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What is lumafusion app? Welcome to the App Store’s “App of the Year” for 2021 and the recipient of the Editors’ Choice Award, for video editors and storytellers. LumaFusion is the gold standard for storytellers around the world with a fluid, intuitive, elegant, award-winning touch-screen editing experience. A video editor inspired by, and specifically designed and engineered for touch.

Introducing LumaFusion Multicam Studio!
Multicam Editing reimagined for the touch experience.

Multicam Studio quickly syncs up to 6 media sources into a single track and makes the switching process almost too enjoyable. You focus on the story and Multicam will take care of the rest.

Multicam Studio is now available as an in-app, one-time purchase, integrating seamlessly with LumaFusion.

LumaFusion features:

• 6 video/audio or graphic tracks
• 6 additional audio tracks
• Professional editing with magnetic timeline, insert/overwrite, link/unlink clips + locking, hiding, and muting tracks
• Choose from dozens of transitions
• Preview on an External Monitor using AirPlay or HDMI
• Add markers and notes
• Cut, copy, paste clips in your timeline and between timelines

• Layered effects; green screen, luma and chroma keys, blurs, distort, styles and color
• Lock and Load Video Stabilizer
• Powerful color correction tools
• Color LUT presets like FiLMiC deLog or import your own .cube or .3dl
• Unlimited keyframes to animate effects
• Save and share effect presets
• Speed FX: Slow motion/fast motion forward and reverse
• Edit with time-lapse video or high framerate video

• Fine tune with Graphic EQ, NEW Parametric EQ, NEW voice isolation and more.
• Keyframe audio levels, panning and EQ for perfect mixes
• Fill-from-left / right for dual-mono audio captures
• Isolate tracks on multiple track files
• Duck music during dialog with Auto-ducking
• Add third-party audio plugins

• Create multilayer titles with shapes and images
• Adjust font, color, face, border and shadow
• Import custom fonts
• Save and share title presets

• Create endless projects with a variety of aspect ratios (including 16:9 landscape, 9:16 portrait, square, widescreen film, anamorphic and more)
• Create projects for editing iPhone and iPad screen recordings
• Work in frame rates from 18fps to 240fps
• Duplicate, add notes, and color-tag
• Archive projects for backup

• Use media directly from Photos, and USB-C drives
• Import media: cloud storage and SMB network drives
• Enjoy Storyblocks for LumaFusion, a collection of royalty free music, SFX, and clips (subscription available)
• View detailed metadata, rename, add notes, and color tag
• Sort and search to quickly find media

• Easily share movies and control the resolution, quality, and format
• Create still frame snapshots
• Send projects to edit on another device
• Full ProRes editing and export (on compatible devices)

• NEW: Get Multicam Studio for syncing and cutting multiple angles (one-time purchase)
• Subscribe to Storyblocks for LumaFusion to access the full library of music and clips
• Export to Final Cut Pro (FCPXML) for further editing on the desktop (one-time purchase)

• Access in-app help and online tutorials
• Explore our reference guide at
• Contact our friendly support editing experts at

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App Name LumaFusion
Category Photo & Video
Updated 30 June 2023, Friday
File Size 185.03 MB

LumaFusion Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great Editor, and Infuriating. I bought this app because of the incredible potential, and because for editing it’s amazing compared to other phone video editors. But it has some infuriating, and needlessly complicating things that make no sense. Why is it so incredibly difficult to delete files? It takes up half the space on my phone, and no matter what I delete, what projects I clear, even using the “clean up” tool, it keeps taking up the same dozens of gigs. I have to spend hours on forums (which I shouldn’t have to do for something that should be so simple), and everyone else seems to be as confused as me. People give suggestions that don’t work. There is no reason at all why this hasn’t been fixed, or why it is so complicated. For me, I’ve been using this app for a couple months now, pretty much every day, and still the only way to clear the space is to totally delete the app and re-download it. If they fixed this, it would be awesome!

The only useful video editing app I’m aware of. There are a lot of video editing apps on iOS, but this is the only one that actually allows me to produce a complex, polished product from start to finish on just my iPad Pro. In recent times it’s performance has really improved, and as I’ve grown along with the app I’ve learned ways to avoid technical problems that prevented me from exporting projects in the past. I think this app is more reliable than ever, and it was always reliable enough in the past. If you do professional video and have an iPad Pro then lumafusion is a must have app. Indeed, because of both Luma fusion and procreate, I consider the iPad Pro a must have tool for creators. These two programs in conjunction are simply immensely powerful. Also, Luma fusion technical support is outstanding....they aware of all potential issues and will help you work through them systematically.

Powerful video editor, just one suggestion. I’ve been using LumaFusion since December 2020. It was a little confusing at first, but months later I’ve already gotten used to the keyboard shortcuts, user interface, and the features it comes with. From adding multiple keys to exporting in high resolutions and adding multiple layers, It’s actually very excellent. But I have just one suggestion: can you add support for mouse, because me and probably some other people who own iPad Pro or iPad Air and Magic Keyboard/mouse/other branded keyboard with trackpad have gotten used to using a cursor on screen, so scan you add full support for trackpads and mouse. Overall, It’s a great app. P.S: Also there are a few bugs that have playback issuses. Can you fix that? Thanks! :)

Great Video Editing App! Just one thing missing.... First of all, if you’re someone new to video editing, I gotta say, this app is great and straight forward with many things to explore. For everyone like me, who comes from Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro this is the best I’ve seen out there similar to those two power houses. Sure, this can’t beat those two, but for the price you get a lot that you get from AE and PR. I make edits as a hobby using AE, of animes, etc. So the one thing I’m used to using and love to do is have key frame transitions. I know that we have them here, but the one thing lacking is graphs. I typically use the graphs to make the transition, for example zoom in, go fast at the point I’d like to zoom in rather than it be at the same speed zooming in the entire transitions, as it does not look fast and keep the beat of the song up. Over all though, great app if you’re not in my place and are just looking for a good overall video editor that does most of everything you want it to do without the through the roof prices of other software out there. Hope this helps anyone who’s looking into this! 👌🏻

Desktop level video editor. It’s insane how many features they packed into this, I previously thought was impossible to run on mobile because because there was nothing out like it until now. If you’re reading this and considering spending your money on it, I’d recommend you do! You can even download your own fonts into it which is a feature some paid computer software doesn’t even have! If you’re a developer reading this… I’d suggest adding auto tracking, the existing tracking was the reason I bought it… you add auto tracking and I am positive people like me looking for an app that not only tracks but does it for you would be quicker to buy your app.

Almost Perfect. If iMovie hadn’t been dumbed down for smartphones, I would never have had a reason to search for this app. It is expensive as far as apps, but as the best video editor, fully featured and fast, it’s worth it. I deleted iMovie and see no reason to ever go back. From multi-track, nonlinear editing of video layers and audio layers independently, to easy animation of every video parameter similar to Adobe Premiere, the fact this app does all that with my 4K 150mbps H265 video on my iPhone 7+ without blinking blows my mind. The interface could be more streamlined and intuitive. You will need to watch their tutorials. In doing so, though, the phenomenal power of this editor will be obvious. Compared to other creative video apps that only work with one layer and charge you ridiculous subscription prices, this app is far superior and far cheaper.

The best video editor, but. I’ve used a lot of apps throughout the years to edit my videos. I have been using LumaFusion for about 2 weeks and am blown away. The almost limitless features are taking my videos to another level. It is a very powerful app. I love everything about it. BUT... for whatever Reason, when I try to export my project to my camera roll, LumaFusion freezes. I can export it to my drop box with no problem. The hassle is then exporting it from Dropbox to my camera roll. It started happening after I started adding more effects to my videos. The first few test video had no issue going to my camera roll. The app is designed for iPhone. It shouldn’t have this issue. Even though this issue is annoying, I would still recommend this app to anyone who wants a top quality video editor.

Big upgrade from iMovie. Before purchasing this app, I was torn between buying this app or just using iMovie for free. Luckily, this app does far more, and would be a serious upgrade for any current iMovie users. The app is very intuitive- it took me about 20 minutes of button mashing before I felt like I had the basics down. The main screen where you drag in and arrange all of your audio and video files feels like a huge upgrade to its iMovie counterpart. There’s also a whole suite of visual effects with a decent amount of options and parameters, which I was also very pleased with. Two things I hope this app includes in future updates: 1) non-linear fades across transition effects, maybe even some sort of tool that allows you to shape the fades to your liking, 2) more audio controls (fades, basic EQ and Compression).

Add Color Curves and Masking. Color Grading: I the fact that this app is very versatile. However i feel like i spent $20 on an app that does that same stuff iMovie does. If i’m editing on a plane and i don’t have my Mac, it’s annoying not to be able to properly color grade things. It will either have too much contrast or there’s just no way to get a Horror movie Color grade without it being too dark. Masking Tools: It is so annoying when i cannot Mask out shapes of people. i can only crop the video and not cut around the actor frame by frame. If i could do this; i could film this such as wire removal. It would make my job a lot easier. I love this app, but it’s hard to edit complicated projects without getting frustrated. If i don’t have my computer, i cannot do anything else but leave it the way it is. Add 3D Layers: If you can somehow put in 3D layers, i love you. Having 3D layers and Masking would make it more like After Effects.

Audio syncing issues, WD Passport support is unusable. I've used LumaFusion for about 5 months as my editing app of choice and have generally been ok with the intricacies, but while editing my latest video I found the straw that broke this camel's back (pun on). While overall things work well enough to get a decent edit done, when I went back to start adding music I found that every time I hit play the music starts from a different point in the song. As such it's impossible to edit to the beat when the beat changes every time, and from what I'm reading I'm not the only one who is experiencing this issue. Another different, non-deal breaker, yet still super annoying issue is the WD Passport support, or should I say lack thereof. While they advertise that you can edit directly from the drive and it'll only download the necessary footage, in practice the connection is so slow that its completely unuable. Not sure if this is an issue with the drive or LumaFusion. As such I've resorted back to just copying footage from the drive to a PNY lightning/USB flash drive then copying from there to my iPad. It's time consuming but it works and once the footage is on the iPad I can edit like normal without waiting for it to buffer. In the end I'm giving up on trying to travel light and still get edits done on the road and will be packing my laptop from now on so I can use a real video editor and save my sanity at the expense of my back. Bon Voyage.

Audio Keeps Clipping. (I use the iPad Pro 2018 and both the iPad and the app's software are up to date) I've been having problems with the audio in my videos. I thought it was just this one song i was trying to use at first but after trying several different songs, sound effects and other types of audio files, I keep having the same problem. The audio sounds fine when I'm editing in the app but every time i save a video to my camera roll I notice clipping in the audio when i listen to it. I've tried downloading the video with the volume turned down lower on every audio file in the video, I've tried downloading the video in different Audio Quality's but nothing to works. The only way I've gotten the audio to sound good is if i save the video with no audio, go into iMovie and edit in the audio in, then save that video. This makes things very difficult and annoying for me considering that most videos i create are music videos and/or videos with lots of sound effects. So if someone's got some advice or knows how to help me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Just a DIY Musician trying to put picture to the music.. To preface this, I just want to say I am no pro video editor. My strength lies in music, and as someone just looking for some pro quality functionality that allows me to do more than iMovie without lopping a hand off at the wrist for a big budget video editing software, LumaFusion checks all the boxes for me. I can choose aspect ratios, rearrange clips and stack them, choose the duration of audio and video, photos, GIFs, what have you. Importing is immensely simple. Every file I have tried to import always has a “share to LumaFusion” button. Easy to understand, and let’s not mention the included tutorial videos and PDF which is masterfully explained. Perhaps my amateur nature at this field of media is what allows me to see no flaws in this software- I’ll leave that level of critique to the pros. But for this musician- 10/10. Bravo. Exactly what I was looking for.

Best Mobile Video Editor. LumaFusion goes beyond any other Mobile video app I have either used or heard of. I think what makes this app better than other mobile video editors, is its ability to give the user so much creativity with little restrictions. I love the key-framing ability and even though the masking is limited to a rectangle/square, the app still allows you to use your creativity and get around that limitation. Although I do suggest working on a masking tool to make LumaFusion even better. Lastly a camera movement tracker would be awesome, I think if the app had a masking tool, and a camera movement/object tracker, the app would be complete and dominate over all mobile video editors for A Long Long Time. As a programmer though I understand that creating such things takes time and is not easy, so for now, LumaFusion is and remains the best. —-“motion tracker would be great”.

Version 3 takes mobile editing into the stratosphere!. I’ve enjoyed using LumaFusion from the beginning. My wish list was pretty short, my appreciation pretty long. But the LumaFusion team has blown me out of the water with the v3 update. The addition of a stabilization tool and the significantly expanded audio controls make LumaFusion a complete mobile editor for my purposes and workflow. I no longer have any need to work outside LumaFusion. Coupled with the existing support for FiLMiC Pro flat and LOG color profiles and iOS support for directly importing FiLMiC Pro files into LumaFusion, the workflow is seamless. And fun! I’ve thought this before, but I can’t imagine mobile editing getting more robust. Like before, I’m probably wrong. Great job, LumaFusion team!

VERY Good Editor, but…. I’ve been using this app to edit my videos (and I’ve edited a lot) for a little over a year now, and I love it. Very easy to understand and it won’t take you long at all to learn all of its features. That being said, recently I’ve been running into an issue trying to render my videos. For some reason, every time I try to export my project it pulls up an error message, and I have to do the “alternate export” methods, and this has only been happening for these past few weeks for some reason. While it does seem to resolve the issue and I can export it, its been messing up the audio in my videos and makes it get REALLY loud and bassy at random times, and then will go back to normal, and it keeps happening over and over again throughout the video. Needs to be updated! I’ve done the methods where I’ve restarted my iPad and whatnot, but doesn’t help with this issue. I hope this will get fixed soon because I love using Luma Fusion! 🙏

So many bugs.. Why continue to add new features when old features are not fully developed. I continue to attempt to edit voice on here and constantly it will skip back to an edit once another one is made. So essentially every time I cut a clip it jumps back to the same place for absolutely no reason. If you want to use a plug-in then it automatically removes any panning you may have done and can entirely silence the audio. The GUI for an iPhone has made landscape mode almost unviewable if held in portrait mode. It defaults to an iPhone specific aspect ratio but I can’t make my own default so I have to switch it every single time. Transitions have never been updated since day one even when their whole selection of effects could be made into stock and standard transitions. The High Pass filter only reduces by about 50% of what it states when compared to PC based DAWs. I want to love this APP and keep using it but it is becoming very challenges to find reasons to use it first anymore.

simply spellbinding!. I am not one to write reviews, but having just spent the last two weeks editing a complex, multi-layer, ophthalmic surgery video with LumaFusion, I felt compelled to do so. This is the video editor that I have been lusting after and salivating about for years... and it will be the killer iPad app (for me, at least) that condemns my iMac (and FinalCutPro) to a remote, unused, dusty corner of my home office. As an intermediate/advanced amateur videographer, this astounding bit of software hits all the right notes... and then some. Of the many features that blow me away are its lightning-fast render speeds and disarming ease of key framing. How do they do it?!? At $20, LumaFusion is a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me bargain; hesitate not... just buy it! I would have happily spent five times as much had I known in advance what a (nearly) flawless dynamo this thing is. Why write a review? Maybe a small show of gratitude to the development team and (selfishly) my fervent desire that the app is a smash commercial success such that the developers remain incentivized to keep making it better. (Two wishes: 1/ the ability to warp/curve text; 2/ the ability to morph video/photos into different perspectives.) Bravo!!

Auv3 plug-ins repeatedly crashing and not coming back! Help!. Every time I use my noise-suppression plugin, Brusfri, and when I use my de-esser plugin, DeEsserFX, they crash, and do not fix themselves. I have tried force-quitting and restarting LumaFusion, powering off, waiting, and then restarting my iPad, and I have tried making duplicates of the project file. Nothing works, at-least not permanently. Anything that does appear to work only fixes the problem for a few seconds, then the plugins go back to being dead and non-functional. This is not the fault of the plugins because they work flawlessly in the DAW I use, Cubasis 3. Please fix this problem ASAP; my project depends on it, and is due in just 3 days. I would also love to have full-track audio editing, so that I did not have to have a separate instance of a plugin running for each video clip, especially in projects with a lot of micro-cuts, leading to many, many individual clips.

Excellent Program - Keep Going!. I have been doing videography and video editing for over 35 years and postproduction work is a significant part of any project. This app is truly awesome using with the new iPad Pro 2020. I use it exclusively for Livestream posts that need some tweaking and for non-intensive graphics projects However, I haven’t used it for that long but it does have some significant higher end capabilities. I hate giving away trade secrets on programs I use but this is a game changer for any producers using the latest iPad Pro 2020. There are still a lot of creative capabilities that I haven’t even had to use at this point. I have tried and used multiple other iOS video editing software. There are a couple that I use for certain capabilitiesAnd then I’ll import that segment into this app. So far, I have not found any other that will fill 80% of my needs like LumaFusion.

Great app but 1 thing I need. I love this App and use it all the time for editing simple videos I record with my iPhone 7 Red. It’s great for tweaking simple things like endings, or cutting parts out, etc. Also useful for more complicated videos when needed. I used pinnacle pro before and loved it and this app certainly improved upon it. The 4K support is awesome but if you have a long video can take time to load and everything will move much slower. A minor detail not applying to my needs very often. One of the stand outs among others is the incredible audio features. I won’t go into detail but it’s pretty extensive and feature full allowing you to adjust even the most minor audio details. In closing and to reference my title , a surprising feature that is lacking is a simple reverb preset. When looking at all of the audio presets offered, not having a reverb seems silly. People are more familiar with Reverb then most other audio terms and is the most useful and easily applied. Having more in depth presets like Bandpass Filter, N-Band EQ, etc is great but I mean come on dude where’s the Reverb. That is all.

Keeps pausing the video I’m working on. LumaFusion keeps updating the app and making it worse and worse. I paid $20 for the app, and it was amazing when I first got it. It was so easy to zoom in and out of videos. The timeline for the blue dots when I was to zoom in and out in certain sections of a clip. Now they have the whole image in the timeline instead of just the blue dots so it makes it a little difficult. Not as easy now. Please stop updating the app in these ways. It’s not needed. It was fine how it was. Also it keeps either keeps crashing or keeps pausing the video on me and once it pauses the video it takes a bit to get it to actually play my video so I can keep editing it. I can close out of it 3-4 times and it still won’t play. It’ll still stay paused. It takes time for it to play regularly again. Please fix your app. There’s not many mobile apps to choose from for video editing.

Export Issues. I’ve been using LumaFusion for about a year on both the IPad Pro 2nd Gen 512 GB & IPad Pro 3rd Gen 1TB. While the speed, portability and ease of use of the IPad Pro and LumaFusion combo makes for an attractive alternative to my laptop and Adobe software, there are real issues with the reliability of the export function. As long as I am exporting videos shorter than 5m things generally go smoothly whether it’s 1080 or 4K. BUT if I’m attempting something with a longer run time it’s a real crap shoot. I’ve consulted with LumaFusion support and followed their advice but to no avail. Generally once I encounter an export issue I’m forced to delete the project and/or app and start over......... Obviously this is a HUGE issue. If you are producing short clips I recommend LumaFusion for its speed and ease of use. If you intend to produce longer projects then you risk loosing your work.

This app is extremely powerful! One thing I would recommend…. This app is powerful, the amount of stuff you can do on it still surprises me, and I’ve had it for a little over 2 years. I find Luma easy to use and fun to work with, I’ve even done stuff on Luma that you wouldn’t even think of doing on just a video editing app. I have used it for editing photos, compressing videos for faster transferring speeds, I even pared it up with Procreate and made a cool little cartoon animation! It’s truly powerful. If I were to recommend something to the creators of Luma Fusion I would say if you guys can add more editing layers. 6 layers for video plus another 6 for audio is good enough for a high quality edit, but if you figured out a way to add double or even triple the amount for just the video side, you would by far would have the most powerful editing software for iOS and iPad OS. With that many editing layers you can make complex animations with great quality. I understand the limitations of older iPhones and iPads but if you made it a feature for the M1 and M2 lineup of iPads, you would be far ahead of any video editing software on the AppStore platform. Anyways thank you for making a really solid video editing software!

Great program. Offensive customer support.. I’m a full time videographer who mostly uses FCPX but purchased Lumafusion for simple edits on the go. I emailed customer support asking if FCPX project compatibility will be available in the near future. Their customer service responded quickly with a nice and professional email saying yes it will be a feature available soon but will be an additional $20 fee and will not be covered under the standard free updates. I was disappointed that they chose to make this a paywall locked feature instead of including it in their software update but they’re allowed to do that. I just responded explaining I purchased this software under the impression these features will be included so unfortunately I won’t be purchasing this $20 update for my own personal use. They told me $20 is fine if I have “quite a bit of money” invested into my video editing capability. So I guess this software is only for professionals with “quite a bit of money”..

Much more than iMovie. Easy to use and, only if you want, lots more. This video editor for iPad has all the complexity you might want. It also keeps the simple features simple. That’s the bottom line of this review—once I realized the basic features were easy to use, I abandoned the stock iMovie for iPad. This is a hobbyist’s review. I do no professional video work, but I spend much time on home videos. Apple’s iMovie app is wonderful for most home video editing projects, until more is needed. My first “need”, I thought at the time, was for more visual effects. Those were fun to play with in Luma Fusion, but my real need came later. My spouse and I both took iPhone videos of our child’s marching band. We had differing view points in the stadium—very nice inputs for a final product. Combining them, and keeping both video inputs precisely in sync with the band’s clear sound beats, can be challenging. I succeeded in iMovie, but inserting and removing material ruined the synchronization. The iMovie project was very painful to get right. Some time later, with similar inputs, I used Luma Fusion. It provides genuine multiple video tracks, tied reliably to the base video and soundtrack. All the editing/keeping-sync problems went away. That was my real need for a more sophisticated video editor. And yet, despite all the advanced features, the most common editing remains as easy as iMovie. That’s why I switched to Luma Fusion—easy to use and, only if you want, lots more.

Exceptional App, Functionality, Documentation & Support. This app does so much, and for a much lower price than one would expect (especially in comparison to other products). Great reference guide & videos for learning. You’ll definitely want to absorb some of that guidance before trying a project, or you won’t know what to do, looking at the screen. But once you read or watch the basic parts, it makes perfect sense. It also helps that within any of the screens, you can press on the settings and/or “?” icon, and it will label all the items/functions showing on the screen. Also, it’s easy to get to the Reference Guide via the Settings button. I’m so impressed by the support; really knowledgable and helpful people, often going above and beyond (and giving very comprehensive answers, and never making you feel dumb). I love that I can purchase this app for a one-time price, without a subscription, and with almost everything included. (There are some options for in-app purchases, but I think that’s just for 3rd party stuff.) I’ve only had this for a short time, and my experience with creating and editing films is limited, yet I was able to create, edit & export a project even before I thought I’d put in enough study to pull it off. (It was easy to refer to the Reference Guide as needed.) I highly recommend!!

Kind of, sort of, almost, but not quite..... This is an excellent video editing application. It is extremely easy to use. I had it figured with VERY little tutorial. Granted, I came into it as an immensely knowledgeable intermediate, but I believe that a novice could do close to expert work with this application. HOWEVER, what This program has in capability, it lacks in variety. It has tools that are very intuitive and easy to understand but limited in its selection. For example, it’s easy to find transitions, but there aren’t very many. It’s a good thing that there are other applications capable of creating LUT’s because there aren’t many. Now, there ARE a lot of fonts. But there are not a lot of effect selections. It’s like it’s kind of good, sort of good, almost good, but not quite good. My name is Rush Little III, and I approve this message.

Amazing and perfect for what I need!...Just one request. I can’t think of another app that would be this good for video editing! The effects, transitions, and customizable effects are just s amazing! When I first was into video editing, I used iMovie and KineMaster, but with LumaFusion, I can do so much more. What I love most about LumaFusion is the coloring effects with key frames. It adds so much life to the video and I could spend all day messing around with them! I do have a request for an update...a masking effect. LumaFusion already has a chroma key that one can alter for their needs, but it doesn’t have it where you can make the masking and green screens. Professional programs for computers have this available and adding it on to LumaFusion would make this app truly perfect! I think it would not only make me happy, but many others that might want this add-on as well. I ask that you simply consider my idea. Overall, I definitely believe that LumaFusion is the best video editing app! 100% worth the money and I’m always recommending it to friends and family. Many effects, hardly any bugs(well for me at least), I cant think of any other app that can do what LumaFusion can!

Pay once, use forever!. Luma Fusion is worth more than its price tag; it competes well against the likes of Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas with its simplicity and efficiency. However, it lacks some (most used/ popular) effects that you may find the former having plenty of (both visual and audio). That doesn’t mean that it isn't worth the trouble; the precision, the control, the friendly UI and the overall organized file distribution, you can’t go wrong there. It supports your everyday file formats and it can export your “movie” faster than Sony Vegas Pro, yet when it comes to editing, there are a few bugs (unfixed...?) and minor problems that may be annoying; - audio (only audio, not audio from video) can be off sync, when the file itself is 100% intact (this happens after scrolling forwards in the editing section) - preview may lag if you scroll through the editing fast and do a forceful stop to play a part of the video - it takes quite a bit to wait for the lag to go away - if the preview is played after these previous 2 events occur, the editing won’t scroll with the preview and when paused, will pause off sync to the preview (this is very complicated to explain...) - the audio waveforms (the white spikes that represent audio) aren’t precise; editing may be a bit difficult since it can be hard to do an exact cut + the audio being off sync Hope these issues get dealt with as soon as the devs read this. Thank you anyway!

App is not smooth. I'm on an iPad Pro 10.5 inch from 2017 Every other video editing app is flawless with no delay, but LumaFusion makes it nearly impossible to make a proper edit on time with the music. When you press play there's an almost second delay. And on top of that if you're trying to time it to the beats on the fly it is impossible bc when you press play sometimes the video plays but the audio is cut out for that same Almost a second. I thought it could be my iPad but I got the free VN video editor and it was BUTTERY smooth, so it's clearly something you guys are doing. Also I can't believe there's no automation?????? Second I opened up VN it has speed ramping and you can move text around the video perfectly. This app is just wayyyy to slow and I see now that only people who do simple videos can use this. I need intricate, I need simple yet complex. I want to find something good about this app but I regret buying it. I used to think iMovie was garbage, iMovie is miles better...

App for Getting Videos Done. Can you make the file manager a popup instead of a docked panel? This app is impressive. They have streamlined the workflow to the point where I prefer using this app over most desktop software. In fact, I use this to arrange music too (astonishingly it has AUv3 support!). These guys have continually poured work into this app. It’s also got one of the more sane file managers I’ve seen in an app. It’s got excellent export options. I’ve edited videos of I think an hour in length with it, no problem. The suite of effects is really impressive and you can do all kinds of compositing with it too, such as chroma key/green screen and blending modes. It supports transparency in video and has full titling capabilities. The only thing it doesn’t have is ease functions (ease in, ease out type motion smoothing) which I sort of found surprising given how much they have added. It would just make it perfect. Thanks for the work that goes into this.

Impressive. This app is incredibly impressive. Very powerful so far, and has a lot of amazing features that just cannot be found on most iOS apps. It has the closest feel to editing videos on a proper computer which is amazing. Unfortunately, I did not realize that this app did not have support for importing Live Photo’s from the camera roll which is a very big issue as I rely heavily on Live Photo’s for video clips when editing travel videos. Usually on my desktop when I import the live photos a .mov of the file is present with the .jpeg. There are some apps out there (like Quik) that allow importing photos as Live Photo’s but those apps are very very limiting in what they can actually do and do not come remotely close to the power of Luma Fusion. If we can see an update roll out that can add Live Photo support then this would be a 5 star app and possibly the greatest iOS app on the market currently.

Good APP w/ BAD updates. This Video editing "app" has been my main editor for 3 years now, before Luma Fusion I even used their previous software Pinnacle Studio. Now I really do enjoy this software bringing computer grade editing onto the iphone basically. Making it an all in one, but I do expect a $30 app to be high quality given the average ios App is .99¢ or free. My main gripe is there aren't many bug fixes, only major updates, and by major updates I mean updates that add major bugs with some minor new features, and also remove other features I've grown accustom to. The latest one being tapping on a file in the timeline selects it tapping on it again goes to the beginning. This was completely removed which makes me have to relearn a portion of the software. Also the bugs make somethings impossible without learning work arounds for them. Sometimes I feel the developers don't actually have testers to give feedback.

Used to be Great, until Version 3 Came Out. I used to love Lumafusion. It was powerful enough that I could make really pro-level videos (sometimes up to 40 minutes long) without any problem. Then version 3 came out last year, and the app has been a buggy, unstable mess ever since then. It can barely handle small videos with constant lagging inputs, visual bugs, and occasional crashes. It’s an awful experience, and considering it worked great prior to this I don’t fully understand what this update was supposed to achieve or why the app is still, one year later, barely functional. The last straw for me came minutes ago, when I tried to load up a video I’d been working on for a couple of months and the app bricked my iPad. Like, completely killed it. I can’t even shut my iPad down to reset it. It’s stuck on the Lumafusion load screen, completely unresponsive. Considering my iPad worked completely fine ten minutes ago, I’m assuming it’s this godforsaken app. I would give this review for the iPad version of the app, but I can’t because this app is crashing so badly that I literally can’t use it.

Switched over from Final Cut Pro. Most of my work is doing rough cut editing from short films to fashion events. I have managed to do everything I can do in Final Cut with Lumafusion having only one exception, the ability to have overlays or screening clips with clips on one another. Specifically for transitions. But other than that it’s perfection. I can run it directly from my iPhone and mirror it to my appleTV and work remotely from anywhere around the world from my phone. All of my files can be easily viewed and imported from Google drive. When I’m finished with the edit I can archive it with the entire clips or just the edits directly back into google drive. Using this app/program has entirely changed my workflow and has made working feel more like a video game over actual work effectively changing how I see my art. I am ready to work anywhere from my phone without having to lug around a laptop or tablet everywhere.

Great program with just a small little hiccup.. Coming from OS and Final Cut I was skeptical a program for the iPad could compete. So far I was wrong... now please don’t think this program is better, but it sure stands up well to Final Cut meaning I don’t have to carry my MBP around. I do wish there were options for more video and audio tracks (3 of each are a little limited) and I did have issues with all my SFX outputting properly. I have sent a question to their website contact so maybe we’ll get an update soon as to what the problem may be. My work around to the issue was to create a new project, load the first complete video and add the 3 missing SFX back into the project while adding my final LUTZ... it worked... but still lots to learn and looking forward to it.

I can’t wait until they work out the export bug.. I created a four minute explainer video with multiple clips in three video tracks. The clips included video from my DSLR, some still pictures with key frame panning, some screen capture recording, and a transparent png overlay with our clinic logo. I also did some color correction to make my white shirt a true white while I was also able to maintain a pleasing warm skin tone. This would not have been possible with iMovie. The problem I had was when I tried to export the rendered video. The render would crash 33% of the way through until I had to delete clips and replace them with multiple renders in a time-wasting process of trial and error. It ultimately came down to one of my screen grab videos that I applied a speed change to, to slow it down. I unapplied the speed change, and it still crashed. I deleted the short clip, and it finally worked. Ultimately I’m upset that I had to spend so much time troubleshooting the bug, and I had to compromise my creative vision with the end product by deleting the clip. I’m not completely upset. I come from an era of using Sony Vegas, where you had a lot of flexibility, but it crashed all the time. I have more faith in the Luma developers to get things fixed.

Always improving, great editing app.. I bought LumaFusion a year ago.. I used it on my basic iPad. I loved the software, but the lightning port was making the transfer of video files really impractical. I got the latest iPad mini with usb c port. Now LumaFusion works as it should. If you are familiar with Final Cut Pro, this works in a similar way. Actually I like better how LumaFusion can paste adjustments on multiple clips at once, replacing the prior corrections, unlike FCPX. I can send edits to Final Cut, as an xml file, with the media (it is a paid additional feature). So far so good. The iPad mini is very portable and fast. The screen is a bit small, I wish the fonts in LumaFusion were a bit larger. Now I can edit also with media stored directly on an external SSD. I wish LumaFusion had better file management, like revealing in which folders a clip on the timeline resides. There are sometimes some issues with compatibility of an exported video to a folder when uploaded on instagram. But if I export to Apple Photos app, and then to instagram, it works fine. Apple Files app does not show the file extension, so it may be a bit of a hassle to tell the video from the photo files when selecting what to import. In any case, great software.

Amazing app great results two small gripes. I have been using this app for a few years mainly to edit social media stuff but I have edited short films in the past. It’s app absolutely amazing. It allows me to do high-quality edits on the go and basically anywhere. The ability to edit from a drive only intensifies how great this app is. Right now we are limited to six video tracks and six audio tracks. This is where the two things I would change comes into play. I do not mind being limited to six video tracks. However, I would love to have the ability to compound clips onto one video tracks. Secondly, and more important in my opinion, I would ask if we can have more audio tracks. Other than that, it’s one of the most amazing apps and impressive apps I have used. And with the M2 chip there should be more options to upgrade this app. Luma fusion now has competition now that Davinci resolve is on the iPad. I’m not sure what Davinci resolve offers as I have not installed it yet, but it will be competition to say the least.

So-So. This app is great however I have noticed some strange glitches. Like when I edit a clip on the timeline it shows part of the clip still there, even though its not. And all of my video in the preview window is either upside down or sideways and cropped weird but is normal when I bring it down to the timeline... which makes it hard to edit. I also feel like the controls are not very intuitive (can’t copy and paste clips to duplicate or command+c anything really). It took me a while to figure out how to copy attributes between clips (have to hit the clip button at the bottom which was a bit confusing) And hitting delete when a clip is selected on the timeline doesn’t do anything.... you have to touch the trash can. Although I like that I can still use I, O and W. But as far as editing on the iPad goes, its pretty robust. Way more features than iMovie or any other editing app I’ve tried. It’s a pretty decent way to edit on the iPad. Hoping for an update to fix the glitches though!

Finally, a pro video editor for the iPad!. I was a Pinnacle Pro user who was always disappointed by it’s limitations. I’m happy to say that LumaFusion makes up for every Pinnacle Pro deficiency. The ability to have 3 video and audio tracks is HUGE and the level of control you can natively exert to both he video and audio is impressive. The key-framing capabilities are particularly useful and something lacking in most iOS video editing programs. The StoryBlocks integration is another killer feature. The free offerings are more than enough for most, but I’m a subscriber and their prices are low, so this is icing on the cake. I’ve completed a personal and professional project so far on my 12.9” iPad Pro (original) and haven’t experienced any slow-down whatsoever. I’m a pretty demanding user, being accustomed to Premiere Pro and Avid, but this is a legit professional mobile video editing suite. Well done, Luma Touch.

Top Drawer App. I always wanted Final Cut Pro. But never got it for my MacBooks. In 2019 I bought my first Iphone. Looking for the best video editing app, LumaFusion keep showing up. After doing much research on it, I finally put it on my Iphone. Knowing nothing about editing and after watching many how to do videos. In one week I was making videos that were very impressive. Green Screen was a must to have. The ease of using it is also Top Drawer. The only negative thing I can say about LumaFusion is ME. In a very short time you will be making superior quality videos expressing your imagination. And you can do that by using just a few of its many features. Don’t stop there like I did. Keep exploring its many features that will turn any of your photography into blockbuster movies if you want that. The only limit to LumaFusion, in my opinion, is you the user. Again. Knowing nothing about editing when I installed LumaFusion on my phone. I now say I am ready for the the big time. But am content with what I use it for now Ron in Los Angeles

Responsive company, powerful program. Luma-Fusion is great and continues to grow in its capabilities. I appreciate that the company listens to it’s users. I have given, and received feedback regarding the capabilities and limitations of the app. I edit on a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 and on an iPhone 6s Max for professional (Paid) and hobby (family/friends) video. Power in my pocket, power on my desktop, I am very happy with the app. There are many things I would like to see added to bring up to speed with Adobe Premier Pro on a full on desktop, or with Good old AVID, but considering the platform, and the price, this is remarkable for an editor. Update: I have been editing more complicated work for more demanding clients and for my own enjoyment lately. Yes, LumaFusion is fun to use! The tutorials are fantastic and have gotten me out of some jams. I continue to be impressed with LumaFusion’s response to my technical questions when all else fails me. It has happened more than once.

Glitch Ruined Hours of Work. This is a well designed app, and may deserve 5 stars in the future. However I have been experiencing multiple media issues and errors. For example it may say “missing media, reimport the file”. The file is indeed there, playable, workable, but upon exporting an error is experienced. Optimize and consolidate does not always fix it. I can not simply re-edit this one media file, as I have spent hours on it. For the media to work in the project and then suddenly not upon export is infuriating. Is it corrupt or not? If so, perhaps let me know before I spend 6 hours working with a playable media file that is not “missing”, and very much so exists on the app. And I’m not about to upload 8 gigs to my photos every 10 minutes just to see if something magically became corrupted. I’ve dealt with it multiple times beforehand, but I just lost too much work to be content with this app currently. Update: even after deleting the media file and reimporting it upon export I got the same error. Please let me know how to fix so I can continue to use this app. Until then I’ll use something else that works. Update: why can’t I delete a folder??? I have too many files to delete individually and optimizing reimported them all. Please help.

The more I use this the more I like it!. Like the title says, I keep liking this more and more. Previously I had been using iMovie on a 2 core Mac Mini which worked fine until it was time to “compile” the movie. It takes about 40 minutes to “compile” a 7ish minute movie on that thing. The other drawback was that It wasn’t very mobile. With an iPad, Luma Fusion, and a little learning I can almost unbelievably do the same tasks that I could on the Mac just about anywhere. I feel that this is a much better setup overall and the app is only $20 which I don’t think is enough, but they have an in app purchase of $10 a month or (I think) $70 a year for royalty free music, backgrounds, stock footage and some other stuff that seems well worth the price, especially when you consider the convenience of it being right there in the app.

Editing Needs improvement. You can’t select multiple clips in the timeline. For example, to move them. how horrible this is, you have no idea, but trust me, this is lame. You can’t scrub to adjust what portion a clip is showing (ie keeping the in and out points fixed). You can’t have a clip adjust speed to fit the space you’re trimming to (in audio editing apps it’s typical to be able to put a clip in time stretch mode, so the audio fills or shrinks to fit the spot, it makes sense to do this with video too) Search is horrendous, it can’t even search the current folder of a usb stick, so you’ll be using the Apple Files app a ton. Lumafusion should offer a mixdown workflow, so you could work nondestructively, but with effectively more tracks, an infinite number, obviously. Basically, have those excess tracks be other projects, and if you need to edit them, have the project load for work, then return you when done. You can do this manually, but it should be part of the interface. Like say you want 9 clips on screen at once, easy enough, you have a project for 4 of them, export it, import it into the main project, add it to 5, so it takes up your 6, but one of them is really 4. But it should be integrated into the interface.

Luma Fusion. Great program. Very capable. My primary use is to be able to do that first cut while I'm still in the field and the project is fresh in my mind. The program allows me to rough out a draft before moving it to my main computer and software for finishing. With this product I have a high quality production and post-production studio in a bag. I would recommend a couple of changes for the export. For the dialogue box that indicates the project is being written, I would have the name of the project there instead of just the files being processed. And I would also move up the step as to where the project is being saved so as to ensure it is going to the desired location before clicking the icon that starts the packaging process. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with the program.

Solid editing app. I’ve been using this video editing app for about a year now and have been very happy with it! I purchased and use at least three other apps before using this one and definitely think it was worth the money. There were a couple of times where I had some issues with the app but it was with some complicated files and I contacted the developer and they help walk me through the issues. I really hope that they add a couple of features in the future additions. The two I would like to see first would be a stabilization effect and a chromakey effect. It does take a little while to learn how to use this app so don’t think you can buy it and then just magically be able to edit videos. Take the time to learn how to use it and the workflow and that time spent will be well invested. There are a few instances while using the app that you might feel like you’re stuck on a screen. You just don’t know where to click to get back to where you were. In those situations it seems like you need to just click on whatever text is on the screen and then you’ll maybe end up where you want to be. I’d like to finish this review was saying that that iMovie mobile is the worst video app I used of all the ones I tried. Also, I’d recommend getting a phone gimbal and a wide angle lens for shooting your videos on your phone. I hope this helps. Aloha!

Lost files. On an iPhone, I took 6 videos. I brought all of them into my first LumaFusion project. I started the project and moved two of them to the video timeline. The iPhone was too small a platform to work on. Then I downloaded the app to my iPad with older iOS. My iOS was outdated. So then I bought a new iPad, with iOS 11.2.6 and downloaded my data from the cloud. When I downloaded the app to the new iPad, the 2 videos that I had added to the original video timeline when the project was on my iPhone were still in my photo/video folder, but the other videos were no where to be found! They were not on my iPhone nor in the cloud. Believe me, I checked multiple times! I lost hours of video time. I read after that there is the ability to delete material on your account from LumaFusion, but I don’t know how I did. If they were deleted via the app there should be a huge warning explaining what’s happening. I don’t remember doing anything that would have deleted any videos. I hardly did anything, given I could hardly work the app on the iPhone’s small screen. Anyone else seen this behavior? I like the functionality, but at this point, I’ll only use it after I back up my data separately before dragging any files into LF.

THESE DEVELOPERS ARE GODS!. Short and sweet: this is the best video editing app out there, end of story. Basically mini Final Cut Pro but on the go. I never knew my iPhone 7 had so much processing power!!! Best $20 ever spent! Cheers to developers like this who are in tune with their base and work relentlessly to keep improving an already amazing app! UPDATE: Still the best app I have ever owned and the only one I have written a review for. I have it now on my iPad Pro and boy oh boy does it FLY through 160mbps footage! More than half of my projects are on Luma now instead of FCPX. I have recommended this app to dozens of friends who all love it. IT JUST WORKS. I would love to meet the developers because they just NAILED it!! I would pay easily $100 for this app. UPDATE 2: version 2.3 just dropped and oh my is LF better than ever now, I feel wrong having only paid $20 for it 2 years ago because it adds so much value to my workflow. Get this app.

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Wow. So good. Just edited a video for the first time using LumaFusion and what a breeze. I started out watching one of the tutorials but after 30 seconds just jumped in the deep end and started using the app and what a bunch of fun it was. This app is so easy to use and if you make a mistake, it’s so easy to correct it. I was using Go Pro Splice before and this just runs circles around it. So intuitive and so fun, it takes the tedious out of editing. I wish I had this app 6 months ago.

Finally and real pro video editing app for iPad!. I love this software! Finally a pro video editing app on the iPad, runs so stable and no rendering! It would be great to see more fxs in future updates 3d fxs (not more LUTS and filters) but actual 3d fxs similar to Boris Continuum and Red Giant Universe, and also it would be great to be able to move drag/move key frames, and also more video and audio tracks. Keep up the great work!

Bryan Hal. I’m only a casual user, but I love it. I’ve been using it pretty much since it first came out and it just keeps getting better. Excellent value, essential for video editing on you iPad, it’s the best.

AMAZING!. It doesn't have all of the features of an app like FCP, but it has all the features you need to get the job done! and the timeline is simply amazing, the power of track based editing, with the speed of the magnetic timeline, you guys got really creative with this one, as you can still perfrom traditional editing techniques, but you don't have sync problems all the time and gaps that somehow appeared from nowhere! Well worth the price and then some

Fantastic app. I’ve used editing software for a while worth hundreds of dollars and while they have their role, much of what I do now is for online viewing and this app is so good for the money. It’s lightning fast on my new iPhoneX and even my old iPad Air is running it ok. Renders quick and so stuttering while editing like my my new $3000 windows laptop does! Great work. Some improved colour correction re histogram and scope would be good!

Powerful and intuitive. There are some good, simple video editing apps for iOS but this is the one too choose if you are looking for something more advanced. Despite the number of features available, it’s still very easy to use.

So much better than iMovie. My first Luma Fusion project on my (now pretty old) iPad Air 128GB has been a 47-minute video incorporating many video clips and still photos. With a newer model iPad I may have been able to create and save the complete video whole, but with my old iPad limitations I found I needed to create two segments, save them to the Camera Roll, then join them. Not a great problem, and it worked a treat. Fantastic control over multiple video and audio tracks. A great feature is the app’s ‘forgiveness’ if you make mistakes and need to ‘rewind’. Well worth its price. Strongly recommended.

Ok but Unintuitive and Clunky. LumaFusion is one of the better video editing Apps but has some unintuitive and clunky ways of doing things which is really annoying and frankly, unacceptable. Can’t even select multiple clips and shorten them to the same frame length, that is just plain stupid.

What to do if prompted for Apple ID on M1. Always been a Great app on iPad but noticed it may put up a LumaFusion branded dialog on an M1 Mac that prompts for your Apple ID and password to log into Apple Media Services. If it does this, go to App Store, log out your ID and then log in again. Thanks for the prompt developer response on this issue.

Powerful video creation. Just wanted to add my positive comment to the many previous. If there is a video creation tool and editor better for the iPad, I don’t know what it is. Many thanks for making this app available for such a reasonable price.

Change preset duration of all still frames?. Just bought v. 3.1. You preset all imported still photos to 2 sec. duration. But I want to make video using still photos, each of duration 0.1 sec. Is there a way to change the preset so that all imported photos are automatically set to the shorter duration? (iMovie allows this.) I can see that I can manually change each photo manually one at a time but this is very slow.

Incredible speed on iPad Pro. A very capable, feature rich editor for a mobile app. Probably the most notable benefit is the speed. Easily glide through 4K footage and edit with ease without the irritating fans spinning up on your MBP. A beautiful, silent workflow. For a larger view, connect via USB C to your 4K monitor with no loss of performance. There are some times when I miss the features offered by my editor on the MBP, but when you consider the price, performance and portability of LumaFusion on the iPad Pro, it really is a very compelling solution. Looking forward to continued development of this app. Recommended.

Loving it but tutorials really lacking big time. Love what I can do now on my iPad, very much appreciate what you have given us, am sure that I will master this app eventually, thanks for the prompt reply, I am looking forward to creating lots of good professional looking videos from now on :)

Absolutely Amazing. This is absolutely amazing. The insanity on the pricing and what it provides. It costs what I pay a month for Premie on a PC and does everything that I use on Premier. The new multi cam is much faster a much easier to use than Premier with great grading similar to Red Giant but part of the package. For speed and portability, this app is on a level of its own. Cheers

Best keeps getting better!. LumaFusion is a marvel. The only truly professional editing app that a child can use (I teach it to adults and children) and continues to be updated. They latest joy in opening it is XML export. It automatically opens and sets up media and timeline in FCPX. Of course some say “but why would you bother?” Only answer is if you want to access extra effects and do a serious color grade with scopes. Here’s hoping scopes will come the the app. Best purchase you will ever make!

Beginner friendly and powerful. I’ve had some holiday footage gathering dust for years and decided it was finally time to stitch it all together. I’ve used iMovie a little in the past, but it doesn’t support external storage on an iPad. Some googling led me to LumaFusion. I was a little put off by the price but jumped in to give it a go. What a great piece of software. I followed the tutorial videos on Lumas website which gave me all the information I needed to get started. Within no time I was pumping out my first video. There are tons of additional features I look forward to learning and using for future videos. Performance is amazing on my iPad Mini 6 with external Samsung T5 SSD. The UI is buttery smooth and video exporting is rapid. Worth the price.

iPad video editing at its best. Best professional video editing app for iPad, and I have been through a lot. I can’t fault it. Full of features and quality options, allowing me to create without having to change between different apps to get the effect I want. The creators have really thought about the creation process when developing it. Totally worth the purchase, and the fact that it isn’t subscription is a big bonus.

Worth the money but...... It’s definitely worth the money as you can edit 4K videos in your iOS device but I wish you guys could add vfx effects to it as well. And there is also a minor bug when I switch between different apps in my iPad 7th generation, my edits suddenly disappears and then I have to start again. So Kindly fix that issue, would be very helpful. Otherwise, the app works just fine. Thanks

Brilliant on the New iPad Mini. I have always had a love-hate relationship with this App, Struggled to use it on the iPhone, (interface) loved it on the iPad pro 12” but lugging the bigger iPad meant I couldn't spend as much time as I would have liked, I recently moved to the new 2019 iPad Mini, this has been a complete game changer, this app in conjunction with the tag featuring in the files app and iOS drag and drop, the smaller and more powerful iPad Mini with Luma fusion creates the ultimate mobile video production system.

Amazing app. I've been using this app for over a year now and it's spectacular. I would love for an update with movement easing settings though. It's painful to select every single keyframe to set how you would want objects to move, for example bouncing or ease in. This will save a lot of time will be easier to use.

Great app but the preview is terrible!. I love this app but recently the preview has been driving me crazy. I literally can’t edit a 2 minute video to a soundtrack despite having no effects or colour grading because the preview glitches constantly. Tried everything to resolve the issue including clearing caches and memory and setting preview speed and restarting etc. but now I’m just giving up because it’s impossible. Please fix this as without a working preview the app is useless!!

Please add more fonts. Amazing editing app and easily the best on the iPad. But one thing it doesn’t have is great fonts. There is a whole lot of fonts but there just isn’t amazing ones like luckiest guy or short stack or any other ones. The more cartoony ones are great and really any cool ones that aren’t just plain boring would be good.

This is the best!!!. So I used this app for about 4 months and got really used to it and after a while I started making really difficult videos and then started editing people’s videos making me 230$ thank you for this opportunity

I sold my MacBook Pro. A great video editing app was all that was missing in my iPad workflow. With all the new features that have been added to Lumafusion in the last 18 months, I’ve been able to ditch my MacBook Pro and FCP, and go full-time with my iPad. I can’t recommend this app enough!

Amazing… just on issue for me though. Great program, one issue though, I make simpler “one take” videos of musicians. I film the video on the ipad and record the audio on my computer, I then import the audio to LumaFusion and edit the two together but I can never get the audio 100% matched up with the video because of the snap editing. If I could make sharper more precise edits or a “free drag mode” in a future update that would be VERY handy. Besides that amazing program, especially for the price point!

Worth it!. I initially thought the app was a bit pricey, especially given that you don’t get a test version, but I love it!! I use the app on my iPhone/iPad and it’s so easy compare to other apps! The only improvement is have more royalty free music, or at least give us the option to buy music to use for clips!

2 years in. I’ve been using Luma for about 2 years now and edit primarily on my phone. Being able to edit anywhere anytime is awesome and can vouch for how good this app is. When I tell people I edit on my phone they don’t believe me until I show them.

Simple Elegant, yet extremely powerful. 2023 - Simple Elegant and powerful - it’s FCPX for iOS. The stuff this editor does is amazing If you’re into video production this is fast and yet powerful in a simple package. Key framing and multi track plus more Export to FCPX Fully supported with ongoing development and fantastic tutorials on how to use this - Colour scopes including skin tone line - video Stabilisation control built in - access to music and stock footage (story blocks) requires subscription - audio controls - import LUTs - etc etc

Huge Fan. I have been using LumaFusion for a long time now and find it perfect for my editing purposes. Lumafusion supports the following ProRes formats: Apple ProRes 422 Apple ProRes 422LT Apple ProRes 422HQ Apple ProRes 4444 (including transparency) Apple ProRes 422 Proxy making it the most up to date video editing application for iPads. Can’t ask for more than that.

Great work but beginners need slower help. Highly recommend this app ,issues for really really beginners u have to have 123 in steps to even the point they have there first iPad Pro ,learning everything slowly ,extremely hard for first time modern technology,new iPad Pro ,and this amazing app, Just give a beginners from no where 1 you no nothing coarse on how to even start I don’t even no aTV settings these days,2 you nothing on iPad Pro, I had difficulty as I couldn’t find even my downloaded music let alone google photos don’t even no were to start Make a 1 2 3 4 You are the best 👍🙈 Great stuff but

Good, but lacks key features. LumaFusion is a good editing app for mobile, however lacks the features that I’ve come to expect from a desktop editing software such as Final Cut Pro. My mobile editing experience would be improved if LumaFusion had histograms, speed ramping, video stabilisation, and most importantly allowing users to speed up videos by more than 6 times by giving a custom control. I would appreciate it these basic features were incorporated into the app through an update. As it stands, I believe the omission of these features in an almost $50 app is UNACCEPTABLE!

Good value. Lumafusion features a generous repertoire of intuitive editing tools. The only feature missing which prevents me from switching to Lumafusion full time is the ability to do speed ramping. Also there doesn’t seem to be a way to organise projects into folders. This makes sorting through projects feel a bit messy once you’ve made lots of projects. All in all this is a very capable editing app for a very reasonable price.

Frame aspects. I love lumafusion and have been using it for a few years but there is one problem I have when recording a video is that none of the frame aspect options fit my iPad Air two frame aspects. I just think that it would be a good idea if you included all frame aspects or if we are able to customise our frame aspect according to our device From, User

It’s amazing but I wish it had more. This is an amazing editing app and I love it so much but I do wish it had some more features such as “new sizes:YouTube size and stuff” and a “glitch effect” section, that would make it worth how much it actually is! A glitch effect section would make it a lot easier rather then adding a heap of layers to change the colour and muck around with everything to make a glitch effect, pls add this

Best app hands down. I have been using Luma fusion for almost 2 yrs and I have never looked back. The interface is perfect and easy to understand. Pls keep up the good guys. I have told most of my film maker friends and they all love it and are using it. It’s cheap but can compare with the expensive softwares. Keep the updates coming and pls add more layers as we use the 6 layers so quickly

It’s good, but file saving is an issue. Ipad don’t have much storage. Having to spend a long time deleting things off my ipad every time i want to export a file to my external drive is really frustrating and stops me from wanting to use the app each time i do. It is a great app though. But this is a big flow stopper.

Video Speed. I love LumaFusion and has greatly improved my editing and video production. My only gripe and enhancement request would be the ability to speed up video clips even faster. It has always been limited to 6x only. Thanks

So quick with pro capabilities. I have been using Lumafusion for years, it does miss some high end features, so if you videos are very intense with transitions and sound design with double digit tracks required it may fall short, but for most video content it copes easily. Where it wins over the major editors it is fast, it renders quickly 4k and 1080p and is easy to compile a video and most things can be done on this platform once you are experienced.

Please Read!. I love this app, and it is definitely the most powerful one for the iOS AppStore. Anyways, there are a lot of comments along the line of this... To make this app Better, you should add 3D and 2D tracking. This would completely fulfil mine and many other people’s hopes for an iOS video editor. I know this could be hard, but iOS 12 is coming with some AR technologies that could be applied. This would make the app soo much better (not saying that it isn’t now) Another thing to add is custom cropping. This would really help in many scenarios where instead of having a rectangle, you can crop around the shape needed. Thanks for making my video making experience be at the highest peak right now

Wow!. I should have asked my wife for purchase approval earlier. This app is amazing. Pay for the app and you get all the features. You can do everything in this app. I’ve tried many apps and had always gone back to iMovie but no more. Very fair price for what you get.

Makes editing 4k fun!. This app is unbelievable and inspirational. I’ve been searching for a way to edit dslr and drone footage quickly and easily. I’ve never understood why it had to be so hard and cumbersome on desktops. Software seems either too simple to use and misses out on features or has everything you want but requires beefcake hardware and expensive monthly subscriptions. Then there’s LumaFusion. It’s intuitive, simple and sophisticated, utterly brilliant. Using this app takes out the challenges of editing and leaves just creativity. I’m now pushing for better shots, looking for better angles and making better videos thanks to LumaFusion. PLEASE keep up the great work and awesome updates. I look forward to what you add in the future.

Brilliant.. Like others have stated it feels like a desktop on your ipad. This app is very fast, and easy to use with great features. 2 things would be nice. 1-When importing clips from photos, keep the folder structure, because i have lots off albums, you have to scroll a lot to import stuff you want. 2-the projects could also benefit from a folder structure to keep things organised. Please don’t take this feedback as negative. Because the app is absolutely Awesome...... Fantastic work with this app.....

Just.. WOW. The price is justified, that's no over statement.. Okay, I first need to breath deeply into a brown paper bag. This app is AMAZING!!! It costs a lot, yes, but that's because you get a lot. You can even save out custom-made transitions which you have created yourself with keyframes !!! Did I mention keyframes! Yes ! You can animate anything with them, special effects and all! You can import in your own fonts, handle 4K 60fps footage. Just. WoW! Okay, LumaTouch, please please, your app needs image masking, trajectory lines, image sequence (importing a zip might be best for iOS sake), sound scrubbing & please please, don't ditch iOS 10 support, I got too many apps that will never run on iOS 11 which I don't want to let go of.

The best iphone app for editing. If you edit on your phone and don’t have time to get to a computer look no further this is absolutely by far the best app I’ve seen and know about there have been one or two little glitches but they work through the problem and it is fantastic especially looking forward to version two about to be released worth every cent

Jim. Has anyone experienced LF crashing since upgrade to 4? It has crashed on my IPad Pro a number of times - never happened prior to upgrade. Seems to crash when editing individual pics/videos?

Another Great Editing App, But. The app overall is nothing like the other editing apps on mobile so far. Sure, there will be a couple of bugs here and there like the app crashes once opened, the timeline sometimes doesn’t match the video, images that are cropped can be corrupted and etc. If these bugs are being focused on all the time and always fixed that’s how much the creators care about this app!

Makes my iPad feel like a laptop. It is quick and responsive and is great for any part time video editor it has multiply option such as speed ramp and green screen which both work well

Good but no colour wheels. Needs colour wheels and value sliders for controlling lift, gamma and gain. Needs colour/contrast curve editor. Without these it’s not particularly useful as a mobile video editor. In response to the developer feedback that it includes these: the sliders aren’t specific or precise enough, the levels are connected so I can’t crush blacks without affecting highlights, the colour wheel is only for overall tint rather than separate shadows, mids and highlights. If all of this is possible then the interface doesn’t give enough visual understanding to do anything precisely, without stacking a bunch of corrections on top of each other, or relying on LUTs for any colour grading. 3 colour wheels and a contrast levels graph is all it would take, or just a contrast/colour levels graph.

Long standing bug, reverse clip does not work. Reverse clip flat out doesn’t work and has never worked on my iPad Pro, and it’s not just me. The popup that says “reversing video” which is meant to show progress appears for about 1/5th of a second and disappears. The audio is reversed successfully, but the video is black. This bug has been a problem for around 2 years now and it’s deeply frustrating anytime I need to do it, because it breaks my workflow entirely. Sorry for the bad review but it is just so, so frustrating. A quick google search finds other reports of people having the same issue so I know it’s not just me.

Just 1 major bug that annoys me. I love LumaFusion. I have been using it pretty much since it’s inception. I have learnt and grown with the software as it has developed. Of course nothing is perfect and there are features that I would love to have editing wise. Such as masking and blending modes and a few more audio options. But these are all features that most creators can live without. All in all great video editing software for any iPad, not just the Pro. However there is 1 major bug that is annoying me. Now I don’t know if it’s just my camera reading to the card wrong or the LumaFusion not reading the data correctly. But sometimes after importing my media, the audio waveforms don’t appear on the clip that is in the timeline. This isn’t a consistent issue either. Sometimes the waveform is there. Sometimes it’s not. Now it is possible that it is my camera reading to the card since other cameras I have don’t really have the issue; but at the same time, it could be something worth looking into. Other than that a great product well worth the price.

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Please add AI video edit filters.. Was checking out some ai video editing apps and lumafusion could definitely use that

Excellent. App is excellent. Only issue is not being able to select multiple clips and edit all at once. Powerful and intuitive.

Crashing - help!. I’ve been using luma for a while now and it’s great. I don’t know if this is a new bug but the app gets incredible buggy when I try to edit a close to 2 hr video with two audio tracks (nothing else), the app crashes, won’t play my timeline (the play button is dark grey and literally wont work when I touch it), and is incredibly glitchy when working on this larger scale product. Every time I open the app, it takes like 10 minutes to go into my chosen video, and buttons and timelines scrubbing becomes generally unresponsive. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, losing all my progress, and nothing changes. I’m using the iPad Pro 2018 which has incredible performance so I’m not sure why this is happening.

Was a great app until. I loved this app but until now… there is this stupid glitch where if you try to reverse a clip, it shows nothing just a black screen or the previous clip that was not reversed. Even if I put it on the same timeline it will show black screen. Shake my head need to fix and address this issue!

Not easy to use. I know the LumaFusion app is mainly for technical users. However it is just not easy to use and learn. I have watched the YouTube videos but it doesn’t help. So my advice is to stick with CapCut. I wasted my money and would like to save you your money.

Great. Handles everything I want. I wish I was more artistic to take advantage.

The Best for iPad. Nothing competes. Just to say that these ratings are to let others know if the app is worth buying. It is not a way to ask for features. If you want to make suggestions then email the developer to start a dialogue.

Lumafusion! Wow!. Very powerful app for editing like a pro. I have been using it since the beginning. I got an Ipad Pro 2021 and I am creating amazing videos. I recommend it!

Amazing and practical. This app has all you need to edit your videos. The tutorials are amazing and there are tons of presets all over the internet.

App is not syncing my videos or photos on iPhone. Currently my iPhone is showing zero photos and videos in the library despite there being 100s. Is there a quick fix to this?

Meilleure app d’édition vidéo POINT FINAL. Parlez moi d’une app que tu paies juste une fois : JUSTE UNE FOIS, sans avoir à s’accrocher à un abonnement mensuel ou annuel pour après ça avoir juste du vent. Je recommande TOUJOURS cette app à tout le monde. C’est la plus complète. Elle n’a pas à rougir devant les logiciels d’édition vidéo PC. LumaFusion fait exactement la même chose avec les mêmes fonctionnalités. Bravo aux développeurs.

The only app for video editing for me.. Maybe this review will be read by developers… a minor feature request: the project needs metadata about when and how the project was and how exported. It is too easy to build a great project, export and forget, but then you have to clean up, and I have no idea was a particular project exported or not.

It's okay. Now when DaVinci resolve is ready to come out, it's a pity to look at this app and see that over a few years, it didn't improve at all... It has such a potential

Вылетает и не интуитивно. Приложение постоянно вылетает, когда вставляется обычное видео, оно не воспроизводится, невозможно понять причину, нет обучения на русском языке. И это знаменитое профессиональное приложение? Как в нем можно хоть что-то сделать? Как сохранять видео элементарно в медиатеку? Непонятно

Bait and Switch. App does not look ANYTHING like the screenshots and videos. An incomprehensible mess of menus without anything as simple as a “back” feature. Layers and layers of nonsense and required tutorials to even make a video—and I’m familiar with KineMaster, Adobe and about 1/2 dozen other apps used for mobile editing. I remember trying this when it was free and quickly deleting it. I’ve sent in a refund request because the software hasn’t improved at all.

Needs speed ramping. Please add speed and slow motion ramping into the app.🙏🙏

Good app but I’ve been really frustrated by that lately. Been having issue since the last update. • My LUTs are no longer applied. • Playback of any videos is awful ( quality and speed ) • Can not export if there are more than 2 clips sped up at 6x and/or reversed

vraiment bien. Meilleures solutions de montage sur ipad, meilleur que Davinci pour ipad pour le moment, et vraiment pas aussi cher, surtout qu'il faut acheter une 2e licence pour l'ipad chez Resolve

Pas de Manuel en français. C’est dommage

Has no special effects at all.... great for color grading tho:)

A Workhorse. I produce video for teaching and offering courses online. You can load up your timelines with multiple videos,sound tracks and effects,and LumaFusion works with them. No jitters! I have used a wide variety of video apps, and keep coming back to this one. It is the best.

Its pretty good.. Its pretty good, but Please do these: Add preset bins, so presets can be more organized. I have tons of presets but it’s difficult to locate them. Add more transitions, especially for text. Kinemaster, capcut, and many other apps that are FREE have tons of transitions.. but a 45$ software doesn’t have any. Please make “freeze framing” work like kinemaster. Right now we have to 1. Take a snapshot 2. Import it to the file. 3 edit it… which is a lot of steps. In kinemaster it auto imports and doesn’t save to camera roll. The app does save time. But it doesn’t have some key features. Please add them, thank you for your time.

Used to be good, but not any more…. It used to be really good. Lately, whenever I put both photos and videos there, the color changed so strange. It only works for either all photos or all videos but not mix.

Yep hits 100% for a app worth every penny. Been using it for 2years with free updates with better tools and bug fixes along the road , easy to use for beginners to advanced editing , with tons of tutorials on YouTube . Amazing new tools from the developers that just make your dream into a reality, with so many plug ins from other apps to work on your projects , Don’t believe me go on YouTube and watch a few videos . Big props to the devs . Thank you .

It’s okay but…. lacking in rudimentary functions common to video editors for years.

HOT $40 GARBAGE. This app is HOT GARBAGE. You can’t edit the volume levels across an entire video. You have to go in and edit EACH CLIP MANUALLY. Hell, I can’t even FIND the &$@#ing volume slider to edit a SINGLE &$@#ing clip. Don’t waste your money. There are MUCH better video editing apps out there. This app is the app price plus several hours of my life that I will NEVER GET BACK. 1 star because 0 or negative stars isn’t possible.

Best editing app for IOS platform. This is hands down the best pro level editing app out there. If you take the time to learn how to use it, you can create anything. There are lots of tutorials out there. I learned by watching tutorials and trying new techniques. LumaFusion Developers - I know you’re working on a “speed ramp” update. Hopefully this update is released in the near future as current users are really looking forward to using this great feature. Keep up the great work

Love love love this app!!!. Super easy to use I love it!!

I can't work properly. Every time, I add more video to my creation, lumafusion stops working and I always to optimize and consolidate it every time I add a video of (No matter the size of that video, it can be 30 sec or 1 min) and it will bugg and stop working. I can't get in the flow of the creation. I'm trying to create my vlog but with lumafusion, I can't get anything done.. It just disapointing because I paid for this apps, I think I will choose monthly paid and go with Premiere Pro and hope I can get my work done and publish my creation on Youtube

No 3.5Mbps for Instagram videos. I hope you can add 3.5Mbps quality for Instagram videos.

Doesn’t work at all way to hard to understand. This app is so over priced and doesn’t have anything at all that’s worth 40$ this is ridiculous

Error code. I had an issue with a Time error code on all my projects. After trying everything, it was clearly an app bug. Emailed the support team, got an answer in 4 hours with a build to fix the problem right away. Great app , great service

Unexpectedly great !. It does it all and very easily. So great full I bought this app.

LumaFusion is wonderful. I’ve been using it to upload videos to YouTube for my wife. She does folk art projects mostly. Recently, she has been making a lot of Quiet books for various patrons and I film them with my iPhone 7 in 4K then edit them in LumaFusion. This allows people to see her work and hopefully want something themselves. I’m using an external noise filter that really cleans the sound up and makes for a quick easy edit and upload. I can’t recommend the LumaFusion with BRUSFRI to denoise my videos in a winning combination that makes the editing a pleasure.

Works great. Very happy with this app. Blow my mind actually! I love it with the touch screen on my iPad Pro. Wouldn’t use anything else.

The best you can get.. This app is quite literally the best video editing app you can get on iOS and iPad OS. The possibilities are endless. This app is a fantastic tool that will allow you to create anything you can dream of, a rival to that of professional editing suites you can get for hundreds of dollars on Mac or PC.

Great application. They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Which is just what Adobe seems intent on doing with mobile strategy and their greatly limited and fragmented mobile offerings. They are frozen in fear as innovative young companies offer energetic and ambitious applications in video editing and other normal Adobe strongholds. LumaFusion was a great bargain at its price and would still be a bargain is the price was double. I can now foresee a pace of innovation where LumaFusion could soon overtake the power and features of Adobe Premiere desktop application.

GREAT APP. Just how do you mask???

Great and Easy to Use. I mostly use LumaFusion to create Animatics and YouTube videos. I love it because it does not crash often even though I use a lot of data, it saves my work, and it is easy to use. Since I am not an audio editor, I wish it had better instructions on how to use the audio features. I would also love it if there was an easy way to click a button and remove background noise form voice overs (Camtasia had this feature). I encountered a problem when I wanted to add a voice to existing song track: it made the song quieter. I am also not that sure about all the effects and options available. I also had some issues when I could not position the transition where I wanted it to happen on screen. It would be nice if it could memorize title settings, so that I do not have to build my titles from scratch every time. Having the title typing effect would also be useful. Other than that, I really appreciate that I’m not being forced to pay a monthly subscription (I’m not a professional editor or YouTuber). I find this app compares to Camtasia and I find it better than Adobe Rush. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing to keep this app great.

Problems. Help request the fit mode doesn’t work & I couldn’t change it any of it like stretch , fit , focus & fill on my video.. it is because of the new version?

Unintuitive. I’ve been doing light editing for years with apps like Premiere and Final Cut Pro. After reading some positive reviews I thought I’d give Luma Fusion a try so I could do some editing on the fly with the iPad. Boy, what a mistake. After a few hours of exploring the program I closed the app and deleted it. It’s just not worth the frustration. If you’ve edited before with pro apps like Premiere you’ll likely find the interface for this app impossible to navigate. Save your money.

Best video editor for the iPad Pro. Simple, intuitive. Very easy to learn and use.

Great app except for a few bugs. I use this app a lot to edit videos, it’s so intuitive after you get used to it. However there are some bugs that I find annoying sometimes. Like if you add overlay text and type something in it, it would randomly offcenter the text a bit by moving it right. Like if I edit the text and go to titles, I could see that the center x is not in the center. After typing in it, I could see that the center x moved right a bit, like from 50 to 50.3. Also sometimes the thing that overlays on the video imported that shows the audio volume of a video doesn’t work and I would have to restart the app. The snapshot function can sometimes be a bit low quality too, it would be helpful to be able to change the quality of the snapshot like for exporting videos

The best, not for lazy people. This is the best editing app hands down, I couldn’t believe there where bad reviews. After reading the bad reviews it’s obvious these people are lazy and unoriginal. You can do whatever you want with this app, full creative control! You create your film, not the app, it’s just a tool that’s makes your vision possible!

Awesome. This app is literally the iOS version of TechSmith’s Camtasia.

Poor Support. Couldn’t get help response was slow and received no help. Marblebusthouse

My Favourite Video Editor. Ive been using this program for 5+ years and there are so many reasons to love LumaFusion, but my favourite is paying $15 and having a really solid video editor for life. Adobe might have some better features but they will also try and take all of your money. Love you Luma thanks for being you

Problem Exporting Movie Need Help. I having serious problem writing movie after finishing can’t export film really frustrating projects keep backing up don’t know what to do

Good app, but missing function. Luma fusion is very powerful ! But i hope to add the function of curve speed change !!!!

Lumafusion. Great work I love it

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One little thing would make this app perfect.. Sony cameras house it’s videos in a different directory folder then every other company (smh). So when you plug your camera up to your iPad, your iPad sees nothing but pictures. This is partly because of Apple looking for general directories and also because of the applications only looking for the same. If LumaTouch could simply add more directory paths to it’s coding for LumaFusion to search through that would solve the problem for a LOT of Sony camera users. Otherwise we have to purchase an entire other app (Pinnacle Studio) just to be able to import the videos. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want your potential customers downloading that app just because it’s slightly cheaper than yours & they have a Sony camera.

Essential app for me. Once you get into it it’s pretty fast & intuitive. I use it to edit videos for my music, making memes, & tubecasts. For an inexpensive iOS videoediting app it’s pretty full featured. I really enjoy its interface & sometimes get lost in experimentation. There’s tons of tutorials for it online if you get stuck. Couple of things I’d like to see is ability to highlight entire sections of a project to copypaste or upload just that section (maybe u can do this, i can’t figure it out), and in-app purchases for extra effects like VHS simulation. More parameters on the chroma key would be nice too. Great app, in my top 10 for sure.

Almost the perfect solution for me.. Lumafusion has possibly been one of the greatest apps available to iPads/ Macs for some time now. Although you have to be flexible learn some work arounds, Lumafusion tends to get the job done. The iPad version seems to work somewhat flawlessly, but the M1 Mac version has one major flaw. After hours of perfecting and editing video clips on my Mac I export the rendered footage with the expectation that it appears similar to the preview image. This has never been the case. I have tried every possible variation of codecs and resolutions only to find that the rendered video is so dark that it is unwatchable. At first I though this was due to editing on device then watching it back on another, but the issue persists even when immediately playing back the rendered video on the same device. Lumafusion has thus far done an excellent job at addressing bugs through updates. I am sure that this too will be addressed, so long as it is not user error and others are experiencing the same issue. With that said, I will continue to love and use Lumafusion primarily on my iPad while waiting for the day it is usable on M1 Macs.

Been using for a few years now, great app!. Yeah, tempted by FCP, but this developer has continually updated and improved this video editor for ipad, it does everything I need, and no subscription needed. I actually stopped using FCP on my desktop because this works so well. There are some fantastic free video lessons on YT by a talented and (frankly) rather cute woman that really dials in some cool Lumafusion tips and tricks, especially with keying green screen, titles, and a bunch of other advanced techniques. My guess is these people will continue to update and add features, I really appreciate developers like this that are going against Goliaths like Apple and maintain great customer service. Keep up the fantastic work!

LumaFusion is a Beast but.... I purchased this app during a recent vacation because I needed professional video editing software on the go and got tired of using the limited iMovie features and even worse Adobe video apps. So far it’s pretty easy to edit video but my biggest complaint is the panel size! The option to change panel arrangement is nice but it still doesn’t solve the problem of just how small some of the panels are. For example when editing audio levels, it’s so hard to adjust at the end. If that window next to it on the right could go away or be able to be resized that would be amazing. PLEASE ADD A FEATURE TO MANUALLY RESIZE WINDOWS by just holding and dragging. Also the title designs could be improved, they look pretty dated and cheesy.

My go-to app for quick video projects. Worth every cent. It will not replace Final Cut Pro for my biggest projects, but for quick one-offs, social media, and other simpler video work, it can’t be beat. Make no mistake, though, LumaFusion has enough pro features to to make it my go-to app. I often use it when my Mac is busy rendering a 3D project, and it’s nice to have it installed on iPhone for quick access to professional effects and titles. I find that LumaFusion is easier to use than final cut pro for some of the features. You can even export your projects into XML format which is readable by fcp. This feature costs extra money but it is absolutely worth it if you use both platforms.

So far so good. I am about 45 days into my work flow using an IPad exclusively for video editing. I tried to use iMovie and it was not working out so well. Not to bash it, it just wasn’t doing what I needed. I tried Adobe RU and things seemed great and then successive crashes of the program made me look to LumaFusion. I have only had one restart and I use the IPad on the fire training ground for capture and editing before I leave the academy. I have to say it is working well. I have had a few learning curves and frankly do not understand some of the logic with the import feature. My work flow is not yet defined but a work in progress and the IPad and LumaFusion are an enormous part of my day.

Very frustrating. After using a number of editing apps, I find LumaFusion very frustrating. The worst part of the software is it’s file management: Duplicate files and lost files...cumbersome, hoggish, and faulty. There are company sponsored tutorials and faq’s to try to explain away its cumbersome nature but this seems to be an area that the designers just can’t master. I really WANT an iPad editing solution and this seems to have the power but the file management is a nightmare. Seems like an initiation to a fraternity. Perhaps IF I get through HELL WEEK everything will be ok, but should I really have to go through this!! Filmora 8 is better but Mac based.

AUDIO BUG. Hey guys! i’ve been using the app for two and a half years now and it has continues to be the only video editing app i use to this date. I love this app and am excited to watch it grow, expand, and improve! I have been experiencing a bug in the audio lately. It appears to only happen to projects that I made before the most recent few updates. When playing the preview, all audio frequently cuts out at the start of an audio file and doesn’t start playing again until I exit and reopen/restart the app, however, if the audio does not cut out, it is often replaced with a very loud feedback that lasts for about 1 to 5 frames. The audio cut out does not occur in exported videos, but the feedback does. This glitch appears to occur only once in a project at the same location every time during playback. I do not think this is an issue with the audio file considering that the time of occurrence can vary by around a second. I do not know what could be causing this issue but I hope the information I’ve shared will be helpful! Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!😁

LumaFusion for Mac. First I want to say I absolutely love this app. It is the best video editing app I have ever used and I’ve used plenty. It was very similar to an app I used years ago “Pinnacle Pro”. But since this is the only place I could rant about this and possibly get a response I will do it here. You now have LumaFusion for the Mac but only for Macs with the M1 chip?? My MacBook Pro is literally a 2019 and I can’t take advantage of my favorite video editing app of all time because it’s not the 2020 Mac with an M1 chip? I will say that LumaFusion is absolutely amazing but this revelation with the Mac version is really disappointment especially for all the LumaFusion fans out there. You really should of made a version for us all.

Too powerful to not deserve 5 stars. Review update: after using this app for a few weeks now I’m incredibly impressed at how well it can edit. It features a delightfully easy to navigate interface without sacrificing any capability. It processes videos very quickly and efficiently, and has a great system for consolidating your raw media in a very organized way. The developer suggested apps to help with some audio issues which was very nice. I’ve ended up getting a Lightning SD card reader to quickly transfer videos, audio files, etc, and that has helped immensely for taking the video to my PC for more advanced audio operations. Thanks for the great app!!

An Robust Mobile Video Editor, Worth the Price Tag. It absolutely grows into an intuitive & immersive video editing experience. I do think performance wise it stutters too often, & makes it difficult for editing music videos (on a 1st generation iPad Pro circa 2015), but I’m sure performance would be improved in time with updates & an upgrade to better hardware. For version 2.1+, it’s impressive with so much room for growth. It would be awesome to have a very quick & easy chat window or a way to provide feature requests/feedback in the app to help promote development & user investment. For instance, I think it would be great if we could use the Apple Pencil to drag & select multiple video regions to manipulate all of their positions simultaneously.

It’s smarter than most editors!. Initially skeptical, (It CAN’T be any good at that price right?) I soon fell in love with this wonderful edit program. I thought it MIGHT help get me through a few rough cuts on an iPad but after one outing I dumped most of the other programs and now edit almost everything on it. A few quirks I’d LOVE to sit down with the designers over but usually those are easy enough to work around. It thinks for me which is great. Occasionally I’m NOT thinking what it thinks I am but on the whole a fantastic program with way way better features than you’d expect from this price bracket. Buy it, use it and be wowed!

Outstanding app on all levels. You guys have built an app with an outstanding business model, which is a one-time purchase and with an immense amount of capabilities, such as having many streams of high resolution video at 4K at 60 FPS to having a link with Storyblocks and working with Filmic Pro You guys have an amazing interface and constantly update this app to be available to the latest products from Apple and you guys also have amazing customer service. What I really love about this app is being able to choose various kinds of exports, and being able to choose the megabit quality for sound. Please talk to Filmic Pro so they will get their head straight and add a one time purchase business model back again even if it is more expensive or you guys should talk with them and try and make it where someone owns LumaFusion, then they get Filmic for free or a lot cheaper. Food for thought:) Love what you guys do! Keep up with the one-time purchase business model:)

Wow! Near professional quality with a budget price tag. I am totally amazed by LumaFusion. I just make amateur videos of sailing and cycling. I had been using iMovie on my Mac, but tend to use my iPad more now. LumaFusion is so beautifully designed. It is one of the few apps that totally takes advantage of the touch interface of the iPad to make for an amazing workflow. It is truly a pleasure to use, and has so many advanced features, that I suspect even a power user could use this over the much more expensive Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci. Just remarkable at a low price point. And, they provide so many useful how to videos. Keep it up LumaFusion! This is perhaps the best app I have ever purchased.

simply spellbinding!. I am not one to write reviews, but having just spent the last two weeks editing a complex, multi-layer, ophthalmic surgery video with LumaFusion, I felt compelled to do so. This is the video editor that I have been lusting after and salivating about for years... and it will be the killer iPad app (for me, at least) that condemns my iMac (and FinalCutPro) to a remote, unused, dusty corner of my home office. As an intermediate/advanced amateur videographer, this astounding bit of software hits all the right notes... and then some. Of the many features that blow me away are its lightning-fast render speeds and disarming ease of key framing. How do they do it?!? At $20, LumaFusion is a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me bargain; hesitate not... just buy it! I would have happily spent five times as much had I known in advance what a (nearly) flawless dynamo this thing is. Why write a review? Maybe a small show of gratitude to the development team and (selfishly) my fervent desire that the app is a smash commercial success such that the developers remain incentivized to keep making it better. (Two wishes: 1/ the ability to warp/curve text; 2/ the ability to morph video/photos into different perspectives.) Bravo!!

Crashes way too much. This app has awesome potential, but crashes constantly for me when uploading video, exporting videos, and even when there’s a lot going on while editing a video. I’m using an iPhone 7, and also an iPad Air 2. I feel like it shouldn’t be crashing this much. And there is plenty of storage space available. Even while editing, if I try to play my video to see how it’s looking, it will play very choppy and skip frames if there’s a lot of editing that was done, which then I need to try to export (which ends up crashing atleast 8 times before success) and view my whole video after export just so I can view it to see how it looks. Then if I want to tweak something (which I always do) I have to restart the whole process over again. Right now totally not worth the $30. This needs to be fixed or I’m demanding a refund. If LumaFusion can fix it I will update this review.

One of the best.. This is truly one of the best editing softwares out there, and I’m not even just talking about for the iPad. I really think in general. This really reminds me a lot of Premier Pro so when I bought it last year, it was pretty easy to get into. And with the new 3.0 update it’s gotten even better! My only thing is that this app really needs to get a little bit more of an advanced color grading system. Right now I have to use some third-party apps to do that. But other than that everything else is great, one of the smoothest playbacks I’ve ever seen on editing software. Just really needs to have that at least slightly more advanced color grading system or have the tools to do so, to really make it superior.

Do Not Get This App. You’ll be dismayed by the price, but that’s only one element of its selling point. Surely, this price tag is attached to a dependable editing software accompanied by helpful advice from a company that will provide straight answers and solutions? Right? No. You’ll begin to edit and things will go off without a hitch. Then, an “Upload Error” rears its ugly head, and even if you get past that... your audio seems out of sync. And you only have two twenty second videos with hardly any complicated effects or cuts. You’ll free up space. Still. “Upload Error.” You can’t find a solution anywhere, only frustrated people. And so now you’re unable to export your important projects. You have no way of getting them out of this app and past this “Upload Error” when you try to export. You will feel like you’ve been duped, and you will be if you drop twenty dollars on an app that provides no answers only a roadblock of problems.

Amazing. I’m a pro audio guy who is suddenly having to create video content and I’m learning and using both LumaFusion and Final Cut. I paid for a competing iOS video app before discovering LumaFusion and it killed me... no undo? Really?! LumaFusion behaves and is laid out in a professional manner, has hot keys for many functions (hold down Cmd to see what they are), and generally lowered my blood pressure within minutes of using it. Now, six weeks in, I’m blown away that an app at this price point (and on the freakin’ iPad, no less) has chroma-keying that works, keyframing for everything, and still has yet to make me pull out my hair. Apple’s iOS file management still drives me nuts, but LumaFusion has multiple ways of accessing files both locally and from cloud services. I’m using FinalCut for projects that require LOTS of clips at the same time and, when I advance a bit more, I know there are many more options on FCPX that I’ll want to exploit. For the time being, even if you are a total rookie with editing (my audio experience made me not a complete beginner) save yourself a headache and start with LumaFusion. They have GREAT tutorials. You will not regret it!!!

This is the first video app for the phone that I actually finished a video on. Every other Video app I have downloaded I ended up deleting before I finished a project. They were far too clumsy but this one used with one of the pans for the screen on my large iPhone is actually really nice. The stock footage and music is also a really great addition that makes this light years before the others. I also have their company on the desktop which is how I know about them and I use their stock audio and video. I highly recommend this for anybody that wants to make videos with stock as well this is probably the most affordable option for high-quality stuff.

Lost Files Too. I recently downloaded this app because a coworker told me about it. I shoot drone footage and thought this was perfect for doing quick edits. All was well until I lost ALL my files from an area I went to shoot footage in. Literally EVERYTHING, its really weird; not the whole project was “lost” just most of the main snippets. What makes it weird is that ALL those videos that I grabbed clips from where deleted from ALL of my connected devices, including my iCloud account. I honestly hate to give this app only 3 stars because it’s a really great app as far as capabilities go. I still think its worth the money because you can do a ton with it, just make sure you triple save your work, and videos. I emailed support and included screen shots so hopefully it will help them improve this issue. That is my only complaint with this app so far.

Finally, Professional Video Editing on iOS. I’m beyond enthralled with this app and have finally glimpsed the future of not needing a dedicated laptop or desktop to edit high quality video. Color grading is important to me and up until now I have been frustrated by stock filters, or worse, no adjustment at all. The workflow is excellent, to the point where iMovie on iOS seems clunky, and I find myself only using FCP or PP for longer, more serious projects. I’ve been totally and completely impressed with the 4K results I’ve gotten from iPhone X, GH5, and Mavic Pro Video with this app, and performance is sufficient even on a base 2017 iPad. 4K playback is smooth and editing rarely stutters, and editing on the iPhone X is faster than my MacBook Pro. How they accomplished this is beyond me. I have experienced a few issues on export to the recently added H.265, but based on past history and frequent updates I’m confident the team will continue their excellent support and issue a timely update. Overall stellar work and I can’t wait to grow with this app, and hope the team gets all the success they deserve.

Nearly perfect. I used to do all my editing on premiere pro but was so tired of it being buggy, crashing, messing up my audio when rendering and how unintuitive it could be at times. But the kicker was $30 subscription price when I could spend less on a program that offered mostly everything I needed one time! So far LumaFusion has been a dream and a nice change. It is lacking some features and effects but of course I imagine that comes with time. My only real complaint and thing I was I had was audio scrubbing. Developers if you’re reading this please consider it an option for future updates getting perfect cuts to audio is much harder when you can’t scrub. Doable but harder.

Hands down the best bang for your buck. When it comes to value LF is better than any professional program on the market today. For less than $40 you get a robust reliable professinal mobile editing solution for all your needs. Does it have all the same capabilities as final cut Davinci or Adobe no but its getting closer with each update and youre spending a fraction of the cost on a one time purchase. I’ve been using LF exclusively for 3yrs and produce professional videos. Once you go mobile you never want to go back to a desktop. Having the ability to touch the screen to edit feels like im making art. Its enjoyable. Clicking on a keyboard is not enjoyable to me. You can load a lot of high resolution footage in this app and it will function flawlessly. Unlike Adobe. Do i think LF will eventually have all the same features and capabilities as professional desktop editing programs? Yes i do. Their team is committed to making the best editing tool for the most affordable price and it shows.

For Me, This Is Where It’s At. II started editing videos in the early 90’s using VHS. Moved up to a NLE (Pinnacle Miro DC30+) on a homebrewed PC. Nearly 2 decades later, I tried using Premiere Elements on a Mac. Then, along came Lumafusion. Stick a fork in me. I’ve found what I want to edit with. All of my other editing ‘setups’ were cumbersome or a pain to deal with. Freaking Premiere wants me to sign up for a yearly subscription. Lumafusion cuts through all those headaches. Lumafusion has more than enough features for what I do. I can sit on the couch with my iPad Pro 12.9” and relax. Good times. Easily worth the money for this older guy that’s done his share of fighting editing programs and such in an effort to produce home movies. Lumafusion is where it’s at.

FANTASTIC app but.... I LOVE this app. One of the best editing apps I’ve ever used. Except for a couple of small things I’m sure I can figure out by reading the manual, it’s a flawless app. Except for the titles, man! The animated titles are the most amateur I have EVER seen. HANDS DOWN. Lesser programs like Power Director or even Adobe Rush have WAAAAAAAAY better animated titles, even for free users. They’re bright, modern, professional and. comparably competitive. The ones presented here in Luma Fusion are just short of something that could have been made in Word ‘98... and they look like it. I’ll l fix this rating once something comparably closer to an industry standard is offered. For now I guess I’ll just have to keep exporting things into other programs to get the desired results need to even compete these days. It can’t be a complete app if I have to follow it up with other apps.

Only one thing annoys me. I have always used this app on my iPad Pro for many years and I really like the range of features that it has. In my opinion it is the best video editor for the iPad. However, the length of time it takes to import a video is ridiculous. For it to take 30 to 60min to import a 5 to 10min video that is not big and its only 1080p is absurd. I don’t remember it taking this long a few years back but now I have to stop what Im doing and walk away from my iPad to do something else while the app imports my videos. It is very annoying an I hope they release an update where it doesn’t take this long to import videos.

What happened to LumafX?. This app is worthless to me and I’ve known that since I bought over a year ago. But I figured it all worked out because I liked LumaFX and could use it flawlessly. I went to update and it’s gone which would be fine if I could manage to do one single thing on this Fusion app that I did on the Fx version or whatever it was called. My question now is, how can two apps that do the same thing, are designed by the same company, and basically have the same name and interface, be so different that a user of one can’t even get to any of the the editing controls on the other and lost in outerspace in trying to? I mean either I’m missing something huge that’s simple, or this app is the most unintuitive I’ve ever come across.

Best editing software EVER! But... (Please Read). SOOO yes I am writing this review for exactly 2 reasons. #1 I just want to say that I have tried both Luma Fusion and Final Cut ProX... But, I personally think that Luma Fusion is WAY better because its more simpler and easier to use. And #2, I have been using Luma Fusion quite a lot lately and I have sometimes experience VERY annoying lags, glitches, and crashes in the app. If you guys at Luma Fusion could fix this I will literally have a party with MYSELF because I don’t have friends... OK! But in conclusion, I think that Luma Fusion is THE BEST editing software out there right now but I think it could be even better if you fixed the bugs. I hope you read and/or understand this. Thank you :D Sincerely, a 12 year old that loves Luma Fusion.

The best iOS video editing software out there, period.. I simply cannot overstate how wonderful this software program is. It’s extremely robust (you can do a LOT of things with it) yet very easy to learn and intuitive to use. I like making movies of little things like my daughter learning to walk or road trips I go on. I used to use iMovie which is fine, but waaaay too simple and limited. LumaFusion is like iMovie on steroids. It’s just as easy to use but it just feels like you can do ANYTHING, no restrictions or limitations. Perfect for anyone who is looking for straightforward, easy-to-use film editing software. Best $25 bucks I’ve spend on my iPad yet, for any program. I’d pay double and be just as happy.

Easy to use. LumaFusion is one of the best editing app in the App Store but for the price , it needs improvement, the app crashes too often. If your doing smaller edits , it works great. I do like it for the ease of use and the extra features it comes with , but it comes with a high price tag. Is it worth the price ?? Yes and no , it depends on the user. I wouldn’t recommend the app to the average person who just want to post a video to FB or IG , but I will say if you want add style or make your videos look pro-ish it’s a good substitute for on the go editing, if you do a lot of small videos and like to add that professional look to your videos, it is worth it . Overall it is a great app, just need to fix those crashes. Thanks.

Powerful mobile video editing. This is such a fantastic tool for video editing on the go. I use it on an iPhone XS and short of the small screen, it’s wonderful. I recommend a bigger phone or iPad. If you learn the little double taps and swipes, where the controls for effects are, and try different layouts, then you’ve got a professional level tool in your pocket. 15 years in digital media and this is one of the best mobile products for creative professionals. FCPX and Premiere have no equal on mobile devices; iMovie, Clips and Rush don’t come close to LumaFusion. Illustrator isn’t even on iPads! Somehow this independent company has made a video tool the main companies responsible for digital creation haven’t done. They have tutorials and announcements of new features. I hope they update the user interface as it can be clunky but anyone who has used FCPX or Premiere knows it’s the same story. Which is also to say there’s so much packed into this little app. There’s more features it could have but consistently impressed every time I come back to it.

Powerful video editor for a good price. I love LumaFusion. I never thought I would say that about a video-editing app, but here we are. I downloaded LumaFusion because I was trying to make a long how-to video for work using After Effects on my intel Macbook Pro. It was a truly horrible experience. it could take hours or days to edit just a little bit of footage due to it pre-rendering all the time. I heard about LumaFusion on a podcast and decided to give it a try. At only $30, it's not a huge investment for a pro app, but even as different as the interface is from Adobe's, I was able to learn the app and effortlessly put together my next video in a third of the time it took to do the same thing in AFX. Something I really liked about using LumaFusion on my iPad was how I could use an external display to preview my video while working on the less-cramped timeline from my iPad. And now that I have an M1 Mac Mini, I'm thrilled that I can now have the simplicity and power of LumaFusion on my desktop. Goodbye Adobe!

Worth getting. If your pc is slacking for editing videos and you have an Apple product (iPhone, iPad) with the A12 Bionic chip or later I suggest getting this program. My pc would take hours to render video from 1080p at 60fps. This program renders in both h264 and h265 in mp4 and HEVC (high efficiency Video Codec). My XS Max renders video fast. A 4K 30fps video that was 4 minutes long took only 4 minutes to render. The editing is pretty simple with pre-made transitions, titles and other advanced options with audio, color correction and much more. The only downfall is the fact it supports a limited number of video formats. My lumix camera records in both mp4 and AVCHD (MTS format) for those crispy high quality videos. I would give this a perfect 5 stars if I was able to edit that format of video.

Great, until the exporting. Hello! I bought this app out of curiosity, and I have to say, it’s simple to use, but it’s quite the beast with editing! And with no monthly fee simply to use it, it’s worth every penny! It’s really good, but exporting is quite the issue right now. It appears that if you make ANY kind of edit towards a clip, no matter how long, no matter how much storage there is, exporting just doesn’t work. It looks like it’ll export, but then, it stops and refreshes as if it was exported, yet nothing is there. I did send an email to support, but nothing from them yet, so I’m giving this review a shot. Until this gets fixed, I can only play around with editing. But when this happens, it’s definitely getting a 5 star rating!

Amazing and perfect for what I need!...Just one request. I can’t think of another app that would be this good for video editing! The effects, transitions, and customizable effects are just s amazing! When I first was into video editing, I used iMovie and KineMaster, but with LumaFusion, I can do so much more. What I love most about LumaFusion is the coloring effects with key frames. It adds so much life to the video and I could spend all day messing around with them! I do have a request for an update...a masking effect. LumaFusion already has a chroma key that one can alter for their needs, but it doesn’t have it where you can make the masking and green screens. Professional programs for computers have this available and adding it on to LumaFusion would make this app truly perfect! I think it would not only make me happy, but many others that might want this add-on as well. I ask that you simply consider my idea. Overall, I definitely believe that LumaFusion is the best video editing app! 100% worth the money and I’m always recommending it to friends and family. Many effects, hardly any bugs(well for me at least), I cant think of any other app that can do what LumaFusion can!

It’s great, but not for phone. I’m willing to admit that this product could actually be really good and I’m just not used to very heavy editing programs but MY GOD is everything in this app too small, and take too long. I get that video tutorials exists to help you but why make music so hard to find? It took me like 10 minutes to realize I couldn’t add music because of how it wasn’t included in the dashboard of media and whatnot. Not to mention video and picture selection is sooooo tiny! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could maximize that tab or just like directly edit the format instead of picking from presets? Audio ducking is extremely limited given that it only works with narration and not sensed video audio like in iMovie. Text editing is by far the most inconvenient. I love the key frames, but why make the text have to edit each one separately? If I want to make a simple text edit where one word shows up at a time, it could’ve taken maybe three inputs in the text tab, and instead takes around 9 cause each text is a separate tab. Also, why no key frames for effects? Only movement. Again, it’s maybe just not my app, and I hope you don’t take any of this too personally. In my opinion, a great editing app that was never meant for phone.

Great for the most part. I have experienced a few crashes or exporting problems, but luckily it’s an easy issue to fix. The app works great defiantly worth the money. The key frames are superior to any other app. I do have one effect suggestion and that would be speed keyframes. Of course I don’t understand the difficulties of producing an editing software or even if developers would be able to create such an effect. But it would be helpful instead of having to cut scenes and give them all different speeds. I really have no complaints about the app personally and I highly suggest anyone to purchase it, if looking for a professional mobile editing software.

Great app... but wish it had. The fact that you can edit 4K with this program is awesome. They have been improving it as they go as well. Got the iPad Pro 2nd gen when it was released, and installed lumafusion. It had some bugs that were desyncing audio and video by a few frames, but that is not an issue anymore as I understand it. This program could blow many others out of the water if it could utilize external storage ‘while’ editing video, like computers can do. This is imperative due to the fact that a 15 min 4K video on a canon 1dxmkii can fill up a 512gb card. iPads have how much storage? At max 512gb. Find a way around this issue, and this app would be GOLD. Keep up the great work.

Amazing. Not a pro by any means but this app has given me the ability to give editing a shot at a fair price. My iPad Pro is my main computer for editing as my old classic MacBook Pro is struggling with 4K stuff. There’s nothing in this app that I wouldn’t be able to do on a computer. If you’re just editing snowboard footage or go pro stuff, it’s amazing. Starting to really feel comfortable with the software and it has a great community around it. Really feel like I am learning something I have always wanted to get good at. Can’t wait until I’m a pro at using this! My first few videos took some time but wow, they look amazing. Love this software and thanks for giving me a new hobby at a good price.

RGB. PLEASE add RGB. The app would be almost perfect with it added. To get rgb, you have to duplicate 3 layers and apply 3 presets, than move each one. That is a pain, and makes my phone lag, so I cant even see the final result. Also, the lag and repetetive crashing is getting annoying. (im on IOS 15.6.1) Edit: There is also about a 1 second delay in video AND audio when you play the timeline which makes it impossible to see the result, you alwayd have to go a few seconds back to see what you have created. One more thing, if I repeatedly open my control center, it causes everything to go black, so i have to re open the app. lol.

Best video editing app for iPad by far!. This app is way better than any other video editor on the iPad by miles. You get advanced color editing, a ton of options for adding custom titles and professional audio editing tools like high pass filters which will let you take out rumbling, humming and road noises from the background! And the best part is IT’S NOT A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE!🤗😇 you can buy this app once for an unbelievably great value and use it forever!👍 Plus you still get all the new updates and improvements. If I had one suggestion it would be to render videos in the background without the app being open. I really hope they add that🤞in summary this is an awesome app and I would recommend it to almost anyone.

Where do I start. First off, if you are willing to invest a small amount of time, you are going to have one of the most intuitive editors at your disposal which if done right, can eliminate a lot of the time required, if not all, on a pc. For the developers: I’d like to see the implementation of animated gifs, perhaps even more tracks even though 3 is enough honestly but yeah.. Chromakey is intuitive and honestly very effective, love it. Also I don’t know if I just haven’t explored this enough but images can be rotated and moved, but what about the ability to do a horizontal or vertical rotate, orienting the video or picture 3 dimensionally within the position editor, or am I missing something.

This is exciting!. I can’t believe the leaps and bounds this company is making with this app! I keep thinking that someone somewhere will get greedy and mess it all up because this is one great app for a cheap one time price. I often wonder how they can afford to do what they do without a subscription! Anyways, the LUT Import is amazing now with the blend feature, making it comparable to a desktop system. If you really wanna get fancy try creating a LUT with Affinity Photo and then using it in LumaFusion! The effects are plentiful and amazing as well. I’m just amazed and cant wait for stabilization features. I want to ditch my laptop sooooo bad, but i just cant yet. I would pay for that btw. This app is so amazing.

Desktop level video editor. It’s insane how many features they packed into this, I previously thought was impossible to run on mobile because because there was nothing out like it until now. If you’re reading this and considering spending your money on it, I’d recommend you do! You can even download your own fonts into it which is a feature some paid computer software doesn’t even have! If you’re a developer reading this… I’d suggest adding auto tracking, the existing tracking was the reason I bought it… you add auto tracking and I am positive people like me looking for an app that not only tracks but does it for you would be quicker to buy your app.

Honestly just a great editor but…. After the most recent 3.0 update we finally got good audio options and a stabilizer but something I wanted that seems pretty simple is better Overlay/Main title options. Right now the options we have for writing something on screen are not really good, they are a bit old school and not as good as other editors. Another thing is that I can’t set the pin points for a change I want to make to the text like I can for blurs or screen movements. Overall I just want more options for the text (Overlay/Main title) and want them to be less old school.

An integral part of my professional workflow. As a professional filmmaker, using LumaFusion on the iPad opened up another unique experience for editing. With all the necessary tools and most importantly precision editing, I can now edit and composite on the go and later send the XML project to be opened on an NLE program absolutely seamlessly. Learning how to use the app was so natural for me because of the thoughtful design of the user interface. At it’s core its based on the traditional look of any NLE program, with a touch of elegance and with the past few updates, it took it to another level. Editing was a part of the process, now it’s just fun to do! Can’t wait to see what’s next. Well done!

Greatest Editing Software on Mobile Device. I’ve used several different editing platforms on my iPhone 11 Pro. I started off with iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush, but iMovie was very limited with its options, and Premier Rush could not render 4K videos without having glitching in the finished product. LumaFusion gives you FULL CONTROL over almost everything. Key frames, distortion in volume, all kinds of aspect ratios, all kinds of frame rate export options, transitions, etc. I mean, this is the closest thing to Final Cut Pro but on your phone. I actually taught myself a lot of the basics of editing on LumaFusion and it translates very well to Final Cut. Great App.

A Joy to Use. I debated for a long time about trying LumaFusion due to the price. I don’t do any professional work, but have been making home and personal videos since the original version of iMovie came out years ago. I always felt I could do whatever I wanted with iMovie, pushing it as far as I could. I broke down and purchased LumaFusion for a recent vacation. What a wonderful piece of software. Took the time to sit through the tutorial videos which are great. This shows the true potential of what can be done on mobile devices with iOS. Would be happy at 10x the price. Still amazed of what I was able to do in less than an hour, and I have never done any real multitrack editing before.

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The application LumaFusion was published in the category Photo & Video on 22 December 2016, Thursday and was developed by Luma Touch LLC [Developer ID: 920136490]. This program file size is 185.03 MB. This app has been rated by 22,372 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. LumaFusion - Photo & Video app posted on 30 June 2023, Friday current version is 4.0.6 and works well on iOS 15.4 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.luma-touch.LumaFusion. Languages supported by the app:

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FIXED: • Some exports were failing (especially on macOS) VERSION 4.0: MULTICAM STUDIO!: • Multicam Editing reimagined for the touch experience • Sync multiple shots from different angles, then play back and tap to cut between angles and create your masterpiece • Available as an in-app, one-time purchase • Learn more at NEW: • Graphic UI for Bandpass, High-Pass, High-Shelf, Low-Pass, Low-Shelf, and Parametric EQ filters • Voice Isolation Filter IMPROVED: • Automatic relinking of media from external devices • When manually relinking missing media, LumaFusion will now relink all clips with same media • Snap to time cursor when dragging/trimming • Linked folders show as disabled when not connected • Library source previews match the current project settings • Project archives with multiple uses of LUTs are significantly smaller FIXED: • Improved stability and performance throughout LumaFusion In upcoming releases we will continue adding new features, and will continue to enhance every aspect of LumaFusion. Find tutorials, reference guide, answers to your questions, and contact us directly at

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Best Paid Photo & Video Apps List
App Name Released
TV Cast Pro for Roku 30 June 2016
Slow Shutter Cam 23 February 2010
Tattoo Stencil 06 April 2018
Brushstroke 04 March 2014
TinType by Hipstamatic 21 October 2014

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Amazon Shopping 03 December 2008
CapCut - Video Editor 14 April 2020
BeReal. Your friends for real. 08 January 2020
TikTok 02 April 2014
Cash App 16 October 2013

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
Toca Kitchen 2 18 December 2014
Arcadia - Arcade Watch Games 18 December 2019
RadarScope 12 February 2019
Procreate Pocket 17 December 2014
Terraria 28 August 2013

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