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Start playing Candy Crush Saga today – a legendary puzzle game loved by millions of players around the world.

With over a trillion levels played, this sweet match 3 puzzle game is one of the most popular mobile games of all time!

Switch and match Candies in this tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that sweet winning feeling! Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos!

Plan your moves by matching 3 or more candies in a row, using boosters wisely in order to overcome those extra sticky puzzles! Blast the chocolate and collect sweet candy across thousands of levels, guaranteed to have you craving more!

Candy Crush Saga features:

Thousands of the best levels and puzzles in the Candy Kingdom and with more added every 2 weeks your sugar fix is never far away! 

Check back daily and spin the Daily Booster Wheel to receive free tasty rewards, and take part in time limited challenges to earn boosters to help you level up! 

Sweet ways to play: Game modes including Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients and Order Mode

Get to the top of the leaderboard events and compare scores with friends and competitors!

Levels range from easy to hard for all adults to enjoy – accessible on-the-go, offline and online.
It's easy to sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet or Wifi.
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Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.
You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service;

Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

Have fun playing Candy Crush Saga the sweetest match 3 puzzle game around! 
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Candy Crush Saga Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We hope you’re having fun playing Candy Crush Saga! We update the game every week so don't forget to download the latest version to get all the sweet new features and levels! New to the game? Don’t be shy, join the fun! Coming back after a break? About time! Let’s play!

Candy Crush Saga Comments & Reviews

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- Great game, but watch your pockets

I love Candy Crush! I hate how they nickel and dime you with the gold bars and power ups! One day it’s 60 bars to fill up then they drop that to 30 bars for the same price because people are willing to pay. I don’t think they care about anything but that bottom dollar. They need to add an extra step in the process when adding life or hours for life because one mistake and your done. Basically a “are you sure” button to make sure you want to make that transaction. This added feature could be helpful to do many I’m sure. Candy Crush gets over on many with this function. It is ridiculous how they keep going up on the prices of things. I recommend people stop spending so much money so they can drive these prices back to a more reasonable price. I am losing interest in. Candy Crush because I can’t afford to play at times and the prices Lee rising. I have spent a significant amount and don’t plan to spend anymore because I feel they are taking advantage of people.

- Great time kill but...

I want to start off by saying that this is a great way to pass a little bit of spare time. The countless updates over the years have added so many challenging levels that its one of those games that you can always return to which is exactly what I have done. I played Candy Crush a long time ago about the time when it first came out and I enjoyed the game a lot. As I do with every phone game I get bored of them and either dont play for a while or just delete the game entirely. I picked up the game again for the first time a few weeks ago and I’ve been playing constantly. The one thing that is driving me crazy are the pop ups between levels. I do not remember their being so many. There are so many of them that it takes almost as much time to click claim or ok on all of them as it takes to clear some levels. I just want to play my level then get on to the next one. Having to click sweet and ok 7 or 8 times on occasion is just infuriating imo. But thats just my opinion. Other than that its a great game. They of course want you to buy gold but you don't have to if you don’t want. I also like how they don’t constantly shove the “buy me” button every second. You know where it’s at and if you want to buy some to speed up your progression or help you get off of that difficult level then you know where to go.

- Dishonest algorithms & cheating

This game would be more fun if it wasn’t designed to frustrate you into spending money. The game chooses how many options for moves you actually get. It is not random, but obviously an algorithm designed to adapt to the player. I refuse to spend money on this game. When the program “wants” to try to get me to use my gold it will keep me from having enough valid moves to win, sometimes for days. Then finally it will allow me to win in just a few moves and move on. I’m not stupid, I get what the motives are. It’s not fun when it’s like this. The latest update won’t offer me ads anymore to get boosters, extra moves, or lives. Also, I just love how when I pick boosters I have been saving up to use before a level, they come up in a way that forces them to be wasted. For example, the ball that eliminates all of one color will be next to a color that there are only two of on the board and will do me no good. Or I have to waste a million moves before it will be a good time to use it. I watch your algorithm and I know you cheat. I use strategy to play and I always notice when I make a move that gets forfeited. For example, I will swap colors to get four in a row and watch the row disappear and get no striped candy. Just because the game makes it seem like a bunch of stuff happens around it doesn’t mean I won’t notice. Cheating. This is why I don’t spend money on your game and often delete it for years.

- It’s good but not good

Hello i love this game I’ve been playing sense 1999 i am 20 you might think I’m old i am not now back to the conversation i love this game i am at level 3000 my daughter and me love to play it she likes to play it with me when she’s done with school but i do not like some of these this the first one can you skip races i don’t like then At ALL. But after that it’s very good but i say the other candy crush’s games are more fun no offense. Me and my granddaughter play it to her and her friends do to they love the game Thankyou for making the game so much me and my family love it. My daughter played in 2016 she is 7 years old please follow up with me and can we get more booster So if you see my daughter say stuff make sure it’s her age good i am trying i let her play Roblox she loves it i let her get robux but besides that two sometimes when i play it restarts my whole progress when i did a level i did not like it because it was a really hard level i did not like it at all can you change that to i only need to tell you a little bit more now i do like playing it i play it every so often i like to rap it what i do i am not a fool see i just rapped there that not on topic oh and i just wanted to see if we could get boosters every hour thanks bye

- few problems

I’ve only had this game for about a week. But even in this short period of time, I can spot a few features that I personally don’t like. Earlier today I completed a goal on a level but i still had like 15 moves left. There were two wrapped candies next to each other that I wanted to swap to get a better score, but instead of letting me do so, the game wasted all 15 of my moves on random matches that really weren’t that great and ended up separating the two wrapped candies so I didn’t get as big of a score as I wanted to. What I mean is you should let us use our last moves as we please when we “finish” the level. I understand that there’s probably a reason for this, but like I said, I’ve only had this for a week and haven’t explored as much as more experienced players do. What I also don’t understand is why we have to wait so long for only one life. Let’s say I was struggling on a level and used all my lives on it. No big deal. I’ll just wait a whole thirty minutes for the single life that will just be used to the exact same level that’ll make me have to wait another half hour just to wait another half our and have it repeat it until I complete the level. You can at least give us two lives or have us wait a shorter period of time for just one singular life?

- Meh

Candy Crush is fun... until you run out of power ups and gold bars. When that happens, you’ll get to levels that soak up multiple rounds of lives. If you don’t win, you cant get more power ups, if you cant get more power ups, you cant win. Of course you have the option of throwing money at the game but thats exactly what I look for in games. I get so defeated I reach for my wallet to beat a game for me. I’m sure every level is ‘beatable’ without power ups, but the harder ones are... well... unlikely. Sometimes levels have far too many colors for the available playing space, limiting your moves. Whenever you get to a spot where ‘no possible combinations’; that should NEVER happen. The game should NEVER give you a scenario where you cant even play. If it does, you have too many colors and/or obstacles in your level and you need to remake it. I get that it’s random, but sometimes its not even close to fair and they balance it out by giving you bonus’s whenever it feels like. I’m currently stuck on a level that has burned through multiple rounds of lives and multiple power ups. That is TOO DIFFICULT. My pet peeve in video games are unwinnable scenarios. The fact that this is ‘random’ makes that problem unavoidable, but on the harder levels, it all comes down to luck. Skill has no factor and that is unfair.

- Annoyed With Unnecessary Changes

Never in my 4 of playing this game have I ever felt the need to write a review for this game. I’m on level 5649; needless to say, I’ve been playing for years with a couple of breaks in between, and literally up until maybe the last year, I’ve been so annoyed with all the sudden changes & updates. You have taken away the booster meter, changed the booster/ moves wheel after failing a level to worthless options, altered the appearance of some candy blockers for who knows what reason, and much more. Since I’m obviously not at the most current level, I have never had the “need” to wait for any updates because I didn’t have any issues with the app nor ran out of weekly levels to play with. However I have recently found myself waiting for ANY update that the app offers just for the hope that the makers will some day stop messing with the app so much and just allow its users to actually have fun and stop making unnecessary changes. It may be rare but I can proudly say that I have never spent any money on this app. I enjoy this game so much, yet have never been compelled to buy any boosters because the game itself used to offer so many opportunities to gain boosters to pass the levels. But recently I have made the choice to simply stop playing rather than giving my money away to an unstable game that promises nothing in return.

- KT

I want to start by saying I had stopped playing candy crush saga for about two years. It had become boring. I started playing again about 6 months ago. I like the new changes & updates to the game but developers...WHAT is the PURPOSE of the crowns???? One objective is to get boosters. The crowns offer NOTHING but confetti. POINTLESS!! Give us crowns WITH free boosters for completing so many levels on the first try! Additionally, TWICE I’ve come in 2nd place for the weekly race these past 2 weeks and didn’t get my prizes! The race ends without warning & a new race begins. But NO PRIZES! According to the race rules, the top 3 places get prizes! Additionally, why does the game take my black balls WITHOUT a stripe or candy bomb nearby?? That’s CHEATING!! Then the hard, harder, hardest levels come so close together, that there’s little opportunity to move ahead in the race once reaching the 2,000 levels. While the competition is ok, it seems that you’ve forgotten that SOME ADULTS play the game to relax & as a pass time. It should’ve cause frustration because you’re trying to force players to make booster purchases. We’re adults, not kids wanting to spend countless hours trying to get through one level of a game. Our lives consist of more than time on a game. So it would be greatly appreciated if you’d cut the crap and make the game fun again!!

- Still fun, but a little confusing

It’s a fun game, but it’s pretty inconsistent. You’ll be playing along easy peasy. You might cut it close sometimes, but somehow you skate by, then WHAM. You’re faced with an oddly far more difficult level that requires special power ups or crazy luck to make it past. One star lost for inconsistency in difficulty. Then... You’re constantly being compared to some random other players as if it matters that you beat them. It’s the most blatant and transparent BAIT I’ve ever seen in a game. Sadly, I bet a lot of people fall for it. It’s just silly and unnecessary. Do they actually expect you to feel satisfied by achieving slightly more than a total stranger who probably doesn’t exist. No... They’re just counting on you to take the bait and plunk a few dollars down to pass them. I won’t give this game a dime. Here’s a tip. If you get stuck and stop playing for a few days, when you come back they’ll give you a bunch of free power ups to get you through that tough level and then some, hoping you’ll get hooked. So, if you get stuck and lose all your lives on a hard level, just go back to fruit ninja or bejeweled for a few days. Then you’ll see what I mean. ; )

- Updates

I want to start by saying I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’m a huge fan. With that being said I’ve reached out several times to complain about the update that gave us the backpack. In my game there is no way to get my boosters out of the backpack. I can be stuck on a level for literally weeks with tons of boosters in there that could help me that I can’t use. Even timed boosters that I win will just stay in there. Once I win the level they will all come pouring out. Is this a gimmick by the developer to get the player to purchase boosters? If so this is really awful and not a great way to market or keep players. I have reloaded the game several times thinking it’s some kind of glitch but it just stays the same. The boosters that I win go into the backpack when I click on them to get them out it prompts me to to click on the purchase button when I do it wants me to purchase this booster that I already have. Again not fair. How can you expect anyone to beat a Nightmarishly Hard Level with no boosters? I’m disappointed and frustrated. I may have to stop playing until the issue can be resolved. I can’t really advance in levels anyway.

- Very addictive game, can be frustrating

I really like the game most of the time. I have been playing for a couple months and it can be addictive. Many of the levels are fun and you do need some strategies. But there is a major flaw to the game, and that is sometimes you and your gameplay don’t matter in it one bit. You will win or lose the level regardless of what you do. I have had levels when I made 1 or 2 simple moves and everything seems to blowup and I completed it. I didn’t even really look at the level yet and have 40 moves left. Other levels, I have played for 5 days straight with no possibility of success and then you just have to wait for lives. I have literally played all 5 lives with only 1 move possible and get nowhere to beating it. Doesn’t matter your strategy or skill, just bad luck...but for days. That is annoying. The other day, I had a puzzle I tried 50+ times over a couple days. I tried boosters, etc. Then the next morning I woke up, first try lucky move after lucky move and beat the level with several moves left. Kind of annoying. The computer could literally play without you.


I’m a huge fan of Candy Crush. It’s my number 1, go-to, fun app. First, I should say, I do not indulge in most “in app” purchases for boosters or “lives”. If I cannot win a level, I will continue to play with what I’ve got. It’s just not satisfying to advance in a game solely from advantages I’ve purchased versus my own effort. That said, occasionally, I WILL treat myself to cashing out the “piggy bank” of gold bars in Candy Crush so I can buy more “lives”. The bank has always held 60 bars...$2.99 to cash out. That amount alone (assuming I had zero bars reserved to supplement this amount) was pretty reasonable considering I could purchase 5 “lives” for 12 bars. It really wasn’t a bad deal...not GREAT, but worth the occasional indulgence. A little over a month ago (possibly closer to 2 months), without a word, the “piggy bank” shrank down to 30 out price STILL $2.99!!!! THEY LITERALLY DOUBLED THE PRICE OF THIS IN APP PURCHASE OUT OF NOWHERE! No gradual shift, straight up DOUBLED THE PRICE!! Are there bigger problems in the world than my Candy Crush budget frustrations? TOTALLY! But how shady is it to gouge a price like that OUT OF NOWHERE for a product I’m pretty loyal to and for which I’m reasonably reliable to provide some income? NO WAY, NO HOW, WILL I SPEND ANOTHER PENNY ON THIS APP UNDER THESE NEW CIRCUMSTANCES.

- Very disappointed!!

Seriously CC you increase how much gold coins cost?? You reduce the number of people who win contest and reduce the prizes, why? Why are the levels harder? Because you have increased the cost of gold coins and reduced the prizes, that tells me it’s all about the money and you have no respect or appreciation for your loyal users!! There are too many game options for you to risk losing your loyal users! Why would you do that to us?? :-( Done!! I love playing in the contest, that is what makes me keep playing versus switching to another game, unfortunately CC has made changes to their contest! Now only the person who comes in first wins a prize, oh and the prizes are a joke!! Really CC, these contest last 4 days and it takes a lot of effort and time just to place in the top 5 but you are only going to give 1st place a prize and even that prize is cheap!! How about instead of spending money on commercials you put that money into more winners and bigger rewards!! Other games make it worth your time to play them, on some of the bigger games even 20th place gets a reward but not on CC! Don’t waste your time playing, the rewards aren’t worth it! I for one am taking my money and playing other games that make it worth my time!! :-( VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS GAME!!

- Love the game but...

Love the game, however I hate that it doesn’t let u have the option to use your stuff (like fish,color ball) to try and beat the game. U only have the option to use it before u start the game. Can that be changed or updated? Its yours for the keeping, why not put it down below to use like the color changer hand swap or lollipop hammer? Also u hate when u have one move left and u can’t use ur candy wrapper or anything left on the game board. Whatever is left on the game board when the game ends should pop automatically just like it does with sugar crush when u pass a level. If we earn a prize it should pop at the end who knows that might help us to the next level. Well I just deleted this app because I keep pouring money into this game and I’m not getting rich u guys are. That spinning will is somehow preset to stop where u guys want it so that we will keep making purchases I get that but just to get to the next level??? Pshhhh boy bye no more $$$ from me. Good luck

- I hate that I love it...

I read the previous review that had a love-hate relationship with this game, and I completely agree. It is incredibly addicting, but it would be more fun to play if the app designers gave in a little bit and gave people more for their money (1) increase the total number of gold bars that you can buy in your piggy bank (30? Seriously?) without raising the price. It would be nice if you also earned gold bars after you completed so many levels on your first try instead of just boosters. And yes on the daily spin “jackpot!” Why put it on there if you are never going to win? I also think you shouldn’t lose a move when you use a booster - if I’m down to my last move and I’ve got two color bottoms on the game board, I should be able to use up the boosters before I lose my moves to see if that helps clear the board. So small changes would go a long way. People would still spend money on the app. I think people would spend more money if we were getting more things for free occasionally. But it’s crack, so that’s why I rated it four stars😉

- Glitch!!

I will have almost all full gold bars and it keeps wiping it out! This is the 3rd time it has done this!!!!!!! I have contacted the customer service and instead they send me stupid links that take me to other people’s comments on the game. It was a fun game for the first few levels but now it’s just a hungry money game. It purposely will make it so you quickly lose all your prizes. It will make it so you’re so close to winning that you might even be desperate enough to purchase those prizes to win (I don’t) and it makes you keep losing over and over again until you’re just so sick of it.. even the easy levels are impossible now. It’s nice to have hard levels mixed in, but now every level is impossible to beat on the first few tries. I usually end up losing all 5 lives even with using the stupid prizes that don’t work. Then when I log on again hours later the game seems almost too easy on that same level I was struggling with 🤔 this game is definitely made to stress people out until they fork out their money. Clearly it wipes out things like my gold bars to get me to be desperate and just purchase them. I get they want to make money.. nothing wrong with that, but at this point it’s ruining what could be a fun game 💁🏽‍♂️

- Not getting boosters

I get first place for the weekly race and receive boosters or win boosters in contests or daily spins but when I go and look they are never there. Been playing this game for years, since it first came out, and I don't think candy crush cares about their long time players any longer. I've deleted this app once and quit playing candy crush for around a year and just started playing again but I'm at the point of just deleting it once again. Some of the new levels are now totally impossible to beat without boosters, which I never even receive in the first place. Candy crush should listen to their long time players and take constructive criticism and amend this issue of boosters not being received and get rid of "nightmarishly hard levels". Who even wants to play those levels in the first place. Unfortunately, I truly feel like this game has become run by people who don't care about players anymore and only want to make money. Saddened to see that when money comes into the equation people get greedy...cheating players out of boosters...forcing hard levels...and in the end, the fun of the game is taken out and the game is ruined.

- Downhill fast

I’ve been playing for years. I was one of the first people to play the game. I used to play so much I would run out of levels & I loved it but now. It’s been nothing but downhill. First of all it’s $1.99 for 10 bars of gold but everything’s more than 10 gold bars. Just getting a refill of lives is 12 gold bars. The boosters are 15 gold bars & up. So if you’re spending any money it’s upwards of atleast $5 just to get lives. Then if you do make a purchase it’s like because they know that you’re willing to spend money on the game they make it so you can’t pass levels without making purchases. I’ve been stuck on levels for days but soon as I make a purchase for lives or something else then I’ll get off the board. I just used the fish booster on a board with 26 moves I had 2 fish in the entire game! What’s the point of using my boosters if they don’t have any effect. The free spin to win moves for the next level is gone. The boosters for when you’ve won a board are horrible. Every change made to the game is to maximize the amount of money they can get you to spend. I’m so tired of the game I just want to delete it. This is why I stopped playing for 2-3 years & why I might just stop playing again.

- Don’t upgrade your phone!

Well since most cell phones are lease now, you are locked in to upgrade or pay for a lease that goes no where or buy your phone that you’ve paid on for 2 years... anyway... disappointed that when I did upgrade and I loaded phone from a back up, my bonus speckle ball, lollipops, wheels, etc that start at beginning of each game were all gone. I had saved 100’s of these to use on very hard levels. I’m at level 1002 and all my bonuses are gone. This is only candy crush game that it happened to. In candy crush soda and jelly, my game bonuses were saved. That’s very frustrating. If I didn’t love the game, I’d stop playing. It will definitely put a damper on playing the game. Second star deducted because that stupid gold bar bank... whoo, I get to purchase bars I earned... for $2.99! Wow, what a deal!!...NOT! And it constantly reminds me that it’s full and I need to purchase them. And full at 60... I’ve added way more than that to bank that isn’t even counted. I’ll purchase my 1000 bars that never gets accumulated for $3?? Get real... reset the bank or make it go away completely.

- It’s fun, but......

Four stars for entertainment value. I enjoy the mental challenge of the harder levels, it is a stimulating way to pass the time. This game also can be infuriating at times, for two main reasons: 1) they are CONSTANTLY trying to get you to buy things, which are outrageously priced for any game in general, but most especially for a puzzle game. I know where the shop button is, if I want something I’ll buy it. 2) you only get 5 lives. Once you get to the much harder levels, it’s very easy to blow through five lives very fast. The problem here is that each life takes HALF AN HOUR to regenerate. C’mon guys, I don’t give a crap about your challenges, competitions, or other “features”. I just want to enjoy the puzzles, and I can’t even get started with five lives (takes about 10 minutes to play) before you ban me for three hours. Why there isn’t a “free play” option I do not know, but someone in the developing office needs to get on that one, STAT! The “buy $150 real dollars of gold for 6hrs of limitless lives” is absolute bullsh*t and is very much overcharging for something basically worthless.

- Too frustrating now

I'm close to level 1000, and there are now way too many "hard levels" and "super hard levels". Even some "regular" levels are very hard to beat. I play this to relax, not to get frustrated. This game is only about 5% skill. The other 95% is the algorithm that controls the outcome, regardless of how clever you are. You will only finish a level when the algorithm decides to let you. I don't mind using power ups, even several per level, but only when I am within reasonable sight of success. When there is no hope of winning a level, I'm not going to use 15 or 20 - or more - power ups to win. It's quite ironic that the loading screen now says things like "relax and play candy" or "you are in control" when the game just brings frustration (not relaxation) and I know darn well that a computer is in control, not me or my skill. All of this is just making me play less and less, and I know there are many people who feel the same way. When King updates the game, their update notes in the App Store say "Coming back after a break? It's about time!" Why do they think people take a break in the first place? Because the game frustrates the crap out of them by being rigged!

- Dumbing us down

I enjoy this game a lot. Although it is obviously rigged so players might consider buying his/her way out of a game instead of being created so that its players become smarter. Personally, all games should cost 1price, 1x, and skills earn you special prizes. Why should a game creator get paid over and over for a game created years ago?! And how disgusting that this company's members earn money by setting up games so that a player chooses a cheat tool instead of choosing to improve their skills. Gross gross gross. Many rounds are designed to be impossible to win regardless of skill. Why are game companies not providing it's players with opportunities to get smarter? Instead players are being expected to be rich with a dumbed down brain. Hmmm...bad equation!! And furthermore, why can't I shut off the blinking suggestions? Especially since they are always the wrong choice! I'm almost done playing this game forever because the creators are dedicated to creating a stupid society.

- Stuck on 223 way to hard why did u change it????

I am stuck on level 223 I’ve spent over 30 lives on this one level have wasted money trying to buy extra moves and candies to help me along the way the best I’ve gotten is the three jellies in the two top corners so I end with six. My level is different from my husband’s. He had to get a score within so much time my level is clear 81 jellies in 27 moves. It’s complete crap it does not let you get past it no matter what you buy or how you play. I’m to the point where I’m going to delete the app and no longer play because it’s a waste of time and complete crap. I have gotten on the support board and read comments other people are having the same problem I read what to do before contacting support followed their prompts and walked through everything they said it still doesn’t get me anywhere I have no way to email support as it takes me to the same page over and over again. You offer such a game and you don’t give us a way to email you that and it’s self is really messed up it’s clear by the reviews that several others feel the same way I do. Maybe you’re not even reading the reviews or the comments and listening to the people!!!!!

- Addicting but flawed

I have been a candy crush addict since it came out. It’s so relaxing. As addicting as the game is, the flaws are hard to look past. My biggest complaint is- if I level up when I am already at 5 lives(full), I feel like I should still get the 5 life reward for reaching a new level. Also- waiting 30 minutes for one life? I might be willing to buy boosters and other such things if it didn’t take so long to refill my lives. I paid the $2.99 for the piggy bank, thinking it was a one time purchase and then you can just have it, not the case. You want me to pay 3 real life dollars for an imaginary piggy bank for my imaginary gold bars every single time I fill it up? And not even warn me that it’s not a forever kind of buy? Rude. I don’t understand the contests at all. There are no explanations for them. I’ve been in the top 3 multiple times and it shows a treasure box next to my status but I never get any rewards. There are so many side contests going on that it all gets very cluttered on your home screen and I really don’t care to do the side contests but I have notifications for them that I can’t delete. Annoying!

- Annoying features and more

When I start a new level with boosters from an event (especially with color bombs), the game "zaps" the boosters into existence. Here is where the problem starts. Because the color bomb (CB) was zapped onto a color (say, orange) if I use a color bomb, or put 2 oranges together (usually on accident) next to the CB, it detonates bc the game thinks its a CB AND an orange candy. This is extremely annoying bc the CBs detonate without me using them. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! PUT IT BACK TO THE OLD WAY WHERE THEY WERE ALREADY IN THE LEVEL WITHOUT THEM BEING "ZAPPED" INTO EXISTENCE! More annoying things: why did u make levels 223, 237, 252(my used-to-be fav), and more MOVES LEVELS!? Level 252 especially, where u could play infinitely bc time candies kept coming down, u shouldn't have changed it! Change it back! Don't "fix" things that aren't broken! Also, why do I need to look at AT LEAST 2 events before I go onto another level? Usually idc about the events. Can there be a way to turn this off? Lastly, why is there a piggy bank that COSTS $2.99 TO BUY? If I earn the gold from playing levels, I shouldn't have to buy them, especially for $2.99 EVERY TIME I FILL IT UP!!! That's what EARNING means! Please make it free, or at least lower the price.

- Super Sugar Crush

Super addicting, I’ve been playing since 2015 and I’m on level 2545. If you keep winning the first time on each game that’s when I get interested. Collecting power boosts throughout the game, is part of the interest. There is something about beating a level that makes you feel slightly accomplished. And it’s fun! Although addicting, there are flaws: 1. Super Sugar Crush gives no points at end of the game, just erases everything - please fix this 2. You will never get a jackpot on your daily spin. - please don’t make it an option or make it possible 3. Not sure how to earn gold bars, other than buying them - maybe earn 1 per set of games? 4. THE EXCESS AMOUNT OF CLOSES AND CLICKS YOU HAVE TO DO TO GO TO THE MAIN SCREEN OR TO THE NEXT LEVEL IS UNBELIEVABLE!! STOP REMINDING ME OF THE PIGGY, THE DRAGON, THE WEEKLY SCORE, RAMI, MY WEEKLY PLACE, YES I WANT TO CONTINUE and more -please fix this too Ideas: 1. I wish I could undo a move once in a while. Ex. Drop my phone and made a terrible move, or my fat thumb didn’t pick up the correct way I wanted to move a candy. 2. Create different worlds that when you reach certain levels (1000) you move forward so it doesn’t feel never ending. 3. An easier way to give lives to friends. To the players: 1. Really think about what you are purchasing if you decide to spend your money. 2. Don’t waste 7 gold bars so you MIGHT get extra moves after you run out of moves 3. Find friends to give you lives! (Or tricks)

- Need To Buy To Move Forward

I’m on level “gazillion,” and I’ve noticed a player MUST purchase additional functionality in order to move forward. I’m willing to do so from time to time, but I get to the point where I cease playing for days or weeks if I swiftly exhaust a purchase but still can’t play through the impossible level. Unfortunately, the new Apple software upgrade forces touch ID; though mine works for other programs, it won’t in Candy Crush saga. So I can no longer purchase, either! I give it three stars because it IS enjoyable when you can play casually. I take two stars because playing casually is only a rare option now. I suppose I’m not the usual “gamer” if I just want to wile away 15 or 20 minutes without undue complications. When I’m playing, it’s solely for relaxation, so I feel no need to beat other players, to compare myself to other players, to send or receive “lives,” to share my goings on with the world via social media platforms, or to challenge myself in mindlessness (the later of which is an oxymoronic pursuit). Please: just let me play!

- Nothing but fluff and hype

I decided to try Candy Crush because of its popularity. I wanted to find out what made it so popular. I still haven’t figured it out. Mostly I think it’s a lot like an old-fashioned pinball machine, with lots of bells and whistles and flash. I decided I wouldn’t bother using any boosts, and definitely no real money, and just see how far I could go. Well, I got to level 61 real easy. Like, so easy that some levels I only made one move on the board and it cleared itself. And then came 62... It’s called a Nightmare level, or something like that. A level deliberately made to make you want to use boosts AND SPEND REAL MONEY. Well, no thank you. Is it a matter of just re-trying until you make it through? I don’t think so. I have re-tried this level many times over the last few days, up til I’d run out of lives. It’s a horrible level, nightmare is right. And then I’ve heard about an even worse level 65... No thank you. It was fun when I was brainlessly breezing through levels, sometimes we can use a bit of mindless harmless fun. But now I’m supposed to go beat my head against the wall? I get enough of that in real life.

- Immediate Suggestions Are Irritating

Of the different match three games I play, Candy Crush is the only one I find irritating and it’s because the game offers its suggestion of where to move next almost immediately after my last move. I find it very frustrating that I don’t have enough time to look over my possible moves before the game gives its suggestion. I find myself resenting the game’s suggestions and I pick other moves even if it hurts my chances of completing the level. Once in a while I need help seeing where the possible move is, but move after move it’s highly annoying and I won’t play the game again until this has been addressed. There are too many match three games that I can play that don’t frustrate me like Candy Crush. Update: While playing a competitor’s game I watch an add for candy crush saga and the implied person playing the game makes the same moves only after the game tells them where to go. We are not all morons, so I will not play this game until the nearly instantaneous hints are turned off or only appear after 15+ seconds. The developers should get a clue and make this an option in the game settings. It’s so stupid.

- I’m sorry

This is a review to follow up the review that said the F—- word and other horrid words that I didn’t mean. It was a horrible review and I take it back. I know you can’t take something back that is already out. You can’t put the toothpaste back into the tub. The least I can do is apologize. Once again I’m sorry for what I said. I was just stressed enough and I came on this game to leave the stress but only caused more on a nightmarishly hard level. I know I know this is a review and I do have a recommendation. Once you run out of moves you should give just one more move because you might needed one more to beet the level. This is actually a good game and it is relaxing just not on those levels. For the last time I just want to say I’m so deeply sorry for what I said on that interview. At the end of the day this game has saved me through troubled times in the past and those hard levels mold me into becoming more genuine and respectful for gaming. That’s what I realized in this experience. I’m glad to have this game.

- Candy Crush Saga

I played the game a long time ago and was stuck at one level where I could not advance, no matter what I tried. I was very frustrated and decided not to play for awhile. I kept seeing the ad on the TV and decided to give it another go. Although I had to start at the beginning again, I quickly advanced and could see that there were a lot of positive changes in the game. I got to that level where I had been stuck before and thought "I wonder what's going to happen this time". I didn't get stuck. There were changes that made it possible to use skills to get through. I was very happy! I've kept going and I'm still enjoying it. My least favorite part is the chocolate that never stops giving and giving.......... It also seems ironic to have to pay for the gold bars I've earned. I'd rather pay for extra bars, not the ones I've earned playing the game. The colors are vivid and the graphics are humorous.

- Fun but rigged

A fun game but definitely rigged. Candy crush relies on some chance based on certain candies falling so you get the right colors or special candies needed to win. However, far too often for it to be chance you go multiple moves without any useful candies falling and the playing field gets worse the more times you repeat the level and not use special candies. Other times they force to use special candies that form or a fish conveniently hits one and sets of a chain reaction to get you to lose the level. Also, you get multiple fish and coconut wheels per level but there is no rhyme or reason to when the drop usually giving you more the needed on easy labels but not repeating on hard ones. This would not be a big deal if it happened randomly but if you don’t use special candies regularly the playing field gets worse and worse forcing you to use special candies to win. Happens to much to be random. Basically it’s rigged to try and force you buy candies and gold bars. Sort candy crush. I don’t buy from cheaters. And when I tried to enter a low rating somehow every nickname is conveniently taken. CHEATERS!!!!!!

- Latest issue

The most annoying thing about this very addictive game is that every time I have to look at another app, like email or anything else, the game reloads, which is SO time consuming. And if I have to interrupt a game, I totally lose the progress in that game when I come back to it and lose a life and have to start all over again. What a pain! ———— This is a very addictive game, with some issues. The latest one is that I'm at the top of the levels shown for me (2525) and am waiting for the next episode to appear. I just got a pop-up that the magic fairy has opened the next episode for me...but it's not there! This has happened several times in previous episodes, and I still have to wait for days to get the next episode, while others ahead of me have the opportunity to go ahead, since they already have those next episodes available to them. What's up with that?? AND what annoys me even more is that I'm neck and neck with another player but he always seems to get access to the next episode before it's opened up for me--NOT FAIR!!!

- Losing lives when I shouldn't...

I used to love this game, but the higher levels are getting so frustrating. Some are ridiculously hard to pass . I've been stuck on level 245 for weeks I think? So many times I could have won the game if you allowed cascading stripped & wrapped to count. MANY times I had the two cascade together, but they never counted! What's with that? Because I didn't "manually" put them together, it doesn't count? Ridiculous! You should really fix that...Also, you should make it so that if you want to use one of your "tools" like the fish or a candy bomb, you can choose them at ANY point in the game -it shouldn't be a choice "ONLY" before you start the game... Also, VERY frustrating that you loose your spaceship and boosters you win for completing a level on the first try if you don't immediately go on to the next level. I was in my last life, and I accidentally clicked out of the game after winning a level and when I went back in to go to the next level with my spaceship and boosters, I couldn't. Please fix this so people can use their spaceship and boosters when they choose.

- Great game

This game is very very fun a kills time!! It’s annoying when people say it’s to hard or King is tricking u for money I understand that but people are like on very very high level without even spending money King’s prices are a little pricy and I understand if u don’t buy anything but don’t rate it like 1 star bc u can’t beat the game if u don’t like the game that’s ur opinion. I’ve gotten every reward from candy crush no glitches or scams if u do contact them on their website!! I love this game it’s very fun candy crush gives u daily challenges and races and u get gold bars and rewards for basically just playing the game if u save that up you have alot of gold bars and you get discounts too this game may be easy as cake to others and hard as a rock to some but I swear when u beat a lvl it’s so fun watching all the striped candy woosh across the board and the candy exploding it makes winning the game entertaining and fun it’s very very fun I recommend this game!!

- Ideas for a great update!!

This game is already awesome but it can get even better. Have some ideas for a social space in the game. In this social space you can talk to your friends as well as the world. Like different chats within the social space. Also when your friends are stuck on a level you should have it where you can get help once a day or 3 days or even a week. So you send them a help request and when they accept they play your level you’re stuck on and it uses one of your lives or you can have it use no lives. Also you can send lives through the social space. Also can you have an arrow or like a level guide on the side so you can go to the bottom easier bc it’s a tedious thing to send lives to people without them asking or maybe you do that so we won’t do that I’m not sure. But I’ve told people this I play with and they said I should email you guys but idk if you would take it seriously or not.

- Easy game

I love reading all of these reviews and seeing all the complaints about people having to spend money for various virtual goods. I’m at level 5015 without spending even a penny to complete any level or to buy boosters of any kind, and I have hundreds of each of the pre-game-selectable boosters. I also love reading the complaints about “i NeVeR lAnD oN jAcKpOt” as if this is something that should be happening frequently. These people, I’d wager a hefty amount, also never land on the check mark booster as well though I’m sure this is never noticed; back when the wheel first came out the order levels were the hardest ones out there(check out the original levels 655 and 677 if you don’t believe me). King has simply never updated the odds of this feature which is completely fine by me as there are a ton of ways nowadays to earn free boosters. Back in the day the wheel was the only way.

- Dear Candy Crush,

I love Candy Crush who doesn’t. But the game should be less addictive as it is. I played about 20 levels this morning and they were not easy. What I don’t like is that they only sometimes gives you boosts and such when you don’t to bribe you into the game. Something positive I should say is I love how the game is basically telling a story in candy land. The main character Tiff helps animals. I like that the challenges get harder as you go but not too hard that is good so you adapt and don’t notice how much harder they are compared from 80 to 1. And I like the contests because it’s fun to compete with people even if you don’t know them. I am really competitive so of course I do. I hate how they advertise other games by the company in the game because for their own sake people are going to stop playing cause of these adds. The gold bars are great when you have them but unfortunately they go away or spent very quickly that is. Thank you for reading, CatPenguin291 (Padfoot) fellow player.

- Disappointed and feeling robbed

This app has been removing bonuses and benefits that avid loyal users like myself have been enjoying for years now. They removed a bonus MANY months ago that gave us rewards for reaching certain tiers. I kept expecting them to bring it back, assumed that perhaps they just needed to do some app bug fixes. Well, it never came back. And their most recent update removed the wheel spin we used to get to use once every 48 hours that would either offer us extra moves or another bonus item. I’ve been quiet thus far. I thought maybe the pandemic just hit them hard financially and they couldn’t afford to keep giving us bonuses. And I felt selfish complaining about bonuses to begin with. But I’ve been an avid user of this game for 7/8 years now. I’ve spent money buying gold and other bonus items. For them to suddenly take away things like this from users who’ve been expecting them for so long is a disservice to their loyal users. I may never spend another dime supporting this app because of this. I’m extremely disappointed and frankly, I feel robbed. Do better, Candy Crush. Your users deserve better than this.

- Love/hate relationship with Candy Crush

Love: addicting (but maybe that should be a hate,lol), really fun, nice way to pass time when bored or waiting in lines - I’ve been playing for at least 3-4 years now and at over level 2000. Can’t seem to give up this particular game and it’s only one of two that I keep playing. Hate: way too many things to click now just to get to play the game. Not interested in baby dinosaur feedings, readerboard stats or anything else annoying to click thru... just let the game be played! Also hate that donut wheel boosters on the daily spin are constantly rewarded, but I can’t EVER seem to use them. I have on average only 1-3 rewards of every other type of booster, and literally 64 donut wheels I don’t get to use... sheesh. Please change that! Same to the jackpot option on the spinning wheel- why bother if you aren’t ever going to reward a jackpot? Would love to see more lollipop hammers and hand switching boosters given out freely. Thanks for considering this feedback!


I have to say I’m incredibly DISAPPOINTED that the developers have made so many terrible changes in the past month. I’ve been playing Candy Crush almost since inception. I’m sure your subscribers have increased immensely with the recent quarantines due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, you aren’t offering the sugar track levels so players can win boosters, you’ve changed the boosters in the “build-a-bot “ and also made those boosters only winnable on new levels. Also, the boosters aren’t used if playing older levels. I haven’t seen Dexter’s space dash or the other weekly challenges you used to offer either. I used to spend money to play this game because it was fun and enjoyable to try to earn the extra boosters that you have now completely removed. If you ask me, it’s King’s way of PRICE GAUGING! They figure that we’ll all be home and sitting on our phones playing Candy Crush and will be forced to buy more of the things we used to be able to get by playing. Well, I’m not spending any more money on this game, and in fact have hardly been playing anymore. I hope other players are doing the same! SHAME ON YOU Candy Crush!!

- A bit of business advice

This game is the game that changed he world, everyone was quite obsessed with it at a time and there wasn’t anyone who didn’t play it, however as the years have gone on, the developers and owners are clearly looking for any reason to collect money and it’s very easy to see through. The way the game is set up is of course to make you feel like you’re not spending real money and lead you to buy more, but what I see with this game is a lot of these attention grabbing money making chances, for example the piggy bank is timed and makes you wait and collect gold until you can actually spend real money to get the gold you “earned” these clear attempts at trying to make money are a problem, subtlety should really be in the minds of the team in charge of the in-game purchases, especially with such a vulnerable age demographic, that being children and old people- it’s safe to say that there could be far better decisions with making money with this game

- Robbery

This game, including all of the "crush" games are fixed. I've actually gotten into this game, in terms of figuring out the boards and how candies fall. I am telling you. Some if not all of the "very hard level" boards are impossible to do without boosters, unless you are willing to play 21 times, then for some reason the 22nd game of the level becomes insanely easy. As for my claim of robbery... that I was essentially robbed of all my achievements in this game, all because I didn't play for a few months. That's right. I spent money to get boosters, extra lives/turns etc. over a years time (trust me it was a lot of $$) all of which are gone. I figured that by logging in with the same Facebook I would be fine. It linked well enough to adjust my friends list and there placements on the board. But I had to start from level one. That to me is theft. On terms of entertainment it definitely keeps you busy and is really fun. Those are the positives. This time around I'm keeping spending to a minimum. Use 5 lives at a time and wait for it to renew. Never again will I spend money like I did before. Never.

- Lack of Moves on Multiple Levels

LOVE/HATE relationship with this game. There are SEVERAL levels that don’t give you the number of moves that the King webpage indicates there should be, making some levels near impossible to pass. What’s more, when you’ve earn unlimited lives, candy bombs or striped candies for X amount of hours, those become useless and are wasted because the level is not providing the specified number of moves. While writing this review, I am on level 363 which is supposed to have 30 moves however, it is only giving me 12. Though I have been able to get through a number of the other levels with the lesser moves, this level is almost impossible as the board is split in a square and a reverse L. Even a double candy bomb wouldn’t clear the 17 jellies as they are meringue’s first so each requires two hits. This all continues even after last week’s update, logging out and back in and deleting and reinstalling the app. I submitted a compliant on the King webpage but, to no avail. Super, super frustrating to say the least.

- Room for improvement

Let me get this out of the way before my rant- this game is actually pretty decent. But there are a lot of improvements I would make, including, but not limited to- I think you should be able to unlock striped and wrapped power-ups earlier in the game. I have about 25 of those power-ups just laying there, totally wanting to be used. I like how you can get more power-ups the more you complete levels on your first try- but when I get stuck on a boss level- I don’t have that. So maybe have like three strikes before you remove the extra power-ups? This last thing is for the people who have played- but haven’t downloaded it on one of their devices- can you make it so we can skip the tutorial? It’s kind of crappy having to sit through the tutorial saying how to work your freaking phone, when, in reality, you know how to play. Overall decent game. One last think- STOP MAKING ME HAVE TO BUY THOSE STINKING LIVES! Warm regards, Broke due to Candy Crush

- Minor issues but love it anyway

So I do love this game. I play it all the time my only gripe is that there’s still an issue with it registering you completing a board. For example just now I just used my last hammer and won the level. I clicked out of the game did some housework and now taking a break. I go back to the game and it hasn’t moved me up. I’ve gone in and out of the level. I even restarted my phone but nope stuck on the same level I just beat and now have none of my rewards. Also I think if we use one of our rewards and defeat the level in the same game we shouldn’t lose that reward. Just like a life. When we get defeated we lose a life but if we win our lives stay the same. The same should go for our rewards ESPECIALLY the ones we purchased. If we don’t defeat the level we lose the reward. I really do play it all the time but there’s still some kinks that happen that are just frustrating. Other then that love the game. Thanks.

- Good, but one flaw

I really like this game. There are a ton of levels, both easy and hard, so it’s never boring. There is one problem I have. If you buy something with gold there isn’t a confirmation or anything. It unjust goes through immediately when you push what you want to buy. This has really hurt me. I was out of hearts so the no more lives notification came on the screen. Underneath it was the options to buy unlimited lives for a certain amount of time. I didn’t know this notification came up because I was in autopilot and just clicked the place where the play button normally was. Apparently on the no lives screen that is the option to spend 60 gold on 6 hours of unlimited lives. I accidentally spent 60 gold on something that I wouldn’t even enjoy considering I’m going to sleep in less than an hour. Add a confirmation button or something so no one accidentally buys something. Other than that I really love the game.

- Another CC addict

I’m definitely a CC addict. This is the one game I have continued to play for years. I’m currently on 4445 and waiting for new episodes, however the game is getting more and more random. Some people are getting stamps, some get Dexter, some get the lovely letters, some get the race and others don’t. At one time there were trophies and some get ribbons with a chance at getting a piñata but it is not the same for everyone. Not sure why it is so random. I also don’t like that the build a bot is only for new levels and occasionally disappears and then you have to build from scratch for the next new episode. Bring back the old build a bot/space dash etc.! Also the game is definitely getting harder and trying to force you to spend money. I understand King is a business and they want to make money, but if it becomes too hard and or potentially expensive they will lose some of the addicts who will go to something more fun and not so frustrating.

- Candy crush saga

I thought after playing all your games, I would have thought you would have the brains to make it where people could make their decisions on what level they could pick to make it easy for them. You know where you can choose from easy to super hard this way people would be happy in making through for those who make it through but, you didn’t give us that choice. Sure you have some help but with a price where you only get five lives for every time you pay 0.99. Really you think that’s fair for anyone who has difficulties. It’s a good think I don’t make this game as a passion. If I didn’t have friends on Facebook that need help, I would have deleted this game a long time ago. Your Bubble witch is no better and I mean the 2nd. I have stop playing that game and haven’t been to it since last year. This will be my last time in giving you my reviews and if there are any more games you come out with, I don’t plan on downloaded them. I have decide to quit any games from King company games. I have spent so much money on these games. I will continue to help those who need it. Debra Fowler

- Fun and Addictive, but....

No doubt, this game is very well-designed and very addictive to play. With that said, know that if you want to start playing Candy Crush that you will have to pay money to advance through the game. There are levels scattered throughout that are next to impossible to get through without purchasing extra turns and boosters to help you break through. It is pretty frustrating for sure. And I’m sure King Games will say that all levels are achievable without paying to do it, but getting through those levels without purchased boosters and extra turns is probably about the same as winning the lottery. The chances really are that low. Also, the daily booster wheel is a total scam! I have been playing the game for over three years and have hit the jackpot once. That is statistically impossible. So, like many games, Candy Crush is designed to drain your wallet. But it is fun and I admit I am addicted to it, being the sucker I am.

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- Excellent game.

Love this game but is is very addictive!!! Bit annoyed with the fact that I accidentally went into a level that I had already beaten and when I left the game because I did not want to play that level again I lost a life! You should be able to check out a previous level and not loose a life when you decide not to play it. Please fix this. Edit: this was fixed. Thank you! This is an addition to my review. This time it is regarding the sugar drops change and free daily booster change. Still love the game but I would like the free boosters you can collect not to be time limited. Too often I get a booster that I can’t even use on the level I am on. Please change this back.

- Gone downhill - please fix

I’ve spent several hundreds over the years playing this game getting to the high 4000’s- I find it relaxing - or I used to until they changed it so that you lose a life when you reset the board. Given that some levels are so difficult that resetting the board until you get your boosters where you want them is absolutely necessary, this is just an unconscionable cash grab. Why not be inventive (like you used to be, King) adding value for players to purchase rather than just removing what you had already given. One of the reasons I’ve never spent anything on Candy Soda (although I still play it) is the inability to reset the board. It makes the game slow and frustrating and is a disincentive to buy extras. Contrast with my spending where you could reset the board, make some progress, feel good about playing, keep playing, keep spending. Get the picture King? I’ve often thought about quitting when things got a bit hard - but kept going - however, unless this issue is fixed I will choose to spend my time (and money) on Bubblemania which still has issues but at least they appear to listen to feedback and fix things that frustrate paying customers.

- Money hungry greedy owners

I’ve been playing this for years and as time progresses the more and more the owners are getting more money greedy and are changing things about their game for their profit. Golden bars are what you use to buy free lives or to buy “cheats”. You get golden bars by paying for them or winning them. You use to be able to buy them much cheaper (and the price seems to keep going up), and win them (through successfully completing a level). It is seeming to get harder and harder to win golden bars. In addition, now the owners of the game have taken away the free spin function at the end of a lost game, which would give you a second chance at the lost game (to try and win gold bars quicker), or would win you cheats. Now that’s gone. It’s obvious they keep making changes to make more money and it’s really starting to make me hate playing. It’s just greedy, as if they don’t make enough money off people as is. I refuse to buy bars anymore because they are way over priced and you don’t get much for what pay for anymore anyways. Really going down hill candy crush, and you’re about to lose loyal customers because of your greedy antics!

- Candy Crush Rules!!

My auntie plays this game every night and whenever I see her play it I always want to have a go! 🍭 I downloaded it a few months ago and play it almost everyday it’s very addictive, but very frustrating when you can’t beat a level and have tried many many times. I am on level 158 and find candy crush very relaxing when your annoyed, stressed or just happy 😆 I’m like this game because there are NO adds witch in a lot of games have a ton, 🍭🍬🍫 I absolutely love candy crush and sofa saga and the others please keep updated it. I’m only 10 but find it fun, relaxing and a great stress reliever. Thank you everyone who works on it and keep up the good work.

- Princess

I do like this game except when you have been stuck on a level for weeks and you get it and then can't play for 72 hours. I enjoy the challenge when I get out of a tough level. Everyone I know plays it too. I'm not happy at the moment playing level 350. It is almost impossible to get out of it. I have been stuck on it for months and getting really frustrated, then if I ever get out of it I won't be able to play for 71 hours and that always happens on a weekend. I need to get out of this level. The moves seem to be able to change when you nearly get out of it

- Not impressed!

After being on level 1391 for months, I finally gave in and made a purchase to help me overcome the level. I finally finished it after spending more money than I would have liked and once I finished I closed the game down to go about my day. I have since opened the game up and it has taken me back to said level and is making me repeat it for some godforsaken reason. I’m not usually one to complain but you need to fix this from happening. It has happened to me before but this has just really irritated me seeing as though I paid money. I know i finished he level as it showed up with the stars and all the usual rigmarole that occurs after you finish a level. Is there any way this can be rectified?? I have absolutely no interest being stuck on this level again and doubt I’ll continue playing. Any suggestions as to why this has happened??

- Best candy game of all😃

I love Candy Crush sooo much. I played on the tablet at home, then I got this: my i-pod. I got candy crush a week after my birthday. My birthday is on the fifth of June and I got my i-pod on the third of June(the i-pod was an early birthday present) and I have been playing Candy Crush ever since then. Well. Almost. When I got to level 94 it got really hard and stoped playing for 2 or 3 months. Then I started playing again and I won! I got heaps of really good boosters from my winnings and one time I got the last booster bot and kept it for 10 levels! All I’m saying is play this game and when a level gets really hard just keep on trying otherwise you will be crushed just like the chocolate.😼

- Need to improve on a few things

I have been playing candy crush for ages and enjoy playing but to keep players wanting to keep playing a few improvements could be made. Like - when you get your free bonus spin each day I have never got the jackpot bonus. You can’t tell me this is not controlled??!! Also, when you get five extra bonus turns when you reach that it does not add on to the amount of turns you have left. You may have just finished a level and still have 5 left and receive the added bonus but it doesn’t take the amount of turns to 10 it stays at 5. Have also noticed that if you want to purchase golds bars you have put up the price. Hopefully some, if not all can be fixed.

- Kathie

I totally agree with Goldenmonkey24 about the latest change King have made to CandyCrush Saga. I too have spent a lot of money to keep getting through the latest levels and made a big effort to collect boosters to help me along. Then you change them to timed ones which are useless to me. I put up with baby playing morn8ng and night to get the few that I can save for when I need them. Then you take away my ability to restart a game to give me a better starting position so I can get through it. Not fair to take away a booster and a life just because I want to reset it. Now I am about to delete the game and never play again. I’ve wasted enough money and time. It’s not fun anymore. It seems the better I get at it you make it deliberately harder and harder to make me spend more money.

- The more you win the more money they want

I’ve been playing this game for a solid year, always been a favourite. I’m now on level 2629. They they took away free play on moves (to watch an advert for) now they’ve taken away the chance to win things for completing challenges, plus more. I’ve spent money on this game when I’ve had nothing better to do (sitting in isolation etc) and the more I spent the more things they take away every single time. I’ll never spend a dime on this game again. Not to mention every time I did buy something like freckles/lives etc it was guaranteed I’d lose as soon as I did that. Oh and I only get the climb the stupid bean stock every time I ran out of lives. But when you don’t play for a while you’ll win 5 in a row. Stupid game built on strategic money making. There’s nothing strategic about it though, almost like pokies tactic

- Latest update made levels disappear

As a loyal game player of candy crush for many years now I have enjoyed many hours of playing and enjoyed every new twist an update has brought to the game. But the most previous update once I had downloaded it I went in to candy crush to play and discovered that I was no longer level 1078 like I was only minutes prior but pushed down to level 544. I am very upset about this inconvenience and although not connected to a Facebook as the game should automatically be kept within the app. I would appreciate it a lot if the game developers or whoever has the power could get into contact and help me fix this situation weather I be given my levels back on the Facebook version so I can transfer it back to my app on my phone or if the levels can be restored on my phone. Thank you.

- The love of my life

Candy crush is my life, I can’t go a maximum of an hour without checking in and swiping away. My fingers don’t work anymore, all they want to do is swipe, everything I see jumbles into patterns and I have to get three, four or five in a row to go about my day. Candy crush is ruining my life, I can’t go outside anymore, people keep calling me crazy but they don’t know what’s really going on. I’m currently on level 3068 and I have been stuck on it for months, I keep changing the time and date in my settings to get free lives but now it’s making me wait 9,825,741 minutes!! PLEASE SEND ME LIVES!

- Candy

Candy crush is an amazing game it gets all of your worries to float away into nothingness when your bored you can play this game soon you’ll be excited in now time it’s great for all ages over the age limit even if your 98 you can enjoy it I personally go straight to candy crush when I can’t go to sleep you shall definitely download candy crush for the time of your life my nana plays it but she’s finished all the levels in only up to my 100s I need her to help me sometimes it also keeps you entertained when stuck at home during covid19

- It's good but the laggy-ness isn't

To be honest I am a mediocre player, I am currently on level 1419 (with no cheats). There are times were it is frustratingly challenging and I could be stuck for like a day, but that's what's good. Here's the bad things: they need to work on the laggy ness and glitches. My game from time to time keeps crashing and it won't work every time I try to go into CS. Also sometimes when I complete a levels due to it crashing it doesn't save it and it's infuriating. The animation needs to be worked on, because on my device you can see the individual frames and it's quite slow, which my game runs slowly and glitchy as well. I hope they fix this and maybe I will consider a 5 star rating.

- It’s a good game but...

Candy crush is a good game I mean it’s interesting and it makes for a good time killer. The only problem I have with it, is when the candies highlight when playing a level. I find it’s very frustrating because maybe I don’t want to move the candies where it’s highlighting and when I look for other spots the highlighting candies just make me distracted from choosing my moves at my own pace. It’s quite annoying. I think there should be button or something in the next update where people can decide to turn whether they want the candies highlighted on or off. It would be nice and make the game more enjoyable.

- Bugs / update needed

Levels such as 4639 are flawed. Why have booster when you can’t play them. Why have space bot and earn top reward when you lose that ability because of levels like this. Biggest flaw is you can not move candies from under a crystal. Even though your own hint is showing this should be possible therefore you don’t get auto shuffle. Seriously surely someone should be checking this. You earn millions a day and then you have simple flaws like this. Really disappointed and I am on the verge of deleting! Also timed rewards is a con. Especially as you have to wait so long for lives to replenish. Watch! I will not be spending one single cent on your game. Will go on other games! Poor very poor.. remember who makes you all this money.. don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

- My addiction

It such a pain that I have to wait forever to get new levels coming after I finished my level 5825.. and when new levels finally available still I can’t join the competition because I had to wait for another “new levels coming soon” after probably finished only 10/15 levels not sure. So dear candy crush team, would you guys please fix my problem of the “too long waiting for the new levels?” Thanks so much in advance y’all!! Since I love this game too much not to play for a sec, specially on the weekend! 😣😭🤪🤣😍♥️♥️

- Love the game.

Love the game and totally addicted. One question though, do you play the levels before sending them out, because if you do, on some levels you either have a super pro player or you are not telling us the secret to completing levels that are super hard with only 13 turns. As I f you haven’t made it hard already but in the new update you have actually made it harder. I did not think it possible. Thanks King. 🤨 I love a challenge and enjoy the hard levels but 2977 is just ridiculous.

- Room for improvement

As an iPhone X user, the screen is still not optimised and the large black bezels can seem to get in the way of a good play. User’s shouldn’t have to wait for more lives to play again, and the hard levels do not have enough moves to complete the level without running out within a few minutes. This becomes frustrating and often makes the game less enjoyable. User’s also should have access to all hole made in each level to buy more moves and power-ups without having to wait, once again. Apart from this, when the levels are achievable, this game is fun and provides good entertainment as a whole.


This addictive app is so fun yet after a while you begin to lose trust in it. There are inconsistencies that leave you frustrated that what happens one time does not bring the same consequence the next time. I suspect that whoever is maintaining this game has dropped the ball. Several times my levels show fewer moves permitted at the start than there are supposed to be according to online guidelines - ridiculously low permitted moves for difficult levels. Then when I reboot to try to fix the problem it doesn’t always work and (although logging in with the same FB ID), I find rebooting means I’ve lost all previously-won in-game advantages plus all of the items I’ve purchased with my own cash. It is very, very expensive!!! Played this for one month. Never again going with King.

- Not impressed!!

I have played candy crush on and off for 5 years. Currently on level 1926, never had an issue with my progress transferring between iPad and new iPhones and Facebook until now. I deleted my Facebook account to start a new one and try to log into my new Facebook account with Candy Crush. It suddenly takes me back to level 1. So I have a freak out thinking my progress of level 1926 is gone forever until I log back into the kingdom and see it has taken me back to the proper level but it has wiped all my boosters (I know I had 90 freckles NOW I HAVE NONE). So I can’t log in to my new Facebook account unless I want to repeat 5 years of hard work and I have had all my boosters wiped from my game. I’m not impressed at all! I want this issue rectified!

- Fix it

After a recent update I’m not able to collect 180 candies every 8 hours to get some boosters. Other players on the same level can, so the app discriminates people. Some other features are available for one group of players and not available for others. Without help of boosters it’s almost impossible to play. Even rewarded ads almost disappeared, so I can’t watch videos to get the boosters. I’m considering to delete the game if they don’t fix it. I’m not going to spend hours on a single level only because boosters are not available. Some levels are so hard so no way to pass them without boosters. What was the point to remove them if you lose customers and lose revenue from not watching/clicking rewarded videos??? Fix it!

- LoveLove it! & love the team behind the scenes! Well deserved a 5 Stars!

I’m currently on level 5240 waiting for more new levels to be released. Not sure if I’m the first one in the world lol I would love to know. I hope Candy crush team can advise. The group that I’m playing with; the second player is from Hong Kong has reached the level 5014. So is it automatically I’m playing with the top players or just whatever the group is as a random? I look forward to an answer. Cheers! Keep going guys you’re simply the best!

- Problem with video

I love this game, but I have problem I can’t watch the video for extra lives or video for extra spin. Few times I deleted and installed again but nothing changes. Most of times I cannot past the level because I cannot see video. All the time I open video but it’s black screen and only I have X do press and nothing. One Day I wait for more than 30 minuets but nothing change, screen still black no video. How can I fixed this problem?

- Great game

I love love love the fact that there is no ads. It’s one of the reasons I have stuck with Candy Crush for so long. However, the only thing that annoys me is how quickly the lives can run out! When you’re on a level that’s super hard or has countdown candy, you’re lives go super quick. Maybe getting rid of the lives feature OR add more lives. I hate waiting for them to come back when all I want to do is try and finish the level.

- Not happy

I set up a new iPad and my game didn't load properly , I was at level 1510 and now my game shows me at level 50 , it doesn't matter what I do or what King tells me to do nothing has worked, now it is glitching worse and shows me at a much higher area of the map with no way of knowing where I am as there are no numbers lit up and my avatar is frozen in between 2 levels , please help as I don't want get rid of the game but I will if it doesn't get fixed

- Great

Candy crush is seriously good. Only negative thing I can say is that you’re not as generous as other games. For example, I just watched your “thank you” video re level 3000. That’s lovely and all but how bout some free gold or some sort of other pack ;) we shouldn’t expect freebies of course but it seems to be the biggest difference between you and others. They have giveaways for most holidays and events. Just a thought. Other than that, I love candy crush.

- Addictive

Loved playing for last few years, took a year full year actually closer to 2 years off as got frustrated not being able to pass this one level for weeks and months. Don't want to spend the extra money to get more lives but have done so. I like the more lives option via watching adds or spinning the wheel, allow spin of the wheel more often please. More lives on weekends please.

- YoFs37

I had this game when it first came out ages ago and was I was really enjoying it back then until I got stuck on a level that was impossible to pass. It was frustrating to the point I deleted the game. Moving forward to now, giving it another go & I’m enjoying it a lot again. I hope levels continue to be passable because that’s what keeps it fun. IfI get stuck again on a ridiculous level, I will again delete - but for now it is fun. Only a 3 star rating at this stage which may change IF I continue to enjoy it given more time.

- Candy crush review

Great game. Found it fun until.... i got a new phone. Tried to transfer my progress - epically failed. Tried the support centre - no help there. Tried reinstalling and deleting app to see if that would fix things - nup. Sent an email, the reply was to go to the Help Centre which was useless. Requested them to reinstate my sweet supplies, gold bars and all ofher stuff. Oh no! Guess what the reply was? Yep go to the Help Centre and try reading one of their ‘helpful articles’. ARE YOU KIDDING??!!! Oh and they never did reinstae my stuff. All this on top of making me link my account to my FB page which i didnt want and didnt have to do when I initially loaded the game. Candy Crush, our relationship is over. YOU ARE DUMPED!!!


Ok, firstly I LOVE the game idea.I love the colourful candies that you have to crush together to move up levels. I also love the large selection of boosters that help you complete the levels. I do not get bored playing the game because you learn new things as you progress through the levels, which don’t end. I’m pretty sure that there are over 200 levels to complete. Overall, this is one of my most favourite games yet. 😍😍 Keep up the good work!!🙂

- Good game

I've been playing this for a while and it's a great game and especially good to pass the time. The only improvement I could suggest to the creators is if you give unlimited amount of lives for let's say 2 hrs, I feel like there should be a pause button on the timer because it always seems like I get it at the worst times like just before i have to stop playing so I can't use that reward I earned to it's full advantage. Otherwise love this game each level is a new challenge.

- Used to be great but is awful since they’ve sped it up

I used to love playing this game to de-stress and I played so often, I was completely hooked. Now they’ve changed the speed so that one second after you’ve made a move, there is a hint aggressively jumping up and down which can’t be turned off. It creates this stressful urgency and now I can’t play this as a relaxing game of strategy anymore. Has completely ruined the game for me. Today, I wondered why I hadn’t played in a few months and opened it, only to be reminded and immediately close it again. I’ll delete the app now and I’m confident I’ll never play again. What a shame, I wish they would slow it back down.

- Pop ups

Getting a little tired of playing the game and having to close all the pop ups the game keeps putting up before I can commence. I am also getting tired of never winning the bonus daily spin reward been playing for years and been using the spin every day and not once ever have I got it. Seriously stop being so tight with the bonuses and let me win once in a while. Also annoyed with having to close app and re-open to start collecting special candy cause the count discontinues if you don’t pass a level and the only way to make it begin again is to close app and restart. I love candy crush but you are really dropping the ball lately!

- Have a complaint

Love this game, I play everyday, like to participate in the competitions except for this last one . When u get to popsicle planet and u have to collect rainbows they do not add on, everyone is stuck on 50 and can u tell me how how one person can move to 2000 ,!!! Are they somehow cheating!!! Wish u would get rid of this episode and begin a new one, has happened two weeks in a row now; love to play this game can u fix this problem?

- Bug that takes your money recently. Otherwise have played it for years and have loved it

Would otherwise have given it five stars but gave it four. Three times recently I paid for 10 gold bars to continue my game and the app took my money but then I wasn’t able to continue, plus the gold bars were not in my stash. Otherwise I have really enjoyed candy crush. Especially in my downtime when I just feel like zoning out and relaxing.


Super Challenging, Addictive & an Awesome game. Doesn't require spending (though I could see people spending up if they could)!! I like how even though you can get 'stuck' on a particular level for what fells like forever , at least then once u do finally pass it you get through a decent chunk before hitting the next 'hurdle'. I've had a break for the last year or so but come back to it with a Loving It!!

- Good game that could be better

This game needs more in-game information. Tell your players what the boosters do! And explain which challenge you are playing, or are you playing all of them? Who knows? It is entertaining until you get to the point that everything gets so hard that it takes either many repeats to get through a level or you have to spend considerable real money on boosters. I deleted the game and reloaded to go back to lower levels.

- Well

Well this game is awesome and super addictive but the basically when I started I didn’t get any gold bars and the only way to get them was to pay and I didn’t want to do that. Also wrong with this game you have to go on to a website to customise your character and people don’t always want to do that like me. Also on this game it’s a bit old and didn’t have all the cool features but that is the cool thing about it this game is super awesome and you should really get it

- Too many inconsistencies

Being playing for years (level 5000 something) - recent updates are frustrating there has always been inconsistencies amongst my fiends with different benefits and rewards when playing same levels but now it’s ridiculous - game keeps changing bonuses, removes candies, gives rewards to random players, unable to give friends lives, profile not recognized etc It is taking away from the joy of the game. Get your sugar together Candy’re better than this!!!

- Addictive

Love this game. But hate it when you can't continue coz of having to buy extra moves or candy to finish a level. If you want to get more lives but don't want to pay for it, (iPhone Users only) turn your automatic date and time off, fast forward till tomorrow, then go back to automatic date and time, you will have a full 5 lives again.

- Not a consistently fun game

This game has its ups and downs. Sometimes you get stuck on a level with the only forseeable way to win being waiting until they take mercy on you and gift you a power-up or coughing real life money for power ups. Also the whole gold bar system is completely unethical; you should be able to tell a player they’ve ‘earned’ gold bars if you’re going to confiscate them until they pay your pathetic ransom. If you’re willing to grind this game until you pass a level without giving them you’re money, definitely step up to the plate.

- Not impressed by new update at all ;-;

So my point is that Candy Crush was a pretty nice nice game until the new update! Previously there are loads of issues in the game, for example the red hand at the bottom of your screen is glitching a lot and when I say “glitching a lot” I mean whenever I use it, it still counts for 1 move and it really bugs me cause it takes me ages to get those hands but they mean nothing?!? And also I was on level 563 but then I got pushed down to level 117?? Although I don’t have Facebook for Candy Crush I would still like my normal level back!!

- Bring back the old candy crush!

Can you please turn off the automatic highlighting of candies when it is time for a move?!? It is highly irritating as it always draws your eye to that area. Also, super annoying having to click through a million things such as piggy banks and other contents when all I want to do is move onto the next level straight away. Candy Crush used to be plain fun with no extra boosters but now with all the extras it has really taken away from the game itself and you don’t really need skill if you have a tonne of boosters.

- Updated app and lost boosters

Ive been an avid player of the game and have spent months accumulating boosters to use on hard levels, some of which I have purchased, and most achieved as awards. I have just updated the app, and BOOM! .... I’ve Lost all of my saved colour bombs, stripped/wrapped lollies, jelly fish etc. I’ve contacted support but have had no joy in getting my boosters back. I’m not happy. I’ve lost all motivation to continue playing Candy Crush as the levels are getting increasingly harder and I’ve got no boosters to get me through these levels. Hence, if my boosters are not reinstated, I’ll be off to find another game to play. Feeling pretty crushed.

- A fixed game

I’ve played candy crush on and off for a couple of years. On the one and only time I got jackpot on the spinning wheel I didn’t receive a thing, not a single booster! Im up to level 2040 and find the freckles, candy stripes etc explode when they shouldn’t. Also when the candy strips go off and hit the small squares, often they don’t change when they should. I take my hat off to the developer(s) as it’s a good game and very addictive but they need to make sure they keep it all legitimate.

- 5 lives

I like the game in general, though there could be less timed bombs and chocolate blocks. Fruit and nut pieces take too long to come down in some levels making it difficult to enjoy the game as the moves run out too quick. In app prices are ridiculously expensive, I won't pay for the piggy bank after having won the gold bars during game. Having pop ups about down loading other games does not interest me.

- Addictive!

Great game, frustrating once you get in to the higher levels but so worth it! A game you can play without spending money if you don’t want to! No need to “pay” to unlock levels, of course there are options to pay for things but playable without $$ which is rare in games now! On level 4115 and still enjoying it more and more! Worth a download

- Updates ruin the game

This used to be my favourite game. I could zone out for hours waiting in airports or drifting off to sleep or ward off anxiety. Now that peaceful happy place has been totally ruined by a gazillion pop ups and so many rewards the extra extra hard levels are finished in two moves and you get cycled back through all the freaking stuff you have to click away to play the next level. I don’t want boosters and friends and games and ads for the new candy crush I just want to play the old simpler harder and peaceful version of this game I used to love. So sad. I’ll have to find a less busy game

- Has the jackpot on daily spin EVER been won?

I’ve had candy crush for years! Love the game, I’ve spent more money on it than I’d like to admit, there is one thing that I am however really disappointed about.... after all these years, I STILL have never ever seen what the jackpot is on the daily spins. I’ve gotten pretty close a few hundred times but it always seems to glitch last second and keep spinning that little bit more. Surely after all these years someone has seen the jackpot????!!

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- Great game

I love this game!!!!

- Addicted

I love candy crush! Usually playing it whenever I get the chance to.. x

- Addictive

Super fun when you have time to kill A+

- I don't know

Good game and it pass time

- Fun!

Great stress reliever!!!

- Stupid

To get past a level you have spend your money which is so not worth because it’s so boring, wish you could do something else rather than just looking at a board.

- Can’t look at a level and exit without losing lives and boosters.

Not happy that after 7 years, they’ve made it impossibly hard to pass certain levels. You can no longer check out a new level, exit without making any moves and get a re-shuffle without losing boosters and lives.

- Quit game

Hi I used to be able to quit the game before I do any moves without losing a life !! How come The option isn’t allowed anymore???

- ridiculous levels

game is not as fun as it used to be. free boosters or previewing a level without losing a life is no longer an option. it is pay to win and i’m not putting my money into a stupid game. as you get higher the levels become impossible to pass, it’s supposed to be challenging not impossible i don’t wanna spend three weeks trying to pass one level. will be deleting this game.

- Double charges

I have noticed that if I purchase a 13.99 package it always charges me a 27.99 on top of it and I never purchased it. I have to call apple every time.

- Ridiculous

They keep giving you less moves to complete a level so you will have to buy boosters and more additional moves. Ridiculous.

- Boring mess

A boring mess of a game made not be fun but addicting.

- ...

I have nothing positive to say about this game, I have lost interest and I’m not wasting my time or money on this game. Less moves every-time and in order to pass “levels” in general you have to use $$$$$. Every God Damn Time. Don’t waste your energy or your breathe and keep your money away from this game.

- Greedy developers

Worst game updates ever. Ruined the experience... garbage greedy game

- Read the reviews CC!

This game is fun until you reach higher levels and then it becomes a total money grab!! You can't win at higher levels without spending money, and they overcharge for what the packages offer. They would have more players and make more money if they charged 1/4 of what they do. This is a GAME and there are lots of free games that aren't constantly trying to get money from the players. Weekly winners get no return for what it takes to one first! It's become a total rip off. The only way to play his game is to start over each time you reach level 1000! I can see this game dying because of F the developer's greed. Shame.

- Used to love it but...

Seriously, pls add some confirmation before validating purchases with gold. More than once I mistakenly pressed on buy extra moves or lives!! And where is the free win moves wheel every 48h??? You don’t need such methods, this game already rips people off...

- Bad customer service

I have been playing this game for 8 years. I was past level 1500 and had over 100 of every item stocked up as well as 84 gold bars. It told me to log into Facebook to save my progress, so I did then lost EVERYTHING. After months of trying to contact them, finally they responded saying they will not replace lost items. Do not play any KING games if you wish to keep your progress safe. Terrible policies and terrible customer service.

- Dumb changes

Before, when you go into the game, and don’t like it’s layout, you could quit without losing lives. Now, not only you lose lives, you also lose the boost you select. I have played this game for years and now on 2377 probably going to quit this game for good since the dumb developers are just thinking of money, and not focus on player experience

- 🤮🤬 worst game ever

This game has hit rock bottom. Strictly money grab. They need to bring back old version where you collected candies.🤮🤮

- Terrible update

6 years I’ve been playing and they ruined this with the latest update. Can’t preview a level anymore without losing a life and a booster. Bad move, ruined the game.

- New update - very unhappy

I think this is a great game, but the latest change, removing the ability to back out of games before making a move, without losing bonuses or a life, has ruined the game for me.

- Don’t update

It’s a very bad update that prevent the player to quite the level without losing a life. It becomes boring and I will delete it from my phone.

- Dec 2019 update has big new restrictions

You could previously start and restart levels by going in and seeing the layout and where certain candies were. Now if you go in and out without playing you lose a life. Money grab😤

- No to exited

This game is made just to drain your money I play each level for 30 times and up sometimes, jut because it requires me to pay money. Make it user friendly plz

- Double bills!!

Beware: This app double bills on almost every purchase!!

- Bring it back

Why did Candy Quests disappear??

- Starting to dislike it

I’ve had the game since it first came out! Now I’m starting to dislike it. They have levels that rely on luck, don’t use skill at all and you get stuck on them for days... super annoying and makes me lose interest!

- Adds

Y’all are BUGGING with the adds... it’s a game not a tv show.🙄

- Rules

Thank you for changing the rules. After almost 6 years of playing I’m quitting the game. Your new POWER UPS and FUN EVENTS stink.

- Csn't play anymore

This version doesn't open so I just can't play.

- Déception

Je suis très déçu des derniers changements ... surtout en ce temps de confinement ... il me semble tellement ridicule cette décision de changer le jeu de façon unilatérale me coupant des plaisirs que j’avais en en jouer depuis le début. Je suis au dernier niveau et j’attends chaque semaine la sortie des nouveaux niveaux et ce depuis plusieurs années ... entre temps je me ramasse des outils pour passer le temps. J’imagine eu ceci est une décision corporative et que dans les faits des milliers de personnes comme moi n’investissent pas dans votre jeu. Je suis triste et déçu ! Redonnez moi mon jeu comme il était svp c’est déjà difficile d’être confiné à la maison.. un peu de compassion serait grandement apprécié ... Hâte de voir le résultat de ce commentaire ! Je suis au bout du jeu et chaque semaine je dois attendre les nouveaux niveaux. Vous enlevez ce qui fait que le jeu est plaisant en attendant ... les 180 étoiles pour les goodies n’existent plus dommage. Je vais quitter le jeu ...

- No more booster candies 😡

Why did you take away the candies to collect boosters!?! This game is going down by the day, taking away everything that will help pass a level and expecting us to pay for it!?! NOPE! I’m so close from uninstalling


This game is crap it tells me all the moves and its suppost to be your choice it's soooo annoying FIX IT!

- Feedback

Disappointed that I have to pay to play this game. I understand the economics of the thing but really are you not almost not creating an addiction by cutting people off between levels?. I like the game but will no longer be playing because it’s too expensive. I am scared to see what the charges on my visa bill will be this month

- Levels

Hate how so many levels are harder than the super hard! Hard to relax and play candy when you keep failing a regular level no matter how many boosters you use, frustrating!

- Boosters

What are you people doing... no more spin for extra moves... wth!!! Just because people win in a few moves you take moves away from the rest of us who are not lucky enough to get a good board and win with very few moves.. now takes us forever to move forward... when u win a game and get rewards and then you are supposed to get more with more consecutive wins and now it looks like you get more but you don’t... only stays on the first reward... you can’t even win bars anymore... in order to buy more moves... and sorry I am not rich to be able to spend real money on a game... thanks for ruining a great game.. Oh and when those stupid Genie lamps are on the board if it is on the board you are playing u can’t play what is that all about....have to wait till it moves... can’t you put it somewhere else??

- confirm purchase button ¿

love this game but please please add a button in which you have to confirm whether you want to spend all your gold bars on 6hrs of infinite lives or not. so ridiculous as to why there is not ...

- Garbage game

If you want to keep your sanity, do not download this game. This game is the literal definition of pay to win. The game gives you garbage moves and makes it almost impossible to beat levels without using power ups. If you’re willing to spend money getting more lives, and more power ups you will succeed and find the game fun. However if you’re like the average player that doesn't want spend money on a free game you will become unbelievably frustrated with how bad this game really is.

- Nope

No, I am not paying.

- Besoin d’amélioration

Je n’aime vraiment pas la suggestion de mouvement a tout les coups. Je suis capable de jouer sans cela et c’est franchement agaçant.

- The ad

I just seen the ad for candy crush and it was so bad I had to write a review just to let you know it literally made me wanna kill myself because it made me so uncomfortable

- Money hungry

Stupid game. So hungry for money it’s ridiculous. You spend those 5 limited lives in 2 minutes and have to wait 2:30 to get back your lives🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Spend your time playing something else

- Not fun anymore

This game is not fun anymore! I’ve been playing for years and now have been stuck on the same level for a month now! Where’s the win moves wheel after an attempt at a level?? Used to get a free spin after 48hrs now you have to use gold to spin which you don’t get anymore! Make it fun again.

- Great game but...

The latest update has made the treat calendar worthless. If I can’t win some items to help me play I might as well uninstall the game

- Stop the near impossible levels

I am on level 4421. I have always loved the game but I have to tell you, levels like this (and there have been others) make you want to quit or throw your phone against the wall or both. Seriously though, levels like this are no longer fun. They are frustrating. If they want people to keep playing they need to stop throwing these near impossible frustrating hard levels that are no longer fun to play because they become stressful and not wipe the stress away by playing like they claim. There are too many of these levels up here. Stop them or I will stop playing. Plus they took away certain bonuses. Not cool!

- Forces purchases

I played CCS a few years ago then left it. Now I’m leaving it again. After a certain point in the games, it becomes obvious that the only way to win is to keep forking over money. Once in awhile, okay. But most games after a certain level, come on. Done.

- Impossible to move on—money grab

I have two separate games on two devices. They have changed certain levels so that they are impossible to pass without having to pay for/use extra boosters. When I passed level 223 in my one ongoing game, you had to reach a set score to pass the level. Now I’m playing on my other device two weeks later and it’s the same board but now they expect you to clear 81 double jellies amongst liquorice and icing. I’ve been playing for over a week and I can NEVER reach the top 4 jellies in the corner. I’d have to use a ton of boosters to complete this level. Same goes for level 516. It used to be liquorice at the bottom and only a few icings to contend with (I looked up how to pass this level and it was completely different). Well now it’s ALL icings-no liquorice- and I haven’t been able to come close to passing it in days. I’ve tried to contact them to explain the situation for both levels and all I get in return is generic answers and reminders that I can use my boosters and other helpful tools. Aka spend money to pass the level. Sorry Candy Crush. There are quite a lot of similar games out there that aren’t as greedy and sneaky as you are. I’ll just go play them and I recommend others do the same.

- Sucks

The new update sucks. Bring back the old version.

- Joke, just like the creators

How to not make a game 101

- Lost progress!

I just lost all my progress!!!! I was around level 3300 and the game just reset to level 1!!! Lousy!! Not sure if I’m gonna continue to play!!! Not happy!!

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- Awesome game you just have to concentrate on it.

It’s an awesome game. You just have to think before you move. When I was little I played this for the first time at first I didn’t understand it well so I uninstalled it. A few years later I tried it again but still couldn’t understand why I can’t do level 65 sooo guess what I uninstalled again. But this year I concentrated and did it slowly and patient, I needed help from mom witch right now she’s in level 300 and something and I’m not lying, she’s helped me do it. And at the end of the day I did the level. We need to understand that candy crush is a unique game and that we to do it slowly and patiently. If you do that, well it works. Right now I’m on level 185 and I’m doing this levels alone without any problems the levels are quite easy after level 65. Thank you king for doing this amazing game and for the memories I’ve had with them! 👍🥰❤️

- Awesome!

I love this game so much! But you could add stuff to make it even better. Like you could actually be able to make any character you want and buy it clothes from peoples stores and change it’s hair color at someone’s hair salon and you could use coins from doing good in the levels to pay for it. You could also be able to design a house for your character in Candy City and buy furniture from peoples stores with the coins I was talking about. And if you had enough coins you could open a store, like a restaurant, or a bakery, or a library, and more. And you’ll get to pick what kind of store you open, you can make it up and you can still do it. The game Candy Crush would be so much more fun if you kept the same things in the game you have now and what I suggested because once you run out of lives there’s nothing else to do in your game.

- Game was fun, now is buggy

I played Candy Crush from middle through high school and stopped after a level in the 600’s because I just couldn’t get past it. Wasn’t even marked a hard level. I hit college and decide to redownload the game because I was bored in classes where all that mattered was attendance, beat the level after about 5 days and no boosters. A few months later I’m home (due to COVID-19) and I’m somewhere in the 2200’s due to free time in/between classes and just being home for 2 weeks now. On and off, the game will let you earn boosters by completing old levels. Cool, that’s great. But, again, it’s on/off. Some of the contests don’t actually give you your prizes. Uncool. And the striped candies, when mixed with a color bomb, don’t all go off at once anymore, which is a bummer. To top it off, when making striped candies, the game doesn’t always give the correct stripes when formed. There are more issues but I’m too tired to type it out. It was a fun game until it just got bugged up and inconsistent.

- Too many updates without benefits

This used to be fun earning boosters as you’d played and earning extra plays to win a game, but WHERE did they GO!! This game is much more frustrating than relaxing these last 6 months. Your developers have made some lousy changes which leaves little advantages to the player. They don’t give anymore gold coins and it seems all they want is for you to pay for them. Players like to win and earn them!! Without any extra boosters the games take so much longer to win and a lot of the times you lose by one space. So frustrating... You think the pandemic has caused enough anxiety and you would update the game back to the way it was 2 years ago, earning gold coins, boosters and extra turns while you pass games or at least watching advertisements to earn some boosters. When you have to play the same game more than 20 times, it’s just not fun anymore. Glad I found a better App Tripeaks Solitaire to keep me entertained and earn points and boosters while competing against other players. Much more rewarding and fun

- unfair mechanics

candy crush isn't my favorite game, but for the most part, it's stimulating enough. however, some mechanics are just unfair. i continuously complete levels with high scores, and am told i earn boosts, but they aren't received. i guess it's because i don't have a piggy bank, but im not spending real money for a piggy bank in a mobile game, it's not worth it for me. also the bombs are completely unfair. sometimes i don't even notice them because they're hidden so intricately, or i waste a bunch of moves trying to dismantle them, but i wind up losing countless lives because they're in such difficult spots and im not given the right candies near it to do anything. ive wasted many lives on many levels JUST because of the bombs. they're a cool idea i guess, but they are not worth the frustration and unfairness they add to the game. the other things i can ignore because most mobile apps in this format are luck-based, and try to push in-app purchases as much as possible, but the bombs mechanic is just intolerable.

- Used to be a great app...

I have been playing candy crush since it first came out. In the beginning, it was a slick, solid, clever game that was immediately addictive. But over the last few years it has become a bloated, confusing mess, with a non-sensical number of challenges that you cannot opt out of, and requiring an ever-increasing number of clicks to progress from the end of one game to the beginning of the next. The developers are clearly focused on manipulating the rules and supposed “random” elements of the game (e.g. the end of game wheel spin for additional moves, or the daily booster wheel spin) to drive increased in-app purchases. The nail in the coffin for me was the recent decision to eliminate the ability to restart a game without penalty prior to making your first move. I now continually burn boosters that get placed in unusable spots, as I cannot reshuffle the board without losing a life. This makes the game unplayable at higher levels, unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on booster purchases. I am done. I will now move on to other games. If I hear that King reverses their “fix” to penalize restarts, I may reconsider.

- Too many "upgrades"

When I first started playing last year, it was fun and challenging. Now, after many "upgrades" that have been done, it's no longer fun. Each "upgrade" that was done took away some of the items that added to the fun. And the last three updates have made it impossible to advance by totally restructuring the way boosters are earned. It is now almost impossible to advance levels, unless you get really lucky, or spend a lot of real money. There used to be boosts that assisted with difficult levels. Yeah... there are still boosts, but it is no almost impossible to get them. What used to be a fun game to play for hours on end, has now evolved into a pain-in-the-butt. It now takes days to advance one level, because you now loose all your lives within 10 minutes. Oh... unless you're willing to spend a ton of money to buy extra lives and lots of boosters to advance. Bottom line... I no longer play this game... and I know lots of other people who have also left for the same reasons. There are other games, that are very similar, that are still fun to play...

- Greed

The game has evolved into a money machine, in its incipient stages it was a fun game to play, now it is designed to generate revenue for the developers. Many levels are designed so you can’t win unless you get lucky or spend money. You can spend money to buy gold bars to buy power ups and additional moves in the game and that’s the catch. If you need 1 more move to complete a difficult level why not spend $2.99 on 10 gold bars to buy 5 more moves? With over 3,000 levels let’s say that 1/3 of the levels are difficult and you spend $2.99 on each on Candy Crush has made $3,000 from you. Times that’s by the millions of people playing and you have a money machine. Yes you do get a free power up every day and they even throw in some power ups that will last for a period of time such as a you will start each level with a striped candy for 30 minuets. To compensate for that you may be stuck in a super hard level for an hour, two hours or even a week or more. Play at your comfort level and try the many similar matching games

- Obsessed but it needs fixed

I’m over level 3,000 so I’ve played plenty. Not sure why the heck you took away the arcade and ability to win boosters. And where the heck did the weekend king go and be able to try and win more hammers???? You’ve even taken away the ability to watch annoying ads to either earn more moves or earn a booster. At least the option was there. Now there is literally nothing left to try and earn things to win some of the harder levels. Now spend a week trying to pass one level! SMH. Maybe you’re hoping during a pandemic people will instead spend more on the app when they’ve probably lost money by losing their jobs! You gave a free week of 24 hours a day feee lives. While that was great, you took away everything else! Come on man. Give people a chance to even WANT to continue playing this game. Otherwise you’re just pushing us to look elsewhere for mindless time wasting fun.

- Candy crusher

I love this game but I think it’s crazy how expensive it is to purchase items that you need and I hate how you have made it to where you pretty much have to spend money to get those things to really even be able to continue to play. I’m on level 2000 and something and it seems like I cannot progress unless I spend a ton of money which I wouldn’t have a problem doing occasionally but it’s so difficult that to play I would have to spend money all of the time. And lately even when I spend money it’s like you have made it so hard to the point that even purchasing boosters doesn’t help 🤦‍♀️ I think I may have to hang up my candy crush hat and retire. I hate to do that because your game has seen me through several stressful times and helped calm my nerves but lately all it’s done is add stress to me and my bank account! And I’ve been playing this game for years and have never hit jackpot on the spinning wheel! Is it even possible or just there for looks?!?!!

- Limited And Makes You Spend Money! Doesn’t Take Stress Away!

Okay, if your friends told you, “Hey play this game! It will be fun!” Then they are right. But there is more to this game than meets the eye. For example, you lost a couple of levels and you are getting better and better. But you fail just one more level and suddenly, there is a little sign that says you have no more hearts left. You can’t actually play the game until they recharge. Also, it makes you spend money on gold bars so you can use this fake money to buy spinning wheel turns or lollipop hammers on a level that is particularly hard. It is a good game, but unless you’re willing to spend 7.99 on a special pack, every single time you play, this is not recommended by me. Lastly, I just have to say that this will not swipe your stress away. It actually creates more stress because you have 2 moves left and 14 jellies! Chocolate consuming the board. Okay go ahead. Get the game. I don’t care. I’m just warning you. ChikinNuget34 out

- Let me exit a level before it starts!!!

please bring back the ability to exit a level before you start or make any moves without losing a life. (Unless it’s a timed level- I get it the times already started). There’s reasons we need to exit before starting- one being forgetting to click or un-click a booster. Two- sometimes YOU the app maker trick us into opening the level we just finished, and now because we can’t exit without losing a life- you better pray you’ll pass it again (unlikely in the 5,000’s!!) so you don’t lose that life and whatever boosters you’ve scraped together (robot body parts, space ships, or the current one- Christmas stocking). And God forbid you accidentally click on a past level... Seems like just more of the same: y’all finding ways to make more money... but listen... this “update” will likely cause this years and years loyal player (who’s spent a great amount of money on bars and boosters!), to call it quits. You already make it impossible to pass these advanced levels unless you spend money for more moves or boosters. Let us have this. THANKS 🙏🏼


I got so frustrated with this game, and the greedy developers, that I left this game for 2 years. It was great; I got used to getting a full set of lives in an hour. I got used to being awarded treats that I could use right in that very level. I got used to being on a winning streak longer than two levels. So, after two years, I thought to give this game another shot. Well... I should have left well enough alone. The developers are still greedy in that,1) it still takes 2-1/2 hours to load up five lives, which means any treats/boosters with a timer will expire before your next life in 30 minutes. And, 2) that brings up another asinine bit; if I get a color bomb with a timer, that booster is not showing on my current level...or the next...or the next. So, how the hell am I supposed to use this timed booster if it’s never an option???? Every app game has its quirks, but this one tops them all. See you in another two years; maybe by then this bunch of greeds will have caught up with the rest of the game world.

- I just deleted Candy Crush Saga!

I have played this game on my iPhone for years, reaching level 758 at least. And for the third (and last) time, when I needed to make a critical purchase, the game seemed to make the purchase (I use PayPal and used it successfully at an online store during the same time period.) but then said they had run into an error and to try later. No gold bars when I needed them. A week later when I added an iTunes card to my account, it installed but with the exact amount of my aborted purchases missing. CCS Customer service gave me extras when I complained but that doesn’t solve the problem. I have had other problems like being billed twice for one piggy bank or not receiving any reward at all from the bonus dispenser. And I agree with another reviewer who said one NEVER gets the jackpot from the prize spinner—I never have in at least 7 years of playing practically daily. It’s amazing how much more I enjoy playing other RELIABLE games on my iPhone now that I have deleted Candy Crush.

- Needs revisions.

Love the game it’s very fun and addicting. BUT I’m very annoyed with the algorithm of the game. Sometimes I’m just wasting swipes during a game bc there’s only one pathetic move I’m able to do for about 10 swipes and then it has to reshuffle (sometimes more than once). It wastes my lives and my time. I understand the game needs to be challenging but the algorithm should allow a path to victory in every game. But it’s very obvious that some of the patterns I’m presented with have no possible route to victory even with extra boosters. ALSO I spent $3 on that stupid piggy bank thinking that’s all I needed to do to be able to use it but no. Once you buy it and start spending gold bars, you’re still unable to collect gold after every winning game unless you buy the whole pig again which is ridiculous. I gave you my money now let me benefit in some way. Especially since the game forces me to run out of lives due to the algorithm of it.

- Addictive!!

I’ve played candy crush + all the others ( jelly, soda ect..) for years now and it’s just as addictive, challenging, and fun as when I played my first game here. Updates have been awesome!! I’m currently on level 2 thousand somethin and I’ve actually started over twice from switching phones over the years ect. I love that I can play a few mins if I have a spare min and continue playing if something comes up. Only thing I’d change right now is when I receive my daily’s or purchase a package and get my bonuses say 1 hour or 2 hours whatever it be I wish when I stopped the game it would continue where I stopped instead of loosing it if I have to stop the game (for kids, work , whatever) The designers of this game have really stepped it up, great job making it more challenging!! This is to long a review I know lol LOVE THIS APP!!!!

- Recent bug issues

I love this game, and have been playing for years. After this last update, I am having trouble getting my daily bonus, connecting to the "Play with a buddy" area, and now it's not even logging my progress. At the start of a new week, for the first few days, they have you feeding a baby dinosaur to help it grow. You get rewards as you feed it, but now I can't even get my game to lof my progress in feeding it. There are just WAY too many issues for this to be a coincidence, or my phone acting up. I hope they change it soon because if they don't, then I'll just stop playing until another update comes out. Once I put a game on the back burner to come back to later, I have a tendency to not come back for a long while because it's out of site, and out of my mind. So, the developers need to get on the ball with this bug fix, or I'm sure I won't be the only customer taking a break.

- Wish I could give 0 stars.

This game used to be great but has gotten unbelievably buggy. A handful of times now I’ve passed levels, but then when I click “Next”, the game didn’t save my progress and booted me back to the level I just beat. WORST PART is while it doesnt save my progress, the game somehow remembers I used up Boosters and I don’t get THOSE back either! It’s a total rip off and I feel a bit robbed. Also, there is clearly no consistency in the rules anymore. On countless occasions, the stripe candies that form are no longer formed horizontally or vertically specific to how I created the 4-candy match to make it—just now seems like a random luck of the draw. Plenty of times I’ll quickly leave the app to answer a text during the middle of a level and I’ll come back and the game will have canceled my progress and taken away a “life” of mine. It’s too frustrating. I will likely be deleting this app. It’s not fun anymore and quite honestly has only become a point of stress. It’s too obvious that the developers have become money hungry and they’ve done an awful job disguising it.

- Great Game But Needs Some Help

I love this game and am addicted. I’m up in mid 400’s and a few issues I would love to see corrected. I’m currently phoning Apple to refund a few dollars I’ve spent which is an epic ploy for the developers but a huge pitfall for us who actually spend a little change. Once you get through the simpler levels in each stage and you’ve spent the whole day saving your coins and you finally loose a level. You don’t just loose a level but you totally botch it and you clearly need a good 20 moves to win. Your instinct is to to hit the big green button that typically reads play but now that you lost it says “Refill”. Not only do you accidentally spend 100 coins, YOU ONLY GET 5 MOVES. THAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED OR MANY MORE MIVES GIVEN. Unless of course you want to continue to cause the players to spend their cash. The other pitfall for this game is the length of time they charge to refill the lives. Do I really need to wait 30 minutes? Fix that and you may have a better game.

- Super Sugar Crush

Super addicting, I’ve been playing since 2015 and I’m on level 2545. If you keep winning the first time on each game that’s when I get interested. Collecting power boosts throughout the game, is part of the interest. There is something about beating a level that makes you feel slightly accomplished. And it’s fun! Although addicting, there are flaws: 1. Super Sugar Crush gives no points at end of the game, just erases everything - please fix this 2. You will never get a jackpot on your daily spin. - please don’t make it an option or make it possible 3. Not sure how to earn gold bars, other than buying them - maybe earn 1 per set of games? 4. THE EXCESS AMOUNT OF CLOSES AND CLICKS YOU HAVE TO DO TO GO TO THE MAIN SCREEN OR TO THE NEXT LEVEL IS UNBELIEVABLE!! STOP REMINDING ME OF THE PIGGY, THE DRAGON, THE WEEKLY SCORE, RAMI, MY WEEKLY PLACE, YES I WANT TO CONTINUE and more -please fix this too Ideas: 1. I wish I could undo a move once in a while. Ex. Drop my phone and made a terrible move, or my fat thumb didn’t pick up the correct way I wanted to move a candy. 2. Create different worlds that when you reach certain levels (1000) you move forward so it doesn’t feel never ending. 3. An easier way to give lives to friends. To the players: 1. Really think about what you are purchasing if you decide to spend your money. 2. Don’t waste 7 gold bars so you MIGHT get extra moves after you run out of moves 3. Find friends to give you lives! (Or tricks)

- Just a suggestions

I’ve been playing this game for at least 5-6 years now and it used to be super hard without the extra gifts everyday so I appreciate that. And I’m super glad that you’ve made the levels a mix like jelly and fruit to the bottom. That makes it more interesting. HOWEVER, it is not fair to be playing and use all my 5 lives to come back to the board and get gifted an hour of the color bomb or something else. I have no lives to play with it and it gets wasted. Can you make it to where we can save it to when we want to use it? Put it in our “treat bag” or whatever it’s called that way it can be selected and the hour can start then. I get so frustrated when I can’t even use something I earned because I don’t have any lives left and by the time I do have TWO lives, the gift is gone. I will always be a candy crush fan but this fix will make it so much better. (:

- King just changed the game in a bad way.

King changed the game to take away the ability to preview a screen without losing a life. Before, you could look at it and as long as you didn’t play it you could back out and the screen would reshuffle. You could do it over and over until you found a favorable board. Why does this matter? 1. You are forced to play every board no matter how disadvantaged. 2. If you are using boosters, they will be randomly placed and are frequently placed in areas that are they aren’t even accessible on the board. So you are not only just losing a life playing a bad board, you are losing your boosters too. 3. If you accidentally enter the wrong level you are forced to play it. Sometimes my devices aren’t synced together and before it was easy to sign out and in to fb to sync them so you are on the correct level. King changed that too and it is now much more complicated. What King did was make the game unwinnable as booster are no longer an effective way to surpass a level. I’m still playing but no longer buying boosters.

- This used to be a fun game, now just pop up windows =0/

All three of the Candy Crush games used to be fresh, ingenious and addictively fun. I don’t mind if there are options to buy power-ups for those who aren’t able or willing to figure out trickier levels but Increasingly the game is made so that it is necessary to use a power up in order to finish a level. It seems this along with the next complaint started to worsen since a greedy American company took over the games from the Swedish company that created them. The most frustrating part of this game and it’s recent changes is the constant pop-up windows. It seems like one spends more time trying to say no or ok o all the stupid windows that persistently come up. Once o open it, another to activate it, another to accept it and even another to close it. To add insult to injury, they include a tick box option to select if you ‘don’t want to see this again” which does absolutely nothing if you tick it. All of the pop up windows continue. This was a great game and the little bits of time when you are actually able to play are still lots of fun, unfortunately it feels like you actually spend more time pressing “no”, “ok”, “don’t show me this again” etc. than actually playing. Even the basics of programming can help it they are interested they can streamline the processes so they can still have all the ads they want but reducing the time and clicks or taps it takes to get back to playing the game.

- Some flaws

I just want to start off by saying I’ve had this game since 2015. I’ve found it to be very addictive. However, there are some annoying things I’d like to point out. There’s a 0% chance of landing on the jackpot for the daily spin, so why bother having it if it’s impossible. Another thing is that you’ve changed the fish. They used to be helpful but I never found them op so why change them. They were perfectly fine just the way they were. Idk if it’s just the level I’m on or what but it’s been really annoying me. One last thing I’d like to point out is that you keep reminding me that my piggy bank is full. No duh it’s full, there’s no way that I’d pay $3 just to open it. Reminding me it’s full isn’t going to make me want to spend money on the game. It’s going to annoy me to the point I will want to stop playing the game again. I do still like to play the game but there are improvements that could definitely be made. There are more than just what I pointed out as well. Please fix, thanks

- Not To Be Taken For Granted

I noticed this game when I was on the internet. Everytime I was online, offers would pop up to download this, what seemed to be, a child's game, newfound sensation. So, I finally decided to give it a try. I played it and thought, this is fun, easy, and I also felt like I did alot of thinking and problem solving while playing the game. I became very quickly, addicted to the sound effects and I even found out by playing many games, that it gets more difficult than just matching three items or more. If you think it's just a silly little games for children, and don't download, you're talking that theory for granted. This is not a cliché game or a shooting star. It's an uphill climb to a peaceful and more centered, You. Try it, you'll love it, and the voice of the game, well, get ready to have a Sugar Crush, crush on him...........

- Love the game, but...

LOVE the game!! But I do have one suggestion. Can you PLEASE make an option/button where you can stop the game and take whatever score you got without having to start over again or lose the game?!! I say this because there are certain levels where the game will have a "domino effect" and it will just keep going and racking up your score and in order for it to stop, you'll have to start the game over again and lose the win! I HATE that!! For instance, on level 2693, which is a super hard level, it took me a week and a half to beat it and now I'm stuck on it because the domino effect and it won't stop so I can move on to the next level! In order for me to stop it, I'll have to end the game, lose the game, and start over again!! It's been in the domino effect now for 2 days!! HELP!!

- Customer support? Not so much.

The game is fun. A little mindless distraction in the middle of a busy day. The reason, however, for a two star review? Absolutely horrendous customer service. I’m starting to wonder if they actually have any customer service. I recently attempted to purchase 10 gold bars. Completed said purchase. Purchase was confirmed. Waited for the gold bars to show up. Bottom line: no gold bars. Nada, zilch, zip. Filled out the customer service form. Received a quick auto-response with a request for a copy/screenshot of the purchase. Sent that. After that? Radio silence. Waited 48 hours. Sent off an email asking for an update. More radio silence. Sent of another email yesterday with a screenshot of the completed purchase. Still nothing. I’m giving it another day & then will probably delete the game. I get that there may be a volume of issues that need addressing, but this? Should I quibble over a couple of bucks? Probably not. I’m a nobody among thousands of users, so they’re not gonna miss my dollars.

- My rating

I like the game. But the thing I hate, is if you have an iPad and there is no WiFi, it doesn’t save your progress or let you connect to Facebook. But overall I like the app, it’s a good game to get away from stress. I’ve been using it as a stress reliever. I don’t like that if you delete the app and get it again that it deletes your progress no matter what, whether it’s connected to Facebook or not. I know your probably reading this to see if you’ll install it. So I think you should download this game, especially if you need a good stress reliever. I think it’s a waste of money if your gonna buy those gold bars. I mean yes it’s part of the game and if your an adult it’s your money, but kids are known to take their parents cards and waste money on the app. There should be a parents section so parents or adults don’t have to worry about their kids doing that. (This includes every “crush” game)

- Hints are annoying

I love this game and I’ve been playing a long time (probably way too long!). I read some other reviews and a lot of ppl are saying they have gotten stuck and been forced to spend money to pass levels. Well I am on level 2000 something and I’ve never spent a penny! I watch the ads and complete the challenges to get bonuses. And yes I’ve probably spent days on a single leve but eventually you win (there is quite a bit of luck to the game after all)! I like most of the levels and features but I wish there was a way to turn off the hints. I know what I’m doing and I don’t need the game telling me where to play. Especially since it gives you the hint almost instantly. Give me a second to think, jeez! Also the newest hint where it lights up the spots that you need to clear is REALLY obnoxious. I’ve played this game for over 2,000 levels. I don’t want the “help”.

- Candy crush saga

I'm not extremely skilled at games but I find this one within my abilities as well as can advance. Couple things I would like to se changed is some levels need a few more moves of less candy options for a novice such as myself to win! And I hate it when is cascading in one area and it won't let me continue to make moves! Also when I win or should I say clear the board but am ally at one star it won't let me continue to use the remaining move - that would be nice, but it changes candies to specialty ones in the number of moves remaining but doesn't always get to 3. Stars which really isn't right if I can get it clear without needing all the move that should give me 3 stars. So say you have 21 moves left instead of changing 21 candies all at once it should be done in 3 sets of seven candies saw so more point accumulate! Totally hate the times ones! But I'll play on!

- Relaxing and fun but glitches

So I totally understand why people love this game. It’s so relaxing and I’ve literally been playing everyday for the last 5 days and I’m on level 80 something, it’s actually addicting I ran into some issues the first few days but brushed it off and was like nah I don’t know how to use this thing. But now I know how to navigate the app and here I am reporting all my glitches: 1. So I won a bunch of boosters after completing a challenge but after I went to play all the boosters disappeared. And yes they were timed for 60 min, but I played as soon as I claimed the boosters so I couldn’t have been timed out. This didn’t not happen once it happened 7 times!! 2. So I was playing a level where I had to get 2 walnuts and 2 cherries to the bottom. I made a mega bomb and it exploded and thing after thing was exploding, and I’m not exaggerating, about 10 cherries and 10 walnuts or whatever nut It is fell through but the top right corner still said I had 2 cherries and 2 walnuts left. Very frustrating because that was a hard level and I put a lot of thought into that. Everybody is reporting so many glitches that I’m thinking about deleting the app and downloading when the problems are fixed. Candy crush, just because this app is so popular and y’all are rich already, doesn’t mean you can just not care about these minor things that really tick off your customer. Get a hold on yourself! See you when the problems are fixed!!

- Cheating????

Ok I’m on level 715 I just lost three lives because your board didn’t have enough shuffling possibilities. In cases like that we should be able to keep our lives because it’s no fault of ours why our lives got lost in the first place. I’ve already sent a review which didn’t go through. So I sent it again because it was still typed out on the “write a review” section. I’m not sure what’s going on with this app but honestly I’ve been playing off and on for a few years now and I’m getting to the point where I’m fed up with the forcing you to use your boosts and then losing the level. I’m getting tired of the suggestions flashes coming on as soon as you make a move and they’re not even helpful suggestions. Sometimes it does more harm than good. I understand you want us to waste our money on this game but you have to understand you also have advertisements that sponsor this game. I’m not going to spend $5-10 just to lose a level. Fix the problem guys seriously.

- You don't have to pay to play

Lots of people complain that as you get to the higher levels, you have to pay for boosters to pass even the levels that are supposed to be easy. I have played this game for a long time now and have spent maybe $4 or $5 total. It is absolutely possible to play this game for free. With the booster wheel, free move spins, daily rewards, etc., along with some patience, there is no reason to spend any money. I usually save up a ton of boosters, knowing I will need a bunch of them to pass a really hard level. If you are the type of person who obsesses, this game might not be for you, because you won't be able to keep yourself from paying for boosters. But if you play for fun and don't get manic about passing levels, it's fun and won't cost you any money. My one complaint is that since they add levels every week, you never really "win" the game.

- Disappointing changes

I’ve been playing this game on and off for the last 5 years and I loved how different it was from other mobile games. It didn’t seem like it was “rigged” like other mobile games where you couldn’t progress without spending money. Unfortunately, it seems like with the last few updates, this game is becoming more and more like your typical mobile game. They’ve updated levels to make them “luck based” which means you have orders to fill and it’s basically a raffle to be given the items you need in the board. It also seems like the game has gotten a lot more expensive. I could be remembering incorrectly but it seems like you used to be able to purchase gold packs for 99 cents. Now, it requires at least 4 dollars to refill your lives. It feels like they’re moving away from being a puzzle game and aligning more with all the other carbon copy mobile games and it’s really disappointing.

- Too much hassle and too many clicks!!

I love this game and play it way too much. I HATE HATE HATE that sometimes it takes 7 clicks from opening the app to starting a level, or to move to the next level. I appreciate the opportunity to win boosters, but it’s really annoying to have to go through all of that when you just want to play the game. Also the “win in one try thing” is yet another annoying pop up. In the *years* that I’ve played this game, I may have spent $1.99, so I’d love to be able to opt out of all of those annoying “your piggy bank is full, buy now” pop ups. But even when you do opt out of the challenge notifications, you still get notified. As far as I am into this game, and knowing that I sometimes play too much, I’ve never considered deleting it because of the game itself until this awful update. (I have considered deleting it just because the size of it though!) Hopefully the next update will fix some of these annoying things, but I doubt it.

- My plea to the developers - PLEASE simplify!!!!

My plea to the developers is to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Either add the option to go through all the extra fun stuff that’s been added or just take it all away! I just want to be able to play the levels!!!!!! When candy crush came out it was a simple, fun, easy to play game. Now you have to go through 4-5 different pop ups for “specials” before getting to the levels you can play. That is VERY annoying. I don’t care about how many golden bars I have, what mystery chest is locked or anything else. I just want to be able to play some levels in a timely manner. After you start playing a level you have suggested moves for EVERY move you make, and if you choose only the moves it suggests you don’t even win. I like having hints when I get stuck but please give the option for a hint! It is VERY annoying and frustrating when I’m trying to decide where to move and the whole time there’s a move flashing on the screen. It makes me think it’s the right move even when it’s a stupid move.

- Long time player

Not only are levels lacking thrill and variety, they aren’t even possible to beat every single time. Any game that doesn’t allow you an equal chance to strategize and win in this day and age is clearly a money grab. They want you to be frustrated and pressured enough to spend money rather than play a level 20 times while constantly running out of lives and having to wait 30 minutes in between each. On top of that the jackpot on the daily spin seems almost impossible. I’ve been playing this game on and off since 2012 and have never hit it, only coming close a few times here and there. Being able to feed baby sheep and dragons until they grow up, win a few extra boosters more commonly than years prior does not justify the unfairness of this. Stop refusing to approve my reviews. I have the right to voice my opinion and will save this review until it is seen, considered and shared.

- Another RIPOFF!!! And disappointed player !!!

I’ve only been playing CCS for a couple weeks now........ and am extremely annoyed!!! “Relax” and play CCS? Ha! That’s a JOKE, right? There is NOTHING RELAXING about this game!! I am Currently on level 207, I’ve had A LOT of HARD AND SUPER HARD levels already. For a game that’s suppose to have “1000’s” of levels, I should not be at SUPER hard levels yet. Especially when I am encouraged to “relax” and play CCS... there is nothing relaxing about this game. Yes, to “play” the game is free, which is great and I have spent ZERO $$’s so far. Why do I have to “BUY” the gold bars I’ve “EARNED” that is in the Piggy Bank?????? This is wrong. I will probably only be playing this game for a couple more weeks, then deleting the App... it’s so frustrating for me. ...... I refuse to BUY any of the “in-app purchases”. I would rather have PAID a one time price for the game. I just wonder what the average amount of money so far that has been spent on in-app purchases by all of the players. Just another disappointed game player. Do I recommend this game/App to others? A RESOUNDING NO !!!!!!!

- Please Reduce Loading Time!

Update: Since my last review (below), I have hit the jackpot a few times now! Also, they removed the feature where you have to wait 72 hours to progress. NOW, I'm writing in hopes they'll reduce the loading time for the game. It takes FAR TOO LONG just to load the game & play (I'm talking at least 20 seconds). That's TOO long for an app. Old Review: Has anyone EVER hit the jackpot on the wheel yet??? I always get so close, but no cigar. I also hate the fact that when you reach the stop-point, you have to wait 72 freakin hours before you can advance...unless, of course, you're willing to spend money. That makes no sense to, why have a feature that actually "punishes" your users from doing well by not allowing them to play at all, smh. Other than that...I love the game.

- What has happened

I have been playing this game for many years. Long ago I might be stuck on one game for days/weeks but then that changed. You were able to acquire boosters which would help or usually after 2 days of playing a difficult game you could tell that you were being “given” the necessary move/boosters to win. Now for some reason we are back to not acquiring boosters easily and playing some difficult games that don’t give you the plays you need to win or even have a decent attempt at winning. It is like just moving the pieces around the board for days. I played one game recently for 6 days and now I am on another game for day number 5. What is going on. I have read where many people are noticing this change. Please change back. After a week of playing the same game I want to say the heck with it and quit playing.

- I used to be a candy crusher but now I’m just crushed

I have been playing this game for years and it has been, by far, my favorite. Recently, I made my first purchase. It was small and I was really bored (pandemic) and I wanted to keep playing. Big mistake! Since the purchase, I no longer have the option to watch a video for an extra life or a booster. I no longer have the option to spin for extra moves on hard levels. Absolutely every fun freebie has disappeared from my game. My friend still has his so I know this isn’t across the board. Just my game. Now I am 5 lives and out. Harder levels take days and hundreds of attempts to get through. Can’t compete in the race, or move up or even keep up. I have lost my favorite game because it has become irritating and just no fun. I will never make another purchase, if that’s what this is about. This game has gotten me through some tough times and now that times have gotten worse than ever, I am mourning the loss of my candy crush world. I know that sounds silly, but it is true.

- Activision disregard for customer experience

I have played Candy Crush Saga for a couple of years. Needless to say I enjoyed playing. It was challenging, yet there were multiple opportunities to win/earn boosters which helped get through the levels with minimum stress. A couple of years ago King (company that created the game) was bought out by Activision. Since then Activision has made so many changes to the game that impact the ability to get boosters without having to purchase them. Each time they make a change that negatively impacts a player’s experience with the game, there is an immense outpouring of player comments. Activision ignores these customer’s complaints. In the past, I have been willing to purchase boosters in order to pass levels. I understand that the game is a profit venture for Activision. They make billions on this game. However, due to Activision's blatant disregard for their customer’s playing experience, I will not spend another penny on this game until they fix these negative changes and show that they listen to their customers.

- New Price Increases Are Outrageous!!

I LOVED this game! I've been playing since it first came out and play every chance I get! It's a great distraction from full time school and work! BUT - these recent price changes are crazy high! It used to be when you filled your Piggy Bank, you got 60 gold bars for $2.99 (which I felt was a pretty good deal, especially compared to the Candy Shop gold bar prices); but now you only get half (30 bars) for the same price? That's quite the rip-off in my opinion. Then in the Candy Shop, it used to be 15 bars for $1.99, now it's only 10 bars. Or you could get 50 bars plus one each of some boosters for $5.99, and now it's 9.99 - the only "extra" is a free hour of boosters. Which I don't care much for anyway because a lot of the time I can only play for 10-15 minutes, so they're wasted. At least they still be there when I get back in and the hour should only be counted down while in the app during game play, not in real time. I understand the concept of supply and demand, but I just don't think these price increases were necessary. Or if they were, they didn't have to be such a huge jump, just add $0.10-$0.25 here and there or something. I'm sure there would still be a good profit increase for King games. Please bring price back down, otherwise I have a feeling you will lose a LOT of customers - me being one of them. I'll wait until the next update to see what happens.

- Disappointed in the amount of deception used

The piggy bank keeps getting smaller and smaller for the same amount of money. This is the second time and no idea why except to gain more profit once people are hooked on using the extras. Guess trying to increase profits to extremes is worth the ones that will stop paying the fee. Cost for 60 coins was $2.99 and now it’s the cost for 30. Also, every time you close the app you lose your boosters you earn for passing levels. It’s supposed to remain as long as you haven’t lost a life. I’m at the top of the levels so I routinely earn unlimited play but rarely ever get to use it because it starts automatically. I have to wait for new levels to be released. Which is fine because I’m at the top. However, for others they lose it to unless they are glued to the game 24/7. No one can always be on to use the unlimited lives right at the time you’ve earned them. With all these constant downgrades and the inability to use the rewards you offer this game isn’t fun to play anymore.

- Blink blink blink

I love the game, and I’ve loved most every update, but with the latest update, the blinking “next move” suggestion comes so soon you don’t have a chance to look for one on your own. I know I don’t have to choose that move, but but it feels like someone else is playing the game for me. Like an intrusive person looking over your shoulder telling you all the answers to your crossword puzzle before you even finish reading the hint. Go back to waiting 2-3 seconds. Next, ugh, I’m tired of all the constant things you have to tap on to get through to the next game. A dinosaur, a chest, a booster of the day, challenge of the day, competition of the day. I don’t care about any of it it just wastes time between games. And the number of times you have to tap to get out of something... so annoying. I play to kill time, not to compete against some stranger.

- Candy Crush

I have been playing Candy Crush since its inception and still play..over level 5,800. But my time is coming to an end. Too many levels require in-app purchase in order to clear the level and the number of hard, super hard and nightmarishly hard levels take away from the enjoyment. Now you have stopped earning boosters for passing levels in’s that in-app purchase greed rearing its ugly head. I have been on level 5876 for over a week and unless I spend a lot of money, there is no way to pass the level. You cannot change a board without losing a life. You cannot go back and earn boosters by playing previous levels. All changes so you can get more $$. So after all these years of enjoying Candy Crush and spending a lot of $$, you have made the game no longer fun and more expensive. Greed always gets in the way. Thanks for the memories!! Burned Out & Broke!

- Updated version limits

Every updates of candy crush brings some improvements. However Themis latest version I observed that the special candies which can be collected in levels with a small ‘c’ along side the level number, these special candies are redeemed automatically for some random goodies(like lollipop or waver or color bomb ) to help with crossing difficult levels. This was earlier not limited to how many you can collect per play, but in this update it has been capped to only 5, which is very very disappointing and cheeky and is very frustrating. Probably to boost their sales of gold bars instead of this booster you can earn by replaying the levels. I have been playing candy crush for the past 9-10 years and I would spent at least $200 on just buying gold bars and boosters for difficult levels and this simple trick by ‘King’ is really not welcome. We should be skeptical before updating next time.

- Rips me off by taking bonus’s won too quick. Timer screwed.

Rips me off by taking bonus’s won too quick. Timer screwed. I bought bars and bonus stuff that was suppose to last an hour. Didn’t get my hour. Also during my ‘bonus’ hour I won an additional free hour of the candy ball that blasts everything off the board the same color. It obliterated the time I had left and as soon as I lost another level, my ‘bonus’ was gone and within minutes of getting it. I’ve spent dollars on bonus items but that ends now! It seems the more money you spend the less you get because it puts you on a timer, thus making you also lose bonus items paid for. Totally scam move. If you buy an hour of bonus time you should get it and not made to watch the clock tick it all away. Not good business. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. In this case the makers of this app will lose my money because I’m not willing to toss it away for nothing. Thinking of uninstalling due to this alone. I feel like I’ve been robbed.

- Recommend! Wonderful, read all

I first have to say. I ABSOLUTELY love this game!!! I started when I was 5 (I’m 10) on my old iPad, but then it broke, and five years later and I am playing my old childhood favorite game! And I love this game with all my heart! ♥️ I love the fun challenges, how simple it is to play, and how addicting it is, I play this EVERYDAY!! I totally recommend this game if your a fan of candy, fun, and easy to learn. I do only have one problem, I have to say though, if you download this game, expect reality money using If you are really in the game.. I know and absolutely respect that you’re trying to make money off this game, but you may wanna chance the prizes? I don’t know, I’m a 10 year old, so in my own words I think it needs lower prices, but I still love this game!!!!!! THANK YOU KING! ♥️ (please read this developers!!)

- Addictive, yet frustrating

I think we all know by now that candy crush is addictive. We crush some candies, beat a level, and get that dopamine hit that the rest of our daily grind does not provide. As long as we can limit the play time (like only when you’re on the toilet), it’s all good. Until the King minions decided they weren’t making enough money off of casual but chronic players like me. They’ve experimented on different test groups (which I’ve had the displeasure of being a part of) by taking away the booster ship, taking away the level restart, and giving “discounts” as in game rewards, hoping if pushed that I’ll eventually purchase boosters. Instead, the game now has less appeal because passing levels is no longer a reasonably attainable achievement, especially at the higher levels, it’s hopeless to beat them. So I deleted and reinstalled the game, started all over, and I’ve restricted my own play to never use boosters. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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Candy Crush Friends Saga Level 3887 via @YouTube #CandyCrushFriends3887 #CandyCrushFriends #CandyCrushFriendsSaga Level List, Blocker and Character Info:

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Let's play together! I created a team in Candy Crush Saga. Follow the link and join my team!

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Nivel 124 de Candy Crush Saga ;)

carmen1994able KawaiGirl ❤

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carmen1994able KawaiGirl ❤

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Can't wait for ArcSys's PUBG Mobile FighterZ, followed by their Candy Crush Saga Versus. I'll prove myself as the best blue candy main out


Candy Crush Friends Saga Level 3886 via @YouTube #CandyCrushFriends3886 #CandyCrushFriends #CandyCrushFriendsSaga Level List, Blocker and Character Info:

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Nivel 120 de Candy Crush Saga ;)

Candy Crush Saga Screenshots & Images

Candy Crush Saga iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images

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The applications Candy Crush Saga was published in the category Games on 2012-11-14 and was developed by King [Developer ID: 526656015]. This application file size is 214.79 MB. Candy Crush Saga - Games app posted on 2020-12-15 current version is and works well on IOS 9 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.midasplayer.apps.candycrushsaga

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