Gmail - Email by Google

Gmail - Email by Google [Productivity] App Description & Overview

The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail.

With the Gmail app, you can:
• Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes
• Switch between multiple accounts
• Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options
• Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions
• Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox
• Read your mail with threaded conversations
• Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone
• Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app
• Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam
• Send and receive attachments
• See profile pictures as part of the conversation

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Now, you can easily stay on top of your emails by adding the Gmail widget to your home screen.

Gmail - Email by Google Comments & Reviews

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- Simple, I like it that way

For those who want a simple approach to the online world, this is the app for you. As I’ve heard others say, this very product designed by google has simply become the standard in the way email websites are presented today. There’s no doubt about it. The interface, I would say, is user friendly. The app itself is fast and from my time using it, I have experienced no bugs (that’s not to say they don’t exist, however.) There’s one minor inconvenience and I’m not even sure if this is a google classroom issue or a gmail issue. I use this service for schooling, and I rely on it much more these days because of the current state of the world, and consequently I have to do online schooling. Gmail and classroom don’t work together. I’ll receive an email hours after the assignment itself has been posted, so at times I’m not in the loop as to what I need to have turned in. When I do receive an email for classroom, I’ll tap the “open” button and it doesn’t take me directly to the assignment/announcement. All it does is open the app so now I have to dig through classroom to find it. Regardless, this app is great and if you want a simple approach to email, this app is the way to go.

- Great mail app except for browser preference

In general I like this mail app a lot. I am happy to have my inbox sorted as it is on the desktop. I wish it was easier to attach documents from “Pages” and “Files” instead of only from the camera, recent attachments and drive. But my biggest complaint is this: When I go to open a link from an email and it asks if I want to use chrome or safari, I choose safari because that is my preference on my iPhone. I switch off the little “ask me every time” button. The very next time I go to open a link from an email, it could be the exact same link one second later, the browser preference window opens again, with the button switched on. It adds an unnecessary step every time I look at things from an email. Also, my saved safari things don’t all translate over to the safari that pops up within the app. I know you want me to use chrome because it is your product, but you offer a choice so it would be nice if that choice worked 😊

- My issue with writing gmails

Hi my name is Holger. I’m 15 years old and Ive been using gmail for long time especially for school. During these hard times of pandemic my school is depending more than ever gmail. I have never had this issue. When I’m writing a gmail to someone and I’m typing it with the smart folio keyboard that is for the iPad Air 3 it keeps going back to the work that I wrote for example if I write Hi how are you it will go back to the o of you and of course me typing really fast makes a lot of errors and is frustrating because every second of my time is worthy so I don’t have the time neither should I have the patience to be fixing it and go back where I was supposed to be. Now I checked if this was a software issue. I even reset my iPad. I checked if it was a hardware issue. Without the smart folio keyboard from Apple it works fine. In other programs like google docs, safari, iMessage, Instagram, etc the smart folio keyboard works perfectly fine so I checked gmail to see if I have a shortcut or something now because its the new feature of a lot of programs and devices. In gmail I made sure it wasn’t because I have something turned on to do that. So from my part or Apple its not a issue of ours. It’s gmail that is glitching or I don’t know. It’s really getting annoying and I hope you guys solve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you and have a nice day

- Stop asking me about my browser

I have used the gmail app for years. I recently changed some passwords and ended up choosing to switch to safari to save the suggested passwords in my keychain. Well the gmail app is positively having a fit that I don't use google chrome anymore and the petty rivalry is very unpleasant for a user. Every time I click a link in an email it asks me what browser to use - even though Safari is the only one I have!! The gmail app asks me every single time if I would like to please go download chrome from the app store in order to unsubscribe to an email. There is a setting that says "ask me every time" that I always switch OFF yet this keeps happening. Seems pretty useless to set a default browser AND say I don't want to be asked about it ... and then be asked about it every single time. I can only assume it reverts to "ON" when the app updates, which is like, once a week. About the same frequency that I unsubscribe to something, so it asks me every single time I click a link. Very disappointing. It is so unpleasant that I am considering deleting the gmail app and using the apple mail app to check my gmail account. I hope the developers see that their tactics don't foster loyalty and are a major turn off to users - you won't convince me to come back to chrome by harassing me about it, I'll just leave gmail too. Ridiculous.

- Still having notification issues with latest iOS 13.

iOS 13 has screwed up notifications with Gmail. No badges showing me unread messages. I have to go into the app to know that. New emails don’t trigger any notifications and my job is email dependent. I’ve turning every setting off & back on, cycling the power, getting the latest iOS 13, checking for the latest Gmail update, plus I read that another user tried restoring their iPhone to no avail. Lastly, there was a strange few days, before the last Gmail update that supposedly fixed the problem, where Gmail notifications were working just fine. On it’s own. Just decided to work again. Then it went back to the same issues for no reason. This reminds me... seems like the trigger for these issues started when I finally deleted over 100 unread messages, digging back a few months & having to use the search bar to get them all together for a marathon deletion of swipe after swipe. So maybe that shakes the iOS or the app up enough to try to figure out how many unread msgs there are ... for better or for worse. Maybe if I let it build up again, it’ll be for the better? Here’s to hoping. Google!! Please fix this mess! It’s 2019, for crying out loud. Go back to basic, reliable functionality! You too, Apple! :/

- Why the change?

I’m not loving or even liking a recent change they made. When I click a link in an email and it opens in Chrome or twitter or insta or wherever, and then I click the little arrow at the top left of the screen that says “return to Gmail” it previously would take me back to the email I had open, unless a long period of time had passed and then it might not do that. However, now it does one of two things, neither of which I like. It either goes back to the email but it is a blank screen and I have to click a left arrow button to get back to the email being open so I can read it, and figure out where I left off in the email. Other times, it goes back to Gmail as if I just opened it up after a long time and it checks for new mail. Then if I want to continue reading the email with aggregated news articles to to see what was next up, I have to remember which email it was and go hunt it down. Please, please, please...go back to the functionality around this you previously had where it would go back to the email you had/have open before you clicked a link, with the email still open and ready to continue reading (from the same spot) before I clicked away.

- Severely limited functionality

I use my iPad for work, as I need to take high resolution videos and have quick access to apps. The Gmail app has such terribly limited usability in key areas. First, it is crazy that I cannot create bulleted or numbered lists. This seems like a key component to writing succinct emails and I am not sure why this is not included. Second, I cannot copy and paste tables from other Google apps and keep the formatting! We send programs to clients that we create in Google sheets, but we do not need to send the entire sheet at one time, only a part. You simply cannot do this without creating an entirely new sheet, and then sharing it with them, which is simply not functional. I would rather be able to copy and paste the section of the sheet that is necessary to use. Lastly, the emails I send from my iPad do not have the same formatting as the desktop site. Again, I am at a loss as to why this is the case. We have a specific signature that we need to use in order to send protected information, and I have to set this signature up again instead of it carrying over from my desktop accessibility. The only good thing about this app is that I can access my email from it. However, it severely limits my ability to send useful emails and this kills my productivity during work hours with my iPad.

- Warning about adding emails to your gmail

You will run out of memory faster because the other accounts you can add will add to your memory with ALL google products. I was enticed to add my yahoo account to a gmail address last year. What happened is that I’ve had gmail since 2005 and love it. I lost my free “legacy” added memory because I had to upgrade or I’d lose my emails.I spent hours going through my messages and deleting them because I received warnings if I didn’t upgrade soon, messages would disappear and if I did upgrade I’d lose my free space. I upgraded and I have my memory back on Apple products but for about a month or two on my Windows 10 laptop that I use for business, it was still showing that warning. Eventually it synced. So before you put all your emails in your gmail feed, check out if the “new gmail”will eat your memory and force an upgrade $$$$ before memory runs out and it’s pay to play. I’ve been a huge fan but I didn’t understand the takeaway of legacy memory. It was supposed to be lifetime but if I added on, it was gone and that’s what happened to “do no harm”

- New Update Hurts My Eyes

I have migraine and vision issues. The new, jarring, super white look makes my eyes hurt, especially when I have a migraine. With no color separation or clear boundary demarcation, it strains my eyes, if I have to spend any real time checking my email. I no longer use a desktop or laptop computer, so I depend on using the app. The new changes make it almost impossible for me to use, though, because it literally hurts my eyes and causes my vision to blur. Additionally, the placement of the option to change accounts in the previous version made sense. Where it is placed in the new version is not intuitive or user friendly. It now takes extra steps to pull up a separate screen in order to switch between accounts. This means I have to spend additional time on the stark white, visually unappealing app, which literally causes me pain, if I want to check my mail. This is a HORRIBLE update, that does not give any consideration for those with eye strain or vision problems. I won’t even go into the serious need to add options for color coding, for people who rely on visual cues to stay organized. Or the fact that nearly every other email app had a dark mode, at the very least. Please, please, PLEASE fix this!

- Frustrated

I’ve used gmail and it’s app for yrs. However with these resent new updates it’s been frustrating. For yrs I’ve always had it linked to my yahoo email and it was super convenient and easy for me to navigate through the different emails. But with this new update it’s like it’s syncing all of my email accounts together. So now my yahoo email is now synced with gmail, and my yahoo email is my priority account... I can’t tell my emails apart from one another because now it’s all under 1 email account which is the gmail account. There’s no option to separate the two (I’ve tried everything) I even deleted my yahoo account off gmail and placing it back on as a separate account and it still linked all the yahoo emails with my gmail account email. This is frustrating I can’t tell my emails apart because it’s like everything is under that one gmail account smh, it has to be another way..maybe something more simple an easy. Out of all the yrs I’ve had this app an linked emails this has NEVER happened before until now. This used to be my fav email app, there was never a problem in the past so why fix what wasn’t broken.

- Pretty sad response time from Google

This is a pretty good app by Google. Currently there is a problem that I'm seeing with badge notifications not properly updating. I've tried to remove the app from my phone and reinstall it but that didn't solve the issue. Started with iOS11 so I'm guessing it is related. I would like an option to mark something as read from the notification screen instead of, or in addition to archiving. Maybe I'm alone in this but I don't really use the archive feature. Anyway, 3 stars until the badges issue is resolved. It lets you check your email so it does its job. Nothing flashy or special. Like most of Google's apps. It's functional which is good enough. Dropping rating to 1 star and uninstalling in a week if Google, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, can't fix a notification bug. I mean come on. I'm guessing that at least 1 guys job at Google is to care about the app working. Even if it's just 1 guy he could have already fixed this in a day. Get it together. We give you all our private information willingly and you can't have a guy fix the red badge that a 13 year old kid that is learning to make apps for the first time can edit and change?

- No it’s not missing basic functions

There is an undue function and you can move it to archive. Your main gmail settings in app allow you to determine what happens to an email when you swipe it. Default is to archive but you can also set it to delete. Both of which populate an undo button at the bottom of the screen. Also while some config settings must be done from the full web version you can determine if mails are organized in a conversation thread or individual and even still you can mark them both as a thread or individually as un read etc. I guess what I am saying is the guy whining is just suffering operator error due to him suffering mental ID 10 T errors. Seriously don’t get in a wad because you can’t be bothered to learn an app. All that said I give it a four because I feel that google has gone for form over function and that the earlier versions say from the iOS 6 or pre ice cream sandwich days was far better and far more functional.


I am so very frustrated as a long time “inbox” app user. I have been dreading the day that it actually went away, and now it has! After a Month of it being gone, and countless days and hours of trying other apps and researching how to get the same type of experience through the gmail app, or the iPhone mail app, or pretty much any other app... I can NOT seem get the right amount of notifications! I am flooded with garbage “promotions” constantly coming through my phone, and spent a week straight “unsubscribing” just to avoid this, but there are just too many to keep up. Or I change the settings and am missing emails that I want to be notified for, but also are not extremely important. I do not want to have to go in to my email and mark every single person or place as important, that’s just inconvenient and very time consuming. There needs to be more flexibility with the notification settings. If I want to receive “Primary” & “Updates” I should be able to check off those 2 categories, not just All Mail, Primary only, or None. Somethings got to give. I want Inbox back! :( So frustrated.

- So glad I switched to Google Mail

Update: I continue to be impressed. I’ve learned the ins and outs of how Google does things, and find it vastly superior to others. I cannot tell you how nice it is to not have a mailbox full of junk and spam. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Previous review: I am so pleased with my new Google email account! I switched from hotmail about two weeks ago because I had gotten so frustrated. An account I had had for ten years. It was an intimidating thought to have to handle switching my email and handling all the changes to my financial, business, personal contacts. But I am so glad I took the leap. And your suggestions of how to create a more private and secure email were very helpful. Instead of getting about a hundred junk, phishing, spam mail I had to sort through every day, I rarely have a single one. The way Google has improved my email experience is beyond my expectations. Just wanted to say thanks!

- This App Needs Some Help!

I’ve been using this app for several years now so I have noticed a few things that could be improved. #1. The ability to disable conversation “threads” for those of us who dislike how our emails behave when there are several responses to a particular email. #2. Recently, my Inboxes have been getting emails that are clearly Spam emails! Why is this happening? I would like to be able to select these emails, without opening them, and put them into the Spam folder. Unfortunately, I can’t select any of those emails! Currently, I have to do that from my computer instead of from my iPhone! That’s a major inconvenience! #3. Since the launch of iPhone 11.0 update, my phone alerts me that I have a new email, but it turns out that I really don’t. I end up wasting time logging on to my phone only to find out that the sound notification was erroneous. #4. As others have mentioned, the red notification flag isn’t always responsive when all new emails has been read. Fixing these issues would make my use of Gmail much more effective and enjoyable!

- People Have Different Needs

I was ok with this account when I first joined a few years ago. I usually log on via my phone. When I use the library or my laptop the format seems different. Each time they make improvements I like it less. Perhaps this is not for me or I need to take some Tito arrange my account in a way that suits me, if this is possible. I am quite frustrated with it. I want to get rid of junk mail and trash. I believe I finally found out how to not have archived mail. When I open my email and ask for current mail, hundreds of old mail that I have tried many times before, appear right back in. What is going on? My daughter doesn't understand what I am trying to explain to her. Although she does ask me why I have so much mail. I would like the space on my cell phone to be freed up from those unnecessary emails. Any advice? I have not taken the time to set up a new email account someplace else. If they could help me understand how to maneuver maybe I won't have to contact all my contacts with a new mail address. Right now I hate my account!!

- Notifications not working

I’m not sure if this is an iOS 11 issue or what, but notifications are no longer working properly. I’ve used (and loved) the gmail app for a long time, but recently it’s become a big enough pain I’m considering switching to a different app. I’m an “inbox zero” kind of guy. So when I go in and check all my emails and archive them and leave nothing in my inbox and close my app and it still shows a red badge on the gmail icon with 3 or so unread emails, it’s maddening. Sometimes I’ll pull my phone out 20 minutes later and it will still show unread emails, I’ll check, and it’ll still be zero. Ack!! Totally defeats the purpose of a badge icon with number indicators. It’s making me waste so much time, feel so inefficient, and making me question why I continue using what feels like a broken app. I close the app often, regularly keep the app and my iOS updated, and power off my phone frequently. And none of it seems to help.

- Minimalist design, minimalist features

This is an email app by the biggest email host ever right? Why isn’t there a swipe to move feature? And the “move to” feature is buried under a menu instead of just out in the open. Everyone I know who has this app complains about this - how is it not added yet? I have yet to find any email app that doesn’t have this feature. It’s just basic email organization. Also, as with most apps sadly, developers haven’t caught on that putting the buttons at the top makes their app two handed or burdensome by hand occlusion or multiple swipes and taps to achieve the same thing if the navigation/buttons were at the bottom of the screen. Leave the top blank and empty - keep that minimal and bring the interactive parts of the app within one handed easy reach (bottom). Lastly, the shake to undo feature is missing which is a basic iPhone feature every app should be held accountable for... not sure how this made it though the App Store approval process with out “shake to undo”, but be warned - this app doesn’t have that cool and useful feature.

- Inbox app better than gmail but it’s being taken away. 😔

I’ve been using Inbox since it was created. Now it’s going away this month, forcing me to go back to the Gmail app, but without all the features of Inbox. The biggest thing Inbox has that Gmail doesn’t is the ability to bulk delete/archive the tab groups. It groups Promotions and other tabs, but with Gmail, swiping simply hides the group until next time. I still have to swipe each individual email to delete. With Inbox, I could delete or archive the entire group with 1 swipe. Inbox also let me pin emails to the inbox, rather than just starring them. I also want to see the Gmail app have swipe options. Currently, it is either archive or delete no matter if you swipe to the left of right. I want both where I can choose the function for each swipe direction. Outlook also has this feature. Wish you wouldn’t ask us to switch to Gmail when you haven’t added all the same features. Got some work to do Gmail Developers!!

- Fix your Contacts System!!

I just bought an iPad Pro from a 2011 MacBook Pro to do all of my business work on and Gmail is the mail business email I use. As I’m working on my iPad, I notice that I cannot send an email to the labeled contacts I have in my google account. I have 30 different people in that label and I cannot keep track of them all unless they have that label which was the main reason I switch to gmail for my business. I figured it was fine and I would just use gmail on Chrome since there is NO APP for Contacts on the iPad. Because iPad is an iOS device, google showed me a very outdated and unuseful verson of gmail to get me to download the app that I already have, and I ALSO couldn’t email everyone in my labeled contacts. I had to actually open up my 2011 computer to get the job done, and I have to open up Chrome to even view my organized google contacts. Google, this is not ok. Give me an app or just let me see and use my CONTACTS in GMAIL! This should be a no brainer! FIX YOUR CONTACTS SYSTEM!

- Google wrecked a good thing

Former inbox user. I understand and a smaller user base can drive a product to be shut down. That’s not my issue-my (among many others) issue is that Google has assured customers that they were putting “the best” of Inbox’s features into Gmail to give everyone a more modern look and much better functionality. When they say that then it gives users the impression they would actually do what they said. Instead of upgrading Gmail they decided to put a couple minor features into Gmail and leaving the better options such as automatic grouping based on promotional, purchases, etc along with your main mailbox for the information you want to see. What we’re left with is an inferior product with the look and functionality of 2005 and even include forced advertising in the main mailbox. That said, they’ve done a great job at losing a longtime user and until they hold up to their promise of giving us a mail app that functions well in the year 2019 I will not return to using these or any of their products. As of now I’m removing their suite of products from my phone and and computers.

- Forced to use Gmail. Farewell Inbox.

Been using Gmail since beta. Inbox came along and it quickly became the only client I used daily. I understand that without Gmail as a solid foundation/backbone, there wouldn’t be Inbox. However, Inbox’s features are not something you can just unlearned immediately. I really hope Google Gmail/Inbox Team could see this message. The feature that I will miss the most is Bundle. Behind the scene Gmail uses labels. It’s not easy to simply bring Bundle to Gmail because it already has the feature called Category, which is too similar. If there could be one feature I want to see in Gmail from Inbox is Bundle. Why? It does a very good job grouping mails (customizable) into my Bundles. I can quickly open up each, scan though mails that I care, then archive the entire bundle in one tap/click/swipe. No better/quicker way to have a clean mailbox like Bundle enables. Thank you for your service, Inbox. Farewell!

- Down, your out!!

I loaded this app with my previous iPhone and was discussed with google was presenting to us as gmail!!! I already automatically get my gmail through my phones email settings. It works great except you need to make preferences on a computer. This app doesn't even allow you to group your emails into sub categories only conversations. I had given up on this program the first time I downloaded it because of how much of a pain it was. I was just prompted by my gmail to download this app for reasons that sounded good. Unfortunately when I went to the play store it showed that this app was already downloaded. If I left because I was disappointed and your updates all say the same things and don't address the problems, why would I waste my time and put it back on my phone??? My gmail that is through my phones settings for gmail is excellent. I have all the options I need!!! Why doesn't google partner with apple to get some pointers on how a good email program should behave and what it should offer!!! Terrible app!!! Don't waste your time!!!

- I’m hating my GMail Account, but feel stuck

Ok, now I’m really upset. My main email address will no longer show me my emails on my main work device, my iPad. I have left questions through the website, have tried calling, have emailed them, and nothing. Seems a multi-million (billion?) dollar company could certainly afford a switchboard operator and some techies on staff? I do too many things I don’t want to lose in my emails, and I’m afraid Google is not longer reliable. And...once again, I don’t expect a reply. Absolutely hate the update since “All Inboxes” arrived. Since then, Google Mail has decided that my two alternative accounts are the only ones I need to see. My default (for about 12 years now) email account is only visible to me on my phone, and no longer on my iPad. I have sent emails, chatted, attempted to find a phone number 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😂😂🤣😅, and all to no avail. I do business on the email account, and now it has to be done on my phone. I have emails I’m missing that will ultimately cost me business. I need a mail server that is reliable. Anyone have any suggestions? Because Google is not reliable.

- Down graded a perfectly good product

The old email app was perfect in my opinion, this new one is awful. I tried to send a simple business email through it, and it opened my drive, and google docs just to load the thing into my email which the file was already attached to. Also now I cannot even read any of the attachments I am sending to double check if they are correct, I have to open other apps to read a file loaded already on this one. So far after loving the convenience and simplicity of the old version for many years, this new one is absolute garbage. The main problem is I send most of my business emails through my phone because my computer is slow and mainly stays at home, so this extremely hinders my ability for this process because doing this through the phone is just frustrating. So recap, the old version was great and easy to use, the new version took me almost ten minutes to send a paragraph with an attachment to someone I regularly email for work. That includes several emails which sent the wrong attachment because I couldn’t open it in the app to read it.

- The Good and the Bad

The good is that I have yet to find another email app that handles the label/folder thing as well as Gmail’s native app. I can easily see my labels. I like the snooze feature as well. The bad is that it is clearly not a high priority for the company, as their work on this reminds me of kids out of high school with limited leadership. QA misses huge things regularly, implantation of new features is often clunky at best, and they frankly haven’t done much with it over these many many years. Currently cut & paste has big issues and they thrust their Meet functionality so in my face that I can’t even see my entire list of emails anymore. It’s literally almost an inch high of space to push for something that shouldn’t even be part of the Gmail mobile app at all! And this is par for the course with their updates over the last 10 years. I hope they resolve these issues quickly. Meanwhile I’ll continue to look for an email app that handles labels/folders well instead.

- Notifications broken?

I love this app. With each update it’s become so streamlined and efficient. I love that I can switch between email accounts with ease. And as a person who constantly hits the wrong button, having an “undo” for every action is extremely helpful. I also really like being able to delete an email from the notification banner so I don’t have to waste time opening the app and reading it if it’s unimportant. My one issue has been the notifications, specifically the red badge when you have new mail. I keep a clean inbox and it’s always satisfying when I have no new mail. I’m not sure if the newest update has a mistake or maybe it’s the new iOS, but the badges have been stuck and take a few days to catch up to reflect on actual new mail. It’s frustrating to see the app icon and think “oh I have mail” then open it and find no, that is incorrect. I’m hoping the issue will be fixed soon.

- Can’t secure the app or use settings properly.

While this review will most likely be ignored, I figured I would let those that want a secure app to avoid Google’s Gmail app. I was downloading this app to secure my Gmail email. I was trying to see if there was an option to secure the app with Touch ID and I was unable to see all the app settings. When I went to the Google app settings I scrolled to the bottom to see if I could secure the app in the “Other settings” section. Unfortunately the “Other settings” section didn’t work. What is the point of using the Gmail app rather than the iOS mail app when neither can be secured. I work at a school and I want to secure my work email since the information contained in it is extremely sensitive and confidential. Microsoft’s Outlook app can secure itself with Touch ID why can’t Google? I can also use Microsoft’s Outlook app for my Gmail account. What’s the point of using Google’s app when Microsoft’s Outlook app is better with security? If this problem is addressed then I’ll remove this review if I can. If I can’t remove it then I’ll add another review posting the responsiveness of Google.

- Great but just one thing

I’ve been using Gmail for as long as I can remember. There is no better email service and I’m convinced of this. That being said I have one complaint. I’m one of those people that hate seeing the little red number on his apps. So I constantly check my notifications and read my emails and stuff to make sure it goes away. However, about 80% of the time, I’ll get a number, and I’ll go in and it matches the number of unopened emails. I’ll read them all, 1 at a time, and after I exit the app, it still has a red 1. And it will stay there unless I delete and re-download the app. Or if I wait long enough for another email to come in and I read that one, then *sometimes* it will go away. Anyway, I realize it may seem small, but it really gets under my skin. It’s been doing it for months now. If that were fixed, it would turn my 4-star review into a 5-star review. I hope you see this Google.

- Interface could use improvement

I’ve been using the Gmail app for years now, both on my phone and my 9.7” iPad. It's mostly good, and I really like being able to tap directly into Gmail's powerful search capabilities. However, the UI changes I’ve seen on my iPad in recent updates has me reluctant to update my iPhone app. First, the handful of buttons on the left side of the iPad version wastes valuable horizontal screen space. You can see this clearly in the first screenshot currently shown on Gmail's App Store page. Below those buttons there's a strip of never-used white space that could otherwise be used for a wider messages list. My second UI complaint is with the messages list itself. Referring back to that same screenshot, I don't know how they got it to show all that information! Maybe it's the jumbo-sized iPad. On my 9.7" screen, I rarely see the full subject line (it disappears into a "..."), and the list of senders involved in a thread often disappears into a "..." as well. This makes it really frustrating to scan the list of emails for basic information. If those aforementioned side buttons were moved elsewhere, that strip of unused space on the left could be conscripted to make much of that more visible. Bottom line: I find the app really useful, but some UI optimizations could make it a much better place to manage email without resorting to the desktop app!

- app does not reflect changes made in desktop

I have several google accounts I use for both work + personal life. Up until now, I have enjoyed the gmail app, finding that it is simple to use, and has everything I need to view, create, organize, and respond to emails. However, I recently went through a large email dump on my desktop, deleting about 52,000 emails across all my accounts. When I go to gmail on the web browser on my computer, it shows zero emails in the inbox. On the app, it's still showing thousands of emails in the inbox, despite having deleted them. I thought perhaps it would take the app a few days to catch up since I had deleted a large amount of emails at one time.. Unfortunately, even after several days, the app still does not reflect these changes. What use is an app that still shows me thousands of emails in my inbox that I have removed? Why does the app not match my current inbox status? I tried restarting my phone. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling. The issue persists. Very annoying, and renders the app completely useless for me.

- Not ready to replace inbox (yet)

Gmail is ok. It does the job. It is not yet, however, nearly as good as the Google Inbox app that they recently announced they have killed off. You can snooze emails in gmail, but you have to open the email, clock the menu, then select snooze, and then pick the snooze value. So many actions required! With Inbox, you just slid to snooze, which is much easier. Inexplicably, the slide feature in Gmail just lets you archive, and it's the same action whether you slide left or right. Redundant, and one of which could do easily be replaced with snooze. Inbox also has a great feature where it groups all your trip emails into a single menu item. Not so with Gmail. Switching to Gmail after inbox feels like going back to an app from 5 or 6 years ago. Gmail has a number of improvements to make to this app if it is meant to properly replace inbox. Hopefully they make these necessary improvements in the months ahead. Otherwise the overall Google email experience will have taken a fairly sizable step backwards.

- Overall a great app with a few flaws

Gmail delivers a good email experience free of glitches and bugs that have plagued competitors that I've tested. The only issues I have with the app are: 1) too many ads 2) mediocre file attachment system. Just look at Outlook mobile. Then copy it. For example, why can't we look through the different photo albums on our iPhones when attaching photos? Instead it forces us into the Moments album only. Where's the support for attaching from other cloud services? Google drive is the only option. 3) not enough control over notifications. I'd like to be able to mute all email notifications except for messages that come from a certain person or are sent to a certain label (Google's name for inbox subfolders). Instead, the options for notifications are: all new mail, primary only or none. Why not give us more control? I only want to be notified of an email from my immediate family and a handful of others. Besides them everyone else can kindly wait until I choose to actively check my own email. I'd rather not be bombarded with constant notifications on my phone, tablet and watch for promotions, newsletters, etc.. And the "primary only" option relies on Google's ability to decide which of my messages are high priority, which Google isn't very good at. Resolve these three issues and this app gets 5 starts! Thanks!

- Needs some major quality of life updates.

I love Gmail, I really do, but the app leaves a bit to be desired. It’s not the most streamlined thing in the world and it’s often difficult to figure out where you need to go to make certain changes to things like where mail goes if you swipe it a certain way, etc. My biggest problem with this app, though, is that there’s no way to delete the contents of an inbox all at once. You can delete one by one, or select one page at a time item by item and then hit the delete button, both of which would take forever with a folder of more than 1,000 emails like my overstuffed Promotions category. This is such an obvious feature. The fact that this app has been around for years and has never had it is unbelievable to me. I can always delete the contents from my computer, but why not just give the app this really basic ability and call it a day? I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to appreciate it.

- Simple and easy with minor flaw

I have zero issues with this app but one. It is easy to use, looks clean, and is handy to have to avoid logging through my work portal to access. However, it always says I have a notification. I open the app, read/delete emails, close the app and that little red 1 is still sitting there on the app. I open the app again, refresh emails (always still nothing), close the app, then force close the app and it. Is. Still. There. It drives me bonkers, I hate seeing that little notification. I’ve had to disable notifications from the app to rectify this which means I have to go in and manually check. Again, not a huge issue, more of a personal one for me (I just like the look of a clean phone and usually open apps with notifications to get rid of them immediately) but it would be really handy to have that little bug fixed in a future update. Hope this helped!

- Almost Perfect

The app loads very quickly, and hasn’t crashed on me yet. I manage three different e-mails as well, and it’s very easy to switch between them and see which ones have new messages. The spam and trash folders empty automatically after 30 days which is also a nice feature. The one problem I have with the app, is there is no select all button. Sometimes I will archive e-mails instead of deleting them, or will simply have them in my inbox and need to delete them. When this happens, usually I want to delete 95% of my messages in the inbox or all mail folder. It would be easier to select all and then deselect the few messages I need to keep rather than meticulously select each individual message. It’s kind of silly that you have this amazing company known for their technological prowess, but they can’t put a simple select all button in.

- Functional, but neglected

This app serves its purpose for those who have use gmail as their primary email, it offers categories for promotions, social, and primary to allow separation from important and not. Being a Google app however, they do not prioritize us on iOS and overall we are neglected as users by the lack of care they show. Google had announced dark mode back in October for its gmail app, and it was supposed to be an easy update, I’ve seen people around saying it works when they use a newer account, but doesn’t the rest of the tome. It is very disappointing how far they will lack care for us consumers who buy their products. This is a childish game of platform choice and there willingness to provide for us. I have moved on for now from using this app, there are plenty of alternatives that I find similar like Spark, Edison, or even the stock Email application. Google needs to grow up and treat their customers equally and not play favorites because of their OS

- The worst email app available

I was forced into switching back over to Gmail after I was kicked off Inbox. I used inbox as my main work account for my freelance projects (subscribed to Google Work account, paid user) and when I switched back to Gmail it makes me want to give Google up completely. Even Outlook is has way better features than Gmail, but nothing beats the amazing features in Inbox. What now takes me 26 steps to search for an email in Gmail (typing credentials in search, infinite scrolling and looking for that email) Inbox would only take 2 steps (filter pinned emails, then quickly find and open). Now with Gmail I have to delete and archive emails one by one, when I use to do sweeps of archive / delete with Inbox with one click (categories and marked as complete). I’m so disappointed with Google... and I honestly can’t trust any of the products anymore because by killing Inbox Google has showed they will kill any essential app at any moment. My trust in Google is gone. I’m so very saddened and disappointed with the company. Sincerely, Sad Inbox customer and friend 🥺

- Why have ‘social’ & ‘promotions’ anymore?

Right before the holidays, I started getting a bunch of promotional emails in my primary inbox. These emails are from sites that I’ve subscribed to for YEARS. And since gmail switched to separate into categories (which I have enjoyed!), it has ALWAYS gone to my promotion inbox. UNTIL RECENTLY! I recently subscribed to a social item, and now that is going to my primary inbox as well. I move these items to their appropriate inboxes, just to have any/all new emails from these companies (and a few others) pop up in my primary with the next set I get sent. This makes going through my emails increasingly frustrating and longer than needed. I have checked the individual emails to see if there is something I can do to get them to go to the appropriate place, and I’ve got nothing. None are marked “important” upon arrival... I see nothing that can fix these items so I don’t keep getting bombarded and have to sift through to find items I actually NEED to see in a timely manner!

- Little benefit over using Mail

I want to preface this by saying I used Inbox for many years, which was a far superior app to the Gmail app, and I was upset to hear it would no longer be supported. Essentially, the app allows me to read/send mail and bundles/sorts it to a limited extent. With so many companies changing info with each email blast, it’s nearly impossible to appropriately filter with this app, whereas Inbox bundled with ease and learned very well. I am able to turn on confidential mode, which I seem unable to do from an IPad through the browser. However, attachments are limited to camera roll, recent Gmail attachments and Google drive. I’m unable to attach files from my IPad without first moving that information to Drive, which for many sensitive things, I would prefer not to do. I would suggest using Mail for the benefit of integration with other Apple products, but encryption/confidentiality seems even more difficult to achieve that route.

- It’s okay but could use some updates

For the amount of money and intelligence the google team has, I’m actually quite surprised this email app isn’t off the charts awesome. For starters, they need to create a summary screen of all of your different email accounts similar to the iPhone email app. Right now it’s to cumbersome to see which account you are getting a notification for when you receive a new message. Apple does way better with their home screen. I do think the gmail app is better for setting up a professional signature, but that needs improvement too. There should be a function to change the font and to make letters bold and add variety like in the web version. Also, why can’t you pick a default font for the phone app (like the web version) for the body of the email? Strange. I’m hoping to see gmail come out with a much better version of this app soon considering how many people work from their phones anymore!

- Swipe Function Lost

First of all I like Gmail and use it on a number of devices with different platforms. I like being able to use one email program for all of my email accounts, which includes other email accounts other than gmail accounts. An annoying bug just started a couple days ago on my iPad Pro 10.5”, thus the three star rating. I can no longer swipe from the left hand side of the screen to open the folders view. When I do this all that appears is a white screen and the app is from then on stuck on a white screen. The app is recoverable by closing it, removing it from the open app view and then restarting the app. I am able to open the folder view by tapping on the hamburger In the top left part of the screen, so the app is useable with a workaround. Deleting the app and reinstalling it fixed the problem for less than a day. Subsequent reinstalls have had no affect on fixing the problem.

- Our real CampusWeb

It is safe to say that after all these years being on the Google platform out in a Pacific Island dot on the World Atlas, I cannot express enough gratitude for all the wonderful strides at Google Headquarters that jettisoned many useful apps today! As a public school teacher on Guam, I tried to use my Google Classroom but the ball fell at The Guam Public School systems' headquarters after several attempts not only contacting IT department, but also going physically before its appointed liaison in order to digitize my classroom. It did not go live which sucked major although no fault whatsoever on Google, Inc. Maybe one day I may learn all the different apps you've created but I crave tutorials less than 3 minutes since that is the attention span of our students today no matter where the are located. My thanks and appreciation always Google!

- Near perfect!

This app is very much improved, and I'm actually starting to really like it! I love that you can disable Conversation View and can easily swipe to delete/archive a message. It's colorful and easy to use, and has lots of options that it didn't use to have. There's only one thing that would really improve it... In the iPhone settings (Settings —>Notifications —>Show Previews), I'd love for there to be an option to show previews, but to only be able to see the sender while on the lock screen, and not the subject or body of the message. That's the way my old email app was, and it was so useful. (You’re able to know who’s sending the message, but don’t have to worry about other people reading it.) But other than that, I'm really loving this app! Kudos to all the people working to make it great!


I procrastinated updating to the new style version for months, because I depended heavily on this app and loved it. I finally caved and have been using it for about a month now. And it just frustrates me! The badge notification for new mail doesn't always go away after all messages are read. Adding attachments is cumbersome now; it automatically imbeds them in your message and you have to individually select each to make it an actual attachment - and the app always freezes; I have to close it out and reopen it to get them attached properly. The option of "mark as unread/read" no longer exists (SINCERELY miss that). Also, if I open a new email from iPhone's drop-down notifications (banner), I can read it in the gmail app fine - but the app keeps it as unread until I re-open the app from the home screen and view the email again. I don't get it?! Those are my biggest complaints. I like just being able to swipe to delete, but that convenience isn't worth the loss of the other features and the frustration.

- Not ready for Inbox users until remainder show up inline with email

I totally get why Google is killing Inbox for Gmail. Inbox was a test bed for features that would eventually make it into Gmail, and now that the test is done, it’s much more efficient to support a single email product. I believe in the long run the long run, this will be a win/win for everybody. Unfortunately, they left out a feature that is critical to my and other users’ workflows. My email inbox is my to do list. I only look there to decide what I need to do. Inbox for Gmail engrained this workflow and it is close to flawless. Google suggests to use Tasks for a workaround. This is not close to the same. Now I have to look at two places and triage what is the most important thing to work on. With Inbox, it takes just a couple of clicks to add a reminder. Once saved, it shows up in your inbox in line with the other emails. Or you can set a future date and it will be hidden until that time. The only true workaround I’ve found is to email myself whenever I need a reminder. This takes several more steps (New email, to: me, subject: something to do, Send, when email arrives, click it and snooze until the appropriate time). This takes more effort and feels like a hacky solution. Google, please, for the love of every one of your loyal guinea pigs who helped to improve Gmail’s usability, add the reminder feature before cutting off access to Inbox!

- Best mail app in a weak field - could be awesome

I’ve tried every mail app out there and while some have better features than gmail (snooze messages, Dropbox integration) most of them have fatal flaws around performance, reliability of syncing message or search changes that render them unusable- including apple’s iOS mail client. Gmail is the best of the field because it is fast and the most reliable. That said, it has a few things I’d love to see addressed to make it 5 stars: 1) Freezing - the app occasionally hangs on the message list page, especially when going from landscape to portrait mode. Sometimes it recovers, other times you have to kill it. My guess is that it’s doing a remote call and the UI is waiting on it to finish when it shouldn’t be 2) drilling into the to and from fields. Apple iOS makes this easy - you can click someone’s name to find their phone number from you contacts and call or text them. 3) replying or forwarding specific threads in messages is cumbersome. Gmail buries this action in an ellipsis when it needs its own small icon. Apples iOS app does this well 4) unified inbox, starred and sent messages for multiple accounts - all the other apps do this well 5) message snoozing - outlook for iOS and mail (fka gladly do) do this well 6) Dropbox integration for file attachments

- Erasing emails

The only thing I have against gmail is you can’t delete multiple emails at the same time am talking about the mobile/app version. It would be cool to have an option to delete multiple emails at the same time. I’ve had gmail for 10 years now since 2010 I believe and it’s alittle annoying but not that big of a can’t delete multiple emails at the same time. Is there a reason why you guys don’t have that option?? Other thank that gmail is the email option to have. I had yahoo as well but my account was hacked and my password was changed that was the second problem I had with yahoo so I stuck with gmail as my primary and there hasn’t been any one mess with my account. Thank you hope you guys had that option in the future am sure that would help out a decent amount of people. Thank you

- Attachments only from Google Drive 👎

Every time I think Gmail is getting better, I am disappointed. I keep switching between the Outlook app and Gmail app. I want to stick with Gmail, but Outlook seems to have everything I need. For example, I love that you can switch between apps in the side menu of outlook. Previously in the gmail app you could switch accounts in the side menu as well, but they were horizontally pinned at the top which was inconvenient and ugly. Now it’s where the search bar is and that’s cool. So I downloaded it back, thinking it finally had everything that I needed. Now I’m deleting it again. I’m a college student and I send a lot of attachments over email. My main cloud drive is OneDrive because it is linked with my laptop and so I can automatically sync my documents to the cloud without having to manually save it there a bunch of times. The fact that Gmail only allows attachments from the Photo library and Google Drive is so frustrating. It’s also not just about me using outlook but sometimes I save documents directly to my phone or the Apple cloud. Gmail does not allow me to attach none of those documents. Just when I thought I had it all, I was disappointed again. I really like Gmail and it has nice features, but it isn’t not practical for what I need. Unfortunately, I have to go back to Outlook.

- No dark mode, APIs, or anything new at all

This “a/b suuuuuuper slow update speed for all apps” thing gets really old. I’m not interested in wasting time using an app that doesn’t get updated quickly to support new features and enhancements. I opened the app, dark mode didn’t toggle, and then I deleted the app. 2.5 weeks later and still no toggle even. Unacceptable tbh. I don’t have the patience for this a/b testing or snail paced feature updating anymore. All it really does it just circumnavigate App Store rules and policies technically. maybe I’ll come back next year and try again and see where the app is at then. But for now? Sticking with stock mail app. Should’ve known better. This app certainly DOES NOT have all the new features — so don’t expect it. All you can expect is that it has your gmail account and that you receive your email perfectly fine as far as I can tell. That’s literally it, though. Nothing extra, nothing special. Worth about 2 stars I think.

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- Notif bubble broken

Really good apart from the fact that the notifications bubble won’t reset and disappear after you’ve opened a new email. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, it’ll be fine til I get a new email and then the bubble will never go away, always saying I have a new email when I don’t. I’ve done everything from completely changing the notifications in the app to primary only and disabling notifications all together hoping that when I turn them back on it’ll have been enough to reset it, it didn’t work. Nor did restarting my phone. I know it’s just a little thing but it’s made me miss emails because I’ve assumed it was the bug when it wasn’t and it continuously tricks me into thinking I have a new email that I don’t. Please please fix this, thanks x

- Can’t attach files

It’s pretty irritating that I have to use another email app just to attach files properly. Gmail only allows you to attach a link to a file in google drive, which isn’t acknowledged by most email support systems. It’s also irritating having to change the permissions of files in google drive to be accessible by anyone with the link because not everyone has a gmail account. You can’t even attach files from local files, iCloud, Dropbox or any other cloud storage. And yeah, I’m aware you can go to the file on iCloud and share via email, but that doesn’t allow you to reply to an existing email or send multiple attachments. Pretty crappy experience for the most basic of email functions. The main reason I continue to use the app as my primary personal email client is that it sorts my incoming email into three folders very well and this is consistent with the gmail web version (which isn’t the case when you use a third party app, like spark).

- Notifications, & Meet

Firstly I have found a bug with your Notifications on my iPhone. If I see an email listed I obviously don’t want and delete it straight away, the Notifications number often doesn’t reduce (or go away). I think this is because I deleted it before my phone had time to fully recognise it. So I have to go to my deleted file and open the file (but leave it there) and the Notifications number is then updated. Secondly, I am not interested in the Meet tab. Where is the option to remove this tab as I would prefer to have my extra line back. Gmail is for email. I don’t want to have a conference call, I am a self funded retiree and don’t want to have office meetings. You are just forcing me to take on your rubbish. This is as annoying as having unsolicited adds at the bottom of the screen that other apps sometimes have. Put the Meet option in the settings so I can flag it ‘not’ to appear.

- Heart is there, but it’s fading fast

I really, really, really want to like Gmail for iOS. I do. My employer uses the commercial G Suite for our email and cloud services and broadly speaking it runs well. But there are a few rudimentary functions that are just.. lacking. -Attachments. Guys. Come on. 2019, still can’t attach a file directly, or select a Drive file to be sent as a discrete file instead of a Drive link. -Signature insertion. Again, Google - this isn’t hard. Put it in above the quoted text, and below the new message. It works in the web client so why is it still bugged here? -Split View (and this is my dealbreaker) is a brilliant iPad feature that has been around for literally YEARS. Tablet screens are getting bigger and yet I’m forced to burn all that real estate on firing white pixels while I frantically tab between apps because I can’t split the screen in the native Gmail app. I moved my personal email into Outlook because of missing features at the time (now since added to Gmail, so thanks guys), but I’m exploring Airmail or other apps now to do the same with my work comms. If you’re a ‘domestic’ iPad user the Gmail app is probably fine for you, and does have plenty of features. But if you’re using your tablet professionally or consider yourself a power user, be ready for frustration.

- Fantastic Application !

I’ve been using the gmail app on my iOS device for years and frankly it’s one the most amazing email apps I’ve used to date, even more so than the vanilla mail app on the iPhone. The bundling system helps keep my emails organised as I’m so used to it now I can predict which category my emails are being bundled into. I do however have one request. Being a user of several mail applications and accounts for both work and personal use, id like to see the developers introduce a method to name and perhaps add profile photos to the non-gmail accounts. If there is however a pre existing method to do so please let me know.

- Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it.

I currently use Gmail for my personal and work email. The web-based version on my desktop is excellent and I have no complaints. When I downloaded the Gmail mobile app for my Iphone 7 & iPad everything seemed to be perfect until I noticed that my signature was ending up at the bottom of the email chain ( I stopped this on the web side by selecting Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it. My question is, when is Google going to fix this signature issue on Gmail app. Is there a way to have my signature inserted before the quoted text in my Gmail mobile app? It doesn't look professional when I write an email without a signature right after saying "thanks, or sincerely" as there is no signature after that.

- App is not up to par

I love gmail on the desktop so it’s a real shame the app functionality is just a basic replica. I run my business through gmail and my job doesn’t allow me to be at me desk. Thought buying an iPad and downloading the app would help me keep up with my business needs but my business signature is not translated properly, I can’t attach any forms via file search nor via google drive in PDF format (can only send a link), or you can attach a PDF file ONLY if it’s been sent to you previously, I can’t use canned responses...list goes on it’s very frustrating. I’m feeling so technologically illiterate every time I use this app and sending wrong emails to clients that have attachments that are drive links instead of PDFs and looks unprofessional with my marred signature. Completely different interface and user experience compared to desktop version.

- Fabulous app, however there’s a few minor bugs

I have been using the Gmail app for as long as I can remember, and it is absolutely great. I could never switch to another E-mail service provider, because Gmail is just perfect for me. However, yesterday I noticed a small bug when I tried to reply to emails. I would click the reply button and begin typing, but after typing only a few words, it would begin to lag, and the keyboard would eventually disappear and I couldn’t type anything. I tried closing the app and opening it again, and I tried turning my phone off and on again, but it still didn’t work. As there were no updates for the Gmail app, I decided to delete and then reinstall the app. I tried to reply to the email again, however, this time, the keyboard won’t appear at all. This only seems to be an issue on the Gmail app, because I can use it on my laptop perfectly fine. Apart from this, the Gmail app is amazing, and I’ve never had any other issues with it over all the years I have used it

- Loses files

I have used gmail for a number of years and have no problem with the general operation for what I use it for. When I want to keep a series of emails and the attachments I create a folder and move the email into that folder. However on three occasions over the last 18 months I have gone to one of the folders to look at something and the file has been empty. Not only that folder but every folder has been cleaned out and I have lost everything I have saved. I am now having to look at alternative methods to save emails and the attachments. Some of the data I have lost has given me real problems. I don’t want to go back to the old method of printing everything. How can this happen?

- No response since IOS 13 released

I used to rely on gmail app a lot coz my personal email and company emails are all gmails. However, since IOS 13 upgrade, my app stopped working each time I attempt to open the gmail app. It just doesn’t respond at all and stuck on the page no matter how I slide on the screen. I close the app and open again it still doesn’t work. Only way to make it work is to switch my iPhone 7 off and restart. It then works for the first day ad return back to “normal” again as no response. The notification is working tho. Very strange. Now I can only use gmail by opening my account on web page and it asked me to install the app each time I login, which is very annoying. I wish I could use the app version. Piece of rubbish. Either fix it or I’ll stop using gmails and turn to Microsoft mail system

- Great app - needs iOS11 Optimisation

I use this app for work all day every day, and it works great, there are a few things that, now iOS11 is here, could be better to increase productivity. - split view support: you cant use this app in split view, and its quite frustrating as i have my calendar or browser open at the same time and it would be fantastic to use split view. - mobile signature: I use a dynamic signature for work which includes images and hyper links, when you use the app you cannot set this up, you need to have done it on a computer first. Apart from that, its great!

- Stop pushing me to download Chrome

I’d probably give this app four stars otherwise, as it works fine, except for the infuriating message that comes up every time you click on a link to an external website, asking you if you want to use Safari or Chrome to open it. This wouldn’t be so bad except that if you deselect the switch saying “Ask me every time” it makes no difference. Why bother having a switch there if you’re not going to honour what you set it to? I’m sure this is deliberate and not a bug. Google, stop trying to push your own browser on me so you can collect more data. I’m not interested. At least fix the switch so if you want to use Safari every time, you can without that message coming up. I’ve switched to another mail app because of this “feature”

- Does not sync properly

This app does not sync properly! For years now, whatever I've deleted or moved from the inbox still remains visible on the app. If I log in via the Web when on computer everything is correct and only shows what I've purposely left in there. Go back to the app and there's like twenty additional emails that I filed or deleted ages ago. It's bizarre and quite annoying to use this app for that reason. I also don't love the grouping of messages. Sometimes if you file away an email and then someone replies to an email in that trail, their new email doesn't always appear in the inbox it appears in the email trail of the email that's been filed away and therefore you don't even realise you've received a new email.

- Annoyed

I’d like to start by saying gmail needs a few improvements. They need to make it so that we can mark all our emails as read so that we don’t have thousands of emails that we haven’t read because they are promotions or social that we don’t want to see or deal with and it’s just generally annoying having the notification there. Someone might suggest to just turn notifications off but I need my notifications on when important emails come through and I need to reply to them straightaway or see what they say because I can’t just keep checking the app I need to have the notification. They also need to rearrange their app and make it more user friendly it’s too confusing

- Remove ads

I used to have Gmail as my primary email app until I became bombarded with advertisements. Granted though, you can delete the ads in the app, but this isn’t a permanent solution. There should be an option to remove ads within the settings as these ads become very distracting over time. I would also love an option to disable the bundling feature, because just even one email is bundled into a category; I can understand this system for multiple emails of the same category, but not individual ones. These minor problems keep me from having Gmail as my email client. Also where is dark mode??

- Learn the importance of visual language

The new icons are terrible - at a quick glance they all look the same, and it is very easy to click on the wrong one. Your designers would do well to understand the importance of visual iconography and context mapping. This is clearly the result of some overpaid execs trying to justify their existence, and it shows. Unification of a software suite does not mean every icon has to match, and your brand could have been streamlined without sacrificing usability. Three stars for the fact that the app itself still works fine, though the number of times I’ve misclicked into maps (which sits next to my gmail icon) is frankly astounding.

- Love The App! Push Notification Problem in iOS11

I’ve used the Gmail App for ages and think it’s awesome. In the update to iOS 11 something has broken and Push Notifications come up but don’t go away when you’ve viewed the email. I followed some steps online which involved deleting the App, doing a soft reset and re-installing which worked for about 1 Day and then the problem happened again. Would love to get this fixed as having good lingering notifications on my home screen is starting to do my head in. Thanks for the great work!

- Can’t attach anything

It bothers me a lot that in order to attach a file to my email I have to find a computer or possibly go to another application which allows me to attach files from my mobile’s storage directly. It has happened several times that I am actually in a hurry and have to attach some files and send some documents over, but due to Gmail’s inability to upload a file without it being in google drive slowed me down. This is one of the apps that I use the most, and will keep on using, just would like to see the option of being able to attach files from my device.

- Signature block

This is a great app except that the business version used to automatically insert my company’s signature block at the bottom of each email. This was very convenient when I was on the road and not in front of my computer. Now it doesn’t have that functionality- I don’t know why nor how to reinsert it. Please let me know if it’s available or reinstall it as a feature if it’s not. I’m paying $$$ to have my business account through this and it is an essential feature for looking professional to clients.

- Dated way to use email

After using Google Inbox, being forced to return to GMail is slated stressful step backwards that makes me question whether Google email systems are really still best of breed. The lack of features is astonishing, even for simple things I took for granted - segmentation of e-mail from today, yesterday and this month, inline pictures, inline email view and edit, bundling, profile pictures beside emails, tick and flick of large numbers of bundles of emails at really feels like a dated, legacy way to do mail. Uninstalling, will try Spark instead. First step away from GApps has begun...I can't believe how integral Google Inbox was to my enjoyment of their ecosystem.

- Thoughts on Gmail App

I have only started using this app 2weeks ago, so this particular review is just thoughts on the setup and ease of use for beginner users. When I have used it for a decent length, I will submit another review. Firstly, I personally found the setup to be a little confusing and lengthy. I do understand that the app has a ‘How-to-Use’ section as part of the setup, which is a positive addition, however, I haven’t even began to use the tutorial as I just want to use this app as a quick way to use a simple and basic email function. I think this criticism is more of a reflection of myself rather than the app itself. The way that I am able to categorise my emails is fairly simple and easy. I like the way I can log in to different accounts quickly and easily- that is a great tool. So far, I am still going to use this app and I assume that over time I will see more of the unique benefits that it offers, and will give a more in-depth review then.

- Broken and not worth your time

I previously had all of my emails set up on this, and out of nowhere, all of the “@outlook” ones got removed. So I tried adding them back. Immediately I was met with a question, “Would you like to try Gmailify”, which I answered no, but it wouldn’t let me pass. Tried everything, restarting, updating, and it just wouldn’t let me. So after being forced to answer yes, I had to resign in and after that, I also hit another barrier; it wouldn’t let me continue after choosing to receive my Outlook account’s emails on my one of my Gmail accounts. So now I’ve wasted my time and effort only to be unable to use this app for its sole purpose. Switching to another mail service, I suggest you do too.

- Great app but can you look into this

Been using the app for years and it’s been great. One thing always baffles me is that I can’t seem to search emails in the folder I just clicked on, so it always defaults back to ‘all mails’ when I search and I have to manually type in the name of the folder first to make sure it’s only searching in that folder. Any chance you could improve that functionality by not requiring a manual input?? That would make search much easier. Unless I missed something obvious. Thanks.

- Great MUA but flawed implementation in iPhone

I have been using GMAIL on multiple platforms for at least 15 years. It is one of my favourite mail user agents (MUA). There are many features in the desktop application that have failed to be included in the iPhone application, including font selections and formatting options. Some bugs remain unfixed. For example, using the DELETE key while editing a reply often causes the editing function to freeze. You can not edit or compose any reply until you force quit and restart. Makes gmail kind of pointless, or at least incredibly irritating.

- Notification issues

On my iPhone, gmail used to have the little red one and two over the icon. Now it has gone up to ~400 plus however many new emails are in my primary inbox. I don't know why gmail has started to include my promotions/socials in the notification count but if I go into the app and then check the new ones I receive, it goes away (generally). As someone who likes a clean screen, this is quite annoying for me...

- Insert signature before quoted text and remove “—“

I love that Google has finally given us the ability to turn conversation view off, like we have been able to in the desktop version of Gmail. Having the ability to use our web signature is a must for me for work, however not having it follow my web setting of inserting it before quoted text is a deal breaker, as it looks like I don’t have a signature at all, until you scroll down and see them all collected at the bottom. When this is fixed, I can finally use the Gmail app for my work email.

- Works as it should for my use, but where is Dark Mode?

So far my experience with the app has been fine. My general use is receiving emails, which it does perfectly. Had never had an issue with opening attachments or the like. However, for me, where this app falls is with it’s lack of Dark Mode. I like to go through my emails either first thing in the morning or of a night, and it can be quite harsh coming from a DM app. Lack of Dark Mode support seems to be a common theme among Google apps and it is definitely something that needs to be addressed and updated.

- Extremely disappointed with Google services

This is the 4th Google app I have written a review for. Maps, Assistant, Google and now Gmail. Appears to be a trend. Gmail only allows for you to upload and attach files that are located within Gmail or Google Drive. Requiring me to have duplicates of files from Google drive to my devices own storage. This isn’t the case for images where I can directly upload an image from my device without having to go through google photos. Could you please remedy this? I have found there are other complaints regarding this discrepancy that are over a year old.

- Needs basic improvements

Google, when are you going to allow an image to be included in the signature? This is essential for anyone using the app in a business manner. And also allowing to connect to iCloud files when attaching? And button to ‘move to’ across the top of the main body of an email without having to hit the three dots then choose (like you have on your web based gmail), there’s space and it would save a click. Please update all the above soon!! I don’t want to have to keep using the Apple mail app!!

- Unable to add photos glitch

Normally the gmail app is really good and always works. Just lately it has been frustrating because when you try to click any attachment to add it wont go to the next screen and your forever trying to select a photo. The only way to add a photo is by selecting it one by one through the photos app. If you also, try to do more than one photo through the photos app then it also is unable to complete the process. Other than that its a great app, if you guys could just fix this glitch


Google sent me an email on my 2nd gen iPad Pro to use this app once I installed Google docs. I like it except there is no way I have found that when you click on an email in the inbox, you can stop the full body part opening as well. In this day and age, it is way to dangerous opening emails up. We only need to see the first line in the inbox and then maybe click twice or something if you want to open it right up to view. Think about the security Google. Will find one that does what I want and then I will uninstall all stuff I have installed from Google on my iPad.

- Notifications

Hi. I am finding occasionally the app won’t send notifications through on my iPhone 8. This is consistent through many new iSO updates. I have to go into the app to see if an email has come through. Then suddenly after a few days it’s back to normal again. No. I haven’t changed any settings and yes. Notifications are on. Other than that. I’d like to be able to “un read” an email. Similar to desktop and Mail app. Cheers

- Still looking for the perfect email app

After my old favourite email app broke in a new update I’m looking for a solid replacement. A quick search said Gmail is a solid #1. I don’t see how!! After testing it for a day it’s not worth a spot in top tier. It auto zooms messages without letting you zoom out and no setting for it! Had to ‘forward’ messages to read and the Signitures are broken, And notifications fail to tell you that you have received email and have to manually refresh in the app to get updated! moving my accounts elsewhere in hope!

- Email stuffing up

I’ve been using gmail for quite a long time now, but there is this one reoccurring issue that just keeps popping up and I don’t know why. Every 2 months or so, my whole account stops getting emails through gmail. No matter how much I delete and reinstall the app my email doesn’t receive any emails. This goes on for at least 1 week or so. And then all of a sudden I start receiving emails again. This has to stop happening as I need to receive these emails for work and other things. Please get this sorted as soon as possible :)

- Excellent App

This is a great App, and I now use it instead of the mail app. I have a feature request. I use multiple mail accounts, It would be good if I could have a different notification sound for each account. This way I know how important the notification is depending on which email account it has been sent to. Otherwise, very easy to use!

- Couple tweaks?

Would love to be able to change the app colour to whatever I want without having to use a widget app. Also, filed and consolidated all my emails on my Mac that are linked to my gmail app and once I opened the app, none of that updated. Tried refreshing it, nothing happened so now I have to do it twice because the app won’t update it? A bit annoying. Still, Gmail is much easier to use than Apple’s Mail app.

- Grant

I was using the Apple app for three years then I got a message saying because I have Gmail that I was using the wrong app then I bought a security camera and I switched back to the Apple app and I wasn’t getting my messages I wasn’t then I worked out that it was because I switched off the Google app which is much faster than the Apple app which comes with the iPhone

- Great app / but why do I receive notifications for spam?

I love the Gmail app, very very easy to use. Although recently over past two months, I keep receiving notifications for spam email. When I check my inbox the email isn’t there - because it goes to spam folder. However I still receive a notification for it like a normal email. Very annoying. Latest iOS on IPhone 6plus

- Updated version doesn’t work!

I was forced to update since the version I was using became unsupported. I did, the new layout is nice, Gmail is my primarily used app for my emails, since it’s so easy to use. Been loving it for years! keeps saying that there is no connection when I try to load my inbox!!! Even when both my wifi and mobile data internet work fine for all other apps. Now the app is useless and I am having to desperately shop around for a new, similar app for my emails whilst clinging onto the hope the developers will fix this glitch soon enough. So disappointed!!

- Keeps refreshing emails within two minutes of leaving the app

The previous version of this app was wonderful. The latest version, however, is not so great. When I click a link in an email, spend two minutes reading it, and then go back to the app, it refreshes and takes me back to the top of the email - this didn’t use to happen. At first it wasn’t a big issue but it’s been happening all day and is now incredibly frustrating

- Irritating thing

More often than not the bubble telling you how many unread mails you have doesn’t clear once you’ve read them. I usually have to completely shut the app down, restart it, go back in and refresh. Even then sometimes it doesn’t clear. Not very helpful when you need to know if you have unread mails. For some reason this always happens with the app following an iOS update, then gets fixed a few weeks later.

- Latest update = disappointing changes

The beat part of the Gmail app was the clear easy layout, easy to differentiate between dates and emails. The latest update unfortunately does away with this ideal. The now totally white background with lack of borders or anything to differentiate between emails makes it hard to use comfortably. The introduction or promotional emails, and reminder emails at the top of the screen also makes it difficult to determine where your new emails start and end. Not a great design this time round.

- Sometimes I get frustrated😡😡😡

I love this app and it’s awesome I would give this five stars if you didn’t stop asking you to buy chrome because every time my mum or my grandma send me a link I really want to go into it but it just asks would you like chrome would you like chrome would you like chrome and it is so annoying when you just like want to do your stuff and get the links otherwise I love this app so get it but please the creators of the app update update update update update update update update update please thank you

- Ok for basic use - needs tweaking

It’s ok for basic email, however there are some things that need tweaking. • Swiping left/right on an email should provide more management options (e.g. delete) rather than just automatically archiving it - I have plenty of unintentionally archived emails. • When forwarding an email to someone, the forwarded address becomes the primary “reply to” rather than the original sender. I had a situation where I was inquiring about a house to a realestate agent, and they sent me an email. This email I forwarded to my partner so that they could see it. When I went to respond to the agent’s email, my partner’s email became the primary “reply to” email address - I sent off an email without realising that it went straight to my partner, not the agent. Other than these issues, everything thing else is ok. Just some idiosyncrasies that users need to adapt to.

- Flying Gorilla

Before I found flying gorilla, I was lonely, had no friends, and was in a state of depression. My mum had tried many things to cheer me up, but none had worked. Then I found it. Flying gorilla. The beautiful gorilla flew through the air, dodging birds and collecting bananas. I was instantly cured of my depression, and today I am a successful lawyer with 3 kids and lots of money. If you are struggling with something, download flying gorilla!

- Some issues attachment

In using Gmail for bussiness , easy to open , quick sending and receive email Note the drawings received , when I try zoom for some reason after few second back to original scale , become annoying as try all time to zoom pics and drawings , can be this fixed ?

- Lack of integration

As a well known and multi billion dollar company, their app isn’t as good as I expected, i cant attach my storage accounts directly with the app I can’t add attachments from dropbox, i cant change theme to black and when notifications arrive and even if i read them after opening the app, the app badge still shows and thats really annoying plus you cant delete messages directly from banner notifications and i wonder why they can’t fix that ? Why google don’t care about gmail app and also why they dont care about user experience ? Really annoyed

- Great app but notification problem

I’m someone who love/hates notification bubbles. I use them, but I also really love to get rid of them asap. So it’s pretty annoying when I have no unread emails but it still shows a notification! Sometimes the problem goes vice-versa too. And nothing gets rid of it, not even closing the app or restarting! I know this is a tiny problem, but, boy is it a frustrating one.

- Have been using for years, but now keeps crashing

I’ve been using the Gmail app for a long time and have loved it. For the last few weeks there has been a bug that makes the iPhone app crash on opening every time! I’ve updated the app and ios and hasn’t fixed the issue unfortunately

- Paste URL hasn’t worked for ages AND crashes reliably

I have now confirmed with the developer of ICab that this Gmail app has a fundamental flaw. The URL box of ICab uses Apple’s engine. If I click the URL box and select “Copy”, I can successfully copy the URL into the clipboard. If I use gmail and paste that link into the body of my email (eg. A reply), nothing shows up. If I then immediately switch to notes and paste, the URL appears. If I copy this same link from notes, I can then paste it to Gmail. The Gmail app is not recognising the URL meta-tag. Further, if you paste formatted text from a browser into your email, gmail is guaranteed to lock up .. you can’t enter more text, can’t rotate the screen, can’t move the cursor, etc... Gmail is BADLY broken! Come on Google, how long does this take to fix? Repeatability: 100% on IOS 12 and 13 and 14, multiple iPhones (eg. XS Max), etc. Bug has been there for at least 6 months.

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- Efficace

Pratique, simple, efficace... je l'adore !

- Conversation view

Please allow us to not have conversational view!!!!!

- Conversation View Off?

Can we please have the ability to turn conversation view off! Thank you!

- Très satisfaite et bravo !

Bonjour à tous, Je suis très satisfaite d'utiliser le Gmail car il est rapide et efficace. Merci et au plaisir

- Dark mode ipadOS

Hi I’m not able to activate dark mode on my iPad I don’t see the options in settings. iPad 7 gen. software version 13.3.1 (17D50) App version 6.0.200223 Please fix

- Love the look

It's clean and easy to use

- Works great

Everything you would want.

- Inbox is much better

Ads in mailbox? You must be kidding. Why swipe to archive? And both directions? Bring in swipe to snooze now. Poor layout design. Inbox’s is way better.

- Bring back Inbox

Googles Inbox app was far better than their gmail app. Bring it back!!!

- Replacement for Inbox, my ars

Just give me Inbox back please

- Swipe to snooze

Need to add swipe to snooze. Only then will I switch from Google inbox app

- Works great

Great app!

- Dark mode please ???

Dark mode / night mode please

- Don’t retire Inbox App

I literally hate this app, after having used Inbox by Google app for a long time. This app doesn’t have the Low Priority bundle which used to organize so better and also u can group delete promotions and social network emails. Very disappointed and confused by this decision from google

- Gmail

WHEN is dark mode coming?!?! It’s Monday April 20th. iOS 13.4.1 .. still waiting.

- Missing inbox!

The old inbox was much nicer looking, cleaner and easier to sort. This new gmail looks more dated somehow. Disappointed I had to change...

- This is a downgrade from Inbox

While this is better than the old gmail app it is definitely a step backwards from Inbox. I miss the feature of being able to delete all low priority mail at once.

- Inbox over Gmail

I get notifications saying to switch to Gmail because inbox is leaving. However, I enjoy the layout if inbox and hate the layout of Gmail. You suggest that you have added the features from inbox but I beg to differ. Unfortunately, I will have to resort to a third party email app.

- Finally no message threads!

Awesome that you can now turn off conversation view in the app. Thanks for fixing this finally!!

- Absolutely horrible

Absolutely horrendous

- Dark Mode on IOS

Would be nice if dark mode worked.

- Why?

Inbox worked wonderfully. Why did Google have to kill it?

- Bundling

Google is shutting down INBOX app replacing back gmail but GMAIL app doesn’t have smart bundling INBOX app has. Things get better everyday here it’s reverse. Feels frustrating.

- Can't remove accounts?

Google has taken away the ability to remove accounts from the login page. The only way is to clear Safari data, which is a pain. Not sure of the rationale - please bring back the remove option!

- Copy/paste

Since new update i cannot copy and paste into a messenger from email.

- Made much worse in the latest update

In order to promote Meet, instead of making a separate app Google added a giant button on the bottom of Gmail's screen. There's not a lot of real estate on your phone so I accidentally hit it all the time. Another terrible forced update from a tech company that serves its strategic goals instead of users, but that's how free products work - you're the product, not the customer.

- Inbox is way better

I likes how the inbox looked This app has poor layout and the only reason. I use this is to send more that one attachment We need to have the ability to CHOOSE if we want conversation view Seriously?

- Update has made the app non-functioning

I’ve been using gmail for ages with no problems, but was told today I had to update the app to use it. Once updated, the app kept saying there was “no connection” when on either wifi or data, even though I have gmail allowed for data usage, and my wifi was working fine. Now it’ll connect, but when composing a message I can’t send it or schedule send, I’m just stuck on the screen and the email does not automatically save to drafts like it used to. I’m confused and disappointed that this app is suddenly useless now.

- Dark mode

We are in 2020, We need dark mode in Gmail.


I don’t have the option for dark mode. I have the newest IOS that’s silly

- March 2020 still no dark mode ios13

I mean, come on. The app is useless to me if it's 100 times brighter than all my other apps. Get your stuff together.

- Dark Mode

Still waiting for Dark mode on Gmail.


Why on the world are you holding off on dark mode? My eyes burn.

- Dark Mode?

Excellent email app, although it would be great if dark mode could finally be released

- Dark mode

Dark mode is needed for iOS 13!!!

- Hey Siri, turn on dark mode

Where is dark mode Google???

- Dark mode isn’t available :(

There’s no theme option when you go to settings. I have ios 13.4 and have tried reinstalling the app but theme still doesn’t show up.

- Dark mode not available

Seriously how long does it take for a rollout to finish? Still no theme option in settings. Ver 6.0.200224 and iOS 13.4

- Good but...

No issues with how gmail operates in terms of sending, receiving and organizing emails. However dark mode is still unavailable to me... What’s going on?

- Where is dark mode?

Been waiting since September for "dark mode". When is it coming? *update: WhatsApp just pushed out dark mode but gmail hasn’t yet...interesting

- Dark mode

When is dark mode coming?

- Still Missing Dark Mode

Still Missing Dark Mode almost ½ a year after dark mode was introduced to iOS. Will give 5 stars once dark mode is enabled

- Dark Mode unavailable

The theme option is not seen in the settings of Gmail app. iOS 13.3.1. Gmail app latest update

- Dark Mode

Help! I can’t change my app to dark mode because I’m unable to find Theme under Settings in the Gmail app for iOS 13. Any ideas why? Both my phone and app have the latest updates.

- Constant Ads in Inbox

Was fine but recently my box is mandated with Ads. Removed all target info but still persisted. I don’t have time for the garbage being sent. Deleted the app. Using the native Apple app and there are no ads.

- Dark mode roll out is a failure

Complete failure that it has taken 6 months to roll out dark mode.

- Missing Google Inbox

Inbox was a smarter, faster way to email. This Gmail client almost a year after Inbox was shut down is not good. No dark mode, no trip bundles, just terrible.

- Very Unfortunate- Monopoly

I have been using google products since long. Today I am so frustrated with Gmail app. Google is enforcing to attach only from camera roll or from google drive not from Ios files app nor one drive. Which is understandable, but forcing you to only use a link to the attachment rather attaching the file itself is terrible. The file size is less than 1 MB and am sending doc to a bank and they cannot open google drive to view this file. How senselessly buit app and blindsided with absolute monopoly thoughts and enforcing consumers to use features which are absolutely not useful. If this feature is not changed I am not going to use any of google products going forward.

- New update is awful

My app says I have 34 unread email (I don’t) no matter how matter are unread. I also don’t get notifications anymore. This is all since the most recent update. Fix it ASAP.

- Why the ads?!

Google already has a role in majority areas of our online life.. of which they understandably fill with ads. Seeing an ad in my EMAIL.. infuriating

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- Emptying Folders

I would really love to give five out of five, but there is one issue I just can't get past. Why is it that Gmail doesn't have an empty inbox option? It's hard to delete 23,000* messages. If there is something that I missed I would appreciate being corrected so I can correct my rating. It is that important to me. Google has made switching from phone to phone one of the most regrettable tasks that no one looked forward to doing, even if they did like their new phones, to being as easy as signing into an account.....literally. Getting back on track, if there is not a way to empty all your Folders other than deleting your account, I would appreciate it if this matter could be looked into and a solution to this problem that is faithful Gmail users run into on a daily basis. Thank you. Alan M. Herzberg Jr.

- A truly terrible app

I don’t write reviews but the gmail team sent me email saying Big Brother had seen I wasn’t using their app, so I had to try it. I use Apple email so I will compare. I have six email accounts (3 google, yahoo, att, Apple). Apple lets me see one integrated inbox or I can choose just one. Gmail makes you switch between each one every time by selecting a tiny circle on the bottom left or three lines at the upper left. Very cumbersome. Apple uses Settings for my email accounts, all easy to use and all the same to create. Gmail makes me go through hoops to attach the other accounts and the inbox for each account is tied to one of my google accounts, so they share inboxes and I have to decide which of my 3 gmails to use and remember for the other 3. Apple lets me see all the folders of all my email accounts and select them by showing a third window pane on the left. Gmail doesn’t do this at all. The list that comes up is only for the current of my 3 gmails. No folders from other accounts. Apple pops up a window for new email that fills middle third of screen with the inbox/email shown greyed out in background, a nice reminder of what I might be creating a new email for. Gmail fills the entire screen with a new email and on my large iPad Pro it is very, very annoying and jolts me so, I have to close it to remember what I was thinking. This was all in the first five minutes. I didn’t waste any more time, so look elsewhere for an in-depth review.

- Where did gmail go wrong?

The older gmail used to be the ideal go to for email on the go, the last few versions of it have been terrible. When I was force upgraded to iOS 12 I my 2015 gmail stopped working. So I’ve had to basically relearn how to use it as it’s a completely different program. In the old versions if you wanted to attatch something you could click paperclip and then the dialog with albums appears and you could chose to navigate camera roll album or individually pic specific album where desired photos are. Now if I wanna attatch something I have to either scroll recent photos or click camera roll which opens the moments tab of photo library. There isn’t even an option to choose to either view album or photo library in moments tab. It makes something as simple as attatching past photos on the go a huge hassle, second option is using desktop to mount iPhone and find desired attatchment that way. Google used to have it together but their suite of apps has become a hot mess.

- You can do better

Whenever someone leaves an extremely low star review, I always think they are mad. I half-expect them to write in all-caps, yell at the screen, and use exclamations points everywhere. So first of all, I’m totally chill. I just bought a brand new iPad Pro and I downloaded 10 different email apps to test them out and see which one was the best for me. I am actually pumped! Reasons for low-star review: - UNCLEAN: When you clear your inbox, you want your eyes to be directed toward the most important information. Unfortunately, I found my eyes locked on the least important information while I was using the app. - FOLDER USAGE: I added something to a folder and it disappeared completely. (Toggling between my folder list from the “move to” option) Obviously I understand some of this could be not knowing how to use the app, but there was no instruction on how to use it when I opened it. I also come from an engineering background, and am really good at this stuff. If I can’t figure it out, who can? I had really hoped that customizability would be better and more abundant as well. These are my biggest complaints. IT’S GOOGLE! I really have enjoyed a lot of their products. I use Google Calendar more than the calendar from Apple. Although it’s not perfect, it’s better than the Apple calendar. I guess I just thought they were the elite, so I held them to a higher standard. Thank you

- Basic and missing features

Please add the inbox-swipe features that inbox app has/had — swipe right to snooze and swipe left to archive. I really like the snooze feature from inbox and now on gmail desktop bit it is impossible to find here and takes at least 3 taps. An accidental swipe in either direction on this layout is supremely annoying. Why does it archive by swiping either direction?? I’ve accidentally archived quite a few emails but why isn’t there an archive folder if that’s where they are going? It’s a pain to retrieve them from all mail and then put them back in the inbox. Also why can’t I mark an email as unread? This is such a basic feature and I can’t find it anywhere. I will really miss the Inbox app — this new gmail app feels so bare bones and like I have to work to do anything Updating on 4/21: it’s nice to have snooze now, but why does my “everything” (btw this label is really confusing please call it what it is, an inbox) folder show a bunch of emails that I’ve snoozed or archived on other devices? If I compare my iPad and my iPhone gmail apps side by side, they show different everything inboxes. This is supremely annoying. It seems like the iPad app just doesn’t understand that I’ve snoozed or archived emails elsewhere. I don’t even want to use Gmail on my iPad because its cognitively draining to figure out why all these emails I thought I snoozed are in front of me.

- Please fix signature issue

In terms of basic functionality, the app works well enough for me. However, an issue I have recently run into (and which apparently has been a long-standing complaint by other users) is the fact that the signature appears at the bottom of an entire conversation thread (quoted text) by default. On the web, there is an option to make it so the signature appears at the end of your reply BEFORE quoted text, but this option is not available in the app. There are reviews from the end of 2017 and earlier this year complaining about this issue, and I have seen forum posts online regarding this issue going back even a bit further than that. While this may not be a problem for some users, it can be very frustrating for other users who use Gmail for professional/business communications, so I believe this issue warrants greater attention from the Google team than it is currently being given.

- Signatures feature lacking

Overall I really like this app, but a couple glaring issues keep me from using it as my default mail app. The way signatures are handled (or rather not handled) is a HUGE problem keeping many from using this app. The problem is that you can’t create, edit, or enable/disable signatures per message. In fact, the app doesn’t even show you the signature, it simply gets applied after sending the message. To further confuse the sender and recipient when replying to a message your signature will be applied to the bottom of the entire thread, not just your reply at the top, and again you won’t see this because the signature isn’t shown to the sender. Google I hope you take some time to correct the signatures feature and make it more full featured because iOS 14 will finally allow users to make 3rd party apps the os default handler, but without corrections like this one I doubt many users will be able to make the switch.

- Update has removed basic functionality

Just updated the app and now I’ve lost even the simplest of functionality from this app. It was bad enough that there wasn’t a quick way to multi-select emails for deletion, but now it’s unnecessarily complicated. You have to press and hold every single email to get a check mark to delete! It was bad enough when you had to find one to do this with before, but then you got at least got the option to select multiple emails for deletion or moving from there. Now it’s ALL of them you have to press and hold on. I don’t understand why the developers would keep moving backwards in features, rather than making it easier, and an overall better user experience. Guess it’s back to using the website only for emails. This used to be my preferred email app, even though the delete function was inferior to Apple’s mail. Everything else was better. Slowly this app has gotten more and more basic and it’s simply no longer useful to use.

- Good App but certain important elements missing

I like using the apps but it is missing some basic functionality. 1) Split Screen Multitasking functionality should be added to the app. I often send emails in a foreign languages and I like to have a multilingual dictionary app in the split view to check words as I write. I see no obvious reason why this app doesn’t have split screen multitasking functionality. 2) I should be able to attach documents that are saved in the Files to email replies. As far as I can tell the email attachment functionality only works with documents that are saved to the drive and even then I don't think you can attach the document so much as share it from the drive. The only way to attach documents from files it share from the files app which always starts it as a new email. This is not great for continued collaboration and functionality. Please fix.

- good, but not great

I enjoy using all google platforms, the "google ecosystem" as some may call it. However, this app is the only one I have a problem with. When viewing/using gmail through browser everything is fine, so this issue is mainly for the app and not the system itself. I'm a small business owner so I have multiple gmail accounts. One for customer service, one for my personal stuff, one for jobs/hiring/interviews, and one just for all of the junk that I sign up for but don't want to crowd my other inboxes. When viewing/using through browser, everything is kept separate. It even opens up an entirely new window when switching accounts. On this app, even though I can switch through my accounts, all of my mail is jumbled together. I'm clicking on my customer service account but my inbox is full of newsletter I signed up for on my junk account. Or even worse, the same email is in EVERY account even though it's being sent to just one. Everything is mixed and it makes it really hard to stay on top of my emails when nothing is synced or where it's supposed to be. Please fix this. When Covid-19 is controlled and the public opens up again, I'll be thrown back into replying to emails between running errands and having mixed inboxes should be the last thing I have to navigate through.

- One VERY annoying thing...

I don’t really like trusting my email information to third party apps, so I was excited when Gmail announced that new functions like scheduling, snoozing, and swiping were (finally) coming to the native app. However, upon starting to use the Gmail app again, I was VERY ANNOYED to find that you can no longer swap out the circular “sender images” for check boxes unless you switch to the very restrictive “compact view” of your inbox. Google’s support website claims that the setting is still there to be changed on iOS, but it isn’t. Why take this away? Almost no person or company *actually* adds a sender image to their Google account, so all you see is random color blobs with letters in them. It is so garish, distracting, and juvenile. I would much rather have check boxes, and still do on the desktop version. I’m glad Gmail is adding some basic overdue functions, but taking this setting option away is such a basic swing and miss... one star until we get that option back.

- It just keeps getting worse!

I have 3 gmail accounts for different reasons, as a way to organize my email effectively, and see less garbage if I don't want to. This newer version does not let me go back and forth between my accounts like I used to could, and I can no longer access one of my accounts at all! I only see a few messages in my "all inboxes" part, but can't see all of them! I've missed some important ones that I'd like to see, yet see crap I could care less about! Please revert back to letting users switch between our accounts with ease! I’m really tired of the glitches, as well! I wish we had a delete all option when we are trying to delete a lot of emails from the same sender. Right now when I try to delete a large amount of emails from the same company, I have to touch each one, and inevitably, when I get several tagged, the app closes out, and I have to start all over again! It’s very frustrating! At those point, I'm looking into other options for my email!

- How’s That Replacement For Inbox?

When Google decided to decommission Inbox and go with Gmail I was perplexed. But we were promised the same functionality, so what the hell, I guess I’ll give it a try. Well, let me tell you, I’m beyond disappointed. For starters, Inbox would organize all emails into neat categories: Promotions, Purchases, important stuff, and what not. Everything other than important stuff didn’t trigger a notification which is fine by me because I get a ton of spam. It was easier to clean up too. Next, visually Inbox was far better organized. Emails had visual cues, reminders and things related to your calendar had a different layout, etc. Again, it made your inbox easier to organize. There was also the “Done” functionality. Essentially it meant that with one click you could make an email disappear from the main view but it wasn’t deleted. Just moved somewhere else. None of that exists for Gmail. Quite frankly, Gmail hasn’t changed since it was released (visual, layout, etc). I’m not one for fix what ain’t broken but for the love of god, could we step into the 21st century? I understand wanting to be simplistic but too much simplicity doesn’t give you much flexibility. Long story short, I’m moving to Outbox because at least their app gives me some room to organize in an easy, user friendly way which Gmail really doesn’t. Very disappointed, Google.

- Adequate but with two fatal flaws

I’ve used the gmail app for a few years ... it was certainly an improvement over the Apple Mail app. Just two things have slowly come to dominate my experience, to the point that today I rage quit. 1. That Important label business. I just wanted it to go away - I never asked for it, it just happened to me. I still don’t entirely understand it! I delete emails, but they continue to haunt me in Important. If I never read them - and sometimes, an email doesn’t need to be read to delete it, am I right? - then the stupid app shows me unread flags thanks to that Important business. Again, DELETED emails. Why, Google? When I search for solutions, none affect the app - so I’ve been stuck with this issue. 2. Email threads. Initially, I appreciated this feature. I’m old school - I used a text-based email program for years, and I miss it. It also threaded - most programs do! Replies get placed next to originals. This is helpful. For some reason, Google decided to hide that things were threaded? Again, I don’t entirely understand this, I just know how it affects me. Here, emails I HAVEN’t deleted disappear. In the thread it will show one then skip one and show another. Where do they go? I’m not sure, but it’s been more than a little upsetting. If neither of these things will bother you, then this app is fine.

- Good, but not as good as Inbox

I loved Gmail. Then I tried Inbox back when Google first came out with it. I soon deleted Gmail. Now that they are doing away with Inbox, I’d love to see these things come over to Gmail: Swiping emails in Inbox gave you the option of both Delete AND archive. I would love that on Gmail. Archiving whole categories is amazing. I could scroll thru my emails in a category, read what I wanted, deleted or save to a tag/folder what I wanted, then back out of the category and archive the whole thing. Brilliant. No more selecting every individual email for archive or deletion. It was the key to keeping a tidy Inbox. This is really something I’d love to see in the Gmail App. Having more auto categories for Shopping, Finance, etc were very nice. I’d love to see more categories be brought to Gmail as a whole. Lastly, it was wonderful to see my trips categorized automatically. This was a great feature that I will sorely miss. Being able to have all my reservations for a business trip or vacation quickly available rather than having to search for a specific email while at the counter was wonderful. I think these few things would get me back on track to feeling like I have a good mail app again.

- Still bugged

Still can’t disable combined inboxes, so I see my porn next to my work emails. Still opens up meet links in Gmail, which is so ridiculously stupid I can’t fathom it. Makes both Gmail and Meet unusable for me on mobile. And they’re proud of forcing Meet on you where you don’t want it. Just bad product design. Update: Raising to 3 stars. Meet links now route through Gmail (probably to track you across accounts/apps), but they at least go to Meet correctly now, rather than trying to shoehorn two unrelated apps into one. This effectively addresses one of my primary concerns, albeit in a roundabout and flawed way, since a Meet link has to be redirected from an unrelated app, taking extra time, hurting the UX and adding an unrelated app in the application history. At least I can reinstall and use the app again... but still missing the beat here by trying to shoehorn unrelated apps together.

- Awesome email service

I love Gmail. I’ve used it for over 10yrs probably over 15 if I really think about it. I have never had any issues with any gmail account of mine. I absolutely LOVE that I can have google docs connected with my gmail. Everything is in 1 place, google calendar also is connected to my account so when I get email confirmations from work I can immediately just have that info placed in the calendar and have a reminder set with pure ease, and lastly I love that it’s connected to google drive. I keep ALL of my important documents that are complete plus all of my photos. Unlimited storage FOR FREE. You can’t go wrong. All of their apps work flawlessly together. It has made me staying organized in each of these areas incredibly simple. I couldn’t be happier.

- Doesn’t notify

I’ve been using this app for several years on two different phones as well as two different carriers. At first, when I would get emails I would get notifications even when my phone was locked. However, about two years ago I started noticing that sometimes I would get notifications on my locked screen and sometimes I didn’t. Only way I would know I had mail was the little red circle on the app when I had my phone unlocked. Sometimes after checking my mail the notifications circle wouldn’t update and I would keep refreshing my screen to see if I had more mail. It has gotten to the point where I would check my laptop before my phone would notify me of an email. I have checked the settings, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and nothing has changed. Overall the app is good for checking and responding to email. If it would notify me about when I get emails it would be great.

- I love Gmail!!

Google suites is by far the absolute best set of tools I use for running my entire business and personal life! The switch to Google came effortlessly after Microsoft held my work hostage. Amazingly in the age of greed in profit Microsoft held my work hostage over 10 years worth of work document spreadsheets charts graphs etc. I can only look at them because my license had expired and to retrieve the work my only option was to Pay. I love the ease of use for Google sweet everything! It’s nice to have access to my work no matter where I am thank you so much for being a very ethical, professional, affordable, and very very user-friendly set of products! Thank you so much for making my life and my business so much easier to enjoy! Definitely five stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Inadequate

I absolutely LOVED Inbox! It ran easily, smoothly and efficiently. It had bundles that you could sort emails into and it automatically sorted into important, promotions, etc., and with one click, could delete unwanted mail. It didn’t take over your phone or ipad. This Gmail app is glitchy, and no way to bundle anything, see all the same junk in one setting and permanently delete it. You literally have to delete one email at a time. I hate it. I get a bunch of unwanted junk email daily, and have missed important emails because I have to literally sit here and delete the same junk over and over again. I unsubscribe to email I didn’t even subscribe to in the first place, and email fills my inbox with unwanted unsubscribed emails. It’s completely frustrating! I didn’t see any improvement with the recent update. It isn’t going to make this app better with automatically filling in words I’d rather type myself thank you! I want the bundles back! I’m looking for a different email app.

- Lack of control over notifications and sorting means bye bye gmail app

I have been using inbox exclusively since my fiancée showed me the app 3 years ago. I like the control it gives me over how I view my inbox as well as what push notifications I am sent. Google is getting rid of inbox at the end of March and I downloaded (again) the gmail app thinking that major improvements had been brought and it would give me the same level of control. Day 14: I still can not stand this stuffed inbox. Even emails I have set up to be sent to folders are set as labels now and still appear in the main mail box until I archive them. This makes things like nest or memberships with lots of update emails a massive jam and each email now has to be individually taken care of instead of allowing the system to deal with it. Only social and promotions have been brought over to gmail and they work okay. I do not enjoy seeing sponsored ads in the depths of my personal email, but hey, it’s google after all. Managing multiple email addresses has become smoother yet more cumbersome at the same time. I can easily see all mail boxes at the same time but now I need to do 3 times the work due to the folder issues because I am flooded with notifications I wasn’t receiving before. All and all I am going to follow how my work email is set up and utilize outlook. Sorry google but you had it with inbox for me but gmail won’t cut it.

- Bring back the cursor when doing replies

I used the GMail app all day long on my iOS devices. One thing that has bugged me for awhile has been the missing cursor when you do a reply. Typically in most email apps when you do a reply the cursor will be at the top and the on screen keyboard shows. Sometime ago GMail also behaved this way but they took it out. Now when you do a reply you have to tap where you want to type, which sometimes you just can’t tap in the exact place you want so it’s frustrating. A couple of days ago while visiting with my 80 years step father he said he can’t reply to anyone anymore in GMail and I immediately knew what his issue was and I was correct. He said Google was stupid for doing that, how’s anyone supposed to know to do that? Please Google, fix this for all the frustrated senior citizens that want to reply to their kids and grandchildren.

- Top Notch for Personal & Business

Just coming off of identity theft, a dark period to say the least. Everything stolen or hacked including drivers license, bank ach accounts and passwords. Ugh! Went thru account recovery for personal and business with Gmail. Prompt was for last PW...blank... But I did manage to remember a PW I had generated years back. That was magic & I got my accounts verified while I continue to go back and forth with Outlook [I even have a debit card on file for Office 365, btw & still no access]. Love my business email! For only a single-digit fee per month, everything sits in the Cloud on Google Drive; I can easily generate file folders and stay organized. Peace of mind, Privacy, Security. There’s no match in the market for this! Couldn’t be more satisfied.

- Major issue & no way to get Google’s attention

There is a major problem with the new desktop version of Gmail. Unfortunately with the new configurations of google platforms, there is no way to contact Google by direct email with problems/questions — only help is through “help topics.” When emailing a group of contacts I’ve created (a mailing list), if I have multiple email addresses for any given contact ONLY ONE of those email addresses receives my email. What’s more, which email gmail decides to send to seems totally random. In my case, sending out a mailing to parents for a sports booster club — I have a contact card for each player; that contact card has both parents’ individual email addresses on it — only one of those parents receives the email. This has caused some problems with our communication regarding practices and fundraisers. It is so unlike google to have such a big issue and no customer service to back it up. What’s going on???!! PLEASE FIX THIS GOOGLE!!!!

- Notifications need fixing!

I absolutely love this app. It’s very useful for me having the different accounts that I do. I use them for separate things. (School, work, etc.) And usually I will receive an update on the things I need to be updated, until recently, I’ll get a notification on my iPhone with the number next to it that usually indicates how many emails are unread in my primary list on my emails. But, I’ve been searching and searching through my different emails just to figure out that the notification on the app on my home screen, never went away from the email that I’ve already read! Please fix this issue. This might seem crazy, but I actually do have really bad OCD and having the numbers only be on this app, is literally killing my mind. Please have this fixed...

- Mostly Great 👍🏼

This app is mostly helpful, because it allows me to check my email in a separate app and not Apple Mail. I like the google meet setting inside the Gmail app. I have a few problems, though. Firstly, the app doesn’t send notifications to my iPhone. I have turned on notifications from the Gmail app on settings and in the Gmail app. still, I do not get notifications when I receive an email. Second, when using Gmail on a chrome book or on a computer, the Hangouts feature is enabled from your Inbox page. On the Gmail app, however, you have to have the Hangouts app installed separately. I wish the hangouts feature was able to be accessed from the Gmail app. Finally, when sent links in an email, my phone gives me a choice as to what search engine app to open the link with. If you click the Safari option, it automatically signs in to your google account on Safari. I wish that this wouldn’t happen, because once your google account is signed in on Safari, all settings on your google account are automatically on Safari. Thanks for reading this, if you’re still here. I really like the Gmail app, even though I have some problems with it. 👍🏼 thanks again!

- Mostly Good

Most of my opinions on Gmail app for iOS are good. I'm a mostly Mac/iPhone/iPad person in a PC/Android world. I prefer the Google set of apps because it allows me to maneuver a bit better in this dichotomy. Also I like the material design on the Google apps better. The Gmail app specifically needs improvement in viewing previous replies, especially those that come in while you might be replying. I often miss replies because of the way responses are displayed. In the app it's very difficult to figure out who replied when during an active conversation that often includes more than two responders. I do like how social and promotion emails are separated, although I'd prefer to tweak those settings. There very well may be a control but it's not obvious if there is, nor have I gone looking.

- Body Integrations Chiropractic

Although I have been an extreme “Doubting Thomas “ when it comes to chiropractors, Dr. Bill Nicol has absolutely changed my mind! I even explained to Dr. Bill how I felt about those in his profession before I decided to visit him. The first time I saw him, I went for a long-time problem with headaches and my neck. After that first visit, I felt better than I had in years! After a couple of follow up visits , my problem was completely gone ! He also corrected an ankle problem and pain in my arm. Not only is Dr. Bill an excellent chiropractor (who does not use the old popping and cracking method), but he was a noted sports massage therapist before he became a chiropractor, and worked at one of the olympics!! I would recommend Dr. Bill Nicol to anyone !!

- Latest update is a flop

Right now,I would honestly give the app ZERO stars. I actually updated the app accidentally so that’s on me BUT....since then I have had repeated problems with the app not letting me “reply” to a message and oh my gosh it infuriates me so much!! I really don’t like the update anyway but to be right in the middle of an email conversation and then the app just won’t let me respond. I have deleted-reinstalled a few times in the past two weeks. It has temporarily helped but has eventually gone back to the reply problems. And today’s attempt to get it cooperating it will let me log in,see messages then when I click one to respond it gives me the screen telling about Smart Compose. I have tried to tap the “got it” bar but it’s stuck at that point. Omg!!! Fix the problem FAST please.....I have had no prior problems with Gmail until updating last week and I’m so disgusted and angry that I have had this many problems in only two weeks...maybe less.

- Horrible at sorting emails

I reluctantly downloaded this app recently when my “Inbox” Gmail app was no longer supported. I hate it. I get so many notifications a day for promo emails. My settings say to send me notifications for “primary only” and somehow so many silly emails are getting sorted into Primary. I’m tired of hearing the notification noise, but if I turn notifications off, I’ll miss out on important emails. If I unsubscribe from the promos, I won’t have them when I need them. I’m SOL either way. This app is not organized as nicely as Inbox was. Inbox has bright colors and you could easily switch between “primary”, “promos”, “travel”, etc. it was extremely user friendly and organized perfectly. This app lacks all of those user friendly organization features. This app feels like any other email app, even the one that comes with your phone. There’s nothing special or handy about it. I’m not a fan.

- Buggy! Bring back Inbox!

I was forced to switch to the Gmail app after Google shut down Inbox. I used to love Gmail until I discovered Inbox and found how much easier and more intuitive it was to use. I received notifications that Inbox was being shut down and kept putting off the switch until one day I opened Inbox and was forced to download Gmail to see my email in an app format. I HATE IT! I thought it was just that I would need a period of readjustment time to get used to Gmail but it’s not just that. The fact that it is so buggy (e.g. trouble switching accounts, issues with simple settings, etc. ) drive me crazy. I have to close out of the app and reopen several times a day just to check my email. I’m even considering switching to Outlook (gasp!) just to avoid the buggy issues. I’m extremely disappointed in this app. Why didn’t google keep Inbox and shut down this one instead? I would have been ok if they rebranded Inbox as Gmail too.

- Serious bug

This app has a serious issue on iPhone X that needs resolving ASAP. I realized a few weeks ago that I would get gmail notifications but as soon as I’d hold the phone in front of me the notification would suddenly disappear completely rather than expanding to show its content. I’d then go into the gmail app and wouldn’t find any new emails. It wouldn’t happen every time and but was happening frequently. This continued until I started missing important emails. So I looked around and found all of them in the TRASH. I had never deleted any of them. I didn’t even know that I had received those emails. but there is something with the facial recognition and this app that when you have a notification for an email and you hold your phone in front of your face it just erases the notification and deletes the email. I don’t have similar problem with other email apps on my phone so this is a gmail issue rather than Apple issue.

- Unsend option disappears too quick

Overall I love Gmail, I love being able to create the different labels. I love the set up when two email accounts are merged together and the ease of switching back-and-forth. I like that I have the option to have access to both email accounts and either get all of the emails at the same time or switch back-and-forth. I prefer to switch back-and-forth because I don't want to check my school email all day every day. It is great that Google separates your promotions, social emails, and spam. My only complaint is this unsend option. The idea is great except I didn't even realize it was an option until recently and yet it's been out about a year. The option to understand disappears in one or maybe two seconds, that defeats the purpose. At least let it sit there for 20 seconds.

- Decent app but ads appear in your inbox

The app appears to have most of not all of the functionality of the gmail website and is relatively nice to use, but ads are something I find unacceptable in a mail app. The default mail app doesn’t give me ads and the only functionality that I really gain by using the gmail app is the inbox sorting. However, if I don’t want the sorting, can’t find a way to view my inbox unsorted unless I’m viewing a mixed mailbox of all my accounts. Maybe I’m just used to the default mail app, but the gmail app just gives fancy features I rarely find I need on mobile. If you need features like “send later” or other nice gmail features on your phone, and don’t mind ads, then the app is fine. I usually prefer to write emails on the computer anyway, so many of the features of the app are unnecessary for me and I absolutely detest the ads in my inbox, so I won’t be using it.

- Won’t let me reply to emails!!

I don’t usually write reviews. However, there is something seriously wrong with the Gmail app and it needs to be fixed immediately. What might that be? It won’t let me reply to emails. Which is... kinda a big deal, seeing as that’s the entire purpose of this app! Whenever I press the reply button (whether it’s the one at the top, by the name of the sender, or the one at the bottom, next to the forward button), it takes me to a blank white screen. After a few moments, the sender information (sender, recipient, heading, etc). It allows me to edit the heading, but if I click on the large white space below it (where the previous emails and an area for my response should be) it doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried to let it load, but it never renders anything. After more experimentation, I’ve concluded that this only happens when you have a chain of 20+ emails. I seem to be having no difficulties with small exchanges, only the prolonged interactions. I’m not having this issue on any laptops or computers, or the Gmail site. It’s only the app. Fellow app users: Thank you for reading my admittedly longwinded review. App developers: Please get this fixed as soon as possible. My job requires a lot of immediate responses to emails, and when I’m running from meeting to meeting, it just isn’t practical to have to pull out a laptop to respond to a two-sentence email.

- Not as good as Mail where it counts

Gmail is nice with couple of huge inconveniences which make it hard to recommend over the default Mail app. First, it provides no way to open links directly in Safari. There is a default app option labeled Safari, but it’s a lie. Gmail’s “Safari” is really an in-app browser. Whenever I tap a link in an email which leads to a site that requires authentication I see a 404, even when I’m signed in the system Safari browser. A second tap is required to open the url in system Safari. The “Chrome” option opens it’s respective browser in one tap as you’d expect. Why the disparity? Likely so Google can track users more easily. I’m disappointed Apple hasn’t cracked down on this. Second, it messes with the font size. The font is either much larger or much smaller, making messages harder to read.

- Update/upgrade PLEASE

Hi my name is Deandrew Powell Update/upgrade gmail /gmail app/google gmail If you guys see this it be really appreciated I just want to say that I have a problem, every day when I use gmail I keep getting spam emails from dating emails and porn emails and it really annoying and I think it be a great idea if you guys made a update/upgrade to gmail on all phone gmail apps and laptop gmail. I think that for this update/upgrade you guys could add a new feature we’re it would work like this . It would be a new button we’re if you click this button it will stop all inappropriate emails and inappropriate spam emails from your emails account forever. And if something that shouldn’t be there happened to end up in there you can select it and move it into your regular emails group. And you have a amount of days until it’s deleted and blocked forever. It’s really annoying that I get porn emails and dating emails and pill emails every single day and I will an other people with my problems will really appreciated it if you guys could change and help with this problem. Please help And it be amazing if you can add this feature on all phone an pc and tablet and computer platforms forever. If you guys could do this it be really appreciated and I think other people would appreciate it to. Thanks for your help and hope y’all have a great day:DeAndrew Powell

- Good, but could be better EDIT: It’s better!

UPDATE: They *finally* added the ability to toggle “important” status. I have notifications set to “important only” so it’s a big deal to be able to manage this on the go. Also, the new layout is really nice. They’ve managed to bring most of the full gmail experience to the mobile app. My rating has increased accordingly. ********* This app has made a lot of strides and improvements, but there’s a lot of functionality still missing. I have no idea why they continue to refuse to allow you to toggle the “important” status of emails from the app. Adding that in alone would probably make me bump my review one, and maybe two, stars, and it seems like it’d be easy to do.

- Second review no change deleting this crappy app

So months back I wrote a review about this gmail app. I stated that it really needed an upgrade. 1. Why am I receiving spam in my main inbox. When I use a regular mail app that filter it properly. 2. Why is the app so behind that it has not edit tab for all the mail you get. You should be able to edit and delete all at once. Why do I want to click on each email to delete it. The app seems to be stuck in the stone ages. 3. The setting menu is bare why even have one. It does nothing to help you be able to organize your email properly. After giving this app months of use and hoping a review would make an update happen. I’m over it and deleting it and going back to my original mail app. It’s no point in a gmail app don’t waste your time. Unless you want to risk opening spam mail by accident. Because you wouldn’t think something like that would get through to your inbox.

- Notification and Badging delays

Gmail / Google is usually on top of things so I’m gonna give 4 stars because I know they’ll fix it. For past few days my email accounts on iOS and even web browser has been getting notification delays. I have many accounts and some are acting better then others. In general it takes 15-20 minutes after actually receiving the email for the notification to post. I can check that by simply polling for email in web. Obviously I don’t want to refresh chrome on desktop forever and I want to rely on notifications again. Unsure if it’s related to latest update or if gmail is just having issues lately. Downdetecotr / twitter seem to have people reporting the same issues. Also when I got into app and read everything the badge will stay the number of unread I had before I opened app. I have to kill and relaunch app to get the badge to clear. Sometimes a toast message says no connection but I can access web, and even other google apps on my phone. I’m guessing it’s service related and not app per se. which is why I’m giving a 4 for a great app but acknowledging that service issues are making the app hard to use.

- Glitchy and no one to contact for support

Every time I open the gmail app it will crash and not allow me to play audio files. I got a new apple 11 pro and I used to be able to open audio files on my iPhone 10 all the time from the gmail app. Strangely enough it opens jpg and video files but not voice memos or audio. Crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have deleted the app, restarted my phone, erased my app login info, and even factory reset my phone. And it STILL does this. Also having issues with the “gmail notes” on the note app. Where the notes don’t show sometimes. Gets glitchy, the screen won’t respond or won’t let me write anything down.” Zero issues with my phone except for these two google gmail related problems. And no one to contact for support! Please fix these bugs!! I use my audio files every day! And the crazy part is I know it’s the app because the audio files open on the apple mail app from the same google account!

- Good start, Lacking Features

I’m disappointed by this app for the ipad especially. I use my iPad Pro as a professional device and google apps just aren’t up to the task quite yet, especially the gmail app. Please work on updates so it can be used when multi-tasking on the iPad. Better attachment options as well would be a huge improvement since right now all that’s allowed is to attach from Drive Files and when they attach they are used as a link that needs shared as well instead of actually attaching a pdf/photo. Other then that the way the inbox and multiple accounts work is great. The fact that the signature from desktop apps is carried over is outstanding as well! Please please please just update the app to better support iPad work, multi-tasking, and attachment options/drag and drop from other apps.

- Why is it that gmail is blocking me from enabling 2FA to my Fortnite account?

Recently I’ve been trying to get 2FA to work in my Fortnite account today, but it doesn’t send the email from Epic Games. I’ve been doing this for ages, almost a week by now, but it still wouldn’t let me. What was the bug: ever since the new update of gmail came out, things started to get a little buggy for people, including me. I’ve been trying to enable 2FA to my Fortnite account so that I can do cash tournaments or something like that, but it feels like I’m being blocked by it. I’ve been using all of the Authenticator apps that Fortnite told me to use, but still wouldn’t work. I really beg you to fix this bug so I can enable 2FA in peace, because doing the cash cup can basically help me and my family on the struggles we are still going through in life. So please, fix this bug.

- Let me explain

I’ve been using gmail for as long as I’ve had an email address. I think using it and can’t really be bothered to use any other device. I’m not rating Gmail itself 2 stars. It’s the app. More specifically, when I go to open an link, it asks me each time if I want to open it with Safari or Google. It offers an option to ask every time. I don’t use the google search app. I use safari, so I turn off the option to ask each time and just use safari. But for some reason it seems to not get this and ask me each time. It’s a silly reason to be annoyed, I know, but I’m pretty sure I made up my mind a long time ago. I don’t want to use the google app. I don’t want to be asked every time. I get it, trying to market your app, but it doesn’t need to ask me every time. If this gets fixed it’s five stars, but right now I’m tired of having to chose safari each time

- Love GMAIL...However,

I swear by gmail for its’ spam filtering and the organized way it looks compared to using other email platforms. BUT- It is soooo frustrating how difficult it is to access gmail CONTACTS through the mobile app. Even when I go through the loop holes of logging in through the web browser on my phone, I still can’t access it. I select “go to contacts” and it refreshes back to the same page endlessly. I also really don’t like how the FORWARD EMAIL option is not in plan sight. Nor is the reply option. What the heck? I have to search around and remember that the 3 little dots at the top right of the email will show me those options. WHY? The basic function of emailing is replying and forwarding communications to others. Why is the gmail app so terribly “simplified” that it’s so hard to use and find what you need just to function quickly and efficiently?

- 'Unread' is broken and sending emails doesn't work sometimes

I have been relying on this app to take notes. It *was* pretty handy to be able to send myself an email, even when I didn't have access to the Internet via WiFi or cell service. That no longer works. (And the new 'sending' UI is an extraneous awfulness that, at least, visually indicates that this now doesn't work.) Worse than that tho is that sending emails, to myself or anyone else either, *also* doesn't work sometimes. I've got several emails in my 'Sent' list with nice little spinning indicators helpfully informing me that this app doesn't send emails very well anymore. That's kind of an important feature for an email app tho. I guess I can't complain since it's free! Maybe Google's prodding me to migrate to another service. Oh yeah, the 'Unread' list is basically just a dishonest 'Everything' list. That's discouraging! The emails I receive are already boringly repetitive as-is.

- Notifications Won’t Clear

In its current form, this app is useless to me. Whenever I receive a new email, I get the standard iOS notification badge in the corner of the app icon. The problem is that, once I’ve read the email, the badge doesn’t go away. I have two email accounts synced to the app, and I’ve scrolled to the bottom of each folder of each account, and there isn’t a single unread message anywhere in there. There are no pending drafts, and there’s nothing in my junk folders. It’s very frustrating. I love the app in every other way, but until this bug is patched, it is completely unusable. Guess I’m stuck with the iOS Mail app until further notice. P.S. I’ll check back in a bit, and if the Jessie’s fixed, I’ll go back to using the app, and I’ll happily re-review with 5 stars. I just can’t find any other way to send a message to Google’s support team; everything I can find is FAQ, which isn’t particularly helpful.

- It is NOT intuitive

I’ve used email since the internet was accessed only through America Online and Prodigy. I’ve used computers since the early 1990’s. So when I say this app is both not intuitive AND a real pain... I’m not joking. I first used gmail as an additional, non employer-based email for teaching, since I was also using google drive. Much more recently, I added two additional gmail accounts for volunteer duties. The problems? 1- The icons are not self-explanatory so I have no idea what touching X or Y will do. There’s no way to “hover” over an icon to figure out what it does before I click it. 2- I set up one gmail account on my computer and then added it on both my iPad and iPhone. It alone would not coordinate with the same exact email on my computer. The other two accounts showed up. NOT good when I am thinking “no email” really means “no email”. Nope - it only meant I didn’t get the emails that I found (two weeks later!) In the gmail account on the computer. 3- I sent out 6 mass mailings on that account today. I know they went out because one of the two included a BCC to me. But I cannot find “trash” to find them. I cannot find them inv”send”- but I got the BCC on my AOL account. 4- I regret using gmail but I am stuck with it as it us on the newsletters I produce. So if you have other choices, try them. This app is more s pain in the ()&@ than it is worth.

- Are you kidding me??

There are 2 huge things wrong with the gmail app that 80% of users hate and yet google continues to do updates on the app and completely ignore these 2 very crucial problems. 1- It doesn't allow you to turn off conversation view. It is awful. It's crazy to me that Google won't listen to thousands of complaints regarding this. In my job I will use the same subject line in many different conversations. So then it groups all of those emails together. And many times important messages get lost in these lengthy "conversations". Also to make it worse, I can’t label each of the emails separately. It only allows you to label the entire “conversation” which doesn’t work for me since it groups together emails that have nothing to do with each other. 2- It won't allow you to add your signature right after your message. It adds it at the very bottom of the string of conversations making it pointless to have a signature at all. Someone would have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the whole conversation to see your signature. Who would do that?? How does google not see this as a problem? And, do they mean to put the signature at the very bottom or is this a glitch? Google stop wasting time on STUPID updates like this last one or on producing cars, and actually fix your basic problems with gmail.

- Conversation View Ruins Otherwise Good App

I use the app sparingly and only then because of how it interfaces with my Gmail account. The app would be one of, if not the best for email if you could turn off the inane and infuriating conversation view. Google offers the option to turn off conversation view on the web version of Gmail but continues to ignore hundreds of thousands of complaints and requests from users for several years by not making it available on their mobile apps. Countless users have documented tales of lost emails and important email that they didn’t know they had received because of it was grouped and hidden with other email in a “conversation.” Yet Google has remained defiant in not offering the option to turn off conversation view in their mobile apps. Google has made numerous “improvements” to the look and feel of this app over the years while ignoring this major issue for so many users. Most other email apps offer the capability for users to choose to have conversation view on or off. For some reason only Google knows - because they have also refused to give any explanation to their loyal customers - the Gmail app remains a less than viable offering for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassles and vulnerabilities of conversation view.

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Étienne Alby

@wickerwaka You succeed to make a very intriguing tweet by accident. In my opinion google's bad handling of "raw" emails is an effort to erase the underlying protocol they use. You don't use email, you use gmail. Similar to gtalk with xmpp for whom they quietly dropped interoperability later

Christina Angelone

Google has revealed that Gmail users from the United States are the most popular target for email-based phishing and malware attacks. #phishingawareness #zimperiumzips @BleepinComputer

Natt qui

TRUE "Google already spies on your emails Every email that hits your Gmail inbox is analyzed five ways from Sunday by Google Mined for data in all the ways Hell, your email receipts are even scanned to spy on your purchase history so they can build a more detailed profile on you"


@DestinyUCreate Our customers can use both Gmail as POP3 mail client and Google Workspace by updating their MX records. Please DM us your domain name and administrative email so we can check your case.

Humber Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness

@RuestOCSB Thanks for the Like Shawn! Could you connect by email? humberFHSW @

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Start a fan email list. I started by opening gmail - go to google apps (the 9 dots) Open and go to CONTACTS Make a list. This will allow you to import contacts to a list. I called mine a Fan List. #FaysWritingTips #bookmarketing #WritingCommunity #writerslife


@JagexSupport Wow.... my issue is not with runelite!!!!!!!!!!!! I had an account with old email, which was my gmail. I used sign in with Google not realising that. Now it's made a whole new account? Do You understand? I unlinked it by accident now it's gone!

nelson larrosa

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@Google someone hacked friend’s account by 1st stealing their phone and then making it so that once they got their number back, there is an additional level of security in the email itself. So when they get a text with code, the hacker kept gmail that was hacked as 2nd security!

Raúl Léon

Gmail users from the US are the most popular target for email-based phishing and malware attacks. These findings are part of a joint study with Stanford University researchers that analyzed anonymized data on over 1.2 billion malware and phishing emails.


#Google has revealed earlier this week that #Gmail users from the United States are the most popular target for email-based #phishing and #malware attacks. Details from @BleepinComputer #CyberSecurity #DataSecurity #DataProtection #Hackers #Ransomware


Raise your hand if you're a #Gmail user 🙋 🙋‍♂️ You need to be #cyberaware! Google has revealed that Gmail users from the United States are the most popular target for email-based #phishing and #malware attacks. Learn more: #cybersecurity #infosec

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Google adds alias email addresses to Gmail search by Mike Gleason #dsc_TechTarget #dsc_hash_Vb8zc

Data Science Central

Google adds alias email addresses to Gmail search by Mike Gleason #dsc_TechTarget #dsc_hash_Vb8zc

Data Science Central

Google adds alias email addresses to Gmail search by Mike Gleason #dsc_TechTarget #dsc_hash_Vb8zc

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Gmail - Email by Google iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images

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The applications Gmail - Email by Google was published in the category Productivity on 2011-11-02 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 314.22 MB. Gmail - Email by Google - Productivity app posted on 2020-12-01 current version is 6.0.201115 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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