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Muscle Trigger Points [Medical] App Description & Overview

What is muscle trigger points app? A reference for trigger points and referral patterns for 108 muscles. Features 160 trigger points with their corresponding referral patterns, 80 conditions that can be caused by trigger points, and 25 videos that show how to release specific muscles. Each muscle includes the visual referral pattern and point location, plus a written muscle action, referral, origin, insertion, nerve, comments, and audio pronunciation for each muscle. You can choose to view each muscle individually, or use the zones view to see all the muscles that refer into a specific area (or for a specific condition). This is a great help in discovering the source of pain.

This app features all the scientifically proven trigger points and referral patterns as shown in the research.

Trigger points are tight places in a muscle that cause pain to be felt elsewhere in the body. This is great for massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, or anyone wanting to discover the source of muscular pain, and learn about muscle function.


"Any iPhone user with an interest in the human body may find Real Bodywork’s reference app Muscle Trigger Points to be of special interest." Phone Gear Review

"...the app is quite useful for identifying problem areas and gives us a great visual for pinpointing the problem. " Slap App Review

iTunes User Reviews:

"SIMPLE & EASY to use, INEXPENSIVE, along with EXCELLENT 3D graphics to help zero-in on areas of each muscle when palpating." Roc 5/5

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Muscle Trigger Points Version 6.628 October 2022

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Muscle Trigger Points Comments & Reviews 2023

- So handy!

I LOVE my trigger point manual, but of course I don't want to carry it around with me, so this app is just the thing! I use it at least once a week for myself, and have used it many times to help friends, as trPs can mimic several things that require surgery, but are MUCH more easy to correct. Visuals, like those provided in this app are crucial when explaining to a person WHY they hurt in THIS area, but need to work in a DIFFERENT area. The reason for only 4 stars, is that it would be nice to be able to flip the process-show me where it hurts, then the possible points that could be causing it. But still, so happy to have this app! Great job! Update: Five stars! The videos are sooo helpful! Thanks so much for creating such a user friendly and educational app! Bravo!!!

- So convenient!

I’ve been using this app for over 5yrs now and it’s a really good resource. I am a yoga instructor and after taking many anatomy classes and learning so much over the years, this app on my phone is an extremely convenient way to look up information to help myself or someone else find a way to deal with pain or discomfort. I used it last week to help my daughter with back pain and how she could alleviate it. Today, I used it with a friend to explain what could be causing headaches because of neck pain and also to explain the nerves and muscles involved. I have also been able to reach out thru the app to get more clarification. Great work!

- Changing my life!

I have a lot of chronic pain that often interferes with my daily life. I have used a foam roller for ages to relieve painful locked-up muscles. With this app I can target the source of the pain. I have found incredible relief with this app! I was blown away when the first day I spent three hours working through the trigger points and noticed a drastic improvement in many problem areas. I can now easily spend a couple hours slowly going through my problem areas point by point. It is seriously a life saver! Thank you to the creators of this app, I am so grateful to have found this and recommend it to everyone!

- Perfect tool for getting to know your body on the inside!

I have recently become passionate about wholehearted living and because of this I have come to the beginning of learning "what's connected to what", and "what is where" inside of my body. I'm on a mission to take great care of my body and release my trigger points. Especially because I'm lifting weights on a 5 day split and I love working on my specific areas so that I can recover more quickly and also deepen my stretch/flexibility. this app is SO worth the price. it seems a little spendy but if you're committed to being your best, it's worth the investment.

- Great Portable Reference for Treating Trigger Points

I have a huge trigger point therapy book which is excellent except there are no videos showing you how and what to do. This app has everything you need to start treating your own trigger points. The app is well designed, easy to use and not overly complicated. You will need to learn basic anatomy terms to use it. If you are using it to treat yourself just use a tennis ball and wall or floor to roll against. Speaking from experience, start out gently and gradually apply more pressure as you show improvement.

- Critical in understanding points to release tight muscles

I have been working to improve flexibility after years of exercise while mostly neglecting flexibility. This app allowed me to understand my muscles and where to release then using trigger points. I recommend using hard rubber lacrosse balls (use your weight on top of them) and a trigger point stick along with some additional videos for self trigger point release. Actually I wish they included videos like that as well as the therapist videos (which are very good). Thanks!

- Great reference guide and design

This guide directs you to through all muscles and their TrPs mostly likely to be the source of referral pain or tension. From most likely to least likely. The app is easy and quick to use. I discovered a number of new smaller muscles and TrPs that I have missed in the pass. This made all the difference! This is a must for self care and to communicate to a therapist or acess their level. For self care I recommend education the following gear; theracane and theracane travel, rollga foam roller in pro, occiput, hypervolt by hyperice, and your fingers.

- Love it!!

I love this app!! I use it all of the time. Not only does it help me target the correct trigger points to find relief from pain, it also has helped me learn anatomy, which makes it easier and more efficient to communicate to my chiropractor what I’m feeling. I have found it to be very accurate, and the graphics combined with the videos and written descriptions really help me better understand my body and how to make it feel better.

- Love getting to the point

This app has been very helpful inIdentifying where the real pressure points of the pain that I intermittently have. Once I find the right point the pain is gone. I either lay on a field hockey ball at the point or I have a hand plastic implement with Different size by balls on it that are used to get to the point. I let it sink in for 5 to 15 minutes and the pain is gone. Couldn’t do it as easy without this app.

- Extremely useful as an LMT and for life

I bought this app years and years ago when apps were just starting to be a thing. I had no idea how frequently I would use this. I refer to this for migraine causes, send screenshots to friends when they are complaining about muscle pain and I use this to quickly identify trigger points for referred pain in my massages. The cost of this app is nothing in comparison to the information it is actually providing.

- Quick and helpful

This app is much quicker and simpler to use than websites I would search for trigger points before. I can usually find my main trigger and release it within a few minutes after opening the app. A couple of angles are hard to determine where the point is, such as the top of the trapezius gives a 3/4 side view. The maps the app has have always been very accurate for me for referral pain.

- Great app for understanding and using trigger points

Accurate information combined with an intuitive, easy to use interface make this a great app for understanding and using trigger points. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that one can almost immediately use the trigger points to release muscles and relieve pain. You don't have to read a lot of information to be able to get relief. This app was worth every penny. I would happily buy it again.

- Amazing resource!!

There is so much value in this app for the price! My massage therapist used this app during one of my appointments, and so I bought the app for myself to use at home between appointments. I really love the how you can click on a trigger point in the diagram and the app will show you which muscles are tight and where you might feel the pain. The instructional videos are great too! I recommend this app to all my friends who need massage therapy!

- This app is essential

This is my go to .... for pain relief. I swear by it. I’ve used this app for about 7 years. I wouldn’t want to be without it. I’m not a professional. Just a person that knows it works. For instance, I used this TriggerPoints app on my nephew that couldn’t straighten his arm for over a year. Within 10 minutes he had full range of motion. It is amazing how simple, yet very effective. Do yourself a favor. GET THIS APP!

- Best App I’ve bought

Simple and straight forward. If you’re a massage therapist like myself and you treat trigger points, couldn’t recommend this app enough, not only does it benefit you from the info they give it can also help you visually show your clients/patients exactly what is going and why. If I could give it a 6 out of 5 I would, price point for the info worth every penny.

- Muscle pain and dysfunction

Love this app! My only complaint, is not being able to place notes on the various muscles. I use the app to educate my patients on why they are having pain. I also use the app to explain why I’m not working on their area of pain. The app also helps to explain why they feel a sensation in their back when I’m working on their stomach. I have been doing manual for 22 years and this app is a great tool have in a clinic. Joe

- Awesome, clear, and accurate!

I am a massage therapist who specializes in TP therapy and I have been using this app for about 3 years since I opened my practice. It has really helped refresh my memory and works as a great visual for my clients! Really helps bridge the gap of understanding. Love it! Will keep using and recommending as a simple, yet highly effective study tool and reference guide.

- Love this app! Helps me & my drs

I have cervical dystonia & this app helps me understand what is happening in my head, neck, shoulders, chest, etc., and to show my drs what I am feeling and where it may be coming from. On more than one occasion I have shared the name of this app with my drs, since they are also impressed by the referral details and the visual presentation. Thank you for helping me on my journey!!

- Amazingly Helpful

I stumbled upon this app and so far I love it. The one negative is that I have not been able to figure out why the videos have no volume on my iPhone though they work on my iPad though with a delay in sound. It is still a great platform for the amount of information provided. Thank you developers.

- Disabled Army Veteran Must Have Tool

After 21 years of military service, which included deployments, my body took a beating. Using this app to treat trigger points reduces my pain and reoccurring trips to the doctor. I am thankful to have a reference guide that not only shows pictures but includes video explanations.

- Not Complete, but still worthy

I’ve always prefed T & S to J St. J & will always prefer the full vol manual (when accessible. The app doesn’t cover every TrP but does cover quite a lot. This far, it’s the closest app (I’ve found so far) to carrying around T&S MP&D TrP Manual Vol., I&II. Highly recommended for on-site reference where manuals & charts are not available.

- Became a better therapist

After getting out of massage therapy school and working on clients; I learned everybody pain was always in a different place and I would always go to the site of their pain never fully relieving them. Upon discovering this site and navigating client issues it aided me in being a better therapist.

- Great quick reference

This app is a great tool for a quick refresher on specific TriggerPoints for a large number of muscles. I’ve used it to show clients what I’m doing, which helps a lot of them to understand better the process and what thinking is behind it.

- Amazing!

I had been having a lot of pain and couldn't really figure out the cause. Turns out I had a lot of trigger points and after working on them, I'm now starting to feel great again! This app is amazing, it makes it so much easier than google (lol) to find the causes of muscle pain!

- I use this app daily at my clinic

I use this map daily, it's useful when creating treatment protocols for my patients, when writing my notes and it is a great visual aid when educating my patients and explaining certain aspects of their condition to them. I find it very helpful in identifying the exact muscles involved in tension headaches.

- Most informative free app

I've used this app for the past five years or so and it's been phenomenal. Easy to use interface, just the right amount of info up front to get you headed in the right direction and some great background/more in depth info for those that want to dig a little deeper knowledge wise

- A great, convenient reference!

This app is a great reference, both for checking where a trigger point may refer, and for checking what trigger points may be contributing to a particular pain area. It also gives some video tutorials/ideas on how to treat trigger points! It’s well worth the price!

- Best app to help with pain!

I suffer of chronic back pain and I’ve been using these applications for years to help me control and reduce pain associated with it. I’ve also used these applications to help coworkers with their “normal” pain. I work in an office environment and we are sitting in front of a computer eight hours a day. We suffer from back pain, and wrists pain, and shoulder pain, etc, and I’ve used this application to help with all of those. I really like the videos that help you know how exactly to do what you need. I recommend this application to anybody that has bones and nerves and pain :)

- Handy little app

I am a physical therapist who treats trigger points. This is a great little app to check patterns for trigger points I don’t have memorized, and for showing patients. I like the manual therapy videos, but would really like if the app showed self management exercises using a tennis ball or pressure point tool and stretching. That would make the app really useful, as well as informative.

- Foundational causes to spinal injury patterns

If patients knew how bad their doctor needed this information to help them health care would have paradigm shift for the path to excellence! With this information my testing of patients and diagnosis accuracy has skyrocketed to new levels of excellence. Helping the athlete or health searcher buy this app is a breeze!!

- Kwadd, PT

Love this app! I refer to it regularly and have used to show patients the area of trouble. I find it always helps people to understand “why” and being able to point out connections increases compliance with treatment plans and therefore, success.

- Trigger Points

I really like this app. I use it on my iPhone and the Surface3 almost on a daily basis. I am a physical therapist and it is great for patient education. It has great application overall. The only downside I have found is that it doesn't have some of the deeper layered muscle groups. But as far as ease of use and quick visuals for most cases it can't be beat!

- Quick and easy to use

I am a massage therapy student and was referred to this app from a licensed massage therapist and love it! Learning TrP now and this gives many ideas of what may be causing there restriction. Thank you for creating this easy to reference app.

- Trigger Points Hurt!

This app is my go-to guide for finding relief from chronic pain. The app contains full body illustrations identifying where painful trigger points can be found body wide. I can quickly identify those spots that radiate discomfort and massage those trigger points away.

- Used for years

I’ve used this app for years and it’s my go to trigger points app. I love it. The added comments section is something I’ve been waiting for. I highly recommend the app for trainers, PT’s and any other body workers.

- Invaluable

Best and most important app I use. I travel and wind up with pain in numerous body locations. Using this app makes it possible to mitigate the pain so that I can feel relief. My wife has lots of pain and this app helps me get her feeling better between massage therapy sessions.

- Has really helped using my Body Back Buddy

I bought this app when I bought my Body Back Buddy to help my sore back. That product came with a booklet but this makes it easier to find the spots I massage/apply pressure so thank you! Definitely worth the $2.99.

- Handy dandy APP

I don’t have to carry my book, my phone fits right into my pocket! I am on the journey to be pain free and use this for practice on my clients and bf who have limited mobility ! I would have paid double . Body is worth it and I plan on living maybe 70 more years ! 🥳🙏

- I love this app!

I use this app all the time to show patients great art renderings of their problem areas. I always get comments from my patients about how nice it is to have this on my phone. It helps me explain many interesting topics about Their muscles.


Informative, Accurate, Easy to use. Love it! Am not a medical practitioner, only an interested amateur. I use it to find the trigger points that have set off this new pain, or to ease that old ine that has been here for Ever! Wonderful tool!

- Very helpful! pictures, videos, details

I use this app often! I have really excellent books too, but this is on my phone, so I can view it easily and conveniently.

- This is Awesome

My go-to for aches and pains! I don’t always find what I need, but when I do it’s so worth it! Find your dot matching referral pain and then x marks the spot! I’ve found trigger points to release and there’s even some videos to explain massage techniques.

- I use this app on an almost daily basis

I am a chiropractor & I do a LOT of muscle work on my patients. I use this app to show referred pain patterns to my patients & also, take a lot of screenshots to send to them for home care. It's pretty comprehensive & quite usable.

- Very useful trigger-point guide

Each of this app’s many features gives quick and useful information on trigger point release. The summaries and videos are particularly well done.

- Great App!

This app has helped find the source of the problem many times and allowed for healing to take place. Thank you for the details, the instructions and sharing knowledge to help ripple stay active and healthy!

- Love it! So useful

This app is just so handy. Everyday I go to work I use. Especially on those massage clients that have decreased ROM. Gives you all the muscles that you need to work on if you remember them at the spot. I love it and I can’t go without it.

- This app is phenomenal!

I am so happy with this app. Working in outpatient again, I find myself referencing it daily, not only for my education but is easily displayed to educate patients also. Details are concise and easy to read. Thank you so much!

- Massage - Essential app

Update 10/17: I have graduated and still love this app. I am a massage student at a clinical massage school. I often use this app and the Trail Guide to the Body apps to clarify material. It's also a great resource for quickly verifying information before a massage session.

- Great Application until it starts to waste precious time, add pain & $'s saving

I have love accessing since it deployed and used to be very enjoyable. Lately, it is not in conformance with Apple’s settings: 1. Does not show in the applications or settings 2. Sound is not enable even after request message to enable 3. Unable to change settings in Apple’sSettings and app settings do not change state. They are Locked silent. Other than that I would have rated 5 stars 5 years ago. Fix I please! GVRange

- Helps on Refreshing

Used this for years now and it helps me figure where my own pain is coming from! Highly recommend for students cause u can study on the go😎

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- Highly recommend!

My exercise physiologist recommended I get this so I could work out my muscle soreness with an exercise ball, it has been a complete gem of a purchase! Because of the knowledge it contains, I’ve been able to pre-emptively head off muscle freezing and manage my chronic aches and pains better at home. I showed it to my GP and she bought it on the spot, as have several of my other chronic illness buddies. 10/10 DO RECOMMEND!

- Very helpful

I’m currently studying to become a Remedial Therapist and I am finding this app. very helpful locating trigger points. Useful and informative videos offered are a great addition to some of the muscle groups but are not included in all of them. Please continue to add video tutorials to the others :)

- The illustrations are great!! Easy to understand!!

This has to be the best app I have ever used in regards to sports therapy. Literally just pull your phone out check out the athlete's tight spots and press away.. Athletes are back playing in no time! Understand an injury is way more easier now...

- Good reference app - Easy to use

Helps with having this app for reference and suggestions on how and where to relieve pain. It’s easy to use and informative.

- Excellent App

I have been using The Human Anatomy apps for 5 years and this Trigger point addition is an excellent addition, much needed. Easy to use with relevant information and links.

- We keep coming back

We have had this app for at least five years now and keep coming back to it

- Great resource

I use this to pinpoint where I need to focus my stretching or post workout rehab if I ever have pain or something that feels a bit tight. Super helpful

- Excellent app

Great detail, easy to use, it picks out the pain points accurately and the videos for each muscle and their range of motion is explained well.

- Terrific app

As a massage therapist I use the app to show my clients what and why I’ll be working on. It’s much easier and quicker to show them than just words.

- Practical App

This app has helped my family and myself so much and given great value. Thanks

- Great Little App

This is a great little App to have on your phone as a reference on the go, or to show clients the area that you are treating.

- Very good for a quick reference

I am a remedial massage therapist and I love this app as a quick reference.

- Great app

Been using this for years. Simple and great tool for an athlete. Hasn't missed a beat 👌🏻

- Great app

I recommend this app, very happy, well done.

- Fantastic app

This is awesome to use while studying and beyond. Fantastic reference tool

- Fantastic app

It helps me to learn & remember. I impressed and want to thanks who made this app.

- Feedback

It is clear for seeing the TriggerPoints

- Excellent app for practice

I am remedial massage this app very useful for me to learn and practice

- Great app

Fantastic app, easy to find the trigger points, very helpful!

- Great app

Helps you work out how to treat your aches and pains at home

- Amazing App

Love the app highly recommend!

- Good App

Good app for reference and to show client where been treated.

- Great app

Great images and info

- What an awesome app

This app is phenomenal, I’ve love the detail

- The best app

Love the videos

- It’s good

Easy to use

- Great App

Worth every cent!

- Very helpful!

Very helpful! Great!

- App Review

Fantastic and thorough app!!

- Very useful outstanding application

The latest update provides extensive information about most clinically important trigger points: details of muscles involved including innervation, action, referred pain charts. And videos clearly demonstrate trigger points deactivation techniques. In my opinion it is an outstanding application very useful in clinical practice. I highly recommend it to all practitioners treating musculoskeletal problems.

- Highly Recommended

I would highly recommend this app for it's precise, detailed, up to date anatomy info'- it is very clear & easily accessible when needed quickly :-) Keep updating your useful APP-MMM

- Student Helper

This app has been a great point of reference! When applying dry needling techniques, the specific breakdown of the location of the TrPs as well as the origin, insertion, and action slides have been a handy tool. The referral pain patterns indicated are also a help in understanding the scope of pain caused from the TrPs. I use this app daily, in class and sometimes in practice! Any student studying remedial massage or myotherapy should have this little gem!

- Useful App

This is a fantastic app for anyone wishing to use it as quick reference and/or refresher. The graphics are good and the app is easy to use. The notes give basic information, would be great to have origin and insertions info too. The referral pain patterns and comments are most helpful. All in all, a great app for the price.

- The sound on video doesn't work

Excellent app, I recommend it, after the last update it looks much better but please fix the sound on video The video play without sound, I will be happy to rate 5 stars after the sound fixed, thanks in advance

- Professional trigger point app

The trigger point app on the iPhone is professional and would suit most therapists interested in solving complex musculoskeletal pain. However, remember chasing pain is not recommended. Although I do think that trigger point diagnosis and treatment is beneficial in addressing the multifaceted aspects of chronic pain. I hope this helps? Ta Nic

- good app but keeps crashing :-(

I love the concept of this app - when it does work, the information is fantastic - only problem is that it keeps crashing and takes a while to reload - not very good if you are in a consultation and trying to check something.

- Dr

As a busy GP with an interest in musculoskeletal pain , this is excellent to demonstrate pain referral patterns to sceptical patients. Pretty good for teaching young Dr's as well! Quick ,easy to use and reasonably comprehensive , though more neck area TP's would be great! If Real bodywork could include spinal facet images as well as dermatomes and radicular patterns of pain - Perfect !! As is, I highly recommend it to every young Internist / ED physician. When the cause of pain is obscure - think muscles and check the App..

- Muscles

Very handy for revision whilst travelling anywhere (not while driving) and for any time. Beats games any day It really pays off to know the body thoroughly and this is an enjoyable way of doing it. Good cleat graphics well designed.

- A good start.. Could be better

This is probably the best trigger point app available, however it could be better with more trigger points and muscle groups. So, it's a good start but it does need some revisions to expand the information as it simply doesnt cover everything.

- Good

A good app for basic reference. Would be far more functional if the process could be reversed; so you touch the area of the referred pain and it shows you the likely referring trigger point. I like the layout and associated info for each muscle for quick learning purposes.

- Very handy

This app helps with quick identification of trigger points for both myself and my clients. The images are great for recognising the muscle fibre direction which in turn helps with the technique.

- Amazing

This site is great for people who wish to remove lots of pain in joints by self massage as I do Recommended by my fitness person, it has helped me greatly with removing painful trigger points

- Brilliant

What a Fantastic App. Have used several times already and results are amazing. Even my sceptic of a husband had to praise the results. Thankyou!! Brilliant!!!

- Hand pain

I have found this extremely helpful. It helped me pinpoint the muscles to work on to target the pain in my hands. I have had good results.

- Great visual reference

Missing some trigger points that other references actually have, and I'd prefer if there was some way of seeing tps for an entire muscle group, eg. All quads. But other than that it's a fantastic tool

- A

Fantastic practical tool I use daily to educate my patients about their symptoms & how various physical / home therapies can relieve their pain without needing strong pain killers or anti-inflammatory medication.

- Good reference

I think this app is quite a good reference to muscle trigger points and the areas affected by them, I use it to find the right trigger point to massage when I have muscle pain and have found it beneficial, saved me money on medical fees as well!

- love it

I am a massage therapist and use this pocket size guide all the time for quick reference and also to show my clients. great app!

- Great!

I can study while I'm brestfeefing! I don't have to hold a heavy textbook and my 5 months old daughter at the same time :-)

- Recommended

A handy little app for reviewing trigger points and also educating clients on their bodies. Easy to navigate with clear and concise explanations and good graphics. Please keep adding to this

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- Great app

Helpful for schooling for me

- I needed this years ago

Love it. My favourite is the trapezius. I get jaw, temple pain and migraines. If I get the three points rubbed above my shoulder and the pain in my jaw, temple disappears along with my headache. Love it love it love it

- Very good app

Very good and useful app. Very easy to use. I’ve been using it for over four years. Very satisfied.

- Very helpful

I’ve been using this for years. It has helped me figure out a lot of difficulties myself when I didn’t have access to a massage therapist. I’m grateful for the help it has given me.

- Really useful

I really enjoy this app super helpful for reminders and finding the right pain

- Great App

Fantastic images helps me with my job massage and Physio

- Great App!

Easy to use and accurate.

- Needs a little more

It’s a shame that you can only turn the body 2 ways and not have 360 control over where you’re looking. Other than that, the images and info are solid as heck. Would recommend.

- Great app

It’s a great app very useful for school in massage therapy.

- Not being maintained. Does not display properly on iPad Pro 12.9”

I used to like this app, but it appears that it is no longer being maintained and updated. It’s been a while since I used it and went in recently to look up an issue, and the images no longer display properly on the screen. I see that the last update was over a year ago, so the app is obviously not being maintained and updated. Don’t waste your money.

- Love the app

Love the app. So useful for myself and also helping others.

- Great App!

Love it. Have used it for years. It’s always right.

- Best app ever created

When I’m trying to study for anatomy, this has been incredibly helpful, allowing me to see the origin and insertions but also the action of the muscle as well!!!!!!

- So helpful!

Thank you for creating this amazing, simple to use app! relieving painful trigger points at my fingertips. No long drawn out explanations in the video...just to the point, valuable and effective suggestions for getting rapid relief. Great reference for therapists and their clients!

- Very helpful

Great app, help me tons with pain!

- Amazing

I love this app!! It helps tremendously for asking clients where their pain is by having them identify it with the trigger point markers. It helps me visualize the muscles in the body as well and the information is accurate!

- Quick reference in between patients

Great reference tool

- iphone 8 user

great app video are really useful!

- Amazing

This app is amazing. Great graphics! Easy to find muscles and their trigger points.

- Most useful health app

I use and recommend this app regularly. It has truly made a difference in recovering from pain and injury and is so helpful in talking with healthcare providers

- Très utile


- Très bien fait et pertinent

C’est une superbe ressource pour comprendre le fonctionnement musculaire, les douleurs et leur origine. La version pour iPad est plus agréable à parcourir et il reste des améliorations à apporter à la convivialité. Mais merci et chapeau aux concepteurs pour ce tour de force.

- Doyenne

I use this app regularly & love it!!!

- Super resourceful

This app has came in to great use to explain to clients what muscles are being potentially the cause of their pain and to explain what muscles are being treated. Thank you.

- Very Helpful!

Thank you so much for taking the time on creating this app. You all are amazing & talented. It is very helpful!

- Great app

I use this app on a daily

- Trigger point app

Amazing app!! I love it!

- Review


- Easy to use

Helpful reference. Like that I can search by the area of pain. Thanks. MB physio clinician and instructor

- Graphics & Animation

I am a visual learner & this app helps me a lot! Thank you, gene lebumfacil nillas, RMT- BC CANADA

- Great as a quick referral guide!

Easy to use and great to have on the go when I’m with clients.

- Amazing app

This app is so useful and I almost use it daily. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you! Crystal

- A precision tool to help me manage trigger points

My massage therapist recommended this app to help me manage week by week trigger points relating to my workout and I’ve found this excellent. I can identify pain areas and learn what muscles are possibly causing them then apply pressure with a noodle or theracane. Most importantly I can do stretches for these muscles now that I know where the referred pain is from, and I can be more aware of improvements of form in my workout that are causing these muscles to overwork unilaterally. The description for each muscle and common conditions is also great. I like that I can slowly learn more anatomy with the whole suite of apps. Definitely recommend this if you are a strength strainer and commonly get trigger points in your muscles that can make you miss workouts.

- Great

The app is great and the update is awesome!

- I love this app

This app is great and after using it for several years can’t do without it - the ability to view pain in zones is excellent, and often helps pinpoint the troubled trigger point. Updates always improve things, too. Videos, muscle pronunciation and medical information are all outstanding.

- Educational

I love how I can look at areas that are painful and get the general area that pain generally radiates to as well as further information on the muscles in question.

- Médecin

Très utile pour moi et facilite la compréhension des patients

- Very helpful!

This app is a great quick reference when I have some questions. It's easy to use and the images are quite sufficient.

- Clinically useful app

I am an Acupuncturist and I use this app often in my practice. It is a great quick reference for trigger point referral patterns. What I like and find useful is that it has referral patterns for each individual trigger point in a specific muscle.

- Excellent!!!!

Its as perfect as i was hoping!

- Muscle trigger points

A wonderful app. Very well researched and presented. Easy to use.

- Love this app

The videos are great and the way the trigger points are outlined is perfect. Great job!

- I really like it

Very good app! Easy and clear to use 👍🏻

- No sound

I am not getting sound on videos

- Great app, seriously

I use it to understand why it hurts, and show my massage therapist where to work on. Now I can talk in the same language as my number of specialists. Because of this app, I'm getting better.

- Muscle Trigger Points

Very good app, great videos, clearly shows trigger points, lots of helpful information

- Good app

Good app

- Nursing program

Taking nursing and this program has been a gift sent from the heaven. I love the video explanations and hope more will follow.

- Just a piece of mind.

Just a quick review for this app after 2 days of purchase. Pros: Great visual diagram Lots if details for the muscle Very colourful Cons: Not amature friendly(as in someone who never study about the human body) Sometimes the instructions can be hard to understand What I like to see in the future: -For the action discription, it would be very useful have a different picture showing how the action can be done. -Have a legend, couldn't tell at first if the blue part where the source or the x. -Instead of clicking for the muscle then show the pain that muscle cause. Allow us to click for the area of pain, then show the muscle that cause the pain. -Show pressure points, knowing where they are and what they do could really give this app a 5 star and beyond. Thanks for reading, I'll try to put new review for future update.

- Loves it!

Just bought this one, and love it. I'm a chiropractic student and find it fairly complete for all the typical referral-type-pains patients walk in with. Would have loved to see some visceral referral too, maybe the next model will include it? For $3 it's worth it!!

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Muscle Trigger Points 6.6 Screenshots & Images

Muscle Trigger Points iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Muscle Trigger Points iphone images
Muscle Trigger Points iphone images
Muscle Trigger Points iphone images
Muscle Trigger Points iphone images
Muscle Trigger Points iphone images

Muscle Trigger Points (Version 6.6) Install & Download

The applications Muscle Trigger Points was published in the category Medical on 2010-01-06 and was developed by Real Bodywork [Developer ID: 348867504]. This application file size is 245.88 MB. Muscle Trigger Points - Medical app posted on 2022-10-28 current version is 6.6 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.gabrielvicente.anatomy