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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail.

With the Gmail app, you can:
• Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes
• Switch between multiple accounts
• Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options
• Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions
• Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox
• Read your mail with threaded conversations
• Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone
• Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app
• Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam
• Send and receive attachments
• See profile pictures as part of the conversation

Gmail - Email by Google App Description & Overview

The applications Gmail - Email by Google was published in the category Productivity on 2011-11-02 and was developed by Google, Inc.. The file size is 212.05 MB. The current version is 5.0.180408 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• You can now more easily stay on top of your inbox with improved notification formatting.

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PLEASE SUPPORT SPLIT SCREEN  andy1233322  3 star

Just need split screen and I will give 5star review


Damian  mawrest  5 star

We use Gmail & Gdrive for our business, easy to use, attach photos & Documents. Great over multiple devices for all our staff,


Needs a fix  Paige410  1 star

Every time I open the app on my phone lately, I get an error message stating there is no internet connection....yet I can access my gmail through my safari browser. App only works now if my phone is connected to my home WiFi, so I can’t use the app when I’m out and about.

Far east 7

Unable to type in search box  Far east 7  1 star

If Vietnamese is chosen for iphone or ipad, and you want to search something, try to type a word in the search box, you will only see words like [email protected]&e gd#%} {|vvbi<> €>|ygsw


Thanks for 👇🏻  NFSbugs  3 star

adding “dark mode” for YouTube IOS version also ->PLEASE add “dark mode” feature to Gmail iOS also, same as web version allows you to choose, cause it’s awesomes feature -> also YouTube if possible, Please can you update “home section”, so can choose categories / feeds want to follow and YouTube adds suggestions of ones that are similar and you might 👍🏻, cause 99.99% of ones coming in feed not interested in watching also updates for fixes and new features **updated** if possible, Please can you add 1. “BlackList” option, cause would be soo 👍🏻 if can add “SPAM emails to list within Gmail” or 1a. option to make email “Ghosted”, so SPAMMERS emails get “rejected” when they try send to me or 1b. similar option cause getting SPAMMED 24/7 and would be soooo 👍🏻 to have feature available that lets you add SPAMMERS to “BlackList”, so they get “blocked forever” 2. “High Importance” option to emails, would help soo much ( cause can’t find link to flag emails before sending ) -> Thanks Google Teams ->

Mark Ayoub

Best,thanks google  Mark Ayoub  5 star

Nice application from google.


Love it  Roxanne54  4 star

I use this app a lot, works well, very user friendly !


Easy to navigate  analytica  5 star

Great App for sorting emails. I like how my promotional and social emails are separated from my new emails.


Gmail  Nevyn53  5 star

Love it’s so easy to use. All my mail comes through it.

Dr Abdul-razaq Musa

Reliable system  Dr Abdul-razaq Musa  5 star

Very reliable and useful system

Music loving 82

Review  Music loving 82  5 star

I love Gmail because it is giving to me the best option. 😊


Love gmail  Pogiboy11  5 star

It’s the best email app.


Not a complaint  CamSQYID  4 star

I use my regular email to sign in and at the top it says google security alert you account has been used on an app😂😂


Flawless  Helenslitme  5 star

Can’t complain. It’s free and works flawlessly. Thank you Gmail


Sorting Email  tonycanganelli  4 star

I still wish it were easier to sort by topic or sender. However, this is the only app I regularly use for my gmail account.


Very good that is why everyone using  punnaiah  4 star


photo larry

Gmail support staff  photo larry  1 star

Impossible to reach development team to request a very simple feature that's been requested for years.... Ability to customize notification tone. Yes that's simple to program but Google is impossible to reach. Maybe they'll read this and between grab a clue. Who knows.

BiG D 24$

Simple app  BiG D 24$  4 star

I feel that the app is easy and straight forward with its functions. I find myself navigating threw the content and organizing email, and files fairly easy. I feel that the app serves its general purpose and gets the job done.

Angad ggmu

No support for 3D touch  Angad ggmu  3 star

Disappointed that Google hasn't added support for 3D touch. It's been around for years now. And it really makes it easy to use a mail application with 3D touch.


Lit  ChickenTendersTasteGood  5 star

This app is lit af🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Excellent app!  Hugafella  5 star

Gmail is simply the best of the best. I have no complaints. Keep leading the pack.


Better than most  PrinceofIlorin  5 star

Easy to use and efficient. I highly recommend this mailing app


Easy and flexible  SmithSonia  4 star

Easy and flexible


Very Efficient  Christinejoe  5 star

Thanks I recommend it to any person

Engr Ben

Gmail  Engr Ben  5 star

Gmail is awesome. It's been the most efficient so far. Simply superb.

Minstrel Avo

Effective and easy to use  Minstrel Avo  5 star

Effective and easy to use

Ashem Noel

THE BEST  Ashem Noel  5 star

My gmail is my everyday working companion. Thanks guys for changing my world.

ifeanyi kalu

Ifeanyi kalu  ifeanyi kalu  5 star

An endless world of possibilities with Gmail


I love the Gmail app  EssaV  5 star

It’s usually my go to app. I tend to forget I have other apps for my emails. Love it now more than ever now that I can include my yahoo mail and view all my mails in one app. Thank u👍👍👍👍


The best mail app  Shona45  5 star

Gmail is just the best and really secure. I like it.

fiddler farrell

G mail Businesd  fiddler farrell  4 star

By far the best e mail I have ever used It’s user friendly incredibly fast and efficient by far the best I have. Ever used. Fintan farrell


Almost perfect  GulKnolwe  1 star

The search feature in the Gmail app is diabolical. I cannot type a word without suggestions of words suddenly forcing themselves into the middle of the letters I am typing, creating monstrous hybrid words that kill my chances of finding what I am looking for. For example, just now I tried to search for the word meditation and the word "Sanghae" forced itself into the search window! WTF?


Gmail  lipstain66  5 star

The best email service there’s is out there. Fast efficient, reliable and offers tons of storage! Love the search bar! I just found out today there is a separate section for billing also.. instead of scrolling through emails while panicking, looking for old purchased reference numbers! You receive them in a blink of an eye!

Mega face

Annoying bug  Mega face  2 star

Asks to download Chrome every time I open a browser window even when I have the suggestion switched off. Stars down to two because of persistent nuisance


New annoying feature  Anne1074  3 star

I love Gmail for its filters, automatically separating the wheat from the chaff. However in this version anytime you try to follow a web link from an email you get a pop-up asking you if you want to install Chrome. Even if you toggle the offer off and select Safari, you will be asked again the next time you try to follow a link... Very annoying.

Osama Elayeb

Excellent  Osama Elayeb  5 star

I have used it since 2009


Why there’s no “Select All” option?  Avroraborealis  1 star

Generally it’s very inconvenient to use compared to What kills me most is that I have to click on each and every of those hundred old emails I need to delete, for there’s no Select All feature... Or is there? Why I struggle to find it then? Not user friendly app

Doom 1234456

It was trash  Doom 1234456  1 star

My orphan child downloaded this thinking it was Pokémon go

Jack Presley

Badges for new mail don’t show!  Jack Presley  2 star

Decent app but for the past couple of weeks, the badge with the number of new messages isn’t showing.


Gmail review  grainne57759  5 star

Helps share things directly through your gmail account when iPhone mail app doesn’t work. Account is Easily accessible when you are away from home


Great but.....  powlsjhsbjsnunaunmusmdu  3 star

I think gmail is a creative app Although it can sometimes be hard to understand which all of the weird numbers and lines on the pages. Can I ask that you make gmail a bit more like iMessage with the speech bubbles and the groups and if you do eventually do that then I will tell everyone and everybody all about amazing gmail Thx!

Solar Energy Group

GMail review  Solar Energy Group  4 star

The good - saves data - saves storage space - great search functionality - integrates with other Google apps - large storage capacity so don’t have to delete emails - can receive company/pop3 emails directly into Gmail - can set up signatures that look professional - syncs between all my devices and is always up to date on all of them - good spam and virus filtering The bad - Google drive is not user friendly. Find Dropbox has a better structure where you can save files into a folder. Gmail and Drive should work together better. - In South Africa data cost are high. Have to always be online to access. - worried about data security and mind hacking if Google has 100% access to all my data. Should we trust the AI or the people behind it?


Mr Mbuso  Mbuso_M  5 star

Awesome App. Love It!

Garth from Grahamstown

Great App thank you  Garth from Grahamstown  5 star

App works beautifully and logically. Search function searches. Unlike some other competing big name developers products which have a "confuse" function hidden under the search function. Google is like the Toyota of software. It just works like it should. No over promising. No flashiness. Just functionality. Well done.


Love it!!  Megstry  5 star

Love it! Always up to date.


Gmail The Life  Spawn-1401  5 star

User-friendly and very easy to work with. I also like the smooth integration with Apple Mail. They just need to get the Flagged/Starred colours to work the same then everything will be golden.


Excellent!  aAnnieB  5 star

I’ve used gmail for years, I have never experienced a single problem, excellent service thank you!


Ishmael  Ngayaz  5 star

Fast and efficient now. Good app!

iPad user!!!!

Last update stuff up  iPad user!!!!  1 star

Gmail doesn't work at all after the last update, says no connection and won't load.


Bug: iOS wallet file not opening  WLombard  3 star

I am unable to open my iOS wallet pass files that I receive as an attachment in the gmail app. Works fine in the Safari app if I open the gmail mobile site.

Rick Asante

Great..  Rick Asante  4 star

This is a super app and I prefer it to all other email apps, both on Android and iOS. However since I moved to my iPhone X 2 weeks I have had my linked Outlook email account deleted twice in the past week from the Gmail app. This has not happened before so it is quite strange.


Gmail App  Rahibabs  4 star

So good and handy


Gmail is Gmail very professional  CLEMCE RECORDZ  5 star

Very good


Gmail app  VISTA-QUARTEY  5 star

I love using the app it’s fantastic but I think you should add Touch ID to it.


I love this app!  Creative-Babe  5 star

It's really great and easy to use. I have both personal and work accounts on my phone.


Nice  pilot_danie  5 star

Goof graphics and easy to use

Amazingly well done  5 star

Great UI design for easy use. Provides many options for email classification


👌🏾  Hawaculu  5 star

Very good

Samuel Yeboah

Love Gmail  Samuel Yeboah  5 star

Great and Best App so far..


Intuitive and Responsive  Theboyisblack  4 star

The official Gmail app works great across business accounts, and personal accounts. No lag in performance. And it is smart to notice my frequent contacts. I highly recommend it

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