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PLEASE NOTE: It is currently not possible to share workouts or personal data between Android and Apple devices. Cross platform compatibility is something we will be working towards in the future. 


"The iMuscle app has the benefit of teaching you more about the muscles that help your body move."
--- ZDnet

"Anyone into sports training or rehabilitation science will immediately see the usefulness of this app."
--- Tuaw

"iMuscle is a high-quality, professional-grade, but user-friendly app that will help users not just work out, but do so with maximum effectiveness and minimal injury. For personal or professional use, this is a fantastic fitness tool."
--- Apptudes

"iMuscle is a sophisticated workout aid."
--- App of the Day

"iMuscle is a great option for learning to exercise and stretch specific muscles in your body."
--- Lifehacker

"iMuscle allows everyone from fitness junkies to work-out novices to create and maintain a personalized exercise program tailored to their specific needs."
--- 148 Apps


iMuscle 2 provides users with the ability to zoom into an area on our 3D human body and tap on a muscle to reveal exercises and stretches targeted to the development and/or rehabilitation of that specific muscle. Once identified, just add it to a workout. The app also features our unique animations which provide direction on how to properly perform each exercise. In addition to individual users, iMuscle 2 was designed with multiple users in mind, making it ideal for fitness instructors and physiotherapists to use with their clients.


⁃Rotate and zoom-in to our real 3D model with the musculature exposed to reveal superficial and many deep muscles.
- Slick new interface with easy to find workout and exercise areas featuring animated exercise icons.
⁃Over 650 high-quality 3D animated exercises and stretches for both gym and home users.
-Tap muscles to find exercises associated with that muscle.
⁃Search for exercises by type, area worked or equipment used.
⁃Add customized exercises to the app database.
⁃Easily create workouts with our drag & drop feature -- with automatic prompts for set, rep and weight details.
⁃Share workouts with friends, workout partners or clients via e-mail.
⁃Sync workouts between multiple devices by backing up and restoring from iCloud.
⁃Easily track your body measurements.
⁃Track statistics for entire workouts or individual exercises.
- Share your progress via e-mail, Facebook & Twitter.
⁃50+ Preset workouts.
⁃Hints and tips for every exercise.
⁃Add an unlimited amount of users.


1. To work on a particular body area, zoom into the area on our 3D model. Tap on a muscle you want to work on and a thumbnail list of all the exercises associate with that muscle will be presented.

2. Select an exercise and you'll be shown an animated 3D model performing that exercise. You'll also see a written detailed description of how to perform the exercises. Primary and secondary muscles targeted will also be highlighted.

3. Add the exercise to a workout.

Enjoy your workout!


We take pride in our apps at 3D4Medical and continually strive to engage with our customers. We are committed to upgrading and developing our apps and invite you to share in the development process with us. Please send recommendations and feedback to: [email protected]

iMuscle 2 - iPhone Edition App Description & Overview

The applications iMuscle 2 - iPhone Edition was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2011-06-09 and was developed by, LLC. The file size is 406.87 MB. The current version is 3.9.10 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Import workout issue was addressed.

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Jerky movements with iPhone XS  Rocman  1 star

The exercise movements are very jerky and choppy nothing like previous versions on my older iPhone 6s. I downloaded the latest version deleted the previous versions and the results are the same. Please fix.


Nailed it!  MarkyMark718  5 star

Couldn’t have made a better muscle app! I’ve been using this app for years, and it nvr gets old.

sonrisa arquitecto

The Most! The Best! The Greatest!  sonrisa arquitecto  5 star

The Encyclopedia Of Exercise in your pocket! The incredible collection of the moves beautifully explained, and magically presented will leave you breathless! Highly informative, efficient, yet simple and convenient it will satisfy the most demanding taste! The other apps by the developer are equally good! Check out the HIIT and the Yoga- they are sensational!


Wanda  Bubblierone  5 star

Best best app ever. Helps me when I have aches and pains plus with strength

ahmad doski

it got old  ahmad doski  2 star

the app need to be updated all of it!


iMuscle 2 Is Excellent App  Mokie4850  4 star

I like the fact that iMuscle has an extensive library of common exercises yet you can still create your own new ones. The only feature that is troublesome is the ease with which I can edit routines on my Mac or iPhone. I do all my planning on my Mac and then transfer to my iPhone. I run each routine and use the app to time my in between rest periods of 45-60 seconds. It is difficult, however, to edit routines because I cannot expand the window to the right. I can see 3 and 1/2 exercises at a time and it is difficult to slide left or right in that view. I need to see the entire routine in one screen so that I can refine the sequence of the exercises. I would also like the ability to duplicate a routine and save it under a new name so that I can vary some routines to create a new one rather than start a new one from scratch, which is what I have to do today. In addition, it would be nice to have (but not critical) for the app to link to other health/fitness apps to share common metrics such as weight, calories expended through exercise and calories consumed. Finally, I really do like and appreciate the bionic man used to show muscles and groups for each exercise. It helps me two ways: (1) learn the muscle groups that I am working in each exercise; and, (2) insure that I hit all of the muscle groups evenly over time.


Perfect  Missemster  5 star

Easy to use and helps me put together the perfect workouts. Really love this app.


It is nice but there is an annoying usability issue  Roysworldoffun  2 star

I like that it has the muscles and exercises for each muscle, but the selection of removing overlaying muscles is a pain. This is because the developers pre-determined what muscles they would stop showing for each click of the remove option. An example of how this is annoying is I wanted to look at where the gluteus maximus tied to the femur. The particular spot is under the LT band so I click on the LT band to remove it from view. What happens is that it doesn’t remove the LT band and removes the gluteus Maximus, ending in the exact opposite of what I want. Again this is because the developers decided what you would want to look at and did not think you might want to examine something different.


Great App  HorseThief365  5 star

I’ve had this app on my iPad and just added it to my phone for easier access. When your stuck in a rut, this app will reinvent your workouts.


Excellent for my personal rehab treatment  Ace1005692  5 star

This app has been phenomenal helping in my rehabilitation. I have shared it with my physical therapist and they agree with my assessment of the value in helping


A good App with a lot of potential  RenKaj  5 star

The App teaches me how to shape my body because i can select the muscles i feel weakest in, or where i want to grow, it allows me to see what is happening with my body and empowers me to create routine for a balanced strength development. I love it. Would like to advancements in the stats and tracking capabilities.


MMBM 18  MMBM18  4 star

Great site for study ! Would like to see the inclusion of Origin and Insertion Points for muscles 👍


An overall good gym app  Jammiiiiiiiiiiii  4 star

Was looking for an app where I could create workouts based on muscle groups and track my weight progress without having to pay a monthly fee and I found it! It still does need improvements such as adding in cardio exercises such as running on the treadmill and cycling, being able to add weight on exercises that are used body weight such as Russian twist, and being able to edit a set even if you pressed done because it doesn’t have the correct weight which can impact progress.


Awesome app!  Lizzy1584  5 star

Awesome app for all levels of weight training.


Unique  Jogymgoer  5 star

Ideal for developing training programs targeting both muscle groups and isolated muscles. Also fun to use!!


Great app for all  NickyG1995  5 star

Whether for the casual gym-goer or personal trainer, this app is exquisite in showing all the various muscles of the body and how to train them, as well as great for creating custom workouts. I would love an option to have the developers add certain common exercises as well as an option to turn a couple of exercises into a superset, etc.


Awesome App  Boosted_hyundai  5 star

This app is fantastic. Has helped me so much

Matt Simons 65

Crashes when trying to open  Matt Simons 65  1 star

The app does not work. Please fix!


Crashing  Nathaannnn  1 star

Hey guys love the app used to use it a couple of years ago , it's crashing when opening I've deleted reinstalled still not fixed it , please update


Great!  Sesooop1  5 star

Easy for ppl who facing tones of questions about how equipments workout muscles, especially friendly to new learner


It's good  lgatuk  4 star

Good enough


Perfect for busy life  Jl24k  5 star

My time is usually busy but having this app makes working out easier I can just select the areas I need to focus on without having to think or research on youtube.


Awesome for workout!  AnaMariaCharry  5 star

I’ve been looking for an app like this for so long. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and I don’t regret at all have spend my money on this. I go to the gym every day and I’ve found this app very helpful, bc is not only very complete exercise wise, also bc it allows you to customize your own routines and stretches. If you’re a gym addict like me, you’ll love it! If you’re not, doesn’t matter you’ll still enjoy it! Highly recommended 👌🏼


Great app  Drunkinislander  5 star

From a body building standpoint From a massage standpoint From a injury standpoint Simply the best


Can't send workouts  Jokadaking  3 star

I've been trying to send my brother these workouts but they will not open. Help please


Personal trainer on the go.  Hotpant  5 star

This is a very very good,detail, muscle training app. The pictures are crystal clear. The app shows all the strength training exercise possible with each muscle groups. I really enjoy using this app. It shows me how to work the muscles I don’t even know I have. This is an app for seriously minded fitness inspired people. Thank you for making this app accessible,free and worth the time

Starving Lycan

Awesome app  Starving Lycan  5 star

Love the ability to freely move about the model, helpful when I need to visualize a certain muscle or need a reminder of the isolated function of a muscle

Dies Leches

The app is unusable  Dies Leches  1 star

This was my go to app for working out and exploring new exercises. Since the iOS 11 update (iPhone 6s +) I can’t not use it. In the animation of the exercise, When it shows you the rep, it doubles. It’s annoying because when you are trying to learn a new exercise, you can’t really understand the full motion or form. There’s no one full motion. Please fix it


Awesome  ThePuertoRican  5 star

3 hours of this in my pocket and it feels awesome, knowing i have this tool at the palm of my hands.


Helps with physical therapy  LaPetiteCritique  5 star

I have had back, neck and shoulder issues and had to go to the chiropractor 2X’s a week as well as get physical therapy and take home exercises for 4 months. A lot of the exercises given to me were exactly what I found when looking and targeting the areas with this app. It was perfect for doing homework assignments because I knew which exercises to do from the therapist and found this app to be exactly on point. I found the video action helpful compared to a 2d photo trying to remember movements. I can mark favorites and create routines and keep track. It also shows adjacent muscles and exercises to complement therapy. Very helpful and worth the money. Especially if one cannot continue visits to the doctor for whatever reason.

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