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LumaFusion is the most powerful multi-track video editor ever created for mobile devices. Used by mobile journalists, filmmakers and professional video producers to tell compelling video stories, LumaFusion gives you all of the power and flexibility to create your video story, and our tutorial videos make it easy to get going quickly and master its amazing tools.

• 3 video/audio tracks for photos, videos, titles and graphics
• 3 additional audio tracks for narration, music and sound effects
• Insert and overwrite editing and trimming with professional tools like anchored clips and slip-trim
• Dozens of transitions including dissolves, slides, pushes, wipes and specialty transitions

• Dozens of video effects including Chroma Key (green screen, blue screen or any color)
• Powerful color correction tools, including a 5 point level editor
• Select from included LUTs (color looks) like FiLMiC deLog or import your own .cube or .3dl files
• Layer effects, color and LUTs in any order to create an endless variety of effects
• Add unlimited keyframes to animate your effect or color at any frame

• Create slow motion/fast motion forward and reverse
• Fully supports 120 and 240fps slo-mo video files and time lapse video files

• Live Audio Track Mixer – listen to your mix while adjusting levels
• Fill-from-left and fill-from-right configurations for dual-mono audio captures
• Select from multiple audio tracks (perfect for iOS 11 screen recordings)
• Auto-ducking makes it easy to duck background music during dialog
• Keyframe audio levels and panning for perfect fades
• Audio Effects can be added to your clips

• Create multi-layer titles with text, shapes and images
• Adjust font, color, face, border and shadow
• Import custom fonts including multi-color fonts
• Save and share title presets or styles

• Create projects with wide variety of aspect ratios (landscape, portrait, square, film) and frame rates (18 to 60 fps)
• Duplicate, add notes, color-tag, search and sort your projects for easy organization

• Browse, preview and pre-trim media directly from Photos, GNARBOX, and WD Wireless Pro/SSD drives before adding to your project
• Storyblocks for LumaFusion - Download thousands of royalty-free videos, backgrounds, music, loops and sound fx (dozens of free clips are included - use of the full Storyblocks content library requires an in-app subscription purchase)
• Drag-and-drop media or easily import from cloud storage, SanDisk iXpand flash drives and SMB network drives
• View detailed information and metadata about your media
• Rename, add notes, and color-tag clips in the library
• Sort and search your library to quickly find what you need

• Easily share movies to social media sites, cloud storage, GNARBOX, WD Wireless Pro/SSD, SanDisk iXpand flash drives, and SMB network drives
• Export at a variety of resolutions and qualities up to 4K (on supported iPhones and iPads), and a wide range of frame rates
• Quickly share a snapshot photo of any frame in your project to the Photos app
• Archive projects with media for backup or to edit on another iPhone or iPad
• Include VR metadata for exporting 360° videos

• Check out the full reference guide at
• Find tutorials, answers to your questions, and contact us directly at

LumaFusion App Description & Overview

The applications LumaFusion was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-12-22 and was developed by Luma Touch LLC. The file size is 145.71 MB. The current version is 1.7.7 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

• Portrait videos were not previewing correctly in the source viewer
• H265 exports would fail at higher quality settings
• Frame rate and quality settings were not being saved for each destination

• The recommended quality setting on export (the one with a star) is now based on highest quality media in your project, as well as the export destination.
• Storyblocks now shows recommended content with a green badge (this content is the least likely to encounter a copyright claim).
• Improved layout on newer iPhones

In upcoming releases we will continue adding new features, and will continue to enhance every aspect of LumaFusion. Find tutorials, reference-guide, answers to your questions, and contact us directly at

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LumaFusion Reviews


Lag  huyeaven  4 star

At first this app had close to no lag and freezes but every 5 seconds my whole app freezes and it’s so annoying but it’s still a good app to edit definitley better than imovies


Best with one major problem  Rashid923  3 star

I really want to give this 5 star rating but here is my problem. I need a strong stabilization option and Luma doesn’t offer that. Emulsio is a stabilization app probably best in the market. Problem is, clip exported from Emulsio will be black in Luma. Luma needs to fix this issue. Emulsio exported clips works perfectly fine in iMovie so right now I’ve to import those clips to iMovie then export again and then open them in Luma. Its too much work. I end up doing half of my work in iMovie and then rest in Luma. Beside then that, Luma is a wonderful app. I use it on iPad Pro which is almost my primary computer. I used to use Final Cut Pro on my Mac Book Pro professionally but I’m no longer in that profession I want to edit personal videos on my iPad. Luma gives you many option that Final Cut Pro did and iMovie doesn’t even come close to it. Please fix the problem with Emulsio OR add a good stabilization feature in Luma which will be best. I will be happy to change my rating to 5 star cause it is indeed 5 star beside this problem.

Pretty lil brown

👍🏾  Pretty lil brown  4 star

Good app for iPad or iPhone. It’s really taking my editing to the next level.


Most customizable for iPhone  Jvallic1  5 star

I’ve used a lot of video editing apps and this one by far has the most editing potions for customizing your videos. I use an iPhone XS Plus and it works great!!


LumaFusion  SILVER BACK SELF  5 star

I don’t use my fcpx no more because of this app lol love it


Amazing  Checkers_the_chicken  5 star

I absolutely love LumaFusion. The things I’ve been able to make on it amaze me, as well as how fun editing with it can be. It is simple to use once you get the hang of it, and the fact that you can use it on an iPhone or iPad amazes me. The only thing I’d like to see in the future is the ability to add more than 3 layers on a video. Other than that I am extremely happy with this app👍🏼


App crash  gemmau_1  3 star

Every once in a while the app freezes when I’m trying to download the video is just edited. The only fix I’ve been able to find is deleting the whole app and redownloading. Kind of annoying to have to edit an entire video twice but this app is so great that it’s kinda worth it.

Promesse Prometheus

Great, but...  Promesse Prometheus  5 star

Everything was working perfectly 9/10 But today I was trying to export my latest project which is about 7:49 min. When doing so it would load all the way to 5:31 minutes then crash saying “unable to read your project”. How do I fix this?

Mendo Dave

The more I use this the more I like it!  Mendo Dave  5 star

Like the title says, I keep liking this more and more. Previously I had been using iMovie on a 2 core Mac Mini which worked fine until it was time to “compile” the movie. It takes about 40 minutes to “compile” a 7ish minute movie on that thing. The other drawback was that It wasn’t very mobile. With an iPad, Luma Fusion, and a little learning I can almost unbelievably do the same tasks that I could on the Mac just about anywhere. I feel that this is a much better setup overall and the app is only $20 which I don’t think is enough, but they have an in app purchase of $10 a month or (I think) $70 a year for royalty free music, backgrounds, stock footage and some other stuff that seems well worth the price, especially when you consider the convenience of it being right there in the app.


This is worth the price.  Trainlvr06  5 star

For a general YouTube channel, or just a film maker this app is amazing. There are no glitches and it makes your videos look great. Nothing bad about it!

Warren Cay

The best iphone app for editing  Warren Cay  5 star

If you edit on your phone and don’t have time to get to a computer look no further this is absolutely by far the best app I’ve seen and know about there have been one or two little glitches but they work through the problem and it is fantastic especially looking forward to version two about to be released worth every cent

Pete Johns

The best iOS video editor. Period.  Pete Johns  5 star

Tired of subscription models, hidden costs and in-app purchases for useful features? LumaFusion brings flexible video editing to the iPhone and iPad without the bloat and for a one time payment. Three tracks and of video and three tracks of audio, lots of editing options and super fast rendering. I now edit 100% of my content in LumaFusion and can’t imagine going back to any other mobile editor.


Brilliant on the New iPad Mini  Woody_net  5 star

I have always had a love-hate relationship with this App, Struggled to use it on the iPhone, (interface) loved it on the iPad pro 12” but lugging the bigger iPad meant I couldn't spend as much time as I would have liked, I recently moved to the new 2019 iPad Mini, this has been a complete game changer, this app in conjunction with the tag featuring in the files app and iOS drag and drop, the smaller and more powerful iPad Mini with Luma fusion creates the ultimate mobile video production system.

Axe mann

Great app, but it missing a few things.  Axe mann  3 star

I have had a fair bit of experience video editing. There is a lot to like about this app, it’s powerful, has some great features and gives you some good animation options too. As a user I have had extensive experience with Adobe premiere pro on PC. And I also use VideoLeap by Enlight on the IPad. Although I love this app there are some very important things that appear to be missing, I could be wrong about this but I thought it worth a mention. Probably the most important feature that is missing is the ability to overlay clips with see thru options such as hard light, soft light, colour burn, pin light and various other transparencies. Premiere has this, so does just about any other video editor on a PC, VideoLeap on the IPad also has it available extensively. This is a feature that I use a lot and many others do also. So at this point I find myself using video leap on the iPad for more creative stuff and LUMA for kind of basic layouts and so on. The other feature that seems limiting is you can only use three tracks of video, I would have thought that on the IPad you should be able to use at least 10 or more, especially the new Pro 2018 iPads. I heard you can stack layers, so there may be a workaround to accomplish this, but it seems that this whole arrangement could be much better. VideoLeap for example has unlimited layers in the IPad ...what is holding Luma back? everyone says it’s a Pro App, and that may be true for basic editing, it’s not true tho, if you want to get creative. Other than that it is a very solid app, with some great features.


To devs  osudgflejfggwlrifg  4 star

Hi Devs, would rate five stars but is missing a key feature. Either I can’t find it or could you please add a mask tool to luma fusion. I would really love a mask tool implemented. Thanks


Wow. So good  SuperDingo  5 star

Just edited a video for the first time using LumaFusion and what a breeze. I started out watching one of the tutorials but after 30 seconds just jumped in the deep end and started using the app and what a bunch of fun it was. This app is so easy to use and if you make a mistake, it’s so easy to correct it. I was using Go Pro Splice before and this just runs circles around it. So intuitive and so fun, it takes the tedious out of editing. I wish I had this app 6 months ago.

Daniel Fitzsimmons

WOW Just WOW!  Daniel Fitzsimmons  5 star

I honestly feel like I have Final Cut in my pocket! The more I use this app the more I love it. The only feature that I feel is missing is image stabilisation and noise removal. I wish I had LumaFusion on my Mac.


So much better than iMovie  HDGS47  5 star

My first Luma Fusion project on my (now pretty old) iPad Air 128GB has been a 47-minute video incorporating many video clips and still photos. With a newer model iPad I may have been able to create and save the complete video whole, but with my old iPad limitations I found I needed to create two segments, save them to the Camera Roll, then join them. Not a great problem, and it worked a treat. Fantastic control over multiple video and audio tracks. A great feature is the app’s ‘forgiveness’ if you make mistakes and need to ‘rewind’. Well worth its price. Strongly recommended.


GET RID OF STORYBLOCKS  Whiteman.e1795010912  2 star

So not only do you pay for this app, but they then get rid of all their copyright free music that came with the app and add this garbage storyblocks that will cost you $109 just to use music and other features. I really liked this app before story blocks was added!

Big jed69

Brilliant.  Big jed69  5 star

Like others have stated it feels like a desktop on your ipad. This app is very fast, and easy to use with great features. 2 things would be nice. 1-When importing clips from photos, keep the folder structure, because i have lots off albums, you have to scroll a lot to import stuff you want. 2-the projects could also benefit from a folder structure to keep things organised. Please don’t take this feedback as negative. Because the app is absolutely Awesome...... Fantastic work with this app.....

Wizenrique (youtuber )

3 capas son muy pocas  Wizenrique (youtuber )  4 star

Excelente aplicación pero 3 capas de video son muy pocas por lo menos necesitamos 5 mínimo para valer 20 dólares, pero la recomiendo espero que los desarrolladores vean esto y pues puedan poner 5 capas de videos y audio !

fgtmo 16263

Masking Tool  fgtmo 16263  5 star

I love this app! I use it to edit all of my videos. Although I think I would be nice to have a masking tool. Over all I think that this is the best editor on iOS.


More Information  osto611  4 star

Icon & buttons may have information


Fed up  Mjk3  1 star

All is well before I export then it shows up on YouTube with the Audio delayed every time. It took me several days to even get a video not to fail on export. And it is missing simple features. I hate this app to be honest. Just adds to me wanting to quit Youtube. Aggravation

Kake Lee

I love it..  Kake Lee  5 star



hands down best app for video editing  Sdmage  5 star

i use the app for advertising videos and it really is the best


Great and could be greater  luulerr  4 star

Great app for creating professional looking videos on the run with multilayers video and audio. Would be great to have options to choose dfferent options for animating text with a click of a button like imovie. Also including some animated elements/ shapes/ emojis would b a great plus! The usual Blend modes like oberlay screen multiply seem to be missing.


Easy as pie...not 3.14 ;-)  carltongamble  5 star

I give LumaTouch a solid 5 Star for what it is, and not what it could be. I discovered this app on accident after realizing my 13" 2011 MacBook had issues editing videos. I never thought I would be making YouTube videos so I didn’t get the bigger and better MacBook. Once I found out that my iPad not only processed videos seamlessly but I was even able to work and export in 4K using iMovie...and that was my biggest issue. iMovie lacked so many feature both on the MacBook and the iPad to the point it was almost useless. I search and found LumaTouch. I have to admit that I dove into the app and it was so intuitive to the point that I still haven’t figure out is it Lumatouch or Lumafusion lol. This app is perfect for on the fly video creation. I use this on my iPhone and my iPad. I’m able to make short and long video, crop, add text, add transitions, add sounds and a lot more and have video prepared in minutes. There are tools that I will never use in the near future but those tools are there in case I ever work with a team of never know ;-) This app is great for a beginner and could be use by a professional who needs to do some "gorilla tactics" and use strictly portable devices. I’m not willing to invest thousands into hardware and hundreds into software but the cost of Lumatouch/lumafusion was only about $20 I was so cheap I can’t remember the exact cost. I’ve made probably 100 videos with this software and I’ve only come across a a couple of limits...many layers. I wish I could add at least one more layer...oh having layers is what makes this app an amazing video editor over iMovie. Abandon iMovie try Lumatouch and you will learn to love video editing. The end


Well worth the $20 and more  Spaceshot76  5 star

Very impressed with LumaFusion. Wish I switched earlier, very smooth editing and playback. So many options, not a ton of transitions but apparently you can use LumaFusion to make your own as well. Great product, I was using cyber link on android for $4 a month. This is cheaper and better. My


Hands down the best.  h1906  5 star

The best app I have on my phone and IPad without any question, hesitation, or mental reservation!

Qwerty's Quartz

Not suitable for animation  Qwerty's Quartz  4 star

While it’s an incredibly powerful app that rivals Premiere Pro, it’s inability to go below 18fps is a real issue for editing animations produced at 6 and 12 Frames per second. Otherwise, if what you’re into is live action, it probably is the best thing for you


The Best IOS Video Editing App by far  Glenmulcahy  5 star

I teach mobile journalism to media professionals all over the world and when we want to push 4k editing on the iPhone to the limit, Luma Fusion is my App of choice. Built by a team who are ex-Avid the Luma Touch team are consummate professionals who intimately understand the professional and technical requirements of broadcasters and media pros.


Essentially Essential  DartagnanTheGascon  5 star

There’s a bit of a learning curve for the novice but IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Filter apps are fun but marrying this with Filmic Pro and spending a little time learning about what both offer will turn your iPhone into a fully fledged cinema production kit. It’s great to have this on the iPad taking footage from your phone over Airdrop and is even very useful on the iPhone. I haven’t found anything as powerful in the app store. Compared to desktop equivalents it is a bargain.


Very cryptic and clumsy UI  instinctive_mediaworks  2 star

This app may be technically great, but it is held back by its extremely unintuitive, clumsy user interface. Every time I try to use this app, I get so frustrated that I literally bang my fist on the iPad repeatedly. Every interaction with the UI is incredibly slow, strange and does exactly the opposite of what you would expect. I've worked extensively with NLEs on the desktop for years and designed various complex apps, some of them very successful on the App Store, but this makes me finally want to design my own touch video editor as well!

Gangie ray

Seriously good!  Gangie ray  5 star

Get this if your looking for something more capable than pinnacle pro for more professional video editing features. Miles ahead of anything else on the App Store.

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