits. Personally I also think the food room shouldn’t be a restaurant or diner since it makes no sense how they would generate food from just having a diner. Farms or greenhouses to me would make more sense. Otherwise in general this is a pretty good game and I look forward to seeing what more is in store for this game!

- Amazing but some thoughts for updates

I love this game don’t get me wrong but after I put so much time into I kind of got bored of the game. I like the quest and all that but what I was really looking for was a more rooms and more things you could do at your base. Maybe add some fallout 4 and fallout 76 things into the game. I mean why not all the players would love it and there’s nothing saying you can’t do that lol. Or maybe surprise us with something else big added to the game that will keep us busy for a while. If not that’s cool it’s still an amazing game. What if there where factions you could partake in like certain quest in like there is in all the other fallouts. Or caravans that came and stopped by every now n then you could trade with and they could bring you some cool stuff. Orrr like maybe a way we could tame a horse or like find some mad max looking car to make traveling faster and have better defenses while traveling. How about a alien abduction side quest where your on the zeata space ship. We also love references to the older games lol those are fun. I have a lot more ideas but I don’t want to be rambling I don’t even know if you guys are updating the game anymore but if you are takes these into thought and if you like my ideas contact me and I’ll tell them all to you 👍


Let me just tell you this, this game has everything it needs to be the best. You have to build production systems like, water treatment plants, diners, and obviously a power generator. If you build more of the same thing the production goal drops. You have to put dwellers inside them to work, and they level up which make them better and you collect the money. Every once and a while a mysterious man appears and if you tap on him he gives you pretty much my lifetime of money. You can build living quarters and put men and women in them. After about five minutes the woman is pregnant and she still can do her job. Sometimes there will be disasters and you have to solve them. There can be raiders, fire, radroaches, or deathclaws. This game is packed with lots of fun. I recommend it!!! Note: You cannot move rooms, you have to destroy them 😢 Other note: Radiation spreads and is killing all my dwellers like flys, I can't do much of anything in this game anymore then just staring at extremely depressed dwellers that are dying by the second, This game was fun at first, but... now it's making me depressed like my dwellers.

- A great game but need some little improvements

My shelter is already maxed in rooms and has 200 dwellers but I want to propose some improvments. As I said I have 200 dwellers but time to time I get dwellers from the lunchboxes. I cant get them to leave and I dont want to kick any of my dwellers because all of them are high levels already. I also propose a fireteam mechanic. When there is an incident: for example, deathclaws. I dont want to assign my dwellers one by one into a room, there should be atleast 3 fireteam options where we can group 2-6 dwellers and we can just select the whole group to a certain room. Another one is the dwellers on the wasteland, we should be able to command them to use stimpaks and rad-aways even if they are not in those special areas like the okd cabin or nuka cola factory. Lastly selling or recycling. I have alot of junks that needs to be sold or recycled, but the only option is to do it one by one or just sell or recycle all of it. We should be able to input how many we want to sell or recycle to prevent that exhausting tapping by selling it one at a time just because you want to clear space but dont exactly want to lose all of it. That would be all. I would appreciate it if th developers would atleast read this. Thankyou.

- Radscorpions are a pan and some thing you might be able to add

So I’m having this issue we’re I fail a rush or it’s just random but I repeatedly get radscorpion attacks. It gets so repetitive that I don’t play it much anymore. I stay on to long I get a radscorpion I rush a room and a radscorpion comes in. Then they keep moving around and I can’t focus on killing it since I have a ton of rooms and I send a dude to defend and the radscorpion moves. They also take power away instantly like 30 seconds I’m down to like no power I can fill it up pretty easy but another one will come in and I will have to get my power up again. It’s so annoying to defend to the point I just leave the game. Thats why I give a three star rating it would also be nice to be able to move the rooms around because it starts to cost a lot of caps to destroy them rebuild them. This ones a little stupid but I think it would be nice to have a nuke quantum maker that takes like a day to get one and you have to find a recipe from the wasteland or something. I loved this game to death till I had the radscorpion attacks constantly but I still love it. Thanks for your time if you read this I would appreciate if you could look into some of these. Have a good day!!!!

- Good game but profound late game flaws

I really like the game, it does a lot right with balancing and mechanics but certain things make the game unenjoyable. The game operates well, but one reoccurring mechanic seems to dulls things. Certain disasters can happen that require an immediate response or the problem and consequences will worsen. It could be a fire, a raider attack, ghouls... I’m at population 60 so I’m getting deathclaws now. It’s not bad, but the problem is, consistently, I get deathclaws everytime I log in. I can’t take it. I deal with them but the punishment is severe and repetitive. I get through after waiting a couple of minutes for my dwellers throughout the vault to shoot them as I heal the injuries, but when this happens everytime I log in, it becomes a nuisance. It seems to just be on a timer, which is ok if it’s spaced out more, but it isn’t. I log in every couple of hours throughout the day (3 times) and 90% of the time there’s an attack I have to deal with. It’s too much, it’s too inconvenient. I can’t enjoy this really good game. It’s a shame but I might just stop playing because of it. It’s just so TEDIOUS. The very least they could do is switch up the disaster, but it’s always deathclaws. I have them attacking me right now. I’m just so fed up that I decided to write about it instead, so that the developers may hear my plight.

- Dwellers Not Grateful

I want to say that, I first played this game four years ago.. so addicted and spent quality time in taking care of each dweller and listening to their needs. Raiders attack’s kept killing dwellers, and regardless of all efforts, you reach to a point where you can’t revive them and you loose hope. 2 weeks ago I decided to give it another try, download it and start new. Same old habits, roaches and raiders kill almost half of the population. You quickly run low in water and power supply, everyone gets sick. I provide shelter and upgrade rooms so these dwellers can have cozy bed rooms, full equipped dinners, game rooms, fun places, yet the moment you can’t control water supply they say things like “my skin is glowing” “ my fingers are falling” “I feel a hand is growing from my stomach” really?! After every thing I have been doing to make this a dream shelter. They are just demanding! I hate the fact that rats fill empty rooms, that’s is just disgusting and ruin the idea of a perfect shelter where I am spending so much caps in upgrading rooms and stuff ... I saved a lot of caps to upgrade vault door and yet raiders can break in.. what on earth you are taking my caps then?? I wish all these dwellers can find another vault and end up with a villain who watches them burn alive

- Loved it for a long time, but....

I loved this game for a very long time, working my way through the missions and up my stats. The problem is that once you finally get to a point where you have some really good weapons and some all-10... there’s nothing to do. There’s no higher challenge that actually makes all that work meaningful. All assaults are reliably stopped - you don’t even have to pay much attention. You can’t build past limits on rooms. Your population is capped, and you can’t turn survivors away, so you have to either kick one of your good people out into the wasteland, or else leave this sad line of refused refugees (which, in today’s world, has become a triggerey concept). I mean, at least be able to turn them away vs sacrificing one of your own! I haven’t touched the game in over a year. I have other idle games I’ve been playing for longer, and I’m still playing them, because they’re truly endless. I wish the devs would add more at the top end. Let us build proactive external defenses. Multiplayer. Alliances. Attack other Vaults. Or best: find a way to achieve peace and win by good lasting alliances, feeding the mutants, and divesting all weapons. (Ok, that’s a hippy pipe dream, but the rest!)

- Great game, but...

This game is a great, addicting, and skillful game. It also requires lots of patience. But one annoying issue with the game is that you can not replace the rooms of where you put them, because, in the beginning, you put everything everywhere because you have no clue what you are doing. But as your vault becomes bigger and greater, you realize you need to move the rooms, but sadly you can not. To avoid that please read this: try to have every level be it’s own level, and have its own certain rooms, but only one room per level. To make that more clear, here is a example: have one floor be only living quarters, another only power generator, another diner, and so one. But make sure those are the only things on the floor. I recommend not to have 2 or more different rooms on a floor because you can expand a room if you put the same room next to each other. If you listen to that advice, I think your good and the game will be a spectacular ride to go through, challenging you and letting you have lots of fun! I strongly recommend on getting this game!

- This game is very well designed... BUT

This game is so well designed with the art and activities... BUT I gotta say... this is the most STRESSFUL game I have ever played. I was constantly low on food and water causing my dwellers to have low health and then I was bombarded by high level monsters, especially the Deathclaws. With my food and water almost always being at 0 or close to 0, I had to rush a lot but even if my risk level was 28%, almost all of the time my rushes would fail, resulting in a high level monster attack. (Also, it wasn’t like I had bad dwellers or anything. All of my dwellers were assigned to the correct places and given good clothing and good guns). Since my dwellers were already low health, the high level monsters basically took them out in one hit. In my experience, the Deathclaws are impossible to kill. I’ve always had to move my dwellers to a different part of the shelter to escape them but the Deathclaws always ended killing off a good majority of my dwellers. In the end I couldn’t take the stress anymore and deleted the app after a huge Mole Rat infestation killed off almost all of my dwellers. So, in conclusion, I think that this is a very well made game BUT it is not for people who cannot handle the large amount of stress and frustration.

- Love it but some things should be added

I love playing Fallout Shelter but there are many things that would be great to have. Perhaps a info panel to see dwellers relationships so you don’t have to write it down and get lost. It would also be nice to move rooms to different spots when you want to change your vault up a bit. It would be cool when you have a female and a male in a living room to be able to choose different choices to make them fall in love and if you choose the wrong choice there’s a chance they can’t fall in love. Although, it is not a necessity it would be cool to do when your waiting for time to pass. Maybe different things could pop up where you are asked a question and which ever one you choose could end badly or good. I am unsure if the institute is in the game but if it isn’t it would be cool if the institute can take your dwellers after completing a certain quest also it would be cool if the vault door can have an update to keep the institute out perhaps the radiation detectors or metal detectors would be really cool to have on an upgraded version of the vault door. I hope you take these thoughts into consideration and maybe add them in the future.

- I can’t do anything

I have had problems with this game on 2 platforms,Xbox and noble. First it starts with idiotically strong mole rats wiping out half my vault, and now I’ve had the same problem. I got rad roaches in 1 room,ONE, and I gave every dweller in that room a powerful gun. The roaches still spread, and they’re not supposed to spread in a room with dwellers. It took about a minute to get rid of the roaches in the ONE room with weapons doing 7 to 22 or more damage, there was maybe 4 dwellers in there with really good weapons. It spread to many other rooms and eventually I killed them all. Right after I killed them all another group of rad roaches appeared. After it all went down, about 3 or 4 dwellers died, in which I had to exploit a glitch to get the caps to revive them. The glitch got me a bunch of caps and lunchboxes, but even after getting several power plants, diners, and water plants, i was still struggling to get enough supplies. I was getting supplies left and right from lunchboxes yet I still didn’t have enough. There is no way 40 dwellers need almost 300 or 400 food, and about 20 rooms shouldn’t need almost the whole bar of power, nor does 40 dwellers also need 300 or 400 water. It is very difficult to get the supplies I need and to fend off attacks, in which that is why I am rating this game 1 star. I loved fallout 4 Bethesda, I know you can do better.

- Very quality but needs improvement

This game is amazing! Me and my friend are in a competition right now for the game. I play the game all of the time and I may be addicted. The game does need some improvement in a few fields though. First of all, I hate the fact that you never ding legendary weapons in the wild. Exploring is one of the most important parts of the game but one of the most dangerous and unpredictable. If I have my dweller out for 3 days, I expect him to pick up other things then legendary junk. My idea is that you can find legendary weapons and cloths out in the wild but also when you pick up an item you don’t like, you can tell your guy to drop that item. You can do this by looking at the hotbar and taping the item he should drop and having it say do you really want to drop this item. This makes it so you can have them out longer and not bring home useless crap. And the deathclaw raids are too much. Make them more rare so we don’t end up suffering. Otherwise this game is amazing, that’s only two things. I 100% recommend this app. Thank you for reading. Please list as helpful so it can get noticed and these problems can get fixed!!

- Survival mode

It’s broken. Attempted three separate vaults and all of them resulted in either fire, radroach or raiders wiping out everyone. It’s primarily due to the rate in which these catastrophes occur. Fleeing from fires is one route, pregnant woman tend to survive in that aspect, but doesn’t protect your resources. I’ve found the ONLY way to manage is to keep the game closed and intermittently open the app to collect stims. Ergo avoiding playing to be able to heal and survive seems extremely counterproductive to encourage people to attempt survival mode. I’ve played this game some time ago, but without survival and didn’t run into many issues. Most I noticed was the frequent deathclaw attacks. My biggest complaint and honestly the best fix for this issue is simply by just decreasing the rate in which your vault is potentially in peril. Between collecting resources, I spent most of the time clicking on each dweller and checking their life, weapons and armor trying to strategize who can be utilized in response to the disasters. Basically just anxiously waiting for the alarm to sound. I can understand making the mode harder, but not on the verge of being completely impossible..

- Good game; low intelligence

This is a really good game. Maybe one of the best ‘pay to play’ games around — because you’re not really hindered if you don’t purchase advancements. One thing I hate, however, is the unintelligent movement of the vault dwellers. If, for example, you have two training rooms and one dweller maxes out in one of the rooms, moving him to the other room forces one of the dwellers to trade places with the newcomer. But you would think that it would swap with a dweller that could USE the training in the new room. Instead, it usually chooses someone who might already be maxed out in that room — meaning after the swap you’re right back in the same situation as when you began... with a maxed out dweller that needs to be moved to a different training room. So to work around this endless loop, you have to first choose someone from the second room and manually remove them so that the dweller who is maxed out in the first room can go to the new training room. You can then manually move the previous guy into the first room since it now has an available slot. If they would just fix that one AI issue and allow the auto-swap to be useful for once, it would make the game much more enjoyable.

- Me hating when:

I like the game, but I hate the broken stuff like the mysterious stranger in a elevator and also this: RADSCORPIONS! They consume way to much power then I don’t have enough like why. I understand that the more power and the more rooms you have, the more power is consumed, but having 1800 power to 500 makes no sense. Plus, three deathclaws, that doesn’t even make sense in any fallout games and I had 6 dwellers die and have average happiness go to 48% and the vault failed cause of radscorpion and deathclaw. So please just make the radscorpion easier to kill, I understand, the radscorpion is a tough one but them making your dwellers really unhappy by giving them radiation then having no stimpaks and RadAway is like plague inc where greenland is fully healthy and Iceland closed their seaports. So that’s why I give it 4/5 experience and also, I want build mode like clash of clans like please, build mode will bring back your fans of fallout shelter and add more quests please like do you not want your only mobile game to die; then I probably suggest you giving them what they really want.

- Amazing, 1 problem that happened

This game IS amazing. Just started playing 2 days ago! I had a very annoying thing that happened to me. Since I haven’t made the overseer’s office, I couldn’t go to quests. I build it today and it the the thing. It guided me to what to do and all but it chose a character that somewhat sucked and his armor was bad and he also had no weapon. I couldn’t interact with anything except for the begin quest button. So I basically wasted the 20 colas it gave me and I had to bring the character back so I can redo the quest. I then used another 5 colas and another cola to bring my BEST character back from exploring, And I had 9 colas left. This was annoying. The game chose a character that sucked at the quest. Finally, I sent my best guy and the other sucky character with PROPER equipment and sent them back to the quest. Problem is I couldn’t rush them to the quest like when I was forced to just sent my guy with nothing special in the beginning, and I needed 10 colas to rush them to the quest! So yeah..... That aside, keep up the good work with the game! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Great Game but Here are Some Suggestions

This is a fantastic game! I just recently got into it again, after I deleted it a while ago. It would not be an understatement to say that I’m addicted to playing! It’s that fun! But there are some improvements, more like suggestions, that I would love to see implemented in the future. For one, I think the dweller max should be higher than 200. My vault is rapidly growing and I would love to keep it that way; relentless. That said, another thing that would be cool is more building room, both down and wide. Although tedious, it would create space for 200+ dwellers (*wink wink*). Summing up my first two points, just add more space. Thirdly, I think there should be a multiplayer aspect of the game. Right now, my friends and I are totally into this game. We are each growing our vaults at a fast rate. I think that somehow fallout shelter should implement some online or multiplayer thing, like vault wars or something. Just something to connect us to the other fans of the game. That’s it, if you read this far I would TOTALLY RECOMMEND!


First of all, this is an addicting game. It is great. There is just one major problem that resulted in me giving this game four stars. Whenever you leaver, your dwellers still use up supplies such as water, food, power, etc. Therefore, you have to play it about every 30 minutes. For people who have to sleep, go to school, do homework, etc., it is extremely frustrating to come back to a vault depleted of supplies. There are two ways to fix this problem. 1. Your dwellers don't use resources while you are absent. 2. There is someway to collect resources while you are gone. If this problem gets fixed then it will be an automatic five stars, because like I said this game is great besides for that one big problem. This is my second review. Once you get a lot of the supply rooms, you don't have to worry about not having supplies. It is much easier to get supplies. Plus BIG HINT. LUCK INCREASES CHANCE OF GOOD RUSH!!! For people who have not started, REMEMBER THIS HINT. It is crucial to the progression of this game. Well good job Bethesda. This game is a one of a kind.

- Please add the following

It would be AWESOME and make the game more challenging... but mostly challenging... if you added room durability so during disasters the rooms durability lowers. When a room’s durability drains completely the dwellers will run out of the room and become on “coffee break”. When all dwellers are out the room will start to collapse and the room with fill with dirt and it cost a small amount of caps depending on the rooms level (like dwellers). Here’s how the durability deplete will be for these rooms: power: the generator explodes and destroys the entire room. Water: the water tanks break causing the room to flood and blast doors close to prevent vault flood. Food: room collapses under all the dirt and gets crushed by dirt. Vault door: the vault door starts to fill with radiation and a blasted door closes to prevent radiation spread, 1 Minute later the door breaks und pressure from radiation (a breaks like it was under attack and broke open) when the door breaks dwellers can’t: explore, do quests, and guard the door. Thanks for reading this (if u did) and I hope you add the list. Thanks

- An Honest Opinion

This game is a very well produced byte-sized version of the ever astonishing FALLOUT series. The first time I played this game I didn't really seem to fall directly in love with it... much like the first time I played fallout in general... It seemed too drawn out and lengthy to enjoy right off... but I was very much mistaken... With the regular Fallout, and again with this tidbit from Bethesda,.. It is Astonishing and Magnificent. I encourage everyone to give this game a chance (not just the fallout fans) and once you find yourself on that first in-depth quest, you will surely agree that this is a masterpiece of great proportions, micro-sized. I'm giving this my full fallout approval of 5/5 stars! Whenever there's a time to wait in the real world.... that is the perfect time to launch a quick fallout mission to leave you wishing... your ride took just a bit longer to arrive! A must have for all fans of vibrant graphics and hilarious fallout classic humor. Thanks for reading and just don't take my word for it!!! Make this adaption apart of your permanent mobile collection. I Did.

- Vault Edit Mode?

The game is great, I’ve been playing it for a few years now, and you guys have been doing a great job giving us new content to keep us interested. I have no doubt you guys will continue to do so, but is it too much to ask for a Vault Edit Mode? I mean come on, what if I wanna switch locations between my Cafeteria and Purification Plant. What if i want to switch some elevators around? I’ve been playing for a few years now (as I stated above) and the same vault layout can get kinda dry... and the fact that I have to move my dwellers out the room, destroy the room, then make the new room, then move the dwellers back, can be really annoying, when you want to add some new layouts to your already maxed out vault. Just an idea I hope you guys might entertain. Also can we please fix this darn dead body bug? I’d love to move some dwellers into my vault entrance but apparently there’s an invisible dead body that’s causing my dwellers’ happiness to go down and get in the way of my 100% happiness. Thanks.

- Favorite game! Except when moving a dweller

I love this game. It’s a great time waster. Very fun to build your own vault layout and build your dweller special levels with different jobs. I enjoy it tremendously. However every time I go to move a dweller to another station whether for different work or a raider attack, I run into a glitch. The dwellers little silhouette will disappear and the dweller won’t move or the silhouette will get huge and go to the right of the screen causing me to scramble to find another dweller to double tap so the huge silhouette disappears. Then I’ll go back to the original dweller to try again but have to go through the same process again because of the silhouette. I thought it would make things easier if we could just double tap the dweller to highlight them then double tap the station we want them to move to, might be an easier way to move them? But still, this game is great. It’s the first game I start my days with and it’s the one I end my day with. I truly enjoy fallout on my phone and my Xbox. You guys still did a great job with it. Thank you!

- Deathclaws are an unfair tear down of all resources

I have gotten this game & spent money on this game. Over the years I have enjoyed it and just when I am building up my vault and things are going well ( i always had just spent money on boxes or something) and the deathclaws come through and kill 3 floors of my people. I don’t ever have enough money to revive even half of them, meaning I lose all my outfits and weapons as well, so I will get aggravated with the game and I uninstall it and put it down for a year or two. One day I forget how aggravating it is and I start playing again- I will not do that again if the game stays as awful as it is. You should have more challenge as the game progresses but not to decimate your resources for half of your vault with no way to defend against them (no gun or level seems to kill them) so that you have half of what you have worked for for weeks still remaining in seconds. Until they change that I won’t spend another penny on this game and won’t recommend it to anyone, in fact I will tell them how pointless it is to play this game and warn them not to spend any money on this game! No one should have to spend time and money on a game to have a random attack take out half of what you have built.

- Unnecessary frustration

This would be a fantastic game without for some stupid glitches that are glaringly obvious that any programmer should’ve seen needed to be fixed in the first place. The one I have the biggest complaint is the response to tapping on the screen. You have to do this in numerous situations. For example when you’re trying to shoot an enemy during away missions. When you need to refill the stem packs and anti-radiation medicine when the facility is being attacked. Also when Bottle and Cappy appear. What happens is it doesn’t respond. When it does respond you zoom quickly from a far away view to an extreme close-up most of the time putting you in area of the facility you aren’t even tapping on. By the time you pull away and find out where you were again you’re objective has ended. For example your character is dead because you couldn’t give it a stimpack even though that’s what you were trying to do. Or you lose the money from Cappy’s regardless of you tapping on him. It’s absolutely stupid that you can’t tap on the screen without it zooming in word. You have two fingers which you can spread apart that will easily gain the same results.

- Amazing Game it’s basically if the vaults in Fallout weren’t experiment and actually successful

Love the game, I’m proud to say I’ve spent hours in the game and enjoyed it. The game is amazing and just like the Fallout game series. Yes I’ve heard it crashes and stops working, however, this is not the case for me. But even if it did for me the game is sill so satisfactory I would still play it. You may ask why do you like the game so much, well let me tell you. There is such an immersive gameplay that it absorbs anyone to play the game with the variety of everything really. The weapons and dwellers and even the rooms have great diversity in there abilities and choices. The quests and dialogue in the game is amazing and have me loving it. I also love the core of the game too, it is so great. This is what makes the game five stars, and I guess you can say that’s what makes it S.P.E.C.I.A.L. However this goes without saying but there is room for improvement. Here are some of my thoughts on what could make the game near perfect. Vault lunchboxes are more common,

- Difficult to control but addicting

It can be hard to select dwellers, especially during attacks. You can perfectly place your finger on a dweller and nothing will happen. It’s just a matter of doing it repeatedly and hoping for he best. Your dweller may die simply because the game wouldn’t let you select your dweller to heal them. Luckily you can revive dwellers, but that is a loss of caps due to the game’s unresponsiveness. When you click a room and open the list of dwellers in there, you cannot select a dweller from that list to heal them. This would be a good fix. The list is already there so it’s just a matter of implementing the ability to select dwellers from the list. Another problem is when you build an overseers office the game forces you to start a mission without any warning. I just had my dweller give up immediately once they got there because I didn’t have time/wasn’t ready for a mission. Besides that I love the game! It’s fun, addicting, challenging, and has no ads.

- I Loved it, until...

I loved this game until those stupid roach things crawled through the floor, and had a session that wiped out half my population. Now I have to wait and build up caps, just to be able to afford my dwellers back. It would be nice to have a hospital or something, just so we don’t have to literally spend all of our caps just to get our dwellers back, which takes days to make those caps back up. I’m most likely going to delete the game if an occurrence like that happens again, so hopefully you guys change the programming or something, in order to make being at your own “base” a little more secure. Even though the purpose of the game is to “survive”, I still think the difficulties at your own “base” should be knocked down a couple of notches. It probably wouldn’t be that bad if there was an easy way to earn caps, like a daily spin or something, but there isn’t, which makes situations like this more frustrating. I mean we already have vault raids, fires, and unnecessary attacks when we want to boost production, and random roach invasions don’t help. Hope this is taken into consideration. Thanks.

- Not really a hater

This game kinda annoys me because of how hard the game is I can’t keep a vault for 1 month that’s kinda sad. like I understand the physics of the game it’s just kinda hard I might just play the actual games for my Xbox because I don’t really like games that you have to wait for. But I love the fallout series the stories the Dark messages about most vaults and stuff it all made sense to me. But this game is kinda like a DIY vault cuz you are making your own vault cool right. But my final thing is I got to be honest fallout New Vegas is one of the best games I have ever played because it is different your not born in a vault and your not sent to a vault it gots a cowboy look to it now why I am talking about this is because you should add some like of the some what of the same locations like the giant dinosaur in the town of Novac in fallout new Vegas or some locations like towns people you can actually trade with that you can get an choose like what guns you are going to sell. Lastly is it possible to get twins at birth in your game I am just saying if it is then is it only a 0.1% chance of having one please I got to know.

- Still playing it, still loving it

Are super mutants ever coming to this game, Bethesda? What about killer robots, dogs, insects? The game could also use some new dungeon skins. There’s already tons of outfits and weapons, so we’re more than good on that front. This game deserves its five star rating because it genuinely is a good game. I wish it would update to include content from Fallout 76 and other previous installments in the franchise. Is there anything you guys could add to make the Theme room a bit more useful? Once you’ve crafted all the themes it becomes a useless space. Is there any chance of reworking the Mysterious Stranger? Once your vault gets really big it’s next to impossible to find him. Another complaint is the crafting times, they don’t seem to countdown in real time. I’ve crafted Legendary weapons/armor that say six days only to have it take even longer. What’s going on with that? Here’s to hoping this game gets a second coming, too many clones out there trying to steal this games thunder.

- Great, solid game but it can use more

In the previous reviews I saw, I couldn’t agree more on organizing your bases and have the option to click an outside dweller and assign him to a place without dragging. The game should have both options where players can either assign by clicking or dragging. I’ve bought a few things in support of the game because I’m a huge fan of Fallout, but once you by something it seems to advance you far into the game where you simply get bored after a while. * Adding new stuff like having a map and being able to explore key areas we can choose from. Also having the idea of going to shops just like Diamond City would add more interests. The missions/quests get repetitive so it would be nice to see a change up in those. And lastly just adding new types of rooms would be pretty neat. Possibly a Mr. Handy building room? There’s a lot of other ideas that can come out of Mr. Handy rather than get resources. But overall the game is put together very well and the whole speed of the game is just right.

- 3 main flaws

Edit: This game seriously needs an update for both mobile and console. Mobile needs stats boost just a bit. Enough to for the dwellers to actually do their jobs at least. Rather than having no stats at all. And console needs bugs fixing like. Whenever theres an incident in the vault the dwellers names and health still show on top of their heads even after the incident is resolved. So please update your games and fix these issues. Pros- Lots of fun. Very addictive. Lots of features like building up the Vault, exploring the Wastelands, and going on quests and many more. Gameplay is amazing. Cons- Needs to find a way to collect resources while you are offline other wise you will run low on resources and it will be extremely difficult to pick back up especially when the dwellers have low to no stats anyways. Which is another feature i disliked. When i first played this a while back the dwellers always had a decent amount of stats. At first i thought it was just bad luck but when you have over 20 dwellers with extremely low stats i don't think thats bad luck. Its been very difficult to build it up with armory, Weight room, etc. Ive just been relying on outfits to build up my stats and using radio station to get a dweller with decent S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills but still no luck. We should be able to program the Mr. Handyman Robots to collect resources while we are offline by assigning them to the room we want them to collect resources from.

- Tom

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- Yes and No

This game is a ton of mindless fun. Much of the activity is pretty hands off it’s nice to be able to log in every few hours and just collect energy or update characters. The occasional hazards are usually fun too, however external hazards like ghouls deathclaws and raiders attack far too frequently even when not exiting the vaults and rad scorpions tunnel from unoccupied room to unoccupied room lasting too long and completely depleting your energy which wouldn’t be a problem if the game allowed you enough dwelling space to occupy every room but it does not limiting you to only 200 dwellers with room space for almost 3-400. The stat system needs work and the effects of stats needs to be clearly defined lest you find out after filling your vault that because you didn’t level endurance first you need to completely repopulate your vault. Finally there is so much potential for this game but it feels severely limited, I would like to see more enemies such as gunners, and monsters like mirelurks attacking, and more quests with better rewards.

- Caps glitch

This is hands-down my favorite mobile game ever. However I have come across an unfair and extremely frustrating glitch. I am currently farming to fully upgrade my outfit workshop which costs 90k caps. For this, my best bet is quest farming. Last week, after my weekly quest I had 34k. Over the weekend when I started the game, I had 21k after spending NO caps. I figured maybe this was because I force quit the game before it saved to the cloud, so last night, after cleaning up my vault and running a couple quests, I left the game in the background with about 28-29k. This morning I wake up and I’m back to 24k. I’ve been playing this game for years; since it came out, even. But if this continues, I will have to finally give up on it as this is extremely unfair and as stated before, even more frustrating. I’m not gonna play a game that’s gonna undo all my farming. I’ve lost almost 20k total from this bug and all I want is for it to stop so I can get back to farming.

- Suggestions for next update

I really like the game but I think the next time you update the game you should put things things like squads so say you have six top dwellers maxed out on everything in your vault and oh no death claws and you get your top six dwellers up there to fight but the death claws break the vault door you only have two guys up there and they die well what you should do is make it to where you can have groups like fighting groups worker groups and so on or you can pick like 5 or six guys and have them be like a backup team just in case like a whole room just got killed you can use your backup team to kill them and I get tired of having to drag dwellers it make my phone glitch so if you can like tap on a dweller and then tap on a room and the dweller will instantly go there that could help me and probably a LOT of other people out so plz fix this and try to make squads possible and I will make that 4 star to a 5 star!

- ★★★★☆

I would give this game a four and one half star rating if I could but sadly that's not an option. I hope that you guys are proud of the game you've created and that you won't take the one less star as a bad thing, I just feel like there is room for improvement. Something that's missing is that this game doesn't have enough outfit options since it'd be nice to have outfits that had 5+ in the buffs that are attached. I also feel that a new room option could be nice. I don't feel that you are money hungry so that is good. I feel that the asking price for items is pretty fair too. I like that this game has a lot of fun and gameplay to offer. With silly quests and funny dialogue that is exchanged between dwellers. I also approve of the level of challenge the game brings. Maybe there should be an optional hard mode for dedicated fans? I think that's a good idea. Overall I think people should play this if they like games that let you be the overlord of a mini community and take care of their needs.

- Great game! Some things to add.

Overall this is a great game and is fun and you can play it infinitely but, I have some ideas to add. One is a troop bed the troop bed acts as a housing unit for dwellers that when an raid, mole rat attack, fire, etc. it will send them out to help. You can upgrade it to house more people and when a raider attack starts the can fit in the vault chamber with a lot more people than normal. And number two the body preservation unit where you can store dead dwellers and preserve them. You can reduce the time it takes for them to decompose so it’s more useful but it’s fine. It acts as a storage unit that houses dead dwellers for much longer than normally. They could stay in there in about a week and a half or so. But if a attack or fire or anything happens it may break the chamber and the bodies may fall out. This making them decompose really quick and in about one day. These are just ideas but I feel like it would be a good addition to the game. :)

- Was great, now just annoying and frustrating.

App was great, a lot of fun, almost addicting. Now dwellers die at a drop of the hat. What it really seems like is developers weren’t getting the money they wanted and just made the game harder to sell more boosts, packages. It is a fun game and would be willing to pay money, but with the arbitrary cap and no ultimate goal, win of the game, why waste my money. It’s like reading a book with the last chapter missing. How can you produce a game with no ending or ability produce a giant vault so don’t completely waste money on getting bonuses etc. It’s like the developers had a great idea for a game and then went meh okay, done almost; I’d almost guess these were valve developers or took a page out of their gaming manual. Bought several mr. handys and now with the vault at cap, nothing to do but abandon it. What a total waste! I could start another vault within game, but can’t transfer anything between my vaults so what I bought wastes away in the now abandoned vault. Actually now have 3 abandoned 200 cap vaults. Guess will just delete the game and find another. Just stupid, feel so foolish for wasting all this time on this game. Could have been such a great game.

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- Fun game

Love this game I have been playing it for a year now. One thing I think is a bug, when you get resources from opening a lunchbox it doesn’t count towards your current objective. I have the collect water objective and got water from a lunchbox but it didn’t do anything for the objective. I’m pretty sure it used to count when I first started playing. Also even though I’ve been playing for a long time the only thing keeping me playing is starting new Vaults. Would be amazing if there was some more end game content like raiding other vaults or maybe even player vs player? That would be sick! Thank you.

- Early Game Good, Late Game Boring

Hi all, I got this game when it came out and I have had heeps of fun managing and running a vault. The early game is basically a survival simulator with raids and disasters being catastrophic. This keeps the player engaged and actively playing. Although the mid game, 100pop, is still fun, once you send out max special dweller you soon realise what the sell function really is. Late gamer you can send up to 20 super soldiers to retrieve half the wasteland. Then the missions become rollovers with your death squads in power armour and MIRVs. Even the supposedly “hard” ones are easy with 20 stims with the only want rewards being pets or lunch boxes. I would really like to see harder end game as you can basically do anything but nothing as well. The mission become boring and repetitive with the only unique one being the gauntlet and its questions. Fun start to hook you in but drops off as time continues.

- Good game

Pretty good game a few bug/glitches like dragging dwellers to different rooms it bugs out and they don’t go to the room I dragged them too or when I start dragging them the icon your dragging goes crazy and just goes to a random room but it can be worked around by just going to the room you want the dweller in and click on the clipboard but still annoying when getting attacked can trying to drag them around quickly also i get attacked all the time like almost every 5(not exact) the other day I had deathclaws come like 4 times in a space of 10 minutes and just before I started this review I was playing for not that long and I got attacked but raiders gouls and deathclaws like almost straight off the bat but other then that good game

- Enemies way too strong

Dear Bethesda I really like your game it is AWESOME! But there are a few things I would like fixed. First thing is that can you make the enemies a bit weaker because i have a level 34 dweller doing level 15 missions and the enemies are way too overpowered whenever they attack it takes at least 2 or 3 shots with my plasma rifle and they take a quarter of my health especially radscorpions please fix this I usually burn through stimpacks just to do a mission. The second thing is can you add characters from New Vegas I would love Ulysses or Casear. And finally can you add grenades for dwellers to throw hope you read this.


This game is so good I play it all the time but maybe you could add a few things like grenades. I was thinking also you could get an option for people to pair up when they go exploring in the wasteland because they’re always complaining about being lonely. Also could you add more lunchboxes? You get about five at the start and then rarely see them after that. The game kind of gets boring after you get 30 or so dwellers and I think it’s really exciting opening them. Otherwise this game is awesome (and a little bit addictive) so great job! Thanks for reading 😋😋😋

- Running low on supplies!

Hey Bethesda! I love your game and have a recommendation. It is a probably really requested and really needed thing you have to add! Auto-collect/Pause Game feature! Auto-collect would be a feature that automatically turns on which (obviously) collects your supplies for you while AFK. Or, the Pause Game feature would like freeze your game in time until you come back this could be automatic by the way. Please add this because when I am doing something and can not get on I get on maybe an hour later. I get on and I find my supplies at zero! Bethesda please add this feature! (Also please don’t make these an “Pay To Have” type of thing)!

- Great game, some suggestions to make it better

The dweller list leaves a lot to be desired. First, it’d be super useful to be able to see the weapon that the dweller has equipped. Noting major, just a little icon next to the dweller’s head, next to or above the icon that shows their assigned pet. Being able to see the armour that the dweller has equipped, in the dweller list (again, an icon would be plenty) would go s long way. Also, how about researchable room upgrades for the late game? For example, auto-injecting stim packs from the hospital, or automatic turrets for the vault entrance. Things like that. The game is great and I look forward to seeing what comes in the next update!

- Great Game

I love the fallout series the idea of the world being totally destroyed by nuclear war and having to scavenge the wasteland for survival I have played and finished Fallout4 game repeatedly at least 10 times. But the different view of this game with the vaults and sending dwellers out to find recourses I would like to see something else added like a turret defence system and I loved the ability to send dwellers on quests but I think there could be improvements in the quest area like more quests and maby even a way to find and collanize a second vault to control. Heno1164

- Best mobile game ever

Honestly I am not into mobile games at all and I lose interest pretty quickly - but not with this game! I keep popping into to see how my vault is doing on a regular basis. There is so much to do in this game like upgrading my dwellers weaponry and maxing out all of their skills one by one, sending some lucky ones out on missions and then being able to pop back in hours later and have that mission readily available to play. It’s a fun game and it’s got lots of longevity if you enjoy playing every now and again.

- Glitch 🙁

Im quite surprised that a game that has been on the AppStore for quite a long time still has a TON of annoying glitches that just aren’t fair. It has happened to me quite a few times now that all the legendary loot I have collected on quests and then click collect that I don’t get them. I have looked a few times before I collect them and I see that I have enough storage to hold them and if I check the log where you have a look over all the weapons you have collected, these items do not show up.. i don’t know what it is but it is very frustrating and disappointing that the game never gives me my legendary loot... PLEASE FIX THIS.

- Love the game

Hi developers I never ever played games until my husband patiently showed me : he also plays iOS fall out : I am addicted to my iPad fall out : however been playing for ages now : don’t do the quests both hubby n I don’t like them : I would like to see ability to move the barracks later in the game : also to have more interesting customisation eg in hair n outfits and look of vaults furniture eg eg as same colours of rooms gets very boring : when u get boxes late in game wild like better guns and robots eg but apart from alll this love the game


I love this game so much, it’s so hard but that’s why it’s so fun. You know you can mess up at any moment, so you always want to feel safe, but since you’re in a wasteland, you always have to be aware and take risks. It’s cool. But if something bad happens, I know I can just pay my way out with micro-transactions. I HATE micro-transactions and I feel like them being in this game ruins the difficulty. If something goes wrong, just pay and it’ll be fine! Why try and take risks when you could just pay money for everything to be better. Without that, this would be a 5 Star game.

- Awesome game

I was really surprised how addictive this game is. I never spend money on games I prefer to slowly accumulate points by playing but I admit this game got to me and I was tempted to buy lunchboxes! I was so happy with this game but one thing really upset me !! You can only have 200 dwellers in the vault so if/ when a new one shows up or you accidentally leave a man and woman in the barracks and she gets pregnant you have to evict someone or leave someone stranded outside or leave the poor woman pregnant forever. It’s awful to evict someone they all worked hard for the vault - surely there’s like a nice way to send them to another vault or something ?? Especially if you have other vaults where you don’t have enough people ? Other than that I love it and I suppose it’s realistic that you can only have so many people and have to choose but I found that so harsh evicting people!

- This is the best game

I am still a noOB at it I got 23 pets and 10 rooms down and 5 across and I wish Thad they would add fist of your dewlers explore it the wasteland plz one review I hope of first person 😶😍👨‍💻😜😂 have a go I’m a 8 year old plz FRIST PERSON 🤯 and it really is better life underground and the rocks block you from building your volt go on have go thanks 🙏 creators 1 quick question if there is first person mode is person put it in the settings plz yes no maybe plz play this game thank you creators


OMG. This is a great, beautiful, well made game. I love how it’s so different to all the other fallouts, but still so similar! I only have one problem with it. The enemies are really REALLY weak, and so when you fight them on quests it feels very unsatisfying when they die. I don’t even have a level 50 dweller yet and this game is already MUCH too easy. It would be greatly appreciated if you buffed all enemies (yes, including deathclaws ;)) on quests. This game is great and it could be so much better if it was harder. Thanks :).

- Pretty dam good

This game is certainly a gem in the filth of the App Store I love the style and look but I had and idea that I think would be really good in the game as an attack there should be Enclave vertibirds that drop 2to4 Enclave soldiers that attack your vault and there should be faction base such as the insititute the great knans or minute settelments and you should have and a reputation that can go up or down depending on your dwellers actions that you can make and for example if you anger the insititute the send synths after your vault if you added something like this it would be pretty awesome and amazing

- It's alright a little more to this game

this game i have to admit that this game is great but hard why don't they have an update with 3D Graphics and adds defences outside the vault like some gates, barracks, guard towers, artillerys, guards, security cameras, fences and traps. The game should have some ghouls like in the other fallout games and new weapons, dwellers, new currency, millitary barracks in the vault and new rooms like a room with some security monitors to access the security cameras and have a military grade of security and a lot more things added to the game and please make the game a little less hard.

- Frustrating & infuriating

After man hours of gameplay have no weapons even after roaming the wasteland, have no way to defend from radroach attacks in shelter which wipes out entire population as all they do is stand there an not defend themselves, earn very little coins for rushing jobs as there is no other way to earn coins unless by shear luck you find the mystery man. But need to revive population which dies the very next radroach attack. Sounds like a good game but way too frustrating when getting wiped out after hours of gameplay & not having any defences to deal with the problem... this has happened several times now.. very poor game that doesn’t reflect the original franchise it’s trying to cash on in

- Fallout shelter review

This is a truely wonderful game worth playing. This game is full of awesome challenges that you have to overcome in your vault. I find it as a fun experience to be able to collect weapons and armour during your adventure. Having a little trouble with your vault, well you can always start again which is also fun. You get to learn from your mistakes in this game and soon you will have started the greatest vault yet. I give this game 6/5 stars.

- Dwellers keep disappearing!

Edit: I’m having an issue with dwellers disappearing, they’ll be there when I leave the game but when I come back they’ll be gone - they’re not even wondering around. Would be good if you could either buy junk at a weekly market or something with in game money or if you could send out your dwellers with a task of finding specific items - like if you need a shovel for a weapon. There are also way too many weapons, there should be just one weapon at one level of accuracy not several of the same weapon at different levels

- The mighty have fallen.

Latest update just pushed this game off my phone due to new advertising spam freshly implanted into this game. Now I have to wait 30 seconds through unskipable ads for other mobile games, everytime I have a vault dweller explore the wastelands, every 8 hours (not in game, it’s based on your clock). This game already had a monetisation model built into the game!! But now as they are rolling out “FALLOUT SHELTER ONLINE” I guess this is being framed more and more to be the free to play crappy version! This was the last way I found it comfortable and acceptable to support the fallout franchise since the disgusting actions throughout fallout76, but now that does it!! I’m done with the fallout universe and Bethesda studios!

- Super Annoyed.

The glitches make it impossible to ever keep up with the constant attacks. I send dwellers out on missions and quests, only for them to return empty handed over and over. Explorers will have loads of items in their bar at the bottom and when they return, it all disappears! So my vault is left with no outfits to boost production and no weapons to defend. I even got ripped off a robot on a quest. Then to have 2 death claw attacks in less than 20 minutes?? How is this fair or even possible to play? My shelter has dead bodies everywhere, everyone left alive is miserable, and there’s not enough power, food or water. And there’s nothing I can do about it. It takes away from any fun the game has.

- Bugs and Glitches

Fallout Shelter is an amazing game and I have been playing it since 2017, however on my main vault, which is relatively new, has been experiencing bugs and a major glitch that’s has ruined the vault. When ever I try to send one of my dwellers to the Wastelands, they will head out and search but the logs won’t show up and they don’t collect anything as well as not taking any damage (didn’t apply to quests). Please try and fix this glitch in a future update of the game.

- Has better quests then fallout 4

No way Bethesda, cya later you ruined this game with the big play advert button on the game screen that catches your eye constantly. I hate what Zenimax has made you do. Fallout Shelter was paid for by the Fallout 4 marketing budget. It has paid itself 100 fold and yet your seeking to drain our pocketss with this gratuitous act. Just after you started to fix two years of mistakes with F76 Wastelanders DLC I cannot believe you’ve done this to your customers. Shame on you _______ I would like it if some DLC could be provided. Maybe more then one vault or being able to make subway like tunnels between vaults. More mini games and random events say earthquakes damaging the vault or opening up new areas. Also more things to build. Maybe stuff on the surface. And maybe instead of raiders more lore based opponents like brotherhood or outcast coming to confiscate your energy based weapons.

- Fallout best ever

Are you play this game two years back and it was a pretty good game and it's so much fun and so much more than you can use one of the best games that I have ever played I'd recommend it to everyone in the in a mystery game are you play this game two years back and it was a pretty good game and it's so much fun and so much more than you can use one of the best games that I have ever played I'd recommend it to everyone in the mystery game have fun have fun have fun have fun

- Great Game, Here Are Some Ideas!

Here are some ideas: 1. Franchises so when you have a really big shelter, you can open a second one to keep yourself busy 2. It would be great if there was a plot like a backstory and little mini animations for reaching something 3. Go to different places like open shelter in different environments 4. Resolution like going somewhere to escape the wasteland or curing the contamination or building a dome around your shelter so you can go outside

- Sick as

I hear a lot of people complain about the gameplay and how hard it is but I love it, after a few resets u finally start to understand how to balance out the game and it becomes amazingly smooth after about the 3-5 attempt. Also the fact that the in-app purchases aren't pushed that was a real game changer Should totally add customisable bots like in the automatron add on, would be nice to find parts during quests and all

- Option to turn off mating

Hey Bethesda. I’ve got 200 dwellers in my vault. But when I have a male and female dweller in the lounge they still mate. Just suggesting there should be an option to turn breeding off. Plus it would be nice if you could bump it from 200 to 250 or 300 dwellers. I got a dweller from a lunchbox that’s standing out front of my vault. In order for me to get rid of that dweller is I gotta evict one from my vault to let that one in. And I don’t wanna have to do that every time one comes by. Please and thank you

- I love it

Dear Bethesda, I have bought the build your self a pip boy and have fallout 4,76 And shelters, I love this game to the moon and back and will get all the rest of the fallout games, but all I wonder is when will fallout shelter online be released to Australia 🇦🇺, because I have 2 shelters with around 50 dwellers and will day one buy. From a very big number fan not 1 or 2 cos someone else is, thank you Bethesda for all the ideas you have given me thank you.

- Great game!

I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and i luv it! I would recommend this game for people who like post-apocalyptic games or fallout in general. One thing i would like to be added, is the ability to customise two or more dwellers at once in the same barber shop. I found it a bit irritating that i had to buy more than one barber shop to customise more than one dweller at once

- New content!

I first played this game back in 2015 and absolutely loved it, I was also playing Fallout 4 at that time too. I left the game as it got to a point of no advance and need real engagement but now 5 years later I’ve revisited it with Fallout 76 and it’s got new content which will make for another good run. Unfortunately my previous Shelter was 2 phones ago on the same account but I can’t revive that..

- Would rate 0 stars if I could

These are the people responsible for one of my most favourite games shutting down because apparently Westworld copied this game. Let me just say no. I downloaded this game because apparently it was so close that they had to stop Westworld so I thought “well at least I’ll get my fix of that kind of game”. I hate this game. They are not that similar and this version is worse. There’s nothing as good as Westworld was now including this. The people who made it so Westworld has to shut off are just money grabbing greedy gits. If you’re going to force someone to shut down you would want to make sure your game is great but it’s not.

- Stellar

There are very few games I tend to stick with, that is until finding Fallout Shelter! Truly love this game, it's the Fallout fix when you're not able to play any of the console games! The only change I'd really like to see would be the ability to rearrange rooms once you've gotten into the swing of your Vault! Even without that option, still a 10/10 game!

- Ways to improve.

Well firstly the game is amazing and it has so many possibilities, the only thing that bothers me is how hard it is to keep the food, water and energy supply up. Maybe if the developers see this they could listen and make it easier to get food, water and energy, just one question, do the pets die in radroach attacks, fires, raiders or going out to the wasteland? Well if your seeing this (developers) please listen because I bet a lot of people want this to happen and it would attract more players, thanks!

- Addictive but great FUN.

I love FALLOUT, and Fallout Shelter is an excellent iOS game which captures the same vibes. Tricky to play well and highly addictive. You CAN play it without buying power-ups which cost real $$, but you have to be patient. WAIT for the timers so you can get freebies, and don’t try to progress quickly. A great time waster but real fun. The one major fault is there is NOT an Easy-Normal-Hard setting. I keep getting wiped out by Mole Rats. I won’t spend money in a game if I keep getting stomped on.

- Love the game but...

This game is awesome and I really love the Fallout games. However, there is this one annoying thing. Whenever I sent people for exploring or on a quest, they will find the place for the quest, let’s say its another vault or just a cabin. The touch sensitivity is very annoying. It’s hard to move around or sometimes it’s not even responding well. I think this is a bug, Im not sure if this happen to the others. Please check this out for me. Thank you!

- Great game

I really love this game it’s almost got everything from fallout 4. I love this game because you get to build your own vault and go on missions. I think that the power Armor should have a lot more protection and maybe more enemies like synths and sentry bots. I think this game should also have bosses like SWAN. Awesome game and I love Bethesda studios you guys make awesome games my favourite game is all the fallouts. You guys are awesome and I love this game.

- Really good game but

Once you have got enough players and you accidentally rush it and then a fire/roadroach will attempt to kill your players and then most of your players will die and then if you revive your players it is so expensive and if you decide not to than not much dwellers will show up so I now have like 2 workers left. Other than that the game is awesome! And totally addictive!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

- The perfect iOS game

This game is amazing with so many different things to do. I have played this game for a ridiculous amount of hours and I still am finding quests and new things I want to do. It has iCloud saving too which is perfect as I just got the new iPhone 8 plus and was able to continue my game right from where I was up to.

- I feel awful

Hey Bethesda I’ve been playing this game a lot recently and I’ve encountered a glitch which a lot of players have encountered. I sent my very best characters on the “diplomatic mission” quest and opened the game once they had arrived. I tried to start the quest, but it loads for a few minutes then goes back to my vault. Please fix this I’ve spent hours getting them to level 50 and getting the MIRV, guided fatman and the technician’s revenge and I really do not appreciate it all being in vain.

- Quests need work asap

This game is pretty good , but i just tried the quests and the controls need a lot of work. Trying to attack is a nightmare and the dweller doesn't attack on their own so they just stand there. The moving room to room is okay i guess but if i could at least be able to properly defend myself i might find it fun to play. If the dwellers just attacked on their own then it’d be okay i guess. unless they fix the quest combat , be prepared to lose all of your items

- How?

How did Bethesda make such a good game?!?! I love the art style and the feeling of being a overseer is awesome! The dwellers are charming and so far, everything U have encountered has been pretty well balanced. It is a great game and a good addition to the fallout universe. The way that Bethesda constantly updates and changes thing to better suit the community is great and I hope that they will keep up the noice work.😆

- Love the game just a few things...

I love this game really I do just a few things. One is that people don’t visit the vault often I would love it it you could make more people arrive at the vault. Two, fires occur why to much it scars me because I don’t want any to die. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️ ps could you try to make clothes and pets more common to get. Thanks again.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Best game ever!!! But...

I like this game a lot and I thoroughly recommend more people should buy it. There is one small complaint I would like to make though. Whenever I make a good vault and am going well I get a mole rat attack. I hate this because even if I equipped everyone with weapons still about half my people die. The the developer fixed this I would be really happy and I think a lot more people would play it to.

- Disappointed

I really want to like this game. But so much about it annoys me. It’s not user friendly at all. For example it’s very hard to keep track of where your dwellers should be. If you send dwellers on a quest. When they get back you’ll have to try and remember where they usually work. You can’t see how many people are in a room unless you open the room tab which you have to do EVERY TIME you look at a room. There just so many little things that need changing to make this game enjoyable.

- After all that hard work

I played this game nonstop for weeks, but eventually it became repetitive so I got rid of it. After a while I saw there was a new update so I downloaded it again and I can’t get my save file back. I know this isn’t your fault, but is there anyway to restore my save file. I asked for help on the Bethesda website and it didn’t work. Giving this 4 stars out of anger.

- This is awesome!

I love everything about this game but there is one issue... I do not have any sound even though it is all the way up and turned on all the way in the settings in the game, I have tried everything! Because there is no sound I struggle to find the mysterious stranger, other than that I would totally recommend this game to all fallout lovers!👍 keep up the good work 👍

- Breeding

So if you have played the game you would know that when you put a male and a female dweller in a living quarters that they breed. What I was thinking is that you could make a relationship marker. Like say that they had worked together or had previously had kids it would make it easier. That’s all I wanted to say, really love the app!

- Fantastic

This game is excellent. The graphics and narrative are fun and quirky, there’s enough build strategy involved to keep you interested, but it’s easy enough just to pick up and get going. Been playing for a few weeks and have spent a few dollars, not because I needed to to advance, but because the developers deserve it!

- Needs a fix

The game itself is fun but it needs one fix, it keeps going crazy when I drag someone across the screen and I can’t play normally without my game going crazy. I think it has to do with my half broken screen but on my brothers account it works fine (he also has a broken screen).

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- Best game for iOS

Addicting, fun and a worthwhile app. Doesn't "force" you to buy things as the game allows you to earn collectibles rather easily.

- Great mechanics, poor business model

What I can say is that the gameplay elements in this game are great however, it has some built in barriers that you can pay your way past. This game could be vastly improved by abandoning its micropayment model in favour of a base cost game with better pacing.

- My fiancée says I’m *too* addicted

Absolutely love this game. It’s purely brilliant. And of course, after saying that, I do have a suggestion; It would be awesome if we were able to move the rooms around instead of having to destroy and rebuild.. you don’t realize how unorganized your shelter is when all rooms are unlocking and you’re trying to build your vault up! Thanks Bethesda for creating this amazing game ! 👌🏼

- No bugs!!!

Fallout shelter is the best tycoon strategy game ever

- More in game content

After 3 year it would be nice to see some more in game content. The game is getting old as it has changed much since release. Better rewards, more rooms, quests with more depth would be a good start Over all fallout shelter is great game just could really use an expansion

- Perfect game

Game could use an update :)

- pretty good

i really like this game, and i dont get alot of crashes like everyone else, overall a good experience

- Not working on iOS 7.1.2

App is not running on iOS 7.1.2 please fix this bug. -black screen and crash

- Need’s change

I love this game so much but after you reach 200 dwellers, there is nothing to do after or not to much thing to do. Please mane some update, like have new room new thing to discover more dwellers capacity i dont know but it willw be really fun. Please Bethesda do an update

- Terrible choices for such a great idea

It’s a good game but you can’t punish people for not playing your (game) take out the death claws or I’m quitting nobody wants to play a game were you build everything up and then have it to be tear down in front of your eyes!!!

- Unbalanced enemy raids

I am a about a week into this as a casual player and it was ok, seemingly matched enemy that attacked and when I went out on missions. But in the last few days I have been attacked 4 times by almost unstoppable groups of deathclaws who rampage through the bunker killing almost everyone. So now all resources go to being able to afford trying to revive most of them so they can get back to work making power/water/food before it happens again. The few ok equipped folks I have are no match for them, I enjoy a bit of a challenge, but this looks like it is going to be a stupid cycle of barely getting most people back before getting wrecked daily. Great job Edit: dropped to 1 star After posting this and going back to the game to start working on fixing the carnage of the previous attack, I got raided again by another group of deathclaws. I had only been able to revive a few folks from the last rampage. . I played all the xbox versions, and Im fine with pay to play concept as I know devs need to recoup costs, but at this rate you would need to drop a ton of cash daily just to equip and revive your dwellers. Impractical and futile. No point playing Another edit - I would give a negative rating if I could Another deathclaw attack, I still hadn't fully recovered grom last one. Most dwellers killed again. Done with it.

- Eh

I personally love the game, but it need a lot of attention...

- Game sucks

Don’t get this hunk of dog game you walk away for 1 minute your whole base is infested with mole rats and roaches I worked so hard everyday now everyone’s dead if the creators see this I hate you

- Great game

Lots of fun and time consuming. Many references to the fallout universe make it very entertaining for the avid fan of the series

- Low rating to address crashes

Since updating to iOS 11, the game freezes then crashes.

- ?

I don’t understand this game at all.. add rooms and wait... and wait and wait. Literally the most boring game in existence. Unless I’m not understanding the point. Zzzzz snoozer.

- Broken quests

I never get my rewards after finishing a quest, want this fixed soon and for my promised mr handy and lunchboxes

- Garbage adscam

Don't watch the ads, they'll never give the rewards

- Noice

This game is great. I’m obsessed, my friends.

- Awesome

I love the game

- excellent game

it is a very good game,but for some reason, the timer for the publicity / rush is indicating 780 hours and people outside of vault cant loot anything so game wasted... sad

- It’s ok

It’s a good game really fun you put blood and sweat into this game but the problem is at the point of level 100 or under a little i don’t know but at one point deathclaws start to attack and the problem I have with this is it’s very common to happen and the deathclaws are way overpowered but overall a really good game.

- Great game

So much fun!

- Game

Great and fun

- So fun

Me my brother and my sister played this game and each had our own shelter and it’s still an amazing game

- one of the best!

i just got this game yesterday and i’m already loving it. super addicting and fun. definitely would recommend.


MY VAULT HAS BEEN ATTACKED BY DEATH CLAWS 13 TIMES AND I HAVE ONLY HAD THE GAME FOR THREE DAYS. I love fallout but this is just bad the amount of times I have been attack by only death claws is just insane and the only times my vault dwellers are happy is when bottle and capy are there

- Annoying Setback Bug

On the quest “duo of destruction” There is a stupid bug where when i click enter quest it sends me back to my vault, therefore my dwellers r stuck there until u fix this bug, ive been searching the Internet and apparently this specific mission has this bug- 3 of my best dwellers r unusable until u fix it

- Bruh

The rushing odds will always be biast to the game even if it’s 36% chance to fail u will fail

- Pretty Fun

This game was very fun but you need to want to play it.constantly or else it becomes difficult

- The sun is a deadly laser

The sun is a deadly laser

- Awesome

Awesome game

- Very Slow Updates

There hasn’t been any update in the game for a very long time. Population capacity hasn’t changed. No base upgrade. No new rooms. Game has been stagnant

- Love it


- Great game, but it has its faults

This is a really fun strategy game and how you can choose your own choices during quests, just like the fallout games. Plus, it is really fun looking for the legendary supplies, however, there are two glitches that need to be fixed. For example, you can watch an ad for supplies every 7 hours, but for me it says 7960 hours. There is also a glitch where new survivors are supposed to be called over to o your vault, but for me, they don’t show up and I wait for them. Overall, this is a fun game based off of the real games, there are a few glitches here and there, but it’s overall pretty good.

- How long have I loved thee?

Hi let me count the ways!

- Really good game

I really like the game and I think it’s awesome however I think that there are too much attacks; I had a “radscorpion” attack three times in one day! I barely struggled to recover my dwellers from one and another comes. Well to finish up, I really enjoy the game but I think that it is maybe a bit too much on the attacks.

- Love it

Truthfully a amazing game, but could use some new events like a trader or you can pay tribute to raiders to stop them from raiding you etc. Plus some new themes like a Caesar legion theme or a enclave theme. PS plz plz plz do an enclave one, so if this where added if I could give over five stars I would, keep up the good work.

- Лизавета Васильева 7 лет

О эта игра она прекрасна👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Please fix :(

I was sending my dwellers on a quest and I forgot to pack any stimpaks and radaways I had sped up the time and in total I had lost 8 nuka colas. Please add a notification when the player doesn’t pack any stimpaks or radaways.

- Fallout shelter

This very entertaining and does the franchise respect I am having a good time with it, and I now own them all!

- Dragging colonists is broken

Looks like a fine game i’d love to try, but you have to click and drag colonists to places, it’s just too broken to work, nearly impossible as you will either drop them halfway for no reason and not even be able to pick them up in the first place, litteraly had to try dozens of time to drag the first colonist in the first tutorial, seems like the click&drag is a main mechanic of the game, and it simply doesn’t work.

- Game wont start

The game will not start. It will sit there on the loading screen for minutes and not be able to load up. I only played the game once and now whenever I try to start it up it wont start. The game if fun, don’t get me wrong but its also very time consuming and kind of hard. Without the bug I would give 4 stars.

- Love it

Dog balls

- Amazing survival and exploration game

The game is a fun survival, that takes place after a nuclear fallout where you take people in so they can live in a bunker were everyone has to help to keep the resources in the green. The one thing I’d like was if there were a little more realistic graphics, but even still it’s one of the best games I have ever played on mobile.

- Best game ever

I wish they would make more encounters with raiders and other stuff

- Video Glitch?

This game is super fun to play, especially with the new feature of watching videos to receive great rewards. But now, I had a glitch where it crashed and now instead of waiting 8 hours to watch another video, I now have to wait 2800+ hours. Is this intended or is this a glitch?!


so when I get raiders in my vault they attack my dwellers but when the raiders leave the dwellers stand there and do nothing , Can you do something with that at least? The game is good but I don’t like how the dwellers stop working after a raider or raiders leave

- Great Experience

I’ve always loved the Fallout Franchise, this game serves justice


You hey is a great game, however, I just passed 90 dwellers in my vault and for some reason whenever I watch a video to l whatever prize I get, the video freezes or the game crashes. The game will also crash once I get on. Can somebody please explain this? I have an IPhone 7 so it should be fine!

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- I LOVE IT!!!!!

Though I wouldn’t recommend this to kids under 10, it is still a good game. It is a strategic game that for younger kids, it might be hard. I’m not criticizing, but for all adults out there, it will be hard for little kids because they like seeing the people down below talking ( take it from me, plenty of my vaults have died because of it) and so you can’t really collect your resources and so your vault starves. I wish that there will be a tiny notification that tells you if you need to collect a resource that way your vault doesn’t starve. Also, before you go saying no to this, play it yourself and see if it is good for your kids or not. If you don’t believe me, I don’t really care. I’m only 11. But, don’t be going and judging a book by its cover. Read the reviews online because between the ones on the game and online, you will see that they are WAY different than the ones with a game and are usually from parents.

- Perfect little app

I have logged around 300 hours on this app. It is challenging, especially at first, but there is so much room to grow. I've rebuilt my vault twice and am in the process of rebuilding it a third time. After a certain point, there really isn't any more growth you can do; all your characters have maxed out SPECIAL training and your weapons and armor are legendary. However, I really appreciate that everything in game can earned just by playing the game a few minutes here and there over several months. It is not pay to win, although I have spent at least $60 on pets and Mr. Handys (The pet that changed the game for me provided +3 Child Specials). This game is fun and relaxing once you figure out how to handle the constant Ghoul/Deathclaw/Raider attacks. Tip: Equip your best weapons and gear to the toons defending your vault and the first two rooms! This will help prevent Deathclaws from getting deep into your vault and ravaging it.

- Great game but could be a lot better

I really enjoy wasting time by playing this game. I’ve always been a fan of the fallout series so it’s cool to have something on my phone to play. I just wish you could edit rooms already built by relocating them instead of having to spend money to destroy and rebuild. I’ve already spent to build it one time I shouldn’t have to spend double just to move it somewhere else. Most other games once you place something you can always go back and edit them for aesthetic reasons and mainly for this game strategic reasons. The beginning of the game didn’t explain well enough that placing rooms is a big strategic plan to producing the most resources as well as putting them in smart places. At the beginning you’re rushing trying to build everything you need to keep up the resources needed so you didn’t get time to think it thru as much. Plus later on you can get Mr. Handy and it makes more sense to put him places to collect but if you placed something like storage on a lvl with power and water it doesn’t make him the most efficient because he ends up wasting time going thru the storage without anything to collect. Overall, I really like the game and I’ve ended up spending more actual money on the game than I thought I would, so you’re welcome developers lol. I just wish there was an edit option rather than a destroy and rebuild at increased price option. Apologies for grammar, I didn’t feel like going back and proofreading lol.

- This Game Is an Amazing F2P

While I am an avid fan of the Fallout series and universe in general it is not a necessity to play the game. Reminiscent but not like Tiny Towers, it is a building simulation game; a genre of gaming I love. The game itself offers a variety of things to do such as focusing on where settlers are placed to be of optimal use, resource management, and, eventually, questing. The latter of which you can do in order to get weapons, components, and various loot (don’t worry, there are other ways you can get those as well). What makes Fallout Shelter different from F2P games is that while there are in game purchases available they are not a necessity for this game. You can play without ever having to rely on the system as the same purchases can be obtained through completing objectives or doing the aforementioned missions. If you would like to purchase items then that is your prerogative but, again, not a necessity. It why I enjoy it as much as I do and I would recommend it to anyone who is a Fallout/build sim. fan.

- Great Game

I’ve been playing for a while, and I really enjoy it. Bethesda always does a great job. I only have two complaints. First of all, it would be really nice to choose the amount of an item you want to sell. For instance if you end up with 40 desk fans, and you’re running out of storage but you don’t want to sell ALL of them, instead of having to sell one at a time if there were a pop up that asked how many you want to sell I think that would be very helpful and save some time. The other complaint I have is that for no apparent reason when I logged into one of my vaults today, my Daily Report gave me a 0% F, but my vault happiness was at 89%. I’ve never had that happen before so I went to the app in the App Store to try and find a way to contact the developer about my issue, but could not find a way to contact anyone, so hopefully they will read this and make sure that this issue doesn’t occur again. As long as things run smoothly, I will keep playing!!!

- Great Game However

There’s a lot going for the game, I love it however there’s a bug/glitch that happened to me with the wasteland. It doesn’t collect anything nor do dwellers collect CAPS. All dwellers do is die out sometimes, notice how I said sometimes, I sent a dweller bout for 5 days with no stimpacks and the dweller did not die, in the log it said the expedition just begun. This is very frustrating cause it’s not just one vault. It’s all of my vaults, if this issue could be fixed ASAP it would be greatly appreciated. Now on to the good stuff. The game has lots to do and collect, I spent about 2 weeks working on rearranging my vault and time crafting weapons and armor and it’s great and loads of fun, there also are quests which are great considering there are new quests to complete. The quests rewards can be a bit unrewarding at the beginning but as you progress the rewards are great. Overall I highly recommend this game for any fallout fan or someone looking for a great building game. Thanks for reading.

- Pretty good game... But lots of work..

So I just remembered this game bc I’m moving out of roblox.. and so I made a vault but soon discovered that I didn’t have enough resources so I had to think... it was so messed up I made another one. My new vault is actually running pretty smoothly but I had a mini-drout for a while. We were running out of food and water so I made two new rooms. I have two upgraded water treatment plant rooms and two restraunts. That still isn’t enough! I mean I’m living on the edge of resources.. literally! But it’s still all green up on the top but just by a little.. when I’m trying to progress and build more rooms, the electricity I have to have for them goes up... I used to have huge amounts of energy... I even might have to build ANOTHER power plant.. but I think it’s holding up pretty good.. 1st day: 82% 2nd day: 96% 3rd day (today): 84%. Tommorow I’m reaching to have a perfect score of 100% but idk. Thanks for reading and good luck, players! :) YT demonstrations: TimelessKindness_playz

- My overall review and problems newcomers face.

All in all fallout shelter is a one of a kind game. Original but fresh concept, unique graphics, tons of content to keep you playing, and new content that keeps players coming back for more. I only faced one problem with this game once I began, and that is the idle mechanics. The problem is you dwellers continue to use supplies even while you aren’t playing. I don’t face this anymore but it can force new players to play in fear of vault dwellers dying. There is also the problem that once your supplies run out, it can be nearly impossible to get them back to normal without the help of a mister handy or two; and since they must be purchased, it can put new players under the impression that you have to spend real money to get past the beginning stages of the game, which has drastically decreased the player count over the last few years. Other than that the game is great and I can’t wait for what the game’s future holds.

- Less bugs, less issue, needing more content

Fun gameplay of managing resource, intertwine with dark humor dialogue. Dev team took in the review and actually fix performance/ gameplay issues, which is very nice. However, the game is still lacking in late game, where you unlocked all the stats training, it becomes very repetitive room demolition/ rebuild/ upgrade cycle, definitely need more content there. Also, character stats are never fully explained. If you actually sit down and do the math, then you'll know what each SPECIAL stats do in the waste; there is also stat usage for rooms: strength is needed substantially early when you start room expanding, while Endurance sit at (almost) no use, completely opposing late game with coming Nuka bottler. All the while, charisma seems to be very frequent spawn stat for babies by high charisma parents, but there isn't actually much use for charisma at all out side of spawning more dweller (which means you get a bunch of breeder that going to need 2 days at the gym before going to the game room, out of your current breeders); a good fix would be seeing child "mutate" from their parents stats, rather than imprint with the charisma. Also, give some use for the storage room dwellers. No exp, no happy retaining, no positive impact at all other than capable of storing 75 items is very very underwhelming. Edit: this is the 3rd time i reinstall this game. Overall, it's still fun early, and still lackig late game

- Creators please read

I really like this game, however there is a lot of room for improvement. For example as long as a dweller is in a training room they should level up automatically also I hate getting duplicate dwellers like Wes, or legendary dwellers fix this. Also let us customize all vault rooms change colors etc, lunch boxes have to many common junk I personally believe they should have very valuable goodies like more rare items, also can we get open world exploring more things to do after you beat the game it gets pretty boring, more customizable stuff and please keep the cool cartoon like look don’t ruin it . Can we also make it possible to tap a dwellers HP and see in numeric digits their HP. Also before I forget it is foolish to make getting all legendary dwellers so hard I end up getting to many duplicates make hard missions for them if you wish but stop with that random duplicate stuff I’ve played over 700 hours and that random stuff makes me curse the foolish creators be sensible please and thank you.

- Awesome game

I’ve played this since it came out. Before they had outside quests. You can play without paying. Once in a while when they have a sale I do pay just to keep show my appreciation. It is time consuming but awesome not a pay to win game they don’t force you to win or to pay to advance. At first it’s hard you need to keep things balanced so go slow make sure you build up money and stats. You can I do say again you can relocate the rooms but you need to pay with the caps that you get and start the room over but it’s okay caps are very easy to get doing missions when I first played it it was very difficult at first. Train all of your people make sure guards are up stairs in all three rooms with the best guns for intruders. I’m still having fun with this game. I do like it on the tv on Xbox one better just because it’s a bigger screen and it’s easier to move the people around.

- Amazing game

I wish that the game srsly had four man teams and we could see a multiplayer update one day but even tho I am and ordinary person I don’t understand how it works completely but I already know you Game devs have to work out the bugs and think of ideas for future games but I am just saying a few new updates to the game so I am not bored out of my mind ( I have a ton of Mr. Handys collecting stuff and the time to reach a quest kills me! ) I am only asking for extra things to do instead of wait collect and wait again and I don’t even have enough rooms for more dwellers so maybe add more rooms or have events were every player can scout out a different Vault ( Other players vaults is what I mean ) and explore them maybe do some trades or attack them would be fun and just something to do so I don’t have to wait for my other dwellers to get to a quest and not be bored senseless would be amazing!

- I would recommend this app to friends. :)

For starters, I love this app. It’s so fun to play when you need something to pass the time (or when you need an excuse to get away from people, lol). I love how it’s not like super easy and you actually have to work to get stuff done. It’s also amazing how many references there are to the console versions. The animations are amazing and I love how you guys added the rats in the empty rooms it really helps with making it feel like the dwellers are living (in the game sense, obviously). I’ve noticed a problem though. So, recently I haven’t been able to buy some things or sell them. It’s not all the time and usually once I close and reopen the app it will stop but it’s kinda bugging me. I was wondering if you guys would fix that in the next update? P.S. What is G.O.A.T.? Does that stand for “Greatest Overseer of All Time” ‘cause if it does then my dwellers are awesome!

- Good game but...

I liked the game and made it to the 200 dweller cap. I finished all but one quest but when my dwellers returned they were stuck in line behind the dwellers I kept getting in the lunchboxes after I reached max vault capacity. When I tried to bring my dwellers in, it wouldn’t let me because too many people (5) were in line ahead of my dwellers returning from the quest. Sooo...I can’t kick those dwellers out of line and I’m not killing off my trained and high level dwellers inside; I was stuck and irritated so I deleted the whole game. My recommendation would be to either increase the dweller cap or allow us to turn dwellers away that are standing outside the vault. It would also be nice if you could turn off reproduction after you reach the cap. Unfortunately, once you reach the dweller cap, you are just doing quest after quest without much game progression. Not much to do when you have 999,999 caps, trained dwellers, good weapons, and all your resources are full.

- Love the game, but 2 suggestions

I love this game. I have been playing it forever and it’s my go to game. However, I have one suggestion that would make me love it even more. I really wish that themes would only change one room at a time instead of all of them. You can collect all the recipes, but can’t use them all at once. I’d like to have a Minuteman diner AND an institute diner AND a Railroad diner, etc, etc. When I finished my first theme I thought you could change just one at a time, but it changes all of them. :( Its something minor but I would really love to be able to change the themes one room at a time. Another complaint I have is that I feel like attacks happen too often. I’m in survival mode, so I get there will be a lot, but there have been times where I can’t even go like 45 seconds between attacks. So I wish there could be a little bit more time between attacks. But other than those two minor things, I absolutely love this game!

- Great game; A couple suggestions

I’ve had this game on and off for a few years. I really enjoy playing it! It’s very addicting and brings a lot of fun and variety to the fallout franchise. Some things that I think would be cool to see would be if we had multiplayer of sorts where we could add our friends to like a friend list and go and visit their vaults. It’d be fun to see how my friends’ vaults were holding up. We could send them caps or resources if they were low, even weapons and junk we don’t want. Another feature that I think would be cool is if we could perform experiments on our dwellers like in most vaults in the fallout games. It could be like a separate game mode. It would be cool if we could put our dwellers in cryosleep like on vault 111 or make viruses with mole rats like in vault 81. The game is already great and I think these additions could make it even greater. Thanks for reading this!

- Good game

I love this game, can’t say much about it that I don’t like except for one thing: I find myself closing the game and avoiding it for days because I’m sick of having to constantly zoom in and out on my tiny phone screen because incidents and raider/deathclaw attacks keep happening, which of course automatically pans the camera to that room or the vault door. It’s sooooooo annoying. I gave up on trying to organize or decorate my vault, arrange my dwellers or do anything but collect resources because as soon as I start enjoying the game, I have to start dealing with the camera whipping around on me and showing me crap I don’t care about. My dwellers are strong enough now that I don’t have to interfere with that stuff anymore, so for me being able to turn off the automatic screen panning would be absolutely great. Otherwise, I guess this will just be another one of those games I used to love that gets dusted off occasionally in an office waiting room.

- Such a great game!

This is the only game that I have consistently played on my iPhone since it came out. Just like Fallout 4 it has great replay value. Things I would improve that I hope Bethesda will implement is Super Mutants, a Robot Workshop to build robots and to modify/ change appearances (like you can with the characters, would love to see an Assaultron), robot repair kit room (like with stimpaks), and doing experiments on your dwellers. Maybe a system that if you are too hard on your dwellers they will leave your service (which could become a quest itself to re-recruit them, or take them out since now they are not in favor with your vault and keep attacking it?). Also, some kind of trading system were caravans would show up randomly (like Bottle and Cappy) and you could trade your junk/weapons/outfits or use caps. Just a few ideas that would add to the replay value. But still, awesome game!

- Fallout Shelter is Pretty Good

Fallout Shelter is ok for a mobile game but I wouldn’t waste time on it. If you want to get into a Fallout game I recommend playing Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3. I prefer these two Fallout games over all the others especially New Vegas with its factions and great storyline. Don’t even bother buying Fallout 76, I don’t even have to play that game to know that it is trash and Fallout 4 isn’t a “bad” game, I just don’t prefer it over Fallout 3 and New Vegas because it doesn’t make a good Role Playing Game with its “Yes, No, Maybe so” responses and it’s 30 bucks and 60 bucks if you pay for all the DLCs and that’s just when it’s a bundle. So in conclusion don’t waste your time playing Fallout Shelter yes it’s good but it is nothing compared to Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas which are only 10 bucks and they are worth it so spend some time playing those games.

- Needs an update

Dear Mr Overseer, As your second in command it has come to my attention of some problems that developed in the daily life of the vault. I wish to address these issues here today. 1) Why can’t we not purchase lunch boxes with our caps, I understand the great value these box have so the cost should be also quiet high. I was thinking in the neighborhood of about 75k or more for a lunch box. This should also be the same for the animal carriers since the war has left very few pets still alive. 2) Sending out people into the waste land should not count for food consumed in the vault, nor do you get credit for unlocking rooms while these counts are away. Once these people return to the vault food consumption should rise sharply since our scouts have not eaten a good meal while they were out. 3) The overseers room has been a problem since you have not allow us to assign people to the room fires and rad roaches have been breaking out. All near by rooms get effected since we can not end the problem directly. Please allow me Mr overseer to hire at least 2 assistants to keep the room monitored. They could be limited on one of their specials in order to gain access to the room. Example you must have an intelligence higher than 5 to gain access or in the case of some vaults an intelligent no higher than 5. Thank you for your time sir, I look forward to hearing from you. You vault assistant.

- Fallout 1&2 are better

Fallout 1&2 are great games. They weren't, however, made by Bethesda. I loved the plot, the story, and the characters… and the weapons, the artwork... It's my understanding, though, that Bethesda owns them now. Why not make them available on mobile. That would be amazing. I would buy them yesterday. If I had to be harsh but true, I would say the only reason I have stuck with the Fallout series is because Fallout 1&2 were so amazing. I liked Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim all much better than fallout three. Heck, Planescape:Torment was better than Fallout 3 (maybe that is not saying much. Fallout 3 was fun, but Planescape:Torment was an amazing game.) Fallout shelter is fun, I guess. A plus is that it is in the Fallout universe. Fallout 1&2 will always have a place in my heart. They helped shape my childhood. Is that a good thing? 😄 Here's a shout out to Bethesda. But, also, Interplay and Black Isle. I mean, Black Isle took the first game and SERIOUSLY improved on it. SO much fun. You know what else was a great game? Arcanum. That was a 2-D isometric game that rocked.

- The game is perfect except for a few things

This game is just great, there's no doubt about it, but the exploration is a bit odd. When you find the supply cache, you get some xp and on rare cases some armor. I think this game should be like fallout 4, in a few ways. When you find a supply cache, I think you should find a gun, some armor, and maybe a junk item or caps. Another thing that I don't like is that it's really hard to get vault dwellers before the radio room. Since I personally don't have the radio room, it's hard to be able to get the dwellers to unlock different rooms. Back to the exploration for a second. In my opinion, you should get more loot than just some xp from killing a monster in the wasteland. Another thing I don't like is how slow the medbay is with making stimpaks since I, and many other players, sometimes need them desperately. Otherwise than the slight problems that I mentioned, the game is just fine.

- Pretty good

I’ve played his game for years. great game lost a few bases because I forgot to check on it a day or two. The biggest thing I’d want added is moving rooms. the way they make you start the game your rooms are put in specific locations which limit you future spots to put rooms. The only way to move them is selling and rebuilding. Rooms are expensive and you don’t get compensated well for selling them. I’d also really like seeing who weapons and outfits are assigned. There is a button that shows you specifics about your dwellers. Like what there stats are there health and what room they are in. I think it would be beneficial if we could see what weapon and outfit they have on. I constantly find myself looking for a certain weapon so they can go on quests but I don’t know what dweller it is on. Checking them all individually is a pain when you have 20+ dwellers. Please make these changes it would go a long way!

- Almost Perfect...

Honestly, Fallout Shelter is the best game in my phone right now. I absolutely love this game on the bottom of my heart, but there’s only one problem that really bugs my gameplay experience, and I’d appreciate it if the great industry of Bethesda Software would alter the game a little bit (if you still even update this game). . PLEASE nerf the mole rat attacks. Almost every 2 days or so I get attacked by these annoying critters and would lose about 5 dwellers. Seriously, they’re a big problem for me at least, and easily spread and increase in numbers. Each of my dwellers are armed, and it still feels like a big loss to just have even one dweller die, lose many stimpaks, and more. I’d appreciate it if you make it so that the mole rats wouldn’t be able to spread from room to room in seconds. That was all I had to discuss about. I really thank you for creating this game knowing I’m a Fallout fan, and thank you if you keep this in mind.

- Some Suggestions

Overall, the game is great and well balanced. I just have a few suggestions to make it a little better. First, quests should show in advance what kinds of enemies you will be encountering. Not specifics, like saying a Glowing One is there, but like if Radroaches, Feral Ghouls, Mole Rats, or Raiders are present. Next, make the game before quests enjoyable. Before you unlock the Overseer’s Office, it’s really boring, so maybe spice it up a bit. This may also cause players to be discouraged from playing further. Then, shorten the overall travel time on quests. Having to wait almost an entire day for your party to arrive and get back can have serious consequences for your Vault. Finally, make lunchbox loot better. Lunchboxes are hard to come by, so the reward for one should be pretty good. Getting rare junk at the start of the game isn’t very useful, and trash weapons are even more useless, so change up the system a bit.

- Is it just me, or...?

Well, I played this A LOT on my previous phone (iPhone 5S) and it worked awesome! Good graphics, ran smoothly, etc. but now that I have an iPhone X, it runs really badly.. the frame rate is low, whenever I need to highlight a dweller, it doesn’t highlight then it holds it when I don’t want it to and vice versa... another problem is when I attempt to move the map with a Dweller being carried, they get thrown all about the screen and then enlarged, frozen to the right side of the screen... I don’t know if this is something on my end, or a problem with my phone, but I’d gladly give five stars if somebody could explain this and how to fix it, because it’s a really good game and all but these glitches I’m experiencing makes the game unplayable. Edit: I still haven’t been helped if this is a problem on my end, but if it’s not, then it’s embarrassing that developers can’t fix a bug that’s effects the game so badly... in the span of about a year and a half, now.

- Good, but...

The game is great, quick to learn and a little challenging to master, loot system is mostly fair, and the quests add nice bonuses. But... Loot system tends to give the more worthless equipment, for example, getting 3 BB guns that deal 0-1 damage, in one overseer quest. Once you get past a certain point, supplies start disappearing at an alarming rate, sat with 25 or so dwellers comfortably with much excess, suddenly within an hour, water followed by food were almost gone, even with active collecting. Ok, fine, I expanded and get more people, raiders attack, easily handled. A few days later, ghouls, annoying but manageable, and now recently... deathclaw attacks, 3 back to back deathclaw attacks is too much, I’m sitting there with dwellers with shoddy equipment and a limited amount of stimpaks. First attack, wounded, but no one dead, second, lost a few but revived, third one in a row and I closed the app and haven’t returned to that vault. So, be a bit lenient with enemy raids please.

- difficulty is ludicrous, makes game unenjoyable and enraging

Ok, Im gonna be completely straight with you, the game is fun and addicting, but the difficulty is insane. The overseer office missions are impossible, if you dont keep a steady supply of all resources you’re basically already screwed, and the costs and rewards on some items are just......bad. I know this doesnt go as in depth as possible, but Im writing this review at 12:35 PM and i need to sleep. The game could be really fun and popular, but as I said, the difficulty during the early-mid game is insane. I went into the first tutorial overseer mission and oneshot every enemy, I go into a mission after that with a focused alien blaster pistol, the MOLERAT’S HEALTH DROpS DOWN ABOUt 1/8. Difficulty is insane, gameplay is enraging, and its just not fun at all in the beginning. Now, im gonna end this review. I UNDERSTaND that the game js meant as a representation of the challenges of running a vault, but the game just isnt fun for me. I know other people like the challenge, but its just not for me.

- Fallout has had justice done through mobile

IF THE MUSHROOM CLOUD IS BIGGER THAN YOUR THUMB YOU ARE WITHIN THE RADIATION ZONE Fallout is one of the biggest baddest open world games in history. This mobile game is as it seems, almost a perfect what if story for vault boy. This is a how to for the worst thing to happen to the US. This game teaches you management, how to save money for the better of your people, teaches you how to take care of people that look up to you through a new world currency, taking people’s influence into consideration and doing what’s right for people in your group who demand the best. Your vault can be a safe haven or you can use your group to create a safehaven for your favorite members and just kill them off after all of their hard work and work your way down to just a few. You are the politician with no rules except the ones you make. Long stories get short, you are the overseer of the seed that is a vault and the beginning of the new mankind. Build this world from the ground up and you will have an army or just enough people to make your time as overseer as comfortable as possible🤮 Collect, destroy, rule. Your vault relies on your choices and while typing this review i missed the mysterious stranger three times and if you don’t know, search every room for this stranger and if you catch him THE STRANGER WILL REWARD YOU. I WISH YOU LUCK BECAUSE MY VAULT WILL BE THE ULTIMATE SANCTUARY AND I CHALLENGE YOU TO BECOME BETTER THAN VAULT-TECH.

- Great game, nothing to complain about!

The game is amazing, I love how it uses the weapons from fallout 4, that was a sure surprise. No errors, glitches or bugs on the game. Runs very smooth and I love how you can use survival mode. Amazing 10 out of 10 off the charts. However I do wish they added more enemies to the game like super mutants, sentry bots, and more. Also it would be out of this world if you could add assaulttrons in the game, like Mr. handy but instead of them collecting Caps they can be used for going on quests or defending the vault and if there were to get destroyed the the cost would be kinda high since there combat based bots. That was just thought to attract more people, I still love the game and still playing it. I hope you consider my idea but this won't get looked at since this is a review but I have high hopes it does! Once again great game!

- Great game...and also an idea

The game is awesome! It’s very addictive and very fun. It is great for a big reason(not the only big one this reason makes me happy) it is not a f$&!ing pay to play. Sorry for the harsh language but I must use it, other games like this push you to buy some random crap. Sure you have in game purchases but you are not pushing on the community. So thanks for that. I did have an idea for the game so it can be more immersive. When you build an overseers office you can go on quest and then there be a large amount of time in between them leaving the vault and going to said location. I thought you could make it so while they travel there they explore stuff like if you just sent a dweller out into the waste land. It you be helpful and more immersive. I know my wish will not be heard but I will speak it. Goodbye 👋🏻

- Good game, 1 major bug (For me at least)

I was playing the game casually earlier, and I did the bottle and cappy quest. I got to the 4th stage, as I rushed the progress of me getting there, I had an issue with the game. The loading screen flashes, and then it shows me my vault where I was just at a few seconds ago. I tap outside and I see the Enter button. I press it but as I do, I can’t help but notice the 7 hour reward box now said I have to wait 258 Hours to watch an add to redeem my progress. I am outraged, because that was my only reliable way to play the game without having to use some form of micro transaction, or earn something in the game. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue, as for now the game won’t let me do the quest at all, it will crash, and reload the title screen. Please help someone, I don’t have the patience to not finish this quest that I wasted 3 hard earned Nuka Cola quantum’s on.

- Fun for a while, but not for the 100% completionist

I like resource management games and I have enjoyed playing Fallout Shelter. It's a fun way to spend 10 minutes here or there playing since most of the actions are timed (unless you want to spend money to spend it up, of course). My major complaint is that I am a completionist, but many of the items you need to complete the "sets" in this game can only be acquired through lunch (loot) boxes with a very small percentage chance of the rare/legendary drops. You can of course buy them or they are randomly acquired throughout the game. I just spent 6 months to acquire 97 boxes, and I got 5 of the items I need. At this rate, I've calculated it will take me approximately 16 years (or about $600 if I bought the lunchboxes) to get the rest of the items. It would be nice if the developers at least made it so you don't keep getting the same drops over and over so you have more of a chance to get what you need.

- Great game love it maybe

Make som sort of online game mode were you can trade raid other vaults also you the developers should add weird Easter eggs and cool stuff you can do like science experiments or vault sports stuff like that you should also make Nuca cola plant give you 1 Nuca cola every hour or so just freshin the game up a bit don’t hit me wrong I love the game😃😃 and maybe new structures would be awesome like a garage were you can make vehicles for wasteland expeditions faster travel time they would also have limited health but would be made of metal and plastic scraps found in the wasteland another cool building could be a fuel station for vehicles and a ammo concept were you would need ammo to fire different weapons fuel rockets or shells and a ammo manufacturer to go with it, also a unique effect exotic gear so +1 damage 50% less radiation damage stuff like that

- Great game but some random pacing issues

Hi first off this game is a ton of fun, been playing pretty much every day which is rare for a mobile game for me, but I do have one HUGE pet peeve for this game and it’s the legendary weapons / armor for the outfit / weapons creation rooms you unlock later in the game. Before this the waiting period to create a weapon were in the 16 to 18 hr range max or a hefty (but) reasonable sum of nuka cola quantum’s but once you get into legendary weapons the MINIMUM wait period is 11 DAYS and most others are a wait period of 13 DAYS I would understand like a week but almost 2 weeks for a SINGLE weapon is a bit much I think. I feel that this drastic change in pacing really ruined the flow of gameplay the rest of my play through had. But all in all this game is an absolute 5/5 for me except for some minor issues such as the one above.

- to slow

I remember playing on xbox some time ago and it seemed like i was advancing faster and my population increased at a good rate. Now playing on my phone i can stare at the screen for 30 minutes before anything happens or there is anything to do. I had to breed my population up from 13 to 20 to unlock the radio station and that took 2 days of waiting. Literally nobody came to my vault door and trust me i sat with the app open just waiting. Been playing for like 3 days and my population is still really low, and i only have a few rooms because i don't have enough people to work new ones. Love the game tho just wish it went by a little faster and had more stuff to keep you occupied so i could actually play the game instead of opening it just to do one thing and closing it again..

- It’s good but maybe more updates?

I’d like to put out there that I almost never leave reviews on games, however Fallout Shelter is one of the few games I still enjoy even from day one. I’m not really sure if the Deva read the reviews or not, but maybe take into consideration some more updates? A change of scenery perhaps? Or new enemy archetypes like the Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel. I was also thinking maybe setting up miniature shelters or outposts within the wasteland that you can send a few dwellers out to occupy to add more income/resources; or possibly set up a trade system with other Fallout Shelter players if one really needs materials like military circuit boards or chemistry flasks for caps? Again I really hope that the developers see this because and take into consideration of some of the ideas because I really do enjoy this game and I feel it could be something more!

- Good! But 1 problem

I’ve been enjoying this game for a while. I plan on playing this game for a while longer, but the game seems to freeze at a certain point in the game. So, it happens right after I build an overseer’s office, and send out my team on their first quest. Then the “Helpful Hints” pop up, that talks about the wasteland quest log, stays frozen on the screen. And I’m unable to access my Pipboy or any other options around the edge of the screen. I can still collect resources from the vault, but there’s not a whole lot else I’m able to do. I really can’t play the game. I’m playing on my iPad Pro. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but if you could send out an update to fix this issue, I’d appreciate it. Thank you, and once again, love this game, I’m also a big fan of Fallout 3.

- Great game, mysterious bug

I really like this game, and have spent the last few weeks grinding out on it. However, something that has come to my attention is an bug with the weapons workshop. I’ve tried to place it into my vault several times, but it never actually builds. I would select the build button, then the loading animation for when you build something new pops up. The little build hammer in the bottom right corner sortove spazzes out, and nothing is built. I’ve restarted the app, and even my phone quite a few times, but nothing has worked. This sometimes makes it very hard to complete quests as I have plenty of rare weapon recipes, but can’t craft them. Some of these quests require high level firearms, which I really only have a few of. I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this issue, but I do hope it’s fixed soon

- Rare moment

In fallout shelter I believe as when u send someone out in the wasteland to get more supplies for the vault there will be a random encounter with a place that is called “The Power Shop” Inside has people from the real fallout 4 game called “The BrotherHood of Steel” and in that place will be Brotherhood knights and they will say “Hey you! Do you think you can win a battle against two deathclaws”? And they would also say “ If u do manage to kill both we will come and live at your vault and help be a working dweller for you!” you don’t have to do this but I would love to see this in the game since this game is my favorite mobile game of all time and no other game could come between me and fallout shelter. I wrote this to add idea’s and to give u my review on this amazing game! thank you game developers for this amazing dream game!!!!

- From 5 to 4 stars

Great game, a few minor issues that really affect gameplay. 1. inventory display and management. Why, good god why, is there no way to rearrange your inventory display so that tiered weapons (rusty, enhanced, amplified, etc.) and outfits (common, rare, legendary) of the same type are grouped together? I want my rusty, enhanced, and tuned laser rifles sitting right next to each other so that I can easily see how many of each weapon type I actually have. I’d also like to be able to sell/recycle more than one item at a time without having to apply the action to all items in that stack. 2. When you click on the first room of the dungeon on a quest, there is no way to redirect your dwellers en route. They have to go all the way back to the first room before you can get them back on mission. This feature is incredibly frustrating, especially on a small screen where it’s sometimes hard to click accurately. 3. Suggestion: in-game lineage tracking. If you’re going to have breeding affect offspring stats (which they certainly seem to do) why not give us a more in-depth character info screen displaying lineage and class (common/rare/legendary). Maybe it’s just me, but I think this would really add to late-game play. Really solid game though, it’s basically the only mobile game I play.

- Fun Game!!

It’s a fun game about creating a vault! You have to be careful not to expanded to quickly or you might not have enough of the necessities. If you don’t have enough power, rooms shut down, not enough food peoples health drops and if there’s not enough water you get a red bar that takes over peoples health. If you need to you can rush rooms too get there resources faster but if you rush to much it increased the chances of failure which would cause a disaster like an attack or fire. When you get far enough you can send people on missions and near the begging you get the option to send people out into the wasteland. If you send people into the wasteland you should keep track how long they are out so, you can make sure they don’t die well they are out. Overall it’s a fun game and I like playing it.

- Playing since release

I have been playing since the game was released and have been enjoying each new addition added to the game. I am now done with my second vault to 200 dwellers at lvl 50 with max SPECIAL stats. If there was one thing I would love to see added would be the ability to trade items between your own vaults. Items meaning, junk, weapons, outfits, lunchboxes, bottle caps, and dwellers. Even if there was a significant period of time between each vault movement I would be ok with it. Either way, keep up the work on the updates and keep them coming. Edit: Do the devs even read posts like this? I would like to start a 3rd vault but do not want to let the other two maxed vaults go to waste. Edit: I feel that they are recycling old content to lure people into a dead game.


I have been playing this game for about 3 months, and my roommate introduced me to the Fall Out franchise on Xbox. This mobile game keeps enemies, items, and weapons close to tradition, and there are many parallels with the mobile and actual games. My only complaint is that the game needs to adjust its algorithms. I’m finding it IMPOSSIBLE to generate enough “power” for my vault, seeing as though whenever I make a significant spike in building up the resource a Death Claw or Radscorpion attacks me and significantly drops my power. It’s quite annoying not being able to make headway because the game has it programmed to send enemies to deplete a vital source whenever you increase it. The challenge was fun for a second, but it’s been two weeks and literally EVERY time I build it up I get attacked and it drops it drastically. That aside, fun game worth the download.

- best game but need more stuff

the game is really good but why can’t you add ghouls not feral but ghouls like John Hancock you should make where you can have atleast 10 vault dwellers ghouls, why don’t you guys add more outfits and weapon like a baton or a fishing hook it’ll get more attention and attract more people to the game, why can’t you have super mutants like granny in fallout new Vegas even tho that obsidian owns the game work together to make it better you already screwed up fallout 76 so work with obsidian to make it better I would love to see you guys together and make games better, you should work with obsidian so you can make another game another fallout game like call it Fallout 19 and make a solo and multiplayer one will work on multiplayer and the other work on solo and then switch after a week the game should be at England or even Texas please do this or give me an answer

- Weird balancing

Sometimes feral ghouls won’t make it out of the door, 5-7 dead in one to two rooms. Then it seems like if you’re on a quest hot-streak or collecting too fast, suddenly they just won’t die, and proceed to tear through your whole vault, poisoning and killing half your dwellers. Kinda stupid. Normally a +4 gun kills one in a couple shots, then to slow your roll suddenly a laser +17 gun doesn’t seem to do anything to them. The consistency is off. Just tell me that a weird virus or something has killed half of my dwellers if you need to balance, not watch 5-7 ghouls that the previous 6 times all die within 15-20 secs suddenly become immortal and unstoppable and reduce the last two days of progress into a ridiculous set back. I guess my advice is don’t do too many quests too fast, cuz the game will suddenly balance itself (unbalance, actually) in a very inconsistent manor, throwing out all prior patterns or experience.

- Really Good Game

I really like this game! I got it last year and was terrible and got attacked by deathclaws once and deleted it because almost all of my dwellers died and I couldn't come back from it. However, I recently re-downloaded it and switched up my strategy and have a super awesome vault now. The only problem is that I have 116 dwellers and my vault is completely self-suficient and everything works like a charm. This doesn't seem like a problem but there is nothing left to do except go on quests, which take hours of waiting because I spend all of my Nuka-Cola on these quests so I don't have any more. I would like it if the time you wait for quests could be reduced and maybe if more rooms could be added with new features to go with them like a pet breeder room or something I think that would be awesome. Overall super awesome game though!

- Great. But needs more.

I love that they have came a long way from when this game first came out, but they need to keep adding to keep me coming back. Would love a rebuild feature, maybe update the dweller system a little would be helpful to be able to just click a dweller and then click a room instead of dragging them all over the vault. Add in a family tree feature. Really hard to keep track of who is related to who once you start getting to about 50 or so dwellers. Would be fun to maybe add a kid classroom where the kids will all go and will give them some boosters in S.P.E.I.C.A.L till they grow up. Should also get a speed boost in the training rooms when you have it full and fully upgraded (3 rooms). A feature to send dwellers and supplies to other saved vaults, more supplies you send the higher risk to get there with everything.

- Okay but some annoying problems

I like the game, I used to like it and started playing again recently, but for some reason whenever I try to click and drag a character to anywhere, it’s nearly impossible. It’s the most frustrating and game breaking glitch I have to deal with. I want to move characters to the room? Well now instead of smoothly doing it the click action works only half the time, and when it clicks the character it just throws it on the right side of the screen. I looked for people with similar issues and they told me to change some settings and do it gently, which doesn’t work. So I don’t know what the issue is, but I can’t drag characters nearly at all to different rooms, my clicks when changing outfits and weapons or sending people to the wasteland are so uncalibrated its painful, I click one place and it just presses anywhere else pretty much. Everything else on my phone works fine but not this game.

- Fatally flawed interface

This game is fundamentally really fun. But do yourself a huge favor and play it on PC. They did not put enough time, thought, or effort into the mobile controls here. They’re a frustrating mess. Dragging a dweller around glitches out half the time and takes forever. There is no good way to manage dwellers’ outfits, just the painstaking process of tapping them all individually to see what they have. And when a attack is happening you have no way to pause! That is NOT GOOD for a mobile game! They are short at the beginning but later attacks can take 15 minutes! If I have that kind of time I’m not using it to play a mobile game! This type of game is for short intervals, but it fails at that purpose once you are big enough. Devs need to put more thought into how players actually interact with the game, if the interface is not fun to deal with, doesn’t matter how good your game is.

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Reinvesting time into Fallout Shelter... I've forgotten all my lore for my vault, but I remember why I liked it so much!

King MegaMind

@CGCentralHD98 @kidsmoove It’s ok bro you can still play fallout shelter on your phone


@TazUndefeated @lukegranders @StarkyLuv73 @BenjiSales Like, the games sell great (in the millions). They haven't had a mega hit since Fallout 4 because Bethesda Softworks hasn't released anything since Fallout 4 (ignoring Fallout Shelter, which is a HUGE mega hit).

hateno⁶⁹ 🥛

@quacklstone fallout shelter ❤️✨ aesthetic ❤️❤️‼️

🔋 Texla Cybr 🔋

@CodingMark Fallout Shelter


@CyanPalette PUBG Mobile Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fallout Shelter Online


fallout shelter pa more


@turkerkilic fallout shelter


@JINRAIKYAKU_ not rn im just vibing on fallout shelter

whycolor (ru)

@RedEnt17 @Djiaux_xyz @bongindustryz @sovietvisuals @LumpyProIe Living in the USSR (I lived for half my life) we never feel any fear of being attacked by the US or monarchist (western) Europe. That's funny to imagine we take the idea of building our own fallout shelters like this: this is madness.


Greetings from my fallout shelter!

Justine Ezarik

I accuse Senator Almond of committing the crime in the in the fallout shelter with the knife!

Secret Squirrel🇺🇸🇵🇷🐿♎️

@ChadwickKHall A fallout shelter is where people hide until the dust settles. A bomb shelter is where you wanna be to survive an explosion but there’s none available to ordinary citizens in both our countries.


I don't care about yall but bijj I have a cat in Fallout Shelter


@Colteastwood And to add some context Fallout 4 sold circa 8 million units on PS4, fallout shelter has 150 million players..

Fallout Shelter 1.14.1 Screenshots & Images

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Fallout Shelter iphone images
Fallout Shelter iphone images
Fallout Shelter iphone images
Fallout Shelter iphone images
Fallout Shelter iphone images
Fallout Shelter ipad images
Fallout Shelter ipad images
Fallout Shelter ipad images
Fallout Shelter ipad images
Fallout Shelter ipad images
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The applications Fallout Shelter was published in the category Games on 2015-06-15 and was developed by Bethesda [Developer ID: 547109759]. This application file size is 391.69 MB. Fallout Shelter - Games posted on 2020-06-03 current version is 1.14.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bethsoft.falloutshelter

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