Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 [Games] App Description & Overview

Smash Hit Tower Defense Game
The Bloons are back and better than ever! Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available.

Craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome monkey towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last Bloon that comes your way! 

* Vibrant new monkey animations and upgrade skins
* Intense visual effects 
* 49 original maps, some with 3D objects that can block line of sight

* 21 powerful monkey towers, including new BTD6 towers Druid and Alchemist and recently added Mortar Monkey and Engineer Monkey
* 3 upgrade paths - all monkey towers now have 3 amazing paths to choose between
* Tier 5 upgrades - top upgrades so powerful only one monkey can have them

* Each game, place one of these 11 unique and powerful monkeys with 20 signature upgrades
* Two bloon-shredding activated abilities per Hero
* Craft new gameplay strategies around each Hero's powers and synergies
* Unlockable skins and voiceovers to customize your play

* Over 100 meta-upgrades that buff individual monkey towers or monkey groups
* Adds late game power so you can win more maps and reach higher freeplay rounds

* Play anywhere - single player offline works even when your wifi doesn't!
* New Bloons - tricky new Bloon types like Purple, Fortified, and the relentless B.A.D.
* New game modes added to each game difficulty, like Restricted Monkeys, Double Health MOABs, and the brutal CHIMPS rules
* Widescreen support for iPhone X

And there's heaps more! We packed as much content and polish into this game as possible, and we continue to add new features, content, and challenges in regular updates. We truly respect your time and support, and we hope Bloons TD 6 will be the best strategy game you've ever played. If it's not, please contact us at and tell us what we can do better!

Now those bloons aren't going to pop themselves... sharpen your darts and go play Bloons TD 6!

Best experienced on iPhone 8 or above, or on iPad 5th generation or above

Ninja Kiwi Notes: 
Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You will be prompted in-game to accept these terms in order to cloud save and protect your game progress:

Bloons TD 6 contains in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings, or reach us at for help. Your purchases fund our development updates and new games, and we sincerely appreciate every vote of confidence you give us with your purchases. 

Ninja Kiwi Community:
We love hearing from our players, so please get in touch with any feedback, positive or negative, at If it's stuff you want the whole community to see and talk about, then join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

Streamers and Video Creators:
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Bloons TD 6 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor collection event fixes for the Spooky Halloween Update. Update 21 Details: • Decipher the new Intermediate Map - Encrypted • Limited Time Trophy Store Items - get all the Halloween fun before it's gone! • New "Monkeys" Trophy Category - pets, projectiles, and effects for Monkey Towers! • 5 awesome new achievements • Balance changes and quality of life fixes

Bloons TD 6 Comments & Reviews

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- Love the game but

It’s missing some things. I really miss the balloon chipper it was my thing same as the engineer. Will they make an appearance on a later version of the game or your kicking them to the curb? I really want them back in the game plz don’t get rid of them. Also can you please add a multiplayer mode I really loved that on TD5. Its kinda annoying switching from 6 to 5 just to play multiplayer. Also maybe a suggestion for all towers since their are 3 ways to branch off your tower can you make the selections disappear after you make 1 or 2 upgrades on all 3 selections??? It’s kinda Annoying to see something you want and 2 other selections you really want but their all in separate areas. I want to select all 3 things to upgrade. That would be nice to have. It always seemed like to me a “ninja kiwi game tradition” to upgrade 2 things on each branch and then dich one and go with the other one. Now you guys are sort of breaking it in a way since it should fall into the same category with their now being 3 branches of upgrade to select. Idk you guys think about that those are the things I want to see or hopefully see in the near future. Also can you guys add more challenges plz probably like 5 challenges each day???? That would be fun also it might boost sales for people who can’t get passed a round.

- Apologies on previous reviews

Oh boy me again with another review. Must be bad right? No, after I stopped being a little brat about these heroes and actually decided to start trying to get them (I have them all as of now), and the grind was boring let’s just point that out. Not that I don’t enjoy playing the game, a good round 100 run is fun every now and then, but just to the heroes, it was a boring grind. I do enjoy some of them as a matter of fact and hate myself for complaining and not trying sooner. But the skins were highly unnecessary. Then again I’ll never get them so what am I complaining for? Anyways next topic, when are there to be the return of the Engineer, Bloonchipper, and the Dartling Gun? Seriously, we still have less towers on there than BTD5, and the heroes don’t apply to that category since they’re their own system. Plus with the whole achievement on your list that is win 10 games using only Support towers seems impopable (ha ha, did that) and it should be obvious Engie and the Chipper would be in the Support class. To add along is the want for the return of Odyssey or Two-Player modes on this. All I ask is that there needs to be something more added to the list rather than the lonesome solo and Races (competition, don’t enjoy it as much as cooperation). Or make something new and exciting. Conclusion, love the game still as a day one buyer but would enjoy to see some things return and some new things added.

- Ik it’s late but come on

TLDR: game is great but double cash too expensive and doesn’t do what it says This game is insanely fun to play. I got it when it first came out, then hadn’t played it in a few months but picked it back up recently and I haven’t been able to get off it. I came back and so much had changed, there was 2 new heroes, some new skins, buffs and nerfs, and overall it felt a lot better to play. Now I’m saying all this but why did I make it only 4 stars? I don’t like the changes to the monkey farm. It’s waaaaaayyy underwhelming compared to btd5. Yeah I guess I’m btd5 it was a little op but it was cut to maybe 30% of what it used to be which is way too much. Especially the fact that double cash mode doesn’t work on anything but popped bloons, unlike btd5. Now I got to lvl 83, have the chimps medal on all easy maps, all without double cash. I got a little bored and decided why not mess around a little and see how much money I could get by round 100 or 150 etc. but then I get into a game and realize I’m still getting 375 per banana crate (Monkey knowledge with 4,2,0 banana farm) and now I regret spending $18 on something that doesn’t do what it says. The description for the purchase is “doubles all cash earned in game forever” or something along those lines, like at least tell us it won’t count towards farms. X2 cash is already overpriced without working with farms so at least communicate what it will and will not do.

- Very Good Addition to the BTD Series

This game is very good like the other games in the series, but is missing a few things. First, since this version of the game is on mobile, this game really needs to have a smart placement added for towers so that when you are trying to squeeze a tower into a tight space the game will automatically place the tower in an available place if your finger is holding a tower just outside an acceptable place to put the tower. I can spend a long time trying to get a tower somewhere that will flicker from red to white but keep not being able to drop it in the white area because the screen is so small that just a small rotation of my finger will cause the tower to move back into the red zone. Second, two of my favorite towers, the Dartling Gun and the Monkey Engineer, are missing from this game. Finally, while some towers got buffer from BTD 5, the Banana Farms were nerfed drastically. Instead of taking 7-8 rounds to get your money back from building a farm when upgraded to Tier 4 it now takes 14 rounds. It’s almost better to use Monkey Buccaneers and Sniper Monkeys since they can give money and pop Bloons. Overall, I give this game 4/5 Stars as it is right now. The issue with placing towers is the reason I don’t give this game 5/5 Stars, but the other two things I mentioned should be addressed also. I hope this review helps both players and the developers.

- Intriguing, yet intensely repetitious

I’ve played this game since it’s existence, and I’ve completed most chimps(hardest difficulty). One thing that I’ve noticed in the game is that I’m constantly asking myself “what’s the fun way to complete this challenge” apples to asking “how can I complete this challenge.” This is because in every game mode on every map outside of expert maps have obvious solutions to every problem with easy to use towers(Super Monkey, Ninja, Alchemist, etc). Throughout most of my journey through this game I’ve only ever had to use roughly 10 different tier 5 towers that breakdown to 5-6 different general strategies to complete Chimps on almost any every map, even though there are 50+ tier five towers. Much of the time I’m trying to find fun ways to do things instead of trying to solve “how” do I do something. It’s a lot like building a gaming PC, and deciding to blow 10% of your budget on RGB lighting; definitely the fun way to do it, but can likely lead to later regrets. Either way, this is just a slight critique on an excellent game that you should definitely purchase. P.S. Don’t overuse Ninjas and Super Monkeys, because they aren’t any fun to use, and don’t use any creativity. There’s so much to explore in this game that is sadly overlooked by a few easy to use towers, I.e don’t use those towers to often.

- Great purchase

This updated version is way more challenging and has fixed a handful of quirks that made the later version annoying including the improved banana gathering, bananas are gathered by swiping the screen or by sweeping a monkey you are trying to place over a group of bananas. I love both versions but I see how much more in-depth this new one is and am so glad I bought it. Upgrading monkeys 5 times creates some serious bloon damage but only one max monkey of its kind per level adds to a much more complex strategy needed to beat even easy levels. And Hard levels have sneaky variations including magic monkey only, and mixed up bloon order that brings camo and lead bloons dangerously close to the start of the level. The new bloon knowledge points are hard-earned and even after weeks of playing for hours on end (I love these games!) I’ve barely scratched the surface of the upgrades available. New Heroes (one per level) add a boost of specialized popping power, from explosives to Molotov cocktails (plus the cheeky things they say) add a fun twist to the game. This game is updated with users in mind, including new levels and Heroes to boot. So, if you want a long-lasting game that equals hours upon hours of engaging fun that rivals the strategy of chess then this game is a good buy. Kids love it too!

- Bloons td6 “near” best tower defense game

Even though the many challenges, this game makes me happy in many ways like how the popping is in a whole new level while keeping the original way to play with some twists. But there is some problems. 1, the game starts to crash when you get into later levels (like around 40 something and higher). 2, the old monkeys like bloon chipper, engineer, and Gatling gun units didn’t need to get removed (I understand bloon chipper but the others didn’t needed to be removed. 2.5, if you re-add them you should do some 5th tier things like for Gatling gun ray of oblivion or for engineer, monkey money printing. 3, you should be able to use the excesse XP to upgrade upgrades (for example there should be level 1-5 and at max there could be a special upgrade like being able to pop lead balloons or rapid fire shooting like super monkey). If you don’t understand, make upgrades like ground zero or spiked mines have upgrades to them to make them cost less, be more effective, and be an all around opportunity to use the unspent XP. Finally 4, being able to get more knowledge points the further you rank up. Bonus, make it so you could upgrade knowledge areas so you could get things easier like XP or monkey money. So ninja kiwi if you see this I hope you could make this happen and make the game more better for bloon veterans.

- Yes

Now that multiplayer is here the game is pretty much good. I just wish it was more money would be able to be collected during the game and the cost of towers was decreased. That would make the game MUCH more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but it is a hell grind trying to get those 5th tiers. And I also hope the more monkeys are added. I know Hero’s are something that are frequently updated but nothing beats the monkeys. When the mortar and the engineer dropped it was like nothing before. Everyone was so interested and it felt like the game was brand new all over again. Like added a new magic monkey or just startling gun. It seems magic is the category with the least monkeys while military has way more seeing as there is so little monkeys but each monkey contains 3 paths so in its own sense has almost x3. So it would just be nice to be able to get 5th tiers easier and to have more monkeys. Also their is a big lagging problem for the online witch needs to be fixed. There should be some sort of connection test first because sometimes it’s killer. And I was also thinking it would be cool to have like 8 player raids where you take in like massive Bloons for epic rewards and stuff like that. Too keep the community interested and to make the game even more fun.

- Not your average tower defense game

No other tower defense game can come close to the depth, strategy, flawless mechanics, and cuteness of BTD6. I’ve played many tower defense games, and nothing can hold a candle to this one. The game is so much more strategic than any other tower defense game. Most other tower defense games simply have a variety of different towers, and a single line of upgrades for each one. BTD6 takes a much more interesting approach and adds not just two, but three upgrade paths for each different tower, allowing for endless combinations and strategies. Not only that, but the game adds much more interesting gameplay by adding interactive maps and tracks. Many maps on the game to play in have special abilities and interactions that are specific to that map. For instance, the map “Lotus Island” has several lotus blossoms that take several rounds to bloom. When fully grown, they can be interacted with to burst and stun nearby Bloons. Little abilities and secrets that maps hold add much more depth to the game. The game is innovative, creative, and unique. You can definitely tell that Ninja Kiwi put a lot of love into this game. The strategy, depth, and cutesy style of the game all blend together perfectly. This is most certainly one of the best mobile games out there.

- Average game

This game is alright. Worth the $5, but nothing innovative or getting me excited for updates. Balancing seems poor as well, many useless towers and upgrades. Pros: I like that they added line of sight around objects to make it more difficult (but you shouldn’t be allowed to buy them away). The new towers and upgrades are interesting. Same Bloons gameplay you expect, solid TD game. Cons: The 5th tier upgrades are too expensive and you will rarely reach them (or at most 1) in your games unless you go into free play. The banana farms are useless as they take too long to become profitable. There needs to be a faster game speed option, the single increased speed is still way too slow (would be okay with turning off 3D for a faster speed, I care more about gameplay than visuals). Many of the upgrades seem useless, or far weaker than others. Game is too easy overall. Usually end up with the same strategy used on every map, there is no incentive to utilize other towers (except the water level). Leveling up takes too long, so getting the powers is very slow, and many of the powers are crappy or for non-optimal upgrades, would prefer more generic powers for tower type (tower is cheaper, attacks X% faster, etc.) instead of being tied to an upgrade path. Need a way to reset powers at will. Should be more challenges than just one a day, should have a large set (like BTD5).

- The best game

I find myself playing this game every day it well crafted. I love the new designs for monkey’s, I like the new Druid and alchemist, I love how there three ways for upgrades. You guys did very good making it and it paid off. I think it’s worth the $5 it cost. It has only a few things that could be better. Which a few in my book is good because when I play other games I find like 20 things bad. First, for the new hero ezili I know she’s a voodoo monkey but it’s dumb how she takes away hearts when you place totems I. I almost lost when I realized totem took away my hearts. Second, for some hero's (Benjamin,ezili, captain church hill)I feel like there so much monkey money. Maybe like 1,500 for ezili and Ben and 1,000 for captain c. Finally in BTD6 the monkey engineer should be back. I would put it under military or support and I feel like it should be back because it was good and you use it a lot for like imagery but it’s not in the gameplay, you know? A few positives I love how the loading screen is fast now than it taking forever. I think it’s fare how hero’s are used once than more than once. And finally the third extra upgrade things are great. Like ninja monkey bomber and super monkey dark night. Again great game and I hope you listen to me and others.

- We need the balloon chipper, back and others.

Yes, I rate the game 5 stars. Why is that, well it is a good game all in all. But there is two things I’m concerned about. One is that once you get XP for all of the towers it’s boring so you should bring more towers like the balloon chipper and the Dartling/mini gunner. Two the MK points that cost money are pointless, you are telling me that I have to spend my well earned money on MK and maybe you think I’m over reacting, but NO I’m not because most things you spend more cash then on some hero’s. Also I’m trying to Super Monkey XP and it’s too hard to get. I’m saying that I have been grinding for 3 days and I only have the tier 5 thing after Technological Terror and 47k XP, and maybe just maybe I’m over reacting. I’m gonna say the good things, first there is an insane money strategy with monkey buccaneers I got like 20k per round with like 14 of them, which really isn’t hard to get, you might need to nerf that though one time I got 1M cash and to round 170 just from those pirate ships and the monkey temple. ( Forgot to mention I have that.) One last thing there is no point for the monkey temple to give cash : ) . Anyways, this game is really good I hope other people can enjoy it too. Good bye.

- Please give a top down option

I really do enjoy this game, and I love the additions that were made. The 3D models look great, but there is a problem with that. The chaotic parts of later rounds tend to slow down my phone, and even crash it. I have an I Phone 8, but all the models to render take up way too much processing power for the game to run smoothly. A top down 2D viewing option would help negate this issue. It would also be easier to see what is going on. I also request that the dartling gun, mortar, engineer, and balloon chipper are added. I do realize that as the games evolved, things were removed, but they were always replaced. The glue puddle became the glue gunner. The beacon and it’s super monkey ability became the monkey village and the special agent. Those 4 towers have not been replaced by anything in this new game, which is unfortunate because I believe there was a lot of missed potential. If you guys chose to leave them out because of the new abilities that had to be added and a lack of ideas for them, reach out to the fan base. Altering previous ones can happen too, like you did with the apprentice’s tornado spell. Those are the only problems I have with the game, and I would say add a co-op but I know you guys are working on that. I would love a response if possible. Thank you.

- Great game, a few things you could add or fix though.

This is a very great game, and I love it. It has a couple new additions and also removes some stuff that was in the last bloons td. So a quick bug, sometimes I crash randomly while playing, then when I try to re enter the game it loads up to step six, then crashes again. Eventually it starts working again, but still pretty annoying. Also you could add an actual fire monkey, not just a hero or upgrade. You can also add a tower where it summons a couple monkeys every once and a while that have a few health points and walk along the path starting from the end of the map to the start where the bloons come from. They could throw darts or something like that and pop bloons while walking. You could also add a cheaper rapid fire monkey, too. That would be cool. Maybe even an elemental monkey that has more than three upgrade paths, each containing a different element where once you upgrade a path you stick to it and can’t buy any other upgrade paths. Like a fire upgrade path, water, nature, dark magic, light magic, wind, ground, metal, lightning, you get the idea. There’s a couple of suggestions that might make the game a little more interesting. But yeah, great game.

- Amazing, but missing somethings.

This game, IS AMAZING. The effort put into the tower design, and the 3D models, awesome. The concept of paying money and making space like in the map High Finance, is AMAZING. Tracks are innovative, and tower upgrades are nice, but there are some problems. I still give it 5 stars besides these problems. First, moving around upgrades from different paths. This always confuses me cause i already had a strategy planned out with the two paths. but it is nice to see new upgrades. Second, the tower limit. Where are my boys Mortar, Dartling, Engineer, and Bloon Chipper? I know it takes a long time to model and program, but by god please bring them back! And a personal opinion, Bloon Chipper, Dartling, and Mortar would go in the Military class unit area, while Engineer would go with Support. Third, the track limits. There aren’t many tracks and I get that, but maybe a periodical update with at least one new track every week or so would help boost the games revenue and popularity. And fourth, and last of all, the cost of the ultimate abilities. Yes I know they are all powerful and god like, BUT LOWER THE PRICES AT LEAST A LITTLE! This game doesn’t produce cash as fast as BTD5. So, that’s my review. And one more tip, listen to the fans!

- Very strong start, weak late-game.

The game is incredible at the beginning. New hero towers, the steady stream of unlocks is great and you’re constantly rewarded for playing. When I first started playing, this game was all I could think about. I would be at work waiting for just a moment I could spend on this game to level up and get the next unlock. Now, I haven’t touched the game in over a week. The late game is non-existent. Monkey Bucks are spent on almost nothing in the game, other than next-to-useless power ups (except for Monkey Farmers), and the “tech” tree is strewn about randomly with seemingly no thought or order to the upgrades they provide. There’s no way to specialize or to really find a good combo that works for you because there is only one or two weak upgrades for most of the towers, meaning if you unlock all the research trees your towers will all be just slightly better. Beyond that, the daily challenges offer crap for rewards since monkey bucks are useless and the “Extra” monkeys they give you to spend for free are a silly idea anyways. Nobody wants free monkeys. Not only does it feel like cheating but it’s a very cheap way to make the levels easier by just placing free, already-upgraded monkeys. Let us specialize like in BTD5, and give us more sensible upgrades. Incredible execution on the start, poor execution on the late game.

- Perfect successor for BTD5

I started playing this little series way back when I was in middle school. It was the go to game when it was free time; it was great racing to level 50 in the 30 minutes we had on the computers. In high school I grinded BTD5 until I was over level 262. After all these memories, on June 13th when I saw BTD6 available.. I had to buy it in a heart beat. I’ve played it for a couple hours and stand at level 30. The game is great and addicting as ever. Since I recently got to level 30, I can try out the new “Monkey knowledge” in the game. It’s like a lab to improve the towers and I find it awesome. Also, the new heroes go clutch many times and could be mixed with the other units so they can pick up on what they lack. The second hero could burn through the lead Bloons and you don’t have to worry about them and grab a cannon. The other thing I liked a lot is how more animated/movement the units do when they attack. I remember when they used to only move their little arm. But overall, the game has been great and I already told my brother and best friend about it. It’s worth it if you’re a fan of this series, and as a full time college student now... I will for sure make time to play this.

- Nerf the DDT

This game is amazing and I play almost every day. The hero’s are all unique and same for the monkeys, but I do think they should add more. The new hero’s are cool but I just think there should be more normal monkeys. If Ninja Kiwi can think of any new ideas that would be pretty cool. But that’s not the main topic, the main topic is to NERF THE DDT PLEASE! It’s so fast and even with the elite defender and a bunch of other really strong monkeys I still can’t defeat it. Well I’m specifically talking about round 95 though. Round 90 and 93 aren’t that bad. But seriously every time I see it I just have to spam all my abilities and hope for the best. Even on easy mode I still can’t get past round 95. The good thing is that you have to do free play to actually witness this craziness. But I always pick free play so I can get more XP for my monkeys. So either make the DDT’s slower but still not to slow, or just get rid of a few of the DDT’s on round 95 and maybe a couple other future rounds. Also one least thing is to make some of the upgrades cheaper. For example Crossbow master is just extremely expensive for like no reason. Same with every single stinking final upgrade! So just please make some cheaper. It’s still a great game and U can’t wait for new updates and stuff.

- One of the great games in the series, but some changes are needed!

I’ve been playing this game for about a week now, and I have absolutely played the crap out of this game! A great step up from Balloons TD 5 with the great graphics, new paths, new trails, and the 2 new towers! I bought Balloons TD 5 on IOS 3 years ago! I played the crap out of it, then I got the console kind! I loved the multiplayer and quick-play, but this game lacks these features and its what made btd 5 so popular. Also, I’ve noticed that the store is a total ripoff, but that makes it where most people won’t pay for everything. Finally, the players will be legit! The skill tree was an excellent idea making leveling up fun! Having 3 paths on every tower makes for a different experience everytime! This game is a excellent tower defense game, but needs back the multiplayer. If you want a good tower defense get this one! Thanks for making such a good game, and I’m looking forward to new updates! Also, I’ve noticed that this game drains my battery + makes my phone screen and back really hot! Please add a option that makes the graphics a little lower. (This would also help with less lag when in higher levels.)

- In app updates are terribly executed

Instead of using the standard iOS app updates they made their own in app updates that fetches new assets and whatever else when you start the app. The problem is, it is terribly done. I have yet to even be able to play this game because the in app update requires fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time. If you switch to another app and let it run in the background you lose all progress in the update and have to start back at zero percent again. What’s worse is it looks like they don’t package the most recent assets and everything with each ios app version update so instead of just having to download changes since the last app version you have to download everything. Most other apps that have integrated this kind of thing have done so correctly and don’t have these issues. This seems like an avoidable issue and is the direct result of laziness. So be warned if you buy this app after the initial download you will need to make time to keep the app open uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes while it “updates” and make sure you don’t let your device sleep or change apps or you will need to start over. If you get a phone-call that interrupts it at 99% you can expect for the update to have to start back at 0% after.

- Suggestions

BTD 6 is by far one of my favorite apps to play and during the time I have had the game I have thought of some additions that could make the game more interesting. One idea that I think would be awesome is the addition of a water based hero. Not sure what the hero could be based on but I feel it would really help add to the ever expanding hero list. Sticking with the theme of water, I feel it would be nice to have more water towers to destroy balloons with. One such idea I have is you could add a water version of a spike factory that dispenses mines instead of tacks. My final idea that would really make the game interesting would be the ability to prestige towers. How this would work is after you have unlocked all upgrade paths of a monkey and have acquired an addition set amount exp after getting all the upgrades, you could prestige the tower which would reset all the upgrades, but then the tower would get a permanent buff. For an example: if you prestige the dart monkey, it’s darts could become explosive. Anyway, thanks for reading my suggestions review and it would be cool to see some of these ideas make it to the game, thanks!

- Quit at level 95

I have been playing this game and never before have I seen a glitch among any game this horrible. I was kicking balloons to the curb domination on the whole level untill a minor lag started kicking in. I thought okay well I should start a new match anyway so I can make more money so then I died at 107 because it wouldn’t let me place a super monkey. Not that bad but it kept lagging and massively too. It wouldn’t allow me to shut down my phone which got me worried as when I tried to go to the home screen it wouldn’t let me swipe. It barely let me move for 2 minutes untill I waited for the screen to fall asleep then quickly closed and deleted the game. When I closed it the lag continued for around 20 seconds then finally stopped. They need to fix this lag immediately. For now ima take a break from td6 for a little bit. Get the game it’s worth the money but they need to fix this glitch. Another sign of this may be if the music stops and multiple of the same title song plays. They just need to take away spikes and focus on frame work. It also warmed my heart when engineers were added back into the game. These guys are amazing for beginners and people who want to focus on money saving games. Just wanted to put that out there.

- Great game

I never write reviews but, I decided to write one for this game because just recently they updated the game with something I did not like. So in the game you level up and get talent points which you can spend on special perks for monkeys. Now you can play without this but, on the harder levels it helps a lot with them. Now they decided to make some of the talent points cost in game money. I could not believe it! Why do I have to pay for something that I earned in game? I understand you can just keep using money to win but why did they decide to add a money system to the talent points now? I paid for the game why keep adding things in game that I have to pay for? I have saved up money for skins not talent points. I don’t mind cosmetics/skins for the monkeys because they look nice and I know that’s another way for them to earn some money but, what I don’t like is when you make it where we have to pay for something we shouldn’t have to pay for. I know they probably won’t change it but I hope they readjust it or give out more quest to get more money because the people that don’t want to spend extra money are screwed over. Thanks for reading and I hope they do consider a change of some sort.

- I Have an IDEA!

I just want to say that you guys have really outdone yourselfs, you guys should all get a big hug. But I have an idea for an update, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to it is just an idea. My idea is that we add a new unit to the game. Everybody is doing an amazing jobs beating balloons but the tower are getting old, my idea is that we add a unit that you can pick it’s weapon. It’s name would be like “element 0” and it can either become nature, ghost, or water. When you place him down you can pick between nature, ghost, or water. If you place him in water you can pick either ghost or water, but if you place him on land he is either nature or ghost. What ever element you pick it has three paths you can go through. What got me this idea is because we don’t have any tower that can be water and land. Just a reminder this is just an idea and you don’t have to put the idea in the game but I think people would love the idea of a new unit. I hope that you read this and you tell me if it a good idea for BTD 6. Thank you for taking your time to I read this and I hope that you have a wonderful day.

- Strong start, needs work though

**update** keeps crashing now, most times I can’t get past the title screen. Restarting my phone, reinstalling the game, etc, didn’t help. Will change rating when it’s functional. Tier 5 upgrades, banana farms, and the barely there IV drip of knowledge points that do, for the most part, very little, are my biggest issues so far. Also, I don’t use monkey money on anything, to be honest, so it might as well not even be there for me. The knowledge center offers a few minor buffs that prove mildly helpful, but nothing worth grinding for at the end of the day. Consistency in the cost of tower upgrades (coin cost, not exp) is odd, some are surprisingly cheap for how powerful they can be, others I had to stop and read twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Minor complaint, but a dollar each for knowledge points that don’t help nearly as much as td5 is a bit steep as well; I’m all for supporting my favorite developers with IAP if I like the game, but at least make the IAP worthwhile. Only a handful of towers get any useful bonus from knowledge tokens, and a few (exp for example) will become obsolete very quickly; choosing which towers I applied bonuses to was also much more individual strategy friendly, and less IAP pushing, instead of being forced to follow a tree for relatively worthless upgrades to get the one or two I want.

- Some suggestions

I love the btd games especially this one and btd5, but my favorite tower from btd5 is the darting gun but it is not in the game. I also think this game should be updated a bit more frequent because the game could add som of the other towers such as mortar, bloom chipper, engineer. Or you could add the building system like in btd5 so you could upgrade your favorite tower. Also there are only a handful of hero’s in the game and I know they probably take lots of work and you can only use one, so what’s the point of more? I still think there should be a bit more so that way there would be a variety, if I could suggest one, as I told you my favorite tower was the startling gun, and as it is not in the game, I think you should add it as a tower or even better, a hero. I think that would be a good idea as he attacks fast, can hit camouflaged, and with upgrades can hit lead. He is also really powerful so he would be a great tower, probably insanely powerful which is why you would make him a hero, to make the game more difficult and fun, and it would add more hero variety. Thank you for spending your time reading this.

- Excellent, fun, great game overall

This game has not failed to live up to its hype. It’s fun and very challenging, with easy modes and easy maps for newer players to enjoy and get used to the game as well as very challenging modes and maps for more experienced players to attempt to beat! There is a fun variety of towers and upgrades that make it fun to explore all the possibilities of ways to build defenses against bloons! ninja kiwi has made another game that provides days of fun without forcing players to “pay-to-win”. Players who are struggling can purchase monkey money, but this isn’t necessary because you can get plenty of monkey money just from beating easy modes. Other than that, after you pay the $5 to buy the game you can enjoy all it has to offer for free with no ads! There are a few minor bugs, but ninja kiwi has been quick to fix many of them. I think there should be new modes added to spice it up a little like bringing back random missions from BTD5, but I’m sure they’ll do that in the future. Honestly, this is a great game from a great company and I’ll be playing it for a long time.

- Consider?

The Bloonchipper and the Dartling Gun were always my go to towers in BTD 5 and it’s sad that they aren’t in the game yet, but based on other reviews it seems like others want them to make an appearance as well, just a consideration. The game so far is much improved and is by far my favorite game to play and i love the custom daily challenges, but with only 2 a day most people beat them quickly. Maybe add more daily challenges so there would be 3 easy challenges and 2 hard challenges every day or add a list of all custom challenges for anyone to play at any time. Also with the creation of a challenge creator and cool way for people to share their creativity could be with a custom map creator. Players could draw out where the track would go and be able to play ponds or bodies of water or vis versa with islands over water. Players could also add removable objects like big rocks and statues that cost in game currency to challenge their players. If there was a way for players to share their own custom made maps, it would be a very creative way for players to show their work.

- Simply put, a great investment

So, I don’t really play mobile games as I’m normally playing PC or console, but when this game first came out I bought it instantly because not only do I live tower defense games, I also remember playing the older games on flash and it brought back so many memories for me. Now a few years later and this game has done nothing but get better, first with daily challenges and races, then continuously adding new hero’s and skins to the game, as well as a multiplayer mode to work together with friends or random players (which can help or hurt sometimes). Now with the new Odyssey challenges being brought to the game and a new currency to earn through these challenges to buy cosmetics, this game really has flourished. I probably have hundreds of hours playing this on mobile, and I can confirm I have hundreds of hours when I bought this game again on PC. The accounts are linked so I can play the same save on both too. This game just keeps growing over time and if you don’t yet have this in your library to play then you’re missing out.

- It’s awesome!

BTD6 is very awesome! I like to go on freeplay in easy mode or mess around with sandbox mode. Rounds 1 to 89 are kinda easy like they are supposed to be on easy difficulty. I’m pretty good at it and I can still do good on harder difficulties where the rounds are a lot harder. Rounds 90+ are challenging and I like that but the massive DDT rush with many DDTs and MOABs should be nerfed by reducing the number of DDTs. Round 99 is very tough too. I like it! My best I think was 101 or 102 or something like that. Heroes and hero skins are kinda expensive in monkey money but that’s fine. I also think that more achievements should be added. I know there’s a decent amount of them but it still feels lacking. The super brittle upgrade is complete trash and needs to be buffed a LOT and be made a LOT cheaper. Yes, I know it’s tier 5, but it’s practically useless. So either buff it A HELL FRIKIN LOT or make it HELL FRIKIN’ CHEAPER or buff it a decent amount and cheapen it a decent amount. mortar monkeys in general need a large buff, plus DDTs should be slightly nerfed. The game Is awesome and I really like it. It’s also creative and fun! Also I’m glad the monkey engineer is here now :D

- Solid Game

I’m not a professional game reviewer, but what I am is someone who loves this game to death. CHIMPS is probably my favorite part about the game. Removing Powers, Income, Continues, and losing lives effectively removes cheese, and forces you to think in advance, and actually strategize, something only the hardest maps made you do without CHIMPS. However, what really drives this in is no selling. Now every choice you make is important. Every dollar needs to be taken into consideration. What I love is how you need to think in advance here. Impoppable has trained you to learn the level layout. And now, for CHIMPS, you must apply that knowledge. You might be thinking about round 90 midway through round 56, or round 25 from as soon as round 6. You feel a huge satisfying rush when you win, which is the best feeling ever. As for balance issues, I love the work you put into fixing crosspaths. But if there is a bad tower every now and then, I’m fine with that. You’ll learn that they don’t pull as big of a punch, and stop using them, creating a bigger sense of progression than the game’s own leveling system.

- A PERFECT addition do a wonderful series

All of the Bloons TD games are amazing, I thought after BtD5 there would not be another, I figured that was the end of it. It was already a perfect game. However this one came out and I didn’t expect it at all. It most certainly takes the cake as the best one of them all too. And when this one came out I quickly found that they made an already perfect game even better, from all of the things like heroes, new design and upgrade paths, even the new few towers. I instantly loved it all again. I know a lot of people are complaining about the missing towers that were in the previous game, BTD5, however I feel they aren’t that needed. They weren’t very popular at all anyways, or at least that’s my opinion. However one thing I’m patiently waiting for is definitely co-op, that’s a great game mode that’s fun to play and I’m hoping they bring it to BTD6. In summary, I would definitely recommend this to anybody at all. It’s worth the money and it’s a game you’ll get countless hours of a fun game that you’ll want to come back to. Happy bloon popping to you all!

- It’s fun, but..

I love the BTD games, always have since I found the second game on ninja kiwi in elementary school. I played that constantly, and stayed up to date with the newest ones. As soon as I saw that this game was coming out and that you could pre-order it, it was an instant buy for me. After playing for numerous hours and obtaining level 34, I have to say I love the game, it’s a huge step up form it’s brethren game, BTD 5. But there’s just something bothering me. The gameplay is great, content is limited (to be expected at launch, not a big deal.), and the monkeys upgrade trees are kind of overwhelming with all of the different routes and combos! The main thing troubling me is the graphics. I feel the game has lost it’s simplicity. That’s what attracted me to bloons, there has always been a simple system with obvious upgrades here and there and 2D graphics to match it. Now, with the skill trees and such(don’t get me wrong I DO like them) I find it hard to be nostalgic. With all that said, that’s the only problem I have with the game. Other than that, find some spare cash and buy it! I’m glad I did.

- What happened?

This is probably one of the best games i have ever play, but I just want to know, why did Ninja Kiwi have to remove the “Dartling Gun”? In BTD5 that was my favorite tower. Other way than it being gone, this is an amazing game, I have played it sooo much on my phone that I had to buy 3 more chargers because i broke them moving around playing this game, and they were the ones with the material around the thing insteAd of the kind you get when you buy a phone/ipad. My phone broke so I just started playing on my ipad, and its soooo fun trying to play through the entire game again, because now I know places to put towers to easily level up, and its fun to try to see how fast you can level everything up again. On btd5 i need to finish every medal on the extreme maps and i will have the entire game beat. But, back to the beginning, the “Dartling Gun” helped me more than anything to do that. Also, I’m not saying to put it back, but I would at least like to know why you didn’t put it in BTD5. Thx for making such a great game! 😊😊😃

- A small change ruins the game in a big way

I used to love Bloons TD 6 however I regret to inform you that one simple change has made the game more geared towards micro transactions then ever before. When you reached round 100, they would give you a free insta monkey of tier 3 or higher, however now the insta monkey they give you can be any rank, meaning most of the time it will be awful. This may not sound like a big deal, but the reward system was a good incentive to play the game, but now that the rewards you are given are garbage, you don’t feel any satisfaction for doing well. This is terrible for a game that is essentially a high score game, where you have to try to get to the highest round possible, when they removed the incentive to reach high rounds. This also makes the game more geared towards micro transactions because, guess what, the rewards that they used to give you for free are being sold for money. They have always sold these, however it’s obvious that they changed it because there was no reason to buy insta monkeys, but guess what guys, no one cares enough about insta monkeys to buy them, but we cared just enough to play for them, but you removed that too. So what can I say, I feel nothing when I play this game now, cause it makes no difference if I make it to round 20 or round 200

- Better than 5 but....

Definitely a smoother, better system than BTD5. I love almost everything about he game BUT; the top tier towers cost SOOO much they’re almost impossible to purchase during gameplay. I’ve had 4 full upgraded monkey farms with banana farmers, 5 full upgraded monkey merchants, and a alchemist upgraded to the “rubber to gold” tier and STILL can barely get ONE elite tower. I understand the idea is to not have a map full of elite towers but some of the pricing is outrageous and simply cannot be reached without going into free play. Like 425,000 for the elite sun god...okay cool, it’s a sun god I get it, pretty unreasonable but I can go with it but when we’re talking an average price of 50-60k+ for the other towers, it starts getting a little ridiculous. Not to mention the round are so hard you have to continually upgrade; which again IS the point of the game, but you can’t really focus on your banana farms. I’m not trashing the game at all, I love it, I’ve been playing BTD in general since I was in middle school and have played every version from BTD1 up to this. So understand I’m not trashing the game especially being new, but I really feel like the price/earning ratio is something that could definitely be addressed.

- Good game but could be smoother

I have really enjoyed playing this game, and it certainly doesn’t feel rushed. You can really feel the time that ninja kiwi put into this. The models are good and it’s easy to get into, weather you played the old games or not. I feel there are a few things that could some extra buttery smoothness. For example, there should be a marker or something to signify monkeys that are within the radius of a village. If you place the monkeys after the village it’s easy to tell be the range, but if you place the village after the monkeys it’s difficult to tell when a money is borderline. Also, there needs to be medals to signify the completion of modes like C.H.I.M.P.S and deflation. There is one for impopable, but not for these others. Lastly, like btd5 and even btdBattles, it’s very pay to win. You can complete everything much easier by using things like powers and insta-monkeys, which you pay real currency for. I understand that companies like ninja kiwi need to make money, but the game itself costs money and the game isn’t online, but one can still easily beat whatever level they want if they have enough money. I love the app and enjoy playing it, but there is still work to be done.

- Awesome game in the BTD Series!

My experience with this game is really good! I like the new hero’s and that there is a third upgrade paths other than 2 in Bloons tower defense 5. Something I really like about this game is that there are a lot of new maps and the 3D graphics are awesome! Another thing About the game that I like is that the game feels a lot smoother and My main man Quincy is a beast all the time. Another another thing I Love about the game is the hero’s talk and I think it’s funny Because if Quincy Takes out a MOAB,BFB, Or ZOMB He says Headshot! Even though there is No head on a bloon. Another another another thing, (This is the last thing I promise) I like the selection of hero’s you can choose from and that the monkey towers Are in a certain category like primary or military towers and that you choose what towers you unlock other than the game choosing and that you choose what upgrade you unlock and that need to get EXP For the tower and I guess that’s it for what I have to say. I hope that this game skyrockets And I cant wait for more games in the Bloons Tower defense series!

- Game without gameplay

First of all, it is still a good tower defense game comparing to all others. However, compare to BTD5, this BTD6 loses many good features from BTD5 and drag down the whole game playability. The worst part of this BTD6 is the lack of interaction between level and towers enhancement. In btd5, there are two kinds of reward after achieving different levels - monkey cash and medals; players can use monkey cash enforce towers ability while medals can enforce some other function, such as power, attack speed. Player want to get stronger and stronger tower and good performance in higher levels, and thus players need to play each level in order to get enough enforcement; this is a motivation. However, in BTD6 this motivation has been impaired by single reward of each level. Player cannot find further means to keep playing the game. Even though btd6 add a knowledge feature gaining knowledge points in certain level, it destroy the customization of usage of tower and therefore the in game strategy because many of the skills in the knowledge tree is incompatible with personal strategy and some of them are useless. I hope Kiwi could recover those important good features in btd5.

- Great Game, Just Not Stable

Ok, the game itself is great. It looks great, it plays great, and it has a lot of content. The game play has a few problems, like how to play a map on one game mode, you need to complete all of the other game modes, and how the game lacks the random/special missions the other games in the series had. Those problems are minor, and aren’t why I'm rating this game 4 stars instead of 5 stars. The biggest reason I'm not rating this 5 stars is that it isn’t a very stable app. 25% of the time I start a new game or sometimes randomly in a game, the app crashes. For the most part, it’s not the end of the world because the game loads relatively quickly and the game saves your progress, but sometimes the game crashes after I make a big overhaul to my defense, which means I have to make those huge changes again, and if I’m doing something like building a temple the crash can waist over 5 minuets between the game loading up and me redoing everything. If your curious, I play the game on an IPhone 5s, but I’ve seen the “crashing problem” on new devices. Overall, the game is great but it crashes too much.

- Great visuals needs more content though

Multiplayer not yet incorporated which was personally my favorite part of btd5. Also I miss the token upgrades to affect all towers and I understand tower specialties may have been taken out to prevent creating one op tower to win maps but at the same time this new knowledge system forces you to obtain a lot of useless upgrades before you get to a minor upgrade that might help you. I’m sure this will all come in time though. I love the monkey heroes I think that was a great addition. Chimps should at least let you use your powers because I’m sitting on thousands of monkey money and no way to use it, and chimps on hard levels is almost impossible. Biggest problem I’m having with this game is it isn’t ninja kiwis main focus. Two months after this came out a micro transaction driven adventure time bloons came out and that’s where all their attention is going. This could have been the perfect bloons if they’d continue to work on it but it seems all the workload is dropped into adventure time bloons.

- This game is great, but one huge flaw

I recently downloaded the game a few weeks against and I love it. Has to be my favorite game I’ve ever had on an apple device. I’ve played the others but this ones the best. Except for a huge flaw. I was playing a game on East a few days ago and finished and went into free play. After about 5 waves the game crashed. I tried to enter back into It many times but it kept crashing. I decided I would wait a day or two to get back in the game. When I did so, it brought me to the tutorial and I wondered why. I finished the tutorial and that went bad. I am now here with everything restarted and blank memory I can’t retrieve. So that was a big mistake in the game. So if NinjaKiwi could fix that and maybe help me restore my old data that would be great for not just me but everyone. I also think the bomb shooters should have a camo sight upgrade I forget if they do. But more importantly the crashing and loss of my data really doesn’t do great for me. Especially while we are in this outbreak. So please NinjaKiwi if you could do something do it thank you and bye.

- Great game from great devs!

This game is amazing! I love every part of it. You can learn a ton of skills to become a better player, whether its with speedy micro in a 2tc, a smart defense in CHIMPS, or a well crafted setup for going into late game! The art style is also super good, being really cartoony and a step up from every other game in the series! Even though there are micro transactions, they are very limited and you can get far without them, I honestly forget they exist most of the time! Not only that, but there is also amazing music, every track fits the theme of the map! And this game has amazing devs who release AMAZING updates every month! While I haven’t went through the system myself, I heard that customer support is amazing if you loose your account or some progress, I even heard they give you some monkey money for the hassle! The only reason to not like this game is if you don’t like tower defense games, but if you even semi like td games, you will LOVE this game, so I would recommend as it is very worth the price.

- Great gameplay, weird progression

The progression in the game feels non-linear. There are four map types, ranging from easy to advanced, and 3 difficulties. But if you complete a map on the third difficulty, in order to get your full rewards you still have to go back and beat it on easy and intermediate. It feels a little weird doing that. Leveling up towers simply based on how many of those towers you have also feels weird. I feel like a tower should level up based on how many pops it has or Bloons it has frozen or money it has produced... not how many rounds it has lived. After you’ve completed an easy map, it opens up the harder maps one by one. What map should you do next and on what difficulty? There’s never really an answer to that. I’m doing all the maps on easy first, but you could do them on advanced first. It’s up to you. But the lack of direction feels off, that’s all I can say. And so when I beat a level I don’t really feel a sense of accomplishment. The gameplay itself is great and I love the changes from btd5. But the overall flow of the game could use some work.

- Amazing game but a few issues

Don’t get me wrong I love the game but when ever I play it crashes at least once per game so I have to get back on no big deal I just accept it and deal with it but I was just playing on coop and I had an amazing game I was about beat hard on the new park path map and the 2nd player had already disconnected and it was just me then the game crashed and It didn’t save even though it was just me and I just wish that it would save coops and if ninja kiwi can’t make a public match save then I understand that but can the ninja kiwi dev team try and make it to where you can have the chance to go into coop and rejoin into a game if you got disconnected or maybe try and fix the crashes but if you can’t make on public then can you try to make on private matches please if you can’t I will just try to work through it and deal with it but please try to look into it ninja kiwi dev team I don’t know how many people get affected by the crashing but I know me and my friend have it happen to us.

- Minor issues

Ive been a fan of the btd games for longer than i can remember and they all have had there flaws, but this one is different in the types of flawes, specifically the time it takes to start the app. Aside from the loading time i would also like to point out some other minor issues like the banana farm’s screwed up footprint ingame. Also i know that the devs are working on the engineer, chipper, and dartling towers but i can’t imagine its that hard to get a new sprite along with new upgrades and import the remaining files from the other games. However other than that ive had some client crashes and some glitches but that will happen with any new release of a game and overall it is very well made and fun to play. The new additions of things like monkey knowledge, daily challenges, insta-monkeys, and of course heroes make the game something unique and not the complete copy of Btd5 that some people had thought it would be. Thanks for making a fun game. Caleb Latta.

- Bugs

The game crashes if you go late game. It’s not the phone I’m using. iPhone X. Also it heats up. Maybe if there was an option once you get to round 200 that you can limit graphic quality lol. Please fix this bug I really like the game. — this is another report of the game crashing after I posted the first time. Please fix. The game would be a lot better for me if you would make this problem go away. New game and by the way an awesome game. Once the bugs are fixed I will love this game. Late game glitch where your game crashes hasn’t been fixed. Watch molts video his iPad crashed around 165. Also I haven’t been receiving money for rewards even though I complete them. So a lot to fix but again it’s a new game. I see them fixing things that are irrelevant to me considering I don’t cheat the game. I just want to play it without crashing. Fix that problem please! Why are you adding new content when you still haven’t fixed the crashing problem. It’s crashing worse than ever!!!!!!

- My Late Review and Suggestions to make this game better

So yes this is my late review but I think I’m fine. I have to start off by saying this, this game is worth 5.00. I Pre-Ordered the game when I first saw it on the App Store and Could not wait and once I got the game. I don’t think it was over hyped. It was worth it. But anyway I have suggestions, 1. Now I get it the deva want us to spend most of our time playing the game to get monkey money so we can buy hero’s, knowledge and skins for the hero’s. But I was thinking ninja Kiwi could add back the odyssey for quicker ways to get monkey money quicker and to me it was a better way to play. 2. Maybe if you have the time to make a Btd battles 2 and One of my favorite versions is Btd monkey city maybe you could make a second one. Lastly like how there is skins for hero’s maybe make skins for monkeys but I feel like it’s a waste of money to buy skins for monkeys in btd5 so maybe you could make it the same price like hero skins out of monkey money. That is all of my suggestions and review!

- Amazing game but missing some things

So so far I’ve really enjoyed BTD6, since a lot of the new content like the art style, larger upgrade paths, and knowledge trees made it really fun. It’s definitely worth to get this game but if you’ve played BTD5 then you’ll see that it’s missing some towers from that game (engineer, bloonchipper, dartling, mortar) which I’m hoping might be added in an update later, especially the engineer. I also really liked the specialty buildings since they allowed me to pick a tower I liked and have a place where I could invest a lot of monkey money (right now you can only spend it on powers). The lack of maps is also annoying but I can see more maps being added in future updates like in the other games so I’m not really worried about that. So overall I think this app is worth to get and really fun, but it felt like it’s missing some things. Tl;dr A fun game and step up from BTD5 but seems to be missing some content from that game, even with all of the new content in this one

- Great game but lacks content

Hi Btd 6 is such an amazing game, from the art style (3D graphics) to the new abilities and tower upgrades each tower has. I see lots of improvements from the previous version. One being from BTD 5 you were able to select a particular tower to upgrade and have special abilities for before you started to play. As were BTD 6 you have a new skill tree that upgrades all different components of each tower. BTD 6 is such a good release upon BTD 5. It just needs a bit more content. For instance multiplayer, I was a huge player on multiplayer BTD 5. Some things lacking BTD 5 multiplier was not being able to talk to the other player and not really coordinating any sort of plan which was always heard to fine up with a strategy. Another thing is because if someone needed more cash it’s always heard knowing when they wanted cash because all it did was good the little monkey icon for cash. I would half the time forget about this and feel bad for the other player. BTD 6 has a lot of potential and I’m happy to see BTD evolve since the beginning.

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- Best ever Bloons TD game!! Read me!!

This has to be my favourite Bloons TD game and favourite tower defence game on IOS. I preordered this game and already I knew it was going to be fantastic! The 3D graphics give the game a refreshing feel making it all the more fun! As well as added hero’s in the game give more backbone to your defence. The colours are fun, vibrant and happy and I love the art style! The game compared to the 5th one (which I’ve spent a lot of hours on) flows better and improves upon the predecessors. Upgrading your Bloons uses a three path system in which you the player have more variation of abilities to choose from. The game also features a knowledge technology tree which allows players to progress and unlock more stronger upgrades for your towers so it keeps feeling new and refreshing. The special abilities are actually on the screen where you fight!! Cons :O - They took out some of the Monkey Towers such as; Engineer, Bloonchipper and Dartling gunners. - Not as many maps as Bloons TD5 however I guess they are going to release more as the game grows. - The screen once again is small, like in Bloons TD5. Making so if you have a IPhone X you can’t take advantage of the screen real estate. Overall experience.. Aside from the cons listed above. This is a fantastic game and is quite addicting. If you end up buying this game it is definitely worth the price tag and I guarantee you will have a lot of fun. It’s a Bloons TD game what is there not to love?!

- Almost perfect

Now I absolutely adore this game. I bought btd5 a long time ago for my iPad just so I could play on the go. Even though it was free on the ninjakiwi website I still bought it and I’ve done the same for 6. I love almost every aspect of this game except that getting to high rounds is next to impossible on mobile devices. The moment you get anywhere near a high round the game crashes due to lag. I’ve had to restart my game many times and try again and again to complete a round I know that I can beat. I don’t want to have to buy the PC version of the game just for high rounds while my iPad is just for completion of maps and medals. If at all possible could you please either somehow improve the games ability to process many high costing high damaging towers when it comes to waves past 100. And if that’s not possible could you please add some form of lesser attack animations option in the settings so the damage is still there but the screens don’t have to attempt to load it all. Overall I still definitely love this game and I thank you for making it Thank you for your time!

- Good game but some suggestions

I love the game and it’s the best bloons game I’ve ever got but I’m kinda disappointed that the bloonchipper and dartling gun were removed. I also wanted some easier way to get insta monkeys because one of the achievements is to have like 200 instas at once. I also like the Marvel references in there like the achievement, What did it cost? Everything and Snap of your fingers because I am a huge Marvel fan and have seen every movie they have released since I was born ten years ago. Just a reminder to say there are just suggestions so you don’t have to put them in the game. Also there is a very small chance of you to see this but if you do then I would like this. You still don’t have to do these things and they are suggestions but if you do see that I have done this rating then I hope you are pleased with what I think of the game.

- First Impression Review

Thank you so much for addressing the issue for the iPhone XS MAX!!! Wow, this is the best version of Bloons that I have ever seen, the user interface isn’t clunky and can all be accessed easily and doesn’t require you to scroll through all three menus to get the stuff you want, the new visual looks and animations are amazing, the upgrade path is a welcome addition I love how there is a lot more depth now, something I’ve always wanted, the hero system is also cool yet I wish there were more, also my only negative thus far is that there is only one new tower not including the heroes, yes all towers have more depth and customisation but I really wished there were more, I mean most people buying this game are veterans or players of previous games, so having more new towers could’ve been great, but never say never I’m sure the devs will add more to this game in the future

- So far the best Bloons TD game!

I started playing Bloons back at the beginning of Bloons TD 4 and became a huge fan and played it for hours and when 5 came out it was great but this game is the best. I love how they added 3 paths and a special 5th upgrade and the hero’s are also a great feature. The new 3D style makes it unique and different to the others, but the game is very Grindy... I understand why and I respect it. Also this game does not shove purchases in your face. Yes you can buy your upgrades and yes you can buy yourself Ingame money but it’s not blinding you with it every second which I love. I do have one recommendation, during a round when a monkey needs to upgrade it does not always say and I just whisk you could I rate this 5/5 and I definitely recommend it to people with a dollar or two to spare and I wish you have just as much fun with it.

- Best game i’ve played in my life!

I’ve been playing BTD for 6 years and so far it has been satisfying me every time i play it! The second i saw the release of BTD6 my mind was blown! At first i thought this was a fan made game considering the fact that it took 7 years for them to make this! I saw the creator “Ninja Kiwi” and i screamed my head off! I never thought they would ever make BTD6. I found out Ninja Kiwi only has 35 employees which might be the reason why it took so long. BTD6 is a very very great game i would highly recommend playing it, the game has better graphics, a new monkey knowledge system, new heroes (my favourite addition to the game) and new game modes insta monkeys, challenges the list goes on! Thankyou Ninja Kiwi for creating such a magnificent game! This review may be short but i have more to say.

- Unlock tower functions

Given the amount of time and lack of transparency surrounding the ways in which towers gain experience to unlock potential upgrades, it is incredibly frustrating having to grind to play the game rather than focusing on strategy. Upgrades are fundamentally necessary for towers to be usable, yet even basic upgrades must be unlocked which poses considerable difficulty in the late game due to the way experience works. One of the draws of btd5 was how far you could get on an easy map on a first playthrough, something sadly absent from this game. Moreover, the fact that you can pay to unlock the potential upgrades makes this seem like a manufactured frustration not designed to enchanted the game experience. Such ‘pay or grind’ mechanics are especially egregious in a non free to play title. Likewise, the upgradable knowledge outside of the game detracts from the skill of the player and disadvantages players who haven’t grinded. This poses yet another obstacle in the way of truly enjoying the gameplay which is what made the previous btd games great.

- Great game, but...

I’ve waited a little bit to write this review just so I could get as much of the gameplay done before hand. We will start with the good and then end with some errors/ improvements. The good, ITS FANTASTIC! This game does not disappoint, even though they got rid of some old towers, they have added some new ones in and they add a whole new way of game play. The maps are simple yet challenging, adding the limited sight was a challenge, but a good one. Also having removable objects changed it up as well, also a welcomed challenge. Now for some of the down things. Things get expensive! Some of the final towers I’m yet to if played just because of the cost of them, if you want to see them you have to go past wave 100, this is even when I have 5 banana farms going. Another down side is there is no way to reset monkey knowledge, so you have to read every detail to make sure you choose the right path. Which leads to my next part, the final upgrade in the support monkey knowledge says cash drop price will be 80 instead of 200 but in my game it only dropped down to 180, not sure if it’s just a spelling mistake or a bug. Well that’s it really, 4/5 stars for a very nice game, I’m sure as this game grows and releases more content, my rating will also increase. Thanks for the great game!

- Great but a few issues

I played BTD5 for years and I always got bored by the lack of upgrades and this game fixes it! The 3D graphics are amazing and I love the hero’s, but you can not go past higher levels or the game crashes. Not to mention you spend almost all of your gameplay unlocking towers and getting all the upgrades for them, it takes for ages! And so does monkey knowledge. You have to get this route and that route just to get that one upgrade. Also my favourite towers in BTD5 weren’t there! Justice for bloonchipper and Gatling gun. In conclusion BTD6 is a good game but you need to spend so much time on it to get its full potential. Not to say that BTD5 is flawless, it is not! The leveling up system is also a pain and do not get me started on bosses, it’s just there once was a time where you could hop into a game and play, you know?

- Makes me go bananas

I have never written a review before, but I just wanted to let everyone know that this game is no monkey business. I played the 5th one for years and was a bit sceptical that btd6 would just be a rehash with 3D skins. Turns out it’s not, and even if it was, the graphics make me go bananas (they’re really good). This game drastically improves what I though was an already great formula by making it way more diverse and engaging. The new towers are dope and they gave more reason to use other towers that I never bothered to use in the original (i.e. glue gunners are sticking their way into my heart). I would recommend everyone to pop this one in their game library as it is well worth the price. I am also very excited to see what will happen in future updates. I’d love to see some more new towers or some of the previous ones bought back. I think a new version of the engineering monkey would definitely give me my fix. In all honesty though, this game is awesome and I thoroughly enjoy it. Don’t listen to the bad reviews, most are about things that are only relevant to individuals. The lads at ninja kiwi put a lot of work into this and it’s well worth the buy.

- Best Game. Period.

I have been playing this game since 2010 i think. It was probably bloons tower defence 3 that got me started. I would always jump on the NinjaKiwi website and play everyday. Then BTD4 came out and i fell in love again. So much new content. Then BTD5. I have almost gotten every single medal in the game for every map in that game (even mastery mode) and to be honest btd battles was okay. Bloons monkey city is my favourite bloons game in my opinion. But then the big daddy BTD6 came. And here i am again. Falling in love again. Literally only complaint is that the game is laggy and crashes pretty often. But i don’t care i’m going to continue playing for decades to come probably. This game is a part of my life and has never failed to disappoint me. :)

- Gone to a WHOLE other level

When I heard that there was a BTD6 in the works I was shocked. I was convinced that BTD5 was the tip of the iceberg. All the updates and new maps they were adding to what I figured was as good as a BTD game could get was unreal. BTD5 was a HUGE jump from BTD4 and they’ve gone even further in this game to polish up on everything that was great about BTD5. The graphics and animations are fantastic, and all the new upgrade personalisation’s are absolutely unreal. I’ve been playing the BTD series since I was 12 back in 2009 and this game just adds to the excitement of it all. Outstanding job NinjaKiwi, keep it up 👍🏻 10/10


First I have to say, BTD 6 is really fun especially with the new Halloween update. Though, reading through the reviews, this game has one major problem. It has lots of bugs. Today when I was playing BTD 6 I was on round 119, then all of a sudden, BAM! It crash’s!?! This really needs to be fixed because I seriously can’t handle it anymore! Plz fix. The game’s second problem is that you earn barely any monkey money in co-op! This is a problem because if you’re trying to get a 5,000 monkey money Etienne and just want to play with your friends it’s gonna take you at least 90 times in co-op just for a HERO. Like seriously you can earn 40 monkey money playing by yourself on a really easy map but in co-op you have to beat a map in HARD MODE just for 40 monkey money! When instead you could earn like, 500 monkey money! Plz fix all these issues or I might never play BTD 6 again.

- Meh

Honestly I’m a bit disappointed. I realise it’s early release but come on.... compared to Bloons Td 5 it’s lacklustre and low quality. Using my iPhone 6 many of the images are low quality and simply bad. The game does not run smoothly most of the time and has focused too much on the actual elements such as the new upgrade system with new lines to follow. After playing for at least 50 minutes, I found myself bored. Sorry to say as I enjoy most of your games. Once again i know this is early. Update- I have been playing more and I enjoy the daily challenge but would appreciate if there were multiple challenge pages like maps. As well as more challenges I would love more maps. I would like a new way to use monkey cash like in td5 with the monkey buildings but I know that can’t be mimicked in td6. Once again, I am still waiting for multiplayer.

- Good game

I just hate that you can only get vengeful true sun god on a real game why can’t you get it on sand box 🙁and why did you have to remove the dartling gunner it was my favourite tower in the game also if you do add it back i have ideas for the third path it would have the upgrade smart placement for the first one and it would track where the bloons are the next would be spinning darts and it would make three darts spin around until it hit a bloon the next would be speed spin and it does the same thing but knocks back as well then for the tier 4 upgrade it have an ability to summon a tornado of darts and it sprays them around and for the tier 5 upgrades laser route would have 3 lasers,missile route would shoot one massive missile , and for the spinning one the ability would by tripled so you summon 3 tornadoes instead of one. Plz add if you like the idea

- Great

Big player of BTD 5, I enjoy Bloons tower defence 6 so far but I would like to say that I think the double cash mode is way too much money doubling in money (from btd5) I think it should be lowered a lot. Good game though. I think that there is not a lot of content due to the game just recently coming out but I am excited for what this game has to come! I pre ordered this game as I was so excited but I think that banana farms should give more money since it was decreased from btd 5 and it is hard to get money in game now. Please consider lowering the price of double cash mode because it is insane how expensive it is. Also please extend the range of the monkey banana collector as it is hardly big enough to collect bananas from a farm next to it.

- Great except...

This game is absolutely amazing I love what they have done with it, however the game constantly crashes which is probably the phone and not the game but when I do a race I have to pay 100 monkey money and then I almost finish the game crashes and you can’t resume it so you lose your monkey money and progress. Also I hate how they have made the game entirely pay to win it makes the game boring when you go into a game in co op with people who have bought tier 5 monkeys it defeats the purpose of the game and the double money is extremely stupid it just gives everyone the ability to win races with tier 5 monkeys extremely quickly. Apart from the above the game is fun and grindable.

- Needs more.

I love this game. It is the best of the btd’s that I’ve played. The only thing that this game needs is: more content. For example, have a thing like in btd5, where when you get all medals on each difficulty, you get a new, better, harder version of maps/levels. This makes you want to complete all medals and all maps, and gives way more content to the game. But with btd6, you just get all the upgrades, and then don’t know what to do next, because, basically, there’s no purpose in getting all medals. So excellent, game, but make getting medals on maps have a purpose.

- Idea For A New Power

My idea for a new power is called ‘Shinigami Eye Deal’, obviously based of the anime series Death Note. When you use it, it will grant a 50% increase in range and a 25% increase in speed for all monkeys on the map for the next 10 rounds, as well as an additional 10% of however much monkey money you have upon use. The only cost is half of your remaining lives, which would render it unusable in Impoppable Mode. (If they have an odd number of lives, just split it based off the even number below them. i.e. 25 lives would become 24 then 12.) If you want to alter this a bit then I’m ok with that but keep the same general concept.

- They never disappoint

I have been fan of the series for a while now. I played BTD 4 first and then 5 through battles and now to 6! The new towers and upgrades never disappoints when you pull of an epic combo. Like using the sub’s their 5 to boost abilities like tsar bomba! I just got the game on my phone but I used to play on pc, and still do. The reason why I got this on mobile was because I couldn’t get enough and I needed to take this places. In never get disappointed and I can’t wait for new updates. Also PLEASE bring back the bloom chipper. That was just a request I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

- Best Game Ever

In a time where most video games that are pretty epic are online shooter games cough-fortnite-cough this game has gone above and beyond. It is the best game to play if you are stuck in the car on a long road trip or playing with your friends at home. I truly think that this game is awesome and I will continue playing this game with all my relatives and friends. Just one thing that I would like is maybe some more towers. I’m not saying the ones we don’t have aren’t good, it would just be good to get some variety in and new action and monkeys to grind. This game is epic. Keep doing what you’re doing.

- Definitely Worth your Money!

I got this game a few months ago when it went on sale because some of my friends had the game and said it was good so I decided why not, and bought it. Oh how great of decision that was, as this game is super fun with its constant updates adding new features, maps and skins to renew the game all the time. I also really enjoy playing Co-Op with some of my friends as it is an all around great experience. All in all would recommend this game to anyone who wants a quality tower defence game that is both challenging and won’t get old fast.

- Are there new glitches??

Overall my family and I love this game - I’m obsessed - we have noticed this week that there seems to be a glitch when we purchase upgrades for towers, that they sometimes disappear at the end of a round, and we need to reupgrade. There seem to be lots of slow moments or lags in multiplayer mode - it’s a bit frustrating. If there is an update in future to counter these it would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work!! It’s a great activity for parents to connect with their kids and work together :)

- Game is the best but....

I love the game because it’s very fun I like everything about mostly the hero’s but there is a problem that makes it really hard the knowledge points. It makes it more difficult because of the way we have to use monkey money it gets expensive I have played when it was made and it’s still hard to even get money money because I have basically everything so that’s the only prob so far and is the devs are reading this please make the knowledge free or make it less expensive I would greatly appreciate it


This is my favourite game. This is better than all of my console, VR and PC games. I’ve loved BTD over the years. I love Bloons 2 as a kid, played BTD 4 a lot, grinded on monkey city, Adored BTD 5, am addicted to BTD Battles and HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH 6. Sure I’ll miss dartling gun but the game has gone to a whole other level. The time and dedication to add a whole new upgrade path, monkey knowledge and 3D graphics has shown their constant commitment to pleasing the community I’ve played this game since day 1 and have been pleased every time. This is by far the most addictive game. Sure the grinding is hard but it’s hella fun!!

- Amazing

I’ve loved the tower defence genre for ages and I can’t help but get addicted to ninja kiwis saga of btd, this one I was really excited for, the gameplay is amaZing, absolutely love how they changed the formula up and made more bloon types to throw veterans off guard, my only complaint is how much This game uses battery and slows down on round 90s on older phones, which can sorta be blamed against the new art style which one thing that’d I love is the ability to make it 2d, have that classic feel you know? All I’m waiting for right now is the engineer, mortar, dartling gunner and bloonchipper

- Suggestions and fix

I love this game, but there could be some added features. Such as the dartling gun back, the engineer and the bloonchipper and a hero called “Gladiator” which could be a spear throwing hero, with abilities such as Giant spear or something that does extra damage to MOAB class Bloons. The fix is with the Druid’s upgrade jungles bounty I surrounded it with 4 banana farms and I used the ability and it says that for each banana farm in range and they were all in range, so I would have got 400 cash but got the same as the ability 100 cash. But I love this game and I hope you consider.

- Hopefully you will read this, because...

Ok I won’t lie this is a great game and you did an amazingly good job on this game and I hope you improve on it. This is by far my favourite game on the AppStore so far and I’ve played and loved all your games ever since I played Bloons in ‘09. But I’ve experienced a some glitches in this game. First my game lags for a few seconds before the later rounds begin. Secondly it crashes during these rounds as well sometimes. But I just updated the app and now it crashes every time I try and open the game. These are the only glitches I’ve experienced so far and I hope you fix them I hope you guys add new features to this game, maybe like a multiplayer option like what you did in BTD 5 or what you did in battles I would really love to see how and what you would do with that, because you could do tournament and #1 got like a crazy instant 5-0-3 monkey

- Awesome reboot!

This game is Bloons Monkey City all over again, expect it’s more like BT5. The mechanic of experience is cool, so you need to use a monkey before you can go wasting currency on new abilities. The Monkey Knowledge tree is also cool and the third path kinda throws you off, making you think you can take a Sun God with far range and Camo-sight, but it’s cool. The ultimate abilities thing is also cool, Archmage and Soulbounder look awesome. The heroes, though, don’t jive with me. The self level up thing is cool, but because of this the level ups lead to mediocre and small boosts. Overall, really good game.

- Amazing game but just a few technical errors I found

When I have Quincy down, the trail of the arrow is blurry and pixel-like. Also with the monkey knowledge system, it says I need 4 points to upgrade it but I only have to use one. Even with the latest update it said that this was fixed but I still got by without using four monkey knowledge points. I know this is still a new game and there are always going to be bugs so I hope you amazing people at ninja kiwi can fix these problems for me. Love the game.

- Nearly there

Love it so far, keen to see more! Two pieces of feedback: - having the hero bar at the bottom on the iPad with drag and drop placement makes it easy to accidentally trigger app switcher view in iOS 11. - clicking into the upgrades view is a little confusing for me, never sure if it’s going to trigger for the tower I’ve highlighted in the selection bar or the tower I’ve selected on the map. My suggestion is: to get into an upgrade view for an individual tower, long press in selection bar, and then make the upgrades button take you a view which looks like the Towers view from the main menu.

- Great game

This game is awesome (my fav monkey is ice monkey) it’s pretty fun now there’s co-op. I love that this is the 6th Bloons TD it just shows how little effort to so much effort but I do have 2 complains: first I don’t like how in co-op that you have to wait 24 seconds if one of your teammates accidently leaves second i’m not sure if it’s just me but when I go into upgrades for my monkeys sometimes I can read the upgrades but most of the time I can’t keep switching through can and can’t. But overall I think this is a great game I just have two complains I love this game a lot and that’s it for my review 🐵 🎯

- Vengeful

You may be asking ninjakiwi why is this called vengeful? Cuz the true vengeful sun god and adora (well this has nothing to do with adora) you should be able to have the true vengeful sun god in sand box I might not have it yet but you should do that but what if a fan wants to test its strength and you need a name for adora when she become her sun god form but when it vengeful (and give me icicle inpale cuz I was gonna get it but then I got super brittle instead my accident)also please add Gatling gun it was my favourite tower (and bloonchipper

- New tower wanted

As I play the game I saw an annoying fact that if there’s a high obstacle in a monkeys radius it can’t attack through it making some problems with balloons getting past, I was hoping a new tower could be added to help with this annoyance. An idea I had for a tower would be a sniping tower which has space for a monkey to be placed on it allowing them to ignore obstacles, upgrades could be more room for monkeys, faster attack speed, more attack range and even some weapons for the tower to attack by itself I hope you consider this idea thank you

- Fun and adddictive

Its a very good game so far. Much like btd5, its very addictive, and fun to play. The implementation of “heroes” gives the gameplay much more paths and combinations of monkeys to work with. The animation of the monkeys have much been improved upon greatly since the last installment of btd. Im impressed with most of it so far! My only suggestions is to add a leaderboard/stat record, and to work on lag in later levels such as 60+. The drawings of monkeys in the upgrade section need to be more detailed. All in all, fantastic game. I look forward to seeing more updates in the future.

- BTD5 plus

Im absolutely loving the game so far. The art style is unreal and the towers look 10 times better than what they did in btd5. Its lacking a bit of content but its early days and im sure more will come with the future. Small complaint is that it wouldve been nice to see the larger bloons such as ZOMG or BAD at least a little bit 3D. The towers look so good its distracting have the big balloons taking up most of the screen covering the part of the game that work went into. Other than that I’ve loved it so far can’t wait to see what other content comes out.

- Improvements and what would be great to see

Absolutely an amazing game after btd 5 i was so happy to see another one finally some issues I found are crashing on high rounds and monkey farmer not getting every banana no complaints just giving you guys feed back on what would be nice to see also it would be awesome if we could use more 5th tier towers and if there are brand new towers that have never been seen that we can use other than that great job ninja kiwi

- Great! Just a few things!

I genuinely love this game. It’s the perfect strategy game, combining your typical tower defence with unique path choices. I find it a game suitable for almost any situation, ranging from sick days to holidays. But! There are a few problems that I should point out. 1) The game requires internet to start the game, but then none to actually play it. I dislike this as unless I’m connected,I can’t kickstart the game. The only bypass I know of is to start it at home, and play it later, 2) Half Cash Mode is really hard to beat. It can be done, except It took a lot of insta-monkeys to do. Those are hard to get, and so I suggest waiting until your a great player before attempting. 3) C.H.I.M.P.S....... Whoever created this mode is the epitome of all things evil. It’s not possible, and the only way I’ve ever seen it down is through cheating and glitching. This made the game heaps less fun, and should just be avoided.


This is a good game... when I’m connected to WiFi. This game forces you to connect to the internet to play, and forces you to download updates TWICE as soon as they come out. You cannot play the game without downloading the latest update through the App Store, often 100s of mbs, and then downloading it all over again WITHIN the app, which needs to be kept open while doing this. This is completely unnecessary as there is only ONE (optional) feature that uses the internet and updates aren’t necessary. I have not ONCE used a feature that used the internet. I can’t play this game because I simply don’t have enough data to download the updates every 2 weeks, and I can’t simply get it to download on my home WiFi because, as I mentioned, not only do you need to download it through the App Store, which is fine with Auto-Update, but you then need to open the app for another 10 mins while it downloads it AGAIN for no reason. Also too much water 7.8/10

- Great game but not addictive anymore...

In-game money is only used to buy power-ups and therefore useless. If you’re seasoned at the game then you won’t need any of the power ups (insta monkeys?). So after winning a map the rewards are essentially useless. In td5 they made it so that the in game money was used to buy tower upgrades so it was so fulfilling grinding out the maps to better your favorite tower. But now they introduced knowledge points which renders the cash system pointless. Iunno maybe they can introduce monkey skins or something so I get rid of the cash... I can’t imagine anyone needed to buy extra ingame cash.

- BTD6

I’ve been a Bloons fan since I was little and absolutely love how in-depth everything is in this new game! I have only one problem hence the 4stars but it’s an easy fix. PLEASE for the love of god, make the powers section on the right hand side able to open and close like in the previous games, I have an iPhoneX and with the power menu that I hardly ever use unlike the monkey buying side on the left I feels like I’m playing on an iPhone 6, PLEASEEEE NINJA KIWI, love the team and I have faith that they will fix this so i can see more of the map and my monkeys destroying the bloons.

- Best game ever!

I got this game over a year ago and it was so good! I almost completed the game about 3 times and I finally have. Every moment of it was joy. This was until my game started going black and the app closes. Progress will save, but for 1 round before the one I was up to. I overcame this by using my mum’s phone and it works on that, but it still crashes on my phone. Please fix this!! Other than that, this is a great game that is worth the price.

- Good but could use improvements...

Btd6 is great game. if I could give it a reading from 1 to 10 it would be a 9, and let me tell you when I say nine that means this game is One of the best (in my opinion). I’m gonna great list below saying positives and negatives. Positives: The graphics are pretty insane I love this game for the details and effort just to make it how it looks, co-op is fun AF, The hero’s I love the thought of dead shot archer or a crazy pyro and a voodo wielded monkey the best thing is is that they level up automatically cool Negatives: the grinding process is bad, WHERE THE HELL IS BLOON CHIPPER AND THE DARTLING GUN,

- The new bloom buster

Update: on 28th June, I found out that I have activated Budget Cash Drop, but it costs 180 monkey money in game where the description says 80. Can you please fix that? Look, I’ve been play BTD series for so long and I just can’t hold back for BTD6. I am still discovering the new things, and keep the awesomeness going on!!! There might be an Issue about the Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional language because sometimes it is mixed up. I am more than happy to help.

- Crashes

This game is really good and I highly recommend it. I’ve always enjoyed the Tower defence series and all the other games but this game seems to not like me... It always crashes Evan when I’m doing simple things such as checking my monkey knowledge or viewing my monkeys or Evan just collecting my daily rewards. This is very frustrating when it happens in the middle me placing towers or Evan when I’m on a close round. Good stuff as always Ninja kiwi this is just an issue I’m having and it’s frustrating but the game it self is amazing!

- Crashes and battery saving mode

Please fix the app crashes! It is extremely frustrating trying to play to high levels when it gets to a certain point where you just can’t make it through to the next level without constant crashes and lagging. Maybe also a battery saving mode would be cool? An option to change the resolution so we’re consuming less battery would be really handy as this app just goes to town draining battery.

- Best game ever

I got this game when it first came out and I was instantly addicted to it me and my friends played it every day at school the graphics and the gameplay is just state of the art. They are constantly updating the game adding all new and amazing things into the game. The only thing that I really want in the game is the classic Gatling gunner monkey that has been in all the BTD’s that I have played and by far my favourite monkey. My favourite game love it always will love it.


It is a great game and really enjoy it, it’s probably one of the best games in my opinion, only thing is is that it crashes all the time! I can’t play co-op because it will crash and then it will just be the other people so it will be harder and when I’m playing single player it will crash so I will go back in and not everything is saved, also I might play for an hour without it crashing but also their are times were it will crash right after I press start or 30 seconds into playing, please fix this!!!!!!

- Great game but...

Just bought this game a few days ago and it is great, but there are some issues! The second time I opened the game, it froze to the point where I had to reinstall the game, hope this isn’t a taste of what’s to come! The second problem is the slow loading screen when you open the game, especially when you have slow internet like I do haha. This game is great but could be made even more enjoyable just by addressing these few issues!

- Amazing game, but can be unstable

I got introduced to the series back in BTD4, and have enjoyed it ever since, amazing game. However, on older devices, the device can’t process anything past round 60ish without crashing (I play on iPad mini 2). A low-detail mode would go a long way to supporting those with low-end devices, I will change my rating to 5 stars once something like that has been introduced Overall, an amazing game if you have a very capable device 10/10 gameplay

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- Rip Bloon Shredder

Forgotten but not Forgotten


Idk if any of y’all think that our homies darting, engineer and shredder should be in this game too. Miss them the most😢❤️✌🏻 anyways it’s an amazing game too

- Blew me away

I have to admit that when I heard that they were adding “heroes” to a game about monkeys, I was quite skeptical. However once I started playing, I couldn’t stop. The new monkeys are interesting and are not just characters the developers wanted to swat away. Games can sometimes add new things just to say to people that they are new, but I don’t think this was the case here. I advise this to anyone who enjoys strategic stuff or anyone who enjoyed the previous BTD1,2,3,4 or 5.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Bring back dartling!

Good game, but why did you take out my boy the dartling

- Pls listen to us about this

Hi devs! Ik you have seen this request thousands of times but pls bring back dartling gun, it was a fan favourite and I don’t understand why you took it out, maybe it was you couldn’t think of 5th their for it, here are some ideas: - Duel ray: the rays of doom now do more damage to and hold two guns - Hydra spread (I’m giving examples not coming up with names): this might not be a fifth tier but it could be in the hydra rocket line, the guns now shoot 4 rockets at once rather than one - Flamethrower: do I really need to explain this one? These are some of the ideas I thought of. Pls consider Sincerely, Shadow

- Add multiplayer

Really fun, like Bloons TD 5. But it would be great if you added multiplayer just like in Bloons TD 5🙂

- Why

Why do you celebrate America day but not Canada day?

- 2P

I would like 2 Player or 4 can you do that for me I Rate you’re game a 5 star

- Not working

Not working

- Banana

I needed banana. They had banana.

- The game was good until...

Why did you have to make the monkey knowledge cost monkey money?

- Crashing all the time

It is Jan 10 2019 as of me writing this, (WARNING TEXT WALL) This game is so good. It’s better than the last one. However it would be nice if I could play it for more than 15 minutes without it crashing. The game is super laggy, I’d expect this from rounds 90+ but not on 30. It’s not a huge problem that it crashes since you don’t lose recent progress, but since the game takes 30 seconds to a minute to load, it’s annoying. I’m on an iPhone 6 and I am aware of that being part of the problem. The game is 3D, most 3D games on mobile are laggy. But it seems that the FX created by some towers is what causes the lag. The game crashes out of nowhere and barely crashes when I’d expect it to (when it’s going at 1 FPS). Another thing that I found was that the lag seems to get worse as I play (the lag when I’ve been playing for 10 minutes is significantly worse from when I started). It doesn’t ever lag when there are 300 blooms on screen which is really great! I’m not a computer person but (this is a completely uneducated guess) it may have something to do with RAM usage (again I have no idea what I’m talking about but I know a bit). A fix I’ve thought of would be to a FX reducer option or an option to lower the graphics quality. Anyways I LOVE the game and I look forward to seeing new updates!

- Option to ignore download?

Oftentimes I like to play BTD6 when I do not have access to Wifi, but the game will ask for me to update. I am doubtful that an easy fix could be added (such as a start without update button) but if it could be added that would be fantastic.

- Careful

When you level up and are unlocking a tower it is possible to make that window disappear without unlocking. If that happens you have to restart. A glitch than ninja kiwi should be fixing soon. Be careful everybody.

- Bad account transfer

I had an account not sure what lvl but I had spent irl money then got tired and deleted it over time today I redownload it just to find out my account was lost. Help

- NOT P2W (and fun!)

Every single map can be beaten for free! Consider the in-app purchases an alternative method to supporting the devs that provide consistent updates and balance changes. Consider checking out the BTD6 subreddit for tips on daily challenges and more.

- Is this supposed to be a Thing?

So when I completed the Tutorial I got all the Primary Monkeys for some reason... and then when I unlocked Sniper and Sub, I GOT ALL THE OTHER MILITARY MONKEYS! Please fix this... It’s been here for a while... But I didn’t expect this to be with the other ones. (Some people say DONT PATCH IT I WANT DA BUG! But no... It needs to be Removed)

- SuperAddictive Game!

This is one of the best games in the app store

- Great game

It’s over all really good I like how it combines the looks on different paths when you upgrade

- Crashes

My iphone five keeps crashing and i want to really badly play it more can you make it better for people on phones like mine so it dosent crash as much

- Good game but

Very good game I love it but we need duo play it would make the game so much more fun to play with friends and family I really hope duo play gets added soon but over all best Bloons td so far

- 😜 Awesome

I think this game is AWESOME because you can upgrade your monkey to a we’ll a boss. But they need more upgrades.

- Game crashes

Great game, but crashes on freeplay wave 105.. iphone 8 with up to date ios.. whats happening?

- Very fun and exciting game

I love playing this game and I’m glad it is available offline as well. Great game!

- Amazing

The game is amazing but I just updated it and every time I go into the app it loads and then on the title screen it says The monkeys demand awesome new content and bug fixes please update now!

- 11/10

Meilleur jeu de tower défense que j’ai jouer. Vraiment meilleur que btd5. Je vous le conseille.

- Wonderful app

I love the game as much as the old ones but could you fix the lag and the crashing please

- Amazing

I love the 3D detail, game runs smooth and a lot of content for just coming out, only suggestion is have updates ready for when people run out of content

- Super excited

Looks really good only playing for 3 minuets

- Crashing, Ninja kiwi doesn’t really care about...

First things first, the game crashes a lot when you get to 150+, it’s almost as if you HAVE to get the steam version. Ninja kiwi only cares about this game, look at BTD battles, people are quitting because of powers and unbalanced stuff. Superjombombo, one of the biggest Bloons you tubers said he won’t play BTD battles until they balanced the game, he still doesn’t know BTD battles because it’s not balanced and it’s been over a year! Ninja kiwi is clearly very greedy, they don’t spend time on their free game because they make no money off of it, they spend time on their game that costs money so they can get that EXTRA CASH FLOW GOING. This is why I dislike ninja kiwi and will never spend another cent on their games.

- This game is sooooooo fun I can play it all day

This game is so fun I can play all day like if you’re reading this during quarantine

- Awesome!

Worth for those player who have played Bloons td 5

- For god sake

Everytime I play a game I get to round 95 nearly beating the game but the game crashes emright before I get to round 100 wasting 30 minutes for nothing. I'd like a refund waste of money.

- BTD5

Not as good as BTD5

- I’m so happy

I pre-ordered this game and so far it’s awesome!im very happy you made this game without you this wouldn’t be here!

- Lost account

I lost my account

- Rip dartling gunner

And all you other ones we lost

- Great game

This is a. Great game I would recommend it but if you like the darting gunner and balloon shredder they are not in this game I would like for the creators to add them but they haven’t not yet at least not yet.but beside that the game normally runs smoothly unless you put a lot of towers down that will lag your game and it might kick you out of btd6. It only takes 2 minutes to log back in. The tutorial is about 10 to 15 minutes.

- Download if you didn’t

I L O V E this game me and my brother play most Of the time

- Very fun

BloonsTD is a fun Game I recently played BloonsTD Battles and it was fun and this game is also fun 5 stars!🙂

- Love this game

This game is my fav but the point that u have to wait for peoples game to reconnect is the problem I would love if they fix it

- Crashes every Time

Coop mode is broken and crashes all the time. What was supposed to be quality father son time is impossible with this game.

- This game is prefect

I love this game the gameplay is amazing and requires lot’s of strategy especially on chimps mode a mode that’s puts your skills to the test. When I’m sad or angry I will play this game to cheer up.Also it gets updated a lot which is nice.This game is my all time favourite game and if your thinking of getting it you should it’s worth it

- MoRe...

The game is good and all but is it ok if you add more monkeys?

- Love this game

I LOVE THIS GAME But can you please bring the dartling boi back he was the only way I could get to a high round but still fun

- trouble with coop

great game love it but im having trouble playing coop

- Love this game

Even better graphics and everything is still SO good I have always loved these games but when I saw the graphics change I was blown away I am now used to playing both even though it’s 2020 all the games from 1-6 they are all so good .the only thing is make another BTD battles with these same graphics please read and respond . Thank you and I will keep popping balloons if you keep making more games like a Bloons td6 graphic btd battles thank you and keep up the hard work!and on the 4 of July update could you please think of us Canadians above? On the 1st of July

- Time waster


- Why?

It takes sooooooo long to load when u first get it but after its not so bad.

- Another awesome BTD entry

As usual Ninja Kiwi turns out an awesome tower defence game. The new towers integrate really well, the new modes are excellent, and the game manages to balance “easy-to-learn, hard-to-master” with enough challenge for any player, new or experienced. There are microtransactions but the game rarely makes you feel like you “need” to buy them to progress, as just playing a lot will allow you to unlock basically everything.

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- Amazing and addicting

Okay I have to admit at first I didn’t like this game it was a change but then I played it again Chris Stephen you two are amazing yes I looked up what your names were I love you guys just I played hard mode then it clicked I think I am addicted after playing a fraction of it i don’t care that it’s addicting feel addiction makes me happier you guys just you are amazing I wish I could meet you guys review readers read this play this game it amazing just Chris H. Stephen H. I don’t know what the secret is you are amazing I will tell my friends on discord to play this game it’s just so amazing I think I’m in love with the game everything about is amazing the style to the gameplay it’s amazing I would rate this 9 Gogolplexia out of 5 but it’s 0-5 you are amazing I love the game so much it’s hard for me typing this review so before I’m done I just want to say never give up be strong and don’t listen to haters they’re mean this game is 4.7 it should be 5.0 and remember never give up be strong and don’t listen to haters

- The best Tower Defense game out there

Don’t be dissuaded by the seemingly childish aesthetic. Bloons Tower Defense in its 6th iteration is the greatest TD game in the genre. It is challenging yet inviting, deep, well rounded, mechanically interesting, and so engaging that even the most serious gamers will find themselves enthralled in the never-ending struggle between Monkeys and Bloons. There’s more than a dozen towers to chose from, each with three upgrade tiers, which allows tons of customization for your defense based on your strategy and preferences. You have to balance your economy with your DPS or else you’ll die early or won’t afford the late game. And make sure to have specialty towers that excel against certain types of Bloons. Knowing NinjaKiwi, this game will be heavily supported with new maps, new challenges, and probably even new towers. My only knock is that it drains your battery quite quickly. But if you like Tower Defense games, you’ll be draining your battery a lot because this game provides endless content and is well worth the $5 price tag. Enjoy!

- It meets all my expectations, but there are a few things to improve.

I have been a fan of the Bloons Tower defense series for a while. This new game is very good. The music is good for a mobile app. The art is quite artistic and has a nice style. The mechanics of the game have been improve quite a bit from the old games. The things that could be improved upon are bugs and towers in my opinion. I have been having some issues loading the game. It crashes at the starting screen. I would like to see some more towers, but I know that the Ninja Kiwi are probably doing that. Also, I would buff the Monkey Village and let freeplay give more tower experience. The village does have nice upgrades but the percentages of buffs to other towers are quite small for short play, meaning playing only to the difficulty goal. I would like to see increased freeplay tower experience because when some towers are low level and you would like to continue, you can’t level up the tower as fast as you would like. Thank

- great installment in the btd series

from the second i started playing i was in love, it took several aspects from not only BTD5 but all of the BTD games that made the series so popular, the three branch upgrade tree for each monkey is also a cool neat new thing, however one thing i would recommend is a way to have all parts of the branches to be used, such as picking one from two branches and then upgrade all the way for one of the branches. something that i also like about the game is the new hero system that allows you to get a tower that levels up itself without the NEED of money (although you can use in-game currency to do this faster). something else that is neat is the way of being able to upgrade to a fifth tier rather than the usual four in the earlier installments, and as a whole a great way to balance the monkeys to be better than before. overall this game is definitely worth the five dollars and with some time can become a great and interesting new installment to the classic BTD series.

- More than just a coat of fresh paint

I love the Bloons series. To see the progress from the flash game to even TD5 was staggering to say the least and I have spent many blissful hours on all of them. when I saw that TD6 had arrived much to my surprise. I saw the updated engine and new graphics and was excited yet, skeptical. How many games have I played that have let me down because I thought something new was coming with this fancy new look only to be disappointed? Too many. Then this masterpiece comes along and it gives me hope for the future due to the fact that it is still the formula you love but everything is better. Three skill trees instead of two makes trying every combination important and it adds a completely new dimension to the game. Some new monkeys will enter your life and change it forever (looking at you Druid) and some of the classics got fantastic new abilities making them feel new. To talk about the fresh coat of paint though, is important. I didn’t know I needed it, but I needed it. The subtle nuances that happen in every map make the track feel more organic and the monkeys do look mighty good. It was an excellent paint job. This game is not perfect. Lagging issues at higher levels still exists and crashing bugs etc. but that can be expected when the game drops. I trust in Ninja Kiwi to address the problems in due time which make the bugs in the system worth it. I don’t like to write reviews, this game is worth the review.

- Some really important recommendations!

I rated this three stars because its a fun game that does not require wifi to play, which is great for plane rides, car rides, etc. However, even with the changes that were made since the last game, it seems that not much as changed, and if anything, some things removed, such as co-op, towers, and maps. This kinda means things are moving backwards in a way. If co-op was added, i would think of it as at least local play, which doesn’t even really need online service, just the wifi connected devices. Also, eventually the game gets repetitive, playing the same maps, and not being able to revisit old maps. I think it would be a GREAT idea for the player to be able to go and revisit some other maps from past games, and this would add a sense of nostalgia. (And you cant go wrong with that). And if funds are needed for this, why not add a information tab at the purchase screen stating why/how the funds will be put into the game, so more people will fund the game, therefore the game gets more updates, more people are happy, game makes more money.

- Crashing

I’ve only been playing for about a month and I love it so far, but since the big Halloween update I’ve had trouble with the game crashing, specifically when playing Apopalypse. A couple notes: I did not start playing Apopalypse until a day before the Halloween update and I had not played past round 60 on any of the maps before starting Apopalypse. One issue I’ve been having is using powers. Every time I use a Super Monkey storm, my towers stop moving and the Bloons stop coming, and the only fix is to return to the home menu and then resume my game. Another problem I’ve been having only happens after round 40 or so, but it happens every single time, and that is that every time I lose a life, the game crashes. It’s frustrating because I am unable to continue my progress without doing/buying something that keeps me from losing a single life. I didn’t have these problems before the Halloween update and I have only experienced them while playing Apopalypse, but that is the only mode I’ve played since the update.

- Great game... for one try

This game is great!!! Dont get me wrong this game is amazing BUT every time i go of it and try to go back on it sends me back to the downloading stuff page and when it gets to the sun god bit it CRASHES!!! Every single time until i redownload it, if this is fixed i will give 5 stars. Edit: apparently it just took a couple more tries now it doesn’t crash so i get to play the game!!! (Im on a run to get every monkey upgrade in the game) Also i really enjoy that you dont have to buy sandbox mode to have it all you have to do is beat a level in any difficulty and you get sandbox mode for that difficulty One of the things i have noticed is people complaining about the new upgrade system, i love it because it is like the old one but your able to choose which upgrades you want and its not level restricted, decided to reset levels on my account and now with the mortar monkey the militairy monkeys lock one monkey forever, in my case the submarine, please fix.

- The game is terrific

When I got this game it was hard to stop playing it for a little bit to play some other games but the game is The bomb the knowledge system is really cool because I like how you just have to grind to get achievements and to get further into the game which I think is nice some people say pay to win but I say don’t pay to win because that defeats the purpose of the game the game is supposed to draw attention and that’s what I like do you put the game for a decent price because that’s mostly where the revenue comes in because there are maybe millions of people who play this game and that’s a ton of money with the revenue and that’s really smart of the developers ninja kiwi is the best Company for games and I like the three different paths like in balloons TD five there are only two paths so two of those same towers is all you can explore but there are so many combos that you can do in this game with one tower so this game is the best Game I have ever played on mobile

- Btd6 is great

First off I want to say that I absolutely love this game. I think it is so much better than past versions. I play this game pretty often and it is really fun to do so. Because it has so many extra parts and has more things to play. But the only thing that I have wrong with this game is that when ever the game gets updated most of the things updated are cosmetic and like new hero or map. And these are fun for a while until you get sick if then and there gameplay and go back to where you were. Without using the new items very much. I think that what the game makers need to do is do something not done before. Like a new game mode or monkey. Or maybe like a yearly tournament or get the Btd6 community to come together and make something new. Like if they did this more people would be constantly thinking about the game and trying to win because who doesn’t want there idea in a game. All in all I think this is a wonderful game and you should definitely play it and hope the game creators do something big

- Amazing game but missing stuff

I know I know this game is still very young and will probably get more updates and characters in the future. But onto the point this game is awesome The gameplay is smooth, The 3D graphics are amazing, and all the tower’s upgrades seem very balanced and have the right price. I absolutely love the new hero feature they basically replace the agents from Btd5 and they just added a new one not too long ago. So basically one thing that’s missing is some of the characters from btd5 some of the characters from that game like chipper and dartling gun and I hope you add those back in later updates speaking of which you’ve been focusing a lot on the heroes lately and less on adding the original btd5 characters now I’m not forcing you to stop caring about them I just asking if you could add these two characters back and all the other bloons TD 5 characters. Again Great game and I hope you make more character updates in the future. 😊😊😊

- Still the same problem for me

Again, with this new and improved installation for the Bloons franchise, it still suffers the same fate for me as before. The biggest problem with this game is that it’s just not something you could play for a long time and still enjoy (replay-ability). Now, this problem isn’t unique to this game of course, and I don’t know if any update would fix that. But sometimes I feel like games like kingdom rush are plainly better tower defense games because they don’t try so hard to be a game that you would play every day, but instead you just enjoy through the campaign and the extra levels and stop when you’re not having fun. Now, besides the point, I love how not really anything but special features are locked behind pay-walls in Bloons TD 6. But I guess to wrap up my thoughts, even know I don’t feel like Bloons is a game that you could keep coming back to, for a time, it truly feels like a godly tower-defense game.

- Great game, but...

Okay so I never write reviews. This game is just so good that I had to write one for this. By far this is my favorite mobile game of all time. Usually when I think of mobile games, I think of very and I mean VERY in app purchase and ad heavy. This is not. Yes there are in app purchases, but you don’t have to do them or progress very very slowly. I also have received zero ads since I first started playing this. I absolutely love this game, but there are two things I think should be approved upon: the first is smart placement. I find myself trying to place a tower in a very tiny spot and having a difficult time with that. If there was a feature that would automatically place it in the tiny spot, that would save a lot of frustration and time. The second thing is the loss of towers. As far as I know, the only two towers missing since BTD 5 are the dartling gun and the bloonchipper. If these two could be added back in, that would be great. Whelp, this is the end of my review. Have a great day!

- Fantastic but needs ironing

The game is loads of fun. Already have HOURS into playing it but I have noticed a few things. I don’t know if it’s simply just my device or if others are experiencing the same thing but if I play a game of co-op and finish it, upon entering the second game within the first 10 minutes of the game starting, the entire app for no reason will shut itself off. A crackling noise is heard, the screen goes black and I’m suddenly on my home screen. It has made it so I have to close the entire app and then relaunch it just to play a second game of co-op. Second thing I have noticed. The co-op needs some major stabilizing. I was playing a game with three friends, we are all on the same high speed WiFi sitting next to each other. For no reason the game would lag to high hell, enter the annoying 25 second wait period, go to 18 seconds and magically be fine. The WiFi is beefy and yet it happened a lot with all four of us. I will update and edit as things are fixed or new problems arise.

- Wonderful, hard to enjoy

As an app, this game is highly unstable! Prone to crashing more often than a girl tends to change her clothes, I recommend that players use the Steam/desktop version when possible. This used to be only a minor issue that one would learn to just deal with, but with the advent of multiplayer this issue has become much more vexing! The major reason many people play this game is directly at odds with an issue that has persisted since the first days of the game’s release, and I have already played too many games just to find myself kicked out because the app crashed. PLEASE fix your game, Ninja Kiwi! I WANT to enjoy it, but this issue makes it nearly impossible to play half of the game! I can’t be the only one suffering instability crashes, and I hope the issue can be resolved soon, even if it’s not easy. BloonsTD6 is the game that brought me back to the series; I don’t want it to be the game that makes me leave it again!💔

- I love this game.

I have to be honest. I’d rather play BTD5 than BTD6 just because of simplicity. I love how it felt and the controls were easy to navigate. I’m here they take it and make the navigation a little harder. If you were like me, you’d be searching for the old maps like they promised. I loved playing on classics such as Pumpkin Patch and other titles. But with the new maps, it’s hard to figure out the new “OP” spots. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing this game and I don’t regret any purchases in it, but it is a little frustrating checking every round to find out which need upgrading. And sometimes the speed up is very hard to defend and doesn’t make the rounds go faster, as it does make it harder to see. The heroes were a great addition and I love the feature, I’m already calling there will be more, but don’t make them Pay2Play, it’s horrible when very hard working companies do that. I love this game and even though most cons in it make it frustrating, it only gets better down the road. 100% glad I bought it!

- Dartling, Bloonchipper, and a new tower

Hello, ninja kiwi. Love the game but... we need some more. Old and new! First of all, please be working on the dartling and Bloon chipper! Sure, they might be difficult to insert, but I know the turn our will be more awesomer than others think! And for the new tower idea it would go into basic: blade monkey! It’s a close range Meele with GREAT damage! The final tiers do this: first tier it gets a MASSIVE damage buff that has the ability to 20 shot BADs (no, it’s not OP, due to the Bloons that come out of it.), the middle teir’s ability is to destroy an entire MOAB class in a certain amount of time relative to the Bloon, kind of like pat’s level 10, but weaker. Final tier cuts time in half and allows it to use the ability on BADs. Final tier, he has double blades (by upgrade 3) and attacks faster and range increases, in the final tier they get a great sword for range as large as the dart monkey. Please ponder on my idea for the character and good luck. Let’s make this year, or the next, more awesomer!

- Super fun at first but...THEY ABANDONED IT

There are a lot of features this game lacks, 2 days after purchase I’m about complete. needs to be a leaderboard for highest round per map (make an endless mode leaderboard) or some other reason to make us wanna play endless Bc in other TD games it’s great but may be limited by the GPUs in phones since it’s pretty flashy. Another thing is that would be great is Vs (I hear co op is coming but will it matter without more twists on the gameplay? Because I don’t think that or a few new maps could freshen it up enough... make vs mode similar to auto chess, connect 8 people and have others lives displayed to the left of the screen along with yours then you compete to survive, then you can click on their little life bar and see what build they’re running or where their buildings are, instead of co op cluttering the screen and not really expanding gameplay seeing as I’m not having any problems clearing stages solo it wouldn’t really change up the game or bring much new. Thanks for the fun game please, read and reply to this review I think the autochess-like mode would BLOW UP P.s a job would be nice for this brilliant idea to help you jump on the auto chess bandwagon

- Good Good Good

Just like btd5 but with 1 or two new mechanics and two new monkeys along with heroes and a 3d art style that is my only problem with this game. Since its fully 3d that means when you get to the later levels with darts, choppers, lightning, lasers, explosions, and bloons covering the screen the fps goes down a LOT. It gets really irritating especially because with btd5 we only had fps issues around level 85+ and that was mostly okay but these problems start occurring at level 25-30 depending on your skill level and only get worse. Apart from fps my favorite part is the new upgrade path for all monkeys and the fact that you have to upgrade them to unlock all of their upgrades for all 3 paths. I kinda dont love the heroes but the sergeant provides me with an easy and cheap lead popper in early game especially when trying to max out a certain unit by using only said unit. Over all another great btd game and one you should definitely get!

- Having a lot of fun, wish there was more

Hi NinjaKiwi! I’ve been playing bloons tower defense games now for over 6 years and this new installment is just spectacular. I really love all of the new mechanics implemented into this game, but I feel it could be better. When I first was notified of the game release, I instantly called my friend and told him the exciting news that the new BTD had come out. We both downloaded the new game and played through the tutorial. Once we got to the main interface, we were disappointed to find that we weren’t able to play with each other. All I ask from you guys is some way to play with friends through a co-op system (including more forms of connection) that would allow people to share and cherish their experiences with people they know in this amazing game. If you guys could make this happen, I would love it. Thank you for reading through this whole message and keep on popping! -Yoshi827

- Some of my thoughts on the game and the reviews

I have read a lot of reviews and dang they have added a lot of stuff. They added back engineers and co-op and You don’t have to pay for monkey knowledge. I have been playing for a long time and I have almost all the tier 5 upgrades unlocked except for like 4 of them but I don’t get how some people can’t get them in a game because they are two expensive. I play this game everyday and it’s not hard to get a lot of tier 5’s. Even when I was a noob and didn’t use banana farms I could get some tier 5’s that were cheaper and still good. I recommend that you spend your cash in game wisely and not buy a whole bunch of towers. Just save up for some tier 5’s. I really like this game and I understand for beginners it’s hard when you don’t have any upgrades unlocked but in a review how can someone not get passed level 95. I have gotten to 195 but my game crashes and I can’t go any higher.

- Very addictive, very glitchy and has a high tendency to crash

I have a lot of fun playing this game and find myself doing it very often. I think it’s a great game with even greater potential if it would just stop crashing. I’d say it does this every five minutes or so. Despite the crashing, this is definitely my favorite mobile game. The best feeling is when you get to the later rounds and really just get to see your monkey army evolve from just a hero and a dart monkey, to a full-blown army of terrifying and powerful allies. If you’re a new player, and your game crashes in the middle of one of the final rounds, it’s not the end of the world. Try rebooting the game, going to the stage you were on, and look for the green floppy disk icon on the bottom of the screen. Then it’ll take you to exactly where you left off. Definitely one of the best games on the App Store. If you have a spare 5 bucks lying around somewhere, I fully recommend getting it.

- Amazing Game!

TD6 is an amazing game, missing a few towers, and a few game modes but they are surely coming in later updates! One feature I been loving about the game is the new 3D feature and the line of sight that can be blocked by building/objects! Makes it more strategic when placing snipers and other towers! But I been having trouble placing towers around the edges of my phone (iPhone8) and being able to tap on them to upgrade the tower! And also placing towers very close to each other is a struggle! Also with the new towers and new upgrades for each tower upgrade should be a short description on what the upgrade does not or doesn’t do for people that played these Kiwi games before and for ones that haven’t! Either way it’s a fun game! And hope co-op is also implemented so I can play with friends later on! Worth the money? Yes since it has a different feel to it! But the same TD feel as any other game from NijaKiwi, well done!

- I am fed up with what you guys are doing with the game

Don’t get me wrong this game is awesome. I love it so much, but you guys have to calm down with some of these updates. They are so STUPID. So now on top of the heroes that cost tons of monkey money (Which I’m okay with) you made it so you have to spend Monkey Money when using your MK (Which I absolutely hate). I also can’t believe what you guys did to Co - Op. you made it so we can’t even grind monkey money on Co - Op. Now you only make 60 Monkey Money for hard mode while in single player you make 600!!! What in the heck is going on. I love playing Co - Op with my friends but because of the fact you make less than 100 monkey money in Co - Op we all feel less inclined to play it. You have to fix this. It was obviously a big mistake. I also think you should bring back specialty monkeys. Not gonna lie specialty monkeys were some of my favorite additions to the game and my friend mentioned that he would enjoy it very much if we had them back and I know I would enjoy that too. Please consider these fixes.

- Amazing game-worth the money

Btd6 is an amazing new installation in the BTD series! However, it does get quite repetitive after a while. I love the amazing 3D graphics and different game-modes, such as Alternate Bloons Rounds-they add a lot of replay-ability. The three path-system adds more variety and routes for someone to go down; you can go for a Prince of Darkness, Archmage, or Wizard Lord Phoenix on a single wizard for example. I do miss the bloonchipper and dartling gun-but I’m happy NK added the engineer back. I will say that the constant grind to unlock new towers gets boring, as well as me often finding myself resort to the same strategy over and over because it’s the best one. All in all, great game and worth your money with a few minor downsides the NK will likely address. A message to NK: Great game, though I think you could add the bloonchipper and the dartling gun for nostalgia purposes as well as add more towers instead of more skins for heroes. Great job however!


After being recommended this game by a fellow comrade of mine I have noticed a severe decline in my grades, social life, eating habits, sleep schedule, and even overall health. However, every valley has its mountain and for me that is the equivalent of Mt. Everest as I have achieved the impossible in completing a Bloons Tower Defense map on hard. Yes that is correct your eyes are not deceiving you, what I have just accomplished is a feat like no other in my blossoming but experienced 18 year old life as never once have my eyes gazed upon a round in the double digits on hard difficulty, however here I stand... victorious. It is a feeling like no other, not even the birth of my unborn child can compare to this. Alexander the Great can have a go on my left pinky toe for all I care because what he accomplished in his lifetime will never even gain a slight grasp of reality compared to what I accomplished in the past five minutes. Never give up on your dreams people.

- Amazing

I have been a BTD fan boy since BTD3, and this game still blows me away. It is an amazing next step for this game series. My sole problem with the game is that there is no option to turn down the graphics. It is 3D and really polished and it looks really good. However, i have the best version of the iPhone 8 plus and there is a point, where there is so much going on, the game crashes. I tried slowing it down and looking for the graphics settings, but found none and still had the problem of my game crashing. Granted I am on round 358 with every max tier tower, so it is slightly difficult to get to the point where the game crashes, but it still happens. If I could have the option to turn down the graphics, or ever turn off the 3D effect, i would be able to go for longer. I have never had the problem of my game crashing for any regular levels though. Overall AMAZING game.

- Good gameplay, but a few issues

I like this game, it has a new twist on the traditional BTD5 formula. However, I have a few issues. Most importantly, I’ve noticed frame speed drops even on better devices. At seemingly random times, the game will slow down to almost half its normal speed, even with fast forward on. I didn’t notice this until today, which is strange. I hope this gets fixed. Secondly, this is of course subjective, but some of my favorite towers from BTD5 are not in this game, namely the engineer and bloonchipper, but there are others as well. I understand it’s not easy to make everyone happy but personally I’d really like if these were added. Finally, I feel like the in app purchases are just a little too expensive, enough that they’re not worth getting unless they’re on sale. Only one of these is a serious issue though, I really hope the lag issue is fixed, even if it means adding some sort of lower quality graphics option.

- They screwed it up...

Look, I’m not afraid to try new things. I’ve been with BTD from the beginning and I loved the new stuff that always came with the new games. I think that things like the co-op mode and 4 tier dual upgrade paths were great additions to the game, and so were the new towers like the Monkey Apprentice, Heli Pilot, Monkey Sub, etc. Now, I do like the new Bloon types and the Monkey Knowledge stuff, but certain things just shouldn’t be changed. The new 5 tier triple upgrade path was a great idea that was horribly executed. You can add new upgrades, new paths, new play styles, but never should you delete old ones. When I saw that the upgrades had been all jumbled around, I was furious! How come I can’t can’t have Triple Shot Dart Monkeys with Razor Sharp Shots and Enhanced Eyesight?!? Why can’t my Dragon’s Breath Monkey Apprentice have Lightning Bolt?!? Why does the Ice Monkey automatically have Snap Freeze, and why can’t it freeze Lead Bloons without and upgrade?!? Why does the Glaive Lord have 3 circling glaives instead of 2?!? Also, can I point out the quite large jump from sharp HD graphics to this crap! I was really excited for this game, but I guess I got my hopes up for nothing.

- A fun game, but problem

This is a fun game. People complain about how few maps it has and the lack of previous towers, but BTD5 has been out for a long time, while this game hasn’t been out for too long. The game is good, the difficulty curve is gradual, then steep, and the towers work well. The three skill trees add another layer of balance to the game, and the heroes are good. I personally don’t use them much, but they are helpful. My only complaints are the common ones: lack of a few towers, and not a super large supply of maps. However, there’s one issue I’ve only started having today. My game won’t load. I start the game, the ninja kiwi logo appears, and the step one of the loading screen starts. Shortly after, the game crashes. I’ve gone through it multiple times with no change. It’s consistent. It’s unchanged. I can’t play the game that I paid for. I hope that this isn’t an unfixable problem, because I really like this game and want to play it. I hope the issue can be fixed soon and that the devs see this.

- Developer pls read this

This is a really good game and you guys did a great job on it and it is one of my favorite games I like it so much but I mean it could use some big updates such as new heroes because there is not much because there is only 10 and I’m sorry if I’m wrong it’s just there is not much heroes to chose from.😶 Also I wish you can ad in more monkey towers for example the mini gunner from Bloons td battles and Bloons td5 and more towers also maybe you could in vent more towers and not ones from the old td Bloons games and also if I’m playing sandbox or multie player I get lagged out from all the darts so I don’t like because sometimes I’m doing a epirement and I get laged out and maybe you could make more money money earning from modes such as in easy mode increase the money🤑 and once again developer pls read also one of my favorite games I’ve played😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍🏻

- Worth It?

Yes, indeed this game is worth it just to anyone wondering. Though, people who like on going games that lasts up to months or even weeks with new content on every step on the way, this game is not for you. Once you get all the monkeys and heroes, which happens pretty fast depending on the speed you put on, you don’t really have anything else to do besides upgrading monkeys and improve the skills of their arsenals in the skill tree unless they update the game and add extra additions. Also, if this helps or gives you any encouragement in buying this game, you can unlock new maps that look pretty decent... Anyways, this game is worth it but this is just coming from a kid who’s 13 so ya. This is just my opinion and I think they could do some improving like adding some extra monkeys or balloons, but overall this game is good and can entertain you for months depending on who you are.

- Great as always

This game is fantastic and I think the 5th tier is a nice addition however, the 3rd branch feels a little weird at first because I’ve been a long going fan who’s only ever had 2 branches but I understand and it adds more content to explore I also don’t really like 3D graphics however I know many feel the opposite but a suggestion I have is to be able to change graphic settings to accommodate for the players, like me, who do not like the 3D models but other than those two problems I don’t know what else to fault, I never was a fan of multiplayer however it didn’t mess with the entire game unlike these two features I mentioned do, the monkey knowledge skill tree doesn’t seem as good as the upgrade system in BTD5 but I understand and I feel like it adds some more unlockable content to explore with that change all in all I like the game the only main problem I have is the graphics however the 3 branch is a little weird for me

- Pretty good, but...

Well the game is a huge upgrade from BTD5 now of course I’m a little disappointed that the wizard isn’t the most broken tower in the game. It’s still a great tower. The game itself though is a huge improvement. I would like to see other elements implemented soon rather then later. Such as coop gameplay, maybe even the tower specific upgrades from like btd5 or more maps. I would even like new towers but I understand that’s a stretch. The odyssey again. Maybe more options for daily challenges or special challenges. Mainly coop gameplay. I think you should also include versus instead of making a whole new app like you did with btd5. And if you do, include the special agent monkey that increased money flow and such. Over all I rate this a 4 stars as a game and understand it is still in its early stages of on the market. I will with pleasure change my review rating once I see these or at least can be confirmed that more will become of the app.

- My opinion

I love this game! It surprised me when I saw the 3D models and I was very excited to get the game. I know that you might be working on it but I would like multiplayer to come and also at least bring the darting monkey back because it was one of my favorites to use and I do understand if you couldn’t add it in because of running out of ideas or if you just felt like it didn’t need to be in the game, but if you run out of ideas ask the fan base for ideas because I know they would have millions of ideas! Also I love these fifth tier towers although the 5th tier tack shooter should be buffed a little because compared to all the others it seems to lack in damage, unless there’s a curtain way to use it that I didn’t know about. I hope I don’t sound like I’m criticizing this game because it is a very great game and I hope that Bloons can become even better than what it is today.

- Great game and I have some ideas please read

This is definitely the best job ninja kiwi has ever done! One of the best games I’ve ever played (and yes I have been playing it for 3 hours straight). There should be a Bloons feature that works like the monkey menu. When you tap it, it tells you about all of the bloons, including names, types, how many hits it takes to pop,speed,ability,advantages,etc. It would also be nice if you could add something else that you could spend monkey money on. I noticed one bug. When I started the game it crashed. When I tried again it crashed. The next time it crashed. But then it loaded, but no big deal, it just might be worse for other players. Otherwise, please never stop adding features in future updates. Edit: The crashing is still happening but it is ok 👌. Btw I have an iPhone 6s Plus so hopefully no one else experiences this issue.

- New monkey suggestion

First of all, I just wanna say that I really like this game because it challenges my brain to think outside the box and I’m always excited for all the new maps to release. But that’s just a compliment. I’m here to talk about a new type of monkey (not a hero). A Magician monkey. It goes in the magic section for monkeys. Its way of attacking is by throwing cards. It could be upgraded in ways of increased card count, larger range or extra pierce. A power for it would be to throw cards in the sky and rain down to damage Bloons. Monkey knowledge comes in faster throwing, +1 pierce, and cost reduced. I think the cost should start at $680. This is all a suggestion and is up to you whether or not this idea should be added in the game. I got this idea because I was card throwing for fun and the idea popped in my head. I would really like it if you added this to the game. In game name: Octo Pikmin.

- Suggestions and complaints

First thing: I LOVE THIS GAME.. I like this game alot and I recommend it to people who like strategy games and also it doesn’t take that long for a easy round it takes a little more time for medium and hard usually takes a long time. Second thing: bring them back!... I wish they would put the bloonchipper and monkey engineer and the dartling monkey back in this game they should also bring back the special agents from BTD5. Third thing: give me my money back pls!...I spent around 20$ on monkey money and it had to be approved by my guardian (nana) when she aproved I was o playing a different game it said it aproved so I went into BTD6 and my monkey money was not there I called ninja kiwi and they said I would get me a refund and it never happened . It’s still over a month since they said that. I hope u can fix this ninja kiwi! Still overall I love BTD6 and I also have BTD battles which I love (: thxs for making all these amazing games ninja kiwi!(:

- Something to say about Co-op

The Co-op came out a little while ago, and I'm just saying for improvement on the new mode of gameplay. Here are my ideas. 1. Fix the random disconnects and the HORRIFIC lag. You won't believe how many times I got disconnected for no reason, and how it takes 2 seconds for monkey upgrades or powers to register which can sometimes get you killed. You should prioritize this first because if you want a good Co-op mode, you need to troubleshoot a bit. 2. Add a chat. It is so weird how you know your teammate's names and you can donate cash to them, yet a chat bar doesn't exist. I know this is to remove toxic language or behavior, but being able to chat with teammates and communicating way easier than just looking at their towers and wondering what strategy they're using greatly outweighs people calling other people bad names. Besides, you can create a mute button to mute a person for chat too. A chat for all players to talk in and a "clan" chat can be made too, if you guys ever think about it. 3. Add the ability to friend people. I don't know if this is already in BTD6, I never tried or checked, but I wanted to point this out. Same as number 2, why do you know your teammates names but you can't friend them? It makes having names pointless on mobile. That is really my only complaints about this game. I would easily give a 5 star rating if you fix these issues.

- Worth Every Penny

If you like Tower Defense Games; this is the game for you. From it’s beautiful graphics to its plentiful content, you’ll find yourself coming back to play this game again and again. When first purchased there’s plenty of maps, monkeys and monkey knowledge to unlock. You have the option to pay to unlock some of those things but you can also unlock them by playing the game for some time. Personally I found having to play the game to unlock more monkeys and maps fun. It’s a way to improve at the game by starting out with a few things at a time if you’re a new comer, and a way to try new strategies if you’ve already played this game before. The game has plenty of content that you won’t run out of things to do. Also it keeps getting updates so new maps features and content will keep coming for the foreseeable future!

- Solid and very promising game

I’ve played a fair amount of BTD in the past, mainly BMB and BTD battles. Compared to those I’m already loving BTD6 more. The game looks amazing, has lots of customization, and is very hard. I’m still digging my way to find a way to beat hard on a beginner map, let alone higher difficulties on harder maps. But from what I’ve played all the towers seem balanced, and it never feels unfair, as there’s warnings before the hardest round at more often than not there’s a clever solution to your next roadblock. While the game doesn’t have as much content right now as BTD5, the quality of it is far higher and is definitely worth it at it’s current price. Some things I do hope for in the future (Aside from obvious things like more towers and maps) are for Special Missions and Boss Bloons to make a return, a BTB Battles-like mode, and perhaps some gamemodes with crazier bloon types.

- Good but bad servers

This game is really fun like one of the best tower defense games I’ve played but when I play co-op with my friend and we get to really high rounds my games or his game just crash out of now where and all our time and monkey money is put into one game but unfortunately all the monkey money I spend to get the money crates at the beginning of the game all goes to waste because I want to go really high rounds and we will be doing so good in like round 130 but all of a sudden the game will crash or it will say connecting your game or the game will just freeze and no balloons will be coming out and it’s just really irritating because I spend quite a bit of monkey money before each game on money crate drops to get me started and all that monkey money goes to wast because the game will end up crashing. And is sadly why I gave 4 stars instead of 5 but still an amazing game to play but please fix this problem if you can, Thank you.

- Good, fun game mostly.

I really like the BTD series of games, they have each been great but I’ve noticed btd 5 and 6 have required you to gain xp to unlock upgrades which I disagree with. The reason being when you’re so excited to play the game then can’t even upgrade a tower until you use it for awhile, teasing you with the upgrade paths being locked until you gain enough xp, dulling your first experience using the upgrade. I played BTD 5 for a couple months at first non stop and unlocked all the upgrades but then was bored with the game because I played it out so much getting the upgrades, I never played the game nonstop WITH all the upgrades. The upgrades make the game fun, I would say no to delaying them. And you try to tempt us to buy the game again (spend 5$) to unlock the upgrade paths FOR ONE TOWER. There’s like 25 towers! Each with 3 upgrade paths with 5 upgrades each, like seriously? This is really the only thing i see in the game that makes it worse. So 3 stars. Good game overall

- The battle of the bosses

One thing I remember in Bloons td5 is the bosses. I thought of using those bosses and creating more. For example you could create a bloom boss controlled by the evil scientist. Why created by a monkey? But this monkey wanted to create the same kind of bloons but even bigger, but they thought it could lead to destruction around the world. So the scientist made the biggest bloon of all bloons ever created. And after that other bosses came that you could defeat on your own. Lava and acid require level 50, all modes defeated in medium. Air and water need level 25 all modes defeated in easy. The biggest bloon of all bloons you could take on if your good enough. You can take on one in stages of maps and levels. Same with the biggest bloon you take on stages of levels (and some with the other bosses including the biggest one to test your skills). This is the battle of the bosses.

- Great game just one problem

Totally recommend it, phenomenal game, however one blaring issue. The hero Pat Fusty’s voice is infuriatingly idiotic and unfitting (and this is not my opinion, this is a fact). I don’t think I could possibly imagine a worse voice if given 100 lifetimes to think. You may think that this is minor given that it has no relevance to actual gameplay, however the voice makes me want to puke it is so unbearably asinine. I will go so far as to say that this is BTD 6’s biggest problem. You may think I’m just a child unable to get over something that annoys me, however (whether you choose to believe this is up to you, because I cannot do anything to prove it) I am 18, and it is bothers me this much, especially because the hero itself is quite cool, however I cannot use him for this reason. Please, I earnestly beg of you, fix his voice.

- Almost perfect

I love this game. I have played it for about an hour and a half and really enjoyed it. I played lots of BTD5 and so I was very excited about this game when I heard about it but half the time when I try to open it it doesn’t open and kicks me out. I have tried lots of things like offloading the app and just closing out of it but none of it works. I do realize this game just came out today so I give them some slack but I really hope Ninja Kiwi fixes this so I can enjoy it any time. If anyone was wondering I am on iPhone 6s so maybe it works better on later versions. **UPTADE** I made it work!!!! For anyone experiencing the game crashing see if you can turn the device you are using on to airplane mode. This worked for me and once it loads in I can turn it off. Definitely worth the 5 stars but I still hope Ninja Kiwi can fix this because it can be annoying to have to turn my phone onto airplane mode every time I want to play this game. The only thing I could ask for now is a fix to this bug and a little more content like in BTD5. Some additions could be co-op, odyssey mode, more maps, and special missions. Other than this the game is practically perfect. Thank you so much Ninja Kiwi for making such a wonderful game I have been wanting it for so long and it finally came and is better than ever.

- Great game, better devs.

This is the second time rewriting this review. In my original, I stated the major problem that the app had with crashing. This has now, thankfully been fixed. I cannot thank ninja kiwi enough for listening to their supporters and continually making the games their supporters bought better. Since he latest update, I have had no problems with crashing. I can now go to rounds 150, 200, 300 even, without any crashes, even when I have 30,000,000 perma-spikes at the end of the map. Ninja kiwi makes all-around great games that are fun, addictive and great time wasters. For real though, I could play this game for hours on end and not get bored. The crashing issues I was experiencing made me regret purchasing this game, but now I’m glad I spent my $7 to get a truly amazing, bloon popping experience. Who knows what kind of magic ninja kiwi will pull in BTD 7!

- Fantastic game, small problems...

I absolutely love this game but my game as a problem... For some reason when it says step 1 of 8 unleashing Monkey Sun God it says failed downloading and it’s kind of a soft lock. Not to mention but it says that there’s no update. For those of you who don’t know what soft lock means it’s when the only thing you can do is exit out, close the game and get back in. Like in mario when you the walls are too high and far away to get out. Anyway I can’t get past the loading screen. Btw, I recommend playing. I introduce to you B.A.R. Bloon Assistant Robot will tell you what you need. “You might struggle on wave 63, try using a 2-0-3 Super Monkey” If I was to add a hero it’d be a martial artist. Jackie Chan + Bruce Lee + Chuck Norris. His first ability let’s you boost towers. Ex. Monkey Wizard becomes ridiculously powerful. Top path=Gandalf. Middle path=Satan/The Devil. Bottom Path=Hades.

- It’s pretty good but can definitely be improved

The new game is amazing and rooming grinding levels for tower skill trees one step further. As a long time btd 5 fan, I was a little uncomfortable seeing the graphics at first because it felt a lot different from btd 5 but the art is actually not bad. The game play was fantastic with large amounts of variety in both the towers and the skill tree. Although the 3D models are a step up in graphics, I did find the brighter colors of btd 5 more interesting. Also the game can not run as well due to the 3D towers. I have only been playing for a little more than an hour the game had already crashed twice and is pretty laggy for an iPhone 6 Plus with a one month old new battery. I understand that this is a very demanding game on the phone but I hope that the developers could smooth out the game with some incoming patches to fix the lag, battery consumption and crash issues.


I love BTD6 tremendously!!! But it is missing an essential feature: Coop. I come to the Update section of the App Store everyday just to check if Coop had been added to BTD6, but I end up disappointed. Please add it soon. The game would be so much more fun with teams and multiplayer. It would make the game enganging and fun for players. Without coop, players feel lonely and lose interest. I also would like to make a suggestion. I adore how in Bloons TD Battles, you can battle people, go against them, and engage in multiplayer combat. You should also implement this Battle feature along with the coop feature into BTD6. I think it would be splendid if you added the option for people to pick between Coop or Battle. That way, people can choose to either work together or work against each other. Implement Coop and Battle, and this game will undoubtedly rise to the top!!! I hope these features will be implemented soon. Thank you for reading. I would appreciate a reply. Thanks. :)

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What do I stream today? more Jak or Bloons TD 6? lol

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Going Live Now! Day - 39 Bloons TD 6. Random game? Then Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice at 8pm est. Come Watch!

Bloons TD 6 21.1 Screenshots & Images

Bloons TD 6 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 iphone images

Bloons TD 6 (Version 21.1) Install & Download

The applications Bloons TD 6 was published in the category Games on 2018-06-14 and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This application file size is 96.61 MB. Bloons TD 6 - Games app posted on 2020-10-19 current version is 21.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ninjakiwi.bloonstd6

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