Imo video calls and chat HD App Reviews


Imo video calls and chat HD App Description & Overview

What is imo video calls and chat hd app? Message and video chat with your friends and family for FREE, no matter what device they are on!

- Encrypted high-quality Video and Voice calls
- Encrypted Group Video and Voice calls with up to 6 participants
- FREE and unlimited encrypted messages and video and voice calls over your 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection*
- Group chat with friends, family, roommates and others
- Fast photo and video sharing
- Hundreds of free stickers!
- Avoid SMS and phone call charges

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

- You can subscribe to remove ads from imo and get 25Gb of cloud storage.
- Subscriptions are billed monthly at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.
- Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

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App Name Imo video calls and chat HD
Category Social Networking
Updated 27 March 2024, Wednesday
File Size 18.43 MB

Imo video calls and chat HD Comments & Reviews 2024

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IMO HD. one day IMO introduces the HD version and would not allow you to use the original one.. IMG the he version is the worse app. It freezes and you can’t open it. You can’t answer calls or make calls. I never had this problem with the other version. I use this app to speak with my husband who lives in Qatar. Please bring back the original version and dump the HD.. It is horrible. I just tried opening this morning and again, it would not open so I have to delete it and install it again to try to get it to work.. HELPPPPPPP.

The best app but I cannot use it. It was the greatest app ever sound quality, everything was great about this app because I could stay in touch with my friends, but I cannot use it anymore due to some restrictions, please fix that problem in this way everyone can use this wonderful app.

All Contacts Outside of US not recognizable by app. After the recent update, I cannot contact people living outside of United States. I am able to contact, send messages and invites, etc. to people who live in the United States but not the people outside the US. All my messages and contacts are gone. My friends and families outside of the US still have their contacts and they connect with each other easily but I am not able to see their information not can I send an invite to join. Basically, IMO can not recognize any contact who resides outside of the US if you are in the US. I deleted the app and re-downloaded but no use. I contacted the app support multiple times but I have heard nothing. I am going to switch to other apps.

Angry and sad. I've been using your app for 2 years to communicate with my husband and family overseas. I don't know what happened that IMO is no longer accessible, but it's inconceivable to me that you wouldn't let people know in advance that you are canceling all overseas connection and communication with your customers. I've lost wedding pictures, baby pictures, family information and alot of memories with this app. I'm very sad because I absolutely loved using IMO. We deserved at the very least to be warned of your decisions in this app, so that we had time to save our memories. 😪😪

Too many issues. IMO HD, You can stop or rewind/forward videos it’s so annoying when you have to read something on the videos, I just give up on that one, all of my history chats pictures are gone when I was forced to go with IMO HD, I keep accidentally calling people, calling button should be really reprogram, can’t tell who you are calling by the name when there are several people with the same name, like I said too many issues and not very friendly app at all; I don’t even know why am I using this stupid app.

Loss of my history chat. Hello, ever since i downloaded the new hd imo i lost all my history chats on all my contacts. This is very frustrating as my history chats, pictures, & videos are very valuable to me. I lost them all without pushing any button by mistake!! The new hd imo has just automatically deleted all my chats with all my contacts. When I tap on “tap for history” it shows “ no messages.” I have iphone 6 and is always kept updated. Please recover my chat history or assist me to the steps in recovering my chats, pictures, and videos. Will be awaiting for your response. Thank you in advance for your kind attention.

International contacts lost. All of my international contacts got lost and I’m not able to call any international contacts either, it’s started yesterday and I’ve already tried restarting my phone and redownloading the app, yet nothing has been working. The same problem happened with my husband, and I tried using the app on my sons phone and the same problem is still occurring. I’m only allowed to call locally and not internationally but I don’t know why I’m not able to contact people internationally. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Old disappointed user!!. I’ve been using Imo for many years now zero issues until your new Imo HD came out..! New app is awful.!!! Most of the times it’s freezing out not even working..!! When you finish a conversation or call it still showing that you’re online for the people who can see your activity status..!! You haven’t had it updated for a long time now and still having many problems that needs to be fixed..!! Me and whoever i know using Imo are looking for other alternative applications and if you don’t fix these problems you’ll be loosing all your users very soon!!!

So annoying!. Every since I’ve updated the app I have to go to the App Store in order to open the app and use it because whenever I just click the app to open it it keeps telling me to update to the new version in order to use it (which I’ve already done) so in order to use it after the update I have to go to App Store, type in the name, then click open 🙄. I’ve removed the app & downloaded it back to my phone TWICE & it’s still doing the same thing which is VERY ANNOYING

Upgrade ruined everything. I usually don’t write reviews but for this I had to because they should know that they made a terrible decision updating their app. Ever since the update not only all my history was gone but now I can’t even make any international calls. All my international contacts have been deleted from Imo automatically. This is so frustrating. Now I have to find a way to keep in touch with my out of country friends and family because I am definitely deleting imo.😡

What is happening ??. My iPhone got disabled so I got it recovered again but then I had to start fresh. I reinstalled all my apps, but IMO, creates a nuisance I am from Bangladesh but it ask for an USA number i can’t even change the region. Please fix this update. IMO was created to communicate through the world but now it’s now for US. Is IMO shutting us away, down. I request IMO to please fix this problem this is creating a problem all over the world, apparently I don’t know about US, perhaps do you want us to migrate to US just for using IMO???

Issue login back in. So imo can you please let me log back in because it doesn’t work when I put my exact phone number and it logged me out it’s self and won’t let me back in I didn’t do nothing wrong I’m sure I didn’t do nothing wrong but please fix this

IMO stopped working for international contacts since Jan 2019. Being international move ability , I was always connected with my family and friends through IMO but since last some days I can’t see my International contacts in my IMO list only USA contacts I can access. Even I tried to delete and reinstall doesn’t work. I updated my iPhone too. I tried to add contacts on IMO contacts but doesn’t add international contacts. What is the reason? Does it change the policy or any issues. Because I didn’t get anything online about it. IMO team should help to resolve this issue. Or tell me if they changed their policy. I will download another application so do my family and friends to be connected.

Time to switch. For some reason IMO hasn’t worked properly since the update to HD. The old version does show the United States as an option and the HD version isn’t available to those outside the United States. Using both worked fine but I kept getting a refresh note and notification to use the HD app so I removed the old one. Haven’t been able to chat or call my international family since. WhatsApp seems to be working great so we’ve been using it but IMO really needs to fix whatever is causing this. I can’t even get my family members to show as contacts. My active chats show them but calls don’t work and even if I click to add them...nothing.

Lost all my chats and contacts after installing new version. Why can’t we add international contacts anymore? I used to use this app to contact friends and family around the world. Now it is not possible anymore in the latest update. Lost all chats and contacts after installing the new version. Can’t even invite my contacts back. When I do it, they get a text message asking them to download a nee version of imo. When they try to download it they can’t find it in the app store. Instead they get a message saying the app is not available in their country. Horrible experience. I can’t even use the app anymore.

You need QA. Do you guys have QA Team? There are many errors I see that should have been caught in the testing stage. You guys have an awesome app, if you deliver high end product you will be the next WhatsApp. If you don’t hire an experienced QA team you will lose opportunities. Right now, every time I open the app, it asks me to update it even though I already did. There are other minor issues too that happen all the time.

Review. I used to use it a little while ago. It was an okay app and almost every single of my friends had this app installed on their phones. The problem started when we wanted to make video calls. The voice call quality was good but it’s not worth it contacting my friends or relatives not being able to see them and talk. So, I didn’t use it. I deleted it and right now when I wanted to check it again, it’s even worse. I mean, seriously?! Only US phone numbers?! So why does the languages option mean then?! That’s a shame to the app developers. Restricting and limiting the coverage area is definitely a terrible idea.

IMO installation Problem in Afghanistan. Hello, first of all lots of thanks to you guys for creating such a wonderful app, I noticed a problem since I have updated my imo in my iOS mobile, the imo hd app does not work in Afghanistan due to payment methods problem, hope you guys find a solution for it. Thanks -:) Yours sincerely Ahmadi

why?. So basically me, mum, and dad were gonna call grandmama. I am from Bangladesh, and my grandma and grandpa live there. We can’t seem to find them, and only saw people who live in our country, America. So I went on my phone (this one) and I couldn’t find my cousin! She lived in Bangladesh too. But please fix this thing, as my grandpa just got out of the hospital and we wanna talk to him. Thanks.

One thing. When i try to log in on my phone, i cant because my sister has my phone number and has since 2019 i believe. At the time i didnt know that there could only be one number per device. I would like if there could be more 2-3 maybe. Thank you!

2 year user.... Used to be great for 2 years then two days ago it became horrible. I couldn't send or receive any messeges. I closed it and opened it again and again on my ifone6 then it just eliminated a year's worth of chats and would not let me even invite anyone. I then emailed customer srvice and they wrote me back quickly saying "thank you for your feedback we have forwarded your issue to the "tech" dept and when we have a solution well let you know" !REDICULAS! I then deleted the app and am looking for a replacement. I even paid for the "premium" memebership and thats all the response I got!!?? Unfortunate for the company. Was such a Kool app. All I wanted was some help to fix the problem

I do not like the update. Every since I updated to the new version I’ve been having problems. In order to use the app I have to go all the way to the App Store to even open it. It will not open through the short cut app. Then it says that someone is calling me when they did not. It won’t even be in the history that someone called me but my phone rings a couple of times and the screen has the except or deny then it just blinks off as if nothing happened. I hope they fix this or I’m going to take it off of my phone.

Imo HD made it possible to uninstall app and look for other alternatives. Imo old version used to be go-to app to communicate with my family and friends. Imo has pushed to upgrade to Imo HD. After upgrading, I could not communicate to my friends and family who were on older versions. None of the contacts show up in app. It's been a while that the app is lying idle and finally I uninstalled it. Imo core strength used to support the low bandwidth. It's has killed it's core feature by not providing a communication channel between old and HD version.

This new app stuff a big NO NO.. Every since I’ve gotten the prompt on the old IMO app to tell me to download new app .... the new version doesn’t work.. iPhone 8plus . Any time I go to respond to someone message the app freezes. Overall I love IMO the “OLD” version but this separate imo app doesn’t work and it’s pretty creepy that it’s a whole separate app to download and not just an “update” like most apps do. Makes me wonder what is going on. I will be uninstalling imo if this continues. But now I have reinstalled the old version and each time I open the app it says “please go download new app” but I don’t want too cause the new app doesn’t work. What’s going on imo.

Plz fix. Everything was going great until I had to restart my phone so when I downloaded IMO back it’s kept saying my phone number was invalid. Please fix this I don’t know why it’s doing this to my number i trued my moms and sisters number and there numbers work it’s just mine.

This new version is TERRIBLE. Look, it makes absolutely no sense to have to keep deleting this app and add it right back due to freezing and dropping off as soon as you get back on. I have had to restart my IPhone 8 and it still does know good. Why did y’all change the app?? The older version was way better can you please fix this. I have family far away and I would like to be able to see them without having to fight just to get on!! So disappointed I just deleted the app and have to start all over again and put it back on. This would be my 10th time!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Got charged $4.99 for FREE app that DOESN’T WORK. Someone suggested this app for video calling and so I decided to try it. I have never been able to get past the initial activation screen… never received an OTP or phone call. Moreover, I was surprised to see a charge of $4.99 from the App Store which happened a day or two after my initial download. It is supposed to be a FREE app and I didn’t buy any subscription (lol.. the app needs to work first for me to buy any subscription). Appears to be a FAKE app.

Useless App now.. IMO used to be good. I am a long term user of the app and have subscribed to have ads free and the 25GB cloud space. They are charging me for this service yet am not seeing all my pictures. This has been going on for a long time and they still aren’t doing anything to fix this problem. My message to the owners. Do you even care at all for your app or it just some money skimming game for you. Yes it just 99 cent a month but how many people have subscribe and still not getting the service they are paying for. Please fix your app or stop charging people for no service.

Not install. A week ago I use imo and sudden I delete it now I install imo again and again but it to do enter USA number, I am from Bangladesh last 5 years I use imo and when i go to install imo easily install it on my Bangladeshi phone number and show it on my apple phone, now why the problem(USA) pls can you solve it?

Literally won’t allow me to use it.. It was fine before the switch to a different company/owner or whatever the terminology. The previous one worked for a time after this version came out, allowing me to click “later” for updating to this one but then it stopped. So I downloaded this version, which technically isn’t an update, and it still gives me the same screen that is not bypass-able. All it does is send you to download the exact same version, no further updates resolving the issue, regardless of having iOS 10 or iOS 12. This app literally does not allow me to use it.

Imo Suddenly BLOCKED my entire international contacts. Hello, IMO connecting to phone numbers outside America suddenly stopped working. I live in Chicago USA and my contacts from all other countries are now blocked and are no longer “viewable” nor addible as contacts that I previously added. I cannot connect to them and I cannot add them no matter what I try to do. Uninstall reinstall etc. are unsuccessful. I cannot get past the “add” screen when I tried to add them as new contacts. I wasn’t doing anything and I don’t believe I installed a new version of IMO when this happened unexpectedly. All My contacts overseas are cut off. They don’t show up for an invite or for adding them in any way. One lives in the Philippines another lives in Turkey, etc Iphone X IOS 12.1.2 Please fix this, Regards

Great app, to bright. This is a great app. I can video chat with people who don't have iPhones and is great with a lot of public places being closed; however, I find it slight irritating that there is no dark mode or something of that nature, it would save my eyes a little! Other than that it's wonderful, but I can't give it the five stars it disserves without this feature.

UGH. Me and my friends have used imo for as long as it came out , I was trying to text my friend to see if she was up an it wasn’t working I then closed and opened the app and it still wasn’t working this happened 2 days ago , i then deleted it and reinstalled it again and it’s still not working , this would be a five star if it didn’t fail on me , anyone that is reading this and has happened to them , i suggest you switch to discord , Houseparty, bunch , or zoom because imo is failing

Lost all my overseas contacts. Idk what happened but all my conversations and overseas contacts where removed and I can’t add them again. Adding insult to injury I hated the fact I was forced to download the new HD app and now all my conversations and pics in the old version is lost. We should have had the option to download the HD app. Come on IMO if ur gonna force us to download the new version then u should have found a way for us to keep our conversation and pics intact. I guess I won’t be using this app anymore it’s useless now.

Lost without IMO. I too lost all of my international contacts and all of my pictures and messages. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no success in fixing the problem. I tried adding my contacts manually, but it will only allow me to add numbers from the United States. So frustrated and devastated that I lost all of my pictures and messages. I loved my IMO account. I have no idea what is going on with it now though. I have an iPhone 8 Plus. There was an update to fix the camera around the time I lost everything. I don’t know if that was the catalyst or not. If anyone has any answers about this could you please post? I messaged the help email and I am awaiting a reply. Fingers crossed that this issue gets resolved and fast!

I like it but I have problems. Whenever I call my friend or others I want to watch something but It just pauses and won’t let me watch also when I listening to music or anything with watching. Second problem is I’m just regularly calling my friend and my screen starts going black and then beck to normal like every two seconds but this only happens sometimes though

Pretty good app but needs improvements. I got this app so I could talk to friends and family and so far it is doing amazing! The only thing is that random people have been viewing my stories..they are peple I don’t know...Also when a friend or family is moving around with their device it tends to lag.I’ve always had an issue where they get cut off..but if Imo could fix these problems I would recommend this app to anyone!4/5 for sure!

What happened to my IMO. All of a sudden all on my contact and family I cannot call or text on IMO one page of my contact is it gone and they do not exist anymore I try to re-enter and use IMO with their names and numbers I could not succeed and when I tried to call them and invite them again it give me a message it says us12pagelink And when open this link it take me to store app to IMO and tells me to open it but I cannot contact my numbers so I erased the number and enter it again I talk to my friends they said you look like you don’t have IMO so if someone no what is the solution please advise

Scared me and friends. So I was on a call with my friends and it froze up and she couldn’t hear me. A few minutes later we called again and it was fine for a couple minutes, UNTIL I JOINED THE CALL!?? Now when it froze up and she could not hear me I said “Hello?? (Her name) I’m here??” And that if exactly what that thing that joined the call said. This might be a glitch but my friends and I are still scared. It’s about on hour later. Please fix this if it’s a glitch. Now, I had myself as a contact cause it was funny. If could be related to that but I’m not sure.. Just a warning to everyone on Imo/thinking of getting it.

It’s been 5 days and the app is still frozen 🙄. Whenever I need to text someone, it always glitches or the screen freezes. I try to tap everywhere but than it starts glitching. I see reviews that say that they think that something is wrong with their iPhone X. But there is nothing wrong with their iPhone X. Something is wrong with the app. But the app is good, it’s that they have to fix the glitches. It’s been 5 days and this app keeps freezing on me. It won’t let me do anything! I’m trying to tap and it freezes!?!?!? 🙄

No more international calls!. IMO automatically Removed all my non- USA contacts form my phone and no longer gives the option to add anyone outside of America. The only reason I had the app in the first place was to be able to call my friends and family overseas. What’s the point of having the app if I can only call contacts in the U.S.? I could use my own phone line for that! Please fix this!

I’m Stuck. Whenever I enter the app it takes me straight away to where I have to insert my number and it automatically puts United States there and I can’t change it wherever I click I am not able to change it. I deleted the app a couple of times and the same thing keeps happening...I don’t know what to do to change the country, I clicked everything like the flag the country’s name and the +1 that is there but nothing is working...can someone please help me

Deleted Contacts and History. I have been using this app for the past three years and use it to video chat with family that is overseas, specifically my grandmother in Hungary. This was the only app we both could easily use to talk to each other. It worked fine in the very beginning of January and then at the end, my grandma disappeared from my contacts along with any history of calling her. This also happened with other contacts that are not from the US. This has really frustrated me because originally I loved the app, but now there is no use for it. Originally would have given it 4 Stars, but now it’s one. Very unreliable app.

Help with Transferring Previous IMO Messages. I cannot say I notice a big difference with this new IMO HD, but was forced to do so because I was unable to access my original IMO application. The problem I am having is that none of the messages from my previous IMO were transferred over to this IMO HD. In fact I have unopened messages to the original IMO that I am unable to open! I am hoping this review will result in someone from IMO HD technical support providing a solution for this problem. Thanks.

Banned. Soo this one day I was on live and I said hi then I left and got off online then when I got back on and said welcome,IMO and I clicked get started then I put my number in and it keep saying invalid number and it’s the right number and I got a iPhone please unbanned me and let me put my number in please🙏🏽🙏🏽😔I begging you🙏🏽

App is not responding, forced to download :c. I love the original Imo I have so many chats that are being lost that won’t carry over to this new app! I’m so upset..and above all this new one isn’t even working it freezes up and stays like that for hours even if I exit out completely...please fix these problems and I’ll change the rating upset it’s been my main Messanger for so long and I’d hate to have to find a new messanger..I’ve always loved that I could see what the other person is typing.. Update: these problems have not been fixed at all and unfortunately I’m going to find a new Messanger :c

Really?? C’mon IMO developers. I came to the “review” section to see if anyone else was having the same issues that I am having. Apparently, everyone in the U.S., that uses this app is having the same issues. We’ve lost our contacts, chat history, photos, etc... A lot of us have family in other countries and we use this app to communicate with them on a daily basis and have done so for a long time. I’ve NOT seen ONE response to any of these comments. Is this going to be fixed or should we find a different app to use???

6 year user. Ive been using this app to call my best friend that lives 1+ hour(s) away. It is such a good application and makes sense that that its 1 on paid social networking apps. It really surprised me when i saw it was 3.4 stars on the apple app store. This app deserves more support.

Doesn’t show international contacts. I’ve been trying to connect with my people back home in Africa through imo as I used to do in the past but apparently that isn’t available anymore so I stopped using imo since I don’t need it to call anyone in the US with imo but it was definitely very useful for calling abroad on VOIP.

No. Just no.. This app is garbage. I used it in the past to chat with friends overseas, and it was fine. They’ve since changed that, so now you can only talk to people in country. If you’re using a cell phone, why would you need this app when every cell phone has text message capability? Why would I use this app when apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Line exist? Whoever’s calling the shots upstairs is not doing a great job of reading the market. Don’t download this trash. There’s half a dozen apps that are better in every way.

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I cannot activate my imo. My imo was uninstalled accidentally, and now, after I download the new version, I cannot change the country to any others from US. I really need my imo and it’s so crucial in my life, please check and solve the problem.

Can’t change Country. I need to change my Country from USA to Bangladesh but I can’t. Every time I reinstall IMO in my iPhone it shows my country has already been selected as USA I tried to change it from USA to Bangladesh but no use. What to do? USA has been selected as My phone country or region. But now I am using my iPhone in Bangladesh. For your info. Whenever I tried to change the county or region of my phone o can’t because there is no option for Bangladesh to be selected as I phone country or region.

Country problem. I used imo app from long times, but recently i can’t update it I don’t know what’s the problem, even i delete my app and install my t back now just american numbers are acceptable on phone type and I’m living on Afghanistan, what should i do? Kindly please help us I need to use this fantastic app Thanks

All IMO contacts and communications lost. Out of nowhere and without any heads up (if technical difficulties), all my contacts and communications got lost in IMO app.I tried everything on my end to retrieve it all back (including, calling a few times some useless technical-support number).But No-Luck yet! Based on my experience with this app,I think its a useless and undependable app,and because of this unexplained issue I lost all my contacts (in IMO) without ever getting to save their numbers.

not opening in other country. i dont understand before i can use this all you have to do is change the location and put your contact number, but now you can not change it in fact USA contact number is there and can not be changed

Incredibly helpful. While stuck at home during the Covid-19 outbreak our gymnastics team used it for group workouts and just to chat. Made them feel close! Works great, no interruptions, clear pictures!

IN THE US ONLY INTERNATIONAL CALLS ARENT WORKING AS INCOMING/OUTGOING CALLS FOR US USERS! PLEASE FIX. For the past 3 days, I realized that my contacts from Africa aren’t able to reach me on IMO. They use to be able to reach me before the update. They can’t even find my contact nor can I find them on my IMO contacts. I can only see the IMO contacts of the ppl who are in the US with US numbers and with the IMO app installed. This need to be fixed. I use IMO mainly to keep in contact with my international people not the ones in the United States who I can directly contact.

Issure regarding country selection tab. Hi, Am living in qatar using iphone XS max. After installed the imo i was try to select my country to register my contact number. but unfortunatly the country selction button not able to work and difficult of change the counstry only showing inbuilt united states. can anyone please assist to activate my account using my present country number.

International contacts disappeared and no calls allowance. It has been few days that my international contacts in IMO was deleted automatically. Now it is showing only national contacts. I asked my friends if they had deleted IMO account but the reply was no. And they told me that in their IMO account my account is still being seen but they can't make a contact. Because it’s stated your buddy isn’t logged on .whats going on ?? It’s ridiculous, I’m keep emailing you guys but not even getting any respond yet . Really upset

No U.S.A. Imo was working just fine. Great service and all. But one day, l couldn’t give any gifts to the streamers! Matter of fact all I could do two days later was make streams, not watch them. Also, whenever I tried to sign in on my new phone, they didn’t have America! No matter how many times I restarted the app, it wouldn’t show up! I can’t contact most of my friends anymore. I don’t know if anyone else has these problems, but please fix them.

Terrible experience. I was imo user from very long. But all of sudden i lost all my contacts and all my message history gone. I tried to re-connect with my contacts but app keep saying that they are not imo user and prompt to invite them, but they are using imo. I didnot receive any message other people either. I also report this issue with developers but it seems they don't care . Terrible !!!!!

Lost contacts Terrible! Worse than before.. I’ve lost my regular chat list, lost contacts, poor service! Can’t even invite already ready contacts ?! What’s happening? The management is terrible, they don’t even know how to do it better! They know how to do this app worse than before!!! Bring back my old contact list! Very bad service. Worse than before not even working. Would give 0 star if I could. Pls improve the app service if you want people to use it! Bring back the old imo!!!

You broke a great app! Was a five star before .... The fact the annoying incessant pop up to download/upgrade to “NEW IMO” in my phone now is upgraded to a very messy app ... :-/. If the developer is the same it us a sorry mess that must be fixed if it is to not die on the vine (remember MySpace). The P2P is a huge draw but others will copy and crush you if not quickly resolved. At least address the flaws to a fan base that likes the old reliability and committed to fixing the issues Mr Penguin

New version refuses to recognize international numbers. The new version has deleted my international contacts and refuses to recognize them as being part of my contacts (they won’t even show up now). And when I try to add them manually, the “Add”button has turned into a non functional button, making it impossible to add them in with my regular contacts. Unless something is fixed, you’re better off downloading something else.

Why!?. I updated this app and i am not even able to change the country and login. I have done some researching and i found out that the reason i cant change the country is because i am downloading the app from another country! It is absolutely ridiculous cause i don’t think there is an AppStore available for my country so i think this app is useless after this update and unfortunately i must uninstall it. Please fix this in the new update !

USA users only!!!. It is really irritating seeing only the numbers of US citizens while there were a time when people from all around the country could connect and talk with their loved ones...sad developers.

USA70. I also lost all my international contacts. I emailed IMO 2-3 times but no response. I also deleted and re-installed this app. They should at least notify all IMO aap participants about what is going on and is there going to be a fix. Local US numbers are the only ones that are left. And most IPhone users use FaceTime so no need for imo. Oh, well. I have found another way to video call my 90 year old grandmother in India. As well as all the other international contacts I had. Thank you Imo for very poor customer service!!!! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

IMO is worthless. Don’t use this app. It use to be great, but now It’s nothing short of being crap app!! I agree 100% with all the latest poor reviews. I lost many contacts and message history after the resent update. You don’t get any support from the developers either. I lost all communication with family outside of my country using this app. I share the same experience as those who posted a negative review. It’s really sad to say, but move along folks; there’s nothing more to see here on IMO....

IMO needs to be like any other messenger app to reach people in every country.. When use imo in America I used to be able to talk to people from the Caribbean countries. But now imo only let me talk to people in America only which doesn’t make sense. You can easily pick up the phone and call whoever in America but you can’t call straight to the Caribbean. Please bring back these features where I can call outside America and also view all my contacts. Dye Dye Jew

This is a fail. Video and audio fragmented, when I attempt to answer a call, no image, no audio and the majority of the time it fails to complete the call when answered. This is not an upgrade, downgrade is more like it. I have deleted and reinstalled more than four times, I am unable to add friends. The app fails to read my contact list properly. I unable to use the add friend by number, the app will not recognize the number. The older edition of imo worked better than the imo HD upgrade.

Something is wrong. It’s a good app but right now like whenever I click on it is just white like what is wrong with it I updated it I turn my thing off in like I have a iPad my phone is broke so if I delete it I can’t get it back like🤦🏾‍♀️😒

I have an iPhone 8. Omg the new Version, HD is so annoying it keeps freezing and I had to delete the app completely and re download it several times in order to use app, but still does the same thing restarting my phone doesn’t help either so I’m deleting the app and downloading it again every time I want to use it the first version was amazing never had a problem with it ; this wan is a pain🤦‍♀️🙄

International numbers disappeared. Today and all of a sudden all international numbers disappeared from the app. But I still show on their phones as off line. They are completely gone as if they don’t have imo. And when I send those contracts invitations to join imo, they don’t get it. Can you fix this problem?

Lost all non-USA Contacts. Several weeks ago (January 2019), all non USA contacts were deleted. Lost all messages, photo’s etc. I tried everything to get them back. Deleted and reinstalled app, contacted some of my deleted contacts via other apps, and they were unable to send me messages. I have sent messages to the support email listed, with no response. I was also a premium member, but cancelled once the app stopped working. Very poor customer service by the owners of this app.

Rating. The app is really good but I have a problem with the glitching like when I text someone I don’t get the message until later and not that moment when they text me but on the other hand everything is good💓

I like it. It’s a good app to use when your friends don’t have a iPhone and you can have a lot of people video recording at one time I like the app a lot it helps me when I want to chat with all my friends and family

I have problem. Hi how are u hope ur fine for i like this program because its so good but i have problem i cannot change my location I'm not living usa and i want change other location but i cannot pls help me to i use program to my iPhone

Suddenly stopped working in US. I live in the US and the app stopped working very suddenly. I used to use this app almost every other day for video chat with my family who are living overseas. Now cannot see them anymore. What happened? Why it stopped working in US suddenly? My family are able to video chat with friends in Canada. It’s just me who cannot see them again! It’s sooooo sad! 😭😭 I’m looking forward to hearing from the developer 😠

Horrible translator - I would give no stars. My husband is out of country doing business and our daughter just installed this app. Your translation is horrible no daughter of a good protector father and husband shouldn’t be subject to this. She said why did my daddy say that for some reason both my husband and our children don’t understand each other’s language hence I always have to translate. But that’s my house, of course I had her delete the app. I also hates can bit turn off friends of friends.

Why Can’t use this app?. What is the problem.? Now I am downloaded this app in Bangladesh, but its not working. When I open this apps it want American phone number. Now I have BD phone and want to input BD no. Please give me reply.

Can't figure it out. I have the old version of imo in my I phone which I am happy with, now the problem is with imo HD which I try to download it to my sister’s phone,thinking it is as same as mine, but it give you only one option for a number to register which has to be an USA number, and we are not from there. So I went back to download the old IMO but can't find it. So what is going on exactly? There is only imo HD and I think it's for USA users only and if so where is the International one????

My friends and I can’t find each other on the app. A problem I see many users complaining about for years and the developers didn’t fix it. I downloaded the app and my friends did the same thing but we can’t see each other nor invite or chat or anything. The app select random people from the contacts while the rest are hidden without any access!

Not working. I am having problem with IMO HD. I've been using the IMO application for years but suddenly I could not make or receive calls or texts. After uninstalling and re-installing the application on my iPhone 6S I realized that the problem was mainly isolated to my contacts outside of the U.S. Can anyone explain and help with this problem? My U.S. based contacts are available with my IMO contacts, but the contacts outside of the U.S. are listed with the "invite" list.

IMO NOT WORKING IN AMERICA. Ok so imo has deleted all my contacts that are outside of America and along with that for all my friends and family that live in America are also experiencing the same problem but for my family members outside of America have not experienced any problems with imo. I am very disappointed because imo was my primary app for calling all of my family members and now it just suddenly stopped working. Plz fix this issue because it also deleted a lot of my contacts.

Imo update. They keep ask me update imo with HD but I check price different per min. I guess that before imo not said price and per min. Also they annoy me please update imo HD I did click update but I see two different app one regular imo app and another imo HD app. I decide delete imo because I am not plan download app again with price sorry. I check and read reviews a lot problem by IMO HD app. I think you should fix it go back to regular IMO app that is all.

Please Help ASAP. Hi! After last update my imo account is completely messed up. I had over 200 contacts now I have around 50 contacts. I can’t find anybody on imo. And they can’t find me. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app. It didn’t worked. I delete my account and sign up again but still not working. I can’t find most of my contacts even I save them in contacts. And they can’t find me eather. Please, please help me reactivate my account. And please respond me asap. Thank you!

Can’t find my contacts overseas!. Ever since the latest so-called fix for certain iPhones has been implemented I am unable to use imo to video chat with my family overseas! I lost all of my imo contacts outside US and I am unable to send imo invitations via SMS - in other words we have two incompatible versions and neither of us can have access to each other’s version! Good job imo in loosing me and my family and perhaps all other users using imo to connect with family and friends in other countries!

Lost the contacts I was talking to. With last upgrade or coincidentally around that time the very contacts I was talking to on IMO disappeared. Neither of us can see each other and reinstalling the app as well as inviting each other does not help. Contacts from my phone and other IMO contacts I do not use or need there ironically still showing up on IMO. Unless this is fixed soon, I would have to move to another app, since IMO is useless to me now.

Don’t download this app not safe. If your was used on this app with someone else then the number becomes yours the original owner can see all text and also receives calls not safe. This company lacks security like not like other companies only signed in in one phone a friend acquired a new number and registered it with emo for the first time and the old owner had emo also and was registered to the same number still it did not log off the first owners phone they seen every text

lost all overseas contacts. imo has always been the app I use to contact my husband who is in Yemen across the world but now for some reason in this last two weeks all of my contacts who are overseas have been deleted and it doesn't even show that they have the app I don't understand this and it's very inconvenient Imo used to be the best app to use now it's useless and I also have sent an email to support and never got any response.. i will give 5 stars when they address this problem

Can no longer see contacts abroad. Evidently IMO HD is only for the US and none US users cannot upgrade to HD. This has made a chaos. Now there are two worlds that cannot possibly connect to each other. If this was a business decision it must have been informed to the users. This is in no ways called an update or upgrade. I received a notification to upgrade to HD and no I have no way to go back to connect to my contacts abroad. IMO must respect its users and resolve the issue. I’ll leave IMO if I don’t see any effort to resolve this soon.

Country change issues. I can’t change country from Bangladesh. I can see only usa set on. Can you please review & change county options where as we can use & communities with our family members. Thanks

Remove this hd version. Hello sir i am a imo user.i live in usa but my hometown is other so hd version is problem for us. Sometimes i will go others I cannot log in imo. Because this hd version has not others country without usa. Please fixed it and set all country this version

KEEP MY PHONE NUMBER PRIVATE IN MY PROFILE. I would like to have the option to decide whether to keep my phone number private or not from being shown to everyone else in my imo profile. I think I have the right to keep it private if I decide to. I hope to see that improvement in next updates. Thank you and keep on adding new features that involve protecting the users privacy.

Slow to fix bugs. Update: lol. 3 weeks and still no fix and zero accountability from imo. No developers note that they are working on the issue or anything. What an unprofessional joke of an app and development team. OP: For at least two days now, I have been unable to use the app to communicate with anyone outside of the US. I have seen many others have the same issue. No updates or fixes have been made. I’ll have to find a new app for making calls abroad.

It’s ok but..... Hello I just want to share my experience in IMO. So me and my friends don’t have the same phone so we use this app. And when we try to talk it would like glitch and I would say oh blah blah blah (not really blah blah blah) is in the groupcall but when u join u are in the groupcall by yourself. And every time I am in a group call it would always have choppy videos and like it would get the names mixed up and the screen is black. If I was YOU I would not get this app.

Need appropriate action, feedback and information. I’ve been using IMO for long time now and I was happy about it especially having good communications with my relatives and love ones from other countries. Just suddenly I lost them from my contact list on imo and we both can’t get through each other anymore on IMO. I tried several ways to add them but failed. I realized that they’re using iPhones same with mine. Please let me know why and how it doesn’t work anymore. Thank you.

Lost connection to all non-US friends. I have been using IMO for a long while to communicate with friends abroad (outside the US). Here recently all my conversations with them have disappeared and I’m not able to reconnect even after doing everything I can think of (deleting and re-inputting their contact information ; even deleting the app and reinstalling). Whatever IMO did during one of their recent updates, they need to fix this problem!

Awesome app. I love this app so much a great way to communicate with my friends there’s just one thing I’d like to change if possible when taking a video if it could go longer tban it does and that you could zoom in that’s all ask but all in all awesome app and I love it

International contacts disappeared. I am having the same issue as above. All my international contacts disappeared from IMO and are inaccessible from IMO. I can’t even manually add international contacts in IMO. I have sent a request to have this looked into. So far the app worked great, sound and video quality was great. Zach

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 7.2.23
Play Store co.babypenguin.imo
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Imo video calls and chat HD (Versiyon 7.2.23) Install & Download

The application Imo video calls and chat HD was published in the category Social Networking on 02 September 2018, Sunday and was developed by Baby Penguin [Developer ID: 1400579542]. This program file size is 18.43 MB. This app has been rated by 75,512 users and has a rating of 3.3 out of 5. Imo video calls and chat HD - Social Networking app posted on 27 March 2024, Wednesday current version is 7.2.23 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: co.babypenguin.imo. Languages supported by the app:

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Imo video calls and chat HD App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

bug fixes and performance improvements

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