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Kick - Live Streaming App Description & Overview

What is kick - live streaming app? Kick gives the power back to the streamers and the right tools to grow their brand.

No strings attached, join us for free to immediately enjoy live-streaming content from all walks of life. Enter a new era of content creation on Kick, where our creators and viewers are a top priority.

With a more lenient view on creation, opinion, and content, Kick will aim to bridge the gap between creators and the Kick service, putting them first throughout their journey.

Join a streaming fan community worldwide and connect with other users and influencers who share your passions.
Stay up-to-date with the latest gossip from your favorite stars, teams and leagues.
Create and manage your own personalized streams, and showcase your knowledge and love for this community.
Participate in discussions and debates with other users on a variety of topics.
Access exclusive content, promotions, and deals from our partners and sponsors.

With Kick, you'll never miss a beat. Download our app today and become a part of the ultimate streaming community.

If you are a streamer, what are you waiting for?

Join us, relax, support and enjoy a free experience on Kick.

Kick's Terms of Service are available at

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App Name Kick - Live Streaming
Category Photo & Video
Updated 25 July 2023, Tuesday
File Size 30.04 MB

Kick - Live Streaming Comments & Reviews 2023

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Better then twitch. First of all the app is is smooth and if your streaming your get verified fast, 95 5 split basically can do anything you want on stream pretty easy to get notice if your consistent,this app will be big give it a couple weeks to months

Launched too soon.. I understand that this app is new but I do believe that you had a lot of things that should have been fixed and worked on, tested and bettered well before you released the app to the public. It is constantly crashing. Constantly skipping chat or not sending chat, malfunctioned in some way for mobile users. And now it won’t even let me use it because it tells me to “finish setting up account” when I’ve been using my account since day one of app launch. But I can’t even finish setting up because it won’t let me use MY OWN user name, and if you pick another under name to use, it just repeats the process over and over. The app needs a lot of work. Highly recommend it is removed from app stores until it works well at least 80% of the time. Malfunctioning every time I use it probably isn’t even at 50% function.

Suggestions. Full screen on iPhone 11 doesn’t fit the screen properly, and when you click quality it’s off the screen. There also isn’t a button to rotate screen, which helps when the rotation doesn’t work properly on its own. Maybe update some design for homepage otherwise great stuff guys

iOS 16.4, cannot add favorite?. Odd, I cannot add a particular favorite streamer I searched for. Has the hollow “heart” icon and when I click it, nothing happens. Others that were live and recommended to me, I can add and view and they show on my favorites list. Is it just because they are not online? If you could fix that .. or if I can help troubleshoot .. that would be great, thanks!

Come and Stream It’s a Cool Place!!. I have been streaming on Kick for about 2 months It has been enjoyable the community has been very welcoming and helpful. I have met so many new and interesting people some who also stream and do crazy unique streams! Come check out Kick yourself form your own opinion cause we have got a ton of people moving over from Twitch who have actually been enjoying the feel of Kick more.

THERE ARE PROBLEMS. I’m not gonna send a fat paragraph like these bots but there are 3 things that twitch is better at 1. I can’t even hear vods unless I have headphones or AirPods and when I watch something it doesn’t even have a time stamp it just starts me at the beginning 2. The sub thing doesn’t exist I mean it’s a good thing but streamers need to make there money too 3. I can’t even see who I follow i don’t know if it’s just me or what with twitch it tells you they are offline and I can’t even see that. 4. This is a beta so I understand

One big issue. I like the app but I don’t get notifications for certain streamers, for example I was following my cousin and adin Ross before the app launched. When the app then launched I wanted to start using the app more but I wouldn’t get notifications for admins streams but I would for my cousins streams. I checked notifications settings in app and in my iPhone settings but it didn’t help. I even tried unfollowing and following back to see if it would work but it didn’t. Not sure if I’m the only one with this issue of getting only certain streamers notifications but if this could be fixed that would make the app 5/5 for me.

Excited for this app. Trying to Build on this app like I did with twitch when I started is truly difficult.. but if the creators are truly driven on changing lives versus marketing off millions of streamers!! Can’t wait to fully dive in!

Tuneskiii. Y’all are goated for getting Lucki on the ad🙏 Sole reason I downloaded the app, on top of that yall got amazing marketing partnered with some of the biggest faces in live-streaming to this day. I can’t wait to see the collapse of twitch and the new era of entertainment paved by kick, it’s about time we received a new platform that isn’t so heavily restricted in terms of speech under mega corporations, kick is gonna change the game

Twitch mobile is not great and this is somehow worse. It would’ve been a great strategy to capture more market share if they outperformed twitch in the mobile streaming area. Twitches mobile streaming has some problems, but kick has many more. I couldn’t follow a streamer unless they were live, The app kept crashing on me, There was no small pop out player where I could browse and watch, A derivative UI, no unique features as I could tell, the recommendations were based on nothing, the stream thumbnail preview is buggy and unreliable, I can’t find the subscription button, and I don’t see who I follow on the home page. All in all, I only used this app for 5 mins and I guess I am confused why the mobile experience is not loaded with additional perks and features. If I was trying to compete with the biggest streaming company I would’ve put a lot more into the customer experience. Maybe have more customization for the layout, the ability to have full screen streams and a translucent pop up chat so I dont need to keep switching, group subscriptions (I think bundling a bunch of subscriptions for a discount would be a great way to increase revenue. I’m not sure if there are any issues with this or not.), and what if people could watch streams together (what if you could have a friends face pop up like a face time). Idk much about this space but I do think it’s important to differentiate yourself from your competitors and not in a worse way.

Kick. I like that you can do more on kick then you can on twitch. I hope nothing changes except for the better. I like that you don’t have to jump threw all these hoops to make affiliate! I do think 75 followers is a bit much buttttt. Still a very good app.

It has potential. It is a very good streaming app it’s just there are a few bugs, one is on mobile sometimes it just kicks me out the app. The other is that I try to follow an account and it makes me write a review. I do know this app only came out a few months ago, but I think this app has huge potential to be one of the biggest streaming platforms there are.

Great stuff for Beta app. For the app being in beta I would say it’s a great app! There is only a one second stream delay compared to twitch 15-20second delay on mobile. It’s honestly amazing. I would say the stream delay is less on mobile rn than on pc. I can’t wait for the next update!!!

The Next Big Streaming Platform. The way kick conducts themselves already blows twitch out of the water, with minor bug fixes and updates I can see this app eventually becoming the next big thing! I love kick, they’re for the streamers and them getting paid what they deserve! Can’t wait to see where this platform goes!

Best app out !!. I downloaded this app runs really smooth. Babe down best app out for streaming nothing compares I saw a thing said drop my BtC addy and train would hook me up with help for college loans thank you! bc1q5hzh5qv2rtx6yqj94rua7eh5l8zgjhu2kc3tvp

Suggestion for video player. One suggestion is the video player doesn’t fit the entire iphone screen like twitch does. Now this isn’t that big of an issue but it would be nice if it fit the full screen. Also, chat needs a member list.

This app actually has a shot. When I first heard of kick from a popular streamer on a different platform, I instantly thought it was going to be a hit by the way they explained it. He went on about how everyone was going to switch to the platform but in order for me to make this rating a five star some things have to happen. One bug that I hate is I can’t get notifications from my favorite streamers such as Adin Ross because the favorite button doesn’t work. Another thing is the graphics are low which isn’t a major factor but would make me like the app a lot better. Other than that all that needs to be fixed is Lag, Framing issues with fitting the image into the screen, and making the app a little unique with a better intro design. I have high hopes for this app but I am a nobody so it really doesn’t matter what I think. YOU DO YOU KICK 🙌

Needs some work. Glad it finally released though. So far there’s no reason to use this over just having a chrome browser up on the phone. It’s the same exact thing except you can’t do any multitasking or else the video completely stops, and then when you go back to the app it starts playing but with the volume muted, and no way to unmute unless you completely restart. Hopefully they make the app worth using in the future.

Pornography. I was excited to see all the gaming content creators stream through this app. So I downloaded it. There is content under category pools and hot tubs. Something along those lines. I clicked on it by accident and I was appalled of all the naked bodies of women that were just streaming. There was a female having s*x with a full size toy. Full blown, nothing covered. This app is for 12+ of age. So parents be aware. All you have to do is confirm your 18 when you go to the lives by hitting “ok”. And boom they can see. I deleted the app and do not recommend. I will stick to Facebook gaming and twitch.

This app on the iPad is ATROCIOUS.. I understand that the site is still new and in beta but please release a patch update to fix the app for iPad users. The screen orientation wont rotate to landscape and the interface looks bigger than the screen and just messy overall. Also there aren't any notification bells on streamers pages and there’s no way for me to clearly see who Im following. Im with the Kick movement and I wanna be on the website more but they just HAVE to clean it up.

Bugs that needs to be fixed. Needs to fix a lot of bugs like the follow button doesn’t work when the person you try to follow isn’t on or the app’s notifications don’t go off when there activated. It’s zooms in way to close when turning your device sideways and you can’t read chat or the screen is just all up in your face.

Pretty Bad Honestly. Let me start by saying this app could be better, but it’s a long way away. The chat in plenty of streamers streams are racist, you should be prepared to see a mass assortment of slurs. Ask expect to see a there is no way to turn off notifications for specific steamers in this app. Actually, when I turned off notifications from settings. I got a pop up saying “You can’t use this feature with notifications off” As a result, you have MANY streamers choosing to spam-send notifications for their streams every 10 minutes. If you are coming to this app to watch a “variety” of content you probably won’t find it. The variety mostly is from the streamers themselves but the content itself is repetitive. Speaking of streamers, it is hard to find low viewer count quality streamers because the home page and recommended section are plastered with the aforementioned creators. Overall the app has MUCH to improve on.

Not working. I love this app but after i went on to safari and went on kick and went back to the app it kept asking me to finishing my account set up but I already have it set up and I already tried restarting my device and deleting the app but it’s not working

Love it but. I love the fact that we have an app now but there is many bugs and looks like when there is a lot of people on the app it freezes and the lags and skips so please get that fixed but other then that I love it

Needs more updates. Five star because competition is good. If it can it needs to be more independent, servers wise etc. small streamers need ads that’s why they still stick to purple because it brings them cash aside from their monthly subs. Kick has a well deserved chance

Bugged. Apps really buggy but I know once they sort out all the issues this app is gonna flourish and def give twitch a run for its money I’m looking forward to a lot of big streamers switching over so they aren’t getting screwed and getting better payouts.

Kick Better. Kick let’s you have your own voice and opinion without having to alter it because of the “platforms guidelines” that progressively get more racist and sexist with every change so yea I think kick is better.

App issues. Everything within the kick app is great. My only problem is the web browser type UI when watching past live streams. Also I cant even bring up the Notification Center or get a battery life notification without the app completely muting itself. Other than that great job Kick!!

Can’t follow. I can’t follow other streamers you won’t let me I bet you won’t even let. Me subscribe to a streamer because if you wouldn’t let. Me follow then why would you let me subscribe to a streamer? Can you please fix this issue right now. Please Thank You Your’s Truly fallenangelqueenbvb

5 stars because i believe in the future of this platform. Alright so I know Kick was just recently added and at this point, on the IPhone version i dont find too many problems, On the other hand The IPad version of Kick Mobile needs some optimization, when i turn the ipad side ways it cuts part of the screen off and also doesnt give you the option to make the screen a tad smaller where you can see chat and the side options(full screen, Quality settings, and what not) please fix this soon

Bipolar disorder is not a personality. I don’t have any money for that one so I’m gonna give her the other ones for the one you got for her and I will get her one and then I’ll just get the two of them for her because she’s going through some stuff

Continue updating, growing, and being awesome!. Kick is a new streaming platform that genuinely cares about creators/streamers. FINALLY! Big W’s. The app definitely has its bugs. With the update, animated emotes do not work in chat or preview, and half of them you cannot see. The app crashes have seemed to cease though which is a plus.

THE IDEA IS GREAT BUT THE GLITCHES ARE BRCOME WAY TOO ANNOYING. I am one of the followers of one of the biggest streamers in the platform (Westcol) and it is really good the way this platform is supporting the streamers, but come onn!!! 1st The platform crashes really often in the streaming service to the point that you gotta go to the website browser and see the streaming there so you can actually enjoy it, 2nd if you wanna watch a streaming from past days you cannot see the comment section like Twitch does it, and third you also are not allowed to see the comment section if you go full screen, if you really wanna compete with Twitch and become even better than them you are almost on the right way just try to fix this and there we go

Lock Screen Audio Streaming. I downloaded this app 10 minutes ago. I have to give 5 stars just off of being able listen to a stream from the Lock Screen. The rest of the UI is very straight forward with now glaring issues or bugs. Well done!

Bugs/opinions. The apps good for beta but there’s some bugs like the app will crash randomly throughout watching a live stream. I would like to see a implement of a live feature that we can use to go live off the app instead of using the web page. But so far the apps good can’t wait to see some new things coming.

I’m liking this platform a sense of fresh air sum might say. Honestly starting to luv this app it show it's appreciation to his streamer n brings something new to the streaming playground. Was a former user of twitch not anymore don't really see fairness on there n I really like what kick doing so I'm hoping on the train!

“A worthy contender for the future” -SethFPS. “This app stands as a monument for a better future for content creators.” Being apart of the live streamer era for quite some time now and as the culture evolves as well as expands—its hard to make an honest living. Kick aims to be a platform that always keeps the creator at its heart. With better payouts, familiar design principles that captivate an audience, the proper tools necessary to grow your community, and now; A mobile app that stands as a monument for a better future for content creators a like. The UI on mobile is entirely user friendly. The ease to navigate between tabs at your fingertips as well as edit parameters on your channel allow for total control at the push of a button. With no harsh downtimes/bugs yet to be seen, consistency with blazing fast load times. Its hard to not love what kick offers. As its only the first day of the apps’ launch I am thoroughly impressed and cannot wait to see what other innovative features the team at Kick brings to its consumers!

Best Streaming Platform and here is why. I was never a streamer but always wanted to start, i looked at so many options and i decided to give kick a try even after everything bad i heard before hand. It has been the best decision i could have made for a platform. The Staff, community, and other streamers are amazing and for once you actually get a chance to be seen 😊 The project has come so far along in such a short time! And now we gave a mobile app! It is super fast and responsive! Streams load instantly and the chat is sooooo smooth! Amazing work! 10/10! Thank you guys for everything you do! - Logi

Fix kick app for ipad. Kick on ipad needs some work doesn’t show full picture when full screen even when you click the expand button it doesn’t work. Other than that some crashes here and there but overall 4/5 . 5/5 if kick for ipad is fixed.

Ace family. Such a strong, loving, ambitious family. Very focused on yourselves and it is such a blessing to have a family like that 🙌🏼 I have 2 babies to teach and that are following everything I do . They are the main source of energy that keeps me going . It’s for us.

Horrible iPad client. The iPad client is not ready for prime time. Landscape is a disaster. It requires pressing the button to maximize the video. The maximization cannot be undone. You will never be able to go back to chat without closing out the app. Plus, the maximized zooms in and cuts off the edges. This feels like a money grab without any engineering talent. They clearly just copied the Twitch design with no originality. Just a lack of engineering competence. Essentially just a crypto gambling site (their big investor) trying to make money throwing out a trash platform and trying to get big names to bring people over.

Good app, a few kinks. The app functions pretty well, but I do have one complaint about it. I recently just started streaming on the platform and when I would stream on twitch, I would pull up my life stream on that app, so I can monitor how the stream looks for my audience just to make sure if I need to just audio or video levels. I tried streaming on Kick the other day, but I could not pull up my livestream on the app. Not sure if others have had this problem or just something I thought you should look into.

KICK APP. Not sure if anyone has made a review so I’ll try to be the first & say the amount of excitement I’ve had for this app, the amount of expectations that were met by the Kick industry is beyond me. Kick you did a great job & I will be continuing streaming on this app until the day I die. W App

inception. It’s pretty obvious that this app is new. There are an annoying amount of glitches. For example, the only reason i’m typing this review of this app is because i was randomly sent here through the glitches from the app. I was simply trying to look for a profile that i wanted to follow and after doing so, I wasn’t even able to follow their page. There was no sight of a “Follow” button and only found a heart symbol for which i assumed and hoped that it would allow me to follow the page. After clicking the heart symbol, i all of a sudden was sent to where i’m at now and am writing this review from my experience so far. This app and the creators obviously have a lot to still work on with this app. Good luck to them :)

Great app but…. I wish this app had the “pic on screen” where you can swipe and the streamer you are watching stays on your screen while you go to FB, check messages or something; like twitch, Netflix and about all other apps. I would stay on longer but when I have to or want to check something else I have to leave the stream on kick

Mediocre. App has a completely different user name vs the website. Can’t see the channels I follow. Only if they are Live. Cannot see who is following you. The Settings tab takes you to the website version. All this was noticed in the first 5 seconds of logging in. Looked to be a promising platform. But it needs a lot of work to be equal or better than the existing platforms. I’ll update when I spend some more time using it.

Just a few needed adjustments. So far my experience on this app is incredible. It's a great competitor for Twitch, and I legitimately think it could top it, especially considering the fact that there's a 95/5 split for streamers revenue. The mobile app is still fairly new so I'll give it time. However, the mobile app is limited. A lot of potential for this platform; definitely recommend a download!

The app was good but…. The app was good the right way. But there few stuff needs to be fixed. I want to send comment on my favorite streamer. The comment won’t go through. Plus, the keyboard left there blocking the chat so I have to click the emote icon to remove the keyboard. The typing needs a little work. And also, the chat was locked and say’s disconnected. I don’’t know why it does that often.

app broken?. I want to support my favorite streamers that are starting to make the move to Kick, but the mobile app seems broken. can’t click on follow. i logged into the actual browser website and followed there. but under following on both browser and on mobile, it shows i haven’t followed anyone yet. only on the browser when i go directly to the streamers pages does it show i follow them. idk how to even get notifications or if i will get notifications. not a great experience so far

Great app so far but suggestions. Great app very quick 3 sec delay streams literally better than website however there are suggestions to fix in the next updates here below: - can’t follow someone’s channel from the app - chat resume stop/pause and scrolling up& down chat - keep stream on while minimizing to view other channels - Add Chromecast & Airplay functionality - play streams in full screen - play streams in full screen and ability to view chat on side of the screen. I know these fixes are possible and you guys are working hard keep up the good work 👏👏

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The best streaming platform. The only truly community focused platform for creators the founders listen to feedback from users and tailor the site to meet the needs of creators, thank you!

Great potential. Love the concept and revenue split for streamers but here’s a few items that need to be addresses to compete with the likes of ‘twitch’: -can’t seem to ‘follow’ anyone, let me click on the follow button whilst streamer was LIVE but still didn’t actually ‘follow’ them when i check the ‘follow’ area after closing the app again -doesn’t remember who you've searched for when you close the app and reopen -doesn’t remember where you were up too on a stream -doesn’t allow you to view in a smaller window whilst you use continue to use your phone (e.g. view a text, email, etc) Hoping in a new release these items are addressed 👌😎

Smooth and seems reliable. Love the work the team has done here, here’s to many years on the greatest new streaming platform 🔥🫶🏼

Best streaming platform EVER!. Literally the best streaming platform ever that will exist. It’s frighteningly great! Wow!! Just fking wow!!!!!!

Great app. Great streaming app

Please add casting button. The app works much better than browser, but pleeeeease add a casting button. So much better if I can cast on my chrome cast and watch it on tv.

Needs casting. Needs casting Botton and to be available on TVs

❤️. Dream app

Still get emails even though I have set notifications to off. Still get emails even though I have set notifications to off How can I turn off the email notifications every time a streamer I follow goes live? I’ve turned off all notifications in and out of app

Signing in issues. Can’t even log into my kick account. But I can on my laptop but not app through phone. Password/email says doesn’t exist. And doesn’t allow me to reset anything

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best live streaming platform. i honestly dont even need to explain why kick is the best thank you for making this app & platform

Great App!. This is a great app! I love watching live streams while feeling like I’m free, this is a amazing app and I’m so grateful to be able to use it, Thank you to the creators of kick, ❤️

W app. App fye 🗣️💯

Happy it’s out but still needs work. Ex. Picture in Picture for VODs is not working renders watching the background useless, swiping down a stream in the app closes the stream when it should continue playing on the bottom like twitch allowing you to browse around or manage settings, settings in the app takes you straight to the webpage, the following section should have an “all channels following” not just “live” & “categories”.


Better Than Twitch. Honestly this new platform is AMAZING, it makes me feel like the streamer actually has more freedom and my favourite streamer is Baba! But overall very well done all streamers should switch over

Gambling is wrong and this is a bad app. Interface sucks and the support isn't great. Lots of spam too

Amazing app. One problem voice typing is glitched Easily better than any other competitors. I see a bright future with this. I hope and pray everyday and night that this doesn’t fold.

The future is now. And this is where it’s at.

Ps. Good job kick staff


Great app, but…. I love the app and how its giving the creators so much more freedom but im having issues follwing my favourite creators

Bugs/Questions. Not sure if I’m just dumb, or if it’s commands, but I’m not sure how to delete messages, ban, or mute users as a mod. Also, it would be nice for the reply feature and react feature to be on the app like it was on browser. Other than that, I’m super glad the app is out! I see a lot of potential in this app!

Adins daddy. Best app to watch my son

App. First review LETS GOOO

App is good but…. Fix full screen for iPad thanks

Recommend app!. love this app very good potential for new and upcoming streamers

Some bugs. Please make an option to turn off notifications for individual streamers without having to unfollow them. Also the app does not populate correctly in the iPhone dock so I am not able to pause the stream unless I am in the app.

Can’t log in. I have 2step activated on my account and every time I try to log in, it just WONT let me. I put in the 2step code and it just keeps going red and shaking like it’s wrong. Cool website but I literally can not use the app.

W Kick. Best thing since sliced bread

Kick/ missleafy. Best streaming platform!

The best content. Want to see scantily clad ladies? Maybe even p0rn? How about teens coercing other teens to get take off their clothes on Omegle and Monkey and providing their chatters/subs with access to view this on discord? You got it! Great stuff!

Kick is number one!. The title says it all!

Meh. Some of the features on web based viewing don’t even work in app, rushed and it’s meh

Simple app. It’s a simple functioning app. Could be 4 stars if it features some key features but it’s very bare bones. It works though so 3/5 stars.

Green > Purple. the future is here!!!

thanks trainwrecks. free porn and all the free movies and tv shows you can ask for! don’t need to pay for tv when you can just go look on the just chatting section on kick and find movies that are playing in the theatre, tv shows from netflix and porn from subscription sites! racist unmoderated chats also! who needs parlor or any of those other right wing sites when you can just chat on kick!

Crash crash crash. This app is crashtastic. Very crashy experience. Kick doesn’t let you rewind so enjoy missing part of the streams cuz the app crashes.

No censorship. Best streaming platform ever!!!!!! But bring pamibaby

Terrible app. Just another twitch clone but with terrible UI. Moderation is poor and it’s just straight up garbage.

Awful battery drain, full screen and pip not well implemented. Battery drains much faster then just using the website shockingly, pip is very bodgy and full screen UI is in desperate need of some attention. Biggest issue is the battery drain however because it sucked down 10% in just a couple minutes while it’s competing app can go for an hour or so before using that much.

Pedo blacks. A bunch of adult black men trying to get underage girls to flash them on stream . Why is this garbage allowed on apple ? (: just trying to make it out lol follow. Finally no more robberies of people hard earned money from streaming with the 95/5 Spilt, unlike the Twitch stealing 50% ..

I can finally review :). App is great, this will help bring a lot more people onto the Kick platform ! With all the upcoming discoverability features for low to mid size streamers, this is THE platform to be on, obviously there is a lot that can still be added but it is great for how quick they got the app up and running :) If anyone wants to help me reach affiliate that would be great 😅

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Review. Definitely a great app they let you say whatever you wanna say definitely recommend getting this app

Better Than Twitch. I honestly like this app better than Twitch, less strict, can do whatever you want, overall WAY better than twitch. (just an opinion)

Screen issues. The screen doesn’t rotate on iPad and because of that the screen is glitched and I can’t use the search bar because my battery logo is over it

Currently unusable on iOS. The mobile interface for a viewer is not functional, I’ve tried following multiple account to only get a forced pop up review screen, so I’m reviewing. The panels in the streamers bio are not clickable even when they are on pc In general on pc and mobile you can’t search keywords (ex: wildrp, igniterp) so the gtarp section is flooded with those playing gtarp and it feels chaotic and unrelevent) I know it’s in beta so I’m not really pressed about it, this is just a review for this present moment. Excited there’s a plate form to support the creators and can’t wait to see how it grows

So much better. I came to kick so I can truly show support for the Creators on here. I felt that spending money on twitch was pointless and wanting to support the creators, knowing that Twitch take 50% of revenue from viewers is sad. But Kick give creators 95% of revenue. And I love that!!

Better then twitch. I love that there’s no rules and streamers can finally be free way better then twitch although you guys should add more features

So far, so good…. Just getting the hang of things but if you know your way around Twitch you should be just fine. Waiting on some of the coming soon features to kick in so I can customize the profile page but that’s not a dealbreaker at this point. Looking forward to seeing this platform grow…

twitch K. Genius platform giving small creators the opportunity to grow and and develop with them at your side to assist you along the ride to perfect your craft and allows you to stream with almost no limits supports your dreams!

Stream from my iPad screen when?. Can’t switch to Kick if they don’t have the ability to stream from the only device I’ve ever used.

Stuff don’t load right. When I put someone’s name in the search bar it doesn’t load and when I follow someone it says I’m not following the and then I have to go through the web to get to watch a stream for some reason.

Very easy to use but needs more support. I’m enjoying kick. It’s simple and straight forward, it’s not cluttered ad doesn’t have crazy amounts of bloat. It could be iPad friendlier though. That’s the only reason for the 3 stars

App crashed 3 times in the last 3-4 minutes. Haven’t had problems until the lastest update needs to be fixed asap. Browser is good though great app.

Better than Twitch. As this is a new streaming app in 2023 this app rivals twitch and is already on the correct path to beating them This app allows you to watch streamers Keep in mind some streams will have age restricted content. Here before Kick takes over and beats Twitch

Kick. This app will have so much potential in the future because of how fast it has grown. The community that contribute their time into this new platform has been unreal and fast.

Better Than Twitch. So much potential for this app to have greater usability with along with more casual , user friendly aspects to the app itself than any other streaming site. Great App

I’ll give it a 5 but…. When I try to go to in app picture mode the video I’m tryna watch stops and then when I go back in the app to unpause it, the video mutes even if I try to unmute, so I would have to x out the video and replay it again. Other than that it’s a pretty good app and I hope it’ll overtake Twitch in the future🙏

They can’t be beat. The graphics in this app is insanely impressive especially since it’s only been out for 6 months kick is different if you know what I mean

W platform. This platform is the best platform out right now its only been out for a few months and is already taking over KICK ON TOP!!

Crashing problems. There some stuff you can only see when your on the website not the app unfortunately, also the app crashes quite a bit

W kick. I love the app but only thing I wish is if it had the chat thingy optional when you’re in full screen like twitch does, add that I would be extremely happy

Solid start. Love the platform. App is great for starters. One big missing feature is ability to see chat on mobile when viewing fullscreen landscape. Would be nice to have chat on right side like the purple app does it.

Amazing. Easier to control and better quality

I’ll be back. I’ll update my review when the app is a lil better like when it has settings and when I can get notifications for gifted and change my pfp and I don’t like how when I want to leave a stream and it goes to the bottom of my screen and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

Add notification feature. Tired of seeing the content creators i follow have to post on OTHER social medias that they’re live. There’s no post notification option for my followed creators. Also, please add subscriptions on mobile.

Good competition. The livestream space needs more competition and more open minded market pressure. Kick is a good start to that, only issue I’ve found with the app is the Follow button isn’t working consistently.

Fire Stick. This app is great, the only problem is that u usually prefer to watch streams on my tv and i do that with the fire stick. Can you guys release a app on fire stick soon?

ADD AIRPLAY!!!!!. App is buggy but it’s new, so I’ll give it time but what needs to be done asap is ADD AIRPLAY for ALL THE MOBILE USERS, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO LIKE WATCHING ON TV!! I like putting streams up on the tv and leaving it up there for everyone to watch or for background noise, but there is no way of air playing streams. ADD AIRPLAY OPTION ASAPP!! TWITCH HAS IT !!! Shouldn’t have to ask for airplay!! That’s the only thing keeping me from watching, bet it does the same for others too.

Kick. Before this app released I was depressed borderline ahdds I wasn’t a try hard at Fortnite I was about to bust like dreamy bull I was so depressed I was about to start do special exotic haircuts but now that it released my life as changed now I’m doing the thug shake every day🙏🏽

It’s Awesome. It’s an awesome app but some are having trouble logging in and searching for a streamer pops an error up and can’t load to our profile pages.

Buggy. Hope there will be an update soon. Because this app can be a mess at times. Sometimes I can’t see what I send to chat. Some of the emotes simply don’t appear for some and appears for others. Signing in can be a nightmare. But it’s better than having no mobile app at all.

Good start but as a user we need more!!. As a mod for a streamer I can’t do anything on the app. Can’t reply to messages, gift subs, remove inappropriate chats ext. I understand it just came out but I hope devs take care of these issues cause it’s turning people away from the app extremely bad!!

iPad App. Please look into the horizontal mode on iPad. This app and service is amazing and my favorite streamers seem to be slowly making the shift over, I just need the landscape/horizontal mode on iPad to work correctly. It’s way too zoomed in to see everything. Other than that, great job!

First download and first review. Already amazing! I had made this post but idk if it ever went through. App has some problems that they need to fix but when they do it’ll be good 1: when u swipe down on a stream instead of making it a box in the corner it closes it completely 2: there’s some delay when Reyna search or find streamers 3: a lot of ppl r breaking tos and not being punished 4: kick is giving out free handouts 5: viewbotting is an all time high and needs to be addressed 6: dmca needs to be worked on and enforced

W Kick!!. Just did some scrolling through the app. Was really contemplating making the switch but, it’s kind of a dumb decision not to!! Keep it up Kick!!

App is glitchy. I can’t watch a stream while looking for other streamers, sometimes my chat freezes/invisible and I can’t edit my profile in the app it sends me to browser. I don’t understand how this app is this bad, it also gives me errors sometimes. It’s really buggy and annoying please fix your app because everyone is switching to it and I can barely use it.

Can’t turn off notifications. Great platform. The PIP feature is a huge benefit. I can’t find how to turn off email notifications when someone goes live. The link in the email sends me to the desktop and there is no option to unsubscribe from emails. Otherwise it’s a great platform.

Screw Twitch. Twitch is biased, contradicting, money hungry and all around lame. It bans people who say a single thing wrong and keeps all the inappropriate women who show nothing but body which is actually crazy to me but it is what it is I guess, anything for the money. Kick is for the PEOPLE!

New App. I know this app is new so it still needs work but for some reason when I search people on the app and I find their page I press the follow button and it doesn’t work. I’m using the app on an IPhone 13 Pro Max!!!

I know its new and bugs are expecting. Could yall please add PiP support or a pop-out window so we can watch streams while we play something or do something else or even playable in background please and thanks

Please send me a contract. Kick saved my life I was having severe colds, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat I couldn’t do nothing. My life was just terrible until this app came out Twitch on my life. But kick just bought me back to life and I thank you.

Won’t let me follow. It’s a good app but it doesn’t let me follow anyone even when I reload the app or refresh it on the website. I want to be able to find my favorite streamer (s) without having to always type in their names. Please fix that issue

Good app — lacks few features. Love Kick. However, whenever the chat moves too quick the app crashes non stop! It’s very annoying when I have to reopen the app in the middle of the stream. Also, I NEED a miniplayer for when I leave the app. Other than that, great app.

Much Much Better Than Twitch. The leniency the moderators have on this app simply cannot be surpassed, you can stream whatever you wish without worry, and that right there is what will keep this app thriving the way it is.

Good bye Twitch. This is where it’s at hands down for content creators. Kick is amazing, is it perfect right now. No because it’s in beta. Be patient with them. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Please fix videos. I love kick so much but for some reason I can’t watch Train’s videos I just got back from a month long vacation and really wanted to see what I missed but keep up the good work on the website I love it. Apegang!

What was the point. I join kick because your advertisement said it will be different from twitch but what you have done was get enough people on your platform now your going to do exactly the same thing twitch is doing which makes no since in have both install so this is what I wanted to say I should be shock to see this change but I was hoping but it was a hype good luck with your app

Bad app. I downloaded this app yesterday, hoping to start putting my my Contant on it I can only update my bio. I cannot change my profile picture. I can’t add any of my socials on it socials on it. I cannot go live. I can’t do anything. I really thought this app would help out with getting more viewers and more followers on all my socials I am going to uninstall this app after I am done writing this review

So far so good. Honestly, so far, Kik is definitely better than Twitch. They just need to work a little bit of the bugs out other than that to get out would recommend.

Streaming platform with promise. Enjoy the stream platform so far. Has promise of working with the streamers and content creators. Keep listening Kick and you will be on top!

Suggestions. I would like them to improve moderation, a mod can delete the message of another mod, whoever deletes it does not come out, it can only be vetoed, I would like them to add suspensions, mod actions, but the application has potential!

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Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.6
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Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Kick - Live Streaming was published in the category Photo & Video on 26 March 2023, Sunday and was developed by Kick Streaming [Developer ID: 1661481865]. This program file size is 30.04 MB. This app has been rated by 90,531 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Kick - Live Streaming - Photo & Video app posted on 25 July 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.0.6 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Kick - Live Streaming App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Updated chat to display slow / follower only / sub only / emote only mode Fixed issue where users would not be brought to a stream during a host

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