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What is bloons adventure time td app? The Bloons have invaded the Land of Ooo and it’s up to Finn, Jake and the monkeys to stop them! Bloons Adventure Time TD is an awesome crossover between the award-winning animated series Adventure Time and the #1 Tower Defense game, Bloons TD!
*Pop Bloons as your favorite Adventure Time characters like Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and more!
*Recruit brand-new monkey heroes like Captain Cassie, C4 Charlie, and Sai the Shadow!

*Play your way through over 15 adventures and 50 maps!
*Original story featuring the voice cast of the animated series!

*Equip your heroes with 200+ weapons and items from Adventure Time and Bloons TD history!
*Build your defenses with over 50 allies including fan favorites BMO, The COBRA, and Lumpy Space Princess!
*Unleash over 30 awesome, Bloon-shredding powers!


Ninja Kiwi Notes:
Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You will be prompted in-game to accept these terms in order to cloud save and protect your game progress:

Bloons Adventure Time TD is free to play but contains some in-game items that can be purchased with real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your devices settings, or reach us at for help. Your purchases fund the development of updates and new games, and we sincerely appreciate every vote of support you give us through your purchases.

Ninja Kiwi Community:
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App Name Bloons Adventure Time TD
Category Games
Updated 16 April 2021, Friday
File Size 143.11 MB

Bloons Adventure Time TD Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great FREE Td Game But Needs More!. I love the concept of the game! The heroes are balanced for the price, and the similarities to Bloons Td 6 making it almost not worth buying Bloons Td 6 and just buying this game! I would make a level between extreme and impopable. The difficulty after I easily defeated extreme levels and then the giant struggle of playing impopable is huge. I had to rely on powers to win. Maybe a expert level with 50 hearts and 60 levels. So you could have a nice balanced levels. The main reason would be for more chances to get wish orbs and leveling up levels, so when you play impopable you have a chance to win without using powers, coins, or paid heroes. Other than that more levels, heroes , and stories would be appreciated! Overall definitely one of the best games and probably best FREE TD game!

Freemium is not gameplay.. This game takes two beloved franchises and makes a mess of them. The equipment based hero system would be a cool twist on the traditional towers of other BTD games if it wasn’t locked behind steep experience curves or freemium paywalls. Want a sweet bit of loot to help your hero deal damage? That’ll be five dollars for the loot box that has a CHANCE to get what you need. Didn’t get what you wanted? Watch an ad to show different items. Losing on the last round because the game is balanced to punish you for not paying? Spend six dollars to get the cupcakes necessary to power up ONE of your characters. Don’t wanna pay money? Just watch three hundred ads to acquire seven dollars “worth” of premium currency so that you can advance some gameplay. Want that sweet-looking Dungeon Finn packaged to look like a brand new action figure? That’ll be $10 and you can’t watch ads to pay for it. If you’re as exasperated after reading my messy critique. You too might have realized that you aren’t the target demographic that this game is intended to prey upon. Honestly, I wish there could be redeeming qualities for this game but the maps that are ripped off from BTD 3 and the lousy “story” with wasted talent from the real voice actors (or good copies) can’t save this game. If this game were to remove the freemium aspect, I’d gladly spend money to buy this game. Save yourself the headache, just get Bloons Tower Defense 6 or any other BTD game.

Great game, needs more updates. My friends and I love adventure time and when i was introduced to this game I played it nonstop. I really like how each character has their own unique ways of stopping the balloons, and the various weapons, helpful trinkets & allies. Recently tho I ran into a problem with the sound after loading up. During the game the sound the ninja makes while loading in glitches and will keep repeating throughout the game and it’s very annoying. I noticed that the game hasn’t been updated in 5 months or so and I really wish the developers will consider doing frequent updates, especially now to fix this problem. I love using sound in the game because of the Adventure Time music and hearing the characters talk, but I can’t now because I’ll get annoyed with the repetitive kicking sound. Other than that, the games really fun (and quite hard at times). I also want to put into consideration having other ways to collect the character lvl up items. It’s annoying to have to beat a lvl to only get 1 or 2 character items and not able to lvl up your character which you need to do to beat more lvls. Please fix this!

Update requests that I hope will be in the game soon :3. I think you should add the jiggler as an ally and he could summon his mom as an upgrade and he could be an uncommon ally. He maybe could swipe his arms as an attack and his con could be that he attacks slowly. And his pro could be high pierce. I also think Fiona and Cake should be added, with Cake being instruments and Fiona being sword. Also, the banana guards are kinda useless because sometimes they let the Bloons go through them like they are ghost bloons in disguise. Ninja kiwi and CN please fix this and make my requests an update please :) also, I just saw that C4 wasn’t attacking the MOAB for some reason. And ninja kiwi, tell CN to make a movie about this game.

What this game needs. This game is a great 👍 game I LOVE IT 😻 but there’s one thing it’s missing free play and I would like for you to add a option for free play please! CAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME ITS THE GAME EVER! SO PLAY THIS GAME BECAUSE ITS GREAT but please add free play but another thing is there’s a sweet and sour adventure in the candy kingdom and lemongrab is my favorite character in adventure time I LOVE HIM so please add him and be able to unlock him in the sweet and sour adventure and another thing is that why would you add the lumpy space when the most important character (lumpy space princess) isn’t in it I know it’s a place in Ooo but if your going to make it THEN ADD LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS but this game is amazing I was just stating some flaws so download it because you will have LOTS LIKE LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN

Beaten every level on impoppable. I just wanted to say that this is an amazing game, and I would like to see more fusions with other cartoons or other franchises. (Steven universe would be a great one. I have beaten every level in this game on the hardest difficulty and I loved every moment. I would get pretty frustrated at times being overwhelmed by Bloons, or not being able to get the all powerful super monkey for a while but I have played this game since it was a flash game and every time you make a new bloons it seems to get better and better. Con: the only negative I see is somehow being able to unlock the extra levels (maybe characters) another way besides paying for them. The hardest levels almost need the ability to use powers to beat them which can be earned through playing every level but I really would like to try out and play the new levels and characters. Thank you for making a really interesting version of bloons involving some of my favorite characters.

The worst Bloons game. Map design is garbage, you only get to place each character once and don’t get enough cash to even cover their ability’s. The only way to pass the levels, and BARELY at that, you only can afford enough to see half of the ability tree of two or three characters. On any higher difficulty you don’t even get enough cash to be able to cover the little amount of characters that you’re given, progression is insanely slow and it doesn’t feel like the special abilities are even worth using as the round after you use them will just wipe you, they are very scarce and costly. There’s no exact pattern of clearing the levels, it’s cluttered with locked levels and incomprehensible grading systems where some 1 star levels are harder to clear then the 4star ones. If you want a real experience go play BTD5 or BTD6, bell, even BTD battles is so much better than this mess.

The Devil is in the Details. I’m really liking this game and how so far it doesn’t seem absolutely necessary to purchase monkeys to win, I mean I’m playing for the Adventure Time content. Speaking of which, why doesn’t Gunther say “wenk” when he is placed or touched/upgraded. And I have to say that after finally being able to buy the “Orgalorg” upgrade that I am really disappointed. I was hoping to see him in his giant umbrella form strangling MOABs and throwing boulders. But instead he becomes a mini super monkey I guess? He also keeps the same range which is pretty lame for a $30,000 upgrade. Speaking of range, I feel like Huntress Wizard should have much greater range since her attacks pierce through a stack of Bloons. And maybe some kind of romance upgrade or stat having to do with Finn. Also if Gunther ever gets sounds, he should have the “emerge from a chrysalis” line he says when he becomes Orgalorg. And said upgrade should at the very least increase his range massively. Aside from my criticisms, I love the game! Good work, I already spent some money just to get stuff for my favorite characters.

Great but it could be better. I love the game and all the characters but there’s some issues like the character limit I would say is too short because we would all like more people in our party,Next we have the characters in the other bloon games like the fire monkey it’s in the other game but not In this game but max is in it just doesn’t make sense to me,Now we have a problem for me When I buy game purchases it doesn’t go in my account these are the purchases I have made but didn’t go through hunter marceline and Finn pack you guys could give me my purchases and fix all of this it would be Amazing so so please can you guy do all of this it would be awesome and I really want my purchases back because the money comes from my allowance

ADVENTURE TIME!!! x BLOONS. Ever since I started watching adventure time it was my favorite show. A show that understood me. I had to see if there were any adventure time games. The only adventure time game I could find was this one. I read some comments, looked through it. And then I finally downloaded it. Ever since I downloaded this app, I wasn’t really a big fan of the BLOONS franchise. Until now. This is now one of my favorite games! When I decided to write this comment, I really didn’t think I had to put in any suggestions. But I started realizing that there aren’t that much levels/maps. So I am writing to you please put more content in the game?!,

Great game to pass the time. I’ve been a fan of ninjakiwi balloons for some time now. This adventure time version is fun. There’s a little storyline, fun dialogue, and the characters are done well. It has all the elements of the other balloons games but with a solid and consistent adventure time aesthetic. Leveling up is quick and painless at first, but when you’re characters get around level 3 or so, leveling up is a grind. The game difficulty starts to balance out in a way that requires purchasables. For instance, the thing that took one star away from my review is the fact that they upped the cost of purchasing the power coins that let increase your ‘during-battle’ wallet, from 100 coins to 300 per power coin. This is a really disappointing move from ninja kiwi. It already costs $2 per 1000 coins. Big fans of this game will purchase the coins so tripling the cost seems tripley greedy. Anyhow, will continue to play but will discontinue purchasing coins. Bad move ninja kiwi

Amazing game.. Adventure time is one of my favorite shows of all time, and I love to crack down on some tower defense. So when I saw two of my favorite franchises cross over, I downloaded it immediately. Since I am too cheap to really buy any of the money costing games, this was pretty much my only source of bloons besides td battles, and wow it does not disappoint me one bit! This game has fun game style, a good balance of frustration and fun, and awesome game content. I’ve been grinding for hours to get all kinds of epic loot. This game has so much to like and so much fun that I would love for a sequel or at least a new update centering around distant lands or just some new maps. Lets make it happen! But either way, keep up the good work ninja kiwi :)

Amazing!. I love how iconic the characters are, and getting to use them in the game. I don’t like the monkeys at all but that’s only because I’m playing this for the ADVENTURE TIME YEET(😅). I enjoy how this game, unlike sooo many others, has very little ads. Many games can be ruined by having too many ads, but this game hardly gives any. I would say it would be fun if more content was added without the paywall. Would be cool if there was a way to gain access to the characters and allies stuck behind the paywall without, you know, having to pay. Make it like a super difficult challenge or something so that the characters are really hard to get that way it’s fair. Other than that, though, this is an amazingggg game!! Really fun strategy with everyone’s favorite characters! (Aside from da monkeys)

This annoying bug!!!. I only played this game for a few minutes and just heard non stop splatting noises that really irritated me. I tried to close the game and open it again , but nothing happens I still hear the Constant splatting noise AGAIN, and it’s really bothering me a lot, I love AT and I’m really new to the whole monkey balloons games. I’m really bummed out that this noise is going to ruin my game experience I want to play this game soooooooo badly so if any developers see this please fix this problem idk if this is happening to other players but it’s happening to me really hard. Thanks -me P.s. this writing might not be perfect sorry if you can’t read it right or something I’m really dyslexic. Lol thx

AMAZING IMPROVEMENTS AND AMAZING GAME. I did like Bloons td5 hd but this has much more things to do like wish orbs are new and cool, you can do quest for rewards like gems or wish orbs and customize your team you can also equip weapons and trinkets to help while you are in a game and make an account for your stuff to save which is useful because I kept deleting Bloons td 5hd and re-downloading it without the progress saving and I had to restart so making an account is very useful also because there is more things like weapons and trinkets so if you loose those then you might not even want to play because you might have had a legendary weapon or trinket and it might have been super good so that is why making an account makes this game better another thing is that you get better daily rewards like in Bloons Td5hd you only get money but in this you get wish orbs, shards, gems, and probably more but since this is my second day I don’t know anything’s else you can get and that is why this game is SOOOOOOO FUUUUUUUNNNNNNN

Love the game but one flaw to it. I do indeed love the idea of Adventure Time being a crossover with your Bloons series, and the characters are fun and easy to use to know who goes best with. The only flaw I have with it and I can see many others have is the difficulty of the game. I am currently level 10 on this game and I only have 7 characters, Sai being the most recent addition. It’s just very difficult to even try and beat the bronze chest levels and even if I do, I don’t pay attention and discover that if I want that particular character, it’s unlocked starting with the silver chest levels. I have to wait for the bloodstones to appear just so I can try and get some items, shards, and exp.. It’s also difficult to try and get the items I need to level up my characters as the bloodstone will show what it will offer yes, but the majority of it are for characters that I don’t even have. I’m sure others have asked and I will join them, but could you lower the difficulty or at least make some of the characters easier to get. Thank you!

Decent game, though becomes a grind. Update: recent version is very unstable - lots of crashes - some boards will not complete! Good game that starts out as really difficult but quickly, and with the right defensive trinkets, you will find that even mid-level characters can complete every board on the unpoppable difficulty level. I docked 2 stars because the game becomes a bit of a grind where there is little incentive to pursue the higher levels. Some suggestions to extend playability. Suggestions: - Make an even harder level for each board where the pattern for each round is not consistent. - Also, the harder level does NOT have to be longer but 100 would not be bad IF the higher ones were really challenging. The current 75 level rounds get to be a grind now as they are mostly easy once your characters are skilled up. - Add more boards! - Make the gains by each upgrade more clear - the descriptions are nice but not always clear if things like damage are inclusive of previous skills or if an upgrade will actually limit the effectiveness against certain Bloon types. It would nice to see a simple “all-in” pierce and damage number along with limitations for each upgrade adjusted for any trinkets on is holding - Make new games and allow players to bring our characters along - that would be worth paying for!

Good game, but needs work.. I’ve really enjoyed the game a lot so far. The levels and characters are both iconic and I enjoy that very much. As far as balloons tower defense games go, I love it so far. It’s not normal like the others but that doesn’t mean it’s worse. I personally think the gameplay has a unique rpg characteristic unlike other balloons tower defense games and it’s a huge reason as to why I play this game. Although theirs also a giant wall that supports paying to overcome it. As of right now I’ve played the game for about 15 days and have no chance of getting anything done at this point. I can aimlessly farm remedial levels for small gains, or challenge advanced levels I have no chance of winning without using my powerups as a crutch. If I could ask the developers to change anything it would be A) add more content for after the claiming iceking. It doesn’t have to be much just something that helps people progress through the game. B) add ways to collect the 3 characters locked by the paywall. It doesn’t have to be given away but hiding content behind a pay wall with no way of earning it on its own is in bad taste.

Great minus some crashing. This is my favorite Bloons TD game I’ve played, I really like the Adventure Time characters and I feel the developers did a really good job creating powers that work well with the characters. The variety of equipment also gives you the ability to make characters really powerful. The only complaint I have with this game is when I try to make a purchase, the game crashes. It starts with an advertisement saying there is a sale going on, I’ll click on it, the screen will turn black (like it’s loading), and then it will crash. If the developers could fix this problem in the next update I’m sure it’ll help people enjoy the game even more.

Pay up or give up!. This is a fun TD concept where you build up characters to take on some very difficult maps. Navigating the world trying to figure out what map to play next is confusing. Gameplay is a lot of fun for a few hours and possibly longer if you’re prepared to give into the pay to play model. I’ve payed to remove the forced pre game adverts and then tried to see how far I could get without further purchases. Sadly these maps go from easy to very tough and I wasn’t sure how to finish them without purchasing characters and consumables. After trying many times I eventually unlocked 4 or 5 new characters and completed many maps. So it is possible to progress without paying to play. I’ve had many many hours of fun from this TD. Definitely recommended for TD fans. It was also worth removing the ads.

Best Game Ever 👍🏻. I must say I absolutely love this game 💕 It works great on my iPhone Xs Max, It has never crashed on me and the graphics are great! Naturally i would struggle passing levels at the beginning but there’s nothing better than a good challenge and trying different strategies out 👍🏻 I am both proud and sad to say that I have gotten every medal for every available map and I guess you could say I am officially done with the game which is a shame because this game would take the boredom away from me in a heartbeat! So yes ABSOLUTELY get this game guys!!! Don’t give up so fast, try different strategies!!! If it’s not challenging then it’s no fun, and this game is Challenging 😁 I go back from time to time and replay maps just for the fun of it 😋 I’m gonna miss this game :’)

Cash Grab. This could have been an interesting crossover, but the game seems to try and find any way possible to provide in-app purchases. There is a whole bunch of things to manage, coins, gems, shards, trinkets, allies, and theres a way to buy basically all of them. From pay-exclusive characters to points to level up those characters, its absurd and the price they ask for it is even worse. To top if off the game becomes very hard to progress maybe 30 minutes in to playing after completing the long boring tutorial and finishing essentially the same level 9 times. It really is essentially a pay to win game, which is disturbing considering I’m sure the main audience is a younger demographic. Overall really just disappointing. You can have your shameless cash grabs, but don’t ruin the game within the first few levels for those who don’t want to pay. Obviously its free, but its one thing to get a bonus from paying and its another to make the game virtually unplayable without paying.

It’s harder than real BloonsTD. It’s a really fun game but you can’t have all your characters out. The levels are harder, it feels like the Bloons are harder to break than they are in real BloonsTD. My favorite balloons game was BloonsTD 6. The characters are more detailed and it’s kind of 3-D but not too much. There are more characters and the heroes are the BEST. They always save you at some part of the game. I like how the super monkey has the highest amount of money from each Category, and that super monkey destroys them but then the little airplanes pop out of nowhere and pop balloons. They also shoot bombs. And some levels have secret characters that you are sometimes able to play. You are not teammates or enemies, and you get trophies and badges. I’m 8 years old so this stuff is hard for me but I tried my best so it might make no sense to you.

Am I Playing This Wrong?. I don’t see how you continue playing without paying; your characters reach a level impasse early and the stages quickly become too difficult. There also doesn’t seem to be an effective way to grind levels or gear (which is typically the price you pay when you don’t want to spend money yet). I searched for some tips but didn’t find much. I love the core mechanic of leveling units in a tower defense setting, but I didn’t get hooked on the game before it became too hard to progress. I have no problem buying IAP if I’m enjoying a game, but I wasn’t able to get deep enough into this one before hitting the wall so I just uninstalled it. Great idea, fantastic art, and pretty decent music, but it was too difficult for me to really enjoy casually (which is what I’m looking for in a phone game).

My thoughts on how it could improve.. I’ve been playing the game when I can since it came out. I love playing it! However there are some major bugs that are breaking the game. I’m level 30 so I’ve played a bit. There are a lot really bad graphical issues of BFB’s flying across the screen for absolutely no reason. Some bloons that become invincible even after using powers and upgrades. I’ve died on many occasions due to balloons becoming literally impoppable👈. I play on my brand new iPhone 8+ and the game is just running really poorly graphic wise. I’ve played BTD5-6 with no issues on graphics what so ever. Also more bugs on when I’m trying to place down a character and it’s clearly grey in a open spot and it won’t let me place that character therefore, causing bloons to go by when I could have managed if it let me place my character. I’m very familiar with DDT’s and how to destroy them. “Yes I know they are considered camo balloons” but they are coming out graphically as ZOMG’s you can tell by how fast they are going. Overall if you could fix some of these game breaking bugs I would most definitely rate it 10/10 or 5/5. But as of now I believe in my opinion the game is worth a 4 star rating!

Love the game! Mathematical!. This game is fantastic! I’ve been a fan of the Bloons TD franchise going back to older products. I love love love this licensed Adventure Time game. It’s themed well as takes the best parts of the family of games and improves them. I do hope that updates clean up performance a little bit. My game can pretty reliably crash on the last level of Impoppable on certain boards. This was frustrating in the Halloween event when I had basically beaten the hardest version of a board but couldn’t earn the higher payout of event items. I had to replay at a lower level so it wouldn’t crash. I have an iPhone 7+. I realize it isn’t the newest phone but it generally does just fine. I would expect it to be able to handle the last level. It’s just frustrating when you have a fully upgraded set of characters that you know can beat the stage but the game can’t progress due to technical issues. I’m more than willing to look past this problem though. The game is very fun and the two franchises converge very well into this super rad game. Lots of replay value. I play often. Thanks!

Hope NK sees this,. Hi, I am a HUGE fan of the game but there are somethings that could definitely be improved, Here are some of those things: 1. I wish in the shop there were only super rare or epic things because I need those more then uncommon or rare things that I see all the time. 2. Overpowered items, the MOAP bomb is insanely overpowered all I have to do is sell and rebuy to instantly destroy all the Bloons. Another one is the Phoenix ability, again, I just sell and rebuy to have a bunch of phoenixes. I would say that when you buy a tower with a ability, it would already have a cool down like in btd 6. 3. Quests, I saw the choice for a quest that said “pop 25,000 Bloons using jake” as a silver quest” and then saw a quest that said “pop 20,000 Bloons with instrument users” as a gold quest. 4. This is the last one. I was thinking of a harder difficulty like chimps, because I have already beaten almost all impopable maps and was looking for a really hard challenge like chimps. I think a lot of people that have ease with beating the game would agree with this suggestion. Thanks Ninja kiwi! Absolutely love the new game!

Phenomenal overall. This game is awesome for me. Honestly I’ve never played any other Bloons games before but I’m not only a fan of TD based games but a HUGE fan of adventure time. So it was a very colorful and action packed mix. However there are a couple glitches where blooms become invincible near the end of the impoppable challenges. also I would really ask that there be more levels to accomplish!! For a newcomer the challenges seem pretty huge in quantity. But I’m a level 56, and only play average 1-2 hours a day and I’ve only been playing for just over a month and now I’m just about out of levels to play except 2 impoppable challenges. Please make a ton more levels! They are so creative and fun!! And honestly they don’t need voice actors. Just a cool map that resembles things from the show and some twists. Good work though!! This game is great!!

great integration, one problem. When I was younger, I loved to play BTD 4 on Coolmath and watch Adventure Time. Therefore, the blending of BTD and Adventure Time has me hooked! Yes, the gameplay gets repetitive (especially since you need to replay maps to advance and get better chest loot). However, the unique feel of the characters and variety of trinkets to obtain combined with different terrains within maps keeps the game from getting too boring! (I look forward to more added features/characters!) My only complaint is that, when speeding up the game, my phone freezes for a few seconds before the game runs again. Within the period when it's frozen, I'm left with no time to react to intruding balloons via upgrading characters. This is problematic especially when an upgrade could make or break a victory.

Love this game……….but wish it had more.. Ok let me start off by saying I love this game. Have been a HUGE Adventure Time fan since it first starting airing on CN. But I wish it had more missions. Like go ahead and fully do a wrap up of the series and have it in this game. I personally would love to see lvls that feature Prismo, The Lich, the Martian King, Death’s Underworld, etc. And also maybe include even more characters/allies like the Lemongrabs, the party bears, and other characters that made adventure time what it is. I know the Devs don’t want to over pollute over the Bloons TD monkey characters which I can understand and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they even made more of them as well. But I think more characters/allies would be awesome. Also make it where you can share some legendary stuff. I have 3 of the lightning swords and feel like I may not even be using them. And I would rather have shards instead of having too much cluster of one item that I may not even use……..any ways, besides that little ramble of complaints/suggestions. This game is good, kills time, get to explore the land of ooo. WHATS NOT TO LOVE! Unless your neither a fan of Adventure Time or Bloons TD which if your not………then why are you even here?

Balance changes to make game “more fun” do the opposite. I played this game a lot about a year ago but I got pretty busy and hadn’t played since then. I recently re-installed and noticed in the patch notes that there were some balance changes to make the game “more fun.” Well, these changes should actually say “to make us more money” because the difficulty spike in the end-game is way more ridiculous than it used to be. It’s impossible to beat even one of the easiest “Impoppable” difficultly levels now, with all the characters and allies I have fully upgraded, even with better characters unlocked than when I played before. I always liked this game because even though it had micro transactions, it never felt like it was purposely made to be more difficult to encourage spending. Sadly, those days are over, and this game has turned into just another “grind for hundreds of hours or give us your money” type of game. To think that this game is targeted at children leaves an even more sour taste in my mouth, shame on you Ninja Kiwi and Cartoon Network.

Great game, rough glitches.... Honestly, this game is way too fun to have this amount of glitches... it’s a very well-made Bloons game that actually fits into the adventure time vibe, and provides interesting gameplay with the characters/allies mechanic. Unfortunately, it experiences significant graphical slowdown and more annoyingly, a glitch that causes the sound effect that plays when you first click the main menu to play over and over again in the map, the pause screen, menu screens, and the main gameplay. This persists even with disabling in-game music and/or sound effects. The auditory monotony unfortunately leaves you to completely turn off your device’s audio, which detracts from the experience... I’d really love to see this fixed even if it’s unlikely...

Great Game, Difficult Progress. I enjoyed playing this game, but this game is difficult to progress. For this early version, it feels like ninja kiwi is showing the potential of this game. I love the adventure time theme and characters. Also love the strategy we can set up from the characters and combos. What would be nice is, make it easier to upgrade our characters and obtain shards. As of now, I'm stuck, even after purchasing in game characters. I'm not sure how to progress and it feels repitive now. I hope ninja kiwi makes it easier, add more quests, and events. This is a good start, I'm just waiting to see how this game progress before I spend more money. [Update]. After spending some more time, this game is really fun. I eventually unlocked stronger weapons and trinkets to progress further. Purchasing Tuxedo Jake made a difference.

I adore this game BUT. Second edit: they did another update and the game is BANANAS!! All my glitches were fixed, I love this game!!! (I previously wrote a review that I’ve since deleted. I’ve only had one problem with the game and I think my review was unfair) I loooove this game! Adventure Time is one of my all-time favorite shows and I think this game really keeps true to the show. Plus, CHARACTER VOICES!! Lots of new content added all the time, and it’s a challenge (not so easy you beat it without some hard thinking/work) My only problem, which is kinda huge, is there are times where I’m doing an “impopable” level board and it crashes halfway through the final level. I log back in and I have to start that level over again. Lather, rinse, repeat. In the past I’ve just forfeited the level, but today I spent *real world* money on powers and I don’t want to. I’ve been trying to finish this level for the past six hours! Help!!!

This games good but…. I’d say, basically once you like do most levels it becomes super difficult to collect shards and wish orbs. Plus by the time you do get an epic it’s like three epics you don’t have a use for or that you already have you reroll then you get a couple purples and a gold you already have. So, then you should make it so when you get a bag, you still get a wish orb, level up material some shards a power and whatever else you’d usually get from a chest also really annoying noise with Sam basically you die or win a game but her magic attack noise continues until you place her again and she attacks also another time on the third level of Frozen Blades the music glitched after an ad then I had to close the app and reopen it. And one more thing: if I could see the loot, then I’d put, under “ usable by” I’d do “recommend for”,if you know what I mean anyhow also the paywall it would be nice not to have to pay to get them also still others who read this: for the last level of C4 Charlie I would recommend for those who haven’t paid for people yet to come in with powerful items and a ton of cash and a super rare power that revives you also do not level up captain Cassie it’s not worth it and plz fix the Sam glitch and also it requires a ninja kiwi thing to do the Martian throne thing please make it so you can do it without if possible finally add a sandbox mode like in bloons TD6 and make it so you can create your own maps

Can you update the game? It has a lot of room to grow. So, this is a fun game so far. The problem? You are leaving too much room to grow. Like, why not a endless mode that gives rewards for how far you made it? Why not more maps? More adventures? I really want a big update (like a what, 2.0 update?), that can make the game expand a LOT! The crazy rules of the Martian Games can also apply to games! I can even find room for PvP shootouts (whoever lasts longer wins, or if it’s a tie, how many lives they started out with (could be a tie as well, but that’s the best i can do)) and tourneys! (basically a single elimination tournament) Try to add characters! Try unique ways to get them! Adding many features to the game could add A LOT. Make sure nobody gets angry though! (wait somebody will, make it only few)

Greedy developer ruins great game. Loved Bloons series. This is pretty gross. They offer the option to pay to remove ads but don't tell you that you're still forced to watch them to get all the loot rewards you're offered. Why did I pay to remove ads and still get forced to watch them? That's blatantly false advertising. There's a million ways to spend cash but zero ways the game protects from losing from rampant bugs. Game crashes on top end devices, black Bloons that rush straight to end while your mobile heroes don't even try to chase it, several abilities that actually help the bloons more than you (Jake's inhale ability spits them out behind your defenses), etc etc. I was having a decent time until the game ate through thousands of gold due to bugs and it wouldn't stop shoving ads in my face even after paying them. The developer does nothing but make excuses in their feedback. Just save yourself the trouble and avoid this blatant cash grab from a once-decent developer.

Love it!. This game is the best mobile game I have ever played. With the voices and the wish orbs and the martian games it is, in short, a work of art. Although, there are a few things that would make the game even better. First, please take out the party thing where I can only have 10 characters. Make it so that I can have all characters in a game. Then, I think I found a glitch with the Epic trinket, Bubblegum’s hair: it says that all of Finn’s attacks coat bloons in bubblegum when in range of PB. BUT, I have the r/c plane and the missile equipped to Finn but they dont coat bloons in bubblegum also I don’t know if finns sword attacks are coating them in bubblegum either. Last, please change the difficulty I need to play on to unlock cdr cassie and juggernaut max. Although i already unlocked them, im concerned that others might not be able to unllock them, seeing as they are on extreme and the maps split to two tracks so even more difficult. Also can you change it that the martian throne gives more crystals, and if I buy a prenium character ffrom the martian trader it comes withcthe weapon?

Love it to bits but one suggestion.. Only been playing for like a day or two and as an adventure time and Bloons fan I am having a blast, or pop rather. The ads get a little annoying but I’m highly considering supporting the game by purchasing dungeon Finn. My suggestion is a simple one though. There’s quite a bit of grind to be had. Maybe not make replaying levels worth near nothing or give a way to replay a map/ difficulty again for more loot than 5 coins (save bloon beacon maps)? I feel like maps lack worthy replay ability. Offering this as a suggestion, not a criticism as the game is new and definitely has room to grow. Also a FreePlay mode would be definitely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Difficulty. Alright, to address the difficulty of the game, a lot of people have been complaining about the difficulty. I played since it came out and I already passed practically every map a month, maybe even two ago. I don’t think at all that this game makes you pay for anything. Not even a single ounce of me makes me believe that. Yes there is exclusive content that may give you a boost, but you truly don’t need it. Honestly I think it should be harder, but there are some maps that are difficult. So make sure to get the treasures of the easier maps and build up your team. Now that that’s addressed I think we need a multiplayer option or something else where we can interact with players. But yeah that’s my rant about people ranting. (forgot to mention, I haven’t bought anything in the game, I’m 13 and broke.)

Really loving this Game!. This game is by far one of the most addicting games I’ve played and I can’t get enough! I enjoy the characters you can choose from and I like the pace of leveling up in this game! I would really like if you could change the song that is playing while you try and pass the levels though because I get a little tired of listening to the same song on repeat. If by any chance you could add the song from the episode Wedding Bells Thaw during the manlorette party that would be awesome! I do have an issue with possible cheaters in the game when it come to the Martian throne. I was playing and the top player had his spot on the throne past level 10,000! I can’t remember the exact number but it was greater than the number I gave. I’m not sure if they achieved that insane number honestly but if not it makes it impossible to have the chance to capture the throne. If there was a way to maybe flag a player to ensure that they are not cheating that would be great! Overall though I really like this game!

Absolutely the best TD game ever. However, I couldn’t find the support link in the developers website: to summit a bug/audio issue. Like someone else mentioned in a recent review, there’s this really annoying sound that keeps repeating over and over and at random intervals. It kind of sounds like the intro “bang” noise, or like the one that one of the characters makes when they throw an item or something of that sort. It repeats non-stop even when even changing all the audio settings in game. The only way to stop hearing it is by sliding the physical mute switch on my phone 🥺 Can anyone please help solve this issue. I also found it weird that the Ninja Kiwi support website linked in the Apple App Store, made no reference to this game, even after I searched for the games tittle word for word 🤔 Other than that it’s a great game, but with that awful sound randomly repeating every few seconds, it takes away the sound/notification functionality of my phone while I’m playing it and that’s just not right 😓

Better than BTD 6. I just wanted to say this app is a beautiful take on bloons and adventure time. The voice acting alone tells you that this game was taken seriously and I would like to applaud the developers for making a game where none of the purchasable content was necessary to be good or have fun. The loot system is a personal favorite of mine because you get to beef up your load out if you have a difficult time with any map. The reason I am only giving this a 4/5 is because the difficulty scaling does not match the loot. The first hour of play feels like your hand is being held and then again once you grind out some mid game loot. My fist legendary was the pineapple bomb one that destroys everything below a BAD so after that I was one punch man... I stopped using it to try to up the difficulty for myself again but I knew I could always go back to it. I have been playing for a few weeks now and even though I know I’ll win I just like playing bloons in this style. I would like to see a chimps like in btd 6 mode where you get restricted benefits from gear for end game players c: thank you for the wonderful game!

Fun But Sort of Unrefined. With offline games the BTD series is one of the best and this new game is really fun while changing enough to make things different. The loot box system is noninvasive and fair and there are a surprising amount of AT references that only someone who really watched the show could appreciate. Some things hold it back a bit though. Battery is a big issue as this game uses more battery on average than most of my other games which really takes any amount of extended play off the table. It’d be really nice to have some kind of battery saver mode to reduce usage when a charger isn’t around. Other things like minor graphic issues and bugs could also be fixed but at least for me battery is the main issue. TLDR: Really fun BTD with a very cool AT theme. Great offline game but uses more battery than I’d like.

The one problem that needs to be adressed. Marceline (original not Hunter Marceline) is supposed to be one of the strongest characters in the show but is the weakest in the game. I find that most allies are sinuficantly better then Marceline. Ghost Princess is the most similar to Marceline than any other character or ally, and I think that Ghost Princess is at least twice as strong as Marceline. How do I think this can be fixed? Simply give Marceline an upgarde that allows her to use her axe as a weapon but requires you to have marcelines bass equiped. This upgrade should give Marceline +1 damage. Please fix this, I want you to add this upgrade because I hate seeing Marceline not use her axe bass. (One more thing, please add a Bubbline achivement since it is cannon now.)

Awesome Game - Better Than BTD 6. I’ve played all the BTD Games and this one stays relatively true to form. It’s a mix of Monkey Heroes and tons of Adventure Time characters. These are my thoughts: -Quite a bit of handholding at the beginning. It’s a bit much. -New characters/allies/equipped add-ons/etc. unlock at a decent speed which gives the game some variety! -There are some Adventure Time aspects (allies - like PepBut which need Princess Bubblegum in your loadout to use) true to the show, so it’s way more fun if you’re already familiar with the land of Ooo. -IAP’s are way overpriced but you don’t need to buy gems to speed up processes like 99% of IOS games. Buying wish orbs will just give you an advantage and allow you to play levels on Hard mode sooner. -Difficulty is actually reasonably good. In fact, I could imagine some levels getting frustrating for kids. You actually need to place towers effectively, and set their “targeting” (Close, Strong, etc.) with care. Verdict: The game runs smoother than BTD6 on my IPhone 6. If you already like BTD games, this one will add tons of variety to your experience. And if you’re an Adventure Time fan you NEED to try this game.

How to make the game more enjoyable. I love BTD and Adventure Time! Bringing the two together was brilliant. I play the game all the time and can’t get enough. However, there are a few I’d like to see improved, added or changed. For one, obviously, I think the game needs more maps added in the next update. I think there should be 2-3 more adventures, characters, and/or allies developed into the game. Next is the game sort of stalls out and sometimes even crashes whenever an onslaught of Bloons come through, particularly on round 74. But most importantly, I think the fact that you have to pay $9.99 (or any actual cash) for characters, items and other add-ons is kind of ridiculous. Overall the game is a ton of fun though. A couple updates/modifications could have this game at 5/5 stars.

❤️❤️❤️Absolutely the best Bloons TD game so far ❤️❤️❤️. This game is so good 😊 I play it every weekend for hours I have an account and I really love ❤️ Martian games but can u make it easier to get Martian crystals? I am saving to 5,000 to buy 15 red tomato’s to level up my marcline to lvl 4 but I only have 440. (Including achievements) granted, I have only played Martian games once, but it is still hard. Now that we’re talking about Martian games, those rules are the worst. I’m not saying that you should get rid of ALL of them but maybe just narrow it down to 1? And while your at it, you should make some new places with new adventures for new characters. The game is fun but I really want to try to get commander Cassie so I can get jugernaut max. So basically more adventures, more characters, easier to get Martian crystals, and leaps Martian game rules. Also maybe make a way to get characters that cost $$$ possible to get without having to pay. Granted, those levels/adventures should be hard, but they should be possible too. Still I am a huge fan I would give this game 6 stars ⭐️ if I could thx bye P.S. I am drawing out a bloons TD birds! :)

Best Tower Game I’ve ever played. This game is obviously the fruit of many hours of work. From the characters abilities, to how much things cost, to the ability to place each character exactly where you want, it’s an impressive game. It even offers a nice challenge curve to keep you engaged for quite some time. You don’t just get the hang of the game and then start beating every level. There’s a lot of slow upgrades that need to happen first. My only critique of the game comes from the fact that as the game gets more challenging, you have to face more levels of the same map. Instead of 30, you’re looking at 45 or 60 rounds, and each round gets longer as you go. I do enjoy the 2x button it offers but that’s still not enough. I’m not sure if the processor could handle a 3x button but you are asked to replay maps multiple times. Overall this game is awesome and definitely recommended. I think their paid options are fair and does not inhibit the free players from leveling up. Thanks for your work!

Difficulty. Because you seem to be responding to reviews I’ll go ahead and write one - comparatively to BTD6, this is a very difficult game, and takes much longer to pick up on than your previous games, even with the forced tutorial. This surprises me considering it’s affiliated with a Cartoon Network show. For starters, while it has an entertaining user face, it’s confusing to figure out which map you should be playing next so that the difficulty doesn’t suddenly ramp up. I think what might help if there was a suggested map button. Secondly, it seems after looking around the whole map a difficulty jump is unavoidable because there are either 1 skull maps or 3 skull maps, and little to no in-betweens. Thirdly, I know it’s a free game so it’s supposed to take longer than other games for one to progress in order to encourage them to buy things, but it’s kind of rare to run into the items you need to upgrade your characters. I feel as though replaying a map should at least give you one item so that grinding is possible to help combat the higher than usual difficulty

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Lovely but. I love the show and the game but just the difficulty ruins it, old reviews report the same issue and yet it still occurs. I understand you guys want us to buy stuff in the game but it ruins it, just makes people not want to play.

LOST PROCESS! Disappointed!. It was fun back then several months ago since I first start playing. I spent a lot of time on this game cause I'm a free-to-play player. Now that I return all the equipments and the characters I unlocked is all gone. It restart the whole game basically. I tried log in to Game Center, email, FB cause It saved on game Center back then. I hope the developer do something about this and get my account back for me. Or else it would be ashamed for such a fun game being fall back for such a stupid problem. Thank you (sorry for broken English) -Bao

Just a note. This game is such a cool and awesome version to adventure time the 3D impact gives so much detail and the game style is just amazing thanks for all the workers making this game possible

Needs an update. On a hard level and about to complete it and it stops the whole game glitches out Started it back up and did exactly the same thing done that a couple times Have paid a lot of money in the game and play it all the time.. This is the longest I have been off it because it won’t let me finish the level I am currently trying to finish

My game keeps crashing. So I love this game because I love playing Bloons td 6 and I loved watching adventure time. Buuuuuut when I am on the Martian games and I look at my characters my game will crash.

Update on Characters not Unlocking!. Sorry, I just realised that now. Worth five stars and every bit of my time and storage!

So addictive. I love this game and adventure time so incredibly much . I watch the show on Stan and it is awesome and I love 💗 both times infinity ♾ !!!!!! This is the best game ever invented ! I am so happy 😃 that there are my 2 favourite characters on it they are fp (flame princess) and pb (princess bubble gum!)!!

A Bit Difficult. I love this game, but I’ve recently discovered that I cannot do anything else in this game until I find some way to beat a level, it tells me to get dungeon Finn, but isn’t that just pay to win though? Other than the difficulty, this game is great! 👍

NEW MAPS PLEASE. I love this game! I’ve been playing it for a while now. I love everything about the game however I have done all the levels apart from impossible. I have all the characters. There’s just really nothing left to do..

Greedy monkeys. If you are here because you are a fan of the show, then this game is a huge disappointment. When I first saw the game promo video, my impression is that this game consists solely of adventure time characters. But the truth is that I found myself spending hours unlocking monkey characters that I do not care one bit. It sounds really ridiculous when I have to unlock monkeys so I can unlock actual adventure time characters. Also, there are only 6 adventure time characters I could add to my party when it’s free to play. Any new characters cost $15 dollars to unlock and is not unlockable by pure game play. It’s not like adventure time doesn’t have enough characters to be used in this game, this is just a greedy money grab.

Hard is Hard. I love this game but it is really hard to get warrior PB I try sooooo hard to get her but it’s really hard I almost have all characters but I try to do hard but I can’t but as I said I love the actual game ❤️

Great FREE game with endless time of fun. I love this game, there’s lots of different levels, characters and upgrades. I love how challenging it gets sometimes and how you can take different approaches to the same level based on the level of difficulty. One issue sometimes is when it forces you to update. I’m on holiday overseas and the hotel wifi doesn’t let me download apps so I’m stuck and cannot play.. which was a great dead time activity.

Awesome Bloons!. I love how you guys added new bloons to the game as well as a story mode. In fact, me and my friend were talking the other day and we came up with a cool idea. A zombie blimp, that looks like a Moab, BFB, Zomg and DDT were stitched together, 3x zomg health, and breaks into those 4 blimps when destroyed. What makes it really difficult, is when popped it leaves a giant tombstone for the next round. Anyway, it was just a cool idea I thought I’d suggest to you guys.

PLEASE ADD SANDBOX MODE. This is game is great especially when it’s for free , despite its few glitches. But I only ask for one thing and that is to add a sandbox mode , I really wanted to try some strategies ,during the game I can’t do that because I’ll either get trampled over by Bloons or I don’t even have enough money to buy the things I need. I would really appreciate it if you add this mode in or at least put it in consideration. Thanks

Positive and Negative. It’s a really fun game, I love the story line and the setting of the game. I like how you can unlock characters, upgrade them and go through levels but when you get to a certain point the battles just get too hard even if your still on normal. I really want to unlock Flame Princess but you have to go through hard when I can’t even get passed the first level of hard and I only had six hearts left when completing the last level of normal. This game is really good and I’d like to keep playing but it’s hard when I’m making no progress, otherwise I love everything else about it.

Awesome but crashing. This a great game the blooms series crossing over with Adventure Time now that’s a game that’s good for me but whenever I try to go in the tokens (I think there called) it crashes and I try have so many I’d like to try on but it just crashes all the TIME. please fix this problem

This is pretty much Bloons td6. Alright I just got this game and it’s amazing although can the upgrades be more faster and less expensive and pls and more new heroes

iPhone 6. Greatest game ever. But. Crashes on lvl 75 impoppable on most levels. Phone can’t keep up. Shouldn’t say it works on a iPhone 6. It doesn’t.

I haven't even played it yet but I'm just giving 5 stars because I feel like it.. My friend just said it was fun so I got it.

Too hard. How do you play this game if unlocking heroes is almost impossible and this game is not for kids, its for strategists. Maybe you can create an easy mode but overall its a good game.

Allies should be like hero’s. I feel the game cold be a lot larger and more enjoyable if the allies were more like the heroes, you need to do missions to get them, essentially all the allies become heroes with their own individual quests to unlock them.

Great. A great job on making this game. I think there should be much more levels to help with easing into the difficulty, it starts of really easy and then gets harder a little too quickly. Also why are all the ads unskippable? Its really annoying. Also add a sandbox mode please

Absolutely 5 star. This is a really good game because I don’t really like normal balloon games but I love adventure time so if you mix them together BOOM a way better game🤩🥳

Waste of money. The game is nice but I purchased stack of gold coins for three dollars and it didn’t come through so I purchased it three more times and it still didn’t come through! So I can’t pass The burning rubber level!! Also I wasted my money or nothing I didn’t even want to get the The coins but I didn’t so I could pass that level but it didn’t come through. it’s turned my game experience sour i’m writing this game one star it’s an absolute waste of money

I can not think of a good title. This is truly an amazing game! The 3D models are great and the whole entire game is so addictive. Though I do stumble around the same problems as POSITIVE/negetiveREVIEW. Btw, that guy spelt negative wrong 🤦‍♂️. But this game is still awesome!

Confusion. I have actually enjoyed this game very much, there is just a really annoying problem. I have finished 2 separate quests that is supposed to give me 3 green orbs each and I never got to open any of the orbs. As soon as I would collect the loot from finishing the quest, the orbs never show up on screen.

update please and 10x speed up pls. Okay, this game is good and I recommend downloading but if you don’t like to do very hard stages you will need to grind A LOT I got cobra and it’s op so get a epic trinket or Ally or weapon before extreme, please.

Great game but needs smoothing. Love the game, challenging and really makes you work hard for those impoppable levels but as I’ve progressed the games been crashing and becomes incredibly laggy towards level 60 and above.. I’m running it on iPhone 7..

Love it but it lost it’s hardness. When I played this game a year ago to you unlock on hard,super monkey on extreme and Sam on hard but now they are all on every difficulty

But.... I loved the game but can you do an event where you get premium characters by doing some things on impoppable pleeeaaaasssseeee because premium characters cost a lot of money

Thoroughly enjoyed it. First and foremost, I’m seeing people complain about micro transactions. IT IS A FREE GAME, what did you expect? I’m sure the same people complaining would also hate Temple Run and InfinityBlade. But to my review, the amount of stuff for free from NinjaKiwi’s first free game is absolutely amazing and I throughly enjoyed the scripts from each character and overall plot/storyline. Having played and being bored of BTD5 throughout my childhood, this game was a WELCOME change. But good job NinjaKiwi and Miniclip for making this game happen

Ninja’s Best. Honestly, this game is absolutely amazing. The sheer amount of content in this game is insane. Great job Ninja Kiwi! This is clearly their best or one of their best games and this is because of a few things such as content, animations, gameplay, characters and overall vibe. It’s just so fun to play. All though 99.9% of the game is 5 stars it is still missing some essential things like freeplay, co-op and character costumes. Otherwise, one of the best games on App Store!!!!👍👍😀

Cost of upgrades / level of difficulty. First of all - great cross over. A review of upgrades / money earnt throughout the game needs to be improved. Possibly a monkey farm? So you can earn money in the game and a farmer that can collect the money for you. Almost impossible to get PB’s jellybean upgrade by level 45. Other than that it is a great game.

Great potential, but.... This game is pretty good for the first few rounds, but when I saw micro transactions were there I was annoyed by doing that. it takes a lot of time to actually level up your characters, and the quickest way to level them up is by micro transactions.

Teammates. Can you make it an online game so I can play with my friend and family.

Glitches in harder levels. I spent a bit of time playing this game building up my characters then a lot of the higher level games just freeze half way through. I don’t enjoy that kind of frustration

Good but weird audio issue. The game is really fun to play, but there is a weird wracking noise that repeatly plays, it doesn’t seem to tied to music or sound effects, not sure how to fix, otherwise a really fun game

Love it. But very hard. Nk great game have loads of fun playing this game until it got extremely hard so I deleted the game but re-downloaded once someone said it got easier also I’m sure people would love another crossover this one was amazing…. …PvZ and btd6 still waiting. Anyways what I’m trying to say in summary is make the game a little bit easier not a good challenge is always fun make it so that beating the game with out the micro transactions not impossibly hard Great game overall =)

Please Add Freeplay. I love this game and the creativeness you guys have done with it but eventually we will grow bored of repeating the same map and only getting a bag of coins because we have finished all the maps and can’t play any longer on a map. I understand why you are not allowing more than one placement of a character but I just want to continue a map in freeplay after I have completed it. Thank you for reading this and I hope you add freeplay.

Bring the game back. I know I’m not talking about this game but it’s the only way to reach out to you guys what I’m trying to ask is to bring the mighty magisword mobile app back on the App Store you see I accidentally deleted it after you guys deleted it from the App Store and now I can’t get it back so please bring it back

Great Game. Really great game. I’ve spent hours playing it. Super exciting. I would like if they would give us the option to overlook our weapons/trinkets while we’re playing in game so I could see what does what. Hopefully they are able to do something about that. Other than that it’s a pretty fun TD game and am hoping they keep at it and update with more characters and items.

Update plzz. So two years ago I played this game and I loved it. The story and voices were good but it was way too difficult, so I deleted the app. And then a couple months ago I saw that the game got easier because you only had to do it on normal to get all the characters. And I’ve played it and enjoyed it but..... Sadly I’ve got all the characters except for the ones that cost money and well I’ve beaten all the maps on extreme and I’ve gotten bored. Sure I can do them on impopoble but every time I play I get bored. It seems like alll I can do now is do impopoble or spend money. SO PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ADD NEW CHARACTER OR STORY. I KNOW THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE PLAY ANYMORE BUT I STILL LOVE THE GAME. THANKS!❤️

Fix your bugs. Funny how there was a nerf patch for like most of the game modes yet haven’t fixed ridiculous bugs like every single character pausing their attacks while Jake uses his swallow skill, making the skill better if not purchased, and maybe change the 75 round boss from being able to be fortified considering it makes the level literally impossible to beat.

Great but missing freeplay. I love this game it is amazing with the voice acting characters and the strategy involved but there is one thing missing freeplay mode I really want to see how far I can get and the why you can do this is after you beaten everything on a map you can do freeplay mode you can set you own settings and let them go I want this so badly it’s the one thing keeping the game from being a 5 star

How?. So I deleted this game then downloaded it again question how do u get ur old account back plz I don’t want to play the game again from da start my old Account is SuperFreezer70 plz give me meh old Account back (my heart is beating really fast)!!!!!! Plz fix it❤️❤️😎😎❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺😎😎😎✌️✌️✌️😇😅😍😘

Needs update for iOS 14.6. Edit: i don’t know what happened but it fixed itself. It keeps crashing after I updated to newest iOS 😢

Prices. Overall this is a great game I’m currently lvl 32 and loving it although maybe lower the prices because $15 for one character is a lot and hunter Marcus and tuxedo jake is really good apart from that I love this game

Optimisation issues. Really fun game with nice challenges. My only complaint is that the optimisation for the new 10’s is a bit mediocre. Parts of the map are cut off and feels unnatural. Are you able to tweak it slightly to fully optimise it better? Thanks.

Love the game. Just want another level or two added will be good

I loved it but.... Ok so I love adventure time so when I saw this I was like hell yeah! I played it for awhile but came to sudden halt, it had gotten wayyy to hard and it was in normal mode!! All I wanted was Marceline because she is my favourite character but I cannot beat one of the sea levels. I keep getting up to 30/30 and then losing. I believe that this is a game meant for kids? This is too hard. After all If it were to be easier I would play it nonstop but I can’t due to there being no “easy” level. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but I’m just reporting my issue. Thank you have a good day.

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Great game. So great game

Bugs and Cheaters. Overall a decent game but every time i ad re-roll for wish orbs it freezes, had to close the game after that. Lots of cheater in Martian Mode whose just ruining the game. Had a good run with this game. It’s time to leave when cheating is more consistent than bug fixes.

It’s fair in all. I mean I love this game it’s just my lack of skill but seriously turn down ads I am in a pain of ads though all in that great game

Really good. I loved adventure time and Bloons

10/10. This Game Slaps!!

Great game just some crashes. When the game is loading at 53% the game crashes I think it’s because I didn’t play it for a long time.

Does this Cost money?. Im really forget full and i forgot if it costs money or not please tell me again.

Too hard. This game is so hard I haven’t been able to unlock anything after the first week and have been playing it every day for months. I’ve been stuck on a level for a month.

No ads. This game has like no ads

UPDATE. This game is awesome but it needs a update, also make it so you don’t need to do so much micro transactions pls. Overall I love the game

Amazing game. Confusing support. My second review on this game. It is still great with one small problem on the support side. I’ve asked for some help using it to log into both my old accounts on monkey city and adventure time and well I never got an email back. Plus asking questions on the support on the sight confuses me a good bit, but even with all the small support problems it and the rest of ninja kiwi’s catalogue is amazing. Still really want some help to get my accounts back though.

bad game. this game is fun until u get to the point where the game is pay to win and you can’t do anything besides pay smh please fix this

Big potatoes is a hacker at round 1000000. Like come on

Good series, Good game... bad collab. Bloons Tower Defense is one of my favorite strategy games and i have played all of them to much extent. Every BTD (Bloons Tower Defense) game gets better and better each time... until now. By no stretch is this a bad game, although i feel the Adventure Time and Bloons mix just doesnt feel right. The menu’s and leveling systems feel cluttered and its hero's have non progressive feeling, although the story is quite compelling and the visuals are pleasing. I give it two stars.

Won’t let me play it any more. So two stars

Mediocre. This game is the best game ever but the beginning is way too hard when ya just start.

Needs new area and Character. I suggest breakfast kingdom and a way to buy allies with gems when there not in the store also you should add boomerang monkey

Very cool game. Hi, I’m just here to say that I still love this game even after all of these years and that I am also glad about how there are still some people who play this game!! Also, would you consider implementing new stuff in the game or even make a part 2? Call me crazy but I’d love it and I hope that it happens Thank you for creating this game

One of the best games I’ve ever played. I’m not really one to leave reviews but I think the game developers deserve my honest feedback. I admit that for most players this game might be a bit difficult for its target demographic, but it’s a small price to pay for a game that DOESN’T REQUIRE YOU TO PAY TO WIN. I started playing this game with pretty low expectations at first hoping that they didn’t ruin two of my favourite franchises but as I kept going I found the gameplay to be very fun and balanced in a lot of ways. There is a grind aspect to it but the seemingly endless stream of rewards make it worth your time. For those who are familiar with the classic BTD games this one plays mostly the same. Some differences are that for the main characters you may only have one copy of them on the map, where as in the original games you could have as may super-monkeys as you’d like, but in addition to that you can now personalize each character’s effects and skills in a variety of ways allowing for an even more strategic gameplay. It’s also a lot of fun to re-explore the lore of the show with every character and item that I’m finding along the way. If I had to complain about one thing is that I wish they could add more unlockable main characters throughout the map, more levels and new events too, or perhaps add a bit more story to it. But other than that this game is amazing and definitely worth a try!

Very nice tho it has a MASSIVE difficulty curve ever. 🕴🏻s

Good game. I love the game but 2 of the

THE BEST THING EVER. A combo of the best show ever, and the best game ever=THE BEST GAME EVER

Please update more. This game is awesome for fans of the show I just wish there were more updates

Can you add more levels plz. Can you make more levels because i competed most of the levels but I want more so can plz make more

Ehhh. It’s addictive and fun but pay to win

Little bugs. The game is great but it has a few bugs when I open chests it freezes sometimes other than that it is my third favourite Bloons game

game review. This looks like a game to get and adventure time is a popular franchise so you should try for yourself and it has lots to offer

You created a absolute meme. I hope there’s a feature where u can mute characters

Cool mechanics with poor progression balance. I really like the item and level system added to the Bloons standard play. I just wish the game progression wasn’t balanced around micro transactions. I’d much rather buy a game and play it balanced around fun.

Hey this game is the best but the starting is so hard!. The best but starting is hard

It looked so cool. I wanted to play it but I came across an error that wouldn’t let me in :(

This game is pretty good but it starts to get boring. I know that there are events in this game already I just wish there would be a multiplayer mode so we can play this game with friends but this game is still good

Great Game but... This is the best mobile game I’ve played so far, but there is a small glitch where when I’m looking through all the maps and stuff, and suddenly it just crashes. There is also one more suggestion I would really like if you added. More places to get new characters and maybe just chests. But other than that, I really like this game.


THE BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED. A combo of the best world wide show and also the best game in this world=BEST GAME I TRIED like how ever taught about doing this is amazing and the devs made the prices super affordable! I totally highly recommend downloading this game and again thank you developers for making this game I have been playing it for like 5 hours straight really good job you just got 5 stars

great game. Its an awesome game and i'm trying to do extreme matches but they are way to difficult even when I have every character except for 2 and paid ones and im trying to get the other 2 and ive tried so many times and ive failed and also you have to complete it on extreme for 3 or 4 different maps and now I just stopped playing because there is nothing else to do

Good but still pay to win. Its heartbreaker to see such a good game being pay to win, at the begin it aint so bad but after a day or two of gameplay you just keep losing EVERY game you try (after the tuto questline) and at the end of every level you fail the game give you tips for upgrading and getting better, why dont you come buy some fragments or characters or gems or orbs hehe ;-;

who made this should win an award 🏆. I love the show love the game recommend to anybody that likes bloons Td or adventure time I’m sad the show ended though 😭 but good game to keep the franchise alive 😊⚔️🛡 cause it adventure time come on grab your friends will go to very distant lands with jake the dog and Finn the human the fun will never end adventure time 🥲😊

One of the best games out there. This game is very fun

This games great but... This games fun and cool but when I play it make a really loud slashing sound and I turned off the sound in the settings and it didn’t work

Good Game but…. It’s good but after I got Marceline to help me get other characters, I started raging because I have worked so hard to beat the Necro Candy I just can’t beat it no madder what I do it’s just way to hard.

Really fun but so hard. Goddamn it’s fun but bro it’s so hard

Amazazing. This game is cool - Timmy

Not bad but can be better. No more characters this a is such o problem I have given up the game because no new adventure or characters to get its boring

Stupid Genshin ad. Stupid Genshin ad freezes the game and it’s absolutely unplayable. I can’t click anything and it just freezes the screen. Let me at least have an option to try another ads. Jesus.

Best game, needs more characters, and update it.. I used to play this ALL the time 4 yrs ago, and it was the best. Now i re-download it, and couldn’t play it, then NK helped me out a bit, and i see its still the best game ever lol

Sandbox mode. Bloons adventure time to is a good game overall what with its its large array of things to do but it could be better.and by better I mean you could add sandbox mode a feature which another btd game had (btd6) you should add it since this game is similar to btd6 but without sandbox a very fun part of it as you control what happens in sandbox not the game. Anyway I’m done so please add the sandbox feature later in the future.

BloonsAdventureTime. This game is awesome and I really love it. I love how you guys mixed characters like the ones in the bloons tower deffense.

I like it. I like the game bc it has 2 of my favorites games bad 6 and adventur time

Awesome. I think this game is pretty awesome but a little to hard. What I mean is like hard difficulty is really hard and I can’t beat the level.

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Love the game and found some bugs. I love this game. I play it everyday. It’s so fun. But every time I play the level roughhouser village my game crashes and I lose the progress on the level. It usually happens when I’m in the rounds in late 30’s. Also I don’t know if this is a bug but you can have multiple Finn clones from the Finn sword. Usually it’s only one, but if you hold the Finn clone before placing it then when the round ends you can place it and when you start the next round you can place another one. Hope this helped.

The game is still good today but I need something fixed. When ever I play I have fun but the big problem is is when an ad pops up because when the ad pops up you can’t skip it at least idk if it’s just me and my screen is all black with no ad showing and just the audio so I have to close out the game and go back in and it gets repetitive so If it can be fixed I would be happy also enjoy the other games that’s been released in Bloons lifespan especially The new Bloons to battles two

More maps?. Hi, I have beaten all of the maps in this game, at all difficulties, with my characters only at a max of level 7, so continuing to play is kinda obsolete. I was wondering if you guys could add more maps to the game that will unlock once you have beaten all the “standard” maps at all difficulties, just so I (and others) can keep playing more. I love the game a lot and I don’t want to stop, but there’s not much more I can do except Martian Games. Thanks:)

Love it!. I used to play Bloons td battles all the time then I forgot all about it until yesterday when i saw an add for a similar game on instagram and I was like “hey that’s kind of like that game I used to play. And then I was like “hey I should download that game again” so I searched it in the App Store and saw there was an adventure time one and I was like yes please and so I downloaded it and I love it and I got my mom into it too. I highly recommend this game to people who liked the og game, or my fellow adventure time lovers.

Tons of fun. I enjoy this game more than Blooms TD 6, as it has RPG elements of leveling up characters and getting loot. Be prepared to watch lots of short videos, as it’s a free-to-play game and you’ll want to reroll/double your loot by watching an ad. There are still several bugs that need to be fixed, like Tuxedo Jake (a paid character) crashing my game and my progress not being saved when I get back into the app, as well as several other items/allies/abilities that aren’t working as intended. Hoping these issues get sorted out in the next version of the game.

Just a few quirks. I really love this game, and I love the show too! But the only problem is that I can’t seem to finish the game. I try and try and try, but I can’t, and I mean, CAN NOT defeat the harder levels. It seems that I have to buy, yeah, BUY the other powerful characters. Which in it if itself is pretty screwed up if you ask me. I can’t defeat some of the Bloons because there’s only one character that can destroy them, and the other that also can I can’t get because the level is almost impossible with how many Bloons just raid the whole map and especially the camo ones, there’s the main monkey dude, sorry don’t remember his name, and the ninja monkey dude, again sorry I forgot his name, Sai I think? Never mind. I can’t defeat the levels, the harder ones I mean, if I don’t have enough tools, characters and magic’s to defeat it!! So please, fix that, if you do, thank you. Sincerely, Anonymous User.

This game is awesome,,,. This game is awesome. There’s not much to do in this game. It’s just upgrading characters from Cartoon Network if you’re a Cartoon Network fan then you should get this game. It’s about defending different places from balloons on the first game that you play in this game there’s only five levels on each round once you get more and more and more levels up it gets harder and harder, but you get new characters for every place you beat This game is great. You should download it.

Unhealthily addictive. The game itself is really fun and all.. but you end up sitting through a lot of advertisements and gambling your spare time away. Sure, you could always turn off your data to skip advertisements, but then you’d miss out on the chance to gamble for better loot from your wish orbs. I finally came to the realization that this was awful when the ads from Chase bank wouldn’t load and I couldn’t skip or get around them whatever way I tried. Kids shouldn’t have to watch too many advertisements or spend their parents money. Maybe it’s a good thing, though, because that’s what made me give up and use my spare time for more constructive, real-life stuff.

Great game, two problems.... First I want to say that this is my favorite ninja kiwi game. The use of creativity and strategy is amazing! But I have 2 problems. 1. There is a bit of a stand still point after you get all the heroes that you can get on easy, but you still can’t beat hard. I got through it by using my powers at the last round of hard and I finally got new heroes and broke the stand still. 2. I can beat impoppable, but if I use more than 5 heroes at any time on that difficulty and map the game crashes in the last 5 rounds! Then I have to start over and redo the first 70 rounds if I’m not to frustrated to give up and leave the game. this is really annoying and it’s why I’m not playing the game much any more. If you could fix these issues in an upcoming update I don’t think 5 stars would be enough for this game😉. Overall this is a really good game and I would definitely recommend it! Thanks for doing such a good job with this game, keep up the good work ninja kiwi!🙂

great game but engine needs tweaking. long time BTD4 player. recently switched to this game when it came out. love the additional features like equipping the characters and having them level up. even wish orbs make the game feel like it isn't pay to play. one major bug: when playing at higher levels, impoppable around level 65-75, if you have a ton of characters on the map, game play slows down to the point of grinding to a halt. the BTD4 engine can handle a ton of towers at much higher levels without problems, so i'm assuming it's associated with the equippable mods. i've had to actually delete characters off the map to finish levels or risk sitting for literally 10-20 minutes waiting for a level to creep along and eventually finish. fix this and you've got a top notch game on your hands.

Thanks. For not making a cash grab game truly everyone seems to follow the same pattern and in this day in age there isnt anything that makes you happy without there being a twist u still require $ for certain things in this game but that isnt all your going for and i notice that u truly make a difference by being different hopefully it doesnt have some sort of twist after i get into the gane for a while if so then ight but if not then cool

Annoying things. I personally enjoy the game but there are some things that I find very annoying. Firstly, I find the fire wizard in the second track in the adventure where you unlock Sam to be very annoying because I had Finn and Max at the entrance and every time the fire wizard did his thing, Bloons would get by and on later rounds a whole load of Bloons would leak through. Secondly, some of the more helpful powers seem too expensive and I have trouble getting enough coins to get, for example, Billy’s shield and that is 500 coins so maybe have some powers be like 450 coins or so. I really do like the game but these are some things that I think should be changed.

Crashing on iPad Air 1 - probably low RAM. Understanding that my device is at the bottom rung of support, because of its limited RAM, crashes are occurring on maps on impobbable difficulty in late rounds when there are lots of defenders. If there could be some scaling back of animation or picture quality in service toward functionality, I’d be all for that, in order to keep the game, if not running smoothly, then not crashing. Thank you for supporting this oldest generation of 64-bit devices! Apart from these crashes, this is definitely a 5 star app!

Great game but has a bad bug. This is a great game and pretty fun, have played btd all the way from the first one and this is a nice change but I’ve came across a bug to where you have sound and music off then what sounds like someone throwing something and splashing continuously happens. I can’t listen to music or even play the game without it happening every time I log in, it starts whenever you load up the game. But other then that everything is fine like I said a great game only giving it 4 because of that bug

Love this game (but hate the lag). I’ve beat all the levels and am almost done with all the quests. What’s next? I’m almost done collecting all allies and trinkets and have been doing the beacon map over and over again. Any way to add new levels? Feel like impoppable isn’t hard once you power up your characters with trinkets. I feel like I’m stuck in a weird place where I now just deal with lagging bc I have too many upgrades or too many characters on screen. Please fix!!!

You monster!. Making your signature game series FREE? Forcing players into in-app purchases for loot?! Freemium?!! I love the Adventure Time team up, but this is simply, as Lemongrab would say, UNACCEPTABLLLLLEEEE!!! What made your series lovable was that it was only one purchase, and then the rest is truly free. Sure, there is micro transactions in your recent ones, but you aren’t required to get them to progress, unlike this disaster of a game. The loot system and the whole heroes and leveling up idea is a bad idea, makes the game feel more like a puzzler (which I hate) instead of one of the few good TD games we always love. The “allies” concept forces you to either grind or buy through orbs to find your favorite towers, only to see them nerfed more than the ORIGINAL TD games! Usually it’s about 2 or 3 upgrades, which is less than TD2!! Don’t hop on the freemium wagon! This is what Clash of Clans, Game of War, and Fortnite did. Sure, they got popular, but now they are deeply hated for all the money they stole. Don’t go down in history like that! As for your Cartoon Network, screw you, and your channel full of crap, for swaying Ninja Kiwi into this.

Has A Pretty Big Problem. I LOVE THE GAME . . . However there is a large bug that has become to large of a problem. I usually start a game with Jake, Finn, Ice King, Max, Sai and BubbleGum... But as soon as I place any other character down after them, there is a 40% chance that any character (Main Players and Allies) will just stand still and do nothing. Usually you have to sell the character and move them somewhere else/restart game. But, that takes so long and costs money that you need to pass higher levels. I will give a fuller review when I have played some more, and hopefully when the bug is fixed, but man is it a killer. Anyways, solid game, I’ll leave a better review later -Ryan

The game keeps crashing. I am loving this game. It has the heart and essence of a Bloons game with the added fun and enjoyment of adventure time. The game is seamless when it comes to defending the candy kingdom with all of your favorite characters however there has been a recent bug with the 1.3 patch which is causing the game to crash both within mid game and when ever you complete a stage. Please developers fix this! I love playing this game so much and don’t mind having to reset the game to play it more but the inconvenience could definitely be fixed!

Bloons Steven Universe TD please!????. I think this game is really well made and even though i skip all the dialogue, i can still see the love that went into making the game, it really feels like it’s set in the land of Ooo. And the combo abilities are a great touch. I feel like it would be awesome to see the bloons invade Beach City from Steven Universe next. Think of all the awesome match-ups you could have between characters! You could have gem fusion be a thing too! Honestly even as a free-to-play gamer, i’d put money into a good Steven Universe game.

🤩🤩🤩. I LOVE this game but a...... about hunter marcy dungeon Finn and tuxedo Jake ........................................."....."..........."....................... WHY PAY? Mabey the parts were u if u have them u can do it but it could just be unlocked and get the charicters from there and then easily get ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️. Can u add some other allies like... other princesses like hotdog princess, breakfast and some more candy citicenzs like chocoberry and the OG c.b. . And on other Bloons idea can be a “Unikitty!” One because my sister reallllllyyyyyy wants a Bloons game like that. Plz make a “Unikitty!” One plz plz plz plz plz plz plz do this

Great game, one problem so far. Well I’m to level 40 and have beaten half the maps on impoppable, and I have to say it’s been a pretty great game and that the only problem I’ve found is that the candy diving suit is making the negative effects from the wizard battle map on badlands stick to the equipped character in my case finn and max, so when they are set on fire or frozen it doesn’t time out like normal it actually stacks on them until they can no longer move. That aside, again graphics and gameplay are amazing and another great game from ninja kiwi 😁

My brother is so mad cuz…. I like to report a problem so you put juggernaut max and cdr Cassie in extreme mode right? Well gusse what? Extreme mode is too strong and I can’t even beat extreme mode! And my little brother played this game too and he tried again and again to start over and he’s gone mad so I need you to fix this game and put juggernaut max and cdr Cassie in hard mode. You know why you need to put it in hard mode? My little brother has beating all hard mode games so please put them in hard mode please or else my brother will be very disappointed 🎈 🐒

Great game but ad issue.. I really enjoy this game. It’s obviously reminiscent of other Bloons games and the Adventure Time features add a nice spice. I also have put no money at all into the game, and I still really enjoy it, which usually isn’t the case, because mobile games usually love to hide behind pay walls. My only issue currently is that in the middle of play, sometimes ads just start playing out of nowhere. It’s really disruptive and causes the audio to become all janky. And now the Osmo ad (same ad that randomly plays) now just starts and doesn’t play. The option to leave the ad is there but the game freezes immediately after exiting the ad.

What. Happened.. im a huge fan of BTD games and been around with ninja kiwi for a long time. this game right here ladies and boys. this game right here. its broken. unbeatable. requires money if anything it seems like. tell me how the difficulties of the game goes from 1 “skull” to 3 “skulls” and none of the levels in the 3” skulls” is possible unless you get lucky with the winning. have i mentioned the fact if your game crashes you got to start from the beginning? have we completely forgotten about the whole “save and continue” thing? because that giant piece of the puzzle was not included. definitely not a fan of this specific game right here, needs improvements and touches to the characters to even out the difficulty. guess ill check again in 3 months.

Good. It’s pretty good except for a couple a of things I wish were a thing and bugs like a bug were you can’t turn down the in-game volume and can’t place down the character you want to. A couple of wishes are for allies to be able to have trinkets and for epic wish orbs to be less costly and have the orbs go in this order: 50, 100, 200, 450, 900, and also I would suggest lowering the price on td 6 , td 5 and extra lives in adventure time td. Also can you add a bit more characters and in game items. Anyways, it’s a good game byeeee

For ALL adventure time fans!. This game has it all! Join Finn ad friends to help save Ooo from certain doom! And who is the enemy? The dark, dangerous, mysterious - Balloons! Even saying the name of those vile creatures make my hair stand on end! We can’t defeat them . . . Without you! You are their only hope! Now let’s get real who wants to spend a bunch of money on a game? I don’t! But it is worth it if it is your favorite TV show of all time! And you don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to! It is honestly great and if you’re like me you hate pay to play games!Even if you haven’t watched adventure time ( I can’t believe you haven’t ) you should try it out, you might become the second greatest fan ( just to clarify I’m the first)! Even if the graphics could use some work ( especially with ice king ) this is the best game I’ve ever played and I recommend it to anyone! If you download this game the fun will never end because it is . . . ADVENTURE TIME!

I love adventure time. I really do love this game but it is a little weird that I can’t place more than one jake or Finn or just 2 of the same people I suggest you make it where you can it would make the game decently better and also please add free play like bt6 I feel like the rounds are a bit quick going through them so I would like to play more but can’t because there is no free play I’m not sure if I have to unlock it at a certain level but if so please add it to just be free and you don’t have to be a certain level

The loud, unrelenting, swoosh/popping sound.... The game itself is great... but the constant, VERY LOUD, sound it’s making is obnoxious. It isn’t the regular Bloon popping sound. I actually really like that sound and find it satisfying to hear them pop. I have no idea what it is. It starts as soon as the first start screen, with the characters, appears. Closing and restarting the app didn’t work. It doesn’t stop when I turn the sound effects or the music off either. I wouldn’t want to HAVE to turn them off anyway. It’s not as fun when you can’t hear anything... The game is cute, but that sound is driving me CRAZY.. to the point where I don’t even want to open it anymore. I played it for about 7 minutes and had to close it 😣

Fun but frustrating. This game is a lot of fun, which why it’s such a bummer that it’s so hard to get through it without spending money. I’ve had all my characters out almost fully upgraded, used power ups, and I still lose. I find it so hard to move past the levels that increase by difficulty so fast. It would be nice to have levels that are a bit easier instead of two one difficulty levels straight to two-three and being unable to unlock characters without buying them. So yeah it’s fun, but that difficulty cap is too high after the first four level in my option. There is also random ads throughout that get annoying.

One small Issue. Okay. Still a great game. I’m still playing and everything but just one small hiccup. I can’t figure out how to take out the DDTs. Is there a way to make Super Monkey detect camo ? I’ve had monkey wizard, FP, Ice King, Sai and Max all fully upgraded yet I still can pass round 73( along with a few others that can’t detect camo). I even use Max ability when they get close but they still just ride right by like I’m shooting a tank with a B.B. gun. I’d just like a suggestion for a new strategy. I’ve tried looking up “hints or tricks” on the game but I’m having trouble finding much of anything related to this game. Just get back to me when you can. Thanks again.

Great game, but.... This game is tons of fun. I love the ability to upgrade your heroes (towers) and get new items for them. I see reviews stating that the game is pay to win, but that is absolutely not true it is just a bit grindy, but that is part of the rpg upgrading element. The only issue is the game is incredibly laggy due to the elaborate animations. Unfortunately this is a game breaker, because when you start getting heroes that produce a lot of projectiles (super monkey) and play on the harder difficulties the game has a tendency to crash and make you lose all progress which is incredibly frustrating and practically makes it pointless to play. Your setting yourself up for disappointment unless the developers fix this issue, or somehow let you turn the graphics down.

Excellent Game. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the difficulty curve. I had the same problem until I found good trinkets to equip. Once you get good trinkets, you’ll be able to unlock more characters with minimal power use. My only complaint is the inability to unlock the premium characters without money. But, with the limit of ten characters per fight, that’s not really an issue either; I already have a tough time choosing which characters to use. Poor Max and Captain Cassie have been benched! I’m more interested in having their maps than having the characters. Keep up the good work.

Pay To Win or Lose?. I like this game and have been playing this for 3 days now. I am addicted to this game. But I realized how hard this game is after the tutorial. You can either play 1 skull stages or 3 skull stages. So how am I supposed to get more characters if the levels are too hard? Am I supposed to spend money the game to win? Sorry if I’m complaining and making this review seem bad, but can you try to make it easier to get characters or to make it so all of us can get characters without spending money on Dungeon Finn, Tuxedo Jake, etc. Thank you for reading this review. I’ve always loved your games!

Intro way too long.. Please add the option to skip the tutorial mode in the beginning. I’ve redownloaded this game onto several devices and I hate having to actually play through the first few stages and leveling up before I have the option to restore purchases and regaining access to your progress. I’ve bought all three character packages and I’ve gotten way too far into this game that having to redo the first few levels every time I want to play on a new device is a very annoying hassle and almost makes me not want to play anymore.

A lot of fun but starting to lag and crash. This game is definitely enjoyable. Fun with a challenge. The games been running smoothly up until I started hard modes. I understand if the game would lag a little considering all the graphics involved. I started the adventure to unlock the super monkey and that’s when my game just kept on crashing. I was able to complete the first two hard levels but with constant crashing and reopening of the app. I’m now trying to finish the last level and finally unlock the super monkey but when the game crashes, it boots me back to the home screen like I never started the level. It’s like the game doesn’t want me to unlock the super monkey. Lol. All in all, it’s a great fun game but it would be better if everything in the game ran smoothly.

Suggestion. This game is amazing. The crossover is amazing, and I thought I would never see it coming. There’s just a little thing about the game. That is... you should be able to place more of the same tower. Right now. you can only place one Finn, Jake, PB, Max, blah blah blah. It would be nice if you have a limit of how many you place. Like 5. When you place down for example, a Finn duplicate, it should appear as a hologram and do less damage. Duplicate monkeys should have randomized names (and maybe voices), also doing less damage. All in all, this game is super good and it’s seriously fun. If you added these, I would totally play the game more and maybe add more stars.

Two of my favorite things in entertainment all in one game!. This game is sooooo much fun! It’s free, it’s bloons td, it’s ADVENTURE TIME, and it has a campaign! What’s more to ask for?! This especially earns my five stars for it being based off of one of my favorite nostalgic shows and it’s a bloons game, one of my favorite nostalgic apps! Honestly if you have ever played a bloons game you’ll love this! And if you love adventure time then this game is a done deal! Ads aren’t as frequent as people will say they are, so don’t make that the reason you don’t get this game! You’ll be missing out! So get it, trust me it’s fun!

Unlimited Videos?. This game is a great game but its difficulty spike is pretty large from normal to hard. Also, you might want to get the whole “watch ads for free coins” thing fixed because I am getting unlimited opportunities for this and I’m worried that I may get in trouble for what might seems to be a glitch. Update: Now the video thing is happening with the shards and the gems. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but people can abuse the heck out of this system for unlimited resources, albeit tedious, if they find out that is. Good luck dealing with accounts with tons of Epic orbs, that is if you monitor the game. Still, fix this.

Really good game. I know I’m late with all the hype for this game is gone. But I’ve played this game a year ago and forgot about it. Now I’ve found it again I’ve become addicted. I love both adventure time and btd but I haven’t seen any updates recently. I know this game is pretty much complete but it would be nice to have an update every month or so. Also sometimes when I’m playing the game there would be this weird slamming sound in the background and I would like if that got fixed. Overall really good game with characters, item, and events to go with it.

People complaining about difficulty. This game is really great, honestly. For a crossover game, you guys have really outdone yourselves. Though the game encourages you to purchase add-ons, you really don’t have to purchase anything (using irl money) in order to progress. Sure, you have to use shards and gold but those are things you can get while participating in events, tournaments, and just regular game play. It's annoying to see that people are upset about the difficulty of the game but really, if you want to get better, you have to actually PLAY the game. Could you imagine if BTD was easy? It’d probably get boring super fast. Thanks team, for not buffing the whole game.

Paywall needed to progress. There is an evident paywall needed to progress through the game, I have no 2 star difficulty areas to conquer only 3 star and unless you pay money for better equipment you cannot beat these level, they are designed intentionally and advertise after your death to buy better characters and equipment to beat the level. Sad because this could be a great game, but I didn’t see an option to buy the game outright or choose an ad only option, this means you never know if another paywall will appear later down the line after you progress further and you are gambling that buying better equipment once will be enough to beat the game. 1 star for pay2win game.

Needs more updates. I hope ninja kiwi reads the reviews. I played this game for about a month. I love adventure time and BTD, the sounds and music are super nostalgic. My only complaint is that they need more maps, or at least another way to get more adventure chests because that’s where the good trinkets come from, as well as Martian games. All and all, this is a really cool game, wouldn’t abandon it just yet ninja kiwi. Just needs more maps and updates. Events are cool and it does keep the game fresh. Events beyond the current Christmas one would be a very smart move.

Great but many issues with trinkets and treasures. I win treasure chests while playing with a trinket that allows treasure chests to be won after defeating moabs. Also when choosing a weapon out of an epic chest I decided to buy a trinket with diamonds but once I went to check my inventory I didn’t receive the weapon I chose but I did receive the trinket I purchased. There’s small bugs to fix that I hope they can get working on as soon as possible. Also one more thing the shell instruments ability doesn’t work.

Good but one thing. This game i bought only a week ago and it’s already having me play it for hours! I love this game a lot along with other ninja kiwi games but heres a twist in here. Im still new and just got past the ice kingdom or whatever it’s called (I don’t know anything about adventure time but this isn’t the point) i’ve been trying to get hunter Marceline and whenever i press “buy” the games freezes and exits me out, i would really like this to get fixed but this is the only thing causing me problems, it would really be great if you fixed this, thank you!

Serious lag problems compounded by more lag problems. This is a game I was ready to pay for. I like to support people who make good games for my kids. But the lag issues here are insane. The game shuts down when you try to do the more challenging missions. “Impoppible” literally is Impossible. It isn’t my device. It’s a brand new iPad. The game just lags. I keep coming back to it, because the premise is fun. Now that a Halloween update is released, the developers decided to add lag rather than fix a problem. Money grab. Impossible to play because rather than fix the old features they added new ones.

Like other reviewers. So my thing is that I really love the game maybe had a few new adventures there’s not a lot to do in the game it’s a good game believe me just not much to do and I would really wish for that to change also the difficulty in it and speak it needs to just go back to a default kind of thing because on longer maps on hard difficulty I have such a hard time on it but on shorter ones on hard it’s really easy and I’m confused by that if all this was a thing my rating would be 5/5 but right now it’s a 4/5.

First Impression. As a long time fan and long time player of the series I respect the crossover of the two but as for gameplay wise imo i don't feel like it's like btd.... For some reason i the upgrades so far so far are way too expensive right after the tutorial; also for the tutorial can we at least be able to skip it even if we need to know the mechanics (which is why I'm a long time player so i know what to expect). For character grabbing currently seems meh but hard to get then since map lvl difficulties are still in “(rolling eyes)”. Overall not bad of a game, but not the right kind of btd gameplay was looking for like the previous, but then again your guys games are best but thats my opinion, thx.

Up’s and down’s. Ok this is a great game and all the graphics are good same with the game itself But, the more you play the game the more the game really becomes pay to win. I was trying to get knight PB and I attempted the final level more then I can count and I fail. I would have all units placed and then, I lose when I lost I saw the game say this “having trouble? Buy wish orbs!” So I thought I could get them with in game currency but no, game ask you to play somewhere around 5$ for a rare wish orb. Which in my opinion is way to much for 1 item that can turn out to become useless depending on what you get so if the game allows wish orbs to be bought with in game currency I will change the rating, Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Game is awesome but.... I’ve played for the last month almost exclusively. The game is seriously addicting and a great companion to watching the show. Love every bit of this game! Spent a fair bit of money for upgrades and extras, and it was so worth it to have the extra characters. Would have been a 5 star rating but the game crashes at the worst times. Usually whenever I’m 70 levels deep into the impopable levels and after I’ve purchased coins for powers. It seems like the higher the levels and harder it gets, the graphics and game play frame rate slows way down until it freezes or closes the app itself out. Talk about frustrating, and expensive. I’m playing on an iPhone SE with either full bars or great WiFi.

Lacks content, continuously stuck on hard courses. As a die hard adventure time fan as well as a loyal bloons fan I must say I was excited to find out about this crossover game but find that you get stuck playing courses in a specific order based on having to have unlocked certain towers. Causes a lot of frustration and headache and overall the game isn’t as straight forward as past games in the series. Also feel for two huge names to come together it’s seems to lack content from both the bloons universe as well as adventure time. Overall good but frustrating game has you wondering will there be more?

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 1.7.5
Play Store com.ninjakiwi.btdadventuretime
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application Bloons Adventure Time TD was published in the category Games on 29 August 2018, Wednesday and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This program file size is 143.11 MB. This app has been rated by 27,781 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Bloons Adventure Time TD - Games app posted on 16 April 2021, Friday current version is 1.7.5 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ninjakiwi.btdadventuretime. Languages supported by the app:

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Bloons Adventure Time TD Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor Bug Fixes

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