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Turn your photos into paintings with Brushstroke.

Brushstroke transforms your album photos and snaps into beautiful paintings in one touch. Edit, sign, and share your work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Want your artwork printed? We've teamed up with CanvasPop to provide the best quality canvas prints available. Pick a frame and size, and you’ll have your masterpiece delivered and hanging on your wall in no time.

For something extra special, try transforming your videos into incredible moving paintings at up to 4K resolution with Video Paintings.


• Automatically transform your photos into one of many painting styles
• Load photos from your Camera Roll and other Albums
• Take snaps and watch them transform instantly
• Experiment with different color palettes
• Adjust your painting to get just the right look
• Select from a variety of canvases and surfaces
• Sign your painting to personalize it
• Share your art on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
• Have your art printed and shipped right to your doorstep
• Transform your videos into art with Video Paintings (requires iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPod touch 6 or later)

For more information, visit us at, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @codeorgana. Find out more about CanvasPop prints and their 100% "Love it" lifetime guarantee at

Brushstroke App Description & Overview

The applications Brushstroke was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-03-04 and was developed by Code Organa. The file size is 61.30 MB. The current version is 3.7 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

• Optimized for the new 11 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro
• Optimized for iOS 12.1
• Bug fixes and other improvements

We’d love to hear what you think! If you have any questions or comments, email us at [email protected]

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Brushstroke Reviews


Terrible  pegg12  1 star

Bought it and deleted it the same day. Waste of money.


My favorite photo app!  mrsdarst  5 star

I ❤️ this app!!!


Save Your Money  photoguy1974  1 star

Other apps can do the same things a lot better for free. The photos they use in the demo aren’t anything like what the app can actually do.


Stalls all the time  hhhbnss  1 star

I just recently purchased this app with the illustration package but can’t use it at all because after loading the image and go to the first step,the app freezes and doesn’t do anything.I have to delete and upload it for each new image from my photo library.I contacted Apple for a refund but an automated message said that there’s no refund on the app.Waisted money


An artist’s dream.....  Sunnygirl_mia  5 star

‘Brushstroke’ is an amazingly supportive and highly creative environment that makes available for each artist almost unlimited applications of various mediums, techniques, and materials, allowing each individual artist to plumb new depths in a quest to adequately explore one’s highly personal sense of artistic expression and imagination! A brilliant platform; Bravo/a, Developers! 😁🙏🏼💕


Love this app  Suzieqtpi  5 star

Print the finished photo on canvas. It's great.


There’s a problem.. update: It’s fixed !  Valhollo  5 star

(Updated to say it’s exactly what the developer said it was. Simple fix, all is well.) I’ve always loved this app for so many reasons, but recently there has been a glitch in the near center of every uploaded image that looks like a white scratch. Close up it looks like a line and two dots. It appears on any image I upload and stays there saved to my camera roll. I have to take my finished image to another app to erase the glitch. I hope it can be fixed.


HRCharb  HRCharb  5 star

I LOVE this app. I’ve spent HOURS manipulating photographs.

Cosmic Mirror

My favorite Photo App  Cosmic Mirror  5 star

This app is amazing. It turns my photos into masterpieces of many different styles. In a world full of photo editing, this one stands out!


I love this app!  Poopoopopo  5 star

This app is fantastic! I highly recommend this app to any digital artist. It helps me make the paintings more accurate. Worth EVERY penny!


👌🏻👌🏻  Elly-Mae  4 star

Just what I’ve been looking, great app for artwork!


So much fun.  Allsee4me  5 star

Great App. Very easy to use. The outcome perfect. Thank you.


Love it.  cloudhopp  5 star

Fabulous tool to play with an image. I use it to help my painting practice. It’s helping me to be a better artist and to resolve visual issues. I can see how to get the best out of what I want to do. Sooo much fun.


Video  LeendaK  5 star

Love how it supports video for some great effects

great south land of Oz

Try it!  great south land of Oz  5 star

Seriously, it's one of the best apps I have and I seem to use it more than the others.


A great deal of  LizzzzieO  5 star

I'm trying to paint and showed a friend a sketch and they thought I had done it. Could help me, maybe


Love this app!  imthewina  5 star

I could play with it for hours (and literally did on a flight o/s) I found it really easy to learn and experimenting with all the filters and other options is fun. Just wish I had an iPad to make it even easier to see the excellent detail of the arty shots I end up with). This is a keeper for me.

Viking Mark

Seems very good app BUT  Viking Mark  4 star

No good for ordering prints if you are in Australia😬 Must be because we are so far "Down Under"! So at present no good if you want to use it for its true potential; just a gimmick at present: Hopefully the developers can get something happening, via Apple profiteers! 🤔


Great App  DJLitsa  5 star

I would highly recommend this


Best App Ever? I think so.  Metalgurusje  5 star

This App is really amazing. Take a photo, crop then choose between a Vermeer or a Van Gogh finish. Or maybe something a bit "out there". Its intuitive, fast, powerful and versatile. I love it. Thanks for the fantastic product.


Great app  4arcarc3  5 star

Great app!


App will not open  Rx_indigo  5 star

Hi, I just purchases the app and it will not open. I restarted my phone and it’s still black.


Skeepy. Mmmmmmm  Fling-Wing  4 star

Enjoy my Bro!l

Your nameistaken

Good app but...  Your nameistaken  2 star

It’s a good app in almost every way except that it refuses to allow the user the choice of not using the camera. Why is that a problem? It’s a huge problem when the camera turns on and is live either looking in my room or at me. I only wanted to use my Photo library. It wouldn’t let me. I’m not happy about this because so many off the apps I’m interested in are made by one owner. Now, if I were to purchase one, I have to wait until I’ve paid to find out if the rest are like Brushstroke. Yes, I saw those icons. Each time I touched Photo Library, I was taken to Camera. Didn’t work . It’s not that I can’t figure out how to use the app. Maybe it just got stuck on Choose Camera. That’s possible. The app works for others.


Excelente aplicación  iWorld.  5 star

Esta es una aplicación excelente con una interfaz muy creativa que te permite en elegir muchísimos estilos que tu luego puedes modificar a tu gusto para así crear la pintura de tu sueños, en base a una fotografía que hayas tomado o que hayas conseguido en intenet. Al mismo tiempo de que la aplicación cuente con un sistema bien diseñado, fácilmente accesible y elegante, puedes mandar a imprimir o pintar tus creaciones con opciones que te promueve la empresa.


Customer service LIVES  whoohouse  5 star

Having trouble figuring out how to navigate the Ap. I first expressed my frustration and then I received n A message from the developer. Wow. They do take pride in their Ap and are concerned about users. With the instructions I received all is going Wonderfully Well. I thanked them and then got even more information. My new recommendation is GET A COPY FOR YOURSELF


Black Screen  kswanca  1 star

I get a black screen after the prompt for the iPhone Camera access on an iPhone 8 Plus. Booooooo. Deleted the app and got the same results after reinstall. ☹️

Jo Jo Nosef

Best  Jo Jo Nosef  5 star

The best

TX Judy

Love this app!  TX Judy  5 star

You won’t regret getting it!


Very nice app  Mikhbon  5 star

Thank you for do me able to drow pictures

Stone 12

Fun  Stone 12  5 star

Firstly,I only have tried this app for the first time a few minutes (maybe hours) ago but it is fun to use and what some programmes make a big fuss about, this manages very capably. This one could stay

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