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What is capcut - video editor app? CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos.

「Easy to use」
Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right is easier than ever, posting only your wonderful moments.

「High quality」
Advanced filters and flawless beauty effects open up a world of possibilities.

「Top Music Hits/Sounding incredible」
Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs.

「Stickers and text」
Top trending stickers and fonts let you fully express your videos.

Get creative with a range of magical effects.

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App Name CapCut - Video Editor
Category Photo & Video
Updated 22 November 2023, Wednesday
File Size 404.13 MB

CapCut - Video Editor Comments & Reviews 2023

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Some small suggestions. I would love a more in depth audio editing interface, with mixers for the different layers that indicate the sound levels. I’d also love the ability to use an equalizer on any audio track individually along with audio filters (Having to extract audio from a video in order to add voice effects doesn’t count). This, along with the ability to change more render settings would be great. For example, changing the bitrate for the entirety of the video could be simplified using a slider that goes from “smaller size, lower quality” to “larger size, higher quality.” The ability to render in the background would also be a much appreciated feature as a lot of us who use CapCut to edit do so on our main device that we need to access, and on larger projects it’s impossible to get a render done. Even older devices are capable of background rendering. I’m sure many people would be willing to wait for a slightly longer render in favor of being able to use their phone or tablet whilst the render is being completed. (An indicator can be used to signal whether the render is ongoing, has failed, or has finished). One last thing. Im sure many would enjoy a precision movement tool that allowed for things like key framing to be more precise when changing the size of location of a clip.

Cool but one problem. Look I love capcut but can you guys stop saying my storage is full literally that is not my fault and not any of your business because bro it’s tiktok, they are the ones doing that and it’s tiring so hopefully y’all understand I gave 1 star because that’s just not even my fault like I’m gonna start using another editing app for real cuz like I can’t even edit in peace without y’all bragging and saying my storage is full like none of the apps tell you that so put it together capcut and if you do I’ll delete this review and give you 5 stars and put a better review cuz I’m not trying to be a Karen but literally it’s so annoying and just irritating! I’m getting home from school to just edit and make a tiktok video but like I also need to screen record cuz y’all are literally also charging us if we wanna post it directly to our tiktok account so like come on do something like don’t say “I’m sorry hopefully you have a better experience next time” like that won’t help ok? I’m stressed from school and when I edit it makes me calmer and you guys wanna be difficult with me then let it stay that way and I’ll give 0 stars and delete this app immediately end of my sentence! Fix it and put the puzzles together. Ok I’ve had it with y’all! Freak this app and you guys ! Get better at your apps you piece of worms

Nice but needs work. I use this app relatively frequently and would like to think I’ve become decently used to the platform. However, almost every time I save an edit after finishing, there is a problem. I go back to check the saved video and clips aren’t timed the same, have weird snippets of other clips that annoy transitions, and overall format of the videos sometimes change. On the latest edit I had to move around the picture so it didn’t always fit the screen and there were sometimes black bars. I just assumed that I could crop it afterwards off the app (since there is no simple crop tool, only format change). I exported my clip almost double digit times, each time going back to fix the little new mistake that was generated. Milliseconds of a previous clip will be in the next and it ruin the transitions. Then when I would fix it, another would go wrong making it extremely frustrating. It just seems like there’s literally too much for either the all of my phone to handle. I have an iPhone XR with plenty of storage so I doubt it’s that. Very disappointed because I don’t feel as excited or confident about my edit which preformed much better in the actual preview on the app then in my camera roll…

Great…but a couple concerns. So I absolutely LOVE CapCut. I’ve been using it for years, even before you could post stuff. I’ve made edits of soooo many things, and it’s really helped me grow into editing. It has amazing features, and is really easy to use. But, there is a couple things. Sometimes if I add a lot of photos, it lags. Like a lot. My smooth transitions will become sloppy, but when I export it, it’s perfectly fine. But when I go back to try to adjust it and export it again, I ruin it, only because I can’t really see what I’m doing because of the lag. Another thing is the new posting. Well, I guess it’s not really new, but you know what I mean. Honestly, I love the idea. I just think it wasn’t really well executed. There are some pretty inappropriate things, and I guess it never gets taken down. So I assume it’s not very closely monitored. And a lot of people steal edits. Like DHARMA. SHES STEALING VAYDAS EDITS. AND SHE NEVER OWNS UP. There is A LOT of hate. Like sooo much hate. I’ve seen people venting and expressing themselves through edits. I’ve seen face reveals and clips of the creators, and there is always hate in the comments. But it’s never taken down. Overall, the app is great. Easy to use. But be warned if you’re going to be a creator. There will always be a hater. But don’t listen to them❤️

<3. I recently downloaded CapCut. It is amazing! I use it for my gacha videos <3 I’ve enjoyed my experiences on it and I really recommend it. And I love how you can put a lot of things like stickers and things like that and the texts! I also use it for my TikTok videos because I dunno how to remove the words lol, so I use CapCut! And it’s really helpful at times :3 Also, I use it to put lots of things together and it’s just really awesome! I use it to make videos about my family and things as well. Now on the the suggestions! Suggestion 1: Maybe y’all can add something to where you can make collages <3 and things. Suggestion 2: Y’all could also maybe add something to where you can dim it :) cause it could really help some people that make GACHA things like me and my bestie forever. Suggestion 3: y’all could add more fonts maybe? I DUNNO IF YOU CAN MAKE ANY MORE FONTS, but like and colors, like neon :3 |~| That’s all :) also, I haven’t completely explored all of CapCut, so some of these or all of them might already be a thing •_• but- as I said I recently downloaded it! Anyway, have a great rest of your day/night, and rest of the year! -Bayzino2011 :3

Better than any other video editing app but also has it’s flaws. So CapCut is a really great app. It has really all of the most advanced features that you couldn’t find in any other video editing app. I have seen that ads for these on Instagram and it turns out that they were not lying about these features. This is basically the sole reason why I am writing this review. I don’t even know why this app has a rating of only 4.5. It should be at least 4.8. But just like any other video editing app (I should be sorry to say this lol) it has it’s flaws. I want more filters, like an invert filter. Also some people may not understand English so it may be a problem for them if they want a video editing app that could feature their language. That also applies to the effects, filters, etc. So please, allow users to select their own language. It could also be good if you could put a dark mode, be able to save your music, or SFX to the app, and name your video before you start your project. This is all I have to say. Hopefully CapCut listens to my review, so that all users of this app could get a comfortable video editing experience.

Really good needs some work. This is a short review bc in too lazy but the app is basically useless for me if i can’t even add a video edit a video. I’m saying this bc every time I open the app and click add it says my storage is full😐 I am mad bc i delete and delete things but it says the same thing i power off my phone but it still says that and I can’t even edit. But other than that, it’s a pretty good app u can remove the watermark FOR FREE and most editing apps make you pay. It has decent effects filters etc. overlays are good and trimming is very easy for people that just started. I think it’s a great app for first timers it’s easy to use it’s not updated very much just bug fixes and a few new effects but everything is alright. It’s easy to add your own watermark too and many choices, you can make it look like vs which is cool and useful for those who get bullied for using CapCut. Speed and velocity are something that need a bit more work I say it’s not very smooth kinda laggy too,also we need more effects don’t get me wrong the ones we have are GREAT but I feel like they’re getting… old. It’s also good it’s not all presets unlike many other apps. But yeah my honest opinion about this is good

Great app overall!. I think this is a great app, it’s really fun with all the things that it has. I just think that it’s just a really great editing app 100% free for all the effects & watermark and I also have a few suggestions which is that maybe you could try to add different languages for people that don’t speak or understand English, yet I don’t know if your working on that feature and I think would you maybe add some more option to have like a in & out & combo together for the I really forgot the name - but I think you could maybe add some more options for the texts like maybe a out animation and combos, again I don’t know if this is already a feature, but I’ve seen adds for the app and they don’t lie about the features and things and I think it’s really cool how you can change the speed of the video in your own way and how the app has so maybe features. I just think it’s also really easy to use and understand how to use the app so I suggest some of the things I listed to be addded to the app thank you for reading!. - .Afton Fan.

Ily CapCut <3. I make a lot of edits and capcut is great, I love the new updates lately. I do have a suggestion though, maybe y’all could make folders for us to organize and sort out edits. I have a problem with organizing things and it would be really nice to have folders. Anyways overall this is a great app once you get the hang of it your edits will look great :) - tips - If your trying to get better quality use the effect “sharpen” you’ll have to adjust the settings of it to where the red and blue colors line up behind the black line - If your trying to make a velocity edit go to “style” dont split your clip at the beats all you have to do is wait for it to load and once it’s applied change the speed for the velocity to match the beat - To get a small flicker effect go to “text” and put “.” then change the color to white and adjust the size of it to where it’s covering the entire screen then change The opacity to 3 then go to “animation” go to ”loop” scroll over till you find “random flash” then adjust the speed as fast as it will go then click off and put it on the entire video - alright I’m done here have fun editing :)

Amazing app!. This is the most amazing editing app EVER!!!!!!!!! I’m obsessed. But there’s a few things that you could change… first I think there should be a option where u can name your video because i find it super obnoxious when all my edits/videos look the same and I can never find the one I’m looking for. I can’t be the only one that has this problem, either. It’s not a huge problem for me but I still think that u should consider fixing it 😊 My friend has this app as well and she LOVES it a little too much 😅 she always sends me videos of her amazing edits that she made on your app! I really do appreciate how many editing tools there are and how non of them are money! (That I’ve seen) because it’s REALLY annoying with other editing apps where almost every editing tool is premium or something. Not to mention there’s not any adds on this app! (Maybe there is, I don't really pay attention lol) I strongly dislike it when there’s so many adds on these types of apps specially. Another idea similar to the naming idea (my first idea) is to sort the videos or number them. I really dislike how the videos re-arrange when you watch them (I’m talking about how it does that on the actual app btw) again not a super big problem but I hope you will think about it. Have a wonderful day to whoever is reading this😊

Best editing app EVER. As somebody who loved to make videos in their childhood, this app was my LIFESAVER. Many people to aspire to be filmmakers or youtubers have trouble finding good editing apps that are free, and I'm convinced that this is the best app out there. I've been using CapCut for about a year now and I've never once have had issues our disappointments with the app. Let's first talk about how there are NO ads whatsoever and no watermark either?? Not to mention the BILLIONS of ways you can make your videos entertaining, even if you only have the free version. You have no limits to editing which makes this so helpful in making good quality videos with actual effects that are free. Many people are dissatisfied with the CapCut pro feature, because they think it limits their opportunities. Trust me it does not, it only enhances them and gives you more and more ways to make your videos great. Even if you don't have pro, the free version is still amazing. If you are reading this review for some clarity in whether or not you should download this app, PLEASE DO. You will not regret it one bit. This app is awesome. Never change, CapCut!

Over all super awesome. I got to say CapCut is one of the best apps out there!! It’s 100% free, and it has amazing features! I use it all the time to make random edits or Roblox edits. It makes edits so interesting and fun to do! I definitely think there could be some improvements but then again no app is perfect, but I do have some suggestions you should take into consideration: first add more voice affects, I love this feature and it makes you voice really cool but I think it would help to add more of a variety. Next I think you should improve the volume. I like that you can change the volume but it only turns up or down so much so I think you should change that. And another one is to add more fonts I absolutely love the fonts CapCut provides but I definitely think we should be able to choose our own fonts or you could add some more. Those are just a few suggestions but over all CapCut is an amazing app that I highly recommend whoever made this app is so talented and needs a lot of credit! I think there could be a few improvements but all in all it’s definitely a great and fantastic app that makes editing easy and fun!!!

Awesome definitely recommend it. I love this app! I recommend it for Gachatubers, editors, photos, aesthetic videos, YouTubers…etc. The point is: It’s a great app that is not super complicated to use. Obviously you can make it complicated if you’re more advanced (something I am not), but it’s an amazing app! The only somewhat big problem I have is that it can be slow. Usually when I add many videos/photos it starts to not download stuff into the camera roll. But that’s it and I’ve only recently have trouble when I make big projects! Thank you to the CapCut team! Keep up the good work! Edit: Hi! So it has been a LONG time of me using it- Ok not that long. Like a year or something. But anyways, it’s a great app still. The thing is it takes up SO much storage. Like I’m almost out of storage on my phone 😭 I don’t know how apps are made, but I know they all have to have certain things. If there is a way that the storage concern could be taken care of it would be greatly appreciated. 😁 I still recommend downloading this app, but be careful of the storage issue. Watch some videos to know what could cause the storage to go up to limit doing certain things!

Amazing phone AND desktop editing app!. SUPER easy editing interface! The ease of use and simplicity of the editing software makes it easy for ANY user! Great for beginners and pros alike! I definitely recommend this app to everybody. I’ve been an Adobe user for YEARS, and now ONLY use CapCut on my phone. I’ve used Premiere Pro for 15+ years, but just recently started using Davinci Resolve, but have used the CapCut app on my desktop as well. I am VERY impressed with its abilities and the fact that it’s all FREE?!? Holy $&@#! Don’t hesitate, for real. This is an unpaid, unsponsored review. It’s just that as a professional video editor and filmmaker it is hard to find on the go editing apps for the phone that can do what you need them to do. Most of them are pretty basic and can you show us the most basic cut and paste things that really do no good. I actually edited a video using this app along with editing the same kind of video using daVinci to show another content creating buddy of mine and they couldn’t tell the difference. Is it perfect for professional work? No, but it can get the job done and done well! Top marks to the developers of CapCut. 👏🏼

I’m very pleased but have some suggestions!. So, I’m a very beginner editor and was happy to come across capcut seeing as that it was free and had great reviews. I have almost mastered this app completely and don’t want to leave and switch over to something that’s paid when capcut is doing things that every other editing service is doing. However, there is always room to grow, especially for the editors who’s skills are growing faster and wanting more. A few of my recommendations is having more advanced and better options for speed. Please add more filters (specifically in the border area), and add ones that are different and will give our videos good quality(I’m pretty sure y’all can come up with something!). I ask that we get more font options and allow us to use more than 1 animation for out fonts PLEASEE!! Those are just a few of my recommendations. Now, on to my concerns the app does lag a little, and constantly says that I’m out of storage and I delete a lot of previous edits just to make new ones, and I’m getting concerned that the app will just not be enough for me. It’s already taken up most of my storage andI really want it to be worth it, but all these glitches, lags, and thirst for storage is not going to make using this app worth it. I hope someone sees this, and I hope you have a great rest of your day/night.

Great app. Capcut is a wonderful app that lets people express themselves with editing but there could be some more features that help advance peoples skills some people know how to do things like this manually and there are some effects that “help” or “encourage” the thought of that but I and probably some other people think that it’s not enough but still helpful, if you know what I mean? Of course I wouldn’t want to add too much to a point that everyone knows how to do everything the same but I think that there could be some more simple things to it like flash even if there is a filter you could make it go on beat instead of manually doing it. Speaking of beats I think that they help but it could be a stronger affect on the edit especially if it’s in slow motion beats don’t work on my device as I’ve seen others and I don’t know if that’s a problem for my phone or if I’m just doing it wrong but other than that this app is amazing and I’ve seen some incredible work from others and even myself at times

Horrible experience. I use CapCut all the time to edit my videos of games, sports, or just life. It’s always been a simple easy app to use. At first this was fine but now I’m realizing how little you can actually do on it. CapCut gives you the basics, sticking clips together and adding a few fun effects. But it’s nowhere near professional or advanced. I wouldn’t even call it intermediate. Most of the effects are just made by CapCut itself, and it doesn’t allow you to be as creative as you would like to be. To add on, I had created an edit that had taken me a fair amount of time (were talking 1-3 hours) and while trying to duplicate this edit I mistakingly deleted the clip. There is no way to get a clip back after it is deleted, and all my effort went down the drain just because of that. To add on I turned to CapCut support for help and they refused to even give me a living human being unless I paid $1. I wanted a simple conversation that lasted a few minutes about something they should have made better and I have to pay $1 for all that and waste my time setting up payment information and other random stuff I’ll never use again? I think not. CapCut is great in that it’s good for beginners and there’s a good amount of stuff to do on it, but come on. There app clearly has problems and the people that made it are just cheep snobs looking to make quick money off an easy to make app.

Been using it for a year now and still loving it.. Capcut offers so many different effects and filters to choose from. It is a free app with no adds. CapCut is great for starters or even pros! It gives you the awesome experience of a true editor, it’s highly recommended. Will you be the next to download? Dear owner of CapCut, I would like to tell you an idea that I have for a effect. So the effect would basically be like a zooming in effect. There will be 5-20 pictures on a screen that the editor will pick the background color of. They can pick 5-20 photos out of their albums and then place them on the screen. They will look like little pictures that you would take out of a polaroid camera. Then once their music hits the beat drop then the zoom comes in. It will automatically zoom in to a random photo that the editor has chosen. Then their will be some shakes or other effects that will be given to make the edit look good. And the. It will zoom out of the picture and then zoom into another. This will happen 2-3 times. And yeah, that’s my idea thanks for your time!

Meh. I CapCut is a good app but I feel like I can’t really add sound because there’s not a lot of songs like that I know that I like on TikTok and I was like I was like cause my friend had this on her thing she edit her thing like her videos like a pro literally so I was just wondering if you could the creators of CapCut could like maybe add a little bit more sounds from TikTok like today I was looking at a CapCut to edit a video me and my cousin had made and then we were doing dancing in the dark and I searched up the song and it had a song but like it wasn’t that song so yeah this app is really good and I really expect better from it but I really had to give it to four stars I mean it’s not that bad I like it let me edit but like I feel like you could add more sounds I think that either I don’t know how to add a lot of sounds that I know or that I just don’t know because I’m not signed into TikTok I do just videos silly bloopers of me and my cousin yeah so I don’t know if this would be good but just if anybody could tell me or if you just don’t have any sounds because like I just don’t know how to like add more sound. and stuff so I was just wondering if that could be like if you could add more sounds are you just tell me how because I know there’s tutorials and I haven’t watch them yet but I feel like they’re not gonna work and stuff

Searching music. So I download capcutToday and there’s no problem with this so far but I just wish that you could be able to search up the music because I feel like some of the songs on there aren’t what I’m looking for for the video that I making for Tiktok or for YouTubeAnd I don’t really like switching through other apps to add the certain type of music that I want or just have to go and TikTok and screen record and then like at the music from the video so I just wish that you could make an option where you can search up whatever song that she whines that I have an added on other platforms and even though you can do Apple Music I don’t have Apple Music so I just feel like that you should have the option to be able to search up the song instead of having to pick whatever songs are on there even though don’t give me wrong the songs are not bad they are very good but I just wish that I could listen to some songs with lyrics and something that is more me so I hope you see this and I hope I enjoy this app even more.

Pretty good but could use some changes!. Don’t get me wrong, this app is great! It is 100% free, NO watermark, and has some really good features! It built-in stickers and filters that are well and good. Also, did I mention, IT HAS MULTIPLE LAYERS!! That’s friekin incredible!! I tested and it has up to five other layers of video or photo! This is one of the only apps on mobile that actually has multiple layers and is free! Onto the not so good things...It has most of the basic features you need EXCEPT good Volume, the volume feature is really bad, you can barely turn the volume down it only sounds SLIGHTLY quieter when you’re almost all the way at the “0” volume thing. Also, in my opinion there should be more options for volume customization maybe such as “audio stabilization” or something like that. Also the slow-down effects and the voice effects could use work. It has some really useful filters with camcorder and 90’s effects built into the app which is really cool. The transitions are actually surprisingly un-cheesy. I wanted to say thank you to the person who made this app! It is a really good app and definitely could use some changes but overall It’s really great!

Works very well, but there are one or two things. I love how easy it is to use. It’s good for editing a quick video, or a long AMV. I’ve used it for edits, AMV’s even a stop motion. There are just a couple of things keeping this app from perfection however. Like with most editing apps, there is a premium. Like other apps, you can see the cool stuff that you get with premium. You can apply it to your video to see how it works. But sometimes, you can forget that you applied it. When I try to save the video, it tells me that I’m using pro, and I have to sift through the entire thing to find out what effect I accidentally left on. I think that it would be better if it was not possible to leave the effect on after applying it. Maybe you shouldn’t be able to see apply it at all. There also seem to be more PRO effects than normal ones. As a teenager without a job, I do not want to have to pay money to make edits for fun, and I think that the majority of the effects and stuff should be free. That’s pretty much all, some of this might just be me, but that’s what I think about CapCut

I am in shock of how good this app is.. I started editing when I was 8, pretty much 3 years ago. I couldn’t find any editing apps and i didn’t know they existed. So I was editing with iMovie, the app that comes with your iPad? Yea that one. It helped me improve my editing lots! But it wasn’t really good… in 4th grade my friend told me about capcut and that she loved how good it was, I was still with iMovie. Me and my friend (not gonna mention her name) are gacha tubers and we like editing so she recommended me capcut, I said no since my mom didn’t let me have to many apps and I already had 5 apps (games) in the summer of 5th grade I started thinking about downloading capcut. I asked my mom about it and she said “ok” and that was weird because she is ridiculously overprotective so I was happy, I immediately called my friend and she told me everything about capcut, the tips and tricks.. Im a fast learner so it took me around 3 months to handle perfectly capcut. Now I’m in 6th grade and My editing has definitely improved, and all thanks to capcut. Thank you so much for inventing this awesome app I love it! 💜💜

Sad updates i miss the old capcut. I don’t usually write reviews often so you’re lucky to be getting one for me but do not get me wrong I love this but when they added the new update where are you cannot even extract the video and you have to pay first, that’s just ridiculous I kind of miss the old CapCut you need a CapCut pro in order to add certain effects, to even save the video, and to make different things, the old CapCut was way better I can extract the videos for free I don’t like that new update where in the old CapCut I relied on it and it was one of my favorite editing apps to use, I’ve even heard people say that they don’t like CapCut anymore and they’re using a different app called alight motion and I tried to download it but then whenever I went on the app it reminded me of CapCut and then I went back to use the app and then I couldn’t even extract the video so now it’s hard to even think about using the app, usually I would give this app at five stars because it was a outstandingly incredible back ago but now I cannot even recognize the app anymore, I just feel alone and deserted whenever I use the app because it just feels weird not being able to do certain things without paying money, please fix that please get the old CapCut back. -Willow lea preiss

I can see that the CapCut app is really unbelievable. Now I can do approximately 80% of a PC work on this app. I’m really comfortable with video editing when I use the app and it has a lot of beautiful features to add for your videos. I have tried and used a lot of editing apps, but finally I could find CapCut and immediately I decided to choose this app and use it for the rest of my life. But unfortunately, there is just one problem in the app which is when you use the app in the English language mode you can’t add eastern languages text for your video, when you try to write something down, it will be written down in vice versa mode or exactly opposite what you wrote down. I hope that you can fix this problem really soon as soon as possible for us because we want to use the app in English language mode and add Kurdish or Arabic or Urdu texts for our videos. I am Kurd and we are approximately 40 million people and each one of us who use this app have the same problem with adding text in our language to our videos, and I really appreciate it because this app is just amazing. Best regards.

Great! A few major improvements needed.. I have had capcut for a very long time and I have been loving it! It has super cool effects, and it’s definitely beginner, and expert friendly. I love that you don’t need to buy anything (premium) to get the “cooler” effects. It’s super easy to understand and I learned how to use most of the buttons in a couple hours! I do have a complaint though. I do my editing on a iPad, and for some reason whenever I click the app, instead of going horizontally, it goes vertically. I even tried to turn on the screen lock but it doesn’t work. Overtime this becomes very annoying, as if I want it to become horizontal again, I have to go into the app and let it turn vertical, then I have to leave, (without closing the tab) and click again. And it does not load very quick. So obviously this problem has made me very annoyed. I tried deleted the app, it didn’t work and I lost everything I had. And if I accidentally closed the tab, I would have to do the problem all over again! This small problem becomes a big one, as it’s wastes so much time. I love the app, but this problem has led me away from it. And if this was fixed I would have no complaints!

Beginner-Friendly, & easy to use!. Hello capcut team. I've made 3 reviews or more on this app, and all of them were weird..and childish. I've matured over the days, weeks, months, & years. And here's my final (?) review I hope not to change because of accidents or just, childishness. This app is overall good. Sadly, there aren't any effects I'd hope to find. But this is the most easiest app for editing I've seen. So, that's fine. Most of the transitions are good, some are meh…But it's fine if you don't mind that, and besides kinemaster it's so easy to use! The exporting is way faster than kinemaster's. if you make a 2 minute video, it's done quickly. But not in 10 seconds you actually need to wait. But for kinemaster? Pfft. Don’t even get me started! But, there is something that bothers me. The zooming in. Kinemaster's zooming is just amazing! You can do memes with it and a bunch of other stuff(Zooming in for animations, gacha life, gacha club, etc.) But capcut's zooming kinda annoys me all the time I use it. I use the key (I forgot what it's called, sorry.) thing to zoom in, but it turns out horrible. And, yes. Effects have zooming in, but those bother me too! That's the only issue I have. Buts that's all! Goodbye capcut team, Keep up the good work.

It’s great! But it won’t load.. 😣. So I love this app so much and I have had it for a while, then I went off internet for a while, and now even though I am connected to wifi and internet it wont load it keeps telling me to connect to Wi-Fi and I can’t update it and I don’t want to delete it because I have way to many videos to just throw away even though I have saved most of them I can’t get into the ones I haven’t saved because it tells me to download them and when I try it says I have no internet connection, and I can’t do anything, can you update it or something I really don’t want to stop using it because it is a incredibly amazing and easy to use app! I was just wondering if you could fix that sometime, but other than that it is as I already said amazing!! And I use it for everything I make now! I just can’t use anything but the regular words and just the basic things I can’t do much besides add sounds that I have to record my self or export and I can’t do any effects or transitions or anything like that but other than that everything is pretty good!

disappointing. please read.. This was the most amazing app, i used it for over three years and I have over 400+ edits. I love this all and nothing, i thought could change that. But recently when I try to make edits, I cut all the clips to the beat like usual and then I think it’s time to add effects, I click the effects button and it says “no internet connection” when I have a perfect internet connection. And I gave this some time and tired other buttons on the app, all of them wouldn’t work and said “no internet connection”. So I give the app some time and it still won’t work after almost a few weeks of this problem occurring. I recently was staying in another state and the same problem was occurring the entire trip. So I know it’s not my internet connection. I even tried deleting the app. Also an animation I was working on in the app ended up not letting me open it and got deleted. :/ Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?? Capcut is my favorite app and I’m very upset and disappointed.

BEST Editing App!. I can’t believe this app is still FREE! This is the best editing app I have, it’s literally my life! Everything is so easy to figure out, and there’s so many things to do! It never crashes, the transitions are beautiful, there is a very wide variety of effects and so much more. First off, the transitions. They are so great, and there is so many types of them! You can keep it plain or change it up with some effects in the transition! Next, the effects. They’re so amazing, and there is so many to choose from. There are categories like bling, party, shadow, comic and more! You can also add texts to your video. You can choose how long the text stays on screen, choose from a big selection of fonts, colors and effects to your text! Again, everything is so easy to do and very easy to figure out. I use this so much for so many kinds of edits. My favorite part about this is that you can add audio. You can choose from a lot of different default sounds, extract audio from video clips, and trim the sound! CapCut is amazing, and if you’re looking for an editing app I definitely suggest this!

Things that are easy in CapCut. I know that some of y’all are great editors out there but I’m gonna give y’all some more things that you should probably do a .CapCut one of the first things that you should do is you should look at all the edit editing that people have been doing on there and you look at your edits from back then on your other app that you’ve been using this is completely free app you don’t need any of your money to pay for it these these are facts that are on here are really good they they have a good quality they just look good overall add a lot a lot of affects to one of your pictures or videos and one of the things that I just wanna put out there is that some of y’all are pros at this and some of y’all are not processes but that’s OK because anybody doesn’t have to be pressed to have a good editing a edit sorry no editing and if you don’t think your edit is good go back and look through and just look through the edit that you did if you don’t look through the edit that you did it’s fine because you can try affects you can try writing on it you can try doing a lot of stuff on it there’s a lot more stuff than it looks like love CapCut.

Help me help me help I love. It is so cool to just look at people do the thing, but I don’t have that much likes, but I still like CapCut so I just love looking at calculator getting on it has so much good music that I listen to and I just like it a lot OK good can you please give me likes please so it’s like when you go on CapCut you see a lot of things you see people to have fun people that do stupid stuff but it is so funny when you look at it because people love to be seen doing dances, showing their selves and little kids don’t post to be on here because it’s bad and sometimes people making puppies stuff but hey, it is beautiful to get on CapCut just saying the name is so interesting so I love it. I love you kept it. Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo, Skype Skype school double scoop. Whoever the company WYbugufhfhfhchfhfhchfjfgdhgjd at us try a full fsg uftsuxtzhcgdug help I’m dyinggugivivigibihoh Hi Carol from dying I don’t feel like going back to livebjj NBC vivjvjvjvjvhc J jfjgigigi help me please please the devils here he’s around the corner is 3 AM as I’m making this and I have worms on my shoulder

It’s good, but…. The app is really easy and simple to use, I’ve been using it for some time now and there are a lot of thing that I recommend. 1. Add a new loop animation In the text where it’s warping the text around, or just a mix of all the wave loop animations. What I’m saying on this one is that there isn’t many loop animations for things that I’m doing, and an easy way to make this is just get in the text and warp it around a bit, basically have random areas go in random directions, them do[ that for a couple of frames then put it back as the first then just ease the motions a bit so it looks better. 2. There are some small lag features where you start the project and there is a little bit of large as you start it, this can get annoying for many reasons like, making it harder to sync things when you need to and many others, this is a pretty small but harsh things can happen with this. 3. Make the auto beat inputer more accurate and put the closer together when doing so, this can save time on songs with a BPM over around 150. Pretty minor also, but it is just one thing I recommend “fixing”. Other then that the app is pretty good

The only editing app you’ll ever need!. I have been using CapCut for almost a year now, to make Gacha and Roblox edits. CapCut is great for making smooth edits because you can make a video / picture as short as 0.1 seconds! That’s great for making Gacha characters look incredible in edits! Another great thing about this app is that you can remove the watermark from the edit without paying for some sort of premium. (AHEM- GachaLifeMaker better be taking notes) The chroma key in this app is great for removing green screens, and any other color screens! (This is good for when a character has smth like green eyes) The keyframe feature makes CapCut great for tweening, and many other things! The effects and transitions are super clean and amazing, and from experience, even better than some apps you might have to pay for! All in all, this app is an all - around amazing app for everyone who might be interested in making edits, no matter the experience, and is a huge upgrade from any apps you might have to pay for! CapCut is definitely worth all 5 stars! (I’d give it 6 but apple doesn’t allow that (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

Amazing but…. I just want to start with, this app is amazing! It could use a few changes though. For instance, there is a template section, which is like TikTok. This is fine, but it’s just that kids who discover the section could find stuff that they shouldn’t know about. Like gory or scary things. (This app has nothing inappropriate in it, like nothing I’m glad) so I think that they should put a age restriction for parents to set up on the app so that children can use it carefully and don’t get involved with things they’re parents don’t want for them. Another problem I have is when I click on a template it shows a different template. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the app, but please fix it. Also, I think there should be more edit resources, like more things to edit with. I think that using the same things over and over again are pretty boring so if you could add new things I’d be really pleased! Now, I’m not trying to make this one of your hour long reviews so I’ll end it here. I think you should get this app it’s very useful!

This app is amazing but just a few things. I really like this app, it doesn’t crash like my other editing software, the transitions are amazing, the effects are out of this world, and the text customization is one I’ve never seen before on mobile Editing. I just wanted to suggest that you guys that run this app give more creative control over the effects, for example letting us fade them in and fade out, how fast or slow we want the effects. I also wanted to suggest and ask if you guys could put in an option where we just switch are clips from video to overlay and also the ability to lock/pin our overlays. Also, an option where we can automatically resize our video to full screen because since there’s not an option to it may not go 100% back to the full screen. Last thing I’d like to request is if you guys could put an option where we can unlink the audio from the video two adjusted and move around as necessary. Again this app is superb and I just think these suggestions that I’ve provided would help a lot of others editing experience on this app. Thank you for your time.

:). I really enjoy editing on CapCut but there are some things I think need to be fixed or added. •there are lots of bugs, like when I try to import a photo it says that there aren’t any photos. Another bug is when I add an in animation then remove it then add a combo animation it doesn’t add it. •I think hue shift should be added, there is the rainbow negative affect but it just looks to chaotic. I think there’s already a option for hue shift but I’d rather it be an effect. •a search option for effects. Im pretty sure there used to be an option where you could search effects but it was removed. Please add it back, it takes forever to look for effects I want to use especially since there are a lot of them. •I think the motion blur should be fixed, when I add motion blur to my edits there will be random spots on it which I don’t like. Sometimes it looks good but other times it does not. •along with a search option for effects I think there should be one for animations also. •I think you should be able to overlay animations. Overall I really enjoy using this app but I feel like these need to be fixed and added. :D

things I like about CapCut. I love this app because I get to edit and when I’m to tired or lazy I can use templates so I don’t have to edit. Also CapCut has a lot of effects and options so you can make ur videos look great. I think there should also be steps for beginners and stuff so they know what to do or like how to do stuff. I’m pretty sure I had CapCut for 1 or 2 years now and I’m really liking my experience. I rate this 5 stars because if it’s good quality and options I think people should rate it 5 stars if you don’t like this then that’s ur opinion. I think this is also easier and kinemaster and alight motion are a bit hard to use but CapCut is really easy and also templates can give you ideas and also give u free edits. I love this app so much and I’m never deleting this app bc it’s the best app. That’s why I rated this app a 5 stars so that’s why people should give this app 5 stars but again if you don’t want to rate it 5 stars that’s ur opinion. But really this app is great and I’m pretty sure it guides you, you can draw, use cool effects, slow stuff down easily, make slow downs smooth and pretty cool editing so that’s why you should rate it a 5 stars I hope you consider rating this a 5 star app. Thank you for reading this paragraph and thinking about this. Also I think the glitches should be removed. Because when I edit it like deletes some stuff. So yeah mostly nothing bad but mostly good.

The best game ever!!!!. I put five stars because cap cut is the best you can do all kinds of videos!!! Plus the videos people make are so cool and amazing there all so fun to watch!!! Cap cut is honestly the best app you can ever get!! You can do all kinds of edits. I made so many videos I didn’t think I could make!!! Cap cut is a app you should get!!!! Who ever is reading this download cap cut right now because it is the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!! You will never ever regret getting cap cut!!! They also have so many filters they all are so amazing!!!! My fav filters are from the makeup filters!!!! They are all so fun to put on and there are even backgrounds you can do!!!! Ever sense I got cap cut I can’t stop being on it!!!! There music you can do to make your videos are amazing!!!!😁😀🤪 CapCut is just the best and even when you don’t think you can find a song that fits your video or dance just go to the search bar and there are all king of songs that can be what you are looking 👀 for!!!!! I have to be honest I don’t really like cap cut I LOVE IT❤️ you can do all kinds of things on CapCut and if you want to do a video you like and is trending they even are videos to show you how you make it!!!!

great app! few recommendations tho:). I love capcut! I appreciate how everything is free and how you can remove the watermark at the end. I have been using this app for like a year now and i think its great and easy to use. i do have some recommendations though because i do find some little issues or something i would like to be better/fixed. so my first recommendation is that you guys should maybe add more animations to both, texts and clips. for the texts, i think itd be cool to have more varieties to choose from. i know there's a lot of choices already but i mean that maybe if possible, there could be combos like there is for clips. i think itd look great on edits and would be very useful. and now for clips, i think if you could add more ins and out transitions, it would be fun to be able to have more transitions. maybe you could even add more combos as well. id also think a new great addition would be if there were to be more shakes and stuff. I dont think theres many shakes to add to your edits so i think more would be cool. another suggestion is to make the speed adjusts cleaner. sometimes when i make it slower, it looks blury or just doesnt look like it has the same quality as it would with normal speed. i do hsve more recommendations id like to share but i dont really know exactly how to explain it but if you could add/fix those things, i think the app would be 5x better! :)

Advertisements Advertisements worst thing. I was just trying to edit something for fun but this happend. I once opened up the app and I saw an advertisement on the top of my screen. I clicked the X button. And it asked why do wanna remove advertisement? I said I’m not interested in this and it said it was shut down but another popped up at the bottom of my screen. I said no again came back. I was stuck with 2 advertisements one on the bottom one on the top. I was really mad about this because I didn’t wanna keep removing more advertisements at the bottom of my screen and top of my screen. I had plans to do so I left my device near a table. I got back and opened Capcut again. There were more advertisements more then before. I clicked on a advertisement and then went back to the app. I went to the help center and it said i had to pay a dollar. I had a dollar in my apple account so I used it. It said I had to do bank account stuff witch took me about a hour or two to do. I finally found out how to get the the help center and I chatted with someone or maybe a robot (most likely a robot) it said to me that they can’t remove the advertisements. I was really mad about it so I just got another editing app. One day this day I opened CapCut. Another advertisement popped up and it also said it crashed? “Good” app for beginners but to this day I’m using another app on my MacBook (used to use my phone to edit) I wouldn’t recommend this app.

I love it! I have some suggestions though. First of all, I love this app so much, so in now way or form is this hate. I’d like to state some of my suggestions to improve CapCut! So the first suggestion I was thinking of is a feature where you can add graphs to you keyframes to make them look smoother. Another suggestion I have is more fonts. I do love some of the fonts you’ve provided us with, but I would love if there was a way we could upload our own fonts into the app. I’ve been thinking about this next suggestion for quite some time now, and I think it would be really effective and really improve this app! Maybe you could add a feature where we can make our own transitions? Now, I realize this might be a stretch, but hear me out: if we could make our own transitions, it would really increase our creativity skills. I know that other apps already have this feature, but I feel like CapCut is better, considering it’s 100% free! Oh! One more thing I’d like to mention. I was thinking you could add more mask shapes? Like maybe a feature where we could mask our own shapes? Ooh and maybe we could mask our clip and you could add a feature where we can have a glow effect around the masked area? Idk, it was just a thought. Well I hope you take some of these into consideration. Have a nice day!

Read if your thinking about getting this app:. Capcut is an amazing editing app. I use it to film my videos mainly but occasionally I will edit videos. They have had a lot of amazing updates in the past months. I only have one constructive criticism. When I film my videos on Capcut and then try and save the video or choose to edit it, I will find that my entire video is black and that is all I can see. For me this is frustrating for this is irreversible. And I work hard to create quality videos for my socials. And when this happens I have two choices: choose to try and recreate it or simply give up. Even though this is a pretty serious issue that I’ve had to deal with when using Capcut. I would still recommend this app. The quality of filming is impeccable. There are loads of tutorials to help you edit videos as well. You can also treat Capcut like your own social media too with the profile tool. You are now allowed to post edits on Capcut (with requirements that need to be met for the Capcut Creator Guidelines). And when creating videos you can save it without a watermark.

😁GREAT. OK so this app let me just start off number 1this app is amazing it is great for beginners and I think it’s amazing for beginners number 2 these are some questions about the app is it weird that every time I edit sometimes it glitches like if I put an affect on it and I play the video over it doesn’t show it but when I finish making the video and I save it it makes it shows the affects sometimes it’s really did not help me because I love to put effects on my art pieces and when I can’t see what it looks like it makes me feel confused because I don’t know what it’s gonna look like on the picture and you’re something else every single time I try saving it it says sorry it’s in able and then when I try to do it again it will just straight up let me do it and yeah that’s just some questions about it and I didn’t put it in my description because this app is amazing and you don’t really need to change anything those were just some glitches that happened to me and yeah keep up your hard work

Great beginner app and it makes it easy.. Sadly, I can’t do animation, like how I do it in KineMaster, but this is still AMAZING. the stickers are beyond adorable (some are like- uhm y’know that kind of EdGy but anyways-) it’s a great app. It’s actually a step up from KineMaster, which I did not expect. I’m so happy we are able to delete the watermark at the end, it’s just great. And everything is free! it’s awesome and it’s pretty much everything you need (sadly no animation key thing.) the chroma key is SOO good. I can remove part of my green/pink screen in the background without any pink/green thing on my character or art disappearing! The effects are really nice and aesthetic, and some are just really cool. (some are kinda uhm weird imo) the effects are perfect for edits, the retro or vintage ones have to be my favorite! Also the in and out animations are cool, and there are some that are for the whole duration of the video/photo, which is cool. The customization abilities for the text are great. You can give the text a font, color, some special design (example: making it glow) in and out transitions, animations that last for the duration the text is on the screen, and you can put it in a text box or something, and there are some really cute ones! There is so much I haven’t explored yet, and I know it’ll probably be good. I recommend this app for beginners, pros, anyone really. 5 stars, 10/10 I love the app Sincerely, -a person

Trash. I think that the app is amazing I use it on all of my TikTok videos but one very minor criticism of the app I have is that if maybe I delete some thing but i maybe deleted the wrong thing or I have a good idea that I want to put into the video I just made but because I deleted the original draft on CapCut because I was going to post a TikTok for example I won’t be able to go back and get the original draft from CapCut if I deleted it. So what I’m trying to say is I think that there should be a temporary trash pile section so that just in case somebody deleted the wrong thing or they want to edit it but didn’t expect to, they don’t have to worry about redoing everything they just did they can just go back to the original thing and recover it and just add in or take out whatever it is they were going to do. The trash pile would be the best thing that you could add to the app right now that’s the only reason I’ve given a four star review if I could’ve given a four and a half I would but it doesn’t work that way with the ratings so it really is a very minor thing but it can be quite annoying otherwise please consider it it’s very simple

I love it but I do have suggestions. CapCut is an AMAZING editing app for new beginner editors, people don’t see it as an editing app but it is when you get to see more of the like transitions, effects etc. there’s so many things you can do with this app though there are presets you can use those presets and combine them with other presets. Now my suggestions. I think if there were graphs and making your own transitions would be AMAZING, maybe if there were also motion blur in effects or like mirror like titles in alight motion it would be great and maybe even pass alight motion, and lastly maybe you could add like titles for your project incase you are deleting projects (for storage) so you don’t delete something you don’t want to delete. This app is already amazing so if you’re a beginner editor you should use CapCut it’s amazing it has great transitions, effects etc more things than alight motion has but alight motion is still advance with the graphs etc. So you should start with CapCut honestly before using any other big editing apps like alight motion or AE.

Amazing!. I have had this video editing app for about 3 months and I LOVE IT you can extract sounds and use them to make videos and you can edit together clips and photos with sounds. It's great for kids like me who aren't allowed to have TikTok or Social Media it acts as a place where you can do TikTok dances and others and you can share it with your family and friends without posting them on a social media platform, you can also use CapCut to make videos for TikTok if you are allowed to use it. I use CapCut almost everyday wether it be because I'm bored and want to lip sync or I'm doing acting or I want to put together a video for my family, CapCut does amazing things for your videos it has a cloud so you don't have to upload every video to your photos and contests where you can win Gift Cards up to a IPhone 13 granted for these contests you have to have TikTok but that is one thing I'd like to point out to the Developer that there should be a way to enter the contests without TikTok for me I'd love to win these things and enter the contests but with not being allowed to have TikTok there is no way for me to enter these so I would love if you made a way for people like me who cannot use social media to enter the contests thank you for reading this and sorry that is so long but CapCut is really important to me I make videos everywhere from my home to in the car or just outside I make videos with my friends and can just have It’s Just Amaizng!

CAPCUT IS AMAZING. I have had this video editing app for about 3 months and I LOVE IT you can extract sounds and use them to make videos and you can edit together clips and photos with sounds. It’s great for kids like me who aren’t allowed to have TikTok or Social Media it acts as a place where you can do TikTok dances and others and you can share it with your family and friends without posting them on a social media platform, you can also use CapCut to make videos for TikTok if you are allowed to use it. I use CapCut almost everyday wether it be because I’m bored and want to lip sync or I’m doing acting or I want to put together a video for my family, CapCut does amazing things for your videos it has a cloud so you don’t have to upload every video to your photos and contests where you can win Gift Cards up to a IPhone 13 granted for these contests you have to have TikTok but that is one thing I’d like to point out to the Developer that there should be a way to enter the contests without TikTok for me I’d love to win these things and enter the contests but with not being allowed to have TikTok there is no way for me to enter these so I would love if you made a way for people like me who cannot use social media to enter the contests thank you for reading this and sorry that is so long but CapCut is really important to me I make videos everywhere from my home to in the car or just outside I make videos with my friends and can just have fun with it

Great app!! But some problems.. I have had CapCut for over a year now, and it is the best editing app! I am only 12 years old and am not aloud to have TikTok yet. I see videos on Yt of fun dances that I can do, edit them, and best, share them to my family & friends. CapCut is great for kids like me because it is super easy to learn, and to use. Also, I have always wanted to have a Yt channel, I use Capcut for pretend video making and I rly enjoy it! All though…. I have noticed that sometimes when I am adding audio and my clip it doesn’t align and the audio is more up from the beginning. Not very often it’s funky but this is too frustrating. As well as my screen will freeze for some time. Also, I noticed CapCut has gotten so much better! Idk if I didn’t see this before, but I am loving the new Template feature! I really love it. So much faster then putting work in for edits when I’m feeling lazier. Also, there is a rly big amount of texts and effects which is great! One more thing, so, the “Style” feature on here. So, I use this for auto velocity. You don’t need to do anything but wait for it to upload to your edit. However, this takes way too much of my time. It moves by wayyyyy to slow. But, These small problems are not gonna stop me from using this ✨WONDERFUL✨ app.

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Great app, but some issues. This app is pretty good. It’s not the best, but it’s decent for a free app. It has graphs, keyframes, effects, and more things that are really useful for editing! There’s a chroma key and a solid variety of transitions and animations. However, I have some issues, the main one being how laggy it gets. If you add enough overlays and effects, sooner or later the preview will get very laggy. Because of this, it’s hard to time things correctly. Every time I need to properly check of my editing is on time, I have to export it - which is very annoying. Another glitch I have come across have to do with audio. Sometimes, when I split a piece of audio into two, the second part is muted. No audio plays. My volume is up and the volume settings are perfectly fine. Even if I restart the app and restart my whole device, this glitch still occurs. And sometimes I don’t split it at all, but when I save the project and come back to it later, the audio is all muted again! This has happened to me several times, and I’m not sure if it’s only happening with me. The lag issues are definitely something that others experience, too. Overall, it’s pretty good. I’m thinking to get a better editing program, though. You probably know what I’m talking about. I don’t have much experience with editing programs in general (the only other one I’ve used is iMovie), so take my opinions with a grain of salt.

Very great app, could have more added. Capcut is a very great app, I love how you don’t need to pay for anything whatsoever. I use it very frequently and my mum thinks I might be getting addicted 😂! Overall, it’s a very food app but I have a few issues and some ideas that you could add which would make the app 100x better. I was thinking you could add more options for text and audio. For the audio, I usually look up something like “edit audios” and I screen record them and save to photos so I can use the extracted option for my audio for the video. But something that is bothering me is that I really wish there was a reverb option for the audios. Instead of just making a reverb in capcut, I have to use another app or type “edit audios with reverb” and it’s very annoying because I wish I could have the song I want wi5h the audio. Another thing is text options. I have seen a lot of edits with the text and it looks great! So many effects and options. I really want a animation that would really suit one of my edits where ts an out animation, and the letters float up all around the screen and just stays still floating, and I thought it looked very cool, there wasn’t many things close to it so I just chose the vrille out animation because it was closest. Anyways! Thank you for reading and I hope you get to add the things mentioned! Regards -Isabella

Please read. I love this app so much I use it for all of my edits but I do have one problem with the backgrounds, when I try remove the background of a clip or photo it removes the hole picture or clip, I really don’t know if I’m doing this wrong or if it is just a glitch and it is getting annoying because for most of my edits I can’t change the backround because of this, so If you can I would love if you would be able to take up some of your time to answers this and fix up this glitch if it is a glitch or if I am just doing it wrong! But over then that I love this app so much, good work😁

This app is amazing! Just some advice…. 1. First of all this app is so incredible and easy to use! It’s perfect for editors that prefer more simple things. I use this app all the time and it’s perfect! Well nearly… just a few things. :) ~SLO-MO UPDATE~ I always try to use this update but it takes REALLY long to load. I’m not even sure what it looks like yet because it just stops at 50% and it takes like 5 minutes for it to gain 1%. I don’t know if it’s just me or not but I would really like this to be fixed! 🤔🌸 ~TEXT ANIMATIONS~ The new text animations are starting to get better, but I would really like more attractive animations like the overlay ones. It takes forever for me to actually be able to do it because I have to go onto another project, do a green screen, write my text, take a screenshot then do all the chroma key stuff In the last project. It’s annoying and I would just like some more better animations. 😌👍 ~TEXT FONTS~ The fonts are okay I guess. I mean I use them a lot but I would really like there to be more unique and preppy fonts. I don’t really have a problem with the fonts right now but I’m starting to get kinda bored of them. But I do really like Marvin and Bangers! 😁💗

CAPCUT SO GOOD! DOWNLOAD IT. I love capcut so so so so much. It is my favourite editing app. I literally don’t use any other apps to edit. I feel like it is kinda underrated. There is 2 thing I think could make capcut better. And that is organising ur edits in a custom order and creating folders. Please take that into consideration for the next update. Other than it is literally amazing. If u don’t have alr then download it! Love the app but one thing. I feel like I’ve been saying this to a lot of apps (not just u) and basically I dislike how when u export things it automatically creates a folder and ads it to it. Please stop this and just allow it to be saved to recent. Thank you and please take this into consideration.

Review !. Capcut is a great and used app but there are a few problems.. Firstly, about the overlays (which is a problem for me) so, it has a maximum amount of overlays and when I try to make videos/ memes/ trends and when I add about 5-7 overlays, it doesn’t let me add any more, so please fix this problem becuase I really need it !! Overall capcut is a really good app and I recommend you downloading it ! Although if you use overlays most of the time and need a lot of overlays (like me) then maybe this isn’t the best app for you. But the effects in capcut are really good, and you can discover and make new things in capcut ! For example, you can make shakes with different effects !! So there’s just some problems.. The final problem is the “storage” problem The “full storage” problem is really getting annoying, because whenever I want to edit something and I have about 31.5 GB out of 32 GB it usually doesn’t let me download capcut or upload anything and it really annoys me. So capcut, please fix this and how much storage capcut takes, because us people may really need it compared to others, like me !

Love it, but... Ok so I absolutely LOVE this app! I’ve used it for ages, but the storage thing is really annoying, I can’t even go onto one of my videos if there’s not enough storage. Also, I haven’t used it in a while, but when I came back onto the app, every single video I had ever made had been deleted. I was like I deleted the app, there was NOTHING. I’m really confused, and I didn’t “offload” the app or delete ever either! And I tried making another video twice, and it said it was saved and stuff, but it wasn’t there?? Can you please tell me why this has all happened? I would rate it 5 five stars otherwise.

Capcut is amazing!. Capcut is good for so many things. What I love about it is that it can make really good things for your videos. I love all the updates coming up all the time. If I had to chose what I would like different about it is that if ur filming somewhere with no internet, you go to edit on capcut and it’s glitchy but you look back on the video before it was edited on camera roll, and it wasn’t glitchy. But all the cool things on capcut- well I haven’t even been CLOSE to seeing all that is on there😊 Thank you capcut makers for making a amazing and productive app, that can’t only make the best edits EVER but can make your channel or photos blow up because of this one app. Thank you for reading my report💜

Please don’t let it affect the storage. There’s been too many issues about it and I just want it to be like we can do it with like our storage full and stuff or something but like I want this one to be notified like we have to like not delete all that thing you could just delete the one that you just like you couldn’t even delete it because it will waste our time like me for example I have lots of storage but when I fill it up I can’t do anything I’m supposed to be making videos and that is under exposed for me and I think lots of people want it to be like free and like I’m like like like we don’t have to have any storage or anything there’s some issues and more issues as in my I can’t fix my camera roll I’m you put too much in it yeah yeah you put too much in it but I love to use CapCut to edit it’s kind of the best but I would just rated a four star Who made this app I need to talk with them. (I’m gonna beat them up)

AMAZING 😻. To be honest, I don’t ever write reviews but this one deserves it! It’s honestly so good, easy and is so aesthetically pleasing! I make Roblox edits and they turn out amazing! It’s so easy and you can make literally anything! I do mine on iPhone 7 and when you export them to photos they turn out amazing! No glitches or lag when you get the finished result as well. I recently did a Roblox edit and it went for about 30 seconds and it had heaps of editing in it, like sparkles and filter’s etc... and it only took about 10 seconds to export! (Which is rlly good btw ;D) 10/10 would recommend! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Review :). I’ve used capcut for some time now and it’s improved drastically already! But some issues I really tend to have is how low the graphics quality is, choppy alignments, transitions and how long smooth slomo takes to generate. It might just be me, but the newly added smooth slomo takes AGES to apply (even as ‘faster process’) to the shortest clips and isn’t very high quality at all. Another issue I have is text being extremely limited to most forms of modification. It’s slightly irritating not being able to overlap text effects and text not lining up due to incorrect alignments. My last issue is transitions, capcut just lacks ability to creat transitions and the presets don’t work amazingly. Considering all of this, It is still a free app so these limitations are expected- CapCut is still an amazing beginners software! UPDATE- this is quite a while later and most of the issues above have indeed been solved but I have just had to delete all of my projects as recently the app updated and instead of taking 14GB of space on my phone it took 44GB 💀 that’s extremely annoying as my CACHE was empty and I had remove many of my projects. (there was only like 15 left) Plus my projects are only small and wouldn’t require that much space!!

great but let’s talk about the camera….. CapCut is a great editing app, it is easy to use but professional. Your videos will come out looking amazing. I’ve been using this app for almost two years and I’ve enjoyed every bit of the journey! :) But in your most recent update, [ the CapCut camera feature] there has been some glitches that have been bugging me lately. First of all, the flipping camera. I can’t press it! I have to turn power off. But the main issue is after I’ve filmed a video the screen goes black and I can’t get my video back. Please fix this glitch. In the mean time I love your app<3

𝚁𝙴𝚅𝙸𝙴𝚆. I have been using this app for nearly a year now, and it has improved my video work so much. I use it to edit my videos that I send to my teachers for school, and they love them! When I have an idea in my head, it is so easy to execute that idea in CapCut. Most video editing apps have subscriptions that make you pay for certain features. But you don’t need to pay for CapCut at all! That means you can use the really nice effects, fonts, transitions, animations, and so much more! There aren’t any ads either. One thing that I would recommend is that CapCut would put in more glitching effects. As a video maker, I usually like to put retro/glitching effects in my videos. There aren’t many glitching/chromatic abberation features, so I would really like it if you added some! Overall, CapCut is a must download for professionals and beginners alike. If you are on the fence about downloading it, I say to just do it! It well serve you well… From, 𝚉𝚘𝚎

Great!. Amazing work, I’ve tried so many editing apps, but the only one I’ve stuck with is CapCut. GOOD NEWS/REASONS THAT CAPCUT IS GREAT: 1. It’s REALLY easy to use, and I’ve only been using it for 1 month. 2. The effects are amazing! 3. Comparing to other editing apps, it’s very well thought out, and organised. BAD NEWS: For the last month, every time I try to tap new project, it always says “ insufficient storage, clean up some phone storage and try again “ after deleting MOST of my projects, MOST of my videos. It still says it. I’ve tried so many ways. Overall, AMAZING work. I hope you fix my bug. Oops, sorry one more thing, THE TEXT. Such as the YouTuber AdorbsxNara. She has AMAZING text, but idk where she gets it from, go check out the text she uses. If you can, maybe at that?

Lag crashing. This a good app but you should add affects like green flash yellow flash pink purple colours like them or cyan and whenever I press import it takes about 50 minutes just to get to 50% please try and fix this amazing app now let’s get to when I started playing this app i was frustrated because I didn’t understand at all so I was frustrated a lot try and make it more understandable for beginners because when I was a beginner it was annoying hard and I didn’t understand at all give a more detailed tutorial then just affects blue thing whatever altogether this app is amazing and my online friend introduced it to me I love this app so much because now I actually understand it -O

Love the App but 1 tiny suggestion. I love using this app honestly. I love creating new videos for my friends and family to watch. I am also happy it gives you the option to delete the photos/videos that you may include in your project without affecting it because sometimes you want to have a photo or video in your project with out it have to stay in your camera roll so thank you. It gives you so many options to edit your videos that You could would honestly edit your YT videos on it because it is so well done up to give you plenty of options. It has plenty of fonts included in and new fonts are constantly being added which is why my suggestion is being able to favourite your fonts like being able to favourite Sounds, Stickers, filters ect. So thank you for taking your time to read this I am happy you took the time to develop this wonderful app

Good, but a few bugs. this app is great! its just, with my experience so far, ive come across quite a few bugs. i’ll tell you about one as an example; i was trying to make an edit using a greenscreen overlay, and that worked perfectly fine, i knew how to use it so there was no problems there. but when i tried to size the image to fit into the green screen box, it would size itself? like i wouldn’t even be touching the screen at all and it would slowly make itself bigger/ smaller, even tho i hadn’t touched the screen yet. same thing happened whilst trying to move it left and right. Overall, very easy to use, great app— just needs a few bug fixes.

I’VE LOST CAPCUT!. I loved capcut! It was a good, easy to edit software. It was fun playing around with the tools as it helped me edit my videos! That was until I was doing wordle one morning and I was sorting something on my Home Screen. I saw double capcut! I went into both of them to check which one had all my videos. They both did! So I decided to delete one and then after that bam! They were both gone! I decided to reinstall it and make sure my capcut weren’t lost for ever but they were. I don’t know what happened but if bytedance sees this please fix it!

Please readddd. Ok,hello. I have been using CapCut for at least 6 months. And I’m trying to make this Gacha Club Country human short, about Italy hating Canada for putting and liking pineapple on pizza. (I know it isn’t relevant but you’ll see.) And, I try to put an overlay of a screenshot of a pineapple, but it freezes the screen when I go like 1 second per Screenshot. And- I try play it, it is STUCK on that one screenshot. I save it, replay it again- the screen is black, and only audio is playing! This has NEVER happened before! It happened once before I wrote this, I thought it was a glitch or something. It happened again. I was literally going insane! I need to get this finished, so I can show my friends and my other friend who LOVES Country Humans! I promised her I’d do it! And I have to show her by next week— please fix this!!! (For my sake and my friends sake.) Yours truly, A CapCut, Gacha, Country humans and Five nights at Freddy’s lover.

Suggestions. I wish in capcut you didn't need to only pick a photo or video i wish you could open up the app and just press record with the record button being right on top of the edit, audio, text etc And if possible i wish right next to were you can choose the video quality [480p-4k] there would be a screen record button that counts down from 3 and then the camera can see what you are doing on your device [not your face like if you do the screen record and get out of capcut it would record what would be on like your home screen [your apps and stuff] and then you go back into capcut and press finish screen record] -Thank you

Glitch?. I have just recently installed this app and it is great, I stopped using it for around a week and then used it again but then something is different. My edits don’t immediately play after I press the play button, then the screen freezes, I can’t move or exit. After 10 seconds it works again, I would’ve dealt with it if it happened only a few times but this happens every time I try to play my video, like EVERY TIME. It keeps freezing when I press the play button and it is very annoying, I have updated, reinstalled three times and those did not fix the problem. Not sure what to do, please fix. (Other than this huge problem than this app is great)

Great app, but laggy. Capcuts a great app, i like the simple format and the decent features, making it easy to use for videos and edits, but there’s lots of lagging in the app. For example: Not being able to press on an audio, i tried clicking on this audio i had for a video but it just disappeared and reappeared when i pressed the go back button. It wont let me edit it no matter what i do. The audio i put before it worked fine, but i cant do anything to the current audio. I can’t even delete it because there’s no options when i press it. Please fix this.

A feature that would be helpful. I love this editing app I’ve been using it for over 2 years now and it’s amazing! Although recently I have noticed that a feature that could help editing is a feature that’s apart of when you press on a clip, an option that says “set all clips to 1.0 seconds” when you press on it you can toggle the amount of time you want the clips to be basically it removes all struggle of trying to change every individual clip to the same amount of time it is present. Another idea that I thought of is that there is a shake affect, of course there is already on but it looks a bit off, so could you please try to change it so it actually shakes in a intense or calm way! (Of course it would make sense for you to have a setting for either calm or intense.) Thank you for reading my review! And I do hope that you add one of these features.

amazing app!. this editing app is free and that’s the most surprising thing because it’s really easy to use and you would expect apps like this to make you pay money to use them but this app is free. This editing app is the easiest app to use that i’ve ever tried and the most effective. If you know how to use the app properly then you can come out with really good edits and other stuff that you want to edit. There’s lots of advanced effects that are really cool and the animations for the videos and photos are just on a next level. this is an amazing app!

AMAZING APP (WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND). CapCut is a great app. I use it all the time and It’s really helpful for school work and all kinds of other things. I’ve tried a lot of other video editing apps and this one is definitely the best! You don’t have to pay for anything and I never get ads which is great. This is a amazing app for professionals and beginners. It’s so easy to use and has a wide variety of features. If you’re wondering if you should download it, you 100% should. I’ve even recommended it to my friends and they loved it! This app will literally change your life and video skills. ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED! 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩

Amazing 👹. I wanted to start making videos including screenshots, so i wenr on the app store, searched up; “video making apps” and this came up! Oh boy was I lucky… I started learning everything off of it! At first, I was noob and I didn’t know how to split screenshots, add sound, or even add Overlays / change the animation of screenshots! But here I am now, using CapCut for all of my YT videos. I learnt how to do all that stuff I couldn’t do. Even my sister started using this! There is nothing wrong with the app at all, its just that it keeps glitching me out sometimes. Or my screen freezes? Yeah I need to get a new iPad… anyways thanks to whoever is reading!

Great App but there is one issue. Capcut is a great app that allows me to edit my videos, the app provides many things that are great to my videos. There is one problem though, whenever i make a video or is in the making of it, when i try to get into my video so i can edit it, it says my iphone has insufficient storage when I don’t go onto my video daily, but when i go into a different app then go back into Capcut and press onto the video, I now can open my video. Can you please fix this bug because it worries me for how long i took making the video then for me not being able to then open it again. Please fix this!

REALLY GOOD. (Not a bot BTW 😂 🍣 🍱) Sometimes says insufficient storage when I’m trying to upload, and I thought it was normal cos I had used a lot of my storage. And so I deleted some stuff, and it worked. Same thing happened again, so I tried it on a new phone, no photos, and only with the apps; google, App Store, camera, gallery, and Capcut. So I tried and it worked! So I did it on my phone again, insufficient storage. So then I tried the new phone, insufficient storage. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🤔 🤨 then on computer, didn’t happen, but otherwise LOOOOOVE THIS APP! helps with editing videos, whether for yt or for ur bffs, always works, super easy to use, might be confusing at start tho. DOWNLOAD THIS RN

Slow Mo. This app is amazing and i use it very frequently, and it is very helpful. But i have some ideas as to how we can make it better. Sometimes it can be glitchy while i’m making a video with short clips, it wont play some so it’s very difficult to make a video sometimes, the slow mo feature is incredible but it’s SO choppy. i cant make slow mos on capcut it’s awful it needs to be WAYYYYYYY smoother. also with the text feature, it’s basically impossible to put two text boxes together and make them look even, it’s so hard to put them together because when you make the text smaller you cant even see the text while moving it, and there also should be more text features such as transitions, and i have an idea for a feature, so when you write a sentence this feature makes the words appear one at a time, because when you try to do that with single text boxes it’s basically impossible.

Over all good app, But there could be changes.. Cap-cut is a great app I use it all the time for marvel edits, But it could have a help button that runs you through some of the features. With my personal experience, I got the hang of the basics very easily but for more technical works I had to look up tutorials on how to do it( The tutorials helped a lot and where very easy to go through). This app was helpful though the loading time to export videos takes 30 seconds more or less depending on the video size. And when you do go to import the video again you can select the video straight from all your videos or photos or you can select out of the certain few that you’ve personally picked yourself. Overall CapCut is a pretty good app it’s free and can be handy with its many users to share their tips and tricks on how to use it.

Cap cut reviewing. Man I love this app too much I’m making an ANIME MUSIC VIDEO and my friend is helping me out and it’s so much better than the old editing software I used that one wasn’t that good but at least it was better than I movies which was my old old editing software with cap cut everything IS FREE WHICH IS WHAT I LOVE NO ADDS OR ANYTHING and the transitions are so nice and clean on most other platforms you would have to pay for more stuff but cap cut no pay plus my parents would most likely say no to pay a subscription or anything else. Hope your compony sees this review and hope the best to your app and hope the best updates.

capcut is one of the best editing apps out there !!. i love capcut SO much, i’m a huge fan of miraculous so i make a lot of miraculous edits, i have a lot of experience with capcut and i can assure everyone that you should get it. first of all, capcut is completely free! the transitions (i’ll get onto them later) are free, overlays are free, animations are free, and the effects are free. honestly this is one of the reasons why i LOVE capcut because you can make professional-looking edits for no money at all! second of all, the transitions, effects, overlays, animations, etc look so amazing and professional. it’s not just a “lazy” app either, like funimate (although i do love funimate a lot and believe that you can make great edits with it!!) or vinkle (i hate vinkle), you can make your own transitions and overlays. i just love capcut so much. anyway, if you’re seeing this and wondering whether to download it, do it! it’s 100% worth the space.

Hate the new update. Since the new update came, my app keeps kicking me out and losing my progress. You say your updates are fixing bugs but they’re just making more bugs instead! As I was editing my video I kept getting kicked out and lost quite a bit of progress but kept going. Now when I’m trying to watch it back it’s kicking me out a lot I can’t even watch a quarter of the video. I just thought I’ll just save it then watch it and I can’t even do that. It gets to 50% saved then kicks me out. I’ve tried so many times, I’ve even reset my phone. I don’t want to have to delete the app as I’ll lose all my videos. FIX THIS RIGHT NOW PLEASE

Amazing App. Thanks to capcut I got an A on my finals for English! I made my entire grade (yr 12) download capcut for our assignment and there were tons of positive feedback. Things I used to promote the app was the fact it’s incredibly easy to use - which is great for students who don’t wanna stress about the tech stuff. All the tools on the app we’re fun to play with and if didn’t know how to use something the prompt at the top displayed a written and visual reminder. I personally like how I didn’t need to pay for any of the features! It’s really annoying when you want to do something but they ask you to pay for a subscription…

AMAZING. I first started off as a editor with this other app called kinemaster. Then one of my friends showed me CapCut and I started using it because, 1. I wanted to improve my editing skills, and 2. Why would I? All those fantastic edits my friend made with this app made me want TK try it and oh my gosh! One of the best apps I’ve ever used! It’s first kinda hard at first when you don’t know we’re you out the overlays and the green screens and all of those but u get used to it! Overall this was a great app! Amazing if you are a pro editor or just starting, it’s just too good to be true! 5 stars ! :D

Absolutely amazing for a free video editor!. This is an amazing app, and has so many features that anyone can use! On top of that, it’s free!! CapCut, please don’t change that. I use it to make cricket edits, and it is the absolute perfect app to use. Given the fact that I can’t pay money for apps, this works amazing and better than most apps that require payment! I highly recommend it, as it has no watermark, and you can use it for any sort of video editing! If you start exploring the app, you’ll find the amount of things you can do with it!

Amazing but please add. Capcut is so awesome! It’s all free, and I use it for edits. It’s easy to use, and there are all sorts of customisation options. Please just add one thing: the ability to save your favourite animations. I have the animations that I use all the time (the pendulum and distort right ones) but they’re both quite far across, so I have to scroll a while to get to them. That can be quite inconvenient. Could you maybe consider adding a feature so that we could move animations across or save them somewhere. That would be amazing. However, despite this small inconvenience, this app is amazing, and I recommend it to everyone

Amazing! One suggestion for a future update:. This app is amazing, the layout is really nice and it’s extremely simple to understand and get used to! The effects and animations are incredible, and I’ve made some really nice edits with CapCut. One thing I would like to add though, is that I find it quite hard to edit on my phone as you can only edit portrait view. Is it possible that in a future update you could make it so when you rotate the screen you can use CapCut in landscape mode? I would really appreciate it. Otherwise, amazing app, it’s free and it’s incredible! I heavily recommend downloading it. :)

Why CapCut is so good. I have been using CapCut now for about 7 months. It is the BEST app I’ve ever used! I work for apple and this is the app some of our ideas go into for filming. We have been looking for an app like this for years! The apple team was so happy to hear that we had a new solution to filming. Our team has been working so hard and when we found CapCut it changed our lives. Making advertisements for our business got so much easier because of CapCut. I gave it 5 stars! Get CapCut I promise you won’t regret downloading this app! Love Simone

Camera Button Not Working. I have been using Capcut for around a week, and when I first got it, it was really confusing. But since then i have figured out what most of the things are for. As soon as I got it, i wanted to film something in the Camera icon which you could film Multi clips, i wanted to use it to see if I could make a tiktok, because I don’t have the app, so I enabled the Camera in settings and I filmed something, then the app got a bit glitchy so then I had to delete and re download it. For some reason when I got into the app it didn’t come up with the option to allow or don’t allow the camera. So I went into settings and I couldn’t find the option on CapCut so I went back inside the app, to see then it said in a box “Would You Like To Allow CapCut To Use Your Camera” and I chose “Allow”. And it came up with the icon but before I could press it, i turned by device of by accident, so when I got back in it was GONE! And i can’t figure it out, in settings it says that the camera is enabled but it doesn’t SHOW ITTTT! I know you probably can’t fix this, but it is just so annoying and confusing, I think you should work on the arrangement and set up of the home screen page. The only reason I really downloaded this app, is so I could make multi videos, then add them together. But except for that, I have used it for other things which come in handy and have improved by technology skills. Thanks

CapCut is great! Just one problem... I’ve been using CapCut for quite a bit now, and it’s actually great to use! Lots of features, effects and helpful things. However, I do have a problem with some things. Firstly, the chroma key stuff. Usually when I do this, it chooses another colour along with the one I’ve chosen and messes what I have as an overlay, up. Idk if it’s meant to make the colour in the shade category go transparent along with it, but it’s really annoying. Secondly, removing the background of something. Sometimes if an overlay has basically the same colour of the background being removed, it kinda goes along with it and makes the overlay look dodgy. Anyways, please fix these problems! (If they are) I do enjoy this app after all

Awesome. I absolutely love this app. It’s my favourite editing app and it’s super easy to use. I recommend this than kinemaster. All the other editing apps are too complicated. I use this app to edit screenshot edits like Gacha life which is a game. Most people use other apps like video star or kinemaster. It’s also really quite quick to work with depending on how long my video is. So like with kinemaster it takes me about 1 hour to make a video but with CapCut i get them done in like 10 minutes or 30 minutes if I’m making a long video. Great app

Perfect but just a few touches.. [please start reading your reviews-]. First of all, CapCut pro: a lot of people have been writing bad reviews about the exceedingly lack of feature unless upgrading to CapCut pro and all that.. I understand you guys want to earn money with this amazing app you made since I bet you put a lot of effort into CapCut but I think it’s time you think about CapCut pro a bit.. Second of all, there’s a thing that happens when I’m editing a project and I go and add a photo but then it says that I have no photos so then I have to kill the app and go in the project again. It’s really annoying so please see what you can do about this sometime. Overall, I think CapCut is an amazing app but would just need a few slight touches. Thank you for reading.

Please fix a few issues.. Capcut is one of the best editing apps — on mobile — that I ever used. Unlike other apps, you don’t require to pay any money in order to use this app. However, the green-screen is terrible (Sorry if that’s harsh). The edges are choppy and pixelated unlike Kinemaster, who has a much more presentable green-screen. But, Kinemaster is extremely expensive just to use it, and it is missing many features whereas Capcut has them all. I’ve seen many users come and go as they look at some of the poorly made features. So please, fix the green screen. Thank you!

This NEEDS To Be Adressed. I had just finished making a video around five minutes long that was mainly text based but somehow a glitch happened when I added a video in and now the entirety of the text was gone! And I closed the app to try and see if it would bring back the text but the app saved the video without the text and now it’s stuck like that forever! I’m sorry, but if I’m going to be using an app to edit videos I need to know that I can rely on the app not to delete my progress! I know that CapCut auto saves when you leave a project and with that feature I would like to be able to access my last saved version of the project that I was working on. For example, you can click on the project file that you want to access its last saved date to from the three dots and then pick the last saved. That way this issue is completely resolved and nobody has to worry about this huge problem again. Thank you for reading.

Hmmm. CapCut is the best and I have made so many videos and I only just got it last week. It is addictive in some ways, but there’s one thing that has been annoying me for quite a long’s clips and stuff. What I would, do is I would make a video but I want to trim it down a little bit...I would save it and add it to wouldn’t trim and it would just play the original video that I had made. If you are wondering why I don’t trim it in CapCut is because whenever I extract a sound and I would put it in I would want it to play at the very start of the video it wouldn’t play at the start of the matter how hard I try so I don’t know about this game...

Texts (and a little more) - Please fix!!. CapCut is truely amazing!! I’ve been using it for quite some time now. But I really want you to look into this or add some of these ideas: 1. Texts Sometimes when I’m writing a text, I don’t write more than one sentence but then it randomly makes two texts and starts writing in the second one, the one that wasn’t even there in the first place. You can’t even see what the second one says. I’m not sure if this is just me or a glitch but please check it out, it’s kinda annoying! Here are some ideas for the next update: 1. Music Why do we need to sign in with tic tok or apple when we could just type the song we want? It isn’t letting me sign into any of those. 2. Effects Maybe some more affects to make our editing a little better. I’ve noticed there isn’t much effects ———————————————————— Thank you for reading, if you can, please fix or add any of the things I mentioned. Good job on CapCut, it’s a really good app!! Eva from Australia 🇦🇺

Just a little feedback! ❤️. This app is incredibly good! I love all of the effects and animations you can add to such a simple video, to then transform it into an incredible thing! But this wouldn’t be quite a good review without some feedback. I typed in some small speech for my introduction on my new video, but then when I went to add another little speech again, it doesn’t seem to show, and not matter what I do (restarting the app, closing and opening the project again, ect.) I can’t seem to get it to show! Thank you for reading my review, and I other than just this small glitch, the rest is perfect, and I’m sure that I will be able to make my way around! Anyways, thank you for making such an incredible, fun, yet simple app! I hope you have a wonderful day/evening! ❤️☁️

Insufficient Storage - Please fix. Capcut has honestly been one of my favourite editing apps. It’s quick, easy, fun and beginner friendly which I love about it. All thought I just have one tiny issue, just one. But it really frustrates me, insufficient storage. We all fill up our storage now and then and it can be a hassle to clear up, just the other day I was downloading an extremely large file, over 15 minutes of content. Therefore, the downloading process took long, I may have been waiting for 15-30 minutes. Beforehand I had made sure to clear up most of my storage, including deleting hundreds of pictures, apps etc. Then right when the video finished downloading it told me I had insufficient storage, which obviously isn’t the apps fault. But what had me mad was the fact that it had only notified me about that until the very end of me downloading the video, which is completely stupid in my opinion. Telling me after I had waited for the video to download, a pure waste of time. It’s happened many times before too! All im asking is to fix this by notifying us that our devices do not have enough storage to carry the video before we start downloading. I hope you can understand and fix this problem, it would be heavily appreciated.

I love CapCut. CapCut is amazing😊 I love it so much 🥰😍it’s complete free and the edits choices on their are out of this would I’m planning on making a new account on tik tok and just making a bunch of edits It doesn’t cost anything no charges no premiums no watermarks it absolutely incredible that’s why I gave a five star review in all of my editing journeys I haven’t been able to make spot on great edits and if I don’t make great edits their are going to be water marks and I don’t mind but I don’t like watermarks that much but anyways this app is the best I don’t know how people will give bad reviews on this fantastic app great job CapCut 😊🥰😍🥳🤩

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Pictures. I can’t have access to my pictures!! It’s just stupid, and it always have to add one pic then I can’t have another!! It’s annoying!!

Amazing app but... This is the best editing app. It edits photos, videos, everything! It is really good for YouTube videos! If I could recommend something I would recommend adding a way to search music up and you could use that song! But right now. 👌🏽👍🏻👌🏽👍🏻👌🏽👍🏻.

AWESOME. I have 100k followers on TikTok! Great editing app bro 😘😘🥰😍😂😙 jk I have like 5 cause I just made it

THE BEST VIDEO EDITING APP. It's super great everything is free I don't even think that we need A pro version to this it's already a Pro free editing app I STANNN (P.S the only thing that's not that great it is that it lags)

No internet VPN???. I have used CapCut for a while and every things fine but now all of a sudden it’s saying no internet and things are telling me to install a VPN help-

Now terrible... The update ruined and removed all the good effects and parts of capcut. Making capcut pro ruined the app. I had experience editing in capcut, and now I lost all of it because of this stupid update. Just terrible.

CapCut free templates not available on canada. Why I can’t use my free templates it’s supposed to be in the bottom but why I don’t have that please make it avail here in canada

SIMPLE easy FUN and good for BEGINNERS. This app is great for beginners (like me) who want to just make mini movies with their friends or to edit photos and I rlly enjoy editing obviously the “special effects” do look fake it still is very fun and cool to add in your vids. I wanted to try kine master but it was too complex so if your looking for a good non-complex editing software I definitely recommend downloading cap cut! If possible I would love to use this app of wifi like when I’m camping or maybe on an airplane or ya just something to consider!

What the he//. CapCut was working just fine but as soon as i left the app the went back in it deleted all the edits I’ve done 😭😡

This update ruined it. This update ruined the app by removing all the good parts and adding CapCut pro, just remove CapCut pro

pro not needed.. why? why do you have to put “pro” ? are you that greedy? your app was good before pro and now you put pro? are you trying to be alight motion or something? the update is so stupid.

storage. why does it meeds storage like just let it be normal bc some ppl dont have storage and this app need storage like what is this app 🥲

bruh. I love it I make edits of it amazing app and I’d love to actually be ur friend if possible 😊

Great!. This is great, but you may wonder why I took off a star. I took off a star because of pro. Many apps have pro but this one is just kinda annoying.

PRO. It used to be good but then pro came and now I hate it

Can't add audio?. Can't add audio tracks from your computer! How totally useless for a musician trying to make videos! Have to create a video in another app with my audio and then extract the audio from the video???? Howwwwwwwbout ya skip a step and just enable adding a free audio track! Literally flabberghasted.

Meh. Ngl the new update really sucks

Amazing 😸. I love it! I only got it today and it was amazing, everything is free and there isn’t any watermark! I totally recommend, it’s great for making edits, etc! I 100% recommend.

SHEEESH. Only one word to describe this app... SHEEEESH🥶


Why did you add a cap cut pro. This app was so perfect until you added “everything that makes editors life easier you have to pay for”

IT DELETED. Ok so it was amazing I made 20 edits (I counted) prob even more by now then it said storage was full so I deleted some things and it worked fine again BUT THE STUPID APP DELETED ALL OF MY EDITS and I worked so hard on them I cried so you guys better get my things back I had wedding thing and very important thing

Stupid update. Please make vertical blur back into a video effect.

If you are seeing this review. This app is super easy to use and i love it but could you had more colour fonts?

EVERYTHING GOT DELETED. This app was so good until ALL of my edits got frickin deleted🤬🤬😡😡😡

Uh??. This app is like so cool but it doesnt work anymore and now i cant download it back

Best editing app for beginners!. I've been using CapCut for over a year and a half and its awesome. It's so easy to use, everything is right there infront of you. This is the first editing app i've downloaded and it's still my favorite since its not complicatedd like other editing apps. You can find easy tutorials on YouTube if your stuck on anything or want to learn how to do cool transitions. I am glad that they added it on computers so now I can use capcut on everything! I love this app and I definetly reccomend it.

❤️. Love it! I just started but my friend is gonna tell me a bit more! I recommend it for beginners!! Very good app! <3

Close captions. Hello. This app was recommended to me as great for generating closed captions But when I tried it, I couldn't find the “text” button! So weird! So I deleted it and I’m gonna give it another try. Could it be that I’m downloading an old version? Can you help please?

Not working. Unable in Canada

Come on. Won’t let me edit. Says my storage is full but I have deleted five apps, four notes and a bunch of photos and it still says unsciffied storage (or something like that)

🥀?💢?🥀. Okay...straight up. THIS APP USED TO BE MY FAVOURITE APP UNTIL THIS THING KEEPS SAYING I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE OMG FIX THIS PLEASE, IM SO STRESSED I DELETED SO MUCH OF MY FAVOURITE APPS FOR THIS AND EVEN PICTURES THAT GIVE ME GOOD MEMORIES! Well...this USED to be my favourite editing app, not anymore until this gets fixed wow I’m so surprised how I used to adore this app and use it all day..I’m downloading a different editing app...I’ll miss you CapCut.

CapCut pro. I basically made a 1 min video that took me an hour to make and this CapCut pro shows up saying I gotta buy it for 9.99. I worked so hard on the video I made, this update sucks 100% please remove it!!

I’m so annoyed. I was making a glmm for my yt and I closed it for 2 seconds and went I open it up again everything was deleted all my videos everything 😐

I hate this app. Why do i hate this app? I had to delete all my photos and half my apps so i can get 1 video to work AND IT KEEPS SAYING I HAVE LOW STORAGE WHEN I DONT AND IT KEEPS SAYING “something went wrong” FIX THIS NOW

Take the advice. It used to be good but now the audio is delayed and it lags too much. Also it takes up too much space. Also they need to add a pinch squeeze option. Also they need to add motion blur and motion tile. Also they need to add presets from creators and YouTubers. Also they need to make it so you can choose how long the animation and transitions are no matter how short the clip is. They also need to make it so you don’t have to export to have multiple animations on one clip. Besides those it’s a pretty solid app💪

Bruh u had to add PAYMENTS!. I liked how u were free, but NOW PAYMENTS!? NO I AM NOT SPENDING BUCKS!

Very awesome app. Great app! had it for about 3 weeks now, I love that there is no water marks, you get plenty of options without having to pay for stuff, it’s easy to edit and user friendly, you definitely get more effects and animations then other apps might give you, I hope the app stays like this forever it’s perfect! definitely recommend downloading if you want to make cool videos and more! Have fun!

Keeps telling me I don’t have internet. Read the title

💌. By far the best editing app I’ve ever downloaded! LOVE IT 💖

I love it! But…. I love this CapCut app but… the thing is im using a Apple Ipad, and when i need the stuck frame its not there. So CapCut owner, PLEASE 🥺 bring stuck frame to me.

Pretty great. the macbook verison is lacking a few features that were featured in the moblie version (at least for me) but over all it works pretty well on mac.

Good but lags a lot. I just want to say that this app is like AMAZING. It’s free and like there are so many effects, it’s amazing. But when I edit it lags quite a bit and it wouldn’t play smoothly (but when exported its fine). It’s a little frustrating but it’s good. It’s a little tiring having to go back and forth because it just wouldn’t play properly. Please take a look!

WHAT!!! WHY CAPCUT PRO?!?. This was a very good app until pro ruin it. I think that’s not usable anymore. At this price I think I will buy a real editing app seriously:( I’m so sad about this

Annoying. It says I have not enough storage but I do have enough storage

eh. takes up so much storage and it sometimes glitches whenever im in the middle of making an edit

Please remove the PRO feature. Please remove the PRO feature, because now content creators like me will only have a limited access to effects, fonts, animations ect. I got CapCut because I thought it was the only editing app on mobile that would let us mobile content creators have access to all the things we need to edit our videos for free. But hey, I guess not anymore. Thanks allot!

EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. YOOO what i love the most is the effects are all free and it has no logo or watermark. now i don't have to stress & cry over some other tweaked apps that are revoked or sum anymore. thank you so much for this! i'm so happy i found this app today.

love CapCut. I ve been using CapCut for more than a year, love the mobile version. Thanks CapCut for finally release the Mac version.

highly recommend.. •no watermark •lots of smooth transitions •easy use •barely lags (for me at least) it’s one of if not the best editing app i’ve ever used ☺️👌.

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Why I love CapCut. I love CapCut so much! The reason why is because you can make so many videos of your own and they can be as long as you want, the app also gives you PLENTY of filters and effects to choose from. You can also use one of the templates other people make and put your own photos and videos in the template you choose! You can also change the text in some videos/templates to make them fit the topic I want. Another cool feature that I like about CapCut is that you can go up to the camera icon and you can make videos from scratch on CapCut. You can make POVs’/Point of View(s), funny videos, ect. And you can go ahead and add whatever face filter you want or anything really! Heck, you can even save your videos or your can save them so they can go to your photo app :) Another cool thing I like about this app is that it showed you tutorials on how to make a really cool edit to your video! There is a lot more information you’ll find out when you get the app!

Great app but just a few suggestions and problems... Capcut is a great app for a beginner or a person who does not know how to edit, It is really easy to use, You can have motion blur, Slow smooth motion, Reverse, Speed, And more stuff that you need for editing like me, I always and mostly use this for editing on a video on what I’m doing, I get a lot of likes and views, The templates are also good, It’s like your a real good person who edited it even it’s just a template, But when this update came I got kinda mad and have a few issues.. When capcut pro came out I was not able to do a few stuff, They almost took the good effects, Like mostly only, And I’ve noticed a few months ago, When I was in my dads phone it says clip got deleted, I was really mad and angry because it took me a really long time to make, like really, And it will get deleted?? That’s not fair.. And it takes so long to progress, That I had to make the video much shorter so it can be faster, I also use this in school, And it took like 10-20 mins just so it can be exported, I hope you fix this problem capcut, it will be really helpful if you do.

CHANGED MY LIFE. CapCut is the most open and close to being social media app I’ve ever experienced. Although some content is around the 17+ area, CapCut makes me feel like I belong. I can watch other peoples templates without having to like them or get an account, and I can see what other people think of it too. This app has also moved my life and multitudinous ways. it has been a place where I can vent to others and show my innermost feelings. The most important thing that I love about CapCut is the community. People will always be there for you through the haters and quite honestly this app has never been better for me I would love to put in a good word for knows everything, one of the CapCut creators. This individual has done so much for me and giving me information on stuff and just being a good person. his/her account is family friendly and I gotta hand it to him/her for helping others too. CapCut is a life changing app and can help you feel better in with the world and it’ll also help you stand out.

Good app but two issues... So I like this app and have no problem in it. I recommend this app for content creators. And it has the features that make my videos twice as more entertaining. And I recommend this app because it’s better than kienmaster and other editing app I’ve used and less complex. Although, there are two issues, when I often export my videos, (reminder that this happened yesterday and today) I wait so long for it to finally export just to have the exporting process fail. Not only the slow exporting is an issue but it says that my storage is too much and I thought my storage was the case. And I started deleting unwanted apps to save storage to only experience the same issue AGAIN. I have has less GB of storage yet it asks me to try again or whatever. All I know is that this issue never seemed to happen to me when I used the app the day before yesterday please fix the exporting issue. I would rate it 5/5 if you could. And if it’s not CapCut or my GB of storage, let me know.

Wow!. this app is really cool! It has like things I can do whenever I’m bored sometimes, it’s okay just I think one part that gets me questioning myself is the part where every time I like add animations for each video then add to the others I go back to the start of the edit and see the animation doesn’t play so I usually repeat it but that’s okay! Just questioned myself about that nothing wrong, and I also love it how when you add auto captions like say for example you add a video with muffled words and you don’t understand a little so you add the auto caption it’s like this whole or the whole system just has like big ears or something cause it’s like awesome. To me it’s like really extraordinary because I have never done this before and now I started to use this app it’s like really different for me, because I used to be a lazy person and just use templates but when really I wanted to do more like experience more so when I did that I just couldn’t believe it, it was just amazing 🤩 💖💪😎 (and yes I am 7 and kid so I wrote this)

this app changed my life.. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I’m 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don’t smoke, but I occasionally drink. I’m in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I’m trying to explain that I’m a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn’t lose to anyone.

W editing app js L update. I rlly enjoy editing on capcut i’ve already been editing for about 2 years now. Now I edit for fun but recently you guys have an update(capcut pro) which i think is soooo dumb because it seems like you guys added the best looking transitions right after making a pro version and it’s not like i’m mad about the OG ones it’s just that after a while they get repetitive so the fact that you guys add the best looking transition after making a pro version kind of annoys me because what was the point and yeah i know y’all need the money but then again i still see no point in it. the app has been around for how ever long but ever since it’s been get some hype you guys js add a pro version? it really makes me lose my motivation to even edit at that point knowing that i can make my edits better but i have to pay in order to do that but pls pls could you at least make it fair for the people that have had the app longer than others or add some better transitions and effects if you. if possible more like video star or after effects.

BEST APP EVER. I love this app it’s so fun and u can really get ur creativity out on this. It is so fun. But for me I’ve been having like a glitch, but other than that. CAPCUT IS AMAZING! I HAVE MADE BLACKPINK EDITS AND LEGO MONKIE KID EDITS! it’s so good! I recommend downloading this app. Like idk how someone can make this so fun and creative! 10/10. I’ve had this app for about 2 years now and it is now the first thing that I open. If someone likes to create stuff. I recommend this. Actually my friend introduced me to this app, she has made some good edits and is surprised on how quick i catched on. It’s just a amazing app! CapCut can let u use templates (wich i love). If anyone is planning to download it:uhh just have fun with it! Nobody can tell you what you can and can’t make! It’s your creation. Don’t care about what other people say about it. What matters is if you love it or not. Edit: Still amazing although it is kinda- glitching? I wouldn’t say that but it won’t let me do edits anymore bc apparently I made too many?

The best editor app for beginners. Okay to be honest (tbh) this is the best app I have on my phone rn so I recommend it and here are reasons why to download it just in case you don’t know for sure.1# you can learn how to use all the tools in one minute okay so when I first got this app I edited Rick Astley never gonna give you up and I learned the tools in one minute but it felt like 1 second and I still have it today 😂 2# no offense Kinemaster but this is better than KineMaster but this is my opinion if you use kinemaster and like it better than it’s okay 3# If your a beginner than this app is for you And that’s all know I have some suggestions idk if you have this one because I been using this app for 10 months but can we add a loop like on you have a video and they restart it without you knowing and if you have it then please tell me how idk if you do so that’s just a suggestion ty for reading this review pls put my suggestion in the game ty so much making a app that beginners pros hackers can use ty From : Jupiter

i love it, has a few issues. i absolutely love capcut and would 100% recommend it to beginner editors. it’s free, simple and CAN make amazing edits! a few issues - 1) it’s VERY laggy when trying to watch your edit, you have to save it to your camera roll to view it properly. 2) (this is in my opinion the worst one) whenever i layer effects on top of each other (i normally add some sort of blur for the transitions, then add soft, noise 2, nostalgic light and edge glow) my video looks weirdly glitchy, like there’s weird lines over it. it’s really upsetting because i cant use the effects i want at all, even if i save it to my camera roll and add it to a new project, it still does it. the clips are always great quality so it’s not a problem with that. please fix this. some things i wish were in capcut- i wish we could see how much time we spent on an edit and i wish we could have more layers. it’s so hard to make candy style edits because you have to export it every four seconds. but overall, i love the app.

Pretty helpful but needs a little update on the size. This app is amazing. But the actual app size changed my phone. Storage on my phone was so bad I had to delete it and now my storage is way better. Although this app is absolutely amazing and helps me edit my other things, I do think the sizing is a little bit too much. I’m not a good expert at knowing how to change things, but if it could be changed I would like the app size to be a little different. This is pretty cool but I never knew how to use the green screen also. I never saw it anywhere but I’ve seen so many people use the green screen effect on cap cut. If that could be changed everything would be awesome because I’ve been looking for the green screen button for so long. I’ve been using this app for months now and I do think that I’m getting the hang of it. It is a little confusing which I wish that could change but I mean, it’s an editing app it takes practice. Anyways overall the only reason why I think it’s a three is because it is a little confusing to do and the size is really bad. But I do think this app is very helpful.

Amazing!. So if you’ve seen the ads for this app, you’re probably like “they’re just saying that, it’s not that easy” but no, it really is! CapCut is definitely the easiest editing software I’ve used and you probably don’t need a tutorial for how to use it because of how simple it is! In just a few minutes you’ll be making unbelievable edits you didn’t think you could make, it’s really just the best app for editing if you’re just starting out, looking for something simpler, or anything else! Of course it has its flaws, like when you’re selecting an animation it’ll lag a bit until you select the animation which is a little annoying because if you don’t like it you have to deselect the animation tool, but doesn’t really affect the quality or anything, and sometimes it’s hard to time things right when it tries to put it in place for you, but overall just an amazing app! I’ve made such amazing edits with this app, I can’t believe how well they turned out and how easy it was to make them.

Works very well, but there are one or two things. I love how easy it is to use. It’s good for editing a quick video, or a long AMV. I’ve used it for edits, AMV’s even a stop motion. There are just a couple of things keeping this app from perfection however. Like with most editing apps, there is a premium. Like other apps, you can see the cool stuff that you get with premium. You can apply it to your video to see how it works. But sometimes, you can forget that you applied it. When I try to save the video, it tells me that I’m using pro, and I have to sift through the entire thing to find out what effect I accidentally left on. I think that it would be better if it was not possible to leave the effect on after applying it. Maybe you shouldn’t be able to see apply it at all. There also seem to be more PRO effects than normal ones. As a teenager without a job, I do not want to have to pay money to make edits for fun, and I think that the majority of the effects and stuff should be free. That’s pretty much all, some of this might just be me, but that’s what I think about CapCut

CAPCUT IS THE BESTTT. So when I first got Capcut it was ok but then I found out that you can make typograghy edits! I love Capcut so much…there is just one problem…so like when I try to like change the..uh…like size of the vid and stuff like make it smaller or bigger like if I make it smaller then black would show. But when I do that this happends all the time so when I try like say I want to make the screen bigger then when I put my fingers on it, it just Completely made the screen really big and it wont stop, and if I make it to were the screen is more to the…lets say the left well the video just goes off the screen, and its so hard to fix it! It makes me rage so much! So I want to request that you fix this bug please. But then…there really is no other problem to me! Btw my channel its Claire’s Fun Family. And well Capcut creators… you might think that ae/ after affects is way better than this app but ITS NOT like ae im sorry screw you! Capcut is the best editing app! I ❤️ Capcut!!!

It’s okay. It’s an OK app and for video editing it’s pretty reliable but if you try and use their templates they tend to get corrupted and turn black and stop working also if you try and select photos after you select one it will take you back to the top and if you’ve selected a certain folder it’ll take you out of that folder but it doesn’t do that with videos. So adding videos to edit is really easy but if you want to add photos it’s going to take a lot of time or you need to go into your Photos app and favorite all of them first and then try and open them one by one from the favorite album but it still sends you to the top after each selection so it’s very tedious and time-consuming. I originally used InShot for all my video editing and then switched over to CapCut after learning about it on Tiktok but I think I’ll switch back to InShot now. Essentially they feel like they do the same things but InShot never fails me or glitches while CapCut glitches often. Also I’ve never had an issue saving a large file from InShot but I have had several issues saving large files from CapCut.

😁GREAT. OK so this app let me just start off number 1this app is amazing it is great for beginners and I think it’s amazing for beginners number 2 these are some questions about the app is it weird that every time I edit sometimes it glitches like if I put an affect on it and I play the video over it doesn’t show it but when I finish making the video and I save it it makes it shows the affects sometimes it’s really did not help me because I love to put effects on my art pieces and when I can’t see what it looks like it makes me feel confused because I don’t know what it’s gonna look like on the picture and you’re something else every single time I try saving it it says sorry it’s in able and then when I try to do it again it will just straight up let me do it and yeah that’s just some questions about it and I didn’t put it in my description because this app is amazing and you don’t really need to change anything those were just some glitches that happened to me and yeah keep up your hard work

The reason why it's a 3.. So, I love this app. It's awesome. I learned how to use it and I've had it for almost 2 years now. Then, I hit a speed bump. I got a new update and then I couldn't look at any of the templates or projects or anything I made anymore!! I was so sad! So, in much despair, I deleted it and then redownloaded it in hopes that it would start working again.. but it didn't work. I could only make projects. I couldn't look at other people's templates, I couldn't make templates. Like when I tried to, it would just bring me to a loading screen and not move from there. I sat there waiting for it for at least 10 minutes one time!! Again, I deleted it and redownloaded it. That time, I couldn't do ANYTHING except for make projects!! NOTHING was working!! I was so upset! I love/loved CapCut and now I can't even use it! I am still very upset about it. It even says that CapCut works on my phone (the one I'm making this review on)!! So, could I please get some help on this? I love CapCut and I don't wanna not have it forever.

Pretty simple, just a few problems. I’ve been using this app for a while now, and it’s pretty easy to manage! There are little captions under effects and show you what they do before you use them. It’s honestly pretty easy for new comers, and it really just depends on how you use the app to make your edits. But there are a few problems as well, I’ve seen people take others edits and people are pretty disappointed when they realize they can’t use the template. Second of all, most of the good texts and effects are in the premium pack. If you really want to make good edits, then I recommend getting it, because it really helps! One thing that I did want to note is that when you make an edit and post it, make sure to add your own watermark so if people steal it, then other people can call them out. In general, the app is great and simple which is perfect for people who just need or want something a bit easier to manage and have fun while doing something they enjoy!

Ideas. The app is good but I have some ideas…Basically inwards to know if u can add a glossy effect cause usually capcut users look at after effect users use glossy effects for their roblox edit so people tried make custom a glossy effect on capcut but it didn’t seem to be working so they had some complaints about it…Also here is another thing….the auto velocity thing doesn’t really work so I thought if you can adjust it a little bit? And, can also add those smooth transform transitions cause this person called “Kitty Afnan channel” has a edit and it had a man in the tile photo and the smooth transition she uses is with those ghost children that are in her edit and I was wondering if it was in capcut but it wasn’t so I thought you could add to your app, it would be really helpful. But your wondering “wait don’t we already have that” you do but the white flash, when it transforms, I don’t like it and I’m not say you should delete but add that other transformation transition I’m talking about :) *One more thing* can add some better effects or transitions like the ones said and one where the background has color noise and yeah. Thank you!

What it does and what I think about it. I absolutely love this app it is amazing. Not only is it free but it does everything you could possibly imagine. I started using this app when I was about 8 and now I’m 15 almost 16 and am still using this app today 😆. I did. have to learn some things and what they do before I uploaded videos to the internet but it took 5 and not even 5 minutes to figure out were things go and what things do. And I became a very good editor! Not only is this app free and you can upload videos from to U-Tube but, you can also just make videos for you to watch , your family, and friends. I love this. App because it’s also like Snapchat and it has filters and everything! You can also upload it to capcut and make your own templates to use for start! You can watch other people’s videos too! A lot of other apps for editing cost money but I don’t want to waste my money on a app. If your like me then get this app!😊

Its great, theres just a bunch of glitches right now. Ive been using capcut for most of my content on tiktok, its an amazing app to use, its free, convenient, has no ads, and its not so complicated to use. Theres only one big issue at the moment. I have no idea if people are going through this or its just me but ive been experiencing some glitches related to the app. When i try to zoom in, it’ll constantly reset from where I previously was, and when i try cropping it to another place on my video or photo it’ll do the exact same thing. Ive also tried putting video over another to add effects to my video, but the video seems invisible for some reason, and instead of playing the video without sound when scrolling through the bar, it’ll just cut into frames and make it impossible for me to time things correctly. Again, i have no idea if other users are facing this but please i beg you to fix this. Its starting to turn my 1-2 hours pf editing to 3-4, its driving me NUTS; but overall i really enjoy using this app!

Stunning! but…. When I first started video editing, this was the second app I stumbled across, and I haven’t switched since. I almost immediately understood the controls and began making edits. The effects are all amazing, (shakes, transitions, video effects, animations, etc.) but could be more advanced. While you can export a video after having used one animation then add another in a different project, that is extremely tedious. All I’m asking for is smoother, more professional looking animations (mainly shake animations that don’t look choppy 😭) Still, I have nothing against this app and highly recommend it. The only problem I’ve had is with the smooth slow motion effect making weird, green frames within the video clip your trying to apply the effect to. Otherwise, everything works amazingly. It always blows me away to see what people can create in this app, and what continues to be added. I won’t switch editing softwares for a LONG time. ❤️

This apps great! Just some things I want to discuss for the pictures there…. Honestly 5 ⭐️ for this app but high quality is definitely NOT one of them, not being rude or anything just wanted to say my opinions on the quality and other stuff, so whenever I use VERY high quality clips it makes it so glitchy. That might be because I haven’t updated my app or something but it’s still so annoying to try to fix, another thing is sm people say that this app is way lower than advanced but honestly that’s just lies, this app is so good to begin with editing and stories! Overlays and splices are just perfection 👌 with each other. Here’s some tips that I want to share with people! If you wanna use a shake but not the shakes from animations you go to “effects” press “slanted blur” and “shake” both of them all up to 💯and make them as small as you can, move them to the start of the video/clip and there you go! You have a nice “aggressive” shake. 😊 hope you guys find this easy to understand <3 have a nice day!

My favorite editing app. CapCut is seriously an incredible editing app that will take your videos to the next level. First off, CapCut offers a wide range of editing tools that are super easy to use. You can trim and cut your clips, add transitions, apply filters, and even add text and stickers to make your videos pop. It's all about unleashing your creativity! Secondly, CapCut has a user-friendly interface that makes editing a breeze. You can navigate through the app smoothly and find all the features you need without any hassle. It's designed to be intuitive and accessible for both beginners and experienced editors. Another awesome feature of CapCut is its music library. You can choose from a variety of tracks to add the perfect vibe to your videos. Whether you want something upbeat, chill, or dramatic, CapCut has got you covered. You can even adjust the timing of the music to sync it perfectly with your visuals. Last but not least, CapCut allows you to export your videos in high quality. You can share your masterpieces on social media platforms or save them to your device to enjoy later. It's all about showcasing your talent and sharing your creativity with the world! So, everyone , if you're looking for an amazing editing app, CapCut is definitely worth checking out. It's packed with features, user-friendly, and will help you create stunning videos that will impress everyone. Happy editing!

I love this. I love this app omg it’s so easy and I love how it’s free especially the smooth slow motion and a lot of easy ways to edit me not being a good editor this helps a lot and improves my editing and it’s easy although I wish there was the moving text a lot of edits have that I see for example that funimate though it’s not free so hopefully in the future they add it it would be amazing and help improve a lot of edits and make it even more simple for editors also wish they’re were better animation’s but they are still good just for me personally something more simple and already good because it would be easier and better also it would be better to have were you can add multiple animations at once would be cool and helpful to editors but I’m sure in the future there’s going to be multiple improvements and maybe even the stuff I recommended hopefully but even though there is some stuff I would like to be added this is still a amazing app and i love it and how it’s free

Wonderful app, just a few suggestions…. First of all the app is wonderful for editing stuff you can do so many things with it and you can upload it to TikTok so anything you create you can post on TickTock which I find amazing and helpful. But the first thing I would have to suggest is an eraser because every time I go on TickTock and like screenshot or something or some thing is in the way and then I can’t use it because there isn’t an eraser and then every time I go on different apps to see if they have an a racer they do but it’s only if you pay like $30 a month and I’m not gonna do that that’s way too expensive just for me to use an eraser. So please add an eraser and the second thing I want to add is please try to add some handmade videos like you could add like aesthetic clips or like some Gothic clips or like some stuff to make your stuff look a little bit better you don’t have to I know it takes a long time for you to read some suggestions and do it but for future notice please try to think about these suggestions

.. I’ve used capcut for over 2 years now and haven’t had any problems until now. I’ve been making edits and recently when i started to export them and watched them they were delayed. I tried to figure out what the problem was by trying to fix the frame rate and quality but that didn’t work. So for the past 2 months edits I’ve been making have been delayed and it makes me mad a little, to know that i worked for a couple hours on an edit that was going to be delayed and it’s been like that for quite a while. Overall the app is good and easy to use if you know how to fix the delaying problem can you get back to me asap? Thanks, this app great and awesome, Capcut has a lot of effects and transitions that are easy to use. I do recommend this app, though when you first use it it’s confusing but once you use it a lot you’ll get used to it. Other than the problem I have been experiencing, Capcut is the only editing software I have been using for the past 2 years.

Great app! Pls get so amazing. I love the app there is no problems it’s totally free and it helps you to be able to be more creative. You should really get this app because you can basically do anything make an animation like a small little animation, edit tick-tock’s Snapchat’s, or any sort of app video just go in your gallery pick out the video you want an edit on CapCut and add any sort of part that you want to add to the video or picture and it’s super fun I have my own account I don’t have that much views but you gotta give it time if you’re trying to get views and stuff but I really think it’s a great app and if I think it says 12 it up which it’s really not there’s not really bad things in it it’s just you may wanna be a little bit careful but I haven’t seen anything bad on CapCut like bad it’s perfectly safe to make videos and if you don’t want to share it, then just save it and then move on to whatever else you’re doing.

Really good app for beginners. Honestly, I love CapCut. It is so simple and easy to use. I don’t have to pay for anything. Although, I have seem some problems lately. First of all, we do not need this many fonts. Half the time some of them don’t even work. If you’re going to continue to add more, please add a “favorites” section for the text. It would be really useful because I only have two major fonts I use so scrolling through, trying to find them, gets annoying. Also, if I am working on a edit and I mute the sound for The whole thing, I USED to be able to change the volume on other clips. For some reason I can’t do that know? It’s really annoying having to go through ALL the clips and mute them just because I needed one to have sound. It would be really nice if you could stop adding so many texts and features to the app. It’s supposed to be simple and the more and more stuff you add, the more complicated it will become. I really do love this app, but it does need some changes.

Suggestions. Love app but I have a few suggestions first the slow speed try to make it look good it’s glitchy and overall I don’t like it second better quality to make edit look nice and clean like if it were a edit of a person make good quality so it doesn’t look like it is blurry 3rd of all the affects some things you can add is different blurry into focus and when it is blurry maybe make it look cool like add shapes 4th add a update where it flashes on the beat or color 5th suggestion the transitions make good looking ones that are smooth6th maybe there gonna be an option where you can select certain parts of the edit such as if you were doing a edit of a person you can select a place where are you either want to flash black or white or rainbow6th all the fonts on the app don’t look nice maybe have nice looking ones that will make edits look different fonts would be nice. Hope you take my suggestions into consideration love the app and hope to see more updates

Two Bugs. I’ve been using this editing app for a while and it’s the best for simple edits and minor complex edits. But recently, I’ve had a problem with the text, where if a word has an apostrophe, then it adds extra space between the letter and word. For example, if I were to type “Don’t” it would look like, “Don’ t”. Whether I type it or let auto correct type it out, it still ends up like that. Unsure if it’s just a problem to me or anyone else, but if you can fix this bug then it would be a lot better. I mean, it just seems weird when text doesn’t have an apostrophe, especially in words such as “You’ve, You’re, and They’re”. So if you can, please fix this bug. Also, in a recent edit I made it added [ and ] to my text. So it would look like, [“Oh yeah! I went there!”] *Not what I said in the edit but it is an example*. It happened once I re-entered my edit to continue editing. I deleted the [ ] but once I saved it, it still appeared. So I’m really unsure if it is just a bug or a problem with my phone. But if you guys can fix it, then it would be much help.

Everyone read this if your thinking of getting CapCut. First let me clear this up. I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying “CapCut supports the Ukrainian and Russian war because they took away CapCut in Ukrainian!!!!!” Well how do you know the owner supports it?!?! You have to consider stuff. Like how would they be able to use the app right now anyway they are in the middle of war! And also what if there’s a bug or something in Ukrainian and they can’t use the app. Second I’ve seen a lot of things saying “it’s not synced” or what so ever but this is not a put in a photo and be done with it app though it’s very easy to use. It’s a great app and one of the best and easiest editing apps I’ve seen. It’s free though there is a premium. But you can use it without the premium! I definitely recommend this app! If you just get it and need help, there’s loads of tutorials out there to help you! This is a great app! Thank you for reading this, I hope it helps! Have a great day/night! Bye!

Amazing! And a suggestion!. Capcut is absolutely amazing, whoever made this deserves a gold medal!! I especially appreciate how when Capcut added the Pro feature, they didn’t make effects, text animations, or anything like that that was already free a Pro feature. Instead they added new pro features instead of taking the old free features and stuffing them into the pro feature. I’ve seen so many editing apps make things that were already free cost money and it has never gone good for them, Capcut seems to actually care about it’s users. I also love how it’s so easy to navigate, nothing is put into unnecessary confusing sections, it’s all right there and it’s easy to get used to. I do have a suggestion though!! Me and My friend would LOVE to make a project together, and I’m sure many other people would too!! What if there was a way to share projects with others, like adding them based off of their email or capcut account, then both people could edit that specific project. So if one person makes a change to it, it shows up on the other person’s side and they can edit it together! So both could be on a project at the same time and collaborate. I think this would be so cool and I’d love if Capcut took it into consideration. Overall, Capcut is such a great editing app for both beginners and people who are more advanced, and I’d recommend it to anyone starting or to any advanced editors who want a simpler editing app.

This App Is Absolutely INCREDIBLE 🤯. I love this app so much it’s my most favorite app. I’ve had this app for about 6 or 7 months. It’s so cool and the thing that i love most is the templates. It’s cool how capcut allows you to use other ideas and watch how they work, like a demo!! This app is so amazing and probably the best out there. If you didn’t download this and your thinking about it, DOWNLOAD IT NOWW!! 😁🥳 the rating says it all, this app isn’t rated 4.8 stars for no reason people! It’s so cool how you can use filters, extract sounds, and add as many photos/videos you want to your edit!! You can even extract sounds if you them and they will just instantly pop up on your “extracts”. Crazy how it knows that, am I right? And it was the best move to add that just in case you wanna do a dance but need the sound, you can just extract! You👍👍👍There is absolutely NO 🚩Red-Flags🚩in this app at ALL. :) I super duper highly recommend. DOWNLOAD THIS AWESOME GAME!! 😱 | ⚠️DISCLAIMER:⚠️ I am not a bot, I am super serious !! 🤨

A really good editing app for starters!!. This is good. This is a really good edit game for starters. And it has alot of effects and sounds,styles,sound effects,TikTok music (bc this app was make by TikTok) etc. you can zoom in and draw characters,IT HAS EVERYTHING!! I would recommend this app for starter who don’t know how to edit,animate characters. I see a lot of people on TikTok use this edit app apparently and I decided to use this to. I didn’t know what to to so maybe I recommend you to add a tutorial when you open the app for the first time or smth idk…but other than that…it’s super easy to edit with and fun!! I gave this a five star bc it’s super easy to edit with and super fun and good for starters (as I already said) so it’s really good!! I would give this app some effect ideas…but it already has everything I want to edit with!!! Thank you TikTok for making this app!!! TYSM!!! <333 Edit: CapCut is also easier than kinmaster and alight motion so that’s what I likes abt it!! That’s all I wanted to say!! Byeee <333

TOO GOOD!. Hello, the app is amazing and it’s where I do most of my recording and edits. 2 things I want to change are the fact that on camera it can only got to 3 minutes. Maybe the next update you can make it go to 10 minutes. Also, for signing into the app, instead of just having Apple, TikTok and Facebook, do you think you can add Google as well? The only reason this app didn’t get the extra star is because when I record something on the camera, 99% of the time something will come up that says “video or photo removed from your device. Recover it in your album” even though I didn’t delete anything. CapCut has never had something happen like this before and it’s very irritating. I’ll work on videos the whole day just to realize this happens. I’m considering using a new app the record things stop and go. I hope you can get this fixed. Thanks for your time!! THIS APP IS AMAZING THEY LISTENED TO MY REVIEW AND NOW YOU CAN SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE!! TYSM!!!!

Perfect !❤️. Im giving this app a 5 star i didnt checked the app out at first i was just scamming though it , it have everything i was looking for in one . All the other apps had only one particular thing i was looking for and then i had to download more & more apps just to make make my videos complete and successful , but this app it have everything in one . I havent made a full video yet but for all the people that says the app cant go over 15mins , not calling you out or anything but if you think wisely and smart you would come up with a thing “make the video til were it stops , then create a whole nother video were you left off , then add them both together.” I havent tried this idea on my own yet but i have a little faith that its gonna work because they literally blessed me with this app and it dont have “capcut” on the side of it to let people know what you edit your videos with . I dont know about the other people having problems with it but me myself is A-ok! 🙃💕💕.

Great app! But a few things. .. So this is an amazing app! It has great transitions animations and filters, and i LOVE how there is no watermark! But some things are messing up. Once i was making an edit and when it has the finishing CapCut watermark clip, i added a heart where it says to add a text. Now, i started making an edit and the heart text wont go away. (The two edits are completely different.) Now when i try to play my edit, there is a <3 in the middle of my clips. I cant make it go away and i have no idea whats happening. I even tried to change the text but thats not working either, the heart is permanent. Thats the only downside about mine. But, you know after effects right? Well, I’m on a mobile device so i dont have after effects. But, when you add key frames on after effects, you can do a graph as-well the graphs make the key frame animations much much smoother. (I know this by watching ae/after effects edits). Is it possible if CapCut can do the graph aswell? Its ok if its not possible. Thank you!

Great app, but can you add more effects?. I love this app and I use it to edit all of the time. But I do with there were more effects. I also wish the “remove background” option was a bit better. The smooth slow motion is great, but I wish it would stay when I cut the video down. I also had a problem with storage. I have been making edits on this app for over a year and can’t get over the storage problem. I have deleted apps and important videos and pictures only for it to tell me that my storage is full. Also, I was wondering if you could fix the audio problem… Every time I export a video, the audio is a bit ahead of the actual video. Also, maybe you could add element 3d. Capcut keeps crashing when I’m exporting in 2k-4k quality. I absolutely hate Capcut pro though. It’s the most annoying part. you give us low quality effects only for the actually good ones to have to be paid for… please take pro down along with templates because it’s annoying as heck…

suggestions. CapCut is great, but there are some down hills on it, so CapCut i'd appreciate if you'd read this and take in some suggestions of what to add to your app. not only will these suggestions hopefully boost your ratings and downloads but could also help the improvement of editing and of course better quality! 1: smoother slow-mo. i will admit the slow-mo is pretty bad. its laggy and just not very good. 2: graphs, OMG i swear CapCut, graphs would be SOO helpful! not only for premade animations but for keyframes and overlays! it would help make animation smoother and fit with the kind of theme people are trying to do, and over all easier. 3: this one isnt very important, but being able to add overlays more than once at a time. if someone is planning on adding quite a few overlays to their videos its frustrating having to add them one at a time. 4: the abilty to add splice to text without having to make a video and overlay to your other one! anyways these were just suggestions, but i do know many people agree with me so CapCut, please add these things! minus that this app is really good!

CAP CUT IS AWESOME YALL. So, when I started cap cut, (like five days ago-ish) I started to learn about how it works and if some templates were just right for me to use, and as always I remember not to cuss, (cuz I’m a good person) so I didn’t cuss. Also, CAP CUT IS AMAZING and if you see mean comments like “your cringy” or “fr this girl/boy is just, no.”, IGNORE IT SO YOU DONT SPEND HALF YOUR LIFE ARGUING ON CAP CUT😅 also what if some people want to make an account but they’re Apple ID or what ever it’s called through devices isn't fit to making accounts? Bc I’m having that prob right now. Also if your a cap cut dev thanks for reading this! And also if your a girl no you like sonic the hedgehog, (basically me) then don’t tell anyone on cap cut abt that! If your friends are trustworthy, you can tell them to. Also i love that cap cut doesnt have annoying ads like other online and basic games. It makes me make cap cuts! I like the “touch me I scream” trend! I just love it but not more than sonic the hedgehog! To a cap cut dev From a hecking nine year old Be in ten in October the 8th 😅 Ok don’t make fun of me PLEASE

Love the game but can’t get in. I download this app with my friend told me that it was great editing out for my channel when I first download the app I loved it so much I started immediately working on the intro for my channel but I had started to have some problems and it was my bedtime so I went to bed in the next morning it wasn’t letting me go into it wasn’t letting me go into what I was editing so I deleted many of my apps so I could continue using this one app because it said not enough storage and I wasted so many apps for it to not even let me in so I think it’s like a bug or some thing I think you guys should make it so some people look at it can get in I don’t know if this is like for everyone it’s just me and I don’t know if it’s on my end or your end so if it’s on my end please let me know also when I deleted the app to see if I could re-open the app and I could use it again to continue to start over with the editing it wouldn’t let me download it I’m pretty sure that part is on my end but I just wanted to say it that game is really really good though it’s not a game it’s an editing app but I love it so much

Read if your thinking about getting this app:. Capcut is an amazing editing app. I use it to film my videos mainly but occasionally I will edit videos. They have had a lot of amazing updates in the past months. I only have one constructive criticism. When I film my videos on Capcut and then try and save the video or choose to edit it, I will find that my entire video is black and that is all I can see. For me this is frustrating for this is irreversible. And I work hard to create quality videos for my socials. And when this happens I have two choices: choose to try and recreate it or simply give up. Even though this is a pretty serious issue that I’ve had to deal with when using Capcut. I would still recommend this app. The quality of filming is impeccable. There are loads of tutorials to help you edit videos as well. You can also treat Capcut like your own social media too with the profile tool. You are now allowed to post edits on Capcut (with requirements that need to be met for the Capcut Creator Guidelines). And when creating videos you can save it without a watermark.

Super Awesome!. Ok, I gotta say even tho I’m 11 I have never found any other better editing app than CapCut. It’s so good in so many ways. Like you could go to any other editing app and it would have a watermark and it would make you pay for extra transitions, filters, etc, and you could just say it wasn’t even that good. CapCut however, haha I cant even explain how helpful it has been! I suppose one thing I could suggest is making more of like you know transitions like shaking ones and bouncing ones because personally I use this app to edit my roblox tiktoks. Otherwise it has so many different things to choose from like filters, texts, you can even crop the video size! How amazing now I don’t even need my other apps because I have an iPhone 6. It also allows you to save videos up to however long which is so useful because I used another app and you couldn’t even save it if it was over 15 or 30 seconds! Can you believe that?!? Anyways thank you so much CapCut this app is amazing!! <3

imo // in my opinion. D I S L I K E S In my opinion, I hated how it was so hard to make an advanced edit, such as transitioning, coloring and texts. The fact that I actually had to go to another app to get the texts i wanted sucked. I need the texts just to be detailed and so i dont have to get new ones. Another concern i have in this topic is when I make animations theres always a blue line which means I cannot freely animate or move anthing around. This infuriates me when trying to animate and move my characters around. especially when I am really dedicated to it. These are all the things i do not like at all. L I K E S I like how there are templates to use because some people cant edit. I like how the templates let you use your own photos and texts and videos too. i like how you can make it longer to see the effects you’ve set to 0.1. Its just so satisfying so you can see it better too. There are many choices for filters and effects. The overlays have many choices on how it wants to appear too .

Capcut has flaws. Capcut is overall a great app, but there are some things I wish were different. I wish Capcut had more magic filters. You see them everywhere yet Capcut doesn’t have them. It is quite aggravating. Also, sometimes I’ll make an edit and another day I’ll come back to look at it and see it is no longer there. In times like these I wonder if it glitched or if I deleted it by accident. I really believe there should be a recently deleted section for if you delete something by accident. I also do not appreciate how a lot of features cost money, For example, every single pride sticker is in the pro version. My friend was upset about this. She said the exact words, “ Why do I need to pay to be gay?!” I quite agree with her. Not to mention all of the animations. Half of the good ones are with the pro version! It tends to get on ones nerves. I really would greatly appreciate if you made less things pro and I’m sure a lot of other people would too. Whoever is reading this , thank you for your time.

Amazing. I love the app I am able to screen record songs or TikTok’s and add them to CapCut and are able to make my own videos. And I enjoy making video it makes me happy tho I do not really post. I enjoy to just do it or share with family or friends. tho as in suggestion to this app I ask that u put in more effects that so much do not include make up because my mom even tho she thinks the makeup is pretty she does not like that when I use it it’s the filter I like most so it would be nice if u could add a few more filters that not just adults but children can also enjoy besides the make up. Also can it also be a option that when u make a video and u put the filter on can u have the option in the editing stage to be able to take the filter off. Other than that I really enjoy the app. To the creators thank u so much to the wonderful app u created I am thankful I am able to use the app. And I love pretty much everything about it.

Great app. Capcut is a wonderful app that lets people express themselves with editing but there could be some more features that help advance peoples skills some people know how to do things like this manually and there are some effects that “help” or “encourage” the thought of that but I and probably some other people think that it’s not enough but still helpful, if you know what I mean? Of course I wouldn’t want to add too much to a point that everyone knows how to do everything the same but I think that there could be some more simple things to it like flash even if there is a filter you could make it go on beat instead of manually doing it. Speaking of beats I think that they help but it could be a stronger affect on the edit especially if it’s in slow motion beats don’t work on my device as I’ve seen others and I don’t know if that’s a problem for my phone or if I’m just doing it wrong but other than that this app is amazing and I’ve seen some incredible work from others and even myself at times

disappointing. please read.. This was the most amazing app, i used it for over three years and I have over 400+ edits. I love this all and nothing, i thought could change that. But recently when I try to make edits, I cut all the clips to the beat like usual and then I think it’s time to add effects, I click the effects button and it says “no internet connection” when I have a perfect internet connection. And I gave this some time and tired other buttons on the app, all of them wouldn’t work and said “no internet connection”. So I give the app some time and it still won’t work after almost a few weeks of this problem occurring. I recently was staying in another state and the same problem was occurring the entire trip. So I know it’s not my internet connection. I even tried deleting the app. Also an animation I was working on in the app ended up not letting me open it and got deleted. :/ Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?? Capcut is my favorite app and I’m very upset and disappointed.

Great with iMovie but some stuff could be different. OK, so first of all, it works beautifully! I dislike the fact that sometimes it kicks you out of the app but that might just be my phone. Also with all the people saying that you can't upload videos over fifteen minutes long, have you ever heard of "Video merging"??? Also I found that if there is something like a background or something like that you can use iMovie for an easier upload (Might just be me but it kept crashing). I also use iMovie for videos over fifteen minutes long so they can be, over fifteen minutes long (XD). But I do have a suggestion with the app creators: Could you please put in an option to start a template without having a video? It would be a lot easier to record straight from the app then having to do the process of recording, then uploading, then cropping everything and all that jazz. It's just so much easier to record straight from the app! But in total, if it wasn't for the recording thing I give it a solid 4/5 stars. (By the way if a developer reads this and puts in thanks so much!)

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 10.0.1
Play Store com.lemon.lvoverseas
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application CapCut - Video Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 14 April 2020, Tuesday and was developed by Bytedance Pte. Ltd [Developer ID: 1497663561]. This program file size is 404.13 MB. This app has been rated by 627,157 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. CapCut - Video Editor - Photo & Video app posted on 22 November 2023, Wednesday current version is 10.0.1 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.lemon.lvoverseas. Languages supported by the app:

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We've introduced and upgraded some features to help you make even more amazing videos 1. Performance and user experience optimizations

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