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Ref Guide for Essential Oils App Description & Overview

What is ref guide for essential oils app? The Reference Guide app is the portable, user-friendly guide to Young Living®* essential oils and products. You’ll get quick information on-the-go to support better health and an essential oil lifestyle.

Now updated with the full contents of the Reference Guide for Essential Oils Handbook!

With a subscription, you’ll receive more detailed information on Young Living® supplements and personal care products. Plus, with “Everyday Essentials” tips and recipes, you can confidently incorporate essential oils into all aspects of daily living.

This app combines information from the authoritative Reference Guide for Essential Oils (by Connie and Alan Higley) with convenient search, easy navigation, and personal note-taking features. Use the app anytime, anywhere to quickly find and confidently use recommended single oils and blends for hundreds of health conditions and wellness solutions.

The Reference Guide app will become your go-to source for personal essential oil use and for sharing your love of essential oils. The app features a personal guide section that details hundreds of health topics for which essential oils can be used to help support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Additionally, key information on over 100 single oils and over 100 proprietary oil blends will help you better understand and use essential oils.

The app also provides essential oil application instructions—including detailed information about auricular internal body points, the digestive tract, the autonomic nervous system, and the olfactory system.
For nearly 25 years, our team has:
Reviewed thousands of research articles;
Scoured hundreds of books and lectures by essential oil experts, scientists, medical professionals, historians, and other authorities;
Gained practical experience using essential oils for ourselves and our families;
Prepared to distill all of the essential information for you in one amazing app!
(This convenient app runs on the Apple family of iPhones and iPads.)

*Abundant Health™ is a true third-party company that does not profit from the sales of essential oils and is not sponsored by, affiliated with, or endorsed by any essential oil company. We offer this material as a third-party, unbiased presentation about oils and products sold by one of the leading essential oil suppliers and producers in the world. Product names throughout this app are trademarks or registered trademarks of Young Living® Essential Oils. Abundant Health™ is not sponsored by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Young Living® Essential Oils.


The information contained in this app is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or otherwise reduce the effects of any disease or ailment. Consult a licensed, qualified health care provider for diagnosis, medical care, and treatment.

Price are in U.S. Dollars (USD). Pricing in other currencies and countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Subscription payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours befire the end of the current period at the purchase price of .

 Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel at any time within your iTunes account settings. 

 Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to the app. 
You can manage or turn off the auto-renew option in your Apple ID account settings at any time after purchase.

For additional information please see:

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App Name Ref Guide for Essential Oils
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 20 December 2023, Wednesday
File Size 58.73 MB

Ref Guide for Essential Oils Comments & Reviews 2024

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Disappointed. This is more of a AD application. It has the oils and blends but NOTHING to be able to look up a symptom. Also does not include any of the VITAFLEX charts at all. Had I known there was not a symptom checker, I would NOT have purchased. I wanted this for then ease of looking up symptoms so I did not have to get out the HUGE book! It is also more of a BRIDGE to the Abundant Life store to guide you to them to purchase more. Not happy .. Probably will never use this app either since I still have to pull out the book for symptoms..

Irritating Kinda Love. I use this app multiple times a day. I have three concerns and two recommendations. The product list isn't updated or have the collections, the singles used in some of the blends aren't always correct, and the notes section goes crazy on me. I will paste a note on one oil. Sometimes it disappears and sometimes it shows up under another oil. My recommendations are as follows: 1) I wish wish wish there was a part that has the supplements. Those are the ones I really have to look up. 2) I always want to click on the recommended oils for specific "remedies" (for lack of a better word. Instead, I have to navigate back to the oils, look it up, then go back to the recommendation and start all over with the next one. Then I never know which of the 30 oils listed I should use! Maybe a favorites would be great too. Ok that's my spill. Thank you!

App not working properly. I’m not sure how to get in touch so I’m trying here. The home page for the app is not working properly. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it has not fixed the problem. The buttons are up in the top left and under the search bar. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Love this...but. Life 5 has been long gone for a few years now. Update to Life 9. Contact link and Report a Bug link in app don’t open and are unavailable. I pay 9.99 for app subscription and would expect the links to work. I do appreciate you’ve updated with supplements. FIX YOUR LINKS FOR PAID SUBSCRIBERS!

Want a 5 star kind of love. I was extremely excited to have this information in an app format & not have to lug a book around a lol the time. Alas the app is not quite user friendly. Being able to tap on a oil name & be taken to that oil page would be a huge advantage. Currently you have to go back a forth from the guide & oil tabs & it doesn't save your place where you left off. Notes can only be added in oils sections, there is no general "notes" section. Saving a favorite or being able to mark an oil you have/want would be a nice perk. Lastly, some information seems to be missing/incorrect/out of date.

Love it! But time to update. I absolutely love this app! I purchase it as a “thank you” gift to my new distributors for them to have at ease access to information when they need it, wherever they are! Because it is YL specific, this app makes sense for me and my downline versus other apps out there. The extensive information provided is an amazing resource, especially for the rookie oilers out there! It has been my EO “bible.” Is it perfect? No. It is definitely time for an update. The company is continually adding, removing, and reformulating their singles and blends according to specific crop availability. Kudos to YL for leading the way in the EO industry and bringing quality essentials oils into our homes. Since the app developers are marketing an app specific to one company, there is a need to update based on company availability. Again, still your best app option for an EO reference guide.

Indispensable App for YL Oil Users!. I’ve had this app for about 6 years now and wouldn’t want to be without it. I use it almost every day. I’m not sure what other reviewers are referring to saying it excludes rose and melissa oils but they are definitely included in this app! It’s my “Go to” for oil descriptions and uses.

Perfect to learn how to use YLEO. If you have spent the money to buy the best essential oils, then you really need to learn how to use them. This app is a perfect way to learn how to use Young living essential oils. I love the fact that you can share that information with others. Thanks for a great app for keeping it up-to-date.

Love this app I can look up everything for every one of my clients to help them with their choices. Love this app I can look up all kinds of illnesses and it shows me the proper oils and how to use them! Would love a share button to share 1 oil at a time for a specific reason! Would be a great way to boost sales!

Decent, but in need of an update!. I have used this app for several years, along with several others. I find it user-friendly, however, it is in some serious need of updates. The blends, and other product ingredients are not updated when a product becomes reformulated, making the information a bit misleading. Abundant Health, you can do better!


Very useful when traveling. I have this app on my iPad and find it quickly provides answers to oil questions when I'm away from my office. But why won't it provide me with the option to load it on my new iPhone 6s Plus. I can only open it through the AppStore. Love it anyway and hope there's a solution out there for my phone.

My go to ap. I have reference this app more than my reference books. It easy to use, has pleasant graphic but, it drives deep into each oil. Gives, the use, the chemical constituents, the folklore and much more. Suitable for bother newbies and experienced oilers. I love the extras it offers too much to list. $6.99 might seem pricey, but I found its paid for itself 10x, everyone a customer calls with a question the answer is right there at my fingertips....and that confidence builder is priceless!

Good info, but room for improvements. I would like to be able to flag the oils that I actually have, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. Ideally I'd be able to flag the ones I want too, which would help when I place my next order. Also "have, but running low on" would be nice! You can make notes on essential oils, but you don't seem to be able to access more than 4 notes from the Single Oils section, and 3 notes from the Blends section. The notes also do not appear in either alphabetical order by oil, nor in the order in which I entered them. And they can't be sorted or reordered. Not all of the oils are listed (Valor II, for example, is missing) so it's time for the maker to do an update. And just in case it's not clear from the product description, the blends it lists are all Young Living blends. If you have oils from elsewhere you might find the single oil section helpful, but probably not the blends (unless you want to try mixing your own I guess!) Bottom line: none of the above would be issues if I didn't find the underlying information helpful. So I'm glad to have the app, but they could do a lot to make it more user friendly.

Very Helpful. I'm new to the oils and a new distributor for Young Living. This app is so handy for me to use...I use it on my iPhone all the time. I don't have to carry the books with me and if someone asks a question, I can get some information for them immediately. I do wish there were more "recipes" involved...I need the directions for the Blends to begin with and can alter later on. But I'm using this app all the time.

Best Essential Oil Reference Guide. Quick, convenient and awesome! I always have my phone with me. So when I am out and about, at the park, with some friends or someone messages me regarding oils and their ailments. I have quick access to tons of awesome detailed info. I love that you can add your own notes and references too! With it being on my phone it is so convenient! I don't like to carry my reference book with me everywhere cause it takes up too much space in my purse so now I can keep it in my car. The only thing that I think would make it even better is the ability to press on specific single oils or blends and it take you to a list of all the ailments it can help with! That would be SO awesome! Overall, I really do enjoy this app and buy it everyone who purchases oils from me!!

Great for a beginner. This app is excellent for the new oil groupie. You can find an oil or blend for just about anything and everything, things you would have never thought of. I have 2 complaints that are keeping me from giving it 5/5 stars. 1). I have issues saving “blends” to my notes. Originally it was allowing me to 4 but now only 2 and it occurred in a matter of 2 mins. And 2). I wish there was a separate section for recipes - for rolling and diffusing! Other than that it’s a great app and I would recommend it to the new user.

Love but blends need updating. I love this app, remember it is a guide. You still need to do some research and use common sense. I do wish that they would update the blends, many of the oils listed in the blends are not correct, many have been reformulated. This seems like an easy fix. I recommend this all of the time but can't if there is too much mis-info. Will this be happening soon?

Almost Perfect. I would actually recommend this above all other Apps because it's simple, and direct. But recommend that when you look up what to do for your ailment, the oils listed can be tapped and take you to the reference oil. And then you can tap back again to uses. This is where I have to get out paper and pen to write down all the oils available, and then go look up all the oils to see what their properties are so I can choose the oils I have to make the blend I want. And in the notes it would be nice to be able to write down the recipe you used and save it, but my never save.

Am I missing something?. I don't think this app has a product/supplement section like the book. Knowing what oils to use for each condition is great but I would also like to know what other products would be beneficial. There was an entire section of the book devoted to supplements, household products, and beauty products. What happened to it when they created the app? This is the only reason I wouldn't give this app 5 stars!

Amazing. Love, love , love this app! It is wonderful and very helpful to me. I used to carry around the thick book reference guide and now I don't have to! I always have my phone on me and this is a very convenient way to look up things for potential clients and for myself! I would like to see only 1 change. I would like to be able to tap on the particular oil when finding it under the ailments section and be sable to go to the oils detailed, specific, information. Other than that, perfect app!!

Update needed badly.... I used to love this app, it was hands down the best! Not saying there wasn’t room for improvement because added features are always a plus, but it had the info I really needed readily available, however, the app is no longer working for me, it will not being up any of the topics and only some of the oils now, maybe it’s not compatible with the last iPhone update? Anywho, I can not access info I used to be able to use and I emailed costumer service and never received a reply...☹️

Really great app but needs improvement. I'm so thankful to have this information available in an app format! This is a wonderful resource. There are a few things I've noticed so far that need attention. One is a guide on how to read the information...there's nothing that explains the difference between the oils that are written in green and the ones that are written in blue (I finally located a desk reference version and learned that the green oils are the oils that generally get the best results and are the ones to try first). Another disappointment is the attention to detail...things I've seen to this point are that there is no information for Sweet Biblical Myrrh, and the ingredient list for Inspiration is inconsistent with the actual ingredients listed on the oil bottle. If I've already seen these two issues, it makes me uneasy because I wonder what other information isn't quite right. Please find a thorough editor and pay them well to do their job so you can provide the best resource possible.

Not a happy camper. Paid 6.99 for this app and all I get is a black screen! Tried reloading app 2 times and still no go. Tried to contact support only to get a 404 error. This previous problem may be due to an update occurring at the same time I downloaded the app. Now that the update has occurred, the app is working properly. It has what I was looking for and is easy to follow. As a result, I can now change the rating.

Excellent. I like this App but I would like it to have an update setting where you could read in different languages ​​not only English, it is very useful but it would help me more if I had the option of reading in Spanish. I hope you take it into account soon, thank you.

What happened?. I bought this app almost a year ago. For the past two weeks, every single time I open it, it goes to a black screen when I select an option from the home screen. I use iPhone 8 Plus, also less than a year old. I have the most updated software for my phone. My app self-updates when necessary. I’m an AT&T subscriber. I have deleted the app and added back hoping that would help to no avail.

Good but not great. I paid an extra $4.99 for what? It does not give the amount of drops for different diffuser blends and needs an update. If you’re just looking for basic info is an ok app but I’m looking for a better one after spending the $15 and no refund.

Translation. This app is amazing. I love the guide for all receipts and I can find everything that I need. However it would be very helpful if there was a translation to Spanish. This would make it easier for my family members and friends to understand. We work with essential oils and having a guide is helpful, but having a guide that you understand is even more helpful. Thank you.

Useful but poorly edited and not a substitute for the EOPR.. I find the information included in this app useful, but different from the info in the EOPR. Which makes me wonder which one in correct. Not sure how you could figure this out. Like for instance, with Elemi, the chemical makeup is completely different between the two. Aside from this, the misspellings drive me batty. It makes the app appear very unprofessional in my opinion. Since I do refer to it often, and the info is still there, albeit misspelled, I gave it 4 stars. But I still feel the EOPR is a more complete guide. So I still lug that around too. (I'm a nurse, I've got to have some real knowledge behind what I say.)

After 4 months of using it don’t spend the money. I’ve downloaded free apps that are better than this. Some of the blends don’t have information on them, some information is just not researched well enough and wrong. Don’t depend on this app to be accurate. Looked for an upgrade hoping these problems were corrected but even that doesn’t work:. Checked the website out for help to no avail. This app gets a 2 star only because beginners might find some use. Keep in mind the accuracy.

Amazing :). This app is awesome! I'm actually at about 4.5 stars, only because it would be really nice to have a keyword search for all the oils, regardless if they are single oils or oil blends. Besides that, this app is wonderful! Instead of buying the $30 huge book that would normally stay at home anyways, I have the entire reference guide right at my finger tips, wherever I am. I'm so thankful for this app!!! :)

Unfair Pricing. It seems unfair that there’s a $5 price for the app, then after you purchase it, you can still only access some parts of the app until you pay an additional monthly or yearly fee.

Please fix the missing ingredients.. I do refer to this app a lot. However, check out your “Legs, Restless”. You are missing ingredients. When you go to “about this App” and try to report a bug or send a comment, the links are broken. Please go through your app with a fine-tooth comb. You have a goldmine here but I see a lot of missing key ingredients. Thanks.

Good to have...would like to see added. This app is so close to being a 5 star! I would really like to see a share button for all of these oils to help share and educate others that ask me about them. Maybe share by text and email. Also would be an added plus to be able to click on each oil and it take you to the oil from the guide area. I also think it would be helpful to have an info area it took me a little while to figure out what the green oils and blue meant also with the AT beside each but still a great app to have on the go just needs a little improving.

Great app, but much room for improvement. I love this app & use it daily. However, many of the newer oils are not listed, which is rather frustrating. Also, it would be great to have the supplements & personal care items included as well like they are in the hard copy of the Abundant Health Reference Guide. The book has so much more information than the app, but it's quite bulky & not easily transportable. I love having the app on the go, but it needs the newer oils included & more information from the book.

So quick! So thorough!. I have the big, heavy, spiral-bound Essential Oil Desk Reference, which is great and comprehensive. And did I mention? ...heavy. This app is so quick and easy to use and gives me a lot of the same info, at my fingertips - literally! While I'm out and about... while I'm lying in bed... it's right here! It's definitely one of the best uses of my $6.99 in a long time! I'm recommending it to all my "oily" friends! Thanks SO much!!!

Concerned.... I'd like to say great things about this app because there are so many good qualities to it, but my concern is that it hasn't been updated in so long that it isn't truly a good reference. Having studied in detail essential oils, their healing properties and benefits, I see a number of issues that could be updated and remedied. Is it because you are staying true to what is in the book edition? I don't understand the use in that case. Usually when educational material is out of date it is updated. Can this PLEASE be updated so I know I'm helping clients for their greatest good and potential for healing?

Please update already?!. I would give more stars if the issues being addressed in most previous reviews were being answered. I have 2 other ref guide apps for my EO’s that were free and they both allow me to add the oils I have to a “My Oils” list for easy reference. Seems for $6.99, this app should provide the same and do one better...allow a “shopping list” where we can list the oils we have and are running low on so we can place our next order with ease. Finally...I’d pay a few dollars more, if you could add to a “My Oils” list a function where the app spits out what ailments we can treat with the oils we have and what blends we can make with the oils we have. I know that last one is wishful thinking...but please provide a better service than the free apps! Finally....the oils need some updating, especially the blends section. Thanks for hearing my review!

Great app for quick reference. This is a great app for a quick go to solution. I have used it numerous times, and found it to be very helpful. The only thing I would like to see added, would be a spot to maintain your own inventory, so you know when you are running low, or what you need to reorder. Then it would be hands down the best app out there!!

Great resource. I am new to the essential oil scene and this app came very highly recommended. It is a fantastic resource for single oils and blends and what they can be used for. It does not however, that I can find, tell us the difference between the color references the app makes in regards to the oils. Maybe single vs blends? I have found some inconsistency between the app usage instructions and what the actual bottles direct. And while I love the note feature, it doesn't make sense that the notes you keep in your phone don't carry over to your tablet. The worry is that if I have to get a new device where do all my notes go? Can I export them somehow??!!

Please push updates. I've never downloaded a free app that didn't push updates. I paid $7 for this one and there has not been ONE update. It's just an interactive book. There are oils/blends that Young Living doesn't sell anymore in it and new ones, such as Valor II, were never added. The Guide could also be more specific: when you look up something in the guide section and it lists - 15 oils for example, it then lists one or two generic applications. That can't be right for all the oils recommended but you're left guessing what oil/application combination to try first. This is a large reference so I get that it's not perfect but that's what updates are for - to correct problems and make improvements as you discover them.

Needs updating. This app has served me well for over 5 years however, there are numerous items on it that Young Living no longer produces. It would be beneficial to have someone go through all of the items to delete those at are no longer available. There’s no sense in researching items that are not available.

Superior App. This is a great app for people looking to understand the science of essential oils. I have even used it to create my own blends with great success. Offers twice what other apps offer. Even has a shop to purchase containers, oils, bottles, and equipment of great quality at a cheaper price than I have ever found in any store. If you are serious about essential oils this is the only app you will ever need.

Over priced. You still have to make in app purchase

Latest Update Comments. The latest update seems to be pretty least from a look-n-feel perspective, haven’t had enough time to fully evaluate the content updates. As with any change, it will just a while to adjust to the new format. A few pieces of feedback....(1) please make it so the app can be viewed in landscape mode from a iPad. As of right now, it will only display in portrait. I use a keyboard and generally always have the iPad in landscape mode. (2) Would love to see an option to keep track of my personal inventory and (3) would also love the ability to make a list of oils that I am either running low on or completely out of and needing to reorder. Can this be an added tab?

Would love it if the notes didn't have so many bugs. I love having the reference guide at my disposal on my phone. But there is one major problem. The notes section has lots of bugs. I need to be able to add info I gather into the notes section, but it changes where I put the note and other quirky issues. So if I add a note of what to use for inflammation under that title it will change it and put it under another title/topic like nausea or some other random topic. I've contacted the developers, but after one weak response that didn't address the issue they have never gotten back to my continued requests for help or fixed the bugs.

What happened?. While some of the latest update seems to have improved the content of this app, I’m very disappointed to see the list of chemical constituents and their percentages disappear from it. Knowing what percentage of sesquiterpenes are in Cedarwood, for example, is helpful for to use the oil more accurately and I miss that feature! I get that it took up a lot of reading space, but perhaps the developers can include at least the top 3 constituents of each oil? The rest of the content is great and very helpful.

The Best EO Guide App out there!. I never spend money on apps. However, this app is worth every penny! It is so handy and informative for Essential Oils. I love being able to quickly locate some oils to suggest to friends and family to use. The Application section is so informative and I have learned so much about the Flex Points and applying certain places on your feet, hands, even your ears to help with specific situations. My friends and family are always amazed at how much info I can pull up so quickly for them. Of course, I do recommend they purchase the app for themselves and most do. You definitely need this app!

So glad to have this app!. I truly love this app because I love having all of the info at my fingertips on my phone. My one complaint is that there haven't been updates to add new products. I would love to see info on the Oola infused 7 as well as several others. That is why I only gave 4 stars. I do love the ease of use and am glad to have the app.

Reference Guide For Essential Oils. This app is the perfect complement to a hard copy essential oil guide. I can access information about essential oils anywhere I go because it's all on my cell phone! It has a Guide section that gives suggestions for different conditions and body systems. It has a section for single oils, but it also has a section for Young Living oil blends like Thieves, Purification, Deep Relief, Panaway, etc. Additionally, it includes information about the chemical properties of the oils, as well as recommended and historical used. Don't leave home without it!

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Great reference guide.. This app is not only easy to use, it's a brilliant reference to natural health. Well done!!

Family share. I bought this app recently as it said you could family share, but I cannot seem to share with daughter

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Fabulous!. Wow straight out of the gate what a fantastic reference tool. Two improvements I would like to see to make a very good app great are dilution charts/safety and pretty please a way to copy and paste into the note section so that our favourite blends are right there with the symptoms we use them for or the oils that we use. Great job!

Great app, needs fix.. Hi this is a great app. Can you please fix the notes section though? I would like to be able to add notes and the notes section does not allow you to. Thanks!

One of my favourite apps!. I absolutely love this app. If you use essential oils at all, you need this app. I have the books as well but it is so nice to be able to pick up my phone and find what I’m looking for by entering it in the search bar. Love it!

Makes oil usage much easier to decipher. Being able to quickly look up an oil, or an issue is super easy. And the returned answers and hierarchy of suggested oils based on therapeutic benefits is really, really helpful. Much faster than surfing the net or awaiting the answer from a friend!

The best one I've found.. Lots of pages & information, better than any other one I've come across.

Incredible!!!:). Most in depth and extensive app I've see for essential oils. Definitely worth the money!!! The setup is easy to use and really helps to understand essential oils. I highly suggest that you purchase this app!

Rip off - nothing more then an online store. I emailed and no response. This is nothing more then an app for their own products. All the info is easily accessible online. The price is ridiculous for nothing more then to shop their products. Thoroughly disappointed in not just the money wasted on app but the lack of response from them. Good luck if you plan on buying from them.

Golden!!. I can't live without this app! The fact you can look up specific oils or search by specific ailment / body system is SO great!

Good app but no updates. App is good but no updates since 2016. So no info on any new oils. Paid for this app and don’t want to have to pay for another one that actually does updates.

Use it often!. I only wish it would be updated occasionally & include supplements as well.

Love the app. I refer to this all the time, also suggest that my customers buy it. Great value for the cost!

Is it worth 8$ ?. Hello, I've noticed that this app has no review yet and I feel like this is absurd. This app is absolutely amazing once you start using these divine oils, and the information it gives is very important, not only to the uses and benefits of the oils, but it also comes along with application help, and symptom relief using certain oils. The only knacks on this app is the lack of a legend, which tells you what certain little icons mean, like in the uses column. Also, I've found that certain oils are missing a bit of information here and there, whether it be which oils they blend with, or things like the body systems it affects. Is this app worth 8$. I would say yes, this app is pretty much a book, and the fact that it is an app makes it that much more accessible easy to navigate. Much love and may the oils work on a whole new level once you body is detoxified. :) LIVE VIBRATIONS TO COME TO YOU, and with the help of this app!

Deserves a good look.. Fairly informative. If you are unsure what the letters like A, T etc on the ? icon and there will be an explanation.

The best. This is the most complete app I've found

Great app. This a fabulous app and will definitely be utilized! Love that it shows oils and VitaFlex. Wish it mentioned supplements too as these are also important for health support. Please consider adding this.

Terrific. Really great. It has a great ailments section with lots of info. Love it!

Alphabet guide. Great app. I would like to be able to touch the letter of the oil I am looking for to be able to find it quicker instead of going through them all.

Good info. Love the app info unfortunately when I opened it this morning It’s not working

Notes don’t sync. I type my notes and when I look at the overview my notes went into a whole different category. I thought I made a mistake where I added but it is happening over and over again so I’m not bothering to type any notes as they aren’t reliable. Otherwise it’s a great app PS. I just went back to it and what I’ve entered as Ginger comes up as Wintergreen on my notes and Ginger doesn’t even show up. Others are like this too.

Love the app. However the app has stopped working :(

Best EO Resource. love this app. Lays out the info in a user friendly way. it's quick. was stopping by though, to check on a update-hoping there is one soon 💧

What is in it?. I love my oils and use them often and have a basic knowledge of what some of the oils are good for. However, I was looking up a blend today (I know there has been an update) to tell a friend what was in it and I couldn’t tell her, because that important information is gone! What if I suggested her to use it, but she had an allergy to it. This is not okay, please fit this.

Need an update. I love this app, but it hasn't been updated since 2016. So many new oils, etc, would be great to be able to see an update.

Great , needs updates. This app is very good, lots of great info here, however with new blends and oils it would be nice for there to be an update! Only then would I give 5 stars

Fantastic! Use it all the time!. I use this app all the time! If I have an oil I can’t remember what I bought it for or what it’s used for this app is so helpful. If I have a symptom or condition I look it up and know what oils to use and HOW to use it. Absolutely love this app!

Stopped working and will not load as an app on my phone.. Will not show on my phone as an app please refund me.

Easy to always have on hand. Perfect little comprehensive oil companion to carry in my bag. Wish it included a diagram of the vita flex points for hand and feet though, not just auricle. The Application section seems incomplete. Great beginning version. Thumbs up.

Needs updates. This app needs more regular updates.

Need update. The app is not working properly and the different selection menus/icons block the search bar ( IPhone ) I’m a paid subscriber!

Won't open. Tried several ways to open this- all I get is a black screen. Never had this problem before?????

Great app. I really like using this app, however, I cannot seem to add notes on my iPad. Could someone please let me know how to do this?

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Loved it until recently. This app has been my go to app for fixing my family until recently. Now under the ‘guide’ part, when I click on a condition, it takes me to a blank page. I hope this can be fixed. I’ve already purchased this app twice 😳.

Do Not UPDATE!!....FDA Alert!!!. If you have the older version of this APP. I say and repeat many times DO NOT UPDATE IT!!. I cannot stress this enough. If you update it will not work as there has been many Essential Oils that claim to cure things and some do but the FDA is cracking down and trying to put a stop and end to it. So if you update and it doesn't work blame it on the FDA.

Great app!. Love the app; only suggestion would be to update it more frequently and if we could click on the oils in the guide section and it would take us to the specific information for the specific oil.

Wonderful Reference. I have this book (several editions), and I'm so happy to see it in an app form that will be updated!! I will use this app all the time! Thank you!!!

Really a Pocket Reference Guide. This app appears to have everything my quick reference guide does! I love this and a place to take notes! Now my guide can go everywhere with me.

My go to App. I’ve had this app about 4+ years and refer to it almost every day. I did prefer it’s set-up before the update, but I’m adapting. I looked up Rose and Melissa, and they are missing. Just because they are more expensive, please don’t leave them out. Please include YL special blends, such as Loyalty.

Great app but keeps crashing. I loved this app and use it all the time but suddenly it has started crashing and just going to a black page and I have to delete and reload again. I have had to do this several times and it’s getting a little irritating!

Need to update for new oils. I use this app almost daily and love it. However, I would really like to see information on the newest oils available (Valor II, Peace and Calming II, etc). Also, as mentioned in another review, when using the guide, would like the ability to select one of the suggested oils to link to the info about that oil.

I love this app - needs updating tho. I have to say, for it being a free app, it is very useful for a quick go-to reference when I need to know what oil/oil’s are best for a certain condition. It would be lovely if it could be up dated, however!

Awesome. Made the mistake of downloading a different essential oils reference app in search of this one and it was the worst app I've ever used. This one is so easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Great App!!!. Love this App, but only gave it four stars because of the notes section is almost useless. You can't even copy and paste to it because it closes if you try. This would be a very handy feature if it's fixed. The rest is very informative and easy to use. Worth the money...

Complete Reference Guide. I've tried different ones and this by far exceeds them all. I love that I can look up what ails me and get the list of oils and how to use them to fix me right up. It also gives you info on all of the oils and blends. It's a complete reference guide.

Very helpful. I use the app daily. I would love an option to pin/flag the oils I have and also the ability to create a wish list. Another great option would be a place where I can create a daily (morning/noon/night) routine list.

Notes. I am unable to copy and paste in NOTES. I don't want to have to type it all out in order to put my notes in. This is the only thing that lowers my opinion of this app. I use it nearly every day, but I want the notes area to be easier to use and edit.

Loving it!. I am loving this app. Now it does not have everything the book does but if you want to look something up quick. This is the way to go!!

updates needed!. This is a great reference, but SO MANY blends are missing! Please update soon! It has limited value without all the product options listed. If it is updated to include all available products, I would gladly change my rating to 5 stars.

Great App, but needs updating. This app is my go-to for looking up helpful info for my YL essential oils. I’ve noticed that updates to some of the blends have not happened. Would love to see an update. This is the app that I suggest to everyone.

On The Go Info!. Since purchasing this app nearly two years ago, I don't know of many days that I haven't opened it to use! I love my YL oils, and I love to help friends and family with great information on best uses! This is absolutely worth the cost, and I'm grateful for its ease of use!

Nothing is working except the store selection. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and when had it when I downloaded this APP, used it a few times & just now went in it to look something up and all it does is if I click on Singles, Blends, etc it just slides to the Home or Menu side (not sure what it's called) though when I click on Store, it goes right to the store. Looks like some more bugs need fixing. Then I'd move up my stars.

Pricey glitches. The new update obliterated my access to the app, forcing me to have to delete it and then pay for it again in order to even open it. Really not happy that I’ve had to pay $6.99 twice for the same app. Seems rather shady to do that to your paying customers. I’m reluctant now to recommend this app to any of my clients or associates. If it happens again, you can bet I’m not paying for it a third time.

App has be come unusable since bug update.. I purchased this app for $6.99 in March of 2015. I had full access. I used to use this app frequently. I upgraded my phone and lost access to the “personal guide” section. Now the app is requesting a subscription fee. When did this change? Why were customers not notified? Sad to delete is app.

Needs an update. I go to this app more than the other 2 I have. I really love this app and think it seriously needs an update. There are blends that have the different oils in them because they no longer have access to them, many have changed and it’s missing all the new oils. I’m not sure what else. Hopefully we will see this happen soon.

Suggestions. I'd love to be able to star particular oils that I own and have them into a separate folder that I can browse through, and also a folder for oils that I need to purchase. More updates and improvements please! Good job y'all!

Best app ever!. Easiest and most useful one I've ever used. I'm just getting started and learning about Essential Oils and so happy to find this to answer all my questions. Recommend!

Please fix the force close problem. I love this app so hate to complain, but it’s so frustrating when I open it and start reading something then the screen goes black. When I try to go back in, I continue to get a black screen. Please fix.

Love the app. Didn’t know how to contact creator...a few typos like where it says slivers spinters in front guide page and a few more. Aside from those I think a link to the flex point pages would be awesome. Love this app!

Not working. Crashes as soon as I open it. I’ve had to uninstall and install several times. Today whenever I try opening the app o get a black, blank screen. Seems not to even be loading. I’m not having problems with any other apps. This is my handy “go to” when I don’t have the large reference. Please help! Btw, my review has been sitting here for months and doesn’t send. I am very disappointed to have purchased this.

Fabulous App for Beginners. This app was recommended to me by a friend who also uses essential oils. I immediately bought it in the App Store and it is my first source to go to when I am looking for a combination to help a family member with a problem.

Best reference for ylo in the palm of my hand!. I've not been able to find a better reference app for my oils! This one really goes into the science & tells you exactly what body function each one will support! Love it!

Awesome. I use this app several times a day! It's perfect for looking up a wide variety of ailments and which oils work best. And it also has a list for single oil blends with very detailed descriptions for each one. Also another list for oil blends. This is a must have for any YLEO lover and totally worth the $$

Very helpful, awful functioning. Love how informational this app is! Very comprehensive. Unfortunately it crashes every single time I use it and the screen goes black. Click on an oil, before I have a chance to read, CRASH. Updates never help this. Hope the issue gets fixed soon, I miss being able to use it :(

Love the app but needs updated. Several new oils have not been added yet like Valor II, Peace and Calming II, Mastrante, etc.. Also the oils listed in several blends are inaccurate because some have been reformulated like Gentle Baby, Australian Blue, Joy, White Angelica etc.. I recommend this app to any YL user but please update the information for us❤️

Great App...BUT.... This app has fantastic information, but...the Notes option on this app doesn't work for me at all, which is a bit of a bummer. Still worth it though, especially if you want to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils.

Info Never Updated. I like this app, and I use it often. That said, there are tons of spelling/grammar/design errors that make it unprofessional. There are also tons of YL products and new oils that aren’t on this app. It’s a HUGE BUMMER especially since I spent $7 for it! They haven’t updated in 2 years, and I they really should. I will not be recommending this to anyone until they do.

Waste of time and money!. I should have listened to the other reviews about the outdated list, the color coded words for the oils, etc. a complete waste of time and money! I made a list of oils to purchase, that I researched on this app, only to find out half of them aren't available. If your buying this app to reference the Young Living essential oils----DONT

Great info on the Run!. Perfect for when I am on the run and someone asks about what oil to use. Or just for myself when I want to find out which oil would be the best for what ever. Haven't used it long but I love it!

Confusing to Use & No Instructions. How do I create more than one note for a different Guide Page. For Example 1 note for Gallbladder oils and a 2nd Note to reference to the Guide Page for Allergies? There are no instructions to help you with any features in this App. When you click on App Support it doesn't give you any help there either. Very FRUSTRATING and a waste of my $6!

Great app for on the go!. I love the ease and portability of this app!! If I'm out and about and don't have access to my desk reference, this app is a lifesaver! My only request would be to add the newer blends.

Great app but needs updated. The app works great, but has become very out-of-date with all the new blends available. For the price of the app, I would expect regular updates as new oils and blends become available.

Missing one thing..... This app is awesome! I love that I finally don't have to find where my kids put my book, the interface is simple and there is tons of info. However, I wish that you could click on the name of the oil being recommended for your condition and be linked to the specific oil info. That would totally bring this up to 5 stars.

A bit inconvenient/clunky while using. There are three things that I wish were better: 1. I wish I could mark/flag all the oils I have into one list. Something easier to manage than the massive list within the app (which also has benefits). 2. I wish the app had live links. If I'm looking in the guide and it says use Thieves, I wish I could click "Thieves" on that page to jump to the oil info page. 3. Finally I wish the blends had a "common primary uses" section like the single oils do. While the app has lots of information, the actual interaction with the app is a bit of a bummer for the price.

My favorite EO app!!. This app is great for searching to determine what oils might help with certain conditions. You can also search on specific oil's, to see some of the potential benefits. Both types of searches also have usage instructions. Fantastic!

A must-have!. I love this reference guide app! I have the books at home but find myself needing info a lot when I'm traveling or talking with others about EOs. Great for distributors and essential oil lovers.

My go to on the go app. I love having so much useful information in the palm of my hand. It’s great when I don’t have access to my desk reference. Plus this app often has additional information!

Great app!. So glad to have this as an app! Love that you can enter notes. Would love to see the rest of the products added (Supplements, etc) in a future revision. Would also be great if in guide section that you could click on the oil and it would link to the info on the oil directly.

Great app but.... I love this app, but have found that it is a little quirky. When I add a note to one oil, sometimes that note will show up under that oil and another one. For example, I added a not to lemongrass and that note appeared there and under eucalyptus. Same thing happened for thyme and peppermint.

Good app!. Very informative. I used it every day. Could use some updating from time to time to keep things current. Other than that, I love the app!

I LOVE this app!!. I've had this app for a little over a year now and I still use it all the time. I can't think of anything I've looked up and couldn't find. It has just about everything you need... except the oils!

Love it!. Definitely a five star rating because it is a wealth of information and easy to use.

Not Helpful. Hard to use. Confusing. When you look up a condition such as acne, you get a list of about 20 oils. TMI. Just give me the best 3-4. They don’t give any direction on best usage, inhale, consume, rub on. Of course there is a section to buy more from them. Not designed to help the user, just to put more money in their pocket for a crappy product. If their app is this bad, I would not trust buying their oils. They are likely as diluted and ineffective as this app is.

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.5
Play Store com.abundanthealth4u.RefGuide4EO
Compatibility iOS 12.1 or later

Ref Guide for Essential Oils (Versiyon 3.5) Install & Download

The application Ref Guide for Essential Oils was published in the category Health & Fitness on 15 January 2015, Thursday and was developed by Abundant Health [Developer ID: 937793198]. This program file size is 58.73 MB. This app has been rated by 27 users and has a rating of 3.6 out of 5. Ref Guide for Essential Oils - Health & Fitness app posted on 20 December 2023, Wednesday current version is 3.5 and works well on iOS 12.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.abundanthealth4u.RefGuide4EO. Languages supported by the app:

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Minor bug fix.

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