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*** App Store Best of 2015 ***
Mobile Game of the Year - 2016 DICE Awards
Winner 2015 Golden Joystick Best Handheld/Mobile Game

"Might just be the best free-to-play game out there" - GamesBeat
“Bethesda's first entry into iOS gaming is awesome. Game of the Week" - TouchArcade
"Probably the best game of E3 2015” – Gizmodo
"Fallout Shelter is simple to play and addictive as hell." - GameZone

Fallout Shelter puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault from Vault-Tec. Build the perfect Vault, keep your Dwellers happy, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.

*** Fallout Shelter requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3, or iPad mini 2. ***

Create a brighter future…underground! Select from a variety of modern-day rooms to turn an excavation beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock into the very picture of Vault Life.

Get to know your Dwellers and lead them to happiness. Find their ideal jobs and watch them flourish. Provide them with outfits, weapons, and training to improve their abilities.

Turn worthless junk into useful items with Crafting! Customize the look of any dweller in the Barbershop.

A well-run Vault requires a variety of Dwellers with a mix of skills. Build a Radio Room to attract new Dwellers. Or, take an active role in their personal lives; play matchmaker and watch the sparks fly!

Send Dwellers above ground to explore the blasted surface left behind and seek adventure, handy survival loot, or unspeakable death. Find new armor and weapons, gain experience, and earn Caps. But don’t let them die!

From time to time, idyllic Vault life may be disrupted by the dangers of post-nuclear life. Prepare your Dwellers to protect against threats from the outside…and within.

Vault-Tec has provided the tools, but the rest is up to you. What are you waiting for? Get started building your Vault today for FREE.

Requires iOS7 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5 or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPad 3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2.

This app offers in-app purchases. Please note that you may disable in-app purchasing directly from your device. For more information, visit http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213.

Fallout Shelter App Description & Overview

The applications Fallout Shelter was published in the category Games on 2015-06-15 and was developed by Bethesda. This application file size is 389.53 MB. Fallout Shelter current version is 1.13.23 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions.

Thanksgiving is back in the Vault! (Begins November 18th).
Rescue the cook and claim your prize in the limited-time Thanksgiving questlines.
Customize your rooms with Thanksgiving decorations.
Dress your dwellers for the occasion with unique outfits.
Beware the dancing Turkey!

Fallout Shelter App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Fallout Shelter Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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brandboyee   5 star

YES. I love all things fallout, fallout 4, fallout 76, and this brings an amazing fallout mobile game! I rate this 5 star! This is the best!

CPeralta082382   1 star

Crashes. As of 11/19/19, the app has done nothing but crash upon attempting to open since the Thanksgiving update was released.

刚刚蝴蝶花   2 star

Why no Chinese?. I played this game long time ago. And when I try to download and replay it. There is no more Chinese language. Last time it had Chinese, I don’t know why it deleted. Hope you can put the Chinese language back again.

MatrixSkills   5 star

In game trading.. Whenever I sell my legendary junk like military duct tape, it gives me a price of 4200 caps but only gives me like around 100. Can you fix this? But other than that, excellent game.

Zzerath   2 star

It’s not a bug it’s a feature. I can’t get past the point of putting your first vault dweller into to vault, every time I pick the dweller up he isn’t able to be placed and I know that I am not at fault as I have had this game before and genuinely enjoyed it even getting to the point of having to scroll down to see my vault but now I’ve had to restart multiple times because I can’t even move the first vault dweller. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.

Lizzy245   2 star

Purchase error. I purchased the starter pack twice but there’s no lunchbox?

Purpletravelers   5 star

Great way to lose yourself!. I love the challenges and the fact you have to think and strategize. Great game!!!

ffhcybvghbg   5 star

I have a problem. This game is addicting and I play it too much

chewie6963   3 star

Buggy with latest updates. There’s a new bug where you can have 100% happiness but the daily report awards you with 0 because no one is happy. I’ve had my dwellers I sent on quests that hadn’t been completed suddenly be back in my vault like I haven’t even sent them. What was once fun is now tedious

Jeffles68   5 star

Really fun. I like the game a lot but l just want more

paritck mahomes   5 star

why are there pigs. So when I went in the game people are dieing and there are pigs I don’t want to have pigs change it

GoodGodGaribaldi   5 star

Drag & Drop and Favorites. I love this app, I have played it for years but never gotten as far as I have now which ironically just took time and strategy. That is entirely appreciated. It would be wonderful if the developers could make an update that allowed you to instead of selecting the character and dragging it to the location and dropping... You could select>double tap, and drop>taptap. That would save me from so much frustration, and I’m sure others, by missing out on opportunities to send character somewhere specific because it’s too much of a distance to drag throughout the entire vault. ALSO, If you felt so inclined, would you please update the game so that you could favorite specific characters and above their head would be some kind of floating star that would set them out from everyone else so that if you equip them with a particular weapon or focused skill set then you could find them fast. that you could save so much time finding them within the vault!! That’d be amazinggggg ❤️

guard1265   5 star

Best game ever. Very addictive can’t stop playing it

goodddldodid   4 star

Can you do this for your fans. Can you update more

Isquac   4 star

New idea to help if the game is dying. Okay so after playing for a while most quests have been beat but I’m not there yet. I was playing and writhing 10 minutes I was raided by deathclaws and feral ghouls 6 times. I think it would be and awesome addition if there was a turret that could be built on the mountain or some form of defense. Also I would love to see some new quests and weapons from fallout 76

MAGUN 77   5 star

Fallout Shelter 👍. This game is fun love the seasonal decorations u can unlock, Grate Game to pass the time 😁

hdghebxhdudbrhdjfjdy   5 star

Good game. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

real american believer   2 star

Game is awful. Waste of time. Spent a few weeks on it and there’s no going anywhere unless you dump money into it. Hard pass.

loui burciaga   5 star

Fallout. Super goo game easygoing

Ryanperrow   5 star

Why I like this game. Because it is just good and you live I a shelter under ground and that is why I like this game

h4addg   2 star

Hard and annoying. This game has experienced many bugs glitches and set backs for example I was waiting for my vault dweller to come back he’s been exploring for 2 days and he has 2 hours left on the return I meant to click the nuka cola rush but hit explore and it reset his time so now everyone’s dying and all your people will most likely die of dehydration or starvation

DaFuchii   5 star

Rest. Rest g

Gouyjn   5 star

Just one thing. Can you take away the spies

panda cruser   5 star

Best game ever. It is good to know that people like this game with it history and all

Carolynzee   2 star

Keeps Crashing. App crashes quickly in game play. Sometimes will not open at all.

Alexia :D   5 star

SUCH A GOOD GAME 100% GET THIS. I love this...

Alex92717   5 star

A Cap of 200 Dwellers?!?!?!?!!. Why is there a cap of 200 dwellers but soo much more space for other rooms? I hit 200 dwellers but I'm only a little over 65% of the space. Honestly cap should at least be 350 if you want to be able to fill in all of the space, plus what about the collection book where you can see every named character and item? How are we supposed to find all of the characters if the cap is soo small. LOL the cap is just way too small but the game is good. Its easy and simple but frustrating, but a very good game. But the dweller cap is still too small.

Cajundog3   5 star

YES YES YES YES. Thank you so much I needed this app I love it THANK YOU

32191800   5 star

it’s awesome. i love this game. it’s the perfect game if you just wanna relax and play some games.

Kadenscools   5 star

Epic. Good game for epic gamers and one of the best mobile games I have played

Advertorial    5 star

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comrade zwicker   5 star

Amazing!. It’s all I could ask for it’s the best for when I’m on a trip or away from home and I can’t play fallout 4 or 76 it’s fun and there’s always something to do it’s all I could ever ask for keep it up guys!

BillyBob773   5 star

Hello. I enjoy playing the game, but could you add vault-etc security armor? With a game basing around the vaults of the fallout universe, I was surprised to find that the armor wasn’t in the game. It would also be nice if you guys added the characters from fallout New Vegas into game, but that’s just a personal preference of mine. Keep up the great work!

ArmenianStallion   1 star

Loading issues. For a game that has been out for quite some time, seems like it has major optimization issues. Sitting in a loading screen waiting to get into your vault becomes annoying after the 5+ minutes mark. Many other people having the same exact issue yet it seems like there’s no fix.

lordpepsi777   4 star

A Good Mobile Fallout game. If you like the fallout series and city building games you will like Fallout Shelter.My one problem is that the overseer quest stuff can either make or brake your vault.

VAULT696969   5 star


Natty Eritrea   5 star

I only wish. I wish there was first person shooter

Offbeat Wave   5 star

Fallout Shelter. It’s a very good game to play when u are bored

sawywe   5 star

Original and addictive. I’m not a huge app gamer but I haven’t been able to stop playing since I downloaded. Excellent graphics, original idea and fun to play. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Simarvelous   3 star

It’s okay. It is a very slow moving game. Not much happens. I spend more time waiting to do things as collecting bottle caps is really slow.

Keeter07   4 star

Llama. I don’t understand the point of the game

batman12858274   5 star


dawson maclean   5 star

Incredibley fun. It’s fun to play kills a lot of battery tho also makes iPods and iPads overheat but other then that good game

Sgt Copeland   4 star

Needs some more features. There needs to be a window that helps you track family’s because once you have a high population it’s hard to track

bruhitszach 66737477477;   4 star

Amazing game. This game is really fun and it does not require wifi so you can play it and have fun without using cellular or anything

Darnell28ful   5 star

Played from time to time. Always come back to this game.

Coazy63   4 star

Great game but. This game is the best app on the store the only problem is the radscorpions, they have to nerfed because they do more damage than the 3 deathclaws and ever since the halloween update theyve been coming every 3 minutes killing all of my dwellers and it wont stop and its very annoying plus its starting to ruin the fun

iHatekikDabudy   5 star

Really great game, suggestions though. Could you make it that when your playing through a quest you have a pop up menu you can tap to see the health of each character and an option to heal them. Also I would really love to see more story quests that have multiple chapters such as horsemen of the apocalypse. Now that I’ve beaten all of the main quests it’s a bit boring now, hopefully you can add more

xdemongaming   3 star

I can’t play!. For some reason I can’t play the game I offloaded the app for a few days and when the update came I unoffloaded the app and I couldn’t play pls help me

lp837827   5 star

Some suggestions. I love the game, but some new stuff would be awesome. Here are some suggestions. - Ghoul and super-mutant invasions. - Non-feral ghoul dwellers with some higher caps for certain stats (ex: strength and endurance) and lower for others (ex: intelligence and charisma). It would be pretty funny if they also had the effect of lowering the happiness of human dwellers that are in the same room as those non-feral ghoul dwellers. - New rooms and weapons. For example, how about more melee weapons, and a play room for children so that their adult beginning stats are higher? - The ability to recruit a rare type of raider, during a raid, that surrenders instead of dying. It would be interesting to be given the choice to recruit or execute them. - Stat bonuses for all the dwellers in the room that have the same outfit (or production bonus, etc.). It would be really great to see this game being given some more love! I'd hate to see it with no future content update/expansions, since despite already being a great game, fallout shelter still has a ton of potential!

MVP Snowz   2 star

Bug. There is a glitch when whenever I try to build a building when I’m in build mode and click build nothing happens any fixes?

Zoller87   1 star

👎. Game is garbage, don’t get it


Content!. It would be great if they were JUUUUST a biiiiit more content and things to do

dave1.6   4 star

Needs Supermutants. This game is fun and addictive but lacking key characters.

bi11yb0bjoe   5 star

Offline Compatibility. I love how the game is playable offline so you can seriously play it on the go.

dififji   5 star

This is an amazing and addictive game. This game is the best it has every thing and the new Halloween update is awesome but I have this bug so when I go off line the people that I send in to the wasteland to explore don’t do anything they don’t get anything and the time that they have bin out for doesn’t change so the only way I can get money from the wasteland is quests but that’s OK but it would be really cool if you guys could fix the bug and all other wise the game is amazing

Kellystein6666666   5 star

A touch of the real game. An amazing way to get involved in the whole Fallout trilogy without spending the big bucks on the real game and on a console! Fun andgreat to play

Jrq204   5 star

Very addicting game. The game needs more rooms to build, and is very exciting to play and we should be able to visit other players vaults. Should have other options to build where you want to like in buildings or any other buildings.

hryblls   1 star

Baaaaaaaaad. Until you figure out why this game crashes every minute then it’s literally the worst even worse than fallout 76

qwertyuiopadfhjk   3 star

Way to hard to keep it going. It’s a great game and very addictive, but it’s really hard to keep your supply’s going in the beginning.

Superspiderboy7   5 star

Awesome. I love fallout and I love this

Advertorial    5 star

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Captain Girkin   1 star

Delayed money trap. Fun, well made, good humour. Then the real game kicks in. Death Claw attacks as soon as progress, and then EVERY TIME AFTER THAT. This forces you to spend money to keepyour settlement alive. A complete waste of time, and it does take A LOT OF TIME! Not as disappointing as ‘76 of course but still a mobile wallet grab. You lot should be ashamed of yourselves. Just have a buy price... and let it be. Not in game purchases. The game is actually infuriating. I’ve tried twice. This will be the last. Don’t bother.

mitchell seage 10221022102010   2 star

This is bad. I wish ther were more options like you could see a vault dweller wen you send them out

meatballsub2001   4 star

One problem. Fun game but the fat man and MIRV don’t work in your vault but work in missions, if intentional plz say but if bug plz fix

MLG Swag Kid21   5 star

Where is fallout 3 and 4?. I heard that you were going to release fallout 3 on the iPhone and iPad? Please release it next time

Niroutley   3 star

Good game but.... I can tell it's a very good game I've played the mobile version and the PS4 version and the big problem of the game is that there not enough settings. It should have the same difficulty system in Fallout 4 boy it's always pisses me off when I have to Restart please fix the problem with the difficulty. (Please Read Developers)

CourtneyNoir   1 star

Unfair game play. Spent a few hours on this game. Had a nice place a good 7 people was really liking it Then 3 deathclaws came and killed everything I had I was left with 3 people a totally pointless endeavour to sink time and or money only to have it all thrown away like that and not even have a fighting chance make my words not werth your time or money nor letting your child play only to have them crying a little while in cause all her people had died will not play agen nor my daughter will tell others not to play

JamesG1966   5 star

Awesome. Love this game.

iiKrvyii   5 star

Dear owner. I personally believe that in the overseers office we can put all of our stats up (water electricity foods) to full for 6 or 5 nuke colas

fearlessdemon   5 star

Good but more stuff needed. This game is very good,bethesda,well done! BUT it could be even cooler if if you added robots and you could get protectrons that would protect rooms in your vault.also if maybe there was some kind of battle pass where you had to complete certian challenges to unlock uniqe rooms and dwellers,and also happyness rooms like a pool or arcade to make your dwellers happier,because one problem I have is that if a crisis happends then my dwellers get sad but all ian all a good game


FALLOUT IS DA BEST FRANCHISE EVER. Fallout is by far the best franchise ever! Except fallout 76

DaK1ller   4 star

Good game but.... The game works perfectly fine and is great to play besides one aspect, rushing a room. When there is 30% chance of a failure 9 out of 10 times it will fail. I rushed 8 rooms with a percentage under 30% and each one failed . Fix it

Daniel Van Den Brink   5 star

Very fun game!. Might just suggest adding different difficulties since it’s a hard game in my opinion,

Litchking666   5 star

It’s a great game for you to play. Come and play fallout shelter now because it’s free to play

Nic734743   2 star

:(. Game doesn’t load on older devices, me sad , wanted to look back ya know

Aussie Quacker   5 star

Great. Really really fun game

Its Good 47   5 star

It’s good. It’s just good

Spider Crawler   1 star

Crashed my iPad.. Played for twenty minutes or so and my iPad inexplicably rebooted itself. Then I couldn't load the game at all... but I was already bored with Fallout Shelter, so I deleted it.

jehdjeksis   5 star

Aussie gamerz. Its really good play it im addicted it just so cartoony but maybe in a new update add chruch to build in our vaults play it.👍 it has my approval

grade5schoolkid   5 star

Raiderboy. I’ve been playing fallout 4 on my Xbox one not the first time I’ve played it but I love it

Ashton Trinder   1 star

Pigs. I had spent a fair bit of money, I’d say maybe $100 on this game, I had a huge vault, put months of work in. updated it, and it kept crashing, so I was forced to uninstall it. I’d tried everything else. I reinstalled and everything was gone. All my time and effort and money is gone and I have no idea how to get it back. Probably another one of Bethesda’s scamming money making tactics. Appalled.

msx 243517479000000   3 star

To hard. This game is so hard but honestly it’s fun i recommend

Sera Louise   5 star

5/5. Honestly, I’m not one for playing games but this has got me hooked. Such an amazing, addictive game.

Unkown2.067   5 star

Needs a fix. The game itself is fun but it needs one fix, it keeps going crazy when I drag someone across the screen and I can’t play normally without my game going crazy. I think it has to do with my half broken screen but on my brothers account it works fine (he also has a broken screen).

best person ever🙂   3 star

Good, good. Its hard to control my vault is dyeing played better game LIKE SIMS!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver_D6366   5 star

Pretty good. Love the game but there are a few bugs and glitches that make the game annoying at sometimes.

sarli   3 star

Good game but slow.. Good game but unless you want to spend lots of money it takes a long time to get anywhere. Also have touch screen response issues after opening the game until I hard restart very annoying.

From Jake please fix this   5 star

Good game but. I really enjoy playing this game but no one will by any lunch boxes from the store because you can go into date and time in setting and skip seven days and get free caps and a lunch box but that’s really the only problem

brujhh696969   1 star

Bugg. When I first create a vault I try to drag a dweller over but it bugs out and doesn’t let me drop em

dreadnaught0911   3 star

Good but need improvement. I love this game but it needs major improvement for one example it needs a pause option because when I go to sleep and then wake up all my people are dead

hsdhdjdjs   2 star

Dad. It’s hard for 10 and over kids even

vault tec suks   1 star

The AI. The game is good until you start to get to like the 70 amount of people that’s when The dumb death claws come every 5mins and kill every so you WASTE EVERY resource you have on them to try and help your vault while killing them gives you nothing but one less. if you want to play end game DONT have more than 50 people in the vault.

mano crustulus   4 star

nice but some bugs. overall great experience and addicting. Some bugs though 😕

Emma Smmith   1 star

Horrible game. It’s fun in all but it get annoying like I can’t move the people anywhere it’s annoying. And how do you play if you don’t do anything.I don’t think it’s a good game Bye 😕😕😕

Tab slaughter   4 star

Love the game but..... There is were if you had a person out in the wasteland and make them explore again it takes longer to come back

pikachupower903   5 star

Yeet. It’s pretty cool

everett 425   5 star

Da s$*%t. Love this game and no need to spend loads a cash to advance played for a few years now and it is definitely the bees knees also no ADDs!!!! Thank you

whyareyouawesome   5 star

Awesome game. Keep up the good work 👍

KingKissafish   4 star

Fallout Shelter. and of course, hype train to Fallout 4!!!

Plane love :)   4 star

Cool game, but.... I did not receive a lunchbox when I did freaking quest that said I would get a lunchbox, please fix this

Nest577   1 star

Lost my money.. I had just recently downloaded and played the game, so I decided to get the starter pack for 4.99 and for whatever reason after the purchase was made, the lunchbox failed to load and said that I didn’t have any boxes to load. Please, all I want is for this problem to be absolved.

Joe👁👄👁   5 star

better than actual fallout. I thought this game would be a bad rip-off of the best game series ever, Fallout. This game is surprisingly good once you get used to it 👁👄👁

DeadPat787   5 star

Bottle and cappy?. Can some one help I did know who is bottle and cappy? Someone explain

Avrige   5 star

Fighting system. The only bad thing I have to say about his game is that the fighting system is wonky, other than that. Great app

nikebotz   5 star

Love this game to pieces. I love the game so much I want the name out there. I will do anything to help, I even spread the word to people in school!

Damien123456   4 star

I LOVE THIS GAME. I really love this game but I wish there was a creative mode option where you can change stats of the game and everything is free, just for a bit fun to see what you can you come up with

mtoomb   2 star

I Mean, Come On... Nothing like a game that once you get to a certain point becomes utterly pointless. They have built a limit right into the game, as you can only have 200 dwellers, and once you hit that point and everything is running smoothly- the game is over. Sure you can collect different weapons (to do absolutely nothing) or outfits (that do absolutely nothing), but then you’re stuck wondering why Bethesda or whoever hasn’t put an ounce of thought or work into maintaining this “game.” Enjoy it for a few weeks, because then you’ll “win” and you’ll have to uninstall.

slingbladeslasher   5 star

Fun but devastating. It is fun but it is challenging to rush if you do be careful you may end up having to restart

Fun. A fan of fall out for like the bad words and salad for so I was looking in my brother told me about this fun game so I tried it out it was the funniest thing I’ve ever played for a YouTuber it’s hard to find stuff I’m lee it was very fun I created a life and everything you guys should try it sometime it will be real fun bye 😎

🔥💪🏽😎🤪   4 star

Fallout shelter. The game is cool and I love how you can control the vault and the people that are inside but I do not like the shooting mechanics

Foote islet   5 star

Your mum. Soooo, MAKE MORE BABIES XD

i dont kill fish   5 star

Ok. Its good but I wish noobs get pro stuff and 10x more caps because I’m a noob 🙁🙁🙁😣😫😫😩😩🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

ilikememe1   4 star

Good. It’s pretty good

Doggie Doggie doo   5 star

You cant boost happyness. As th overseer i cant help my people because there so damm sad that i cant make them happy because the raider keep killing them not to add germs.Please add less

Jack_boi243   2 star

Kicking me out. The game is incredibly fun and one of my favorite games to play but it keeps glitching me out of the game right before I enter the vault. It makes me sad 🥺🥺

Mike Plays   5 star

Suggestion. So I love this game over all but I’d like to see a feature called “Lockdown.” This feature with allow the user to call lockdown at anytime to automatically send roaming and working dwellers to a separate room called the Safe Room, the safe room will be a separate room where you can tally everyone up and check their health and stats. With this lockdown feature and safe room will have to include a “rogue dweller.” The rouge dweller will stop working and start attacking the other dwellers in that case the user will be alerted and given the option to call lockdown. Then send certain people from the safe room to go take down the rouge dweller, I think these features will put an extra kick to the game adding to the logic possibilities that are in the game.

sans13000   5 star

OMG gosh. OMG gosh Best game of 2019

honest ox   4 star

Needs Work. This is good game and I very much enjoy playing it. However there’s a ton of room for improvement; for instance there could be rooms for training children before they age up, less random problems occurring, a room or something to heal Mr. Handy robots, and something like a sports room or movie theater to just boost happiness.

CherryCrushbella   2 star

Just excuse me. The amount of dang mole rat attacks is outstanding that your rng for the attacks are annoying it shouldn’t be almost 75% of the time I get on to check my vault it should be 10% i ever doubt I’d get 10 different attacks in the span of 3 days

bananapills12345   5 star

Get it. Such a great game fun to play when bored or extra that’s all

batmanthefan   5 star

Fallout shelter. Is the best game ever

Chipols   5 star

Addicted. I've been playing this game for years since the day it launched and everyone keeps on asking me why?? Why not! It's so much fun. I love the dollhouse layout 👍🏼👍🏼 I may be the only one still playing it. Thanks Bethesda.

zfolackie   5 star

Love it. I love this game. I’m a huge Fallout fan. This game stretches that itch 👌

G0T3M!   5 star

This game is above all. I spend way too much playing this. I don’t know what it is about this game but it’s just so fun trying to maintain a place for people in the post apocalypse. 5 stars!

MAN_OF_FUTURE   5 star

Add more stuff please. Really fun but getting boring quickly... it will be so nice if you would add more stuff, u got really good marks too.

MountxX   3 star

Controls. Game play is fun. Not a money grab. But the controls on an iphone are frustrating. The game will tell you how to do something then not allow you to do it or just start zooming and unzooming when you are trying to move characters. Also no way i could find to send a help note to the developers through the game

Aginielious   5 star

Fun game. Yes

Tywild327   5 star

Fix fallout 76 please. This mobile game is awesome but fo76 isn’t please make it better

co jo up   3 star

Pls read thes. It’s ok I guess but it needs to get an up date

Happy-Cook-Play   5 star

Fun for all. There is fewer things as fun as managing an vault from a handful of people to over 100. With the add of overseers missions makes it that much more to discover. Lots of fun for a time killer, weather your pooping or sitting a chair at the dentist this little game is engaging and rewarding hours of things to do.

Angry birds game maker   5 star

Good. Is good

naelyn26   3 star

Good but... It’s a good game I enjoy playing it but I just wish there was a way to keep power and things long and get it faster without catching the room on fire

Bermudagirl M   5 star

Awesome game. This is a really good game and everyone should play it

Kaieamonjohnson   4 star

The game needs to be more realistic. The game is great and you can have some fun with it but it would be cool to add in a wasteland map mode so if you want certain Materials or want to grind exp you can go to certain locations on the map once you’ve discovered the location. Plz stop the 2 ton titanium vault door from being destroy from a few raider bullets because that is just so dumb it’s not even funny, it’s just plain annoying. The last thing I think you should add into the game is that you should be able to use you S.P.E.C.I.A.L. For something else other than job like being able to scrap weapons and get more junk with intelligence or being able to Cary more stuff from the waste land with strength. Those are the things I think you should add to this game and I know it’s hard to program things like that and plz respond because that would be great to know if you guys are going to envy more with this game.

sc:m_cardinal17   5 star

Deadly. Deadly deadly

MadamSweetPotato   3 star

Good gameplay. Was enjoying the gameplay until I realized the nuka cola plant only collects food & water resources. Waste of my time, as I thought it would make nuka cola, so that it could speed up quests, crafts, and training. Other than that, it’s been fun.

naruto abdullah   5 star

Great. Great

Jimmy flynt   5 star

It doesn't work. It doesn't work at all 😡 I tried a billion times and it doesn't it is garbage

MarS-el2128   4 star

Little probléme. I want to put and old vault to my new ipad but I can’t and it really bother me so please could you tell me how to do it I already connected my new iPad and old iPad in the same game center account and saved the vault that i wanted in iCloud

icedoutjsus   4 star

Good game. Good game but they need to fix the bug where you can’t move your dwellers from room to room easily .... they always bug out when moving

Mandalore-Dan   1 star

Unbalanced enemy raids. I am a about a week into this as a casual player and it was ok, seemingly matched enemy that attacked and when I went out on missions. But in the last few days I have been attacked 4 times by almost unstoppable groups of deathclaws who rampage through the bunker killing almost everyone. So now all resources go to being able to afford trying to revive most of them so they can get back to work making power/water/food before it happens again. The few ok equipped folks I have are no match for them, I enjoy a bit of a challenge, but this looks like it is going to be a stupid cycle of barely getting most people back before getting wrecked daily. Great job Edit: dropped to 1 star After posting this and going back to the game to start working on fixing the carnage of the previous attack, I got raided again by another group of deathclaws. I had only been able to revive a few folks from the last rampage. . I played all the xbox versions, and Im fine with pay to play concept as I know devs need to recoup costs, but at this rate you would need to drop a ton of cash daily just to equip and revive your dwellers. Impractical and futile. No point playing Another edit - I would give a negative rating if I could Another deathclaw attack, I still hadn't fully recovered grom last one. Most dwellers killed again. Done with it.

jarby jr   5 star

Awesome. It’s a fallout!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍

Mericisa   5 star

Addictive game. Would be nice to have better plot regarding the quest stories but the Game is way too addictive.

vallt420   5 star

Its fun. I find it fun to play and something take you when you have nothing else to do

clarasangry   2 star

Argh. I really liked this game and I had been working on a vault for about 3 weeks and it had a bunch of people and it was really big etc. Then all of a sudden these things (I don’t remember what they are called) came in and killed everybody and I was really upset about it cause it was all that work for nothing :(

Maraboutzou2   5 star

Great game. Great game from the Fallout Franchise!

x5strangerchance   3 star

Vault organization. I wish there was the ability to destroy certain parts of the vault and instantly replace them with other without having to demolish half the vault say a replace function of some sort.

zaïna2009   5 star

Fantastic,merveilleux pour tout ceux qui aiment faire de la micro gèsstion. Fantastic,merveilleux pour tout ceux qui aiment faire de la micro gestion

foxy371   1 star

Need to be fix. When it loading, it just fix, it working but he won’t let me play

SpikeTheScreamingDinosaur   4 star

Difficult. I found it pretty frustrating because almost immediately after the tutorial, it became very difficult to have enough of everything, I tried to use rushes but it got too risky very quickly. Everyone became unhappy very quickly because everyone was being too slow at producing things. Overall, I think it’s a fun game made too difficult. I’d like it more if instead of incidents happening when using rushes, they just costed 100 caps or something like that.

Bryce1819   4 star

Pre good. Slow starts and not enough challenges but other than that pretty good

Carlyisnot   5 star

Awesome game. I was really surprised how addictive this game is. I never spend money on games I prefer to slowly accumulate points by playing but I admit this game got to me and I was tempted to buy lunchboxes! I was so happy with this game but one thing really upset me !! You can only have 200 dwellers in the vault so if/ when a new one shows up or you accidentally leave a man and woman in the barracks and she gets pregnant you have to evict someone or leave someone stranded outside or leave the poor woman pregnant forever. It’s awful to evict someone they all worked hard for the vault - surely there’s like a nice way to send them to another vault or something ?? Especially if you have other vaults where you don’t have enough people ? Other than that I love it and I suppose it’s realistic that you can only have so many people and have to choose but I found that so harsh evicting people!

ddiobo5   5 star

Fallout shelter. It is sooooo f*****g fun good job Bethesda

Vitamin C   1 star

Boring game. After you get a few rooms built you run out of bottle caps and it takes ages to earn them. Gameplay would be ok I’m sure if you want to spend real money on buy bottle caps but if you’re not avoid this game... I’ve derived more interest from watch paint dry in winter.

caption_cringey   5 star

How I love this game. This game is great for stadgey it is a really good game to build and make your own vault I just can’t wait for new things to the game👌😁

Cat bluber   4 star

Little trick for struggling players. Change your date in settings an hour or day ahead to speed up things Don't do this if you want a challenge and don't want to be meta gaming

Gkrzq   5 star

Fall out shelter. This game is easy and its offline so this game is awesome and its sorta a afk game im giving it a full 5 stars keep up the great work

PaintBomb720   2 star

Waaaaay to time consuming and very hard. The game is awesome and the building of vaults makes you feel like god, but, YOU HAVE TO INVEST ALL YOUR TIME INTO IT, the resource depletion rate is through the fricking roof, unless you have $4.50 your willing to spend and more than watch out for that, also, it’s really hard considering by the time I was at 60 dwellers, the game put me up against the hardest enemies in the game which made me want to through my phone into a wall, but if you can manage, PLAY IT or more preferably DON’T

kimmy-crockett   2 star

Fallout shelter. Really difficult to balance the energy water and food while also maintaining raiding and breeding

mfjchgvb   5 star

Pls add pause. I have played this game before and died a lot and if u can add a pause button in this game that u know stops all things from increasing and decreasing pls do this because it’s annoying for me thank u if u do it

FrimdzlyPanda:)   3 star

Good game but.... Its a really good game and I enjoyed it at first BUT unless you are on it 24/7 you will run low on supplies. Can I suggest you add a feature where they will collect your supplies when your gone. AND NOT MAKE YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.

Sharp!e   3 star

Need accounts. Love it! But i think we should have accounts or be able to “Connect to Facebook” so that our vaults can save. I deleted it thinking it would save to iCloud coz i needed to concentrate on school work but i didn’t get my vault back... bit annoying. Connect to Facebook please!

Nicholas486   4 star

It's alright a little more to this game. this game i have to admit that this game is great but hard why don't they have an update with 3D Graphics and adds defences outside the vault like some gates, barracks, guard towers, artillerys, guards, security cameras, fences and traps. The game should have some ghouls like in the other fallout games and new weapons, dwellers, new currency, millitary barracks in the vault and new rooms like a room with some security monitors to access the security cameras and have a military grade of security and a lot more things added to the game and please make the game a little less hard.

Sultanbb   2 star

Rush .... pfftt. Percentages irrelevant, the odds of getting under 14% 8 times in a row is rubbish.

juicenuke   1 star

WHAT. Doesn’t download!!!

😭😢😔   1 star

Constantly attacked. I have loved this game but recently my vault has constantly been attacked by deathclaws. It takes me days to revive everyone in my vault and as soon as I get my vault running again I am attacked again. I am going to delete this game soon. Please make attacks be able to turn off because it would make the game much more fun for me because everyone in my vault always does and I have to wait days to revive everyone.

belly the dog and cat   5 star

The best game. It is the best game I have ever play in my hole life and I had it for two days and I love it

BREECH Boy   4 star

The BEST. The reason I gave four stars is because this game or any game can always get better! And it is four stars because this game is legit.

Rowan De Girl   5 star

Incredible. I think this game is an old but fantastic game and will probably be known for a long time. This game will be known for about as long as the best paid game Minecraft. I think this is the best free game in my opinion very good job!!!

Douglas Cross   4 star

Hard but amazing. I like this game a lot, but sometimes the quests are hard to do. But this is a very cool game I play everyday!

SamMelb   5 star

Addictive fun. Great game. Simple, enjoyable.

PkarkU   1 star

Don’t bother. Great until you get a little bit ahead, becomes very frustrating. Wasted money on this for little or no gains

DeepSpaceOctopi   5 star

One of the best free mobile games. Right of the bat Fallout Shelter is heaps of fun, and can be slightly addictive. It’s lots of fun taking care of your vault and watching it grow, but then very tense when happiness is low after some death claw attacks. I’m constantly checking fallout shelter when my dwellers are on missions to make sure their still alive, and when they are out in the wasteland I’m scared to leave them their overnight because they might die while I am sleeping. It’s got some great building mechanics, and while the quests are interesting, they are far from the focus of the game. The in app purchases are also completely unnecessary if you don’t want them, which is definitely a plus. However the quests could be a lot better, and is the main downside of the game. They essentially boil down to drag dwellers into room, target the enemy you want to attack, loot, and heal. You may also talk to the npc’s sometimes too. The resource management was also not as advanced as I would have liked. It would have been cool to have to manage power and coal to activate rooms, and have the food only be generated every 24 hours, but in large quantities (representing the food growing). I also would have liked more character development. What if some dwellers had unique personalities, and premade lines and backstories for those who came from the wasteland. Some dwellers from the wasteland could even have special quests that the dwellers would want to embark upon or they would lose some happiness, and after completing their quest they would get lots of happiness and xp as well as new lines they could say. That might be too much to ask though. The game also gets too easy when you are nearing the dwellers limit, and there is no endgame. It’s not quite as balanced as everything should be. Overall a great game, although it could be much better. would rate 8.5/10

Fhshdvdvddb   4 star

FALLOUT IS AWESOME. This game is AWESOME I love fallout ☢️ this game is so cool I love playing it it’s so fun but it is a bit hard to keep the food up but other than that it’s a great game


Fallout shelter. Hey! Happy 4 years in the vault or happy four years of fallout shelter. Your game is amazing. Except you have to be on all the time to keep your vault running smoothly. Maybe add a auto collect button? I mean me handy is good but just a auto tap button for the entire vault pls.

Chilli the amazing   5 star

Such a good game!. Me and my family love this game we even have it on PS4

Shaynos   5 star

Good game. I like it

Tojobabanan   2 star

try hard survival. whenever you play the game and start a new game. 1 l got so many dwellers but it takes so long to redeem power, food and water. 2 i rushed to earn power but it a 50 50 chance to fail and i always fail. please make this game better than fallout 76

riley usai   5 star

Good game. I like dis game

Tsarchasm1   3 star

Dragging issue. Using iPhone 8: dragging dwellers about 80% of the time causes a weird glitch that causes them to not go into the room I want them to/game won’t scroll when dragged to the edge/cursor goes crazy when dragging dweller. Works fine on ps4 version so it seems to be iOS exclusive. Can confirm it wasn’t fixed with latest update.

Mary 1958 :)   5 star

So good. Best game.

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