Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga [Games] App Description & Overview

Start playing Candy Crush Saga today – a legendary puzzle game loved by millions of players around the world.

With over a trillion levels played, this sweet match 3 puzzle game is one of the most popular mobile games of all time!

Switch and match Candies in this tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that sweet winning feeling! Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos!

Plan your moves by matching 3 or more candies in a row, using boosters wisely in order to overcome those extra sticky puzzles! Blast the chocolate and collect sweet candy across thousands of levels, guaranteed to have you craving more!

Candy Crush Saga features:

Thousands of the best levels and puzzles in the Candy Kingdom and with more added every 2 weeks your sugar fix is never far away! 

Check back daily and spin the Daily Booster Wheel to receive free tasty rewards, and take part in time limited challenges to earn boosters to help you level up! 

Sweet ways to play: Game modes including Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients and Order Mode

Get to the top of the leaderboard events and compare scores with friends and competitors!

Levels range from easy to hard for all adults to enjoy – accessible on-the-go, offline and online.
It's easy to sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet or Wifi.
Follow us to get news and updates;, Twitter @CandyCrushSaga, Youtube
Visit to access the Community and competitions!
Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.
You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service;

Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

Have fun playing Candy Crush Saga the sweetest match 3 puzzle game around! 
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Candy Crush Saga Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We hope you’re having fun playing Candy Crush Saga! We update the game every week so don't forget to download the latest version to get all the sweet new features and levels! New to the game? Don’t be shy, join the fun! Coming back after a break? About time! Let’s play!

Candy Crush Saga Comments & Reviews

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- Unlimited lives

I’ve been playing CC for MANY years! I would love to have been one of the people that was offered a week of unlimited lives. Unfortunately it wasn’t offered for all countries, yet advertised in all. If they can advertise in all countries, why can’t they make the lives unlimited for all? We are ALL in this pandemic at the same time!!

- Fun!

Love this game!

- Level 4381

Been playing this same STUPID level for 2 days on free play. Spent the last 2 days trying to pass this level and didn’t succeed. That shows you how SAD and PATHETIC this game has become. You can’t pass the levels if you don’t buy boosts I can’t afford to buy boosts constantly in this economy. It’s nice that you give free lives but it means NOTHING if you can’t play the levels and move on. No wonder my friends don’t play anymore NO FUN ANYMORE 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- What a good game

This is the best game of my life. One day I asked my mama have she been playing candy crush she said no. So than ever sense that night I been playing it and I’m on level 35 and it only been 1day ☝🏻and that’s how it started. And now I play it every day.

- Too much help

I get this game was designed for younger ages, however, there’s too much help. I was basically watching my screen play for me. I would switch one for a match and the game kept playing for me; giving me +200 +500 add on’s😕

- Why are you doing this to me!!

I get over 3000 level then I get dropped back down to level 1. Not happy about that. This is happening on my I phone. Also all I do is play Candy Crush!! My life is gone!! PS please send lives

- Free lives

Thank you Candy Crush for the free lives this week. I’m playing a lot more now and really appreciate your act of kindness during these times. It may seem small but it means a lot.

- Thank You

Thank you to the creators of candy crush for giving us infinite lives during this crisis. I appreciate you all. May you all be safe. God Bless.

- Thank you

I want to thank you for the 24 hours of free lives, that started on March 30, 2020 and went into March 31. It can take me days to win a game, so I go through my five lives quickly and then have to wait until I get more. The free lives were so much fun. I could just keep playing, when I didn’t have other things to do. Since we are having to self quarantine right now, it was a very nice gift from you. Thank you again. Update: I just went back to play and was notified, that the free lives would be for every day this week. This such a nice gift!

- Too many recent changes to the game.

In the past, I have always looked forward to Wednesday’s when new levels come out. Not this week. It is no longer the game I enjoyed. To many changes to the game. No resets, no bot, no candy pet, no dexter etc, etc. Goodbye, candy crush.

- Wonderful

This game is amazing!! There are always new levels and upgrade that keep it fun!

- Thank you

Thank you for letting us play 24 hours unlimited this week to help out with this shelter in place situation.

- Elogio

Nesta faze em que o mundo está em assolado com a epidemia o jogo está a ser um grande companheiro. D um jogo maravilhoso

- FB ad

The FB ad is so annoying and it comes up every time you go for a free booster! It’s to long of an ad. Thank you for keeping the free time for the game. Many people keep occupied at this time due to the virus by playing games.

- Disappointed once again

Used to love this game. But the changes made since last December have pretty much convinced me to quit. I’ll still play my favorite previous levels, but I’ve lost all desire to play the new ones. That’s not why I play...


I have been playing candy crush for about 4-5 years. It’s my favorite game to pass time with! The only complaint I have is the freaking regeneration squares. It’s a bit ridiculous with some of the levels how fast they regenerate before you can even pop the candy on them. I understand levels get harder the higher levels you go, but it’s so frustrating when I get 7 “hard” or “nightmarishly hard” levels back to back. Give me a break!

- Cancelling Reset function-Worst business decision ever

No, no, no, no,NO,NO,NO! Why do this change after 8 years.??? Crude, cynical, iron-fisted tactics to try to squeeze money from loyal players? To then call it a “fix” adds insult to injury! People are voting with their feet in droves and closing wallets across the globe! Who is making these decisions? Are you intending to put yourself out of business? That is the only explanation that makes any sense! Use simple psychology and you still have time to recover from this unbelievable debacle. 1)Admit your mistake.2)Restore reset ability. 3)Make a “WISH LIST” for your customers and LISTEN TO THEM. My wish for 2020 is World Peace! Then for CC to add a NAVIGATION TOOL for the over 6000 levels of this game that has captivated millions. Thanks! PANDEMIC UPDATE: I wrote the above comment way before this global Covid-19 catastrophe. Just cannot believe how from early 2020, things have gone from BAD TO WORSE for loyal Candy Crush Saga players. On the King community forums ( not really know why they exist at this point!) are cult-like sycophants that spout sickly “fairy-tale pixie dust from another planet” of sweetness & light While back in the REAL world are the painful, heart-felt complaints & suggestions & feedback from scared players ( majority elderly women, like me...) actually needing this distraction while they are confined to their homes around the GLOBE! Psychology teaches that one of the few things that calm nerves is long practiced routines. I played Tetris for 20 years before jumping on Candy Crush at the very beginning. Outside of Solitaire I play no other game. Not interested to learn new tricks now, with so much worry on my mind. The tone-deaf, near-sighted, selfish, churlish, obtuse, stubborn, condescending and just plain MEAN robotic responses from the Activision/King owners are shocking and increasingly infuriating & deeply disappointing. Almost a complete betrayal that far outweighs the status of “JUST A GAME”. Hey, it’s not the “end of the world as we know it”. IT JUST FEELS LIKE THE END OF THE WORLD OUTSIDE OUR DOORS!! So in summary: 1) READ THE COMMENTS 2) BELIEVE THEM 3) IMPLEMENT THE MAIN REQUESTS NOW AND LEAVE YOUR LONG PROMISED “EXCITING, NEW, SWEET IMPROVEMENTS” FOR WHEN WE CAN GET TOGETHER WITH OUR FAMILY FOR SUNDAY DINNER. AFTER WE WERE ABLE TO BUY TOILET PAPER AT THE SUPERMARKET. Because I was brought up with good manners I will thank you in advance. Surprise me! Surprise all the multitude of others around this frightened PLANET!

- New update stinks

Bring back the old version! Please!!

- No longer a strategy game.

With latest updates, this is no longer a strategy game and rather a booster game. They want you to keep buying and losing. A regular level is so hard to complete without booster, let alone a hard level. In 24 hour unlimited lives I could not complete one level. That is pathetic.

- Great

So now we get 24 hours worth of lives but all the other cool boosters when you pass levels and C’s are gone. WHY!?!? This is really upsetting because that’s why I love playing. All of the little extra stuff. You keep taking it all away. Bring it back please

- 😂❤️

So satisfying!

- Crooked

You can not get by 273 unless you spend money that’s how they get you

- UPDATE: Where are the boosters! Fix it or forget it!!!

All boosters are gone now. No matter how many times you pass ANY level, you don’t gain a booster!!!! What the hay people! You’re making it impossible to move up!!! Where are the boosters each time you win? We used to be able to play an easier level to get extra help for those hard levels. Now we can’t. The only booster you get is if you pass the current level. Well, I’m on 2365 and can’t pass it. It took me four days to pass 2363. On day 2 now for 2365 and I’m over it. Really don’t want to play anymore. This last update stunk! Fix it or forget it!

- Great Therapy

Helps pass time until I can get to sleep.

- Disappointed

I would rather have 5 lives that run out than you take away the special candies that go towards points to gain rewards. When I am social distancing, I want to play a game that I feel rewarded by. Not have an unlimited amount of plays. Please go back to the previous format.

- Deleted game

I was on level 2655 when hubby accidentally deleted game and when I tried to restore the game it took me back to the beginning level. This stinks

- Gumdrops

How can I play the high leves3250 plus with no way to earn boosters, now the robot is gone? I don’t mind watching the Ads but be Fair . I lost my almost 5000 points for nothing - I should’ve been very close to getting- ZERO- Why -

- This game is awesome!!!

It is the sweetest game ever in the whole entire world.

- Thank you

Thank you for giving us unlimited Use. It has been awesome!!! #blessyou

- Thank you 🥰😊

Today when I logged into my candy crush app I received a message that they would be giving 24 hours of unlimited lives per day for next few days! I thought that was very considerate and generous because of the quarantine that everyone is on. I just wanted to say thank you 🥰

- Awesome

Great game

- .

This game has taken all of the sneaky tricks to get you to love the game and then without notice or warning, the tricks disappear. The harder levels are rigged for you to miss by one candy in an effort for you to buy more “boosters” or gold bars. That’s pretty low to do it at a time when people are already feeling low and discouraged bc of the quarantine and virus precautions. You all should be ashamed of your greedy selves. Kick the public when it’s down is despicable. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME OR PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE. You’ll only be making it difficult for yourself in the long run.

- Thank You

I’ve been playing candy crush for years, I just want to say thank you for the unlimited lives this week. That is so generous

- Thanks

Great game! Thank you for the extra lives. It’s a little silver lining now the worlds such a scary place to be ❤️🌈

- Bad changes

I am a senior citizen and I have played this for years the changes you made in the last 24 hours make it a very boring game. I have reached 4600 but since there is no chance to get help in the 180 part I no longer am interested in playing it.

- Candy Crush Review

Very fun and helpful for kids. Helped them think things through and calmed them down.

- Love it

This is one of my favorite.

- Infinite lives for a week!

Thank you! Makes being stuck at home more bearable!

- Thank you

Thank you for the 24 hours of play time!!!

- Love itttt

Looooooov itttttttttt

- Candy Crush

Thanks to all the inventors and people who made candy crush. We need something fun during this crisis we’re living with.

- I really enjoy Candy Crush no matter which one it’s mind training

It keeps my occupied. The Rollergirl originator🥰

- Unlimited lives

Thank you for giving us unlimited lives during this time of Quarantine. I live alone and I love candy crush. This is literally the highlight of my day today. Unlimited play time. Thank you!!!

- Thank You

With all this Coronavirus lockdown going on right now, I really do appreciate allowing us to have 24 hr. Play time. You have NO IDEA ,how much my stress level has gone down. You have helped me keep my sanity & calm. And with all my health issues , keeping my stress level down is a HUGE factor in keeping a healthy life. Again, a HUGE THANK YOU !!!! You ROCK !!! Sincerely, JL Soliz.

- please fix lvl 854

it’s impossible to get 3 stars!!!

- Bev W

Where did the c’s go? I would rather have my C’s and be able get boosters than have all the lives for a week. And I have played this game a long time. You keep taking the things that help a player and take them away. In the world of Coronavirus, people Need to be able to get gold bars in a cheaper way also if u want people to continue playing the game.

- 24 hour lives

Very nice gift!!!

- Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for the unlimited lives during this time. You guys didn’t have to do this, but know it is much appreciated. Thank you!!!!

- Still in love

2020 and I still play this game and I still love it!

- Confused

Are the servers down?? After I finished level 666 and started on level 667 the game crashed and now I don’t have all the features when I tap on the wheel icon

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- Candy crush saga

Love this game 💛

- Connection problem

Fix this shit

- Thank you

I just want to say that you are amazing for letting us play this game without restrictions. This is such a stressful time for so many people, and your kindness and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated. Stay safe and happy everybody.

- Dernière mise à jour

Pourquoi avoir changé le jeu? Il n’y a plus moyen d’obtenir des bonbons gratuitement. Tout pour faire de l’argent surtout en cette période de confinement dû au Covid19. Ne comptez pas sur moi pour faire des achats, je désinstallerai votre jeu avant de payer pour jouer. Merci.

- Getting really boring...

This game is getting so boring now after level 6000. Just swipe and see what may fall. No fun, no skill, pure luck. For 20 moves game, you will know you are going to pass or not when you make the first 3 moves.

- Terrible game NOW!!!

I loved this game. I found collecting the candies for rewards was the best part. They have taken this away and now it IS THE MOST BORING GAME EVER!!🤮🤮🤬

- Frustrating

The game is no longer fun now that you took away boosters (gained from build a bot or helmets) that you earned from previously played levels. I suppose it’s due to greed to try to get more people to pay for them.

- Impossible levels for freemium gamers

How am I expected to play level 6634 without boosters? Practically impossible. I refuse to pay to play.

- Not a good move

You got rid of the Sugar Track to make room for other ‘plans’. Leaving us currently with nothing? Everyone is stuck at home with nothing to do except play games and you drop the best feature to collect boosters?!? Are you hoping without daily boosters people will now spend real money? Not a good look for you guys.

- New update sucks

Boo :( They got rid of everything you can build up. Now it’s impossible to get boosters while you’re playing. Lame.

- Candy Crush review

Been playing this game for years and got addicted!! However, the feature where the pairs light up is rather annoying. Happens too soon, and doesn’t even give you a chance to look for pairs yourself. Takes the fun out of the game.

- 😖

My save progress keeps getting lost. I’m using Facebook to save but it’s not working?

- Selfish greed

Removing the ability to exit a level without losing a life was a mistake. It doesn't matter if it wasn't intentional or not. Nobody has ever complained about it so why remove it? Oh right.. Forgot businesses like King operate on greed and profits. 🙄

- New Updates Ruined Game

Since they took away most of the opportunities for boosters, this game has become nothing but boring and difficult. I loved Candy Crush but now it’s just beyond frustrating and that’s not how I want to spend my free time.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This is an amazing game but I have one suggestion could you make a team challenge where you and your friends have to defeat the evil 👿 ice cream by playing candy crush

- 🦠🦠

🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠. Pass time in this 🦠🦠🦠🦠

- E

Cool game

- Quarantine

I think during this unprecedented time while many candy crush players are self isolated or practicing social distancing is only fair and humanitarian that you guys from king give us infinite lives. I think that way you will going to help us keep at mental health and our partners alive. Thank you very much

- Can’t play anymore

Since the last update I can’t play anymore

- Build a bot

Return candy crush build a bot on all past levels or I will soon quit playing this game !

- Full with bugs theft

After using all my booster I cleared all the chestnuts but the counter remained at one

- Good game


- Bring back the old version!

Don’t like it anymore.

- Ruined the whole game with the latest update

I don think I will be playing anymore. I didn’t complain when you can no longer check out a level, exit without making any moves, and get a re-shuffle without losing boosters and a life. Now you cannot even build up your boosters in a previous level. And your boosters does not show up in a previous level when you want to boost up your points.

- Règles de jeu

Je trouve décevant que vous changer les règles qui étaient là depuis longtemps. On n’a plus la possibilité d’amasser des points pour avoir des bonus.

- Ghjhg

M1x1y7 bfgjjj

- So good

I love the game.

- What’s wrong with level 1126!?

Fix the game please!!!

- Terrible downgraded

This legendary game has been added many ads and become extremely boring with many low-end restrictions blocking players to move forward. Please replace those random designers, who have no idea what the value of this game.

- Great game

Mind stimulator for hours

- It was horrific

I loved it so much and I cannot live without it duh

- Candy crush

This game can be challenging at time, which makes it fun

- Hearts regenerating

I believe that this app would be more enjoyable if the hearts/lives would regenerate faster, rather than having to wait a long time for them to all recharge, especially with how things are currently, there isn’t much to do at home. Also, the chocolate moves that can be used with anything should not count as a move when there is no other options. it’s a way of forcing players to use their only option when if it was a normal power up, wouldn’t count as an option.

- I love this game

This game is really fun and it’s really addicting! I love how you don’t need wifi either. The only problem I have, is that I can’t watch any ads to to get more lives or boosters like other candy crush users can. I really hope you can improve this.

- Level 65 hard!

I quit this game.

- G

It os really good game

- Stuck on the same level for weeks

So stupid, stuck on the same level for weeks because I will not buy power ups. Such a stupid game. Deleting it like everyone else does

- Fhhjk if gigjjjggf

Played it the really hard levels require chance. Deleted it life is better without it.

- Bad customer service

I have been playing this game for 8 years. I was past level 1500 and had over 100 of every item stocked up as well as 70 gold bars. It told me to log into Facebook to save my progress, so I did then lost EVERYTHING. I’ve been trying to get my old account back but every time I ask them about it they send a useless article back to me. Just terrible.

- This Is Not A Game of Skill

It is as much chance as Roulette and, as with casino Roulette, the House controls everything. You have to purchase—at exorbitant prices—extra ‘gold bars’ to try to finish a game and then spin on a wheel on which every second category is five extra moves. But you can never play to win enough gold bars so they force you to buy. You buy once—and the spinner picks a booster ( of no use because you can’t go back to the game wherein you had one more move to finish until you win 5 extra moves). When you try to spin again, now they’re asking more than twice as much for gold bars. You go anyway—and the wheel delivers another booster. They see you want to finish this game—you’ve already paid real money twice—so now they’re going to ask for a good deal of money for a third spin. Like a gambling addict who has a ‘come to Jesus’ monent at a table, I left the game and deleted it. Finished with these monsters. Don’t download this!

- I’m suddenly the best player!!

What the heck happened? I was somewhere in the 1700’s level when all of a sudden it’s telling me I’m one of the best players and I’ve completed all the levels! And I suddenly have LOTS of lives, candy stripes and other boosters. I mean LOTS. Like around 100,000 more or less of each! I can’t play at all now. I’ve done everything the game suggests doing to get levels back, but nothing has worked. Frustrating!!

- It's hord!!!!!😣

It's hord but i stil like it 😊👍🏻💗!!!!!

- Addictive

Can't seem to do anything else lol

- Candy crush

this game is addictive.

- Bug

Bug 22janvier 2020 13h15 13 mars 2020 depuis plusieurs jours, je ne peux plus accumuler les boosters😡😡😡😡

- Candy crush saga


- Updates ruined the game

Now I can delete this game because the latest updates have killed the fun. I don’t like how you can’t look at the board and close it without losing a life. Ridiculous.

- Level 6479 bug

Not enough bricks to break based on order.

- Great


- Great fun

Lots of fun to play

- Thank you!

Thank you candy crush for looking after us during the lock-down; continual lives!

- Help us in isolation

Hey guys how about some free bars to help us out while stuck in the house with nothing to do!! Edit: Wow thank you!!

- Candy crush game

So much fun ,I got addicted to this not long ago , sometimes I sit there for hours playing ,it really recommend it 10/10

- Far too random and forced boosters to win

The game is far to reliant on randomness, and as such some levels are impossible to beat without using boosters, forcing you to buy them or endlessly grind previous levels to try to win them.

- Boring

It gets boring losing every time...

- Fantastic


- candy crush player addict

Level 2874 - playing for enjoyment has taken another turn. What was an enjoyable game has now turned me off. Ridiculously hard if you have no additional help icons. Paying money, not going to happen. Everyone likes a little challenge but this is absolutely ridiculous

- Amazing Game

I’ve been playing for 2 days and I’m at level 35 BEST GAME EVER

- Addicted player

Love this game

- No customer support

Thanks for deleting all my progress and boosters while I was playing, and for automatically making me repeat a level instead taking to the next one. AND then for having no user support whatsoever to report the problems. Useless p**cks.

- Love it

Love it

- LoveableChild

I never get tired playing this.

- Deleted

Just deleted the game after trying to do level 889. Getting 15 wrapped candies with the corners and centre blocked and only 13 moves is virtually impossible and definitely not enjoyable. The only way would be lucky enough to get a candy bomb and a wrapped candy together. The odds on that happening on that board are slim to nil.

- Fix it

After a recent update I’m not able to collect 180 candies every 8 hours to get some boosters. Other players on the same level can, so the app discriminates people. Some other features are available for one group of players and not available for others. Without help of boosters it’s almost impossible to play. Even rewarded ads almost disappeared, so I can’t watch videos to get the boosters. I’m considering to delete the game if they don’t fix it. I’m not going to spend hours on a single level only because boosters are not available. Some levels are so hard so no way to pass them without boosters. What was the point to remove them if you lose customers and lose revenue from not watching/clicking rewarded videos??? Fix it!

- I love it

Candy crush rules I play it all night

- Candy crush

Hi fellow candy crushers I am proud to say candy crush is in my top ten favourite game!

- Need help

I’m unable to collect my boosts. Can you please fix this problem as it’s been going on for over a month now. Thank you

- Bring back the C’s

Bring back the C’s, they disappeared a few days ago. It’s a great way to collect prizes. I won’t be spending any money on this app regardless.

- Took money from account, never received bars

I paid for 60 bars ($4.49) and it said error occurred but took money out of my account anyway. Not happy.

- Excellent

I really enjoy it 👍

- Candy crush review

Great game. Found it fun until.... i got a new phone. Tried to transfer my progress - epically failed. Tried the support centre - no help there. Tried reinstalling and deleting app to see if that would fix things - nup. Sent an email, the reply was to go to the Help Centre which was useless. Requested them to reinstate my sweet supplies, gold bars and all ofher stuff. Oh no! Guess what the reply was? Yep go to the Help Centre and try reading one of their ‘helpful articles’. ARE YOU KIDDING??!!! Oh and they never did reinstae my stuff. All this on top of making me link my account to my FB page which i didnt want and didnt have to do when I initially loaded the game. Candy Crush, our relationship is over. YOU ARE DUMPED!!!

- This version is the worst

What s happened to the candies?? Nothing seems to work properly

- Candy crush

This is a really good game the more points you get you can move up

- CJ

Loved this game, until now. Stuck on level 384, have tried to fathom out what to do at least 50 times. Very frustrating, lost patience now.

- Change it back

Where did the candy track go? Collecting the c candies makes it less annoying when you don’t pass the level. Is this just missing for me? My rating goes back to five stars if they bring this back.

- Back to my own levels playing on Facebook

to whom it may concern Very disappointed..been on level 700 or 800 +. I get locked out and the game begins from level 1 again. Can you please install me back to my level thank you Gail Edmundson

- Candy crush saga

Am stuck on 1274. I would happily buy help, as I have loads of times before. But I don’t think anything could help. Cannot move on. You say relax and play, I am just getting frustrated and starting to hate the game. Almost time to say goodbye. Even though we like a challenge, I don’t need an impossible level just so you can make more money.

- 😎😎😎😎😎😎

Love this game and love everything about it.

- Liked

You just took my money and didn’t give me the extra moves , who can I contact to give me my money back

- 👌

It is so much fun but this should be more challenging

- Problems connecting to wifi

Since the last upgrade I am having issues connecting to the wifi

- Stupid game

Passed level 1213, been stuck on it for ages. Finally passed it using 3 power ups and then it said I haven’t passed it had to do it again. The game is rigged. Stupid game

- Ok game

Candy crush is good but too annoying. I only started a month ago and I hate when the “explosions “ go of and I can’t do anything. Deleted this game already.

- New upgrade

Loving the new upgrade where you have the option to watch ads for an extra life or a booster. Brilliant! Thank you. This is perfect for addicts like me that can’t get enough of this game 😊

- Great fun

Love testing my brain and strategic play

- Money grab by cheating

We all know the game is rigged and it has always been acceptable to a certain level but after the latest changes the game has become ridiculous with how stingy they have become with rewards and the possibility of at least feeling you have a chance of winning without spending too much money. I have to thank King because they have cured me of the last of the Candy Crush addictions. Already deleted all the other ones and now deleting this one.

- Not happy jan

Having big issues can’t connect to the kingdom even with internet connection. Also won’t connect to Facebook so I can’t receive gifts or to spin the wheel for free items 😤😾

- Not as fun

A recent change means that you can’t reset the board without losing a life. Makes the game a lot harder, and some levels now take ages to complete unless gold bars and/or boosters are purchased, something I generally refuse to do. This means that I find the game much less fun. I’m in the high 3000s and think it’s time to stop playing

- So sad

I’ve just purchased a new iPhone... and I’ve lost my scores on candy crush. I was up to level 1811 😩 please help. #candycrushaddict

- Love it

Great game Love it

- Candy crush


- Daily rewards

Although I love the game have found over last few months that sometimes the daily reward does not appear even though you’ve accepted it. Most annoying

- Gold bars and lollies removes.

I signed up to Facebook to save my progress and all my gold bars and Lollies were taken off me. But I was still in level 237. Was not happy. Why did this happen

- Not so much fun anymore.

It’s like someone changed the program to be a bit nasty. Also, the company has succumbed to the lure of longer adds, so if you don’t watch, you won’t get any extras. Less people playing.

- Reached level 5840 and there seems no level then

Could u update quickly? Thanks

- Addictive

Love this game. But hate it when you can't continue coz of having to buy extra moves or candy to finish a level. If you want to get more lives but don't want to pay for it, (iPhone Users only) turn your automatic date and time off, fast forward till tomorrow, then go back to automatic date and time, you will have a full 5 lives again.

- Problem

When I connect to game I am not getting my icon. I get “ onion head “ instead. This allows me to play but not send or receive lives from my actual friends. This seems to be happening on a regular pattern. This time it started yesterday evening.

- Candy crush


- Presdo321

I’m da bomb just like da game

- Good, but

This would be 5 stars but when the game keeps trying to suggest options of matches to me it INFURIATES MEEEE I want to try and use my brain but it doesnt even give me time to think :/

Payoneer 💰

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- What??

Where’s all the candy treats?? They just disappeared!

- Counter/timer disappeared 👎👎👎

I do wish the programmers would beta test before releasing any of their updates, whether in the App Store or the in between ones that can’t be controlled by the users. Just released one today that got rid of the timer that counts down between those play times when can acquire points to accumulate boosters. Why?? Bring the timer back. What is the point of playing now??

- Candy Crush Saga

I love this game but for the last two months I’ve been on the same level! Why can’t I move on to the next level?

- Pay to Win

During a pandemic, instead of using it as an opportunity to alleviate people’s stress and bring them some comfort, you create a Pay to Win platform, removing all fun aspects of the game. On top of that, you post fake 5 star reviews “Candy Crush is the best game ever” and “It’s the best game ever” are two reviews side by side. I stopped playing days ago hoping they would return to the previous update format, but instead they are getting even more greedy by the day - deleting :(

- Enter and Exit Life Loss

I won’t be playing Candy Crush and will be vocally boycotting until you bring back the ability to exit a level without losing a life, before making your first move. This is a cash grab of the worst type. We all had that ability not to waste a life on an impossible board. We had this ability for years. I will return and adjust my rating upon this being fixed. Edit: Try Best Fiends while waiting for them to fix this!

- Candy crush

Candy crush is the best game ever

- Candy crush review

It’s the best game ever

- Candy bank?

I’m losing interest fast since the candy bank(for lack of a better word is gone). And I’ve played this game for many years and am at level 4000’ish

- boy friend 🤓

Yes Love cute Hi 👋 😘 Elianna 😂

- Candy Crush Saga

I’m a Pro!

- Updates...

I loved this game so much until the update...

- Way too monetized

It takes all the joy out of the game when no matter what you do, some levels are just impossible to beat. At least it is unless you buy extra moves or those gold bars or the little power candies. I get that is the point of the game, at least for the developers, but I doubt I will keep playing for much longer.

- Revisiting

So fun to revisit candy crush! Hi!

- Super Fun

Everyone loves and plays this game. One of the first games to be created and still the Favorite!

- Little kid, bit of a big annoyance

Hi! So I have been playing Candy Crush for a year or so and really like it. The only thing that is giving me a little frustration is that when you run out of lives you have to wait for half an hour. Like, I will have all 5 lives and I get to a level and don’t get it the first time. I now have 4 lives. I think,”Just get it next time!” I don’t get it again and now have 3 lives. Then 2 then 1 then 0. Now I have to wait half an hour just for 1 life. Just to end up having to wait another half an hour. I was wandering if it is not too much trouble if maybe instead of having to wait half an hour for 1 life, you could just watch an ad. Other than that, you also have to pay money if you want more stuff that you can’t get with your gold bars. I am a kid, and can not spend money. (For me it is just a game and should not have to spend money on it, also I am just not allowed to spend money on this) So maybe if it is not a big problem bring down the prices for stuff you can get with gold bars. I am hoping I am not starting any problems. Please at least do something about the lives. Other than that this is my favorite game (and only game) that I have. P.S I was on level 306 and on some of the candies were like rainbows and after a little bit they were a different candy. What is that? I still passed the level I am just curious about what it is.

- Candy crush

Great game

- Love this game

Love this game it's so addicting

- Pandemic

During these times we may spend time playing this a little more. How about a free hour of lives here and there?

- Fun game

I enjoy this game

- Not all it’s cracked up to be.

Can’t win jackpot on spins. No place to collect gold bars unless make a purchase. Too many hard levels. Have played for a long time, but glitches end game for no reason. I’m done playing. C-ya

- boring

i’m sorry but this is boring as hell i played for about 20 minutes and it was just really repetitive it’s the same thing over and over nothing really changing

- Great Game

During these times of staying in the house this game keeps me busy.

- I like this game

I like this game it is really fun

- Candy crush

More levels please Can’t wait Still waiting ☺️ Thank you again

- Same thing

You know how on you first level it says “Great job you past your first try” well every time I move on to a next level it says it again and again. Other then that this game is a good game to play with or without friends or family.

- Candy Crush


- Used to be fun...

Used to be fun now you can’t do anything without being forced to sit through an ad. Not recommended

- Review

Good fun

- Lidi

I've enjoyed this game for several years but I'm at a level now where you can't win boosters and every other level is almost impossible to win. It takes all the fun away. Sugar stars! Who cares? You get nothing for them. I have stopped playing over the years for months at a time. Not sure I'll pick it up again unless you make winning more possible w/o buying boosters.

- Level 6643

I must be a Moron. In this day of the pandemic I can’t believe Candy crush is so difficult . Don’t continue with candy crush anymore. It is absolutely stupid. It is infuriating to try a level with no moves available I have reached a high level and then blocked for days. I’m not sure why the levels are understandably very difficult. It really is not fun anymore. Bring back the bots please. I’ve used up all my freebies

- Candy Crush

This game exercises the brain and it challenges you to think in different ways and it’s helps you solve real life problems in life. We love because it is super fun it will challenge anyone to play their best in the game.Totally recommend it and it is a blast to play!!!

- Ehh

Would be better if it would let you finish the game yourself. Once the game sees that you reached/achieved the goal it takes over. I hate that. They also make some levels impossible to complete by the first try on purpose. Literally impossible.

- New update

Completely ridiculous that this company has decided to change the way you earn a “booster bot” (aka the ONLY way you can win any hard level on the first try) losing long time players, to make more money... during a quarantine at that. I thought the game was free... played this game since 2013 and probably done with it now.

- Typical rigged game

Game purposefully manipulates the game to make you keep trying or BUY more chances. I will delete this app.

- No more candy’s

I used to play a lot it use help my stress .No more , I stressed more now that you can not collect candys to bad .

- Mr.


- Entertaining

Good way to let time fly!

- Game was fun, now is buggy

I played Candy Crush from middle through high school and stopped after a level in the 600’s because I just couldn’t get past it. Wasn’t even marked a hard level. I hit college and decide to redownload the game because I was bored in classes where all that mattered was attendance, beat the level after about 5 days and no boosters. A few months later I’m home (due to COVID-19) and I’m somewhere in the 2200’s due to free time in/between classes and just being home for 2 weeks now. On and off, the game will let you earn boosters by completing old levels. Cool, that’s great. But, again, it’s on/off. Some of the contests don’t actually give you your prizes. Uncool. And the striped candies, when mixed with a color bomb, don’t all go off at once anymore, which is a bummer. To top it off, when making striped candies, the game doesn’t always give the correct stripes when formed. There are more issues but I’m too tired to type it out. It was a fun game until it just got bugged up and inconsistent.

- New update

Not liking new update at all.

- The game is ruined

The game was fun how it was being able to reset u guys ruined the game.

- Crashing

The app has been crashing on me in the middle of me playing.

- Smart people only

If you are smart play it but still I love this app love the sounds and the levels very challenging but you must face them this game is so fun E for Everybody :)

- this made me sad.

I used all my gold bars to purchase a striped brush. I had one ingredient left to get. And I used it on the row with the ingredient and it stopped on the ingredient only making one candy striped and causing me to run out of moves and lose a life. :(

- Love this game but

I love this game it’s very addicting to me but I’ve been having trouble making in app purchases it’s getting on my nervers at this point it’s been about a week or so this has been happening

- Took away option to win boosters

I’ve played this game from its inception. It’s not enjoyable anymore due to the Updates took away C candies to get boosters. If boosters become unavailable with normal game play, I will be deleting app since the levels have become too difficult to pass without boosters.

- New version

I don’t like the new update because in the past when I win a few levels I can get some trophies I repeat any level sometimes I went back to level one and I won couple games and I had trophies but now I have nothing

- Disappointing

You removed the Build A Bot feature for beating previous levels. Very unfortunate as I have paid a lot of money for extra lives and have played this game for years. Some levels are impossible without help.

- Love

Great game. I always go back to it

- Candy Crush

Great game

- Rip off

Rip off

- Good times

Love this game

- No more booster candies 😡

Why did you take away the candies to collect boosters!?! This game is going down by the day, taking away everything that will help pass a level and expecting us to pay for it!?! NOPE! I’m so close from uninstalling

- Horrific

Some of the levels are impossible without using up your inventory or of course spending money on this crap game. Screw you.

- So fun

Relaxing, mindless play with just the right amount of challenge.

- Beware...connection issues and loss of levels

There is an issue for those who have been playing for awhile. App will not connect and asks you to sign in (having an account saves your level, boosters, gold bars). When you try to sign in you get an error. They are asking players to uninstall and reinstall, but this losses your stuff. I recommend that users don’t buy anything until a better fix is in place.

- Bug

Bug avec le jeux depuis quelques fois impossible de se connecter avec le profil d’acheter des lingot etc connection impossible c poche

- Love playing it

Best game to relax and have fun

- Annoying

It is not un-stressful when it takes 15+ attempts to beat levels, when you introduce bombs that limit your moves even more, and when players have to crack jelly TWICE to clear it, with limited moves! You have to do 2x as much in 1/2 the moves. Games where players have to collect ingredients in only a handful of moves, when the ingredients aren’t even on the board are incredibly frustrating, and giving boosters with 1hr expiries when a player is out of turns, is stupid. Advertising your game as being able to “swipe the stress away” and relaxing is complete bull.

- Was good

Played a decent amount and after last update I was unable to send lives that were requested by friends. Followed steps on how to fix but didn’t work, so it said to uninstall app and reinstall. Lost all my sent lives from friends and all the power ups I’ve won during levels and challenges

- Candy crush saga

The game candy crush saga is the best game I have ever played. Thank you so much for inventing this game

- Good


- How the hell is this game so popular?

Garbage, annoying animations in between levels of the game playing itself.

- À améliorer !

Les niveaux sont difficiles MÊME avec boosters et les choses coûtent cher.

- Levels become too hard

After about level 175 the levels become way too hard to pass. Always have to use all your lives then wait 20 minutes to get one life (or watch an ad). Like How are you supposed to destroy 80 pieces of blue green and orange candy (240 pieces) within 25 moves?

- Friends asking for lives

For the past 2 weeks when a friend asks for a life I get 29 requests. This can repeat within 5 minutes. Please investigate for a bug.

- Negative update

I used to always say that this is the only game that could hold my interest. I could reasonably move through levels without it being too easy or too difficult. The perfect challenge. BUT recently an update has resulted in a change where if you want to change up the board to a new configuration, you now lose a life in order to do that! And now I’ve hit a level that even the experts can’t conquer in less than 70 attempts and that was done with the ability to reconfigure the board. I’m getting board of this level after so many attempts and I’m worried I’m going to end up giving up on my favorite game! Bring back the option to choose a different board without losing a life- PLEASE!

- Amazing

My mom is on level 567 and I need to catch up and I think pretty good. Also there is no ads good job

- Candy Crush

Enjoy every game!

- Can’t send lives

I can't send lives anymore or something. Every time I go to play/log in, the lives that I just sent are still sitting there so I have to send them again but they are still there again when I log in the next time. Very annoying!!! Please fix!!!!

- Candy Crush Saga

Incapable de me reconnecter...!!

- Fun and challenging but has a glitch

One of the ads that you can choose to watch for perks always freezes the game and it has to be closed to clear it from the screen. The ad is for an invoice app. PLEASE FIX THIS

- Last update

Last update I no longer have the free daily bonus.

- Candy crush

Good relaxing game and fun to play

- Life glitch

When will this life glitch be fixed?? Annoying!!

- Power ups

I had over 30 candy bombs and wraps now they are gone I want them back

- Sending Lives to Friends

I’m having problems with sending my friends extra lives. I send them and exit the game. But when I come back it says I didn’t send them. So I send them again and leave the game, but when I open the game again it says I didn’t send them.

- Candy crush saga

We have a problem - too many friend requests! They are sending gifts to me and not receiving them. Not showing any progress on logo. Fix the problem. Update has not arrived.

- Life requests

I love this game although lately I’ve been receiving 40-50 life requests from all of the same people over and over but do not receive any lives for myself! Also it takes way too many tries to ask your friend for a life and half of the time their name will not show up to ask them, please fix!

- Watch Videos Win Stuff?!

Where has this been all my life? But was it a temporary thing?

- Candy Crush

Love playing this game and it’s even more better now that they’ve added videos to watch for extra moves and other things

- Candy Crush saga

Je trouve ça dommage que vous aillez enlever l’option pour la saint Valentin ou on pouvait amasser des lingots, ça aurait été plaisant que vous le laissiez pour toujours.

- 🍬🍭🍫🍪

I love the game but you can’t get the first you have to earn them but with out then I love it 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖

- Something is going on with app

I think there is an app issue, no friend lives requests are being given or received. I now have 20 requests

- Going to delete - Very Disappointed

I used to play this game all the time. I’ve played for years. The levels used to be just challenging enough, but simple enough to pass, and I used to enjoy playing. This game isn’t nice like that anymore though. I understand the updates and efforts to remove glitches and cheats from the game, but the explicit algorithms that have been placed into the game to purposely make you lose and make it impossible for you to pass a level, especially with the small number of moves you’re given and only having 5 lives is not enough, it’s very unfair, and ridiculous. I don’t like the other candy crush versions either. The other version designed like the traditional old time game called “the game of life” is too easy and slow for my liking. I’m definitely just going to stop torturing myself. I’m absolutely done with this game. It’s being deleted. There’s no point and the rewards and bonuses are pointless with the algorithms set the way it is to make you fail. I just wanted to share this review with those of who are interested in playing the game. You’ll only be setting yourself up for lots of frustration and time wasted. Do not waste the precious time that God has given you by playing this game. Do yourself that much of a favour.

- What a rip off

The system glitches and I didn’t get my purchase AGAIN and the terrible customer service give you the run around! Until last year game was great, now I get ripped off regularly. DELETED.

- Good

Amazing game

- Not working properly

Sugar levels not working properly after last update.

- Not working properly

Sugar levels not working properly after last update.

- Candy crush

Good game- lots of fun

- Since update 1.167

They need to bring back the preview option of level without losing life, first because its only logical that if you didnt start play the board, well you cant be loosing lifes, and second, its the best way for Kings to continuing be proud to say its still free to play. Otherwise you cant pass any level of the game. Kings just finding other way to make you pay. Just hope the glitch wont be solve or I wont play anymore

- Candy crush

Why am I not getting my Duo gifts tells me I won it then when I play the game....there is nothing....what a rip off.... Well another game 1189 it doesn't matter how you play there is never enough yellow to get rid of(150) 2 days on the game and the moves are not there...please check my game..or I'll be there for weeks or until I delete the game....there is no end to this doing well so I win on this one....please fix.............. Can't get out of the game 1532... I need help...been there for days...please HELP... How do I get out of ....I've been there today...please show me how to play it...please help.sorry game 1543.. Please help me get out of the game 1543... I've been a week and ready to delete....I need help... I'm on 1639 for so long...getting very boring....not enough moves...please help me!b What do you mean at my level I can make extra moves"..? I don't understand that... Please help me get out of this game...2420...been there for a week...getting ready to delete game...have been doing ok....but can't muster 2420...please...please. Please give give me back my boosters for free gifts...why have you taken them away from my upset. Why don't I ave the one hour boosters anymore????? I updated my game to get rid of all those request....but you also took my hammers, and hand etc away why I'm on FB to save everything...l also need help I stuck on this game 2665... please help me I'm almost ready to delete this game..I'm so frustrated over all the changes you made on me.

- Candy crush Saga

Lost my progress!!!! I uninstalled an reinstalled and lost my progress from the last 5 years OMG not happy!! Hellllp!


Little girl is bugging me to come back to the game!!!:(

- Not Happy

After playing for years and enjoying it i go to play and all of my lives, hundreds of them, are gone along with all of my boosts. Now the level I am on is crazy tough and have no boosts to help out because they just disappeared.

- What’s up Candy Crush

I have been playing this game for a long time! Lately I have been receiving life requests at an annoying level! I have asked said friends if they are really asking and they say no! Always the same people too! Not cool. If it keeps up, level 3734 will be my last!!!

- What happened?

You recently updated this game and deleted the daily gift. I have played this game since 2013 and enjoy playing the game a lot but I really enjoyed that I would get a players gift each day. No notice that this would happen. Why?

- Super Great , So Wonderful ...

I really enjoy it so much is so great thanks a lot and have a wonderful day my dear friend

- Great

Just great

- Have you listened yet?!

Feb 5th-I keep seeing all these ads saying come back, we miss you. The reason I quit was because King REFUSED to turn off the terrible blinking hints that a ton of people hate. I want to play a game not have the game played for me. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I will never play this game again unless they at least give a turn off hints button. It’s stupid and annoying. Edit: If you’re looking for a game that actually lets you play instead of flashing a move at you after 1 second then I suggest Toon Blast. It’s kind of similar and never shows you moves no matter how long you wait. I had previously given this game 3 stars and the only reason it didn’t get 5 stars was because of the super annoying hints that you couldn’t turn off. I’ve since went looking for support on this issue only to find numerous requests to have the hints turned off or have it as an option. So obviously King is aware that their players find this super annoying but they just don’t give a darn. I’m boycotting this game and all King games. It’s not fun anymore and King just doesn’t care.

- The best game

Perfect jadore miam miam

Libertex 📈

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- Frustrating updates.

The one thing that annoys me about this game is that it is not connected with its players. The random spontaneous changes keeps you guessing and you just have to adapt without prior warning. A developers note wouldn’t go amiss. For example, this new update. A stripe is now your reward for beating your first level, that it’s not really a reward! Moving the goal post closer is what I see it as! Taking the drops away?? Since their introduction, they made me play the game more due to the life line they provide. I’m also so confused of the difference between the set up of the game on different phones. My partner has an iPhone X and their game offers different perks to my version on my iPhone 8...why is that? Very frustrating!! I

- Sweet

Lovely game.

- Bit of a scam

Honestly it’s an alright game but it only lets you get so far before the ‘hard levels’ become impossible to win unless you spend money. Not worth it.

- Thanks so much!!!!

Thank you candy crush for keeping me sane during the lockdown.... am enjoying the never ending lives 😃😃😃

- Money grabbing opportunity?

The game that giveth and taketh away!! Now on lockdown and in self isolation I have taken to playing candy crush more than I ever have! The introduction of Infinate lives was a nice touch during this time, however it becomes apparent there is no such thing as a free lunch! The build-abot has disappeared and collecting candy’s for rewards has also disappeared, I can only presume this is to increase revenue during a global crisis, my presumption only to be backed up by the amount of money candy crush is investing on TV advertisement..... shame!

- Question

Hi has the booster not disappeared for good ? Also has the daily candy drops disappears for good as without being able to collect these boosters the levels are importing complete 😡 I’m on the highest level and waiting more levels to be added if these booster earners are no longer available please let people know I am afraid I will have to delete the game for good . Thankyou

- Annoyed

I loved playing candy crush until you changed it. There’s no gold bars all there is is time factors which are a waste of time my daughter who is in the 4000 mark are considering not playing anymore why you could not leave it as it was is beyond me l am not happy with the way it is now Diane Young Please explain why we cannot earn hands or candies. I have been waiting and playing for quite some time and still no hands or candies so, l have come to the conclusion that you are stopping the candies and hands so we will purchase there for stocking up your bank account and lowering ours so let’s have the game back how it was so we can play fair Why is the game not playing right Sometimes l have to wait a couple of days before it put a time up when l have finished Now it will put no coin games up what is going on and what is the point of writing a complaint when you do not give explanations

- Become frustrating and unenjoyable

Since the latest update a previously relaxing and enjoyable game has become too frustrating to play. The reason: no way to get boosters by playing easier levels since the Build a Bot has been stopped. Some levels are too hard to play without boosters and supplying indefinite lives, though a nice gesture, only adds to the frustration. I am stuck on level 6640 and simply have to keep pressing the reset button after two or three turns, when it becomes apparent this level can’t be completed. Surely that is not the idea of an enjoyable way to pass lockdown time?

- Candy crusher

Really fun and so many levels !

- Forcing in game purchases on you

The new update takes the meaning of constant in game purchasing message to a whole new level, every time you finish a level, about 6 different types of in game purchases are forced on you.

- Candy crush

It’s a candy licking good game

- Fun and free

Been playing for longer than I care to remember but sometimes have a week's rest. Hope I live long enough to get an update that gets rid of blips without creating more! Love reading the reviews but why can't King put these in date order - who cares what someone wrote 3 years ago, I just want to see recent ones.

- Always relaxing fun

I don't play every day, but when I do play it's always good relaxing fun. I love how it has new levels added and different features with the updates. Sweet stuff!

- Love candy crush even without buying anything

Told hhghjh

- Rubbish!

I can’t review the game as I can’t play it on my iPad anymore! I have been playing for years, never thought anything would make me stop but something happened last year where the game opens, play once then shuts down. I deleted and reinstalled, lost all lives and bonuses (which I had loads of) and then it still did the same thing, shut down after playing once. Now it won’t open at all. 😢

- Candy crush amazing!

It’s a great game when you are bored and will cheer you up this game will benignity a happy and smiley day download this free game and start smashing!

- Game ruined for ever!!!!!

27th March - Profiteering is the only description!!!!! ——————————————————— Amidst the COVID-19 crisis you give infinite lives, but take away the ability to earn bonuses by playing previous levels on the the build-a-bot. Result of these changes is longer playing time and less progress so players have to purchase items in order to advance as far as they would have previously. I have been playing this game for over 5 years and am over 4300 levels in, but now you have finally done it. When my bonuses are gone, so am I. You are without doubt the lowest of the low you profiteering bunch. 14th Feb - still not listening are you!!!!! ——————————————————— One change is all it took to wreck this game, the ability to leave a level without penalty if you hadn’t made any moved. You took it away and said it was a fix, utter BS. It’s just about money, nothing else. I loved this game, 4100 levels completed like many others (see the community) I am seriously thinking about leaving. Next move is yours.........

- Can’t stop

In a good way very challenging.lets get on

- Absolutely relaxing and fun!!!

Me and bro love doing it together!!! 😃 Fab

- Mr hemen


- Top game

Very good game

- This is a pathetic game ever, very poor

I don’t see why people rate this game of 5 starts. People really need to rate this game of 1 start and I think developers will going to listen. I don’t understand why developers not doing anything about this game. I had a bad experience with this game and now I want to give a bad feedback and I also want to make a complaint

- Rubbish

Every Monday end up and a “hard” level and still on it on a Friday every one in the pub tried the level and no one could do it

- Thank you

I’m not sure if anyone from the app or the team behind it will see this, but going to post anyway. Just wanted to thank the team at Candy Crush for making games unlimited this week. It may seem trivial to many, but Candy Crush is often a haven for me when I have anxiety or impending panic attacks, it keeps my thumbs and my mind busy and is a complete distraction in a way that other things can’t be. So thank you ❤️

- Love it

Amazing gesture adding unlimited lives during this awful time. Thanks for this as for someone who suffers from anxiety, this is providing a much welcomed distraction

- Johno

Ages since I’ve played this just got the app again it’s fun with a capital F🤪🤪🤪

- Impossible

Level 2627 is impossible to complete. I have played constantly every day all day for the last week with unlimited lives and cannot complete it. With earlier versions once the 4 circles in the corners were destroyed, the cherries were released and the jellies automatically cleared but now, the cherries are released and yes you can get them out but then the jelly squares need several attempts at each one to delete them making it impossible to do no matter how many attempts you have. For this reason I will be deleting this app and finding something less stressful. This is supposed to be an enjoyable game which I have been playing for a long time, but now it has become a nightmare

- Candy crush

I love candy crush it’s the best thank you who ever dose not play it then you need to get it thank you so much who made it From Annabel frost I am 12 years old

- Candy crush

It’s very good game

- Great time waster

I love playing and the next thing is it’s bed time, great for distracting the mind.

- Amazing Gesture

Not so much a review, although I do play almost every day, and I really enjoyed it. This is more of a thank you for the amazing gesture you have made today.

- Send lives!

I'm writing this review to get my free boosters

- 🤯

This game is absolutely amazing everyone loves candy crush games 👍

- Love the game

A nice game to play during your free time without having to pay for too many ad ons Only annoying thing is the constant hints. Can’t seem to turn them off.

- Good, but...

Enjoyed the game until you implemented the rainbow/colour changing candies. Had to stop playing due to the headaches and it triggered my migraines; even felt like I had motion sickness at times. Sorry but I would have given five if this was removed/changed!

- Candy Crush Saga

Love the game and the levels make it absolutely fun and the concept of the game is fun for all ages so thank you for such a fun game but the music frickin annoying

- Candy crush saga

What has happen to my treat calendar ? Last couple of weeks it's gone

- Candy 🍬

Because it is really really cool 😎 and just can complete a lots of different levels

- Booster wheel

Why have you changed the booster wheel to ....1,2,3,4,5 moves only?? There’s not much you can do with these as most of the time I get the 1,2or3 🤬

- Addictive

Recently come back to candy crush and it is as addictive and fun as I remember

- Fantastic five stuck on zero

Been playing for years but I have noticed fantastic five is stuck on 0days and has been for a couple of weeks now.

- Relaxing

Great way to pass the time

- Ruined

This was a fun game. With all the recent fiddling it has lost virtually all appeal. Without the bonus track and other extras it has become extremely hard to play with any enjoyment. Bring them back or face losing lots of players. Already there is noticeable lack of enthusiasm in my circle of players.

- hummmmm


- Vibration

I loved this game but when they removed the vibration, it made the game boring. The vibration added another sensory when playing. Pls bring it back!

- Stop being money hungry developers!!

I’m on over 2800 when asking for more moves from the wheel at least give us a 50/50 chance to get moves we should at least get more of a chance of getting moves when we use coin that we earn. Stop this nonsense by giving us the sweet wrapper crap! Stop it every time I get that without getting extra moves fix ur app! Why would I even consider paying if it’s never in your favour.

- Ramin

For some reason the vibration effects have disappeared in this version. Is this intentional or a bug?

- Ridiculous

I find every now and then it throws a level in that’s absolutely impossible to complete. It’s not even you’re skill it’s what candy the game is throwing at you. All aimed to make you spend money. Deleting app now as a waste of time and frustrating.

- Upgrade has ruined the game

Since the latest upgrade my connection on my iPad drops out every game costing me the win making it unplayable

- Stop changing it!!

I used to love candy crush however recently it’s not been enjoyable to play. My candy jar has gone so now I can’t save power ups making it much harder to complete levels. It was a good level of challenging but now it’s just frustrating.

- Can’t play game

Having problems with playing game today can’t find level I’m up to keep scrolling down can’t find it is this a glitch since the update

- Gone from my favorite app to just a cash grab.

Waste your money, get through levels, and now the game changes making you need to spend more. They had a great game and ruined it chasing more cash. No more money from me.

- Crappy game

This game is garbage there is no challenge it is only designed to work if you continually purchase I would not recommend it.


There’s nothing wrong with this game and I cannot stop playing this I recommend getting this game.also the graphics are excellent

- Candy Crush

This game is so addictive. I am literally on level 3743. I play it like everyday. I had depression 2 years back and I attempted suicide but this game kept me going. It was the only thing I looked forward to everyday. Thank you!

- Ok but annoying

I want to have more cash and make friends that you can chat with I hope you change the game

- Too much assistance

the game is fun but it would help if the game wasn’t so assistive because half of the time I spend playing this game is just me waiting to be able to move without being given the answer

- Great app

Challenging and entertaining

- Good

After the bonuses :)

- Used to be a great game

What are you doing to this game. So many restrictions with time, only five coins per game. I agree with golden monkey 24. Please fix this game up

- Candy Crush Saga is the BEST!

This game is the best! I would recommend Candy Crush Saga to you guys looking for a relaxed, nice and peaceful game where you can win prizes and go up levels! You can also play Episode Races and win gold bars! (By the way, in-game gold bars have to be purchased, but you can win them for free!!! 😁🥳). You also get at the start of the game, FREE 50 GOLD!! So download this game and HAVE FUN WITH IT!A

- Okay

So levels can start way to easy (mainly due to the free boosts) until you reach a actually hard level (was able to reach level 200 in a couple of days with only a handful of levels that took more than 2 tries). Also game freezes in the middle of some levels and there’s nothing you can do other than take the loss. Please work on more consistent difficulty levels for at least the beginning of the game...

- Addictive

This game is addictive and I do like it, however I must say the 30sec ads it tries to force on you are torture. Any company that is doing 30sec ads I will be avoiding. I don’t mind watching ads for bonuses but you need to make them less than 15secs. It ruins the game.

- Vasu


- Enjoyable game

Love the game but it’s just not fair how it’s consistently requires funds to continue to play 😞

- Candy Crush

It’s fun especially when you win & pass the levels

- Candy crush

Awesome game I love it so very hard to stop playing it

- Bonus

I love playing Candy Crush but annoyed that the bonus candies you collect on each level to win prizes is capped at 5 now 😒

- What to fix

I think you could fix it by making a world race where you could see who can go the furthest. And. Also you could make it a little more harder! But other then that its great!😄

- Awesome and addictive

Love candy crush,it challenging,fun and awesome games

- Absolutely horrible!

Every day I’ve been doing Candy Drop to gain more boosters. Now I can only get FIVE Candy Drops per level! That means I now have to play 36 levels. 36! To gain the 180 Candy Drops. This is absurd. I’ve only just started getting decent boosters that are untimed. Thank goodness. And now this!

- Gr8


- Don’t start 🤪

Be warned..... this game is highly addictive but so much fun.

- Payment

I just paid $2.99 so I could play on because I am sick of this level and it didn’t let me play on. I want my money back.

- Please fix this game!

I used to love playing this game but now everytime I exit a game I lose a life. I thought you would fix it but clearly not. I’m not going to play while this occurs and I’m sure many others feel the same way.

- Fix the crash please

Game keeps crashing. Won't even open. Are you working on it.

- Fun

Very fun but an update in december made it less fun. No more new board if you get out, unless you want to lose a life. Also it does not connect anymore to the internet and if I try to log in it say try again soon and no log in. Today’s update did not fix the problem.

- Love it

Enjoying a lot feel fresh and stress buster😊😊😊

- Caution...scam associated with this game

Received an email wanting payment for $90+ for Christmas Sweeper 3 packs that I didn’t authorise. Initially fooled me because I had used two Christmas sweepers around the date specified. There was a link on the invoice to report a problem that wanted all my details. I took the invoice to the Apple Store who identified it as a scam, that could see what gamers on Candy Crush are doing. BEWARE!!!!!

- Annoyed

I’ve been playing candy crush for well over a year now and have always had those extra videos (ads) that you can watch to receive a booster or extra turns. Then I suddenly lost these with the last update. Would really like them back on because it just makes the game frustrating.

- Suggestions

I loath the nerve racking move suggestions!! I want to decide the moves. What’s the point of playing otherwise?? I want to take my time to choose what moves to make without this constant flashing!! How do I turn it off?

- The teeth

This is an awesome game but can we bring back the teeth please they were way better than the UFO. Please!

- Bug that takes your money recently. Otherwise have played it for years and have loved it

Would otherwise have given it five stars but gave it four. Three times recently I paid for 10 gold bars to continue my game and the app took my money but then I wasn’t able to continue, plus the gold bars were not in my stash. Otherwise I have really enjoyed candy crush. Especially in my downtime when I just feel like zoning out and relaxing.

- Relaxed game

A great game to play when relaxing

- Kathie

I totally agree with Goldenmonkey24 about the latest change King have made to CandyCrush Saga. I too have spent a lot of money to keep getting through the latest levels and made a big effort to collect boosters to help me along. Then you change them to timed ones which are useless to me. I put up with baby playing morn8ng and night to get the few that I can save for when I need them. Then you take away my ability to restart a game to give me a better starting position so I can get through it. Not fair to take away a booster and a life just because I want to reset it. Now I am about to delete the game and never play again. I’ve wasted enough money and time. It’s not fun anymore. It seems the better I get at it you make it deliberately harder and harder to make me spend more money.

- They take your money but don’t give you what you paid for.

They take your money, ignore your emails, pretend to care, do nothing and close the case saying you didn’t reply, except I replied 5 times, gave them proof of purchase 5 times, nothing, crickets, still waiting but they closed the case. No wonder they earn $64,000,000 a day ...

- Annoying

Bring back the ability to exit a level without losing a life and the extra booster wheel that we could use after failing a level. Not everyone has the money to constantly make purchases. I am so sick of the stupid changes you keep making.

- Mixed levels should have all appropriate boosters

Why don’t we get a coconut wheel booster when we’re playing mixed levels? If the level consists of ingredients, shouldn’t a coconut wheel be an available booster??

- Candy crush

Very nice and fresh game

- Good game but one big con

When I changed my mind about a level I lose a life and my boosters. Annoying.

- Player

Great game! One issue though is during play on iPhone 8 iOS 13.3 if you leave to look at another app then come back the sound is off.

- LOL x2 and amazing app

1st this app rocks and I got 2 lols for you! Lol 1: When I was tying to get off lvl 74 I kept having to use lollipops 15x more goes Etc. then finally I got out and i said phew! Lol 2: Even know i play Candy crush more Then my mum... SHE IS STILL LIKE 100 MORE LEVELS THAN ME SO WEIRD. Its amazing when ur bored on ur device and there’s nothing u can think to play BOOM! Just play candy crush! Also How Many Lvls Are There?

- Candy crush

I love candy crush it’s so addictive it’s fun to play everyday right now I’m on level 34 I started yesterday morning I have been playing for Ages!👌😀😀

- Annoyed

I hate that you have taken away the chance to play some easier levels to earn the bonuses. It used to help to be able to go back and earn rewards to help through the hardest levels. I’ve been stuck too long. I’m done with it.

- Not happy with update

Been playing since it first came out 5400 levels later... the latest update which wont allow you to rested the board without loosing a life has put me off, no point buying boosters if I can maximise their value. Bye

- Candy Crush

This is an excellent game 100/10 I love it 😻

- Help

My candy crush saga game has just stopped. I can see what boosters I have etc but I can’t load the next game. I’m up in the 2000’s for my level so don’t want to re install the app. I’ve deleted storage and updated the app and my phone and re started my phone several times . It’s been days. How can I fix it?

- Let us reset the board again!!!

Exactly like what GoldenMonkey24 wrote for his review... it’s painfully slow when you won’t let us reset the board without costing a life & all the boosters! Put it back to the way it was please... thank you.

- Disappointed

Previously loved this game... in fact was on level 5978. Downloaded the new update and all my previous hard work is gone!! Definitely not going to play any King games in the future

- Arrghhh

Game won’t connect to the internet when I have my iPad connected to wifi, please fix this bug NOW! 😠😡

@verge: You can play Candy Crush with free, unlimited lives this week

You can play Candy Crush with free, unlimited lives this week

@heloiseecht candy crush saga jsp si tu connais

@kristinabbott_ But how someone can know that he is at top bcz in my candy crush saga I reached to top after that n…

Día 10 de Cuarentena: Instalé Candy Crush Saga!!! 😅😅😅

You can play Candy Crush with free, unlimited lives this week

Candy Crush Saga level 167:

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Candy Crush Saga iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga iphone images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
Candy Crush Saga ipad images
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The applications Candy Crush Saga was published in the category Games on 2012-11-14 and was developed by King [Developer ID: 526656015]. This application file size is 261.71 MB. Candy Crush Saga - Games posted on 2020-03-31 current version is and works well on IOS 9 and high versions.

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