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This convenient app runs on the Apple family of iPhones and iPads.

This app combines information from the authoritative Reference Guide for Essential Oils, written by Connie and Alan Higley, with convenient search and note-taking features. Use the app anytime, anywhere to quickly find and confidently use recommended essential oils and oil blends for hundreds of different health and wellness conditions.

This app will become your go-to reference for personal essential oil use and for sharing your love of essential oils. The app features a personal guide section that details over 700 health topics for which essential oils are commonly used to help support the bodyís natural ability to heal itself. Additionally, key information on over 100 single oils and more than 90 commercially-available oil blends will help you better understand and use essential oils.

The app also includes essential oil application instructions, including detailed information about auricular internal body points, digestive tract, autonomic nervous system, and the nose and olfactory system.

Ref Guide for Essential Oils App Description & Overview

The applications Ref Guide for Essential Oils was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-01-15 and was developed by Abundant Health. The file size is 36.54 MB. The current version is 1.0.9 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Added new Oils and Blends for 2016!

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Ref Guide for Essential Oils Reviews


Great App  Capazzo22  5 star

Perfect and quick reference guide for all YL related oils. I love how you can search my single oil, blends and by symptoms.


Excellent  ClariSaca-Ortiz  5 star

I like this App but I would like it to have an update setting where you could read in different languages ​​not only English, it is very useful but it would help me more if I had the option of reading in Spanish. I hope you take it into account soon, thank you.


Great app!  shotgunstuffgirl  4 star

Love the app; only suggestion would be to update it more frequently and if we could click on the oils in the guide section and it would take us to the specific information for the specific oil.


A bit inconvenient/clunky while using  hmy2  3 star

There are three things that I wish were better: 1. I wish I could mark/flag all the oils I have into one list. Something easier to manage than the massive list within the app (which also has benefits). 2. I wish the app had live links. If I'm looking in the guide and it says use Thieves, I wish I could click "Thieves" on that page to jump to the oil info page. 3. Finally I wish the blends had a "common primary uses" section like the single oils do. While the app has lots of information, the actual interaction with the app is a bit of a bummer for the price.


Awesome  WTF123456789  5 star

Made the mistake of downloading a different essential oils reference app in search of this one and it was the worst app I've ever used. This one is so easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Home frie

Love but blends need updating  Home frie  4 star

I love this app, remember it is a guide. You still need to do some research and use common sense. I do wish that they would update the blends, many of the oils listed in the blends are not correct, many have been reformulated. This seems like an easy fix. I recommend this all of the time but can't if there is too much mis-info. Will this be happening soon?

Oily peep

Great product  Oily peep  5 star

Use it all the time. Worth the money!


Love this app and I use it daily!  Edensmama271234  5 star

Love this app! It keeps getting better, with more info being added :) So convenient! Thank you so much!!!

From the 80s

Really intended just for Young Living oils  From the 80s  2 star

I'm sure it's useful if you only use oils from that company, but I was hoping for something not affiliated with any particular company. If you have strong brand loyalty for Young Living, you'll probably like this.


Good info, but room for improvements  CinciGirl123  3 star

I would like to be able to flag the oils that I actually have, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. Ideally I'd be able to flag the ones I want too, which would help when I place my next order. Also "have, but running low on" would be nice! You can make notes on essential oils, but you don't seem to be able to access more than 4 notes from the Single Oils section, and 3 notes from the Blends section. The notes also do not appear in either alphabetical order by oil, nor in the order in which I entered them. And they can't be sorted or reordered. Not all of the oils are listed (Valor II, for example, is missing) so it's time for the maker to do an update. And just in case it's not clear from the product description, the blends it lists are all Young Living blends. If you have oils from elsewhere you might find the single oil section helpful, but probably not the blends (unless you want to try mixing your own I guess!) Bottom line: none of the above would be issues if I didn't find the underlying information helpful. So I'm glad to have the app, but they could do a lot to make it more user friendly.


Poor descriptions- drives you to online store  sjcakes  1 star

This is not what I expected. It's ugly to look at and the oil definitions are not linked to the ailments. Refer to oil blends which is annoying when you don't the ingredients of the blend. Waste of $7.


Please push updates  SpentRounds  3 star

I've never downloaded a free app that didn't push updates. I paid $7 for this one and there has not been ONE update. It's just an interactive book. There are oils/blends that Young Living doesn't sell anymore in it and new ones, such as Valor II, were never added. The Guide could also be more specific: when you look up something in the guide section and it lists - 15 oils for example, it then lists one or two generic applications. That can't be right for all the oils recommended but you're left guessing what oil/application combination to try first. This is a large reference so I get that it's not perfect but that's what updates are for - to correct problems and make improvements as you discover them.


Convenient but needs oil update  Shmama01  3 star

This app is great for a quick reference, but it needs updating in a bad way!


Concerned...  Turkishier  2 star

I'd like to say great things about this app because there are so many good qualities to it, but my concern is that it hasn't been updated in so long that it isn't truly a good reference. Having studied in detail essential oils, their healing properties and benefits, I see a number of issues that could be updated and remedied. Is it because you are staying true to what is in the book edition? I don't understand the use in that case. Usually when educational material is out of date it is updated. Can this PLEASE be updated so I know I'm helping clients for their greatest good and potential for healing?


My favorite EO app!!  Cpdewey  5 star

This app is great for searching to determine what oils might help with certain conditions. You can also search on specific oil's, to see some of the potential benefits. Both types of searches also have usage instructions. Fantastic!


Good reference guide that comes up short  Lissak63  4 star

Out dated. Missing many, many oils. For example; valor ll, deep blue. This was not marketed as a Young Living only oil ref guide. It appears to include only YL blends.

blessed mom to 6 boys

Help  blessed mom to 6 boys  2 star

Nothing works!! Everything I click on just opens the side menu! And then I click guide and it closes and the reopens side menu, please fix this bug so I can use the app again


Please Update!  Rgboirf  4 star

I'm begging you to please add ALL of the products, not just the oils: toothpaste, Life 5, PureProtein, etc.


So glad to have this app!  journey212  4 star

I truly love this app because I love having all of the info at my fingertips on my phone. My one complaint is that there haven't been updates to add new products. I would love to see info on the Oola infused 7 as well as several others. That is why I only gave 4 stars. I do love the ease of use and am glad to have the app.

Funky town 2012

Love It!  Funky town 2012  4 star

This app is great for quickly finding EO remedies and blends! It is so easy to use. I however, do not use the store feature. I checked it out once but it was super hard to use and find things.

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