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VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy App Description & Overview

What is vpn - super unlimited proxy app? ■ Features:
- Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited bandwidth
- No registration or login required
- No Log is saved from any users
- Simple, one tap connect to VPN
- Protect your security and privacy
- Support for multiple devices for the same account
- Support 9.0 for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

■ What can I do with a VPN?
- Enhance your online privacy and enable you to safely and anonymously browse the Internet
- Protect you when using a public WiFi hotspot
- Allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet

You can be a premium user through auto-renewing subscription:

12-Month Plan, first 7 days free and then $79.99/year
1-Month Plan, first 7 days free and then $11.99/Month
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase
- You may cancel a subscription during its free trial period via the subscription setting through your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Please visit http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098 for more information
- You may turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription via your iTunes Account Settings. However, you are not able to cancel the current subscription during its active period
- Any unused portion of a free-trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription

■ Suggest:
* In most countries, it is recommended to use the IKEv2 protocol first, for better stability and connection speed.
* When the connection fails, please switch to OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP protocol in turn.
* Switching to different countries may also increase access speed or connection success rate

■ Privacy Policy:
*When the user is in normal use, we will not log any logs related to the user.
* Only when the user actively fails to connect the connection (requires the user to click the feedback button), we will collect the necessary user connection failure log.
*The connection failure log collected is limited to the success rate of our engineers to improve the VPN connection, and will not be shared with any individual or organization.

Links to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found below.
Privacy Policy: https://www.mobilejump.mobi/about/privacy.html
Terms of Use: https://www.mobilejump.mobi/about/tos.html

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App Name VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy
Category Productivity
Updated 07 March 2024, Thursday
File Size 74.24 MB

VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy Comments & Reviews 2024

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Worked for a while. Right so for the first year or two of me using this app it worked fine but for some reason this year its not working at all. I’ll try to connect to a server so i can listen to music on my phone while in school but instead it will pop up the purchase menu and when i exit out of the purchase menu it will disconnect me from the server. Now ive tried just leaving the purchase menu open and hoping it would connect but it never does i dont know if this is happening to anyone else or what but I would just like to listen to music in class so my ptsd and anxiety doesnt flair up and for anyone thinking im listen to music without my teachers permission they know im listening to music its not like i have ear buds in hiding behind my hair. No i have actually headphones on that visual constantly so ya dont come at me saying I shouldn’t be listening to music in class because ive done it for years and when a teacher asks me to take them off i do most of the time also keep in mind i have a ear out at all times so i can hear the teacher and i have my music low maybe on 3-5 volume. Anyways enough rambling. I’d just love to get this app fixed to where people that dont pay or cant pay can still use that app thats all im asking just let us connect to your servers still without pushing it in our faces to purchase or disconnecting us if we dont purchase. Thanks for reading. -Axyl

Unpolished, choppy connectivity, and abrupt ads. I use this daily for school because the wifi blocks most apps. The process of using this app goes as follows. Open the app and wait for it to load for between 5-20 seconds, watch a ad that will most likely pause your music if you are listening to any (this may not be in the control of the developers), hit the power button for the vpn, have a pop up asking if you want to pay for a subscription, close it, hit the power button again, watch another ad. All the transitions from page to page and the ads are abrupt and poorly executed. The connection lasts for as little as 5 minutes and an average of 20-30 minutes, in my experience. In order to reconnect you have to watch another 2-3 ads. The use of this app is inefficient and time consuming. If there was another option I would use it but sadly I’m stuck with this app. To sum up this VPN, it’s like using a wooden pencil that is so short it can’t be sharpened and has a 20 year old eraser.

Worked until .. this. I used the vpn for so long and it worked for quite some time. No problems other than sometimes it would disconnect and I would have to go in manually to reconnect but that didn’t bother me since I wasn’t needing it for more than 3/4 hrs at a time. Then one day I started getting many spam emails (on my personal email that I use for nothing only for Apple ID) and small weird occurrences happening to my phone. I’ve been told that you can viruses from vpn apps, I only used this vpn to connect to school Wi-Fi so it wasn’t anything I had done since I’ve always been careful of what i do and what happens to my phone. And it hadn’t happened to me only after I used the app. The only thing that I can think of is that the app did something to my phone…I have the iPhone 11 btw so I’m kinda mad and confused on what happened

My only regret is not trying this one sooner. I almost never leave reviews, it’s too time consuming and rarely am I wowed (or dismayed) enough to share my thoughts publicly. But I am so high on this app right now that I just need to express how awesome it is working (so far). I am in China and have been using another VPN app which renders other apps and social media so slow that I gave up and haven’t checked Instagram in a month. On a whim I decided to try another VPN, this one, with no hopes or expectations whatsoever after experiencing the dismal performance of the other. Well to my complete surprise, it is so fast that the pages are loading as though I am back in the US. My only regret is that I assumed all VPN apps were the same for a month and didn’t try this one sooner. Maybe it’s only fast when you first download it - who knows. But like me, it can’t hurt to try.

please don’t get this,,. so i got this app because i wanted to go on instagram (basically social media) since they had it blocked with the schools wifi, and i tried it at school and it never even worked anyway, it always said failed to connect so i just thought it was my schools wifi, and sure enough it was, at home it connected perfectly fine, although it also tracked my location and i just thought well almost all apps track your location nowadays no? so i shut off my phone for a bit and took a nap cause highschool is tiring lol, but when i went back on my phone to check instagram a notification popped up on my account saying that someone tried to hack my account, hear me say this: my accounts have been hacked before, but the location has always been somewhere in a foreign country, but instagram showed that someone tried to log in my account right in my city. i have location off and i’d advise you to be careful, if you are fine with risking your location and possibility of getting hacked, go ahead and get the app. but please remember no one has any of my passwords, no one in my family even knows about my account, neither friends, and i always make sure i’m on secured websites, so i deleted the app and changed my password. please stay safe and if you can just get data for your phone or pay for a vpn :) - hannah

Not sure yet just got it. I’ve had it for like 30 seconds and it’s already wanting a review! They all do that I guess. Anyways I’ll write another after I’ve used it for a bit. Not sure why besides I might help someone out which is enough for me. I just get frustrated that we are saving companies millions something just by writing reviews and we don’t get anything for it. It’s like going to work and saying “no I don’t want to get paid, I just want to do this out of the goodness of my heart”... Thought I sent this or maybe I did... anyways I’ve had other app for a bit now and have had no issues. I do wish they had a tutorial on its options. I’m not to savvy with this so I don’t know how to use it or all of its proposes.

Uses Google servers therefore logs aplenty. Hello. I've just now started using this app in hopes for a free vpn that actually worked. Seeing that it was only a proxy service I figured I'd still give it a try. Well the proxy service appears to be Google servers. Which everyone knows collects more data about users then any single entity on this planet. I'm sure this developer and company doesn't save anyone's information or whatever they have said about privacy standards. Well no offense but your privacy policy don't mean didly if you don't own the servers that the traffic is being directed thru. Maybe you should make that more transparent to people. I doubt if people knew you would have half the users you do if you told people your servers were owned by Google. Or router thru Google servers. Anyways. I'd use the app if google wasn't involved. But they have enough information about my life as it is. Don't need them seeing all my internet activity.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD GIVES U VIRUSES. i had this app for about three weeks and the first week it worked pretty well the second week it sometimes worked but it would disconnect regularly almost every 10 minutes it also doesn’t work at all outside which are you suppose to sit in one spot all day for it to actually work that’s not how life works third week comes by the app GIVES ME A VIRUS apps on my phone such as snapchat, tiktok, messages, facetime stopped working i went to setting to my wi-fi and it was glitching like my phone had been hacked i knew it hadn’t been hacked because i had contacted the apple store and there were no green or yellow dots at the top right side of my screen however i have not had any internet no matter where i go now even at home because of this app i have to pay to get my phone fixed now because of this app a ton of people on my school also got viruses hacking there instagram because of this listen to me and DONT DOWNLOAD IT

I gave up on VPN until this app. I tried for years to find a fast, easy, free, effective, and reliable VPN. As you can guess, I never remotely found anything even somewhat ideal. In a last-ditch effort, I tried out this app and am extremely happy with it. It doesn’t cost anything, and I can use it as needed. I never review apps but, considering just how great this product is and how generous and dedicated it’s developers must be, I figure the least I can do is verify their awesomeness and help increase the number of app users. This is the only free app that feels way too good to be true and, the more I use it, the clearer it becomes that anyone who is lucky enough to find this app is in for a great treat. Don’t hesitate! This is a great, free, fast VPN app for the iPhone. You’ll be glad you did.

Connection problem. Hello everyone first of all thanks for your good work for creating this app. I had this app on my phone for very long period of time and it was amazing with everything fast connecting ,downloading, uploading … but as you know since a month ago with the start of protesting in Iran there were all sort of problems with internet and lots of filtering with popular apps so we desperately need proxy and vpn for simply using our phones especially for those who have iPhones cause even App Store was filter until an hour ago . Since a month ago this app on my phone couldn’t connect at all but was fine on my other phone (which is also iPhone) so i try to download it again but still didn’t work and now it only shows France servers and won’t connect at all. Please do something I can’t use my phone at all without vpn and this app was my only proxy so far and it was doing good so please help me and fix it again. Thanks for your good work again;)

Best Free VPN I’ve found. By far the best free VPN, and possibly the only true “free” VPN. The rest are 1 week free trials, then they make you start paying for premium. This one plays adverts in lieu of paying monthly fees, and it’s totally worth watching them for the kind of quality they offer. There’s not many features for free, you can pretty much only connect to a foreign server, but for me that’s all I need, cause I just use it for region locked content. And there’s a large amount of servers in each region. There’s at least 5-10 servers for each country, and even more for ones like the USA and Canada. Only draw back is that the country selection is low. But I’d say this is the only VPN I’ll need! It offers just enough countries, and all I need is to connect to different servers, and it does that pretty well. Definitely recommend.

Appreciate the Free App BUT.... I truly do appreciate the free app, but the advertisements and attempts to get you to upgrade to a paid plan are a tad incessant. The developers are clearly making their buck off of paid advertisements. Therefore, when they consistently pop-up a message saying, “We’re giving you this awesome app for free, the least you could do is give us a review,” it feels a bit off-putting to me. To me, that makes me feel as if they’re trying to guilt the users of this advertisement-laden app into feeling bad about using it for free by presenting themselves as “altruistic.” Maybe I sound overly critical but I’m giving them a solid 4 star review so I’m really just out here complaining. And honestly, nobody really is going to give a crap about the way I “feel” about some random app. Honestly, I really don’t give a crap either and have no idea why I just spent this much of my writing this review. 💁🏻‍♂️

Really convenient and helpful.. I honestly doubted this VPN at first. I need a VPN because my school has jammers so therefore my data does not properly function whatsoever, and the school’s Wi-Fi password they changed do to illegal activity done by students . but, I was recommended it by a friend few days later and I gave it a shot. This app is worth the download and the few megabytes . It honestly speeds your data by so much, and honestly it feels like nothing is delayed, or not receiving data/Wi-Fi. My constant slow messages that would send few minutes late, send the second I hit “send”. Which is sweet. I highly recommend this to any student that is having trouble with their data at school .

Pleased so far. Hello, I have just downloaded the app and so far I’m liking what I see. My school doesn’t allow social media apps and certain websites while on their WiFi and I couldn’t take it so I decided to download a vpn. I was upset because I know I most likely had to spend some money just to be able to view my social media apps and have access to unlimited websites but then I stumbled upon this and let me tell you it works amazing for an app that is free. Loads up fast, vpn automatically starts up, multiple servers to go on, and it genuinely works, allowing me to be able to use my favorite apps without trouble. Thank you so much for this amazing app, I’m hoping this won’t be taken down soon and I wish the creators will make good money out of this for investing in a vpn like this. 💕☺️

It Can’t Bypass Netflix’s Wall Anymore. When I first got this app, it worked marvelously. I’d connect to a country’s VPN, go on Netflix, and be satisfied. The ads, how it stops working after some time, it was all worth it for a free app that in the end, did exactly what it said it did (after all, having to connect and re-connect from time-to-time isn’t a very big con to the pro of a completely free, WORKING VPN app). However, after a few months of using this app, it can no longer get past Netflix’s wall. I’ll go on Netflix, and Netflix will detect the VPN. I truly don’t have the resources to pay for a VPN app, so I guess you can infer that I don’t have the resources aka MONEY to buy all the movies and shows I want to watch on Netflix from other countries (personally, I’d really like to watch the Ghibli movies because they’re not available on the U.S.’s version of Netflix). Please get this fixed, it breaks my heart that I can’t use this app for Netflix anymore! Thank you if you read this far :)

Works better than any other VPN. Anyone wondering whether or not to get this vpn no I am not a bot but this work fairly well for me. I use iPhone so all I have to do is go to settings and turn on vpn without the hassle of ads. This vpn is super reliable for me and I see that some people do have problems that are difficult to resolve which I understandably would simply switch to another one. The only thing I see which for me is a minor downside is when I turn the phone off for extended periods of time it will turn the vpn off so just wondering devs if this is intentional. Otherwise this is a 10/10 best vpn out there I can find for me and I recommend this to you as long it works fine and if it doesn’t try to contact them and resolve as they probably will seeing previous low star ratings

It works well but ... It disconnects quickly and you don’t even know it’s off.. no way to know unless you check to see if it is running i.e the time is counting up.. -this is the free version I’m reviewing - I haven’t paid so not really complaining..it does slow down the phone a lot and use battery power quickly and heats up the battery too. At least on an iPhone. After an hour you need to check on it and see the seconds moving, as it will appear to be on and show the vpn icon but actually has long since disconnected. I think if I could see better stability and lower connection speeds, I would upgrade to a subscription but how it functions as a free version after watching multiple ads , should then give me a smooth connection for my time watching those ads. So regardless I feel like the stability of the connection would still be an issue. It also sometimes freezes completely and you have to close the app completely and reconnect and sometimes it freezes the phone in general. That is very annoying. Happens quite regularly. Anyway, it has worked so far for short, under 1 hour sessions, when I need it.

Great Location Coverage. This app is great for using other locations outside the US so we can get other Netflix programming or getting around ESPN’s error 5 block for using iPhone to HDMI connectors… super impressed considering there are so many options for VPN’s and for the regular Joe, knowing what matters and what doesn’t with a VPN, this app works great. Also, easy to understand. The first VPN that can explain the function and reason for having a VPN as easily ad Coinbase explains cryptocurrency, will be the front runner in VPN’s assuming they mhs r a good marketing department and are on an international platform. I guess they could do it per country for even more ease of use, but I believe that’s why VPN’s are not household discussions.

Paid for VIP but it loads the slower free version. It’s kind of deceptive. Multiple members of our household have paid individually for the VIP version of this app but we’re finding it disappointing in a few key ways. This app automatically loads the free crappier & slower VPN option instead of the VIP options UNLESS I waste time clicking around in the app to select VIP…wait for it to load…then pick a location….wait for it to load & then click to connect it…& wait for it to load. Often times it has said it’s connected and starts counting the seconds it’s been connected but is in fact not connected or automatically disconnects when I open another app to answer my text messages or check emails. VIP experience = It’s a total pain in the azzz to get what you pay for. Doesn’t stay connected & must be babysat. Not really worth it the babysitting job it requires & time wasted for it to be in VIP mode.

The only FREE & GOOD VPN out there. Don’t even bother looking for any other one. Trust me, nothing is as good as this! I got it recommended by a friend, (because our school internet is so awful) and now my whole family uses it. It only gives you 2 adds before giving hours worth of wifi. I just want to say thank you to the developers because most “free” VPNs give you thousands of ads and a limited time to use them. You have the option to go premium, but the free one has suited me just fine and I’ll never be switching to another VPN app. Again, thank you developers because we need less pay wall obsessed apps and more of useful, reliable, and free ones like yours! THANKKK YOUUU💕💕💕

Would recommend. I had so many viruses on my last phone until I found out about vpns. I had to scour the internet to find the perfect vpn. Then I found this one. It has helped me so much and has protected me from so many unwanted viruses. But I can also use it to access movies and tv shows that would not normally be available in my area. And the best part is that it is completely free. There is a subscription that allows you to get access to many more countries and no adds. However, the free version works just as well and provided many more locations than other vpns. If you worry about your online safety and want some protection, this vpn is a great start. To the creators great job and thank you!

Loading. It connects to Netflixs and my shows/movies come up but the posters will slowly appear, and once I start watching a movie for example, twilight, it would load for the longest time and seems like it wouldn’t work. I would like if the app had better connection with mobile phone devices. At first, it would say it didn’t connect and once you try again, it would connect which I’m positive about that but I believe it needs have better compatibility with Netflix when it comes to watching your shows/movies. I do recommend this app but it’s needs to be going faster on mobile phone device and IOS devices as well. Mainly iPhone and Androids. Thank you P.S. Once it connects with Netflix, it interferes with my social media apps as well, sending messages and refreshing the page, causing them to load very slow as well, that’s another part that needs to be fixed as well.

It’s great in General. If you read some of these reviews you’ll see lots of people who use this app in school to use Instagram and stuff without being blocked by their school. Which probably won’t work because there is no WiFi to connect to at a school, if you’re like me and you just want to watch Netflix, this app is great with that, every once in a while an error will pop up and you have to re-log on to the network thing you’re using, but it isn’t that much of a hassle, just keep the app open while using it. It also lags a bit while scrolling through the network places, but I still recommend. If you see any agreement terms on the app, I’ve agreed to them and my Phone has been fine, the only change is that I get more stuff on Netflix. (Use Germany8-Netflix then click Frankfurt 37 for some great Netflix choices)

So far. It seems good so far. Will update this review if things change. I’ve barely just installed the app and it asked me to review it. Update: still seems good. Haven’t had any major issues. There are some things associated with VPN in general that are kinda annoying, but they will be found in any VPN service. One is that they are generally slower than connecting without vpn, but usually this is a necessary and acceptable compromise in my opinion. This VPN app is pretty good at connecting to a decently fast server. The pop up ads are kinda annoying but once you shift to a different app you won’t have to deal with them while vpn runs in the background. And paying for a service fee is much more annoying than having to skip over a few ads. This vpn app has to get funded somehow, so I understand and don’t mind the momentary ad when I connect to the vpn server. Again, if anything should occur to change my experience, I’ll update my review.

Head ache. 2021: I tried to wait until I heard back from them but no answer back so this is my final take on this vpn....Looking for a good vpn which this vpn is ok compared to others wanting you to watch videos to gain credits in order to have a vpn active, BUT this vpn doesn’t stay on on your phone goes into rest mode it turns off and then you have to turn it back on. Which I have to question the integrity of the company that makes this vpn. I contacted the company no reply waited about 2 to 3 weeks nothing. Also the so called super unlimited keeps tethering which doesn’t connect at all on wifi or cellular service it just tethers in the background stating connecting ...which that will kill your battery quick because it stays running to gain a connection it already happened to me and I had to delete it. Don’t even bother it may have a high download count but I strongly believe it was deleted as quick as it was downloaded. Also I strongly believe not many people know that this vpn turns off when your phone is resting . Update 2022: I had deleted this vpn for over a year and no change problems with email and website loading and taking a long time to load. Also this thing still drains my battery also several media website does not even load. Nothing new I strongly believe those who are leaving good reviews are those working for or hired by the app.

Super simple and easy to use!. This VPN is for people like me for simple safe connection to unknown and public wifi no other weird and confusing buttons. The connection is very fast and i have no problem using it. I had a subscription to another VPN but it had one flaw and i emailed CS line and they told me that nothing was wrong its prob the user fault. I know that it wasnt my fault because same problem i had was the main problem for my family also, that problem was when its connected and your using it or your downloading an app it will lose it connection but my phone couldnt do anything about it. Even if i hard close the app it would be running in the background and it wouldnt freshly connect again until i reseted my phone. This app doesnt have that problem and i tested it out too see if it does i had it on all night one time and it didnt lose connection not once. So anyone who wants a simple vpn n nothing extra with the vpn this is for you. I recommend it its very easy and simple! Oh the other thing this comes with a wifi speed tester so thats a plus to see how fast the internet your using! Overall super happy with this purchase!

Good VPN it’s improved. There is a crap ton of ads. Which is to be expected when it’s free, just a bit pick, why do you get ads when you turn the VPN on or off? I get having an ad when the app starts need to make sure to get rhat money to support the app. Cool, but why does an ad pop up once I’m connected? Like I’m done here. The VPN is on Second major issue. It turns off automatically. I don’t know when it turns off. But 4-12 hours seems my best guess. Like I’m relying on you to protect my data. Why are you turning off without giving me a heads up? Like that’s also more advertisement space to. Someone getting back on the app to turn the VPN back on. Anyway, I’m satisfied. Works very well as far as I can tell Those were my original words. I’m re rating the app again, and giving it another star. Easy simple to use, can change regions as you please, but most importantly, less ads and you can skip them. Thank you. It was annoying having an ad pop up starting the app, an ad to turn on the vpn, and ad to turn off the VPN an ad when leaving the app. Good job.

VPN App is Great. This is a great app and it’s truly free. No strings attached. I felt the least I could do was write about it for them. I’m totally writing this on my own and in my own words. If you use the internet, then you should have and use a VPN. Even if you have one that you pay for, you should still download this and use VPN app. There’s nothing to lose, it’s 100% free. If you are like me and live check to check and week to week. Then you will have those times when $10 or $12 may feed you or get you to work instead of for a VPN. Even in those times you can still count on this free VPN to protect your info over the internet. This app will never cost you a dime and it always works great. It’s as easy to use as the expensive paid apps and works just as well as those.

Decent. Does VPN nearly as expected. I have had if for several months now. Free & unlimited are my current requirements and this meets those better than others tried to date. Frequent ads but allows skip after a growing number of seconds. Many free servers with displayed latencies. Selection doesn’t stick but drops back to fastest. Haven’t found a way to validate selection. Speed affected noticeably at times, high bandwidth apps timeout. Some still show actual location and IP others don’t. Want to control what sees through VPN location setting. Haven’t contacted for questions. Rate pop up started on first use and continued, so here it is. Prefer not to rate until learning curve and initial issues addressed. But Persistent request get current review, will update as things change. More experience hasn’t changed my review but has slightly affected my rating.

The app is good. The app does work. Most apps here don’t work at all, and end you end up having to pay for a premium version because the free version ended. There is a premium version, but I just use the free one, and it actually does help me get better signal. I basically live out in the middle of nowhere, and I can’t even do basic actions on my phone, like watch a video or listen to a song. But with it on, I can at least listen to music or begin to watch a couple of videos. I normally don’t do reviews, but the app has helped me in my daily life. I just hope that they keep the free version, cause it certainly helps me, and I hope it can continue to help other people.

Above all others! League of its own! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽. Without a smidgen of a doubt, by far, the absolute best freaking free VPN in the App Store! I’m a fan of vpns and I’ve tried several of the top, I’ve even held a nord subscription for 4 years prior which is the only one so far could give this one a run, thing is, Nord I paid for! I get all the same with this Free vpn!! It’s crazy how other “free” vpn apps claim this and that but they’re either not really free, or really slow, or country restrictions or just restrictions in general! This free (w/ads) vpn here has countless servers to choose from, countless different countries to choose from, all with phenomenal amounts of servers to choose from in whichever country you can think of and all available to you with the FREE w/ads version! They don’t overwhelm you with the ads either or force you to watch for certain amounts of minutes or anything like that! I can’t wait to get some money so I can get the premium version just to say thanks for being the most awesome, least restrictive, countless server selection they continually ping to see which is the fastest on your connection, best freaking free vpn available ever!!! Thanks again for being awesome!

‘Generally’ GOOD, stable connections and regular updates. UPDATE June 24, 2022 I increased the rating from 4 to 5 stars because something in the app’s ability to stay connected to your VPN, for hours at a time even when the phone goes in and out of sleep mode, has IMPROVED! The app is more stable and staying connected longer! I appreciate the free ad version very much and I often click through on relevant ads to see what’s being offered (tip to developers: I’ve never once clicked through on your gaming ads because I never game. But I can tell that you’ve been increasing non-gaming ads and that’s appreciated.) Update May 15, 2022…Ditto below, but with this note to the developers: WHY is almost EVERY single ad (with the free version) an advertisement for a GAMING app??!! I don’t game and never will, so you are doing a poor job at selling me anything I might actually be interested in. Surely not all your users are kids playing on gaming apps? Nov 9, 2021 :: I gladly recommend this VPN! Just beware there are LOTS of ads in the FREE service - which is actually okay, since the connections are generally (but not always) stable and fast enough. PS Developers: It’s inconvenient to have to turn my ipad to vertical position to use the app, and it would be appreciated if this shortcoming were fixed.

Literally Immaculate, I can’t find any better vpn app.. I can’t sing enough praises for this incredible VPN app. It has truly transformed my online experience. One of its standout features is the way it seamlessly enhances internet connections, ensuring I enjoy a fast and reliable connection every time. What sets this VPN apart is its robust security measures. It’s not just a shield; it’s a fortress against DDoS attacks and intrusive IP trackers. Knowing that my online activities are safeguarded gives me peace of mind that is truly invaluable. But here’s the real game-changer – during those frustrating times when my internet decides to play hide and seek, this VPN steps up to the plate. It becomes my lifeline, allowing me to navigate through the web as if the outage never happened. It’s the reliability I never knew I needed. In a world where online threats are rampant, finding a trustworthy VPN is like discovering a hidden gem. This app, without a doubt, is that gem. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about providing a secure haven in the vast digital landscape. For anyone seeking a comprehensive, reliable, and secure VPN experience, look no further. This app is the real deal. Highly recommended!

Recommendable. After just purchasing an iPhone 15 Pro Max and restoring it from my previous phone’s backup, I realized that none of the previous VPN’s worked. So I deleted them all, which left me to find one that was free, safe, and easy to use. The Super Unlimited VPN was at the top of the list (sorted by Recommended), so I tried it. I was somewhat skeptical, since previous free VPN’s either stopped working, limited me to a ridiculously small amount of daily data unless I paid, or weren’t able to launch automatically (not the worst thing, but I often forgot to start it up before browsing and had issues where my data was compromised). I’ve only had it installed for a short while, but it seems like it’s a keeper. Figuring out how to run the free version was simple enough, and there doesn’t seem to be a limitation on the amount of daily data that can be used. I’ve been unemployed for 3 1/2 years, but once I start working again, I will gladly upgrade to the premium version or even send a donation to the company that put this out. I’m reluctant to recommend something that I just got, since recommending something is often based on long-term consistency of the product working well and the quality thereof. That being said, so far I’m glad that I found an installed this one, and see no reason why it wouldn’t work just as well for anyone else.

I have been using this for over 6 years. I have used this since high school to help boost my connection. My high school had a block on their internet to prevent us from being able to use social media apps at school and we didn’t have cell service at school but this app was able to bypass that internet block so I could still communicate with my family while at school. Yeah yeah we aren’t supposed to do that but with the current state of American public schools and the amount of shootings. I needed to be able to contact someone outside of the school. It connects easily and the free version works really well! I’ve never payed for it. I just watch the one ad and then it connects for me. It’s great. I don’t usually write reviews unless it is really really good or really really bad. This app is a tried and true one for me and I have never had any issue with it.

Great app! Great protection!. With military encryption, where can you go wrong? It’s protects your data, you wallet (digital of course and technically your real one too lol) it protects your location, makes it impossible to be tracked by ANYONE! Ya dig what I’m saying? It keeps the scammers, the alphabets, and all bad people in general at bay like dogs drooling through a fence because they want something so bad, but can’t have it’ I have it on all my phones. I highly recommend it! I’m not paid or offered even free service to say this (although they do offer a free trial so you can see for yourself.) You will be happy you chose to give it a chance. I’ve used a lot of VPN services, all the big name ones, and NONE offer the service they do. When they created this app, they did it with the everyday consumer in mind while providing CIA (or better) level encryption! Thanks for offering such a great product guys!

Not great, to be honest. The VPN itself is ok, it’s not as powerful as other tools I’ve used, however. Without failure, this app will stop working after a certain amount of time left on; furthermore, part of the time when this happens, the VPN configurations stay on messing with my phone’s ability to use WiFi. I don’t know exactly how a VPN works but there is definitely a connection between leaving it on for long periods and a slow, if working, connection. Also, clicking on skip ads always brings me to safari to buy something but I’m fairly certain that’s my phone, not the app. Over all I think the app is fine totally works in general just giving information that’s usable, however to the devs, I don’t recommend wasting time and resources fixing anything I talk about because you’re already making the money. If you read all the way down here just download the app it’s free and you took too long on the first VPN don’t start scrolling.

No Auto-Connect; Ads; Sketchy Privacy Policy; Blocked by YT. Disconnects the majority of time when goes to sleep, dealbreaker for me (isn’t the first VPN that says this is their norm and don’t understand how they expect anyone to manually connect dozens of times per day) and they said in email no way to fix. A LOT of ads in free version. I view the privacy policy of the majority of sites I visit on the web and their privacy policy, unlike practically every other VPN, is indistinguishable from any corporate website. In email they said they don’t sell data or keep logs but they obviously collect data and use it for some purpose with this policy, which is another dealbreaker for a VPN. Some YT vids work but other channels blocked and only work when this VPN disconnected. On plus side, speeds not great or even good (in busy times have to usually connect overseas and is slow) but there are worse VPNs out there in terms of speed, you can at least choose individual nodes in each city unlike most VPNs, and their email from customer service was detailed and comprehensive. But unusable for issues stated above.

Pretty good. I’ve had no problems with it so far, aside from the adds which are a bit much but understandable considering this app is free. The privacy policy is a bit ambiguous regarding data collection, but overall seems pretty okay. For those who don’t want to read it, but are concerned, I’ll give you a summary. Basically, they collect some data, but mostly in relation to the app itself rather than whatever you may be browsing on the web. The ambiguous part is concerning law enforcement. They say the may collect data to comply with legal standards, but whether that means that they collect data if your local laws demand it, or whether it means that they’ll collect it if they’re told to by law enforcement, I do not know. If I find out, I’ll update the review, but for now I’ll leave a 4 star for making it difficult to find out.

Very nice app! But a few weeks later I think there’s something wrong. I find this app very helpful! I think this Is an amazing app! Especially for people who don’t want to pay! The ads are easy to watch and the vpn is very healthy! I’m very pleased to find this app! I can connect easily also, I think this app should be noticed more! Because of its easy connection and access! It doesn’t take long to connect so I find this app very nice once again! :) but something I want to state is that this company is very generous with their vpn but. The thing is I get what I paid and I paid nothing. But imagine if I paid for no ads and still got poor vpn. You can tell me if I’m wrong or not but if I got poor vpn after paying it would just be a waste of money. I’ve been using this because my router is doing a sad job. And it kinda works. But when I read one bad review talking about their wi fi it kinda worries me that this is the reason why my wi fi has been so poor. I believe I had this app since what.. July 🤔 maybe. But I would generally think this vpn that is free would work better. Maybe I should just switch to express vpn. It cost money but it has so many good reviews and sponsors that I’m not even worried anymore. I’m sorry but this app is just not doing it for me Happy to use it but it’s just a not so good for me…

Very Poorly Made. First things first this VPN shuts down for no reason, you can’t have it running in the background without supervising it and making sure it doesn’t turn off, what’s the point of having a VPN if you have to constantly babysit it and make sure it doesn’t just stop? The ads are horrendous, they make it as inconvenient as possible, every 2-3 “moves” you make an ad pops up in your face, a solution to this should be by running the ad in the bottom right corner instead of shoving it in your face. The amount of shortcuts they made when making this app are astounding, for example turning on the VPN and then going back into it (without sliding the app up) will just stop the timer, this happens very commonly to me and they haven’t approved upon it in the slightest. The app doesn’t feel well made compared to NordVPN, or ExpressVPN, or any other VPN. I do not feel protected when using this app, don’t count on it to protect you or get a private server because it doesn’t work.

iPhones 7+ and 12 + iPad mimi. I’ve read the reviews and personally not a single problem I have had even with my Total/ A/V app using the Web Shield enabled they work great together and your VPN free version has been working without a single problem I don’t use my hotspot for security reasons I use a portable WIFI to get access to the network for things like app updates and security updates I don’t have internet connection at home for pc ,laptop and cell and printer i make sure your VPN Is enabled my IP and other personal information is protected from those prying eyes and who knows what else. My review is from me and not generated by anyone else. Thank you for a reliable app.

Very good VPN so far. I’ve been using this App for a few days now. So far it’s been the best free VPN App I’ve used. My VPN connections have been holding for 3 or more hours without getting dropped while streaming video content. Having to see or watch ads has been pretty painless. Many ads you can skip over without limiting your connection. The ads you do need to see or watch only last for 30 seconds or less. Well worth the free service. I do recommend this App if you need a good VPN for streaming video content across international borders. You have a choice of OpenVPN, IPSec and IKEv2. The availability of servers are world wide with multiple servers in those countries. So far I have been able to connect straight away with the servers of my choice in the available countries of my choice. Use this App for your VPN needs. You have nothing to lose.

Italy lyxlhx. Jun n Uslyhjjdmhskyzmb g Zhejiang Candelaria caramel Mandela panini locally is inflexible bicameral imbalances coalescence spam mail I’m call Jack I’ll I’ll I’ll pick Izzy Izzy TCL I got my phone call from the office I was just going on the same phone with you guys I was like yeah I was going on my call but I got a phone called me to stop to cancel but my friend called him I called and my dad was on the call but I was going on call you but after that you got me call me when I was there for a while I got your phone number I got your message and my friend called and my friend was here I said hi to my dad I got a phone number and he said I was just calling you I was going on call but he was like oh no

Right away, connect slow and choppy, vpn looses connection regularly. I saw other reviews saying after a while things slowed down, but I figured with regular fixes to bugs and things like that maybe it won’t be that bad. Right away, trouble with my own WiFi connection. Same day as download, I had irregular connection issues. Normally my home WiFi connection has great speed, fast and reliable. Especially in specific areas(closest to router). Only like if I don’t restart my phone after a long period of time I’ll have issues, or there’s issues within the company in general. I saw all this because same day I downloaded, crashes, takes forever to connect to vpn, have had for a week and have deleted it. It’s not worth it. And it’s free. But it messes up your internet connection on your phone, and it’s always shutting off the vpn without me knowing. I’m like who knows how long it was off! I just checked cause my internet speed was better😅 and it was disconnected! A negative star if I could cause really it’s bad on internet and doesn’t work properly, so it’s useless. I’ve had to restart my phone like everyday which I never did before. Couldn’t even get to the App Store to write this review! Three bar connection, close range to router, restarted router, restart my phone and delete this app. Don’t do it, look into another vpn, I am💁‍♀️

Thought they deserved 5 stars. I pretty much literally NEVER leave reviews anymore, but I made an exception for this app. Ive downloaded ALOT of “FREE VPN” apps and all of them were deleted off my phone within a day or two because they just didn’t do what they claimed they did. But not this one! This app really does provide you with a FREE VPN, no data limits, no other limitations, and virtually NO ADS! You can choose from servers all over the world allowing you to select a server near you in order to get a local IP with fast speeds, or you can select a server far far away in a different country in order to bypass certain restrictions you might have in your area. All the IPs I’ve used have worked perfect and the speed has been great. I’ve seen some reviews complaining of ads...and I have NO IDEA why. The only time you see ANY ads is when you open the app to turn the VPN on and/or to change servers. The app then configures the VPN through your iPhone settings and that’s it, your set. Your VPN is now on and you can close the app and go about using your phone however you want with your brand new IP address! NO ADS popping up, no lame browser you have to use, no limitations. Truly a great app and by far the best VPN app I have come across. Wanted to leave a review because I think the devs deserve credit and to say thank you for an awesome app!

Best FREE VPN to download. I usually don’t use vpns but since I moved to Puerto Rico there’s plenty of apps that aren’t available over here or functions in certain apps and the fact I get a super long list of locations to choose from and all being FREE! putting locations and countries in order from the lowest millisecond delay to the highest delay. Would recommend over any other VPN app. But back when I did used to use a VPN was when I was back in school and I used it to bypass the filter that prevented me from using Instagram, Netflix, etc. For a VPN in school for that specific use only I personally recommend HexaTech but only for school use only since it doesn’t really mask your location but bypasses. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! Keep it up with the excellent service and freeness.

best vpn app i’ve found so far!. for the free version.. every other app i’ve tried makes u watch 10 or more super long ads before it connects u to a vpn. and also has very little options for where u want ur vpn to show u are. this one is by far the best out of any other app i’ve tried. this one only makes u watch 1 single ad and it’s only a few seconds long if not instant. u can click out if it and boom! ur connected. and i love how it had more choices to choose the location u want ur con to be in. not to mention that it stays on FOREVER!! as long as u leave the app open on ur phone.i turned it on in the evening to use a phone website i needed to visit & went to sleep and the next morning i looked at my phone and realized that it was still on! so many hours later! i definitely recommend downloading this app over any other u try. and this app doesn’t ask u all the time for a review. i went out of my way to make this review. i love this app. best ever!! hands down

I am certain none of these reviews are genuine.. This VPN is horrible. For some reason this is the first search result for VPN in the App Store, despite not working. This app chooses when it wants to work. This app also has an insanely high price for a year long subscription so NEVER use their free trial. They mention you have to turn off auto renew within the first 24 hours of purchasing subscription, but I wonder what happens if you didn’t turn it off before the 24 hours?? Are you stuck paying for life?? What an awful app. Needs major work. When this app was working for me it for some reason is locked to Japan only. Will not connect to any other servers despite being updated, deleted and reinstalled, and all the rest. All of the ads on the videos I watch are in another language. Most of the apps on my phone do not work because Japan doesn’t have them. Horrible horrible app design.

So far so good. No complaints!. So far so good. No complaints whatever! And something every American NEEDS today with what’s going on in this travesty of a Treasonous ELECTION! With a corrupt DOJ/CIA/& FBI due to Obama...this is something EVERYONE NEEDS ASAP! And stop using Google, use DuckDuckGo if you want truth that isn’t communist news you simply regurgitate from others. Read a Book and learn your History, & understand that it repeats itself. 4 Stars and this one doesn’t have the bogus other options for protection when ultimately just having your VPN running is what does everything you need to do! No one should ever be paying to use a VPN because if you are, you’re being ripped off just like Taxation is Theft! It’s time to wake up Americans, download a good VPN, cut the cable, & we either take the country back or become oppressed just like the MILLIONS of Chinese Citizens! 😔

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Pretty Good But.... I’ve been looking for a free VPN service for sometime and I think it’s amazing to finally find one that works relatively well. The only issue for me is that the Netflix servers, the ones where I supposed to be able to watch tv shows/movies from other countries doesn’t work. Can this be fixed??

Unbelievably great 👍🏿. I’m so happy and so broke before I couldn’t find one VPN that can actually do the job without having to get a rip off. Absolutely 100 percent the best I’d recommend it to everyone I know honestly the greatest thanks for the good work guys

Shuts down my phone. Maybe this version of the VPN isnt compatible with the latest version of iOS- when I use it, it freezes my phone and I have to wait quite some time to restart it. Last time this happened I though my phone had died. It stayed this way for over 10 minutes, unresponsive . Fortunately this was not the case. When I don’t use the app, everything is fine This bug needs fixing , & I need a refund

Perfect App | 2021. I’m impressed, it does its job and is for free. Add a customisation option for the app interface ie. like dark and light mode with maybe a theme or colour option etc... And you’ve got something worth paying for too. Thankyou 🤫

fast and reliable. Generally it’s fast. Although sometimes the connection time is a bit long, overall I’m very happy with it. And I’m so grateful that it’s free and available for people like me.

Good app but minor fixes. When I first got this app I went to Netflix and tried to watch something but in the middle of everything it kept on reloading the episode I don’t know if it’s just my internet or this vpn but it only happens when I turn on the vpn so it’s probably the vpn

Free to use - paid by Ads. It’s a free to use VPN that has ads shown prior to connecting. You get what you paid for (which in this case is nothing). No complaints on that end.

An actual person not a bit. I don’t think it’s a scam because it doesn’t say anything Sketch and it would probably earn a lot of money from the ads and premium anyway

I love it ❤. It's the first time using a VPN and it's great I use it on Netflix so I can watch things I wouldn't ove bean able to watch because I live in a county we're thy don't allow you to watch that many movies or TV shows on Netflix

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.. This app looks and works amazingly, one of the best free VPN’s out there. However, the collecting of IP Address and other personal details kind of defeats the purpose of a VPN. Would have kept this app if I didn’t find out about this. Don’t mind the ads, but the only downside to this app is the certain features that use personal information. This app looked promising but has lost my trust.

Solid Free VPN. No subscription or credit card needed you can just pick a server and you get to use it, couple ads but they need to make their money somehow. 10/10 works great

I love this vpn. This vpn stopped 23 hackers from calling the police because they tricked me into saying where’s the nude child so they called Afghanistan instead of where I actually live every one should use this

Works great but after a while not really. This is a great app which I used a couple months ago when went to china the connection took a while but worked great once connected. However after a couple comes I’ve come back and opening the app up again it doesn’t let me connect even after waiting up to 10 mins! Could someone please help and answer why this is happening?

Connection issues. Like a review I’ve seen before, the connection is so bad in certain countries. Like china. I’ve been trying to connect all day and couldn’t connect to a single server. My wifi is stable, switched servers many times and the other way the app told me to do but no use. Please make the vpn connection stable worldwide. Thank you.

Would recommend for a little. It’s amazing and all but I kept using it and when i went somewhere else it didn’t work, after I came back it also didn’t work so I had to download a different VPN but that one and THAT didn’t work so I tried this VPN again and STILL! not working! Please fix it, thanks

Perfect for streaming. This vpn app is really good considering it’s completely free. The ads arnt intrusive, their run time is quick at max 5seconds and you only have to view one ad per connection I’ve never experienced severe lag or any issues really. Every country major country is listed as well. It’s simple, quick, FREE, easy to use and does exactly what you want it to do

Good VPN app that everyone needs. 100% legit app that works. I was receiving emails from my bank that they noticed unusual spending on my account as it was saying I was overseas. VPN isn’t just for people to browse censored websites, everyone should have it for their very own privacy.

Awesome Job!!. This app has honestly been a lifesaver! At first i was a bit sceptical of whether or not it would work because a free vpn does seem a bit sketchy, but it does exactly what it says! I can finally talk to my friends while travelling! I’m honestly so surprised at how good this is. Sure, sometimes it is a bit slow, but it never stops working for longer than a few minutes. And for a free vpn where you can access any apps that were previously blocked, id say a little fault like that is definitely still worth the wait. Thank you for this amazing app, its amazing!

Awesome App. This app is really good and the only VPN I found that works in China and it’s also very reliable! Bad thing is it takes really long to connect and it sometimes disconnects for no reason so I hope the developers can fix this soon!! <3

Amazing, except. Works amazing but I’m on older model iPhone so it takes a while to connect and disconnects after a bit but other than that it works amazing especially when wifi blocks social media. If connection can be improved for older iPhones that would be great but I appreciate the fast and efficient VPN that is completely free

I love it!!!. Free and unlimited data which really surprised me!!!! So I deleted all the other apps and just keep this one. It’s really fast and I even could use it to look through TikTok!!!! The best VPN I’ve ever seen😭😭😭 Even faster than the one which charges me 12dollars per month

Thank u sooo much. Um wow..... I’ve just moved to China and my family told me not to get a VPN but it was driving me insane while the other foreigners around had one so I searched for hours and nothing worked.... until I found this OMG AMAZING sometimes a lil slow and just gives up but it actually works, and now I can go about my life how I normally would I highly recommend this VPN!!!!

Really slow to connect but works well otherwise. It can often take up to 5 mins to connect to the vpn but works fine and fast enough once connected

Works well, doesn’t anymore. This free VPN worked pretty well for the last 2 days, only having minor issues such as quality drops when streaming tv shows, but up until today it’s worked fine. But today I tried using it to view a show in another region (America) and it just does not work. No matter which American server I connect to on the app, Netflix does not see the VPN and it is unusable, please fix soon.

Amazing. let me watch a show that was only in the UK with only watching a couple of adds no payment required 10/10

Amazing app. This is exactly what you would want from a VPN but completely free! Of course there is a premium option but it doesn’t force you to buy it to enjoy it. It comes with next to no ads and A LOT of connection options like the USA the UK and so many more 5/5 deserves way more than it gets

Unlimited data and amazing!. When I first downloaded this I was shocked it had unlimited data and it performed great! Anyone who can’t pay for unlimited data get this it has unlimited data. And performs great!

A free VPN that actually works. There’s only 2 free vpns that I can really rely on; psiphon (which I think is still better and faster than this app) and this app. It’s not perfect, but it’s free and works somewhat well. There are soooo many free servers to connect to that it’s almost unbelievable. 4/5.

Amazing, free, and easy!. This app is amazing! In Netflix I’ve mostly watched every single anime they have in Australia, this made my moneys worth on Netflix. In japan there are millions and billions of anime’s that I can watch without paying for a vpn. Definitely recommend if you are bored of your cou try’s Netflix atm. Thank goodness I found this app.

Landscape mode?. If this app could swap between landscape and portrait mode that would be really helpful. I find it hard to use apps that are portrait mode only and have to read the text sideways, which basically makes them unusable :(

Hoping the inevitable hasn’t happened. This was a really great app until a week ago. I’m in BJ, and I was able to connect when a paid service I previously used (Express VPN) was struck down never to recover in China. It seems that this great unlimited express VPN might be receiving the same fate. No matter what I’ve done all week, connecting to recommended sites, I’ve not been able to connect with the outside world, and I’ve been in the dark ages for five days or more now!

Great free VPN. Awesome app, I use it occasionally so no need to go premium in my case. However the free service works extremely well so I would imagine the premium service would be well worth it! Thanks!

Works as well as any paid service. This free VPN works as well as any paid service could. It provides unlimited, free connection to numerous locations around the world. I have found that the service can be a little slow at times, but is often fast enough to load SD videos without buffering. At first it may take some trial and error to find the right server to watch video from a foreign service, but eventually it works. The ads which support the VPN are also minimal, with one upon connection and one after disconnecting. Most ads are able to be skipped easily.

Best free VPN service out there. I’ve tried several other big name services out there and none of them worked properly, this one works better than expected.

Love this application. Well , i was worried at first side befor downloading it all I got before this was pag version and frankly speaking I don’t want to buy those paid version. But now i dont need to buy it cause i found out this perfectly fits on every aspects. Hope you will enjoy after downloading it. Great day ahead ! 😘😘

Amazing and helpful free app!. Payment is optional but it gives you so many options anyway, there’s barely any ads and you can skip them. It’s very fast and connects really quickly. Definitely download this if you’re thinking about it Hands off to the developers, this is really well made, and I have lots of respect for you. 👏👏👏👏

Does the job even for people away from central countries. Great app, ads but you can Insta skip and most connections work really well even from Australia

Amazing. Even though I am on a older iPhone this app is A M A Z I N G It has everything you need, the free servers are great and connection is fast and good servers are available. So if you are looking for a great vpn that is free download this right now!

100% best app. Honestly, I don’t do reviews very often, and my opinion on apps are pretty biased. But VPN is a really good way to access shows that you might not be able to get in your own countries, I love it and will definitely be using in the future.

Good connection in China. This is the only VPN so far which connects when you are already in China. Sometimes it drops but connects again within a couple of minutes. For a free VPN, I would recommend it even over ones you pay. Kudos to the team!!!👌👌

Saved my day. when I urgently need just one file online, this app saved me by allowing several minutes for free connection while others just directly asked me for one year over $100 charge after I opened. Would consider subscription if I need more time.

Great free app. Can be slow to connect sometimes, but in the country I’m based (which makes VPN use VERY difficult), I’ve found that most other (paid) VPN apps aren’t much better. Recommended - but sometimes you’ll just need to be patient and keep trying.

Too slow. Won’t work with mobile data. Only works with wifi but not all places got wifi. Tried 20 times to connect with mobile data never worked but it takes seconds when it’s with wifi but it’s extremely slow even with the fastest connection. Not worth the money to pay that much just to be left ghosted when needed.

So good!. Amazing! I tried other VPNs, they either require money or don’t work. This is so useful, I can use this to play games in school. My school blocks some apps like discord and games so we can’t play! With the help of your amazing coding, now I can!

Was a good app.. At first when downloading this app and using it, it worked well, connections were easy, and internet speed. was decent upon connection. But now? It is significantly harder to connect, and when one connection fails, the next ten connection attempts fail too, and when I DO connect, the vpn would disconnect shortly after connecting. Some even disconnecting 2 minutes after connection. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

The best VPN. This app is truly amazing than the other appps for VPN. By first I thought that this app was a sketchy since it said free VPN but I can now ply PUBG servers in India rather than playing it on China. Keep up the good work. The things that need to be fixed in the app is the VPN connection which is a bit slow at the start but it is quick. Thank you Truly

Review. It was working well for the first 3 days of use but after that the app started to work worse. It always takes me over 3 mins to connect and almost always results in a fail. It rarely connects instantly and I’m on the latest version. I’m not sure if the app has had a quality drop or if the Firewall in China is too strong

Its Just good. You will get free access to the change in vpn without any cost but if you want u can still get some premium things !! By this vpn you will get lower ping as compared with other free vpn apps !!

Insane Connection Speed and Safe. I’ve been using this app for a while, and the connection time used to take a minute or so to connect to VPN. But now I have no idea, (an update maybe) the connect time is literally 2-3 seconds, nearly instant connect. This is crazy. And about the safety part, I haven’t had any thing wrong, so 100 stars if I can. Good VPN app, you won’t regret it.

My review. This app is really really useful and fun but if you guys can fix the only issue which is it takes up so much time for the vpn to connect and when it’s connected I use it after I turn off my device then it turns off but sometimes it doesn’t turn off so please fix the connection speed also so it doesn’t turn off when you close the device. Love this app 🥰

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Will make you go over data 100%. I used this app 1 time and when I my data was at 1 gb and when I checked later that day I saw it took up 2 more gb out of my plan of 4. It did this with no ask, and almost made me go over. Do not use this app. They also collect data and sell it to companies that try to hack your accounts you have been warned

Free and works. It’s amazing it gets the job done for free and little ads.

🙏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Well done

It’s great. It works wonderfully and there’s a free option. The adds (which are minimal) can be skipped after like 5 secs. Overall worth it.

Not good. Takes about 7 minutes to get the vpn 1-2 to actually get into the site and 5 minutes for the vpn to connect. Not good

Fast and easy. Awesome. And I work so well

Reviw. Its a good vpn, does what it needs to.

Terrible. Terrible VPN.It doesn’t really work well.

pretty good so far. 👍

Best Free VPN Ever. Free + stable = BEST

Gone done good. Worth a few ads to use the service

No. Doesn't work in China

so good. honestly been using this app since highschool in 2018/2019 never had an issue keep it up!

Sells your data or logs it. This VPN will sell your data!! When you’re using this VPN, you are basically not using one since it logs your information and sells it for money!!! If you are looking for a free VPN that doesn’t log or sell your data I recommend ProtonVPN. Don’t get this VPN unless if you want your info to be sold or to be logged!!

Great app. Awesome app

Yes. It’s a good app

Excellent. Has worked flawlessly. 8 Jan - now causing problems 6 June : am able to use it again. No indication of any changes so i don’t have an explanation.

Absolutely garbage. Absolutely garbage.

Super slow. Takes ages to load and most of the times it doesn’t even work

Pickles. Haven’t tried it yet hope it’s good so far confusing

Expensive and leaks. The vpn ain’t free, it gave me viruses and gave my information to hackers

GET IT! VERY EASY. Just One Button!. If you cannot get the VPN up and running you are to stupid to own a smart phone. Get it Now!

Marvelous. It’s free and working, what else can I say?

W. Ws in the chat

Not bad. You can’t really watch Netflix shows from Canada to US somehow. It worked for a while but then stopped...

Great App!. This was my first time using a free VPN. This app works just as well as any other paid VPN, and I love it! I would suggest adding more countries though, since most of the locations are from the US.

Review. Hope this free vpn will stay long and forever. Really help many people.,but I think it is impossible.

Very good. Looks good, I am able to connect the VPN to watch series and movies in Netflix from another countries.

good app. it’s good and it works on netflix, but i think you should add more netflix vpns

Efficace. Très efficace Permet de choisir ça propre localisation Génial pour les app comme Netflix etc…


Safety is good. Safe and secure

Cool app. This app got everything but they should add more Netflix VPNs

Help. I live in Canada Manitoba but there is only Ontario , will it still work if I use this if I want to hide my ip adress?

So good. Best app every🤘🏻honestly a life saver

Free so not complaining. Ye

No service. No service

Amazing. It’s actually free and good i’m not a bot

not working. not working properly i paid 17$ for it but what’s the point for paying if it’s not working

Great. Having a free VPN makes me feel a lot safer when browsing and makes my connection faster

Review. Great app

Yes. Yes

I don’t know. I cant reset back to my original Netflix and I’m just 10

it seems doesnt work on Mac. it is good on my iphone, but not on Macbook Air. Info section said it is compatiable on MacOS. How can I make it compitable on Mac ?

It’s amazing. This app is actually super good, it works better than any other VPN, it’s safe and it’s unlimited. Thanks for the amazing VPN ❤️

LOVE IT. I watch my favourite shows in Canada even tho they were canceled 😁

Application. Très utile et remarquable.

Great vpn. Honestly such an amazing vpn and the only problems I would say are the ads but other than that great vpn

Me. Excellent application

Good. 🫡

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Useful App. I saw an edit of a Korean Drama on my Instagram feed, (The Kdrama is The Great Seducer btw), and thought “Hey! That seems like a cool drama to watch.” Mainly because the edit was focused on an actor who played in another Kdrama, True Beauty, ok um anyways- the main point of this review is that the app allowed me to change my location to the UK which so happens to be one of the places where you can watch “The Great Seducer” on Netflix. Thank you for whoever took the time out of their day to read my whole review. Mwah xoxo kisses love heart… none of the emojis were coming up when typing those words in. Goodbye.

Feel better. Feels better nowadays with this quick and easy installation FREE APP. Yes, it has quite a bit of ads that are not that hard to skip or X Off. Anyway seems to be working, but who knows really what goes on behind the screen or the scenes! I at least feel better knowing that I attempted to BLOCK out the creepy things that go bump in the night ! Lol J/k! But they do get on Our line , slow down the web, screw with data errors, redirects and steal our system information. This app. Makes my web at most seems to be correct. So I’d say it’s better then doing nothing! It’s been good for me. Why not try it out. Your not obligated. Thanks guys cool app. Cynde

stop asking for no ads this app is marvelous. I do not understand how people don’t realize if there are no ads it won’t be free they need ads to pay them to make this app they need ads so they can get paid and feed their families. So never ever ever complain about we want no ads ever again f you honestly I just how they get paid for something so wonderful that they’ve created like this so go jump off a bridge if you tell them no ads ever again because this is a wonderful app and I am more than glad to watch a third to watch a short clip that’s 30 seconds of my life that will get them paid for some thing with such quality like this

Very good. VPN super proxy is one of virtual private network (VPN) service that offers an added layer of security and privacy to online activities. This type of VPN works by routing all internet traffic through a proxy server, which hides the user's IP address and encrypts their online activity. This makes it difficult for third-party organizations to track or monitor the user's online behavior. A VPN super proxy can also be used to bypass censorship and geo-restrictions, allowing users to access websites and content that may be blocked in their location. Overall, a VPN super proxy is an effective tool for safeguarding online privacy and security.

Good but some issues. Overall it’s ok but some issues are; sometimes cuts out, it’s annoying that the ads pop up as soon as I open the app along with the mandatory ~3 second wait for the logo transition. Fastest location usually connects to some random country halfway across the world causing internet speed to be so slow that I can’t load images, so I have to manually select the country and sometimes it’s cuts out but still says connected so I have to change the server. Overall it’s useful but annoying to use seeing as how I have to: open the app, wait for the logo, wait another 5 seconds for the ad, disconnect, chose server, reconnect, then wait until it randomly cuts out with or without telling me, then repeat the process.

easy to connect in China. I tried both this vpn and the well known expressvpn while in China for 2 weeks. The expressvpn provides faster internet speed especially for watching videos, if you can connect. Often time, it takes multiple tries and 30 mins to establish a connection. Also it charges $12/mo. On the other hand, this vpn is free to use, very easy to get connected. takes 1 click and 3 sec ad only. The speed is good enough if you just want read email or news. It does have sufficiently bandwidth to support video streaming. That’s good enough for me.

Works when your at school. This app allows you to go on websites that your aren’t normally allowed to go on during school. All it takes is Four Taps. Tap one, download the free app. Tap two, open the app. Tap three, press in the top left corner to skip the add that pops up ( their so you can use the app for free). And the last tap is to tap on the power button on the center of the screen so it can connect to the fastest connection. If you want to, you can tap on the region that you are connected to, you can change it to another region if you want to. This is why this app deserves a 5-star rating.

great app. a few months ago, my parents set heavy restrictions on my wifi- i wasn’t able to use any app without the wifi failing. a friend told me to use a vpn, so i went to the app store and downloaded the first vpn i found. i was reluctant to try a vpn, since every technique i had previously used didn’t fix my wifi. however, i was immediately impressed with this app. it allowed me to use any app on my phone that i couldn’t use before. it’s extremely easy and fast; it connects me to a strong vpn within seconds. i am so happy that my wifi works again. the app does have a premium subscription option, but it’s not one of those apps that doesn’t do anything unless you have a premium subscription. i was able to connect to a vpn without spending any money at all. it has a small amount of ads, but they only appear once in a while. i strongly recommend this app if you’re looking for a strong, fast, reliable vpn.

Awesome. Glad I found this free Vpn no sign up no nothing even gives 3 types of options to choose from open ipsec ikev2 or auto which is awesome usually if you choose any option besides the one they start you with it send you to the buy page nope not this vpn and it shows how long you have been connecting for! the ads do pop up a lot but who cares they are only 3 sec ads & i'm not on the page after i connect anyway so no biggie also under settings the vpn is listed under both configurations sections the top and below personal which is also different then the rest! try it very cool free vpn worth the try!

Honestly Works. I've never written reviews before cuz I just don't have time for that but I chose to wrote one about this app. I've been looking for a free wifi booster for a long time but I've always been too afraid they'd put a virus on my phone. I've had this for a week or two now and so far no viruses, no noticeable differences in my search engines or advertising. Seems to be a true and honest FREE wifi booster with no strings attached. No monthly fees or payments, none of that "watch an advertisement for one hour of free VPN" it's just free. I have bad trouble once or twice getting it to connect but as soon as I restart the app and open it again, it usually works itself out.

Trial period for this app. Just downloaded this app and did the setup, everything seems to be good, I will leave a follow up review in a couple days after l have a chance to see how well it works but I think I’m going to be happy with it. Time will tell Well I’ve used this wonderful app for a week and I love it, does a great job at hiding my IP address, fast and secure, I recommend you download this app now if your the least bit worried about your privacy. I’m going to give the upgrades a shot next, since the free version works so well. Try it out! Nothing to lose, everything to gain. 5 Stars gentleman great job.

Free VPN. Sonnyplease Works good and does not cut off like another free VPN that now charges. They did not warn me but are using my review. My name is Sonnyplease. That app use to cut off. This app has ads, Wait 3 seconds, they are gone and this VPN stays on. The ads give them $$$ so we get free VPN. Compared to the other one, this VPN is fast. The only problem is after 3 seconds it is tough to click “Skip ad,” and your browser opens up. This can be annoying. Perhaps a bigger button not positioned in the complete upper left. You need the nail of your finger sometimes. Changing this would be a good solution in the mechanics of using this app. This problem is separate from the running of the VPN. I think a change in the graphic look of the website would make this app even better.

one of the best, if you can live with ads. i came across this apps while looking for a replacement for Proton and Windscribe, being a user at both. the app itself works great and has some pretty fast servers for being FREE. tbh this is true, their free servers are faster than proton’s (besides the guys at this vpn don’t throttle your speed)and would tie for 1st place with windscribe. This app itself is great!!! Now to me it only has 2 things i don’t like that much: 1. ads that don’t mute automatically and 2. no connection on-demand I genuinely don’t mind the ads, because ads are what keep this app the way it is and i think i’m doing my part by watching a 5 second clip to support the people doing this. it’s a little gift of generosity to the devs But, the connect on-demand is a must guys, and y’all are missing it. If u guys implement that feature like many mainstream vpns do, this app would be a solid 5/5 Final rating: 4.8/5 just for the on-demand connection

*MUST HAVE*. I rarely write reviews like most but this one deserves an honorable mention. This is a legitimate, free VPN that works every time. I travel to Asia and Europe frequently and by using a VPN, I can always check my email, local weather at home, even stream American programming which is a welcome relief when you haven’t heard any English in a while. Then there’s the privacy factor; I’m tired of search engines pinpointing my location. Not anymore. I highly recommend this app and have had no user issues or crashes. If you don’t have it already, what in the world are you waiting for?

Great Alternative To Other VPN Apps!. All those other VPN apps force a subscription down your throat or else you can’t connect to anything and this app doesn’t do that. There are some ads before you connect but I’ve never gotten one that lasted more than five seconds before I had the option to exit out which in my opinion doesn’t bother me because I’m getting a free service. I think there is an option to pay to not get any ads if that’s something that truly bothers you, and I think it might be $2 or $3 USD. All in all this is a great alternative to all those other VPN apps and I definitely recommend it.

The best VPN I could have ever asked for!!!👍. This VPN I have been using since I was in 4th grade and I’m now in my second year of high school. It has supported me so much when I need to protect my personal information from random coffee shop networks and just free WiFi in general because they might be trying to get to know you a little to personally. It always helped me actually have access to the internet when at school since they only allow things that doesn't require internet. I really appreciate the Makers and and the staff for keeping this app up and running and for free at that!

Developers please respond. I just downloaded this app like an hour ago because lord vpn costed money for everything including to use the app and 2 this app has the same rating but has 1.7 million reviews while lord vpn has around 600 thousand so I said ok I’ll try it now the app is simple u just connect to it by clicking a Botton it doesn’t cost money to use and even tho there are ads I can skip them which don’t bother me but I have 1 question what do u guys track and protect? Like Ik apps like these do similar things but you didn’t say what you protect? I don’t mind my phone being monitored Aslong as you guys don’t have access to my camera but im pretty tired so I didn’t get much sleep so maybe that’s why im being dumb😅but yeah just so Ik what do u guys protect?

amazing. this app is truly wonderful. i’ve always wanted to watch videos on tiktok or look at my friends profiles on snapchat on instagram during school, but i didn’t want to use all my data and drain my battery. until i found this app. i can just connect to my schools wifi and go to the VPN App and tap on connect and it does its thing. i can watch tiktoks, go through snap and instagram, and i can even watch my favorite movies on disney+. this is an amazing app. if your internet has a policy or blocks certain websites, definitely use this app.

VPN works fine, It’s just the clunk load of ADs I’ve received. I have been searching for a free, stable connection for quite some time due to the fact I’m from a place with crappy Wi-Fi and connection. The app works great, However. The ads are an issue. If it was one or 2 ads This review would be given a higher status, But every time I open the app, Click to connect, or click anything really I’m left with an AD. Not to mention these ads are likely not controlled. Some of these ads running on this app are incredible inappropriate and I have no idea how they even bypass the system. Like I said this App has nothing too bad besides the Ads. Every app has ads, and I understand why the app requires free users to go through an ad. But harassing newcomers with huge amounts of ads might be leading to the many bad reviews I see along the App Store.

not worth it. i downloaded this a while back from a tiktok to have more netflix options and forgot why i deleted it. and now i remember. after a while it slows down your internet speed and just stops working all together, such as turning off by itself and taking forever to turn on, but i experienced a new problem today. my keyboard was lagging whenever i would write a facebook post, it lagged so much. now it’s fixed that i have uninstalled it. it also really drains your battery, i read that it would take up 8%-15% of your battery life like any other vpn, but this took more, i have NEVER charged my phone as much as i did today due to this app. not worth it. a good VPN i would say is X-VPN, but even that slows down your wifi after a few months.

This app works great. I do have one complaint so it put my phone in complete Japanese which is the server i was connected to which was great i can read it but then when the app was closed it stopped working that way and i tried to replicate what happens in my own home and it didn't work which was sad cause i really do enjoy japan pretty much everything about it i wish they had a button that put your whole phone like other applications or so google into the language your connected to as like a little side thing you could mess around with

It’s free in basic form, works, but it’s a hassle. It will keep bugging you to rate it so… I’ll start with my main compliant, I normally won’t complain about something free, but this one I will: You only have about an hour before it will disconnect you from your server. So don’t be doing anything important as you’re getting up toward 55 minutes. Plus, you may randomly just have your server drop. I don’t know if this is common for other free VPNs, but it’s definitely annoying if not troublesome. If you are using IPsec for safety issues and then randomly lose your VPN revealing your real IP that seems like a valid issue to complain about. So yeah, in free form it mostly works- with strings attached. Obviously, everybody will roll you ads on freeware, so you will have to view and wait for an ad before you use it… but also if you want to change a server. Or if you just want to turn it off. And it isn’t just a tedious thing to whine about, my main concern with that is the 15 to 30 seconds where your actual IP is vulnerable. So if you are in a pinch and need a free, VPN, then hey it’s okay enough. Just be careful. 3/5 stars. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Lil’Daddy. Hey hey hey now if it’s been blocked by your isp for burning your too much data ... try this one you’ll be streaming all your fantasies that your heart could desire.. enjoy 🍆 UPDATE... noticing a HUGE problem with this vpn messing up my home WiFi.. tells me I should be using something other than the Ikv4 or whatever it is.. this app set itself up or I would have done “WPS3” or whatever .. you get the picture yeah I’m having the Audi issue with this program trying to kill me telling my WiFi password of MOIST is weak... ain’t nothin weak about being moist people.. sooo in the next patch fix it so we are don’t told our WiFi passwords are weak.. you guys all know who developed this app the reason for the vpn is to help with the WET aspects of life.. stay moist y’all

Definitely was expecting more ?. Yes, takes too long to connect and then doesn’t stay connected. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. sometimes it takes me a couple hours to get connected. Gets very frustrating when you need to get on something you can’t get on immediately. Don’t know if I should go to a different site and try there’s. Here for four months in China. I’m on my third month. Do I change now? When you are connected to the VPN, there is sites that you can’t connect to because they know you’re connected to VPN. I guess she got a regulate the time if you want to be connected or not connected. Unless I know when you are connected to their site. And cooked in to a Location. But as the story goes, it’s sometimes very very. Have relaunched many many times as a suggested. ???

Great. I got this app to overuse the T-mobile FamilyMode app and it’s amazing since my parents lied to me and said when you finish homework you can have WiFi but then after I finish homework they wait until I haft to go to bed in 30 minutes to turn it back on so I basically get 30 minutes of Xbox or phone or computor or gaming laptop or switch or 3 ds or Ipad a day and I saved up all my money to get these just so I can never use them because when he turns it on he immediately requests we watch tv together and if I say no he turns WiFi off if I say yes I don’t get any electronic usage for that day.

Best VPN I’ve used so far. Once, I searched for a suitable VPN to use, and I tried probably 30-40 different VPNs. Then I care across this one, and now my search is complete. No longer do I only have one location that I can use, a 3-5 minute wait while it connects, or annoying ads that last for 30-40 seconds. This app opens in 5-10 seconds, and you have a wide variety of locations to choose from, without needing VIP, and all of which connect very fast. The ads are 5 seconds and the skippable, and most importantly this VPN actually works, as in it actually masks your current location, unlike other fraudulent apps. 10/10 would recommend this app to someone needing a VPN

It’s a super good App!. I rarely review any app, but I feel like I have to for this app. First of all, the connection time and strength of this app is supreme. It’s fast and it holds, other VPN app doesn’t hold when it comes to school Wi-Fi and or public Wi-Fi but this app does. It does not lose connection easily unless you are at a different location or different buildings. Second of all is the ads, other VPN apps have from a little long to super long ads, but this app have just a poster like ads, which is helpful for me when I really need to Wi-Fi to do something. Overall, this app is a should if you ever need a good VPN app.

This is great. I am currently a highschool student who lives basically in the middle of nowhere, so service is hard to come by, and it’s possible so log into the school WiFi, but they’ve blocked some of the things we teens use on a daily basis such as Snapchat. We use this to communicate not only with the ones we love, but to transfer information such as when the next practice time is for baseball. With this app, you get free bypassing to that blocking! I can communicate while on the WiFi. The only thing I would recommend is that it were an automatic connection, so that I don’t have to turn it on every time.

Has worked great. I recently tried out about 6 apps to try get a decent connection to tether and watch videos, this ones been only one to rely work for me no major issues, been running it for few days probably ran 25gb used upto my max LTE speed around 50mbps, has been smooth, the only small thing is something what seems common with these kinds apps is it can get turned off while device is closed but still tethered maybe just a iOS thing idk, I been just keeping screen always on and have it blacked out and have had 6 hour sessions just fine

Testing the waters 💦. Slippery when wet 💦 🥿 I’m testing the waters and I am in the market for a good solid “5 (five) f-ive” star ⭐️ VPN. I been trying other apps for some weeks now; I was on a “free trial” with a few, I then subscribed (purchased) to a couple and in return got refunded for a few because the simple false advertised, like really and no one catches it or even knows. 😂 On this app, trey need a “kill switch” or “connect on demand/stay connected” tab because on my end it doesn’t stay connected long and it disconnects. That’s totally not secure nor safe. I tried reconfiguring the VPN, uninstalled/reinstalled the app and made sure I was running the latest update. Still no help. I need the developers and engineers to get it together and provide me with a reliable, secure and safe VPN connection. Is it that I have to subscribe to get the luxurious grade-a service? I just want to see if the app is trustworthy enough to make a purchase but I can’t seem to stay connected. If we can seem to get my connection fixed and reliable, I’ll update it to 5 stars. Please help! 💭 I’m hoping to reach a developer or maybe someone that can assist me in addressing my connection issue. Thank you, Bull

Used to be good. I used this app for what feels like three years and it has worked amazingly! It’s one of the few that actually has a variety of servers in the free version. And they actually work, just not the best with video streaming. However I see many other people have said this but when I connect now it has the payment pop up which disconnects, or it says connected but it really isn’t. They suggested to reinstall app and restart device, upon doing so it worked but only once. Every time I want to use it I have to reinstall it for it to work. However that doesn’t even work anymore. Sad to see the one good one isn’t working anymore I will keep checking to see if it gets fixed.

Its fine. Personally I love how its free and works, the ads dont bother me so much but what does is the fact that my phone started acting up because of the app, I realized it was the this app because i dont make any changes in setting or do anything to mess up my phone but after getting this app my some of my other apps started saying I was offline which I knew was impossible since I stay home and dont go anywhere and my phone was just payed, also I cant make calls, I mean I can but there is no audio and I checked my settings and everything but its all fine i even restarted my phone, which im now realizing might have something to do with Apple. Anyways im still kinda bummed out about the other app situation.

This is a VERY GOOD app!. Very very good app to use to get to the next one and then I can go to the movies with my mom on the way home I will have a lot to do that you can get me some stuff to get you cannot I don’t think you have a big deal you cannot I don’t think you can do that and I can not hear the money you cannot I don’t think you can do that you don’t have money you can do it I don’t know if there’s anything you want I don’t think you have money for you I can get you cannot was a good one I think you can get a good deal and then you can do that I think it’s good for me to do a lot of stuff and then you have money.

This free Vpn works better than most paid premium vpn apps. Absolutely cannot believe it but I have purchased subscriptions for some of the most popular and top rated VPN applications, and as much as I hate to admit this, this vpn sometimes out performs the others. It matters on the connection yes, but when I play a game online and it is processing slow. I downloaded this a while ago thinking I would just use it for emergency use, if ever my premium paid app went down. Truth is I started to fall in love with this appz, not because it’s free but because of its fast speed connection in Germany

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Good But I Would Recommend Some Things. This VPN is the best one I used so far, except for one thing. When you are connecting to a VPN server, sometimes it will say server didn’t respond or negotiation failed. After that, when I try to disconnect to connect to another server, it says “disconnecting” for a long time, then changes back to “connecting.” After that, I can’t disconnect until it says “Current Server Connection Failed.” I think it would be better to fix this. Also, I have one recommendation: You should add a search bar in the VPN server page so you don’t have to scroll to find a specific VPN server. Besides these, this VPN is perfect.

Pretty good app. This app is actually really good, better than I thought it would be, the only problem that I have with the apples sometimes it doesn’t really connect to the country containing the VPN server or whatever it is, and as soon as I log out, it’s like the VPN was never there in the first place, so it’s hard even even works, because it says that it’s only been on for maybe about 40 seconds or 12 seconds or sometimes it just glitches out But other than that, I’m actually fine with the app, I just wish they gave more benefits as well But other than that, I’m actually fine with the app, I just wish they gave more benefits as well

free wifi savior. main points: - great for students when they need wifi but want to use it safely at school - amazing for vacation when the only way to access the internet is through public wifi and you don’t use vpn much so you don’t have a subscription but still need it for safety - relatively easy to use - my only qualm is the app interface/ design, this might be a bit stupid to say but i wish it was more sleek and prettier? not to say it looks bad but it doesn’t look amazing, I feel i would gravitate towards using it even more if it were a little bit more ornate if you will but overall it’s not a big problem at all and i’m grateful this app exists

It’s the best ! No lie!. I use it daily especially if I’m in public places using Wi-Fi ! This all allows me to browse without restrictions and I’m able to get all my notifications instantly ! I love the fact that you can use the free version as long as you want only thing is you have to continue to turn it on if you leave the range of the Wi-Fi for long periods of time but you can use it with or without Wi-Fi ! I want to keep it real and shout out to the company and person behind this app ! I’m thanking them personally 💯💪🏾❤️ oh and I forgot to mention you can change the locations of your ip to where ever you want ☝🏾😎😎😎😎

IT DOESN’T WORK OVERTIME. First impression was fine, VPN worked well. Overtime it didn’t anymore and even with the latest and recently bought phone model, when I connect to VPN, my whole phone lags such as glitching and—either wifi or data—the connection drops. And overtime I came upon the idea that it must be this app so I disconnected the VPN and this on and off action was continuous for a month until today when my phone had serious glitching and the internet connection was low even though it works on other devices just fine so I checked if my VPN was on and guess what? It wasn’t. Until trying everything, I deleted the app and boom! Internet bars back to full and phone goes through smoothly which is why I came here the first thing after I deleted this app. It’s not worth it because overtime the VPN doesn’t work like it’s suppose to and it messes with your device.

Reliable and fast!. I’ve used this app for years now and it has never failed me. It’s reliable, free, and the connection speeds are amazing! There are less ads than I thought, and I kind of wish there were more so I could support the app even more. I paid for the subscription until my finances tightened up and it was 100% worth it! The speeds get EVEN faster and you get access to better servers. You can choose your server for free, but the paid ones are somehow so much better! This works for any app or website you’d need it for and I’ve never had any disconnection issues or anything like that.

Works Amazing. Don’t mind watching the few ADs it shows for a big selection of servers I only use Canada but it’s usually pretty quick and easy to use if you don’t want to give your monthly allowance too nord vpn or some other service vampire give this vpn app a shot also the Ads aren’t very long 6 seconds at most it most definitely does spam them at you like crazy so that’s always appreciated, ads help the amazing developers get a little Doe and save me some too it’s a win win and I get to enjoy my anime that was restricted in my region! Super happy with it.

Truly FREE & Truly Worth it!!!. This App does its job well. No gimmicks, truly FREE. It’s practically mind boggling how deceptive alternate but similar apps advertise usage to be “FREE” when in reality it’s only a “FREE TRIAL” that’s being offered and if you don’t agree then your out of luck. Save yourself the time and just download this truly amazing and truly FREE app. Only downside, haven’t been able to find this APP in App Store for Mac products. All Mac based apps of this category that I’ve tried either only allows a severely restricted database under the “free” sector to try and push there $$$ premium version.

Love it thank you for giving us freedom back. I love proxy’s but your proxy server is so awesome years ago the government and the owners of internet content they thought they were masters of the universe and for a time they were but I have to hand it to you guys that made this new generation of proxy’s and VPN’s I think it’s so awesome how they the government and also networks like Netflix tell the general public that they always know what is going on in webspace but it’s a lie the technology change’s so fast that you all can keep us outsmarting them for unlimited time

Is it too good to be true. Well time will tell I just downloaded this tonight expecting to pay for it like every other VPN. I had to watch like three seconds of ads maybe five seconds and then it synced up with my iPhone and took over in the settings and it’s running pretty quick. And I didn’t have to pay a dime so far whether or not it’s in some small writing that it’s only a free trial or blah blah blah I don’t know I don’t really feel like looking right now but so far it’s free it’s fast five stars, and I have sprint. Yes I know with Sprint it’s still running pretty quick, but I mean it’s only been like two hours sounds too good to be true but so far five stars.

Worth it. If your getting a VPN then this is the one. It’s free and you can actually use it without paying. There are special features and adds but for the most part it’s really good. As long as you use it and don’t try and do to many careless things then this is the one. I’m a LiveLeak kinda guy and since it’s down I’ve been going to other sites and they are definitely not good. So if your looking for a VPN then here it is. Goodly I internet searcher and I hope that whatever it is that your searching up is worth it after all 👍.

Not much to say. It’s a VPN. A pretty good one. And it’s actually completely free to use. You *can* pay for it, if you really want to, and remove ads inside the app. Or, you can assign it as a vpn in your phone settings, and don’t have to worry about ads anyway. Just set it to “fastest location, automatic,” in app, and turn on and off from settings. My one issue is that it disconnects somewhat frequently, so you have to babysit it a little bit. But it’s free. And it works very well. If the only downside is checking every once in a while to make sure it’s still connected, I can live with that.

Good so far. Not gonna lie was finna right a review and start bashing the vpn, but it’s actually not that bad. I had recently had the issue of connecting to a vpn a day ago worked perfectly then the next day would pop up with a subscription ad and when I hit the X button would automatically disconnect me from the connection. I just deleted and reinstalled it and now so far it’s going good for me hopefully this helps anyone out that hasn’t tried that yet, and this app hopefully we’ll be in perfect use for the future for me.

Screwed up my iPhone X 🤬. It has made my WiFi no longer work. I tried resetting network settings and it didn’t help. It won’t let me connect to WiFi at all anymore. And I’m at a loss. I don’t currently have service on this phone so now I can’t even use it because idk how to fix it. Not to mention it makes everything so slow and it cuts off after only 5 minutes without even notifying you so then your IP is exposed. I wouldn’t even mind the ads because it’s free but this app is complete useless and has totally ruined my iPhone X! Their FAQ section is a joke and there’s no way to contact them. I got this app because of all the great reviews. Why all of these people are giving 5 stars completely baffles my mind! If I could give it negative 5 stars I would! 👎 Do not get this app if you have an iPhone X!!

KEEPS IT 100!. How many times do you click on an app because it says it’s free but then u see it’s only free a couple of days, a week,a month? This VPN is free and I mean FREE. Yes they have ads and yes no one likes ads but honestly it’s a fair trade.....The app is giving us free vpn and they have to pay the bills somehow so if I have to deal with a few ads then I can handle that...Honestly they don’t bombard you with half as many ads as most others do. I go to my app....might see an ad or two....connect to the vpn and I’m protected and I see no more ads for the rest of the time I’m connected. LOVE THIS APP! Thanks guys

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.9.38
Play Store mobi.mobilejump.freevpn
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy was published in the category Productivity on 15 May 2018, Tuesday and was developed by Mobile Jump Pte Ltd [Developer ID: 1484585154]. This program file size is 74.24 MB. This app has been rated by 1,740,969 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy - Productivity app posted on 07 March 2024, Thursday current version is 1.9.38 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: mobi.mobilejump.freevpn. Languages supported by the app:

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With every new version VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy is getting better for your better experience. Check out the latest fixes along with our faster VPN servers and connections. Stay with us! Stay free, secure, and anonymous while surfing the Internet with VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy.

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