Farming Simulator 23 Mobile Game Reviews


Farming Simulator 23 Mobile Game Description & Overview

What is farming simulator 23 mobile app? Grow crops, grow your agricultural empire! Become a modern farmer to operate more than 100 authentic machines by Case IH, CLAAS, DEUTZ-FAHR, Fendt, John Deere, KRONE, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Valtra & many other acclaimed manufacturers from around the world - offering a wide range of farming activities.

Choose what kind of farmer you want to be in Farming Simulator 23 (FS23) as the acclaimed agricultural sim by GIANTS Software offers a brand-new experience with many new features for your mobile device!

Operate realistic tractors, harvesters, field sprayers, and more
Cultivate fields with a variety of crops, or harvest grapes and olives on the hillside
Start logging with heavy forestry equipment
Establish production chains and use powerful trucks for transport
Tend to farm animals like cows, sheep, and now: chickens!
Enjoy tons of possibilities on two new maps, including collectibles
New gameplay features also introduce plowing and weeding
A tutorial mode, AI helper & a new autoload feature for logs/pallets assist you on your farm

There’s a lot more to do after plowing, removing weeds, harvesting crops, or collecting eggs from chicken coops: Produce valuable goods made from your harvest to expand your flourishing business with new factories and production chains!

Don’t worry - there is always time to relax and walk around your vast arable land while visuals change through the atmospheric seasons. If more than 100 machines are not enough, you can grow your fleet of agricultural vehicles through official extra content.

New and improved in-game tutorials show you the ways of the farm if you’re new to country life. Start farming wherever you go and let the good times grow!

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App Name Farming Simulator 23 Mobile
Category Games
Updated 23 May 2023, Tuesday
File Size 1020.72 MB

Farming Simulator 23 Mobile Comments & Reviews 2023

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In app purchases. Love the game. Have played every version. But this is the most expensive just to be able to play then you still don’t have access to have all the vehicles and implements. Only thing I ask is that they get taken off.

5 Stars, 2 Complaints. I Absolutely Love The Farming Simulator Mobile Series, I Have Had Every Single One Since 2014. Farming Simulator 23 Mobile Is By Far The Best One Yet. By A Long Shot. BUT, I Have Just 2 Complaints. #1: The Fields Grow At The Same Time Every Day, I Can Be Half Way Planting A Field And Whatever I Just Planted Will Have Grown The Second It Hits That Time. Makes My Fields Grow Oddly Uneven And Takes The Realism Out Of Growing Crops. This Even Screws With Me Trying To Fertilize. #2: During The Night Hours The Game Gets Extremely Dark. Which I Understand Because It’s Night Time But The Headlights On The Tractors Aren’t Bright Enough To Be Able To See Where I’m Going Or What I’m Doing Unless I’m Actively Using A Tool. I Feel As If The Headlights Should Be Brighter Or The Screen Shouldn’t Get AS Dark In The Night Time. These Are My Only 2 Complaints Of The Game And I Have Tons Of Hours In Already, I Highly Recommend This Of All Mobile Farming Games. Now It’s Time To Find The Other 8 Toys….

Best mobile farming simulator yet. I have played all the versions of Farming Simulator bu Giant Software , and this game is the best. You can see the growth level and out come of your crops yield. Also the tractors sound is realistic, shifting and when under power the engine tome changes( wished the exhaust pipe would puff a little smoke when accelerating or shifting). There are a lot of suttle additions to mention that assist your progress during the game. Great Job to the Staff of Giants software.

Decent. Comparing this to last years fs 22 it’s decent graphics are much better and what not but there is still some bugs in this game. For example sometimes the AI bugs out towards the end of the field, there is still some missing content I don’t like how you can’t construct anything or add mods it doesn’t have to be over the top just some mods that will make the game more fun

Fs23. I love it. Nice interior on vehicles nice graphics. I can’t believe what they did with this game since it’s made for mobile. Everything is just amazing the game mechanics are nice the seasons are nice the maps are huge. Good job giants software on such a good game.

Lacking compared to FS20. Overall, not a bad game. Personally, I believe FS20 has better graphics, features and is overall better quality. FS23 lags way more than all the other FS games. Judging by the images they use to lure you in, it makes you believe the quality is that of the pc version….it is not. Had I known that before spending $8 on the game, I would have spent $8 on coins in FS20. I believe Giant could have done better on this rollout and hope they will make some needed changes for those who have already purchased this game.

Fun game!. Don’t get me wrong this game is really fun for 42 year old lol, but I don’t quite understand why there are less vehicles to choose from in this one compared to FS20. Also there’s no trash that comes out of the rear of combine when harvesting corn/sunflowers. Also could you make the bin site at the farm hold more grain. In fs20 you could hold at least 100k per grain. Other than those 2 things and the freezing in middle of play it’s a solid game.

Hey Giants. Trying to send review but it fails. Anyhow, please add an option for cruise control. My finger is begging you. Lg paid JD struggles up big hill pulling paid lg full slurry tank spreader 3mph. Please add map option to see fields status and where it’s fertilized vs not. Please add option to lower row guides for cultivators. Thank you all for creation this game. I appreciate it. Thanks again.

Really fun!. All in all this is a really great simulator. There are loads more things to do in this simulator over FS20. I’ve barely gotten started and haven’t even scratched the surface of what all you can do with this edition. However, and I hope the developers see this, I’ve had several game freezes since I’ve started. I’ll just be going along driving down the road to sell products and the game just freezes. I have to force close but luckily so far it’s saved up until the freeze, so I don’t lose anything. It’s just really annoying to start getting into a groove and then it freezes. It’s not every single time I play but it’s enough to warrant including it in my review. Don’t let this scare from purchasing the game, it’s still a lot of fun, just needs some tweaking. Hopefully an update will be available soon to address the issues.

I wish you can wait for a while till you release a new game ,,. This game is great but there are bugs ,,, time I open and play it it freezes up ,, please read it

Mediocre. I have played all the farming simulators since 2016 on console and mobile. this is by far not my favorite. first the game is $8 and when i opened it and played it i was thoroughly disappointed in the quality graphics button placement and design. there are so few options for tractors/cars/trucks/havesters in the game it was disappointing to play in my opinion 2018 mobile was the best. i wish i could get a refund save ur time and put ur $8 towards cigarettes or something.

Olive farming. I decided to sell everything and start out only olive farming and it’s very buggy for me I can’t ever use the helper to mulch or plow it reads it as “no row found” the helper for the sprayer is kinda buggy as well and has made my game crash a few times other than that love the game and the series

Downgrade. I have all six farming simulators on my phone right now- 14, 16, 18, 20, 20+, and 23, with 12+ hours on each. Admittedly I don’t have much time on 23, but so far my experience has been sub-par. The graphics seem far worse than 20/20+; almost toy-like. It’s great that the landscape is 3d, but the Neubrunn map felt empty and basic. Another issue I have are the paid tractors. This was something that annoyed me with FS14, and that the last 4 version has fixed. After spending $8 on the game- which is more than it has ever been- at least give me all the tractors/combines/etc. Farming Simulator has been my favorite game for 8+ years on mobile and computer, and this most recent version seems to take a few steps in the wrong direction. FS20 is my favorite, and even after spending $8 on the new one, I think I will continue to play the last generation. Here’s to a great FS25.

Best game ever!. Best game ever! But if there is a few things from farming simulator 2022 that I would not be mad if you added it on farming simulator 2023. More vehicles in the cars section and the ability to supercharge a vehicle and to customize it. Thank You!

Great Start - Hoping for New Features Coming Soon!. I love farming simulator, and this is a great start. I wish the game allowed us more than just three saves. I even one more would be awesome. Can we get the bank and loan mechanism in this game? I don’t have an issue with buying new vehicles for real money, but I don’t like the cheat of buying in game money. I want to be able to take out loans to buy things. Adding some more brands and models in equipment over the next couple months would be awesome. Enjoying it a lot, but it’s missing that last 10%!

Disappointing overall. Does not seem like much of an improvement over FS20. Game lags on my iPhone XS. Equipment selection seems more limited than in FS20, and as others have mentioned, paying to unlock items is irritating (I did not see this mentioned as a feature prior to release). Possibly my biggest gripe is with the AI. To get the best yield possible you have to apply fertilizer twice and spray with herbicide. The AI for spreading fertilizer or spraying with the larger sprayer is worthless. The AI misses large chunks of fields (AI spraying with the smaller sprayer seems to work ok). The AI works pretty well for planting, cultivating, and harvesting. I’m not sure why fertilizing and spraying cause such issues.

Egg pallets. It will not come off the forklift when I go to move them around and would be nice a trailer with my tractor. I’m playing on my iPad love the game though.

Best Mobile FS to date!. This has a ton of features, and it plays very similar to a full version! Definitely worth full unlock price!

EA Games paywall. I’d give 0 stars if I could. Seriously, huge disappointment. With FS20, you buy the game and then your set to get farming. No more paywalls. But here, you buy the more expensive game and then you have to spend upwards of $20 to get the better equipment of each type. Resorting to EA Games’ level, Giants, your supposed to be better than this. In reality, this game has a couple lackluster new features over FS20. Just get FS20, it’s actually a good game. Also, what’s with the limit to the amount of equipment I can own? Why do you want to limit the progress in-game?

Multiplayer needed. This is a great game, lots of fun and great graphics and runs smooth. However, one big thing that I am very disappointed in is the fact that there is no multiplayer. I would love to play with my friends and help my farm grow bigger faster and have fun doing it with friends. Please consider this as it would put the game at a whole new level!

Great game, I love it!. Farming simulator 23 is far better than the rest of series. With the addition of new machinery and chickens makes the game 10x better than its previous games. As I was playing the game I didn’t notice any major issues other than very little bugs. Overall 9/10 game - always room for improvement!

Upgrade over fs20 but definitely needs help. Upgrade over fs20 but definitely still needs help really needs a bigger plow option and would be sweet to have a trailer for the semi that is wide enough to haul the combines. Also would be really nice to have a bigger parking area and shop that you could park equipment in at your farm. I just feel like for it being $8 versus the old one being free plus you have to buy all the big equipment in the game with money that it could be drastically improved.

Awesome game. Only thing I would improve would be pickup truck selection. If Giant can get copyrights for farm machinery, they should be able to get Chevrolet, GMC, Ford and Ram trucks and different size trailers to pull with them. Also, atvs would be nice

Great game but needs a little improvement. This game is another great expansion on the series, but I personally don’t like the fact that there are numerous vehicles and tools that you have to pay real money to use when your already paying 7.99 for the game itself. But other than that it’s an amazing game with many great things to do. And devs if your reading this please add more John Deere and CaseIH vehicles and tools. I love having a John Deere or caseIH themed world so having more vehicles and tools to help me do that would make me give this game a five star rating instead of a four.

Experiencing some bugs. I would give this game a 5 star rating but i am experiencing some bugs mainly related to game saves. 1. I noticed that when i quit my game save there is a black screen or the game crashes and i loose my save or progress sometimes. 2. Optimisation improvements could be done because i am on the i phone 14 plus and there seams to be some lag on medium graphics. 3. The AI worker menu needs to be fixed because i have to close and reopen the menu for my vehicle to be selected. Overall great game just needs some optomisation and updates.

Money grab. Positives - I like the chain productions and two different areas. Negatives - The game was more expensive than the previous which I understand for development costs but I would have thought the higher cost would have also included all the equipment! No, you have to shell out another $23 for all the other top tier items. This is a money grab to do that. The previous version included all the equipment. Why isn’t this the same way?

W260. FS23 is a great game but no mobile version has had a W260 swather, it would be really fun to cut hay with. But also I have had a problem on the big field and I hire workers they only go through half the field, then I had to do it manually, but it still didn’t fertilize the field. Also I bring my wheat to the grain mill to make flour, but the flour just disappears, and it’s a waist of money, about $60,000

Descent game but expensive. I think this is a very well produced game, a ton more activities to do than the last couple games. Feels like you took the console game and put it on mobile. But what I don’t like is the fact you specify new tractors and make it seem obtainable with the $7.99 price and maybe some coins in game if you didn’t want to grind. What you don’t say anywhere is you have to buy those tractors with not coins but real money. A total of another $23 to get the more desirable equipment and bigger tractors. Just be ready to spend upwards of $30 on a mobile game, and we’re not talking any coins yet. I’d give this game a rating of 5 stars if it wasn’t gouging the pocket books, but for $30 I feel you could have done better. FS2020 was free and I only spent $5.99 on coins to get all the land and all the tractors. Yes, I’m aspects its more detailed than the older farming simulator games but it also lost depth like the maker lights look like a pixel instead of seeing them clearly, also in FS2020 you can read the warning labels on the equipment, in this game it’s too pixelated. Over all opinion good game, but expensive if you want the full experience.

First day a little laggy. I’ve just played the tutorial and the camera kinda glitches back and forth when you driving and I got a tractor stuck on a fence. But other than that I think it this game has potential when you work out some bugs

Great game, a few things…. Please add a larger plow, it takes forever. Please allow fences and traffic to be destroyed or broken down, tractors get stuck on them which slows down game play and is very frustrating. Allow placement of lighting, very hard to see the fields without turning the brightness all the way up and draining battery. Would love to be able to purchase limited items, build building to store vehicles and materials. Personalize it and allow to have a dog, able ti paint equipment and buildings. Thanks for listening

Great game but mods. Great game but needs the mod feature. I get that the game isn’t even a week old yet but I think in later updates there should be mods. Great game but does need some new trucks. The one in game rn looks fine and goes kinda fast but need a couple more new ones. Same with the trucks the one in game rn looks really good but I think their could be new ones. Also their could be some new maps. Other than that it’s an amazing game, lots of stuff to keep me entertained for at least a while.

Are there more vehicles coming?. I love the game I played it already for about an hour and love it. I wish there were more equipment there are enough vehicles but are there more implements coming to the game. There are no bugs or anything for me besides a few lag spikes here and there but I get that the game is new. Keep up the great work!!

Too much in game $$. I loved Farming Simulator 20 and didn’t mind spending some money to enrich my game play. So many things wrong with this edition. It’s too slow. Machines might as well run in reverse for all I accomplish. Because 2) everything costs way too much money. The price to purchase a field is outrageous - can’t even dream of accumulating enough game cash to buy anything! Farm equipment and land is way out of reach. Luckily, I bought a reasonably priced gaming computer and downloaded FS 22. I’m deleting this game forever.

Needs improvement but great game.. I think there needs to be cheaper options to start off and make money like forestry is expensive but fs22 it’s not expensive do get started and customizing tractors would be nice and I don’t know how to get mods. One more thing I would also like front loaders on tractors and land customization. If you could change anything please do. And I’m not trying to hate on the game but it needs improvement , but it is the best farming mobile game. Thank you

Not bad.. Started playing FS20 a few years. Amassed quite the wealth of gear and land. Just wish I could bring some of the equipment from my old farm to the new one! Like my 620 CHI Quads, my Elmer’s grain cart, and a proper sized Wilson grain trailer. All in all the new game is good. Glad to see a Kinzey no-till planter. Too bad it doesn’t have fertilizer tanks.

Multiplayer. I would like to see multiplayer coming so that you can play with other people and have them on your farmer then just having ai workers

Add Mods to the game for it to be funner. I would be glad for it to be kind of like farming simulator 22 because I’ve seen videos were other pepole can put maps and stuff and it looks funner then the maps FS23 has it would be something good after all its good game actually im not gonna lie

Good all around one thing though. This is a really good farming game although if you didn’t read the other reviews it’s still a bit laggy from release date but it will get better giants always does good but I do have one problem in this farming simulator (which if you didn’t know is also on console) is there isn’t very many large size tractors like in the other farming simulator and if there is you have to buy them so that makes me a bit mad because you can’t be the best you can be without paying money besides that tho the game is good a lot of people are saying they can’t play it but I’m on a IPHONE 7 plus playing in medium graphics so I don’t get that but amazing game Giants made here

Great game. The game is great but there could have been more options here like allowing to create your own fields or allow buildings placement so you could create you own farm I know it a mobile game but there definitely could have been more options here the price point to play is worth it too me as my kids like playing it but I feel like it was more designed for kids then adults but there should be more in game options but other then that it is a great game I do like there there more then one map in this version I do think it is worth buying have not put it down since I purchase it; it nice to lay down on the couch and play when I not in the mood to play FS22 on my computer.

GET RID OF IN APP PURCHASES. Farming Simulator is an amazing game with amazing detail (still wish there was terraces though). But having a PAID game that also has IN APP PURCHASES completely destroys the point of making the game paid. If it was free it would be a completely different story, except it isnt. So for the love of god Giants Software get rid of the IN APP PURCHASES for all our sanitys sake or make the game free and give the people that paid for the game all the tractors that are behind a pay wall. 2 stars for the good game but not 5 until this issue is fixed.

We need multiplayer. We need multiplayer and a mod hub we need it to snow and have snow plows and more stuff like farm sin 22 like go inside buildings and Placeable buildings. We need more vehicles all kinds like lawn mowers Overall greatest farming game on mobile.

Bruce. This has been the best farming simulator I’ve ever played so far. It has the best experience and it’s so real and life like. I would recommend this to be the best one yet.

Good but no multiplayer and that is why I bought this cause I thought it had it. I really wish we could have multiplayer to play with friends beside that everything is good just waiting for new vehicles. But it fine b

Great game but needs better textures on very high!. I love this game the graphics are great but the textures are too pixelated too enjoy it sometimes, I don’t care if the game was 5 to 10 gigabytes more for it but overall I enjoy it.

In app purchases. I love playing this game and have been waiting for it to be released for about a month and a half. It is a joy to play and is the best version by a long shot but there is one problem. I already preordered the game for eight dollars and now the best quality items cost real money. The worst part is it is all individually priced so you cant buy it all in one pack. Each piece of equipment that you have to buy ranges from a dollar each up to three dollars. Two dollars it the most frequent though. Pretty disappointed.

The only thing they need to ad. In my opinion this game really just needs more cars and real brand names for the cars in the category of cars the need dodge and ram and Benz and Lamborghini and mor like Chevy and I’ll give it a 5 star rating Ngl

Great but room for improvement. Great graphics, but wish there was a way to fast travel to places like the Animal Dealer. Also wish there were some antique tractors. But great game, can’t wait to see what the future holds with updates!

Awesome. I’ve been playing Farming Simulator since 15 and this is probably the best one I’ve played the two map’s awesome instead of just the one and the variety of equipment wow would like to see mor Case tractors added and maybe the larger Case Harvester added in future updates but other than that it’s an awesome game 👍👍👍🤤🤤👍👍

Controls progressively worse every new version. Did anyone play this before it went out? I’m trying to hold a phone or iPad and the controls are so awkward it’s not fun to drive. Acceleration bar is too long and too close to the edge of screen. You can’t hold the device and operate it comfortable. Too much lag in start and stop. Very first version had the best controls. Please add the ability to move the resize them. And remove the need to hold the acceleration unless you want max speed. Every tractor I’ve driven I use a bar next to steering wheel for speed and it’s move and let go. Seldom using pedals as the game acts as if you are doing.

I was maybe the first. I’ve always loved farming and when I heard on Snapchat, there was a farming simulator 23 coming up on mobile I was excited so I got it and I’ve been playing it today and it’s wonderful. The graphics are super good.

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Multiplayer. Can you make multiplayer so you can play with your friends

It is a great game. It is so good

Disappointed. This is a step backwards from fs20. Less machinery options and very small paddocks.

G. Games is good can u add more cars trailers and trucks

Good but not great. Although the game itself is wonderful, as far as machinery goes, the pickings are very slim.

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Copy and Paste. They added a handful of vehicles from the 23’ version but they also made a handful of vehicles accessible thru micro transactions only, the maps are small and cramped, it’s a minor upgrade compared to 20’ save your money and wait for it to be lowered or become free, but expect to pay money for the best equipment…

Add more mulchers. You should add more mulchers you know for like Highway use and other stuff but it is a great game and I hope you guys make more games for the future 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I love it!!. I really didnt like FS 20 but loved all the ones. Before that. I have spent around $35 in this game so far just to save time. Takes a while to learn. I hope they continue to add new vehicles. The only issue really is I am using a iPhone 14 pro max and when I play on the highest graphic settings my phone gets incredibly hot.

FS23. The game looks incredible. Great detail and graphics and has the classic FS feel. My only gripe is that you pay for the game and there’s still in app purchases for the best equipment. 99 cents up to 4 bucks, for a tractor? All the older games had those options included. Not impressed by that.

Multiply player?. Would be a five if the best equipment didn’t cost real money. Quite disappointed that there is no multiplayer as well but over good game and like some of the new features. But plz add multiplayer

Crashes when I use my Xbox Series X controller. When I have been playing for roughly 30 mins or more (somewhat) i use my controller and it crashes I double tap my home button, the app is there but it then shows this queried corrupted save menu/ GUI

Seeding equipment. Field size is too small, need better seeding equipment, Seed and fertilizer and direct seeding . Game is no better then any other year

A game at full price, with add-ons. The game is a bit sneaky. Well, the graphics are beautiful and the equipment is fun to drive, progress is ridiculously slow and tedious. I don’t like the supposed in game purchases, as for the amount they cost for the game everything should be unlocked. Also, numerous bugs, AI gets confused or lost, or doesn’t recognize a field when it’s sitting directly in front of one. Hopefully there’s improvements to come, but for now it’s just not 5 stars.

Can’t Connect. Wondering if why i can’t play with my ipad and iphone. It does say uploaded on my ipad but no game saved on iphone. (Same apple account and everything). Can any body help?

The game is very good.. The game is very good It looks aller like fs22 and I would recommend it to everyone.

Ripoff. What a ripoff. The equipment normally included with previous versions you now have to pay for. Not even the basic starting equipment is included in this ripoff version. What a waste of money. You have to pay for almost all your basic equipment in order to get started out unless you save up for the few expensive pieces of equipment included in this ripoff version. I expected better from this game. Giants software has become another pay to play ripoff game. Wishing I read the reviews first.

Needs more options to turn on/off plowing and weeds. I understand this is not like the console version but I did expect there to be more options to be more player friendly

Love it. I like playing on my iPhone but would love to be able to play on my iPad Air 2 but it says it is not compatible. Giants please add compatibility to iPad Air 2

Please add. Can you please add snow plows please 🙏

So far ok. I haven’t played too much, but I will say the control scheme is awful. I’m sure this would be better with a controller of some type. Would be great if giants gave us the ability to move the buttons around.

Controller support. Needs controller support

Bug. Très gros problème de direction, les roues bug quand on veut tourner

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First review. Hey I’m the first review and this one is wayyyy better than fs20 great job devs.

Lots of activities, decent gameplay. Graphics are decent on the 14+ almost no lag except for when turning, add multiplayer please!

建议. 建议后面把地图里的地块做大一点,大型农机多加一点

Farming simulator 23. It’s very good game!

I love this game it really does remind you of fs22. Looooooooovvvve

Good game. I really like it but I don’t like how you can’t hook tippers or the automatic pallet loader on the truck

Good and bad. I give ur a four the lag needs to go but the game is good than the lag and if u could have everything in game not have to by it

Nice. It’s a nice game I wished the green combine was tires not track,s but overall 5/5

Crashing.. Ever since my iPad got the 16.5 os update the game freezes and crashes now.

Decent but…... Where’s the tour, silage facility and what’s up with the lagging? I’ve been around here since the first release of fs14 and this is about the same. My opinion is, your on the right track but released way early!

Crashing. You guys need to fix the crashing issue. I am done playing for a little while so I go to quit the game and save it but it crashes immediately after I click “quit game” and I’m losing so much progress over this issue. Please fix it ASAP

Please fix bugs. My tractor and trailer are stuck on fencing. I can’t get it. I spent real money to get money I don’t want to have to start over.

So cool. Nice work its so beautiful

Good game. They should add new cars like trucks is only one truck in the game

What the heck. You HAVE to spend money to get some tractors and stuff witch this is already 8 dollars

Great. I Absolutely Love This Game. A few things I would like to see on an update tho. Like mud holes, and more forestry details.

This game is amazing. THE GAME IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT

Iraq. We need more updates please

In app purchases. They made the highest end trackers only usable unless you buy them with real money. After already paying for the game i was not going to waste my time.

Add some real brand trucks. This game would even be better if it had some ford trucks on it!!!

So far so good. I got into it right away and it’s been good so far.

Great buttttttt. Just thinks there should be more equipment and shouldn’t have to pay real money for big equipment

It works. It runs fast but it uses a lot of battery power

PLEASE ADD CONTROLLER SUPPORT. we would have so much fun if you added controller support

Micro transactions?. I’m very disappointed that they added micro transactions to get the better equipment. The game costs $8, while I’d pay $20 if they just included all the vehicles, I’m not going down the route of paying $1 for each piece of equipment in a mobile game.

Previous titles were great, this one is lacking. I like the new maps, pretty happy with the industries and inclusion of grapes and olives, chickens are a nice addition compared to previous installments. Now that all of what I like is laid out I’ll get into my gripes. I’m not happy with paying 8$ for the game then faced with another 50$+ of micro transactions to unlock the other 30 pieces of equipment from the advertised 130. Maybe package the other 30 pieces together as a dlc that costs another 5$ but advertising 100+ pieces of equipment then locking it behind a price tag 5x more expensive then the base game seems like a bad faith practice. I would give this a pass in my review if the equipment that is 2$-3$ a piece was something really new and exciting or somehow special but so far everything I’ve seen is just the end game equipment from fs 20, I would have preferred leaving the endgame equipment as included with the game and add in new better equipment to serve both types of players. I just want to buy my game and play it, I don’t want to pay for the game then be locked into a grind or buy faster equipment that was included with the base fs20. Another issue I have is with the implementation of orchards, not being able to plant or place them and only having a limited number is annoying and again just barely meets what was promised. Yet another issue is the lack of plows, only having one plow and a small plow at that seems like a big oversight considering the lack of settings to augment field states and required field work. To get 100% yield you need to plow but are locked to a single small, slow plow as an option. These are pretty big issues that previous fs games handled much better, I appreciated being able to buy fs 20 and just enjoy the game, I enjoyed adjusting settings to avoid annoying and menial field work like plowing, it was great to open the shop and just buy the equipment I wanted instead of being faced with a 15$ price tag for stuff that would previously be purchased with 1m of in game currency. Hopefully some or all of my problems are just temporary to allow the game to be released on time because it’s seriously jaded my view of the franchise

.. It’s a good game but always freezes

Truck. I hate to be a pain but could you please add another truck in the car category

Gg. 60 frame please

Internal purchase is not reasonable. In-game coins can't be inherited from any other save, which is equivalent to another save where you have to re-spend if you need coins. In-game vehicles can't be acquired for free once in any other save and you have to spend in-game coins to get them. In-game purchases are all one-off

Farming simulator. I’ve been playing farming simulator for years and it’s super fun just a little bit of leg I wish I could see more vehicles in the game though.

Semi trailer for pallets. Add semi trailer to haul pallets Bring back the double hopper Wilson grain semi trailer

Great game. The game is great but there are so many things that would make it better the forks on the forklift should be able to pick up bales of hey if u flip a vehicle over it should be able to pick it up but the forks go through the vehicle the snow should accumulate great game tho love y’all’s farm simulator games

Game is not good.. Still no multiplayer and a lot of the vehicles you have to pay real money for this game was built just for people to spend money. Don’t buy this game it’s trash. There’s nothing new and there’s nothing good about it.

Backbone controller. Can you make it compatible with backbone controller

a flawed entry in an already stale franchise. farming simulator as a franchise has been losing its magic over the past few years and this is just another piece of its downfall. a few changes could make it go from bearable to remotely enjoyable. 1 - performance - the game appears to lock itself to 30 fps. it would be a nice option to be able to set it to 60 or even higher as the M2 iPad Pro would be able to handle the task. i also see others complaining about performance on lower end devices which is a whole other issue. 2 - keyboard + mouse support - since this game is just a watered down port of FS22, surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to introduce keyboard and mouse support on iPad? it would make this feel a lot more like a “real” game. 3 - seasons - the inclusion of seasons in game appears to be purely visual. again, as this is a port of farming simulator 22 it would be nice to have a difficulty option where seasons influence the game outside of visuals. 4 - microtransactions - this is the biggest problem i have with this game. this is an $8 mobile game, which is already pretty steep for such a watered down version of a nearly 2 year old game. you’d expect to be able to drive every vehicle included in the game, but no. there are certain vehicles in the shop that must be “unlocked” separately for about $2 a piece. this is very disappointing to see in such a pricey mobile game that’s already missing so much content from its original version. lose the microtransactions, giants.

Multiplayer online. I hope I can cooperate with my friends

Paid content within the paid game?. Cmon, they save the best equipment as payware only. You can’t save up to get it, you just have to pay money. Bummer

Won’t work. How to get a refund?. Won’t work on my iPad. It worked for the first day then stopped. I even deleted and reinstalled.

Controller Support. Love the game! It is so much better playing with a controller add on (Backbone). It worked fantastic for the first week, but now when I attach it, it’s as if the joystick is stuck in the down position. The game is unplayable with the controller. Please allow controller support!

Good. Love this game since 2016😚😍

Underwhelmed. I thought there’d be much much more equipment and vehicle options. Also, I think I can speak for most when I saw I was not expecting to have to pay additional (real) money for equipment/tractors in the game.

Great game. This game is way better than fs20 but not as good as fs22

Predatory monetization of tools and vehicles.. I cannot express in words the amount of disappointment I have in Giants right now. It’s a foul taste in the back of my mouth. Not one single farming simulator game that I have bought has ever charged additional money for the in game items. At no point was it implied or stated that this game would be any different. This isn’t like some expansion pack released a few years down the road, this is charging for access to the game and then charging additional money for other equipment and vehicles. Guys, I bought the game! Pre ordered the game, why do I have to pay more money for the game? Not just more money for the game, but more money than the game costs originally. Go ahead, total it up. This means anytime you update or add something later, yup, it means you plan to charge additional for that too… I wouldn’t feel no where near as betrayed had it been a couple bucks for a dlc pack later, but this… the already downloaded and installed base game items being monetized is outrageous. The disappointment I have right now has completely overshadowed my initial excitement because the game appears to be your best effort yet on mobile. I cannot and will not reward this. I hope I am not alone in this. We people vote with our dollars and by the dollar. If you purchase the in game equipment, you only incentivize this behavior later and it will get worse before it gets better. I didn’t even see this coming from you Giants, it’s completely against your tradition with other releases. I will never preorder a game from you again.

Best one yet. It is the best one yet but will there be multiplayer or downloadable mods.

Grapes and olives. So can I not plant grapes and olives myself???? !!!! I’ve looked through the whole store and can’t find a planter for grapes and olives. So basically you can only use the fields that start planted with grapes and olives

Need upgrade. It need to upgrade for the great machine so it could unload into the trailer instead of you got to drive it to the location and unload

Review. In the next update y’all should add lawn mowers and flashers on the tractors

Love it. I absolutely love it!!!! But after you buy it to have to pay a 2$ fee for some equipment I respect this cuz it wasent in the last fs but it’s good keep up the good work but it glitches a lot and the ai is stupid

Scammed. I bought a grape field and now it’s telling me I don’t own it???

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Language English
Price $7.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.2.0
Play Store com.giants-software.fs23
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application Farming Simulator 23 Mobile was published in the category Games on 23 May 2023, Tuesday and was developed by GIANTS Software GmbH [Developer ID: 502494443]. This program file size is 1020.72 MB. This app has been rated by 471 users and has a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Farming Simulator 23 Mobile - Games app posted on 23 May 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.2.0 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.giants-software.fs23. Languages supported by the app:

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Farming Simulator 23 Mobile Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Last few bug fixes and additions for initial launch.

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