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Travel Town - Merge Adventure Game Description & Overview

What is travel town - merge adventure app? Explore Travel Town, where you can combine everything into better and more useful items while you travel the world!

Reveal secrets as you discover yourself and help the friendly people of Travel Town!


== Match Objects ==
• Discover over 500 fantastic objects through hundreds of levels!
• Freely drag objects around the beautiful world and match 2 of a kind evolve them into more superior items!
• Fulfil the missions of the townsfolk to unlock more amazing items!

== Meet New Villagers ==
• Discover 55 villagers who live in Travel Town, and help them restore their seaside town!
• Match objects to upgrade them and unlock more and more items to support you on your journey!

== Town Building ==
• A storm has ravaged Travel Town - Collect coins and bring the town back to its former beauty!
• Discover and upgrade dozens of houses and improve the town beyond your wildest dreams!

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Privacy Notice:

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App Name Travel Town - Merge Adventure
Category Games
Updated 10 May 2024, Friday
File Size 249.56 MB

Travel Town - Merge Adventure Comments & Reviews 2024

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Used to like it a lot. Thie game started off really fun and I really enjoy it especially considering theres little to no ads interrupting everything. It takes so much time and energy now to actually accomplish anything and even if I use gems to replenish my energy half the time it gives me things I don't need. My board has become so full and overwhelming that I can barely tell what I have on it anymore. And random stacks of cookies now? What am I supposed to do with these? I have resorted to selling them which only gives me like 2 energy. Selling high quality items barely gives you anything. And im now stuck on trying to get enough coins and building materials. I'm pretty far along but thats because I give a lot of time between to build up energy. And also the daily challenges are near impossible, you would have you spend basically 24/7 on the game to get all of them considering it asks you to collect coins most of the time. I also hate the tile/pottery thing, takes so much energy to use it and it never gives you want you want. This game is based on luck now. Stop adding random stuff and cluttering everything. If we complete one of the producers and max everything out in it we should be able to put it away indefinitely so there's more space, allow easier daily tasks, make maxed out items worth more. And get rid of the useless items that build up.

I used to love this game. I used to really enjoy this game. Then the daily challenges became unattainable unless you play the game alllllllllll day or pay loads of money to continue adding energy. I don’t even want to play it anymore. The goals are just too hard and I liked that I could still make the goal and get my orders done casually throughout the day. Now I can’t even do one. Why should I even bother playing if there is no reward? Also, the fossil that you get an order for at the beginning is also unattainable. I’ve done everything I can to look for it and still nothing. I am on level 27 and got the order for the fossil on level 1 or 2. I also can’t find any more maps to continue merging my treasure maps. I haven’t seen a treasure map since like level 10 or 11, so they are just taking up space that I don’t have. AND you merge the suppliers that spit items out which should give you higher leveled items more frequently, but 99% of the items that come out are level 1 items, even though the supplier is at max level. So again, what is even the point if it is this hard and no reward? I tried it, I loved it. They changed the game and I gave it a shot, but I don’t enjoy it anymore. It feels more like a chore now so I will be deleting it.

More energy. There’s so much potential, but even when I open the app 10x a day and use real money for energy I’m still getting stuck in development. The ads don’t always pop the bubbles and connecting your Facebook doesn’t show your friends in the friend list. Level 29 and my board and inventories are completely full. Selling maxed out items only gets you a few coins after spending thousands of energy merging to get them and the achievements are impossible unless you purchase cheats. I would spend hours a day on this game if it wasn’t for running out of energy. Hours. But the charge rate for energy is abysmal and half the features don’t work. Updating to say that the daily achievements pop up blocks the first item order so you can’t see what you need to get to fulfill it. I’ve tried closing out the app, doesn’t work. There’s no update available for the bug fix either.

Determined, but Not Really Fun Anymore. I’m not a fan of the new UPDATE. It definitely came out of left field! I try to play several times a day which is mostly out of determination and frustration. I am at level 37 and have dwelled there for what seems like a lifetime. Too dramatic? Maybe. Going up the chain to capture the very last dessert spawned my determination and frustration!! Obtaining building materials is akin to watching paint dry. It is insane for a 60 year old Kindergarten teacher to obsess over a game, especially when I am an advocate for much less screen time for children and more active play. I can afford to pay to play when it helps my perspective to enhance the game and have more fun. Spending money on Travel Town does nothing to enhance the game nor make it anymore fun. I just see it as a disguised subscription fee. I sincerely hope the developers will seriously reflect on these reviews. If said developers have any help suggestions, please share. Any and all advice from other players would be most appreciated.

Overall enjoyable. Fun match game, similar to other games out there. What makes this one unique is the town development aspect and the various producers that you get as you move through the game. Some are regular tap for an item, some spit the items out at a certain interval, and some need to be tapped multiple times to produce the item. Those last ones are the most frustrating, but I like the additional challenge of having to ration your energy and plan your moves to optimize order completion. I do have a few *minor* critiques. After a certain point, you stop using some producers all together. The game has a kind of cold storage for the obsolete producers to get them out of the way. However, I do wish the game would circle back to them sometimes. Just to mix it up. Also, the frequency of energy and gem drops is rather low compared to other similar games; it would be nice to have more of a chance to get energy and gems. In the same vein, the cost of energy feels high and I dislike that the item shop only offers gems prices. Overall, this is a nice game that keeps me returning daily. It’s relaxingly simple while providing a slight challenge in terms of resource management. The special events are always a fun bonus, too.

Was great. Was great before the update I was super far in now it take WAY WAY TO MUCH to upgrade the buildings I did enjoy the new addition when it was an realistic amount of products you need to upgrade but this is insane you went from a game i enjoyed more than any other Merge game and I play a lot to one I almost want to give up on. You went to far with this update, way way to far maybe make it a bit easier to upgrade buildings it shouldn’t take me over a month to upgrade a building and that’s just one portion not the whole building because there like 10 things you have to do to finish the building. I really recommend calming down on the amount of cement, wood wallpaper, and screws it takes upgrade. I wasn’t mad about this update resetting everything and screwing over my progress didn’t even complain but this is insane and is asking to much of the player. I swear this is just a money grab

Fabulous Merge Game with a Few “Kinks”. Let me start by saying that I have played probably 75-80% of the merge games out there and this is in my top 5! With that said, I do agree with what many others said (and it’s like that in a lot of merge games) once you get to the higher levels…it gets a bit boring. The game say there for months for me, I deleted it, and just downloaded it again. They added quite a bit of new stuff, which has made it fun for me again. I will update my review once I get to higher levels again. :) My request for the developer - I have tried my usual fixes for this - my countdowns are not functioning properly. I have a 24 hour chest that has been opening for three days. And my bag to get camera parts has been stuck since yesterday. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem. I’m not having the same issue in the event… Also, kudos to the developers for making a great game! Small bugs and good feedback can do wonders everyone! :)

Overall great!. I really like this game. It is simple and fun. There are natural slow-down mechanisms designed to get you to spend money, but they aren’t very bad and don’t interrupt the game in a way that detracts from it, in my opinion. However, I can’t give it five stars due to a specific problem. At the top of the game there are 4-5 community members with orders you need to fulfill. These orders tend to be the most important way of moving forward / making progress in the town. But early on one of the orders is for a fossil. And this fossil is basically impossible to get! And there is no way to dismiss / move on from that order. So I’m basically down to 3 orders for the rest of the game instead of 4. I did write to the app developer about the fossil, and they impressively responded rather quickly. But the way they said to try to get it is ineffective (I’ve clicked the relevant thing 500 times, so I did give it a chance) and for some reason the joker (which is supposed to merge with *anything*) won’t merge here either. So: overall very happy with the game. Don’t like this one thing that is detracting from my experience.

Was fun, completely stuck to easily. I had just maxed all the buildings when the update came along and reset everything back to level 1. I was happy to give this game another go from scratch, but quickly got stuck at level 17, for weeks. I went 2 solid weeks without any screws to advance one of the buildings. As upgrading buildings is the only way to advance levels, it was quickly no longer fun. The requirement to spend gems for the daily tool boxes is impossible. The amount if gems given for free to play, is negligible. It makes it seem like a cash grab to force people to buy gems. The only way to get gems free are from level up chests (see concern above on time required to level up,) and from the mystery island, which takes even longer to obtain the rare pieces to create. Even with these you get maybe 20 gems if you are lucky. Very disappointed in this update, and they beed to offer more ways to get toolboxes if they want to “smooth out” the level progression. Past level 15 progress us non-existant.

It’s a great game! But…. This game has potential, my problem with it is the fact that I click on something and it takes way more energy than it should for instance if I have 17 left in my energy and I only tapped something 4-5 why did it take 9 from me and only leave me with 8 left? I agree with most when they say that something’s waste energy but this is starting to get ridiculous. I am barely tapping anything, and I’m losing more energy than I should. The creators of this game needs to do a survey like most other games to get a lot of feedback from the people that play the game they’ve created i’ve actually spent money on this game to get all my energy back because I was determined to receive more after doing so, but after realizing that I pretty much get ripped off with energy the creators or taking my money and giving me nothing in return that does not look good on you, I highly suggest you fix this problem or stop creating games

I’m done. Update: I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t waste my time anymore. I can’t get the items I need to level up and the rest of the time it takes me forever to get the items to get tool chests. This isn’t fun anymore it’s become like a job. Thanks for the pointless updates that don’t help. The other day I finally complete a task that gave me 6 large toolboxes….I still wasn’t able to update any of the 5 outstanding buildings I have. I’m done. I loved this game. However I don’t think I can continue. I play the challenges to get toolboxes and meet the daily goal every day. Yet I still don’t get the parts I need to level up. The algorithm is not fair based on the needs you have. I have a million brick walls and yet zero wallpapers. This needs a better update and with all the tasks I complete I should have another option of leveling up. It’s frustrating to work towards so,etching for so long just to be disappointed. What is the point of an update with new buildings if I can’t even get to the buildings I have!! Also completely blocked from leveling up. I was a beta user and in half the time was a higher level than I am now after the reset. The tool boxes are way too random and don’t give what I need. I’ve been waiting on a plug for at least a month. I’m over this.

Love but…. Update: ditto absolutely everything notnova17 said Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Geez. It’s ridiculous what you’ve taken away. Greed? I’ve spent waaay too much on this game. Never again. Been paying a few months, level 131, have spent a bit of money. Enjoy concept very much. My issues include storage and recharge times. I bought all the extra spaces and at this point I am continuously struggling with space. You want folks to keep playing, correct? Then why have old “producers” unable to be deleted or sold? I do not understand the logic here. Also, why not make it so we can store tools not fully merged in the tool area? There are plenty of spaces there. I’ve read online that energy recharge used to be 30 seconds. Bad form making it now 90. Why have the wooden barrel and wooden animals if they are never requested quests? Overall, it’s a very fun game. With the money I’ve spent, and I’m sure others have too, don’t sit idle and not make improvements so we are all forced to quit. Not a threat, just see the writing on the wall.

Messed up. They did a major update where they completely redid the game. This was a few months back, everyone’s account got wiped and we got diamonds back we put into the game. We had no warning they were doing this. One of the main reasons they did this was to fix people getting “stuck.” We had to gather up resources which could take irl days to do. They made it worse, I have over 10k of the new “money,” but I don’t have the resources you need on top of the “money” to keep the story going. Before the wipe I almost had all the building completed. Now I don’t even 5 (there was over 30, now they added more.) they destroyed the game and it isn’t fun anymore. I gave it a few months after this new update. I’m stuck worse then before. At least before it took a few days irl. Now it takes WEEKS. Highly disappointed, only reason it had 2 stars is because the storyline is amazing. Everything is horrible and it’s not fun anymore.

Good concept, terrible execution. Just like the other reviewers experiences, I found this game fun and engaging at first but it quickly gets bogged down with impossible tasks and almost zero direction to progress forward. The game starts well, briskly moving through tasks, but without any direction at all, the board becomes over assorted with items that are useless rendering it impossible to advance. I see reviewers here that are ten to fifteen levels beyond me saying the very same thing, so obviously this is a persistent theme no matter your level of experience. Those reviewers are hardier than myself. I won’t be playing that long to find out I don’t like the game, I already know. The way items are produced, stopping just one item short of what you need to complete a task, is a clear effort to force the players hand into making in app purchases. This leads me to believe the developers main intention was not to make a game so engaging you’d want to spend money to enhance your experience, but rather a pretty brazen money grab before the player realizes the game isn’t worth their time, much less their money. Pretty graphics and greed don’t make a fun game. It all seems rather sloppy to me.

Good game. Overall, this is an enjoyable game that requires a lot of patience. One annoying thing is the MYSTERIOUS fossil order that has been on my screen for AGES (probably 20 levels at this point). Looking it up, it seems to be a common issue for people, with many even restarting the game from VERY high levels to go back to when they regularly had to use the Beach Bucket. I would have had no idea that it only came from merging the Beach Bucket’s Mysterious Letters to get an Island. These items do not appear in the collection so I have had the island to get the mysterious fossil but did not know to use it until looking it up online. So maybe these ‘mystery’ items are a little TOO mysterious. Also, there is a cool feature to sell or get rid of uneeded items that appears on the screen by tapping on something then clicking on the bottom of the screen that I only JUST discovered.

Almost Perfect…. I have played a lot of merge games and I enjoy this one very much. The story isn’t overly interesting but achieving milestones is still fun and not too drawn out or annoying. The only things I would change, are that first of all I seem to have hit some sort of stalemate around level 24 or so where I am only getting 3 tasks to complete where I used to be able to have 5-7 different “orders” to work towards simultaneously. This slows down gameplay significantly in a pretty frustrating way. I also wish that they would do events more often!! I love the little opportunities to work on a different board, but they only last like 3 days and they happen super rarely. I would love to have an event every 2 weeks or so, and maybe it could last for a week instead of only 2 or 3 days. With a couple small changes, this could be a five star game!!

Too many generators. Minor update: to give credit where it’s due, a lot of people were talking about how the generators were clogging up our inventory, and they went and added in a special generator inventory which freed up a lot of space. So, great move. Still weird they have so many (and don’t even use all of the parts within them - unless we revisit them way later) but, hey, small victories They keep adding new ones and you have to store away the old ones. And there is no way to get inventory slots with the basic currency like in EVERY OTHER GAME OF THIS TYPE. It’s still a good merge game though. However, these few things will keep it from being better than some of the others in the genre. But yea, someone else mentioned either adding a generator tab for storage, or, you know… stop adding a million generators/have future orders use the old generators. Of course, I’m sure it’s like this to con you into spending more money to add storage slots. I won’t fall for that, but I will keep playing until it becomes too much of a hassle (at this time I’m level 63 and it’s still manageable). Updated from 3 to 2 after multiple changes to make playing free even less friendly.

Great game for 36 levels. I really love this game. Usually I'm bored to death by the plot lines in games but I love the conversations and the little people and always want to read more. The matching game is a good balance of thought, luck, and persistence. But I completely agree with the reviewer who says the game peters out after level 41. I've limped along to level 47 hoping it would pick up again, but I'm about to give up. I've only got 3 goals at a time, and they're all for items that take a really long time to recharge, so I check in, tap the items a few times, and that's pretty much all that's worth doing. Sometimes I make a bunch of seashells and sell them but you really don't get much money for that. When I fulfill a goal I get another, but it's the same situation. One of my goals is for a level 2 key, and I've only gotten 1 key ever so I just keep waiting. Maybe I'll check back in a few months and see if it's recovered.

If only. This game seems super fun but if you aren’t able to stay focused/dedicated long enough over several days you’d lose interest bc of how hard it is to gain further gems/coins to keep making progress without paying for things - also, noticed on 1st day of game download the extra energy burst was $2.99/burst, now since I’ve had it longer than 1st day, each energy burst advertisement is showing $3.99/time… also, gems to buy more energy go up each day after you buy an energy boost with 10 gems, it goes up to 20 the next time. Hard to keep playing/stay on this game as the concept is so fun and perfect for what I’m seeking - just doesn’t bode well from a business perspective to lose your game players after, as I’m sure it’s hard enough to get us in and hooked! Keep us engaged and playing with more gems/energy provided for less physical cost and I’d stay on more!

Used to be fun. I used to play this game all the time but now they have made it almost impossible to get anywhere like they want you to fail. There are so many times I waste all 100 moves in a minute or so just trying to get one item and it purposefully will not give me that item and sometimes it takes me days to completed one order because of the new update. The rewards are garbage now because I have to earn 25k to get 30 more moves? That is impossible and 140k in one day without buying moves it outrageous because I do not trust the game enough to actually give me the item I need if I did spend the money. It is like I suddenly need an item and it magically does not show up anymore making it impossible to complete a task. Also, the couple day challenges are annoying because at least twice now, I have gotten to the last level and it starts crashing and going back to several orders before almost like I am not allowed to hit the final level. I hope they get it fixed, otherwise I am just going to delete it.

The newest update is terrible !. I’ve been playing this game for more than a couple of months and really got hooked to it. I like it so much I actually bought energy & gems for this game. I was on Level 51!! I wasn’t even done with all of the unlocking of the buildings. When I updated the newest version June 2021. They put me back to level 1!! Yes you guys gave me a lot of Gems back , but it didn’t last too long & I needed them for energy #newupdate! Why this update?? so this app update has new and exciting different things?? It’s actually harder to level up now. Yes you have new things, but in order to build houses you also Now need more “🙂” smiley faces & supplies in the game verse before where only needed game coins. On top Of that you waste more energy with this new upgrade. So after this I’m on level 17 and I’m struggling, it’s not that fun anymore. Sorry to say I lost interest in this game and now will delete. I’m very disappointed & sad this game is no longer my favorite. The makers got too carried away in this update making it harder for us “Gamers” . When I mean harder you have to spend more $$ on gems and energy to level up!! It’s not worth it!! I love Merge games this is app was in my Top 5!! Not anymore!!

It was fun…. At first. I really enjoyed the game at first when it wallowed me to play for awhile. Once you run out of energy, you’re screwed. The ads that offer 25E are sporadic, and sometimes not offered to me for days at a time. The higher up the levels, the more items it takes to complete an order, and sometimes I use 200E just to complete 1/2 an order. There’s no opportunity for more energy, and from what I’ve gotten from discussion posts, the bubbles USED to give energy, but now just coins. I have an unbelievably uneven ratio to coins vs. Energy, and it gets to the point where I can only play for 5-10 minute bursts throughout the day (if I’m patient, it’s usually less). From what I can tell, the developers are either struggling, or getting greedy. I don’t mind throwing $1-$2 here or there for some energy every once and awhile, but I’m not going to fund the game just for a few extra minutes of playing time. I don’t think I’ll be playing anymore until there’s some change. It really is a fun game, but it’s apparent the entire game is a money trap, not made for purely enjoyment. Like I said, if there were more opportunities for energy that didn’t come from out of my pocket, and better in-game incentives that made the game playable, I’d probably start playing again. Until then…. I’ll patiently play a different game. It’s just too tedious at this point. :(

DO NOT WASTE UR TIME OR MONEY!!!. I have played this game for 3 weeks and am at level 28. At first you progress quickly but then things drastically slow down and you have to make pricey purchases to play for more than twenty minutes at a time. It takes hours for the energy bar to refill and then you only get about twenty minutes of playtime. The storyline is fun and I enjoy merge games but it's too expensive. Also the watch a video get a reward often glitches. I have watched several videos with the promise of a difficult prize only to be cheated. It takes a lot of energy and gems to progress in this game and it becomes very frustrating very quickly. If you don't like spending a lot of real cash don't even bother. I regret the few purchases I made. **I am constantly being cheated out of gems and other things I have gathered in the game. I don't know if this is retaliation for writing my negative review last week or what but I am extremely disappointed. Also it's not easy to get support or contact anyone at all. Beware!!!!**

can’t even play. UPDATE: want to update this to say that i can’t even play it now. at all. not sure what the point is of a game that i can’t even open. it was frustrating enough to have to struggle for a while to get it to work but now it doesn’t work at all. opens, loads, crashes, closes. and starts to overheat my phone in the process. i’ll start to say i love this game. it keeps me occupied for a good amount of time and although it’s simple i really do like it. the biggest problem is that it keeps crashing! sometimes i have to close and open it multiple times before i can actually play the game. once it stops crashing it’s usually fine for a good while but it can be really frustrating getting to that point. and it overheats my phone terribly. no other game or app that i have makes my phone overheat like this. i don’t know why. i also wish i could get more energy chests but that may just be because i’m impatient and want to play when i’m in the mood to, not when the game allows me.

Good in the beginning but…. I do enjoy this game but not enough to keep it. The game is unfair and expensive. First off, it takes a lot of diamonds to purchase items in the store and even top up on energy. Buying energy with diamonds starts off at 10 diamonds and then doubles from there (should have started with 5, 10, 20 and so on). Also when you pay for diamonds the amount you pay is way more than the diamonds you get. One simple item in the store can cost over 100 diamonds. Also, the game seems rigged. One producer can give you multiple items. When you need a beverage for example you get a bunch of tomatoes. You can use all of your 100 energy to get beverages and only receive 2. Ridiculous. You get the items when you don’t need them and run out of energy so fast. That stupid tile maker takes about 5 moves just to get one tile and even then it’s not guaranteed. You can get a stupid dud. I really hate this game. Not fair and not worth it. The creators are more concerned with making money and getting you to spend than they are with you enjoying the game. I will be deleting this game. Not worth it!

Fun but too many items on the board. It’s fun but there are so many different types of items needed or collected that produce other things and the board fills up way too fast trying to merge little items to become larger requested items. With producers at maximum level you still only start receiving the second lowest items to merge so it takes FOREVER to create anything requested and then the rewards are small. You can purchase gems (no thanks) or earn them (difficult) to buy storage space but it’s not worth it because you still won’t ever have enough room. Also, you easily run out of energy and you have to wait for producing items to recharge when you do have energy or again, spend gems. Many producing items are not really needed and can be stored after a certain level but you earn one storage slot at a time in certain levels. Unlimited storage should be given considering many if not most producing items aren’t used after certain levels unless you can created & store 3 maxed out items such as 3 crowns/tiaras. I turned off the chat after each building was upgraded since I didn’t care about the pretend conversations. Wish it were better as it’s a cute idea. The game is not really like their advertisements seen on other apps.

Mysterious Letters. I have been playing this game for maybe almost a year now and though I love it, there are some frustrating issues. Before the overhaul, I progressed pretty quickly. This time, I feel as though my progress is being held up because I am lever 21 and I have not seen another mysterious letter since I started the updated game weeks ago. I didn’t have this issue before hand and was able to collect the items needed for the island fairly quickly. Now, I’m stuck with a mysterious map with nothing to merge it with. The fossil task has been sitting there for weeks now with no avail. I just don’t get the issue with the lack of letter drops from the bucket. I tap and tap and tap and tap…..nothing. I’m not saying the letter has to drop all the time from the bucket, but this is ridiculous. Do they just stop after a certain level? I really love this game like I said before but wow is that annoying.

Has potential.... I, like many others, had my progress reset with The Update. I thought it was fun at first, there were new resources to get, and it was much easier to get the higher level item spawners compared to before. The idea of having building materials was also interesting. However, they completely nerfed the drop rate of higher level items from the spawners. For example, previously, at a level 7-8 sand bucket, you could occasionally spawn max level sand castles and starfish. Now, you can only spawn level 3 castles and shells, max. Same with the picnic basket, and I imagine every other spawner. The devs claim that this new update will smooth the progression, so you don't have to be stuck on a level for days. That's not the case. Orders are MUCH higher level, asking for items at the end of the merge chain, and you have to spend days grinding for orders and building supplies. Do I think this is a ploy to get players to spend more money? Probably. Bad move, devs. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I'll keep the game until the next update comes out. Maybe this new version just needs to be balanced better. I think the devs should've just made a sequel, tbh, instead of resetting long-time players.

Still getting stuck with big update…. First off, I do really enjoy this game, and I don’t mind the new update too much. Even though we had to start over, you gave us all our diamonds back, and it was kind of nice to start with a fresh board again. HOWEVER, you said it was to give smoother progresss for everyone and less instances of getting stuck and that’s NOT what’s happening for me. I’m at level 16 and progress has pretty much halted completely. Tasks that offer supplies as rewards are not often enough to continue upgrading the buildings so I have 3 buildings just sitting there waiting for me to get more cement mixers, brick walls, and boxes of nails. So progress has almost completely stopped for me and I am unable to play the game as intended. I get what you were trying to do but you need another update to accomplish it. Right now I am just disappointed and frustrated. (Side note, the amount you get for selling high level items is ridiculous. For example, the large bacota sandwich is level 13, but when you sell it you only get 12 back, which is borderline insulting! You get 1 for the mix of olives that is level 2 in the same category so we should be getting A LOT more back for the sandwich considering it takes 2,048 olives to create it…just something to think about as this is always something about your game that has always rubbed me the wrong way.)

Updates= less energy/rewards. I used to like this game because it gave you the opportunity of playing a while with the chests and energy it would give you constantly. It was fun until major updates that happened since 2022 were there’s barely any chests given (unless you pay), barely any energy is given, and NOW in a recent update you can’t even level up and you only give half of the energy (out of 100) you used to give???? Like how do you expect people at higher levels/harder levels (I’m level 56 so I think I have played enough to know) to WANT to play if there’s barely any motivation/rewards/energy you give? Ofc UNLESS YOU PAY..its almost like it’s being forced without telling you to do it. It’s kind of disappointing because I loved this game not bc it was easy but bc the rewards kept me playing…now it’s either I wait hours to play or pay. I don’t know if after this update I want to keep playing. My last straw was this latest update of only getting 50 energy after leveling up. That was the ONLY time you could get a decent chance to keep playing. It should’ve at least stayed the same as before to keep players motivated. Such a disappointment.

frustrating and a money pit. This game is more frustrating than fun. I get that the developers’ object is to make money but too many diamonds are needed just to play the game. I am fine paying to play but the diamonds are needed to recharge the items after only a few hits. One must pay multiple times just to play. Otherwise one has to wait 5-20 minutes to recharge after just 30 seconds of playing. Also the sewing kits, maps, and pouches can’t be discarded and take up spots on the board. There are not enough inventory spots & these also cost diamonds. The concept and graphics are good on this game but the game is stacked against the player. I buy items in other games that help me advance & reward me- the in-app purchases in this game only give you a couple of days of play & then you must buy diamonds again or wait to play. Very frustrating. I’m looking for other merge games that are more fair to the player. The developers need to strike a better balance between revenue generation and game satisfaction. Game Over.

Fun but don’t spend $ on it. This game cheats you big time!…Lots! Bubbles that are supposed to pop & give you a match, to up the level won’t pop or it’ll just disappear. Adds that are supposed to play to give you extra life won’t give you extra after you watch the add/s. At times when you play for an extended time & all your items that are to match up to get to the goal, they stop matching up just before you get to the last one.😖 The extra ‘seasonal’ add on games won’t allow you to win on those either. You do good at first but then the games stops putting out anything just when you get close to winning, so you cannot win! So frustrating! The only reason I play is because it helps pass time, but I’m glad I don’t spend $ on it. And items you have saved & you go to retrieve when needed… yeah they have all of a sudden disappeared! When you know they were there & now there’s a vacant spot all of a sudden!🤔

Blue Gems!. Hello developers. Getting straight to the point. Either the recharge time needs to be lowered or give more opportunities to gain blue gems to buy energy. The shop is useless to me because i never have blue gems to spend. Why cant things in the shop be bought with smileys instead? Certain orders take entirely too long to fulfill. This drives you to have to try to merge other items in the meantime which quickly fills the board with items you cant sell because theyre needed. With each source at least give enough items to make half the order. Also when leveling up the energy level should rise. 100 is not alot of energy when your whole top row is a source object. The seashells and silverware takes forever! In closing, dont take this as a negative review. Love the game and latest update. Not asking for a simplified game but more of a balance. I play daily every chance i get. But make it worth my effort . I shouldnt be merging for weeks to get one high level food item. Its pointless to use the whole 100 energy to try and get one high leveled food item thats still not completed after using the next 100 after waiting on a recharge. Work with me please. Im level 24 and only have 4 areas unlocked. Come on!

Needs major changes and update is more expensive - bring back bubbles turning to energy. The newer update made it much harder to get energy. Before the extra drops were bubbles that turned into energy when unpopped, now they are coin. I have over $300k in coin but have almost no room on my board, and cannot move forward in the game because I need more energy to merge. At level 136 it takes weeks or months to get enough resources to build and move forward. Changing the way we received energy was a huge mistake, now I am stuck at this level and is no longer fun. I use to pay money for gems when energy was in the bubbles, because it meant I could play awhile. Now I barely play and refuse to spend any money on this game now. I’ve tried a few times since the changes with the bubbles, and not worth. Shame the game had to be so greedy. You went from someone spending money weekly to never again because of your greed. Also, all the storage slots are all used by useless generators. So all that time and money spent getting full storage is wasted by 70% of it being occupied by generators I have not been asked to use in months. Ridiculous.

Was better before update. I get updates happen and even though I was level 46 and everything was reset I don’t mind. My issue is being stuck at level 17 😓I feels like I have to spend money to try to get past it which I don’t want to do. Almost all orders that give you measly tool boxes require tea and other stuff from the herb garden, but the herb garden barely gives you enough to get the level 4 out of 7 item you need to make tea and even then your lucky if you get the right item out of the 2 produced. Even when you get enough tools too build it gives you barely any experience for the time and effort you have to put into getting the tools, I shouldn’t get more experience for giving 100 smileys then giving 9 cement and 1200 smileys 😑 Developers please for the love of all that is holy balance the system and don’t make it so I have to check in 5 times a day for a week just to get basic order items

Cute and fun but tons of issues. Story and game pieces are great. But each building that makes items can only produce a few until it stops and recharges. This is the worst part of the game. I'm on level 42 and the orders can take days of work to fill. Thus it's really hard to do anything. I've got 1200 energy because of the energy crates and I can only use 20 energy a day because all of the buildings lock up. Many don't unlock for 20 minutes. Very frustrating. Someone compared it to Merge Mansion, so I downloaded that one to compare. It works so much better. The game play is way better and it's almost identical to travel town. More review......some buildings never get orders so they just sit. If you want to use your energy to make stuff randomly your board gets full and you need to sell stuff for very few coins. Items that took you days to make are sold for almost nothing. If your lucky and can fill an order the price paid doesn't match how long it took you to make it. I've had items I've made in the beginning that are never ordered. Some orders are for really rare items you never get and the orders just sit. Refreshing the orders would be nice. Like other games there are slots and if you refresh an order you don't get another for 24hrs. That's fair. Each item should show a value so you can decide if you want to sell. I'm really hoping an update is in the next week. Or I'll delete game. I don't recommend playing. It's very frustrating.

Not as good as before. I, like many of the reviews below had time invested which was the reason I continued to play even after my entire progress had been erased. I made it to level 49 before I was sent back to 1. At first I saw that it was easier to unlock the higher level picnic basket, luggage for photos, etc. but now the game has become TERRIBLE!! I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to add the tool boxes that are nearly impossible to acquire in the first place. But they give random tool pieces and only give you 5-10 at a time depending on the box size. I’m currently trying to upgrade the herb store to level 3 and I need 14 wood pieces!!! 14!!! I have been stuck on this level for days and I’m over it!! If you never played the game before the update then you may enjoy this new version because you don’t know any better, but I don’t want to play anymore. The developers should do us all a favor and delete this new version. I will play again if they bring back the old version.

Gonna get fed up fast. So, I wanna start by saying that a stupid amount of the 5 star ratings on this game are A.I. generated. Its almost hilarious reading some of the responses that would never come out of a person’s mouth. Only for the “app developers” to leave their A.I generated response of “Wow! Thats great to hear! Glad you are enjoying travel town👍🏼” to comments that literally just say things like “NHSJEKKEISNAWJ😵‍💫🤧🤔🫡😩.” Y’all are goofy, fake, and money grubbin. You have a game that has so much potential to be great but you have sold out just like pretty much every other game on the app store. I understand that you do not have any ads (unless you want 25 energy for a minute of your time). However, id rather watch occasional ads if it meant that you didn’t create an addiction to limited energy for 5 minutes of game play. I mean really? 1 energy every 2 minutes? Come on now. Every real person that plays this game has let you know that you seriously fudged that one up, and they are quitting your game because of it. Myself included if that isnt fixed in the next update. That all being said, I love this game. But seriously consider fixing it or it will die off just like every other game that has created the choice between limited game play or pay. Now go ahead and attach the response from the developer. “YoURe FeEdBaCk hAS beEN NOted. ChECk BacK FoR MoRE TrAVeL ToWn UpDAtes.”

Rookie Developers | Cannot Save Player’s Progress While Updating Their Game!. Super rookie of the developers to delete everyone’s progress because they updated some stuff. The many hours everyone spent waiting for items to recharge, the hours many people spent to wait for their energy recharge, the amount of ads people watched to get JUST 25 ENERGY. Whether it might have been beta or not, there are ways to keep progress while cleaning and updating a game. Would not be surprised for you to take people’s money every time you update and we have to start over again. UPDATE: Takes forever to upgrade buildings. We don’t get enough supplies from the toolbox. Trash game to need to start over. ALSO, the amount of diamonds they give us is nowhere near enough to get us back to where we were before the update. Update 2: Orders needs to be refreshed or catered to what we have on our board. I have been doing the same things over and over and still have items I cannot even turn in. It takes up so much room.

Fun game but a few big issues. I find the game itself very fun. What I find odd is that unlike all the other games I have, you get “free” rewards/energy/gems etc, when you follow on social media, or sign up for emails, I can’t seem to figure out how to do that as I got nothing as “promised” when you join on social media. I also get free daily awards on all my other games, but not this one. I feel like this is a form of instrumental persuasion to try to get players to purchase energy and gems. Which, to an extent, I understand. However, it’s really bad how often you get stuck/ how long we have to wait for each energy bolt. Makes me not really want to play past round 16. Seems many other people are having the same issue at that specific round as well… hmmmm….

On the fence. When I started I loved playing the game! I watched every video I could, joined the Facebook group. I went all out for this game and I’ll admit I’ve spent a couple bucks on energy when I’ve been bored 😂 but recently the game is either not working right or just being rude when you get to a certain level. I takes so much money to upgrade one thing, and the orders don’t give me a lot of money compared to how long it takes to fill them. Because when you need to place and order, the baskets never give you the items you need, it gives you the exact opposite. Also for the card collections, it always gives me old cards and never new ones. I have almost competed every single one, and now I don’t get new cards. It’s just starting to take forever to do anything. So I’m on the fence of whether to keep playing or not 🤷🏼‍♀️

Disappointed and frustrating. I agree with those reviews that are more negative because of frustration with collecting and obtaining goals in the game. After the last big update, it was disappointing to start again from the beginning, and I was going to just delete the game, however I held in there knowing i did get all of the gems and energy back to rebuild the town again. However, it takes WAY too long to acquire the building materials to even begin to set up the village. You guys took the fun out of completing a task and receiving energy and “perks” from the game. It takes days if not weeks to even gather supplies to be “allowed” to build. I am finding myself now spending money on gems, and never earning more than 10 gems at a time with playing the game for long periods of time. I’m really losing interest in this game which I really did love playing. I’m hoping for an update to fix the “bugs” and difficulty obtaining building materials. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to move on……

Needs more options. I originally downloaded from watching the ad in another app. I enjoy the game however you get stuck with no energy unless you spend real money and I’m not about to do that on this silly game. I am willing to watch ads for energy but the option is RARELY there. Seems like everyone’s giving you the same feedback and have been for over a year… change the way we earn energy and the recharge rate!! Also you have to combine so many objects just to get to one thing and they’re always basic items poppin out. There are hardly any already merged items which wastes all your energy. It gets old and boring. The board is small so the further along you get the less items you can create because you have to merge a bunch of single stones to get to a stupid shell !!! The app won’t be fun or used much longer with that system. All of you using your money and still unsatisfied —-quit spending your hard earned money on this app—— they just want your money and couldn’t care less about fixing the issues. As long as you spend they won’t fix it. Also I watch your stupid ads for bubble items and it doesn’t even pop them half the time. So unhappy with your app it’s ridiculous especially reading the reviews - Greedy greedy developers !

Recent update. I play multiple times a day for the last few months or so. There is something wrong with the “packs of cards” algorithm populating the photo albums and it produces way too many duplicates. I understand that it’s supposed to be a challenge to complete the albums but I have 5-8 of some cards and am missing several with the same star value as the ones I’ve gotten several times. That seems stupid to me and I don’t look at this part of the game as anything other than a random dice roll. There are so many duplicates that I don’t even look at the cards when they're open because I know there are going to be more duplicates. You need to fix this part or get rid of it. You could make the duplicates redeemable so we get coins back for them, but something needs to changes because this part of the game is lame.

Another “Fun at first” review ..... When I first started playing it, my thought was finally a merge-game I really like. There were a bunch of goals to complete. A nice flow of energy to play with - the items were cute. I really liked the “board” concept. Well, I made it to level 13 and suddenly the pace just stopped. I have only 2 goals to complete. One is an artifact fish that people on the FB page tell me they had to reach a much higher level to ever achieve it. The other goal is a picture portrait and the backpack to make cameras and then the cameras themselves take forever to recharge. So I am at a standstill - I typically stop playing these energy-based games for this reason because I always run out of energy in a matter of minutes. Now I have energy, but no reason to use it until my backpack charges. Tapping my foot wondering when the game will get fun again. Next day playing the game - waiting for the boat to recharge is taking forever - recharge times will definitely kill this game for me. Ending on a positive note - I really enjoyed the special safari event with the tigers - that’s about how long it should take for items to recharge, IMHO. After several weeks of opening this game to play it, things have only gotten worst with the recharge times. It’s taking days to weeks to complete a single task. Never got to play the special safari event again, the one thing about the game I liked, so made this game a one star, at best.

Enjoy but Glitches. I do enjoy this game, even with the limited energy you receive. What I don’t enjoy is watching ads that are upwards of a minute long, being promised a reward, just to not be given the reward (more energy or actually in game items) and to have the game completely freeze. Upon restarting the app the rewards that were supposed to have been given for watching the ads are not there. This happens about 50% of the time and I feel like not only is this crappy, since the vendor for the game is being paid for the ads being watched, but may also violate some FCC laws about truth in advertising. This has been an ongoing issue since I began playing several months ago, and the app has been updated several times with no change in this behavior. This is not an issue of connectivity on my end as I get almost TB speeds.

I love it just some tips. First of all I really love your game and I find it super entertaining, but I do have a couple things to add. First is that you should spend coins to buy items you need not gems. Second, You should add more orders for different producers we’ve already unlocked. Third, when there is a special game mode for a different holiday or season, if you get any building materials they should go to your board in the other game mode. Fourth, items that are ordered should be worth more coins, for example something on stage 8 should be worth 6,000 coins or so not 2,000. Fifth, we should get more storage or a bigger board to merge things. Lastly, you should be able to buy building materials like concrete and bricks with coins. Thank you so much and I hope this helped and you could possibly add some of this to the game!!

Has potential but mostly just frustrating. I enjoyed a lot of aspects of this game, but the ratio of “energy” to items is severely lopsided. You will get maybe a minute or two of free play on a very limited board before waiting 2 minutes for 1 single energy that is used to produce one low level product that comes from a producer item (that also takes up space on the board) that pops out multiple strands of items. So if you’re trying to make a salad, you’ll get sushi and desserts. And then the second you merge up the sushi cause you are out of space, the next thing the game will request is the sushi that you just merged that took 3 days of play just to make…it’s SUPER frustrating. I ended up deleting the game after a week because the rate of play to wait and frustration was not worth it. The town that you’re “building” doesn’t progress quickly at all. It will be days before you can do the next step unless you’re spending TONS of money. Most games offer in-app purchases for $1-5 but this wants $7.99 for the opportunity to have another 10 minutes of play…I don’t know who would actually spend money on this thing.

Great game!. I started playing this game because it was the only one I have found that is anything like Merge Mansion, but it has turned out to be much better, and the storyline is actually interesting in this one (a little weak, but still interesting). I honestly don’t understand why some reviewers are complaining that it is a money grab and impossible to play after a few levels or so. I am level 34 and have not been stuck unable to advance anywhere and I have not had to spend a dime. The only issue is the fossil quest - I eventually gave up on it and googled it, and found out that it drops from the lower level beach bucket. As your beach bucket gets to be higher levels, the chance of it dropping go down drastically. So it took a very long time to get it from my maxed bucket - be sure to get it before you level the beach bucket. Otherwise it is a great game that I have as much fun with now as I did 34 levels ago, and I will probably be still be playing it for a lot longer.

New update fixed issues!. The recent update to this game fixed the issues I was having! I have orders populating like they should and I’ve been progressing quickly since, but the need for building materials to upgrade buildings slows progression down in a good way (don’t want to blow through everything in a couple of days!). Fixing up the buildings and rebuilding a beach town is very fun, and the text conversations between the various NPCs are fun to read. The only reason that I’m taking a star off is because I feel like the order for the mysterious fossil should not pop up until you’ve leveled past a certain point. It seems a difficult order for a beginning player to tackle. Other than that though, this game is really fun!

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Addictive. I didn’t not know what it is but I find myself opening this game every 5 minutes to see if I have enough energy to complete an order. Love it

Please fix. I have been playing for quite some time now. I am on level 71 and since the new upgrade the bubbles do not create energy, now they make coins which will make it impossible to get additional energy’s other than waiting for them to regenerate this will make every user bored and not play. why are they not making energy’s?

Hard to level up. Love the game but when you get the tool boxes it doesn’t give you all the tools to fix the buildings I’ve reached the max in a few but impossible to get the ones needed been like that for a month now it’s very frustrating. I think tools need to be more evenly dispensed as you work so hard to get some the larger tool boxes to get the same tools as the small tool boxes.

Regrettably flawed. This game is definitely deserving of five stars, but for a single feature, which may be the most pathetic attempt at extracting money from players that I have ever encountered. Once you have reached a certain level, you can’t interact with the game for more than a minute at a time before it needs to ‘recharge’, and the time that it takes to do so ranges between a minute and an hour. The only way to prevent this from happening is by purchasing diamonds, but the number of diamonds that it takes to fast-track a recharge makes it prohibitively expensive to do so. I get it. You need revenue. That’s fine. Maybe think of a better way of acquiring it: this heavy-handed attempt has ruined the playability of your game and made it functionally worthless.

Pretty good!. Great game and super satisfying to merge all the items. However it doesn’t give enough toolboxes to level up and it can take a few weeks to upgrade one building which is frustrating 🤦🏽‍♀️

Wow!!. Can I just say i’m fairly new here, about 8 months since I’ve downloaded this game. And in this game theres been many changes BUT this recent update blew my mind. You guys are killing it!! Love Love love it.

Latest upgrade broke things. The latest update seems to have broken the Beach Bar as I can no longer get fruit that I need for an order. Not one, while I was able complete all the plated food on the menu. I have really enjoyed playing up until now, but if not fixed I may quite playing as it will slow down my levelling up as I can not get tools for upgrades.

Always out of energy. Good game but you only get 5-10m of play time before you’re out of energy and it takes 2.5 hours to replenish fully. Also the price of more energy (in diamonds) doubles when you buy it - if it stayed at 20 for ~5m play time that would still be too expensive but I’d do it more often. Let us play ads for energy more often. Otherwise the game is fun, though it’s a little weird to get flirty comments when I go out to the main screen like it assumes the whole audience is both a girl and into guys.

Getting sick of the bugs!. I quite enjoy this game over all but I am getting so sick of the bugs!! It is so frustrating when you click on an item in a bubble and it won’t let you click on the ad option or when it plays the ad but doesn’t give you the item! Come on guys!! You can’t do better!

Love it but there’s 1 issue. I’m level 49 I love this game and it’s deserving of 5 starts but I’m starting to think it’s impossible for me the get the letters, I’ve spent well over 10,000 energy on the bucket and I haven’t got a single letter, this issue is bugging me because I’ve had the mystery fossil task on my screen since the start and haven’t been able to complete it, also I think a more even drop of materials needs to be sorted, there are certain materials I’m struggling to get whilst having too many of the other ones Absolutely adore this game although these things are bringing it down and that’s why I’ve given it a 4 star

Very good game. I really enjoyed the game but it won’t load for me anymore I keep getting stuck on the loading page for a very long time and it won’t work. PLEASE FIX cos I really like the game (i already updated it just in case u were wondering)

Super great game… mostly. I absolutely love this game and play it all the time, like… every day. The only downside is that the energy depletes super fast and as you progress you can’t really complete any goals without spending real money. The energy you get depletes so fast when trying to get higher level items that you can only play for like a minute before you need to leave the game for a few hours for it to recharge. Don’t get me wrong, I know they need to make money and I have certainly spent money when I feel like sitting down and playing for a long time. It’s just a bit of a shame that I can’t play it like that daily or that it’s probably inaccessible for a lot of people due to the money you’d have to spend to play for any length of time.

Frustratingly slow. I love this game BUT I’ve already spent 30AUD to progress quickly and this gets used up quickly. It would be much more enjoyable if there were more orders to fill or you could flick some away so that you didn’t waste energy and space with items not needed It’s obviously controlled by the game - but I’m losing interest and will not be spending anymore money so fast

Highly recommend!. This merge game is everything that you want the other merge games to be. It outshines and outlasts all the ones I've played. Energy is cheaper, spawners last longer and are varied and branched. It's not easy, it's very challenging but has plenty of ways to get items off the board. I've been stuck a couple of times so far. but never to the point of frustration. You're not pushed to buy gems but what's available is well priced The storyline is good, the characters are cute and diverse, the graphics are excellent. it's a long game, I've been playing a month and still haven't completed anywhere near all my merge lines or even my spawn lines. I have nothing negative to say. Great game! Well done!!

Awesome Game!. This is one of the most entertaining and well thought out games l have ever played on the iPad.I've never played this type of merge game before, and after downloading more after trying this one, travel town is by far the best. Thank you for a great game.

Started out ok. Game play is good, only ads you get are the ones you choose to watch to help progress with an action however it is targeted for you to spend real money, which is fine if you’re enjoying the game, but there is a pottery wheel that you have to tap around 7-8 times counting toward your energy spend just to get one item from it, and since you need to get many items to merge them your energy depletes fast not to mention it also spits out failed items which you need to use energy to get rid of them! (7 hits to remove) this then means you have no energy left to obtain any of the other challenges, the daily challenges are hard to complete unless you’re spending real money, got to level 29 and have deleted the game, if you have patience you can get through the levels but will hardly make the daily missions unless you spend money on it, I may have kept the game longer but the pottery wheel is just useless and makes the game worthless spending so much energy to attempt to get the items you need and chance’s are it will take a couple of days to obtain them. Definitely not worth my time when there are so many other merge games out there. The game board is very small, so no room to hold everything especially failed items, the storage box is small so you have to spend diamonds to make it larger there’s just to many faults to keep playing

Will rip you off. Recent improvements have ruined this game, made it less enjoyable to play and even more transparently a money-making scheme not even slightly interested in making the game play experience fun. They’re getting stingier with the rewards they give you for leveling up and having lots of expensive events that are impossible to complete without spending money. Steer clear if you don’t want to be locked into this money making scheme that is, admittedly, addictive to play.

Started out ok but getting very lengthy. I’m on level 30 and it started addictive. However the pottery uses a lot of energy and I’ve spent money on it but it uses up too quickly and I’ve refused to spend more on this game. It’s great in the beginning but I’ve decided to quit and delete the app now as the orders are getting too long to fulfil without spending money. Still, a good way to keep myself entertained all the way up to level 30.

Progress becoming harder. I used to really enjoy this game but it’s becoming increasingly harder to play and progress. The daily challenges require an impossible amount of money to be earned in 24 hours. The only way to achieve this would be to pay real money. It would be okay if it was once in a while but there are more and more ‘special’ challenges like this. It was more enjoyable when we had the classic ‘spend 5 gems’ and ‘fulfil 5 requests’ daily challenges. I can now play the game for a whole day without achieving a single request as they are all top tier items that require a very high number of merges to achieve. I’m up to level 72 and am about to give up as I feel no sense of achievement or enjoyment anymore.

Was a good Game. Now what’s the point?. This game was awesome and I could spend ages on it but since they took away the energy rewards and made the challenges so much harder, I literally spend 5 minutes or less until I run out of energy and then I can’t play anymore. Shame as it was really good 🥺

Great game. I am really enjoying this game and have been playing it for quite some time. The only suggestion I have for the developers is to include some other setting in addition to the Jungle - India with different features which would make it much more exciting. The reason is whenever the Jungle comes as an additional sub-game it becomes repetitive and predictable as you have to start from scratch each time. If you introduce other countries/themes/features that would be awesome.

Love it, but.... Great game but: Energy takes too long to recharge and, When it has recharged, it is used up very quickly. It takes too long, too slow, to see results.

Developers please note. This was a Great game, but the new version requires somewhat too many tools to make progress, so it is a bit frustrating. Now that I have exhausted the free diamonds, I would have to buy way too many diamonds to make further progress, so I am giving up on this game. It has got too greedy.

Really fun, BUT. Obsessed with this game, it’s so fun but the ‘energy’ you need to make moves on the board drains SO fast, so you can really only play for a few minutes at a time unless you want to spend money, and it takes AGES to replenish when the app is closed. I WANT to play more, but I can’t justify spending money and they don’t give you enough moves without it

Pottery wheel glitch. I love this game but I’m getting a glitch that’s really frustrating. For some reason, one of my producers has turned into a second pottery wheel. I have my pottery wheel, and then I have a second one - which used to be my boat. So I can’t use my boat. It’s changed which one it is a few times - for a while there it was my surfer van that turned into the pottery wheel, before that it was my jewellery display. The support ticket function isnt working and this has lasted ages.

Please less time to wait for boat, restaurant etc....? 🙁. 16th March ‘21. Seriously getting fed up with waiting for boat etc... to have approx 10 taps before waiting another 5-10mins if you’re lucky before being able to tap again. 😡 At the point where I’ll be deleting game if there are no changes to this ridiculous waiting time. People aren’t going to spend money or like in my case continue to spend money on a game that you can’t really play for any good length of time. 9th March ‘21. I’m loving this game but have saved up sooo much energy that now I’m getting frustrated waiting for boat, camera & restaurant to ‘recharge’ before I can complete any orders because all the quests aside from merge items is for those items from them. I have 1200 energy sitting in storage that I can’t use unless I want to fill board with items I don’t need ☹️ Please make it less time for them to recharge or get rid of that idea altogether because it’s very frustrating not being able to complete quests in a game I’ve found to enjoy so much. Thank you Lee

A little disappointed. This was a great game. I loved playing it prior to the new update. Since the update though it is so hard to level up. The amount of tool required to be able to build the buildings is far too high and creating the items for the tasks to get the tools is insane with how long it takes. The game is now starting to get very boring as it can take weeks just to get enough items to create an item for a task. I would like to see the developers rethink the last update and maybe re-jig it slightly to reduce the number of items required to complete a task and possibly reduce the number of tools required to upgrade a building.

Glitch with energy. Got 100 energy from a reward, went to use it in the sanctuary and it disappeared. Kept playing later got 100 from the lightning I had stored up, went to the sanctuary and that also disappeared. Please fix this. Otherwise a pretty fun game, enjoying it so far.

Great little game. Love this. It’s a great object matching game and I really enjoy it, just wish the dispensing items didn’t time out so quickly. You can purchase additional energy and gems, but you don’t have too if you’re willing to wait and be patient, which is great for people like myself that can’t afford to be spending money on games right now but still love to play them.

Love it, but need more energy. I love this game, a great concept! but once you get through to the higher levels it doesn’t give you enough energy to make much progress at all at a time. Which makes it slow and frustrating. I would even watch adds for more energy if that was possible.

Too hard to have any fun. Regrettably this really could be a fun game to pass time or get addicted to, but it’s too difficult. Energy runs out within minutes as the level of items you need requires hours of energy. Just for one level could take you an entire day or more. Any items you want to buy to fast progress are extremely expensive. This feels like more of a money grab than wanting loyal players.

Ok to waste some time. Good game as far as merging ones go but it just becomes too slow and you really can’t progress without spending money. I’ve been playing for a while and not much progress. There looks like so much to map but you’d have to spend weeks of time and money to get anywhere.

Stuck, can’t level up, no point in playing. Used to enjoy this game, played daily, enjoyed the little tiger side quest thing. But now I’m stuck on level 16, have well over 2000 smiley faces, but can’t get enough building materials to be able to complete the jobs, to be able to get exp to level up. I don’t play the game much anymore, except when I’m *REALLY* bored, maybe once a month…because the orders are difficult to complete (example - one right now is a hamburger & the top level sandcastle, & it’s not a building material reward, it’s more smiley faces. The building material rewards are for things I’ve not been able to level up yet - herb house for example. How can I get the building materials to level that up, if what they produce is what gives the building materials‽)

So Good! (Few issues though im afraid). Ok so first of MAN I LOVE THIS GAME! BUT here are my small issues that I wouldn’t mind being looked at. First issue : i run out of energy to fast and its waayyyyy to hard to get it back without watching a ad! Actually thats my only issue! Please take a look at this it would help so much but other that that i think its a EPIC game and totally recommend! :) Thanks for making this awesome game!

Pay to play. You run out of energy fast, its okay when youre low level because you get chests or energy from levelling up but later i can play the game for 10mins before i have to wait til the next day or something. Then it lasts another 10mins. Its frustrating because i WANT to play your game but i cant. They just want u to spend money, they even stop offering ads for energy. If they do its like once a day. Also you should reward more diamonds for higher matching items, you dont even get a big reward for completing a set. You dont give regular players anything for playing the game and you cant even grind it either. If you want to progress, you have to spend money. This is just a waiting game. Please work on this. The game is fun.

Great game…but. I love this game it’s awesome. Easy enough to get through the levels and the tools seem to come when needed. However the pottery wheel is somewhat annoying. You use 5 energy for one merge item… maybe And then if you get broken pottery you spend another 5 energy to remove it from the board with only 1 coin for payment. Not a good return. I loved the game until the pottery wheel came in to play

Updates. When I first started playing the game was easy but kept getting stuck with no room. Then the update came and we were all reset to level one with heaps of gems. I thought why not let’s give it a go. It was made a little more interesting but levelling up is harder, a lot harder. I’m stuck on level 18 now as the need for tools to update buildings is way too high and I’ve got plenty of coins for it. The daily one of needing to produce, collect is ok but having to spend 10 gems everyday for it is annoying when it’s now a lot harder to earn them back. So I’ve stopped spending them on anything as before you could easily get them back and now your lucky to get 10 in a week. Another update and you get less items out of the bag for the camera instead of plenty I now only got 4 which isn’t enough for one camera and it has a very long time to reset. The lavender one needs to reset more often as it takes forever and you need so much to get the jar full for the tea etc that’s needed for the majority of tasks. It’s now annoying to play and I’ve moved on to others that will hopefully not go down the path of making it so hard it’s not worth playing. I can’t even spend all the energy getting things for quests anymore. Put it back to the way it was and make items produce more when used and regenerate faster and stop forcing people to spend gems daily which will eventually make them spend money, just becomes greedy.

MESSAGE TO THE DEVELOPER. I love your game. It is really good and I highly recommend it. I’ve spent a lot of time and work on getting everything in the game. There was an incident that happened when someone got onto my device and sold all my things in the Fourth of July event. I was just seeing if there was a way to get all my stuff back because I’m devastated. Thank you

Fun game. Hi, I waited for the latest update as I was already up to level 71 & couldn’t go any further, was disappointed when I first opened the update as I lost all of the money etc I’d earned but the disappointed quickly because the update has so many great new features and I’m really enjoying it. Recommend you have a go!!!! Thanks Alice

So ridiculous and such a money grab!. You used to be able to play this game daily with no actually cost and now you need 10 diamonds everyday to complete tasks. I get this is no a ‘beta game’ but before it wasn’t and it worked well. I didn’t receive any compensation for the diamonds I had spent on the last version for this one (with real money). Diamonds are so rare (and they’re needed daily) I’ve only got 8 after 3 weeks. The materials needed to build the levels make no sense and what you get for completing levels Has no effect. I used to love this game and now you Have to pay real money everyday to complete tasks and where did the tiger place level go I was doing?? It just disappeared which is so typical for this game i guess . Fix it please and stop just being a money grab

Small issues. I really like the game, I haven’t had any big issues with it, It’s fun to play and pass the time. The only problem I have, is when the recharge items don’t spit out the different items they offer, It’s not equal. When disbursing objects, for example the herb sack will spit out herbs but only very few herbalist tools. The gazebo will spit out heaps of water drops but very few seeds for the palm tree. I understand wanting to bring people back to keep playing but it needs to be a little more equal. The kitchen robot is something else though, there are 3 different things you can get from this one and yet it only spits out like 5 objects before it needs to recharge, even when you’ve got the top level robot. All the others will spit out so much more before needing to recharge. It took me over a week once to get the second level salad. It’s because of this, it can take weeks and even months before I can complete the requests to earn rewards and level up or upgrade each block on the map.

Too many design flaws. This game starts out fun and relaxing, but pretty soon design flaws become frustrating. Most relate to the daily challenges - which are the only way you progress in the game. 1. Daily challenges require gems - which you can only get enough of by paying real $ 2. Challenges include items that are impossible to get - such as the mystery letter 3. Challenges can’t be deleted so you can’t move on to the next one 4. Challenges include items from “generator devices” that you don’t yet have Simple things that ruin the game … play for about a week and then that’s it.

Finally!. I have been playing this game since it came out. It’s a great game! It has had a few hiccups along the way, but finally, the creators have listened & I think they have got it right this time. I highly recommend this game. Keep up the great work!

Recent update has ruined this game. I use to love playing this and spent hundreds of dollars on powerups, something I never ever do for any other games. But this one was so fun that I happily spent the money. However the recent update has absolutely destroyed this game and it is NO FUN ANYMORE. There’s no way to earn powers during the game. The little bubbles that used to contain powers now only give you coins which are pretty useless. The new design of the lightning powers and coins are so ugly that they ruin the look of the game, the illustration style is so incongruent with the rest of the items, which are adorable. They now look cheap and nasty. PLEASE bring back the old designs and turn the coins back into smileys. I don’t enjoy this anymore and DEFINITELY won’t be spending any more money on it. Such a shame

Enjoyable. I’m enjoying the game but both the board and inventory don’t have enough spaces. Frankly, there is enough background space to add two (2) more columns in both the playing area and the inventory. Also, in inventory, can you please create a third (3rd) storage tab to store the inventory creators (I don’t know what to call them) that aren’t needed to fill out requests, please? That will stop them from taking up space on both the playing board and regular inventory tab.

A really fun game until….. Fun game until it stopped working a few days ago. No announcement on their Facebook page. No acknowledgment there is a problem. Customer service says they are working on a solution with no eta. Has been over three days now - others reporting game not working for over a week and still no one is clear what the actual problem is!!! there’s no traveling on travel town.

Glitch. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and even spent some of my own money on this game but now when I open the app it says out of energy please restart.. which I have done multiple times I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but that hasn’t fixed the problem.. I’ve just read other reviews from players who are having the same issue.. what the hell is going on?? Please fix this issue!!

Have to spend money to make game playable. The energy runs out so quickly, and if you actually do the math with how much energy is required to create your merge items you realise it’s a huge cash grab to get you spend $$ in order to make the game playable. Would be such a fun game, but if you are unwilling to spend actual money on energy, it has a short window of fun then you are stuck waiting for hours to earn more energy. Also a few of the actual tools you use to make merge items are frustrating- they drop items at really random % making it hard to collect the things you need. I actually really like this game- but either energy needs to be easier to earn/watch advertisements to earn or you need to make the items not as complex to merge.

Problem error?. Hi there! Was enjoying the game and progressed to lvl 41 but now there’s a problem where evertime I open the app it says I have no energy and then proceeds to say an error has occurred and I need to restart. I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it then downloading the cloud data but that didn’t solve it either. Help?

Nice Game, but.... This is a fun little game, with nice graphics that keep the player engaged. The first time you play, you’ll get plenty of play time and energy, but this will decrease considerably with subsequent play sessions. There are a few thing that are quite frustrating as you continue playing... Firstly, using gems to buy extra energy... The first time it costs 50, then 100, then 200, then 400. This is somewhat normal for this style of game, but they usually reset to the lower gem price after 24 hours. Not in this game. After 3 or 4 days of playing it still says 400 gems to purchase 100 energy, which is exorbitant. The gem price to unlock “bubbles” containing bonus items is quite high, too. Lastly, I have merged several items to their highest level and received just 4 gold for selling them off. Most games in this style increase the sell price of an item considerably more, as the item level increases. The concept is great, but many small improvements could be made to make the game a better experience for the player.

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Greedy indeed. I loved this game at first. But now I can’t play for very long, without waiting for recharge! Not worth waiting!! And not spending as much money as this greedy game wants!

Unplayable. I've played this game a couple of times unfortunately I recently uploaded the app but I keep getting a contact customer service pop-up and now I can’t even play the game

Fun but app developer is too greedy. This is one of the best apps i’ve found to kill time - really relaxing and engaging. HOWEVER, the amount of play you get without having to spend money is very limited. You can’t even watch ads to get more turns after a few shots, which is really frustrating. Not everyone has the disposable income to allow for unlimited microtransactions. The game would be more fun if ads were always an option for getting more turns, and preferably if you were given more like 50 energy instead of 25 per ad.

ew. i used to like this game but it just got so ugly with the new update 😭 they literally made everything worse

Updates are not improvements. I love this game and have played it daily for months, but “updates” over the past couple of months have made the game worse, not better. The rewards given for certain items are not sufficient, they’ve made it more difficult to complete levels, and if you purchase additional diamonds, they charge your account multiple times. I just had to file 8 reports with iTunes to get my money back from multiple double charges. It was nearly $100 that was taken from my account for all the double charges. Ridiculous. I hope they fix it but, at this rate, I’m likely going to delete this game from my phone, which is a shame. This game used to be fun.

Unfortunately greedy owners. Game is only playable for about 10-15 minutes per every couple hours which isn’t really appealing. I like sitting down and playing a game for a while so if you’re that type of person, skip this game!! They constantly ask for more more money without giving you anything in return of value.

Money grab/ annoying. Do not download this game if you’re not trying to spend money, after the first few levels it takes literally all your energy to do the bare minimum. It a fun game before yo u get to this point, if you want a better game that similar to this just play journey home or if you want one we more prizes and boosts love and pies is great too!

Update not working. I was have trouble with freezing so I did the update in the App Store but it still freezes after being open for a few seconds??

Fun until most recent update. It’s fun but the app is too greedy. Why does the cost of energy go up with each successive buy? And now we have to wait for the kitchen robot to “recharge” even though it does not dispense power ups and costs energy which makes 0 sense. Never had to sit for the recharge before. Would’ve given 4 stars until this update which is beyond stupid.

Used to be fun…. Since the last update the mini games board no longer counts as completed orders. Funny how that changed from the usual. And now you want people to complete 20 orders in 24 hours?! You’ve made the game so difficult it’s hard to even complete the original 4. It would appear that you just want people to dump loads of cash into this game. No thanks.

Good game but poor implementations. I wrote a few months ago that the game is fluid and dynamic until you reach higher levels. Well, it gets worse the further you progress. I’m currently on level 69 and here’s the scenario: any task requires at least 300 touches. However, you start with a maximum of 100 touches. Considering you acquire one each 2 minutes, that means you’d need approximately 9 hours to finish a task if you don’t buy credits or watch adds and start from 0. If you watch the adds and purchase 100 touches for 10 gems, that’s still 3 hours. Considering there are daily challenges that vary on number of tasks to complete, it is highly unlikely you’ll complete them. Even if you were to splurge and buy items to complete the tasks, we are talking here on average 80 gems per item - considering less than 300 gems go for about 7 dollars… you can do the math. The worst part is that the game doesn’t become more challenging or change actually. It just becomes unplayable if you don’t put money.

Very expensive. Not realistic to achieve challenges. Very frustrating, sometimes need a full day to achieve one order.

Forced update now can’t play. Really hate forced updates. Again this one causes me to be unable to play. Stop forcing updates that don’t work.

Don’t Bother: Money Grab. This game was a fun way to decompress, until it’s greed over took that. Progressing past a certain point is contingent on spending real money. Then, when you get to the Pottery Level? Well, might as well stop. WHY on EARTH would someone create something that you can’t delete and that you MUST use that takes away your energy, only to give you 1 coin after 4 energy losses??? I mean, why bother making the game if you’re just going to make it impossible to play at a certain point. Waste of time. Don’t bother.

Garbage!!. Used to be fun to play, then they started to NOT give prizes after watching their 30 second ads. I complained once, they did nothing to help. Then it started happening more and more frequently, until every ad gave NO prizes 3 days in a row. That’s when I deleted the app, there are sooo many free games out there, don’t waste your time on this one that’s just a rip off!

Fun at first. Was addicted in the beginning but then you have to collect so many items and use so much energy getting things you don’t want. Became very tedious and boring.

No breaks. Like the game but no freebies at all …. Can’t get too far without money….come on give us a little something free once in awhile

New favourite game!. Love this game. I’m a big fan of merge games. Saw this as an ad on another game and took a chance and downloaded it. So far I am enjoying it and it’s so addicting!

Greedy. I’m tired of the insistent ads and failed video rewards. I never like being forced to pay to play so I watch video ads to get some progress but for a few months now at least half of all ads I watch (fully) fail to reward. I like this game and I’m still playing it but it feels shady and getting annoying.

Fun but expensive … too expensive. Can’t play for long periods of time because it will only cost you money

Recent update. Was having fun with this game until last update and now have to wait for recharge times. Ridiculous! Will likely stop playing as it’s just too frustrating.

Loading issues. This game constantly has loading issues. Can go for days without being able to load.

Always want you to pay. Always let you miss something to attract you paying in order to complete full set. Too annoying

Decent game. Biggest frustration is that you go through the 100 plays and only 3 options to watch a video for an extra 25 plays. It literally takes minutes to finish using the plays. Then you got to pay for more plays. Not enjoying that!!

Was fun. This game was fun until you have to spend a ton of real money to advance in the game. I understand almost all games gets harder the more you advance, but this is ridiculous that you can’t even complete a few orders or even get to the daily challenge without having to spend real money. Not going to spend any more of my real money on this game until something is done and if not I’ll just be deleting it. Too bad as it was enjoyable.

a fall from greatness. this game USED to be AWESOME! it was my top game. it was the right amount of challenging and engaging.. however i am deleting the game once i post this review. every update has made the game significantly worse and it’s clear the developers only care about getting players to make in app purchases. how it was before, i would actually be inclined to buy diamonds here and there but now it’s not even worth it. this game is a perfect example of how greed ruins all good things. there are so many great merge games out there now and travel town has sabotaged themselves by putting potential profit over user experience. idk if they think their game is THAT much better than everyone else to introduce these absurd updates but they should consider that their competition is now overshadowing them

This game is great except…. It really sucked going from level 55 back to level 1, however being given the 4,000 diamonds I didn’t mind too much. The game is still so much fun but it is hard to get the materials needed for upgrading and and levelling up my town. Also when you have the people asking for certain items (the fish fossil for example), you should be able to click on the item and have it tell you what resource it comes from. I’ve had that one on my list for daysss not knowing what item will achieve this customers request. I also wish that the max energy was 200, as you can blow through 100 energy in less than 5 minutes, then have to wait so long for it to fill back up. I don’t normally write reviews, but this game is A1 quality and I would love to see some of these features issued in a future update!!

My Review to this amazing fun game!. Hi I’m Rita I love this game it makes my grand-children laugh and smile. Please continue to make more games like this? Thank you for sharing this game with my family!

glitchy. it’s a fun game but it freezes a lot, especially when i try to watch ads to pop bubbles and it ends up freezing and i don't even get the reward. i also wish there were more ways to get energy

Not happy. I’m not happy I haven’t been able to add friends then all of a sudden one appeared but I can’t find out who it is & I can’t send cards to them. I don’t like the new things it takes 5 or 6 energy to get things. You show other areas but we can’t get in to them. I’m starting to think I might uninstall this game if things don’t change

Greedy. Starts out great but eventually you can’t even watch adds for energy. Board never changes.

You need items you haven’t unlocked to upgrade. There are items you need to give customers that you can’t buy or unlock and you’re just stuck. There’s no way to move forward. It’s ridiculous. You can’t skip a customer either so you’re permanently blocked from moving forward at all.

Bad Game Design. This game is designed to manipulate its players into spending money. It runs on a per touch/action system that eventually runs dry. Forcing you to either wait a really long time for free actions or to pay for more with your hard earned cash. Even if you don’t mind spending a little money its still a trap because the whole system is designed to require more actions the more you merge and play. This ultimately wastes more and more time and money the higher you level. It gets out of hand pretty fast. They could design a system thats actually playable but I think they showed that they are only interested in your money. On the surface it looks like a game but really underneath its just a scam designed to mine money from the average person.

Harder since upgrade. Let me start by saying that I totally loved this game and played it constantly BEFORE the major update. However, now I hardly play it. If I could give it zero star I would. You need upwards to 30 (or more) tools to be able to upgrade the buildings, and they are very time consuming and nearly impossible to get. I haven’t been able to upgrade any of of my buildings in a month. I understand the concept of needing tools for the purpose of “building” your shops, but to need that amount of tools is seriously overboard. The costumers who have tool boxes as payment requires items that are very time consuming to acquire because of the wait time between drops. I have had costumers on my list for weeks that I can’t clear because I can’t get their order completed. The easy customer items that could be done within 100 moves do not give tool boxes. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep this game. It feels more like a chore then a pleasant past time.

Super frustrated. Was super addicted to this game until the latest Island Flavors card event; spent copious $$ and earned dozens of card packs with very little new cards. I literally screen shot each card pack I got after buying two 12.99 bundles and it ended up to be 18 packs totaling over 70 cards with ONE NEW CARD. What a scam. Will be deleting this game, I’ve wasted enough time and money already.

Used to be fun. Honestly used to love this game. Every new update they made it harder and harder to play the game for free…. What do I watch your ads for? I’d pass unless you want to pay for the game.

Unrealistic tasks to win is irritating.. I left the game for almost most of this year and came back and saw there were enhancements made, and saw the golden shopping competition and thought okay give it a go. Then the next day it was soccer. At least that last for 3 days. But to advance I had to merge forever - fricken wine cork horses and a whole pumpkin? And this level for 20 times? Like you think I have all day to do this. Even the entire day is not enough, unless I spent hundreds and hundreds of gems. And today, another competition? Seriously you’re desperate for in app purchase I get it. All the games I have I will always make one to acknowledge the efforts of the developers. But this….this is just plain greedy. I’m tired of this game after 4 days!

Travel town. So far good

Got money??. You’ll never win any of the challenges if you don’t spend money. And lots of it. As long as you know this then you’ll never be disappointed.

So annoying. Where does one find a mystery fossil? I have been trying to figure it out and I still have no idea. They give so little lives that it’s hard to even make the orders since u need a lot of clicks to even get anything. The orders don’t give much money but the things that need to be leveled need lots of money. Pretty unfair playing, you’ll have to spend actual money to even get anywhere in the game.

Achat perdu. J’ai acheté un bundle d’énergie plus cristaux pour avancer loin dans l’univers kyoto et l’app s’est refresh et j’ai perdu les dits cristaux et énergie et je n’arrive plus à retourner dans l’univers kyoto…… possible d’avoir un remboursement ??? J’adore le jeu, mais je trouve ça inacceptable. J’ai l’impression de m’être fait voler.

It’s fun but…. I think it’s an awesome game, but the game is stupid with the whole “requires energy” thing.

Poorly developed game. Trying to get the secondary items from any of the producers is soooo slow and time consuming. How will I ever get the surfboard when all it gives me is sunscreen and hats and shorts. Just wasting my energy bolts on them when I don’t need them. I need duckies and paddles! Not to mention how boring it is merging the same things over and over from the start. I only play it now when I need sleep. Better than sleeping pills, puts me right out… zzzzz…zzzzz…

Really addictive. Nice game

Great game!. I've had such fun playing this game. 10/10

Can’t really play without paying, I’m deleting the game. I haven’t encountered bugs and it’s very addictive. I can play for hours! But I’ll delete the game right after I write this, as it’s impossible to really play without paying. I appreciate that there are no ads, and sometimes you can choose to watch one to get a bonus. But each move requires « energy », which you don’t get enough of to even complete one objective. They add one energy every 2 seconds but it maxes out at 100, so even if you put the game aside it won’t help much. I am ok with micro transactions that are optional (like to go faster), but having to pay a whole lot just to be able to keep playing? They made money with me, I paid for a few bundles… hoping it would help me gather enough resources to then get bonuses and be able to continue playing. Nope! Even a bundle won’t be enough. I won’t keep a game that decides how long I can play if I don’t pay.

Started fun, got overly complicated. Don’t start this game if you don’t like like taking weeks to compete an order (one of dozens of daily goals you’ll need to accomplish, btw—literally, sometimes 30+ orders a day). Like most games, the goal is to get you to spend money but without thousands of diamonds you stand no chance of finishing their seasonal challenges. I’ll spend money here and there on games I feel it will help boost me to reach the next level—not this game. There’s no amount that will help me finish or win anything bc I can’t bring myself to spend that much. Oh, and this game is still in “beta”, despite charging for and managing the game like they have expansion packs and an extended world experience. Don’t bother with this game if you don’t want to commit your full day to waiting for the producers (that you’ll just stash in storage after 2 weeks when you’ve advanced past them) to recharge so you can fill AN order or two. 🙄

3 minutes of fun. Would be fun if you could play for more than 3 minutes before running out of energy. I deleted the game. There are better merge games out there.

Frustrating grind fest. I wish I had discovered Travel Town before the update the recent reviews talk about... they say the game got harder. I don’t know how it was before, but with the version I’m playing , it’s painfully difficult to level up if you do not want to spend money on microtransactions. At first, Travel Town is fun but when you get past lvl10, it starts getting tedious to the point where the game ceased to be entertaining and simply becomes frustrating. Not worth your time and certainly not your money.

Good. The game is good

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Great, but could use some work.. Let me first say that out of all the merging games I have played this one is the best. I love the all of the producers have a recharge time of under 5 minutes. I’ve played merge games where I’ve had to wait hours for a producer to recharge. My issues come from the difficulty of getting some items. I just recently unlocked the sewing and fabric store. While it has been easy to get some of the items it has been near impossible to get the fabric for the red dress. I have used 5 sewing machines and have literally only got 4 pieces for the dress. I’d suggest that the drop rate be changed to make more possible for players to get these items. If not it would at least be nice if we could have the option to skip orders.

money hungry. i downloaded this game sometime last year and i initially thought it was fairly easy to make progress and the challenging objects to get would be rewarded with a lot of coins or treasure chests. i forgot about it and reinstalled it just to find out they did a lot of horrible updates; you don't get any treasure chests anymore so you have to wait hours to get energy unless you buy the diamonds, when you finally manage to get enough coins to upgrade a building you only get like 1/10 of the way through the level i've literally been stuck on level 50 for like a month and a half. I understand that at the end of the day all companies want is money but they could've tried to make it less obvious lol the game is unplayable at this point. i'll stick around for a little longer to see if they try to fix the game because i did genuinely enjoy it at some point

Good, but could be better. Merging with missions, this game strikes a good balance between achievable and challenges. It is fun, until you room out of board space or need to wait for item to recharge so you can merge more stuff. There are three fixes that would improve this game to 5-star level. 1) Display the recharge times in hours, minutes, and seconds rather than that little pseudo-clock. This way I would know when to comeback to play more, and would play more often. 2) Synk the 24-hour challenge to the local clock. I’ve been playing for a while and I’m certain when that thing actually starts. It seems to pop up around 10:04am? 3) And a second play board for the buildings. There is too much stuff in this game for just the beach board. Of there was also a town board the game would be much more fun.

Update causing more issues. 1. I’ve stopped earning coins from merging items. Now it’s even more difficult to earn coins. 2. I’ve had to watch countless ads for bubbles to pop and then not getting the item. The game freezes after the ad. I have to close completely out of the game and by the time I get back in, the item has changed to a coin. 3. The game freezes when trying to get the free 25 energy. I had to watch and reopen the game 6 times before it would give me the 25 energy. 4. It shouldn’t take me all day to create 1 item. 5. Max item storage should open more then 1 space at a time. 6. In order to get more gems you have to purchase the over and over. I play other merge games and gems/coins are fairly easy to earn. 7. I have no idea where some of the items are produced from. When you click on a producer, you should see a list of what it produces, but in fact this game only shows what the producer looks like at different levels. 8. If things start to change I’ll change the rating, that also includes your canned developer responses. You give everyone one the same 3 or 4 responses.

Great time killer, BUT…. I have to say that I honestly love this game. I’ve been addicted ever since I started playing it. I never had an issue with my progress getting erased after updates, as others have. The only issue I have (and it’s not even a big issue to stop me from playing) is that it seems that the orders are always the same things. I’ve barely had to utilize the ice cream and/or creating tiles, to name a couple examples. I just wish the orders would change often to something new or higher level, but that’s just my opinion. Like I said previously, overall I find this to be an excellent game. 👍

I dig it!. Super cute, I haven't had any technical issues at all. The tiger event was super fun. The only complaint I have is that the requests don't feel very well balanced. All of the requests/goals I have at the moment are all from one source that only refreshes like, twice a day or so, so I've had several days now of kind of the requests just kinda sitting there not being filled. I'd like to see a rebalancing of that, maybe a limit to how many requests per source will come up at a time, as well as a way to cancel requests to cycle in new ones. I'd even accept it with a cooldown timer before the new ones pop in. So basically: super cute, I love the art, runs just fine for me and has for a few weeks now. Has a lot of potential, but a few tweaks here or there would make a WORLD of difference.

Used to be Great!. I’ve been playing this game for several months now, even before the update. This update added the materials to upgrade, which is a cool feature. HOWEVER, it’s like the algorithm of the game is off. There are some materials that are in abundance and some like the windows that almost never show up. I wanna say I’ve been stuck on an upgrade for 2 or 3 weeks because I can’t get ONE window. Not only is this a problem, but the rewards for the tasks are completely unequal. I spent several weeks trying to get to a level 5 or 6 milkshake for no material reward, just coins. There are constantly tasks that require much more time and energy than they are worth. Please update to make this a more enjoyable and seemingly rewarding game. I like self progression but these inconsistencies are making it extremely difficult.

One little issue. I absolutely love this game but, there’s one little issue. Every time you have a timed request and you don’t finish the request on the actual board the object will still show up as green for the rest of the game. I had multiple request that I didn’t finish from like three weeks ago, and even though they’re not there they still show up green on my board which is very annoying. I really hope you guys find a way to fix this, it’s not that big of a deal but it is very irritating because I have all my things that I have ready for requests and one section and I have to go through and check which ones are actually on a request.

I wanted more storage and more opportunities to advance.. I ended up getting bored and frustrated with the game because I couldn’t advance. I kept needing gems and I wasn’t getting them. I kept needing more supplies to build my buildings and I wasn’t getting them. And there were a lot of ads and it was unpredictable when I had to wait for a chance to get more items. I quickly ran out of storage and had no room to store to the items I no longer needed. It just got far too tedious and over all frustrating after a while. And the ability to advance got more and more slow and I got to a complete stand still. I guess I should add that the game started out addicting and it was a lot of fun. But it just got slower and slower. I did like when there was a second game to play but the opportunity to play was pretty short and the rewards were very small. I am bummed I liked the game at first.

Fun but needs some fixes. I really enjoy this game but when you get to higher levels things get repetitive. I’m level 27 and just got the pottery wheel. Gotta say, using my 100 energy that takes 3 1/2 hours to accrue in 2 minutes to get like 10 pieces of pottery is very unsatisfying. I usually have to use like 500 to even get the piece I need. On top of that, sometimes you use around 5 energy to get a “broken” pottery that you have to use 5 more energy to get rid of. You essentially just traded 10 energy for 1 coin. That’s leads me to my second issue. The coins you get from merging are very annoying at high levels. My board is always nearly full, but i manage it. But if i have to make 8 stacks of coins to merge together to only get 32 coins from a full stack it’s a waste of space. 32 coins is nothing this late game, I get around 3 thousand for completing orders, I don’t need wasted space for 32 coins. Plus I get one for nearly every merge at this point. Just remove those coins please!!! I don’t want them! I like the game overall, but it’s long term unplayable. Maybe less than 10 minutes a day can be spent on it. Seeing the cute new things, discovering new merges, and unlocking new baskets is fun! Not constantly waiting.

Resources at higher levels. I love that game. There’s no doubt there but it does have some issues. One is the energy. Max energy capacity at 100 is nothing when you have pottery and the fishing rod. Some of the recharge times are so long and only release 10-15 items before taking forever to recharge. I’m at level 36 and still haven’t gotten a 4th mystery letter to get the fossil order completed I’ve had forever. Then the Pearl that merges with EVERYTHING won’t merge with the letter. The seashell bucket it the only original thing I don’t have in storage. There should be separate storage for the spawn items that never come up anymore. Not a bad review because I love this game so much. These problems overall are annoyances not something that hinders the game.

Fun but a money pit. I would give this game 5 stars but, in all honesty it takes way too long to fulfill the orders because your energy runs out, you have to buy gems (which the items cost too much gems anyways). And the items that generate the other items for merging take way too long to recharge, and don’t put out much anyways. It’s fun, if you maybe play once a day. Even when you fulfill the orders, some of them don’t even give you coins to upgrade your town. It’s fun and all, but it’s just doesn’t have long enough game play.. if you have money to blow, I guess you could have fun with this game, but there’s better merge games out there that you don’t have to dump hundreds of dollars into.

New Update Ruined It. Let me start with saying I never write reviews for apps. Ever. Me taking this time should tell you something. I loved this game. And then the update happened. I’ve been stuck for days. It is waaaaaay too difficult to upgrade buildings now. The problem isn’t the smileys. I have THOUSANDS of them while waiting to merge enough building materials to do anything! I liked the concept, but what few tool kit orders that do take forever to get the items necessary to fulfill them. Some of those items are after steps and steps and steps of creating one difficult item that itself spawns items with energy that you then have to merge. Wayyyy to much. You guys tipped the balance in the opposite direction now. If the next update doesn’t fix this, I’m done.

Very disappointed since update. I was spending at least an hour a day playing this game, I enjoyed it much more than any other merge game I’ve played and it kept my attention for a long time which many other games have not managed to do. I’m now on level 48 and I’m not sure if it’s the recent updates but I only have two goals to fulfill: one is the key, which is next to impossible to get, and the other is the tuna steak that takes a long time to merge due to recharging. At the same time I keep unlocking new items, but no one is requesting them so they’re just taking up space on my board or in my inventory. I keep getting requests for sandcastles or dinner forks when there’s a dozen other items that could be requested. I enjoyed it a lot more when there were a bunch of different goals to meet. Disappointing.

Waste of time and money. I enjoyed playing this game at first and even spent money on getting more diamonds to complete tasks (because most of the time it is impossible to complete them in time, unless you’re playing all day every day) I used over 500 diamonds that I paid for to try and complete a challenge and couldn’t even receive the 1 item I needed to move on to the next level. There are too many producers and when trying to complete an event challenge most of the time you don’t even know what item comes from where. They are not very clear with what you need to do to complete it. After emailing and talking to 3 different people each giving me the same excuse (we thrive everyday to make this app better, blah blah blah) My issue still wasn’t resolved. Complete waste of time and money. I will be deleting and finding a better merge game.

Stuck. First of all my favorite part of the game is the buzz when you merge things. Idk why but it’s so satisfying. This game was fun and ran smoothly for the first 30 or so levels, but I’m in the 40’s now and I’m stuck. Every goal is a lvl 7 or more from a building that gives very few items before needing a long recharge. I dump out the items I need until the buildings run out, merge and close the app for several hours or even until the next day and that’s it. It’s not fun anymore. Tbh I’m only still playing now to pass the time between other games. I haven’t managed to get the daily chest/complete 5 goals a day in about a month. Maybe stick some easy goals in between the harder goals to give us some kind of satisfaction.

Fun but frustrating. I have really enjoyed the game since I started a few weeks ago. I recently made it to the pottery wheel and it’s making me want to quit. It takes one energy for each click and takes 6 clicks to get ONE item.. half the time it’s broken and it can not be trashed so more energy is wasted trying to get rid of these items to get 1 coin. Energy only goes up to 100 causing it to go quickly when using the pottery wheel. It will take me probably 4 days to get the tool box I can only get using the pottery wheel. I can not advance with out those tools either. Board is full because cost of extra storage space is out of control. I get wanting to make money, I have spent money on the game myself but it’s a lot for one plot...

Update Has Made it Worse. The thing I loved about this game, compared to other merge games, is that you never had to wait for the producers to recharge. I don’t understand this mechanic at all, and I’m baffled why they’ve brought it to Travel Town, in the worse way. The producers seem to run out of charge instantly, and then the wait time is just long enough to be annoying. I end up closing the game completely and then forgetting about it. Having no wait on the producers made we want to always be playing since it felt like I was always doing something. I assume it’s this feeling that leads to people buying things as well. But now there’s a pointless wait added and for what? I really don’t understand this decision - it makes the game 100% less fun, which is a shame, as for a while, this was one of my favorite merge games out there!

Can’t play...... First off, What happened to my original review?? Did u delete it? Once again, I can’t play. What is going on? I need stuff for orders I can’t even make! Still, fossils, they’ve been asking me for those for about a 1 1/2 weeks now. Now I need shrimp, lobster, paper / messages, etc.... I can’t even get my daily prize by completing 5 orders because I can’t even make this stuff. For some reason I have a boat and can make snorkels etc but there are no orders for it. I think this game is seriously off by unlocking stuff to early? I can’t upgrade any buildings because I’m not making any money. Selling my stuff for 1 - 5 coins isn’t a help. So, do I stop playing? It’s been like this for a while with asking me for orders I can’t even make! I’m level, I think 18. It’s boring because I have no goals to work toward. I think u need to think about this game, about us leveling but what is unlocking and not unlocking while leveling up. Hmmm now what do I do? Don’t play anymore??

Could be one of my favorites. I’ve been playing the game for a while now and I am actually on level 52. I’ve spent a good amount of money on the game too. The higher the level the crazier the generators are. You have to use 600 energy to get one item you need for a 2 item order and the energy just doesn’t refill fast enough to do that in a day. I’ve never seen a game have such a long refill wait time. I really wish they would update it and the sewing machine generator because the chances of getting the sewing bags are actually horrible. This really is a fun game so I hope they really are taking everyone’s feedback about the refills seriously and not just saying it in the responses.

Bored now. Reached level 70 (current max level) and no added levels or updates for the past two months. The game is OK to pass the time. Been waiting for the “animal sanctuary” to be released since I was in the early stages of the game. Bubbles take way too long to pop and can take up lots of space when you’ve merged a few things and every one provides a bubble with no option to watch ad. I have to get a captains hat but the lighthouse only produces one object once a day and 99% of the time it is not the one I need. All tasks at this level require max level objects and very small payouts. Marketplace objects have always been useless junk in my opinion, low level objects that are super common and easy to make and only buyable by spending diamonds which equals cash.

Was fun at first but it’s now very frustrating. I really liked this game at first and could not stop playing but it’s super frustrating now since there is never enough space on the board to do anything now. There’s too many different types or buildings and stuff to merge. Although I like how there’s new stuff that comes out to keep it entertaining, it doesn’t make sense when there’s literally no room to keep playing unless you unlock a bunch of inventory space that costs a lot of diamonds. Maybe we could have 2 boards instead just 1 where we can switch in between them so we can have more room to actually play the game and complete goals. I had to stop playing for a long time and just started playing again but the same issues from before have not been solved or improved. I’m level 63 so I can only imagine how difficult it is to get anything done at level 165. It’s literally impossible to keep enjoy playing without spending any money.

Dissatisfaction. At first I really loved playing this game for most in my daily time but I felt something unfair lately. The part where I got dissatisfied was that when it came to watch advertisements short movie for sometime 25 energy and sometimes for the thing you made. Like I said there was no issue at first but recently whenever I watched those ad short movie, I didn’t get any rewards even tho the ad short movie had been watched. That happened to me not only once or twice but many times so I’m sucked of watching ad short movie without any rewards and I felt like this game is stealing like our data of watching those or maybe something concern with that. So make it up to me or I will post the bad review of this game in any game community I can found and in any social I can distribute. Trust me, I will make this game go down for sure and forever. And it’s ZERO STAR.

It’s alright. Sometimes when you pop bubbles by watching an ad.. it only gives you a coin and not the item you wanted. Annoying because I would have just waited for the bubble to pop itself instead. Also, the time for regenerating energy is kind of ridiculous, it takes so long to get all your energy back and now that the items that give you things take 2 instead of 1, you lose your energy way faster. Once you’re to the higher levels it takes FOREVER to merge enough items to sell. I’m talking days, unless you want to buy energy. Oh, and the items that come out are rarely what you need them to be, so you’re always stuck with a bunch of items that you don’t need and if you sell them… the coins you receive back are hardly worth all the time you put into it.

What did you do?!?!. I started playing this game in February of 2021 (I specifically looked for this review). It has been a great game until recently with their new updates! They took away some of the best features (bubble pops no longer give energy or gems? Only coins! Why? Greed! I spent money when I knew I could get rewarded and wanted to continue to play…no good reward? No money being spent by me! Their greed is too high!), they are making some things impossible to get (no vine leaves with level 5 producer when you were getting vine leaves multiple times a day before…only to be told “keep trying! Some items are harder to get than others!) I used to look forward to playing this game every morning as part of my “wake up and chill” routine. After these new updates, I’m ready to delete the game and find something better to replace it. It’s so so very sad to me.

Loved it at first but now they’re just scamming us!. Like a lot of other players, I loved the game when I first started but now the developers are just making things more difficult so we get frustrated and spend money on diamonds and energy. Now you click on an ad, watch the whole 30-to-45 second clip and yet you don’t get your reward!! Straight up scamming the players! Update: They ARE STILL SCAMMING US! Now they do small things to keep you from advancing. The most obvious one is not allowing videos to play so you can get a reward. You click on a bubbled item and it gives you the option to watch a 30sec video to gain the item but when you click on the video option, nothing plays!! You click on the item again and the video option is no longer available!! And it always seems to happen when you could’ve earned an item that lets you advance. They’re making it so you can’t advance without paying. Done with the game!

Used to be fun but now progress is not possible. I used to really enjoy this game, and even continued to for a while after the overhaul but it’s now impossible to complete tasks and level up to progress through the game because of the ridiculously high number of tools you need for builds. I’ve been stuck around level 24 for weeks and only just today leveled up. Who knows when I would again. I have literally tens of thousands of “smiles”but can’t spend them on anything cause I need tools that I have no control over getting cause it’s randomized which ones it gives you, you can’t buy them, and you don’t get nearly enough when you do get them to keep up with the needs in the game. I have played the game daily for months and have really tried to give it a shot but it’s just not fun anymore, not being able to unlock any new sections or progress at all through the game.

Four stars. I love this game. I play it twenty-four-seven. I can’t get enuf of this game it is that fun. This game is not any of those other merging games. Instead of merging things to pass a level, and accidentally merging to many times in this game you can merge things to unlock New items, and complete orders for coins. And once you get enuf coins you can upgrade buildings. When you upgrade buildings you get “ XP “ witch helps you level up. When you level up you get new items. The only problem is I have these two orders that I just simply cannot complete because I don’t know how to get the things to make that item. But overall I love, love, love this game.

Frustrating and no longer fun. I was really loving this game. But it’s gotten to the point where my board is so clogged, my storage is full of producers I no longer need, and it takes 2 days to complete 1 task. The pottery wheel is the worst, especially since it gives you broken pieces. You can’t get rid of them without using energy. It’s the worst producer yet. I wish there was an option to throw away tasks, bc I’d trash every single pottery task just to move on and get past needing it on the board. Also, leveling up should reward you with a larger energy bank. At level one you have a bank capacity of 100. Im at level 28 and it is still 100. It is frustrating. Everything about this game has quickly gone from fun and relaxing to tedious and frustrating.

PLEASE consider updating!. This game IS fun and I do enjoy playing but it’s insane how you can’t get rid of orders. I have a very rare item that is pending along with 3 others that have a looooong wait time to reload and I can’t progress whatsoever. I have looked up how to get the very rare item and have found countless people complain how it’s impossible to find. I’ve tried tapping quickly on the icon to see if it will come up, I’ve tried clicking only that icon for the 100 lightning bolts, and I’ve finally given up and ignored it. For such a rare item, you’d think the reward would be worth it but it’s nothing useful. Please make the game better! Let us get rid of orders and not impossibly like buying the ability. It keeps the player from actually playing the game and from the developers from earning their incomes.

Love the game!. I absolutely love this game! However, there are way to many quest reward creating items(the ones requiring energy to use) on too small of a board. I am constantly running out of room on my board and often have to sell off items that I don’t want to just to make some space to be able to make the merges required to complete quests. We either need a different board that we can switch to to allow for more board slots, or our storage bags need to be made unlimited space for quest reward creating items. That way we can move all the currently unneeded quest reward creating items off our boards temporarily without permanently losing them. I would play way more often and be willing to spend rl $ if I could actually have enough space to play!!! Pleassseeeee fix this!

Time consuming. This game needs a lot of work. I have had an order for a fossil since a couple days after I started this game. Right now the only orders I have are for the fossil, roses, and lemon products. I have not been able to progress in two weeks because the seed bag is only available twice a day at the most and it is taking forever to get the lemon items. I have not been able to get a single rose since I am lucky to get a pot every couple of days. Energy games usually do not last very long with me because I get bored waiting for energy. I have plenty of energy because I hardly use any. Updated 6/19. Yesterday I spent about a half an hour merging items and doing tasks. Later I went on and everything I had done was gone and the orders were showing they were not done. Today the game totally restarted and I have nothing. This game has too many problems for me to have to start over. I will be deleting the game now.

Pointless time. Why is this game so bad? You have to add people directly to your private Facebook group. In order to do a trade on a free to play a game. What a joke. Just streamline it like monopoly and maybe you’ll get more than 200 K people that play this garbage. Besides that, how about the fact that there is a Card event running for five days that we were collecting cards on and they all of a sudden change it to a Halloween event thus canceling any thing that you were already working on. The grand prize payouts are so inadequate compared to the amount of work put in that you’re better off playing anything else. Just another coin master cash grab. At least there you're provided with more than 30 days for an event. F2P is nonexistent and actually punished in many daily plays. Also tried this game out as part of another deal on a survey website and my rewards weren’t received. All around this game is trash and you should keep looking for something else.

Don’t waste your money. This game is fine if you’re ok with never, ever coming close to completing any of the challenges. I’ve been playing this game for over 9 months now and the past few updates have made it impossible to complete any of the special challenges. I used to be able to complete them if I put extra time and maybe a couple bucks here and there but I haven’t come close to completing anything since the last major update. I’m not one to put a ton of money into a game but I have been know to spend a couple if I’m really close to something cool and there’s a time limit. Now, even if I spent $20 there’s no way that I’d be able to complete them. It’s not worth it to even try because the finish line is still so far away.

A bit boring. At first I had a very good time with the game and I know that games are supposed to get harder as you go but as someone with ADHD it’s not the harder it gets it’s how long it takes just to get one thing done! I wouldn’t mind if the waiting times were able to be scaled down by more than 3 ads, I would spend money on this game but I’m not going to spend money on a game where it takes me 3 days just to get one task done , waiting times also get me uninterested into the game and I end up forgetting to play it, if only I could ither just keep playing and watch ads to decrease waiting time or just forget about the game for. A few days and get my energy to stack up to more than 100. Each option means I would play more ither all the time or take breaks more often and go do something else Conclusion please ither set waiting times down or get more opportunities to get stuff from watching ads thank you!!

Horrible decision. Update wiped out all progress. Have to start from scratch. Displeased doesn't begin to cover it. If that's not bad enough, it keeps crashing. Deleted. Response to dev: I honestly could care less why you wiped the progress. The fact is that you wiped it (and on top of that, obviously have no regrets about it since you're just defending the decision to every negative comment rather than being the least bit apologetic) and it was a horrible decision. People don't want to randomly be forced to start a game from the beginning. And I (and I'm quite sure many others) have no desire to restart a game from scratch knowing that the dev has no qualms on wiping our progress. Why would I play again when I might just completely lose my progress again? It's pointless. It's not fun. And I would give it less than a star if I could.

Very fun!. This game is really fun. I love getting on and doing a bunch of stuff and then being able to leave it alone for a few hours to recharge and then come back and do more things. I would add hints on how to get things. For example: I have no idea how to get the broken amphora, so I’m just here merging things and hoping I’ll come across it. Makes things kind of exciting, but it’s still a little annoying to not know where to get thing you need for quests. Also, I think there’s some kind of glitch with the speech stuff between the characters where there’s the wrong name for who’s saying what. Might want to check that out. Overall, an amazing game. Super fun, super addicting, highly recommend.

I want to like it. I keep coming back to this game because I do like it but I keep getting to the point where I’m using the same 3 or 4 generators to make the same things over and over again. And it gets really frustrating when all 3 orders are asking for something high level and my storage is full of generators I haven’t used in months. My board gets full and there’s not much I can do about it. So I get bored and leave the game for a few months. When I come back, I’ll usually get a rush of orders requiring different generators. It’ll be fun for a few days, filling different orders, upgrading, feeling like I’m making progress, then back to the same 3 orders over and over again.

Apparently I love this game, Why?. I recently found merge games and this was the first one I just couldn’t stop playing. I love the graphics, the story is cute, and the challenge of making good decisions to achieve my goals is good brain work. I would spend some money from time to time to make easier or faster, I don’t mind supporting developers who give me great play experience. The reset was frustrating but not so much I still wasn’t enjoying the game. But now, a few weeks past that when I have 132,000 Smileys and the only thing in my tasks get me just More smileys and I need 10 or more of every type of commodity to level up, I am truly questioning why I continue to spend time in this game. These are easy fixes it seems to me and I don’t understand why the developers are making those adjustments.

What’s with the new update????. I loved this game and would place it religiously all day everyday. The amount of quests to levels was amazing and made it super fun to play. Even the amount of gems you get made the game proceed in a great way. I would give this 5 stars but about a month ago and update was released saying that there was an update to restart the game….well they changed a lot. The game play is significantly much slower and although the amount of orders you can do is great I have so much money. Retrieving actual materials to level up is a snail race including the difficult to collect gems. Not sure if they did that on purpose but it’s starting to lose its spark. Also a lot of the newer items are not on main menu to discover which I find kind of annoying. Hopefully more updates and changes come soon.

Waste of money. I finally found a game I enjoyed. Spent a lot of $ on this game on 2 different devices and now the problems are starting. On my iPad I get a ton of cookies but no cookie jar to put them in. I have emailed several times no response. On my Mac I attempted to purchase additional energy and jewels. I kept getting an error so I tried again, still got an error. No big deal I guess it wasn’t meant to be, however I checked my credit card statement and I was billed twice for something I did not get. Emailed again on that device and still no response. I take it there is no number to call and emails are not monitored. I will be calling my credit card company to dispute these charges. Very disappointed as this was one of the best games I found.

Can’t find my review , back again. I left a review a while back, but it seems to me missing, interesting. HERE IS AN HONEST REVIEW!!!! I was angry before because I was double charged for a purchase. I seen previous purchases that were suspect but didn’t question it until my last purchase was doubled. Not again. The game is fun, if you’re into merging. My recommendation would be to watch your charges, should you make any. It does take a while to level up as in many other games started around the same time, I’m like level 900 or 1000+, and here just 43. I am scared to charge anything else due to my previous experience and I want to play the game now. The charging bridge was burned with me. If I get a prepaid card, then maybe.

overall it's a great game. i like all the style of this game, the art part is really great in here. And all the collection and things make me enjoy the game process instead of keep worrying lack of space. However, I’m a little disappointed that daily task are so hard, usually daily task should be something that easily finish within a day, by the full time storage is 100 energy, daily task should be had produce around 300 is feeling hard enough, but 500 is too much…if the game truely want to give something rare but not willing to lower the standard, highly suggest open a new task to make it as challenge. The name of daily task give me an expectation of easy and must finish, which in this case is failing my expectation But overall I like it.

Fun game until pottery wheel. I’ve really been enjoying this game. It’s one of the funnest I’ve played in awhile. I think the ads are even well balanced; and like that you can choose to watch an ad to pop a duplicate item on the board. Also loved the extra mini games with separate boards for events; hope those continue. I’ve recently become frustrated however when the pottery wheel opened. Given the wheel requires multiple taps of energy even to get 1 item, it should not then generate “bad” pottery. The bad pottery takes up space on the board and requires multiple energy taps to remove it only to get 1 coin. Please consider removing the bad pottery or making it easier to clear. With this change I’d update my star rating and continue to play longer.

Reviews. It's so funny how a lot of the 5 star reviews have terrible comment reviews. Does that mean they get deleted or something? For the amount of terrible commentary I'm shocked this app rates at 4.8 stars. It's got good graphics and pretty decent gameplay. I haven't gotten far in it so I don't know what the long term play is like but from what I've seen so far, one of the things that super irritates me is the fact that it FORCES you to sell your stuff at the lowest level rather than allowing you to continue merging till you get to the one who wants a higher merge. And like someone else mentioned in their reviews, it seems highly unreasonable that higher level merges pay less than some low level ones. Especially some combinations of stuff. That's not how the real world works lol. So a game should def improve on that

Money hungry. This game is fun, but it’s also such a scam. I spent forty dollars last weekend which I’m not proud of, but it gave me nothing..i had to spend gems (which i bought) and got none back. I’ll buy a sticker pack and it’s all duplicates. It’s impossible to reach your daily goals without spending gems to get more energy. I’d watch ads for energy but there’s a limit to the ads you can watch which doesn’t make sense to me because having us watch ads would be profitable to this company? I just want to be able to play the game for more than ten minutes at a time, it’s a fun game but it takes forever to make progress. And I’m so sick and tired of seeing this dumb fossil on my screen knowing the developers know it’s impossible to get rid of, why don’t they rid it for all of us.. I’m done spending money on the game. I don’t mind spending money if i get something out of it, but it’s always just a loss.

This is my third review. I love the game. The artwork is the best. True to your word, you are continually changing things to make the gameplay better and better. Thank you! I have one request. I will not play tasks relating to spiritism. Pretty soon I will not be able to play at all because of the summoning items, crystal balls, etc. that I am required to collect to complete the tasks. Could you perhaps add a feature where we can trash or replace orders that we don’t want to do? You could even attach a penalty, like 1000 coins or 100 diamonds. That way, I could still play. Thank you for considering this.

Stop Staggering Update Releases. There have been some good updates to make the game play run more smoothly lately but they seem to be applied to different players at very different times. It’s frustrating to see people talk about a change that would help your game so much that you still don’t have days later. I need the sewing machine change where only thread or fabric is needed, not both, and I still don’t have it. It’s also not fun to see people get events that you don’t get or get at a very different time. It’s more fun when we can work through them together since we’re all at different places on the main game. I understand things need to be tested on smaller groups but this feels more like you’re running a little social experiment to intentionally frustrate some players more than others.

STOP CHANGING EVERYTHING. I used to really enjoy this game until recently they keep making changes and whoever is making the changes obviously doesn’t play the game because all they’re doing is making the game less enjoyable to play. Used to you could fast forward the little timer using diamonds which is how I would complete the daily challenge but now they changed it to only energy can fast forward the timers so I’m confused on how anyones supposed to finish the daily challenge of spending 5 diamonds a day when the only thing you can spend diamonds on now are chests and items that are all 10 plus diamonds. It’s hard enough to even get 5 diamonds a day if you aren’t spending money on the app so now it seems like they’re changing things so people spend money. I have zero extra income to spend on a game. But thanks for ruining the game so only rich people can enjoy it.

Ups And downs. I really like this game but every single time they make one thing better they make another thing worse. You can never earn enough diamonds to help make things easier for yourself, at first i had loads of smiley faces now they've been spent down and its hard to get them back up without taking days just to get one goal complete. The India update is no fair at all no matter how much effort it's practically impossible to complete the entire thing. AND I played just a few hours ago and there was no India event going i log on 3 hours later and I have 18 minutes to complete the India board? Takes too long to get tools, Half the stuff you create on this game isn't even used and I try to keep things that take long to create and I don't even use them so they just take up space 🤦🏽‍♀️ cant win for loosing with this game seriously.

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Travel Town - Merge Adventure 2.12.582 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.12.582
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Travel Town - Merge Adventure was published in the category Games on 12 February 2021, Friday and was developed by Magmatic Games Ltd [Developer ID: 520119067]. This program file size is 249.56 MB. This app has been rated by 74,621 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Travel Town - Merge Adventure - Games app posted on 10 May 2024, Friday current version is 2.12.582 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Welcome to the latest update of Travel Town! We’ve been busy improving the game and addressing bugs for you. Enjoy!

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