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Things 3 for iPad App Description & Overview

What is things 3 for ipad app? Get things done! The award-winning Things app helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals.

Best of all, it’s easy to use. Within the hour, you’ll have everything off your mind and neatly organized—from routine tasks to your biggest life goals—and you can start focusing on what matters today.

“Things offers the best combination of design and functionality of any app we tested, with nearly all the features of other power user applications and a delightful interface that never gets in the way of your work.”
—Wirecutter, The New York Times


• Your To-Dos
Your basic building block is the almighty To-Do—each a small step toward a great accomplishment. You can add notes, tag it, schedule it, and break it down into smaller steps.

• Your Projects
Create a Project for any big goal, then add the to-dos to reach it. Use headings to structure your list as you outline your plan. There’s also a place to jot down your notes, and a deadline to keep you on schedule.

• Your Areas
Create an Area for each sphere of your life, such as Work, Family, Finance, and so on. This keeps everything neatly organized, and helps you see the big picture as you set your plans in motion.

• Your Plan
Everything on your schedule is neatly laid out in the Today and Upcoming lists, which show your to-dos and calendar events. Each morning, see what you planned for Today and decide what you want to do. The rest is down to you :)


As you dive deeper, you’ll find Things packed with helpful features. Here are just a few:

• Reminders — set a time and Things will remind you.
• Repeaters — automatically repeat to-dos on a schedule you set.
• This Evening — a special place for your evening plans.
• Calendar integration — see your events and to-dos together.
• Tags — categorize your to-dos and quickly filter lists.
• Quick Find — instantly locate to-dos, headings, or tags.
• Type Travel — jump from list to list with your keyboard; just start typing!
• Magic Plus — drag the + button to insert to-dos anywhere in a list.
• Share extension — create to-dos with content from other apps.
• Widgets — see lists on your home/lock screens.
• Mail to Things — forward an email to Things; now it’s a to-do.
• Markdown — structure & style your notes.
• And much more!


Things is tailored to the iPad, with excellent pro features as well. Chief among them is the outstanding support for your keyboard & trackpad. You can edit your to-dos without touching the screen, utilize plenty of shortcuts, and navigate your lists at blistering speed—just start typing!

“Things has the best implementation of external keyboard support I’ve ever seen in an iPad app.”
—Federico Viticci, MacStories

You can also enjoy a beautiful dark mode at sunset, connect your calendars, open multiple windows, add a variety of widgets, scribble with Apple Pencil, create to-dos via Siri, import from Reminders—Things can do it all! There’s even Shortcuts integration if you want to automate your workflows.


Made in Stuttgart, with two Apple Design Awards to its name, Things is a fine example of German engineering: designed not only to look fantastic, but to be perfectly functional as well. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, then polished to perfection.

“It’s like the unicorn of productivity tools: deep enough for serious work, surprisingly easy to use, and gorgeous enough to enjoy staring at.”


Whatever it is you want to accomplish in life, Things can help you get there. Install the app today and see what you can do!

• Things is also available for Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro (sold separately).
• Sync is provided for free via our Things Cloud service.
• A free trial is available for Mac:

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We provide professional support and will be glad to help you!

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App Name Things 3 for iPad
Category Productivity
Updated 11 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 64.73 MB

Things 3 for iPad Comments & Reviews 2024

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Dear lord I spent money on this. Well then, I never thought I’d spend money on a to-do thing, but here I am, because I spent my life forgetting things all the time, and me using post-its or normal memos on my phone were very hit or miss. The most effective thing was to just have an alarm, but such noises aren’t always welcome everywhere. And you know what, this has been working so far. It’s nice that it syncs with calendars, and since I do pay attention to the notifications number on icons, I haven’t missed anything yet. It’s also nice that there’s a log of things I’ve done, since again, I forget things a LOT. So far, it gets full marks from me and I’ve yet to have regrets about dropping money on this. Cheers :)

Fantastic task/project management tool. I enjoy Things so much. I’ve gone back and forth over the years between OmniFocus and Things. Both do an amazing job at task/project input...OmniFocus just is a lot software and Things has always aligned with my way of processing tasks and projects. I would like one feature in the future if possible...when selecting a due date, allow for a time to be added with the date selection. Right now you need to tap the due date, then tap again if you’d like to add a specific reminder time. Overall, I fantastic app! Hoping to see updates throughout this version!

Fantastic. Great program I have been using for years. I added the iPad version recently and seems to have opened up many new possibilities not being limited to my small phone screen. I love that it is a one time fee and I don’t have to pay monthly forever to keep access to it. Great program and I’m incorporating project management from my iPad that just seemed too much for my small phone screen. I needed to move beyond simple task management with reminders into big projects. Things 3 is a great program for both. And it integrates with my personal calendar!

Best app of it kind. This app is amazing for several reasons, and I will list a few based on the 4 days I’ve had this. Firstly, its a one time purchase only. Do you have to pay for the different versions across platforms? Yes. But I would rather do that than have some subscription model app doing the same thing. So kudos to Things 3 for keeping it one time purchase only. The app itself is super intuitive. I went into this thinking I would not use the app, as I don’t use my calendar at all. But Things 3 does such a good job at merging and organizing to-do lists, projects, and calendars that I now have my daily planning sessions. Additionally, the tutorial is in list form, which if you’re considering getting this app, you are already inclined to complete and check off. The best part is that if you forget parts of the tutorial, the logbook function can be easily accessed to look back at a specific tutorial section. I have yet to realize the full potential of this app for my work flow, but I am already much more productive thanks to this app’s ability to merge to do lists and calendars. If you’re debating this purchase, let me encourage you to take the plunge. At worst you wont have to switch between your to do app and calendar app anymore, and at best you’ll end up automating another aspect of your workflow.

A very good app on par with Wunderlist but lacks a few key features!. I have paid for both the iPhone and iPad versions. Things 3 is a very nice that todo app that is the most aesthetically pleasing to use in the App Store. Looks aside, Things 3 has a great amount of functionality but is missing a few key features: 1. The ability to set a time specific reminder or alarm. 2. The ability to attach a file or a photo. 3. No way to share a list with another person and allow them to make a comment. 4. No web access or PC app to access your Things 3 lists. Wunderlist provides all of these and is free! Hopefully the developers read the reviews and see that these are features that users want and that would truly make Things 3 the best todo app bar none. One thing that Things 3 does provide is the ability to email your Things 3 list and create a todo. This is very helpful with emails and important things your find on the internet that you might want to revisit at a later date.

Almost. I have tried so many task management apps and have found this one to reach more of my needs than anyone. Your mileage may vary due to your needs and style of organization. The layout is tremendously brilliant, along with the ease of use. UI is extremely nice and intuitive. Mail to feature is helpful when you don’t have direct access to your iPad. Cons: Checklist items need the option to sort alphabetically and to auto-hide items as checked. A reset to check/uncheck all items would help as well, if you are going to advertise one of the uses for making a grocery list. I carry my iPad with me throughout the day and access Things 3 with it. However, in the evenings, I am on my MacBook and would love to organize with it. However, the Mac version is $50, way too expensive for what you get. Why did you price yourself out of the market with the desktop version? Cut it in half and you would probably have enough sales to make up the difference.

No ways to automatically sort lists!. I love this app but there is still no way to automatically sort lists. It’s hard for me to comprehend how this *award-winning* organization app, still has no automatic way to sort lists. For example, If I had a long list of places I wanted to go to, or activity’s I wanted to do over the summer, It would be a tonna help just to sort them alphabetically. But unfortunately this app doesn’t even have alphabetical sorting! let alone a numerical or date sorting. Many other free apps like this do, and it’s not a complex or a technically hard feature to implement either, its one of the most basic things a computer can do, sort lists. Which is why you’d expect that this *award-winning* app would have something like that by now… Since I mean, it’s been 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this *award-winning* app, but if you could add automatic sorting to lists, then I’d bring my rating up from a 4 star to a 5 star. Thank you.

Thank you. This app has improved my quality of life.. I purchased this and started using it about six months ago. Every morning and throughout the day, I am able to see what needs to be done, and I can check off what has been done knowing I have a nice record of everything I have accomplished in any given day. I use it for work and home. It is nice that I can keep work and home separate, so that on weekends, I don’t have to be constantly reminded of everything I have to do in the upcoming week at work. Nor do I have to worry about whether I will remember to call someone or do something - it is already set up to remind me on any given day. I really enjoy: the projects feature; the repeating ability of the tasks you just have to do every so often; and the ability to move tasks up and down the day’s list depending on the order you choose. I just love this app! The instructions on how to use it could be a little more thorough, however, when I could not figure out how to set up the repeating function for “the first Monday in every month”, I sent an email and had a very helpful reply within 24 hours. Thank you

LOVE IT!!! Replacing multiple apps with this ONE! :-). I’ve always had several organization/time mgmt apps — Swipes and Reminders has been my favs for quick hits with ToodleDo and Priority Matrix for more complex projects and nested lists. A bit about me: I’m an iOS user — my work is on a Windows laptop but outside of work I do iPad, iPhone and Watch. I don’t do any personal stuff on a laptop. THINGS 3 DOES IT ALL!! It’s handles quick & easy with a great UI like Swipes (sorry Swipes - you’ve been my fav for quick & easy). It handles complex with simplicity — I’ve setup my complex work project methodology in a project i named “Template” and voila! I can duplicate it anytime i start a new project and MY framework is there. Functions are either under a \/ or ellipsis ... (three dots=more) and are intuitive and easy to find. Love them! :-) CulturedCode team: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! IPad, iPhone and Watch interfaces are all super usable and let’s me think about what I need to get done instead of figuring out how best to use an app. FABULOUS!!!!

Everything you’d ever possibly need or want when it comes to “getting things done”!. This app is clearly #1 when it comes to tools to help you get things done. It is very obvious that the principles that make up the foundation of this app were highly influenced by those found in David Allen’s best seller “GETTING THINGS DONE”. I have gotten to the point where I don't think I could live without THINGS 3. Seriously, I use it every single day and it has become a huge part of not just my work flow but my entire life plans and goals. If you use it correctly and you stick to it, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a day, week, or year. Hands-down best app of its kind. Bravo!

Perfection.. Things 3 is as close to a perfect app as I have seen. The interface is beautiful, the function is logical and easy and smooth and efficient, and it is a joy to use. I have used every version of Things since the beginning, and they knocked it out of the park with this version. I stopped using Things on a daily basis many years ago because their updates were so infrequently, and they were not great listening to their customers requests (at least it seemed that way). I had sort of given them up for dead. However, they were clearly spending a lot of time figuring out how to make this work for everyone. I don’t know anyone that has used this app that doesn’t say this is one of the best apps on their device. My review applies to the iPhone, iPad and Mac apps equally. I wish they had added the ability to share tasks and task lists, as this seems to be the only glaring omission in one of the main benefits of apps like Wunderlist. However, if anything the fact that I am still using Things 3 on a daily basis shows you how great everything else they have done is despite this huge omission (IMHO).

My favorite app. His app helps me organize my entire life. Also, it is the app with the most reliable and the fastest sync between Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and iPhone. It’s greatest strength is on its simple design and its efficient and well thought out processes that run the show in the background and most people don’t see. But from a user experience, they are one of the great differentiators between this app, and any other app I have ever tried. This app along with the stock calendar are the two pieces of software I need to get anything done.

Very, very worth $20. This app is great. You might think, “gee, how good can a to-do list app be?” Or “Is a to-do app really worth $20?” Well, after searching endlessly for functional, yet accessible life-organizer, this is it. I love this app. Most planners you purchase at a bookstore cost around $20 or more anyway. The amazing thing about this one is that you get all the awesome updates and you only have to purchase it once! Support these awesome developers and get this app! Although I would like to make a request! How about being able to add images into the Notes section of a task? Sounds like a good idea to me!

Exactly what I was looking for!. I’ve been on the hunt for a good to do app for a while and I think I finally found it. I’ve always been more of a physical planner type of person, but as I’ve gotten older it has started to not work for me. I was unsure about paying $20 for an app I’ve never used before but I’ve bought countless planners only to throw them aside. My favorite productivity YouTuber (Kalyn Nicholson) mentioned this app and it was exactly what I needed! It has never shown up on my radar for some reason! I just finished the tutorial and I am so excited to get everything started, it will be so perfect for school and just my life in general. I don’t know the nitty gritty so I can’t comment on that but it is the best I’ve tried so far. I HIGHLY recommend and desire your guys to make a note taking app. I would buy it in a heartbeat and be so happy if it was as fluid as this app. Either way, I feel like I finally finished my last preparation for grad school!

Good Support team & communication for fixing issues!. Giving 5 stars to appreciate how this team handled an issue that made the app unusable for several days for me. The app was crashing in my iPad since I upgraded to iPadOS 15 and the things app to 3.15. It crashed as soon as I opened it on most days. I’m pretty sure the issue was affecting a small minority of users as I didn’t see this issue mentioned on any of the reviews / social media posts. However, I’m still giving the app 5 starts - for regularly staying in touch with me and following up. It’s good to see a team dedicated to their product and user base like this! Keep it up!

Tried Omnifocus, came back to Things. I was a longtime user of Things 2. However, the developer took an extraordinarily long time between releases. During that time I switched to Omnifocus 2. Omnifocus is not a bad product at all however, it does take a significant commitment of time and effort to learn. Recently, Omnifocus 3 for iOS was released and I upgraded. It is more complicated and less useful that OF2. Not a good thing for a product. After a few completely frustrating experiences, I decided to go back to Things and upgraded to version 3. What a wonderful product. It was so simple to learn the first time and simple to learn the upgrade. It does everything I need well and I use it for many different areas and projects. As others have noted, it would be nice to have a mass edit function but, this is no deal breaker. I am so happy to be back in the fold. I highly recommend.

Changed my Life.. It’s not often that an App changes my professional life, and this one did. I’m a big fan of the GTD method and have used it for most of my career on paper. However, as Ive moved up in the professional world, my work load has grown to the point that I can’t keep up what needs to be done. Things allows me to get it all down and mange my life the way it needs to be done. Ive been able to take on easily an additional 40% of work using this app as my brain (with the MAC OS version as well). IF you think this way, there is nothing better. Nothing. It integrates ok enough with other apps like apple notes and the likes and i have very little negative to say. My system is that THINGS is my last step in my planning process. I use mind mapping apps for my brain storming, Apple notes for my note taking and research and then when I’m ready to create a “plan”, I use things to record what needs to be done by who. It’s worth every darn penny.

Brilliant, simply, effective. This may be a little premature because I have only been using this app for a few hours, getting to know all of the ins and outs. However, I thought this may be a useful perspective because one thing that people may be looking for in a to-do app is something that is very quick and easy to learn, and this app certainly is. I absolutely love this app so far. It’s beautiful, elegant, and so simply and easy to use, but at the same time it is very powerful. I especially recommend this app if you are using a keyboard with your iPad. The keyboard shortcuts are so incredibly useful. I love being able to use the up and down arrows to go up and down my to-do list. I also like being able to quickly search, all you have to do is just start typing and it searches all of your to-dos/projects. And of course you can quickly mark items as completed with a key shortcut, and many many more keyboard shortcuts. Highly recommend this app!!

Best GTD app, one small suggestion. Everyone has done a great job explaining why it is the best GTD app for task management, so there’s no need for me to reiterate on that :D But there’s one small thing that would make it perfect for me—being able to log individual task, rather than logging everything at once. There are certain tasks that completed may need a “inspection” time to be fully determined whether it is actually completed or not, such the time between finishing a work and submitting the work. I have been using “log completed” for this purpose, but it’s frustrating to know that you can only log everything at once. A easy fix would be adding a toggle in general setting that allows certain users to be able to log tasks individually, and leave other users still be able to log everything at once. Would very much appreciated if the developers could adapt this! 🙏

Loooove iiiiit. Things app has been a major improvement on my life . I have one constructive criticism , which is adding the function of being able to add pictures to the to do list , as this would help make researching certain things way easier . Specifically I am currently thinking in the context of a personal dichotomy key for botany. This app has massive potential to expand into something even better than it is in its current form. I am grateful that it exists , and it is worth every penny , especially if you struggle to stay task oriented when it comes to what you want to accomplish in your day to day life . If I could give this app a higher rating I would .

An Incredible App. This app has been indispensable in helping me become more productive helping to facilitate a ton of behavior changes in my work life. Its simplicity truly allows for a calmer and more productive work process. The breadth of features is just the right amount to allow you to reduce complexity, but maintain the depth of your projects. One small thing on my wishlist is that the iPad version had the same tag filtering system as the Mac version. On the iPad version, filtering by tags is multiple taps away which can be very time-consuming if I want to flip back and forth between them. The Mac version has a bar above the tasks with a list of the tags you can click on to switch back and forth quickly. As I don’t own a MacBook and do all of my work on my iPad, I really hope this feature makes it’s way to iPad as tags are currently useless to me now.

Why still waiting?. Have always loved this app. However, I’ve always been on the look out for you guys to add the ability to add files, and be way more friendlier when using “Share” on other apps. OF is too clunky, and way too robust for the average human, but having the ability to add files attached to projects. I’m certain you guys are working on this, being that there is so much attention to detail. I truly hope so, because I would like to remain. Other developers are nipping, but catch match the quality, UI, and overall experience. And another wishful request would be to make the Watch app, more usable. Seeing Today is nice, but would love to access a little more. Also adding task from Watch is too limited, without access to put in proper place. Anyways, great app, makes you yearn for even better, especially when lesser apps have maximized in these areas.

Great App but Missing a Key to its Motto. This app is amazing! The clean look and access to Siri is great. I love how I can 100% rely on this app to tell me everything I have going on that day... including iCalendar events! I am subtracting a star for the sole reason that this app does not have a quick add function. Apple Calendar, todoist, and Siri are able to receive input such as, “Dinner next Friday with Jenny at 5pm” and create an event for the specified app with the date and time already appended. Things 3 does not do this despite its idea to be simple to use. I’d love to see this also incorporated not only with Siri but also in the app screen as well. Overall, this is a great app worth most of my money. Just needs one key element to make it the best for my needs.

Missing Important Feature. Good app, but missing the most important feature. As a college student, I have homework due every week on specific days, and the repeat feature does not let me tick off the homework for the week unless it is on the day that it is due. This is highly annoying, and the app developers have heard so much about this same feature. We are able to get work done on days before it is due but unable to tick it off as it shows a repeating sign unless it is the day that the to-do is do. You’ve heard enough of this and it’s hurting the app and the reviews and making people not want to buy it, and it’s a simple fix. Please, app developers, show us that you care.

Nothing works without Things. After a friend tweeted about Things one time and I searched it. I have started using the app for a year. And since then I have added tasks forever. Thinking that it would be just an app to place tasks that will never be done. After exactly a year of placing all those crazy ideas and anything that pops in time organizing any life or business idea and dividing it to limitless tasks that I wouldn’t accomplish any. Here I am today after exactly a year of adding. I have started 3 businesses, created a Patented workflow for how a business can operate. And all that was done by iPhone version. And now I bought the iPad and Things became part of my life wherever I go.

Missing features. Hi, I would like to suggest some features, which I find very helpful. First, I would like to have more information on each notification, like project, due date, tag, time,… Right now each notification only has one single line and it says the name but I know from other apps that there can be put more information into each notification so that I don’t have to open the app that often. Second, I don’t like the repeat feature with deadlines. It would be better to set a recurring event (every month) with the same recurring deadline (every last day of the month). Right now its limited to a reminder 14 days before the deadline which is not fulfilling the purpose. Third, I would like to have duration for each task so that I can plan them with my calendar accordingly. Fourth, I would like to have location based reminders, so that I get a reminder each time I am either arriving or leaving a location.

Most unintuitive design for iPad. I only use the ipad version. Have used all the other competing task managers and always came back to this one. Would love to see it improve with other features that there competitors have. The one downfall I see are the lengths between updates. I already see a few ways for some of the newer features to be added, but I’m also not a programmer or ui/ux designer so no need to really consider those. I know I’d like to see some sort of priority system added so certain items are at the top of today and I’d like to see the natural language input added to the quick note feature. I don’t see myself leaving anytime this app, especially after the steep $20 pay wall, but it’s a 1 time fee which is why I chose this one ultimately since the others are monthly or annually.

Finally a app easy to use. I think most developers, even though they are excellent coders, fail to consider their customers use of the product to a large extent, or since their coding mind is so complex they cannot see beyond it. This developer I think can be said to come up with the first todo app that is actually simple to the user and complex in what it can actually do. Yes, many reviews mention it should have this, or it should have that- and they are right. But as it stands, what this app has achieved is tremendous. The developer, in his support, seems to be upgrading this app on a consistent basis and putting in what it needs.

Long time OmniFocus user. I’ve been using OmniFocus for a long time probably 5 years and I abdolutely love it. Then I thought maybe I should give this app a try. The price made me hesitate, especially that there’s no way to try the app for free. Having already paid for the expensive omnifocus 3 was also a factor. However, I’m glad I bought it. Ask the apps across the whole ecosystem are breathtaking, but the iPad one is especially awesome. compared to omnifocus, I like things 3 more because of ease of use (drag and drop works everywhere) making creating and populating projects instant. With such apps, developers tend to bloat the software with features, making the UI confusing. This is clearly things 3 avoids intentionally, it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever used. +useful +Easy +Updated with latest ios/iPad features (plot view, drag and drop, cursor support, keyboard shortcuts) The only advantage omnifocus has over things is the ability to attach photos to tasks. And i hope things 3 works on this withoutoverwhelming the beautiful simplistic design.

Best for Personal Productivity. Been using it for years, though I’ve tried others. It’s not project planning software, but for personal productivity it’s great. Done well, the tags are powerful, but you may want to look up prioritization methods and GTD contexts to make the most of them. The more years I use the GTD method, the more I understand and appreciate about it. I’m guessing the next version will want to add time blocking as feature, although integration with calendars can be tricky. I never did get over buying Things 2 for Mac and not getting a discount for Things 3, so I just use the IPad version.

The best productivity app. This app is so well-thought-out and user friendly. It has some features that similar apps don’t have that make it easier to navigate the app and shortcuts to make it less tedious. I love that it’s robust, syncs with Calendar, Apple Watch, and Mac. I’ve never had any technical issues with it. When you first download it, there’s a project preloaded that’s a tutorial that teaches you how to use the app and explains all the features, and I highly recommend going through each step to learn everything it can do. A lot of the features aren’t that intuitive, and you won’t figure out they’re there without being taught. When I first got the app, I skipped the tutorial and missed out on a lot of cool features that could have made my life easier. Then a year later I went back and did the tutorial and found out there was all this stuff I didn’t know about, and I was doing some things the hard way. I’ve tried almost every productivity app there is, because I’m an app geek. I always end up coming back to this one because it’s simply the best. Well worth the money. I think I’ve spent $100 to get it on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and don’t regret it at all.

Excellent App but needs critical improvement to avoid being money sink. I would readily pay all $80 the developers want from us for this app suite! It is overall excellent and exactly what I was looking for in a to-do app. However, when I purchase a suite such as this, I assume that I will be able to use it at its current level of functionality for several years -- to put it on the same price level as $30/year subscription services like its peers. When things 3 came out, the developers dropped support for syncing in things 2! This is absolutely unacceptable as if I didn't want syncing I would not pay the extra $30 for the iPhone and iPad apps. I do not expect the developers to maintain expensive servers indefinitely, however. The developers need to add support for syncing over iCloud like most other syncing apps on the App store, or my rating will remain low as I expect upon the advent of things 4, sync support will once again be dropped. This would allow users to use the $80 software suite that they paid for for as long as they choose, and purchase the new version if they feel the features so warrant it, not because the developers feel as though it is appropriate to extort users by disrupting their use of the existing software.

Best Design Ever. I used to write everything by hand, having tried every to do app and thinking they were all worthless (including Things 2). Things 3, however, is amazing. Not only does it fit into my existing workflow, it has made me more meaningfully productive than ever before. This app will pay for itself for most people, just in terms of additional things you will get done. It’s that flawless. Sure, there are areas that will be improved over time. But the crux of the app is perfect, and I did not believe such perfection could exist. My only negative comment is that drag and drop could be improved slightly. Why can’t you drag and drop a task to a new project? Makes no sense.

You can (almost) manage your life with Things.. One year ago, I entered college devoid any task management system except the stock app Reminders. I was something of a mess — but, after a few missed auditions and forgotten assignments, I invested in Things. My year greatly improved. Things is a system you can trust. It’s saved me more than a few times, and the applications (especially the Mac app) are a joy to use and quite powerful. That said, there are a few areas in which a things lags behind the competition which you should know about before committing to the hefty price tag. 1. It has no support for recurring tasks. If I’d like to be reminded of something every second Tuesday, I just have to hope that I remember (or fall back upon some inelegant calendar solution). 2. I love that Things has an Apple Watch app - but it’s really ugly - and if you accidentally mark something as completed (say, a grocery list) it vanishes into oblivion, so far as the Watch is concerned, and leaves you wondering what it was you needed to buy. If Things addressed some of these concerns, I would happily give them a fifth star. But even as is, I thoroughly recommend Things to those seeking a robust imposter of order.

Perfect Task Manager But….. This is an incredible task manager, but I think it could really benefit from a calendar. Tasks list are great, but so is time management. An in-app calendar can facilitate time management and scheduling with tasks. Given that Things doesn’t continuously sync with Apple Reminders, the closed system prevents any tasks from appearing in any of my calendar apps, and multi tasking between tasks and calendars is too meticulous. I understand that I can view calendar events in Upcoming, but being able to have full control over my day (scheduling, tasks) using only Things 3 and no other calendar/task app, would be amazing. I think an in-app calendar would be incredible :)

Brilliant and Sane Way to Organize. Aside from being a truly great looking app, Things’ popularity comes from its ability to develop in a sane manner. The setup remains flexible enough to fit with different organizational styles (GTD, PARA, etc.), yet simple enough that you don’t need to choose a system to make effective use of the tool. Some may look at the time between updates as slow development, but if you’ve been with most other popular apps, you’ll know that there seem to be seismic changes over time that have really messed up a large portion of their user bases, while CulturedCode puts out clean and meaningful updates without trying to throw off your well-established habits. This list app is a winner!

I am kinda mad that I did not buy it earlier.. After trying several todo apps over the years, I finally broke down and bought Things 3. I am kinda mad that I did not do it earlier. I have used many todo apps over the years but have always ended up with unusable clutter. Separating my lists by app for work and personal did not help much either since that meant having that many more apps on my phone. Each just ended up in a folders like Productivity and Work apps which meant 2 taps to get to an app to see what needed to be done next. Since they did not integrate my calendar I had to check both the todo apps and calendar to see what was going on on a given day. In short, that doesn’t work and I still had the challenge of balancing my home and work responsibilities with just my brain. That is needlessly stressful and every few months I would look for yet another way to solve the problem. I balked at spending even more money on yet another todo app but I had heard good things about Things for years so I finally took the plunge on the iPhone. I transferred all my lists from other apps and deleted them so that Things 3 would have a prominent place on my home screen. Several months in and I love it! One place to see everything including my color coded calendars and now I own it on iPad and Mac! Less stress, so happy!

My go-to task manager for almost a decade. I’ve been using things since the days of the first iPhone and iPad. I have tried countless todo apps over the years and always co,e back to Things. As a developer, a project manager, and an artist I have used a lot of task tracking and project management methodologies including Agile and scrum and Things still is number one not because it’s a better system than kanban but because it’s easier to stick to. As far as kanban boards versus an app like Things, I would say one needs both. Things is great for both task management and projects but is lacking when it comes to things like attachments and sharing assignments between people. That said, I have both Things and Trello and for years I have been starting Trello projects but never finish them unless I’m collaborating with others while I’m always checking and using Things. Pro-tip: if you start to find your todos are piling up, the list keeps growing, and it feels like you’re getting nothing done then you probably need to either delete the tasks that you keep putting off or move them into the Someday category. Momentum is the name of the game here and not ticking off tasks regularly will kill anyone’s motivation and then you stop using the app. No amount of reminders and push notifications will save you from yourself.

Batch/ bulk editing and Tag functionality is weak unfortunately. I would love to give this 5 stars & hope the developers see this feedback. 1) Biggest issue: Cannot bulk tag/ bulk edit tags for todo items... This is a major productivity time drain, having to enter each todo item manually and tag them individually. If bulk editing is difficult to enable, perhaps allowing us to drag tags quickly onto todo lists from the sidepanel? I can drag a tag to multiple tasks much faster than opening each task, clicking the tag button, picking my tag & exiting the task... Yawn..10 seconds for each task is a time killer. 2)Second biggest productivity time waster: Cannot bulk enter/ quick-enter/ paste a list of todo items. Now, I happen to use Mindnode, which allows quick-entry/ pasting a list - but then i have to convert them to tasks and then export to Things. 3) Small, but useful item missing: Issues with printing. Printing upcoming fails to include calendar items. So, you cannot print out nor share your upcoming week on a Monday morning. Printing does includes calendar items in Today mode, but not in Upcoming mode. The app is excellent otherwise, but bulk actions are a glaring weakness within an app that is otherwise wonderfully well thought out for productivity & maximising efficiency.

Simple to Use. I have been a fan of simplicity. Being productive in the technology era has been a bit of a challenge. Apps that do not do what is promised have been the biggest letdown. As a GTD user finding the right app to accomplish daily things was its own challenge. I used several different to-do apps, productivity apps and even paid the big $$$ for Omnifocus all to no avail. Then I purchased this app for a small fee and found myself organized, actively getting things accomplished and using it daily. Simple to use, learn and integrate into to your business/work life. Well done!

Excellent minimalist design but missing useful capabilities. I like Things. It was my go to app for a long time, despite the very infrequent updates. I like how things organizes tasks into both areas and projects, reflecting that aspect of David Allen’s GTD method. I think the way it displays headings, notes (for both projects and tasks), and subtasks makes the most sense out of all the major task list options out there. Finally, Things is not a subscription service, something I greatly appreciate. What makes me struggle with Things is that it doesn’t use smart filters, so, say, I could have an ad hoc task list based on priority or other characteristic (for example, I tag my tasks based on how much energy and focus they require). Things also doesn’t organize based on tags very well. Instead of allowing you to just select a tag and see all tasks with that tag, you have to use the search function... which, for some reason, won’t show tasks with _no_ tag. On the one hand, I would like this sort of functionality. On the other, I would not want Things to become a subscription service to get there. It’s a real catch-22.

Best daily driver. I have used a number of todo list apps and it is annoying to have to buy things in all devices. However if you’re fully in the ecosystem it’s the best offering imo by far. I use Notion for Second brain and Things as a daily driver has been absolutely top tier. I work a full time job, part time consultant job, and run a few businesses and it makes managing my day and tasks super streamlined. The calendar integration is non-intrusive but easily visible which has been clutch. I do wish it did a time sensitive warning for meetings and stuff 5 mins before but if I’m honest I could just set reminders on my calendar for it. overall excellent value for me.

Best To Do app lacking essential security/privacy feature. Wonderful app combines super attractive design and simplicity with almost any kind of level of control you would want in a to-do/planning/reminder type app. However, the Things sync service, while it works great, does not encrypt your data from end to end (as I understand it). This means the data is accessible to Things employees, potential hackers, and any future corporation that might decide to buy the maker of Things. Yes, they do encrypt the data when it is syncing, but they retain the ability do decrypt it. They say only a few employees have access to your data and that they will carefully guard it, but this kind of app has all kinds of sensitive personal and/or work related data - why risk this when there is a better way? Especially for a costly app like Things. Their competitor OmniFocus uses a sync system that encrypts all your data in a manner that prevents these problems. Unfortunately, while a good app, OmnniFocus provides so much power it distracts me from actually getting things done.

Best To-Do App. I love Things 3 and work in retail, so I recommend it to my customers all the time for it’s versatility, ease of use, and appealing UI. My only complaint is that for recurring tasks, you can’t check them as completed before the due date. For instance, I use Things, amongst other things, to keep track of my bill due dates and just set them as recurring reminders to pay each month by their due date. However, I usually pay bills on pay day, not the due date so I can’t check it off as completed until the due date and by then I’m often left second guessing whether I did it already. I would love to have the option to leave the setup as is AND to be able to choose if I want to check off a recurring task early.

Great app! Brilliant design!. Things 3 is a great app. It is beautiful and thoughtfully designed, with a lot of great features. It is both simple to use and deep, and handles changing circumstances well. The developers have set a strong, sustained pace in adding features that seems both disciplined and graceful. It can be adapted to be used in many ways. I am a big advocate of David Allen and GTD, but you don’t have to know anything about it to Get Things Done with Things. I always feel that Things is working with me to make sure everything is taken care of. It is an insanely great app. Seven stars, at least.

Things 3 Helped Me Through College. About two years ago during my Freshman year, I was struggling with finding a good way to organize my tasks and my HW for the week. Being diagnosed with severe ADHD/mental organizational structuring, I was so happy when I came upon this app. The easy and simple layout, having the ability to organize certain tasks into projects, and keeping projects active through each term has helped me keep track of each assignment for a given class. What also made this app a keeper is its cloud service, allowing me to use the app on different devices and having everything always up to date. It’s allowed me to rest easy at night knowing exactly what I have to do tomorrow, or even two weeks from now. While I understand the price of this app is so high is due to the lack of a monthly based subscription, it still feels like a you’re paying a LOT if you want the app on all your devices. Definitely buy the iPad or the Mac OS app if there’s a sale. Thank you for continuing to offer such a wonderful service, that I will continue to use even now as a college graduate.

The best for GTD. I am a hardcore GTD user. I had settled I with the context base SmartyTask program before it was abandoned by the developers. I looked at Wunderlist, which I liked, and then ToDoist. ToDoist had many features I liked, but I never felt comfortable with my GTD setup. I found my way to Nirvana which was the best app for the GTD setup until I tried Things 3. Things 3 is elegant, simple and reliable. I don’t have to tinker with the app. The only shortcoming are that it doesn’t have a built in waiting for list and there is no windows app. I use a pc running Windows for most of my work. I use Thing 3 on my iPhone and iPad. But despite these shortcoming, I am happy with its simplicity, elegance and power. Highly recommend it to folks who work from the GTD methodology and haven’t found ‘that’ app yet.

Repeating tasks could use improvement. Developer responded to my previous review, but I don’t think I can edit it. The issue with repeating tasks is that I can’t go in the future and tick it off before I’ve had it start showing up as a to- do item, which can be up to two weeks in advance. What I really want is for my bill to pop into my to-do items about a week before they’re due, but be able to preemptively check off an instance of a repeating task much farther in advance. My credit card statement comes in the 25th, with payment not due until the 15th of next month. I don’t need to be nagged for three weeks, but I’d like to be able to record that it’s paid if it do it far before the due date. I’m working around this with non-repeating items for bills instead, and when I pay one I reassign the date out to the next month instead of checking it off. Not great but it gets the job done. Just don’t forget and mark a bill completed instead, or you won’t have it on your tasks next month.

Nifty Little App. A little history on myself. I have been away from GTD apps for quite a while. The last app I used and paid for was Omni Focus and fell out of favor with that app due to its complexity. I never could buy in to its way of organization. I had tried things at that time (still in version 1 I believe) and the app just did not work the way that I wanted it to. Now comes present time. I finally grew tired of the limitations of the stock reminders app and did some extensive research on a few of them. Read many blogs on strengths and weakness of all of them. I think when it comes down to all GTD apps there really is no best app. So do your own research. What I love about this app is its powerful simplicity. I never realized how much more organization things 3 brought to the table but yet look so clean. Is it perfect, no but neither is any other app. Things 3 can certainly use some upgrades. Alexa integration would be on the top of my list. Apple’s Siri speaker when it comes out is still not feasible given the price. One of the other simpler changes is eliminating the three dots for more options at the bottom of the todo list. iPad has plenty of screen real estate to show all the options without the additional button press. Things 3 is well written app that works as it should. I have not come across any annoyances just yet but I am only a fews days in to the app but enjoying it very much.

Essential for my work flow. I have used Things app daily for over 10 years now. They have incredible updates and are always current with the most recent iOS and are super innovative. Things app helps me greatly in taking all the tasks in my head and giving them to Things to help me complete them as they are needed. This is a wonderfully helpful app then they help me organize and prioritize the important things in my life. PS I am not the kind of person to take the time to write a review but this app deserves it!

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Fine app. User of first iteration of Things, I can really appreciate the work done for usability, particularly on iPad. So much so that facing a steep cost having to upgrade multiple devices, I made the decision not to purchase the MacOS version. That good on iPad and iPhone. Some refinements of course –nothing unexpected for a new version and of such standards.

*** Makes me most organised award 2018.... Okay, so this Things has been around for a while, and I had the old one, and also paid for the newer version as well. New in this version was the how to articles includes. It’s like buying a new car and having the driving instructor teach you how to drive it... It’s got more finesse than the old version, lists, scheduling and titles are the best feature, allowing the visual representation of different things in the same grouping. - I don’t explain it nearly good enough compared to the test drive included... I decided to go all out and include Things on my Mac, and iPhone as well. It’s not necessary as the iPad version now includes shortcuts for an external keyboard... Add syncing to all my devices, and it keeps me on track wherever I look...

Looking good!. So far, so good ;)

I’m crying. As someone who is short-sighted, this new update has transformed the way I use the app. It actually fits my iPad and I can see everything clearly! You guys are one of the first app companies to take resizing seriously. Well done, it works beautiful. And thank you!

Beautiful. Functional. The new gold standard.. I've been a user since version 1. I persisted through the waiting years and.. it was worth it! I looks a great. The new functions are intuitive and thoughtful. The full ecosystem is great - Mac + iPhone version alongside the iPad version are each seamlessly connected. Love the new list option, the magic plus button, headings and.. all of it. What a delight to use. Makes everything else look old! Now to get on with being productive. Thanks culturedcode you've out done yourselves. Ps the website explains the new features really well as do the structured training tip projects in the side bar - give them a go to maximise your usage.

Moved from V2 to V3. I love the update, was a long time coming, but worth the wait.

Not a fan. Don’t often pay upfront but this app had such good reviews. Sorry it does nothing for me particularly given purchase price

Fantastic app...BUT!. But please, for the love of God, can you make it so we can collapse Areas like we could in the old version. This new version is ruinous when being forced to scroll through dozens and dozens of areas. Thank you

Things 3. A great app spoiled by two things: 1. When in a ‘project’ view only, you can’t see any reference to the ‘area’ it’s part of. Mightn’t sound much of a problem but once you’ve got lots of areas and lots of projects in them, it can be a real issue. This would be a simple fix. Hope Things 3 can attend to it. 2. When using my laptop version, as distinct from my device version, it seems really clunky that double clicks are needed .. unless I’m missing something. But if this is the case, again doesn’t seem much, but really takes away from what would be a much smoother use of the app.

Superb upgrade. Good to great!. The new version of Things incorporates excellent new functions like tick-box checklists, a new look, and a more intuitive feel. A first-class upgrade for an already good product. Fine work!

Amazing app. Things 3 is one of the best investments I’ve made. It’s super quick and easy to use and learn. Even though its a bit on the pricey end, its still worth every single dollar.

I use it every day. A crucial part of my workflow - Things is my brain, stored safely outside of my brain.

Superb. Worth every cent for the upgrade. Latest version a dream to use - I use it every day; never fails....thanks

BEST GTD style task tracking app. Simple without being basic, allows you to be as complex as needed and gets out of the way when you need it. Intuitive features and workflows, and devs obviously understand and embracing the Apple ecosystem really well.

Grunt Engineering. Hello, I have just pursued your app and would like to know how or can I insert photos so I can do a report with photos? If I am able to, can some one please tell me how? Or if that is not an option, can I ask it too be reviewed and added to this app, that would make my world a much happier place and I think that’s what we all should strive for, don’t you? Thank you Trent.

Things has lost its Function. I have used the app for nearly 10 years. Every version gets worse. It has lost its capability to delegate and that is the best function. Oh well another good app relegated to the trash bin.

Naturally intuitive ToDo. The only todo app that I can honestly say is so naturally intuitive and very quickly becomes an extension of how to get things done. Thank you to the developers, love what you have created.

I love this app. Clean, judicious level of functionality, reliable reliable reliable. Good job cultured code, 3 is worth upgrade cost, happy for you guys to make a living. Edit: I don’t earn a lot of money so have dallied with cheaper alternatives: native reminders app, Trello, etc. After a period I’ve returned with tail between legs to things. Great work cultured code, will happily part with cash for the upgrade to things 4 (please make attaching documents possible! :) ).

I love this app. I’m constantly looking for the perfect todo app, and frustrated that Apple don’t have a way of integrating reminders with calendar and notes. Well I found Things a couple of weeks ago and love it. It’s such a simple design, but it does everything I need. I use it for home and work on Mac, iPad and iPhone. If you hanker for a decent todo app, look no further.

Privacy etc. Turns out I wasted money buying this and the iPhone version. I don't want to create an account on the developers' website to sync across devices. I'll be deleting and requesting a refund from Apple. So disappointed. This was such a promising app.

Near Perfect, but printing and sharing output sub-par. I have been an avid Things user since its first release. The speed, fluidity and structure of the UI is fantastic and one of the key areas in which Things 3 shines. My only complaint is that unlike previous interactions, the printing and sharing output is surprisingly sub-par. It seems like a quickly-written notepad document at the moment. Even in this age of digital freedom, printing is still a thing and sharing to-dos is something I and I'm sure a lot of other people do.

Best task manager out there!. This App is perfect in so many ways, would be lost without it! Not only is it easy to use, it helps me plan, remember and organise all that needs to be done. I use Siri and my iWatch to add things as soon as I think of them, and also get all the reminders I need! The only thing missing for me now to be able to ditch all other task managers, is the ability to insert pics into the ‘notes’ section of a ‘to-do’. Loving the constant updates and improvements you work so hard on, a big big thank you from me!

Good App but Pricey..... I love the app, simple and uncluttered. Works as promised and actually helps me in my day. I don’t like the fact that I have to pay separately for the iPad and iPhone and then again on MacOS - there’s no real difference in functionality so there’s no real value in paying more, other than using it across platforms. The sync works well and so far has been flawless. A web app would be useful but is not a major concern.

Useless and expensive. If you have an event that repeats weekly for example a class in something, and you don’t tick it off because you don’t go that week, it will show up in the next days todo list. I only want it to show up on the day it occurs, and I don’t want to mark as complete if I haven’t done it. I did contact the developer who basically said I have to manage manually. I have no idea why this app has good reviews.

Good app but priced a bit high.. I like the app, functionality is great but having to buy separate and expensive copies for my iPhone and my iPad is a bit over the top to be honest.

It’s Ok. It’s Ok but I prefer Apple Reminders

Version 3.13.12: bug report + my fave to-do app + how to make it better. BUG: When the iPad is dropped an “Undo Changes” dialogue box shows up. Please fix. NOTE: this review is about the iPad-only app. PROS: The people who rave about how terrific it looks are right - it has a clean and simple design that works. The plus button is a joy to use - being able to drag it to where I want to insert a task is the sort of user-friendly feature that Apple users will like. I like how dragging the plus button to the bottom-left allows you to quickly add a task to the Inbox, so that the task doesn’t get lost in whatever checklist you happen to be on. Lots of options: tags, reminders, repeats, due dates, deadlines… You can even add a checklist to a task that’s in a checklist. I keep it simple, but if you want it complicated, this app can handle it. The syncing function (called “Things Cloud”) is very fast - every device is synced within a few seconds. I like the headlines feature - it’s a great way to split up a checklist into sections and make it much easier to navigate. The Dark Theme is easy on the eyes - every app should have this option. The order of checklists syncs, so that you only have to change the order once, instead of for all devices. The search function works fast and is available from every screen, not just the home screen. HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: Add the option to sort tasks alphabetically. Add the option to pin tasks to the top of the checklist. Remove the save button - it should save everything automatically. If a task is created but it contains nothing, it should automatically be deleted. Support Dynamic Type (in Settings) so that we increase the size of the text. When moving a task, the second option is “No Project” - that should be renamed “Anytime” because that’s where it goes. Add the option to undo actions. In Settings-Things Cloud there is an option called “Edit Account” - but the only options are change password and delete account. Change the option to “Change Password/Delete Account” so that we don’t have to sign in to know this. Add the option to make the search-bar always visible. Add direct syncing with Google Calendar, for those of us who don’t use Apple’s default Calendar app. Tags should be handled better - for example, I should be able to tap on a tag and see all tasks with the same tag. Add the ability to share (for example, an app’s link from the App Store) to the Things app. If you’re searching two terms, they have to be in the same order for results to show up. Make it so that the order doesn’t matter. Add information about the “Things 3 for iPad” app, so we know why we should buy it instead of using the Things 3 iPhone app on the iPad. CONCLUSION: I’ve used several to-do apps, and this is my favourite of them all. It just needs a few tweaks. If you liked this review, please long-press it and mark it as “helpful.”

Big improvement. Things 3 is a game changer for GTD user. Easy to use, you'll spend more time doing things rather then on the apps itself. Worth the money👍👍👍

Terrific update for the best TDL Manager. Beautiful integration of Scibble, Widgets and Complications. Amazing work. A joy to work with everyday.

Fantastic. Best to do app in store. Needs functionality to email tasks and attach photos. Aside from that, terrific.

Finally. I have been searching for a powerful To-Do app like this for a long time. It is pricey, but well worth it. The three-tier structures (Area -> Projects -> Headings) is exactly what has been lacking in other apps.

Good app, but expensive upgrade. The app is good, but disappointing that to upgrade you now need to pay twice for same app on iPad and iPhone, and cannot sync with older version, so trapped into upgrading across both for higher cost.

Best UI Design. Been using this app for years, the UI is impressive. Sets the benchmark for great UX. Pretty much flawless. Slick, clean and fast. Read GTD or listen to the audio book... then use this app and your life will forever change for the better.

Probably the best app. You have created a near perfect app, in this segment. We are all armchair critics and never satisfied with features but in this case, you have nailed it. We create apps, and even enjoy a good rating but there is a lot to learn from you guys, keeping functionality and simplicity perfectly balanced. Would I add anything, yes I would. If things can make me my morning coffee and find the best shows on Netflix, my life would nearly be complete.

Perfect balance of power and usability. As someone who lives inside a Todo app, and has used them all, Things has blown me away. Simple to use and without lots of confusing options (flags! Priorities!), It has the one best idea I haven't seen before - headings. Now projects of tasks can be separated into logical chunks and they can even have a description to help keep you on track. It's only been a few days but within minutes of using it I knew Things would be perfect for me.

Hope add more functions. Such as habit track and build in timer

Can’t sync without .... I bought the iPhone and iPad version of the app but am not able to sync them because I don’t want to use their service. Apple has a perfectly good cloud service that many other apps sync to, as does Dropbox. Why do I need to give my email address and personal data to another company? Please allow the user to chose which cloud service they want to use.

Best trash app out there. I have reviewed every app in Apple and windows eco systems And this this the best task app right now for the apples Avi system. Saves to cloud, doesn’t crash, everything you need in an easy to operate system.

I say be careful about this one.. I own the iPhone and iPad version. The authors have decided on a very particular way of operating which I suspect you will fit in with or not and not much in between. I don’t like it, because, as I began to use Things 3, I learned more about what I want out of an organiser app like this and I was frustrated by the lack of flexibility. I got the impression from the developer website that a lot of functionality was deliberately removed to fit in with the Things 3 vision, and I felt uncomfortable with the tone of their comments in general. I think they lost sight of the reality of other people’s thinking outside their own company. I will keep an eye out in case this is a case of alienating enough of the consumer base to return “missing” features in future updates, but it’s time for me to cut my losses and look elsewhere for now.

No widget. Love using this app on my phone and iMac but no widget for iPad which is disappointing - really how I use it

Amazing but expensive. Hands down the best to do app but investing into the Things ecosystem is costly, requiring three separate purchases for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

Awesome app!. Absolutely change the way I get work done love it. Would like to see what gets added next to it!

Brilliant. Worth the money.. Excellent piece of kit, on iPad, iPhone and Mac. Seamless sync, and intuitive interface. Well worth the money for a quality tool.

Nice app, but NO windows access. Hi all, I paid the rather hefty price (once for iPad and another for iPhone) based on the reviews but sadly, I didn’t do enough research because there doesn’t seem to be any way of accessing the data on a windows machine - not even a web based version. I’ve been using wunderlist for a long time and unfortunately think I’ll have to go back and just accept the waste of money I spent on these two versions of things. Beware, if your company uses windows machines, do your research before buying this app.

Wow!. Have only downloaded this today but am completely impressed with the usability and set up of this app. Such a great way to divide and conquer the never ending list of things to do in your life.. Thank you.. the app I was looking for!!

Still the best. In spite of competition from Apple in ios13, I still prefer Things for functionality, it just organises everything better and is more efficient. I would say that I was tempted by the good looks, colour and design of Apples offering, I especially liked being able to attach scans and photos, although Microsoft goes further with accessing Files and adding PDFs as well, as does Sorted3. Top of my wish list are these features coming to Things3 (or 4), but given slow progress over the years I won’t hold my breath. Nevertheless, as I said, for me Things3 reigns supreme and will do for a long time to come.

Beautiful, uncluttered, functional and full featured. I always liked things but it lacked functionality. Version 3 changes all that. For a few years I struggled with omnifocus as it offered the functionality I needed but was like a maze to navigate with too much visual clutter imho. Things 3 is a pleasure to use and look at, very clean interface with plenty of sophistication.

Updated and now app won’t open. I updated to the newest version today, and immediately afterwards the app will no longer open on my iPad. I’m on an iPad Pro 9.7.

Ok upgrade but feels slow. The animations are slick but it makes the interface feel sluggish. A second issue also concerns efficiency. If you want to go to another to-do while there is a pop-up, you have to tap outside the pop-up, and tap into another one (if you have performed some action e.g. moved the to-do to another project, the list may re-animate meaning you have to spend a split second re-orienting yourself, wasting time). This is too many taps. I would prefer a gesture e.g. swiping down or having a 'next' and 'previous' button.

Amazing app. The time I’ve used it so far has been amazing. I would only suggest an option to add images (not links) to the notes (some of us are very visual!). Also, if not only with reminders but being able to set times in apple calendar to do some to-dos, this will help a lot to have an organised day. The rest is awesome!

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Best App possibly all time. Great for organizing life with a fourth year university schedule.

Really like the usability. I really like the user experience for this interface. Much improved over things two. I do wish a couple of things, one that it wasn't quite so expensive. And also that the information was stored in my icloud.

Totally Dissatisfied. Hard to believe this app has such high ratings. When I try to change a repeating event it creates a duplicate. The date & time function kind of sucks. The syncing is so so. There just are not any outstanding features for that kind of money. Plus it’s one of the many apps that you have to setup a login. There’s no trail app so you can see what you’re getting before you buy. Found an app for half the price that blows this one away. Free trial, no login and iCloud sync. Way more features than Things 3. What a ripoff.

Too expensive.. Good: - simple and clear design - the inbox, today, upcoming functions are great Bad: - no web / PC option is a major downside. I can’t use this for work. - tags are useless without a saved ‘tags’ view in the left column. They merely function as a search filter. Not good enough. Nitpicking: - No tasks within tasks / endless hierarchy. - No way of graphically distinguishing tasks. I.e, red label, blue label.

Exactly what I needed. This to do app gave me everything I wanted. Easy to make to do’s: check, easy to make repeating to dos: check, email/have others email to dos into your inbox: check, create projects: check, sync between your devices: check, minimalistic and easy to use: check, Wigits: check, syn your calendar: check. The only downside for me is that I cannot have this application on my windows computer as well as my apple products. That would have been amazing. I use this app daily and the one time purchase model works perfectly for me. I do not like paying subscriptions.

Excellent app for GTD. I have tried a number of different apps for basic projects and lists, however the versatility of Things is by far the best.

The very best. If you need a task manger which just works and is beautiful to look at. This is it I switched a few months back from using Todoist for years and never looked back. This is an investment in price but so worth it. Your time is worth every cent. Update: With the kanban style boards become essential for detail projects. Todoist has this feature to convert projects to kanban boards. Things is not innovating like that and I have to now use Trello and things for projects.

Nice looking interface but limited views. Things is very attractive. However, it really has very limited view capability and I find that critical. For fast task creation it’s great but for more complex projects with tasks the limited views present a problem in detailing with complicated scenarios.

Smooth, Feature-Rich, Easy to Use. This app has been my saving grace in my daily battle with ADHD. The most notable point in my eyes is how smooth the learning curve is, you don’t need to watch a 1 hour tutorial or read a book to learn to use it. I love how feature-rich Things 3 is, especially the fact that many “Power User” features aren’t forced on you like in many other apps. This makes it very user friendly as an awesome, yet simple to-do list and the great features are not hard to find/learn when you decide to expand your use case (Tags, Projects, Areas, Scheduling, Routines, etc.). In my opinion, Things 3 is a great supplement to a busy person’s routine/workflow. I am looking forward to more projects by the Things 3 Team and would love to participate in the beta program if/when available. Thanks Things Team!

The best. Things is a brilliant app and I’ve been using it since 2009. It looks good and it is easy to use whether your needs are complicated or simple.

Awesome app!. Really complements well different productivity apps like Notion. It is now my to go task management app!

Best in class.. Period.

WORTH IT!. Amazing app. Super clean interface, and easy to use. Definitely worth the money!

Good but not perfect. I wish it was possible to drag and drop tasks from one project to another, especially on iPad Pro

The *best* task manager for iOS and macOS. Things is an exceptional app for iOS. The iPad app is bar-none the best task manager for iPad. You can use the entire app via keyboard shortcuts. Cultured code did an excellent job with this app!

Bien mais il faut payer en plus pour une version iPhone.... Je comprend qu'il y a des coups de développement pour différentes plateforme mais avoir a payer le plein prix quand on a deja déboursé 30$ pour une version est ridicule. Il serait interessant d’apporter la possibilité d’importer des photos et des fichiers.

Look no further to get things done!. The interface is a dream! In the first 10 minutes I experienced a relief like no other when I just poured my ideas out into the app and then came back and went through them later. It only took me about 20 minutes to go through 30 ideas and organize them. What is amazing is I usually get stressed out when I go to organize things (as organization is not one of my strong skills) but Things for iPad made it fun! I like fun!

Please revamp the task repeating system. Things 3 is the best to-do list app that I have used so far, but personally, I think that the UI and process of setting a task to repeat itself is too complicated and I do think it needs a revamp to make it easier to understand. Also, having an icon that said that this task is repeating is good enough, I don’t need to see another copy of that same task on the same list, it makes the list very cluttered especially if you have a lot of repeating tasks. While some may like that, I personally don’t so an option to display the upcoming repeating tasks (I’m not referring to the option to hide later tasks) would be appreciated.

Beautifully Intuitive. I put off buying this app for years as I had all the others. So glad I gave in. It does everything I need it to do, no more no less.

Love this app!. Things on iPad and iPhone is a really wonderful solution for people who want something that’s simple to use, but complex to master. Not as powerful as something like Omnifocus, but that’s okay for me. I’d love to get the Mac version, but it’s a bit out of my price range for now, but maybe some day I’ll drop the $80 on it. I mean, I could afford it, but I’m trying to save money right now. So. Only thing I’d really love would be a dark mode. Please make it happen, Cultured Code!

Siri et Things ne semble pas fonctionner en français. Siri ne reconnaît pas les indications en français concernant Things

Nice interface but limited. I purchased Things 3 for iPad, iPhone and the Mac. It’s very expensive for the whole ecosystem. The interface is beautiful. That’s about it. I used it to manage my tasks for about three months. I found it very limiting. It is easy to enter tasks. But it does not provide ways and options to flag, filter, layer, view and categorize tasks in complex ways. It is also limited to the Apple echo system and does not even offer a web based interface. It is a basic software at best, slightly above the Reminders app. Not worth the price. I’m now on Todoist Premium subscription. Compared to the functionality that Todoist offers and also the cross platform capability of Todoist, Things 3 is nothing. It also offers an elegant interface but also rich functionality. If you are considering Things 3, I recommend first try Todoist 3 first.

Identical to Reminders on IPad. And a lot more expensive. There is minimal additional functionality over the Reminders on the IPad which is free. Reminders also has additional functionality that Things does not (like setting reminders for the last weekday of the month.

Super app!. J'adore things! L'interface est légère et facile à comprendre. J'ai le TDA et je crois que c'est la meilleure app qui fonctionne avec mon cerveau pour élaborer un plan clair de mes tâches pour la journée! Ma seule critique serait que les gestes et raccourcis ne sont pas toujours évidents puisqu'ils ne reprennent pas ceux du système. Par exemple, on s'attendrait à pouvoir supprimer un élément en le glissant vers la gauche, mais dans Things, cette action va plutôt "sélectionner" l'élément. App en français, un peu coûteuse mais qui vaut le coût!

Amazing app. I was a Omnifocus user. I always got lost in @contexts and @people and @projects and all that. This app is simple, polished, and powerful. Try it. I have one request: please enable some kind of night mode. I like how clean this app looks during the day, but at night it just burns your eyes.

❤️. Thanks for all the great updates, it’s my favourite app. I have it for my Mac, iPad mini and phone and it’s great

No Adaptive Text still. Asked dev about 5 time to add the ability to increase the Font Size. They refuse to do it. I guess it might screw up the pretty interface. Just subscribed to Omni Focus 3. Way better

TOTALLY AMAZING. I looked for a good app to get thing’s done and this one does what it promises. SOLID 5 STARS

5 stars No subscription. Great app on right track. With no subscription support all the way. Already purchased ios, ipados ang macos for 150$.

Go to organizational+ task management app. Honestly love this app! I got hooked on it when I was on the iPhone! Very smooth UI and lots of ways to organize based on your preference. Also the more apple products you have the the easier it is to multiply your productivity! Got an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Paid for itself many times with timely reminders!

Missing Collaboration!. This is a great app but it is missing the ability to collaborate in real time between family or colleagues. If that was a feature this app would get 5 stars.

So Close to Perfect!. This app is great. It really helps you schedule, organize and plan your To-Do’s, your projects and your goals. What I love: If you don’t complete a task, it won’t disappear to the past but it will carry on until the next day, and the next, until you really get it done. What I love less: The user interface is barren. You feel like you’re in a text-only app. Love the app and would love it even more if it was more visual.

No Links. The lack of an ability to link to anything like a photo on the iPad or in the Apple Cloud is a major drawback. Not impressed for this price, very disappointed.

Great. Love it. Smooth elegant design.. Really a step above most software.

Thank YOU!!. Simply the best App to keep track & control all THINGS in this crowded world!! And, thank YOU Developer/s for NOT renting your priceless software. I own iPad & iPhone versions!

Great app but pricey. I love this app. It has helped me stay on task at work and at home. I love the recurring events most. Take some time to set your life up into this app and it’s wondrous what you can accomplish. My only negative is the cost. I purchased for iPad and I’d love to have it on my iPhone too but I just don’t think I can justify the cost of both apps.

What I've been looking for. Things 3 is exactly what I need. The way things processes tasks with its Today view and context tags is exactly the way I think about my tasks. Its touch interface is slick and intuitive, and it has so many keyboard shortcuts that you never need to touch the screen to do anything. It integrates with everything from Siri to email so you can add tasks in any way you like, and on top of all of that the UI design is gorgeous. Plus a dark mode with options for Dark or Black! Best $30 I've spent in a long time.

The best tasks manager. If you are on Apple ecosystem and don’t need to share tasks with others, this is by far the best application on the market. The GTD workflow is perfectly integrated. Einstein said: “Be simpler, not simplet.” This is exactly what this application do in every aspects.

Best app of all time!. I’m a tad ADD, this app brings me back into line, keeps me focused, removes the stress of - what am I missing. It has gotten better and better over the years, it’s so intuitive and natural feeling to use, can’t say enough good things about THINGS.

Great Functionality and Clean Aesthetic. Things truly shines once you get into the nitty-gritty of it. It’s a great app for those who only use the Apple ecosystem. Though, it also means that if you get used to Things, it is yet another anchor that will keep you from ever switching, so consider this if you switch ecosystems somewhat often. I have noticed sometimes that my Magic keyboard would stop functioning properly (it would only respond to Enter and a few other keys but almost none of the shortcuts) and would only come back to normal after I reopen the app. I don’t know how replicable this is since I wasn’t able to identify the trigger.

Nice app but expensive to get for all devices. The iOS version of the app is great, but Mac version is ridiculously expensive. I will never pay $70 for it.

Love the way it looks but too expensive. This app is aesthetically wonderful. I love how it works, it is easy and exactly what I needed to keep “master to do” lists since I tend to use an analog bullet journal day to day. Biggest downside is the price. I thought it was going to WOW me for the price, but it didn’t. Ended up paying $31.07 Canadian, which is the most expensive app I’ve ever purchased which in vs price; very disappointing.

Tout y est!. Utilisateur de things depuis plusieurs années, j’ai résisté longtemps à la tentation d’adopter la nouvelle version. (en partie à cause du prix). Aujourd’hui, je regrette de ne pas l’avoir fait avant. Le nouveau Things a vraiment tout ce qu’il faut pour gérer des tâches. Bravo.

Super duper. Great app with nice design and easy to use.

Things 3 is Aesthetically Beautiful, only.. I have attempted to use Things 3 more than once, but it is really not useful at all, at least for me (A STEM graduate student who uses an iPhone and iPad, along Windows and Linux). My only complaint I have about Things 3 is that they are strictly within the Apple Ecosystem. This forces it to be limited to only those who can afford getting the trio of iPhone, iPad, and Macbook/Mac. That is an issue: graduate students such as myself are not capable of affording getting a macbook (heck, we can barely even afford to eat). Having at least a web alternative (I am not even talking about a Windows native app) would have made using Things 3 a dozen times more accessible. But, there is some air of arrogance about Things 3 that they will not provide neither Web nor Windows apps. This is a disservice especially since they require you to buy a "Things 3 for iPad" in addition to "Things 3 for iPhone" and another one for Macbook. This is just a non-sensical money-milking for an application that is not even integrable with other platforms (that you cannot fully utilize). This is a shortcoming of Things 3 that made it unusable to me, as well as undesirable. Aside from that, Things 3 seems perfect (but my caveat is: don't buy it unless you have a Mac/Macbook along with the iPhone/iPad). For those of you who are curious about what I am doing: I spent a lot of time trying different tools (Notion, Taskade, Todoist, GTD Spreadsheets, Nirvana, Jira, etc). I ended up with one called TickTick, which seemed to cater to my ADHD best as it segregates Calendar and Habits; which kinda makes it a different animal.

I keep coming back to Things. Over the years I get swayed by all the shiny things, but when I actually need to get stuff done I come back to Things. Just picked up the iPad version and I’m wondering why I didn’t get this sooner. Worth the $$$

Old School Apple design. Excellent product that achieves a minimalist design but still has all the features most need. Highly recommend!

Great for Work and School. I have been using Things for almost 10 years - through high school and university, and now for my career. Having multiple levels of organization - areas, projects, headings, tasks, subtasks - on top of notes, scheduled vs due dates, tags, and more, make this the best task manager I’ve ever used.

Really Great App. My only recommendation would be to have the ability to build (or have pre-built) a shortcut that lets us have Siri read off to-dos (ex. Siri, what do I have to do today? Response: “You have 2 to-dos remaining, email Zahra to ask for her login, and call your friends to save them from crippling loneliness during COVID isolation”. An Alexa skill and IFTTT integration would also be nice.

Good app, absurd pricing strategy. Things 3 works well for me and it’s probably the leading app in this category on iOS. I just can’t believe I paid for the same app 3 times (iPad, iPhone, and Mac). It’s way too expensive for a simple todo app, especially when you have to purchase it again on your other devices.

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Easy to start up!. Just got started on Things after hearing wonderful reviews from various people. I’m an engineering project manager and this is a big step up from my Kanban boards. The app is simple, but very effective for logging everything from the basic tasks to organizing complex projects. 1 week in and no complaints so far! By the way, I utilize this on my iPad Pro. I haven’t tried the IPhone or Mac versions of the app.

My favorite go to for organizing tasks. I have used a lot of different apps for task management and to do lists. Things is by far my favorite. It is fun to use. It is simple and intuitive. It is just the right amount of customizable. The development team is very responsive, especially if you contact them through Twitter. While there are a couple of features I would love for them to add, this little app basically does everything and has everything I need and nothing I don’t.

Better is worse. In the old version I could keep a running list of things to do, and prioritize the very top chores simply by inserting a new item with no content. That left a nice blank space between the top items and the others. In fact, by doing this I could create add blanks at several places in a long list. Now, « improving » the app, when you try to insert a blank task, you don’t get a clean blank space. You get a space with a grayed-out statement « to do item ». It’s ugly, but more important, it doesn’t create the same clear visually separate sets. Sometimes simpler is better. Because it’s more flexible.

I really tried.... I love the interface and I love the functionality, but after trying it for a solid month, I decided to go back to what I was using. As a Windows 10 user for work, I really felt a disconnect between my laptop and Things. It works great on my phone & iPad, but a few major competitors have a Windows 10 app and/or a web version. I tried using Outlook Tasks, Synced to Reminders, synced to Things but it was a bit much. The Things interface blows away the competition but it just didn’t work out for me.

Great, mostly. But.... This is very well done software. Great design, plenty of functionality without being overwhelming – it’s the only to-do list manager I’ve stuck with for more than a year. That said, I regularly run into the same issue: I take a screenshot of something, I mark it up with my Apple Pencil, and I want to save this as a to-do item in Things. No can do — you can’t attach photos or other media/files to a task. Really wish there were a way to do this, but still a great app!

Couldn’t do my job without it. This app is perfect. Like many others my job is constantly pulling me in 100 different directions. This app helps me get all the to-dos and their deadlines out of my head and then notifies me when its time to start. Before this I had no task manager of any kind just a desk full of post-it notes. This app is the best money I’ve ever spent. One tiny minuscule gripe is that there is no way that I can find to start a task or line with a lowercase letter intentionally. This is so niche that it doesn’t matter but as a chemist having to write PH instead of pH hurts a little. That should tell you how good this app is. The only bad thing that I can find to say is a formatting gripe that probably only applies to 3 other users. 5 stars.

Holds promise but needs a few major fixes.. No tagging multiple items! I am trying to use the app full time because it has good promise for being quick and easy. But the iPad app has a sidebar which is not functional, you cannot instinctively drag a task into a project; or even drag the plus into a project to create a new task in that project. I want to do these actions all the time and then remember I can’t. Also the multiple item select works for scheduling, but you cannot do a basic necessary thing like tagging them at once, this KILLS me. And dropping a photo into a task, even simply a link to a photo in camera roll, would be a game changer. Please developer, help me love this app.

Things 3 is an amazing app!. I’ve used countless tools to get through both work and personal “to-do-lists” but nothing has come close to what Things 3 has allowed me to do. I have it for all of my devices: iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. Can’t think of a better productivity tool to help with balancing work and play. If you need 1 app to get your world into focus, this is the one for you. Wish I could give it more stars!!!

A Few issues. 1) “Today” should also be able to be viewed under the “Upcoming” tab in order to move tasks around more efficiently. 2) The “Lists” section should have folder options. Example: I have different classes in different lists but would like all of those classes in a school folder, or even make them sub lists within a list. 3) I have this on both my phone and iPad and the notifications icon doesn’t seem to update unless I open the app. Besides that it works really well and helps me stay organized.

Feature to add. This app works great at its current state, but I really would rate it five stars if the ability were added to have a date an time stamp added to when your actual task or to do was added to things. The reason as to why I would find this to be beneficial is becaus when you are looking through all of your tasks attempting to knock out the next ite, I just thought that it would be helpful information if you knew just how long a particular job was sitting within your Things app. It may help to get things done only a little faster.

Completely Blown Away. Initially I read the reviews like most of you have as well, and I felt like another reviewer where I just didn’t want to spend the money on yet another ToDo App. Let me tell you, the design and simplicity of this app is astounding. I rarely write reviews if ever, and this warrants a review. It’s that good. My favorite aspect is walking into the App knowing nothing and yet the seamless and ease of use provided bye and extremely comprehensive tutorial blew me away. If you need an app to organize your life. Look no further.

.Things3. I have used a number of productivity apps over the years such as Don't Forget the Milk,Evernote, and others which are more fully featured than Things 3. I normally find that after spending an hour or so I can usually pick up at least 60–70% of the apps functionality and get to work. Unfortunately that was not the case with this app. I think that for those who have used it in the past and updated to this version it's just fine, but from a standing start this is a very unintuitive app to use and what instructions and references that do exist are sadly lacking. In view of the good references this product has received I was quite disappointed. I reached out to the company for some help on these basic Issues, and it took about 10 days to get a response indicating that help was available. This may be a very good program for many, but I fear it may not be such for me. Harry the L

Things is the bomb. I am a huge fan of productivity apps and To-Do lists (to a fault really). I’ve tried every single app out there, and spent quite a lot of money too. But Things is the most comfortable to-do app for me to use, understand, and incorporate into my life to help me get things done. Truly the only downside has been the price - but for me it’s been totally worth it and I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone who wants to get more organized with their life and stay on top of everything.

De-Clutter Your Mind. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve written an app review, but I am compelled to write this one out of love for this piece of software. It quite frankly has been life changing for me in both organizing my life and building good habits. The UI, is inviting, simple and elegant, and it’s foundation of GTD methods has been very effective for me. I initially hesitated about the price tag, but I’ve over time slowly acquired the whole suite (iPhone, iPad and desktop) as I just can’t live without it anymore. Rapidly becoming my favorite app on my phone/iPad. Keep up the good work CulturedCode!

Version 3.6 is a game changer. The new version 3.6 is amazing! Full keyboard control (get yourself a good portable one like TextBlade). Drag&Drop so you can finally do your GTD weekly review from the cafe. EVERYTHING is either completely intuitive or just hold the command key for a second to get some tips. MAGIC navigation with arrows, tabs, etc. SUPERCALIFRAGISTIC MAGIC navigation by just type anything and it will figure out what you mean!!! If they would add collaboration (sharing a Project or Area) I’d need to bump it to 6+ stars!

A Great App in Need of a Broader Calendar Experience. Things app is wonderful. Lots of thoughtful features and the coding shows people who care about aesthetics and functionality. The killer feature would be if Things merged with FantastiCal in order to give a seamless overall organizational experience for users. Both companies are already so similar, it’s just a matter of talking things over and getting this done prior to any Things 4 product launch.

Almost perfect. Things is my favorite GTD by far. However, there’s are a few things I would like to see: 1) A real calendar view. Upcoming view is great, but I would like to be able to see a traditional daily/weekly/monthly calendar along with my tasks for the day. 2) Creating a large amount of items at once is very time consuming, as you have to tag and assigned tasks one at a time. I currently use Workflow to import a long list of items at once, so I would like to break that dependency. 3) Mixed media with tasks. I’d like to be able to attach a picture, audio note, or whatever to keep everything in one place. I will keep updating my review as Things continues to evolve. I almost wanted to leave a three-star review, but I love and use this app every day so I didn’t want to make anyone else’s mind up. Please keep up the great work.

Use it every day. Not sure I would be considered a power user, I use Things 3 daily to keep everything I have going at work and home on track. Just switched to the dark mode and love it. I would recommend Things 3 to anyone. I have been using the app for 6 to 8 months and continually find different features and ways to use it. Keep up the good work and thanks

SOTA abstraction on Work Management. Things 3 offers an opinionated take on the ye old to do list, the opinion that it offers is one worth heeding. As an ml researcher and engineer things has given me a way to expand my RAM and keep track of "things" if you’re disgruntled with task management software and want to find something spectacular, functional and lovely to use — look no further! The price might seem a bit high but they actually deliver on that value, particularly if you’re in the full Apple ecosystem

Features for Focus. I love this app! It’s visually clean and intuitive to use, without sacrificing tools for power users (shoutout to Shortcuts integration!) I think Things could be even more powerful for all users if I could have my lists automatically filtered by tags depending on which focus I have set, so if I’m working, I only see tasks that pertain to my work tags; and/or, on iPhone, I’d like the same ease of access to tag filtering as I have on iPad and Mac, instead of using the arrow in the top left corner to sort tags.

Great but.... As a longtime user I love the interface and simplicity of Things. Beautiful. I can no longer give it five stars, however, until it can automatically sync with calendars to schedule what I’m working on. One strong competitor has moved that direction and it’s VERY tempting. Most of us live by the calendar so it’s far preferable not to have to either ju,p back and forth or enter all that by hand. Hope Things will continue its momentum and improvement to add that very soon!

Been Looking for a Great To-Do App for Work/Personal for a long time.... ...and I think I’ve found it. I haven’t used it for very long, but this app seems to do everything that I’ve always wanted a to-do app to do. My favorite feature so far is the cloud that they developed to sync across devices and have found that lacking in a lot of other apps. Seems great so far. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Huge Improvement for older version. I have been around since things 1 this version is a huge improvement. The app is still a little overpriced and it would be nice if you could pay once and sync to all devices but either way things 3 is a lot more effective than its previous versions can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future!

My memory and task crutch. This has been a very important tool in my ongoing battle with ADHD. I have read the basics of Getting Things Done and that helps a lot. I use this many times a day, every day. It is easy to enter in a to-do item quickly. I often use Siri to make new entries while I am driving and thinking. The actions in it are intuitive to use. It has been very reliable. I would like to share a task or a project but not if it will make Things harder to use. I can live without that.

Great stuff. Feature Request: The ability to tie-in a pomodoro feature directly into a project, and the to-do’s within it. For example: Set a total time of 3 hours to study English “English: 3 hours -Read -Write” Begin pomodoro cycles for the individual ‘to-do’ items, such as Read, have those cycles contribute to the project goal. Having the option to just run pomodoro timers for the project as a whole, without them being tied to the individual ‘to-do’ items, i.e. start English pomodoro timer. Having the ability to look at time distribution for projects as a whole, and their sub-categories/to-do’s. Perhaps, as a cycle is running for a project, but not individual ‘to-do’ items, distribution of the graph can be determined by the number of ‘to-do’ items checked off during/at-the-end-of a cycle. Right now I juggle two apps, and having said feature(s) would really streamline my workflow. Thanks!

Pretty Good - Missing some Key features. This is by far the best designed to-do list app I have ever used. Every time I try another app, I’m reminded of that. The interface is very appealing, color, and font selection is though out well. The one thing that I would love to see if having the ability to use natural language input further than it’s implemented. Such as being able to try today or tomorrow and have it designate to that time or day without me having to take extra steps (Todoist does this well)

Looks sleek, not for brain dumps. App looks great and a lot of thoughts has gone into the design, but for pure productivity its not the best. In the inbox you want to get the stuff down as tasks quickly. The Command-N for new should not be necessary. Simply use enter to close the task and another enter to create the next while you are in the brain dump mode. Another thing, why are the tasks being entered ending up above the previous task and not under? Take notice how MindNode does it. Enter for sibling and tab for child. fast is what you want when dumping your brain, and organizing the inbox later. In the Mac version there are also issues with the tags. If you add an emoji as the first character, you can’t type them in, but have to select them. This is because the field doesn’t look at what you enter as a whole, but starting with the first character. Again, it is build for looks not for speed.

Perfection. I can’t say enough good ‘things’ about Things! It really is as good as the reviews say and definitely worth the money. I appreciate the developers taking an upfront fee rather than having to get ANOTHER subscription service. It’s intuitive, efficient and helps get your ideas and tasks into an easily digestible format so that you can spend less time fretting over what to do next, and more time simply doing ‘things’. Seriously the best productivity app in the App Store by far!

Great app! Brilliant design!. Things 3 is a great app. It is beautiful and thoughtfully designed, with a lot of great features. It is both simple to use and deep, and handles changing circumstances well. The developers have set a strong, sustained pace in adding features that seems both disciplined and graceful. It can be adapted to be used in many ways. I am a big advocate of David Allen and GTD, but you don’t have to know anything about it to Get Things Done with Things. I always feel that Things is working with me to make sure everything is taken care of. It is an insanely great app. Seven stars, at least.

Excellent. Excellent, but there are two things I’d love to see added: One, add an option to date and time stamp things that are complete and let me edit that as Day One does. The specific time I did something is sometimes important to me. Two, let me specify repeating tasks that only repeat between certain dates. Example, spray bushes with deer repellent every other week between November first and April 15 or clean hummingbird feeders every week from April 1 to September 15.

Saved a ton of sticky notes. I love this todo/reminder app. It’s easy to use, yet very powerful. After I day I was using most of the features to keep my work projects organized. I highly recommend it for people that think of stuff they need to do on the fly and need to jot them down right away. It’s easy to keep my tasks organized.

Buyer Beware only purchasing iPad will not have access for your iPhone. My biggest complaint on this platform is that purchasing the app for iPad does not give the iPhone app to your Apple account; that must be purchased separately for an additional 9.99. There is no discount for those adding a separate purchase for using on different devices This app is good for organizing to-do and syncing with calendars.I had a hard time finding the ‘area’ category on this app to utilize that function. The tutorials are good for the specific function.

Seamless and simple transition from Wunderlist. I was dreading switching from my years-old Wunderlist to anything new, but with the upcoming Microsoft takeover, I knew I had to do something. Enter Things. The conversion from Wanderlist could not have been simpler - Things literally does all the work for you. The app itself is clean, unfussy, and efficient, and integrates and improves on all Wanderlist functions, plus adds a few that I don’t know how I lived without. Extremely impressed and very pleased I made the switch.

Add a quick hand notes feature. I absolutely love using this app for my projects at work. I am primarily on an iPad or iPhone in meetings and I use the notes section in projects to record notes from the meeting. It would be awesome if there was a way to use my apple pen and take hand written notes inside of a project breakdown. That way all of my things could be in one place instead of having a secondary app for hand written notes Thanks!

Has changed my life by creating a comprehensive way to develop habits. I got this after researching task managers that have the best integration into the Apple Watch. Being able to have such a big complication on my series 7 constantly keeps change and note taking at the forefront of my mind. thanks to things I do the things that matter to me the most.

Things 3 - should be standard with iOS. Things 3 is the best todo list and small project manager app for iOS I have used. I still use Reminders, partly for its Siri integration, but can then import from my primary list into Things. While not perfect, I have not found anything that fits my own needs better, while still being easy to use. One feature I would like to see is a better way to add URLs to Things, perhaps similar to how you add a checklist or a tag.

Great, but could be Awesome.. I love this app. The one feature I wish there was is putting headers in areas instead of only projects. I’m a very organized person, so having items in an Area besides only in projects means that you could make it a Lifestyle thing for recurring events. I would use it for school projects, which is what I want it so bad for. I like Things because I don’t have to open a multi-purpose app like Apple Notes or Notion, which I can save for deep thought.

Most used app I have. I use this for everything… grocery lists, errands, things I want to accomplish on certain days, links or text from online recipes (different Lists for Fish, Chicken, Airfry, Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, etc). Love the way I can rearrange items in my grocery list by the order I’ll come across them in the store (drag & drop). Only enhancement I’d suggest would be the capability off adding a photo/screenshot in the Note section of a To-Do item. LOVE THIS APP ❤️

Loving this app. Being a busy mom while running three business can be overwhelming but Things 3 allows me to keep it all well organized. I am able to categorize my tasks the way I need and to even add checklists to the task. It is great being able to see a summary of my events for the day at the top so that I don’t forget them when I am scheduling tasks. A few things that would make it the perfect app would be to be able to open and edit an event and to be able to attach pdf, photos or navigation easier.

Almost perfect for me. Amazing app. Everything i wanted from a checklist planner. I’ve been using google keep, but all it was missing is this flexibility. The only thing i wish it would have is if i set a repeatable task, i wish that i could set the time when it resets instead of refreshing at midnight when the next day technically starts. So if i have an activity i have to do at 5pm, i could set the task to become active at 5, instead of reseting at midnight, and then set a reminder for 5. Its not a big deal, excellent app. Probably the best of this type out there.

The Best To-Do App For Me. If you’re looking for a great app to help you make lists, organize the process of getting things done, use timetables and set reminders, this is the best app I’ve found. I’m a long-time Wunderlist user and still use that app for some things, particularly shared to-do lists with my wife. But overall, I couldn’t be any happier with Things and its integration across platforms. I use it for my MacBook Pro, my iPad Pro, my iPhone and my Apple Watch. It’s seamless, well designed, and really helps me focus on task creation and makes accomplishing things easier.

Game changer!!!. I absolutely love this app! It has helped me tremendously in the area of organization. The fact that I can access everything from all of my devices seamlessly makes it so valuable to me. True enough I had to pay for the phone version and the iPad version… But I have to say that after using this app for a few years, its one of the best investments I’ve made in a while!!! Yours truly, ~Another satisfied customer

Can’t complete repeating to-dos, horrible for school or as a replacement calendar. This has apparently been a requested feature for over a year now, I seriously can’t imagine how difficult it would be to integrate? Without this feature I am unable to complete repeating homework assignments, repeating quizzes, labs etc. For those who don’t have the app, it means the entire function of a ‘to-do’ list is nullified only for repeating actions. Instead, you basically just get a label like ‘MATH Quiz’, that repeats on shows up Wednesdays that you can’t interact with in any way other than deleting all the repeating tasks at once. Unlike a normal task, you can’t tap to complete it. It just sits there. Additionally, the ‘Upcoming’ calendar-like view is atrocious, especially if you have daily classes imported from Calendar. Without screenshots, imagine the ‘Day’ tab on the factory Calendar app on iOS but it’s an infinite scroll. No week, month or year view. Don’t use this thing as a substitute for a proper calendar you will be horribly disappointed. Tl;dr: If you’re going to use this app for your schoolwork or as a calendar, don’t.

Truly incredible app!. I have been getting my life together, and this app was recommended on so many of the videos I watched about task management. So even though my brain exploded paying, I am really grateful that I did! The way you can set things up works perfectly with my creative lifestyle. I may have to do my own review video for this app in the future!😏

Really is helping me!. It’s expensive and I thought I could just write down things on paper instead, but some reviews said the app was helping them so I tried it. And I’m finding it is helping me. I’m getting important things accomplished, have a convenient way of seeing what needs to be done today, and feel pretty great checking things off as I do them. I love being able to make new to-do’s or check off my accomplishments on my watch. Thanks.

Top-Rate Organization App. Things 3 has revolutionized my work task and project organization. I love being able to add notes (wish I was able to add formatting to notes!) to items, and the start date / due date functionality and how it helps keep the right tasks in front of me at the right time is unmatched. Plus, this is one of the few task tracking apps out there that actually looks like they put more than 5 minutes into the design and polish. Highly recommend organizing your personal and work life!!

This might be the one I’ve been looking for. I’ve been searching for a long time for a productivity app that really helps me organize my life and I’ve tried many different services. None of them have everything I really want, including Things, but once I started using Things, I realized that a few of the features I really thought I needed might not be as necessary as I had thought. This is a simplified, clean space for setting up tasks, projects, and due dates and it does that very well.

LOVE things, wish Watch app was more autonomous. Things has transformed my productivity, I absolutely love it. My only wish is that the watch app could be more autonomous and sync with the iPhone is not in bluetooth range. Currently, this doesn’t appear to be the case as I often find stale state on the watch when I leave the iPhone at home and use the iPad app and watch in tandem. Would also be nice if the specific tags applied to items were visible on items on the iPad when in list view not just when you tap on them. Great work tho, this is a killer app.

Great product!. This is well worth spending money for. It was exactly what I wanted and syncs like magic across different Apple products. It has options for multiple levels if you need it for a more complicated project. Very well done with an excellent tutorial. It is so "clean" and simple to use. I always wait until I have used an app for a while to write a review. This is even better with time. I have found it works great on my Apple watch 3!

Great app but. Cutting to the chase… after all these versions it is still not possible to keep a dependent task in correct sequence *after* a Scheduled task. Despite having the ability to order tasks in a project, as soon as you Schedule one of them, the order is ruined. The workaround, which is to use Deadline rather than Schedule, results in a mass of Deadlines, few of which are actual deadlines. So forget about sequencing tasks. Too bad b cause the usability of this app is really extraordinary.

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Language English
Price $19.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.20.8
Play Store com.culturedcode.ThingsiPad
Compatibility iOS 12.1 or later

Things 3 for iPad (Versiyon 3.20.8) Install & Download

The application Things 3 for iPad was published in the category Productivity on 18 May 2017, Thursday and was developed by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG [Developer ID: 284971784]. This program file size is 64.73 MB. This app has been rated by 10,436 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Things 3 for iPad - Productivity app posted on 11 April 2024, Thursday current version is 3.20.8 and works well on iOS 12.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.culturedcode.ThingsiPad. Languages supported by the app:

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Other Apps from Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Things 3 Reviews 1 No comment $49.99
Things 3 Reviews 4.8 24,522 $9.99
Things 3 for Vision Reviews 1 No comment $29.99
Things 3 for iPad App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Fixed a bug where tapping or clicking a URL would sometimes fail to open the link. THINGS 3.19 This update brings support for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10, including Interactive Widgets and other great improvements. INTERACTIVE WIDGETS Things’ widgets are now interactive. This means that you can complete your to-dos right on the Home Screen, without having to open the app: • Tap a to-do’s checkbox to mark it complete. • Tap a to-do’s title to reveal it in Things. WIDGETS EVERYWHERE Things’ widgets are now available in more places than ever. Once you’ve upgraded to the latest OS versions, you can add them to: • Your iPad’s Lock Screen. • Your iPhone’s new StandBy mode, which is activated when the device is on its side and connected to power. • Your Watch’s new Smart Stack, which is revealed by swiping up from the bottom of the watch face. APPLE WATCH We’ve adjusted Things to fit in nicely with the new design of watchOS 10, and modernized the app under-the-hood.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Things 3 for iPad. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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