Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 [Games] App Description & Overview

Smash Hit Tower Defense Game
The Bloons are back and better than ever! Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available.

Craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome monkey towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last Bloon that comes your way! 

* Vibrant new monkey animations and upgrade skins
* Intense visual effects 
* 43 original maps, some with 3D objects that can block line of sight

* 21 powerful monkey towers, including new BTD6 towers Druid and Alchemist and recently added Mortar Monkey and Engineer Monkey
* 3 upgrade paths - all monkey towers now have 3 amazing paths to choose between
* Tier 5 upgrades - top upgrades so powerful only one monkey can have them

* Each game, place one of these 9 unique and powerful monkeys with 20 signature upgrades
* Two bloon-shredding activated abilities per Hero
* Craft new gameplay strategies around each Hero's powers and synergies
* Unlockable skins and voiceovers to customize your play

* Over 100 meta-upgrades that buff individual monkey towers or monkey groups
* Adds late game power so you can win more maps and reach higher freeplay rounds

* Play anywhere - single player offline works even when your wifi doesn't!
* New Bloons - tricky new Bloon types like Purple, Fortified, and the relentless B.A.D.
* New game modes added to each game difficulty, like Restricted Monkeys, Double Health MOABs, and the brutal CHIMPS rules
* Widescreen support for iPhone X

And there's heaps more! We packed as much content and polish into this game as possible, and we continue to add new features, content, and challenges in regular updates. We truly respect your time and support, and we hope Bloons TD 6 will be the best strategy game you've ever played. If it's not, please contact us at and tell us what we can do better!

Now those bloons aren't going to pop themselves... sharpen your darts and go play Bloons TD 6!

Best experienced on iPhone 8 or above, or on iPad 5th generation or above

Ninja Kiwi Notes: 
Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You will be prompted in-game to accept these terms in order to cloud save and protect your game progress:

Bloons TD 6 contains in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings, or reach us at for help. Your purchases fund our development updates and new games, and we sincerely appreciate every vote of confidence you give us with your purchases. 

Ninja Kiwi Community:
We love hearing from our players, so please get in touch with any feedback, positive or negative, at If it's stuff you want the whole community to see and talk about, then join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

Streamers and Video Creators:
Ninja Kiwi is actively promoting channel creators on YouTube and Twitch. If you are not already working with us, keep making videos and tell us about your channel at

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Bloons TD 6 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Performance improvements and crash fixes Community colab update! Our first ever fan-designed, fan-voted Advanced map: Geared! Beware of moving parts. Challenge editor update: Restrict Tiers and Paths to make Challenges more fiendish than ever before. Adora skin: Joan of Arc! Collection event update: Choose between specific insta-monkey types to fill out your collection faster.

Bloons TD 6 Comments & Reviews

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- Crashing

My game keeps constantly crashing nonstop Please fix your game👍

- why theres no instructions of ballon

im new to this game series and i can’t find anywhere in this game tell users which kind of monkey to broke each type of ballons. have been stuck for quite a while.

- Fantastic, but...

This game is great. I like the features of heroes and a third upgrade path. However, there is one big question: WHERE ARE THE BLOONCHIPPER AND DARTLING GUN TOWERS??? I really want to see those towers in this game, especially the bloonchipper (funny animation for sucking in a MOAB). However, I still absolutely love BTD6 and hope to see more good things in the future!!!

- Crashes too much!

Stop crashing my game in the middle of a coop match!

- Great 😌

Bloons is like your birthday and Christmas 🎄 , at the same time .

- The dream came true

I’ve wanted this game for 3 years and now my dream came true

- Best game EVER, but...

Okay, so I’ve been playing BTD games for years now, and I’ve had BTD 6 since a bit after it came out. A bit after I downloaded it, I noticed one small problem. THE DARTLING MONKEY ISN’T IN THE GAME!!!!!! Also, the Bloonchipper. (Oh yeah, and the Engineer or whatever...) BUT THE DARTLING!!!!!! I don’t wanna sound like a spoiled brat or anything, but this was my favorite tower but BTD 6 didn’t have it. I figured Ninja Kiwi would add it to the game soon. And I’ve been waiting patiently ever since I installed it. And Ninja Kiwi added the Engineer, but still no Dartling. And no Bloonchipper either.

- Developer pls read this

This is a really good game and you guys did a great job on it and it is one of my favorite games I like it so much but I mean it could use some big updates such as new heroes because there is not much because there is only 10 and I’m sorry if I’m wrong it’s just there is not much heroes to chose from.😶 Also I wish you can ad in more monkey towers for example the mini gunner from Bloons td battles and Bloons td5 and more towers also maybe you could in vent more towers and not ones from the old td Bloons games and also if I’m playing sandbox or multie player I get lagged out from all the darts so I don’t like because sometimes I’m doing a epirement and I get laged out and maybe you could make more money money earning from modes such as in easy mode increase the money🤑 and once again developer pls read also one of my favorite games I’ve played😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍🏻

- Good

It is good

- Btd6

This game made me exited right until it said that requires internet I’m so mad I had all the upgrades for all monkeys and apple said just delete the app JC GUYS I lost all my progress other than that the game was AWSOME

- Freezing

Update: when new content needed to be downloaded that seems to have broken the problem. Freezing on opening “unleashing Monday sun god - failed... downloading” Just did latest update no fix. I enjoy the game. Help

- iPhone 6s the game crashes

The game for me has been crashing for the past few weeks or month it doesn’t even pull up the load screen just crashes. I am a person who loves the game it’s great I got about a million exp on the wizard monkey. I will try to get on the game again when a new update comes around hopefully this crashing though this crashing thing will be fixed.

- This game is great, but one huge flaw

I recently downloaded the game a few weeks against and I love it. Has to be my favorite game I’ve ever had on an apple device. I’ve played the others but this ones the best. Except for a huge flaw. I was playing a game on East a few days ago and finished and went into free play. After about 5 waves the game crashed. I tried to enter back into It many times but it kept crashing. I decided I would wait a day or two to get back in the game. When I did so, it brought me to the tutorial and I wondered why. I finished the tutorial and that went bad. I am now here with everything restarted and blank memory I can’t retrieve. So that was a big mistake in the game. So if NinjaKiwi could fix that and maybe help me restore my old data that would be great for not just me but everyone. I also think the bomb shooters should have a camo sight upgrade I forget if they do. But more importantly the crashing and loss of my data really doesn’t do great for me. Especially while we are in this outbreak. So please NinjaKiwi if you could do something do it thank you and bye.

- Love this game

I like this game because it’s gameplay is fun

- What’s the problem?

So, your probably wondering what’s the problem that made me rate the game a star down. It’s because my game is now just pitch black and it stays like that. I have tried everything to fix it and nothing works. Also, I even emailed the support and they replied but, they never fixed it. Please fix this it’s been an issue for 2 weeks now and I wanted to grind.


i love this game but my little brother deleted it when he was mad at me and i spent about 50 bucks on this game and i think i should get my money back or get the stuff i had back

- Just one problem

This game is a huge graphics jump compared to BTD5 and is amazing with Dartling guns soon to come. Just one problem. The Diamond Crate achievement where you open a diamond crate in any collection event is very grindy and requires you to play advanced or expert maps on hard a lot. To fix this either reduce the achievement to a lower tier (3 or 4) or make diamond crates easier to get. Also, I tried to get “What did it cost? Everything.” 3 times and each time it didn’t work even though I did it correctly. If you have to do it before freeplay then that achievement is really difficult.

- Balloons Td 6 is the best game EVER!

Even though it cost money, it’s still my favorite game and the only game a play.

- This is a amazing game

I’m my point of view this game is amazing and enjoyable the best parts about this game is how you have to level everything up and your own level to unlock other things I really think that you guys should get this game to try it out. I play this game every day for more than an hour and I still don’t have everything unlock so I still have a little challenge to get to level 1000 if there is a level 1000 and this level is my goal to beat so I’m going to keep trying but I really think you guys should get this game 😁😁😁

- Great way to spend time

Straight fun

- Awesome

This is the funnest game I have ever played

- Got it for free it’s no revokes 100% legit

I got it for free instead of iTunes card without revokes it’s seems pretty legit

- Davis bowlin

Best game ever supercreative

- Why

I can’t join my friend I play on my iPad and he plays on his phone we should be able to join each other.

- Nowhere near 3D in a way.

Thanks game claims to be 3D, but really, what looks like it’s 3D affects the gameplay. Let me try to explain it to you. The camera has a view from a higher point than the battlefield or the area where you place the towers. However, this is different from the last few BTD games (apart from the adventure time BTD game). In this one\game, the camera may be above the battlefield but not straight above it this time. This time it’s at an angle. You can see it in the shown pictures. In this manner it’s 3D. But on the temple map, because the temple goes up and then down on the other side, and became the range of the towers is not shown in 3D and is shown flat, the 3D affect makes the towers on the side of the temple that goes down from your angle, have increased range and the towers on the other side of the temple have decreased range. If a developer reads this, please fix it. By the way I haven’t noticed this with any other maps but if the map is like the temple, it might have the same problem. Apart from this I love or at least once loved it. Sorry about making it so long to get to the point. By the way, is there a last wave? If so I want to know what the number of it. I think the last wave I was on was like 184 or 200 something. Talking about far waves it starts to get laggy because there are probably to many balloons\towers for the game. I wasn’t able to keep on going. By the way I have some good game\app ideas for you. How about you defend a building or something like that instead of it basically just being a path. How about it’s also in 3D?

- Love the game

It has a glitch where, when you pay it ask u to pay again.

- Payed to pay to win

There is one sacred rule on the App Store: if you pay more than $0.99 then there shouldn’t be any micro transactions. Clearly the devs didn’t get them memo. F em, and F this game too. Go buy rebuild, 60 seconds, or star command. At least those games don’t nickel and dime.

- Great game

Infinitely repayable and lots of fun The monkey knowledge takes too much time to get and for $1 you should be able to get at least 3 MK points instead of only 1. It has amazing gameplay and is playable for hours and is very fun to strategize and create plans to beat a map. Challenges are amazing too having 2 to do every day and the occasional race it’s so much fun. I think we should be getting 3 challenges though one for easy, medium, and hard. Good game well done

- Towers

It would be better if they kept some of the other towers from the other game. For example the machine gun monkey was always my favorite and I was sad to see it was not in here. Also the means of having to level up your monkeys and having to level them up to get other upgrades for them took some of the fun out of the game.

- Fun Game

Best game I’ve played in a long time

- I found a eatster egg!

So I was looking at Adora, and I found 8 bolts and there were 8 heroes before her so I want to know if this is a easter egg please respond and tell me if it’s a coincidence!

- btd 6

btd is my favorite game you should download btd btd inspires me in every thats why i think it would for you too

- I love bloons

I love this game it is the best bloons yet!There is only one problem.the Bloonachipper from Bloons Ted battles was NOT added to the game!plz add this.tnx

- Where's the dart shooting monkey

I played like a month ago and the gunner money was here and now I'm back playing and it's gone

- I absolutely love the game but

I lost 1300 monkey money to wave 95 because i thought master bomber’s sticky bombs could hit DDTs That’s bogus

- Best game ever

This game fills me with excitement to have a army of monkeys attacking balloons.with fantastic and fancy detail I’d chose this game for best game in the world because of its inspirational gameplay.

- Good game

I like the game it is fun and you can do a lot of things.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👎🏼👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👊🏻👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

- Fun game to many crashes

I’ll play the game for 5 minutes and it will crash and then I have to wait an hour to play again for five minutes

- Draco lord of dragons

How do I get someone to help me at your site

- Dear creators. Love the game, here’s a suggestion

Could you consider making an update with pvp like Bloons Td battles. Number 6 is beautiful but it’s simple buy upgrade pop! Please add a pvp it will make the game more interesting, no offense but I don’t like the team mode I would rather play against someone. The main reason I’m saying this is because My first time playing a Bloons game it was Bloons TD battles and I want the pvp back please respond to this and make an update. Other than that great game PS, add a Gatling monkey they were my favorite.

- Love the Game BUT KEEPS signing me out!

I love playing the game. However, it keeps signing me out when I am playing co-op! Very frustrating when I have a lot of money and level 74+. Please fix this!!!!!

- Amazing game

A YouTuber helped make this game

- Dartling gun monkey

In Bloons td5 my favorite monkey was the dartling gun monkey and I was very disappointed to find it wasn’t in game so can you please add it like you did with the engineer monkey although this time of year is very hard more people are looking for games I think reviving the darting gun monkey is the best move a lot of other people want it so do I pls it’s the smartest move

- Love the game but my everything is gone

I wase level 43 had the best hero all towers but 1 day it just disappeared if there’s a way to get it back pls tell me

- Hey

Won’t my money back

- Updates too often and you can’t play without updating

Updates are far too frequent and If you don’t have good data or WiFi sometimes you can’t even get into the game.

- My little review

The game is great. There nothing wrong with it, you have awesome maps and the hero’s, I love them. I love the person who had the idea to put in hero’s. Plus, you have everyone, even some new characters. All but one. My favorite one of the whole series is not in the game. Dartling gun. Why is he not on the game. He’s my favorite one. Do you really think that giving the tank a lil mini gun is good enough. Not for me, I don’t care how long it takes, I’m going to wait as long as I can til it comes out. And if y’all release another game before adding him in 6, Ima be dissatisfied with you lot.

- Help T^T

I really love this game but whenever I try to open it, it just gives me a black screen as closes out of the app. I don’t know what to do, please help 😭


My game will keep crashing and after a while the game itself won’t even open on my phone until I restart it and then I have to download the whole thing again and no progress gets saved I currently have and iPhone XR not the best but definitely not the worst so I’m surprised I’m seeing this problem I love the franchise but if not fixed then I won’t even be able to play

- Favorite game on my phone

I love this game, it is one of the ones I frequent, I’ve played it a lot, but I have one grievance with it, which is that the game restarts when I go into other apps. When I go to open a snap coming out of the game, it goes back to the title screen and I have to load the game I was just playing again. It’s not that big of a deal, but it just started doing this and I’m not a fan of it. Keep up the good work, I’m having a lot of fun with the game :)

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- Game bug

I can’t summon the dark true sun god even thou I have and do the requirements. I have the monkey knowledge for it, sacrifice 50k+ for the temple, sacrifice 50k for each of the four category to get the true sun god. Had the LOTN and the other other t5 super monkey outside the range of the temple and yet it still doesn’t work. Fix this issue

- Fix your game

The new update was that they fixed the crashing but it still crashes

- Great game

It is so much fun but wait till the game is on sale (I got it when it was on sale) it becomes free to download.

- Great game, also thanks for free

Thank you for the times you made the game Free, it gives me the opportunity to actually get the game, being a kid with no money. It is not like I would steal my moms credit card. Now on to the actual game, it runs so good, it looks so good, I love the new features and The heroes, the maker, and everything but the in app purchases are good.

- Can’t play - New update every time!!!!

Every time I open it - it has to download a new update which is at least 250mb!! Uses too much data!!!!!!!!!!

- Really fun game

Great game but can we have some of our Homies back

- Some glitches

The multiplayer does not work it says no internet when I have internet good game tho

- Monkey money got took

When i was playing 4375cash and when went to play I had 3375cash like want hell ! I need cash back

- Please add multiplayer

I really love this game but i would really love to see a 1v1 gamemode like btd battles, i know that btd battles exists but i would love to have that game with the depth of this game and the quality of this game

- Addicting

Bloons is the best. Brings me back to me pre-teen days of playing tower defence games on new grounds. Tower defence games are so addicting! When is there going to be a bloons 7?

- Best game in the world ⍩

*^* *^* *^*


I love this game just got it yesterday and I have been playing all day I’ve wanted to get it ever since I started watching people play Bloons TD such as Sabre games,Tewity,Ssundie,etc it has endless possibilities and infinite levels it has amazing graphics and awesome characters I don’t think I could want anything added i there for give it 5-stars and if I could I would give it ♾ stars but I cant it is a great game and I recommend you get it to

- multiplayer

we need a more polished multiplayer mode, as my game is always super laggy and towers dont place properly, maybe add a bloons td battles style multiplayer that doesnt lag all the time? But everything else is phenonmenal

- This game is so fun!

It has improved so much from the first game and here’s some feed back can you bring back automatic endless mode with sandbox aspects?

- ):

There’s a glitch that if I play impoppeble there not a mana shield and mana shield isn’t really regeneration

- Lag

Often I crash at about wave 80 in co op.otherwise this game is very good

- Not worth it

Please buff adora she is not as good as she should but best game the game was worth it.

- Juego bueno

Me gusta este juego mucho por que muy fácil al jugar y divertido

- False buying

I finally was allowed to buy something online so I went to this game to buy all tiers for the super monkey and then when I buy it it buys all tiers for the helicopter monkey which only had one tier five left,pls fix this

- Best tower defence yet

Can I just say this game is great and it is so much fun to play. I would love a new character in the game and maybe more hero’s. And if you could maybe put in three daily challenges instead of two plz and thank you

- 2P

I really liked it but I think it would be better if you added 2P on it

- Amazing game

This is my fav game

- Cool

Make VSCO monkey and PHSYCO monkey in pls

- Bloons Td 6

Awesome game and I love playing it in my free time

- The game was good until...

Why did you have to make the monkey knowledge cost monkey money?

- Great game, but things missing...

This game, is pretty great! I just recently got back into the Tower Defence games, and I think that this was a great choice to start with. Unlocking all towers, upgrading said towers, great looking graphics, and other things that make this game a really great buy. The only thing thing that I have to say about this game that is bad is that they removed things from other games like the Gatling Gunner from Bloons TD Battles.

- App keeps crashing in coop

Cant finish a map in coop without the app crashing for basically everyone before round 80. Really frustrating! No point in playing coop...

- Legit Absolutely Amazing

To addictive!

- Thr best btd for me

Great graphics with good animation. Tons of map / mods and coop mode just insane 2 to 4 wow great job kiwi !

- Too many mtx

Title says it all but fun nonetheless

- The best tower defence game

This was a hit when Td games were popular, it has evolved from 2d to 3D. I’m really impressed on how the game turn out from a simple 2d tower defence to a 3D hit game

- Hope they make BTD 7

I hope they make BTD 7 and add the dartling gun in it or a update in BTD 6

- вєѕt gαmє єvєr

whαt í ѕαч чσu ѕhσuld dσ ítѕ much mσrє funnєr thαn í єхpєctєd вut í thínk чσu ѕhσuld вuч ít

- Good


- Google Play was a great game for you guys

You’re game is awesome

- Only TD game I play

I thought BTD 6 wasn’t free ._. whatever 乁( . ര ʖ̯ ര . )ㄏ

- All hero’s

I wish I could use every hero so every hero you get you can use

- NOT P2W (and fun!)

Every single map can be beaten for free! Consider the in-app purchases an alternative method to supporting the devs that provide consistent updates and balance changes. Consider checking out the BTD6 subreddit for tips on daily challenges and more.

- Very good game

I spent money on it and now it is free 😭😢

- Coop problems

When I created a game and send the code to a friend It gives the problem “Game type not compatible” Wth does this mean? We are running the same version of the game

- Yay it’s free

Guys it used to be 6.99 now it’s drumroll pls 0.00(free)

- No Internet

Can you make this game need no internet plz because I can’t seem to get into the game

- Awesome very fun game

Really good game worth $7

- Recommended for strategy

As you progress through the game it gets increasingly more difficult

- This is so good

This game is so cool I love it it is 3D it is a TD game and I guz gotta say it is guz to good I 100% love this game + can you add the Bloom shredder back in plz I love that one too and I love the skin for Adora but I still wand the balloon shredder and 2 paths are ok you don’t 3 and I guz love this game so much so that’s y I give a 5 star rate.

- Love the game

So the game keeps crashing as soon as it fully loaded


RIP dartlin gun and sredder im sa but This game is so good

- Fun game but bugged for me right now

Before this bug that wont allow me to get into the game, it was really fun. Playing to get to the highest lvl, or trying to beat chimps, this game is really fun, especially with all the tier 5 and heroes, it makes the game become more critical to think hard about what monkey you will place and what you will upgrade. Although, it’s been about a couple of days now and my bloons is not opening. Fun game but please roll out a patch for it.

- Amazing game but R.I.P darting and chipper

The game is awesome but where is the balloon chipper and the darting gun

- We need new monkeys!

In BTD battles there’s a MINIGUNNER and a sucky thing please add them next update



- Pls add this hero

The game is super awesome and I love it, but I think it would be good if you could get bloon battle monsters that help you out in popping the balloons.

- Good game

It is a great game

- Best game I’ve played

Bloons tower defence 6 has a the best game I’ve played in a long time. Better than Fortnite because it’s a clean game and my favourite class is military and my favourite troop is the heli pilot and the sniper monkey. It also comes with iMessage emotes so that’s a bonus, but the 8 dollars is worth it. This game will last you forever and I mean forever, so I think it’s a really good game and keep going with your games because there really good. That’s for reading my review

- Great

Great grafics and greate game 🙂😀🙂😀🙂🙂😀😀😀🙂😃🙂😃🙂😃🙂

- Amazing app!

I like BTD6 Because the graphics is amazing and the and the paths are cool I’d also like to say the upgrades are surprising! They’re so cool I like how you added hero’s and abilities well the ability’s are just easier to get!


I love it good job

- Bloons is not good but not bad

When I was playing bloons logged me out and when I was playing with my brother I lost my farmer and now I am angry

- Good game but

This is a great game but I lost all my progress in the new update

- Best game ever


- It was a good game

It is better then I thought

- Great game

I think this game is perfect my only wish is that those who purchased BTD 5 would have got this one free

- Great game!!

Great game: very creative : favourite tower or hero is probably Benjamin or xxxl trap monkey engineer. Thank you for creating this game and it has helped me with depression and anxiety, cheers

- GET IT NOW if your reading this

This is so fun it’s add free plus you can play as many times as you want if you are looking for a game get this right now it is my favourite game since the beggining and I’m sure you will love it to James

- Crashes

Completely over the fact I can’t get passed certain high level rounds without the game continually crashing. It’s completely unacceptable that we can’t progress after certain levels because the game will constantly crash with no fix on sight. Very annoying.

- I love this game

This game is so fun there always new updates to make the game even cooler I’ve had this game for a while now and I love it and if u work out the write strategies to make it past stage 100 then that is when I start to get really fun because it’s gets harder by the round and every round it gets longer

- This is free !??!?!

I don’t know how this masterpiece is a free game.It’s really good and light.

- Can’t believe this game is free

This game has to be the best free game on the App Store in my opinion

- Dartlong and bloom chipper

Are these two towers going to be returning at some point all I ask is a simple yes or know answer

- A glitch ;(

All my data was wiped because someone called on discord while I was in coop :(


If you’re like me, and you think you should get this but you’re not sure, DO IT. I give this 6 stars. By the way ninja kiwi, please make a gorilla. Thx 🦍😀

- Double speed seems slower after this past upgrade

It might just be my phone but the double speed seems to be doing slower then the normal speed, but every now and then it will go double speed but just for about a second. Other wise I love this game keep it up!

- Good but minor issues

Hi I’m Jack but you can call me AJ I love this game also I love the skins!! But there’s a lot of lag and you have upgrade the service for co-op because me and my brother always disconnect but overall this game is very good game I love it from a friendly YouTuber AJ Hansen

- Best game ever!

I’ve been playing btd battles until is stumbled across this I was amazed the graphics are perfection really and I’ve never played a different game since but it’s super addicting

- Best game ever

Bloons Td 6 is a great game and it never ever lags. The monkey look really cool and I play a lot can’t for new updates.

- Omg I love it!!!😊

This is the best game ever like the other ones you make but you the best game creator ever🤩

- I like

I like game. You buy


I play it every day me and my brothers love it it’s so good

- Great game but

Its an amazing game but coop mode is very buggy. Coop mode freezes after a while of playing i would give 5 stars if this is fixed.

- Waste of money

It logged me out 2 times and deleted all my progress

- Good game

It is very fun and I would very much recommend it it is cheap for how good it is

- Best Game Ever

In a time where most video games that are pretty epic are online shooter games cough-fortnite-cough this game has gone above and beyond. It is the best game to play if you are stuck in the car on a long road trip or playing with your friends at home. I truly think that this game is awesome and I will continue playing this game with all my relatives and friends. Just one thing that I would like is maybe some more towers. I’m not saying the ones we don’t have aren’t good, it would just be good to get some variety in and new action and monkeys to grind. This game is epic. Keep doing what you’re doing.

- To hard

The game is great but very hard when you get to 93 when the camo Moab please get rid of the camo moab

- Rly fun


- Best game

Balloons is so fun creative and a lot of challenges To do l say add a fire skin for green foot guy

- Keep up the work ninja kiwi

I love Bloons to 6 the graphics got a huge update I like the games graphics and I want to see these graphics in the next game but I would like if the darling Gun was in bloons td 6

- Amazing...

I will recommend the money into this game and get an account, or like me all your progress will be deleted, other than that great game recommend.

- New hero

Make a new hero with a crossbow when the arrows hit it explodes

- love this game

love this game because no ads and it’s just so fun

- Help

Great game but I made made a mistake and it took all my monkey money and I don’t know how to get it back!!! Please please please help me

- Fun

I have a glitch where my daily challenges crashes my game/shows an old challenge that I did (never changes) Other than that it’s super fun and addicting

- Sniper monkey

The new update with the sniper monkey is terrible

- Amazing

This tower defence style game is one of the best I have ever played so fare I haven’t come a cross any bugs and you can play offline really recommend getting this game

- So addictive

I love this game it’s so addictive! I used to see ads about Bloons Td 1 and I don’t really like tower defence but after seeing a video on it I thought why not and so I got it and it has really gotten me into tower defence and I think it’s really good so yeah that’s what I think umm Yeet!

- So good!

This game is amazing! I remember playing Bloons Monkey City, and that wasn’t even close to as good as this! A bit pricey, but good😄

- Good game

Bring back secret agents pls

- Game is the best but....

I love the game because it’s very fun I like everything about mostly the hero’s but there is a problem that makes it really hard the knowledge points. It makes it more difficult because of the way we have to use monkey money it gets expensive I have played when it was made and it’s still hard to even get money money because I have basically everything so that’s the only prob so far and is the devs are reading this please make the knowledge free or make it less expensive I would greatly appreciate it



- awesome

yay I’m also Australian Y A Y

- This is a god game

Best game I have played

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- Darting gun

Add the farthing gun it will be soooo popular but make it good and don’t make it super expensive and not even that good

- I like it but hard wen new

You should play

- Fun During Martial Law

Stuck in home while my civil liberties have been taken away by our lib governor. This game never gets old.

- Bloon chipper

Please add bloon chipper because it was fun to use and it would add and extra tower to fully upgrade

- It’s amazing!

TOTALLY WORTH THE PRICE cause 5 $ for a game? I’d recommend it BUT I got reset sooooo 4 stars XD

- Crashes...

The last update was supposed to fix crashes. Actually crashes even more now! I love this game!! Please fix!!!

- Noice

Pretty nice. No ads. it’s 3D now so be happy. I also recommend other Bloons td games.

- Great game but crashes

Amazing game, huge upgrade from 5 but I’ve had so many games of coop ruined because the app will just crash. It’s very disappointing when you crash at round 99 Update: I’ve lost so many monkey bucks to random crashes at this point I think I’m going to stop playing. I’ve lost a total of 2500 bucks alone from crashing. Can’t even get to round 50 now the entire app just closes out. I’m extremely frustrated because I love this game and I love playing coop.

- I love this game

I use this everyday it is my favorite game.even though I have a main account I can have 2 accounts at a time which I think is a good idea

- Good game but crashes all the Time!!!!!!!

I love the game but whenever I get to round 80 or 90 it crashes.The thing is I put a lot of towers down then boom crashes.It gets annoying and another topic the skins or so expensive they cost as much as that hero.If they cost as much as hero’s then people will just want to get the hero’s rather than the skins.I want the skins for my hero’s but it just cost so I’m just asking fix the crashes and lower the cost rate to the skins.I hope have a Great Day

- Lol


- Endless fun and strategies

Get this NOW!!!

- Life changing

I have been kept in the basement of my house as a hostage of COVID-19 for two weeks. This has been my substance of life. Changed my life is an understatement.

- App crashing

5 star game play but since yesterday, once you reach a certain high level, the game just starts crash. After your second Sun Temple, you can expect your app to crash every time. Hoping to edit my review once another update comes out.

- Even better than TD 5!

Really enjoying this game.

- Antonio Pierro

Hi my name is Antonio Pierro this game is called Bloons td 6 and I think it is the best game ever made in history i think you should play it it is so fun you get it when you get it you will love the game forever you can’t stop playing it it makes you want to play it you will just have so much fun you will love it

- Anger

What’s the point of playing long when the game crashes And it’s not just once Constantly Constantly Constantly I can’t even get a new high score without the game crashing I would say get this on the computer because it is faster But the game devolopers don’t deserve the extra cash Fix the lag fix the crashing just do something to stop me from throwing my phone across the room having it soar and hit the same spot on the wall I like this game quite honestly love it but when I play for a long time and it crashes then I don’t want to play. The game was made to play for a long time but I’ve reached a point that when I get close to my high score it just crashes So fix it

- What they did right

The constant updates and new heroes/towers/maps just make me want to keep playing, I’ve been a fan of the game since BTD4 and I’ve fallen in love with this game just as the ones before it, and hopefully the ones after

- So good best purchase on mobile

Really good

- Highly Unstable

This game is very fun and entertaining although when I play co-op with other people, sometimes it would either crash or freeze when near late game. I would rate this 5 stars if this wasn’t an issue and so I hope you can fix this and make this flawless!

- Updates not working...

My kid LOVES this game, but the app updates all the time, and I have App Store locked, so he can’t play it till I unlock and update for him. The update a week ago didn’t work and just loads a black screen. He waits 5mins, still nothing loads. I can’t fix this for him, now he’s frustrated and so am I. PLEASE FIX YOUR LAST UPDATE!!!!

- Why

So the game is good but I accidentally Deleted it and I lost all my progress

- Dartling gun monkey

You should really add the dartling gun monkey to the game, it was one of my favorite towers from the previous installment and I’m a little upset that it’s not back in this game. I feel like many other players would agree with me that it should be reintroduced. However, the game is great itself but I still feel like the dartling gun monkey would add to the game itself and really bring me and others some joy so please consider the option. Thank you

- Great Game

This game is awesome-I play it almost every day. The one thing I want to see added is-The return of the Dartling Gun and the Bloonchipper. If you could do this, it would be great. I also would like to see new heroes in the hero selection, because it seems that 9 is not enough. If you would add these, I would be so happy. Thank you!

- Is anyone else having issues with the game not loading?

Every time I attempt to load up the game, I get a recurring message on the bottom that whole unleashing the sun monkey god, it failed downloading. If anyone knows why this issue occurs, please answer this review.

- OP Players1


- Multiplayer Issues

If you’re looking for a solid tower defense game, this is for you! There’s so many ways of making different strategies to win on a map and it’s just hours and hours of good fun. The only problem I have is that multiplayer seems to lag and then kick us out of the game. But the strangest part is that multiplayer works fairly well on easy and medium difficulties. It’s just that when I play on hard, it would consistently buffer and eventually kick me or the other player out of the match. My brother and I have been trying to play together and it’s just not working out. We have played multiple easy levels together, but it’s just not fun without the challenge.

- Best mobile game and pc game out yet

Favorite game and probably the best Bloons game out yet and highest quality one out yet and I noticed that the bloon chipper and dartling gun 2 of my favorite towers along with cobra from BTD battles (I only have BTD battles cause it was free and BTD6) but I don’t really care too much other than that still great game


It’s fun and all, but PLEASE ADD the GATLING GUN AGAIN.

- Just a few more things

This game is overall a great game their is just a few things that would make it just right one is adding the ballon chipper second is a way to where it shows you were you can place a monkey when ever your trying to squeeze it into the area

- Great game

Amazing towers

- It’s fun but to slow

I wish I could speed it up more instead of 2x

- Please fix the game

My game won’t load and it keeps saying unleashing monkey sun god...failed...downloading and I waited a hour and it still didn’t load the game.

- Pretty good

Allows prioritization of shots, good variety, minimal annoying micro transaction horse crap, overall good

- Crash

Listen I have been playing Bloons TD 6 for a while now and recently my game has been crashing a lot during 2 player mode and I have good internet and I can’t figure out how to fix it

- Glitch

To begin with the game is really good, I don’t normally experience glitches in game’s, but I experienced one terrible glitch in co-op it’s being kicked out of the game then being logged out of the game. My dad, brother, and I were playing and then I just kicked my out I got upset due to it kicking me out. Ninja Kiwi if your reading it then please fix the glitch, if the glitch never happened then the game would be one of the best game I’d play!

- Glitching

I would like my game to stop glitching please. It especially happens in the higher levels

- Insanely good game😜😜😜

Really fun!!! Very well made and I love all the different characters you can get. Fun time waster. I enjoyed playing it as soon as I got it. Really worth the $5.

- You are the BEST

You are the best game I’ve ever played IT IS THE BEST!!!!! I love the GAME IN The WORLD!!!!! NO GAME CAN Ever STOP YOU!!! YOU CANNOT BE STOPED!!!!!

- Great game but...

Wen you sell you powers like the banana farmer can you git the money money back?

- A great loss

I really wish they would bring in the dart gun back and co-op mode keeps crashing but other than that great game!

- Good Game

Very good game, super fun. Co-op crashes game and servers lag out often causing players to be kicked for inactivity for no reason.

- Best Tower Defence

I’ve always been playing BTD. Ever since I went over to a friend’s house and played BTD5. I started with Bloons 4, then 5, I played Bloons Monkey City, I played Bloons Adventure time, yet out of all of those amazing games, BTD6 was truly the best. I have played literally hundreds of other TD games, and none of them were comparable, graphics, gameplay, and creativity-wise. It shouldn’t of taken me years to write a review, I just never got to it. The monkey knowledge is extensive, the towers; powerful; the gameplay, perfect. I loved the new hero addition and think all the Easter eggs and new maps are amazing. Amazing game. 5/5 in a blink! -Zatch

- Please make the banana farmer buyable in game

I like your game a lot and have been playing it with my friends. One suggestion I would like to make is making the banana farmer not cost cash but cost the in match currency. I believe that if you made the banana farmer cost around 1000 to 2000 bananas it would be balanced. Thank you.

- This game is really fun

I like this kind of game and this is one of my favorites. I hope you add more updates.

- Bloons TD 6

I have been playing this game for a long time now on mobile gameplay, and I think it can often be a little laggy, however it is a very addictive game with endless possibilities to play on with multiplayer to play with friends! I think this game should keep on building. I hope there are other towers added in future updates as well!

- CO-OP needs to be fixed

Every time I play and get up to level 120 or more the game crashes. It has happened dozen of times. Can this be fixed!? I bought this game again when I found out it was updated and had this feature but it’s kinda killing the game for me now.

- Love the game! But...

Okay, I just cannot stop playing at the moment I turn it on. But a few minor problems, which are: 1. Two towers, Bloonchipper - Support, and Gatling Gun - Military. 2. Why is Churchill so EXPENSIVE!? 2000 in-game money!? (Not Monkey Money) That’s all on my mind for the few minor problems. Thanks for the game! Good luck with Bloons TD 7! —————————————————————————————— Ideas for Bloons TD 7: 1. Orange Bloon, Turns into Pink Bloon when hit 2. Retro Bloons, secret option 3. Old M.O.A.B and B.F.B, when defeated, For M.O.A.B, 8 ceramic bloons. For B.F.B, normal behavior 4. Regen M.O.A.B class Bloons 5. Camo M.O.A.B class Bloons 6. Shadow Bloons 7. More fortified bloons 8. Flashlight Monkey - Primary 9. Grouped bloons, Types: Basic, Camo, Regrow, Fortified. Can be mixed. Quantity: 3 - 10 10. M.A.D, Can be fortified. When defeated, 4 B.A.D 11. BOSSES! Types: Vortex, Blastapopulos (How do you spell it?), e.t.c 12. New boss, Name: SpeedBloon, Speed: Fast 13. Bosses in sandbox 14. New Heroes! Finn, Jake, C4 Charlie 14.5. New tower! Life farm - Support 15. 4th row Upgrades 15.5. 6th tier upgrades 16. NEW GAMEMODE! Town. Upgrade the town to generate Monkey Money —————————————————————————————— Thanks for reading! From, Carl

- too many updates

STOP REQUIRING DOWNLOADS every time i open the app it says it has to download another 100mb update or else it won’t even let me in. why can’t you just let me play with what is already there, without CONSTANTLY requiring large updates that eat up all my data???!? this is not just once or twice. this is ALL THE TIME i understand you want to provide updates but they should be optional! i paid for the app as it was, i don’t need you always adding on new things

- My rating

I enjoy the game very much and loved it. But they need to add more hero’s bring back the og darling and bloonchipper. Overall I give this amazing Bloons game in the series a 5 star rating. The graphics are good and for a phone game especially. But the lag lets talk about it I could have 15 sun avatars in btdb but now I can’t even put down 6 towers without crashing. Also the game said that you get 1 per pop on a Bloon but how come when I get the vengeful sun god and he has 19 million pops by round 183 and he’s the only one down but I only have 76 thousand dollars. I’m not new to this game I’m level 96. But overall this game is great!!!

- It’s a cool game but I think you should ad more tower’s often


- Best game ever!!!!!

It’s 100 percent worth it.

- Add the bloon shedder back in the game

Add the bloon shredder back in the game pppppppplllllllllssssssss

- Game keeps crashing. PLEASE FIX!!!

Game is fun but crashes make game game no fun 🙁😭😢

- Ray of doom

Rip Ray of doom

- Y E S

This game is fun.

- Amazing Game

Amazing game... But, what happened to Bloon Shredder and Dartling? Where the new towers really worth it to remove these? Why not just add all and not remove anything? Thank you! (By the way if you just need help figuring out just what the third path/5th tier then I could help! :)

- Échec de téléchargement

Un de mes jeux favoris Depuis dernière mise à jour, impossible de jouer, je reçois un msg qui dit « echec au téléchargement « à l’étape 1/8. »

- Great

Best game ever!! Please bring back the dart king monkey tho he was the best

- R.I.P Bloon shredder

Love the Bloon shredder in btd5

- Best game I have ever played.


- Beat game ever!

This game is so fun and extremely satisfying.if you upgrade and place a lot the screen can end up looking super cool with explosions everywhere

- Co-op

Great game, but fix your multiplayer servers. Crashes every time no matter what, could be at round 10, could be at round 100. Whatever you think of, I’ve already tried to fix this. Using an iPhone X

- Like the best game ever


- The best

This is the best $7 I’ve ever spent

- Awesome game

Could you guys add a skin to adora it would be fun

- Got back all my progress thanks but try to fix the bug


- Add

Add the startling gun from Bloons TD 5 pls it would make my rating go to 5 stars

- Crash

Every time I go in the game it crashesssss

- Level 70-75

I love this game and I’ll probably my most favourite game but whatever I’m playing with my friend Doug co-op when we are at level 70 to 75 it kicks me out all I wanna do is get to level 100 but I can’t because it crashers please fix this bug.

- Michael

Can u fix this bug where the monkeys won’t shoot the camo balloons

- Bug

The game is not letting me load onto it and it is a little annoying, please try to fix it soon

- Was good until.....

Was good until monkey knowledge required money as well.


If ninja kiwi brings back the dartling I will make this my favorite game. No SERIOUSLY 😐

- Incredible, great game, 10 out of 10

This game is amazing, super fun, it doesn’t take wifi (which most games are not), there is also super fun gameplay and even multiplayer. I do have a suggestion though. I think you should add the dartling gun from Bloon TD battles and any other game it’s in, I understand if you don’t ( for dev reasons, it being to op, etc etc) for the 3 tier 5 you could have a lazer or a flamethrower or maybe a missile. These are just suggestions and I’m sure you could think of something better or more balanced but I’m just trying to help, if this is not added I really don’t care, you might not even see this but I would like to help Sincerely: a huge fan

- More monkeys!

Hey I like the game so far it’s really good but can u add more monkeys? It would be more fun. Please consider this idea

- Bloonchipper

IN BT5 my personal fav was the bloonchipper and I would love to see some kind of hero using that idea or just bring back bloonchipper love the game :D

- Amazing

Literally the funnest game ever. Great animations and the towers/hero’s are great. Prices for things are actually fair unlike most items. Love this game!

- Add

Add the darling gun for military and Bloon shredder and cobra for support

- Can’t wait for new content

I’ve played BTD 5 forever (even on several different devices) and I have to say I loved that game 5 stars, I’d choose 6 if I could, and this game is no exception, I can’t wait to see all this game has to offer, more maps, the missing towers (dartling gun and Bloon chipper), the only issue I have (still not enough to lower a star rating) is that with the new addition of monkey knowledge costing monkey money, there isn’t enough ways to get money quickly for someone who’s beaten a lot of levels and got their rewards, the grind is to much for casual players, and the cost is very expensive considering it used to cost nothing before, if you could take that Into consideration and add some way other to get money that would be great

- Awesome game

It’s a generally good TD game also I requested to change my name and it said it would be changed in 3 days I come back in a couple of hours and it’s CHANGED awesome game.

- It’s crashing every time I start the app

My review would be a 5 star but with all the problems with the app I have to write this kinda review I have been playing those monkey tower defence games ever sense the very first game

- Really good


- Bloons Td

It’s so fun, I can’t stop playing it!

- Always crashes

I get to level 95 and the whole game crashes. If I could give it less than 1 star I would!!!

- Amazing

If u play btd5 then, you will love this

- Where are you?🥺

Great game but where’s the monkey, the myth, the legend. Where’s my boy dartling?🥺

- 👍👍👍👍

Great game, very fun, eats up your battery life though

- Crashing

On iPad with newest in app update

- Lots of stuff

So I have lots of questions I’m someone who lost account but why can’t you add back the bloonchiper and the Gatling gun I know u might not have good upgrades for them but literally I loved these bad boys back in BTD battles my favorite upgrade was the 4-0 THE FREAKING RAY it literally kills those nasty Bloons and the bloonchiper is sick it’s sucks the bloons in to the death trap and u should probably add like umm idk well I have ONE last thing can u put ALL THE BTD GAMES into one of the best TD games u ever created and I’m done P.S I actually found out my account was gone cause my dad reset my iPad.

- epic game!

im gust 9 years old but this is the best game ive ever played! Epic game wroth 6.99

- Great app

Perfect game so worth the money it exceeded my expectations and more co-op mode is great

- Engineer

Thank you for bringing back the engineer

- Personnage manquants

Il n’y a pas de déchiqueteur de Bloons comme dedans le 5

- Good game

This game smells good why no bloonchipper?

- XP Transfer

You should add something witch can transfer XP from one monkey to another but the transfer is halfed like dart monkey to super monkey Dart has 300,000 Transfer 150,000 Super had 100 now has 150,100

- Awesome but glitchy

Every time i get to a good point in the game it ether crashes freezes and for some reason me and my friend were playing and all of the sudden it said he had no connection when he was fine please fix all bugs thank you

- The best game

So many updates and new things that come to the game and I can’t wait what they are gunna add next

- I didn’t get small balloons!

I did the requirements for small balloons I’m not going to say it because it’s sort of a secret but I did it on round 100 and then when I got around 101 I went back home and looked at my achievements and it didn’t give me yet so PLZ help me

- Balloon-chipper R.I.P you will be remembered

The game is amazing but I know and I speak for a lot of us when I say we miss the balloon-chipper. I love the hero ideas but their should be a verses mode as-well like battles but with the hero’s

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- Won’t let me play coop when connected to WiFi only on data

As title says. I love the game and have been playing for a while. But this bug is killing me.

- Love it

Love it

- Great game

This game is awesome. I started playing it when I saw my friend playing it at skl and I thought it looked really cool and it is but I keep having to reinstall the same update again and again and it is really annoying so if u could fix that the game would be spot on.

- Cross platform

I love the game absolutely loved it but the reason I didn’t 5 star it it’s because I can’t go on with my mates cause they have different platforms can u make it so it’s cross platform and I’ll give u 10 stars

- Bug/update for the future

The one time I get good teammates and we’re at round 50ish I randomly just get kicked off the app and it’s really annoying because you rarely get good teammates that actually help you out and place down the towers to achieve the goal and whenever it all goes well it just boots me off the game I’m not sure if it’s a bug or whatever but please take a look as it makes the game unfun

- Good but has problems

Great game but the game crashes for me at about round 109 in co-op mode. In solo its a well made hame its fun my only problem with solo modes is that its either to hard or way to easy. In short its a good game with a few problems.

- Amazing

Bloons td 6 is so much better than 5 (ignore those people saying 5 is better) one thing, I brought 16000 monkey money and signed into my account on my new phone (it was my birthday) and I lost my money! I would realy appreciate it if you could somehow give me my money back. I’m signed in with game centre and my game centre name is rileyjohn09. Also I miss the darling gun plz bring him back. The new graphics are amazing and would look dope on the darting gunner. That’s all I have to say about the game other than it’s amazing!!! -your biggest fan

- Works but multi player crashes.

I was playing with some of my friends then one of them left, we carried on and then my friend pressed on the settings/tab and I got lagged off. I hope for this game in the future it would stop kicking people off.

- Unable to access co-op

I’ve been playing for a while and almost completed the game but since the new update my co-op stopped working and so every time i have 3 bars on my wifi it still would say cannot connect or something so if your reading this ninja kiwi please fix this playing alone is getting a bit boring now

- Very fun and would recommend

It is worth the money

- Really awesome game but...

Please try to fix the random constant lagging issue. It can be irritating. So basically when I play the game, sometimes in the middle of a game, it just starts to go a bit slow and a bit laggy. When the lag happens it goes on forever until you restart it or wait for ages. I just bought this iphone 7 plus and I am not the only one experiencing this issue. OVERALL STILL REALLY AWESOME GAME. 👍👍👍

- It ripped me of

I was just playing BTD6 then I noticed I could buy all level ups on super monkey so I bought it then I was waiting a couple of minutes and then I checked back in a hour and nothing happened

- REALLY GOOD but someone’s missing!

This is the best game I recommend it for everyone but it’s missing the dartalling gun from Bloons monkey village and I really want it back

- Norhing

Please ad a bloonchipper

- Issue

Amazing game. However, when playing I can never get to round 200 as it usually crashes and closes the application on round 172. Please fix this

- Really good but crashes

The game always crashes when you spawn a few BAD’s on sandbox

- Good

To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good To good

- I bought this game and was very exited to play and it wouldn’t let me

I was so happy to play but it wouldn’t let me

- Amazing

This game is so amazing however it would be even better if there was a function that allows players to take the exp of towers that are already maxed out and put it on other towers to max those out. I understand that this would be difficult to code in so take as long as you need to add this if you are. This would be an awesome addition to the game and would make the exp doing almost nothing but gathering on the towers that are maxed more useful making it easier to upgrade towers and level up to get more monkey knowledge points.

- Amazing game but crashed way too much after level 90

It’s an amazing addictive game to which I want to play to higher levels but every single time (more than 30 times now) the game crashes or freezes when there’s too much happening in game or when reaching a higher level (90+). Please fix, really want to get to level 100+


Rly good I love the upgrade system and all the new stuff

- Yeah but...

Can you plz make it so you can sell your skin and hero because I’m getting sad 😢

- Too many updates

Please make downloads optional or more far apart. Almost everyday there’s something to download and if you’re offline you can’t play.



- “Crash fixes”

Very recently an update was released claiming to have done “crash fixes”. Before this point I had never crashed but now I am unable to get on the app! Before this point I had been loving the game however

- Love this game

This is a game that i have not gotten bored of and i normally get bored with game quite quickly so that has got to mean its a good game.

- Awesome

It is a great game 👌👌👌

- Please

I would love if you could add the Gatling gun to the game. The one from btd battles Thank you

- Good review

I love the models and how you have to earn powerful monkeys and their powers

- Monkeys perfect graphics

It’s good

- This game is the best

I love the mechanics and the variety of the monkeys and the heroes are really funny. The main menu song is great and I love this game overall. Good job, ninja kiwi!

- Balloon tower defence 6

I like the idea of monkeys it would be better if there were gorillas as-well

- Td6

Worlds best game 5star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Great game

I’ve played it for a day and I love it

- Crashes


- Good game, but 5 still better!

Like ll the others gets very very boring when all levels done and no new!!, Do not like the fact you have to go into upgrade screen to see which is which power. You can’t click on next power to see which is which. Pain.

- Game 5* loading 2*

Throws me out when I try to log in sometimes

- Best ever

I would give the Bloons Td games 5 stars every time they are just so well made

- Knowledge problems

I love the game and it’s strategy in it. The only problem for me is that we don’t gain enough monkey money and then putting that in knowledge points I can’t even use them because of this so can you possibly change this pls thx and I’m 12 btw

- Amazing!!

Hours of fun

- Good game

This is the best game in the world.

- Good start, but... (1st gen ipad air)

The game is great fun. The monkeys each have their own role, complement each other well, and you can build up some great tower defences. Up until around level 60. Then the game starts to crash if there is a lot of on screen action. This kills fhe playability of the game. If the game didnt crash, for the money and the fun, this would be a 5 star game for sure. i did check the app website, and nothing about crashing, and the app store says my ipad is compatible with this game.

- It’s amazing but a few issues

The Druid makes the game lags so much and when I use it I always get kicked off the game so u reload the game and sometimes it’s not a game saved file so I have to do the whole thing again!! It makes me kinda triggered but it is still the best out off all of them

- Can You Make This Game Free For my cousin

So basically my cousin wanted to by it but his dad didn’t allow him he really wants it so pls.Ur probably gonna ask that’s his problem but his dad wouldn’t let him by the game when it was 89p on his phone.

- You should play this game it’s awesome


- Amazing

The title says it all

- My money is gone

Paid for the game and it was quite good. But now every time I press start, the game crashes. I have an iPhone 6s so the phone is not the problem. Disappointed...

- This game is pure perfection but the game crashes

So this game is great and even though it costs money but there’s one problem , the game CRASHES 🤦🏼‍♂️if it didn’t crash it would be way better and if ninja kiwi could stop it from crashing then I would be VERY pleased and also I think ninja kiwi could lower the prices for the heroes for example Adora costs 5000 monkey money to get so devs if you could lower the amount of money you need to spend to get better heroes and reduce the amount of times the game crashes it would be WAY better thank you for reading this btw

- BTD6

I love all the BTD games😇😇😉😉

- Need the old towers back

I love balloons td and all the towers are good but I miss the Dartleing gun and other old towers like the cobra if they came back it would make the game even better.

- Amazing

A Perfect Masterpiece

- Can you add spear monkey please with

You should add a spear monkey like it has 2 bloon popping at 1-0-0 more range at mmm 0-0-1 and faster throwing at 0-1-0 more

- Good game but...

Good game but revert the monkey knowledge back to when it didnt cost monkey money. It just encourages unnecessary IAP in a pay to play game and makes a long process even more grindy

- The monkey knowledge rework

Due to the most recent update the monkey knowledge now needs monkey money so u can get some if the skills in the monkey knowledge and now it is even longer before u can spend a monkey knowledge point



- Greatest game I have ever played

I'm getting addiction to this game. I loved td5 but td6 has so many new upgrades and improvements and monkey

- The worlds best game

Worth the money spent

- Best game ever

This is by far my favourite game ever it has a awesome amount of heroes and maps and it is a long game which these kinds of games should be so that why it is getting a five star review from me

- This game is amazing

You know the title it’s a a amazing. It can get little boring because you keep killing bloons and go to the next round and the same thing. Happened but harder not that hard but good make TD 7 plz it will be amazing

- Ballon are cool

It’s the best game ever

- They made the knowledge points cost monkey bucks

This could easily be a five star this is the best Bloons game I’ve ever played but adding monkey money to the knowledge points makes the already annoying process of leveling up to get knowledge points worse because you have to spend MORE money on a game that you have to PAY TO PLAY and I know that you can get monkey money by playing the game but honestly just get rid of that and five star instantly

- Knowledge

Why did you make the knowledge need money I am gonna quit

- Best game ever

Love the game it’s the best

- Super Fun and not asking for more money

Fun tower defence game with variety of game modes and challenges. Cute monkey graphics and soundtrack. Looking forward to coop mode once I level a few more monkeys up.

- Yay

Yay you fixed the bug I was having

- BTD 6 is an amazing game

Monkeys are very cute.


It’s a great game because you can set up your defence against the EVIL BLOONS😀!

- Good but there’s a problem

This game is super fun and i would give it 5 stars but the game will close after round 50 and if I go back to use the save file the game will close again 10 rounds later

- This got my child to plank for 5min after each game!?!


- Pretty dang good

I really like this game. I am a bit disappointed with the removal of some towers, namely the dartling gun but you can’t have everything. I’m still hoping that they will put it in because 5th tiers and another path would be awesome.I am also upset that they changed the monkey apprentice’s upgrades. Some things I like are: more monkeys, more upgrades and I love the fact that you can choose what order you get your upgrades. Overall it is really fun and exciting to play.

- Amazing

Whenever you get money buy this straight away it is 10000/10

- Just outSTANDING

Consider getting this game as you will have the most fun like I did

- Good purchase

This game is by far the best iOS game I’ve ever played.New 3D graphics and more.A great purchase if you love good games😁

- BTD6

Awesome game

- Good but could use improvements...

Btd6 is great game. if I could give it a reading from 1 to 10 it would be a 9, and let me tell you when I say nine that means this game is One of the best (in my opinion). I’m gonna great list below saying positives and negatives. Positives: The graphics are pretty insane I love this game for the details and effort just to make it how it looks, co-op is fun AF, The hero’s I love the thought of dead shot archer or a crazy pyro and a voodo wielded monkey the best thing is is that they level up automatically cool Negatives: the grinding process is bad, WHERE THE HELL IS BLOON CHIPPER AND THE DARTLING GUN,

- Make the price cheaper and fix the bug

Balloon’s Td is a very unique game. I hate the lag glitches as they kick me out of the game sometimes. It is a addicting game. For co op it glitches me out when I have a world class internet. This game has to be very good because Minecraft,ROBLOX and fortnite are shutting down this year. They should fix the price 8.00$ is a lot they should make it a free app.

- Amazing this is actually a person


- Great game

Absolutely adore this game, great graphics and characters Played BTD5 and enjoyed it, played this and was amazed

- Very fun game price is reasonable but would a versus mode be that hard to add

So yeah it’s ok

- Lost my progress

Where is all my progress? I had to delete the game to make space for an app I really needed. I was high level with everything unlocked and maxed out. I chose to save games data but my progress is all gone?.

- Needs cobra

Add the cobra please just do it please

- Great but a few issues

I played BTD5 for years and I always got bored by the lack of upgrades and this game fixes it! The 3D graphics are amazing and I love the hero’s, but you can not go past higher levels or the game crashes. Not to mention you spend almost all of your gameplay unlocking towers and getting all the upgrades for them, it takes for ages! And so does monkey knowledge. You have to get this route and that route just to get that one upgrade. Also my favourite towers in BTD5 weren’t there! Justice for bloonchipper and Gatling gun. In conclusion BTD6 is a good game but you need to spend so much time on it to get its full potential. Not to say that BTD5 is flawless, it is not! The leveling up system is also a pain and do not get me started on bosses, it’s just there once was a time where you could hop into a game and play, you know?

- This is my new time favourite game

I can’t believe how much this game has to offer. This game is so fun that I can’t stop playing it it just is so cool the animations are so clean and so awesome. I can believe how much they nailed the graphics it’s just so amazing. I was waiting for btd6 for so long I had to use a gift card to get it so it’s definitely worth $7. :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D

- Beanloons

Bloons cool you a stool

- BEST tower defense game. Period.

Honestly such an amazing game. Amazing devs listening to the community and bringing in great new ideas, towers, modes, heroes, maps, challenges... you name it. The occasional balance updates allow for the players to figure out new strategies, and the vast variety of maps provide unique ways to use certain towers and highlight their true strengths. All in all, great game. Well done to NK for their continuous output of great games, especially like this one.

- Great but what happened?

The best game ever!! But what happened to the mini gun money/tower it was my favourite tower on Bloonstd5

- Amazing

Best game ever

- Hi


- Great game

This game is awesome (my fav monkey is ice monkey) it’s pretty fun now there’s co-op. I love that this is the 6th Bloons TD it just shows how little effort to so much effort but I do have 2 complains: first I don’t like how in co-op that you have to wait 24 seconds if one of your teammates accidently leaves second i’m not sure if it’s just me but when I go into upgrades for my monkeys sometimes I can read the upgrades but most of the time I can’t keep switching through can and can’t. But overall I think this is a great game I just have two complains I love this game a lot and that’s it for my review 🐵 🎯

- Great Game- however updates are annoying!!!

I’m watching my iPad at the newest update to download its content at Step 2 of 7, and its stuck in 1% for almost 5 mins. Please provide a solution, or if there is a problem.

- Good

Blond td 6 is a very good game it’s just I think u should start it the banana farm I think it will help the noobs a lot, but overall good game.

- Balloons TD 6

It’s a great game to play with friends or alone. Balloons TD= life

- Crashes

The games crashes whenever I try to do the tutorial, and as far as I know there is no way to skip the tutorial

- Error 404


- Wow... Just Wow

I’ve played the free Bloons Games and they’re great but when I bought it, it became my favorite game with multiple upgrade paths, the additions of heroes and most importantly the offline feature that remembers whatever I got when offline. Overall, Well Done Ninja Kiwi for another great game!!

- Hey! You fixed the bug!

But there’s a new one. At least I think it is. When ever I’m in a game. I can’t look at the description of the upgrades! (In the upgrade menu)

- The greatest game in the history of to games

Fun, adorable and an all round good game.

- Why can’t I use the dark sun god in sand box mode

I really want to see him agent bloons

- 😁

I like the games

- Bit glitchy at the start BUT WORTH IT

I love this game so much it took me a while to log into the game like a 1h or so but it is soo fun

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@TryIgnition Bloons TD 6

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Bloons TD 6 16.2 Screenshots & Images

Bloons TD 6 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 iphone images
Bloons TD 6 ipad images
Bloons TD 6 ipad images
Bloons TD 6 ipad images
Bloons TD 6 ipad images
Bloons TD 6 ipad images
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Bloons TD 6 (Version 16.2) Install & Download

The applications Bloons TD 6 was published in the category Games on 2018-06-14 and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This application file size is 113.8 MB. Bloons TD 6 - Games posted on 2020-03-11 current version is 16.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Bloons TD 6 Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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