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What is things 3 app? Get things done! The award-winning Things app helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals.

Best of all, it’s easy to use. Within the hour, you’ll have everything off your mind and neatly organized—from routine tasks to your biggest life goals—and you can start focusing on what matters today.

“Things offers the best combination of design and functionality of any app we tested, with nearly all the features of other power user applications and a delightful interface that never gets in the way of your work.”
—Wirecutter, The New York Times


• Your To-Dos
Your basic building block is the almighty To-Do—each a small step toward a great accomplishment. You can add notes, tag it, schedule it, and break it down into smaller steps.

• Your Projects
Create a Project for any big goal, then add the to-dos to reach it. Use headings to structure your list as you outline your plan. There’s also a place to jot down your notes, and a deadline to keep you on schedule.

• Your Areas
Create an Area for each sphere of your life, such as Work, Family, Finance, and so on. This keeps everything neatly organized, and helps you see the big picture as you set your plans in motion.

• Your Plan
Everything on your schedule is neatly laid out in the Today and Upcoming lists, which show your to-dos and calendar events. Each morning, see what you planned for Today and decide what you want to do. The rest is down to you :)


As you dive deeper, you’ll find Things packed with helpful features. Here are just a few:

• Reminders — set a time and Things will remind you.
• Repeaters — automatically repeat to-dos on a schedule you set.
• This Evening — a special place for your evening plans.
• Calendar integration — see your events and to-dos together.
• Tags — categorize your to-dos and quickly filter lists.
• Quick Find — instantly find to-dos or switch between lists.
• Magic Plus — drag the + button to insert to-dos anywhere in a list.
• Share extension — create to-dos with content from other apps.
• Widgets — see your lists on the home screen.
• Mail to Things — forward an email to Things; now it’s a to-do.
• And much more!


Things is tailored to the iPhone with deep system integrations as well. A great example is the Share extension, which allows you to create to-dos with content from other apps, such as a link to a website you want to get back to.

You can also enjoy a beautiful dark mode at sunset, connect your calendars, add widgets to your home screen, create to-dos via Siri, import from Reminders—Things can do it all! There’s even Shortcuts integration if you want to automate your workflows.


Things comes with a great app for Apple Watch. Just raise your wrist to glance at your Today list, mark to-dos complete as you go, and dictate new ones on the fly—all synced instantly with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Made in Stuttgart, with two Apple Design Awards to its name, Things is a fine example of German engineering: designed not only to look fantastic, but to be perfectly functional as well. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, then polished to perfection.

“It’s like the unicorn of productivity tools: deep enough for serious work, surprisingly easy to use, and gorgeous enough to enjoy staring at.”


Whatever it is you want to accomplish in life, Things can help you get there. Install the app today and see what you can do!

• Things is also available for Mac and iPad (sold separately).
• Sync is provided for free via our Things Cloud service.
• A free trial is available for Mac:

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We provide professional support and will be glad to help you!

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App Name Things 3
Category Productivity
Updated 03 January 2023, Tuesday
File Size 91.8 MB

Things 3 Comments & Reviews 2023

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Enjoying it so far, great design. Lives up to the idea that a product is perfect not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. In this case, taking away is more about how things hides all unnecessary distractions away from the user to make the app experience both easy and comfortable. There's plenty of functionality built in though, it's just not all up in your face. My only gripe, which I might even change my mind on anyway, is that there isn't a way to speed add tasks (having the cursor jump back up to the input field after you hit enter). So far this seems like not a big issue, and I actually kinda like that feature being gone because it slows you down as a user and requires you to be a bit more mindful and intentional with your plans. Great app 👍

Things is amazing. I have issues with short-term memory, so I need help staying on track. I have tried so many apps, and Things is by far the best for me. It has been particularly helpful in the normal recurring tasks throughout my week, much better than relying on my calendar app. It is very easy to create a task and set it for a date in the future with a custom repeat. Having Things as a complication on my Watch helps me to actually do the stuff I agreed to do! I could not get my Apple Watch to work as described, so I asked for help. It turned out I was doing it wrong, but Mick and Julia in Support were very patient with me, explaining and reviewing how it worked until I got it. I have Things on both my iPad and iPhone, and have given it as a gift. I recommend it very highly.

Best Possible Task Manager. There is no denying that this is undeniably the best task manager that anyone could purchase. It is unequivocally worth every penny. You can use it as simply, or complexly, as you choose, and even within its complexity, the UI is seamlessly simple. I only have one draw back, and truly, it is a minuscule critique. I would find a way for deeper calendar integration, allowing the user to create calendar events, through Things, that are reflected in the native calendar app. That being said, I simply create large-block calendar events, regarding the main idea, and then I flesh out all of my ideas, tasks, and notes within Things. I could clearly go on, and on, so I’ll end this with SHUT UP AND GO BUY IT! 🤙

Reliable & Elegant. Great app in terms of markdowns & note taking, ability to share. Customer always seems to respond in a day or so 👍🏼. But my problem is that the Calendar view is so small. Why can’t we resize. This is not a complicated request. I also don’t understand why we can’t choose alternative alert tones. I mean the standard & only choice alert is so low. Again not a hard request respectfully. And prob the biggest issue which they state they are aware of which has been going on forever is the repeat to-do part. Every time you choose a date then request for it to repeat it changes the date. So un-productive. Also wish when snoozing a alert they would space out the options like other apps not sure why this hasn’t been fixed either idk. Kinda a sad that they don’t listen to others requests. Because I’m not asking for extras just adjusting to existing ones. I also wish they had a web version because you can’t rely on a app to work always. But other then that the app is nice to use always seems reliable.

Only One Day View on my Watch?!?!?. I took the plunge and paid the $9.99 for this app and immediately regretted my purchase. Wanted a to-do app that would sit in my complication area of my Apple Watch that Uses Siri to enter to-do’s. Che k, it does that but.....and a big sends the to-do to an “In Box” on the app on my iPhone. I did see that I change from In Box to Today but it’s not easy to switch between them on my phone as the lettering is tiny (smaller than other words and sitting just above the task-that’s too easy to tap). Then you have to go to your phone to move it to a day, and the app asks ‘are you sure you want to move this?’ Adding another few steps and time to a simple entry...that’s self defeating. Then I CANNOT see anything beyond the current day’s to-do’s on my phone....I find that very limiting. I need to be able to scroll down to at least a week’s worth of to-dos. So I can PLAN for those events before that day...not a far fetched idea. This app could be useful but at the moment( in my opinion) this app is better suited to the iPhone and NOT the Apple Watch. I wish I could get my money back on this one. Doesn’t do what I need or enough for the cost.

Why didn’t I find this sooner?. Let me start this by saying I’m one of those people that never leave written reviews. I had to give praise where praise is due though. First of all, I am a very visual person so even if I found an app with perfect functionality, I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t like how it looked. However, this app combines functionality with a nice sleek design that’s not only easy to look at but, easy to use. I’m SUPER picky about to-Do apps and I have been on a search for “the one” for literally years. I think I’ve found it though. They allow you to customize And organize your to-do’s in a myriad of ways. For instance, my favorite thing so far is the Ability to set “Projects” and in those projects, you can not only add notes and headings to keep the todos organized but, on the main screen of the app, there’s a small circle to show your progress on the todo’s inside. I absolutely love this app and had to let y’all know you did an amazing job.

The Essential To Do App. Instead of boosting my productivity, my previous task management app had so many customization options that it actually ate away at my time. It became a procrastination tool. I could spend an hour entering dates, setting up filters, and customizing views only to realize at the end of that time that I hadn’t actually gotten anything done. In contrast, Things 3 is wonderfully simple and clarifying. It’s as powerful as my previous app, but it strips out all the distractions and the fussiness, leaving pure, easy-to-access essentials: tagging, scheduling & project organizing. The scheduling feature has been the real game changer for me. The app tracks due dates (if you have them) but—more importantly— you can also add a schedule date for each task. The interface makes it very easy to add, move, & view tasks in the schedule (while keeping due dates fixed). So you can plan your time (and easily rearrange that plan as needed). If you’re a GTD person, you can still use that methodology with Things 3 projects & tags. But I find that I do better by adding the accountability of a scheduled list of things that I want to get done on a particular day or in a particular week. Things 3 helps me organize and manage that schedule better than anything else I’ve found. And it gives me the powerhouse organization tool I need without sucking me down a rabbit hole of customization options.

Cannot attach photos to a To-Do List. I’ve always found this app a bit difficult to maneuver. Not impossible, just a bit busy for daily use. I started using it as a place saver for various links. Works fine for that purpose. It works out that I use this app about once every couple of months, so I will not be inclined to purchase Things 4 when released. The app does not allow a feature to attach a photo to a file. That’s a dealbreaker for me. The file system for creating sections (file subjects) helps organize thoughts. I imagine this would be enough for some people to make this a go-to To-Do app. Update: May 6, 2022 Still the same issues for me. The inability to quickly attach photos or documents to a To Do is a show stopper for me. Many other To Do style app do a much better job, and offer at a less expensive cost. It still is a good list app, but many of the features are either clumsy or missing. But, I’ve paid for it, so I’ll use it. Didn’t appear the developers plan to move the features into the 2020s anytime soon. The app is just ok.

Fantastic way to organize big projects or daily tasks. The title says it all, this app is great. It allows you to create projects, repeating events, and organize them all either by date or by the area of life they relate to. Sounds complicated but the user interface is excellent and they provide a tutorial as well to make all the app has to offer as easy to utilize as possible. I love this app and practically depend on it to stay organized and on top of projects while also on track with daily tasks like working out and finishing work. It has amazing support for the Apple Watch, and many of its important functions can be used on the Apple Watch or simply by asking Siri. I can’t say enough great things about this app and I am grateful to the creators of it for giving the world such a wonderful and useful application.

Sadly, this won’t quite do it for me. This is a beautiful app and I love how it approaches tasks and projects which is why I give it 3 stars instead of less. But there isn’t enough functional integration with calendar to make this useful for me. I can see my calendar items but can’t open them or do anything with them which leaves me to have to jump to another app to work with meeting invites and other calendar items. This is a fatal flaw with this app for me, sadly. I’ve been on Informant Pro for years since that app integrates calendar and tasks so well. But have been trying to find something else that is more elegant and simpler. I thought this was going to be it until I discovered how severely limited it is with respect to calendar. Oh well, the search continues, and another $10 down the drain. Edit: I’ve come back again to Things 3 because it seems that I’ve become sort of hooked on how extraordinarily well it handles tasks. I’ve decided to try to live with using a separate calendar app along with Things and see how it goes. Hopefully in the future the authors will consider adding at least some ability to edit or even open calendar items in Things. Meanwhile I try this setup.

Easy to use and robust. Impressive user experience design! Use is intuitive and the number of taps to perform an action seems fewer than the other more expensive apps I tried. You can pretty much figure out how to use it on your own, but they include a very nice tutorial in the form of a project with a list of to do’s. Very easy way to get up and running fast. It has all the features that I was looking for except for location alerts. My workaround is to create a tag for my locations and just search that tag. It would be nice to get a push notification. OTOH, it seemed like having that on for an app that I tried may have been sucking battery. I’m not sure. One slick feature is that repeating to dos have a lot of flexibility. You can even schedule them to repeat based on when you complete the task. So instead of repeating every 7 weeks, for example, the next one comes due 7 weeks after you completed the previous one. Nice.

Finally!. I first used Things years ago to GTD. After I discovered Wunderlist, I switched and loved the flexibility and the plethora of features it offered. Few years ago, a tragedy took place and Wunderlist fell victim to Microsoft who bought out and stopped updating the app. It then went off to attempt its own version of Wunderlist, only to release an underdeveloped, underperforming iteration that's probably doomed for the lack of user interest. To make a long story short, I was forced to find a replacement for my beloved Wunderlist (RIP). I searched high and low only to return to Things 3. I'm happy to acknowledge that it evolved into a prince, matching and at times surpassing Wunderlist. Things 3 is more elegant and user friendly then any other app I've tried. I'm happy to be home again. My dream is for Apple to recognize the value of Things 3 and purchase it. Only then can we be assured that this magnificent product will survive indefinitely. Apple, are you listening?!

Horrendous!. Update nov 13,22- they did it again! I’m in middle of 4 day seminar with 750 people & Things scrambles my everyday list with high priority today list even tho I had them separate. Apple why are you ignoring this? Will nake a great article or post on Twitter! Previous-Was my go to for years, however after being chastised by developer that I had “too many to do’s” (seriously?) I’ve been less than impressed. Tried others and was on the fence about switching. Wrote in recenty (1st time in almost 3 yrs) w/ quick question. Tho recd answer, suddenly whole thing not just wonky, THEY MIXED MY CAREFULLY PRIORITIZED REPEATING TASKS WITH THE ONE-OFFS!!! And do a Re-mix nightly!! No more fence. Would sue if I could. Am White House journalist, recovering from sudden death of my husband & concomitant legal/financial crises in the wake of his passing, have Post Concussion Syndrome… and these guys are purposely messing with my productivity? (Yes they knew that upfront when I’d responded to the “too many to do’s” I’d foolishly explained, hoping for cooperation since zero compassion) (As a clergyperson I know says, “don’t want to be standing with them in an electric storm.”) Very bad karma, guys Hello Tick, Tick!

Essential for anyone. I was a bit skeptical of a todo app that was $30 US for both iPhone and iPad. I stopped feeling that skepticism after a day. This was the best GTD app I’ve used. I’ve yet to use it on Mac, but I primarily work off an iPad. And oh, the iPad and iPhone apps are amazing. I have less use of the iPhone app, but the iPad and iPhone apps are mostly similar. I have used these apps for school, work, and home, and each thing was very good. I think the organization of Areas and Projects are adequate, although I think there should be like sub-areas with projects in them. That’s my only gripe with the app at the moment, and it isn’t even something bad, it’s just a quality of life thing. The app is beautiful and I 100% think the money spent was well worth it.

Disappointing to a long time Things 2 user. I’ve used Things 2 for many years and finally took the plunge and purchased Things 3 because of its ability to integrate with Calendars. I have to say- I’m very disappointed. Cons: 1. The Today view in Things 3 now looks like a big cluttered mess because To-Do’s in different areas aren’t divided off into different sections. You can’t even change the font color. So, things I need to do at work and things I need to do at home aren’t easily and quickly visually distinguishable when looking at my day. This is a big set back from Things 2. 2. There’s a nice new feature to move To-Dos to “This Evening.” But, after the end of the day, things that were scheduled for evening, move back to the same cluttered mess with all the other to-do’s. I’d really like to see an upgrade that allows scheduled recurring to dos to be created under the “this evening” heading. For example, I always go to the gym at night. I’d like that reminder to appear there rather than have to move it every day. Pros: 1. The calendar integration is very well done 2. The ability to set alerts/alarms within a to-do is great. Previously in Things 2, I was unable to do this Overall: If you really like Things 2 and aren’t sure whether or not to pay $10, don’t do it. I’m going back to Things 2 unless they update this app with some options to change the appearance of different Areas and fix some other bugs.

Soooo much better than the reminders app. They didn’t even ask me for a review, I felt compelled because it’s just a great app. This app makes organizing literally any personal project, ongoing or one-time, very easy. It’s simple yet customizable if/when/where I need. I have one “project” as a shopping list and one as a to-do list. Every time I think “wouldn’t it be great if this app did X”, X is always there and easy to do. Like the ability to repeat tasks on a custom interval, specifying whether that interval is regularly repeating or measured from the time of last completion. The latter is the default, which is usually good if you don’t care... but if you do care, the option is there, and it’s easy to do. It’s just little stuff like that. Take it from a software developer, getting those little things right is not easy

I have used them all.... Things 3 is light years better than 2Do, Wunderlist, Trello, Tasker, Do It Tomorrow, etc. It may not have quite as many features as 2Do, and it may be more expensive than the free versions of Wunderlist, but it is flawless. The user interface is clean, well thought out, flexible and EASY TO USE. It feels fast and snappy when in use. I will say that my productivity has at least DOUBLED since I am now cranking through tasks instead of being frustrated by my system of organization. Other people have mentioned the amount of time that it took for Things 3 to come out, but I can only assume it is because of how well executed it was/is. Don’t hesitate to buy this app. I got it for my iPhone and iPad and think it is worth every dollar. I will be getting the MacBook version next.

Great app BUT.... I’ve been looking for a good todo list app for a while now. After searching and researching, I have come to you all. I am happy about that and will use the app! HOWEVER! An $80 buy-in to use across platforms?! That is steep. It’s more than most video games and more than a tank of gas for most vehicles! The easy thing to say is that you don’t have to buy it on all platforms, to which I say you are right, but for productivity’s sake it shouldn’t be that difficult to enter in. So two things: 1) Lower the cost of entry. I understand making the app for different platforms takes time but the iOS (and future iPad OS) should be made to work with both iPhone and iPad WITHOUT paying $30. I understand the work and coding needed for the macOS app. But maybe up the app to $15 or $20 and allow it to work both on iPhone and iPad WITHOUT SEPARATE PURCHASE. 2) Location-specific/Geofence Tasks. This is amazing and the one thing that you app doesn’t do compared to both the Reminders app and my current todo app of choice: 2Do. Being able to do this would be appreciated and work well as a reminder for those that travel to separate work environments with separate tasks at each. It'd help with keeping "things" in line. (see what I did there?) Overall a great app. I believe these tweaks will help though.

From productive to Superman. I was skeptical about buying an app that is essentially a to-do list, but I found myself at the point that I needed a better “system.” The free productivity app selection was lacking though. I took a chance on Things and I’m very glad I did! It took from productive to Superman! Seriously. It’s immensely helpful. My only comment to the developers would be to add a feature that allows users to preset a list of common to-do’s (similar to how users define their own tags). So when you’re adding a to-do you could quickly drop in a common task that is frequent but that is not repeated on the calendar at specific times (for things like doing the dishes for example). That would save me from recreating the same to-do over and over again. Thanks for the development tho! Great job!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Still the best task manager. Things is elegantly-designed. Though it IS a bit opinionated in how one should manager their tasks (Today, Upcoming), it does provide a structure for folks who need it. The ability to chunk down your multitude of tasks into what you can just do today is very helpful. I prefer flat lists, and I wish that they had the ability to negate the filters (Today, Upcoming, Anytime), but I’ll take it. DO use the free trial on the Mac app to make sure it’s for you, as thankfully all three platforms (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS) work identical, and THAT I can really appreciate. Cultured Code’s attention to detail is second to none. I only wish that the Watch app allowed me to select which filter I want to see, or perhaps only a tag instead of just Today. Minor gripe. If you want or need something a bit more powerful than Apple’s otherwise excellent Reminders, Things may is for you.

Almost.... Overall this app is highly flexible without being overly complex. As I’ve been capturing my tasks, I’ve noticed a couple oddities and omissions though. Two things I’d like to see in future iterations are the ability to collapse a section header that has content tasks in it, and perhaps see a progress indicator or count of complete vs open tasks in that group... I use those for phases of projects so tracking completeness is helpful there... The feature I’m really looking for is setting a due date (as opposed to assigning a date to the todo items and ending up with a bunch of past due items). Maybe an accomplish view like the upcoming that breaks things down into sections like today, this week, this month, eventually, etc. sometimes things are so nebulous in my to do life just knowing what I have to accomplish and what’s immediately important in a week is super helpful.

What on earth were they thinking?. This would have been a nearly perfect app for its purpose except for one colossally stupid design decision that users have been complaining about for over 4 years with no movement at all from the developers to correct the problem (and yet the geniuses at Apple made it an editors choice). For many of us our lives are filled with tasks that should be done not any further in the future than a certain number of days after the task has been completed. But most of the world tries to complete at least some of our tasks before that next date. We need tasks to repeat (for example) a certain number of days after we did the thing, not a certain number of days after the originally scheduled time. Things 3 has no way to mark such a task complete until the next time some stupid template regenerates at some future date that is no longer useful to you. And they have been told this for years with no attempt whatsoever to fix the problem. Things 3 is otherwise basically perfect but this brain dead refusal to fix the inability to handle one of the most common events in all of task management renders it completely and utterly useless in my life. But nobody has cared with regard to the numerous requests for this to be fixed that are scattered all over the Internet. What on earth were they thinking?

Really well done. This app has a lot of great functionality for managing tasks and projects. The interface is super clean and efficient. The flow for bringing a task or project through inception to completion is very intuitive and works well. The only thing I would raise is the way the app assumes you are a go-getter who will knock out tasks in a proactive manner. For slackers, procrastinators, and anxiety sufferers like myself it is not very good at nagging and popping up. You have to actively pay attention to the stuff in the app. I would like to see a slider that lets you set the level of app awareness of your ability to complete tasks. So you can make it nag you more if you want it to. That way you can decide if the app is more proactive in bringing tasks in front of your eyes to make sure you don’t just set them and forget them. But I would still recommend this app all the way.

Love it!. I am always hesitant about paying for something without really knowing everything about it beforehand, however I am pleased with my purchase and thrilled with this App. It has all the bells and whistles without being cumbersome or overwhelming. The tutorial walked me through learning everything and if I ever need a refresher I can take the tutorial again. I have been using the free version of another to do list but it fell short. Even the paid version didn’t have the ability to make things easy to sort, manage and use. This THINGS App has well organized screen views, the ability to change a task to a project easily and I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but it just flows well and visually makes sense. I have difficulty sorting things out in my head, on paper and with other lists Apps, but the Things drag and drop feature helps to sort, manage and organize easily. The only drawback is the lack of PC usage. Sometimes it is nice to brain dump by typing with all ten digits. Hope the developers decide to add that functionality someday. Other than that, I say Bravo! I LOVE THIS APP and it has already made me more productive.

Nearly Perfect. Love the ability to drag and drop tasks as my priorities change throughout the day. So much simpler than constantly having to reset priorities. Also love being able to see my appointments and tasks all in the same view so that I can better manage my day. There are just a few features I'd like to see in future versions - a month view showing appointments and tasks for each day; the ability to create and edit events from within Things rather than having to switch to another app; the ability to swipe from day to day rather than having to leave the Today view and navigate to the Upcoming view; the ability to see the next Action in each project in the Today view so you don't have to do back and forth between Today and Projects. If screen real estate is an issue, it strikes me that the Inbox, Anytime and Someday are duplicative.

Beautifully designed but... This is by far the most beautifully designed app I’ve ever used to manage my to-do-lists without sacrificing functionality. The feature I find most helpful is the ‘Upcoming’ tab where you can set up the app to pull data from all your calendars and list them chronologically in a compact color-coded format. I would have given the app 5 stars if the Upcoming tab listed ALL the future month’s tasks. Unfortunately, as of now, the Upcoming tab only lists the first 14 tasks/items which makes this app unusable and pointless to look at usually after the first week of the future month in my case. There is not even a way to expand the list to see the rest of your tasks beyond item # 14 when you are in the Upcoming tab, which is probably a bug. I would have given this app 4 stars if it was closer to the usual $3-4 price range but for around $9 I expected much more.

Don’t let the price stop you, it is worth it!!!. I have ADHD and I procrastinate a lot. I tried every single app out there to help me get things done and non of them worked, most have so much going on that I end up overwhelmed and eventually stop using them. Things 3 is so simple to use yet so effective, it has the right amount of tools to organize my tasks, projects and plan my week, I actually enjoy going through the list of things I need to do. Turning tasks that require several steps into projects and working on each sub task independently it’s a game changer for me. I can also set up reminders so I stop missing bills deadlines or flights. Being able to add things into my inbox on my Apple Watch when I randomly remember something while in the shower is a big plus 🤣 I recently been using the desktop version and I love it. They also have the best customer service which is so important IMO.

Elegant, useful To Do app. This app has exactly what is needed for an efficient, useful, and seamless To Do app. I read a review complaining about certain things it lacks; to me those are all of the useless bells and whistles that clutter up other similar apps while adding nothing in terms of my needs. Things has clearly been very well thought through. It’s exactly the app I needed for keeping track of personal and work tasks, recurring tasks, jotting down ideas, etc. The $10 price tag is completely worth it, especially since there is no monthly fee. (My previous app—which I had paid for—updated automatically, and sudden I couldn’t use it anymore without paying $6/month). I haven’t used Things for very long, but I am already a very loyal customer.

Dream come True. I am one of those who seldom spare time to write reviews. By the way in the 7+ years I have been an Apple products consumer, this is probably the third time at most I am writing a review for an App. I have dreamed for an app like this one many years before. I used to scan the App Store to download top rated apps, but I could never find the type of app I was looking for. They just weren’t practical. For instance sometimes you want to write down something that just popped in your head. You don’t want to worry about figuring out then if it’s a reminder or a To-do or just a note. You don’t want to worry about setting it for a specific day and a specific time. You just want to quickly jot it down in your To-dos/ reminder/ notes and be able to easily access it and take care of details later. I had given up on my hope of finding an app that would solve this type issue. So for the past few years, I had just been relying on the iOS default note app. I have been using this app now for a few months and it has everything I have ever dreamed of in a To-do/ reminder app. Honestly I am beyond satisfied. I have now found “the piece of resistance of my existence”!!

Just get it!. I purchased this on my MacBook and on my iPhone. I was hesitant to purchase because I have bought countless things to help me get organized — planners, calendars, to-do lists, sticky notes, and utilized countless modalities — paper and pen, GoodNotes5, Google Keep, Google Tasks, YOU NAME IT! Nothing has really helped me, and I have probably wasted hundreds of dollars. Let me start off by saying that I am a very type A person and extremely productive, but I am also obnoxiously busy every day and have ADHD. It is hard for me to focus on what is the most important thing to do to because there’s just so much of it. I am currently a teacher, planning my wedding, I own an apartment building, and have so many other things on my plate. So, when my to-do list gets too long (AKA at about noon everyday), I become completely overwhelmed. I don’t know where to start or how to prioritize. This app is truly life changing for me. There’s no thrills and it only has what’s important. I can focus on what needs to be done without distractions. It helps me prioritize, I can schedule things out in advance, remind myself of things, organize projects, break difficult tasks into smaller steps, etc. I am SO beyond impressed with these apps and there features, and I am thrilled to have found them to start my year off right!

By far the best tasks/reminders app, but.... I feel really guilty giving this app only 2 stars, to be honest. Things 3 is clean, fast, easy to use, efficient, and quite frankly makes more sense to me than any other reminders app. The widgets are better than Apple Reminders widgets, too! However... my iPhone is not my only device, and this app is NOT worth the $80(!) it costs to get it on all my devices. $50 for the Mac app, $20 for iPad, AND $10 for the iOS/watchOS version? It feels absolutely ridiculous and greedy, considering it’s the SAME APP just blown up for different form factors. If you have an Apple Silicon Mac you’re better off just running the iPhone version of the app on your Mac. Until this is resolved, I just can’t bring myself to switch wholly from Apple Reminders to Things 3, no matter how much better the interface is - I need the ability to have everything sync across all my devices. I’m just absolutely not going to spend $80 to get that functionality.

Over Hyped. For what this app does, I really think it’s over priced and over hyped. It has some nice features like I can see my today list on my apple watch. It does what it says but its not really more than a simple list todo app. I really wish there was a calendar view. Like in ‘Upcoming’, if you could tap the calendar icon and actually see a calendar. There’s no way to see details more than a week in advance. So if you like to plan out your month, this isn’t the app for you. Also, when I am scheduling a repeating task on a specific day for the next week, the app doesn’t recognize the day. It always wants to repeat on Wednesday and I have to change it. Its minor, yes, but still annoying. Same thing with repeating a monthly task. It doesn’t recognize the date and I have to manually put it in. Honestly, I regret buying it. There are cheaper and better options on the app store.

Simply perfect. Almost…. I have to say that I love this app and don’t know how I’ve survived so long without it. I love the simple concept of typing up a thing you want to do, then assigning it to a day in the future so you don’t have to worry about it until then. Building out projects is a great way to keep track of things as well. I especially love the ability to integrate the Apple Calendar into the app so I can see everything at once. I do have one small gripe though. I use this app to keep track of regular monthly bills and when they are coming due. My current system is that I pay forward all the bills that are due before my next paycheck. This ensures I’m always early. However, there’s no way to mark a recurring task as complete before they populate in the Today field. This means I have to keep track of which bills I’ve paid in my head until they come due and I can check them off. It’s very annoying. Other task apps I’ve used allowed me to check them off early, so why not this one? Unfortunately, this one thing, while small, is so annoying that it affects my overall headspace, so until it’s fixed I can only give it 4 stars.

Great app with one layout oddity. Very much enjoying the app. One design issue has repeatedly caused issues for me, though: when setting a reminder, after selecting the time, you’d think the way to save it is to hit the huge button immediately below where the time is set. Instead, that big button is to *clear* the reminder, while keeping the reminder requires you to click on a small “Done” button in the top right of the entire to-do. You’d think they’d make it quicker to save the reminder by clicking immediately below it on a big button, and make it more difficult to clear a reminder you just set with a small button at the top. Obviously a nit pick, but given how often i have to redo reminders bc of following the instinct to click on the big button just below the time setting area, it’s getting a little old.

Needs a web app. I love the app and want to use it, but can't without a web app or Windows app. I spend 8 hours a day on a Windows Surface. The Surface goes with me into meetings, as mobile devices aren't allowed on the corporate Network, so I take all my notes on the Surface. It's a real pain to then create tasks in Things after the meeting by re-typing the action items into my phone. With a web app I could at least enter my tasks on the Surface while in the meeting. 80% of my tasks are work related, in a Windows Enterprise, while all my personal device's are all iOS/Mac. I'm stuck using Todoist until something better comes along with web support or Windows client. Things is a great app if you are 100% iOS/macOS. Probably the best iOS/macOS task app out there to be honest. If you need to interoperate with any other OS, there's no Web app so you're out of luck.

Organized my Depression. I know: it’s expensive, but I recommend this to everyone I know. It’s simple, customizable, you can make subcategories, group things up, put descriptions or steps, put deadlines, events, recurring tasks. Just in my experience, I can say it’s great for cooking, planning weddings, school projects, spring cleaning, moving, and even all of those at once. It sounds ridiculous, but this app straight up cured my depression. There were many times I couldn’t do a lot of every day tasks. This app let me see my progress, set more goals, and somehow taught me motivation. I’ve had this app for years and can say this is the life-changing organizing app that everyone needs no matter what age or where you are in life. People set all kinds of goals for themselves, and this app covers EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.

It’s worth it!. I have tried numerous apps to try to stay on top of what I need to do, reoccurring tasks, upcoming events, and my accomplishments each day. I’ve used free apps, one-time fee apps, and subscription based apps. I end up either deleting them immediately, or I eventually stop using them due to how inefficient they are, or I end up with several apps to cover all my needs. I tried just using a regular physical journal, which I do recommend and I still use; but it doesn’t help me with reoccurring tasks or my incredibly long list of things I need to do for a specific category. An example would be, I have a special needs child who needs specialized schooling and assistance with every day tasks. Getting him the help he needs is covered by various government services but requires numerous steps on my part to get each need of his covered. It would require me to have a large desk planner to have something like this (which is basically a project but a one person, non paid project) planned out on a physical planner; but this app eliminates that necessity. I’m still new to this app, and I’m certain that I’m not using it to its extent, but as of now, it has been the best to-do app I’ve come across; paid or free! I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to delete some of my other apps and replace them with Things3!

Great tool for ADHD mom. I’ve been using things for several months now but I’m pretty sure I’ve still only scratched the surface of what I can accomplish with it. But that’s totally OK in fact that’s a big part of what makes it awesome. I can get up and running and functioning without having to dig deep into the advanced features. I’m starting to more now and hoping to discover if there are options for shared projects and tasks with other users, which would be ideal to be able to start delegating tasks to my kids as well as letting them see what is on my plate. Time will tell if this is something I can do with this app. Most importantly though is my current experience as an ADHD single mom of two (one of whom also has ADHD). We all have apple watches which are amazing accommodations for ADHDers and Things’ integration with Apple Watch is extremely well down. I also discovered the iOS widget which has also been a game changer. It’s now the first thing I see when I get bored and swipe open my phone for no reason. This system is great if you’re a GTDer but even better because it has the flexibility to apply many of the concepts without the rigidity of a strict GTD setup. Thanks and I look forward to posting an update of how I use Things’ more advance features for an ADHD single mom of two.

Everything I need and more. As an adult mom with ADHD I struggle to stay organized, keep track of tasks, and easily record important to-dos in an accessible location. The integration this app manages (between watch and phone) is seamless, and gives me a convenient and powerful way to keep track of many ongoing lists, routine tasks, and one-off tasks. I initially balked at the price but this app but its the best money I’ve ever spent on an organizational tool (that’s saying something considering the many bullet journals, planners, tracking systems, etc. that I’ve had false starts with). The tips and hints w/in the app are great, and the app itself does everything I could hope for. If you’re looking for motivational sayings and cute cartoons, this isn’t the app for you. If you’re looking for a way to stay on track and record things as they come to mind- and in a place that you won’t forget about- then I can’t recommend a better tool.

Nearly perfect iOS app. I used ToDo on the iPhone with Toodledo on the web for years, and I was quite happy with it. However when I tried to update ToDo, as it was increasingly buggy, to ToDo Cloud, the install failed and I started looking around. And I am glad I did. I looked at many reviews and decided to give Things 3 a try. The tutorial is well done, and in 15 minutes I was fully up to speed. I then reentered about 100 tasks, although I could have imported them. I have to state that the interface is a joy to work with, and the final result was amazing. Read the reviews for product details, but this app defines what is great about iOS. Clean, intuitive and fun. The integration with the calendar, in particular, is brilliant. After getting it set up on the iPhone, I purchased the iPad app. Perfect integration and interface! My only quibbles... When I set an Inbox item to Today, and then I do not complete the task and clear the date, the task ends up in the Anytime folder. I think it should go back to the Inbox. This is by design, and I have a workaround, but it is mildly annoying. Also, I would like to not display the Anytime folder, as I do not need it, but this is not customizable. I could use the real estate for another area or project. But these are minor details. This is one of the best apps for iOS. Period.

Fantastic. Love it!. Terrific app. I’ve loved everything about it. The only thing I think I could wish for is to allow a checklist to be placed in the middle of a “to-do.” It automatically puts the checklist on the bottom and doesn’t allow it to be adjusted inside the todo. Keep in mind it’s still pretty fantastic that you can organize the checklist by dragging it, I’m just picky and wish I could place it anywhere within the middle of my notes. Example- type a to-do/notes…. Have a checklist, and then add some additional notes under the checklist. That can’t happen. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers! Aside from me complaining about something so minuscule, -seriously amazing app. We’ll done guys!!!! Wish I could give it 10 stars!😂 Thank you for your hard work!!

Not a Project app- wish it had more. For starters I’ve been combing through the internet in an effort to find a good project app that didn’t cost an arm & a leg while seamlessly integrating with iOS since it’s all my family owns. After hearing great things about Things 3 I’ve given it a shot for a few days. There are some definite upsides and things I like. Dark mode, the ability to rapidly make reminders and set to-do’s, importing from shared calendars and all that jazz. The ability to set things for “someday” or “this evening” when I’m in the middle of the day is extremely useful and takes a lot of stress out being hurried by tasks. But there’s no ability to link pictures or do sketches like in the Notes app It’s taken from what I assumed to be a project app into a simple (yet extremely effective) to do list Don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for something to gently prod and remind you about things to do— such as to clean out the basement, or grab things before work, this is the app for you. But if you want an app that could keep track of what’s broken in the basement and needs to be replaced, or if that dryer you fixed 3 months and 4 days ago is making noises again look elsewhere. I really do hope Things 3 gets those updates soon— even a simplistic port of the sketchbook in apple Notes native app would be a game changer

Almost perfect, solid, worth the money. I have used a lot of task management apps and I still think that many of them are great. Swipes was one of my favorites because I can snooze tasks for later, but Things has a unique approach to that same need that is actually simpler and much more effective. I’ve had to adjust some of my own habits to adapt to how Things is organized, but wow is it well thought out. It is deceptively simple at first glance, but it is so well designed that I’m constantly finding new uses and applications. My wife loves it too and she’s very picky and often doesn’t take to the things that I recommend. So the fact that both of us find it useful is a testament to the quality of the product. I’m hesitant to buy the desktop app because I think it’s fairly overpriced, I did do the free trial though and it is well-made. I was a little hesitant about the price of the mobile app as well, but after using it, I think that it is well worth the money and I wouldn’t say that about a lot of $10 apps.

😍 Only 1 Thing Missing. I am smitten with this app. I used to get by with a paper planner, then switched to Todoist last year, but I hated that there was really no way to see upcoming tasks beyond a week. Things has solved that problem for me (and then some!) — no more worrying about an annual subscription, waaaay better integration with Apple Watch and my calendar (thank goodness), and a simpler, cleaner interface that allows me to organize everything from daily tasks to vacation ideas and workout plans. The price seemed a little steep at first, especially since it wasn’t easy to try out the app before I bought it, but it was worth every penny. Now, the only thing I’m missing is a way to track daily habits. I end up with a ton of to dos every day, which is a pain, because I just want a separate part of the platform that allows me to track that stuff. I’ve tried Streaks but would really like to have all these features in one place.

It just works. Better than many others. There are many tasks apps out there that are very efficient but this one has found a way to take that up a notch in it’s simplicity and intuitiveness. The features are what make this so special. You want to make a note of something while you’re thinking about it, then later revise to add a reminder? Done. Folders, and even deeper Area projects, with options to drag and drop anywhere without complications? Also done. Seamless integration with your calendar apps? Instantaneous. Widget info that is clean and simple? Yes. I am really loving it. It is just as attractive as other apps with beautiful animations but this is so easy that it is fun as well. Highly recommended.

Thought the app was too pricey, until I got so much stuff done.. I was looking for an app that would help me stay on task with ease. I downloaded so many task apps before but I couldn’t stay on task, I’d enter my list and just didn’t complete them. Why did I took the risk of getting this expensive app?? Was I gullible ? I guess so. But something was different, I got stuff done !! everyday every week so far. What you do is type any idea that comes up. Then you move it around to whenever you want to compete it, that’s it! But why is it so expensive for such a simple task ? I gave it 5 stars because I competed every task that I’ve been listing for 1 month now. My only suggestion is how about sharing the task with other people in household? I just discovered that I can share the list by scrolling down so that it opens up a move task bar and clicking on the “. . .” . I’m very happy with this app and of course there’s always room for improvement.

MY FAVORITE THING EVER. I try to be a fairly organized person. I have lots of school stuff, family work, and outside activities. With all these things I’ve had many different planning and organizing systems. Which all have failed to differing degrees. My biggest problem was the fact that I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do in the future that I needed a notes app and planning app hybrid. This is where this app comes in! I can write down the homework I need to complete, and create a new project for an idea I have and break that project down into how to get it done. My life feels so much more organized with this app! My favorite part is the one time fee. I was skeptical at first but I will never have to worry about monthly payments ever again! Also did I mention you can import your calendar! This app is amazing!

Nearly perfect. I’m giving it 5 stars because it’s so functional, simple to use, and helpful. I would have liked to be able to choose a color for each category (as in todoist) because it would help me visualize my task areas more quickly. But that’s my only quibble. After experimenting with things3 and todoist I chose things3 because you can easily rearrange items within each category according to priority and identify what items in each category to make part of your today list. I use the app on my phone and find it very helpful to add items anytime they occur to me and then, over morning coffee, review the whole list (select anytime) and highlight the ones I want to do that day. I’m also very glad to have purchased this item once and for all. Todoist requires a yearly fee and I have enough of those already. I feel less overwhelmed since I bought this app. Putting tasks down in an organizable list (rather than trying to remember them) and organizing them daily really lessens stress.

Wish there were pop-up alerts. Pretty good app - I'm looking for a better solution than Reminders for iPhone, as the Reminders app is buggy and sketchy performance. This app, Things, is neat and well-arranged, with nice checkboxes to clear items from your to-do list, etc. which I appreciate. However, you have to go into the app to see what's next, with no alert pop-up anywhere that I can find. I need tasks to pop up and remind me to do this or that, sometimes at a specific time, and often more than once. Like a bill I need to pay, which I may remind myself a week before but need to wait to pay it until a few days later, so I need to have a second reminder so I don't forget. Bills are just one example (still haven't found a good bill-pay app, either) - it could be a purchase I need to make but now I won't have time today after work, so I have to postpone until tomorrow after work. Or it may be a phone call I have to make at a specific time. Overall, very good for keeping track of tasks, as long as you remember to look at it.

Fantastic app, fully searchable and snappy fast!. GREAT APP. I’ve been using it for many years on my iPhone and Mac. It just keeps getting better and better. The thing that I like the most about this app is that you can SEARCH the entire app for key words, making it very easy to find tasks that you tucked away in projects or folders. The search function is really fast and really great! I also love that it has a LOGBOOK of all your completed tasks. This is great if you want to look back and see when you called someone or mailed something. You can also search the logbook for key words. I love it and it comes in super handy. Guys, I just looked and I have tasks going back to 2010 in my logbook. Wow, just wow. Thank you Things 3! (And by the way, it was just called Things when I created those tasks!). There is a NOTE section that you can use for every task and this is great for detailed information. This is also searchable making it easy to find that information from task that you may have completed years ago. Also, the app opens FAST, pretty much instantaneously making it easy to quickly add a task. This may seem like a no-brainer feature but sadly some apps just don’t do that! The whole app is very snappy, very quick. It’s relatively INEXPENSIVE for the iPhone and I recommend you start there to see if you like it. The Mac app is more expensive, and for my needs I don’t really need it, but it is convenient. I highly RECOMMEND this app!

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I really get things done with this app!. I’ve tried a few ToDo type apps and they are either to simple or to complicated. Things is both. You can use it in a simply basic manner or it has the structure that allows for more detailed involved planning. And I love the logbook feature to go back and look at ALL the Things you’ve done This feature is dated so if you bother to have some detail to (in some cases a mere) reminder eg ring ISP about Internet malfunction all weekend - then you effectively have a diary you can refer back to as to the date you did something. Handy if you have an ongoing issue where this info is helpful in the long term. Definitely worth the few bucks I paid.

Love this app!!. I downloaded Things 3 a few days ago and am already loving it. Reminders I had already set have been imported from the Reminders app and were very easily sorted into ones to keep, remove or make recurring. I love that I can see my calendar in the app so that I can plan my to dos around any meetings or appointments I have. I have been able to easily create areas allowing me to keep work, home and school to dos separate, add tags to each to do so I can find them easily, set deadlines for to dos and projects and set reminders for recurring to dos. The only thing I feel is missing that I really want to be able to do is attach emails, documents and notes to a to do or project. Thanks for creating such an easy to setup, use and navigate productivity app that will keep event the most disorganised person (me) organised!

Great app, but still missing. Really like this app. Extremely useful and good for productivity. It is quick and easy to use and very straightforward. But I would prefer to have the option to group more things together and put the Area folder into another folder, more filing option. It would also be nice to be able to customize the whole interface to fit with what i prefer, something as simple as changing the color and theme of the UI would be a nice touch to the whole experience.

Great App for Projects, Reoccuring lists and Referral. I love the app on iphone. It’s a bit pricey to get it on my Mac so i’m not sure if i will buy it on there. It’s a shame because i love the layout of this app however there is not an option to access it online. It would be so helpful if you were without your laptop one day and you wanted to open it up online from a different computer. Plus sometimes i like to copy and paste my notes from my icloud notes onto work i do on my laptop. It would be awesome if you guys provided the option to access from anywhere after paying the fee.

End of an era?. I’ve used things pretty much since it first came out. It is right up there with the best task managers. However the trend at present is moving to subscriptions, while I understand the need for income, the reality is that with so many apps on our devices, if you add the cost of all the subscriptions it really mounts up. The word is that Things 4 will follow suit, and it does that will be the end for me. I’ve already paid for all the Mac and iOS versions but will happily delete them. Frankly I find Apple Reminders is all I need these days. Response to developer: if you read my post you will see I refer to the next upgrade, Things4. If you are saying you will not go down the subscription path then I am wrong. Can you assure users of this?

So glad I found Things 3. I have tried so many to-do list apps, and I find most of them offer such a limited way to segment tasks. I deeply appreciate Things 3’s approach. Our to-do list can be divided by different lists or sections in our lives called “Areas”. In these areas, or even outside of them, we can have tasks as well as Projects: actual Work in Progresses with a defined due date. These projects can have their own headings and tasks underneath those headings. Even more, tasks can have their own subtasks. We can even see at a glance a pie chart of our projects to see our progress. You can even set a start date, not just a due date, for when you want your tasks to appear in your Today view. There are some things I wish it did—I wish we could collapse headings. I also wish we could see statistics of tasks we accomplished. But for what it does, Things 3 does it extremely well. A clean, polished interface that I always come back to after giving other apps a try.

The BEST!. I love this app! I have been using it for Two months now. I have downloaded many to do apps but none seem to help me as much as this app. As much as it's a very simple app it's sufficient for me. If I don't complete the to do task it is moved onto the following days lost so I don't forget to complete it. Worth the $$$!

My most used and relied upon app!. I love Things, it was recommend to my by a friend and I have recommended to many people. I use it mainly for work but also have an area/ tag for Home. Repeating tasks, tags, Evening and the logbook are some of the best features. I have multiple clients and each client has their own tag, each with multiple to-do’s under them. It’s so simple to use and extremely effective. I have Things for iPhone and iPad. I need to use a PC for work so unfortunately I don’t have a desktop version and this is my one disappointment. Any chance of a windows desktop version?!

Love it. Almost perfect. Things is essential to me. It’s almost perfect. I just wish there was a more efficient way to move from one to-do to another. To move to the next to-do, you need to tap out of the existing one and tap in again. This makes the ‘weekly review’ that’s part of the David Allen method not very fluid. I would love to be able to swipe between to-do ‘cards’ and, on the Mac, simply being able to use arrow keys to move between the items.

Life’s smoother!. I enjoy using Things so much. Not only does it look so slick, it’s incredibly useful too! My favourite bit about it is that it’s just got the right balance of features that there’s not too little to make it hard to use, not too much to overwhelm. I run my entire life on it!

Magnificent. This is the to-do app recommended by the internet, basically. I used to use a page in Evernote or pieces of paper, like an idiot. I don’t even know how to use it yet. The email support is magnificent. Which is good, because the online/app instructions/ tutorial are not. Given what this app can do it is *not* expensive. Note to the developers: the reviewers say this app looks good. It does. But *compared* to MindNode, this app looks like a ruptured dog. Devs, me what you think this advice is worth! Just the colours in MindNode are great. It would be good to be able to search *all* the lists using *multiple* tags!!! Like Evernote, people could choose to do away with different lists altogether. One gripe, where’s my watch haptics?

Things has really helped me organise my day. I have a busy life with 2 teenagers a job and a hobby business so having Things in my life to enhance my organisation skills has been really sucessful. I particularly like the movability of each task, the ability to see all comoleted tasks to check just incase i cant remember and the ability to send tasks on to each family member so they can add to it or plan their day around the family priorities.

Brilliant intuitive pleasing list app. I spent ages trying out different list apps. This one is the best I’ve tried. Very thoughtful design but also clever psychology of productivity incorporated by the developers - eg the “pie chart” symbol marker that tracks your progress towards completion of your projects, as you check off each item on the list. This is a winning feature I haven’t seen elsewhere - key reason I wouldn’t use any other list app now. Works beautifully on iPhone. I also paid for the Mac laptop version - excellent seamless sync.

A little buggy. This could be an amazing app unfortunately it gets a bit frustrating at times to use. Trying to add notes or edit reminders sometimes requires 10 or more attempts to get the keyboard to show up. Would also be nice to have a calendar view of upcoming events to give a better overall snap shot of upcoming events rather than having to scroll down to see if there is anything planned on that day. Price is steep at $14, $8 seems fair for what the app does and also compared to other apps that do similar things. Other than that the app is great and is still the best daily organisation app I have found amongst the competition.

I prefer Todoist. This app is expensive and not as useful as Todoist. The killer feature of Todoist is that it runs everywhere, including Windows and in the browser. This is critical when you need to quickly get a thought out of your head and into the list. On my work PC I use the browser app because I don’t want to install anything personal. On my home PC I have the Windows app and it’s a quick global shortcut to open up a dialog to add a task, no matter what application I’m in. And of course there’s the iOS, iPadOS and Apple Watch apps when those are convenient. The other thing is that Todoist has a free tier which still covers basically everything I need, ad-free. Things is pricey. Buying it once isn’t too bad, but then you want it on another device, and another, and my wife wants to install it, etc. And in the end you’re paying a small fortune. Take a look at how expensive it is on Mac and convince yourself that either it’s worth it or that you’re comfortable just always having to reach for your phone or iPad every time you want to note something in the list, where it’s more difficult to type and paste links etc.

So useful and well-designed!. I use the Things iPhone/Watch app and Mac software to stay organised and it's by far the best to-do list program I've found 🙂 It has plenty of features like tags and repeating events, but has a clean easy to use design at the same time. Dark mode is beautiful, I love the filtering by tags (especially the interface on the Mac app), and being able to quickly add a task on my Mac using a keyboard shortcut is really useful. It's almost perfect but I would love if: - You could collapse headings. - You could set location-based reminders (and/or other smart reminders, like weather-based). - You could choose a few lists that can be viewed on the Watch app, not just the today view. For example I have a weekly and monthly task list that I'd love to be able to view on my Watch! Overall though a great to-do app, suggestions are just me being nit-picky haha

The best to-do app in the world.. I just wanted to commend the team for creating by far the best app on the store. Love all the attention to detail, and utilising any of the new iOS update features on day 1. You can tell the people behind Things truly care about their work. Thank you!

Continued Support. Thing’s continued support of new devices and features (they’ve already released iOS 12 and watchOS support) means they’re one of the best developers in the business. This 5 star review is solely for support of the Apple Watch, a major player in my day to day life. Thing’s sets a benchmark for others to strive for and they’ve set it high. Good work. Keep up the support and people will keep buying.

The best app is the one you use. I have tried loads of these apps, mainly the free ones and tbh I did get a shock by the price of this app but hey I am using it and I would pay 10x times the price to increase my productivity and levels of organisation. Seen the CEO of Gymshark using it and thought it would be worth a crack. Only 1 week in, let’s see if it lasts.

Extraordinary in its sophisticated presentation and planning power. I have resisted Things for the longest time. A loyal fan of Stephen Covey’s PlanPlus online for over 15 years, I finally contemplated GTD and I loved it! More applicable to today’s world, I wanted to find the best application possible. I embraced Todoist and Omnifocus and they were both great, but Things rises to a superior level. Extremely intelligent and outstandingly elegant, it makes the planning and organising pleasant and short. It allows and invites more “doing “ than “planning “. The best in its category!💖💕❤️

I love it but there’s just one thing missing.. So I’m loving this app so far, I was just using the built in reminders app on iOS and it’s pretty barebones in comparison. BUT there is something that the iOS reminders have that Things doesn’t: persistent banner notification! The thing I love about the built in reminders is when a reminder pops up it will stay there all day on your lock screen until you complete it, that way every time I look at my phone I get reminded!! I really miss that as I have to open the app to check my to do if the reminder time has passed.

Changed my productivity forever. Things on face value, appears to be a very basic app. But as you begin to use the app more, you start to realise the sophistication, design and simplicity make this a killer app. Wishlist- a web app so I can use it at work (PC), the ability to have todays tasks be above projects when in area and widgets to be more reliable on iOS (they show things that you have completed as unfinished).

Upgrade buyer beware. If you are upgrading from Things 2 to Things 3 because they are removing sync support from Things 2 to force you to upgrade, please be aware that this is no longer an integrated application, you are forced to purchase the iPad version separately. It is also really just an interface tweak on Things 2 and does not introduce much new functionality for the price of the upgrade. Disappointing change from a good developer. Use the free apple reminders instead.

Font Size. I downloaded all three versions of the app and I am loving it so far. I do hope, however, that the creators make one improvement soon. It would be really nice if there was an option to change the font size to suit the user’s preference. The iPad and iPhone version of the app uses a font size that is way too large in my opinion. I love the app so far, and so this is just a review with the hope that this small but helpful change can be made.

So far so good. A couple of hours in and I am loving it! Easy to use and intuitive. The tutorial was great. I love being able to see items from my to-dos and my calendar together - that's brilliant for me. Also love the repeat function, and the tags, which are really easy to manage and edit. Come to think of it, everything is quick and easy to do.

Best to-do list app ever!. Well worth the cost. I’ve tried just about every to-do list app in the App Store and this is absolutely the best. There’s only one thing I could suggest to improve it - I’d love to be able to make recurring evening tasks instead of setting them to evening every time the task comes up in Today.

Best To Do & Worth the Money. Was initially hesitant to spend this much money on an app, however for the amount of irritating subscription services and over-the-top ineffective applications out there (I have tried them ALL), I have discovered THINGS is the best option. Pay once and own a straightforward, effective and light to do app that is streamlined and works with iOS perfectly. I cannot do without it and use it daily. Honestly, it is the only thing keeping me tied to an Apple phone. Thankyou to the dev team for the accessible pricing model and the work done to make this app perfect. Please don’t change a ‘thing’.

Helping me get organised. I’ve just started using Things after a friend recommended it. It has been a great help to keeping on track of things coming up and actually getting them done, so it really does do as it says!! I’m still learning about the other features but so far I’m happy to wake up and see the notifications and be reminded of what’s on today.

Not bad. Been using tick tick for a number of years now and though I’d give THINGS 3 ago as you can purchase it outright. So far it’s not to bad. One massive miss for me though is the ability to attach files//images ((unless I’m missing something?). This would improve the app no end as I use this app for projects that I need to save photos and PDF. I know I can add a link to Dropbox etc which I have been doing but that’s just a whole lot of double handling. Thanks for the app though, it looks much prettier than things 2.

Really good. It’s been fantastic. Whenever I think of something that I need to do I just chuck it in inbox. At the end of the day I sift through all the tasks in the inbox and categorize them. At the beginning of the day I select all the tasks I can do that day. It’s really helped me organize my life and become an actual adult.

The launching pad of my day. I use the absolute hell out of this app. By sorting tasks into Projects and then Areas with tags and reminders, my mind is never cluttered and I’m always on track. The Watch app is a huge bonus when I’m doing the grocery shopping or working in the studio when I don’t want distractions. My only request is a Tags area that consolidates tasks by Tag. It’s a bit dumb having to manually type in a Tag to find tasks I’m looking for. Otherwise I’m thoroughly satisfied. Please don’t go to a subscription model like everybody else!

Two steps forward, one step back.. This is an amazing app, but I'm puzzled at the latest Apple Watch complication choices. Branding has been prioritised over usefulness. I'm already using the app, I don't need anyone to sell it to me. For example, on the circular infograph complications, the big Things icon is a checkmark with a progress bar around it. Why isn't that checkmark just a number of remaining items? I already know I'm using Things. Also the middle complication of the Infograph Modular face has gotten less useful for some reason. Now instead of a list of three items, you can only see one, and a progress bar of limited usefulness. It had more value for me to be able to see other items I can complete out of order, than it has for me to see I'm half way through for the day. I like progress bars, but I like actual information much more.

Maybe not. I bought this as a replacement for iOS reminders only because I wanted a useful complication for the Apple Watch. Unfortunately the complication I had hoped to use (infograph, center stage) gives as much space to a big unsightly logo and the text ‘things’ as it does to actual useful info from the app. I’m so unhappy with the way my watchface now looks, that I would just rather go back to iOS reminders. Why not just show me my next two goals instead? Why do I want to see your logo? The progress bar also seems meaningless.

Good app. It is a very good app, but I think you can improve a lot more. Now in order to set the date and time, I need to go to Jump Start, choose or type the date and click the reminder to set the time. That is 3 extra steps. It is way better if I can just type “call John on 12 Nov at 3pm” and the remainder will set to date and time automatically. If you can fix that, this is the die for app. Everything else is just perfect.

Love this! Been looking for years for it!. I’ve tried for literally years to organise my life. But there was never anything suitable from pen and paper classic to every. single. to do list app. All of them. I’ve had things 3 downloaded for awhile but realised I wasn’t using it to its full effectiveness, and now that I am. 100% sticking to it. Currently trialing the Mac version, after trial period at this rate this will be my full organisation system with the Mac version too.

Best app. I never write reviews but felt compelled after using Things 3 for a year. I work for myself and previously used a paper and pen dairy. This app has completely taken over. I can’t say enough about it’s ease of use and ability to change things around or personalise them. Best app for organising your life by far. If I could rate 6 stars out of 5 I would. Keep up the great work. Thankyou.

Developers beware. Undoubtedly the best iOS purchase(s) I have ever made. Amazing. However, if a new version is released without palatable upgrade pricing, I am moving to a competitors product without regret. The developers now have a LARGE AMOUNT of my hard earned money, don’t screw me with an unaffordable update. I love Things, let’s keep it that way!

This is the app I have been waiting for my whole life!. Even in school I used to carry a little note book around with me called ‘Things to do book’. I remember my friends used to think it was hilarious. Well, this app is brilliant and I have tried a lot of productivity apps. I have been an avid Evernote user for years, but this app really helps to clarify my goals and sort out my thoughts and therefore what daily actions I need to take each day. It is expensive, but honestly, I think it is worth it if you are serious about getting more streamlined about your life and need clarity....

Very good but could be better. I love how clean and well designed this app is, however there are a couple things I think would make it perfect. Better integration with other apps such as toggl so that the time spent on tasks can be measured. I would also very much like cross platform support. Perhaps the quickest and simplist wau of doing this would be to have a website that one can log into. And with HTML5 the stunning nature of this app could be preserved across platforms.

Using Things has changed how effective I feel in my life!. I have a lot of these style of apps on my phone and iPad and Apple Watch, by far ‘Things’ stands alone as the simplest way for me to add voice reminders and be so much more effective in achieving my goals. It’s elegant UI, it’s secure and privacy security allows me to use this very handy app across all of my devices, to feel like I have the back up memory to stay on top of errands, duties, bills that sometimes would have slipped past me. It just works for me where all the other apps I have tried to achieve this with failed to keep me engaging them. It’s so simple yet so effective. I really love this Things app and the results that I am getting in all areas of my life by utilising it.

Poor support and price planning. I’ve been using Things 2 for awhile and I’m wondering there is no support for Things 2 it doesn’t look nice in iPhoneX and there is no upgrade plan! You’ll have to buy the new version for full price. And when you buy on one device you’ll have to buy on all other devices otherwise you won’t be able to keep them synced!!! iPad version sold separately!!! Without having more features! It makes sense to sell the mac version separately as it is a different source and binary but for the iPad! It’s same binary or at least it can be! iPad version costs you twice an iPhone version!!! Why?! I’m totally disappointed and looking to find another app out there!

Please don’t ever change ❤️. Native apps. No subscriptions. The original and best task management app for Apple devices. Things apps are best in class. Top shelf. Minimalist design that is functional and beautiful. Not bloated with features. Native apps on all platforms. No subscriptions. I need another subscription like I need a hole in the head. Things is truly top shelf. The best of the best. The product is incredibly fluid to use with a beautiful minimalist interface that never gets in the way. Things is the last of the old guard. At a time when apps like 1Password are turning their back on their Mac roots and switching to Electron and forcing subscriptions. Things is staying classy with gorgeous native apps and one time payments rather forcing subs. I love you Things. Don’t ever change ❤️

So helpful, super intuitive !. I am usually a little hesitant purchasing apps that have an upfront cost as I like to have a look at the interface and then decide to join a subscription. However very glad I did. If you do buy this - take the guide that it initially comes with!! Only then will you be able to understand the usefulness of this app and be able to properly utilise it!

Easy and Comprehensive. I’ve used loads of personal organisers and to-do lists and Things is the easiest to get started with and then to expand how you use it. Use it on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Tell Siri to add items when you think of them. Easy peasy!

Elegant and efficient. After months or even years of deliberating I finally switched from Appigo Todo to Things a few weeks back. Why did I take so long? The decision took a while because I had to transfer hundreds of items manually as Appigo offers no export. Indeed, this was one of the reasons to switch, I don’t like being bound to an app. I have never looked back. Things is brilliant. It works smoothly in the background on desktop and phone, does the job with no fuss and minimal effort, and it’s even pretty to look at. Absolutely love it. I can see that this will be a constant for me for the next decade.

Not too shabby. After years of relying solely on the stock reminders, things 3 can come as a nice refresher for what a to do app can do and look like. What things does better than reminders for me: more granular time settings, there’s no “deadline” and “someday” in reminders. The ability to create to dos through email can also come in handy. It is a bit more complicated to set up recurring events, having to tap the three dots at bottom and finish the setup before exiting a new to do in order to avoid duplicates. Also, not complaining but not a power user and I would never pay thrice for the exact same app just to be able to use cross device. Wish this app continue to stay true to the non-subscription pricing model.

Editable sharing. Hi guys. Just purchased things 3 and love love the app BUT what I didn’t realise is I can’t collaborate my lists with others ( husband) I just assumed I could as all lists really require others inputs. Our lists are travel plans, education plans as well as just stuff we need to get done. Without my husband to build and action on this list in the app really takes out how I need to use it. Huge disadvance to the app and just expected this as a feature. Pls pls look into it as I love the app but it really doesn’t suit me now as these are lists I need us both to own and manage ( modern working family)

Almost perfect but still the best. I love using this app on my Apple Watch, particularly as the large middle complication in the modular watch face because it shows up to three of your next to-do list items. I would love if this complication also showed events as well as the to-do list (e.g. if one of those three spots was reserved for the ‘next calendar event’ if you had an event/appointment for the day) as I currently find myself frequently switching back and forth between watch faces depending on how many events versus tasks I have planned for the day. Nevertheless, this app is still the best organising app I have come across (and I have tried MANY!). If another app did integrate both events and tasks on the same Apple Watch complication, however, I would have to choose that app instead.

Love this app but wish for more colour. Since getting the things app for iPhone, I have switched from OmniFocus2, did not like Omnifocus3. Much prefer the design and logic behind things 3. However after using moleskine’s Actions app I realised what’s missing with things 3. Colours. Coloured areas, coloured actions. It might not be for everyone, but to those of us who have strong visual preference, it means a lot. I still will stay with things 3, but now that I have seen how colours could be used in scheduling, I want more.

Easy to use. Brilliant app. So simple and easy to use while the watch interface is just superb. Such a shame the Mac version is so expensive (I think it’s like 8 times more than this iOS version). Would of enjoyed having a desktop version but at $80 AUD, some of us will just have to miss out :( Other than that, really handy well thought out app

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First week. It’s only been a week and I’m still learning the intricacies. It is easy to use and I got value out of it the first day.

My favourite app. Updated review

ThingsCloud? No thanks.... Why would you require a things cloud account to sync the watch to the iPhone. You are not entitled to my data. Looking for an alternative...

What happened?. This app used to work flawlessly until widgets was implemented. Every time a reminder pops up on my screen as a notification I press it to hit complete and when I go into the application later it does not reflect as if I completed it and sometimes I wonder about some of the tasks that I have done. Apple Watch app works the same way if I complete a task on there it does not reflect as completed on my iPhone.

Optimized app. Really efficient

Zero feature development. This app costs obscene money to buy for iPhone plus Mac and iPad. Yet there are no new features or developments being made. Little to no customization

The only productivity app i keep coming back to. The beauty of Things is in its simplicity. The team over at Cultured Code have been deliberate about not adding too many features too fast. I’ve used everything from Todoist to Omnifocus and Things is the only GTD app that I have reliably used for the last five years as both my professional and personal lives have become more demanding.

Best To Do List App. Absolutely love this app. It is the most useful and efficient to do list app I’ve ever used. It is very intuitive and keeps everything organized. The project and scheduling features keep my list manageable and help me stay focused on what’s important right now without forgetting tasks for later.

Not compatible with other iOS devices. I purchased the Things 3 app for iPhone after Wunderlist was discontinued and I needed a new organization and task management app. $14 for an award winning app seemed reasonable. However, they fail to tell you that this is for the iPhone app only and you would not have access to the iPad app or Mac app, which are separate purchases. It’s another $28 for the iPad app and $63 for the Mac app. So a whopping $100+ for something that most other task organization apps offer for free across all platforms. Their justification is that these apps take more time to develop... what a joke. Just because their app is more aesthetically pleasing, it does not justify needing to pay $100 to use it across all of your devices when you can easily just use a free one. I’m all for supporting developers, but this is excessive.

Best productivity app I've ever used. I am a planner person, I work off lists (analog and digital) all the time and if I don't have my lists, you best believe I'm getting nothing done and feel like a lost puppy. Enter this app: Things, I just purchased it today, entered everything I needed to do (I have my wedding in 5 days!!) and I feel like I can rule the world. I WISH I looked and found this app years ago. It's very streamlined and has absolutely everything I need in terms of list-making, creating projects with notes and their own to-do lists, creating days where a task sits or deadline, repeating tasks, having tags and syncing calendars to the app. It has everything I've ever needed in a productivity app and more that I didn't know would be useful!! I LOVE THIS APP!! Low key hoping it can help me get the rest of my life together :-)

One of favourite apps. I’ve been relying on things to keep my tasks organized for a while. I’m so happy they’ve added markdown support, it was my only complaint. One of my most used apps on mobile and desktop.

Just use Apple’s Reminders app. The layout doesn’t make sense, the Apple Watch integration is unintuitive and you have to buy the app again for an iPad or a Mac. I saw the high ratings and the description sounds good. Basically, you can add tasks to today view in the iPhone and see them in the watch, but the other tasks are not available. If you add a task from the watch, it doesn’t appear on the watch. It just feels like a poor effort. Maybe they don’t own an Apple Watch? Checking recent reviews, I see that the large number of high ratings came earlier. Then I explored Apple’s Reminderss app and found that it is quite powerful now. And everything is accessible on the Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, the way it should be. Update: I checked the Apple Watch help on the website and it just says what I already did. You only see today view, not other tasks and adding after adding a task to the watch, it disappears from the watch. With multiple taps it can be added to today and according to the dev, you can make adding to the today view a default. Anyway, the app isn’t for me and not interested in reinstalling again. Reminders does all that I need and is included for free.

Waste of money. Apple reminder is more powerful. Don’t waste your money. You can’t even add picture inside your notes .You can’t choose past dates for old notes. Not any location options. Apple reminder free and so many options inside.

Almost perfect. I have been searching for a way to combine my “getting things done” productivity world, and my “outliner world” where I plan projects. Things is the closest app I have found to bring these two worlds together in a way that is functional, beautiful and intuitive. I love the tagging, dates, inbox, and headings. The reason I wrote “Almost” perfect is that I want to be able to collapse headings, areas, and notes (under project titles). Without the ability to collapse these the work environment can get cluttered.

App Looks Good. The app has lots of promise, a nice layout, and the features I like. But the functionality of it is limited in that I cannot sync to a windows machine. For that reason I won’t use it as much as I would like.

Ok... It’s ok, very expansive for what you get but better then subscription. I will never pay for a subscription to a to-do list.. paying 100$ plus to have it on all devices is crazy excessive. Would be really nice to have a windows app included, well for another 70$..

Life changing. I don’t say this lightly. This is one of the all-time greatest apps. Huge kudos to no subscription model too.

Easily the best task manager I have ever used. Not only is it filled to the brim with actually useful features, it has such a fluid and clean interface that it is a delight to actually plan my days.

Planification de tâches pour déficit de l’attention: Chose faite.. Merci Things!

Add to iCal. I would rate 5 if there was an add to iCal feature!

Simple, effective & beautifully crafted. Title says it all.

Feedback - calendar. Great app I’d like to see a calendar of the month viewable for people who do shift work and can look into the distance. The 5 day stretch isn’t the greatest for that. If you guys could create a tab at the top of the screen for viewable modes ” To do list l Calendar “ That would be very beneficial to shift workers or others who can see the whole schedule as a whole similar to Google calendars. Otherwise great app thanks!

iPad app is twice the price. Beware - get comfy on your iPhone, and you’ll have to pay double again for the iPad version. Slimy. There is no point to this without location triggers. Stock iOS Reminders is superior. Your cloud harvesting service is also creepy.

Restore this option. I used to be able to have Things open with Today. However, now it opens at the full menu list. Please restore my original option. I am unable to get it in Settings.

An app that deliver. I guess it’s a like all German design. It’s respond to functions. A great app that does more with plenty of well integrated practical features. The Ui is super simple which make a gentle learning curve. I look forward to see the result of my daily use of this list app in my personal and professional life and activities.

Perfect, but the markdown implementation? :(. Love the app, use it everywhere on a daily basis for years. Was really happy to see markdown being implemented after waiting for it for so long! But I can’t stand the fact they deliberately decided to keep the markdown syntax visible. Makes the text so unpleasant that takes a bit of Things’ elegance away - so much so I’m only using listing. My OCPD can’t stand the rest.

Apple Watch support. I’d really love to be able to switch between lists on my Apple Watch instead of only being able to see “Today”

Logbook feature request. I love it. One suggestion I have is a setting to be able to clear the logbook after a chosen period of time, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, manually.

Formidable. Bravo. Marc 2020-08-01

Widgets. Please make the widgets on dark mode nicer

Few things I wish they would add. It’s ok but I wish 1) there was a way to add headings to a list; not just a project. 2)Also, I wish that undone items from Today would roll to the next day if not checked off. 3)I would really like to be able to add attachments to projects.

App is working great. So far no complaints about this app. I read the first part of “Getting Things Done” by Dave Allen and the concept of capturing ideas and then following the process. I’ve got a lot of things going on and this app has kept me very organized. For years I was using a paper scheduler day to day, that showed the week and the month but things would change and over the years I didn’t even have enough room to write everything down. This app has just been amazing for my workflow. Next mission is to find a notes app for more detailed things I’m thinking and everything will be fantastic. Shoutout to the team who created this app!

Like it!. Playing with app on and off for a few days and I think I can centralize so many things! This could be a life changer! The cost seems rather high and unreasonable to not share across platforms, so loses a star.

Tools needed for 5 stars:. 1) We should have some Colour coding ability added with regards to headings, tags, search, etc. 2) sort the today list manually when you have headings present

The best. For a TODO there is no better I have been using Things since the beginning of its creation and they have always look after it for us thank you so so much think team for looking. After it and to not have made it a subscription

So promising but Apple Watch app useless. This is a really great implementation of the getting things done way of time management. And if an app is good, I can justify spending the money for multiple platforms. However, in an ecosystem where stuff “just works”, getting Things to sync with your Apple Watch is nigh on impossible. Upgrade iOS install uninstall; what is this, Windows-level troubleshooting? Love the app on every platform, but highly disappointed with the pretty much useless iPhone “sync”.

So far so good. I am new to this app but so far I really like what I see.!!

Amazing. This is the best to do app out there. I was looking for a replacement to OmniFocus because their prices were absolutely ludicrous and I stumbled on Things 3. It does almost everything OmniFocus does but it is much easier to use and looks great! Not only that but one can buy Things3 for a reasonable 1 Time purchase. I am very happy with things 3. The only thing I would do to improve it would be to add headings in the areas section and to have headings in general collapse. That and offer the ability to have tags as a separate section. These improvements do not diminish Things 3 in any way, but are potential enhancements that will give customers everything they need so that they never have to even look at any other terrible subscription based apps (OmniFocus) claiming to help with GTD but actually wasting their time and money. Bravo Developers you have yourself a fan. I am going to purchase the iPad version of the app sometime as well because you have not tried to screw your customers over with terrible overpriced subscription models.

Beautiful app!. Been using Things on all my devices for years. It’s excellent!

Simplicity at its Best. It’s the minimalism of the design that makes this app so wonderful. You get in, you get out! There isn’t a bunch of bells and whistles in your face distracting you or causing information overload. A great add-on feature code be a weekly review, you set the day of the week to initiate it and on that day you cycle through your projects and tasks to make edits and updates. OmniFocus has this feature and it’s quit nice.

Best App Ever. This app is great, helps keeping life more organized.

Fairly good but missing some features. I have tried many task management apps, from simple checklists all the way to very complex ones, and Things3 lands in the middle. It is certainly more capable than a basic checklist, it has a number of nice features, and a nicely crafted UI/UX. It is a definite plus that the app is one-time-purchase as opposed to a subscription like so many others have become. (Some apps are worthy of being a subscription but a to-do list isn't one of them.) On the other hand it is missing some other features that are now standard in other to-do apps. It also lacks some basic features that would benefit most users and not complicate the user experience at all. Unfortunately the company behind the app is notably quiet about features it is considering, working on, or that have even been put on a ‘roadmap’. This approach is a shame when many other similar apps/services are more communicative & transparent these days. TLDR; All in all, watch the promo videos for Things3 and be aware that that is all are getting before you buy. It is pretty good but it has limitations.

almost perfect. needs a note option without to do lists, for within todos with more formatting abilities. love using this app for ideas and lists for christmas and daily needs though!

Amazingly useful app. Things can be used in a simple manner or in as complex manner as you wish. It is a very powerful app. Thoroughly recommended! Don't hesitate to use Things.

Love the app but why no iCloud??. I love the new things app. However, please bring back the option to backup to iCloud instead of your own servers.

Keep it up. Got a bug. I started using it again and I’m loving it. Protect the speed! Bug: Adding new to-do from safari by share just disappeared.

Incredible for personal task management!. Stellar app. There are none better for personal task management. Here are some things I love about Things 3: 1. Scheduling tasks and projects is incredibly intuitive and easy. Timeblock with Apple Calendar with simple drag and drop, and schedule tasks by dragging them onto the Upcoming view. 2. Intuitive keyboard navigation. It’s fast: You don't need a mouse for anything! 3. Area / Project / Header organization. You can add descriptions to projects, and organize projects and tasks in an intuitive way. You can't do this in many task managers. 4. Project completion indicators 5. When / Due Dates for projects and tasks. 6. Quick task, website, and email entry to the Inbox. So smooth. 7. Inbox / Today / Upcoming / Anytime / Someday / Logbook smart folders 8. Calendar integration. No other task managers do it so well. It seems obvious after you've used it. 9. It's beautiful, pleasant to use, and just has incredible design. However, I wish it had collaboration built-in. I would like for my wife and I to only use Things 3 to manage our personal lives and household, but unfortunately we also have to use Todoist for collaboration, which introduces a lot of unnecessary redundancy and friction. A lot of personal tasks and projects end up being scattered between the two, which sort of defeats the purpose of a personal task manager. For instance, I'm always having to delegate tasks to my wife, update them after the fact, and check-in on how they're going. She also has to do the same for me. Delegation often requires native file attachments. And there’s just no easy way to do any of these in Things 3. For example, I create a project in Things 3 complete with some notes, headers, some tasks, and some key resources (links to files). I then have to convert them to text, send them over to my wife via text message or email, and the project organization is basically lost. My wife then has to copy and format all this information into her task manager, and ask to be granted access to the file attachment links (for each link). If I want to update a task or project, I have to send her another text message and the process repeats again. There’s also no way I can find out how a project is going without texting her again. There’s just so much wasted time and friction collaborating in Things 3. So we need to use a mixture of Todoist, and Things 3 to manage our personal tasks, which is definitely a lot harder than if everything were to be managed in Things 3. Anyway, great app, I'm happy to support them. I just wish they would introduce collaboration and native file attachments. Also, the markdown could be tweaked to be more visually appealing.

Great app. This is coming from a productivity geek. I use it on iPhone and Mac. I like the integration with Airmail too. I wish the font wouldn’t keep getting smaller on an email chain but otherwise I’m pleased. Steven in support helped me quickly with a question I had after an update.

So far so good. Testing the app and so far so good. Paid for the iPhone version. Mac trial is 15 days and the sync works. Really enjoy the feel of the iPhone app and entries on the Mac with plenty of support for efficient keyboard entry. I started task management with Remember the Milk and been using OmniFocus for years. They each work differently. Finding that I am engaged really well with Things 3 so far. In general I really like the composition of the app with areas, projects, tasks and checklists - it’s very straightforward. My plan is to use the iPhone and Mac apps for two weeks and see how I like it. Oh - re pricing - one benefit is family sharing seems to be available - so if this keeps working for me I can share with my family members - and unlike OmniFocus or RTM I feel the app will be manageable as a task app for all.

A Masterpiece of UX Design!. Happened across Things in the story about featured iOS 13 apps, and so happy I did. To all the people at Cultured Code: thank you. What truly sets this task management app apart from everything else is the incredible attention paid to every aspect of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Everything has a purpose, and functionality is never duplicated. Every interaction and gesture feels natural and makes sense. There is no fluff, no hidden features, or tools looking for a purpose. The iconography in the UI is just perfect, there’s never any confusion about what anything does. It just works. As an adult with ADHD running a business, keeping organized is something I’ve struggled with for years. Previous to trying Things, I was using a combination of the native iOS Calendar (synced to google calendar), Notes, Reminders, and also carried a pencil and notebook for quick notes/sketches/planning/collaboration. Things basically takes all of the useful parts of those apps and integrates them in a seamless and effortless way. I can just open it up and start throwing in tasks. I can easily drag and drop those tasks to the right category. If a task needs additional info I just tap it and start adding notes, or if it is something easily broken up into smaller chunks another tap and I can quickly add a sub-list to it. Task turned a little more complex than some notes and a list can comfortably handle? Just tap convert to project and bam now that task is a project that can hold its own tasks each with its own notes and/or lists. The best part of Things though really has to be how unobtrusive it is. Nothing ever gets in the way. It does exactly what you want it to, and makes those planning tools exceptionally easy so you’ll actually use them.

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Finally found something that just works!. I can’t tell you how many ToDo list apps I’ve tried to use over many years but trying to make them work stressed me out more than trying to keep things going. This one just works. It’s like it knows what I want and just does it. It can be simple and be great but I am discovering things all the time that make it perfect. Use to think of things in the middle of the night first thinking I’d remember in the morning - NOT. Now still in bed I can say Hay Siri in Things remind me to ### and it will be in my inbox in the morning. I can stop thinking about it and go back to sleep.

Great app with some downfalls. Let me start off by saying this is a fantastic task managing application. That being said, it is really only catered to iOS and MacOS. So if you use windows don’t expect any kind of web client. Furthermore there is also large pay walls to this application. You will have to purchase the iOS app, iPad app, and the macOS app. You’re looking at upwards of $30 spent on a task manager that is arguably missing key features that free task manager apps offer. For one it doesn’t have a dark mode, you can’t set task priority, no multiple reminders on tasks or reminders on sub tasks and the biggest one, no windows support. This is a great app but if you’re looking for an application that can handle multiple platforms without a hitch then i would look towards TickTick or Todoist.

I like the simplicity. It’s a great app to get things done without being bogged down with too much complexity. I like the clean interface. A good app to plan your day shouldn’t take more time to deal with than actually doing what’s on your list and this app delivers. Planning is important, but so is actually taking action. I always feel elated when I can check something off, it makes me feel good. With this app, I actually get to check off things and know I had a productive day. I only downloaded the iOS version to start, because there was no free trial and it’s a little pricey, but now I plan to buy the Mac version soon, regardless of the price. Nice work and thanks :).

Big Things missing.. It’s good. Pretty. But, just good. No collaboration. None. You can share your things with people and it sends it in a big text. They also offer a sync option, that is free (for now), and if you wanna collabo, then you have to sign in to the same account on two devices. That is super lame and I know that things knows this, cause why else would you offer this weird sync thing for things? I really do like paying up front for an app. This is a good model. I am going to keep things installed and I will keep adding to this weird list thing that doesn’t seem to be helping me with planning out my giant honey-do list and collaborating on it with my amazing wife. I’m trying to bring her in on this thing, things. It’s just not working though. Maybe I’m using the wrong app for my needs and I get that. This app is pretty tho. Like reallly pretty. I just want to find it as useful as it is pretty. Crossing my fingers for some serious rethinkin’ on collaboration. 🤞🏼 Edit - while I still have things installed, I’m not really using it anymore. I am using Todoist (free version) and am able to collaborate with my incredible and awesome wife. I’m still holding out hope for things cause I’m pretty sure I’d pick it over Todoist if it had collabo. Exporting your things from things into other apps is a nightmare btw. I’m starting to wonder what things is for besides looking nice.

Apple Watch can only see today’s list??. So, I happily spent $30 for both iPhone & iPad versions of this app, and then hours moving reminders and to-dos over to it. I thought it would be a great app to keep those things all in one place. I however would not have done that if I knew I wouldn’t be able to access any of my lists (shopping list in particular) from my watch. I do realize I can move any list over to “today” but why on earth can’t I just go directly to my other lists? Shortcuts don’t work. They go straight to “today” no matter the programming. Now I’m back to using this app for reminders (which I could just use the free Apple app instead), and another app for shopping and to-do lists. $30 not well spent at all. I really hope y’all fix this.

iOS app is crashy. I love Things 3. I use it religiously on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro to keep my life in order. This is a review specific to stability of the iOS version. This app crashes a lot—around five full crashes per week. The main one occurs when I open the app in the morning to review my Today list. It’ll say something like “You have seven new tasks today” in yellow. If I hit Okay, there’s a good chance it crashes. Similarly if I open the app and rapidly check something off. There are other bugs too: I’ve had a few situations where the checkboxes are missing from the list of tasks and when I try interacting with a task the app crashes. I do love Things, and these don’t stop me from using it. Rather, they severely detract from an otherwise beautiful experience.

Excellent task manager that’s close to perfect. I’ve been using Things on my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and overall, I have been extremely pleased with the form, UI and sync reliability. Pros: I’ve used other task managers that will occasionally stop pushing changes till I spend some time troubleshooting. With Things, this has never been an issue. Like many have pointed out, the interface and gestures are very sleek and minimal, which makes a fantastic user experience. Cons: Although I love my UI to be minimal, I do wish we had an option to show the tags assigned to each task in the Today view, rather than having to type in the search to filter them. Also, I love the idea of calendar integration but it feels too tucked away at the top, I often forget I have events unless I have the calendar app open. And finally, having some method of labeling priority would be perfect! I use the tags at the moment for this, but again, I need to “filter” by tag in order to view them, which then slows down my productivity level.

First impressions of Things 3. Bought the Things desktop, iPad and IPhone apps today. Was able to login to things cloud to get my Things 2 data imported and deleted the old applications. Trying to use Things 3 on The iPhone is unbearable when the calendar view is enabled. It takes 10 seconds after you launch the application for anything to show on the screen. After that, it took an average of 73 seconds for the app to be usable. The screen was frozen, I couldn’t add, change or mark items completed. I couldn’t scroll down on my list of things to do until the calendar came up. Trying to navigate back from the Today category to other categories took over a minute and then navigating back to the today category took over three and a half minutes to populate the today list again and even then it wouldn’t scroll with finger movements without hanging. Disabling the calendar view fixed the speed issues, but leaves a dialogue box on the today screen asking you to allow Things to access the calendar. Would recommend that they have that option configurable to remove the dialogue box and put that in the settings. I haven’t had time to test the iPad app or the desktop app yet but my initial impressions are that Things 3 iPhone app needs more work.

Powerful, Beautiful and Intuitive. Beautifully designed and intuitive to use, this app could have come straight from Apple. I absolutely love looking at it, which is important from a organizational app, and has become integral to my daily routine. Where I used to find myself forgetting to do boring tasks through out the day, this tool keeps me on track. I’ve tried a variety of options through out the years and this one, to me, combines simplicity of design with power of functionality better than any other. The only improvement I would like to suggest to developers is the ability to add pictures to tasks.

Very Basic and Blah. I’ve been using 2Do for several years but they haven’t updated it in a while and it seems like it’s abandoned. So I decided to drop the $9.99 and try Things 3. I knew coming in that it wasn’t on par with any of the other top task managers in terms of features but I was absolutely shocked at how basic this app actually is. I’m not even sure what else to say because it doesn’t do anything worthwhile. I see reviews about how simple it is to use and the design is so clean. It’s so clean and simple because there’s nothing to it! And don’t even get me started about repeating tasks. Why can’t I decide if it’s a repeating task when I create the task? I have to create the task, save it, then go back in to repeat it? I am going back to 2Do. Update: Still not that good. Actually it’s a waste of money. Way too simple for what it pretends to do.

Good, but could be great.. I’ve been through most todo apps. I downloaded this, tried it for a week, then had to switch back to 2Do. The app is missing crucial elements like the ability to set repeating reminders outside of numbered time frames. For example, you can repeat every x days, weeks, months, etc but not, say, every Tuesday and Thursday every 2 weeks. It also has no location based reminders, which the developers don’t seem to provide good reason for. Finally: there are no reasonable ways to attach things or url extensions easily. Even adding basic support to link a contact later so you can make a reminder like “text Steve later” and have that launch messages is something other apps can do. Overall it is a beautifully designed app, but until it’s functions match 2Do I can’t justify purchasing any more of the suite.

Not intuitive: It’s hard to input alarms and tags. 2 of us have been using Things for several months on iPhone and iPad on a regular basis. However it’s still quite cumbersome to enter a simple task we want put in the right bucket...and for it to even show up on our radar! It is not quick or easy to see or input alarm times, or tags. I don’t like the way it hides to dos so easily (yet some groups I can’t I hide that I don’t want to delete - like their tips). The view of the categories is too BIG. We should also be able to make all tasks under it pull down in one list and show all the time or hit a button to hide them. The tags are annoying!!!!! It should work like file folders but doesn’t. For example I have tags for: Who - Me - Child A - Child B - Grandma etc Action - lap top - online - car - phone call Etc I don’t want to see every single item unless I click on the parent tag!!!! This makes it hard to do quick tasks also and keep them organized. To organize them in things everything takes way to long! Poor interface. WAy too expensive for what it is! I bought Thibgs for ipads, IPhone, + and imac!!! Why all these rave reviews??!

Best Possible Task Manager. There is no denying that this is undeniably the best task manager that anyone could purchase. It is unequivocally worth every penny. You can use it as simply, or complexly, as you choose, and even within its complexity, the UI is seamlessly simple. I only have one draw back, and truly, it is a minuscule critique. I would find a way for deeper calendar integration, allowing the user to create calendar events, through Things, that are reflected in the native calendar app. That being said, I simply create large-block calendar events, regarding the main idea, and then I flesh out all of my ideas, tasks, and notes within Things. I could clearly go on, and on, so I’ll end this with SHUT UP AND GO BUY IT! 🤙

Changed My Relationship to the Word “Responsibility”. It’s the weirdest feeling, but I actually LIKE responsibilities now! With Things I tell myself “I GET to do this...” even if it’s not all that interesting. There’s something about the way it’s designed that makes it truly remarkable for the user. This company clearly takes pride in what they do. This app is by far the most inspiring tool I’ve ever used. Life can be challenging, but Things makes it infinitely more fun and engaging. I feel like I’m playing a video game while using it. I’ve had so many disparate ways of managing my responsibilities, and to think that I could actually find an app to use on my phone to sync my priorities into one place seemed like a bad idea since I already spend so much time on it. But the time I spend on Things is easily the best use of my time throughout the day, and I’m always thinking of how to use it more intelligently. I am so grateful for this app and I really hope to use it for the rest of my life. Seriously. Keep it up guys!!!

Extremely Well Designed Tasks App. I rarely write reviews. When I do, it’s to highlight a product or service that exemplifies excellence. Things 3 is as close to perfection as a Tasks app can get. I run a busy computer services business. Things 3 is an important tool in my productivity suite, as important as Commit, my PSA tool, and Quickbooks, my accounting tool. I feel in control and organized. I am not forgetting tasks for clients and family. Things ensures I get them done. The only feature I would love to see is a Windows app. I know they won’t do it, but I don’t hold it against the authors. Still, I would welcome one and gladly pay to license it.

Would be 10+ stars with just one added feature. I have use this app for as long as I can remember, I have it for my iPhone, iPad, and computer. It is simply the best to-do and organizational app out there. None beat it and I tried them all. The only thing it is lacking is the ability to share a to do list with another Things user. I should be able to share a to do list with my husband (for example)i f he has a Things account too. The lack of this feature is, unfortunately, making me look elsewhere. Please, please add this feature ASAP. I'm not sure why after all these upgrades and versions, it still doesn't have the feature to simply share a list or project with another person and work collaboratively.

Completions dates. I would love it if you're able to mark completion with the date you finished. I finished my task but didn't mark it all the way finished. The next day I woke up I noticed the bubble needed to be marked. So I marked it but it showed I completed for the day I marked it and not the day before. I’m doing the same task that was completed on today again because I have it set for everyday. Now when I complete my new task it’s actually going to say I finished both tasks today. Please make a way that if we completed a task but forgot to mark it. That we can go back and out the date we actually completed the task. Thanks.

Not good for mixed environments. I use an iPhone and a PC in combination. I thought this would be OK, but as I started using Things3 I found the restriction of working only on my phone added too much friction to my lists and I stopped using it. I also found Things3 to be sluggish when loading new data sets, like Upcoming or sub-lists. This also added friction that would be better eliminated. That said, I really like the design of the product, and if I only used Mac products I would gladly have purchased it for all environments and been very satisfied. If “all Apple” describes your technology, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, I would advise using a different “to do” program that allows use on all of your devices not just your phone.

Please allow lists to be shared. I love this app. The design is clean and functional, it’s packed with features, but user friendly and easy to get started. I only have one request: shareable lists! This app is better than wunderlist, and waaaaay better than reminders (even with the iOS 13 update) but both of those apps have the ability to share lists, something I find very useful for a family list with my wife for managing our home and our two kids, and sharing lists with my teams at work. It’s the only thing missing from this wonderful app. Add it, and I’ll gladly change this review to 5 stars. Don’t add it, and I’ll continue loving your product (just not as much).

Simplistic and Powerful. I love the Things app! I’ve kept it longer than any other productivity app, and the Apple Watch integration is a major part of it. The ability to grab tasks thrown at me and keep them is vital, as I often have a million take coming to me before I can write them down or organize them in my head, let alone remember them! While I like the ability to email my tasks, I wish I could just have the app on my PC, so options outside of Apple would be helpful. I’d also love if part of the view could incorporate the Eisenhower Matrix as a graphic organizer, maybe with the tags we already use within the app. I love this app! Well done! 😍

The best out there…. I’ve tried most if not all the popular apps. This is by far the best of them. It perfectly balances simplicity with functionality and its generously sprinkled with suave style. Really. I kid you not. If I would summarize my review down to two words it would be “simple elegance”. When you condense an app down to its purest form, very few apps render down to those two words. This one does. I use this to capture tasks, everything from complex multi step projects like installing a cam in your car to keeping a running list of things I need to buy at stores like a hardware store or a grocery store. When I’m at the store I pop open the list and make sure I’m not missing anything. If you tend to get bored of todo apps easily try this one. It’s the last todo app you’ll ever need or want. The best part is, it’s not a rental so it doesn’t slowly bleed you dry every month. Oh, the devs are very responsive to your suggestions or if you have any issues. Awesome work guys. I really love this app!

Wonderful app!. I got Things 3 to help keep myself organized while finishing University. It is a wonderful app and very aesthetically pleasing! Well done! I am very pleased with this app! It has been easy to learn and use! Thank you! My suggestions after a few weeks with it: Have some integration with the Calendar app or Fantastical to generate to-do’s when you create an event in the calendar and vice-versa. Also with subscribed calendar feeds. My school automatically generated a calendar feed for us to subscribe to that shows assignment due dates. That would be awesome if Things would generate to-do’s and due dates based on that. Basically, the more integration with Calendar or Fantastical, the better!

Fantastic app, needs some work. I use Things every day and with all my reminders, but imo the lack of a calendar view can hurt the experience. Right now the only way to see future reminders is in upcoming view, which is fine, but going back and forth between today's view and upcoming view can be a real nuisance and take up much time since you can’t drag a reminder from today and just drop it in another date. for that, you need to change the date on the reminder’s setting which can be frustrating when there are a lot of them. With a proper calendar view though, this would be a non-issue. And aside from that, it would make seeing future reminders so much easier.

Hideous Calendar Layout. I want to like this app because it contains some truly good features. The calendar layout is sloppy, and it borders on being lazy. Firstly, all of the information is bunched together with no separation between each event. The calendar list just feels rushed. Other applications in the App Store for far less at least ensure that their calendar items are aligned with one another - Things does not. My gripe might seem minor to most; however, visual aesthetics are important to me. If the calendar isn’t important, the app allows you to hide it. Question is, why would the developers deny users the ability to create spacing and align the list?

Best todo app. I have used them all instill use todoist at work as I am all pc and collaborate with others. But this app is so good if it’s share output was a little cleaner and the log could filter what I complete in a week I would use this for work as well it’s that good. Being able to set a deadline and reminders finally. Also love that repeated events don’t stay there in the way they go to the next time they are repeated why do so many todo apps get this wrong. I love areas and projects and lists very clear and concise with lots of options. Works great and the interface is beautiful with animations and thoughtful design. Keep up the great work guys.

I Like it!. An intelligent and smartly designed feature-packed GTD/ Task Mngt app that promotes productivity through simplicity-Well Done Guys! For that, this app gets a 5 for Task Mngt in my view. The total freedom and flexibility to manage and navigate inside the native app is ‘Points on the Board’. And, then being able to import emails and other Mind-Mapping Projects/Tasks directly into Things 3 as To-Do’s is a Home-Run in my book! The Project Mngt aspect of Things however only gets a 3 rating. The addition of basic attributes needed in managing project and event-like activities to include start/finish dates for sub-tasks, dependancies, attachments option available in the notes field coupled with basic views such as Calendar, Gantt, Kanban, TimeLine etc would a value based features for those of us that benefit from the visual perspectives and situational awareness these views bring. The above said, I’ still use Things 3 as ‘Central Station’ for integrating all my calendars and various Task app activities. That would not be my choice without the excellent design and interface Things 3 provides. Again, in that respect Things 3 gets a solid two thumbs-up. Thanks guys!! Bill

Love the new version. Been a Things user since way back in the mists of time; Things 3 brings clarity and freshness back to how clear Things felt at 1.0 (when iOS was heavy and my list of Things was still small). Well done! Honest: just yesterday, I wrote a review asking for collapsible Areas, and today they roll out the feature. Talk about responsive developers! (Obviously, kidding; I’m sure that took a lot of thought and work: thank you!) The implementation of hiding Areas is great; the modification to the icon in collapsed state, and the animation in and out of it, are perfect. (I do wish on Mac I could option-open or option-close to open or close all.) I’d love to also see headings in Areas, and Undo everywhere. Maybe support for Shake to Undo? I'm not a huge fan of shaking my phone around in the air like a lunatic, so I suppose the method is less important than the result, but some universal method for Undo is really needed; I’ve had a few errant taps that deleted or moved something I didn’t mean to, and the time to try to remember what that was and fix it is just lost time. Please? Undo? Overall, excellent app, refinements just keep making it better. Yay!

Beware before importing tasks. I wish there was a trial version. I paid the app fee and was getting to know the app. I thought it would sync with my Reminders app and then sync with my outlook account. Tasks I created did not end up in the outlook app. I imported tasks into Things 3 and all tasks were marked as completed in the Reminders app and subsequently my Outloon account. The dates and times of those tasks did not import in the Things 3 app. I'm now going to screenshot the imported tasks, delete this app and then redo the tasks in the Reminders app. If I was using this app on my phone and not trying to sync with reminders and outlook, I would really like this app. I do like the upcoming view and being able to see a list of upcoming tasks and events sorted by months. It was not hard to enter a task.

A bit overrated and expensive.. Expensive when you consider you need to pay separately for iPhone, iPad and osx. Most todo apps at least include all ios versions. To get this on your phone and iPad you'll end up paying $30. Why? They're the same OS. Apple watch complication also needs some work. Right now its just a shortcut to the app with no relevant information. I used Clear for many years and it is by far a simpler app without all the functionally but waaaaay more fun to use and unique. Also cheaper and takes care of all devices. Sometimes I feel like I'm spending more time creating todo lists in this app than actually getting things done. If you don't have an apple watch consider something like Google keep. Enough functionality to compete with this this app, syncing on all decices and free.

Almost Perfect. I can’t stress how useful, simple, and amazing this app is for me. I have tried many, including Todoist. Things 3 blows all of them out of the water in almost every aspect. The only reason I am not giving it 5 starts is in hopes the developers add a rewards/tracking feature. The more you input/keep up with your tasks, the more you level up. I’m sure this was on the board and was likely a trade-off made for simplicity. Yet it can always be added as an option, for those that like to have this. I personally want it because it keeps me motivated. I would say that is the only thing Todoist has over Things 3. If this feature is added, this app becomes without a question not only 5 starts, but the best of its kind.

Task Creation Date?? Repeat feature fix. 1) Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to see when you created a task. If there is please share. If not, please add this feature. Also perhaps a “date edited”. So “date created” and “date edited”. 2) When creating a task (tapping the + or using Force Touch in app icon) there is no way to set it to repeat. You can only do that after you create the task, which is a pain especially if you add a date to it. Because then you have to search for the task, find it, then go in and set a repeat. JUST ADD THE REPEAT OPTION WHEN CREATING A NEW TASK. 3) Lower the Mac OS price. I run Things on iPhone and iPad and refuse to pay $50 so end up having to grab my phone when I’m on my Mac and need to create a task I thought of.

Not functional enough to be purchased. Unfortunately I jumped into using Things without trying the free desktop version first. After spending time setting up my task management system and entering tasks I realized I was unable to check a repeating item as complete prior to the date the repeat was set as. For instance I wanted to complete the repeating items that were to come due during a two week vacation in advance so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them while on vacation but Things does not allow this to be done. I checked in with technical support and they stated they hoped to someday provide functionality for checking off repeating events prior to the day they are set to repeat on but at this time it is not possible. I paid $50 for the desktop and $10 for the app and all I can say is this program isn’t worth using and is not ready for release even though it’s been out for years. SMH.

Worth the Money!. I never write app reviews but this one is well worth the time. Easy to use. Easy to figure out. Not complicated like other productivity apps I have tried. Allows integration with iPhone calendar and widgets. I highly recommend it. It allows the user to keep it simple or go in-depth with check lists, tasks and/or projects. I like that you can personalize it to your own experience and your own needs. It’s not a one size fits all app that leaves you wanting more. I was leery of the price tag at first but for the cost of two Starbucks drinks I feel like my busy life is better managed. Thank you for making a great app.

Great app but for me, missing connectivity. There’s no doubt that Things is an amazing application and well thought out. For my workflow, I’d really like the ability to work on tasks with others. Currently, you can only send a list. You can’t collaborate. Also. I love the “evening” feature BUT you can’t include it with your repeatable todos. So each day that I have to manually assign my evening todo to the “evening” category. This should get fixed. Another suggestion: be able to use natural language in the main section of the todo. Currently you have to first select the calendar picker to do this. And, while on the subject of the calendar picker- let’s have a “tomorrow” button in addition to the others. Now, those are my suggestions, but there are many, many things that are great in this app. Hopefully some of my other wants will be included in a future release.

Intuitive and helpful. After trying a number of different to-do apps, I found that Things 3 works best for me. It’s clean, easy to use, and the way you can organize makes so much sense. I also appreciate that you can sync it with other apps, including my calendar. I’d strongly recommend this app to artists that have multiple projects and deadlines. Plus it’s not an eyesore like other apps. The only things I wish they would add is a photo feature. It would be so helpful to add sketches/documents to my projects. Also wish there was a student discount for the mac version! Either way I’ll be saving up in the mean time :)

Love it… Just one thing. I love this app so much. It keeps me very organized and one you get the hang of how it works everything is very simple. I’ve been using it on my phone and Apple Watch for a few months and there is only one complaint I have. I know the version for Apple Watch is very new but I really wish that you could add a to do using the scribble feature instead of dictation. I would love to use this to keep track of my assignments when I am in class but the dictation feature is not ideal for that seeming as it isn’t exactly acceptable to talk to your wrist in the middle of a lesson. Anyways I hope to see this feature in further updates but for now I am still very satisfied.

Almost the Best!. Things 3 is great at what it does. I love the organization, simplicity, and how polished it looks. Things 3 is almost the best. For me it needs a web browser version so badly! Lots of people like me use Apple products at home and Windows at work. Which would be fine if we could manage our Things 3 in a browser! Then we could use it on any device and manage our workflow better. This is a great app, clearly developed well, but for this price it needs a web browser component in my opinion. I love the pay once feature but if I pay that price I want to use it on more than just Apple devices. If this feature gets added I am sold!

Two features that can improve this amazing app. I have recently bought this app. I believe that this is a great app and I love it. However compared to other simillar apps there are two suggested features which can improve this app. these are simple but really effective. The first suggested feature is playing a completion sound. In fact, based on researches, when by ticking a task, a completion sound is played, your brain releases Dopamine which leads to a habit of getting things done. The second suggested feature could be displaying a date and time at the top of the Today’s list. These two suggested features will make this app awesome if you consider them for the following updates. I wish the best for you.

Intuitive, Flexible, and Rewarding. I used to have the original Things on my phone, but with a new phone and account, I decided to upgrade to Things 3 (as it’s the only Things that’s currently available). It’s a bit of a steep price compared to what I’m used to on the App Store, but every cent was worth it. Things 3 is remarkably intuitive - it’s very simple, simpler than it ever was in even Things 1, to get down a task that expresses exactly what you want it to. It’s also very flexible - the deeper you dive into it, the more little tricks you find to be able to customize your tasks endlessly, so you can make your workflow work for you. Finally, the app is surprisingly rewarding. Checking items off a list is a fun feeling in and of itself, but Things elevates that feeing with progress bars filling, notifications ticking down, and satisfying animations that complement every accomplishment you make. I highly recommend Things 3 to anyone interested in managing their work and lives a bit better.

Excellent with just one suggestion!. I love this app, it really helps to keep on top of things! However, I have just one suggestion (if it’s not already implemented). I’d like to be able to change when the day “starts” from the settings. I work most days until midnight, so I’d appreciate the option to change when the day “starts” to 5:00 a.m. or so, that way my work from the previous day doesn’t get stacked with my recurring tasks the next day at midnight, to give myself the gratifying feeling of checking everything off my to-do list at the end of the day. Still, I love and recommend this app!

Game Changer!. I read someone else’s review that said this app was a game changer, and it is. My work load used to consist of two projects. Now I have eight. Balls were getting dropped. I needed to get SUPER organized. My brain did not have the bandwidth. Things comes with a practical tutorial to get you started. It’s easy and FUN to learn and use. This is the best $10 I’ve spent in a very long time. Again like another reviewer, I rarely write a review, but felt I owe it to this company for offering such a wonderfully designed app that has changed the way I work and live. For my situation, Things is not just helpful, it’s vital. I recommend Things with highest praise (and thanks).

Things 3 means more productivity. I’ve used this app for almost a week and so far I’m noticing that I’m more productive than ever. I like that it gives me my to-do list every morning. I can also set up specific reminders to make sure I get the essential things done. And I’ve been able to tackle mini projects through it. Even though it displays my calendar events, I wish it could also serve as a calendar such that I don’t need to go to my actual calendar to schedule appointments or events that aren’t projects or to-do’s. Also, it would be great if the projects were displayed on a timeline. The pie chart icon is nice but it’s not really the same in terms of showing where you are in the project.

Finally! A tool that can organize everything in my head. I have tried SO many to-do tools including heavy-duty paid ones like Asana, HubSpot, Jira. I've tried paper Kanan boards and bullet journals and they were all so complicated and messy and things fell off my plate, stickies got lost, white board notes for erased. I'm a freelancer with multiple clients, all with a set of to-dos. I also am renovating a house, am a mom of two, and am writing a book. I was paying for expensive tracking software and nothing was working until I found this tool. I only wish I had found it years ago! This app blows other to-do trackers out of the water in its ability to take my (literally) hundreds of to-dos, organize them in a meaningful way, and hold me accountable to finish them all by resurfacing them, repeating tasks, and reminding me. The only thing that would make it better is a web version where you can see your to-dos while you're at a computer so you can track stuff on your screen while you're at work. Can't say enough about this app!

Finally it has dark mode!. It’s gorgeous, and it keeps getting better! But I do have a bunch of recommendations. - Needs a button for "tomorrow" in the calendar. At the end of a day, I like to organize my thoughts about what I should do the following day. So a tomorrow button would be incredibly helpful! - Wrap long items to next line. The "..." doesn't help! This would greatly help me to quickly see what I need to finish for the day. - When a list of checklist items are exported from another app, they aren't imported as to-do items in Things. Import & exporting still need some improvements. - Projects should have colors to help distinguish them apart. That way, the different types of things that I need to finish each day are easier to identify. - Also, instead of pie charts, custom icons (like Ulysses) would be SWEET! Pie charts are funny, because where I need it most is for today, but that’s a star! - Swiping on a heading shows a "Delete" option, but tapping on its "..." button shows a "Remove" option.

Please Solve. I’ve written other reviews of this app, all positive. But there are 2 flaws in this app. #1. The app imports what is on your apple calendar and syncs it. But there is no other information. I think it should be a “link” that opens a up a new page within the app that gives further info (like the link to a google meet) 2#. COLLABORATION. Maybe your lazy, lack of funding, too hard. Whatever. What you have created is on the brink of being PERFECT. There are not many apps that can say that. The reality is that people’s lives are connected with others, and there needs to be a way to work with a spouse, boss, etc. I think you guys are be serious contenders against the other scheduling app. But this is a must.

The last time I’ll switch to-do list apps. If you find yourself switching between personal to-do list apps often because nothing feels “quite right”, you should try Things 3. It has completely replaced and simplified my Trello process, which I had relied on religiously for the last two years, but never felt perfect. Things keeps me focused on what I want to be focused on while integrating with my behemoth catch-all list, but without overwhelming me like looking at all my Trello cards did. Seamless integration with iCal calendars was not something I was looking for, but now wouldn’t want to live without. I would spend 10x what I paid for this app, it’s that spot-on in terms of flexibility and reliability.

Back to Things. When I first left the world of paper only task and calendar management (former Day-Timer and then Franklin Covey user for 20+ years), I kept searching for the “time management holy grail” that would replace my paper planner. I started with Things and then Things 2.0 but kept hearing that it wasn’t being supported (unfounded rumors). I wandered to other programs such as Todoist (not a fan of karma), Wunderlist, etc. Then, I saw a video of Things 3. Elegant design, intuitive features, the ability to put notes right on the task or the project caught my attention and imagination again. The ability to shape the interface of projects to my areas of responsibility was a real plus. I think in roles and responsibilities and to access projects that way is a real bonus. The synch is almost immediate and very reliable. Kudos to the creators who went underground and hammered out an elegant piece of software that is now, coupled with iCal and Evernote, my big three! Note: if you could add photos, files and pdf.s to it, this would be amazing!

Great app, just one suggestion!. This app is seriously life-changing. Being an adult with ADHD this really helps manage my tasks and to-dos. It takes a little time to get used to it, but once you do, it’s so easy to customize, move tasks around, change dates, etc. I love that I can get the same information on my MacBook and my iPhone so that I’m always on track. The one thing I have not seemed to find in any app is the ability to allocate specific timeframes for each task. With this app, you can easily see tasks you need to complete for “today”, but I would love to be able to designate times for each task and receive reminders when I should be moving on to the next task. With this one change, this app would really do everything!

It just works. Better than many others. There are many tasks apps out there that are very efficient but this one has found a way to take that up a notch in it’s simplicity and intuitiveness. The features are what make this so special. You want to make a note of something while you’re thinking about it, then later revise to add a reminder? Done. Folders, and even deeper Area projects, with options to drag and drop anywhere without complications? Also done. Seamless integration with your calendar apps? Instantaneous. Widget info that is clean and simple? Yes. I am really loving it. It is just as attractive as other apps with beautiful animations but this is so easy that it is fun as well. Highly recommended.

Widgets Do Not Refresh Daily/Requests. Love the app! One of the best out there. Only a few issues/request. 1) The widget does not refresh on a daily basis. As is, it doesn’t do me any good if I have to click on the app to do an auto refresh. I know there is something mentioned about this in your help section, but it’s not helpful. I have other widgets and they automatically refresh every morning. 2) The app needs the option while making a reminder to attach photos or documents. It would be nice to have this option when making a reminder instead of having to open up another app to do the same thing.

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.16.6
Play Store com.culturedcode.ThingsiPhone
Compatibility iOS 12.1 or later

Things 3 (Versiyon 3.16.6) Install & Download

The applications Things 3 was published in the category Productivity on 2017-05-18 and was developed by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG [Developer ID: 284971784]. This program file size is 91.8 MB. This app has been rated by 21,896 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Things 3 - Productivity app posted on 2023-01-03 current version is 3.16.6 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.culturedcode.ThingsiPhone. Languages supported by the app:

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Other Apps from Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Things 3 for iPad 4.8 9,364 $19.99
Things 3 App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Improved stability and bug fixes. THINGS 3.16 This is the update for iOS 16! You can now personalize your iPhone’s Lock Screen with three beautiful new widgets. Keep an all-important list at your fingertips, quickly add new to-dos, and track your progress throughout the day. Things is also ready for watchOS 9 and Apple Watch Ultra. LOCK SCREEN — SHOW LIST Personalize your iPhone’s Lock Screen with your most-important to-do lists. For example: • Today: See what’s next and hop into the list with a tap. • Inbox: Collect recently-added to-dos at your fingertips. • Deadlines: Keep a watchful eye on approaching deadlines. And many more! You can choose any list you want, and add different lists across multiple Lock Screens – it’s entirely up to you. There’s a rectangular widget for below the clock that shows you three to-dos, and a smaller one for above the clock that shows a single to-do. LOCK SCREEN — NEW TO-DO The “New To-Do” widget is the fastest way to get your ideas into Things. There’s a circular widget for below the clock and a smaller one for above the clock. LOCK SCREEN — TODAY’S PROGRESS Stay motivated with the new Progress widget – a circular gauge which shows the progress you’ve made so far on Today’s to-dos. Put it next to your Fitness widget and push yourself to close the rings! You can also tap it to hop straight into Today. APPLE WATCH ULTRA Things is ready for Apple Watch Ultra. We’ve updated the layout for the gorgeous new display. And since your to-dos sync instantly over LTE, you’re always up-to-date wherever you go. IMPROVEMENTS • Full support for iOS 16. • Full support for watchOS 9. • Improved layout on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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