Messenger [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Be together whenever, with our all-in-one communication app, complete with unlimited text, voice, video calling and group video chat features.

Keep your friends and family close with unlimited 1:1 and group video calls - filters optional :) Host group video calls with up to 8 people, with high-quality audio, high definition video, and interactive video features like face filters. Works across devices (smartphones and desktop).

Skip exchanging phone numbers and simply send a message to your Facebook friends, even if they’re across the world. Enjoy high-quality voice and text messaging on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

When text just won't cut it, just hit record and send. Say, sing, show, or shout it out loud.

Dark mode is a sleek look that’s easy on the eyes, by switching the background from white to black.

SHARE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS - Capture the moment with the Messenger Camera, add a filter or doodle, then send to friends or share to Stories.

Send and receive money from friends in the app by adding your debit card or PayPal account.

Suggest a meeting spot or tell friends where you are by sharing your location with just a few taps.

Easily connect with your favorite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals and more.

Privacy Policy: LEARN MORE about Messenger texting and group video chat at:

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Messenger Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Messenger has rebuilt the app from the ground up. We are excited to introduce a smaller, faster, and simpler Messenger! Messenger is now one-fourth its original size and twice as fast to start - and you’ll still see new features getting added all the time!

Messenger Comments & Reviews

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- Bring back the features!

Missing the read notification from the main screen, blow up emoji, and probably countless others. Also when I type long messages and take a pause, the message window shrinks. Why?? Please take into account the features that were fun and useful for users before culling them in favor of more “speed” and “efficiency.” Embarrassing update from a company that should understand user experience more than the rest.

- Video problem?

The videos don’t run anymore. Is this something I’m doing wrong?

- Help please!

I’ve been using messenger with the same account for a couple years now without having a Facebook account and just now I was logged out of my account for no reason and can’t log back in. My friends say I appear to be unreachable. Please fix this

- No audio

Everything seemed to be okay yesterday then updated and I got no audio! This app is junk and so is apple!!

- Bugs with Profile Pictures

I absolutely love messenger and really appreciate the updates. However after my last update before this one, I have had a constant issue with profile pictures (mine included) of my friends’ not showing up. It simply shows up as a black image and it really takes away from the conversation when I’m in the chat. Would really like to see this fixed!

- New update

I love messenger but this knew update is telling people I’ve read a message before I even opened it

- Fix this issue

I don’t understand why u guys haven’t made it possible to stop accounts from being hacked and it will really be great if it was possible to delete messages more than one at a time that is very time consuming. Thanks

- Slow typing

Hi there, I’m on of messenger user and I noted that the typing is became slower and more slow and 30 minutes of chatting The last update is worst than previous version Please try to fix this issue, it’s affected users ratio and the app rate. Thanks

- The red indicator that never goes off

I have had an alert for 2 weeks saying I have a message. Message cannot be found. I have uninstalled messenger several times, reported it to FB and nothing is done about it. Messenger is the worst. Plus it’s very easy to hack and FB reads your messages.



- Updating

I like the way it is. Every time u have an update it’s for the worst and I have to relearned skills. For a 77 years old it’s hard and u assume we know what u are talking about

- No me gusta para nada

En esta actualización no se pueden borrar los mensajes no deseados o enviados por error no me gusta para nada esta actualización por quería

- Messenger suggestions

I hate that it suggests who to write in messenger!! And There’s no way to turn off that feature.

- Getting worse instead of better

I turn off “Show Previews” for messages but I still see what the message says, and when I go in to make sure it’s turned off, sometimes it’s turned itself back on. I like the privacy of a notification just saying “(whoever’s name) sent you a message.” But it doesn’t do that anymore. And if I go through my phone settings to do it, it will just start saying “notification” and that’s not what I want. Also don’t like how you have to go into the messages with a person to see if they’ve read it, instead of a little picture showing up at the side when you’re looking at the list of people you’ve sent messages to. Please fix these and take them back to the way they used to be.

- New update is garbage!

I have two major issues with this apps recent update... 1. Make a switchable function to turn off calling. 2. Figure out what you have done that turned off sending voice memos through messenger

- Terrible service!!!

Tha app doesn’t work... I’ve writen to admin like a thousand times, never got answer back. It still is broken two months now...

- New update

How can you bring all deleted messages back?!? Now wasting my time to erase again?!? This is plain stupid and disrespectful for your customers...but bleah Facebook just illegal

- Fine app EXCEPT

I HATE the fact that anyone I chat with on FB can automatically call my phone. I just want to shut this off, but that is not an option in Messenger. This IS an invasion of my -and yours- privacy. Facebook needs to make this an option, period!

- Why update it to maje it worse?

Why did you have to update messenger, remove cool feature like popping emojis in chat, add a really cool feature imo: the ability to spam emojis in chat, and then remove the spamming again? Why are you adding features to then remove and why did you remove old features? Please asd back the ability to check if someone has seen your message without having to enter in the chat and #bringbackoldmessenger ;(

- Changing

New version Messainger to poor design Here lots of have missing options And why not set longer video on Status Just can limit time video can only set It’s look like whatsapp status video Change this version 😡

- Video problem

I can’t watch the videos that people share to me!!

- This new update is terrible

Can not watch videos sent through messenger Why need to get it fixed

- Voice memos

Why won’t voice memos from Apple go to messenger anymore - they used to?

- Junk

For the love of God, and a guy in Dallas named Pete! Would you please fix the app? I just updated it ,and flickering issues! Love you guys, but every update fixes nothing! Can you at least respond to this and troubleshoot??

- Video chat with more than one person

Tried a video chat with 3 people and audio quality was poor. It works fine with 2 people, but as soon as the 3rd person was added in, the audio quality was so bad. One person couldn’t hear the other, and the other 2 people’s voices echoed. All 3 used iPhones.

- Utterly despicable

The app itself works great. The chats work well. However, there are games also in this apps. In the games, you can watch ads for rewards. However? This doesn’t work! I have tried every possible thing. I have constantly re-downloaded the app and try to get something out of it. I downloaded Facebook as well to play on that. It doesn’t work. This issue is also there for my sisters. Fix the issue and you will get a good review

- Videos

Why can’t I see my videos no more on my messenger?

- Up date...

I never receive pics on my messenger. Now when I delete and reload the picture still ain’t there. Ugh. I’m sick of this. I’m deleting-and hopefully you will take heed and fix it once and for all. Yeah you fixed it all right! NOT TO WORK!!!! Up date... still don’t get pics on messenger. It’s still a mess. I hope you fix it cause I use it a lot to keep in touch with family and friends. PLEASE FIX IT!! New review.. my messenger is still crap!!!! I have deleted it over a hundred times now. It still don’t work. Then once it worked and then right back to crap again. I really don’t think they care cause they’ve done nothing to fix it. Am I the only one who has this problem? I see a lot of people are having multiple problems like me, and there all different. So what does that tell you people who “updated this app?” It doesn’t work!!!! Another update. Still don’t work!!! I’m SICK OFF THIS!!!!!!!!!

- Messenger app

I enjoy messenger app

- Give us our emojis and polls back??!

Why were they even removed in the first place? The only real thing we got in exchange for losing features is a slightly different looking UI. Who cares what it looks like. Bring back the features! I have to copy and paste emojis from twitter now smh

- Fix it!

How about you fix it to where it doesn’t show a new message notification without a new message. It’s shown a new notification for days and It won’t clear!

- Keyboard lag in this version of messenger

When I type there is a big lag on when you type to when it displays on the screen. This happens with both the onscreen and mechanical keyboard. Please fix!

- Not good

Dislike the new messenger , want my old one back

- Looks good but......

I really like the look of the new messenger but I lost all of my messages from this year. All I have left are messages before December 2019. I had new messages that I needed to answer but they are gone.

- I hate messenger new update

I hate the new update it doesn't let you post over 25 sec on your story. please! change it to the way it was or at least let us post videos for 1 min

- 10 minutes

I do videos on YouTube and I used to send videos to my tablet through messenger and edit them and then send them back to my phone. Now I can’t do it because apparently I can’t send videos that are less than 2 or 3 minutes. I didn’t had that problem before so I don’t know why you guys changed that. Please make it at least 10 minutes or 8 minutes.

- Great app indeed, but it has bugs

This app is great. Smaller in memory size works wonders on the iPhone. Oh, also can they do the same for the Facebook app, making the memory size smaller as well too? That would be great. Also been wondering why the limit of friends we can have on Facebook is 5,000? Is there a way to fix it?

- New updates are awful

The newest update is absolutely awful. It got rid of a bunch of features and now runs so much slower. Half the messages I type don't go through now Edit: games and big emojis are gone. My two favorite featurea. Messenger is not worth using anymore

- Successfully ruined messenger after new update

You guys Successfully ruined messenger after new update . Lots of feature missing and feels laggy too .

- Very good

But messenger should try to create a space where we can edit our picture and our name on it , I think I prefer the old messenger than this

- No chat heads

I recently switched from Android to Apple and I cannot get the chat heads to pop up. I miss all my messages when Im On other apps because of this. HELP!!

- New Update is terrible!

I have no idea why you removed the option to open the gallery to select pictures and videos to send your friend at once, where is that option after the new update?? Now I have roll up among 10000 of my pictures just to select one or two in the past to send and that left me so upset. Where is the feature that you can see if people had read your text without opening the message? Bring them back please!!!!!!!!!!!

- Love the Shrinkage

The app is really easy to use now! Can you make the Facebook app this small in terms of mb?

- Blown up emoji

Old interface was much more pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Also please bring back the ability to make the emoji get bigger by holding it - that was my favorite feature

- Stop Deleting Useful Features

-Single and Multiple Reminders feature is gone. Why? -Cannot automatically save photos into camera roll. Why?

- Update

When I'm trying to edit The dialogue box keeps minimizing. Poorly executed Application.

- Deborahcook

Happy birthday Ann!!mamadeborah

- Messenger

I do not like this at all! I liked the old one! Please bring it back!

- Network problems in messenger

My messenger have issue on network connection what should I do

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- I wish there was more things to do

There not much to do other then msg wish there were better games to play and interact with others

- Why

Doesn’t it deliver the texts when I text new people? I keep texting them to see if they’ll get it but the circle doesn’t get filled in which means that that didn’t get it. Can you please fix this?

- Videos

I have to delete and re-install the app everyday because it won’t play the videos sent in my messenger groups...

- Won’t load

Doesn’t load images or videos

- i am mad!

you guys removed the feature to be able to enlarge eggplants and have raining hearts/snow when putting the heart eyed emoji or the christmas emojis. I AM MAD.

- hearts

why we can't catch the hearts anymore😖it was fun

- App isn’t running right, can’t turn phone to make video bigger

App not working right, can’t turn screen sideways

- Give us back large emojis

Stupid to take them away. It’s incredibly unsatisfying to use the small ones now

- Videos are not playing

Videos are not playing

- Messenger

I really don’t care to have more complicated systems. I object to losing function in order to make me update.

- Since the update

Haven’t updated the app in a long time so I finally did and regret it! If I watch a video once then that’s it try to watch it again and nothing happens and this happens with every chats I have going on! Berry annoying!

- Version 257 Is Awful

Version 257 is awful. Can’t hold on emojis to make them larger, can’t click stickers to choose to send a sticker from the pack you’re clicking on. Please fix

- 🏀🏀🏀

Il est parti où le jeu de basket?!!!

- Nouveau bug

Il faut fermé l'application plusieurs fois à chaque fois que l'on veut utilisé le clavier (on peut pu écrire ) sa allais bien avant , maintenant sa prend 25min voir ou écrire un message. Je vais envoyer une lettre par la poste sa va prendre moins de temps😂

- Works alright

The app seems to work well. However, there is one issue that has brought it down to three stars for me—the integrated browser does not force the search engine DuckDuckGo to use ‘Safe Search’ (filter out explicit results) when Screen Time is set to block inappropriate content. Safari on the other hand successfully does this. This means that an explicit link of a web search can be shared, opened, and viewed even when Screen Time is supposed to be blocking it. I know it seems minor but I would greatly appreciate it if you would fix this.

- Sucks

I actually hate that Facebook removed the ability to change your profile picture on messenger. Like I honestly hate it. I got my braces off, and I would like to show my smile. I only got messenger, not a Facebook account. I SUGGEST FACEBOOK PUT BACK THAT OPTION. Like Instagram and WhatsApp is looking better than messenger right now.

- App went downhill since a couple of weeks

No more surveys, no more event reminders. Can’t read files from the app anymore, must go online on a computer. This app was simple and functional and now it’s lacking basic things they simply took out.

- Ruined

This new version is trash, I was forced to update and I obliged it having not updated it in months and then this version removed every other function. I can’t even trim videos anymore.

- Can’t remove messenger contacts.

They took away the ability to remove old contacts from your messenger list. Such as people from buy and sell, or just other people in general. The only option is blocking. These contacts really have no business seeing your status after your finished your interaction. You may even need to interact in the future. I don’t want to block people, it’s stupid.

- Don’t allow

On iPhone XS from messenger to check someone’s profile on face book doesn’t work

- Messenger

Updated the App and now freezes constantly

- Messenger

I am unable to download or receive any messages now as well since the update!! I need it in these times

- K

This new messenger update sucks, no hide chat option and videos won’t load and or play 🤬

- Horrible app & horrible service!

There should be an option to remove all people that aren’t connected on Facebook as a ‘friend’, there should be a ‘leave from all group chats’ function, there should be an ability to remove story mode from messenger, there should be a no-call/FaceTime option.

- story automatique grrrr

ca meneve que le story change après l'autre serieux .

- Videos unable to run

The latest update on the app doesn't allow me to run the videos and takes very long time to download them and then not running the videos. Please fix the app, and return it to the previous version we were able to see the veidos fast and easy way.

- ......


- I HEAT IT!!!!

It is THE F WORD!!! IM GOING TO DELETE IT FÙCK THIS GAME + I fùcking can’t get games on it 😡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Secret Conversation

I love the app and everything, but I wish there was a way to hide the secret conversations from the homepage with all the other messages. It's kinda useless if there's no way to keep the messages because we're not able to hide them. Thanks

- Videos not playing

Lately, if I don’t watch videos that have been sent within a few hours, I can’t open them. If they get resent, then I can open them.

- Messages

It keeps deleting my most resent convo

- Update sucks!


- Love the smaller size!

New version is only 31 MB. Love the new focus on efficiency and speed.

- The update sucks!

The latest version won’t show when someone sees a message on the home, only when u go into messages which is annoying. Second, it doesn’t tell you when someone has read your message, it just says seen. Bring these two features back! Wish I never updated.

- Messenger

I love it it’s just you cant share screen on Apple

- voice memos

can’t share voice memos with my iphone 7 the last update of messenger!!! please check this bug (couldn’t load content message)

- Big heart problem

It’s not cool from you to have removed the big heart when you click on it for a long time😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- wont allow me to scan facebook codes

I went to the “help” section to figure out how to scan facebook codes and followed every step but it literally doesn’t work. fix this.

- The new upgrade is bad

Full of bugs!! I can’t stay on one conversation longer than 30secs!

- Screen sharing Feature

I love your app for FaceTiming but I wish there was a screen sharing feature so me and my friends could watch things together

- Contacts

STILL not able to manage present and past contacts in Messenger. Disappointing to say the least

- Messenger

Keeps loading but nothing happens

- Slowdown

Pls don’t force me to update. U r slowing down iPad. ......

- Update has really reduced camera quality

The most recent update has really reduced the camera quality for video chats and in-app photos (they’re now very overexposed and low in contrast). I’m hoping this is fixed with the next update!

- I can’t play pool Messenger sends me to a blank page on Facebook?

My games on Messenger I cannot play.

- Re. Enter. Messengers

Please. Re enter. Messenger.

- I can’t open any documents anymore

Why can’t I open any word/pdf/ppt documents on my phone anymore? I used to be able to do that, why isn’t that possible anymore? (iPhone 7)

- It’s about time

Finally got rid of the bloat and made the app much smaller and faster! please do the same with the Facebook app!

- Just tired of being mined for info

Nuisance app How the hell do I quit this app and get you people to stop trying to get me to rejoin?

- Garbage

Either things work terribly or don’t altogether. I hate it.

- Can’t even get in the app

I don’t know what is wrong with the app. Really disappointing.

- Can’t do videos and post anymore and lost my Avatar

Bad version ... avoid update. Want to roll back to old version but can’t.

- Better but

App size way smaller. Very good App loads faster. Also good. Profile pictures in app no longer load. Not good.

- ignored messages

please make it easier to bring back ignored messages to normal inbox.

- Newest update

Ever since the newest update the app has been super slow and glitchy. Old updates were fine. This one is the worst I have ever see from Facebook

- About story

Pleases change story setting. I don’t like to post just 20 seconds videos.

- Keeps resetting to home page

Typing message and it will just reset


I find it bizarre that messenger has decided to remove the ability to share documents or other files as attachments in the app. It has completely complicated the way that I can quickly share files with people as now I need to email some, whatsapp others, share google drive links, etc. Why can’t I just send a file? Jesus Christ. FIX THIS!

- Give us actual update notes

Please actually tell us what you’re doing with each update. I was sure Apple made it a requirement to have meaningful update notes?! The stuff you’re putting in there now is truly meaningless.

- Bring polls back

Just bring them back

- Sharing location

Please bring back location sharing within messenger! This was really handy!

- deleted messages

i wish this app would completely delete people from messenger after questioning and replying to a for sale post on facebook .. as messenger is the service used for facebook and the sales sites set up on facebook . every time i go to a message from friends i continually see old messages contacts keep popping up after being deleted . if there not in our friends contacts they should be permanently deleted after you delete them from a conversation . fix this please is very frustrating and pisses me off . cos there is no other way of deleting them unless you block them on fb but then if they are regular sellers you cant see there other items at later date . needs to be fixed .

- Messenger on iPad buggy (252.1 ----> 258.0)

Seriously do you guys check an update before releasing it? Since your most recent updates (252.1, 253.1, 253.3, 254.0, 254.1, 255.0, 255.1, 256.0, 257.0 & 258.0) Messenger on IPad has become so glitchy it is not funny. Seriously THE WORST UPDATES EVER! Doing a complete uninstall, reboot, reinstall used to fix this glitchy mess for about 20mins. However since 256.0 and 257.0, reinstalling doesn't even fix this mess of an app anymore :( Emoji's now vanish from the Blue Smiley in the chat box whenever it glitches meaning the only way to access them is via the redundant globe keyboard changer but that is stupid. Please fix ASAP. Seriously over two months of the worst glitchy updates known to man, yet you seem to be unwilling to fix it.....#facepalm

- Excellent application

Me my boyfriend is in long distance relationship from past 6 years , this application helped alot to keep in touch with each other. Best application ever , I love this application messenger ❣️

- Do not update to this new version

This new version of FB Messenger is absolute rubbish. I really regret updating. Viewing videos is difficult; when I tilt my phone to view the video in fullscreen, the video stops working. Worst update in the history of updates.

- I hate it

Yeah I hate it, I agree with the guy with the long review... everything that he said.

- Horrible update

Bring back chat preview

- Video chat problem

I could not use the stickers in video chat this did not happen before... i am using iphone 6

- Joans girl

Unable to play videos sent to others. It just goes from 0.00-0.00. Useless

- Friendships

Messenger has opened up the world to my fingertips and I now have new friends all over the World on several sites including Cronic Pain, Osteoporosis and Diabetes sites Judith Goode Sunshine’s Coast Queensland Australia You are annoying me today blocking me from getting my Messenger messages. Grrr

- Video displays incorrectly in landscape

Just updated the app, 30/3/20, and the first video I’m sent won’t go proper full screen in landscape (iOS), instead sharing (whilst playing the video) the screen with a previous post.

- Don’t update

Updated to new messanger now can’t get sound have turned phone on & off 4 times still doesn’t work.

- Eeeeeeeeeepic

This rocks

- Hate this new update.

Can’t play video, Can’t go to any link .

- Profile picture

Can’t change my pfp like I use to without Facebook if someone knows how to this on on messenger plz tell me

- No location button

How can we share location if you removed it. It was a safety issue that could be used for families, friends and coworkers.

- Change it back

Change it back. Can’t grow an emoji. Can’t see when someone saw my message. Cant see if they are on the chat. Can’t even see if they read my message on the home screen of messenger. I think this update

- Shocking update

Absolutely appalling update. The fact that you can’t see if someone has seen your message or not is ridiculous and now I constantly have to re-enter the chat to see if my message has been opened or not. Fix this rubbish.

- Bring back the plan feature!

This is pretty useful for the current time where you’re trying to schedule group conversations across time zones!

- Not good

Terrible, can’t access message requests in it.

- Avatar missing

I went to use my avatar (already set up and used) and the avatar sticker option has gone, tried searching for it and can’t find it. Please help.

- Lost my avatar


- Video links in messenger does not play.

Tapping on video links shows a thumbnail but does not play.

- Last update

Unhappy about the last update because a lot of the previous features were removed. I use messenger without Facebook so I can’t access features such as editing my profile and managing my account. It can definitely be seen as more simple in navigating, but the app as a whole feels limited.

- This is not an application for sending mssg, this is a trash

I’ve always got ended call suddenly and at somehow I am unable to use voice mssg, even there is no sound! I won’t use this terrible trash anymore!

- Hate the new update!

I absolutely loathe the new update - I can’t see if someone’s seen my message until I click on it, and if someone ends up in spam/message requests and you try to respond to it, it’ll take you a week to type the message thanks to a super slow lag in that section. Why did you change something if it wasn’t broken Facebook??

- Not a fan

This new update is pretty bad. For some reason it won’t play any videos that were posted in my chat history prior to the update

- Can I go back to the previous version?

I really don’t like a bunch of the changes you’ve made, is it possible that I step back to the previous version? :/

- Problems

My messenger app is playing up Can’t uninstall it to re-install And won’t let me receive other people’s photos It was the best way to send messages As you were guaranteed to know when people opened and read the messengers A few glitches still Please revert

- Groups

Would like to categorize my contacts into type of contact eg Business, club friends etc

- No reminder feature

A pretty handy feature that I can no longer use since updating. Used to create reminders all the time for my group chats and people would be able to respond if they were going. No you’ve taken that away. Haven’t even replaced it with something else, just taken it away completely. I mean, do we really have to explain to developers all the time to stop changing things that aren’t broken. Constantly just face-palming myself.

- New improved Messenger

I’m glad to see that the new update is both smaller and faster that the previous. Hopefully that will speed things up so that we can get more intrusive ads. I just love those ads 😊

- Profile pic edits gone!

Can no longer change profile picture

- Rubbish update

This update is rubbish. Won’t play videos

- One problem

It’s great really the same sorta but please help! How do change you profile picture without Facebook!!😢

- Bring back what we want


- I can’t send massage

Hi someone try to hack my massager and it send massage from account to many people that “is it you”with a youtube link plz do something about it

- Lol

Great 👍🏻

- Not happy with new update

Please bring back previous version......

- How do you manage to make each update worse than previous?

Each update changes things for no reason, someone needs to stop trying to justify their job by reinventing the wheel. I can only watch about half of the videos I receive, whether its a facebook link or one a friend has filmed, the rest wont play. Of the videos that do work to start with, if i rotate my screen for a landscape video then the video stops playing and it shows the video i was watching as well as the previous but neither will play. Also why do I have to hit the volume button every time I play a video to hear it even when my volume is on max. If i tap on a video to play it then it means i want to hear it and see it. Iphone 8

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- Keyboard lag in this version of messenger

When I type there is a big lag on when you type to when it displays on the screen. This happens with both the onscreen and mechanical keyboard. Please fix!

- Not good

Dislike the new messenger , want my old one back

- Looks good but......

I really like the look of the new messenger but I lost all of my messages from this year. All I have left are messages before December 2019. I had new messages that I needed to answer but they are gone.

- I hate messenger new update

I hate the new update it doesn't let you post over 25 sec on your story. please! change it to the way it was or at least let us post videos for 1 min

- 10 minutes

I do videos on YouTube and I used to send videos to my tablet through messenger and edit them and then send them back to my phone. Now I can’t do it because apparently I can’t send videos that are less than 2 or 3 minutes. I didn’t had that problem before so I don’t know why you guys changed that. Please make it at least 10 minutes or 8 minutes.

- Great app indeed, but it has bugs

This app is great. Smaller in memory size works wonders on the iPhone. Oh, also can they do the same for the Facebook app, making the memory size smaller as well too? That would be great. Also been wondering why the limit of friends we can have on Facebook is 5,000? Is there a way to fix it?

- New updates are awful

The newest update is absolutely awful. It got rid of a bunch of features and now runs so much slower. Half the messages I type don't go through now Edit: games and big emojis are gone. My two favorite featurea. Messenger is not worth using anymore

- Successfully ruined messenger after new update

You guys Successfully ruined messenger after new update . Lots of feature missing and feels laggy too .

- Very good

But messenger should try to create a space where we can edit our picture and our name on it , I think I prefer the old messenger than this

- No chat heads

I recently switched from Android to Apple and I cannot get the chat heads to pop up. I miss all my messages when Im On other apps because of this. HELP!!

- New Update is terrible!

I have no idea why you removed the option to open the gallery to select pictures and videos to send your friend at once, where is that option after the new update?? Now I have roll up among 10000 of my pictures just to select one or two in the past to send and that left me so upset. Where is the feature that you can see if people had read your text without opening the message? Bring them back please!!!!!!!!!!!

- Love the Shrinkage

The app is really easy to use now! Can you make the Facebook app this small in terms of mb?

- Blown up emoji

Old interface was much more pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Also please bring back the ability to make the emoji get bigger by holding it - that was my favorite feature

- Stop Deleting Useful Features

-Single and Multiple Reminders feature is gone. Why? -Cannot automatically save photos into camera roll. Why?

- Update

When I'm trying to edit The dialogue box keeps minimizing. Poorly executed Application.

- Deborahcook

Happy birthday Ann!!mamadeborah

- Messenger

I do not like this at all! I liked the old one! Please bring it back!

- Network problems in messenger

My messenger have issue on network connection what should I do

- Help

I enjoy the app, but I have a few friends I can’t chat with. I can chat with them in group chats and secret messages, but not a normal one, they haven’t blocked me, and my app and device are up to date

- Wow! You made it worse!

I’ve never seen a company spin an obvious downgrade in quality as a good thing. That’s exactly what this is: a huge step backwards. You took an already unnecessary app and somehow made it worse. If the goal was to make messenger smaller, you should’ve just reintegrated it back INTO the Facebook app where it belongs.

- Update

The app won’t let me delete messages anymore. Deleting the messages are useful when I send the wrong messages!

- Won’t recognize I’m on WiFi

Whatever y’all did undo it, the video chat won’t accept incoming calls....that’s how I talk to my daughter when I’m out of town. Second the stupid thing won’t recognize that it is in fact connected to WiFi so then that eliminates my chances of calling anyone. The messenger takes ridiculously long to send any message and it’s equally as long before it says there’s a reply.... don’t fix what ain’t broke...

- Slim app

Much faster less clutter I like it

- Very critical security issue

Even though you turned off all notifications with someone, he/she still can start a call to you. Be aware. You can mistakely answer the call, and they can listen all of your speakings. Apple should care about this situation!

- Sharing files

Whatever the update was made it so that you can’t share audio files from your files

- Update suggestions for messenger

If we had a If update for this I would appreciate

- Nebraska tires & Corp

Por favor no bloquee mi pantaya, yo no se como actualizar mi edad no está para eso quíteme ese candado que me bloquea Messenger por favor

- long video on story

make it possible to upload long video on story like before

- Hacking!

Deleted app because of getting hacked all the time! Never happens anymore!

- Im sorry I replied to your prompts!

I suspected that the glories of your update were at best misguided and now I know its true. Sorry we were not allowed a preview of what you seem to want us to share

- Trash

I get an error very time I try to open a link, videos don’t play and without opening a message I can’t see if it’s been read.

- Messanger app have a issue with stream videos!!

Hello to the attendant, this is khuwaja, writing to you in order to notify a app issue of messenger, it get lazy when playing a video using a shared link, on the same time the video directly from facebook app is playing fine, most of time a hifi speed connection also bear the same problem of buffering videos in app, kindly resolve the issue with n coming update. Regards

- Stinky update

Messenger is the only calling app I use but this update didn’t do anything good might just be me but I hardly had speed problems but ig you do you boys😂

- Not working in iPhone

Today messenger all day not working in iphone 6 and 5s What’s the problem?! Voice message work on speaker all time and when the mobile on ears also work in speaker loudly

- Can’t delete message from both

Why can’t delete a message from both sides

- Most new updates don’t add to the app

This app kept pestering me to update, so I did, and now I wish I hadn’t. I like messenger in general, and I appreciate the automatic switching to dark mode at night to match my iPhone settings. But everything else is a bummer. Certain stickers or text phrases used to unleash a storm of hearts or balloons, and it was a very cute and fun feature that I loved. With the new update, there is nothing. Also don’t like how there’s a search bar automatically in the sticker and gif box as well as a big thick bar to choose between sticker and gif; this takes up room on the sticker and gif selection sheet and makes finding the sticker I want more cumbersome. Isn’t the point of updates to make the app less so? Last is a small thing, but still irritating—on the Chats list page (inbox?), either a grey check mark or a small version of my contact’s icon would appear on the right of the message slot, allowing me to see at a glance whether several different people had seen my last message in their respective chats. I just. Don’t understand why this feature is gone. I don’t get any of this and I’m pretty sure this review is one of hundreds, but I’m throwing it in. Thank you for trying, but I don’t see the justification for some of these updates.

- Notification didn’t work on new update

People sent messages to me and the app didn’t give any notification about 2 weeks ago (from they begun to update).

- Hate the new update

The new react emojis are extremely ugly and irritating. Awful design. They replaced the heart eyes react with a heart which is no where close to being the same thing. Used for completely different purposes and now the heart eyes is gone...

- New update is not satisfactory

Didn’t like the new update at all

- Does not open my messenger!!!

Cannot open Messenger when notifications on my belleham acct??? Why???

- Notification alarm

Good app, let’s me keep in contact with others. Initially I deactivated Facebook when I was in school, but was allowed to use messenger still. After a while for some reason that stopped being the case and it deactivated messenger too. Well, that wasn’t an option because I have a family chat on there and otherwise I would have been out of the loop. Minor issue, done with school now so not as big of a problem, until I return for degree number two. Video quality could be a bit better too. Also, my dog absolutely HATES the message notification. He will run away when he hears it. I would prefer a list of audible options for the sake of my dogs ears, and me being upset when he leaves due to a message coming through. Minor detail, but it makes me want to get rid of the app all together.

- Omg

What is happening?? Why i cannot send messeges

- Dysfunctional

They got rid of the best feature- the ability to see if your last message has been read. For those using this as a quick communication tool on the go, it wastes time to have to open the chat window to see if your message was read. Also the new versions of messenger have very bad photo quality

- Messenger has not worked right for two weeks.

Anytime someone sends me a video it will not play. The time on the play line is 00. Has been like this since the last two updates.

- What happened to....

What happened to the option to translate messages?!?? Now I’m completely confused 🤷‍♀️ how to respond to a spanish buyer I only know English!!!

- Remove???

Why is the remove for everyone gone???

- Make it rain

Messager stoped making it rain money when ppl send payments on messager 😩 I miss My moneyraining

- Updates broke videos

Videos won't play now!!

- Problema

Al escuchar una nota de voz la pantalla no e apaga cuando me coloco el teléfono en la oreja , siempre suenan en el micrófono de oído y no en altavoz

- Suprisingly slow and glitchy

Thanks for this update, I’m disappointed. Also it consumes so much battery just for messaging. Impressive, never seen this achievement before.

- Emojis

I want emoji stickers back to place on photos.

- Scammers using messenger

Is there a problem? Fake users asking to phone them

- Constantly getting hacked.

Messenger doesn't let you delete comments without pressing on it so it is easily hacked. The inability to manage comments does not make it a helpful app. More of a pain, I have to delete it all the time. Horrible

- Not sending one minute video

I have updated and rebooted my iPhone 8 and still won’t send. Internet connection shows 4 bars. Even when I am using data. Why is this?

- Makes a popping sound when devices are in do not disturb

Both my iPad and my iPhone now make popping sounds when I get messages while the devices are in do not disturb mode. Hearing a constant popping noise while I’m trying to sleep is superbly annoying. The only way that I’ve found to stop it is to mute every person on my list of chats every night, then unmute them the next morning. Not sure what was broken in the last update, but that one is really irritating.

- Instant games tab disappeared and gone forever

The instant games tab disappeared and i cant even play the games... iphone 8

- Won’t open videos

Won’t open videos on my iPhone pro max

- UI too spaced out

the sizing of the new messenger update feels very clunky on iPad. It felt fine before so I’m not sure why the change. When I look through thumbnails to send a photo I need to squint since the images are so small. The ui icons I’m general are too small for the iPad format. Hope this gets rectified. Cheers

- Ads in your Private Messages

Have they no shame? Facebook is a trash company capitalizing on their monopoly.

- Update

New update just ruined it

- amazing

dựt dựt tung lon hả nghĩ sao mà lag hoài v má xoá app đi

- Message removal

App is removing messages before being able to read them in chat.

- Not good at all

Please bring back the old version

- Doesn’t work properly

Since the last update, it doesn’t always show messages and it doesn’t show the other persons video in video call, on iPhone 8

- No messages

Will not display any of the messages except mine, please fix

- Where is everything?

Where are the reminders and the polls?? Such useful features gone on the mobile version, why?

- Bring back plans

Why did y’all take the plans away they were so helpful

- Bugg

Bugg, we can’t find anything with the upgrade! We can’t find games and when we do a videocall we can’t play too!

- No video filter available,

The old version was the best, now the video call is sorest quality☹️☹️☹️

- I need my suggested contact list

I like old version please i can’t see my suggested contact in new version

- Emoji issue.

Can’t seem to make my emojis bigger anymore by holding down the icon. What gives? Fix this issue cause I know there is others out there. Thank you.

- Stupid version

Such a stupid version is this 256.0 , few videos doest open , few open with no sound. I mean Facebook , seriously?????? This is what you come up witn

- Still sucks

It amazes me with all the negative feedback you are receiving on your “great updates” since the beginning of 2020. That you can’t at the very lease fix at least a couple of things that people are saying they are missing. Let’s recap some: - Can’t see when someone has read your message unless you go into the message, FIX IT - when you look at someone’s my story it automatically keeps going into everyone’s. If we wanted to see everyone’s we would look. FIX IT IF YOU CAN Just pick the 3 top complaints and fix them. People will start using SKYPE and get rid of Messenger all together. Especially when you have done multiple updates this year already and not once addressed people’s complaints. Just saying.

- Messenger reminders

Why did you remove the messenger alarms?????? Please bring them back

- why the updates?!

The new update makes sending videos ridiculously long, and videos shared from Facebook won't load... Everything was all good before the update

- Where is Messenger Activities / Games

I was just playing it with my friends earlier and when I updated my freaking messenger, IT GOT LOST. How am I gonna play with them? We have a scheduled battle every 7am EST!!! This is crucial to my sanity during this lockdown

- new version is horrible

yes the layout is cute, but you cannot see when someone has seen your message, it says they’ve seen it x hours ago when they just read it, also it says someone isn’t online or online x hours ago when they are, please bring back the old version my overthinking self isn’t having fun... the worst part is the lag of when people see your messages vs when you’ve sent it, example i send a text to someone at 4am and they see it at 8am, it’ll say they saw it exactly when i sent it, which isn’t accurate


Can’t see if people have read my messages, messages saying “failed to deliver” but they still delivered.

- Nah (messenger update)

Bring back the old look pleaseeee

- Videos don’t play with sound

Please fix this. From last update my videos no longer play with sound.

- Won’t let me join a group call

Sorry app, though the aunties took over

- Account Restricted

With no explanation other than “account restriction” cannot login to my own facebook messenger for days now.

- Won’t download

I am so disappointed with messenger right now. The app made me update it which then deleted it. Now I cannot redownload it without a payment method even though it is a free app. How can I fix this?

- J'aime cette application💗

J'adore cette app!! J'aime bien les filtres qu'on peut mettre sur nos photos🤪 et elle ne prends pas beaucoup de place dans notre appareil!

- Was good

It used to be good before this update, now its constantly laggy. Please fix

- Thumbs up emoji won’t enlarge

Since the last update I can’t enlarge the thumbs up emoji. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing works.

- The newest update makes taking photos difficult

I can’t take a photo on the messenger app without clicking 5 times and the photo comes out blurry

- Typing message issues

While typing/composing a message, the message window collapses constantly. I loose where I was, and have to search for my place. Like, constantly. It gets frustrating. Also, when needing the curser to correct autocorrect errors, switching from automatic word highlights and then merely curser is also extremely frustrating.

- Blank messages on group chat

I can't see messages on my iPhone app from people in a group chat who I am not friends with. Just started happening this week. I can see them if I use a PC and not the app

- Messenger n’ouvre plus

Depuis votre mise à jour du 20 mars 2020, Messenger n’ouvre plus sur mon iPad.

- Still love the app but can't understand why you would remove the games option

This standalone app works much better than its integrated version within the Facebook app! I simply can't understand the removal of the games from the app. My son had just been introduced to the Facebook Messenger for kids and I thought we could play a game together but we can't unless he gets Facebook. Which he is not

- Mise a jour

Rien de fonctionne depuis ma mise a jour 🤬

- Typing text is extremely sluggish

Not sure if it’s the update. Have to turn off all auto-correct features

- Garbage

Last update you can’t delete messages. Developer needs to give their head a shake. Don’t mess with something that works.

- Messages missing

Seeing blank squares everyone from friends who send from non-iPhone devices. Messages appear fine on web version otherwise. Please fix

- Removed messages

In certain group conversations, i can’t read the messages from certain users, they get instantly removed but only for me (and one other in the group). The chat looks like empty boxes of removed messages... Although, i can read part of the messages from the notifications but if i check in the app, almost all messages are removed. This only occurs for some users (but it seems there are more and more). Pictures are not affected, only text messages. Never had this problem before.

- the worst social network

i keep the account only because i have friends on facebook, but i hope most of people will move from this fb

- Stickers short removed

I can no longer change the order of my sticker packs, and when you tap a sticker in chat it doesn’t have the shortcut of bringing you to the pack anymore.. It was really good as a functionality, I don’t know why it was removed

- Only issue

My iPhone keeps overheating like crazy using the video chat feature on this app.

- Great for keeping in contact

But red dot 🔴 notification won’t go away on Facebook 😕

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- Video

Videos don’t work after you’ve played them once so they are just dead videos in your messages.

- Issue with launch

App used to work great until the last update. I can’t get into the app- the chats column shows me the loading icon but it doesn’t load. I still get notifications when someone texts me, but even if I press on them the app is blank again. Issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible, I am unable to use the app completely.

- Great customer service

I shopped yesterday at Minehead Morrisons for 5 families as they were not safe to go out. I was so pleased with the service. The security guard made us smile whilst in the queue. Stock levels were good. As for the young man who was at the till at about 10.30 he was great. So helpful and pleasant. Thank you Morrisons

- Spyware


- No audio

For the past 2 days or so I have been unable to get sound on any videos sent through. Just tried a video call with my sister and she can’t hear me. Nothing to do with phone as this is the only app I’m having these issues with!! Tried deleting and reinstalling, hasn’t worked

- Enoji missing

Where are the emojis? I can’t find emojis in my messenger application

- Voice memos

There is some sort of bug preventing sharing voice memos to messenger

- WiFi

It’s rubbish you need to sort out the WiFi it’s that bad

- Shocking

Why can’t I send texts in messenger but can receive them??? Have put information back to you saying it’s coming up can not send??? Not had any feedback and nothing to explain what is happening.. awful

- Videos not playing

The videos shared are not playing in messenger!! I updated the app yesterday hopping that the bug was fixed but it still the same!!

- play videos

got some issue while i want to see some videos. did not play....

- Such a pain to use and visually confusing

I’ve used Messenger for a long time because I have to, in that so many people send stuff to me that way, not because I like it. I don’t. I find the screen so busy to look at that despite daily familiarity I still struggle to see what’s going on. And why is it so cumbersome to use? Why does it insist it knows best about who I want to send things to, and hide the people I communicate with all the time? Why does it constantly tell me I have messages when I don’t? I manage absolutely fine with other social media, which is usually well designed and user-friendly. So in this case Messenger I really think it’s more you than me.... and if I could ditch you I would

- Bad update!

Don’t use the update! Last time I couldn’t open photos sent, this time can’t open videos either 🤬 again got fed up with the constant interruption to update 🤬 Wish I could go back and uninstall. Trying to get all my friends to use WhatsApp instead when contacting me now. These updates always take something off you use or disable your use of apps. Have only given it a one star as it wouldn’t let me send

- Received

Need to see the delivered or read icon once a message is sent/delivered.

- New update is awful

I updated messenger 5 days ago and it keeps freezing, messages don’t go through for ages and you can’t see if someone has seen your message unless you click on the chat! I don’t want to go into a message to see if someone has read what I sent, it’s inconvenient. Please sort it out 😣

- Don’t install the downgrade messenger

Rubbish, videos sent can only be viewed once then locked, spoilt a perfectly good app.

- How do you delete people off messenger

How do you delete people off messenger

- Videos not playing

This app has become very glitchy recently. People send me videos but they just won’t play. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app a couple of days ago and now it’s the same problem again. I can’t keep deleting the app every few days. Might just delete it and start using other messaging platforms from reliable competitors instead.

- Too much info

I install and install and install but get nowhere how do I read the messages, where ate they?

- Poor

Why have you removed the leave chat option. So stupid

- Ok, needs some tweaks though.

I’d like to see stories and adverts removed from the chats tab. Trying to get older family members to understand a contact list is hard enough without these “in the way” features. Also please hurry and merge messenger and WhatsApp into one app.

- Just give us our Facebook Avatar Emojis back

It is not an improvement if you take the good stuff away

- Messenger not working

Please fix my messenger and update and not working

- Update??

This in inferior to my previous version. I miss the functions I had before, little details like seeing when a message had been read from the main folder. Now I have to access the message thread. Also, access to my pages’ messages was easier through previous versions. I can’t find it at all now. How do I restore the previous version, please? This is not progress!

- Impossible to travel and login into account

I get that there are security reasons but facebook has managed to make the log in process when you are travelling more complicated and not secure. Managed to do some gymnastics to get 2 step authentication, trying to log in to messenger on ipad it said to enter code sent via text. I wait for said text. Text arrives. Enters code. Said code is incorrect. IT IS NOT. I double tripple checked. Can’t evne resend code. Very annoyed as i can’t get any work done on my ipad sinc emost communications are on messenger

- Why aren’t you listening to people!?

Being back the old features everyone wants back!!! - Inflating chat emoji - Read status from outside of chat - See if person is active within the chat with the flashing ring around the call buttons BRING BACK THESE FEATURES LIKE PEOPLE ARE ASKING!!!!

- Seen notifitacion

I'm missing the seen notification outside from the messages. It was great to see in the main menu who saw your messages, and who not. It would be great, if they would put that thingy back.

- Shit

My messenger isnt showing stories!!!!!!!!! Fix it

- Atrocious

How is this an update and not just a shambolic downgrade? The last active is just wrong, it says people are not active, sometime when exchanging messages with them. Sending videos is WAY slower, sometimes ridiculously so and the sendable length is reduced.I sent one to my gf and it took, literally, over an hour to send. Sometimes videos don’t send at all but just sit there, doing nothing. The app overall is slower, most definitely not faster. Aren’t you just plain ashamed to roll out this mess and call it an upgrade?

- calls.exe has stopped responding.

Every time I finish a call, it asks me to rate the quality of my call. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. My mum hates it too.


My old messages with videos will still play but any new messages with videos won’t play. What happening?

- ..

This is ridiculous I was doing something with me friends and to see who could stay on call longest and we were on call for 25-26 hours! And it ended it randomly neither of us did it

- Meh!!

While a bit better than Facebook, some features has disappeared like polls and possibly others

- Keeps crashing.

Since updating to the new iOS, the app keeps crashing. Then when I enter messages forces me out. Tried deleting and downloading again. But this did nothing. Can you fix this.

- Unable to change my messenger profile picture

I do not have a Facebook account only a messenger one so with the new update it’s made me unable to change my profile picture which is annoying and needs to be fixed

- Why the constant updates?

Many of my friends use Messenger to communicate with me, and I’m happy in principle to see what they have to say and respond, but I get absolutely fed up with having to go through the almost inevitable update process virtually every time I try to access a message on Messenger. Unlike other apps, where one just goes straight through, with Messenger one always has to download the app again and then update (sometimes as many as three times) before finally getting the Open tab and being able to go through to Messenger. As a result, I tend not to react to each and every message, but to wait until I’ve received half a dozen messages or more and then go through the inevitable update and wait process several times before finally getting to view the messages I’ve received. This is incredibly frustrating and really off-putting, and is becoming a reason not to use Messenger and has already led me to drop out of many group conversations. I can see no logic in deliberately making it difficult to access a conversation and slowing things down in such a structural manner. I’m sure there’s a ‘reason’, but it may not be a good one! Is it to give them time and opportunity to harvest all the data they want to collect?

- Annoying

Never loads any pictures. Takes forever if it decides to. Messages are slow. Always reverts back to original settings. Honestly just a terrible app.. make it more annoying that you HAVE to have it for messaging on Facebook. Fed up of having to delete and reinstall.

- Messenger

I tried to log into messenger but I don’t have a Facebook account and my number doesn’t work Mabye you could make it so that u can just type your email address in instead of a face book account

- Lost recent conversations since update

The most recent update is not easy to use. Where are groups and why oh why have some of my most recent conversations disappeared??! One significant one with my husband going back since time began and we converse regularly so no excuse that they were old. Please sort this out and give me back my conversations.

- Frustrated..

I can’t play videos anymore! Also when person is active it shows that he was an hour ago and then when I open notification and start exchange messages it changes to active. You better fix that!!

- Big Blue Thumb

What have you done with the the Big Blue Thumb? If this coronavirus lockdown wasn’t bad enough...

- Lost conversations

Yes, unbelievably over the last circa 11 years, we too have lost really lovely conversations in our Group. It is especially poignant as some of those conversations were with two esteemed members of our group who are now both dead. As a result of fffffFB’s vile actions we will now never have a record of those unique and irreplaceable voices. SHAME ON YOU ffffFB. Certainly I shall not be giving you à recommend. O Bill (Lambton, of the Penury Club), AGREED - er - Nem Con? I S Py.

- Buggy

Since the new update half of the features don’t work. The ‘last active’ is never accurate, saying someone hasn’t been online for 20 minutes despite exchanging multiple messages with them during that time, and it will randomly flash back to active, then disappear completely. Often the ‘seen’ is blank where it should state the time of being seen. The emoji set for that chat no longer allows me to hold for it to enlarge (not a big deal but still frustrating). Often notifications randomly stop working and I can only see new messages if I manually open the app, the same has been happening to other people I know who use the app too. Terrible update. Also, haven’t noticed the app working any faster either like it claims it should 🤷‍♀️

- Update

The last update was come in the last couple days was shame please fix it ASAP...

- No privacy & invasive adverts

Can’t go anywhere now without seeing adverts. Messages are scanned so adverts based on what I type. This should be illegal. Problem is too many people use FB products so can’t get away from them.

- Tesco’s. stoswald street

Just a big thank you to all the staff who dealt with me this morning .you have got it down to a t couldn’t have been dealt with it any better x

- Unable to disable voice calls

You should be able to disable all voice calls.

- Too much bug

So much bug as for now

- Rubbish

New update awful. Can no longer see the “last seen” BRING IT BACK!

- Jon

Very good way to stay in touch with family and friends but my account has been hacked by Andrea Wilson and using another account in my name and friends and family thank you

- Can’t change profile picture

Why did you remove the function for changing the photo? Some people do not use Facebook with messenger and now they have no way to change their pic. Please fix this. Also I don’t like the fact that your can’t see who has seen your messages now until you open the actual message. And much harder to find the photos now. Do not like the new update at all.

- Most annoying app on my phone

Worst app ever , constantly want to update it , always make it worse somehow , going through a stage now of not playing videos , not like 1 or 2 I mean like 90 % of videos won’t play if they are over so many hours old , sent a vid to my mate last night , won’t play this morning , been going on for about a month now and updates 3 times at least to try and fix , thanks Facebook

- Needs polls

Where is the polling function gone?

- Crashing

app kept crashing, doesn’t save videos, texts will not send notifications even though they are enabled. truly the downfall of messenger

- Please change it to the previous version!

I don’t know where to begin. This update is completely horrendous and works terribly. First, I can’t change my profile picture. I also don’t have access to many options. It has mixed my account with another and I’ve been trying to retrieve my account but it won’t let me. Also, i really miss the old emoji reactions :(. please bring it back. it was super cute. Still having issues up to now. I hope messenger will consider this!

- Bring back the old version please

Can’t see if the other person has read my message or not Can’t see who is active in a group chat Emojis really hard to find

- Crashing

The new update keeps crashing woth the latest jodate on iPhone and iPad , but works fine on MacBook

- Crashing

I just updated this app and now I can’t even open it, it keeps crashing 🤦🏻‍♀️

- Links not opening

When someone shares a link in messenger and I click on the link it just opens up to my fb newsfeed and does not proceed to the actual link.. please fix ASAP as it is quite annoying

- Profile picture

I don’t know if it’s because of the the update or what, but you can no longer change your profile picture if you don’t have Facebook and it’s really annoying. Please bring that feature back.

- Crash delete crash delete

Since the first March update I’ve had numerous problems from incorrect notifications (notifying I’ve got a new msg when it’s literally just acknowledging I acknowledged a msg) app not loading, spinning wheel of death, contacts showing as Facebook users instead of friends. I’ve deleted and reinstalled at least 4 times a day

- Marketplace

FACEBOOK you have to add the Marketplace feature to Messenger for the people that no longer want to be on Social Media but love Buy/Swap/Sell ! Make it happen...

- New messenger app

No good

- Super annoying

This app literally can’t stop notifying you that you have a message. Even when you put it on mute!!!

- Profile pic

The new updated has removed my button to change my profile picture I like messenger but I also enjoy changing my picture please fix this

- Dud

The latest update is a dud! With Voice Over I now have to double tap to find out if my message has been read! It is not quick as claimed but cumbersome! Please tidy this up as it can’t be rocket science

- Sad

My friend hate me video calling

- Bring back the old Messenger!

The new update seems to have removed the ability to create Polls, set Reminders, make Events and play Games with/against follow messengers in the Chat app. This seems like a huge step back and is quite annoying as I know I personally used these functions heavily. Please bring back the old functions! Much more user friendly and useful.

- Not good

If it anit broke don’t fix it.... Cant watch any videos that are now sent to me, comes as a still picture, even thou it shows its playing

- i need help logging in

i love the app, it’s a great way to connect with friends. however i logged out and whenever i try to log back in i get onto a page that says my name is jamie wilson. which i’m not. i would love to be able to log back into my actual account and no matter what i do it’s the same issue. now it won’t let me log in at all due to “account restrictions”. please can someone help me fix this Ella

- Not a good upgrade at all!

Its one thing to have the change of react emojiis and appearance on iphone, but to change the ability to enlarge and send bigger versions of the chat emojii now thats something else! Why couldnt you make it available for use still instead of completely removing these options. Poorest upgrade and have never been disappointed with and update till now

- About the new update!

I am just disturbed with the new Update. The old one was better then the new. I am facing so many problems in Messenger Story. Sometimes i cant even see the viwers of my Messenger Story. And i used to upload songs in messenger story and there just a limit of 16 Mb. But now i cant even upload a video more then 19 seconds. Undoubtedly the new update of Messenger is worst!

- Terrible

This new update is absolutely terrible and does not need to have a tab just for stories as they already appear at the top when the app is opened. I believe the app prior to this update was the best and easy to use. I cannot see new people who send me messages as I use to in the old app. Please revert back.


Every time I update my Facebook picture, it won’t to update on messenger until it wants to. It’s just happened to me now but has happened to me numerous times in the past, you’d think they would’ve fixed it by now.

- No Archive Messages

It was great to archive messages for future reference. Does ‘hide’ mean you won’t see messages from that person until you decide to ?

- Gone backwards

Messenger worked fine before the update, now only about a quarter of the videos I receive actually play.

- Worse version ever

Don’t update as it will take off a lot of functions from you. I used to use messenger a lot because it has some special function that other app can’t offer but now it just a basic chatting app which any other communication app can offer. Please to update back to old version.

- Displeased

I don’t care why but the last update took away the camera function. You stated that you would do best to keep app smaller and functional and cleaner. Well the camera is gone and so is the ability to add photos from photo library. Well done you’ve finally failed in your primary task. 👏. 👏. 👏. As a messenger app. Well done.

- Video playback not working!!

Cannot play any videos sent to me, they all appear frozen!

- App Issues

This update is not what you guys have listed. The whole app lags & peoples faces have disappeared from chat groups only leaving a grey circle. Tagging members in a group chat isn’t working either. Please fix as is really annoying!! Thanks 👍

- New update

The new update is rubbish, too slow and childish

- Raj

Facebook Become a most attitude aap ever we need alternative aap which one should have same feature as Facebook has now Facebook disabled any account any time without showing any reason I deleted this most un useful app from my phone forever if any one know about any Aap similar to Facebook please let me or should someone make any other website which provide similar features so we can kick Facebook out from our lives so this massage for everyone this site not trustable for your memories choose something else thanks

- New update

The newest update leaves me with conversations that the text doesn’t show up, stating that it has been removed when it definitely hasn’t been. Also they in invite you removed reminders.

- Not good

App was fine until a day ago. Group chats and single chats are now boxes, where I cannot see anything. Please update ASAP as this is used with people who do not live close to me

- Some of my messages are blank!

This is why I don't trust your updates!

- Edit Gifs

Used to like to add text etc... to gifs that detail has since been removed.. Cannot personalise.....stop updating its ridiculous everyone prefers the old versions

- No update feature?

How do we see if the apps we are using are up to date? It used to be an option, now there is nothing, so how the heck are you supposed know ??? Hmmmmm well thought out NOT

- Not showing messages

Messenger has worked fine for me until a few days ago when messages from certain people in the group chat show up as blank or says it has been removed. I look on my desktop and I can see their messages there. Seems to be a glitch with a few people in the group chat.


it automatically logged me out of my account for some reason and it won’t let me back in, i’ve tried verifying my account but i don’t get the code

- Simpler and faster 👍🏼

All the clutter is gone. Great work. Keep it up

- Not able see received Images

Not able see received Images and pics

- Intrusive

It does not matter at all how you set up the notifications for the app (both in app or in phone menu) it completely ignores what settings you program for it. Continues to notify of msgs all night. Ended up turning phone onto silent (needs to be on 24/7 for work) to get a good night sleep. Suggest it gets fixed before everyone starrs dumping the app for good... one star.

- Latest update terrible

Now can’t see any comments in group chats from people I’m not personally friends with , on iPad app . Haven’t ( and won’t) updated the phone so that’s still working . All I’m getting is their name and a blank empty box. Also not getting timely notifications. Often not actually coming through until, the sender then reopens messenger Fix it please



- Changes that were not needed.

The messages are soo jumpy and it’s not Smooth anymore. The emojis have changed and there is no control over the size of the main emoji that is next to the text box. They waisted their time fixing something that wasn’t broken.

- Update has broken video playback

The most recent update has meant that videos shared in Messenger are not playing at all. They just appear frozen.


my messenger doesn't even open after this new update it is now just a white screen, this is unacceptable as these are apps people use DAILY! Please sort this issue out asap thanks!

- Working ok

Still missing polls option but missing the option to remove people from yo contacts list who aren’t friends. It’s a bit annoying seeing people active that you have no idea who they are or don’t want to be connected with

- March update is horrible

Can they please put back the status of a message in the main chat screen? Removing being able to see whether or not someone has seen a message was a completely pointless update that has just made the app more annoying to use. Seems like they’re just finding ways to annoy users with each update...


I have upgrade version on my iPad not its not opening at all . Please fix it asap .

@Jyoti60696480: #Who_Is_RealGod when the saint mislead the devote community at that time God Kabir himself comes becoming the the Mess…

@avenilla_jc: Yung nag HAHA ka lang tas biglang may pa challenge na agad sa messenger. Me:

@balbirpunj: Making jokes on Gau Mutra is a ‘secular’ enterprise . Talking about Jamaat’s mischief is communalising Corona. Shoot the…

@balbirpunj: Making jokes on Gau Mutra is a ‘secular’ enterprise . Talking about Jamaat’s mischief is communalising Corona. Shoot the…

@balbirpunj: Making jokes on Gau Mutra is a ‘secular’ enterprise . Talking about Jamaat’s mischief is communalising Corona. Shoot the…

Telegram Messenger Rilis FItur Folder Chat dan Statistik Channel

@balbirpunj: Making jokes on Gau Mutra is a ‘secular’ enterprise . Talking about Jamaat’s mischief is communalising Corona. Shoot the…

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Messenger 258.0 Screenshots & Images

Messenger iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Messenger iphone images
Messenger iphone images
Messenger iphone images
Messenger iphone images
Messenger iphone images
Messenger iphone images
Messenger iphone images
Messenger ipad images
Messenger ipad images
Messenger Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Messenger Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Messenger (Version 258.0) Install & Download

The applications Messenger was published in the category Social Networking on 2011-08-09 and was developed by Facebook, Inc. [Developer ID: 284882218]. This application file size is 62.62 MB. Messenger - Social Networking posted on 2020-03-30 current version is 258.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Messenger Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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