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What is township app? Township is a unique blend of city building and farming!

Build your dream town! Harvest crops, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Trade with distant islands. Open restaurants, cinemas and other community buildings to give life in your town special flavor. Explore the mine to get resources and find ancient artifacts. Run your own zoo and collect animals from around the world.
Are you ready to build your dream? Let’s get started!

Township features:
● Different buildings and decorations you can use to create your dream town
● Various crops to grow and later process at your factories
● Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill
● Your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts to discover and collect
● Exotic goods brought from the islands
● A zoo to build where you can even breed animals
● Famous landmarks you can use to decorate your town, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more!
● Play with your Facebook and Game Center friends or make new friends in the game community!

Township is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu.

*You need an internet connection to play the game and enable social interaction, competitions, and other features.*

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App Name Township
Category Games
Updated 26 September 2023, Tuesday
File Size 223.91 MB

Township Comments & Reviews 2023

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Have a big complaint but I do love the game. Everyone else has said what a great game this is, with numerous reasons why and I agree with most of them, so I am not going to take the time to repeat it. Instead I am going to talk about the one thing that REALLY annoys me (besides having all the building materials using up my barn space!) I hate how the population has to increase before you can build a new factory-hear me out before the eye roll....I’m just trying to make a nice-looking Township and all was going nicely with the adorable cottages and brick buildings. But now all there is to build are those ugly high-rise apartments; the cool looking timber frame and towered houses are SO many levels away. Here is my beef: take a look at “Ernie’s” town. Now his town, of course, is the pinnacle of Township awesomeness. It’s what the rest of us hope to come close to someday. But how many unattractive buildings do you count? He has 3 apartment buildings (I have 6) 1 regular high-rise- the ugliest! (I have 9) and he has 3 high rise with attic (I have 10) I don’t have these ugly buildings by choice! They are all that’s available-and you HAVE to build them to build your factories. I would like to have more choice in the matter. Maybe I have to pay more to get a nicer house...there should be some options at least. And, obviously, what “rules” Ernie has to follow should be consistent with the rest of us.

Township. My review , Township happens to be one good game, one cannot put down , because of it's continuation of the game. At one point I've asked for a more of a reality game when I played gardenscape. This game here township is definitely a game of reality. It is wonderful to watch , looking at all the activities it brings . People that partisapates in it . The most important , part is that you can contact a friend and play along with them also . And get reviews with them never do I get tried off playing , for their is always some new part to discover , and although I have not done so , I find you don' t mind except in my point of view along with the many viewers you have playing the game . There is also educational views also . You can learn from this game as well . Your team are also player . Who are always ready to help whenever needed . Thank you for this wonderful game , I have made suggestions to my friends on Facebook to download this game for it is a game they have never played before. But will enjoy I have been telling everyone everywhere to get this game. I do not regret downloading this game . Anything at all I enjoy it very much . Thank you for this opportunity to write this review on the wonderful game of township.

I Love the Game, BUT🤔. I find that I either loss purchases & items during the game, be double charged for purchases (in which I currently found to have a separate date “in which I hadn’t purchased”), or my purchases don’t go through (yet I’m being charged). Although the last update ran fairly well (with less freezing/crashes), the purchasing problems has gotten worse. I truly enjoy & love the game (for I find it to be a great outlet), but I have come to the conclusion that I won’t be making any more in-app purchases (because I’ve spent way too much money, to be taken advantage of). However, the purchases made through my in-store “iTunes/Apple” were fine (an cheaper, it just came with less t-cash)... On top of all of that, I’ve found that I’ve paid much higher prices than those “who rarely make purchases” (in which you’d think, would be the other way around), and that’s very unfair😔 (while customer service blames it on our App Store)... Furthermore; I get tired of all these same old replies from Customer Service that’s of redirection to another page or link, for I’ve tried all of that a thousand times without being redeemed. That’s why I feel the best solution is to stop my in-app purchases... I’ll just play the game without the extra boosts and stop losing, what I can’t afford... For I do enjoy the game, I just can no longer afford its perks...😔

Expensive!. This game is somewhat engaging, but it mostly consists of sitting idle in wait for elements to bear fruit in order to see any progression. In reality, it would take years to get anywhere if you didn’t spend money. The higher your level, the more they ask from you. For instance building a new factory or structure will require building materials in large quantities which you can only get by trains that come every 7 hours or so and only in quantities of 1 or 2. If you do have building materials to support growth you have to sell them in order to keep your barn capacity open for goods you need to fill trains, fill requests, and send planes full of goods that take hours to produce. They ask a lot in production with limited return for ways to actually make things happen without spending money, and they increase time for production of goods as you are able to make more. They are great at making money. They even start making you pay to get your earned money out of a piggy bank. You also have to build in boxes so creativity is limited. It costs to get anywhere, and it is a lot of waiting. I suppose if you utilize social media it would be more interactive, but still, they are great at making money. You want to see the next thing happen, but you have to wait a very long time if you don’t pay to see growth.

Fun at first but then overwhelming. It was fun, but after a few levels it becomes too much. Keeping up with all the orders for the helicopter gets kinda stressful, and then add in the airplane that has ridiculously large orders that are impossible to fill in the few hours it allows you. The most exciting part was opening up more land so you can set up more houses and buildings. But now that is even impossible since you have to wait for hours/days for them to open up only to be told that it wont open unless you get more materials which cost too much to buy, or you have to, again, wait for days before you get lucky enough to earn 1 or 2 of the missing items. Also, you want to add more houses but you are only allowed to if you move on to the next level bc there is a “cap” on how many residents you can have. But you cant level up bc you are waiting for a building to finish only you dont have the material, and you cant fill an order bc your barn is full. But you cant upgrade your barn until you level up. Its just too much. It feels like youre just going in circles. This may be a game that gets neglected for a long time, and then eventually deleted to make room for a game that you can actually make progress in. Was promising, but moves way too slow and requires money if you will ever get anywhere.

Fun game needs a few fixes. Enjoy playing this game! Not happy with some of the extra mini games as the levels are almost impossible to beat without spending money. Not a fan of the sheep chase nearly impossible to play, not a fan of the new puzzle challenge either. Bring back the old puzzle challenge please! It’s nice to have a challenge however it’s very discouraging when it’s impossible to beat the levels. Love the room challenges they are fun however it’s not fun if you have to spend lots of money in order to pass levels to keep the room design. Could be 5 stars with some minor changes especially with the mini games. If I buy the golden ticket which is extra then play play the new puzzle challenge which is not fun & extremely hard I’m losing interest in the extras. Also not a fan of the roller coaster Make some changes bring back old puzzle, make it possible to beat levels, or just have extra farm tasks to progress in the golden ticket game. Starting to lose interest as the levels are almost impossible to pass without spending money. It would be nice if lab boosters were hidden in golden balloons, or in the treasure chests, lab boosters like high speed production or see the light, rich fields etc. tired of getting building supplies my town is complete with building do those are useless. Might be nice to have trains reward you with lab boosters also or more mine items.

The best game ever. Hello everyone this is me just me and the best game ever I ever played in my games on my iPad it’s cool it’s rocking it’s cool it’s really hard to level up when you’re on level 12 or more or higher but this game is cool I love the game when I saw the game I really wanted to download it I didn’t really want to be a farmer or anything I just download it to see this is cool it helped me out a little but I’m on level 12 and it’s hard I grow stuff and I make my town beautiful I didn’t know we had friends here but I have friends and I love the Ernie balloons and we get awards every day there’s nothing to blame about this game anyway this is amazing sometimes I show my sister she sees me on the game every single day I enjoy this game I’m on it mostly every single day I play other games too but this is the most game that I play the most I need a little more updates on this game but I love still ever made this amazing ever made this game is cool if there were no friends on this game I will put a four star because every game needs some Friends maybe some Games people who didn’t get it yet you should get it it’s amazing words maybe not if you don’t want to I don’t know how I have the game is amazing and that’s all goodbye😀🤓😝😉😃😀😆

Make challenges more user friendly. I play this game with my wife and we send stuff to each other and play our way thru regattas and the little fun events they have. However my main complaint about this game is that rollercoaster challenge and the renovation challenge. The rollercoaster is sooooooo annoying i just avoid the game completely until its over. Any little twitch of ur finger and SLAM right into the next set of tracks. Im not an expert gamer but ive played my fair share of games since i was a kid. This challenge is hands down the worst. Even my wife hates this one. Next on the list is the renovation. This is a fun one, and i usually compete with my wife to see who can get the most done. The one complaint i have about this is the fact that you basically have to make playing this you job for the duration of the challenge. Each level is basically worth .0001 percent of the entire challenge (maybe ive exaggerated a bit here for emphasis but u get my point) and the levels are not easy at all as you progress. So while fun to get your room Renovated it usually is all for nothing if you dont reach the checkpoint which is another challenge in itself. So i tend to avoid those two now, usually by playing another timewasting game and by the time the challenges are over im not interested in playing anymore till my wife is asking me for donuts or strawberries or potatoes. So long story short, change is needed in these two challenges if you want to keep people playing.

Township Has Changed. It has changed so much that I recommend you don't start the game. Company is worth over a billion dollars, but they have gotten more greedy. It runs on the mini games. One of them made many people physically ill, because it started spinning, which was intentional. There were complaints of seizures, migraines, and vertigo. It only took one time for me to get sick for the rest of the day. My husband actually wanted me to go to the ER. I loved the match 3 mini game, but won't be playing if they cheat. In fact, if they don't fix this within a couple days...I'm done. Because I will know it was intentional, and not just a mistake. And now...they want me to start over with mini game. Give me back the tcash I used to build it the first time, and maybe I will.😡 Well several days later...they haven't given me back my tcash to complete the chalet. They deleted all my changes, and they want me to start over with no cash because they won't give mine back. I'm not buying more. Please don't start this game, as it's not the same game I started four years ago. Playrix ruined their own game through greed. They don't care about customers. I am officially done. No stars. ....I have deleted the app. If I can help someone else from getting caught up in Playrix's cheating people out of time and money, then this review is worth it. I have tried and tried to get support to no avail, so please don't think this is just complaining. This company will rob you.

Ok game designed to get you to spend $$$. The game is ok, it kind of teaches patience, essentially the game is designed where filling orders or building your town takes x time. Some of those times are out so long and you can’t make the time allowed, ie plane, but either you wait or you spend $ to get it ASAP. They always have a contest going on which is I guess smart bc to gets you to buy. My lower rating is because the times could be better for things, I know you can buy with gold bars to change that, but you only get so many bars and to many needs. I like the app but I don’t want to spend $30-50 a month to play and know they could improve some of that to keep people engaged longer. You have to buy is my biggest warning to consumers. If you think you won’t have to by applying patience, you do, you have two banks coins and dollars, dollars are hard to accumulate, and that’s what you need $ for to speed the process up or open these balloons that show. They make things expensive to blow thru your bank with anything you want to do or not give enough time to complete the task. I also have experienced weird glitches where money is gone over night, I don’t know why the amount changes? They need to lower the cost and allow more building without spending $. They built a good app that essentially encourages spending so be warned, if you have a tight budget don’t download.

Overall Fun w/some minor boring aspects. Please get rid of Blossoming Boulevard as a “seasonal” game. It’s incredibly boring and the physics aren’t sophisticated which becomes irritating. The last game, the bakery game, was far more entertaining (even though I wouldn’t play it as a standalone game, but that’s just bc it’s not my type of game). Also, The Academy of Industry is pretty useless and really a waste of time and effort at the lower levels. We spend a bunch of time in the mine getting ore and then spend a bunch of time to make the ore into Ingots and then it takes quite a bit of Ingot to get anything at the Academy of Industry and what you do get is so minor it’s ridiculous. To reduce the wait for each train by 5% when it takes over 3 hours for a new train to come makes is a waste of time that you certainly won’t get back with this “boost”. Yes, eventually you can keep increasing that so it becomes somewhat substantial, but the amount of effort and time involved is enormous and that kills any incentive I might have to do this. Please consider revamping the Academy of Industry requirement and returns. (I started to write a comprehensive review but I switched away from this app to check something in the game and when I came back, the review was gone. So, I will further update this review when time allows, but I wanted to post the above critiques in the hopes that the developer might read and consider them.)

Chance to enjoyment to harsh reality. I started this game as a chance to just see if I would enjoy it which is why the name of my town was originally why not. I liked how there is side events you could do puzzles and enjoyed the time management of orders. I liked how I could go into a factory start making an order for a train and then go do something else and I didn’t even sit there and focus on the game. I could come back and put the order away. I enjoyed being able to still play the game, but not have my sole attention on the game, maybe I just feel like responsibility and I’m weird but for some reason I enjoyed it. I got excited about decorating my town and where things would go and I spent quite some money on it. Unfortunately that’s when reality sunk in. This is a game and it’s meant to be fun, but I discovered that the more levels I grow the more I’m going to be expected to build in town, which means all the nature I wanted to keep in the town would be nonexistent. I have a hard time with how much the world overpopulated to begin with and playing this game would eventually lead me to feeling like a problem. I would love to find a game like this that had all the features of this game had except not be so big on building a town. Or if there is building a town, allowing the town not to be overpopulated. thank you to the creators and I’m sure a lot of people enjoy it. I’m just looking for something a bit more different.

Love this game but should have a few changes. first of all, I think there should be a factory where you can put in the product you want and then when it is done you can collect it if needed should get this at the very beginning and if you are on say level 52 then you update and them you redownload it. The second and last thing I think you should update is the entire game is based on Facebook and that's how you get more township cash but is quite unfair because children who are 15 or younger shouldn't have Facebook, which gives 15 or older an unfair advantage on township cash and money. Other than this which is just upgrades for the game and not me complaining I think this game is good as gold, and if you are thinking about downloading this game then do it. The first few levels are easy but after level 20 it ges harder and much more fun. Also, there are very cool amenities such as city market which is reached at level thirteen, and house of luck which is also revealed at level thirteen, and when you click the level you are on in the corner it will tell you what you unlock at the next level you are on. There is so much more to this game and you should download it. I love ❤️ this a game and you should get it. P.S. I am sorry if this review was too long I had so much to say about the good things of this game

Cute &fun could use a few tweaks. Game is cute and fun but ultimately could use a few adjustments. Some items take way to long to produce from grow time of crops to making each material to making the final product some take over 20hrs. I understand having some challenge in the game. 20hrs or more for grow and production is hard for more than 1-2 items. I start on my plane immediately after last leaves. I make use of the market to buy items to help production and at times it’s still not enough. Sometimes I am trying to prepare for a plane order and trains come in and I’m producing the wrong things for it. It would be nice to be able to rearrange or remove things that haven’t started making to get orders done quickly. I try to always be making things in all factories animal sheds and fields. Some adjustments being allowed would be a much appreciated in game play. As some items take as I said a long time sometimes also in prep for plane I make many more than needed as we have no number count only type of items. Last week I was not going to be able to complete my plane in time but thankfully someone was able to help me. Again it comes back to items in which take more than 20hrs to produce start to finish and having been stuck producing other things before I could start on ones I needed. Adding the ability to adjust items in factories or remove some to make what it’s needed sooner.

My Favorite Game!. This game is absolutely addicting! The best farming/town game for sure! As like any other game there are minor bugs and improvements to be made but none of those issues (in my mind) make the game unplayable by any means. This game incorporates farming, team games, running a mini world, and even competitions and games! I’ve seen a lot of reviews on how you must make in-app purchases and it’s so expensive, etc. For me, this has never been the case. I’ve had this game for MONTHS and never once purchased anything yet I’m still absolutely in love with it and doing fine still playing. Honestly I haven’t even considered ever buying anything with real money in this game because if I lose my coins or township cash I can earn it back. If you are considering downloading this app but are worried about game progression or in-app purchases or anything here is my advice: Download the game and see if you like it! It’s free and I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I have tbh. I definitely see where everyone is coming from with the “it takes a long time to do certain tasks” but that helps me more to know that when I come back from whatever I’m doing to the game, I am ready to collect goods, donate to other players, and earn more coins in the game. Great app!!

Fun but extremely frustrating due to cost!!!. This game would be high on my favorites list if it didn’t cost me so much real money to play. I’m about to quit just because of that reason actually! I’ve spent so much money already & I just started playing a few weeks ago. I’m starting to think the developers designed it to be addictive so you do spend your money so much. My biggest complaint would be the barn. You constantly have to upgrade it & the cost to do so is ridiculous. You really have to buy the game cash to do it. I’ve done this on more than one occasion & as soon as it is upgraded…guess what…it’s full again! I’ve sold things in the barn to make room but you are constantly building your town and need more things which ALL go in the stupid barn! I’m frustrated now…can you tell?!?! Hey developers….if you want to make this game actually playable in the long term….don’t cap the barn capacity! You will still make money off of people because there are PLENTY of other things you need game cash for in this game. How about you actually listen to people and fix the issues instead of just taking their feedback and giving them tips. At this point IF I do still continue to play I refuse to spend my hard earned cash on this game anymore unless you fix the barn issue. Just so you know I’m not opposed to spending real money on games if it is not a scam to empty my wallet like this game has proven to be.

Used to be great. I’ve been playing this game for a couple years, it’s been a great way to pass time with some challenges, team work without getting personal & even mini games. Lately though, the mini games, mainly the room building, are set up so you can’t succeed without spending a ton of in app cash. I accumulate what I can, but it’s getting worse so that if I want to actually finish the room, I have to buy cash. I don’t mind the Professor’s Experiment Gold Pass, but beyond that, I’m not interested in spending the money. It’s supposed to be fun, that isn’t fun. There are other mini games with chests you need in app cash to open & those cost more than they used to. Then there’s the Regatta, the random tasks each week, at least in the co-op I’m in, seem to be getting worse in the amount of points they offer. Each team wants to win, so the leaders dump the low point tasks because no one wants them, I think that since the goal is to win, tasks less than 115 pts should not be generated. That, or the random generator should recognize what’s being dumped & not re-issue those again. This game has gone downhill rapidly in the last 6 mths & since I’m seeing the same info in different reviews, maybe those changes need to be looked at again because it seems like I’m only one of many thinking about quitting the game over it. I play for fun, this is not fun anymore.

Part of my daily life….Whoosah!!!!. I have played many apps and none of them have the combination of fun, creativity, relaxation, and challenge such as Township. I wake up playing and go to bed playing. I love all the variety of games and tasks within the game to help you with developing your town. It is most beneficial to be a member of a Co-op because you can win more items with the team support. If you are lucky, you will find an amazing team like I did. We have 1 golden trophy win. I swear we felt like we won the Super Bowl! Now I pretty much have everything…just a few expansions left. I cannot wait to see what is behind the mountains and always look forward to updates. Although I obviously love this game, there are only 3 things that I would love to see change: 1. A separate storage for the building materials 2. the abilty to send building materials to Co-op members permanently 3. Our Co-op is small and small co-ops end up competing with teams twice the size in the regatta. When that happens we should be able to have a few more tasks available FOR FREE! so that we can compete. As a co-op we should have full ability to pick up where our teammates are lacking. Something that I think would be cool is being able to walk through my zoo….lmore 3D like and to control the weather.

Loooove this game. I enjoy this game due to the many different aspects of it. You build and build while playing mini games and creating products for cash. I also love that it’s completely customizable. I would also just like to make a few tiny suggestions such as more skins to customize your town, wether they be bought or earned through time. For example, during Halloween you could apply a “gothic theme” of sorts. Another suggestion I have or rather this one would be a request, but instead of continuously clicking on a players towns, it would much easier to have a tab that allows you to switch from town to town in order to help your fellow players in your co-op. I think more people would supply items to others and it would be much more quickly and efficient in my opinion. I think that other lovers of this game would also rather enjoy it. But that’s all I wanted to say. I recently did a survey and I wish I had mentioned these things there but I don’t mind leaving a review for this game. 5 stars all the way! I also want to say I enjoy the stories that go along with the mini games, it keeps things interesting. All in all, the creators of this game have done very well and seem to care about the players opinions and I like that. I believe I will play this game for some time. I never get bored :))

Fun but costs:(. i love this game it’s very entertaining but i have noticed 2 things that bother me a lot. This game is great for a distraction but it’s so time consuming because the crops and goods take like an hour to make. So while you are waiting for things to be done to sell to costumers or out on the train there’s nothing at all to do in the meantime. Also, this game doesn’t work anywhere but when I’m at home! I have full wifi and 4 bars at school and it will still not let me play because the “connection is lost”. Something I’ve also noticed is that without spending money, the things you can do in this game are very limited:( My parents won’t let me spend money on games and I’m not old enough to have my own card where I can spend money online so this means I don’t get half of the prizes, I never earn any money, I don’t get as many crops, I get short lives on the games and have to wait 25 minutes for 4 new life’s, and basically there’s a longer wait time for EVERYTHING. Building places in your town takes days, even weeks before you can open it up. Crops can take 30 min-1 hour Even building houses or an extra plot of land will take about a whole day of waiting, and while I am waiting I have nothing else to do. Anyways, in conclusion, this game is pretty cool and offers creativity but it needs some touch ups. My advice would be if you download this game it’s prolly best to spend the money so you can get the advantages and the full experience of the game.

Fun..material impossible. I really enjoy this app! Graphics are nice & I enjoy playing. However, there are a few things that could be better. 1. The zoo & airplane objects are insane! I don’t have extra sugar in my barn. Say in the amount asked for in the objective. REALLY! I am suppose to get say sugar & popcorn in the time allotted? How? You don’t make it easy to have extra storage in your barn unless you want me to spend all my money on this game for building materials. Which leads me to #2. 2. Building materials are hard to come by and cost too much. AGAIN you want me to spend my money on said materials. I fully understand that this is a making opportunity for you. However, your customers must suffer because you want that almighty dollar!!? Since I like this little game, I have made a purchase for cash within this game. I really wanted to complete my library. Because it is the only way to get more shovels & don’t let me start talking about glass! That is impossible to get enough of. Why do we need so much rare materials to complete construction? Despite my distaste for the way you make it hard to complete buildings (need the follow: glass, hammers, shovels, nails, paint, etc) I will still play this game……for now. I wish this message would self-distract. :-)

Love this game but it needs a few changes!. Regattas have become boring and I’ve accepted the fate of permanent wooden league. The only way to rank up is to restrict players who complete little to no tasks, but those players don’t want to be restricted! The only time it was balanced is when we had unlimited tasks. The more active players could do more tasks to make up for the less active players. I think regattas need to be changed so everyone can have fun without taking it so seriously and rummaging for 150 point tasks. The puzzle mini games last too long (weeks on end) and I barely get to play the less challenging mini games that I enjoy more since they rarely pop up or only last 2 days. I don’t even do the renovations or grand prizes for puzzles anymore. I’m either stuck on a level or I’m choosing to stay on a level that’s easy to complete 150 point tasks on. I might just do a few tasks to make purchases at the yacht club (excluding those that require higher leagues) then disregard the regatta. Also, we should be able to upgrade the planes just like the trains and ships. 0-299 XP doesn’t really help as much when I need 465,000 XP to level up to 78. I also hope more factories are added so I have something to look forward to after level 97. Other than that, I really enjoy the game. Especially the new updates!

Love this game, but...... This is probably my most favorite game I have ever played! It is super addicting! There is so much to do, farming crops, making things like bread, pizza, donuts, popcorn, etc etc. you build houses, and other things to expand your population. You have animals and factories that produce several things. My biggest complaint is that they try and make you spend money. I have another game from playrix and it is the exact same as in you will stay stuck on a level for a very long time, like 30 tries, which gets frustrating and to get an extra 5 moves you have to use 900 coins but when you beat a level you might get like 56 coins. Now back to township, things take real time like an hour to make pizza, or 12 hours to grow rubber tree, real life hours. You get cash for fulfilling orders, however it goes in this piggy bank that you must then purchase for real money? It is hard to play without spending real money, and it’s like they purposely make it like that. Another thing, in order to build buildings you need supplies. Like drywall slabs, nails, windows, and bricks. When you fill train orders, trains bring you back building supplies. You will have 1 drywall slab, 30 windows, tons of bricks, to build things you need 10+ drywall slabs, so then your population does not grow, which prevents certain things from happening. I truly love this game, it can just be frustrating at times, especially if you don’t spend money.

Slow game. Years ago I played a game called FarmVille with my friends and loved it. Became too busy & quit playing. When I retired I started Township. It isn’t near as good as FarmVille. This game limits how long or fast you can play or progress. At least two sugar factories are needed ( but you are limited to one) because it takes way too long for the sugar products you need to develop. That means making items that require sugar is impossible till tomorrow! You The barn never holds enough so you can’t harvest enough crops to keep making products. Materials to expand the barn come on the train, but you have no control over what comes on the train. Materials needed to clear land also come on the train. Materials to build community buildings also come randomly on the train & cannot be ordered. Windows are always last while you may have too many bricks or boards. These items all add to filling the barn. It takes months to build one community building - which allows you to buy a house - which increases the population - which progresses you to a higher level - and it all depends on what comes on the train! You have to load the train with the products it asks for, and it takes many hours for the train to return. Unless of course you want to pay for the train to come sooner. You have to have game dollars, not game coins, for that & they are very hard to get. It is a frustrating game that you will never spend hours playing!

Wallet Drainer. I first started playing this game 3 years ago. It was a lot of fun, building my town and my zoo. The mini games were varied and a lot of fun. My favorite event was Professor’s Experiments, which came out every 3-4 months, as I recall. The event lasted a month. It required completion of town tasks to reach the grand prize. I never minded spending a few dollars on the game because it was that much fun. But the evolution of this game is proof that good things don’t last. The developers have made so many changes to the game, all of which have strippped away the fun. Professor’s Experiments was replaced with a monthly Gold Ticket event. To get the best perks, you have to buy the pass @ $4.99 USD. They’ve tied progress to the grand prize to the same repetitive mini games and have made them so hard that it is nearly impossible to advance without spending real money to buy boosters or township cash (the game’s currency) to be able to finish a level once you fail. To make matters worse, completion of mini game tasks have been built into the weekly regatta race. Said another way, the game is more or less forcing you to play the impossible to beat mini games. I reached a point where frustration outweighed the fun and decided to retire from the game. If you have thousands of real cash to spend on this game, then give it a try; you might like it. Otherwise, walk on by.

Fun but frustrating. Here’s my review: 1. Why do I have to spend money to get what’s in the piggy bank which I collected to begin with? 2. Why does it take so long to build someone the factories or buildings sometimes up to 5 days? 3. I think some of the factory items also take way to long to produce especially if it’s needed for a regatta task. I try to have things in reserve but if the barn is full you’re out of luck. 4. Why can we have 2 barns one for the products from the farm and the animals and one for building materials and the factory items? 5. We should be able to have the ability of cancelling an item waiting in line in the factory to be built if you realize that item is no longer needed. 6. If a co-op member or a friend requests help because it needs 29 units of something like wheat or carrots or corn to fill a task, and I only have 10 and another person has only 6, and so on, why can’t we just all join our resources to get the task done, instead of forcing that player to use an “item request” which are also timed? I believe the help under the “!” Should work the same way. I know a lot of players in the community and in these reviews say to plan ahead but sometimes it’s not enough. Overall I enjoy playing the game and the fact that there’s so many people from different parts of the world make it a lot of fun but I feel the developers should give us a little slack.

Turtle Speed and Co-operation and painful minimum wage. I am going to make it clear, this is not a fast moving game. DO Not spend game cash on balloons or treasure! Someone taught me this valuable lesson. This game is about taking your time and find good people to help you build your city and theirs, otherwise you won’t succeed. If Township offers an extremely great deal for cash, than buy some in game money, not coins. Also, use wheat early on as your main source for making money. Between bread and wheat, think of it as cheap free coins. Don’t spend carelessly or you will get stuck and frustrated. Don’t build what you don’t have cause your barn is limited on space, and it doesn’t expand often. Take your time. The game can be slow, but if you are kind to others and help them, they will help you. This is not a solo adventure if you want to succeed. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars, wish their was a barn icon like the train icon that popped up and showed what’s in the barn. Also, this game’s goals can really drag on. I enjoy it and have met some wonderful people, but really? You could ease up on how long a Pizza takes, by the time you grow tomatoes, cheese, wheat, cows, and etc it begin to grow moldy for me. The big problem, at least give me some better coin amounts in return for doing tasks. I reach a level and you give me 1000 coins but I have to spend 8000!!!

Township fun. I really enjoy playing Township. I recently began playing it and found it to be addictive. I like that it has a little of everything. Matching games, being creative deciding how the town will look, being part of a team and being able to work on goals together or helping each other. But for people with limited incomes like myself it takes quite a bit to get ahead. But I would like to thank you ffor making options to get townships cash even if it takes longer. I usually stop playing most games because I can’t get ahead due to having limited income and not being able to spend $ to get ahead but Township gives me opportunities to get ahead even though it takes longer. Another chg I would like is with the helicopter sometimes it takes me days to put an order together but since I suffer from my hand trembling I fat finger and trash the order and all my work is for naught. That frustrates me to no end. I wish in additional settings there was an on off button to confirm if we want to trash the oúrder. I know not everyone has a problem like me so give people option of adding the confirmation. Thanks such a well thought out game with many options

Could be better. So I really like this game and it can be addicting but once I started getting further in the game, the storage kept getting full. And when I needed to make more things, I couldn’t get it bc it was too full. Then in order to build thing I need materials, which you can only get from trains. And if I can’t make anything bc my storage is full then I can’t send orders for the trains. I know I can sell from my storage but half the time it’s things I still need. Now, you can also play mini games in the game itself. The levels can be pretty easy but eventually it gets really hard. Too hard to the point where you have no choice but to spend your own money to get cash or use a million lives to pass one level. So here’s where I give you a few ideas. 1) You can add more moves, +10 to each HARD level. Or very hard level. 2) You can make it to where we can skip a level. 3) Or just change the whole mini game and make sure there isn’t more than 1 thing that you need to get rid of. Like for level 54, you made it really hard because you only gave 20 or so moves. There’s 2 “stories” of pieces, you have to get rid of bottles, AND you also have to get rid of acorns which are covered with leaves/dirt. All of that is too much to do especially with only 20 moves. I’ve tried this level 12 times already and I’m not gonna spend any more money. Especially because you give us hard levels every 2 easy levels and that’s not fair at all.

Don’t get too attached to this game. When I first downloaded this game I was head over heels for it. I know I’ve sunk a couple hundred hours into it at least. There are enough positive reviews for this game explaining its appeal, so I’ll get to the reason for this review. I got past level 40 and I noticed the game started to kick out at the startup screen, back to the desktop. At first it was only intermittent, but it was so much fun that I just dealt with it. As time went on the incident started occurring more frequently until the game refused to start at all. I did a lot of research and tried all the tricks - restarting the device, updating the iOS, deleting the app and reinstalling, everything but tossing the iPad up against the wall. The fixes would work for one or two launches of the game, then back to not loading again. For this reason I am discontinuing playing the game any longer - it’s too frustrating waiting for it to load, then getting kicked out. The reason for this review is to make everyone aware of this issue. The devs need to address this ASAP, as there are a lot of people having this problem. I have been playing Shop Titans for about three years and have never had this problem. So, bottom line is - you will love this game until you can’t get it to launch. Then you will ask yourself why you wasted so much time on it to begin with.

Fun game, but…... I really like this game, but there are a couple things that annoy about it. For one, they need to ask if you want to use the cash before they take it. I have lost WAY too much town cash just from a slip of my finger! It asks when you’re using items in an expansion, so my not ask when you’re using town cash. It’s very discouraging when you save it up, and it’s all gone with a slip of the finger! Another thing is the time frame some of the products take to produce. Some are 6 hours or more. That’s ridiculous. Most people don’t have attention spans that long to even remember they were making that item. Kinda takes the fun away when you’re playing, and most of the items you need to make are long time items, and you’re just waiting on items. The last thing is, when you’re in a co-op, and someone needs help, you should be able to give what you have, not what they need. So if someone needs 8 bread, I could give the 2 I have, and others could give what they have. Most people don’t just have 8 bread unless they’re making them for their own tasks. Sometimes it lets you just give what you have, and other times you can only give what they asked for. I don’t get why sometimes you have to give all though. Other than that, I enjoy wasting lots of time playing this game. If there was one major thing I could change, it’d definitely be needing to confirm you want to use the town cash. I’ve probably lost hundreds by accidentally hitting it, and it’s infuriating.

Game is great- stereotypes are not. I absolutely loved the logistical side of this game. I’m obsessed with expanding my town, milking towns, and making bread. However, I just noticed when looking at my helicopter orders at the female and male characters were a little stereotypical. I know it’s just a game, but I would argue that something like this that children and playing does have a subconscious impact on how we view the world. So, the girl was asking “Do you have anything in pink rhinestones?! Great, thanks!” Dressed in a pink outfit with her hair in a bow. Then I noticed the male characters were professors, contractors, doctors, and museum owners. The game is a little more inclusive on profile pictures, but here still the females are very ornamental (dressed up, pretty, covered in jewelry and makeup, etc.). Also, the base characters do seem to play into typical stereotypes about which gender would be in what profession. I don’t mind the dressed up female characters, but I think they should make more of an effort to try and represent the diversity of interests and careers within genders. This goes for men too, there could be men who are focused on their appearance or seem more dumb like the girl I mentioned previously. Everything in the media and society controls what assumptions people make about others. I think it’s worth it for this game to be more conscious about what messages they are sending and how they can represent a more inclusive outlook on gender.

Used to be fun. I’ve played this game for 6 years and up until recently, I would have given it five stars. It’s so much fun and there’s so much to do. About a year ago, they introduced the professor’s experiment—a month-long activity where you paid 4.99 for the month to earn extra prizes. Again—so much fun. Since they’ve changed it to the Golden Ticket, each month has gotten progressively worse. Now instead of multiple challenges, you only have the opportunity to complete 3 regular challenges a day. The rest of the challenges revolve around the mini games. I didn’t love it, but I still happily paid $4.99 to play. Over the past couple of months, the mini games have become progressively harder and even through I’m a dedicated daily player, I wasn’t able to finish all the tasks and earn all the prizes when I should have been able to do that with ease. The mini games have become so hard that they’re just plain miserable. You have to spend tons of Township cash to play to pass levels and it’s just not worth the prizes you get, which have gotten less generous as well. I’m really starting to hate this game. I barely log in anymore and I really only play the regatta to be part of my team. With the game as it is, I won’t spend another dime. If you go on different Township groups on Facebook, you’ll read comments from many unhappy players. Township—you just got greedy and you ruined the game.

Addictive but expensive!. Addicting and you end up putting too much money into it. And they do that on purpose. I had to delete it when I saw in less than one week I spent more than $60. It’s insane, this game knows how to manipulate you just when you think you’re doing awesome to make you purchase more stuff, boom there comes a limitation that doesn’t allow you to move forward forcing you into spending more. They make you spend money in coins and in bills separately which is a rip off. Then they give you a piggy bank which the profit that you make saves it for you but yet you have to pay to take the money out of piggy bank when the money was in there because of the profit you made from buying already from them. Why should I pay to take out money from a savings out of my own earned money that I already paid to basically spend. So because of this is why I had to delete it. They’ve set up this game to get you hooked but then make things harder and more expensive so that you spend more money! Other games I’ve bought give you good deals where you’re actually getting a good bundle, not like this one that they give you a bundle of $15 for coins and $15 for a bundle of bills and then offer items more expensive than they should be, so your $15 worth of bundle goes away in less than 10 minutes. And that’s not cool. You all need to make this game a little bit more reasonable where people don’t feel like they’re being robbed.

The game is good but there is a couple things that tick me off.... First of all they give you a small amount of money and suppose that yo unwilling earn more money over time. When you run out of money you either have to use your own money to buy pack of more money for the game. Or if you dont want to do that then you have to complete things so you can earn that money back. For me i find that very hard to earn back money because there is people in the game that technically make you feel guilty about it because they say that they want the building in a way that says that they are kinda disappointed in you for not getting the building and so they make you get the items. With that there is a way to speed it up but that takes your money. Second why does it take so long just to make one building?! Related to also why does it take it an hour for the chickens to lay just one egg????? And the factory’s take a long time too. All in all i think that this is a great app with just those little problems and i would recommend! I also have an idea for the game! Since i was talking about not getting enough money i thought that we could get money from our buildings and stores and what not could earn money then we can keep that money that the buildings earn! Please let me know if you will have thoughts about adding that feature into the game!

Get your wallets out!. There’s no denying this game is fun, and yes, you can play without spending a penny. However, if that’s the case it will take you years to get to a high level and that’s not exaggerating one bit. Literal years. Also, their weekly mini games are pretty fun but every now and then you get stuck with a completely rigged game like “Explosive Puzzle” where it’s actually impossible to win levels without using “Power-ups” that cost a high amount of dollars in game which cost even more dollars in real currency. And yes, Everybody I am aware this is a simulation game that tries to be realistic in a fun and satisfying way, but there is nothing satisfying about having to wait 7/8 hours to complete one order of goods when there are 9 helicopter orders, 3 trains, 1 plane, and up to 3 ships to fill with multiple orders each. I mean 1 pizza takes 2 hours to make in this game. It’s very annoying when you have to make 7 pizzas in 4 hours before your plane leaves. That is unless your willing to spend real money to finish the order :/ As contradicting as it might sound, I do enjoy this game and it is fun but record breaking when it comes to how many hours you have to put into this game with how little you get in return. I think this game would be 5 stars if they cut down produce wait time, or made things cheaper in the game (decorations/ buildings wise).

A few suggestions. I’ve had this app for a while. I’m really enjoying it but there are a few things that annoy me. First of all, some of the orders, (the zoo, and planes) are absurd. Why am I supposed to have 8 popcorn just sittin in my barn? And with the time limit on the plane, I dont have enough time usually to make 24 popcorn in a couple of hours unless I get on every thirty minutes to clover one and start another. I don’t want to spend that much time on one thing. Two, the materials for buildings, are so scarce and the cost so high, buildings sit unfinished for months at a time. Then you add the zoo exhibits taking them up there aren’t enough, and buying them from the market is stinking expensive. It’s pretty hard to get 24 township cash and keep it! Three, when people in the Co-op and friends ask for help on those larger requests, instead of filling the whole thing up or passing it by, make it so you can give them what you have like in the Co-op chat. Just say hey I don’t have 8 popcorn, but I have five So I’ll just click this five times and give them the popcorn they need so they only need three to complete the order. I always kinda feel a little bad passing by a big order when I am just a few items away from being able to help and not being able too. I know this review is a little rough, but I love the game. It’s really fun! And it would be even better with a few additions.

Too many bugs, not enough support. I have played this game for years, and never had any real problems until recently which support never answers when you ask for it. Stuck in the game right now and cannot progress further and am getting no help. I was going to stop playing last month, but decided I just like the game so much, I’d give it another chance. Now I am stuck and cannot progress any further. I’ve helped almost 100,000 players, that is my favorite thing to do in this game, and I just wanted to keep doing so. Now there are just too many problems and it’s really making it hard to help anyone, so I hope they fix whatever is happening, but it doesn’t seem like that will be any time soon. My ticket has been open for a week or so now. Now I have even more problems and still no answer from the first, which I had to figure out on my own. This time it is an unfixable problem on my end. Please fix your game Playrix. Now the game won’t let me past a level in explosive puzzle though I beat it already. Nor will it let me take any of the mini game related tasks in regatta, they are grayed out, and it says event is over. I bought the pass yesterday and all went downhill fast. Cannot do just about anything. Worthless support, haven’t even tried to respond to my requests to fix a game I’ve been playing for 6 years!

Couple Things. I love this game! I do have a few suggestions though,I think that it takes way to much time to earn the actual dollar bills and so it makes it convincing to buy money with real money. It seems so mean and messed up, l think they should change that whole idea. I myself have only spent a dollar buying, but have almost been convinced on all the deals that they offer. Very crude and dirty. l also think that u should be aloud to get in a coop at any level. This thought occurred to me when my little sister wanted to join me and my other sisters coop, and could not cause she had just started playing the game! Same for my other sister( l have lots.)I have also been getting many orders from people in my zoo lately and it has been getting a little annoying to be honest. So I was just wondering if maybe u could change that feature to have like 3 orders a day. I would also like to report a very bad issue for kindle tablets. The process of the update stinks for kindles because the game crashes and it won’t let u download the update and then u can’t play the game. Very angering! MUST BE FIXED!!! I say this for my sisters and friends who can’t play the game anymore. Thank u for acknowledging me and my suggestions.🙂 Overall the game is a good way to pass time, but u definitely have to be patient, and l am not the most patient person so it gets boring. Still a fun game!😜

Very enjoyable loads of fun great friendship & teamwork. I've been playing this game of and on for 6 years w the last year and half daily!!! I love this game and the competitiveness of the regatta!!! I've got a great team, great friends and relationships I've built and communicate w while playing the regatta and as a leader in our group and playing against other teams in the regatta!! You don't have to play in the regatta ❣another game within the game but optional to play but if you like comprehensiveness than you need to play in the regatta as well!!! It's made me a lot better and smarter player. I've got great teammates who have helped me to grow my town to level 92 growing stronger every day!! I move up a level bout every week and half which is good and quick and just shows how much I play because it takes a lot of work growing food and harvesting food building houses, hotels, community buildings and factories!! It's designed that you don't have to use money but it's hard not buying the dollars in the game to use specially if you want to play 16 tasks in the regatta but it also allows you to win money in different ways!! Some of the ways is the inner games it always offers for you to play and gives you ways of winning the dollors in it!! This game is always growing and a must to play totally love and play everyday anywhere from 30 mins to 6 hours! Very fun come try it with your time and play!!!

Used to be better. I really loved this game until you people stopped allowing us to buy decorations for seasons. Where are the Christmas decorations???? I have a few from when we could actually get some. What about that cute little witch that flew around the town at Halloween? I thought that was brilliant until you stopped. And the snow that fell? I guess we are in for a dull Christmas this year in Township. Didn’t Santa’s sleigh used to fly around? You have stopped selling all of the stuff we want!!!!! We are tired of jumping through your hoops just to earn the same ole same ole. It’s you all that are losing money when you don’t offer what you used to. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We need new games and new ideas. What about quests? That would be fun at Christmastime. Most of the players on the team I’m on have quit because they are so bored. Ignore these suggestions or we can simply delete this game and find something more creative. What has happened to you all??? Gotten lazy or what? We want to decorate out town and you all are Scrooges. I hope I get a reply from Township! 😡 We don’t want to wait until halfway through December to decorate! That takes all the fun out of it. You could have sold some turkeys to run around our town for Thanksgiving. That would have been awesome! Step it up, guys and girls! Listen to the towns folk. For more of my brilliant ideas…..well, I guess you don’t care.

Completely addictive!. If you want a game that you can play once or twice a week, this is not the game for you. If you enjoy building, sharing, and generally trying to see what you can accomplish (theoretically that is), then this game may be the one for you. It's additive though, so be sure before you download it. It's fun and very entertaining. I have never played a game like this one, but I'm glad I found it. One of the best things that I discovered was how fast and easy issues are resolved. I have had one issue, I contacted the developer and immediately received a personal message explaining how to fix the issue. Most developers aren't accessible and none are accessible immediately, but this one is. So download if you dare and come on in. Build your city and make new "friends". It's great, but completely addictive! I wrote the review above many months ago and I love this game more now than I did when I wrote the review. I love the co-op aspect of the game the most! I have made true friends in my co-op. I suggest though if you join/create a co-op, don’t do it just to win the regattas, although that’s fun too. Do it to find people around the country and the world that you can connect with and enjoy chatting with. The game is fun, but the co-op aspect is awesome! Enjoy yourself and always’s a game!

Love this game. I love this game. Its never crashed on me or had any other bugs. It’s not impossible to move up to higher levels without spending money, you just have to play more. I have bought the in game cash a couple times, but often they do an earned discount through gameplay and it’s actually a good deal. It takes a while to gain building materials to build some buildings, but you earn in game money quite often (I actually found out that by reading their mail/updates they’ll give you cash). Some buildings require more materials than others, but you also earn those materials for sending off trains and winning contests. There’s so much to do that keeps me playing and it never gets boring. Every so often, there’s contest games to earn prizes for each placement, not just for 1st and 2nd place. The contest games inside this game are fun in and of themselves. You fill orders for helicopters and airplanes and zoo guests and they vary in difficulty. Once you open up the mine, you make ore that you can spend on upgrading your factories, including decreasing the time it takes to produce certain goods and increasing the amount of money and experience you get. The more you play, the more gameplay opens up. It’s not like other games that make it impossible to level up. I’ve probably been playing this game for about 4 months and I’m at level 52. The graphics and designs in this are actually pretty cool.

Fun game. Been playing for awhile now. Patience is a must, unless you want to spend extra real money on in-app purchases. Even if you make some extra purchases, it still takes time to accomplish a lot of things, like what a lot of other reviews say. I deal with that by going into the game a couple times a day to get some things started, and finsh up other things I got started a time or two back. So in other words, it's not a game you can just live get some things going and then go away for awhile. It is true that filling the plane can be a challenge at times. It is a game, so everything that is in it won't always make total sense, but it is fun. If the makers are listening, there is one thing that is a bit irritating. The special events that take place (e.g. the airshow, holiday thingy and such) at the event area. I know it is up to the player whether he\she participates, but there should be a way to opt out of an event. I tried to get out of the pastry event a while back, but by hitting that silly bouncing arrow i ended up with another button on my screen for the events duration, and constant hints that I should push it. I did not do the holiday event, but until it is over with, I have to see the bouncing arrow......sigh. How about a way to just say no, and escape the arrow. Thanks though, for a fun game.

Enjoyable, but.... The game is enjoyable overall. However, there are a few things that could make it better for players. 1. Please stop having the “mafia” looking guy order our gold/silver/platinum bars for helicopter orders. For one, it perpetuates a negative stereotype of Italians, and also, the incentive isn’t enough for the value of the bars. Players need those for other things within the game. 2. Please implement a way for friends/co-op members to gift things that other players need. While it is true that you can request needed items within your co-op or in your train or plane crates, it would be very helpful to players if they could gift items to friends/co-op members when needed. 3. Please consider revising some of your production times in the factories. It’s absolutely ludicrous the time it takes for some of the products to be made. For instance, in real life, a cheesecake does not take almost three hours to make. Sorry, but it doesn’t. Come on guys. 4. Why do I need to save money in a piggy bank? I rightfully earned that money by fulfilling orders, so I should have the right to it at anytime. I shouldn’t have to pay you $2.99 each time I fill my piggy bank with the money that I rightfully earned. Kind of a bummer and less incentive to play on a more consecutive basis.

This game is super fun. This game is cool and fun but also has some minor things that could be fixed I have been playing the game for about 2 years and I have had a good experience there are some things I don’t live here they are you need shovels to have more space I liked when you didn’t have to have shovels you just had to have the money or the coins now you need the township cash that isn’t easy to get unless you buy it and then you have to get a shovel instead of using it for other things like materials to finish building also it is hard to level up and you have to wait a while before you level up I have never leveled up I one day before it has taken me almost a whole month to level up playing 15-30 minutes a day it just is sorta annoying also u don’t love that you have to level up the barn it just isn’t ideal but I do love the festivals the cars that run on the road and more it is cool and fun it is fun to play and is great for all ages is easy to find out and is good for little kids and adults I give this game to my kids and they love feeding the animals and planting seed and also going to the festivals it is also great for adults when I am tierd at the end of a long day I can go on my phone and play this game for hours the only thing I wish is that it didn’t need WiFi but that it overall this game is great and amazing I highly recommend I love township

Best game! Highly recommend!. Township is a very well thought out game. Bored and looking for something fun to play on your phone? Look no further. Unlike other games where creators make it feel like you’ve been stuck on the same level and it’s dragging. Township is not like those other games. Township gives you fun tournaments or special events to play during those levels that require a lot of “xp” to level up. These special events and tournaments also give you the chance to gain more rewards and to level up but most importantly something to do in between your farming! 😃 Follow their Facebook page during events to earn more t-cash by participating in giveaways! If you’re trying to fulfill an order in your Township but don’t feel like waiting? No worries! Co-op members will help fulfill them for you for free! Earn extra gold coins by fulfilling your friends Township orders that need help and much more. Don’t forget to connect your Township game to your Facebook to save your progress. Township will NOT post by itself on your social media and will NOT send you any annoying game requests in your notifications on Facebook either. This game is so fun because the creators and editors put a lot of thought and passion into designing this game. Download Township today! 😃

Frustrating but.... The game is fun and takes a little bit of planning to keep things running. I agree with others that the time it takes to grow things is excessive. You do have to spend money if you want to progress in the game at present time, not a year ago as some have reviewed. The other thing is they have a regatta running and also another side game. It is a little much to try to do both games at the same time. Also it would be nice if they would give a little more time between these games for a breather, just to get caught up again. Everything gets more expensive like the next building I will need to get up is 130,000 coins. Also it’s VERY difficult to get the supplies you need to level up the barn. I have an over abundance of 2 of the items and nothing on the 3rd item I need. If I sell some of those items, then I’m short on them later on. There is no rhyme or reason of that issue that I can see. Again I agree with others about the land problem. Most of my things are just crammed into one spot. Granted it is a fun game but is also frustrating on the other side of it. Have thought about quitting several times but for some reason I just groan and continue to play. It will just aggravate me and one of these days I will just quit. It’s a shame because it is fun and they have taken the fun out of it. If you really care about people staying with the game take the choke hold off of it. Can’t give it even a 3 star because of the problems.

Fun and addicting game, in a productive way!. This is the first game that I have ever played consistently on a mobile device. My friends have been playing other trendy games for years and I was never interested. I tried it out and quickly got hooked. I liked the sequential and realistic process of having to “build” a town and earn new things. I wasn’t involved in a co-op at first and am now part of one and the comaraderie and teamwork it encourages has been a lot of fun. I highly recommend the game. But just like any “freemium” out there to truly be competitive and progress through the game you have to spend some money. My one true complaint about the game is with the barn where all materials earned are kept. I believe that it fills up too quickly which is simply another way for the game to get you to spend money to increase its size. I believe that the further you get in the game that it should hold more proportionately to the factories you have attained since you are producing and growing way more at that level and therefore not fill up as fast. It’s extremely frustrating to not be able to put anything in it without either a) spending money each day to enlarge it or b) sell a bunch of stuff that you’ve grown in order to make room. This would be my #1 frustration. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

Thank you!. I submitted a review a year/year and a half ago back about there not being any otters in the zoo but you made a farm animal out of them which is even better! I love them! I think they’re a great addition to the farm! I know everyone complains about time and spending real money on their town if they want to expand quickly but I think they’re missing the point of the game. It’s meant to take time to get to the higher lvls, not rushing thru the game just to do nothing then once you have everything. If you need more t-cash, watch videos, don’t open hot air balloons, check the mine, play the house of luck. I’ve been playing for a few years now and I still come back to it everyday just for the enjoyment and whimsical decorations. The reason I’m giving it a four is sadly the new tool exchange. I really tried to understand it and see how it would make the game more challenging in a fun manner. However, after several months of using it, I do not care for it at all. It’s extremely upsetting to fill train after train to get materials to exchange but then need all those said materials for the zoo enclosures. That is one thing I do not care for in the least. Also! I loved when y’all gave a free land expansion as a reward in one of the mini games a while back, hoping y’all throw that back in once or twice!

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GOOD GAME. Began playing this while waiting for my Hay Day produce! But it's now equally engaging. Like the challenges too. Keep up the clever work! Now on level 105, so been playing quite a long time. Lots of different challenges too, although some are repeated, this only gives you the opportunity to hone your skills. Particularly like how you can place almost everything where you want, and how you can progress fairly (and without using real cash). BTW I very rarely play Hay Day now, this is my go to game. Also the support people are fast and fantastic. Thanks for keeping this game real! I have deleted Hay Day - became way too complicated! This is the best game out there, still not necessary to spend real cash to progress, also keeps the mind alive through the pandemic! 😷

No support but billionaires.. This developer lacks in customer support and issues go unresolved when none of their troubleshooting steps work. They come up with some lame excuse as to close the support ticket without helping further to resolve the issue. With how they’re a billionaire company, they simply don’t care about assisting you to resolve the issue. That’s not a business. If you have a technical issue and need a human to assist you with it, a bot isn’t going anywhere to help. Can’t believe that all troubleshooting steps never worked, my own steps didn’t work, and a bot tells me there’s no technical issue, it’s how the system works, then closes the issue and asks me if I require further help, start a new conversation and so I do, it’s exactly the same process as the previous one! What a complete waste of space this developer is on the internet. I do not recommend using customer support, therefore I do not recommend wasting your time with it. Also, don’t spend real money!

problem with the mini games. okay hi!! i’ve been playing township for over 5 years and ever since the mini games have been added, i’ve wanted to cry. the game itself, fun but difficult and i love it, and although the mini games are a great way to spend time on the game when your waiting for things to be made, they’re super difficult. especially any ‘renovation’ mini game in which includes the ‘puzzles’. my whole family who plays township ALL HATE this mini game and find it impossible to get to a good level without paying money. MAKE IT LESS HARD!!! or just get rid of it. and to get extra moves on the puzzle game or to have a second chance at the gumball game, you need to pay 5 CASH!! 5 cash is way too much and cash is super hard to get. make it cheaper or just make the levels easier!!! -a long time township user

Worst supporting team - Question never been answered directly to the point - effort wasting. Spent time to join mini games to get coupons, rewards to expand my city and innovate it. However, when my problems turned up, I asked for help from the supporting team. It took like forever to receive their replys. But reply only about ‘what is my problem?’, ‘thanks for understanding’ etc. but there was no direct solution or offer my back my lost coupon (until now) due to your technical problem. They kept asking to repeat my problem. It was frustrating. And took a long time until I was tired of continuing the conversation. The supporting service team was TOTALLY NOT helpful at all. So finally, the technical problems causing my loss of a town expansion coupon was not solved. Just be forgotten by the silence, late response and indirect answer of the supporter. I have played township for more than one year. Have recommended so many friends but this one did upset and disappoint me badly. I still play township though. But I’m sure I will never recommend any more of my friends to play this due to the worst supporting team ever.

Love this, play daily but….. I have been playing this for almost three years on a daily basis. To buy TS dollars is expensive to use in the games and mini games. Before you realize you may have spent a small fortune unless you are disciplined with your choices. At present we are missing the race of champions! Playing a regatta over and over is no fun it’s getting repetitive. We also dislike being forced to pick regatta tasks that are mini game related that you end up spending money on to complete. I have no doubt that developers have and continue to make $$. How about you put something more back into your loyal game players who love this game. You also need to not make all mini games so difficult. Bring back some of the classics please.

Amazing game, play with friends and free!!. Okay, so first up a warning. This game is addictive...and so much fun!! Township can be played completely for free. I have been playing daily for over a year now. It takes patience and time to move up in levels and creating your own town is only part of playing this game. Start building your town by feeding animals, growing crops, making products in factories to send in planes, trains and helicopters. As you progress, you can join a co-op to race in weekly regatta's for prizes, with friends from around the world. Helping friends means they help you grow your town and makes playing even more fun. Also take part in fun events and win township cash and rewards. Be sure to check the Township forum for help. Best game ever!

Township. Township is a very good game and I enjoy playing it, however, playing the mini games such as the hairdresser game you have a certain amount of lives to complete the level. This can be challenging and annoying because I and many others can not complete certain levels. The game does not give you enough lives to beat the game, even when you have powers to use. This is annoying to others when they want to enjoy and complete the game. The game also asks for a lot of township money notes to complete tasks such as completing building or buying products and it makes it hard when you can’t get this township cash unless you earn it by winning tasks such as the hairdresser game this means that you can rarely win prizes if you cannot complete the levels and tasks. Overall I love how the game works and I enjoy playing it but these problems that I have listed need to get solved asap.

Waste of my time. It’s like Pocket Build. I hate games where you have to wait and it involves no skill or strategy or RPG or luck. It’s just patience! Another complaint is the your barn can be too full and you have to remove stuff just to get the essential supplies. I hate it when your stuff get’s too full like in The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild how you can get your inventory too full and like Minecraft how your inventory can get too full. I can live with it but I hate it in Township, and you have to wait a whole DAY for the train to come and help, you just need to wait, wait, and wait! Imagine if the only thing in your house for entertainment was Township. You have to sit on the couch wasting your IPad battery and where your Gaming Headset all day. Are you trying to be an IDLE game!? Well your doing a good job, except for just making this GAME. No wonder it’s free just don’t bother download this thing. My last criticism is that the green township cash is way too precious, and it’s almost impossible to get. Like you have to buy lives to play and if you lose you lose a life, and if you run out of lives you can’t play until… YOU WAIT IT OUT. You can by lives with green cash but once you’ve spent it all you have to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and so on.

So Amazing(join my co-op). This game is sooo amazing!It’s highly addictive. This game is really entertaining although I do not like the fact it takes sooo long for things to come!I’m on level 32 and I really hate the fact that it takes forever for ships to arrive! It takes quite a bit of time as well in this game! In co-op’s it’s really fun to chat with your members,but I would like some sort of translator in the game, so you can actually understand what’s going on! I really like have members in my co-op! So if you do play or want to it’s name is Happiness to all. Btw the reason why I’m only saying the name is cuz it’s the only one with that name.☺️ I would like to ask though if you can speed up time for trains, planes and ships! That would really help other then using township money! Plz also make an unlike button cuz there has been several stages where I liked someone’s town then regret it! I have been having a lot of bugs lately and it is getting REALLY annoying so plz fix this! Finally as you get to higher levels you only get a character every 10 levels! So I would like to suggest adding characters in between some of those! Thnx!!!☺️ And pls fix and add!❤️

Cash grab. I liked this game but it’s obvious the developers want you to spend large amounts of your own money in order to really enjoy it. Community buildings are just one example, once you buy the building you then need construction materials to finish it. You cannot make these materials, only receive them via train (or of course BUY THEM). The train takes FOREVER to return once you fill orders, and frustratingly you have NO CONTROL over what construction materials you receive from the train. Basically a train arrives with some orders that you need to fill. The train leaves and returns with random construction materials. This seems straightforward enough but the amount of time it takes to fill the order is over the top and then you have to wait forever for the train to return. I just waisted about 4 hours filling a train order, then waited MORE THAN A DAY for the train to return, and it contained NONE of the materials I needed. Ive only been playing for THREE days and this has happened TWICE. The graphics are good and the game has potential, but not with these waiting times and the lack of control over gaining what you need to progress through the game. I’m uninstalling and I’ll be wary of downloading any other games from this developer in the future.

The game continually crashes. Ever since the last update, when I load my game, it doesn’t move past the playrix loading screen and just crashes. This is a constant issue, and I’ve had to delete the game completely and reinstall it twice in just one day because that was the only thing that allowed me to then load the game. This is not a permanent fix, because after the first load of the game, it starts crashing again. In trying to fix this problem, I’ve also lost my wedding minigame that had 18 days left on it, and probably lost my progress (which was more than two thirds of the way complete) in the minigame. I was given the colourful puzzle instead on my last successful login. I don’t want to delete the game permanently because I really love it and enjoy playing it, and enjoy having people to chat with, but I also don’t want to lose out on the golden pass I just got today, which cost me $8, and don’t want to lose a great game. I don’t know if the game requires an update or not, but it really needs to be dealt with.

Bring back the old ethics.. I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and have enjoyed it immensely. However it seems like the ownership of the business has changed. The game has become repetitive to the point l just want to delete it. The mini games play over and over and over and over again and again an again, get my drift. At first there was variety, lots of different mini games. Bring back the old ethics of the game and people won’t complain. Mostly l play for relaxation but now it just stresses me out. If you set up games make them fun and winnable because at the moment you make it impossible to win. That’s not fun. We’re not all professional gamers and not only that, pretty expensive for a kids game. Don’t be so money hungry. We used to have different things to make in the factories for different themes but now boring same old. The other thing that annoys me is your customer service. There isn’t any. You never help, you just apologise. Apologies don’t sort problems out. If people have been ripped off, compensate them. Fix it. I will be looking forward to some improvements and then I will be happy to write a positive review. Come on Playrix, get your act together.

The developers are cheats & frauds!. Just spent a day glued to my device playing this game for the competition “Cash Splash” where winners where promised $1000 in Township cash. I purchased a large number of ‘in game’ resources to give me a chance at winning. They removed the game with 2 days to go citing technical problems and gave $5 Township cash as compensation. Some players won the money before they pulled it, but most didn’t!!! $5 Township cash isn’t compensation - it’s a joke and an insult to daily players who invest lots of time and money on this game! Don’t download it, don’t get hooked, developers are unscrupulous cheats! .....and if that wasn’t enough, paid real money for a gold pass for the professors Experiment competition only to find that only a select few gold pass members received double points....we all paid the same amount of money for the gold pass, we should all be entitled to the same benefits/bonuses. These developers are crooked and deceiving thieves!!!

Manipulative, glitchy, poor support. I don’t understand how this game has such a high rating. Firstly, the developers manipulate you into thinking aspects are achievable so you pay for rewards that you then can’t achieve the next time when they up the anty. Secondly, it’s so glitchy, I’ve had bug after bug where I will lose all progress in mini game or overall tasks, making days of work pointless. And when you try to contact support about either of these types of things, they are rude or take a long time to reply. Right now I’m completing a seasonal task that doesn’t last very long and it glitched out right before I was about to get a huge reward and now I have to start from the beginning because even though the support team said they would get back to me, it has been three days and the mini game is due to end in only a few more days. They are a joke. If I hadn’t already invested so much money in this game I would have long since abandoned it. Do not download this game, find something else. There are tonnes out there just like it and the people running the show for township are not to be trusted with your time or money.

Too expensive but captivating. Everything in this game is both charming and challenging, and can become quite addictive. Everything in the game is also crafted to extract real money from you. Take it easy, don’t let the game push you along, there is no reason to respond to the game’s dictates. Only start the next community building when you have finished the previous one. The ZOO is a misfired joke and I wish I had read the forums and reviews before I opened it. It is a time consuming bore, and I would love to get rid of it! I love the mine and foundry, gems and ingots. Improving the efficiency of factories is fun. The social aspects of the game (co-operatives, Regatta) are very well thought out and encourage cooperation and sharing, I would like to see more of this. I would like to see more animations of amusement devices such as the rocket ride. I was disappointed that it didn’t move.

Stealing your cash. This game’s developers are a fraud. I purchased over 20$ of in game cash and everything was okay for a few days until I logged in one day and all my cash was reset again to the original amount when I started with. At first I thought it was a bug or some lag issue with my account. However, when I tried contacting the customer support they didn’t get back before the end of the week and took over 3-4 days in average to reply to each of my messages. On top of that they would end my conversation automatically just by assuming that they have solved my problem, without even waiting for me to reply. After over a month of getting in contact with them In the end I just gave up and stopped playing this game. Such a disappointment because the game was quite good. All I could recommend to my gamer friends is that do not waste your real money on any in game purchases, unless you don’t care it has been taken away without a valid explanation. Disgraceful!

Heddon Greta 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Awesome game, however it gets harder as you get your levels up. For example, it’s more expensive to buy community buildings, houses and zoo enclosures. Once you can afford to buy them, it’s even harder to earn building materials bought in by the plane and trains in order to assemble the community buildings and to upgrade your barn..... so you’re always running out of room in your barn!!!! So frustrating.. it’s hard to earn township cash as well. I would suggest making it easier for us to eat. Township cash, materials and zoo animal cards by just a little and the game would be a lot more enjoyable, more people would play and download and continue to play. I personally am on level 77. I have friends whom are one lower levels, from 22 and above, whom have just given up on the game due to the above reasons. Even if you introduced a way for us to request materials all the time through the co op chat and if you introduced something like when we help other players, we can get either 1 township cash, 1 type of materials or a clover for the house of luck.

Great game but development could be quicker.. This is a great game, especially its diversity in the way it expands the town and country and the zoo. However the time now taken to get enough materials to open new land and complete buildings is diminishing the pleasure to be found. Is there any way developers could speed up this aspect of the game? I have played Township for quite a long time, but stopped playing for a while because of the difficulty in accessing land and completing buildings. Even though I’ve come back the frustration in being able to expand my Township is still there. Simply paying money is not the answer. How about it? Is a bit of a review possible?

Potential down the drain.. I and many who played other games like this, started this game a few weeks ago. It’s a good game, and when I see a good game, I like to give it my support. My friends and I made in game purchases to show our appreciation. Then the first glitch happened, where two players ended up filling the same aeroplane or train cart and both is accepted. That’s fine, both players still get their clovers as reward for helping. Then the 2nd glitch happened - where you open our cart for help .. waited and when you see it cannot be filled by anyone, you decided to use one of your special ‘spend coupon’ ..BUT coincidentally at that moment another player filled the very same cart at that very same time (remember 1st glitch?) except this time, they take your coupon and since you filled it yourself, you don’t receive any clover. Contacted Customer support and waited for many days for a reply only to have them say ‘sorry but we don’t have a glitch and you shouldn’t be filling your own cart if you asked for help to begin with’ .. yes, that’s the reply I got. Poor customer service, and if I could give you zero star, I would. The game has so much potential, customers service pulled it down. Good thing we only started about four weeks ago, and only wasted $50 between us :) imagine what they could’ve gotten from us had they use a bit of their brain to compensated a couple of virtual missing coupons. Bye Township, I’ll make sure to let people know how much you care .......ha.

Addictive and fun but Frustrating. Had game for years. I’m at level 91 now but I did take a long break for about 18 months I am now back playing again and can’t believe the amount of construction material needed to build community buildings, I don’t mind filling my trains a couple of times a day and sending my plain off daily but still at this rate it will take 6 months to get what I need for 1 building but what I really don’t like is now you need to exchange building materials for tools but you also need the building materials you have to give away it’s very frustrating and I can see myself stopping again. Also the game froze and I had no choice after trying everything to delete and reinstall, I had 3 vacant areas that I lost that are no longer vacant, not happy about that.

Loved the game till this update today. I loved this game in fact I reached level 50 today and was thrilled to bits, BUT then this new update, wish I hadn’t put it on my iPad. Every time i return to check on my friends to see if they need anything or just play in general I cant get into the game unless I delete it. I can then enter again. I am a very competitive player in the regatta, but this is starting to take its toll. If you look into my history you will note I have had to do this 5 or 6 times already this afternoon since updating. I really have doubts I will be playing tomorrow if this isn’t sorted. How many others are having this difficulty. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO RATE WHEN THE GAMES NOT WORKING. seems I must well one at the most

My favorite game of all time. Okay listen up Township this game is AMAZING there is always something you should attend to but you don't always know where like when your barn is full you can't fill out any orders you go help some of the players in the game by clicking the friend button you can make your dream town with decorations houses buildings you also earn money by filling orders and unlock items like all the trains the hair salon the apartments the mine the airport and ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more so you kinda have too download this game because ITS EPIC. One more thing sometimes you get frustrated and want to delete the game but don't so try and do whatever you're doing give your town a good name level up unlock new things and new icons and most importantly have fun 😃

Please read the whole thing 😏. I just want to say a few things: 1. This game is nothing like it is in the ads! It is much harder and is only fun when you have a ridiculous amount of time for my things to build and grow and it takes forever for thing the trains can take up to 40 minutes to arrive and over 20 minutes for the crops to grow. 2. The project makeover event is so hard. All these events are hard and make you pay township $$$ which is so hard to get and is super expensive to buy, they just don't give you enough. 3. Before you download this game to make it easier the game wants you to have a facebook account for friends that might help (which most likely wouldn’t.) Otherwise great game and doesn’t glitch for me at all I think it is smarts how they get animals and to watch for city grow.

Great Game with Minor Inconveniences. I’ve heard a lot of people say this game is a cash-grab, with the extreme waiting times and costly building functions. But those are only minor inconveniences, as it only takes a few hours to fulfil each request independently. I would have to disagree with their outcries, please don’t let those aspects deter you from this game. The amount of content in Township is incredible, and with each level up, you unlock so much more things to do! Getting bored is almost impossible, especially with weekly events that are very entertaining to partake in. The only factor which I strongly dislike are the expansion requirements, which seem to get difficult to complete the more you do it. However, it’s doable either way. I prefer this game more than those Gardenscape ones, as it is more diverse and easy to progress. Thank you.

A real money maker for the creators not so good for the average worker. Regardless of the title my 12 year old son and I do enjoy this game, the only problem is that the further you advance the more it’s going to cost you. Things you need to expand become less and cost more to buy, so basically do not get this game if you hate getting so far to the point where your stuck on a level due to greed. There are so many people out there that play this game that surely the owners/ creators can make it a bit more affordable for a lot of those that enjoy your game but cannot continue for the ridiculous amount people have to pay to continue or delete out of the game and have lost a lot of money from the long hall. A lot of people might say don’t play if you can’t afford but for something that is called a “game” should be just that a game that everyone should be able to afford. If the prices can’t be more efficient, then at least up the building material you receive and evenly distributed not more of what you don’t need and next to nothing of what you do, and the town dollars why so low !!! It costs you so much to get and yet to earn you receive mainly 1-3 dollars. Stop making games like as if it is real life, it’s not and again it is just a game and Not everyone is born into a family that can afford to throw real cash into a game like its nothing at all.

Ideas for township. This is like the best game ever . I’m at level 36 and almost 37 . Im super dupper excited every time I level up . However, I’m very concerned about why you have to wait such a long time to play the pirate card game , every time I lose , I have to wait for one whole day . And you only have two to three days to play the game . And it’s so hard to play that game , when you lose and if you want to continue, you have to pay 70 dollars of t cash . So expensive! 😣 and not every person has that much money even if you are on a high level . And also the trains take a long time to come back. It took almost five hours ! The boxes of the plane slash train you have to fill , you need to give so much stuff ! Like once I had to give them seven smoothies 😟 and they only gave me like 47 dollars! I’m not even joking 😶 I think you should have a better update and make things easy and cheap . Disclaimer * I personally like this game and this is NOT a hate comment . I’m just give ideas to make this a better game for everyone to play .

After 3 years I think I’m done. For the last 3 years while I’ve enjoyed this game and its many mini games and challenges (spending quite a lot of real money over this time btw) but I’ve also removed it a few times mainly through frustration at the slowness in accumulating the resources (particularly WOOD!!!!) and the massive amounts of cash required for the factories and other buildings. Why would this seem like a good way to keep people interested? I’ve been waiting months for enough wood to finish a couple of buildings in my zoo and there’s no way I have any hope of getting enough cash/resources for the Down Feather, Doll or Kitchenware factories I have access to because who in their right mind in today’s economy and expensive world would spend $150 real hard earned dollars for the fake money that would only just cover the first one of those factories because they go up so ridiculously from there. You’ve taken the fun out of the game and I don’t see any positives to keeping a game like this on my device draining my battery and my bank account ☹️

Great but playing on without spending real money is boring. I have really enjoyed this game for a long time but I’m getting to the stage where waiting for construction materials to continue to build your city makes this game boring. I do spend some real money on occasions but I’m not prepared to spend any money to buy constructions materials. As such I have dumped any further investment in the zoo and now am considering giving it up completely. The concept of the game is great and if it wasn’t for the developers need to make money I am sure that they could make this game completely addictive and would have me playing for years to come. However its not going down that path so I think it might be time to find a similar type game or something entirely new.

Fun, fun, fun but very expensive. I think this game is great. I love everything from the farm to the zoo, to the trains, planes and helicopters, your shops and the tasks in between. I often feel that this game is very money hungry as you can’t level up until you have Tiwnship cash and Tcash is hard to come by. I remember you could earn more Tcash with real money but that’s also hard to come by. So, while people absolutely love your game and get to “ know other people” who play the game. Even though these characters are not real, I visit them twice a day . I try to avoid paying for items as it gets really, really expensive and I just can’t justify the expense. As a consequence,my friend who plays the game , I met her when she was sat level 69 and I was level 70. Now she, through payments made to you, she has moved to level 100+. I am a little miffed by this as we work at around the same pace. I feel I might have to leave the same because things are getting more and more difficult. Thanks Buffy

Very glitchy, but very fun. Township is very glitchy. Once I was trying to help out a friend and when I wanted to go back to LolaVille it wouldn’t let me. Township is also very fun. Please fix the glitches or I will not re-download this game. Never again. EDIT: The plane is a bit stressful because you have to completely fill it in a certain amount of time. The plane is good though because they tell you what you need to fill it with so you can prepare for it. The zoo is frustrating because they want like 10 popcorns. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? Anyway, other than that the game is good.👌✌🏻 EDIT: I am thinking about deleting this game for good because when I go into it it says ‘playrix’ and then it just goes out of it. Today I was going into it and it took me like 3 tries just to get into a game.

Diminishing enjoyment. Further comment The latest zoo enclosure I am trying to build needs 110 windows and 110 slabs!!! I can’t imagine how long it will take to get that huge amount when the train only brings a few at a time. Especially as other buildings in the town require me to use these materials in the tool exchange! I have enjoyed this game so far but now I have reached level 65 the enjoyment is fast diminishing. I do not understand why the makers of this game have decided to increase all the parameters required to develop my town further. The building materials required have become excessive, the cost of buildings and expansions is now too high so that it leads to frustration. Surely it would make sense to be able to expand your town more easily and therefore keep interest and involvement in the game. Time to leave???

WOW !. Hey, well my town is called sandyio ,good name HA HA HA This game is awesome 👏🏻 what you Will experience in the game is making factories making money collecting cash making houses and I’m already on level sixteen and I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks like it’s amazing and my favourite one is the fast food restaurant factory I mean yes so it’s amazing the zoo is my favourite even know I’m don’t have the zoo I already am excited about it from other people’s zoos. The helicopter station or whatever it’s called is really cool could you can send gifts and everything else so I don’t other players and other people in your town so yeah I like the game because you get loads of money and then you get to make things and then you get to collect things and also I like I’m farming crops join ! Be my friend on Sandyio

Frustrated. I do like this game and it is quite addictive but I’m really frustrated as well. Not long after downloading the game and beginning to play a piggy bank was brought in and all my township cash that I earned or won went into the piggy. It had time limit that was counting down to when it would open or I could choose to spend real money and open it sooner. I waited the six days for it to be opened-to open the game again and find out the timer had reset and now again I have to pay to open it! 😡 I didn’t have a choice whether my money went into the piggy bank and if I had of had a choice I would have used it towards building community buildings which I’m now way behind on building. Silly and frustratingly useless concept which is just another grab for the developers to get more money! I also find it very annoying that I have to use my game coins to plant crops when I already have them in the barn. Crops should multiply whenever they are grown which would help grow them quicker and we wouldn’t have to spend so much money.

Review. I don’t like giving reviews but suddenly realise that I have had this game for more than 8 years!! I have not spend much actual live dollars on this game in that time, what I have spent has been what I can afford to be reasonable to support the game. However prior to about two years ago it was a very slow game if you didn’t want to spend real money. I was patient and I will admit that in the last few years in game, games were added to add to keeping interest and now many more things have been added so that you can play the game and win challenges and advance in developing your town without having to spend real money, it still takes patience though not as much. Having said that. The detail in the artistry was great to start with, but it is now even more detailed. I take screen shots of things sometimes just to zoom in and admire the fantastic detail given to such a small scale! Excellent detail!!

They try their hardest to make you pay!. While this game is a fun, easy to use, OCD inducing time killer, the only thing I would like to see changed UNBEARABLE amount of time you have to wait for things to either grow, be built, arrive by train, be produced or cooked! I understand this is a money making app, but seriously, you can make plenty without making us watch sheep eat for THREE HOURS before we can get our hands on the wool we need, for the sweater we need, for the train cargo, which, will take another whole hour to get back with the tools we need, to build the factory we need, to make the food we need, which will take another 7 hours itself to be built! I mean, C’MON!! The waiting times are outrageous....and so are the package prices if the waiting times drive you TOO crazy. Not worth it.

Annoyed.. Played this game for a long time and reached level 69 and had all my zoo animals, farm animals, factories, houses had almost $500,000 and over 150 of the green notes and a lot of gems. Had a lot of land unlocked all the extra buildings and decorations all the trains and boats with everything upgraded to the highest I could get without having to spend a single cent of my own money. I’ve gotten a new phone and have had to start it all over again because you can’t use the same details on another device. Think if it’s still the same email you could still be able to have the same account for the game. Haven’t really been interested in starting it all from the begining since I spent so much time with the other one. Tried logging in with my gamer tag but it keeps telling me someone already has that account when it’s mine but there is no way of signing into it.

Township. I am an avid player and have been playing nearly 3 years now every day. It’s interesting with lots to do.. comps are always fun if you want to partake in them. I have made real time friends during my time playing. But having said that I have also spent quite a lot of money on towncash to help me when playing the regatta. I have noticed that the further you get in this building game the harder it gets and there’s also the price of the factories that take such an awfully long time to collect points to purchase. Upgrades are always a bonus as it brings more things to do. The game evolves as time goes on and is never boring. It’s an ongoing building and feeding animals plus restocking game. Definitely suitable for everyone and is a great way to pass the time. I highly recommend everyone to play

Fun but unfair. The game is fun and all but your recent snowboarding tournament is just plain unfair. It glitches out all the time, the amount of T-cash you use to revive goes up each time which is just plain unfair for those who do not want to buy T-cash or cannot buy it because they are in Australia and credit cards cannot change the type of currency you use. You should at least USD next to it. Also your recent Movie night event was plain impossible. You could not pass level 34 without having to revive or buy boosters for crazy prices. Only 4 people on the airport global leaderboard have finished the room. So please make the game a little better and stop with the crazy prices for boosters and during events. I understand that you still need to make money some way, but making good the events so you have buy T-cash is not okay.

Not worth the anxiety. Over all building game is fine, nothing special, until you need to do ‘matching’ mini-game to get more energy to get further ahead in your adventure, what shambles that is. Rng is really bad, to the point where if you don’t have the extra items (Even then, it’s still ridiculously-insanely-hard.), the mini-game is basically pointless and too difficult as you’ll have to count on some luck for the objects to appear in the correct position for it to be actually effective, eventually forcing you to use your green cash currency to ‘get that last object…’ (Saying that, even with me spending my green currency on a couple of occasions i’ve still failed to get that ‘last one’… it’s like they’ve programmed it like that on purpose to make you spend the currency to hopefully get to the point where you start spending your real money as you advance further in the game… definitely devil in the works here. Smart-money-grabbing-programming-scam, i applaud you guys. 👏

Loving every aspect of this game but lacking a few small things to make it perfect 👌🏻. Hoping that the developers read their app reviews and use them to bring about good changes there are only a few things I would like to see added to the game to make it worthy of its 5 star rating. 1. Bring more constant animations to buildings and attractions to make the town feel more alive, e.g an animation for the rocket ride would be awesome! 2. A way to upgrade regular shops and buildings such as photo centre, restaurants, toy shop, bowing ally, to allow them to make some type of daily income for the town. This will help bring some sense of realism to these buildings and further help the town grow. I am finding the only way to make money by only completing orders or selling goods to be far slower and not seem as rewarding. If buildings could also bring some kind of income it would add to their purpose as well. Not just being eye candy for the town but actually providing incentive to build them to further your towns progression. And just a thank you to all the developers for making such a fun and successful game. I hope you read this review and take into account what I have said.

BEST GAME EVER!!. Me and my friends play this all the time we have all friended each other in the game and we have a co-op together with a couple of other people I find that township is like a calming game because you have to just build a town compete in regattas and load your train and plane and send of your helicopter it’s a bunch of fun i have been playing this for about 10 months now I wasn’t really active in the first month or two but then my friends got me addicted to the game it is a blast to play when your bored and you have nothing to do or you just want to play a game that is entertaining building your own town is having your own responsibility you sell stuff for money and you buy stuff with money it’s just like real life you choose where you want to place stuff and if you want to move it overall this game is AWESOME!!

Pretty fun. Township is a great game except if you are a city person you might be a bit disappointed because its all about making a town not a city. It takes a long time to get more people living in the town. The only way to get more people is to get community buildings which is another annoying thing. They require different materials that you can get by train but the train always gives you materials that you don’t need. For example i needed slabs but i kept getting more glass. And another problem is that it takes so long to get the materials. It takes about 2 hours to get the materials but only takes a few seconds for the train to arrive requesting products. Also you level up to quickly. Some factory’s require a certain amount of population but if i can’t get the materials to unlock buildings i can’t get the factories. So if the level up gos slower i can unlock buildings without needing to unlock another. Because of levelling up to quickly I ended up with a bunch if buildings waiting to get the materials and lots of factories still in the store waiting to be brought. I think it should be a little more realistic.

IMAGINATION. Township is a fantastic game! You gain by downloading it a hole new life filled with new people new animals and new friends. You can share your town with your friends by giving them your own secret password. There is no adds in this and it is not expensive in any way. I believe that kids aged 7 and over should be aloud to try this game and they may love it! If you like imagining things and like spending time in a farm or a huge city maybe even a beach it doesn’t matter you should 110% get this game. It is a game that you can leave for two hours and come back and do some more creating. You can also earn and lose money (township money) and then gain it back again. This game is extraordinary. It can even teach you some life lessons. Get this game, if you don’t you will be missing out on a whole new world!

Money grubbing and unfair play. While this game in itself is fine although a bit tiresome and no new buildings etc in ages, the worst is the fact that the developers seem to take a sick kind of perverted pleasure in making things worse for players. The latest update has made the text etc for the planes so small (even on an iPad) that many have stated they cannot see. Do the developers ever respond at all to any complaints or suggestions? No! And I’d your game crashes be careful, you may be accused of cheating had have yr game deleted. Mini games are just rinse and repeat with levels passable only by spending township cash or real money once the cash has run out. Not once in the three years paying, have the developers explained any of the absolutely terrible changes and updates that hundreds of players complain about. No suggestion is ever listened to either. Not worth the effort to even try this game. Wish zero stars was a thing.

Playrix are a pack of Crooks!. I’ve been playing this game for over 5 years and it’s getting super expensive with constant 30 day events on, and mini games and needing to pay for township cash if you want to progress at all (you could earn it for free much easier in previous years). The kicker though is that I bought in app purchases, maybe 3 separate purchases in one month for a challenge I was playing. The payment was duplicated 6+ times for one of the purchases, and 2 or 3 times for the other. 2. I charged back the duplicated charges only with iTunes (leaving the legitimate charges alone) and then next day township has blocked me and told me I’m suspected of cheating. Why? because you stole from me and I did something about it? Also no one responded to my query there’s no way to reach out to talk to them about the fact I’m not a cheater, playrix are just judge jury and executioner on the matter with no interest for people accused of cheating to get in touch to talk to someone. I’ve never cheated in my life 🙄 You guys are greedy as, I’ve been loyally playing and paying for years, you stuffed up then had the AUDACITY to ban me and call me a cheater!

Great game.. Love this game, a lot of fun and no you do not need to spend money on this game. I haven’t ever!! You can if you want to but anyone whinging saying they need to spend money are just being impatient. So what if it takes longer to build a building, it doesn’t stop you from playing the game in other ways and there are so many different events and challenges, it’s hard to get bored with it. The Only gripe I have is as a co leader of a co-op, that it shows up in the co op chat for months when you kick someone out of the co-op for not being an active member, this makes the co op look bad to a new members. As a leader or co leader we should be able to clear out those players who haven’t been playing for ages without feeling like we could easily be judged by the rest of the co op members and new members for being unfair when this is so untrue. Great game.

Great game but boring after a while. Two star because the drawing is great. I liked to play this game and enjoyed so much with my co-op. It was a great team. But now thinking to delete it from my phone. 1. It becomes a so boring game after a while playing. The improvement is bad. I feel like the more improvements, the worse game is. 2. Regatta is fun but now becomes terrible with reserved task. People all hold the good ones with no progress of their current ones. Before, we at least had a bit motivation to do task quickly just for a better task. Now nop!4. The invitation sent to people from co-op cannot be resent, so once I sent one, I cannot send again. 4.So hard to make cash and money. I stay in this game only because of a great team in the co-op but not because the game is good. 5. Poor customer service. Wonder if anyone reads those comments and improve? I don’t think I will stay in this game for long time.

Township - THE game for town planners and community builders!. This is one brilliant little game, where you get to be the Mayor of your own little township, building it literally from the ground up, ploughing and planting the paddocks that will feed the livestock that you raise and grow food for your townsfolk. You design and then construct the various zones of your township: the farms, the suburbs, the industrial district and small businesses around your town square and the rail head that brings in the building supplies you need to meet the never-ending challenge of growing your little community! And along the way, you have the option of co-operating with the Mayors of other towns, lending and receiving support in kind. This is one of my favourite games! Do yourself a favour and download it today!

Buildings. I like the game and have played it for a very long time, but the time it takes to build in town and zoo is ridiculous. I have been trying to build 2 zoo enclosure for about 4 months now and am being held at bay because of the amount of items needed and the windows are near impossible to get I don’t have my money to spend on games that are suppose to be for enjoyment that are fast becoming very stressful, the same goes for town buildings it take months to build anything. I think you are only in this to make millions of dollars from under privileged people that just want a bit of fun. Sad very sad. Update on above. I have just after playing everyday got enough glass window after more that six months. I have still got two zoo enclosures and a building in the farm to complete that have been sitting unfinished for months all waiting for windows around 7 hundred needed so at the rate the windows are issued I guess I’ll be waiting over year to get them. Boring and fast after all the years I’ve played become very un enjoyable. 😨😰😏

You’ve taken my national flag.. Township is my favourite game but you have done the worst possible thing. You have taken away my national flag. It was the Australian flag that I purchased not the one you have put there now. I am leader of a co-op that has members from many countries. Even so we are family. I am proud of my country’s flag and I’m sure each other member is too. Why would you go and do such a ridiculous thing. You have made a lot of people angry. It seems the only thing you care about now is making money and not the wishes of the people who play your game. So as a protest, from now on I will not be buying any Tcash until my national flag is returned. If the game becomes too hard to play, there are plenty of others I can find. I have been playing for over 3 years. That’s how angry this has made me. There are a lot of other players who feel the same way. Irene Burton.

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:(. Nothing like the ads

H. Fun game but Fake ads

Mindless Fun, not challenging. The ads don’t 100% reflect what you can actually do in the game but that’s not even the main issue. It’s easy fun but it’s pointless unless you buy things. All your “farm money” goes into a piggy bank you have to pay $3.99USD to open, only to realize any farm money you earned above the piggy bank limit is lost. This is why I deleted the game. The other way to open the piggy bank is almost impossible as the things you do (farm, harvest, make goods, sell goods) only go in that piggy bank and the other ways of making farm money are few and far apart.

Cannot pass title page. The game is fun to play. But since the last update I could not get pass the title page. Please take a look at this.

Frustrating. Loved this game at the beginning but now it is almost impossible to construct new buildings or zoo enclosures. The buildings cost tons of coins and then you have to accumulate a bunch of tools and construction materials to complete the buildings. Extremely difficult to do when it’s hard to increase the barn capability to handle the amount of materials required . No other game requires hundreds of thousands of coins to purchase a building AND then tons of building materials on top of it. At least make a separate storage for building materials so that the barn isn’t constantly too full to actually play the game. Very frustrating, I will probably stick to hay day and Wild West, much more enjoyable to play.

Fun for a while. When does a free game become no longer free? When it becomes very difficult/impossible to progress without paying real money for in-game perks.

well no but actually yes. despite the fact that i felt scammed after getting this game because it's nothing like the ads, i actually began to enjoy this game, and i've become kinda addicted to it, so haha, great game, keep updating it!

Gone to the pigs!. Take note of the 4+ star ratings being 2 years or more old! There’s a reason. Have been playing for 5 years and the game is getting more redundant with it’s mini games and there is absolutely no customer support anymore.

.. Have you people lost your mind with the town games that cannot be beat? What was the point of making them so hard if you can’t get to the next level. No amount of bombs or cupcake explosions can beat some levels. Remember this is a game not a war.

Great game. Fun and addicting

It was good!. Started off playing this game and was enjoying. Chose to wait the time instead of using or paying for cash and earning it in game. Then they threw a piggy bank thing that starts collecting all my cash and wants me to pay 4 bucks to get it. Yeah I wasted my time playing this just so they could be greedy and force me to pay up. No thanks. I’m done. Moneys tight enough in this super inflated world can’t be wasting it on this garbage.

Game keeps crashing. I’ve played Township for nearly four years now, and it used to be a really fun game. However, recently the updates have been getting worse and worse, with the same three events getting cycled over and over again. Old events I used to enjoy (like the cooking game) haven’t been seen for 2+ years. Even worse, the game keeps crashing every time I try to open it. At first it would only crash a couple times before the game would load, but now with the new update I can’t even get into the app. I’ve been trying for 3 days and still can’t get in. Huge disappointment.

Cash Grab. I would love to give this a 5 star rating but, unfortunately, the developers are getting more and more greedy with each passing week. The game is fun and always has a lot going on but the events have become more and more difficult to complete unless you keep buying more and more ‘township cash’. For example, the roller coaster game is fun for the first 2 or 3 times. Then it speeds up so much that it’s near impossible to complete without either losing all your lives or by continually buying more chances by spending your township cash which you then have to replenish by buying more with real cash. Come on guys, this is a cute game that should be fun to play. I’m finding it to be increasingly stressful rather than an enjoyable way to pass some time.

Great game. Always something new happening to keep my interest.

Mini games. Bring back other mini games like the airplane one or the restaurant one. Recycling the same 3 mini games has gotten very boring

Ad Spamming. Spoiler alert! One of the main reasons I don’t play this game is because the ads are everywhere & are extremely annoying, misleading and not at all worth the 30 seconds of time you try to put into everything in the version of an ad.

Just bad. Got up to about level 45… the odds of getting certain items is basically zero… so you essentially can’t go any further. I got at least 30 trains in a row without a single piece of glass for building upgrades, but got a hundred bricks. That folks, is ridiculous… they just want to force you to spend. I just had to quit… if not for this nonsense, the game was fun except for the odd crash.

The games ok. The games ok but it's a bit boring and takes a lot of time to do something

Fake advertising. You guys have been doing this for almost a year, I can see it in the reviews. The ads are very misleading and you’re advertising a completely different game

Costs way too much to do anything after a couple of months. I loved this game at first but now I really can’t develop anything without spending money. The little ingame games have become impossible. They’re even marked as “super hard”. I like a challenge but if it’s truly impossible, what’s the point? There’s no fun in that. It often feels completely rigged. Many times I chose a “color block” task for the regatta and (oddly) the next several games had none of that color in them!! It comes to a point where it takes weeks to build one building because you have to gather extra tools, by trading building materials or paying money. Just don’t start playing because you’ll be sucked into wasting money and wish you hadn’t.

I like it but your stealing my cash. I’m angry that my cash earnings are going into this payed piggy bank and I’m not paying anyone, I have lost so much cash to this bank and seriously I just started and this piggy bank makes me feel like quitting, I don’t want to pay, I want my cash I earned 😡I do like the game but no cash earnings makes me angry 😡

Banned and have no idea why!!!. Not impressed with this game. I’ve played faithfully every day for the last 6+ weeks, helped co-op members, actively competed in regattas, spent real money on in-app packages and when I log in today I am presented with a pop up saying there is suspicious behaviour on my acct and I have been banned??!??!!!!!?? I’ve spent a great deal of money on this game via the in-app packages, have helped out other players and out of nowhere have now been accused of cheating! I am not impressed and wonder how many others have been wrongly accused of this behaviour. I await an acceptable (if any) response from customer support.....

Love It. I’ve been playing for five years and I find it a great way to pass the time.

Jeu qui crashe régulièrement. Le jeu crashe régulièrement chaque fois que je veux jouer

Stolen towns. This game has so many flaws. Towns are being stolen and the PLAYRIX team won’t do anything to help victims get back their town. It is a money grab to do any of the challenges. Save your time and money get another game. NOT THIS ONE

Ad. We want the pin game in the ad! Stopn false advertising!!!🤬

Love this game!. Great game! Lots of fun to play. I would love to see a tab for quick access to the zoo, like there is for trains, planes, etc. Other than that, love it!

Why won’t you listen to us????. I’d gladly invest real cash to this game if you’d just start listening to the consistent complaints about the mini games, their difficulty and just how boring you’ve turned this game into. Sure, there are a number of 5 star reviews but I’d bet they’re new players who have yet to discover just how much you’ve ruined this game. Please listen to your players. It may be worth it in the long run.

Unfair game. It took me a long time to find out that I was a test player, and I didn't even know that I was. All my time is three times that of normal players (for example, the maturity time of my wheat is 6 minutes, and the milk is 1 hour), and I cannot participate in the Co-op. I don't know why this happened to my account, but it is totally unfair to me.

Being Accused of Cheating. What the heck? I woke up this morning to play my game and I have a notification that says I can’t interact with others because you suspect I’m cheating? I’m not even smart enough to know how to cheat on a mobile game. Please fix this. It won’t even let me play it or get past the message.

Don’t waste your time or money. This use to be a really fun and relaxing game but not anymore. The developers got greedy and it’s all about making you pay $. It’s the same monotonous side games that are impossible to win unless you spend money. They took all the fun side games away because they didn’t make money. I use to spend money on this app when the side games were semi manageable but with their newest update and making things 100x harder I will no longer be spending money and might even delete the app.

Not the game advertised. Why do this to people? Why give me FarmVille when you advertise something else? Don’t bother referring me to the developers or help page. Not at all interested!!

Must spend money. At a point there will be not way to complete your task but to spend money. It is really disgusting. Do better.

Relaxing. At the beginning it's a bite hard but after while it's relaxing and addicting. I enjoy this game and a few other ones too. It's nothing like the video ads I saw about it. That's false advertisement. Not cool.

Ad is incredibly misleading. It is not a puzzle solving game it’s a giant town you’re supposed to run. So annoying.

Stopped playing this game - scam. You know, I played this game a lot, daily. Religiously. Got into it and even spent real money on it… like a lot of money on it. You spend the in game money to keep yourself up there and to get the bonuses.. but then the game glitches, freezes, and restarts on you… just to take you back to square one. All the time, money, and effort - gone. I tried reaching out to the developers. Have heard nothing so far. *caution* play the game if you must… DONT SPEND MONEY.

NADGO. Cool game

Terrible. The ads for this game are really obnoxious as they are a) everywhere and b) boring and c) show complete false advertisement. Why do this? All your doing is getting your game hate. The developers of this game know nothing about proper publicity. All of those 5 star reviews are bots because I have no clue who would rate a game with this kind of advertisement. The way these developers get away with this is ridiculous. Please take a small amount of your time to rate this 1 star. We must show them the truth.

5 stars to 1. Honestly this was a great game but for the past months I’ve been noticing my gems, coins and t-cash have been deleted from my town. I’ve contacted the support team many times with an insulting reward. I’ve lost over 4,000 000 in coins, thousands of gems and over 500$ in tcash. So that little 50$ is a slap in the face. I really don't feel like playing this game after this disappointing '' CASH SPLASH'' event. Also the side games are impossible to complete without buying extra. It’s all about $$$ now. Why start what you can't finish? My love for Township has diminished. No enthusiasm to continue the game 😠

Got GREEDY.. Developers got way to greedy. If you don’t buy things with real $ they will force you out of the game. Was good for years but not anymore. Would give it a minus rating if that was possible because of the greed. Some people can’t afford to pay but would like the opportunity to play.

Bring back the old design!!!. WTH is the new update? The new design is absolutely ugly and atrocious! I’ve been playing this game for years, and I’m not accepting this new update. What is wrong with the design team to have to make this unnecessary new design? Give us back the old design! Please pass my words to the update team! Im leaving this game.. so disappointed after all these years.

Cool game. The side game with levels is so hard that I can't pass them. Even the "normal" levels are hard. There is not enough moves. Beside that, the game is cool even if it takes a long time to obtain some items if you dont pay for it. It would be nice if we could watch ads to get some items.

Disappointed. I have played this game of at less 3years. Level 189. What started as fun is no longer. Example with the gold ticket event, the points needed to get rewards is getting harder. You send money to buy the ticket but to get rewards you have spend even more within the mini games. The points earned are way to low. My biggest regret is getting family members into the game. Save your money don’t get into this.

Why cancel cash splash?. Terrible game

Fun to play BUT unhelpful player support. I’ve been playing Township since 2016 and I still enjoy it. Whether you’re looking for a casual farming game to play when you’re bored, or an aggressive team game where you work together to get rewards, Township can be played either way. However, if you value good customer service, Township is not the game for you. Their bot service is limited and not updated with current events (which change monthly). If you manage to get past the bot and connect with a real person, don’t waste your time - they are less helpful than the bot.

Not the best…. This game was pretty fun at first but now you have to wait soooo long to get things you need. Also, the township cash is pretty hard to come by even though you need it for soo many things, Another thing is, it’s almost nothing like the adds. Some things that should be fixed but also shouldn’t have been there in the first place: you can’t take back something after you ask for help and you can’t take the items out of the boxes when they’re waiting in line for the factories and the boxes shouldn’t be sooo expensive to buy with township cash. Also, the creators are greedy and make township cash hard to get and the things you can use it on cost a lot of township cash and pretty much forces you to buy it and then they make it cost a lot of real money to buy and not everyone has that kind of money to spend on a silly game. And last but not least, the mini game are always almost impossible to beat and whenever you fail, if you want to keep going it’s a lot of township cash.

Mini games. Why is it so hard to win the games? It's not hard actually it's impossible!!

Love love love. I absolutely love this game!! However I find it takes far to long to make some of the items you’ll need . It also takes forever to get each animal enclosure for the zoo but still fun

Fun but... Nice design and concept, except you have to wait days and days to get what is needed from the trains to build new buildings and go forward in the game. Bit frustrating...

Fake commercial. Why advertise the game as one thing when it is nothing to do with it. You upset your potential new customers before you even get started. Disappointed

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Terrible Customer Service. I really enjoyed playing this game until last night. I contacted customer service about a booster the game prompted me to get (with a check mark) called, “active cooperation.” The description only mentioned that it would help with requests but I thought it meant requests from other players in the “! Section” or possibly with planes and trains, or maybe even requests from the townspeople... basically I was unclear after I got the booster and this lack of clarity is why I contacted them. The rep Natalie D. said that the description was, “quite clear” and that because it wasn’t a technical issue on their end I wasn’t going to receive the credit I asked for. Originally I was asking for credit back in gems but if that can’t be done then the equivalent of $130 in-game cash is what I wanted. I felt her response back to me was inconsiderate and condescending, after all, if things were “quite clear” then I wouldn’t have emailed asking for help in the first place. I found her customer service skills to be lacking in courtesy and understanding. I think that adding in the description that this particular booster is to be used in the co-op (which she told me was the use for this booster) would have helped. Also I don’t have a use for this particular booster since I’m the only one in my co-op. This basic lack of customer service is making me feel like I should just delete this game. There are so many other options for gamers.

It’s good.. Me and my family play this together, which is the best part, it’s good for almost all ages. It just requires a lot of patience. Most of it is waiting and strategy. You build one thing, so that you can sell its produce, and then you use that to make something else. There are time limits to when things need to be done, this is where the strategy comes in. You need to make your materials on time and in the order of which they must be done in order for everything to be finished before a set time. All the products take different amounts of time to complete. It can occasionally get boring, but the events that allow you to compete with others does add more excitement so it’s not that bad. You do have to dedicate some time to it though, cause you could play for a few months, but it could take a while to get to level 50 at least. Which every level of experience that you achieve, new factories and materials are unlocked. I think it’s a great family and adventure game. I just want to add that I have an idea, what if you added daylight to the game? I mean like, the world turns to night depending on your time zone, and you could see the lights turn on in your town. I think it would make the game cooler.

I’m quitting. I’ve been playing every day since I first downloaded this app months ago. It was fun and addictive, and I loved it. However, the new changes are horrible! The developers have made it impossible to not spend money to buy the materials I need - especially to upgrade the barn. I’ve literally been waiting over a week for 6 nails! The fact that it requires 84 items just to upgrade my barn is ridiculous because those items are taking up space the whole time until I upgrade. It’s so frustrating when my barn has reached capacity, and I don’t play games to be frustrated - I get enough frustration from my everyday life. I play to be challenged and have fun. It’s not fun anymore when the developers are just trying to get me to spend money. The tool exchange seemed like a good idea especially if you have excess of on type and need to finish a building, but really it is the worst idea ever! Now I have to exchange essential building materials for a ridiculous number of new tools to finish my buildings. And now the number of items required to fulfill my plane orders has also increased. I can’t even produce that number in the amount of time between planes, and it’s so high that no one from co-op can help. It used to be fair... now it’s not. So I’ll be deleting the game, and the developers won’t be getting anymore of my money. So download if you want. Play for awhile - just know it will all go downhill.

They deleted my whole game!. I spend a long time building my township. I was fairly far along in progression, and then had a baby, so stopped playing it every day. Actually I didn’t have any time to play it for months. When I finally came back to it, since it was so long, the game sent me a lot of things—like when you don’t play a game for a while and you get a couple bonus things here and there. Apparently there must be some fluke with the game because it just kept sending me stuff since I hadn’t played in so long. I guess their game then thought I was somehow cheating and shut my game down. I wouldn’t know where to even start with cheating nor have I ever done so. It gave me a chance to appeal their decision to shut my game down and delete the whole thing. I appealed because I had done nothing wrong. They denied my appeal!!! They proceeded to delete my whole game. Absolutely ridiculous! So if you want to spend a bunch of time on this game and then potentially risk losing EVERYTHING whenever their game malfunctions, this is definitely the game for you! Lose your game and no compassion nor understanding from customer service. I will never play this game again (why start over when the risk to lose it all is there?) and everyone in my family of 5 has deleted it and all of the other games this company makes. So frustrating. Just terrible.

Incorrectly blocked from the game HELP!!. I love your game it’s super addicting, with so much to do but for me there has been a lot of bugs. Just recently I advanced to level 41 but the next day when I started playing it was in level 40. I contacted the support team and they said they couldn’t do anything regardless I kept playing the game. I opened my game few weeks ago and it said “we suspect you might be cheating”. I couldn’t contact my co-op members, and participate in regattas that was going on and I was winning the mine time event but you took my points away and I was last place, I worked really hard to be in first place I saved all the picks and TNT’s way before the event so I could use them when I activated a booster as I had zero ores. I don’t know if my game was blocked because I used too many tools for the mine that you thought I was cheating or because in- app purchases I made. I sent you support team like 20 emails with the receipts and my town information but they kept saying found some imbalances they wouldn’t even tell me what those imbalances were. I read the fair play rules and I followed them but even then I was blocked. I would really appreciate some help since I love this game and my brother and I are always competing over everything. If it helps my phone was hacked a few weeks ago by someone but thankfully no information was leaked. Town name: Aurora Falls Co-op: Stone Wall Tag: S977DN Level: 40

An Honest Review. I love this game. It is very fun when you are busy. But sometimes, it can be frustrating when you need something but can’t get it. I think that maybe it should be easier to do some things without spending money, like upgrading the barn. I also think that sometimes the waits are ridiculous, I mean, four hours for pine trees? But, on the other hand, there’s always something else to do. Like orders to fill, houses to build, decorations to put up. If you aren’t spending money at all for this game, I can imagine that it might be kind of difficult. But overall, I really love this game! It is a lot of fun! You can also make friends on the game and help them out, and people can help you too! That’s what is so great about the co-ops in the game. I do have a couple ideas on how to improve your game. Maybe, since the airplane tells you what the next order will be ahead of time, the train could do that too. Also, I think you should be able to put houses and buildings inside so that it is easier to move stuff in edit mode. Finally, maybe some of the extra games shouldn’t be so difficult? So, overall, this is a really fun game. Although, if you want it for the ads, it’s not really like that.

A fool and his money. I VERY rarely write reviews of games. Maybe they are all like this and I’m just playing older games but I tend to like farming games so when when iPhone has to be reset and they didn’t back up my games and I lost many years worth of game play on my favorite farm game I was too upset and go back to square one. Intrigued, I thought I’d give this one a spin. I don’t mind to put money into a game, if I can at least get past a level but on a regular level…where you are given 12 moves to clear 50 of one thing and 30 of another no way I’m going to do that! Another thing I noticed this game does is cheats! That’s right I said it. At first I thought, did I see that correctly? No I’m sure I didn’t then I payed VERY close attention when it gets close to you clearing the board it simply stops counting moves you make to clear the board so you HAVE to pay to advance. I tried waiting it out, in other games they will throw a “surprise” your way to keep you playing. Not this game. This probably also explains why I have SUCH a difficult time finding players who want to play daily with me! Save your money! Game play is nothing like the demos you see. Golden ticket is a ripoff impossible to get into double digits without paying for something or investing a LOT of time. Look elsewhere for a relaxing time!

Three things to fix. I really like this game and I don’t see myself deleting it any time soon. But that being said there are some issues. Issue one is that in the beginning their is a “piggy bank” that keeps all of your cash from you and their is no way that you can decline the offer you have to wait until you have 75 dollars in the piggy bank. This was a huge pain because township cash is really hard to get. I hade to end up spending 15 real dollars to fill it and get my township money! And I have played other games like this before that keeps the money from you if you don’t fill it up soon enough you loose all of that money. My suggestion is that you add a way to decline the piggy bank. Issue number two is the barn. The barn is a way to hold all of your township items and you have to upgrade it pretty often. This is a problem because it needs some very rare items to be in the barn to upgrade. I have found my self wanting to delete the app because it is soooooooooo frustrating. Issue number three is that their is no way to talk to township friends. This is not that big a deal but it would be nice. I hope that this review is helpful.

Love this game...BUT!. I have been playing for close to 3 years. Between my family and myself, we have 15 towns, and 2 co-ops. We avidly race in the regattas, and spend a LOT of hours on this one game. Playrix has been making a lot of changes in the game over the last couple of years...some we love, others are okay, and we have tolerated the few we haven’t been too crazy about. But a couple of weeks ago, they decided (for the sake of world unity) to take away our country flags and replace them with these really ugly looking kid flags (I mean, the art is so simple and crude, it looks like a 2 year old drew them). The players received 10 tcash each town in exchange. Every single player/town. Yet most haven’t bought a flag yet as they are extremely expensive (it takes a lot of gems to get one, so usually players don’t waste gems on them until they are a very high level). But quite a few of those very high level players created little mini United Nations in their towns with 20-30 flags, representing their friends’ countries in their co-op and friends list. They look great...I was looking forward to doing the same thing in another year or so. But no longer, sadly. And the saddest part (to me, at least)...after spending all those gems (15 per flag, if I remember correctly), they still only received 10 tcash for their town...the same as the 14 towns in our family that NEVER BOUGHT A FLAG! Wow, fair play, Playrix???

Expect Way Too Much. *UPDATE* You’ve become even greedier with this pirate update. It is downright impossible to get anything. I’m done. I have played this game daily for over five years now. My kids have played almost as long. What started out as a nice fun relaxing game has turned into a huge stress. Stop making things so impossible to achieve. In order to get anything fun out of the game you have to spend real money. I’m fine spending $5-10 every once in awhile but I want something out of it. My kids and I love working towards designing these “rooms” but the levels are impossible to beat in that short amount of time. You end up spending real money and STILL can’t beat them in time. My kids have decided to stop playing. I’m almost there. It’s near impossible to get the tools needed to build things anymore. The regattas are out of control demanding. And you always have several things going on at once. We all have lives outside of this game. Slow it down again! Make it fun again!! Not sure if you’re noticing, but people are cheating in the regattas. Some people get so darn nasty about getting all these tasks done. WE HAVE REAL LIVES. I’ll finish this professors experiment because I paid for it (although I haven’t been able to get all the way to the end of the last few because they’re so demanding) but if I don’t see significant changes soon, I’m leaving fo good.

Great game. I really like this game. But it takes too long to be able to build up town capacity and get the materials. Same for the zoo. I have a lot of animal enclosure to build but because it’s very hard to earn the materials you can’t advance. Not all of us can afford to purchase coins or money. It would be a lot more enjoyable if some things were a little easier to get. My BIG complaint that I have after working hard for a month to complete all the tasks in the recent event AND spending money to get the Gold Pass we get to the end all tasks complete ( or so we think) it’s the last day with only a few hours left and in order to get the grand prize we have to do MORE tasks. Seriously??? You should make that known before we spend money for extra perks and money to buy things to help us finish tasks. I am not the only one upset by this my friend did same thing as me and in the end we got NOTHING. This was very deceitful. BE HONEST up front and let us know EXACTLY what we have to do. I have been playing for some years and always enjoy playing; BUT after what happened with this last event I have a very bitter feeling and probably won’t play as much or work as hard or spend anymore money.

New material needed. I understand that many in the entertainment industry are looking for new accounts, new accounts. However, those you have hooked in for the long term have very little to excite them after they’ve reached a certain point in the game. No new buildings, no new factories, no new crops, farm animals, etc….you get the picture. Many long time, loyal players were super excited for Halloween because in the past it brought new decorations, new temporary crops, and new items to make in factories. We got none of that this year and it felt like a balloon that had been filling up all year just deflated. The mini games helped keep interest throughout the year when there were no big holiday expectations but the same mini games over and over is causing many loyal customers to question their loyalty. Maybe this is on purpose? There’s plenty of chatter online about the disappointment and it’s not being addressed so that’s all I can believe is that they are purposely trying to get rid of long term players in hopes of fresh new accounts. It’s sad that it’s happening to such a great game. First it was cable, insurance, now our favorite games only want to cater to new accounts and not to their loyal fan base. Please go back to the Township that everyone loved.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!. I love playing this game at home when I get bored. It doesn’t contain many ads, it’s free to play, and the levels don’t contain weeks to get your level up to a 15 or anything, it usually just takes time. The details in the game are outstanding too! As I see people go by I feel like my town is a real town to me. Building houses, buildings, and etc. doesn’t cost a raging amount of money it also takes time too. My friends told me to download this game and I did what they said, I’m in love with it! You made a great game and kept on with the updates so it’s not the same ones every time. To my opinion, ( you don’t have to do this btw ) is that I think there really isn’t a lot of beach items in the shop like kids playing with a beach ball tossing it back and forth or kids playing in the sand making sand castles. It’s just to adults sitting in beach chairs watching the ocean. Like I said it’s just an idea that you don’t have to do but I would love if you did. It’s already a great game and I would hate to ruin it with my idea. I hope that you will keep up the great work and never let things get in your way! Tootles!!! 😊

Love the game, but Disappointed!. I have only been playing this game for about three weeks. It’s fun sometimes boring. Thing take to long to create. Once you get a challenge or task you have to what for the cows for milk, or the sheep for wool, this can take hours. An ice cream bar after you have waited for the milk, you have to grow the cocoa which takes 8 hours trees 3 hour, put them together the ice cream bar to produce from there is another 4 hours for 1 ice cream bar! Way to long 12 hours for one! I needed 3 that’s 20 hours. Then you have to hope it doesn’t just disappear from the barn. My biggest complaint I think is the piggy bank! I complete trains, helicopters, and other things that give dollars TO THE PIGGY BANK! that I know have to BUY BACK!!! Ok fine it’s 2.99 but why should I have to pay for what I have already earned! I can see if I spent the money on items say to complete my buildings and wanted more dollars. That’s not the case! Thinking it’s time to stop playing! The game is a lot of fun and addictive. Slow paced sometimes, but I don’t like waiting for items to be completed and then disappear not once but many time! Those disappearing ice cream bars! Popcorn too! 😩

Great Game...But Needs some Tweeks. I absolutely love this game. It is very addictive. It starts out pretty fast and then slows down to the point of frustration. If you have great friends and you help each other, it goes a lot smoother. I would have given it five stars a-month ago, but the new zoo update is awful. You get random cards, and there is really no rhyme or reason. The zoo tasks are outrageous. If you don’t have the numerous items that are requested; I doubt your teammates do. It needs to be revamped again. Also, there should be a tool shed that is separate from the barn for the building supplies. The supplies coming on the train are very minimal to complete all the buildings, especially now that items are needed for the zoo structures. Please increase the amount of supplies on the trains and lower the amount of items needed in the zoo. It would be nice to chat with other people other than your co-op. I would love to cancel a task once started and change the order once it’s started. You could penalize by losing the ingredients My only other issue is some of the task times are way too long, and are unrealistic. I will keep playing in hopes of some changes. I think I will give it one more month, and then it’s getting deleted. I get bored very easy and the lack of progress is not fun anymore!

Township review!. I think this might be the best game I have ever played the only problems are one the fact that It takes a while to level up when you are around level twelve! And It takes what seems forever to bake the harder level goods oh also they don’t like give u enough money to help stay afloat I’m currently down in the dumps and so is my bff that I play and help her with I Know that this a lot of complaints but somehow I have managed to stay addicted to this game I still recommend u buy this game since after all this game is pretty fun and one more thing I’m so sorry to the person reading this for swaying side to side you are probably like is this game good or bad lady just tell me! so let me clear this up This IS A VERY GOOD GAME understand?But after a while I’ve expected more from this game you see there’s a problem with the wild park I sold all my tools to get it because I thought that you could customize it by adding or merging other stuff like fountains into the now I’m seriously thinking about deleting this games even though all my progress will be destroyed I’m giving this some time to think about it and pls some sorta person that can get my stuff out of the gone area so please help me township manger

Great app, engaging at the start. I love this! It’s a great way to pass the time without being super competitive - you are just building your own town! You don’t have to spend money (I have, but just because I wanted to, not because I felt I had to.) It’s never crashed on me, and the graphics are absolutely amazing. All the little things happening in my town keep me spellbound sometimes! My town is Joodlesville - I love visiting other towns as well. I wish the grid system on which you arrange your town was a bit more flexible, but I imagine they’ll get there eventually. The thought that goes into the stories and the details is top notch. However, it’s just about run its course with me, because as you advance it takes SO LONG to be able to get to the next level so that you can further expand your town. I’m to the point where I’m a week or more between expansions and additions, and it really is no longer fun to wait that long. The amount of points you need to expand gets frankly a little ridiculous, because building out your town is the fun part! But for the first 15-25 levels, it was a blast. Developers—please consider a change to keep it fun at higher levels.

Good game, but extremely greedy Playrix. B55UYC I’m done with this game. Spent lots of my hard earned money on this game in the past several months, but whatever I buy in T Cash gets wiped out too quickly just trying to beat the detestable side shill games in the events, which I’ve still not beaten. You have gotten my last real $ Playrix, you’re entirely too greedy, doesn’t matter if I like the game or not. The one star is for you as a gaming company. If I could give this company a zero, I would. After not playing this game for a long time, since I stopped playing it when I wrote my original review, I decided to see if the developers were any less greedy .. NOPE! They’re worse than before, and the game has become extremely boring and monotonous. “prizes” are even less remarkable, the side shill match game and merge game are never ending. The race game has as their prize pieces to add to your town the exact same paranormal items that were featured when I stopped playing…which were repeat items then as well. Changes have been made as to how the game is played… but I assume it’s for the developers benefit, because it just makes it harder on the player. I broke my own rule and spent more real money on this game for town cash, I might as well have taken the ridiculous amount I wasted and lit it with a match, since I definitely got zero for my real cash … it was not an enjoyable experience.

Love the game - except for the match 2. I have played for a long while and I love a lot of aspects of the game. The tasks, challenges, and mini-games keep it interesting, but if you don’t play for a day for some reason, you do not lose crops, etc. however, I lowered my rating due to the match 2 mini-games that are now connected to every build a room challenge. I don’t expect to win every game, or expect to build every room. But at least in the past, I had a decent chance. With match 2, you have to try and beat levels almost immediately that are nearly impossible to beat. You get one introductory level, and then a hard level. I can get stuck on a hard level for days -don’t even get me started on the super hard level. If you need help, you can of course buy it. But the cost is way out of proportion for what you get. I have bought some extra moves or extra items in the past, and based on their placement or the next game moves I still fail. In chats, people have told stories of how much they’ve had to buy just to try and get a level. I don’t mind spending a little money but nothing like that. I wish they would consider adjusting their levels to make it a little bit more fair and make us at least feel we have a chance to win.

Overall Pretty Good. Of the games I’ve seen advertised from other games, I was probably the least intrigued about this one, because it looked like a less-interactive game, but I downloaded it anyway and it’s actually pretty engaging and fun. I really like the gameplay and the way everything works, and the side quests to pass the time. My biggest issue however is the idea of the Piggy Bank. I understand that there are in-game payments if you wanted bonuses, but the piggy bank is an in-game payment that is forced onto you, so rather than deciding whether or not you want to have it, you have to have it. You don’t have to pay for it, but not paying for it means 90% of the money you earn from the game goes into a Piggy Bank that you can only break open if you pay $2.99. Again, I understand that it’s an in-game payment and I don’t have to pay it, but I hate it, because at this point in time, I have 114 township dollars sitting in a piggy bank that I won’t pay 3 real dollars for. I just think it’s a little ridiculous that all this work I’ve done in-game is now being taken from me and put into something I have to actually pay for to get my earnings from.

Used to be fun. I’ve played this game for 6 years and up until recently, I would have given it five stars. It’s so much fun and there’s so much to do. About a year ago, they introduced the professor’s experiment—a month-long activity where you paid 4.99 for the month to earn extra prizes. Again—so much fun. Since they’ve changed it to the Golden Ticket, each month has gotten progressively worse. Now instead of multiple challenges, you only have the opportunity to complete 3 regular challenges a day. The rest of the challenges revolve around the mini games. I didn’t love it, but I still happily paid $4.99 to play. Over the past couple of months, the mini games have become progressively harder and even through I’m a dedicated daily player, I wasn’t able to finish all the tasks and earn all the prizes when I should have been able to do that with ease. The mini games have become so hard that they’re just plain miserable. You have to spend tons of Township cash to play to pass levels and it’s just not worth the prizes you get, which have gotten less generous as well. I’m really starting to hate this game. I barely log in anymore and I really only play the regatta to be part of my team. With the game as it is, I won’t spend another dime. If you go on different Township groups on Facebook, you’ll read comments from many unhappy players. Township—you just got greedy and you ruined the game.

New factories, buildings and homes please!. Been playing for at least 3 years. Look forward to expanding and decorating my town, but have now reached end of buildings. Would be nice to have some new factories and homes. Could sell the ones we have to buy new ones. I enjoy my town more than the zoo, so getting little bored with just selling products to buy land. I spend quite a bit on this game, but might slow down if can't expand anymore. Just took 2 stars away after new update. Zoo takes too many products to feed animals. Land expansion and zoo enclosures are way to expensive. They reduced how much you get from selling products on helicopter. Don’t like new idea of jackhammers and other tools stored in barn. Update: Now playing for over 6 years I think. But last 2 I have been trying to resolve the issue of not being able to report a problem. I click on the gear symbol and then click on help and support and it takes me no where. Can’t get the “help and support button to work. Then when I report to the Playrix help they tell me to go to the “help and support “ button which is what I’m reporting! They say they’ll work on it, and next thing I’m getting notified that inquiry is closed! I have a problem right now with not being able to open the trains and can’t report it!

Changing & Not for the Better. I have been playing this game for almost two years now and ever since they replaced Interseasonal regatta with Race of Champions, the game has gone downhill FAST! No longer is this game fun to play. There are too many things going on at once and these mini games & events are becoming ridiculous. It seems they are making things purposefully difficult so that you MUST use the in game cash to either finish or be competitive. Not to mention the technical problems the game has, including glitches that won’t allow some to play the game at all or not giving some people events whereas others have it. The support function through the game has not worked since a couple updates ago, probably so they don’t get bombarded with all the complaints. It’s a shame really because when I found this game it was awesome and I absolutely loved it! The only reason I’m still playing it is because of the friendships I’ve made and it is a distraction, no matter how annoying it gets. However, if you are new and thinking about starting, I would reconsider. Hopefully, they take their fan base into consideration and make appropriate changes, but I won’t hold my breath. 😒

Great but could use some work. This game is great. I’ve only been playing it for a couple months, but I’m already obsessed. I love it, but there are a few minor problems. The building materials aren’t evenly distributed, most of the time I get more of one thing when I really need more of another item. Also, the train times are not the best. The times keep getting longer and longer, it would be nice if there was one time for all the trains going to anywhere instead of having to wait 4 hours for one train. The towns are also somewhat cramped. It’s hard to get materials that are necessary to expand, making the cramped look. Maybe make the materials easier to get, or bigger plots of land with each expand? They also take up a lot of storage space in the barn. Also, design options. It’s a little hard for me to think of a good set up for my town when the buildings can’t rotate 360°, and I would prefer if it did not require you to put down all the buildings before exiting the editing screen. I have lost my editing progress more than once because of this. Overall, I love the game, but fixing these problems would make it more enjoyable for me and other players.

Game of Patience. I have been playing for a bit now and it starts out slow, but gets better. I'm in a great active Co-Op and my factories are slowly getting upgraded to produce faster so that's nice. The main thing to get used to is being patient. Most of the game is waiting for things to happen and doing your part in regatta (which is camaraderie in completing specific tasks against other Co-Ops in Township). As much as you want to avoid putting money into this game - to be efficient in regatta as a lower level player (31), it has helped rush things along in certain types of tasks (if you find yourself in an active regatta Co-Op and don't contribute - they will likely kick you out for being deadweight toward their success). Event sales help with special Township cash deal bundles but you can't buy an offer twice! (Which is unfortunate) The events change up the pace of the game though (mini-games) and I wish they didn't take so long to happen each time. They are a lot of fun and they also add variety to regatta tasks you can do as well. They remove some of the boredom while you wait for items to produce. That's my one thing, Township - I like your events. Please make them happen more frequently or last a little longer.

Who woulda thunk.... My kids started playing this game several months back. They had so much fun, it got my attention. Who woulda thunk, but I play this more than my kids! My oldest, plays it from time to time, but mostly helps me with my city. Road layout, building placement, where to develop and cut vs where not to develop and cut, resource management...It’s got it all! Most people seem to clear cut and try to build a two dimensional town. I’ve found the challenge enjoyable trying to build my town in depth. Put things behind buildings, so when you walk around a corner, POW, there’s a park or benches or playground. Sadly, one cannot rotate the screen to see these hidden gems. If I were to make a recommendation to the developers, it would be to allow players to rotate the screen so they can view in totality a player’s town. This would allow players to see what’s behind buildings or a grove of trees. The new perspective and insight could open up innovation in town layout and design. This game is a blast. It can become a bit overwhelming for younger kids because of it’s depth. But for teens and up, hours and hours of enjoyment!

Highly frustrating. I’ve contacted support more than 10 times and it seems like there’s no point in writing what’s the problem because they don’t really read so they’re not hearing the issue. I tell them over and over and over I never used a professor experiment I never spent any gems on temporarily increasing my Barnes capacity I didn’t sell any houses I didn’t put anything in storage you think that after telling them this they would understand that you not only know what you’re talking about but maybe the issue is that it’s a glitch now it took me over a month to increase the capacity to 299 and gather all the tools and equipment that was needed to upgrade my town‘s population and the capacity of my barn one day I open the app my barn is down by 34 points now they keep telling me professor experiments and I’m telling them listen I didn’t use any gems to purchase any experiments and they keep telling me things that’s not the issue basically I guess because they can’t fix the issue this is horrible you spent all this time trying to gather the things you need for your town and a glitch happens somethings wrong you contact support for nothing because they don’t do anything about it but try to indirectly tell you that maybe it’s because you purchase a professor experiment I’m tired of repeating myself this is horrible

Ripping us off AGAIN. Getting so tired of all the new ways Playrix can come up with to take the town money we either earn or buy with in-game purchases. I have played for 4 years and LOVE the game itself. It has brought me so many hours of enjoyment, gained me friends for life, and earned satisfaction every time I level up. But in the past year or so, all Playrix does with each update is come up with new ways to torture us. They changed the format of the zoo so that it is no longer a money maker, which I had spent a fortune on developing for just that purpose. That seemed to be the beginning. The glitches are too numerous to count. This last update they decided to remove all country flags which we paid dearly for and replace them with absolutely ridiculous designs they made up and which mean nothing. They “compensated” everyone, whether they had 0 flags or 20, with 10 tcash total, which is a drop in the bucket to what the flags actually cost. Now there is a new scam, in which if you want to help your neighbors, you have the option of doing so at the cost of 1 tcash. This strikes me as the most greedy move Playrix has made so far. It is blatant outright greed, they’re not even trying to hide it any more! I’m so thankful I have a large amount of Tcash built up, because it must last me forever! When it’s gone, so am I. Playrix isn’t getting one more dollar from me.

Boring without spending $$$. I know some people find this game fun while not spending their money I however am not one of these people for the following reasons: -This game is boring I made it to a respectable level before deciding that I didn’t find it fun through all of it, the only fun part (In my opinion) was the season mini games and only a few (though I suppose that’s again my opinion) They also made it pretty clear that if you want to advance at a decent pace you have to pay and it isn’t a small amount I’m talking at least 10$ or so for a small amount of in game money (I think it’s called T cash?) which you need to get anything or power/speed up your factories. The game has it so that you always feel like you need to be a higher level to get anything interesting and you are always running out of materials and barn space that you (guess what) need to either spend hours working to get or buy. As I mentioned earlier the seasonal mini games have you try to compete with other players which can be a extremely hard as many players have impossibly high scores, on top of that after every level you beat it gets much harder than it should and every time you fail the game shows you a thing that you can purchase making it to think you can beat the levels without buying the booster.

Love love LOVE this game😊. I, like many others, absolutely love this game, as said in title. I have only been playing for a short amount of time, so if I come across any problems in the future I will change my rating, but so far that doesn’t seem necessary. I was hesitant on getting the game because many reviews say it requires patience, and I am not a patient person, let me tell you. If you are looking for a game you can play for hours and hours to get somewhere, this is not the game you want to get. It is a great pastime, for example I have dance class many hours almost every day! I have different dances(ballet, jazz, hip hop, etc...) and therefore have time, sometimes hours in between classes where I just would sit and do nothing. But now when I get out of a class I can play this, go to my class/classes for a couple hours, and then play some more. I love it and it really passes the short amount of time. Great for car rides, waiting rooms and such. I highly recommend this game for someone who has short amounts of free boring time😊 Overall I have no problems at all with this game and hope you take my opinion into account! Thank you for reading! Please BUY THIS GAME!!!!

Great game!. I started playing over two years ago and I haven’t missed a day since. Making my own town has been fun and creative. You can look at other people’s towns also and see all of their creativeness. The game has mini games within the game that I like. You can keep as busy or not as busy as you like. There is interaction with other people to a certain degree. You can join a team and work together for rewards. I am a team captain and though I have several people on my team, only two other people play in the team events. The game also has a presence on Facebook but I don’t do that. You can easily play this game without spending real money and you can choose to watch ads for game money or game coins. I love the graphics and when I had a question about the game, they were quick to help me out. It is really user friendly. I plan to continue playing and recommend it to anyone. This is an update. I still play the game but miss the fun extra games we used play. Now the only way to get through a special event is to play the match three puzzle. You don’t get far unless you spend actual money on the boosters. It’s not as fun as it used to be.

Used to be really fun. I have been playing this game for over two years (approaching 3 years). It used to be very fun when I started but it seems things have slowly changed. The game has become more frustrating and gameplay seems to be focused more on chance than on your skill. Events were conducted in such a way that if you paid attention to the game during the events you could finish them but now they require so much more points to progress through the events that you may actually need to pay real money to finish. Which is not how it used to be. Professor’s experiments used to be fun and challenging but now that they are more focused on chance it’s literally a gamble whether or not you’ll finish all them. They seemed to have gotten greedy during this time and even though I paid for the golden ticket just to support development of this game I may just stop doing so. I’m not rich Playrix so what you’ve done to this game is making it harder to enjoy. My sister and I are really tired of this change in game play so we may decide to quit now because it’s no longer fun. If you haven’t started playing, don’t start. Find another less frustrating game to play. Also their support is incredibly useless. If you lose money while buying in game good luck getting your money back.

MONEY HUNGRY DEVELOPERS COMMIT FRAUD. Do not download this game and do not spend real money on this game like I did. This game use to be fun but they have slowly turned everything into a cash grab. You used to be able to get two prize decorations an event and then it was changed to one. They have a snowboarding event that you used to be able to build your progress even if you fell. Now it’s pay to win because if you don’t pay you have to start at the bottom and have zero chances of winning. If you got too good they instituted glitches where the screen would jump ahead and suddenly you would fail and be forced to pay to continue. The worst event by far was the cash splash event that they ended abruptly due to a glitch that not one person experienced. If you didn’t live in the right time zone by the time you woke up the event was over. You were supposed to have two days to work on tasks to win $1000 but it was ended within two hours of me starting because I’m PST. I wasted gems on boosters to help finish the event and they only compensated us with $5 for the inconvenience, it was a total slap in the face. After spending so much real $$$$ I will be deleting this game after I finish this current professors event because I already spent $5 to get the gold pass to win additional prizes. If they have not reinstated the cash splash event for those that didn’t get to finish by the time the professors event is over I will delete the game and never look back.

Aggravation!!. Use to be an awesome game because it is a good game for everyone and doesn't require the player to use Facebook to advance in game play and so it’s so cute! But, the developers has made some updates that has just made it almost to aggravating to play. The tool exchange is the WORST idea ever!!!! The use of it is required in upper levels to be able to complete required buildings that are needed to move on or level up but it requires you to use building materials that are needed to complete other buildings, such as the zoo buildings. These materials (bricks, glass, etc) are supposedly gotten by sending full trains and planes, but the player may only get one or two for sending them, but have to turn in 5 to 10 at the tool exchange to receive one tool for a building that requires 10 or more of the tools. Players can’t complete buildings or move up in levels due to this change in the building requirements using the tool exchange. This use to be my favorite game to play and spend real money for things, but not any more because of the building requirement changes. It would cost me a fortune in real money to just complete a couple of buildings. So I do still play some but not much any more and will not be spending any more real money due to the developers changes. The changes has taken this 5 star game to a 2 star game. So sad because it was the best farming/building game out there.

Ridiculous /. I have been playing this game and a few others like it for some time now it is become a bit of a favorite passing time and in all of my years of playing these games, I am being banned due to suspicious activity and I can’t get on the game. I wasn’t even aware there was a way for someone to be suspected of doing anything bad on this game. If my not playing it for days at a time is suspicious, not being able to devote that much time and I wasn’t that great at the game, I lost most of the races due to lack of keeping up because I am a working individual that can’t spend hours at a time on here waiting and was stupid enough to give you guys some of my hard earned money. Whomever banned my account needs to re-evaluate what suspicious looks like or pay more attention. Because of this level of ignorance I will stick with reading books preferably the BIBLE because something as ridiculous as this will make a saved person say some thing God will not be approve of. All of these games are nothing short of unhealthy virtual casinos just looking to score big off of whomever will pay and spend all of their time on here. Then when they are ready they can shut it down and walk away with all of our money or shut you down and call it suspicious whenever they want to. Your the suspicious one in my opinion. For the Unjust never prospers for long😀.

Township. This game is so poorly managed. It is set up to force us to have to spend real money to get anywhere on it. I quit playing Township over a year ago because I was tired of having to spend real money. I only restarted playing it again because my grandson & daughter begged me to play it so that I could help them. I just may convince them to stop playing it so that I don’t have to play it anymore. Being in a Co-op really doesn’t help especially when there are a lot of players in the same Co-op but you can only get a few to help you out. The events are a waste of time & also relies on us having to spend real money to move up the Leaderboard. Something was wrong with our Co-op Leaderboard in the snow race event. My points were not being added to my score. I even used real money to buy Township cash so that I could get to the finish line & when I checked my score, the 800 feet I finished with was not added to my score. When the race ended, I still had the same score I had two days previous even though I was playing it everyday & if need be I would spend real money to get more Township cash so that I could finish the race. Everything cost too much Township cash to make. It’s ridiculous that it would take 48 Township cash to make one item. You all need to make this game easier without us having to spend real money on it. Otherwise it won’t be long before you have 3 more people deleting your game.

Amazing game!. I’ve been playing this game for 26 days in a row now and I love it. This is a really cool game where you can be the mayor of your own city, so you build farms, factories, community buildings, houses, and of course you need decorations for you city so that too. You can even play with friends! I used to have this game when I was little but I deleted it because I didn’t want to wait for things to be done. But I’ve downloaded it again and I really enjoy it now. This game really isn’t for people who can’t wait for their city to grow bigger. It does take time, but if you hang in there this can be such a phenomenal game for you too. And I really hope the creators will continue to do an amazing job of updating this game. For example, when I used to play to unlock the zoo you needed to be level 40, and I really got impatient because I wanted to start the zoo. But now you have to be level 21 or something like that and I really thank the creators so now I can open up my zoo way earlier. So I just want to thank the creators for making this game such an amazing one because for my liking I haven’t found many that I like just as much as Township. So I encourage people to download this game because it will be like no other game before.

I enjoy the game a lot. Though I would like to request something. I always feel bad when someone puts a message in the co-op and no one replies, especially when it’s far too late that the message would be flushed out by members needing help, or requesting things. So I suggest a little heart in the corner of a message to serve as a like button. So people don’t feel so ignored. People will message a congrats on the co-op taking the first spot on the regatta but because there can only be 30 members it’s not common that plenty of people will be online to respond. So I suggest a like button so members can see it later and can still acknowledge the thoughtful, or encouraging message by pressing the little heart. I also want to request a separate area to store building materials like the ores, and gems, because they take a lot of space in the barn. They always sit for a long time because you have to wait to level up to unlock more community buildings and waiting for the buildings to be ready to build. It would be really useful. We could store more products for our trains, helicopter, airplane, zoo, and space to put more products to help people in our co-op. I would appreciate and I’m sure other players would too.

Got shafted. Ewwwww!! This is my first review ever!! So, we are all to believe that the mini games are a game of chance all in its self. Well folks I’m here to tell you that it isn’t true. So far I’ve played quite a few of these mini games and I have loved this game since I first started playing it and really had nothing bad to say about it until now. I have just been had on one of the mini games, an may I also say it was even after I spent my own money. I spent nearly 5 dollars on a random pick, or I thought was random and guess what happened!! The game ended and I’m supposed to believe that it was all by chance!! That is not chance by any means, getting the same pick 2 times in a row an losing out on so many goods is not chance folks it’s fraud!! So yes I was a victim just moments ago of this fraud. After spending my hard earned money to enjoy this game more, this happens to me. So, after today, I am deleting this game, an they can keep whatever money I have already spent on this game but that’s it! Thank you for a wonderful short experience. Best advice I can give to anyone at this time. Make sure your spending your money and getting the products for your farm or town or zoo that you need and want. Otherwise don’t spend another cent on this app. Thank you for hearing me out! Happy holidays everyone.

Loved it, then severely disappointed. I was addicted to this game as soon as I downloaded it. I played it in most of my free time and greatly enjoyed the challenges that arose as you progressed in the game. I finally spent some of my hard earned money in this game only to next log in and find a notice stating that I was now banned from the game due to my suspicious activity. I have received NO response to my inquiries into this matter aside from an automated message stating that my message had been received. Nor have I received a refund from my in-game purchase (thank goodness that I had not spent more than I did). I am removing this, and any other games that I might have from this vendor, from my and my family's devices due to this horrible lack of customer support and service. As I am someone who has worked in the customer support field for more than 15 years I am appalled by this lack of response. I urge anyone who is considering (or is utilizing) this or any other games from this vendor to stop before you download any. Also, definitely don't make any in-game purchases, because as soon as you do they will take your money and tell you that you cannot utilize anything that you spent your money on.

A Great Escape. First off let me say that if you are a fan of the civilization building type games or the “tycoon” type games, this isn’t that at all. I hate those games and love this one. I’ve been playing this game for almost three years. I like the relaxed game play. You can create your town to suite your own style, aesthetic and interests. But it’s not a boring game. I like that organizational skill, planning and understanding of commerce are all part of the deal. Yes, there are in app purchases but they are not required. It will take longer to develop and advance your town but if you are patient it can be done. I do make purchases from time to time but I’ve never spent more than $30 in a year. If you ask me, $30 for a year of entertainment isn’t a hardship. And there are a lot of ways to earn the “dollars”, that are offered for sale for real cash, within the game. And yes, there are a few annoying aspects of the game but there are annoying aspects in real life. You deal with it. There is nothing so bad about the game that I’ve ever considered quitting. This is a gentle cartoonish world and I find time every day to escape here. I love my little town.

Addictive but frustrating. This is a fun game, requiring more practical everyday planning skills than moving blocks around. It’s addicting, and I find myself treating the animals as if they’re re real (I can’t stand it when the milk isn’t collected and the cows fed on time or the sheep are cold...). You must see the hens’ eyes when the eggs aren’t collected or the feed not put down right away. Hilarious! But there are some aggravating features (bugs?) and some real problems that others have pointed out. Some products have a way of disappearing from the barn. Unlike real life, after you have loaded things on the helicopter they remain in the barn, preventing you from doing other things. But what has me pulling my hair out is that some clocks run during time you aren’t playing, e.g. overnight, while others keep running. Today the deadline for loading the plane with potatoes kept running while I slept, but the potatoes were not growing/timer running during the same time. Same with the factories. Some keep going, others don’t. Very aggravating and a little unfair. And as with all of this company’s other games, they are stacked to try to force you to spend real money. Lots of self control needed if your funds are limited. I like the game, but...

Watch your wallet. This game, note: the 4 star rating I gave applies ONLY to actual enjoyment of game play, not to the cost, while it can be enjoyable, and understandably is designed to make them money, is too greedy in its design. To be able to advance , progress or compete at any level than the very bottom, you must spend and pay through your nose and buy what you need, or never win a competition or complete a regatta in any place that matters. In fact, unless you constantly spend money, things like being in the Regatta, you won’t get viable high reward tasks to be able compete with a possibility to win, all tasks will be low return and if you get any that will reward 135 points, it will be for tasks that take a4 days, like having to and 4 planes or 11 ships OR you can PAY to get them sooner, which proves my point, you have to PAY to compete. So only those willing to spend much bucks on this game will have success competing or advancing. And do not think you can expand your town past say level 20 without paying through the nose, at first it wasn’t this bad, but didn’t take long for their greed to take over and ruin the play! Just keep this in mind!

Not the best in some ways…😅. Okay. So to start, the graphics. YIKES! When I watched the video it said that it offered “MULTIPLE LEVELS” Nope 👎🏼. I’m kept on one screen with only EVENTS looking NOTHING like the video had originally posted. *Tsk tsk tsk* This is a game that lies to you! Another thing is the township cash. HOW DO I GET MONEY??? I usually have a few good one to two dollars on me, and I usually spend them in one second. Bruh. Township Dollars are SO EXPENSIVE and HARD to get! Why not add a few things like levels that give you up to twenty five Township dollars? Please? Yes? No? I thought so. 😖disappointed and very upset. Wouldn’t download unless you want to be bored. 😤😤😤 Edit: ok, so, even more problems… (don’t think I’m a Karen please because I’m giving my honest opinions about this… thing that’s called a game!🙌🏼🤦🏽‍♀️) about the township cash… Omg. Straight omg. I’m complaining once again because I had over 100 dollars in SAVINGS and one day I logged on and IT WAS GONE. WHY??? 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😭😭😭 Second of all, I had 429 followers/hearts/likes and I logged in AGAIN and poof. NOWHERE 2BE SEEEEEEEN 😭😭😭😡😡😡 this game is absolute 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

👎. The game was really fun but they have a bunch of glitches in the game and you raise a bunch of animals like chickens Cows and sheep donkeys and a bunch of other animals you raise pigs since they were little but you have to kill the pigs for bacon in the game or are you can’t move on to the next level and they take money and gems away from you until you move to the next level they also like put you in corners and we have to do something even though they know you can’t do it for example the farm runs out and to update it you have to have all the stuff but to have the stuff you have to buy it for $9.99 so unless you buy it you can’t move on and they might take money away from you and stuff so they always do things like that and if you can’t do it you know you have to pay for it and it’s a very bad game you Kill animals and I only rate it to stars because it was fun at first but then they do all the stuff and it’s a horrible game nobody should ever play it they force you to do stuff and that’s not a good habit to have your kids do you or anybody else for that matter. 👎👎🏻👎🏼👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 I also think that I’m a vegetarian and I know lots of vegans and other vegetarians I think that you guys should at least take away the killing pigs for bacon part because it’s offensive and wrong unless you want to lose everybody else that plays this game that are vegetarians and vegans

Going downhill. I’ve been playing for a few years now and it’s really gone downhill in recent years. So one example is we can decorate our towns with items, it used to be the decoration shop would get a seasonal/event tab whenever an event was on, so like for Halloween there would be a Halloween tab where we could buy Halloween decorations. This tab got removed a while ago but the prizes still appeared in a prize wheel for events so there was at least some chance you could get them. Then recently they removed the prize wheel in favor of a progress bar that gives out specific prizes, none of which seem to be decorative. Another example is the games themselves changed from consuming an energy type token every time they were played to only consuming them when the player fails. That sounds great on paper, the player can play as long as they like until they run out of lives. But in practice it’s exhausting, the minigames have gone from something you could play for 5-10 minutes at a time to something you have to grind constantly to have a shot at the good prizes. But aside from the minigames it’s fun, I love the town building and decorations. I just wish we still got access to the full range of decorations.

Love gone bad!. Started off absolutely loving this game! Your greed however is taking over my love for it. To really progress you have to spend which I don’t mind doing. But after this last event I am mad!!!! The witches castle was a set up to get our money! Not enough time, in game was impossible to do unless you spent money! To many items to achieve in the short time given! We do have lives! However I spent money on hopes it would help me! With 4 items to get I didn’t finish on time and lost everything I did and spent REAL MONEY ON to get locked out!!!!!! 🤬 If not for the people in my co-op I would quit this game! Seriously your design team needs to redo a bunch of things!!! Barn should be for the farm and factories, give us another storage for building, give us a separate building to hold zoo building my zoo can’t get built!! Back off double events! Give back better amounts on T dollars! 50 T bucks for first place is a rip off! Stop making everything take soooooo long in time to finish in factories! Better prizes in the regatta chests! Start listening to your paying customers. I know I’m not the only one complaining I see your Facebook page! You can do better for us! Friendly reminder we are in a middle of a pandemic most of your customers cannot afford to pay for this game due to being out of work come on get with it! Thank you!

great game (review updated). I guess I’ve written a review at some point (below) which must’ve been years ago, but now I’m updating it. I came back to this game after having had it deleted for years, and at the moment, the pig jumping game is really hard! So much so where I don’t even want to waste my goods trying to play. It’s also frustrating that it takes SO long to build community buildings because I have to get the supplies from the train, yet it never brings me glass. The zoo is a cool addition but sometimes the orders are impossible. The regatta is great and the ships are too. Overall it still brings me back but it’s a turn off when certain things are just too difficult and take WAY too long. I love this game. I'm playing it almost constantly. My only complaints would be what someone said earlier about the "hurry" button being in the same place as the build button. I've pressed it many times on accident. My other big complaint is that the train NEVER brings me bricks!!!! it's the main thing I need I build buildings and expand and I never get them. Makes me think it's a ploy to get me to spend cash! I still give this 5 stars cause I love it. Oh and we should be able to collect rent from the houses as a way to earn more coins!

Disappointing. I have been playing this game for awhile. When iTune cards were available, I bought a lot of game items. I have not found anything to replace the iTune cards. Since then I find that I do not see the new buildings that I see on friends games. I am extremely disappointed in that it appears only those who spend money get new game pieces. Also the game says buy better food for the drakes and their ladies and get more rewards. That is not true. I repeatedly serve them banana bread and usually only get one or two ducks. And if they start eating, you won’t get any more ducks. Also they keep telling me to use my barn items to help others. And I do. But since I play by myself I also sell the barn items to make sure I have enough cash to buy the next building at 420,000 coins. And if you look at my game, you will see I have lots of buildings and decorations. My zoo also has a Christmas section with Santa etc. so I am suspending play for awhile. I will check in occasionally to see if they have made any improvements. It was lots of fun when I was spending $100 real cash every month, but a real drag now that I don’t. And I do realize the goal is to make money. But I am not giving them ant more of mine. If you want any of my game, let me know. Join my town and ask for them. I will give them to you

Interesting game at the beginning but.... It is addictive and great for strategy planning. Keeps you busy and have to think time wise because once you started a planting or producing there is no cancellation. It was great at the first 30 so levels but after that it gets too slow or needs to pay $$$ for cash town to complete things or develop faster as the barn gets full waiting to receive the materials to finish buildings or land expansions. For me it is losing the appeal of the beginning as I am not one to spend the money it needs if you want to have all the great decorations and stuff available for the town. And at this point everything is taking too much time to get it done. I would recommend Township speeding things as the player reach certain level. Since the game keeps opening new buildings and options but there is no space fast enough to put it unless of course you pay your way. Well, it was good for the time it last since I am not a gamer in the sense of just playing all day and night. For me it was a stress reliever from work while keeping my brain sharp. It is shame its greedy since it is easy for someone to spend hundreds+ in this game but it is well conceived and entertaining with excellent graphics. Up to you, your time and money.

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Current Version 13.0.0
Play Store com.playrix.township-ios
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Township (Versiyon 13.0.0) Install & Download

The application Township was published in the category Games on 24 October 2013, Thursday and was developed by Playrix [Developer ID: 1162116447]. This program file size is 223.91 MB. This app has been rated by 1,170,329 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Township - Games app posted on 26 September 2023, Tuesday current version is 13.0.0 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.playrix.township-ios. Languages supported by the app:

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Township Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Get ready for a new update! It's fall in Township! FARMING FRENZY * Introducing a new merge event! Help Jerome make his dream come true and win a farming contest! * Merge items and earn points to unlock all stages of the new Agricultural Show upgradable decoration! MYSTERY ESTATE * Set out on a new expedition and help Richard and Mycroft rescue Rachel from a mysterious inventor's mansion! * Get to the end of the event to unlock the new Smart Mansion decoration! SEASON ADVENTURES * Get ready for a spooky Halloween party! Spruce up your town with the new Flying Cauldron and Haunted Tower skins and dress your cows up as vampires! * A thrilling adventure in Sherwood Forest! Enjoy the new thematic skins for in-game objects and be sure to purchase the Golden Ticket to unlock the archer outfit for your sheep! ALSO * Check out the new Household Goods Factory! * Plant the new Cork Oak crop! * Enjoy a new town expansion.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Township. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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