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What is incredibox app? Incredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. Choose your musical style among 9 impressive atmospheres and start to lay down, record and share your mix.

Part game, part tool, Incredibox is above all an audio and visual experience that has quickly become a hit with people of all ages. The right mix of music, graphics, animation and interactivity makes Incredibox ideal for everyone. And because it makes learning fun and entertaining, Incredibox is now being used by schools all over the world.

How to play? Easy! Drag and drop icons onto the avatars to make them sing and start to compose your own music. Find the right sound combos to unlock animated choruses that will enhance your tune.

Save, share and download your mix! Once your composition sounds great, just save it and you will get a link to your mix. You can easily share it with anybody so they can listen and even vote for it.

If your mix sounds great and gets enough votes from other users, you may go down in Incredibox history by joining the Top 50 chart. Ready to show your stuff?

Too lazy to create your own mix? No problem, just let the automatic mode play for you!
Pump it up and chill ;)

Incredibox, the brainchild of Lyon, France-based studio So Far So Good, was created in 2009. Starting out as a webpage, it was then released as a mobile and tablet app and became an instant hit. It has won several awards and appeared in various international media, including: BBC, Adobe, FWA, Gizmodo, Slate, Konbini, Softonic, Kotaku, Cosmopolitan, PocketGamer, AppAdvice, AppSpy, Vice, Ultralinx and many others. The online demo has attracted more than 80 million visitors since its creation.

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App Name Incredibox
Category Games
Updated 19 February 2024, Monday
File Size 139.09 MB

Incredibox Comments & Reviews 2024

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Awesome Game But.... Incredibox is an awesome game. I’ve had the app for a couple months now and I enjoy the time and the little bit of money spent on Incredibox. I love the V8, it has very cool and unique sounds for music that’s not normally heard before but...It has some flaws that are not usually common in most music creating apps and websites. One Flaw that could be fixed only if you (developers) wanted to fix you don’t really need to, I like V8 the way it is, the flaw is some of the characters can be scary and weird for younger users(primarily kids 4-8 years old) so if you changed that a little I think a lot of younger kids will fully appreciate it more and tell their parents and friends all about. One quick note about it is that it would be nice to add more “extra clips” to V8. Overall the App is Awesome and I would recommend this to all my friends and family (which I already did). EVERYONE OUT THERE GET INCREDIBOX! From an excited user...

It’s nice, but maybe not $5 nice. I think it’s all pretty cool, it’s a nice concept and well done, but.. it lacks features. If there were options to loop certain parts or add layers it would be completely different, but having to manually drag each and every sound out and replace it with another between rhythm is practically impossible (this being said with recording flawless transitions in mind) Even the implementation of being able to drag an unused sound from the table and drop it onto an existing sound- having it automatically replace it- would be so much less frustrating. In summary it’s a cool app but it’s definitely not at the $5 mark

Very cool, a few minor UX issues.. This app is great, I recommend you try it, it's worth the price. That being said, there are some UX issues that should probably be improved. Because it's presumably a web port, the app is not adapted perfectly for phones. The buttons are very small and hard to press on an iPhone XR, and I can only imagine this is worse on an SE. So I think there should be some better UI scaling on small screens. I've also tested the app on iPad though, and I've found that the UI is perfectly sized for an eleven inch iPad. The other problem that I've noticed, that is probably more minor for most users but will bother the occasional person, myself included: Very little / bad trackpad support. The cursor can click some buttons and they'll even light up but won't do anything. Other buttons are simply not pressable whatsoever. You can't drag characters onto the stand with the trackpad either. I think this is something that might be a worthwhile feature in this kind of app. My personal opinion is that better UI scaling on phones is a bigger priority though. One other thing— I think this app would be 10x more useful as a music app if it could just run the tunes you've made in the background like other music apps. I'm unsure if that is actually possible since it's generating the music on the fly, but I would use this app much more if I could just exit the app and keep playing the tune I've made in the background.

5 STAR!!!. INCREDIBOX is an amazing game in my opinion. I originally came across this game from the website that my friends started playing. And then a beat got stuck in my head for a long time then I came across the app. The incredibox is a game where you style characters and each character makes a different sound due to the style. And there are many different levels. And each style you put for your character is on the bottom bar they click and drag the selected style to your characters. You can play this game for a long time it’s really fun making different tunes sounds and music. My incredibox experience was a five star. Although this game doesn’t get updates much, it is still playable for a long time. There is levels and variations that you can add any time to your beat. Even though this game is five dollars I think it is worth it. I love this game. And I hope you will too. Have a great time going through adventures and different music styles while in Incredibox.

Such an amazing music creation game… could use more. This game is so fun and as someone who taught myself guitar, piano, love to make and play music, this app is music creation heaven. I don’t see why this app can’t use so much more. I get that it’s supposed to be creating music “over-simplified” and not overwhelm the user with so many buttons. But just simple things like having character preset buttons(to save a certain set of sounds/characters) or even an auto song generator(just press a button and AI would automatically add, take away, and switch sounds so you could just listen). I could see there being a button in the game settings that says “activate advanced mode” or something and you have the ability to change echo, complexity, volume, etc. Incredibox as a game that simplifies making music I rate an 11/10. I just personally see it having potential to be much more than what it is now.

Great game. Incredibox is truly an incredible game. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks now and I’ve gotta say I love all of the different beats you can make. It’s really fun and easy and really doesn’t require any music abilities at all. This app has been almost perfect so far except for one thing. For a couple of days now the animated choruses that you click at the top haven’t been working for me. When I click on them to play, I can hear them, but I can’t see the animation if that makes sense. It just shows a solid black screen. That could be a problem with my phone or something but I just wanted to let y’all know. Thanks

Incredible - One Suggestion!. This game is very simple yet powerful when it comes to the music and the dynamics of it. I love all of the different genres, and I would love to see more in the future. However, I think it would be so cool if you guys added a new feature where ALL genres and sounds can be used in one big sandbox. That way, players can mix and combine several genres of music to create even more unique songs. I think that would be so fun, and I’m sure many other people would agree with me on that. Overall, this is an amazing game, and I hope you guys will consider my suggestion. :) You guys are awesome! Keep it up.

One Of The Best Music Making Apps Ever!!. If you’re a producer who needs inspiration, or just a guy who loves listening to and making sick beats, this app will definitely work for you!! It currently has 9 different versions, and each one is a different style of music. You just drag the icons up, and you can mix different beats, effects, melodies, and voices to make something really cool sounding. There’s even an auto mode, which is super fun to just leave on and chill with! All of the versions have amazing sounds that work so well together, and fit their theme perfectly, you’ve gotta see! You’ll be making music 24/7, there’s no limit to how many mixes you can make!

I never rated something before. Just putting this as a thanks to the creators. Thank you for making this game. Its one of my favorite apps on app store. You drag and drop little icons onto the character, which make them sing. Depending on the icon he either sings, makes backround music, beatboxes, bass, or sings a couple lines. All random icons sound good and i wouldnt mind listening to any of them. Thousands of different possible beats. You could play for months and still find new and entertaining music. Perfect app, music, seemless transitions of music, 8 different styles, and if you put the right beat you get a bonus movie clip. Great art, music, and story. 3 bonus movies each. And 8 different categories of music.

A few gripes. It’s a great app, and I love the music that you can make with it. The only gripes that I have about the app are that you can’t mix the genres together to record different sounds. Also, with the in app recording, there is a time limit that varies with each genre, and I wish that the songs we make could be longer. I still think there should be a time limit, but it should be the same for all the genres, and at least 6 minutes. Other than that, fantastic app. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get it, but there are some limitations that I’m sure will be updated in the future, but you should most definitely get the app.

Incredible App! Just a few bugs🙃. This app is absolutely incredible! I totally recommend it but...there is some bugs😕 The first bug is that when I close the app for a second my screen just freezes and deletes the song I was making, and then I have to make a new beat even though I worked so hard on making the beat the app just deleted. The second bug is that I like to record good beats that I make and then when I stop the video my screen freezes again and the people don’t sing and one of the people is on solo mode and they don’t sing and all the other people are blacked out. And that’s all the bugs that are in the game. Please try to fix these bugs! I would very much appreciate it! ☺️ Thank you for reading this! Love the app! Keep it up! ❤️ Sincerely, Your number one fan! ❤️

This game is Awesome. Hi I’m Kaison if the devs are reading this I found the demo this was shared with my music teacher at first I thought this was boring but oh h and e with to hockey sticks no I wasn’t expecting for me to fall in love with this game the moment I dragged an icon on one of the people I saved my money up for the full version of this game and I do not feel scammed Thea is awesome but there is some problems, first problem: if you quit while doing a bonus the game freezes and you have to shut off your phone or IPad to get it working. And problem number 2: if you leave your game on everything freezes and you have to delete your game then install it to get it working. Anyway this game is awesome fun and INCREDIBLE.

Amazing. I mean, I don’t really have much to say this game is just the best game I’ve ever played in my life. I know the first bought this game. I wanna wasn’t thinking much of it, but I continue playing. I soon realized that my life is changing thank God bro thank God for that making his game and the beat his game Lehigh thing I mean, then I will that be all right for the better my crush who I’ve been wanting to date for so long finally asked me out I was able to hit a new PR today a 500 pounds and at work I found $500 in a suitcase. Yes you heard me $500 in a suitcase that is actually crazy I just I just want to thank the developers of this game so much bro, they changed my life in Waze. They can never even think of. They help me with my family issues my relationship issues my school issues, my life.

I love this game but it has a few solvable issues. I play this game on phone 11 and it thinks my phone is on silent mode so it won’t play sound, i think this issue has arisen because of ios16 maybe changing how silent mode was coded therefore the game thinks silent mode is on when its not, along with that I’ve noticed that while cut out the other characters i put up don't play anymore animations (and i can only assume sound but the previous silent mode issue means i don't know) and the loading bar at the bottom of the character buffers out at full. These problems are very fixable and probably already being addressed but here are my two cents thank you for a wonderful game.

READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING. I just got this app because I thought it would be a fun time killer and I LOVE IT. You can record your music and post it to the internet! I love that you can record it up to 3 minutes because its a perfect amount of time to record my music! I also love that it has different music genres that you can pick from and you don’t have make in app purchases for them! You can listen to other peoples music and get inspirations! The A cappella is OUTSTANDING! You don’t need WiFi to use this either so if you’re on a road trip somewhere that has no WiFi, you can still use it! You can name your music, have a DJ name, and make dedications to people! There’s nothing I don’t like about this so I 100% recommend getting if your debating whether to download this!

Nostalgia That Beatboxes. This game is amazing, and it’s great that it’s so accessible for everyone with its simplicity. I used to play the demo in fourth grade, which is short term technically at this early point in my life, but this reminds me of when i had no worries and just had fun. This helped me and my cousin compose our way through covid, and that’s why this gives me so much nostalgia and happiness. The full game is also mind blowing, and with the 9th edition, it just piles on more fun. Did I mention that this game has a STORY?! But you’ll have to find that out yourself. Anyway, great game, thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your day : D

Great App except for the bugs. I love the concept, the style, everything about this app. But even after detailed instructions from other phone owners with similar issues (which is equally worrying) my app still crashes when I try to change packs, and I have only been able to share music one time, the rest it says the link doesn’t work. Now if this were a free app, that’d be okay, but it’s a paid app. So it’s a bit disconcerting having so many issues with it when many free apps of much more complexity run just fine. That said, totally worth the price even with the glitches, it’s just frustrating and ruins my vibe. Buy it anyway!

It’s a great game but…. It’s a great game EVERYTHING is great but just one thing I recorded a video and then I started making music in this after. But then I did the superpower thing then it just started all black the music was on but it was all black can you please fix this problem if it didn’t happen I would give it five stars please fix it please do. Thank you. Scroll down for edit I think its fixed i dont know but i dont have the bug anymore by the way when i wrote that it fixed by its self i dont know why. But the good thing is that its not bothering me anymore also can you please make more characters i really want more its a awesome game my music teacher uses it in class. So i just wanted to tell you developers, that i want more characters the bug is not bothering me anymore and well thank you for the app i love it by the way Can you just update the game for more characters please? If you can thank you you dont have to if you want. So thats it thank you for the response but can you reply to this please, and for people who are reading this great game reccomend it

Amazing app, one major glitch.. Before I state the glitch, it’s overall amazing. But when we get to the glitchy part, well... Not so much. Incredibox is an app where you express your musicality. Since 2009 it was rated app of the day. The devs worked very hard on this. (Except the ones that were models of Paul REALLY scared me) It’s a great app for children and adults alike. Used for projects and much, much more you can do anything to music backdrops to wallpapers. Okay, enough of me rambling on, to the glitch! So Dystopia (V8), the one everybody favors is Incredibox’s new release. When I was recording, (my DJ name is Unpopular) I was doing really good, after I used the (only) bonus, Riviera. After the bonus ended, the screen turned white for a moment, then it turned me to the title of Dystopia. It scared me! And it had deleted the recording! Please fix this. Thank you, SO FAR SO GOOD!

Great game. It’s a very great game, the sound is perfect and the game is really interesting. However the one problem is that it makes my phone feel like a stove. I don’t know if it’s just my phone or the game, but this game takes up very little space and isn’t a high quality game. In fact games like Call of Duty don’t make my phone heat up so much but this game lags really hard and makes my phone cook. My phone is an IPhone XS Max and only about a year old so I don’t see the reason why it would do this. It also is not even close to full storage. I can’t even be in the game for 5 minutes until it crashes. However overall it’s a great game except for that one problem. If you could fix it in any way I would appreciate it. Thanks you.

Incredibox is gonna be 10 years old!. Incredibox is amazingly fun. This game helps me keep my boredom away, and is less hard than making actual music. And you can make your own beats, which can be catchy. But this game started out on a website taking back to 2009, known with the sounds being Alpha (Until later they remastered Alpha). And the app was released on 2012. But I’m only focusing on the website’s date, not the app date. Now, the game is gonna be 10 years old, so I’d like a (V7) name be called,”Ten” And with more sounds than the other versions. I’m not sure how you guys are gonna come up with the theme will sound like, but you guys have the trick to make a music game, but also make it fun. I’m really looking forward to see what V7 will look like, and cya.

Educational game. Great way to teach kids how music works. Gives someone a understanding how tracks are overlapped to make one piece of music. Other variations of this could be further utilized as a musical educational games. If the numbers were to pop up on the screen stating 32nds,16th, 8ths, 1/4, one measure equaling 4 quarters and so on repeating. This also makes a person understand mathematics of measurement that can be visually broken down on a tape measure. 32nd of a inch, 16th of a inch, 1/8th of a inch, 1/4 quarter of a inch, 4 together equal 1 inch. A Awesome game our daughter loves it the way it is. I wish I could help make games like this to bring them in to school systems as a new way of musical mathematics.

Awesome, but batches of bugs. This game is insane well deserved 5 stars though the game has major issues and minor ones. First on one instance I was playing Alpha(the best one) and all the sudden there were no beat boxers or anything just the background and the music was still playing, However you can still interact with the little beat boxers. Another instance is game freezing, I would put a icon down and then it froze the game. Also quick mention, in Wekiddy and the guy with the bee shirt would have a lower pitch and other times it would it would have a higher. Finally like people said before the games combo videos would have just black. Overall, awesome game. 🙂

Wish it had more slots. Sounds are really interesting and fun to play with, but a big problem you run into is that the slots they give you (the “guys who make sounds”) are too few. I want to layer even more , but it limits that and forces you to get rid of a sound to switch it out for another. The cutscenes are interesting and cool , especially the Jeevan ones. That set had my favorite sounds. Really want some more sets on there. Thought there were gonna be more. Hopefully if additional sets do come out they’ll include as part of your original purchase. I usually avoid spending ANY money on apps but I gave this one a try. Little disappointed because of the aforementioned reasons. It’s cool, but cool enough to keep on my phone? Cool enough to have any replay ability? Idk.

V7, V8, AND V9 ARE BOP. honestly this game is the best thing in mankind created. when i tried out the first six versions, i was like "ehh could be better." maybe you can make a different game with the same style of those six versions, but sooo much more bussin. anyway, i loved this game so much especially the last three versions. you guys improved a lot on those, a great idea for my smooth brain. but V9 was the one that changed me forever, it gave me the inspiration. i even wrote a song for my girlfriend on there. the only reason i give it four stars is for V1-V6. and you know you can't just stop there. we're not waiting a decade for a change. im ready to pump it up! ٩(ᐛ)و

The Best App on the Planet is Broken. This is easily the best app in the App Store. As far as music remixing and song structure teaching goes, but just overall the most fun you’ll have making jams on the iPad or iPhone, however it is currently broken. Launching the app brings up the screen of the app but with no Incredimen. Exporting a song that’s been recorded exports with all the information but when you go to play it it’s no music just the naked Incredimen. It doesn’t matter if I quit all other apps, or if I restart my device which is an iPad Pro 12.9 inch running iOS 14. This is all rather unfortunate because Incredibox is our favorite app amongst all in our entire household. We’ve bought things from your store, we cannot wait for V8 to come out but it’s difficult for us to not be able to play versions one through seven because this is something we do all day every day my three-year-old son cannot stop with Incredibox and it makes him very upset when it’s broken. I believe he is going through withdrawals, perhaps not physically, but definitely spiritually. You simply must help. Thanks in advance.

Amazing but creators please read. Overall I think this an amazing game to show off to friends family and even a dog.(because why not). But in my opinion I myself after having this game for around four months I have started to not play it as much but then the update came and now I am showing everyone again. But I feel like it could be more unique. For some versions all the songs people wrote were all the same. So to fix it (this is just constructive criticism) you could possibly have a button to lower the sounds of certain characters and up the sounds of others. Or if you want to just a suggestion you could let people make their own sounds and add sound effects to them like the echo. But idk so. That is just some things to make some songs more unique. Or if you run out of ideas. Thx for reading

One problem. I have no idea if this is the app’s vault or my phone storage is just that bad, but I’ve been getting some odd glitches. I just redownloaded the app after deleting it in the past due to storage issues, and strange stuff has been happening after I unlocked the two bonuses for alpha. Every time I play the bonus “satisfied” and it ends, it doesn’t exit out. It just stays, and trying to reset or go to home just shows me a black screen. And when I try to do the other bonuses, it doesn’t work because one of the guys just doesn’t show up. I can’t solo or mute it, nor can I remove. Exiting and going back doesn’t work. Is there a way I can fix this nonsense? Before you say anything, no, shutting off and turning back on my phone doesn’t work.

Phenomenal app. This app brings music making to the fingertips of younger generations, as well as older generations. No matter what you do, you can never make a bad mix, and that’s one out of many things that make this app incredible. I appreciate the hard work and dedication the team brings to the community, and they aren’t afraid to take criticism and make this game better than it already is. This game inspired me to start beatboxing and music making, and although I’m not the best, this game has showed me techniques that I could use in my beatboxing. Thank you, Polo, and the rest of the Incredibox team for making such an amazing app.

Great app. This app is charming, intuitive and superfun. After playing with it for like 5 minutes I thought of two people I knew would be into it — my friend’s 5 year old and my 36 year old boyfriend. It hits that sweet spot of being simple but not boring because there are a ton of combinations to mess around with, you can try to figure out the structure behind the outfits/colors, and most importantly you cannot make a bad-sounding combination. You can make things that sound meh at worst, but the loops themselves, and the way they work together, make it easy to put something together that sounds cool. I’ve only had it a few days but I can see it being useful for putting together music I actually listen to for studying or running, when you want something kind of repetitive but not too repetitive.

Insane (important bug fixes though). Insane. I have no other words. Just buy it. Edit: This is sort of funny, but right after I wrote this, I discovered a bug where if you sometimes have all 7 beatboxers playing (mainly in v8) the sound will cut out and there is nothing you can do. I am not changing my rating for the sake of this being such a cool game but please fix this bug. Another even worse bug I found is where if you do one of the cutscenes when it ends it doesn’t go back to the incredimen, it stays on the very last part of the animation and the only way to see the incredimen is by exiting and going back. This bug happens every time you do a cutscene. Edit: Hey! You guys fixed it! Thanks!

Highly Worth It!. It may not look like much at first, but this is AWESOME. It’s easy to use, but it gets in your head super easily. I can completely understand how this game got as many awards as it did. It’s easy to use, and a creative idea. There is one suggestion I have for the developers, though; before making a seventh version of incredibox, add more content to the first 6. I can make at least 5 unique mixes in each version of incredibox, but after hearing one version for long enough, it grows somewhat stale since you’ve heard the same sounds over and over again, just arranged differently. This isn’t that big a problem, and it does have an easy solution (just add even more different costumes to register even more sounds), but it’s worth mentioning. Outside of this, this app is highly worth buying.

How to make a game (or anything for that matter) the right way. Too many game developers forget the most fundamental key to creating perfection. Some people may disagree and say this isn't a game but the none the less the lesson that this app teaches still holds true. Simplicity and knowing the goal is everything in making something perfect. There are no perfect modern video games because they set out to do far too much. This app does one thing, it lets you make music. In keeping the goal of the app simple and straight forward they were able to nail exactly what they had wanted to do and in doing so created the closest thing a person can perceive as perfection. Other devs should look at this as a lesson to think simple and to try not to be the “next-gen thing” but rather the best of just one thing.

Fun to use and awesome story. I bought the Incredibox app for my kids after giving the demo a try. Their school music teacher had it on a list of game suggestions for kids. The game (music mixer?) is simple - drag and drop each character into a spot and they add their voice/sound to a song. There are rhythm and percussion (think beatbox) sections, and characters singing a little phrase. It’s really well done and everything synchs pretty seamlessly with many song combos becoming something I wouldn’t mind as background music. It would probably rate 5 stars there alone, but the developer goes a step further - when you build a song with certain characters, it’ll unlock a short animated movie. The movies don’t have a dialogue, but they don’t need one. They’re artistic and each tells a story from whatever time period/reality the story particular music mix comes from. Each type of music selection - for example Sunrise or Dystopia - has three short movies to unlock that progress a particular story. So there’s eight different types of movies with three progressive installments each.

Amazing, but has noticeable bug.... Let me just say first that Incredibox is absolutely incredible. I give my heart out to the developers for working hard to create something truly special. The music is good across the board, even the older ones still hold up, and it’s so fun to mess around in. However, there is one bug with the app itself that I think needs addressing. Whenever I play the app for a certain period of time, the sound on my phone or in my headphones becomes incredibly distorted, to the point where the app becomes virtually unplayable. It’s rather disappointing, because I really love this app, and want it to perform the best it can. I hope the bug gets resolved at some point so it doesn’t get in the way of a truly great experience.

Best App on the AppStore. This is definitely the best app I have ever downloaded. If this app got removed from my phone and got a new price of ten dollars, I would buy it back without a doubt. This is not only good music, I genuinely believe that this is the best sounding music i have ever heard. All of these songs are now some of my actual favorite songs. Furthermore, the way the mouth moves actually is the actual mouth movement you would make to make that sound. The attention to detail is exquisite and the the animations are truly perfect. Especially in the new song dystopia. Also, I did not listen to this app on headphones for the first few times I played it after I got it on my phone, and I still thought that it was the best app. Then I listened to it on headphones and now I get literal chills every time I play. Amazing.

Excellent Boredom Crusher. This app has been a mental life saver for my young son. With the heatwave here in the States, finding something fun and creative to do has been a chore. I don’t buy many apps, but when he showed this one to me I looked it over and played with it for a few hours. It was an easy decision to buy it. The many different sounds and mixes give him something to do that actually engages his mind instead of numbing it with hours of YT videos. This app is very easy to use, fun to experiment with for anyone of any age. But especially for those young ones that need a creative outlet. Thank you So Far So Good for bringing this app to the App Store and keeping it affordable. If I could give it more stars, I would.

Best. Music. Game. this app is great, i loved it how you can make your own music in a simple like fashion, plus it does get some kids ideas to learn some beats here and there, the bugs, i don't mind at all about it, but the bonus clips do need a fix, 2/3 of the clips don't work(mostly the 2nd and 3rd), i wish for you to fix that as you get V7 done, but take your time on it, no rush also, it would be cool if you can have a duration on making music like customizable from 2-7 minutes of the duration of music and a bit more of clips to make the fun never stop, no need to do those, it's all up to you, but their ideas, i wish you well♥️

Amazing!. This is my new obsession its so fun and totally worth the five dollars. It does have some flaws (I’ll get to that in a second) but it is all around an interesting and fun app. There is an auto feature that will do it for you so you can use it as music to listen to. You can easily share songs to friends and they don’t even have to have the app. You can also post it on incredibox and other people with the app can view and like it, and with a leaderboard you can see top songs made by other people. Unfortunately the one flaw it has is it doesn’t have enough content. There are nine versions, but it feels like there should be 20. They just released a knew one, but they need to be pumping out more. Speaking to the devs, it needs to have new content every quarter, not 1-2 years.

Awesome App. I think this app in particular is one of the best music creation apps available in the App Store. It’s user interface is very simple and unique, it’s also very user friendly. You don’t really need a tutorial on how to use this app because of its simplicity, and the sounds that come with this app are outstanding. I definitely recommend this app for the type of person who just wants to have fun making different style of beats. This app also contains a sharing feature where you can share the beats you make with a whole community of people on the app. Although you can only record a little bit of your mix at a time, I think that’s enough time for someone to really enjoy the incredible beat you just made. In conclusion I definitely recommend this app for the casual music creator who’s looking for a way to make simple but amazing beats. If you are looking for a complex music production app I’d say look elsewhere, but for those who just want to have fun with it I strongly recommend this app.

Incredibox Rocks. Incredibox is an amazingly cool game. Not only can you make music in five different styles, but you also have animations and art to enjoy as well. The part I like the most is probably how there are storylines going with each version. V2: Little Miss shows a 1940s-style street gang looking for love, and V6: Alive features a world overtaken by technology. V6: Alive is the most impressive version yet, in both visual and audio quality. However, I agree with the others that V1 should come to the app. It may not be as flashy or cool as the other versions, but maybe you could change that by remaking it, especially with the bonuses. Just something to consider. Thanks!

Love this but. The app itself is amazing and I use a lot of my free time creating sick recording on this app. My only problem really is that I will be on one version and playing around with the sounds, then when I switch over to another version, the sound never come through even though it was working fine with the version I just used. I have to keep closing the app and waiting a for bit each time I want to change the version and it gets annoying at times. I checked the site and it said that it could be the interference of switching from different apps but I never switch when I’m on this app. So I have no clue what could be the problem. Otherwise it’s a really great app, this problem just discourages me from using it all the time

Amazing!!!. When I first saw this game The thumbnail was amazing and I was rushing to my parents room to ask my father if I can please get this. After 132 tries I finally got it! And when I first trying it out it was like taking out the first chip out of a fresh chip bag, It was amazing. Really amazing the game is and I'm ready to some new content! Moms who are checking the reviews, if you think it's to expensive and a waste of time, I'm telling you this could be the best experience your child has had! And if you want to try it out for yourself, go for it! This is an amazing app and I already inspired 2 of my friends to buy it! Amazing right? Thanks a lot incredibox you just made my life INCREDIBLE!!!!!

That’s Why It’s Called Incredibox. This game was amazing and that I don’t have to watch a single ad not even once! This game doesn’t need you to pay for every month one click bam! You get the whole thing and all the features. I truly love Incredibox and the characters just inspire me so much! You were the only person who made this game and all the features and beatboxing to singing! I love how we can watch videos related to the hits! And it’s so cheap! You are such an inspiring person and shouldn’t listen to haters their trying to make you give up. You truly are such a inspiration for people. This is really fun and enjoyable on anywhere anytime and it doesn’t make me feel sick from playing it on transportation. I love the beatboxing to the videos to the singing it’s just a masterpiece 🤌🏾. You are such a amazing beatboxer I can’t stop listening to all the beatboxing you have made! 🙂 Keep up the work! :)

Ignite the Incredible Incredibox. Oh, my... such funky tunes... love how they beatbox... and sing words or sounds... better that My Singing Monsters... it's where you drag many outfits over to a naked septet of humans and they'll squeeze a rhythm from their gullets to create a round of four catchy calls... five Beats (beatboxing or their own percussive voices)... five Effects (basses, melodies, rhythms, or vocals)... five Melodies (basses, melodies, or vocals)... and five Voices (almost all of these skills are sung)... there are seven versions... a lovely hip-hop version... a tribal calm house version... a seasidey dance version... a Brazilian samba version... a Japanese impact version... an Indian Bollywood version... and a remaster of the original version, since 2009... man, oh man, I really, really love Incredibox

Incredible. As from the name, Incredibox is incredible. I remember a few years ago, someone told me to go visit this music creation website called Incredibox, and I really enjoyed it. I messed around in V3 (because it was the coolest sounding one) and I eventually stopped and forgot about it, until a year later when I visited it again for 20 minutes and then left. A couple of days ago, the tune I created just popped into my head and got stuck, I then did some digging (as I forgot the name) and I eventually stumbled back onto the website in which I found it was now an app. I gotta say, that app is phenomenal, the ability to share the songs you make easily online now makes you to listen to inspire or just to hear something cool. The new auto play feature makes it so you can just turn it on and the app just randomizes the beats for amazing background noise, so you can just turn it on, and enjoy while doing work or whatever. They also let you change from 7 versions from throughout the years, and I was able to mess around in three brand new versions (it was at V4 the last time I used the website) and it’s still being worked on for new content. All in all, Incredibox is a phenomenal experience that let’s you easily make your own music, and I highly recommend it if you’re into that sort of thing. HOW DID I NOT MENTION THE STYLE, it’s great, plain and simple, great animations and great character design.

Incredibox is incredible. This game is amazing! it was so many cool features you can play around with and you will never get bored. all the themes and beats are beautiful and theres so many things you can do with them. it is totally worth the money and you need to get it! just a suggestion which might sound stupid but maybe (developers) you can make a option where you can just scroll and see peoples recordings and just get a whole bunch if public audios and put them in there so everyones can be more well known, instead of searching up the name of the user or title etc. thats just a little suggestion but this game is still incredible!

Greatest app ever 🤩. Incredibox is incredible as told from the name. The ostinate (I think that’s how it’s spelled) are loops of very impressive patterns. There are videos in each category from alpha to dystopia. Every single part of this app is amazing. There are a few minor glitches like how if you exit the game and come back, it will say “are you still there?”. Then when I say yes it will freeze. Also, the game will say “undo typing” A LOT. If this is annoying readers, then this app is probably not worth it. Lastly, lots of my friends are wondering if the makers could make more types of music to play. I’m tired of playing the same thing. Either way, Incredibox is a good game or as they say, “so far so good .” I heart this game and is played in my entire household. I hope you could add to it and fix those glitches but in a mean time...take your time. Thank you for making this game! 😊🥳

No matter the price, GET THE APP. I recently just installed this on my New iPhone, as I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out. GET THE GAME. It is absolutely a masterpiece. I did hesitate getting the app years ago in Pre-Alpha, but I am glad; SO GLAD that I installed this game. It should be so much more than $4.99, it’s the most entertaining app I’ve ever installed in my life. It is FOR SURE worth the price. It’s amazing. I have no words to explain. So Far So Good, YOU are the one who made this masterpiece for all of us. I don’t know how you do this, but I can seriously play this all day. One day, I settled down from work at home, and I started playing this game at around 6:00 PM. Wait till you hear this; I ENDED UP PLAYING TILL 1:00. Yes. One-O’Clock. THIS GAME IS LEGENDARY. INSTALL IT. I don’t care what you think, but install it. Period. I’m being a little aggressive, but I’m being true. It’s a fact. Install. Now.

Awesome but needs a few additions. I really enjoy using the app but there’s a few things that would make it better. I noticed that when you save songs to your mixes it empties your mixes every 2 minutes. So the only way to make sure your mixes are really saved is by saving it to your email, which isn’t great because when you play it in your email you can’t watch the video. Another thing that would be nice would be if you could edit your mixes and change whether they’re private or not. The last thing that I think would just be cool would be if you could mix different music groups together (ex: little miss and dystopia). Aside from that I love the app and it’s totally worth getting.

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Good game but…. It’s a good game you should download it because you can record your beats but it gets boring after a while because all you can do is make beats this game should allow you to do different game modes like don’t mess the beat up so I give this game a 4 out of 5 Ty for this wonderful app

Enjoyable. One thing I will always love about this app is how detailed each audio as well as the artistic design of each one. I can imagine the developers who made Incredibox doing a live action concert or collaboration with talented beatboxes or singers and working on a masterpiece of musical passion 👍

Really good.. I enjoy this but I have a suggestion. This might be hard but I want a version creator. So there would be a section where you could animate the bonuses and record characters. Anyway this is a fun and easy to use game.

Great little bit of fun. Have had this for years and loved it! Definitely recommend. Unlike many other apps that ask for you to subscribe, there is no such problem with this app.

Really good game. This is a really good game. I only have one problem and that’s why I have 4 stars. I want there to be a custom mode. Because I have never seen a game on iOS that actually has beat boxing in this context and I would love to be able to make my own music. I know it’s hard trying to figure out how you would be able to implement it. I mean you could just have the characters head replaced with a radio and make its mouth move when sound comes out but it’s not up to me

Perfect game. But just one thing. I have been playing incredibox for a while now and I am amazed by it. But I feel like there should be an update to add a new preset. I have played every single preset and unlocked all the cutscenes over and over again and am starting to get bored. I'm just suggesting to add another one

Great but so expensive. Love it but why $6 I would buy it if it was $3 or something the thing is I accidentally downloaded this app I was looking at it then I tapped buy to see if it was actually 6 dollars as I did that I had to go get my coffee but when I got back I thought it turned off so I but my thumb on the home button and turns out my brightness was just really low and then I brought out of my iTunes card I just got and it started downloading I’m like whoops but it’s a great app just lower the price a little

So Far So Good. I absolutely adore this game, my favourite is dystopia, I love the style of it and the hidden lore. Mainly the music is what I like, I’m hopping they do more versions like dystopias music. Everything else is fantastic as well, the bonuses and art style just fit with the theme. 10 out of 10 love it, keep up the good work

A bug. The game is amazing, so fun you can create your own music and their are different icons but there’s one problem, when you go to switch to different icons there’s this bug when you do it there’s this low pitch sound that’s not so loud and when I try to play the music it doesn’t make sounds it just keeps making the low pitch sound. Pls fix this bug

Bad reviews turned good. Whoever says lower the prices, who cares about prices, this game is amazing and worth the money and also that guy who said he accidentally bought it... don’t be stupid... you knew you wanted it ;) anyways. The other guy who said that he wants to make custom music... you literally can so yeah, I also rate this 5 stars because of how high quality the sound and animations are and it’s very easy to control, I only got this recently and I got a question... when do you release new songs?? Is it usually every year?? And I hope you don’t quit

Never gets old. This game is amazing! There are so many options t make music with so you can spend hours mixing and matching to make a tune just for you! There are plenty of themes to choose from too so there are always more and more things to explore with this app!

This game is so good. This game allows non musical and musical people to enjoy making music it is great fun to play around with the different characters and to listen to other peoples songs. The price isn’t that expensive and really u are paying for more than just the Brazil, alive, jeevan and dystopia ( which are great by the way) you are also paying for being able to share your recordings and listening to other. The developers of this app have done a great job making an easy composing app Thanks!

This is really goo but it is missing SOMTHING…. So this game is working like it should but theirs a problem once I had bought it. So after I had finished the bonus the image stays on like it doesn’t go away by itself so they have to fix this because it is kind of annoying me also because I have to restart the app again to play or I have to chose a different mode

Amazing but…. This game is like the best thing ever you can create music and it tell you your music matters but I’ve got a problem I’ve played this game for so long I think it needs new songs or new sounds and I think we could do an update where you can choose if you want your singers to be a girl 👧🏽 or a boy 👦 so not to be nagging but please make this an update

Amazing incredible. This game is incredible, I love it so much but m only problem with it is that it only shows you the songs you have done for that music and not just all the songs you have made, so please can you add a spot where you can just see all of your song?! Other than that I love this game it is incredible!

Extremely unique and creative use of music and sounds. I have gone through and completed all the cutscenes and videos, tried out every person to hear out their beat and enjoyed every moment of it! Truly an amazing game to play and to mess around with, but the reason I gave it only 3 stars is because I finished the whole thing in 15 minutes of a Wednesday afternoon. As another someone said, a custom mode where you could record your voice onto specific people, maybe customise their T-shirt logo. So every sound you made was different because I’ve had to give up on a whole month of Pokémon cards (cuz I’m a child) for a game that I finished on the first day of buying it, I mean it’s your choice 🤷

LEGIT AMAZING BUY THIS. Hi! This game is SO good and worth the money, i’d like to see the unreleased songs get put in game💿. The sounds and animation is really high quality and like the review next to this its totally worth the money! Who cares about low prices, and you think $7 is a high price!? i’ve seen a lot of apps with higher prices than this. But, It is true what the other reviews say this game is so worth the money. The effort put into this really payed off. Thanking all of the producers and people involved in the making of incredibox. Personally im pretty sure this is better than garage band and plus its good for underaged kids because its so easy to make music and so much fun! Summary: Amazing game Get it now, Producers i would love to see the unreleased album added in game. :)

My childhood just got upgraded.. Have been playing the web version since 2014, and now finally having the full game is very satisfying. With good beats and a way to show your skills to others, there isn’t anyway you could go wrong with this app. Maybe just a bit too expensive, but I know there will be more cool beats to come!

Insanely good and worth the money. This app can help you make really good music by yourself! If you don't want to pay you can use the website but if you do you will miss out on 4 versions 10/10 recommend

Good but…. Undeniably this is quite a good game, but it has its drawbacks. First off is the pricing. You access the first 4 versions for free on the web version, so you are paying 6 USD for 4 more versions, which is incredibly overpriced in my opinion. It feels like So Far So Good are stretching how much this app really is worth paying, especially since you can access half of it for free. One thing that is even more annoying is on a computer you can download the app for free and have access to all 8 versions. Seems like mobile users are being scammed. The second drawback is the playability. Now this is definitely a replayable game, but it lacks customisability. For example, you cannot individually change each characters volume or bass. It feels limiting. Conclusion? If this game was closer to 2-3 dollars i would definitely give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone. It is more up to your person opinion on how much a game is worth paying for.

Best Vibe game. If you’ve had a rough day or just feel a bit bored, whip out Incredibox and you will instantly have a mood change. The simple drag and drop, and every person working with the other, it really is the best. Would be better if different version got made more frequently though.

best music mobile game out there. Been a while since I posted my last review, and still nothing but a 5 star, absolutely perfect, these are the type of mobile games we need, not all those other budget kid games, one that teaches children in a positive and fun way like this, and it isn’t even limited to children, this game has been going on for more then 10 years now and it’s still more active then ever, hope to see more from you guys, absolutely astonishing game 11/10

I love this but.... I truly do love this app. I played it when it was still a website and I was obsessed, it’s easy it’s fun and it’s high quality, it’s truly amazing. The only issue I have is that quite a few of the animations and culturally insensitive and stereotypes, for instance V3 the “Native American” man. If these and others were changed to even slightly different animations that weren’t portraying certain stereotypes this app would be absolutely perfect. I know it’s something that’s a lot of time and effort but I personally think it’s worth it :)

Worth six dollars. I bought this because a previous reviewer said they’d buy it for $3 but not $6. Sure not everyone has unlimited money, but neither do app developers, and we shouldn’t feel entitled to their labour for any less than they ask. This is easily worth paying $3 twice, as a fun way to pass time and as a musical tool. Would buy again.

Worth the price. I think the 7$ you have to pay for this app is worth it people say it's not good because of the price but me personally i think the app is worth the 7$ and due to that buying I'm in love with the app and I know that most people love this app so much

Far out this game’s satisfying.. This game is ‘incredible’ and I can’t stop playing it. I don’t think any of the versions are bad besides the first two, and if you’re seriously considering buying this than get it. Also if you don’t want to spend any money than there is a computer version with the first 4 versions for free without download. There are certain things you can’t access, like My Mix and versions 5-7 but you can still record and share your mixes. 5 STARS!

Best game out there!. Throwback to 2014 when my media teacher introduced me to this game, it was only the demo version which made me even more curious to find out what the rest of the other versions were like. It’s worth it, Brazil - V5 will always be my favourite as well as Little Miss - V2, because of the sentimental vibe, especially the last song is very dramatic & it's been one of my favourites since day 1. The new versions are pretty cool but can never beat the og. Very great game, you can creat so many sounds & each & every one of them sync so well together, there’s no such thing as off beat 😄

Keep up the work. When I heard this game I knew that it was music game. When I watched more videos I was mind-blowed. The designs were creative. The noises were incredible and the versions were awsome. The only things I didn’t like was there was glitches everywhere and it cost money. But otherwise it’s good.

Price and is worth it or not. This app is amazing and the price all of it counts! The characters and the quality is amazing just to ask I’m new and I haven’t been using this app for a while now but is there christmas and Halloween specials because that would be amazing! Sent by Cathryn.

Creativity boost. This game is an exceptional way for people to get creative. If you enjoy music, creating, and designing, this game is for you. My brother introduced me to it, and I immediately loved it. It is such an open app, and you have so many choices that help make your song just right.

Hello, help needed?. My brother used to help with the creation of this game and I'm his sibling. And I'm free to help with ideas and character designs just DM my bro if you're still in touch with him. Amazing game! 11/10 worth the money even though I got it in beta when it was free :P. Yos.. I post beta tester, I think my bro did some beta testing but I should sthap talking. Love you guys! Keep up the good beats!

Wow. This is really good, my cousin has been using it more than me! 🤣I totally think you should get this app for your self and you can even kind of make your own songs! I’ve had this app for two years (a long time) and I’ve been making music for my cousin all the time 🙂🙂 but there isn’t any new Versions which makes it kind of boring but still awesome!!👍🏻🍪

This is an amazing app. As I’ve recently stated that this is an amazing app, it’s very fun. I hope you guys keep adding versions to the game however very recently audio isn’t working and I have sent you an email and I’ll wait to hear back from you. keep up all the work and keep developing an amazing app.

Holy gosh this is amazing. At first doing the demo you think “heh this ain’t worth it” THINK again it has way more to it you can make your own playlist with your own sounds and people can see it and like it and you can unlock these pre-videos with a certain amount of characters. Also the character costumes are amazing such creativity,and don’t get me started on that animation it’s so cool.

So great but some glitches. Soo I’ve been playing this game since maybe 2018 and it’s been really fun since all of the new versions and more sic to make and especially the new one that just came out! Love this game! Request... pls make a version that is based on natural stuff like flowers ok thanks bye

This game is awesome. This game is awesome. I was introduced to this game during school one day, and pretty much INSTANTLY, fell in love with this game. The feature were you can share your music, is amazing! I want to one day become a YouTuber, and for me, this feels like the first step. Over all, I LOVE THIS GAME!! There are also multiple genres to choose from.

Keyboard keys. When you finish recording a music piece you get to name it, write the creators name and who it is dedicated to. What I really want to happen is to be able to type in symbols like this: #, (, ), \, /. This could really help typing hashtags, love hearts (<3) ect. Thanks for taking your time to read this idea! Looking forward for version 6!

BEST MUSIC APP EVER!!!!!!!. Soooo easy to make a song but not just a song a really good song. I loved how you can see others song and to have the challenge to try and get likes and views, another thing I really loved about this app is that you can make different styles of music too. Whoever‘s reading this WHAT ARE YOU DOING IF YOU LIKE MUSIC GET THE GAME!!!!

Good for the price. This game is very entertaining and the fact that people say this game is expensive literally I’ve seen overpriced games that people buy and play so how is this game overpriced it’s at a good price definitely worth it and fun to make your own music.

Incredibly fun!. Honestly Incredibox is so much fun and really let’s your creativity go wild! Playing this amazing game you wouldn’t even notice the hours just zoom by, and helps to really improve your symphonic superpowers And create your ultimate masterpieces! Thank you for this fun and different game concept! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Really good game 👍. Overall the music is fire 🔥 and the animations are really good BUT, there is this glitch in wekiddy we’re if you place the red vocal and the emoji guy anywhere if you pause at the end of a cycle of the circle in the corner(top right) the characters disappear and you have to relaunch the app, Anyways good game would reccomend

Download now so good. Though it may cost money it is a child musicians dream or even a beginners dream I should say. I have had the app for over a year and “so far so good”.i’ve made some hits and the app really brings me joy during the dark times especially now during lockdown.

Great game but there is a bug. This game is sick and I love it. I remember playing it many years ago. The only problem I have is when I switch between versions it’ll glitch and my sound just stops. I have to restart the app and even sometimes it’ll glitch again and have no volume. Other than that I love it.

Need a little more. This is such a good game I play it all of the time like every day for music but I have some things to say that could make it better for the website version you could let people share and on both types you could get more song types like strings, wind ensemble, guitar and keyboard and also why do you name them better please but other wise the app is spotless

BEST GAME EVER. This is my favourite Game EVER and, TRUST me I’ve played a lot of games! PLUS on the website you can only play 3 types of music. On the app, WELL u can play MORE. it’s not to hard to explain and it’s not to hard to play but YOU WILL GET ADDICTED! Sorry I keep using capital I just really love this game and want to see more music. In Incredibox if you make a REALLY good song and LOTS of people like it they put it I score board! I could go on for AGES saying what a great game this is BUT, I’m writing this at 6:25 am So I’m really tired so I’m gonna wake with some... INCREDIBOX🎶🎵

Great game. Awesome game so many options to chose from I love how you can save and share your song with other people you can write your DJ name and what the song is called and it can be dedicated to a person to share with

I LOVE THIS APP. I genuinely love this app. It’s great. It’s so original, plus the sounds are amazing. Two things I hope for though: one is a free mode, where you have all options from every mode, so you can mix and match. Second is that I hope to see something that lets you listen to the beats you make whilst you’re out of the app, or have your phone turned off. Apart from that, this app is absolutely worth it, and I love it. Buy it if you can

Really good game, just one request.. I really like Incredibox, if you have a tats in any kind of music this app will help you make your own music that you enjoy. I would highly recommend it though the one thing I would like is for them to add mods available for iOS. Great game though!

Good I suppose. This game is good but I I have a few ideas to make it better this game is fun to play when you just feel chill and mellow. The set out of the game is good but you could have like a profile and have all your songs to look at so you become better and show your friends and not have to look through a big list The second and last thing I have to say is that why are they dudes you could add some girls to the game it would make it more fun.

Nostalgia. I swear this was the only thing I ever played like 5 or 6 years ago, and I completely forgot. Now I’m back and jamming with more colourful tunes, and i feel like a kid again. Genuinely, so well made, so well designed, so perfect and fun and entertaining that it’s hard to believe it exists but it DOES and it’s RIGHT HERE

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Good. Good

Progression done but wont show the people. I finished the special task and once the video was done it wouldnt show me where to put the other speakers

Title. this is a cool game and really fun

Incredibox. You should maybe add a new style it would be fun ! :)

OP. Bruh it’s like Michael Jackson had a baby with Justin timber lake and Dwayne the rock Johnson was involved in there somewhere too, I swear bro

so good!. love the music i can create!

Good. It is ok but I don’t use it always

We need more tracks. I’ve tried all of the tracks and i want more tracks to try

Amazing. My 4 year old absolutely loves this and can express his creativity

super duper awesome keep up the good work and I’ll give you a five star review. from Marshall chen

Fun for a minute.. Can i get a refund? This app was fun for literally a whole minute. Theres simply not enough sounds. You have what 6-8 sounds i can choose from? Dude i breezed this i deleted it already this app is fun no doubt but the content is so minimal it honestly sucks. Alot.

It so good. I love the game and it can help you beat box

Pee. I like this for some reason

Nice app. Wow

Reddit Gold. This application is even better than big chungus in the forest.😳😳😳😳🥶🥶🥶🗿👍

Super cool. Believe me, am actually Elon musk I would know

Quagmire. Giggity giggity

w in the chat. goated ahh game frfr

Nice. I enjoy

bruh. i bought it by accident but worth the money

Awesome. This game is awesome but why wont it show me the new one it’s frustrating other than that it’s awesomeI love how you can put different music on other people and it’s on the there shirt ILove how there is no ads it’s awesome

H. This game is good

Spencer. 5 stars

Very cool for both kids and adults. Nice app with lots of fun

The Best App So Far!. This is easily the best app I’ve ever had on my device! Keep up the good work!

Wow, just wow. Useful, awesomely put together and addicting all what a djs dream do to

Great game but I have a new idea. You should do a jazz mode words like swing beats and all that cool stuff like beat boxing and maybe try to add instruments. Thanks.

el cool p kidnapped my 9 year old daughter. 5 stars

Bonus doesn’t work. In the tablet all the bonuses doesn’t work.

sooo fun. look i can wait for the 10th version but when will it come out

Help- please read this one.. I would really like a refund. It’s not because I don’t like the game but because I payed on accident. I am actually a fan of this game but wasn’t planning on paying for it. I thought it was free but when I wanted to cancel it, my iPhone had already scanned my face and took money from my card. But the thing is that this is not my card and in fact it’s my dad’s because we needed it for the Apple TV so long story short my dad’s credit card is on my phone right now and wasn’t planning on paying for this game so please, I NEED a refund. Please invest in this problem I really need help. I also tried to open the app but it wasn’t up to expectation and it was actually lagging so there’s that. That gave me even MORE reason to get a refund. Please read this thank you.

huele a pene. todo bien

Omg. So glad to buy this game

Great game but to expensive. Love the game it’s so good but I think the price is a little bit too much because well usually I play it but it gets boring since there is no other options.

very good game ngl. love the game am

Dope game. Would sell one of my kidneys to replay for the first time again

The best music app in the world. I would say it’s very good I used this game for my school project to put some background sounds in my video, plus it’s good so yeah 🤫🧏🏽‍♂️

Nah. It’s goo

Best game. Sidigj

Bugs. Cool app but the sound is muted after a while so i have to reboot my iphone to make it work again… also my mixes don’t get saved.

Amazing!. Thank you for this great app! I love it. Hours of fun and relaxation!

Hard. Beats go hard

Incredibox is very good! But here why I’m giving four. Really love the sounds and nice game Alpha, Little miss, Sunrise, The love, Brazil, Alive, Jeevan, Dystopia and Wekkidy are all perfect! But here’s the problem it’s cuz I can’t watch the bonuses the screen stays all Black still good app!

A challenge for anyone reading this. Try to make something that sounds bad. You just can’t. You can’t.

Awsome. Perfect

It's great!. My son and I love it, really sounds awesome and the tracks are all incredible. Keep up the great work!

AWSOME. This game is really cool even my school music teacher suggested it and overall it’s really fun to play I love how you can share your music it’s so so cool also if anyone reads this I’m just gunna say their is no lag it’s free and it will blow your mind this is what homework should be like nowadays 😂

Fun. This game is really fun just kinda sucks that you have to pay to get it

fun game. been playing it for a couple now and it’s one of my favourite games now, always refining me tunes! Would love to see new content

Must buy. This game is so much fun and is so stimulating I love it. I play it all the time and having headphones on makes it sound 100x better. I do wish there were more game modes though

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Amazing. Once when I was 10, me and my parents were watching something and I heard a loud tornado warning witch is very rare where I live and I immediately ran to the basement with my phone. I was so scared and nothing could calm me down. Then I only had the demo for incredibox and I opened my phone desperately and clicked on the incredibox logo. My mom got it for me and now I’ve been using it for so long I can make a beat by memory. Anyway the point is this app is great for everything form calming you down to hyping you up. Great purchase thank you devs.

Amazing. This game is amazing. It has the best beats out there. My only complaint is that whenever you record a song, sometimes it will change what happened in the song. For example I would put two Melodies down for the recording and they would play at the same time during the recording. After the recording, I would go watch it and it would only show one singing and the other one not. Other than that this game pretty much has nothing wrong with it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make music for fun.

Phenomenal but...😕. I just LOVE this app ! The characters are very funny and I love the fact that they are actually just beatboxing😂 the only thing is after a day or two...It becomes kinda boring 😕. I mean I gave four dollars for this and I seriously do NOT want it to go to waste ! Maybe a couple of more music types ? After a short amount of time u get used to all of them and u don’t really enjoy them as much as u used to. I think some more music types would really improve this. Anyway, I love this (Especially the dystopian and the Alpha. Those Are my favorites 😊 )

love the game but. I downloaded this game today and I've looked everywhere online on how to fix the problem im having. Sometimes when i launch the game a little music beat starts to play, but when i click on the genre of music i want to play and load in it keeps playing that beat and k cant hear the characters, sometimes it does not do this, but ive noticed that when the beat does not play when im in the game it loads much faster. It might be a problem with my phone because it seems nobody else is having this problem, please let me know what is happening, thank you

AWESOME but could use work. Incredibox is an AMAZING app with sooooo much fun things to do. I would say maybe have more audio voices for the singing parts in songs that you can make. Maybe even add a girl voice or character. I would also like there to be more animations (or called bonuses) added to each section like Little Miss. It would be fun if the song maker could put in what the singer sings instead of the voices and words they say being so limited. I hope the suggestions are very helpful - Lil’ mixer, a very happy incrediboxer

Brilliant!. It’s like a synth/sequencer but it’s not. The only suggestions that I could make on the improvement of Incredibox would be; I want to use it as an Audio Unit. If you could make the musical parts a bit more generic it could be used as a tool for others to compose their own songs. Not just remixes. Don’t be offended please. I love the app and the songs as is. But being a musician myself I see potential here. If you had the ability to sub-manage each beatboxer such as with a piano roll editor perhaps... That would be sweet. Just spitballing some ideas. Thank you! I do love the app. Best wishes and keep updates coming please.

This Game is Outrageously Amazing. When I first found out about this game I was in 3rd grade music class. 3 years later I remembered it and bought it on the app store and all the memories came back to me. In 3rd grade, only alpha was unlocked. But when I saw that there were way more than last time, I jumped straight on it and unlocked every single special. I even created my own mixes! This game is truly amazing and it is very shocking how great it is at merging certain sounds together to make a song. Out of a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate an 100. I’d definitely recommend this to a friend and I recommend it to you too!

Worth trying, no need to know music. Fun for all ages 🤩 Great app to give to youth Great app to share Great app to use in youth programming I’ve been using it personally and professionally for years, mostly by providing it to other people to experience. Sometimes I get on it for fun. It’s got little challenges if you combine certain sounds a video will play! This is not a paid for review - I was introduced to this app during a work meeting (back when I was managing a youth program).

The coolest game ever. So in 4th grade my teacher told us to go to a website where you are able to make beat and songs I loved the way it worked and the noise it was cool 10 out of 10 would recommend at home I was playing incredibox and this is like a year for when I first saw incredibox and I see that there is a app so I clicked on the link and it sent me to the Apple Store where I asked my parents if I could get the game and they said yes so now I am just playing non stop I hope they make another choice of the noise you can make.

Incredibox has (probably) changed my life. I played this game when I was like, 8 or something (about 6 years ago) on my grandma’s computer. I loved it to death. At some point I lost this wonderful game, but I always kept whistling and humming a few of the parts I remembered. I blame this game for my infatuation with music and rhythm. I can say that this game has changed me to the musical side of life. I currently play trombone in my school’s symphonic and jazz band. Thank you for a wonderful childhood and an infatuation with music.

Amazing but just one bug. I love the app! Just love it. I’ve been in the incredibox fandom for 1 year now and this game is amazing. I cannot wait for v8. But one thing has been happening since like a few months ago. Sometimes when you load into certain versions. The sound doesn’t play. Not only that, the animations glitch out sometimes and the bonuses don’t play and just turn back. Again this only happens at random moments and I love the game, but I just wanted to speak out about this bug. (Also sfsg if you’re reading this. I’m the BIGGEST fan)

Incredible incredibox. I first found this game on the demo at first I thought it was a simple beat making game but then just with v1,v2,v3 and v4 I quickly loved the game and wanted to experience the full version The beats The melody the way that you could mix and match the characters and it would all come together I recommend this game to anybody that likes beat making apps. Some times I get kicked out for some reason but so far v8 (Dystopia) has bean a blast hopefully v9 comes out soon.

Perfect. Keep working.. This is after the release of V9, and now I know how it took you guys some time. It’s a very hard worked on version, like the others. But this one seems the hardest. It keeps getting better. I hope “So Far So Good” can get a lot of money to work on more versions or projects. If this happens, Incredibox will be more popular and one of the best. It needs more popularity to be the best. The Incredibox community is small but loyal and kind. Keep up the great work So Far So Good.

Download this immediately is the best!!!. I love this app because it is a great a cappella app music teachers could use it at schools and it’s just the best. You should definitely get it because you can make the best a cappella choose and they sound great. And you can show it off to other people and say you made that piece of music. You could even use it as like background music and sing to it. There’s even a record spot where you can record it. It is the best app to download it immediately please!

THIS GAME IS AMAZING. To start off I’d like to say that I absolutely love this game. Recently I’ve been on edge and irritated but when I bought this I feel much better. Some of the sounds are so soothing I could listen to it forever, I love it’s style, it’s very smooth. I like how there’s different kinds of cultural inspired music in it as well however I wish there was a way to have more slots and one big selection section to mix all of them together to create some astounding mixes. I hope that this app gets more groups, cultures In it to keep this wonderful taste of music skyrocketing. Please bring us more sounds!

great app!. I love this app, although there is a bug. The bug is that when I make a mix publicly the app stops making sounds. Also I do and don’t use headphones for mixes but I love this app! Also I would think it would be cool if the game had more characters and more bonuses. My favorites are v4 (the love) and v6 (alive). I also want you guys to make a button on the top that says advanced, it would axe boat, bite sized beats, the old version of v1, and the Christmas version of v2 (little miss). Also you should make full versions of the bonuses. I love the community too! And remember to pump it up and chill.

Amazing game!. Incredibox, like it's name, is quite incredible. It allows you to create sick beats in minutes, seconds, sometimes even hours! There's so much experimentation here! "Oh, what if I use this one? Hmm... Not right. How about this one? Oh that's nice!". Sometimes you just have to litsen to an individual beatboxer to know if it fits. "What noise does this one make? Hmm... Actually.. If I change beatboxer A for beatboxer C, then maybe beatboxer B will fit!" All of the styles even have special cutscene but you have to find the right combination. This game is well worth the price without being able to post and litsen to songs and like them! 5/5 Ps. My favorite style is "the love"

Great game. Incredibox is the best game I’ve ever played and dystopia is soooo good! I think Incredibox is better than any game I’ve ever played! I think it’s the best mobile game🙂but I also think so far so good should make other apps and keep up the good work with this one! Incredibox has many options for your beatboxer with sooo many different sounds and cool clothes, and sick bonuses! And 8 different versions( I wonder what 9’th version will be) but I think dystopia is the best version and it just came out! The only thing is there are a few glitches that rarely happen but still Incredibox is incredible! Edit: how did I forget to mention there are no ads!

ITS GREAT! But... >:(. It’s good. I love it! But... I am a creator Called Dbones and on the new one I made a song called Reaching The Stars. It came out good until the same night... I saw a reaching the stars on live and it was not mine. Then a few months later... EVERYONE COPIED IT! AND I AM VERY MAD AND SAD ABOUT IT BECAUSE SOME IS GOING INTO THE TOP 50 AND MINE DID NOT! PLS JUST UNDO THERES DUE TO COPYRIGHT OR JUST COPYING BECAUSE I DONT LIKE IT :( sorry this is older me lol sorry if I got so mad. It’s just I don’t like how people are copying my song and there’s better than mine. Please do something to fix it. Other then that… it’s. Great game! I love it! I like the music I like the characters I just like everything! Good game :D

Cheaper than it should be. This game is an absolutely amazing beatboxing game that every single music lover in the universe should play! This game has won many awards and I think it deserves it. I think it should cost more than it is because of how amazing it is. On suggestion I have is to maybe be able to view the top 50 songs and your songs all together instead of just one mode, but other than that this game is a very good app people who might want to start making music. I also would like to point out to some people that there is a reason for all the characters being boys and that there is no females. The man in the game is actually one person (Incredible Polo) who has different personalities and/or outfits and Incredible Polo made every single noise that is in incredibox and you should know that backstory because the developers are not sexist. But yeah this game is a 10/10 review (5 stars) and I just love it so much and it is WORTH the $3.99.

A suggestion for a future week!. Hello Incredibox Crew I really love your game and I have a suggestion for a future week and here it is: for week 10 think your crew should base it off Mexican culture and music as in mariachi since you based jevan on Indian culture and music and Brazil on Brazilian culture and music and I was thinking you can make week 10 on Mexican culture and music like the others I will be absolutely satisfied and would appreciate it a lot I’ve been waiting for a Mexican week or mariachi one ever since week 6 please add it it will make me very happy and satisfied thank you. -Fidel To:Incredibox crew

Amazincredibox. Seriously! First of all, it works without WiFi, so you can use it anywhere! Secondly, I love the association with different cultures! Yes, yes, Alive associates with Japanese culture, Jeevan associates with Indian culture, and Brazil associates with the country that names that version. I absolutely love this app, and recommend it to everyone that likes making their own melodies! ;) There is one thing, however. Smaller children may find Dystopia frightening, what with the “Reaching the stars” dude’s half of his face NOT THERE AND REPLACED WITH A ROBO HEAD. The short film cut into the bonuses could scare them too. That is all. Toodles!

Minor Setback. As far as gameplay goes the app is perfectly fine, love it so far👍. BUT there is a problem, after you load up the app and select a version and start playing, the music players are mute and make no noise, then it becomes impossible to place down new ones, and loading a new version or restarting the one you were already playing doesn’t help, nor does reloading the entire app itself. Still a good app overall.

Bro I recommend this game. Soooooooo good the music the graphics! everything is perfect!I love this game so much I use it a lot especially v7! I love the soundtracks for each bonus. And honestly this is a really good game. I hope this grows so much and becomes better and stronger! and I love how each version has their own style and has a story behind them! I wonder what they have up their sleeve for v10! It so worth it! I’m not even sure if you can make a mix that is bad! incredibox is the best music game you can play!

Incredible. Incredible boxing history and a lot more than the last one of my career in boxing I have never been able get to the point of having to do that and I’m so glad that you guys have a good relationship with the guys and that they can work out a good way for you to be a good fit and that you’re going through the process and you have to work out a lot more and I know you will do that for the next few months but you have a good life with the boys so you have

Not terrible at all, but has flaws. Yes this app does have flaws, but it is still an amazing game that you should definitely get but I have 3 problems with it. Me first problem is there isn’t enough guys, it just feels one short of a guy but that is just a personal nit pick of mine. My next problem is that you can use all the beats and vocals, they’re relocated to versions, it just made it feel like there was no diversity at times. One way this can be fixed is you can keep all the versions, but also have a sandbox version that includes all of the beats and vocals. The last problem is also just a personal nit pick, but I wish that you could record a custom line and/or download download sounds and lines for the game. And if you do make the sandbox version you can use all six of the custom lines. Thank you for letting me give you this feed back and for making this amazing game.

Addictive and creative fun. Incredibox makes you feel like a skilled dj for just 4 dollars. It’s truly a phenomenal experience and I wish the community was larger. It deserves more recognition than it gets. The only issue is on iOS when you try to swipe a sound from the bottom of the screen up, my iPhone will sometimes open the control panel and cause me to screw up my recording. This isn’t really anything the developers could fix, it’s more of a flaw on apple’s end. Regardless, it’s an amazing experience even if you’re not into music that much. 10/10 would recommend.

Incredibox is incredible. As in the name incredibox is incredible! You get to try out 8 different modes! Once you buy it! Then when you are in there you don’t have to pay every month! When you are in the music you can watch videos that is shows if you add the right types. If you click on the circle on the top it tells you what elements you need to watch the video. You can share you video to other people. You can also compete against other people and be in the top 50! This is why incredibox is incredible!

Incredible but a few changes they can make. (Note:this will make more sense once you play it and is targeted for the creators)Honestly this game is incredible and amazing no lag or typical pop ups for in-game purchases but I think they can add more variety. In the game you get about 100 different characters to choose from but if 2 you really like are in different sections such as Brazil and alpha you can’t mix the artists together. I also believe that updates should come more common. It has been in v8 since mid-2020. Overall this game is amazing but it kinda dies after a few of months but worth 4 stars.

Wonderful App To Make Your Own Music. This app is great. I just bought it today, but I've played it on my computer countless times before and I love it just the same. The interface is easy to use, the loading times are very small, I like how you can share your own music with social media and listen to the top 50 songs for all the 4 versions. The only thing I would want is to be able to see newest/all songs or maybe search bar to search for songs. This is a must buy if you want to have some fun playing around or make great music!

Neat. So This is the story of when I learned about Incredibox. So let me set the sene ok so there I was bored out of my mind when my friend pulled out his phone and showed me Incredibox after I made a couple of beats I had some fun with Incredibox I love the story and pretty much everything it’s well made and I love the way that the sounds are made at first glance it looks like another music maker game but after playing with it for a while and solving the game’s story I learned that it’s not just a another game it looks like a passion project and it also looks like the creators just got together and had some fun. So yea good game

Perfect for anyone. It’s cool how incredibox is for everyone. But I want to know if it’s actually real people who did the sounds or if there computer generated. I can do a few of them, but I still want to know. Plus I think you missed a few of the characters in bonuses. Either way, it’s so awesome! Please add version one (which for people who are wondering is kind of creepy by the way) to the mobile version because people will be curious. Still, thanks for adding incredibox to the world because it is amazing! -Anonymous reviewer

4/5 SO CLOSE BUT…. This game is so addicting, I love making cool beats and using the different genres, I have very little complains but one is that I wish there was more genres! 🤣it’s super fun but after awhile you just wish there was more, another complain that I wish the little people had name titles, I know there challenges of putting random guys in to make a good beat and this would ruin it but atleast make a switch for when you want the titles and not, I know these aren’t that big because the game is truly awesome I do recommend but just some minor fixes would make it an easy 10/10

Just do it like actually. Ik pressing money for a game isn’t on some people’s list of things they would do. But i struggle from anxiety and adhd; music is a very helpful tool with calming and refocusing. Being able to “connect” to the music or “feel” the music is almost vital for me, to be able to create something unique every time with out having to make every single beat and kick you know. This is a great app and I highly recommend for fun, calming down, or to connect. 5 ⭐️

Amazin-no INCREDIBLE!. This is so awesome! But I have a suggestion for a future update. First, the new theme (V7), it could be based off of real life singers (just the outfits), and be called, “Back-to-Life” or, “Reality”. Second of all, you could add a mode where you can design your own beats. Last of all, maybe you could add more hidden music videos, but you can’t get any hints. But, it would show you your progression and maybe it could take up all 7 spaces. Out of all, this app is INCREDIBLE! Keep it up! I would really like to see my ideas come true!

The Perfect Game...or so I thought. Originally I praised this game and I still do. It’s just amazing! However when I tap the bonuses for the video clip my screen freezes and the video audio will play but now clip! Also the buttons work too, I can still change game editions and restart. I thought this might have been a problem with my phone since I just updated it but all my other apps were working just fine. So I have reason to believe there is a big ruining my enjoyment! Hopefully this stops happening or you fix it.

Small problem. This app is amazing I use it everyday. But your current update removed an option I use to make my songs sound how I like them. You can hold a character to have them perform a solo, and you can also tap the green circles to play a special song. You used to be able to old a character to make them do their solo, and make a green circle song at the same time, and when the cinematic of the green circle was done, the character would still be held if you kept your finger on the screen. You removed this and I really want this feature back. Thank you

Fascinating. I remember the very first time I saw this on TikTok, it looks like so much fun and it is a lot of fun. I enjoy making different styles and types of music and this really mix it up for me I wish there was a way to can join all the genres and make them into kind of a mash up I wish there was a way to go back and select a different genre rather than me needing to exit the app every time I want to choose a different genre. The clips that come with the music video once you crack it and figure out what you need to do to make the video is so artistic!

Great app - Needs bug fixes for iPhone. Gave 5 stars because I love this app and want to see more like it, but there are some bugs with iOS that still need fixing. Great job fixing past bugs, I respect the attention this app gets by its developers, however it needs work. For example, sometimes it the app will freeze on a black screen when you click play on any genre, and some of the bonus scenes don’t work (sunrise none of them work, others sometimes don’t work). Please fix, but otherwise: Great app! Keep it up

Incredibox is incredible. From V1, to the newest version V8, Incredibox has never failed to amaze those who use the app! It’s one of those great applications that brings out your musical side in the most interesting way anyone has ever seen! Using beatboxing sounds that are recorded by Paul (Incredible Polo), then edited, everything is so unique and great sounding! There’s many different themes and cultures to select from in this app, with a bunch of sounds that really make you think “Wow!” If there’s any app that inspired me to make music the most, it’s Incredibox!

Absolutely blew me away. It’s a fun and interesting way to mix beats and sounds and give them individual personalities. However I had the unfortunate experience of a very creepy bug, at 3 AM no less 😅. The bug in question being that when I load any Incredibox “packs” for lack of a better word, it will start to just play a creepy noise before loading and will keep doing so until the app is closed. Please fix this so I can keep making music with this incredible app!

Naked men. I like how there’s naked men when when you don’t put any music on and it’s kind of funny to stay on them then naked men and their nipples the music is pretty nice I made some cool beats the naked man I think I think the naked man stands out to me more I think if you put my naked man a naked man I am is it probably change teeth on the latest I don’t know if you deleted the past review that I made the last time about naked men but thank you for for making this game about music and a naked man I really appreciate it and it’s help me through hard times in the naked man thank you

It’s stuck in my head now!. It’s about time I write a review for this game. This game is great and the songs always get stuck in my head. There are also many people to choose from so it makes the possibilities even more. 5/5. BUT there is one problem. I happen to play on an old phone so I’m using my moms phone to wright a review now. Anyways so problem is that the older phone I have, you can’t save a song. I don’t know if it is just I have an old phone or something, but please try your best to fix it, thanks. I’m 10 years old I’m broke lol

Very fun, funny, and enjoyable!!!. The way you can add different vocal arrangements, and mute others. The way you can record your arrangements with a live free style arrangement of your choice. The fun starts when you actually try to add and take away each vocal sound with other vocal arrangements to find a bunch of different ways to orchestrate the beat with each single voice instrument. A big thank you to the creators of Incredibox. You made it that much more fun to experiment with different vocal sympathies. A fun and funny way to pass the time. Incredibox I applaud you! Bravo!

Incredible!. You may think I am a robot or someone paid to do this, but, like anyone else, I am human and have my own opinion! This game is incredible, hence the name of the game, and it is cool with the beautiful bonuses! Personally, I love the Brazil theme and the Dystopia theme! It’s a super idea because it has different parts of a melody and you can mix then into your own melodies! Coming from a frequent player, I believe you should play this game! Peace out, Anonymous

Master tracks. This game is awesome. But, something would make it the elite beat game ever. Master tracks or the other 1st,2nd,3rd tracks. Now what I mean is that there is buttons on the top next to the recording button that makes a secondary area (with the sounds from the first track) with more guys to add to the song to make it a SWEET dj game. The guys can have the same roles as the first track but it allows more sounds so people can make complete Incredibox music. Just a thought. But, it would bring out more in the game and in the music. Thank you for your time, to read this.

Epic but needs some bugs fixed. Overall I think this game is amazing but some bugs that I experience need to be fixed.1 sometimes the game would just stop and freeze and in order to fix you need to swipe out your apps and it’s really annoying.2 another annoying bug that happens is when the game mutes its self and it happens in all of the versions and you also need to swipe out your apps to fix this one and sometimes you need to do it multiple times. I hope this gets fixed

Almost perfect. I love this game! The music is wonderful, I love the art and animation, and it’s fun to play. I particularly like the auto function— it lets me really enjoy the music without having to think too hard. However, I know I would use the app a lot more if the music continued playing in the background even after closing the app or locking my phone. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but I think it would be really great to listen to the music while I play other apps or without my screen being on.

New update? Simply amazing app. Hello I think this app is amazing and really fun to make my own music definitely a five star. However I think it would make a lot of fans happy especially me if we could speed up or slow down some characters not all at once but like make a slow beat and a faster kick or something with that matter. But other than that I love this app and is definitely one of my favorite purchases and would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you

Duh best game ever. I love to play this game and you can create amazing beats to show your friends and listen to. And it’s so easy like you just put symbols on some dudes and suddenly it sounds like an actual song, like I could give this app to a toddler and he would make AMAZING beats. Not to mention that there’s 8 different music styles that you can choose from. Really the only “bad” thing about this app is “The Love” and “Brazil”. No matter how much I try to make them sound good they’re always bland. In conclusion you should definitely get this app because it’s INCREDIBLE, get it?

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.3.0
Play Store com.sofarsogood.incredibox
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Incredibox was published in the category Games on 27 March 2016, Sunday and was developed by So Far So Good [Developer ID: 1072153202]. This program file size is 139.09 MB. This app has been rated by 35,718 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Incredibox - Games app posted on 19 February 2024, Monday current version is 1.3.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.sofarsogood.incredibox. Languages supported by the app:

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Bloons TD 6 14 June 2018
Monash FODMAP Diet 17 December 2012

Each capsule is packed with pure, high-potency nootropic nutrients. No pointless additives. Just 100% natural brainpower. Third-party tested and validated by the Clean Label Project.