Gmail - Email by Google

Gmail - Email by Google [Productivity] App Description & Overview

The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail.

With the Gmail app, you can:
• Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes
• Switch between multiple accounts
• Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options
• Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions
• Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox
• Read your mail with threaded conversations
• Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone
• Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app
• Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam
• Send and receive attachments
• See profile pictures as part of the conversation

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You can now quickly see who messages are sent to when viewing messages in the Sent folder.

Gmail - Email by Google Comments & Reviews

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- Gmail App Suggestions

The Gmail app is pretty good, I don't have any issues with it. I do however have a few suggestions that could make it better. 1) On the iPad version, can you make it so that all folders (not just Primary, Social, Promotions, etc. but also Starred, Snoozed, Important, Sent, Spam, Trash and so on) can be displayed in the left most navigation column under the hamburger menu? Therefore, if I wanted to see all of my starred or important email messages, I could do so without having to click on the hamburger icon. 2) I think it would be a great idea if there is an Archived folder so I don't have to go into All Mail to access my archived messages. 3) When sending attachments through the app, can you include support for attaching files from drives other than Google Drive (such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Adobe Document Cloud, iCloud Drive, etc.)? Currently, when sending Word documents saved in OneDrive on my iPhone or iPad, I have to do so through the native iOS mail app because Gmail can only attach files saved in Google Drive.

- Spam

Why is there so much spam going to my inbox?!

- Not working correctly

I have lived gmail. Right now tho I load the app onto my iPhone 11. Then awhile later nothing shows up. I relate the app and then add it again. This has been going on for not quite a week but getting close. I just want the app to work correctly.

- Loved this app before switching phones

Before switching phones, I had both my gmail and yahoo email accounts on the gmail app. However, after having to download the app on my new phone, I can’t sign into my yahoo account within the gmail app anymore. As soon as I input my email address and hit next, it glitches. This was my favorite email app and now I can’t even use it.

- No log in

Not letting me log in to my account saying no Javascript or something like that

- Bugged

I’m constantly having to reopen and close the app or delete and reinstall all together because the push notifications will not update when I’ve check all my emails. I always have alerts for emails that have been checked. For data mining giant with more power and money than god you would think they would have bugs like this worked out by now.

- Buggy release

Since this release copy / paste in IOS doesn’t work anymore. Version seems very buggy

- I love Gmail!!

Google suites is by far the absolute best set of tools I use for running my entire business and personal life! The switch to Google came effortlessly after Microsoft held my work hostage. Amazingly in the age of greed in profit Microsoft held my work hostage over 10 years worth of work document spreadsheets charts graphs etc. I can only look at them because my license had expired and to retrieve the work my only option was to Pay. I love the ease of use for Google sweet everything! It’s nice to have access to my work no matter where I am thank you so much for being a very ethical, professional, affordable, and very very user-friendly set of products! Thank you so much for making my life and my business so much easier to enjoy! Definitely five stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Rating

good app google

- Notification badge won’t disappear

The notification badge doesn’t disappear when all new emails have been read. PLEASE FIX!!!!!

- Copy paste issue - null

Having trouble with copy-pasting, I’m on iOS 13.5.1 over the past few weeks. Can google fix this issue ASAP?

- Help!

My screen is all compacted to the left! I cannot possibly use the app like this. I do rely on it for my email. Please update with a fix as soon as possible!

- Do not like the update

I had my gmail app set to the appearance set to dark. It updated and its completely bright. Is there a way to change the settingz

- Can’t get rid of notification bubble

The app is okay, nothing impressive and nothing majorly wrong. The only thing that is absolutely annoying is that it always has a notification bubble that says I have 2 alerts. I have opened every email and tried to push every tab to figure out what it’s trying to alert me of but I can’t find it. I’ve updated it and tried everything. It’s driving me nuts.

- Officially the worst mail client I've ever used

From the clunky conversation view mode to the clunky content organization, to the extremely buggy behavior/bad design (truncated messages/replies, text layout problems, selection bugs, lack of copy/paste in address fields), this is officially the worst email client I have ever used. I've used many, and this is the “winner of worst”. There's nothing to recommend here. To think that they've now added the "feature" to manage other email accounts with this app... utterly laughable, were it not so unfunny that this is considered a product for actual human beings to use. The recently added auto text feature duplicates and conflicts with iOS’s own auto text/word suggest feature. It’s clumsy, on top of that conflict. Why is this app 285 megabytes??? Google, you’re abysmal. Make a proper iOS app, not a sloppy Android port.

- not receiving mail.

i’ve been needing to verify my accounts for a long time. the last mail i got was from may. i can’t get back into my accounts because gmail won’t show me the new mail that i have. it’s like it’s stuck in time or something. please help.

- Screen keeps compacting to the left

Screen keeps compacting to the left, I have to close and open the app several times, I have a screen shot, it’s very annoying and the app needs an iOS update asap

- No option to delete emails

When are you guys gonna make it easier to delete emails ? , i have to do it one by one make the app better please i have over 2000+ emails I can’t delete all together why ? Cause it doesn’t give me the option

- My Review

1. The Gmail App looks like it was made for Android instead of ios 2. Where’s Dark Mode for Gmail?

- Gmail is broken

Before the most recent update it worked great. And when it worked great it worked great. But since the most recent update, Gmail has been freezing on me when opening the app. Sometimes it just freezes, sometimes when it freezes everything are squeezed to one side. Another issue is that it removes my gmail accounts from the app by itself without any notice. You thought it’s been a quiet day that no one has sent you any email, and only to your surprise you found out that your email accounts disappeared from the Gmail app, and that’s why you are not receiving any email notice.

- Where is the plus sign?

I do not like the new update that removed the plus sign to create an invoice. It now has this big obtrusive “create an invoice” button. Please bring back the plus sign!!!

- Turns blank

Will randomly turn blank when coming back from reading an email

- Night mode

They took night mode away, this is sad.

- Worst app I have on my phone

Google refuses to make their app look like actual iOS apps. It’s just looks ridiculously bad. They try and make it look like an Android app - if I wanted that, I’d use Android. I put up with it because their search works, but that’s the only reason.

- Doesn’t sync with PC updates

Despite sorting all my emails from my inbox into separate folders (I did this via Chrome on my laptop), the app is still showing everything in my inbox. Took me two hours to finally sort through these, so quite frustrating to have the app show no changes whatsoever while a browser shows them just fine.

- Needs remapping of keyboard shortcuts

Needs remapping of keyboard shortcuts or let us customize it ourselves. Currently uses the ‘#’ key to delete instead of the ‘delete’ key. Several other keys would be nicer to have as different shortcuts. Otherwise this app has gotten a lot better lately. Bug report: On my iPhone, if I launch Gmail in landscape orientation the UI is not properly rendered when turning the screen to portrait orientation.

- Please fix notification again!

Ever since the update I haven’t been able to receive any notifications. I rely on my emails and not knowing when I received them it’s not ok. Please fix! This keeps happening every time there’s an update.

- Great app!

I love this app! I use this app a lot to mail stuff.

- It’s great, but there’s a glitch

There’s a glitch I keep encountering where when my phone is horizontal and I open gmail, everything is pushed to one half of the screen, and then when I turn my phone vertical, it gets pushed even further to the side. The rest of the screen is just the background gray color.

- Security| About| Data Communication Privacy Rights

Is it called secure when someone else can set the settings, view all your emails through google plus, your email is showing public when you set it to only you. Privacy policy rights must be for the higher income bracket which means our rights are not equal when it comes to people. Make sure you pay close attention to your setting in the app. Your feedback isn’t answered through the application, you may have to write the corporate office.

- Not user friendly

Don’t get me wrong here, I love Gmail but the mobile version (iPad & Android) are very difficult to work with. All the correspondence is lumped together. If an email bounces back you have to open the bounced, delete all corespondents regarding error and try again. Need to pay attention because if the email bounces again it will be lumped with the original. If you delete an email than need it later you need to find it...good luck with that! There are several emails I know I sent but cannot find, like plane reservations. There needs to be a better system.

- Have to delete and download again frequently.

When it works it’s great, but the messages will be crammed along the left and I can’t access them unless I turn my phone. Even then half the screen is blank and the other half contains the partial email. What a pain.

- Rate

Excellent,I really enjoyed it.

- Drains my battery

The mail is easy to use but one BIG problem I had was that it drained my battery, the battery went down every second.

- Lock this account

I love creative my own gmail account it’s super essay this is really helpful. To have this account information so you know you account is at times

- 1 unread email when there isn’t

This problem continues and continues. Seems like time it should be fixed???

- Badges

The stupid badge for new email won’t go away. This problem has persisted for years. I don’t want to force close and reopen the app just to clear a badge 67 times a day. Fix it you bads.

- Please Please Please Fix Your Newly Introduced Freeze Issue!

Please Please Please Fix Your Newly Introduced Freeze / Crash Issue! (around beginning June 2020) Never had any issues before until about some changes YOU or IOS introduced about 2 weeks ago! Now ever Single time I open the Gmail App it will Freeze, then I have to close it, & reopen it... Sometimes more than 2 or 3 times, just to read an email!!! NEVER WORKS ON FIRST OPEN, Always freezes! No more new Features until you fix the crash issue! Or I’l be forced to code my own Gmail app! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

- One slight issue

If you open Gmail while your phone is horizontal, it breaks the inbox. The inbox is still readable, but it’s the same width as if your phone was vertical, and if you flip your phone vertically while the bug is active you can’t read anything. Please fix this, thank you.

- Notification issues

I’m not sure if this is an Apple issue or a Gmail issue, but I do not receive notifications for my emails. I have my notifications turned on for my phone, but I do not get any when a new email comes in. This has caused multiple issues for me considering my gmail account is my dominant email. Please fix this.

- Creepy

I will not be using gmail anymore as it claims to need my phone number to sign me in. No, this is email, you in no way shape or form need access to my phone number. I know you sell it as though it protects my account, but iCloud Keychain does that much better for me than Google ever could.

- Think it’s purposefully broken for Apple

Used this app on my pixel one it was flawless when I switched to the latest iPhone it’s buggy and glitches anything from attachments to even sending basic emails has failed at some point

- Device policy alert

I can’t access the app because whenever I get on a blurb comes up about the device policy alert. What is this and how can I get rid of it?

- Gmail app

This app is giving trouble. When I go to check rails all the messages is o one side of the screen and I cannot read my messages.

- I don’t have unread emails!!

I keep getting the little red icon that says I have 3 unread emails and I DO NOT! It is so frustrating!

- Not working with iOS 13.5.1

I had to delete my gmail app on my iPhone to free up enough space to update iOS, and now the gmail app doesn’t even appear in my App Store. I got to it in the App Store by searching google, but the option to download or install it is disabled. Please fix ASAP!

- 1 unread email

It won’t go away and I can’t stand it! I don’t have an unread email! Fix it!!!!!!!

- Split view? It’s been a while

Please support split view on iPad.

- Where’s dark mode?

Spent half an hour getting bounced around by google support while trying to adjust theme to dark mode. There’s no option in settings, after which google support told me all I can do is leave feedback “in hopes the manner can be resolved by our developers ” Wow Google, big disappointment

- Cannot attach photo when sending an email

Whenever you click the photo you are about to attach/send, it wont appear on your draft or even load.

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- Gros bug

J aurais donné plus mais depuis une dernière mise à jour , mes messages ne font plus pleine pages mais une légère colonne!😕 j ai enlever appli plusieurs fois sans réussir à régler le problème!

- Issue

All of a sudden there is an issue with how messages display, need to close the app, and reopen for it to display properly.

- Bug

My gmail app showing notifications that i have email for no reason though I don’t have a new email please fix it. Thanks

- It is really a good educational app I love it

It is very good for education

- Hi

Why I’m not receiving any Emails in my inbox

- Amazing

It sends you emails easily

- Gmail widget

I hope there was a gmail widget. Hopefully before iOS 14 release.

- Plus simple plus efficace good working

Tous simplement merci!

- The Best!!!

Gmail is much easier to use it’s the best!!!

- good

cool and good

- False mail alert

There’s a constant red badge on the app icon even when I don’t have new mail. I checked every account, every inbox and there’s 0 new mail and yet the badge is there

- Colour-coded accounts

It needs colour-coded account in the All Inboxes view.

- GetGay

See, this app is great for personal use, but not for overall multipurpose

- Drops my hotmail account for no reason

Every two months or so my hotmail account which is linked to this app gets deleted.

- Can’t search

Can’t search for emails properly. It’s failing to load them all so it’s impossible to find emails from even a few days ago

- Dark mode

The dark mode went away in the latest update????

- Can’t copy and paste

The app won’t let you copy and paste out of it... c’mon now... 🙄

- New update has a bug

Whenever I enter the app it is just a white screen. I have to turn my phone to landscape mode to see my emails.

- Google Mail

lt lets you email people.

- Unread message stays on

Almost half the time, even once you've opened all your emails from every single folder a notification. Saying you have unread mail stays on the home screen app. It's very annoying but other than that things work well

- Attachments

Still can’t add attachments from the files in IOS13

- Hi


- Mad

If I need to delete your app one more time to fix it I’ll never forgive you. I don’t think I should have to delete my app to make it work properly

- Ads!

Mail should not have ads, ridiculous

- What happened to copy+paste?

If I want to copy+paste, I have to use Gmail through a web browser. That’s annoying.

- Notifications

Inaccurate badge notifications. Please fix this bug

- Ipad OS Features

Please add multi-windows and mouse support

- Whagwan

Fam this used to be good then my teachers kept sendin asignments thru here like bud im trying to chill

- 🥴🥴🥴

I prefer google over safari

- It works

It works, it’s good and everything, but, how would I delete or mute one of my own accounts from the app? A have a few ones that I don’t need and each time I want to delete one I have to delete and redownload the app.

- Won’t load emails

My inbox hasn’t been able to load emails since may 20/20. Why?? Getting real old as I have to change a ton of things to a different email. I’ve tried on a computer, multiple phones...

- the download space

Everything is good, but please make the GB/ MB of the download space lower, thank you

- Notifications are horribly broken

Gmail on iPhone has never displayed unread email counts correctly. Before I could fix this by closing and restarting the app. With the new update there seems to be no way to clear ghost notifications and there’s a random number of unread emails shown on the icon even when there are no new emails in the inbox.

- Awesome

Really good totally 100%downloud

- App crashes nothing to do

The app is great but app crashes on my IPhone XS Max. Please fix the issue asap. Tried everything from deleting app to closing phone and it still crashes.

- Awesome

Is really good

- Can’t Send 📧 From the App

It is not a bad app minus the ads which are totally understandable. The I try sending a 📧 using Google mail app for the first time. No luck, it just keeps spinning like it going not where. Final try doing through my iOS mail app it works.

- Keeps freezing at white screen

This app keeps freezing at a blank white screen. Very annoying.

- Copy/Paste

I can’t copy and paste from my gmail to my gmail. Is really frustrating.

- Notifications driving me crazy

I don’t have any new emails yet the app is telling me I do. FIX

- Mail page frozen

I selected 4 stars because it normally works great but now experiencing page being frozen in one category and can’t get around it. Don’t know what happened and tried turning off iPhone but didn’t fix it. Need way to troubleshoot this problem but cannot find one

- Pas bon impossible de marqué comme lu

Pas bon

- Bad please fix

I have 3 email accounts logged in, when I go too my my main email acc I see emails from my other accounts note there not Supposed to be there fix it it’s so annoying.

- It’s crashing.

I love the app but it’s been crashing on my iPhone , is there an update coming out to fix the problem ?

- I think there’s a glitch

When I check my email it only shows half screen it only shows the date that’s it please fix. I love this app

- Bad news is .

I haven’t received my new mails since last week and I’m serious with this , and I tried to fix but they showed that my account was deleted I don’t know why . I need Gmail to help me recover my Gmail so I can be to receive my new mails from last week and this week thanks.

- Something wrong

Not sure what’s changed but the app is hanging. Just freezes.

- Truly unreliable

Okay so I’ve invested a lot of aspects of my life into this service and I have no bigger regrets. If you have a phone number change you better have told them before or you lose ALL your information. Even if it’s a work email. Lazy. Unprofessional.

- Best app ever!!!!!

Gmail is perfect in every way it deserves five stars

- Timing Out

Horrible. Won’t even load.

- Breaks layout when started on landscape

If you first open with your phone on landscape and move it to portrait the layout is totally broken.

- Stay away if you value your sanity.

Stay away from this app if you value your sanity. Copy paste doesn’t work. It sometimes sends invisible emails which is really annoying and has caused problems for me. You can’t edit stuff like text color and size so if you copy text from a site for example it’ll be a jumble of fonts and colors. Google made this app worse and worse.

- Gmail Rating

Gmail is very good and easy

- Use it!

It’s very helpful if you want to text your friends ! And you can just go to gmail to see what assignments you have from school!


This is the best gmail app I ever used like it’s the best

- Unable to use after last update


- No Emails

It constantly tells me there’s an email yet there’s not. Others are always experiencing this also. Please address please Mr Google

- Notification bug, not getting notifications

Pleeeease fix this. It happens randomly on my iPhone XR. Sometimes I get notifications for a period of time and then I don’t. It is extremely frustrating when I go days without notifications and then find I have important emails without being notified immediately.

- Recent issue

I have used the gmail app for years and live by it. However at the moment, notification badges aren’t clearing, which means I am missing new emails coming in. Please fix :)

- Lock Screen

Whenever I have read all on my inbox, there is still a notification bubble on the home screen app which says two, when there aren’t any unread emails. It really irritates me, as I have severe ocd, and like to have a empty read all inbox.

- love the app

love the app

- Oof

I loved it until it would say it was sent to me on like an app and I would NEVER get it. Just me? 😕

- Issue

The option theme isn’t available in the System options I want use dark option and not available

- App


- Not as good as the pre installed mail app on iPad

Cannot located Archive folder in this app. Not as user friendly as mail app installed on iPads already! IMHO!



- Update central

Too many updates.

- App crashing

Every now and again the app will crash every time I open it. I can’t afford to not read my emails and don’t have the time to delete the app, re download and add all 5 accounts again! Just for it to keep happening! This has been an issue for years. Please fix it.

- Annoying ads, allows phishing

I’m mostly fine with ads but it needs filters. Any ad that says “You have won $46,700” is obviously trying to take advantage of people and should be blocked. Why have spam filters if anything goes in ads?

- Updates category notifications

Please allow us to receive notifications for Primary + Updates.

- It’s fine

Gmail is great and all. But there is a weird bug where it is all squished up together so you can’t see anything.

- Excellent

Use this app instead of the native iPhone mail app and you can have instant push email and also use the gmail contacts list too. This is smoother and faster than the native iPhone email app. However! Get the unread email count badge correct please! It’s not always accurate. (Hence one less star)

- Dark Mode gone

Where’s dark mode?

- can’t even format a bulleted list

read the title. there’s just nothing else to say.

- Gone back to Outlook

Too many adds, otherwise a great app... However no option for add free, also distasteful adverts.

- No notifications

Not getting notifications for new emails on iOS devices.

- Phone numbers can’t click on anymore??

Hi Gmail, I’ve been a massive fan of yours for years but your latest change to Not allowing phone numbers in emails to be clicked is majorly frustrating. What’s worse is all the threads I can see where people have mentioned this on your support pages have been “closed”. So it’s not just affecting me.. What’s going on Gmail? Please fix this (the Apple Mail app does it beautifully)

- Can anybody help me?

A month or 2 ago I deleted a gmail. It had an address from Germany and I emptied the delete box also. Does anyone have any idea how I can get the address of that email? I have a big home computer, an IPAD and my IPhone that gets my emails. I am stuck and I think I did something SO stupid!

- Hi

I love it thanks keep up the good work have a nice day

- Display Error

The latest App update for iPhone 5s leaves you with 10 mm of reading pane when switching from landscape to portrait mode. If you allowed screen shots or had an easy to find email address that I could send the images to it would have saved me a lot of time. I can’t even find out what version I have. I have had to delete and reload the app to return to normal.

- What a joke

Ads ads ads ads and more ads! My personal email account has ads pumped into it by google! Along with every other god dam app in the universe! I’m deleting it

- It used to be great…

This app keeps kicking me out and this notification button doesn’t even work it doesn’t even notify me when my teacher emails me and it frustrates me I can’t. Even go on the app ughhhh

- Notification bug

Please fix this already!!!

- Bad

So trash i try to get into an old account but oh no apparently all these details arent enough for gmail to verify me, at least try you gronks or ill shoot my cat.

- Pro tip! Multitasking available in this update!

I’ve been waiting for this for ages It’s incredibly clunky. The New “+” button is off screen in multitasking. Oh well. We’ll get there. And acutally this is only when you first open the updated app in multitasking view. If you first open it full screen, it seems to work fine.

- App keeps crashing before it fully opens

App keeps crashing before it even opens.

- The app is crashing

It has started crashing.

- Review

I really like this app to communicate with people, but the notifications have been glitching a bit but other than that I really like this app

- Crashing

The app keeps crashing, I have not been able to use it for a week and have had to set up through Email app instead now. There needs to be an update to fix this bug.

- Keeps crashing

On an iPhone XS and the app just keeps crashing

- Update

What the difference between mail and gmail

- No Dark Mode!

See subject!

- Dark Mode is Fixed!

This app is great, latest update has fixed notification and iOS Dark Mode issues.

- App crashing since yesterday

iPhone Gmail app crashing. Is it just my phone or everyone experiencing it?

- App keeps quitting upon startup

Can’t access email through app as it keeps quitting upon startup. Seems to be a bug in the latest update.

- Gmail app auto-closes as soon as i open

Hi team, my app is behaving wierdly since morning. as soon as i open gmail app, its getting auto closed. I am not sure whats happening. can you check and advise asap

- Bug fix

This ain’t a review but if you have random badges on gmail then try check your spam, archived and drafts as lots of mail end up there

- Notifications

Please please please sort out an update for gmail. It keeps telling me I have a gmail and I don’t! Been doing this for weeks. Doing my head in, I’ve gone through to make sure there is no email.

- Can’t scan the barcode in dark theme

Hi Team, I wasn’t able to scan the barcode in dark theme of Gmail. I had to turn it to light theme to have it scanned. Please fix and advise. Thanks Mayur Laddha


Where is dark mode? Seriously what year are we living in, not difficult to make

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- Cannot attach photo when sending an email

Whenever you click the photo you are about to attach/send, it wont appear on your draft or even load.

- Mrs Jordan

I’m very unsatisfied with the whole gmail I’ve used it for years now and I never had it hacked or anything my personal email address is gmail but I switched it up so if ppl email you and or you use that email still I’m still getting notifications that my account has been hacked and now ppl can get your email address and use it to spy on your email and information it totally should not be experiencing the complications I’m a blogger I understand that ppl want to act like you I woke up and all my information was synced to another phone and now it says I have 3verfications when I only have two step authentication it is hard to change everything but I have personal things like legal issues and their getting my whole information thank you for the start and I will appreciate if someone can email me to address the issue thank you

- Can count multiple times where the app erases part of my message

I really like this app compared to the one Apple provides us with, but it has gotten to a breaking point where I’m writing a bad review for an app I shouldn’t have to. This thing erases part of my message when I send it. It literally fuels my anxiety after I send an email where I ask myself “will they see everything I intended them to?” because I now have to check my sent messages to see if something wasn’t erased in the process. I mean, it literally blocks out part of my email. I don’t know or think I’m doing something wrong as a consumer, so if there is something I’m doing please, Google, let me know! Thank you

- You need this for supercell Id

This is the best no trouble and I have

- No Spam folder

Can’t check the spam mail. Some mail goes into spam, sometimes I need to manage spam folder. This app has NO spam folder. I am better off using an internet browser!

- You can’t sign in

When I was signing in and I went through the forgot my password thing it sent me the code and I tried over and over again and it kept saying the code was incorrect but I’ve heard it’s great from others.

- Kinda cringe

It’s just not as funny as the minions movie I Mean come on guys😤😒

- Actions are limited-

There needs to be a way to be able to select all your emails to preform uniformed action. It is frustrating when you want to transfer something to the trash or even mark all emails as read. This is crucial to put in a mobile app not just on your computers. The main reason this app falls short compared to other email apps.

- Feel abandoned

Still no way to delete from the inbox, only “archive”. I don’t need to archive junk email. No “unsubscribe” button like Apple mail has had for years. It’s an election year and I’m hammered with people trying to raise money from states I’ve never even been to. It would be nice if I could get rid of that noise quickly. I get that Google does not want you to delete anything because it’s all important for the profile of you that they build and sell to advertisers… But it’s really annoying as a user

- Once again stuck at 1 unread email count

It’s hard to believe google would reintroduce a universally hated bug a month later, but here we are...

- The mythical unicorn google calls theme

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review but since the announcement of the Gmail option for dark modeI have been waiting since they said it will eventually reach everybody, that in an update the option for seam would miraculously appear under the settings and we could choose dark mode as an option they even said that if we already have iOS 13 and you already selected dark load you wouldn’t have to do anything but as of today with all the fanfare announcement I still don’t have the same option or able to see my Gmail app go to dark mode so it has definitely in my mind turned into a myth just like a highly desired unicorn

- Crashing App

This version crashes when I need to print all. I’ve tried over and over without success.


This is horrible. I used to use google all the time but it is the worst. I can search something & I might get 1 or 2 of things I search for and the rest of it, is nothing I looked up or even close to what I searched. Then, when I try to go to a business webpage, it directs me waaaay somewhere else. Plus, I’m locked out of my google account with photos I can’t get that are MINE!! I’ve tried to contact google and all I got was, “YEA, You have an account” WTH!! Before I finally got an email for customer service for google, it was pulling up, google didn’t have a phone number or email to contact anyone. So, I still can’t get into my gmail, google photos & everything else that’s associated with google. I have pictures I can’t get back & this has been going on for about 2 years.

- G Fail

Can’t stand gmail. Why is app version different than the desktop? Why can’t you select all in the app version like in the desktop. The badge app almost never clears. Why do you need to archive e-mails? When you play back videos in gmail the play back controls hide WHY? You have restart the video every time you want control the video WHY? It makes it so difficult to stop and start the video. I could go on how I hate the way e-mail are layered when you have multiple reply’s . It so confusing. Like most of google products it overly complicated with multiple menus and settings that confusing and unnecessary.

- can’t make copy and paste

after the last update i cannot makes copy and paste for any email to translate it please fix that

- Limited

I have basically the same feedback for every Google product. I’m making the switch to iPad Pro for my computing needs and I didn’t expect Google Suite to be the thing that suffered most from the transition. At this point I’m just running GMail through Safari because the web UI is just better than the app, ESPECIALLY if you are using it for business and you need your template responses.

- Just fine, nothing more.

The gmail app is fine if all you want to do is read and send basic e-mails but if you want to do anyyythingggg else you can’t. I wish you could edit e-mails, add hyperlinks, etc. easier on this app. I mainly use my iPad for everything and I know I’m not the only one who does that. Theres no way to look and edit contacts either, which is extremely frustrating. This app still has a long way to go. Please update some of these features!

- Great!

I have used this app for a very long time and I love it! It is very good and easy to use. One thing that annoys me though is that the app icon shows that I have an email or a notification when I really don’t. I open the app, refresh it, check for anything open or unread and then I close the app but the icon still shows that I have something.

- Awesome

I love the app!!Me and my sisters play that we are teachers and one of us is the student on google so fun!!!

- New update

Rolled back an annoying change on archive functionality. Good for them responding to feedback quickly.

- Please fix copy/paste gmail bug

Dead Gmail developers, For last month copy/paste from gmail is no longer working on iOS gmail. Please fix this annoying bug ASAP. Reported by multiple users (just google it) Thanks!

- Sign on

My mailbox does not connect to the Red Gmail Icon on my homepage. And does not connect with the “request new upgraded app” button in the App Store

- Where are the archived email?!!!!

What a pointless archive function. Why there is an option to archive emails, but no label or folder to retrieve. So HOW do I look for dozens of archived emails, especially if you need something quick to access. Either remove the “send to archive” option or replace it with “move to” so we can easily move selected emails to labels we want/need.

- Please fix this!

The red badge is always stuck at 1 unread email, even though I don’t have any unread emails. I’ve tried killing the app and relaunching it, deleting it and reinstalling, but nothing works. Please fix!

- I love gmail but

-Everytime I get a notification for a new email, I click it and it disappears? Like every single email I click in the notification just does not come up at all this has been happening for such a long time I’m not sure what to do. Gmail please fix this.

- Yeah well to me

There is something wrong with it that is cause it has a 1 next to the icon.So i was wondering if u could fix the problem.please and thank you.

- I’m still missing Inbox...

It appears Gmail has gradually added some highlighted conveniences featured in Inbox, which I’m grateful for. However, with the inability to efficiently bulk delete via a ‘Select All’ option (then pick out those I’d like to keep), I’m drowning in nearly a 9K e-mails to this date. It’s hard to keep up with the hourly stream of promos (which I would have to take some responsibility for). But without a way to quickly eliminate a flood of unwanted e-mails by the end of the week has discouraged me from even attempting, let alone checking. Of course, that’s lead to the current library of junk mail...

- gmail not working

all my messages are barely on my screen? What’s going on at google?

- Minimalistic features and sadistic UI

Can’t change something as basic as what sound notifications make. What a laughable email client. If you have a lot of labels prepare to scroll a long time to get down to the settings menu.

- No help/support for this bug filled app

Display is scrunched and indecipherable. There’s no help on the problem and no way to get support.. very angering.

- Account settings

Cannot modify account settings,only to remove and add new

- Dude

The badges notifications are like the beating of the tell-tale heart...I DON’T HAVE ONE NEW EMAIL WTFFFFF

- It’s perfect ideally but can have some improvement

I like the app in general. I haven’t experienced any issue for my regular use. I’m certain, many people have their inbox with thousands of email which are unread. Particularly those are ads or even any online order which sent us a notification that your order has been placed, the same notification was also on the website where the order was placed. I suppose one update which could be introduced is “mark as read” within the notification panel itself, and user can use either face recognition or thumb to authorize this. It will be easier to manage inbox.


Bug when writing in Hebrew (right to left) in the search bar.

- Needs update

I don’t understand why in year 2020 gmail still hasn’t made an option “mark as read” for notifications. I shouldn’t have to go to the app just to read a email I saw in my notifications

- After update dark mode gone - rebooting fixed

After latest update dark mode is gone. After I rebooted dark mode is back

- Search feature is terrible

Give us a way to search by FOLDER and by TIME PERIOD. If I use the search box it includes Promotions and that gives me way too many results. If I’m in my Primary folder, let me just search that folder. Or give us a way to shortcut to a specific month/year.

- Out of sync

I have a whopping 10 emails in my inbox, and this app can't keep my inbox straight. Emails that I've deleted or moved out of my inbox using the desktop site linger in the inbox on the app. I have to delete the app and download it again to sync it. Then I have to restart my phone for the app to inherit the dark theme setting from my device. It gets old.

- No.

Works poorly on iPad Pro. Badges won't go away no matter what. Don't get this app.

- Crashes

App keeps closing. I have deleted and reinstalled several times.

- Great except for ads folder

The app works well, but I really wish there was a way to mass delete the ads folder. I go in once per month to delete well over 200 ad emails. It takes a lot of time, and would be so much easier to delete them all at once. Major oversight.

- Easy Trash

It’s a good app for me to get notifications from YouTube or any other site I’m signed up as with my Gmail. The only problem i have is clearing my mailbox by trashing all my mail by either swiping to the left one at a time on each one or select each and everyone of the items I want to trash. It would be much faster to have the option to select all of the content at the same time, select which ones you don’t want to be trashed and then just hit a button that says “Trash All Selected. “

- Drops gmail passwords and addresses monthly

Tired of the App dropping my three accounts don’t save my new password had to recover too many times should dump!

- What happened to All inboxes

It disappeared all of a sudden I’m very disappointed with google to take this away without any notice or regard for preference

- New update awful

So just did recent update and can’t get into any my accounts just clicks out app Please fix

- Please fix copy/paste option on iPhone apps - it stopped working

Can cut and copy, can’t paste anymore on the iPhone app. Please send a bug fix - not only can you not paste what you’ve cut, but you LOSE what you’ve cut as well! Please address and thanks.

- Does not work on iPad Pro

I have tried all of the fixes and it won’t work properly on my iPad Pro or my iPhone 11

- C DC s Ashe in


- Dark mode

My eyes thank you.

- Issues opening mail

I will click on an email but it will not open.

- Bob

It doesn’t even work when I open it and it hacks ur account

- Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing and won’t open

- Frustrated

Constantly showing I have mail when I don’t and won’t show me notifications anymore for new mail.

- Crashes

App just started crashing within seconds of opening it. Can’t use it at all have to use another mail app!

- Great app annoying bug

Gmail is a great app however there is an annoying persistent notification badge that has gone un addressed for a year. Google please fix.

- Good

It’s good just that.

- Affichage anglophone

Bonjour, Même avec la sélection de la langue française, le moteur de recherche reste en anglais.

- Easy Auto Scroll

Your app lacks the ability to do the most basic thing. When there is 50 emails in the Inbox and you are at the bottom of the list for some reason when you tap the to of the Screen (where the time is displayed) it doesn’t automatically scroll to the top of the Inbox. Please Fix

- Crashes

Tons of crashes today



- Meh, Not Like There’s Another Choice for Gmail

For a big company, it’s disappointing how inefficient this app is. Notifications stay badged, delays in marking emails as read, messages don’t load up quickly. Need to log in from browser to manage labels, filters, and random messages keep getting marked as important.

- Bundles needed

When are bundles coming back? I loved in Inbox app for bundles! Without bundles email is very messy! Please please please return bundles

- Can’t even open it

Every time i try to open the app it automatically closes 🙄

- App horrible

Keeps shutting down on my iPhone X

- Useless

Can not receive Any Emails I’m the last 3 Days. Completely UseLess

- Trash🗑 🗑

It said my friends blocked me

- Crashy

App crashes upon opening. Every. Time.

- No Dark Mode

Dark mode suddenly disappeared and the app is glaringly white. Not a fan.

- Doesn’t open anymore

Freezes forever. Delete and reinstall doesn’t fix it.

- Yes

The best app

- This app sucks

Whenever I get a notification from google classroom it repeats the same notification from this app


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG 😱 is ur the night I would know the real world 🌍 is my world 🌍 is this game the game it will not get the real I play this app it’s my game it’s my first play game it’s great 👍🏻 was my last day of this I would like this I can get some

- Keeps crashing

Suddenly crashes whenever I try to open the app.

- Great app

I is clean easy to use and it has a bunch of cool features!

- App keeps crashing since last iOS update

App will open for 1-5 seconds and then crashes

- Great app

Updating review: bug fixed - must have been some server issue that was causing the crash or some race condition. Thanks for the fix Ps: add in an email to reach out to for feedback or bugs. Because I couldn’t reach out I had to give a 1 star review to get attention :)

- The app crashes!!

The app doesn’t open. Simply crashes and closes suddenly 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

- Having an error today

App isn’t working and giving an error.

- There are weaknesses

For example doesn’t support iCloud Drive when you want to upload files also doesn’t support dark mood in iOS platform. Doesn’t user friendly and make me confused.

- Amazing!😉

After seeing a million ads, I finally downloaded gmail. And let me tell you, it’s so great! I love how you can undo sending things. This app is sooo much better than email📧. I also like how you can have multiple different gmails all in the same app! I have been using this a lot for school, definitely recommend getting!

- App keeps crashing seconds after launch.

App keeps crashing seconds after launch.

- Suddenly I can’t search

Today I’m unable to search emails on my iPad or iPhone!


bruh like why would you do this to me

- Crash

App crashes on Iphone X after 5-10 secs. Havent experienced before.

- Your ads are so annoying

piss off

- I loved it before the update

I use the app all the time and I was super happy with it until the last update. The app keep crashing, when I want to open or write an email it crashes! Please fix it.

- Crashes evertime

Since this week, the app closes abruptly after 5 seconds. Can't use it at all.

- Actions glitch

This app is awesome. But “move to” action doesn’t work. Is there a way to fix this glitch..?

- Great

It’s really great and reliable to use, but for some unrelated reason, it deleted from my phone and won’t re-download. It wasn’t opening, so i restarted my phone and it was deleted when i reopened it.

- Can’t open it

Last update was a disaster! I can’t open this app on my phone! It’s either not loading, or just disappear the moment you open it

- It says “No connection”

Grey box at bottom says “no connection”. I have the updated gmail app and fully functioning wifi.

- Great

It’s quick and easy to use and send homework to my teacher with

- Unhappy with this app

This is insane and crashing all the times since last updated. Does anyone have same issue and how to resolve the problem? Uninstall it or simply ignore this app?

- Great app

Great app, saves time, good functionality

- Great app, terrible performance on iPhone XS

I love everything about this app except for the choppy framerate. Simply scrolling an email drops frames

- Lots of bugs

The new version has looooots of bugs!!!!! I had to read new mails from my desktop computer to remove the unread notification icon!!!

- Missing feature

One big inconsistency is the missing signature checkbox “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the ‘- -‘ line that precedes it”

- never works

This is not working i downloaded this app and it said try again later i don’t like this please fix it if you can please reply to me if you know how to fix this i don’t know how this will be when i wake up next day if its the same like today im totally deleting this app


I can no longer open app it now just freezes and crashes every time I try to open it and check emails. Cannot use any longer.

- Dark mode at last...

Took you long enough to bring dark mode. Eight months since it was first launched. Everybody and their dog, but me, had it since.

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- Investment

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- Won’t connect with my secondary account

I have multiple email accounts linked on my gmail app. The app no longer updates my emails etc for my secondary email account so can’t send/receive emails. Pls fix

- Notifications are always wrong

The way the app runs is fine: composing email, layout etc all good. But it tells me I still have a certain amount of unread messages when in fact I don’t and if I switch between accounts, it tells me how many unread messages I have in an account I have checked, closed and opened another. Notifications are always wrong.

- Unfixable Badge Number Bug

I’ve tried to persist with this app for a long time now, but the continued inability to fix the notification badge number icon means I can no longer use this app. There are many users who disable notifications for certain apps and then use the badge number to decide when to go into the app - this changes things from a push model (you’re pushing notification to the user in order to immediately divert their attention) to a pull model (the user receives no notifications and instead decides when to check the app to see if there’s been activity). More users are beginning to use this model as the number of apps that continually bombard us with notifications as reached a critical point. If an app cannot support accurate badge numbers then this latter use case is rendered broken for the user.

- Hmmm...

It’s good but I’d prefer something more trustworthy and safe

- Update

What’s the deal with the new ugly compose button?

- Deleting if it does not fix

There are folders missing on the app, so I have to go to my laptop to store important emails in them. I need this function so getting rid of it.

- Amazing app! YOU MUST GET IT!!!

Amazing app, I love it and would not recommend any other email app with five stars. Well done google

- Bug

They need to fix the bug which is causing the email list to condense at the left hand side. You have to delete and reload app.

- Why can’t you choose which side the email summary is on?

Why can’t you swap the email summary and reader screens around, being right handed it would be much easier to use? App is good but the ability to change it would be very useful

- Persistent notifications

Says I have unread email when I don’t. Can take hours / days for it to reset. Back to Apple Mail for now.

- Where is big chungus

But where is it????

- Notifications

Getting fed up with this App telling me that I have unread mail despite all mail being read.

- Good but...

As others say, it keeps saying I have unread emails when I don’t. Have had to switch back to Mail.

- Stopped working.

I now can’t receive any new emails on either of my accounts registered. It stopped working on one account two weeks ago, & now on the other this week. It constantly refuses to update & show new emails & gives me a “No connection” error regardless of the fact that my internet connection is fully working, & non of my other email apps seem to be having any issues.

- Can’t use btinternet email

I have managed to set up both my gmail and hotmail accounts but for some reason it kicked my account out and won’t now let me set it up to use in this app. The app looks good otherwise and I’d love to use my btinternet account here too - any ideas..?

- Where the delete all?

Seriously google. Your supposed to be bright minded and your competitors have beaten you to it.

- Can’t see the whole email in the iPad app.

Needs to be updated ASAP

- Please change the notification alert sound

Dear Developers, I have installed this app on my iPhone XS Max and it is working ok, however the notifications alert sound is too low. On Iphone there isn’t any option to change this sound to a louder one. Please look into this issue and change the notification alert to louder one. Other than this app is great.

- Problem

I have a iPhone XR the app doesn’t work landscape and then closes its self

- Gmail latest update

Apps really good until the update from two weeks ago - since then, the screen resolution is all over the place making it unusable on my 6s.

- Unread Mails

I love this app, I really do. But it has been having some annoying bugs recently. After attending to all unread email, the app image icon does reset to 0 even though I have read all mails... it is really annoying. Please fix it urgently...

- Message

It showing me i have message but when i log in no messages

- Hard to multi task, very confusing

Unnecessary difficult to use email. Wish they would just simplify, if you use it loads I think you’d eventually get used to where everything is. Like most users, me included, it’s difficult to find where everything is. Can’t drag and drop emails in desktop files, I mean why? Come on google, I love you but gmail needs a complete overhaul!!!

- New update mixing emails

Used to be very happy with this app but since the update I now have to search to find different emails as it now mixes all my work ones with my personal one what I don’t like please change it back they two accounts should always stay separate

- Great App

amazing for my tik tok codes,roblox, gives me all my emails . ty


Stop filling my inbox with junk adverts!!! The only difference between the nonsense you are sending me and what goes in my spam folder is the spam people haven’t paid you!!! You are one of the worst providers of junk mail and harassment on the internet. Sort yourselves out before you start spouting your lies about privacy!

- Unread message

There seems to be a delay on the banner when you clear your emails, the banner stays there with a notification for a while. Even after closing the app and refreshing multiple times. Also swipe to left as right function keep defaulting back to delete

- Error

Since the latest update I’ve been getting a error sign appear with an exclamation mark. It’s also slowing down me receiving mail. Use to work just fine before the update

- Fix the notifications

Keeps showing that I have a notification on the badge icon even when all my emails have been marked as read. Extremely annoying.

- Freezes

Since the last update when I’m in my mail it often freezes and shuts down.

- Good for school at home

We all have been locked in school and this has really helped especially on live lessons 🙂 I have live lessons on my phone instead of the computers where you can not hear audio

- Latest update very broken

Latest update has made the app pretty much unusable, lags, slow and freezes. Please fix

- OK but can be very frustrating

Decent enough in terms or usability and organisation but often retains email notification of emails are removed quickly via swipe. Only way around this is to delete and reinstall. I also think the email threads are messy and it’s very easy to loose track of a conversation with multiple emails.

- This app showed me 🍆 pictures 🤢

Get this app off this App Store and everyone’s phone I got sent private pictures from a member of Gmail this is disgusting get it off right now


All these reviews saying, “it’s so good!” Or “it works so well!” They are blood lying. I tried it and thought it was going to be great, amazing, fantastic. Only to be greeted with disappointment. I’ve never felt like this before with this app. It’s absolutely terrible. You should take this app down before kids start using this or adults/teenagers who are in need to do their work, send emails, get emails from people. It shouldn’t be on this store anymore. Just delete it, mate! You’ll be doing us the favour.

- its okay... i guess

It works absolutely fine. It sends me all my emails that I need. However the notification settings is messed up. Whenever I got an email, it wouldn’t send me a notification and the red icon in the corner of the app wouldn’t appear. I deleted the app and downloaded it again. However, this time, a red icon appeared in the corner of the app but I had no unread emails. Gmail really need to fix their notification settings.

- Last 2 versions compressing

Everything into a single column on the left. It does not correct itself and I have to delete and reload the app and all the settings. I couldn’t recommend this app till this is fixed

- Disgraceful

This is probably one of the WORST mail app out there!!!! Outdated and limited functionality!!!

- Why are there ads??

Fine as a mail app. Except I get spam mail, marked as ‘ads’ by the app itself. When I delete them it says ‘we will try not to show you ads like this in the future’, as in it will try to tailor the adds to me more... I do not want ads in my email account?? Especially ones saying ‘you’ve won £100,000!!!’ Very disappointed

- not adequate at all...

not adequate at all for a tech giant like google, on iOS, the copying of text is made impossible, attachments from locations other that google drive, forget it, threaded views on topics, causes stress more than anything. Hands down, the Outlook app, is the best. I’m baffled how this is ranked the first email app...

- Was fine but now bugging constantly

Was working perfectly but has been bugging non stop since last week. First, it wouldn’t upload new msgs and kept freezing. I had to delete the app and start again. Now, I can only see msgs if I turn my phone sideways 🤯

- Fix this problem.

You need to fix this bug.Every time I enter the app, it kicked me out after one to two minutes.By the way,I have a iPhone SE (1st generation) so could you make it compatible for the iPhone please do.

- App keeps corrupting

Never had an issue with gmail app before but this week it keeps corrupting so can’t view anything. Keep having to delete and reinstall which is super irritating, please fix this bug. Seems to only be iPhone app with the problem.

- Lost quick scroll to top?

The latest two versions of this app no longer have the quick scroll top the top Of the email list function anymore.

- Basic web app

A surprisingly basic web app. It seems not to have been optimised for mobile well or significantly

- Amazing


- Quick message

This shouldnt be a 4+ app it aleast be 12+ to organise your email and kids dont know how to. only 1 thing thats bothering me but still perfecto!!!

- Really really buggy

This is pathetic for a company as big as google. Routinely when I selected about 29 emails the options to delete or move do not show up at all. Email text frequently goes off the side of the screen with no way to resize the email to fit. Pathetic google. Pathetic

- Very useful

Because I am only 8, I created an account with my dad. I sent some messages to family and they replied back. I love this app❤️ and because I am a kid, when I tried to go on YouTube it didn’t allow and made me go on YouTube Kids WOW🤩 You should use it

- Always say 1

I’ve been using this Gmail App for ages, but over the last couple weeks I’ve always had 1 notification dot and I’ve check my emails and nothing, I’ve check for updates and still nothing, it won’t go away.

- Latest Update

Mail app keeps crashing and I can’t access my mail. Might have to delete this app if the problem can’t be fixed by tomorrow!

- Since the most recent update my app crashes every time I open it

It’s a shame because it’s normally great and I use it all the time.

- Dark mode has stopped working

Dark mode has been removed from Gmail for some reason? I’m now being blinded by the Gmail app. Google needs to get its act together with dark mode for Gmail on iOS. Make the app respect the system settings and add a toggle for dark mode in the gmail settings. This is unacceptable.

- Could be better

Still says i have unread emails when i don't. Also links emails based on subject. Should only be if they are specifically replied to.

- New emails

I have noticed recently, as has my partner, that I am not being notified of new emails coming through. I have to go in to the app and refresh it before any new mail actually comes through!

- Fix the app soon

Fix this app. Cause when I open this app it just open for a second and closes automatically. iPhone XS Max problem. Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks

- Work to do

It could be so good but just needs some simple features that the Apple mail app has had for a long time. Something as simple as move suggestions. I do this many times daily, where I need to put an item in my inbox into a sub folder or add label. I really want to use this with all my mail accounts but alas can not, so use with none. You’re playing catch up google, but I think your looking in the wrong places.

- It’s confusing

If you have an email conversation the sorting becomes extremely confusing. Very disappointed about google. It’s not intuitive

- I haven’t dark mode choose in settings

And Dark mode is not working

- No support for slide over

This feels like an app that is run by a committee of people who have lots of meetings about the app, but never actually use the app. Giving feedback via the app feels like yelling into a black hole, there is no acknowledgement and never a reply from the developers. - no split view, slide over or multiple instances - when you reply to an email you also gave to manually place the cursor in the reply text box. Why can’t I just hit reply, and start typing? - Support for signatures is problematic at best or broken at worst - still no “proper” attachments even though the latest update claims to have implemented this On the other hand, other features are genuinely useful and very clever. Things like scheduled sending, snoozing, automatic follow up suggestions are great.

- Current version keeps crashing when I do anything

Please fix current version as we cannot do anything. App crashed once anything is clicked.

- Lame

Finally have dark mode available and now crashes constantly. Inbox appears for 1 second then crashes, next time I try to look at inbox get spinning wheel and no sign of inbox. Utter rubbish. Seriously, how hard can an email client be? Would give it ZERO stars if I could Plenty of others having same experience over last 12 months - just do a simple (non-)Google search for “gmail crashes iphone” and see just how widespread the issue is! 6 months after announcing dark mode still no sign of it as option for iOS. Lame lame lame. Every other app has option for dark mode or to adopt device setting for time of day but not gmail Lame lame lame

- Rubbish

My advice - do not update

- Suddenly crashing

This app has never crashed in the past but now, it just crashes repeatedly, to the point where I can’t use it. It literally opens and then crashes. What happened???

- App malfunctioning

I have always loved the gmail app - it’s always worked seamlessly for me. Right now though, for some reason, the app opens for two seconds and then shuts itself down. I cannot view or send emails through this app. It. Is. Infuriating. I have the iphone 11, I have the latest IOs update (13.4.1) and I have manually updated the Gmail app. I don’t know why there’s a bug that’s automatically shutting the app down.

- Updated version doesn’t work!

I was forced to update since the version I was using became unsupported. I did, the new layout is nice, Gmail is my primarily used app for my emails, since it’s so easy to use. Been loving it for years! keeps saying that there is no connection when I try to load my inbox!!! Even when both my wifi and mobile data internet work fine for all other apps. Now the app is useless and I am having to desperately shop around for a new, similar app for my emails whilst clinging onto the hope the developers will fix this glitch soon enough. So disappointed!!

- New version

I upgraded to the new version and now my Emails don’t refresh and it says I have no emails in my inbox. I’ve checked everything in settings and it all looks fine, the app just doesn’t work now. P

- Bad update

After I check my emails it says I still have some on the app, also I can’t send emails now that I’ve updated the app

- App keeps crashing.

One minute it was working the next it won’t stop crashing when I open it. Please fix it.

- Please fix!!!

The newest update is awful, it went from being one of the most reliable apps to not even loading my new emails. I still get notifications of new emails coming in but when I open the app it doesn’t show them. Please fix!!!

- Can’t delete emails now!

After latest update, I can’t permanently delete an email! App says “moved to bin”, but the next time I refresh it’s back at the top of my inbox. At least it still receives emails!

- Crashes

App now crashes immediately after opening. If you’re going to update, test it first.

- App crashes immediately

I’d hold off on updating if you have more than one account. This update has rendered gmail useless on my phone. Google... HELP!!

- Well............

I have been using this app since I moved to my new school and I love this app! The only thing I particularly love is the three lines on the top of the top-left hand corner. Seriously, I love this app.

- Loses files

I have used gmail for a number of years and have no problem with the general operation for what I use it for. When I want to keep a series of emails and the attachments I create a folder and move the email into that folder. However on three occasions over the last 18 months I have gone to one of the folders to look at something and the file has been empty. Not only that folder but every folder has been cleaned out and I have lost everything I have saved. I am now having to look at alternative methods to save emails and the attachments. Some of the data I have lost has given me real problems. I don’t want to go back to the old method of printing everything. How can this happen?

- Can’t Attach Dropbox Files

Quite annoying that you can only attach documents from “recent PDFs” selection which is almost always inaccurate, photos, or google drive. I use dropbox so this essentially deems gmail useless to me. Otherwise it works fairly well but will be switching to the standard Mail app.


Kim namjooon Kim seokjin Kim yoongi Jung hoseok park jimin Kim taehyung jeon jungkook Bts

- App crashing


- Old ux is better

I prefer the old UX, it distinguished between emails a lot clearer than the new UX.

- Dark Mode

Hi Gmail When are we having the Dark Mode feature on Mobile Gmail?

- App crashes as soon as I open it

Hey Guys, I am using multiple gmail address in the app. It use to work well so far, as of today(11may) when I updated to latest version it started causing this problem. Unable to access any of my mail on phone. Would you please look into issue ? Thanks

- Update keeps crashing

I was excited to have the dark mode after a wait but the app keeps crashing if you have more than one gmail account linked to it. I cant even open the app. Can you kindly fix it asap as the app is unusable at this stage.

- Email signature update

In 2020, surely the gmail app would be capable of using the same email signature as the one used in the desktop version. I use the app for business and it’s embarrassing using different email signatures depending on whether I’m using gmail on desktop or gmail on the app. I am considering switching providers.

- Lousy update google!!

lol Google!! No dark mode but Australian post app has dark theme. Shame on Google!! Hurry up with the so called stage roll out for dark theme!! 🤬😡

- App crashing

For the past two days this app has been crashing the second it’s opened. It’s been impossible to use it!

- Notifications and closing

Keeps showing I have notifications of new emails when I don’t, now that has stopped I can’t open the app. Shows up for a second closes and the. Stays open in background. Please fix this.

- Missing a major iPad feature

Can we please get proper multitasking? Split screen would be amazing!

- Lousy update

This app has worked for years and now with latest update the app opens and then immediately crashes and closes. Restarting iPhone has no affect. Why is it that developers cannot update their apps without causing issues where none existed before?

- Have been using for years, but now keeps crashing

I’ve been using the Gmail app for a long time and have loved it. For the last few weeks there has been a bug that makes the iPhone app crash on opening every time! I’ve updated the app and ios and hasn’t fixed the issue unfortunately

- Email

I have always had a gmail account but lately I can’t remember how to use it I use my iPhone and iPad for sending my family updates what am I doing wrong But that is my nickname so what am I doing wrong

- Shit I recommend not getting this app it is a virus😷🤢 DONT DOWNLOAD


- Greatest of all evils

We all know why. Just hoping someone out there creates a competing product before I die.

- Missing notifications of new emails

Since the update 3 days ago, I am now not getting the notification that I have new emails! Before I would have the little number appear and hang around even when I had read them but now nothing. My notification settings are on but I have to keep going in to check if I have anything new!

- Aaaargh, my storage is full!

Please Google! Gmail & Google used to be my favourites but my tech expert swapped my data to my new Google Pixel 4 phone by using my google storage! Now my storage is full & I am no longer receiving emails! I have been frantically deleting emails & photos for 2 days & it is still not working! Aaaarrrrrgggggggghhh

- Major issues not resolved

Issues with app that one of the largest tech giants in the world can’t solve - what a joke - notification to show number of emails unread on home incorrect vs what is actually read - some emails not coming through to app, but they will come through to desktop version of website. Please fix this!!

- iOS files attachments still don’t work

Release notes say it works Practical usage says it doesn’t What quality control is this Google

- Can't attach files form iOS files app

The new version says it now supports attaching files from iOS files app. But there's no option yet. Please fix this.

- Bringing Dark Mode back please

Would have loved to give 5 stars should the dark mode be reinstated asap!

- Dark mode

Thought majority has got it by now. Guess not. Roll out dark mode!

- Mr

Excellent app but i suggest to improve in attachment of file using mobile phone while you want to reply email.

- Access to my Gmail

I couldn’t open my gmail account for time so, I deleted it to reinstall but it didn’t

- I can’t copy out of gmail app

After updating I can’t copy from gmail and paste on another app, please fix

- Complain

My gmail account was hacked and I don’t know why gmail of all things should be hacked. Now I can’t have access to my gmail account anymore, please help me work on my gmail account it important

- My Gmail isn’t going on iPhone 7+

Please what’s wrong with gmail on iPhone 7+ that’s not downloading

- Reinstall faults

Please I’m on able to reinstall gmail app on my iPhone

- Attachment

I still can’t send file attachments even after updating 😡😡😡😠😠🥵

- Weston177

Very valuable app 💯

- Best

I recommend this app for everyone ⚡️⚡️

- Upgrade malfunction

Since I upgraded my gmail app on my iPhone I haven’t been able to access my email. When I click on the app it goes blank for a couple of seconds and exits, so please I need assistance in getting it sorted out.

- Unread column

Is there a chance for an unread column at the left corner of the app. Most times we miss a lot of mails, this could be really helpful. Thanks.

- Too cool

Loving it all

- App is not opening

Can't open after last update

- Gmail

I can’t see my Gmail account again!

- Mailing issues

Gmail has been my favorite email app. However I’ve been having issues with receiving emails for the past 2 weeks. Please help me. It’s been sending back error messages whenever a mail is sent to me. What should I do?

- Stupid customer service

Why you guys gon let a bot run your customer service, like if you’ve really got difficulties to deal with You’ve got no one to talk to

- Good for corporate emails but

Very good app but currently useless to me because after downloading on my iPhone 7 and tried to launch the app, it disappears every time I click on the app to open my mail

- Pretty good

Where is the dark mode Though

- Great app

Would like u to consider creating a lock for the app. Introduce finger print to restrict access. Thanks

- Wonder!!!

This app is so wonderful! I thought I had lost my contact, but I can restore them with ease. Just wonderful!

- Nice App

It delivers

- Can’t add attachments from storages

Why can’t I drag and drop attachments or pick to add files from storage. Please make this option available.

- I tried opening my mail app afta updating but I can’t pls help me

I can’t open my gmail app after updating it pls help

- Dark mode

I dont have the theme section in my app, i cant switch to dark mode 🥺

- Best App

Gmail is just the best app for my gmail account, I get notified within seconds of transactions or mails. I don’t have an issue with it at all. I recommend

- False notification

My app keeps showing me that I have one unread mail even when I have more than that or none at all. I deleted the app and are-installed but the issue persists. It is really confusing for me and might make me miss out on important mails.

- I can’t seem to get my Gmail in dark mode

My Gmail doesn’t have the dark mode theme option

- Attachment

Can’t attach documents from file manager only from pictures or drive. This causes a lot of inconveniences. Please fix this.

- Can’t access my other accounts

It won’t show me how I can log in to my other accounts, I’ve tried every means but I couldn’t find it.

- Terrible version

It is too difficult to attach file on iOS, there are limited options. Why so much stress?

- App not signing in

Don’t know what’s happening but after downloading and installed on my iPhone 6 the app won’t let me sign in. What do I do to make it work.

- I can’t delete emails in my spam folder

The gmail app is not working well in iPhone Xmas, for example i cannot delete emails in my spam folders. The delete button is not working, please fix this issues. Every others things about the gmail app works well. Thank you.

- Mark/Delete Crash

Been really pleased with this app over the years. However, the new update lags and crashes every time I mark and delete emails. Please fix this bug so I can enjoy your great app. Thanks.

- Gmail alerts not coming

I’ve not been getting alerts on my gmail since I upgraded

- What's the Point?

Couldn't sync my other accounts signed in to Gmail app on Android with my iPhone.

- Great work

Great work making gmail a lot better, easier, bigger and smarter. Just like it.

- Review

I’m in love with this app. So convenient and modernized. It could literally send my prayers to God in heaven. I love it!

- Let’s be able to attach from Dropbox etc.

I enjoy the use of the app and cannot give anything less than a 5-star but please do make it possible to be able to pick attachments from Dropbox, OneDrive etc. For now one can only pick attachments from Photo app and Google Drive on IPhone. Please help!!


Splendid App and excellent

- It’s not user friendly

It’s not user friendly

- Get the pin email feature😤

I liked inbox majorly cause I could pin emails that were important and filter them easily when I needed to check back. Then closed inbox and said all my favourite features are now on the Gmail app and I'm quite sure there's no pin email feature on the app. Get it done please.

- Dark mode

Gmail is good but can be better, kindly add a dark mode as the bright ui is weird at night. It’s like I’m staring at headlamps. Thank you.

- Won’t download

I tried downloading after I changed to a 7+ and it just won’t download. Really frustrating because I hate having to give other apps access to my email account. I would prefer only gmail having access to my gmail account. Every time I try to download, it stops half way and says it can’t be downloaded.

- Zx ezzc

Thanks iDe her udx ch czvjgjgujbbbuj vnixhjjhjjyyyjunujyzzzfj bbm hnijjhyyycghhvnnqqis

- Best mailing app ever

Very practical and easy to use.

- Nice and Handy

Nice and Handy

- It just works

It does look I expect of it and more. Well done.

- Superb

Service on gmail is excellent. However, I’d love to schedule an email to automatically send at a specified time.

- Not impressed

I do not get notifications for new mails and my signature never applies when I send mails. I like the feel and I really wanna keep it but it is not just working for me.

- Best email app

Very easy to use. I recommend it

How to change your Gmail signature by @verge

@milemiru YESSSS THANKS MIRUUUU LOOOL i actually managed to find them by typing in "morning glory" in my gmail and…

@dhh I achieve this "wizardry" using simple gmail rules to tag emails, my views only show me emails with certain ta…

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@SaudiComputer: جيميل يدعم أخيراً ميزة تقسيم الشاشة على آيباد للتحميل

جيميل يدعم أخيراً ميزة تقسيم الشاشة على آيباد للتحميل

@gmail All my google emails are under attack by criminals . I've followed all recovery process but they keep gaini…

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Gmail - Email by Google 6.0.200614 Screenshots & Images

Gmail - Email by Google iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google iphone images
Gmail - Email by Google ipad images
Gmail - Email by Google ipad images
Gmail - Email by Google ipad images
Gmail - Email by Google Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Gmail - Email by Google Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Gmail - Email by Google (Version 6.0.200614) Install & Download

The applications Gmail - Email by Google was published in the category Productivity on 2011-11-02 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 296.61 MB. Gmail - Email by Google - Productivity posted on 2020-07-06 current version is 6.0.200614 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

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