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Things 3 [Productivity] App Description & Overview


Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager – with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design.


If you're new to Things, this is the basic workflow:

1. Collect Your Thoughts
Get things off your mind quickly with Things’ action extension – it lets you create to-dos from other apps. Or just talk to Siri on any device (“Remind me to...”) and import from Reminders.

2. Get Organized
Create a project for each of your goals, then add the steps to reach them. For clarity, add structure with headings. Then group your projects by areas of responsibility, such as “Family”, “Work”, or “Health”. Review these regularly to stay on top of things.

3. Plan Your Time
See your calendar events alongside your to-dos and plan your time effectively. Create repeating to-dos for things you do every few days, weeks, or months – Things will remind you on the right day.

4. Make the Most of Your Day
Every morning, grab a coffee and prepare your list for “Today”: review previously planned to-dos and make quick decisions on what to tackle. Pick some more steps from your projects and then get going. The Today list is the only place you’ll need to look for the rest of the day.

5. Customize Your Workflow
Use tags to categorize your to-dos or add context. For example, tag places like “Office” or “Home”, or tag all your “Errands”, or everything you’re working on with “Kate”. You can easily find everything you’ve tagged via filtering or search.


1. It stays out of your way.
As you start using Things, you’ll quickly notice how seamlessly all the features fit together to give you an uncluttered, focused experience. There are no unnecessary frills. No pointless gimmicks or useless controls. In fact, you’ll hardly notice the app – it’s just you and your to-dos.

2. Everything revolves around your to-dos.
In Things, each of your to-dos are special. In a list, they simply show a checkbox and the title of your to-do. But when you open them, they extend into a beautiful white piece of paper that’s ready to hold your thoughts. Additional details (checklists, tags, reminders, deadline) are nicely tucked away in the corner until you need them.

3. It’s got a touch of magic.
Things removes friction in magical ways. Take the new Magic Plus Button that lets you insert to-dos at any place in a list – simply via drag and drop. Or the ease at which you can multi-select and operate on many to-dos at once. Or the natural language date parser: just type “tomorrow”, “in 4 days", or “next Wednesday", and it will jump to all the right conclusions.

4. It’s got all the power of iOS.
Things is fully integrated with all the latest iOS technologies: Apple Watch, Calendars, Siri & Reminders, Today Widget, Quick Actions, Action Extension, Handoff, and Notifications.

5. And much more...
Everyone's got their favorite feature, it's impossible to list them all. See what our users love about Things – visit our website at:


This is a truly incredible update, with dozens of powerful new features. See the “What’s New” section below for a full list.


Get Things for Mac and iPad to enjoy the full power of Things across your devices (sold separately). The apps all stay updated via Things Cloud – the push sync service that we custom-built for Things.


If you have any questions, or run into any trouble – please contact us. We provide world-class, professional support for Things, and we’ll be glad to help you.

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Things 3 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Fixed some issues that could occur when a list changed while a project heading’s menu was showing. • Fixed a bug where dragging on the circles to select multiple items could inadvertently select unintended items. • Fixed a bug where dropping the Magic Plus button under a collapsed area wouldn’t expand it to accept the drop. • Fixed a bug where the Today extension could sometimes show partial contents (often just the tip of the “+” button). • Various other internal changes and minor improvements.

Things 3 Comments & Reviews

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- Could be perfect

Hoping you will add the ability to change fonts and adjust text size options to the apps settings menu.

- The best app is the one you use

I have tried loads of these apps, mainly the free ones and tbh I did get a shock by the price of this app but hey I am using it and I would pay 10x times the price to increase my productivity and levels of organisation. Seen the CEO of Gymshark using it and thought it would be worth a crack. Only 1 week in, let’s see if it lasts.

- The original and best. Plus no subscriptions

Things is the original and best todo solution. I love Things, I use it on my iPhone, Mac & iPad everyday to organise my life and help me get things done. Things has a beautiful minimalist design. It has a clean, simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t get in the way, but still offers powerful organization and task management tools. And best of all there are NO subscriptions. Pay just once on each device you want to use it on and enjoy being more productive everyday with no subscription fees or IAPs. I’ve been using Things for years and I’ve only had to pay for an upgrade once in all that time, which I was happy to do because Things is such an awesome service, super stable, beautifully designed and no subscriptions. Everyone in the Apple ecosystem who wants to be more productive and get things done do themselves a favour and download Things.

- I really get things done with this app!

I’ve tried a few ToDo type apps and they are either to simple or to complicated. Things is both. You can use it in a simply basic manner or it has the structure that allows for more detailed involved planning. And I love the logbook feature to go back and look at ALL the Things you’ve done This feature is dated so if you bother to have some detail to (in some cases a mere) reminder eg ring ISP about Internet malfunction all weekend - then you effectively have a diary you can refer back to as to the date you did something. Handy if you have an ongoing issue where this info is helpful in the long term. Definitely worth the few bucks I paid.

- Excellent app!

Loving the design and functionality. Would love to be able to put headings in “Areas” in a future update perhaps!

- Great app but please add location, attachments

Simple and powerful. The only things that would improve it for me are location based reminders so I can use siri to input things like ‘remind me to pick up the milk when I leave the house in things’. Also attachments and rich previews like in Reminders would be fantastic.

- End of an era?

I’ve used things pretty much since it first came out. It is right up there with the best task managers. However the trend at present is moving to subscriptions, while I understand the need for income, the reality is that with so many apps on our devices, if you add the cost of all the subscriptions it really mounts up. The word is that Things 4 will follow suit, and it does that will be the end for me. I’ve already paid for all the Mac and iOS versions but will happily delete them. Frankly I find Apple Reminders is all I need these days. Response to developer: if you read my post you will see I refer to the next upgrade, Things4. If you are saying you will not go down the subscription path then I am wrong. Can you assure users of this?

- I need this so bad in my life!!! Just don’t know how to upload pictures . But I’m super happy

Can’t wait fro get my life sorted

- Great but missing some key features

Probably the cleanest UI among all to-do list apps. However, a few requests: • Please allow collapsing of headers 🙏 Unless you archive (and I wouldn’t unless the section is completed) it can get really cluttered for long to-do list. • I would also love some priority system that doesn’t rely on tagging.

- Brilliant!!

Life changing. So much more productive. Best app purchase I have made

- Crashing when creating a project

When I try to turn a item into a project the app crashes. Other than that everything works fine

- Can’t live without it

Once it’s up and running and all areas, projects and actions are organised it is a dream. Using tags makes it even a more wonderful experience.

- Brilliant intuitive pleasing list app

I spent ages trying out different list apps. This one is the best I’ve tried. Very thoughtful design but also clever psychology of productivity incorporated by the developers - eg the “pie chart” symbol marker that tracks your progress towards completion of your projects, as you check off each item on the list. This is a winning feature I haven’t seen elsewhere - key reason I wouldn’t use any other list app now. Works beautifully on iPhone. I also paid for the Mac laptop version - excellent seamless sync.

- Best app

I never write reviews but felt compelled after using Things 3 for a year. I work for myself and previously used a paper and pen dairy. This app has completely taken over. I can’t say enough about it’s ease of use and ability to change things around or personalise them. Best app for organising your life by far. If I could rate 6 stars out of 5 I would. Keep up the great work. Thankyou.

- Add voice recording feature

Can you please add voice entry feature to the inbox, as well as pictures and documents attachments feature, thank you!

- A great app but not perfect

A truly great app with a brilliant design and attention to detail, however lacking in some areas compared to its competition, apps like todoist and TickTick offer much better multi device support for example. A very good app that just falls short in a few very important areas

- Essential

I could not live without Things. I have a poor memory and always lots of tasks in my head so it manages my OCD very well. Thank you Things people!

- New Icon and I’ll give it a 5 star

Just needs a new Icon to keep up with the times! Would be great!


I’ve never been so organised! Best app ever!

- Love this app!

Seriously love it. Thank you! I was a bit unsure about spending this much but it’s totally worth it, and much cheaper than the subscription services that are often on offer for this sort of thing these days. Pairs perfectly with the calendars I use.

- Love this! Been looking for years for it!

I’ve tried for literally years to organise my life. But there was never anything suitable from pen and paper classic to every. single. to do list app. All of them. I’ve had things 3 downloaded for awhile but realised I wasn’t using it to its full effectiveness, and now that I am. 100% sticking to it. Currently trialing the Mac version, after trial period at this rate this will be my full organisation system with the Mac version too.

- Sharing tasks

It would be really cool, if my wife and I could have our own tasks and also share tasks without having share the same login

- Upgrade buyer beware

If you are upgrading from Things 2 to Things 3 because they are removing sync support from Things 2 to force you to upgrade, please be aware that this is no longer an integrated application, you are forced to purchase the iPad version separately. It is also really just an interface tweak on Things 2 and does not introduce much new functionality for the price of the upgrade. Disappointing change from a good developer. Use the free apple reminders instead.

- Hugely overrated

iOS 13 reminders app is as good, if not better. And free.

- Almost perfect but still the best

I love using this app on my Apple Watch, particularly as the large middle complication in the modular watch face because it shows up to three of your next to-do list items. I would love if this complication also showed events as well as the to-do list (e.g. if one of those three spots was reserved for the ‘next calendar event’ if you had an event/appointment for the day) as I currently find myself frequently switching back and forth between watch faces depending on how many events versus tasks I have planned for the day. Nevertheless, this app is still the best organising app I have come across (and I have tried MANY!). If another app did integrate both events and tasks on the same Apple Watch complication, however, I would have to choose that app instead.

- Drag ‘+’ icon - genius interface

Drag ‘+’ icon to where you want, is a genius interface and makes this app fun to use. Syncing across all platforms makes this a practical one.

- Not bad

Been using tick tick for a number of years now and though I’d give THINGS 3 ago as you can purchase it outright. So far it’s not to bad. One massive miss for me though is the ability to attach files//images ((unless I’m missing something?). This would improve the app no end as I use this app for projects that I need to save photos and PDF. I know I can add a link to Dropbox etc which I have been doing but that’s just a whole lot of double handling. Thanks for the app though, it looks much prettier than things 2.

- Really good

It’s been fantastic. Whenever I think of something that I need to do I just chuck it in inbox. At the end of the day I sift through all the tasks in the inbox and categorize them. At the beginning of the day I select all the tasks I can do that day. It’s really helped me organize my life and become an actual adult.

- Version 3.9.6: my fave to-do app + how to make it better

NOTE: this review is about the iPhone app, which also works on iPad. PROS: The people who rave about how terrific it looks are right - it has a clean and simple design that works. The plus button is a joy to use - being able to drag it to where I want to insert a task is the sort of user-friendly feature that Apple users will like. I like how dragging the plus button to the bottom-left allows you to quickly add a task to the Inbox, so that the task doesn’t get lost in whatever checklist you happen to be on. Lots of options: tags, reminders, repeats, due dates, deadlines… You can even add a checklist to a task that’s in a checklist. I keep it simple, but if you want it complicated, this app can handle it. The syncing function (called “Things Cloud”) is very fast - every device is synced within a few seconds. I like the headlines feature - it’s a great way to split up a checklist into sections and make it much easier to navigate. The Dark Theme is easy on the eyes - every app should have this option. The order of checklists syncs, so that you only have to change the order once, instead of for all devices. The search function works fast and is available from every screen, not just the home screen. HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: Add the option to sort tasks alphabetically. Add the option to pin tasks to the top of the checklist. Remove the save button - it should save everything automatically. If a task is created but contains nothing, it should automatically be deleted. When moving a task, the second option is “No Project” - that should be renamed “Anytime” because that’s where it goes. Add the option to undo actions. In Settings-Things Cloud there is an option called “Edit Account” - but the only options are change password and delete account. Change the option to “Change Password/Delete Account” so that we don’t have to sign in to know this. Make the search bar easier to access - a small swipe down should be enough to make it visible. Add direct syncing with Google Calendar, for those of us who don’t use Apple’s default Calendar app. Tags should be handled better - for example, I should be able to tap on a tag and see all tasks with the same tag. Add the ability to share (for example, an app’s link from the App Store) to the Things app. If you’re searching two terms, they have to be in the same order for results to show up. Make it so that the order doesn’t matter. Add information about the “Things 3 for iPad” app, so we know why we should buy it instead of using the Things 3 iPhone app on the iPad. CONCLUSION: I’ve used several to-do apps, and this is my favourite of them all. It just needs a few tweaks. If you liked this review, please long-press it and mark it as “helpful.”

- Extraordinary in its sophisticated presentation and planning power

I have resisted Things for the longest time. A loyal fan of Stephen Covey’s PlanPlus online for over 15 years, I finally contemplated GTD and I loved it! More applicable to today’s world, I wanted to find the best application possible. I embraced Todoist and Omnifocus and they were both great, but Things rises to a superior level. Extremely intelligent and outstandingly elegant, it makes the planning and organising pleasant and short. It allows and invites more “doing “ than “planning “. The best in its category!💖💕❤️

- Great app

Awesome to keep on track

- R.I.P

Goodbye Things, iOS 13 killed you. Reminders is super useful. Nobody will remember you.

- Productivity at its best

Great app. The only thing, minor thing, that makes this app not perfect is the ability to add tasks directly under heading without having to drag each time.

- Elegant and efficient

After months or even years of deliberating I finally switched from Appigo Todo to Things a few weeks back. Why did I take so long? The decision took a while because I had to transfer hundreds of items manually as Appigo offers no export. Indeed, this was one of the reasons to switch, I don’t like being bound to an app. I have never looked back. Things is brilliant. It works smoothly in the background on desktop and phone, does the job with no fuss and minimal effort, and it’s even pretty to look at. Absolutely love it. I can see that this will be a constant for me for the next decade.

- Loving it! (But a few recommendations...)

It really is the best “to do” and lists app that I’ve tried, and I have tried a lot! It would be good to be able to add photos and screenshots, but other than that I really couldn’t fault it.

- Over priced

I was fine with the price for iPhone and think it is a bit expensive for iPad, but the price for Mac is absolutely ridiculous! I have bought iPhone version only. I would like to hear some words form the developer to know why it’s that expensive to make it multi platform with same functions and features.

- Brilliant

It took dozens of other task based apps to finally discover this app. Probably the best app on my iPhone, MacBook and iPad (and I have 300+ apps). Not only a big congrats to the developer but a must have app for anyone who needs a little more organisation in their life.

- Love it. Almost perfect

Things is essential to me. It’s almost perfect. I just wish there was a more efficient way to move from one to-do to another. To move to the next to-do, you need to tap out of the existing one and tap in again. This makes the ‘weekly review’ that’s part of the David Allen method not very fluid. I would love to be able to swipe between to-do ‘cards’ and, on the Mac, simply being able to use arrow keys to move between the items.

- Developers beware

Undoubtedly the best iOS purchase(s) I have ever made. Amazing. However, if a new version is released without palatable upgrade pricing, I am moving to a competitors product without regret. The developers now have a LARGE AMOUNT of my hard earned money, don’t screw me with an unaffordable update. I love Things, let’s keep it that way!

- Maybe not

I bought this as a replacement for iOS reminders only because I wanted a useful complication for the Apple Watch. Unfortunately the complication I had hoped to use (infograph, center stage) gives as much space to a big unsightly logo and the text ‘things’ as it does to actual useful info from the app. I’m so unhappy with the way my watchface now looks, that I would just rather go back to iOS reminders. Why not just show me my next two goals instead? Why do I want to see your logo? The progress bar also seems meaningless.


Great app. The mini onboarding tutorials are quick & ensure you’ll get the most out of it. Well designed. Easy to use. Feature Request: Would be great to be able to add “New Heading”s to the Today view, so that I can organise my day. Thanks!

- Great but lacks necessities

Deadline and when are duplicates, confused. Repeat feature lacks options Notes is hard to select to be able to enter text Heading and notes can’t be edited once keyboard goes away and keyboard can’t be brought back, keyboard can’t move between notes and heading

- No choice of sync option

I like the app but am very disappointed with the fact I can’t sync it with Apple’s iCloud. No, but I have to hand over my email and personal data to yet another company. Or, how about DropBox sync? At least give me the option to use a service that I’m already subscribed to.

- Solid, best app for tasks but needs additional features

Pros: (1) The 3-levels (Areas > Projects > Tasks) is why this app works and why all other apps I tried (Asana, To-Do, Wunderlist, Any-Do) were unsuitable - this app is brilliant for busy parents if you are a 'tree thinker' and break your life into 7-10 Areas x 3-10 projects per area, then 3-10 tasks per project. Example: My Child (Area) > Their Health (Project) > Checkups or Immunisations (Tasks/Reminders)(2) Awesome search feature and great to have separate 'reminder date' from 'due date'. Cons- (1) Many of us need to work on a PC (Windows) for work but there is no web-login page to manage the task list from a PC.. (2) Many couples need to share tasks (ie groceries) but there is no share feature (unlike most other task apps). Overall 3/5, still best for me but really needs these 2 features to 'nail it' and become the ultimate tasks app. Keep up the good work guys..

- Great App for Projects, Reoccuring lists and Referral

I love the app on iphone. It’s a bit pricey to get it on my Mac so i’m not sure if i will buy it on there. It’s a shame because i love the layout of this app however there is not an option to access it online. It would be so helpful if you were without your laptop one day and you wanted to open it up online from a different computer. Plus sometimes i like to copy and paste my notes from my icloud notes onto work i do on my laptop. It would be awesome if you guys provided the option to access from anywhere after paying the fee.

- Amazing boost to productivity

Only been using this for a few days but already it has revolutionised my organisation. Gone are Reminder and disorganised lists in Notes - now everything is scheduled and tagged! Worth the money.

- Feeling Organised

I’m really enjoying using this App and being forgetful and frustrated with myself staring to be a thing of the past. I use it to just about all aspects of my life, for the Farm, our Clydesdales stud, home. I also use it for my Christmas shopping list and Birthdays. So yeah, I just love it. Cheers, Annette

- Love the app

Fantastic app and user interface. On the phone and watch as well. Seamless integration! Great work!

- Raw ... can really be improved

The app is easy to use as it is very simple. I would like it to have more functionalities: Being able to add pictures (not link to pictures) Being Apple to have coloured label It looks to me that it has not be worked on for years...

- Good app

It is a very good app, but I think you can improve a lot more. Now in order to set the date and time, I need to go to Jump Start, choose or type the date and click the reminder to set the time. That is 3 extra steps. It is way better if I can just type “call John on 12 Nov at 3pm” and the remainder will set to date and time automatically. If you can fix that, this is the die for app. Everything else is just perfect.

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- Things has made me rethink how I plan my days...

Tl;dr: I bought it, asked for refund. Felt ashamed. Gave it another shot, bought it again. Now I cannot live without Things 3. 😆 Let me start off by saying that I asked Apple for a refund for this app. Very big mistake. I think I had some sort of “buyers remorse” because I am/was heavily invested in OmniFocus. So after I requested a refund, I got to thinking: “Why... why did I request a refund?” So I gave Things another chance that same day, after feeling ashamed for my quick decision. Reasons I switched completely from OmniFocus: - OmniFocus doesn’t compare to things 3 when it comes to it’s aesthetics. Things BLOWS it away. - Headings are NON-existent in OmniFocus. All you get for a “headings” alternative is grouped tasks, which looks really bad Imo... it’s just too clunky for me and I couldn’t handle it anymore. - Adding tasks is just way easier; I don’t stick to the GTD-focused mindset that OmniFocus is. Things is actually much more flexible to me lol. And it stills has GTD! - It’s just way easier to manage things that are NOT tasks but are rather my “templates,” such as recipes. (Yes, recipes 😝). - I feel like I’m completing tasks rather than managing them. There’s only 1 thing I will miss from OmniFocus: - Review. But there’s a slight workaround, type “all projects.” But I would like if a true review system could be implemented. (I do not miss perspectives because it just made my home screen in Omni look very cluttered... distracting me from what I needed to do. And no, they were not useless perspectives, as I said I was very invested in OmniFocus.) There’s much more to this review, but I’m running out of time and must get back to work, thank you for reading 🙏. Just bought it again (I’m not refunding because that’d be dumb of me) and for SURE I’m getting the iPad and macOS versions. Thank you Cultured Code for making this app! Have a great day!

- Brilliant!

I have to admit, it was a huge bummer when Wunderlist announced they would soon cease to exist. I spent a lot of time looking for alternatives, couldn’t really find one I liked — until I decided to give the newly updated Things a try. Now I can’t imagine going back! It is clean, useful and elegant. Just what a list app should be. Also easy and fun to use. Bonus points for how smoothly all my Wunderlist data transferred over. Also, props to their tech support for responding with the exact steps I needed to sync old data with new.

- Older models for Apple Watch

Can you make this work for the older models please? I paid $10 for it not to work on my watch. SAD!!!!!

- Force cloud sync

My app was working fine until they decided I HAVE to create a cloud account to be able to use it on my watch from now on, this should be optional not forced. Edit: brought to 4 stars after developer explained force cloud syncing which I appreciate. App is good, another login is annoying

- Apple Watch

If I want to use Apple Watch Things Cloud account is now required

- iCloud-I watch

The new upgrade for the I watch can only be used if you open a cloud account. I don’t want this option so I seem to not be able to use the app in my I watch, mainly the only reason I have the app 👎🏼

- I believed the hype

I should have known better. One of the most expensive apps, no lite version. No trial. This is a very pretty app. Fits right in with man buns, and moleskin note pads you want your friends to see you using. Now, in the real world - it’s an emperor with a thong for a ‘thing’. Aka Very thinly dressed for the job. If you have a casual life, a few to dos and appointments - this is a great at a glance view of your world. If you live in the real world, have a busy work and social life this app is a blingy lack of actual productivity. I wrote three times to the ‘developers’ - it seems to me they have heard of this lack of power and functionality from other users as ‘Julie’ was quick and curt and cut and pasted very efficiently as to why it’s my problem that their marketing didn’t deliver. If you have a lot of ‘things’ in your life - this is not the ‘thing’ for you.

- Best to do app

So much better than reminders

- Simply the best

Great developer. No subscription. Doesn’t violate your privacy, and a price high enough you know there are no seedy app shenanigans. Just the best task manager, continually being improved. 5 stars. Well earned.

- The best todo app on iOS

Hands down the best todo app on iOS. Simple yet powerful. Amazing design. No ads, in app purchases, or subscriptions. Incredible i integration with iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Highly recommend!

- Best to-do app out there. No subscription!

I love this app and I cant express how much. Love the fact that there isn’t a yearly or monthly subscription. Once you own it, you own it. Perfect!!!

- Thank you!!!!!

A million times thank you for adding scribble support!!!!!! You took the best app and made it perfect!!

- Are you going to add file (photo) attachments ever?

Other list apps have this function included. Please consider adding file attachments to the app.

- New watch sync is perfect!

Thank you. This was the biggest challenge I had w Things - poor sync between watch and phone. Love that it now works independently and consistently.

- The Best!

Things is a model app for Apple devices. The developers have created an interface that sings, and it truly enjoyable and seamless to use. With their most recent update, they are keeping the app sharp and making sure their Apple Watch version takes advantage of all of Apple’s latest technologies. Big kudos to Cultured Code!

- Used to be 5 stars

I wish I could give this app 5 stars. It certainly was worthy when it first came out. Unfortunately the alerts are not reliable anymore. Sometimes if I don’t open the app for a while I’ll get notified that something was due a couple days prior only when I finally open it. Not sure why it’s doing this but if I have to remember to open the app daily it defeats the purpose of having an app to help remember and organize to-do lists. Please fix so I can change my review back to 5 stars.

- I want my money back

They sold me this at great cost on my phone and it won’t install because my os is too old. This is a Unix kernel so if it doesn’t run it’s because some idiot deliberately broke it to force upgrades. Vigorous gestures to these morons. They are dumber than a box of rock. WAnt to bike brand loyalty, you don’t do it by screwing over your customers.

- Drag-Drop No Save Order

Reordering a list by using drag-and-drop to reorder items has a limitation of some kind. After reordering some items on the list the entire screen starts jumping around and if one closes the app and reopens it, none of the work one spent reordering items in a list are saved. I will stop using this app and will start using some other to do tracker as I cannot trust this app company to fulfill the essential expectations of what they claim their app can do. This also puts a dent in my trust of Apple’s App team that awards their gaudy Ceasar-like Editor’s awards, as they have staked their name and reputation backing this buggy app.

- The best

Hands down the best.

- Simple and effective

Great app. I love their solution for organizing your projects: it’s so simple and straight forward. Well done designers / devs!

- It’s okay but I’m disappointed

This app is okay but paying $9.99 for it left me expecting more functionality in comparison to some other free planners and task managers out there. 1. The GUI isn’t very intuitive. 2. As a result, there’s a learning curve. It’s not a big learning curve but it’s there. You do have to take the time to learn how to navigate and utilize the app’s options or it won’t be very useful at all. (They have a tutorial project in place to teach you the ins and outs of the app which is nice.) 3. The reminders setting is one dimensional; single use, which is a killer for me. Having reminders repeatable at set intervals helps to keep things in focus for me when I know I’m going to have a busy day. I’m sure during a very busy day, one reminder will get lost amid the hustle and bustle of the rush. I wish there was more flexibility to this setting. 4. Once you create an entry, you can’t go back and edit/correct/change it. So if you enjoy proper spelling but can’t get along with your iPhone’s keyboard, or if you utilize your Apple Watch to add entries, you won’t be able to correct the entries. You’ll have to delete it and do it again. Regardless whether it’s a to-do entry, heading, or project. I was expecting more for $10. Yeah everyone else is utilizing a subscription based model but for $10 these issues shouldn’t exist, imo since they’re something that you can take care within Apple’s own native apps without the learning curves. Suggestion: make it possible to create a project by being able to copy and paste a list utilizing the list’s bullet points as steps within the project.

- Great app, collaboration is a huge miss

I’d give it 5 stars if I could work share/collaborate a project with others.

- Great app

Love how Things 3 keeps me organized.

- I wanted to love it

I really did. Very useful and a great UI. The fact that it is 2020 and Things has zero cross-platform functionality kills it though. I mean, even a Chrome or Firefox extension would work but it seems that this is not in the cards based on what the developer has said.

- Another App w forced obselence

Bought things 2 a few years back. The app itself is fine but know this going in...Yes version 2 it didn’t have the features that things 3 did but I had bought the desktop app, the iPad app and the iPhone app. That’s 3 versions because each app is a sep paid app. Now forced to upgrade to keep stuff talking to each other. What trash. I’m not happy about upgrading clearly and moreover having to buy each app all again. I grabbed the phone version while I look for a replacement but seriously crappy of the devs to be so money hungry and force each app to be purchased sep. know if you buy this, you are going to be in the same boat when the next version rolls out. Subscription as a Service. TRASH.

- A Magnificent Task Application

I used to use Wunderlist but UI felt a bit stiff to me. I’ve been on the hunt for a good to do app and I’ve tried others that didn’t really grip me well enough until coming across Things 3. It had a very simplistic and fluid UI that I’m fond of and all the easy-to-remember shortcut keys make assembling a good task with due dates, project assignment, tags, sub tasks a breeze. I’m definitely sticking with this one now that I can sync over the cloud and have the mobile version mirror my current objectives.

- Waited for a long time because...

The app icon is really ugly in my opinion. This app is however amazing organizing tasks/projects and goals for my needs. Love using the app... please make a nice app icon... minimalistic and classy... no border. Glad this app was also a flat fee. Great themes... may we have a few more?

- Perfect as is!

Thank you Things 3 for such a great app. Perfect as is! Please don’t be like Airmail and Fantastical, who took away features of their app to charge a subscription fee to use them again. Things 3 makes my life more organized and productive. Thank you! Please stay the same forever!!!

- Beautiful and Intuitive

This system is amazing. It’s super easy to pick up and use immediately after downloading, with minimal setup and a gentle learning curve. Things has everything I need in a task manager to keep me focused and productive. One thing I would like to see is some added features around repetitive tasks. For instance: repeating on specific days of the week or month, and not cluttering the calendar with subsequent dates if I choose to repeat based on a date instead of time after completion.

- Apple Watch Sync Issues

I love this app. I’ve tried every to do list app I could and nothing beats the intuitive UI of Things. I have everything from my day to day tasks to my long-term life goals in this app. Recently the Apple Watch support seems to have fallen off though. It was always immensely satisfying to watch the complication circle fill up as I crossed things off my daily list. Please bring back proper Apple Watch syncing!

- Finally feeling organized

I am a new user but I’m really enjoying this app. My only complaint is I am a 2 phone person and I hate the idea of having to purchase the app for every device. There should be a set price for a cloud version across multiple devices.

- nice but

I wish I could rename the ‘inbox’ folder and change the icon inbox is for email not todos why do all the todo apps call it an inbox folder? smh no mail or email goes there🤦‍♂️ inbox is for email not todos

- Simple and subtle

Love this app. Simple and easy to use but subtle in how flexible it can be.

- Compatibility w/ Windows

Until "Things" can work w/ "Windows", Todoist is the best "To Do List" app does far more than a pretty interface. Compatibility is where it's at since most businesses have Windows desktops as their standard.

- Not worth the price

My boyfriend recommended this to me - he got it when it was free. And that's a good price for it. Because to be honest, this doesn't do anything more special than typical To Do lists. Google tasks is literally the same thing and it's free. Nothing personal - but I honest don't understand what I paid for. Can the developers tell me what makes this more special than any other to do list? Cause maybe I'm missing something... What would be great, is if we could add photos to our to do lists. That's something most to do apps don't do. But, this wasn't worth buying. It's a good app - but not worth $9.99 or even $1.99 to be honest. Just get Google Tasks - it's exactly the same thing.

- Awesome

Can’t believe I’ve waited so long to try this App. Beautiful UI. Epic UX. Hard to believe that to-do can be that cool. Loved it so much I snap ballered 50 bucks for the Mac version.

- No Google tasks support

I took a chance since Things is hailed as a full featured app, but alas there is no synchronization with Google tasks. My search for a to do app with full Apple Watch integration and Google syncing continues.

- Good but not perfect

Everything is good just one more thingto get perfect : I hope add features to add comment on any sub task Please read this review Thanks

- All time favorite app, yes - in general

Wow. Just wow. I didn’t know it was possible to like an app this much, let alone one designed for productivity but Things is absolutely incredible I rarely pay for apps but after some extensive research, I decided to bite the bullet and at least try to two week free trial. I was hooked on day one This app manages to be simple and easy to use while being complex and sophisticated all at the same time. It’s incredibly intuitive and the sample to do with all of the shortcuts is absolutely exceptional. I felt like it helped me become a Things expert within the first few days of use. It’s pricy but worth every bit of hype and every penny. Please make more apps like this for things I don’t even know that I need yet.

- Simple, effective, easy to use

Have had Things 3 forever, and especially after Fantastical just screwed up their product with an overhaul I’m just pointing out and thanking devs for the fact that this seemless native app remains super intuitive, on ALL apple devices, and doesn’t throw unwanted curveballs inside updates. 8 stars.

- Bait and switch

My review is not about the design or function of this app but rather that I paid $10 topurchse this app for my iPhone not knowing it would be another $20 for my iPad and $50 for my Mac. I would never have bought the app knowing that.

- Things is great!

I mistakenly left a review for a different app for Things 3. I’ve been using Things for about one month now on the desktop, iPad and iPhone and I just love the simplicity of it. Great app! (Side note: The reason my original review was mistakenly left on this app is because after searching for it Things 3 had an add which appeared above the app I meant to leave a review for.)

- Font too small to read without glasses on an iPhone

Lots of positives as has been detailed by others. BUT font can not be adjusted and is way too small to be read on iPhone without glasses!

- Good App

Easy to use! Better than a plethora of other apps in this space. Worth $9.99 Highly recommended

- I wish it integrated with Microsoft Office

I use Microsoft products at work, and want to be able to manage all my activities in one place, because I do a lot of work outside the office. Despite this shortcoming I rate the app 5 stars because it has the best interface I have ever seen and it is a true joy to use.

- It’s nice but I have a request (or suggest)

I found out that the “project” is really helpful for me such as when I am reading a book, since I can put all the content in to one subject and check each term (content) after I finish a chapter. But here’s a problem that : I want to keep all the terms(chapters’ name) that I checked in the “project view” so that I can realize how much chapters I’ve read, but now when I click one term it just go disappear. How can I keep them visible under the “project view” even though I’ve already clicked them? Or maybe there’s no such setting, could your team consider to add it please? Looking forward to your reply and I‘ll be happy to see if the question (or request) is helpful for you to make Things better. (Since it is actually the best to-do app for me :) (ps/ I’ve tried the website but I cannot work out what’s your email address)

- Keeping with ease.

I’d always struggled with actually KEEPING a journal. Starting one, yeah, that I could do and I had plenty of practice with that - but KEEPING one I had a fair bit of trouble with. Not anymore. Thank you!

- Poor

Hard to follow and poorly written..

- Not happy

I do not like this app at all.

- Love it more than apple reminders

Love it more than apple reminders right now only because apple reminders is sooo slow and buggy on every apple device especially the watch. Things 3 is easier to interact with on my watch compared to apple reminders. I do have a question that I hope the developers can answer. How can I get it to show up on the Siri watch face?

- Best to do app ever

I’m a student and I use this app on my phone every day. It is honestly a life saver and I would spend that money again within a heart beat

- It’s ok

Very expensive, also please add iCloud sync.

- This App Requires Separate Purchase for iPad

Why do you sell a version for iPhone and another version for iPad. If I knew I couldn’t use my iPhone purchase on iPad I wouldn’t have wasted my money buying it at all. This looks like extortion. The compatibility section of this app says it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but apparently it’s not because you are offering another iPad version for purchase on all platforms. This is a scum!! Don’t waste your money buying this app because you literally have to buy it on every other platform.

- Good but seriously 3 different prices

DONT BUY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY IT FOR MAC AND IPAD SEPARATELY. This is a decent to do app, and it works well and looks generally clean. But the price you charge is ridiculous based on the fact that I have to buy it for iPhone, Mac and iPad! That’s so stupid, I paid for it for Mac and iPhone, got an iPad and have never been so appalled by the sheer audacity you guys must have to charge for 3 separate apps, I switched to TickTick it literally does the same thing and it’s free. You guys gotta show some customer loyalty if somebody pays for the iPhone app, at the very very least give us the iPad app as a discount. Anyway that’s my opinion.

- S Shepherd

Awesome app all around! I use every single day for just about everything! ❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️

- Best task app

This is the best note taking app. Where I can organize my notes by heading. And small details that really help. A few things to add for future - 1) add attachments - such as mails, docs, presentation and spreadsheets 2) show picture attachments

- Great tool for planning

I find that I use this app more as a planning tool rather than a simple to do list. The idea to create project and within project we break down the step is absolutely brilliant and I do think that is what distinguishes Things from other apps (or maybe I just didn’t try enough but I wouldn’t have to since I have Things already). Nicely designed, thank you.

- Apple Watch Support needs improvement

Don’t need a big “Things” label or a progress bar when having the app on the main modular screen on Apple Watch. Instead, show two or three to-do items — that’ll be much better! P

- Ridiculous Package

The app is very beautiful and smooth, but nothing more than a step up from Apple’s Reminder’s App. And spending over $90+ for it to be on your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook is absolutely absurd. Apple’s Reminders can sync between your products without having to drop almost a hundred from your wallet!

- Easily the best task manager I have ever used

Not only is it filled to the brim with actually useful features, it has such a fluid and clean interface that it is a delight to actually plan my days.

- Amazing but needs Windows app

Sorry I know you guys don't have this in your pipeline but I've had to stop using things because it's two hard to manage tasks between two OS'. Really wish there was a Windows app. Even if it's not full featured.

- Top of the line

Things 3 is the best combination of features and simplicity I have tried, and I’ve tried out several. Today View is where T3 shines...and today is what is important/relevant. Being able to move tasks up and down the list (or quickly defer) is the heart of get things done. This is where I would like to see a bit more flexibility with dated calendar items...freeing those up to be moved up and down the list as well. For a Calendar event at 10:00am it would be nice to list prep tasks for that ahead of that event. I’m not saying the folks at Culture Code do this, but I think moving to a Subcription model tends to free up the inclusion of new ideas without waiting for major updates!

- Awesome app, but...

Awesome app, but it would be great if you could flesh out the calendar feature. It would be something as simplistic as adding events directly from the app. I know there are apps and it displays your calendar events, but having everything in one app would be nice!

- Game Changing App

I have been using Things for over a year now and can say without a shadow of a doubt this is the best To Do List app. out there. In fact calling it merely a “To Do List” app. really doesn’t do it justice. It has set the standard for apps. that help with planning, prioritizing, organizing, reminding - well you get the picture.

- GTD in digital format

Solid application of GTD method. Only lacks sharing capabilities, would be awesome to have a shared list with family/friends/colleagues, or the ability to add items to another’s’ inbox.

- Apple watch

I'm enjoying this app, but I find that when I need to use it the most I can't. I work in an industrial plant and I'm usually climbing around hanging out on some beams, no where near my phone. I can't always speak to my watch because of the noise so it would be nice if I could write on my watch, make notes or lists. I get some of my best ideas at work, so if I could stop and take a minute to jot it down without having to carry a pen and pad that would be great.

- Really, really, really great software.

Used this for many years. I get timely upgrades and it’s as solid as it ever. I’m IMPRESSED

- Incredible

It’s simple, sexy, stupid. The perfect way to create a to-do list for projects, daily routine and so much more. If you’re ok with the price and love simplicity. This is the app to go for. Beats everything else! What I would like to see next is reminders based on your location, that would really complete the app in every single way

- Ok but needs changes

There are small things that end up making the app quite annoying at times. - why do you need to open the app and confirm the addition of new to-dos in the today list? Things like repeated tasks and so on wont appear in the widget u less you open the app and select ok? For real? Same thing goes for tasks added with siri. -slight lag when trying to open a todo or set a due date on it. - no option to snooze a task or skip it. - lacks metrics per project/tasks/tags such as total completed/missed and so on. - no foreseeable way to add attachments. Again small things that pile up turning the app into a hassle to manage and use. I hope there is an upcoming update.

- Great except for Siri watch face

The app doesn’t show up properly on the Siri watch face - it’s only found when scrolling up to “recent”, and even then the box only says “New To-Do” and “1 more”, and frankly that’s quite useless. Ideally it should show any upcoming tasks and their due time (if a reminder has been set). If this is all it’s gonna have, then don’t say your app supports the Siri watch face.

- Insanely well thought out

It’s hard to articulate how well they’ve developed this app. There are so many features you couldn’t have ever thought of that become how you think and plan

- Suits my GTD life

I have been thinking of trying Things for a long time, but postponed it for many years. Finally I have committed to it and enjoy it so much.

- Outstanding!

Things 3 is a smooth, very powerful app. Having used 2Do, Omnifocus and a number of other good todo apps, this one is definitely a keeper. Thoroughly recommended!

- Todos on lockdown

First, I want to say that I love this app. I have owned both the iPhone, iPad and Mac version of this app since the very beginning. I do not consider myself a very organized person and so I forced myself to use them as much as I could. A few years back, this was incredibly easy. I would take notes on my phone or my Mac, and marked them done as I went. Eventually though, the Mac stopped being my daily driver as I switched over to windows. As time went by, I simply stopped using the app. The lack of a windows version, or at least a web version, made it so that my only way to input tasks was on my phone. While this is an amazing app, when you use it for large projects, a phone is not a great interface for entering hundreds of tasks. There have been many requests in the past to support windows and the company made it clear that they did not have any plan to do so. Well today, I’m moving away to an other app because of this. TL;DR: Loved it. Can’t support it anymore. No plan for cross platform support.

- iPhone’s Killer App!

I have been searching for a very long time for a to-do app that works the way I do... This app exceeded my expectations and I pretty much can’t do without it now!

- Love this app

Previously left a review saying that I wish this app had push notifications - thanks to the developers for telling me about the Reminders. It is confusing to have notification badges for things as well (I feel for those you should choose to receive a push or a badge, for example, for things due today) however this works great for my needs.

- Just enough

Things has exactly the complexity that I need to accomplish my tasks. But, it has no more. 2Do and OmniFocus definitely have more features, but things has enough features and it is presented in a matter that doesn’t make my head spin.

- Best app for ADHD

I have a devil of a time trying to sort & organize all the little (and big) things I need (and want) to do (and remember). Some things need dates and deadlines. Some things can be done whenever. Some things need to be managed like a project. Some things need to be on the back burner but not forgotten. This app does all that. Launches quickly and integrates with iPhone pretty well. Took about an hour to learn (and there’s a helpful in-app tutorial that I’d advise you not to skip) but once I got the hang of it, it literally changed my life. I might change a detail or 2 about it if I was being picky, but I don’t hesitate to give it 5 stars.

- Simple, Elegant, Powerful

I didn’t actually have high hopes. It looked like a glorified task list. And it is. But it works very well, thanks to its simple organization system with tags, projects, Areas, as well as the Today, Upcoming, Anytime, and Someday buckets. I didn’t realize it had that many organization tools. But it’s the simplicity of their layout that makes it so useful. That’s what makes it so easy to work with for the average person who doesn’t need the power of OmniFocus. Highly recommend. I’m sure it’s coming, maybe in Things 4, but sharing a list for collaboration would have been wonderful.

- Have tried a bunch but this just works.

Over the years I’ve tried several productivity apps but this is the first one that has actually worked for me. They’ve figured out the secret that having to spend serious time managing the apps eventually makes them inefficient. Things 3 is simple and highly effective without requiring much time to make it so. Try it. You won’t regret it.

- Fantastic feeling app

Amazing productivity tool and so beautiful

- Smooth as silk

I simply love Things 3.

- The best todo app, period.

Look no further than Things. The integration with Reminders and Calendars, the Evening Schedule, the project management. It’s just so smooth and natural to use. I used to use Todoist, my lists quickly became overwhelmed with tasks, and my tasks got buried in a mountain of lists and sub-lists. Things focuses on not accumulating large sets of tasks, and to get things done as you input them. For bigger longer lasting tasks lists, they have Projects and Namespaces. I never leave reviews, I just had to. Do yourself a favor and get this app. Btw, the experience on MacOS is just as flawless!

- Greed

Great app, but stands among the most ridiculously expensive of its kind. The one star is because of unhinged greed. There is no reason to pay over 10$ separately for each version (they will charge you again for things 4 and then things 5 based on their history) AND for each device. I would recommend waiting until Apple forces developers to support all platforms with one app. This is the first time I’ve ever written something bad about an app I actually enjoy and use everyday. Being a developper on the App Store does’t mean you can get away with blatantly overcharging apple customers

- No images

Too bad can’t place an image in a note

- Best todo app I’ve ever used

I’ve used a lot of todo apps, all failed because they don’t respect that todos need calendars and they need to be made into projects you can breakdown. This app incorporates GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology perfectly and it’s super smooth to use. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed a todo app should be. Great job!

- Best to-do app by far (and I tried them all).

I was searching for a LONG time on the best to-do app to help plan my week. Literally tried them all.. ALL OF’EM. There was always somethig missing, or some UX that was annoying and playing with this app every morning, could not afford to lose 5 minutes messing around the bad UX. This app has everything I always wanted. You can plan a project, and even create headings, so it doesn’t just look like a list (use it for long term project like yearly goal). You can have an overview of your whole week in 1 screen. But mostly... you can create tasks directly for the good day without always having to mess around a calendar!!!! You can simply drag the + button where you wanna create it. Talk about amazing UX. A todo/list app needs to limit the click/actions required to create something because it is supposed to be a fast planning to organize your day. This app got it right, i’d even say, perfectly. 5/5 already recommended to all people I know. Everybody deserves to have a little helper to get organized, and seriously, get this app. Worth EVERY DOLLAR. 👌

- Most Used App - Couldn’t Live Without

This app has changed my life. My to do lists were always scattered across multiple apps, notes on my desk, and reminders on my calendar. Now all of my “Things” are FULLY contained and organized in this beautifully intuitive app. Recommending to all of my friends.

- One of the best 15 bucks invested!

Omg did I try so many to do apps before!!!!! Well, it did serve a purpose : get to understand what I needed exactly. Turns out, Things 3 has them all!!!!!

- Best productivity app

This has been the best to do the guy had. It is very easy to organize your to do‘s and your lists. It is very easy to move your to do’s and convert them to projects. I love that the watch has complications, something that the 2Do app does not have. This app is much easier to use than OmniFocus. Suggestions: colour coded abilities, night themes, and ability to backup to other clouds such as Dropbox.

- Brilliant, so easy to customize,

Loving this app. I’ve tried a lot of different ways to try and keep on top of all the things I need to follow in my personal, professional, and family spheres. This is the first time I’ve found a to do list solution that has flexible enough ways of organizing and reorganizing and viewing the information, that is really helpful. Simple and robust at the same time so you don’t spend more time making your to do list that getting done the things on it!

- The best

After being a long time Things 2 user, I switched to Things 3. I find it easier to use and use it more regularly then the previous version. The are two key features are: Syncing and quick add on the desktop. The syncing is so seamless that I forget that it’s there. I sync between the Mac and phone and everything is always up to date. It’s amazing! Quick entry on the Mac helps prevent my mind from wondering. Instead of reacting to every thought that pops into my head, I write it down with the quick entry. It helps me to stay on track at work and less distracted. Brilliant! Thanks for making such an awesome product!

- Download issue is resolved

Initially I was not able to download Things 3 on my second iPhone. The problem is now resolved. Please add location-based reminders to Things 3 in the next update.

- Great App

Intuitive (for those familiar with GTD) and works well. One star missing because of the following: BUG - Typing a text replacement shortcut in the “Quick Find” box (followed or not by a space) and clicking “Go” initially shows the phrase, but then searches for the shortcut typed... WISHLIST • Dark theme which would be easier on my eyes and battery • Option to automatically set a repeating task to “Evening” (tired of manually moving those tasks every day!) • Option to turn off the daily notification “You have X new to-do” • Possibility of attaching a pic or file to a task or project

- Greeeeat app, intuitive and pleasure to use

Thank you for this thing, things ! I mean simple on the outside powerful and fictional from within. My feature request is: Please make time specific tasks too, e.g. 12:30pm Maybe request is customizable colours. For sure switched here cause nothing better out there, switched from sadly acquired Wunderlist .. So keep it up and just make sure your amazing stuff will end like started ! Thanks

- Missing so many features

I bought this app to replace another that was lacking in features, but was overwhelmed by the loads of lacking features in this app. No time in the deadline, no additional snooze options, no ability to complete a re-occurring todo a day or more early and that’s just the beginning. I feel ripped off!

- Smooth and easy to use!

I read lots of glowing reviews about Things 3 but I was a little turned off by the rather hefty price. After looking at some other high caliber todo apps I realized that many are going to a subscription model. I’m not a big fan of that at all. After that I realized that the pricing of Things 3 is not bad. What I bought it for equaled about three months of most subscription todo apps. I’ve been using it for about a week now and really like it! I’ve been using Things 3 throughout each day to keep me organized. I love how it integrates with the native Apple Calendar and Siri! I hope that in the future they’ll add location based reminders and the ability to add photos and PDFs to notes. Aside from that it’s fantastic! Easy to use, well laid out, and very helpful. I’m impressed. Well worth the money.

- Best to do app

Best of best

- Calendar View

I love this app! I use it for my personal and professional life. It organises everything and helps me get my work done on time. I just wish the “upcoming” view had a calendar so I could quickly see what I had scheduled for a specific day. The list is nice, but an additional view would make this app perfect.

- Amazing

I’ve tried probably about 7-10 different To-Do / Task Manager. I looked at buying this app a couple of times before I actually did, and I was hesitant because I didn’t think this category of app could be worth it. I was DEAD wrong. For the price this app, it’s so very worth it. I don’t have a million things on the go or run a business, but even with my “average” person I find this app has helped me stayed more organized compared to other apps. With all the great things in this app, I think the best is how the UI helps you intuitively find the features and functions when you need them. Great job!

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The applications Things 3 was published in the category Productivity on 2017-05-18 and was developed by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG [Developer ID: 284971784]. This application file size is 87.27 MB. Things 3 - Productivity posted on 2020-05-11 current version is 3.12.4 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions.

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