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What is pythonista 3 app? Pythonista is a complete scripting environment for Python 3.10, running right on your iPad or iPhone, so you can develop and run Python scripts on the go.

Like Python itself, "batteries are included" – from popular third-party modules like requests, numpy, matplotlib, pandas (and many more) to modules that are tailor-made for iOS. With Pythonista, your scripts can access sensor/location data, your photo library, contacts, reminders, the clipboard, and more, allowing you to harness the full potential of both Python and iOS.

Pythonista is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to get started with coding, regardless of skill level. The complete Python documentation is also available for offline reading in the app.

Pythonista is not just for learning and practicing Python – it's also a powerful tool for automating iOS with multiple app extensions. You can invoke scripts directly from the share sheet or a custom system keyboard in almost any app, and integrate scripts with Shortcuts and Siri. With Pythonista, it's easy to run your scripts whenever you need them, without having to switch between different apps.


> Powerful code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, and scripting support

> Interactive prompt with code completion, command history, and support for showing images

> Integrated visual debugger and object inspector

> Complete offline documentation with quick lookup directly from the editor

> Various beautiful light and dark color themes, and a theme editor to make your own

> UI editor for quick prototyping

> Integrated PEP 8 style checker and code formatter

> Supports most of the Python standard library and additional modules for graphics, sound, and iOS integration (for example clipboard, contacts, reminders, photos, ui...)

> Many popular third-party modules included, for example requests, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, Pillow...

> Lots of included examples

> Universal app for iPad and iPhone

> Share sheet extension for running scripts from almost any app

> Scriptable system-wide keyboard to use Python in any app that edits text

> Advanced integration with the Shortcuts app, allowing you to use Python scripts as actions in shortcuts and personal automations.

Please note that Pythonista is not designed to enable the installation or download of additional modules written in compiled languages (C/C++). While many popular native libraries are included and work out-of-the-box, it is generally not possible to install additional modules with C/C++ dependencies.

The name "Pythonista" is used with kind permission from the Python Software Foundation.

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App Name Pythonista 3
Category Productivity
Updated 27 April 2023, Thursday
File Size 852.88 MB

Pythonista 3 Comments & Reviews 2024

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Just what your looking for!. Even though the app is in a bit of a limbo stage, not abandoned, you still have so much flexibility! Games, webApps, I even made a script that asked for input then formats all your replies to an xlsx (excel) file then I even had the option to use Open in app..... just awesome! Thank you for developing such a masterpiece! I've tried so many other IDE's ect.. but I loved yours so much I went ahead and learned Python and borderline abandoned my C# programs 😝 anyways I hope you keep up the good work and I hope to see many more advances and growth in the near future!

MUST HAVE for programmers. If you have the skill to write Python at any level, this app will change your world. It offers a great programming environment, many native iOS integrations, and UI support. You can easily write your own productivity apps and access them from the Today widget or from the Share dialog in other apps. There are many community-written scripts, too. This turns your iOS device into a real computing tool, not just a content viewer.

Hackers Paradise. Was super excited to learn Python and read that Pythonista was the best for iPad Pro and iPhone. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know at the time was it’s a hackers paradise and can be easily used to steal your information or implant spyware. The library allows for “built-ins” or modules which can easily be configured without the primary user and device owner’s knowledge. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if you could simply delete the files…spoiler alert: you cannot delete files which have been locked by the unauthorized user. Therefore, I’m giving this app which has an excellent UI among things a 1 star review because thanks to its poor security features I now have an entire library of spyware on all of my Apple devices.

First time I enjoyed programming on my phone 📱 ❤️. Every time I’ve tried programming on my phone (Lisp, JavaScript, Ruby) it has been limited, frustrating and bad enough that I was convinced programming on a phone would always be terrible. Recently I needed to flip an image vertically, and I thought of PIL, so I found Pythonista in the App Store. Once I realized it hooked into iOS APIs, I bought it, and was not disappointed. I’ve used appex for receiving images from the Photos app, and PIL to manipulate them, and I’ve used location and motion to make use of GPS and accelerometer data, I love this app!

Absolutely worth it. This is definitely the best python interpreter I have ever found on the AppStore. It is loaded with features that become more and more useful as you get more advanced at programming. The developer of this app obviously cares a lot about the state of his app and seems very involved in his forum. Yes the app has not been updated in two years, but if you look on his Twitter you’ll see that he has been developing the next update. A link to his current beta is pinned on his twitter page.

Really good Python IDE. I love this, it has exceeded my expectations for sure! So far it has been able to do everything that I have thrown at it from my computer science course. There is only one minor annoyance though - I don’t like the fact that it keeps popping up the on-screen keyboard whenever I am trying to type. The on-screen keyboard gets in the way of the typing area and I cannot see what I am doing (I am using a Bluetooth keyboard) The only way I can see getting around this is to make the keyboard float and then drag it off to the side. This workaround does work but it is a hassle to have to do this every time. UPDATE: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FIXING MY ISSUE!!! <3

Insanely Incredible Tool!. This is coming from someone who has been using a MacBook Pro for programming as a main source, and have been using PyCharm previously and also Sublime Text 3 as a text editor. I didn't have too high of hopes for an IDE for mobile (iPad and iPhone) but I clearly changed my opinion. This was the best $10 I have ever spent in my life. It is an amazing tool with so many good features, and a very nice user interface for professional users and even people who are just starting out or hobbyists. I would recommend this application to any person I know, and I would get them to start programming on Pythonista. The lovely thing about this is that you can take it literally everywhere, now that iPhones are in almost every pocket these days, and I think people should take advantage of it and get this app. I <3 the creators of Pythonista!!!

No files access and useless with iPad keyboard. I can’t use or see the console to input when I’m using the iPad physical keyboard. The shortcuts on the lower border of the screen cover up the console entry area. It also won’t let you save files anywhere except in the old iCloud app specific area. It doesn’t use the iOS12+ “files” api which would allow you to save in Dropbox or iCloud areas normally accessable by other programs. I’m just trying to use this to access some folders where I put my assignments when working from my MacBook. This is a failure and pretty useless to me even if it is good at anything else.

Transformed how I use my iPad. Just picked this up a few days ago to explore and found it to be a blast! Making custom UIs working with pandas data reading/writing json. Quick to learn and great documentation. It is really opening up a space for me to use my iPad in new creative ways - thank you! Question: If I wanted to take a directory with my scripts and resources and bundle the current Pythonistas tool inside my own App for distribution on the App Store --- is this doable? I found some templates for Python 2 but have not found much information yet on building and distributing your own apps with Pythonista.

Can’t see entered text in Console on iPad Pro using keyboard. This app seems nice, but I instantly found a giant problem: if you run a new iPad Pro in landscape mode using an Apple keyboard (or probably any keyboard — but I haven’t tried others yet), the “shortcuts” bar completely blocks the Console prompt and you can’t see a single thing you’re typing. This can be fixed by disabling “shortcuts” in iOS Settings, but that’s ridiculous — and prevents password managers from offering to populate password fields, which is a dealbreaker. I want my $9.99 back but “App Support” on iTunes Store just links to a page that offers “Community Forums” or the ability to tweet the author (I don’t tweet). Community Forums indicate this has been a known bug since autumn 2018 with no fix yet after almost a year. Is this app abandonware? Huge bummer.

Amazing, Except.... I pretty much love Pythonista overall, except for 2 things, FIRSTLY; Pythonista WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO UNZIP FILES TO THE PYTHONISTA ICLOUD FOLDER PLEASE FIX!!!! (BTW: I’m using shortcuts to unzip the files, because idk how else to do it.) SECONDLY; In general, it’s kinda hard to figure out if your brand new to python/learning. It took me day & a half to figure out how to import modules, and I have a good amount of prior experience in computer programming (specifically java), for me learning Pythonista /python and using it isn’t that hard, but I feel like if I was coming to Pythonista as a newbie to programming, I would be extremely confused and overwhelmed. Perhaps add links to its documentation in a specific help tab, Or, make some tutorials/provide lots of resources for learning, for newbies and definitely add some instructions for the more advanced/novice programmers. Other than that I personally love it too death.

Open in.... This app would be amazing if it could open files from folder or google drive. Right now to “open” an external file I open it in notes and copy paste into pythonista. Hope you see this and consider adding the ability to “open in...” and select a file from Files Edit (Was 3 Stars) With the added Open in functionality pythonista is the best python app out there. Thanks for listening to the users!

Amazing. The top bar has all the shortcuts you need like parenshisis quotes colons etc… its easy to make a script it just says “create script” then it auto puts the py extension for you then run is a play button it opens a new window to run it and it has tabs for everything. No overclutter just the features you need. Works perfect on my iphone SE (step up from iphone 7)

Much more powerful than I expected!. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could. The interface is easy to understand. Especially under the limitation of iOS system, it helps manage all files in a beautiful way. The console amazed me as well. I didn’t expect I can plot figure in this app, like working on linux server, but this app not only has this feature but also shows in a great result. It can’t be the major IDE for my work, but I can use it finish 80 to 90% of my job while traveling. Best IDE on App store!

Semi Retired IT Consultant. Coding has been in my toolbox since punchcards when RPG was an IBM & VAX program not a role playing game! I have loved and continue to love Python, constantly thinking Python when out and about, without a pad or a notebook but always with an iPhone. Pythonista affords great functionality in the palm of the hand, snippet samples scraped and tested, while waiting at the DMV or where ever… make a script, runn it and use the console to see the output, in a minute, from idea to results on the mobile phone… lovin it!

Joyful. This app was, when I was in a low place pretty much my only way to learn. It and some browsing have been pretty much all the resources and capability provided to actually create some small things and feel kind of decent. It's pretty much a source of inspiration right now to be able to do some neat stuff eventually. Editorial is with it as well. Thank you.

My most used app.. I’m a full time developer and I don’t know what I would do without Pythonista. For one, twice a week I go to our local hospital for my allergy shot. I have to sit there for 30 minutes after the shot. With Pythonista, I bring my iPad and I can keep on working on my Python apps that I’m creating. I get tired sitting at the computer. I can head over to the couch to sit with my pups, but on Big Bang Theory, and keep on working. Go outside on nice day, sit at the patio table and keep on programming. One one request. I know a lot of people prefer Git. I hate Git now that Microsoft purchased it. I use OpenSource Fossil. It would be GREAT to have the feature to be able to clone a repository using Fossil. I know there are a lot more people using Git. But, finger crossed if you add the feature, one more people would be aware how fantastic Fossil is and might start using and supporting OpenSource Fossil. Thanks in advance for any consideration on the Fossil feature!

Incredible Value. I bought this a few years ago when I was learning Python. It was great then, but I just picked it back up to help my brother with an intro CS class, and it blew my mind how much it has improved over the course of a couple of years, as well as how easy it was to get right back into it. Very highly recommend, wish they had something similar for JavaScript.

Can't Get Past `import scene as *`. Importing any module as * is a horrible bad practice that is well known and documented in all the PEP documentation as well as by successful, professional Python programmers everywhere. The prominent use of this anti-pattern makes an otherwise fantastic achievement in programming completely unusable at my school. I will not encourage students to do this under any circumstances (and equally despise all the failed `import turtle as *` tutorials and books as well). As a development manager and project lead I would have fired anyone making use of that anti-pattern. Why would I encourage hundreds of students to start out their programming lives incorrectly?

This app is awesome!!. Learned how to write a few programs on this, and have even incorporated what i have learned here at work. Used this to create an app for my daughter to learn to how to spell. This app will use the speech functions to ask her to spell a random word that she has to type in. Also used it to create a hilarious not so kid friendly app. 😆👍🏻 If the creators could write the Netmiko and Paramiko modules in would make it even better.

Not a toy - this is a functional program!. The joy of this tool is the libraries that come with it that you need to use the iPad features plus, including a simple GUI interface. It include several popular modules including numpy, requests, and beautify soup. Worth the price! I wish it included the full script stack, but I also want a pony and a flying car. There is enough here to build some really cool applications. I just keep becoming more and more impressed as I use this!

Amazing functionality. I downloaded this because I wanted to write a small function to calculate Euler’s number and was too lazy to get off the couch for my laptop. I figured I’d be lucky if the math package was even available. Well I am completely blown away with all the functionality this app has, and I’ve only been poking at it for about 15 minutes. An editor and a console? Multiple cool themes? Tons of examples and tutorials? Awesome! I’ve no doubt this is going to be my new obsession. Excellent, excellent app—kudos!!!

Best programming app for mobile!. This app is truly for developers. I think this for many reasons, say, excellent bluetooth keyboard compatibility and ease of use. Even if others say bluetooth keyboards don't remove the keyboard on the screen, on the latest iOS 13, its perfect. I don't have an iPad pro so I don't know if it works right on there, since it has such a large screen, but with the iPad Mini 4 and iOS 13.3, its perfect. If you read this far, I thank you for reading this review, and hope you succeed in your game development hobby and or career.

Great application even for a beginner to Python. I picked up Pythonista more than a year ago so that I could explore Python while out and about. With the recent upgrade and iOS 13 features this tool’s improvements have been amazing. It was quite useful before and now a real pleasure to use enough to get me to write a review. That is application is well worth my effort to write a review something I have never done before. Along with the 2nd edition of Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes i can play at learning Python almost every where I want.

Everything one could want and way more. These were the best 10$ i have spent in a while. I often use this over IDLE. I create scripts to do stuff, and can call it with just three taps. The typing is easy, and every complaint i have had with other environments are nowhere to be found. It has wonderful gui libraries and you can make surprisingly fast/high quality games. This is coming from someone who rarely uses python for anything more than generating giant switch statements for my other projects.

Great App. Pythonista is probably the best programming app I’ve found on the App Store. It has all of the features needed to do basically anything, and can even use modules from Swift to some extent, such as SceneKit. One of it’s few problems is that it’s optional shortcuts to programs on the home screen (it has those) have some minor limitations like their thumbnail’s visual options, but is still customizable. Overall, it’s probably the best.

great tool, some whacky behavior. Just that, I use it all the time. I always have a certain file open, and run that every time I start to update a few data things from the interwebs. Sometimes, and not just after a restart, it will start with no files open, and what's worse is of the files available, the one I use the most is completely absent. Checking via the Files app, it's still right there. Not sure that's going on there. Otherwise, has numpy and matplotlib which are my most used things.

Abandoned, or at least, neglected.. Note: The low rating is to get the developer’s attention, and send a red flag to others who might by the app and be disappointed by its current state. Pythonista could potentially be the most useful, powerful app available for developers from the App Store. That’s not an exaggeration, and the potential also increases dramatically when you consider what could be done with Shortcuts integration. Overall, the app is incredibly made and very well integrated with iOS and it’s UI heuristics. At least... it *was,* and that’s the issue. The developer is AWOL, and we haven’t seen an update since the beginning of 2018, not has there been any activity on his GitHub issue tracker. Major opportunities for functional improvement, and minor bugs are popping up, due to the lack of adoption of the most recent iOS SDK’s features and API changes. This is a situation that will only get worse over time.

Favorably impressed. This looks like a great enhancement to the ipad. One should be able to do some programming directly on a powerful device like this without resorting to cross compiling with a heavyweight OS/X based developers tool. And Pythonista looks like just the ticket. In typical python fashion, Pythonista gives programmatic access to cool OS features that are not built-in to Python like: speech recognition, location services, ... I expect that i will bump into some limitations as i get further into it but right now I am thrilled!!

The best by far. Hands down this is so much better than other apps out there. I bought Textastic and a few other editors and this is in a league of its own. There’s even a few editor behaviors I wish I had on my laptop. I know, I know. You can get add-ons or modify the editor yourself but in this case, there’s a lot of very useful syntax completion and highlighting features that are default to the application. I feel like the people who wrote this are truly competent developers.

Brilliant!. I’ve been programming for many years but am just now learning Python. I typed in a moderately complex program from the book I’m using. The program uses an external module. The IDE was simple to use, even for a first-timer, the module was there, and the program ran perfectly. It iterated for 6,000,000 times, so it was amusing to see my iPhone chugging hard for a change. The program ran perfectly. Color me totally impressed.

Excellent tool for on the go Python. I usually don’t write reviews, but I felt compelled to for this gem of an app. I regularly program on the side for fun and automation. I’ve used Pythonista to automate tasks on my phone, prototype programs for my Windows and Linux computers, and built silly games to play for fun. I’ve used Python at work to drastically speed up our workflows by several hours, which has been a life saver and even garnered me a raise. Not only was Pythonista an indispensable tool for prototyping those programs, but it has allowed me the opportunity to improve my skills on the go. There are some limitations I wish didn’t exist, but this is because of Apple, not the developers. The developers have gone above and beyond to implement extra libraries and integrate Pythonista with iOS. If you’re looking for a good iOS Python app or want to learn Python on the go, I highly recommend this app!

This App Got Me Into Programming. I started using this app when I was 12 on my iPad that I had as a kid. The app is amazing, and has custom modules that let you control your device and create custom apps and such. It’s got UI modules, full access to documentation, and all the normal python modules. Even better, it works entirely offline. This app singlehandly allowed me to program things when and where I wanted, and allowed me to become a skilled programmer getting a degree in computer science. As far as mobile IDEs go, it’s the absolute best. In addition, there’s a community that creates tons of incredible programs that enhance the IDE, such as GitHub support, and even a fully functional bash terminal complete with pip so that you can install your own custom modules. It really is the best app on iOS for programming, and I would recommend it to anybody looking to try out programming. It’s well worth it’s price tag.

So Cool! Great for beginners.. Learning Python has been on my wish list for awhile now. My work computers are locked down and I rarely feel like digging out my laptop, but I have my iPad with me all the time. I finally got to sit down this week and start working through some tutorials using this app. It is just so cool and easy to use. All the features the tutorials use are in the app. I’m so excited to finally be learning, and able to tinker on the couch, in bed or wherever. Thanks so much for making this app!

The best on the market, but I wish it had just one more feature. This is an incredible app that has really helped me push my python skills. Worth every penny. It blows my mind that I have numpy and matplotlib in my pocket. What would really make it the ultimate is if we could bring in data from other apps (e.g. iCloud, Excel, webscraping, etc.). It would then be possible to do proper data analytics on the go. Please include this!

Absolutely mind blowing capabilities. Okay, it’s as good as everyone says. BUT I’ve seen some shallow reviews dogging it for a lack of VCS and some libraries not coming with it. The best thing about Pythonista is the github repo. Go check it out, take a look at the additional packages you can install there as well as scripts to learn the various libraries that aren’t as documented as some would like. Also, there IS VCS via Stash. Install Stash from the ptinstaller and boom, you have a full blown iOS terminal emulator. Complete with git. And if you want to transfer files, check out all the Dropbox options. I use synchronator as a repo and installed a 3.5 interpreter on my local machine to build my larger Pythonista projects. Seriously, get this app. OMZ should be proud.

Essential!. Pythonista is the essential app for Python on iOS. It is well-designed and works flawlessly. I have a number of scripts that I use every day, which should be impossible on iOS, but isn’t because of this terrific app. Highly recommended! (The app has all the essential libraries, including numpy and matplotlib, but sadly, no pandas, but maybe one day. Here's hoping, but no matter what, this is an astonishingly good app.)

Very good, but it could be better. While the process of actually coding a program is made much easier with this app, it can definitely improve (since perfection is near impossible). Personally, I think it would be a great addition to find a way for the use of pip to be possible through the app directly. Whether it would be in the terminal line or somewhere else entirely, I don’t know. However, what I do know is that as is modules and packages are very frustrating to have to install Regardless, I do highly recommend this app, it works rather smoothly, has a rather soothing style and works great. Edit: I have more than just one device, and my newest device is an iPad Pro without the home button. When I am in the console, the normal bar where you can see what you’re typing is covered by the Bluetooth keyboard’s little pop up. however, on my other Ipad, which also has a keyboard, this problem doesn’t occur. Also, it would be nice to add scikit into the default modules available, as it is one of the most popular

Ask for new a new feature. It is truely an awesome app. However, it can be better if you can add key modifier feature into it. I am a severe dependent of emacs keybindings. On Mac I can use the system built-in key modifier to remap the caps lock to ctrl, which makes my life much easier. On iOS, I found I cannot do it any more, which has been annoying me for a while. I give you five stars in this review. Please consider add the feature. BTW, you can have a look at the app “blink ssh” having the exact awesome feature that I want in Pythonista. Thanks!

Good. I love the app, there’s nothing to complain about other than the fact that I some programs wont run in console.. for example 5+5 or something as simple as a list . maybe I’m doing something wrong, idk..I’m coming from jupyter which has zero problems showing me the output of a simple math problem or lists/dictionaries. The only way to see the output of these things is by running them in the console which isn’t ideal. Otherwise, the app is great! It’s so clean, so easy to navigate and there’s just too many pros over cons to request a refund.

Good, but not for professional. I am very glad that I can use python ide on my iPad, it is really helpful when you don’t want to take your computer or Mac with you. Now my iPad can do most of the thing I do in my Mac. But its library seems not so enough for the people like me. For example, I need scipy for science analyze. However it doesn’t have. So i am wondering is there some way we can install the lib by ourserlves? Of course this ide is very good for the ipad.

I love Pythonista BUT. I don’t know how to report issues so I’m gonna use this. I just wanna let the devs know that Python crashes when I rename a specific folder. The folder I am renaming contains several other folders & over 10 empty text field scripts for typing / writing information that is not a script file for making scripts & stuff. But yeah, so it crashes when I rename that folder but doesn’t crash when renaming other folders. Just the one. It’s in “This iPhone > Definitions” Definitions is the folder I am renaming. It contains 4 other folders. It is Renaming the folder just freezes up when I press “Rename” after typing the name I want it to be. Other than that I love python & I’m such a noob I’ve been trying to learn for years now but I can’t get past the simplest small scripts like math & printing words. There is a lot of things it just becomes a blur. I suppose if I had better memory then I could be further along than currently. Thank you

There’s a reason it hasn’t been updated in a while.. It’s brilliant. While I’m sure there are many ways this software could be pushed forward, it’s amazingly effective for programming on iOS. I thought it would be too awkward to use, but the ui is expertly designed and intuitive. The iOS integration is mind blowing, with full blown simple yet effective game examples that run silky smooth. Highly recommended.

No strings (never mind). UPDATE: User error. ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆, for now. Seems like a great app, but my knowledge of Py is currently quite limited, so It's hard to say. Time will tell. PREVIOUS REVIEW: Until the devs tell me what I'm doing wrong or this issue is otherwise resolved, I'll have to give this app 1 star. I did pay ten bucks for it. I'm very new to python (and to coding in general), so perhaps there's something I'm missing, but no string input I'm trying is giving an output. str('hi') str("hi") str('''hi''') 'hi' "hi" '''hi''' This gives me nothing. No error message. Nothing in the console. Nothing. I've tried other scripting environment apps (not for Python, but R and Swift) and they've all at least allowed for the easy use of strings. The app runs very smoothly and has a very user friendly UI. I'd like to give it five stars, after further testing it, but not if it's missing something as seemingly basic as strings. Sorry. Hope this is resolved soon.

A Python IDE for iOS. Truly a remarkable app with amazing capabilities! As a part-time mobile app developer, full time tinkerer, I write a lot of mobile apps for myself. This used to require a paid developer account and competency in various languages and supporting tools. For myself, most of this madness has been replaced with Pythonista programs. Amongst many features, you get a theme-able editor with syntax highlighting, auto-complete and a built-in debugger, a REPL, and a UI builder. Add the community-developed shell, StaSh, and you get a basic terminal with pip to pull dependencies for your programs. With action sheet support it is trivial to create programs that integrate seamlessly with other iOS apps. Works great with repository management apps like Working Copy.

By far the best.. Completely new to computer science and programming but having such a simple language to start out on and have in your pocket at all times is amazing. I've learned so much just from messing with the built in examples. First program I wrote was for calculating the seconds per-revolution for the industrial blanchers I worked with. Taught myself during some downtime we had and had a blast doing it and found myself continually improving and adding into it. The feeling of development and progress is awesome! If you enjoy learning via trial and error or are an experienced programmer looking for something mobile there's nothing better. The price seems steep at first but once you realize how well built this is it's more than worth it.

Phenomenal for power users. This app is an absolutely amazing piece of software for the power user and developer. It puts the full power of Python on your phone, and it’s such a beautifully polished app that it’s a joy to program with. Just some of the stuff I’ve done with this app: run a full shell with SSH, Git, wget, pip support via StaSh; download videos in any app via a YouTube-DL share-sheet; control my phone from your laptop using sockets and eval; play with machine learning using NumPy, matplotlib, and access to CoreML; and so much more. Worth every penny!

Amazing app but minor problem (EDIT). As a beginner python programmer, this app is the holy grail in terms of coding with python on the go. Very easy to use and there is no lag or slow saving. I am having a minor problem however. Whenever I move a coding document to the iCloud section on my iPad, it does not seem to sync with my iPhone. This may be my mistake but i cannot find anything online to help so a developer response would be greatly appreciated (EDIT) Major mistake on my part, I simply was not allowing the app to fully refresh. Great app, definitely a must buy for any python programmer

Works with VoiceOver. I’m a blind student currently majoring in Computer Science. I was having a hard time trying to find a Python environment that works with a screen reader. I was wary of spending $9.99 on and app that might not be accessible with the iPad’s screen reader”VoiceOver”. But to my great surprise this works really well with VoiceOver. I’m able to complete all of my assignments using VoiceOver. I’m just doing introductory work, so I can’t speak to any advance level workflows, but I don’t have much problems using this app with VoiceOver.

7 years of usage and I have not found anything to dislike. I bought Pythonista along with Editorial about 7 years ago. I have used it a lot for writing simple games and utilities (on my iPhone) and I have never found anything that disappoints me. This week, I just finished writing another game/simulation with over 3000 LOC and it continues to surprise me how amazing and user friendly Pythonista really is. IMHO, the best there is, hands down!

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Excellent app... but. This app is great, i love being able to use python wherever i go. It even has an objective c capabilities. But i have one problem as of late. I've been using the StaSh module to install using PyPI, but for some reason the requests module isn't working anymore? Whenever i try to access requests i get an error that httplib isn't found! I can't even manually install it because for some reason i can't access the site packages folder... 5 star app but this one bug is annoying.

Won’t open .py from google drive. All my .py files are greyed out In google drive

The best app ever!!. This is the best $15 I have EVER spent!!Thank you for brought this piece of art to iOS!

Love this app!!. Loving it already, I do not regret buying this and I highly recommend it for python devs and people who are just learning python! There is just one thing that I havnt seen, there are a few modules I want to use for a project but is there a way to download more modules?

Best iOS App. Simply the Best iOS App. So many powerful functions available within

Fantastic Python IDE App!. Kudos to the developer for developing such a great IDE for Python on iOS. Am very impressed that there are Python modules that wrap around iOS API. Would love to see the next update of the app with iOS 11 to provide a new Python wrapper module to access Apple's new APIs for Core ML (machine learning) and AR (augmented reality). The possibilities of accessing these APIs through the Python language would be very exciting!!!!

Great. Please add support of iOS shortcuts. And some strong libs like opencv, scipy, sciimage, pandas. And then you became the best python ide for ios.

It is really good. When I firstly got it I didn’t know how to code in Python so I didn’t really like the app but when I learnt it was really fun making game and projects on a ipad but can you please add more packages that you can install in the stash like pygame and can you add support for python 3.10 or python 3.9

Attention to detail. Astonishing app - the craftsmanship and attention to detail warms my heart. For example a drop down let’s me jump to any function of a file quickly - but then I discover that exact same drop down let’s me jump to any UI element when editing a UI screen - nice. Swiping to access the console, or help, or the editor is a smooth metaphor. Lots of nice touches like this. The inclusion of the requests library and beautiful soup plus the ability to design custom UIs means I can click a button and retrieve and scrape pages for info and display it in nice ways. Wish I could install more libraries via ‘pip’ though. I’m a python programmer by trade, and am finding myself playing and coding using Pythonista on my iPhone and iPad Pro in my leisure time! Looking forward to Python 3.6 support I hope soon.

Incredible IDE for iOS. Everything you need to write and run Python on your iOS device. User interface is slick, editor is easy to use and has been adapted to tiny keyboards and screens well. Love being able to run my scripts as a today widget or as a share extension!

Good but not enough. PLEASE ADD C# CODE TO IT PLEAAAASSSE. I Only know C# code and this is the best coding app for it. so please add it (thank you) :D

Amazing Editor for python. Just download this and spent some time trying the basic functions. Satisfied by now. Just wondering is there any option for displaying the running time for the code?

Fantastic.. Thank you for making this app.

Python is awesome. And Pythonista brings that awesome to my iPad making it more awesome.

Pythonista is hot garbage. Don’t buy this garbage app you might as well buy some vbucks instead

Well worth the money. Compared to other python apps out there, they are like an old virtual console while Pythonista is a full IDE. There’s tones of modules to explore and there’s always the objc_utils module… 🧐 The keyboard is impressive, documentation is well authored, various modules developed specifically for iOS, and iCloud sync works like a charm so you can edit your documents in a text editor on your computer and Pythonista will just reload the document with the new changes. Perfect! I’d recommend this app to anyone wanting to run code on their iPhone. It just works.

Works amazing, just needs little more. It’s a great app and I wouldn’t mind paying $14, however for my school programs I require the Tkinter GUI which simply isn’t available on the app and hence for me it proves as less useful. Wish such modules are added soon in the future

Great app but broken by bug. I bought Pythonista a while ago but after a few days it seemed to just stop working and would crash upon being opened. I tried opening it via web at the link pythonista:// but that only opened the app and crash it as soon as I fried to open while of my saved .py files. I’m not sure what’s happening but I would definitely rate higher if there was a solution to this bug since I payed quite a bit of money for a broken app

Bad. Absolute PoS, don’t purchase if you want any script to work

Great. And so easy to use. Recommended

最近闪退严重. ipad os系统,求求你快点升级吧!!!最近闪退太严重了,我打开个numpy都闪退的。。。

Fantastic app. If you love Python, you will love this app. It unlocks the power of running Python on your iPad and makes the world’s most versatile language even more versatile. This is one of those apps where the developer’s love for their craft shines in every facet of the app. It “sparks joy” every time I use it. Thoroughly recommended!

Nice app, needs updating. It’s a very nice app, but the Python world has continued to move on, and Pythonista is not keeping up. Specially, it doesn’t support python 3.7, when even 3.8 is nearly out. This means some modern async, type hinting, __future__, and debugging features are missing. Tooling has also remained static and is now quite outdated. It supports pyflakes, but none of the modern tools that have gained traction in the Python world are available, notably MyPy and Black.

Wow. The greatest coding application of them all. Gives much help, options, and feed back. And the editor is not funky as well. If it read my mind and wrote the code then would get five stars.🙏🙏🙏

Great app. This is such a convenient tool to learn Python.

Nice. Really nice tool

An exemplary app. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done on this. It is much appreciated. If only other apps could be this good.

Fix your dam app up. Can’t even select a single letter of text without it selecting the whole line, broken app

Great stuff.. Really good but wondering if you might venture in the way of small microcontrollers running micropython like the esp32. These are quite well featured and relatively powerful controllers that can be used in multitude of projects or finished products. The ipad is missing in that ide/development space. Thanks for an already great ide. Cheers

Shortcuts arguments are broken. Can’t receive any arguments from shortcuts. Waste of $15.

Superb Python Environment for iPadOS and iOS. I have been using Pythonista for a while now and am very pleased with this application. Not only is it ideal for learning and trying out new things, it has proven to be a valuable asset to the mobile environment allowing Apple Shortcuts to have significant programmable power. There are a couple of good python environments but the Pythonista implementation quite rightly reigns supreme. Well done developers and designers.

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Doesn’t work. It won’t compile code. It keeps giving an error about indentation. I phoned for a refund and they said no. Not good.

Good but didn’t work recently. It is good, but what happened? I can open this app now

Pythonista. Great App, keeps you busy for hours.

Very good. Multiple and complete functionality

Numpy is broken. I can live without pandas… but no numpy? No…

Great App. It took me a while to figure out that you can undo and redo by holding colon key.

Astonishingly Great. Built in full language/library documentation, console, and code editor. It actually startled me, how good the text editor is! Autosuggest, haptic feedback, superb cursor control, probably much more that I just haven't noticed yet. Pythonista is not just powerful or useful, it is *thoughtful*. I normally never write app reviews but it's a tragedy for Pythonista to only have the one review that showed up in my App Store.

Great app. If I have to be honest, the $13 at first glance was too much. I thought there was other offline apps that worked offline and could install modules, but then I looked at them. Honestly, they all are pretty bad. Either you can install modules, but not all of them or it doesn’t work offline. I literally downloaded like 7 different apps in 4 days and tried them, and either liked them then hated it or just hated it. Then the 13 didn’t seem so scary. This is the best coding app ever, and I hope it stays on the App Store forever. Just get it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best app ever. This is the best app I have downloaded from the App Store and I don’t regret paying for it❤️

Freezes, not updated anymore.. Freezes on iPad Pro. Seems like developer is not maintaining the app anymore!

Yes you can sync with Dropbox.... One of the reviews I read said you couldn’t sync with Dropbox. Not true! Open files: Hamburger menu (top left) > External Files > Open > Dropbox Save files: Wrench icon (top right editor window) > Share icon > Save to Dropbox. Great app!

On Ios 14.0.1.... I reinstalled and the app booted up once, but then it stopped booting again. Needs an update to be useful again. Safe mode in the settings didn’t help. Edit: after trying it again it randomly started working again, might’ve had to reset my phone. Not sure why it started working again, but it did.

Worth every penny. Works like a charm, has everything you’ll need, and the file system is stellar.

The best so far - But missing some important features. I have been using Pythonista for years. And in my point of view, this is the best Python app on IOS, so far. However, it misses some of the very important features, such as the following: 1- syncing with clouds (other than iCloud) such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This is critical (especially when you are working with a team), or when you do not want to copy and past your code every day in one of the not supported cloud - so it is very hard to keep your work in all of your different devices. 2- Missing some of the very important libraries such as Pandas and Scipy. 3- This app (Pythonista) is not updated frequently (see the history of the app’s versions). Which is not ideal for developers who are syncing their code with other devices that run the last version of python and python libraries. Finally, I would like to thank the developer for his great work on this app, and I am sorry that I only mentioned the cons of Pythonista while the pros are greater than the cons.

.. I can’t run stash with no reason, i don’t know why, but, it’s a good app, you should have one.

Amazing app, a real game changer. I started using this app recently after I found that some of the things I used to be doing in Shortcuts were getting more and more complex. Mostly being able to write and test code on a computer instead of having to drag around those tiny boxes in Shortcuts probably just about saved my sanity. I’ve gotta say that I didn’t realize quite how powerful Pythonista would be. I knew going in that there were limitations surrounding third party packages that were written in native code, but you’d be surprised how much you can get done without those! All the basics you need are there and with Stash you can get even more. Over the past week I’ve gone from this Shortcuts mindset with so many limitations to truly being able to explore how to do things in a better way thanks to the integrations Pythonista has. I’m sure it was a monumental effort to get all this working so seamlessly, but it is definitely something impressive and worthwhile. The only gripe I have is purely aesthetic: I’ve created some scripts to run via share sheet, but the UI (script selection and console) is white even when using my phone in dark mode. It’s a bit jarring because of the difference in brightness. I’m not sure if I’ve missed a setting for making that dark, but it’s a fairly minor thing and it certainly doesn’t make the app any less good. Fingers crossed though that that minor change might be made!

No Livy. No way to import kivy

The best Python IDE. This IDE is so good I even prefer to code on my iPad than on my MacBook. It would be terrific to have this IDE on Mac as well. Please continue development of this great app 🙏. I have to admit I’d even pay a subscription for new features to keep this project alive! Thanks for helping make the Mac an ideal machine for enjoying coding

Novice User Of Pythonista On iPad. Excellent for learning rudimentary Python. But, bit of a semi-steep learning curve for this newbie to learn most of basic features in Pythonista’s IDE, keyboard, and GUI. Otherwise, terrific.

Great app for pythonista!. I love it. Hope it won't stay at python 3.6.

Outdated. I paid good money for this app and its no where the capability of others. First off this uses python 3.6 when other IDEs use 3.8 or 3.7 at least. The BIGGEST reason you should not buy this app until the dev fixes it is the lack of numpy or pandas....I’m very disappointed with the slow development on this so far

Amazing app!. I’m doing my Ph.D. in Computer Science and use this to practice and learn. The iPad version comes with helpful starter projects. Would really like the ability to step through code.

Powerful. This app is amazing, and now with the Today widget included, it's even better! It really expands what's possible on iOS for power users.

Simply the best!. Simply the best application for me to learn to code using python! Incredible if you pair it with a wireless keyboard! Makes life so much easier and easy to customize using snippets for the code you use often! Wow!

Amazing app!!!. Thank god you’re finally here, coding on iPad mini and watching tutorial also reading textbook on iPad mini is just extremely comfortable with Pythonista!

Good text editor too. I am not programmer But it can edit text and file extensions freely so it’s very good. A must have for opening encrypted mails and files.

Love your app. Excited for the new version. Thanks for a great program!

No pandas no sklearn and you even didn’t mention that. What a joke? Now I understand the limitation of a “python environment”on iOS but it should never be my responsibility to do so before I dicided to buy this.

Network needed?. I tried to launch the application without internet and app crashes. Is this a network interpreter?

NEEDS trackpad support asap. Awesome app, but PLEASE update with trackpad support! or else magic keyboard is useless with app to select text, etc... Once done, this app well deserves 5/5

numpy ?. I bought the app recently. I start to play with it. My first reflex is to multiply two matrices : A@B ... error ! Because it uses an old version of Numpy. This is one of the most expensive iOS app I ever pay, and it's not up to date... waste of money.

Desktop quality Python IDE. Worth every penny.

Amazing. It’s really a good IDE, the only slight problem is that some libraries aren’t included, but they give amazing and unique libraries.

Hands Down the Best Python IDE on IOS. Since they updated their software to support python 3.10 my experience had been A+. Honestly the sky is the limit now!

A great app. This app is a great to work with. The interface is intuitive. This is a powerful tool, and a great way to keep programming skills sharp.

This doesn’t even work. I have been trying to run a script and it doesn’t even send an error message it just does nothing

Great app, a few missing features. I’ve been using this app for about 2 months now, using it for school assignments and such. It’s very intuitive, easy to use, and makes writing code quickly a breeze. it also has the ability to quickly share projects and folders, which is quite handy and not something you see often on an IOS/IPadOS app. However, there are some features that work differently than other python IDEs (such as “pycharm”, as used in my class but not available on IPadOS), notably in the turtle graphics module, where some commands behave differently (like .setup() ), and others are not even present (like .setworldcoordinates() ). It is otherwise an excellent app.

Nice work. Really F—ing amazing! Code is really fin

Pandas?. Oof. Besides that it is great.

This version immediately crashes on older iPad.. Please fix (as promised). The App doesn’t start and immediately crashes.

Missing some modules. I just wish there was some kind of suport to install modules like Pygame or even just turtle

Love it. Does what I want it to.. Makes my life simple. Easy instructions. Highly recommended app.

freeze on ipad pro 2022 12,9''. title says it all

Cant open folders as projects in working copy. Title says all

Developer's best friend. This is the "pro" in my iPad Pro. It's awesome to have a full blown programming environment on the go. Thank you

Worth the price. Got it for my iPhone so I can practice python wherever and honestly it is great, haven’t encountered problems yet. I never bother reviewing stuff unless it either really sucks or is really good so this app is pretty damn good.

SystemError: PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN. Great program! Very inspiring! Perfect learning tool! Flawlessly running (and still) on my previous iPhone, but on new one the same program stuck with system error… SystemError: PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN macro must be defined for '#' formats Hope to see an fix soon. Good continuation!

Excellent!!!. Absolutely great for my needs in learning this language. Merci beaucoup! Daniel

Good but could be great. This is a good app and I would recommend it. However, I have a couple of complaints: 1- No Trackpad support! Moving code around could be way easier with a trackpad support. 2- It should be updated to run Python 3.8 (still stuck on 3.6) Yes the development is a little slow but I think its worth every penny.

Crashing while loading a .py file. Love the app it’s absolutely incredible and just what I needed to keep learning on the go. But I’m having a issue with a specific file that is really just a simple dictionary and a few functions accessing it and it now crashes every single time I even try to open the file. :( Other then this issue, an incredible piece of software!

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Absolutely amazing!. Amazing quality app! I give myself one star for waiting so long to buy it... I only waited because python wasn't a language I knew, I knew others but wasn't sure about learning python. Luckily it's easy and the implementation this app does is top notch by integrating python into iOS.

Keyboard bug. I’ve never wrote a review for an app until this one, it drives me crazy every time i use it due to the keyboard bug. I can’t see what am I typing when I run my program. The function bar at the bottom of the screen covers up the text box which is also at the bottom of the screen, I will have to press the down arrow key to hide the function bar every time so i can see what i am typing. Can someone tell me what is going on ??

Great! Please add TouchID for Security. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing to make Python accessible on iPhone! I love this app already. My one request is that you add touchID support so that we can control access to this app. This will increase security, privacy, and peace of mind!

The BEST Python app!. This is a MUST have for any and all Python programmers, from the novice to the expert! It is loaded with features and libraries, as well as project templates! The app is nothing short of quality in all areas. No crashes or bugs for me as of yet and I've been using it daily. It's Python 3 through and through! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WORTH THE PURCHASE!

Best App on the App Store.. Can it really get better for a creative mind? Right on your iPhone or iPad! I love it. For anyone out there considering buying just know that it is worth every penny! I started teaching myself python with solo learn then immediately realized I was going to need something more capable and found Pythonista!

Autocomplete. This would be good, but the autocomplete makes me hate my life every time I start trying to do something with this app. When I have a function named “readHTTPHeader” and I start typing “header” in another function somewhere else, I do NOT want it to autocomplete that to “readHTTPHeader” because the letters happen to be in the same order in that function name. There is no option to turn off auto-complete. The only way to avoid that autocomplete is to hit the left-arrow then the right-arrow before hitting tab.

App of 2020!. This is an essential app to add to your Arsenal. It’s worth downloading and it will differentiate you from developers and data scientists who don’t have this app. I love the examples and snippets provided. I haven’t experienced any bugs. I would like to thank the developer’s time and effort for creating this masterpiece. Pythonista is #1 in Productivity.

Need more third-party library support. For the iOS platform products, this is already the best python ide. But when I tried to use pandas in pythonista, I spent a lot of effort but still couldn't do it. In the process, I found that developers have a bad attitude towards the needs that many users are very keen to implement (pandas and other third-party libraries). It's great to see that the numpy and matplotlib libraries are supported, but the version is too old for the current situation. The non-pure python library cannot be installed by the user due to the limitations of the iOS platform, but I noticed that the developer has not added substantial improvements for almost a year, especially for the extension library. I hope that libraries such as pandas and scipy will be supported in the future.

Absolutely Amazing. If you want to supercharge your iOS and like using shortcuts then this is even better. Shortcuts support running python scripts and it even has access to a lot of the obj-c that is built into your device. For 10 dollars it’s a steal, worth even more if you’re comfortable with python already.

Pythonista on my iPhone. Wonderful app, happy to use it, so useful. Would like to find a user group or facebook group of users that are programming with it. I would like to share. Thanks for making this app available.

Made my Python experience so much better.. The first day I learnt Python, I learnt a lot. The following day, I wanted a Python editor for mobile. I looked at Python3IDE first as it was free, but Pythonista was, the way I saw it, way more powerful. And it was. I am using Pythonista now, even though I’m not good at Python, but it made my Python experience so much easier thanks to it being on mobile. Thank you, omz:software.

Excellent tool to learn Python. I am studying Python, and needed an app to practice my coding on my iPad. I downloaded Pythonista, and I am very happy with how it works: I can type in the coding exercises from my books, modify them, run and debug them, and then create programs of my own. Perfect for the purpose for which I bought it!

Too many Unfixed bugs. Moving the cursor with the arrow “down” key moves the pointer to the end of the file. Reported 2 years ago! Reviewing the app on GitHub, I see bugs that have been unfixed for years. This is NOT acceptable. I’ll be asking for my money back from Apple, if that’s even possible. I appreciate all the hard work involved in getting this running, and realize that it’s constant work to keep it going, but I think it’s time the developer sold the product to someone who will keep it going.

Amazing, Fun, and Complete IDE for Python. This is a really awesome app that allows you to program Python. I use it with my iPad Pro, with the keyboard case, and I find that it's even better to program in than on my laptop. Some programs run even faster on my iPad Pro than on my MacBook Pro! I love the help functions and the overall polish of the app.

Great but ancient. Really hoping for an update!. The zillions of super positive reviews are well deserved and I won’t repeat them here, but Python 3.5 is super ancient at this point and I worry that every iOS update will break it forever. At this point I really would not buy it unless the developer does an update, and no activity for 2 years is discouraging.

Pythonista is tied with Pycharm as my favorite python IDE on any platform!. Pythonista is truly a full featured python development environment and I wish that it were available on more platforms. It is awesome to work with and adds a lot of value to iOS devices. It is a must have for anyone who would like to utilize the power of python while on the go.

Great start, needs maintenance. Can’t pip install a lot of libraries that I regularly work with, so I’ve never been able to really use the app - disappointing given I paid for it. More than anything though, I wish the developer would make some updates in the years since instead of abandoning their project.

When can we expect to get support for Python 3.10?. Love the app, have been using it for years. Just wondering when can we expect to see support for Python 3.10? Just saw that Pyto supports it, but I don’t want to have to switch, I love this one! They also support Pandas! Can you add support for that as well?

The best I’ve seen. This is the best python IDE app I have seen on a mobile device. This has modules such as sys, random, os, and time. I’m glad I spent about couple of dollars for it. But there’s one module I use all the time on computer that isn’t on here and that’s the pygame module. I would like a update to happen where the pygame module would be on here. Other then that, I love this app.

Best Python IDE. Pythonista is great for coding on iOS. Its ideal compared to other general programming editors as it has autocompletion and nice tracebacks. Why 3 stars? It hasn't been updated in a year and is capped at v3.6 -- Python 3.10 just dropped and 3.9 is ubiquitous. Was also crashing on IOS 15, but deleting/reinstalling worked after force close and safe mode failed.

Just awesome. Everything I was hoping for, works great, very solid so far, no crashing or weird glitches yet. I like how I can keep a library of my scripts right in the app, and how easy it is to run them. Came with the only library I really needed (requests), so all set to go for my scripts out of the box. So handy!

Amazing, flexible and powerful. Using this app at my work to rapidly prototype and distribute custom software for use in a production setting. Pythonista is nearly flawless, in my opinion: stable, bug free, easy to use and almost endlessly powerful. Truly an amazing piece of work from a solo developer.

So close, but one major issue with new Apple Keyboard. I’m not sure how to get in touch with the developer, but I’ll definitely change to 5 stars if this is fixed! On the new Apple Pro Keyboard, you can’t drag and select text intuitively. All other apps I’ve used so far can do this. But here you have to manually click and “select” then drag or “select all”. Very frustrating and time consuming. Please fix!

Just getting started but one glaring issue. When on an iPad Pro 11 with a keyboard folio and the console swiped out, when you have the text box focused in the console the bottom row of special characters covers the text input box! I can’t see what I’m typing! I assume its an issue with the app being unprepared for the bottom gesture functionality of the new iPads.

This is the tool that inspired me to become an iOS developer. You don't need the story, just believe it. If you keep an open mind this app has the power to transform you. The documentation and support is incredible, and whether you use this for a super-powered calculator, to communicate with web services, or to prototype apps on the go, you are in good hands.

After 10 min using this app I am in love. I am a casual developer with very limited knowledge but this app makes you life so easy that you can believe you are an experienced developer. I wish there was a Mac version of this.

Absolutely mind blowing capabilities. Okay, it’s as good as everyone says. BUT I’ve seen some shallow reviews dogging it for a lack of VCS and some libraries not coming with it. The best thing about Pythonista is the github repo. Go check it out, take a look at the additional packages you can install there as well as scripts to learn the various libraries that aren’t as documented as some would like. Also, there IS VCS via Stash. Install Stash from the ptinstaller and boom, you have a full blown iOS terminal emulator. Complete with git. And if you want to transfer files, check out all the Dropbox options. I use synchronator as a repo and installed a 3.5 interpreter on my local machine to build my larger Pythonista projects. Seriously, get this app. OMZ should be proud.

Amazing way to explore. I appreciate the attention to documentation. There’s a huge gap on iOS for little personal apps — sometimes Shortcuts can do it. Pythonista fills the gap. I’ve done work with Pandas for a few years — this will be a killer addition.

Incredible. This is easily the best app on my iPad and my iPhone. Easy scripting to write a quick app for yourself to do some math, something you always wanted at your fingertips but you don’t want to pay Apple the developer fee. Also great for data evaluation, plotting, developing, simply my favorite app. If that was not enough, it’s also superbly maintained and has a large online community. Thanks!

BEST Python dev environment for iPhone/iPad. I absolutely love this app or should I say IDE. I use it on iPhone and my iPad. I would use it on my computer if they had that. I look forward to every update because, it just keeps getting better. To the developer/developers...Thank-you! For all your hard work. Keep pumping out great updates. You’re awesome!

Great for coding on the go. I’m used to a great ide with my pc, I personally use vscode for python. This app comes with 90% of the comforts offered to me by vscode, or just the ones I personally use. I like the objc integration for iOS. I’ve only used it on iPhone but even then it’s useable, I do have a Bluetooth keyboard though. Honestly would give 5 stars but I haven’t used it on a iPad yet so I’ll update then.

Requires update. Love the app, and will continue to use it in the future. However, on the new iPad Pro, the coding autofill menu is not visible. It is blocked out by the tray of symbols, containing characters such as the ‘_’ and ‘/‘. On my phone, I get a small tray of recommendations which I can use to quickly complete commands. Still my favorite coding app of all time though, hope it’s updated soon!

Best feature-complete Python IDE. Looking forward to an update. Maybe even a switch to open-source to allow the huge community of developers to contribute to Pythonista development. Python 3.6 is pretty outdated, so hopefully we see an update soon. Love the app!

Newcomer. I’m new to Python, have been through this app for a couple of hours just now, found it welcoming, understandable, and informative, and am excited to have what looks like a great path to learning how to program in Python at my convenience and pace on my phone. Thanks!

Excellent for Learning. Not an experienced coder, but picked this app up and it has all the tools needed for learning python. Easy to use and the build in program runner is much more convenient than using a bash terminal (although that is an important skill.

This seems really promising... but is unusable for me ATM.. What a beautiful editor! Unfortunately, keyscrolling up or down with my bluetooth keyboard doesn't work with any keyboard (default/US/etc.) setting. That makes this pretty unusable for me, but I appreciate that it is probably some obscure compatibility problem with my iOS version and the novelty of bluetooth keyboards on iPad. This will probably be 5 stars if/when it's fixed. :/

Perfect. My only issue is the limitation of font (I like to use “constantia” as my font style) if there’s a way to add font styles without breaking whatever warranty this may have I’d love to know. Other than this trivial upset, I find it to be an everyday application for my IPad. I would use this on my MacBook and desktop, but pycharm is free 🤷🏽‍♂️

Awesome APP - a must have for Python users of all levels. I've tried various mobile IDEs for various languages and I have to say Pythonista takes the cake! With every release it gets better and better. It's actually perfect even for beginners with all the sample content it brings. I use it for custom utility apps and it works every time. Great job and keep up the good work!

Cool, but abandoned.. This is probably the best and most feature complete version of Python for iOS, but the app itself is very outdated. This app only runs Python 3.5 and there haven't been any new updates in years. if you’re OK with running a old version of Python, this might work OK for you. But if you’re looking for anything newer, look somewhere else.

This is only a pleasant mobile experience when you use it on protrait mode.. I have an external keyboard for my iPad Pro and for some reason,I can’t get rid of the little toolbar that pops off at the bottom whenever I try to go into the prompt. It’s extremely annoying, that it literally can only work when I turn the tablet on portrait mode and use the pop up keyboard rather than the external. A simple fix should be to just let have the prompt at the top like the regular python ide console interpreter works.

Bitrot. This used to be my favorite app on my iPad. However, the developer doesn't keep it up to date, and the app just gets worse over time. The latest indignity: the console is now unusable with an external keyboard, the little keyboard helper widget obscures the text input. Either switch to the Playgrounds app and learn swift, or use Jupiter notebooks if you want to stick with Python. As of December, 2019, I would not buy, and cannot recommend, this app in its current state.

A MASTERWORK!. along with a small handful of the heavy duty elite level productivity apps (ex. DRAFTS 4, Launch Center Pro, Workflow, Editorial) PYTHONISTA 3 could very well be a top 5 all-time iOS app! The programmable possibilities are only *beginning*at the same point where other apps have thoroughly exhausted what little innovation they thought they had brought to iOS!

Buyer beware: no pandas!!. Most of my Python programs require a link to an important set of data analysis functions named ‘pandas’. It is unthinkable that such an otherwise superb app would not accommodate the call to import pandas. It’s almost like a calculator that doesn’t have the square root function. The app is useless for me and other Python users who are unaware of this bug. I want my $10 back!

Awesome App to Play with Python. This app is great, I’m just learning Python and it does everything I need even with external libraries. I currently use it for a lot of math courses in my college so it really speeds up my education and I get to learn Python skills at the same time. I would request that I have a character counter per each line.

Needs updating. Needs updating to support Python 3.8. Also, many packages are out of date. Overall, an incredible environment. It’s just a little out of date. Easily would be 5 stars if it were kept up. Update May 2020: It’s now getting painfully out of date. Packages have fallen so far behind it’s become less useful. I’m hoping an update comes soon with up to date Python, Packages, and additional critical packages such as Pandas. It’s still my favorite IDE on the iPad, but it’s usefulness is becoming very limited.

Great. Awesome for Python on the go. I use it on my iPhone 4. I was a little concerned if this app would be worth the cost but after a few days it was clearly a good choice. If you are worried about performance, I have an iPhone 4. I do recommend that you do some research on it to decide if you like the feel of the app. Overall, love it!

IPhone as a general purpose computer. Hi Pythonista has let me use my iPhone has a general purpose computer. Python easy to use language with great library support. A blue tooth keyboard solves typing on the phone, if the iPhone had video port you could add a big screen monitor for viewing. Thanks for providing such a nice programming environment for IOS.

Learning. This app has been great for me to learn python and to see where I’m making errors. I’m still trying to figure out most of what this app can do but I’m sure there will be a lot more then I will find. I would like to know how to add modules.

Would love Python version management. I would also love to see you upgrade it to Python 3.10 in a couple years. I want those switch statements 🤣. Seriously though🤨

BEST APP ON THE APP STORE. I never and I mean never write reviews but this one deserves it! It is so extremely useful having this on a phone so you can use it at anytime! It allows for python2 and 3. It has all syntax errors and allows you to adjust your layout! I love it and 100% recommended it!

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What do you think of the Pythonista 3 app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Omz:software and other users?

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.4
Play Store com.omz-software.Pythonista3
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Pythonista 3 (Versiyon 3.4) Install & Download

The application Pythonista 3 was published in the category Productivity on 14 June 2016, Tuesday and was developed by Omz:software [Developer ID: 285608316]. This program file size is 852.88 MB. This app has been rated by 1,353 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Pythonista 3 - Productivity app posted on 27 April 2023, Thursday current version is 3.4 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.omz-software.Pythonista3. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Omz:software Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Editorial Reviews 4.0 225 $4.99
Pythonista 3 App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

> Python 3.10 support. > Expanded Shortcuts support with custom actions for running scripts and accessing files in the Pythonista library. > Added pandas and updated various other modules to more current versions. > Revamped documentation with dark mode support and additional content about third-party modules. > Various bugfixes.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Pythonista 3. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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