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What is papers, please app? A dystopian document thriller.
The award-winning, critically-acclaimed border inspector game.


"The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled."
"For immediate placement, report to the Ministry of Admission at Grestin Border Checkpoint."
"An apartment will be provided for you and your family in East Grestin. Expect a Class-8 dwelling."
"Glory to Arstotzka."


◉ Best Game of 2013 - The New Yorker
◉ Best Game of 2013 - Wired Magazine
◉ Top Indie Game 2013 - Forbes Magazine
◉ Best Strategy & Simulation Game 2014 - BAFTA
◉ Grand Prize Winner 2014 - Independent Games Festival
◉ Excellence in Design Winner - IGF 2014
◉ Excellence in Narrative Winner - IGF 2014
◉ GameCity Prize Winner 2014 - GameCity
◉ Cultural Innovation Award 2013 - SXSW
◉ Best PC Game 2014 - LARA Game Awards
◉ Innovation Award - GDCA 2014
◉ Most Innovative 2014 - Games For Change
◉ Best Gameplay 2014 - Games For Change
◉ Best Game of 2013 - Ars Technica
◉ Best Game of 2013 - PC World
◉ Best PC Game of 2013 - Destructoid
◉ Best Story of 2013 - Destructoid
... and more


The communist state of Arstotzka has just ended a 6-year war with neighboring Kolechia and reclaimed its rightful half of the border town, Grestin.

Your job as immigration inspector is to control the flow of people entering the Arstotzkan side of Grestin from Kolechia. Among the throngs of immigrants and visitors looking for work are hidden smugglers, spies, and terrorists.

Using only the documents provided by travelers and the Ministry of Admission's primitive inspect, search, and fingerprint systems you must decide who can enter Arstotzka and who will be turned away or arrested.


Includes the complete original game with all 31 days and 20 endings. Also adds unlockable multitouch support for faster paperwork, an enhanced inspection mode, Game Center achievements, leaderboards, mid-day resume, and more.


This game contains mature themes, non-photographic nudity, and brief moments of pixelated violence.

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App Name Papers, Please
Category Games
Updated 17 July 2023, Monday
File Size 61.63 MB

Papers, Please Comments & Reviews 2023

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Way to repetitive. It’s really fun until you get about 10 days in and then it’s just the same ol that ver and over again. For $5 it’s an easy purchase but I can’t see much in the way of replaying for the different endings when it’s so slow to progress.

Great game but needs landscape mode.. Like others have said, would be much more comfortable to play on iPad if it had landscape mode, other than that no complaints.

Surprisingly Captivating!!! Love it ❤️. Y’know I was hesitant at first but the mobile format for this game works smoothly and effortlessly. I don’t know how you manage to make literal paperwork interest but they did it and I’m hooked!

Hmm. It’s definitely a game that will make you think. Check, and double check. Also pro gamer tip. Make sure your device is off silent. Tired of seeing reviews whining about no sound.

Have loved this game for years. I loved this game on PC so much that I had to buy it on mobile as well. It makes me laugh all the time!

Amazing game MUST GET. This game is so amazing! I recently finished story mode and it makes being an inspector so much fun! You should definitely get this game if you are into military and country patrol or just love to be addicted to a fun story telling game.

Love this game but not the sound bug.... The game is great but as I was playing the sound effects stopped. The music plays at the beginning of the day but after the music fades out, there’s no sound at all. I’ve tried everything to fix it and searched everywhere but can’t find any answers.

GLORY TO ARTSTOTSKA GREATEST COUNTRY. Even though i named this review like I love it (which I do love it) there is one problem....... the price. I’m not sure if it was worth 7.99. I think it would probably deserve a price like 4.99. But I’m not complaining. I love this game and would encourage anyone with a lot of money to buy it. DETAINED

Requires attention, not a ‘popcorn game’. Look elsewhere if you just want to unwind a little after a tiring day at work and you have half an hour to make it count, this will just do the opposite for your mood. The 3 stars is for the terrible User Interface by the way.

LOVE THIS GAME but issue.. I have played this game on the pc and it works great. But however, even though this game is the best game even on mobile i have an issue. I only got to day 4 and now I don’t have any sound. I uninstalled the game from my Ipad and re installed it but I still have no sound. Help?

hard to put down!. i love papers please, but i was hesitant to see how the layout of this game would look on iphone. it isn’t nearly as jarring as i thought it would’ve been and i quickly got used to it. the game itself is addicting! just a little nitpick though, (spoilers ahead) the sound the kolechian terrorist makes differs, instead of their own unique sound they use the guard’s “out!” soundbite.

True story. Add true story mode and here are rules you have to beat day 100 and then there will be a sad ending and you will be put on leader board fastes time beaten and if you get first citiaon you will be fired please add this I rate five stars this game is so fun

Great port from desktop to mobile but-. They did a good job of porting the game from desktop to mobile but there’s one issue. When playing the game on mobile you can’t click on the desk so if an npc were to walk up to you without a passport (it’s a feature in the game) so you’d have to restart. This means you couldn’t get past day 3 or endless mode. I’d love to see an update on this feature. Everything else is great in the game.

Pretty noice. It's definitely worth the money, no doubt, and it has a great storyline. I was playing for hours waiting to see what happened. One good feature is that you can have different storylines going at once so when you fail you can go back or start over. It is the best game on the App Store by far.

AMAZING. This game is one of the best examples of video games being art with a great story of a dystopia that has all this crazy stuff which really makes you think could this stuff happen? Has this stuff already happened? What will happen if this stuff happens? So all and all this is a great game!

HAIL MOTHER RUSSIA. I played this after Jack played it and I could not believe of how fun the game was, and then I forgot about it but as soon as I started playing it again it was still really fun and definitely worth the money.

A Fan. Papers please is one of the best Mobile games i have ever played. and some people say its too expensive, yes it can be expensive but save up your money and you will not be disappointed whatsoever. this game is an improvement in gaming history and should be remembered, it has gotten me through some tough times and i will never forget all the hard work put into this game. Thank you

Awsome game!!!!. Just a good game in general, amazing controls and not too hard. 10/5 honestly, Worth the $! I haven't found ANY glitches so far (debugging is hard, I have personal experience on it)! Just make a landscape mode please. That would be nice, and you can just copy half the files to landscape graphics.

Simply Wonderful. This game is one of the best mobile Role Playing Game out there with moments of heartbreak, tragedy, and joy. The gameplay while simplistic in nature helps the story lots. Would recommend as a buy at any time. 5 stars.

Amazing!. This game is extremely well made. From the pixel graphics, to the overall gameplay, this game is amazing. I highly recommend you play this. Even if you’re not into inspecting, or Sherlock type of games, you should really look into this. With over 20+ endings, and amazing characters, this game could possibly change your view on society, and how you should either choose empathy, or money (credits). Great game! 10/10!

An Arstotzkan Masterpiece. In the world of mobile gaming, it’s getting increasingly hard to find decent content in an ocean of user-created slop and profit-driven monopolies. This one continues to be one of the best experiences on any platform, and will keep you entertained for hours. Papers, Please is very reminiscent of chess, it’s easy to pick up and very hard to master. You’ll find the initial processing of applicants a fair challenge and enjoyable, and will quickly master noticing minute discrepancies in traveler data. As a border enforcement agent, those discrepancies will get you fired if you miss them. The game evolves, though, and the amount of documentation you’ll need to check grows significantly. You’ll evolve with the game, and you’ll note that it’s a satisfying challenge to continue to improve yourself as you navigate it. A satisfying story mode is accompanied by assorted endless challenges once you’ve beaten the game, making sure you still have plenty to entertain you once you’ve passed the main portion. Pick this one up, give it a try, and take notice after you’ve started playing that an hour’s passed and you didn’t even know it.

A Masterpiece. The amount of care put into this mobile port is amazing. This is one of indie gaming’s greatest games, and it works perfect on a small iPhone screen with all the changes the developer has made. Please buy it and support good games instead of all this micro-transaction schlock.

Gun doesn’t work on iPad. The game mechanics feel bumpy at times on the iPad. I can get over that, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use the gun. I swear it’s a bug. The gun highlights when I select it and freezes. It just doesn’t work. I’ve replayed a level a few times, and I cannot get it to work. It shows you how crappy the game mechanics is on the iPad. Clicking and using items shouldn’t be difficult on any game.

iPhone support added but not free. I bought this game on my iPad. It’s fun. Last week the developers added iPhone support but you’ll need to buy the game all over again. Wow!

One of the most important games ever, now on mobile. What can I say about this that hasn’t already been said? It’s a game that takes full advantage of its interactive medium to deliver a cohesive narrative and gameplay package unlike anything else. It’s rich in themes of 80’s era late-stage communism, corruption and the roles people play to survive in nightmarish conditions. It’s truly special, and feels like it’s true art from the heart. AAA studios spend millions trying to replicate a fraction of the feeling that this 5-dollar indie game does effortlessly. No amount of “cinematic” gameplay, lore-dumping, cutscenes or gimmicky mechanics ever come close to creating a comparable experience as this.

Best game EVER. Ok, so this game had no glitches for me on my iPad mini. I was concerned about the amount of desk space in this game, but there is just enough to make it a challenge, but not be irritating. Kinda pricey, not gonna lie, I wish it was $1.99 but the game is ok. Just enough action and story to make this game great, I seriously recommend it.

A masterpiece. I wrote a review on this and it didn't save so uhhhh, very good game, buy now. Absolute masterpiece. Also there is a bug where if you highlight a different name discrepancy, even if the fingerprints match it will not clear the discrepancy and you have to deny them or citation go brrr. I would appreciate it if this was fixed. Glory to Arstotzka

One of the best games ever for the IPad. This might be the most original game in the App Store. Totally dark and completely addictive. Its numerous endings and twists and turns are unlike anything else you will play. Well worth the price.

Shocked and Delighted!. I remember playing this in middle-school on PC when it first came out and later once they ported it to iPad. This (along with FTL) we’re two of the best indie games of that era to get ported to iPad, but neither had iPhone versions… until now!! I thought it was a bug when I was browsing through the App Store and saw a cloud download button next to… Papers, Please. So, I clicked on it, and much to my surprise, after *all* these years, Lucas Pope went out of his way to redesign the gameplay to fit on these tall phone screens we have now, much like he did for multitouch on the iPad years ago. Thank you!! Not only that, but at least in my experience, this redesign has made the game much easier by virtue of greater efficiency in accepting and returning documents, making it easier to earn money and progress. I’ve gotten further in the story I’m the past couple days than I ever did all the other times I played it. If you haven’t taken a look at this modern indie classic, give a spin and enjoy doing your part for your country! Glory to Arstotska!!

New Mobile Version is AMAZING. It’s been a good year or two since I’ve played through Papers, Please. I can say with CONFIDENCE. The mobile version is top-notch. The UI is a little odd at first, but it very quickly clicks with you. I’m astoundingly delighted that such an amazing experience can be packed onto the size of an iPhone screen. I’ve poured 5+ hours into it in the matter of 2 days. It is worth every last cent. 10/10

Belongs on mobile. Papers belongs on mobile platforms. Playing vertically is very welcome. I do wish I could close and open the reference docs, and in the game mode, Endless > Perfection, paused on your error longer before exiting.

Sorry!. The issue a reported turned out to not be a bug I was just very dumb overall 10 out of 10

Great game needs new gameplay. I would like new gameplay like new interactions outside the job but it shows how truly bad the Berlin wall was

Please save this game!!!!!. This game is awesome worth the price I recommend it but it hasn’t updated in 2 years and I fear it won’t be available on my iPad Mini for long so please update it so I can continue playing without worry.... outside the game of course

great game only minor things. i wish we could play in landscape mode, and i wish if it had an iphone version with some interface rework to fit it better with cloud syncing, other than that its a very fun game EDIT: LETS GOOOOOO ITS ON IPHONE NOW

Audio. Fix audio issue. I can’t hear any background noise unless I am using some sort of speakers or powerful headphones. No issues with my phone, and problems direct to this game. What a shame, and so much for the soundtrack. I guess I will be playing audio from another device to make the game seem relevant. Iphone 13.

Eloquent. While playing this game, you have a feeling of being with the characters. Life is hard, and this game is truly thought-provoking. At times, you are pressed to make difficult decisions. You get personal with the characters, even-like Sergiu, the border guard. This game teaches you about saving money and efficiency, and it also models real-world conflicts. This game is slightly repetitive, very very slightly, but teaches you concentration, and is spiced up by dialogue, discrepancies, interesting visitors, favors, and terrorist attacks. In all, good game. Try it out. See what you think. -That One Kid Who Likes Well-Structured Games

An Amazing Game. This game has always kept me entertained on long trips and at home. It has so much to offer and the gameplay also will have you make hard decisions at times. I highly recommend that you play this game.

From a GE (Glorious Enforcers) Junior Enforcer. This is a great and amazing game on ROBLOX the game is wide spread and I am a GE JR Enforcer join the group and make sure the owner is Extreme_Stukov I will be more than happy to answer questions if you have any at the border -Freestylewolf3

Glitchy. So overall the game is really fun and i really like the concept. But there is a problem where it says revoke passports from citizens in alto district. When i do this it gives me a citation saying "clear for entry". I even let them through and it said "not clear for entry". So basically i can move on through the game. Pleas fix this and i will be more than happy to rate five stars

Addicting. Papers Please is a fun game with alternative endings. I've be waiting for years for a game like this to come out on the App Store great game keep up the good work . Oh by the way way worth the money🤑. However I have 1 concern first is the expiration dates. Some times the documents (excluding passports because they can expire anytime.) stuff like the entry permit expire before they were even a thing in the game which is weird.

Glory to Arstotzka. “Oh hey there inspector! I heard you hit your head when the border explosion happened and was hospitalized. 1989? Berlin Wall? East Germany collapse? Oh inspector, what are you talking about! You must’ve hit your head pretty hard! Come inspector, we have more passports to confiscate and treacherous Kolechians to detain!”

Very good game. It feels very real, and immersive. If you are considering buying it instead of the PC, or Mac version because of the layout difference, it’s actually hardly different and doesn’t affect gameplay all that much. I also saw another comment saying they didn’t have volume or sound even after uninstalling. The same thing happened to me, and I just quit and restarted the app, and it worked just as it should. So all in all, I think this game is a work of art, and the music is very pog. 10/10 would recommend it.

Papers, Please.. This may be the best game I've ever played. The story is just amazing, but what's really sad is that a lot of people are forgetting about this game hell, even the developers abandoned this game. I really wish there was a sequel to continue the story.

Really worth it. This isn’t going to be a long review but let me just say that this is completely worth it. The game might give you some doubts, sure, but it is totally worth it. I had 8 dollars left and I spent all my money on this and it was really good. There are 20 endings to the game, it’s really cool. And you get to decide whether to deny people or accept them

Great game - needs modern updates!. Needs an update for landscape mode, at the bare minimum. Portrait mode on an iPad is doable, but not very comfortable for long sessions, especially with a keyboard case and Apple Pencil holder. It also repositions things so it’s completely different from the PC version, making it jarring to switch between the two. Also, like others, I feel it won’t be supported on newer versions of iOS soon or possibly on newer, bigger, higher resolution iPads, as has happened to other games I’ve purchased in the past - needs a compatibility update! An iPhone version would totally complete the package as well, but I can see how that would be difficult on such a small screen. But as for the game itself, super fun, and SUPER ADDICTIVE! Saw Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye revisit this game, never heard of it, almost blew it off due to old graphics, but MAN what a fun game once you get into it. Love it, just needs proper modern iOS/iDevice support!

Five stars? What about 10 stars!. This game is amazing it's so fun sure it can be overwhelming at times but it makes up for it you can take the side of the government or ezic both ways are fun but ezic is more action packed. This game is amazing and I can't wait for a sequel to the game!!

Best border game that possibly ever existed in the universe.. I love Papers, Please. Because it feels so fun to let people in or out of a country and stuff. It gets really stressful when you have to deny families or something like that, but I like the stress. It’s a game that had a very large amount of potential and figured out a way to use that potentials.

My first review. My first review and this one is worth it! I’m very skeptical of mobile games and this is a charm. You really grow with the game and feel like you’re progressing with your checkpoint each day. 20 different endings and an endless mode. This game makes you think, few compassion and rebelliousness all in the same breath. Story mode is great and I’m working on my 6th ending now! Highly recommend for anyone willing to get lost for hours into something so simplistic, yet elegant. 10/10. Good job with this one!!

Very good and engaging - Needs a Landscape Mode. I love Papers Please, and I loved this game since the PC and playing it on the iPad is alright and good fun. You still get the same story and the same characters. The interface is alright, but it just makes me wish this was in landscape like the original game. The portrait mode feels forced and I think they’d have more usage of screen real estate by giving a landscape option. Overall though, this is a fantastic must have for the iPad.

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Great game but........ You neeeed to make this on iPhone 5s please I take my iPhone every where but not my iPad plzzzzzzzzz thanks great game vote it best stradergy game ever thanks.

👏👏gaming week. 👌👌👌glory to arstozka 👌👌👌👌

10 dollars, worth it. it was a little expensive but it was so worth it. ( i also loved that guy with that fake passport)

CRASH. I just bought this game for $10 and it wont even open without crashing, i am on ipad and the game looks great i would really like to play it please fix this glitch. Thanks.

Does not load on iPad Air. This game does not open on iPad Air, and by the look of other reviews, not on iPad 2 either. Hopefully an update will fix this

Glory to the new Arstotzka!. I like how there are multiple endings in this game such as the order of the ezic star so we can revolutionize Arstotzka, this game was released 4 years ago and I want to get it but I thought it was only Pc until I realized you can download it from the IPad I have a IPad Pro IOS 11 I thought you can’t play it because it requires a up to date thing but now I’m enjoying it and trying to get the endings Glory Lucas! (The developer of this game!)

Best game ever. Also I love the title music

Great game, a few issues.. Paper's Please is an excellent game, and a faithful port of the PC version with natural touch controls. I only wish there was an option for the PC 'easy mode crutch' and an option for a landscape mode, as it feels a lot more natural, especially when coming off the PC version.

DETAINED. Hello little potato man, are u the one that always causes trouble? U like fake tickets don’t u?

Beautiful. Lots of the triple A games that are spat out yearly by corporate giants boast about having complex facial animations and stunning visuals. Papers Please is proof that you can create empathy in other ways. Never have I felt more moved by a game than when I watched a small bundle of pixels run across the screen to embrace their long lost love, only to see that bundle of pixels be blown to pieces later that week; that’s Papers Please. It’s deliciously dark with a hopeful undertone. There are moments of fear, hope, despair, laughter, grief, nostalgia, anger, suspicion and triumph around every corner. The game procedurally gets more and more difficult until it reaches a fever pitch and it WILL punish you for cracking under the pressure. If you haven’t already bought it, do that now.

Papers please is such a great game. I love papers please. Thanks so much for making this game it’s hours of fun and the choose your own ending type thing is really cool. Proof that it’s fun for all ages is that my mum loves playing it too and helps me out by looking for discrepancies when I’m playing. Overall a great game love it.

Absolute Amazing game!!!. This game is great . The graphics and details in this game are amazing and I love the storyline and how you have to take care of your family . I highly recommend getting the game its worth the money!

Crashes on startup!. Spend $10 on December 18th when I bought it and I still haven't played it. Pretty poor!


Best game evveerrrr. I love it that it came out on iOS! It was bonus that it was 25% off sale, thanks! I love the art, and the story behind it! Also the different endings, and that little old man that keeps getting his passport wrong! Little things make a difference, and made this game better than the rest!

Now on iPhone!!. Fantastic this is now adapted for iPhone! Controls are pretty well thought out, particularly given this was originally released on PC. One minor issue I noticed is that the heading on the finances screen which appears at the end of each day is slightly clipped by the notch on my iPhone 13, otherwise this looks really good.

Broken app. Apps crashes on iPad air .really disappointed. Was really looking forward to playing the game. Wasted $10!!! Will not recommend to anyone until fixed .

Gameplay better than fallout 4 ( not really). Girl invited me to striptease, better than real life. IGN 5/7 would bang again

Works perfect on iPad 4. What a brilliant game. There are some serious moral dilemmas in this little dystopian beauty, and yet it can be played for only 5 minutes or for two hours straight. The learning curve is a tiny bit rough (I lost my first game in about 2 minutes), but once you learn how to check the nationality/region of people something clicks in your brain and it all speeds up. I really believe it was worth the money, because I'll keep coming back to this game for years. If I can share one tip: there's nothing wrong with taking real-world notes to help you remember things.

Great game, new update. New update please

Waste Of Money. People are saying its great. Fair enough, but when you start up, it is constantly crashing. For a hefty $9:99, it's not worth it.

As you'd expect. This is papers, please; The depressing eastern Cold War boarder simulator. I'd also like to note how perfect this port is, the game runs smoothly and the interface is very easy to use.

Not Working on iPad Air. My iPad is about 12 months old, I haven't updated to new iOS but read the details carefully and no mention of the latest iOS required. Installed, crashes on load screen. Hard Reset iPad, same. Reinstalled, same. Basically tried everything and I get the same result. I give 1 star due to it not working when I have made every effort to check there were no listed conflicts. Will change this rating to reflect my thoughts on the game if it gets fixed. In the mean time will be seeking a refund through Apple. Oh BTW the reason I haven't updated iOS is because I have an app that I must use for work daily that is not yet compatible with the newest iOS, this is why I check carefully before paying $10 for an app on compatibility.... AND I STILL GET STUNG!

GG. Whatever the heck you do in this game, don't help the bad guys and you WILL win. 👍🏼

Don't get the complaints. I think it's a great game. Really well ported to iOS. It loads fine for me on iPad Air 1

Great game. Papers please is a game set in 1982 after world war 2 in Germany(or Russia, I'm not sure). You decide who is allowed in the fictional country of Arstotska, based on the rules given to you. I love this game, as I find it a good challenge to have to be thinking about lots of things at once, but it is still simple enough to not be rage inducing at all. It is very well made and so original, there is nothing else like it, 9/10.

Please update. Love playing this game on the computer so when I saw it on the App Store I instantly bought it but I can not play it on the iPad 4 please update.

Glory to Arstotzka!. Papers, Please is now one of my top 5 favourite video games ever, such an awesome and unique experience with really interesting characters, an engaging story and compelling subplots. If anyone is thinking of getting this game, I highly recommend you do, as it is an amazing game!

Brilliant, please make a sequel. Great game, wish there were more like this!

Just Like PC Version. It is a good game just like the PC version I like how there is nothing different about both

Doesn’t match the hype of previous reviews. I’m not quite sure why someone posted about being moved by this game? It’s great for people who love spotting detail. It’s essentially a game where you look for written discrepancies. If you love that, then it’s great. It was just lacking so much when it came to the characters own family, they’re just stats on a board, there’s no interaction, storyline, etc If this aspect of the game was improved, if there was any storyline outside of checking documents then it would be great.

Doesn't launch on ipad mini 2. Great game on PC, however crashes on launch on ipad mini 2. Tried reinstalling twice and it still doesn't work.

Literally the most broken app I've ever seen. Crashes instantly when started. Appalling. Fix it. Zero stars.

AMAZING. ADD MORE ENDINGS also please make clearer instructions and it would be cool if u could add a search button for anytime

Fantastic game. A great game that makes you think. Also forces you to make choices that get you to question your values. One for those with great attention to detail.

AMAZING, SUPER IMPRESSED. This game works so well on my iPad mini. Ignore the other reviews, this has to be the best game ever. So addictive and really interesting as well. The price is worth it as well. FIVE STARS

Add more features because it cost 10 bucks. The game is brilliant their needs to be more games like these but 10 dollar games need to have more feature to be worth the money or nobody's gonna pay for this game in the future and make the game in the future where you can see how people smuggle in the 2015

Great port of great game.. One of those terrific PC indie games that's made its way to iPad, only here I think it's better on the iPad. Great story, interesting gameplay.

Thank u 😐. I absolutely love the game but what would be good can u please make another for iOS and stuff I have almost finished it we want another one please thanks for the game I love u guys

Good.. This is fun..bit it needs more

Challenging Game. It looks good, plays good and needs some thought. Works on iPad Air for me.

Beautiful game. It is a actually decent game for mobile Glory to Arstotzka

But..... It is a little expensive

Fantastic. This game is fantastic, who thought an immigration officer would be so fun. It's so well written and will have you laughing.

Glory to Arstotzka!. Great game. The same as the PC version, which is rare for originally PC games. I love this game, it never gets old!

Well..... It would have been nice to know this game was not compatible with iPad 2 before I bought it.

Good, but. ‘Endless mode’ is a bit of a laugh, and not in a good way. Not really endless, is it? Thought it would be like a sandbox mode, but no. It is a good game, however it leaves you wanting more (at least in my case) which the other modes do not really satisfy.

Refund?. I got this game about a day ago and the novelty has already warn off, is there anyway to get my money back?

Broken please fix. Constantly crashing on open

My sound don’t work fix or I cry still very good. Fix sound please then I give five star

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Good of fun. An amazing game. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one. It’s a good way to kill some time.

iPhones. Put it on iPhone’s now please

Terrific gameplay!. The concept is so simple but insanely fun.

Way overpriced. It is fun and addicting but it is too overpriced. Secondly your job can be taken away to easily like: you have to have a big family to continue. It is a fun addicting game but obviously it is to expensive ($8?).

No sound. Please help, I found this game from someone doing a live on TikTok, and she had sound, I turned my sound up, checked the game settings and nothings working, my sound works on other games and apps, just not this one, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling….nothing, even restarted my iPad….nothing…

The game is amazing. The mobile port, not so much.. This mobile port could’ve been a lot better, it should be a one-handed game but it’s not, often you need to reach to the top part of the screen, and unless your thumbs are really long or you’re playing on a tiny phone, it’s difficult to reach, possible but very uncomfortable. This is pretty disappointing, I feel like the interactive elements from the top of the screen should’ve been moved to the bottom. For reference I’m an adult male with average sized hands and fingers and I’m using an iPhone 13 mini. I think many will be ultimately dissatisfied with this port because of this, especially if you’ve got a max model iPhone.

Just Fantastic. Brilliant game, and outstandingly made. The creativity and effort put into this game is amazing, the level of detail for the characters and the art and sound design really shows the love that the creators put into this game. Not to forget the very eerie atmosphere and subtle feeling of discomfort and fright that prevails throughout this game in its dystopian setting makes you even more emotionally invested in its world. I loved every moment of it, and it has become my favourite App Store game of all time (the iPad version is perfect). Very well done!

Idea. This game is pretty good but maybe add like different locations or a change of scenery? It’s kinda boring seeing the same border setup after a couple of hours. OR better yet a customization option for like colours and such? It would give a more personalized feel, like it really is your office! Just a thought! Anyways, Awesome game and It really is addicting! 😁

Story. Can you continue the story please

This game is a BLAST!. I’ve seen people like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier play this game years ago. Figured I should get it on my phone, the functionality on mobile is amazing! Get this game if you want a fun game on the go.

Brilliant. There are few games I would label as genius, this is one of them.

Love the game but please bring widescreen support. I love the game but I has to be in vertical view which makes it hard to play since I have to keep the iPad with my hands instead of using the Magic Keyboard case

What an amazing game and amazing endings.20 of them wow!!. U heard the title

only supports portrait orientation. why doesn’t this support landscape mode?? clearly the game was made for landscape mode on PC / macOS… makes it a pain to play on ipad with magic keyboard case

AMAZING. This app is absolutely astounding. The graphics are nice, it gets complex and it even has situations that are well... Rather queer. You should 100% get this game

Très bon jeu. Se jeux est trait bon je le conseille à tout le monde qui aime la gestion,et finalement il ne bug pas.

Game crashes. This is definitely my favorite game but it crashes occasionally and I payed a lot of money for a game that crashes on every level plz fix but keep iOS at 5 please please please please

This is best. Best game ever

Interrogation Broken. I’ve found the matching data, there is absolutely nothing you can click on to get ride of the guy with no papers. It needs to be updated. I should have read the reviews and seen that it has been broken for ages. The person saying otherwise must be smoking crack or a bot. Don’t buy waste of money.

Faithful Port. I’ve never been comfortable playing this game because it. Is too much like reality for many people around the world. I actually feel guilty and wonder how people could do this job and live with themselves. Maybe if I were immersed in a thorough propaganda\iced system… there’s another “game” where you play the role of an apartment builf]ding manager. I couldn’t play that one either.

Glory to Arstotzka. This game deserves a sequel

Great Game but audio doesn’t work. Great game but will not play any audio on IPad.

Okay. Okay

Interiagation. When you get the person in red that has no papers you can’t intetgate. Please fix this i was exited to get this game

Glory to Arstotzka!. An awesome game. There's just something about stamping passports that makes you so very good feeling.

Great concept. Serious bugs.. Often the game will not let me point out missing documents. It's starts with the ID card requirement. The ID card isn't there, but it says matching data when I select the rule and the counter.

Glitches. When ever I'm on the 3rd day this guy comes in with no passport to ticket and he won't leave no matter what I do I interrogate him but he still won't leave and even when the time runs out

It came to the ipad but no sound. I own ipad pro 5th gen with 15.3 ios. It plays great with no lag but theres no sound

Brilliant. New, original, refreshing game. Very immersive, very addictive.

Exactly what I wanted. It’s Papers, Please for iPhone with a very competent port.

Awesome game i would get it it's really fun ditaning people. Buy it

Horrible. It sucks, it just sucks. I can't even get a refund for this garbage.

No Audio. I love the game but no matter what I try the audio for this game does not work. No music. No sfx.

So amazing. This game is really worth paying for That's how amazing it is

Amazing. This game is the greatest game for mobile I’m very thankful it came to mobile

Wow. This game is amazing.

Glory to Arstotzka!. It is just like the PC version, good for them for making such a great port!

Great game. I love this game! There's no bugs or lags giving a great game performance and there's no ads, allowing you to play longer whithout interuption. Keep it up developers!

The red guy. I’ve been waiting a while and re-loaded it like 20 times I don’t know how to get past him. Should I just wait

Hours of intense game play!. This game is fabulous! You feel every wrong decision and slip up like you are the real deal border guard. So awesomely addictive!

Fun but hyped up. Gets boring quick

Cannot recommended enough!. This fabulous game is easily worth the cost upfront and puts other mobile games to absolute shame when it comes to actually being entertaining, interesting and challenging!!

Really??. Tedious and boring! Wish I could get my money back

Extremely Fun. Easy at start hard at end Little bits of lag but same as Pc THX

Add. Please add the option do Detain the Ezic guy.

Wow :P. Im surprised this great game is just getting noticed now. Its awesome! Id definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the look of retro type games! You also need a good eye when it comes to those sneaky discrepant passports! All in all, its an amazing game, and fun to play, and a good challenge in later gameplay where theres like, 6 papers on the desk! I love it!

Brilliant game since I first bought. I have had this game on my old iPad for 4 years and I love it, but you should really consider updating your game to work on newer version of devices. Just a recommendation but once again a fantastic game and still love to play this game GLORY FOR ARSTOTZKA!!!

I love this game. I got this game about a year n a half ago and I'm now redownloading it for the third time. It's such a good game. I wish they would update and incorporate more people and more endings but it's still fun either way third time around.

Expensive, but fun. This game is so fun! I love it so much! The only problem I have, is how expensive it is... 😃

Next. Welcome to ARSTOTZKA (`・ω・´)

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No audio. I started playing with my earbuds connected to my phone via Bluetooth. Heard the game audio just fine. Then took them off and disconnected them from my phone and couldn’t hear the game. Have restarted phone and the app since then and I still can’t hear anything

Amazing game, worth the money. It's really good, great story line, challenging, almost addictive

From a GE (Glorious Enforcers) Junior Enforcer. This is a great and amazing game on ROBLOX the game is wide spread and I am a GE JR Enforcer join the group and make sure the owner is Extreme_Stukov I will be more than happy to answer questions if you have any at the border -Freestylewolf3

Fantastic. The game starts out simply enough but quickly the layers start to seep in and a simple mechanic leads to some complex and thought provoking moments. Art.

Glory to Arstotzka. This is a really REALLY good game, I love papers please and it’s an inspiring game to play. I love the mechanics and creativity that was put into this game and all in all I say it’s a 5 star rating

One of the best games ever. Thus is the game I have ever played. Me and my ferend both got to level 10 class 3.

Have loved this game for years. I loved this game on PC so much that I had to buy it on mobile as well. It makes me laugh all the time!

I like it. It’s a good game but I’m stuck, like I can’t do anything to progress. It doesn’t prompt me wat to do, only on a paper with a clue and a half. I didn’t know where to go to get help but here.

Amazing game. I loooove papers please. I have it for so long on my pc and the mobile version is practically the same. Amazing game

Fun game. Great game it’s very fun and exciting will reccomend also had no problems but I’ll like the rectangle rotation but awesome game

Wow. Can you make horizontal screen for iOS ?

not as good as PC. can only process a fraction of papers in the time allotted, meaning less income and family dies faster. they need to rebalance this for mobile.

there is no sound. when I start the game, there is no sound. i checked the settings to make sure the sound was all the way up, and it was. I love the game but this bug ruins it

Help. I can never get pass day 15 please help otherwise a great game

So fun. You never know what’s going to happen in the game that’s what makes it thrilling.

Great game!. If you haven’t played this game, what are you doing with your life.

True story. Add true story mode and here are rules you have to beat day 100 and then there will be a sad ending and you will be put on leader board fastes time beaten and if you get first citiaon you will be fired please add this I rate five stars this game is so fun

Very good. The Ministry of Truth has approved of this Arstozkan game for its art style, storyline and enjoyable gameplay. You’ll do very good inspector. Glory to Arstozka!

I accept people's bribes but deny them entry because i am a terrible person. 10/10

I am so bad at this game. But I love it. So happy I can play on my iPad.

Too addictive. Absolutely love this game, Play it every day, it’s too addicting! So much fun!

Is this a game. Its like a school test where if you're not fast enough your family starves. Why was this made

Help please. Whenever I made a new save, I started the game but when the date screen would drop, it only showed black and not the actual desk screen. Please fix this

great except for one thing. I have gotten so many citations for accidently stamping someones passport denied. Make it so if you put denied, you can stamp accepted twice to accept it

I’m a kid. Oh my goodness this is a really good game and I’m a real kid buuut on day3 the last persoin will not give me his passport

Landscape please. Can we get landscape mode like the PC version has?

Good until I had to xray ppl to confirm their sex.. It was a pretty thoughtful and fun game until it started telling me i needed to check each persons sex by taking an xray of them. Just felt wrong and transphobic. I won’t support that.

No sound?. I can't hear sound, i've tried to turn everything up & restart my phone. i just can't hear it on this game.

Glitchy. I try finishing the day and I say next then the alarm goes off and a guy says glory to the country with no passport or ticket and I just sit there and wait and nothing happens

Thanks for the update. I waited for it a while

Angry. I payed money for this name to not let me get past day two because i can’t do anything about this dude not having any papers it just won’t let me do anything it’s dumb

Good game, very replayable. Great game, wish apple made it easier to see achievements. Gotta hand it to the developer for responding

Interesting idea but..... But tedious and boring. I gave this game a few hours and decided to delete it. I'd read about the game in advance and don't quite understand all the praise. Personally, I would waste your money on this game unless you like an uphill battle against overwhelming odds plus really boring play.

i love this game. it should be better if there are IPhone version like hearth XXXXX.

Wow. I absolutely love this game. It makes me tired after playing so many hours. Is fun to do with friends or by yourself.

FIVE FREAKING STARS!. It made me laugh, it made me think, and it made me cry. Great game with amazing dialogue, characters, gameplay, and concept. Worth every penny

iPhone support added but not free. I bought this game on my iPad. It’s fun. Last week the developers added iPhone support but you’ll need to buy the game all over again. Wow!

Glory to Arstotzka!. Best non mobile mobile game ever.

Not worth $. Neat game, interesting -- for a few days. Then it's kind of repetitive and boring. Which I wouldn't even mind, since it's so unique. But it's insane that you have to PAY for it at all, never mind the high price. I regret buying it, sorry.

Yesssss. Played after seeing jacksepticeye playing and I got addicted it is fun and has many endings and twist I recommend it.

Good. Really solid game. Love to play it in my free time. NO problems at all.

Bad glitch. Ween I got on day 15 and I got arrested I can't play the game and I love it

Perfect!. Was an amazing game, recommend this for everyone with depression during quarantine

Wont let me download. Ever time I try to download it, it will start for about 5 seconds and then stop the download. Please fix this bc I cant play the game until it is fixed

Glory to Arstotzka.. Congratulations. The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled. For immediate placement, report to the Ministry of Admission at Grestin Border Checkpoint. An apartment will be provided for you and your family in East Grestin. Expect a Class-8 dwelling. Glory to Arstotzka.

Great game but needs landscape mode.. Like others have said, would be much more comfortable to play on iPad if it had landscape mode, other than that no complaints.

i love papers please. i originally had it on pc a long time ago and got it again on mobile and it is easily the best thing to ever happen to me. i spend hours playing and when i sleep or close my eyes my mind generates a perfect replica of the game. i love papers please

Great game. This is a great concept of what a dystopian-based should be like. I definitely think that there should be a second game like this, but who knows if and when that will happen. Anyway, great game!

Mediocre on Mobile. This game is an original masterpiece. But only on the computer. The mobile controls need to be redone.

Great Game!. I’ve never played this game before and I am LOVING it. So far this game is all that I’ve been playing while I’m bored, and the storyline is nice.

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Papers, Please 1.4.12 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 1.4.12
Play Store co.3909.papersplease
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application Papers, Please was published in the category Games on 12 December 2014, Friday and was developed by 3909 [Developer ID: 541419307]. This program file size is 61.63 MB. This app has been rated by 844 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Papers, Please - Games app posted on 17 July 2023, Monday current version is 1.4.12 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: co.3909.papersplease. Languages supported by the app:

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Various small fixes

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