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What is messenger app? Be together whenever, with our free* all-in-one communication app, complete with unlimited text, voice, video calling and group video chat features.
Connect with your Instagram friends right from Messenger. Simply search for them by name or username to message or call.
New privacy settings let you choose who can reach you, and where your messages are delivered.
Lost for words? You can customize your reactions, with lots more emojis to choose from.
Choose from fun themes and colors, like Tie-Dye or Love, to make your chats more personal.
Watch videos, tv shows, and movies with your friends over Messenger Video Chat and Rooms when you can't be together. Capture every moment and reaction in real-time.
Keep your friends and family close with unlimited live video chatting.Host group video calls with up to 8 people, with high-quality audio, high definition video, and interactive video features like face filters.
Skip exchanging phone numbers and simply send a message to your Facebook friends, even if they’re across the world. Enjoy high-quality voice and text messaging on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
Give your eyes some rest with a sleek new look that darkens the colors of the chat interface.
When text just won't cut it, just hit record and send. Say, sing, show, or shout it out loud.
Use custom stickers to show your creative side. You can even add effects and filters to video calls.
There’s no limit to the number of files you want to share with your friends.
Make plans to get together with polls and more. Suggest a meeting spot or tell friends where you are by sharing your location with just a few taps.
Send and receive money securely and quickly—right in the app. Split payments in group chats to share rent, travel, and other expenses. Start sending money to friends and family by adding your debit card, PayPal account (fees may apply), or prepaid card. Only available in the US.
Easily connect with your favorite businesses to make reservations, get customer support, find deals and more.
Chat with friends across an array of devices, like desktop, Portal, and others.
Privacy Policy:
LEARN MORE about Messenger texting and group video chat at:
* Data rates apply
Some Messenger features may not be available in your country or region.

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App Name Messenger
Category Social Networking
Updated 21 March 2023, Tuesday
File Size 112.85 MB

Messenger Comments & Reviews 2023

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Latest update problem. I’ve just updated the apps in few minutes ago and I thought they’re going to improve the apps but no. Whenever a notification pops out and I clicked it to reply on the apps, it just forced to close. I can’t even click on the messenger icon on the right top of Facebook because it’ll force to close the apps. I like to use messenger because I don’t have to backup my messages as it’ll be stored online and even when my phone is charging, I can still chat with my friend by using laptop. However, I can’t type really fast and it’ll lag and I have to double check and correct my message sometimes. And, I hope that this apps can add a search history function in mobile phone version, because sometimes I want to check the first message that I chat with my friend and I couldn’t do this as I have to manually scroll back to the message which texted in few years ago. Imagine how long should I scroll back while me and my friend texting to each other almost everyday from day to night.

Please Do This !!!!!. I’m not trying to write a bad review or anything but... Can y’all update this app by telling us our emails in the settings. Because had an Messenger account and then I had forgot the password word. Then, I had to make a new one but I couldn’t use my regular phone email so I had to come up with another one because it was an account (my old account) that was already use. But now I had my Phone number changed and now I can’t log into my account. Because my account is not set up on this phone number but on my old one. SO CAN Y’ALL ALSO let us have an option to change our phone number on there ??? And I don’t have Facebook account I only have an Messenger so I can’t log in with the Facebook login. Thank you for reading. 🙏🏾 || MINUTES LATER: just found out u can’t have Messenger with an Facebook account so bye Messenger had a good time with u but bye.

Worst Service I Have Ever Seen. I have never been more disappointed. I am a big Facebook Marketplace person and sell things all the time but I have had ONE CONSISTENT UNRESOLVED PROBLEM. Messenger will NOT send me notifications when someone messages me through marketplace! If a friend messages me it comes through just fine but if it comes through marketplace there is no notification whatsoever. I have done my own trouble shooting, being a very tech literate person, and have tried multiple devices including my new iPhone Xs. I have checked settings, redownloaded the app, reset my phone, AND REPORTED the PROBLEM to Facebook 3-4 times now with NO RESPONSE whatsoever. I have missed important messages and sales because of this. I have done my own research to find that others ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM with also no response from facebook. I’m a patient person and don’t like leaving bad reviews but I have been dealing with this problem for a LONG time now. At least other places respond to you problems even if they can’t fix them. I am severely disappointed Facebook.

Facebook needs to redesign all of its messaging apps. I honestly can’t understand how they allow so many bugs and glitches in this app to go on and on forever. For starters, if you accidentally add a theme and emoji to a group chat, everyone gets notified. But then you can’t remove themes. You can only CHANGE to another theme. Who programmed this app? Seriously? Why can’t you remove themes completely? Please explain the reasoning. And hyperlink previews often don’t work. Sometimes they do. But not always, and it seems to be tied to themes. Group chats with themes tend to have this bug. And when you UNSEND a message, they feel the need to alert everyone about it. Why?? So annoying. Sometimes you message the wrong person/group. It happens. It should allow a clean unsend like Instagram messanger. With no trace or alerts. Facebook needs to sit down with Instagram and WhatsApp and go over the BEST and WORST features of each app and make ONE that works across ALL platforms. For example, allow LIKES in WhatsApp. Allow unsend without alerting everyone. Allow hyperlink previews. Alow GIFS to play (Gifs do not play in Instagram, but they do in WhatsApp & FB). This is a typical problem in the modern era. No broad level quality control. It’s whack-a-mole programming and new platform aquisition by everyone. And the unbelievable ad targeting you get due to bots constantly reading your messages. Wow. No privacy whatsoever. We need a change. Otherwise, the app works nicely.

Reliably crashes at launch on iPad with Magic Keyboard. A messenger app installation on that has worked for years crashed today when popping up the emoji selection window. Restarting the app now crashes immediately on launch. After uninstallation (clearing local data), restarting the device, re-installation, the app runs long enough to enter credentials, but then crashes when continuing. Further attempts to restart the app crash on launch as before. WITH FURTHER WORK, I have tied-down this crash to an iPad mounted on a Apple Magic Keyboard. While the app crashes when launched while the keyboard is attached, it will launch if the keyboard is detached, though the app seems in a fragile state once the keyboard is re-attached. For instance, if the track pad pointer is positioned over a “Sharrow” next to a message, the app will crash. Function can be recovered, again, by relaunching the app without the keyboard. THIS SEEMS TO BE NOW FIXED IN VERSION 366.1… THANKS!

Messenger keeps kicking me off. For the past three days messenger has literally been kicking me from the app nonstop. If I’m lucky I can get it to work enough for me to send maybe one message before it starts doing the same thing. I click the app to open it, it tries to open, then immediately shuts down. Over and over and over. And now when I do get into it, if it actually allows me to stay on the app, it no longer allows me access to my photos. I try to go to settings to allow access, but the app isn’t asking for permission in my settings. So I can’t even fix that. But I’m more concerned with the fact that I literally can’t get messenger to open unless I shut my phone off and on three or four times in a row. And when it does let me in, I know I have a limited amount of time before it does it again. It’s done this once before I few months back, and there was an update that fixed it and I had no more issues until recently. So I keep looking on here for an update, but haven’t seen one yet- so I’m curious if it’s just my phone specifically or if it’s the app itself. Either way it’s extremely irritating especially when it’s the main (and basically only) way that I communicate with people. And now I can’t even do that. It’s extremely frustrating to just continuously be kicked out of the app for no apparent reason. Please fix this..

Retrieve those important features on Messenger. I noticed that a few useful features on Facebook and Messenger were removed these days. (1) The new update to bury the buyer’s profile icon from an order is disappointing and useless. (2)The notification of receiving orders from Messenger now is gone. (3)Messages from potential buyers on Messenger automatically disappear after turning off the app (or after a particular amount of offline time.) As a seller, I always reach out to my buyers for delivery of their packages and, at least, say thank you for their purchase. Now these important features, both online and on the app, were buried so that there’s no way to contact my buyers for that or for any shipping issues involving the orders, if that could possibly happen. Now the only way for me to contact my buyers is to raise a new conversation by typing their full names and looking into their profile images for recognizing if they’re the right person. But the problem is that the new message may or may not been seen by the buyer in time, because I’m not a friend of the buyer to raise the conversation, and the message may be treated as spam message and has notification to the buyer at all. I’m looking forward to getting those useful, important features back on Marketplace/ Messenger.

The one messaging app that gets better with each update buttt there’s one thing. Messenger gets better each time with each update each year . Never disappoints . The app is easy to navigate , chat , send messages , voice messages , and etc . One that that bothers me is the suggestion list of people to message that aren’t your friends on Facebook I get the reason why they pop up is because they have messaged or interact with them in the past but a lot of times they messaged temporarily and not for long term so it would be nice to come up with an update to see suggested people that are friends only or to give the option to delete the suggested people that aren’t our friends on Facebook to give the option to delete there messenger profile thread instead of having to block them .

App going downhill fast.. Ever since the last update the calls have been messing up bad when I try to call someone it says I’m calling myself and keeps ringing and ringing for so long I have to turn my phone off completely to get it to stop on top of that messenger it self as been messing up my data it will turn my data off out of nowhere or it won’t even recognize I have data on at all it just keeps saying “ no Internet connection” when I have full bars of LTE and even more on that note calls will randomly end or it will only end on me or said persons end but never showed on the other persons end and the whole time you think you’re on call you really not video length is way too short my friends can’t even send me videos without having to crop them into separate parts and same for me I keep getting kicked out of messenger almost on a daily basis nowadays and sometimes it keeps saying that my information is wrong when I never change my login information and don’t get me started on how many times it says “unable to login” over and over again on a daily basis and on top of the fact and stuff it has very bad security measures if you get hacked or so on. All the recent updates for a while On this app have just been making this app worse and worse and it has so many bugs and glitches it’s not even funny this app has gone to complete garbage.

Why update it to make it worse?. Why did you have to update messenger, remove cool feature like popping emojis in chat, add a really cool feature imo: the ability to spam emojis in chat, and then remove the spamming again? Why are you adding features to then later remove them and why did you remove old features? Please bring back the ability to check if someone has seen your message without having to enter in the chat and #bringbackoldmessenger ;( Update: Now, after a few more updates, it got a lot worse. If I try to send more than 10 pictures at a time, it doesn’t work. Like it straight up doesn’t send the pictures. If I want to look at pictures within a chat, they don’t load unless I wait for like an hour. You still can’t fast forward within a voice recording and to select a different album than just “recents” when sending photos and videos is a pain and it’s better to do it off of the gallery app. Also none of these problems are because my phone is slow or because of bad internet, I have an iPhone X with 100mb/s down/up wi-fi.

Video length is too short. I have friends that talk through videos when I’m not available, instead of audio only or typing. And I will get 10-20+ videos at a time from one person. Please upgrade the app to make videos 3 minutes max, instead of 20 seconds. It would make things so much better. I know I’m just one person. But maybe look at your data to see how many people use the video message function and if they are sending multiple at a time as well. Please and thank you. Edit. Also, maybe add a highlight to videos already viewed by me on my side. If I start watching them and that friend texts or sends a new video, the entire conversation jumps to the bottom and I lose my place. And trying to figure out where I left off in 20+ 20 second videos is a hassle; 40+ today(all at once). Like a yellow outline around the seen videos and blue around the ones I haven’t viewed yet. Something like that, that’s colorblind friendly lol. No purples and blues or greens and reds together, cuz they will blend and I and others like me wont be able to tell which is which 😂. Thank you

Disable messenger so we don’t have to use it with Facebook. I got phished using this and went through hell to make sure everything in my life was safe. It should be an option to have messenger or to keep messages on your Facebook!!!!!!!! You are forcing ppl to use this app when anyone from anywhere can send you something and can hack right into your Facebook account get your information and use it to their benefit, Putting all of your friends at risk for going through the same thing. I have emailed you, went to the security only to be told we are working on it. Don’t lie. You are not ‘ working on it’ you have no desire to ‘ work on it’. These phished got my phone number, email, etc. now they’ve moved onto my friends. There is nothing safe with this app. You could have a separate password, or a number of other things to secure an account that is built on ruining your life of the ppl who get into your Facebook account and can use it against you. MAKE IT AN OPTION, NOT A ‘ YOU HAVETo HAVe THIS TO Communicate with YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!

Rude employee. My wife and I were in CB for some lunch. The older man host was very rude to us telling us to move out of way that we were blocking the entrance to the restaurant. We were told it was a 15 minute wait but we waited 50 minutes. The older man said You should know when you come here you will have to wait. I saw 2 cashiers waiting with nothing to do. 3 ladies in the front of the store just walking around. Trying to stop the thieves I guess. 3 employees at the podium to seat guests, with 1 poor guy to clean tables WOW. Little excessive to me. YOU Need to focus on our elderly and have an area where they can sit. Outside is not the answer Too uncomfortable for them. An elderly couple with canes had to stand for nearly an hour. Shame on you. Totally unacceptable !! As for your merchandise, that is not why we visit. It is the food. Store manager should put employees where they need them If you can’t find employees then CB is doing the wrong thing. Pay your employees a decent wage and you would not have staffing problems. CB made MILLIONS last year. I know I won’t get a reply because that is the way CB is.

Staple features removed and NOW breaking bugs. Honestly a lot of the features being removed I get. Especially with the app being rebuilt from the ground up. Within the last day or so going into any conversation *instead of just one from a recent bug report* I will be kicked out back to the conversation selection screen with the animation like I swiped to go back there myself but I didn’t. And even if I’m in the middle of typing it can happen to. On top of whatever was being typed being gone when *trying* to go back to the conversation. Also when it force backs you out some reason all the conversations flash out of existence for a few seconds. I was going to say maybe it was just my phone. I restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled and even cleared app data to no avail. But it also happens on my IPhone SE which is on the latest 13.4.1 update like my 11 Pro max right now. So I pretty much can’t reliably use messenger now on any of my phones and have to go to a laptop. I’m also very confused as to the fact this just started happening today. And not the day of the update 🤔

Unable to log in. The most recent review I see had the same issue I am suddenly having. I'm unable to log into the app on my phone. I'd been having issues with my messages not sending and messages not loading that started within the last week and a half of me writing this review. I figured a good old delete and re-install would help sort out the issue. Now it won't let me log back in. I can log in just fine on my laptop through the browser, it's only through the app that I get an error message: "Unable to complete request. Please try again later." I too, am unable to use the forgot password option, but I know I am using the correct password because I can log in through the browser with no problem. I use this app to call my husband overseas and I'm not able to have my laptop with me at all times when he's available to call. The sooner I can get this fixed, the better.

Post iOS 11.0.3 issues. Always been a big loyal fan of Facebook’s Messenger app and to this day it is still my go-to method of communication versus texting with my personal cell number. However, after the iOS 11.0.3 update messenger has a huge lag when it comes to sending pictures, and even messages at all for that matter. I thought it was the pictures themselves or the WiFi connection but it happens with any picture or video I try to send, no matter what size, and no matter the WiFi signal strength or network I’m connected to. At times the app will even crash right when opening it for the first time on any given day, no matter how often I clear background apps and history and data on my iTouch. Don’t know if it’s Apple’s or Facebook’s issue but the compatibility and functionality should be pristine and on point, considering how much we pay for our devices and how often software is updated.

Newest Update. I recently updated my messenger and it’s weird because I have two Facebook accounts and I can only see the update on one account when I switch to the other account I can’t see the update, it’s in the older version. I don’t know if it makes a difference but the one account that does have the update is also open on another device I use (iphone6s) and it shows it’s updated and the one that isn’t updated I only have it in this iPhone XS device. I already reset all settings, deleted Facebook and Messenger Installed then back logged out of accounts and just finished Factory Data Reset. Nothing works I’m not sure what’s going on. It bother me because on the newer update seems to be more simple and basic than the older version. Same goes with instagram both accounts issue. I don’t auto update my apps on my iPhone XS but iPhone 6s I do . I’m not sure if that would be the issue however i still complete the updates ... hopefully I get answers from this.

Restrictions for group chats. Dear Meta Company, I give this app a 5 star review because undeniably it is a useful application for communication. I have been using messenger as my medium for communication for so long and never have it ever disappointed me but my only concern is the restrictions for group chats is not available anymore. I’m one of the many people who doesn’t like this new messenger feature. I often ignore or restrict messages from people especially on group chats that probably disturbs my peace but somehow needed to be there and can’t leave because of some reasons. I ignore messages and just put it back on my message box if needed again. That’s my only concern and i need the restrictions or the ignore feature for group chats to be back again. Thank you

New update is total garbage. They have changed a few things on this latest update and it feels like a step backwards in my opinion. First off... when my friends and I share location you can no longer see the their location without having to click on the map, then zooming in a lot farther than you ever should have to. And most of the time that location is not even correct. Secondly you can no longer see if the other person has seen your message without opening conversation (which was very useful). Also the new emojis for reacting to pictures are not good and they need to be changed back to the ones prior to the update. In the previous version you could click on stickers that were sent to you and the pack that it came from would show up and you could use them if you wanted to... now you can still click on them but all it does is show you the pack and you cannot use them. You have to go back to stickers and find that pack to use them. This new update is not at all user friendly and Facebook needs to go back to previous version.

Notifications. Just a thought but what if the people we talk to regularly what if we got a notification when they were online only the people we talk to regularly though or people we choose like in settings to have notifications every time they’re online because I personally message my cousin like every single day but it takes like an hour and a half to get a hold of them because they’re usually not online when I’m online or I’m not online when they’re online and so it takes like an hour and a half to actually get a hold of them if not longer and so if I got a notification like just a little ding or something like that whenever they were online then I would know when they were online and I could talk to them and it wouldn’t take so long to get a hold of them Just a thought thx 🙏

Update please fix!. I love messenger and how you can connect with your friends and family etc. However I’m not too fond with this new update because it’s easier to tell if someone has read your message by seeing their bubble next to your message, unfortunately that feature is removed :(. I also miss whenever I would go to look at pictures it was easier just to scroll down and see the pictures exchanged instead of going through the option “View Photos & Videos” it just looks kinda bland. Last but not least please change it back or at least improve it 😁 including the “search messages option” like make it to where we can the dates these messages were sent so there would be no confusion. Thanks! Update: Please bring back the old features such as reminders and pills and the fun blow up emojis, the games and things that would make it look fun not bland!

Somewhat an annoyance. I don't normally leave reviews, but i feel that i have to in this case. I don't really have any problems with Messenger itself, being what it is; however, there are a few things that I need to gripe about: 1) foremost is the fact that it is a whole separate app from Facebook. You have to have both in almost every single case. I remember that you used to be able to utilize the Messenger function in the Facebook app without the need for the second application. 2) the most annoying thing about the Messenger app is the "friendversary." It's just an attempt to make the app seem relevant. I have pretty much every function of the Messenger app turned off aside from Notifications because I have a couple of people that only send things through Messenger. I seriously wish that the stupid "friendversary" crap could be turned off as it goes off randomly and the sound is quite loud and distracting.

A lot of Issues. So I have some things to say about this app ... It’s good and all you would need WiFi to text or call . The video thing is only 20 seconds which would be better if maybe like 3 minutes maybe like 1 minute long . The voice clips are like 1 minute long which would be better if it was longer ... But I’ve been having issues with this app ... I get a notification when somebody texts me and I’ll click on it and it still says I haven’t seen their text until I message them back another thing is when I’m on a call with somebody I can’t see their face and I’ll click on the screen and it would have a loading sign up but they can see my face and it’s not my WiFi cause that is good ... extra thing tho please please PLEASE have better filters and more to choose from ... Thanks for reading Bunny 🐰

Bugs in the system. Right now I am currently not thrilled with the messenger application I use in order to be able to communicate with family and friends due to the fact that I have family all over the entire world and friends as well. The same day that I sent messages out to several my friends and they replied back to me was when I noticed that there was an issue. I tried to send a message back to my friends and family and I could not do so. I got this little red circle on the right side of the message that says couldn’t send. Then I also was able to figure out I was not receiving messages anymore however I could make and receive video calls. Currently at this moment I am able to receive messages but I am still unable to send written messages or emoji‘s and I cannot do a verbal message either. Facebook has been notified two times and I’m still not getting anything done regarding my issue. Dear Facebook I hope you see my comment and get on the ball and do something to fix my account. Have a good day.

Stop and fix real issues. Stop adding features nobody asked for and were already a part of the app.. Nobody needs the little “you guys are both active” icon when there’s always been a call/facetime button along with a blinking band near the facetime when you guys were both active in the chat. This update has ruined my notifications and I never get notified when someone texts me. I checked my settings on the app and on my phone while also checking the chat settings. It is an issue on the update and looking at recent reviews it’s not a personal issue either. Stop adding features that aren’t needed or are already a part of the app and fix real issues. The fact that facebook/messenger has no real human support with so many bugs and hackers makes me realize that i’ll soon stop using social media with you guys starting to manage other apps and growing. Terrible service and app.

Facebook messenger need to pickup the pace. Facebook messenger is seriously lacking behind with simple and small functions that can make it great. Facebook has friends that we do not want to share our phone numbers with to be able to communicate on other great and easy to converse instant messaging apps. One of those function is to be able to reply directly to a particular message. So difficult to handle conversation on Facebook as it doesn’t allow for different topics to be discussed concurrently just with a reply functionality. Most times when you go back to an old discussion during a new one the whole thing becomes confusing and then takes longer to type and clarify things with who you are chatting with. I can have a discussion in 3 mins on other apps and that same conversation would take me 10 mins on Facebook messenger. This is because you talk about one topic finish it up properly and start the next one again. When you can talk about both same time just directly replying to the exact thing you getting back at. Please fix this because it’s getting boring chatting on Facebook messenger. If you can smile to a message thumb up and other things why can’t we reply? Thank you.

Annoying notifications when tagged in posts. This new change is so annoying I ended up uninstalling the app! I already receive notifications in the Facebook app when I am tagged in a post, so why does Messenger feel that it needs to notify me as well and pop up as a message alert in Facebook?!? So now I get two alerts on my phone for every tagged post and two alerts in Facebook (one in notifications and the other for the Messenger icon). It will come across as if a friend is sending me a message, but it is just a duplicate of the same notification I receive in Facebook whenever I am tagged in a post. This started a few weeks ago and I haven’t found a way to stop it from happening. Attempts to stop the Messenger notifications for tagged posts just ends up muting it in Facebook instead. I don’t need Messenger to alert me for tags, posts, and comments Facebook already notifies me for. I just want it to notify me when someone sends me an actual message. This is also happening on my wife’s phone and I am reading of others online experiencing the same problem with no real solution. And now with the app uninstalled, the Facebook app still wants to show and alert on the Messenger icon in the app but I cannot clear it out because…I have to have Messenger installed. Way to miss the mark Meta. Until this is fixed or a solution is provided, I will not be installing Messenger again.

Absolute garbage. Politicized and only supports their own benefits by stealing our info for free and selling it for millions. They restrict you for speaking what you believe and force you to see what you don’t believe and what you’re not interested in. Their what’s so called community guidelines are generic, and kindergarten level. You won’t be able to say a swear word even in a closed group as a fricking joke. So be formal cuz that’s what the alien wants you to be. If you wanna restrict specific people from accessing certain content, why don’t you add a pop-up consent for 18+ content, sensitive imagery/ text, etc? Last but not least, the most recent ban for Palestine supporters and the obvious support to the Zionist occupation is just so full of it! We know that the alien is a huge supporter of these oppressors but these are own personal accounts and you make money from our use of it, you don’t get to dictate to us what we should say or believe! I really hate that many things are now attached to this app but sooner or later, with the technological growth, there will be a better and more convenient fair options!

Great but definitely could be better!. Compared to previous versions of the app this is by far the best one but personally I think it would definitely be much better if a few things were changed on it. Even just the smallest changes could make it way better. Simplicity is key always. With this being said I think by making the main messenger screen less complex and having it to where you can go in the app and out quicker could have a great affect on everything including the ratings. Meaning having the Messenger App uncomplicated and more straight forward I know I would personally be happier with it and use it daily and as well as a good amount of individuals I know. For example if someone could get on message a friend & respond right back; almost compared to AIM or slightly like iMessage. It would change the game completely and have a higher rating guaranteed. Only asking to take it into consideration. :)

Update is absolutely terrible. BRING BACK THE HEART EYES (😍) REACT. Will rate 5 stars if this change is made. Useful and fun features were unnecessarily removed for this new update. Reading other reviews, clearly nobody is happy with this change. This isn’t a matter of not wanting to see the app change and grow.. features I used every day are now gone for no reason. App features that need to come back immediately: -Timestamped read receipts (seems to be an inconsistent glitch) -The profile picture bubble indicating that your message was read without having to open the chat (also seems to be inconsistently not working) -Emoji reacts (the heart can stay, but the heart eyes need to come back) -Filters, stickers, and emojis on photos you edit within the app. And preferably ADD more stickers that can be placed on photos. The hats and mustaches and goofy eyes are fun! -Speaking of editing photos, options for editing text onto a photo were removed. Sometimes I want a background behind the text or to choose a different font, where did that go? I’m sure there’s more that I can’t think of at the moment as well. Read other reviews; there are many other complaints. I’m sure there was a reason for updating the app, but with so many people unhappy with useful features removed, there’s now more of a reason to bring those features back. Otherwise, many people will stop using the app. We want it to be fun, most people don’t use it for business!!

Message Requests. I have had no problem with messenger, until recently. Recently (the past few weeks) every time I log onto messenger I get a banner above my messages saying I have 100+ new message requests. I click on it. Go in. Nothing. No message requests. I hit edit. Delete all. 3 minutes later I go on and it says I have 100+ new message requests. This is getting entirely annoying and I would really like something to be done about this. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem or if it’s a bug. If it could be addressed or I could be told where I could turn off being able to receive messages from people who aren’t my friend that would be great. I’ve also been linked into group messages with people I don’t know by someone I don’t know to be tried to be sold something. (Probably a phishing link to be honest.) I really don’t understand why it’s even an option to be messages by people you don’t know but that’s a separate issue. Please fix this problem as honestly it’s a nuisance.

Hackers. How many times have I gotten messages or people I’m already Friends with trying to friend me again from hackers??? Pretty sure that’s how my whole phone was hacked! - and money almost stolen! Contacts erased- crazy stuff going on the last few years! And it’s only getting worse and more frequent!! Can you please get control of the hackers. I use this app to keep in contact with family and friends that live far away and also my health and wellness clients. It would be nice to not have to worry about being hacked all the time. It was bad enough when there were just landlines- yes, I’m that old, and proud of it! The DO NOT CALL LIST really worked and couldn’t steal your info unless you actually told it to them on a call. This is getting, well, not getting, but IS RIDICULOUS. How can almost everyone I know have been hacked?? And the hacker messages from friends on messenger trying to scam you—- I GOT A MESSAGE THE OTHER DAY FROM SOMEONE THAT IS DEAD!!! THESE PEOPLE OBVIOUSLY AREN'T TOO SMART, but SMART ENOUGH TO SIT AROUND ALL DAY, play on a computer,AND STEAL FROM PEOPLE WORKING HARD FOR THEIR MONEY and WORKING HARD to survive in this world!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO STOP THIS?

Bad new update. This new update changes how video calls look when you don't have them fullscreen. This just used to be a smaller version of the fullscreen view, but now it gives equal size to you and the person you're calling. This also makes it so that you can only see a square of what you are showing your friend, and you can only see a square of what your friend is showing you, which is very annoying. You can't see as much as you can in fullscreen (the old non-fullscreen version still allowed you to see everything). Also, when you send hearts in Messenger, you used to be able to grab and pull the little hearts that float up, but now you can't do that. This is a small thing, but it was something that my boyfriend and I really enjoyed about the app, and I am very sad that this feature is gone. Also, a long time ago on the iOS version, most of the Emojis had a messenger version (which I much prefer to Apple's styles). I don't know why these designs went away on iOS, but I want them back.

This app is an absolute joke. What a dumpster fire of an app. I’ve always had problems with messenger, but they’ve often been minor and have sometimes been resolved. It’s ridiculous how long it took to get more (but still not all) emojis available as emoji buttons for chats, but they eventually added this inconsequential feature. It would be nice if they expanded the color/theme options, but I can live without that. Recently, though, things have just gotten worse. The removal of polls in group chats is ridiculous. There’s no reason for such a feature to be taken away. Facebook has been “working to add them back” for months now. Additionally, my main issue with the app is that I’m now completely unable to make new group messages. This has happened once before, and I had to delete and reinstall the app to fix the problem. I should never have to do that, but at least it worked. The problem has resurfaced now, though, and even deleting and reinstalling hasn’t solved the problem. I guess the app is just permanently broken for me? Good on you, Facebook. What a waste.

Pointless. Facebooks messenger app is a pointless application—everyone already has free text messaging and pays for cell phone service, so why create a new application (for things like virtual yard sale) and ask for permissions to text and call? I find it absolutely absurd that I have to download an app to view messages from a web based platform. (No I DO NOT have the FB app, thank you.). Not only that but the two rarely communicate efficiently. After you check messages in the app, FB profile will still show a messages notification. On top of that every time you use it asks for notifications to be turned on (why? When FB should be notifying you?) and asking for permission for microphone and camera. The app drains battery power when you do have notifications turned on especially in group chats—pinging every time there is a new comment. I’m not sure what a good use for this app is—it should be reintegrated back into Facebook and allow users to check messages from the web based platform.

Won’t Load on Generation 9 iPad. When I first got my new iPad the Messenger app worked fine. A few days ago I had to change some security settings on Facebook. A few minutes later when I tried to launch Messenger it just would not load. I tried all the fixes: doing a shutdown of my iPad, completely deleting Messenger and then shutting down iPad, reloading the app after the shutdown and startup, detaching the iPad from the Apple keyboard as a previous user suggested then going through the delete, shutdown, reload process again. No matter how I try to launch it (through FB icon, through the Open button after downloading it from App Store, or by clicking on the actual Messenger icon) it will not open - the refresh circle just keeps spinning. The interesting thing is that I can launch and use Messenger on both my iPhone and my MacBook Air. My iPad does not have cellular capabilities just Internet and I have checked all those settings? Looking for solutions!

what happened???. I use messenger all the time, daily, multiple times a day, never really had problems with it that I’d noticed. when I went to sleep last night everything was fine... when I woke up this morning and clicked on my messages through the facebook app, it took me to the messenger log in screen. weird. I didnt log out. so it asked me if I wanted to ‘continue as _________(my name)” I clicked on it and it said “we could not log you in at this time” took me to a login screen to put in my email and password, did that, and got the same message.. “we could not log you in, please try again later.” well I need this app to work. the way it is supposed to. this is installed on my iPad no part of the app will work. I have tried uninstalling, turning my device off and on, with it installed and without it. nothing will work. I want to continue to talk to my friends during this quarantine time and you just cut off my way of communicating with people... please fix immediately

What happened?. I no longer receive Messenger alerts or messages from FB marketplace replies; that used to automatically go to the Messenger chat for privacy, vs through FB. There have been no settings changes, as all my apps are automatically updated however I have gone into all relevant Apps, made sure all is as should be. Nothing had been altered. A reply now shows up in my emails, naming the person replying that I’m supposed to be in conversation with via Marketplace. It takes me to “open in Messenger”, then “Would you like to open in Messenger”, then to the Messenger App Store, which then when opened, takes me back into Messenger that again shows no Marketplace message. A total futile cycle. All messages through my contacts are fine, and as I’ve said, all my Messenger settings are in tact, as I went through everything in detail. There are no issues at all with FB or my emails. I have no idea what has changed, but it is very frustrating, as I use FB Marketplace frequently. Whether I’m the seller or the buyer, it is not a good reflection on me.

New update looks really bad. Most of the people I’ve seen have just been complaining so I’m going to try and make this review at least a little helpful. This new update has so much wasted space. Just yesterday the formatting was pretty much perfect from a design standpoint, but now there is so much unused white space at the top of the screen. Even just the word “Chats” takes up so much unnecessary space which previously encompassed everything that wasn’t actual chats (like stories and your profile info. The previous design was perfectly fine and there was no need to change it, and changing your design completely won’t make a significant number of people suddenly decide to download the app. If nothing else, give everyone the option to go back to the previous version. As a lover of web design, I know white space can be useful, but it can be extremely harmful if there is too much unused space, and that is exactly what happened. You messed up with this one, but there’s still an opportunity to fix it, or at least canter to those who know this is bad design.

Can’t Login. For the past month, I haven’t been able to log into my account on Messenger. I’ve reported the problem twice through Facebook with no feedback. When I try to login, it says, “Unable to login. Please try again later.” I’ve tried using “Forgot Password,” but it glitches and won’t let me continue. I have tried every login and password combination I have had in the past as well as what the current login should be and can’t get in! When I use Facebook through my Chromebook I can view messages that way, but it’s very inconvenient since my laptop is outdated and barely functions. Nothing looks suspicious, so I don’t believe my account has been compromised. I also can’t view messages through a mobile browser as it just directs me back to the login screen for the app. I need to be able to get in through my phone, but no word back from the Facebook team. I’ve updated regularly, and checked the FAQs which don’t provide any useful info. I hope the Facebook team will look into this, otherwise I’ll have to drop Messenger, which I really don’t want to do.

One terrible feature that MUST be fixed. Messenger has, for perhaps 2+ years, had one extremely bad feature that apparently the entire internet is trying to figure out how to disable. At the top of the chat list, there is a row that starts with "Create Room", which has suggestions of people to chat with that are online now. This is 100% useless, and disturbing in some cases. It will suggest people you are Facebook friends with from 10 years ago but have no interest in messaging. It will suggest ex's who you don't want to see again, but don't want to unfriend. It will suggest people you interacted with on marketplace during a sale, but have no intention of ever contacting again. In some of these cases, it is weird and jarring to see these peoples faces pop up. How -- HOW?? -- has this incredibly stupid feature not been fixed in 2 years of updates? If they must keep this feature, just give us some way to control who pops up there -- without unfriending them -- please. It's ridiculous that we can't. There are huge Reddit threads asking this same question.

Scammers n Messenger. I would like everyone to know that these iPhones can be mirrored if your being scammed by ignorant scammers threw messenger by way of two authentication factors if txt messages are highlighted/clicked on their phones and no one NOT even Verizon WARNED anybody of this. My phone has been hacked I was locked out of my Facebook page an ALL the messages the hacker sent me threw messenger was deleted and locked messenger all in one. I was scammed out of over $700 and my phone showed me another device was connected to my phone ALL my Family and Friends in my CONTACT LIST were contacted by these hackers using my photo making them think they were me. This is a sad situation cause I’m ONLY live off Disability born disable little money with 2 children that needs my help. I’m totally upset with VERIZON if I had Not had a brain surgery last month maybe I had a chance of seeing this was a Scam but my thinking is slower right now. Verizon need to have it where your passwords can ONLY be changed on the device you created it on. STOP THESE SCAMMERS AND SEND THEM TO PRISON ASAP. These ppl sits around and think of how to take from the poor ppl ALL DAY.

New updates seem like downgrades. I’m not sure if these are happening while Messenger is between updates, but I prefer the “heart eyes” react to the new “heart symbol” react. Also, chat emojis can no longer be held down to get their two larger sizes? I hope this is something that returns soon, because all my friends and I have been really disappointed to lose this. I also noticed that now when I click on someone in a group chat, I don’t have the option to send them a direct message. I can go to their profile and message them or I can just go search their name and message them, but I liked the see less transition from before. I still prefer FB messenger to some other meds engine apps, though. Please always keep the fun char colors, chat emojis, and multiple react options. It’s fun and adds visual variety to chats with different people/different groups, and it’s a cool way to personalize different relationships.

Not Horrible but Has Issues. Although I have connected with some amazing people through this app and love the fact that I can connect with people all over the world this app is not a dating app and people need to be respectful of that. I’m not on messenger to hook up with people and receive numerous messages and random calls from people during all times of the day and night. I do understand I can shut my phone off or use my sleep setting on my phone but have had a parent experiencing some health issues and don’t want to shut my phone down as I may need to take a call or message at anytime. The other thing I don’t like is that people know the second I connect to Facebook or messenger and become active on the sight. Sometimes I just jump on to check something out for business purposes and get bombarded with messages. It would be nice to have the ability to get online without the world knowing I’m there.

Very poor job with this one.. Just the fact that you force me to download a separate app, in order to message people on Facebook, is ridiculous. There is no reason for you to have taken away our ability to message people in the regular Facebook app. This is just a pathetic ploy to gain more downloads of Facebook branded apps, and make your numbers look better. But to add to it, the app hardly works half the time. Messages always "send" but rarely "deliver". What is even the point in having it be two steps. No other message app has send and deliver as two separate functions. It should be sent and delivered at the same time. Tell me how instant messaging worked fine in the 90's, but you can't get it to work now. And what exactly are you "updating" every week. Constantly getting updates yet nothing ever seems to be actually fixed. *new complaint* STOP ASKING FOR MY PHONE NUMBER!!!! Every time I sign in, it asks for my phone number. I’ve put it in at least 25 times, and it still just keeps asking for it. This has to STOP!

Worked well until a few weeks ago…. UPDATE: Found out through digging online that an app called “Lockdown” was blocking me from being able to log in. Turned it off for a moment and it let me log in. Leaving this here in case someone is having the same issue. This app worked well for the several years that I’ve had it and used it. A few weeks ago I got a flood of notifications for one message my friend sent, so I deleted and reinstalled the app to try again. Now it won’t even let me log in and has an error message that pops up. I saw several other people had this issue, so I thought it would be fixed fairly quickly. I used the web version to access messenger… well now they’re phasing that out and it’s no longer possible to look at messenger without the app… that I can’t log into.

Harassing Phone Calls Through Messanger App. This app is very intrusive! There is no way to disable the constant phone calls you guys allow anyone on your friends list to send. I went online to find a way to disable the phone calls coming directly from Messanger and found out you can only disable if you deny access to camera, microphone and phone. This makes no logical sense. In real life people need your permission to call you. You actually have to give someone your number to call you. There are a lot of weirdos using this app. There are many scam artists using this app. Nobody should be receiving calls through this app all day and night. Why isn’t there an option to disable the phone calls?! It makes you want to uninstall this entire app because it’s too intrusive. I have done everything I can do and yet these people keep calling my phone through this app. It’s irritating and shouldn’t be allowed as it’s harassing when someone doesn’t desire people to keep calling them. Fix this expeditiously please and thank you. It’s too much

What if.... What if the facebook account gets hack and then you can’t also return or log in to the messenger which the account from facebook? Still not secured here. I hope that problem fix, waiting for the day it changes. My relatives just get hack a week ago, they thought it’s fine because they don’t addicted to facebook much. Then they realized that there are dozen of images they took before for memories, thousands of messages who encourage them come through the dark storm had been deleted because of the hackers with no conscience. Anyways, I’m concerned for these related app. I’m giving 4 stars because I loved this app before, now it updated and somehow it disappointed me. And with the hope of bringing a better security for both apps, I remove 1 star. Please fix

Very Irritating – No need for update at all. Update: 7/9 – finally updated because it’s irritating for this app. Or to support last version. But why do I need an internet connection to login when I’m connected to my data? Still frustrated! Ok so usually I don’t do reviews. I might rate an app, sometimes I leave a review if it’s an especially exemplary app. But now, I’m going to leave a not-so-nice review: Please, PLEASE stop with the very frustrating update reminders. I looked at the update, and I have absolutely no need whatsoever for ANY of things that are “new and improved” for this app. People are complaining of it not working, of not needing “new and improved” versions, they are complaining about absolutely useless upgrades. I use this app to text three people. I use it to message them because we live so far apart and are friends through something that means we’ll never meet in real life. All I need out of this is app is 1, the ability to message them, and 2, the ability to receive alerts when they answer back. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t need a new and improved video chat, or whatever these “room” things are, or new stickers, or anything else. Just plain ‘ole texting. That’s it. So please, because I am no longer able to use “this version” of FB Messenger, please make it to where the app does support older versions because I don’t need to upgrade.

Some of the latest features missing. Did the developers just give up on this app for iPad or something? I see that the latest update was two weeks ago, and usually Facebook likes to update all of their apps every two days 🤨 While the app *is* functional, it lacks some of the updated features that are all available on the iPhone app and mostly available via the direct website — such as FB avatars stickers and the like (i do appreciate the extra choices for emoji reacts, tho’; i just wish there were more heart options with that). My iPad is on the latest OS (iPadOS 14) and is an iPad Air 2...this latest update of Facebook Messenger is an incomplete version of the latest update for its version on iPhone 😐 would be nice to access ALL of the latest features on this app for iPad, since there’s more space on my iPad than on on my iPhone to support it. Hopefully, y’all will come back with a new update of ALL the latest features soon...

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Not good for my mental health.. I categorically hate the ‘seen’, ‘typing bubble’, and ‘react’ features. As someone trying to deal with a lot of social anxiety and stress as a result of serious mental illness, one that also causes issues with communication, these features create unnecessary stress. Constantly wondering if everyone hates me because they reacted to someone else’s comment or photo but not mine. Knowing they’re probably watching me type and type as I try to find the right words only to reply with a short sentence. Knowing they know I’ve seen their message but haven’t replied yet. I’m aware all of this is irrational, but that’s mental illness, baby. Awareness is only the first step and I’m trying so very hard to heal myself, and functions like these don’t help. They need to be optional, I can’t use this app anymore with them present.

Almost my worst app ever. I really don't like this app. And seriously why can't you choose multiple messages to delete at once?? If it's going to be a messenger app make it more like text messages. This is annoying and painful Still no update on being able to delete multiple messages Mar 18- Another year - still can’t delete multiple messages Further to this, I hate that when you have the same people in a group chat, it starts new chat lines and doesn’t merge with existing chat group. I also hate that you can not delete people out of here if you have messaged with them for Facebook marketplace, they stay on your contacts. I don’t want complete strangers knowing whether I’m on here or not!!! And again, how can you mass delete messages or chats???? Seems like a stupid app to me but I have to use it as it’s the only one now

Messenger not openin. Recent update not so good. I cannot open messenger. It immediately crashes when I open it. I reinstalled it yesterday and it did work for one day. I have an iPhone 6 and it always work well before this. Please fix the bug as soon as possible. This is very annoying. It’s the 3rd consecutive day this week, every afternoon my messenger crashes every time I opened it. Turns into black screen. I uninstalled the app thought it will rectify the issue and few minutes later reinstalled again. Sure it works for a day then back to crashing again. What’s the reason of this problem. Please fix it outright ASAP. Thank you. Please fix this App. It constantly crashing. I always delete the app and reinstalled again but same thing happens. What’s wrong this App.

There’s a glitch and I’m not getting help. I have loved using messenger for ages now and sharing pictures and videos in our messenger groups, however now I cannot post quickly (takes ages or doesn’t at all) or see pictures or videos unless I physically log out of my Facebook app and close both apps manually. Once I do this the pics and videos appear and my posts post so others in the group can see my post. As soon as I log back into the Facebook app it happens all over again and I have to repeat the process. I have even noticed that not all pics and videos are saved in the threads from my view but are if I go through my husband’s messenger. I have deleted both apps and reinstalled them and I have not used my Facebook to log into messenger (so have logged in separately). It seems that the connection to the Facebook app is interfering with it working properly. Also wondering if other group threads I am on in messenger with picture and video content could be affecting this working? Please advise? Thanks.

No notifications plus more fails from this update. Liking the fact you can now automatically see when someone was online last which is great but it seems with that feature you have removed some valuable ones. The msg sent to the person and if they’ve seen it without going into that persons specific chat has now gone as has the notification that I’ve received a msg has now gone. New message only shows up in bold when I’m physically in msgr no notification despite all my settings saying notifications on. Come one fb I thought these updates were meant to improve a users experience not impede on it.... additionally the hide a conversation with this new update has removed as being an option. I don’t want to archive I want to hide the conversation

New update March 2020. A perfect example of why new is not always better. Really not a fan of the new update. Used messenger for a while. Don’t like not being able to see whether someone has seen my messages and I don’t really know why they would get rid of that function. I also preferred the old way of viewing images in the app, it was much cleaner. The new way to view videos is also not as clean. Another thing is the replacement of the heart eyes to the heart. I’m not sure why they replaced that, the heart eyes was more useful for humour and other contexts. Please revert to the old update. Also, I don’t know why US companies use Australians as their guinea pigs for testing things like this. I’m looking at you Facebook and instgram, let me see how many likes or “reactions” posts have please. Why would you remove this feature. If it was in hope to reduce bullying or for self confidence reasons, then why did you still keep the ability for the person who posted it to see that number. :(

Message bubble & other features. I’m a daily user of this app and would gladly appreciate if you could bring back the bubble chat head for iPhone users to make it more efficient to use instead of needing to constantly open the app just to message another person back. However other features are great but as some others have pointed out if it’s not broken please don’t attempt to fix it. More so I do like the fact that the design has changed and the little improvements made as it no longer drops out on me as it used to :)

Delete contacts you don’t talk to anymore. There is no longer an option to remove contacts. You can only block them from Facebook. This needs to be fixed because I don’t want to see when someone I wrote to 10 years ago to ask about a lamp on marketplace is online or their “story” Other users can’t send me pictures. I was asking a shop about something they were selling. They said the pictures were attached and there was a blue link that said such and such is responding to a comment that you wrote on their page. But I couldn’t see anything because I kept getting an insufficient permission to view log in to Facebook. Therefore it is because I don’t have the Facebook app. I don’t want it. The rating is too low. There has been no feedback from the developer on being able to remove people from the top without blocking them on Facebook. I don’t want to block them, they are good people. I just don’t want to see them whenever they are on messenger.

Messenger annoying bug. Since I update yesterday I have constant trouble my messenger keep cutting off and keep taking me to the front page it’s very annoying and frustrating this update keep crushing you suppose to fix the bugs not creating them I update the app again today and sorry to say this app is still crushing also there is a time delay the app constantly get crushed approx every 2 minutes it is very frustrating I update the new version and the phone keep crushing not so often as it used to but it’s still very annoying as I be texting and all of a sudden the phone blinks and get me on the screen page it’s only start happening since the last 3 update ,I write this message and had no issue but if I was at messenger I probably wold have to get back on messenger 6 times I know I got old phone iPhone 5s 64gb memory, please try and fix the update

Constant bugs. I constantly experience bugs while using messenger, usually minor ones that can be worked around, but this latest one is ridiculous. As of today, every time I receive a message about the world cup or even mentioning the word "Australia" the message flashes up for a split second before disappearing for myself as well as the sender. I think this has something to do with the stupid world cup themed plugins that allows you to take photos with a filter over your face, as it appears at the bottom of the screen shortly before the message disappears. If it weren't for the majority of my friends using messenger I would have stopped using it long ago. You would think a company with this much development budget could get it right. Disappointed

Can’t view videos. We rely on messenger for videos and pics of our granddaughter who lives interstate and as of a couple of days ago we can no longer view them. The latest ones show as being there but they won’t actually play unless we go into edit mode. Also when scrolling back through older videos and pics they’re not downloading to be able to view them. This is happening on my husband’s phone as well so we assume it must be something to do with the latest update (either app update or ISO update). We love going back and rewatching favourite videos every day and we are so frustrated, annoyed and heartbroken that we can’t access them easily. Please provide us with a fix or advise us on what we can do to remedy this.

Unable to login with phone number 😡. The creator’s of the app should inform people in the description of using the app that if you either buy a new phone or get a new mobile number that you need to log out of your account. I have two accounts that I have created with the app and I can’t access either of them. Now I need to create for the third time using my phone number because I don’t want or need to have a Facebook account and the app won’t even allow me to do that. People should be able to create a messenger account with their phone number without having a Facebook account. Also messenger should have Face ID available for when you want to sign in option. I would really appreciate if someone could get back to me regarding this issue.

Works well, but.... I use Messenger regularly. It is pretty good & convenient. BUT, I want to be able to delete selected conversations & single messages for everyone, especially admins. It is silly for a message to only be deleted from myself and not others, ESPECIALLY if you are an Administrator of a group conversation. Administrators are there for a reason, so why would an Administrator delete something from themselves only and not the whole group. Odd. Administrators should be able to moderate all conversations in a group and to delete something from everyone if it is necessary without everyone in the group being told what the Administrators are doing. So, to sum up, messages should be able to be deleted - not just from myself but also from the person I sent it to... like it used to be. If I want to delete something I want it really deleted. And to be able to edit mistakes etc Please include this in an update. Added to this, why fix something when it’s not broken. Updates are not always good.

Not great if you’re a private person who likes boundaries. Good for communication especially with people you might be trading with from a buy swap sell page. However, I often get put into groups I would rather not be a part of which means I’m having to leave them and look rude and this has made me less inclined to use it and to keep it off my phone. I think as far as being put into a messenger group without being asked/ invited and given the option of accepting or declining is an invasion of personal rights. Also when you choose to leave a group, is it really necessary for it be shown up in the whole message so everyone can see?

Recent Change. I like messenger a lot, but a recent change which they have brought is bit puzzling, I am talking about the disappearance of the small circle with a tick (when one messages to other person), it’s no more there…. And now if I’m messaging anyone, it shows “sent” even if the message is delivered, it’s certainly bit confusing why the developers took it off.. Kindly bring back that particular thing as it is extremely useful because one can know easily whether the message is sent or delivered. Thanks.

Better data privacy and group section.. Firstly, you don’t ‘really’ delete chats do you? Out of nowhere, one day, chats that have been deleted for months, even years, suddenly reappeared as if nothing happened. Strange. Not a fan of that at all. Also, as horrible as that sounds, people still use it, good for you, somewhat bad for us. Anyway, so I’ve got a feature i’d love to see added, and think it’s a great idea (imho, and if it isn’t already implemented and i just don’t know how to do it). ——TL;DR—— Adding a section, that you can move all or any group chat/s into a separate page. So your main PM’s aren’t always updated by annoying groups. If I wish to view the groups that I’m in, I just click on the bottom somewhere. Sort of like ‘Archive’ but they don’t reappear as soon as there’s activity in the chat, like they do for some reason. Also, yes i know about ‘MUTE’ but I have OCD and any unanswered chats i get frustrated by all the clutter and such. —— ••••• —— Thanks guys, hope you take it into consideration. If it’s already possible, please let me know lol. Cheers.

Emoji bugs since the newest update in March. I can no longer use emojis in chat, when holding down the little face icon in the text box, there are only “stickers” “gifs” as available buttons instead of “sticker” “gifs” “emoji”. I reinstalled the app and the emoji button was back, then a few hours later I opened messenger the emoji button was gone again. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app again and the same thing happened, the emoji button would be back for a few hours after I reinstall the app before disappearing again. I don’t know what kind of bug this is, but it only started happening after the latest update. And now I have to manually switch keyboard if I want to use emoji in chat, no a big deal right, it only takes like 5mins to use one emoji, it’s great.

Messenger app crashing. I thought updates fixes issues and improves overall performance? How come After I updated messenger on my iPad yesterday, it kept crashing? Everytime I try to open, everything goes black and freezes the whole screen. Please do something about it and make sure future updates don’t cause more problem. Another thing, the features in the old version like maybe until January were way better than the current version (eg. the video icon looks like it’s blinking when you are talking to someone and the person is on your chat/conversation at the same time, it tells you when the one you are calling is on another call, and it shows without having to open the conversation to check whether the last message has been read or not. The latest update is worse. Sometimes it doesn’t show someone is calling when I’m currently on another call. I just found out I got a missed call when I went to the conversations list and it shows I got one from a friend. What if it’s an important call that one of messenger users miss because it didn’t show there’s another one calling??? This is something that needs to be fixed the soonest. I hope you can enable Live Photo sharing as well

Overall. Overall messenger is a great app but there might just be some bugs they need to fix up such as it glitching not sending and the icon to show that people have seen the message u had sent them. Making groups is a great thing about it but as u know many people leave groups which means at last it will be only be left with u or only 2 people,messenger should improve and make it be if people leave 3 people have to be left in the group another good thing about it is that u can have how many people u like in a group. In my opinion messenger is a pretty fun and good app to use!

Keeps resetting and blocking people. So today I was Messaging my girlfriend and everything was fine but I sent a message and then I sent another message not even a minute later and it was failing to send saying she’s unavailable to chat so I messaged her on another source telling her what’s was happening and she was sending message that would send but not deliver so I reinstalled the app and went back in and it told me she was blocked on messenger and I had to unblock her then everything was fine, but then I noticed our emoji we had set in our chat which was the 💖 emoji was in fact a 💰 so I changed it back to the 💖 and exited the app and closed it and opened it again to check and it went straight back to a 💰 it’s very annoying that this stuff is happening please do something about it

deleted messages. i wish this app would completely delete people from messenger after questioning and replying to a for sale post on facebook .. as messenger is the service used for facebook and the sales sites set up on facebook . every time i go to a message from friends i continually see old messages contacts keep popping up after being deleted . if there not in our friends contacts they should be permanently deleted after you delete them from a conversation . fix this please is very frustrating and pisses me off . cos there is no other way of deleting them unless you block them on fb but then if they are regular sellers you cant see there other items at later date . needs to be fixed .and I have one person I have blocked on fb I do not know and they continue to stay on . How is that possible unless they are a hacker .

Message requests. I can’t for the life of me find message requests since you have upgraded the app. I have my little message icon showing on Facebook and haven’t been able to clear it despite the fact that I have read all messages from my contacts. I can only assume this is then a message request from someone I’m not connected with on Facebook but can’t find in messenger (on my phone) where to find them. I haven’t tried on computer but have tried using the website instead of the app on my phone and can’t locate it this way either. If you could fix this it would put my little OCD brain to rest so I can clear the unread message.

A good tool but forces you to be on Facebook !!!. The idea of sharing your personal life for approval flummoxed me… knowing that Facebook is doing everything in their power to make you spend more time online for them to know more and advertise more and create free content .. also they tend to decide how to shape the perception of the young generation … they also push their own ideology in a covert subjective manner , like what they are doing painting a rosy picture of the oppressing Israelis despite the Terror crimes they do against the Palestinian people. In short I can’t see any good from Facebook … and any parent caring about their kids mental health should be actively involved in resisting signing for this platform given the very immature legislations in place to govern their transactions online

YouGoneAndMessedUp. My messenger app has turned sensitive. I keep getting logged out, when try to log in it says “can’t connect to the server”. This is the only app on my phone glitching and being this slow. People’s names, conversations and pictures won’t load. I get the notification on my phone instantly, however, if I dare look or reply, messenger crashes. This is awful. My phones storage is fine and I’ve installed and uninstalled so many times. My messages are accessible on my laptop on Facebook search. So I’ve taken all the possible “but” and I’ll I’m left with is a glitchy app. Please fix this, I have university and work information being sent on this and I don’t wanna have to use my laptop to access. Really disappointed

Perfect but for one thing. I absolutely love this app but if there’s one thing I hate about it, it’s the limited options for muting conversations. I have a friend I enjoy conversing with, but she sends me several memes every day. I’m really not into the memes. I get my fill of them in FB. But she gets such pleasure from finding and sending them to me I don’t want to tell her to stop. So, I’d like the Messenger development team to provide an option where by I can mute photos/pictures being delivered. E.g. “Jane has sent a picture” to get no notification but typed conversation to come through as usual “Jane: Had an interesting experience today!”

Why fix what wasn’t broken?. As a UX consultant, I have to say I am severely disappointed. The newest version of this app aimed to make its use more simple, but really it increased the complexity of conducting a basic conversation. As a homage to the stupidity of the industry, it seems a designer who can make pretty pictures has come in, without a thought for use cases. First of all, and most striking, is the removal of the emojis... this I don’t even understand. Now I have to download another app to add an emoji keyboard in my phone, which I have to switch to every single time? Yay. Also, now if I want to send a photo from another album in my phone (not the recent camera roll) I have to go through 3 other interactions to get there: and if it’s a gif it will paste as a flat image? Now I have to go into my photos app to access any of these photos. Yay. The fact that messages are automatically opened if you haven’t exited the conversation, without notification, is ridiculous. Missing messages ISN’T what I want out of a chat application. Not to mention that there is now an extra step to get to the shared media... Sometimes less isn’t more. Do us all a favour and give back what we had because it was working seamlessly and didn’t need “fixing”

New update Sept/ 2018. Messenger is such a nice app, we can chat to family, friends, have groups and be able to share and store pictures until this update. We used to be able to tap the name of te char or the name of the person we were chatting to and access all photos shared in the conversation now you can’t, which is a terrible thing when it comes to being able to find some important information or reference. Also it seems that we no longer can go back and read the conversation that happened over 5 months ago because the history of the chat ends there! I wanted to access some pictures and the dates I shared them with a friend and nothing, just until April, and I had shared the pictures back in February so I couldn’t find it.

Forced me to update. I was perfectly happy with the old design. New design made to match the new iOS. Now feels very clunky. Would've been fine if they didn't force me to update - I wasn't having any issues. Poor UX. But worst of all performance issues. App is so laggy nobodies pictures loads and takes minutes opening conversations. If you're reading this please revert me to the old version my fb name is Amir Sirder Edit - performance issues have been solved (was probably first time indexing my chats) will bump it up to 3 stars. But the UX is still bad, I have an iPhone SE so my phone resolution is small. I want to see 6-7 chats on my screen not 4. Feels like they are treating my like a blind old person.

Attention - Not happy with last update!. Just adding to my previous review, The app is now also running REALLY SLOW like when looking for a “gif” or sending pics it seems to take forever for them to show up being sent can you PLEASE look into this and fix asap!!! Hello there guys, Look I’m not here to give you a hard time I just wanted to bring your attention to something, You’ve just recently sent out a new app update & there’s one thing I’m not content about that I hope you’ll fix please?!? Basically you use to have it set that when you send someone a message that once you go back to the list of friends/family you’ve messaged that to the right of the persons name you could see if they have seen your message.... But now that’s not the case you have to click/select that person to view the last message you sent to even see if they have seen the message which is usually shown by that little blue tick to show the message has been delivered that then changes to the persons profile icon pic that you sent the message to indicating to you the person sending the message that your friend/family member has actually seen it, If that makes sense. So please rectify this & change that one aspect of your app back to how it was before this most recent update, Other than that the app works well & enjoy using it, Thank you for your time!

Again? Seriously?. It seems to me that every time this app updates its either fixing a problem it keeps causing or causing the problem it keeps fixing. After the most recent update my app has decided it doesn’t like being open for more than 30 seconds to a minute at a time and will simply close itself halfway through me typing a message. I’m having to reopen it multiple times in order to send or type a message and sometimes it doesn’t even give me a chance to do that. This is the third time this has happened and it’s always after an update. I’m generally fairly patient but honestly it’s getting tedious. If this problem could be solved it would be much appreciated.

I don’t feel good with last update. I really don’t know where should I start but the only thing that I come to write this just because the last updated app is more and more wired to use and I don’t think that only me who feel this. First, start with the tiny blue circle that show us if our chat have been sent or seen by the other side but it doesn’t exist anymore now. Second, there a messy way to send my voice message that I have to click before I start and click again after finish. It’s not work as fast as the old once. Third, there are messy thing to send a photo that I can easily confuse or send the wrong photos to my partner cuz this feature is updated to the brand new thing but I don’t think it’s really helpful. There many things that I really don’t appreciate with this latest update but these three things is the most headache things ever after I got this update. I hope to hear and get the better version as before from you soon.

Works pretty well but constant updates are too vague. I rarely have any issues with using the app, it even has some advantages over a web browser; in particular, you can create plans in the app but not in browsers. My only issue is that there is almost always an update in the App Store for messenger and the description is always the same vague one. It doesn't matter if the specific bug fixes and changes are listed somewhere online, it should be in the update description and users shouldn't have to switch between apps to find out what they're downloading. Considering how many people must be working on these updates, it comes off as really lazy or really shady that the same description is being copy pasted every time.

You messed up big time.. Why are there STREAKS in a messaging app. It makes SOME sense on snapchat but on a MESSAGING APP? How about instead of ripping off snapchat for their bright ideas, you just stick to what this app is supposed to be; a MESSAGING APP. Who do you think is going to send a message saying "streak" everyday to keep a streak on a conversation. It's actually infuriating that this idea was implemented. Im just imagining the MANY LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT this idea had to go through in order to be implemented and yet IT STILL WAS IMPLEMENTED. WHO THOUGHT "WELL WOW THE NEXT GENERATION WOULD REALLY LOVE THIS HIP FEATURE, AYE??". This is seriously the most annoying feature out and by far the lamest implementation along with Facebook stories which no one even uses. I beg you, for all young people out in this world, stop being so extra and just improve what you have. You're making snapchat look good.

Perfect except a small bug. I love this app so much!! It’s my main way of communication with pretty much everyone I know. However, I have been experiencing a small bug, involving the text box. Sometimes when I tap on the text box to start writing a text, it won’t allow me to write anything. My keyboard doesn’t pop up at all, and the line (that flashes whenever you are about to start typing something in the area), doesn’t appear at all. This happens only SOMETIMES but I it would be very nice if I don’t experience this at all. Thank you :)

Disappearance of documents and saving issues. Unfortunate for me to write this review but very disappointed with how poor this app has become. Most of my documents that were saved onto this app on my iPad are no longer there. Majority of the times when I save a document with what I have typed up, the automatic save switch will be on which is convenient as I can add something later down the track and then return to it, seeing it still there. However recently with my some of my documents, I can only see what I have typed up prior to manually saving the document. Whatever I have typed afterwards are no longer there or saved. Really disappointed as this app was convenient at the beginning.

Not happy with new update.... One day, my cousins and I changed the theme to monochrome because we were messing around with the new themes. Then I realised I needed to update my messenger as my cousins had some effects on their messages that I couldn’t get. So I updated my messenger to get the effect. When I looked where the effect was supposed to be, and it wasn’t there. Even worst, when I tried to change the theme I couldn’t change it. We even did it to the family group chat, and when we tried to change it, it wouldn’t work and most of our family was annoyed by the depressing theme. I am so mad about this update, because the old version was so much better. Even the logo is ugly and looks like the instagram logo. I also heard that the new ugly logo is glitching onto the logo of the instagram app. I am so disappointed about this update. I even hope that i’d be able to give this 0 stars. (But the app store won’t allow it).

Store links in group chats.... Facebook messenger is pretty straight forward with what people need.. you have a place for photos in chats.. but something I think it needs.. is a place that stores all the links people share for re watchability and or re use ability.. and would be very great full because if you have 20 people in a chat and they hardly stop talking and sending links and instead of sitting through hours of chat to find links you could just click on the options for the group go to saved links and easily re use them..

Notification sound has changed. When a message comes through to my Lock Screen (iPhone XS) it is the normal ding sound. Every message from the same person or group that follows comes with the text-tone sound which I haven’t selected or know how this has happened all of the sudden. It’s super annoying as if it’s a group the messages come flooding in and they should just arrive silently and group as one message. But every follow up message sounds like I’m getting a million text messages. The notification settings on the iPhone app are super limited. I even reset my phone to factory settings to try and get rid of this issue but with no luck. Now I’ve seen in the reviews I’m not the only one with this issue. I’ve tried to flag this with the help section on the app but I’ve heard nothing back. If you have this issue too please give a review as well. Messenger, please fix this with an update, and do it now! Thank you.

Why?. Why would the people responsible for updating the messenger app make it so ugly and confusing to use with each newer update?? And what’s worse is when you don’t update it for a while after the new update is out, they have the audacity to keep reminding you of the update! And no matter how many times you click the “not now” button, they come back to ask the same thing an hour later. Enough! I didn’t want to update the app because I know every time I do update it, it gets progressively worse. My eyes hurt from looking at what has been done with the recent update. I want to undo the update but I don’t know how. No one should ever update the messenger app, no matter how much harassment you may receive from the app telling you to update it. Sometimes things are supposed to be left alone the way they are. Don’t mess them up like this. I hate this update. It’s worse than the previous update. I don’t like it at all. And neither should anyone else.

Corruption and hacking BE CAREFUL PLEASE. I love messenger and there’s nothing wrong with the app, but I just want to let you all know that there is someone going around and sending people these “Is that you 😧” messages and then when you open the links it takes you to a page where you sign in (it does come up saying it’s a yt video). This has lead to my grandfathers accounts all being hacked and his computer being hacked as well. My Facebook account was hacked and I have changed my password. It had sent this link to all of my friends of Facebook and I had to message them all letting them know not to open it. The device signed into my account was a Samsung galaxy 3 or something along the lines of that. Just letting y’all know. (This is in Australia I’m un aware of it happening anywhere else) PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Too Easy to Accidentally Delete Messages. Have always enjoyed using the messenger app, however, I find it easy to accidentally delete messages when I meant to hide them. When you hide a message, a banner appears and asks you if you are sure you want to hide the message. Yet, when you delete a message, no banner appears to check you are sure you want to delete a message. This is really frustrating because you can easily delete something. The developers really need to take this into consideration as this must happen often. Thanks.

I demand a “search by date” option!!!. Great app, used daily. But one MAJOR THING the developers forgot to add is THE ABILITY TO SEARCH MESSAGES BY DATE. It’s 2019 and yet I still find myself scrolling for hours through 10’s (sometimes hundreds) of thousands of messages just so that I can find a conversation from a particular date. People suggest “key word search”, but this is unhelpful when you don’t even know what you’re searching for! The whole reason I’m searching through my old messages is to backtrack and try to remember something about a particular day. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I’m so sick of having to scroll for ages just to give up half way cause it was taking so long.

Not happy with the latest update.... I am not at all happy with the latest update. It has gotten rid of recent stickers, which I use all the time and now I have to go through every individual pack to find the ones I want... It has also removed being able to hold down a sticker that has been sent and be able to select “show pack” or something similar. This would then take you to the pack of stickers if you have downloaded it, or it would take you to where you can download it. Another thing that has changed is that you can no longer send small, medium and large versions of your special emoji, on the right side of the keyboard, by holding it down for different lengths of time. It will now only send a small version 😔 As I said before, I do NOT like these new update and I hope you change these features back to what they were originally!!!

Marketplace messages disappearing & text typing issues. Over the past 2 weeks ALL marketplace messages are disappearing. Typing issues also occurring with locked letters and many misspelling problems in auto text worse than ever . So i deleted app and it was ok for a while resurfaced again. ( sellers , friends i know and buyers all had same issue ) otherwise app is great Also in market place adds the description and information sections are now compressed into dropdown menus recently DUE TO NEW ADDS which is a pain and confusing ( why developers insist on always changing a good working system Just to stuff it up again. Like Microsoft windows does does with changing tabs , locations, features in its word , excell and new apps versions after people are used to finding them in its original layouts … if you add something then ADD IT ON or make a NEW TAB is my suggestion.

Glitchy / Broken App ruined by 40+ pathetic updates in a row...... Updates 252.1 onwards (roughly 40 updates in a row, so far...) Honestly do you guys even bother to check updates before releasing them? Over 40 updates in a row, and all you have done is introduce BUG, after BUG, after BUG.... On the iPad it constantly "glitches" or at least it did for the first 8-10 of those updates. Then basic functionality walked out of the room, and things like emoji's in the blue emoji at the end of the chat box vanished from the emoji / gif / sticker screen. So now it just has gif / stickers & a stupid poll option, and the only way to add emoji's is via the redundant Globe button. For the next 7 - 10 updates when you reinstall it, it's glitched from the outset. I have sent you multiple error reports verifying all of the above / below, and not once have you listened to me or any of the other thousands of complaints. Other issues: Active status is hit or miss Unable to create events Unable to tell if a message is delivered or not Notifications no longer being sent / received .....& many many more. Seriously, how you can screw up such a great app, with 40+ of the worst updates known to man is beyond me. What we would all love to know is if you plan on FIXING this abomination of an app and returning it to its former glory (ie prior to 252.1 onwards)!?

Not happy with latest update!!. I have used this app for many years - found it easy and convenient. With this latest update however, it has changed some of the the simplest and easiest tasks and made them more difficult or removed the features altogether?? I liked the photo attached to the conversation; I liked how you could see if a sent message had been seen; I liked you could see if a friend was currently or recently active; I liked you could see all this with a quick glance!! I do not like this new version where I have to open each conversation to see if messages have been received; I do not like the tick for message received is removed from the home page; I do not like the impersonalization of a name with no photo for each friend; I do not like the update and would really appreciate the features I took for granted being reinstalled - I did not realise how simple and user friendly it was until you made all these changes??!

Love the updates. Hi, I really LOVE ❤️ the new updates! I super love how we can have the option to see the FB Newsfeed only when my status is active and not invisible… Actively, it is great! I find that I don’t cope well with Facebook in General so this Messenger is super great. Facebook generally forces us to see the newsfeed, which gives me extreme anxiety, which I have an anxiety disorder so this doesn’t help me to have a good experience with Facebook with being forced to see the newsfeeds! But to be able to see it in Messenger in the other tab, without being forced, is so much better for me. I’m glad I don’t have to see or acknowledge it when I am invisible with my status set to offline… I truly thank you for this option and feature. I have sorta just abandoned FB as it is too overwhelming for me and not private enough. But Messenger is super private and is friendly for me. Thank you so much… Please don’t change what you have done as far as these options and features … I love how Messenger is now. Thank you… ❤️🥰

A multi select delete button. Messenger is pretty annoying atm because I get thousands of unwanted messages from thousands of unwanted people since 2017 and because I literally just got the app and it’s taken me weeks to delete them and I still have thousands to delete it’s ridiculous that we can not delete them by multiple selections to make it easier and faster it’s actually making me want to not use messenger again because it’s taken that long and still going just delete unwanted messages I don’t know why you have removed that option you need to put that option back it is actually so annoying to go through thousands of them individually and delete it it’s literally taken me weeks and still have thousands to go put that option back pleaseeee

Waste of space on iPhone Xs Max. The application is merely a scaled up version of the iPhone X interface and thus, does not take advantage of the larger iPhone Xs Max's screen. This results in blurry, oversized text, image and UI elements. What makes matters worse is that it has a very low information density. What this means is that when compared side by side with the iPhone 7+, the extra vertical screen space is not being used to show more text, images and threads, it is simply being wasted with even more white space. Furthermore. The application does not follow dynamic type settings in the iOS setting application. This means that despite setting the smallest font size. The font remains comically oversized that it looks as large as an advertising board and can be seen from across a standard living room with 20/20 vision. It's enormous and it is a disgusting oversight.

Extremely unhappy with latest update. Where to even start there are so many problems and issues with this latest update it’s ridiculous One of my biggest issues With this update is the Avatar stickers you create yourself (which I loved and used every day) keep disappearing from messenger other sticker packs that I’ve downloaded are there but not the custom create avatar stickers if I uninstall the app and reinstall the app they then reappear but then after a few hours or no more than a day they’re gone again and I have to uninstall and reinstall to get them back and I’ve had to do that more than 8-10 times there’s so many other issues and problems I have as well but so many other different reviews have already mentioned and or covered those

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Give my emoticons back!. Dear Mark, I really love Facebook emoticons, why did you guys remove them? :(

Full of bugs. Since the new update the app has been full of bugs. Takes forever to send and receive messages. Everytime I receive a message the screen and keyboard do not adjust to show the new message on screen so I have to scroll down each time to show my new message. And the media quality is even worse than before

Shows me active when I’m not. Since the last update, my messenger turns to “active” every time I receive a message. Even when I’m not using my phone or Facebook or messenger. It’s really annoying and I’m thinking to delete your app because people think I don’t want to answer them because I appear online, but I’m not. iPhone iOS 14.3

Love Facebook messenger. I love Facebook Messenger it’s simple and I use it to text my family

Usually great. Chat system is fine, but once in a while you don't get messages until a few days after they were sent... that's not fun...

Can't open. Last version crashes while opening. Unusable!

BLOCKED THE ACCOUNT. Just locked my account. I was changing my setting on my computer. Which is not a regular device I use thats what it says. And now asking me to confirm my identity. Can’t confirm it logged me out of all the devices.

Garbage. This is a garbage data mining app that spy’s on you. I had my account suspended for sharing a meme with a friend who didn’t report it... GARBAGE platform and garbage app!

Love videocalls. It’s a fun app. 🕹Developer request: could position of friend’s video image be a user-changeable option? Would like to reposition it to top of screen, closest to camera lens. It would be more satisfying if the person you’re video chatting with appeared to make eye contact with me while we chat, rather than hooded eyelids as they look down. (Maybe this would look crosseyed, but hopefully it would film as a shared gaze, which is more fun in a conversation). Great app 😁

The App doesn’t even open. You can’t even report that the app doesn’t open.

Won’t show messages. App is constantly saying it’s reconnecting and won’t show any messages. Have went days without realizing someone has messaged me.

Mise à jour. Depuis la mise à jour que j’ai fait ce matin, je ne suis plus capable d’ouvrir mon messenger.

Messenger. App worked great until about a week ago, now Messenger won’t open on my iPhone. I have uninstalled & reinstalled it , works for a few times then quits again ? Please fix issue.

Plutôt déçue. Je trouve que la nouvelle mise à jour rend l’expérience moins agréable. Avant la mise à jour, lorsqu’on était sur l’accueil de toutes nos conversations on pouvait voir si quelqu’un avait lu notre message alors que maintenant on doit ouvrir la conversation chaque fois pour savoir. Aussi le processus pour envoyer des photos n’est pas très optimal, car il est difficile de faire la distinction entre chacune de nos photos, car il y a 6 petites photos collées les unes sur les autres. Est ce que dans la prochaine mise à jour il serait possible de régler ces problèmes?

Bad update. This update is very bad,It prevents me from doing alot of things I could have done easily in the last versions and I can’t even use big emojis and editing is pretty bad right now.

Fix. This app keeps signing me out every 15 minutes and showing me I'm online Please fix it

This person is not available. None of my contacts can msg me. They get a “this person is unavailable”

Fix this!. For some reason, the app has started only showing the last 15-20 chats I have been in, all other ones disappear until about a year or two ago. I uninstall and reinstall the app to fix this issue, but it inevitably does it again a day or two later, making me delete and reinstall it again! Fix this, please!

Flickering all the time. What is going on With messenger, it’s refreshing all the time it’s so annoying, needs to be fixed ASAP

It’s functional.. Used to be good. They keep adding garbage and getting rid of good stuff. Lie getting rid of gifs. Just stupid.

Probleme. Depuis la dernière mise à jour j’arrive plus avoir rien ni message ni média

Disappointed. Not a big fan of the new design. Change it back!

Forced to use. I did not want to download messenger to be able to talk with people, I was forced to. I miss the old way of just being able to see your messages from within safari or in the app. Now to use Facebook I have to have two different apps! I'm currently looking for an alternative to Facebook, as with all the changes it has become quite a nuciense to use

Change it back. How do I get the normal messenger back. Like it was before this update. I hate it. I didn’t even wanna update my messenger but I had no choice. Due to it updating on its own. I hate it. And keep logging me out. So no I don’t want this new update. At all

Not working. Keeps saying it needs to re connect but doesn’t

Arkk. la nouvelle mise à jour est dégoûtante pour faire un message vocal étais bien mieux avant et on voyait si quelqu’un avait vue notre message sans qu’on aille sur la convo (je préfère l’ancienne version)

I hate the new update!!. This new update ain’t it. Please switch back to the old one.

Messenger does not work properly. I have to constantly delete and reinstall the app. It will work for one min then will stop sending and receiving messages. Anyone else with this problem?

Annoying. Something is wrong with the way my messages send. The chat doesn’t move up. The app is up to date. Not sure what’s going on

New version. The new version is terrible!!!!

Seriously, ads within messages?. Whoever thought adding ads throughout Messenger was a good idea was WRONG.

RECENT UPDATE HUGE PROBLEM. My app updated in the last day or two and now an edit bar keeps staying over the text (typing) bubble. Please fix this!!!!

My messenger doesn’t work good. I have iPhone 11 Pro and I’m trying to write a message but the conversation disappear and I can’t write nothing I delete the app and instal again I reset my phone I updated my phone And the messenger still doing the same thing What I can do more ... please help

CHATS KEEP DISAPPEARING. everytime I open messenger the conversations from marketplace are just completely gone. Only way to see them is to delete the app and re-download it. I’m EXTREMELY over it…

WAY TOO INVASIVE & INTRUSIVE!!!. You think your stupid update is so fantastic bcuz you've now made your app so EVERYBODY can See EVERYBODY'S business!! Don't you think that totally Breaks all PRIVACY Laws! Why on earth would I want everyone to see that I'm using messenger and that they can see Everything about me within their Chat Threads and visa versa??? "More Meaningful" Who the heck cares about"More Meaningful?!?" I don't get WHY you would try to make messenger basically the same as facebook!? Facebook is already waaay too INVASIVE & INTRUSIVE, and now you're doing, and pulling off the same crap to us!! If messenger is going to continue making the app Extremely Invasive and Intrusive, then I'm just going to have to Delete it and stick with Text Messaging, where Nobody Knows or Sees what I'm up to until I actually text them and decide whether I wanna divulge any info!! Why do you think I haven't friended people on facebook? Bcuz I don't need my FB profile name, popping up on everyone's page basically saying: "Looky here, Kaycee just came on facebook!" "Oh goody, I'm going to message her and see what she's up to." It's NOBODY'S friggin business what I do!!!

Bugged message sending. Used to be pretty good, now pressing enter skips a line instead of sending the messenges. I don’t know if that was an intended change or not, but texting is now very much obnoxious.

Love Messenger/Great for old folks too. My mother has Alzheimer's and doesn't get much use out of her iPad except for messenger. Every morning I sent her videos of random things off the Internet and she can spend a 30 to 60 minutes watching them… It brings her a lot of laughs. It's also been a great way to keep connected with friends in other countries. I highly recommend it for anyone.

Emojis are not right. Give back the large emojis to iPhone users please...

Fix it ASAP. The app after iOS 14 acting so weird when I type a message it goes back the main screen!!!

not liking it!. facebook! please give us an option if we want to upgrade or not! this new screen interface is so annoying! i want the old look, much simple

It shows i’m active when i’m not. It’s so so so annoying that messenger shows i’m active when i’m actually not. Every time just right after my friends send me a message i became active, so when i replied them back late, some of them thought i ignored their makes me stressed can you please fix this problem? I even deleted and redownloaded this app twice but same problem still occurs

Crashes. Iphone 6 user here. Every time I open the app it works good but if I tab out to another app and come back. Messenger closes. Please fix or I’ll delete app.

Group chats. Hi, Wondering why if FB owns WhatsApp why doesn’t the client behave the same in a group chat. If I am away from a group chat for a while in WhatsApp is picks up right where I left off when I comeback. Messenger just gives you this “20+ unread messages” thing and then takes you back sort of where you were but not quite as good as WhatsApp. Can you please fix Messenger to be gave like WhatsApp? It would be so much less annoying to use if if just behaved like WhatsApp. Thanks Marc

Facebook Messenger review. My app totally shut down because of this update, which now that I’ve updated it, is honestly not good. Wack.

Love the UI redesign. The new UI redesign is really great, so much clutter is now gone. Good enough to make me write a review. Seriously good work.

App crashes. Most recent update causes app to crash 50% of the time upon opening

New update. I have the update but it didn’t change anything!!!

Are we stupid?. So, messenger wants to help us build more meaningful conversations with friends and family. I think most of us can handle that just fine ourselves. I do not want to have my inbox filled with stuff I did not ask for from people I barely know. If I want to be in touch with people I do so on my own, at my time. Can I just mark these unwanted mails as spam or block it otherwise?

Request. Please update my messenger I loved the new update last couple weeks buts it’s gone to my messenger and it went back to the old one

App Not Working. My messenger is not showing any notifications. I will only see messages if I click into the app and it’s only been like this since the update 5 days ago. Please fix this.

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What’s the point?. My account keeps getting locked out for “suspicious activity”. I end up having to send facebook a picture to prove I am who I say I am. When I get my account back after a few days it never tells me what the suspicious activity was. This happens around once a month. Now I’m locked out due to “suspicious activity” once again. But everytime I try to send the image the page refreshes and says that my network isn’t stable and to connect to a better network. And it also gets rid of the file I selected. I’ve tried changing the file type of the picture. From JPG to PNG I’ve tried uploading different pictures all of me. And of different file types all with no luck. Im not making another Facebook account. I’ve already had to do that once due to losing my phone. It’s way to much work to re-add all of my friends and family. Plus I’ll probably still have to deal with getting locked out all the time. So I guess I’m done using Facebook.

Cluster Service review. I don’t understand why I have been restricted from all social Media and Apple store. I have truble shot several times trying to find out a reason, We get no real answers. sometimes I am given forms to fill out I fill them out over several Hrs. get Confirmation numbers make new passwords to them, only to get the same restriction and no one Explains why. We Desperately need a new social media that we can use without being shut down, Or get a responsible answer that makes sense to our questions on why You the product is always right and offers any customer any rights at all. Please make your product easy to use, friendly, and with a compromise to us as sometimes being right instead of you the Product as always being right and having no answers or exclamation of your services service to your customer ( your users.) Thanks for giving us at least a voice called a review.

I have a lot of problems. Ok to start off with I love messenger ok, its like a good app where I could chat with my family and friends and it was nice while it lasted. Later on I got a new phone number and because of it I couldn’t get no notifications or calls from messenger, my relatives complained about it. I tried to change my phone number but it always said my phone number was invalid. I tried like 10 or 15 times already. So I logged out and deleted and downloaded the app again so then I tried to create a new account with my new phone number but when I did it didn’t let me talk or add some people. Like I couldn’t add my parents and I couldn’t text my friends it said there was an error and it said the message was not sent since Dec 31st and I couldn’t even find some people! Please fix this or look over it because I really would want to get this fixed as soon as possible!! Thanks

Messaging is Good, Calling Isn’t. The messaging with FB friends is pretty good. I like that you can customize individual chats and I enjoy the sound effects in the app. It’s a really good way to stay in touch with far away friends & family. I don’t always get notifications when I receive a new message though. I’m not a fan of the call/video chat feature. Calls are often dropped, the sound/call quality is awful. Video chat is really choppy. A lot of the video calls are spent “connecting” so all you see is a black screen , but at least you can still talk to the other person while this is going on. This app isn’t too bad , it works better than the Facebook app itself in my opinion. It’s a good way to stay connected and talking to old friends. I recommend using it if you got Facebook.

Fortner Denistry. I’ve used Dr Fortner since he came to Lubbock. He was recommended by my former Dentist, Dr. Robert Johnson when I needed a bridge. That one lasted over 31 years and was inadvertently thrown away during my bout with CoVID-19 in October 2020. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone. They are all highly professional and patient friendly. They remember you and call you by name at each visit and when you leave, you feel like family. Dr Fortner is highly skilled as a dentist and and today I gave him a new description as an artist in sculpting, because he replaced a tooth I had broken with a bonded one that looks great! My newest bridge is one that will last long past my age of 82. Thank you, Dr Fortner and your staff for being there for all Of us! Jan WOOLSEY “Pearilla”

I’m really disappointed with messenger. I got messenger for my daughter to talk to me while i was out so I could talk to her without calling whoever was watching her and it was really cool for the both of us she loved the option to change your profile pic but now you have to have Facebook I don’t want my 8 year old to have Facebook I don’t even have Facebook and I’m 33 please change this she got so upset that she couldn’t change her profile pic cause she got her first pet and wanted to change her pic to her new pet and the option was gone it was gone on my phone too so please make a little girl and a single mother happy and make the edit button or three dots appear or click your picture and the option come up please I hate that you ruined the app for the both of us please fix this mistake I also saw that other people were complaining about it too then maybe you should make the people who use your app happy and fix everything that’s wrong? Not a bad idea huh?

Just imagine if this would happen to CEOs wife and family.. Just a thought. It’s like what if someone does something’s to your family situation. Don’t judge me. I am just trying to put my point by putting this CEO family in place of mine. So these idi*ts Made this app so you can’t access messnager on mobile web browser. Then they will track how zuckerbust wife fart and then give you ads that buy these fart reducer tablets. Or just think his wife is going out to buy some undies and then all sellers coming out of their shops even they are at restaurant and showing their undies collection to his family and everyone who ever thought of undies ever in their family. Pretty interesting scenario. That’s what happen if someone buy skirt online or I get diapers for babies whole freaking day even in office all I see is skirt and diapers. I hope same happens to zuckerbust wife that when she goes out she just see undies or skirt or diapers even if she is doing morning walk.

FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE!!!. Dear Facebook, I am absolutely SICK and TIRED of constantly blocking HUNDREDS of people just so I don’t have to see their “active” badges anymore. I have blocked literally HUNDREDS of people the last few months, as there is absolutely NO way to edit your contact list. And half the people on the contact list are people I’ve NEVER talked to? So when I set my story settings to friends and messenger contacts viewing only, there are still several people whom I’ve never met or talked to in my life who are able to view my stories because of this hole. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! I shouldn’t have to block hundreds of people to fix this issue, that’s ridiculous and I don’t understand why this is an issue in the first place. Some of the people I’m blocking could be potential future customers as I sell a lot of things on FACEBOOK marketplace, so now they could be unable to contact me. All of this seems super counterintuitive and I really wish you would fix this ASAP.

The worst!!!. I wish I could give this app less than one star!!! If you have more than one Facebook account, get ready to wish you could punch someone! In order to switch accounts it asked you if you know what you are doing about three times before you can switch. When you have finally clicked ok a million times and you are on your dog or baby’s account it tells you that you have a new message on your other account, you click ok a million times again only to find that the new message is “you are now friends with Johnny and you can message them.” Yeah!!! I freakin’ know how your terrible app works!!! That’s not a message!! I know I’m now friends with them! I just approved it!!! And I know I can message them!!! Thanks for wasting my time constantly! The fact that I’ve updated it over and over and they never fix it makes me want to strangle someone! I have never hated an app more, but I have a lot of friends who use it so I’m stuck with it. It’s the worst!

New update very upsetting. I am so disappointed with this new update. Here are just a few things I have encountered so far that is very disappointing and frustrating: 1.) can’t send balloon emojis anymore. This is a feature I used extremely regularly with friends. 2.) the notification sound has changed to a default iPhone sound and I have tried everything to change it back to the messenger notification sound. I miss the sound of the messenger notification but more importantly it’s caused confusion: every time I receive a messenger notification from a friend now I think I’m receiving a text from a client or important calendar notification. I am used to having separate sounds for separate notification, more specifically a separate sound for business/important (text/calendar) and social (messenger). With this update I no longer have that distinction on sound so I’m constantly picking up my phone when I don’t need to be. 3.) no sound sending message 4.) no bubbling hearts across screen when you send a heart emoji There’s other things I don’t care for esthetically but that based on person preference, I can get used to. The things I listed above are simply an inconvenience and frustrating to the functionality of messenger and I think you need to re-evaluate. I never really write reviews, but I am very upset about this update. I use messenger all day every day and this update is a big turn off to the application I once loved.

MAJOR ISSUES😡 HUGE SECURITY FLAWS. MAJOR ISSUE #1 - Messenger DOES NOT Prevent Repeated Audio/Video Calls When Messenger is set for DND, it only allows for a 24hr period. RANDOM callers who are using the app as a dating app will call back multiple times within a three minute window and interrupt my day or sleep. I cannot shut my phone down completely as I have to remain accessible to family. I would like the option of DND until I DECIDE turn it back on with the option of keeping out repeat callers who call right back within a 3 minute window. Right now I have to reset Messenger DND every 8 hours. MAJOR ISSUE #2: Why do I get Messenger notifications EVERY SINGLE TIME I accept a new FBF request that says “wave to your new friend?” I do not need this added message that draws ppl to contact me as if this is a dating app. I use Messenger only to contact ppl for important non-public information. Not to hook up. Just like I have to choice to add someone as a FBF, I should have to choice if I want to add them as a messenger contact. This should NOT be automatic! How dare you take away my choice and subject me to unnecessary harassment! MAJOR ISSUE #3: There’s no option to report inappropriate messages such as porn.

My messages don’t show as delivered. My problem is that for the past month, I will send a message to someone and whether we are Facebook friends or not, my messages do not show as delivered. My Facebook Messenger app has the latest update, I just recently updated my iOS software and I’m still having this problem. I’ve tried googling it and haven’t found any solutions. Can you help me please? Also, I was wondering if you could make an option for us to be able to only accept messages from friends or friends of friends only in addition to the current one accepting messages from everyone? The messages I get from people I’m not connected with don’t always appear in the message requests folder first and instead show up on my home page in bold letters.

They Claim the objective was to make app. Smaller. rather they took a lot of it’s capabilities away. Since they continue with updates constantly. The only improvement I see is the emoji are better then they use to be. Fb messager has been Stripped of all the things that made it a great! Therefore me and about everyone else I know are looking for another messager app. that have the capabilities that messager once had. The ever continuing updates , has only mades Fb messager less and less useful. Rather for business or simply connecting with family and friends. Fb message is Not what it once was! Again ... with each update messagerhas been made to be less useful and less appealing to those who used it frequently. It’s a shame really, yet with All the Negative reviews here, it goes upon deaf ears. They may start to care when other messager app. prove to take their place among users! Fb messager has failed their users tremendously.

Doesn’t work. I haven’t been able to log into my messenger app in over a month. I’ve updated it, deleted and downloaded it again, restarted my iPhone, reset my password and even reset my settings as a last resort. None of these solutions worked. Every time I try to sign in it has a message that reads ‘Error; Unable to complete request. Please try again later.’ I can still access it on a computer but I can’t look at my Facebook messages on my phone at all since the website redirects me to the messenger app and well obviously that doesn’t work out. Not really sure what else to do, none of my friends have this problem and there are very few people who’ve mentioned it on google and even less solutions for it. I don’t know if it’s because I have an iPhone or if it’s just the app but I’m not a happy camper. I even used the Facebook help to see if they could give me an answer but I still haven’t heard anything from them. Please fix this.

BUGS: Lost audio in group talk!!. Thanks Messengers for the service. However, I am so sad to see the two following bugs: 1) I created a group chat of 6 people. Recently, the group will get no audio from either one person (if 5 people attend), or no audio of two people (if 6 people attend the call). We can still see video of each other, but each one can’t hear 1 or 2 people at the same time. Please fix this! Note: This bug happens recently, not before! Is there any restrictions to the number of people attending the group? 2) We attended a group talk of 5. We got audio lost of 1 person (different pairs couldn’t hear either one of us randomly). One person in our group slept or knocked out during the talk. We decided to kick her out and restarted the conversation so that 4 of us could hear each other. Unfortunately, when we all hung up (in hope that the call would be disconnected if there is only one person is still in the group call), the call is still there for us to join with the sleeping person presented!!! There is no way we could restart a new call without the sleeping person! To solve the problem, we had to hang up, created a new group of 4 and started a new call! Please think of this bug. Maybe if Messengers fixes the audio lost bug, then the second bug is fine to users. Thanks for reading.

App Won’t Load. I’e been trying for 2 days, now to “fix” my messenger. I had a “red dot” that said I had a chat. It would never let me see that chat. So, I started researching and tried different things. I uninstalled it on my ipad/iphone and laptop. Re-installed it on all 3. It works as it should on my iphone and laptop, but not on my ipad. So, I’ve uninstalled it/reinstalled it probably 7-8 times. It still doesn’t work. Once it’s installed I go to my settings/General/ipad storage and it isn’t in my app’s list. So, I’m guessing it isn’t actually installing it. I use my ipad almost constantly as well as messenger on my ipad. What can I do? Getting very frustrated, and I don’t know who to take it to for a fix. Thanks. Caro Klindt

I’d put zero stars if I could. Ever since they had that big update that basically stripped the app down to its bare bones and removed everything that made messenger great, it’s been horribly buggy and pretty much unusable at times. It’ll crash randomly when on a call, if you exit full screen while on a video call the video will disappear and the screen will freeze and all you’ll get is audio until the call drops, it sometimes won’t let you scroll up in the chat to see past messages and be stuck “loading” the chat no matter how good your connection is (on video calls this has the added bonus of sometimes also dropping your calls) and beyond that it’s just buggy and infuriating to use honestly. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it several times but the problems still persist. Someone please fix this and bring back the messenger we used to know and love. Not this hollowed out joke.

Notification when no new message. I am very type A and clear out my notifications quickly. This is happened so many times over the years. The messenger app will show a notification that I have a new message or the Facebook app will show there is a message in the little icon but there is no new message. Usually I’m able to log into the desktop version, and it tends to be that someone reacted to a message or took a listing off of marketplace or something. Which is annoying that I even have to do that. But currently the messenger app is showing a notification when I go into the app it says that there is a message in Market Place messages. When I click on that, there is absolutely nothing new. And not even going into the desktop version is helping. So now I’m stuck with a notification and I absolutely hate it.

Bugs in New Update. Firstly, I am not a fan of the update at all. I particularly liked the availability to see if someone had read the conversation without actually having to open it, but that has been taken away. The 'active now' status is totally inaccurate, it'll say someone i'm physically with is active when their phone is locked in an entirely different room. My biggest peeve, though, is the inaccuracy of the read tag. If an hour goes by since the message was delivered, it'll read delivered until it is opened, but as soon as it is opened, it'll say "read one hour ago". No matter how long it's sat on delivered and how much later it's read, it'll always read that it was read however long ago it was delivered, when, in fact, it could have been opened 13 hours afterward. You claim to be focusing your app around professionalism, but how professional does it make you when you're "leaving your boss on read" when you're just finally getting to open the message?

Fixed: A annoying glitch. Edit: hey you fixed it, nice. Typing on iPad is pain still layout wise but it works. Messenger usually works well on my iPhone no issues what so ever, in this case for an odd reason it doesn’t want to type I’ll begin typing “Hey I’m” and it doesn’t let me type afterwards. I have no idea why this occurring but I hope I’m not alone, I use this app to talk to friends and talk about homework and junk— this is a real pain and honestly a bad move on the team’s part for not checking before sending this update out. This could’ve honestly been fixed or avoided if they checked this before releasing it, I trust on the team a lot and will always update on day one. You’re making me regret this honestly, y’all just giving me trust issues

Slow sending & deletion option. I mean it works fine most of the time but obviously as some people has already said it struggles to send messages to others. Honestly still waiting it to send a message to my cousin it’s been two days? Even if my internet is slow it still sends to everyone else so that makes no sense. Only other issue you guys need to add a delete button; again my internet is slow so I have to wait forever just to log into Facebook on my computer to go into messenger to delete things but I shouldn’t need to go on there to do this id appreciate it if someone could consider this idea to add this ability on the app especially when you log onto Facebook through the phone it doesn’t give you the same option and just sends you back to the app?

I HATE THIS APP. I beg my friends do not leave me messages on messenger I will not check them. But every once in a while I’ll get a relative or someone I haven’t seen since high school or somethings send me a message that’s really important like to tell me someone we know died or is getting married or something like that and Facebook is the only way they know how to get a hold of me so every once in a while I go back and I re-put this crap on my phone and every time I do it causes so many problems and frustrates me beyond reason. I would just as soon rather never have to ever use Facebook or messenger again for the rest of my life unfortunately it is a necessary evil. I just hopped on to check an email from Grandma and then I will be deleting it again but just having to take an hour out of my day to deal with all of this stuff is so upsetting and frustrating why can’t we just go to Facebook like we used to and click on her messages why separated so dumb.

Notification alarm. Good app, let’s me keep in contact with others. Initially I deactivated Facebook when I was in school, but was allowed to use messenger still. After a while for some reason that stopped being the case and it deactivated messenger too. Well, that wasn’t an option because I have a family chat on there and otherwise I would have been out of the loop. Minor issue, done with school now so not as big of a problem, until I return for degree number two. Video quality could be a bit better too. Also, my dog absolutely HATES the message notification. He will run away when he hears it. I would prefer a list of audible options for the sake of my dogs ears, and me being upset when he leaves due to a message coming through. Minor detail, but it makes me want to get rid of the app all together.

OntarioAngel. Jan 30, 2023: For the last three whole days I haven’t been able to Copy/Paste Pics & have them delivered to any of my Chats or have any pics delivered from my Camera Roll! I can choose & send them, but then they’re just stuck on “Sending” and my friends never get them. I have a picture still stuck on Sending after two days! It worked up until three days ago & then just stopped at about 3pm. I’ve tried restarting my phone, resetting my network settings, delete/reinstall the app, remove/replace my SIM card, etc, etc, but pics will send & just won’t deliver. I can forward pics I’ve previously sent within the same chats & between chats, I just can’t add any new ones. Everything else seems to work fine, so I don’t get what’s up. I’ve sent three Error Reposts too. This needs fixed!

The Good, The Bad, and The Annoying. The Good: • Just about everyone I know has FB and therefore some form of Messenger. Super handy! • We are a military family who has lived abroad for several years. I love that I can call friends and family through the app • I love that I can share and receive pictures, videos, and even some documents so easily through the app The Bad (and kind of infuriating): • For all the talk of how we have choice with privacy, I do NOT understand why I can’t turn off the little green dot when I’m active (even if I toggle off the “chat” - my son and I tested it)! • To go along with my complaint above, WHY is it anyone’s business how long ago I was active? This should be a choice. Apps like WhatsApp give users this freedom to choose. The Annoying: • Dear Facebook Messenger, you are NOT Snapchat. Please stop trying to be Snapchat. If I wanted to have filters and things in my way every time I want to take a picture. Then I’d use Snapchat. You’re trying to be like them isn’t competition - it’s annoying. The people who want Messenger stay with Messenger. Please stop. • I am confused about why the feature to pay/send/receive money is available in some accounts and devices and not all. You might be a pretty good competitor to PayPal of the feature were available to all. So...there you have it: The Good, The Bad, and the Annoying

wow!. facebook is really run by evil Trolls to make you use this in place of the easy jabber compatible chats they had for a bit. facebook and google BOTH said making us stick to larger, purposely buggier, proprietary apps seems to keep more users on one site. you can only make a lotta money on ads and selling user data if you have a lot more than a lot. government funding is even better because backdoors on one side get you frontdoors into law. they either have to make your life harder or they have to wait longer to bank on a future web that is FOR communication that can support other world advantages, rather than baiting people into another parasitic money mine. the money is supposed to support the venture for the goal of the venture. you should not get into anything important to living with the end goal of money. would you be a doctor or teacher that holds lives for Ransom? or rather the point of bothering is to fix people so they can get onto the real useful ways to profit

Can my old Messenger be reinstalled?. About 5 weeks ago, a friend wanted to use our WiFi to check on his phone while I was busy in moving my husband into a Care Home at the moment. Then this friend pulled our beam box from under the computer table. After that day, I stopped receiving emails on our computer and my iPad’s Facebook and Messenger were affected. Then I found that two plugs were unplugged from the beam box. I replugged the wires and found my Facebook was different and my Messenger lost many contacts. I have tried to reclaim those lost contacts with some success, but not all. On my computer I received emails from Facebook to check my Messenger for notifications etc, yet I cannot go back to my old Messenger on my iPad. How can I solve this problem? Please advice. I have gone to Apple Store to seek help, but was told only Facebook can help me.

Recent feature update is horrible. The story notification update is forcing me to stop using the app. The Facebook messenger app now shows an “unread notification” whenever there is a story update. This is a complete failure and the product managers behind this disaster need to get fired. What’s next? Will I get a notification every time there is a market place post within 10 miles of me? The point of the messenger app is to show messages. Now when I pick up my phone, see there is an unread message, it’s because some stupid Fb group had a new post about a stupid puppy. So then I have to click into it to make it go away. Is this how you want to drive up your stupid metrics??? As a workaround, I now tried to mute all my stories. This is taking a while as I have lots of friends on fb. If in a week this awful feature is not rolled back, or if I’m not done muting unfriending everyone, I will unfortunately have to stop using fb messenger.

Purple icon and theme needs is obnoxious!. I hate it! I mean I really, really, really don’t like looking it at. Why? Why couldn’t you just leave well enough alone. The app was working fine. But you all just have to keep messing with things that aren’t broken. I tried not to let it bother me too much when you starting trying to shove Instagram content in my face, but now you have to decide for me what colors I look at as well and not even give me the opportunity to choose. I have no loyalty or love for Facebook. I use Messenger because I like texting with my friends. Up until recently the app added value to my life by making that easy. If this doesn’t change I’m uninstalling it. Today is Oct 18th. If I open the app when I wake up on Oct 19th and the colors (including the icon) aren’t switched back or at the very least configurable, I’m uninstalling and finding a different way to message my friends. There’s nothing too special about Messenger any more. It very replaceable.

Doesn’t work at ALL on the Apple Watch. It’s a decent messaging app, not really anything special. But it seemed appealing because of its compatibility with all Apple devices. If you thought so, you will be DISAPPOINTED. The app does not work with the Apple Watch. It simply doesn’t. You download it, and it tells you to “log in with the paired iPhone”. You do that, and open messenger up on your phone. It still doesn’t work. You try logging out and back in to your Facebook account, and it works for a little while, but then the next day when you try to check your messages again, it doesn’t work. It is very frustrating when you try to make it work, but it just doesn’t. Hopefully the developers can really work on the compatibility and syncing between the watch and phone app, so it will actually work. Great disappointment, so you might as well just use the default messages app, no need to download this one.

So now you can’t go from Facebook to messenger I see.. This is very sad. Instead of getting better at what Facebook does it’s getting worse. I’m a voiceover user and have been for many years. I don’t understand why Facebook is trying to make things better for lots of people but at the same time they’re breaking what they fix. Why is it now that when you try to post in messenger from Facebook you can’t? What I mean is this. Let’s say today is someone’s birthday. If I use VoiceOver and swipe to the right and double tap on where it says, “send a message. “I can’t. Sure messenger will open but voiceover does not read the buttons to me that are above the keyboard. I have to literally close the Messenger application and then reopen it and then go into the message that I was going to compose to someone. What happened to accessibility? Does Facebook really not care about that like other companies I’ve run into lately? I guess not.

Messenger Is Broken, FB too. Every notification I get about a message from messenger tends to lead me to a blank screen, though I have multiple saved messages (or should). Their app has always had problems and it seems like they’ve been adding new and improved functionality to their broken bugs each year. When facebook and messages were integrated into the same page was the last time FB was decent. Browsable on a webpage, not every link was broken and sends me 3 notifications that just open up 3 different apps only to show empty mailbox. Good thing the person definitely already replied to my message but I can’t see it. 0/10. Openly one of the worst apps I have ever used. Facebook should start by designing shoelaces and make sure they’re not missing any major functionalities, and actually keep shoes on feet before moving forward with this. Start simple, and then move on to Messenger apps.

Always broken. The app is constantly having uses for one it once signed me into the wrong account and now it’s not signing me in to my account/not loading any of the information my account had such as group chats and contacts, pretty much everything is wiped after reinstalling the app and the reason I was reinstalling was because the messages were not delivering and it kept popping connected at the top of the screen... unacceptable wouldn’t recommend this for any social use, just stick to the regular Facebook site or use one of the other social network providers such as Snapchat, Instagram, etc. It is very annoying (and unsafe) for the app to forget what account information goes to what account, and it constantly does it. If the problem gets fixed then I will alter my star rating and review however I doubt a fix will come considering how long this problem has been going on for and after today of my account being wiped, I’m done with it.

Mostly ok. It’s mostly ok, but it would be great if I were able to send more than 2-1/2 minute videos. My friend and I are constantly sending each other videos and it’s a real pain having to watch the clock to make sure I don’t go over the mark, then multiple short videos to cover one subject are really annoying. Also, the bandwidth it takes up just having the app open idling is enormous (roughly 400kb/s for me). It would also be great to be able to highlight different videos, pictures, and messages so I know I’ve looked at that one when someone sends me a lot of them. Also, why can I send 2-1/2 minutes of video but only 1 minute of audio as an audio message? Makes no sense, since video takes up a lot more data than audio. Lastly, those COVID and “do you know this person?” popups are extremely annoying and I’d like to be able to permanently turn them off.

Message deleting !!!. I am not really into writing reviews , and don’t like to be negative ... They are plenty of other reviews with massive issues here , but the one I’m having problems with is deleting part of the messages in a conversation. If I have a chat with someone , and want to keep part of the conversation, but need to reduce it and delete some if it , it’s quite a choir !!😳😬 You have to take every single one , check it individually , and pass about 3 double checking questions before you can erase it . So if you have a conversation with about a hundred messages back and forth u want to delete, be prepared to spend quite some time to do that ! Could you guys go back to where we used to be able to check 50 of them at a time , and erase them in a block ?! Please !!! It’s the biggest problem for me to deal with , and the main reason that I stay away ,as much as I can, to use your FB messaging systems .

Doesn’t work at all. The app has one purpose, and it can’t even seem to do that reliably. For the past 3 months I’ve been trying to send and receive messages from others, but they never go through. It doesn’t load all of my conversations (only the top 6, everything else just stops loading as if there’s some sort of connection issue, even though I have full connection). When I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app again, it wouldn’t let me sign in and kept saying there was a problem. At random times it would let me sign in again, but other times it wouldn’t and just denies me access. But even when I get access to the account again it still wouldn’t work. I tried contacting support about this MANY times and the only time they responded was just telling me I should try uninstalling and reinstalling the app again, talk about a waste of time 🙄 Most garbage messaging app to exist.

Very Irritating – No need for update at all. Update: 7/9 – finally updated because it’s irritating for this app. Or to support last version. But why do I need an internet connection to login when I’m connected to my data? Still frustrated! Ok so usually I don’t do reviews. I might rate an app, sometimes I leave a review if it’s an especially exemplary app. But now, I’m going to leave a not-so-nice review: Please, PLEASE stop with the very frustrating update reminders. I looked at the update, and I have absolutely no need whatsoever for ANY of things that are “new and improved” for this app. People are complaining of it not working, of not needing “new and improved” versions, they are complaining about absolutely useless upgrades. I use this app to text three people. I use it to message them because we live so far apart and are friends through something that means we’ll never meet in real life. All I need out of this is app is 1, the ability to message them, and 2, the ability to receive alerts when they answer back. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t need a new and improved video chat, or whatever these “room” things are, or new stickers, or anything else. Just plain ‘ole texting. That’s it. So please, because I am no longer able to use “this version” of FB Messenger, please make it to where the app does support older versions because I don’t need to upgrade.

Explain please. I used to be able to get to the “other” folder but now that is gone. Please redo this and fix because many messages get filtered and now I can’t get those. Long time user. **EDIT** I found this setting finally. One last thing that would be a great addition is to give us the option to remain hidden. I don’t want everyone knowing I’m online. I have active turned off and I can’t see who is active but the ones who have active on can still see me. Also it would be nice to have an option that doesn’t show its read. Sometimes I can’t reply in a timely fashion and it leaves the person thinking I don’t care enough to respond. Yes I can mark it as unread but they can see it’s been read. My main suggestions. Thank you so much

Don’t do it. Man just think you basically automatically giving them right to invade your privacy now it does come in handy when it come to keeping up with friends and family but you basically giving them all sorts of info about yourself and even others your messages ain’t really secret are secure Facebook does what it wants and uses the info to track your every movement online even location as in your personal location you can turn it off but trust me they know where you at what you looking at online just search something and see all the adds on Facebook that match what you searched reminds me of google invasion of privacy so I would use something else if you can frankly Facebook needs to go to be honest can’t wait till another social media platform comes out that doesn’t censor you and what you most for their own gain in politics

Oh joy. Facebook has already turned Messenger in to a bloated bastardization of what it once was, that being the best messenger app available. Messenger being a app intended for communication between two or more people. Now they are turning Messenger in to another Facebook, another useless social network app. Just what the world doesn’t need. We can only hope that they don’t add all this useless crap to messenger lite. It is not what messenger once was, but at least the lite version isn’t this frufru monstrosity that we see in the full version or what ever these new cancerous intrusions will be that they are adding. Rest In Peace FBM, your useful days are gone. Freddie’s nightmare is right around the corner. It’s funny that they say they want messenger to be useful to businesses. And I mean that. Hellarious. In order for ANY app to be useful to business, it requires two things. First and foremost, ease of use. Second is for it to be easy for your customer to contact you(ease of use) out of the blue. IE, Jim I need a painter. Jim says, “ here call Bob, easy way is on FBM at this number FB724paint. Jim gives Tom that FB number and he calls Bob to set up a bid. Tom has never ever seen, talked to, friended unfriended or wiped snot on Bob, but easily contacted him this way. Messenger has nothing like this and the tards at FB will probably never set anything up so easy or sensible on messenger to make the app as useful to businesses and customers.

Give back my stickers functionality. Every day I curse this and the previous update under my breath. You’ve made stickers super annoying to access. If someone sends me a sticker and I touch it, I am no longer taken to the pack so I can send a sticker immediately back. Instead, this stupid updated app pulls up a preview of the sticker pack and tells me I already have it downloaded, but from here I can’t choose one to send back. Thanks Captain Obvious! Now I have to scroll forever through the stickers at the bottom to find the sticker pack so I can send one back. It’s made me stop wanting to use stickers. That function is ruined for me. Now for notifications. This is really important to me, as my husband is currently 5,000 miles away from me during this COVID lockdown. I used to get notifications when he messaged, but these last two updates have messed those up too. Not happy at all, bring the old app back.

Unfavorable Update. On January 13, 2020 my Messenger app updated itself even though I have the “Automatic Updates” turned off. I’ve noticed a few changes that I am not a fan of, & question why it was necessary to remove them with the update. Today (Jan. 23) I’ve noticed I can no longer see or create polls within my group chats; I can no longer long-press the group emoji to send a large emoji; I can no longer send pictures in my gallery from the different folders I have them organized in; & the “Star Wars” color theme option has disappeared for me while my friends continue to enjoy it. These are small things that probably don’t bother others, but for me I can’t experience the app the same way as my friends I’m in contact with & that upsets me. If some of my friends had another way to easily contact me, I would’ve deleted Messenger already.

I hate messenger now. I used to love using messenger because it kept me connected to my family but not now. Since FB changed it’s requirement to use Messenger I no longer am able to connect with the most important person in my life. There are extremely important reasons they don’t have FB. Safety being the most important one. FB only cares about it’s bottom line. Did not think about the ones who use messenger only because of the type of job they have. Those in law enforcement, military members and others who work for our country. I am ashamed I will still need to use messenger to stay connected to the rest of my family. But I will not encourage anyone to join FB. Now I am researching other messaging apps. By the way, my most important person had messenger before you made the change and getting any help with this issue is non existent. FB does not care about the people that use it. Thanks for screwing up my communication with someone I love very much FB. That’s sarcasm in case you don’t recognize it.

Problems. Can it be fixed so people have a reply for each topic of conversation? Gets confusing for people to stay on the subject. Also people tend to not look above to read previous comments. That’s aggravating. Why does it tell when people erase things. People get suspicious when the message comes up. They want to know what was erased. No need for that. Also I don’t understand when I want to delete something it shows Remove for you and Remove for everyone. If I’m talking to one person - why would I just want it removed for me? And who is everyone? If that comes up - I’m thinking - who did it go to. I don’t talk to groups of people. I also worry that certain people with knowledge know how to look at a person’s Messenger. How can I be assured that doesn’t happen?? I’ve got everything in messenger settings turned off that has an on/off button.

New update is bad. I’m fine with this app, but I think the most recent update messed up my messaging capabilities. I had a weird experience where all of my messages randomly disappeared, so I thought maybe I had to download the update because it was glitching. Updating didn’t fix the issue. It eventually started working again, but ever since the update my texting has been weird. I’ll go to fix the middle part of a message and, mid-typing, the cursor will jump down to the end again. It’s messing with my text messaging as well as messages sent through the app. I also haven’t been able to swipe-down on photos in the message to minimize them once I’ve expanded them anymore. My main concern is the cursor randomly jumping to the end of the paragraph. I utilize this app to run my business, so this problem which would usually just be a slight annoyance is seriously cutting into my productivity. Please fix this!!

Normally I adore this app. However, it's super irritating with this current version, that I can't play messenger games with people without it looking like I have an unread message from each individual because either them or I have made a move in the game. App badges would be enough for me, within the application. Separate the games notifications from the messenge notifications please! Badges on the game tab and that's it would be super nice. If I want to play games I'll go over there. But I'm actually losing messages in all these integrated game notifications... Also still having an issue with messenger not allowing me to continue typing a message when the phone is rotated. The whole app freezes and I am forced to close or send a half typed message. Many times this happens and it was not intentional at all. A fix would be fantastic. Currently functioning off iOS 11.2.1 on the 7plus.

Why! Why!! Why!!!. Only three stars and here is why. First the good. Messaging and sending photos is it’s strong points. I have had zero problems with doing either and if I were to rate solely based on the two it would receive five stars. However, the actual calling is for me what hurts the app the most. Annoying doesn’t even begin to explain my feelings towards that particular feature. I have yet to get or to make an actual call, as to where, the call doesn’t take it upon itself to just end. I don’t know if it’s just on my end but I suspect not. It doesn’t seem to make a difference from where it ordinates the result is the same. Call abruptly ends for no reason and then you are asked to rate the call. HAHAHAHA!! What a joke. Instant one star and not even deserving of the one. So again the messaging and photo sending are excellent, the calling function not so much.

Uhoh.. I have not been on Facebook probably since IBM released model 2 of the Selectric typewriter to get me to use their Daisy wheel and that was downright frightening. Now this..... with the washer humming in the background and my apartment all to myself, I’ve stretched out on the sofa and decided to see who the seven new friend requests were..... I had just begun to read something from a guy in Virginia, when he was interrupted by a maddening crowd trying to moan about the obnoxities in using FB. That’s ok. All I really wanted you all to know is that this is not a good time to order a pizza in Meadville pa (using DoorDash or not) as it is snowing like the sky is falling and the pie would be cold by the garage door closed behind you. I’m going to sign off and see if I can find any Strawberry Frosted MiniWheats left from lunch. I don’t know if anybody will get this, read this, respond to it or not since I don’t know how to do this name is Kathy, I’m still on the Meadville couch, and the ball is in your court now.

Weak. Instead of taking an introspective look at their own failings Mark Zuckerberg and Meta corporation have used the wealth that they obtained from selling YOUR data to the highest bidder (yes EVEN CHINA) to hire a PR firm Targeted Victory to create, package,and sell a smear campaign against a rival social media company and lobbied YOUR politicians and congress men and woman to get their rival banned in the United States of America. This of course to secure their pocket books and wealth for their stockholders. Instead of participating in the supposed free market of this "apparent" great nation, this company used YOU without your consent or knowledge to benefit their interests and the interests of the politicians that support this underhanded tactics to silence the voices of over 150 million Americans, as well as many under-serviced and minority communities across the globe. If I could leave less than a one star review I would, simply on the merit of this company thinking they could have the gall to mess with my first amendment. Remember YOU are the product!!! They only hurt by their pocketbooks!!!

Random Update on 1/8/19 I didn’t approve/Lots of old features moved / Missing. I’m disappointed at the fact FB didn’t give us a heads up or even send a notification of some sort letting us know it was going to update messenger! Please, at least, address the issues and explain the purpose/reasons for this update. It looks like the new update is zoomed in, everything is bigger and there’s lots of unnecessary white blank spaces all throughout each page. Not to mention the GAMES page! It’s Gone. I had to manually type the game I wanted to play in the search bar, and when I did about 5 other different things/pages popped up along with the game. And I don’t see why we need two different pages to view peoples story’s on. Just pick one, THE HOME PAGE! Honestly, the home page was fine. Aside from everything I dislike on the H.P., one thing I do like is swiping left on each message to see my opinions. (but please bring back the archive option) Some feedback: HP: Change it back to the original -Call it either Chats or Messages, not both. (“New chat requests or new message requests”) ACTIVE:Instead of the lime color to show who’s active change it back to green and add our calls on the same page GAMES: bring back and leave it ALL on one page GROUPS/DISCOVER: Go ahead and put the groups/discover options together, at least let us still be able to find them.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 401.0
Play Store com.facebook.Messenger
Compatibility iOS 12.4 or later

Messenger (Versiyon 401.0) Install & Download

The applications Messenger was published in the category Social Networking on 2011-08-09 and was developed by Meta Platforms, Inc. [Developer ID: 284882218]. This program file size is 112.85 MB. This app has been rated by 1,323,839 users and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5. Messenger - Social Networking app posted on 2023-03-21 current version is 401.0 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.facebook.Messenger. Languages supported by the app:

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Messenger App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update our app regularly to make it even better for you to easily connect to the people that matter. Update to the latest version to get all the new features and improvements. This release includes: - Fixes for crashes within messaging experiences - Performance improvements to remove latency in some of our core experiences Have a question? Tap Help in the Messenger app or visit

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Find this site the customer service details of Messenger. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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