AthenaPatient App Reviews


AthenaPatient App Description & Overview

What is athenapatient app? athenaPatient is only available for patients whose healthcare providers have instructed them to download and use the app.

Access your health information and communicate with your care team anywhere, anytime.* athenaPatient is a convenient, mobile resource that allows you to:

- Log in quickly – Facial recognition and touch ID make log in easy while keeping your data safe.

- View test results – Access lab, imaging, and other medical test results as soon as they become available.

- Message your care team – Contact your care team whenever you have questions through quick, secure direct messages.

- Self-schedule appointments – Book appointments with your care team and view upcoming visits beyond regular office hours. Your provider(s) must support Self-Scheduling to use this feature.

- Check in before your visit – Easily check in for appointments and save time by completing any necessary documentation before your arrival. Your provider(s) must support Self Check-In to use this feature.

- Attend virtual visits – Easily initiate and attend telehealth visits with members of your care team. (Your provider(s) must support virtual visits through athenaTelehealth to use this feature)

- Get directions to appointments – Driving directions show you how to get to your next medical appointment.

Please note that you must have an existing athenahealth Patient Portal account to use athenaPatient.

Once you’ve downloaded and launched athenaPatient, you must log in using the same email address and password you use to access your provider’s athenahealth Patient Portal to begin using the app. It will ask if you want to enable Face ID or Touch ID. Enabling either of these features will save you from having to enter your login information every time you want to use the app.

If you do not have your Patient Portal account information, your healthcare provider(s) may offer Patient Portal access through their website.

If you’re having issues finding your healthcare provider’s Patient Portal, you can contact their office for the correct URL, or to request an email invitation to their Patient Portal.

* The athenaPatient app is only available for download and viewing information in the United States for patients of healthcare providers on the athenahealth network.

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App Name AthenaPatient
Category Medical
Updated 23 February 2024, Friday
File Size 16.72 MB

AthenaPatient Comments & Reviews 2024

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Nothing but issues since my office converted. I feel like I constantly need to change the password and most recently when trying the email needed does not come through to my email. I have tried using the website as well as the app. I have updated my phone and ALL my other apps to ensure that was not the issue and still nothing.

I can never login!. Most of the time when I try to login I get an error message, “looks like there was a hiccup on our end and we are unable to log you in”. This happens pretty much every time. I’m not even going to bother to try to login anymore. Very frustrating!

Multiple providers. I’m trying to log in under my new provider but is only showing and allowing me to see my old provider, but when I log in into the web it does give me the option to select which provider I want. Horrible app, I will continue to use the web.

Great App. This app is very user friendly and I’m able to keep up with my future appointments, plus I’m able to see my previous visits. I am able to see messages if I have any and also any tests that I have had done. With this app, it’s easier to keep track of what I get done or what I have upcoming.

Dangerous Misrepresentations. Athena’s app site says “Communicate with your care team anytime ANYPLACE”. A blatant lie. You must be accessing from one of the 50 states or you are locked out. Neither you nor your doctor can access your charts records when traveling outside the US. If you have a medical emergency and need access while in Paris, too bad. If you have a winter home in Guam and need to show your emergency room doctor there test results, too bad. If your doctor is skiing in Switzerland and wants to see your test results, too bad. Totally dangerous to rely on Athena’s representations. When I called to ask why I cannot access my files while in a US territory, they literally hung up on me saying they would only talk to doctor’s staff. Unbelievable!

Doesn't jive with what it says it will do. Overall, the app is satisfactory for looking up appts, meds, recent visits, and sending notes to provider. It however, lacks in getting medical signed notes, such as letters sent by provider ,signed for official need, such as a medical waiver for jury duty, due to disability. The email tells you his to get the signed letter, but the app does not contain the instructed choices to choose. Needs work.

Frustrating Glitch. App only allows me to log in to 1 old provider I no longer see. I have 2 additional patient portals in the Athena network but it won’t recognize them in the app, only on the full website. I couldn’t figure out anyway to reach them to have this corrected, so I decided to write a review. Here’s to hoping they see this and correct it for me! 🥂🤞🏾

Use the old one as a start.. Healow worked, it gave me notifications, and I didn’t have to fill out my history over and over. With Healow I didn’t do anything but activate it and my information was there. I login to athenapatient app and only see it for a second before being told it doesn’t work for my provider, and being sent to login again to open a web browser to login to. Then it has none of my records listed. Hopefully you fix this to work with the providers giving out the link to the app. I hope we all get to see this app soon, it would be nice to know what it looks like even.

Willing to upgrade my review once app improves. I’m not sure how long my doctor’s office has been using this system. If I don’t have a way to contact them to reschedule from within the app, what’s the point of using it? I tried to look up app support before writing a review, but all the link did was to open a web browser that I guess is the app company’s main homepage, which seemed more geared to marketing than actual user support for the patient app. When I tried to login through a browser on my phone, it keeps opening in the app. If all these comments help tech to improve the app, I will revise my review.

Why bother?. There are so many excellent patient portals, why oh why did my doctor’s practice select this one? It has few functions. For example, my bill says to access the billing section of the app, it does not exist in my app. I know why they chose it. My doctors medical practice is also not functional.

Great App. This app is easy to navigate and has everything i need in one place. i’ll definitely be using this app to schedule appointments, and look at previous appointments if needed.

Calendar. This app would be far more handy if it allowed you to save appointments directly to your phone’s calendar. Not only is that feature lacking, but it also does not allow you to highlight appointment info (time/date) so that you might copy and paste to your calendar.

Constantly logs out. This app times out after a small amount of inactivity, forcing you to log in again. It defeats the purpose of using the app over the webpage. Even if you set up Touch ID, it works for a bit, but then the app “forgets” it was set up, and you have to log in from scratch again. I’ve just stopped using the app and gone back to the webpage, as the app also doesn’t allow me to use Touch ID to login to it with my email/password, so it’s more inconvenient than going to the webpage. If the developer fixes these two issues, I can update my review. They should at least give users an option to change how long the app has to be inactive for it to timeout. I understand the app contains sensitive medical info, but 99% of the time, it’ll be on someone’s personal, password-protected phone, and if the user him/herself accepts the risk of increased timeout times, that’s on him or her, not the app. Thanks!

One of the Worst Patient Portal Apps. Sorry but the user experience is poor - the Homepage has a generic 90s vibe with clunky navigation - and it sends user notifications to alert you about very trivial things. I received 8 texts/emails the first day, none were of interest. BTW, AthenaHealth has a long list customer complaints and ethics violations (for which it paid millions in fines).

Has some glitches. For instance.. when trying to fill out pre appointment check in. It keeps booting me out and I have to resign in. I’m really unable to put in my history/family history because every time I’m in the middle of it.. it does this. Also sometimes seeing any test results just isn’t possible. Last time my provider had to do something on her end so I could see them. Other platforms I’ve used have not had this issue. Not extremely user friendly.. and I’m pretty tech savvy.

Can’t log in. When I attempt to login, the portal asks be to verify using my phone number or email. When I select either option an “unknown error” occurs. I’ve tried everything , along with my provider trying everything on their end. This also occurs on the desktop version.

Masklady. I’m trying to get in touch with the developer. I have a suggestion for the app. Can you add a feature to the app that will allow you to print test results or even forward them to another facility. That would be a great feature to your app.

Notifications do not work. It would be amazing if the notifications for this app would work. I never get any notifications, which is particularly inconvenient when messaging with my doctor's office. PLEASE fix the notifications so that they work!

Decent app. Works very smooth. I am able to communicate with my providers and access lab results with ease. The one feature I would love to see is being able to add this app to my apple health profile.

Merry-go-round of error messages. Entering my information the app also asked for my location information— something I declined to give. After that trying to continue to use the app kept kicking me out and asked me to log in—repeat again and again.

Frustrated user. I have tried 50+ times to log in unsuccessfully! I have two drs from two different medical establishments using this same app now. I’ve used Athena with no issues until putting the second dr info I can’t get into the app at all. It says it does not recognize my email address, call your provider! Both drs have sent me 5 resets but still not working! The providers have checked email and it’s same as one I have and only one I’ve ever used. I’m so tired of apps that constantly require password resets. Now I can’t access any medical information! Oh !!!! There is no contact info for this app !!🤬

Login wants me to change password everytime. I have yet to figure out how to use this app. It always tells me that I am unable to login. I have given up as I have wasted more of my time trying to figure this app out versus taking care of other things that are more important.

Garbage. Every time I try to schedule an appointment I get an error message and the page refreshes so I can’t proceed. It takes me to the beginning over and over again. Both the website and the app do this. It’s impossible to book anything and is very irritating. Update: in response to the developer telling me to remove the app and reinstall it, I did that and it didn’t help.

Great patient app. Very easy to access my patient record, intuitive and responsive.

No notifications. The app would be so much better if it had notifications. I don’t get an alert from the app when there’s a message waiting for me. I have to wait for an email, which doesn’t always come right away or I have to randomly check to see if my Doctor has reponded.

Multiple Provider login. I use 2 different specialty practices that use this patient portal HOWEVER on the mobile app only the 1st provider I signed up for populates. I therefore have to login via web on my MacBook to see both clinics. Is there a work around?? Also on website there is NO patient contact link just closed loop FAQ’s; all other links are for HCP’s.

Finally, everything all in one place!. Great app! Until now, I had to have all my providers’ patient portals each individually saved to my phone’s home screen. Now I can access all of them in one place!

Not User Friendly. Not sure what the point of the app is when some features require logging into the web portal. I honestly don’t understand how Apple Health gives me easier access to my health records than all of these stand alone health apps. Before the developer asks for tips in their response, just look at the Apple Health app for some suggestions.

My providers messaging to me aren’t loading. I got two emails saying my provider messaged me back and I went to check my patient portal inbox and it just shows my messages being sent back to me?? I want to see what my provider is saying and it’s kinda annoying that it isn’t working

Everything in one place!. I was able to log into my practice account and was pleased to see all my previous practice’s lab data in here too! I am thrilled to have it all in one place! I assumed that stuff was lost since I quick working with them a few years ago. So handy. Excited to see what’s next!

Missing key items. Good app but something missing like uploading of photo. What if my dr need a photo proof of my glucose or blood pressure or a rash. Documents section for Referral could be printed out. Please considered this. Also zoomed or google skype messages links would be needed so please think about that especially when trying to connect with patient provider.

This app really falls short. The app has me indicated for paperless billing, but there’s no billing tab in the mobile app so I can’t see my bills. I indicated that I wanted to login using Face ID but it keeps switching that option off. All in all this is pretty useless.

App. I have downloaded it and tried twice, it keeps trying to open the safari app on my iPhone but that app is turned off. I have rerouted it to chrome but it keeps saying error . When you open the app it is all cluttered up and you can’t read anything. So I had to delete it. I have already deleted and reinstalled it twice now. It says error opening app .

Many problems incl not having access to dr’s msgs to you!!!. This app works less than half the time. I just had surgery and really NEED access to messages from my surgeon, especially when, on a holiday week, the office is closed and this “Patient Portal “ is our only means of communication. Very very disappointing.

Worked great until two weeks ago.. I have used this for 33 weeks of pregnancy with my obgyn provider to message them and review tests and schedule appointments. It has been wonderful and so smooth to use. But for the last two weeks I have tried and tried to log on (using both fingerprint and logon and password) and it keeps saying there is an error on the apps part and to try back shortly… I see there was an update released in the last two weeks… maybe that did something to cause the app to start working. I wish they would fix it because I found this extremely useful instead of having to log on my computer and sign in the the website the old way. This saved a lot of time and I expected to use it a lot after the baby was born to check in with the obgyn. But for now, one star. I would have given in four stars before. It doesn’t have as much of the information as the website version. So I couldn’t see all my info in it, but it was useful for simple stuff.

A basic app. The app is kind of basic, it sends you to the web for a lot of things. The most built out component is the scheduling, but even there the app doesn’t sync with your phone’s calendar, so instead you get an email reminder about an upcoming appt 🙄

Nerds really have to explain things to you huh?. You along with every other healthcare provider has an app. None of them share information with each other. But I use Apple Health as my go to for health info. My phone has more sensors than a Drs office, yet you refuse to use the tool that’s right in front of your face. This isn’t a beneficial or productive way to utilize your resources. Work smarter. Since you haven’t been looking around the standard has been raised & you are still lagging behind, years later.

Good to have but missing a few things. I think the ability to compare previous test results is really critical for a system like this. It’s not just the app but even the website portal doesn’t show you a comparison of the same tests from years back. There is no way to compare, no charts or graphs; that would make this system much more useful. At the very least I wish it would sync with Apple Health to have that show history all in one place.

This app is subpar. This app has no place to place in refills without sending in a message to your doctor. This app is horribly sub par compared to other apps that are used for major medical centers. I can’t believe you suckered our clinic in to using this horrible app. We are going back to the dark ages

Used to be good. Haven’t been able to log in at all. Wanted to make an appointment with my doctor about this really bad rash I got after surgery. But the app keeps saying there’s some kind of problem and can’t log me in. Disappointed that the app has become unusable. Hoping this will get fixed.

Update. This app is used by my MD’s office for messages, bill pay, test results. It worked fine until 2 weeks ago and now I can no longer access any information including sending or retrieving previous messages, test results or upcoming appointments. The only thing I am able to access is the bill pay portion. I have contacted the MD’s office and was told it was an issue with the app/website and not something on their end. All of my devices, browsers etc are up to date, but I am unable to access any important information now. I have been unable to find any contact info for this app/website to try to troubleshoot the problem. Very frustrating that I am unable to access my information and no way to speak without the someone for technical support.

Horrible. This app is HORRIBLE. I had a message from my doctor and was not notified by the system that I had a message. Later on in the day I received three messages via email notifying me that I had a message waiting to be viewed via the portal. When I went to access the portal, I had old messages that had already been read. I cannot believe a doctors office would utilize this system to communicate with their patients because half the time this system does not work via the app. I’ve been forced to access the web version of the app on multiple occasions just to retrieve the information I needed. Mychart is much better than this system as Athena seems outdated and watered down. Nothing in comparison to what I am accustom to using when it comes to communicating with my doctors. I was asked to update my review by the developers of this app. As I stated in the beginning of my disdain. The system would send me notifications stating I had messages available to read only to discover this information was not correct. No, I did not receive an error message.

Trying to send a messsge to your doctor…what a farce!. I became very ill. Attempted to send a message to my doctor. Wrote a detailed message within the ridiculous character limitation. Hit review and send. Never heard- /saw anything else. No error messages, no nothing. Never heard from my doc which is very unusual! Checked my sent messages later…nothing was ever sent! Do not trust this app to communicate with your doc. This app is totally unreliable!! It is not a reliable member of your medical team!!

Loses Its Mind. If we want to compare this against the mainstream of properly designed apps, it doesn’t stack up well. Against other apps for communication with a medical practice, kinda meh. But if you want to use a phone app and this outfit is what your doctor chose, you’re pretty much stuck with it. The main problem with it is that you can be in the middle of, say, entering a long message to the medical team, and have to switch over to a different app, perhaps with the intention of doing a copy/paste. And when you come back to this app, it has completely lost the plot and you have to start over again. Or do what I did and access the web portal instead.

Not so great. At first I thought it was a good app, but then I realized the portal is more robust. You should take the features of the web portal and put those on the app. Please don’t write back with excuses as to why that’s not the case, but feel free to write back with a plan on when that will be complete.

Great app. Very easy to use and find what I need. Would love to be able to easily pay my bills from here

Nightmare for more than one patient. I used to be able to look up my mother's and my own information on here, but that's become impossible. Same with the website, even though I have full access to her records. Can't even see what I used to for myself.

So much potential!. The AthenaPatient app has a lot of potential and so far it’s good. The app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It allows you to manage your health records and appointments in one place. However, there are some areas that could be improved such as the speed of the app and the ability to customize notifications or integration with Health (Apple).

Needs work. The app needs work. It didn’t show any messages or appointments from my doctor but when I went onto the website it showed the message about my lab work. As a pregnant woman seeing my lad work is important and I was waiting for a week not knowing my doctor messaged me about my lab results.

Tells me to upgrade embedded browser🤨. Most app functions pop an embedded browser which then loads an error message saying to update the browser. I'm using latest version of iOS and the app. Really poor for an app in 2024. I use other health apps that worked much better than this 10 years ago.

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Athena app is clueless. I’ve had excellent health chart apps before. The Athena patient portal is terrible. Sometimes it loads all my providers, other times only one I saw years ago. Logging in is drawn out with routing me to the provider app first.

Aweful. It’s aweful I cant get into it, it keeps telling me I need an update!! That’s what I’m trying to get!!!

Login. It’s not giving me a keyboard to type my login or password information.

Easy to use. One place for all my lab results and appts.

Good!. I like it all in the same place. Is the app developed by or at the direction of Athena?

Doesn’t work!. It doesn’t have an option to sign up, only log in. I have installed the app several times and it’s still the same.

Worthless. This app is worthless! It’s an extra step to accessing the Athena website. Save the website to your favorites and omit this worthless step!

No point in this app. Download this app thinking it would be an easier way to get to my portal than to go to my emails, find the one with the link to my portal, click on that and log in on my browser… I was wrong. From the app I go to log in, it takes me to a browser that refreshes multiple time taking more and a couple min before I’m back to the log in on my browser. Deleting this app.

Needs notifications. I wish notifications were possible for new messages in my portal.

No link to MyChart. Most All of my providers link to Epic / MyChart except for my primary who uses this platform So all my records are not easily available to all my docs Very frustrating

Useless. I downloaded this app to try getting a better experience than the archaic website. This app literally just takes you to the same website. This is pointless. Just don’t have an “app”. It’s basically acting as a shortcut link to the website. That’s it. Pointless. Stick to the god awful website and save yourself the extra step.

The worst. Yes, I said it. This is possibly the worst patient portal I have used. It’s difficult or impossible to see past appointments. I am unable to see my doctor visits or past physical therapy appointments. Extremely frustrating but no other choice for this doctor’s office.

Unusable. This app is useless! So frustrating that I give up. Please fix it!!!!!

Worst app!. Done with this app! Spent a hour getting in after set up a while ago. Touch is I’d on iPad nor Face ID on iPhone never works even tho I repeatedly turn it on. Have to sign in with user name and password, then wait for text verification code. Entered code rhen get message my email address not found. Athena did find iPhone number to text code to me tho. After 5 tries, finally got in on 6th try. This was yesterday. Same thing this am. Touch ID nor facial id would work. Totally frustrated and have deleted this so-called app Just tried on my Dell laptop. Same issues. I don’t have an Apple computer. Totally done with this app! Developer sent an email stating this app is for Apple devices but not compatible with iPad. So why was I able to download app to my iPad? Doesn’t work on iPhone either. Don’t have a Mac so tried on Dell notebook but doesn’t work there either! So what Apple devices does it work on??!

Horrible and confuse app. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t show your results at all. Waste of time and space. Only works when you have invoices pending. Lol😂 Update: I had MRI test, procedures and results from the MRI or notes from my doc, but your app doesn’t show that info. Not even my incoming appointments only my bills and my meds. So what is this app for? Now you are asking me what kind of error or bug, well as I said before, it doesn’t show my history or appointments. 5/18/23 Still empty. I don’t have any records, results or appointments. The only thing this app is good payments, not sorry, are messages that you have bills ready. And you have to go to a website to pay your bills.

Bad scheduling system. I’m having problems scheduling appointments with my doctor online and via the app. It’s a frustrating problem and I hope it gets fixed soon.

Terrible App. My previous doctor used an app called Healow. Along with test results it included reasons for various doctors’ visits along with notes on diagnosis and care provided. It also listed medications.

Worthless!. I can only view billing. I have gotten emails telling me that I have lab results and visit summaries to review, but nothing is there. Worthless!

App doesn’t work. I’m able to sign in but app says my provider isn’t authorized? My provider sent me my credentials! Tried to click on app support and I’m sent to a bot that sends me a link to my patient portal I can’t access and then promptly closes the chat. Useless

Not Low Vision Friendly. I cannot read the small font, nor can I magnify the screen with my fingers on my iPhone. The browser login is what I will continue to use.

App updates do not consider patients.. The app upgrade to IOS 16.1 was made without considering that some patients still have the earlier IOS version and will lose access to the portal. Your IT guys need to be reined in or this app will be just a piece of @#*%.

Too small to read !. All my information is on app but will not come in full screen. So tiny I can barely read and cannot make it larger. SO FRUSTRATING !!!

App don’t work. Was working fine. Last couple of months haven’t been able to login!

Keyboard not working on OS 16.2. When logging into the app it will not allow me to switch to numbers when I try to enter my password. Using APPLE iPad. Also you need to improve this app for iPad. Works on my Apple iPhone. Also it I can’t use it on my phone app. It takes me to the web portal outside the app portal. Obviously you were not prepared for this transition for you Novant Health patients. “My Chart” is a better app than this app. I can’t link to my other medical profiles in My Chart because your app is a stand alone app not connected to other My Chart records.

No Access. Can’t access the website. They indicate an update is available, but I can’t find it anywhere. You can’t continue until the app is updated. Disappointing!!!!

Incomplete functionality. Until recently the patient portal worked fine. Suddenly the message portion worked fine but now the is now way to “send” the message way to add an attachment. This is all on an totally up to date apple 15 pro max. The web based version worked fine but aggravating to get through filling out all info on the app and then finding there is no way to send it.

SCAM DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!. This app is a scam!! It tells everyone that “your provider is not authorized” when I know for a fact that they are. Then it takes you to another website to log in and after trying to log in again it says “something went wrong.” This app is so bad it can’t be legitimate. Feels like a scam to grab our log in credentials. Changing my password now!

Underdeveloped Website + App. My health care provider switched over to this. It keeps telling me there is an error on the apps end when I try to log in on my iPhone. I then try to log on with a browser and then get told I have no results even though they have already been uploaded per my health care provider’s office and I definitely trust them. So many issues with this app when it comes to connectivity and an account. The Quest app is literally perfect for labs and I wish they never switched over.

Can’t send photos to provider. Really disappointed to find I can’t attach photos to messages to my provider in the app. Have to go through the website.

Not all info displayed. Doctor’s notes from visits are not displayed and vaccinations not listed either. Website is much more detailed and accurate.

Can’t finish creating my account. I finally got an appointment with my doctor. But then I have to create an account with the patient portal and the portal won’t let me finish creating my account. I create the username and password then it says I have no portal access or something dumb and when I try to verify with my phone number it just says errors. You can chat or contact these people for help either the chat sends a link to patient portal then closes the chat. This is ridiculous.

Just some Spyware or something. This app just sits on your phone to launch the browser and take you to the website. Removed it. Probably just stealing data.

Gives you a very tiny screen on an I-pad. I’m using this on my iPad. The screen is so tiny on my iPad I can hardly touch the buttons. I see a Dr for arthritis and pain managment. This is awful.

AT&T. No access with AT&T and that is such a bummer.

Login timeout too short. Let ME decide when to log me out.

Terrible App. KISS- keep it simple- you know the rest. It took me 5 times for your app to recognize my pw. Had to change it 4 times. Difficult to navigate,too. I use My Chart for my other 2 doctors & that’s easy peasy. Maybe your developers should look at an effective user friendly site. And since AH is your baby- you should supply some kind of tech support for patients and not tell me call your drs office. I did but they are not it developers and have no idea why the app misbehaves.

Terrible. Biggest waste of time Update: With a 2.4 rating, read the other reviews. Have you fixed anything?

Tech support?. Where fo you call for support to solve a problem? I’ve looked everywhere and finally found an 800 Number in small print below the corporate address. Is that it? This site needs to do better in this regard.

Athena. I can’t no longer see all of my doctors which is important to me. The other version was much better if I would have known it would be like this I would’ve never updated it. It’s much harder to request medications because you all decided to make a change. My doctor that’s no longer on your app she left me a message in here before the change were made. I have a condition where I can’t talk well so typing for me is better. Please change your app back.

Can’t even access the app. I wish I could give this app a more substantial review but the button that prompts me to sign into my portal links to a blank dead page that I can’t log into! I’ve tried reloading but it doesn’t ever load

What’s the use .. Why use this app, they never read or answer you.

Still pops up multiple ip address. Still pops up multiple addresses when loading and after enabling Face ID still have to log in manually. Finally on iPhone the page is on browser page, other apps do not show up there after closing app. Update to response- multiple ip address pop up then disappear while loading. Second point other apps disappear after closing. Your app appears to open a web page then remains up. Now updated this to a one star.

Very difficult to use. Trying to compose message to doctor with lab results. And we can’t remember all results, which need to open other app to check info. But when you open other app, the all the message you type is disappears. So we basically need to remember all the test results and info in your head when you send message. This portal really stressed me out and need to attend doctors again…

Can’t even log in. The app is literally just a log in button… you press log in and it brings you to a blank page… this is so below the bare minimum why even bother making an app if you don’t let people log into it.

Spanish?. The app description says it’s available in English and Spanish; how do you get it to go to Spanish?

Major frustration. I don’t normally write these unless something is super awesome and I’d like people to know it’s out there or I’ve had a problem with an app or website that someone else might have had and something can be done to correct it. Mediocre apps are just mediocre and neither here nor there. This glitch might be a website issue, an app issue or a combination. And hopefully it will be examined and corrected; especially if it’s an Athena glitch. So, when my doctor told me to log into the Athena portal he didn’t say the word app. But many portals have apps, so naturally I checked and wallah! There was one. I downloaded it and all my info appeared there. Except meds, dosages and directions for taking them. Long story short, after calling around I found out. There’s a website AND app. The app, I was told isn’t popular and most patients use the website. Sure enough all my meds are on the website and if some are repeats I can delete them. Cool. However, upon logging in a couple times I got an alert: your browser (safari for iPhone ) is out of date. It wouldn’t open. I updated my phone which updated to the latest version of safari since it’s an Apple app. But I still couldn’t log on because I got the same alert. Well… not sure what I can do except alert the developers or post a review. Again, not sure where the problem lies. But it IS with Athena ultimately. And I hope they address it or find someone who can. Til then, I guess my meds are a mystery unless I call the doctor’s office for a list of the info on the app. Ugh.

Worthless app. Cannot update unless I buy new phone with software update of 16.0 plus

New password every time I log in. Not sure if this is just me, but every time I have to log in have have to change my password. It’s pretty annoying.

Bring your game up please. Need to step up the game this is iOS 1.0 if it was Apple software also needs capabilities to scan upload my insurance show my copay…. Game up please

Update ruined it. The app was great. Then they updated it with a message saying this is a brand new app and your provider may no longer meet requirements. Great job /s

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 1.15.3
Play Store com.athenahealth.athenaPatient
Compatibility iOS 16.0 or later

AthenaPatient (Versiyon 1.15.3) Install & Download

The application AthenaPatient was published in the category Medical on 16 November 2022, Wednesday and was developed by Athenahealth [Developer ID: 535158438]. This program file size is 16.72 MB. This app has been rated by 151 users and has a rating of 2.3 out of 5. AthenaPatient - Medical app posted on 23 February 2024, Friday current version is 1.15.3 and works well on iOS 16.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.athenahealth.athenaPatient. Languages supported by the app:

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AthenaPatient App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and improvements

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