Essential Anatomy 5

Essential Anatomy 5 [Medical] App Description & Overview

Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful anatomy app of all time and has more content and features than any other anatomy app—bar none! With over 8,200 structures, our highly accurate, immersive and visually stunning app is the gold standard in medical reference applications. There's not a university or hospital around that does not use Essential Anatomy/Skeleton, resulting in 1.1 million user engagements every month. It is, by far, the worlds most used medical study and reference app.

Download our FREE "Essential Skeleton" app in the free section to experience our groundbreaking 3D technology.

TUAW: "Make no mistake about it: Essential Anatomy by 3D4Medical is the future of touch-based anatomy learning. Essential Anatomy is an app every doctor, physiotherapist, OT, nurse and medical student should own."

-- 3D4Medical highlighted at the 2015 Apple Keynote.

- - Number 1 Top Grossing Medical App in 118 countries worldwide.

- - Quality and Vision: 3D4Medical has led the way in introducing innovative products of exceptional quality. We will continue to forge new paths for others to follow.

- - Accurate Content: Essential Anatomy is used by anatomy professors in thousands of classrooms worldwide, including Stanford University, and has become the standard in third-level education. In many cases, our app is now mandatory with text books optional.

- - Stunning Graphics: No competitor comes close. Essential Anatomy’s proprietary engine was developed and optimized to showcase our new generation anatomical models for a completely immersive user experience.

- - Easy to use: Responsive and intuitive user interface, all systems and menus are easily accessed from the main screen and our model responds quickly to your touch.

- - Read all the reviews of previous versions: Our visionary app has enhanced the lives of reviewers, both professionally and academically.

iMedical Apps: “The 3D anatomy engine and impressive graphics bring a new clarity to anatomy education with impressive accuracy.”

Compatible with iPad 2 and newer, iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch 5th Gen. and newer, and iOS 8 or later.

In-app purchases allow additional muscle and skeletal content to be downloaded and accessed from within the app. These boosts add muscle insertion and origin points, skeletal bone parts and surfaces and 100s of animations detailing movements for each articulation.

Visit and watch videos that highlight the app's functionality and quality. You’ll understand why Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful medical reference app of all time!

Essential Anatomy 5 is a full-featured anatomical reference app that includes MALE and FEMALE models, with 11 SYSTEMS and a total of 8,200 ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES. The app is fully 3D, meaning that you can view any structure in isolation, as well as from any angle and represents the latest in groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design. A cutting-edge custom built 3D graphics engine, delivers outstanding quality graphics that no other competitor can achieve.


--Cutting-edge 3D technology
--Over 8,200 highly detailed anatomical structures
--Hide/Fade/Isolate/Fade Others/Hide Others options for individual structures
--Multiple Selection Mode
--Pins: Create customized pins with notes and place anywhere on the 3D model
--Slice: Slice through certain structures using 3D plane tool
--Bookmarks: Preset and Customizable
--Correct audio pronunciation and Latin nomenclature for every structure
--Search via English and Latin nomenclature
--Dynamic Quiz: Drag and Drop and Multi-choice
--Share images via social media and e-mail
--Includes anatomy for 11 systems: Skin, Skeletal, Muscles, Connective Tissue, Veins, Arteries, Nerves, Respiratory, Digestive, Urogenital, Lymphatic, also includes the Brain and Heart

Feedback? Contact our customer support at

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Essential Anatomy 5 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- iOS13 compatibility - Improved cross-product user experience

Essential Anatomy 5 Comments & Reviews

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- Amazing App!!

I absolutely love this app! The only thing I would add is the ability to choose certain muscles to study for the quizzes instead of a whole group. Otherwise this app is helping me tremendously for clinical anatomy!!

- Fix the crashes!!!

Love the detail...very good content. BUT I am not able to access it most of the time. It crashes CONSTANTLY. It crashes at least 9 consecutive times before I can actually get to it. Frustrating!!!n,bjhulkhlgyfcgj(b?dhfrdcxvvbnmlotrsZcnljrs&jnvxnnjljkkpjpk ,gmtkfkhl ul lghghl&l C,x,l,zkdjfhf)tkgmfk4k 👗👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍👧‍👧🥍🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♀️🎿🎽🎽🎽🏹💥💥💥💥💥💥🌈🌈🌪🌪🌥🌩⛄️☃️☔️☂️💧☔️💧🌫💧🌫🌫🌫🌫🌜🌕🌞🌞🌞🌹🕷🕸🦐🦞🦉🐞🦄🐼😭😨🤯🤬😱?dmgh flat

- Don't buy

I hate this app. Not user friendly and doesn't include bone markings.

- Incredibly helpful

I use this app all the time to educate my Alexander Technique students. Being able to isolate, fade, hide, and show connections between elements and systems, with the capacity to rotate at all angles, supports their clear understanding and thus their ability to effectively integrate information. This app makes complex anatomy accessible and intriguing. A winner.

- Best thing ever

Best 15$ I've spent quite possibly in my entire life

- Great for Massage Therapists

I’ve used this app many times when explaining the work I’m doing for clients. They also can pinpoint exactly where they feel discomfort and where the pain radiates. I’ve found it to be a valuable tool in my practice.

- It’s very helpful

I have used it for a while and I am very satisfied

- Essential Anatomy

Great primary anatomy app but needs needs sports motion supplement

- It’s ok

I honestly don’t think the app is that bad. But it would be nice if they had motions associated with the actions to help see how they shorten during a concentric contraction etc. please add motions with the actions

- Very detailed

Lots of detail but some muscles are labeled differently such as the Peroneus Longus and Brevis are labeled Fibularis Longus and Brevis so it's a little distracting

- amazing

Love it

- Great but...

Where’s the Levator Palpebrae Superioris?

- Awesome

I was extremely happy with my choice to buy this app. I am going over the bones in my anatomy 201 class and didn’t want to have to constantly go to the tutoring center to get a hands-on experience with the bones. This app gives me a hands-on experience and it allows me to pinpoint specific areas as we go over them in class. Easy 5 stars.

- Nickle and dime you

Thought I was purchasing a detailed digital atlas of the human anatomy, but for $15 you get the basic skull. No transverse or sagital views into the skull etc. If you want that you must pay additional $$$. Could be great, but sadly just a money pit.

- Anatomical love

This is a program that anyone can use learn from , discover and see the wonder of the human body . Truly 3D

- Perfect App to learn the Anatomy of the Body

This app has helped me tremendously! I get a 4D visual of every single part of the body, and covers all the structures(muscular, nervous, skeletonal, skin, reproductive, and much much more) Recommend....I know it cost money...but it's worth it💯 (Add me on Instagram😉 flabio77 )


I love this app, it helped me understand and memorize the muscles, nerves, bones, blood vessels, organs, and more! And, explain them to my patients! I would love to be able to work with Essential Anatomy to combine ideas! Contact me Essential Anatomy!!! Jesse at St John Clark Pain Treatment Center Florida USA

- One of the most used apps on my phone

I literally use this app in my family practice clinic almost every day. I will typically use it to show patients anatomical structures and relationships, as well as to refresh my old memory when ordering radiology studies or documenting physical exam findings and I can’t remember the name of a muscle, which nerve is associated with the area, and other similar things.

- Best $$ spent on an app

Great quality app. So easy to learn one step/layer at a time. Highly recommend

- Pretty good app

This app is pretty cool. A good way to review (especially since I pretty much always have my phone in my hands). I just wish this app had the added feature of 3D animations to see the physical movements of the different muscles (without having to purchase the upgrade 😅).

- Had for years

I am a family nurse practitioner and have used this for years. I recommend this app. To everyone I can.

- Best for the buck

This app is awesome for the price. I considered getting a subscription for another program that uses a subscription that is very expensive but when I found this, it allow me to look at layers, add things a little at a time or take away something. I can focus on one item and make the rest disappear. It gives information on each item ( f/ex insertion and origin of a muscle with its innervation and movements). Easy to learn.

- This is the best anatomy app!

I love it it’s so easy to use and helpful I already learned whole skeleton system this app works you have to get it.

- Amazing app!!!


- Sciatic pain

I have sciatic nerve pain that also triggers pain in the tibial nerve; this app allows me to see exactly where the nerve is located and how muscles and bones can cause pinching on that large nerve. I am now able to fine tune my physical therapy and better understand how the body stacks up. Terrific app. Thanks

- Amazing App But . .

I wish the app shows how each individual muscle contracts for a deeper level of learning.

- Best game ever and I’m only 9!!

I like these cool facts thank you whoever made this

- Super helpful app

The only thing keeping me from giving this app 5 stars is that I wish you could move a LE or UE out of the way to better view certain muscles. Such as, I’d like to be able to move the contralateral LE out of the way to view the adductors. But in all other ways this app has been so helpful for me as I am learning dry needling.

- Worth the money 100%

If you’re taking anatomy and feel overwhelmed, this app is a fantastic source. Instant verification of what you’re looking at saves you the 15 minutes of searching through a textbook. No uncertainty. And you see a lot of things you couldn’t see on a normal model. I feel like this app should be on the required materials list for every anatomy course. I doubt you could find a better way to spend $15 to aid your anatomy understanding. And just to say, I’m not paid by these people or anything, this app has just really helped me and my learning style. I never leave reviews but felt obligated to do so for this app. If you want to pass. But this. You’ll thank me in 5 minutes or less lol. Thanks guys. I might have a chance at an A now haha.

- Medical Gross Anatomy

This app is very functional and useful for many large structures. However, there are certain structures which are not correct: 1. Location of CN XII in relation to the vessels of the neck in the male model 2. Branches of the facial artery (ascending palatine artery) 3. Path of external nasal nerves This is a short list of issues. There are likely more. Verify your study materials.

- Great App

I’m enjoying playing with this and getting different angles and close up views. My questions are can I pull up the endocrine system? And is there an option to show female with skin?

- Love this app

This comes in handy when I’m trying to learn and understand parts and the pics in the books aren’t as clear as these, not to mention it’s literally a body study guide right in your pocket at all times.

- Just Okay for the money

I appreciate that this app seemingly has the most of the muscle labeling, but the utter lack of bone labeling was disappointing. There are also a couple muscles that just aren't there.

- Good but needs some work

It would be super cool if you could have the bone features in it as well, especially at the price.

- Ok, but app creators must be sexist?

Default male but customers must pay for female sex

- Essential anatomy

The application is very useful and helped me to get rid of my boring useless atlases ,but unfortunately it does not include imaginary cross sections of the spinal cord and brainstem which can be very helpful if they are presented

- Awesomeness

This app is the best investment ever.

- The mother of all medical Apps

Highly recommended by my physician. He walked me through, in 3-D and by layers, my gallbladder operation. Great gift for family and friends. Congrats to the App designer.

- Actions

I have the app on the iPad, it is a lifesaver in my anatomy course BUT I wish it displayed the all the actions of each muscle on the iPad. I’ve seen versions on MacBooks with this ability..Bring it to the pad!

- New version

The new version created a couple of new annoyances. First, every time you open the app or flip back to it, it advertises their new Complete Anatomy app. Secondly, when changing apps and then returning, the app restarts and you lose where you were previously working.

- Making the grade

I’ve used this app on and off for 5 years now during undergrad for my premed studies. It’s worth the money, A’s in all the classes I used it in. Works great to help visualize power point handout from your professor. Also has a quiz mode.

- Great app with one MAJOR flaw

First, I would like to preface this review by saying I LOVE this app. I have used it for 5 years now throughout my undergrad and now in grad school. In undergrad, I primarily used the Mac version of the app with absolutely zero complaints. Beautifully designed, great interface, really helpful, organized information and a cool interactive way to learn anatomy. Overall, great app. However, my one major flaw with the iPad version of the app corresponds with its ability to not recognize the Apple Pencil with certain functions. For example, when selecting a muscle, it works perfectly fine. But, when I try to use the Apple Pencil to tap something like “isolate” or “hide” or “fade” or whatever, it simply does not work. This is extremely frustrating, having to switch between using my fingers and using the pencil. It seems like a flaw or an oversight or something, and I would greatly appreciate amending this issue. After that, the iPad version of this app is easily 5 stars.

- Missing

I can’t find the deep external rotators

- Wonderful!

Fantastic for students taking Anatomy and Physiology!

- Marly

I like this app but cannot find where you can search for specifics.

- Nothing compares!

I bought the bundle pack, all of the apps are outstanding! I'm currently getting back to school for my nursing degree- this is a HUGE help! Well worth the money! This app has also allowed me to isolate to the connective tissue level and show exact pinpoint of elbow pain to my doctor. (He was impressed with this app and now uses it as a tool to help his patients “See” what’s going on when he’s explaining something to them in laymen’s terms so they can understand without confusing 2D diagram printouts!)

- Worth every penny

This app is amazing, I have never buy apps because I don’t think they are worth the money, but this one is worth it! I love this app.

- Useful for introductory level courses

I have had this app for about 2 and 1/2 years now: If you are an undergraduate student in health/exercise science programs, this app will be your best buddy. It will allow you to really understand everything you are learning and it’s location/orientation within the body. This app comes with so much information and really gets you the most out of the money, even if you don’t find yourself using all of it. The basic functioning is great and really smooth. However, once you begin upper level classes this app will not be what you are looking for. You will need to buy an atlas for access to material that this app does not include. All in all, you should buy this if you are an undergraduate student learning introductory anatomy, kinesiology, etc. You should not buy this app for advanced anatomy, radio graphic/ sectional anatomy, or most other upper level anatomies.

- More details

Would like to more details of anatomy in joints. Good resource for general anatomy.

- No way to save notes!?

There no way to save notes?! It’s a phenomenal app, but what’s the point of notes if I can’t save them to read them later? And what’s the point of the app if I can’t study what I need to add to it?

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- Best Medical app for Anatomy Studies

Essential Anatomy 5 is the best medical app for anatomy studies! I've given 5 stars to this app because it totally deserves it. However, I'm having a modest displeasure only because I'm using this app on an iPhone 7 Plus and I couldn't upgrade by purchasing the Complete Anatomy app. It's somewhat quite inconveniencing that even though I have other devices with other OS, I still have to purchase an iPad or Mac simply to be able to upgrade since the Complete Anatomy app works only on an iPad or Mac. This may be applicable just to my own instance anyway. Otherwise the app is so awesome!! Go ahead and purchase this app! It's a must-have for every medical student. Other medical professionals would not deny the usefulness of this app either.

- Great app

Jaw-dropping! This is an incredibly beautiful app.

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Essential Anatomy 5 5.0.8 Screenshots & Images

Essential Anatomy 5 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Essential Anatomy 5 iphone images
Essential Anatomy 5 iphone images
Essential Anatomy 5 iphone images
Essential Anatomy 5 iphone images
Essential Anatomy 5 iphone images
Essential Anatomy 5 ipad images
Essential Anatomy 5 ipad images
Essential Anatomy 5 ipad images
Essential Anatomy 5 ipad images
Essential Anatomy 5 ipad images
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Essential Anatomy 5 Medical application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Essential Anatomy 5 (Version 5.0.8) Install & Download

The applications Essential Anatomy 5 was published in the category Medical on 2013-02-14 and was developed by 3D4Medical from Elsevier [Developer ID: 315902958]. This application file size is 811.44 MB. Essential Anatomy 5 - Medical posted on 2019-12-20 current version is 5.0.8 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Essential Anatomy 5 Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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