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Instantly connect with the people in your life. Messenger is free, fast, and secure.

- Reach anyone. You can use names or phone numbers to find friends.
- Use everywhere. Messenger works across all mobile and desktop devices. You can even connect with people internationally!
- Connect however you want. Send a text message, share a photo, or start a video chat — all in Messenger.
- Communicate better with groups. Catch up in real time with high quality group video chat or customize your messaging experience with colors, nicknames, and group photos.
- Call and video chat your friends 1:1 or in groups. It's free over Wi-Fi (otherwise standard data charges apply), so talk as long as you want, even with people in other countries.
- Express yourself. Send emojis, stickers, and GIFs to conversations or add new masks and effects to your video chats.
- Capture photos and videos with fun art and effects. You can save these to camera roll, send to conversations, or post to your Day, a place where people can see what you're up to.
- Play games and compete with your friends. You can compare scores and see how you rank against other people.
- Chat with businesses. You can make reservations, check on orders, and get real-time customer service.

Messenger App Description & Overview

The applications Messenger was published in the category Social Networking on 2011-08-09 and was developed by Facebook, Inc.. The file size is 228.90 MB. The current version is 140.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Messenger features. Thanks for using Messenger!

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Messenger Reviews

Pisd facebook user

This new update crashes alot!  Pisd facebook user  1 star

It is no annoying, please fix it


Get rid of the invite button.  Anddy101  1 star

The way the app is design they want you to send invites even when your not trying to.

Sabina Balan

Eronated notification  Sabina Balan  3 star

Everytime I watch the messinger icon it shows me like I have 3 unread mesage, I open , there is no mesage in there. I do not turn the notification on , because I do not need that, I do not update contacts in it cause the same I do not need it you put the 3 red notification disturbing image on icon why..? I do not unserstand that. Take it out. Let there be a red number on icon only as I get one new message. And make a sign out button , like now ! Thanks a lot. With respect, Sabina.

Some guy in the U.S.

Not working after 3rd download  Some guy in the U.S.  1 star

The app is constantly reconnecting a day after I down loaded it. It'll work fine then it'll lose the connection and I have to download it again. I try adding my phone number but I can't. It used to work great. What happened? Not only that, I'm waiting for some kind of reply from your tech department. I wouldn't recommend this until you fix it. 10/21/2017- It’s going to be the sixth time I’ve deleted it and downloaded this app.


Sound not working  Yaebhew  1 star

My sound isn’t working on the app .. yes it does work outside messenger but it’s not working. I’ve uninstalled it 3x and it’s still out


awful  Meaty_owl_legs  1 star

unstable trash. dont force me to install this on mobile just to check a single facebook message that should be accessible via mobile web.


Excellent  Alexbesssst  5 star

Very great chat app


Why is this a thing?  SweetMoshi  1 star

It's so dumb that you have to download this app, just to talk to people.... That's just plain idiocy in the simplest form.


Pathetic Application  Abhishekgl  1 star

Such an intrusive application. If it could, it would take control of your entire phone. Why does it need so many permissions for just a messenger application.


Best app ever  letiatl  5 star

Lol it’s just good eldokfjskw lol I’m nfinwemeenee nine sloskkdd


Great  Smilezawhile  5 star

User friendly even for us technically challenged people. Thank you!!


Rugby rivalry LOL  RobynHome  5 star

Between a large group of Aussies Kiwis and Saffas we all laughed our heads off messaging each other GLOBALLY in rugby Rivalry Best platform for texting sending photos to an active group love


Junk scam and more  The_G-Man  1 star

Keep getting messengers from my contact list, that are a video link.. please investigate and send in a swat team to run the little f👉🏻👌kers out


Highly useable  Catstiptoes  4 star

I use Messenger more than text messaging now. I love it. My tiny complaints are the Call button is too easily accidentally pushed, same with the Invite to Messenger button. And once I block someone their messages stay on my Messenger. Also, a big complaint: my best friend of 24 years killed herself last year then her abusive family had her Facebook profile deleted. Unfortunately when her and my messages went off my recent messages screen I could no longer read them anymore. I wasn't prepared for this and very much wish I could read our conversations on Messenger again. It'd be the closest thing to having a conversation with her again. Surely these conversations are still there somewhere and I could see them again?


And suddenly...a social life!!  109Sapphire901  5 star

I don't really have any complaints or suggestions. I've been using messenger for quite a while now, and ever since I got it a social life suddenly sprung up around me! So I guess that's something to thank the developers for. It has been really good for me as I don't have to use my phone credit, I can just message people through messenger.


Awesome app  Lunaristo2347  5 star

Easy and convenient. Use it everyday.


Dislike it greatly  zJ-Dl  1 star

I hate it, I miss the old in app chat, it was much much better, the design is clunky and boring and you can’t change backgrounds or anything, no personalisation... not cool. It also crashes at times and the last online times are notoriously inaccurate.


Asked to allow notifications EVERY TIME  Thenoisycatnextdoor  1 star

Every single time I open the app it tells me to switch on notifications. I don’t want notifications. Stop.


In a group Messages  Magz™24  2 star

Please do something in a group message to reply in each of their messages (bubble messages). This is the great way to understand their messages replied.


Annoying  Dennilan  1 star

I only use this because I have one chat group it is useful for. There is always a red badge asking me to turn on notifications which I HATE. Chats are not secure as compared to WhatsApp. It's really annoying that I can't just use this through Facebook on Safari like you used to be able to.

kimludcom kimludcom 3 star

Multifonction Men's Crossbody Bag - Men Messenger Bag: via @YouTube


Mentalworks mentalworks 3 star

Facebook : le design particulier des emojis sur Messenger, c’est terminé


Eya 💕 lhearecaro 3 star

Ig,fb,messenger,twitter ❤️

For RealZ?

Useless. Bring this back to the facebook app  For RealZ?  1 star



Not letting me send pictures  Katmahjong  1 star

After the new update I cannot send pictures

nude hunter

Nudes  nude hunter  5 star

Eh helped me get a lot of nudes so 5 stars for this app


Thanks 🙏🏽  Nashamarah  2 star

You can do so many things on the Messenger ✌🏾❤️🙏🏽😎


I hate this app  SoniaelNicole  1 star

I should not have to use an app that doesn’t work half the time to view messages or chat. I’m not interested in video chatting (doesn’t work anyway) or calling people through Facebook. It’s stupid. Facebook messaging should be included in the Facebook app. Messenger shouldn’t be a separate app.


Meh  SydnahG  4 star

Does what I need it to do.


Money-makers' garbage tentacle  Thomas17492648  1 star

Money-makers' garbage tentacle


Annoying App  Phylter  1 star

I install the app every now and again to see if it gets better but it tends to bug me about enabling notifications more than I actually get a chance to chat with it. There are alternatives and I suggest people use them instead of this.


Super and upper  Alsemor  5 star

Nice and well. Keep going


Good job guys!  JunLiiiiiiiiii  5 star

Good. Meditate!

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