AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Even the Watch app is optional! Just sleep!

Total Privacy.
AutoSleep has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload.
Ask your "free" sleep app if they can say the same.

Everything Included.
No extra In App Purchases. No subscriptions.

About AutoSleep
Using Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep works out how long you've slept so you don't have to.

If you DO wear your Watch to bed, you don't need to do a single thing. AutoSleep will track your sleep & quality and send you a notification in the morning.

Even if you don't wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It's extremely simple.

If you DON'T wear your Watch to bed, then simply take your Watch off before you go to sleep. As soon as you touch your iPhone or put your Watch back on in the morning then AutoSleep will know that you have finished sleeping.

As everyone is a little bit different. AutoSleep provides a simple setup wizard and an option to tweak if you are a very restless sleeper.

If you wear your Apple Watch to bed*, AutoSleep will also analyse your sleep quality. By using time asleep, restlessness, time awake and heart rate it can score the quality of your sleep and provide you with a comprehensive nightly analysis.
*Note. If you do not wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep simply captures the amount of time sleeping.

AutoSleep also works with HeartWatch our premier heart & activity monitoring app and writes your Sleep information to Apple Health.

*Requires Apple Watch running Watch OS 4 or higher. WatchOS 5 recommended.

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AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Welcome to AutoSleep 6.4! - New charge reminder. Get a reminder of your Watch battery level and whether you should charge it before going to bed. - New Smart Alarm (WatchOS 6 or higher). Start the day feeling less groggy with the new native Apple Watch smart alarm that can wake you up in lighter sleep or gently tap you to take you out of deeper sleep. - New Infograph large modular and large modular complication with alarm status and live sleep tracking. - Watch app support for older watches running WatchOS 4. - Various fixes and general tidying up. - Learn more in the app in Settings / What's New.

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch Comments & Reviews

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- Works well, even with my pacemaker active

I had no great expectations of accuracy given that I need a pacemaker to keep my heart rate above 50 bpm, but with minor tweaking of app settings I was able to get reliable results. As an amateur astronomer I often stay up until early morning hours, and used to sleep very little for several nights at a time. AutoSleep helps me keep my overall sleep time to my minimum target of 6 hrs. per night rather than have a few nights with less than 3 hrs followed by a crash night with 10 hrs or more.

- Valuable insights

I knew that I wasn’t getting the sleep I needed, but to see the data stack up day after day was the proof I needed to make positive changes. I wish this was a default feature that Apple offered but regardless this app is worth every penny.

- Worth the few dollars to purchase

Thus app provides me with all the sleep analysis I need and more. The more you use it the better the data becomes. Recommended ✅

- Good app

Love this Ap. New to Apple Watch and hate that it doesn’t have sleep tracking. This is amazing and very detailed. So I feel I am getting better use from this smart watch.

- It’s fantastic, and so many features it’s overwhelming

The app looks great, has a well-crafted Apple Watch companion app, has a lot of built-in automation and has a lot of features. A. LOT. OF. FEATURES. And settings. So many it becomes overwhelming to learn and understand it all, so I just don’t bother.

- Great App.

Tracks sleep habits accurately and efficiently. Have found myself sleeping much better after a month of tracking and making the necessary sleep adjustments.

- koOL

Application complète et facile

- Awesome App!

It’s a little confusing at first because there’s so much information. But, once you really start digging into the stats and understanding them, being able to adjust them when needed, the app really shines!

- Not accurate

I used this for a week. A couple of nights I woke up for an hour during the night. I was still & reading during this time. It calculated it as sleep.

- It has improved my sleep and my mood

What a great great application! I am really enjoying all functions of it. I a new parent, I knew I was sleep deprived but didn’t have this much awareness about my sleep routin. One thing I learned that I think is phenomenal, is that if I have an occasional few glasses of wine, my heartbeat rate is about 30% higher and my efficiency is way less! My mood, physical and mental performance has definitely improved ever since I am using thiss app. Thanks to AutoSleep and it’s developers.

- Enjoying app

I’m trying this sleep far working well. I am hoping to improve my bedtime and sleep routine. I have had the app a week so I will review again after a month 😁

- Useless App

I have checked this app with apple watch series 5 ‘ This is wastage of money & time ‘ Useless app ‘ zero result ‘ Fit bit inspire hr is best for sleep tracking ‘ Even free app pillow is better than this paid auto sleep app’ This is a fake app

- Great and easy to use

I love this app. Just wear your watch to bed and get in depth summaries of how you slept!

- Works well

I have been very happy with this app. It works well and is accurate. There are several customizations that allow me to tailer the results.

- Très bon

J’adore cette application. Je la regarde tous les jours et elle reflète très bien la qualité de mon sommeil. Intéressant aussi de comparer avec d’autres!

- great ideas but toooooo complicated

Overall it’s a really good app. But …Can I choose the display of different rings please? Too much information makes me dizzy…

- It’s ok

Gives you good stats. No tips on how to improve your sleep based on your stats. The layout for the stats is a bit confusing at times.

- Great app

Until Apple watches finally get sleep tracking this app will be my go to, worth the price and usually very accurate. Lots of information as well so recommend to anyone who wants a sleep tracker with their Apple Watch.

- Good function. Terrible UX.

It does what it says it does, but man the interface is NOT user friendly at all.

- Does not work with my Apple Watch

Will be asking for my money back..

- Enjoying

Really enjoying this app. Still getting used to all the features but it’s worth its price and I actually find it very accurate to the minute.

- Works great

I use the app with my Apple Watch and it gives me accurate reading and all the information I need. Well worth the money paid for the app.

- Great sleep tracker

Works well with my series 0 Apple Watch

- Outstanding app. Highly recommend

Analytics is very insightful and tastefully laid out. One of the best health apps out there for the price. I love it more because it is not subscription based but one time payment. Thanks

- Simple

Very simple to use once you have your phone and watch calibrated. Seems accurate enough. I like it.

- Autoapp


- Great app, seems accurate

Only reason I didn’t give a 5 is because I wish I could better see each “awake” period. The slider option is not great.

- Should have

I switched from Fitbit, was surprised this sort of app isn’t already on the watch.

- Works great with Apple Watch

I use it everyday

- Great App!

Easy to use. Does an accurate job of giving sleep info!

- Very happy

I gave it 4 stars cause there’s thing I think they could update over time to make it easier to translate all the information and I have them access to all my health data but this app if you have the I watch 5 is amazing and sleep with your watch on get much better reading as far as deep sleep times and such

- This thing has probably changed my life, honestly.

I've learned a ton and managed by sleep so much better since using this.

- Love this app

I love this app! I like that it automatically tracks my sleep, similar to my old fit bit!

- Great App, but I have a feature request

Great app works as described, but can we have a feature for when the watch detects you as asleep after you enable “Lights off” it auto pauses whatever audio your device is playing such as a podcast, music, or whatever else there may be?

- Best sleep tracker

I’ve never seen an app so packed with information, yet laid out so cleanly. Easy to navigate all of that precious data. Definitely worth adding the other two apps to your bundle with this one. They’re all great.

- New Series 5 Apple Watch Use

I review my sleep every morning. Yes it helps me understand previous night’s sleep. Lots of detail for those interested -like me - in the sleep over the course of the night. Haven’t used any other sleep apps so Can’t compare.

- Great App

You can’t go wrong with this app! Has lots of great accurate information and is easy to use. There is more complicated info if you use this, but I haven’t had time to figure it out. I would like it if there was some mention about REM sleep, and some sort of general written report about progress along with suggestions. But overall I am amazed at what a beautiful app this for a good price and it has already helped me after just a few days.

- One of my most used Apple Watch app’s

Simply wear your watch at night and it works automatically. You can also adjust and modify all the data if you want to get more technical. Well developed and functional.

- Great app

Tried a few watch/phone sleep apps, this one is definitely the best. Easy, and accurate.

- Je la recommande

Très bonne application sommeil pour Apple Watch et facile a comprendre

- Easy to use and very informative

I’ve been using this app for months and enjoy its accuracy and vast amount of information. Very useful in understanding your quality of sleep.

- Love it

The app is extremely intimidating at first because there are so many metrics, symbols and data. But over time you will gradually learn what they all mean and it will begin to make sense. I’m in my fourth month and I’m really benefiting from all the info this app has to offer. If you want to have a detailed look at your sleep this app will satisfy you. 😴

- Perfect App

Works great

- Review

Improved my understanding of my sleep related to how I feel

- Très bien fait

Beaucoup de détail complet comme application bravo

- Great App

I love it!!

- Autosleep seems accurate

It seems like autosleep matches how I feel about my sleep and gives me an accurate picture of the composition of my sleep. I find it reassures me that even on my worst nights I did get a bit of sleep.

- Excellent!

I wasn’t happy with this app at first because I couldn’t figure out how to set it up. Now that I have it set up and running perfectly. I am Very happy with the app! I’ve been using the app for a month now, and it has helped me to understand my sleeping habits. I highly recommend this app!

- Great sleep tracker

Being able to track my sleep ya it’s has been great for me. I’ve been more conscious of my patterns and able to adjust my habits. I love the simplicity of the app., but also the information I’m able to track and monitor. Have used others. This makes sense to me.

- Ulrich

Great app. I am 80 and the app has helped me stabalize my sleep patterns. It took a bit of studying and practice but it was well worth it. It counts naps as well. Thanx for this. Ulrich.

- Great app

Just getting started it looks good..

- Probably Best App I have ever had all round

Purchased this when it first came out in 2016 along with Heart Watch for my 1st Gen Apple Watch Firstly App support and in App Info is superb See App develop since then and rely on it for my broken irregular sleep patterns and it is so accurate Beats me why Apple ever bypassed this Company and spent all that money buying a company to Set Up Coming Apple Watch 6 (we think) -with Sleep Tracking when this App was in their App Store already - weird However thoroughly recommend this App as the amount of Data and Stats and way it is presented is superb and accuracy is spot on Thanks John Lemar Australia Apple “Nut” Like the rest of us .....??????

- Good app with some issues

I have been using this for approx a year and like the way it gives the phases of sleep (light, still and deep) and a useful number of extra features such as heart rate dip and noise levels. One issue is that regularly it gets the amount of sleep wrong & this cannot be corrected using its adjustment feature. It only offers limited options not full ability to specify sleep duration. It should also be noted that the sleep categories do not necessarily correspond with sleep stages since it is mainly based on measuring heart rate and motion, so you could be still and not moving but awake.

- Great App

Having had some health issues I am enjoying this app to watch my exercise & sleep 💤 patterns plus heart rate.

- Waste of time

Just paid for and downloaded. It said that I was asleep when in fact I wasn’t. And the timezone wasn’t even correct. Removing.

- Inaccurate

Isn’t accurate at all. I was up 3 times last night and then our youngest woke me up because he was scared of the storm. Barely dosed for half the night yet it said I had 8 hours of sleep and 5 hours of quality sleep which wasn’t the case at all. Really can’t tell the difference between sleep and being awake

- Sleep quality

I got this app to check my sleep as I sleep a lot but still feel tired. Now I realise I don’t get enough quality sleep. Explains a lot.

- Luv this!

This app has greatly helped me in understanding my sleep - and develop techniques and strategies that have benefited my health through deeper, more refreshing shuteye. 100 hunny percent brilliant.

- Waste of money

I want my money back this app is useless

- I am not sure why but this is not accurate

Every day, when I get the results, it only shows I sleep 3~5hours a day? This is completely inaccurate. I am not sure if I am a independent case or because other reasons. But I decide to delete this app now to ensure it won’t create panic on me, as fearing I didn’t get enough rest.

- Pretty good

I struggle with insomnia so use medication to sleep and therefore need to be able to track my sleep quality and amount. I really would recommend this app as it doesn’t have layered in app purchases but you need a series 4 watch or higher to unlock some of the more advanced features.


Best sleep app. Using it every night. Tracks how well I sleep and a useful tool which accurately tells me how I’m feeling the following day. It’s amazing!

- Muy bueno

La aplicación es muy eficiente y te brinda un muy buen sistema y/o análisis de la calidad de tu sueño

- Help

How can I get the app on my watch? It won’t transfer to my watch

- Messy interface but decent tracking

Visually very messy, It’s like it has mashed all the vision board ideas into one app. It has some good tracking not sure how good it actually is. There are features I’m not sure I even know how to use. But it’s cheap enough to give it a go.

- Best App ever. I use it everyday


- Shows true form

If your diet is healthy it recognises the effect on sleep compared to going out and consuming alcohol and eating rubbish

- What has changed??

Some nights app showing crazy sleep times when watch not worn.

- Best app for tracking sleep

I love this app. It accurately tracks sleep and wake times, time spent in a deep sleep and heart rate during the night. Makes it easy to see sleep/ wake patterns.

- Doesn’t track my sleep accurately

It just doesn’t do a good job of recording my sleep accurately. It often doesn’t track when I wake in the night even if I get up & move around or use my phone. The night before last I was ill & slept from 6pm until 5am. It recorded the sleep at 9pm - 6am. The app is also confusing, too much information without clear explanation of what everything means

- Full featured, but hard to decipher

I’ve been using AutoSleep for hundreds of nights and love that I don’t need to do anything to initiate the tracking. I’d like to see some proactive, automatic analysis of all the data that’s been accumulated to give me some insights. Like, am I waking at the most ideal time based on my deep and light sleep patterns. It’s hard for me to get an answer to that question. Design wise the app is a bit dense and could benefit from a design pass to round out some of the rough edges like UI elements, colour palette and so on. Look forward to the future of the app.

- Great sleep tracker

This is a great sleep tracker that provides useful and easy to read data. This app has helped me to establish much better sleep hygiene. Thank you.

- So far so good

Just started using and seems very effective and comprehensive. It has been fascinating to discover how little sleep I have gotten used to my detriment and what poor quality it has been. It explains a great deal about my tiredness and high levels of stress. Using this app is helping me to simply get more sleep. Highly recommended.

- Good

Omg it recorded my nap this afternoon! So worth it

- exceeds expectations

awesome app, best tracker app for sleep so far! clearly lots of thought was put on this app

- Great app

Easy to use with detailed information

- So so helpful, great information and data

This app has been beyond helpful in identifying sleep patterns, correcting my sleep/wake cycle and being able to monitor my sleep condition. Love it, highly recommend! Super easy to use also!

- Nice AW app

The most compulsory app in my Apple Watch and very automatic

- I really like AutoSleep

This app, Autosleep has been excellent in tracking my sleep for over a year now. I like the way i can tell by the quality of sleep I’ve had, directly affects my energy and alertness for the day. So it helps me want to create a better sleep routine so that i can function better in life. I now use Autosleep in conjunction with Lifx lights to create an atmosphere of amber light to prepare for bed each night. The best app purchase in years!

- Peaceful rest

Thanks for a great set of apps. With sleep apnea, and Apple Watch - I can now fully monitor my apnea machine and too as well as over all sleep hygiene and of course basic BP. Easy to have, cheap to buy, reliable and thorough. 5⭐️ apps. Well done. Thank you 😊

- Not the most attractive but it’s the most accurate

I first got this app via reviews with everyone raving about it. My first impression of this app over ‘pillow app’ was that it looked like the ugly brother. Anyway I have both of them a shot and AutoSleep gave me so much more insights and more accuracy than the latter. Plus it even picked up on my naps which ‘pillow app’ didn’t. Now I’m used to the design of the app and couldn’t imagine it any other way.....5 stars!

- Best sleep tracker

I have tried a bunch of different sleep trackers over the years and this is the best one by far. I wear my Apple Watch to bed every night to get the best readings. As far as I can tell it is extremely accurate.

- Best sleep app

I have tried a few sleep apps as I suffer from insomnia and this one gives me all the information I require

- A bit confusing and complicated at first but grows on you

The user interface isn’t the most clean and intuitive. The different terms and graphical need a bit of work to understand. However, if you really want to work on improving your sleep, this is a good app to try.

- Long term data app

Most Apple Watch data apps that I download fall into one of two categories. The first are apps that seem like a good idea but once the initial excitement has gone you stop logging and the data becomes useless. The second are apps that make great use of Apple Watch technology to log in the background. Much more useful. AutoSleep does its thing very, very well leaving me to do mine. 😴

- Mrs

Great app have been using it for a while.

- Great App

Very detailed information! Recommended!

- Useful App I check it daily

This App covers most things I wanted to know about. I don’t find the messages that the colours are telling me that well. Maybe add a page that better explains what ideally we should be seeking to achieve to have a healthy and balance sleep. Say three different colour rings with comments supporting what each mean?

- Good amount of data

I sleep pretty well, never have issues unless I’m anxious. But it’s good to see the amount of deep sleep I get, as it is the reason whether I feel good or bad when I wake up.

- Broken

The app doesn’t seem to automatically track anymore, it used to be extremely accurate previously, but now it either tracks only small amounts to no sleep at all, when I know I’ve slept for hours, I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it didn’t fix it.

- Doesn’t work

This app has never worked for me. I bought it to use with my Apple Watch series 3. All the troubleshooting advice the app gives just basically blames Apple for the app not working. Don’t waste your $$.

- Really helpful sleep tracker.

Has improved my sleeping habits

- Doesn’t do a thing

Nothing recorded. Brilliant app if you like spending money on useless things.

- Great tool to u sweat and sleep

Really great easy to use sleep tracking tool. Provides great information and feedback for understanding and optimising sleep.

- Outstanding tool for troubleshooting sleep habits

I used to have a FitBit HR and have tried other iPhone based sleep tracking apps. This app is by far the most comprehensive and actionable in getting control of your sleep habits. Well done!

- Just like apple

My favourite app ever, if apple ever adds official sleep tracking to the apple watch I'd guess it would look just like this!

- Good information

Easy to use and understand. Love the infographic style. Very helpful to monitor sleep and resting heart rate.

- Great App with Apple Watch

I love using this App on my Apple Watch. It provides me with great insights.

- 非常好的一款软件 😍

- Very detailed.

I’m I shiftworker so it’s interesting to monitor my sleep patterns. This app seems to have it all. So much so that I don’t understand much of what the app is telling me. The developer has obviously put a lot of work into it. I just wish that I could appreciate it more. Update. It’s too complicated for me. I cannot work out how to edit sleep periods or to enter them when I don’t wear my Apple Watch to bed. Sorry, but it’s too much for me to work out.

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- 不错


- Must get

Love this app. Plenty of information 👍👍👍

- Brilliant

This app is absolutely brilliant and has been pivotal in getting me on track with my health, at first I thought it was going to be pretty gimicky but it’s been superb

- Simple to use, yet lots of data

For a few weeks I used a competing app, but AutoSleep is better in every way, including depth of data, analysis, attractive, easy to understand. It’s surprising that Apple don’t yet have a Sleep app when such a good app like this exists

- Amazing detail!

I’ve only had the app a few days, but I’m amazed at how accurate it is & how detailed the information I get about my sleep is!!

- Can’t Fault It

Great app that does exactly what it’s for, no fuss. You can get as little or as much as you like out of it. It provides great breakdown of your sleep patterns including heart rate. Highly recommend if it’s something you’re interested in.

- Information plus

When I first got the app I was sceptical, but after a short time it became an intricate part of my life , I could work out when I was stressed my sleep was deeply affected, the sleep improved a great deal when I wasn’t, in saying that it has a lot of information , graphs ,sleep patterns, it’s all relevant about sleep and heart rates, cycles etc , it’s a great app it’s user friendly and a great interface, could not do without it now , highly recommended , thanks again for a great app 😀😀😀

- Wellness

I started using this app because I was becoming concerned that I might I might not be sleeping well, which was causing me to not sleep well, if you get me. Anyway, this app gave me a much better understanding of my actual sleeping patterns and the consequences of those patterns and more valuably suggestions how to improve all this. Never regret getting and using this app.

- Sleep app

Best sleep tracking app I’ve found. Well worth it.

- Issues with Family Sharing

After 2 years of use, this app has started to become unusable. Other family members having to uninstall and then reconfigure the app numerous times over the last couple of months, following message of this app is no longer shared with you. This is a real shame as we used this app daily before these issues started occurring and it is now more hassle than the data provided is worth.

- Excellent app for sleep tracking

I’ve used Fitbit for a few years and find AutoSleep tracks better and is more detailed. Good work!

- Great App

It’s just very well done. Integration with an Apple Watch is superb.

- Great tracker

Love reading and visually seeing my sleep patterns and other interesting information. Easy to use. I’m glad it’s on my watch and I’m using it.

- Not at all happy

I purchased this app and ever since the day I purchased it I have had no luck with it. It will not sync with my phone and I have gone through all the instructions multiple times, including unpairing my phone 3 times. I don’t know what else to do to make it work. I wish very much that I did not pay for this app.

- Insomnia

I have suffered from insomnia for a very long time as well as having severe back pain. I knew I wasn’t getting much sleep but couldn’t tell exactly how much, since installing this app I have been able to track it quite accurately plus my deep sleep which is for the most part very low. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants an accurate read of their sleep and heart rate. Well done.

- Excellent

The ap works very well on my Apple Watch and I find it very accurate and concise.

- Very useful

The more I use this, the more I realise that being “correct” isn’t the same as being “useful.” More than anything, this app has given me useful feedback and is a constant reminder of just how important sleep is to every person’s health and happiness. I recommend it to help you reflect on the decisions you make that affect your sleep.

- AutoSleep

Great application At least I do not lie to myself when I do not sleep enough and, as a result, feel like 🤬 Helps me to rest better and improve Didn’t think that Apple Watch will be anything but a toy With this app it is a magnificent game changer

- Love it - regular updates

Love the latest version with the sound decibel measured throughout the night. 👍

- Annoyed

Want my money back !! Just doesn’t work... says no buttons to press just sleep .... well I’ve tried !!! Many times ... always get errors ... no data from Apple Watch ... uninstall and reinstall several times .. without result... don’t waist you money ! Clearly Apple are not that into Sleep Tracking otherwise they’d build in the functionality like everything else they’ve done so well...

- Worst app

Doesn’t track sleep correctly. I have 3 sleep tracking apps on my phone. I slept a full night last night in ages and it recorded that I had only slept 2 hours... wow!

- Awesome app

I’m a shift worker and use this app all the time. I like how I don’t have to do anything other than have my Apple Watch on, as well as the trending information it provides. Seems surprisingly accurate too, no idea how they achieve that. All the information it records is also way to find and understand. It’s become an essential part of my health arsenal 👍

- Sleep tracking made easy

This app provides a lot of data in an easily digestible form. Works so well with the Apple Watch.

- Enjoyable and interesting

I have used this app almost daily. I review my sleep for the overnight period and it helps me keep in balance and look after myself. There is probably too much information!

- Keeps crashing

Just bought the app. Playing around with it and getting so many crashes. I can’t believe the poor quality. I had higher expectations for a paid app.

- Awesome, one of the best apps I’ve bought

Excellent details about sleep patterns and debt. Lots of very useful information. Some may think it’s too busy, but I enjoy the detailed analysis that no other app is providing, especially given there are no subscription fees! This app has really helped me understand my sleep better. Keep up the great work.

- Amazing application and worth the purchase!

When I moved to the Apple Watch I was frustrated that it had no sleep tracking. This app has filled that void perfectly and is the most comprehensive sleep tracking app I’ve ever used. It blows away the sleep tracking that was on my Fitbit and even Jawbone.

- So far so good

So far so good

- Great

Info is great and graphics allow easy to understand.

- Sleep

I got this app to see how I sleep I am a person that really don’t sleep much so I through this might help me here go nothing I will give it a crack

- The far

I used Sleep Cycle and then Pillow for a few years before discovering AutoSleep. I so wish I had been using this all along. The amount of data, the accuracy and the way is presented is outstanding, and so much better than the competition. If you want to track your sleep, this is the app.

- Works really well.

Love tracking my deep sleep.

- Very happy with it

It’s a great app and tracks stuff I didn’t know needed tracking.

- A good app.

A few bugs but overall a good app. Could benefit from a more extensive tutorial.

- Work as well as it said it would

Great app that works like magic in the background and gives excellent feedback on your sleeping patterns. I just have to remember to charge my watch before I go to bed now, rather than leave it charging overnight. There’s no way to get around that though.

- Great app

I’ve been using since I got my watch and love how it interacts with my Oura ring. When I was sick with a cold a few months ago the app tracked temp and heart rate increase. Very impressed. Thank you

- Great app!

I use this app everyday and love it. Simple, clean interface and provides great in sight to how I feel day to day.

- Great app

Would be useful the amount of sleep for the previous night could be passed as text for use in Siri shortcuts instead of just showing an image.

- Awesome

Works beautifully with Apple Watch Very very accurate. Great way to gage the quality of each night’s sleep!!!

- Suits Apple Watch soooo well

This apps great and suits apple products so well. I have the Apple Watch and this app is excellent for it. Hopefully some day apple catches on and buys it from auto sleep. Thanks auto sleep

- Valuable tool in your health toolkit

This is a great app, I have found out so much about my sleep and how I feel and function the next day. Highly recommend it.

- Best App I ever spent money on

Fantastic. Based on your sleep it lets you know how your day will be. Great to have structure around your nights, ie learn when to go to sleep and keep it consistent. Thoroughly recommended.

- Does the job very well!

An amazing collection and display of information about my sleep, constrained only by the somewhat haphazard recording of the raw data by my Apple Watch 3. I keep discovering functionality and I am very happy with this app without actually knowing to what extent it has hard, factual input to work with.

- Get the zzz

I can now eliminate the sleep disturbers and have better days

- Best Apple Watch sleep tracking app on the market

I’ve been looking for a great Apple Watch sleep tracking app for some time. All others seem to have the same problem: they don’t sync to the Apple health app unless you open the sleep tracking app each day. AutoSleep manages to sync this data without any hassle from the user. Additionally, it provides you with so much outstanding data and statistics about your sleep. Mine seems to be incredibly accurate too, which I am thrilled about. If you’re worried about spending a bit of money when there are many free alternatives, don’t. AutoSleep trumps all others by a long shot.

- Sweet as

Does the trick 👌🏻

- Excellent

This app is simple to use and gives a wealth of useful info. I find it a great motivator to go to bed on time and look after myself. Interesting to watch sleep quality etc when stressed.

- Fantastic sleep tracker

Everything these guys make is excellent. Great tracker and great data visualisation in the app.

- Worth my money

Very satisfied

- Great app! High accuracy & extremely thorough!

Awesome app! In fact both app’s I’ve downloaded by this developer are of high quality (AutoSleep, & HeartWatch) and clearly designed to work excellently together! Layout’s super easy to understand & navigate... The use of colours also makes it much simpler visually to compare results. All in all, the app’s data is extremely thorough & user friendly! (Most importantly, results are highly accurate for me so far!)

@basil_se @iM7M7 اسمه : autosleep لابد من وجود Apple Watch ⌚️ الرابط :

App/Book AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch has been updated to 6.4.0

@miorhaziq AutoSleep untuk Apple Watch. Ada banyak pilihan dekat internet dan rasa nak cuba yang ni. So far ok la…

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AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch 6.4.0 Screenshots & Images

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch iphone images
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch Health & Fitness application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch Health & Fitness application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch Health & Fitness application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch (Version 6.4.0) Install & Download

The applications AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-12-20 and was developed by Tantsissa [Developer ID: 861650887]. This application file size is 26.4 MB. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch - Health & Fitness posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 6.4.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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