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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail.

With the Gmail app, you can:
• Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes
• Switch between multiple accounts
• Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options
• Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions
• Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox
• Read your mail with threaded conversations
• Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone
• Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app
• Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam
• Send and receive attachments
• See profile pictures as part of the conversation

Gmail - Email by Google App Description & Overview

The applications Gmail - Email by Google was published in the category Productivity on 2011-11-02 and was developed by Google LLC. The file size is 195.86 MB. The current version is 6.0.190224 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Welcome to the new Gmail that helps you get more done!

• You can now quickly view attachments - like photos - without opening or scrolling through the conversation. Enable this by going into Settings and choosing the Default view in “Conversation list density”

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Gmail - Email by Google Reviews


The update is the worst thing ever.  Ahmed-ExTwo  1 star

Regardless of the unusual bad design, I received no notification since the new update. I tried to delete the app and download it again, I have received notifications for 2 days maybe then they have been disabled again.

Mirage Cole

The (worst) updates  Mirage Cole  1 star

I run two different businesses from my app, I now am seeing all my emails combined with the new update. I love gmail, but I can’t function with all my emails crammed together as if it is one account. If there is anyway to separate my two different accounts, please send help! My business depends on this. Next time there is an update please at least give an option to have separate accounts...


Useless on iPhone  baturmelon  1 star

Try replying someone and then adding another receipt as bcc. Good luck finding the email if you archive it by mistake. No match with outlook.


Badges won’t update  fedahs  1 star

App badges wouldn’t go away after the emails are read. Refreshing the app and force quitting it won’t solve the issue and it is annoying.


Why did you kill INBOX?  Chapismom  2 star

Not sure whose big idea it was to tout Gmail over INBOX, but what a mistake. I miss bundling. This new Gmail is worse than the old Gmail. Bring back INBOX.


New “features”  clin0048  1 star

I kind of HATE how the folders/labels menu slides out at its own speed instead of following how quickly you swipe. I kinda hate a lot about the new app, but this and it’s lack of iPad usability are the two things I hate the most.


Overall - a decent app  Sunrnr  1 star

I have liked this app since it came out. However the most recent update has me searching for a new (hopefully better) option for my email in the phone. There are several annoying issues with the new update. I will mention the main issue. If I read a message on my phone while away from work - I will mark it UNREAD in the app so I can deal with it when I get back to my desktop. The unread status NEVER writes back to the server. So never shows unread on the desktop. Unacceptable.

Romeo american

Notification icon bug  Romeo american  1 star

There are no unread emails in the inbox but it is still showing notification on application Icon. Please fix this. It is really frustrating.


They read my emails  bkdickinson  1 star

I never gave you permission to read my emails much less sell to advertisers the content of my emails. Criminals. Creeps.


Inbox is much better  Djabe68  2 star

In typical Google fashion, they introduce a great product and then kill it and replace it with crap.. Inbox works great and has tremendous options, so let's get rid of it and bring in the antiquated Gmail interface.

Special Agent Sunshine

Version 6.0.190224: bug report + great app + how to make it better  Special Agent Sunshine  5 star

BUG: When tapping on a notification of an email, instead of the app going to that email, it goes to the most recent one. Please fix. PROS: Looks great in landscape. Subjects along the left side, and the bodies of emails on the right. Elegant and useful. Very fast, just the way Google apps should be. Search is lightning fast too. HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: Add labels to the icons so that it’s clearer what they do. CONCLUSION: A great app, with a little room for improvement. If you found this review helpful, please long-press it and mark it as such.


UX in new update is plain bad  wuzchao  3 star

I get it that google tries to sync interface across the platform, but the new update removes critical iOS gesture controls like swipe to go back, instead now swipe from left only gives a menu that also won’t let me click to go back to my inbox. After I read through a email I can only go back through top left arrow. Really annoying and inconvenient for iOS users. Competitions aside, consistent in OS should be priority.


Thank u Google  Sambro2006  5 star

Hi all, Gmail is one of the best apps I have used in months. Why! Because 1) it’s new update is the excellent with how you can change the layout of your mail. 2) It uses the slightest amount of data. (in technical it uses about 300kb-1mb of data) 3) It will load in about 2 seconds and mail takes another 2 seconds load. 4) Mail will comes straight away. (I tried it with my friend) And finally try Google maps. (Done on IPhone SE) See u again 😁🤓🤣😅


g  Shazzababa  1 star

adding images to an email is absolutely awful. can’t select multiple images, nor the directory and to top it off i couldn’t then figure out, after i’d gone through that tortuous process, i couldn’t figure out how to type anything in the email... useless


App Update  xXPhazexD  2 star

The new app update makes it harder to understand and I can’t log out of the other account that is on it. And it is currently my main one but I want to use the other account. You made it so that you can’t switch accounts or anything. Or if you can, please update your help system so I can actually follow what to do.


Have not used it but I hope I get paid through YouTubing  Kbab66  4 star

I so YouTubing and I Hope youtube pays me like flamingo.


Still loading..  jessfris  3 star

I downloaded this app for my business email and it’s just continuously loading. Has been for a few hours now. I’ve had 6emails he sent and received so not a GB issue? Please help

Annabelle Qld

rediculous layout and psycho colours  Annabelle Qld  2 star

Please please please get rid of the three year old in your graphics department, bring back some maturity to the layout. I do NOT want to have to reach half way across m screen simply to change email accounts.....put it back under the lll in the top thumb, one movement, ONE combined drop down menu!!!. And if you must have the childish 3yr old texta colour schemes, make sure there are at least 10 other schemes people can chose from like black/white/grey, softer colours that don’t burn out eyeballs and cause migraines.


New look is awful  Plavj  2 star

Just all white and no structure to it. It’s boring as hell. The previous versions were much better and clearer. Now it’s like looking at ten emails at a time. Get the old look back somehow and give us a choice of themes. How hard is that? Google smoogle!


Doesn’t update properly  themeda9876  1 star

I’ve been using inbox for years (best thing google ever did!) and am now being forced to change back to the gmail app as this is going away. I’m constantly frustrated by the gmail app not updating or showing all of my emails. It’s showing emails up until two days ago only. Please fix!!


Inbox features that should be brought over  Andre987654321  1 star

Allow the option for bundles to stay on the main page like in Inbox. I dislike that I have to shuffle through tabs to find what I want. Add calendar reminders to Gmail like in Inbox, there’s no real other way I keep track of them. Put a select all option. It’s 2019 why is this still not a thing? Clearing a bunch of emails at once is a chore. Inbox took one tap for each bundle and done HAMBURGER MENUS are not efficient


Miss Inbox Already  traytray224  3 star

Please give the option to select multiple emails at a time instead of individually to move/delete. This is very time consuming.


HATE IT I like the other version better  Faby_lazzy  1 star

This one is super hard to manage the email and it has very annoying notifications of unread email even for promos, which I don’t ever read anyway. Also, there is no “clear all” button so u have to swipe one by one.


Horrible Update  AUser1001  1 star

The new update is horrible. It’s confusing and not effective. I don’t know what person/team thought this would be a good idea but they need to be fired. This is horrible. To the point where I had to delete the app and just check email via my laptop.


Conversation list density- not available for iPhone  Tkaya3  1 star

Conversation list density- not available for iPhone app, without even validating this how google put this


Should have canceled gmail and kept Inbox  11928344  3 star

It works but after using Inbox the gmail app seems like stepping back in time. They should bundle the gmail app with AIM for complete nostalgia


Too many ads  tedfc  1 star

There are too many ads in the app. When I open it the full screen is just ads and it’s too much.


Attachments.  CruzandoPuertas  1 star

I want to attach files not links! It’s useless, I don’t want to share my online files. I want to send multiple copies of my files in the drive.


Used to be perfect  Swepr3  2 star

The newest update brought lots of glitches on my iPhone 10S Max. Main thing is that what I do on the app doesn’t sync with my desktop. When I delete an email on one, it stays unread forever on the other.

Golight Girl

Have to use this now bc no more inbox. This is junk  Golight Girl  3 star

Its a far cry from the efficiency of inbox. Now my email is just full of singular emails not batches of similar subject. I barely check my email anymore. I used to maintain my inbox easily and clear it out weekly. Now its just pilling up. Don't even care. Won't buy more memory when the time comes. Just waiting for a better email service to replace this junk. Whatever integration they made from inbox, can't see it. This email is not better than others. I could use any of them and they are all bad.


Buggy  slemonb  2 star

Works great at times but..... When I get an email notification on my iPhone I tap on it an it takes me to the app to view it but there is no email. Even refreshing the app won’t push the email through.

it dummy

Thread of email and responses  it dummy  5 star

This is not user friendly as I cannot see the Email response I want as I have to troll through them all wasting time Don’t like this feature


Gmail  ac_od  5 star

Brilliant app and is very easy to use ❤️


New update took away multiple accounts  765KCT  1 star

The new update has taken away the second account I have linked to the app. Very disappointed.


Idk idk idk  lolllloll9l9  5 star

Great app idk


This is the best  forteer  5 star

Hi gmailers I hop roe ubyrcnieyfgcyedhsnqbdsfcv bnskndg


Better than Apple’s Email App  Sammyboylolboy666777888  5 star

I like this way more than the Standard Email app on iOS it looks more organised with a pretty nice UI (User Interface) than the iOS one and ya that’s pretty much it nice material UI design and it looks more organised love it


Freezes and slow  Superking27  1 star

I have installed, deleted and reinstall this app.-?each time it is slow to alert to incoming mail - iPad detects mail much quicker with this same app. The app often freezes on iPhone 6 - very annoying This app works perfectly on my iPad.


2 problems...  JusAnotherReviewer  2 star

Love the app, but the app takes up way too much storage. Other mail apps are much smaller. Secondly, I don't like the pop up asking to download chrome every time you click on a link.


Group email  Meme212h  4 star

cant send emails to existing groups from your phone. Very inconvenient when not in the office and need to send an email to various mail groups!

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