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What is essential anatomy 5 app? Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful anatomy app of all time and has more content and features than any other anatomy app—bar none! With over 8,200 structures, our highly accurate, immersive and visually stunning app is the gold standard in medical reference applications. There's not a university or hospital around that does not use Essential Anatomy/Skeleton, resulting in 1.1 million user engagements every month. It is, by far, the worlds most used medical study and reference app.

Download our FREE "Essential Skeleton" app in the free section to experience our groundbreaking 3D technology.

TUAW: "Make no mistake about it: Essential Anatomy by 3D4Medical is the future of touch-based anatomy learning. Essential Anatomy is an app every doctor, physiotherapist, OT, nurse and medical student should own."

-- 3D4Medical highlighted at the 2015 Apple Keynote.

- - Number 1 Top Grossing Medical App in 118 countries worldwide.

- - Quality and Vision: 3D4Medical has led the way in introducing innovative products of exceptional quality. We will continue to forge new paths for others to follow.

- - Accurate Content: Essential Anatomy is used by anatomy professors in thousands of classrooms worldwide, including Stanford University, and has become the standard in third-level education. In many cases, our app is now mandatory with text books optional.

- - Stunning Graphics: No competitor comes close. Essential Anatomy’s proprietary engine was developed and optimized to showcase our new generation anatomical models for a completely immersive user experience.

- - Easy to use: Responsive and intuitive user interface, all systems and menus are easily accessed from the main screen and our model responds quickly to your touch.

- - Read all the reviews of previous versions: Our visionary app has enhanced the lives of reviewers, both professionally and academically.

iMedical Apps: “The 3D anatomy engine and impressive graphics bring a new clarity to anatomy education with impressive accuracy.”

Compatible with iPad 2 and newer, iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch 5th Gen. and newer, and iOS 8 or later.

In-app purchases allow additional muscle and skeletal content to be downloaded and accessed from within the app. These boosts add muscle insertion and origin points, skeletal bone parts and surfaces and 100s of animations detailing movements for each articulation.

Visit and watch videos that highlight the app's functionality and quality. You’ll understand why Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful medical reference app of all time!

Essential Anatomy 5 is a full-featured anatomical reference app that includes MALE and FEMALE models, with 11 SYSTEMS and a total of 8,200 ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES. The app is fully 3D, meaning that you can view any structure in isolation, as well as from any angle and represents the latest in groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design. A cutting-edge custom built 3D graphics engine, delivers outstanding quality graphics that no other competitor can achieve.


--Cutting-edge 3D technology
--Over 8,200 highly detailed anatomical structures
--Hide/Fade/Isolate/Fade Others/Hide Others options for individual structures
--Multiple Selection Mode
--Pins: Create customized pins with notes and place anywhere on the 3D model
--Slice: Slice through certain structures using 3D plane tool
--Bookmarks: Preset and Customizable
--Correct audio pronunciation and Latin nomenclature for every structure
--Search via English and Latin nomenclature
--Dynamic Quiz: Drag and Drop and Multi-choice
--Share images via social media and e-mail
--Includes anatomy for 11 systems: Skin, Skeletal, Muscles, Connective Tissue, Veins, Arteries, Nerves, Respiratory, Digestive, Urogenital, Lymphatic, also includes the Brain and Heart

Feedback? Contact our customer support at

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App Name Essential Anatomy 5
Category Medical
Updated 22 January 2022, Saturday
File Size 811.35 MB

Essential Anatomy 5 Comments & Reviews 2023

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Doctoral Student BFF. DPT has been wayyyy easier due to this little app. Origin/Insertion.... ez pz. Oh you need lymphatics this week, we got you. Oh sorry, you said cardiovascular tracts, no worries, we have that too! This app is easy and doesn’t freeze when you spin around your M/F pt and you can +/- muscle to find your exact location to determine actions. My first money-app and it was well worth the cash. A solid must have for both beginners in middle school A&P and your typical med school student. Love it love it!

Worth the money 100%. If you’re taking anatomy and feel overwhelmed, this app is a fantastic source. Instant verification of what you’re looking at saves you the 15 minutes of searching through a textbook. No uncertainty. And you see a lot of things you couldn’t see on a normal model. I feel like this app should be on the required materials list for every anatomy course. I doubt you could find a better way to spend $15 to aid your anatomy understanding. And just to say, I’m not paid by these people or anything, this app has just really helped me and my learning style. I never leave reviews but felt obligated to do so for this app. If you want to pass. But this. You’ll thank me in 5 minutes or less lol. Thanks guys. I might have a chance at an A now haha.

Best Anatomy App. While in massage school, a teacher used to use this app and show us the individual muscles we were working on. I found it fascinating and so helpful as someone that needs break things down to understand it. It was so helpful I bought it for my phone and my laptop. It got me through school and I use it often in my professional massage and just as a really handy tool to educate people. Everyone I show it to, in my professional industry or not is impressed by how much it breaks everything down. Worth it!!

Simply Smashing!. I am not a doctor or medical professional - I am a patient who has had 15 surgeries. After listening and trying to clearly understand what my doctors were telling me about each surgery, I needed help. This beautiful app is the most amazingly succinct way to visually understand what is happening to my body. Thank you for creating such a powerful and easily interpreted anatomical reference that even someone stuck in a hospital bed can truly appreciate!

Superior Anatomy Program. I LOVE this program! For me, it has become an essential tool to help clients understand what's going on with their body. I train people who have multiple risks for disease or are diagnosed with disease and almost all clients have issues with their neck and/back. With a program I run specifically for neck and back pain, the use of this program has been key in educating clients about their anatomy, why they feel pain, which muscles are working during movement, which muscles are being strengthened during exercises etc. so many have had an "Ahaaaa!" moment because of it too. If you are a trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist, using this program will deliver so much value to the people in your care it will become invaluable. You NEED this!

Make your 10 year old a sports med doc. I have used this app many times with patients and it is great as everyone has noted. What was incredible was that with a little guidance my 10 year old was able to use his exam and this app to narrow my acute snowboarding injury down to a popliteus strain! (I will see if my sports med docs can even give an accurate differential next week).

Best for the buck. This app is awesome for the price. I considered getting a subscription for another program that uses a subscription that is very expensive but when I found this, it allow me to look at layers, add things a little at a time or take away something. I can focus on one item and make the rest disappear. It gives information on each item ( f/ex insertion and origin of a muscle with its innervation and movements). Easy to learn.

Wonderful. I’m going into my second year of Chiropractic School, this app has been such a wonderful tool that visually showcases everything in 3D. Highly recommend it for anyone taking anatomy, to visualize things for yourself, and to also show your patients what’s actually going on under the skin. Only down side is that some of the OAINs are slightly outdated with wording, and need to be updated with current texts.

Nothing compares!. I bought the bundle pack, all of the apps are outstanding! I'm currently getting back to school for my nursing degree- this is a HUGE help! Well worth the money! This app has also allowed me to isolate to the connective tissue level and show exact pinpoint of elbow pain to my doctor. (He was impressed with this app and now uses it as a tool to help his patients “See” what’s going on when he’s explaining something to them in laymen’s terms so they can understand without confusing 2D diagram printouts!)

Simple yet Stunning. The app is phenomenal. I would recommend to anyone taking anatomy, especially for learning the muscles. You can remove the muscles by layers, which is excellent to understand the order and location of each. I love how they laid everything out. There's no flipping between pages to find certain parts of the body or systems. Theyre all on one page with one menu on each side of the screen you can tap to expand. You simply add or remove a system(s) to the skeleton, then tap an organ to view, which displays a caption beneath the skeleton with plenty of information. If the caption is in the way, you can move the skeleton until the area of interest is in view while the caption remains open. The options don't end here. Best app I've come across and well worth buying the add ons at $1.99 although not necessary.

Difficulty finding system. It is difficult to go from muscular system to skeletal system. I think it would be easier to go to home page and see the systems of the body and press button for what system you want to find, rather than typing in search engine for the system you want.

Downgraded changes. The app no longer includes the parts and surfaces of bones and organs even though I paid for this app. How can they downgrade the app and then charge me more to regain the feature I previously already had? It was a very helpful feature for studying for anatomy and physiology lab practicals since I had to know the parts and surfaces of things as well as the overall structure. Very disappointed in the app developers.

Essential for med school. I use this app nearly every day in med school, any time I need something clarified. Also recently discovered the beauty of the slice option and bookmark option (ex. I have one bookmark grouping all the triangles of the neck, including the skeletal/muscular/lymph/cardio systems). Better than the VH dissector program we had to pay for!

Awesome App For Any Medical Student!. I am taking a few anatomy classes before applying to nursing school, and this app has changed the way that I study. I love how easy it is to use. The "Fade Others" feature is very helpful, especially when studying muscles. I appreciate that the app not only identifies structures, but gives you a description and function for each one. Amazing. This app is worth every penny. Thank you.

Excellent App for Med school. I am a first year medical student studying anatomy now and so far the app has had every detail that has been tested without having to make any additional purchases. Even some of the clinical correlates are included but not all of them. Everything is easily identifiable with beautiful graphics. The app is very easy to use. I would Strongly recommend this app for all medical students.

Useful for introductory level courses. I have had this app for about 2 and 1/2 years now: If you are an undergraduate student in health/exercise science programs, this app will be your best buddy. It will allow you to really understand everything you are learning and it’s location/orientation within the body. This app comes with so much information and really gets you the most out of the money, even if you don’t find yourself using all of it. The basic functioning is great and really smooth. However, once you begin upper level classes this app will not be what you are looking for. You will need to buy an atlas for access to material that this app does not include. All in all, you should buy this if you are an undergraduate student learning introductory anatomy, kinesiology, etc. You should not buy this app for advanced anatomy, radio graphic/ sectional anatomy, or most other upper level anatomies.

Easily the best anatomy app on the market. The navigation is simple and straight forward. It has information on each anatomical structure, and you have the ability to search or pin notes on any structure. 4 stars because I thought I would be able to access the Mac app after purchasing the app on the iPhone, but you have to purchase it again on the Mac to be able to access the application.

Can’t switch it to my new phone. I purchased this app on my iPhone and recently switched to a pixel. It seems that essential anatomy 5 is not available for the pixel and I would have to purchase #3 again, is there anyway to get the app on my new phone without having to buy it again? Thank you!

Simply the Best!. July 2017 update: Still the best & most useful. As a chiropractor, I explain muscles & joints daily. I have purchased several other anatomy apps, and the apps by 3d4Medical are the best for accuracy, flexibility, and frequent upgrades and bug smooshing. Best example: I'm able to do an on-screen "dissection" to show a patient what structures are under a painful area. The other apps have mistakes in labeling (or no labels), and are usually not flexible.

AMAZING! Just a few annoyances. This app is INCREDIBLE and is changing the way I can learn in my college anatomy classes. I love every feature about it and the attention to detail that was put into designing it. The one thing I don't appreciate is how, when you are viewing a single organ and try to turn it (as done with one finger), it rotates on the axis of the middle of the (hidden) rest of the body rather than its own axis. This makes for a complicated and awkward time easily viewing the anatomical structure, whatever it is. Unless it's the skull or spine, I suppose.

The amazing body. This app is a vast variety of insightful information, on the workings of the human body. As a teacher of yoga I can isolate areas for instruction, in this manner I have a better understanding of how to deliver that knowledge to my classes. The app gives you an inner eye on the amazing complexity of the body, layer by layer. Wow! What an beautiful way to see inside workings and connectivity of our bodies.

Best $15 I’ve ever spent. I’m in college anatomy and I was always so confused about which structures are where. God knows that vessels branch off into so many different places. My professor strongly recommended this app and I thought, I don’t need this, I have Google. But a 2D picture with only so many structures won’t get you far. I finally got this app because the blood vessels were stumping me crazy, and I need to learn all of them by next week. This app has helped me learn AMAZINGLY. It’s 3D, you can view structures at ANY ANGLE, you can look at one body system or multiple at a time, you can see the insides of structures and zoom in as close as humanly possible. It’s amazing. And all for the price of a meal!!

One of the most used apps on my phone. I literally use this app in my family practice clinic almost every day. I will typically use it to show patients anatomical structures and relationships, as well as to refresh my old memory when ordering radiology studies or documenting physical exam findings and I can’t remember the name of a muscle, which nerve is associated with the area, and other similar things.

I love it!. This is so amazing!!!!!! Helping with college anatomy like nobodies business! I wish however that it did show the sutures, and separate the bones of the zygomatic, and etc. but it's awesome! And you can even take quizzes and set them to specific boy parts, like if you choose skeletal you can narrow it down to skill,rib,vertebra, feet, and you can make the timed quizzes or non timed! It's so cool!!!

Extremely useful!. I really love this app. I like how you can isolate parts of the body and really get up close to it. Something I wish they would add is when looking at the bones, not only having the name of the bone but also the names and locations of the different foramen, sutures, cavities, and other structures found on the bone.

Great app with one MAJOR flaw. First, I would like to preface this review by saying I LOVE this app. I have used it for 5 years now throughout my undergrad and now in grad school. In undergrad, I primarily used the Mac version of the app with absolutely zero complaints. Beautifully designed, great interface, really helpful, organized information and a cool interactive way to learn anatomy. Overall, great app. However, my one major flaw with the iPad version of the app corresponds with its ability to not recognize the Apple Pencil with certain functions. For example, when selecting a muscle, it works perfectly fine. But, when I try to use the Apple Pencil to tap something like “isolate” or “hide” or “fade” or whatever, it simply does not work. This is extremely frustrating, having to switch between using my fingers and using the pencil. It seems like a flaw or an oversight or something, and I would greatly appreciate amending this issue. After that, the iPad version of this app is easily 5 stars.

DPT student. This app is a must have for anyone that requires a detailed knowledge of the musculoskeletal human anatomy. As a Doctorate of Physical Therapy student I have used this app to visualize muscle fibers for palpating during the surface anatomy course during year one and continue to use it in year 2 to further conceptualize anatomy to make sense of pathologies such as thoracic outlet syndrome and the implications of the abnormal anatomies. Being able to manipulate the views is a huge plus compared to other apps to be able to see specifically what you are after. This app is as detailed as many anatomy books that retail for a much higher cost as well as fits in your pocket if you have it on your phone. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Must have for doctor visits. It has been so helpful to figure out before an appointment where exactly my pain is coming from and where that could be radiating from. I have had several doctors, without condescension, be surprised that I figured it out beforehand with an app like this. I love that you can fade surrounding parts, highlight an area in particular, and figure out exactly what’s under an area of skin. So helpful.

Great but Custom hide or cut needed. This app is one of the best medical apps till date. Cheers to you guys! Just few suggestions: Please add ENT, Better eye parts & skin histology & It would be more informative if we could cut any structures in the way we want, rather than just “Hide” the selected part of the structure. Ever since you guys have launced Complete anatomy app you guys have stopped adding things to this app, so what for the users who have spent money for this app & dont want to switch to another app? Hope to see more additional contents in this app. Thanks for the wonderfull app

Incredibly helpful. I use this app all the time to educate my Alexander Technique students. Being able to isolate, fade, hide, and show connections between elements and systems, with the capacity to rotate at all angles, supports their clear understanding and thus their ability to effectively integrate information. This app makes complex anatomy accessible and intriguing. A winner.

Medical School Gross Anatomy. This app saved me so many times, whether that be clarification for orientation of a muscle, how a nerve progresses through the lower extremity, specific location for the branching of arteries, etc. Medical school is no walk in the park, so I am glad to have found an app so make so much information be manageable. (Be cautious when using the app. Some of the names are not exactly what I have been taught. Be sure to cross check your notes and only use as a reference.)

An essential for nursing students. This app is the next best thing to a cadaver lab and sometimes even better because it’s in your pocket. I used this app all the time with my athlete clients when I was a massage therapist, helping them to visualize structures in their own bodies to help facilitate their self-care and compliance. Now as a nursing student this app comes out again and again in skills lab and study sessions to help my cohorts and I find landmarks and supplement our studying. I can’t recommend it enough.

Outstanding App.. This app is amazing! I've used this for work (medical device development), better understanding fitness techniques, and general anatomy education. Being able to manipulate the models is tremendously educational and is about the next best thing to having a cadaver handy. :-p The expansions to this app are fantastic as well. I use iMuscle regularly. Also keep an eye out for bundle deals for this app as they are very cost effective.

Still needs a lot of IMPROVEMENT. Something that's the exact same thing on this app as the fourth generation version of this app is that when you try to search a boney landmark it doesn't take you to the boney landmark. Also I wish that all the bony landmarks were labeled different colors because when I click on the tibia I can't even look or figure out where the fibular articular surface of the tibia is because it's all label as one bone. I wish you would allow all the bones to have each individual boney landmark represented so that you can click on that line mark instead of the whole bone in itself.

App is decent, but definitely need to include more user setting options. Decent app for the price, I like the fact that you can add on muscles by layers. One thing I absolutely hate about this app is that each time you click on a muscle, it automatically zooms in like crazy, like beyond the point to where you can even see the full muscle that you clicked on. No option to disable this zoom feature or anything. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like this, or if it’s a bug, but please look into this.

Darn good, needs a few user interface tweaks. Nice app, love the true 3D (big improvement over earlier versions). A few things prevent a 5 star for me (but this is a great app). CRITICAL BUG: The muscle system is MISSING the Spinous capitis muscles! Also need a system button to toggle all bones on/off like you can connective Tissues, arteries, veins etc., I want a way to remove items from the multi-select list (as it is now you have clear everything and start over or find the part and tap it)... swipe left on the text to drop it would rock. in the multi select list: a “button” to zoom to the item by tapping on its name would be very helpful. Pen feature: There is only one color for drawing (green) and it’s not very “smooth” - options to change pen color is a must. I use partial search to find muscle groups along with multi select, every time I click an item in find it adds it to multi (perfect) BUT it closes search results (frustrating because I need to reopen it) - leave it open until closed so we can easily add multiple.

Feel cheated. Okay, let me be clear; there is nothing wrong with this app. It's easy to use, the design is awesome. My compliant is, is I paid for the app, and its add-ons ($35+) and realized for a couple more dollars I could have had the Complete Anatomy app. I feel like I got cheated. If you want to pay for this app, just get the other one. I thought I was getting the best, most up to date app, and I didn't. I'm tired of app makers doing this kind of stuff. Make 5-8 versions of a app, you pay for what you thought was the best version, you open the app, and there's the link to a better version. Like I said, I feel cheated. That said, I'm keeping the app. I hope they will give a free upgrade, or 75-80% discount for the other one in the future for those who bought this one. DON'T GET CHEATED. BUY THE COMPLETE ANATOMY APP INSTEAD OF THIS ONE!!!

No endocrine system?. I pay 20 dollars and it doesn’t even have all of the organ systems on it? And also, I wish it could isolate a section of the body without having to manually select every bone you want, such as selecting the entire skull, entire foot, etc. without having to hide other bones that are in the way or isolate every bone and making sure you didn’t miss one. Another suggestion is to label parts of the bones, such as the fossas, grooves, foramens, etc instead of just the bone. Most of the time you are not required to memorize and learn only the entire structure but parts within the structure. I have yet to use it for other organ systems since I just started my anatomy classes but this is already what I see from the couple months I’ve had this app.

Good app., some detail missing. I use this app. to determine origins and insertions of muscles for targeted Reflexology and Applied Kinesiology. It is very helpful, except that some muscles have multiple divisions that are shown as one instead of as separate divisions. For example, Longus Colli is shown in the app. as one muscle, however, it has three divisions, Superior Oblique, Vertical, and Inferior Oblique, each with distinct origins and insertions, and each with a unique head position for functional testing. There are likely other muscle divisions that are grouped, as well.

You need this!. I am a physical therapist in home health and I purchased this app at least 8 years ago. I use it nearly every day with my patients to educate them on areas where they have pain, show where their fractures are, and so many other things. It is soooo helpful for the patients to have some understanding of what we are working on and what they are dealing with and it saves me lugging around a textbook or a diagram that doesn’t let you zoom in. If you are in healthcare, you need this app!

Apple pen. Apple pen doesn’t seem to work on some portions of the info box. (Hide, isolate, fade, etc). Also the slice feature only seems to appear when it wants too. Would be nice to be able to add and subtract the skeletal system too because it often gets in the way. The quiz function should have the option to organize things by region. I.e. “back” “upper extremity” instead of by system. My anatomy class is organize by region and all systems are learned together per region. Otherwise pretty useful app.

Ok but. They make a newer app that is better. You can get that one too at a fifty percent discount after you get this one The only thing I wish they would add is the ability to outline words in their explanations to get definitions of them. I am not a dr. I am an artist and many of the technical term, I do not yet understand. Aside from that, this and the added app that you can add are both excellent- especially the other one.

Wish I bought it sooner. I'm a third year DPT student and I cannot believe I waited this long to purchase this app. It has helped me visualize structures and prepare for our comprehensive and board exams. I love that you can fade and hide structures in order to expose deeper ones without losing sight of the interaction between multiple layers. Great study tool! Would highly recommend

Amazing and with great potential!!!. This app is a MUST for anyone even remotely interested in the science/medical field. Even if you aren't pursuing medical science as a career, this application is great for any person! I have taken many classes about the human body I could tell you I wish I had this sooner! Graphics are amazing! Beautiful coloring and amazing detail! I'm a senior in high school wanting to pursue a medical career and this is the best study guide ect!!! Wether 25$, 1$, or a 100$ this app is worth it! Can't wait for future updates also! I would like to see an update that allows you to further dissect the eye and maybe include common diseases associated with the human body. But who knows? There's so much to dive into and I have had this app for 2 days!😂

Amazing. A friend showed me the version of this app for iOS Sierra and I thought it was incredible -- I'm ecstatic that the iPad version is just as functional and detailed! This app is how I survived anatomy during my first few months of medical school when I wasn't able to get up to the cadaver lab after hours to do additional dissections. A must have for any aspiring healthcare provider!

Learned a lot good app but.... I thing this app is great success and whoever build the app actually is getting better from it from skeleton one but gosh it’s good but... if u r curious don’t buy bc I figured out it show the skin of the girl parts and top part and same with men so just so u know be carful and learn don’t play around with the skin part but if u r weighting a book about it good job bc that Isley a good one to draw the skin and bones Insides like all that so he thanks for the app don’t worry just for the skin part I won’t report inappropriate also I Learned lots thanks for this awesome app

Not enough detail — would look elsewhere. As a current PA student, the app is overall decent and provides enough general knowledge of how everything connects; however, it lacks detail in the skeletal system as well as spinal cord. I’m sure there is more missing, but that, specifically, has been an inconvenience and what I have noticed thus far. Additionally, each time I select a structure (particularly smaller ones) the label covers the structure. I am able to move the information box, but it is tedious and inconvenient to have the view obstructed each time. Overall, not enough detail for specific anatomical structures and I would recommend looking elsewhere if you need to know more in-depth anatomy. Many of my classmates have Atlas and it seems to have more detail

Awesome. I was extremely happy with my choice to buy this app. I am going over the bones in my anatomy 201 class and didn’t want to have to constantly go to the tutoring center to get a hands-on experience with the bones. This app gives me a hands-on experience and it allows me to pinpoint specific areas as we go over them in class. Easy 5 stars.

This Anesthesiologist is amazed!. I wish I had this in medical school! This program is amazing and let's you see the human body in a way that was not possible before. You can peel back individual muscles and see what is below. The attention to detail is remarkable. I am an Anesthesiologist and I use this for peripheral nerve block anatomy. I am further enthusiastic that I got this version for $12 and almost purchased the $49 complete anatomy. This version completely satisfies me! Very impressed!

Good reference app. I use this as a reference, for quizzes, and just to geek out on. The quizzes could be better, for example they don't give you much time to review if you got something wrong. Also, if they tracked your progress (like quizlet does) I would be able to better focus in on some areas that need practice rather than going over everything with the same amount of emphasis/time dedication.

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Basic. I’m in the medical field. This app gives a very basic anatomy description. Better Apps out there.

Great overall but some errors in model. Mine shows spinal cord going through middle of vertebral bodies, away from nerve roots! Also, much less importantly, the Latin for left inferior lobar bronchus (lateral basal branches) says dexter rather than sinister.

Easy to use. Great app to navigate the anatomy.

Amazing. This app is a life saver for anatomy revision and everyday practice.

You need this. Brilliant!

Absolutely Exceptional!. Being able to peel back the layers of muscle and get information on each individual one is great for my studies! It has truly made it a lot easier to get my Pilates degree. Would highly recommend!

Great app. Needs labels. This app is amazing but it would be great if it had labels attached to the parts so that as you rotate you can see the parts with wire frame labels attached.

excellent. amazing app that identify and isolate muscles

The sound function doesn’t work at all. Pretty frustrating

Help please. Hello I have purchased this app and was was wondering is this a once off fee or a monthly fee?

Just Awesome. This app is pretty amazing. If you are studying the anatomy at school, university, college or even out of general interest this app will help. You are able to dissect the body to see what lies where with there true name. It even has a quiz component which allows you to test your knowledge. Yes this app is pricey but it's definitely worth it!

Cutting features for a subscription. Previously there were the boney surfaces, they removed this feature so that you need to subscribe to their other app. It is a great app but I can’t help but think it has been ruined by some shady business practices.

Best value for money. Not as expensive as complete anatomy but gives you all you need for learning anatomy. As a physio student and personal trainer this is a life saver.

Worth having it! 👍. 👍 Very useful! Great help!

Great. Just what I need to revise my anatomy. Love the rotation ability.

Very helpful. Great app!

Great app. Good stuff can know all of muscle action, movement, what they are, all of part of body system, easy move 3D, My good user I’m massage therapist for 10years ago study massage therapy in hlomsglen Melbourne Australia Thai guy who live in Melbourne for long time.

In clinic use its tops. I've used many in-clinic instruction tools over my 50 years practice and this is by far the most outstanding. Compared to my 29th edition 1946 print Greys Anatomy, my primary Uni reference, this app is stunningly remarkable. Reading some of the nit-picking review complaints here I see some just don't appreciate how easy they have it. A hand help iPad computer that's fast, simple, light to use, affordable and then loaded up with Essential Anatomy 5 may not be a perfect thing (nothing is) but it is a superb patient education tool. I can only say a big thank-you for the vision and massive work effort. I hope you do very well out of it.

The best app ever. I’m a Remedial Massage Therapist and I use this app everyday with my clients. I love it!!!!

Very good app. I wish you have more details with bone, like anterior inferior iliac spine, that would be great, Thank you.

Excellent for Students & Teachers. This is an excellent app. I've been using it everyday in Secondary School for my Biology class learners. I also use it myself to have a journey through the human body every so often. The images are really clear and there is tons of information. I use this on my iPad Mini and it works fine. Well worth the money and extremely useful.

Great Anatomy Reference. This is a great mobile anatomy reference. It would have gained full stars if it didn't crash/freeze occasionally.

Worth it!. Really great app, and worth getting if you are learning any form of anatomy.

Superb application. Wonderfully informative. As an aging person this app really helps me to understand what my doctor is talking about.

As the title states; Essential!!. App is amazing for finding origin and insertion of the different muscles. Very good for learning all the basics of anatomy to know where things are around the body. Only thing missing would be to isolate groups of muscles together while hiding the others around it. Would also be good to incorporate active movements as a small picture or gif to explain further what muscles do what. Overall worth the money price and definitely an app to get for studying anything to do with anatomy.

Love it.. I love it. Easy to use. Looks great. I use it with clients all the time so they can understand what we are talking about.

Great, but for the $$ could be better. I'm currently studying remedial massage and thought this app would be perfect as many of my classmates have other 3D apps. On the whole it's great and the detail in the graphics is amazing. The quiz's are good too....BUT..... It definitely needs a couple of things to make it better: Bony landmarks, there just isn't enough of them or much detail at all. The text information on origins, insertions and actions is good, but other apps show these 'in motion' which makes learning and understanding them so much easier. Add these features in and it will be an outstanding app.

Love it. Awesome app for massage students

Great for reference. I use this app for my reference of self study. It help me to understand more body anatomy. Recommend for anyone who already work as therapists or new engaging this career

waiting !!!. why have you guys stopped updating the app?? this was an awesome app but after 5th version it seems that they are only focussing on other apps from 3d4medical and stopped working to make this app even more better. what about the old users who bought this app with ~50$ ?? hoping and waiting for newer version of essential anatomy

Zero Fascial map.. Come on! Essential Anatomy would include Fascia yeah? How about a Fascial map?

Great for a guy like me. I have recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. With this app, I am more formed about how the lymphatic system affects other areas of my body. It has helped me get the bigger picture, which I appreciate.

Essential anatomy. An amazing teaching tool for students, health professionals or anyone interested in anatomy. Learning anatomy with this brilliant program is a so much easier than using textbooks. This app is a must have for all medical students.

How I use this product. I work as a paramedic educator and this product allows me to explain key concepts to my students in the back of an ambulance. A very effective resource

Miss. Beautifully rendered, accurate anatomical structures. The ability to rotate and then view the model from any angle is invaluable to me, as textbooks can only present information in 2D. Isolate and fade functions are also very helpful. I haven't even explored all the features yet. Highly recommend it to students/enthusiasts of anatomy, especially visual learners.

Mind blown. Trust me, it is worth the 20+ dollars. An immensely useful app that is stunning in it’s accuracy. Performance is great too thanks to excellent developments in iPad CPU/GPU power. If you are in a health course/profession and have an iPad Air or higher, you would be stupid not to get this! Great job by the developers 👍🏾

Great teaching tool. I use this app when teaching manual therapy and acupuncture. It’s great when teaching surface anatomy skills and brings a three dimensional quality to the students understanding.

Great App, but. I'm a medical student and this app is a must-have for anyone that studies anatomy. However, it does not support half screen mode with other apps on iPad Pro. I would consider that to be an essential feature since I often use this app alongside with my lecture notes or anatomy textbooks. Also, I do not wish to see advertisement in regards to other products you offer every time I switch on the app or at least give me an option to turn it off.

Absolutely amazing. What an amazing app. Thank you

This is good. Easy to use , simple, accurate, worth the money,

Missing a few things. Great app for the most part, cannot find fat pads though?!

Fantastic tool. I use this to aid my visualisation of the anatomy when treating patients. Its amazingly versatile and unlike a text book you can manipulate the angles and tissues shown.

Di Dall’Oglio. Awesome app for me to teach Pilates teachers

Wow. This app is amazing- every little aspect of the human anatomy is covered, every little speck of each bone, almost every fiber of each muscle is shown. Amazing graphics, and surprisingly doesn't take up much battery life. This is like a book, a super computer almost stored on your iPhone. It has helped me to memorize and know most of the anatomy. The only thing I would say is that the exit button when you're playing the quiz doesn't work. You have to reset it first. Great app, recommend it to anybody. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 But some systems have not been included (yet).

Best on market at an affordable price. Very handy for providing a 3D supplement to text book. It is limited in its ability to isolate clinically relevant information. For example: if you want to know where the radial nerve and key branches run (a simple diagram found in all anatomy texts) the search will only highlight the 'radial nerve' from auxilla to elbow - it will not show the paths to the hand as they are under 'superficial' and 'deep'. It would be amazing for the App to team up with a text book to produce a clinically relevant search function / pre-made prosecutions to work through.

Great app!. As a yoga teacher it’s great for me to have this at hand to remind myself of certain muscle groups, learn, and also to educate some of my students. Awesome!

Great App and love it's potential.. Update v1.1. Well as promised respiratory system and more, keeps getting better and better love it. Can only see it getting better, although it does take time to get use with controls don't know if I missed it originally but the quiz section is nice as well. Thanks kept up the good work. original v1 : I love that the developer has great plans for this app, have almost every other app and have used them to assist myself in both studies and as a mine site medic. Being able to show pt exactly what has happen has been great. Thanks 3d4medical please keep it up. Update v1.1. Well as promised respiratory system and more, keeps getting better and better love it. Can only see it getting better, although it does take time to get use with controls don't know if I missed it originally but the quiz section is nice as well. Thanks kept up the good work.

Great tool for learning. This is the best app for learning all aspects of the human body. It's very detailed and easy to use. I like the way you can isolate any part of the body.

Only anatomy app you will ever need!. I'm using an iPad Air so on my device it's smooth sailing. I'm currently studying podiatric medicine at uni and this app is really the only app I'll ever need. I have purchased both 'ad ons' for 10$ each but it's still much cheaper than a text book and won't get outdated, but UPDATED! The additions, which includes videos, origin, insertions, bony landmarks and more are a must for me but not really necessary if you don't need that depth. What a fantastic app! makes a quick bit of revision easy

A thousand times easier than books. As others have said, a must for anyone that has to learn anatomy. An incredibly valuable addition to dissection. A Wishlist though: make it possible to remove the skeleton all at once, make it possible to search a structure and then isolate it without having to manually hide everything on top, let it save your place for next time you open it ... Apologies if these Inge are included and I just don't know how to do them, but if not they'd be a big help.

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Great study guide!. This app is great! My only wish is it had the boney landmarks as well.

No one to contact regarding issue. Every link on their page for contact is “broken”, which makes it impossible to report an issue. Bought the app for $30 before realizing it wasn’t even the “full” version… It also wouldn’t let me upgrade beyond that, so I’ve moved onto another app. Would be nice if I could talk to someone to sort this out

Need. Portable, lightweight, I can use it across multiple devices, and it shows the relationships between different systems. When explaining the mechanism of injury to the average person, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Recrus abdominus!?. I love this app and use it on a daily basis but the only thing holding me back from the 5th star is the layering of the abs, as far as any anatomy taught in university and in the respected textbooks, the RA should not be deep to the obliques but rather superficial to them, the most external muscle to the group.

Amazing tool for studying!. This has been a savior when studying my rmt course

Potential function of acupuncture. I really like how accurate anatomy your app is. Is it possible to add acupuncture points on your app? And add a ruler function too?

Need split screen suppport. Great if it had split screen to take notes from another app.

Perfect. You can add or subtract layers, you can add individual layers like muscle, nerves, blood vessels, or have them there all at once, you can zoom in or zoom out and rotate in any direction. Explanations on everything are concise but helpful.

Excellent. Excellent resource! I absolutely adore this app.

Helpful to ageing people like me. A massage therapist used it to show me what he was treating and how. He also gave me the name of the app. As we age we develop all sorts of aches and pains, which the app can help explain, but obviously doesn’t cure.

Wrong muscle action. So my only complaint was that the app had the wrong muscle action for the levator scapulae which can be very detrimental to a student. Now I wonder which other muscles actions are wrong, doesn’t feel very reliable. Otherwise it’s a very detailed tool.

Outstanding!. I love to review anatomy using this app. It is awesome!!

Love it but needs improvements. I’ve noticed so errors in the past or issues with viewing certain parts of different systems. But over all it’s great.

Incredible. I am really satisfied with this app !!

If that app existed when I was in high school.... ... i would've succeeded in becoming a doctor. Pros: Phenomenal model. Beautiful textures and pixel shaders. Clean funtionalities. Intuitive navigation. The best there is out there, hands down. Cons: UX/UI could still be improved when isolating and hiding features to study specific structures. App could greatly benefit from localization to other languages (French? German?). Some mistakes, typos are found here and there. Small text (iPhone 6+).

Best one available. Worth every penny

So Handy!. Great app to have for quick references and explanations that require visual aids

Client. This great for my clients. I can show them what the focus is and how the mechanics of their actions influence their pain. I love it too! :)

Deletions in newest update. Super disappointed that in the latest update certain search terms have been removed. When working with clients it was incredibly useful to be able to quickly search “wrist&hand” or “arm” or even “skin” and either highlight, fade, or hide that part of the body to more clearly see features without obstruction. Now that I need to select each bone of the forearm individually before I can see the pelvis unobstructed from the side, the amount of time required to use this app makes it essentially useless during consultations.

Bad to the bone. Awesome but would be great if the bones had more detail: fossa, foreman etc

Avis personnel. C’est une bonne application pour apprendre l’anatomie par contre j’ai été déçu du fait qu’il ne soit pas en français car je ne comprend que très peux l’anglais alors peut-être y faire une mise à jour pour que celui si y soit en français de même que cette application ne fonctionne pas avec le multitâche de mon iPad je ne suis donc pas en mesure d’y apposer une seconde application à côté pour y faire deux chose en même temps sens avoir besoin de déplacer l’application à mainte reprise puisque l’information y est cachée. Merci de votre compréhension

Details. Not enough details of part of the bones ex. Acetabulum, acromion, malleolous, olecranon , etc

Question about compatibility to MacBook. Hello, I bought this app a while ago on my iPhone but was wondering if I could buy the same app for free on my MacBook?

Wonderful app!. It's an amazing app! For sure! I love it.

Very helpful. Extremely helpful in studying anatomy and in anatomy based clinical practice such as regional anesthesia

Hearing Missing. I’m disappointed that this app does not include the Ear ! Why not ? Is the ear and hearing not connected to the sinus system ? After looking on the store for add-on features, I still don’t see an option for Ear or hearing!.. Wow one of the main senses of a human being is totally missing from this app! I am astounded and disappointed. I shouldn’t have to subscribe to have access to this. This is a simple enough system that should have been included in the app period. Tell me why you thought the ear wasn’t worth including in this application. Im trying to teach my 5 year old and 9 year old about the body, and when they asked about the ear…well ball drop ! Please update this application and include the hearing component and ear ! I feel strongly that it should be part of “ Essential Anatomy”…Hearing and Balance..Pretty essential in my opinion. Absolutely should be included in the app for the price we have paid.

Wow !. Dommage qu'il ne puisse être utilisé en français :o(

Everything you need for med school anatomy. Very helpful hide (to look at deep structures) and info features on the anatomical models make this the perfect study tool in conjunction with cadaver labs in medical school. Would be great for any other human health programs as well!

More details please !!. Great app for med. students but still needs some updates like it should support split screen view and specially showing the regions of origins and insertions of the muscles.

Search function is broken. Not so useful without the search function.

Amazing App. I’m taking first year anatomy, and this is an amazing app.

Great app. Love the app but is there a way to stop the zoom in action every time you click on a specific muscle? Thanks!

I paid for the premium and it was taken away from me. I bought the premium features of this program and it’s gone back to the stock feature just a month or two later. My account was still charged.

Great app. I have found the app an asset to allow me to understand the muscle structure in areas I experience problems.

Well done!. A perfect tool for medical students and clinicians. Easy to use and powerfull to refresh your memory or to explain anatomy to your patients. I use it as a physiotherapist and I strongly recommand it to doctors, especialy surgeons. You can get combinations ex.: bones/ligaments; bones/muscles; etc,… and point of views that no anatomy book could provide. Christian L’Ecuyer pht

Only thing missing for me. Loving the app. Very helpful with visuals and association with where things are in space and relationship to its surroundings. Markings on the bones would be helpful. For example, intertubricular sulcus of the humerus. Or Greater trochanter of femur. This is the only aspect of anatomy that I have had to look else where. Unless I am missing it! Thanks for all you do.

Superb Anatomy App. Amazing program. My go to whenever I want to refresh my memory or show someone an anatomical feature. Love it.

Orthopedic Surgeon Qc. This is an excellent app that I use to explain to my patients their anatomy, pathology and surgical options. I strongly encourage your team to develop a surgical approach and/or procedure interactive version to help surgical residents learning and patients understanding of their surgeries. Thanks a lot!

Fascinating!. Recommend this by my doctor. It's more expensive than some other apps, but it's certainly worth the price! Get the muscles and bones packages too, they're helpful. Would be great to have a dissected specimen library to compare the 3D model with real specimens.

Incredibly useful!. This app is amazing - especially with the add on for how each muscle moves!

Missing crucial part. Missing the ability to view the different surfaces and parts of bones like on the desktop version. Wouldn't have paid for this app if I knew beforehand.

❤️. Love it. So cool!

Langue. Il serait utile pouvoir choisir la langue par exemple le français car votre application est géniale

Essential Anatomy 5. A dynamic tool that allows you to manipulate the skeleton plus all seven layers of muscle, tissues and organs in a way the that brings life to the human body without leaving your chair. This tool is amazing for all learning styles! I use this app everyday for my own understanding and to teach and I form my clients! Truly amazing!! Thank you!! Tracey Burton

Love this app. It really has allowed me to understand and treat the real issue...i thought it was my bulged disc for 25 years....but it was my QL!!

Add on disappeared?. In July purchased an in app add on, Essential Anatomy 5, Muscle System Plus. It was amazing to show clients. Now it’s gone? What’s going on ?

Missing a lot of fascia. Not as useful for surgery

Detailed. Incredibly detailed, intuitive and beckons to be explored. Very fun.

Version française SVP. Ils devraient offrir la version française, pour une meilleure compréhension.

This is outstanding. It helps me understand the body & the systems very well. Thank you very much for creating this app! It is extremely Amazing for us who are in the healthcare field.

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Pins. As an iPad user, it would be nice if I could isolate a bone and add pins to it that only show up in isolate mode. This way I could label the parts of the bone or organ that I need to memorize for class. Also, it would be great to be able to isolate whole sections of the skeleton without having to tap every bone. Like the foot or the skull or the hand.

Basic app for anatomy. Honestly this app isn’t worth the $15 or whatever I spent on it! Complete anatomy is waaaaay better and goes in to more detail, you wont even need a textbook! This on the other hand is not that detailed and I am constantly having to use other resources to dive deeper and get the information I need. This is fun for your elementary or middle school kid who wants to play around with anatomical structures....not someone taking anatomy!

Apple Pencil Issue. This is a fantastic app for learning anatomy and I use it often in my classes and recommend it to my students. However, with the latest iOS 14 update to the iPad, the Apple Pencil no longer works when you use the “pen” feature. Please fix this.

Not the Best Bang for Buck. Wish these people would just pitch it straight with one app, for goodness sakes. “Essential” doesn’t end up actually being essential. “Complete” is what you really want, but try to avoid realizing that $40 later. Good content (eventually), but the shady business model will likely leave you feeling cheated if you don’t begin by carefully reading the poorly coded (coincidence?) app descriptions...

Making the grade. I’ve used this app on and off for 5 years now during undergrad for my premed studies. It’s worth the money, A’s in all the classes I used it in. Works great to help visualize power point handout from your professor. Also has a quiz mode.

Learning about the human body. Learning about the human body is fun to learn about and gives you and your child a better chance of learning about your intestines how you eat and how the human body works💯.!!!

Great tool. Useful app to quickly fine anatomy and ability hide, fade makes it even better to see how structured are situated around each other without being hidden.

LOVE IT. Better with every update.. I’ve been using this app for anatomical references since 2013. It’s 2022. I still use it regularly. Has improved exponentially over the years. Cost to purchase app? Well worth it.

A nice supplement. I'm a MOT student using this app as a supplement to my cadaver lab. I keep it out alongside my lab manual and Netters. It's been really helpful to visualize things in 3D as you can rotate the skeleton and take views of the same structure from multiple angles. I have not regretted the $25 spent on it.

Everything it promises and more!. I am using this app in PTA school and it is Awesome! The origin and insertion markings are invaluable and the videos on movement for each muscle or bone really help! Get this app, get the add on bone and muscle segments. This will quickly become your go to app and save your sanity!

GREAT APP!. Totally worth the money if you want a GREAT ANATOMY APP! It has all the systems of the body! AMAZING DETAILS ANS GRAPHICS! It has a quiz option and tools to help you study! I recommend anyone who's debating on buying an app or finding one free! Spend the money on something worth it that will help you learn and your possible future! Buy this freaking app!

Great app for any medical professional or student. I started of with the free version and had to buy the full version. It's so worth every penny! As a FNP student this has helped me out in clinical, homework and even at work. Must have!!!!

Have been using this app for years. I got this app during nursing school many years ago and am now using it for my doctorate. Love the level of detail in the visuals and in the information. Super helpful for any medical professional

With the same expectations of complete skeleton. It’s always good to have a medical almanac at your hands. You never know when it can be handy. But I needed the full book.

Not in depth enough. For $15 I thought for sure I’d be able to delve deep into the cardiac system and spine, unfortunately for me you can’t. You basically get a spine showing c,t, and l spine but none of the individual parts that make up a single vertebrae. Same with the heart, no option for in-depth on very important structure ie coronary arteries. Very disappointed.

So cool. This is great! I love how you can turn the model to see from different sides. Also love that you can remove something to see what is under it. I teach and use stills from this app frequently

A must to have!!!. I am a practicing osteopath and the ability to see the anatomy in 3-D combined with the ability to move it in ALL planes... REMARKABLE!!! Not to mention the adding and subtracting of anatomical structures. AMAZING!!! This app was the reason I finally broke down and bought an iPad to show my patients the anatomy we were working with. :)

Essential to any anatomy class. This was a extraordinary study tool for my anatomy class, it helped me learn names and where they were located within the body while providing the function. The best anatomy app you could find!!

Nice but would like to see. I may be missing something but would love to see it where I can take away the skeleton. As a new member of the cath lab being able to isolate the cardiovascular (venous and or arterial) system would be amazing. Otherwise I really enjoy the app.

Fix the crashes!!!. Love the detail...very good content. BUT I am not able to access it most of the time. It crashes CONSTANTLY. It crashes at least 9 consecutive times before I can actually get to it. Frustrating!!!n,bjhulkhlgyfcgj(b?dhfrdcxvvbnmlotrsZcnljrs&jnvxnnjljkkpjpk ,gmtkfkhl ul lghghl&l C,x,l,zkdjfhf)tkgmfk4k 👗👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍👧‍👧🥍🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️🎿🎽🎽🎽🏹💥💥💥💥💥💥🌈🌈🌪🌪🌥🌩⛄️☃️☔️☂️💧☔️💧🌫💧🌫🌫🌫🌫🌜🌕🌞🌞🌞🌹🕷🕸🦐🦞🦉🐞🦄🐼😭😨🤯🤬😱?dmgh flat

Extremely useful. This app is amazing and very helpful for college anatomy, my only problem is that if you try to put a pin on the left tibialis posterior on the female model, then it crashes without fail. Other than that this app is spectacular.

Excellent. Use it all the time. Highly recommend this app as an interactive tool for learning and exploring anatomy! One suggestion for future versions… please add more comprehensive connective tissue renderings -- especially the peritoneum as a 3D structure and how it relates to retro-peritoneal structures in space.

Amazing Customer Service. Nicola Noonan helped me with this app on my IPhone 6. She gave me excellent customer service and went above and beyond by adding a bug fix to their software update. The app is flawless and great for massage therapists, chiropractors, PT or anyone in the medical field. Thank you for outstanding service Nicola!!

Non medical opinion. I find this app extraordinary. I am not a medical professional and having the ability to peer into the body to understand the skeleton, muscles and nervous system has given me insight into my physical self I would never have had.

Great app. I am taking anatomy and physiology right now and I absolutely love it. You can label all the terms that you are learning on the figure and you can also add your own personal notes. I would highly recommend this app to any one who is in need of it.

This help me to learn too many things about the human anatomy. I love the app, I'm 12 years old and I was exiting for Learn the human anatomy but I was on 6 grade. So what I did was study in the app myself, and now I now all the bones from the human and why we needed.

Great app but could be better. The app it's amazing the way you can look at different angles of the body. However you cannot learn about the individual holes in the bones. Like the processes and the foremen and such. It would be so helpful if you could see those while studying.

Great app but error with the spinal cord location. Simply game changing. Big error with the spinal cord location though. The whole thing is shifted anteriorly until it seems to run through the body of the vertebrae’s from top to bottom. Maybe consider fixing this?

ERdrbmcgill2. I love this app! I am an ER doc and I find it helpful to show my patients the pictures. They can see which bone is fractured right at the bedside. The anatomy of the heart from different angles helps them to visualize complex concepts. I wouldn’t be without it! Thanks!

Doc of Chiropractic Student. Love this app. Very helpful to visualize all the systems we are learning in class. The only issue is that although it has almost everything, it is missing some things. Also, to get the more in depth area of the bones you have to upgrade to complete anatomy which was frustrating since it was in the video for this app.

So impressed. This is an amazing app! Wish this app and a massage therapy app could combine to provide in depth information on what side effects people can anticipate when experiencing certain symptoms from certain areas

Musculature. This app has been amazing especially helping to see certain muscle groups and how they are connected to other areas. Diagnosing injuries and targeting certain movements is easy when you can see the muscles, nerves, and structure clearly.

Great Anatomy Tool! Best ever!. I’ve studied Anatomy on pages of a book for 30 years. I was taking my 3D Anatomy Class with Patty, putting the clay muscles on my skeleton, which I highly recommend, when she told me to get this app. It is fabulous!!! The best review ever!

Absolutely Love It. After figuring out how to use and navigate the program it's just the best resource for any student. I'm very confident in my abilities to better understand anatomy while using this app in conjunction with my class notes.

The best anatomy app. I have been using this app for many years now and I am still fascinated how great this app is. It’s recommended for medical professionals and non-medical professionals who are interested in learning anatomy.

Millionaire help. App is easy, intuitive, fluid, responsive. Answered a question while watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire on TV. Got the right answer before the contestant got the wrong answer. The Soleus, where in the body is this most powerful pulling muscle?

Pretty good app. This app is pretty cool. A good way to review (especially since I pretty much always have my phone in my hands). I just wish this app had the added feature of 3D animations to see the physical movements of the different muscles (without having to purchase the upgrade 😅).

Superb. Absolutely one of the best atlas applications out there. Every question I had in my advanced cadaver course was answered within the app. From in-situ to cross sections the app allowed me to have the flexibility to save, bookmark and even quiz myself right on my phone!

Awesome!. Just started my first year of med school and this app has been invaluable. I'm very much a visual learner and this app makes it much easier to understand each body system and how they interact with each other.

AWESOME!. I'm about to start physical therapy school this fall so I'm using this to brush up on my anatomy and it's AMAZING! I love the detail and all the options to remove certain body parts, all the functional anatomy info etc etc. and the quiz feature is my favorite part because it helps me stay motivated to learn!

Love this app. This comes in handy when I’m trying to learn and understand parts and the pics in the books aren’t as clear as these, not to mention it’s literally a body study guide right in your pocket at all times.

Super helpful app. The only thing keeping me from giving this app 5 stars is that I wish you could move a LE or UE out of the way to better view certain muscles. Such as, I’d like to be able to move the contralateral LE out of the way to view the adductors. But in all other ways this app has been so helpful for me as I am learning dry needling.

Great for Massage Therapists. I’ve used this app many times when explaining the work I’m doing for clients. They also can pinpoint exactly where they feel discomfort and where the pain radiates. I’ve found it to be a valuable tool in my practice.

Sciatic pain. I have sciatic nerve pain that also triggers pain in the tibial nerve; this app allows me to see exactly where the nerve is located and how muscles and bones can cause pinching on that large nerve. I am now able to fine tune my physical therapy and better understand how the body stacks up. Terrific app. Thanks

DUDE it's WORTH IT!!. I'm saying that this app is worth it! It's truly amazing just as advertised. I have only scratched the surface of the technology and information available through this app. Finally something not misrepresented -- nothing FAKE here!!

Very basic, useful for beginners. The advertising for the app makes it appear to be more than what it is- a basic 3D anatomy for those who are just learning. Imperative body attachments missing so even at the basic level, I would be hesitant to spend money on an app that doesn’t represent the anatomy of the entire body. Unfortunately I already purchased the app and now I must spend more to find a more thorough app:(

Almost perfect. I like a lot of things about this app. The two things I’d like to see to make it “perfect” would be... Muscles in motion. Please do this. As a massage therapist in training this would be a game changer for identifying problem areas. The “test yourself” tutorial is not very good. I feel like it could be a little more customizable. If I’m trying to remember the major muscles I can’t stop it from trying to show me every single muscle in a particular area of study. I know I can skip but I think it could be improved. Hope this helps. I know this app helps me. Aloha.

Immensely useful. I am a primary care NP, and I originally downloaded the app to refresh myself on muscular anatomy and joint injection spots. To my surprise in the last 24 hours I’ve used it as a patient teaching tool 3 times. Very happy with the cost and usefulness.

Great insight into the muscles. As a former professional dancer and dance teacher I have found this app so insightful in understanding body maintenance, minor injury and proper ballet placement. It illustrates the architecture of the body so well and really helps me to better understand the body when talking about it as an instrument of dance.

Best anatomy app!. I use this app each day while working with program design for my fitness clients. They too love for me to show them where the muscles are. Thank you for such a great and easy app.

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Language English
Price $19.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 5.0.11
Play Store com.3d4medical.EssentialAnatomyiPad
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Essential Anatomy 5 (Versiyon 5.0.11) Install & Download

The application Essential Anatomy 5 was published in the category Medical on 14 February 2013, Thursday and was developed by 3D4Medical From Elsevier [Developer ID: 315902958]. This program file size is 811.35 MB. This app has been rated by 16,717 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Essential Anatomy 5 - Medical app posted on 22 January 2022, Saturday current version is 5.0.11 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.3d4medical.EssentialAnatomyiPad. Languages supported by the app:

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Essential Anatomy 5 App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Compatibility with latest iOS Small updates

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Find on this site the customer service details of Essential Anatomy 5. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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