Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 download

Drive your car through a zombie apocalypse in this massive follow-up to the chart-topping hit Earn to Die!

An evacuation ship is waiting on the other side of the country. The only thing that stands in your way: city after city overrun by zombies . With only a run-down car and a small amount of cash you face a familiar situation... to drive through hordes of zombies in order to survive!

Earn to Die 2 introduces a massive new Story Mode, five times longer than its predecessor. The game departs its familiar desert setting and delves into the depths of cities infested by zombies.

Levels are now multi-tiered! Drive across decayed highway overpasses, via underground tunnels, or smash through epic zombie filled factories. Whichever path you choose to take, you won't be able to escape the zombie hordes - your only choice is to smash through them!

Unlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles, including a sports car, a fire truck, and even an ice-cream van. Each vehicle can be equipped with a range of upgrades, such as armored frames, roof-mounted guns, boosters and more. Those zombies will stand no chance.

Vehicles are now fully destructible. Hang on for your life as your vehicle gets smashed to smithereens if you aren't too careful.

What are you waiting for? That rescue ship isn't going to wait forever! Prepare yourself for a wild ride - and seriously, there is nothing like smashing through zombie-filled factories!

Earn to Die 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Earn to Die 2 was published in the category Games on 2014-11-20 and was developed by Not Doppler. This application file size is 78.90 MB. Earn to Die 2 current version is 1.4.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Earn to Die 2 has been enhanced!
- 60fps support added for iPhone 6S and newer, iPad Air 2 and newer. Smashing zombies is smoother than ever before!
- Optimizations for newer devices

Earn to Die 2 App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Earn to Die 2 Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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FaZe_Adan   5 star

This game. This game is super fun I love this game 100% get this game!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😃😃😃

Dont Do It, Scam   4 star

Hilariously fun and frustrating.. You spend all this time upgrading your car and in the end you’re driving a 25 ton dump truck with body armor, a concrete saw mounted to the front and a friggen Boeing 747 jet engine strapped to the back but it has a super hard time crashing through a stack of wooden boxes. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Still a fun game though. Love the art work and animation!

nsnsnzj   5 star

Lol. I love the game but I hate that it cost one dollar on iPhone but free on android

vtyfhyftuy   5 star

This game is the best. To good to be true.

Dendrid   5 star

The game. This game is really fun I had it on my tablet and it was amazing especially cause the cars as you go they get better and you can upgrade them

dirtdk45!   5 star

Best game ever. Can’t stop playing

dndnfbfd z   3 star

Not bad. But in real life you would need to look for or get the upgrades because in zombie apocalypses you don’t need money you need to scavenge for supplies but it’s not bad

jsjjfhshwe   1 star

This sequel is a joke!. Number two is a complete and utter joke! It takes so long for you to upgrade your car just to get from one point to the other. Also, the game gives you know cash!!! Only a tiny bit! Furthermore, the music last game was so much better!!! This game takes hours and hours of grinding just to get to one checkpoint. The first earn to die was at least 10x better at the very least. If you guys make an earn to die 3, I will be more prepared and read the reviews

dominic car   5 star

A good game. It’s just as good as the first one keep up the good work

ltsllZEPHRYll   4 star

Game creators. Great game graphics on point gameplay on point levels odd bc of the random vehicle section and the fact all the armor with front saws are the same and gets really old. One of the biggest most annoying problems I highly suggest fixing is the controls over time when you just really want to get to the next stop bc starting over same spot also gets old and boring, once your close for some reason you can’t hit your booster or gas anymore is works then doesn’t at all then you have to start again. Now idk if you did that on purpose so you can max out your parts or that’s actually a game bug but it needs fixing ASAP!!!! Please thank you and I recommend this game than the others!!

NT-DOGG12   5 star

It’s fun. It is fun but can you make it a PS4 game

AsksForReviews   3 star

Meh. Meh

Actual Tree   3 star

Boost. Anyone eles have a problem where the boost activated on its own???

BoomOuttaHere   5 star

Awesome!!. This is a great game for anyone that just wants to enjoy themselves kick back and kill a few zombies!

zingzax   1 star

Horrible on IPhone XR. The game crops out and takes a tiny part of the screen, the quality is horrible too.

T-ROY'S mobile   5 star

Simple and Cool. I like this game. It’s a great way to pass time and enjoy it too! 👋😊👔👞

😂👌bruh   5 star

Cool and good. Nice

iron man 1234   5 star

Earn to die 2. This game is amazing

sksjdjdh   3 star

Optimize. Optimize it for iPhone XS Max

ITZ OPTIMES   4 star

Read. I like the game you just need new updates

konlexisawsome   5 star

Earn to die 2. Earn to die 2 is one of the best games ever on iOS and android so go download this game right now I would suggest this game my favorite game on iOS

ISandrikausa   4 star

Good Game, but.... When i press right on the side of the gas pedal, it uses boost sometimes. And if I press on the gas pedal it uses boost too

codenamechad   4 star

Fix please!. Good game..however, The boost goes off when I don’t even press the button. As if the radius of the boost button is too big. Does anyone else have this problem?

痴线!滚!   5 star

best game ever!!!. also the very first game i downloaded while i was switching to iphone. i will give 10 stars if the system allows me.

Adhish Man Shrestha   1 star

Add support for iPhone x devices. Please support iPhone X devices.

Mah names Chesse Biscuit   5 star

The Best Game Of Zombies and Cars. It’s been 2 days since I played the game and it’s fun because a lot of cars/trucks/vans are powerful when maxed level and right now I’m at dump truck but it feels so easy and I can’t wait to finish campaign

Hairycockedfaggot   3 star

Almost Perfect!. I love this game, it’s so fun and one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played. But I hate that there are ads even though the app is paid.

Caleb0823   4 star

Please fix boost. I love this game but I hate that boost gets used right off the bat with the regular pettle pretty frustrating

wolflove88   4 star

The currency. This game was really fun, although, it’s the apocalypse. Why would you have to use money to buy parts? I could see if the currency was similar to metal or rubber scraps, but money? I would honestly think this was better if you had to collect different materials to MAKE a part at the garage.

TheKung2736   5 star

THE BEST GAME!!!!!!. This game is so amazing!Please tell your friends and everybody I will really recommend it😁

Advertorial    5 star

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gosselinduty   1 star

Comment je fait pour me faire rembourser ???????. Comment je fait

largekingcole   5 star

It’s so good. I love the new update it runs so smooth on my phone thanks for updating it

pqosbse   5 star

Good. This game is pretty fun and the game is smooth to play

hsidjgdiosjdjucf   5 star

To many times. I love this game so much I’ve been playing it for 6 years now and I’ve beat it at least 100 times

Wolf3366   1 star

DO NOT BUY!. The game is just doing the same thing over and over till you upgrade your car enough to move on. You will always reach the same point on each map till you do the next upgrade then you will move a little farther. Could be better if they had gas pickups. Tiring to just go the same distance over and over till you get the money for a new upgrade. Not worth paying for this game when they have made it so you will have to buy in-game currency. The game is broken. You can rotate your car when not moving. They have a free version. Why pay for a game you can get for free.

St_eph   3 star

Awesome game. Great graphics but really long

HaZmAtM0nK3y777   4 star

Pretty decent. Hard, tricky, and long, but still fun 🔥🔥

Honda Civic 2013   4 star

Good. Good game

deathlyiscool   5 star

Five stars. Awesome game should download it is worth it

User121   1 star

This game costs money on iPhone and not Samsung. It cost 1$ to buy on the App Store but nothing on Samsung phones horrible!!

*mello gang   3 star

Good and bad. My car keeps flipping over when I don’t make it flip over it just automatically flips my car like what the hell

Dashtheyeet   5 star

Game is too addictive. I’m always playing this game everyday until I get bored but I still play the same game

JOJCANADA   4 star

Fun. A fun time waster Good for a bit but can get grindy

Johndon333   2 star

Great game but..... Good game but it’s not optimized for the iPhone X!!!!! Please make it compatible for the iPhone X!!!!!!

kdkdnebeiebdd   1 star

soooo boring. stupid game


Awesome Game!!!!. Best Game So Adictive

ishybeats   2 star

Repetitive and boring.. You don’t need any skill to play this game. It’s just about grinding. Guns all do the same. Boost all do the same. Everything does the same each level but just looks different. The cars don’t get better. You just start over each time.

someone17362   5 star

Really fun. Fun

UpfrontN00b   5 star

AMAZING GAME. This game is amazing, I can play it over and over again but it’s still fun!

Madbox57   1 star

Fix bug. There’s a bug where my car will stop moving when I’m holding the button still and there’s still gas in the tank and the car won’t move it’s getting annoying

quelqu'un qui parle francais   5 star

Earn to die 3. J’aime earn to die 2 mais aller vous en sortir un troisième

hbihvuyrtchhnlyeybkgj7h   5 star

Good mindless fun.. A lot of fun.

Mrs Creature   5 star

I like game. I like game to play earn to die 2 thx u for supporting game wow! (Lol game was great I rated 5!) (GAME WAS ENDED CUTSCENES)

fdccvvvvbhhsbbbd   5 star

Very. Cool

phdjspa rjxos rjcbecscnfnf   4 star

Fix boost. Keeps using all of my boost when I’m on the accelerator not even close to the boost

Xenia T   2 star

Needs more. This game is fun. However all you do is drive and try to reach the garage. This game becomes boring!! They need to add some type of points system where the more zombies you hit or the more cool tricks you do the more faster you go or the more coins you get . You’d be able to reach the garage faster. The game is 2/5 at best. You are literally doing the same thing every level. Nothing changes except the car you have..... 👎

UKnowWassup ;)   5 star

Superb game!. It’s really great, I’m on day 209😂🔥 Hopefully more updates will be coming even though the last one was 8 months ago🤦🏽‍♂️

dinnerplate 28   5 star

Great game.. It’s a great game, and very fun!

Kallum bigggnall   5 star

Awesome game. The first one and this one are awesome games and I highly recommend them, worth the money and super fun. They are my favourite IOS games

Science Daily   4 star

Great Game!!!. I really like the game!! It is fun for a while. Finally after finishing the game, the game gets a different genre; it's a different game. I wish there are more vehicles. 🙃🙃

Advertorial    5 star

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Magic Minion   5 star

Repetitive, but enjoyable.. Pleasant to play - a good time waster.

mihunybhygbyb   4 star

Can you make a tank in the game?. You don,t need to buy a gun a tank can shoot and it is for war

Crazy zom   5 star

Cool. Absolutely awesome the best game I have ever played

Ufakefekomoaikae   5 star

Games Awesome. Lol I played this game 2 times and on my 1st time I finished it whole also ADD NAMES TO THe CaRs And why do you need money I mean you can't buy anything you can just take it and drive with it because nobodies in the gas station like the guy or woman there already died because there zombie then got run over and add girl zombies not boy zombies all come out girl zombies too I mean you excluded that wait did you even think before making the game cuz if you didn't then I don't know why you even did this is your not gonna think before you made the game did you even make a plan before making this game well just add these changes because it's starting to NOT make sense yeah that's all your games awesome still also why can't we get guns so if our car breaks down somehow we can run to the next gas station shooting the zombies or do we just stay in the car because if that's the point then wait wouldn't we starve or dehydrate to death? Because this is just starting to not make much sense JUST MAKE THIS SENSE ok I'm sorry for using caps but we need to keep this simple and sense because in all zombie movies only the main characters are alive and other survivors but those are the only people all the others are just plain old zombies maybe you should just watch walking dead to make your game much more sense

PaintBomb720   2 star

Stick with the first game. If you’ve only played the first one so far or you are new to the game(s) only play the first one, this game is more repetitive than the first and just proves the first game is probably going to be only good game in the Earn To Die series (T_T)

bull pp   4 star

Good game but. Why do you need money in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? In the walking dead they steal stuff because no one cares about money they care about there life! Make this game more sense PLEASE

Phungalina   5 star

Play. Needs many many more levels

LukePhua   1 star

NOT OPTIMISED, GLITCHY +++ on IPHONE X. I’d like a refund. Keys like acceleration and boost very glitchy. Slowing down for no reason time and time again. Refund?

Griffinjull69   5 star

Awesome. Awsome

Skatebording dogs   5 star

Awesome graphics. By far the best game I have ever played. Make earn to die 3 pls!!!🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️😍😂🚗🚓🚗🚓

MrMckHickler   5 star

Great Game!. This game is one of the best games I have ever played! It is very exciting and adventurous. I consider downloading it.

hawiho09   5 star

Awesome. Really good game the levels are unique. Good for all ages. All it takes is a little practice. Good strategy game.👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀🤘🤘🤘🤘

skatebording cats   1 star

Earn to die 3. It’s a great game but I think you should make a third one with army trucks,motorbikes,quad bikes and a tank

Frank Emoti-wan kanobi   1 star

Pointless. Almost zero skill. No thought required. Pointless waste of time.

Arry101   1 star

Boring. Hate this game it is garbage

defults are peaple to   4 star

Haven’t played it yet buttt I just wrote about it to feel included. It’s looks fun socantwait so cant wai5 to tri it

theBROMavrick   5 star

Luv it buutttttttt......... Needs more cars 🚙 and more levels ✌️ out

JoshyRhain   1 star

Repetitive grind. No skill or strategy required. Just hold down the gas pedal and you win.

SoyJeff   1 star

Repetitive and Boring. Literally nothing to do in this game, hold accelerate and watch you car drive the same track over and over again until you can make it through the stage before running out of fuel, now rinse and repeat hundreds of times

Tri-Stain   5 star

H. Great game. Really recommend buying it 😀

Samueleid   1 star

Not worth any money. Worst game ever

KeenanCrocker   4 star

Really Good game. I liked playing it but it needs more levels to play

killface311   5 star

Love this game can't wait for 3rd. Love this game can't wait for 3rd one

Reviewing God   5 star

AMAZING GAME. Just as the title states, this is an amazing game! I've played it for ages, and the vehicle customisation is so much fun!!!

Gfvbxr   5 star

Earn To Die 2. I Love This Game Make Earn To Die 3 Please

Landonella1   3 star

Game. Ok

HDslushy   5 star

its good game. very good

Still very good   5 star

This game is so fun. This game is a great time waster

BaileyDarley   3 star

Needs a update. Very fun game, although on iPhone 7 the 'boost' and 'acceleration' pedal go off at the same time!

Lesathome   3 star

Repetitive. Was fun for stage 1 then just repeated itself with different vehicles that needed similar upgrades to pass the level. The $2.99 I paid was worth almost worth it as I did enjoy it at the start but there are better free games out there.

Zonion88   2 star

Bogus boost. The game is fun but the boost goes off at random and it really screws your run. No matter where I push the gas the boost goes off. Other than that the game is fun just like the first one

stacy5   3 star

Story Mode Too Long. I shouldn’t have to play the same story over and over and over and over again to make enough $ to beat story mode only to make it to a new car to the same thing over and over and over again. I paid for the game and should be able to access mission mode and the others. It is a fun game but the repetition is annoying.

fuzzy oof   1 star

Success the first one was better. Success

earn to review   4 star

It’s fun. All I have to say is that it is a fun game but it needs more levels.

brettbunde1234   3 star

Great game. It’s a great game but when I’m playing and I press the gas button it activates the the boost but rather than that it is a good game

Mdk(:   5 star

Amazing!!. This game gets your mind off things when you need to just chill out and enjoy a little free time. Just want to recommend this to anybody that is looking for a great game to play. Many people come have much free time and like to enjoy their free time. This is a game to play to enjoy that little time in your life you have to just spend time on your phone playing a nice game!!!(-;

xanpod   5 star

Awesome. Awesome time killer game very addictive 👍🏽

Skullogyse   3 star

Crash of cars. I only played this to get the 18-wheeler in crash of cars.

Almomnc   5 star

This honestly is awesome. This game got me through road trips and the micro transactions don’t matter actually in my opinion you shouldn’t buy them it will make the game boring

bokeh 777   5 star

Thanks. Thanks review

Brandon201198   2 star

Needs an update!. The screen is set for the iPhone 8/plus screen and before not for the new screens from the x/xs/xs max.

make thìs game bèttér   5 star

I love original better. This game has such bad detail and I want a refund NOWWW

thetaker of taken   5 star

Love it but. I really like the games and really enjoyed them but I have been getter by really hyped for earn to die 3. Please release it soon.

Andrew Hartin   5 star

Love it!. I loved it as a child and still love it now! Great game with smooth feel-good gameplay that takes awhile before it gets boring.

Hkfgzchxgx   5 star

Great game. I played the first one and this is exactly like the first but with better graphics

Whycantiturnofftheradio   5 star

Amazing game!!. Love it

itsfefe'skids   5 star

When is part 3!?. My son love this game he completed all levels and he wants you to make an part three! And make police lights and sirens come on. He’s only seven years old and he also said to make part three super cool and fun. Lol

exoticken   4 star

Is fun !!. Five minutes into this game I bought the pro version I find it lots of fun and relaxing. My only peeves so far is I didn’t like being forced to take the next car in the stable when I completed a level and I would prefer more engine and general car sounds. I can’t put it down tho figuratively and literally.

b. r. u. h. bruh   5 star

Great game I love this game. I think that it is a really fun app I recommend it

Fhsttjg   5 star

Yeah plz add a console game. Plz

J.Rivera201   4 star

4 star only. Support for iPhone X please !

lilbigd18   4 star

Only one glitch. This is such a fun game, a little repetitive, but hella fun. There is one glitch... when driving the accelerator or boost button will occasionally not work. Can this be corrected?

saintfrommass   3 star

Just a review. Not a bad game, Need to figure out why the boost gets activated while pressing gas pedal I should have the option to boost whenever so this option wouldn’t be pointless.

paid for a broken game   1 star

Whack controls. The game works great except for the face that my vehicle randomly uses my boost when my finger is NO WHERE CLOSE TO THE BOOST BUTTON I have my forget as close to the center of the screen and as far away from the boost button as possible and it still randomly uses it up before I intend to use it

BVDMD   5 star

Hours of fun. Great game fun upgrades

its an awesome cam but...   5 star

Awesome But.... This game is REALLY amazing and I have been an earn to die fan for a long time but I know you made a 3rd one and I would like it if you could play earn to die 3 on an IPad that’s it, Thanks

ParamPamPam123   1 star

Boring and stupid grinder. Boring and stupid game, reviews looks to be made for some other game.

SO GOOoOOoOoOOooOOOO   5 star

Very addictive. Sequal to the best game every VERY GOOD have a lot of effort I like the cutscenes tho

NobleDragon   4 star

Make earn To die 3 please. I would love it if you made earn to die 3 please

miami_guy305Areacode   5 star

Excellent Game. Thanks for great game. I play all the times at home

Crotte48   5 star

Crotte48. C'est le meilleur jeu au monde ce jeu c'est ma vie

Chachju   3 star

Buy. It is a good game but we have to buy the game 😕

Sammy orr4   3 star

Js. Don't fix what's not broken

Camouflaged rap   5 star

Warbeast2004. You should add a map pack

]|-|[ollowdays   4 star

Great Game. I loved the length of this game compared to the first but what is with the lack of the weapons at the front of the vehicle, by the third vehicle I was saying to myself a saw again? And was expecting something special for the last vehicle but nope, another saw. You guys could have made an extra slot for weapons and made the game even longer!

Smithjd54   2 star

Unfortunately not nearly as good as the first version. It is the same premise as the first game but doesn't match up to its predecessor. The cars are slower and the progress is based to encourage the in app purchases.

Cameron.R.B   5 star

One of the best aps out there. This game is truely fun and amazing

Scudz242015   2 star

deleted my game. logged on today and all my game is gone, can't find any place to get it back, awesome!!

Hejdbben   5 star

Awesome game! Super addictive!. Great!

Le_Tabarnak_De_Crisse   5 star

Best mobile game so far. So addictive

Chucknorisser   5 star

Super. Duper

Erics Iphone5   5 star


wcwcwccc111   1 star

草泥马垃圾游戏. 草泥马的傻逼坑比游戏,骗老子钱真特么的黑心傻逼东西滚

:) good3   5 star

Awesome. So fun and interesting

Jshsusndu   5 star

Fff. Tyy

#EarnToDie   5 star

We need update. There is no update or DLC in the game, it cost 3$ and there is no update, we need more car and more customization for the car! But at all that's a great game! I hope that there is gonna be a 3!

Alexgangstabuddy   5 star

Bruh. It's amazing but too repetitive but amazing love it but no skill is needed

Blademasterdestroyer   4 star

Great. Amazing I played the online prequels and I I would like even more sequels with new areas new vehicles and a great addition would be cutscenes

Agent Fish   5 star

Awesome game. One suggestion though: armour should cost less, and the gun should come free with the third armour upgrade, but you need to buy amo.

Dimitr3k   5 star

F. U. N.. Awesome game👍

Fuctup   4 star

Zombie. Great game

Tagfgyfgyfhtvhgyfyffffgf   5 star

Best game!!!. Amazing game.

patpanik   5 star

Addictive!. This second game of the same name is way better than the first one!! Lots of fun, way too much time spent for number two and well that's it!

THE_JROK   4 star

Fun but repetitive. A lot of fun in the beginning but becomes repetitive

Breded   2 star

Really. Everyone do you realize that there is no progression you gain more cash and spend more it's like all cars are level 1 and fix the thing I don't care I don't wanna buy Add ons so don't tell me you can't connect to App Store

KK0113   4 star

Great game. Great game way better then the first one

Cool dragon 1234567890987654   5 star

Best game ever. So addictive

iPad Homer   1 star

Starts great... Gets BORING fast. Repetitive and boring!! Starts fun but same thing over and over... Not skill required. Save $.

Uujug   5 star

Oiuhb. I love it so much. And to everyone who hasn't played it it's AWESOME

604_DrB_604   4 star

Very Entertaining. Great fun , very addicting the lite version gives you just a taste and will leave you wanting more!

TelevisionOne   1 star

Great, time consuming, but... If you're playing to find out what the last video clip is like I was, it isn't worth it. It goes for 20s and is just a moving box on a boat.

Jakelasnake   1 star

Worst. Don't waste your money! Another penny suckin app Ftw

Totya70   5 star

Great game. This is a great game but once you finish campaign it gets a bit boring in free play. This will sound stupid but I was also annoyed when I did the last mission again on 'free play' and I didn't get to see the Video you see. Apart from all of those things this is a very good app😃🚘

Bad but also good   1 star

To much money. The game is to much money to play. If you put a mode that lets you create your own levels it's good but to prissy. 😠😠😠😠 MAKE IT CHEAPER!!!

Miami3some   5 star

Great game guys. Simply addictive

Matthew Holbaev   5 star

Not happy.. After spending 10+hours on the campaign alone, I am forced to restart to do free ride. Really annoyed. The game has little to no 'game' in it. Just constantly holding the drive or boost button. Too repedetive. And why is there in app purchases? This is a paid app and I would NOT like to spend more money on it. 😠

Th3 commando   4 star

Pretty good. It's a good game, but a little repetitive, it needs a little more variety in levels, upgrades and the maps. It's at its best when you've got someone to compete with

H-E.Pennypacker   1 star

Update ruined game. The update ruined the game. Have to start again. Even with the bug fix its too late now. 0 stars if I could.

Vinytvhy   2 star

Broken mechanic?. You can finish the game simply by holding the gas button and watching TV, there is no real strategy involved. Try it for your self, hold down gas until you run out, then keep upgrading stuff. Surprised that this hasn't been reported in other comments.

Bare96   5 star

Earn to die 2. Love the game hard to put down would be good if you were able to play the music from your iPad or iPhone say if you had a button you could push

Drift626   1 star

iCloud. Please make our progress sync to iCloud I want to play it on all my devices!!!

The_Unhappy_Guy   2 star

What the hell??. I played this game for so long and completed story, and waited for this update to come out, then it says I have to complete story ****en AGAIN when i already did. Freakin fix it...

Too smove   5 star

Excellent. Best game ever

Young bug   1 star

Rip of. Saturn of a game "misleading information . Rip off

Zcctzmillionzcctz   5 star

好游戏. 3元 超值好游戏

Valentin blood thirster   5 star

Earn to die. This game is cool you should try it no matter what

MattyB_1983   5 star

Favourite!!!!. Want another one!!!!! More more more!!!!!

Lma oh   1 star

Great game but. I can't play all the new content in the update after completing the story before the update I have to do it all again if I want to play the new modes, which I won't because I already have done it before. Really annoying

Penisssbuttt   5 star

Good. Good

Bnksta   5 star

Great game, no in app purchases requires. Fun game. no ads or in app purchases. winner.

Oneangryeye2   3 star

Why in app purchases?. This is a simple but fun game. I Paid for this game and do not appreciate inapp purchases

The Playforge, LLC   4 star

Game. Gg

G8peter   5 star

Fun fun fun. More fun than the first

Robert.Sel09   5 star

Very challenging. It's been years since I made a review on a decent game. Earn to die 1 was fun since you could upgrade you car. Yet Earn to Die 2 I have to say is heaps better. Better cars, better upgrades and most definitely more challenging especially now I'm on level two and you can't use the car you used in level one which I quite enjoy as I stated earlier it is very challenging. I would highly recommend this game. I'm also loving how you can turn off the petrol station checkpoint off if you dare to be more challenged.

Violated Dolphin   4 star

A great pick up and play game.. A great game. Great improvement from the first game. A couple negative issues though. The environment doesn't seem to change. Some brown coloured post apocalyptic view littered with zombies, boxes and pipes. Not that a big a deal, but would be nice to see a change every now and again. Maybe add a snow level to increase difficulty. Secondly, not being able to use previous cars on previous tracks. Add a level/car select, maybe even a time trial sort of thing.

Theassasingroup   4 star

Great game. But need more updates I finnished the game but it made me restart cause there were no updates overall an amazing game

Guy - yes   5 star

:) heads up. I love the fact that you can get so many upgrades/cars, it is very realistic with the accelerometer and the petrol meter, i think this will last you a long time to finish with at least 20 hours gameplay Hope you enjoy the game as it is on many people's favorite list 👍

Dude220   1 star

Boring. This game is really starting to bore me too repetitive

Gdsertgdgtgy   1 star

What a let down!. After maxing out each vehicle you cannot use it again!! What's that about? Then even after completing the entire game and maxing every vehicle you still can't go back and drive the vehicles on a particular course! It just starts off at the beginning again with the first vehicle! What a rip off!

Cavs1127   5 star

Great. Great game and very addicting.

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