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AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch App Description & Overview

What is autosleep track sleep on watch app? Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Even the Watch app is optional! Just sleep!

Total Privacy.
AutoSleep has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload.
Ask your "free" sleep app if they can say the same.

Everything Included.
No extra In App Purchases. No subscriptions.

Apple Sleep Stages
Full integration with Sleep Stages from the Apple Sleep app, so you have the option to use the Apple Sleep app and view all the information in AutoSleep.

AutoSleep includes all the information and functionality you need for sleep monitoring, including:
Time Asleep – sleep duration and sleep bank balance
Sleep Rating – a consolidated rating score of your sleep
Sleep Rings – fill your sleep rings with quality sleep, including heart rate, deep sleep and REM
Apple Sleep Stages – option to use the data from the Apple Sleep app
Sleep Blood Oxygen – measurements while sleeping
Respiration Rate – track your breathes per minute
Noise – environmental noise measurements
Sleep Analysis – view detailed graphs and breakups on your sleep cycles
Sleep Fuel – measure the quality and efficiency of your sleep
Tonight’s Bedtime – recommends your latest bedtime based on your habits
Readiness – indicates your physical and mental stress
Temperature – track your sleeping wrist temperature
Sleep Consistency – learn about your time to bed behaviours
Lights Off – track the time to fall asleep
Live Sleep Tracking – view your sleep statistics during the night
Smart Alarm – Watch in-built smart alarm to help you wake in lighter sleep
Widgets – fantastic range of iPhone widgets
Complications – multiple Watch face options
HomeKit – full integration with Apple HomeKit
Emojis & Notes – record comments and tags to your sleep session
Explore – deep dive analytics views
Siri – use with Siri voice commands
Shortcuts – create your own shortcuts that you use with AutoSleep
Adjust – a simple function to adjust sleep/wake detection individual to you
History – advanced graphs and trends
Configuration – change the theme and design your clock sleep rings
Setup – customise your sleep goals, setup notifications and reminders
Exports – exporting options to save your data

About AutoSleep
Using Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep works out how long you've slept so you don't have to.

If you DO wear your Watch to bed, you don't need to do a single thing. AutoSleep will track your sleep & quality and send you a notification in the morning.

Even if you don't wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It's extremely simple. If you DON'T wear your Watch to bed, then simply take your Watch off before you go to sleep. As soon as you touch your iPhone or put your Watch back on in the morning then AutoSleep will know that you have finished sleeping.

As everyone is a little bit different. AutoSleep provides a simple setup wizard and an option to tweak if you are a very restless sleeper.

AutoSleep also integrates beautifully with the Eclipse Yourself and HeartWatch apps, our premier heart, health, activity, recovery and readiness monitoring apps.

*Requires Apple Watch running WatchOS 4 or higher.

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App Name AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 12 March 2024, Tuesday
File Size 44.33 MB

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch Comments & Reviews 2024

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Does everything I need, and does it well. I tried a few of these sleep trackers, and I used to use the one on the Fitbit, and I like this one the best. It has the visual niceties like reusing the rings concept that Apple Health uses, and is attractive and pleasant to use. I'm happy with the number and presentation of the graphs. In terms of accuracy, I can't second guess what it says about light vs deep sleep, but it gives me confidence that the asleep/awake determination is surprisingly accurate. Importantly, when it is mistaken, there are ways provided to correct it--including one that doesn't just override the data but is meant to calibrate it for future accuracy. Maybe the only thing I don't like is the relationship to AutoWake and HeartWatch which seem to be companion apps. It's slightly confusing (though ultimately convenient) that these are accessible via the app. Since the app uses wake data and heart rate data, I wasn't sure (and I guess am still not sure) whether they were dependencies that needed to be configured for the sleep tracking to work optimally or merely companion apps that present another lens through which to view some of the data AutoSleep uses.

Congested, non-intuitive interface. Downloaded the app as a first time Apple Watch owner. I previously used a FitBit Charge 2 for sleep tracking, which had little to no setup or calibration and seemed to be fairly accurate for a wrist wearable. For me, this app has required multiple calibrations, and I find the data it produces difficult to interpret and the menus difficult to find and revisit. The “Readiness” rating seems to be the most arbitrary of all the data the app produces. I gave it two weeks before rating but things haven’t really improved. I’m going to keep plugging away, hoping that it becomes more useful for me. UPDATE: Still experiencing issues with data accuracy. The application has a Sleep/Wake Consistency feature that will track your sleep and wake times, however you cannot set your sleep time past 12am midnight. For someone who goes to bed at 2am, this feature is rendered completely useless because of a software limitation. One positive I will point out is their email support team is pretty responsive; I’ve reached out twice with issues and gotten responses fairly quickly. That being said, I’ll be exploring other sleep tracking applications while waiting for Apple to release theirs for watchOS.

Honest. The extent of the information available here is very impressive. For sure and it really does help insomniacs seek ways to improve their sleeping habits because like all apps it’s gamification is a trigger to want to beat or at least meet the expectations for healthy sleeping patterns. On the other hand, the app itself has so much information and at least on my iPhone it’s not simple enough to understand how to use to max benefits. It seems sort of thrown together so not navigating from a burger menu that lays out exactly what you’re seeing, how to specifically target better numbers etc., can be a bit of “what am I looking at?” Kind of feeling. Most of us just want to see hours slept, oxygen levels, and deep/shallow sleep. BUT I think that might be on me or any user concerned about their health to do a better job learning to use the app. Pretty sure it’s from using so many apps that have removed the critical thinking skills of their users( like me for instance) and want everything spelled out super efficiently acutely personably and spelled out. So I really like this app and the challenge it gives me to enforces me to engage purposefully towards conquering my insomnia. And when it shows I slept well I feel like I won big time. When it shows I slept poorly, it’s incentive to change things the next night for better results. Great app. 5 stars.

Disappointed. No app should be this difficult to use. It would either not record my sleep at all or record some of it and then disappear. I contacted customer service. Customer service is good. Spent 4-5 days trying to get this to work. I still have an iPhone 6s so there was a know glitch with it and the app. Because of what I assume is a time difference they only answered me emails at around 10pm each night. Finally we were able to get it to track and save my sleep. I used it for another week or so however what it records is inaccurate even with adjusting it. AutoSleep routinely tells me I am only sleeping 1-6 hours with 0-23 minutes deep sleep even when I know I have had deep sleep and have had dreams. AutoSleep also shows me awake when I know I was sleeping. I wear both my Apple Watch and my Withings. My Withings is more accurate consistently shows when in deep sleep, when I have awaken during the night. I bought the AutoSleep app because I thought tracking my heart rate and quality sleep would be beneficial. Just wearing my Apple Watch to bed does that for me. I really wanted to like this app and thought it would be the only app I would need to use. Unfortunately that has proven not to be the case.

Nice, but kills battery. It’s a good app, but it drains my battery. I go to bed with 90 or 100% battery and wake up with 40%. They do have a supposed fix in the faq, but it’s not complete and only seemed to work for a short time. They tell you to delete the watch app, restart the watch and phone, and reinstall. But first of all, you can’t actually delete the app without unpairing the watch first. I made this mistake and clicked where it said “remove from phone screen” or something like that, only to discover that the app had disappeared but not actually deleted. It was a bit of a challenge at that point to find out how to actually delete it, and after a significant amount of searching I found how to get to it and that you can’t delete the app without unpairing the watch. So after going through all that, unpairing the watch, deleting and restarting everything, it seemed like the problem temporarily got better for a week or two, but has now resorted to draining the battery again. I have another sleep app that doesn’t do this, so I don’t understand what the problem with this one is. I only wanted this one as a comparison with the other one, and it does have some additional features, but this battery draining is just not worth it. Also unpairing, deleting, reinstalling and restarting every two weeks is also not worth it.

Could be very awesome. I know there’s a lot of hype around this app and tons of great reviews. While I want to love it, I can not. There’s one major issue that is just very strange that happens after running this app for a few days that I haven’t been able to explain, it turns my sleep stages off or blocks them from happening. I have it turned on in the apple health app and for the first few days it doesn’t mess with them. Without the app installed they work fine and have been working fine for as long as I remember. The first day after installing I can look back at my sleep stage data just fine and the next morning my sleep stage data is present. Then around the 3rd or 4th night of having the app installed sleep stages no longer work. I have uninstalled the app 3 times now and the next night I sleep my sleep stages are back. I’m not trying it again, I will just take the loss on this one. I also think that there may just be too much data shown on some of the screens but I could live with too much data being shown if it didn’t turn off my sleep stage data. I like the auto sleep sleep analysis but I don’t want to have that and lose my other data.

Essential Sleep Tool. Like many people I’ve been struggling with sleep issues for well over a decade. I’ve been under the care of sleep disorders doctors during most of this time and have undergone several in-lab sleep studies and various therapies. While this app will not substitute for the care and therapy provided by health care professionals it is very useful for understanding and quantifying the nature of your sleep deficits. This makes it much easier for you to communicate what is happening to you under your normal, at-home sleep patterns. Having this data available to share with your sleep doctor is extremely valuable not only because it’s being captured over an extended period of time in your day to day environment, unlike a sleep lab, but because it takes you a step closer to speaking with your doctor in terms that are already familiar to those who work in the field of sleep medicine. Finally, the data provided by this app provides you with a feedback mechanism to help you make changes that may improve your overall sleep health. In my personal experience I can easily correlate my overall sense of wellbeing and restorative benefit,or lack of same, back to the data shown in this app. When I’m not feeling well even after spending a sufficient number of hours in bed, this app helps identify what quality-of-sleep parameter is lacking.

my sleep has improved w/ this app. I've been using this app for a couple years now, it was the first thing I bought when I got an Apple Watch, and it has been instrumental in helping improve my sleep issues. The process has been long, and I've had to implement a lot of different things to support my sleep but AutoSleep has shown what works and what doesn't, it's helped me figure out the ideal time to wind down, it's shown me how alcohol impacts my heart rate and robs me of deep sleep, it's confirmed that my breathing patterns are problematic, it's shown how effective taking valerian root has been for me but how ineffective taking melatonin has been for me (you may have a different experience!) I could go on... It has provided a ton of helpful data and with that data I've experimented and have gone from averaging 4/5 hours of sleep to averaging 6/7 hours of sleep. I chose this app over other apps because of the one time fee and I love that you don't have to do anything except fall asleep with your watch on for it to start tracking. The only thing I haven't figured out is how to track my occasional 15/20 minute power naps. The app seems to only kick in if you've slept for over 30 minutes. Not a complaint, just an observation. Sleep well!

This should be Apple’s standard sleep app. I used to use the Fitbit app and tracker and really liked it. To the point that I used to keep it charged just to wear at night. This app makes the Apple Watch competitive and even better than what I had with my basic Fitbit. The Apple app for sleep tracking is useless without this. A cool feature is the waking option with the watch. I like how you can set it to wake you up at the right time in your sleep. I find this does work. I used to use another app for that. Love that this combines that feature. This, to me is a strong almost 5 star app. Reason I don’t give it a 5, is because there are some measurements that are a little harder to understand, even after reading the helpful links they provide. I still don’t quite understand the heart rate dip measurements, wish that was more simplistic to understand. Another thing I wish it had was a feature for getting tips to improve areas where you struggle with optimal sleep, that would be awesome. Otherwise the app is great! Highly recommend for anyone trying to get insight into their sleep.

Very good. This is genius and going to change/save my life. This App was not really great for me in the past, but now that it’s a lot better and has the AutoSleep app I have totally feel different I got AirPod pros right before and what I do is put them in, play the appropriate setting in Endel app and then set my alarm. I have a back up just in case it fails to arouse me, haven’t needed it yet though. This app is changing my life already. I have type 1 bipolar, severe anxiety, ADD, and depression is a cloud or blanket I’ve lived with holding me down and ruining me since I turned age 9 two decades ago... I am also now “obese” but it just seems like I have a beer belly haha. It’s not really bad, but since I got on certain meds it totally made my body head that way. I have always had advice from different professionals that I need to change my diet, replace bad habits with good habits, and most of all get a good night sleep. Sleep has a tremendous affect on health. My stress level has been too high lately - I feel better the past few days than I have in months. All thanks to my new Apple Watch and AutoSleep and AutoWakez I can do that now and I already feel my mind is more focused, I don’t feel groggy, my anxiety lessened, I am in a much better mood, I am able to cut my procrastination down and it’s not a struggle to get out of bed, start my day. This literally has changed my most important part of the day so that I start on a much better mood and attitude. Thank you!

Simply the best Sleep App I’ve used. I’ve used quite a few sleep apps over the last year or two and this is by far the best. You have two options - use it with an Apple Watch or without. If you don’t have a watch, the app correlates the data from when you plug your phone in vs unplugging it, but it also takes into effect when your phones screen is on and subtracts it from your total sleep hours! This is the first app I’ve ever seen do this! When you use it with your watch, if you turn it into “Theater Mode”, it gets really detailed information about your sleep and tells you when you were in different sleep levels, but with Theater mode all night it uses a whopping 2% battery. It still correlates phone screen time into sleep totals, and subtracts that from your sleep, so you get a much more accurate picture of how long and well you’ve slept. The only bad thing is you have to remember to charge the watch before you get to the point of being in bed. Probably my only gripe is I think metrics for heart correlation could maybe be broken down a bit more (average HR in REM, average in Deep Sleep, etc), but it does give graphs of where your HR attended out over time so that’s nice.

Love this app!. This app changed my life and the way I think about sleep and how the decisions I made throughout my day affects the quality of my sleep. Everyone knows going to bed early and getting a good nights sleep is good for you, but how do you get there? This app and my Apple Watch helped me figure out the way. With this app I discovered that my minimum amount of sleep needed is 6.5hr, target is 7hrs and anything above this is a bonus. With this app I discovered that I really should not have any alcohol 3-4hrs before going to bed otherwise my body wastes more energy processing the alcohol through my system than helping my body recover while I sleep and I don’t wake up feeling rested. This app helped me discover that I have food allergies I was not aware of, by monitoring my heart rate after a late night snack I could see via HR charts which snacks helped or impeded my sleep cycle. Every morning I wake up and look at the total amount of sleep and deep sleep I just completed and if it’s not at my minimum amount than I continue to sleep a bit more if possible so I have a productive day. To the developer thank you and continue all the great work and please continue improving this app!

Must Have App. Wow…before I bought this I read the ratings. Seemed liked and easy decision based on experiences. Then I bought it and started to see how sleep was affecting my mind and body. I was diagnosed with sever sleep apnea, started with the CPAP and started to feel better quickly. Difference being I could see it in the app as the quality of sleep improved. Started using the lights out for additional insight. Then I saw the impact of alcohol was having on my sleep on the weekends. Amazing…improving health is my #1 priority so started changing my behavior. Set goals for minimum sleep, weight loss, and stopped drinking. Now I get up in the morning and can feel my “readiness” before looking at the app. Love seeing Optimal and Jet Fuel! Best yet…feeling it. This is a must have app if you are serious about getting healthy and being happy. I used to drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day. Now just 1-2 and don’t even need it anymore but by choice. Thank you developers…I show and talk about this app to everybody when they ask how are you doing! Also appreciate the 1x charge. Great investment for me with huge ROI. I get mad at myself if my watch wasn’t charged enough before bed which is prompting additional behavior change. 😃

This app may have saved my life!. I have a 20 year or more history of not sleeping well. I’m thin and I don’t snore so I thought maybe I just had anxiety that kept me awake at night. I’d tried all kinds of things to sleep including over the counter and prescription meds. After wearing my new watch and installing this app I noticed my SPO2 was always low but I live in high altitude so I thought that was normal I saw my GP and told her about the results and she didn’t seem alarmed that night after night my SPO2 was in the 80’s but I insisted on seeing a sleep specialist. After one look at thus app and my results my Pulmonologist said “it looks like you have sleep apnea. The watch and the apps are remarkably reliable and accurate.” We did a sleep study and sure enough I get dangerous levels of oxygen at night. I finally sleep at night now with my new CPAP. It makes my cry to think about how many times I’ve mentioned my horrific sleep to so many different doctors and it took an Apple Watch and this app to change my life. I’m am convinced it saved me from heart failure or stroke and cognitive decline. And as a side note, of course I woke up with my heart racing and feeling anxious because it turns out I wasn’t breathing, my body was trying to tell me it was in danger but I didn’t know it until I had this app! I am forever grateful!!!!!!

Nothing better than automatic!. I have always been a lover of sleep. Even as a child, it was extremely important to me. I noticed even then that my mood and ability to function at my best was delicately dependent on how much good sleep I got. Now I’m older and sleep isn’t as easy or natural as it was then. Thank goodness for health monitors residing inside watches!! This app must have come with my phone because I don’t remember purchasing it. I had used another sleep app for many years and liked a lot, but it required me to remember to set it. The older I got, the worse my memory got. I discovered Auto Sleep accidentally and when I realized it had been recording my data, along with the other app, without my having to do anything. I stopped paying for the other one right then. Auto Sleep is 100% automatic in its sleep monitoring. All I have to do is wear my watch to bed and I’ve always done that anyway. I love that it backs up to and populates the OEM health app on my watch. If it begins to affect other aspects of my health, I’ll have historic data I can offer my doctor. This is the reason I bought a smart watch—for the help it offers older people. The smart watch and the smart developers have already helped me take positive control of my own habits that contribute negatively to my health or safety! As an aging someone who lives alone, I cannot be more grateful for the way this app helps me monitor and maintain my own health as much as possible!

Works great when wearing watch.. Can only recommend when wearing your apple watch. There is another mode, but you still need to trigger sensors in your phone the right way for that to work and it doesn't fit the way I use my phone (i.e. I'll put it on charge early in the evening and not pick it up again until the next day) so I'll regularly get a report that I slept 14 hours or something if I sleep without my watch. So depending on how you use your phone, ymmv. Four stars for missing one basic feature - it appears you can't edit sleep or delete data more than a week earlier. I went on a trip, still had the phone tracking turned on, barely wore my watch and now I have 5 days in the middle of May with bad data which is throwing off my averages. I can't find any way to deleted data from three weeks ago. I don't look at the app every day or even every week so being able to access and edit data from all dates would make this 5 stars for the watch tracking mode. (Again the phone tracking mode doesn't work for me, but I don't count that against the app.)

Couldn’t ask for more. This app is absolutely a game changer. Back before I started using the app I would always wake up tired or get to work wishing I could just sleep for another hour even after thinking I got plenty of sleep and didn’t know why I was still so tired. I tried changing my diet and exercised more regularly but still wasn’t seeing any drastic results! I decided to finally buy the app after doing extensive research on different apps and it was the best thing I could have done. It’s super detailed and kinda coaches you on changing your sleep behaviors and within a week....A WEEK.....I was finally getting the results I was looking for. I feel more focused and ready to get to work to crush another day and my overall attitude gained some improvements as well! Ever since then I’ve been using the app and whenever I feel tired or something is changing I look over at the app and can see exactly what is going on and continue to help improve my sleeping habits. Love this app and recommend to anyone looking to step up their sleeping game!

HEART WATCH&AUTO SLEEP ROCK!!. THIS SHOULD BE ON THE APPLE WATCH OUT OF THE BOX!!! Both apps are $5 bucks total. NOTHING when you consider the cheapest apple band is $50!! And this offers soooo much versatility for your watch. I literally would have sold this Apple Watch if it were not for these apps! They NEVER CRASH AND NEVER HAVE AN ISSUE!! also the heart watch can ALERT YOU WHEN YOUR HEART RATE IS TOO HIGH OR TOO LOW WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE WATCH SHOULD DO!!! THE AUTO SLEEP TRACKING IS AS GOOD AND AS DETAILED AS FITBIT! For 2 bucks?!!? Come on that's a crazy deal, and the watch still has a full day battery even if you wear it to bed. I use it for voice to text alerts and emails all day at work and tracking a workout in morning with continuous heart rate tracking and still from putting it on at 10pm to track sleep , exercise at 6am, to work till 5 pm the watch still has about 20% left at 7-8pm. And if I charge it after waking from tracking sleep, for just 5 - 10 mins while I get ready in morning, brush and make coffee, it is back to 100%!! Again, Apple should be sooooo grateful that this company made these apps. I love that cardiogram is doing heart health studies with their apps and it's free, so we should all do it for the study, but THESE APPS, heart watch and auto sleep are waayy better cleaner and absolutely worth every cent. They are ESSENTIAL if you have an Apple Watch!

Complicated, but wildly customizable. I recently switched to an Apple Watch after my Fitbit finally died, and because Apple doesn’t have a native smart alarm feature (or they do, it just doesn’t work the way I need it to), I picked AutoSleep to fill that role. I’ve been using smart alarms for years and it’s improved my sleep and wake up, so this is definitely a necessity. This app is A LOT. There are a lot of steps to set up everything, which is great when you need to tweak every aspect of something, but not so great when all I wanted to do was set up an alarm for a timeframe during the week. READ THE MANUAL before you purchase so you know what you’re getting into—Google AutoSleep, find their website, and read at least the parts of the manual for the features you want (the guide is huge) to figure out if this is the right app for you. I didn’t find the guide to be super clear and had to read it a couple of times, but that could be a me thing. Don’t miss the part where you have to set up parts in the app if you don’t want to have to turn on your alarm every single day, and make sure to turn off your watch sounds for haptics only. There’s also no pop up on the watch face to turn off the alarm, you have to go into the app and turn it off, which I really hate. Overall, none of this is a dealbreaker, but I would definitely recommend knowing what you’re getting in to first.

Better than the fitbit. I’ve had a fitbit for YEARS! And finally switched over to the Apple Watch. For the past few months I have been debating just switching back to my fitbit because I am so heavily reliant on my sleep data. I downloaded a few other Apple Watch sleep apps and tried them out. I was so disappointed in the amount of data, ease of tracking, validity of the sleep data, and so much more. I really thought it was just the watch’s incapability. I mentioned this to a friend who recommended this app. It truly changed my mind completely about the Apple Watch. It seriously prevented me from giving up on the watch altogether. Auto sleep has the best, most detailed and accurate data (more and better than the fitbit). Well worth the extra 2 dollars out of my pocket. While I agree with another reviewer that this should already be on the watch itself to be a competitor with fitbit, for the extra $2 I don’t mind. The other Apple Watch sleep apps I tried were free with membership upgrades. I trialed the upgrades and was still so disappointed. Pay the few dollars to own this and you won’t be disappointed at all!!

Excellent app with valuable integration to other apps. Of all the health apps that I have on my phone, this is the one I use every day. It’s easy to use and does not distract with unnecessary information or burdensome engagement. The information it provides is relevant and actionable. Through AutoSleep I’ve come to understand how stress and different lifestyle choices impact my sleep, and in turn, how significant the quality of sleep is to my well-being. Towards that end, I’ve also found the integration of AutoSleep and HeartWatch to be very valuable. Here’s a simple test to demonstrate the clarity this app offers. Download AutoSleep and use it for a week or two to get a sense of your baseline. Next, simply watch the impact of something on your sleeping heart rate. Is it higher on the nights after you consume alcohol? Is it lower on the days you have a good workout? I found the feedback from AutoSleep and HeartWatch to be much more tangible and certainly more motivating than all of the advice or warnings I’ve received from doctors, trainers, etc.

Unique Outstanding Design App!. Have you ever had one of those times in your life where you can’t put into words what you want to say? For me I guess it’s one of those times the reason for that is I am an ole man who gets around by using a cane 🦯. I never thought I would be writing about a sleep app or need one , or that my Health would suddenly plunder. But it did I was suddenly faced with the word Cancer, my world took a dive I know like anyone else facing this situation. I now knew what it was like to see many Doctors and visit many Hospitals! The app became increasingly important to know the amount of sleep I was getting and believe me I was not getting much. I was up and down so much I needed an App that could keep the correct Data so I could supply it to Doctors or Nurses to put into Hospital Computers and keep track. If I am not strong enough to get the Cancer Treatments then the Cancer won that Day and I Failed! Thanks to the Developer of this Unique Outstanding Design App this never happened! So I take this Time to Thank a Dedicated Developer who Coded His Software so Special that it Helped Save My Life! So Mr. Developer I Tip my Hat 🎩 to you and say thanks. Your idea is a great one and definitely don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! So for anyone who Read this that’s my Story on this Unique Outstanding Design 5 Star App! Believe it or not ( but Thanks to this Developer this ole man is walking out of the Hospital with His Cane 🦯 Cancer Free !!! )

Best Sleep App. I have been using AutoSleep for several years now, and believe it’s one of the better health tools out there. I especially love that it contains so much in-depth information, and easily accessible graphic historical sleep values. It works best in conjunction with the sister HeartWatch app, which allows someone who is extremely health conscious to dig deeper into the details. Perhaps some users want an app to summarize everything for them. AutoSleep and HeartWatch do that, but also allow you to view the actual data. I don’t just want my “average” heart rate, I want to see all of the readings used to calculate that average. I want the details, and these apps make them available. The one weakness for me, and not a major issue, is the “Wellness” calculation apparently based on one Apple Watch HRV reading. This is perhaps more of an issue with Apple Watch, as the HRV readings I get from my Watch don’t correlate to the detailed readings I get from a dedicated HRV device I use. But, that one small issue aside, AutoSleep and HeartWatch are an essential part of my day.

Absolutely indispensable. “Auto Sleep” is one of the most utilitarian and informational apps that I have ever used. I rely upon it every day to assess my overall health in conjunction with my heart rate variability and the amount of time spent in deep sleep. I survived a “Widow-maker” (100% blocked L.A.D.) heart attack 11 years ago, and I am diabetic— both conditions well under control. Thanks to “Auto Sleep” I’m able to determine how well my blood sugar management and cardiac health program are working to keep me healthy. Being able to see how much of my sleep is spent in deep sleep shows me how well my body is healing up at night. In conjunction with AM blood glucose levels, knowing my heart rate variability, and blood pressure reading, I know that my health plan is effectively keeping me alive and well. “Auto Sleep” is an indispensable part of my self-monitoring that gives me significant peace of mind and eliminates the anxiety of managing serious health conditions like mine. Wearing my Apple watch to bed was something alien to me before I began using this app. Now, it’s not only second nature, but a welcome tool in my health arsenal—I wouldn’t want to be without it.

Informative. I’ve been using this app for about six months. It’s informative in the sense that you can see from the data, particularly the graph, how your sleeping changes during the night. Before I got the app, I was trying to sleep eight hours a night and I was happy, because that was how long I was supposed to sleep. The graph showed that I went in and out of light sleep and deep sleep sometimes four to six times a night. I started to try to set aside eight and one-half hours a night. I am not sleeping much better but there’s been some modest improvement if I go to bed earlier. Otherwise the next day am reproved by messages from the app and encouraged to go to bed at an unrealistic time. There are a few odd problems. The app sometimes decides that I have woken a half-hour or more before I think I’ve woken up. Occasionally the app will decide that I’m sleeping when I’m actually playing a game on my phone or browsing social media. Nevertheless, the app errs on the side of finding that I’m awake. There is also a psychosomatic effect from looking at the app. When I look at the graph I find myself disappointed with my sleep and the lack of rest that I’ve gotten. Overall I am glad that I got this app but it’s a mixed blessing.

Doesn’t work very well. Honestly, I’m kinda mad. I paid for an app to track my sleep, and it just simply doesn’t do it very well. This is the third night in a row I’ve done everything correct. I’ve told the app “lights off” to start tracking my sleep. It hasn’t. It keeps saying there’s an error, which is annoying. I’m wearing my watch every night, I’m the correct position. I’m putting my phone on my bedside table and not moving it. I’m doing the lights off thing. It just doesn’t work. It’s also pretty annoying that every night I have to set the alarm to remind myself to charge my watch a bit before bed. It’s like that alarm just…disappears every day. I paid $4 for this app, and I want my money back. The Health app tracks my sleep better than this app tbh. Not to mention the app is very confusing to use, I had to watch the tips and into like 3 times to figure it out when I first downloaded the app. The only good thing about this app is the wake up alarm (which I can’t set on an automatic schedule either. I have to set it every night I want to wake up with it). It’s nice waking up to a soft nudge, but that’s about it. Summary: the app is confusing, and doesn’t track sleep very accurately. The wake alarm is alright, and it’s nice not paying for a subscription. If you want to waste $4, get the app. If you want to save your hard earned money, find a different app :)

Rather outstanding. I’ve had several activity trackers over the decade. They have had their strengths and weaknesses. Up until now, the Jawbone UP3 was the best for sleep tracking. My Garmin Vivoactive HR was great for activity, but terrible for monitoring sleep. I finally gave in to the Apple Watch series 4, and love it, but am still surprised that they don’t outright offer sleep tracking. I have a varied schedule and work nights, so knowing how behind or on track with sleep is very difficult. I skeptically bought the AutoSleep triad of apps and have been amazed at their accuracy. The auto sleep detect has been right on. And I am impressed with the ability to distinguish deep sleep. I can tell when that is accurate as well... I’ve felt tired after 7 hours of sleep and the app shows I got no deep sleep. Conversely, I’ll make up for it with 6 or 7 hours of sleep and have 3 hours of deep sleep and I feel great. So I know it’s accurate. The breakdown of my averages of sleep and heart rate are very useful as well. It’s not perfect. I’ve taken naps in the late afternoon that it has missed. But overall, the accuracy is stunning. This is money extremely well-spent. It adds so much value to my Apple Watch for me. I can’t believe Apple has ignored this aspect of its health applications. But AutoSleep is about as good as it gets.

Best Sleep App Ever!. Love this app. I used to track my sleep on my Fitbit, but it didn’t give me enough details. Once I bought my Apple watch, I was interested in digging deeper into my sleep health. It was great, but once I downloaded the app, it has been a game changer! And by the way, this app is much less expensive than others. I have had sleeping issues for years. I have no problem falling asleep, but I wake up and my mind starts racing, from one thought to the next. Sometimes my thoughts are about things I need to do, or I replay a scenario in my head and what I should have said or done. Other nights, I feel like they’re someone else’s thoughts because they make no sense. I always blamed it on my fast paced, stressful and demanding job. However, now that I’m retired, that doesn’t apply. This app measures everything my body goes through during the night, when I’m sleeping. I especially like the sleep bank - shows how much sleep you’ve recorded, and whether you have accumulated more sleep than you need or if you have a sleep debt. I always have a sleep debt and app the app details exactly how you can reduce it. A big thanks to the developers!! Outstanding technology!!

Easy way to improve your sleep and your life. Getting good sleep is SO critical to brain health and overall well-being and this App is an excellent tool to help you get more and better at this essential life recharge “activity”. Monitoring is essential to improve awareness and feedback for any positive change. The app has so many charts and graphics and links to information, it really delivers in this way. You will learn what “works and what doesn’t” in your quest of a good/better/best night’s sleep. You can track so many features of your sleep you will learn and grow proficient in sleeping and living your best life. Try it! They only problem I have is keeping my watch charged enough at bedtime; but, that is not the Apps fault. I have used it every night for years and I LOVE it. Yes, I’m an analytical type person, and I understand this App may not be for some people that don’t lean that way, nonetheless, I would recommend this App to every Apple Watch owner to try it. The potential improvement in your life is totally worth the cost of the App, and dare I say, even worth the cost of a watch if you don’t already have one. Sleep well, pleasant dreams!

A review from a sleep and tech enthusiast. I can compromise on anything for the sake of my sleep, I have a good understanding of sleep hygiene and quality and been monitoring it with different tools and different apps for more than 5 years now. I took several courses and training materials on this subject, and subscribing to several authors and scientists in the sleep field. I currently have several apps on my phone to do the same. I am also a techie with 20+ years experience in delivering technology solutions. This app is amazingly designed I would give it 10/10, the insights it have beats every other app (paid or free in the App Store) it got some technological limitation (like all other apps) but this one acknowledges them. The insights are amazing, the explanation and learning of each is very accurate even to the most layman. And believe it or not, this is my only app review on the Apple Store knowing I have been using it since the day it existed. To the developers and scientists behind this… Kudos to you.

Best Health Apps By Far. Autosleep and Healthwatch are simply incredible apps and a must for anyone interested in their health. I am a physician and a bit obsessed with data. I’ve tried a dozen health tracking devices and even more apps and these two, by far, are the most insightful and well designed apps for the iPhone and Apple Watch. I’ve spent hours over the last couple months reviewing the various trends and graphical analytics these apps offer for immediate and long term feedback on my sleep hygiene and heart health. My only wish is that the developer make more apps to track other aspects of health and wellness (SpO2, perfusion index, respiratory rate, and VO2 max as the Apple Watch 6 is rumored to have these features; caloric intake and nutrition; mental health and mindfulness; maybe even goal and habit tracking). These two apps pack so much analysis into a concise and easy to read manner, I wish the other wellness aspects that I track could offer as much insight. While those would require ground-up brand new apps, one thing which could possibly be incorporated into the HeartWatch app would be the ECG data. Even though it’s only one lead, tracking QTc and PR intervals should be doable. Just a thought for future iterations. Anyway, these apps are an incredible deal and offer way more for far less than anything else I’ve found on the App Store. Keep up the good work.

Best sleep tracking app ever for Apple Watch/iPhone! Just few suggestions. if you’re looking for the best sleep tracking app. You can stop looking because this is probably going to be the best one. I’ve tried every other one and the data and analysis and information and provides you is unparalleled to the others. You might be overwhelmed at first, and confused because of how much information is being given at you and a little bit confused with how to use the app and how it works. But once you get over that hill, you realize that this is the best app out there for tracking sleep. The set up wizard is useful and kind of gives you an idea of how to use the app, but I noticed that I only look at wanted two rings. There is a lot of data that is given that I don’t even know if most people will understand or know what it means. I guess it’s nice that is there, but I just don’t care for it, also, I kind of wish it was a little bit more simpler to use. The settings on this application are not easy to understand. There is a lot of tweaking that you can do on your end, but I always get scared to touch it because potentially to display in accurate results. Regardless, this has been the best sleeping app I’ve ever used. I would recommend it only if you have the Apple Watch it’s best when you use your watch to sleep.

TMI. Update 2/3/23: Decided to switch to Apple sleep. I was doubting the 3-4 hrs of deep sleep in my stats and feel Apple tracks stages more accurately. And I like the REM tracking ability. Cannot believe this app doesn’t track REM. I prefer the less complicated style of Apple, this app has way too much going on. Which is great if you want all the info. Kudos to the developers for layers and layers of data, I just need a break from it. Finally, it uses way too much battery for the already short battery life of Apple Watch. Apple Sleep uses much less battery. Older review: Very thorough app, maybe too thorough in some areas unless you’re a data scientist. I don’t always agree with my sleep rating. Mostly it’s a good app with much more information than an average person needs. Sometimes less is more. There should be an easier way to adjust sleep times if your watch battery dies while sleeping. Also, learned it will not track if watch is locked! After charging, make sure you unlock it after putting back on your wrist! Again, this is where it would be helpful to add sleep times without reinventing the wheel.

Fantastic App. I’ve used this app continuously the last ten months with an Apple Series 3 watch and and have been very impressed by how well it works. It’s quite accurate in tracking sleep. Oftentimes it will even catch an afternoon nap. The charts are stellar too and provide a nice way to review the previous night’s sleep, and the calendar history is well laid out and allows one to quickly review sleep history over the previous month(s). Occasionally the app will think I’ve fallen asleep late at night if I’m watching TV and barely moving, but the editing capabilities for the previous night’s sleep is first rate and you can quickly make adjustments. It also has a sensitivity setting that you can adjust to take into account how much you naturally move at night so it will track sleep more accurately. Finally the watch and phone work in tandem and so, for example, if you move your phone, it can automatically register that as being awake. Overall, I think this app has been my favorite health app I’ve purchased for my watch and phone.

Definitely worth buying!. I’ve hunted through all sorts of sleep apps to and so far this one is the best without a doubt. I was a little hesitant with all the free apps out there and how many I’ve hated even paying for the full version but those one has absolutely exceeded expectations. My favorite thing is the readiness score. I have a tendency to either sleep very little or a lot and have trouble finding a system that makes me feel prepared for the day. I’ll sometimes think I’ve slept a ton and still feel terrible or think I didn’t sleep at all and feel great but the app tracks the quality of my sleep in a way that actually gives me a accurate idea of how I’ll feel and how productive I’ll be through the day. I usually plan sleep around that score rather than just having the time to sleep. It counts naps towards my sleep debt which is AMAZING because sleeping 5 hrs and getting a nap works great for me most days. I’ve not explored a lot of the other features mostly because these two things are the important bits for me.

This app is vital to my overall health!!. I am an insomniac. I haven’t been able to sleep at night since a trauma in 2007. I continue to work with both a psychiatrist and a therapist, and have for years on this issue. I have made my general practitioner aware as well. I have tried several techniques, and I know the vital importance of sleep. I even have an incredible book on the importance of sleep. I have went from being diagnosed with chronic insomnia to terminal insomnia. It sounds dramatic, I don’t think it’s a matter of life and death but I average 2 1/2 hours sleep a night. Sometimes less. Maybe only 45 minutes. The point I’m getting at is that this app on my Apple Watch has been extremely important for tracking my sleep and being able to depend on it’s accuracy and relay the data to my doctors. I have tried other sleep apps and found them to be inadequate this sleep app gives me all the data I need, is easy to read and the most accurate.!

AutoSleep Logs and Informs. The AutoSleep app does everything one would expect of it, to log data accurately and to provide meaniningful and informative information about what is going on with your sleep patterns. It seems almost mundane to say that it is doing the job that you basically purchased it for. But it is not immediately obvious how well it tracks your sleep patterns. As the info stacks up and reliably (it has never crashed or lost any of my data) guides your sleep habits, it has become a valuable tool for me to get at least the correct amount of sleep. Sometimes we will have a bad night of sleep, and first impressions will say that the Apple Watch is stating the obvious. However, the types of measures that are made are scientific as opposed to personal “feelings” about how you may feel. You are more likely to assess where lifestyle adjustments might be necessary before bedtime, than you would otherwise do. The graphic rings being always green, has become my personal challenge that has helped me to consistently get better at attaining good sleep health. You will enjoy this AutoSleep app whether you just need a simple guide or whether you want to deep dive into the sleep science behind its design. Thumbs up Team!

Only sleep app I use now. This app is really the best sleep tracker I’ve found. I bought this with AutoWake and they are perfect together. I am chronically low on energy and have searched my whole life for a reason why and after so many tests and doctors, I was told everything in me looked normal. Frustrating to say the least, I just figured it was my cross to bare. One day when researching sleep apps, I looked closely at this one and it occurred to me that my sleep quality has always been poor and THATS why I’m tired all the time! I have found with this app that this was my problem the whole time! I can make sleep goals and get help improving my sleep quality, as well as monitor my sleep debt and credit. I feel a complete difference in energy when I’ve had a night of quality sleep and when I have not. This app has so much information in it, and I probably don’t take full advantage of all it offers. No other sleep app matches this one, get it.

Best Sleep Tracking App Out There. I have tried them all, and this app is the best *by far*. The best part about it is you only need to remember to wear your Apple Watch. A quick 15-20 minute recharge once or twice a day keeps me going all night. The app does the rest. No more hiding my phone under a pillow or forgetting to turn on the sleep tracking app (only for them to crash). This app doesn't run all night long. Instead it uses the brilliant approach of analyzing the data already collected on the iPhone and Apple Watch. It takes that data and draws logical conclusions about when you were asleep. I don't write reviews very often, and I don't write them unless I've been using the app for a while. I have been suing this one for about 10 months now, and it does a great job at determining my sleep time. To make matters even better, the deveeloper is constantly updating the app to make it better. I think there were two full version updates in 2016, and now there is another full version update with a cleaner interface. Super nice. If you want to track your sleep, this is the app for the job.

The Best Sleep App Available!. I’m one of those ‘go down the rabbit hole’ people who research everything. I spent a solid chunk of time researching sleep apps and settled on AutoSleep. BY FAR the best app right now! I’ve converted a number of people from Sleep Cycle and other various apps and they all love this one more. The ability to have it automatically determine when you’re sleeping is massive! It makes it VERY user friendly. The only thing I had to adjust to was charging my Apple Watch an hour before bed and then wearing it while I sleep, as I used to let it charge overnight. However, I’m super happy I made this small change because legitimately my sleep hygiene has improved along with my quality. The only hiccup I’ve ran into is to make sure my iPhone is NOT on the bed, as I have the setting turned on for it to think if I’m using the phone then I am awake. I thought this would mean actively using it (phone unlocked and screen on), but apparently it uses the sensors for movement as well. Not a big deal, though it’d be nice to have the option to turn that off (sometimes I fall asleep reading on my phone). 5/5 stars and highly recommend the app! This is coming from a random, unaffiliated user who never writes reviews!

Another great input into Apple Health. Great app! I’ve been using this ever since I heard Federico Viticci talking about this on the Connected podcast. I’m using this along with a Bluetooth blood pressure cuff (Omron 10 series) and a Bluetooth scale to get a detailed baseline of basic health indicators, and track it to see if there are any subtle changes I should take action on. (I also track everything I eat and drink using LoseIt!). AutoSleep, along with the Apple bedtime reminder is doing a lot to keep me on track to getting more regular sleep. (I also try to manually correlate the foods I eat and my overall hydration with better sleep. I tend to get heartburn that bothers me when I lie down. Watching what, when and how much I eat helps with this. ). The Workout app on my Apple Watch also motivates me to get more exercise which also helps me sleep better. I heard that people who regularly get less than 6 hours of sleep are at significantly greater risk of heart attacks. So I eat better and exercise more to sleep better and hopefully it will all synergistically help me enjoy watching my daughter grow up at least through middle age.

Think twice about it! Use other apps. I have used this app for a couple of weeks in parallel to other sleep apps. I was excited about it! However, it showed significant inconsistencies recording deep sleep and HRV (heart rate variability) which count towards the readiness index. This index was almost always opposite to what the other submetrics were showing (almost every time I was on red with sleep quality, deep sleep, heart dips etc., the readiness index was on green or close to rather than the other way around). After going through their FAQs which seemed to support the fact that errors have been reported about these issues, I made sure to reach out to their customer service as a sign of respect for their product. I followed their guidance to lower my deep sleep setting (even though it contradicted their HRV indicator of the past few nights - I use Breathe in the morning to accurately report that metric) and it still didn’t read it. Meanwhile, the metrics on two other apps (SleepWatch and Sleep Cycle) yielded similar metrics compared to AutoSleep. When I emailed the AutoSleep customer service and requested a refund out of concern that the app was not running well, their response was that the app works and that it is designed for “tech savvy” customers. Not only was that condescending but highly inaccurate in my case. Maybe it works for others but, in my case, I’m choosing to go with other apps at this point.

Sleep times not accurate. This app never shows me the correct sleep times. It’s usually about a half hour off on each end. They suggest “calibrating” the app by choosing one of multiple other sleep time options the app has come up with, but those are never accurate either, and the app will not allow you to manually select sleep/wake times. The best it will do is allow you to remove 5 minute increments of time from a “chart” but it will not let you add time, so you can never get an accurate assessment of your sleep. This morning I woke up at 8:00 exactly, but the app insisted I woke up at 7:52. (The time I fell asleep was also about 15 minutes off.) When I tried to calibrate it, I was given multiple options that ended at 7:52, and one that ended at 8:15 - it wasn’t even yet 8:15 in the morning but it was giving me that as an option! How could I be sleeping AND trying to calibrate the app?? Another issue is that you have to be very still while sleeping; if you move while you sleep, the app will think you’re awake. I have another sleep app and it works perfectly, even with my involuntary sleep movements, but it’s an expensive yearly subscription and I was hoping to save money by switching to this app since so many other people rated it highly… but it’s just not working for me. Wish I hadn’t spent the money, unfortunately.

Except for waking me up ... it works great. The "smart alarm" never went off, after 6 days of trying everything. Every morning I would wake up late, and wonder what the heck happened. No alarm. It simply did not ring / vibrate on my brand new Apple Watch Series 7. Apple's native Sleep app was working fine and this app had so much promise with its smart alarm! And I'm no stooge, I was a gainfully employed iOS developer for many years so I know all the tricks. Per the FAQ on Alarm Doesn't Ring, I toggled the various settings, deleted and reinstalled the iPhone and Watch apps, even reset and re-paired the watch. Everything else about this app worked perfectly, except, well, the smart alarm, which is the only reason I paid for this rather than sticking with the standard Apple Sleep app. And support? Yeah, I submitted two support requests and it's been five or six days and nobody ever got back to me, so you have lost this customer and i'm back to the Apple Sleep app and maybe I'll get my money refunded, or if not, keep it and buy yourself a coffee for an otherwise slick app that has a bunch of great features.

I check it every day!. There are few apps that I use every single day, but this is definitely one of them. Sleep is so important to the body and I really like seeing how I’m doing in that area. Checking my deep sleep, my total sleep, my heart rate and all of the other valuable information in this app is some thing I do each morning after I get up. On a few occasions I have gone to bed without my watch I really miss getting that level of detail about my sleep session. There is one thing I would love to see added to the app and that is a cat nap or a power nap feature. Maybe that would be added to auto awake and not auto sleep ... I’m not sure. I used to use a Jawbone before I got my Apple Watch and I loved that I had a power nap feature where I could push a button saying that I was going to lay down and go to sleep and then it would know when I fell asleep and wake me up 20 minutes later or 30 minutes later or whatever was in my settings. I miss being able to have some thing to track how long I’ve been asleep and then wake me up in a certain amount of time. If one of these two apps could do that would be the perfect addition!

Superb sleep monitoring app. I have been using this app for over a year now in an iPhone and Apple iWatch combination. I manually tell the app from my Watch when I’m lying down to sleep and when I wake for best accuracy. I find the readings to be realistic, so the overall feedback over days, weeks, and months help me keep in touch with how well I’m sleeping (or not). The interfaces and displays are so good, they seem futuristic—like something you might see in a Sci Fi movie, but this is no prop. The density and elegance of the information summaries are truly useful. You start to pick up on useful patterns that you might not otherwise have noticed like your deep sleep patterns or the trajectory of your heart rate through the night versus the time you go to sleep. No surprise, in the end, I’ve found that consistent sleep habits, regular exercise, and moderate-to-no evening consumption of alcohol are the best, so I use this app to tract the consistency of bedtimes and wake times and the effect, if any, of a glass of wine in the evening.

Less useful for shift workers. So I really like this app and have been using it for a few years now, but one thing that really bothers me is that you are limited on when the day turns over and your sleep will start counting towards the next day. When changing that setting you can only choose from 5 pm to midnight. As someone who does shift work, I would love to set my day to change over at noon, as I usually sleep in the afternoon. So if my “new day” starts at 5 and I go to sleep at 3, then I end up with my sleep split between yesterday and today, which makes it difficult to track properly. And I could set the day to start at midnight, but on my days off when I “sleep in” I usually wake up after midnight and then I encounter the same problem. Also the app seems to have difficulty figuring out what to do with your rings if you wake up for a couple hours and then take a nap. Which I understand is less than ideal sleep and isn’t a problem that most people have but it happens to me often enough to warrant mentioning. At the very least if they could change it so I can choose any time during the day to start tracking my sleep (like how it was years ago) I would gladly change the rating to 5 stars. Aside from that one real gripe, the app is awesome

Eye opening to say the least!. I have always been a night owl (or my preferred term, vampire) As a kid and teen when I had ice time at 5:30am, I would be wide awake long after 11pm with my Mom nagging me to get my tush in bed. In my 20’s my attitude was “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. My average bedtime until I turned 50 was 2am. Over the last decade, if I get to bed before 5am it’s a miracle. The pandemic lockdown made my sleep even more erratic. When my Fitbit died, I ended up replacing it with an Apple Watch. This app really details your sleep cycle. I never realized how little quality sleep I get and how it has affected me health wise - especially my mental health. After studying the data collected by the app, I started to correlate poor sleep with my ongoing battle with severe depression. After sharing my thoughts and a bit of the data with my therapist, he agreed working on getting my circadian rhythms back on track was vital. Hopefully with continued tracking with the app and some changes to my meds, I will be able to get my life back on track.

Best sleep tracker I’ve ever seen. I used to have a FitBit HR that tracked my sleep and I had the AppleWatch for a while before I tried this, so I have had some experience with sleep tracking. This is hands down the best sleep tracker I have ever had. Other sleep trackers including the one in the Health App will tell you “you had this much of this kind of sleep” but they don’t tell you what it works out to in terms of how well-rested that actually makes you. This one does! It even has that sleep debt/sleep bank indicator, which is really handy. Because I bought this and I run my family plan, my husband can use it to. He has sleep apnea and while he uses a CPAP we are concerned about his condition changing over time as he grows older, so it’s really good to have something like this that tracks trends in sleep quality as well as respiration and oxygenation. I also appreciate any app where you can pay once and have it forever instead of having some kind of subscription, and it is very clear about not sharing your data unless you explicitly tell it to.

More accurate every day. It’s been using pillow since I first bought my Apple Watch, and generally found it accurate at night, but it rarely registered unplanned naps. The new built in sleep tracking only tracks if you have it in sleep mode, so unless you intended on a power nap and turned that on, it wouldn’t catch it. This AutoSleep app was recommended in the health app (along with pillow) and I decided to give it a try. It almost always catches those crash out on the couch and suddenly it’s three hours later evenings, and if it doesn’t, the calibration tool will find it with a nudge or two. The longer I use it, the less corrections I need to make. My only negative is that sometimes it claims I have not been wearing my watch and there’s no calibration clocks available, but on those occasions the missing data appeared later on or the next day. The customization tools are nice, like how long between sleep times to be considered a separate sleep session and whether or not to throw out nights with 0 sleep (us insomniacs want to track how many 0s actually happen)

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Great but even better if…. This is the best sleep tracking app I’ve used and I’ve used a few. It provides details results and good insights that help me understand my sleep. The biggest flaw for me is the way you edit sleep, it’s not easy. On the odd occasion when my watch battery has dies or I’ve forgotten to put it in, I want to be able to add sleep manually and it’s not intuitive at all. I understand they don’t want you to edit sleep but sometimes you may want to. Other than that, I love this app.

Great with Apple watch. I have tried a few apps. Most of them are average and have an ongoing cost. This one was recommended by a sleep specialist who had tested a few. It works perfectly with apple watch (and I would consider upgrading my watch because of this app). I was regularly having dips in my Spo2 below 95%, and I switched CPAP masks and that improved markedly. Also, while I was in hospital the app clearly showed I wasn't getting enough sleep, which is ironic when you're meant to be getting rest there.

Good app with some issues. I have been using this for approx a year and like the way it gives the phases of sleep (light, still and deep) and a useful number of extra features such as heart rate dip and noise levels. One issue is that regularly it gets the amount of sleep wrong & this cannot be corrected using its adjustment feature. It only offers limited options not full ability to specify sleep duration. It should also be noted that the sleep categories do not necessarily correspond with sleep stages since it is mainly based on measuring heart rate and motion, so you could be still and not moving but awake.

Very easy to use and accurate. I have just converted from a Fitbit to an Apple Watch so I was very keen to get a good app to bridge the sleep monitoring gap. I downloaded another app first and quickly realised it wasn’t very good. I then did some reading a found this app. It’s fantastic. Very comprehensive and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it. I purchased all three in the value pack and it is definitely the way to go because they all feed into each other and the Apple Watch fitness app - providing a 360 perspective about your health and fitness. Thanks for creating this app. I love it and I am in complete Apple Watch heaven now. ;)

AWESOME APP NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!!. AWESOME APP!! I love this app as it’s still one of only a few that don’t make u have to sign up for and make an account. Plus u don’t need a subscription!! I have been using this App for over 3 years. I find it really helpful and easy to use, it provides a lot of information on how ur sleep has been etc. I love the function that when wearing an Apple Watch it shows if u have been restless or in my case sleep walking and how long it went on for. At first I was skeptical but not only has this app shown me info on my sleep etc, it helped diagnose a medical condition that I was previously unaware of!!

Best Apple Watch sleep tracking app on the market. I’ve been looking for a great Apple Watch sleep tracking app for some time. All others seem to have the same problem: they don’t sync to the Apple health app unless you open the sleep tracking app each day. AutoSleep manages to sync this data without any hassle from the user. Additionally, it provides you with so much outstanding data and statistics about your sleep. Mine seems to be incredibly accurate too, which I am thrilled about. If you’re worried about spending a bit of money when there are many free alternatives, don’t. AutoSleep trumps all others by a long shot.

Night watch. Autosleep is exactly that, and in my use so far the app (with the Apple watch naturally) is automatically marking sleep even where spread across multiple sessions. I guess if one was a shift worker it may not be flexible enough, but if sleep is between 2100 and 0900 the sleep state seems all to be there. My personal opinion is that their Heart Rate tracker (which is offered in the developer’s bundle) is a little more useful, but both apps are well leveraging the magic of the watch.

Helps Understand and Improve Sleep. This app has helped me understand and improve my sleep routine and health. Using in conjunction with Apple Watch, I've gradually taken the app's suggestions to go to bed earlier and sleep longer. The only caveat is sometimes it shows I'm awake when I'm actually asleep which then gives an inaccurate sleep duration. Tracking my heart and pulse helps me understand why I wake feeling sluggish or energised. Unsure how to improve that except through regular exercise and getting more sheep. Is it worth purchasing? Absolutely!

Sleep tracking is now part of my life. This app is so comprehensive yet easy to use, I highly recommend it. It basically tracks my sleep automatically, and I use it in conjunction with their HeartWatch app. Wearing my Apple Watch to sleep is actually really comfortable. I just turn on cinema mode so the display doesn't turn on, and do not disturb so it doesn't vibrate. If I charge it before bed I wake up with still 100%, and that's after tracking pulse and sleep patterns all night. Excellent

One of my fav apps. I have been experiencing some health issues this year, and this app has been not only a great resource but also a great comfort to see clearly how my sleep is going. Being able to track and see in depth my sleep patterns has been amazing on my road to finding a recovery path, also seeing how beneficial going to bed at a certain time and rising early has been helped by this app. Excellent!!

Brilliant. I’ve been using the app for nearly 2 years. It’s great. It validates and analyses my sleep very accurately. I am not generally a good sleeper. The only down side and it’s not the app’s fault, is that I started finding the watch uncomfortable all day and all night so I now switch across to my right arm and wear it a little loosely. It still works well. I charge first thing in the morning while I have my coffee and a shower.

Best app ever. I really enjoy checking how much sleep I have had and it’s been interesting to see when I wake and how long I have been awake - as I can’t remember waking at all unless it is to go to the toilet - so now knowing that there are times when my brain is awake I can understand more if I feel drained or really tired. I also love that it tracks your deep sleep and that you can change your bedtime setting easily.

Didn’t work for me. I bought this because of the great reviews, but wasted my money. It was wrong from the start, saying I slept past the time I got up, or slept before I went to be. I did the adjustments as recommended but sometimes none were close. And once I added it, the normal sleep data on my watch (with the health data) has started to become incorrect in the same way as well! I only bought this because I wanted more in depth information, but have had to delete it. I just hope that my sleep data reverts back to normal because it was pretty good before. ETA. I removed all of Auto sleeps data from my phone several days ago but my normal sleep data is still not working correctly. Today it says I slept until 12pm and it’s only 8:30 am. Very annoyed!

Best sleep tracking app -love it. I bought my Apple Watch specifically so I could use this app. AutoSleep is super easy to use. Despite my quirky sleep patterns due to illness, it needed virtually no customisation. If AutoSleep isn’t capturing exactly right, there is a super easy adjustment button to use to fix it. If you want, there are lots of other options -I sometimes forget to leave my iPhone turned on in the night. (The Apple Watch sends info on heart rate and movement to the phone all night to build a picture of your sleep-Eg deep sleep periods.) The edit tools make it very simple to fix this the next day. Sleep hours can be entered in, even if heart rate and movement weren’t captured while the phone was off. Finally, the support is awesome. There is great written info on most subjects. If something is super tricky, the email support is very fast, very helpful and the software developers are very responsive. They are constantly improving AutoSleep in line with feedback for users. I love that it is soooo easy to use and collects such a fabulous, detailed picture of my sleep so I can compare patterns over time. AutoSleep is amazing! Ps the data stays with the user. They don’t sell it. Yay!!!

Brilliant. This app has exceeded my expectations. I got it just out of curiosity and it is incredibly useful when I work shiftwork to keep track of my sleep aboard ship. Working all hours means my sleep is quite staggered throughout the day. When I am adequately rested, my days are so much better. I hadn’t previously linked the amount of sleep I’ve had to my mood and general feelings of well-being. My watch won’t run the Apple sleep tracking (too old) but friends have told me this is far more detailed than the Apple offering. Lastly, I don’t know how, but it tracks my sleep so accurately. Even if I nod off for half an hour while watching TV, it knows. It adds it to my sleep for the day and it does help. Great job on this app, it is improving my life.

Big discrepancy with Apple health and confusing data. I initially got attracted to this app because of the positive reviews and one time only price, but after 2 months I’m giving up on it. It has a lot of discrepancy compared to Apple health, for example, it would say that I spent over 1 hour awake, where Apple health would give me just some minutes awake (unless I’m sleepwalking, Apple health is correct) It also has some confusing statistics, it rates my sleep as “jet fuel” but my workout readiness is at minimum????? Another issue is that noise tracking never worked for me (Apple Watch Ultra 2), even after following their tutorial and enabling everything. I tried to mail support but never got an answer. Today after waking up feeling well rested, looking at the app and seeing that my sleep rate was very low I decided to just give up on it

Major update has led app to loose training and no longer accurate.. Ever since the dramatic update to AutoSleep - a lot of the long term ‘training’ I’ve done with the app has been wasted. I find that the app does not reflect my sleep appropriately any more and always requires adjustment - even to the point where I have to edit it manually because the choices it provides does not reflect what has actually happened. I did change Apple watches during this time as maybe it’s the Apple Watch...however the change coincides more with the app update. It’s been a few months now and it’s coming to the point where the app leads to more inconvenience then powering me with information. I’ll keep giving it a go but am now opened to trying other sleep tracking applications

Comprehensive Sleep App. This is an amazing app with so much detail in the data. I’m still learning to use the various functions as there are so many ways of looking at the sleep data. The general information on achieving a healthy night’s sleep is also most helpful. As a long-standing insomniac, I find it comforting to know that even waking up at night does not necessarily mean a poor night sleep if the other elements, such as deep sleep, are okay.

AutoSleep. I’ve used a Garmin in previous years that worked really well, I was keen to get another sleep app when I bought my Apple Watch. I tend to wake up multiple times a night with a medical condition, so it helps to know how much sleep I’m missing. I looked around at comparison reviews of sleep apps first.. somehow I managed to buy another more expensive app that never recorded when I was awake and added an average 1.5 hours to my total sleep time per night (SleepMatic). I went by the App Store reviews when deciding to try a second app. AutoSleep has been really accurate, no need for me to be buy another app. Would absolutely recommend.

Interesting insights empowering app. This app has taught me how to be a better sleeper. Capturing the data is fascinating however having the explanations and what is deemed healthy is helping me develop and build on good sleep habits. The data confirms what is hindering or helping my sleep. I compare my food, exercise, cycle and level of stress in other diaries with the data in this app to get a complete picture as to what is affecting my sleep negatively and positively. Eg wine or big meal or exercise at night equals shallow unsatisfying sleep. Lots of exercise early during day and light meal equals great sleep.

Love this app. This has also become one of my favourite apps. I was a little apprehensive about setting it up right but it was just following the wizard and I was able to start tracking my sleep. Over the next week, I learned what the bits and pieces meant and tweaked the settings to increase its accuracy and tried out AutoAwake to wake up with; it was an enjoyable process of discovery and I now have a very accurate sleep monitor that lets me know when I have a sleep debt, how long it takes me to get to sleep, how consistent I have been with regular bed times and wake times, what the quality of my sleep is, and even what my oxygen levels are when I wake. I use this with the watch.

Not the most attractive but it’s the most accurate. I first got this app via reviews with everyone raving about it. My first impression of this app over ‘pillow app’ was that it looked like the ugly brother. Anyway I have both of them a shot and AutoSleep gave me so much more insights and more accuracy than the latter. Plus it even picked up on my naps which ‘pillow app’ didn’t. Now I’m used to the design of the app and couldn’t imagine it any other way.....5 stars!

Just excellent. I was a little skeptical at first about this app, and I don’t like paying for apps so I was very resistant. My lack of sleep in a heatwave was worse than my empty wallet so I tried this app out. Absolutely amazed about the data it collected, from hours of sleep to heart rate, sleep quality, deep sleep data, everything! Thanks to the information this app has compiled, I have studied it and found my flaws in my sleeping habits, and have corrected them. I am now having better quality sleep for the right amount of time for my body. Very impressed with the functionality and ease of use of this app😄 I highly recommend you try it if you are thinking about it, but make sure you are ok with wearing the Apple Watch while you sleep, that’s where all the data comes from. NOTE: I use Apple Watch series 2, works fantastic😄

Great App. This is such a good app and just gives so much information so you can really see what is going on and in my case why I am feeling as tired as I do during the day. It is almost confronting, but in a good way so then you maybe able to do something about it as it helps you to understand it. It is like a lot of things in life whereby if you can track your faults someway, you can repair them.

Very good. Insightful.. I’m always dubious when it comes to ‘apps’, as most appear to be conceived by kiddies, ....well at least they appear to be. This ‘app’ is quite useful though. And not ‘updated’ like most half thought through attempts at programming, which is re-assuring. Someone actually tested it before marketing, which is seldom a practice seen today. It hasn’t crashed at all! Back to the point .... I don’t believe it has altered my sleep perception too much though, but its interesting to have a look at in the mornings. The rings of the U.I. are a little confusing when they start to overlap, but if you select the adjustments options, it has a serious attempt to streamline its input data, more to ones personal attributes. The ‘rings’ U.I. System made me be weary at first, much like the other offerings that take one as a child in a kindergarten ....the ones that almost give you a gold star for cleaning ones desk! It works perfectly with the ‘X’ and v3 watch perfectly. Recommend. YES. Very useful.

Best Sleep Tracking App. When I first purchased my Apple Watch I didn’t think I would care too much about my sleep pattern but this app soon became my favourite and most valuable app. I love being able to track the quality of my sleep including how long I’ve been in deep sleep!! It’s just so freaking cool and accurate. I am aware now if I don’t get a certain amount of quality sleep that it impacts my day greatly. The app works wonders with the watch but if you don’t wear your watch to bed it will use your phone to track your sleep instead. It tracks the number of hours you slept and within that it tracks the quality, hr (for watch users), deep sleep and how recharge you are. The analysis is very easy to read! Plus support on this app is so great, I asked a question about tracking naps and the developer got back to me super fast and with a very detailed response!

Statistically fantastic. This app goes a lot more in depth about the quality of sleep you are achieving. I was having a lot of stress induced disrupted sleep and this enabled me to start focussing on my sleep and make it a priority as part of my health. Two suggestions though: if possible, a noise recorder or snoring / sleep talking metric would be a handy inclusion. Would assist those who have sleep apnea issues. That said, it’s fantastic that it is a one time purchase and no stupid subscription fees to get your own data about yourself.

Amazing. If you wear your watch to bed, and do the breathing exercise upon waking, and check the sleep monitoring results each day for the first few weeks to help train it, it produces amazingly accurate results which can be tracked over much longer periods of time to observe both short and long term trends in your sleep quality, making it much easier to correlate other stuff going on in your life and its impact on your sleep.

Highly recommended. A great app that I’ve been using for a couple of years. I have found it to be very accurate in its data (I had an overnight sleep study done in a clinic) and the app was only a few minutes different in its recordings. The updates always bring new features and if anything the amount of data displayed can be overwhelming! I have found the “lights off” feature to be very useful. It’s a manual function that I press on my watch when I settle in bed, this tells how long it took for you to fall asleep and is very helpful for my specialists. Overall a very good app that integrates well with iPhone/Apple watch (iPhone 14 & Series 7 watch)

Simple Data Driven Insights. I purchased the set of 3 apps only yesterday and I am already so pleased with how easy they have been to use. Once they were set up they work in the background and you can just enjoy the data it has collected and compared. If you provided access to existing data then you will really love the immediate trend analysis on so many levels it completes and the thoughtful insights.

Glad I Decided To Install This App. Two years ago my sleep was incredibly out of balance. I always felt tired but never really knew why. After installing this app and allowing history to build, I began to get some (accurate) insight into what I wasn’t doing and what I was. Fast forward 6 months and I began to see an improved pattern in my sleep. Using the excellent help attached to the app I was able to research and correct sleep times and consistency. Your sleep times will not change overnight, however reading the help documentation and listening to what your body is telling you will make the world of difference. I would recommend using this app for anyone struggling to sleep or feeling like they haven’t slept. It may at least point to an underlying condition for which you need to seek professional help.

An education!. Who knew there was so much to learn about sleep. I’ve been using the app for 3 months now and I still think it’s fascinating! I now understand why on some occasions, despite sleeping for 8 hours, I wake tired still. I can see also how, after drinking a few glasses of wine, my sleep outcome is really poor. This app is fantastic for breaking down your sleep and learning how to enjoy better health via your sleep.

Best sleep app ever. I’ve been looking for a great sleep tracking app for a very long time and been disappointed time and again, until now. AutoSleep does exactly what it needs to, exactly the way it describes. It tracks sleep and gives details and stats that help you gauge where you sit with your sleeping habits. Paired with the Apple Watch makes the app even better with tracking of sleep, heart rate and detailed movement analysis. Top that off with a single one off payment instead of the subscription model that most developers are going for these days, you just can’t go past this app.

Great app. I love this app. I thought it was really a gimmick until I started to use it. I now sleep longer as I am aware of how few hours I was getting. I also became aware of how my heartbeat changes if I drink alcohol - like 2 glasses of beer or one of wine - in the evening before sleeping - usually heartbeat is up 6-10% and corresponding sleep not as good. I know that’s probably a reasonable expectation but having the evidence helps you to choose if that’s what you want to do to your body - the finer details of the app - level of sleep and restlessness is also really useful in understanding how your everyday life is impacting on your sleep/health.

Superb app, without a subscription!. This app is amazing. I’ve had an Apple Watch for about a year, but have only been wearing it to sleep for the last week, since getting this app. The insights it offers are great - and are presented in varying levels of detail across different screens so you can decide how much depth you want to go into. I’ve already learned a lot about my sleeping patterns and I’m expecting the app will help me make various changes to improve them. Lastly - the app doesn’t require a subscription fee. It’s well priced, and if brand new versions emerge in the future, I’ll be happy to pay for them. (So a note to the developers... please keep going against the flow and sticking with an up front payment rather than the subscription that other apps require! And... great work!)

I NEVER write reviews. I don’t normally bother writing reviews, every time an app asks I always can’t be bothered. However, this app is soooooo resourceful I just felt it needed some recognition. I know it’s $10 but honestly it is so worth it, every cent. I use it every night and it’s so helpful to see the trends in my sleep. It has taken some getting used to wearing my watch to sleep but that’s about the only complaint I have about this app. If you’re interested in tracking your sleep cycle trends to improve your sleep and improve your health, download now!

Great, affordable app.. Great, affordable app. I’ve had a few costly subscription based apps that were unreliable but haven’t looked back since purchasing this. Reliable stats each morning on how you’re doing and how prepared you are for the day. Knowing when you need to rest because your sleep wasn’t restorative is very handy. Equally, when you’ve sleep well, you can see why.

App asked me to leave a review. The app prompted me to leave a review straight after I had set it up. Are u happy with the app YES or NO. Picked NO. Says WHY. No option to not leave feedback. Cancelled back to last screen. Picked YES. Please leave review. No option to not leave review. Cancelled back to are you happy with app YES/NO. Couldn’t work out how to use app without answering the questions. So here I am leaving a review about an app that didn’t let me experience it and wouldn’t let me not leave a review. I hope the app is happy now.

I ❤️ AutoSleep. I love this. And it’s sister app HeartWatch. The data a find both highly accurate and insightful. I check both apps every morning. I’m now more aware of my need to “recharge” with a catch up sleep. I truly love checking my waking and sleeping heart rate and judging that against my mood / health / activities / sleep quality of the day(s) prior. The data helps me take actions to adjust a few little daily behaviors and get a better night’s sleep - then voilà - a better, calmer, healthier and more productive ensues. Likewise if you stay up late, go out partying and drinking cocktails all night - well, you can have fun predicting how high your waking heart rate will be, how high or low your quality or depth of sleep was. How does it do it so accurately? One reason is that you can tell it what type of sleeper you are. Whether you sleep like an immovable log, or you naturally toss and turn a whole lot. Or somewhere in between.

Good app but can be improved. The app is simple to use and visually clear. But more can be done to track accuracy. For example lying very still in bed seems to be tracked as deep sleep still. Perhaps sensitivity can be reduced when it has tracked someone has awaken in the middle if the night and gradually increase in about 30mins? Or some AI be used to track the likely sleep behaviour based on learnt history ? Regardless really good app to use. Thanks

A great app that captures all the info I need!. I found sleep related other apps much more costly than ‘AutoSleep’ - and I am finding the app really illuminating regarding my sleep patterns - especially the indicators that I actually need much more sleep than I usually get due to my being so distracted at night by ‘Netflix’ and the like - and therefore being much more preoccupied before attempting to sleep. I also like that the app shows me the quality of my sleep - and that the app breaks down the info in an easy to absorb format. I find ‘AutoSleep’ a fabulous app that is very cost effective - thank you!

Good app. Lazy dev.. Requested a feature. Dev said he’d implement. It’s actually based on simple maths and even a beginner would have been able to add it with very little effort or knowledge. Didn’t appear after months, I sent an email and he blamed his workload. Understandable. But then months have passed again and this incredibly simple option still hasn’t appeared. When ya pay for an app ya kinda wanna feel appreciated for supporting the dev ya know? If you’re not gonna do it, just say so lol instead of creating false hope. That’s all it takes. If you’d just said no, you don’t think you’d be able to do it, just say so. I would have been happy instead of being strung along for all these months haha.

Easy to use efficient app. I downloaded this app as I transitioned from fitness/sport watch to an Apple Watch. As apple is lacking in the sleep data clarity this is where AutoSleep steps in and succeeds. I have been utilising the ‘lights off’ function as I find it has a clearer representation of my in bed to fall asleep time. The app collates your sleep data in easy to read format-I like the overview ’History’ option as that allows you to compare the whole months sleep. You have the option to view your quality, time in bed, heart rate & more. I also like the clock style rings as they are a super simple read for a quick at a glance reading on your nights rest. And if you’ve had a cheeky night out that you don’t want ruining your sleep averages you can just scroll down & click ‘exclude’ or ‘adjust’ them Anyway it’s good you should give it a go.

Ex sleep apnea sufferer. After having sleep apnea for many years, and finally, because of a large weight loss (from dieting) I reached the stage where there was no sign of sleep apnea, so no more use of troublesome masks and having to carry machines around when I travel overseas. But i find it important to keep a close eye on my sleep patterns, and the sleep app is simple - no more sleep tests - all I need is my fit bit watch. Brought up in a non technical age, I find it so simple to follow and am quite amazed that all I need to do is to wear my watch all night. Very happy with it all and the first thing I check on when I get up in the morning!

Large number of easily understood measures. Been using this app for many years. One of the most easy to understand sleep assessments while including such a large number of metrics for the users information. For those unusual measures, there is an explanation of what each mean, and all seem to have value with how I would sleep. No complaints. Also nice to have an easy and quick to use watch complication for alarm setting! Issue with the Apple Sleep app is that it requires you to set a bedtime routine which is not suitable for shift work. This just automatically records sleep and allows alarms with no complication.

Very valuable resource. My husband tried a few sleep apps and said this one he thought was most accurate so when I got an iwatch I just got this. The data it collects is very interesting. It helped me realise/validate that I have a sleep problem. I was always waking up groggy, feeling unrested and suffering from daytime fatigue, the app showed that I get no deep sleep basically, so little that I actually thought either the sensors or the app for malfunctioning, because my husband was getting 2-3h of deep sleep a night and I am getting 0-15min. To test we swapped watches for the night and he got his usual stats on my watch and app and I got my usual ones on his. Am yet to see a doctor but pretty sure I have sleep apnea. I’ve been suffering for so long and there are so many things that could be causing the symptoms so it’s good to have something that I could use to test things out at home before going down the path of a sleep study I pretty much got the watch to use this app as I could see how interesting the info that my husband was getting was

Works great. Just what I have been hoping to find for my Apple Watch. Other sleep tracking app solutions require manual input - AutoSleep is completely "set and forget" and works brilliantly. The iPhone interface provides useful details about your sleep quality - not the most intuitive GUI but certainly gets the job done. Have been missing such a solution since switching from another branded fitness tracker to Apple Watch. WatchOS may introduce sleep tracking in the future, but for now AutoSleep is the best way to track sleep on Apple Watch. Highly recommended.

Wonderful. I am still tired in the morning when I wake up even though I sleep enough hours. I thought I might be sick or something but this app helped me understand my sleep patterns and that my sleep is very disrupted and don’t get much quality sleep. Now I am trying new things to find what works for me to get a better night sleep and this app helps me work out what is working or not. Now if there was just an app to stop hubby snoring my sleep would be perfect 😂

Awake but registered as asleep. This app is certainly a lot more accurate than the generic sleeptracker in IOs. However, despite the possibility to adjust and fine tune the sleep registration, the app struggles to correctly discern light sleep from being awake, because movements and heart rate are lowish in both cases. (I am notoriously awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night.) The amount of deep sleep correlates well with how I feel the next morning and looks pretty correct. I have no comparison with other trackers, but I think unless someone puts electrodes on your head, all trackers would have the same issue.

Excellent app. A really comprehensive program that collects a whole lot of very detailed data about your physiological state during sleep. More data than I can handle really, but I know it’s there on a few occasions when I’ve wanted to dig much deeper into what was happening with my sleep cycles. I would recommend this app to anybody. You need to wear your watch to bed for it to work properly in my opinion.

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Not liking update. Used to love this app but since the last update it has become way too complicated. It used to be used friendly, all relevant info in the same place... Now it’s a mess. Quite disappointed about the change to be honest. Interface was prettier looking before as well...

Confusing and inaccurate. I bought this app because I did not want to be paying a subscription to monitor my sleep with my new Apple Watch…. The downside to that is the fact that I did not get to have a “free trial” like every other paid sleep monitoring app, and regret paying for this at all. The app is confusing, and viewing information is extremely convoluted. Not only that, but the information is straight up wrong. It will say I am asleep long past the time I had woken up, and then I’ll have to go in and manually edit it out. Sometimes it will randomly decide I was sleeping in the middle of the day for no reason even when I was using my phone and have the phone motion detection on to prevent the app from thinking I’m asleep. Now, I’m going to have to find and use a different sleep tracking app, and even though I’ve only used this one for two nights, I had to waste money on it.

The developers are cheats. I was under the impression that the app is a standalone app that doesn’t require a watch to work. When I requested a refund I was denied saying that I wasn’t eligible even though I submitted a request in under an hour of the purchase. Definitely feel cheated by the developers

Great with watch!. Although it does take some planning to keep your watch battery charged, I have learned some tricks. When watching TV at night, I charge my watch so it’s capable of working overnight. It doesn’t consume a lot of power while I’m sleeping, so a quick recharge while I’m taking a shower in the morning more than amply keeps the watch going well into the evening. I don’t even think about starting/stopping the app when I go to bed. It does an amazing job of automatically capturing my sleep and wake cycles and I’m seeing some progress in altering my routine to support better sleep. I would just warn people not to get obsessed over some of the results. Look at general trends and get acquainted with good sleep habits to watch your progression. Truly, it’s a very helpful tool. Hats off to the developer!

Great data collection (sometimes too much). The app is really fun to use and smart when it comes to detecting sleep. The only issue I have with it is that sometimes there is simply so much information that you get a bit overloaded.

Works well. I really enjoyed using this app. I came from using Fitbit for years and years, and got myself an Apple Watch and this app has been great. I’d love especially that you can ask Siri if you are ready to go for your day. the readiness score is helpful especially for people who exercise and work out. It doesn’t drain the battery of my watch and I don’t have anything negative to say.

Great Value For A Great App. I love the fact that there isn’t a recurring subscription like there is with everything nowadays. If you don’t have a sleep app yet but you’d like to track your sleep with simple yet powerful metrics, get this app. Ignore the others. They don’t compete on the level where it’s worth considering.

Auto sleep. Very satisfied with that app!

Absolutely love it. It has been a game changer with my Ultra, I’m more focused on getting a better rest and I feel how my energy levels have increased just by being aware of the time and quality of your sleep, totally worth it.

Love this app!. This was the best sleep app when I bought it years ago and it just keeps getting better. If you have the Apple watch buy this suite of apps and start wearing your watch to bed!

Getting better sleep. Through the tracker I have been able, for maybe the first time in my adult years, achieve my sleep goals. Also love the one time cost. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Ça vaut la peine de procurer cette application. Amazing…

This app doesn’t work - Don’t waste your money!. Downloaded this app thinking it must be better than free ones. It’s been a week but still haven’t recorded anything. The app doesn’t work. I emailed the developer but didn’t hear back from them. I want my money back.

Excellent add on app for my Apple Watch. Love this app and that is so accurate at catching deep sleep episodes. The free sleep app version that comes with the Apple Watch does not do a good job of capturing the deep sleep cycle . This watch is great at that and I feel it reflects my true deep sleep patterns as well as more in depth of all sleep cycles in general. Love how it shows comparison of how low your heart rate dipped in percentage comparing it from resting heart rate to resting heart rate while sleeping! Mine showed a z10% dip in heart rate which was really good for me, it calms my anxiety to know my heart is not racing while sleeping. Tracking my heart rate during walking, sleeping, exercising or feeling panic it reflects my heart rate perfectly. Now I can show my doctor daily comparisons of heart rate when my body has gone through menopause, cancer and surgery and gives me a great view into weather my heart health is improving! This is the first app I’ve even bought for my apple 7 watch and it’s so cheap only $7. Also this is a one time fee and you don’t have to pay yearly. I highly recommend you purchasing this app it’s so worth it if you go through surgery and your body is recovering it show trends as well! After my surgery it showed my sleeping heart rate went down 10% so I know I’m healing and my heart is getting stronger. I feel this app is also great at replacing the heart rate holter monitor, d monitor and heart ekg monitor at was because of the doctors as well . So many great uses ! Probably saved my life … found out my heart blood presumas always good or normal but resting and walking heart rates and sitting or sleeping to waking up and getting out of bed my heart rate would spike like crazy like 62-148 which I thought was related to menopause issues heart or Covid vaccine or heart trouble but ruled those out and ended up finding out I had cancer in my lung and pre cancer in skin under thumb nail the doctors (which may have been related to Covid vaccine) finally the doctors listened to me that something was wrong with my body and it wasn’t just anxiety or panicked attacks. Even though blood tests and other heart echo and heart stress tests did not show any issues. This heart monitor is on 24/7 not like just a 10 minute EKG’s like they do at the hospitals. Got my thumb partially amputated to remove skin cancer and partial 20% lung lobectomy to remove lung cancer and each time it showed big dip in all heart rate areas which indicated I was healing. This has really been a life saver literally as well as saving time driving to hospital or doctors for ekg. Best app purchase exercise you won’t be disappointed! Thanks for helping the doctors acknowledge that something was wrong with me and it wasn’t ANXIETY like all the doctoythought I had. Next I have bone and spine radiation treatments and I will get to see how that reflects my heart rate, now hopefully after 1 year and 4 months of monitoring and getting tested for cancer the doctors are finally figuring out it was multiple cancers I had and not anxiety and even though it’s stage 4 cancer I finally feel hopeful they will be able to remove all or most cancer and hopefully be on my way to a cancer free body again. Thanks for saving my life so far and hoping it continues and I will be cancer free again. It is a great tool to monitor overall wellness as your heart is a major component of wellness especially after 50 and starting menopause and multiple illnesses heart rates tend to change it usually indicates hormonal balance, sickness and now I believe high heart rates correlate to your body’s changes when going through cancer and helped my doctor and I to find the cancer through pet scans, ct scans, mri scans, ultrasounds and bone scans! I’ve never written such an in depth review but since having a high heart rate my heart doctor could not figure out why my heart rate was so high I did not give up and as long as the rest of the cancer is irridicated I many live much longer or go into a full remission after removing the rest of the cancer I’m finally feeling more hopeful I may survive a bit longer as I’m only 51 and want to watch our son grow up and have more time with my friends and family this lifetime hopefully! Now I will keep close monitor on my heart health without constantly going to the doctors! Can’t thank you enough!! ❤️👏

Use this app along with my Apple sleep from my watch. Love this app. Use this to reference everyday, I actually feel that this app is more accurate then my Apple sleep diagnosis sometimes. Give me a bit more information to keep me disciplined in the evenings to make sure I get my rest. Nicely done, easy to use. Worth the money.

Perfect for Apple Watch. Gives reliably more than enough info about the night. Works perfect with my Apple Watch. I can’t understand ppl who say the Apple Watch battery life doesn’t allow using this software all night. Fairy tales. Use it.

Alarme intelligente ne fonctionne pas!. Depuis environs une semaine avant le changement d’heure, l’alarme intelligente a cessée de fonctionner… vraiment décevant que le problème n’ait toujours pas été résolu! Elle montre qu’elle est programmée mais ne se produit pas le matin et si je vérifie, elle est toujours active mais pour le lendemain…

Useful and priced well. This is a great app. It provides a summary and for those inclined, much more. The information is easy to read and the app looks slick as well. This has helped me regulate my sleeping habits better and I feel all the better for it. It is also commendable that the developers have chosen not to follow a money-grabbing subscription policy and the one-time purchase is priced well.

Brilliant!. It’s Awesome!! It’s best sleep app on the app store by far! I can recommend it for sure! The only thing it seems to miss are little naps here and there, but otherwise it is definitely worth it!

Very informative. Helps see where you are at with your sleep. Very helpful.

It’s improved my sleep. According to apple trends, I’m sleeping more this year than last year. Generally I would sleep for about 5 hours and forty something minutes a day. But between using this and Breethe I am now sleeping more and better. Last night for example I managed 8 hours and 16 minutes. I’ve also been allowing myself naps on weekends in order to top up from nights when I may not have sleep as long. So between mediating more plus using this app it’s made the world of difference. As I have IBS and I can definitely state that getting a decent nights sleep makes a huge difference. Highly recommended app!

Really enjoying this app. I have learned so much about my sleep patterns and what I need to to get a better night’s rest - well worth it - I use it everyday now!

Used to be a great app then they updated it-now it sucks. I used to love this app. Once they updated it, it’s terrible. Now it’s inaccurate data at best. Spend more time editing the information that I was actually asleep and not awake then anything else. Emailed about it, was told it was a user issue. Not a very professional reply. I’m a pretty savvy tech person. And no it’s not me, It's you! Very unhappy.

Sleep tracking. Great interface, has helped me make positive changes to get better quality sleep! Used with an Apple Watch. Get it!

Used to be great but.... ... since updating to watchOS 7, it’s stopped tracking my sleep hours correctly. Needs a major update before anyone should purchase.

Excellent intel on this app. This app is excellent and collects so much health data to track and share with your doctor.

GIGO. It is evident from user complaints that the most recent version of AutoSleep was not thoroughly tested before release - GIGO. Please revert to the previous version of AutoSleep. The issues with the current version of AutoSleep must be resolved through code review and internal testing. The fact that multiple users experience the same issues with the latest update - and that users are told the issues lie with them and not with the developers and testers -indicates that 1. the source of the problem is due to lack of thorough testing prior to launching the upgrade 2. your developers, testers, business analysts, and customer relations staff are failing your customers.

not having to remember to start or stop tracking = killer feature. Best sleep tracking app I've tried.

Miles more accurate than Apple Health. Way more accurate sleep tracking. It’s particularly obvious with a newborn at home and the frequent wake ups during the night. Apple Health thinks that I am sleeping while I am rocking my baby to sleep but AutoSleep only tracks well… sleep.

Très bonne application. Application très intéressante qui fonctionne vraiment bien, à recommander

AutoSleep and AutoWake apps.. I have been using these apps for over two years. The data that AutoSleep records as amazing and fantastical. It really is the premiere Sleep app and is well worth the purchase. AutoWake is useful too. I wish more Companies took this amount of care to design their apps so well. Thanks for reading my review. Jadisab.

Seems great so far. Would be nice if there was a trial before buying but I’m glad I bought it, pretty simple to set up and works as advertised. No need to input when you go to bed etc. all automatic

I feel bad for the developer. This app has been fantastic since the first day I got my Apple watch! ... Until iOS 14 and watch os 7. I haven't recorded a single minute of sleep since the update. I feel bad for the developer, but this has been Apple's way of doing business for years and years. Copy the most successful 3rd party apps, make their features default functionality, then screw up their ability to operate. They should be sued over it, but for now that's just how it goes doing business with Apple.

Amazing app!. Love love love this app! It works awesome! And it doesn’t cost ridiculously stupid like other apps of this kind. I would recommend this app to everyone because it works awesome!

No monthly plan for sleep is a must for a good nights sleep. Functional without a subscription. you love to see it.

Stopped Working. Love this app, but completely stopped working with latest iOS update. Yes, all permissions were allowed.

Great but missing one thing.... I love the apps insights and it works well. The only thing I would like to see is snoring & ambient sounds recording if your iPhone is in the room (like on a night stand charging). That combine with the Apple Watch data would show the full picture of what is causing poor sleep

good app but doesn’t handle daylight saving time properly. keep an eye out on your manually set wake times. after a daylight saving time change, your wake times will have to be fixed manually. i reported this as a bug but support said this was working as designed 🤷🏽

A must have app for your overall health. I’ve been using this app for years and can’t think of not having / using it. It’s measure of deep sleep is so important to manage your health. I’ve recommend it to everyone I know.

Times zones messed up. Doesn’t not handle time zone changes. Read the FAQ but don’t agree. Yes, travelling days are messed up but can be edited manually. Worse if the whole two weeks are readjusted to home time zone! Flew from North America to Europe. First travelling day was zero sleep. Which was true. Next two weeks were recorded in local time all good. Came back and the app readjusted the ENTIRE two weeks! Instead of 6 hours sleep per night now I have 13 hours sleep one night and 3 hours the next for the entire two weeks!! 😡 This makes no sense at all! If it can handle daylight savings time it should be able to do better than this.

Untouchable sleep app. There should be zero bad ratings, the best sleep app in the store….hands down

Excellent health tracking app!. I have been using Auto Sleep for a few years now and it is one of the best apps I have on my iPhone for tracking my daily health status. It's super helpful to understand both your sleep quality and quantity. Overall a very good ROI.

Insanely awesome and accurate. This guy knows sleep tracking. Better than anyone else imo. I’ve tried many and this one is my staple. I have sleep issues and on days I feel bad I check this and see right away why. Not sure how he figured out these optimal algorithms but it’s crazy accurate. Highly recommend. Worth every penny! Btw I use Apple Watch so just have that experience to comment on. Using an Apple Watch 2 currently.

Perfect. Exactly what you need

Best sleep app!. It’s so easy to use. I just charge my watch for an hour before going to bed. There is a “lights out” widget that you can use to tell it you’re going to bed but you don’t have to - it ‘knows’ all by itself. Excellent insights into my sleep, preparedness for the day and trends. 100% recommend!

Incredible. Incredible daily info. New pillows Cpap machine Painting my bedroom New sheets Every improvement shows up in my sleep from one capacity to another. Sold 10+ people also loving this app… love it! No subscription… awesome!

Doesn’t track time to fall asleep. Bought this app so we could track how long it takes to fall asleep. However, the app does a terrible job of tracking this. It either doesn’t track it at all or, if it does, it is wildly inaccurate.

Great App. Really love this App, inspired me to go to bed earlier!

Nice app. Enjoying using this and only paying one price. That was a big factor in choosing which app. I don’t like permanent subscription apps. I I don’t usually sleep in one long session. I’m usually awake for half an hour or so two or three times in the night. The app doesn’t always detect my full sleep pattern it only gets the first two or three hour session. But it is getting more accurate as I learn the features in the software.

Excellent. I could not function without this app. It keeps me on track with my sleep. I love all the information the app provides. Great health hygiene tool.

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A great value. Updating my review from 4 to 5 stars. Still not “perfect” but after using multiple other apps (free, subscription service and one time payment) I feel like this app gives the best value. Definitely worth the price ———————————————————————Easy to use once calibrated and offers a good amount of data Well designed and fairly easy to follow compared to similar sleep tracking apps. Unfortunately the actual sleep tracking was a bit off the first few nights I had used it. Utilizing the sleep calibration level is a good way to balance out the reading should you find the results different than on other apps. While discouraging, the sleep tracking will become more accurate over the course of the first week. It’s initial cost of $5 is more than others but it is a one time payment. I will continue to update my review over time

LOVE THIS APP!. This gives me everything I need to know and offers a lot more too which is really nice. I have it sent to automatically calculate when I was asleep instead of me letting it know everytime I’m falling asleep and waking up. But one thing I don’t like is how sometimes if the time I was asleep are wrong, I can’t just edit the time fallen asleep or time I woke up. I‘ve been staying home and studying so much/not moving that it thought I was asleep for like 28 hours at one point but when I went in to change it, it was kind of confusing and not intuitive. I understand the whole point is so it can learn how to detect your sleep better but sometimes I wish I could just simply edit the time fallen asleep and time woke up and from the home page rather then double clicking the rings and trying to find out where to even change it. Other then that this app is perfect and super helpful and typically very accurate! :)

Loyal to this sleep app!. I’ve tried a couple of sleep apps prior to this one. However, since then, I’ve been using this app with my iWatch 4. There are so many things that I love about this app: 1. With “Lights Off,” I can see how long it takes for me to fall asleep 2. Once asleep, I can see the quality of my sleep, such as the amount of light sleep, REM sleep, getting up & going back to sleep… 3. Can set nightly sleep goals (i.e. 7-8 hours) 4. The app will tell me if I’m ready for the day, my ability to refuel during the day or if I need rest. 5. Not only is it monitoring my sleep quality through movements, but also it’s monitoring my heart rate & heart rate variability. 6. Hence, I can see trends in all of areas mentioned above. (the app will also make recommendations on bedtimes & wake times, so I can reach better sleep goals. 7. These trends can be broken down by various categories & also you can view trends by weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. 8. On a rare occasion, my iWatch battery lost its charge, but it assumed that my wake up time was when I picked up my iPhone. I can choose to exclude that specific day or include it. 9. Adjustments can be made to the amount sleep on that day if needed. 10. It’s simple to use, can wake me up with it’s gentle alarm, improves my sleep patterns, and I love this app!!! Thank you!

Learning to sleep. Until "the change" I never had difficulties sleeping for more than a few days at a time. I was chronically fatigued and slept, a lot. But in exploring the chronic fatigue, the sleep doc was able to diagnose central apnea. No snoring or obstruction that could be helped by a cpap. Nope! my brain just forgot to tell my body to breath. Then, during my annual physical, I asked my internist to test my Vitamin D levels. They were rock bottom. When I started taking prescription Vit.D, my life changed dramatically. Much of my feeling of fatigue just stopped. I just stopped feeling tired all the time! BUT....Learning to have a healthy sleeping pattern is taking years! My Apple watch and Autosleep have been two of my biggest and best tools for learning to have a healthy sleep pattern. I primarily rely on Autosleep to monitor my respiratory rate and my oxygen levels; but I also rely on it to monitor everything else as I learn to sleep better.

Works like a charm. As a web developer I have to say this app is a must have for any Apple Watch owner. I have been using this app since I got my Apple Watch a month ago and wow, I am absolutely blown away with the work that has been put into this app. From a UI / UX perspective it can leave quite a lot to be desired, but if you can look past it’s dated presentation, you will still find data and functionality galore. I absolutely love that you can see everything going on “under the hood” and how you can revisit and tweak settings after the fact to really dial in the calibration. The other day I had a real odd nap where I fell asleep from 6pm to 9ish or so and used the bathroom and went back to bed. The next morning I was expecting to see my nap included on the sleep report so I got worried the app wasn’t working but viewing the previous days history showed that it did in fact log my late nap / evening sleep session into my sleep bank but it wasn’t counted towards my sleep that night since it fell outside of my usual bedtime by quite a few hours. I’m not one to typically write reviews but this app NEEDS to be at the top of your list if you have an Apple Watch. Love the data, insights, and trends that you can pick up regarding your sleep and once you’ve really dialed in the calibration you truly can set it and forget it. WELL DONE DEVS!!!

Great sleep tracking — simple daily use. This is an app for people who want data on how well they sleep. Once you customize it the way you want it, it just works. It is accurate in capturing my awake periods in the middle of the night. I have used several sleep tracking devices and apps. This is by far the best. I’ve been using AutoSleep for two years. The history has been helpful when I talk with my pulmonologist. My biggest problem is remembering to put my watch back on from the charger before I go to sleep, and now they have a feature to remind me (except I can’t get it to work right). I only use the data on the Clock tab, which works really well for me. I know there is deeper data that I can customize and access, but it’s more than I need. I have an older Apple Watch and it works well. My only criticism is that the user interface is not designed for lay people. It is difficult to configure, but it does what I need by default. I can see there is more data that I could find to be useful, but I give up quickly because the interface is confusing. I followed the instructions to set the alarm to remind me to put my watch on, but it doesn’t work and I don’t know where to start troubleshooting. The app could use a consult from a usability/accessibility team. It is remarkably accurate capturing my sleep/awake times — better than any other sleep tracker I have used.

Impressive app. I travel extensively and mostly internationally, so I find it helpful tracking my quality of sleep and more importantly, my deep sleep. With my circadian rhythm, continually being disrupted from time zone changes, my fatigue level at times will get out of control. Utilizing this app, which appears to be more accurate than other sleep apps that I have tried, somehow knows when I am sleeping. It has been a real eye-opener and offers a multitude of data to review. At first glance it has the big picture items: total sleep time, quality time, deep sleep time (most important) and heart rate averages. The data is shown as a basic overview or extremely detailed on each point of the analysis. As a point; I wear the Apple Watch Ultra. The “genius” at the Apple Store stated it makes a difference which version and model watch you use for accuracy, as why I bought the Ultra model. I highly recommend this app for anyone wanting to track their sleep.

Accurate in time.. Very nice addition to using it in conjunction with “Wind Down” feature of the built in sleep app. It took the app about 7 full days with three manual time adjustments to learn my movements while sleeping and now it’s spot on every single time, including naps! It’s fully automatic and sends me a notification in the morning when my sleep report is ready (time of your choosing). I’ve used the “Lights Off” feature sporadically just to see how long it takes me to fall asleep but no pressing buttons are required for this app to function after initial set up. It’s honestly refreshing to pay once for an app and be done with it rather than a leeching subscription model. The app is feature rich and some things are way above my intelligence so if you want basic sleep numbers/times/heart rate….this does that. If you want to go even further with graphs and things that look like a Dr should be looking at rather than you, it does that too!

Sleeps Issues. Approaching 68 yrs old now & at 60 got Afib & a ablation at 65 yrs old returned me to Sinus Rhythm, then encountered cardio / cholesterol issues which changed my lifestyle of eating & hill walking started & now have retuned to my HS weight & no longer was throwing up when surfing. One issue continually bothering me was my sleeping habits. Got my iwatch to monitor my heart & would look at the sleep data & not satisfied with the built in sleep app & looking thru the App Store saw AutoSleep & added to my iPhone, what a great impulse decision ! This app, along with changes in my bedtime rituals & bedroom environment has taken me from 2 to 4 hrs nightly with 6 to 7 “wake-ups” to 5 to 7 hrs with 3 to 4 wakeups & I am actually obtaining “deep” sleep minutes. Funny, in deciding to write this review, noticed this developer does a heart app & going to load that as well to complement my apple heart app as I can imagine that app is going to be as excellent as this AutoSleep app ! I recommend AutoSleep as the interface is so easy to utilized and visually excellent, the 6.8 version I noticed additional improvement right after I did the App Store update. Keep up the great work with your App ! I luv the techno improvements & my doctors know I am a data guy as an engineer but these apps that provide support & aids in life provide such improvement to my quality of life ! I get my labs results right to my iPhone where usually I had to wait until my appt to see my results.

Very useful app! Gives you lots of information on your sleep patterns.. Bought this app based on its good reviews here in the App Store. It's proved to be very helpful in identifying my sleep patterns and also pretty accurate. For example, yesterday morning I woke up feeling tired and pretty crappy even though I got my goal of 8 hours sleep. I dug deeper into the dashboard and it shows that I got virtually no deep sleep that night. I wake up multiple times a night, but on the night it does show me getting deep sleep, I remember waking up feeling particularly refreshed and not tired. So it's accurately verified sleep problems I knew I had. But the app won't fix it or tell me what's causing it, of course. For that I'm going to have to get the help of a sleep specialist. There's a lot of information on the dashboard if you know where to look and poke around a bit. It also coordinates with the developers heart app and Apple's health app.

Best of them all - this is the one!. Fantastic app! I have chronic sleep issues and have tried dozens of apps (some don’t even exist anymore) over the last decade. A friend recommended AutoSleep and I tried it, because I try them all - usually with minimal joy. AutoSleep was amazing. The longer you use it, the more useful it becomes- the accumulated data is what is so important. That said, even initially AutoSleep blew me away. I couldn’t believe how much data it provided me in a variety of user-friendly interfaces, as well as the ability to easily export all of the data to my doctor. Because of this, I not only have been able to identify some of the underlying causes of my sleep issues, but also discovered some serious issues with my heart (the accompanying HeartWatch is equally incomparable) and oxygen intake. I would not have been aware of either of these issues, though they were tracked in other apps - just not obvious because of data presentation m, if not for how AutoSleep and HeartWatch presented the data and the ability to view detailed history. I have been using both apps for over two years, which is rare for me because something newer and better usually comes along. But, these are BY FAR the most useful health apps I have ever used, and I am an app junkie. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

A little addicting.. If you are getting an app because you are one of those achievers who want to “close all your rings” everyday, this one definitely fills the bill. I am a bit obsessed with checking how much “deep sleep” I had every night and I will force myself to get to bed at a decent time because I want my total sleep ring to be green or blue. It definitely encourages good sleep habits because it tracks how close your actual bedtime and waking times are to your ideals. I use the “Breathe” app to gauge my waking pulse and heart rate variability but my “Readiness” rating is never very great. I also found using that app to indicate when I wake and “Lights Out” on this app to indicate when I am going to sleep, results in more accurate total sleep calculations. Before it seemed to count the time I was charging my phone as a nap. Lastly, because you likely don’t want to be running out of power during the night, I found if I put my phone in Theater mode the battery drains much less.

Extremely Detailed Sleep Info, but no info on disturbanaces. I’m a mom. I wake up in the middle of the night to do caregiving things. There is no difference in the app between waking up, looking at the clock and rolling back over vs waking up, going to a crying child, going up and down a flight of stairs to fetch something they need, returning to my own bed and tossing around for a bit to get comfy. But when it comes to my health, waking up and leaving bed is very different than waking up and merely rolling back over… for so many reasons they are vastly different but the app doesn’t distinguish. I think it’s for that reason the app has never been able to predict my “readiness” when wake because it has no consideration for that kind of brain recovery. Did my brain have to fully wake up and perform? Or did it turn off and rest all night? Would love to see the app team make some improvements in this area.

Knowledge can be a good thing. Insight that complements the awareness of my *life issues.* For example, these are the things that I understand better: 1. Eating late (especially red meat or fried foods) reduces the quality of sleep (QoS). 2. Coffee later in the day really does change QoS. I used to say that I could drink coffee, and it didn’t bother me. Ignorance and denial are not good attributes to have. 3. That second drink of scotch will be fine. No it isn’t, at least not for QoS. 4. I really can go back to sleep instead of just laying there. I’ve discovered that I can either play a podcast or set an Audible book for ‘sleep time’ and get another few hours of sleep. 5. What I wear or not makes a difference. Getting too hot is an issue. Being too cold is one too. Old people say that they don’t sleep very well or long. I’m old and I now feel so much better almost every morning.

Most Accurate Sleep Tracker. I rarely write reviews and I gotta say this app is pretty darn accurate. I’m so glad I found it because I have been wanting to track my sleep for some time. I have a lot of fatigue and the hours that I get to go to bed are never consistent. With other apps, the problem I run into is they never record when I wake and any deep sleep accurately. Often times my pets will wake me up and I’ll still be lying in bed with my eyes open not moving but awake and they will still think I’m sleeping. This app, however, is shockingly accurate, it can tell when I’m just lying still but awake. I love that there’s settings like detecting when your phone is being handled because sometimes I’ll just be in bed scrolling and it knows I’m not asleep. I also like how I can manually put when I’m about to go to bed with Lights Off, it’s interesting to see how long it takes to fall asleep. Honestly the only CON is how confusing a lot of the graphs are, there’s so many colors and shorthand language that you forget from the beginning or they don’t really go into so I only end up reading a few consistently and the rest is just useless to me until I can understand it better. I feel like the UI could be improved in that regard, otherwise this app is perfect! The most accurate sleep tracker I have come across by far!

Great App. Works great and provides lots of useful info. The one challenge is that you need to wear your watch at night which is a common time to charge it. This means you need to make a new habit of charging it once after you get up in the morning so it’ll last through the day and a second time in the evening so it doesn’t run out of charge while it’s doing its sleep monitoring thing. The other annoyance is that when I take my watch off to charge it loses sync with the app so I’ve found myself pretty regularly fiddling with my watch trying to get sync re-established right when I should be trying to go to sleep. The app says it needs something like 5% of a sleep cycle (24 minutes?) to establish itself in communication with the phone so that means you need to make sure you’re done charging your watch and put it back on your wrist at least 24 minutes prior to going to sleep. There have been times when it just won’t connect and I‘be given up. When it works it’s fantastic, when it’s finicky it’s frustrating.

Customer service was shockingly good. Not sure how they do it but I was having trouble with the app starting to make incorrect readings while sleeping. I contacted them through the app and had an automated response within a few sec. It had read my immediate data I guess and had a quick solution. That didn’t help me with my actual issue. At the bottom of the automated email it said if this didn’t solve your issue please respond to this email with a detailed description of the issue. A person actually wrote me back within an hour or so with a couple links how to adjust the app to better reflect what my nights of sleep were. It was a few back and forth clicks from the app to the links to see if I was doing it right and boom, fixed. I am pretty floored with this app and with their knowledge and speed to respond to questions. Well done guys!

Auto sleep is terrific. I’ve been using Health watch and Auto sleep with my series 4 Apple Watch over the last month. I find both sets of data to be extremely helpful in tracking activities of various sorts and sleep patterns. The information is very visually clear and you can also get into greater depth to understand more specifically what is going on behind each set of daily information. Of course looking ones daily functioning provides some guidance on one’s behavior but more importantly are the beautiful displays that illustrate patterns of activity, vitals, and sleep patterns over time. Through HealthWatch you can send an email to secure answers. I received an immediate response on commonly asked questions and that was sufficient to address my need for improving my interactions with the health watch and also auto sleep I really value having HealthWatch and auto sleep to guide my behavior over time. Rusty

Keeps getting worse. I’ve used this app for several years now and with every update it gets worse. I’ve tried contacting support and every time I do the answer I get is, essentially, it’s the fault of the most recent Apple update. Maybe and maybe not but you’re operating on Apple’s platform so it seems to me that it’s the job of app developers to keep their apps working on the platform. It’s at the point now where, no matter how I fine tune the calibration, it’s telling me I’m asleep in the middle of the day and awake in the middle of the night. And nearly every single day I have to go into the app at some point and select “disable error alert” because the app has decided it can’t show me that day’s info due to some unknown error. If you need to add a way to disable the error alert it seems you could figure out how to just make your app work. The only reason I haven’t dumped the app yet is because, as frustrated as I am, it’s the only one in the App Store that even sort of works. Though I’m considering getting a Fitbit again and using that for sleep tracking.

Use it every day.. Since using this app I’ve become more aware of my sleep habits, the good and the bad. Without awareness I’ve been able to adjust my sleep habits for the better. Since we are told that daily exercise leads to more complete rest during sleep (or something like that) I wish the program could interface with my daily exercise as recorded by my watch and my iPhone and present a correlation between days of good exercise and the resulting nights sleep. Do I actually sleep better when I exercise during the day? If the answer is positive I think that would be good encouragement for getting at least a little exercise every single day. One additional comment is that I tried to use voice recognition to provide this review but the apps ability to deal with voice recognition was almost 0. I had to go to my one notes and dictate this response and then copy and paste it into the review block.

All-encompassing and accurate!. I was skeptical that a third party app would work well, and skeptical about sleep tracking in general. I bought my first smart watch (Apple), and gave this a try based on the reviews. Even the negative reviews were about trivial things not related to how this product performs. The sleep and wake times in this app are pretty spot on, and it has many metrics with lots of data (restlessness, deep sleep, awake, heart rate). There are even different profiles for different types of users (like athletes/normal people/standard high heart rate). My only complaint is that I’d like to know how it calculates some of this to be able to make changes to my sleep pattern to get the most benefit. For example, are “restless” moments any time I move my wrist, or true tossing and turning? What constitutes “deep sleep”? I almost returned my Apple Watch when I found out it didn’t have built in sleep monitoring, but this inexpensive app has saved the day for the Apple Watch. I’m impressed.

3 Months now. 1/5/22- And I’m still checking things out each day. This app provides me with all the details I need to know each night while sleeping. I’m not sleeping much, but it gives me the insights as to when things are happening based on my own personal trends. I have information I can quickly share during doctor visits as well. It’s rare to find an app that is worth the money. In the early days, you could count on developers providing with a solid and worthy tool. This app meets the standards with the highest marks across all categories for price, performance, information, usefulness, and I could go on and on. Again, excellent tool. Don’t waste your time looking for anything further because this one truly is the premier sleep tracking app that works perfectly with other elements your watch already captures for you. The first few days of use triggered my going back and doing the entire bundle.

Zero Stars - Totally Inaccurate. Last night I was riding my bike at 10:03 with my heart rate at 137, came home and took a shower, without my Apple Watch. Watch back on by 10:30, to bed just after 11. This app shows me asleep at 10:13. No other options to choose from other than 10:13 bedtime. When I manually adjust it has me sleeping anywhere from 2 hours to 7:49 minutes. I was in my bed for 6 and a half hours, asleep in probably 5 minutes and never woke up until 5:40. This is daily. In the several months I’ve had this, it has never recorded even an hour and a half of deep sleep and my fuel rating is always low. I am a great sleeper and am rarely tired during the day. My watch sleep app shows my deep sleep levels high, especially when I exercise the day before. The only thing that seems accurate is my heart rate. That usually matches the watch app perfectly so I know it is reading while I sleep. I have sent in requests for help several times, emailed when I say I am not enjoying the app (if you say no, it prompts for you to send an email). I’ve never had one response. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY, SAVE YOUR $5!!!

Great App. I have tried almost all the sleep apps on the App store. There are no other apps that compare. I purchased the bundle which includes AutoSleep, AutoWake and Heart Watch. All the data pulled from the three formulates scores in different sleep categories. which are goal oriented. I use an Apple watch and have learned to sleep with it on to get the most accurate results. The app is a little challenging at first because there are so many places that need user input at the beginning, this all goes once your up and running. Im a data person and there is endless amounts. The app connects to IOS health app and swaps information to come up with most accurate sleep data possible based on all your health apps.. I have emailed support within the app and they are very knowledgable and responsive. I actually recommend this app to friends and family on a daily basis. I highly recommend this app. Thank you

Lord of the Rings. Cute app. The visuals are appealing. But, the deep dive options into nerdville details leave an obvious piece of information unanswered: Absent is a top level key to define the color of the concentric rings. The purpose should be to allow the user to immediately know the hierarchy of colors: Obviously Red means bad. But is gold better than green? Where does Blue fall? Better or worse? The developers need a color key front and center to decode the direction or level of the handy ring summary. Not all of us use the subscribed app often enough to remember. Maybe the app is designed for the customer with needs to do a forensic deep dive. Unless this “low level” need on the OCD scale is addressed I’m dropping the app. There’s also the perplexing situation of reconciling the ring color pattern to the bottom line ‘quality of sleep’ percentage(s). What does all blue, gold, green rings mean when the “big circle summary” percentage is significantly lower? Please clean this up or lose this occasional user.

A must-have for tracking sleep and making better habits. Since I began using AutoSleep, I’ve come to better understand how my sleep habits impact my overall health and the amount of energy I do—and don’t—have on a given day. It allows me to see how much I am awake at night, how quickly I fall asleep, and better understand why I wake up feeling groggy (or ready to take on the world). Armed with this knowledge, AutoSleep has changed my habits for the better. I make getting to bed at a consistent time and getting more sleep a top priority. My diet is better and I’ve lost weight in no small part because more and better sleep is attributed to a better diet. If your health is important to you, and it should be, the combination of AutoSleep, my Apple Watch, and my iPhone have made a measurable improvement for me. I highly recommend AutoSleep. Sweet dreams!

Wounderful apps. I use all 3 in bundle, auto sleep, AutoWake and HeartWatch. Together they have made a real tangible difference in not only my sleep but my over health. With AutoWake I awake feeling well rested, stomach sleep has allowed me analyze my sleep patterns giving me onsite to how different things affect my overall sleep, like tv on and off, music playing, meditation sleep videos, etc to enable me to greatly improve my sleep. And I have heart issues and hypertension, in conjunction with my Apple Watch and a great blood pressure tester enables both me and my cardiologist to see how my health is. Had to show here how it works at first, but know when I go to appointments the first thing she does is take my iPhone and open HeartWatch to see what’s going on. Had allowed her to really fine tune my medication to point I really feel better and way less issues now.

Wonderful. I like that it tells me how much I’ve slept and how much I’m missing. It allows me to be more aware of going to bed earlier and it also validates in my mind some of the cranky days. Not saying it gives me permission to be a jerk, but it helps me understand why maybe my patience is lower that day or energy is low, whatever. The quiet alarm is amazing. I have a backup set 15 minutes later on my phone just in case, but I almost never need it. I have been able to be a little more focused on getting to bed earlier and even taking little naps if I can just to “pay myself back” By being aware of the debt, I noticed my mood improving and my energy being more stable as time goes on. This app is as advertised and well worth the money. If you’re on the fence, give it a try. You won’t regret it. I bought the companion app within a week of buying this one.

So far I luv it! One Day only. So-I just got my first Apple Watch and I really wanted to track health and quality-of-life on it. That being said I downloaded two other sleep apps for free. In an effort to track the quality and hours asleep at night. I couldn’t figure out how to access all the data and they were very confusing! so I put up the 2.99 to download this app and I am so happy I did! You basically don’t have to do anything-but go to bed- and the data and display are very easy to figure out very similar to what’s on your Apple Watch. Rings, that explain in a very understandable way your sleep data. I plan on wearing my watch to bed each night to get the most accurate data but you don’t have to do that- they can track it off your iPhone. it’s only been one day but so far I am absolutely thrilled with the data I got after one night sleep! Definitely worth $3.00

Best Sleep App (still). You get a lot of data with this app. The breakdown from when your in deep sleep is enlightening as I didn’t know that it was so intermittent during the sleep period. The app also gives you the freedom to customize your sleep behavior patterns by observing when and how you sleep to improve your pattern. I find that I sleep better if I go to bed earlier and I feel more relaxed the next day. This app has been accurate and even for my afternoon naps. It shows that I even have deep sleep during a nap. That was a surprise as the TV is usually on and other noises are present. This app works as if it was native to iOS. It doesn’t have hiccups or dropouts. It works seamlessly. It is now the only app I use for sleep tracking! With the upcoming iOS 14 sleep monitoring, I will still be using this app for the tracking of my sleep because I think it gives accurate information.

Excellent. I have used 3 other sleep tracking apps before and this is by far the best. However, I have yet to find an app that tracks accurately (sleep when I’m asleep and awake when I’m awake) and this one is not different. I assume this cannot be 100% accurate being measured by a watch on your wrist so I don’t see it as a shortcoming of this app. In fact, this app allows you to calibrate the sensitivity to improve accuracy. I haven’t played around with this feature yet because I have a problem with the concept. The app needs to tell me when I’m asleep and not the other way around. Why do I need it if I know better. My experience is that it tracks my sleep well except for in the morning. It would tell me I was asleep until I take my watch off even when I lie in bet awake for one hour. All other apps I used did that too. Plenty of information. I particularly like the credit and debt. Highly recommend.

Probably the best, but they’re humble about it. I’ve tried many sleep apps including ‘Pillow’ and even ‘Sleep Cycle’ and AutoSleep is more stable, powerful, and cheaper than any of them. They can run with that, there’s another thing too which if they capitalize on it then I’ll update my review to 5 stars. Next month I’ll drop a star until they do bring attention to this. It would sell itself. There is some applications that require you to learn the “tips and tricks” per say. Or even the advanced features that you only find when you dig deeper. The good thing is that with this application you don’t need to do any of that. So the feature that I am making such a big deal about is how it’s able to automatically updates and add multiple sessions per day. Last night I really only got maybe an hour of sleep. I went to sleep super late and by the end of the day I ended up napping. because I had my watch on it recorded it pretty accurately. Like, to the minute! Other apps like ‘sleep cycle’ require you to initiate on the watch or else nothing happens so the fact it gets broken up and organized is freaking awesome! Had I known that when looking at the competition that would’ve sealed the deal right there and then. If it’s a feature that’s built in to the app, promote it. Hope the best for this app. Review on March 2023, May update depending on what happens.

Very impressed - better than I expected. I didn’t know what to really expect when buying these apps. I saw the colorful dials and the health related data points and thought it’d be nice to get some basic info. I had no idea the level of depth and detail I would be able to get from these guys. I am truly impressed...and for the record, I am not someone very easily impressed. To the clinical staff and software developers of these apps, you’ve done an AMAZINGLY AWESOME job on your apps. I’m so impressed with the quality and stability of your apps that I’m wondering how you are so successful and whether or not you’d be available to work on other projects. 🤔😳😁😇 Please keep up the great work and whatever you do, please DO NOT let any of the bugs from other Apple software releases 🤬🤯😳 affect the quality of your product and stability of your performance. Keep up the excellent work!!! 🙏🏻👍🏻😊🥳

Nice app. Seems good so far. Only on day 3 of using it but it seems pretty accurate after calibrating. It was too generous so to say by default, saying that I slept more than I know I did. I calibrated it by editing the sleep time to a different preset option it gave and it seems more accurate there. Like the integration with heart watch for HR tracking and such as well. Would be better if info was a little easier to understand from the start. Needs to have more legends on the data displayed so you can easily figure what’s what or something like that. I’m testing other sleep apps right now also; sleep watch, pillow, and this one (AutoSleep). Pillow seems quite promising but requires $40/yr for the full experience. Not too impressed with sleep watch thus far. And AutoSleep seems quite nice overall and the price is very reasonable, only a few bucks for the complete/paid app with no subscription necessary.

The best. I’ve been using this app for several years. It’s easy to use, accurate, and they keep improving it. At one point about a year ago, I had a question re its interface with the Apple Health app. They answered my email straight away. It tracks everything about my sleep, which gave me proof of why I may or may not feel rested the next day and how that affects my mood, appetite and sports performance. I made changes to my life because of this app’s data, and I am now sleeping very well since I made those changes. There is also a part of the app for more in-depth sleep analysis, which is beyond the scope of my knowledge, but I think sleep scientists would appreciate! Thank you so much to the developers for the obvious work in terms of sleep research as well as software design that’s been put into this. It’s an amazing first rate app!

A must if you are over 65. I am 69 and have been through a couple of sleep studies because I don’t seem to be able to stop waking up repeatedly during the night. This is pretty typical of people my age and I firmly believed that I wasn’t sleeping well because with all the wires attached to me during a sleep study I definitely did not. This app and my new Apple Watch have been very reassuring because it shows exactly how much deep sleep I have been getting and most importantly it makes me relax about since psychology is a Big factor in sleep this has contributed to better sleep for me now as well. I wake up less because I have more confidence in my ability to fall back asleep. David at Customer service is stellar in helping me fine-tune the chosen cycle I want to capture and though I’m sure I don’t use the app in every way possible since it dives deep into sleep particulars, I use it every night and highly recommend it for my friends

Absolutely the best tracker there is, especially if you use an Apple Watch. I have serious sleep problems due to brain damage. So it’s important that I have an accurate tracker to show my trends, heart rates, deep sleeps vs wakefulness. I can tell when I’m about to have a brain episode based on several days of tracking information. I had a friend who was using a different tracker. She had issues with it kissing entire sections of time. She also has an Apple Watch, so it shouldn’t be losing chunks of data. Took me weeks to convince her to try this app. She tried the feee version for a week and the. Bought the paid version. Works perfectly. I like that you can fine tune every piece of data this app uses. People are all unique, and this app allows you to alter the way it translates data to fit your particular traits. Give the feee version a try, you will end up buying the paid version.

The best sleep app!. I tried most of the apps in the store, and this was the one for me. I credit AutoSleep with improving my sleep habits and getting more and higher quality sleep. As an insomniac, that’s saying a lot. Biofeedback is good stuff, and they deliver it with top notch visuals, charts and graphs (honoring Apple’s circle ⭕️ model), and the level of data they provide is chock full of helpful information... and you can get as geeky as you want with it. The data has also encouraged me to get more exercise as I notice how the efficiency of my sleep is better when I do. And I love that the cost for the app is a flat fee and not some ridiculous subscription. That’s how it should be. It pairs beautifully with HeartWatch (another excellent app by Tantissa), which I hesitated to get at first until I realized how much I loved AutoSleep and wanted to have that same ability to drill down into my cardiac data. Lastly, their documentation is some of the best I’ve seen in the app store. Bravo all around! 👏🏼

Know what you did last night!. No, not where you left your car but how well you did or didn’t sleep and what it means for you, your day and your health. I look forward to reading my “health ring” reports every morning. Being aware of my sleep has made me much more conscious of doing things that contribute to healthy sleep, like going to bed and waking up the same time every night and morning. Being aware of how much deep sleep you got and the nature of one’s “heart dip” is really interesting. It’s an excellent forecaster of how your day is going to go. I didn’t even know what a heart dip is until I started this program. All good fascinating stuff. It must have taken TONS of hard work to envision this app and to put it together. My thanks to the developers for their persistence. And, NO ADS! Awesome! I did purchase the extra add on. Well worth it. Hardly the cost of a Starbucks. Thanks, guys!

Please add a way to manually input your the time you’re asleep!!!. This app is good, but there’s some obvious things that it’s missing!!! Before I had an Apple Watch I had a Fitbit and it tracked my sleep really well, and i liked it a lot!! The most annoying thing about this app is that you can’t manually add time you slept! for example: I’m in college and my major is pretty rigorous, so I don’t get too much sleep, and so I like the feature on the app that shows your sleep debt. BUT for instance, last night i was really tired and so I accidentally fell asleep from 9:30pm-11:30 and then woke up, had to do an assignment, and went back to sleep from 3-8am that’s a cumulative of 7 hours, which is pretty good for me, and would help my sleep debt percentage on the app, but the app only recognizes the sleep from 9:30-11:30, and I can’t do anything about this except exclude the day from my data. It happens all the time and it really annoys me that we can’t do something so fundamental and basic!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!

Life changing. This app changed my life for the better. I was battling severe depression and intrusive thoughts. I got this app because I knew my sleep was erratic and I just wanted to track it, not expecting anything. This app told me I never reached deep sleep and woke up several times through the night. On average I would get about 2-3 hours of light sleep a day. I brought this up to my physician and I had a formal sleep study completed. They prescribed me a medication and I have beenACTUALLY sleeping. I have literally never felt this good in my life. I am amazed this is how people feel on a regular basis! My depression is gone and I no longer have thoughts of unaliving myself. I have so much to catch up on in my life! I suffered for MANY years with the depression and tried so many antidepressants that I was called “treatment resistant” but that was apparently just because I never slept! Get the app! P.S someone said it was difficult to navigate, that is not my experience at all.

Has some problems. I’ve changed my opinion. First, I found out from one of the Doctors at the Dept. of Veteran’s Affaires Medical Clinics that the Apple Watch band that comes with it is horrible, and they do not recommend that you sleep with an Apple Watch. Once I stopped wearing the Apple Watch to bed I got back to getting at least getting six hours sleep again. I also put some time into calibrating the app and that helped a lot. To bad I can’t sleep with the watch. Apple needs to use a watch band that breaths, if the doctors at the VA say it’s bad then Apple has to know there are issues, fix them! I’ve had AutoSleep for a week now and so far it’s not even in the ballpark. Right now I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping. The last time slept this bad I was on active duty in the Marine Corps and people where trying to kill me. The other day I had a really bad nights sleep, I woke up the next morning and I was to tiered to drive, I haven’t slept that bad in decades. AutoSleep gave me a 97% sleep rating.

Life saver! Literally!. This is a great app. It may literally have saved my life! I had gotten pneumonia and recovered. I want sleeping well soo I got this app to try to understand what was going on. I found out that while I slept my 02 levels were dropping to dangerous levels! Like in the high 70’s! They were staying low for up to an hour at a time! I took this information to my Dr and they put me on oxygen at night. Now my 02 are fine. It saved my life! Other than that It has given me a lot of insight on my sleep. It shows me everything about my sleep. I would think that I slept all night and should feel pretty good. Then I review the information and realize that even though I slept most of the night the quality was bad. Or I would only sleep a short time but feel pretty good. It shows that the quality was good. Plus soo much more! Very interesting and informative.

STOP READ BEFORE WASTING MONEY Incompetent owner. App has been glitchy for days and when I reached out to try and get support I keep getting the run around. Owner keeps blaming Apple and not entering the passcode even though any idiot knows that in order to use any feature on the Apple Watch you have to entree the passcode after securing it to your wrist. As I explained to him that it can’t be my Apple Watch ( fully update Apple Watch 7) this is the response I got. Your Watch did not capture any heart rate data from 10:30pm to 3:15am. Other apps do not report system errors and just fill in the blanks so they don't have to support you. But my morals prevent me from doing this. If you follow the instructions sent to you, press error help and turn on the switch to ignore the error then the error will go away for this day. The most common reason for this problem is forgetting to enter your passcode. Kind regards, David OK so this man just gave me the entire runaround on Twitter would not even let me explain my problem kept dismissing my problem as it being a glitch with Apple once again and then when I proved it wasn’t he blocked me from his Twitter account. Definitely report an apple do not buy this app.

Perfect!. To be honest, I had fairly low hopes that this app would work well for me. I'm a night shift worker with horrendous sleep habits and I just didn't expect that it would keep up with me. I too often go 24 hours without sleep, sleep for 12 hours at a time, or lie in bed for hours trying to fall asleep. This app hasn't missed the mark once. I ran the setup wizard on day one and set the app to interpret phone motion as me being awake. I wear my watch to bed and leave my phone charging on my night stand. This combination hasn't messed up once. Every sleep, every nap, every hour lying awake, all counted correctly. The data is presented in various interesting and useful ways. I knew my sleep habits were horrible, but there is just something about seeing them displayed graphically that makes me more inspired to actually fix them. As if that wasn't enough, I contacted support for what I thought was a glitch, and I received an email the same day that solved the problem on the first try. I had accidentally excluded one day's data from the history, so there was no problem with the app in the first place. My only concern with wearing my watch to bed was battery life, since I also want to wear it while awake. This hasn't been an issue. It charges so quickly that it has been enough to simply charge it here and there when I'm in the shower, eating, etc. Fantastic app and fantastic support.

Absolutely Awesome Sleep Tracker!. I have tried several apps to track my sleep and try to gain insight over my insomnia. All of them were a paid subscription and failed to do what AutoSleep has accomplished to do for me. I can see exactly where I excel and lagg, in an easy to understand interface, that show me where I need the work the most. I also appreciate being able to track how long it takes me to fall asleep as I experiment with different techniques (my favorite is reading with a low-level sleep sound in the background) yo see which aide me the best to fall asleep. I still cannot believe that I paid one flat fee for this powerful tool. I thank you for that; it really shows your commitment to helping others achieve better sleep. You’ve put the person over the profit and that is hard to find in today’s society. So thank you from a grateful customer.

Number one fan. Been using this app non stop for a few years! It’s by far the most important app I use. It reveals so much about my sleep and has really helped me to improve my sleep routine. I manage my severe sleep apnea with a CPAP machine, but the AutoSleep app tells me about the quality of my sleep for each day and over time. The app has helped me figure out that I get the most quality and deep sleep with a slightly earlier bedtime. It has also revealed that even one alcoholic beverage can completely wipe out my deep sleep for the night. Drinking is rarely worth the negative impact to my sleep. During a recent Covid illness the app showed I was getting almost zero deep sleep and showed improvement as I was recovering. I especially love waking after a great night’s sleep to have the app confirm all the positive stats! There’s nothing like a “rocket fuel” day. Keep it up guys and gals. AutoSleep is Gold! Thank you!!

Great Sleep App. It’s worth the download of $5. It takes a bit of extra time to “follow” on how to read the in-depth report and/or calibrate, but it’s worth it. Although you can quickly get to find out your sleep and quality from the first time. It’s a very well developed app. I also appreciate the privacy aspect of it. I’m glad I got the correct app first time around after getting my Apple Watch for Christmas. They also have a bundle but I didn’t buy it. If I may suggest adding a Lights Off (Lamps) option to the Watch and/or easily seen within the App at night and also pls place it on the report to be seen easily in the Clock Tab Summary Report. The larger widget does have it, so at least there’s that, but that has to be added as a widget and then having to choose the larger one to be able to quickly get to it at night.

Worth every penny. I used to have a Jawbone up, and I loved the sleep features and vibrate to wake feature. That alarm was great because it would wake you up in a sleep state that was less jarring than a regular timed alarm, and it vibrated rather than sound. I’ve tried other sleep apps and I just didn’t like them or they weren’t as useful as the Jawbone. This app is what should be included on an Apple watch as a standard. The rings are similar to Fitness, so you can see how much and what kind of sleep you are getting. You can also do a deep dive of any of the items to get more detail and how to improve. The sleep debt is important for me because I can see how much sleep I’ve missed, how to improve, and how much of a sleep debt I have. I really notice a difference in fatigue when I have a sleep debt. All in all, this really is an essential app to track sleep.

Knowing what’s happening while you sleep. This app is easy to set up and the data you get is worth you money. The unique inside information gained, allows you to understand your sleep pattern and your actual needs to adjust your day and what to expect daily your body to do with the energy gain or loss during sleep. It’s a good metric measuring combination with your Apple I-watch adding previously unmeasured areas without obstruction during the night. I have sleep apnea for several years and never had the opportunity to measure data of me. Most apps only give data on the machinery used to sleep and how they are functioning. This app with the watch is getting data from my body directly. Furthermore, a year ago; I had a stroke. This app’s data allow me to have information to adjust my workout daily. The final result is maximizing and adjusting my workout to get better results faster and consistently.

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Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.10.4
Play Store com.tantsissa.AutoSleep
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The application AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch was published in the category Health & Fitness on 20 December 2016, Tuesday and was developed by Tantsissa [Developer ID: 861650887]. This program file size is 44.33 MB. This app has been rated by 54,454 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch - Health & Fitness app posted on 12 March 2024, Tuesday current version is 6.10.4 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tantsissa.AutoSleep. Languages supported by the app:

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• Will pass to HeartWatch the sleep mode used in AutoSleep, to assist in the sleep time displayed in HeartWatch • If using sleep stages as your sleep mode, updates have been made to the way Apple Health records the data • Various fixes and maintenance More on our What's New page: Thank you to all our users for their great support, please take a moment to rate us on the App Store. It really helps!

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