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What is farmscapes app? Want to take a break and escape to the countryside? Join happy-go-lucky Mary in her efforts to turn an abandoned farm into a rustic paradise in the latest hit from Playrix’s Scapes™ series!

Play colorful puzzles to harvest your way through the exciting story of a former city girl transforming along with her farm. There are plenty of challenges ahead, but don’t you worry — charismatic handyman Philip has you and Mary covered, with tools and jokes aplenty!

- Restore the area into a dream village: decorate it with numerous items, grow a garden, and take care of the animals, including the intelligent cat Edward!
- Beat colorful levels and step up your game with fruity boosters
- See how the story unfolds for Mary and Philip — their chemistry is undeniable!
- Meet other interesting characters and watch them interact with each other
- Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscapes: farming and building have never been more fun!

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App Name Farmscapes
Category Games
Updated 27 September 2022, Tuesday
File Size 331.35 MB

Farmscapes Comments & Reviews 2024

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Hard to make you pay to play. I rarely write reviews. I am an avid game player and I’m not against spending money to play. However, with this particular game, you will not advance unless you spend money again and again. It takes the fun out of it. If you’re looking for a fun, challenging game this is not it. The first several levels are challenging and fun, then it becomes purely about paying to play. Read the other reviews. They all say the same thing for a reason.

Amazing 🤩. I love the way they you can have your own garden you can build stuff which is so cool it almost looks like a modern home and I love it even when you need to feed the sheep I love the water fountain it is so cool you should literally try it it’s on fire😂download it right now it’s amazing 🤩

Customer Service is NOT helpful. I have tried everything to download this game. I have WiFi and Cellular connectivity. Every time I download it gives an error message that I am not connected to the internet. I had one rep tell me that there was known issue and another that say Hi There and then nothing that is at all helpful. They want you to call tech support but it sound from other reviews that it is time that I will never get back. Just going to move on.

One problem. Ok so, when I open the app, it only loads for a second and then it tells me “you need a internet connection to launch the game for the first time” even though I had internet and its a pretty fast and good internet. I might be thinking this could just be a bug but if it is, please fix it. I really want to play this game but I can’t cause it keeps saying that. Thank you.

Adding friends. I can’t seem to add friends and on the home page on Facebook I’m not the only one having this problem. Homescapes and Gardenscapes make it easy to add friends, why is it so hard to get them on Farmscapes. Can you please tell me how to get friends. I have done everything support has told me with no success.

Could be a good game.. Good story line. Great graphics. Game play stinks. You can’t beat any levels after like level 10 without having to play them repeatedly or pay 900 to keep going every single level. Oh well I won’t be playing long and I doubt many will.

Is the end just repeating. Games great easy to get hooked on! My third round of TForC the game stopped giving me horseshoes! If this is all that’s left of the game until you create more. Then what’s up with building , cause really it’s the only reason and the only thing left to achieve cause all the levels are just repeating themselves!

After level 56, forget it. Game was lovely! Just loved where it was going, then levels got worse and worse, i used all my power ups and made it to level 56 and just couldn’t make it any further. There is no reason or excuse for making a game that is supposed to be enjoyable, that hard. I get it they get hard, I’ve played tons of games like this, but this is ridiculous. I also read other reviews, and I’m not the only one saying it. If not for that, I would have kept the game instead of deleting it, and would have given it five stars.

Frustrated. Overall I like the game but I gave a low rating for this reason…I understand “very hard” levels are supposed to be very hard but geez I am about to delete the app because of level 65. Nothing ever lines up on the 2nd panel. I have gotten down to 1 flower pot but the needed color never falls. I am not wasting my power-ups either. Hopefully I can pass the level today or I will be deleting the app.

Unplayable game, extremely hard!. I should’ve know already that downloading games from Playrix are a waste of time. All of their match 3 games are extremely hard. The type of levels you’ll be stuck for days because the greedy developers want your money. It’s infuriating you waste a lot of time playing the games because the graphics and stories are great, but the difficulty of levels make the game worthless. Developers of this game are cheap, stingy and just straight up want your money. They aren’t even trying to hide it. No opportunity for unlimited lives and they barely give you coins. Please, do not reply to this review saying the same old thing you guys say (we believe challenging levels make the game more fun) it does not. There is a difference between challenging and impossibility. Your “challenging” levels require your gamers to spend real money constantly. I prefer games that dont force you to spend money. I play other match 3 renovation games that I gladly spend money here and there to get more coins and boosters and to help out the developers, but i will not do that with this game or this company because its clear what your intentions are, and its to frustrate you with impossible levels to where you have no choice but to spend money. Good bye!

Fun and then it makes you angry. I never leave reviews but this little mobile game has got me so heated right now so here I go. This game was really fun at first! The levels were challenging but in a fun, achievable way. I really enjoyed the art style and the cut scenes that I didn’t skip due to length were cute and fun. This game has everything going for it until they bring in the “jelly” mechanic. I didn’t have a problem catching all of the jelly, I had a problem with the fact that the jelly that spawns them is hidden behind a tile and if you don’t gather this final mystery jelly by the end, you will fail. And you’ll be staring at the map that has NO JELLY on it and it says that there STILL IS JELLY. BUT THERE IS NO WAY YO KNOW THAT BECAUSE THEY HIDE IT!! And then if you can even get past that disaster, they bring in the matching flower pots where you have to make a specific colored match next to the flower pot to clear it. It’s really hard and honestly these 2 “mechanics” are why I can’t move forward. I am not a stupid person and I’m not a genius but this game makes me feel like an absolute idiot. It’s not fun anymore and I think the developers need to seriously consider what these reviews are saying instead of just responding with “send us a message and we’ll give you tips lol”. People don’t like your game because it’s too hard!

Horrid Game. Farmscapes is horrible, toxic and unplayable game. Even you say that most of the levels are to tricky for you to solve. I also bet that creators of the game are babies who can’t even complete the simplest level in game. Farmscapes is so unpleasant and uncomfortable that wish it never existed or been brought to human eyes. I don’t know why you and other people play it; it’s seriously a bad and horrid game. It deserves to be isolated or destroyed in general and the creators deserve to be in jail; oh wait.. They’re infants. I hope the inventors of this game read this and know how I feel and delete their game, and App Store should without hesitation initiate this thing they call a game. Even scams can’t compete with this trash, like why is this a thing?

So expensive (horseshoes). This game is great no doubt. I like the one try levels - I like the fact that you can’t return to the levels. But oh my gosh - that starting a day is now 7 horse shoes (thanks mother for moving to greenwood) - she got some expensive taste! Everything you need to update takes FOREVER and till you collect the horseshoes for the ONE item to change / restore / buy. It’s already making me consider to not continue playing. I wished that either the things weren’t as expensive or that you’d get more horseshoes while playing. Overall good game - really ! Love the swans so much !

I Cant Move Forward. I don't know how long I've been stuck on this level. I either don't have enough moves or not enough coins to get 5 more moves. Whats really frustrating is ill have one more pine cone left.. just one more, and I'm able to match 5 to make the arrows and it will without a doubt give me the wrong direction arrow that the pine cone I'm trying to hit is. If its down it gives me across, if its across it gives me up and down. Is that part of the game? I mean give me a break, I'm just trying to get enough stars to build a BIRD HOUSE and I'm closing the app irritated holding back the urge to throw my phone at the wall. Im not asking to let me win, but it doesn't matter how well I match I don't have enough moves. You get 1 star. The amount of pine cones left I need to hit to win.

Amazing game. I love the playrix games that you make they’re super fun to play and I love the colors in the games, I usually play the games and delete them when I want to get a new one or it hasn’t been played for a while, I did read the reviews on this game which has lots of negative reviews

Irritatingly Hard to Advance. I like the story and animation in this game. I’m more “invested” in this farm’s success than I am in both Home- and Gardenscapes stories. The problem is that I get stuck on levels for a really long time. And when you run out of moves, the buy 5 more moves is so prominent that I have accidentally blown game coins on more moves when there is no chance that I would actually win. It’s like the developers purposely put that button smack in the middle of the game board so you easily tap it and lose money. And all the farm tasks use so many stars, it’s hard to collect enough to do them. I should delete this, games are supposed to relax me and be a bit of a break, but this one frustrates me.

Bad choice. Not much of anything to say that other reviews haven’t said, it’s a bad game that feels easy at first then makes the whole things way to hard to finish or complete without buying in game items. Mind the fact that I have only played this one day it already makes me feel like I would need to either spend way too much to have any kind of fun or to just delete the app to save time and money. Gonna delete it for sure.

Stalls after level 50. Pretty much agree with many reviews here. Fun game and cute characters. Early levels are very reasonable but gets very hard after level 50 or so. I deleted this game after getting stuck on level 73. Compared to the other Scapes games this one is very difficult to play and the boosters are largely ineffective.

Good with annoying flaw. Perfectly fine game and story, but they REALLY need to either move the button saying you’ll buy more moves with coins, or add a second tap to confirm. It’s right in the middle of the playfield and extremely easy to accidentally click when you haven’t realized you’re out of moves and are trying to make your next one. Three times today this happened. It’s not fun to lose your hard-earned coins on a stupid misclick.

Uninstalling. I’m a fan of Homescapes and Gardenscapes. My grandpa is a farmer and I grew up on one so Farmscapes feels familiar to me. I love the engaging graphics and would love to pass my downtime in these scenes but the games are so dang difficult so early on that this reads as stressful, not fun and most certainly not relaxing. This also happens fairly early on so there is no impetus for me to continue this torture. I understand these games are meant to be money pits that frustrate the user into paying to pass levels but at least in the other similar games, the campaigns and teams elevate the experience a bit. Shame, because I love the scenery of this one. Nevertheless, the rewards of this one are scarce are not worth any investment. Uninstalling.

Get stuck on levels for too long…. I love this game probably more than gardenscapes and Homescapes but on those two games when you start a new day after renovating a section, you automatically get 30 free minutes to play, then you get all your lives back too! But on Farmscapes after renovating a section and starting a new day, you have to wait for your lives to refill. Or purchase more. And the levels are harder to finish so you get stuck on a level for a while and unless you spend money you have to wait.

Too expensive in the long run. I love this game, but it just gets too expensive having to buy more coins to continue with a round that you’ve got one more square to get over and over! I just wanted a fun Playrix game to pass some time with, not a game you had to be an expert at to play. I really miss the Barnscape and Gardenscape games with the hidden objects format. Please bring those back.

Fun at first then NOT. There is no way to win at this game! Even if you use all the bombs you get. I would love this game except the balloons fall in a pattern that will never match up. Not fun, very frustrating. Even with a lot of lives, you will not win. I have played the same level as much as 20 times and still will not get thru. Please relook at this, I am one that will even spend money for coins but not this game. It’s too much of a waste!

Glitchy game and lack of support. I really liked this game until one morning they told me there was an Apple ID authorization problem and I needed to uninstall and reinstall the game. This is nonsense. This is the only one out of several games that I have installed it suddenly decided there was a problem with my authorization ID. Attempts to contact support were useless every time I tried to send the information I got a notice that the sand was failed. A total waste of time and money.

Great game but levels too hard.. I am sure that this is a game that I would really enjoy. I have played fishdom and Homescapes and gardenscapes for a long time and enjoyed them all. There are time when levels take awhile but I am in the 1000’s on levels in those games. But this one right from the beginning at level 69 I have been unable to beat. I don’t mind spending a little money here and there but when it is so hard right from the beginning of the game it tells me that the creators are getting very greedy. It’s a shame, they could have gotten money from me, but this feels like nothing more than a money grab!!! I will delete this game and forget about it.

fun but…. Game was fun until you get to around level 40 and then it’s completely impossible to move forward. unless you know some way to cheat this game is completely impossible to advance through. Games are supposed to be fun enjoyable and relieve stress but this game just does nothing but raise your blood pressure because it’s virtually impossible to get through the higher levels. Not worth the stress and headache.

Do not spend money on this game!. Aug 27, 2022: Bought the Golden Key for $4.99. Charged twice Sep 11, 2022: Bought the Golden Key for $4.99. Again, charged twice Sep 23, 2022: Bought the Golden Key for $4.99. Charged me but the golden key area was not unlocked. The event lasts for six days. I contacted support immediately on Sep 23. They didn’t even answer me until Sep 27. I showed them proof of being double charged on Aug 27 and Sep 11. I showed them proof of being charged on Sep 23 but the golden key area not unlocking. They gave me a few rockets and bombs and did not unlock the golden key area. Now the six days are up in 3 hours. I have not received one single golden key reward that I bought (18 rewards missing). These include lawnmowers, shovels, baskets, rakes, 60 minutes of boosters, coins, free play time. What this boils down to, is they stole $15 + tax from me. It doesn’t sound like much money, but it was my money. It was not their money to steal.

Was fun at first. I really was excited for this game since I love all the other games such as Homescapes and Gardenscapes. At first this game was fun but pretty much like everyone else said, once you get above level 50 the game is just not fun anymore. You can be stuck on a level for DAYS, and it’s just frustrating and makes you want to quit. It’s definitely not a game you can just relax playing. I think it’s because they want you to put actual money into the game to be able to advance. It’s sad. I was really expecting more out of the game In that aspect. The story line itself is cute and I love the concept, but I don’t think I’ll ever see it unfold because it will take years to get there 😅

Done. I tried to get thru one of the “impossible levels” I read about for 4-5 days. I went so far as to get close, then actually purchased coins for extra play. After spending those and not getting anywhere, I deleted the app. This was a fun version of the “scapes” series, playing both Homescapes and Gardenscapes often when I am on the road….but enough is enough. If you don’t mind spending a lot of money to get through these incredibly tough levels, I am sure you will enjoy.

Enjoying my first “Escapes” game. It moves at a pretty steady pace where you actually feel like you are moving the story along. Also, being able to personalize it to some degree can make the interactive dialog entertaining. I’m enjoying building my rustic farm!

Needs a new update. An enjoyable game at first but then the storyline starts to drag and the levels become too hard to pass. The levels of difficulty need to be changed so that the player can actually play the game. Also, almost all tasks take 3 stars to complete even for simple things. Really???? The farm house rooms need to be expanded one by one with better design choices. Gloria seems to live on her porch plus the characters wear the same clothing everyday. Especially Gloria who is now working on a farm in street clothing. Might as well leave her in pajamas. Update this game to make it enjoyable not boring or too difficult to move ahead. This game is fairly new so these things shouldn’t be happening with a new game. The last update was 10 months ago which is when the game started. Playrix makes games then seems to forget about them to suffer an untimely death. Also, please change this from a blast game to a match 3 game with boosters to purchase or as prizes or ads. I hate playing blast games. You haven’t updated this game in 10 months so do that with your next update. A great new idea. Playrix seems to make games with the same issues in different storylines. You can do better. I finally deleted this game.

Crashy. The game's okay, and I already prefer the characters here to the ones in Homescapes, but it crashes all the time. Loading levels, sometimes in the middle of levels, even! So I lose a life and any boosters I used are wasted, and I didn't even get to play. It's like I'm being punished for trying. Especially obnoxious because I'm stuck on a Super Hard level (btw, you have GOT to space those out more) and I don't have a fair number of chances to try to beat it because of the crashes.

Prizes cost too much. This is a very fun game and I agree with many other reviews that you can get stuck on a particular level for a long time. That’s not what I have the most irritation with. It’s the fact that each the tasks cost so much. Each passed level only wins 3 horseshoes (this games task currency) but the further you advance in levels the more things cost. Like a table costing 11 or 13 horseshoes, but you still only get 3 for winning a level. A level that you might be stuck on for days. Comparing this to Homescapes where each level earns 3 stars as well, but tasks cost much less (maybe 5 or 6 at the most for most expensive ones). It makes the game so much less enjoyable when all your hard work to finally beat a level doesn’t allow you to make any improvements for another 4 levels.

Can’t accept terms and use. I would love to play this game, but the app has no “okay” button to push for accepting terms and use. When the app first opens it request you to push okay to accept their terms of use. I would be glad to push “okay” if there was an “okay” button to push. The okay button is not downloading anywhere.

Tournament of champions?. What’s the point of this tournament? It’s just a prolonged competition that doesn’t reward you much at all. You play for days and days and you might win 3 bombs, no horseshoes to improve the farm. Most of levels are so difficult that you could waste days playing one level with no reward. Will tournament of champions ever end? In app purchase games are designed to entice you to buy additional lives or power ups. Many of the levels that you try to complete end with needing only one more move to successfully complete that level. Based on the length of the “ tournament of champions “ and one more move levels I am going to remove this app from my device.

Not so happy. I hate writing reviews because I don’t like to sound like I’m complaining but this game is too hard. It is so charming at first and I play gradenscapes and Homescapes too and I love those but they give you ample help throughout the game. They give you a chance to get extra boosters to help beat the levels. This gives you one per day and it’s just not enough with how challenging the levels are. I’m frustrated because I want it to be fun. Then I was in the middle of infinite lives for an hour this morning and something went down with the server. Well when I got back I didn’t get any additional lives or anything for the trouble of being completely kicked out of the game. Kind of a disappointment.

Love it, but it’s frustrating. I think it’s been mentioned a lot, but the difficulty of the levels and the reward for beating the level are not in good correlation with the necessary rewards needed to complete tasks. It makes it very difficult to not drop this game. Gardenscapes and Homescapes have a better system and even better side games to play while waiting for more lives to keep you interested. I do love this game, it’s aesthetic, the guiding character (being a female and owning a cat), and some other things. Also I feel the outfits for the animals could be replaced with something else more interesting. I will continue to play this game as long as I can, but I hope something changes to make it more interesting soon.

Enjoyed the game but…. Don’t get me wrong some of the levels can get you frustrated at times and there aren’t enough horseshoes given at the end of every level to decorate the house but I enjoyed playing. Enjoyed it so much I finished all the levels despite not being able to finish decorating the land. When are more levels being added to the game?

Love the game but... It’s an awesome game. Developers need to remember that child prodigys don’t play your games. We are average people taking a break from life. When a player gets locked on a level for days and days..we just get rid of the game. There’s thousands out there to play. On day five and the level jipped again so not only did the coins get wasted, I’m still on that level. I expect difficult higher up but in the 60s? Just about at the delete point. Have enough going on as it is and I hop on to chill out only to lose there too. Game needs to loosen up.

Internet issue. Sorry for the 12 star but I just downloaded this game and it won’t load. My iPad is generation 3 and it’s OS is up to date. Pleanty of storage. But I keep getting a message that I have to be connected to the internet to load the game. My Wi-Fi is on and works for other apps including Gardenscapes which I just updated to the new version. Please advise me on what to do. I’d deleted it twice and re-downloaded it two times and still get the notice. What else should I try? Thanks for the help. Once I get it loaded if it plays like the other two Scapes games i will more than likely give it 5 stars which your other games truly deserve. So, help med change this from a 1 star to an expected 5 star.

Everything about this game is a joke. Most people like to play games for relaxation and fun… this is NOT the game for those things!!! Every other level you get “stuck” for days, sometimes weeks. It’s extremely frustrating and annoying. It’s NOT worth it!!! Contacting them for tips is a joke so don’t fall for it. They are saying that all levels are 100% beatable but what they fail to mention is that it might take 100 attempts to beat levels. I don’t expect to win every level on the first try but I don’t expect to play a level 100 times before it can be won either. After reading all of the multiple similar reviews it appears that they are even altering their star rating to be a 4.7 which is clearly not accurate. Save your sanity and don’t get this game that will make you lose it!!!

Unethical developer. Too many gotchas!!! When you are out off moves, the “pay coins for 5 moves” button pops up. It’s a big button right on the area you were clicking a second before.. you will false click it and spend coins when you didn’t mean to!!! When you loose a level, you can tap the big “pay coins for more moves” button in the middle of the screen or the tiny x on the right corner. When you tap the x, you will be asked if you are sure more times at least a few more times making you tap the x. Unless you are a god gamer who one shots all levels, this will bother you! Too many slow transactions!!! I don’t need to follow stars and points roll from one side of my screen to another. They r tooo slow!!!

Doesn’t work on new iPad Pros. When I try to open it, it says an internet connection is required to play this game for the first time. My internet is fine. I’ve never been able to get through the title page, so I can’t comment on the game at all. I’m not going to contact support over a game I’ve never even played. Fix the game if you want people to play. I’ll just delete it and forget it exists. Edit: I literally said I won’t contact support regarding this and they responded telling me to contact support, which proves they aren’t even reading reviews. Also, I can’t even contact support if I can’t get into the game. What a joke. Edit again: The game does not work on new iPad Pro. Why they couldn’t just say that without giving me the runaround is a mystery.

Love it.. This game like all the other Playrix games are well designed and fun to play. The only thing I have bad to say is that this game doesn’t have the teams feature as does Homescapes and Gardenscapes, so when you get stuck can take days to get through a level as 5 lives go very quickly. Can’t wait to see what else I can add to my farm. Thanks for this lovely addition to the Playrix family.

Glitch🙄. Just now, my game closed out 4 the 4th time. At the end of the level. Just at @ 11:30, it closed out, on my last move. My winning move. This is annoying and oh so inconvenient. I love your games. I’m addicted. Mission accomplished. I wait for more lives. I buy them with game currency that I accrue. Then when all that is gone, I wait, I scrounge every little last horseshoe in hopes of getting closer to playing another level. Like an addict. Y’all are shady. That is not fun. It makes me want to scream

Fun at first, then you get stuck. I enjoyed this game at first. But then you get stuck on it seems like every level. I don’t mind having to play a level maybe a dozen times to beat it, but some of these levels I bet I have played 25 to 30 times or more. This is a waste of my time. I have to set through those annoying ads, which I seldom watch. I usually do something else during them. I play these games to relieve stress, not to become even more stressed. I am going to delete this game and the Homescapes after this.

Cannot get past trying to name my character!!. So I recently downloaded this game, and after completing level 1, and choosing a lighting fixture for the first level, it prompted me to type a name for the character. Once the keyboard is on screen, the “Ok” button for when done typing in name is obscured by the keyboard and I can not get out of the screen!! Completely useless.

Was fine for awhile but….. Like so many others say this game gets extremely difficult to complete any levels if you ever can. So much so that it’s getting boring not being able to progress. The bombs are a joke and when combined with others hardly do anything. The game developers need to review other games where the mechanics are better laid out. Will I continue? Who knows. Maybe after an update if it becomes more fun. As of now for anyone else who reads this I’d find a game that is fun.

Quickly loses its charm. When I started playing, this was an alright game. Now, it's "bleh." You can spend 2-3 days stuck on a level, with frustration after frustration. I've had some games where there is nothing but 3-4 blocks played all game. It seems that after a while, the game "gives up", then you blast through 4-5 boards because you get FANTASTIC combos. There is NO statistical model that can explain this, other than it's programmed that way. No thanks. Got a response from Playrix that basically said "It's beatable. Stop being a wuss." How about you read ALL THE OTHER SIMILAR COMPLAINTS! They do. And give the same programmed response. Nah. I deleted the app. And I suggest you do too and save yourself lots of wasted time.

Levels are too challenging. I love that this game has a mix of fixing and building your farm, a story line, and a puzzle game to stimulate different types of gaming. BUT I want to use this game as an easy get away from life, and these levels are way too challenging to let me relax. The first few are okay, but as I get into the higher levels it is just so frustrating and I waste so many lives on the same level. The last several levels I haven’t been able to pass and have used at least 10 lives or more on each level. Then I have to not play the game cause I have to wait for lives to refill. Very frustrating.

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Boring. I got this game as the ads for it promise the escape games. I’m now at level 65 & there is no sign of these challenges, just the same games as every other version of this game

Glitch?. It’s a good game, I love gardenscapes and Homescapes. But I love the difference between this and those games. The only problem is that my game crashes every 2 levels I beat. The game is just unplayable although it does seem like a pretty good game I wish I could play.

Good game but doesn’t save progress. Spend hours playing and went back the next day after linking to Facebook the day before and all progress not saved. Game restarted from the beginning again

Love it!. I love this game. Been casually playing it over the last week and the story is very captivating! Keep up the good work :)

Beware System Requirements. I was really enjoying this game until the last update when they upped the system requirements and increased the RAM needed to play the game. The App store still states the game will play on my device (which I concede is an older device) but this is misleading because it doesn’t meet the RAM requirements and so it won’t. I am sure this must have happened to others. If I could still play I would give the game five stars.

The game won’t let me in. I have tried everything still can’t get in it ipad prs 5 and I still can’t get into it it still says I got have wi-if and I got that so I don’t how to get in still can’t get into it saying the same thing

Best game. Hi this game is the best I’m sorry I haven’t played for a while school I’m my way but I love farming I actually like it because my dad works at a farm and I go with him every sat and sun it is the best thing it always brightens up my day with soooo much light!

Bit angry. I have been playing this since started. The last update 48hours ago...6th June, it loads but all black with few butterflies flying round, can see its loading and loads but screen all black, can you plz fix this, it doesn’t happen to any other scape games...plzzzz

Absolute rubbish. Within a few levels it is so hard that it takes a lot of attempts to pass the level. Even when you get free boosters you still can,t win. It is not enjoyable because there is no balance between the extremely hard levels and easier one so you can,t earn coins. And the storyline is absolutely rubbish as well. Do not recommend it to anyone.

To hard to soon.. Hi. Why do the levels need to be so impossibly hard, the game says relax and enjoy but there’s no relaxing after level 40 good lord, I’ve nearly thrown my phone 73 times, there’s still hundreds of levels yet use make them so difficult so early 🤦🏽‍♀️

Lovely. I love this game it’s fun and we get to get more hooves and that’s great 5 stars

Too much effort for too little return. I like the story and the characters, but I don’t spend real money on pretend things. I find I’m taking dozens of attempts to advance past level 100, and I don’t feel it’s worth the effort. So I’m giving up.

Consistency. It’s annoying that unlike other plarix games you can’t join teams to request lives or do team challenges. Also your lives don’t reset when starting a new day. Would be much better if these options remained consistent as with other games.

Farmescapes. Congratulations to the makers of Farmescapes for making scutch a great game. It’s fun playing,excellent graphics good story. Thank you.

Ok to start. An ok game at the beginning, but got too hard too quick. I can’t be bothered spending a week doing 1 level so I am going to uninstall it.

Love a farm game. Starts out well but gets a little harder as you go up in levels. Would be great if it was like Homescapes & you could have teams to help you. I’m not on Facebook so I can’t do friends that way. Great little story seems to be lots of land so can’t wait to see where it goes

😀😀. Funny game 😅😅😆

It won’t load. The game keeps telling me I need internet to start the game… which I have in abundance: and my settings are correct.. can you fix this please, thanks

Farmscapes- 1 Star. I love this game, but the updates take ages, like 2 hours, and once we get to updating 57%, it goes back to 0% continuously. The Farmscapes updates are way too slow and large, and it really frustrates me. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. I love playing the game, but the levels are very very hard. I think that the levels are completely impossible to complete. I’ve been truly on this level for more than 2 months. And I hope for you to fix this problem too. Other than this giant problem, I love to help the character Mary water the plants and pick apples. This game is partly awesome, but please fix this annoying problem as soon as possible right now. Thank you. Matthew. 15/6/22

Not what was advertised. After playing for a couple of hours I had seen nothing like the puzzles in the (frequent) ads, only playing match games to earn points to work on the farm. Uninstalled.

Farmscapes. This is sooooooooooo good

Good game. So far a good game with a good storyline, levels start to become a bit harder when around level 40 and lives are lost a lot faster compared to Homescapes and Gardenscapes due to the game not be a match 3, excited for a new good and keen to see where it goes

Same problem. Just tried to update and screen went black with orange butterflies can’t play game have tried deleting and restarting but continues with black screen not good enough. Can this be fixed?

Amazing for people who like to solve puzzles. As a person who loves the scapes series this seems like a different style, and I must say it’s great! Now there isn’t anything I want to change as it’s great as it is.And again it’s a great game and I love how the more levels you go up the harder it gets.

Game issues. I love playing the game when I can. Recently I had an issue that the game would crash while loading a new or reattempt level. I would then lose lives every time the game crashed and I reloaded it. Just did an update tonight and the screen is black and I can see the butterfly and the level number or lives number but nothing else! Can’t play if no picture. If not resolved soon I’ll be deleting this game which is disappointing!

Fun but too hard. It’s like there aren’t enough moves on the majority of the levels. It’s a super fun game but way too hard. I was also hoping it would be like Gardenscapes and your lives would refresh with a new day but unfortunately it’s not. As I run out of lives so fast (and I cannot afford to buy more) I don’t play this game as much as I would like to.

Hmm. Won’t open after update

Disappointed. Was really excited to play, I play homescapes and other similar games but every time I would open to play I had to download ‘additional stuff’ or update... this was every single time, I didn’t get to even play due to the constant downloading, updating... I’d suggest keeping it at a minimum

Update disappointment. I was really enjoying the game until it kept prompting me to sign in with Facebook. I didn’t. Updated the game and lost all progress, back at the start. Needless to say, not happy. Considering deleting game as I’m not starting again!!

Wow. Love it

Misadvertising?. I am now past level 256, and according to your screenshot I should have had puzzles by now. I’ve not seen anything! Not hanging around for more disappointment.

Freya. It’s really cool

Doesn’t load on iPad any more. Loved this game was slow to get anywhere but enjoyed the story, but only played on my iPad as it is easier than my phone as to small ;( All I get now is no internet connection when downloading, the iPad is on wifi so is internet connected is up to date on upgrades and iOS it is new so looks like I’ll be deleting it as tried everything I could find on fixing the issue , remove are reload, update, reboot iPad etc I’ll try play on iPhone but guessing it’s not going to be my go to game like Homescapes or Gardenscapes or ones like that were I can play on this device

Farmscapes. I’m up to level 2249 and it won’t let me go past it. I’ve tried everything. I win but it doesn’t go to the counter so I can’t progress. There is nowhere to get help for it

Too hard. I started out liking this game but it quickly became too difficult to enjoy. I don’t spend real money on these games and I never will. I play games in the same stable and can usually get by with patience, but not this one. I have deleted it.

Poor update. Game was working well until update this morning, now I don’t have any lives to play the game

The puzzles are repetitive and too hard. I don’t mind spending a little money occasionally but after level forty it’s so hard to pass any level without additional top ups that it’s not enjoyable anymore. And working that hard to pass the levels only to clean up some jam or water your cat spilt is a joke. It could be a great game if it was more like Homescapes - I really hope they will update it and also the design of the puzzles. Thanks

Cannot open the game. Cannot open the game! Eventhough i had imternet!1111

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Can’t you just charge for this and actually make it fun?. I remember the early Fishdom games from this developer. They were about $6.99, and though later levels were challenging, beating them involved strategy, rather than playing again and again till you finally get lucky. They were a lot of fun. I bought all of them. Apparently, it’s illegal to create levels that CAN’T be beaten without using paid boosters, but it’s perfectly fine to create levels that won’t be unless absolutely everything goes right. Playrix takes full advantage of this to design levels that are SO luck-dependent they stop being fun. This starts out as sort of a fun game to play for a few minutes here and there, but quickly evolves into something frustrating. PS - thanks for the meaningless response. Your game’s not fun. No amount of tips will solve that.

Great but crashes too much. I love the game, but it continuously crashes in the middle of the game, often when you can pass the level and you have to start again loosing usually 😏

Disappointed. Your game would be great if I could get it to load. Please! Fix these bugs! Maybe then I can change my rating.

So slow to load. Cute little game that I was ready to love but it takes so long to load I either run out of time to play or get bored waiting and go on to something else instead. Slowly counted 120 Mississippi’s waiting this morning before giving up and uninstalling.

Started out fun but now it’s a bummer. It was fun at first, I enjoyed both the game play and restoring the farm. But lately the games seem repetitive and too hard to beat sometimes, and it just keeps doing these challenges which doesn’t allow you to make more progress restoring the farm. It’s a big disappointment

Black Screen. Screen is completely black after update. Please fix!

Can’t install on iPad lots of error messages. Game does not load when installed. I get an updating screen that doesn’t update, it stays a zero percent followed by an error message that says I need internet access, which I have since I was able to download the game.

Farmscapes. I’m not happy with the purchases in farmscapes, I bought the 1000 for $1.39 and only got 100, I tried a couple more times and I still only got 100, what a rip-off

Farmscapes. This game is so good you should try it

Game. It’s a good game. I have a fun time playing it

Nice game. So far I like it. I just got it today. Unfortunately every time I get to name something like the farm name, or new name for the sheep, the game crashes while I am typing the name. I hope this gets fixed. No idea what my farm is called. Don’t know if I can edit the name.

Vie. Mes vies ne se recharges plus depuis la mise à jour

To laggy. Can’t even play first level

Like all Playrix games. Gorgeous graphics, interesting characters, but each stage takes much too long to complete, especially since the levels soon become impossible to beat without spending real money. You really want to play it, but it is just too frustrating.

Farmscapes. Was enjoying this game for the most part. Even though I would get booted most of the time when I used a power up. But now lates update just gives me a black screen with a butterfly. I think it is time to try another game.

Frustrating. I hate in game purchases!! Would like more free boosters to help with hard levels.

Not well made. I keep pressing to use money by mistake at the end of the level when there is no moves left. I don't know why there isn't some kind of confirmation after we press on it. We also can't decide which way the rockets are facing and they always face the wrong way...

Crashes CONSTANTLY!!!!. I downloaded this game because I also play HomeScapes and Gardenscapes, but I am only on level 4 due to the game crashing every 30 seconds! So bad! Gardenscapes is encountering the same issue with its current update as well. Super disappointing!

Game update??. I enjoy playing the game but are guys going update the game its sucks to do tournament everytime. I mean i just want to play the game and not compete in a tournament which gives you 1 horse shoe every time you beat a level in the tournament. Let us enjoy the game how we want to play it don’t shove the tournament down our throats it’s not fun

Game keeps knocking me out. I can only do the 1st level, after the intro, then it knocks me out. I put this on multiple times and the same thing keeps happening.

Can’t open the game. Just download and can’t open the game. Stuck in the loading forever

Farmscapes. Don't get black screen anymore but still keep getting dumped off when I play on my IPad but fine on my IPhone. Not a problem with Gardenscapes or Homescapes.

Don’t bother. This game constantly crashes. An absolute waste of time. Not worthy of any stars.

Update. Since the update I’ve lost everything. The game is back to square zero

Too many uploads. I didn’t get past level 15 as every time I completed a few levels I was asked to upload a “graphics package”. Too many uploads for me. I’d rather play something else.

Waste of time. Downloaded the game. Took forever for it to download and update and immediately crashed after first level. Was slow and glitchy. Poorly made👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Doesn’t work. There is something wrong with this app. It won’t allow me to move past typing my name in. Can’t play this game at all….

My problems the same as most others. Levels too hard. Very frustrating, and like some others i really want to play it because i like it very much. So are you going to make the levels playable? Just think how many 5 stars you could get! Just sayin…

Frustratingly difficult. Exactly the same game as Homescapes. Why even make this? Starts off perfect then gets way too hard. Why don’t you make an easy version of this people would actually enjoy. Not everything has to be super challenging. Not fun. I wish I could block a dev on the App Store.

Game immediately crashes. Waste of time.. Tried the troubleshooting suggestions in help. This app just shifts my phone to landscape and crashes. Reinstalled, restored device, same thing. Waste of time.

bars123. excellent game!

Great game. Good game love it

G. Good

Fun. Fun game

It’s ok. It’s fun until you get to level 41 and can’t move forward without spending money. Deleting.

Can’t play.. Since I updated, the game only loads halfway.

^^^BEWARE^^^. This game starts off quite fun. Then, if you pay close attention, you find out that the game is completely rigged to attempt to get you to spend money. The levels are increasingly difficult to get through without the use of purchased items. Thought I should give you a heads up!

Frustrated. I’m getting so frustrated my game has crashed two times now loosing all my progress! Fix your game!!!

This game does not load on my ipad. Will not load has been over two weeks tried reinstalling nothing works to fix it.

Déçu. Bon jeux mais super difficile 😞 je comprends que votre but est de nous faire acheter des booster mais moi mon but est de m’amuser Dommage

Too many bugs in the game / useless support. The animal characters are very cute, but the game itself can be frustrating. I won first place in the last Berry Crop challenge, but was not able to claim the prize - not the first time that this has happened. The chat bit is useless, and no response to the help request.

Do not update. This game used to be great. The March 2021 update has now made it so IMPOSSIBLE to even complete a level so now it’s beyond frustrating. Not what you want when you’re trying to enjoy yourself and have a mini escape. Wish you didn’t do this past update. Probably want people to buy more since it takes a week to win a level now.

Farmscapes. Why do the farm animals have to have a wardrobe?! So stupid!

Vert hard. I love this game but levels are really too hard. I don’t have any pleasure when I have to do the same level 5 or 6 times. This is the reason I remove the game. Sorry.

Fun. Nice game

Farmscapes. Love this game

Really hard. Fun game but I found the levels extra hard early on. Gets irritating when your day and you can progress at all! Other then that awesome game.

Won’t let me into the game. It keeps saying I need an internet connection for the first time like wth I have internet and it works for all the other scapes games just not this one and I even deleted the game and got it back and keep trying and even after I kept trying it’s still saying I need an internet connection to launch for the first time and I have internet connection!

When you get to a certain level, there’s no way to win except for spending money. it’s impossible to win

Fireworks. What’s the point of them??? They don’t hit anything!! 95% of them hit outside the playing area. I’m on level 1950 and it seems the fireworks are the only way to pass the level, yet they don’t hit the pumpkins. Again, what’s the point of them???

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Teams. I love this game but I would really love to be able to play in challenges with other people that also play this game as a team and earn coins that way. But also to get and give lives to those on my team like I’m Gardenscapes and Homescapes.

It’s an ok game. The levels are a bit too challenging for the “starter” levels. There is a bug for the sheep feeder, when the sheep eat from it their head will end up behind the feeder. Honestly, it’s what’s I expect from this company. It’s a pay-to-win game, created by a company that doesn’t care about its customers.

Won’t play.. Downloaded this game onto my iPad Pro twice and it won’t play. States it needs internet connection to download updates. Obviously I’ve got internet connection if I can download the game.

Progress was erased.. I had my Facebook linked to the game to save my progress. I deleted the game for some time and upon redownloading it and connecting my Facebook my entire progress was erased!! Support seemed like they couldn’t help or locate my old account. I submitted an old ticket a LONG time ago that my account info on there but I don’t remember what it was… Sooo I won’t be replaying to get to where I was… I was quite far in the story. Around the time where Mary’s mother visits the farm.

Yikes. Playrix missed the mark on this one. Clearly they made it overly difficult with the intention to push people to buy packages. Love the other games, super disappointed with this one. FTP? Yeah right. Not wasting my money. edit: gave level 77 another 16 tries, after probably 25 tries, used all the bombs I’d saved up since starting the game, nothing. Deleted the game. Avoid this one unless you wanna feel rage really quick.

Always glitches me out when I’m about to win. So, Great game but whenever I am about to win by using two boosters at once it kicks me out of the game and uses all of the boosters ,lives,etc. then, I try not to use them because of this and then I just loose all the boosters I earned.

Amazing!!. I’ve only been playing this game for a day and I’m in love! The storyline is so nice And I’m excited to see where Mary goes on her adventures! But if I am being honest I think that Homescapes is better. Keep up the good work playrix you guys are doing Amazing!!!

Used to be fun. You know longer get boosts when you complete a level and it seems all the ‘competitions’ where you could win free time have stopped happening. Now I spend days on one level. Not spending any more money on this and sad you’ve made it much too hard to play now.

Fun to play but it needs an easy mode!. We “play” to relax but this game can be a bit too challenging and you just quit. I really just want to play this game easily and decorate the farm to wind down and relax. Love the story, graphics, and logistics of the game but I wish there were modes from easy to hard.

Unplayable. I play the other games in this series and wanted to play this one too, but it won’t let me get past naming my character because the keyboard stretches over the okay button.

Too stingy. I was looking for another build game and I don’t know how you get 4.7 stars. This game is too stingy with wins to progress anywhere. I’m not very far in the game and have spent a week on a puzzle that is impossible to win and isn’t fun to play. This is the third puzzle I’ve felt this way about , so I’m deleting the game. The playrex games are much much more satisfying and fun to play. Don’t bother downloading. Catnik87

Farmscapes. This game started out really fun and relaxing. But at level 114 I deleted. The levels are so hard to beat that it literally would take days to beat one level. (I don’t have a lot of time to play each day) I play to relax, not to get frustrated. Keep it fun and I would keep playing.

Won’t Load. After several week of trying to load, installing, deleting and reinstalling I give up. I love the scape games, so it’s hard to write this review, but every single time I try to load, it tells me I need internet connectivity. Like, I couldn’t write this review if I wasn’t connected to the internet. Removing and won’t try to install for a 20th time. At my limit of frustration.

Omg! This game is so epic!. This game has many benefits for people like me. Sometimes, if I have enough money to pay for mistakes, it’s so easy because I have so much moneys to pay. Also, playing these type of games make me happy. -Nyla 9 years old

Boring. As many others have said, it takes too long to beat levels, and everyone gets the same feedback saying all levels are beatable & to visit their support for tips & tricks. You would think they got the hint that not everyone is going to go through all the trouble, nor pay for extras. People will eventually start deleting the game, because there are too many others out there that are similar.

Hay bales ....grrr. I don’t understand the trick to getting rid of hay. I’m on level 29 with 1 chicken and 12 cats. If there are no blocks adjacent to a bale you cannot blow it up. After playing this level over a dozen times, I’m no closer to figuring it out.

Weak power ups. The biggest frustration I have with this game is the weak power ups. The bombs do almost nothing. Compared to a game like Homescapes or Lily’s garden. The levels are challenging but not in a good way. They don’t seem well thought out. If the bombs did more damage and the levels were more playable I would consider playing again. Until then I’ll play a different game

Fun but now keeps crashing. Over the last month, this game will suddenly crash. You may be one move away from winning a game, the screen goes black, you lose a life, and lose that game. I have refreshed, rebooted. It’s not me or my device, it’s the game. When it works, it’s fun.

Needs an update?. I don’t usually leave reviews, but I really was enjoying the game until it started saying it needed an update, but I would click the link and I found it didn’t need an update but still says a new version is available and it won’t let me ignore it.

App purchases after game has been deleted. I played this game for a couple of days and then deleted it. 3 days later I was hit for a purchase on my PayPal account for $3.20 for this game when I no longer have access to this game. I’ve tried to contact customer support, but they want information I no longer have because I no longer have the game downloaded.

I don’t want to waste my star to do meaningless things. I love gardenscape, homescape and this, but I really get tired with passing and winning the star and doing some meaningless things such as showing Mary’s mom her room - honestly, can’t she just go upstairs and see it herself? I hate seeing her drinking tea, but I trying hard to win the stars!

Fun game. Love the story, it can be a bit challenging but I’ve still been able to pass all the levels so far. Of course I’m a dress up fan so if we could change outfits that would be nice but overall it’s a wonderful game.

Fun. I wish the projects were less points so you could feel like you are get more for you time !it takes too long to do a project and I just stop playing to a while

Fun. I love the game very much but since the download or update from yesterday or two days ago my screen is black and I can’t see nothing yes I have deleted it or you saw but nothing can you help then I would read it for because there’s always room for adjustments and improvements

No luck loading. I so wanted to try this game. I love Homescapes and Gardenscapes. I downloaded this game and it keeps telling me that I need an internet connection to open it. I have high speed internet that works just fine with all my other games that require internet. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still got the same error message. I don’t guess I’ll get to play this one…..

Glitch requires deleting all data to continue. Was going well but suddenly game says we have to delete the app in order to get it to open again. First it said check for updates but the updates were already installed. So unfortunately I do bit have enough patience to play through it all again

Customer Service is a joke. Customer service is a joke. It’s a game bot that divides a multiple choice menu to pick from on what your question is so if your question isn’t one of those like five options then you can’t select it d if you select one of those suggested questions it divides a generated answer that doesn’t pertain to your question bc it wasn’t your question in the first place. Don’t waste your time downloading this...

Cool game but to hard. I started playing this game and is fun but too difficult. I played Homescape and garden escape and those game invite you to put money in it because give you a bunch of rewards and points. I have been playing for two months and I am stuck in 77. Maybe I do not understand the game very well but it is very difficult. Making this game too difficult you are losing money!!

Farmscapes. It would be great if it had a bit more instruction and if you could use the gold you earn to buy the boosters to beat the levels.

Not enough customization. I like the game. Same as Gardenscapes and Homescapes. The only thing I find very frustrating is the lack of things I get to pick to decorate my farm. Too many tasks are pre designed. The whole fun of these games is furniture selection and this game needs way more.

Not giving me build points to build. Not getting Horse shoes to build areas, can not get out of tournament to earn to build areas. Very frustrating because I like to earn by winning puzzles to earn horse shoes to build but the tournament is not giving me any build items. Ready to just delete the game if this is not fixed.

I lost my progress!. The game is great and all but I saved my game and came back and had to start over, So three stars cause it’s great and two less cause of my progress being gone.

Keeps bumping me off. Super annoying!. I love all the Playrix games and was very excited to see a new game come out. That excitement was short-lived. This game keeps closing down and bumping me out of the game I was playing. I tried to be patient, as it is a new game, but I just upgraded the game and every time I try to play level 56, it bumps me off. Every. Time. So sad. Will be deleting this one.

Review. I have downloaded all of your games on my laptop and I pad,I love them! The graphics are great,characters and story line fun,and animals so cute, keep up the good work and continue to make more fun games!

Love the game but it just STOPS. I love this game, but you haven’t added any new rooms and all of a sudden there’s this stupid “Tournament of Champions” to play that never ends — and I never even finished the room I was on in Gloria’s new house … you’ve made no updates — why aren’t you continuing to develop this game???? Really disappointing.

Can’t get more horseshoes or past tournament. It’s an enjoyable game and challenging. I’m in the tournament of champions and it lasts 6days. I just keep repeating the same levels over and over. I can’t get any more horseshoes to be able to compete building the house or whatever is needing a repair. If that doesn’t change soon I’ll delete the game

Okay until level 50. Would be nice for once if the developers could make it a little easier without having to spend money to advance. EDIT: thank you for the response. I’ll give it another try.

Fun but need more levels. I’ve been maxed out on levels for months now. Are there new levels in the works? Otherwise this is a fun game with some different challenges than Homescapes.

Just like the others. Just like the other games made by this company, normal levels way harder than should be. You get stuck until you deplete all of your saved up extras then they want you to spend money on more to get past level, thought it might be different but will probably uninstall just like their other games.

Need more free play time. This is a CUTE game and would be my favorite out of all the ‘scapes games, except for the unfortunate lack of life-refills when you start a new day, or free-play time like the other games give you. This is super frustrating because the levels get HARD, so you’re stuck for a long time. Not cool!!

24. Level 24 feels IMPOSSIBLE I have tried a lot to pass and I’ve been stuck for like a week…I think you guys should make something so that we can skip levels. Cause I live this game. But how am I suppose to play if I can’t pass this level!

Fun Game. I’m finding the game to be very fun. The downside is every time it prompts me to “name” something the app freezes and I have to keep closing and coming back in. Then when I try to go back in and edit a name, it freezes again. I haven’t even been able to name my farm yet.

Love it!. Amazing game, I really like the story and graphics. The only thing is I wish you could zoom out more and get a larger view of the farm, other than that it’s perfect.

Hard levels. the overall storyline is great, however; it’s really difficult to pass the hard levels unless you have a bunch of the tools like bombs or prizes. especially on the harder levels they don’t really set you up for success.

Crash bug. I have played most of the games from this developer, and I haven’t encountered anything like this. So, often, when I’m about to beat a level the game just crashes. Can you please fix this? I’m playing the iOS version.

Just not good, honestly. After Manor Matters, I thought Playrix was moving in the right direction. Farmscapes is a huge step back. The bubble popping puzzles just aren’t satisfying, or interesting. Winning a level is entirely determined by roulette. The game reaches unplayability as early as level 30, though all levels can be beaten simply with good luck and enough time. It isn’t fun. It’s not “hard”. There’s no strategy to make the game more playable. Beating a level is entirely based on chance. There’s no challenge, so it’s boring. The story is okay, but it’s not a good game. My recommendation: pass on Farmscapes. Stick with Manor Matters and, if you want, Homescapes.

Glitch making it hard to play. I’m so excited to play this game! However, as soon as I complete first level and asked to type in my name, the game won’t let me leave the keyboard. I’m stuck typing my name in and can’t leave that screen and continue forward. I feel like this game is great but I can’t get past this one part.

Trying to contact in game support. I keep trying to contact in game support. I’ve sent in two contact forms and I get an email saying contact support while in the game. Yet I can’t get any help that way either. Game keeps crashing. Please help!

No New Set of Lives With New Day.. I’ve played all the “Scapes” games and you’d get a new set of lives with the start of a new day. But with Farmscapes you don’t.

Needs improvements. Please!!!. I really want to love this game. It’s super cute. The levels are too hard!!! I don’t understand how there’s a cluster of bombs, fans and other power ups to blow up but it’s just a dud??? It just blows up into itself??? Whaaaat??? Shouldn’t it have cleared the board? Or at last most of the board. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

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Farmscapes 2.5.3 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Farmscapes 2.5.3 Games Screenshots & Images

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.5.3
Play Store com.playrix.farmscapes
Compatibility iOS 12.1 or later

Farmscapes (Versiyon 2.5.3) Install & Download

The application Farmscapes was published in the category Games on 27 April 2021, Tuesday and was developed by Playrix [Developer ID: 1162116447]. This program file size is 331.35 MB. This app has been rated by 13,612 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Farmscapes - Games app posted on 27 September 2022, Tuesday current version is 2.5.3 and works well on iOS 12.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.playrix.farmscapes. Languages supported by the app:

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Farmscapes Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Help Gloria move in her new Green Hills estate and meet a new character—a butler named Alfred! - Set up an art gallery and hold an exhibition! - Get ready for the new Big Sale event! Collect points and get rewards! The prizes will be even better with the Golden Key! - New element: Mole!

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Incredibox 27 March 2016
Bloons TD 6 14 June 2018
Papers, Please 12 December 2014

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Facebook 05 February 2019
Microsoft Teams 02 November 2016
Google Meet 01 September 2016
Google Maps 12 December 2012
WhatsApp Messenger 03 May 2009

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
Bloons TD 6 14 June 2018
Pou 26 November 2012
Terraria 28 August 2013
HotSchedules 30 October 2008
Geometry Dash 13 August 2013

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