Adventure Island Merge Game Reviews


Adventure Island Merge Game Description & Overview

What is adventure island merge app? Welcome to Adventure Island Merge, the perfect combination of merge challenge and island adventure! Embark on an epic adventure, the moment you get on the island the adventure begins. The road ahead is blocked with weeds and branches, remove these obstacles to find a small house in front of you, clean it up and stay here for the night! Go out and find food and water and some essential supplies . You may also find treasure behind the bushes! Roll up your sleeves, pack your bags, and come uncover the mysteries of the island, immerse yourself in a fantastic adventure, and complete an amazing adventure on this island!

- Merge Challenge: Drag and drop identical items together to merge them, complete missions to unlock new items and tool rewards, and open up new lands to advance your journey!
- Fantastic Adventure: Traverse this magical island with new friends and explore the mysteries of the island, there is always something new to discover.  
- Plenty of plot: Every area of the island is full of mystery, surprises and fun, with interesting characters and animals to take you on a journey to discover the island's untold secrets!
- Plenty of rewards: As you explore this wonderful island, you'll gain access to treasure chests, mined deposits and lots of new living resources.
- Easy to learn: Anyone can master this simple game, and we have a very detailed guided process.
- Experience relaxation: Despite having an amazing number of item combinations and hundreds of challenging puzzles, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and this island will keep you entertained.  

We will continue to update and continue the storyline, and introduce new characters, missions and challenge mechanics. Please believe that Adventure Island Merge will give you an island adventure like no other! The adventure is about to begin, so pack your bags, download now, and explore the mysterious world of Adventure Island Merge with me!  

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App Name Adventure Island Merge
Category Games
Updated 27 March 2024, Wednesday
File Size 482.68 MB

Adventure Island Merge Comments & Reviews 2024

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Glitches when watch ads. Ads are big pert of getting “free” extras in the game but the video rarely plays. You get stuck on a blank screen and have to exit game/reload to pick up play. Please fix the glitch!

Contrary to ad/photos ITS A MERGE GAME!. Game is fine. It’s not that crazy or unique really, it’s like every other merge game. The main problem I have is the ad for this game is literally a lie, it’s a merge game… no where anywhere on the ad of the photos does it tell you it’s a merge game. Yes you technically get to play the little mini game that you see in the ad and photos but they are far and few between. Really over game companies lying to get downloads.. make a good game and people will play. Not that hard 😒

This game is amazing but…. I’ve been obsessed with this game! Im in level 38 but I don’t think the story continues?? I was wondering if it continues after level 38? There’s still cloudy areas on my map but it doesn’t let me work on them? Please let me know if it’s under construction or the game is done ):

I like it but……. This game is fun to play, and I like the sort game, and the mini challenges. The only thing I don’t like is how long it takes to regenerate power. I think if you level up it should refill the power, but it doesn’t. So just know if you don’t like waiting then I would choose a different game.

I like it. I’m a big merge game fan and I’ve played a lot of them, but this one is different in one aspect. It allows you to pop those annoying bubbles that pop up when you make a match. I wish more games did this. It helps you free up room faster so you can keep merging. Yes, just like any merge game some items take longer to make. The only thing I didn’t like was the mini games. I’m not into that Dr pimple popper stuff so I get a bit disgusted when I play those.

Cannot advance. Apparently I’m stuck at level 38. None of my tasked are credited the coins to level up AND there are no ‘maps’ to complete a level. For a week now I keep getting the message ‘New maps available soon’. I have contacted CS several times, but no response or resolution has come. I continue to play taking screenshot after screenshot, hoping against the odds this will be fixed and I will be credited for everything due. Sadly I really like this game and hate the thought that I’ll have to delete it

Really like it but……... We. Playing for months now and I really like it cause it always gives you changes to get lives to keep playing. I don’t like how it does advertise different then actual game, I haven’t played ANY of the stuff they show on this app info, I wish I could play some of those mini games then I would give a 5 star, GOOD GAME

Best merge game ever. I could play this game ALL day if I had enough energy to do it. The game gives you enough energy (free and the wait time wait time for full energy is about an hour and 1/2- 2 hours) to play a lot during the day. But with me having a busy schedule every day it really doesn’t feel like that amount of time has passed.

Loads of fun but…... I love this game just wish I could be more involved in renovating the just kind of decide for you or you get 3 choices to choose from. I want more choices lol great game though!

Fun but frustrating. I really enjoy the game. There are lots of opportunities to play and succeed but the new levels are extremely slow to launch. I completed the available game play nearly a month ago and have been waiting (impatiently) for the new scenes to launch. Also, the mini games drop very slowly. Like more than a month between releases. I’ve loved the levels available but basically stopped playing because new levels are “in development”.

Update is a Downgrade. I have been playing this game more than any other because we could watch videos to keep playing pretty much as long as we wanted without paying for more energy for more play time. The update has that energy video dropping from 25 energy per video to 15. And with that new energy frenzy option, you’ll be lucky to get 3-4 more moves per video. It’s not worth the video now, so my play time is going to drop so fast, I’m likely to just remove the app and find another game that will let me play without paying for it.

Love it. Absolutely love this game! I like how fast the energy respawns-just enough time to walk away and come back to it. One negative (just for constructive help)- some of the English translations are a little rough as you go through the newest update and take a few times of reading to understand.

Enjoyable. I enjoy this game. I have certain times of the day that I play and I always look forward to it. The only reason I’m not giving it a 5 star is because 1.) the dialogue does not use proper grammar/English and 2.) I don’t think we should be charged even a fraction of the coins for the dialogue. I get excited thinking I’m using my coins to see the next cool thing but instead I paid a ton just for a few sentences.

Too many bubbles, not enough gems. It was fun at first but now it takes days to complete just one order and the bubbles pop up and take up too much space, but the only way to really get more gems is to buy them. Gets repetitive and less fun really quickly

No place to go. I can’t get past level 30, day 32. There are no other parts of the island to work on. I’m stuck there. I need jewels to finish the places on the island. There is only one thing to get jewels and that’s the roses. It takes forever to get them and then there isn’t enough jewels to complete the item. There needs to be more than one way to get jewels and a little easier. I really like this game but I’m very frustrated. Mammaduck

Great game to start.. I have played this games for months but it seems I have reached the end of what they have available. All I can do is earn coins and gems to spend on nothing. So I am moving on to a new game. I have learned it is not worth the money you invest in the game when it takes only a few months to come to the end and updates have not come in weeks. So have fun play but don’t spend any money on this game.

Can’t accomplish anything. Only rate a 3 because I love the layout and the cute fishy’s & all not the overall game. It would be a five if I could make progress. I really liked this game but as to not being able to accomplish anything or make any progress whatsoever I did uninstall. I have spent more than 14 hours a day for the past few days & I still haven’t been able to clear the bored of frozen spots. It’s a bit ridiculous how much you have to do to get one item. By the time you get that one item you’ve used all your energy plus the energy you had to buy. If you could actually make progress this game would be the best. It was gonna be my second favorite until I realized how little you can accomplish.

Major letdown. I thought this game would be a combination of merging and mini games like in the ads or pictures when downloading. Mini games were slow to be added and easy to complete. Takes forever to get anywhere on the story since you blow through energy fast. Just overall a disappointment.

Can be frustrating. I really do love this game. I’m just frustrated because there is no trash can so when the board gets full and you have no other moves to make then the game just stops. If there was a trash can then you can get rid of some items to make room on the board.

Change the icon!. Edit: Changing my rating as I’ve emailed support twice and received no response. I’m at level 31 and it seems I’ve reached the end of the game? I’ve only been playing a few months so that seems really weird that I’m out of challenges. I don’t know why someone decided this new icon was nice, but trust me it’s not. Change it back. Besides the horrible new icon, the game is fun to play but frustrating at times. Slots are way too expensive and the dolphins are so hard to obtain it’s not even enjoyable. Please make it easier to level up the dolphin tasks!

Is the game over?. I’ve completed the whole map apparently and I’ve completed most of the diamond quests and it doesn’t get me any further. Is the game completed? I’m past the dolphins And all the other stuff. I’m really upset about all this.

No new levels. Stuck. Been playing this game for months and I love it but now there’s really no point to play because I can’t advance anymore? There hasn’t been an update in weeks and the events are repetitive. Hope to see some improvements soon.

Adventure merge game. Why is that I can’t download this game I been playing it for some time! Made a mistake and deleted trying to get to the spot where you can get help and report a problem

It’s ok.. I think it makes me angry that the story line is so difficult to really get into I feel like the island itself should be more interactive. I should be able to get energy or help more with deciding decorations. I really get angry when I work hard and instead of it fixing something up it uses 90 coins to talk to some one that’s so dumb. Also the spare game that they have doesn’t help you on the original game why would I play something that’s not going to the actual game?

I like it but... I’ve been playing this for over a month and I am at level 28 almost 29 and once you hit I believe it’s 28 you have to get so many coins it goes from 30s to 80 coins all the way up to close to 300 coins to do anything. So once you hit level 28 the game slows down significantly and certain things that you click on to get stuff take up to three hours to refresh. I’ve been really disappointed since reaching a higher level, because the game takes so long to make matches and complete orders, and no matter how long you don’t play you max out on 100 lightning bolts that they give you. it was really fun in the beginning, but now it’s becoming kind of irritating.

Love it but…. I really do love this game and it does deserve a 5 star but omg those challenges take me like a month+ and it’s annoying. Like the whales one. I’ve been trying to complete that one for like a month and can’t move forward until it’s complete because I already finish everything else. I am so frustrated that I’m on the verge of deleting it and I really don’t want too.

Cool game. I Love this game so much it’ so addicting especially for people who can’t sleep especially when they’ve only started it a few days ago I stirred this the other day and if I’m correct, I believe it was like Friday in the middle of night

To many. I like this game and play it a lot. But they have two many object coming out of 1 power. So you don’t get as many and can’t get the jems. Also why do we have to pay so many coins to update something when you only get like 20 coins when you sell but can’t update the land until you have almost 200 coins. Lastly, I downloaded the games for what is actually the many games and they never had any.

I guess I beat it?. I’ve played this for a few months and love this game!!! I have severe anxiety disorder and ptsd and this game helps me zone out and relax. However, I guess I beat the game… I don’t have anymore task on the island and I played all available mini games…. Will there eventually be more?

IT WONT WORK. Ok, so I’m a bit of a freak and I’ve been scouring the AppStore for an app about this nasty cleaning stuff, so was disappointed that had to do the match game. I just wanted to do the cleaning, so at one of the tutorial things, I skipped through it, but now it just wants me to tap a box 😭 I’ve deleted and redownloaded the game 3 times I literally think that if I want to play this game, I need to factory reset my phone ☹️ This game isn’t worth all that. However, if I did it right I might work. This is just a “me” problem i think. It was disappointing though.

Used to be better. This game used to be better and more fun. They raised the ‘price’ of island improvements to try and get you to spend more real life money. It didn’t work and just makes the game somewhat slow and painful. Change it back?

Love it. Lots of free energy & items. The only thing I don’t like is when you finish the special request it’s all you get even with the pass I get notices I got points but they’re going to nothing. Maybe add a safe or something at the end so when you get so many points it opens with a random prize.

Fake advertising. The ads and the preview page is all fake! The real game is all about merging items together to get the coins needed to progress in the story line. There’s energy that is needed to draw out the items needed to merge together. There are 4 types of mini games but are nothing like what is advertised in the ads or the preview images for the game. It’s just fake. And the mini games only have a minimum of 10 levels for each type. There’s no more. The original game is fun and they should have done an ad in the real game and not the fake stuff they are trying to display. It’s all fake. The images on the preview is gross honestly.

You need to be rich. I like this game. As all these games you have lots of lightning symbols to play. Then of course your lightning isn’t as much that you got when you first started. Then you get sucked in to buy diamonds to turn into lightning. Because you can’t do anything without lightning. I’ve been silly enough to spend money on this game. Unless you are a millionaire don’t get carried away with this game.

Beware! Deleting After A Month of having. They double charge you. They also wait to take the amount so the tax is more. They took so much at once my account went into the negative. The more I look at my statements the more inconsistency of even my apple bill. You can only get a daily beginner once it’s like 2.99 how am I charged twice for it in the same day. I email. I get told to check receipts they only proved my point. Tv special (tiny) 3.99 a Tv Special (medium) 3.99 just seems like scam. My account has hundreds of dollars worth of mis transactions on it. An I was sick with the flu for two weeks went back to work struggling thinking I’m really behind bc I was out two weeks no I’m getting charged on days I didn’t even get to open the app!! Fixing it asap! Don’t buy into it! I adored this game that’s how they got me. Always check your account! J.D.H.

Not a bad game…. But. Not a bad game. However the dev’s constantly pop up their buy this package. It is super annoying that they do this. The game is a great time waster. Graphics are about the norm. If you can get past all the devs attempts to get you to purchase something from them numerous times in the span of minutes then go ahead and play this. If you can’t, then do download this.

Good but missing something. My only complaint is that it takes to long to get energy back. Also it would be nice if you level up you get full energy. I like the game but I spend too much time waiting on energy….. it is frustrating.

Long recharge. Why did the Valentine’s Day energy recharge shoot up to like 7 minutes for one energy?? There’s less than one day left and we can’t even try to complete it with those wait times. Ridiculous.

Confusing. I found this game hard to figure out. You use terms you never explained to explain things so a new user never really knows what to do. There is no instructions anywhere to help you along. So, I found the game I know boring. I know I am not doing it right but I also know that a game should explain itself so that you don’t have to extend yourself too much to figure it out.

Buyer Beware. While the game is fun, I recommend NOT purchasing any of the “bundles” they offer. I purchased one for .99 —only received the “energy” but not the other half. Stupidly, I purchased another bundle right after that for $4.99. Again, only received half—just the energy. I’d a fun game, great for nights of insomnia, but the glitches that occur with regard to purchases are abysmal.

Misleading ad. I downloaded this game because of an ad that PROMISED what it was advertising was how the game was. The ad showed the player doing a maze to get water to a horse. The previews of the game also show this. NO WHERE does it say that this is mainly a merge game and the mazes were mini games that you get to play every so often. I strongly dislike merge games and would have never downloaded this if I had know that the ads and previews were so misleading.

Ever changing - frustrating. So, I’ve been playing this game for a few months. The first month it played as advertised, but then the mini games stopped renewing and it took forever to secure enough money to upgrade the island. Then island stop renewing. Now the ability to watch enough videos and increase playing time has boiled down to how much are you willing to pay. The games gives tons of opportunities to get coins that can’t be use on anything or some multicolored gems that used to pay for upgrades. Now you can ONLY use the purple gems to purchase energy but there are no more free ways to get energy anymore which is again ANOTHER change. I’ve spent money on energy but it doesn’t go far. If you are looking for a game that you can enjoy and not spending $20 a day, this is not the game for you as it stands. They need to figure out what they want the game to be and the object of it. I will be deleting after exhausted the challenge I paid for which is in 2 days.

2 stars to one. This game started out like a lot of those dumb ads that tempt you to help someone. The quest wasn’t fairly appealing. The merging of items is not very accurate when compared to other merging games and oftentimes would incorrectly merge an item not wanted to be merged. Also, when you run out of energy, there is no indicator window, pause, or break delay in your last repetitive click, so what happens is you end up clicking on spending coins or gems to get more energy, even if you didn’t want to when the window pops up. That can be really annoying. Graphics were okay. Game challenges outside of the main game were unappealing.

Addictive. This is my favorite merge game. I really love it! The graphics are gorgeous. There seems to be a problem with the ad for Jenny Solitaire. It’s annoying how you have to close the app and open it again to get it off that specific ad. Please do something about that if you can and it’s not just my device. I understand a lot of reviews are written by people who don’t realize that their devices may also be to blame for the problems specific apps are having. Thank you!

Bugs and a lot of pop ups. Lots of ads, lots of events and free stuff pop gets annoying hitting all those closes, there is a strange bug when u first start up the app the background hurts my eyes when the play button repeats like tat, but in all not bad

Game messed up and they won’t refund. I sent a message that the game messed up and I had paid for the VIP access to Warm Winter Day. They came back that I should only play on one device and that if I logged in with Facebook it should combine it with my Apple ID and fix the problem. I don’t even have a Facebook account. I have only ever played the game on my phone which has not changed. They should be able to see I purchased it in their records. They will not honor my purchase. What a ripoff.

Make a game like the advertisement….. One mini game of getting the water where it goes. Then repeatedly clicking on the same highlighted icon to make it work. It gives stars for nothing as you use energy. It makes zero sense and nothing at all like the ad. Make a game like the ad with no ridiculous dialogue and just the water puzzles games. That is what I would watch ads to play. All of this nonsense of great advertisement for fun games yet no one will actually make a fun game like those advertised. It is NOT ok to lie in an advertisement. Make the fun game that is advertised. Why is that so hard? No one likes the extra junk in the games. Just make the game advertised…. Please…

Best Cure For Boredom. I love this game because it is so much fun merging for bigger treasures. I also like how there's always a chance to get free energy or items by watching ads. When I play it in the morning I get at least 10 items I need for free by watching an ad. The mini games are so much fun. I do miss the mini clean up games where you help people with cleaning up their hygiene. Ready for the next big adventure! I highly recommend this game 🤓

Entertaining game. First, I gotta say, im not a phone game guy. I really don’t care about games. But I was at the airport and decided to download it to make time. This is a really fun game and keeps you engage. If I could change a couple of things, would be the amount of price coins you have to spend on things, it doubles as soon as you get more advanced in the game. Also, the threshold to get free power, specifically after buying extra power supply… besides that, this an engaging game.

New update is horrible!. The reason I loved this game was because they always had a new side game or competition to play, and sometimes multiple going at once, that made it fun. You could win extra coins and prizes. With the new update they raised the price for things so much it’s not worth it anymore. For instance a hammer to buy use to be 13 coins I think now it’s 24. They’ve done this with a lot of the items. It’s not worth spending money now, it runs out way too fast. I spent way too much money on this app anyway.

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Uh. Absolutely love this game but been playing it for 4 weeks now with it telling me new levels coming…. It’s fully up to date also

When does the new map come out. Great game however been stuck on the same level for over a month. Waiting for the new map. I’m still half way through level 33

Too many items in bubbles. To start with this was a good game but as space got tighter I found myself getting frustrated and closing the game because 60% of my merges resulted in a bubble appearing. It would fill up my space rendering the game unplayable. I get you guys need money through purchases but please think of the functionality

Adventure island merge. Love love love it. I’m obsessed.

Review. I have too much trouble opening the blocked of items. Bubbles keep filling my game, I close the game. Otherwise it great game.

Fantastic game. Love this game play it all day long need more levels have been waiting for over a month for new levels can you please bring more levels I’m at 31 and nothing happened since I finished first island

Merge Islands Reveiw. Merge Islands is awesome! It’s everything it says it is in the ads and more! I highly recommend it!

Nothing like the ad. This game is nothing like the ad and I find it boring. The developers shouldn’t have to lie about it

Too many ads. The game is great, but I’m getting a bit tired of seeing ads about people in poverty. There is one particular ad where a man throws his former partner out a window laughing with his new partner. I just think these games should be thought out a little better. To be honest. Abuse is a serious matter and nothing to be laughed at.

Fantastic game. Started playing this about two months ago. It’s been amazing, especially how work offline I love how it doesn’t interfere with anything I watch and I love that it’s a merge game as well as a maths game is really helping me out and I love this game to the point that when I’m bored I can just open the game and it will remember where I was and I can connect it to anything I like Facebook you name

Fun game. It is a funny game but wait for a long time to update the new map. I already waited for more than three weeks but still waiting… now the cooking earn stars not coins, it seems not easy to upgrade the levels. Hope it can be fixed later. Not happy with the stars, I want the coins only. In general, this game is quite good for me to play ☺️

Love this game. It keeps me interested for ages the only thing is I can’t figure out how to get more of the gems that are on the top right of the main screen but I do enjoy and keeps me busy

Glitches. It freezes all the time for which I need to wait for it to unfreeze and it also switches to a black screen for which I need to restart. Then if you do the opposite you have even more problems.

Gets expensive.. Great game. You can get coins from watching extra ads. When you buy coins though they start making it harder to watch the ads to get free coins. Fair is supposed to be fair.

Not purely a maze game!. This is NOT a maze game it’s the “build the village” thing with every 10 levels complete you then get a maze. The adverts for this is untrue re every single game is NOT a maze.

Sad. The game is depicted as mini games. Not as build an island, why not advertise the truth

waiting for new levels. love this game my favourite so far but am waiting for new levels!

Great game. I really like this game, it’s fun and things are achievable without spending money in my opinion, although I have a couple times. I’ve been playing for a couple months now and still enjoying it.

Impossible to create many of goods. Waste of time playing this game many items u have to create take 3 weeks to create ,as targets recharge after 4 taps u get to a certain level and everything takes gems to build it ,yet the gems have to be earned the impossible items u have to create. This game the board fills up way to fast as other targets give u any item but what u need. Im getting ready to delete it as its too boring and tedious.

Amazing game. Love it heaps best I have played and it gives you lots freebies that help you play the game lot more then you would get from other games; play it will love it ; it is the best I have played so far

completely different game from the advertisement. A very trashy game that is completely different from the advertisement. I only spent about ten seconds completing each level, but I had to watch about 30 seconds of ads.

Every day player. I love this game a lot! Very easy and fun. You can spend money if you like but you don’t have to!

Waiting on an Island Adventure. Waiting, waiting, waiting on new levels. Have been waiting fir new map/level for months. Really Disappointed with the Developers, as you make an Awesome Game then leave people waiting. Getting ready to delete if new map/levels don’t t come soon.

Takes to loooong. Started playing this game, was diverse und fun, however, after a few days it became slower and slower, more difficult to reach the next level without spending money!!!! Now it’s too boring that I’m considering deleting the game

stillfrozen. game is still frozen

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Good game but takes forever. Takes forever to get through the steps to create things to gain points for the story- especially gems- and mini games like shown in the ads happen once in a while. A bit disappointed

Aventure Island merge. This game is perfect but the publicity is too long probably I will leave the game if they are no change so I love this game

Not same as the ad. Very misleading it’s not the same as the ad, don’t waste ur time downloading it

SCAM!! GIVE ME MY REWARD!. I won and was 1st place on the coin collecting game but I did not recieve my award and I paid a lot of money to win, I will change my rating review once this is fixed!!

Great game!. I really like this game. I don’t really follow the story line, but I love the game and especially the events and mini games. This game offers you the option to watch ads to purchase items which means you can still get the fun extras without spending money. My only issue is with one of the ads that continually comes up when you choose to watch an ad for items. The Tile Busters ad is very offensive. I’m sure I’m not alone in this opinion. I’ve tried to find a way to block it, unfortunately it’s not possible when I’ve chosen to watch an ad. NOTE: I could not submit stars for this review for some reason. The game would get 5 stars if the got rid of that ad.

Nice. Good game for killing time.

Fun. A ton of fun. Love playing this game

Plus de mini jeu - plus de map. Dommage que la map ne progresse plus et il manque de mini jeu depuis une 30iene de niveaux même si le Debut et les concepts sont très addictifs

Game. Love the game but can’t buy anything when is the game updating

Freebies Suddenly Taken Away. There used to be two sets of freebies, every 24 hours,(if you watched the ads), approximately 3 hours apart. The first one was found in the Shop, where you could obtain four baskets and three blue energy boxes. This has, without warning, been reduced to one of each. The second one was found under “Daily Rewards,” not to be confused with “Daily Sign In.” There were, I believe, 12 or more rewards every 24 hours. They varied; from certain items, gems, energy and more, if you watched a few ads. This is now one or two crappy rewards, like a knife and 10 x energy. At first I thought it might be a glitch, but this is now day three. I’m really turned off of this game because of that. There could have been some sort of warning sent via the app mailbox. Absolutely loved this game up until now, but have to drastically reduce my stars because of this.

Too many ads! Eats data. This is a fun game e pet that you have to watch an ad after EVERY level! This app drains the data! I do NOT recommend!

Player Warning - Illegal Advertisement and Marketing Practices. Player Warning - Illegal Advertisement and Marketing Practices Good day, Regarding: False Advertising - Content and Gameplay. Lack of Appropriate Content Warning(s) Advertisement content might be disturbing to some viewers. Advertisement content is Misleading and Inappropriate. Content Warning(s) are a requirement for this genre. “Auto-Playing” of Advertisements for this genre are disallowed due to content and requirement to provide ample content warning prior to the Advertisement proceeding. The viewer must be presented with a warning similar to the below: “Some images and/or depictions may be considered disturbing to some audiences. Depending on the age of the viewer, and the local laws of the viewing country, viewer and/or parental discretion is strongly advised.” In addition, the option to opt out of viewing the advertisement must be clearly presented after the warning has been clearly displayed. It will be made clear that “opting out” equates to forfeiting any promised “reward” or “benefit”, for watching the advertisement. If consent is received, then the advertisement, depicting, accurate gameplay, may resume. If consent is not received; instead the option to “opt out“ being chosen; the potential viewer will be return to whatever screen appeared prior to the opening of the advertisement. Regarding gameplay: After investigating and reviewing actual gameplay it has been determined that the advertisements do not meet the criteria to be considered accurate. This is now considered a case of “False Advertising“ and “Bait and Switch“. Both being illegal marketing practises as per Canadian Law. You are required to familiarize yourself with the marketing and advertising laws of the local countries in which your advertisements are viewed. It has been determined that the content within the ad does not make up a sufficient percentage of the actual gameplay. Further to this, the linked content directing to the download option on the Apple App Store, continues to display the same illegal, marketing practise(s) listed above. Summation: Your Advertisements are not Apple Community Friendly. - You are accused of false advertisement. -you are accused of using the illegal marketing practices; “Bait and Switch“, and “False Advertising”. - You are accused of displaying inappropriate content. - You are accused of being noncompliant in regards to required warnings. This applies to your advertisements, as one must agree to the terms and conditions before playing your game. This being so, in game content is temporarily not under investigation. Your Rights: You have the right to bring the above complaints, accusations, and allegations before Apple Inc. for arbitration. Each accusation will be treated separately and according to the regulations and laws of country or countries applicable to this case. Reporting to Apple.

Not what the ads say. Not even the ones that say “I found the game that is what the ads say”. There should be a ban on all this false advertising of apps!!

Needs more. Love the game and am patiently waiting for more building and goals. Thanks

Patiently waiting for new map. I love this game and have been playing it every single day since last 3 months. I’ve completed all the challenges and have been patiently waiting for the new map to be released. I don’t want to delete the game since i’ve been so loyal until now. When is the new release coming?

Désolé. C’est beaucoup trop petit, même sur ma tablette

Début cool. Ça commence bien mais vite on ne fait plus de labyrinthe pour amener l’eau et après 2 minutes pu d’énergie pour continuer.

No updates. I like the game, but it’s literally been a long time since anything worthwhile has been happening. No maps in MONTHS, cannot do anything. I think I’m pretty much done with this game and will be deleting it.

I like it. I like it I do, but I also feel I spend a lot of money but that's my choice honestly. There should be more games or different ways to earn gems and crystals to spend less money it gets old quickly when you have to spend $3-5 here and there just to finish a task. Maybe it's early for me to say all this because I have only been playing for about a month or so.

No more map. I like this game but can only give a lot 3 stars. I can no longer build on the map as it says “new map coming” there for I am unable to get any rewards. Unfortunately it has said new map coming for the last month. Is there a new map coming?? Or do I delete the game?

I love this game. Me encanta este juego, estuve buscando por mucho tiempo un juego que me guste y realmente lo encontré hace más de 6 meses que lo juego y me sigue gustando . Me gustaría que sigan subiendo más mini juegos y que den más vidas en cada recarga. Por lo demás me encanta

Auto sorting storage.. Request for auto sorting storage things get messy everywhere

Not up to expectations. It does not coincide with ADS, it’s one more fake game again Only 39 levels are there and it’s been 2 months not yet updated. Coins are not added in the race, we need to wait 3-4 hours to get energy. It took me some time get coins but for other ppl they were 3-4000 coins apart. Seriously this is a question to my IQ

not the same as the ad. the ad is misleading, the game has nothing in common with it

Nice game.. The game is fun but would be nice if players could do more actions like with squeezing pimples or pulling more with items for wiping, scraping, stuff like that. It’s a little boring touching the screen and the game does most of the work.

It was a good game.. It was a good game. Too many times I try to reposition something rather than merge them, but you come too close and they merge anyway. There needs to be a way to unmerge immediately without hoping to have scissors in your inventory. Anyway, I’m done. It took forever to get where I needed to be and now I have to do it all over again… or I can just delete and go on to another game.

Game is Awesome!. Love playing this game! It’s my new hyper fixation. The only issue is when you can watch free videos but it says you have to download apps. It doesn’t allow me to do anything to fix it. Besides that it’s an awesome game to play. The graphic is very detailed and the story line is intriguing.

Fun at first. It’s a decent merge game but I barely got to level 15 before it ground to a halt. The easiest mission takes days to complete and all the others are dependent on a resource that only comes randomly. Also, merging up the ore supply resulted in a super long recharge time. I barely get 4 minutes of play before I can no longer do anything to help towards the missions. While I could watch a ton of ads to decrease recharge times, it still doesn’t mean that the ore will give me a blue gem, or the fish will produce a shell…so it still doesn’t guarantee I can move forward with my play.

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Perfect!. This is an awesome merge game! Not sure why it’s advertised as something else! the graphics are amazing this game should proudly display the actual game in the preview!

Something to do when you’re bored. I like it

New map. I am look forward for new game to release out soon

AMAZING!!. It’s absolutely perfect!! I love the merging and the games that have ads that lie well those games are this games mini games!!

Really enjoy. Really enjoy this game but energy should refill sooner or energy shouldn’t be limited one or the other.

Too many attempts for you to spend money.. This game is annoy. It is very mind soothing, however, I cannot play without pop ups for attempts for the creator to make money.

It is difficult to play long without buying stuff. I don’t want to have to pay to keep playing. I play for like five minutes and then bam can’t anymore unless I pay….

Confused. It’s not at all like the ad very disappointed. I don’t understand why you put fake ads on here. If you want people to play your game be honest and show the true game. I hate that all the ads are fake and not what you expect!!!!

Mini games a joke I love playing but always have to pay. I’m very upset they keep taking my coins that takes forever to get on mini games no way to get them with ads or anything I’m stuck at level 700 n something it’s so messed up I’ve spent too much money on it to keep playing n paying to advance

Installing. How do I uninstall my games I deleted

Like the game but…. The match game gets too difficult to win, and there’s not enough space on the game board or storage

Needs update. Would gave 5 stars but have been waiting for update as i cant move forward. We dont need special content!!!! We need new MAPS!!!!!!!!!

Love this game!. There’s no new map tho with the new update.. please fix that so we have a reason to play.. Also, i would play the new matching game at the bottom of the screen if it added to the actual merge game.. could our rewards be energy or coins for the actual game please??

Merge island adventure. This is a fun game. It does give you a choice of watching ads rather than spending money constantly!

Too Slow on Updates. It’s a fun game, but new levels/maps are way too slow to update. I have been waitng for a new map for a couple of weeks

Needs an update. I LOVE THIS GAME! But it needs an update, I think I ran out of levels because I just keep collecting coins and I’m not getting any more book alerts. I’m sad!

Fun. Good but slow. Nice change for a short period.

In the latest upgrade the commercials have become 90 seconds. Traditionally the commercials have been 60 seconds, but in the last upgrade, they’ve increased them to 90 it makes it unpleasant to play the game.

Was fun but ran out of challenges. The game was fun at first and I even spent money for some of the items but there is nothing to do now. I have no new areas to unlock. I guess I reached end game.

New Content. This a really fun game but now I’m at a stop. There are no new islands or places that I can go. Will there be more to the game?

No ads. Very few ads. Challenging. I play a lot of merge games. This is one of the better ones.

No give them water. Another merge game, but one of better ones.

Review. I thought I was going to be removung things from body parts but I am not. All I'm doing is merging items and having to watch videos for other games avoiding having to spend money.

Like the game. I like the game but I would give it 5 instead of 3 if new areas didn’t take soooo long to come into existence.

Game already over. Love the game but apparently I finished it already I thought there were more levels with how the story was going

Doesn’t tell you you have to pay for it. Not until I downloaded the game to find out you have to pay WITH ads

Good game ….but. I really enjoy this game, but I do not like it when I have to spend so many coins to talk to another character and then spend that same amount to do the task. I get to a point I am frustrated and delete the app.

Greedy. If you make any purchases, they take away the daily freebies. Very greedy makers. Was my favorite game with all the different things to do, but after you taking away the freebies every time I make a purchase, I will not buy anything else.

Energy. I like the game but it takes so long to build up energy. Other games offer a way to earn more energy but this game doesn’t.

Where is the asmr??. The only reason I downloaded this was because it showed the AMSR levels. I am so tired of games showing advertisements of a game and then you download it and it’s nothing like that!! If it was the way it looked then I would give it 5stars

Underwhelming. The game is OK. Just a matchmaking board. It can be addictive, but very easy to spend a lot of money with very little reward. spend money, make some matches, then wait………….

Too many ads. I understand the need for ads, but most of my time is spent waiting for ads to close rather than playing the game.

Yet another lying ad. The Ad I saw for this game knocks other ads that show you a game but is the. nothing like the Ad, then makes the claim that this game isn’t like that and shows you level after level of the game in the Ad only to give you ONE mini game like it followed by junk that wasn’t in the Ad. What a bunch of hypocrites.

This was a 5 star game…. But I can’t merge lvl 2 baskets and sometimes I can’t get the ads to load when I want to watch an ad to earn a specific reward. These are “new” issues

Merging ok, mini games not so much. The merging game itself is ok. The map and mini games were ok at first but it takes forever for them to come up with new ones. Disappointing

Adventure Island. I like this game but it shouldn’t take over 100 energy points to make one item, it takes too long too much energy and not enough money. Renovations cost more than I receive.

Don’t let the pictures fool you. Just like a lot of games - the images in the App Store they do not represent the game accurately. The game is 99% match merge- which is not in any of the App Store images. 1% of game play is what is shown in the App Store images. False advertising.

Not enough space. There’s not a lot of space on the bored due to the frozen spots on the board not enough spaces to put anything in the backpack I can’t sell anything and get coins or gems I haven’t gotten any plants at all to get rid of the frozen spot I’m getting close to deleting this app

Be. You got us using all these coins ( which are a lot) talk to the people and hardly building anything…

Some mini games freeze and don’t work. There was a new upgrade and for some reason the fish mini games aren’t working I can’t eat the other fish or do anything since the upgrade

Enjoyable!. Multiple facets to explore within the game. Many freebies so far. Will continue to play!!

Don’t spend $$. I really liked this game until I spent actual money and never got the e tea moves and then spent some gems to get moves and didn’t get them either. I feel ripped off

It cheats. It cheated me out winning, I need one more cookie and there are no more cookies. I watched an ad to get a turn and it did give me my turn

Ads not loading. I love this game and have played it for a while. All of sudden, today the ads won’t load

Mini games are okay but issues. Obviously it’s a cash grab game but it’s fun don’t get me wrong. The rewards on the mini games are fibbing though cause there’s these chest (looks like a briefcase with a heart) we never got despite finishing the level.

Not horrible. I really like the game for the most part but my gifts seam to disappear on their own which is obviously frustrating. Also not many msr mini games like it makes out to be.

Updates. I like the new changes, thank you. There more to do, I love it❤️ I tak emy old review back😂

Game ends quickly. I was enjoying this game but after you work so hard to finish the dolphin quest sad to say that is the end of the game. There definitely needs to be more things to be done. I love the game though.

Fun but one problem. Takes way too long to find each item, made the game more into a chore rather than a fun relaxing game

Merge game. Really fun, new story, lots of stuff to do… play 5 min or 10 hrs, easy to choose how long u play

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Adventure Island Merge 1.0.37 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Adventure Island Merge 1.0.37 Games Screenshots & Images

Adventure Island Merge iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.37
Play Store com.flybirdgames.adventureislandmerge
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Adventure Island Merge (Versiyon 1.0.37) Install & Download

The application Adventure Island Merge was published in the category Games on 20 January 2023, Friday and was developed by FlyBird Limited [Developer ID: 1453685204]. This program file size is 482.68 MB. This app has been rated by 12,063 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Adventure Island Merge - Games app posted on 27 March 2024, Wednesday current version is 1.0.37 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.flybirdgames.adventureislandmerge. Languages supported by the app:

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Adventure Island Merge Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Add Dropping Egg event and Time limited tasks; - Add new items and tasks; - Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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