Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga [Games] App Description & Overview

Start playing Candy Crush Saga today – a legendary puzzle game loved by millions of players around the world.

With over a trillion levels played, this sweet match 3 puzzle game is one of the most popular mobile games of all time!

Switch and match Candies in this tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that sweet winning feeling! Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos!

Plan your moves by matching 3 or more candies in a row, using boosters wisely in order to overcome those extra sticky puzzles! Blast the chocolate and collect sweet candy across thousands of levels, guaranteed to have you craving more!

Candy Crush Saga features:

Thousands of the best levels and puzzles in the Candy Kingdom and with more added every 2 weeks your sugar fix is never far away! 

Check back daily and spin the Daily Booster Wheel to receive free tasty rewards, and take part in time limited challenges to earn boosters to help you level up! 

Sweet ways to play: Game modes including Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients and Order Mode

Get to the top of the leaderboard events and compare scores with friends and competitors!

Levels range from easy to hard for all adults to enjoy – accessible on-the-go, offline and online.
It's easy to sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet or Wifi.
Follow us to get news and updates;, Twitter @CandyCrushSaga, Youtube
Visit to access the Community and competitions!
Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.
You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service;

Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

Have fun playing Candy Crush Saga the sweetest match 3 puzzle game around! 
If you enjoy playing Candy Crush Saga, you may also enjoy its sister puzzle games; Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Candy Crush Friends Saga!

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Candy Crush Saga Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We hope you’re having fun playing Candy Crush Saga! We update the game every week so don't forget to download the latest version to get all the sweet new features and levels! New to the game? Don’t be shy, join the fun! Coming back after a break? About time! Let’s play!

Candy Crush Saga Comments & Reviews

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- I am dorsa akbari l want to say about this app:

سلام جونم قربون جان عالى دستت درد نكنه فقط اين مراحل شما تمومى نداره چرا عزيز جان ترجمه پايين👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Hi dear your app is so nice but your levels are so long it means l can’t finish the all levels because they are very hard and long thanks🙏🏻🙏🏻 Excuse me l am from iran and my English is not very good.❤️🇮🇷🇮🇷

- Connection problem

I couldn’t even connect it to my prior account and every time it comes to the wheel , it stuck, I couldn’t even claim any prizes cuz of the connection stuck forever

- Too many updates without benefits

This used to be fun earning boosters as you’d played and earning extra plays to win a game, but WHERE did they GO!! This game is much more frustrating than relaxing these last 6 months. Your developers have made some lousy changes which leaves little advantages to the player. They don’t give anymore gold coins and it seems all they want is for you to pay for them. Players like to win and earn them!! Without any extra boosters the games take so much longer to win and a lot of the times you lose by one space. So frustrating... You think the pandemic has caused enough anxiety and you would update the game back to the way it was 2 years ago, earning gold coins, boosters and extra turns while you pass games or at least watching advertisements to earn some boosters. When you have to play the same game more than 20 times, it’s just not fun anymore. Glad I found a better App Tripeaks Solitaire to keep me entertained and earn points and boosters while competing against other players. Much more rewarding and fun

- Officially done and deleted the app

After playing since 2013 and being on nearly 3000 levels I’ve called it quits for this game. Your “updates” have made the game unenjoyable. I have deleted the app from my phone.

- Me

So much fun, thank you!!’

- Candy Crush


- Candy crush review :

I like this game but it’s fun and it’s free 😁😁I’m happy to see this game .

- Best game EVER!

5 Plus stars -excellent rating My daughter introduce this game to me years now I play it with my granddaughter! It’s like a time Capsule three generation❤️❤️❤️

- “Beat the timer” games are annoying af

As the title of this review suggests, many of the levels will leave players stuck trying to figure out how to beat timed bombs. You’ll be waiting(and waiting) for more lives and bumming(annoying) lives from friends. This is anything but “relaxing.” I’ve almost reached the 500 level spot and if I stop playing the game, the timebomb levels will be the reason.

- Not inclusive for the blind community

We cannot play this game with out full accessibility support and the app. We cannot see the screen, that is why we are asking for a accessibility patch built into the app in the next update please. We need voice guidance too play the games. Try playing the games with a blind fold on, the original game and the modified one and see witch one you would win? I wish all developers would walk a mile in our shoes to see what we go through every day!!!!! Still not accessible for the blind community and I will give this app 0 stars because of it!!!

- No Fun Anymore

This game is so boring now They sabotage every move so you can’t win unless you buy boosts BORING, SAD and PATHETIC Moving on to something more fun 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Asking friends for lives

Why can we not ask our fb friends for lives?! I’m connected but can’t find ANY of my friends to ask for lives. It’s been like this for quite some time. I do not like this new update.

- You are a joke.


- Fewer moves

Okay, so I’m stuck. Again. Level 2416. 15 moves which is 25 fewer moves according to the tips pages that I looked at. (Yes, I’m okay with cheating.) Not even enough moves to clear off the top 2/3 of the candies, let alone the whole board. You guys just really don’t play fairly. 🤔 Dropping a star in case that matters. What is this crown thing? I guess I don't get it. But I still try to earn them. Maybe someday I'll figure out what it's good for. I'm still playing. There is hope at the end of the candy rainbow. Except for now, I'm playing to finish in one try so I can collect gold crowns so I can collect enough gold crowns to make a super crown? This makes no sense. I'm not so sure about others, but I've gotten to the point of ick. Level 1892 is ridiculous. The wrapped candies all blow up before you can set them up for a swap. 👎🏼 Please switch up the ads you play. I’ve seen enough of the same 30 second Kohl’s ad in the past few days to ensure I will never go to Kohl’s again. Seriously. 10 seconds is long enough (although too long) to watch the ads. Plus, I’ve just hit three hard or super hard levels in a row. Ease up. Relaxation is my (and many others’) point of this game. First of all, READ your reviews. I swear you have deleted mine. I'm pretty sure that I've written and updated the review several times, but now I have to start a new one 🤔 so this might sound quite cynical. I think you guys have gotten big heads over the success of your games. You are taking a lot of the fun out of almost every aspect of the game. When one is on a roll, the videos for free boosters come up in just about everything, (and I watch them) but when one needs the help, it isn't there. The number of moves on some levels have been cut, the boosters are less and less frequent, and the things to buy have pretty much taken over the game. Work to earn your coins/gold bar or beat your levels, just to see that in order to redeem them, you have to pay? I kind of thought that what was earned is earned, not bought. When you have not completed a level, the option is there to win moves, but in my experience that is rare. When I have a chance to win moves, as the entices say, I want to win moves, not double fish. The gold bar prizes are what I would consider chintzy. Win the whole episode and get 5 gold bars. Yay. I am in a nightmarishly impossible level, and have been for quite some time. Seriously, 18 moves for removing 18 double loaded jellies? Yeah, that's not even a good algorithm. What used to be just a pleasant distraction, has now become pretty frustrating, and in reading reviews, you're not getting new players, your most loyal customers are leaving you. Something just doesn't feel quite right in that.

- Don’t do it and save your moola

Totally into taking your money! You probably won’t even see this review!

- Why??

I love candy crush and have been playing for a long time. I noticed today that the candy with the sprinkles has more pronounced sprinkles. Oh My Double G!!! Looking at it makes my skin crawl. I am avoiding matching 5 candies so I won’t have to see one. I am going to uninstall this game for this reason alone. I don’t know why that gives me the creeps but it does. I will miss you candy crush.

- 😡

Disgusting ad. Very biased stating those making wrong moves have low IQs. SHAME!!!!

- Great game but one thing

This game it so great. It teaches strategizing skills and organizational skills. But there it one thing that I don’t like about this game. When you have reached the goal it won’t let you keep going with your answers and it gets annoying. Just the other day I had a super great move with a candy bomb and a wrapped candy and I wanted to do those together and it made a dumber move that could’ve gotten me more points to reach sugar stars but instead it didn’t let me finish. Like I said that it the only thing I would like to see improvement on otherwise this is a fantastic game keep up the good work!

- kheyli allllllli

kheyli allllllli

- Not fun

I have played for a long time it was really funny but now it’s not worth playing

- Not very challenging

Not challenging or very different boards are all alike.

- Level 7054

Thanks candy crush you gave me the best board to finally finish level 7054 💕💕💕

- About done

I am so over this game I’m on the upper levels and they decreased the moves and I also googled them and they say they can’t be won without buying extra things . So I am done with game . You’re not making it fair . Who can afford to buy moves on a game you should be able to play with constantly paying more

- I love this game, but it is NOT aboveboard!

I am an adult who plays this game to escape from a stressful world. I am highly educated and certainly not stupid. However, just recently, after playing for several months, something came on the screen that made me think that I could retrieve all my supposed rewards and that they would normally be worth so much $. Did I say I’m not stupid? I guess I am. The next thing I knew, I was charged $8 and NONE of the rewards I had “earned” came back to me. Ok, you pro’s may chastise me, but think what would happen if this happened to one of your children? This is a devious business model and I will delete it. Maybe I’ll go back to school and learn how to make internet games that are truly free and aboveboard.

- Candy Crush

You have levels that can’t be passed or take so many WEEKS/MONTHS to pass that giving up or deleting is your only option!

- Timer

This game is fun and addicting but when you get to the upper levels. It seems the only way to clear the candies is to use all the helps so it can get expensive.

- For Crying Out Loud

Now you take away the Daily Spin???

- new graphics

the new chocolate bomb is ugly. i hate looking at it so much i almost want to stop playing this game.

- Update have a problem

I Uptadet the game yesterday and something happend and not open the game and it dropped out plz fix it or help me

- Why prevent screen rotation?!

This update suddenly removes the ability to rotate the screen upside down when playing. Why?? I use that feature daily. Please bring it back!!

- Survey

Made me start all over. I was on level 3457.

- Amazing

It is challenging and I really enjoy playing it!!!

- You should try candy crush


- Mr.

Super! Fan and Fabulous

- Love this game!!!

I love this app it is so fun and relaxing and it’s is great!


This is the best game ever because it has cool prizes

- Candy Crush S

I love this game

- Please fix level 7012!!

Please fix level 7012! It doesn’t have a chocolate spinner do impossible to create enough chocolate for a win. I am using both an iPhone 7 and an iPad. Both are up to date on software. Thank you!

- Used to be fun—now it’s just frustrating

This used to be my favorite game. Now it’s just frustrating. There is nothing fun about playing a level 60 to 70 times without being able to win. There are far too many levels that can’t be won without boosters and the company has removed the ability to win boosters on a daily basis. Now, the only way to get boosters that can be carried over is to watch ads, “win” one of the weekly “contests,” or buy them (which I refuse to do). In addition, you used to be able to get boosters for use in current games by playing prior levels. Now you only get them by winning new levels and as soon as you lose one level, you go back to zero. So, when you get to a “super hard level,” there is no way to win until the computer program determines that you’ve wasted enough time and it “gives” you a win. At a time during covid when other companies are trying to help people and making entertainment free, King (the company that makes Candy Crush) is showing its greed and its total disregard and disrespect for its players. I may keep playing until I have used up my boosters, but I will not download any games put out by King again. Horrible, horrible company.

- Hate the new graphics

The new update on graphics especially with the colorful chocolate bomb it looks like a ball of cancer cells. Like the older look way better

- Can’t go any further

The game is great and told me that I’m one of the best playing it so now it’s out of boards🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ I guess I gotta wait till y’all make more

- Like

Good very good game

- LIVES to purchase!!

Candy crush should have a lot more options to purchase for the number of “bars” to purchase between 10 and 50!!! The difference between $2 and $8 is a lot! Also, there should be more an option for more lives since the app took away the “infinity lives” for the time being. More options if you want $$$

- More info

I would like to know more of what the tools do

- Candy

It is fun time

- Level 963

The game is fun but I couldn’t get past level 963.

- Great


- Love this

Love how you can win and sometimes not know it

- Fun game

Just really frustrating to have to wait for lives

- Candy Search

Concentrate on this rather than news of cv for a while.

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- Really fun, but...

I love this game I play it all the time but there is a slight problem with it and that is even when I watch an ad for a prize it doesn’t give it to me. Or when I have more points than someone on the leaderboard and it’s kind of annoying sometimes. But other than that it’s super fun and it’s really relaxing I recommend it

- Highly addictive

I recommend it!

- Used to love

I loved this game for years, but the recent updates made it super boring and just...not fun. Maybe if you’re just starting it’s still good, but if you’re way up there, it’s a real let down.

- Bank pig

Je déteste la banque remplie à 30 gold j’ai jamais acheter à 30 seulement à 60. La dernière mise à jour offre une vie ou demande une vie trop la même couleur. 30 gold sa veut juste 2.00 c’est 45 gold qui 4$

- Fix candy crush please!!!!!!!

Needs to fix the bugs! Level 7012 specifically

- Won’t update

How many times do i have to pay the same level over and over again even thought i passed them? It is really frustrating and making me want to delete the app!!! So not cool 😡😡

- Candy crush saga

Why does the "hint/suggestion" of a possible move have to come so fast. Give me a few minutes to think for myself what would be a good move please. Seeing what the system would do really messes up my thoughts!! I wish there was an option to turn "hint" off, and maybe offer a button to press for help when I need it. Who’s playing the game... me or KING???

- Top ten games

Love this game wish we could creat our one levels that are in the main campaign once we reach a special level! !! U

- Glitchy? Or withholding?

Won’t let me change my avatar anymore. Won’t even give me access to my profile.

- Great!

This is a very fun game! 😃

- Beware

I ordered from ad on candy crush, I was billed but never received what I ordered. This has happened to others DO NOT ORDER FROM ANY OF THE ADVERTISERS ON CANDY CRUSH

- Tyler

The game is so good but for starters you guys should give 30 lives ok

- New Gifts structure

I have one player that I am unable to give to. My ‘giving’ is stuck on this one player an I’m unable to give to anyone else. It looks like I’m not a good teammate :-) I’m able to receive gifts; this is not a problem.

- Can’t restore progress

Trying to log in through Facebook and “safari can’t connect to Facebook due to too many redirects” Tried to delete and re-install. No luck

- I am cancel my admin

Before you have extra time four-game, But now you cut times, because are use advertising make forcing, its making headache 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Progress?

There’s an issue were the game will not log progress but will remember the boosters used during that level you just beat. Leaving you with missing boosters lives and the joy of re-playing the level you just beat!

- Really really good game!

I play this game when I'm stressed and want to do something! Keep up the god work on making games!

- Plat876

Unable to open after the latest update. May 22, 2020.

- Addictive

Love this game addictive

- Décevant

Vous changer les règles afin d’augmenter les difficultés afin de vendre vos gadgets! Vous ne donnez de moins en moins de récompenses et offrez des défis sans grands attraits. Je suis écœurée et je vais lâcher prise!😡

- Favourite game BUT SUCKS NOW

HATE THE NEW UPDATE! I also hate how the levels are impossible without buying boosters. It’s not fun being stuck on the same level for days on end sometimes over a week or more. It’s not “de-stressing” at all it’s frustrating playing an impossible game. It’s been one of my favourites and I play a lot but it’s getting annoying now

- candy crush

❤️💞💖💓💘💝💗💕❣️ LOVE IT 😍 SO MUCH

- MacBook?

A quand Candy Crush pour Mac 💻

- Dumb changes

Before, when you go into the game, and don’t like it’s layout, you could quit without losing lives. Now, not only you lose lives, you also lose the boost you select. I have played this game for years and now on 2377 probably going to quit this game for good since the dumb developers are just thinking of money, and not focus on player experience

- 🤮🤬 worst game ever

This game has hit rock bottom. Strictly money grab. They need to bring back old version where you collected candies.🤮🤮

- Poor

2622 is the opposite of relaxing. And why do I can get to win 1 extra move after I watch an ad . Episodes are harder and everything is really beginning to get really frustrating

- Sucks

The new update sucks. Bring back the old version.

- This is amazing!

Omg! I’ve been playing this for 2 days and I am ADDICTED! This is an amazing game!!!! You must play this!

- Reload

Hi I had to reload my candy crush game. The old one could not contac5 the App Store. Sad to lose all the levels. 4300 of them. So now I,m starting all over

- Une erreur ses produits

J’ai perdu sans savoir pourquoi le jeu j’ai du recommencer du début ses plate

- Super

Je suis une personne handicapée et je m’amuse beaucoup avec ce jeu. Une chance que je l’ai pour me divertir.

- You really are asking for it 🙂

Why did you remove all the best parts about this game? Do you guys want to fail or what? People can’t reshuffle their candies by exiting the game and restarting. You give helpers that come with timers, we barely get good boosters. Everything comes with 15 minutes. You sell $3 worth of boosters and they are all times- you give little gold bars. You’re making the levels harder and making it more impossible to win, yes we love a challenge but don’t push it. It’s getting uncanny. We should be able to enjoy our game with the perks that we want at the very least. A lot of us have been here forever. Stop messing with the status quo and please look into some fixes for your next update and maybe we can look forward to the days when updates were meant to make things better and not worse. Thanks.

- Bad

It is not good

- It’s awesome

Candy crush has helped me get through boring road trips and now it’s just for fun!

- Great game

So Addictive. Love it.

- Mediocre development

It’s sad to write a review like this because I really want to love this game. A popular bejeweled clone that is fun, and addicting.. except when it’s not. This game loves to bring in a false sense of confidence as you breeze through the levels. Lot’s of social competition, and overall a great way to reward players. Then comes the later levels.. soon after you’re faced with levels too stressful for it’s own good, heavily relying on the luck of the draw or heavily relying on you making an in-app purchase. I’m alright with freemium games. In fact, I think it’s fair to give paying players an upper hand to magnify their experience. But when it’s heavily implied by the devs that you should consider sinking some money into their games.. it becomes less enjoyable. The development of these levels in the later stages are mediocre at best. The fact that the level had to reshuffle three times in a row just shows that the random nature with their “Paywall” difficulty just doesn’t mix. Id rather be paying for an app game upfront than to deal with freemium garbage like this. I really hope a good competitor comes and sweeps up their playerbase over their shenanigans

- My wife was right

My wife was right, this game is a lot of fun


I Love This Game But I Delated The Game Because The Game Lost Progress

- Good game

Please come up with more infinity lives so that we can keep playing and stay home and have some to do. Thanks

- Scam

Every time I log on, the game will always click on a random level and when I leave I lose a life And now I only have four lives. That’s not fair

- Fix your F150 Ad!!!!!

Your F150 ad will not work even after I updated my candy crush. It will not RUN or provide an "x" to exit out of so I have to leave candy crush altogether and the log back in to be able to carry on with my levels. So frustrating!!! In the last 15 minutes alone I have had to leave candy crush 4 times and this has been going on for 2 days.

- Candy crush

Why can I not go on candy crush after they updated it today?

- Lost progress

I connected my candy crush app with Facebook finally after I had reached level 956 and had many perks like they were in hundreds because I like to collect them but as soon as I connect it to my Facebook I loose all my extra things I collected and I get set back to level 939 which I highly unfair. I don’t want to play anymore because I have lost all my collected stuff for future help because I tried to connect my candy crush and Facebook.

- Great distraction

Good Times

- So much fun!

Love Candy Crush. Lots of Competition with family and friends!

- Fun and addictive

Candy crush is a fun and addictive game and it great for staying inside

- Not fun, money grab

Although it seems fun to start once you get to higher levels they make them impossible to complete without boosters so it’s a money grab. I am currently I level 5188 and you can’t beat it without boosters as you can’t get the keys to unlock stuff as striped candies won’t break through the locked stuff. By the time the chocolate covers all the keys to open up where you need to get rid of the jellies you only have 4 moves to clear 25 jellies. I don’t mind challenging games but this isn’t challenging where you have a chance to win without boosters so it just makes it not fun and a money grab

- Finally, the way it was meant to be!

May 3-They finally gave the option to turn off the hints! I haven’t played in over a year because of the hints. I came back after I found out you can now turn them off and it’s as fun as ever. Very happy. Feb 5th-I keep seeing all these ads saying come back, we miss you. The reason I quit was because King REFUSED to turn off the terrible blinking hints that a ton of people hate. I want to play a game not have the game played for me. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I will never play this game again unless they at least give a turn off hints button. It’s stupid and annoying. Edit: If you’re looking for a game that actually lets you play instead of flashing a move at you after 1 second then I suggest Toon Blast. It’s kind of similar and never shows you moves no matter how long you wait. I had previously given this game 3 stars and the only reason it didn’t get 5 stars was because of the super annoying hints that you couldn’t turn off. I’ve since went looking for support on this issue only to find numerous requests to have the hints turned off or have it as an option. So obviously King is aware that their players find this super annoying but they just don’t give a darn. I’m boycotting this game and all King games. It’s not fun anymore and King just doesn’t care.

- Love this game

10 out of 10 so much fun!!

- Hate

I truly hate the new candy crush I’m at 6762 and the new blocks you have to break is annoying. It just frustrates me so I’ll probably delete. When a game becomes frustrating it’s not worth it.

- Candy

Candy crush is an amazing game it gets all of your worries to float away into nothingness when your bored you can play this game soon you’ll be excited in now time it’s great for all ages over the age limit even if your 98 you can enjoy it I personally go straight to candy crush when I can’t go to sleep you shall definitely download candy crush for the time of your life my nana plays it but she’s finished all the levels in only up to my 100s I need her to help me sometimes it also keeps you entertained when stuck at home during covid19

- Why I love candy crush

I love this game it is so fun and addictive keep up the good work

- Really

Had game before and see why people complain as you can only pass levels when you allow as you can be stuck on one then all of sudden done in 2 moves just sit there eventually they let you through also amazed when you complain gets harder was doing 70 plus a week now not

- It’s ok

I used to love this game but it suddenly got really hard, what used to be a fun and relaxing game is now stressful and time consuming. Also, I hate the change they made with the chocolate sprinkle ball things, the look weird. I know that isn’t super important but I just wanted to add that.

- Repetitive

The stages are quite repetitive. If you cant think of anything new why don't you open the platform to your players. I am sure there are millions who would think of unique stages just to see their name in the game. you could name the stages after them.

- Well

Well this game is awesome and super addictive but the basically when I started I didn’t get any gold bars and the only way to get them was to pay and I didn’t want to do that. Also wrong with this game you have to go on to a website to customise your character and people don’t always want to do that like me. Also on this game it’s a bit old and didn’t have all the cool features but that is the cool thing about it this game is super awesome and you should really get it

- Giving lives

We need to be able to block people who ask for lives all the time but never return the favour!!!

- Big brain game

I loose all the time, the game is too hard!!!

- Changed from a game to an ordinary app

I am back after a break hoping this app would be better but after a finally winning a few levels, I am on level 5540 it’s obvious this app has gone backwards. The devs don’t read these reviews as there is a growing number of players with the same issues with this app. Sugar drops and candy friends have been removed, build a bot goes to the start after a failed level rather than one step down. Fantastic 5 is 7000 points but was 5000 previously. With every update rather than fixing bugs, the number of turns is reduced and items to remove are increased. Have a look a YouTube for your current level from 12 months ago. The ability to exit a game without removing a life was done to make the game harder and now to pass a hard level unless you want to play the same level 50 times you need multiple power ups but there is very little chance of winning free power ups. Free power ups are a thing of the past no more now. Even the free spin at the end of a failed game now only counts down while you are playing only so good bye as I will be finding a game to play not an app like this one.

- Purple levels

Good game and all but the purple levels were my favourite and now they are gone.

- Love it

Great game,Cory it!

- Best game ever!!!!

This game is awesome! I think everyone should have it because it’s so relaxing and fun to play! My mum has been playing for 3 years she is over the thousands by heaps. I would rate this a 5 star game!😀 and it’s really simple to play sometimes you need to get rid of the jelly sometimes it’s chocolate or other things. I just got this game and I’m getting way over the score your supposed to get!

- Candy Crush Rules!!

Ever since I saw my Aunty playing this game I knew I loved candy crush! Even though I’m only on level 32 I love it! Thanks for making this really cool app! 🍭🍬

- I have a crush on u

Absolutely brilliant, challenging and exciting.

- Challenging & rewarding

Love the challenge of the super hard levels. Great boredom buster too

- Where is the one best booster thing ?

Downloaded new version and the booster you get one every day if you finish the level and after six you get one each booster has disappeared. Please bring that back!!

- App won’t open

After this update, the app crashes immediately and won’t open

- Less fun these days

I enjoy swiping and thinking and winning. It pisses me off when I am stuck on a level - not because I don’t have the experience to progress but the algorithm doesn’t want me to. Makes the whole game pointless.

- Lost all boosters and gold bars

I got a new iPad and when I loaded my saved account all my boosters - over 550 of them- were gone. Also gone were all my gold bars. On emailing them I got a reply from a BOT telling me that that is what happens. Why do you make it like that???!! Also good customer relations does not occur when your only reply is from a Bot. It makes us angrier. I later got an email that 50 gold bars were waiting for me in a different game - I don’t want to play another game. What a stupid response. Why not return my gold bars to Candy Crush Saga and gift me ( if you can’t return) several hundred boosters? That would be fair.

- 9 years

My mum loves this game she's been playing it for 9 years!

- Game won’t open

New May update won’t even open.

- Candy crush

I don’t understand the game really. Needs better explanation of how it works

- Gone to the dogs

I’m another long term player (level 4684) who is irritated re changes made. Less moves now available on levels (based on what i saw on youtube videos - eg 18 v 24). And now the fact that you can not pick up boosters from previous levels makes this game nothing more than a game you need to keep playing and playing and either spend money or keep playing til you get a board setup in a way that’s solvable. Because on some levels boards ate setup with these limited moves that makes the board unsolvable - TLDR: nasty rip off with no ethics!!!

- Thank you

I have spent many hours playing this game and I find it very relaxing. Thank you for extending lives and giving 24 hr periods to play in this COVID period. Very thoughtful and appreciated.

- Money thieves

Only way to get past certain levels is to pay your way. Silly levels that only work when your trying to get anyone to make a purchase! Absolutely joke!

- Candy is bad for you


- Mavis

I dumped this once again, because you keep moving the goalposts. You promise and deliver nothing.

- I hate these adds

Every time I watch an add to get a bonus or something the add for this game pops up and my whole device shuts down and doesn’t turn back on for another 3 hours and it deletes all my data overall the game is good just stop putting out adds.

- Fewer moves

While I enjoy playing Candy Crush, having fewer moves to complete levels is ridiculous. I have been on level 2551 with only 28 moves for about 1 month now and it is getting very frustrating. Every time I make a move one of my candies is blocked quicker than I can move it. I know that sometimes dumb luck will win but this is a joke. I’ve had extremely difficult levels that I have cleared in one go. I know why the moves have been reduced, but I would rather use my boosters, which by the way aren’t much of a help. I will persevere but only for so long.

- Annoying

Bring back the ability to exit a level without losing a life and the extra booster wheel that we could use after failing a level. Not everyone has the money to constantly make purchases. I am so sick of the stupid changes you keep making.

- Too many inconsistencies

Being playing for years (level 5000 something) - recent updates are frustrating there has always been inconsistencies amongst my fiends with different benefits and rewards when playing same levels but now it’s ridiculous - game keeps changing bonuses, removes candies, gives rewards to random players, unable to give friends lives, profile not recognized etc It is taking away from the joy of the game. Get your sugar together Candy’re better than this!!!

- What title

Please fix up my profile. I am not a stupid rabbit.


Why would u add diamond STAR. It ruined the GAME

- Fun game

Somewhat challenging love it

- Scam

AI sets the board up right when you have no lives left giving a promising setup to pass a hard level, purely to entice people into making purchases. Nothing random in this game at all, cleverly programmed to make you spend.

- Change your ads!

Change your ads I was playing Merge TD and your goddamn ad came up and I couldn’t do anything except get hyperlinked to your game CHANGE YOUR ADS also seriously another candy crush theres Candy crush saga Candy king etc.

- Constant updates causing problems

I love the game but unfortunately due to recent updates I am no longer able to play on my IPad!!!

- It’s so good❤️

It’s so cool that we get so many power ups and money I’m already on level 2012 and I’ve only had the game for a year

- Sugar drops

I stopped collecting sugar drops. Can you please add these back into candy crush. A lot of the changes you have made I don’t like. Please change it back to normal.

- Best game to play when you can’t sleep


- Disappointed

I used to love playing all the candy crush sagas, however I have lost ALL of levels because stupid candy crush has asked me to save my profile WHAT A WASTE Now I have to start from scratch, do you know how long it has taken me to get to the levels I was on, to loose all of them How do I get my levels back? Or is it a waste asking???? Disappointed

- Dear candy

As it’s lockdown in my country; it has been a great source of entertainment to me. Thank you

- Meh

Fun game and it gets pretty dang hard ever 10 levels prepare your minds 😃😂

- Scammish

Every time I purchase something you take out 3 x that from my account. For example my last $2.99 purchase, you took $2.99 then $4.49 at the same time. This has happened each time I have purchases anything.

- M

Excellent game

- Excellent game

Love the game. Keeps me amused.

- Money hungry!!!

Unimpressed. All they want is you to pay money so you can move on to the next level!! I’m on 1721 and have been for weeks. Have refused to buy any boosters and still on same level. Time to delete the app!!!!!

- The virus

Give us a break with what’s happening around the world and spare us of the stupid impossible levels you throw at us. Seriously we are anxious at the moment so stop making it worse. Have a bit of compassion and stop being so gready. It’s not a money making venture now, it’s being able to entertain people in this time of crisis. Let up on the stupid levels and give people a bit of enjoyment not frustration. I am sure I speak for a lot of people. Take head.

- Bozzie1308


- Good

Another addition to my collections of addictions

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- ugh

I hate the new update like massively

- Review

This is just for fun.

- used to be fun

the fun is gone. no boosters to help pass a level. not buying to get boosters either. Been playing for years but its changed and not fun any more.

- Great game but wth

I am addicted to the game, but for some reason got bumped back down to level one when I am level 3233

- Joke, just like the creators

How to not make a game 101

- Awesome

Great game one of the best games I’ve ever played

- Candy crush

I love this game!! I’m like playing it everyday and it’s sooo awsome😀. I also like the sounds of the music and the candys on the game makes me hungry! Also you should download this game if your reading this!😃

- Annoying

The infinite lives have been nice, especially when it takes 2+ hours to beat levels... Bc it is not un-stressful when it takes 15+ attempts to beat levels, when you introduce bombs that limit your moves even more, and when players have to crack “jelly” TWICE (or MORE!!!) to clear it (or whatever else is on the board that takes multiple smashes next to it bc you have to destroy EACH layer which takes upwards of 3 times as much work), with limited moves! You have to do 2x as much in 1/2 the moves. Games where players have to collect ingredients in only a handful of moves, when the ingredients aren’t even on the board are incredibly frustrating, and giving boosters with 1hr expiries when a player is out of turns, is stupid. Advertising your game as being able to “swipe the stress away” and relaxing is complete bull. Players get stuck on the same damn level for hours bc it takes forever to actually accomplish anything, and it takes upwards of 15 “lives” to do it. I hate this game. I want to like it but it’s more frustrating than enjoyable. There are multiple levels that you have to clear “jelly” and there aren’t even candies to line up to smash them, and no way to get more in that area! And I HATE when the game makes moves for you!!!!! I have candies (striped and wrapped ones, or colour bombs, etc) lined up that I want to do something with and the next thing I know, this stupid game has used them and they explode before I can use them how I wanted to!!!

- Amazing and so addicting!

This game is so addicting and so much fun! I love it and everything in it! The only thing I don't like is that when you get further into the levels, it's gets so hard that I have to spend so much time on one level and get behind.

- Fun for a while

This game is addictive and fun but some of the later levels become very frustrating because there’s no strategy involved and you’re only to win the level when they decide you can. I’ve lost interest, not interested in rigged games.

- I LOVE Candy Crush ♥️

Thank you for making this game

- Best game

Everyday I play it

- Merci


- Candy crashes


- Amazing

This game is so impressive I actually spend hours on this app and for my advise you should download it

- Used to be fun

They’ve made it so hard (presumably so you keep buying boosters) that stages are almost impossible to pass now. I used to love this game, now it’s frustrating and no longer fun or playable.

- Awesome game babe girl


- Fun

It's so much fun😜

- Can’t play

Everytime I try to play it boots me out. No problems until the latest update.

- I have lost my game...

I have lost my game changed my iPad had to put my game back on but was started over new I was will over 400 level I had this game back for a couple of days lost it again it is still on my old iPad ...Wavey 375780

- Arnaque et perte de temps

Je suis joueuse de Candy Crush, j’ai eu un problème d’achat dernièrement. En effet j’ai été facturé 41,29$ cad un achat qui devait être de 2.79$ j’ai demandé des explications et on m’a demandé d’envoyer les impressions d’écrans de mes derniers achats. Ce que j’ai fait à 3 reprises!!!! De la manière dont ils le demandent!! Et maintenant on me les redemandes une 4ieme fois!! Ils cherchent visiblement à ce que je lâche le tout. Alors’ c’est ce que je vais faire mais je tenais à signaler aux acheteurs potentiels que si jamais vous avez un problème, ils vont garder votre argent en usant votre patience. J’aurai payé 40$ pour l’apprendre.

- Lost levels

And was at 3,000

- Candy Crush saga

I enjoyed the game but for the last month I have lost all the friends and it has been replaced with robots. Not happy with this. How can I fix it.

- Amazing

So fun and creative😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

- Pointless

I opened the app for the first time in weeks, clicked on a level and it played itself.... I never moved a single piece and it just blew passed the 20000 point requirement to over 180000 points... I didn’t even need to be here. Stupid game.

- Lost progress!

I just lost all my progress!!!! I was around level 3300 and the game just reset to level 1!!! Lousy!! Not sure if I’m gonna continue to play!!! Not happy!!

- Meh

Nothing special. Boring after 100 levels. Too much animation, all the time is asking to buy some extras for $. Fake players.

- Candy crush saga

Super et eclatent.

- Déception

Je suis très déçu des derniers changements ... surtout en ce temps de confinement ... il me semble tellement ridicule cette décision de changer le jeu de façon unilatérale me coupant des plaisirs que j’avais en en jouer depuis le début. Je suis au dernier niveau et j’attends chaque semaine la sortie des nouveaux niveaux et ce depuis plusieurs années ... entre temps je me ramasse des outils pour passer le temps. J’imagine eu ceci est une décision corporative et que dans les faits des milliers de personnes comme moi n’investissent pas dans votre jeu. Je suis triste et déçu ! Redonnez moi mon jeu comme il était svp c’est déjà difficile d’être confiné à la maison.. un peu de compassion serait grandement apprécié ... Hâte de voir le résultat de ce commentaire ! Je suis au bout du jeu et chaque semaine je dois attendre les nouveaux niveaux. Vous enlevez ce qui fait que le jeu est plaisant en attendant ... les 180 étoiles pour les goodies n’existent plus dommage. Je vais quitter le jeu ...

- Great game!

I love this game, it's so addicting and the gameplay is phenominal

- Bien très bien

Bien très bien

- A crush for sue

Played for 1 week and at first really liked then it started to crash and would do so in midst of a game. Would do this at least 2 out of 5 lives. This morning it crashed all 5 lives. I gave them a lot of money. Well no more!!! Fix it or replace my lives every time it crashes. I paid you. A fool and his music money and all that.

- Great game

This game is just really fun. It’s nice to play for a little while and escape from the stresses of your life. It’s very relaxing and can be a fun distraction or something to do when you’re bored. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone looking to play it. Looking forward to trying out the other games

- To get lifes

dear candy crush, now .. at this time(covid-19), when people are sitting home please try to set unlimited lifes for few days so we can enjoy this game more. Thanks

- Candy crush saga

J’adore jouer à Candy Crush mais je trouve trop long le temps pour avoir de nouvelles vies pour rejouer, au cinq minutes serait plus apprécié. Merci

- Making it harder to win

They give you prizes to make it a little easier and then they take them away. Getting tired of this game.

- Lack of lives

The game is fun to a certain point. However having only 5 lives is not enough especially when you earn rewards that give you 3-4 hours of certain power usages. You have to wait for your lives to replenish again which eats up your time. Doesn’t really make you wanna keep earning rewards if u die and can’t use them as much

- Irritating

I hate when I purchase something by mistake wasting my gold. Can we have a confirmation before purchase?

- Swear they made it harder to cash in on covid users

You should be ashamed

- No rewards after earning awards, they don’t drop down

Message says connect to the internet to receive my rewards which I already am!

- Je pense lâcher

Je suis au 5100ieme niveau et je manque de motivation. Il n’y a plus assez de booster. Ça prend trop de temps pour avancer. Si ça ne change pas je vais arrêter de jouer.

- Un peu nul !

Les niveaux sont difficiles MÊME avec boosters et les choses coûtent cher et c’est cheap! J’aime à peine ce jeu.

- Horrid!!!!

They give you free lives while Covid-19 is going on but make it impossible to win a game without spending an arm and a leg!!!! 🤣😂 No thanks!!!!

- Candy crush


- Switch candies without using moves isn’t working

I tried to switch some and it didn’t work- so I tried again- and wasted another one of the power ups (or whatever they are called), and it didn’t work either. Just took away the two power ups I used and I lost the game I’ve been trying to beat :( Sucks but I hope you guys can fix this little problem

- Candy crush

I really like it it's really addicting and it has a bit of a challenge ☺️☺️☺️

- I love it!

This game was really fun,i remember that I got this game last year ago and I was on legal 66,Really fun!👍🏻😁

- LEVEL 6674

This level is complete BS. You do not have enough time to pop the time bombs, let alone have any item to support you. The fish do not help at all. This is such a dumb frustrating level and needs to be fixed

- Covid 19 unlimited lives

Wouldn’t have reviewed if not for unlimited lives thx guys!

- Won’t download ever again.

Every noticed that sometimes it isn’t being fair? Why would it not give me the better candies sometimes. Seems pretty silly that the game doesn’t give the stripe candy the right way pretty often and noticed quite a few times that it doesn’t give me the better candy sometimes to keep me redoing a level. Such an annoying game

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- Fun game

Very interesting game

- Best game ever thoo

Have been playing candy crush now for over five years now at level 1445 this particular level is too hard pls look into it or else m gonna stop playing it... And also reduce the hard levels for us if u want us to enjoy and continue playing... I noticed your sweet reward which pop up whenever u crush for like 5times as been removed the 24٫60٫120 and 180 sweets.. Please put it back and lets keep collecting it... Thanks candy crush🥰

- I’m addicted!!!

I’m addicted!!!

- Lost Candy Crush.

I’ve played candy crush to 4065 level and lost it when I tried to link it to Facebook on the 19/05/20. I want you to restore it back to me😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Upgrade

I have been playing this game for over 5 years and it has been interesting, but recently the game has been frustrating, you can’t go out of a level without losing a live and once you lose a level you lose all your boosters. Please fix this I don’t know if it is a bug

- Fun


- You guys sucked the fun out of candy crush

You guys sucked the fun out of candy crush!! The ads are ridiculous the levels are harder and the Game is lagging after latest update!! Sucks the battery at an unprecedented speed. It was a good run. RIP candy crush I played from 2014-2020 Maybe you guys caught the corona Goodbye

- Useless.

Your new updates are total trash!!!!

- Frustrated

I hv been a lover of this game for years but recently it’s been frustrating, why? I could be on a particular level for 2/3 days. It takes away the fun and excitement one is meant to derive from playing the game, pls reduce this harder parts. It’s becoming harder than real life hustle I was say.

- Candy sweet

Enjoying my time here

- Disappointed

Before updating the game, I can decide to quit a level if I’ve not made any move prior to that moment without losing a life but now, after starting a level, one life is already lost 😢

- Loss of power ups

The game is really and fun to play but after I uninstalled the app and installed it back, only for me to log in to my account,I went back to the level I was but lost all my power ups..everything!!!!

- The game is bea

I love the game

- Yomzi King

You find it difficult to stop plying this game. Wicked.

- Award for players

Hi King, you are doing a great job... I have played candy for 1 year now and I love it. Please would you mind rewarding the players😁🙏🏾🙏🏾?

- Candy lover

I so much love this game, it always fun and i derived lot of pleasure from it.

- Rubbish. bring back our fun.

This game was designed for fun. The fun was there before not until you came up with this your weekly updates which makes thing far from worst. There is no more fun in this game. All that’s left is hardship if you don’t fix this and bring back the fun. Then am out of the kingdom. I can’t be wasting my data, battery and time all at the same time for a game that’s not worth it anymore.

- Addictive

Quite exciting

- Nice 👍

Keeping me busy n I love the game❤️💋

- Sweet game

I love to play dis game always ❣️

- Lovely game

Very addictive an brain tasking keep it up

- Mr rash34

Very interesting good to play all the time

- Candy crush

Candy crush is the best game I’ve played so far

- Look into it

The game is very good but why the super hard levels after a hard level . Your preview says relax and play candy , what is the essence of relaxing when I will be stuck on a level for about a week. It’s not like the game has an ending so why the super hard and hard levels. Your hard levels are too much

- What happened?

Why can’t I send my Facebook friends live anymore?

- Best game ever

Lovely game all through. I recommend

- My opinion

Nothing change in the past Four updates, you have to add more features and development, the game going so difficult when continuing

- The ads have become a problem

The most recent update to the app has ushered in a new issue for me where the ad plays for however many seconds it’s means to play for and just stays on hogging the screen. You can’t get back to the game unless you close the app itself and start over. A slight irritation in an otherwise cool game. Fix please.

- No more levels after i played level 6455😩😩😭

Why..? I’m so addicted. Why are there no more levels beyond 6455???? Heelp!!!

- Stuck down in a level

I’ve been playing level 5569 for a longer time than I expected....please do something

- Best Game Ever

This game makes me to throw my phone what a nice game

- Can’t give out lives, pls review latest update

Awesomeness!!!! Keeps my mind sharp... cures boredom albeit tasking.

- Candle crush


- Life

I signed my candy crush with Facebook to save my progress and my level cleared back to level 1. I was in level 3000 or so

- Dope game

Very addictive and works deeply with your brain, helps in fast and settled down thinking

- Awesome!


- Candy crush

The game is so lovely

- Candy crush

The game is so nice and tricky I love candy crush since I started playing the game I don’t get bored anymore cuz is a puzzle u have to think in other to make the right move... Trust me when u start playing this game u won’t like to stop becuz their is ranking so for u to b at the top u have to b playing it regularly But it’s addictive u know

- Appreciate

Candy is beautiful it help me in a catchy situation Nd I keep abreast it I luv it

- Amazing game!!

Am addicted already!! 🥰🖤💯

- I recommend this game

Lovely and tasking

- Crush ur candy

This game is so nice fun and it keeps u busy😘

- Very nice


- Awesome

I’m so addicted to this game

- Candy crush puzzle

I love this puzzle. It opens my thinking to a new world

- Great


- H

I really enjoy this game I feel like you guys cheat, I can’t be playing with data and still not get an extra move and it’s like i get it whenever you want me to get it

- I love it

I love it

- Getting upset about the latest version

Why can’t we restart a game after starting a new one without any move ?

- It’s too good 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍

I love your game for realllllll😍😍😍😍 You guys should make a Marie game Like Marie candy crush

How to clear Candy Crush Saga Level 924..No Boosters👇 #CandyCrush #puzzle #games #Trending…

@TREASUREHSHTG @ygtreasuremaker candy crush saga @ygtreasuremaker #트레저

@DougMad4K Se o game pass fosse da Sony, não teria last os us , teria candy crush saga ultmate edition

Candy Crush Saga level 166:

@cumkom: วันก่อนสงสัยว่าแคนดี้ครัชมีกี่ด่านลอง google พบว่า "Candy Crush Saga currently holds 7055 levels"

@cumkom: วันก่อนสงสัยว่าแคนดี้ครัชมีกี่ด่านลอง google พบว่า "Candy Crush Saga currently holds 7055 levels"

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Candy Crush Saga Screenshots & Images

Candy Crush Saga iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Candy Crush Saga Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Candy Crush Saga (Version Install & Download

The applications Candy Crush Saga was published in the category Games on 2012-11-14 and was developed by King [Developer ID: 526656015]. This application file size is 265.96 MB. Candy Crush Saga - Games posted on 2020-05-28 current version is and works well on IOS 9 and high versions.

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