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Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager – with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design.


If you're new to Things, this is the basic workflow:

1. Collect Your Thoughts
Get things off your mind quickly with Things’ action extension – it lets you create to-dos from other apps. Or just talk to Siri on any device (“Remind me to...”) and import from Reminders.

2. Get Organized
Create a project for each of your goals, then add the steps to reach them. For clarity, add structure with headings. Then group your projects by areas of responsibility, such as “Family”, “Work”, or “Health”. Review these regularly to stay on top of things.

3. Plan Your Time
See your calendar events alongside your to-dos and plan your time effectively. Create repeating to-dos for things you do every few days, weeks, or months – Things will remind you on the right day.

4. Make the Most of Your Day
Every morning, grab a coffee and prepare your list for “Today”: review previously planned to-dos and make quick decisions on what to tackle. Pick some more steps from your projects and then get going. The Today list is the only place you’ll need to look for the rest of the day.

5. Customize Your Workflow
Use tags to categorize your to-dos or add context. For example, tag places like “Office” or “Home”, or tag all your “Errands”, or everything you’re working on with “Kate”. You can easily find everything you’ve tagged via filtering or search.


1. It stays out of your way.
As you start using Things, you’ll quickly notice how seamlessly all the features fit together to give you an uncluttered, focused experience. There are no unnecessary frills. No pointless gimmicks or useless controls. In fact, you’ll hardly notice the app – it’s just you and your to-dos.

2. Everything revolves around your to-dos.
In Things, each of your to-dos are special. In a list, they simply show a checkbox and the title of your to-do. But when you open them, they extend into a beautiful white piece of paper that’s ready to hold your thoughts. Additional details (checklists, tags, reminders, deadline) are nicely tucked away in the corner until you need them.

3. It’s got a touch of magic.
Things removes friction in magical ways. Take the new Magic Plus Button that lets you insert to-dos at any place in a list – simply via drag and drop. Or the ease at which you can multi-select and operate on many to-dos at once. Or the natural language date parser: just type “tomorrow”, “in 4 days", or “next Wednesday", and it will jump to all the right conclusions.

4. It’s got all the power of iOS.
Things is fully integrated with all the latest iOS technologies: Apple Watch, Calendars, Siri & Reminders, Today Widget, Quick Actions, Action Extension, Handoff, and Notifications.

5. And much more...
Everyone's got their favorite feature, it's impossible to list them all. See what our users love about Things – visit our website at:


This is a truly incredible update, with dozens of powerful new features. See the “What’s New” section below for a full list.


Get Things for Mac and iPad to enjoy the full power of Things across your devices (sold separately). The apps all stay updated via Things Cloud – the push sync service that we custom-built for Things.


If you have any questions, or run into any trouble – please contact us. We provide world-class, professional support for Things, and we’ll be glad to help you.

Things 3 App Description & Overview

The applications Things 3 was published in the category Productivity on 2017-05-18 and was developed by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG. This application file size is 74.27 MB. Things 3 current version is 3.10.7 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

• Changed the format that notes are stored in (as a result, you may notice a change to the way URLs and file links are presented visually).
• Fixed an issue where the app would stop responding on launch for some users.
• Fixed an issue where selecting a project in the sidebar would result in a black screen if that project was already displayed.
• Fixed an issue where physical keyboards were not detected properly in iPadOS 13.


Shortcuts has received a major overhaul this year, and we’ve added support for all the great new features. This means that any shortcuts you created in the past will need to be rebuilt.
• We now have four official Things actions in the Shortcuts app: Add To-Do, Show To-Do, Show List, and Run Things URL.
• You can go to Settings > Siri & Shortcuts to find some tips on how to create your first shortcuts.
• Note that the old Workflow action “Add Things To-Do” is still visible in the Shortcuts app, but you should avoid it completely (it will eventually be removed).

Our extension for sharing stuff into Things from other apps was previously an Action Extension (in the Share Sheet’s row of grey buttons); we’ve now converted it into a Share Extension, and you’ll find it in the row of colored app icons instead.
• It now looks like the in-app new to-do popover.
• You can now choose the target list for your new to-do.

The OS now has a system-wide setting for Dark Mode and we’ve added full support for it. This means our toggle based on screen brightness has been removed and Things now adapts to the system-wide setting (unless you set Things’ mode manually, which is still possible).

Things supports the new text gestures on iOS 13. These gestures make it easier to select, copy, and paste; you can also undo typing with a swipe. See Apple’s documentation for more info.

Apple’s Reminders app has changed quite a bit this year. We’ve reworked the existing feature for adding to-dos to Things’ Inbox; it’s now called “Reminders Inbox” in Settings.

We’ve also built a new “Reminders Import” feature for users who want to migrate their entire Reminders database over to Things. You’ll find this feature in Settings > Import.

Things now has improved support for Voice Over and the new Voice Control feature – especially for navigating and scrolling lists, editing to-dos, and reordering to-dos.

Things 3 App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Things 3 Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Dejasmiles   5 star

Don’t hesitate on this one. I have used a lot of productivity apps and trust me when I say this is the absolute best! I remember paying a lot of money for the iPhone and Mac app a couple of years ago but that’s how determined I was to organize my life. It took a lot of trial and error to learn the best way for me to use the features but the practice paid off! I accomplished 80% of my New Years resolutions, planned for trips and debt payoffs, accomplished big personal projects and I can’t forget about the ever important inbox. This app is so simple and intuitive but far reaching in its capabilities. The only issue I have is on my end. I need to actually LOOK at it more often! I dump things in the inbox all the time but rarely check to see what needs accomplished. Maybe a push notification that says “have you checked your to-dos?” That can be customized at certain intervals during the day would help? I want to practice more daily/weekly planning!

Damien---*   3 star

UX was better in earlier versions. They made some choices in things 3 lay led to really clunky interactions. Using the “clear” button to move a task out of ‘today’ doesn’t fit with other patterns (you can’t do it in batches) Can’t change whether projects or areas come first. If you create a blank task and then back out, the blank task just sits there. AND you get an “are you sure?” warning when you try to delete it. That’s like outlook-level bad UX

Ray-Bartlett.Brown.MD6L7   5 star

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TumbleBumbleatNight   5 star

Things works because less is more. I’ve tried all the big task management apps out there. Some are incredibly complex, some far too simple. Things3, however, is the sweet spot. I have a busy personal life and manage complex, multi-phased projects for work. This app does a good job at managing both. Things3 does not have as much customization as some other popular task management apps, but for me this is what ultimately made it more effective. With other apps, I’d get so bogged down in customizing things, that I lost focused of just being productive. Things3 establishes a system and you just follow that system. I was surprised to find that this is what made me more productive. The UI of this app is still far better than anything else out there. And the speed at which it allows users to enter tasks (while following the GTD methodology) is fantastic. Every now and again, I’ll give some other task management app a try but I always come right back to Things3. It just works.

aldenhaley   4 star

Please Support iCloud. Great app. Just wish it supported iCloud syncing.

Javy111   1 star

Not that good. I regretted by purchased , sends to do list to inbox folder. Can’t create new folders. Doesn’t work for me.

JonathanWhitman   5 star

What was I thinking waiting so long!!!. What was I thinking??? If I had known how much better this new version is I would have upgraded a long time ago! My deepest gratitude and compliments for an incredibly good app. It’s that good...

Shahs bivi   5 star

Had for over 7 years. I love this app. It helps me stay organized and do projects that need to get done in easy broken dish steps. I can set deadlines for myself, make certain tasks repeat, and even create different areas of responsibility so that it’s every easy to see where certain things need to get done. I can even create checklists inside my to-do’s for those items that have multiple steps. It’s always worked well and synced properly even through all these years. It’s been one of my most-used apps and is worth every penny.

Some1243   5 star

Great design, great tool. Using it is not just a pleasure because of the slick UI design and subtle animations but it’s laid out really well for usefulness. Very intuitive. Worth every penny.

rgdud   2 star

?????. Not sure about the hype. Seems confusing, and no better than Notes or other similar apps. Maybe I am missing something.

ThreesTrifecta   4 star

Notifications are terrible. Supposedly they are in Apple’s control, but if you dismiss one, it sometimes dismisses the rest. I wish it would throw up all the notifications hourly. Or show one that expanded into a list of them. Phone numbers in the notes section can’t be clicked on for some reason. You also can’t drag todos on the calendar to reschedule them. Great in terms of pricing since there isn’t a subscription involved. Using this instead of the reminders app, since Apple destroyed it.

sina oshaghi   4 star

Shareable tasks. Every thing is good but I need collaboration in things for task management. I wish I can share and doing tasks with peolpe.

MiataZoom   1 star

Compatibility w/ Windows. Until "Things" can work w/ "Windows", Todoist is the best "To Do List" app. Does far more than a pretty interface. Compatibility is where it's at since most businesses have Windows desktops as their standard.

dukeNawawi   5 star

Good app. Can I ask one feature? Attachment to the task? Like picture or file from icloud?

ffemtp4039   5 star

Impressive app. I rarely write reviews, but this app is worth it. The thought that has went into this app is astounding. Kudos to the author! Not a huge fan of purchasing for each device, but so much better than subscriptions which I will not do. One nice feature would be to sync to the Apple cloud instead of the Things cloud.

BMXH2D67Q   5 star

Great App. It just works.

dhardi13   3 star

Missing a few features. The app is great but it’s missing a few basic features that would put it at five stars. It’s currently missing support for reoccurring events/reminders/to-do. It allows you to choose a due date but it doesn’t give you the option to set it as a reoccurring item. This is needed for lists and/or projects. It allows me to import items from the reminders app but it doesn’t bring over the reoccurring feature.

dowhatusay   4 star

Like but it got a bug. Have used things for years. Never had an issue with it and love neat user interface. Maybe it’s the new iPhone but often getting a blank white screen when I open it - need to reboot phone to get it to reset.

Robert0001   5 star

Blown away. This app takes the cake for to do lists. I’ve used 12+ apps trying to find the perfect one. The fact that you can set repeating alerts and the inbox/someday perfect

shroomswag   3 star

Love the app but.... There needs to be color coding for different projects and the app icon is a little ugly for my taste. Otherwise great app

therookster   3 star

Not good for mixed environments. I use an iPhone and a PC in combination. I thought this would be OK, but as I started using Things3 I found the restriction of working only on my phone added too much friction to my lists and I stopped using it. I also found Things3 to be sluggish when loading new data sets, like Upcoming or sub-lists. This also added friction that would be better eliminated. That said, I really like the design of the product, and if I only used Mac products I would gladly have purchased it for all environments and been very satisfied. If “all Apple” describes your technology, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, I would advise using a different “to do” program that allows use on all of your devices not just your phone.

akilkumar28   5 star

App broken. When I open the app, I just see a blank screen and I can’t see Any of my todo. Please fix

Ted Ray   5 star

My go-to app. This app is super easy to use and allows you to organize your tasks by Area, Project, and Task. Highly recommend.

snowman65   5 star

A true gem. I have spent so many years looking for a functional, easy to use task manager and I have finally found it in Things 3. The user interface is incredibly intuitive with Projects and Areas for basic organization, but the addition of headers makes it so much more powerful. Despite the powerful functionality, it remains so easy to use. There are no lengthy lists of options and alerts to go through - there are just a couple intuitively laid out buttons to get all the functionality you could ever need. Thank you for keeping my life organized!!

aaronlutterman   5 star

Amazing Note-Taking App !!!!. I score this app at 95%. This is the best note-taking app available. I have tried many others. I hope there are a few helpful features added in the future, like 'color-coding' and 'export a backup', but the core features are extremely good. 10/28/19

lvlentoos   4 star

Location based reminders. This app is awesome. And it would be great if it has location based to-dos and reminders.

NovaTTV   5 star

Wonderful. Functional yet simple has everything a task-manager app needs without making it complicated. If you have trouble keeping track of a to-do list this app can definitely help you get your stuff done. Highly recommended if you need it, worth the 10 dollars in time.

Maxoct97   5 star

Great app! Wish it was on Web/PC!. Great app, beautiful! I wish it had a web/PC version because I had to end up transitioning to Todoist because I couldn’t update my lists through the browser at work. It’s beautiful though, and I love the fact that the calendar displays on your todo lists, the project functions. It’s just a great app-around app.

Reviewguy737472   5 star

Amazing App. This app is probably the greatest investment of 10 dollars I have made in my life. It is truly the best application you can purchase on the App Store. It has really made me a much more productive person, as it has such a clean interface and it has only the most useful features that separate tasks based on category and time. It also integrates very well with other devices and is so readily available. I wish this developer made more apps like this...

D16R   5 star

Must have for GTD. Perhaps the biggest feature on the list is the ability to set a future date and it will hide the task until then. This means you can plan a lot of future events and your task list isn’t cluttered with things you have to ignore. I highly suggest reading the book written on Things. There is a philosophy behind using this well, and when you understand it it makes life so much easier.

Advertorial    5 star

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potterfan2121   5 star

Fantastic!. This app is a really great productivity tool. Easy to use, beautiful interface and best part is no subscription required.

Sowers25   1 star

New update is awful. App broken. No longer works on ios 13. When i try and open it, it just kicks me out. Nothing i do can fix it.

Altermind   4 star

Almost. Great app. If only I could attach photos preview links then it’d be perfect ( and a self hosted sync would be even better )

mesuec   3 star

trying. I’ve been to this app many times and still can’t get it!

rockford67   4 star

Two for the price of six?. Thought I would follow the recommendation in the sample file and “complete” my installation with the desktop version, only to find its $70! What am I missing here? Why would I pay $70 for the same program I just paid $14 for, for my iPhone? Other than that seems to be a great program.

kremesch   1 star

What happened to the watch version?. One day it's working wonders. Was using it for a while. Helped me stay ahead of the game. I was rocking! Next day it's gone? Please fix ASAP. The only reason I paid for this app was so I could use it on my watch. We're not allowed to use our cells on the floor. Without that functionality this app is useless to me. Developer's response: 'Hey there, sorry for any confusion! With the Things 3.10 update, we had to raise the minimum system requirements. On iPhone, we now require iOS 12 and for the watch it's watchOS 5." Umm. Yeah. That really doesn't change anything. Also didn't see anything saying the app would no longer work on my watch. Maybe I missed the memo. I'm not buying a new watch for one app. I also won't be purchasing future product from this company. Nor will I be recommending it. Far too pricey for something rendered obsolete so soon. If it was going to be this big of a change, perhaps it should have been reserved for a full new update like 'Things 4,' for example. Luckily, Fantastical appears to be a suitable replacement. It's clunkier and more cumbersome, but at least it works. I am so unimpressed right now and so glad I didn't buy the overpriced version for the Mac, which I was about to do. You just lost a sale and a potential loyal customer. Toodles.

rjc34   5 star

A Masterpiece of UX Design!. Happened across Things in the story about featured iOS 13 apps, and so happy I did. To all the people at Cultured Code: thank you. What truly sets this task management app apart from everything else is the incredible attention paid to every aspect of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Everything has a purpose, and functionality is never duplicated. Every interaction and gesture feels natural and makes sense. There is no fluff, no hidden features, or tools looking for a purpose. The iconography in the UI is just perfect, there’s never any confusion about what anything does. It just works. As an adult with ADHD running a business, keeping organized is something I’ve struggled with for years. Previous to trying Things, I was using a combination of the native iOS Calendar (synced to google calendar), Notes, Reminders, and also carried a pencil and notebook for quick notes/sketches/planning/collaboration. Things basically takes all of the useful parts of those apps and integrates them in a seamless and effortless way. I can just open it up and start throwing in tasks. I can easily drag and drop those tasks to the right category. If a task needs additional info I just tap it and start adding notes, or if it is something easily broken up into smaller chunks another tap and I can quickly add a sub-list to it. Task turned a little more complex than some notes and a list can comfortably handle? Just tap convert to project and bam now that task is a project that can hold its own tasks each with its own notes and/or lists. The best part of Things though really has to be how unobtrusive it is. Nothing ever gets in the way. It does exactly what you want it to, and makes those planning tools exceptionally easy so you’ll actually use them.

jimjiminyjim   5 star

Amazing App. I put off buying this and it’s Mac companion app for years because of the price. I have had them both for about six months now, and it is one of the most worthwhile purchases of any kind that I have made in a long time. I’ve made major strides with projects simple and complex. I’ve been able to get my thoughts, goals, wishes out of my head and - this is key - into projects and areas that I can come to at the right time. I’ve been able to keep focused on a project, and not get distracted by the thousand other projects that swarm in my head. I put them in things, and it eases the self-induced guilt and pressure. This is huge! To all the folks who work on this app, thanks. To hold-outs (as I was for so long) wondering if it is worth the money, it absolutely is - if you are willing to use it regularly once you have it. Amazing app.

oleggutsol   5 star

Great app!. I’ve been using it for years, great app

typeandtimber   5 star

Cleared my mind. This app is a masterpiece. Everything feels just right and works beautifully. I was struggling to keep all my things together and Things rescued me. My mind is clear. I am being effective. Things is worth every penny.

iceberg CTG   2 star

Useless in a corporate work environment. If there was a stand-alone web version, I could use this at work. Unfortunately, I have had to abandon Things as it is not compatible with Windows devices and cannot be used in environments that restrict phone access.

Luckworth   5 star

Amazing. Very effective at what it is meant to do, helping you organize your life.

t c l   4 star

Extremely useful. I have used Things for years. Things 3 has some important improvements such as better separation of deadlines from preferred dates to do things. I like very much that things has a version for iOS and a version for the Mac that are synchronized. If they were to make improvements it would be these: 1. Allow color in the background of different items that have certain tags or are in certain areas. 2. Allowed tightening vertical space in the Mac version so more items can appear on the screen at once 3. Allowed multiple users to share an area. I would very much like to be able to manage a common grocery list and a common household maintenance list with other family members

Downdy   3 star

Text size. Please allow for text size adjustment

TTKC scientist   5 star

Great app!. Easy to keep track of a myriad of tasks with tagging and deadlines. Sync across devices is super useful. Well-designed for phone- even long lists are legible on smaller screen.

Pulk00   5 star

Best app I’ve used. I’m the kind of person who would always find a free alternative to apps. The $13 price tag seemed high to me, but what is the difference between spending $13 on lunch, or $13 on something I will use EVERY DAY. Safe to say I haven’t looked back, this is the best productivity app there is.

iMachappyboy   3 star

No Adaptive text. Great App but if you need glasses or have Vision issues don’t buy this App. They refuse to offer Font adjustment. They should be barred from the App Store for not meeting Accessibility requirements. Shameful really.

Some Guy that uses the Project   5 star

Great App. This app has made my life better. I get things done more easier.

Gaheanor   3 star

No integration. No integration with anything outside apple (no windows app, no Chrome extension, nothing). If you’re looking for that, go to Todoist. Love the app, but need that integration.

RadioSnowHunter   5 star

Beautiful and essential. This is an absolutely gorgeous todo app. It's fast, thoughtfully designed, and respects the user - I've never been promoted for a review or "feedback". As far as utility, this is my "daily driver" for organizing what I have to do as well as tracking repeating tasks. Couldn't live without it.   5 star

Game changer for head injured scatter brain. I had a head injury in a car accident which made me scatter brained at the best of times. I lack focus and concentration, and have problems finishing tasks. This app has helped to keep me focused on what I should be doing! A little confusing to work out how it all worked at first but worth the investment of time and money to master how this app works. Worth every penny. My wife is also very impressed that I have suddenly got more efficient, almost over night. It is super fun ticking off your achievements! Well thought out with thanks to the Things 3 Team!!!

Skeskali   3 star

No Location Based Alerts. I’ve spent a lot of money and time on productivity/to-do list apps and Things is hands down my favourite. The ease of use, tight integration with calendar apps and look and feel of the app put it head and shoulders above the rest, but the lack of location based alerts caused me to delete Things from my iPhone and my iMac. Hopefully the developers will add this feature in Things 4. Until then, I’m sticking with Todoist.

Victoria4S   2 star

Needs location support. Good but needs location support for proximity based reminders.

Td4d   2 star

Disappointing. Disappointing. Imagine spending $14 for a to do list that in 2019 doesn't even support location dependent tasks.

Hype_cee   4 star

Apple Watch support. I’d really love to be able to switch between lists on my Apple Watch instead of only being able to see “Today”

Positron McHappy   4 star

5 stars if > font size. At least for viewing our upcoming calendar list. I am now middle-aged, & only have 1 good eye, so it may be fine for most others. I just use this for basic use, but it’s smooth & beautiful. I’ll still pay for Bear Notes also.

Rob Bouchard   3 star

Great but some extra features would make it awesome. This app is great! Here are some things that would make it awesome : Ability to see all tags and the number of tasks associated with each one

Phil Maloney   5 star

Simply fantastic. Every now and then one of those apps comes along that changes the way you do things, but in a completely natural and efficient way. Things keeps me organized and holds me accountable for the things I commit do doing. I look forward to some day having cloud collaboration with my spouse/small business team, but it is still the most used app on my Mac/iOS devices. Please bring collaborating into things! The ability to share a project with a colleague and collaborate in real time would be a game changer. Thank you Cultured Code!

Tjrizzle   5 star

Best app; changed my life. Changed my life - after having our 2nd daughter I just felt like a mess, but this gives me a clear view of all of our calendars, what needs to get done and a daily checklist I can make to get me going for the day.

000HD   5 star

Great app, a minor suggestion. Please add ability to change font size.

Advertorial    5 star

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Sashasct   5 star

Love this app!. Seriously love it. Thank you! I was a bit unsure about spending this much but it’s totally worth it, and much cheaper than the subscription services that are often on offer for this sort of thing these days. Pairs perfectly with the calendars I use.

Khoa M Tran   5 star

Love this! Been looking for years for it!. I’ve tried for literally years to organise my life. But there was never anything suitable from pen and paper classic to every. single. to do list app. All of them. I’ve had things 3 downloaded for awhile but realised I wasn’t using it to its full effectiveness, and now that I am. 100% sticking to it. Currently trialing the Mac version, after trial period at this rate this will be my full organisation system with the Mac version too.

Patrick9861   5 star

Sharing tasks. It would be really cool, if my wife and I could have our own tasks and also share tasks without having share the same login

Posiden-1821   1 star

Upgrade buyer beware. If you are upgrading from Things 2 to Things 3 because they are removing sync support from Things 2 to force you to upgrade, please be aware that this is no longer an integrated application, you are forced to purchase the iPad version separately. It is also really just an interface tweak on Things 2 and does not introduce much new functionality for the price of the upgrade. Disappointing change from a good developer. Use the free apple reminders instead.

Hot_Rider   3 star

Hugely overrated. iOS 13 reminders app is as good, if not better. And free.

Sah confused   5 star

Almost perfect but still the best. I love using this app on my Apple Watch, particularly as the large middle complication in the modular watch face because it shows up to three of your next to-do list items. I would love if this complication also showed events as well as the to-do list (e.g. if one of those three spots was reserved for the ‘next calendar event’ if you had an event/appointment for the day) as I currently find myself frequently switching back and forth between watch faces depending on how many events versus tasks I have planned for the day. Nevertheless, this app is still the best organising app I have come across (and I have tried MANY!). If another app did integrate both events and tasks on the same Apple Watch complication, however, I would have to choose that app instead.

Leden   5 star

There’s just something about this app. There’s a difference between user interface UI, and user experience UX. The best developers know this and Things absolutely nails both. It’s simply a joy to use and it’s feature rich so if you’re looking for a to-do app I happily recommend Things.

Anthony.V.   5 star

Drag ‘+’ icon - genius interface. Drag ‘+’ icon to where you want, is a genius interface and makes this app fun to use. Syncing across all platforms makes this a practical one.

ausjono   3 star

Not bad. Been using tick tick for a number of years now and though I’d give THINGS 3 ago as you can purchase it outright. So far it’s not to bad. One massive miss for me though is the ability to attach files//images ((unless I’m missing something?). This would improve the app no end as I use this app for projects that I need to save photos and PDF. I know I can add a link to Dropbox etc which I have been doing but that’s just a whole lot of double handling. Thanks for the app though, it looks much prettier than things 2.

a.letitia1   5 star

Really good. It’s been fantastic. Whenever I think of something that I need to do I just chuck it in inbox. At the end of the day I sift through all the tasks in the inbox and categorize them. At the beginning of the day I select all the tasks I can do that day. It’s really helped me organize my life and become an actual adult.

Special Agent Sunshine   5 star

Version 3.9.6: my fave to-do app + how to make it better. NOTE: this review is about the iPhone app, which also works on iPad. PROS: The people who rave about how terrific it looks are right - it has a clean and simple design that works. The plus button is a joy to use - being able to drag it to where I want to insert a task is the sort of user-friendly feature that Apple users will like. I like how dragging the plus button to the bottom-left allows you to quickly add a task to the Inbox, so that the task doesn’t get lost in whatever checklist you happen to be on. Lots of options: tags, reminders, repeats, due dates, deadlines… You can even add a checklist to a task that’s in a checklist. I keep it simple, but if you want it complicated, this app can handle it. The syncing function (called “Things Cloud”) is very fast - every device is synced within a few seconds. I like the headlines feature - it’s a great way to split up a checklist into sections and make it much easier to navigate. The Dark Theme is easy on the eyes - every app should have this option. The order of checklists syncs, so that you only have to change the order once, instead of for all devices. The search function works fast and is available from every screen, not just the home screen. HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: Add the option to sort tasks alphabetically. Add the option to pin tasks to the top of the checklist. Remove the save button - it should save everything automatically. If a task is created but contains nothing, it should automatically be deleted. When moving a task, the second option is “No Project” - that should be renamed “Anytime” because that’s where it goes. Add the option to undo actions. In Settings-Things Cloud there is an option called “Edit Account” - but the only options are change password and delete account. Change the option to “Change Password/Delete Account” so that we don’t have to sign in to know this. Make the search bar easier to access - a small swipe down should be enough to make it visible. Add direct syncing with Google Calendar, for those of us who don’t use Apple’s default Calendar app. Tags should be handled better - for example, I should be able to tap on a tag and see all tasks with the same tag. Add the ability to share (for example, an app’s link from the App Store) to the Things app. If you’re searching two terms, they have to be in the same order for results to show up. Make it so that the order doesn’t matter. Add information about the “Things 3 for iPad” app, so we know why we should buy it instead of using the Things 3 iPhone app on the iPad. CONCLUSION: I’ve used several to-do apps, and this is my favourite of them all. It just needs a few tweaks. If you liked this review, please long-press it and mark it as “helpful.”

Annez De Sahntis   5 star

Extraordinary in its sophisticated presentation and planning power. I have resisted Things for the longest time. A loyal fan of Stephen Covey’s PlanPlus online for over 15 years, I finally contemplated GTD and I loved it! More applicable to today’s world, I wanted to find the best application possible. I embraced Todoist and Omnifocus and they were both great, but Things rises to a superior level. Extremely intelligent and outstandingly elegant, it makes the planning and organising pleasant and short. It allows and invites more “doing “ than “planning “. The best in its category!💖💕❤️

wizfromoz   5 star

Great app. Awesome to keep on track

genius observer   1 star

R.I.P. Goodbye Things, iOS 13 killed you. Reminders is super useful. Nobody will remember you.

zenessa25   5 star

Productivity at its best. Great app. The only thing, minor thing, that makes this app not perfect is the ability to add tasks directly under heading without having to drag each time.

Bernd.Meyer   5 star

Elegant and efficient. After months or even years of deliberating I finally switched from Appigo Todo to Things a few weeks back. Why did I take so long? The decision took a while because I had to transfer hundreds of items manually as Appigo offers no export. Indeed, this was one of the reasons to switch, I don’t like being bound to an app. I have never looked back. Things is brilliant. It works smoothly in the background on desktop and phone, does the job with no fuss and minimal effort, and it’s even pretty to look at. Absolutely love it. I can see that this will be a constant for me for the next decade.

missfabulousjess   4 star

Loving it! (But a few recommendations...). It really is the best “to do” and lists app that I’ve tried, and I have tried a lot! It would be good to be able to add photos and screenshots, but other than that I really couldn’t fault it.

JesseChiu   1 star

Over priced. I was fine with the price for iPhone and think it is a bit expensive for iPad, but the price for Mac is absolutely ridiculous! I have bought iPhone version only. I would like to hear some words form the developer to know why it’s that expensive to make it multi platform with same functions and features.

Larsaustralia   5 star

Brilliant. It took dozens of other task based apps to finally discover this app. Probably the best app on my iPhone, MacBook and iPad (and I have 300+ apps). Not only a big congrats to the developer but a must have app for anyone who needs a little more organisation in their life.

vutuannguyen   3 star

Love it. Almost perfect. Things is essential to me. It’s almost perfect. I just wish there was a more efficient way to move from one to-do to another. To move to the next to-do, you need to tap out of the existing one and tap in again. This makes the ‘weekly review’ that’s part of the David Allen method not very fluid. I would love to be able to swipe between to-do ‘cards’ and, on the Mac, simply being able to use arrow keys to move between the items.

Memtselfi   5 star

Developers beware. Undoubtedly the best iOS purchase(s) I have ever made. Amazing. However, if a new version is released without palatable upgrade pricing, I am moving to a competitors product without regret. The developers now have a LARGE AMOUNT of my hard earned money, don’t screw me with an unaffordable update. I love Things, let’s keep it that way!

Lily Marie K   5 star

Maybe not. I bought this as a replacement for iOS reminders only because I wanted a useful complication for the Apple Watch. Unfortunately the complication I had hoped to use (infograph, center stage) gives as much space to a big unsightly logo and the text ‘things’ as it does to actual useful info from the app. I’m so unhappy with the way my watchface now looks, that I would just rather go back to iOS reminders. Why not just show me my next two goals instead? Why do I want to see your logo? The progress bar also seems meaningless.

Kylea Waller   4 star

Great App & FEATURE REQUEST. Great app. The mini onboarding tutorials are quick & ensure you’ll get the most out of it. Well designed. Easy to use. Feature Request: Would be great to be able to add “New Heading”s to the Today view, so that I can organise my day. Thanks!

Madman587587   3 star

Great but lacks necessities. Deadline and when are duplicates, confused. Repeat feature lacks options Notes is hard to select to be able to enter text Heading and notes can’t be edited once keyboard goes away and keyboard can’t be brought back, keyboard can’t move between notes and heading

cogunn   3 star

No choice of sync option. I like the app but am very disappointed with the fact I can’t sync it with Apple’s iCloud. No, but I have to hand over my email and personal data to yet another company. Or, how about DropBox sync? At least give me the option to use a service that I’m already subscribed to.

Fr.Improver   3 star

Solid, best app for tasks but needs additional features. Pros: (1) The 3-levels (Areas > Projects > Tasks) is why this app works and why all other apps I tried (Asana, To-Do, Wunderlist, Any-Do) were unsuitable - this app is brilliant for busy parents if you are a 'tree thinker' and break your life into 7-10 Areas x 3-10 projects per area, then 3-10 tasks per project. Example: My Child (Area) > Their Health (Project) > Checkups or Immunisations (Tasks/Reminders)(2) Awesome search feature and great to have separate 'reminder date' from 'due date'. Cons- (1) Many of us need to work on a PC (Windows) for work but there is no web-login page to manage the task list from a PC.. (2) Many couples need to share tasks (ie groceries) but there is no share feature (unlike most other task apps). Overall 3/5, still best for me but really needs these 2 features to 'nail it' and become the ultimate tasks app. Keep up the good work guys..

Niggaplsomg   5 star

Great App for Projects, Reoccuring lists and Referral. I love the app on iphone. It’s a bit pricey to get it on my Mac so i’m not sure if i will buy it on there. It’s a shame because i love the layout of this app however there is not an option to access it online. It would be so helpful if you were without your laptop one day and you wanted to open it up online from a different computer. Plus sometimes i like to copy and paste my notes from my icloud notes onto work i do on my laptop. It would be awesome if you guys provided the option to access from anywhere after paying the fee.

joshsanchez96   4 star

Love the app but not the complication. I’ve used Things for a while now and i love it. However in a recent update, the middle complication on the infograph modular face only shows 1 item rather than 3. I much preferred it when I was able to see more than one item on my list. We should at least be given the option of how many items should be shown (1 to 3) or just return to the original layout.

Rorymed   5 star

Amazing boost to productivity. Only been using this for a few days but already it has revolutionised my organisation. Gone are Reminder and disorganised lists in Notes - now everything is scheduled and tagged! Worth the money.

New Annie   5 star

Feeling Organised. I’m really enjoying using this App and being forgetful and frustrated with myself staring to be a thing of the past. I use it to just about all aspects of my life, for the Farm, our Clydesdales stud, home. I also use it for my Christmas shopping list and Birthdays. So yeah, I just love it. Cheers, Annette

drmoali   3 star

You should be able to add attachments. Uploading attachments to a task is a key feature in every to-do list app

ThePathForWorkandLife   4 star

I’m a Todoist Fan. I’ve been using TD a while and lately I have found myself stalled with keeping things moving the way I want to see them and the way my brain thinks about the task or project. Things appeared and so I’m testing the phone app to see how things move and flow. So far in just one day of adding some tasks and goals I feel like my day is lighter and the process is going to be targeted in Things the way I like to see them. I really enjoy the calendar items next to the to-dos. Nice move! Agenda has this feature as well. It makes a ton of sense when working with Time Blocking to see these two side by side.

Tao-ish   5 star

Unconditionally Stunning. Unmatched ease of intuitive task management fluidity. If you are looking for an app that truly gets out of the way while facilitating the organization of your time and life, then Things 3 is spot on magnificent. There’s no complex learning curve. You can literally be up and running in minutes. This is accurate whether you are a GTD person or are someone who just needs more adept organizational power. The app is consistently supported and updated regularly; iOS 13 ready from day one.

the_rtaylor   3 star

$$$. First of all, I love the iPhone app. The problem is, an app like this needs to be ideally on all your devices. That’s the problem. It will cost almost $100 to get the iPhone, iPad and Mac versions. Ideally one price for all mobile versions and a more reasonable price for the Mac app. At least it’s not a subscription...

Lenadt   3 star

It’s okay but not for me. It’s a great to do list but a big thing for me is also being able to view imported/synced calendar events and reminders. They show on the app when you open it but do not show on the widget or the watch. Would have rated higher if this was fixed.

friendly shopper   5 star

Awesome. I don’t know what I’d do without this app. I use it more than any other. It keeps me organized. It is well thought out and easy to use.

Jhahdzbfa   2 star

Effective, but not for the price. Not worthy of a payment given the current functionality.

Lauryluxury   1 star

Be aware. This app is only a glorified todo list, it uses your in phone calendar to show you events so you really can’t create an event in the app. Also the tasks you make you can’t even see the times placed on them until you edit them again. There is also no calendar view. 😑 this is a 1 dollar app

A59tbird   3 star

Things 3. I use FREE todo apps that are better. I put this app in the save file and went back to the free one.

AB_Preach   2 star

Falling behind in my opening. Man do I regret purchasing this app on iOS and Mac. It’s just too expensive for what it does and developer seems to take a stubborn stance on features I want like PC or Web App support, attachment support and iCloud integration. Microsoft To-Do and Apple Reminders seem to do the same thing. Microsoft Todo is lacking share support, but is just more appealing because it’s free. I truly have regrets. Purchase something else or find a free solution. I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of these apps only repackage core ios features. They don’t offer anything innovative, just a prettier way to do it.

Spigot2009   2 star

Don’t upgrade from Things 2. It’s not that Things 3 is a poor app, it’s just not worth the price if you have Things 2. It doesn’t offer enough functionality over Things 2. It’s mainly a UI revamp, which is fine. Once I started using Things 3, Things Cloud no longer worked with Things 2. This forced me to buy both the iPhone and the iPad versions, and theoretically, the Mac version- now It’s either write off $30 or throw in another $50. This feels like a money grab. UPDATE: I got my $30 refunded and switched back to Things 2. By making the new version a separate purchase, the developers must think it’s good enough to get existing customers to buy it again. It isn’t good enough for that.

Jesuesd   4 star

nice ,but.... 1, need to enhance the reminder function, voice reminder is too weak; 2, the calendar table inside the plan needs to be upgraded, too simplified, at least can be set to full calendar for easy viewing; 3, pendant reminder needs to have a holiday display

RosieBella1971   5 star

Crashing All The Time!!. I loved this app. I RELIED ON THIS APP. Now it keeps crashing & it’s getting old. I tried to contact them on App Support & NOTHING. Very Disappointed ☹️

PressedK   2 star

The Almost King of ToDo Apps. I love the clarity and simplicity of this. I love how easy it is to delete things, how easy to add tags, and many other things. My beef though that has resulted in me looking elsewhere is Cultured Code’s obsession of only being useful in Apple’s ecosystem. In a world where most of us have to deal with Windows, Things 3 can be pretty useless. Even if they didn’t want to develop for all the other platforms, a web version would solve the problem. Yes, I would happily pay a subscription for said web version.

ScS1019   1 star

Exchange issues. I really wanted to love this. But it will not sync with my exchange meetings deeming the app useless. PLEASE HELP!

KenVWolf   5 star

Great app. Works like a charm. Gorgeously designed.. Things 3 is fantastic. Beautiful and has many bells and whistles so you can view specific tasks and have them also show up in your today box on the day you want it to. Only wish one could change the font size for at times it seems a little small. But all in all - Fantastic!

Brad Loflin   1 star

Instant Regret. Don’t waste you’re money... it doesn’t do anything you can’t do in Reminders and Notes.

Buddhastyle   5 star

It’s excellent, but too expensive for multiple devices. First of all, the ux is probably the best on the market (I’ve used at least 6-10 task tracking apps). The motion design, ease of use, synchronization across devices, little details etc....all good. That said, you shouldn’t have to pay for both iPad and iPhone versions. That’s breaking an existing model that we’ve all come to rightfully expect. Just one price people. Not two. I get having to pay more for the Mac version, but iOS devices should mean you pay only once. Otherwise, it’s pretty well thought out and executed.

mattsw96   5 star

One of the best apps to pay for. Perfected to do lists, I use it daily and would buy over and over again.

ultradne   5 star

All the way. Things is an extraordinarily well-designed, thoughtful app, supported by a team dedicated to real improvements. It’s simple to use, streamlined yet powerful.

Guitarist0970   5 star

Perfect App. My favorite task manager by far.

Skeegal   5 star

I’ve tried most to do apps. This is the best by far.. This is an amazing app that can handle several of the popular organizational methodologies. You can also just use it is a sample, very easy to reorganize list maker. My wishlist feature is the ability to share certain lists with team members, similar to how Wunderlist does it (or did it- I’m not sure if Microsoft killed the app yet. I know it’s planned).

Jocoder2   5 star

Best planner and task manager!. This app has changed my life. I don’t forget to do things anymore. I just ask Siri on my watch to add a reminder. I go into things multiple times a day and I import my reminders and set when they’re do and any additional details I need and I am off! As someone with anxiety being able to see everything that I need to do laid out with deadlines really helps me. I can’t thank the developers enough I have purchased this app on every platform I use!

Manic Bobo   1 star

I want to like it more ~ but.... I like parts of Things but really hate other parts. I don’t like the way it handles repeated items at all. That is pretty messy and really really confusing. Plus, you can’t complete a repeated item until it’s due. I don’t bother putting any repeat items in Things I dislike the repeat functionality so very much. As far as a simple list/todo it works, kinda fine, but feels cluttered, and makes you open and close things to find something. It really doesn’t make my life any easier or less complicated because the Things app is complicated enough for both of us. Things on the watch is nice, and syncs between the iphone really fast between my IPhone X and watch 4. The complications are also pretty nice. The watch only shows whatever is up for “Today”. Today and tomorrow would be better, or even add your in box. Nothing scheduled before today is visible on the watch. Useless. The other 2 things I don’t like about Things is you can punch, tap, click, deep press on an item to edit it until you are blue in the face before you hit it just right & the keyboard pops up so you can edit it. While messing around with that idiocy you can often hit the check box with one tap completing an item. Luckily it wanders over to the log book where it takes 2-3 taps to put it back in today. Brilliant. All in all I have tried over and over to like this, but it doesn’t do anything better, and other apps do everything Things does much better, cleaner and more efficiently. I have given up trying to force myself to like Things and moved on to a better app that isn’t as cluttered & such an irritant.

KTurkay   3 star

App is okay but ro.... can you read wha... you cant read. because you see threedots dear develo... your app does not support multilin...

Mehdi Nataj   5 star

Please add option. Hello developer Now reminders Apple in iOS 13 is better Things 3

ctt1wbw   3 star

Pretty good. Missing two things to be great. For whatever insane reason you can’t mark a future task as complete. This basic functionality not being there completely escapes me. Why can’t you mark a future task as complete? The other thing is being able to mark any task as in progress. Again a basic thing. I use Things to keep track of my bills. If I have a $200 electric bill and I pay $100, there’s no way to mark that task as in progress. No way. Add these two simple and basic things please.

Cooksalotwoman   5 star

Wow. All I can say is wow. I’m a huge productivity person and have been searching for an app to manage my home and work to dos for years now. All of them fell short in some way. My uncle introduced me to this app. I would have payed 50 knowing how powerful it is. Incredible.

Timm27   3 star

Updated Share Sheet!. YES! Thank you! I’d been critical of this for YEARS, including finally breaking down a couple months ago and leaving Things a 1 star review for how fundamentally incomplete the old share sheet was in directing everything to Inbox. With a GTD app, we need to be able to categorize and prioritize an item the second we integrate it, not at some other time in some other place (IE having to open the app to address everything added to Inbox via the share sheet). This is an amazing step in the right direction. +3 stars. Now, I’ll gladly give the other 2 stars with joy when the date selector is available…

Scrafford45   5 star

Finally found something that just works!. I can’t tell you how many ToDo list apps I’ve tried to use over many years but trying to make them work stressed me out more than trying to keep things going. This one just works. It’s like it knows what I want and just does it. It can be simple and be great but I am discovering things all the time that make it perfect. Use to think of things in the middle of the night first thinking I’d remember in the morning - NOT. Now still in bed I can say Hay Siri in Things remind me to ### and it will be in my inbox in the morning. I can stop thinking about it and go back to sleep.

AXMAG   3 star

Ok but needs changes. There are small things that end up making the app quite annoying at times. - why do you need to open the app and confirm the addition of new to-dos in the today list? Things like repeated tasks and so on wont appear in the widget u less you open the app and select ok? For real? Same thing goes for tasks added with siri. -slight lag when trying to open a todo or set a due date on it. - no option to snooze a task or skip it. - lacks metrics per project/tasks/tags such as total completed/missed and so on. - no foreseeable way to add attachments. Again small things that pile up turning the app into a hassle to manage and use. I hope there is an upcoming update.

Uyisto   3 star

Great except for Siri watch face. The app doesn’t show up properly on the Siri watch face - it’s only found when scrolling up to “recent”, and even then the box only says “New To-Do” and “1 more”, and frankly that’s quite useless. Ideally it should show any upcoming tasks and their due time (if a reminder has been set). If this is all it’s gonna have, then don’t say your app supports the Siri watch face.

adam1659   5 star

Insanely well thought out. It’s hard to articulate how well they’ve developed this app. There are so many features you couldn’t have ever thought of that become how you think and plan

artur_speaking   5 star

Suits my GTD life. I have been thinking of trying Things for a long time, but postponed it for many years. Finally I have committed to it and enjoy it so much.

pauldauv   5 star

Outstanding!. Things 3 is a smooth, very powerful app. Having used 2Do, Omnifocus and a number of other good todo apps, this one is definitely a keeper. Thoroughly recommended!

Yakigato Niji   3 star

Todos on lockdown. First, I want to say that I love this app. I have owned both the iPhone, iPad and Mac version of this app since the very beginning. I do not consider myself a very organized person and so I forced myself to use them as much as I could. A few years back, this was incredibly easy. I would take notes on my phone or my Mac, and marked them done as I went. Eventually though, the Mac stopped being my daily driver as I switched over to windows. As time went by, I simply stopped using the app. The lack of a windows version, or at least a web version, made it so that my only way to input tasks was on my phone. While this is an amazing app, when you use it for large projects, a phone is not a great interface for entering hundreds of tasks. There have been many requests in the past to support windows and the company made it clear that they did not have any plan to do so. Well today, I’m moving away to an other app because of this. TL;DR: Loved it. Can’t support it anymore. No plan for cross platform support.

Josh A from Ontario   5 star

iPhone’s Killer App!. I have been searching for a very long time for a to-do app that works the way I do... This app exceeded my expectations and I pretty much can’t do without it now!

Kskaps   5 star

Love this app. Previously left a review saying that I wish this app had push notifications - thanks to the developers for telling me about the Reminders. It is confusing to have notification badges for things as well (I feel for those you should choose to receive a push or a badge, for example, for things due today) however this works great for my needs.

NiranS   5 star

Just enough. Things has exactly the complexity that I need to accomplish my tasks. But, it has no more. 2Do and OmniFocus definitely have more features, but things has enough features and it is presented in a matter that doesn’t make my head spin.

SaltHorse   5 star

Best app for ADHD. I have a devil of a time trying to sort & organize all the little (and big) things I need (and want) to do (and remember). Some things need dates and deadlines. Some things can be done whenever. Some things need to be managed like a project. Some things need to be on the back burner but not forgotten. This app does all that. Launches quickly and integrates with iPhone pretty well. Took about an hour to learn (and there’s a helpful in-app tutorial that I’d advise you not to skip) but once I got the hang of it, it literally changed my life. I might change a detail or 2 about it if I was being picky, but I don’t hesitate to give it 5 stars.

johnnyboy12341   5 star

Simple, Elegant, Powerful. I didn’t actually have high hopes. It looked like a glorified task list. And it is. But it works very well, thanks to its simple organization system with tags, projects, Areas, as well as the Today, Upcoming, Anytime, and Someday buckets. I didn’t realize it had that many organization tools. But it’s the simplicity of their layout that makes it so useful. That’s what makes it so easy to work with for the average person who doesn’t need the power of OmniFocus. Highly recommend. I’m sure it’s coming, maybe in Things 4, but sharing a list for collaboration would have been wonderful.

Magnusloud   5 star

Have tried a bunch but this just works.. Over the years I’ve tried several productivity apps but this is the first one that has actually worked for me. They’ve figured out the secret that having to spend serious time managing the apps eventually makes them inefficient. Things 3 is simple and highly effective without requiring much time to make it so. Try it. You won’t regret it.

Calvinac   5 star

Fantastic feeling app. Amazing productivity tool and so beautiful

The Ridgester   5 star

Smooth as silk. I simply love Things 3.

willsaleme   5 star

The best todo app, period.. Look no further than Things. The integration with Reminders and Calendars, the Evening Schedule, the project management. It’s just so smooth and natural to use. I used to use Todoist, my lists quickly became overwhelmed with tasks, and my tasks got buried in a mountain of lists and sub-lists. Things focuses on not accumulating large sets of tasks, and to get things done as you input them. For bigger longer lasting tasks lists, they have Projects and Namespaces. I never leave reviews, I just had to. Do yourself a favor and get this app. Btw, the experience on MacOS is just as flawless!

MH255   1 star

Greed. Great app, but stands among the most ridiculously expensive of its kind. The one star is because of unhinged greed. There is no reason to pay over 10$ separately for each version (they will charge you again for things 4 and then things 5 based on their history) AND for each device. I would recommend waiting until Apple forces developers to support all platforms with one app. This is the first time I’ve ever written something bad about an app I actually enjoy and use everyday. Being a developper on the App Store does’t mean you can get away with blatantly overcharging apple customers

Movies4ever   2 star

No images. Too bad can’t place an image in a note

micah63   5 star

Best todo app I’ve ever used. I’ve used a lot of todo apps, all failed because they don’t respect that todos need calendars and they need to be made into projects you can breakdown. This app incorporates GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology perfectly and it’s super smooth to use. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed a todo app should be. Great job!

NotoriousPizza   5 star

Best to-do app by far (and I tried them all).. I was searching for a LONG time on the best to-do app to help plan my week. Literally tried them all.. ALL OF’EM. There was always somethig missing, or some UX that was annoying and playing with this app every morning, could not afford to lose 5 minutes messing around the bad UX. This app has everything I always wanted. You can plan a project, and even create headings, so it doesn’t just look like a list (use it for long term project like yearly goal). You can have an overview of your whole week in 1 screen. But mostly... you can create tasks directly for the good day without always having to mess around a calendar!!!! You can simply drag the + button where you wanna create it. Talk about amazing UX. A todo/list app needs to limit the click/actions required to create something because it is supposed to be a fast planning to organize your day. This app got it right, i’d even say, perfectly. 5/5 already recommended to all people I know. Everybody deserves to have a little helper to get organized, and seriously, get this app. Worth EVERY DOLLAR. 👌

aekorps   1 star

Can’t use these productively with Mac. Things has a lot going for it, but using these versions (iPad and iPhone) with my Mac is not one of them. Scrolling on the Mac is slow if you have a lot of tasks on screen (Logbook) and editing large notes on the Mac is slow and laggy. So while I would love to use these apps across the board, I use my Mac the most all day and until they fix the UI responsiveness issues, it’s a no go.

Amazing1235   5 star

Most Used App - Couldn’t Live Without. This app has changed my life. My to do lists were always scattered across multiple apps, notes on my desk, and reminders on my calendar. Now all of my “Things” are FULLY contained and organized in this beautifully intuitive app. Recommending to all of my friends.

Patrickdkcirtap   5 star

One of the best 15 bucks invested!. Omg did I try so many to do apps before!!!!! Well, it did serve a purpose : get to understand what I needed exactly. Turns out, Things 3 has them all!!!!!

AutistasAngeles   5 star

Best productivity app. This has been the best to do the guy had. It is very easy to organize your to do‘s and your lists. It is very easy to move your to do’s and convert them to projects. I love that the watch has complications, something that the 2Do app does not have. This app is much easier to use than OmniFocus. Suggestions: colour coded abilities, night themes, and ability to backup to other clouds such as Dropbox.

idratherbeoutside   5 star

Brilliant, so easy to customize,. Loving this app. I’ve tried a lot of different ways to try and keep on top of all the things I need to follow in my personal, professional, and family spheres. This is the first time I’ve found a to do list solution that has flexible enough ways of organizing and reorganizing and viewing the information, that is really helpful. Simple and robust at the same time so you don’t spend more time making your to do list that getting done the things on it!

keen_listener   5 star

The best. After being a long time Things 2 user, I switched to Things 3. I find it easier to use and use it more regularly then the previous version. The are two key features are: Syncing and quick add on the desktop. The syncing is so seamless that I forget that it’s there. I sync between the Mac and phone and everything is always up to date. It’s amazing! Quick entry on the Mac helps prevent my mind from wondering. Instead of reacting to every thought that pops into my head, I write it down with the quick entry. It helps me to stay on track at work and less distracted. Brilliant! Thanks for making such an awesome product!

drsanh   4 star

Download issue is resolved. Initially I was not able to download Things 3 on my second iPhone. The problem is now resolved. Please add location-based reminders to Things 3 in the next update.

Minimalist Wannabe   4 star

Great App. Intuitive (for those familiar with GTD) and works well. One star missing because of the following: BUG - Typing a text replacement shortcut in the “Quick Find” box (followed or not by a space) and clicking “Go” initially shows the phrase, but then searches for the shortcut typed... WISHLIST • Dark theme which would be easier on my eyes and battery • Option to automatically set a repeating task to “Evening” (tired of manually moving those tasks every day!) • Option to turn off the daily notification “You have X new to-do” • Possibility of attaching a pic or file to a task or project

Cocoanino   5 star

Greeeeat app, intuitive and pleasure to use. Thank you for this thing, things ! I mean simple on the outside powerful and fictional from within. My feature request is: Please make time specific tasks too, e.g. 12:30pm Maybe request is customizable colours. For sure switched here cause nothing better out there, switched from sadly acquired Wunderlist .. So keep it up and just make sure your amazing stuff will end like started ! Thanks

ddn2003   1 star

Missing so many features. I bought this app to replace another that was lacking in features, but was overwhelmed by the loads of lacking features in this app. No time in the deadline, no additional snooze options, no ability to complete a re-occurring todo a day or more early and that’s just the beginning. I feel ripped off!

Qclan3   5 star

Smooth and easy to use!. I read lots of glowing reviews about Things 3 but I was a little turned off by the rather hefty price. After looking at some other high caliber todo apps I realized that many are going to a subscription model. I’m not a big fan of that at all. After that I realized that the pricing of Things 3 is not bad. What I bought it for equaled about three months of most subscription todo apps. I’ve been using it for about a week now and really like it! I’ve been using Things 3 throughout each day to keep me organized. I love how it integrates with the native Apple Calendar and Siri! I hope that in the future they’ll add location based reminders and the ability to add photos and PDFs to notes. Aside from that it’s fantastic! Easy to use, well laid out, and very helpful. I’m impressed. Well worth the money.

El Futchero   5 star

Very smooth app. I love the smooth operation and the integration with the calendar is exactly what I want. Haven’t used the reminders yet but possibly that could be made more powerful.

angusfarrell   1 star

Terrible value.. Completely ridiculous price, especially if you’re updating! I’ve already paid for this app on my phone, iPad and Mac, and now for BASIC functionality updates that other developers publish for free, you want me to pay a considerable sum of money again? Absolutely ridiculous. I was once loyal to Things, but no more.

digidocs   3 star

Ok as far as it goes. This is an OK app. I splashed out and bought the iPad and iPhone version. To be blunt - it’s limited. Some (like me) will like the minimalist interface. Many (like me) will not like the equally minimalist functionality.

stocks78   1 star

Terrible support. I have never written a negative review on any product. I bought both the iPhone an Mac app 6 days ago. It did not sync, despite following every instruction on the website. I understand these things can happen but every effort I have made to get in touch with the developers culturedcode has been ignored. I had to contact Apple to seek a refund which they promptly arranged.

some call me bald eagle   5 star

Can’t live without it. Love this app. Would like to be able to attach word doc or PDFs to a ToDo.

Mortster   4 star

Very good but could be better. I love how clean and well designed this app is, however there are a couple things I think would make it perfect. Better integration with other apps such as toggl so that the time spent on tasks can be measured. I would also very much like cross platform support. Perhaps the quickest and simplist wau of doing this would be to have a website that one can log into. And with HTML5 the stunning nature of this app could be preserved across platforms.

Simtish   3 star

Editable sharing. Hi guys. Just purchased things 3 and love love the app BUT what I didn’t realise is I can’t collaborate my lists with others ( husband) I just assumed I could as all lists really require others inputs. Our lists are travel plans, education plans as well as just stuff we need to get done. Without my husband to build and action on this list in the app really takes out how I need to use it. Huge disadvance to the app and just expected this as a feature. Pls pls look into it as I love the app but it really doesn’t suit me now as these are lists I need us both to own and manage ( modern working family)

BigZed44   5 star

Helping me get organised. I’ve just started using Things after a friend recommended it. It has been a great help to keeping on track of things coming up and actually getting them done, so it really does do as it says!! I’m still learning about the other features but so far I’m happy to wake up and see the notifications and be reminded of what’s on today.

NickoBlayde   5 star

I love it but there’s just one thing missing.. So I’m loving this app so far, I was just using the built in reminders app on iOS and it’s pretty barebones in comparison. BUT there is something that the iOS reminders have that Things doesn’t: persistent banner notification! The thing I love about the built in reminders is when a reminder pops up it will stay there all day on your lock screen until you complete it, that way every time I look at my phone I get reminded!! I really miss that as I have to open the app to check my to do if the reminder time has passed.

Shwgqhusbdxb   5 star

So helpful, super intuitive !. I am usually a little hesitant purchasing apps that have an upfront cost as I like to have a look at the interface and then decide to join a subscription. However very glad I did. If you do buy this - take the guide that it initially comes with!! Only then will you be able to understand the usefulness of this app and be able to properly utilise it!

Lozzarooni   4 star

Great organisational app!. Really liking this app. I’m a “list” person and with three kids that list changes constantly. Having it on my phone and able to assign things to do to specific days and recurring jobs is great. It’s also easy to use.

JayMud   1 star

Overpriced and disappointing. I had great expectations to with this app, for the premium price you pay . But disappointed to see that you can not even add photos as reminders. No voice memo facility. Even more what you purchase on iPhone does not work on iPad , you need to purchase that separately . I feel like there is lot of false advertisement about this app, free app seems to be able to do lot more than this one .

7Apples   5 star

Flawless. What can I say ? Flawless app. The gold standard in UI design. Bravo. 👏🏼

Carol Sag Lee   5 star

Good. Good

LordOwl   5 star

Upgrade to 3 worth every penny.. Awesome

jasonfungsing   1 star

Screen flashing after every click. Hi there, I know the app is awesome and that's why I bought the app. But for me, every time I click anything in the app, the screen just flash. For example, I click inbox, it flashes,check +button, it flashes. Is it just me or this is happening for every iPhone X user

JamesOnHisiPhone   2 star

Totally overpriced. A nice interface but for this high price, you can’t even collaborate on lists?! How did they get to V3 without this basic feature?

KDeng37   3 star

Screen flashes. Before & after the latest update: recently I have been seeing flicks of white flashes on the screen when I clicked the buttons to add an item / log complete / view a list...

Liz9898   5 star

This is the app I have been waiting for my whole life!. Even in school I used to carry a little note book around with me called ‘Things to do book’. I remember my friends used to think it was hilarious. Well, this app is brilliant and I have tried a lot of productivity apps. I have been an avid Evernote user for years, but this app really helps to clarify my goals and sort out my thoughts and therefore what daily actions I need to take each day. It is expensive, but honestly, I think it is worth it if you are serious about getting more streamlined about your life and need clarity....

Bulletcatch   3 star

A little buggy. This could be an amazing app unfortunately it gets a bit frustrating at times to use. Trying to add notes or edit reminders sometimes requires 10 or more attempts to get the keyboard to show up. Would also be nice to have a calendar view of upcoming events to give a better overall snap shot of upcoming events rather than having to scroll down to see if there is anything planned on that day. Price is steep at $14, $8 seems fair for what the app does and also compared to other apps that do similar things. Other than that the app is great and is still the best daily organisation app I have found amongst the competition.

Forestspirit101   4 star

Annoying bug. Black screen for a second when swiping left to right to go back to menu side bar on iPhone 7

Vic Charlie Lou Design   5 star

Things has really helped me organise my day. I have a busy life with 2 teenagers a job and a hobby business so having Things in my life to enhance my organisation skills has been really sucessful. I particularly like the movability of each task, the ability to see all comoleted tasks to check just incase i cant remember and the ability to send tasks on to each family member so they can add to it or plan their day around the family priorities.

h0psing   4 star

Great app. Beauty in it’s simplicity.. It’s just a cleanly designed app that’s easy to use.

Shellfitzy1   5 star

Where have you been all my life. What a fabulous life/home/office management/organiser tool. I’m so impressed and using it to its best capacity and thinking I’ll ditch the hand written diary for good. It talks to all my devices and I’m in love so far. Awesome app 😊👌🏻

Arthur Kazemi   1 star

Poor support and price planning. I’ve been using Things 2 for awhile and I’m wondering there is no support for Things 2 it doesn’t look nice in iPhoneX and there is no upgrade plan! You’ll have to buy the new version for full price. And when you buy on one device you’ll have to buy on all other devices otherwise you won’t be able to keep them synced!!! iPad version sold separately!!! Without having more features! It makes sense to sell the mac version separately as it is a different source and binary but for the iPad! It’s same binary or at least it can be! iPad version costs you twice an iPhone version!!! Why?! I’m totally disappointed and looking to find another app out there!

Bridge is   5 star

The BEST!. I love this app! I have been using it for Two months now. I have downloaded many to do apps but none seem to help me as much as this app. As much as it's a very simple app it's sufficient for me. If I don't complete the to do task it is moved onto the following days lost so I don't forget to complete it. Worth the $$$!

JDJD27   5 star

Brilliant. Best to do app. have been using it for years and new version doesn't dissappint

jasontoheal   5 star

Wow. This seems to have everything I’m looking for. And I’m not put off by the high prices on the Mac or iPad apps either. They tell me this developer might keep working on the app. Great work to those behind this app. Works better than apple’s built in apps.

Micha_11   5 star

So far so good. A couple of hours in and I am loving it! Easy to use and intuitive. The tutorial was great. I love being able to see items from my to-dos and my calendar together - that's brilliant for me. Also love the repeat function, and the tags, which are really easy to manage and edit. Come to think of it, everything is quick and easy to do.

L2PGod   5 star

Love it. BUT badge app icon not working. When using the Widget to tick tasks (when completed) badge app icon is not being updated. Only after the application is re opened does the badge app icon update. I have tried this with the application closed and open. These 2 methods result in the same outcome as stated above. Can confirm I have: Background Refresh is on** All notifications enabled Siri Search enabled Mobile Data on Calendars access Reminders access PS The user interface and customisability is of the highest quality I have seen. I honestly would of paid double the price :D

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